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Authors: SpAcEgUrL370 and [insert sara's new username here]

Rating: PG-13 or R, mostly language

Category: We're focusing on the group as a whole, but we plan on using some M/L, M/M, A/I, and K/V.

Summary: Alls we have to say is, Tess is a fake and majorly evil. Also, Kyle is about 4-6 inches taller.

Part 1

Victoria Martin was sitting in the pasengers seat of Larek's Mercedes-Benz listening to Metallica with her head leaning up against the window. She was going to finally find her brother, Michael.

Vic was a tall blond with dark brown eyes. She was wearing a black sleeveless crop top with army camoflage pants. The sides of her hair had been pulled back, and the ends of her hair had been dyed bright red.

Larek was their protector. They were the Royal Four; Vilondra, Rath, Zan, and Ava, or, as they were called now, Isabel, Michael, Max, and Victoria. Vic and Larek were currently on their way to Roswell, a small town in New Mexico, to find the other three members of the Royal Four before the Skins did. Now that the other three members had for some reason set off the orbs, pretty much every alien on earth could figure out where they were. Vic and Larek had no clue as to how they had managed to set off the orbs, but they obviously had.

Vic was roused from her thoughts by Larek tapping her on the shoulder. She took her headphones off and turned to smile at him before asking, "What?"

"Look," he said, pointing to their right. She did and saw 'Welcome to Roswell' written on a billboard. She also saw an alien in the billboard, and frowned. "Jeez," she thought,"is everything in this town gonna be alien related?"

"Fraid so," Larek responded, guessing where her thoughts had gone to.

"Figures. So, anyway, what do we do when we get there? Am I just supposed to walk up to them and say, 'Hey! I'm Victoria Martin and I'm your long- lost sister!?' Call me crazy, but I really don't think that's gonna go over too well.

Or," Vic continued as an idea that she suspected would make her protector freak came into her head, "We could dress up in alien costumes, and walk around saying 'We come in peace,' and singing the MIB song. 'Here come the Men in Black, galaxy defenders..." Once she was done she looked over at Larek, who was staring at her, his expression a cross between amusement, thoughtfulness, and horror.

"Uh,right. Perhaps we could take a rain check on that," he said in his British accent. "I an strictly a shower singer, and judging by your recent performance, you aren't a whole lot better."

"Hey!" Vic said, pretending to be insulted and hitting him on the shoulder.

"Vic, look! What a lovely restaurant, don't you think?" he asked sarcastically.

"The CrashDown? Ooh, and look what's right across the street!" Vic exclaimed, pretending to be excited.

"The UFO Center? Man, these people are obsessed." Larek said as he parked the car.

"No shit, Sherlock. Come on, let's go see if the wacky restaurant has any good food. I'm starved." With that, Vic dragged him out of the car and over to the entrance of the diner.


I know this is a little short. okay, a lot short. but the parts will be longer. Promise... *wink*

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dancepixie and Lucky Star- yeah, we posted it before, but I think it got deleted or something cuz I couldn't find it. I had the first few parts saved, so I'm just reposting them.

limegreenli, roswellluver, and Lucky Star- Isn't the title just weird? we started writing this long before the title came about. we chose Vic cuz it was kinda regal sounding and stuff. one day I was shopping and thinking about my fics, and the Victoria's Secret sign just kinda popped out at me... cuz her name's Vic and she's got a secret... but you already figured that part out... *wink*

new part's below...


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