Title:Isabel's Confessions
Category:A/I(so far)(the parents are in it later on)
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*Part 1*
Isabel:Ugh!Gosh why?Why have I been sick every morning for the past month!
(a knock at the door)

Mrs.Evans:Alex hi how are you on this lovely Saturday morning?
Alex:Oh I'm fine but it's Isabel I'm worried about she's been sick for about a month.Anyways do you mind if I go cheack on her?
Mrs.Evans:No sure come on in she's probably in her room or in the bathroom but you can wait for her in her room if she's not there.
Alex:Ok thanks.
Alex: Hey Iz how are you doing?
Iz:Hi Alex god I hate this so much!
Alex:Hate what being sick?
Iz:Yes,and it bugs cuz I'm pretty much only sick in the mornings wlel I am the other times to but not as much ya know?
Alex:Oh My God!
Iz: Alex what?what is it?
Alex:Ok I wouldn't normally no this but after hanging around girls all my life is the only reason I would no this but this happened to my aunt too.She would be really sick like every morning and it was because she was..pregnant..
Iz:Oh my gosh Alex no!This is morning sickness Alex!..Im pregnant with your baby!
Alex:Are you sure it's mine?
Iz:Alex yes of course your the only one that I have been with like that like ever!I can't beleive you would think I would cheat on you.
Alex:I didn't think that I was just scared Isabel I mean I was just getting to get your parents to finally like me and now what are they gunna think I got their daughter pregnant I hated you before but now I love you even more ya right!
Iz:God what are we gunna do?
Part 2

Alex: Isabel your mom might never of had kids but shes not stupid she's going to figure this out!
Iz: God don't you think I know that Alex!
Alex: Ok you know what we have to do is tell max he went through something like this he'll know what to do.
Iz: As much as I hate to tell him we have to your right.
(max all of thr suden walks in)
Max: hey you guys I heard you in here arguing Iz I though that you were sick whats going on?
Alex: max well we sort of have a problem and I don't want you to be mad please.. ok but Isabel is preg-
(her parents come in and talk at the same time)
Mr.Evans: She's pregnant
Mrs.Evans: She's pregnant
Max: What who is?
Alex: Isabel is(he says quietly)
Mr Evans:Isabel I think that you have alot of explaining to do right now!
Isabel:Yes, um its true I am..
Mr.Evans:(trys to be as calm as he can)So who is the father Alex?
Alex: Yes, but this wasn't suppose to happen.I'm so so sorry that it did happen Sir.
Mr.Evans:(point at Isabel)look..please just look at what you have done to her.
Alex:(Almost starts to cry)I know..I said I was sorry and Ill say it a million more times.
Iz: Mom tell him to leave him alone please he siad he was sorry.
Mrs.Evans: Isabel I can't even believe you would let this happen.
Max: Mom just cut them some slack it was an accident.
Mrs.Evans: That has ruined there lives forever.Alex could you please go home and get your parents I think we all need to sit down and discuss this.
Alex: (looks at Isabel)Ok I'll have them here in a while.
*Alexs point of view*
(God one stupid mistake can just ruin your entire life.Isabel and me wow having a baby I just can'y believe it it's like something that I have been dreaming of for my entire life and now that it has happened I'ts like a night mare what going to happen..im so scared to tell my parents..I mean what will they think of me now..they expect so much out of me and I have just let them down..my brothers will probably laugh there butts off for all I know..this is so insane the worst part is I'm going to be a dad for this little baby and I'm not ready for it..I know that much for sure...this I wasn't lying to her father this wasn't supposed to happen...me and isabel made a promise that it wouldn't but I guess that was broken I don't even know how many months she is yet I guess I am afraid to know how many she is though well anyways I'm almost home its time to face the music)
(max and Mr.Evans go down stairs to wait for Alex)
Iz:Mom what am I going to do?
Mrs.Evans Isabel it's no ones fault but yours...and Alex.
Iz:Mom I don't wnat this at all!
Mrs.Evans:Why?Why did you do it Iz?
Iz:It wasn't suppose to happen mom....it was just one stupid day and one stupid thing led to another.On accident.Mom, Alex is great he'll be the best father ever I just know it he loves me mom.
Mrs:Evans: Isabel this is just like a big nightmare I never though this would happen to you isabel never.Isabel I have one question for you and I want you to answer it truthfully please?
Iz:Ok sure go ahead
Mrs Evans:Isabel do you love Alex?I mean did you see a future with him before all of this happened?Did you see yourself marrying him?
Iz:Mom I can't even explain how much I love him..Ever since we were 16 I have loved him and 2 years later I'm 18 and I still love him..I love him so much and I will marry him it looks like it's going to be sooner than I though.
Mrs.Evans:My little gurl is having baby...ok ok lets go downstairs and wait for Alex..
Iz:I think I'll just stay up here for a while untill he comes.(her mom leaves and she starts to cry)
(part 3 shoould be up shortly)