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Title: Two Worlds
Description: Takes place after A Tale of Two Parties. The rest you will have to find out as you go along.
Couple: max/liz, michael/maria, isabel/jesse, and kyle/
Rating: pretty pg 13ish now, but I will let you guys know if it gets a little more in depth
Disclaimer: I do not own anything including the roswell characters or their storylines. Roswell is not mine!!

part 1

"You know we can eat somewhere else once, Max," Isabel said as sat down at their normal booth in the lovely alien themed restaurant, The Crashdown with her wonderful brother Max, and their best friend Michael.

"Yah, I know... we could... but I really like the help here," Max replied with a smile as he caught Liz's eye. Max blushed and looked down at his menu secretly thinking of Liz.

"I'm surprised you wanted to come here," Isabel directed at Michael

"Yeah well things are... working themselves out," Michael replied while making some lazy hand gestures.

"Really?" Max asked suspiciously

"Well, yeah," he started "Well kinda, you know slowly."

"So, you still aren't getting any then I assume," Max asked with a hint of teasing evident in his voice.


"Whoa... that's more than I ever needed to know," Isabel said with a disgusted look upon her face.

"Hey guys, what can I get you?" Liz asked as she walked up to the table

"Whoooaa hold up, I need food," Kyle said as he closed the gap to the table and sat swiftly down next to Isabel. "I will have a Will Smith extra sized basket with a chocolate milkshake."

"Eat much?" Isabel asked

"Actually no... there isn't any food in casa de Valenti thus I am here. My dad just got back from Santa Fe- you know the kit shickers are getting big now," Kyle said as he rolled his eyes

:"Max, what can I get you?" Liz asked sweetly, her rich brown eyes locked with Max's deep amber ones

"Well nothing I can say in front of our friends here," he replied as a chorus of moans and groans rang out from around the table "Actually I will just have an Enterprise Sub with a Cherry Coke."

"Okay," Liz said quietly thinking that it seemed to just have gotten a little warmer in there. "Isabel?"

"I'll have a Scully Salad without tomatoes and a glass of water."

"What kind of dressing?"

"Ranch," she replied will putting down the menu

"Michael?" Liz asked while scribbling down Isabel's order

"Where's Maria?"

"Sorry Michael, she isn't on the menu today," Liz answered with a smirk

"Funny, I thought that she had to work today?"

"Yeah, she is in later."



"The Alien Encounter with a Cherry Coke," he said looking sad

"All right, I will go put your order in," Liz said with a smile, with one last look at Max she headed off towards the kitchen put in their order and brought them their drinks

"So, is anything good going on tonight?" Isabel asked

"Why? Is Jesse out of town?" Kyle asked

"Yeah with my dad... which could be scary."

"Maybe we all should go and see a movie, it would waste some time in this fun filled town we call Roswell, "Michael said sarcastically

"What no hockey tonight?" Isabel asked astonished

"No, he just wants to spend time with Maria, without her knowing that they are spending time together..." Max said with a laugh

"Shut it Maxwell if you know what is good for you."

"So, Kyle are you in for our night o' fun?" Isabel asked

"Your plans sound interesting enough, but I have to go with my dad out to eat with our old neighbors before we moved to Roswell here."

"I didn't know that you didn't always live here," Michael inquired slightly

"Yeah we moved here because my dad got the sheriff's job when I was in the fifth grade."

"Where did you live?" Isabel asked

"Only 10 minutes from here or so, in Grainger."

"Learn something new everyday..." Isabel said

"Yeah... I was good friend with their daughter before we moved... we used to have a blast." Kyle said as a look of nostalgia swept over his face

"When did you see her last?" Isabel asked

"Um, we must have been 11 or so. We thought it was the end of the world... that we would never see each other again."

"So, a long lost love?"

"No, we were kids, you know? Everything is the end of the world."

"So, she was a dog then?" Michael asked

"No, she was a tomboy... you know?"

Michael got a look in his eyes and shook his head slightly.

"What?" Kyle asked

"Well, Kyle that means one of two things..." Michael replied

"What are those things?"

"Well she is either a total dog now or she is a knockout— there are no inbetweens with tomboys."

"Who cares... we were just friends."

"Man... you will tonight... you will tonight..." Michael said with a smile

"We were just friends... really." Kyle tried persuading them

"When people say ‘just friends' that means that there is something else there," Liz said as she set their plates of food in front of them

"Maybe I should have taken my food to go," Kyle said with a slight smile

part 2

‘The truth was quite clear,' Kyle thought to himself ‘Things back then were so simple. We used to run around all day and well into the night, stopping only for lunch and supper. Our parents were such good friends— what happened? How did life get so difficult? Oh, yeah how could I forget, my mom left, my dad got the job as sheriff, we had to move, I had to make new friends, and I got involved in the alien invasion. How could I have forgotten that... things have just gotten worse. I had to leave all my friends after the fifth grade and sure I made new ones, but you never have friends like you had when you were young. Now, I barely hang out with the friends I made when I first moved here. It seems like every day is a new alien crisis, just not enough time in the day... sometimes I think Alex was crazy for wanting to be apart of the I Know an Alien Club. Not only does it take a toll on you mentally, but it leaves your social life nonexistent. Maybe catching up with Cole and her family tonight is just the ticket to some kind of normalcy.'

"Kyle?" Isabel asked


"You were spacing out," Isabel said

"Oh, I was just thinking."


"How good this food looks," he said as he dug into his food

"So where are you guys going to eat tonight?" Isabel asked

"Um, I think my dad said Benvenutos."

"That trendy Italian restaurant on the edge of town?" Michael asked

"Yeah, I guess that would be the one."

"That's a nice place," Isabel said

"Well, good. Then I will refrain from ordering another burger," Kyle said with a smile

They laughed and joked for a while more, Kyle torn between his thoughts of his old friend and his new friends. ‘What would she be like?' Kyle thought ‘Would she even remember him?' Kyle went home, sat in front of the tube to watch some television, and meditated all before getting dressed to go.

"Kyle! Are you ready yet?" Jim yelled from the kitchen

"Yeah... just about," Kyle answered while straightening his tie in the mirror "Is there are reason we had to pick a place that's so formal?" he asked as he walked into the kitchen

"Now, Kyle... the Andersons were nice enough to take us out to dinner, so since they are paying and all, I thought that it would be nice to let them pick where we are going to eat."

It was a quiet ride to the edge of town. The two men, not used to the suits they had on, were pretty uncomfortable.

"Now Kyle, please remember to be courteous and thankful to them," Jim lectured

"Yes, dad... you do know that I am not 12... right?" Kyle said as they pulled up to the restaurant

"Yes, Kyle I do realize that. I just want tonight to go well. This is my chance at getting away for a little while. I have a few acquaintances my age, but not friends— not like they used to be. And whether or not I like to admit it, it is my chance to get away from the great alien conspiracy for a while."

"Yeah... I understand that," Kyle muttered under his breath as they got out of the pick-up truck.

They walked to the doors, went in, and were immediately greeted with hugs.

"I can't believe it's been so long!" Bev said

"Jim," Craig said as he shook his hand "It's been way too long."

"Oh," Bev said as she put a hand over her mouth "You are so grown up Kyle!"

She hugged him again and Paul quicky shook his hand.

"Where's Cole?" Jim asked, seeing Kyle's disappointment at her absence

"She should be here any minute... she got home from basketball practice a little late so she offered to drive herself after she got cleaned up so we wouldn't be late. She shouldn't be too much longer," Paul said

"Why don't we go and sit down," Bev suggested

"Sounds good," Jim said

The waiter led them to the table and they all sat down leaving a space between Bev and Kyle.

"So, Jim, what's new?" Paul asked

"Oh, you know same old same old I'm afraid, what about you?" Jim countered

"Well, Bev is still a nurse at the hospital and I am a partner now at the firm," Paul answered

"Wow, congratulations, Paul, I had no idea."

"Thanks... you know all that butt-kissing had to get me somewhere," Paul said as they all had a good laugh

"What are you doing these days?" Bev asked Jim

"Well, last year I resigned as sheriff and now I am doing various things... things I have wanted to do my whole life."

"That's good, Jim. You have to do want makes you happy in life," Bev said with a heartwarming smile.

"Yeah, sometimes I do some consult work for the department, but that is enough for me. Doing it full time just got so monotonous. My heart wasn't in it anymore. So this is more my speed."

"Well, that's good." Paul said

"Hey mom, dad... sorry I am late"

end part 2

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All right guys, thanks for the feedback... it keeps me a writin'! I know you all want some m/l action, and I promise there will be some in the next parts, but I really just want to set up the whole kyle/cole thing first. believe me, you won't be disappointed!!


Kyle's eyes followed the sound of the voice and found his sight locked on a very attractive young woman. That couldn't be Cole, could it? The woman standing before him was a petite 5'4", long light brown hair, and was wearing a black satiny dress that hugged her at all the right places. The dress was short enough to show some leg— did she always have legs that were that perfect and he had never noticed? And everything certainly seemed to... in the right place. Kyle mentally slapped himself. They were just friends... friends... yeah... friends... and stood up to greet her, just as his father had done.

"Cole, it's been a long time," he said and she was immediately in his arms

"I'll say," Cole said as she pulled away "You look so handsome."

"You really grew up," Kyle said stumbling over his words a bit while getting lost in the bluest eyes he swore he had ever seen.

"Well, I hope so... that's usually how it works," Cole countered with a wink

As they sat down Kyle muttered under his breath "Michael was right... in the good way."

"What was that Kyle?" Jim asked

Supper went on rather uneventful. They talked and laughed about the past (crazy stories from the kids' childhood), the present (Cole getting accepted to many colleges), and the future(promising to see each other more).

"So, you have any good plans tonight?" Kyle asked as the parents were immersed in conversation

"Well, I did, but my parents had me clear the evening."

"How about we get some desert at this place I know?" Kyle asked hopefully

"I am kinda full."

"Oh, okay," Kyle said as he looked down at his plate

"But I would love to hang out with you tonight. I will just watch you eat," she said with a smile

"You have to try an alien blast though... they are so good," Kyle said, trying hard to keep his smile to a minimum

Pleasantries were said and the parents were off towards the local bar to keep reminising of old times.

"Nice jeep," Kyle said as they walked up to her car in the parking lot

"Thanks, my parents got it for me for Christmas," Cole said "Do you want to drive?"

"Are you serious?"


"Well, sure"

"Good," she said as she dug the keys out of her black purse and threw them to him

They got in the car and Kyle started driving towards the Crashdown. They sat in silence for a while and Kyle thought it best to say something...

"Gosh, I don't even know where to start."

"Yeah I know what you mean— so much has happened and we obviously have changed."

"So, your parents seemed pretty excited about all your acceptance letters."

"Yeah I think that they are more excited than I am."


"I think they are more excited about me possibly following in one of their footsteps though."

"Wow, that sounded a little on the bitter side."

"No, I'm not. It's just they keep pressuring me to pick a school and a major when I really don't know just what I want yet. I know they love me and want the best for me though."

"Yeah obviously."

"What are your plans for next year?"

"You know, I think we are in the same boat... actually most of the senior population is in the same boat... I really don't know. I was thinking of possibly going to UNM."


"Yeah, I definitely don't want to be fixing cars for the rest of my life. I mean don't get me wrong or anything, it is a nice job for me now... but not 20 years from now... you know?"

"That's true. At least you ruled out 1 thing that you don't want to do... now that only leaves 1,500,444 jobs to weed through." she said with a smile.

Kyle caught a glimpse of her just as she was smiling. The smile lit up her eyes and made them sparkle like nothing he had ever seen. He forced himself to watch the road... it wouldn't be good to crack up her car now would it?

"So, who is your chick of the week?"

"Chick of the week?" Kyle asked appalled

"I guess I always imagined you to be one of those guys that had a different girl every week, you know a chick magnet."

"Well, I'm not. I actually haven't had a date in a long time."

"Why's that?" she asked

"Stuff has come up, been working a lot, school, you know how it can be."

"I see."

"What about you?"

"No, Kyle you can suppress all your fantasies... I don't have a chick of the week Sorry to disappoint."

"That's too bad... here I thought..." he said as they laughed "So, really now, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Ah, actually do you remember Kale Stephans?"

"Oh... yeah," Kyle said as the look of downcast spread across his face

Kyle hated that smuck Kale Stephans. All he did was rub his "captain" status in his face until Kyle moved. Even though they all ran in the same group when they were younger, Kale always felt he had to one up him. Why was Cole dating a guy like him... Kyle could feel the anger building up inside him.

"Well," Cole started...

end part 3
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hey guys thanks for reading and leaving feedback. I am glad you guys are liking it, but I have been really busy getting ready for the new semester to start on monday. I have to work this weekend so I wont be in town to post. but I promise there will be a new part on sunday night. again thanks for reading!
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Hey guys... again sorry for the lack of updates, but I will be better about that now that I am back up at school near my beloved computer. thanks again for the feedback and keep leaving it.. keeps me writing!!


"Well," Cole said "We broke up a few weeks ago. We had been dating for over 2 years."

"Why the break-up then?" Kyle asked sounding relieved

"Just didn't love him I guess," she said as she stared out the window "I finally got fed up with everyone saying we were the perfect couple and that we belonged together because of who we were. So, I ended it. Suffice to say he wasn't too heartbroken, he was all over Traci Tompkins the next day."

"Well, he is a loser anyways."

"Yeah and dumber than a box of rocks." she said as the two of them laughed once again

"Gosh, Cole, what happened to us? We were so close, we talked all the time, and hung out all the time."

"It's simple Kyle, you moved to Roswell, even though it wasn't that far away, it was far enough where you had to go to a different school and make new friends. Somewhere in that we both became different people and we grew up, soon after the calls stopped."

"Yeah, I guess."

"It happens," Cole said quietly

"But I am glad that we met again," Kyle said with a small smile

"Me, too," Cole said as she returned his smile with a twinkle of happiness in her eye

"Well, here we are... CrashDown Cafe."

Kyle quickly exited the jeep and ran over to the passenger side door, opening it for Cole.

"Thanks, Kyle, you sure are a gentleman."

"Well thank you... I don't think that I have ever been called that before," he said as they began to walk towards the Crashdown.

"Well this looks interesting," Cole said

"Yeah, a little eccentric, I know, but it has been my home away from home since we moved here. My friend's parents own it."

Kyle again opened the door and escorted her inside. Kyle waved to Maria and Liz as they took a seat at a booth close to the back.

"Friends of yours?"

"Yeah, the blond is Maria— my dad has been dating her mom off and on... and the brunette is Liz, her parents own this place."

"I see," she said "And those guys over there staring at us are?"

Kyle looked over to the booth that she indicated and shook his head

"Oh, short haired guy is Max and the one with the longer hair is Michael."

"Is that right?"


"So, what can I get you two wonderfully dressed kids?" Maria asked with a smile "You know Kyle I have never seen you look so nice."

"Really?" Cole asked

"Well, Prom... but you kinda have to look good at that... having to wear a tux and all."

"Okay— Maria this is Cole, Cole this is my friend Maria."

"Nice to meet you," Cole said with a smile

"Likewise. Chica you'll have to tell me where you do your shopping— that dress is absolutely gorgeous."

"Well, thank you."

"So, what can I get you guys?"

"We'll have two alien blasts... one with chocolate... and let me see if I remember this correctly... one with butterscotch?" he said as Cole nodded, astounded that he remembered such a trivial detail "and we will both have extra m&m's."

"Okay, I will be back with those in a bit— it was nice meeting you, Cole," Maria said and was immediately off towards the ice cream machine.

"She seemed nice," Cole said

"Yeah, Maria is pretty great. So, who do you hang out with these days?"

"Kale, Eric, Shandi, Lynn, Zach, A.J., Jen, Brett, Dina— you know, the old crew..."

"Really? You guys still all hang out together?"

"Yeah, what can I say?"


"Yeah, ever since Lynn's birthday party we all became inseparable— you remember that night?"

"Who could forget that game of spin the bottle?" Kyle laughed "I think that I missed Shandi's mouth and didn't Brett totally slobber all over you?"

"Yeah," Cole thought back "That was such a long time ago... I trust that you have learned where the mouth is by now?"

"You know... I think so... but I think that I might need some more practice," Kyle said with a flirtatious smile.

"Here are you alien blasts guys... enjoy," Maria said breaking up the moment

"Thanks Maria," Kyle said in a tone that was hard to tell what he was thinking

"No problem," she said as she walked away


"Hello! Earth to Max," Michael said loudly

"Hmmm.... what?" he asked as he snapped out of his gaze

"You're staring at Kyle and his friend."

"Was I? NO I wasn't."

"See, I told you that she wasn't going to be a dog."

"That's not it... she seems familiar."

"Familiar, like how?"

"It's hard to say. . . like I have seen her before. . ."

"I don't know, maybe you have seen her somewhere before."

"I don't think that's it."

"So, go over there and find out," Michael said impatiently

"Yeah, just go over there and say ‘hey I am an alien and I think that you are someone that I might have known some eight years ago," Max said sarcastically "Good idea."

"So, you think you knew her before?"

"I think it is a possibility... a strong one... I feel it radiating off of her."

"Welcome back, out fearless brooding, paranoid leader," Michael said with a snide tone

"Hey guys," Liz said as she smiled longingly at Max "What can I get you."

"How about a new party for Max to go to?" Michael said smartly

"Funny Michael... really funny," he said quietly "Have you met Kyle's friend yet?"

"Nope, they aren't in my section... Maria says that she is really nice though."

"Is that right?" Max said

"Yeah... then she is definitely not an alien." Michael said


"So, how was it?" Kyle asked as he eyed Cole finishing her blast.

"Really good."

"That's good... you wanna get out of here?"


"Actually, I should probably say goodbye to my friends, do you mind meeting them?"

"Not at all."

They walked up to Max and Michael's booth where both Maria and Liz were standing talking to them.

"Hey guys," Kyle said "I'd like you all to meet Cole Anderson— Cole, you already met Maria, this is Liz, Michael, and at the end there is Max."

"Nice to meet you all," Cole said as she shook hands with Maria, Liz, and Michael.

But when Max reached out and touched her hand to shake it, a sort of shock went throughout both their bodies and all Max could see was her—

Cole quickly pulled away and then as quickly as the connection came it went...

"Sorry, nice to meet you."

"Right," Cole replied, a downcast look upon her face

"Well we are going to get out of here, just though that we would say goodbye," Kyle said

They all said their goodbyes and Kyle and Cole quickly left.

"So, you mind if I drive?" Kyle asked

"Go ahead," Cole replied as she threw him the keys from her purse

They got in and Kyle started the jeep rolling towards his place. All Cole could think of was Max— was it really him? Could it be him— no it was impossible... or was it?

end part 4... let me know what you guys think!
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thanks for the feedback guys. your questions will all be answered... I promise *happy* but now for the record... kyle does know that she is adopted, just not that she is an alien. hopefully it will all be clear later *happy*


"It's her," Max said as soon as Kyle and Cole left

"It's who?" Liz asked

"The great Antarian Queen," Michael replied

"Hold on— I thought that was Tess?" Maria asked

"No, we just thought she was because of what she said, she was quite convincing, but in all reality she was just one of Khivar's spies sent to bring us down... again," Michael stated simply

"I don't understand," Liz said

"After Tess left I started to have some vivid dreams of our past, of Antar... and her being our downfall there. So, me and Michael dug up some of Tess' stuff that we buried and never got the chance to look through because my dad was so hot on the trail. There were multiple letters from Nascedo to her talking about the task at hand... that it was imperative to get us all to trust her so that the plan would work— even though he thought he killed the real queen, Aydreanna, he felt that she was still out there somewhere. Apparently he had been looking for her for ages, but to no avail. But none of that would matter if Tess got us to go home with her since we can only succeed as a complete unit.

"But this girl?" Maria asked not believing that this normal girl was an alien

"Yeah, I felt like I knew her when she came in. I just didn't know from where. The longer that she was here the more the connection I felt."

"Interesting," Liz said with a look of downcast

"Well here we go... another alien melodrama," Maria muttered under her breath

"So, are you going to confront her or what?" Liz asked

"I really don't think that is a good idea," Michael said quickly

"Why is that?" Maria asked

Michael caught the look in Max's eyes and gave him a warning scowl.

"She should know we know, Michael," Max said without emotion

"Then I will talk to her," Michael said matter of factly

"Hold on what is going on?" Liz asked

"What Max left out is the fact that Zan and Aydreanna were on rather bad terms at the end— that's why we left her in the pod chamber that day. . . she wanted to be born alone."


Kyle pulled up to his house, got out of the car, and opened Cole's door. He helped her down and said "You seemed like you were a mile away on the ride home."

"Yeah sorry. I guess it has just been a really long week, I am really tired."

"Oh , okay."

They walked around to the driver's side and Cole paused as she reached for the door.

"Thanks for tonight, Kyle. I had a really good time."

"No problem— I know that you probably had better plans for tonight originally, but I hope that I made it somewhat bearable."

"Oh, it was. I mean come on you introduced me to the alien blast!" she said as she laughed slightly

As she reached for the door handle, Kyle stopped her and said: "Ifyouwanttowouldyouliketogooutwithmesometime?"

"What was that?" Cole asked relishing Kyle's nervousness... she had never seen him that unsure of himself before and it left her just about speechless. Was he always this adorable?

"I was... well I was wondering... if you're not busy sometime, you know if you wanted to go out and do something, you know like a date or something," Kyle stumbled

Cole paused before answering and Kyle got even more nervous— did he say the wrong thing? Did he just ruin everything?

"Well, it was just an idea, forget it... yeah just forget I said anything..." Kyle said as he looked down at the ground as if it was the most interesting thing in the world

"Kyle... I would love to go out with you sometime," she said with a sweet smile


"Yeah," she said as she felt the butterflies fly around her stomach

"Cool," Kyle said as he looked into her beautiful blue eyes... man... when did she become so breathtaking?

"It was nice to see you again," Cole said as she took him in a hug

As she pulled away he suddenly seized the moment and touched his lips to hers. There was no awkwardness, it was like they had done this so many times before, but at the same time felt so new. It was the best kiss that Kyle had ever had, it had a certain quality to it that he just couldn't put his finger on it. They pulled away, he kissed her forehead, and said their goodnights. Kyle watched her drive away and felt warmness throughout his body— Is this what love is supposed to feel like?

Cole drove 10 minutes west to her upper class suburban home, parked her car, and went in the house. She walked up the stairs and quickly into her room. Something felt off as she threw her purse and keys on her desk. As she turned around she saw a figure in the dark corner and she threw up her green shield.

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thanks for leaving the feedback! it is nice and helps me to punch out more parts at a faster speed. I know all you guys are waiting for some good m/l and I promise there will be soon. I am a dreamer!!! *happy* Don't be afraid to post any questions- I will do my best at answering them! So, without futher adue....


It's just me!" the deep voice shouted

"And who might me be?" Cole asked cooly

"Max, " he said showing his face

"How did you find me?"

"Kyle's dad."

Cole took down her green shield, instead choosing to throw Max against the wall. Max quickly got up and brushed himself off like nothing happened. Then with a flash Max was being thrown against the wall again, but this time as he fell to the floor he hit the corner of Cole's desk.

"What do you want?" Cole said tensely as she watched Max slowly get up and shake his head as if to get the cobwebs out.

"Well, first I want you to stop throwing me against the wall," he said and was immediately thrown backward.

"Maybe you should stay down there. . . it is where you belong, isn't it?"

"Cole," Max said as he put up a shield of his own

Cole laughed and said "Come on Max, we both know that even though I haven't ever used my powers that much, I could kick your ass."

"Cole," Max said "I didn't want it to be this way."

"Stop Max, you should leave... before I do lose it."

"Let's not do it this way," Max said intently as he pulled his shield down. He noticed something changed in her eyes, where there was once anger, now were full of sadness.

"What way? Do you want to do it your way again? Newsflash Max, your way doesn't work. All of this— everything is your way. .. we should have won the war, heck there shouldn't have ever been a war, but you... YOU screwed up royally in more ways than one. Now, this time I tell you I don't want a thing to do with you, we made a pact— and here you are. I am sick of this whole thing. I DON'T WANT TO BE ALIEN, I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR QUEEN, I DON'T WANT TO FIGHT FOR A CAUSE I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT AND I DEFINITELY DON'T WANT TO DIE TWICE FOR IT," she paused for a moment looked at the ground to compose her thoughts and looked back up into his amber eyes and pleaded "This is my chance to be normal. No one knows who I am here... I am normal."

Max thought a moment about what she said. He actually felt sorry for her. He knew exactly what she was talking about, he too wanted nothing more than to be a normal, average teenager, but that's not who they were...

"I know we made it clear that I would only come and find you if we were in a crisis, but you just walked into our lives."

"If anything could be my fault, that is not my fault... I mean come on, I didn't know Kyle knew aliens... how needle in a haystack."

"So, you really expected that you would walk away and I wouldn't at least confirm it was really you?"

"I don't know what I thought, Max, but I do know what I want and that is to leave me alone. Let me live my life the way I need to."

"You know you have to tell Kyle."

"Tell Kyle I am an alien... yeah... right.... good one. I would lose my normalness."

"He will find out eventually and it would sound better coming from you— just some advice," Max said as he was leaving out the window


"Yeah," he said as he looked up. By the moonlight you could already see the bruises forming around his cheek/eye area.

"I will take your advice into consideration, if you will take some of mine," she said seriously

"What's that?" he asked timidly

"My advice to you is to forget all this alien crap. When I saw your flashes tonight I saw a lot of things. Live in the now, not in the past or the future for that matter. Just don't let your "alieness" get in the way of your happiness— your love."

With that he quickly exited out the window, into the tree, and down the trunk. It was easy to climb and get down, due to the boards that looked like they probably at one time led to a tree house, but were never taken down with it. Max walked to his car, got in, and started off towards home. What right did this girl, who he just met tonight, have the right to tell him what to do? How could he give up on a cause he just knew he had to fix? His real mother was up there somewhere suffering more and more every minute he stayed here on earth. But Cole was right, he had to admit he yearned to be normal and even more so to love Liz. But was he what she needed... when he had first met her she had been on track, she was happy, now she had worry lines no teenager should have. Liz... just thinking about her made his heart beat erratically. She was smart, saving their butts more than once and he loved everything about her— her hair was always so soft, her eyes so deep, petite with all the right curves... she, in short, was perfect.

‘Hold up Maxie, think different thoughts, don't want to be taking any cold showers tonight' he chided himself. He smiled as he brushed his hand against his face and winced in pain.

"Women!" he exclaimed loudly

Cole watched out the window as Max drove away. What right did he have to say that she should tell Kyle? She would lose everything that she worked so hard for. Kyle, one of the key factors in her normalness would know she is an alien? Now that wouldn't make any sense. Would he hate her for not telling him earlier? She should have told him when they were kids, but something inside made her not do it. She told Kyle everything and not telling him that one thing that kept her up nightly, killed her. Then she was scared of telling him and him acting all crazy, running away, and never talking to her again. Now, she was scared of him being angry for keeping the secret and never talking to her again. She was scared... scared of losing him just after getting to know him again. But, then, even though she hated to admit it Max was right— she couldn't build a relationship around this secret because it wouldn't be a secret for long, Kyle deserved to know the truth from her— not anyone else... right?

"Ahh... men!"

end part 6. thanks for reading... please some fanfic
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Kyle awoke the next morning to the sound of the telephone ringing loudly. Sleepily he rolled over and picked it up.

"Hello?" Kyle answered incoherently


"That's me," he said grogily

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

"Oh, Cole!" Kyle said as he immediately sat up "No, I was just getting up anyway... you know gotta work out."

"Oh, sounds like fun."

"Yeah, you know the drill. What are you doing today?"

"I don't know I just got home from practice."



"So, that's why you guys are so good."

"I suppose so."

"So, I wouldn't suppose you'd want to go for a run with me?"

"Sure," Cole said "I could go for a run actually."


"So I will see you in a half and hour at your place."



"See ya."

At the Crashdown, Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Liz are sitting at their normal booth as Max walks in, pulls up a chair from a nearby table, and sits down.

"So glad you could join us Max," Isabel said

"I overslept," he said as he scratched his head "Sorry."

"Okay, so what are we going to do about this girl?" Isabel asked

"I thought it was settled... I am going to confront her today," Michael said

"What if it's not even her?" Liz asked

"It is... " Michael said

"But bringing her in, may just be causing us more trouble... what if she is evil." Maria said hotly "I'm sorry but losing Alex was hard enough. I don't want to lose anyone else."

"Whoa guys... settle down," Max said

"Max, we finally know the fourth and you say settle... I want to know, without a doubt, for a fact that it is her," Isabel said

"The truth is... that it is her," Max said as he looked down at the table

"Max?" Isabel questioned

"You promised us," Isabel yelled

"I know... and I am sorry for breaking that promise, but I had to know... I had to see it for myself. I felt that she was who I thought she was, but I needed proof and I got that last night."

"What happened?" Liz asked "Is that where you got those bruises from?"

"Yeah... I saw her powers firsthand... obviously she wasn't so happy to see me," Max said as he scratched his head again

"Why didn't you heal yourself?" Liz asked

"I tried... and I couldn't. I don't know why, but my powers didn't work to fix my face."

"But it really is her?" Isabel asked

"Without a doubt," Max said confidently

"You know you're a bonehead... right?" Isabel asked

"Yeah, I know... I just had to know."

"But why?"Liz asked "Why endanger yourself?"

"I had to know for sure... that it was her."

"But why?" Liz countered

"I feel it... inside. Changing. Like home is calling for us," Max said as he looked around at everyone's horrified expressions "With every night that passes, the more I dream, the more I remember."

Everyone just stared at him and before anyone could say another word Liz got up and went into the backroom. Max quickly got up and followed her. As he opened the door, he saw a scene that tore his heart in pieces... Liz was crying.

"Liz, why are you crying?" he asked as he moved to take her in his arms, but she backed away

"Max, I can't do this anymore. I just can't," she cried, as the tears fell freely from her face "It seems to always be something, you know? At first it was Michael and Isabel not trusting me, then it was Tess, then she killed Alex, a few months ago it was finding your son. Now, it's this girl."


"No, Max... don't Liz me. This girl— the one you are destined to be with... is the real thing... I can tell by the way you talk about her... she is your Queen. She is no imposter- no enemy.. She's here and eventually you will have to get along and go back to Antar to fight the war."

"Liz, I love you!"

"You know Max, I am not so sure anymore."

"I am," Max said as he grabbed Liz by the shoulders and made her look into his eyes


"I feel it in here," he said as he touched his heart "and I know you feel it, too."

‘But the things..."

"Just keep coming... I know Liz... and I don't know what to tell you. I wish things were different," Max confided solemnly "You deserve the whole world in your grasp Liz Parker-- you're simply that amazing. I want you to be happy and if I am hindering that..."

"No, Max... I haven't regretted a day since I found out about you. I am here at your side fighting with you because I want to be."

He smiled at her and she smiled back, but with a haunted look in her eyes.



"Why didn't you tell me about her when you started having the dreams?"

"To tell you the truth Liz, I don't know. I guess I didn't know how you would handle it and I didn't know if it was even true— I thought they were just dreams I was having, you know? I didn't know they were real myself until she walked in the Crashdown last night. At that moment I knew it was her. It was like when I saw Michael for the first time in elementary"

"But you confided all these dreams in Michael?"

"Just to see if he was having them to... to see if he remembered was driving me crazy not knowing if they were real or not"

She started at him intently for a few moments before asking "Could you tell me about your other life? About this girl?"

"I wouldn't even know where to start... I don't remember everything, just bits and pieces."

"How about you start at the beginning then?"

The two walked up the stairs, into Liz's room, and sat on the bed. Max gathered his thoughts for a moment and began.

"Okay, like I said, I don't remember everything, but I am not proud of the man I was then. I made some mistakes. . . and last night, even though I hate to admit it, Cole was right— I let history repeat itself when I shouldn't have let it."

Max paused to look down at his feet and shook his head.

"At the beginning of time on Antar there was this prophecy about a Royal Four ruling the world as great rulers, great fighters, great souls— inseparable, unbeatable if a cohesive unit.. They alone would succeed in making Antar peaceful and harminous. They were a special four— to the King there would be born twins— the firstborn would be a son and he would be the future king, then a daughter— a fair princess," Max recited methodically "The next day at the same exact time, twins would be born to the King's second in command— a daughter who would someday be queen and a son. The third day a loyal peasant farmer a son would be born with the royal seal upon his back— he alone would be the future king's best friend and the future queen's soul brother."

"Soul brother?" Liz asked in confusion

"Yeah, I guess it is rare on Antar, some say it is even a myth— 2 souls separated at birth, but in 2 bodies."

"Wow, that's something. Do you believe it?"

"Yeah, if you would have seen Aydreanna and Rath together you wouldn't have been able to deny it," Max said with a smile "Rath came from a family of 10 boys, him being the youngest. When King Zander, my father, found him he brought him to the palace and him and Aya took to each other. He looked after her and she him."

"So, Michael has family on Antar?"

"If they survived."

"Does he remember?"

"Bits and pieces I think."

"Why don't you tell him?"

"I think it is best if he remembers everything on his own," Max said "Everyone sees things differently and in that respect I don't want to take away from his memories. He will remember when it is time."

"You think that he knew it was her when her and Kyle were in the Crashdown last night?"

"Yeah, but I think he was trying to hide it."

"Why? I mean isn't it a good thing that you found her?"

"Technically yes," he paused "but there were some complications on Antar. Zan and Aya fell in love early and had more love at 13 than most people have their whole lives. They were betrothed at 15 and bonded at 18. It wasn't long after that King Zander mysteriously died and Zan took over. Zan hated the way things were politically— overall a lot of mumbo jumbo. He changed some things and Khivar took the opportunity to rally some people to his side. It wasn't long before the war was in full swing and soon after Aya was pregnant. That of course was a good thing, but Aya out of commission wasn't. You see, Zan could heal, Villandra could reach out and do things mentally— like Isabel dreamwalks, and Rath was an amazing fighter, and Aya had a little bit of everything. She had their child and rejoined the force. Khivar was losing, so being the smart guy that he was, knew he couldn't beat the royal four when they were so together. So, he came up with a plan, one too good not to work."

Max stopped and looked out the window and then back at Liz. There she was, just sitting there listening to his story, her beautiful brown eyes glued on him. How did he get so lucky? Just to have her in his life was way more than he deserved after all he put her through.

"What was the plan?" Liz asked snapping Max out of his thoughts

"Well, he started to woo Villandra and it worked— she fell hard. After Zan found out he refused to let her see him and she hated him for it because he had convinced her that all he wanted was peace. After she realized what she had done she begged Zan to forgive her and to be executed so she wouldn't be taken by Khivar. Hardest thing he ever had to do." Max said as he looked down at the ground again.

"Wow." Liz commented

"That's not all."

"Really?" Liz asked doubtfully

"Khivar had a spy on the inside the whole time— the daughter of a nobleman, lady Avaria."

"Oh, boy..."

"Around the time that the Villandra thing was heating up Avaria had convinced Zan that Aya was sleeping with Rath."

"Were they?"

"No, Ava mindwarped Aya into having all these nightmares and one night, Zan was at a late meeting and he caught Rath and Aya in bed, fully clothed mind you, he was just consoling her. But Zan was furious nonetheless. He went for a long walk... ran right into Ava and they slept with each other. Aya found out and her and Zan had huge fight... she ended up leaving and she took the heir with her."

"Just what Khivar wanted. . . the royal four disbanded."

"Exactly," Max said "So, Zan was angry at Rath, so he wouldn't listen to a word he said. They were going down and they were going down fast. But on the upside, Larek had everything figured out about our essences being recreated in human form. Khivar knew the end was near and started to ransack the communities that still supported the royal four. By that time Aya had been gone for over a month. Zan missed her dearly, she ended up returning to the palace after the city she was staying at was destroyed, but left their son in hiding."

"It's all unbelievable."

"Yeah I know. Before we went into the last battle, Aya pulled Zan aside and told her that she didn't want to be born with the rest of us... that she wanted to be born alone and be normal. That we would find each other when we had to. That day when we broke out of the pods, I remember pausing by her pod and wanted to wait for her, but Michael made me leave her behind. It was really the last thing that he wanted to do, but he knew that was what she wanted. We left her behind."

"Wow, what a story.... wait not a story, that really happened... unbelievable," Liz said as she shook her head and looked at Max. Not just Max, her Max. "So, you made the same mistake twice, Ava being Tess."

"I was wrong Liz, I never loved her, and I know this isn't an excuse, but I thought you did sleep with Kyle and it was eating me up. I thought she was my destiny, but I was wrong... you are my destiny, no matter what happens or where I go, I will love you. You will always be in my heart." Max said as he grabbed her hand.

"Max, I don't know..."

End part 7

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