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Author: CAZ
Title: Moving on
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz comes up with an idea to get Philip Evans to stop investigating Max.
Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, UPN, WB, if it belonged to me I wouldn’t be spending all my time reading the great fan fiction on this site. I would be on the set every day drooling over Jason Behr.

Part one

"I have an idea of how to get your father of your back regarding Tess." Liz looked at Max excitedly.

"What is it?" Max asked her desperately, he was worried sick that his father was going to find out the truth about him.

"Your father is determined to find out what happened to Tess so why don't we replace her with Ava." Liz looked really pleased at her idea.

"No." Max turned away from Liz and walked to the other side of her balcony.

"What do you mean no? It would be perfect, no one would ever realise it was a different person." Liz watched as his shoulders tensed at her words before he turned around to face her.

"I think the last thing anyone needs right now is for a Tess look-alike to turn up, don't you think our lives are screwed up enough at the moment?" Max asked her harshly.

"Max I realise it would be distressing for everyone, myself included but if it stops the investigation your father has going it is something we need to seriously consider. You know Ava is not to blame for what Tess did, she is a completely different person, a better person." Liz was silent for a moment. "You don't still have feelings for Tess do you? Is that the reason you don't want Ava coming here?"

"Of course not, I hope the bitch burns in hell for what she did to Alex, I just don't want such an in your face reminder of what a fool I was." Max walked over to Liz and took her into his arms. "I nearly lost you."

"That is all in the past Max, and we have to think of our future, will we have one if your father finds out the truth?" Liz held on to him tight, not wanting to think of what her future would be like without him in it.

"I think we should ask the others what they think, take a vote to decide on this one, it's not a decision I want to be responsible for." Max looked worried at the possible ramifications of Ava coming back to Roswell.

"Ok, I'll call the others and get them to come over after closing. This should be interesting, Maria and Michael in the same room together, I don't think they have seen or spoken to each other since the new year party." Liz said unhappily thinking about Michael and Maria's break up.

"I know, it could be a little awkward. Have you noticed how Michael and Kyle have been hanging out a lot lately? I think they even went to a strip bar the other night. Michael didn't get home until eleven o’clock the next morning." Max told her, he looked a bit put out at the thought of the growing friendship between Kyle and Michael.

"Kyle could never take your place with Michael, Max, and it's good that he isn't sitting at home moping about the break-up, I was really worried about him for a while." She thought of Michael and how his jealousy had sent his powers out of control.

"I know he certainly seemed to get a grip of himself after that New Year party, I don't know what happened." Max pulled away from her and looked at her enquiringly to see if she knew anything he didn't.

"He overheard a conversation between me and Maria, I guess he must have just decided to give up, she made it clear she wanted him out of her life." Liz explained.

"I guess it's for the best." Max turned back to Liz just as he was about to descend the fire escape. "Liz I want you to promise me you won't let me hold you back from something you want to do, I don't want you to end up resenting me. If you feel that you want to leave Roswell to make a life for yourself, just know that I will be here waiting for you when you decide to come home. I'll see you later ok." Max leaned forward and kissed her before making his way down the ladder and left Liz staring after him while deep in thought.

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Part two

After closing in the Crash Down.

Maria and Michael were sitting opposite each other and were avoiding each other’s gaze uncomfortably. Isabelle was chatting away to Kyle, trying to ignore the tension between her two friends. They all looked around as Liz and Max joined them.

"So what's the deal Max? What catastrophe do we have to avoid this week?" Isabelle asked her brother in a resigned voice.

"Liz has had an idea about how to rid dad of his suspicions, we thought we had better run it by you and see what you think of the idea." Max looked at the group worried about their reaction to the suggestion he and Liz were about to make.

"Whatever it is Max just do it, I don't think I can take any more of the tension I feel whenever I visit them." Isabelle was upset at the mention of her family situation.

"I know Is and I'm sorry, we want to bring Ava to Roswell to pretend she is Tess and confirm the story we told mum and dad. Before anyone says anything, I realise it would be upsetting for everyone seeing her so we thought we should take a vote on it." Max looked at the group of people he cared about most in the world and was not surprised at the shocked look on there face's when they heard his suggestion.

"I don't know if I could look at her face and not want to slap it." Maria said quietly with a noticeable break in her voice.

"Ava isn't responsible for what Tess did Maria, if she hadn't helped us Max would have been killed when he was in New York." Liz reminded her.

"I know Liz, but Tess saved Max, Michael and Isabelle from the skins and look what she went on to do." Maria looked at Michael for the first time since entering the crashdown and made a decision. "If it will help, you have my vote, just make sure she stays the hell away from me while she's here."

"How are you going to find her? She never said where she was going when she left here." Isabelle pointed out.

"I've kept in touch with her, she has been working in Las Cruses. She was very upset when I told her about what Tess had done." Liz saw the uncertain look on everyone's face. "Let's vote, I vote that we ask her to do this for us, Michael what do you say?"

"No, no way, I don't want her here." Michael surprised everyone by saying, out of everyone he had been the one most insistent that no one could ever find out they were aliens. Liz was stunned that he would not support a move to ensure there secret was safe. "I don't trust her."

"I agree with Michael, I want nothing to do with anyone that was cloned from the same materials as that bitch." Kyle was clearly upset at the reminder of the woman he had loved like a sister, it had hurt him deeply to find out she had mind warped him to make him help her move the dead body of his friend.

"I think more than anyone I don't want a reminder of Tess but we have to make this situation with my dad a priority. We have to ask her to come." Liz looked at Max and smiled gratefully, understanding how hard it had been for him to agree to this.

"I agree, Ava shouldn't be blamed for Tess's actions, she helped us save Max and that is enough for me to trust her." Isabelle looked at the group around her. "We are all safer with no one knowing about us and if she is willing to help us then I for one will be grateful."

"That's four to two, I'll give her a call and ask her if she will help us." Liz saw the angry look that Kyle and Michael shared and was upset that this was going to be a problem for them.

Kyle stood up to leave and was followed by Michael, Kyle turned to face the group. "You had better make some alternate arrangement's for where she is going to stay. She is not welcome in my home and I hope for your sakes that you don't live to regret inviting her into our lives."

Michael looked after Kyle who was moving toward the door of the crashdown. "I won't have anything to do with her, you guy's are going to have to do this on your own. I guess this could work out good all round." Michael looked directly at Maria as he spoke and then turned to leave with Kyle.

"That went well." Max said sarcastically as he watched them leave and then sighed while shaking his head sadly.

"They'll come around, they have to realise that we have to stop dad and Jesse from finding out the truth about us." Isabelle said even though deep down she was unsure if the words she spoke were true.

"Yes Isabelle because Michael is known for admitting he was wrong." Maria said sarcastically.

The remaining four realised the truth in Maria’s word’s .


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Part three

The next day in school

"Are you coming to George’s stag party on Friday?" Michael asked Kyle as they walked along the corridor of the school.

"Wouldn't miss it, the stripper that Fly booked is hot." Kyle laughed at the disgusted look on Michael's face. "Michael will you lighten up? Maria dumped you and you are acting like it's the end of the world. I know what your going through man, it's how I felt when Liz dumped me. One day you are going to wake up and realise that she did you a favour, you have the freedom to live a bachelor life now so get over it. You should get out and see other girls before Maria realises what a mistake she has made and wants to get back with you. You can not commit yourself to one woman before you have sampled a few other fruit's from the tree." Kyle said perfectly serious.

"I have been spending too much time with you lately, what you just said actually made sense. Ok starting tonight, life after Maria begins." Michael walked along and smiled for the first time in the month since Maria had finished with him.

Maria and Max watched from a distance as Kyle and Michael laughed together on their way into the cafeteria.

"It's nice to see him smile again." Max said as Liz walked up behind him and put her arms around him.

"Yes he is looking a lot better isn't he, I was surprised at his reaction to Ava coming back though." Liz was upset about the disagreement regarding the other alien.

"I'm not surprised." Maria told them. "He blames himself for Alex's death, he told me that he couldn't get over the fact that it had been him that had led Nasedo to all of you."

"I'll have a word with him about this later." Max said in concern.

"Go ahead, it won't make any difference." Maria shook her head sadly. "I told him over and over that he wasn't to blame, what makes you think he will take any more notice of you?"

As they neared the cafeteria they noticed that girls surrounded Kyle and Michael and one was taking a lot of interest in Michaels hair as she brushed a lock behind his ear. Maria tensed up in surprise beside Max and Liz and then turned around to leave the canteen before Michael saw her.

"Maria, where are you going?" Liz said as Maria walked away.

"I'm going to the music room for a while, I've left some of my music there that I was working on. I'm going to try and finish it today." Maria waved at them sadly as she left.

Liz and Max moved toward the table where Michael and Kyle sat as the girls walked off leaving Michael and Kyle smiling as they watched them go.

"Hi Max, Liz." Michael nodded in their direction as they sat down with them.

"Hi." Liz said with a smile.

"Where have you been all day, I looked for you during morning break and you were nowhere to be seen." Max asked Michael and Kyle.

"I had to stay behind in Biology to ask a few questions and by the time I was through it was time to go to the next class." Michael told him.

"And I was busy trying to get Mary Doyle to go out with me on Friday." Kyle saw the frown Michael threw at him. "But luckily she said no because I already have arrangements for Friday night with Mickey here that I had forgotten about. We are going to a stag party in honour of George's single status biting the dust on Saturday."

Liz looked hesitantly at Kyle and Michael before she spoke. "I know you were both upset last night but we thought we should let you know that Ava is going to get here early on Thursday evening. She said she would be happy to help us out and I thought it would be nice if we were all there to greet her."

"I have plans on Thursday." Michael said to her obviously annoyed at the mention of Ava.

"What plans Michael?" Max asked his friend exasperatedly.

"Anything that doesn't involve having to meet with a woman who looks like someone I want to kill on sight." Michael replied defiantly.

"That's funny, that's exactly what I have planned for Thursday night." Kyle told Michael with a dry smile.

"Come on guy's, can't you make an effort. She is helping to save our butts." Max asked pleadingly.

"Maxwell, I believe I made my feelings on this subject pretty clear last night. I want nothing to do with her, so just keep her out of my way." Michael stood up and left his food, which he had barely touched. "I've lost my appetite." Michael turned and left the cafeteria.

Kyle got up to follow in the direction Michael had gone and nodded his head in Michael's direction. "What spaceboy said." Kyle walked off.

Liz sighed as she watched Michael and Kyle leave.


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Part four

Thursday Evening at the Valentie home

Michael, Kyle and Jim were having a beer while watching the basketball on the TV when it had finished they sat around the dinning room table playing cards.

"I guess we should be pleased, I mean Ava turning up is going to save me a lot of problems. I had Hanson asking me questions about Tess the other day, apparently Phil Evans had been questioning him about how she came to live with us." Jim looked down at his cards.

"I can't believe Max agreed to this, if Ava does turn out to be like Tess she is going to go after Liz. It's going to be down to me and Kyle to look out for her, because I will bet the only reason Max agreed to any of this was to see if Ava can try to connect with Tess to find out about his son." Michael shook his head sadly, his disappointment in Max evident to Kyle and Jim.

"Come on Michael, give Max a break, he is trying to stop his dad from finding out something he probably won't be able to handle." Kyle said surprising both Michael and Jim at his understanding of Max's behaviour.

"I never thought I would live to see the day that you would stick up for Max Evans." Michael joked.

"I just remember how freaked out I was after I found out." Kyle laughed at the mock stunned look in his father and Michael's eyes.

"So have either of you decided what you are going to do when you graduate from school next month?" Jim asked them as he laid down the winning cards.

"Nope don't have a clue, I guess I'm going to have to start looking for full time work." Michael finished his beer and Kyle brought him in another one.

"I think I might join the Army, you could get to go to a lot of interesting places in the Army." Kyle looked at them seriously as he spoke.

"It would certainly look good on a CV after you get out, there is a lot of work out there for people who have worked in the armed forces." Jim said giving Kyle something more to think about.

"Yeah and maybe the next time I get shot it will be by an enemy and not my own father." Kyle laughed indicating that he was joking; he went quiet when he noticed the upset look on his dad's face. "I'm sorry dad, I was just joking."

"It's all right son, I just don't like thinking about that day. Seeing you lying there so still, it was the worst moment of my entire life." Jim said emotionally.

"You know what?" Michael spoke trying to change the subject. "I think that joining the army is a really good idea, it's good pay, it could start us off on a new career and chicks really dig a guy in uniform." Michael saw the sceptical look on Jim and Kyle's face. "I told you, life after Maria has now begun and that is going to include dating other women, plenty of them."

"Are you serious? You would actually consider joining up?" Kyle asked him.

"I am completely serious and I'm not just considering doing it, I'm going to do it, the day we graduate. Think about it, on my planet I was a soldier, it is obviously a job I am cut out to do." Michael looked pleased that he now had a plan for the future.

"I think you would make a great soldier Michael, and you will always have a place to stay here with us when you come home." Jim smiled at Michael with pride at how this emotionally scarred young boy had put his life back together.

"Thanks Jim." Michael replied with a grin.

"Ok I've decided, I'm going to join up too." Kyle said with an excited look in his eyes.

"Right, and we can break the news to everyone after the Graduation ceremony." Michael said with determination.

"Ok." Kyle replied and then dealt out another hand of cards with a grin on his face.


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Part five

Thursday night at the crashdown

Everyone looked up nervously as the door to the crashdown opened and they saw Ava entering and they were all amazed to see the beautiful and stylish young woman who entered.

"Ava hi, thank you so much for agreeing to do this." Liz walked over to the young girl with a smile. Unlike the others Liz was in no way afraid that Ava would betray them. Liz had known the moment she first met Ava that she was completely different from Tess. There had always been something about Tess that Liz had never trusted.

"Hi Liz it's good to see you." Ava replied and looked uncomfortable as Liz hugged her in welcome, she pulled away from her and then looked nervously over Liz's shoulder to where Max, Isabelle and Maria stood watching her with obviouse distrust. "Hi."

Max walked forward and held his hand out to her and she shook his hand eagerly. Max could tell just by the touch of her hand that there was nothing evil in her; there was gentleness in her touch that he had only ever found before in Liz, Isabelle and Maria. "Welcome to Roswell Ava, I hope that we have not caused you any problems by asking you to come here."

"You haven't, I had some holiday’s due and it is nice to be able to get away for a while." Ava smiled at Max and the others gratefully.

"Ok, I think we should all agree that from here on in we have to call Ava, Tess. It is going to make things a lot more believable if we don't have any slip up's in the name department." Isabelle said getting straight to the reason for Ava's visit.

"I agree, it is also going to help that you are now a blond." Maria commented thinking about how Ava had looked when she had been in Roswell before.

"I know you are looking really good, you are obviously doing well for yourself." Liz remarked admiring her lovely stylish clothes. Liz couldn't believe the change in the Alien since the last time she had seen her.

"I'm really happy with my life at the moment, the stress of having to avoid Rath's sexual advances was really beginning to get to me. I'm enjoying actually being able to live like a civilised person now I don't have to deal with him or Lonnie." Ava smiled with satisfaction at how well her life was going.

"Rath used to try it on with you? I thought him and Lonnie were involved with each other." Maria asked her curious.

"They were but Rath got kinda fixated on me when he found out from Nicholas that in our former lives Rath had been in love with me but had refused to do anything about it due to his loyalty to Zan. Apparently it was when Vilandra found out about Rath's feelings for me that she turned to Kivar." Ava was unaware of the bombshell she had just dropped.

"What else did Nicholas tell you about our previous lives?" Isabelle asked her anxiously.

"He told me that Kivar convinced Villandra that he wanted peace, he convinced her to set up a meeting with her family to discuss it and when we all got there it turned out to be a trap. Kivar intended to kill everyone but Villandra but a shot was fired at me and Rath pushed me out of the way and Villandra was shot. Kivar was genuinely in love with her and he was crazed with grief at her loss. We were all captured and taken back to the palace where he had us publicly executed." Ava finished with a regretful sigh.

"Ok Tess, I'll show you to your room. You will be staying in our spare room while you are here so just make yourself comfortable and then come down and we will discuss what we are going to do." Liz led her out the back after noticing the shocked look on the others face's.

"No, I don't believe it, Michael never had any feelings for Tess, I would have known." Maria paced about the room agitated at what she had just learned. Then she turned to Max accusingly. "Do you know if Michael had feelings for Tess?"

"If he did, he kept it well hidden from me, as far as I know he only ever thought of her as a friend." Max looked away from Maria and walked over to Isabelle. "Are you ok Isabelle?"

"No, I am so sorry Max, please forgive me for what I did to all of us." Isabelle started crying and Max pulled her into his arms to comfort her.

"There is nothing to forgive, I love you and what we just heard does not change that." Max told her gently.

"I have to go, I'll see you at school in the morning." Maria turned to leave and stopped as Max called out to her.

"Maria can you take Isabelle home, Liz and I will go over the plans with Tess and get working on them in the morning." Max asked her obviously very concerned about the effect the recent news had had on Isabelle.

"Sure, come on Is." Maria put her arms around her distressed friend and led her towards the car.

When Maria stopped outside Isabelle and Jesse's house she turned to Isabelle in concern. "Are you going to be all right? Won't Jesse want to know why you have been crying?"

"I'll be fine Maria, thanks, I'll just tell him we all started talking about Alex and I got a bit upset." Isabelle sat looking at her new home for a few moments. "I hate this, I thought when Tess left that the Alien side of my history was over. I'm afraid of what I'll find out about myself next."

"Whatever you find out, you were a good person in your other life just like you are now. You made the mistake of trusting the man you loved, it's not like you are the first person that has ever happened to." Maria assured Isabelle and Isabelle smiled at her gratefully and hugged her before saying goodnight and getting out of the car. Maria sat there a few moment's longer wondering if like Isabelle she had been foolish in trusting the man she loved. Had Michael loved Tess all along? Was that why he felt so guilty about what Tess had done? Maria realised she would probably never know the answer to those questions and with a sigh she started up the car and went home.


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Part six

The next day after school in the Crash Down

"If we go to sign up on Saturday that will give us two days to get our things together after graduation." Michael said excited that finally he was about to do something with his life that felt right.

"I guess all we have to do now is wait and make the most out of the last of our freedom starting with tonight at George's stag party." Kyle looked delighted as he thought of the stripper.

"What are you talking about? The last of your freedom, your not getting married are you?" Max laughed at the horrified look on Kyle's face.

"Of course I'm not getting married." Kyle said quickly.

"Actually we have something to tell you Max, but first we need your word that you are not going to tell the others. We intend to surprise them with the news at graduation." Michael had a happy smile on his face obviously delighted with the news he was about to impart.

"I promise I won’t say anything, now come on don't leave me in suspense." Max took a bite of his sandwich as he waited for Michael to tell him his news.

"Kyle and I are joining the army." Michael watched amused as Max choked on the mouthful of his sandwich.

"The army? What made you decide on this?" Max asked his friends in disbelief.

"It's what I am meant to be, I was obviously good at it back on our home planet to be your second in command so I have decided to make a better job of it this time around." Michael said with a look that told Max that his mind was made up and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Michael they do all sort’s of test on you before they let you join up, I really don’t think this is a good idea.” Max tried to reason with him.

“Ever since I broke up with Maria I have been working hard to control my powers and I think I will be able to tamper with any test results to make everything about me look normal. Don’t worry Max I have thought of everything, nobody is going to find out about my alien status.” Michael assured him.

"We are going to have such a good time and girls dig a guy in uniform." Kyle said with a big grin.

"I have to say I'm surprised, but I hope it all works out for you Michael." Max told him still completely shocked at the news. "I just don't think everyone else is going to see this as good news."

"We can't live our lives by what other people want Maxwell." Michael told him firmly.

"I know." Max replied. If this is really what you want to do then I’m pleased for you Michael.

"Pleased about what?" Liz asked as she walked up behind him with Maria.

After a moments hesitation to think of something to tell them Max replied "You will have to wait and find out it is a surprise."

"Ooh I love surprises, so when do we find out what the surprise is?" Liz enquired.

"You find out the day we graduate." Kyle told them evasively.

"Look here is Tess." Maria said shocking everyone into silence.

"Great, that's all I need?" Michael said angrily and then noticed the searching look Maria was giving him. "What?" Michael snapped at her.

"Nothing." Maria said unconvincingly while looking at Michael accusingly.

"Women." Michael said completely baffled about what he was supposed to have done now. He then decided that he wasn't going to let it worry him, whatever it was, as Maria's ex it was not his job to keep her happy anymore.

"I asked Tess to meet us here so that we could discuss how we are going to go about this. I realise that you want to be left out of this Michael and you Kyle but it's in everyone's interest that we get my dad to believe that she is Tess. Thing's could get really awkward for your dad Kyle if we don't." Max looked relieved when they didn't get up to leave.

"Hi everyone, Michael it's good to see you again." Ava's smile faltered when she noticed the scowl Michael and Kyle gave her. Her lower lip quivered as though she was about to cry but she was able to pull herself together before that happened.

"Tess thanks for coming, Isabelle is going to see her parents tonight and let slip that you have turned up again, it is going to be difficult to explain why you are staying with me and not back at the Valentie's but I guess we can bluff our way through that." Liz finished her speech and everyone sat in silence with nothing to say.

"The sooner dad confronts Tess the sooner she can go home and get on with her life." Max added when Liz went silent.

"Great, let us know how it goes." Michael stood up to leave. "Welcome back Tess." Everyone could hear the insincere note in his voice.

Everyone waited for Kyle to follow in Michael's footsteps but he just sat there in silence watching the girl who resembled Tess.

"So Kyle, did you and Michael have a good night last night?" Maria asked him curious about where they had been.

"Yes thanks, Michael and I watched the Basketball with my dad and then we had a few beers while playing poker. It was fun, but not as much fun as we are going to have tonight." Kyle informed her with a slight smile, knowing there movements of that night were going to drive Maria nuts.

"What's happening tonight?" Maria asked him, trying to pretend she was only showing a friendly interest.

"George's stag night, it's going to be a good night, I got to pick the stripper." Kyle said with a smile before he got up to leave. "Nice to see you again Tess." Kyle said with the same insincere note in his voice that Michael had displayed.

"I'm sorry about that, they were really cut up when Alex died and they didn't want us to go ahead with this plan." Max said in there defence.

"It's ok I understand." Tess said quietly but everyone could tell she was hurt. "I'm just going to go for a walk, I'll see you later Liz.

"Yeah, bye Tess." Liz watched her go in concern.

Tess walked out of the Crashdown and was walking along the road looking in the shop windows as she went, she was so lost in thought that she failed to notice Philip Evans walking up to stand beside her.

"Tess? Tess Harding?" Philip asked her eagerly.

"That's right, can I help you?" Tess replied.

"You certainly can, I would like to talk to you about what happened between you and my son Max. We can discuss this in my office, I promise not to take up too much of your time." Philip took her arm and started to guide her in the direction of his office. When they got there he pulled out a chair and asked her to sit down.

"What would you like to know Mr Evans?" Tess asked him nervously.

"You left so suddenly, I've just always wondered if Max had anything to do with you leaving Roswell." Philip got straight to the point.

"As a matter of fact yes he was the reason I left, I found out I was pregnant with Max's child and it wasn't exactly good news for either of us." Tess wondered if Philip believed a word she said and hoped for Liz and Max's sake that he did.

"What happened to the baby?" Philip asked her not quite believing that this was the answer to all of his suspicions.

"I decided to have an abortion, I got no support from Max when he found out my decision so I just packed up and left Roswell, I went to LA to have the abortion and left him a letter telling him what I was going to do." Tess was very still as she waited for his reaction to her words.

"I see, are you back in Roswell for good?" Philip enquired curiously.

"I'm not sure, Liz asked me to come because she wanted Max and I to talk about what happened and see if we could go back to being friends. I really admire her for being able to put all of this behind her, it was a painful time for all of us but at least Max and I can now be civil to each other." Tess looked at Mr Evans curiously. "Is that all you wanted to know Mr Evans? Liz is expecting me for dinner."

"Yes that's all I wanted to know, thank you Tess for talking to me about this, it must have been a painful experience to go through." Mr Evens looked closely for a reaction to his words and was satisfied at the truth of her words when he saw a flicker of sadness at past events. Tess stood up and headed toward the door and stopped suddenly, turning back to face him.

"It was a painful experience, but unlike Max I was lucky. My parents are both dead and I didn't have to worry about disappointing the people I love." Tess said sadly to Mr Evans and then left him to think about what she had just said.


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I would just like to say thanks to everyone who has posted some feedback about this fic. This is only my second attempt at a Fan Fic and I was really nervous about entering it on the board.

Part seven

The next evening in the Crashdown

"So how did the wedding go?" Max asked Michael and Kyle who had just returned from the wedding and were still wearing their tuxedos.

"It was nice, the bridesmaids were really hot." Kyle said with a wicked smile. "The matron of honour had her heart set on snagging Michael, she was hot on his heels all day."

"Anna was sweet, she invited me to dinner at her place on Wednesday night." Michael told them with an embarrassed smile.

"And?" Max asked him.

"And what?" Michael replied.

"Are you going to take her up on her dinner invitation?" Max asked his interest peaked.

"Yes, I figured it was time for me to start dating again." Michael looked pleased at the progress he was making at life after Maria.

"Good for you man, start enjoying the freedom she handed back to you on a plate, it's what I would do." Kyle said in support of Michael's actions.

"I intend to, my life is not going to come to an end just because I was dumped. Maria and I were obviously never meant to be together and I'm beginning to think she did me a favour." Michael said while trying to convince himself that he meant it.

The three of them failed to notice Maria walking up to them and the pained look that crossed her face at Michael's words. Maria took a deep breath and moved forward into their line of vision. "Hi guy's." The smile on Michaels face vanished to be replaced with a frown.

"Hi Maria." Max said trying to break the sudden tense silence that fell across the table as she joined them.

"So have you told them the good news Max?" Maria asked with a slight smile trying to stop staring at how wonderful Michael looked in his Tuxedo.

"No, I was just about to actually." Max went on as he saw the curious look on Michael and Kyle's face. "Tess did it, she accidentally bumped into my dad and told him the story we had rehearsed and he believed it. He called me up this morning and asked me to meet him here for coffee. He apologised for not being there for me when I needed him and asked me if I could ever forgive him."

"That's great Maxwell, I'm glad it worked out the way you all planned." Michael was obviously genuinely pleased that there secret was going to remain a secret.

"Yeah that's great Max I'm pleased for you all, has anyone let my dad know he was beginning to get a bit concerned about all the questions your dad was asking about Tess." Kyle asked with a slightly bitter smile.

"I'll go over and let him know after I've said goodnight to Liz." Max assured Kyle.

"I'd appreciate it, Michael and I are going on to a club so I probably won't see dad until tomorrow." Kyle said gratefully.

"Here come Liz and Tess now." Maria said as Liz and Tess approached.

Max looked pleadingly at Michael and Kyle to stop them from leaving when they saw Tess; he looked relieved when they both stayed seated obviously intending to stay.

"Hi, did you both have a good time at the wedding?" Liz asked Michael and Kyle with a smile.

"It was good, thanks." Michael answered for both of them.

"It would have been a whole lot better if I hadn't had a hangover during the service, but once that wore off it turned out to be a really good day, right Michael." Kyle said with a laugh.

"Yeah right, you know it's a stupid tradition to have the stag night the night before the wedding. If I ever go nuts and decide to get married I'm going to have mine at least two days before so I can enjoy the strippers without worrying about the big day in the morning." Michael hid a smile when he noticed how Maria had tensed up. "I hear you helped us out big time with Max's dad Tess, thank you, I appreciate it. I hope you'll let me make it up to you for the way I treated you the other day, it was just disturbing to see you after everything that happened last year."

"It's ok I understand Michael." Tess looked away embarrassed at Michael's words.

"It's not ok, I was unforgivably rude." Michael surprised everyone at the table with his next words. "Will you have dinner with me so that I can make it up to you?" Everyone, including Kyle was shocked at the about turn of Michael's behaviour towards Tess. And they all watched fascinated as Tess blushed with pleasure at Michaels request. Only Maria looked on in horror as her ex boyfriend asked the beautiful young Alien out for dinner.

"You really don't have to Michael, I wanted to help out because I feel responsible for what she did to all of you." Everyone knew that she was talking about the real Tess.

"I insist all right, I'll pick you up at seven thirty tomorrow night." Michael stood up to leave. "Are you coming Kyle the guy's will be waiting for us, bye all, I'll see you tomorrow Tess."

"See you Michael." Max was the only person at the table to respond to Michael's farewell.

"Wow." Everyone looked at Tess in surprise at her amazed exclamation. "I never thought there would be a day when I would be attracted to a Rath look a like, but as of two minutes ago my heart is going a mile a minute."

Maria stood up from the table quickly, knocking her drink over in her hurry to get away from the alien who now had a date with her ex boyfriend. "I have to go, I'm expecting a call from Billy." Maria said to the others at the table trying to cover up how upset she was.

"I'll give you a call later Maria." Liz called out to her friend as she walked quickly away.

Maria managed to make it to her car before starting to cry; she didn't know how she had managed to sit there without breaking down while Michael had shown her that he was moving on with his life. Maria had never even thought about the possibility that he might meet someone else and not be here waiting for her when she had finally established her singing career. How could I have been such a fool she thought to herself harshly. Compared to what Michael had been like two years ago, he was now quite a catch that any woman would be proud to have love her. How could she have believed that no one else would see the great qualities in him that she had learned to love dearly? Maria wanted to become a famous singer but she wanted Michael too, only now when it was obviously too late had she realised this. Maria calmed herself down and drove home; she rushed into her bedroom to avoid another scene with her mother. Her mother had been more upset than Maria when she had broken up with Michael and she never failed to make some remark about how foolish she thought Maria had been. Maria thought about how sweet Tess was and felt guilty that she wanted to rip her eyes out for agreeing to go on a date with Michael. Maria cried herself to sleep thinking about what she was going to do if she had lost Michael forever.

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Part eight

The next evening at the Crash Down

"Hi Liz, is Tess ready?" Michael said as he walked up to the counter Liz was busily wiping.

"I think so, I'll just go and get her Michael." Liz walked out the back to give Tess a call. She walked back out the front and told Michael that she would be a few more minutes. Liz looked Michael up and down and noticed how smart he looked with a frown. "So Michael, I hope your not using Tess to get at Maria, you know this Tess is a lot more sensitive than the other one and I wouldn’t like to see her get hurt."

"This may surprise you but not every waking moment I have is spent pinning over Maria any more, she dumped me remember. I genuinely feel bad for the way I treated Tess last week and I just want to make it up to her." Michael told her seriously.

"All right, I’m sorry, I just care about all of you and I don’t want to see any of you get any more hurt than you already have been." Liz said to him in concern.

"Let's just say that I finally know what I want to do with my life and my future plans may just be the thing to get Tess to stay in Roswell for good." Michael finished talking and gave a huge grin when he turned to find Tess standing just inside the door waiting for him. She looked stunning in a deep blue slim fitting dress that made her eyes seem even more outstanding than normal. "Wow, I'm going to be the envy of every guy in the room, you look amazing." Michael walked over and put her arm through his and led her towards the door while a deeply concerned Liz watched them leave.


Michael and Tess were waiting for their food to be served when Michael decided to get straight to the point of his invitation. "Tess, I sorta had an ulterior motive for asking you out tonight and before you jump to conclusions it is not that I want to jump your bones."

"Oh." Tess said quietly. "That's disappointing." Michael was so surprised at her words he nearly choked on the mouthful of water that he had taken.

"Are you saying you wanted me to.”? Michael asked her in amazement.

"The thought had crossed my mind and I didn't find it particularly disturbing." Tess told him honestly.

"That's not why I asked you here Tess, I have to be honest with you. I think you are beautiful but I just don't think of you that way." Michael said quickly, worried that he had unintentionally led her on.

"And it doesn't help that you are still in love with Maria, right?" Tess replied with insight. "So come on then, why did you invite me here?"

"I have a proposition for you, one that I think would work out real good for the both of us." Michael paused for a moment and as he noticed the interested look on her face he went on. "I'm going to be leaving Roswell after Graduation, I've decided to join the army. Kyle and I will be setting off to start our training two days after the Graduation ceremony."

"And what does that have to do with me Michael?" Tess asked him softly.

“I was wondering if you would like to take over my flat? I was worried about leaving because it would be leaving Isabelle and Max in a vulnerable situation, but if you were here it would even things up a bit. I have every intention of eventually coming back to Roswell and making it my home but I need to do this so that I'm prepared for whatever the skins have to throw at us." Michael looked at her and smiled. "The rent is paid up on the flat for the next four months and Kyle and I would help you with anything you have to move here from Las Cruses and do any decorating you want done to the place. You know at least here you have something resembling a family and people who care about you."

"I don't know what to say Michael, I'm touched that you would trust me to be anywhere near your friends and family when you are not going to be around to protect them. Do any of the others know what your plans are?" Tess asked him curiously.

"Only Max and that is the way I want it to stay, we are going to tell everyone on the day we graduate." Michael looked so eager at the thought of his future plans that it made Tess smile.

"Ok Michael, it's an offer I would be a fool to refuse and I'm no fool." Tess held her hand out to Michael and he took it in his and they shook on there agreement.

"Great now let's enjoy this dinner shall we?" Michael said as the waiter arrived with there food. The rest of the evening was spent in a happy mood as they both looked happily forward to the future ahead of them. Later Michael walked her back to the Crash Down and kissed her affectionately on the cheek and then said goodnight. He then turned with a smile on his face and made his way home completely unaware of Maria who was watching with complete devastation from where she sat in her mother’s jeta.

Part nine

Over the following weeks Maria and Liz watched as Michael and Tess's affection towards each other grew. After the agreed week that she was staying at Liz's was up Tess announced that Kyle and Michael had arranged it with Kyle's dad that she could stay with them for a while and that she was looking for a job in Roswell. Liz had assured Tess she was welcome to stay with her but Tess announced that she would like to stay with Kyle and Jim but she would always be grateful to Liz for asking her to come back to help them because it had completely changed her life. Liz was very upset by the time it came for there graduation ceremony especially every time she looked at Maria who had lost a lot of weight since Michael and Tess had started seeing each other. Liz didn't know how to make things better for her friend, Michael had decided to get on with his life and Maria was now unable to deal with the results of her actions.

Max and Liz were closer than they had ever been and Liz had decided that she was going to attend Las Cruses university to be close to Max much to Liz’s parents disappointment. Max had tried to convince her to take up the place in Harvard that she had got, knowing that Liz’s parent’s would blame him for her decision. Liz had been firm when she had told him she had been through more unhappiness in the last two years than what most people go through in a lifetime and as Max was the only thing that was going to make her happy she was staying with him. Liz assured him she still intended being a molecular biologist but she didn’t feel the need to go to a fancy university to do it. Max had let her convince him that he wasn’t ruining her life and things between them were going great.


The graduation ceremony went off without a hitch and the celebratory party was in full swing at the Crash Down a lot of speeches had been made and there was still more to come. Michael looked over at Maria who was standing on her own with a depressed look on her face and decided to try and talk to her before he and Kyle announced their plans.

"Hi Maria, are you all right? You don't look exactly over the moon at the fact we never have to set foot in that school again if we don't want to." Michael joked trying to hide his concern.

"I’ve just been thinking a lot about Alex today, I wish he was here, I miss him." Maria wiped her eyes quickly trying to hide her tears at the thought of her friend.

"I miss him too." Michael tried not to let her see just how upset he was at the mention of Alex. "I'm sorry about what you lost through knowing us Maria, I wish I could go back to that day in the crash down when Liz was shot and somehow stop that guy from using that gun. It would have been better all around if no one had ever found out about us." Michael looked directly at Maria as he continued. "I hope your singing career works out for you, I know your going to make all of us and Alex really proud."

"The way you talk Michael anyone would think we were never going to see each other again, I'm going to have a singing career but my home will always be Roswell." Maria said not realising that Michael wouldn’t be staying in Roswell.

"Yeah right, look I've got to go and talk to Kyle." Michael turned to walk away from her and then stopped. He turned back and walked over to her and surprised her when he kissed her cheek. "Liven up a bit this is a party." Michael walked away from her before she could respond to his words. He walked over to Kyle and both Michael and Kyle nodded to Jim to go ahead with his speech.

Everyone in the room went silent as Jim Valentie got up on the stage and started to make a speech. “Hi, before we get on with the party and get the music going I have a few things to say. I've watched most of the kids in this room grow from children to adults and it seems to have happened so quickly, too quickly in some ways. I couldn't be more proud of Kyle than I am today, I'm also proud of Kyle’s friends who over the years have become as dear to me as though they were my own. Michael, I wish I had been lucky enough to have adopted you when you were younger, despite the fact I didn't, I was lucky enough to have you become a part of mine and my son's life.” There was more than one person with tears in there eyes at his words. “I now have an announcement to make on Kyle and Michael's behalf and I know that everyone here along with me will want to wish them well for the future." Jim looked at them with a proud look in his eyes. "Michael and Kyle are leaving Roswell to start training for the army and I would like everyone here to raise there glasses to wish them well for the future." He raised his glass in a toast. "Michael thank you for saving my life and Kyle thank you for making my life worth living, I'm proud of you son."

"To Michael and Kyle." Chorused the other students and their families.

Liz turned to Maria who was heading out to the back in a rush and started to follow her. Liz looked around surprised as Michael grabbed her arm to stop her.

"Do you mind if I go to speak to her on my own Liz, I think there are some things we need to say to each other in private." Michael asked in a gentle way that assured her that he didn't want to hurt Maria.

Michael walked out the back and sat down beside Maria who was sitting unhappily at the bottom of the stairs and took her hand in his. He was surprised when she didn't pull away from him.

"Why are you doing this Michael? It's been bad enough the thought of you and Tess getting together but much as I hated that I would prefer it to you joining the army." Maria was close to tears as she spoke.

"Tess and I aren’t together Maria, she and I have just become friends while I got her settled into my flat, she is going to be taking it over when I leave on Saturday." Michael felt her try to pull away from him at the mention of him leaving to join the army. "Maria, when you decided you needed to get on with your life I didn't know what to do because you were my life. That was a mistake, I have had to think long and hard about what I wanted to do with my life since we broke up and this is it. I want to be a better soldier than I was on my home planet so that if the time comes when I have to protect the people I love from the skins or Kivar again then I won't fail them this time around like I did Alex." He pulled her in close to his side as she started to cry.

"I love you Michael, I wouldn't want to live if anything ever happened to you. I can't lose you like I lost Alex, it would kill me" Maria whispered brokenly into his neck.

"Nothing is going to happen to me Maria, I have too much to live for. I have to live to a ripe old age just to brag that I once dated the beautiful and talented Maria Deluca when you’re rich and famous and have forgotten all about us hicks still stuck here in this town." Michael smiled when she gave a small laugh, which turned into a sob.

"I don't want to be rich and famous if it means I can't have you. The last few weeks have shown me that, stay here and we can be together." Maria hugged him tight as though she never wanted to let him go.

"No Maria, I can't let you give up on something that means so much to you, and I need to find out what my path in life is meant to be. You of all people should understand me when I say that I know deep down in my gut that this is something I need to do. Anyway I need to go and make sure Valentie doesn't get himself shot again." Michael wiped the tears from her eyes gently. "You are the first person I ever loved and don't ever forget it." Michael leaned in and kissed her gently, she pulled him back to her as he would have pulled away and deepened the kiss. Michael broke away from her and then walked back toward the door leading back to the party. Michel then spoke to her with his back to her so that she could not see the tears that filled his eyes. "Take care of yourself." Then he walked through the door and started the rest of his goodbyes.

Isabelle’s eyes were full of hurt and anger when he walked toward her. "How could you make a decision like that without discussing it with us first?" Isabelle asked him angrily when he stopped in front of her.

"I did discuss it with Max Isabelle, I told him I was going and that was that." Michael told her firmly. "I thought you would be happy for me."

“I just don’t get why it is ok for you to leave, when I wasn’t allowed.” The deep resentment she still felt about Michael and Max’s refusal to let her leave Roswell evident in her word’s.

“This is different Isabelle and you know it, you were reacting to Alex’s death. Anyway if you had left you would never have met Jesse.” Michael tried to excuse himself and Max despite feeling deeply guilty about how they had prevented her from leaving.

"How can you leave us? We need you here Michael." Isabelle said accusingly.

"Tess is here to replace me." Michael said in his own defence.

"Did she know that you were going?" Isabelle asked him and more tears filled her eyes when she saw the answer in his eyes. "I guess that shows me how important I am in your life, you tell a girl you could barely be civil to a few weeks ago and not the girl you were practically brought up with.” Isabelle looked at Michael with the complete betrayal she felt evident in her eyes. “Good luck I hope everything goes well for you." Isabelle pulled angrily away as he touched her arm and walked over to her husband telling him she wanted to leave.

"I guess that didn't go well huh?" Max said sympathetically as he walked over to him.

Michael frowned at Max's understatement. "She's right, I shouldn't have let her find out that way."

"How did it go with Maria?" Max asked him gently.

"All right, we told each other how we felt." Michael looked around the room wondering who was going to have a go at him next. He saw Maria's mom standing with a friend while avoiding Jim Valentie who kept looking over at her and realised he had to go and speak to her. "I'll see you later Max, I've got to get all my goodbyes out of the way."

Michael walked over to Amy and was surprised when she pulled him into a big hug.

"Hey Ms DeLuca." Michael smiled at her affectionately.

"Here’s my favourite little wrestler.” Amy said to Michael as this was her favourite description of him since he replaced her wrestler Arnie in the Alien takedown at the alien convention. “I want you to put my name down in case of an emergency, I want to know that you are all right." Amy pulled him in to a tight hug. "I wish things had worked out with you and Maria." Amy pulled away from him and there were tears in her eyes. "Promise me you will be careful."

"I promise, you take care of yourself." Michael kissed her on the cheek and then walked away. He sat down at the counter and he looked around as Liz sat in beside him. "So are you going to give me a lecture too?"

"No I'm not going to lecture you, I just want you to know that I'm going to miss you. I'll miss both you and Kyle, and I'll make sure that Maria is ok so you don't have to worry about her." Liz looked at Michael sadly. "There is only going to be me, Max and Isabelle left, it's going to be very weird." Liz was shocked when Michael pulled her into his arms and gave her a hug.

"Thank you Liz." Michael said softly to her.

"For what?" Liz asked him surprised at this uncharacteristic show of affection.

"For giving up your future to save me, Isabelle and the world. I'll never forget what you went through for us, I hope you get to live happily ever after because you deserve it." Michael told her in a quiet voice so no one but her could hear him.

"Michael, I can't imagine my life without any of you in it, I hope everything works out well for you. Just make sure you come back to us, we are your family Michael and we love you." Liz held his hand gently. "Will you come over tomorrow night for a farewell dinner?"

"No, I’m sorry, I've decided to go tomorrow morning and meet up with Kyle on Saturday when he get's there. I don't think I could face another goodbye scene, I really didn't think it would be this hard." Michael was obviously upset after making his farewells to every one.

"Ok, you let us know how you are getting on, call collect if you have to." Liz kissed him on the cheek and then stood looking at him sadly. "Goodbye Michael."

Michael watched as she walked over and cuddled into Max, after everything they had been through they still meant everything to each other. Michael sometimes envied them their complete devotion to each other. He looked around at the people he cared about and said softly so that no one could hear him. "Goodbye." Then he turned and walked out of the crashdown while no one was looking.

Part ten

The next morning Isabelle walked tiredly over to open the front door and opened it to reveal Michael. Isabelle just looked at him sadly and when her eyes filled with tears Michael walked forward and took her into his arms.

“I’m sorry Isabelle, I should have discussed this with you before I made a decision. The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you.” Isabelle held onto him tightly and then pulled away and led him into her home.

“I over reacted last night, I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m going to miss you.” Isabelle told him unhappily.

“I’m going to miss you too Is.” Michael assured her.

Isabele sat down on her couch and suddenly burst into tears, Michael sat down beside her and pulled her into his arms. He held her while she let out the mixture of emotions she had been feeling since the announcement Jim had made the evening before. When she had finally calmed down she pulled away from him and wiped her eyes.

“So, your going on Saturday?” Isabele asked him gently.

“No Isabelle, I’m going this morning.” Michael held her hand as her eyes again filled with tears.

“I guess it’s a good thing, I’d rather get the goodbye’s out of the way now and not have to go through it all again in a few days.” Isabelle said with a sad smile.

“Isabelle, if you ever need me you know than nothing will ever stop me from coming back for you?” Michael asked her seriously.

“I know Michael, that’s why I love you.” Isabelle leaned over and hugged him tight.

“I’d better go.” Michael stood up and walked toward the door with Isabelle walking behind him. Before he left he turned back around to her and pulled her to him and kissed her cheek gently. “Look after yourself Isabelle and tell Jesse that if he doesn’t take care of you I’ll have to come back and use my alien powers on him.” Isabelle laughed at his words while knowing that he was only half serious.

“I’ll be sure to give him your message.” Isabelle smiled at him as she closed the door on him and then she leaned against the door and started to cry knowing that her life was not going to be complete until Michael came home again.


Maria knocked on Michaels door and waited for an answer, she was surprised when Tess opened the door. "Hi Tess, is Michael around? I need to speak to him." Maria was concerned when Tess hesitated before responding to her.

"Michael's gone Maria, he decided there was no point in hanging about for two more days, I’ve just been moving all my stuff in." Tess turned around and picked a letter from the table, she turned back around to Maria. "He asked me to give this to you."

"Thank you." Maria took the letter and stared at it for a moment before putting it in to her pocket. "I'll see you later Tess." Maria left quickly and headed to the park where she had broken up with Michael to read the letter in private.


I figured this was the best way to say goodbye, there didn’t seem any point in staying for the last few days and dragging it out so I left early this morning. I’ll always be grateful to you and Liz, you saved our lives on more than one occasion. I hope everything works out for you with your singing career and I will be sure to look out for all your albums.

Goodbye Maria and thank you for everything.


Maria sat reading the letter over and over again trying to understand how it had come to this. It was Ironic that her wish to fulfil her dreams had made Michael realise that he had dreams, which he wanted to pursue. Maria had just assumed that when she had achieved her goals that he would be here waiting for her. The realisation that it was over hit her hard and she started to cry for what she had foolishly thrown away. When Maria finally had her emotions under control she headed toward the crash down and went to find Liz, she was lying on her bed writing in her journal when she found her. Liz put her journal to the side when she noticed her friend and that she was obviously upset.

"Michael's gone Liz, he left me a letter saying goodbye to me and he just left. What have I done? My singing doesn't mean anything to me if I don't have him to share it with." Maria again burst into tears and Liz took her into her arms to comfort her.

"Maria, I am so sorry, I wish I could make this better for you but I can't." Liz stroked Maria's hair gently trying to comfort her. Liz looked around, as there was a knock at her balcony window and saw Isabelle standing there with a devastated look in her eyes. Liz left Maria for a moment and let Isabelle in. "Isabelle are you ok?"

"No, no I'm not ok, he’s gone." Isabelle walked over to Maria and took her in her arms as she continued to cry.

"I guess this is it, we are all going to go in different directions and nothing is ever going to be the same again. Growing up sucks, big time." Isabelle said to her friends tearfully. "Alex is gone, I don't even see him in my dreams anymore and now I've lost Michael and Kyle."

"They'll be back." Liz said trying to comfort her.

"I know, it's just that, I just found out I'm pregnant and it's supposed to be a happy occasion something that I wanted to share with my family. Now most of my family is gone, and Maria you are going to leave and become a really famous singer and I will be really happy for you but I want all the people I love here in Roswell." Isabelle laughed through her tears. "I guess once a spoilt, selfish princess always a spoilt, selfish princess."

"Your not spoilt or selfish Isabelle, your human. These are normal feelings and you should thank your lucky stars that you were not brought up by Nasedo because he would have knocked any human feelings out of you like he did to Tess." Liz told Isabelle firmly. "I can't believe you are going to be a mother Isabelle? I am so happy for you." Liz smiled for the first time since Maria had shown up.

"Thanks Liz but I'm totally freaked out about it. What if it's not normal?" Isabelle said in a shaky frightened voice.

"It will be and you will have me, Max and even Tess here to make sure that your pregnancy goes ok. We wont let anything happen to you or the baby Isabelle I promise you." Liz assured the scared young woman.

Liz left them for a moment and when she came back it was with a tub of ice cream each and a bottle of Tabasco sauce for Isabelle and after a while all the doom and gloom was replaced with excited plans for the upcoming birth of Isabelle and Jesse's child.

"I'm excited and scared all at the same time, I mean what if it has powers. It's going to be difficult to hide something like that from Jesse." Isabelle said to her friends the worry evident in her words.

"There is no point in worrying about this until it actually happens Isabelle. Stressing about something that might never happen is not good for you or the baby." Maria lectured her friend.

"I know, thanks for the ice cream Liz it helped. I'd better get home and tell Jesse the good news, I'll see you guy's later." Isabelle left Liz and Maria sitting together quietly. After sitting together in a comfortable silence for ten minutes Maria got up to leave.

"I'll see you later Liz, thanks for being here for me, I don't know what I would do without you." And with one last sad look at Liz she left. Liz sat on her bed for a long time after they left thinking about their lives and how they always had to deal with one crisis after another. She assured herself that though they were all going to be doing separate things over the next few years eventually they would all be together again and she was looking forward to that day knowing that only then would they all be completely safe.


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Hi, I'm glad you liked the story. I have to say I really liked the picture of you with Jason (I'm really jealous). I have some pictures of myself taken with Christian Kane and J August Richards (Lindsey & Gun from Angel) from last year when I saw them at a convention up in Glasgow. I havent heard of any with the cast of Roswell or I would try and get to one.