Title: “Let Love Lead You”
Author: Juliana a.k.a. KrystalParkerEvans
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Disclaimer: the Roswell characters aren't mine, so don't sue!
Category: mostly M/L (I’m a dreamer!), but also M/M, I/A and T/K.
Rating: Pg-13 (sorry!), maybe R.
Summary: well...it’s an AU fic, that's all I can say for now.
Author notes: I just wanna tell you that this is my first fic, so it’s not that good... Sorry if I disappoint you at any time. Also, I wanna thank Trinity Day (my beta, you’re the greatest!), Gaudy (for supporting me and helping me with this fic) and Mari (also, for supporting me).
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***Before I put this part here, lemme tell ya my English SUCKS, and since my beta's disappeared for the 100th time, this part is uncorrected... Oh, and this part is short, and not so good... But I wanted to give you something since it's been too long I have last posted... So, enjoy!***



Liz was mesmerized, but still didn't quite know what to think about the sight in front of her eyes.

The candle lit room was really sweet - thoughtful even. But why would Max bother to go through so much trouble for her?

Nah, it wasn't for her. Maybe Tess liked it that way (if so, why not do that to her room?). Maybe their living room was always like that, illuminated by candles (but then, what were all those lamps for?). Maybe the lamps in the living room burnt out (but ALL of them burnt out at the same time?). Were, there must have had a reason, and she, Liz Parker, wouldn't be it... or would she? Definitely no, Max did NOT have any feelings for her. Or maybe...

'Time, Liz! You've been thinking and wondering a lot and didn't even notice you were standing still for... well, a long time. Will you wake up already?' Her mind shouted in order to bring her back from her dreamland, a place she'd always go whenever she wanted or needed to think about something or someone... or just contemplate things.

Max was no longer looking at the candles, but staring at Liz's beauty. How come she was even prettier with her face lightened by candle light? Max started remembering the first time he saw Liz, the first time he spoke to her... When he realized he had fallen in love with her... And the countless nights he had spent, gazing at the stars, wondering if someday his wish would come true and the both of them would be together at last...

Liz and Max were both brought back to reality as the clock in the living room announced the new hour. A reality where they weren't together. A reality that had forever marked both their lives with one of the worst marks: death.

Trying not to look sad or uncomfortable by the recent thoughts that had crossed both their minds, Max and Liz looked away, backing away from each other a little.

"So... We'd better start this... otherwise we'll never get it done," Liz said, feeling a little stupid somehow, by bringing the assignment subject up, when there was much more she wanted to talk to Max about...

But the fact that the reason of their meeting was the school work, didn't matter that much.

"Yeah, sure," Max answered, not knowing what to do with his hands. He grabbed the easiest option: shoved them in his pockets. "Where do you wanna study? Here, upstairs, in the office..." 'Oh my God. Did I just say upstairs? You stupid!' Max almost hit himself in the head.

"We could get some books in the office and bring them here… What do you think?" Liz asked, already putting her books and her bag on the table.

"You're the boss," Max joked, walking towards the office. "Come on, I think you're gonna like it..." Max grinned as he pushed the office door opened.

Ever since his dad died, the office wasn’t used. His mother entered it once or twice to get some documents, but that was it. Tess couldn't even think about going in there. It was all still too fresh in her mind and in her heart... She was just not ready to get into one of the places Phillip spent a lot of his time in.

Max, on the other hand, would usually sneak in there in the middle of the night, and just stayed there, either reading some of his dad's books, or just sitting there, thinking about the great man and father Phillip Evans was, and he had done in order to help the other... Max felt at peace in his dad's office... safer somehow.

Max entered the office, closely followed by Liz, who once again was speechless. Lots of books all around the room, dividing their space with microscopes, telescopes, globes, and some other decoration things - all related to science somehow. Liz felt like a kid left alone inside a candy store. A shy but fascinated smile started to appear on her lips as her eyes passed book by book, object by object... But not even it had fully appeared, the smile faltered as her eyes came across it.

It. A picture. Not a simple, regular picture, like you find in each and every house. It was... a picture of Phillip with two of his friends, who happened to be Nancy and Jeff Parker. And the picture was dated one day before the accident...

* * * * *


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