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Title: The Kisses Arc
Author: me
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell.
Category: M/L, M/M, A/I (I might do K or J later...)
Rating: PG to NC-17
Summary: Just fun fluff. The first story is from Max's POV, then one for Michael, followed by Alex, then the girls: Liz, Maria, Isabel. I don't know if I'm gonna do a Jesse or Kyle one yet.
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The Kisses Arc 1

Angel Kisses

This had to be a dream. It just had to be. The whole thing just seemed unreal.

He stared at her, at the way she just seemed to float, her dark brown hair flowing around her, at the inner glow that was all Liz.

She was an angel. His angel. Sent down from some heaven just for him. Just like how the stars had given him to her, at least, that's what she said...

His hands were trembling as he undid each of the tiny white satin buttons. There had to be a thousand of them! But he finally managed to unbutton them all.

She leaned forward slightly, and the long dress fell off her shoulders, the satin gently caressing her olive skin as it slid down her petite body, finally pooling in a cloud of white at her feet.

He released a breath he hadn't known he was holding, as she turned around to face him. He froze, staring at her luminous perfection. Struggling for air, he closed his eyes, imprinting in his mind every single detail of her naked form. Her firm, well-rounded breasts, slim torso, slender arms and legs, and...

"Max?" her voice called to him, hesitant. He opened his eyes immediately. She stood, biting her lower lip, hands twisting, looking somewhat unsure and embarrassed. Her skin had taken on a rosy glow beneath the gold, like a dusky rose, or a sunset... She was breathtaking.

He moved forward, hands moving lightly over soft skin. He gave a half-smile as he heard her breathing pick up. "You are beautiful, Liz," he told her. She smiled up at him, and his hand moved to caress her cheek. Slowly they inched closer to one another...

Her lips brushed fleetingly across his. Still hesitant, but slightly teasing. She pulled back and stared at him hungrily. Her next kiss was more forceful, more demanding. He gave in willingly, kissing her more thoroughly.

Tongues met, slipping in and out, mimicking a more intimate act...Her kisses were intoxicatingly sweet, he could never get enough. His hands were all over her body, and hers were swiftly undoing his shirt and pants.

She stopped kissing him long enough to wrestle him out of his pants, but it was still too long. His body was screaming in protest, and his need of her was obvious. Her low giggle was cut off as her recaptured her mouth, plundering it, ravishing her.

His lips drifted down to suck on her neck, alternately licking and nipping at her smooth skin. "Ohh," she moaned, driving him on. "Oh God, Max don't stop!" Never, he thought, but his mouth was too occupied to tell her.

Her small hands wandered all over him, cool against his fevered skin. He couldn't take it anymore. Lifting his head from her breast, he picked her up, depositing her in the middle of the bed. She looked so small in the yards of white material.

The bed was new, they had spent a lot of money on it, and it was huge. A four-poster canopy draped in gauzy pastel fabric. Liz had designed it, the drapery combined with the thick comforter and satin sheets, as well as light décor and candles, gave the room a hazy, dreamlike tone.

She was crouched slightly, one of her tiny hands toying with one of the thousands of white rose petals on the bed. She looked so innocent, so pure…but sexy, and very seductive. An angel and a temptress all rolled in to one.

“Max,” she whispered, eyes pleading, “Make love to me.” Fire coursed through his veins, making his already hot body hotter. He slowly made his way toward her, inch by inch, and the closer he got, the farther back she leaned. Soon she was lying against the pillows, his body above her, both ready to stop teasing and fulfill their long-awaited fantasies.

His lips descended on hers again, and her own met his, kissing, kissing, kissing…Those kisses had brought him back to sanity so many times. She was his light in the dark, his guardian angel. She had stopped his nightmares, the nightmares of endless torture, of betrayal, of failing. She was his life.

The connection started up as soon as the joining began. He slid into her easily, she was so wet. “Liz,” he warned as he felt her barrier halt his progress. She smiled up at him and kissed him once more in reassurance. He refused to release her lips as he broke through the only thing that separated them. She cried out against his lips, and he paused, looking down into her eyes.

He felt his heart stop at the sight of her tears. He had hurt her! Her eyes fluttered open, and he realized she had felt his distress. “You could never hurt me, Max,” she told him. She caressed his cheek gently, the simple act making him burn for her more.

He started their rhythm slowly, thrusting in and out of her…She whispered his name over and over, her smooth body arched into him, he needed more of her. He needed all of her.

He stopped for a moment, only a moment, before his climax. He had to look at her, had to know what she had looked like at this moment. Her bottomless eyes were closed, skin flushed…He was the only one who had ever and would ever see her like this. His bent his head to taste her soft lips once again. “I love you, Liz.”

He exploded into her, giving his soul to her. His release triggered hers and she screamed in ecstasy, coming down off her high slowly, and she lay still. “Liz?” he questioned, worried for her. They had no idea what could happen. He cursed himself in his head, how could he have been so reckless? He didn’t know if she would be all right, what if he had hurt her? What if…

A low chuckle came from below him. Her sparkling eyes proclaiming her love for him. She was okay. She was okay, and she was his completely now. Her body as well as her heart and soul. A lazy smile crept over her perfect face. “I love you, too, Max, and don’t worry so much,” she breath, a scolding/teasing tone in her voice.

He slid out of her, feeling the loss immediately. Rolling over, he pulled her with him and she snuggled up closer to him. He smiled as she drifted into sleep. He kissed her softly on the forehead and closed his eyes. He finally had her forever. His love, his angel, his wife, his Liz.

TBC...(kinda, Mi POV)

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The Kisses Arc 2

Pixie Kisses

He woke up hazily, unthreateningly aware of his unfamiliar surroundings. Slowly, he began to notice the predicament he was in. Michael sat up abruptly, his gaze snapping from here to there, trying to discover if there were enemies nearby.

As there was absolutely none he could see, he got to his feet, peering at his environment curiously. He didn’t know where he was, but it was amazing. The grass beneath his bare feet was soft and thick, tickling him gently. The trees around him were dense, and very, very green. The smell of eucalyptus and cedar wafted over him, chased faintly by roses…

The air was vibrant, nearly shimmering with purity and the senses of the forest. His attention was caught by a trail of golden, glowing light. He followed it as if under a spell. He had no thought to consequences, no suspicion of a plot, he just had to know where the light led.

He followed the trail through the foliage, the branches seemingly to bend out of his way, and his feet made no noise as they walked over the brush on the forest floor. There were no pine needles of twigs, no stones of holes to trip over, it was almost as if he floated toward his unknown destination.

He came to a halt when the trees suddenly seemed to end, and he found himself on the edge of a clearing. In the middle of this clearing was a large lake. The golden glow seemed to hover over the water, making a shiny haze over the deep blue water. He walked closer, not crushing the grass and wildflowers beneath his feet.

A giggle startled him and he looked around wildly, trying to find the owner of the twinkling laughter. Out of the flowers came a tiny person. He stared in shock at the winged girl. She giggled some more and flew around him, sparkling dust trailing after her.

“Wait” he called, and ran after her quickly disappearing form. He ran until he reached the very edge of the blue lake, and then stopped, not daring to go any further. He stared at the water lapping at the shore, mere centimeters from his feet. It was deep, he saw, almost a never-ending blue, never-changing. The lake didn’t have a bottom.

“You are here for her?”

He jumped at the small voice near his ear and then noticed the…well…pixie. She was about as long as his middle finger, slender, naked. Her wings shimmered pink, and her short blonde hair was tangled with flowers. “What?”

“The Queen,” breathed another voice, and he turned, only to be confronted with a horde of fairies, nearly the exact replica of the first one.

“Jeez…” he whispered, staring at them in awe. The first girl flew around and joined hands with the second, blue-winged, one. They giggled together, gossiping about him. “What’s going on?” he demanded gruffly.

“She’s been waiting for you,” said the pink one.


“The Queen,” the blue one repeated, sounding exasperated that she had to repeat it.

“What queen?” he asked. Stunned gasps were emitted in a chorus from the hundreds of girls and then they all started talking at once. He couldn’t keep it all straight and shook his head, trying to clear it.

A rustling brought his attention around and he watched in awe as a huge rose grew out of the ground next to him. “Holy shit…”

“She has come.” The pixies flew in a rush around him, laughing and flying into each other, trying to hide among the flowers on the ground. He looked around frantically, but the clearing was devoid of them, it was just him. He sighed heavily, feeling disgruntled.

The rippling of water tore him from his musings and he stared in awe as a woman rose out of the bottomless lake. His mouth fell open, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The water streamed off of her golden hair and white skin, falling back into the lake in droplets. She continued rising until she was standing on the water, the surface tension holding as if she was lighter than air.

The golden light swirled around her, clothing her nude form in an iridescent dress. She turned to him and began walking forward. He gulped and stood his ground even as she approached, her body swaying in a seductive rhythm, begging him to touch her.

When she got close enough she reached her hands out, and he took them, unaware of what he was doing. A smile flitted across raspberry lips and her green eyes shone. He felt wetness and looked down to see fish beneath his feet. He looked back at her in wonderment as she treaded slowly toward the gigantic rose, bringing him with her.

“Who are you?” he asked.

A musical laugh escaped her, “I am who I am.”

“Yeah, but…”

“No questions my consort, just come. We only have a few moments in this place.” She drew him after her into the rose and it budded up around them.

“What do you mean?” He was so confused. She just laughed again, and reached for him, her lips meeting his with urgency. “Wait...” he protested, “I…I have…” His mind was clouding, he should be remembering something…

“Michael!” He shot straight up in bed and looked down at the blond-haired, green-eyed girl beside him. “You okay?”

“Fine, I just had a weird dream.” He lay back down and Maria cuddled next to him.

“That’s what you get for putting Tabasco sauce on your ice cream before bed,” she told him, her voice sleepy.

“Go back to bed, pixie,” he muttered, dropping off himself, arms wrapped tightly around the queen of his heart

TBC... (alex POV)
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The Kisses Arc 3

Ice Kisses

Alex reread the note, making sure he hadn’t been hallucinating. But no, there it was… Isabel Evans’ handwriting. “Meet me in the Eraser Room 4th period. -Iz.”

Okay, obviously something was up, there was probably another alien crisis to be diverted or something of an equivalent nature. Either that or she was going to give him another “friends” speech, which he so didn’t need right now.

He had been mulling over things with Isabel for a while now. Well, for years basically. There had barely ever been a moment when the dream of kissing Isabel hadn’t been in the back of his mind.

But they were so different. She was the most popular girl in school, and he was a band geek. A chess nerd. She deserved a football star, not a dodgeball champion.

But when he had found out her secret. That she was an actual alien, things had changed. She was no longer the aloof beauty he had lusted over since fifth grade. She was someone real, with real doubts and fears. And he had been able to talk to her without putting his foot in his mouth.

There had been moments, yes, when he had reverted from suave guy to class clown, but she had laughed, and they had survived it. But she had remained adamant on the friends front. She was still afraid to share everything with him. Still afraid to take that next step.

He had been certain of a breakthrough that one time when Max and Liz had been…really close. She had come to him and kissed him. And it had been a nice kiss. A very nice kiss. Nicer than the ones he had dreamed about.

But something was still missing…

She always kept a part of herself hidden from him. Locked away behind a sheet of glass, or ice, would be more appropriate. She let her Ice Princess façade to interfere with their relationship because she was afraid on day he’d realize she wasn’t human and be disgusted by her.

And he could never get her to believe otherwise…

So that was why, when fourth period rolled around, he found himself in the eraser room, waiting for his non-girlfriend.

Isabel entered quickly, shutting the door behind her, but not locking it. She locked up at him, brown eyes frantic, and shoved a strand of blonde hair behind an ear. “Hi,” she said, biting her lip.

“Hi.” They stood there silently for a minute. “So… What is the emergency?”

She looked up, eyes determined, “Alex, I’ve been thinking.”

“Oh, this can’t be good,” he joked.

“You know,” she paused, “How I said I wanted to take things slow?”

He grinned, “The word glacial comes to mind.” What was she driving at?

“Maybe it’s time to melt the ice.” Her voice became slightly seductive and she stepped forward. He backed into the doorframe.

“Whoa. Wh…what?” he asked, wanting to be sure he heard her right.

“I’m ready,” she stated, “For a relationship, and I want it to be with you…not with anyone else I know.”

He frowned, she sounded a little harried. And someone else? What was going on? “Well…there’s someone else?” Clear this up for me Isabel, please, he begged in his head.

“No!” she cried, then lowered her voice, “No, absolutely not. Only you.”

Well, that was something at least, even if he didn’t like the way she was acting, as if there was something more she was hiding. “Oh, well…you know…” he trailed off, thinking about the import of what she was suggesting. She wanted to have a girlfriend/boyfriend thing. Finally!

“This is like…whoa, this is,” he struggled to find the right word, “monumental. You know, I mean, we…we’ve got to go about this the right way.” Flowers, candy, stuffy restaurants and suits, the whole nine yards. “You know, romance. Um, how, uh, how about tonight?” he asked.

“How about right now,” she countered.

He looked at her and felt dizzy. This was wow. “Okay.”

She pushed him forcefully back against the wall, her lips locked on his. And this kiss was beyond nice. This was a full-out passionate kiss, complete with fire. But he was still sensing something held back on her part. The flames were cold. He was about to ask her to stop, to tell him what was wrong, but then the door to the closet opened and they broke apart.

Alex looked up, prepared to see an irate teacher, but what he got was his best friend and her alien boyfriend. Before hellos and embarrassed comments were exchanged, her new girlfriend spoke up.

“Alex and I are together now.” She was talking to Michael as if this was something he had to accept.

“Maria and I are going steady,” he replied, in the same tone of voice. Alex exchanged a look with Maria, feeling as if he had just missed something important, because the sheet of ice was back up around Isabel. He could feel it.

“Must be something in the water.”


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