TiTle: Ardor
Rating: R (just in case... though I’m sure everything here is PG-13)
Authors: Hayley (friendsfreak33) and Christiana (candygirl)
Category: ALL CC mainly A/I and M/M
Disclaimer: funny... you actually think that we own them... although... Alex and Michael... ::impure thought of Michael:: Bad, Christiana, bad!! *angel* oh and whatever song that we manage to think that we should put in this fic anytime soon doesn’t belong to us either *big*
Summary: AU!! Future fic, they’re all 23... guess who are the aliens!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part1
Isabel looked at her surrounding and she smiled. She couldn’t be happier. She had her best friends and her first cover shot on Cosmo. hey were all at a club celebrating Isabel’s achievement.

"We’re celebrating, she says, it’ll be fun, she says," Michael said glaring at Liz.

"Stop complaining, Michael, we’re here for Isabel," Liz said.

Michael hadn’t had a good experience so far. The waitress spilled his drink all over him which resulted in him being sticky.

"I’m happy for her, I am... but I don’t see why I have to come along, there’s a game on tonight," Michael whined.

"Michael, shut up and be happy for my sister," Max said as he squeezed Liz’s hand.

"I am happy for Izzy. You know I’m happy for ya, right, Iz?" Michael said.

"Yes, Michael, and you didn’t have to come," Isabel said.

"See," Michael said to Liz as he got up.

Tess grabbed his arm and pulled him back down.

Michael opened his mouth to protest.

"Shhhhh... the performance is about to start," Liz said.

Michael glared at Tess as she leaned against Kyle.

"And we have a new and talented performer tonight. Here is Maria Deluca and her manager, Alex Whitman!" a lady who was dressed very casually said.

The lights went off as the audience’s applaud died down. Everything was quiet and then they heard a pretty strum from the guitar. A spotlight turned on and revealed a cute dark-haired lanky man playing the acoustic guitar.

Isabel looked at him. Apparently this man should be Alex, Isabel thought. hmmm... he’s kinda cute...

Michael tapped his fingers impatiently. Suddenly a beautiful low seductive voice washed over the room and Michael’s ears perked. Another spotlight turned on and showed a beautiful blond-haired girl.

I wonder if he has a girlfriend, Isabel was still thinking about him, What are you thinking, Is? That girl, Maria, is probably his girlfriend.

Michael’s eyes roamed up and down Maria’s petite body.

My tea's gone cold, I wondering why I got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be grey, but your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad

Maria opened her eyes and she saw the many little candles in the center of everyone’s table. But she made eye contact with the person who was sitting right in front of her. He had messy spiky hair and she kept the eye contact.

I drank too much last night, got bills to pay, my head just feels in pain
I missed the bus and there'll be hell today, I'm late for work again
And even if I'm there, they'll all imply that I might not last the day
And then you call me and it's not so bad, it's not so bad and

Alex looked up from playing his guitar... and right in front of him was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his life. A blond girl who looked like she belonged in a cover of a magazine.

I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life
Push the door, I'm home at last and I'm soaking through and through
Then you handed me a towel and all I see is you
And even if my house falls down now, I wouldn't have a clue
Because you're near me and
I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life.

Maria finished the song and the audience roared with applause. But Maria, Alex, Isabel and Michael were oblivious to it.
Part 2

Maria and Alex walk down from the stage while everyone else goes back to eating,dancing,and talking.But not Michael and Isabel. Michael walks up to Maria...."Hey there." Hi who are you?" Hi I'm Michael Guerin I noticed you have a wonderful voice." Why thank you." Can I buy you a drink or somthing?" Hey I work here I have the hook-ups. But can I get you a drink or something?" Uh no thanks." Oh I never mentioned my name...I am Maria ..Deluca." Your really uh..beautiful." Are you hitting on me?" Maybe do you like it?" Maybe." (They move to the employees only in the back and start kissing on the couch in the back)
Meanwhile Alex walks down from the stage and up to Isabel."Hi." Hey you play the guitar very well(shes trying to act like she knows all about music to impress him even though its not a guitar its a bass)." Oh it's not a guitar it's a bass but thanks for trying to act interested." Isabel laughs."I'm not trying to act interested.. anyways hi I'm Isabel evans and you are Alex right." Yea Alex Whitman I own this place."Oh I'm impressed."I though that the blonde girl up there was your girlfriend?" Maria no she's just my co-worker and my best friend." Good." So what are you doing here I haven't ever seen you here before." Oh well me and my friends are hear to celebrate." Really celebrate for what?" Well I just got done modeling for this magazine called Cosmo Girl." Thats weird when I first saw you I though you looked like a model your very beautiful you know."Isabel blushes a little bit."Thanks.And by the way the first time I saw you I wanted to do this."She kisses him deeply then they move to the back where Maria and Michael are."Michael!" Isabel!" Maria!" Alex!" What are you doing here Alex?" I could ask you the same question Maria?" Michael? What are you doing?" I don't know what are you doing Iz." Ok now I'm confused... Isabel you know this guy?" Yea I do he's my friend."Oh well Maria this is Isabel..Evans." Hi Isabel." Hi." This is Michael Guerin Alex." Hi."They all stand up and straighten themsleves up a bit." Ok well since we are all together and friends maybe we could all go on a double date tommarow?"Alex suggests." Yea I think that would be cool." Hey oh max and Liz are still out there Michael." Liz..Liz Parker?" Yea why?Do you guys know her?" Oh my gosh she used to be our best friend back in high school!"Maria and Alex run out to go see Liz."Liz??" Oh my god Maria!!" Hi Lizzie how are you whats up?" Oh gosh(liz hugs Alex) I though I would never see you guys again!" I know!" Liz and Max look at Alex and Maris and Michael and Isabel." How do you guys all know eachother?"Liz asked politely."Oh well we are going out on dates tommarow how about Max and Liz come too?" Yea that would be great it will be a triple date."Isabel adds in."They all sit down at the club by the couches and talk about things that they all used to do and Alex,Maria,Liz and Alex all catch up on old times. Max and Liz are starting to begin to think that Michael and Maria and Alex and Isabel are great couples after all." Alex and Isabel get to know eachother a lot better and so do Michael and Maria."

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