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Hi Everyone, I am such a silly goose I still had the old board marked as one of my favorite places and hadn't realized that there was a new board.

Well, I thought I would bring this story over to this board as well, I hope people like it. I realize that M/M aren't the biggest couple over here but for all you candies out there, this is for you.

Name: Forced Together
Rating: Strong R to NC17
Spoilers: Up to and including season 1 and season 2
Summary: Maria and Liz go with the Aliens to the Evans summer cottage. While there things are revealed and Michael's and Maria's lives are turned upside down.
Disclaimer: As much as I wish I did I don't own them.
Warning: This story will contain a brief sexual abuse scene that involves a child. The scene is not graphic but you should be warned. You can skip this if this upsets you, you will still be able to follow the story.

“But Liz, I don’t want to go to some cabin this weekend with the Czechoslovakians” Maria whine to her best friend who was currently busy packing Maria’s clothes into her duffel bag.

“Maria you agreed to go. Max and I both agree that this would be good for the five of us. We need a chance to discuss things without worrying about someone eavesdropping on our conversation. Also this will give us a chance to get to know each other better and maybe learn to trust each other more.”

“Liz, Max might be able to make this kind of connection, but I seriously doubt that the Ice Queen and Shock Hair Boy will. Did you not see the look in their faces in the ally, if they could have the would of killed us then and there. Not to mention the way Isabel acted when the Sheriff wanted to talk to me.

“Stop being so paranoid. They appreciated what we did. Look this get away isn’t just for us to get to know each other but to also unwind from the past few weeks. Come on, I swear you’ll have a good time.” Liz said nicely but firmly, there was no way she was going to let Maria back out of this weekend.

“Yeah were have I heard that before.” Maria moaned while following Liz out to the Jetta.

“Max I actually agree with Michael on this. Maria is afraid of us. She almost blew it with Valenti.” Isabel huffed to her brother.

“She almost blew it because of you Izzy. You deliberately tried to scare her onto our side. “ Max chide. “Besides I think the reason you don’t want to go is because your afraid of liking Liz and Maria, especially since Maria didn’t crack, even after you tried to intimated her.”

“Well that might be Izzy’s reason, but it sure the Hell isn’t mine. Max I have no desire to get to know them, trust them or understand them. I say we stay away from them and they stay away from us.” Michael shot back to his ‘brother’.

“Michael that just isn’t going to happen, so get use to it.” Max snapped back.

“Maxwell…” Michael didn’t get to finish his thought because Max had already grabbed his bag and was heading out toward the jeep.

“Forget Michael you know how he gets where Perfect Parker is concerned.” Isabel said as she grabbed her bag and followed her brother to the car.

No sooner did Michael reach the jeep than the thorn, make the thorns, of his side pulled up in their car. He watched as both girls got out of the car and came over to them. Michael almost choked on his own vomit from watching the way Max and Liz were giving each other those disgusting ‘soulful’ looks. He turned his attention to the blond one when he heard her yapping.

“So everyone here.” She said as she stood next to Liz, clinging to the other girl’s hand.

Michael snorted, “Yes everyone is here. Damn Max your right she is a genius. The master of understatement herself.” Michael sneered.

“Michael, cut it out.” Max warned.

“That’s ok Max, you don’t have to apologize for him. I completely understand, and if making rude and nasty comments to me make him feel more secure about himself I can take it.” Maria said, deciding to take the high road.

“Oh how insightful, where you get that garbage from Psychology 101.” Michael snapped.

“No, Cosmo. I just finished an article about how guys with really small dicks try to over compensate by being smart asses!” Maria shot back.

Isabel and Liz couldn’t help the snickers that erupted after Maria’s comeback. Max on the other hand didn’t even crack a smile, some things are sacred with guys and making fun of another guy’s dick is not cool. Not to mention Michael had actually won a few contests in the locker room regarding size.

Max looked over to his ‘brother’ and saw his eyes narrowing and he had started to storm over to Maria who looked like she wasn’t about to give in. Max figured he should put a stop to this before it got to far out of hand. “Maybe we should get going. Izzy why don’t you go with Liz and Maria, Michael you’re with me.”

He saw that Michael wasn’t paying attention to him because he had stopped in front of Maria, who was actually pretending to ignore him and was talking to Liz. “Come on Michael, let’s go.” Max said while dragging him over to the jeep. He handed Michael the keys hoping that he would blow off some steam while driving. ‘This is going to be a long weekend.’ Max thought to himself as Michael took off at an obscene speed.


Seven hours later the teens were relaxing in the living room of the Evan’s summer cottage. Max and Liz immediately took over the love seat and Isabel sat down on the couch. Maria walked over and Izzy smiled and gestured for Maria to sit next to her. Michael could either sit next to the ‘blond bitch’ or the floor. Amazingly the floor looked pretty comfortable.

Max noticed this and signed. They needed to do something and soon. “So what do you guys want to do?” Max asked.

Nobody said anything causing Max to shrugged his shoulders mumbling to himself. This actually made Maria feel bad for Max and she decided to actually try. “I don’t know, how about we play a game or something.”

Max smiled his appreciation, but frowned when he remembered the only games they had here were from when he and Izzy were little and he didn’t see Michael as a “Shoots and Ladder” type of guy.

“Actually we don’t have any games up here.” Isabel said.

“Oh, well that’s ok.” Maria said looking over at Liz and saw that her best friend was actually beaming at her for trying, ‘oh well, in for a penny in for a pound’ Maria thought as the next words came out of her mouth. “We could always play ‘Truth or Dare’. I mean the whole idea of this weekend was to get to know each other and that is a pretty good way to achieve that.”

Michael couldn’t help but snort at Maria’s suggestion. “I think you know enough truth about us.”

“Michael loosen up a little.” Isabel scolded her almost brother then she turned her attention back to Maria. She had to admit it to herself, Maria could be fun. No one had ever shot Michael down like she did today. Not to mention she did handle herself pretty well with the Sheriff.

“Truth or Dare sounds like a good idea.” Liz chimed. Max also shook his head in agreement.

“Well Michael are you going to play or what?” Maria asked, not even trying to hide her annoyance. She decided to try and tempt him some more. “Look you can go first.” She added in a rather condescending voice.

Michael looked around, Max was silently begging him to go along and Iz was just giving him one of her usual stern ‘don’t make me get angry’ looks. Liz didn’t even seem to notice anyone other than Max, pathetic. What really got his goat was Deluca. She was talking down to him. So he decided to teach her a lesson and get back at her for what she said earlier.

“Fine I’ll play.” Huffed Michael.

“OK, well I think we all know the rules so lets just dive right in.” Maria said, taking control of the room. ‘I always thought I would make a great camp counselor’ she said to herself while mentally patting herself on the back.

“Well then, Izzy truth or dare?” Michael said. He had decided to at least let one round go around before embarrassing ‘Miss Mouth’.

“Um truth.” Isabel said.

“What was your most embarrassing moment?” Michael actually smiled. This will teach her for laughing at him.

“Oh God Michael. Give me something else.” Izzy demanded.

“Sorry Isabel, but the rules are the rules.” Liz said.

Isabel glared at Liz but knew she had to answer the question. “Fine but just remember it’s my turn next. OK, when I was twelve my family went on a sky trip. Anyway on the way up to the mountains I really had to pee. My dad pulled the car over and I had no choice but to go the bathroom behind the car.”

“That’s your most embarrassing moment. Peeing behind the car.” Maria said.

“No actually that’s not the embarrassing part. Come on Iz tell the rest of the story.” Max said while chuckling.

Isabel just gave her brother a dirty look but continued anyway. It sucked that both Max and Michael knew the whole story. “I went behind the car and pulled my pants down and it was freezing cold. I couldn’t keep my balance so I sort of sat on the rear bumper while I was going.”

At this point Liz and Maria started to smile; both had a good idea where this story was going being that “A Christmas Story” was one of their favorite movies. Besides Max was already laughing and Michael was actually smirking while she told the story.

“Anyway after I was done I went to stand up but I couldn’t because my ass was stuck to the stupid bumper.” Isabel said as she saw that now the other two girls had joined Max in uncontrollable laughter. “If I was thinking straight I could have just used my powers but I wasn’t so instead I screamed and both my parent jumped out of the car.”

“Oh God, no way.” Maria said while trying not to fall off the couch from laughing so hard. Even Isabel had started to laugh while recounting her tale of woe.

“Yes way! There I was bare ass and stuck to the damn bumper. My mom desperately tried to think of a way to free me of my dilemma.”

“What was your father doing?” Liz asked while wiping away a few tears from laughing.

“Doing what you’re doing now. Him and my beloved brother over there stood at the side of the road doubled over laughing like hyenas. My mom finally remembered that she had brought a thermos with hot tea. She poured that over where I was stuck and my dad pried me from the bumper at the same time.”

“Oh my God. Izzy that is the funniest thing I have ever heard.” Maria said while giving the other girl a quick hug.

After everyone had settled down Isabel decided to make Max pay for making her tell the whole story. “Ok, my turn. Max truth or dare?”

Max looked at his sister and realized all the embarrassing things she could make him confessed to, so he decided to take a dare. “Ok Iz I choice dare.” Max said warily.

“Fine, I dare you to kiss….Maria.” Isabel challenged. No way was she going to give him free range to kiss Little Miss Doe Eyes. Besides this would be more fun.

“Iz.” Max warned.

“Oh no Max, the rules are the rules.” Isabel said, mimicking Liz’s earlier comment. Izzy looked over in time to see Maria give Liz a weak smile and a silent apology conveyed through the bubbly blonde’s eyes. Izzy almost felt guilty for using Maria like this, almost.

“Come on Max, this whole weekend was to get to know each other better, remember.” Michael said. “Now put your money where your mouth is and get to know Maria a whole lot better.” He couldn’t help it. Michael loved to watch both Max and Liz squirm. Not to mention how uncomfortable Maria was that was just a bonus as far as he was concerned.

“Fine this is no big deal. Maria I hope you’re not to uncomfortable with this.” Max said gently to the girl across from him.

“No Max. It’s no biggie.” She said while smiling at her best friend and the guy of her dream.

Max got up and squatted down in front of Maria. He slowly leaned in and brushed his lips against the blond. After ten seconds he pulled back. Michael couldn’t help but notice how Maria blushed after Max and her pulled apart. He also couldn’t understand why he was actually angry that Max had kissed her.

Maria cleared her throat and turned to Liz with a naughty gleam in her eyes. “Not to bad, I give him a 9.7. We’ll just have to wait for the free style to see if he can take the gold.” Liz, Max and Isabel couldn’t help but laugh at Maria’s joke.

‘Leave it to Maria, she always knows how to turn an awkward moment around.’ Liz thought to herself as she gave her friend a reassuring smile to let her know all was well between them.

“Ok Max it’s your turn.” Michael snapped, for some reason he couldn’t take the silence any longer.

“Alright Michael relax. Maria truth or dare?”

“Um, I guess I’ll go for a dare.” She said hoping Max wasn’t going dare her to kiss Mr. Personality, even if he was kinda cute.

“Ok, I dare you to let Izzy do something to you using her alien powers while your eyes are closed.” Max said, hoping Maria wouldn’t freak out too much and maybe, just maybe learn not be afraid of their powers.

“What exactly do you mean?” Maria questioned. She hated that she couldn’t keep the fear out of her voice, she was starting to think kissing Michael wouldn’t be so bad.

“Just close your eyes and Izzy will change something on or about you. Maybe she’ll change the color of your sweater or something along those lines.” Max explained.

“I guess that wouldn’t be too bad.” Maria said while closing her eyes.

Isabel got up and whispered in Liz’s ear. Liz shook her head and whispered something back. Isabel smiled when Liz was done speaking and went back over and stood in front of Maria blocking everyone’s view.

After a few seconds she moved back and told Maria to open her eyes. When she did she saw that Max, Liz and Isabel were smiling at her. Even Michael was looking at her differently.

“What did you do?” Maria asked while looking down and noticing that her clothes looked the same.

“Why don’t you go over to the mirror and see.” Isabel urged her gently.

Maria got up and walked over to the mirror that hung over the fireplace and couldn’t help gasping when she saw her reflection. Instead of her short blond bob she now had long curly auburn hair. Even Maria couldn’t believe how she looked. This was something she wanted had to do for the longest time before she had cut off her long blond curls, but never had the courage to actually go through with it and cut her hair instead over the summer.

She couldn’t stop herself. She practically tackled Isabel to the ground in her eagerness to hug her new friend. “How did you know?” She asked.

“Liz told me.” Isabel said while hugging the other girl back.

“Oh thank you so much.” Maria gushed.

Isabel couldn’t help but smile at the other girl. “Your welcome. It’s your turn.” She reminded the new red head.

“Oh yeah. Ok Lizzie, what’s it going to be chica. Truth or dare?” Maria said while playing with her new hair.

“I think I’ll take a truth.” Liz said smiling at the other girl’s happiness.

“Ok, what was the best thing that ever happened to you?” Maria questioned; hoping this would make up for the whole kissing Max thing.

Liz blushed and turned to Max. “The day Max healed me and let me into his life.”

Max smiled and reached for Liz’s hand. Michael snorted, which earned him a thump on the head from Maria. ‘Your ass is mine Deluca’ he thought to himself.

“Ok you two, come on Liz it’s your turn.” Isabel said in an attempt to break the soulful staring contest her brother and Liz was having.

“Um who hasn’t gone yet? Oh, that would be Michael I guess. So Michael truth or dare?” Liz said.

Michael almost groaned out loud, but remembered his plan and stopped himself. “Truth.”

Liz looked around trying to think of a question to ask and couldn’t help smiling at Maria who was still playing with her new hair. Liz smiled and decided what to ask Michael. “Do you think Maria is prettier with her new hair or was she prettier before?” She couldn’t help but grin, she was dying to hear what the brooding teen would say.

Maria’s head shot up when she heard the question. Why the Hell did she ask him something like that for. Just what she needs to be insulted by ‘Mr. Wonderful’. She also noticed the look that came over Michael, a look that was kinda interesting, in a self-abusive type of way.

Michael almost choked on his own tongue. How the hell was he supposes to answer that one? Yeah Deluca was a royal pain in the ass and never knew when to keep her mouth shut, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t think she ok looking, for a human that is.

“Um.” Was all Michael was able to get out. He looked around the room and saw that they were all smiling at him, dying to hear his answer. Well all of them except one, Maria looked mortified at what would come out of his mouth. ‘Can’t blame ya, I would to if I was you.’ He thought to himself.

“Now, I guess.” Michael finally said. He was going to let it go, but then he caught her smiling at him. No way could he let her think she had the upper hand. “Yeah diffidently now since it’s actually long enough that she could comb it over and cover that puss of her.” He said, cringing on the inside at how cruel that came out.

“Michael!!” Max snapped. Michael ignored him and Isabel who were both giving him the ‘death glare’. Liz looked like she wanted to shove something extremely painful up his ass, but the worst was Maria. She looked like she was on the verge of crying, her eyes were glistering with unshed tears.

Michael cleared his throat. “My turn.” He said before anyone could lay into him. “Ok Red, what’s going to be truth or dare?”

Maria looked up and the hurt that was in her eyes only seconds earlier was replaced with share hatred. “Truth needle dick!” She hissed at him.

Michael narrowed his eyes, ‘good now I have no reason to feel guilty for what I’m going to ask.’ He looked her dead in the eyes and asked, “Are you still a virgin? If no then you have to give us all the detail about how you lost it.”

“Oh my God, you can’t ask her something like that!” Liz shouted as she shared a look with a clearly shaken Maria.

“Michael that’s a little personal don’t you think.” Reasoned Max.

“No more personal than her knowing my biggest secret.” Michael shot back.

“He’s right Max, besides what difference does it make.” Isabel said, figuring that Maria was still a virgin like her and almost certainly Liz.

“Look he is only asking that question to embarrass her.” Liz counted.

“What the Hell is the big deal. Does little Miss Big Mouth have a deep dark secret? What is she doing banging the football team?!” Michael shouted and then turned to Maria. “So are you going to answer the question or not?”

Liz moved over and sat down next to Maria. “Honey you don’t have to answer the question.” Liz said while wrapping an arm around her friend’s shoulder.

Maria looked up and saw that both Max and Isabel were giving her sympathetic smiles, but when she looked over to the third alien she saw a look of triumph on his face. She knew that if she didn’t answer the question that he would win the silent battle they had begin back in Roswell in front of the Evan’s home.

Taking a deep breath she decided not to let him win and answered his question. “No.” She said in a voice barely about a whisper.

“Oh wow.” Isabel said, clearly surprised by her answer.

Even Michael seemed to be a little shocked by the girl’s admission. ‘Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.’ He thought to himself, but instead actually said. “Well, well, well seems ‘Little Miss Big Mouth’ can keep something to herself. Come on the question also called for the details of your sordid little past.”

“Michael, I think Maria answered your questions and the details are not needed! SO JUST LET IT GO!” Max demanded when he noticed the way Liz had tightened her grip on the other girl.

“Yeah Michael, Max is right. Enough is enough.” Isabel said walking over to join the other two girls. She knelt down in front of her new friend and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Oh come on.” He didn’t understand why he kept it up but for some reason he couldn’t just let this go as Max had ‘commanded’. “So she sleeps around, what’s the big deal. Besides she’s the one who wanted to play this stupid game. Hell she even goads me into playing and now that we know she’ll spread them for anybody we have to pussy foot around her feeling. Give me a freaking break.”

Maria looked up after Michael finished his rant and he actually stopped breathing for a few seconds when he saw the look of utter hatred in her eyes for him. ‘Good that’s what I want to see. I can handle hatred any day over the other looks she had been giving him.’ He thought.

“I’ll finish answering your question. You want the details, I’ll give you the fucking details.” She shot back while standing up to face him.

“Honey, don’t give him the satisfaction.” Urged Liz.

Maria turned and smiled at her friend. “It’s ok Lizzie, don’t worry I can handle this.” She turned her attention back to the spiky hair alien praying that she could keep the brave façade up for as long as it would take for her to tell her story. “His name was Jake.”

“Oh, not Jake Carter. Maria he’s gorgeous” Isabel gushed, clearly impressed.

Maria turned and gave the other girl a sad smile and shook her head no before turning back to look Michael in the eyes. “No Iz, you don’t know this guy. His name was Jake Harper and he was a guy my mom dated when I was eleven.”

Michael swallowed hard when she said this and started to look down at the floor. He didn’t like were this was heading. But Maria wouldn’t have any of that and she walked the few steps that stood between then and grabbed his chin making him look up again into her eyes.

“You wanted to hear this so damn bad, you better look me in the eyes while I’m speaking to you.” She hissed to him.

Isabel moved to sit on the couch next to Liz grabbing the other girl’s hand unconsciously. She could tell that this wasn’t going to be some harmless teenage sex romp story by the way the other two girls were acting. The smaller girl looked up and Iz was sadden to see unshed tears in the other girl’s eyes. Both turned their attention back to the scene in front of them.

Maria took a shaky breath and continued. “I was home by myself, my mom had to work late. She use to send me over to Liz’s house when she worked late, but I had convinced her that I was old enough to stay home alone. It was around 9:00 and the doorbell had rung. I checked the peep hole like my mom had taught me to and saw that it was her new boyfriend Jake.”

She stopped for a second to collect her thoughts. This was going to be harder than she thought. She had buried this memory so deep and knows it was barreling through her so fast her head was swimming. She couldn’t help it; she actually started to chuckle when she remembers how she felt that night while answering the door.

“I liked Jake. He always paid attention to me. The other guys my mom dated use to ignore me completely or would demand that she sent me somewhere else because I cramped the mode. Not Jake, he actually would take me out with them sometimes. He would take us both out to dinner and to the movies. A week earlier he had taken us to the carnival, he even won me a stuff animal. So I never thought twice about letting him in the house.”

“I told him that my mom was working but she would be home in an hour or so. He said that was fine that he would wait. I didn’t think about it and told him I just had to finish my homework and then I was going to bed. He didn’t say anything he just looked at me and then went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. So I left and went to my room. I finished my reading and had just put my stuff back into my book bag and was getting ready to turn down my comforter to get into bed when Jake knocked on my door and came in. I was so stupid I didn’t think anything about him coming into my room and then he said something to me that I hadn’t heard from a man since my father left when I was five, something that actually made me feel special.”


“Hi Sweetie, would you like it if I tucked in you?” Jake said while taking a swig of his beer.

Maria couldn’t help but to giggle. “I’m kinda old to be tucked in.” She said while snuggling down into her bed.

“OK, well how about a kiss and a hug. Are you too old for that?” He asked while walking over to her bed. He put his beer down on her nightstand and ran his hand through her hair.

Maria started to get nervous having Jake sitting on her bed and touching her hair but she just thought she was being silly. “No I’m not to old for that.” Maria said with a laugh as she reached up and gave Jake a hug and a smacking kiss on the cheek. “Good night Jake.” She added as she lay back down.

The nervous feeling came back when Maria noticed that he wasn’t getting up to leave. Nervousness quickly turned to fear when Jake reached out and ran his hand down Maria’s cheek while saying. “You’re so pretty, just like your mother.”

Maria tried to push him away but couldn’t stop Jake as he brought his face down and crushed his lips to hers. All she could smell was the beer he had been drinking and the cigarettes that he had been smoking earlier. She finally pushed Jake off of herself and was trying to jump out of the bed when he shoved her back down, ripping the blankets away and covering her body with his.

Maria could barely breath with Jake’s weight on her. She was trying to fight him and she managed to kick him in his shin. “You little bitch!” He cried while pulling back and punching the frightened girl on the side of her head. Maria tried shaking her head, trying to clear her vision when she felt her nightgown being torn and her underwear being pulled off of her.

“Oh God, please don’t! I promise I’ll be good! Please don’t punish me!” Maria begged, not completely sure what this man who she had trusted was going to do to her. She was getting ready to say something when she felt a terrible pain down in her private area. She felt like she was being ripped in two.

“Please stop, this hurts so much. Please stop.” She whimpered. The monster didn’t seem to hear her as he continued to pound into her.

After what seemed an eternity he finally got off her and stood up while adjusting his pants. “You tell anyone about what happened here tonight I will kill your mother.” With that he walked out of her room.


Maria came out of the nightmare she was reliving to hearing both Isabel and Liz weeping on the couch. She truly looked into Michael’s eyes for the first time to see tears that he tried to control by blinking rapidly. She hadn’t realized that she also had started crying at some point of telling her story. She didn’t even try to hide the hatred in her voice when she spoke to him. “So now you know my secret. Does that make us even in your book.” She hissed.

“I’m sorry.” Michael said in a voice just above a whisper. He didn’t even realize that he was reaching out to touch her shoulder until he felt his hand being slapped away.

“Don’t you ever fucking touch me you Bastard!” Maria snapped. “Don’t you ever fucking touch me! I’ll kill you if you ever touch me again!”

Michael actually backed away from the girl when he saw the wild look in her eyes. He realized that she wasn’t actually speaking to him but to Jake. She was still reliving the rape over again in her head and she had identified Michael in the here and now as the Jake from her memory.

He couldn’t blame her. In some ways Michael was actually feeling like he was raping her again with making her tell her story. Michael watched helplessly as Maria finally collapsed on the floor, hugging her knees to her chest in a vain attempt to disappear.

Finally Liz seemed to get her baring and slipped off the couch to crawl over to the other girl. Liz wrapped her arms around the hysterical girl and began to rock her back in forth in an attempt to calm her down. “It’s okay baby. I’m here and Max and Isabel are here too. We’ll make sure no one hurts you again baby.” Liz said while placing soft comforting kisses on the other girl’s forehead.

Michael drew his attention away from the two girls on the floor to look at his ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ and the glares they were giving him actually made him feel even more ashamed than he thought possible. As did Liz’s words ‘Max and Isabel are here too. We’ll make sure no one hurts you again’. His name wasn’t included and with good reason, he had hurt her.

He went back to watching the two girls on the floor. Liz was rocking Maria in her arms like a mother would with a small child that awoke from a bad dream. He tried to hear the words Liz was whispering in an attempt to comfort the other girl. Michael was shock to see Isabel get up and go to them. Kneeling on the floor beside Maria, she reached over and began to rub the other girl’s back.

“Maria baby, how about if Isabel and I take you into the bathroom and help you into a nice hot relaxing bath. I remembered to pack your favorite bubble bath?” Liz asked.

Maria just shook her head and Isabel wrapped her arm around Maria and helped her stand up. Both boys watched Liz and Isabel helping Maria walk down the hall. Max waited until he was sure they were out of earshot before he turned around to lay into the other boy.

Max stopped himself when he looked into Michael eyes. He had never seen so much self-hatred. Michael bowed his had and in a voice of defeat said to him. “Please Max, don’t. You can’t say anything to me that I haven’t already said to myself. I’m an asshole for putter her through that again. How was I suppose to know some sick fuck raped her when she wasn’t much more than a baby.”

Michael couldn’t help but picturing the younger Maria. They were in fifth grade when it happened. He remembered that year the little pixie who had always been giggling had changed. It happened around the fall sometime. She would smile but there was always something sad in her eyes.

“It happened around Halloween.” He said to Max. Max was so busy watching the young man in front of him that he didn’t really hear what he said at first.

“What?” Max asked.

“I said it happened around Halloween. Don’t you remember how Maria always acted around the holidays when we were younger? But in fifth grade she changed, she didn’t giggle anymore.” Michael reflected.

Max didn’t get a chance to answer him because Liz came into the room. “How is she?” Max asked as he walked over to stand next to her.

“Isabel is sitting with her, she’s actually pretty good with her.” Liz said with a small smile.

Her smile disappeared when she heard Michael asking. “What ever happened to that Bastard?”

“Why you want to ask him if she was a good lay!” Liz snapped. “Tell me did you enjoy it. Does it make you feel superior to us? Now you know her secret, what are you going to do? No let me guess, use it as leverage to keep her in line! Listen to me and listen good, I don’t care if you have powers or not but if you so much as look at my best friend the wrong way I will personally cut your balls off and force feed them to you!” Liz hissed.

Michael looked at the petite girl in front of him and saw the look of conviction in her eyes and knew that if it were the last thing she did she would follow through on her threat. “No, I’m not going to use this information against her. Look I got to get out of here.” Michael said as he grabbed his coat and headed for the front door.

“Michael, were are you going? “ Max asked. He didn’t now why but he was getting such mixed feeling from the other alien. He was almost afraid to even think about it. Could it be that Michael harbored feelings for Maria much like he had for Liz since they were in grammar school. Why did Michael notice that the girl had changed in the fifth grade?

“I won’t go far, I just need to get some fresh air.” Michael said while opening the door. He held the door open and looked down at his feet and spoke without turning around. “What happened to him?” He asked.

Liz was actually shocked at the sound of defeat in his voice and was surprised to hear how soft her voice was when she finally answered him. “He was killed in a car accident. He was drunk and wrapped his car around a tree two days after he had raped her. Maria didn’t tell her mother for almost two weeks after it happened.”

Michael didn’t say anything; he just shook his head and walked through the door heading for the surrounding woods.


Part 2

Michael had been sitting on a chair out side for over four hours. He had heard everyone else go to bed at least two hours earlier. He was just getting ready to go back inside and try to catch a little sleep on the couch when he heard the door to the cabin open. From where he was sitting who ever were coming out would not see him because he was to close to the side of the cabin in the shadows.

He wasn’t too shocked to see Maria stepping outside. He had gathered she probable didn’t sleep to well after everything that happened. He watched as she turned on a flashlight and headed down the two steps to the soft ground. He saw her turn and head to her left, which has a small path to lead to the lake around a mile and half from the cabin.

He gave her a few seconds before he headed down the path after her. “What the hell is she thinking wondering around the woods at 4:30 in the morning.” Michael grumbled to himself.

Michael kept to a safe distance, not wanting to disturb the girl in front of him. It took them only ten minutes to get to the lake. He decided to hide behind some trees watching the young girl in front of her. He watched as she took off her shoes and sat at the edge of the lake with her feet nestled in the sand and the water gently lapping over her feet and ankles.

He found himself wondering thing about this girl. He wondered if she envied her best friend the way he had his? Did she hate her mother for letting it happened? Michael was so deep into thought he didn’t notice at first that the girl in question had started to cry.

He watched from his spot behind the trees not sure if he should approach her or not. He was sure he was the last person she wanted to see but he couldn’t stand to see her just sitting there crying. So after hesitating for another half second he decided to make his presents known.

“Maria.” He asked tentatively

Maria stopped crying when she heard his voice. “What are you doing here?” She asked while wiping away her tears.

Michael stood behind her for several seconds and then bent down and removed his shoes and socks when he saw that she didn’t immediately jump up and run away from him. “I saw you leave the cabin and followed you down here.” He said while sitting down next to the girl.

He noticed that she scooted a little bit away from him but that she wasn’t making an attempt to leave. “I was sitting outside getting ready to go in when the door opened. At first I thought you were Max checking up on me.” He confused.

Maria didn’t say anything; she just started drawing circles in the wet sand. After a few seconds she turned and looked at the boy. “Why did you follow me?” she asked.

“While I’m already on everybody’s shit list and I thought it wouldn’t help any if I let you wander around in the woods at 4:30 in the morning by yourself. What the Hell were you thinking anyway? You could have fallen or something.”

Maria snorted. “Yeah like you care, wouldn’t it be more like ‘one down, one to go’ in your book. At least your honest enough to admit you followed me for your own selfish reason. Don’t want to piss off Max and Isabel any more this weekend do you. What are you afraid of, that they will realize you’re pretty much worthless and they should just cut their losses.”

Michael couldn’t help but glare at her. ‘Here I am trying to be nice to her and she treats me like this. Screw it, I rather be on the shit list.’ He thought but instead said. “You don’t know anything about me or my relationship with Max and Isabel, so keep your trap shut. I really don’t care what happens to you or Liz, your right. I will not however just sit there while your stupid enough to go wandering around in the woods by yourself. I may not be noble like Maxwell, but I’m not that big of a prick to let you go off and get hurt either.”

“You can’t protect me from getting hurt, nor do I want your help. I trust you about as far as I can throw you which isn’t far. Look I just came out here to think and if you’re not going to head back to the cabin then just sit there and shut up.”

“Fine.” Michael said while picking up a few stones by his ankles and tossing them in the air before skimming them over the water’s surface. Maria didn’t say anything and began to draw the circles again while going over the events of the evening.

They sat that way for another half-hour before Maria stood up and began to wipe her pants to brush off the sand that was stuck to them. She looked down and saw that Michael had actually fallen asleep with is head resting against his folded arms which he had propped against his bent knees.

‘Maybe I should leave him here.’ She thought to herself. She couldn’t help watching the boy’s features while he slept. He actually looked peaceful he wasn’t scowling. She couldn’t help noticing how handsome he was, actually he was beautiful. ‘What the Hell are you thinking, that bastard tormented you tonight and you are noticing how good he looks and how peaceful he is sleeping. 'Get a grip girl.’ Maria chastised herself.

She decided not to leave him sitting out there by himself and to wake him up. She was about to shake him when she notices a child’s pail sitting a few feet away. She tiptoed around Michael and went and got the pail then dipped it into the chilly water and walked back over to Michael. ‘Maria you’re being childish, but who cares.’ She thought to herself as she poured the water over Michael’s head.

Maria actually laughed when Michael started to jump up and ended up falling face first into the lake because his feet were tangled together when he went to get up. Maria laughed for a few more seconds but stopped when she noticed that Michael wasn’t moving to get out of the water.

‘Oh fuck.’ She though as sprinted the short distance to the alien. She crouched next to him and saw that when he had fallen into the water he had hit his head on a rock and that he had passed out.

“Oh God, please don’t die!” Maria said as she rolled Michael over while moving around him so that she could grab him below his armpits and drag him out of the water. A few minutes later Maria was kneeling down next to Michael, she could see that his breathing was ok, but she continued to examine his head. Luckily he wasn’t bleeding but he had a good size goose egg growing on the side of his temple.

Maria gently shook Michael trying not to jar him too much. “Michael, come on Michael you have to wake up.” She gently pleaded. “Please Michael wake up, you might have a concussion and you shouldn’t sleep when you have a concussion.” She explained to the boy.

After a few more tender shakes Michael started to come through. “Oh thank God.” Maria cried and before she could stop herself she found her arms wrapped around Michael shoulders giving him a giant bear hug.

“What the Hell happened!” Michael shouted as he pushed Maria away. He didn’t realize how hard he had pushed until he saw her fall backwards onto her ass. “What did you do?! One minute I was a sleep and the next thing I know I’m wet and trying to stand up and instead I fell.”

Maria swallowed and was getting ready to confess to pouring the water over his head. Just as she was about to begin her explanation they both jumped at the sound of a large explosion. Instinctually Michael pulled Maria down to the ground and covers her body with his own. After a few seconds both stood and looked in the direction of the explosion.

What greeted their eyes was share horror. Several large billowing clouds of gray smoke coming from the direction of the cabin. The young couple looked at each other for a split second then both broke out in full run down the path back to the cabin. The same trip that took ten minutes an hour earlier now only took three or four instead.

Michael was in the lead and he made to the clearing first and stopped short when he saw several white trucks in front of the cabin. He saw at least a dozen men in white chemical suits walking around. He noticed only one man in a regular business suit. He felt a huge lump in his throat when he heard the man in the suit talking on his cell phone.

“Yes sir, everything has been taken care of. No traces were left as instructed. Yes while they were still asleep. Yes we are heading back now. No the other two were not there. Yes back in Roswell most likely. Will eliminate the other two back in Roswell. Yes a car accident will be very believable. Yes sir. Thank you sir.” Suddenly the man in the suit snapped his cell phone shut and walked over to one of the vans.

Michael felt Maria catch up to him and she almost knocked him out of his hiding place since she noticed a little to late that he was crouching down behind a few bushes instead of heading back to the cabin. Before she had a chance to speak Michael grabbed her yanking her down next to him and covered her mouth with his hand.

He shook his head to show her not to speak and then turned her head slightly so that she could see what he had already saw. Instead of looking back at the clearing he watched Maria’s reaction. He saw her struggling to keep her breathing quite and the silent tears spilling down her face.

Michael turned back to watch as the men in the white chemical suits piled into the vans and the man in the suite headed over to a black Sedan. Just as he got to the driver’s side of the car his cell phone went off again.

“Pierce here.” He barked into the phone. “Yes Agent Topolsky I just got off the phone with the director. No there were only three here the other two were not on the premises. Subject Maria Deluca’s automobile was not here, only the Evans automobile was present. Assumption is that both subject Deluca and Guerin are in Roswell. Very well, set up a time and place and leave a message. I will meet you when I reach Roswell.” He again snapped the phone shut and opened the door to his car and got in. Maria and Michael watched in silence as the black Sedan lead the small caravan away from the cabin.


Well, do you like it?


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Hi Everyone, thank you for all the feedback. You guys are so sweet. The next is kinda long, three parts so I hope you like it.

Thank you to: Abbs007, Rollergal20, Mermaidgirl and Roswellluver. I'm glad I have a couple of Dreamers reading this story. Sorry about part 2, I promise things will get better later on.

Thanks and enjoy

Part 3

They both had ended up sitting on the ground in shock from what had just transpired in front of them. After ten minutes Michael got up and grabbed Maria’s hand pulling her up next to him.

“Maria, where did Isabel tell you to park the Jetta?” Michael asked the crying girl. She didn’t answer him right away and continued to stare at the fire that was consuming the summer cabin that their friends had spent the last few hours of their lives in.

Michael looked back at the cabin again then turned back to the girl and gripped her by the shoulders. ‘We’re sitting ducks out here. We have to leave and now’ he thought to himself as he started to shake the girl in front of him in an attempt to break her of the trance she seemed to be in.

“Dammit Maria, you need to snap out of it. Where the Hell is your car, we have to leave here now!” He shouted to her.

“Izzy said to park it across the way, they have a garage over there. She said it would be ok to park there so no tree sap or bird poop got on it. I just had it washed the other day and my Mom would get upset if I brought it back dirty.” Maria reasoned, not realizing what she was really saying.

Michael took one last look at the cabin then grabbed Maria’s hand and ran over to the neighbor’s place. He let go of Maria’s hand and looked in the window of the garage and saw the car. Bending down, he grabbed the handle and lifted the door and moved inside, dragging Maria with him.

He went to ask Maria for the keys but figured the keys were inside the cabin. Closing his eyes Michael put his hand down in front of the lock and used his powers to manipulate the tumblers. Sighing in relief he opened the passenger side door and shoved Maria inside before running around and hopping in the driver’s side.

Looking over he saw that Maria was still out of it and reached around her to grab her seat belt, securing Maria in. He new the ride ahead of them was their head start and he couldn’t worry about Maria getting hurt because she wasn’t strapped in while he was racing to beat the clock and get them as far away as possible before they figured out they were up here too.

This was their only leverage, knowing that Pierce was under the assumption they weren’t up here and that he was going to ambush them back in Roswell. Michael sighed and looked over at Maria, she had stopped crying and was staring at him instead. He noticed that her eyes were blank and that even though she was staring at him she really wasn’t registering who he was. This unnerved him and almost caused him to go off the road.

“Maria, are you in there?” Michael asked. He started to get nervous when she didn’t answer him. “Come on Maria answer me. You have to get it together, we’re going to have to work together now.” Still nothing. “Come on, say something!” He finally shouted.

His shouting made Maria jump and then she started to shake uncontrollable. ‘Oh fuck, she’s going into shock.’ Michael thought. ‘Great I can’t exactly bring her into a hospital, what am I suppose to do.’

The only thing he could remember from freshmen health class was that when someone went into shock you were suppose to wrap them in blankets to keep warm. ‘Damn, I don’t have any stupid blankets. How the Hell am I suppose to keep her warm.’ He thought.

“Shit!” he said while pulling over and hopping out of the car and running around to the trunk. “We so don’t have time for this!” He shouted to the early morning sky while using his powers to open the trunk. ‘Thank God for small miracles.’ He thought as he eyed a blanket along with some other supplies they may be able to use.

“I’ll have to look at this stuff more closely later on.” He said to himself as he grabbed the blanket and shut the trunk. He raced back to car, hopping back in. Maria was still staring off in space and Michael shook out the blanket and wrapped it around her, tucking it in behind her shoulders. He noticed that she was still shivering and took off his jacket and wrapped that around her too before turning around and jacking up the heater.

“I hope that helps you Deluca, because I don’t know what else to do for you.” He said as he took off again. They drove for almost close to four hours, with Michael sneaking quick glances of Maria. She had stopped staring in his direction and had started to stare out her own window instead. They had stopped once to filled the gas tank and Michael had gotten some junk food to hold them over for the day.

After a few more hours she had stopped shaking and had snaked one of her hands out from the blanket and turned off the heater. She settled back into her seat and wrapped the blanket and Michael’s jacket tighter while continuing to stare out the window.

It was almost another hour before she spoke. “Michael.” She said in a voice barely above a whisper. He almost didn't hear her at first.

“Yeah.” He answered, sighing quietly in relief that she was coming back to the real world.

“I have to pee.”

“I hate to say it but we’re nowhere near a rest room. You’re going to have to go behind a tree.”


Michael pulled over to the side of the road and helped her get rid of the covers, while she took her seat belt off. She reached into the glove compartment and pulled out some fast food napkins. Michael sat and watched her jog behind several trees. A few minutes later she was back in the car, she turned and offered Michael a weak smile.

He tried to give her a small smile, but couldn’t. Instead he reached behind him and pulled out the bag of food he had gotten earlier. “Here, you should eat something. You haven’t eaten for over twelve hours.” He said while handing her the bag.

“Not hungry.” She said while staring at the bag in her lap. She reached into the glove compartment again and pulled out a handy wipe to clean her hands.

“You have to eat, and you are to hungry I heard your stomach grumbling earlier.” Michael said while pulling back out onto the road.

“You can’t make me eat. I said I’m not hungry!” Maria shouted back.

“Look, I’m not going to argue with you here. We have around four more hours of driving that we can get in before I have to stop for the night. I saw what looked like a pop up tent with a sleeping bag in the trunk. I figured we could move during the day and camp at night for now. I think if we try checking into a motel or something we will just be giving them a lead. So you are going to need your strength and you are going to have to eat.” Michael explained.

“I’m not doing anything of the kind. Just drop me off at a bus station and you can keep the car. But I’m going home to my Mom. I need to see her, let her know I’m ok. She’ll know what to do, maybe we can go to the sheriff and he can protect us or something.” Maria said while tearing small strips from the brown bag on her lap.

Michael just looked at her in shock. ‘What the Hell is she talking about.’ “You may not be a blonde anymore but your still ditzy! Have you completely lost your mind? You can’t go home! I heard him talking to his superior before you reached me! They know all about you and me and according to Pierce a ‘car accident will be very acceptable’ as in acceptable way to get rid of us!” Michael shouted at her.

Maria just looked at him and her eyes were brimming with tears again. He was getting infuriated with her and this whole situation. “Can you stop your damn crying and actually think for a few minutes! There gone; Max, Izzy and Liz are dead and the FBI is out looking for us. They want to make our deaths look like a car accident and you want to run home to Mommy. What the Hell are you thinking?” He asked.

Michael couldn’t help it and he continued to rant. “Look it’s really simple. You only have two choices; living or dying. Which one do you prefer? And I hate to be the one to tell you, but going home to your Mom would put her in danger. So asked yourself if you are selfish enough to put her life on the line too.”

Maria wiped the last of her tears away and turned and looked at Michael. “God, you are truly heartless.” She hissed in disgust. “Don’t you even care about the others, about their parents. What about your parents? Don’t you want to see them and let them know your ok? Probable not, their just some stupid humans, right? And how dare you imply I’m willing to put my Mom’s life in danger because I’m too selfish to care. What the Hell are we suppose to do? Go camping for the rest of our lives. I rather take my chances back home.” She shouted back.

Maria found herself flung forward when Michael slammed his foot on the brakes. “Do you think you’re the only one hurting here!” he screamed at her. “I lost my brother and sister today! They were my only family! Not that pig the state decided was fit enough to be a foster father!” He shot back. “I’m sorry for their parents, I know that the Evans loved Max and Izzy. I’m sure Liz’s parents were devoted to her too, but I’m not going to go back to Roswell. I can’t, no make that we can’t!” He finished with a shout.

He was so angry that she thought so little of him. Maybe there was more to it than meets the eye. “Our lives are in danger, and maybe you and your mother would be able to work something out, something that includes turning me in?” He said while staring her in the eyes. Would she do that, save her own skin at his expense.

Michael was still staring in Maria’s eyes and didn’t see her hand until it was to late. She slapped him across the face so hard his head snapped to the opposite side. “Who the fuck do you think you are? I would never turn in another human being or whatever the fuck you are to those sick bastards!” she snared back at him.

Michael just level his gaze back to her and searched her face for any indication that she was lying to him. ‘None.’ He said to himself, she isn’t going to trade his life for hers. “Fine then we’re in agreement, we travel during the day and set up camp at night.” He said while turning his attention back to the steering wheel and pulling back onto the road.

Maria didn’t say anything, she just sat back in her seat and pulled out a package of Hostess Cup Cakes and Ring Dings and started munching on them. They continued on in silence. After her meal Maria found her eyes were getting heavy and let herself fall asleep.

Michael looked over and saw that she had nodded off and sighed in relief. He couldn’t take anymore talking and was glad to have the silence. He continued to drive into the mountains until it started to turn to dusk. Keeping his eyes open he saw a side road that appeared not to be travel too much.

He drove on and took a couple of small side roads until he came to a small clearing but was still covered by the tall trees surrounding it. ‘We should be pretty safe here.’ He said to himself as he parked the car. He turned and saw that Maria was starting to wake up.

“Were are we?” She asked.

“Colorado. We were pretty close so I just kept going in that direction. I’m sure the FBI will start looking for us here. We should be able to buy some extra time and stay a few steps ahead of them the longer we don’t check into a motel or something. Look why don’t we set up the tent and get our stuff. We can take some time to figure out were we go from here.” Michael said as he got out of the car.

Maria just looked at the empty driver’s seat and opened the door and joined him at the trunk. She watched as Michael concentrated and opened the trunk. Sure enough there was a small pop up tent and one extra wide sleeping bag as well as a few Coleman lamps and a small table top propane stove.

Michael bent over and grabbed the tent and carried it over to a clearing near a patch of trees. He checked the ground and kicked aside a few rocks. He looked up to see that Maria was pulling out the rest of the supplies.

It only took Michael ten minutes to set the tent up and he helped Maria put their thing inside. Maria smiled and showed him that they were really lucky, there was an air mattress under the tent. At least now they wouldn’t have to sleep on the ground.

Maria settled down on a log and watch as Michael started to build a small fire. It was still light out, but the sun was quickly disappearing and he remembered that he wanted to look at a map or something to get his bearing and to figure out were they would go next.

“Do you have a map in your car?”

“Yeah, my mom has an atlas, I think it’s in the back of the car, probable under the driver’s seat.”

“Fine, do you think you could gather a few more sticks or something to keep the fire going and I’ll grab that.” Michael said as he started to get up.

“Yeah sure.” She answered and getting up herself. She started to walk in the opposite direction as Michael when he called out to her.

“Don’t go far, just around the camp site ok. I don’t want to have to try and find you in the dark out in these woods.” He explained.

Maria snorted and said “Yeah, like you would care enough to come looking.”

He was going to say something back to her, but decided to let it go. It had been a long day and they were both on edge. In the past twenty four hours their worlds had been blown apart, now it was up to them to try and rebuild them and to stay alive.

Part 4

Michael walked over to the car and got into the back seat. She was right the atlas was jammed underneath the driver seat. He started to get out of the car again when he noticed her jacket on the back seat. ‘She might get cold.’ He thought as he grabbed it. He was shocked to see three purses were hidden underneath them as well as the bag from the gas station with the food in it.

He grabbed the purses as well and walked back up to the fire. She had gather enough fire wood to keep it going for a few hours. She was sitting on the log again and watching him walking back with everything he had found in the car.

“Here, in case you get cold.” He said while tossing her the jacket.

“What are you doing with the our purses?” She asked when he settled them next to her.

“I found them under the jacket, there could be things in them we could use.” He said while sitting next to her and opening the atlas. “Why did you have them in there anyway?” He asked.

Maria sighed, it was so painful. Everything about this weekend was painful. “Isabel said we didn’t need them and we could just lock them in the car, that nobody would bother them. What could possible be in them that we could use anyway?”

Michael looked up and then caste his eyes downward. “Well for one thing they should have money in them. Maybe we can do something with their ids.” Michael saw the look of disgust on her face but quickly shot down any augment she had about what he was suggesting. “Don’t say it, I’m not proud of taking their money or anything else but we don’t have a choice.”

Maria grimaced, but knew he was right. This was life and death and Liz would want her to take her money if it would help. ‘Oh God, Lizzie.’ She quickly stopped herself from crying out loud in misery at the thought of the lost of her best friend. Hating to admit it, but he was right about one thing; crying was not helping.

She turned and saw Michael pouring over the book. He had grabbed a pen out her purse and was jottings down some notes. She spied the bag of food next to him and went over and pulled everything out. He had stocked up on an assortment of chocolate cake goods, but he had also grabbed a few pre-made submarine sandwiches as well as a couple of cheese and egg burritos for breakfast. There were also a few cans of soda and bottle waters in there. She couldn’t hide the smile when she saw he had also gotten a bag of marshmallows.

Deciding to try and make peace she placed a hand on his arm to get his attention. He looked up confused, not sure if he really felt like getting into it again. His suspicions were quickly eliminated when he saw she was holding out two sandwiches.

“Which do you want, the ham and cheese or the Italian cold cuts?” She asked.

He couldn’t help it, but he actually grinned a little at her. “So I take it your hunger strike is official over and I am not going to have to force feed you.” He said while taking the ham and cheese sandwich.

Maria smiled back a little. “For now. We are stuck together right now, so we might as well try to get along. Your right about us having to work together and it would be easier if we didn’t fight about everything.” She said while unwrapping her food.

Michael reached over and grabbed two sodas, handing one to Maria. “I’m not the one who keeps starting the fights.”

Maria just looked at him and saw that he was really only teasing her. Well two can play that game. “Maybe your right. No more fighting, I promise. Besides if we are going to be sleeping together we should be on friendly terms.”

Michael choked on the soda he had just taken a sip of and looked over to the girl sitting next to him and saw that she was trying to give him a come hither look, but could see she was having a hard time doing so while trying to keep a straight face. He almost found himself getting ready to make a sexual remark back but decided against it. She might be teasing him, but the wounds he opened last night were still fresh and he didn’t want to cause her anymore pain in that regard.

“Funny Deluca. Real funny. We have to come up with some kind of plan. I figure that we have a day’s head start at the most. I’m pretty sure they will head in this direction so I don’t think hiding out here after tonight is a good idea.” He said while munching on his sandwich.

“So what are you suggesting? Obviously going north isn’t they way we should be going according to you.” Maria said while picking out the onions from her sandwich.

Michael sighed, and looked up into the sky taking a moment to admire the sunset before turning back to his companion. “If you were a 30 to 35 year old FBI agent trying to think like a teenager, where would you think the teenager in question would go to hide out?”

Maria looked at Michael for a few seconds before answering. “I am assuming that these agents are jerks who were probable never teenager, even when they were teenagers. I would assume they would want to get out of the country. They can’t take public transportation, so it would have to be someplace they could drive to. That leaves Canada or Mexico. The kids in question are from New Mexico and are more comfortable with the people and customs of Mexico, not to mention they probable speak fair to decent Spanish. They may think that they were being clever if they back track south instead of keep going North to Canada. If they check they would also see that I have some family in Mexico that I might convince you that we could trust and go to them for help. Yeah if I was this Agent Pierce or Miss Topolsky that is what I would think.”

Michael shock his head in agreement. “Then we keep going towards Canada. If we head out first thing in the morning we should be able to get half way through Nebraska.”

“Nebraska, if we are going to Canada don’t we want to keep going North, if we head over to Nebraska we will being going east.” Maria said while grabbing the atlas out of Michael’s hands.

“Gee, I guess you really did deserve all those gold stars in forth grade for geography. Yes we will head east for a few days and throw them off. When we get over to Wisconsin we will start going north again. We should cross the boarder between Minnesota and Wisconsin. After we cross the boarder we head east again, maybe we can settle in Quebec or someplace for a while.”

Maria didn’t say anything, she just kept looking at the atlas and eating her sandwich. After a few minutes she looked up at Michael. “Quebec is a French Providence. I think we want to head somewhere they speak English. We could keep going to New Brunswick and then take the ferry over to Prince Edward Island. We’re already at the beginning of October and it will probable take us a few weeks to get there. That would be they’re off season, we could probable find cheap housing and get some kind of manual labor jobs for the now.”

Michael couldn’t help but smirk at her. “Why Prince Edward Island?”

“I fell in love with it when I read ‘Anna of Green Gables’ when I was ten. I always wanted to go there. Liz and I had talked about going there some summer. We were thinking maybe the summer after graduation. We even got a couple of brochures from a travel agency.” She said, while turning her attention back to the atlas.

“Brochures, please tell me you don’t still have them. The feds may find them and put two and two together. And how much do you love the book? Would they be able to get a feel that you would head there?” He asked concerned.

Maria looked up from the book in her hand. “No I don’t still have the brochures, that was around three years ago, so they are long gone. If they do go through our personal stuff and analysis it, then yeah they would notice that the book is pretty worn out. But so are my ‘Little House on the Prairie’, ‘The Little Princess’ and ‘The Secret Garden’, not to mention all my Nancy Drew Mysteries, especially ‘The Mystery of the 99 Steps’ which happens to take place in Paris. So I don’t think we need to worry about them using something like that to track us.”

“Yeah, I guess your right. It’s not like they are going to head over to ‘Walnut Grove’ or something looking for us.” Michael said while finishing his sandwich.

“Exactly.” Maria said as she picked up her soda. “I think we have a pretty good plan. We do have a lot of other things to discuss. I’m sure they have a description of my car. Also as nice as these sandwiches were, they cost a little too much to keep buying. If we are going to camp we are going to have to do some serious shopping. Not only for food, but also for some warmer clothes.” Maria grabbed the pen Michael had been using earlier and began to make up a list on the back page of the atlas.

Michael got up and stretched. “Why don’t you make up the list of what we will need, I’m going to get some more wood for the fire so that we can keep it going all night.”

“Ok.” Maria responded as she watched Michael started to head further into the woods when she remember she had to say something to him. “Hey.”

Michael stopped and turned around to look at her. “Yeah. You need something?”

A smile crept across her face. “Yeah I was just wondering how much you are willing to pay me to keep it under wrap that you are a closet ‘Little House on the Prairie’ fan?”

Michael shot her a smirk and turned back towards the woods. When he came back fifteen minutes later Maria wasn’t sitting on the log. “Maria, you in the tent?” He called out, but got no answer. “fuck, where the Hell did she go?” He mumbled to himself as he dropped the wood by the fire.

He waited a minutes before he started to head down a path that he thought she might have gone down. He only walked a few minutes when he heard some splashing towards his left. ‘What the Hell?’ He thought as he headed in the direction of the noise.

Walking past a couple of trees he saw a small brook running past him. Turning his head a little he saw a very naked Maria Deluca illuminated by the moon, squatting next to the water bathing.

Michael couldn’t find his voice, nor could he stop staring as she reached down into the water with both hands cupped together to capture some of the fresh water and splashed it over her neck and perky breasts.

Michael groaned when the cold water hit her supply flesh, causing her to yelp in discomfort. He stood there for a second before he turned around to give the girl some privacy to finish bathing. Not to mention he could feel his groin starting to respond to the sight of a naked Maria.

Quickly he turned and had headed back to their camp. He busied himself with getting the fire going stronger than it had been. ‘She’ll probable be cold from her bath.’ He thought as he added one last log to the fire. He was review her list of what they would need to get when he heard her coming back to the camp.

‘Keep cool Guerin, it’s no big deal. You’ve seen naked pictures of girls before. So what if she’s the first ‘live’ girl you saw with no clothes on. This is no big deal. Besides it’s not like she has that great of a body. Not great at all. Come on her breast are kinda small. Small and perky, with rosy nipples that were hard as pebbles due to the cold water hitting them. OK, STOP THINKING ABOUT HER BREAST.’ He shouted to himself.

“Oh hey Michael, I wasn’t sure how long you were going to be gone. I found this brook earlier when I went looking for some firewood. I just went down to wash up. I feel a little better now.” Maria said to the young man in front of her who couldn’t seemed to stop staring at her breast. “If you want I can show you?” She offered.

‘Wait show him what, oh God did she notice him staring at her chest. Is she going to take her top off? No, you idiot she’s talking about the brook. For crying out loud come on and concentrate Guerin!’ Michael scolded himself before answering her. “No that’s ok. Maybe tomorrow.” He finally said to her.


“Hey, I was looking over your list. We need to see how much money we have.” He said as both sat on the log in front of the fire and began going through the three wallets that were in the girls purses. After a few minutes they both looked up at each other.

“$306.34, I don’t think we are going to get too far with that.” Maria said in a sad voice.

“We can’t stop to get jobs either.”

“So what are we going to do. I mean we can forgo a few of the things on the list, but food and clothes are a must. What about the car? How are we going to fill the tank without money.”

Michael looked down for a minute before he answered knowing that she wasn’t going to like the next words that were going to be coming out of his mouth. “I can change the money. I can change the ones and tens that we have into hundred dollar bills, I could also change the fives to fifty. I think we should leave the twenties alone and we can use them for gas money. This give us over six thousand dollars.”

Maria looked at Michael in shock. She knew he was in trouble a lot and that he had even been arrested a couple of times, but this was grand larceny or forgery or something illegal like that. Besides she had thought that Liz told her that Max said Michael wasn’t very good with using his powers.

“Please tell me your joking. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but I know it’s illegal. Anyway, how do you know you could even do it? Liz told me you couldn’t control your powers .” She asked in disbelief.

Michael sighed. “No I’m not joking. Look we agree that this isn’t exactly normal circumstances and that we are going to have to do things that we’re not going to particularly like doing. I’ve never used my powers like this before and I had always swore I would never do something like this, but we don’t have a choice. And don’t ask me why they seem to be working more so now more than ever before because I don’t know why, maybe I’m more focused or something.”

Maria study Michael face and saw that he was ashamed for what he was suggesting. She also knew he was right, they were going to have to do thing that they won’t be proud of, but that wasn’t their fault it was the FBI’s fault.

“I’m sorry, your doing the right thing. Go ahead and do your stuff, changes those Washington’s and Jackson’s to good ole Ben Franklin.”

“I thought Jefferson was on the $100.00 dollar bill.” Michael said to her in a serious tone, biting his inner cheek to keep from laughing at the look on her face.

“Oh my God. How the Hell are you going to pull this off if you don’t even know who is on what bills.” She snapped going into full Maria rant. “This is great. I can see it now, I’ll be in some store in Hicksville, USA trying to buy some food or something and will end up getting hauled off to jail. Me in jail, you know what will happen to me in jail. I’m cute and perky, I’ll end up becoming a bitch to so chick named Bertha and she’ll probable trade me for a pack of smokes.”

Michael couldn’t help it, he started laughing at her. “Take a breath Deluca, I was only joking. ‘Trade me for a pack of smokes’. That’s it, no more prison chick flicks for you.”

Maria narrowed her eyes at him. “Joking! God you are so juvenile. Just change the damn money, I’m going to bed. Try not to wake me when you come in.” She snapped as she stormed off to the tent.

“Hey, why you have a tent in your car anyway?” Michael shouted at the retreating girl

“My Mom and her latest boyfriend went camping last weekend and she never unpacked the trunk.” She snapped while unzipping the tent.

“Your Mom and boyfriend, huh. You don’t think they had sex in that sleeping bag do you?” He questioned.

Maria stopped and turned around. “EWWW, you don’t think they did that do you? Great now I’ll have nightmares about that. Thanks a lot.” She grumbled as she climbed into the tent and lowered the zipper.

“Sweet Dreams!” Michael shot back.

Part 5

Maria woke up early the next morning and was glad to see that he was able to at least follow simple directions and hadn’t woken her up when he joined her in the tent. How he managed to get into the sleeping bag with her without disturbing her was quit the mystery.

She couldn’t help but smile and snuggle into his embrace a little. Somewhere along the line they had ended up cuddled together in the spooning position. A part of her thought better of this, that less than 48 hour ago they were at each others throat. Yesterday changed that, now they were force together whether they like it or not.

Sighing she wiggled even closer and chuckled lightly when he grunted and tightened his grip. Who would have guess, big bad ass Michael Guerin liked cuddling so much. She also was a little surprised at how safe and comfortable she felt in his arms. Maybe they weren’t close or friends but she knew he would protect her no matter what.

Maria only had a few more seconds to bask in the early morning silence the woods offered before she felt Michael stirring behind her. She knew the moment he was fully awake because the arms that were wrapped around her middle disappeared and he scooted his body as far from her as he could.

Sighing Maria shifted and turned to face her roommate. “Morning.” She whispered, while reaching up and brushing some dirt off his shoulder.

“Morning.” Michael managed to choke out as he felt his morning erection swell from the innocent touch that Maria had bestowed on him. Quickly he reached behind himself and lowed the zipper to the sleeping bag and scurried out of it.

“Is everything ok?” Maria questioned while sitting up.

“Yeah, everything is fine. I just have to take a piss. Is that ok with you?.” Michael snapped while turning to open the tent zipper so that he could get as far away as possible from her so that he could take care of his morning problem in private.

“Gees, sorry for asking. God are you ever pleasant?” She huffed as she stood up and stretched.

He made the mistake of turning to look at her to apologize but groaned to himself when he saw her reaching up to stretch and her shirt rode up showing a generous portion of her flat tummy. He couldn’t help staring and she caught him and gave him a dirty look.

“What’s wrong genius, can’t you get the tent open?” She huffed as she shoved him to the side and opened the tent and stepping outside into the warm morning sun. She had only gone a few feet from the tent when Michael pushed pass her to heading into the woods.

“Rude much!” She shouted to his disappearing form. She didn’t give him much more consideration as she reached into the bag on the ground and grabbed a handful of napkins before heading into the opposite direction as Michael to relieve herself.

Maria made it back to camp a few minutes later to find it still empty. “What the Hell could be taking so long.” She said as she contemplated going in the direction he had taken off a few minutes earlier. “I’ll give him another minute.”

Several minutes later she headed out in the direction he had gone. She was maybe sixty feet away from the camp when she heard the first moan. ‘Oh God, he hurt himself.’ She thought as she quicken her pace toward the sound.

A few seconds later she came upon a small clearing and off to the side sitting with his back propped against a tree was Michael. Maria’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she noticed that he was sitting there naked from the waste down and that he was masturbating.

His eyes were squeezed shut and his hand was moving furiously up and down his erection. She couldn’t help watching in fascination. He shifted his position and opened his legs further apart, while his other hand reached down to caress his balls.

‘No wonder he was in such a rush to get out of the tent.’ She thought as she continued to watch the young man in front of her. She couldn’t help noticing how well endowed he was. ‘I guess the term needle dick really doesn’t apply to him.’ She chuckled to herself.

Maria watched for a few more seconds and found herself getting wet from the show that was being put on. She noticed that he started to pick up speed and realized he was close to completion. ‘Oh God, I can’t let him catch me watching him jerking off.’ She thought as she made a hasty retreat back to the camp.

She got back to camp and decided that the best course of action was to keep as busy as possible. She went over to the car and got the food they had placed in the trunk out for breakfast. She had just finished setting up for their meal when she heard him coming back.

“Hey.” He said as he sat down on the log next to her.

Maria couldn’t talk, instead she turned beet red in embarrassment, causing Michael to look at her.

“What’s up?’

“Nothing.” She whispered, handing him his breakfast.

“Nothing, why are you blushing? Something is up. Now tell me!” He demanded.

Guiltily she turned and faced him, the blush that had started to fade was back in full force. Should couldn’t do it, she couldn’t lie. Even though every fiber of her being was telling her she should. ‘He’ll kill you if you tell him.’ She reasoned, but instead heard herself mumbling. “I saw you.”

Part 6

“You saw me. What do you mean you saw me.” Michael asked anxiously

“Just now, by the tree.” She said to the ground.

He felt himself stiffen with anger. ‘She spied on me!’

Before he could say anything she started to ramble. “I didn’t mean to catch you doing what you were doing. It’s just that you were gone so long and I got worried. I mean how long can it take you to pee. So I went out looking for you. I heard you moaning and I thought you were hurt, I almost died when I actually saw what was causing the moaning. I don’t kn….”

Michael held his hand up to stop her from continuing. “Stop, ok just stop. I have a confession too. I saw you down at the brook last night washing up.” Michael sighed deeply and saw the fury replace the embarrassment in her eyes. “Look, why don’t we just call it even. We both have been embarrassed enough don’t you think?”

She didn’t answer him for a second. A huge part of her wanted to chew his head off for keeping it to himself that he had saw her without her clothes on, but she realized that she would be a hypocrite since she was planning to keep her voyeurism to herself if her blushing hadn’t given her away.

“Fair enough. Why don’t we finish eating and get out of here.” Maria said in defeat.

Michael didn’t say anything. He just quickly ate his breakfast and chugged a can of soda before he headed over to take down the tent. Maria finished her food and quickly gathered everything together and put the equipment in the trunk and everything else went in the back seat.

She stood by the car and watched as he placed their tent in the trunk. She started to get in on the passenger side but he told her to wait a minute and to step away from the car. She watched in awe as Michael put his hand on the hood of the car and her red Jetta was turned black. He then moved around and put his hand on the door to get into the back seat and watched as it changed from a door to just part of the car. Making it appear as a two door car instead of a four door.

“Wow, you really must be focused.” Maria said.

“Yeah I guess so.” Michael said as he walked to the back of the car and changed the license plate from New Mexico to Maryland and transposed several numbers.

When he was done and stood up he found himself a little dizzy, Maria was by his side in seconds. “Are you alright?” She questioned.

“Yeah, just not use to using my powers that much. I’ll be fine.” He said while letting Maria help him over to the car and sat down on the hood.

Maria noticed that he was sweating and that the color had drained from his face. She made sure he wasn’t going to fall off the hood and got into the car and retrieved a bottle of water and some napkins. She walked back to where he was sitting and had begun to pour the water over the napkins to make a compress for him.

“Here hold this to your forehead.” She said while climbing on to the hood to sit next to him. “Maybe I should drive for a while.” She suggested.

She was shocked when all he did was shake his head yes. She didn’t think he would give up driving the car at all. Managing a smile, she slipped off the hood of the car and held her hand out for him to take. She walked him over to the passenger side and got him settled before walking over to the drivers side.

Michael watched in awe as Maria reached into her jeans and pulled out a set of car keys. Quickly she slipped the key into the ignition and started the car.

“You had keys to the car all along. Why didn’t you give them to me yesterday instead of making me use my powers?”

Maria gave him a sideward glance. “I didn’t have my set. These are Liz’s set. I left mine on the table in the cabin. “ She explained.

“Oh.” He said before he rested his head next to the window and fell asleep. Maria didn’t say anything and turned the radio on low. She drove for about six hours before Michael woke up.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” She asked.

“Better, I think most of my powers are restored. I guess changing all that money last night took more out of me than I thought. But I’m good now. If you want you can pull over and I’ll drive if your tired.” He offered.

“Thanks, actually I’m a little hungry. We’ve crossed over to Nebraska. What do you say we stop and get something to eat. Then we should hit a Wal-Mart or something to get our supplies.”

“Good idea. Why don’t you pull into the next place you see that doesn’t look to expensive and we’ll grab a bite. Hopefully we can find a store that carries everything we’re looking for.”

Twenty minutes later they were sitting across from each in other in a booth in a small truck stop dinner. On the way in Maria had bought a newspaper and was currently going through it.

“What’s with the paper?” Michael asked as he stuffed half a roll in his mouth.

Maria looked up to answer him and saw him chewing with his mouth opened. “EWWW, could you please close your mouth while you chew. That’s disgusting.” She snapped at him before answering his question. “I got the newspaper for two reasons. One to see if there was anything in there about the cabin and two it’s Sunday and there are a ton of store flyers in here.”

Michael just smirked at her and made sure she was watching as he shoved the rest of the roll in his mouth. “I doubt there will be anything in a Nebraska paper about the cabin.” He mumbled around the roll, spewing crumbs onto the table. “And just look for a flyer for a store that sells in bulk.”

She looked at him in disgust and bite her tongue before saying anything again about his table manners. ‘Why bother.’ She thought to herself. “I found a flyer for a Big K, we should be able to buy the clothes and almost all the other supplies. We could probable buy most of the food too, well the non perishable ones at least.”

Michael shook his head in agreement. He started to say something else but their food arrived. Any thoughts about continuing the conversation fell by the waste side as both teenagers found themselves attacking their meals. It was the first real meal either had had in two days and both of them were even more hungry than they realized.

After the waitress had cleared the table and both had order desert did they begin discussing their list of what they would need.

“I thought about it and the Jetta isn’t going to be able to hold everything we need, maybe we should think about going to a used car lot and look for a bigger car. I have all the paperwork in the glove compartment.” Maria said before she took a sip of her chocolate/strawberry shake.

“No way. We don’t have the money.” Michael said as he started looking through the paper.

“Excuse me, but this is America here. We discuss and debate before a decision is made. Hello I do have some legitimate points to be made in this matter.” Maria shot back.

“This isn’t up for discussion. Look, we’ll get one of those things that attach to the top of the car, they can store a lot of stuff. The Evans had one and you wouldn’t believe what they got in it. Between that, the trunk and the back seat we will have to make do.”

Maria huffed to show she was still upset with him for just making the decision without consulting her, but she didn’t fight him because deep down she knew he was right. She decided not to talk to him anymore until they got on the road again and to concentrate on a more detailed the shopping list. God knows when they will get to a store again.
Michael looked up when the waitress brought over their deserts and gave him the check. She watched in disgust as he devoured his sundae. When he was done he took out is wallet and started to pull out one of the fifties he had made last night but she stopped him.

“Use the real money. We don’t want to use this stuff all over the place, just the places we have to. They may not figure it out right away, but eventually the Feds will realize we are using phony money and we don’t want to leave too big of a trail for them.” She reasoned.

Michael shook his head in agreement and pulled out the twenties and went and paid the cashier while Maria finished her banana cream pie. She met him by the cash register when she was done.

When he finished paying Maria turned to the young woman running the register. “Excuse me, but how far are we from Potterville?”

“Oh, not far. Maybe forty-five minutes from here. Just take a left when you leave the parking lot and keep on going straight. It’s on this main highway.” She explained.

“That’s great. Thank you so much.” Maria said with a smile before she turned to Michael. “Isn’t that great sweetie, I told you we weren’t that far away.” She said as she ran her hand along Michael’s forearm.

He wasn’t sure why she was play acting in front of the girl, but figured he should go along with her. He wrapped he arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to his body before he answered her. “Alright honey, you were right. I thought that we had at least a few more hours of driving.”

Then before he could stop himself he brought his mouth down and kissed her. As shocked as he was that he got up the courage to do it he was just a shock to realize that she was kissing him back. Kissing him back rather eagerly too and if his hearing wasn’t playing tricks on him he thought he heard her moan softly into his mouth.

After they pulled apart Maria looked up at him, clearly startled by his display of affection. Also she was a little embarrassed that he probable could tell that she enjoyed the kiss. A picture from a few short hours ago came barreling through her head of Michael by the tree jerking off. She also couldn’t help but notice that she could feel herself getting wet from the memory.

Realizing the girl was watching she gave Michael the biggest smile she could manage before turning to the girl one last time to give her thanks again before she dragged him out to the car.

Michael hopped into the drivers side as Maria got in on the other side. He didn’t dare look at her, not knowing what she was going to say or do. He just held out his hand for the keys to the car. Without a word she dropped the keys into his hand and turned and looked out her window.

They drove in silence all the way to Potterville. They found the store pretty quickly and headed inside. Without even speaking they split the list in two and Michael gave Maria some money. Two hours later they were back in the car with everything jammed inside.

They drove for a couple of more hours before Michael turned into a side road that lead to the woods. He drove for another thirty minutes before he found a suitable place to set up camp.

Without speaking they got out and set up camp. When they were finished the took all the bags out of the car and started separating everything they had bought. Michael took the storage trunk from off the top of the car so they could begin to putting things in it that they didn’t need right away.

Finally Michael couldn’t take the silence any longer and stopped and looked at his companion. “What is your problem?! I can’t believe I’m going to ask you this, I should just be thankful your not jabbering away over there at usual. But what’s with the silent treatment?”

Maria looked at him in complete shock, was he not with her at the diner. “You’ve got to be kidding!” She snapped. “You have no idea what I’m upset about! How about the fact that you kissed me back there without my permission!”

“What! You’re the one who started it! With that whole calling me ‘sweetie’ and rubbing your hand on my arm! I was just following your lead there sweetheart!”
He shot back.

Maria looked up at him and said. “I just wanted to get directions to the town to find the store you big idiot! I figured that it would look more natural if we appeared to be a couple. As far as me rubbing your arm, that was because she was checking you out and I thought it would only make sense that I showed her you were taken. Well pretend taken that is.”

He couldn’t help looking at her with a look of utter confusion on his face. “Well didn’t my kissing you just confirm the fact that I was taken and not interested. Besides how the Hell was I suppose to know all this. I might be an alien, but I’m not a mind reader.”

She sighed in aggregation. “Forget it, you just don’t get it. Just keep your lips to yourself buster and we’ll be fine.”

Michael was about to throw it back in her face that she had kissed him back but decided not to at the last minute ‘she did buy some sharp knives back there, I don’t want to wake up tomorrow without my balls.’

“Fine, it’s starting to get dark out here. I’m going to go and get some more wood for the fire. Why don’t you finish going through this stuff and find something for supper.” He said as he stormed off.

“Hey I’m not June Cleaver you know!” She shouted after him before she got up and started going through the groceries they had gotten.


A few hours later after having dinner and both had taken rather cold baths in a nearby stream Maria found herself laying in the sleeping bag without Michael.

She keep thinking about the last few hours. Their dinner had been anything but pleasant and when they were taking turns bathing was probable the most awkward she had ever felt in her life.

Now it was Michael not speaking to her and he was sitting out by the fire brooding. She stayed in the tent for another half hour before she went out to confront him. When she stepped outside and saw that he was laying on the ground staring at the stars she felt her stomach doing flip-flops.

‘God, he really is beautiful.’ She couldn’t help thinking to herself when she noticed the way his face soften when his guard was down.

“Michael.” She heard herself saying his name in the softest of whispers.


“Are you coming in soon?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“That’s what I said.”

Maria sighed, time for another tactic.

“You know, the tent isn’t that great and the sleeping bag isn’t really keeping me to warm. It was made for two people and its all drafty with just me in it.”

Maria almost did a little happy dance when he stood up and walked over to her.

“Fine, I’ll go in with you. Wouldn’t want the princess to catch a cold. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.” He said as he walked over to the tent and went inside.

Maria felt herself getting angry again. ‘Princess, who the Hell is he calling a princess.’ She screamed to herself as she stomped back over and went back inside.
“I am not a princess.” She shouted, while standing at the entrance to the tent.

“Yeah fine, what ever you say. Look you’re the one who was cold and demanded I come in and keep you warm, so just shut up and get your bony ass in the damn bag.” He shouted back.

“Demanded! Demanded! Oh my God you are delusional. I went out there because I felt sorry about earlier. I was trying to make peace with you, but your too damn stubborn.” She huffed. “And I DO NOT have a bony ass! I have a very nice ass.”

Michael had to swallow the laugh that was threatening to erupt. ‘Only Deluca would end her argument with a comment about having a nice ass.’ When he sure he wouldn’t laugh he nodded his head to her. “Fine, just get in the sleeping bag and will call it a truce.”

“Fine.” She said as she walked over and got into the bag next to him.


It really was a tight squeeze and somehow they ended up with Maria on her back and Michael laying on his side with his arm bent at the elbow and resting his face on top of his hand. Both found themselves staring into the other’s eyes. Maria found her stomach was doing the flip flop thing again and could have sworn that her bedmates breathing was starting to sound a little shallow, almost like he was trying to get it under control.

She watched as Michael closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He held it for a few seconds before he released it and then he slowly opened his eyes to look at her again.

“I’m sorry.” He said quietly.

She couldn’t help but smile at him. “You want to narrow it down some. What exactly are you apologizing for.”

He shook his head a little. ‘She’s going to drive me insane’ he thought to himself but decided to continue on with his apology anyway. “For kissing you back at the diner. You were right I shouldn’t have done it. I should have realized that forcing a kiss like that would bring up bad memories for you. For that I’m sorry. I feel like I cause you enough pain in that department already and kissing you probable just added to it.” He whispered to her.

He watched her face for a moment, waiting for her to say something back. Instead he saw her start to cry softly. He cursed himself for making it worse than before. He started to get ready to say something, anything to offer some sort of comfort when she stopped and gave him a weak smile.

“I don’t deserve that apology.” She said while wiping her eyes. When she saw he was getting ready to say something she shushed him, she had to explain things to him and couldn’t if he stopped her with his own comments.

“Just let me get this out, please. The other night when you asked me that question. You was right, it did hurt. To tell that story, to tell my story. However, I think it was a good thing in a way to get it out there. For five years I never talked about it. Only my Mom and Liz knew the whole story, and they basically made believe it didn’t happen from the time I told them. But you forced it out of me and in a way it was, I don’t really know how I can explain it, but it was like I finally buried the rape and Jake all at the same time. I’m not saying I’m over it or anything. But the other night I realized something, I’m stronger now. If that had happened two or three years ago I would still be sitting in the bathtub in a semi-comatose state.”

She stopped and took a deep breath before she continued. “It really dawned at me down by the lake that night. See I don’t know how to swim and I figured if I just walked out far enough and let the water consume me then I could stop the pain for good.”

She stopped when she heard his sharp intake of breath at the realization of what she was saying. “ Instead while I was taking off my shoes and socks, I noticed how beautiful the lake looked with the full moon reflecting off of it and thought ‘how sad that I won’t ever see a full moon again’. That’s when I realized that if I did kill myself then Jake would win the finally round.”

She smiled when she saw a hint of his trademark smirk creeping across his face. “See, us Deluca’s aren’t quitters. Down at the lake I realized that. The past five years I have been acting as one in a way.”

She hesitated for a second before finishing her confession. “Do you know you’re the first boy I ever kissed. Hell I’ve been terrified to even think about kissing a boy. I mean how many sixteen year old girls do you know that are afraid to be kissed? The closes I came was when Iz dared Max to do it and that wasn’t exactly sexual, if you know what I mean. That’s why I was angry with you before, when you kissed me I wasn’t scared, I liked it.” And then quietly added “And I feel guilty about that.”

Michael cocked his head at her. “I don’t understand, why do you feel guilty?”

“Because what kind of friend am I. Less than 48 hours ago my best friend was killed and here I am enjoying being kissed by a boy and enjoying kissing a boy back for the first time in my life. It just seemed wrong. I know it really doesn’t make sense, but it’s how I feel. So don’t you see. I wasn’t angry with you, I was angry with myself. I just used you as the scapegoat. That’s why I don’t deserve that apology.” She said, then smiling added. “But I do deserve one for the princess and bony ass remarks.”

Michael looked deep into her eyes and saw what she was saying was the truth. A part of him even understood were she was coming from, because weather he admits it out loud or not she was his first kiss and he felt a little guilty too for enjoying it with everything that had happened to them and their friends. But another part, a huge part of him felt like crowing when he realized that she really did like kissing him.

Sighing, Michael stretched his arm out and rested his head next to hers. He couldn’t stop looking into her eyes. He watched her as she reached out her hand and stroked his arm. He felt tingles running down his spine when she ran her hand all the way down to his and gently mold her fingers around his own.

He found himself having a hard time breathing especially when Maria turned her body so that she was now on her side facing him. His heart started to beat faster as she scooted her body closer to his and leaned in slightly to rest her forehead lightly to his.

“Maria.” He moaned.

“Un hun.”

Michael shuttered when he heard how husky her voice sounded. His head was spinning with his need to kiss her, but this time he would ask first. “Is it still wrong for me to want to kiss you?”

Maria sighed as she felt Michael breath tickling her face. She could feel the adrenaline rushing through her body. She couldn’t help but to flash back to the sight of Michael masturbating earlier. She could feel her clit begin to throb in that familiar way and she had to fight the urges running through her to slip her hand into her pants to relieve the tension or more to the point, slipping Michael’s hand down there to take care of her needs.

She almost groaned when she heard herself saying. “I think so. What if these feeling we have are just because of what we are going through.”

Maria wanted to cry when she saw the look of distress cross Michael’s face. ‘God please let me be making the wrong decision.’ She said to herself before speaking to him again. “I’m sorry, I’m not trying to tease you here. I swear to you, I just don’t know if I feel comfortable about were we seem to be heading.”

Michael was afraid to talk, but after a few seconds he finally found enough courage speak. “I know your not trying to tease me and I understand what your saying. What I’m not to sure about is what you feel is alright and what isn’t?”

She couldn’t help but to smile. ‘He doesn’t hate me!’ she wanted to jump for joy at that realization. She thought about it for a moment before she answered his question.
“I like it when you hold me.” She whispered. “This morning when I woke up and you were holding me, it was the safest I ever felt. Michael I’m not saying that things aren’t going to happen between us because deep down I just don’t know. I just don’t want to jump into something that neither one of us is really ready for.”

He gave her a smile before he moved his head a little so that he could give her a kiss on her forehead. “So you liked waking up and having me holding you, huh.”

Maria sighed and rolled her eyes at him in mock frustration. “Oh please, don’t get all full of yourself mister. This tent is only big enough for two people, it won't be able to accommodate your ego too.”

Michael chuckled lightly as he laid back and wrapped his arms around Maria bringing her even closer. "Ok Princess, fair enough. Now be a good girl and go to sleep." He gently commanded her before brushing a kiss on the crown of her head.

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Part 7

The next week was more of the same. They would drive during the day and then set up camp at night. Their luck seem to just get better and better. They had even stopped using the real money once Michael figured out he could change pretty much any liquid they had on hand to gasoline after Maria had forgotten to stop to fill up the car.

Michael had to give a lot of credit to Maria for her planning abilities. She had stocked up on enough non perishable that they didn’t need to stop for supplies very often. Usually when they stopped it was because they were sick of eating pasta or rice with tuna or SPAM or whatever can meat they had and decided to treat themselves to a real meal.

Over time the teens had become comfortable with each other and began to open up.
Nighttime was when the opened up the most. Maybe it was the darkness of the tent or the tight confines of the sleeping bag but that was when they both seemed to be able to let the other in.

Maria talked to him about her relationship with her mom, Liz and Alex. She told him about a little six you old girl who’s father walked out on her and her hippie mother who struggled to take care of her….


“He just took off?” Michael asked while gently rubbing Maria’s back as she cried softly, her head pressed against his chest, right above his heart.

“Yeah, their I was trying to run after him but couldn’t because I couldn’t get my stupid shoelaces tied. My dog Lady, was sitting next to me licking my face trying to make me feel better.”

“I didn’t know you have a dog.”

“Had, a Dalmatian. She was hit by a car a few weeks later.”

Michael sighed. “That rough.” He said while place a light kiss on her forehead.

“Yeah, but I still had my Mom. She may not be the most conventional but she does love me. You know what’s funny, I never really minded taking a back seat when she went off on one of her hippie crusades. You know like trying to save some Indian historical landmark or something. But I always hated when she chose some creep over me, especially since they always ended up hurting her.” Maria confessed.

“Did it stop after Jake?” Michael asked.

“You mean the parade of men barreling through our lives? Yeah for a while, but after six months or so it started up again. She just made sure I spent the night at Liz’s house when she was going to bring some guy home. I’m not a shrink, but I think my mom is one of those women who need a man in their life to make it seem worthwhile.”

“Let me guess, you were enlightened to this thought through an article in ‘Cosmo’.” He said in a teasing tone.

Maria chuckled at his mention of ‘Cosmo’ remembering one of their first real conversations that they had had in front of the Evans. “Ha ha, very funny. Are you looking for an apology or something?”

“Hey I did apologize for the bony ass comment. Hell I even said you could give Jennifer Lopez a run for her money in the butt department. So yes I think I deserve an apology” He countered.

Maria couldn’t help but to laugh. That was something that really surprised her, how easily Michael could make her laugh. After he had let down his shield and let her in, she was please to find that Michael could be an incredible flirt who loved to tease her to no end.

Sighing dramatically she finally conceded to him. “Fine, I take it back. You do not have a needle dick.”

“Very well, I forgive you.” He said while snickering.

Then Maria shocked the hell out of him when she added. “Actually the term ‘Hung like a horse’ could be used to describe you.”

“MARIA!” Michael shouted, secretly thankful the tent was so dark that she couldn’t see he was blushing.

Maria giggled hysterically, while Michael began to tickle her…


They talked a lot about the rape, she explained that only her mom and Liz knew about it and that she had never been brave enough to tell Alex. Maria had so much guilt about this. She felt guilty for keeping Alex in the dark about the rape. Alex had always been like the big brother she never had. He always tried to take care of her. She also felt bad about not telling him about what really happened that day at the Crash down between Liz and Max….

Fade In

“I’ll never forgive myself for keeping Alex in the dark about Jake and you guys. I should have told him the same as I told Liz. He was always like a big brother and tried to protect me and this is how I repaid him by keeping secrets.” She said while putting on another pair of socks in an attempt to keep warm.

Michael looked up to her. He was already in their sleeping bag but Maria wasn’t showing any real signs of joining him. He hated when she would let her anger build during the day and consume her at night.

He watched as she sat Indian style in the corner of the tent. She had been thinking about Alex all day. Earlier she had remembered that it was his birthday and they had had an argument when she wanted to stop and call him to talk to him and let him know that she was alright.

“Maria, I know your upset but catching a cold sitting out there isn’t going to help any. Will you just come to bed.” He said in an attempt to reason with her.

“I shouldn’t have listened to you. I should have called him. I hate this so much. I only have my Mom and Alex left and they don’t even know if I dead or alive.”

“Maria we went over this. The feds probable have bugs on their phones. Your doing the right thing by not getting them involved.”

“That’s what Liz said when we lied to Alex about you guys.” She said, snapping at him.

Michael took a deep breath before he spoke again. He had to get it through to her that she had nothing to feel guilty about.

“Your being a martyr. First off what good would it have done to tell Alex about Jake. He would just end up hating himself for not being able to protect you. Is that what you want, him beating himself up for letting you down. Second it wasn’t your decision on whether or Alex was told about us, it was ours me, Max and Isabel.” Michael argued and couldn’t contain the hurt in his voice when he said “And third, I guess I was stupid enough to think that we had each other.”

Maria head shot up when Michael said that last comment. She hadn’t realized that she had hurt his feeling when she made that remark about her Mom and Alex. “Oh Michael, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just so hard, you know what I mean. Every once and awhile it just hits me that I’ll probable never see them again and it just hurts. It has nothing to do with you.” Maria said as she crawled over to their bed and sliding in next to him in the sleeping bag.

He watched her for a few seconds before he reached over to the lantern and switched it off. Sighing he gently gathered her in his arms. “I know you didn’t mean it the way it sounded. I also know how hard this is for you. And I was honest I would admit that a part of me is jealous.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Well you do have your Mom and Alex, but I don’t have anyone else. The only two people that ever cared about me were murdered by the FBI.”

“That’s not true Michael, Liz cared and I CARE.” Maria said as she placed a kiss on his cheek.

Michael snuggled closer to Maria, nuzzling his nose into her hair and kissing her on her neck. “Promise me that we’ll stick together.” He said in a voice so tender Maria felt tears threatening to spill.

“Always.” She vowed…


Part 8

Michael found himself telling her about him, Max and Isabel. About coming out of the pods and being separated from them that first night and not seeing them again for almost three years...


“When we came out of our pods we were together at first. But for some reason Max wouldn’t leave the cave. I tried to holding onto Isabel’s hand to get her to come with me but she held back to stay with Max.” He explained while watching Maria towel drying her hair. She had finally convinced him to change her hair back to her blonde bob.

“So you left them in the cave?” She asked as she walked over to the rope Michael had strung up to dry their clothes on before she sat next to Michael in front of the campfire.

“Yeah, I don’t really know why. I just felt like we weren’t suppose to stay in the cave that we were suppose to get out of there. I don’t know when they came out, I just know it was later that night. I followed them for a while.”

“Followed them. Why would you do that?”

Michael couldn’t help but to flash her a devious grin before answering her. “Would you believe me if I told you that I can be very suspicious of people and situations.”

“NOOOO!” She gasped jokingly while smacking him on his shoulder. “Now stop being a bone head and tell me what happened next.”

“Oh very nice, calling me a bone head.” Michael shot back but decided to continue when he saw that she was opening up a bag of marshmallows and that she wasn’t about to share if he didn’t finish telling her is story.

“I finally went up to them after I followed them for a while. It was weird, we couldn’t talk, but some how we were able to read each others thoughts. We all started to walk together, I don’t know how far we got when we finally saw lights coming towards us.”

“What kind of lights.” Maria asked as she handed him a stick with a few marshmallows on it for toasting.

“Head lights. It was a car, to be more specific it was Phillip and Diane Evans car. Max grabbed Isabel’s hand and reached out for mine, but I didn’t take it. Instead I hide while the two of them walked towards the lights.” Michael said, barely able to hide the envy in his voice.

“And let me guess, the Evans took them with them, brought them to the sheriff or child welfare or whoever and then began adoption procedures for the little boy and girl they found on the side of the road.” She said finishing that part of the story for him.

“Exactly, because of my fear I ended up watching the only two like me drive off with two people, not knowing if I would ever see them again.”

“But that means that you had to be picked up too at some point.”

Michael nodded his head. “A day later a farmer found me in one of his fields. He brought me up to his house. Put some clothes on me and let his wife get a little food into me before he brought me to the state hospital.”

“State hospital?” She questioned.

“Yeah, they examined me to make sure I was ok before sending me to the orphanage. I can’t even begin to tell you what it was like.” He explained while popping one of the marshmallows in his mouth.

Maria looked up and shook her head. “Remind me to teach you better table manners.” She teased him, but saw by the look in his eyes he wasn’t feeling like joking around. “I’m sorry, you must have been terrified. You were just a baby and you didn’t even speak. Were you able to understand the doctors and nurses when they spoke to you?”

“Not at first, but after a while I began to understand them. After a few days I was even able to speak a few words. By that time I was in Social Services custody. I was sent to my first foster home around a month later.”

“First, how many were there?”

“Before I settled with Hank, six or seven.”

“Wait a minute, you were around five when you came out of the pods you were sent to Hank when you were around eight. In three years they shuffled you through all those homes. Jesus, that says something about our child care system doesn’t.” Maria ranted. “I mean this is what our taxes go for. You hear stories like this all the time. Those people are all over worked and under paid and that’s how scum like Hank get approved to be a foster care parent.”

Her tirade about the injustice of the child care system was enough to raise a smile from him. “Easy there Norma Rae, calm down.” He said while placing a hand on her knee.

“Sorry. I promise no more going off the deep end. Please tell me when you finally met up again with the others.” Maria said.

“The third day at Roswell Elementary. I was standing by a tree just watching all the kids playing when I heard a girl scream in excitement. I turned and saw that it was her from the pods and that she was with the other one.” He said with a sad smile.

“Then what happened.” Maria urged.

“Isabel tackled me to the ground practically trying to hug me to death.”

Maria laughed. “That doesn’t really sound like the Ice Princess to me.”

Michael chuckled at the old nickname the kids in school had given Isabel. Most girls would have been hurt by the name, but not Izzy. She wore her title proudly. “I know. The more she tried to hug me the more I tried to get away. Max just stood there. I think he was in shock, he had probable written me off and figured they never see me again.”

“You’re awful. I really don’t think Max wrote you off.” Maria said.

“Well I couldn’t blame him if he did. Not out of the pods a night and I already proved I was nothing but a fuck up! I’ve always been the fuck up and Max always been the one to fix everything. Now here I am dragging you all over the place, I'll probable end up getting you killed!” He shouted as he got up and stormed over to the car.

Maria watched him in surprise for a few seconds as he took out his frustration by kicking the tires. She hopped up when she heard his soft crying as he began to pound his head against the top of the car.

“Please Michael, please your scaring me.” She beg softly.

Michael buried his head into his arms and she could barely hear him mumble “Sorry”. She only hesitated a moment before she put her hand on his shoulder, gently urging him to turn and face her.

Maria hart broke when she saw how lost and scared he looked. For the past two weeks its been Michael keeping it together and giving her the strength to go on and know she was finally seeing the toll it was taking on him.

“Oh God Baby. How can you even think any of what you just said is true.” Maria said as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Because it’s true.” He whispered as he nuzzled Maria’s neck.

Maria couldn’t help getting angry at what he was saying. She also could feel herself getting angry at Max and Isabel. From everything that he had told her, neither of them had ever really taken enough interest in him or his thoughts. Isabel always treated him more like a child that needed to be mothered and Max had a tendency to make him feel as if he was more of a burden than a brother and friend. Even Maria had heard Max lecturing him on numerous occasions.

“Enough.” Maria commanded as she gently pushed Michael away. Michael hung his head and she reached out and urged him to look her in the eyes. “You are not and never have been a fuck up. You have done nothing but take care of me and made sure that we were safe since this happened. And God forgive me but we wouldn’t be here now if Max hadn’t been selfish and exposed him, you and Isabel to heal Liz. So if anyone fucked up it was him.”

Michael couldn’t help looking at Maria in shock. He didn’t know what to say. No one had ever said that anything Max had done was wrong before. “Maria.”

“No, I’m sorry but it’s true. I will always be grateful to him for saving Liz, but it still was selfish. He once told Liz that he couldn’t play God when she asked him to save her Grandmother, but why was it ok for him to play God with Liz’s life and put yours and Isabel in danger.” She said and then added, “and I was wrong and I want to apologize for ever saying that you were worthless because it wasn’t true. Not then or now.”

“Maria.” Michael said. He moaned softly when he saw the look in her eyes. For the first time he couldn’t control his impulses and slowly lowered his mouth and captured Maria’s lips in a searing kiss. Tentatively he slid his tongue out and ran it across her lips seeking entrances. Slowly, Maria opened her mouth and allowed him in. Both got lost in the kiss and only parted when the need for air became necessary.

Maria sighed as Michael placed feather light kisses along her jaw and neck and felt her knees start to give as he opened his mouth and ran his tongue along the trail he had just completed.

Maria felt dizzy as Michael brought his mouth back to hers. She heard herself moaning softly as she ran her fingers through his soft spikes and slowly lowered her hand to rest on Michael shoulder. She barely notices that he had maneuvered her so that she was leaning against the car.

Michael let his hands drop to her waist and gradually ran a hand up to cup one of her breasts, forcing her against the car. Michael was so lost in the feel of Maria kisses and the heat rolling off her body that he didn’t notice her pushing him away at first.

He was surprised to see that Maria was physically shaking and he reached his hand out to take her by the hand. He wasn’t sure what to do when Maria snatched her hand away from his.

“Don’t, please don’t.” Maria sob softly.

Michael was confused and didn’t know what he was suppose to do. All he wanted to do was grab her and hold her until whatever was wrong passed, but didn’t think she would allow him to.

“Maria, tell me.” He pleaded.

“I’m sorry I freaked out on you.” She said she slipped pass him and sat down again by the campfire. Michael followed her and knelt down in front of her with his hands outstretched and almost shouted with joy when Maria finally took them with hers. “It just was happening so fast and when you pushed me into the car I just felt like I wasn’t in control and is scared me.”

“I shouldn’t have pushed you like that.” Michael said as he sat down next to her.

“Michael it’s not you, it’s me. I’m the loser who freaked, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Your not a loser. I had promised you that I wouldn’t rush anything between us and here I go and push you up against a car.”

“But don’t you see, you have been more thoughtful and sweet than you should have to be about all of this. If I was any other girl you two would probable already have had sex by now.” Maria said.

Michael smiled and shook his head. “I don’t care about having sex with some other girl Maria. I want to make love with you.”

Michael confession brought on a fresh wave of tears. “Oh God, don’t you see that is what I’m afraid of, what if I’m never able to give myself to you. You deserve more than what I can give you.”

Michael took a deep breath, turned and made sure Maria was looking him in his eyes before he could tell her how he felt. “I don’t agree with you there. Look Maria I don’t know how or when it happened exactly but I fell in love with you and I’m not going to lose you. I can wait as long as I have to until your ready to be with me.”

Maria couldn’t say anything, she opened and closed her mouth several times but wasn’t able to get anything out. Michael chuckled when he saw that he had been able to render Maria Deluca speechless and stood up and held out his hand.

“Come on, you can make a witty comeback tomorrow. I’m tired and want to go to bed.”

Maria smiled and took his outstretched hand. “Don’t get carried away you. I still have a few things I want to say to you.” She said as she walked past him and went into the tent.

“That’s what I’m hoping for.” Michael said to himself as he smiled and joined her…


Part 9

The last week of the journey they had both silently agreed not to discuss two subjects. One was about the cabin, it was as if both decided that if they didn’t talk about it then it wasn’t really true.

The other was intimacy. After the night Michael and Maria had shared the kiss and Michael had confessed that he loved her. He did everything under his powers to make Maria feel comfortable with him and that what he was offering her was for real and not just passion.

But it had hurt terrible that Maria hadn’t said that she loved him back as he had hoped. Michael found himself thinking more and more about Maria. It was getting harder and harder for him to share the sleeping bag with her. Thank God Maria had learned her lesson after the first morning about following him when he took off first thing when they got up.

Unfortunately, Michael hadn’t learned not to just head into the tent if Maria wasn’t waiting for him when he got back. This he realized on their last day of their journey before they boarded the ferry to the island. He had been gone for almost half an hour and she wasn’t outside when he came back...


‘Where the Hell is she? She knows better than to wander off by herself.’ Michael thought as he looked about the surrounding areas. Without thinking he headed back into the tent to see if she had fallen back to sleep. He almost died when he saw that not only was she up, she was in the process of bringing herself to organism.

When he saw what she was doing he tried to get out of the tent as fast as possible. Unfortunately he tripped over one of the spikes and fell, taking several poles with him. This causing the tent to collapse on a very embarrassed Maria.


“Are you ok?” Michael asked as he started to pull Maria out from the rubble.

Maria smacked Michael hands away as he started to pull her up onto her feet. “What the Hell were you thinking just walking into the tent like that!” She screamed

“I thought you were still asleep. How was I suppose to know you in there getting yourself off!” He shouted back, his defense system kicking into high gear. All the tip toeing around the past week had strained their relationship and Michael had had enough.

Maria looked at him in disgust. “Could you be any cruder! God your disgusting! This is the most embarrassing thing to every happen to me. Could things get any worse!”

“I don’t believe you! Yeah real embarrassing! I saw you inside the sleeping bag and only could tell what you were up too because you were moaning. Your right that is terrible. Almost as bad as you watching me while I was ass naked and jerking off!”

“Oh please, at least I didn’t almost cause you to get a concussion by dropping a tent on you! And by the way you have seen me naked too buddy! Or did you forget your little peep show down by the brook!”

“Give it a break will you! I saw a your boobs, big deal! Actually let me rephrase that to your itsy bitsy training bra boobs!”

“AHHH, you are the biggest jerk to walk on the face of this earth and probable on your planet too! I can’t believe you, you are the most disgusting, deranged, deplorable and dada… Oh Hell, I can’t think of another bad D word to call you but they all still apply!” Maria huffed as she took off in the direction Michael had just come from.

Michael had broken down camp and had already had wash and changed by the time she made it back. Without speaking to him she grabbed her stuff and went down to the stream they had found the night before and got dressed for the day.

When she came back Michael had already had their stuff in the car and had started breakfast. He had to bite back a smile when he saw that she was resorting to the silent treatment again. She didn’t say anything as she grabbed the bowl of oatmeal and some canned peaches that he had set aside for her.

‘I’ m not going to be the one to apologize this time.’ Michael said to himself as he finished his breakfast and brought his plate and the pan he used to make the oatmeal over to the buckets of water he had gotten to do the dishes while he was getting washed up.

Maria watched as Michael stood at the buckets making sure she was paying attention before he dropped his bundle into the one with soap in it. Causing the water to spill over the top.

“I cooked, you can clean.” He said as he took off down to the stream with five one- gallon jugs to fetch some water. The car seemed to drink more water than the two of the combined. Not to mention they would were running low on gas as well.

Three trips later the gas tank and radiator tanks were full, as well as them having a couple of gallons of emergency water for themselves. By the time Michael was done, she had finished washing and drying their dishes as well as emptied both buckets and had put everything in the back seat.

She didn’t say anything as she got into the car. Michael just grunted his annoyance as he got behind the wheel and they took off. Maria had grabbed one of the books they had bought and continued to ignore him.

Deciding to show her that the silent treatment wasn’t bothering him, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his one true prize possession, Metallica’s , “…And Justice for All” cassette. He couldn’t help grinning when he saw her jaw clenched as the opening cords for “Blackened” drifted through the speakers.

They drove all the way to the ferry and Maria still wasn’t talking to him. After Michael had paid for both them and the car and he driven into the holding area did he finally turned around to talk to her.

“Well, I don’t know about you but I’m not sitting in the car. I’ll be above if you want to stop being a spoiled brat and come join me.” He said as he got out of the car and went above to sit out the boat ride.

He had been up on deck for around twenty minutes before Maria joined him. Michael looked at her Maria and almost caved on his promised to himself about apologizing first when he saw her because she looked so pale and he could tell that she had been crying too.

“Are you ok, you look like your about to lose it.”

“I don’t think those canned peaches were any good.” She said as she took the seat next to him.

“Oh shit, your seasick aren’t you.”

Maria looked up at him with an attempt to look indigent but failed miserably when the boat hit a rather large wave causing it to rise and fall quickly. She jumped up and ran towards the restroom.

“Screw the argument.” Michael said as he followed her. He knocked softly, but when she didn’t answer him, he looked around making sure no one was watching and unlocked the door using his powers.

He stopped when he saw her retching over the commode. Michael knelt down next to her and began to rub her back. “You want me to get you some ginger ale or something?”

“No. That’s ok” She said weakly as she reached up and flushed the toilet. She stood and went over to the sink and washed her face and hands. She meekly looked over at Michael and asked for her purse.

He watched as she pulled out a small bag with her toothbrush, toothpaste and a small bottle of mouthwash. Funny how they always carried certain things with them since they took off. Maria always had her toilettes on hand, he could see a bar of soap and some shampoo and conditioner also in the bag she had pulled out.

He always made sure he had matches, his pocket knife, a travel size atlas, a compass, and the travel size toothbrush container Maria had picked up for him in his jacket pockets. After Maria was done cleaning herself up he helped her back outside and got her settled on a bench and then went in search of ginger ale and saltines.

Ten minutes later Michael was sitting on the bench with Maria curled up next to him nibbling on crackers and sipping her soda. He couldn’t help smirking down at her when she burped and quickly mumbled an ‘excuse me’.

When he noticed that she was done, he took the soda and crackers and placed them next to him and patted his thigh to encourage her to try laying down with her head resting on his leg.

She groaned but with the way her stomach was acting she decided to take him up on his offer. She scooted over a little, turned and lowered her head onto his leg while she laid on her side, curled up in the fetal position. Michael noticed how she kept her hands clutched over her tummy.

“Are you going to be sick again.” He asked as he started to rub her back.

“I don’t think so. I would have to get seasick on top of it.” Maria said, moaning softly at how soothing Michael’s caresses were.

“On top of what?”

“Don’t laugh or freak or what ever you guys do when girls talk about it.”

Michael looked down at her in total confusion. “You want to try that again in English.”

“I’m due.”

He shook his head at her. “Yeah no kidding, we should be there in a few hours, but I still don’t understand what that has to do with anything.”

Maria lightly slapped his thigh. “No Michael, I’m due for my monthly visitor. You know my period.” She explained.

Michael just looked at her dumbfounded. He knew that she would get it eventually, they had been on the road for three weeks. He had even seen the couple of boxes of tampons she had bought but had chosen to ignore them. He was a strong believer in the ‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you’ theory and chose not to know anything that was going on in that department.

But now that it was here and she was in so much pain he felt horrible. He didn’t say anything he just kept on rubbing her back and making soothing sounds in an attempt to make her feel just a little better when it finally hit him like a ton of bricks.

“MODE SWINGS!” He shouted a little louder than he intended.

“Michael.” Maria hissed looking to see if anyone had heard him. Yup, older couple in their sixties was laughing and looking in their direction. She was going to kill him.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to shout it out loud like that. That’s why you were so cranky this morning, I mean more than you should have been because I accidentally knocked the tent down on you.” He explained with pride that he had figured it out on his own.

Maria didn’t say anything, she had rested her hand on Michael thigh and slowly began to draw invisible circles. Michael knew that this was something Marie did when she was thinking something through, he remembered her drawing circles in the sand that early morning down by the lake.

“Michael, what do you know about; well you know, about girl stuff?”

“Well if you mean did me and Izzy discuss her getting her, well you know. No, never did. Not exactly something you talk to your sister about.”

“How about freshmen health class. I actually remember you made it in there the day they discussed the female anatomy.” Maria said teasingly.
Michael snorted at her comment. “Yeah, you have no idea how disappointing I was when they should us those diagrams. Here I was a totally healthy and horny thirteen year old boy all revved up for ‘actual pictures’ and they snick in diagrams. There should be a law against teasing a guy like that.”

Maria chuckled. “I guess you were so disappointed that you didn’t pay attention to what they talked about. See a couple of days before a girl gets her period she tend to get a little hormonal charged or as you so delicately put it, horny. This morning I couldn’t take it anymore so while you were gone I decided to satisfied my urges.”

Michael still didn’t understand why she freaked out so much. “OK, so big deal. It isn’t exactly a secret what I’m doing every morning when I take off.”

“Yeah, well you’re a guy and guys are known for their inability to control their hormones. Look, it’s just that I didn’t know how you would feel about me doing what I was doing when I haven’t even let you kiss me since that night by the car.”

“Wait a minute. What the Hell is that suppose to mean. You think that I would be pissed or something because you were masturbating. And just for the record, I haven’t tried to kiss you since that night so you haven’t had to decide whether or not to let me kiss you.”

Michael had all he could take, he had to get what had been gnarring at him since that night. “Look, I’m not totally sure why you would think what ever it is your thinking, but I’m not sitting here in judgment of you. I get it that your not ready to be with me, but I also get that your human and that you have needs that you will take care of. I never thought you weren’t sexually driven just because your not ready to give yourself to me. You have to learn to trust me.” He begged gently.

Maria was shocked at what he had just said. “Michael, I do trust you. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here with you. How can you say I don’t trust you.”

“Because deep down you don’t, not with your heart that is. I told you that night that I loved you and you never said anything back to me to let me know if you feel the same way.” He said softly.

Maria could feel the tears spring to her eyes at the raw hurt in his voice. “Oh Michael, I just, I just don’t know. I do care about you and I know I have feeling for you, but what if they are just because we have been depending on each other for the past few weeks. Maybe when we get settled and start living a somewhat normal life again you won’t feel the same.”

“How can you even think that. If that’s how you feel then why were you so upset that night when you said you was afraid you would never be able to give yourself to me. Why would you be thinking about it if you didn’t feel it too.” He asked her, not really sure he wanted to hear the answer.

Maria signed and pushed herself up into a sitting position. “Because I wanted to sleep with you that night Michael. I’m attracted to you, I have been since that night in the ally. There you were all gloomy and scary, but I found myself drawn to you anyway. You were so mean and nasty to me at first and I found it sexy in a sick and twisted way. Then this happened and you still have your moments but underneath that tough guy persona is an incredible sweet and gentle man.”

Maria shushed him when he tried to say something to her. “No please let me finish. That second night when we made the truce was a turning point for both of us. That night I had told you that I liked it when I woke up in your arms and how good it felt. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden you were always there offering me comfort, I mean do you know how good you are at hugging and those little kisses on the forehead. Michael are you sure your really in love with me or is it that I freed you of some kind of self prison you put yourself in were you never let anyone in. I mean from the stories you have told, you weren’t ever really shown affection before, just a few hugs from Isabel.”

“You think I’m in love with you because I opened up to you and let down my wall and decided not to hide my affection for you. Well, maybe that is part of it. I never hungered for someone to hold me or for me to want to hold someone, but with you it’s was different from the start. I felt like holding you, sleeping with you snuggled up against me is the most natural feeling I have ever had. It was like a piece of me was missing and I found it with you.”

This time it was Michael turn to shush Maria when she tried to interrupt him. “You got your turn, this is my turn. Don’t try and tell me that what I feel for you isn’t real. Yes, maybe some of it is because we’re dependant on each other. But not all of it. Maria I CHOOSE to love you. Not just because you happen to be the girl I ended up running with but because your funny, smart and downright devious when you need to be. I love that you think that Wonder Woman was a better superhero than Spider Man because she had wore a crown and had matching bracelets. I love the way you always try to be so lady like and how embarrassed you get when you burp. I love the way think if you give me the silent treatment that you will get your own way, I love the way you jaw clenches when I put Metallica’s on and there are a million other reason why I love you.

Michael took Maria’s hand into his. “If you really are afraid that your feeling for me is just because of the situation where in then I won’t push you. Why don’t we wait and see, like you said maybe once we are settled down then you can decide whether or not what you are feeling for me is real or not. Just know one thing, my feeling are real. They aren’t going to change. If you don’t feel the same way, I’ll accept it and move on. All I asked is that you trust your hart and not to talk yourself out of falling in love with me because your scared.”

Maria smiled as she felt the tears flowing down her cheeks. “I promise, I won’t let my fear rule what my hart is telling me. Just give me the time I need to know for sure Michael.”

Michael brushed away her tears and slowly mated his forehead to hers. “Always and forever.” Michael promised…


Part 10

The next several days went by in a rush. Maria was able to find a job waitressing and Michael found a job as a handy man for a small inn. He almost didn’t take the job because the pay wasn’t that great but Maria encourage him to take it because the owner explained that they would be able to live in the gate house that was on the property for free.

Michael had been inside yesterday when he had finally decided to take the job and couldn’t wait for Maria to see the inside. He knew she was excited at the thought of a real home, she had done her little happy dance the day before when he said it came completely furnished, including linens.

They had finally settled everything and were getting ready to move into their home. It was an adorable little stone cottage off of the ocean. The path leading up to the house was made out of little white stones, with pansies growing on either side of it. The cottage had ivy growing on one side and a white trellis with roses growing on it on the other.

In the den there was a large bay window that looked out onto the water, with a hand carved wooden bench beneath it. There was fire already going in the old fashion wood burning stove in the corner that made the den warm and cozy.

The kitchen was small, with only an refrigerator, two-sided sink and a stove. There was a food pantry and a few cabinets for pots and pans. None of the appliances could have been bought before 1940 and reminded Maria of her grandmothers kitchen making her love it even more.

Off of the kitchen was the dinning room and living room. The dinning room had two built-in china hutches for dishes and glasses and a round oak table with four high back chairs. Maria couldn’t help smiling as she took in the old Wedgwood china and crystal stemware.

The living room was had a fire going in the huge stone fire place with two overstuff couches across from each other. An oak coffee table sat between them. On one side of the room there was a beautiful stain glass bay window that looked out into the surrounding woods, with an identical hand carved wooden bench beneath it just like the one in the den.

Michael smiled as Maria took in their surroundings. He almost didn’t take the job, getting the house didn’t seem like that big of a deal, but after three nights in Bob’s Motel or as Maria liked calling it, the roach motel he decided to take with Maria’s prompting.

“Oh my God, this place is so beautiful, it’s like a Thomas Kinkade painting. Oh Michael, what about the bedroom and bathroom?” Maria said while bouncing back and forth on her feet.


“Well what are we waiting for.” Maria shouted as she started for the stairs up to the second floor, taking a few moments to appreciate the high gloss on the hard wood stairs and banister. Maria grinned when she reached the top and looked down the hallway. The banister ran all along the hallway and there were a few scatter rugs lining the floor.

Maria opened the first door and gasped when she saw the huge bathroom. It was done in white tile with an old fashion commode that had the tank above it with a chain to flush. The sink was a white china pedestal sink with a large medicine cabinet above it. Maria thought she had died and went to heaven when she saw the tub. It was an old white china tub with claw feet and must have been at least four feet deep.

“I’m going to soak in that baby tonight.” She announced to an amused Michael.

“Well why don’t you check out the rest of the place before you go for your swim.”

“Oh yeah.” Maria said grabbing him by the arm and dragging him out of the bathroom.

They walked few feed down the hallway and stopped in front of the first of the three remaining doors on the second floor. Michael opened the door and let Maria go in first. He smiled when he heard her sharp intake of breath.

“The master bedroom.” He told her.

Maria just shook her head in a yes manner and stepped into the room. It was by far the most breathtaking room in the house. All the furniture was hand carved oak, there was an armoire on one wall and a chest of draws on the other. Next to the chest of draws was the walk in closet. The bed was an old fashion king size four poster bed. Maria had to physically jump up to get onto the bed because it was so high off the floor. At the foot of the bed was a oak hope-chest. And on the opposite wall across from the bed was a smaller version of the stone fireplace from the living room.

The thing that really took Maria’s breath away was when she jumped up on the bed and looked up and saw a sky light right over the bed. “Oh Michael, we’ll be able to look at the stars before we fall asleep.” She coo happily.

Michael sat down next to her and looked up. “Your right, it’s a beautiful view. I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

Maria smiled and took his hand in hers. “Don’t worry, I’m sure will both enjoy it.”

Michael cleared his throat. “Actually Maria, it will be just you. I’ve decided that I’m gonna take one of the other bedrooms.”

“What! Why! Did I do something?” Maria asked hating that she couldn’t keep the panic out of her voice.

Michael sighed, he knew she wasn’t going to take this well. “It’s not you Maria, it’s us.”

“I don’t understand. What is that suppose to mean. We’ve been sharing a bed since the first night, I don’t see why we can’t keep sharing.” She reasoned.

“Because it’s not the same. When we were on the move we didn’t have a choice, we had to share. If we didn’t we would have probable frozen to death. Now we can chose, and I just can’t keep on sharing a bed with you and not be able to make love to you.” He explained gently.

Maria felt herself on the verge of crying. “Why does this sex stuff have to come between us?”

“You know it’s not about sex Maria and don’t cheapen by calling it that. I told you before that I want to make love with you. Look I may be an alien, but I’m still a guy. Do you have any idea how hard this has been for me?” He asked.

“Considering I usually woke up with it pressing in my ass I have a fairly good idea.” She snapped at him.

Michael looked Maria dead in the eyes and Maria gulped when she saw how angry he was about what she had just said. “Look, I’m trying to be nice about this. I just can’t share a bed with you right now, and if you keep up with your attitude I probable never will want to.” He said in a cold and even voice as he got up and headed out the door.

Maria cringed when she heard him storm down the stairs and slammed the door on his way out. Quickly she ran over to the window that faced the front of the house and saw him get into the Jetta and take off.

“What the Hell is wrong with me.” She cried as she watched the sun starting to set on the horizon.
cant stand it...
each of you have been with all your encouragement.

Part 11

Maria was sitting in the living room curled up on the bench looking out the bay window watching the moonlight dancing off the trees. After Michael had left she had gone outside and brought all their things inside. They had gone to the grocery story on their way over and used the rest of their legit money to stock up the fridge and pantry.

After Maria had put away all the groceries and the few pots and pans they had bought while they were on the run she dragged their clothes upstairs. Maria stopped outside the master bedroom and decided to put Michael’s bags inside then sighing she turned and brought her bags down the hall to next room. It wasn’t as grand as the other room but it was cozy. The furniture was similar just a smaller version of the furniture in the master bedroom. Their was even a small wood burning stove in the corner.

After she had unpacked her clothes and placed her toiletries, including some rose scented bubble bath she had picked up when they went shopping earlier, she went downstairs and went out to the wood shed that was off to the side of the cottage to get some wood for her stove. She made several trips making sure that she got enough for Michael’s room as well.

She padded into the kitchen and made herself some hot chocolate before she settled down for the wait. It was almost 11:30 before she heard the car pulling into the driveway. Jumping up she ran to the front door and had it open before Michael had a chance to reach for the handle.

Michael was hanging his head low and wouldn’t look Maria in the eyes, if he had he would have seen all the love he was hungering for. The smile that had found it way onto Maria face fell when Michael walked past her and went into the living room.

Sighing Michael sank down onto one of the couches and waited for her to join him. Taking a deep breath Maria followed him in and sat down across from him on the other couch. Clearing her throat she got ready to apologize for her earlier outburst but he cut her off.

“Don’t, just let me talk.” He begged and looked up to see her shake her head yes. “First I’m sorry about the way I acted, I shouldn’t have walked out like that.” Taking a shaking breath he continued, dreading having to say out loud the one thing he had feared the most. “Look I get it alright Maria. You’ve pretty much have made it clear, you don’t want what I want and I told you before that I would accept it and learn to move on.”

“No Michael.” Maria cried out. This was getting all mixed up and she had to straightened it out. “Your wrong, your so very wrong! Tonight when you left I realized just how much I truly care about you.”

Jumping up Maria walked over to where he was and sat on the coffee table letting her knees bump against his. “Oh Michael, when I thought that you might never come back it hit me how foolish I’ve been since that night you told me how you feel. Michael, I…”

Michael placed his index finger over Maria’s lip shushing her. “Please don’t say it. Don’t say it because you would be saying it for all the wrong reasons. Look tonight I abandoned you and right now your just saying what you think you should say so that I don’t leave you again. So just please give me a little respect and don’t proclaim your undying love for me when it just isn’t true.”

“How can you know what is in my hart!” Maria fought, she had to convince him. “You told me not try and say whether your feeling for me are true or not so how can you turn around and do just that!”

“Because I realized something while I was driving around. If you felt the same way about me as I do about you, you should be able to say it. I convinced myself that maybe you weren’t ready to say the words but that your actions were conveying how you really felt. And they do, you treat me the same way you treated Liz or Alex, Hell even the way you started to treat Max and Izzy.” He tried to explained.

Michael hung his head and pretended to study the floor for a few seconds before he continued. “Look Maria your just one of those huggy feely type of people. I wanted to make believe that it was different with me, that they way you touched me was different but I was wrong. And I just made it worst by smothering you with all the affection I was showering on you. It just felt so good, but that’s the thing about you. You make people feel good about themselves. You bring out this need, almost like a craving to gather you in a hug and to protect you from the world and all the bad things in it.”

Maria felt like crying at what he was saying. “Are you saying that you were wrong about your feelings for me? That your not in love with me?”

Michael gave her a sad smile. “I wish that was the case, it would make everything easier if that was true. No Maria, I am in love with you. But that is my problem, not yours. I’m just not going to try and make myself believe that you will fall in love with me anymore.”

Maria’s mind was running a mile a minute. ‘How am I going to make him change his mind and make him believe that I am in love with him too?’ She thought franticly. She was getting ready to make another argument in her case when Michael stood up.

“Look, I’m really tired and want to go to bed. Lets just agree never to talk about this again, it’s a little embarrassing for me to say the least. We’ll stay here for a few months and save our money. In the spring we can split and go our separate ways and put this all behind us.” He said.

Maria couldn’t stop the tears from spilling any longer. “How can you just give up on us just like that?” Her hart was breaking as she saw how his shoulders were slumped in defeat.

“Because there never really was an us. It was just me acting like a fool trying to make you feel something you don’t.”

“What about now, what happens now?” She asked.

“We go with the story we came up with at the motel. We’re Michael and Maria Gulliver from Winnipeg. Your 19 and I’m 20 and we got married six months ago. We worked our way to the island after we got hitched. Your parents died in a car crash when you were eight and my mother abandoned me when I was three. We met in a foster home when you were 16 and I was 17. You moved in with me, when you left the system after you turned 18. We got married after you graduated and then we hit the road.”

She shook her head deciding that fighting him anymore tonight would just make things worst. “What if someone decides to check up on us?”

He reached over and grabbed his jacket that he had tossed aside when he sat down and pulled out an envelope. “That’s what I ended up doing after I drove around. Thank God we live in a hick town. I broke into the county records office and hacked into the system. Everything is in there, we even have tax identification numbers. I printed off dummy birth certificates, wedding license and diplomas for us. I made sure I went into the foster care system and added our histories just incase anyone checked that out.”

Maria looked into the envelope and pulled out all the paper work examining everything he had created. She couldn’t help running her fingers over the marriage license over and over again. She was deep in thought when she heard Michael stand up and walk over to the stairs.

“Which room did you put my stuff in?” He asked without even looking at her.

Quickly Maria stuffed the papers back in the envelope and joined him by the stairs. “I put your stuff in the master bedroom.”

She cut him off before he could argue with her. “Don’t worry, I took one of the other rooms. I figured you would really prefer the bigger room, besides I know how much you love to look at the stars. That it makes you feel more at home.” She added softly.

Michael looked down at her and forced himself not to make believe that the look on her face was that of a woman in love that it was just his fantasy. “Are you sure, I know you really wanted the room?”

Maria couldn’t help smiling at him. “For now.” She said, silently adding to herself. ‘Until I convince you that I want to share the room with you as your lover and mate.’

Michael nodded his agreement and Maria watched as he climbed the stairs. He was half way up when he turned and looked at her. “Aren’t you going to bed?” He asked.

“In a few minutes, I have to clean up a little in the kitchen and do a few things.” She explained. The number one thing was to plan on how to show Michael Guerin that she is in love with him and that they are meant to be together even if it kills her or him, depending on how difficult he makes this for her.

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Part 12

The next morning Maria got up extra early. Sneaking past Michael’s room she chuckled lightly as she heard him snoring. Quickly she went downstairs and headed into the kitchen. Last night she had made a list of how to convince Michael that she loved him and she was starting her campaign today.

Step number one, making him a large hearty breakfast. Praying that the old saying that the way to a man’s hart was through his stomach, Maria pulled out the corn muffin mix and got to work. By the time she heard Michael getting up and heading into the bathroom she had already baked muffins, fried up some bacon and sausage and had pancakes warming in the oven.

Grinning she went over to the fridge and pulled out the eggs. She felt her hart flutter when she saw Michael leaning in the doorway staring at all the food she had made. Putting on her most dazzling smile she gestured for Michael to sit down at the breakfast nook.

Quickly she went over to the stove and grabbed the pot of coffee she had perking and poured him a mug, placing it next to the orange juice she had already for him. “So how do you want your eggs?” She asked as she headed back to the stove.

Michael looked around the room and finally settled his eyes on her. “Maria when the Hell were you possessed by the spirit of Donna Reed? I mean, this all looks great but this food is suppose to last us for a while, your not suppose to cook it all at once.”

Maria couldn’t help but to look hurt at Michael. “I just thought it would be nice to have a big breakfast for you first day on the job and all.”

Michael didn’t get to answer her because of a knock on the back door. Dejectedly Maria walked over and opened the door. She managed to find a smile for the three women standing on the back stoop. The older of the three women smiled at her and took her hand into her own as she stepped into the kitchen.

“Oh you must be Michael wife Maria. I’m Ruth Lawrence and I own The Baker’s Hollow Inn and am Michael boss.” She said patting the younger woman’s hand.

Maria felt her stomach fall out when the woman introduced herself and immediately ran her free hand through her hair realizing that she had only taken time out to wash her face and hands and to brush her teeth before coming down stairs to start cooking up a storm.

She could feel the hot blush working its way up her face that the woman who was not only Michael’s boss but also their landlady was seeing her for the first time wearing a flannel shirt and long johns with thermal socks on her feet. Not to mention mentally kicking herself when she realized she was trying to seduce Michael looking like a reject from a lumberjack camp.

Maria felt herself relax a little when the older woman gave her a sweet smile and patted her on the cheek. Mrs. Lawrence appeared to be in her early sixties and had a wonderful grandmotherly feel to her. Maria felt drawn to the woman and could tell that she was going to be very close to her.

Maria wished the floor would open up and swallow her when she saw the other two woman who had come in with Mrs. Lawrence. “Oh were are my manners. Michael, Maria these are the two housekeepers who work at the inn. This here is Jeanie and Courtney .” She explained pointing to the other two woman.

“Nice to meet you.” Maria was able to squeak out to the three woman. She turned and gave them each a smile. Jeanie was probable in her mid forties and had a jolly looking appearance, Maria had a sneaky suspicion that they would get along well with this woman too.

She didn’t get the same feeling from that Courtney girl. She was probable only a few years older than Maria and made her blood boil when she saw her checking out Michael right in front of her. ‘Hello, wife standing right here.’ Maria wanted to scream at the bottle blonde bimbo. To make things worst she was all done up, I mean who wears all that make up to clean bedrooms and could her shirt get any smaller, why not just walk around topless if you want to give the guys a thrill.

Michael finally got up and nodded his greetings to the three woman. “Mrs. Lawrence, I’m sorry we meant to stop by yesterday to say hello.” Michael said helping the older woman onto one of the stools.

Maria was dumbfounded. MANNERS, when the Hell had he picked up manners! Oh he better not eat with his mouth open in front of her again! And if he every lets one go while their in the car again she was going to kill him! Not only did he help Mrs. Lawrence up he offered to get the other two women chairs from the dinning room to sit on. Both declined saying they need to get back to the inn and start their rounds. They left after Jeannie made Maria promise to come by later for coffee and danish.

“Mrs. Lawrence can I get you a cup of coffee or tea?” Michael asked. Maria head was spinning, right before her eyes Michael was turning into Cary Grant for crying out loud. Dammit where was her badly groomed poorly mannered Michael. Not that she didn’t find this Michael equally sexy. ‘Damn stop thinking about that. Concentrate, third party in the room!’ she shouted to herself.

“Oh that is so sweet. I’ll have tea dear.” She said bringing Maria back down to earth.

“I’ll make it, I hope you like herbal tea.” Maria said as she rushed to put the kettle on and ran into the dinning room to grab the china tea pot as well as a china cup and saucer.
She remembered that her own grandmother had always said tea should be served in china and not in a mug.

“Oh please don’t go to all this bother.” Mrs. Lawrence said kindly.

“It’s not a bother at all.” Maria said cheerfully as she finished setting up the cup and saucer in front of the woman. The kettle started to whistle and Maria went over and filled up the teapot setting it aside to steep. On her way back she grabbed the coffee pot and refilled Michael’s mug while listening to the two discuss Michael duties.

“And the old handy man, Tom Lucas will be coming by today to show you how to run the furnace.”

Maria busied herself with getting cream and sugar for the tea and quietly poured Mrs. Lawrence’s drink. The older woman smiled at her and asked her to please join them. She hated to see Maria rushing around just for her.

“So Mrs. Lawrence…”

“Oh for goodness sake please call me Ruthie, everyone does.” She asked kindly.

Maria smiled, she was definitely going to like this woman. “Ok, so Ruthie how long have you been running the inn?”

“Well my grandfather opened it in 1889 and it has been in my family every since. My father took over after Grandpa passed away in 1922, a year before I was born. My grandfather built this house in 1904 for my grandmother and my father and mother moved in when they took over the inn. Both myself and my brother Richard were born in this house.”

“I didn’t realize you have a brother, does he live close by?” Maria asked

“Oh no, he was killed on Normandy beach during World War II. He was eighteen and had just come out of boot camp when he was sent overseas.” She said with tears in her eyes.

Maria reached her hand out and grasped the other woman hand. “I’m so sorry, I can’t even imagine what that must have been like for you and your parents.”

“Well, my mother had passed away a year earlier of cancer so it was just my father and me. Poor Pa just never excepted Rich’s death. I stayed here helping to run the inn and taking care of Pa. He passed in 1970 after he had a stroke, he was 72 at the time.”

Michael had finished his pancakes, bacon and sausages and wrapped a couple of corn muffins in a napkin before he stood up. “If you ladies will excuse me, I’m going to go chop the wood for the fireplace in the foray.”

Michael started to head for the door when Maria called out to him. “Sweetie I’ll have your lunch all prepared for you when your ready. Why don’t you invite Mr. Lucas to join us.” Maria said in an attempt to sound like a doting wife for Ruthie.

He turned and looked at her a little stunned, not exactly sure why she was acting the way she was. “Oh, don’t you have a shift at the diner this afternoon.”

“Not until 3:00 P.M., I’m working 3:00 to 9:00 today. Darn I didn’t even realize that I wouldn’t be home for supper. I know you can come down to the diner and have dinner with me on my brake.” She prattled happily while starting to clean up the morning dishes.

“We’ll see. I should get out and start working on that wood.” Michael said as he went to grab the door handle. Turning he remembered that his boss was still sitting at the breakfast nook. “Thank you again for this opportunity Ruthie, I really appreciate it.”

“I’m sure you’ll work out fine Dear.” She said, but stopped Michael before he finished getting out the door. “Michael aren’t you forgetting something?”

He stopped and looked around to see if he left anything behind. He flashed a look at Maria who just shrugged her shoulders at what the woman was referring to.

“No mam I don’t think so.”

Ruthie chuckled. “Oh honey you’ve only been married six months and your already neglecting to kiss your wife good bye before you head out in the morning.”

‘I will love you forever Ruthie.’ Maria shouted to herself when she saw Michael flash a smile at her before he strolled over to her and placed a tender kiss on her mouth. Maria could feel that silly grin working its was up to her face. ‘Oh yeah, definitely loving you Ruthie.’ She thought to herself as Michael headed out the door.

Part 13

The next several weeks went by in a blur. Maria had been right when she felt that she would become friends with Ruthie and Jeanie. She was also right when she felt that she could trust that skanky bottle blonde Courtney about as far as she could through her.

Maria tried everything she could think of to show Michael how much she was in love with him. She had become the perfect ‘wife’ as far as she could see. Unfortunately Michael was pulling even further away from her as time went on.

Maria found a comrade in the ‘I hate Courtney Club’ with Jeanie. It seemed that every small town has to have a ‘Town Slut’ and the bottle job had gladly assumed that title. Jeanie’s son Peter had gone to school with the bottle job and had gotten suspended and kicked off the football team when he had been caught as Jeanie put it ‘crossing the end zone’ under the bleachers with the bottle job. Making him lose a football scholarship.

Maria had turned to both Ruthie and Jeanie for advise. Both woman had confided to her that they could see that her and Michael were having ‘marriageable problems’ and that Courtney was in full seduce mode.

She had given both ladies an somewhat accurate account of her and Michael so call romance, sticking to the ‘Gulliver’s’ history for the most part. Note to self, never let Michael choose their last name again. Only he would think using the name Gulliver was funny since they had just finish traveling across country.

Now it was just a few days before Christmas and her and Michael were barely talking. Maria decided to try another tacit when she got up this morning. She went downstairs and started breakfast and had just finished setting a place from him when he came into the kitchen.

“Hey Michael. I hope you don’t mind oatmeal, it’s on the stove.” She said in her most pleasant voice she could find.

“That’s fine.” He said as he grabbed the bowl she had set out and filled it up.

Maria watched him for a few minutes and waited until she thought it was a good time to approach the thing she wanted to discuss with him.

“You know Michael, Christmas is only in a two days.” She said sweetly, silently praying that maybe they could find their common ground over the holiday spirit.

“Yeah, I know. I was the one who hung all the decorations inside and outside of the inn last week.”

Maria groaned to herself. He wasn’t going to be Mr. Jolly Guy was he, but she plowed ahead anyway. “Well I know that. See decorations is what I kinda wanted to talk about. I thought it would be nice if tonight we went out and bought a tree together. I can go to the store today to pick up some ornaments and tinsel. It’ll be great.”

Michael looked at Maria as if she had lost her mind. “What the Hell are you talking about. Maria you are not wasting the money on this Christmas crap. Look if you want to get all sappy and stare at a Christmas tree go up to the inn and stare at the one in the foray.”

She couldn’t help getting upset with him. Why was he treating her this way and before she knew it Hurricane Deluca decided to make an appearance. “What bug crawled up you ass and died. What the fuck have I done to you in the past couple of weeks to make you treat me like a piece dog shit?!” She screamed.

Michael just glared at her and flung his spoon in the bowl. “Look I’m not going to get into this with you. And if you think that if you give me the silent treatment or start crying that you will get your way, forget it.”

“OH we are so getting into this! I don’t believe you! I have been trying everything under the sun to get US back, but you haven’t given me an inch!” She screamed.

He couldn’t believe he was hearing this. ‘Getting US back’. What a joke there never was an US. Dammit why was she doing this to him. He had to keep his distance from her, he wasn’t going to let her hurt him anymore.

“ENOUGH!” He shouted at her, startling her that she dropped her cup of juice when she jump in shock at the sheer volume of his voice. “I don’t know what the Hell you are up to, but just cut it out!”

“Michael.” Maria whispered. Things had been bad up to now, but right before her eyes it was quickly turning to horrible.

She wanted to cry when he turned his back on her and headed walked over to the back door to leave. Her breath caught when he stopped and leaned against the door. “I can’t do this anymore Maria.”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean?” She asked in fear.

Sighing he turned and faced her. He had to force himself from running over to her and gather her in his arms when he saw how frightened she looked. Clearing his throat he said as calmly as possible, knowing she wasn’t going to want to hear what he had to say.
“Look Maria, I think it’s pretty obvious that we gave the FBI the slip and covered our trail pretty well.”

“Yeah, that’s because we worked together.” She reminded him, terrified where he was going.

“Yeah well, whatever. Look I’ve been thinking, I think we should stay here for the winter.” He said softly.

“OK.” She agreed.

Taking a deep breath Michael said the thing he had dreaded saying since he had decided this is what he had to do to keep his sanity. “Then in the spring I think we should take off.”

“Un hun.”
“And I think since everything seems safe that we should split up. Maybe you can even go home if things look good. Then you could go back to your love ones.” He explained.

Maria couldn’t hold her tears back any longer. “You promised that we would stick together.”

Michael closed his eyes, praying he wouldn’t brake down in front of her. “Yeah, well that was when it wasn’t safe and now it’s seems that we made it.”

Maria shook her head. “I’m not going to discuss this with you now. Look I’m sorry about the whole Christmas tree thing, ok.” Maria said, begging with her eyes that Michael would change his mind.

“Look, I’ve made my decision and you are going to have to deal with it. I have to get going. I’ll see you.” He said as he rushed out the door.

Maria looked around the kitchen wondering how everything got so screwed up so fast. She couldn’t breath and need to get out. She didn’t bother with the breakfast dishes, she just grabbed her coat and start to run up to the inn to see Ruthie and Jeanie.

Maria looked longingly at Michael as he started hauling some wood that had been delivered over to the shed to be chopped later. If she had seen his face she would have seen all the hurt and sorrow consuming him from the inside.

She only watched him for a minute before she jogged up the steps to the kitchen’s backdoor. Maria stepped inside without even knocking and saw the two women who had come to mean so much to her in such a short amount of time sitting at the kitchen table drinking their morning tea.

Ruthie and Jeanie exchanged a look when they saw Maria stricken face and the tears streaming down her cheeks. Jeanie hopped up and pulled the younger woman into a loving motherly hug while whispering words of comfort and stroking her hair.

Ruthie got up and motioned for the other woman to help Maria through the kitchen to her small sitting room and to sit down on the sofa. Jeanie sat down with Maria’s head resting on her lap as she curled up in a ball next to the older woman. Both women’s harts broke as they watched the small slip of a girl body wracking with sobs.

“Maria dear, please we can’t help if you don’t tell us what happened.” Ruthie said as she reached out and took one of Maria’s hands.


After a few moments they heard her mumble that her and Michael had a fight. Eventually Maria sat up. She gratefully accepted the tissues that Jeanie held out to her and wiped her eyes and blew her nose. She scooted over to the other end of the couch with her feet tucked up under her knees.

Sniffling she began to tell her friends what happened. She explained how she thought that maybe going shopping for a tree together might have helped bring her and Michael together, instead all it did was drive the final nail into the coffin. All three woman were so caught up in their talk the didn’t hear Courtney come into the kitchen or see her eavesdropping at the door.

“Then he said he thinks that we should just stay here for the winter and then in the spring he wants to split up.” She cried helplessly.

‘Oh I just knew that little girl couldn’t keep that fine specimen of manhood satisfied. Know I will just get him alone for a while and soon I will have Michael for myself.’ Courtney vowed.

Quickly she stepped back and went into the kitchen again. She was getting a glass of water when she saw the object of her desire heading down into the basement through the window.

Smiling she pulled down another glass and filled it with water and headed to the basement door. She stopped to check out the way she looked in the mirror and put the glasses down so that she could fix her hair and open up another button on her tight shirt. Grinning she picked up the glasses and headed down to the basement.

She watched Michael for a few seconds shovel coal into the old furnace. Jeez, you would think with Ruthie’s money that she would update that old thing. Who the Hell still used a coal furnace to heat an inn. But then when she noticed how Michael had stripped down to just his jeans to do the job she thought better of her original comment about getting a new furnace.

Grinning she cleared her throat to let Michael know she was in the room, causing him to spin on his heals with is right hand held up like some kind of shield or something. “Hey Mickey G., I thought you might want a drink or something.”

Michael forced himself not to groan out loud. This girl just didn’t know when to stop. For crying out loud as far as she knew he was a happily married guy, but it didn’t stop her from flinging herself at him whenever she found a chance.

“Thanks.” Michael said as he took the glass from her and sat down a little away from the furnace.

“So, Maria is up at the inn with Ruthie and Jeanie.” She said, baiting him slightly.

“Yeah, well she usually spends the morning with them.” He answered, not sure if he wanted to hear what the blonde next to him had to say.

“Oh yeah, she’s a real regular. Of course then again she is always seeking them out to ask for their advice.” She teased.

That statement got his attention. “What do you mean she is always seeking them out to ask them for their advice?”

“Oh you know, advice on how to make her marriage work. I must say Mickey G., from the stuff I’ve heard you should be nominated for sainthood. For crying out loud here you are a healthy 20 year old guy married to a girl too frigate to have sex with her own husband.”

Michael was fuming. ‘How much has she told those women!’ he shouted to himself.

“I mean granted, I did feel bad when I heard that she had been raped by one of her foster fathers but I mean you have to learn to put things behind you and move on with you life. I mean how many girls in her situation finds a guy who loves her enough to marry her even with all her baggage. And for you to wait all this time for her to be willing to; well how can I put this delicately, willing to perform her ‘wifely’ duties.”

Michael couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Thank good it sounded like Maria had stuck to their basic history that they came up with for Maria and Michael Gulliver and she had incorporated her own story into it.

He was still kinda mad at her though. She had told them a lot of personal stuff that she should have kept to herself. Well at least he didn’t look like a complete loser she had actually made him sound kinda noble from what Courtney was saying.

‘How to make her marriage work.’ Well that probable explained where she came up with some of the stuff she had pulled over the last couple of weeks. She had made him a candlelight dinners, drew him baths. He almost choked when she offered to give him a back rub. Michael felt kinda of bad, he knew she was scared of being abandoned again. But that wasn’t the same as being in love with him the same way he was with her.

Michael was brought out of his thoughts when he felt Courtney running her hand up his arm. “So Mickey G. tomorrow is Christmas Eve.”

“Yeah I know.” He said as he moved a little so that he didn’t have to push her hand off of him.

“Well I’ve been thinking, how would you like to come over and help trim my tree. I bet your great at hanging balls.” She said with a wink.

Michael looked at her and decided that he had had enough. ‘Why not just fuck her and maybe it will help you get over Maria. Sure why not go over and help trim the tramp’s tree, it could be his own Christmas present to himself. Lousing his virginity with her wouldn’t be so bad. So what if she has been around the blocks a few hundred times.’

“Sure, why not.”

Courtney smiled. “Great, I’ll see you around 7:00.” She said as she grabbed the glasses and head back up to the kitchen.


That night Michael and Maria didn’t even speak. She had spent the day with Ruthie and Jeanie and then had come back to change for her shift at the diner. The next day wasn’t any better and Maria just had more time on her hands than before because her boss had decided to close the diner from Christmas Eve until the day after New Years at the last minute.

Maria spent the day shopping looking for small gifts to give Ruthie, Jeanie, Jeanie son Peter and his wife Karen and their baby boy Josh. She also wanted to pick up a gift for Mr. Lucas, the kindly old handyman had taken Michael under his wing the first few days on the job and Maria wanted to show their appreciation.

Ruthie had told her that every Christmas Eve they had a dinner party at the Inn and this year she wanted her and Michael to join them. Maria had just picked up an adorable Winnie the Pooh sweat suit for Josh when she looked in the store window of a little boutique. There was a beautiful green velvet dress that she couldn’t stop looking at.

Mrs. Connelly; the woman who ran the shop, saw Maria admiring the dress and made her come in and try it on. It was the first dress she had put on since they had been on the road and it was heavenly to get all dressed up again feeling all girly. She usually wore jeans and flannel shirts most of the time, occasionally she would wear a sweater, even her waitress uniform was jeans and a tee-shirt with the diner’s name on it.

“Oh honey that dressed was made for you. I mean it the way it picks up the green in your eyes. Not to mention the way it hugs you in all the right places. Oh I miss my girlish figure.” The woman said as she continued to smooth out invisible creases. “I have the most adorable green satin shoes and purse to go with it.” She said as she rushed over to the other display.

“No, please don’t show me the shoes and purse. I’m sorry Mrs. Connelly as much as I love it I just can’t afford it.” Maria said as she fingered the price tag on the sleeve.

“But today is Christmas Eve and I know your going over to the party at Ruthie’s, you just have to wear this dress. You’ll be the prettiest girl there.”

Maria smiled at the kindly woman. “Thank you, that is very sweet of you. I just can’t afford to buy it. I already spent what money I had saved on buying presents and I just don’t have any left over to buy the dress.

Mrs. Connelly clucked her tongue and shook her head at Maria. “There is no way I am letting you leave here without that dress. Now stop shaking you head, I think I know how we can work this out. Lets just say that for the next month I don’t tip you when I eat in the diner and we’ll call it even. Two months and I’ll throw in the purse and shoes.”

“Oh Mrs. Connelly, your too generous. I just can’t do that this dress is so expensive and I know you’ll losing money in this deal.” Maria said.

“Nonsense. Maria honey it’s Christmas Eve and I would give you that dress as a gift if I thought you would take it. Sweetie seeing you were that dress makes me happy, it reminds me of when I was young and the boys lined up to take me out.”

Maria took one last look at herself in the mirror then turned and smiled at the older woman. “Make it three months and you got a deal.”

“Deal.” Mrs. Connelly said as she went over and got the purse and shoes for Maria to try on.

Maria couldn’t help giggling as she twirled around looking at herself in the mirror. The older woman had to laugh as she handed Maria the shoes to try on. “Honey wait until that handsome husband see you in this dress.”

Maria smiled, maybe Michael would feel different when he saw her later tonight.

Later that night Maria came downstairs all dressed for the party. She had come home that afternoon and had taken a long bath and then spent the past hour an half getting her hair and makeup just right.

“Michael.” She called out.

“In here.” He called out from the kitchen.

Grinning she walked into the kitchen. “Hey, don’t eat too much. You want to be able to eat at the party.”

“Huh.” Michael said around a mouthful of tuna sandwich. He almost choked when he looked up and saw Maria standing in the doorway. ‘God, she’s beautiful’ he thought as he drank in the sight of her in green form fitted velvet dress. ‘Where the hell did she get that dress, and where the Hell is the rest of it.’ He fumed when he noticed that the dress was an off the shoulder number and stopped at her mid-thigh. He almost sent her back upstairs when she turned and he saw that the back of the dress had a deep v neck cut that went down to the small of her back.

“Where you get the dress?” He asked a little harsher than he meant to.

“The party, you don’t want to be all full before you get there. ” She said as she walked over and poured herself a glass of milk. “Oh and don’t worry about the dress Mrs. Connelly basically gave it to me. We made a deal, she won’t tip me for the next three months when she eats at the diner and I wear the dress to the party tonight.”

Michael finally stopped drooling and started to listen to what she was really saying. “What are you talking about?” He asked.

“The party at the inn. Why else did you think I was all dressed up?” She asked as she picked up her milk and headed out of the kitchen.

Michael groaned, he forgot all about the party that Ruthie had invited them to a couple of weeks back. Damn, he looked at her again and knew that if he went to the party and played the dutiful husband that he would get all caught up in the fantasy again and it would just hurt too much when it would end again.

“I… I’m not going to the party. I have plans for tonight.” He said.

Maria stopped walking and turned around and looked at him. He was showered, shaved and dressed and if her nose wasn’t deceiving her he was wearing after shave. When she actually caught his eyes she could see that he almost looked ashamed.

“Plans.” She said willing herself not to cry.

‘Damn, please don’t cry.’ He cursed to himself. “Yeah, look I forgot about the party and I kinda promised somebody I would help them tonight.

Maria shook her head up and down. Her heart was braking and there was nothing she could do other than get out of the room with some of her dignity intake. She walked over to where he stood and placed her milk on the counter. “I see, well I’ll think of an excuse for why your not there.”

Looking up she stared into his chocolate brown eyes and blinked back her tears. She finally managed to find a small smile and lightly placed her hand over his. “I’m sorry things ended up this way Michael. I just want you to be happy and I hope you find that happiness tonight.” She said as she leaned forward a little and placed a light kiss on his lips. “Merry Christmas.” She whispered as she turned and left.

“Dammit.” He shouted as when he heard the front door open and closed.


Maria took her time going up to the inn. She dreaded showing up in front of all those people alone. Ruthie and Jeanie weren’t the only ones to notice that things were strained between her and Michael. Even Karen, Jeanie’s daughter in law had tried to help her by giving her advice. Of course Maria wasn’t brave enough to serve Michael dinner weren’t nothing but a smile and a wink.

“Maybe if I did he would be here with me know instead of going to a friends. I’m such an idiot, I took so long to admit my true feeling for Michael that when I finally do he thinks I’m just saying it to make him happy. I drove him into Courtney’s arms.” She cried to herself.

“Maria honey is that you?” Ruthie called out from the back window. “Child get in here before you freeze to death. I need your help with the pumpkin soup, I just can’t seem to get it to come out as well as yours.”

Maria smiled and went inside. All her thought floated out of her head as she was surrounded by all the wonderful smells in the kitchen. Ruthie had been cooking all day and Maria decided that she wasn’t going to ruin the older woman’s party by crying on her shoulder.

“Sweetie, where’s Michael?” She asked as she watched Maria pour a little more cream into the soup and taste it.

“I’m sorry Ruthie, but he couldn’t make it tonight. He wanted me to tell you he was sorry but he will be here tomorrow for Christmas dinner.” She said as she added more nutmeg and cinnamon.

The older woman looked at her and just smiled. “Well that’s his lost. This is going to be a wonderful dinner party. Now how is that soup dear?”

Maria smiled gratefully at the older woman and dipped a spoon into the pan of soup gathering some on it. “Why don’t you taste it and see.” She said holding the spoon out for her to taste.

Ruthie’s eyes closed and she sighed. “Heavenly.” She said as she took the spoon from Maria’s hand and placed it on the counter before taking both of her hands into hers. “He loves you child, he can’t hide it no more than you can hide how much you love him. Tonight is Christmas Eve a night of magical moments, and tonight I think you and Michael will share one of those moments.”

Maria brushed away a few tears that she couldn’t stop from spilling. “Ruthie I don’t know how I would have gotten through this past month without you and Jeanie. I’m just sorry to say I don’t think there are any magical moments left for me and Michael.”

“Dear, just promise me you won’t close the door if he holds it open to you.”

Maria couldn’t help thinking back to all those earlier talks with Michael and how she had always promised not to shut him out, but it hadn’t stopped him from doing it to her. She had vowed to Michael she would never turn her back on him and now she made the same vow to Ruthie.

“I swear I would never closed the door on him and if he could bring himself to open the door to me again I would gladly walk through it holding his hand without a doubt in my mind."

“Then tonight when we go to midnight mass pray that he does open the door to you again.”

“I will Ruthie, I will.” Maria said as she gather the other woman in a hug.


Michael pulled up in front of Courtney’s house. It was a small clapboard house that her mother had left before she took off with some guy. If he hadn’t seen it for himself he wouldn’t have believed it. The house was a tacky as it’s occupant.

He sat in the car for a few minutes figuring out what he should say when he saw the front door open. There she stood in some cheap red spandex dress that looked to be at least one size to small.

She smiled and waved as she bounded down the steps of her house and walked over to the car. The window was rolled down and Michael almost gagged when he smelt her perfume. ‘Jeez lady you’re not suppose to bath in it.’ He thought to himself.

“Hey sexy, you going to sit in the car all night or are you going to haul that gorgeous ass of yours out of it and help me trim my tree.” She said in what she had thought was playful voice. Michael groan when she actually winked at him to get her point across.

“Courtney…” Michael said as he reached for his door handle his decision finally made.


Maria couldn’t believe how much fun she had tonight at the party. Her and Karen had sung ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ while they kicked off the shoes and danced. She had eaten so much food she was terrified her dress would split just to teach her a lesson about eating her weight in food and embarrass her to no end.

The best part of the night had been going to midnight mass with Ruthie, Jeanie, Jeanie’s son Peter and his wife Karen and their son Josh as well as Jeanie other son Marc. She was also pleasantly surprised when Mr. Lucas joined them for the Mass as well.

It was almost 1:30 by the time Maria finally got home. She noticed that the car was in the driveway which meant Michael was home. Maria had actually forgotten about her problems for a little while during the night and had followed Ruthie’s advice and prayed in church that her and Michael would find some kind of peace and happiness together.

Maria let herself into the house and found herself singing ‘O Holy Night’ softly to herself as she climbed up stairs to go to bed. She passed the master bedroom and sighed because she and Michael should be in that room together or a least she should, she really did love that room.

Shaking her head she went into her room to get ready for bed. She had a busy day ahead of her tomorrow. Her and Michael were expected at the inn at 3:00 for dinner and to exchange gifts. Maria still had to wrap the presents she had bought earlier and bake a mincemeat pie to bring for desert.

Without turning on the light Maria had kicked off her shoes and slipped out of her nylons as she went over to the chest of draws to pull out a pair of long johns and shirt to sleep in. She reached in and pulled out a pair of long johns, but they weren’t hers they were Michael’s.

“What the Hell.” She said as she looked around the room for the first time since she got in. When her eyes landed on her bed she started to scream because their was a rather large form hunkered down under her covers.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” She screamed causing the person in her bed to jump and fall out of the bed, banging their head against the end table.

“What the Hell is your problem.” Michael said as he got up and untangled himself from the bedding.

Maria stared at him dumbfounded. “What the Hell are you doing in my room!” She demanded, silently biting her cheek to keep from laughing when she realize he was clad only in a pair of boxers, a pair she had bought as a joke because they had happy smiley faces on them and she had teased him saying they reminder her of him when she saw them.

Michael sighed as he tossed the blankets that had fallen with him back on the bed. “Look I didn’t mean to startle you, it’s just I felt kinda bad about the party tonight and making you go by yourself so I thought I would make you a little peace offering. You may even call it a Christmas present. I know how much you really wanted the other room so I’m giving it to you. You can have it, kay.”

Maria had to smile, maybe things could work out between them. “Okay.”

Michael looked at her and fought the urge to pull her over to him and kiss her senseless. “So are you going to stand there all night or are you go check out your new room?”

She nodded her head excitedly at him. “Oh I’m going to check out my new room.” She said as she took off bouncing down the hallway.

Michael watched her from his doorway and grinned from ear to ear when he heard her deep intake of breath when she opened the door to the room. Quickly he followed her down the hallway into the room.

He couldn’t help but to smile as he watched her look around the room in awe. It had taken him most of the night but he had gotten everything just right and hoped that she would like it.

“Oh my God, Michael.” Maria said. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Michael had decorated the room just for her. She couldn’t stop from crying as she took in the Christmas tree and all the ornaments on it or the garland and holly he had hung around the room. There was even a small Nativity scene on the mantle of the fireplace.

“I told you that the room was a Christmas present and since I couldn’t put a room under the tree as your present I put the tree inside the present. I figured that it still counted.” He said shyly.

“It’s the most beautiful Christmas tree I ever saw.” She said as she turned around and walked over to him. “Thank you.” She whispered as she reached up and kissed him gently on the lips for the second time that night.

Michael gulped as he looked down into her eyes. “Maria.” He hissed as he felt her fingers trailing along his stomach.

“Just tell me one thing.” She asked wrapped her free arm around him neck bringing him closer to hers as she began to lightly kissed him, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth for a few seconds before she asked the question she dreaded most. “Did you sleep with her?”

Michael let out the breath he had been holding. “No.” He said as he mated his forehead to hers. “She wasn’t you.” He confessed.

“Good, I think that would be the one thing I wouldn’t be able to overcome.” Maria said as she rubbed her hand along Michael’s chest before letting it drop to run her index finger along the elastic of his boxers before moving lower and cupping his c-ock through the thin material.

“Maria, you don’t have to do this.” Michael said as he found himself getting harder with each soft caress. “I know your afraid and that you think you have to do this but…”

“Shut up Michael.” Maria commanded. “Don’t talk. Don’t you see that is were everything gets all mixed up for us is when one of us opens our mouth and tries to tell the other one what they are feeling. So just shut up and look in my eyes and truly see what I am offering you.”

Michael was a little taken aback by what she said but decided that maybe she was right about what she had just said. So instead of arguing with her, he stared into her emerald eyes for the first time since they had landed on the island.

What he saw moved him to tears. All the love and desire she held for him was so clearly written in her eyes, as well as all the hurt she had been feeling since the night they moved in and he had started to push away from her. Michael didn’t even feel the tears streaming down his face until Maria lightly brushed them away.

“Oh God, how could I have been so cruel to you!” He sobbed. Maria shushed him and led him over to the bed.

“Your right I was hurt by how you treated me. But I also know that you were hurt and that you thought you were protecting yourself. It doesn’t matter to me Michael. All that matter is that you finally believe in me and let me say what I have been wanting to say for so long.” Maria said as she kissed his tears away.

He couldn’t find his voice, what had he ever done to deserve her. All he could do was to shake his head yes to her.

Maria smiled as she took both of Michael hands into her and slowly leaned in to rest her forehead to his looking. She smiled as she realized that he wasn’t the only one crying. Taking a deep breath and finally said the words Michael hungered to hear his whole life.

“I Maria Louise Deluca love you Michael Guerin. I CHOOSE to love you with all my hart from now until forever. I pledge myself to you and only you completely and without any doubts or fears. I love you for who you are, not because of what you are and not because I have to. I love everything about you, I love how you scratch you eyebrow when your nervous, I love how you think your funny when you make armpit farts, I love how excited you get while watching a hockey game on T.V. and how you scream at the players like they can actually hear you. And I love you for a million other reason that I can’t even begin to name, I just love you for you.”

“How can I ever make this up to you?” He begged softly as he gently kissed her.

“Easy, just love me back Michael. That’s all I will ever ask of you.” She said while kissing him back before adding. “That and that you start to put the toilet seat down when your done.”

Michael laughed and kissed her. “I think I can handle those two requests.”

Maria smiled and gently pushed Michael back onto the bed and swung her leg over and straddle him, rubbing her ass against his raging hard on. “Since your taking request I have another one for you.” She said as started kissing his chest.

“Oh sweet Jesus.” Michael hissed as Maria gently bite one of his nipples before flicking her tongue against it.

Michael reached down and buried his hand into her hair, bringing her face up and began kissing her with all the passion that was within him. He groaned when he felt Maria tongue seeking entrance into his mouth and signed when her silky tongue slid against his.

Moaning he placed both of his hands on her thighs and gently kneaded the flesh. Maria sighed as Michael sat up and grabbed the hem of her dress and slowly raised the dress over her head.

He looked up at Maria in awe as he gazed upon her semi-nude form. ‘Dear God in heaven she’s gonna be the death of me.’ He thought as he watched her slid off of him and stood before him in nothing but a pair of green lace bikinis panties and matching garter.

Michael could barely breath as he sat up and watched as she stood next to the bed and raised one of her legs next to him. He groaned and felt his c-ock twitch in response as she bent forward and ran her hands up her leg and slowly undid the snaps of the garter before sliding the green tinted hoses down her shapely leg removing it completely before she placed her foot back on the floor.

‘Okay, they may be old fashion but it sure is sexy to watch her taking them off.’ Michael said to himself as Maria finished removing her other stocking and garter and now stood before him with only her panties.

Grinning she moved in between Michael’s legs and bent down to bestow a chaste kiss on his mouth before sliding down onto her knees. She reached a tentative hand out and ran her fingers underneath the elastic of his boxers before hooking both her index fingers on either side and slowly pulled the fabric down as Michael lifted himself up slightly to help her free him.

“God, your beautiful Michael.” Maria said as she gently wrapped her hand around his harden shaft, slowly pumping her hand up and down before she brought her mouth to his engorged head and licked some of his pre-cum that was slowly leaking forth from the pin-size hole at the tip of his head.

“Oh God, Maria I..I..I..I think that’s my linnneeee!” Michael said in a raspy cry as Maria slowly took the rest of him in her sweet mouth. “Oh shit!!” He screamed as his hips began to buck and his hand rested in her silky blonde hair.

Maria was lost in the feel of having Michael throbbing c-ock in her mouth and she began to explore to see what would get the most responses from him. She ran her tongue along the underside of his dick before she pulled up and only left the head of his c-ock in her mouth and began to lightly suck as she flicked her tongue across the tip.

“shittt, ohfuckfuck,fuckkkkkkkk.” Michael screamed as he felt his balls starting to tighten. With the last clear thought going through his mind he gently pulled Maria back and lifted her onto the bed with him. He didn’t give her a chance to question what he was doing as his lips claimed her for another passion laden kiss.

He moaned as she slid her tongue into his mouth and he could taste his own cum still lingering on it. Michael slowly rolled them so that Maria was pinned underneath him as he continued to kiss her. Gently he brought his hand up to one of her breast and grazed his thumb across her harden nipple cause Maria to gasp and arch herself into his hand.

Michael slowly kissed his way down Maria’s neck and soon captured one of her breast in his mouth. Michael rolled the pebble flesh with his tongue before lightly biting it with his teeth. His head was swimming as he listened to Maria’s moans of pleasure as he switched over and showered the same loving treatment to her other breast.

“Michael, Michael oh God please don’t stop!!!” She cried as she felt him moving away from her breast and sprinkling kisses all the way down until he reached her panties. Michael stopped and kissed her clothe covered cleft and looked up to make sure Maria was truly ready to strip this last barrier between them.

“Please Michael, I need you! I need to feel you inside me!!” She begged.

Michael quickly slipped his thumbs into the waistband and slowly dragged her panties off leaving her completely bare to him. “Beautiful.” He sighed as he knelt between her legs running his hands up and down her calves before raising her up enough so that her knees were draped over his shoulders.

“Oh Lord, Michael what are you doinggggggggg!” screamed as she felt him run his tongue over her dripping fuck. “OH SHITTTT!!!! She panted as he gently nipped her sensitive bud with his teeth.

“OHGODOHGODOHGOD!!!” Maria cried as Michael began to slid his tongue into her tight slit. “AHHHHHHHHH!!!” She screamed as he ran his thumb over her throbbing clit.

“FUCKKKKKKK!!! OH SHITTTTT!!!! OH MICHAEL I’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!” Maria shouted as Michael quickly slide his tongue in and out of the her before he twisted her clit sending her over the edge.

Michael grunted as Maria came rubbed his c-ock against the bed to elevate some of the pressure that was building in his dick. With one last flick of his tongue Michael moved up Maria trembling body to claim another kiss.

He moaned when he felt Maria wrapped her legs around he and rubbed her wet cleft against him. “Please Michael, I need to feel you inside me.” She begged softly as she kissed him and arched up into him.

Michael rested his head on Maria shoulder and grunted when he felt her soft hand on his c-ock, slowly guiding him to her opening. Michael felt his hart start to beat faster as slowly slide his dick into her waiting slit groaning as he felt the slight trembles of her last orgasm whispering seductively around his c-ock.

“Home.” Michael breathed into Maria’s ear as he sank himself completely into her.

“Home. Love.” Maria answered in a labor breath as Michael began to slowly pump into her. Moaning she felt her eyes drift shut as Michael found the perfect rhythm. Maria was still riding the wave of her last orgasm and could feel herself ready to slip over the edge again as Michael’s c-ock rubbed against her g-spot.


“SHITTTTT!!” Michael shouted as Maria’s inner walls clamped around his c-ock bringing him over the edge with her. “FUCK ME MARIA!!” He panted as he picked up speed pounding into her harder as both came.

Michael collapsed onto of Maria and sighed as she slowly drew circles on his shoulder blade causing Michael to raise his head and look her in the eyes. “Baby, what’s wrong?” He asked as he saw tears running down her face.

“Oh God, did I hurt you?” He asked as he started to pull out of her only to be stopped by Maria kissing him.

“No don't, not yet, don't pull out yet. Oh God no Michael you didn’t hurt me. It’s just that I never thought it could be so beautiful.” She said as she kissed him before whispering. “Thank you Michael for showing me how beautiful making love can be.”

Michael smiled and kissed her on the forehead. “Thank you for showing me how to love.” He said as his eyes start to close.

“Love you so much.” Maria said as she drifted off to sleep.


Part 14

Michael woke up a few hours later and reached out for Maria only to be greeted with an empty bed. “Maria.” He called out softly.

“Over here.”

Michael turned and saw that she was wrapped up in a quilt sitting on the floor next to the tree. Michael pushed himself up and got out of the bed walking over and kneeling down next to her.

“Whacha doing over here?”

“Just thinking.” She said as she turned her head a little to look at Michael and couldn’t help giggling a little when she saw he didn’t bother putting anything on before he joined her. “Do me a favor, stay away from the fire. I’d hate to see your chestnuts roasting on an open flame. Especially since I didn’t even get a chance to nibble them yet.” She teased while snaking her hand out and lightly stroking his balls.

Michael smirked at her. “Well maybe you should come back to bed and give me a hand at keeping them safe and if your good maybe I’ll give you a taste.” He teased as he leaned in and captured her lips in a kiss.

Maria smiled and kissed him back before pulling back after a few seconds. “Baby your going freeze out there, get under this quilt with me.”

“No bed?” He asked as he slipped under the quilt gathering Maria in his arms and pulling her up to sit in his lap.

“Not yet, I just want to sit here a little longer.”

“So what are you thinking about?” Michael asked as he sucked her earlobe in his mouth while slipping his hand down to tease her clit while rubbing his thumb over it.

“OHHHHHH God! Michael pleassssse!!” Maria begged while gently pulling his hand away and entwining her fingers with his.

Maria turned and looked up into Michael face and reassured him that all was well with a tender kiss. “I’m sorry, it’s just I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am and how amazing this Christmas has been.”

“I know, it is amazing.” He agreed.

“You know what Ruthie said to me tonight. That Christmas Eve was a night of magical moments and that she knew we would have our moment tonight and as happy I am I can’t help feeling guilty about how good this feels, letting ourselves love each other.”

Michael nodded his head, he knew what she meant. “Because the other are dead and here we are.” Michael said before asking. “Are you regretting what happened tonight?”

Maria shook her head. “The only thing I regret about tonight is not spending all of it with you decoration our first tree together. No Michael I don’t regret tonight, because I don’t regret loving you What we have is rare and most people spend a lifetime looking for it. No I have no regrets about us, the thing I truly hate and regret are the circumstances that brought us together.”

“I know, me too. I’ve been thinking about Max’s and Isabel’s parents a lot tonight.” He confessed.

Maria sighed. “Yeah, I keep wondering how Mr. and Mrs. Parker are holding it together.”

Michael smiled. “You know we can talk about your Mom if you want?”

“I don’t think I can.” Maria said as all the hurt she was feeling from being away from her Mom was finally hitting her. She had been able to block her feelings most of the holiday season because she had been so busy trying to convince Michael her feeling were real but now her mind was reeling with thoughts and memories of her Mom.

“Okay, I can respect that. Just know I’m here for you.” He said knowing now that they were back on track that she will come to him when she is ready to talk about what she is going through.

“I know, that’s one of those million things I was talking about that I love about you.” She said while resting her head on his chest and yawning.

Michael rubbed Maria’s back prompting another yawn. “Come on baby, I’m putting you back in bed. You’ve had a long night.” He said as he stood up and carried Maria’s nude form back to bed before climbing in with her and wrapping his arms around her.

Maria sighed and snuggled into Michael embrace while mumbling. “And we’re going to have long day tomorrow too.” She said as she drifted off to sleep.

“Sweet dreams.” Michael said as he placed a light kiss on her forehead while holding the only person that could ever make him feel like he truly belong on this planet and made him feel like he finally had a life worth living for.

The next time Michael awoke it was to the whiff of bacon drifting through the air. “Breakfast.” He said as he got out of bed and pulled on his boxers before heading downstairs.

“Maria, honey you better be cooking up enough to feed an army because you put me through one Hell of a workout last night.” He called out as he headed into the kitchen.
only to be bombarded with a chorus of ‘Merry Christmas’ from a room full of holiday well wishers.

“Oh crap.” He shouted as he stood in the kitchen in front of his boss, Jeannie and her family and Mr. Lucas clad in nothing but a pair of smiley face boxers while Maria blushed furiously at the obvious implications of that statement.

“Ops, are we interrupting something here.” Karen said giving Maria a sly smile and wink only causing Maria to blush even more and burying her face in her hands.

“Yeah, but we'll forgive you.” Michael said deciding that considering all the woman and probable most of the men in the room knew that things had been rocky between him and Maria that it was time to show them that everything was just perfect now.

So taking a deep breath and mustering up as much dignity as pair of smiley faces could provide him, Michael purposely strolled over to Maria and lowered her hands before tilting her face up to look him in the eyes. “Morning baby.” Michael said as he pulled her in for a passionate kiss only to be broken by the thunderous applause that erupted from the other people in the room.

“Well I hope you all enjoyed the show, hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna go and put on some pants.” Michael joked as he gave Maria another quick kiss before heading back upstairs. Amazed at how much he was looking forward to not only spending Christmas with Maria but to spending it with the people who were slowly becoming true friends and family to them.

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Thanks and enjoy

Part 15

Maria was singly softly as she went through the cabinets writing up the shopping list for the store. She couldn’t believe it but tomorrow was going to be St. Valentine’s Day and she was planning a romantic dinner for Michael.

She couldn’t believe how much things had changed since Christmas. Her and Michael were at a whole new level of sharing and intimacy. She also noticed how much more open Michael was becoming around other people which made her happy since she had already made a lot of friends but Michael hadn’t because he had been more standoffish.

She realized that he was opening up more when she noticed that he had strike up a friendship with Peter which still shocked her. Not that they became friends in general because it made perfect sense that they would get along. They were somewhat close in age, they loved all the same sports, they both had gotten screwed by Courtney, one literally and one figuratively. True none of that was shocking, but the fact that Peter was a deputy sure was.

Of course the two of them had bonded over the slut known as Courtney during the New Year’s Millennium party at the inn. Maria was still a little embarrassed at how she had acted but the skanky witch left her no choice.

Well maybe breaking her jaw was a little much, but hey Maria would lay odds that Courtney would never walk up to a guy who is standing with his wife and cup her hand over his package offering him a blow job at a party anytime too soon. the only real drawback of her actions was now her and Karen had to cover for the skank at the inn since she claimed that a broken jaw prevented her from working.

Of course Michael and Peter didn’t help matters when they both started cheering and calling Maria slugger. Michael seem to forget all about the fact that Peter was a cop. Later he told Maria that as long as they didn’t act like him being a deputy was a big deal then they wouldn’t bring suspicion onto themselves.

Michael had even joined a hockey league with Peter and the Sheriff was the coach. Maria almost choked the night her and Karen went to watch their men play and Maria finally realized who the coach was, she had been trying to keep as far away from the man as possible in fear that she might accidentally do something that would make him suspicious. She couldn’t help staring with eyes bulging when Michael hugged both the Sheriff and Peter after a particularly good play during the game.

Of course her and Michael and Karen and Peter had become good friends as couples too. Whenever they could get Jeanie to sit for Josh the four of them would go out together, just like last night. Of course she was still blushing at what Michael had done to her during the movie with Karen and Peter sitting right next to them.

Leave it to Michael to finger her during some stupid movie, making her cum hard enough that she couldn’t control her gasp of pleasure and had their friends smirking at her when they went out for ice cream after the show.

Giggling to herself she jogged upstairs to see if they needed anything for the bathroom. She finished checking the cabinet and was getting ready to go through the draws in the vanity under the sink when she heard the front door open.

“Hay Maria, you ready to go to the store. Peter’s mom is watching Josh so maybe we can go to lunch when were done.” Karen called up to her.

“Sounds great babe. Just give me a minute, just checking what we need up here.” Maria shouted down to her friend as she opened the last draw and was greeted with the shock of her life time.

Karen was flipping through a magazine but looked up when she heard Maria come down the stairs. “H…” Karen started to say hello but stopped when saw that the other woman had a stricken look on her face.

“Maria, babe what’s wrong?” Karen asked as she got up and guided Maria over to the couch and sat down next to her. It was then that she noticed that Maria had a box in her hands.

“Hey, what that?” She asked while slipping the box out of the her friends shaking hands.
“Tampons. Honey is that what’s the matter your not feeling good because of your period? I have some Midol if you need it.”

Maria shook her head. “No, that not the problem. I don’t need the tampons and I think that’s the problem.”

“You want to run that my me again kiddo.” Karen said chuckling in relief.

“Karen, I bought those tampons a few days before Christmas because I had used my last one a couple of days earlier.” She explained.

“Oh.” Karen said still a little confused until she realized how much time had passed. “OHHH. Maria you don’t think that your pregnant do you?”

“I don’t know.” Maria wailed as she got up and started pacing. “Karen this is crazy, I can’t be pregnant! I’m not ready to be a mother! Dammit it’s all Michael’s fault! Why does he have to be so good in the sack!”

Karen giggled at her friends outburst. “From the way you were moaning last night I guess he’s pretty good at the movies too.” She said teasingly.

“KAREN!” Maria screeched blushing furiously.

“Oh come on, you don’t have to be embarrassed. Besides I was going to demand all the graphic and erotic details out of you over lunch. I mean that husband of yours has extremely large hands and I know I’m not the only one who’s a little jealous at how lucky you are.”

Maria laughed, momentarily forgetting about her possible problem. “Karen you should be ashamed of yourself. What would Peter think if he heard you just now. Besides that is just an urban legend that you can tell how big a guy’s d-ick is by the size of his hands.”

“So it’s not true?” Karen asked teasingly.

Maria couldn’t help giggling. “Well every once in a while those urban legends are right and I am happy to say that in Michael case it is very much the case.”

“Bitch.” Karen said while laughing and tossing a pillow at her friend.

Maria laughed and tossed the pillow back at her. “Oh Karen, thank you for making me laugh, but that doesn’t change the fact that Michael and is big dick got me knocked up.” She huffed.

“Honey, your getting all worked up and you don’t even know if you are pregnant.” Karen said as she sat down next to Maria and wrapped an arm around her.

“Oh I’m pregnant. We’re talking about Michael sperm here, I just know he sent them in there on purpose. He probable just wants to see me get a fat or something.”

“Maria believe it or not Michael can’t give orders to his sperm. They kinda have a mind of their own.” Karen said while chuckling at her friends sperm invasion scenario.

“Karennnn!” Maria whined.

“Ok, ok. Look lets just go to the store and buy a test and check to see if you really are pregnant.” Karen said as she picked up her purse.

“Ohh Karen, we can’t go to the store and just buy a test. I mean everyone in this town knows everyone else and the gossip spread faster than wild fire.” Maria said as she grabbed Karen by the lapels of her coat.

“Maria, chill!” She ordered as she pried her friends hand off of herself before she tried to reason with her. “We’ll just go a few towns over and pick it up.”

“Oh, good idea.” Maria said as she went and grabbed her coat. “You know this really isn’t that big of a deal. I gonna be cool, calm and collective and go and get the test. Take it and deal with whatever the result are.” She continued to say as walking out the door and closing it on Karen.

“Oh yeah, she cool, calm and collected alright. I wonder how long it will take her to realize that Michael took the car and mine is over at the inn.” Karen mumbled to herself, laughing when she heard Maria screaming that her car had been stolen. “Oh this is gonna be fun.” She said as she ran outside before somebody called the cops on them.


Two hours, four towns and seven pregnancy test later Maria and Karen found themselves locked in the bathroom sitting Indian style across from each other with the various test spread out in front of them.

“Maria, I swear I never knew anybody who could pee so much. That has to be a record or something. Peeing on seven pregnancy test in 3 minutes flat, I mean it was like an assembling line or something.”

“Yeah I know. I always pee when I’m nervous.”

“Yeah and the Big Gulp didn’t hurt either.”

Both woman stopped joking when the egg timer went off.

“That was ten minutes, they should all be done by now.” Maria said while looking down at the tests.

“Yup, they all should be done.”

Maria reached out but stopped herself. “I can’t. Karen you look and see.” Maria begged.

Karen nodded her head and reached down and collected all the tests. Maria sat and watched her friend as she looked at all the tests and noted all the results.

“Well!” Maria shouted.

“Well, I think it is safe to say it. Maria your pregnant.” Karen said after she looked at the last test.

“Are you sure? How many came back positive?” Maria asked as she got up and began to pace around the bathroom.

Karen watched Maria a few moments before she reached out and grabbed her hand stilling Maria in mid pace. “Could you please stop that, your making me dizzy.”

“Sorry.” Maria apologized as she walked over and sat down on the toilet. “So how many are positive?”

“All.” Karen said as she got and gathered all the test holding them out to Maria to check.

Maria sighed and looked at all the test before tossing them in the trash. “Karen, I’m not ready for this.”

“No one is every ready for it.” Karen reasoned while getting her a glass of water.

“I know, it just that it’s so soon.” Maria said while accepting the glass from her friend.

“Maria do you love Michael?” She asked.

“Of course I do.”

“Do you know for sure Michael loves you?”

“Without a doubt.”

“Then you’ll get through it together. I’m not saying it won’t be hard, but it will be worth it. Especial the first time you hold your baby in your arms.” Karen said softly while rubbing Maria’s back.

Maria sat for a few minutes her mind racing when all of a sudden she gasped and looked up to her friend. “Oh my God Karen, Michael. How am I gonna tell him?”

Part 16

After Karen left Maria got up and called Ted at the diner. She was suppose to work tonight but she just didn’t feel up to it. When she got off the phone she decided that she need to get some fresh air and think, so grabbing her coat and keys she took off for a walk around the town.

She had been walking for about 45 minutes when she found herself in front of the small store that she had gone to buy Josh’s Christmas gift. She couldn’t help smiling as she looked at all the tiny baby clothes and booties in the display window.

She was tempted to go inside but knew it wasn’t a good idea. She wanted the first thing she bought for the baby to be something her and Michael picked out together. Maria sighed, Michael. How was she gonna tell him about the baby.

Would he freak? Would he be happy? Ever since they became lovers Michael had changed so much. Even Ruthie and Jeanie couldn’t believe how content he had become. Ruthie had even made it a point to say to Maria that it made her heart swell to see the changes in him. That he didn’t have that lost look in his eyes anymore. That he had found his home.

A few nights ago Maria had asked Michael if he still thought they should only stay in Baker’s Hollow until the spring and then take off. She couldn’t help doing a little happy dance when Michael told her that he thought they were safe there and unless something concrete happened that they had no reason to leave.

He confessed later that night after they had made love and were watching the stars together that he would be happy to live the rest of their lives there as long as they were together. That not only had he found love and understanding with Maria, he had also found true friends that made him feel like he belonged and he wasn’t going to give it up without a fight.

Maria smiled and headed home. She wasn’t sure how she was going to tell Michael that he was going to be a father, but she was sure that he would be happy about it. Nervous, but happy.

Maria had just finished getting dinner ready when Michael came in the back door, planting a smacking kiss on her cheek before he wrapped his arms around her and rocked her lightly against his body.

“Smells good. Have I’ve told you how great of a cook you are? I mean back when we were camping it was kinda hard to tell since it’s kinda hard to screw up pasta or rice, but since we’ve settle here you have really turned into an amazing cook. Not to mention how beautiful you always look or how amazing you always smell…” He stopped in mid compliment when he heard Maria laughing.

“I already know that you invited Peter, Karen and Josh for dinner and that you and Peter both forgot that you have a game tonight.” She teased.

Michael groaned. “For crying out loud. Just tell me, are you and Karen sharing a brain or something. I just left Peter less than a half an hour ago. How is it even possible that she let you know about tonight?”

Maria laughed. “Well since you asked, I’ll let you in on the secret. Now remember I could be kicked out of the sisterhood for telling you, but I love you so I’m willing to risk it. See we have this devise, it’s called…” Maria stopped for a dramatic pause before turning her head both ways as if checking for a spy hiding in the corner of something. “…a…you promise you won’t tell.” She asked, trying desperately to keep a straight face.

Michael smirked at her and raised his hand giving her the Boys Scout hand solute. “I promised Mata Hari.”

“Okay, it’s called a…a…a telephone.” She said finally, wiping her hand over forehead pretending to be wiping away perspiration before she started to laugh.

Michael chuckled. “You realize you are demented.” He said as he went and got a soda out of the fridge.

“Gee, two minutes ago I was an beautiful, amazing smelling and a terrific cook. Now I’m just demented. Boy talk about decline in the complement department.”

“So I take it your ok with dinner and the game?” He asked.

“Yeah, your just lucky I called into the diner. I was suppose to work tonight.” She said as she went and took out some lettuce and veggies to make a dinner salad.

Michael stopped looking at the mail and looked up at Maria. “You called in. What’s wrong, are you sick?” He said as he walked over to her and placed the back of his hand against her forehead as if check for a fever.

“No, I’m fine.” Maria answered as she swatted away Michael’s hand.

“But you never call in.” He insisted.

“I just didn’t feel like working. Of course that’s when I thought I would be spending an evening with you alone in front of a roaring fire.” She said in an attempt to distract him.

“Really.” Michael said as he started to kiss Maria’s neck while rubbing his hands up and down her arms before wrapping them around her waist. Maria moaned as she felt one of his hand slid up under her sweater and fondle her breast, teasing her nipple into a harden pebble, before sliding his other hand up to her other breast, treating it to the same loving caresses.

“Michael.” Maria hissed.

“Yeah.” He mumbled as he dipped his head and laved her earlobe with his tongue before he captured it with his teeth and pulled it gently.

“Oh God.” She moaned all thought forgotten. That is until the front door opened and Peter and Karen shouted hello.

“Damn.” Michael said as he slid his hand from underneath Maria sweater and turning her around to give her a kiss that was laced with a promise that they would be picking up later tonight where they were leaving off.

Maria smirked at Michael as she went out to greet their friends. “Hi guys, glad you could make it. Hope you like eggplant parmesan, pasta and garlic bread?”

Peter, busy trying to take his eight month old son out of his snowsuit looked up at Maria. “What would you say if I said I wasn’t too crazy about the food on the menu for the night?” He teased.

Maria smiled at him and patted him on his shoulder. “Pretty much that your shit out of like because I’m not offering anything else.”

“At least not to you, that’s for sure.” Karen said while laughing at her husband pretending he was mortally wounded by Maria and her remark.

“Come on Maria, let’s hit the kitchen. These two can watch Josh while we talk.” Karen said as she ushered Maria into the other room.

“So did you tell him?”

“No, not yet. I was going to tell him but we kinda got side tracked.”

Karen laughed. “Yeah, so I see. Hay Maria can you turn off you headlights your gonna blind me with them.” She teased.

Maria blushed and looked down her front. Oh yeah she had headlights. Okay, this was going in her ‘reasons to beat Michael up box.’ First the movies and now this, Karen must think they’re sex fiends or something.

“Oh stop laughing!” Maria snapped as she went and grabbed an apron to put on over herself and to hide her erect nipples.

“Hey, I can’t help it. I’m jealous and I pretty much gave up on spontaneous sex seven months ago. I don’t have a choice, I have to live vicariously through you and Michael hot sex life.”

Maria laughed. “You poor ole married woman.” She teased. “If you need to spice up your marriage you could always try serving Peter dinner wearing nothing but a smile and a wink.”

“Oh you little witch. I can’t believe your throwing my advice back in my face.” Karen huff before she turned around and cornering Maria. “I will if you will. What do you say we give our husbands out there a night they’ll never forget?” She suggested while wiggling her eye brows at Maria.

Maria looked at her friend, mortified at her suggestion. She was ready to scream for Michael when she noticed that Karen was biting her inner cheek to keep from laughing. Giggling she wrapped her arms around the other woman’s neck and kissed her on the cheek.

“Poor delusion Karen. Do you really think that if we went outside strutting around in our birthday suits would actually change anything. Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but we’re in Canada. In the dead of winter. There’s a skating rink in the middle of the town and no matter what we do, our men will be at that skating rink tonight. Racing around on the ice with sticks, chasing a little black puck. For some reason our husbands find that more enticing than us. It doesn’t make a difference if we serve them dinner in the raw or not.” Maria said in her best Jack Webb ‘Dragnet’ impersonation.

Karen laughed. “I so had you going for a second.” She teased as she went over and began to chop a green pepper for the salad.

Maria giggled. “Ok, I’ll admit I freaked there for a second. But when I noticed that you were biting your cheek the jig was up.”

“Haha. Seriously Maria have you decided when your going to tell him?”

“I don’t know. I can’t do it while you guys are here.”

“If you want I can tell Peter I’m not feeling well and we could leave.” She offered.

“No, that’s ok. I’m not sure I want to tell him before he is suppose to play hockey. Those guys are cut throat and I wouldn’t want him distracted by the news.” Maria said.

“Honey I think Michael would probable stay home with you if you told him.” Karen said as she got to work on the onion as Maria tended to her sauce.

“I know, I don’t know Karen. I just want to find the perfect way to tell him. I mean how did you tell Peter about Josh?” She asked.

“Oh well, did you ever see that movie with Molly Ringwall. You know the one where she’s pregnant?”


“Well you know the scene where there at Thanksgiving dinner and she says. ‘I’m pregnant, please pass the turnips.’?”


“Well that pretty much sums up the way I told Peter, just that I asked him to pass the ketchup, not the turnips.”

Maria laughed. “You didn’t?”

“Yup, I did. To this day Peter turns a little green when I ask him to pass me the ketchup. It’s like he always waiting for the other shoe to drop.” Karen said, laughing at the memory.

“Oh God, you are evil. E.V.I.L. I don’t know how Peter puts up with you.” Maria said in mock horror.

“What can I say, he doesn’t have a choice. He knows I would just track him down no matter where he went. Lets just say I take the Canadian Mounties Police slogan, ‘We always get our man’ very seriously.” Karen explained rationally.

Maria couldn’t stop laughing. “Oh Karen, I love you. I don’t know what I would do with out you to be best friends with.” She said honestly.

Karen laughed and looked at Maria. “I love you too. Maria, I don’t know what it is about you but I feel like we’ve been best friends forever. I’m glad you and Michael moved here.”

“Me too.” Maria said.

“Hay you two, is dinner almost ready. We have to be at the rink in a little over an hour.” Michael called out from the living room.

Maria and Karen both huffed before Maria shouted back. “You could get up off your hairy ass and come in here and help if your in such a hurry.”

Both had to giggle when Michael called back. “But honey, Karen insisted we watch Josh.”

But both women went into fits of hysterics when Peter added as both men walked into the kitchen. “And Maria, I’ve seen Michael’s ass and I would hardly call that peach fuzz he has hairy. Also please refrain from using foul language in front of my son.”

“Peach fuzz.” Maria cried out while trying to pull herself together, failing hopelessly as she looked at Michael who was getting all huffy.

“Excuse me! I don’t see anything funny here! I have very manly ass hair!” Michael shouted in mock indignation.

The rest of dinner consisted of Michael trying to convince everyone that he did not have peach fuzz on his ass before him and Peter took off for the rink. Karen stayed and helped Maria with the dishes before she left. Leaving Maria alone to try and think of the perfect way to tell Michael she was going to have his baby.

Part 17

“That was one Hell of a pass there, Michael.” Peter said as they were sitting in the changing room after the game.

“I’ll second that Spencer. Gulliver your turning into a Hell of a player.” The Sheriff said as he began to take off his skates.

“Thanks Coach.” Michael said, blushing slightly from the complements coming from the two men he had come to respect and to became friends with.

“Hay Mike, how’s Maria?” Chuck the team goalie asked.

“She fine.” Michael answered as he pulled his shirt off.

“She sure is fine.” Larry from the hardware store piped in.

Peter chuckled when he saw that his friend was getting ready to pounce on Larry. “Lay off Cooper, Mike here looks like he’s ready to spit nails at you.”

“Well lets hope there better than the crap he sells at the store.” Tony, the other deputy joked.

All the men started to laugh. “Yeah Larry, I bought some nails the other day and they bent after two whacks.” Chuck said while punching Larry lightly in the arm.

“Alright, alright. Very funny.” Larry said as he got up and went into the showers.

“Hay Mike, I was serious earlier. How’s Maria?” Chuck asked again.

“I told you Chuck she’s fine. Why the interest in Maria all of a sudden?” Michael asked getting a little worried that Chuck might know something about him and Maria.

“Well I saw her standing in front of the store across the street from the barber shop today staring at the display window for about 20 minutes.” He explained.

Michael laughed. “Maria was probable staring at some sweater or something and was thinking up different ways to ask me about taking money out of our savings to buy it.”

“Yeah, well that kinda makes sense. The only thing is that she was staring at a baby display.” Chuck said.

Michael looked around as all the men in the locker room started to laugh. “Oh man you are so on your way to the ‘TALK’.” Tony laughed as he patted Michael on the back.

“Excuse me. What the Hell are you talking about and why is everyone laughing.” Michael demanded.

“Well son, it’s this way. When a woman is in a loving and caring relationship they tend to want to bring another person into the relationship.” The sheriff explained.

“Yeah and it isn’t your typical three way fantasy either.” Tony said.

“Exactly, Michael have you noticed that Maria has started to act a little funny lately?” Peter asked his poor clueless friend. “Like tonight when she asked to feed Josh and then later actually volunteer to change his smelly, poopy diaper.”

“So what does that have to do with anything?” He asked not sure he like the direction this conversation was heading.

The sheriff chuckled. “It means son that you wife has baby fever and she about to bug you about how much she wants a baby.”

“Yup. Be prepared for a lot of comments like. ‘Oh Michael wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a little baby of our own. A little bit of me and a little bit of you.’” Tony added.

“Hell, Karen didn’t even spring the TALK on me. Not my wife, she just stop taking her birth control pills and then announces she pregnant at dinner one night while asking me to pass her the ketchup. I always get a little nervous now whenever she asks for a condiment.” Peter ranted to his buddies.

“Spencer, never let it be said your wife isn’t a pip.” The sheriff said while chuckling at his deputy.

“You all are nuts. Maria does not have baby fever. She was probable just looking at the display to buy something for Josh and tonight she was just trying to help Karen out since you were to busy shoveling food into your mouth to help your wife.” Michael reasoned.

“Sure Michael, what every you say.” Peter said, patronizing his friend.

“Besides, Maria knows that we can’t afford a baby anyway. I mean, Ruthie’s great to us and all but we’re no were near comfortable enough to afford a baby.”

“Hate to be the one to brake it to you buddy, unless your last name is Rockefeller you’ll never going to feel you can afford a kid. You can’t worry about the money thing all the time.” Peter explained.

“Maybe not, but we don’t have insurance or anything. No Maria knows now isn’t the time for a kid.” Michael reiterated.

Michael and Peter watched as the sheriff got up and walked over to Tony and spoke softly into his ear and saw Tony shake his head in a yes manner before the sheriff turned around and spoke to Michael.

“Well, I might have an offer for you kid. Look we’re not going to officially announce this for a few months; but Tony just got word, he’s been accepted into the Mounties and he leaves for training in April and I’ve been thinking about a replacement and both Peter and Tony think you would be a good fit in the sheriff department.” He explained.

Michael looked over at the three men, he couldn’t believe what was being offered to him. That he, Michael Guerin proverbially bad seed being offered a job as a deputy. “Are you serious?”

“Yup. I was going talk to you about it next month, but hay since you brought up your situation I figured now was as good a time as any.” The sheriff said.

“Wow.” Michael said while getting up and pacing.

“Look, you don’t have to commit to anything right now. Go home, talk to your wife, see how she feels about it. We have plenty of time to work things out.” Encourage the sheriff.

Michael shook his head dumbfoundly, still shock at what was being said. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard Chuck screeching in the showers. “God dammit, Larry did you have to use all the hot water.”

Michael and the other looked at each other before they shrugged their shoulders and started getting dressed in their street clothes, they could wait to shower until they got home. It was one thing to skate on the ice, it was another to take an ice cold shower.


Peter dropped Michael off and Michael quietly climb the stair and headed into the bathroom. He didn’t want to wake Maria up just yet, imagine his surprised when he opened the door and walked in to find his Maria soaking in a bubble bath with a facecloth over her eyes.

“How was the game?” She asked as she slid the clothe off her face and look at her lover and father of her child.

“We won.” Michael answered as he walked over and gave her a kiss. He chuckled when he pulled back and saw Maria raise her hand and pinch her nose.

“Eww, couldn’t you wash up before you came home. You smell worst than Josh’s diaper.” She fussed.

“Sorry, showers were only offering cold water and freezing my b-alls off anymore than they already were wasn’t my idea of fun.” Michael said as he started to strip off his clothes an placing them in the hamper.

When he was done he turned to see his angel smirking at him. “Got something to say?” He asked.

Maria licked her lips, she didn’t care what anybody thought but she loved to look at her Michael when he was naked. “You know, I don’t remember you being so well defined before. I think all the chopping and shoveling has really paid off. Your muscles are so much more…defined.” She said in a breathy voice.

Michael smirked. “Too bad I smell or I would join you. I guess I just sit here until your done and then take a shower.”

Maria narrowed her eyes. “I don’t think so buddy. I think you better get that peach fuzz butt of yours over here and join me. I’ll wash your back if you good.”

Huffing he walked over to the tub and slide down into the warm water across from her. Making she was busy preparing a sponge for him, he ran his hands over her feet. Grasping her ankles he yanked her forward and pulled her up to him. Lifting her lightly he maneuvered her so that he ass was resting on his thighs and his c-ock was brushing against her honey curls.

“I think you should wash more than my back.” Michael purred into Maria’s ear as he started to kiss her neck.

Moaning she reached behind her and grabbed the sponge and body wash. Wrapping her arms around his middle she rested her head on his shoulder and watched as she squeezed the creamy soap onto the sponge. Squishing the sponge a few times to get a lather before she tossed the bottle onto the floor.

Slowly she pulled back from Michael and dipping her hand with the sponge into the water before she touched it to his lower belly and caressed her way up to his shoulders.
Michael grunted as she reached out her other hand to take one of his hand, lifting it so that she could extend his arm out as she dipped the sponge again before washing his arm and then the other.

Sliding back further Maria lifted his leg and place his calf on her thigh as she rubbed the sponge up and down his muscular leg and along his foot before she turned and applied the same loving care to his other limb.

Smiling Maria scurried back up to wrap her arms around him, dipping the sponge into the water and eased him forward so that she could messaged the soap over his taunt round globes before sliding the sponge up and down his back.

Michael was in heaven. Every one of his nerve ending was alive and turned on completely by what Maria was doing to him. He hissed when she dropped the sponge and reached around him to grab the hose attachment and the water hit him for the first time.

“Turn around and lean back so I can wash your hair.” Maria commanded in a soft whisper.

He didn’t know what part of his brain was still functioning, but he did as he was told and couldn’t stop the low moan from escaping his lips as Maria ran her hands through his hair, scrubbing the shampoo against his scalp. Soon she was rinsing the suds away and was resting against the tub with Michael resting against her.

Giggling Maria pushed him up a little so that she could reach around him to grab the sponge she had discarded a few minutes earlier. “I forgot to wash you someplace pretty important.” She said while kissing him on his shoulder.

“Oh.” Michael answered, amazed that his brain was able to decipher the words since he was pretty sure he couldn’t form a complete sentence if his life depended on it.

“Yes sir.” Maria said as reached down and ran a finger along Michael’s c-ock.

“Oh damn.” Michael panted, knowing he would never be able take whatever torture his lover was planning. His c-ock as rock hard and pressing against his stomach already.

“Un hun.” She moaned as she slid her hand up and down his d-ick before rubbing it gently with the sponge.

Michael couldn’t stand it. His hips bucked at the first touch and he was sure he would come at any moment. He hissed when she pulled the sponge away and breathed a sigh of relief but was moaning again when he felt her gliding her weapon of choice over his

“Ohohohohohohoh!!! Please..please..please stop I can’t take this!! Oh God, please Maria I need to be inside youuuuuu!! Michael begged.

Not waiting for her to answer him, he grabbed her hands and pulled them away from his crotch and before Maria could register what was happening Michael spun around and pulled he onto his lap sliding his c-ock into her tight slit.

Maria couldn’t stop the grunt that escaped her lips as Michael grabbed her hips sliding her up and down his c-ock. God every time they were together it was like coming home again.

Wrapping her arms around him Maria rested her head on his shoulders as his thrust slowed down and she could enjoy the feel of her breast rubbing against his chest, her nipples hardening from the friction.

The end was always special for them. No matter how fast and furious they may be going at it the end was always slow and tender. Each thrust connecting them forever in their harts.

Pulling back slightly, Michael captured Maria lips in a gently chaste kiss before he mated his forehead to hers, unable to stop staring into her eyes. Her eyes that were open for him to see all the love she held just for him.

Moaning, Michael slide is hand down to Maria’s pussy and glided his thumb over her sensitive clit helping her reach her peak as he continue to pump into her. Grunting he sped up a little when he felt her walls start to clamp down on his c-ock never once letting them loose eye contact.

Groaning he felt Maria and himself tumbling over the edge together as they both came screaming together while lost in each other gaze. Michael felt light headed and moaned as suddenly a white light flashed through his mind.

He felt dizzy as he was bombarded with flashes of himself and Maria. One was of a nude Maria laying on their bed as Michael gently rubbed his hand over her swollen belly. Another one hit him of Maria screaming in pain as she gave birth to a baby. The flashed started to come faster and faster and Michael was barely able to understand them. He saw snippets of him and Maria and a baby playing or having a picnic together, but most went by too fast and he couldn’t decipher them.

After what seemed to be hours but couldn’t have been more than seconds Michael felt himself become aware of his surroundings. He saw that Maria was staring at him and he could see how concerned she was.

“Michael, baby are you ok?” Maria asked as she gently stood up, sliding off of Michael’s c-ock and reaching for a towel to wrap around her self.

Quickly she got out of the tub and grabbed another towel and gave Michael a hand in standing up. Swiping the towel over him she wrapped it around his waste and helped him out of the tub.

Wrapping his arm around her shoulder and hers around his waste Maria guided Michael out of the bath and into their room. Silently thankful that she remembered to start a fire before she went to take her bath.

It took her a few seconds to get Michael over to the fireplace and to lay him down on the pallet she had placed there earlier while reading in front of the fire. She placed a pillow under his head before she ran over to the bed to grab a throw blanket to place over him.

After she had Michael tucked in she laid down next to him and ran her fingers through his hair. “Michael, please can you talk? What’s wrong are you hurt?” She cried softly burying her head in his chest.

She sighed in relief when she felt Michael reach out from under the blanket and rubbed his hand on her back. “You’ll catch a cold laying here damp and wearing nothing but a towel.”

“Oh Michael.” She sobbed as all her fear of losing Michael seem to hit her at once.

“Shush, I’m ok. I just got a little dizzy there for a minute. I’m fine honest.” He said as he lifted the blanket and pulled Maria closer so that he could wrap it around both of them.

“What happened in there. You weren’t just dizzy, you passed out for a full minute.” She said, rubbing her hand over his chest. She couldn’t stop touching him, it was as if she was afraid he would disappear if she did.

“Maria, did Liz ever tell you anything about when Max healed her? About seeing things?” He asked.

“Un huh, she said Max called them flashes. Is that what happened? Did you see flashes?”
She urged gently.

“Yeah, I think so. I just think that between the flashes and the orgasm it sent me into over load and that’s why I passed out.” He explained.

Maria thought about it for a few seconds. It made sense, just their orgasms alone were usually pretty intense then go throwing flashes in must have been overwhelming. She was deep in thought when she realized Michael hadn’t told her everything.

“Michael, what did you see.” She finally asked. Noticing how Michael took a deep intake of breath. “Oh God, it was something bad wasn’t it.” She moaned.

Michael looked down and realized that she was shaking in fear that he had seen something bad, when in fact he had seen something he had always wanted but thought he would never have.

“No Maria, it wasn’t anything bad. I just don’t know why I saw what I saw. It just doesn’t make sense.” He explained.

“Then tell me what you saw.” She demanded, she didn’t like being left in the dark.

Michael swallowed, he didn’t want to upset Maria and he wasn’t sure if what he saw would upset her, but he had promised her that they wouldn’t keep secrets anymore. So he took a deep breath and told her the truth. “I saw us, you and me. I also saw someone else Maria. I saw a baby.”

“Oh my God. You saw the baby.” Maria gasped as she sat up so she could look Michael in the eyes.

“What do you mean that I saw ‘the baby’?” Michael asked as he watched Maria’s hand clasp over her tummy.

Smiling, she laid back down and kissed Michael gently on the lips before whispering in his ear. “Michael, I have to tell you something.”

Part 18

Maria couldn’t help laughing a little when Michael jumped up from their place in front of the fireplace and started pacing back and forth in front of her after she whispered in his ear that he was going to be a daddy. She had to smiled when his towel slid off during mid pace and that he didn’t even seem to realize that he was now pacing in the nude and muttering to himself.

“…baby fever, your only suppose to be going through baby fever…” He keep saying over and over again.

Maria sat up and wrapped the blanket around her self, enjoying the show. Wait until she tells Karen that she reduced Michael to a nude mumbling fool. She watched as Michael stopped several times and looked in her direction opening and closing his mouth like a fish before he started to pace and mumble to himself again.

Grinning she was pleased to see that little Michael was just as worked up as big Michael when she noticed as he turned to look at her again that he was well on his way to a raging hard on. ‘Ah adrenaline, you gotta love it.’ She thought to herself as she felt her juices starting to trickle down her pussy.

“Michael.” She called out to him causing him to stop and look at her. “Don’t you want the baby?” She asked already knowing that he wanted this baby, even if he was having a small nervous breakdown at this moment. She didn’t understand how she knew he wanted it, she just did and that one simple question had the desired affect she wanted.

Michael stopped then shook his head up and down before looking Maria in the eyes and smiled before asking. “I’m really gonna be a daddy!”

Maria returned his smile. “Yup, seven pregnancy test can’t all be wrong. Not to mention those flashy thingys you saw.”

Grinning Michael walked over and sat down on the floor in front of Maria and grabbed her hands bringing them up to his lips, kissing each palm before dropping them gently to rest between their bodies.

“Michael, the flashes. Why did you all of a sudden have flashes? I mean that never happened before, right?” She asked.

“No the only time I ever had a flash was that time when I broke into Valenti’s office and stole that key.” Michael answered before asking the question that was nagging at him since he found out. “Maria, why didn’t you tell me that you’re pregnant?”

Maria laughed. “I just figured it out today. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of the perfect way to tell you since this afternoon.”

Michael grinned back at her. “I think the baby decided that she knew the best way to tell me. I think the baby connected with me to let me know she’s here.” Michael said as he reached his hand out to rub Maria’s tummy.

“She.” Maria gasped as she placed her hand on top of Michael’s. “We’re going to have a baby girl?”

Michael shook his head yes and kissed Maria lightly on the lips. “Yeah, the flashes were pretty fast, but I do remember one of me changing her and she’s definitely a girl no little penis to be seen.”

Maria grin and reached out and stroked Michael’s shaft. “Speaking of penises.”

“Un, un, un.” Michael said as he wagged his finger back and forth in front of her. “No way. Not more than an hour ago you gave me the most erotic bath in the history of baths. Nope, now it’s my turn to pleasure you.” He said as he stood and gather Maria in his arms and carried her to their bed.

“But Michael, I want to show you how much I love you.” Maria whined. “Beside bathing you was sorta of like practice for when the baby gets here.” She explained while laughing as he tickled her behind her knees.

“Funny Deluca, funny.” He said as he placed her on their bed, leaning down to kiss her.
“Now don’t argue with me here. I want to show you how much your loving me and giving me this baby means to me.” He order her, smiling when she wink and saluted him.

“Yes sir, commence with the pleasuring.” She said, while stretching out and relaxing.

Michael smiled. “Well, first things first. This has to go.” He said as he snatched the towel that was still wrapped around her body away exposing her to him. Michael sat back as he admired her nude form, grinning like a fool with visions of watching her belly growing heavy with their child inside. Their child! He never knew one simple thought could bring so much joy and happiness to him.

Grinning he bent down and sprinkled feather light kisses on her face, deliberately keeping away from her mouth. If he kissed her then he knew he would get lost in the feeling and would never do what he wanted to do with her.

Slowly he reached down and guided both of her arms up over her head. Kissing every inch of skin there was to kiss before moving lower and he began to attack one of her breast, nipping and licking her pebble nipple urged on by the moans and gasps he heard coming from the lips he loved to kiss.

She hissed when he removed his mouth from her breast but sighed in contentment as he began the same treatment to her other breast. Michael’s head was swimming as he heard Maria moan and arch her body into his and had to fight the urge to slide his c-ock into her too soon.

Sighing he slipped his mouth off of her breast and kissed his way down her body, placing a light kiss at the top of her honey curls as silent promise that he would be back. He continued to kiss and lick his way up and down her legs, stopping to suck one of her big toes into his mouth. He groaning when he was rewarded with a grunt and her other foot searching and finding his c-ock, rubbing it gently.

Summering up all his will power Michael moved his hand to her ankle and gently moved her foot away before he crawled back up her body and whispered in her ear. “Roll over, I need to taste you completely.”

With a shaky breath Maria rolled onto her stomach and moaned as Michael began to kiss and lick her up and down her back before dipping down and sucking in a piece of her rump into his mouth, giving her a hickey in a place only they could see.

Maria was panting as he continued down her legs, her juices trickling and pooling underneath her. She sighed in relief when he had finished and worked his way up her leg, squirming in anticipation of Michael flipping her over and joining himself to her.

She grunted when she felt Michael kneeling next to her as he began to knead her ass cheeks, unable to stop her hips from bucking against the bed. Moaning as she heard Michael say. “So beautiful. Maria I love you completely every inch of you I love.”

He whispered as he gently parted her cheeks and laved his tongue against her lower back and slipping his tongue into the depression of her ass, causing her to scream in ecstasy before she started to ramble.

“Oh God Michael, you can’t. I mean you can but ohhhh, I don’t know what I mean.” She mumble. “I mean, you’re not really going to lick me where I think you are. Are you?” Maria asked as she felt Michael begin to massage her rump again.

“Yes I am. I told you I love you completely and that I want to taste all of you.” Michael said, not waiting to hear what Maria had to say as he parted her cheeks again and dipped down and swirled his tongue into her groove before lapping at her sphincter muscle.

“Ohnoohnoohgodohgodohnoohyesssssss!” Maria screamed as Michael slightly impaled her rectum with his tongue before he licked his way back up to her sensitive muscle and then worked his way up to her lower back. Michael began to kiss her up and down her spine as he slide his hand under her writhing body to caress her belly.

Gently her urged onto her hands and knees, spreading her legs so that she was completely opened to him as he moved and seek out her clit with his tongue before dragging across her pussy and slipping it into her tight slit.

His c-ock twitched with anticipation and need but he ignored it as he listened to Maria moaning in pleasure and bucking her hips backwards in an attempt to get him deeper inside of her.

Michael ran his hands up and ass and along her lower lips, spreading them even more with his thumbs caressing the sensitive flesh before gliding one of his thumbs over her bundle of nerves, making her screech. “MICHAELLLLLLLL!” as she tremble uncontrollable.

Panting he ran his other hand along her ass and urged her to spread he legs further apart so that he could clearly see her most secret puckered opening. Dipping his hand lower he dragged his thumb over her pussy, coating it with her juices before sliding it back up and caressing her rectum with his thumb, gently urging her to let him.

Sighing Maria felt her muscles completely relax and gasped as she felt Michael thumb slide into her asshole and bucked uncontrollable as bother her shafts were being assaulted in the most pleasant way.

“Ohgodohgodohmichaelohpleaseohplease.” She cried. “Oh,soclosesoclosepleaseohhh.”
Maria screamed as Michael stopped rubbing her clit and shouted when he reached up and tweak it sending her over the edge as she felt the walls of both her shafts clench and spasm around their welcomed intruders.

“EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Maria shirk as she came violently against Michael face.

Michael continued to lick and rub Maria as she rode out her orgasm. After he wiggled his thumb a few more times causing her to whimper, he slowly slid him thumb out and kissed the hickey that he had given her earlier. Smiling as he watched her as she collapse on the bed rolling onto her side facing him.

Grinning with pride at how intense he was able to make her come he stretched out beside her and pulled her into his arms. Rubbing his hand up and down her back as she sighed happily and kissed his chest.

“Oh God, where did you learn how to do that.” She finally asked as her breathing returned to normal.

Michael laughed. “I couldn’t tell you. I just know I wanted to mark you in a way I had never done before.”

Maria chuckled lightly. “I’ll say. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that was. I thought you had out done yourself at the movies last night but what you just did now was….well lets just say words can’t describe how incredible you made me feel just now.”

Maria sighed and lowered her gaze down Michael’s body. She giggled as she took in the site of his rock hard erection. “So, you gonna do something about that bad boy.” She teased as she slipped her hand down to rub the tip of his shaft with her palm, spreading his pre-cum.

“Well I was giving you some time to recover.” He answered as his felt his c-ock leap in response to the tender caress of her hand.

Maria smiled and kissed his chin. “I think I’ve recovered enough. Please Michael, I want to feel you inside of me.” She moaned as she felt her clit start to throb at the idea of feeling Michael c-ock inside of her.

Michael was shaking with his need to be inside her and he moaned as he rolled them so that Maria was underneath him. He hissed as he felt her wrap her legs around him and rubbed herself against him, urging him inside her.

Sighing, he reached down and guided his shaft to her wet center and almost came just from the intensity of feeling her walls surrounding his c-ock. He was too far gone and quickly began shafting her, brushing his pelvis against her clit and panting with his need to find his release.

Maria raked her nails up Michael back as she felt herself rushing towards another mind shattering orgasm. She hissed as she felt his c-ock rub against her g-spot, knowing that he was deliberately targeting her pleasure zone.

She gasped as she felt him start to slow down his thrusts. ‘Oh God, so close.’ She thought to herself. She bucked her hips when she felt Michael slide his hand between their bodies and rub her clit pushing her over the edge as she felt her walls clamp down on his shaft as he erupted inside her filling her with his hot seed as they both came scream together.

Michael collapsed onto of Maria and heard her soft whimper as he pulled out of her before pushing himself off of her and gathering her in his arms. He felt her shiver and quickly reached down and pulled the covers up and over their bodies. He heard her sigh as he kissed the crown of her head and soon he heard her snoring softly as she finally succumbed to sleep. Michael smiled and ran his hand up and down her back as the images from the flashes danced across his mind until he felt his own eyelids grow heavy and soon he drifted off to sleep too, dreaming of the family he was blessed to have.


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Hi Everyone, I just wanted to give you some more of the story. I just wanted to let you know that when I wrote this originally I lost count and misnumbered my parts. I skipped the number 19, so don't worry about it going from part 18 to part 20. I will fix this some day, it's just that there's around 40 parts and I don't have time to fix it today.

Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback. I'm glad people like the story. I think some will like these next parts.

Thanks and enjoy

Part 20

“Michael, don’t forgot to grab the sun block on you way down.” Maria shouted upstairs as she headed into the kitchen. She went over to the counter and began to pile all the food Michael had prepared earlier into their picnic basket.

When she was done, she went over to the sink and got an ice cold glass of water. “You know Emma, I love you like crazy but it’s no fun being eight months pregnant in August.” Maria said to her daughter as she rubbed her tummy, smiling as she felt her baby kicking.

Eight months, had it really been that long. It was already the middle of August and soon it would be the one year anniversary of when the others were assassinated and her and Michael went on the run.

So much had happened since that awful event. Her and Michael ran all the way to Canada, falling in love along the way. They had assumed new identities, began a new life and were now going to have the first human and alien baby that they knew of in a few short weeks.

Maria smiled thinking back of the night Michael found out she was pregnant. First Emma decided to let him know in her own unique way and then Maria confirmed it when she whispered in his ear that he was going to be a daddy. She still blushed when she thought about how her and Michael celebrated their joy over becoming parents together that night.

Then the next morning over breakfast Michael told her about the sheriff’s offer. At first she didn't think he should do it, that they could manage between the two of them. But it was the look in his eyes when he said he was honor that both the sheriff, Peter and Tony thought so highly of him that she caved.

Her biggest concern was about figuring out a new place to live. Their little cottage had become a home to them. Maria had already thought about how she was going to turn the bedroom closest to them into a nursery for the baby, but with Michael quitting his job as caretaker they knew they would lose the cottage.

They waited a week and after Michael confirmed everything with the sheriff they finally approached Ruthie to let her know that Michael would becoming the new deputy starting in April and that they would begin to look for a new place as soon as possible.

Maria cried when Ruthie hugged both of them and said she wouldn’t hear of it. This was their home and they weren’t leaving, especially since Maria was going to have a baby that Ruthie was already bragging to everyone about.

Maria laughed as she watched Ruthie and Michael argue over them paying rent and had to smile when Ruthie finally gave in and agreed to let them pay her, but she was insistent that they only pay what was equaled to about $300.00 U.S. dollars and that Maria would continue to help at the inn.

Maria had been helping out since Courtney took off the day after St. Valentine’s Day with some trucker she met in a bar the night before. Ruthie had asked Maria to help Jeanie with the cleaning and soon had started to let her help run the front desk during the day as well.

As soon as Maria started to show; Ruthie, Jeanie and Michael all insisted that she stop with the physical work and Ruthie began to instruct her on running the front desk alone, on taking reservations, planning the menus for the inn’s dinning area and balancing the books. Eventually she had to quit the diner, much to her bosses chagrin.

Maria was seven months along had been so involved with learning everything that she hadn’t realized that Ruthie was gradually grooming her to take over running the inn. It finally dawned on her a few weeks ago and she confronted the older woman, who explain how she had been waiting for the right person for a long time and that Maria was that person.

Maria cried for over an hour in Michael arms later that night as she told him. He just smiled and said he wasn’t surprised, it was obvious that Ruthie thought of her as if she was her own granddaughter or something. Maria swore that she would do what ever it takes to make Ruthie proud of her, finally really understanding how Michael felt when the sheriff asked him to become a deputy.

A deputy, yup her man had joined the Baker’s Hollow Sheriff’s Department in April. She still laugh a little when he would come into the room dressed for work. Her sweet little delinquent looked so cute in his uniform.

She still couldn’t believe only a few short months ago they were breaking the law and passing fake money. Hell even his name; Deputy Gulliver, was technical on the illegal side considering that Michael tampered with government data basis and all but they both chose to ignore that.

Oh yeah, a lot had changed since they started to run, but it was all for the better. Even though Maria still had a hard time and would upset when she thought about her Mom. Ever since she had found out she was going to have a baby, she couldn’t stop thinking about a way to contact her. To let her know that she was ok, but Michael was always the voice of reason and Maria realized that she couldn’t take the chance of putting her Mom in danger.

Maria realized that as much as she missed her Mom and wanted her there to share in her joy, that it was for the best. She also realized that she was blessed with the friendships she had with Ruthie, Jeanie and Karen. Ruthie, who had become a surrogate mother to her. Jeanie, who had filled a void in her life that was placed there when she had to leave Alex behind and then there was Karen.

Karen had become her best friend, as loyal and devoted to Maria as Liz was. Her relationship with Karen was what she thought her relationship with Liz would have grown to, if she had lived and they had grown up together. Being in love and married to the men of their dreams, having babies.

Married, that was the one thing that nagged at her. Legally and emotionally her and Michael were married, but a part of her wanted to truly exchange the vows with him. She just need that declaration made between them in front of the people who had become their family.

Soon though that would no longer be a issue for her. Actually in ninety minutes it wasn’t going to be an issue period. Her sweet and loving ‘husband’ had announced yesterday that they would be ‘renewing’ their vows at the beach with all their friends and then they would have a big picnic after the ceremony as a sort of reception.

“Ok, I’ve got the sun…” Michael sucked in a breath when he saw Maria standing before him. He didn’t care how long they would be together, he knew she would always be able to take his breath away.

How was it possible that something so simple as a powder blow sundress with tiny white roses embroidered throughout could look so amazing on a woman was beyond him. He smiled as he watched her rubbing her swollen belly as she reach up with her free hand and tucked a stray piece of her hair behind her ear. He would always be happy that he convinced her to grow her hair out. He loved how it would shine in the moonlight when they would lay together in bed, watching the stars together.

“I take it you like the dress.” Maria teased as she reached up and kissed him gently on the lips.

“Un hun. God Maria your beautiful.” He said as he captured her lips for another kiss.

They parted when they heard a knock and Ruthie calling out an “YOO HOO” to make sure the coast was clear. The poor woman was always afraid of walking in on something intimate ever since that morning she had come in without knocking and found Maria on her knees bring Michael to orgasm with her mouth.

Maria giggled as she heard Michael groaned and headed for the back door. “Hi Ruthie, how are you feeling this morning?”

“I’m fine sweetie, but I should be the one asking you how you feel.” She said as she enveloped Maria in a hug.

“Fat, that’s how I feel.” She answered.

“You look amazing.” Michael argued. “Doesn’t she look beautiful?” He asked Ruthie as he kissed his former boss on her cheek before grabbing the picnic Maria packed and the blanket and radio and headed out to pack the car.

“Michael right, you look beautiful. Maria your are a stunning bride.” She said honestly as she rubbed Maria’s hand affectionately.

“Your sweet, just like Michael. I still can’t believe he set this up. Do you know he was up half the night preparing our picnic? I love that we’re going to renew our vow on the beach and finally have a celebration with our friends. I also can’t believe he came up with the picnic idea, Karen even said last night on the phone she was shock that he thought of something so quirky, romantic and sweet.” Maria ramble happily.

“I know, I spoke to Jeanie earlier and she said Peter did all the cooking for their picnic as well. I think those boys spoil you and Karen.” She tease Maria.

Both woman were laughing when Michael came back inside. “What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Nothing, Ruthie thinks you and Peter spoil me and Karen.” She explained as she brushed a piece of lint off of his button down powder blue oxford shirt. She still couldn’t believe he agreed to where the shirt or the tan khakis that she went out and bought him yesterday afternoon after he announced they were getting married today.
She had picked out his clothes while she was shopping for a dress to wear.

“She’s right you are spoiled, but you deserve it.” He said as he lifted her hand and kissed it. “Are you two ready, we’re suppose to meet the other down by Thompson Bluff in twenty minutes.”

“Are you kidding, I’ve been ready since yesterday morning.” Maria gushed, causing Michael and Ruthie to laugh at her enthusiasm as they headed out the door and got into the Jetta driving off to meet the others.

Ninety minutes later Maria and Karen were touching up their make up and getting ready for the ceremony to begin. Karen had gone with Maria and had also choose a sun dress for the occasion, a light pink dress with lavender swirls running along the hem of the dress.

“You know, you really have a nerve looking that good at this stage of your pregnancy. When I was eight months along my hair looked like crap and I had hemorrhoids the of golf balls.” Karen teased as she fixed Maria’s hair.

“Karen, you know there is such a thing as too much information.” Maria said as she giggled at the face her friend was making.

“Please, this from the woman who told me yesterday that her husband had gone down on her just that morning after he told her that they would renew their vows today.” She argued good naturally.

“Not my fault Peter doesn’t give you head. You want me to have Michael give him a little talk.” Maria offered.

“Oh yeah, I could just see it now.” Karen said. “Besides the way things have been between us I don’t think he would take it to nicely.”

Maria looked up from fixing her dress. “Sweetie, you know he loves you. You’re just going through some stuff is all. They say it happens a lot of times after you have a baby.”

Karen wiped away a few tears. “I hope your right. Last night after he was done preparing the food for our picnic I wanted to make love so bad and he wanted to watch some stupid baseball game on television. I mean he’s always complaining I’m never in the mood and when I am he blows me off.”

“Karen, I’m so sorry. I feel so guilty.” Maria said as she hugged her friend.

“Don’t be silly, you have nothing to feel guilty about. You and Michael went through a lot to get here. Granted sometimes I just want to grab that husband of yours and have my wicked way with him, but it passes pretty quickly when he so proudly belches the alphabet the way only he can.” She told her in an attempt to lighten an obviously dark moment.

Karen swore she wasn’t going to ruin this day for Maria and smiled happily when she the other woman laugh before saying. “Be thankful he only serene you with belches, I won’t even tell what he does in the privacy of our own home.”

Both woman were still laughing when they heard the groom ask. “If you two are done, the minister is ready to start the ceremony.” Michael told them as he and Peter walked over to where they were. Smiling as they stood in front of them with their hands hidden behind their backs.

“Whatcha got there sailor?” Maria asked, batting her eyelashes and winking at Michael, causing him to laugh.

“Just these.” He said as he pulled out a bouquet of white roses.

“And these.” Peter chimed as he pulled out a bouquet of pink roses.

“Oh Michael, they’re beautiful! Thank you.” Maria cried as she hugged him and gave him a loud smacking kiss on the cheek.

“Ditto Baby.” Karen whispered as she kissed Peter passionately on the lips. Blushing slightly when Michael separated them with a wolf whistle.

“Okay, time to get this show on the road you four.” The sheriff said as he came and stood next to Maria. “You two get down the path and wait for your ladies. Jeanie hit the play button on that radio box of yours. Karen get your keester in gear and get ready to walk down that path.” He ordered as everyone stared at him.

“What are you all waiting for. I’ve got a lady to give away here.” He looked around at everyone who was just smiling at him. “Do I look like I’m kidding. Lets go, lets go, lets go!!” He shouted making everyone jump and scurry off.

An hour later Michael and Maria were dancing their first official dance as a married couple to ‘Something’ by George Harrison, while all their friends clapped and cheered them on.

The afternoon sailed by as they ate and danced the day away. The girls were pleasantly surprised that not only could Michael and Peter really cook, but they had actually remember to order a small wedding cake.

Everybody had a wonderful time as they partied throughout the day and into the early evening. Everyone was so wrapped up in the celebration that they never noticed a strange car parked across from the festivities for half the day or the man and woman in the car who watched the happy couple intensively.

They also didn’t notice as the man picked up a cell phone punching in numbers, waiting several seconds before speaking to the person on the other end. “It’s them, we’ve found them and that’s not all, they’re going to have a child too.” He told the person on the other end before hanging up and turning to his companion.

“We wait, we’re to meet up with the others in an hour. There’s no hurry, they’re not going anywhere.” The man said to the woman.

“Then we wait.” She answered as she watched the couple in question kissing. She turned her head away as the man started the car and drove to meet the others.

Part 21

The car in question pulled into the parking lot of a cheap motel thirty miles away. Both occupants got out of the car and went directly to the main meeting room. They had just gotten to the door when it swung open and one of the others stood there watching them.

“Are you sure, was it really them?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Amy, we found her, we found your daughter.”

“And Michael, was it really Michael?”

“Yes Izzy, it was him. They’re together and they’re going to have a baby.”

“Max, that isn’t possible. He has a destiny and she isn’t part of it.”

“Jesus Tess, can’t you give it a rest on this destiny crap?” Alex snapped. “Liz, did she look alright to you.” Alex asked as he watched his friend hugging a crying Amy Deluca.

“Oh, she looked more than alright. She looked happy.” Liz said as she helped Amy sit down on one of the beds, still clearly shaken be what was unfolding.

“What about Michael, how did he look?” Isabel asked as she too sat down next to Amy. This woman had given up so much and showed her faith and trust in them over and over again these past ten months.

For the first time Max looked at his sister and smiled thoughtfully. “Happy. Actually it was more than just that, he looked at peace, at home.” He said as he replayed in his mind watching Michael sitting on a blanket, playing peek a boo with a toddler earlier today.

“I don’t know what to do first.” Amy cried as she jumped up and began to pace. “Tomorrow you are taking me to see my baby girl.” She said as she continued to pace when suddenly she stopped and looked at everyone in the room and shouted. “Oh God, my baby is going to have a baby.”

Everybody jumped at once when they saw Amy breakdown and rushed to comfort the woman. They all stepped back as they watch a man they originally thought of as their enemy but had proven to be a greater friend and comrade instead, wrap his arms around her and helped her over to one of the beds.

“It’s gonna be ok Amy. Maria is a good girl. You know she wouldn’t do anything wrong.” Jim Valenti said as he stoked his hand up and down the back of the woman he had grown to love over the past few months since he agreed to help the others.

“Dad’s right Amy, you know you can trust Maria’s judgment.” Kyle Valenti added as he sat down next to Amy and patted her hand.

Max couldn’t help but to smile as he watch the other join in and comfort Amy. Even Tess tried to be nice and offered to get her a glass of water. He was sure it was only an act, that Tess never really did something nice just to be nice but he decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Max still couldn’t believe everything that has happened since that fateful night up at the cabin back last October. The day had started our bad and ended even worst than imaginable. Michael and Maria had started a war back in front of the Evans and both weren’t about to surrender their ground.

He thought things might be changing for the better when Maria suggested they play a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ and that’s when Michael went in for the kill. Max remembered the look on his brother’s face as he listened to Maria describe being raped when she was 11 years old by one of her mother’s boyfriends.

It was then that Max began to suspect that Michael had feeling for the blond pixie. But he knew that Michael would never admit it to him or to himself, at least the old Michael wouldn’t.

Max remembered that he finally went to bed around 3:00. He had stayed up waiting for Michael to come in, but realized that he wasn’t going to come in anytime soon. That was the thing about his brother, he always went off by himself when he had something on his mind. He never seemed to trust him or Isabel enough to truly let them in, he always keep them at a distance.

He never heard Maria get up and to this day he still didn’t know where she had gone to, just that Michael had gone with her. At first he thought that when he came through back at the compound and saw that Liz and Isabel was with him that he thought that either they had killed Michael and Maria or that they brought them someplace else.

He replayed the attack over and over in his head so many times. He felt the hands on his body and the needle going into his arm, drugging him into unconsciousness. Vaguely he remember being placed onto a stretcher and placed into a van, catching a glimpse of Liz and Isabel before faintly hearing the explosion that destroyed the cabin.

He would never forget the sicken feeling in his stomach as he assumed the worst for Michael and Maria. It wasn’t until later when the other two came and rescued them that they found out that they had gotten away.

‘The other two’ Max thought ruefully. He knew the man was the one who had to have been the one that killed the man in the picture Valenti showed Liz when he questioned her. But the girl, she was a different story. Max knew her, he didn’t know how, but he did.

The rescue, he still couldn’t believe it. They were in an army compound with no hopes of every seeing their love ones again being questioned by a man they later found out was called Pierce. He insisted that Max show him how to work two orbs that had been discovered that they figured were alien.

Max and Isabel fought them, screaming that they were just two regular kids. They finally started to weaken when they realized that while they were unconscious the doctors had taken samples of their blood and knew without a doubt that their blood cells were non-human.

Max and Isabel had tried to use their powers but whatever drug they had given them prevented this from happening, they couldn’t get the orbs to work if they wanted to. The three of them were preparing to be tortured or killed when suddenly the other two broke them out of the compound.

It was still confusing, everything that happened when the other two had disarmed the guards and used their powers to free them from their restraints. Its was in those first few seconds that he knew he couldn’t trust them completely when he saw that they were going to leave Liz and only help him and Isabel.

Max was never more proud of his sister than when she spoke up before he could and said that they would stay with Liz and be tortured before betraying her and leaving her in the arms of the FBI. That one act sealed Liz’s and Isabel’s friendship.

The other realizing that they couldn’t waste anymore time agreed and the five of them began to escape the compound. They were at the end of the last corridor, two doors away from freedom when the gunfire erupted.

Max turned when he heard the girl scream as the man collapsed after being hit. They all turned and went to help him but stopped when he scream. “Tess, get them out of here. The king must be protected at all cost. GO!”

Shaking her head slightly, Tess turned back around and forced the other out the doors. Soon they were all running across pavement and jumping into a van the others had used to get to them.

Max speed away from the compound. Without thinking he headed straight back to Roswell. He ignored Tess as she screamed that they had to go back. That they had to rescue Nacedo. He hadn’t realized how close to home they were when they in the compound. They were at the old army base at the out skirt of town. They never realized how far they had traveled before since they were kept unconscious the whole time.

He remembered pulling into his driveway and seeing his parent crying was when he realized that they had thought they were killed in the explosion. He was rapidly trying to think of an excuse when suddenly he watched as Tess seem to go into a trance. When she opened her eyes, both his parent just smiled and asked if they had a nice time at the cabin.

He looked up in surprise as he watch the sheriff, his son and Alex Whitman come out their front door. All three looked as if they were seeing ghosts standing in front of them. When Mrs. Evans turned and noticed them staring at their children she shook her head slightly as if she was trying to remember something but couldn’t put her finger on it.

“I’m sorry sheriff, what was it that you and the boys need to tell us?” Mrs. Evans asked.

The sheriff looked at the three youngsters that he had just received a call only 30 minutes earlier reporting of their deaths in the eyes. Deaths that he had just told two of their parents about. The deaths that he was getting ready to report to the Mr. and Mrs. Parkers, Mrs. Deluca and Mr. Guerin.

Never really know why he just smiled at the couple and said. “Well, I hate to have to break it to you like this but I just received a phone call and there has been a fire up where your cabin is and that the fire department wasn’t able to save it.”

“Oh my God.” Mrs. Evans gasped as she turned and ran over and hugged both her children. “Thank God you kids were gone before the fire happened.” She said while hugging both of them.

“Ah, yes. Well, when I receive the paper work I will bring it over for you Philip.” The sheriff said as he ushered his son and Alex towards his car, exchanging a look with Max. A look that said that he would be seeing them very shortly. “I have to get these boys home, Alex is staying for dinner and you know how hungry boys get at their age.” He said in an attempt to sound as if everything was normal, which was difficult to do especially since he had a sickening feeling in his stomach when he noticed that the other two weren’t with them.

The sheriff and the boys had only been in the house a few minutes before they saw the van pull up with the others. Him, his son and Alex sat and listened for hours as the other explained everything to them. They finished saying that the one they learned was called Nacedo had been captured and maybe killed and that Michael and Maria were missing.

This was when Tess finally confessed that her and Nacedo knew that Michael and Maria had made it out ok. That the FBI hadn’t realized they were up at the cabin and that they had gone into hiding. After agreeing that Nacedo was the first problem they needed to clean up the seven of them came up with a plan to get Nacedo back.

It was funny, three days earlier Max had been under the impression that his biggest enemies was the sheriff and his son and now they and Alex were becoming accomplices in their alien conspiracy.

They worked together and came up with a plan to rescue Nacedo and get back the orbs, ignoring Tess’s argument that they shouldn’t evolve the humans. The next day the executed their plan and rescued Nacedo from the FBI.

Unfortunately or maybe you could say fortunately there was one fatal casualty. Agent Pierce had followed them as they raced away from the compound and was killed when his car crashed as it skidded off the road and down into a canyon, exploding on impact.

They didn’t have time to contemplate this as they rushed towards the Indian reservation that Tess had told them about. Since Nacedo had been shot, Tess explained that he would need to be heal and only one person who had the things they needed to heal him was a man named Riverdog that Nacedo had befriended when he first arrived on earth.

The old Indian helped the aliens heal Nacedo but left when he stood and looked at the others, hissing his disgust at the humans being involved. Max explained what had happened and showed him that they had managed to get the orbs too.

When Max told him that Pierce had been killed in a car accident Nacedo grinned evilly and said that he hadn’t. Then they all watched in horror as he shifted his shape and became the decease agent in front of them. He told them that he would take over as Pierce and that he would protect them from within the bureau as well as keeping the feds away from finding Michael and Maria before they do.

Max turned and asked him why he had told Tess that she had to get them out, what did he mean when he had said ‘the king must be protected at all cost’. Max because frustrated as Nacedo chose to ignore him and started to leave the cave. He only turned when Max asked him about the orbs.

“If would be wise if you got rid of those things. They can’t help you, all they will do is cause you problems. Forget what I said about the king and just go on living your little human life. Take my word for it, unless you want to come face to face with the enemy you will remove those orbs from you life.” He said as he strolled out of the cave.

“Max, do you think that what he said is the truth. That they will hurt us somehow and what did he mean about coming face to face with our enemies.” Isabel asked her brother.

“I don’t know, but I think we shouldn’t listen to him. I don’t trust him, I think he is lying to us.” He said as he held one of the orbs.

“You don’t know what your talking about Max. Nacedo has been my protector since I came out of the pods. I think we should bury them and move on. I can mind warp these four and all our problems will be solved.” Tess said while looking at Liz and the others.

“No, you won’t do anything of the kind. Look Tess, obviously Nacedo expects you to stay in Roswell with us but that doesn’t make you the person in charge. Liz and the others are our friends and we trust them, understand.” Max said firmly before adding. “I also think that we should try to use these orbs again.”

“But we don’t know how to use them.” Isabel reasoned.

“Maybe they’re like the healing stones we just used.” Liz said as she picked one up and examined it.

“I agree with Liz. Tess and Isabel you hold one and concentrate and I’ll use the other one.” Max commanded.

They all watched in awe as the orbs began to vibrate and a light began to shine forth from the inscription. Liz gasped when suddenly an imaged appeared before them. It was a woman or more to the point it was Max and Isabel alien mother.

They listened as the hologram told them of their past life and why they were sent to earth. They were shocked when they were told that they were sent to earth to fulfill their destiny.
Liz couldn’t help crying when she realized that Max was indeed king of his people and that Tess was his queen. She also felt sorry for Isabel when she noticed how stricken the other girl appeared at the idea that she was suppose to be with a boy she considered to be a brother.

It was the sheriff telling them that they had to leave and get back into town that finally got them going. They talked on the way home about how to find Michael and Maria. Isabel had tried all night to dream walk them but she wasn’t successful. She couldn’t explain it but somehow both of them blocked her. It was Alex who suggested that they may have subconscious cut themselves off since they thought that the others were dead.

This left them with trying to track them using the devises at hand. The tricky part was explaining their disappearance. Maria’s mother had been out of town since the day before they left but was due back and Michael foster father was going to be a problem.

They gather the next day at the Crashdown and discussed their options before they headed to school. Liz was shocked when Isabel was the one who suggested they tell Amy Deluca the truth. She reasoned that Hank really wouldn’t care one way or another about Michael taking off, but Amy would and that could cause problems for them. The other thing was what were they going to tell people.

Kids in school had already starting talking about Michael and Maria being no shows for the past few days. With Michael it wasn’t a big deal, but Maria was. Especially since they had been spotted a few time in heated debate since the shooting. Little did anyone know it that what they actually were witnessing was Michael attempting to scare Maria into keeping silent.

By the time they left school that day it was all over the campus that Michael and Maria had run away together because Maria mother had found Michael in Maria’s bed and had forbidden her to see him anymore. Liz and Isabel had laughed when they heard the girls gushing about it in the bathroom and later joked that they didn’t need to come up with anything when the student body has already come up with a perfectly good cover for them.

The sheriff took care of Hank for them. He pulled him into the station and told him that his foster son had run away with a girlfriend and that they hadn’t had any luck in tracking them down. He later confessed to Max he wanted to pound Hank into the wall when all he asked was when the checks would stop coming in from child care.

Their biggest challenge came the day Amy Deluca came back to town. It wasn’t easy but eventually they convinced Amy that they were aliens and that Maria was safe. Convincing her not to go to the state police to have them search for her wasn’t as easy.

It took them a whole day before she agreed that it would be dangerous to notify the authorities. That even thought Nacedo was supposedly running defense in his posing as Pierce, that they were still other in the FBI after them. That she and Michael had been able to disappear without a trace was the best thing for them right now.

The thing that finally convinced her to go along was when the sheriff told her that they would bring Maria home to her, that she would be reunited with her daughter one day. She just had to trust in them and that between his experience and the powers they would find them.

And they had worked together to find them. It had taken ten months but they succeeded and now they sat in a dingy motel room thirty miles away from them. Today they had seen their friends for the first time and as much as he hated to admit it Max was more than just surprised at what he saw.

He couldn’t explain it out loud but today was probable one of the most happiest days of his life. Not because they were close to getting Michael back, but because of the look in his brother’s eyes. He had always hated that Michael was stuck with Hank and that he put up with it so they could all be together and that he would have to go back to it again.

No he wasn’t going to be that bastards personal punching bag again, not anymore. He didn’t know how he was going to convince the other but Max had made up his mind. He was not destroying the family he saw today. Because that is all that would happen if they approached them, they would be destroyed and for what reason. Because of destiny, because Nacedo says that the enemy is near and that Michael has to fight.

No he wouldn’t do it. He wasn’t yanking Michael away from Maria or their child. He wouldn’t let the baby be born into this mess. No he owed Michael more than that. Max also knew that Michael deserved this, deserved to be happy, he had lived with so much pain. More pain than he ever would let him or Isabel know about.

Tomorrow Max would talk to the other with out Tess. He knew that Isabel, Liz, Alex, Kyle and the sheriff would cave pretty quickly but Amy was going to be a problem. He didn’t know how he was going to do it but he was going to have to convince Amy to let Maria go.

Part 22

The next day Max, Isabel, Liz, Alex, Kyle and the sheriff met in the Max’s and Alex’s room at 5:30 in the morning. This was the only time Max felt that he could get together with them without Amy and Tess since both women were still asleep and were sharing a room together.

“Max, why are we here and why aren’t Amy and Tess here too?” Liz asked, unable to keep the annoyance out of her voice.

Max sighed, the relationship that had seem so promising less than a year ago was gone. Him and Liz were friends, but they never went anywhere with their feeling for each other. The minute she had found out about Max’s destiny she had shut him out completely.

“Look I wanted to talk with everyone and run something by you. Yesterday when me and Liz went to verify if it really was Michael and Maria I wasn’t expecting to see what I saw.” He said to the others.

“Yeah, well I don’t think any of us thought that Michael and Maria were going to hit the sheets and make a baby either, but what does that have to do with anything.” Kyle asked.

“Everything.” Max snapped. “Look this is serious. Maria is going to have the first human/alien baby, do you really think it is in her best interest to come back to Roswell with an intergalactic war looming ahead of us.”

Isabel shot up when what her brother was saying sunk in. “You can’t be serious. You want to leave her here don’t you. Have you lost your mind, do you really think Michael would ever walk away from his own child not to mention the baby’s mother.”

“Isabel’s right. Michael won’t leave her. Beside what is she suppose to do, go into hiding or something all by herself.” Alex said as he stood next to Isabel.

“No Alex, I don’t expect her to go into hiding or anything like that and you and Isabel are right, Michael will never walk away from them.” Max responded before he got up and walked over to the window and looked outside knowing the next words he said were going to be the hardest he ever said in his life.

“I think that we shouldn’t approach them, either of them. Look, I don’t know how it happened but they fell in love and yesterday I watched them exchange vows on that bluff. Vows to stay together forever. If we approach them and tell them what we know, Michael will feel it is his duty to come back and fight. I think it goes without saying that Maria will come with him. Is that something we really want, a pregnant woman who could get hurt or God forbid killed in the middle of this thing.”

“You just want us to walk away. Max we have been searching for them all this time, how can you ask us to just give them up. I’m sure Liz and Alex miss Maria as much as I miss Michael and God what about Amy. You are asking a woman to give up her only child.” Isabel said as she tried to reason with her brother.

“Isabel, you didn’t see them. You didn’t see Michael. I can’t go to him and destroy the one thing he has always wanted. I can’t ask him to make that sacrifice, especially since he has already sacrifice so much of his life for us.”

“This is ridiculous, Amy will never agree to this so I don’t even know why we are disgusting it.” Liz reasoned.

“She might if we all are in agreement. If we went to her as a united front then maybe we could get her to agree.” He urged.

“Even if we could, what about Tess? She isn’t invested personally in either of them, I doubt she’s gonna care about them being happy.” Kyle argued.

“Tess won’t fight too much, she’s afraid of losing face with me. She is still hoping I will follow my destiny with her.” Max countered.

“What about Maria? I understand where your coming from Max in regards to Michael and wanting to see him happy, but what about Maria. She hasn’t had the same raw deal that he has. She has a mother that loves her that she loves just as much.” Alex said.

“Ask Liz, Maria was happy yesterday. More than happy. Look we’ve known you all since third grade and since I’ve found out about the rape I’ve thought a lot about the old Maria. The little girl she was before and the young woman she grew into after. The one thing I remember the most is that the before the rape Maria always had a sparkle in her eyes, but it disappeared after she was raped. Yeah she could faked being happy, Hell she should have won an Oscar for her performance over the past five years. Yesterday she wasn’t faking it, it was real. She’s at peace with what happened to her and has moved on with her life.”

“Is that true Liz, do you think that she has moved on?” The sheriff asked as he took in and processed Max’s argument.

Liz looked at everyone, she wanted to say no. She wanted to say that Max was wrong. She wanted her best friend back. No, as much as she wanted Maria back home she realized that it was out of selfishness and that Max was right. Bringing them home only put them in danger and could serve no real purpose. So she simple shook her head and said. “It’s true.”

“Big shock, Liz agreeing with Max.” Kyle snapped. “Then why the Hell did we bother looking for them?”

“We had no way of knowing Kyle.” Alex said as he walked over to Liz and hugged her.

“Then you agree with this? You think we should just leave them here?” Isabel cried.

“Izzy, Michael is our brother. That is our niece or nephew Maria is carrying. Could you look his child in the face if Michael was killed in this war?”

Isabel and Liz couldn’t stop sobbing. Everything he said was the truth, their live were being torn apart because of their mother’s message, how could they bring Michael and Maria and an innocent baby into it. Neither could speak and only shook their head in agreement. Max turned and looked at Alex, the sheriff and Kyle all three shook their head in agreement as well.

“Then you will help me convince Amy and deal with Tess and Nacedo when the time comes.” Max said, sighing in relief when everyone shook their heads yes.

“Then we approach Amy first, without Tess. Isabel, do you think you could distract Tess so that we could talk to Amy alone?” Max asked.

“I don’t know Max, she really doesn’t trust me. She thinks I prefer the humans over herself and Nacedo.” She explained, grinning at Liz that Tess was one hundred percent right.

“I think I can distract her.” Kyle offered.

“You?” Alex said while snickering.

“Yes me. Look since she staying with me and my dad we sorta started to bond.” He explained to everyone’s amusement.

“If you think you can do, then you’re the man for the job.” Max said as he slapped Kyle on the shoulder. “After breakfast you get Tess away from everyone else and we’ll talk to Amy.” Max said as he began to go over what they would say to Amy.


“I’m stuffed. Look Max I would really like to head over to that inn and see my baby.” Amy said as she got up and started to walk out of the restaurant.

“I’m dying to meet Michael too.” Tess chimed as she followed Amy.

The rest got up and sprinted after the two women. Kyle walked over to Tess and took her by the elbow and walked over to one of the cars. The could hear snippet of his conversation as he offered to drive her in his car so they didn’t have to cram into one of the other cars.

“Amy, we need to talk to you first.” Max said as he urged the woman to follow him and the other over to a few outdoor tables.

“Fine Max, what do we need to talk about.” Amy asked, smiling at the young man.

Max took a deep breath and began to argue his cause. Amy sat and listened for twenty minutes as he repeated all of his arguments that he made earlier. He could see the way the older woman’s eyes began to narrow as she looked at him and that her jaw was clench tightly.

“Are you done! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! How dare you try and tell me that my daughter has been pretending all this time. And how dare you try and tell me that if I loved my baby girl I would let her go! I know you think I’m a horrible mother and that it was my fault that she was raped but that doesn’t give you the right to tell me what is best for her!” She shouted as she got up and began to pace the ground.

Max looked at her in shock. “God no Amy. I don’t think any of those thing. I was just trying to explain how I saw thing. Amy I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful or anything I swear. If anything I always admired how much you gave up for Maria because you love her so much.”

Amy stopped and looked at Max who jumped up when he saw that she was crying. “She really had her sparkle back in her eyes?” She sobbed as Max pulled her into a hug.

“Yes.” He whispered as he tried to sooth the crying woman. “Amy, come with me and see for yourself. If you don’t see it the same way and think that she would be better off taking her chances in Roswell then I will honor your wishes and we will approach them together.”

Amy shook her head yes and Max stepped back and took her hand and lead her to the car.
Soon both were on their way to the inn. Max stopped the car across the way and both him and Amy watched as Michael and Maria pulled up in the Jetta.

Michael got out of the car and ran around the front and opened the door for Maria, holding his hand out to help her out of the car. They watched as Michael pulled her to him and kissed her before whispering something in her ear that made her laugh.

Max turned and saw that Amy was smiling as she watched her daughter and the man she had never gotten to meet laugh together before he dropped to his knees and kissed the belly that their baby slumbered in before getting up and taking her hand and leading her to a small cottage occasionally stopping to kiss the hand he held.

“Amy?” Max asked.

“Just go, go before I change my mind.” She whispered as she watched her daughter laugh for the last time.

Part 23

Michael and Maria were standing at the front and Michael was busy kissing Maria neck when suddenly he stopped and turned around. He caught a glimpse of a car driving past them on the road and he couldn’t stop staring after it.

“Excuse me, but I don’t remember giving you permission to stop kissing my neck buddy.” Maria teased as she turned and looked in his face. Her smiled faded as she noticed how intense he looked.

“What’s wrong?” She asked nervously.

Michael pulled his eyes away from the road and looked down into Maria worried face. “I don’t know. I just thought I felt something or more to the point someone.”

“You mean the way you use to be able to feel Max and Isabel?”


Maria looked down for a few seconds, rubbing her belly before she ventured explanation. “Michael, maybe you just were feeling Emma. You two have a pretty strong bond.”

Michael smiled, he sure did have a strong bond with his daughter. Pretty much every time him and Maria made love a connection was formed, after a few weeks the baby started to bring Maria into the connection.

“I don’t know Maria. The vibes I get from Emma are different. If I didn’t know better I would say it was Max I was feeling.”

Maria shook her head back and forth. “That’s impossible. There dead, we saw them murdered by the FBI. It must be Emma your feeling Michael. It has to be.” She urged as she opened the door and went inside turning to see him look at the road one more time before he joined her.

“I’m just going to change and then we can head over to Peter’s and Karen’s for the cookout. You should probable put on something more comfortable.” Maria said as she climbed upstairs and went into their bedroom.

Michael came up a few minutes later and smiled when he saw that Maria had stripped completely and was lying on their bed. His smiled faded when he saw that she was crying and he quickly made his way over to her and laid down next to her, his hand automatically reaching out to caress her stomach.

“Do you really think it was Max you felt?” She asked.

“Yes, I know it’s crazy but I really do think it was him.” He answered as he brushed a light kiss on her temple before resting his forehead against it.

“We saw them killed Michael. How could it be Max?” She argued weakly.

Michael sighed and thought about what he was about to say. “We didn’t see them killed Maria, we assumed it because the cabin was engulfed in flames. What if they weren’t killed, what if they were taken by the feds instead?”

Maria sat up. “No, that couldn’t have happened. If so, then why couldn’t you feel them before? Also why would he be here and not come up to us. Michael there dead, they have to be dead. There’s no other explanation for why they left us dangling like this for the past ten months. Isabel would have dreamed walk you or something if they were alive and looking for us. No, it’s taken us too long to bury that part of our lives and I’m not going to get pulled back into it. Michael we have a wonderful home and amazing friends, not to mention a baby on the way. Please don’t ruin this, don’t ruin us by getting worked up over something you have no proof of.” She begged as she grasped his hands in hers.

“Maria, I would never do anything to hurt you or the baby. Don’t you want to know for sure? What about your mother, this could open the door for you to be reunited with her.” He asked.

“You don’t know that. Michael if we went back, we would lose this. I can’t explain it but something inside of me is telling me that we should just ignore what just happened. That we would be pulled apart if we went back to Roswell and that we wouldn’t be together. As much as I love my mother, I choose this life when I gave myself to you. No matter how many nights I may lay here and think about her, I always knew in the back of my mind that I sacrificed my relationship with her the minute I knew I was in love with you and I don’t regret either, I can’t.”

Michael couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Don’t you see Michael, I can’t give up loving you or being you wife and that is what will happen if we go back to Roswell. Maybe it sounds heartless and selfish, but I can’t go back to being Maria Deluca. I can’t go back to being Liz Parker’s wacky girlfriend or the daughter of the town hippie. If I did I would only grow to hate the people I love and I don’t want that to happen. I would rather live here being able to love them from afar than to be with them and hating them.” She confessed with tears sliding down her cheek. “No Michael, it wasn’t Max you felt it had to be Emma.”

He was in shock, digesting everything she said when he finally asked the one question he dreaded most of all. “You knew they were alive, didn’t you?”

Maria shook her head no as she tried to explain what had been eating at her for months. “No, Michael I swear I didn’t know for sure but I did have a feeling. A few times I had thought I could feel Isabel trying to get into my dreams but I always force her out. I wasn’t sure if it was real or if it was my subconscious torturing me because I felt guilty for making it out safely.”

Michael got up and walked over to the fireplace, looking at the pictures that line it. Pictures of them, of their friends. He looked at the ones of himself and saw that he was always smiling in them, that he always laughed now. He never laughed before, back in Roswell. What was there to be happy about? Living with a drunk who like to slap him around or going hungry most nights because he didn’t have food to eat.

Was she right, that if they went back all of this would be lost? Yes, he couldn’t explain it but he knew she was right about that. There were forces there that would pull them apart, forces he wasn’t sure he could fight.

It was Max today, he was here. He left, he didn’t come up to them and reveal himself and Michael knew without a shadow of a doubt he wouldn’t feel him again for a long time. Max was sacrificing their friendship, their brotherhood for some unknown reason in his decision not to come up to him, not to bring him back to Roswell.

Did Michael owe it to Max to ignore this and follow him back? What about Maria? Could he drag her back there, back to all the bad memories? Could he take himself back there to face his demons? Then there was Emma, his daughter. Shouldn’t she be his first concern over everything else?

Michael looked at the pictures one last time before turning around and looking at Maria. His answer was obvious and clear, there was only one real choice and Michael didn’t know if he would be damned forever for choosing it but he knew he still could live with it.

Slowly he walked back to her and knelt down in front of her reaching for her hands and with a shaky breath he whispered his decision. “It was Emma I felt.”

Maria sobbed as she pulled Michael up onto the bed with her. Burying her face in his chest as she felt him rubbing her tummy, connecting with their daughter. Maria said a silent pray begging for forgiveness, forgiveness that with that one simple statement that they both had made a pack to forget what was reveal to them. A pack that one could say was selfish, but she didn’t care. Her first concern was her family and God forgive them, this was what was right for them.

He reached down and tilted Maria’s head up and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. A kissed laced in forgiveness. Forgiveness for the last secrete that had been kept more so out of confusion and fear than out of malice. A kiss that cemented there unspoken pack, a kiss that meant a world of new beginnings for them.


“How could you do this. How could you make this decision without consulting me first!” Tess raved.

“Look this wasn’t up to you. It was up to the people who loved them!” Isabel shouted.

“Your wrong, I had a right to be heard on this. Nacedo isn’t going to approve. Michael has a destiny…”

“I swear if you say the word destiny one more time I’m gonna put you through that window!” Isabel sneered as she stalked over to the shorter blond.

“Isabel!” Max screamed to get his sister’s attention before he turned and looked at Tess. “Look, this was my decision and the others agreed. This is what is best and we’re not going to change our minds.”

“Nacedo will fight you on this.” She hissed back.

“Yeah right. We haven’t seen him since he took over as Pierce. Look Tess your either with us or not, but believe me when I say it you will be safer if your with us.” Max said in a tone of voice that sent shivers up everyone spines.

Tess held her head up and tried to gather what was left of her dignity. “What about a second. You need your second.” She argued.

“He has a second.” Max heard Alex say as he walked up and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Make that two seconds.” Kyle added as he stood on the other side of Max and placing his hand on his other shoulder.

Tess laughed. “Two humans playing alien commander, how drool. Fine have it your way. Maybe once you get you ass kick from here to the Milky Way and back you will change your mind.”

“Doubt it. Look, if the needs arise then we will come back for him but for now it isn’t necessary. If things work out hopefully the next time we come back here will be because the enemy has been defeated and it is truly safe for them to come home but not before then. Not unless it is our last chance for defeating the enemy.”

“Fine, I won’t argue this any longer. You are the king and I will obey your wishes.” Tess said as she walked out of the room they were meeting in and headed back into hers.

“I don’t trust her Max, she gave up to easy.” Amy said.

“Don’t worry, we can control her. The real threat is Nacedo. We just have to make sure he doesn’t try to approach Michael himself.” Max explained.

“I don’t think we need to worry about that right now. He is in the spotlight dealing with those congressional hearings to take off and try to contact Michael.” Liz said calmly.

“Liz is right. The best thing would be to get packed and leave here now. The longer we stay, the more time it give us all to reconsider our decision.” Alex said as he grabbed his duffel bag and began to pack.

They all nodded their heads in agreement and went back to their rooms. They had a long ride back to Roswell, back to the unknown.


Alright Dreamers and Stargazers. I hope this makes you guys happy that the others are all alive and well. Don't worry they will make another appearance later on in the story.


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Hi Everyone, here's some more for you.

Thanks and enjoy

Part 24

“Oh don’t Michael and Peter look all sexy over there all covered in sweat.” Karen coo happily as she watched both men refinish the baby furniture that Ruthie had in the attic of the inn.

“Karen, I’m ready to drop a kid here do you really think I’m noticing if the guys look sexy or not.” Maria said as she handed Josh his truck before she looked in the direction Karen was looking, just in time to see Michael bending over given them a great view of his ass. “But I will say my Michael has one fine, firm, round butt. Ooh I just want to bite it.”

“Oh yeah, being pregnant is taking out all your enthusiasm of appreciating the male physique.” Karen teased.

“Shut up, I can’t help it. Do you want me to tell you what Michael did last night to help me take my mind off of being pregnant?” Maria asked as she wiggled her eyebrows at her friend before she added. “Did my ears deceive me or did you just include Peter in that little observation. Does that mean things are getting better between you?”

“I wish. We had a fight last night over the stupidest thing. No things are still a little shaky, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know I have a perfectly gorgeous husband, just too bad he’s acting like a giant p-rick.” She explained to her friend, before laughing at something she just remembered.

“What’s so funny over there?” Maria asked, silently praying that things would get better for the other couple.

Karen couldn’t stop giggling and could barely get out. “I just was wondering what else Michael could do to take your mind off of being pregnant, especially after you told me you actually used that vibrator I bought you; which by the way I only bought you as a joke, on your little stud muffin over there. Peter would have a stroke if I even suggested doing to him what you did to Michael with that thing.”

“Pfff. Michael loved it. Besides a man’s prostate is very sensitive, sorta like the male version of the g-spot. I’m telling you I can’t wait to use it again, only with him inside me to enjoy the full impact shall we say.” Maria said.

“Oh yeah, I could just see it now. Me and Peter in bed and I pull out my vibrator…”

“You have a vibrator, why can you have one and use it and mine was only meant as a gag gift?” Maria asked, cutting Karen off.

“I never said you couldn’t use it, I just never thought you would use it on Michael is all. Now may I please finish here. Ok, me and the old guy are in bed, I pull out the hummer and tell him to roll over and that I want him to take it up the ass. Maria I think it’s safe to say that would be the last words Peter ever hear from these lips because he would just keel over and die.” Karen said as she joined Maria in a fit of laughter.

“Roll over and take it up the ass. I so want to hear you say that to Peter. Oh his face would be priceless. Oh God, you have to try it. Please just to see what he does.” Maria begged as she wiped away tears from laughing so hard.

“I already know what he will do. He’ll get the same look he got when I told him I was pregnant with Josh, like a deer caught in the headlights and run out of the room holding his hands over his butt to protect it from the hummer.” She gasped as she bent over from laughing.

“The hummer. I can’t believe you actually named your vibrator.” Maria sputtered before adding. “Run Peter, the hummer’s gonna get ya.” She cried out as she started to bend over from laughing when all of a sudden she screamed. “KAREN!”

Karen shot up and ran over to her friend. “Maria, what’s wrong!” She asked as she knelt down in front of her.

“The baby, I think it’s coming!” Maria cried.

“Ok, lets just get you standing up alright.” Karen said as she held her hand out and help Maria out of her chair before she looked over her shoulders. “Michael, Peter get over here. Maria honey were going to take you to the hospital, alright. We should have plenty of time, your water hasn’t even broke yet.”

As if on cue both women looked down as water gushed onto their feet. “Well I guess your water broke.” Karen added as she held Maria hand as she started having a contraction.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked as he saw his wife gripping Karen’s hand and that she was double over in pain.

“Nothing wrong you jerk. Your wife is ready to pop you kid out.” Peter said before grabbing his son off the ground and started running up the stairs to the house. “Dude, does she have a bag ready to go?” He shouted as he got inside and started up to the second floor.

“Our bedroom, right next to the door.” Michael screamed as he grabbed Maria’s other hand and kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Are you ready for this?”

“I don’t think it matter one way or another, she’s ready.” Maria said as Michael and Karen helped her over to the car.

Peter opened the window on the second floor and holler out. “Karen can go with you two. Me and Josh will meet you there. He just told me he has to go potty and that can take a while.”

“Fine, we’ll meet you there.” Karen yelled back as she got into the back seat of the Jetta after making sure Maria was secured in the front.

She barely had time to buckle her seat belt before Michael speed off to the local hospital. Karen prayed that everything was going to be ok for her friend and that her deliver goes well, because they may call it the local hospital but could you really call a 10 bedroom medical center a hospital?

Ten minutes later they were pulling up in front of the hospital and Michael ran around the front of the car and helped Maria out as Karen ran up and got a wheelchair and waited for them to make it up the stairs.

“Your doing great honey. Just a few more steps and then you can sit down in the chair and I’ll wheel you in.” Michael said as he helped Maria to climb the stairs.

As soon as she was in the chair, Karen ran ahead to the admission desk while Michael pushed her in. “Hi, we have a baby on it’s way.” Karen said to the clerk.

“Okay, who’s her doctor?” The clerk asked as she picked up the phone.

“Dr. Cleary, we didn’t get a chance to call her before we left. Her water already broke and her contractions are less than five minutes apart.” Karen explained.

“Less than five minutes.” A nurse who was standing at the desk asked as she grabbed Maria’s wrist and took her pulse.

“Un hun.” Maria

“Okay, well your pulse seems fine. Why don’t we wheel you over to the delivery room and get you set up so I can see how many centimeters you are.” The nurse said as she urged Michael away from the chair so that she could push it. “You can finish filling out the paper work and take a seat, someone will be out to show you were you can suit up for the delivery.” She called over her shoulder to Michael.

Karen grabbed the clipboard from the clerk and pulled Michael into the waiting area to fill it out. “Michael, do you want me to do this or what?”

“Huh.” Michael said as he turned his attention back to Karen who was waving the clipboard back and forth in front of him. “Oh no, I’ll do it. Hay Karen, how long do you think this will take?” He asked as he took the clipboard and filled out the paperwork.

“Every baby is different. Her water broke pretty fast and her contractions are right on top of each other, so my guess is not too long.” She answered just as the nurse came out.

“Dr. Cleary is on her way, she should be here in a few minutes. She was in her car when we called so she was just turning around and heading back here. Mr. Gulliver your wife is at eight centimeters and the baby’s head is crowning. Why don’t you come with me and you can change into some sterile scrubs and join your wife.” The nurse said as she went to take Michael’s hand.

“I didn’t finish filling out the paper work.” He said as he looked back at Karen who smiled reassuringly.

“Don’t worry about that. You can finish after your little girl makes her grand appearance.” The nurse said gently as she guided him into the prep room before she turned around and spoke to Karen. “You can wait here, I don’t think this is going to take to long. I’ll make sure to come out and let you know as soon as our next little citizen arrives.”

Karen chuckled as she watched the nurse leading Michael away noticing that he was actually rambling and waving his hands as he talked a mile a minute to the poor nurse who was shaking her head in agreement. “I guess rambling runs in the family.” She said to her self as she sat down in a plastic chair to wait.

She had just started flipping through a four year old issue of People magazine when she heard a loud commotion coming through the entrance way and looked up just in time to see not only her husband and son, but her mother-in-law, her brother-in-law, Ruthie and the sheriff come barreling into the hospital.

“Is she ok?” Jeanie asked.

“Did she have the baby?” Ruthie asked.

“Did the doctor make it in yet?” The sheriff asked

“Did Michael pass out?” Peter and Marc asked at the same time.

“Yes, no, not sure and what the Hell kinda of question is that.” Karen asked as she dope slapped both her husband and his brother on the back of the heads before picking up her son and sitting back down again. She watched as everyone joined her and waited for news.

“Anybody got a deck of cards or something?” She asked after enduring ten minutes of silence.

“I do in my purse.” Ruthie told her and soon they had their chair surrounding a small table and were playing poker.

“AHHHHHH!” Maria shouted as she laid on the bed with her feet up in the stirrups as another contraction hit her.

“Okay Maria sweetheart, you fully dilated so I want you to start to push down on the next contraction.” Dr. Cleary explained as she looked up to the young woman. She couldn’t help smiling a little behind her mask as she watched her patient’s husband whispering words of encouragement. ‘Yeah these two are ready.’ She thought happily as she prepared to bring their baby into the world.

Twenty minutes later Dr. Cleary was showing Michael how to cut the umbilical cord as his daughter let everyone in the room know she was very uncomfortable and cold laying in the nude in the chilly room, causing everyone to laugh.

As soon as the cord was cut the doctor lifted the baby up and laid her in her mother’s arms for a few seconds before the nurse could take her away to clean her up. With a smile they all stepped away from the young couple as Michael leaned on the table with his arm wrapped around Maria and taking turns kissing his wife and daughter.

“Hi Emma, I’m your Mommy and this is your Daddy. Oh Michael she’s perfect. Ten little fingers and ten little toes.” Maria gushed as she nuzzled her daughter.

“She’s beautiful, just like you.” He said as he ran his head over his baby’s head, before running a finger down her arm and touching each little finger.

“Why is she making that face?” Maria asked as she looked over Michael’s shoulder to the doctor.

The doctor came over and smiled. “She’s hungry. Why don’t you let us take her and get her cleaned up and into something warm. You young lady need to be looked at too and cleaned up as well. Michael why don’t you go with the nurse to let that crowd outside know that you have a beautiful little girl and in twenty minutes Maria and Emma will be ready and in their room and you can join them.”

Michael shook his head and gave Maria and Emma one final kiss before following the nurse back out to the waiting room. He couldn’t help smiling like a fool when everybody dropped their cards and surrounded him.

“She fine, Maria and Emma are just perfect.” He said as he was tackled by the women in a giant group hug.

He was pulled out of it by the sheriff who took him by the arm and pulled him and Peter outside to the front of the building. Michael and Peter exchanged a look, not entirely sure why the sheriff had yanked them away until he turned around with a smile on his face and three cigars in his hands. “It may be old fashion, but it’s a tradition.” He said as Michael and Peter each smiling took one and leaned in so that the sheriff could light them.

Fifteen minutes later Karen poked her head out, wiggled her nose in disgust and told Michael that the nurse said he could go in and see Maria and Emma. He quickly stomped out his cigar and ran inside anxiously following the nurse to his family’s room.

He stopped in the door way when he saw a vision that would stay with him forever. Maria propped up in the bed holding their daughter, who had been cleaned and wrapped in a receiving blanket with a little pink cap on her tiny head. Neither noticed him standing there as Maria lowered her gown and freed one of her breast, Emma nestling her face against her mothers breast before she turned her head a little and took Maria’s nipple into her mouth and began to suckle.

Maria gasped at the first sensation of her daughter nursing from her but soon found her self sing softly as she rubbed her daughters foot as she ate. It took her a second to realize that Michael was there and smiled when he came into the room and stood by her bed.

“I’ll never see anything that will compare to the beauty of watching you nursing our child.” He said with tears in his eyes. “Thank you for giving me this little miracle.” He whispered as he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her gently.

“Michael you don’t owe me a thank you for Emma. I love you, carrying and giving birth to your child is the one true thing in this world I’m sure of.” She told him as she kissed him, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth for a few seconds before she pulled back a little.

“Ok, no more kissing or anything else until you go home and shower and brush your teeth. You smell horrible and you don’t taste to good either.” She said she lightly pushed him away.

“Not my fault, the sheriff insisted that Peter and I join him in a cigar. Beside you didn’t mind it a minute ago.” He argued.

“Well I was in the moment. I’m over it and you stink. You’re not going anywhere near Emma smelling like that.” She said as she shifted her daughter slightly and moved her to her other breast. “I’m serious Michael, I’m a little nauseous and your not helping any.”

“Alright. I go home and clean up. Besides I know Karen, Ruthie and Jeanie are dying to come in here anyway. I’ll tell them they can come in and keep you company, how’s that?” He asked.

“Perfect.” She answered as she smiled and brushed a kissed on her daughter’s head.

“Perfect.” Michael said as he smiled and kissed Maria and Emma one last time, ignoring Maria’s protest. He laughed as he walked out of the room and walked over to the women. “Okay, if you ladies want you can go in and gush over my beautiful daughter and stunning wife now.”

“Been kicked out because you reek?” Karen teased as she watched Jeanie and Ruthie go into Maria’s room.

“Haha, yeah I’m gonna head home get cleaned up before I come back.” He told her. Just then Peter and the sheriff joined them.

“Why don’t you take that husband of mine and finish that furniture. It’s suppose to be nice out tonight and you can leave it out and let it dry and air out. Maria and Emma will probable come home tomorrow and I think it would be a good thing if the baby has something to sleep in don’t you.” Karen instructed both men who groaned that they were being sent to do more manual labor.

“Come on Michael, Marc you watch Josh and mind what Karen tells you.” He ordered as he grabbed his friend by the arm and pushed him towards the exit. “We only have a little left and then we can put that screen house tent up to protect them from getting leave or anything stuck to the wet stain.”

Michael wasn’t paying attention to anything Peter was saying. He was to busy thinking about bringing Maria and Emma home tomorrow. Busy thinking about all the thing they had to look forward to, like celebrating his little girl’s first Christmas.

This year there would be two trees in their home. One in the living room and one in Michael’s and Maria’s bedroom, Maria had made him promise last year that they would always have a tree in their bedroom. A special one just for them.

Michael couldn’t stop smiling and just nodded and grunted yes and no answers to Peter as they drove back to the inn, back to their cottage. He really didn’t know what Peter was saying all he knew was that today was the best day of his life.


Part 25

“Hey Baby.” Michael said as he walked into the kitchen and hugged Maria from behind. “Have a good day?” He asked as he placed a few kisses on her neck before he was distracted by his daughter gurgling.

He spun around and saw his little angel laying in her bassinet that Maria had wheeled into the kitchen so that she could keep and eye on her. “Oh I didn’t forget about you Miss Emma, did you have a good day?” Michael coo to his daughter as he gathered her in his arms and kissed her on her forehead before walking back to his ‘wife’.

“Sure, toss me over for a younger woman why don’t you.” Maria teased as she placed a cover on the pot of potatoes she had boiling before she turned around and smiled as she watched Michael blowing raspberries on his daughter tiny arm causing her to gurgle louder and make a happy face at her father.

“Sorry, I just miss her so much. Your lucky you get to be with her all the time.” He said as he grabbed a stool and sat down cradling Emma in his arms, making silly faces at her to get her to smile her special smile at him.

“Why do men always think that. It’s not easy taking care of her 24/7 you know.” Maria said as she pull out the stool next to them and sat down.

“I know it’s not easy Maria. I’m not trying to say it is. I know how hard you work taking care of the house, Emma and me and I appreciate it. You’ve made a wonderful home for all of us and I know how lucky I am to have you and Emma in my life.” Michael said as he reached out and grasped Maria hand in his.

“It’s ok, I think I’m getting cabin fever or something. The only time I get out is either to go shopping or to go to the doctors. I mean it’s only the middle of October and we’re experiencing a freak cold front.” Maria explained as she rested her head against Michael shoulder and reaching out her hand to tickle Emma’s foot.

“I know. Peter thinks this is going to be the worst winter in twenty years. Hey, speaking of doctor’s appointments did you and Emma go for your six week follow up?” He asked.

“Yup and Dr. Cleary says that we are both fine and dandy. Emma is just at the right weight and she grew another inch and a half since her four week visit.” Maria gushed proudly. “We don’t have to go back until her three month follow up now.”

Michael grinned like a fool at hearing how well his daughter did at her appointment and his grin got even wider when he realized that she had said both Emma and herself were giving clean bills of health.

“So Dr. Cleary said that you were alright too?” He asked as he reached down and grabbed the hand that was tickling his daughters foot and brought it up to his lips and kissed the palm lightly.

“Oh yeah.” Maria purred. “Everything is good to go in that department.”

“Damn Maria, it’s been so long. Over eleven weeks since I’ve been inside you.” Michael moaned as Maria took his hand and brought it to her open mouth slipped his index finger inside, sucking it gently.

He groaned when she pulled her mouth away and felt his
c-ock start to get hard when she told him. “I asked and Dr. Cleary said it was the perfect time to put Emma in her crib and that she would be fine in her own room. I tried it today with her nap and she took to it like a duck takes to water. So I think we should let her sleep in her room and move the cradle down here.”

“You mean we will have the room to ourselves. No more feeling like a perv when I go to touch you because our daughter is in the room.” He said.

“Exactly, look I think we should stop talking about this because we don’t want to put any pressure on ourselves and tonight. I just put the potatoes onto boil and the roast has another 20 minutes, why don’t you run up and take a shower. When you come down we can have a nice dinner, play with Emma together before we put her to bed and then just take things one step at a time.” Maria said as she reached out and took Emma from Michael.

“Ok, I’ll be down shortly.” He told her as he ran out of the room and sprinted upstairs.

Twenty minutes later Michael joined Maria again freshly showered and shaved. His hair still damp in a pair of sweat and a tee shirt. He stopped when he got into the kitchen and saw that Maria was in the rocking chair he had gotten her, nursing Emma.

“Hey, I just turned the potatoes off and the carrots and broccoli are almost done. Could you take the pork out and carve it while I finish giving Emma her dinner?” Maria asked as she gently lifted Emma and switched her to her other breast.

“Sure.” He said as he smiled, he still had gotten over the beauty of watching Maria nursing their daughter.

“Thanks, she’s almost done. Then you and I can eat.” She replied before turning back to her daughter and began to softly sing “The Irish Lullaby”.

Ten minutes later Michael and Maria sat down to dinner while their daughter laid in her bassinet watching the mobile that was attached to it and gurgling at the miniature stars and moons dangling over her. Both imagining the night ahead of them.


“I can’t believe how fast she went down.” Maria laughed as she plopped down on their bed.

“I know, maybe she knows that her parents are horn dogs and was cutting us some slack.” He said as he joined Maria on the bed.

“Maybe.” Maria answered as she sat up and straddled Michael rubbing her ass against his crotch before bending down for a kiss. She moaned as she felt Michael’s tongue slide into her mouth for the first time and felt it duel with her own. They kissed for what seem to be forever until the need for air became and issue and they pulled apart, panting.

“Maria.” Michael said in a hush breath.

Smiling she sat back up and hoped off the bed, standing before him as she quickly stripped off her flannel shirt and jeans. Michael grinned when he saw that not only had she not bothered with a bra, but that she had also decided to go commando in the panty department too.

“Oh damn.” Michael moaned as he looked at her in all her naked glory. Before he stood and began to take off his shirt.

“No, Michael I want to do that.” Maria purred as she walked up to him and ran her hands up and down his arms before she ran them over his chest and glided them down his stomach.

Michael hissed at the first touch of her hands sliding under his shirt, pushing it up until he had to raise his arms so she could slip it completely off of him. He shivered in anticipation as Maria stroked her hands down along his chest and stomach before running her fingers along the waste band of his sweats.

His breath became ragged as slowly dropped to her knees in front of him and slipped her hands into his sweats and kneaded his ass before she began to push them down his muscular legs to pool around his ankles.

He sucked in a deep breath when her luscious lips wrapped around the head of his c-ock, flicking her tongue over the tip lapping up his pre-cum. Michael reached down and buried his fingers in her golden tresses as he encouraged her to take him completely in her mouth, bucking his hips when she slowly slid his length in and out stopping to deep throat him and gently biting down and running her teeth from the root of his c-ock to the swollen mushroom head.

Michael was lost to all his senses and didn’t realize at first that Maria was urging him to lay down on the bed. “I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself.” She said as she got down between his legs on her hands and knees and began to lick is shaft like it was her favorite lollipop.

Michael groaned when he felt her move away from his erection, but was soon moaning again when she started to lick and suck each of his balls. He was in heaven and couldn’t control his body as it wiggle for the sensation that she was causing down there. “Oh god, Maria. Sooo gooddddd!” He cried as he grabbed the sheets, bunching them in his hands.

He shouted in distress when she bite down lightly on one of his balls before kissing and licking her way up his body until she captured his lips in a crushing kiss, sucking his bottom lip into gently into her mouth. He reached up and ran his hands up and down her back before slipping one in between them to caress her breast.

He sighed as she began to kiss his chin, working her way up to his ear. He shivered as she dipped her tongue inside before biting his earlobe and whispering. “Turn over, I’m not done yet.”

He hiss as she moved away and knelt beside him, helping him to roll over onto his stomach grunting when he felt his
c-ock pushing against his stomach as she straddle his legs pushing him further into the mattress.

He was soon moaning as Maria began to massage his shoulder and back, tickling her finger along her spine until the thought he would blow his load when she began to rub his ass. His head was spinning as she continue to knead his ass, her juices trickling down his upper thighs.

“Please Maria.” He begged when he felt her remove her hands and could feel the bed shift as she leaned forward and opened the draw in the night stand next to the bed. He caught a glimpse of a tube of sexual lube before he slowly closed his eyes and let out a shallow breath.

His eyes shot open when he felt two of Maria slim fingers start to slid in and out of his asshole. He started to pant as she picked up speed, pushing her finger against his prostate and bucked uncontrollable as he felt her slide her fingers in, spreading him even more and screwed his eyes shut when he heard the low rumble of the vibrator.

He whimpered as she slowly slide the pulsating machine into his tight opening as she slide her own finger out. He began to hump the mattress in an attempt to alleviate the pressure building in his c-ock as she began to shaft him up his ass.

“AHHHHH, SOOOOO GOODDDDD, FEELS SOOOO GOODDDD!!!!” He screamed as he felt her increase the volume and started to pick up her speed as she sliding the humming machine in and out of him.

“NOOOOOO!!” He shouted when he felt her slide the vibrator into his ass, pressing it against his prostate and move her hand away, leaving the instrument nestled inside.

He felt her move off of him and whimpered when she whispered in his ear that her pussy was dying for a little tongue lovin and encouraged him to push himself up and onto his hands and knees as she scurried up to the top of the and sat with her back against the head board, with her knees pushed up in front of her.

Michael heart was beating fast and he thought it would explode when he watched spread her legs and her beautify pussy was exposed to him. For a full five seconds he forgot about the quaking machine pushed up inside of him when he saw the juices trickling out of her tight slit.

Like and animal possessed he ducked his head down and began to lick and suck her pussy, greedily trying to drink all her tangy juices. He laved his tongue along her, sucking her clit into his mouth before flicking his tongue over it. Her moaning only encouraged him more and he released her clit and quickly thrust his tongue into her tight slit and nuzzled his nose against her throbbing bundle of nerves.

“MICHAELLLL!!!” She shouted as she felt her walls begin to tremble and with more will power than she knew she had she pushed him away and slid her body down so that her legs where on either side of him.

Quickly, she urged him to her, sighing in contentment when she felt his chest crushed to hers and his legs sliding against her own. As Michael began to kiss and bite her neck she slipped her hand between them and wrapped it around his rock hard erection, guiding him inside her.

Michael was so lost at the first touch of her walls surrounding his c-ock he was afraid he would lose it and had to lay still to catch his breath. Maria wasn’t having any of that and he screamed in ecstasy as he felt her hand glide over his ass and her finger slipping inside, gripping the pulsating toy as she began to pump it in and out of him.

He wasn’t sure what part of his brain was still functioning, but he was soon thrusting into her amazed that they were able to find a rhythm together as they both fucked each other. Michael could feel his balls tighten and knew he would last much longer and slipped his hand between their bodies to caress her clit with his thumb.

He continued to pump into her tight slit and grunted when he felt her walls clenched around his c-ock as she came screaming. He couldn’t help biting down on her shoulder as he felt her thrust into him one last time, pressing the tip of the vibrator against his prostate as he felt his release as his hot semen shot out of him burying itself deep inside before he collapse on top of her.

He didn’t know how long he laid there, his c-ock filling her while the vibrator hummed seductively inside him. He moaned when he felt her slide the machine out and heard her turn it off before she dropped it on the floor next to the bed.

“You ok Baby?” She asked as she rubbed her hands up and down his back.

“I don’t think ok covers it.” He said as he slowly rolled the to the side keeping himself inside her, know that it was what she wanted.

“I know, that was amazing. I can’t believe how hard I just came.” She admitted happily as she kissed him.

“Me too, shit Maria I thought it was incredible when you used that thing on me when you were pregnant, but to feel myself inside you and to feel that inside me at the same time is unbelievable.” He confessed as he dipped his head and took one of her nipples in his mouth, causing her to moan and her walls to flutter suggestively around his shaft causing it to stiffen.

“ Feels like someone is still wide awake.” She teased as she felt his c-ock swell inside of her when she bite his shoulder.

“Oh God, always when it comes to you.” He said, before he pulled his head back and looked her in the eyes and asked. “This doesn’t make me gay or anything, right? I mean just because I like it when you play with my ass does it?”

Maria couldn’t stop the fit of giggles that erupted. “Well, tell you what. I don’t know if this makes you gay, but if you start getting hard-ons when you shower with the guys after hockey, we may need to have a talk.”

“Why you little witch!” He shouted playfully as he began to tickle her as she laugh hysterically. ‘Oh this is gonna be a long night.’ He said to himself as he pinned her to the bed and began to kiss her for all his worth, well secretly praying that Emma didn’t need them anytime soon because he was far from through with his little minx for the night.


Part 26

“UHHHHHHH.” Michael yawned as he stretched his arms up, bumping them against the roof of the patrol car.

“Keeping you awake am I.” Peter joked before asking. “What’s wrong, Emma keeping you up?”

“No, not my Emma. She’s a little angel, didn’t I tell you that she started sleeping through the night last week. No, Maria kept me up most of the night.” He said, unable to stop the smug smirk on his face.

“I take it that UP is the key word. You two are worst than two horny teenagers, well I guess that isn’t so far off but come on you have to admit it isn’t the same now that Emma is here. Isn’t Maria more tired and stuff.” Peter asked as he pulled the car in front of the diner.

“Well yeah, sure she is but you know you still have to be a little spontaneous and keep the fire alive. I mean granted last night was kinda planned since we’ve been counting the days until Emma’s six week birthday but we still had fun.” Michael explained as he pulled out his chair and sat down across from his partner.

“Don’t get to use to it. Sure the first few times after the baby is born is pretty hot. After a while you’ll be lucky if you get it once a week. Hell me and Karen barely squeeze the actually fucking in and say good bye to those mind blowing blow jobs.” He said a little bitterly.

“Come on, it can’t be that bad.” Michael said hoping that his friend would tell him he was kidding.

“Please, I can’t even tell you the last time we had sex. Beside Karen doesn’t need me, she has her handy little vibrator to get herself off.” He confessed angrily and also a little sadly before saying. “Look, I really don’t want to talk about this. Lets just eat and hit the highway.”

Michael shook his head in agreement. He and Maria have been worried about their friends and Maria was able to talk to Karen but Michael found it hard to have the same kind of talks with Peter. Michael was pulled out of his thoughts when the waitress came over to their table.

“Hey guys how are you all doing today?” Shirley the waitress who took over for Maria greeted them before asking for their order. “What can I get you?”

“Hey Shirley.” Michael said before he placed his order. “I’ll have Coffee, three eggs sunny side up, hash, home fries and wheat toast.”

“Shirley, you’re looking good today.” Peter said as he smiled at the before ordering. “I’ll have the same as Mike, but bring me a side of bacon too.”

“Sure Pete, anything else I can get you.” She asked as she smiled and leaned down a little offering him an eyeful of her cleavage.

“I’ll let you know about that honey.” Peter teased.

“You do that. I’m going to put in your order, it shouldn’t take long.” She told them as she smiled and walked back to the order window.

“What the Hell are you doing?” Michael snapped.

“What, I was just flirting with her. There isn’t any harm in flirting.” Peter countered.

“Yeah, I wonder if Karen would feel the same way. Maybe you should try flirting with your wife a little and then maybe you would see some action. Oh if you want to get a little mouth loving maybe you should remember to give it too.” Michael argued.

“What the Hell is that suppose to mean. What exactly has my wife being tell your wife?” He hissed.

Michael shook his head, he hated being angry at his friend but Karen was his friend too and he wasn’t going to just sit and watch him flirting with another woman. “Nothing, Maria doesn’t tell me anything her and Karen talk about in that area, which I usually get down on my knees and thank God for, ever since the time I overheard them talk. Lets just say I was tempted to disconnect HBO so that Maria couldn’t watch ‘Sex in the City’ anymore after hearing their little discussion.”

“Look, I don’t know why your getting all pissy. I was flirting a little, it’s not like I was going to sleep with her.” He whispered angrily.

“Good, just remember that and remember that Karen does love you and that you two have a family together. Look, I’m not stupid. I’ve seen that you and Karen have started to argue more and that it isn’t as playful as it use to be. I’m just saying that it seems like your both a little tense and that you could use a little fun alone time.” Michael reminded him.

Both sat back when there order arrived, neither acknowledging the woman in question as she distributed their food. The spent the rest of the meal in silence, neither knowing what to say to the other. Peter out of fear that maybe it really was more than flirting and that his marriage was running off track faster than a speeding train and Michael fearing that he had overstepped his bounds with his friend.

Both men didn’t say much as they did a few more swipes around town and headed out to the main highway to set up a speed trap, giving out over twenty tickets in less than three hours.

Peter pulled the squad car up in front of the sheriff department and turned around to Michael. “Look, it looks like it’s gonna rain and I left some stuff outside that I know Karen can’t lift so I’m gonna run home and do that. I shouldn’t be to long.”

“Ok, I’ll let the sheriff know and I’ll enter the tickets into the system.” Michael said as he climbed out of the car and jogged up the stairs into the building.

Five minutes later Peter pulled up to his home and went around back quickly gathering his tools and placing them in the shed before it started to rain. After three trips everything was secured inside and he decided to run inside and say hello to his wife and son.

Running up the back steps he went in through the kitchen into the living room and saw that his little boy was fast asleep in his playpen hugging his Barney stuff animal. Smiling he bent over and placed a kiss on his forehead before heading upstairs to see if Karen was up there since she wasn’t downstairs.

Peter got up stairs and stood outside their bedroom door. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, his wife was in their room moaning. He pushed the door open enough to see inside and he almost had a heart attack right there on the spot.

There was his wife as naked as the day she was born writhing uncontrollably as she slid her slick digits in and out of her slit. He watched as she slide her other hand down her front until it reached her clit and began to furiously massage it as her other hand began to pump faster.

Peter didn’t realized how turned on he was until he felt his erection pressing against his tight pants and had to unzip them and release it. He couldn’t resist watching her bring herself to orgasm and he decided that if she knew she had an audience that she would probable stop, so he decided not to let her know that he was there and enjoy the show.

He couldn’t stand the ache very long and soon found himself pumping his own hand up and down his shaft, gathering some pre-cum in his palm, making his hand glide more smoothly along his c-ock.

Peter tried desperately not to let his presents know and bite his lower lip to keep for groaning when he saw that Karen was close and had slide a third finger inside herself to join the other two causing her to arch her back, raising her lower body giving Peter even more to look at.

He couldn’t contain his own moan when Karen achieved her goal and he heard her gasp as her orgasm hit and she couldn’t stop her body from quaking as her walls spasm and closed on the finger inside her as she continue to stroke her clit.

Pulling his own hand away from his c-ock he pushed the door open all the way, please to see that she was still to far gone to take notice of him as he quickly stripped out of his uniform and walked over to her.

He couldn’t help smiling as he took in her face, her eyes were still shut and her mouth was still forming a silent ‘O’ as she continue to rock her hips as she slip her fingers out but continue to stroke her bud, prolonging her orgasm. A fine shine of sweat covering her body.

Peter didn’t say anything as he climbed on the bed, covering her body with his own. He Smiled when he saw her eyes flutter open and gazed into his. No words need to be said, both felt the pull as Peter lowered his head and crushed his lips against hers.

Karen moaned into his mouth when he slip his tongue inside, slowly claiming her as he glided along hers. The need for air became too great and he begrudgingly pulled away and began to kiss and nip his way down her neck and shoulders until he captured one of her nipples. Flicking his tongue over the harden pebble he lightly bite down causing Karen to gasp and arch her back.

Enjoying having his wife squirming underneath him Peter began his descend downwards until he had his face buried in her pussy. He gently pulled her hand away and ran his tongue over her clit, nipping it gently before dipping his head lower and sliding his tongue into her opening.

He rapidly slid it in and out several time before succumbing to his wife pleas and slowly began to fuck her, plowing in and out of her sheath at a leisurely pace as one of his hands began to work her clit. He could feel her walls begin to close around his tongue and pulled out completely causing her to cry out in distress.

“Oh Peter, please I was so close. Please baby, make me cum.” She bugged quietly

“Don’t worry you will.” Peter promised as he climb back up her body to claim another kiss, deciding this was too good to let end so soon.

“Gulliver, were the Hell is that partner of yours?” The sheriff asked Michael as he came out of his office.

“He had to go home and put away some stuff he left outside since it looks like it gonna storm.” Michael explained as he looked up from the computer screen.

“Well, he’s been gone almost an hour. Get over then and tell him to get his butt back to work. He’s probable eating again know that guy.” He commanded.

“No problem, do you mind if I swing by home on the way back. It looks like its gonna get nasty out there and I want to make sure Maria and Emma are all set.” He asked, making sure he added Emma name. The sheriff was a softy for his little girl.

“Yeah, yeah. Just don’t take all day. You two aren’t paid to visit your wives. Now get out of here.” He said as he walked back into his office.

Michael ran outside and hoped into the departmental Ford 4x4 and headed over to tell his partner house to tell him to get back to the station before the sheriff docked his pay.

“Oh God Peter.” Karen moaned as her husband kissed and licked his way down one leg and up the other. She gasped when she felt him spreading her legs further apart and settling in between them, rubbing his erection against her wet cleft.

“Jesus, Karen your so beautiful.” Peter said as he brought his lips to hers and joined them in a passionate kiss, sliding his shaft into her opening while he slid his tongue into her mouth at the same time.

Peter began to pump slowly inside of her, prolonging this moment for as long as possible. ‘Jesus Michael was right, spontaneity is where it’s at.’ He thought as he continued to thrust into her tight slit.

“Peter, Karen?” Michael called out as he walked into their kitchen. Shrugging his shoulders he made his way into the living room and smiled when he saw Josh sitting up in his playpen, playing with a couple of stuff animals.

“Hey big guy, where’s your folks?” Michael asked as he scooped the toddler up and kissed him on the cheek before heading upstairs to see if Peter was up there.

“Peter you up here.” He called out, making a funny face at the little boy in his arms when no one answered him. “Come on Josh, let’s check to see if your parents are around.”
He told the little boy who smiled and reached up to pull his ear as Michael made his way down the hallway.

He was so busy trying to disentangle the boy’s griping fingers from his ear that he didn’t notice the noises coming from the bedroom that he was heading towards.

“Come on Josh, that hurts big guy.” Michael said as he pushed open the door and walked in calling out to his parent. “What the Hell are you feeding this kid, he has a grip like I don’t know whaaaaaaaaa…”

“OH MY GOD!!” Karen shouted as she saw Michael and holding her son standing in the doorway gaping at them.

“shit!” Peter cried out as he reached down and grabbed the extra blanket on the bed and quickly flung it over himself and Karen.

“I’m sorry, come on Josh lets get out of here before your scared for life and end up in therapy for the next thirty years.” Michael said quickly as he rushed back out the door and down the stairs.

“Oh God, oh God!” Karen chanted as buried her face in her husband’s shoulder.

“Baby you ok?” Peter asked.

“What do you think. Oh God, I can’t believe Michael just saw us getting it on.” She mumbled softly.

Peter chuckled. “Well, next time he won’t just walk into a husband and wife bedroom uninvited.”

“Peter!” Karen cried out, annoyed that he wasn’t as embarrassed as she was. Just as she began to get ready to read him the riot act she instead heard a moan escape her mouth as Peter began to pump into her again. His erection obviously not fading from the embarrassment of being caught.

“Aaaahhhh!” She gasped as Peter picked up speed and began to pound into her. She whimpered when she felt him slide his hand down in between them and began to rub her sensitive bundle of nerves. She heard him begin to pant as he continued to slam into her and could tell he was close to his release.

She heard her own breath become even more shallow as she felt her walls begin to squeeze his shaft and couldn’t contain the scream of pleasure that escaped her lips as he tweaked her clit, sending her over the edge as he came shooting his seed deep inside of her.

Peter couldn’t help it as he collapsed on top of his wife. He laid there on top of her for a few seconds, enjoying the heat that was radiating off of her. He lifted his head and kissed her gently on the lips, before slowing rolling them to the side so that he didn’t squashed her but could keep his c-ock nestled deep inside of her. Enjoying feeling her walls fluttering around his shaft.

“That was incredible.” He whispered in her ear as he lowered his head to kiss shoulder.

Karen gasped and moaned softly. “I’ll say. I think you should come home more often in the middle of the day.”

“I think that can be arranged.” He teased before crushing his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss.

“Oh Peter…Peter…Michael…” Karen moaned.

“What?” Peter asked loudly.

“Michael, he’s downstairs with Josh. You have to go down there and see what he wants.” She explained, smiling at her husband little display of jealousy.

“Oh, I can take care of that.” He laughed before turning his head and shouting out. “GULLIVER, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ANYWAYS?”

“Peter!” Karen said in exasperation at her husband lack of couth.


Karen and Peter groaned as he pulled out of her and kissed one last time before both of the pulled on their clothes and went downstairs. Karen couldn’t stop from turning scarlet when she walked into the kitchen and saw Michael smirking at her.

“I just change him and gave him a cup of juice and some animal crackers.” Michael said, biting his tongue to keep the laughter that was bubbling up inside of him from escaping.

“Thanks.” She said shyly as she looked at her son sitting in his high chair happily smashing his animal crackers.

“Alright, you caught us so stop the smirking.” Peter ordered as he walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around his wife.

“Who? Me? Smirk? I don’t know what your talking about.” Michael said as he grabbed his hat and headed out the door. “Get back to the office and tell the Sheriff I should be there in less than a half and hour, I just want to make sure Maria doesn’t need anything before the storm hits.”

Peter and Karen both watched out the window as Michael got into the truck and took off.
“So, how much you want a bet Maria is going to call me as soon as Michael leaves to tease me about what just happened.”

Peter smiled and kissed her before saying. “Honey that’s a loser bet.”

After he kissed her one last time he went over and kissed his son on the forehead and walked over to the door to head back to work, stopping halfway out and turning around to her in the eyes and tell her. “I love you so much Karen. I know I don’t say it very often, but you and Josh are the most important people in my life.”

Karen smiled as she felt tears threatening to spill and had a hard time speaking before she finally was able to whisper. “Same here. I love you too Baby.”

She went over and picked up her son as she watched Peter leave and get into the patrol car and drive off. “Everything is going to be ok between me and Daddy.” She coo to her son as she placed a kiss on his chubby cheek feeling the relief sweep through her body at the realization of the truth of that one simple statement.

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And some more


Part 27

“Ohhhh, the weather outside is frightful and…” Maria stopped in mid song when she heard her daughter wailing through the baby monitor causing her to run into the living room to check on her.

“Emma baby, what’s wrong?” Maria asked as she lifted her little girl out of her cradle and rocked her gently in her arms.

She had to laugh when her baby smiled and reached out a chubby hand to latch onto a clump of her hair. “Oh no you don’t.” Maria cooed happily to her daughter as she went over and sat on the quilt she had on the floor for her to play with Emma on.

“Hey Maria, I’m home.” Michael called out from the kitchen.

“In here. Could you please come and keep your daughter occupied so that I can finish frosting the cake for the party at the inn?” She asked as she watched Michael come into the room.

“I think I can handle that.” Michael said as he joined them on the quilt, kissing both his girls hello.

“Thank you.” Maria said as she got up and headed back into the kitchen. Smiling to her self as she heard Michael begin to tell his daughter all about his day.

“Hey, I talked to Karen and her, Peter and Josh are going to be able to go tonight. Seems the sheriff said that he could just be on call.” She shouted so that she could be heard from two rooms away.

“Cool, I was hoping he could talk the sheriff into that. I haven’t seen to much of Karen lately, it’ll be nice to see them together.” He shouted back.

“Oh I think Karen feels you’ve seen too much of her. She’s still mortified that you walked in on them and she would never admit it, but she’s been avoiding you because of it.” Maria said with a laugh.

Up until a month ago her best friend and her husband had been going through a rough time. Maria had spent a lot of time talking with the other woman, trying to help her with her problems. Realizing how ironic it was considering not to long ago the tables were turned and Karen was helping Maria.

It broke her heart to see her friend get upset. The worst was at first she didn’t realize that there were problems in the marriage. It was hard to tell because Karen was the type of person who always addressed her problem with a snappy comment and a vicious joke.

It wasn’t until her and Michael were getting ready to ‘renew’ their vows that Maria truly understood how bad things were with the other couple. What she had thought were just jokes about lack of sex and their inability to talk became something she couldn’t just joke about without getting emotional.

The next few weeks after the ceremony, before Emma was born and then the weeks following her birth the women spent even more time together discussing Karen’s problem. She couldn’t believe how quickly it seemed her friend’s marriage was going off course, but the day after Emma’s six week birthday they had a breakthrough.

Maria still teased Karen about getting caught fooling around with Peter by Michael and Josh that rainy day. She never realized how happy she could be for someone else until Michael came rushing in ranting about what he had saw. She had to laugh as he tried to appear disgusted but knew deep down inside he was as relieved as she was.

Later Karen told her how her and Peter talked about everything that had been bothering them. It seemed that the “hummer” didn’t sit to well with Peter and that he felt betrayed and a little threatened that she would need a machine to satisfy her urges. She confessed to him that she thought he didn’t find her as attractive as before, that maybe having Josh had turned him off or something.

So after much debate and a noble argument by Karen to try and get Peter to let her use the “hummer” during sex. It was agreed that Karen would get rid of her little toy, her and Peter would try something more conventional; yet playful, in the sex department and Peter swore that he wouldn’t let what was bothering him eat at him and take it out on her.

Now it was Christmas Eve and everything seemed to be good in their lives. Her and Michael were happy, they had an amazing little girl they adored. Their best friends were on the road back to a happy marriage and all their other friends were healthy and happy.

Maria finished icing the cake she was bringing to the party and went into the living room.
“I’m gonna hope in the shower, we have to be at the inn in an hour or so.” She called out as she ran past Michael before he could yank her down for a little play time of their own.

“Hey, what’s the hurry.” He shouted as he flopped down and laid his head next to Emma‘s. “Your Mommy is evil, I guess no pre party nookie for Daddy.” He told his daughter who smiled and gurgled happily to her father.

“You still love me don’t you angel?” Michael cooed to his little girl as he picked her up and laid her little body against his and rubbed her back gently, soon both father and daughter were fast asleep.


“Wasn’t midnight mass nice?” Maria asked as everyone filed out of church.

“I’ll say, Pastor Plum said a beautiful sermon.” Karen agreed as she took Peter’s hand in hers.

“I can’t believe it’s already Christmas morning.” Ruthie said as she accepted Michael arm to help her down the stairs of the church.

“Hey, I have an idea. Why doesn’t everyone come back to the cottage. I have muffins and coffee cake, I could brew a pot of coffee. We could watch the sun come up over the water.” Maria suggested.

“Sounds like a great idea, I mean we won’t be able to do this next year because Josh will be into Santa.” Karen agreed as she reached up and ran a finger along her son’s check as he slept against his father’s shoulder.

“Well I guess were heading back to the cottage then.” Jeanie said as she looked at her younger son Marc who shook his head yes to the idea.

Maria and Karen brought their children upstairs to the nursery. Maria placed Emma in her crib and Karen placed Josh in the bed that Maria had sleep in her first month when they moved in.

Soon they joined their husbands, Ruthie, Jeanie, Marc and the sheriff who they had run into on their way to the parking lot of the church and insisted that they join him for coffee and something to eat.

Everyone was laughing and eating and unfortunately no one heard Josh call out for his mommy. Michael and the rest of the men were in the living room watching a hockey game on ESPN when suddenly they heard a cry. Peter and Michael were the first out to the hallway, just in time to see Josh hitting his head on the last step of the stairs.

“JOSHIE!” Peter screamed as he saw his son lying on the floor, his left arm broken at the elbow with the bone painfully cutting through his flesh. Peter quickly ran over to the hysterical child as he shouted to the sheriff and Michael to get the car so they could rush his son to the hospital.

Karen came sprinting in from the kitchen and couldn’t help crying when she saw her son laying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs and quickly knelt down next to Peter. “It’s gonna be ok sweetie, you’re gonna be alright.” Karen whispered soothingly as she wiped some blood off her baby’s chin where he had cut it when he fell.

Both parents were so consume with worry for their child they didn’t notice Michael kneeling across from them or heard him urge their son to look at him. It was the gasp from Ruthie and Jeanie that caught their attention and watched in awe as Michael gently grasped Josh’s arm and suddenly a whitish/blueish light was illuminating from the hand that was holding the injured arm.

The bone that had been sticking out was now back in place and the jagged torn tissue was mended complete. Everyone stood in shook as they watched Michael run his hand over Josh’s body and left it in some places longer than others until the boy was sitting up and hugging his mother who rocked him in her arms.

Michael sat back and rested against the wall. Maria ran over to him and helped him sit up when she saw that he was weak from the healing and had started to fall over. “Michael are you alright?” She asked anxiously.

“Yeah, oh God there was so much damage.” He said as he felt sick when he realized that not only did the child have a broken arm but had three broken ribs too, one had also punctured one of his lungs as well as four broken vertebras.

Peter ran his hand over his son before he stood up and helped Karen stand up as she cradled Josh. He lead her over to the couch and turned to see the sheriff and Marc help Michael up and into the living room and placed him on the couch across from Peter and his family.

“What are you?” Peter asked as he watched Maria hand Michael a glass of water, noticing how the couple exchanged a look of despair.

Michael and Maria looked around the room, looking into the faces of their friends. They saw the look of shock on all their face. They also saw a hint of fear, fear of them. Michael looked at Maria who smiled sadly and said. “They deserve to know.”

So taking a deep breath Michael began telling their friends the story of how he awoke in a pod. Of the other two who were with him when he awoke. Of watching the other two being picked up. Of wandering the desert alone until he was found and placed into foster care. Of finally finding the other two and building a family with them. Of watching his brother expose him and his sister to save Maria friend. Of Maria and her friend joining in the conspiracy of the alien heritage. Of going away with his brother, sister, Maria and her friend. Of seeing the FBI invading the cottage they were staying in. And finally of him and Maria running in fear for their lives and settling on the island creating Michael and Maria Gulliver.

The rest of the early morning was spent answering questions. Maria and Michael told them everything and couldn’t help feeling ashamed as they saw the look of fear replaced with a look of hurt, hurt from being lied to for over a year.

The sun had already risen and everyone felt the tiredness consume them. They all agreed as the sheriff stood up and said. “I don’t think we can digest anymore. Why don’t we all go home and get some sleep and think about what you told us.”

Peter stood up and walked over to Michael, holding his hand out to the other man. “Thank you for saving my son’s life. I don’t know how I feel about everything you just told us and like the sheriff said I think we all need time to think about it. I just want you to know, you and your family are safe here. No one will reveal you to the feds.”

“Thank you. I know we betray you and everybody trust and I am sorry about lying to you.” Michael said quietly.

The sheriff walked over and stood next to Peter. “Peter’s right, we won’t reveal you but saying I’m sorry isn’t going to make everything magically alright.” He said to the young man who hung his head in shame.

“Yes sir.” He heard Michael whispered as he saw the boy try desperately not to cry. The boy, only a few short hours ago he saw Michael as a man with a family and now he saw a boy who carried more on his shoulder than he should have too.

“We’ll talk later today. I’ll be by this later this afternoon, go get some sleep.” He commanded softly as he patted Michael on the shoulder before leaving.

Michael turned in time to see Maria cry softly as both Ruthie and Jeanie expressed their disappointment in her and Michael. He watched as Karen knelt down and gave Maria a light kiss on the cheek and heard her softly say. “We’re all pissed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love you, Michael and Emma. We just need time to adjust to this. I’ll call you in a day or so, we can get together and talk.”

He watched as Maria shook her head and saw Peter gather his son and ushered his wife, mother, brother and Ruthie outside leaving Michael and Maria alone to think about what now lays ahead of them now that their secret is out.

Part 28

Michael and Maria woke up a few hours later. It was still morning and both had decided not to let what had transpired earlier ruin their daughters first Christmas. They each took turns in opening her presents and both played with her for a little while before Maria got up to fix them something to eat.

It was late afternoon and Michael had just placed Emma down in her cradle when they heard the knock on the front door. Michael exchange a quick look with Maria before he went and opened the door.

He wasn't surprised to see the sheriff there, but he was a little surprise to see Ruthie with him. "Hi, we've been waiting for you, come on in." He said as he stepped aside to give them room to pass.

"Michael, Maria." The sheriff said in greeting as he walked into the living room, unable to hide the smile on his face at all the presents scattered around the room for the little girl fast asleep in her cradle.

"Merry Christmas." Ruthie offered in greeting as she walked over to one of the couches and sat down.

"Merry Christmas to you too. It's chilly out there, would you or the sheriff care for tea, coffee or I could make some hot cocoa." Maria said as she started to go into the kitchen.

"That won't be necessary. Look we really need to talk to the both of you." The sheriff told her as he held out his hand and gestured towards the couches. Both Michael and Maria went over and sat down and watched as the sheriff joined Ruthie.

Taking off his hat and placing it next to him he began to speak. "First things first, we just came from Peter's and Karen's house and we all agree that if we were in your shoes we would have done the same thing. Nobody holds anything against you for protecting your family. But we are all hurt that you continued to lie to us, even after you had made you decision to stay in Baker's Hollow after you felt the others."

Unable to keep still he jumped up and began to walk around the room, continuing his speech. "Do you realize what you have done. Let's not even begin to talk about all the laws you broke breaking into the hall of records, making up those false documents but the positions the two of you have put us in."

Michael cringed when he noticed the tone of the older man but decided to let him finish, knowing that any argument he could offer would be weak. "For God sake I have a seventeen year old high school drop out as one of my deputies, your not even a Canadian citizen. When this gets out, I'm going to look like a fool. Did you even think about that before you accepted my offer? Did you even think how this could effect me and my office?"

"No sir." Michael admitted as the tears he had been trying to hold back slide down his face. He knew that the sheriff was right, he shouldn't have accepted the job.

"I can't even begin to tell you how hurt I am." Ruthie added softly. She hated that this was happening and she wanted nothing more than to hug both of them, but she couldn't. They made decisions and every decision has consequences.

"I opened my home to the both of you. I consider you both as family." She explained. "I know that you will think I'm foolish but a part of me is hurt because you both know the type of woman I am. You could have trusted me. You could have trusted us. I hate that you choose to continue to lie to us."

The sheriff cleared his throat. "The thing is, we are angry with you both. Maybe you don't think we have a right but it doesn't change the fact that we are. Us being angry doesn't change how we feel about you though."

"Exactly." Ruthie said in agreement. "You three have become part of our families and we wouldn't change that for anything. I know I'm speaking for everyone when I say that as betrayed we may feel we all still love you."

"Right, if the three of you want to stay then your going to have to agree to certain things." The sheriff explained.

"What kind of things." Maria asked as she rubbed Michael knee, her heart aching for him. The one true authority figure that he had ever looked up to didn't trust him and that was one person trust and opinion that Michael valued.

"Well first things first. Peter and I talked and you said so yourself that you think the feds aren't looking for you and that you felt your brother but he didn't approach you. Obviously the others escaped as well and had been looking for you but decided to leave you and Maria to live your life here instead of going home. The reason why they don't think you should be in Roswell is known only to them." The sheriff stated as he sat down across from the couple.

"It's become clear that you two aren't in danger and that you don't need to be in hiding anymore as Michael and Maria Gulliver." He said, watching the reactions on their faces.

"Your going to send us back to Roswell." Michael shouted as he stood up.

"We cant' go back to there, it isn't were we belong." Maria cried as she grasped Michael's hand and pulled him back down to the couch.

"And we're not going to send you back." The sheriff said. "Look we don't want you to leave anymore than you want to, but you can't stay here buried under all these lies. You have to come clean about everything."

"You want me to tell the town I'm an alien and that we came here after running from the FBI." Michael asked in astonishment.

The sheriff couldn't help but to laugh. "I think it's safe to say that that wouldn't be a very wise thing to do. No, you and Maria are going to admit to being two run away from New Mexico. That Michael lived in a hostile foster home and that you two were in love and that Maria's mother didn't approve and that you took off to be together and to get Michael away from his foster father. You going to confess to breaking into the town hall and hacking into the computers to create your aliases."

"If we do that, we'll be arrested and thrown in jail." Maria said in awe. This was his idea of helping them stay.

"No you won't, I'll talk to the magistrate and it I can guarantee that the worst that will happen is that you will have to perform community service to show your remorse." He explained.

"This is only going to cause more damage. We can’t stay here, the child services are going to insist that Michael is put back into the system and I don’t even know what my Mom will do to me.” Maria cried helplessly.

“No that isn’t going to happen.” The sheriff said softly as he got up and sat next to Maria. “Look, I’m not going to let anyone send either of you or that little girl back to Roswell. Michael here is one of the best deputies I ever had the pleasure to work with and I’m not about to see all my hard work go to waste.”

“What do you mean?” Michael asked as he got up and stood next to his daughter’s cradle.

“I mean exactly what I said. When your eighteen and graduate from high school I plan to hire you back onto the department.” The sheriff told him.

“How is that possible? You said so yourself, Michael isn’t a citizen of Canada.” Maria said as she turned and looked at the older man.

“Well that is part of the way Michael is going to stay here, he’s going to become a citizen.” He said as he looked over and shared a smile with Ruthie.

“WHAT!” Both teenagers shouted.

“Michael is going to become a citizen.” He repeated.

“Even if I wanted to, how would that happen in the next six months or so?” Michael asked cautiously. “Social Services isn’t going to exactly let me just stay here and take some citizen test, besides there’s no way I could find a foster parent here. I don’t even think it’s allowed.”

“Your right it isn’t. Someone from another country can’t become your foster parent.” He said in agreement, watching the boys face carefully to see how he would react to the next thing. “But someone from another country can adopt you, this would make you a citizen of that country automatically.”

Michael laughed bitterly. “You have got to be kidding me. Nobody wanted me when I was little, who would want to adopt me now.”

The sheriff got up and walked over to the boy, looking him in the eyes. “Me.” He said softly, afraid that his voice would betray him.

Michael study the older man and saw that he was serious. That sheriff John Norwood wanted to adopt him and become his father. Michael couldn’t speak, his head was spinning with this new revelation. It was the sound of Maria crying that brought him down to earth.

“Wait, that is only going to help me. What about Maria and Emma, I’m not going to lose either of them.” He said as he walked back over and sat down next to Maria.

“Well that’s something else I wanted to discuss. I went in today and did a search. Maria was never listed as a missing child, her mother never reported her. Peter and I both think that Maria’s mother is going along with your brother and not bringing her home for what ever reasons they have.” He rationalize.

“How does this help us?” She inquired, a little surprised that she hadn’t realized that if the other had escape then that her mother must have been brought in on their secret.

“Well we think that your mother will sign over guardianship papers since she appears to be going along with the others.” Ruthie told her.

“Guardianship, you mean she would sign a piece of paper allowing me to stay here and live on the island. I don’t know, I mean my mother has been known to do some pretty out there things but this is a bit much even for her.” Maria said softly as she rested her head on Michael’s shoulder.

“Well there is only one way to tell.” Ruthie reasoned. “Your going to have to call her and arrange for her to come to the island.”

Maria gaped at the older woman in shock. “You want me to just call her up and ask her to come for a visit. She will never go for this, no way would she agree to give the sheriff guardianship over me.”

Ruthie smiled at Maria. “No sweetie, your right she wouldn’t. She would probable feel more comfortable if you were situated with me.”

Michael shot a look at both the sheriff and Ruthie, this was a crazy idea. He would be adopted by the sheriff, Ruthie would become Maria’s guardian. How was this going to work out, would they live with the sheriff or Ruthie. What about Emma? Michael couldn’t help questioning his concerns and was shock at what they had decided.

“If Maria mother agrees and Michael goes along with the adoptions then Michael would come live with me and Maria would move into the inn with Emma. We would expect both of you to start school as soon as possible. I can talk to the superintended and we can work it out so that you two can take examines and hopefully get you both placed in the senior class. After you both graduate and turn eighteen then Michael can join the department again and Maria can start taking over running the inn again for Ruthie.”
The Sheriff said as he grinned at the look on both of their faces as the rules were laid out for them.

“You want us to live separately?” Why can’t we just stay here in the cottage?” Michael asked anxiously.

“Because that is part of the deal. No more living together until you LEGALLY married.” He told the young couple who groaned in protest.

“This is silly, Michael and I are married in our hearts. That’s why we had the ceremony this summer.” Maria argued.

“Your still not legally married. Look, we’re not doing this to punish you or anything but you must realize that your still children and that living together isn’t acceptable. Besides I think Maria is going to have a hard enough time convincing her mother to let her stay I don’t think you two continuing to live together is going to sit with her to well.” Ruthie countered.

Maria looked at Michael and then at the sheriff and Ruthie before she shook her head in agreement. They could do this, if this was the way to keep their family together for good then they would follow the rules being laid out for them. Both knew it was more than most people would do, actually most people would probable sell them out to the feds.

Michael watched as Maria stood up and gave his hand a tight squeeze before she walked over to the desk in the corner and picked up the phone. He watched as she reached out her hand a few times and snatch it back before she took a deep breath and reached out and dialed the number she knew by heart. She was silent for a few moments as the call connected and Michael could faintly hear a voice on the other end pick up before he heard her speak.

“Mom, it’s me. It’s Maria…”


Part 29

“I can’t believe my Mom is going to be here in a few hours.” Maria whispered in Michael’s ear as he kissed his way down neck to her shoulders. They had been stealing these moments together ever since they moved into their new homes.

As much as they missed each other, it was turning into a fun game of finding places to sneak off together to mess around. Maria couldn’t believe that she was actually in the wood shed, half naked up against a pile of wood as Michael was attacking her neck and his fingers were sliding in and out of her slick passage. Maria bit down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming and drawing attention to themselves as she came while Michael rubbed her clit in a circular motion.

“Oh God baby, you are so hot.” Michael groaned as he slowly dropped to his knees and helped her to rest her body against the pile as he lifted her and placed her legs over his shoulder and her pussy was right in front of his face. He rubbed his hands over her legs before he settled them on her ass to help support her weight.

He moaned as her lower lips parted and her slit came into view. With her softly whimpering her desire Michael quickly dipped his head and laved his tongue along her
pussy, before his targeted her most precious jewel and ran his tongue back and forth over her tender bud making her gasp and buck her hips against his face.

Michael dragged his tongue back to her opening and slowly impaled her with it, sliding it in and out at a deliberately slow pace as he nuzzled his nose against her clit. He loved to hear her beg and plead as she squirmed from they way he was pleasuring her.

He could hear her pant and could feel her walls surrounding his tongue slowly begin to flutter as her next orgasm was on the horizon. He slid one of his hands up and around to rest on her bottom belly before slipping it down and began to message her clit in a slow circular motion.

“Please Michael, please make me cum.” She begged so softly, that he thought for a second he had imagined she had said it until he glanced up and saw her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open forming a silent “O” as she panted and rubbed her hands over her own breast.

He never could denied her anything so he slowly slid his tongue out and lifted her shaking limbs off of his shoulders before he quickly wrapped his arms around her and carried her over to an old tarp that was covering the ground and placed her on it. Quickly he shed his clothes and grinned as he watched her trying to bring herself to orgasm as she ran her nimble fingers over her clit.

“Don’t baby, I’m going to take care of you.” Michael said as he pulled her hand away and laid down on top of her. He moaned as he felt her spread her legs in invitation as he settled himself between them, his cock rubbing against her wet curls.

He grunted when he felt her reach down and grasped his rod in her hand, guiding it to her opening. He stopped breathing as he began to enter her as he rested his head on her shoulder, enjoying the feeling of her walls welcoming him as they stretched to accommodate his huge cock.

The combination of being inside and her wrapping her legs around his hips urging him deeper caused him to begin to pump in and out of her in a frenzy. His cock bumping up against her g-spot over and over again causing her to bite down on his shoulder to keep from screaming.

He felt his balls starting to tighten and knew it wouldn’t take much more to send him over. He lifted his head and kissed Maria’s cheek before he moved his hand between their bodies and began to work her clit. He was rewarded when he felt her walls tighten around his shaft and squeezing it.

With a final twist he felt her tighten her grip on his body as she came, bring him with her as he felt his seed shooting out of him and marking her as his and his alone. Both were panting and holding on to each other as their orgasm washed over them.

Michael rolled them to the side and claimed Maria’s lips for a searing kiss. After they broke and he was rested his against her shoulder did he start to laugh causing her to ask. “What’s so funny?”

“Do you realize that we just had incredible sex and that you manage to keep you sweater and coat on during it.” He said as he continued to laugh as he watched her looked down and take in his naked body against her half naked one.

“Don’t laugh, it’s cold out. You should get dress before you get sick.” She teased as she gently pushed herself away and slid off his cock before she stood up and retrieved her jeans and boots.

Michael laid back and watched as she got dressed. Smirking as she blushed as he trailed his hand down his body and gathered their combined juices off of his semi-hard cock and brought his coated fingers up to his lips and sucked them into his mouth. “Taste good.” He told her after he slipped the fingers out.

“Your so nasty.” She teased as she tossed him his clothes. “I’m going up to the inn and get Emma ready to meet her grandmother. You remember to behave yourself.” She instructed as she snuck out the door, making sure nobody saw her.

She was halfway back to the inn when she heard the wolf whistle, spinning on her heals she saw a smiling Karen who was shaking her finger back and forth and making a tsk tsk sound. “I know whooo you were doinggg.” She called out in a singsong voice.

“Karen!” Maria hissed.

Karen just laughed and jogged up to her, throwing her arms around her and kissing her on the cheek. “So you and Michael have discovered the wood shed.” She stated teasingly.

“Your not going to tell Ruthie or Jeanie are you?” Maria asked.

“Nah, you guys can bonk away where ever you want as far as I‘m concerned. Peter and I think it’s silly that they insisted you two live in separate homes until you get married for real but they’re all from the old school.” She said as they started back to the inn together.

Maria had to smile, both Peter and Karen had come by after Ruthie and the sheriff left and the four had talked all night long. Both couldn’t apologize enough for the way they reacted at first and Michael and Maria kept on telling them it was ok. Maria had them all in stitches as she recounted the way she reacted when Liz told her.

“Thanks, you know as much as I hate being away from him I think this will be a good thing. It really means a lot to Michael that the sheriff wants to adopt him and make him his son. He never had a father to call his own before.” Maria explained to her friend.

“Yeah well don’t let the sheriff fool you, this means a lot to him too. He really thinks of Michael like a son and he has been itching to call that baby of yours his granddaughter.”

“Karen you should see them together, there so cute. The sheriff took him shopping yesterday for ice fishing equipment. There going to go next weekend for a little bonding time. Michael was like a little kid at Christmas when he got back here to show me what they got.”

“Well, the sheriff never did marry and I have to say I always thought he would make a great dad. I think that’s why he took Peter and Michael under his wings, they were the sons he never had. That is until now. So when do they think they can make it official?”
Karen asked as she held opened the back door into the kitchen for both woman to enter.

“Actually the sheriff has been able to push the paper work and he has some friends in the court. They think they can have it finalized in a couple of weeks.” Maria told her as she waived to Jeanie and went over to the bassinet and picked up Emma. “She didn’t cause you any trouble, did she?” Maria asked the older woman as she kissed her daughter on the cheek.

“Nope. I think she finds me boring, she slept most of the time.” Jeanie said as she smiled as she watched Maria and her little girl together. Jeanie could never stay upset with either of her or Michael, especially since he had saved her grandson’s life. After the initial shock of finding out everything she realized that none of it really mattered, that they were still the young couple who had captured her heart.

She was happy that the sheriff and Ruthie had decided to stand up for them. No one should have to live their lives under so many lies, especially when the didn’t seem to need to. Jeanie knew why they continued to live with the lies, they feared being sent home and not because of the FBI or any other government agency but because of what would happen within their group.

It was obvious that both teens had decided to live the lie because they realized that their family was their first priority and that was a decision the rest agreed with. It was Peter who finally suggested that since Michael had felt his brother but that his brother left that they must have felt the same way and that the lie wasn’t necessary any longer.

Then it became a discussion of the practicalities of them staying here and lifting the burden of continuing to lie. The main problem was no matter how mature they acted, they were still minors and they needed to figure out a way to make it possible that they could stay on the island.

Jeanie and the other had to force themselves not to chuckle when the sheriff immediately said that he could adopt Michael. Everyone knew how close the older man had become to the teen and that he already thought of him as his son and now he could make it official.
Maria situation was the tricky one but Karen was the one to point out that if it was never reported that Maria was a missing child that she must be involved with the others.

After must discussion they were able to come up with the idea of contacting her mother and arranging for her to come here and possible signing guardianship papers and allowing Maria to stay here. Ruthie automatically volunteered to become the girls guardian.

Of course the big debate was the living arrangements. Peter and Karen both said it was ridicules to have them move out of the cottage, but the older adults just couldn’t help but feel that just because they had been living together for over a year didn’t make it right. Peter and Karen just shook their heads, it was a losing argument. You couldn’t change the way the older adults thought.

Jeanie was riding the fence but her decision was quickly made when she heard her own 17 year old son saying that he thought that what they had done was cool. Her mother’s instinct kicked in and she wanted to show him that living on your own when you’re a teenager was not cool.

Now a week later both were living in their new homes and getting ready for Amy Deluca’s visit. She grinned as she watched Maria cooing to her daughter that she was going to meet her grandma today.

“What time is your mother due?” Karen asked as she went over and picked up her own sleeping child from his playpen.

“In an hour or so. The sheriff is going to pick her up.” Maria told her as she damped a towel and wiped her daughters face before she began to play with the lace on her blue velvet dressed.

“Give that child to me and stop fussing with her dress. She looks like and angel. Why don’t you and Karen run upstairs and she can help you finish getting ready and I will give Emma a bottle and don’t worry I won’t get any on her.” Jeanie ordered as she waved the them through the door.


An hour later Maria, Michael, Jeanie, Karen, Peter, Ruthie and the kids were all in the sitting room of the inn waiting for the sheriff and Amy. Maria jumped up when she heard the front door opened and shouted “MOM” when she saw her walking into the room.

Both woman ran and hugged each other tightly, afraid that if they let go of the other they would disappear. The other watched with smiles on their faces and the women couldn’t help but to cry as they heard the reunited mother and daughter sobbing and telling the other how much they love the other and how much they missed each other.

Michael stood still, his daughter in his arms not sure what he should do. Maria’s mother, his baby’s grandmother and his soon to be official mother-in-law. Oh shit, this is the same woman who chained herself to some building in a crusade to keep it from being torn down. What the Hell has he gotten himself into, this woman will chew him up and spit him out.

He watched wirily as they finally parted and heard Amy asking where her grandbaby was. Taking a deep gulp Michael stepped forward and said. “Emma this is you Grandmother, can you say hello.” He urged her gently as he took her little hand and waved it.

“Oh God, she has your nose Maria.” Amy exclaimed as she rushed over and gather the baby in her arms placing kisses on her chubby cheeks and gushing about how beautiful she is.

Maria walked over and stood next to Michael, taking his hand in hers before she cleared her throat to get her mother’s attention. “Mom, there are some people I would like to you meet. You already met the sheriff and over here is Ruthie Lawrence, this is the woman I spoke to you about on the phone. Over there is Jeanie Spencer and her son Peter and his wife Karen and grandson Josh and her other son Marc.” Maria said as she pointed to all of her friends as she introduced them.

“And this is Michael.” She whispered shyly as she rubbed her hand up and down his forearm, trying to reassure him that this was going to be alright.

Amy cradled the baby in her arms and looked up at the boy who had taken her daughter with him on this adventure. A part of her hated him and his brother and sister, they were the reason her daughter was gone. But the look in her baby’s eyes melted that hate, she was at peace and truly happy for the first time in years and it was because of this boy standing in front of her and the little bundle of joy in her arms.

Smiling she took a step closer and looked down into Emma’s face before drawing her attention back to the her daughter and her lover. “She has your eyes.” She told him as she wrapped her free arm around his neck and leaned up and kissed his cheek, whispering in his ear. “Thank you for taking care of my baby.”

She felt tears threatening to spill when she heard him whisper back. “Thank you for giving me a reason to love.” Pulling back she watched as he blinked his eyes rapidly in an attempt to keep from crying in front of everyone.

Everybody chuckled when Maria went into commando mode and told Peter to put her mother’s bags in her room and insisted that everyone else head into the dinning room for diner. He and Jeanie went into the kitchen to begin to serve the meal.

A few hours later everyone left Michael and Maria alone with Amy to discuss what has been happening since they have been gone. Jeanie, Ruthie and Karen went into the kitchen to clean up the dinner dishes and Peter and the sheriff went with Marc to his football game.

Amy sat in a chair holding her sleeping granddaughter in her arms. She smiled as she watched her little girl sit next to the boy who had stolen her heart. “You must have questions?”

“The others are alright?” Michael asked, grabbing Maria hand in his.

“Yes, they all made it out. They came to me and explained everything that had happened. I wasn’t to crazy about not reporting you missing, but between Max and Jim I realized that it was best to keep the search low key.”

“Jim, as in Jim Valenti?” Maria exclaimed in shock.

“Yes Jim Valenti, he has been a great help to the others.” She told them.

“He helped you find us.” Michael asked as the realization that Max had gone to the sheriff for help and that obviously the man had proven to be trustworthy.

“Yes and no. It was Isabel who finally made a connection. She had tried to dream walk both of you without success. Anyway one day she came over and was in Maria’s room looking for anything that would help in the search when she came across Maria’ copy of ‘Anna of Green Gables’ and had a flash. Then between Jim and Alex we were able to locate the two of you or should I say locate the Gullivers.”

“Alex, he knows too. Who else knows?” Maria asked, digesting everything her mother was telling them.

“Just me, Jim, Alex and Kyle. We have been able to keep it a secret from the Evans and Parkers. You should also know that there is another like Michael. Her name is Tess and she helped the other escape.” Amy told the shocked teens.

“How?” Both asked at the same time and listened spellbound to the tale of the others escape. Of Tess and the older alien named Nacedo who broke in and got them out. Of how Nacedo was captured and how they along with the Jim and the other humans were able to get him out. Of the escape and Agent Pierce being killed, how Nacedo assumed his identity and deleted all their files. And finally of his testifying before congress and having the special unit shut down.

“Wow, that is amazing. I just don’t understand why did you bother tracking us down and then decided to leave us here.” Michael questioned, still clearly impressed by the story she told.

Amy sighed, she had promised Max and the other that she wouldn’t tell them about destiny, Nacedo being murdered or that their enemies had tried to kill all of them. No Max was right about that, she only knew Michael for a few short hours but if he knew the others were waging a war against the Skins then he would insist on coming back to help.

She looked the father of her granddaughter in the eyes and told him part of the truth. “Because Max saw how happy you both were and that you and Maria were going to have a baby. He felt that if anyone deserved happiness it was both of you. It took him a long time to convince me that it was the right thing to do, but when he brought me to see you and I saw that Maria’s eyes had a sparkle I hadn’t seen since she was a little girl I knew he was right.”

“I should have contacted you. It wasn’t fair putting you through this Mom.” Maria cried softly as Michael wrapped his arm around her. “You gave me up so that I could be happy. I don’t know how I will ever be able to thank you for that.”

Amy smiled as she felt her own tears on her face. “Easy, be happy and live a good life with Michael and this angel in my arms.”

Michael looked at the older woman for a second before he spoke. “We’re not going to see you again are we?”

Maria gasped in shock at what he had said. “Don’t be ridicules, of course we are going to see her again. She’s Emma’s grandmother.”

Amy turned and looked at both of them regretting that she was going to have to shatter Maria’s heart. “No Maria, Michael is right. You won’t be seeing me again for a long time. I can’t explain why, I made a promised to the others. I can only tell you that the next time we see each other is when everything is settled.”

“There’s more to the story than you told us isn’t there.” Michael questioned her.

“Yes, but it doesn’t concern you. It concerns the others. When they feel it is right, then we will be reunited as a family, all of US will be reunited.” She told both of them.

“That’s it, you can’t tell me what is going on with my brother and sister because you promised to keep me in the dark. You can’t possible agree with that.” He snapped as he hopped up and stormed over to the window, staring into the woods.

“At first no I didn’t think it was fair. Anymore than I thought it was fair at first to leave you both here.” Amy countered back as she stood and walked over to Maria, handing her Emma before strolling over to Michael and forcing him to turn around and look her in the eyes.

“Don’t you dare get all holier than thou with me young man. Yes they are making choices for you, but you have also made your choices when you didn’t try to contact either of your siblings after you knew they were alive. Instead you decided to ignore what was in front of you and to keep your family here. I personally think it was the right decision, the same as I think Max is right now. I’m sorry Michael you can’t have it both ways. What is more important, Maria and Emma or knowing what Max is keeping from you?”

Michael stared Amy in the eyes and saw that she was telling the truth. He had decided to bury his head in the sand before and now he felt guilty about it. But the guilt wasn’t going to help anyone. Max had his reasons, the same as he had his. So with a slight nod of his head he agreed to stay away.

“Your right, I’m sorry. I just want to make sure they’re safe.” He confessed to her.

“They are fine. They are dealing with things in their own way. When everything is settled then they will come for you and your family. Then the two of you can decide freely if you want to move back to Roswell or not.” She said as she wrapped her arms around the boy and hugged him.

Maria stood by the couch watching her mother and lover hugging and she cried silently as she heard Michael’s sobs. He had done it, he had abandoned his other family and it was tearing him apart. Yes he would be able to live with his decision, but it still hurt him deeply.

The three talked late into the night, making the most of the time they had together. Amy told Maria about how she had found herself falling in love with Jim and that they were planning to be married this spring. Maria and Michael told Amy of their plans to be married in June after Maria turns eighteen. Amy was happy that they both were preparing to take examines to be placed in high school and that they would graduate this year.

The next day the three of them plus Ruthie went to Ruthie’s attorney and signed the papers giving Ruthie guardianship of Maria. Maria and Amy spent the next two days together talking. They finally buried Jake Harper together and were able to find peace of mind.

Maria sobbed as Amy got into the car with the sheriff to drop her off. Their good bye was harder than they could have imagined. Both clung to each other, neither wanted to let go. Finally Amy pulled away from her little girl and went to Michael and Emma. Hugging Michael close to her she kissed him on the cheek before she bent down and kissed the sleeping girl in his arms. Whispering that she loved both of them.

She went over and said good bye to the people who had become her daughter’s surrogate family. Hugging and thanking all of them, when she finally reached Ruthie she took the older woman’s hands in hers and told her to take care of her daughter and granddaughter.
Ruthie swore she would as the women hugged, both crying uncontrollable.

The sheriff came over and told Amy it was time to go. He helped her over to the car and held open the door for her as she got in. Rolling down the window she called out to Maria that she loved her and that she wanted her to make a good life for herself.

Maria cried and told her she would. She felt her knees giving and expected to fall to the ground, but instead Michael wrapped his free arm around her. Giving her his frame to lean on. Maria smiled through her tears, she was leaning on Michael. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy but the two of them were going to make it as long as they had each other to lean on.


Part 30

“I’m going to the chapel and I’m gonna get married…” Maria sang to herself as she checked herself in the full length mirror in the room. She couldn’t keep the silly grin off her face as she twirled around watching how her dress billowed out with each turn.

“Hey you, your suppose to be a nervous wreck on your wedding day.” Karen teased the bride standing in front of her. “How many times are you and Michael gonna do this anyway?” She taunted as she went over to look at herself in the mirror as well.

“This is the last time, I swear and it’s for keeps.” She answered the other woman.

“Well I should hope so.” Jeanie said as she came into the room with Ruthie and Emma.

“Oh let me see her.” Maria gushed as she ran over and looked at her nine month old daughter. Karen and her had spent almost as much time looking for the perfect dress for Emma as they had for Maria.

“Your mommy little good luck charm aren’t you.” She cooed happily to her daughter telling her about the upcoming events. “Emma do you realized that you have been there both times when mommy and daddy exchanged their vows. Once in mommy tummy and now you‘ll be in daddy‘s arms.”

This wedding had driven both of them crazy. Maria said it didn’t matter, that a justice of the peace would be fine with her, that she had her wedding on the bluff back in August. Michael didn’t see it the same way, now that they were getting married for real and Maria and Emma were going to finally carry the Guerin name and he wanted a big fancy wedding, one that Maria would never forget and one that everybody would remember.

So as soon as February hit and they started to make plans for the wedding, they also started to fight. They couldn’t agree on anything. Maria wanted to get married at the inn and Michael wanted to get married in church. Maria just wanted to have some finger food and dessert, Michael wanted a big catered sit down meal and a huge wedding cake. Maria just wanted to wear a something simple, Michael insisted that he wanted his wife to wear a white gown.

The only thing they didn’t argue about was Emma, both wanted their daughter with them as they got married because marriage was about becoming a family and that meant Emma stood up there with them.

So now it was only a few short minutes away from the wedding and they had finally made it. There was a lot of shouting and a lot of making up, which equaled out to meaning making love. To the shock and amusement of their friends they had even learned to compromised along the way.

They were getting married in church, but the reception was at the inn. They were having a full meal, but it was all homemade and being served buffet style, with a medium size wedding cake and an assortment of pastries. Maria wouldn’t budge on the white wedding gown, she did agree to an ivy color gown that made her feel like a fairytale princess.

“Maria you look beautiful, Michael isn’t going to be able to form a complete sentence when he sees you.” Jeanie said as she gathered the young woman in a hug.

“As long as he can get out ‘I do’ that’s all that matters.” Karen chimed in.

“Haha.” Maria shot back as she finished changing Emma’s dirty diaper.

“Well that’s something you don’t see everyday. A bride changing her baby’s diaper, isn’t that what the bride maids are for.” They heard Peter jokingly ask as he came into the woman’s dressing room.

“Yes well, a mother’s work is never done.” Karen told her husband as she went over and kissed him.

“No it’s not.” He whispered back as he placed his hand on the slight swell of her tummy were their own baby was slumbering.

“Aaah, look Emma. Look at how cute Auntie Karen and Uncle Peter are together.” Maria teased the other couple. Michael and Maria was thrilled when they told them they were expecting a second baby.

Of course Maria told her that she needed to come up with a better ways to tell him. Poor Peter already had an unnatural fear of condiments now he could add mashed potatoes to his fears, he already told Michael he was sticking with baked for now on.

“Speaking of Emma.” Peter said as he turned around and faced Maria. “I came to get the munchkin, it’s almost time.” He explained as he went over and held out his hands to take the little girl from her mother.

“Alright Emma, time to go see daddy.” Maria whispered to her daughter as she kissed her cheek and handed her over to Peter.

“See you in a few minutes.” Peter said as he kissed Maria on her forehead and left the room so that the women could finish getting ready. Peter made some silly faces at the little girl in his arms as he walked over to the door that Michael was behind.

“I can’t believe you did this.” He heard the sheriff shout at his son. Peter was surprised to hear the commotion until he saw the reason behind it. There, standing in front of a mirror was his very own brother in a pink sequin evening gown with matching color hair.

“Holy shit, what the hell is going on in here.” Peter asked in a whizzing laugh as he watched his brother pointing at Michael and shouting that he was going to kill him if he didn’t change him back.

“But Dad, you didn’t hear what he said about Maria.” Michael shouted over Marc’s ranting. ‘But Dad.’ God it just rolled off his tongue. He remember the first time he called John dad. Him and Maria were late one night while they were on a date two months ago. Him and John started to argue about curfew and without realizing it Michael started one of his excuses with a ‘But Dad’. Neither men realized he had said it at first, it was Maria’s crying and her saying that hearing Michael calling John dad was touching.

Michael couldn’t believe how quickly John Norwell became his father, not only name but emotionally. He remembered that it was on his forth night when he had his first nightmare. Before Maria would comfort him and tell him he would be alright but this time he woke up alone and it freaked him out.

He went into the kitchen and got a glass of milk. He almost dropped the glass when John came in. Taking in his nervousness and obvious fear the older man didn’t even hesitate to gather his new son in his arms as he cried. Later while sitting at the kitchen table John listened to him talking about living with Hank, silently wishing he could go to Roswell himself and beat that bastard within an inch of his life.

Now only a few short months later Michael and John were true father and son. Michael at first had insisted that he keep his last name as Guerin, but only last month they went to court so that he could take the name Norwell as his middle name and they both stood proudly as Michael legally became Michael Norwell Guerin.

John had to stop himself from smiling, he couldn’t believe how much this boy had become to him. Not only did he have a son, but in a few minutes he will have a beautiful daughter and not to mention an amazing granddaughter. No he bite his tongue and instructed his son to set things right.

“Michael I don’t care what he said. In less than 10 minutes you are going to be standing at the alter and getting married. I didn’t realized that I had to tell a grown man not to turn one of his ushers into an extra from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’.” The sheriff told his son.

“He said that my Maria looked hot in her dress.” He fought back as he went over to Mark and raised his hand, when he was done Peter had to put Emma in the playpen that held his son in fear of dropping the little girl when he saw that not only was his brother wearing a dress and had pink hair that he now had purple skin.

“Your dead meat Guerin!” Marc screamed. Peter and the sheriff couldn’t help but to laugh when they heard him, Michael had manipulated his voice so that he sounded like Betty Boop too.

“Alright, enough you too. For God sake Josh and Emma are more mature than you two. Marc apologize to Michael about saying what you said and Michael change Marc back. We don’t have time for this nonsense.” The sheriff ordered.

“Sorry.” Marc said.

“Sorry.” Michael said as he held up his hand and after a few seconds Marc was once again dressed in a tux, with brown hair and his normal skin complexion was restored.

“Ok.” Marc said, pleased to hear his own voice come out of his mouth.

“Good, now lets get this show on the road.” Peter said as he went over and answered the knock at the door.

“Hey guys.” Carrie said as she came into the room.

“Gee Carrie, you just miss seeing your boyfriend in a whole different light.” Michael taunted Marc.

“Guerin, don’t push it. Right now we’re cool.” Marc warned as he went over and kissed his girlfriend.

“I don’t even want to know. I’m here to pick up Josh, he’s sitting with me.” She said with a shake of her head. She had been going out with Marc since St. Valentine’s Day and they had doubled a few times with the runaway lovers and she had decided that they were all just a little to weird together and that they always seemed to be hiding something but she was crazy about Marc so she choose to ignore these things.

“Enough you two. Carrie go on and take Josh with you. Peter and Marc, go back outside and stand over by the alter, Michael pick up that granddaughter of mine and lets get you married before Maria realizes what an overgrown kid she is getting stuck with and changes her mind.” The sheriff commanded as the other all rushed to their places.

“Come on Pumpkin. Mommy and daddy are getting hitched.” Michael said in a singsong voice as he picked his daughter up and turned around to face his father who was smiling at the two of them.

“Come on Dad, we don’t want to keep Maria waiting.” He said softly as went over and squeezed the older man’s shoulder. Both men turned and headed out the door and to the alter of the church to wait for Maria.


Michael couldn’t believe it. It was over him and Maria were really truly married and she was now Mrs. Maria Rose Guerin. The wedding was perfect. His father stood by his side and Ruthie gave Maria away. Michael held Emma while him and Maria exchanged their vows and finally became husband and wife.

Their reception went off without a hitch. It was so different than what they had done in August. This time instead of only being the nine of them there was almost hundred people there. Michael and Maria had made a lot of friends in school and they were both surprised at how most people in town reacted to the story that everyone had come up with had got around. Neither could believe the outpouring of genuine concern people they had only talk to in passing took of their situation.

Now Michael and Maria were at their best friends house kissing and hugging their daughter good bye. After a lot of fighting Maria finally agreed to go away without Emma for a real honeymoon. They hadn’t even thought about a honeymoon because of their lack of funds and were shock when at graduation their friends from the senior class had given them a week paid vacation to of all places, Niagara Falls.

“Come on Maria, we should get going. I want to get us over the bridge and find a place to stay tonight.” Michael urged her as he pulled her away from Karen who was holding Emma.

“Alright, alright. Now Karen remember she will only sleep if her penguin stuff animal is in her crib with her. She usually is pretty good during the night, but if she wakes up try singing a Bob Marley song to her. I left a list of what food she likes and what she doesn’t like…” Maria ramble as Michael pulled her out the door.

“Bye baby, mommy and daddy love you so much.” She shouted as Karen and Peter stood on their front porch waving to them as Michael ushered Maria into the car before he ran over to the driver side. He stood with the door ajar and stared at his baby and waved one more time and mouth ‘I love you’ to his little angel before he got into the car.

He smiled and reached over and kissed Maria, brushing away her tears. “It’s only gonna be a week baby and then we’ll all be back together as a family.”

“I know, it just seems like it’s gonna be forever before we see her.” She cried softly as he turned on the engine and heading down the driveway.

“I’m gonna miss her too Maria, but we need this time alone. I want to be able to touch you and make love to you without worrying about Emma waking up in her portable crib.” He told her honestly, these past six months had been hard for both of them. Only able to be together whenever they could steal alone time.

Yes it was fun, but it was hard at the same time. So many nights he woke up with the need to be with her and had to settle for jerking off. But it wasn’t just the sex, it was the need to be able to lay in bed together and just talk. No they needed real alone time.

Michael reached out and held Maria’s hand as they drove down the road. He was so lost in thought about being with his wife that he didn’t realize at first that she was laughing. He glanced over and saw that her small frame was shaking with laughter. “What’s so funny?”

Maria just started to laugh harder and told him. “It just hit me that our relationship started on a road trip and were beginning our married life together on another road trip. I mean Michael I think we need to look into investing on taking a trip that involves taking a plane or something.”

Michael just shook his head and joined in on the laughter. ‘Oh yeah, there gonna have some serious fun on this trip.’ He thought before he turned and said “I think the tent and our sleeping bag is in the trunk if you want to re-live the experience.”

“Now that has some serious possibilities.” Maria said as she reached over and rubbed her hand down his leg before she slid it over his crotch squeezing it gently.

“Damn, we are so pitching that tent.” Michael told an amused Maria. ‘Oh yeah, this is what it’s all about.’ He thought to himself as Maria slid closer and he wrapped his free arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the temple. Just the two of them connecting on all levels, making plans for the future and who know maybe he could convince her about making a second baby.

“I love you Maria.” Michael whispered to her.

“Mmm, I love you too baby. And you were right, this is exactly what we need, I’m sorry if I was a little unreasonable about leaving Emma. It’s just that I’ve never been apart from her for more than a few hours.” She said as she sighed happily as Michael rubbed her back.

“I know, I remembered that I couldn’t sleep the first night at John’s house because I missed her and you so much. I missed hearing her little snore as she slept in my arms. I missed waking up with her and giving her a bottle and I missed listening you sing to her when she woke up crying.” He confessed to her.

“I know it wasn’t easy for you and I know that being separated from her again is causing you pain, but I know you were right when you insisted we do this. We do need time together, we need to get us back in sync.” She finally admitted.

“It is going to be good Maria, I promised. Everything will be good, we’ll get this much need and deserved break together, make love as often as possible.” He told her as he slipped his hand down shoulder so that he could squeeze her breast before adding hopefully. “Maybe we can even make another baby.”

“Oh god, that feels sooo goo…another baby?” She shriek before she scooted away from him a little. “You want another baby now. I mean Emma isn’t even a year old yet.”

“You don’t want another baby?” He asked surprised at her reaction.

Maria shook her head. “Of course I want another baby, I just think we should wait a little while. There is no rush here Michael. I think it we can wait, oh say until Emma is at least a year old. I know you missed out on so much not living with us and that will never happen again I promise you. Let’s just not rush into having another baby, lets get our lives back on track. We have to move into our home again, you are going to start working again as a deputy and I’m going back to running the inn. Let’s just take a few months to before we through in another baby.”

“How long?” Michael sighed, he knew she was right. Everything she said was true.

Maria took in his sadden faced and reached out and ran her fingers along his cheek. “Not too long, I was thinking the fall. Emma will be a year old then.” She whispered as she slid back over and wrapped her hand around his upper and placed feather light kisses on his neck. “Besides think of all the fun we can have practicing.” She teased as she nibbled on his ear.

Michael groaned, he could live with that plan. “Alright, now if you don’t play nicely we will never get to a motel were I can ravish you completely.”

“Oh well, I wouldn’t want to get in the way of that.” She cooed as she kissed his earlobe one last time and reached down and took his free hand in hers. “Lets get this show on the road and begin the life we choose.” She said happily, remembering the promise she made her mother. Her, Michael and Emma had taken the first steps today to fulfilling that promised and now her and Michael were on the way find their own private happiness.


Part 31

“Emma, it’s your birthday today.” Michael cooed to his daughter as he went into her room to get her for breakfast. “Mommy is making you some special scramble eggs Pumpkin.” He told her as he picked her up and made a face at his smiling daughter. “Sure your smiling, but I’m the who has to clean it up. Good thing I adore you kiddo.” He said as he placed her on her changing table and changed her soiled diaper.

“Gee Em, how can someone so little make so much nasty poop?” He asked as he threw the dirty diaper in the pail and finished cleaning her and putting on a new one. Quickly he buttoned up her sleeper and brought her down stairs and into the kitchen, placing her in her highchair.

“Hey babe.” Michael said as he stopped to give Maria a kiss before he went to the sink to wash his hands.

“Hey yourself.” Maria said back as she finished with the eggs and placed them in Emma’s favorite Winnie the Pooh plate, setting it aside to let it cool. “Happy Birthday Emma.” Maria said to her little girl as she went over and kissed the top of her head. “Did Daddy sing happy birthday to you yet?”

“Nope, figure you would want to be there to sing it to her for the first time too.” He told her as he picked up his own breakfast plate and started to eat. Maria smiled as she sat down next to Emma and began to feed her. “So what time is everyone going to be here for the party?”

“Around 2:00 and we should get them out of here by 6:00. Then we can spend a little time with our big girl before we put her to bed and have our own celebration.” She answered with a slight giggle.

“Oh yeah, our celebration. Tonight the night we can start fool around without you using your diaphragm.” He said with a slight smirk. The had agreed on their honeymoon to wait until Emma’s first birthday before they began trying for a second baby.

“Yup and I think your going to like the present I got for the two of us.” She said with a wink.

“Present, for us. What is it?” Michael asked, practically drooling at the idea of one of Maria’s presents. Last time in consisted of edible panties, chocolate sauce and whip cream.

“Well you’ll just have to wait and see.” She told him as she leaned over and gave him a kiss before turning around and finish feeding the baby.


Michael was lying in bed, listening to Maria singing softly in the bathroom. Part of him felt bad, he just couldn’t concentrate on the festivities today. All he could think about was about him and Maria and the present she bought them.

God he loved his little pixie, she was everything imaginable. Her sexual appetite was as strong as his and her spirit of adventure matched his head on. A part of him loved that she always took control in the bedroom when it came to some of the more kinky stuff they did. It gave her the sense of control she needed and also showed her how much Michael trusted her with his body.

At first it wasn’t like that, their love life was pretty much just the usual, oh sure they went down on each other and stuff, but after the night Maria had told him about Emma and he had experimented with stimulating her anus they really let loose. As aroused she got from the attention to that more intimate opening was nothing compared to what Michael felt when Maria lavish attention to his.

Finally his own personal angel came into the room. She had put on one of his shirts when she had taken a quick shower and Michael felt his cock twitch at the sight of her in his clothes. ‘God she is sexy as Hell.’ He thought to himself.

“Somebody’s excited.” She purred as she laid down next to him on the bed, running her fingers down his torso. His breath hitched when she combed her fingers through his pubic hair before slipping her hand down so that her thumb laid across the base of his cock and the other four fingers lightly stroked his balls.

“Oh damn Maria.” Michael hissed as she kissed his chest and ran her tongue along his nipple.

“It’ ok baby, I’m gonna take care of you.” She whispered in his ear before sliding her tongue along his earlobe and pulled her hand away from his cock causing him to moan from the lost of the caresses of her finger. “Don’t worry, you’ll like what I have in store for you. Now be a good boy and roll over onto your stomach and get on your hands and knees.”

Michael closed his eyes for a second. ‘Oh lord she’s gonna use the vibrator on me.’ He thought as he finally rolled onto his stomach, hissing at the way his erection rubbed against his stomach and the bed. He slowly began to rub himself against the bed, allowing himself a few seconds to enjoy the stimulation this caused before he scampered onto his hands and knees after he felt the hard slap across his ass.

They had tried the spanking stuff a few months after Emma was born. Maria didn’t get the high off of it that Michael did, so after a few session it became clear that Michael was the one who enjoyed to be dominated in this manner and Maria was more than happy to please him this way.

“I don’t remember telling you to dry hump the bed Michael.” Maria said in a harsh voice that she knew turned him on. “Did I?” She asked as she got up and walked over to their closets.

“No, I’m sorry.” He apologized in a voice that she knew meant that he was turned on and wanted to continue with this before they moved onto something else.

“Well, I think you need to be reminded not to do it again.” She told him as he heard her take down one of his belts. He turned to see her walking back to the bed, folding the belt over into a loop. He watched as she continued to walk toward the bench at the foot of the bed.

“Come here.” She commanded.

Michael quickly got off the bed and joined her at the bench. He saw that her breathing was shallow and that she was a little hesitant about what she was going to do. She had never used a belt before, only her hand. She slowly lifted her head and saw him give her a slow nod to let her know that he wanted to do this.

“Over my lap.” She ordered him softly. She watched as he draped himself over her lap. His erection digging into her thigh with his round ass high in the air. She felt like she was out of her own body watching what was happening as she stared at her hand as she raised it and slapped the leather belt across his buttocks.

“How many do you think you deserve for pulling that stunt. I think you deserve 15 and to make you remember not to do it again, you will count them off.” She told him as she heard him whimpering as she began the spanking. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter with each slap she heard as the belt made contact with his ass, him counting off each spank.

“Fifteen.” Michael whispered as the strap made the final connection against his skin. Maria dropped the belt as she admired the way Michael ass was practically glowing from the punishment she administered. She ran her hand over his cheeks, her fingers tingling from the heat
the was penetrating from his sore spanked buttocks.

“Get up and get on the bed, on your hands and knees like I originally told you.” She got up and stood by the bed, making sure Michael could she what she was doing. She reached into the draw next to the bed and pulled out a box. “The present I told you about.” She said with a smile.

She made sure he was paying attention before she opened the box and pulled out something Michael had only read about in some bondage websites. It was a double dildo and he felt his mouth water as Maria went over to the overstuff chair in the corner. He felt himself getting lightheaded as he watched her slipped the shirt off and sat on the chair completely naked.

He moaned as he observed her draping her legs over the arms of the chair, stimulating her clit as she slowly slid one of the dildos inside of herself. “OOOH.” He heard her moan happily as she stood up and adjusted the straps to keep it in place.

“Shit.” Michael hissed as he watched her walk back to the bed, he thought the one she had slipped inside her self was big but it was nothing compared to what she was going to be sliding inside him, it had to be 10 inches long and at least 4 inches thick. He closed his eyes as he heard her opening up a tube of sexual lube, listening to her lubricating the dildo that was going to be inside him soon.

Michael whimpered as he felt her fingers seeking out his asshole. He felt her slid three fingers inside him, greasing him up and stimulating him so that he would be able to handle it. She slid her fingers in and out of his passage, making sure she pressed her finger against his prostate.

“I think your ready.” She whispered in his ear as she pulled her finger out and positioned herself behind him. He felt her hands on his ass cheeks and groaned as she pulled them apart, exposing his most private opening to her eyes.

He stopped breathing when he felt the tip of the dildo begin to penetrate his asshole, and moaned when she slid her hand over his ass to rest on his hips. Now he could feed the length of the toy against his inner cheeks as she rocked her hips forward and slid around four inches inside of him.

“OHHHHH, I don’t think I can take the whole thing.” He said in a harsh cry.

“Yes you can, trust me Michel. Just relax baby and let me in.” Maria told him as she kissed his lower back and reached down and stroked his cock, making him buck and driving another few inches inside.

“That’s it, you can take it baby.” She said as she began to pump the giant cock in and out of him as she stroked his cock. “Oh damn this feels so good.” She told him as she felt her on dildo slipping in and out of her own tight passage.

Michael found himself panting as Maria drove the remaining inches inside of him and felt the slap of her pelvis against his sore redden ass. He couldn’t think straight, Maria was ridding him and herself pretty hard. He knew she was on the verge of coming, he could tell by the way she was moaning and by the way she had started to pound into him like there was no tomorrow.

He was going insane, his heart was beating out of control and he didn’t think that he could form a complete sentence if he had to. This was the most intense things had ever gotten between them and he was going crazy at the thought that it was going to end soon.

Michael grunted as Maria slapped his hip and tightened her grip on his cock, sliding her hand up and down it in a rhythm she knew drove him crazy. He felt her pull out almost all the way, leaving only the tip resting at his opening as she reached down and squeezed his balls before plowing into him roughly. Both screaming as the came together.

They both collapsed onto the bed, each with their dildos resting inside of them. Maria was kissing Michael shoulder, asking him if he was alright. He shook his head yes, he was unable to find his voice. He thought for sure he had severed his vocal cords from all the screaming he just did.

He grunted as he felt her sliding the cock out of his ass and heard her roll off of him. He turned his head slightly and watched as she undid the straps and slid hers out. After he got his breathing under control he turned and gathered her in his arms. Kissing her passionately on the lips.

The pulled apart as the need for oxygen became an issue. Maria curled her body next to his and ran her hand up his chest, drawing circles around one of his nipples and almost didn’t hear her when she spoke. “Was it to much?” She whispered softly.

Michael looked down and saw that she was afraid that she had gone to far. He quickly put her mind to ease. “Are you kidding, Maria that was amazing. You’re the only one I would ever feel enough trust with to do what we just did. I love you Baby.” He told her earnestly.

Maria smiled and kissed his chin. “I love you too. I just never want to really hurt you, you know.”

“I know and you never have. Everything we just did was good Maria. It all felt good, of course I think I need to actually shot my load off inside you to make that baby you know.” He teased her, watching as her grinned turned into a full blown smile.

“Well, if your not to tired we could do that too.” She said with a wink.

“Damn woman, your gonna be the death of me.” He said with a laugh as he wrapped his arms around her tighter, drawing her even closer.

“Yeah, but what a way to go.” She teased as she began to laugh as he tickled her sides, rolling her over so that he was on top of her, gasping as she felt his renewed erection pressing into her lower stomach.

“Yeah, what a way to go.” He said as he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her, sliding his hand down her body to her core, running his fingers through her lower lips moaning as he felt her respond and spread her legs to allow him easer access. ‘Oh yeah, what a way to go.’ He thought happily as he slowly slid his erection into her tight slit. ‘This is the way it should always be.’ He said to himself as he began to pump his cock inside her, imaging that when he came his sperm settling deep inside of her. Making their next child.


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Part 32

“Come on Maria, that’s a girl. One more good push and your little Hannah will be here.” Dr. Cleary told the young mother.

“That right Maria, you can do it. PUSH!” Michael cheered happily.

“SHUT UP! I so don’t need you to being all cheerleading me right now MISTER! This is it I tell you, we are never sharing the same bed again you hear me! NEVER! You can stick with choking the monkey all by yourself BUSTER! Damn there should be laws against woman having four children within five years” Maria snapped at her husband and caused the doctor and nurse to share a chuckle.

It was a well known story that has been told by many of the night Maria Guerin gave birth to her twin daughter Becky and Sarah and how she proceeded to swear to God and to everything holy that her and her no good husband were never having sex again. This not being an unusually thing to hear from a woman in labor but when she swore that if he so much as kissed her again she would pull a Lorraina Bobbitt on him and they wouldn’t find his dick in time to get it back on again.

“Ok sweetie, I know your tired but I need you to push alright.” Dr. Cleary instructed her patient.

“I don’t wanna. Can’t she just stay inside a little longer, like another year or so.” Maria said wearily.

“Sorry Maria, but it doesn’t work that way. Come on and give me a big push.” The doctor urged.

“Aaaahhhh!” Maria screamed as she pushed with all her strength. A few seconds later she heard her little girls first cries.

“Well hello there little one. Welcome to the world.” Dr. Cleary said as she lifted Hannah up and showed her to her proud parents.

“Oh God, she looks just like Emma did. She beautiful honey.” Michael whispered in Maria’s ear as he placed a soft kiss to her temple.

“Oh Michael, she’s so tiny. Does she have ten finger and toes?” Maria asked as she stretched her head to see her baby being cleaned by the nurse before she was wrapped in a blanket.

“Why don’t you check for yourself.” He told her gently as he stepped aside to let the nurse in to place their newest miracle in his wife’s arms.

Michael quickly stood next to Maria and Hannah, smiling as he watched her pulling the receiving blanket away so that she could check her daughter tiny fingers and toes. He reached down and kissed little Hannah on the forehead before he turned and kissed Maria eagerly on the lips.

“Alright you two, this is how we always end up here. Michael you know the drill, why don’t you go outside and tell that motley crew waiting that Hannah has made her grand appearance, while we get your girls all set for visitors.” Dr. Cleary ordered him gently.

Michael turned and smiled at the woman who had delivered his four angels shaking his head yes before he turned back and gave Maria and Hannah another kiss. Whispering in Maria’s ear that he loved her and that she will never sleep in a bed unless he is with her.

He quickly scurried out of the room before she could say anything to him and went outside to see their family. He smiled as he looked out to the same people who were there the day Emma was born and to the additions to their ever growing family. Now Marc’s wife Carrie and son Thomas was in the sitting room as well as Karen, Peter, Josh and their other two sons Dylan and Zach not to mention his own little cheering section.

“Maria and Hannah are just fine.” He told everyone as they clamored around him.

“DADDY, DADDY!” He turned to see his two little munchkins sitting with Emma next to Ruthie.

“Hey you three. The nurses are getting Mommy and Hannah nice and clean and then you can go in and see your new baby sister.” He told them as he kissed each girl on the forehead before turning and kneeling down in front of Ruthie.

His heart broke as he watched the silent tears sliding down the older woman’s face. He reached up and wiped them away before taking her hand in his and kissing it. “Wait until you see her Ruthie, she’s a little angel.”

He watched as the she smiled weakly up at him and tried to shake her head yes. Michael hated to see her this way. It still was shocking to see her like this, he still saw her as the jovial woman who gave him his first brake when they got to the island and now to see her withering away after suffering a stroke six months earlier was heart wrenching.

So many nights he sat up with Maria as she cried after going to see her. They had wanted to take her in themselves but the doctors had told them that she need 24 hour medical care and that they wouldn’t be able to handle it. At first they wouldn’t listen, but it was after Jeanie and John had come over and told them that it wasn’t physically possible for Maria to take care of Ruthie and three children with a forth one on the way.

Finally Michael and Maria realized that the best thing would be to place Ruthie in the nursing home that was adjacent to the hospital. It was small and very well run, even Maria had to admit that she liked the staff after she watched the way the nurses took care of Ruthie.

Maria had told Michael that she thought that Ruthie knew something was going to happen the day after she had the stroke. Three days earlier Ruthie had insisted Maria accompany her to her lawyer’s office and sign papers transferring the power of attorney for the inn to Maria’s and Michael’s name.

Maria had taken over running the day to day aspect of the inn a few months after her and Michael had gotten married, but she still had to have Ruthie sign all order forms and checks. Maria wasn’t too crazy about Ruthie releasing her power of attorney to them, but after the older woman had become upset she finally conceded and signed the paperwork.

The next day Maria had gone to work with Emma and the twins in tow and was horrified to find Ruthie laying on her bedroom floor after she had noticed that she hadn’t come down stairs at all during the morning. She quickly called Michael at the sheriff’s office and soon an ambulance was their taking the fallen woman to the hospital.

Their small family gather there the same way they gathered whenever a new child was welcomed into the world. This time instead of the usual poker game everyone sat silently in chairs watching the doors waiting for the doctor to come out and tell them how she was.

When Ruthie’s doctor had told them she had suffered a severe stroke and that she was paralyzed on the left side completely and never would walk again was the worst moment he could remember as he held his pregnant wife before she collapsed to the floor. He almost began to panic when she started to shiver and was terrified that she was going into shock much like the time she went into shock after the bombing of the cabin.

Michael and Maria had sat up all night talking. Michael had decided he wanted to try and heal her and the next day he told the others. He was surprised when Jeanie and his Dad had said no to him doing this. They said that Ruthie had lived a long and healthy life and that this was nature and that he shouldn’t interfere with the natural process.

Michael and Peter both argued that he had healed Josh, did they think that was wrong too.
John sighed and shook his head, but it was Jeanie who said that what happened to Josh was different, it was an accident and he wouldn‘t have necessarily died from the fall. Ruthie was 83 years old and this was just mother nature taking it natural course. She told Michael he didn’t have the right to play God.

Michael stopped cold in his tracks when she said that and looked over to Maria to see her shaking her head in agreement with Jeanie. He knew she was remembering a conversation they had back when they were running when she had said that Max didn’t have the right to play God when he had saved Liz that day. Jeanie was right, Josh wouldn’t have died from the accident. He would have survived it, it would have been painful and taken a long time to heal but he would have survived.

So now six months later, Ruthie still wasn’t able to speak and most of her major organs were starting to shut down, the doctors weren’t sure how long she would have and Michael and Maria said prayers every night that she would be able to see Hannah Ruth come into this world.

Michael looked up when the nurse came out and said he could go in and see his wife. He smiled and turned to Ruthie and said. “Come on Ruthie, your always the first one to see the babies when they get into their room.” He told her as he got behind her and adjusted the oxygen and IV bag before he wheeled her down the hall to see Maria and the baby.

Jeanie and John went over to the girls and told them they could see their Mommy in a few minutes giving the young couple a few moments with the woman who had become so important in their lives since they first got to the island.

After a while Michael came back out with Ruthie and they joined the others again. Peter came over and stood next to them. “Ruthie, I told the nurses I would have you back before 10:00 tonight. Michael I think the girls are pretty eager to see their Mom and sister.”

“Alright.” Michael said as he knelt down next to Ruthie and placed his hands on top of hers before he leaned in and kissed her cheek. “Maria and I will come by tomorrow before we leave so that you can visit with Hannah before she goes home.” He told her as he slowly stood up and went over to the girls.

“Come on girls, say goodnight to Ruthie and then we’ll go see Mommy.” He said as he watched all three hop up and run over and kissed her goodnight. Him and the others laughed has they watched the three bouncing up and down in excitement about the new baby.

“Alright you three, lets go see Mommy and Hannah.” He said as he ushered his little girls inside Maria’s room.

Everybody laughed again as they heard the girl squeal happily. Peter got behind Ruthie’s wheelchair and slowly brought her around the room to say goodnight to everyone as most of them prepared to give the family a few minutes of privacy before invading the room themselves.


Maria woke up the next day and grinned as the nurse brought Hannah into the room for her morning feeding. She was going home today and she couldn’t be happier about it. She hated being away from her family, even for a single night.

She looked up when she heard the door opened and saw Michael standing in the doorway. He had that look on his face that he always got whenever he watched her nursing their children. A look of pure and utter love and reverence.

“Hey Blondie, how you feeling today?” He asked as he made his way over to her bed and kissed her on the mouth before brushing a light kiss on the crown at the top of Hannah’s head.

“Pretty good. After I finish feeding her I can take a quick shower and get dress. Then you can go and sign me and Piglet here out.” She told him happily, amazed at how she forgot that just a few short hours ago she was cursing him out for everything under the sun. Her and Karen always joked about how it was that they never remembered the pain of childbirth once they held their babies in their arms.

“Sounds good. I figured we could run over and see Ruthie before we headed home. I think yesterday was a long day and she looked really worn out. She barely saw Hannah and I know she would want to hold her.” He said as he went over and grabbed the bag they had brought with them, pulling out the little yellow sun dress with tiny teddy bears on it and a pair of booties for his daughter to wear home.

He turned when he heard Maria sigh sadly. “I’m so happy that today is so nice out. I was afraid we would have to put her in a sleeper instead of that dress. Ruthie bought it after I told her I was pregnant.”

“I know, look Maria I know this is hard for you. It’s hard for me too but today we are bringing our baby home and that is something that should make you happy.” He told her as he brought the cloths over to put on Hannah when Maria was done.

“I know, I’m sorry. I just hate seeing her this way Michael. I’m glad she was able to be here last night.” She said as she moved Hannah and switched her to her other breast.

“Are you kidding, she wouldn’t miss it for the world. Then again I think it is a safe bet that neither would anyone else. Did I tell you that Peter blew off night school to be here last night.” He told her as he went over and organized the few stuff animals that were sitting on the windowsill and placed them in the baby’s bag.

“I know, he’s such a good guy. I’m glad he decided to go back to school and get his degree. I just hate that it’s going to take him so long to finish and then to go to law school on top of it. But this had always been his dream to become a lawyer.” She said as she raised Hannah to her shoulder and began to rub and pat her back lightly to get her to burp.

“BURPPPP.” Hannah contributed happily, causing her mother to chuckle and her father to beam proudly.

“She’s the one Maria. She’ll be able to learn the noble art of burping the alphabet. I knew one of my girls would be able to carry on the tradition.” He told her as she laughed and held up her little girl for him to pick up and hold.

“Well then you should start mentoring her right away. While she let that go she also took a dump that she wants her Daddy to clean up while Mommy takes her shower.” She said as she got out of the bed and headed into the bathroom.

“Yeah, well I’ll do it but only because these are the non stinky dumps. Two weeks from now she’s all yours.” He called out over the noise of the shower before placing his little girl on the changing tables and saying to her in a singsong voice. “That’s not really true Piglet, you’re always going to be Daddy’s little girl, even when your poop starts to smell. Because Daddy loves you very much and he doesn’t really care. He just likes to tease Mommy.”


A few hours later Michael wheeled Maria and their baby out to their car. After the twins were born that had invested in buying a mini van since they needed a car that held three car seats.

Thank God Emma was big enough to ride wearing only a seat belt, they would have died if they had to get another car seat. Michael lifted Hannah up and placed her in Emma’s old seat, making sure her snuggly surrounded her properly before he buckled her in. He turned in time to see Maria getting into the front seat and quickly went over and wheeled the chair back to the hospital were an attendant was waiting to take it back in.

“Honey, we should pick up lunch for Dad and Jeanie since they are watching the girls while you came to pick me up.” Maria said as she turned around to smile at Hannah.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. We can go to Nemo’s and get pizza for the kids and some dinners for us. We should probable get enough for Peter and Karen and their kids too. I’m sure they’ll end up at the house around lunch time.” He said as he turned into the parking lot of the nursing home.

“Good idea. We’ll get a few large pizzas and a couple veal and chicken parmesan dinners. Maybe a couple veal cacciatore and chicken broccoli with ziti too. Oh and if we call now and place it maybe we can get a couple of orders of tiramisu and those chocolate chip cannoli the kids love for dessert.” She said as she grabbed her cell phone and called the number she knew by heart.

Michael got out and had just finished getting Hannah out of her car seat when he saw Maria standing next to him. “All set, we can pick up the order in an hour or so.” She told him as they started to walk into the home together.

“Hey Linda, we’re here to see Ruthie.” Michael said to the nurse at the front desk, lowering his little girl enough so the other woman could see her.

“Oh God, we were just getting ready to call over to your home.” The friendly nurse said as she gave a polite smile to the little bundle in her father’s arm.

“A call, why were you calling the house?” Maria asked, her voice filled with dread.

Linda looked down for a second as she tried to compose herself. She hated this part of her job so much. “Maria, Michael I am so sorry but Ruthie passed away a little over an hour ago. She just fell asleep after breakfast and when I went in to give her her medicine she was non responsive. A few hours later her heart stopped. I was with her the whole time she was never in any pain.”

Michael stood there in shock from the new and it was seeing Linda guiding an hysterical Maria to a chair in the waiting area that brought him out of it. He quickly followed them over and motioned for Linda to take Hannah from him so he could comfort his wife.

“I knew deep down that is was going to happen, but I kept on thinking she would bounce back Michael.” She sobbed into his chest.

“I know, me too. Maria she fought for the past six months and I think seeing Hannah last night gave her the peace of mind she needed to let herself go.” He told gently as he felt his own tears sliding down his face.

“I’m so sorry, I’ve know Ruthie my whole life and she was an amazing lady. You know I’ll never forget the time at the town picnic and she must have been sixty five at the time, she insisted on playing softball. She ended up hitting a grand slam and won the game. Everyone is going to miss her.” Linda said as she laughed softly and she rocked the infant in her arms.

Michael chucked as he remembered that story. Peter and his Dad had told it to him one day at the station. He looked up to the nurse and realized that everyone in Baker’s Hollow loved and respected Ruthie and not only him and Maria were going to miss her.

Maria sniffled as she pulled away from Michael to look at Linda. “Did you ever hear about the time she mooned some pastor when he said that AIDS was sent by God to punish homosexuals.”

“Yeah, I remember hearing that one. I was pretty little then, but my Mom told me she got a standing ovation and that a month later the pastor was transferred to another church and that is when Pastor Plum came to our church.” She said as she gentle laid the little girl in her mother’s arms.

“Linda, have you called anyone else? My Dad or Jeanie?” Michael asked as he reached into Maria’s purse and got her cell phone.

“No not yet. We wanted to call you first.” She explained as she watched him starting to dial some numbers into the machine.

“Michael don’t.” Maria said softly. “Dad and Jeanie are at the house watching the kids, I think it would be better if we tell them in person. Linda do we need to sign anything?”

“No, everything is all set. Ruthie had everything in order.” Linda looked at the floor before she told them about her arrangements. “I don’t know if she told you or not but Ruthie wanted to donate her organs. She had also signed papers that if her organs weren’t in the proper condition for transplanting then she wanted her body to be donated to science.”

Michael looked at her in shock, him and Maria had no idea. “No we didn’t know. Have you harvest the organs for transplants?” He asked in surprised.

“Unfortunately, none of her organs were viable enough to help someone else. They will be coming for her body later today to be brought to the university lab.” She explained carefully. It was always hard when realize that there would never be a body to bury.

“We understand. Ruthie was a strong believer in progress and this is her way of helping medical progress.” Maria said as she stood up. “Linda, thank you so much for everything you and the other nurses did for her. I know that you thought of her as more than just a patient, that you thought of her as a friend.”

“If you need anything. Please let me know.” She said sincerely as she walked the shaken couple to the front entrance. She watched as they made their way over to their car and tucked their new daughter into her car seat before they got into the car themselves and pulled away from the nursing home, heading back to the inn that was filled with memories of their friend.


The next few days went by in a haze. Michael and Maria hosted the memorial service at the inn. And now they were all gathered around for the reading of Ruthie’s will. Michael kept a strong arm around Maria, the same way that Peter held Karen, Marc held Carrie and to everyone amusement the way John held Jeanie.

“Well everyone, Ruthie wanted this to be short and sweet.” Her attorney Mr. Harmon told them as he began to unfold the document. “She told me not to be all sentimental and to just give you the basics, so here it is.”

“To my good friend Jeanie Spencer, I leave my mother’s pearl earrings and necklace, my grandmother’s cameo brooch. I also bequeath $50,000 dollars to be used in whatever fashion she sees fit.”

“To her beloved son Peter and his wife Karen Spencer, I leave my father’s collection of coins and my brother’s collection of toy trains. I also bequeath $200,000 dollars to be used for Peter Spencer for his continuing education as well as $200,000 dollars to be used in whatever fashion they see fit and $25,000 in trust for each of their children and any subsequent children they may have after my death.”

“To her beloved son Marc and his wife Carrie Spencer, I leave my grandmother’s china and crystal stemware and my grandfather’s pocket watch. I also bequeath $200,000 dollars to be used in whatever fashion they see fit and $25,000 in trust for their child and any subsequent children they may have after my death.”

“To my good friend John Norwood, I leave my father’s cufflinks and his pearl tie pin. I also bequeath $50,000 dollars to be used in any fashion he sees fit.”

“To his beloved son Michael and his wife Maria Guerin, I leave the deed to their cottage as well as the deed to the inn, as well as all furnishing and so forth. I am bequeathing $1,000,000 dollars to be used for any renovations to be made on the inn. I am also bequeathing $500,000 to be use in whatever fashion they see fit and $25,000 in trust for each of their children and any subsequent children they may have after my death.”

“The remainder of my estate shall be divided equally to the charities that I have listed to my attorney, Mr. Harmon. May God bless each and everyone of you and I will be here waiting to be reunited with my love ones when the time is right.”

Mr. Harmon took a deep breath when he finished reading the last part of the will and saw the collected look of shock on everyone face. He shook his head, nobody every realized how well off Ruthie Lawrence was.

He cleared his throat before he began to explained to them. “You must understand, the inn had been in her family for three generations and was owned free and clear. Any money that was made was profit after the bills were paid. Not to mention Ruthie was quite the investor, she played the stock market like others play the piano.”

“Dear lord in heaven, I had no idea.” Jeanie finally uttered.

Maria looked at Michael and then turned in her chair to face Mr. Harmon. “I’m not sure if I have the right to ask but how much was she worth?”

The lawyer took off his glasses, taking a few seconds to clean them before he answered Maria’s question, knowing that they were all going to be even more shocked than they already were. “Close to $10,000,000 dollars. I have been advised to leave so much aside for consideration of any additional offsprings before I begin to make her charitable contributions.”

“It’s too much. I…we never expected anything like this.” Michael said as the impact of everything finally sunk in. “We don’t deserve what she left us.” He told everyone as he hopped up and stood by the fireplace.

“No Michael, your wrong it isn’t too much. You and Maria brought a lot of happiness to Ruthie. You and Maria are the logical ones to inherited the inn and the cottage, this is what she truly wanted.” Jeanie told him, realizing how difficult it was for him to accept the gifts being bestowed on them.

“Mom’s right Michael. I think we all feel a little strange. None of us were expecting this but it’s what she wanted to do. You shouldn’t feel guilty or unworthy of her gifts. You two and those kids of yours keep her going for the past few years. Don’t doubt your importance to Ruthie.” Peter said seriously.

“Michael, I know you and Maria feel a little funny about this. Don’t everything Peter said is the truth. All Ruthie ever wanted was to be happy and the people she loved to be happy. One of the things that Ruthie loved and treasured the most was her inn, she knew five years ago that she wanted Maria to be the one to take over for her because she knew that she would run it with the same love and care that Ruthie did. No, it will take some getting use to for all of us but this is what she wanted more than anything and I think we all want to honor her spirit and memory and should accept these gifts graciously.” Jeanie said as she got up and joined Michael, gathering the young man in her arms.

“Mrs. Spencer is right Mr. Guerin. Ruthie wanted to make sure her family was taken care of. There isn’t anything to feel ashamed of by what was revealed today. She loved you all and thought long and hard about how to bestow her gifts.” Mr. Harmon explained.

“I think everyone is just surprised by the fact that a woman most of us had know all our lives could amass such a large estate.” The sheriff said rationally as he stood up and walked over to Mr. Harmon. “Thank you for everything. If we have any questions may we call you?”

“Of course, please do. I think I will leave you all now. I will leave my cards on the desk and you may call to set up individual appointments to go over the payouts and so forth.” He told them as he placed the cards on the desk before he walked out the door.

Everyone turned when they heard Maria laughing to herself. “Played the stock market like other played the piano. If that doesn’t describe Ruthie in a nutshell I don’t know what does.”

Soon the other were laughing as they all began to tell stories about the late friend. They all seemed to forget for the time the items and money left behind and remembered all the good times they had with Ruthie.

A few days later, each called Mr. Harmon and went over everything for their inheritance. Peter decided to take a leave from the department and to go to school full time, using the money Ruthie left to pay the bill and tuition. Marc and Carrie were able to buy their own home, a small fixer upper. Jeanie and John both placed their money in secured retirement investments while Michael and Maria hired a contractor for the renovations that needed to be done on the inn. They also used their own money to have an addition added to their cottage, expanding it for their family.

They all knew this is what Ruthie wanted for them. That they would be able to do what they always wanted to do but had been cautious about. It took time but they were able to let go a little everyday and didn’t feel like a vice was closing around their hearts whenever they talked about her.

Especial the younger couples who sent hours telling their children about the woman who mooned a pastor and hit that grand slam home run as well as a million other stories they had to tell about a woman who stood up for what she thought was right and to fight against what she thought was wrong. This was their way to insure that she was always remembered, know that these would be stories they told their own children some day.


Part 33A

“Happy Anniversary.” Michael whispered in his wife’s ear as he pulled her closer to himself as he tucked their blankets around them.

“Michael, honey our anniversary is in June.” She said softly as she returned his kiss eagerly.

Michael pulled back and smirked at her. “You know what anniversary I’m talking about.”

Smiling she teased. “The anniversary were you almost slept with the whore we all know and despised called Courtney.”

“Very funny.” He said as began to nibble on her neck.

“Oh that anniversary.” She cooed as she felt Michael slip his fingers under her panties and rub her clit gently.

“Yup, it’s been ten years since you finally admitted that you were hopelessly and completely in love with me.” He moaned in her ear.

“Un hun.” She said as she wiggled around next to him causing him to hiss as his c-ock leaped in response.

“Oh Michael, that feels so good.” Maria purred happily as her slid his middle finger into her slit.

“S-hit Maria.” Michael said as he felt her hand slid down and stroked his c-ock when suddenly a 40 pound bundle of pure energy came bouncing into the room. “Mommy, Mommy look at the picture I drew for Santa.” Five year old Hannah Guerin gushed proudly.

“Oh, let me see it Hannah Banana.” Maria said to her youngest daughter as she got up from bed, distracting her little girl long enough so that he could slip on some pants.
“That is a beautiful picture Piglet.” She told her little girl who was snuggled up against her, with her ear pressed against Maria bulging stomach.

“Daddy I can feel Lucas and Matthew playing in Mommy’s tummy.” She said with a big grin.

“You can. Let me see.” Michael said as he came over and placed his hand over Maria belly. “Yup, I can feel them too. They must be awfully happy because tonight Santa’s coming.” He teased his youngest little girl as he swung her up into his arms, giving her a loud smacking kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Piglet, are Emma, Sarah and Becky up yet?” She asked.

“Kinda, they said they were wrapping you and Daddy’s present and told me I had to leave because I couldn’t see it. They said I was still a baby and that if I saw it I would blab and tell you what it is. But that aint true Mommy, I wouldn’t have told you.” She explained as she rubbed her father’s ear.

“Oh.” Maria said as she watched her baby girl. All her children were so intelligent. She knew that most five year olds wouldn’t have gotten all that out at once without having to stop a few times.

Maria went over and to the fireplace and looked at all the pictures of her family. Their were several of Michael and her with the girls, a few of Peter and Karen and their sons and a few of Marc and Carrie and their son.

There was the picture from when Michael was named Sheriff after John had retired earlier in the year. Smiling she remembered how nervous he looked as they all watched him being sworn in. When Peter had left the department to become a lawyer Michael became the senior deputy and logical replacement.

She grinned when she looked at the pictured taken two years ago at John’s and Jeanie’s wedding. She remembered how everyone was wondering how long it would take those two to get hitched. They hadn’t really known each other and only got close since her and Michael had come to the island.

John was around ten years older than Jeanie and knew her late husband Nick. He remembered that Peter was in high school when Nick was killed while working as a construction worker and watched as Jeanie worked to support her two young sons.

“Honey, your tired. I’ll get the girls breakfast why don’t you get back into bed and rest.” Michael said as he placed Hannah down. “Piglet, you go and tell the your sisters to hurry up with their wrapping and then come downstairs to eat.”

“Ok Daddy.” His little pixie shouted happily as she hopped out of her parents room.

“Thanks babe. I am kinda tired.” She admitted as she went back to bed, Michael close on her heels. No sooner had Maria snuggled into bed than he was snuggling up against her nuzzling his nose in her hair.

“Um Michael, you actually have to go downstairs to make the kids breakfast.” Maria told him as she giggled as he began to kiss her neck.

“Yeah, but it will take them a while to finish with the gift.” He told her as he ran his hand up and caressed one of her breasts.

“Michael.” Maria moaned, sighing as she reached up and pulled his hand away. “Go make the girls breakfast. I can’t believe you would let your own children go hungry so that you could get some.” She teased him as she turned and kissed him.

“Not my fault I get turned on by pregnant women.” He told her as he kissed her one last time and got up, heading towards the door.

He stopped when he heard her laughing. “I guess I should warn Karen and Carrie about you. Since they’re pregnant and all.”

“Nah, there’s only one pregnant woman who does it for me.” He told her as he winked at her before heading downstairs.

“And it better stay that way BUSTER.” She shouted out as she smiled and closed her eyes, soon drifting off to sleep.


“Morning Daddy.” Sarah and Becky said together as they came running into the kitchen.

“Morning Peanut. Morning Peaches.” He said as he gave his girls a glass of juice and a kiss on their forehead.

He turned in time to see Emma and Hannah come into the kitchen and join them. “Morning Dad. Where’s Mom?” Emma asked as she went over and kissed her father.

“Hey Pumpkin, Mom’s tired so I’m making breakfast.” He told her as he went over and helped Hannah pick out her cereal.

“Daddy, can I have pancakes?” Sarah asked hopefully.

“Sure Peanut, do the rest of you want pancakes.” He asked, silently praying they would say yes.

“No Daddy I want scrambled eggs, please.” Becky requested as she poured herself some cereal too.

“Actually Dad, I’m gonna have a bagel and some fruit.” Emma told him as she went over to the breadbox and took out the bagels Maria had bought yesterday.

“Alright, Em you can make that by yourself. Peaches I’ll cook your eggs in a minute. Piglet what do you want besides the cereal?” He asked as he began to stir the pancake batter.

“Just cereal.” She said as she went to reach for the milk to pour over her bowl.

“Pumpkin, please help your sister with the milk. Sweetie you need to eat more than that cereal. How about some fruit like Emma and a half of bagel.” He tried to reason with her as he started to pour the batter onto the griddle.

Hannah looked at her cereal and at Emma as she started to pour the milk. “Nuff Em, no more milk.”

“Hey there I didn’t hear a thank you or anything.” Michael reprimanded his youngest as he flipped the pancakes over to cook on the other side.

“Thank you Emma.” Hannah said as she began to eat her breakfast.

“Dad, should I just make her a bagel and get her some fruit?” His eldest asked as she went the fridge and pulled out the bowl of cut up melon.

Michael looked at his daughter and then turned his attention to his youngest. “Hannah, you didn’t answer Daddy. Do you want what Em’s having?”

“My tummy isn’t that hungry Daddy.” She said around a mouthful of Golden Grahams.

Michael shook his head and flipped the pancakes onto a plate for Sarah. “Peanut your pancakes are ready. Becky baby I’m gonna make you your eggs, do you want cheese in them?”

“Yes Daddy.” Becky said as she ate the rest of her cereal. Sharing a smile with her twin when she joined her at the table.

“I’m all done Daddy.” Hannah told him proudly.

“Dad she only ate half her cereal and she didn’t drink any of her milk.” Emma told him as she looked at her little sister.

“Tattletale.” Hannah shouted as she stuck her tongue out at her.

“Hannah Ruth Guerin. No name calling at the table. Emma your bagel just popped, why don’t you go and butter it while it’s still warm. Becky your eggs are all done sweetie.” Michael said as he held his hand over the eggs, cooking them faster before placing them on a plate for her.

“Thank you Daddy.” Becky said as he placed the plate in front of her before looking over at the half eaten cereal.

“Piglet eat the rest of your cereal.” He ordered her gently as he knelt down next to her.

“My tummy’s not that hungry Daddy, honest.” She cried softly as she laid her head on his shoulder.

Michael looked at his little girl for a second and then placed his finger under her chin urging her to look him in the eyes. “Does you tummy hurt?” He asked as he felt her forehead to see if she was running a temperature.

“No Daddy, it’s just not hungry.” She said as she crawled out of her chair and into her father’s arms.

“Alright, but that means your tummy isn’t going to be hungry in ten minutes for any of the chocolates that Grandpa and Grandma Jeanie brought last night. You have to eat some toast or something before you can have any sweets.” He told her as he rocked her in his arms, smiling at his other daughters as he stood and sat in the now vacant chair.

“Dad do you want me to make you something?” Emma asked as she began to take a bite from her bagel.

“That’s ok Pumpkin, I’ll make something for me and Mom late. You just eat your breakfast. So is everyone all excited that Santa’s coming tonight?” He asked, wincing as his three youngest cheered and said yes. He turned and saw his oldest smirk and shake her head at her little sisters.

Seeing that made Michael sad. This year Emma had come to him and Maria and told them she knew that they were Santa. They had a long talk and Emma knew she wasn’t allowed to tell the others. Maria still clung to the hope that she was saying this because the kids in school were telling her and that maybe deep down she still believed.

Michael was laughing as the twins and Emma told him stories about their school parties when he realized that Hannah had fallen asleep in his arms. “Ok girls, finish your breakfast when your done go and get washed and dressed. I guess she didn’t get enough sleep so I’m gonna put her back in bed and check on Mommy to see if she’s hungry.”

Michael got up and carried Hannah upstairs, walking into the additional bedroom they had built after Ruthie had passed away and tucked her back into bed. Michael and Maria had decided with the boys on their way that Emma and Hannah would share the spare room, Becky and Sarah the other room and the boys would share a room.

Now he rethought this decision. Hannah and Emma didn’t seem to be getting along now a days and Michael had a sneaky suspicion Emma was keeping Hannah up at night. Emma had changed so much this past year. Stop believing in Santa, starting to call him Dad and Maria Mom. He knew it was silly but he missed hearing her calling them Daddy and Mommy, it meant she was starting to grow up.

He finished tucking his little pixie in bed and kissed her forehead before heading into his and Maria’s room. He smiled as he watched his wife sleeping, her hand idly rubbing her stomach where their sons rested. He walked over and knelt down next to her, running his fingers down her cheek, causing her to stir.

“Hey, I just came to see if you were hungry.” He whispered to her.

Maria yawned and smiled at him. “I could eat. How would you feel about making me some French toast, bacon and some fruit.”

“Sure, I just got done feeding the girls. Let me clean up their mess and then I’ll make your breakfast. Go back to sleep and I’ll send one of the girls to come and get you.” He told her softly as he kissed her on her forehead before getting up and going back downstairs.


Maria started to nod off again when she heard the soft footsteps coming into the room. She didn’t need to open her eyes to know it was her Hannah and didn’t say anything as her baby crawled into bed with her.

“Momma.” She asked in the softest of baby voices. “Momma, I’m gonna sleep in here with you, Lucas and Matthew.” She explained as she snuggled under the covers and scooted over as close as possible to Maria, rubbing her tiny hand on her mother’s tummy.

Maria smiled to herself. She loved when the kids called her Momma, it didn’t happen very often anymore. Only Hannah still did it when she was sleepy or scared. She decided to leave her daughter alone and let her fall asleep but had to bite her tongue when she heard her starting to talk to the babies.

“Hi Lucas and Matthew, it’s me your big sister Hannah. Daddy brought me upstairs to go back to bed and I had a dream about you. About you, Christine and Jenna and when the four of you grow up and get married like Mommy and Daddy. The same way that Josh and Emma, Becky and Thomas, Sarah and Dylan are all destined to be together. I’m gonna be with Zach, which isn‘t too bad, because I kinda like him and he isn‘t all mean and nasty like some boys. It won’t be bad, we’ll all be happy.” She said as she yawned and closed her eyes, falling back to sleep.

Maria’s flew open when Hannah finished talking. “Are all destined to be together.” What did that mean? Maria knew her children all had powers and that some were stronger than others. Emma could heal better than the others, Becky and Sarah both were outstanding at moving objects and levitating things but Hannah seemed to be able to see things before they happened, similar to Michael’s flashes.

She thought about what Hannah had said. It kinda made sense, here she was pregnant for the first time with boys and her two best friends were pregnant with daughters. Also she thought back about how the children were all born around the same time. The only ones that had any significant difference in age was Josh and Emma and even then it was only seventeen months between them.

Thinking about it she also realized that the other kids all seemed to excel in different ways. All were intelligent beyond their years. The boys were just as intense as the girls were. Many a day Maria had come across either Becky with Thomas or Sarah with Dylan and thought that they were communicating without speaking. She had grown accustomed to the twins doing this but she never understood how the boys were able to do it as well.

Emma and Josh were beyond close. When Emma started school and a few boys made fun of her Josh immediately became her protector. Thinking more about it he was always her protector. That Christmas eve nine years ago when he fell it was because Emma woke up and needed to be changed and Josh came looking for Maria to help her. She remembered Michael telling her that later. That he saw Josh looking at their daughter and patted her head with his baby hand before he left to find Emma’s Momma.

Maria was pulled out of her thoughts as her other three daughters came in to the room. “Mom, Dad said your breakfast is almost ready. We came up to get dressed and Dad said we could go and play with the boys.” Emma said as she went over and looked at her baby sister.

“Ok Pumpkin, but you guys didn’t take a bath last night so could you please run a bath and the three of you can take one together. Emma is in charge.” Maria said as she got out of bed and wrapped her ‘pregnancy’ terrycloth robe around herself.

“Mom, I’m too big to take a bath with the them.” Emma whined.

“I know sweetie, but please Mom’s tired and Dad’s busy so could you please just take a bath with your sisters and make sure they don’t splash too much water all over the place. Hannah took one last night before bed so she’s all set.” She reasoned with her daughter, pleased when she saw her shake her head and head out into the bathroom. “No using your powers while your in there.” She ordered as she headed down the stairs to join Michael.

“Hey, what was that all about?” Michael asked as he placed Maria breakfast in front of her before sitting down with his own.

“Oh Emma and the twins are taking a bath together, I was just reminding them not to use their powers.” She said as she took a bite of her French toast.

Michael shook his head in agreement and began to dig into his own breakfast. Maria watched him for a few minutes contemplating about telling him about what Hannah had said to the babies and her own theories on the subject.

After a few seconds Maria placed her fork down and reached across the table and took Michael’s hand into hers. “Michael I think we need to talk about something.” She said as she smiled and began to tell him everything.


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Part 33B

Later that afternoon after the whole family went to the children’s Christmas mass all the families were at the inn getting ready to have dinner together. Maria and Karen were in the kitchen checking the food and everyone else was out either in the den or the living room. The youngest ones were in the rumpus room that Maria and Michael had converted while they were renovating the inn a few years back.

“That was such a cute service. Pastor Plum always does something special for the kids.” Karen said as she began to mash the potatoes.

“Yeah it was cute. Gee can you believe we haven’t gone to midnight mass since Hannah and Zach were born.” She said thoughtfully as she took the roast beef out of the oven, searching for the garlic cloves

“Well, we can’t make a night of it anymore, the kids have to be home for you know who.” Karen said with a laugh as she poured some cream and butter into the potatoes.

“I know.” Maria said with a smile. “Hey did I tell you Emma doesn’t believe anymore.”

“Blame that on Josh, he probable told her. He is under strict orders he’s not to tell the little ones.” Her friend explained.

“Emma too.” Maria said with a shake of her head. She smiled when she saw Carrie come into the kitchen.

“What can I do?” She asked the other two woman.

“Actually, could you take the carrots out of the oven, they’re all done. Then we can bring everything into the living room.” Maria asked as she popped her head out of the kitchen and called out to everyone that dinner was ready.


A couple of hours later, after the men had cleaned the kitchen and washed all the dishes the adults were sitting in the den of the inn and the kids were watching a video in the rumpus room.

The others watched as Michael and Maria exchanged nervous glances and finally Karen couldn’t take it anymore. “Alright you two. What’s going on. You’ve been acting like scared little kids all evening.”

“Maria, I think we should tell them.” Michael said as he looked at the others.

“Tell us what.” Peter asked.

“Something weird happened this morning with Hannah.” Maria explained as she and Michael began to tell them what Hannah said and their own thoughts on the matter. When they were done they were surprised to see the look of amusement on the other’s faces.

“Son, your just noticing this.” John said with a chuckle as he stood and got himself and his wife a cup of eggnog.

“Gee, for a more advance alien your not to swift on the uptake.” Marc teased as he and Carrie smiled and reached out for each other.

“I mean come on guys, didn’t Karen and Carrie getting pregnant at the same time clue you in at all.” Peter asked, awed that they really never noticed before today and that their five year old daughter had to tell them.

Maria was in shock and she opened and closed her mouth a few times before she was able to complete a sentence. “How long have you known?”

Karen smiled at her and told her. “When Zach was born. Peter and I never told anyone, but after Dylan was born we decided we weren’t going to have anymore children. Peter had a vasectomy.”

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean anything. Those operations don’t always work.” Michael argued.

“No, but there something else.” Peter explained. “The night Zach was conceived we felt a pull, like we had to make love that night or our bodies would explode. We knew right away that Karen was pregnant. A few weeks later Maria got pregnant with Hannah. Don’t you remember. You didn’t even tell us, we just knew the same way you knew Karen was.”

“We figured that Michael had formed a connection with Karen and Carrie when he checked them to let us know what sex Thomas and Dylan were.” Marc told them.

“Wait you’ve known about this and never discussed it with us. How come?” Maria asked in awe.

“Oh honey, we didn’t really discuss it. It was just a given. We never realized that you didn’t know.” Karen said as she joined Maria on the couch.

The both looked up when Carrie joined them. “It’s not like we feel betrayed or anything. If anything we feel honored. I remember when you and Michael told me the truth after you came back from your honeymoon and I remember thinking how special you two were and your family and how honored I felt to be included in it.”

“Oh Carrie, that is so sweet.” Maria said as she started to cry and hug the other woman.

“What about me.” Karen said as she started to cry like the other two women.

“KAREN.” Both Maria and Carrie shouted as the enveloped her in a giant group hugs, there swollen bellies bumping into each other.

“HORMONES!” All the husbands said at the same time as they shook their heads at their wives.

Jeanie went over and slapped each of her sons upside the head. “Could you three be anymore insensitive. Now Michael why were you and Maria so taken aback by this?”

Michael smiled at his step mom. Jeanie always made it a point to treat him the same way she treated Peter and Marc. “I don’t know Jeanie, it just like someone removed our blinders and we finally saw the what has been in front of us the whole time.”

“It’s even more than that. Michael and I had never planned to stay in Bakers Hollow when we first got here. We figured we get some jobs, earn some money and move on. After we got here, all that changed. It was almost like a magnet was pulling us towards you all.” Maria explained

“Maria’s right. When we first got here, I kept to myself but Maria became friends with Karen, Ruthie and you immediately. After Maria and I finally found each other and declared our love I stopped being so hesitant and was pulled in too.” He added.

“I mean, here we were running from the feds and we settle down at the first town we stop at. That isn’t what was suppose to happen.” Maria said as she went over and sat next to Michael. “It was almost like we forgot everyone and everything before we came here. But remembered them at the same time.”

“It wasn’t just that we forgot, we were willing to forget about them. All this time we had convinced ourselves that we were doing the right thing for our family but now that I think about it, it was like we couldn’t choice the other life.” He told them as the other sat down.

“Do you think it’s something to do with you being an alien. Like that somebody was controlling you or something.” John asked.

Michael winced at how hurt his father’s voice sounded. “No Dad, I don’t think it was like that at all. Everything we’ve felt has been genuine, I can’t explain it.”

“I can, it’s like a guardian angel has been watching and guiding us since we escaped the cabin. Michael could suddenly use his powers, we worked together and came up with our plan of coming to Canada, we made it and met Ruthie who brought us all together. Somebody wanted Michael and I together, here with all of you and our children were meant to be together.” Maria said.

“But who Maria. Who watched over you and Michael and got you to us.” Karen asked as what Maria said sunk in. How on earth did they accomplish what they had. “The feds, do you think it was some kind of trap that went wrong.”

“No, not the feds, I think Dad was right. Whatever has controlled our moves, has been controlling them for an awful long time. That night at the cabin, Michael and I hurt each other so much that he ended up spending the night outside and I ended up getting up before dawn and walked away from the cabin with Michael following me. Hell even the fact that we ended up on Prince Edwards Island stemmed from another moment from our past.” Maria said as she closed her eyes, trying to remember.

“Fourth grade, we had a fight and Ms. Connors sent us to the library to help Mrs. Hampton. She was the one who told me about “Anna of Green Gables”. I fell in love with that book and I remember thinking I would live there someday.” Maria said with a smile.

“Were you and Michael always attracted to each other.” Marc asked. He couldn’t believe that it was the first time anyone of them actually talked about their past like this. It was always about the secrets, never about them.

“Yes.” Michael confessed. “Always, but Max, Isabel and I had a pack that we would never get close to humans.”

“Even though they had parents that they were close to.” Maria said bitterly, remembering their youth. So many times she tried to reach out to Michael, she couldn’t understand the reason why she yearned his company only he wouldn’t accept her. He had the other two. She had stopped reaching out after the rape.

“Then maybe the two of you were meant to be destined together.” Karen offered.

“But I never approached Maria. If Max hadn’t saved Liz’s life we would never have come here. There wouldn’t have been a need. We would have continued living our life in Roswell together yet apart.” He explained.

“Well if someone was watching the two of you and wanted you together maybe they used Max and Liz to get through to you. It sounds as if Michael was closed off because of his pack with his brother and sister, maybe the watcher realized they had to do something drastic to bring you together.” Jeanie said as she softly rubbed Maria’s back.

“Max and Liz were the ones in love with each other at the time, not me and Michael. We were the background players. There wasn’t even a guarantee that Liz would tell me the truth.” Maria argued logically.

“Maybe that was what you were suppose to see. I mean, think about it, what were the chances that Max and Michael would both fall in love with two girls who were best friends. Maybe it was them who were manipulated to bring you two together.” Carrie said as she watched her friends closely.

“But who, who wanted me and Michael together. Why were we sent here.” Maria asked, tears streaming down her face.

“The Elders Mommy.” Hannah said as she rushed over to Maria and wrapped her tiny arms around Maria neck.

Michael sat down next to Maria and Hannah, gently pulling Hannah onto his lap. “Who are The Elders?”

“The ones who sent you and the others here Daddy. You were sent here because your world was losing a war with another world. They send you and the other seven to continue The Legacy.” She told him as she curled her body to her fathers.

“The other seven. Piglet there was only Daddy and two others.” Maria said gently.

Hannah shook her head at her mother. “No Mommy there were eight sent down and two watchers for each group. Daddy and the other boy and girl left their other girl by herself. The other group stayed together but were mean and hurt each other. They hurt their watchers too.”

“Honey, I never had a watcher. Are you making this up, it’s ok, just tell Daddy the truth.” Michael said softly.

“No Daddy, I’m not lying. Honest. You did have a watcher and you knew her too.” Hannah said. “One of your watchers wasn’t nice, even though he helped the other when those mean people took them. The people who were hurting the people on your planet made him go away later on.”

“Nacedo, the one Amy told us about.” Michael said to a nodding Maria. They had never told the children about what happened to the others. Just that they had family they would meet some day.

“Un hun and then the other one who took care of you and made sure you were with The Chosen Ones.” The youngest daughter said.

“The Chosen Ones, do you mean the people in this room.” Maria asked.

“Yup, Auntie Ruthie chose them to be the ones for you and Daddy to build The Legacy with.” Hannah explained to everyone’s shocked and surprised.

“Wait a minute, Hannah what do you mean. Are you saying Auntie Ruthie was Daddy’s watcher?” Maria asked, clearly doubting what her daughter was telling them.

“Un hun, after the mean one brought you together she got you away from the others so that you could begin The Legacy. The others weren’t strong like Daddy was. That’s why she wanted him away from them. They’re weakness hurt Daddy, kept him from performing his duty.” She said as she snuggled closer to her father.

“Like being able to control his powers.” Maria guessed.

“But Max and Isabel could control their powers, how were they weak?” Michael asked.

“Because they were selfish. The mean watcher knew you wouldn’t go to Mommy but that the other boy would go to Mommy’s friend. He brought them together to let you and Mommy be together. It was the deal he made with Auntie Ruthie. He was the one who sent your friends to those mean people. He tricked them by saving them later. He didn’t want you with them Daddy.” She explained as she started to yawn. “Daddy, I’m sleepy. Is Santa coming soon?” She asked.

Maria smiled at her daughter. “Yes Piglet, Santa will be here soon. Michael lets finish asking her about this tomorrow.”

“Wait a minute, what about Ruthie. Hannah how could Ruthie had been your Daddy’s watcher, she was a human. Besides I knew her my whole life.” John asked his granddaughter.

“No Grandpa, she made you think you knew her. She only came to the island a little while before Mommy and Daddy did. She gave you all the memories of knowing her.” She told the clearly surprised people.

“But Hannah, if she was a watcher and an alien then why didn’t she heal herself?” Jeanie questioned the young girl.

“Because her mission was completed after Hannah was born.” Emma said as she came into the room with the other children trailing behind. “After Hannah and Zach were conceived she knew she wasn’t needed any longer. She chose a normal human death to leave once she was sure we were safe.”

“You all knew this?” Karen asked amazed at the story being told.

“She told Josh and me before she became ill. She told us what she was doing and that she would leave once Zach and Hannah were born. The others were still too little, it was our duty to tell them what they were destined for.” Emma explained as Josh stood by her side, sliding his hand over hers for a brief second.

“What else did she tell you?” Michael asked, hurt that his children kept this to themselves.

“That the other watcher, Nacedo had raised the forth one and had instructed her in evil ways. You and other two, Max and Isabel were important on your world and he was using them. He didn’t believe in The Legacy and he was afraid of you Daddy. He agreed to bring you and Mom together in exchange for the other two, he was going to use them to get back to your home planet. His alliance was with the enemy. He let Ruthie have you to follow through with The Legacy.” She told her parents.

“Did she ever tell you want happened to the other four?” He asked.

“No Dad, I don’t think she knew. I don’t know how Hannah knew about them.” She confessed.

“I saw them in my dreams Em.” Hannah said before adding. “Daddy, you can ask the others when they arrive. They met them”

“WHAT!” Everyone shouted at once, however Hannah had decided that was enough and fell asleep for the night. Dreaming about Santa and Christmas morning.

Part 33C

“Mommy, Daddy.” Hannah whispered as she hopped up into the bed and scooted up and snuggled under the blankets with her parents. “Daddy.” She cooed as she scrunched up next to him and began to rub his ear.

“Piglet?” Michael asked as he yawned.

“Santa been her Daddy.” She told him earnestly.

Michael turned and looked at the alarm clock. “Piglet it’s only 4:30 in the morning. Your gonna have to wait a few more hours to see what Santa brought. Come on and go back to sleep.” Michael whispered to his little pixie in hopes of not waking Maria. She was exhausted and he was worried since she was six months pregnant with the boys.

Michael pulled Hannah into a hug but was surprised when she began to squirm away from him. “No Daddy I wanna cuddle with Momma and my brothers.” She argued softly.

“Hannah Banana is that you giving Daddy a hard time. You know Santa is still watching you and can come back and take your toys if your naughty.” Maria said as she turned her head a little and shared a smile with her husband over their little girls head.

“No Momma, I’m being good. I just wanna cuddle with you instead of Daddy, he snores when he sleeps.” She explained, she didn’t want Santa to come and take her presents since she wasn’t being naughty on purpose.

Maria couldn’t help but to laugh when she saw how Michael actually had the audacity to looked shocked by his daughters observation. “Ok baby, come over here and keep Mommy and the boys company.” She told her daughter as she scrambled over to her and wrapped herself around Maria’s body, resting her head on her mother’s tummy.

“I do not snore.” Michael huffed as he rolled on his back and attempted to fall back to sleep.

“Sure honey, you don’t snore. You don’t fart in your sleep either.” Maria said, she started to giggle when Hannah went ‘EWWW’.

“Very funny Maria, I wouldn’t comment on the farting if I was you. You let when go a little while ago that would have knocked a lesser man unconscious.” He teased.

Maria couldn’t help but snort when he said that. “Hey that’s what happens when your pregnant. So consider it your fault that I have lesser control of my bodily functions.”

Hannah sat up when Maria said this. “Mommy why is it Daddy’s fault? Did Daddy put Lucas and Matthew in your tummy?”

Michael laughed. “You said, you explain it. Good night Piglet, night Maria.” He said as he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep to his wife trying every trick in the book to get her curious daughter to forget about how the babies got in her tummy.


“Oh Mom, Dad it’s beautiful.” Emma gushed as she opened the blue velvet box that held her first necklace, it was a gold rope chain with a heart shape pendant on it.

Michael shook his head, he still thought she was a little young for something so grown up but Maria said that she thought it would be a nice surprise for her. That she wasn’t a baby anymore and that she should start getting more grown up gifts. Michael didn’t see anything wrong with giving her Barbies, that’s what she got last year.

“I’m glad you like it Pumpkin, come here and let me put it on you.” Maria told her as Emma sat on the floor in front of her and lifted her hair up so that her mother could secure the clasp.

“Well that’s everything.” Michael said with a wink to his wife, she smiled and shook her head yes. Michael got up and walked around the room pretending to check for any unopened presents, stopping when he looked into the dinning room. “Hey, I see one. Santa must of left it here by mistake. Let’s see who’s it for.” He said as he made a big production of looking at the tag and reading off each girls names.

Hannah and the twins were practically jumping out of there skin in anticipation and Emma was trying very hard not to act too excited, but was failing miserable. Michael carried in the box and placed it on the floor in front of the four girls, who promptly started to argue about who was going to open the gift when suddenly they heard. “WOOF.”

“A PUPPY!” They all shouted at once as they flipped open the box and peered inside to see a tiny little basset hound puppy looking up at them. Michael and Maria looked up in time to see John wave and sneak back out through the kitchen as all his granddaughters gushed over their new pet.

“Mommy Mommy look.” Sarah and Becky shouted happily as they tilted the box enough to let the dog hop out.

“I see Honey. He’s very cute. Santa must have thought you girls were all very good this year.” She said as she reached down and scratched the dog behind his ear.

“Hey, I bet Santa left the puppy a bed, food and some toys somewhere. Why don’t the twins and Hannah try to find them. Emma, would you mind cleaning up the papers and ribbons so that he doesn’t eat them and get sick. Then we all can have breakfast and come up with a name for him.” Michael said as he and Maria chuckled at how quickly the girls got up and went to work.

Michael reached down and picked the puppy up and settled him on the couch in between him and Maria. “I hope Santa knew what he was doing when he brought this little guy.” Maria said to him with a wink. Where he didn’t agree with the necklace, Maria wasn’t too keen on the dog.

“Santa’s always right Honey.” Michael said as he picked the dog up and cuddled him against him.

Maria laughed. “Aaah, does Michael feel neglected because Hanna wouldn’t cuddle with him this morning due to his loud snoring.”

“Yup he does. You won’t desert me, will you little fella.” He said as he scratched the top of the dog’s head.

“All set Dad.” Emma said as she got the last bow off the floor and into the trash bag.

“We found the puppy’s stuff Daddy.” The other shouted from the den and kitchen.

“Well then, let’s eat breakfast and think up a name for this little guy.” Michael said as he placed the dog back on the floor before helping Maria up as they all headed into the kitchen for breakfast.


Later that afternoon all the families were gathered up at the inn celebrating Christmas. After all the kids opened up their presents from their aunts, uncles and grandparents and had dinner the adults sat down with the children to figure out the rest of the story they started to hear the night before.

“I have a question.” Marc announced. “If Ruthie was an alien, then why would she donate her body to science?”

“And where did she get her money?” Karen chimed in.

“I don’t know where she got the money Mom she never told me and Em that, but she just donated the body to science that she had inhibited when she came here.” He explained.

“Inhibited?” Everyone questioned at once.

“Yes Dad, that’s how Auntie Ruthie explained it to us.” Emma said as she sat down on her father’s lap.

“Well, why don’t you explain it the same way Auntie Ruthie explained it to you.” Maria said as she sat next to Michael and Emma.

“She told us that when she decided to come here that instead of shape shifting into a form she transferred her essence to a elderly homeless woman. She had decided that after she performed her duties she would let her essence fade as the body she took died of natural causes. She said that she couldn’t bring herself to live for eternity.

“What, that doesn’t make sense. I can’t do any of those things. At least I don’t think I can and are you saying that we live indefinitely.” Michael questioned clearly shocked by this information.

“No Dad, Auntie Ruthie was born on Antar, you and the others were developed here on earth.” Emma told him.

“Developed.” Carrie and Maria said at the same time.

Michael sat back further into the couch, trying desperately to understand the information just divulged. “I was developed.”

“Uncle Michael, I’m sorry but Ruthie said that when The Elders decided to forge ahead with The Legacy that you and the other three’s essence was sent here to be combined with human DNA. This was the only way they could insure that you would be able to fulfill your destiny.” Josh said as he sat down on the coffee table in front of his uncle.

“Wait, Hannah told us there were eight last night.” Peter said, trying to understand all his son was telling them.

“There is Daddy, they were all developed with the same essence.” Hannah said.

“You mean that I have a twin out there.” Michael asked.

“Not really Daddy, The Elders made two sets of hybrids. One set had a greater amount of your Antar essence and the other set was made to be more human. You were of the more human set.” She explained.

Maria watched her baby closely as she crawled up onto her father’s lap across from her sister. “Em, Josh Auntie Ruthie never said anything to you about the other set?”

“No Auntie Maria, she never said anything. The first time we heard of them was last night when Hannah talked about them.” He told her.

“Piglet, you said last night the others were coming. Did you mean Daddy’s brother and sister were coming?” Maria asked her little girl.

“Yes Mommy.” She confirmed softly.

“Do you know when they will be coming Baby?” Michael asked as he wrapped his arms tighter around his two daughters.

“Soon Daddy, they will be here soon. They have completed their journey and know that it is safe for you to be together again.” Hannah told him.

Karen sighed. “So basically, we know that Ruthie was really an alien who took her essence and invaded old bag lady body. She planted false memories into a whole town, big wow on that one. When she let the body died, she donated it to science knowing that it wouldn't be putting suspension on anyone and she probable thought it was funny too. Donating a body to science that had been used by an alien, sorta of like her own version of "Alien Autopsy". She and this other one called Nacedo made a deal where he brought you two together and then sent you on the run after betraying the other and sending them to the FBI, but hey he redeemed himself by getting them out, but then he still betrayed them somehow. We know that you were made to fulfill The Legacy, which from the looks of seems to be basically breeding like bunnies and that we were chosen to provide the mates for your children. Oh yeah you and your brother and sister have a twins, who from the sounds of it wasn’t mixed to well and went a little bonkers.”

“Basically.” Carrie and Maria said together.

"What I don't get is why she was the one who didn't think you and Maria should be together when we found out about Michael." Marc voiced out loud the question that bothered Maria last night.

Emma turned around to her uncle. "I know why, she said that it was so that Grandpa could become a father to Dad. She said they needed to bond and that the only way for Dad to form his attachment completely was for them to be together. She said that it was necessary so that when he and Grandma Jeanie were married that the three of you would become brothers."

"Wait, she knew that Dad and Grandma Jeanie would end up together." Michael asked.

"Yup Uncle Michael, Auntie Ruthie was like Hannah. She could see what would happen in the future." Josh explained.

“So now what.” Jeanie asked.

“Now we wait for the other to come and fill in the rest of the blanks.” Michael said as he watched Becky and Sarah climb up onto the couch and snuggle next to Maria, each placing a hand over her stomach, forming a connection with the babies. He smiled as Maria looked up at him. He didn’t know what was going to happen next, but he knew he could handle anything as long as he had Maria, his girls and his family by his side.


Part 33D

Michael came in early a few nights later to find Maria cooking. Smiling he went over and wrapped his arms around the woman who gave him everything in the world he held dear and kissed her neck. “Were are the girls?” He whispered into her ear before he kissed her earlobe.

Maria grinned and turned to kiss Michael on the lips. Pulling back she answered his question. “I sent the girls to spend the night with Dad and Jeanie.”

Michael shook his head in agreement and strolled over to the table and sat down. “There here.”

“I know, the girls felt them all day. Emma was nervous, Becky and Sarah became overly protective and Hannah was bouncing off the walls. Poor Doyle didn’t know what to make of all the commotion.” She explained as she lowered the heat on the pot and sat down across from Michael.

“Poor guy. Come to Daddy.” Michael cooed to the girls puppy. “Hey Doyle did those nutty daughters of mine get you all confused.”

“Nice.” Maria said with a laugh. “You better hope they never find out that you called them nutty. They may retaliate with their powers.”

“Good thing reinforcements are heading this way.” He teased.

“When do you think they will come to us?” She asked seriously.

Michael looked at her and knew that she was scared, not of them but what they would reveal. The past few days had been like being on a roller coaster. He knew a huge part of Maria was angry about what had happened, that Ruthie went along with Nacedo’s plan as far as getting them away from the other three. Yet he knew she still loved Ruthie. He knew because he felt the same way, for the first time he truly understood how the others must have felt nine years ago when he healed Josh.

“They’re close by, they should be here within an hour.” He told her.

Maria sighed and got up to check what she had in the over. “I hope they all like lamb stew with homemade wheat bread. Oh God, I hope I made enough.” She said as she removed the two loaves of bread that she had made.

Michael laughed. “Honey only you would be worried about what they like and if you have enough.”

Maria smiled. “Can’t help it, it’s the innkeeper in my coming out.”

“Did you talk to Karen today?” He asked, knowing that she probable had spoken to both Karen and Carrie.

“Yes. Why?” She inquired as she placed the bread on wire racks to cool.

“Where the boys acting funny today?” Michael questioned as he studied his wife, he could tell by the way she stood that they had. This confirmed his theory that the boys harbors some dormant powers from their exposure to him and the girls.

“Michael, what difference does it actually make. We already know they are destined to be with our girls, why does it even matter?” She asked, unable to hide her annoyance with his fascination with this subject.

“Because we need to know if their powers are going to get stronger. I can’t believe you three don’t even want to discuss this.” He huffed.

Maria spun around. “Michael they’re not our children. Ruthie decided for us who our friends and family were. It is hard enough for them to deal with all this crap but you talking about them developing powers is too much for them to handle right now.”

“And burying their heads in the sand is going to help how?” He snapped.

“They aren’t burying their heads in the sand. For crying out loud they were more than will to accept that their children and our children were meant to be together, Hell they embraced the idea. But to find out that you were specifically chosen by some alien watcher who altered their memories is a lot to handle, throwing in that your ‘human’ children may or may not have ‘nonhuman’ powers is asking a lot of them right now. Just give them time to deal, give me time to deal. If anyone is burying there head in the sand it’s you. Your throwing all your energy into anything other than actually dealing with what Emma and Hannah told us.” She shouted in anger.

“What the f-uck are you talking about. All I’ve done is deal with what they told us.” He shot back.

Maria was fuming, this fight was a long time coming. “Really, you’re dealing. Your dealing with the fact that our life was being controlled. That we were purposely separated from our families in Roswell. That you were basically sent here to be an alien stud. That I was chosen to be the female for your to breed with. You’ve dealt with it, you’ve come to terms with it.” She argued.

Michael looked at his wife, he loved her so much. Was that some kind of mind control too? No, he knew that he truly loved Maria. That he had loved her since the first time he saw her in the third grade. He looked deep into her eyes and couldn’t hold it together any longer. All the doubt and shame he’d been feeling since Christmas day came bubbling out of him.

He dropped his head into his hands and began to sob. What if none of this was real, it would tear him apart. It was easier to think about anything other than that maybe the woman in front of him didn’t really love him, only that she thought she did.

“Michael.” Maria cried as she hurried over to him. Dropping to her knees she wrapped her arms around him, offering him the comfort he desperately needed and taking the comfort that she craved.

Michael wrapped his arms around Maria, feeling the sobs wracking her body. He didn’t know how long they stayed together, holding on to each other as they cried. Finally he pulled away from her and tilted her face up to his. He gave her a shy smile as he bent down and kissed her gently on the lips.

“I love you Maria.” He whispered softly into her mouth before he kissed her again.

Maria smiled at him when they pulled apart. “I love you too.” She told him as he helped her to stand up and into a chair.

“I don’t give a damn about The Legacy all I care about is you and the girls! You’re not some female they chose for me to mate with. Our daughters and those two little boys you’re carrying inside you are not just offsprings created to continue some reproduction plan a group of people on another planet came up with either.” He said as he took her hand in his. He grinned as he felt his concerns beginning diminish.

“No they’re not. All of our babies were created out of love, and if they chose to be with the Karen’s and Peter’s children and Carrie’s and Marc’s children so be it. I’ve watched these kids for the past ten years, their feeling for each other isn’t forced. It’s genuine.” She agreed with a laugh, as she felt her own fears begin to fade.


Michael and Maria went and cleaned themselves up, they had just gotten back downstairs when the heard the car pulling in. Grabbing her hand they went to the front door together, he turned and gave her a wink before he kissed her on the temple. She smiled up at him and nodded her head.

She watched as he reached his hand out and slowly turned the knob and pulling the door open on to the shocked faces of Max, Isabel and Liz. No body said anything as the five friends stared at each other, finally seeing each other after being separated ten years earlier.

“We’ve been waiting.” Michael said; his voice braking, as he step forward and enveloped Max and Isabel in a hug.

“Liz.” Maria said with a shaky breath, neither knowing who moved first only realizing that they were both holding on to each other and crying uncontrollable.

Maria felt a hand on her back and pulled away from Liz, only to find herself wrapped in Isabel’s and Max’s embrace. She looked up to see Michael pulling Liz to him, hugging her trembling body close to his.

“Oxygen.” Maria cried out with a laugh. Max and Isabel chuckled and pulled back, giving Maria some much needed breathing room. Michael had guided Liz into the living room to one of their couches. Reaching out she grabbed the other two alien’s hands and brought them into the room as well.

After everyone was settled Max finally asked. “How did you know we were here?”

“Our daughter Hannah told us you were coming. She sees things.” Maria explained.

“Hannah, I thought your daughter’s name was Emma?” Liz said shyly as she grinned at her childhood friend.

“Emma is our oldest, she’s nine. Then there’s the twins Sarah and Becky, they’re seven and then there’s Hannah and she’s five.” Michael told them, his fatherly pride written all over his face.

“Dear God, you have four children and a fifth on the way.” Isabel said with a laugh. Who would have thought that these two would end up having five children together, she was still surprised that they ended up falling in love after everything that happened at the cabin.

Maria grinned at the other woman. “Actually the fifth and sixth are on the way. We’re expecting twins again. Boys this time.”

Max smirked as he watched Michael slid his hand over Maria’s. “Well, I guess Canadian TV does suck.”

Everyone laughed at Max’s joke. If you were a stranger coming into the room you would never know that they hadn’t seen each other for so long. They easily fell into friendly banter.

Maria giggled. “Oh please, I have to practically drag him to bed when curling is on.” She teased her husband, she still didn’t get the sport but all the guys loved it. Almost as much as they loved hockey.

“Only once.” Michael teased her back as he kissed her cheek. He turned to see the others smiling at them.

They all fell silent for a few seconds before Maria hopped up. “Are you hungry. I’ve made a lamb stew and homemade bread.”

Isabel smiled. “Actually we’re all starving. We’ve been so nervous about coming here tonight that we couldn’t eat. Now I feel like I could eat a horse.”

“Then lets go into the dining room and eat. We can talk about everything later, right now lets just have a nice meal and talk about our lives. We can discuss the other stuff after dinner.” Maria told her as she reached out and held Isabel’s hand in hers, bringing her into the dining room.


“Oh God, I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe that you’re the sheriff here Michael.” Isabel said still chuckling at the thought. The three insisted that Michael and Maria tell them everything from the moment Maria snuck out to today.

“Alright, enough about us. How about you guys. My Mom told us the story of how you escaped and so forth and how the sheriff, Kyle and Alex were brought in. Now tell us what is going on with everyone. Liz I see you and Max are wearing wedding bands, so tell us when did you two get hitched.” Maria asked.

Liz and Max exchanged an embarrassed glance and before Liz cleared her throat. “Actually Max and I aren’t married, to each other that is.” She explained.

Maria blushed as she realized that she had embarrassed the two of them. “Oh God, I’m sorry I just assumed. So tell us, who are you married to?”

Liz smiled, she knew her childhood best friend was going to be shocked when she revealed who her husband is. “Actually it’s somebody you know quite will. It’s your cousin Sean.”

Maria had just taken a sip of her water before Liz’s announcement and couldn’t stop herself from spiting it out in shock. “Sean, Sean Deluca. Juvenal delinquent Sean Deluca.” She said, wonder what screwed up parallel universe she had just stepped into.

“Yes, that Sean Deluca. He’s changed a lot Maria, he’s a wonder husband and father.” She gushed proudly.

“He’s been reproducing! Dear lord in heaven who’s bright idea was that.” Maria screeched.

“Maria! Liz I’m sure my lovely wife didn’t mean to insult you just now.” Michael said as he gave Maria a sideward glance.

Maria blushed at her outburst. “I’m sorry Liz, I didn’t mean to say that. I’m sure you and Sean are very happy and that he has changed for the better thanks to you.”

“It’s ok, I remember all the trouble he got into too. He really has changed, wait until you see him.” She told her.

“He’s here.” Maria asked.

The three looked at each other, Max and Isabel nodding their heads in encouragement for Liz to explain further. “Actually, he is. So is our son Martin and daughter Lauren, as well as your Mom, Jim and your baby sister Julie.”

Isabel smiled and took over. “My husband Jessie is here too, as is our daughter Lexi and son Miguel .”

Michael smiled at his sister, she seemed so happy before he turned to his brother. “And you Max?” He asked expectantly.

Max smiled and looked down at his hands. “Well my son is here too, my son Timmy.”

“Is your wife with you too?” Maria questioned.

“No, his mother’s not here. Look you should know that his mother was the forth from the pods, her name was Tess.” He told them.

Michael and Maria looked at each other, realizing that there was more to the story that he didn’t seem ready to tell, so Maria tried changed the subject. “So who else is here?”

Max smiled. “Kyle is here too.”

“Oh that’s nice. I guess it’s good that you are all getting along right now. What about Alex is he here too or wasn’t he able to make it?” She asked while looking at Liz who gave her a weak smile that made Maria’s stomach do flip flops.

“Alex?” She choked out as she felt the tears begin to fall. Michael looked across to his wife and then to the others, realizing that one of the group wasn’t with them for the worst possible reason.

“He was killed nine years ago.” Isabel explained as unshed tears glistening in her eyes. “It was made to look like a suicide car accident, but we found out later that he had been murdered.”

“Murdered. Who would want to murder Alex.” Maria cried. Michael immediately got up and gathered her in his arms.

“Tess.” Max said, clearly ashamed by this.

Michael looked up at his brother. “Tess, the mother of your son.”

“Yes, she tricked us all. She used Alex and then killed him, making it look like a car accident. She seduced me later and got pregnant. We found out just before we were to leave for Antar.” He explained.

Michael shook his head. “Come on Baby, why don’t we go into the living room. It’ll be more comfortable for you. Do you want me to make you some tea?” He asked her as he helped her up and guided her into the other room, checking over his shoulders to make sure the others were following him.

After they were all settled comfortable Michael went into the kitchen for Maria’s tea and to start the coffee. He took a deep breath as he came back into the living room with his wife’s tea. “The coffee should be done in a few minutes.” He said.

“That’s fine, I’ll get it Michael.” Liz said as she started to get up.

“No, please tell me what happened with Alex.” Maria urged as she blew her nosed.

Liz settled down. “Well to explain that we have to tell you things that we had sworn Amy not to reveal to you until we felt it was the right time to tell you.”

“Tell us.” Michael said as pulled Maria to him and held her close. They listened as the three explained of using the orbs and the message from Max’s and Isabel’s mother and of the book of destiny that Tess and Nacedo showed them. That Nacedo was killed by the Skins and Tess went to live with the sheriff and Kyle.

Max explained how him and Liz had stopped seeing each other and that he started to spend more time with Tess. He told them about his boss at the museum; Brody, who’s body was used as a vessel for an alien named Larec.

They told Michael and Maria of the battles they had with the Skins and of the Dupes that had come and tricked Max into going to New York. That they had killed their Max and were using him to get home.

He reveal to them how him and Tess went with them to New York, and met with the other heads of states from their solar system, each inhabiting an human. That they were offered a chance to go home, but it was a trick and the Dupes were going to betray them and turn them over to the enemy.

He said how they almost killed Max but were unsuccessful and that they had disappeared when they failed. They never saw them again and they weren’t even sure if they were still alive or not.

Max went on to tell them of the day he, Tess, Amy and Sean were held hostage by Brody when he sustained an electrical shock and that is how Sean came to know about them being aliens. After they were able to disarm Brody, Tess mind warped Sean because they weren’t sure at the time that they could trust him.

He explained how Nacedo never told them how to translate the book before he was killed and that Tess used Alex, mind warping him and sending him to La Cruse to work on the book. After he was done, he came back. He and everyone else thought he had gone to Sweden.

They described how after a while Tess’s control started to disintegrate and Alex started to remember what she had done. That she had killed him and had tricked Kyle into carrying the body, thinking he was carrying a bag.

Liz went on to tell them how she never believed it was a suicide and how Sean and Kyle helped her figure out where Alex really was the whole time. Liz smiled when she told Maria that was when she realized she was falling in love with Sean. He never asked why he just help however he could. He just believed in her unconditionally.

She explained how everything she found out drove a wedge between the humans and aliens and that Max and Isabel were not getting along either, that Tess had succeeded in separating them and clouding Max‘s judgment.

She told them how after a while Isabel joined their crusade and that she accompanied them to the university where the uncovered the completed translation of the book that Alex had done. By this time Max had slept with Tess and she was pregnant, they found out that the baby couldn’t survive on earth and the book told them how to get home using a vessel called The Granolith.

They spoke of how the three aliens had planned on returning to their home planet Antar. That Liz and Max had gone back to Las Cruse to eliminate who they thought was an evil alien that had been controlling Alex, instead they found out that she was a human girl who wasn’t involved, other than having her picture taken with him.

They explained how they couldn’t wait to find the other alien who had hurt Alex due to the baby and the sheriff was going to protect Liz and the others. Max, Isabel and Tess had decided to fake their deaths and destroyed their jeep to make it look like an accident.

Liz told them how her, Sean and Kyle spent the early morning together talking when Sean began to strum his fingers and began to ramble on about a alien named Larec. That it was then she remembered that Kyle had been doing the same thing with his fingers for the pass few days and that Alex had done the same thing just a few hours before he died.

Liz said how horrible it had been for Kyle when she urged him to think about the day Alex died and how he finally remembered coming into his old room and seeing the body and Tess grabbing him, warping his mind and carrying the body out to the car for her. How they all ran out to Sean’s car and went to the cave to stop them and confront Tess.

That when they got there they couldn’t get inside and were banging on the entrance in vain until suddenly Isabel came out. She had told Max she just wanted to look up into the sky one last time before they left. Liz and the other told her Tess killed Alex and followed her inside as she shouted to Max to stop and then told him what they had found out.

Max said that he told Kyle to get the other outside as he confronted Tess about everything. How she bragged of her and Nacedo’s plan to use them to get home and to turn them over to Kivar, the leader of their enemies. That she had gotten pregnant on purpose and that she was taking their son with her.

He told them how much he wanted to kill her then and there but couldn’t do it while she carried his son. He still believed that the baby couldn’t survive here and allowed her to leave for the sake of the baby. That how later it would become his mission in life to get to Antar and rescue his son.

Isabel finished the tale as she told them of watching the chamber shot out into space with Tess and her nephew inside. Of how they went back to Roswell and finally got on with their lives. That she met her husband Jessie and was married, that her and Max finally told their parents the truth and that Max had spent the better half of eight years in search of Timmy.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it. All that you three have been through.” Maria exclaimed in awe.

“I’m so sorry to that you had to learn about Alex like this Maria. I know how much you loved him.” Liz said softly as she go up and went over to her friend, gently wrapping her arms around her.

“No, I’m sorry you had to discover such a betrayal by somebody you trusted.” Maria told her before turning to look at Isabel and asked. “Lexi, is your daughter names after Alex?”

Isabel smiled at her. “Yes, Alex and I had gotten close. We thought we might even have a future together. Then our destiny was revealed and things started to change, but I never stopped loving Alex and Jessie knows this. When our daughter was born it was he who suggested naming her after Alex.”

“He sounds like a good man Izzy.” Michael finally said. He had been quite the whole time they explained everything, not sure how he was going to tell them that the destiny that was told to them was false and the real reason they were sent to earth. There was also the other part of the story he needed to hear. The part of how Max got his son back.

He was shaken out of his thoughts when he heard Maria yawning. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize how tired I was.” She said as she smiled at their friends.

“I just realized how late it is myself. Look why don’t we leave and come back tomorrow with the others. They’re all dying to see you two, they wanted to come with us tonight but we thought it was best to come alone.” Max said as he stood along with Isabel and Liz.

“You never told us, where are you staying?” Michael asked.

“Oh at a motel a few towns over. There aren’t too many inns open on the island this time of the year.” Isabel explained.

Maria gasped when she said this. “What are we thinking. You have to stay here with us. We don’t open the inn until March, so there is plenty of room for everyone.”

Michael laughed. “The innkeeper strikes again.” He teased her before turning to the others. “She right though, we have a lot of things to discuss. Not to mention getting to know your families and you getting to know ours.”

Liz grinned at her friend. “Are you sure we won’t be putting you out?” She asked.

“Never, look all the room are set up. I have the girls come in and clean them once a week while we’re closed for the season. If you don’t mind making the beds and helping me in the kitchen the rooms are yours.” She told her.

Isabel laughed. “Are you kidding, it sounds perfect. We want to spend as much time with you as possible.”

Max slapped Michael lightly on the back. “Well I guess it’s settled. The kids are all asleep by now, so we’ll plan on moving in tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” Maria said happily. “Lets see, we’ll put the girls in one room and the three boys in another. Then we’ll need a room for Mom and Jim, Isabel and Jessie, Liz and Sean, plus a room for Max and a room for Kyle. That’s makes seven rooms total and we have ten guess rooms so we’re all set.”

Max stopped for a second and looked at his brother and his wife a shy smile on his lips. “Actually you we only need six rooms. Kyle and I will share a room.”

Michael chuckled. “Don’t be ridiculous, there’s plenty of room no reason for you two to share.”

Max blushed lightly and looked at Isabel who nodded her head for him to tell them what he was hiding. “Actually Michael, Kyle and I prefer to share a room.” Taking a deep breath and explained. “Michael, Kyle and I are partners. The wedding band on my finger is the ring he gave me when we were married in Hawaii.”

Maria couldn’t help herself as she gasped at this announcement. A lot had been revealed tonight, but Max Evans and Kyle Valenti coming out of the closet wasn’t anything she could even begin to have guessed about. She turned to see Michael take a small step back from his brother and knew she had to say something before he did.

“Max.” She said a little more loudly than she intended too. “That’s great about you and Kyle, I’m sure you two are very happy and hey, one less room to clean. Look why don’t you three leave and come back sometime in the morning with the others.” She said quickly as she began to practically push them out the door.

“Maria, maybe I should talk to Michael.” Max said as he watched his brother begin to pace and mutter to himself.

“No, no I think you should wait until tomorrow. I’ll take care of him. Alright, alright. Nighty night.” She prattled quickly as she shoved Max outside and exchanged a look with Liz and Isabel.

“Lets go Max, Maria can handle this.” Isabel said as she grabbed her brother’s arm and dragged him to the car. Maria smiled and waved to them before she closed the door and turned to see Michael pacing and saying over and over again. ‘How can he be gay?’

“Michael, honey.” Maria cooed softly as she reached out and stopped him in mid stride. “Let’s go to bed Baby and it will all be easier to handle in the morning.” She told him as she led him upstairs to bed.

“But Maria, it’s can’t be right. He can’t be gay. He had a collection of porn under his bed.” He explained as he followed her upstairs. “It’s Liz’s fault!” He exclaimed suddenly.

Maria stopped at the top of the stairs. “Excuse me.” She asked, clearly amused at her husband’s reaction.

“Well she dated both of them and now they’re gay. She must do something with them.” He explained embarrassed at how ridiculous that sounded even to him.

“Oh.” She said with a smirk before turning and heading down the hallway, Michael close on her heels. “Why don’t we just wait until tomorrow and you can let Max explain things to you when your less emotional.”

Michael stopped dead in his tracks. “I am not emotional.” He told her.

Maria just turned and smiled at him. “Oh no honey, your not emotional at all. That’s why you were just down stairs pacing the floor and mumbling to yourself while I said good night to our friends. It’s was the same way you reacted the night I told you about Emma, just this time you didn’t pace in the nude.” She said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Michael smirked at her as he strolled over to her. “If I remember correctly, I regained my composure pretty quick that night and we had a lot of fun.”

Maria giggled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “You know I kinda remember, but it’s a little foggy. Maybe you should give me a detail account of what we did.”

He leaned down and kissed her on the mouth as he reached around her and opened their bedroom door, guiding her inside to their bed. “I was thinking we could try acting it out, if your up for it.” He whispered in her ear as he lowered her to the bed.

“Oh, I love when we act things out.” She cooed to him as she smiled as he stood and began to take off his cloths, silently patting herself on the back for actually managing to get his mind off of the whole Max being gay thing.

Sighing she laid back, thinking. ‘tomorrow is going to be one long and weird day’. But tonight she was going to keep Michael’s mind off of that stuff and focused on her instead. Giggling as he stood before her in his naked glory she told herself. ‘It’s was a tough job, but by God somebody had to do it.’

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And the end!!!!

Part 34

Maria finished pouring herself a cup of tea when she heard a knock on the back door. She turned and saw Karen waving to her and she smiled and gestured for her to come inside.

“So, how’d it go?” Karen asked as she hung her coat up.

“It went really well, all things considered.” Maria said as she retold her friend the stories from the night before. When she was done she shook her head at the other woman who was laughing hysterically.

“Oh God I wished I could have seen Michael’s face. Gay, I can’t believe it. I guess he didn’t get the memo about populating the earth with little alien/human hybrids.” She said with a giggled.

“Karen!” Maria shouted as she joined in the laughter. “It was kinda funny, which is what I needed after hearing about Alex.”

Karen stopped laughing and reached out and held Maria’s hand. “I’m sorry about your friend. I shouldn’t have been laughing like that.”

“No Karen, it’s ok. Really. Alex loved a good laugh and I think he would have found it hysterical if heard Michael Guerin proclaim Liz Parker ‘The Gay Maker’. It’s just weird you know, we still need to find out about how Max got his son back and Michael and I need to tell them about The Elders and their true destiny of The Legacy. I just don’t know how they are going to feel about it all.” She explained.

“I know, when will they get here?” She asked as she poured herself a cup of tea and grabbed a blueberry scone.

“Later this morning. I really am anxious to see the rest of them and I can’t wait to meet my baby sister. I just hope Michael doesn’t get all weird around Max and Kyle.” She confessed as she broke off a piece of the scone and nibbled on it.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine. Speaking of Michael, where is he anyways?” Karen said as she munched on her pastry.

Maria smiled. “He was awaken by ‘his’ puppy. I don’t care what he says, he got that dog for himself anyways he took Doyle for a ride to pick up the girls from Dad and Jeanie.”

Karen snorted at that last remark. “Please now Peter wants to get a dog for the boys. Your right though, it’s really for them because Marc is pestering Carrie about getting one too.”

“Boys will be boys.” Maria said with a chuckle as her and Karen started making up a shopping list of things to get for the others while they are staying at the inn.


A few hours later everyone was up at the inn waiting for the others to join them. Sarah and Becky ran to the front window when several cars started to pull into the driveway.

“Mommy, Mommy it’s them, it’s Grandma Amy!” The shouted together.

Maria smiled at her daughters as she wrapped her arm around Jeanie’s shoulder. She knew the girls were excited to meet her mother but she never wanted Jeanie to feel funny about the arrival of their other grandmother. Both women smiled and walked out together to greet everyone.


After everyone had been introduced and everybody was shown to their rooms all the adults went into the main sitting room as Josh and Emma brought all the kids to the rumpus room to play and watch a videos.

“Baby it is so good to see you.” Amy cried softly as she hugged her daughter for the hundredth time within the past hour.

Maria hugged her mother back. “It’s good to see you too Momma.” She whispered backed.

“I hate to be a jerk, but there really is stuff we need to discuss.” Michael told them.

Maria giggled and pulled back from her mom. “It’s ok Honey, somebody has to be the jerk.” She teased.

“Thanks Babe.” He joked as he went over and kissing both her and Amy on the cheek.

Max laughed, happy to see how much his brother had come into his own. “Michael right, I know that we didn’t talk about everything last night. I know you have things you want to ask me.” He said as he went over to Michael and handed him a mug of coffee.

Michael smiled, remembering how Maria made him promise not to say anything that SHE considered inappropriate. “Thanks. Yeah actually I hope you don’t mind if I ask how you were finally was reunited with Timmy?”

Max shook his head and nodded for everyone to sit down while he explained how he found his son. Michael groaned softly when he watch Max go over to the chair Kyle was sitting in and sat down on the arm, slipping his hand into the other man’s hand. Chancing a glance he saw how his father and brothers all roll their eyes and noticed that Jim and the other men didn’t appear any more comfortable with the show of affection between the two either.

He was pulled back as he listen to Max telling everyone how he managed to confirm that Tess never made it to Antar. That the Granolith never even left their atmosphere and that it actually traveled half way around the world to Australia.

He told them of how he and Kyle began to work together tracking her moves. He spoke of how they gradually found themselves falling in love, both were shocked of their feelings and tried for over two years to fight them.

It was while they were home in Roswell for Liz’s and Sean’s wedding that they finally realized that everyone in their lives were happy and in love, building their lives together and they were both miserable trying to deny their feeling for each other while searching for the woman who had betrayed them and killed their friend, stealing Max‘s son.

A few months later while in West Germany following some leads on Tess and his son they decided not deny their feelings for each others any longer and became lovers. That was over six years earlier and they had been together ever since.

He continued as he spoke about the next four and half years of searching for Tess and his son. Both him and Kyle had ended up working odd jobs so that they could earn money and were in Amsterdam working constructions two years ago when they got the break they had been looking for.

Max had kept in contact with his old bosses Brody and Milton who kept track of anything unusual in the UFO department and found out that a woman and child had been spotted in Italy and that the child had supposedly changed the color of car in front of a group of onlookers.

He told them about traveling to Italy and tracking down each witness, confirming without a shadow of a doubt that the woman with the child was Tess. It took them another six months to locate her and Tim in a village on the outskirts of Baths.

Kyle finally spoke up, saying how Tess had become even more diabolical and bitter as she had decided that everything in her life that had gone wrong was all their fault and had brainwashed Tim to believe this as well.

Michael found himself hurting as he watched Max’s face, he couldn’t even begin to know what it must have been like for him to finally be reunited with his child and to have that child hate you. He couldn’t image living a day not knowing where his daughters were and if they were alright.

Max coughed as he went on and said that he was left with no choice other than to battle it out with Tess. He couldn’t even remember how it started, all he knew was that when it was over he was on his hands and knees, his arm was sliced open where one of her bolts of power had hit him and Tess’s dead body was draped over a large bolder. He found himself crawling over, awed as he watched her body slowly change into a pile of dust.

It was Kyle gurgle cry for help that brought him back, he turned to see his lover on the ground with Tim above him. He watched in horror as his son began to slowly crush Kyle’s windpipe. Without thinking Max throw up a protective shield around Kyle and used his powers to take his son down.

Max and Kyle then proceeded to tell of how they brought Tim back with them to Roswell and how they slowly had to gain his trust and prove to him that they were not his enemy and how they had the horrible task of telling the boy the truth of who his mother really was.

Isabel turned to Michael and Maria and smiled, saying that it wasn’t easy. That it took almost a full year before they felt any real connection with Tim. That they finally realized that they had been able to form a bond when Kyle had been hurt while home alone with Tim and the boy had healed him.

Maria smiled at the others, for some reason she felt there was something wrong with the story they told, not that they were lying but that something just didn’t ring true. She turned to see that Karen and Carrie seemed to feel the same way as they both shook their heads towards her.

“I’m so sorry Maxwell, it must have been Hell not knowing where you son was and to finally be with him and to have him not trust you. I can’t even imagine anything like it.” Michael said as he wrapped his arms around Maria, pulling her closer to him. He couldn’t explain it but he felt an uncontrollable desire to protect her and the boys, even though there wasn’t anything or anyone here threatening them.

“Thanks Michael.” Max said as he got up and went over to look out the bay window. “This really is an amazing view. Your lucky to be raising you children here, this place is very peaceful.”

Everyone smiled and nodded as they began to discuss their live. The others following Michael’s and Maria’s lead and tabling the discussion of The Legacy. It still wasn’t the right time to tell Max and Isabel that part of the story. So instead they spent the next few hours talking of the most common and mundane subjects never realizing the children were being uncommonly quite.


Josh and Emma had placed a video in the VCR and the kids were all watching some old Adam Sandler comedy when each of them had started to drift off to sleep. All of them except one.

He got up and walked around the room looking at the future, at The Legacy. The Elders had been right, these were the ones who would lead their armies to victory. The Second’s children were all strong as were their chosen mates, especially the oldest and the youngest girls.

The one they call Emma was obviously the greatest threat to his armies. She had the intelligence to plan the battles that would win the war. She and her twin sisters worked as a unit, a well oil machine. Emma would plan and the twins carry out her orders, never communicating in words only with their minds. The connection between the twins stronger than the connection with the others but it was still there between all the children, even the humans boys.

Now with them being exposed the Vilandra’s children and the children of the human woman who was branded with the seal of the Royal Four their power will only amplify and will ensure that The Legacy will bring down the enemy’s army when their time to fight is upon them.

The other two who slumber in the womb must also be destroyed. They are meant to be the true rulers of their father’s world. They were their father’s sons. Their sisters would protect them against anyone who threatened them, the one called Hannah sitting on the throne protecting it until both could ascend to it.

The Elders had realized that just because a man is born onto the throne doesn’t make him a great leader. The Second had what it would have taken to be such a leader, if only he wasn’t blinded by his loyalty to the King. Of course their own loyalty was what made them save the King’s essence as well. Of course he had his purpose, as did the whore they called his wife Ava and his sister Valandra.

No, his loyalty was one of his greatest attributions and The Elders made sure that it was included when his essence had been sent to earth. The other set, with The Second called Rath they had tried and experimented by leaving his loyalty out of his makeup when they created him. The same was true for the one they called Lonnie. The fools all they succeed to do was to creating two maniac who had to be destroyed later by the old woman they called Ruthie.

No this set was the real thing and their children will be the ones to lead Antar to victory with the twin boys as joint rulers, if he doesn’t stop them now. He had waited so long for this time to come, until he made the other feel comfortable enough to approach The Second. Now he was here and would be able to destroy them all.

Starting now with the one they call Hannah. Where the other three powers were easier to see, it was obvious that this one’s was the strongest. She was the one The Elders revealed themselves to, the one who saw people for who they really were. The one who threaten his very existence here, she was the first one he needed to eliminate.

With an evil gleam in his eyes her stood over the small girl as she snuggled next to her chosen mate and held his hand out over her and felt the power travel through his body as he watched her begin to struggle for air.


“Michael honey maybe you should go check on the kids.” Maria said, an uneasy feeling in her stomach.

“Oh Michael honey can you say the words whipped.” Sean cooed in his very best girly girl voice. He had heard so many stories over the year about the great Michael Guerin and how he had taken Maria with him when the feds had kidnapped Liz and the other two.

“Watch it Deluca, I speak from experience you don’t want to piss off the extremely moody alien.” Peter said with a chuckle as he regaled the story of Michael’s and Maria’s wedding and how he changed Marc into a purple drag queen with a Betty Boop voice.

They all started laughing as they started to tell embarrassing stories, Maria request to check on the children completely forgotten.


Hannah awoke as she felt herself unable to breath, she looked up in shock into the eyes of the boy who made her feel funny all day. Now she knew why, why she had bad feeling as one name came to her mind and slid past her lips, “KIVAR”.


Emma felt herself stir as if she was waking up after hitting her head or something. Everything around her was fuzzy and she turned to see Josh lying on the couch next to her, his arm securely wrapped around her middle.

She wanted to go back to sleep, but something or someone was pulling her back to reality. Shaking her head she sat up a little, a muffled noise to her left caught her attention and she gasped when she turned and saw Hannah on the ground, desperately trying to breath and the one introduced to them as Tim Evans stood over her, using his powers to hurt her.

“Hannah.” Emma whispered harshly, her voice seeming to fail her. Tim looked over at her as she struggled to her feet. He watched as she held up her hands, generating a protective barrier around the others. He heard her calling out to her sisters and saw how they slowly began to awaken to her pleas for help.

He turned to see that the youngest one had found a chink in the power he was using to destroy her and watch with amusement as she began to fight back, trying to disable him but failing miserable.

Vaguely he heard the others. “Emma we need Daddy.” Sarah cried out as she watched in horror the small opening Hannah had managed to create closing back up and her struggling for air.

“Becky, Sarah call for Dad. Call for him now, we can’t keep the force field up much longer to protect everyone.” Emma urged as she and Josh joined hands and moved to helping Hannah fight back.

Emma had tears streaming down her face as she watched her baby sister struggle for life. With more power than she knew she possessed she watched as Tim flew away from Hannah and saw that the energy force he was using falter enough so that Zach could pull her into the safety of the barrier.

Thomas and Dylan scrambled over to the twins and quickly grabbed their hands as they both concentrated on their father. They had never communicated with either of their parents this way and they needed all the strength they could get to reach their father.

“DADDY, HELP US!” The shouted out with their minds. Praying that he would hear them and come to help them before it was too late.


“Michael, I can’t believe you just told that story in front of my mother.” Maria screeched as she buried her face in her hands from the embarrassment of everyone hearing of the time he knocked the tent down after catching her in a ‘private moment’.

“Oh Maria, that just makes up for the him and my brother over there retelling the whole bumper story to everyone in the room.” Isabel said as she chuckled.

“Sorry Baby, but it was fu….” Michael jumped up from the couch and sprinted through the halls.

“What was that all about?” Kyle asked.

Maria got that sickening feeling in her stomach again and got up and started to head out of the room. Peter got up and met her at the door. “What is it Maria?”

Tears were in her eyes, she couldn’t put it into words she just knew that the children were being hurt. “The kids. Oh God Peter, somebody is hurting our babies.” She cried as she hurried out of the room and followed the same path Michael did to get to the children.

The rest of the adults ran out of the room, following Maria until they were at door to the rumpus room. Looking inside they were shocked to see all the children and Michael on one side of the room and Tim on the other, obviously trying to use his powers against them.

Michael had joined hands with Emma and the twins and had been able to strengthen their barrier, but they were weakening and Tim just seem to be gathering more strength. Michael turned and saw the other and called out to Isabel and Max for help.

Isabel ran over and joined them as Max stood and watched his son. Good God in heaven why was he doing this. He was draining them of their powers and knew that when that happened he would destroy them all. He watched as Kyle, Peter and Marc tried to charge Tim and saw that with a flick of his wrist they went flying through the air, landing like rag dolls.

Maria and Liz stood in shock as Jessie, Sean, John and Jim also try to attack the boy and watched in horror as they all stopped in their tracks and collapsed to the floor all clutching at their throats as if invisible hands where squeezing their necks.

“MAX!” Michael and Isabel shouted together, it was enough to snap Max out of the hazy fog that was clouding his brain and catapulted him into action. Raising his hands he focused all on his energy on the boy in front of him and manage to break his concentration enough that he had to stop the assault on the four men on the ground.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Michael and Isabel remove themselves from the children and make their way over to him. Grabbing hold of each other’s hand they stood next to Max and focused their powers onto Tim.

They watched as he slowly began to stumble backwards, unable to break the barrier or fight back from the attack from the remaining three of the Royal Four. Gradually he felt his body give away and knew he had failed.

With his remaining energy source he threw his hand up towards the sky and the other watched as a brilliant white light engulfed the room as a portal was open between their worlds. Maria gasped as she watched Tim’s body collapse to the ground and a black mass of swirling mist seemed to be drawn into the light, shooting upwards until suddenly the white light vanished as quickly as it appeared.

Maria and the other mothers ran over to their children. Michael quickly joined her as she rocked Hannah in her arms. Reaching out he gather his other three girls and held them close. Kissing each of his girls on their foreheads, whispering words of love he felt a horrible lump in his throat as he watch his best friend and brother gather the small boy who had caused so much damage in his arms weeping for the son he never knew.

Michael turned as he watched the rest of the parents hugging their children knowing that soon when the time was right that they needed to reveal The Legacy and Destiny to the others. Sighing he realized there was more to their saga than they original thought.

Part 35

Max couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it had been three days from when Kivar attacked the children. He stood looking out the bay window watching the kids playing, watching the little boy he had thought was his son pushing Lexi in the swing.

He would never forget the relief he felt when the little boy that he held in his arms suddenly gasped for breath. The child didn’t seem to remember anything that had happened for the past two and half years and didn’t seem to be suffering from any side affects from being controlled by an alien’s essence during that time.

“Funny how the kids just took him under their wings isn’t it.” Michael said as he joined Max at the window.

“Yeah, it is. What’s that old saying, kids are resilient. I guess in their case it’s true.” He said sadly. He turned his head when he heard his brother sigh.

“I’ve been able to track him down. His name is Timothy Stanton, he was abandon by his mother when he was three and had been in and out of foster homes until Tess kidnapped him back in Oregon.” Michael explained.

Max turned and looked at him. “How did you explain him being here?”

“I didn’t really. I told him that a Mr. and Mrs. Sean Deluca brought him to my station after finding him on the side of the road.” He explained.

“Why Liz and Sean?” Max questioned.

Michael opened and closed his mouth a few times trying to think how to answer him when he heard Kyle’s voice from behind him. “Because he didn’t think it would look to good if two fags picked him up. You know, we’re all just perverts who molest children.” He snapped.

Michael hung his head as Max looked at him. “I’m sorry Max.” He whispered softly before he turned and addressed his brother’s partner. “Look Kyle, it’s not my fault you know. People are narrow minded and I’m sorry about that but I’m the sheriff here and I filed a report that I felt would cause the LEAST amount of interest.”

Kyle nodded his head. “I know. Look I’m sorry it just that we have had to put up with this crap for six years. This isn’t what is important right now, what’s important is what’s going to happen to the boy.”

“Well the good news is, is that very few people knew about Tim. Mostly just immediate family, so it’s not like people in Roswell gonna notice a kids has gone missing. You never enrolled him in school or brought him to the doctors so there really isn’t anything on record about him.” Michael explained as he began to pace in front of the window.

“He was too wild when we got him home, we couldn’t chance sending him to school. I think the reason we never brought him to a doctor is pretty obvious.” Kyle told him as he went over to Max and wrapped his arm around his shoulder, giving him a tender kiss on the temple.

“Yeah well, anyways I’ve notified the authorities in Oregon and the child services want to see him too. I have to bring him to the hospital to be checked out sometime today. After that I don’t know what will happen, I do know that I don’t think he should be separated from us. He could start to remember what happened or he may even begin to develop powers of his own. We need to come up with a way for him to stay with one of us.” Michael told them.

Kyle smiled and turned to Max. “We could adopt him.” He said excitedly.

Michael cough discretely to get their attention. “I wouldn’t get your hopes up on that one. Look I hate to be the bad guy here, but you are two gay men and you two know as well as I do that homosexuals don’t usually get approved for adoption. Not to mention you both floated around for almost eight years before you settled down and got permanent housing and jobs.”

Max looked at this brother, he knew everything he said was the truth but he felt it in his heart that Tim belonged with him and Kyle. “We could try, put out some feelers. Look if we don’t get approved then fine, Isabel and Jessie can try or Liz and Sean but let us try first, please.”

Michael shook his head. “Alright, look let me talk to my Dad he has some pretty influential friends in high places that may be able to help. Kyle you should talk to Jim, he could probable be of help back in Roswell with his connections. You should also try talking to Peter and Jessie, I think your definitely will need some serious legal advise.”

“Thank you Michael. I know you don’t exactly approve of us…” Max said only to be interrupted.

“Don’t say it Max. Look I don’t get it, the attraction or whatever you want to call it but I do see the love. Who am I to judge whether it’s appropriate or not.” Michael said as he shuffled his feet, clearly embarrassed sharing his feeling with both of them. “Look I guess I’m just happy you found somebody to love who loves you back and makes you happy.”

Max smiled at his brother, again the thought ‘he’s come into his own’ flooded his mind. “Again thank you Michael.”

“Forget it. I have to go check on Maria and Hannah.” He said as he started to head out of the room only to be stopped by Kyle’s voice.

“Has she spoke yet?” He asked.

Michael stood at the door, his shoulders slumped. “No, not yet. She hasn’t said anything since Kivar made his attempt on her life.” He told them, not waiting for an answer he left the two men alone.


“Man, I can’t believe this. You call yourself a Deluca kid. Don’t you know that us Deluca’s are extremely vocal and never stop jabbering.” Sean said to his baby cousin.

Maria giggled at Sean’s attempt to cheer her and Hannah up. “She takes after her Daddy too, don’t you Piglet.” Maria said as she kissed her daughter on the top of her head.

Sean smiled at Maria. “Yeah so I’ve heard you ended up with the strong, silent alien.” He teased her, happy to see a genuine smile on her face. “So tell me, does he treat you and the girls right or do I need to take him out and beat him up.”

Maria laughed as she watched Sean flex his muscles. “Oh please, you so couldn’t take my husband. Heck you could even take me when we were kids.” She joked before adding seriously. “He’s a good man Sean. He loves me and the girls unconditionally. He was the one who brought me back from that black hole I had lived in after I was raped.” She told him before looking down at her little girl, when she lifted her head again to look him in the eyes Sean felt a horrible lump in his throat.

“Hey.” He whispered as he reached over and clasped her hands with his. “No more tears M, come on this kid is strong. She made up of Hurricane Deluca and Stubborn Guerin genes. None of your kids are quitters, especially this one. Look she’s just resting and when she’s ready she’ll be bouncing all over the place just like her mother use to.”

Maria shook her head yes and smiled at him. “I know, it’s just hard seeing her like this and God forgive me but I’m so angry. Angry that my baby is suffering and the bastard who caused her this pain isn’t here to pay for it. Just that little boy out there who doesn’t even know what had happened to him for the past couple of years.”

Sean nodded his understanding. “I know, I keep on thinking about all the times I let Liz bring the kids over to play with him and that manic was inside him the whole time. Don’t worry little cuz, we will make Kivar pay for all the pain he has caused. She’s not alone, she has a lot of family here who will make sure he pays.”

“You can say that again.” Michael chimed in as he came into the room. Kissing Maria and Hannah on their foreheads. “Maria Baby, when was the last time you rested?” He asked as he took in her worried face.

Maria looked at her husband and gave him a sad smile. “Please don’t start Michael. I can’t leave my baby here by herself. She needs her Momma with her.”

“And those two little babies inside you need their Momma too.” Michael argue gently, he didn’t want to upset her too much. “How about you sit with her for another hour and then go our room and rest.” He suggested.

“Michael…” Maria began to argue when Sean leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“Listen to your husband little cuz, he’s right. You need to rest.” He told her as he leaned back, giving her a wink. “Beside I’m pretty sure you will never hear me agreeing with the big lug who took you away from us again anytime too soon.”

Michael laughed. “Shut up Sean, if you don’t watch it I’ll get Iz to zap your dick and you won’t be seeing a woody for a very long time.”

Maria giggled at her husband. “Honey I don’t think Liz would appreciate that very much.”

Sean stood up and looked down at Maria. “I think I should leave before he threatens any other part of my manhood. I’ll be right outside if you need me, just bang on the window like your Mom use to, to get our attention.”

“Thanks Sean.” She said as he turned and headed out the door, stopping he turned back and stuck his tongue out behind Michael’s back and gave Maria the thumbs up sign.

“Deluca I can see you in the mirror you nimrod.” Michael taunted as he slowly turned his head at the other man.

“Right, well I better get out of here.” He rambled quickly as he sprinted out of the room, the sound of both parents chuckling at his retreating form.

“He’s a good guy, huh.” Michael observed as he leaned back and gather Maria in his arms.

“Yeah he is. I forgot how he was always able to cheer me up.” She told him as she snuggled into his embrace. “You know he was the first one who actually got me to smile for real after the rape.”

“You never told me that before. Did he know about it, about the rape?” He asked gently.

Maria shook her head no. “No, I never told him. He only found out after we took off and him and Liz got together. Liz and my Mom told him and the others the whole story. It was the only way to make the others understand why I took off in the early morning and why you would have followed me.”

Michael nodded his agreement. “That makes sense.” He said as he rubbed his hand up and down her arms. “I found out who the boy is.” He told her, retelling her everything he told Max and Kyle.

“Do you think they will have a chance at adopting him?” Maria asked, digesting everything her husband told her.

“I don’t know, maybe. Times have changed and between Dad and Jim they may be able to pull some major strings. I don’t know.” He confessed. “I just feel like Max is using him as a replacement for his real son. I mean he spent all this time looking for his son and now he hasn’t even mentioned him.”

“Maybe you should say something to him.” She suggested as she brushed her hands through Hannah’s hair. If she hadn’t turned to look Michael in the eyes she wouldn’t have missed her daughters eyes starting to flutter open.

Michael sighed. “And what am I suppose to say to him. So Max have you just forgotten you’ve got a kid out there somewhere or what?”

Maria opened her mouth to answer him when her attention was drawn to the little bundle in her arms. “No Daddy, there never was a son.” She whispered hoarsely.

“HANNAH!” Her parents shouted joyfully as the began to lavish her with hugs and kisses.
Their shouts attracting the attention of the rest of their family who had come inside for hot chocolate and cookies. Soon everyone was squeezed into the room and Hannah’s sisters were piled on her bed lavishing her with more hugs and kisses.

“Oh God Piglet, do you know how worried your Mommy and I have been.” Michael said to his little girl, unable to fight back the tears that slid down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean to worry you and Mommy.” She told him as she crawled over and snuggled herself between her parents.

“It’s ok Hannah Banana, as long as your alright that’s all that matters.” Maria cried as she stroked her daughters hair.

After a few more minutes of everyone pushing forward to hug the little girl who had frighten them so much John finally held his arms up and ordered everyone out and to give the family some time alone.

Once everyone was gone Michael stood up and picked his baby girl up and hugged her close to him. “I’m so sorry baby.” He whispered in her ear.

Hannah sighed and snuggled closer to her father, reaching up she began to rub his ear with her tiny hand. Father and daughter stay that way for a while as he paced the room with her in his arms. He turned and saw Maria was finally laying down and the other three girls were cuddling next to her, the twins each having one of their hands on her tummy.

Michael finally stopped pacing in front of the window and turned so that Hannah could look outside. He smiled at her when she pulled back and stared at his face before she leaned forward and kissed him, resting her forehead to his.

“Daddy, Timmy was controlled by Kivar.” She told him.

“We know baby, he’s gone now. He won’t hurt you again.” He vowed.

“Timmy doesn’t have a Mommy and Daddy.” She said softly.

“We know that too Piglet. We are hoping that he will be able to live with Max and Kyle.” He told her.

She smiled at her father. “That’s good Daddy because Max never had a son and Timmy can be the son he always wanted.” She told them.

Maria sat up a little when she heard that. “What do you mean Piglet? What do you mean that Max never had a son?”

Hannah turned her head to look at her mother. “That mean lady who stole Timmy tricked him Mommy. She never was gonna have a baby, she just said that to get Max and Isabel to go back to Antar so that Kivar could hurt them. She used your friend Alex to figure out how to use The Granolith and then made up the baby to make them go back with her.”

“But why did she take Timmy?” Maria asked.

“Because they wanted to hurt Max. Kivar told her that if she brought him to Max, Isabel and Daddy, that she could go home. They knew Max was searching for a son, so they stole Timmy and Kivar took over his body. They meant to leave clues for Max to find them. After Max killed the mean lady he let him think that he was his son so that Max would bring him here to us.” She explained.

Michael shook his head in anger. What the Hell did it all mean. Why did they want to bring Max and Isabel back just to hurt them, which probable translated to killing them for. They weren’t a threat to anyone, for crying out loud they were just sent here to keep their race alive. They weren’t rulers or generals they were just three aliens who were trying to take care of their families he didn‘t give a rat’s ass about this nonsense of Max being a king and him being his second.

Michael looked at his daughter and smiled. “Piglet, you know the rest of The Legacy don’t you? The meaning of it?” He asked.

Hannah shook her head and began to sob as she wrapped her arms around her father’s neck and buried her face in his neck. “Yes Daddy, he revealed the rest of The Legacy to me before he tried to hurt me.”

Michael sighed and rubbed his daughter’s back, turning he looked at his family and watched as Maria and the girls all nodded their heads towards him. It was time, tonight they would tell Max and Isabel as well as their families The Legacy and then they would listen as Hannah told them the true meaning behind it all.


Part 36

Maria was lying down on the couch in the den, resting like she promised Michael when suddenly she felt a tiny hand touch her stomach. Cracking one eye open she saw Julie standing next to her, holding her hand on her tummy.

“Hey little sister. Whacha doing?” She asked softly.

“Opps. You have to go back to sleep Maria, Mommy told me that I shouldn’t disburp you.” She told her quickly.

“I think you mean disturb me. That’s ok cutie pie, I was only resting my eyes. I rather spend time with my favorite sister.” She said as she sat up and patted the couch next to her. “So tell me, how’s work?” She teased.

Julie giggled at her sister. “Your silly, I don’t have a job. Mommy and Daddy take care of me.”

“Oh, but how old are you know?” She asked, pretending to be thinking about something very important.

“I’m gonna be six next month.” Julie said proudly.

Maria shook her head up and down. “Just what I thought, six is when you have to go out and start working. So have you figured out what your gonna do?”

Julie looked at her with wide eyes. “But Emma, Sarah and Becky don’t work.”

“Whatttt!” She cried as she hit her hand against her forehead. “Wait a minute, did you say six. I thought you said sixteen. See when your sixteen you’ll probable have a job as a waitress in a diner wearing a silly green uniform and a headband with antennas on them.”

“That’s what the waitresses at The Crashdown wear.” She exclaimed happily.

“And that’s were your big sister use to work.” Maria told her.

“And that’s were she met her future husband.” Amy chimed in from the doorway.

Maria smiled at her mom. “Hi Mom, I was just explaining to Julie about getting a job when she’s sixteen.”

“Can I Mommy, can I work at The Crashdown like Maria did?” She asked excitedly.

Amy chuckled. “Honey don’t rush it.” She told her youngest daughter before joining them on the couch. “Besides, I thought I told you that Maria was napping and not to disturb her.”

Maria watched as Julie ducked her head after getting caught doing something she was told not to do. “It’s ok Mom, I wasn’t sleeping. I have too much on my mind right know to sleep, I was just resting and Julie didn’t disturb me at all.”

Amy sighed. “I know you have a lot on your mind, Michael called a meeting in an hour. But Honey your pregnant and you should be taking it easy. I don’t want you to get all worked up alright.”

Maria smiled at her mom. “Alright, I promise I will take it easy. But spending time with my favorite sister is not tasking at all. It’s fun and I enjoy it, so let’s make a deal. Julie can hang out with me as long as I don’t feel tired. When I feel tired I’ll tell her and she will go and play with the other kids. How does that sound?”

With a shake of her head Amy turned to her little girl. “Julie, do you think you can remember to leave Maria alone if she tells you she’s tire?”

“Yes Mommy, I promise. I like to watch her tummy move.” She told them.

“Oh is that it. You just want to watch my tummy huh.” Maria joked as she grabbed Julie and began to tickle her.

“Aaaahhhh, Mommy help me!” Julie begged.

Amy smiled as she watched her two daughters playing together. She wiped away a few tears as she thought about all the time they had lost. Even though they weren’t together the first six years of Julie’s life there was still so much love between them.

Maria, Amy and Julie spent the next hour talking and playing together. Soon everyone would gather to hear The Legacy and their worlds would be turned upside down, so for now Maria wanted to spend this time with her mom and sister.


Michael was staring at his brother Max, he had wanted to tell him separately about there never being a child but he insisted that whatever Hannah had to say he wanted to hear with everyone else.

Now that Michael and Maria had told them the story of The Legacy and Hannah had told them the reason behind it they all sat around looking at each other trying to gage the others reaction.

It was Max’s uncontrollable haunting laughter that drew everyone’s attention. “There never was a baby! How stupid could I possible be! Here I am the King and I have yet to produce an heir for the throne, but hey nobody cares because I never was meant to! Michael was meant for it! He and his kids were the ones meant for greatness and they just sent me along for the ride!” He shouted as pounded his hand on the coffee table.

“Max.” Kyle tried to reach out to his lover only to have his hand smacked away.

“Don’t Max me.” He hissed. “What kind of Legacy is this, Michael gets to settle down and have a family and what do we get. We get betrayal and a murdering bitch who sends us on a f-uck up scavenger hunt. Why were we even sent here, Isabel and I serve no purpose according to The Legacy.” He sneered as he turned to Michael, Maria and Hannah. “Maybe there isn’t a Legacy, maybe your kid just made it all up!”

Michael shot out of his seat and advanced towards Max. “You selfish little prick! You think this is what we want! You think I am overly thrilled that my children were chosen to be the ones to fight in a war on a planet we’ve never seen!” He snapped as he pulled Max up by his collar and lifted him off the ground, staring Max in the eyes as he spoke in a tone of voice that caused the others to shiver. “And if you ever accuse one of my children of lying ever again I will brake you in half! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!” He shouted.

Max nodded his head yes, realizing he had gone to far. He released the breath he had been holding when Michael dropped him to the floor. He winced when he realized that causing Michael to get angry he had scared his daughters and swallowed as he watched Hannah sobbing in her mother’s arms.

“I’m sorry Mommy, I didn’t mean to make everyone mad. I wasn‘t fibbing, honest Momma.” Hannah cried desperately as her mother rocked her gently in her arms telling her to hush.

Max turned and looked at his sister and lover and was ashamed to see the look of disappointment in their eyes. He knew that look it was the same look they bestowed on Michael that night at the cabin after Maria told them about the rape. It was different now, he wasn’t a sixteen year old kid who was living with an abusive father striking out at others to cause them as much pain as he suffered. No he was a grown man who had the privilege of growing up in a loving home and was in a relationship that meant the world to him.

Watching Michael as he tried to get his daughter to look at him caused him to move without realizing it. Soon he was kneeling next to Michael, in front of Hannah and Maria. With a tentative hand he reached up and stroked the sobbing child’s back.

“Hannah, you didn’t do anything wrong. You just told the truth and I got angry but not with you, with myself. I was the one who brought Kivar into your home and he tried to hurt you. Sometimes when adults get angry they say stupid things that they regret. Saying that you were lying is something I will great for the rest of my life. I know that everything that was said here tonight was the truth and I’m sorry that I made your Daddy angry.” He told her gently.

The small child turned and looked at Max, tears streaming down her face. “You don’t hate me?” She asked in the softest of voices.

Max smiled at the little girl. “I could never hate you sweetheart. You’re my niece and I love you.”

Hannah smiled at Max and then turned to her father before looking at him again. “Do you love my Daddy?”

Max chuckled when he saw Michael blanched a little because of her question. “Yes, I do love your Daddy and your Mommy and all your sisters. I love everyone in this room.”

“Gee Max, thanks that’s really sweet of you.” Peter joked, causing everyone to laugh, the tension finally drifting away.

“Anytime Peter.” Max joked back. He watched as Hannah slide off of her mother’s lap and crawled into her father’s waiting arms.

Isabel smiled as she watched the other together as Jessie wrapped his arm around her shoulder. She looked over at her children with unusual feeling in her stomach. The only people mentioned in The Legacy was Michael, Maria and their children as well as their friends and their children. Max was right about one thing, why were they sent if they weren’t part of The Legacy.

Turning she looked over at Liz and saw that she too was watching her children. She didn’t have to ask to know that she also seemed uneasy about it all. Why did they bring her into it, there must have been an easier way to bring Michael and Maria together.

Finally she couldn’t take it any longer and voiced her concerns. “I’m sorry, but I need to ask something. Max was right about one thing, we aren’t part of The Legacy so why send us along for the ride? What is our purpose here?”

Michael stood up with Hannah in his arms. “Piglet, do you know why Max and Isabel were sent to earth if they’re not part of The Legacy you explained to us.” He asked her.

Hannah shook her head. “No Daddy, he just said that we would gather strength from the other children.”

“But I don’t have a child. That’s were this whole things falls apart for me.” Max said.

Everyone turned when they saw Tim stand up and walk over to Max. “Your purpose is to prevent your people from fighting among themselves and to name the male children of the Second as your successors.”

“Tim.” Kyle spoke softly to the little boy.

“It’s not Tim.” Michael told him, instinctually putting himself in front of his wife and children.

He turned his head slightly and saw that the other parents had also placed themselves in front of their children. He watched as Tim slowly walked passed Max and Kyle and stood in front of him.

“You don’t have reason to fear me Michael. I would never hurt you or anyone in your family.” Tim said calmly. “You know me Michael. Let your eyes see what your heart already knows.”

Maria gasped slightly and stood next to Michael. “Ruthie?” She whispered in amazement.

Tim smiled at Maria. “I feel silly having you call me Ruthie when I am in this small child’s body. Please call me by the boy’s name.”

“But your dead.” Michael said.

“No, the body I used as my vessel is dead. I just left you alone because you didn’t need me. Now that you have been reunited together with King Zan and Princess Vilandra it is time you now the rest of your destiny.” Tim explained.

Everyone jumped when suddenly the television in the room began to play and all spun around to look at it. “You see your world, you see the devastation that Kivar and his men has caused.” He told them as they all watched the horror before them. People being slaughter, buildings being burned to the ground. Children being ripped from their parents arms.

“This is your fault King Zan, you were not a strong ruler and you could not defeat Kivar. Your second, General Rath had the ability to conquer and defeat him, but his methods were harsh and you wouldn’t give him the authority to command his troops. The Elders advised General Rath to over throw the throne and assume the crown but he would not betray his king.” Tim said bitterly.

He turned and looked at Max shocked face, his shame evident. “You are not the man King Zan was. You are not as selfish and prideful as he was. You have learned humility here on earth, you have learned that you can give others the freedom to make their own choices.”

Liz walked over to Max, her heart aching for him. She smiled and offered him some comfort by saying. “You let Michael go and be the man he needed to be.”

“Yes he did. King Zan would have forced Michael to go back, to assume his duties and make the appropriate sacrifices. You are a better man than King Zan was. You ask what your part of The Legacy is, it is to release the throne and to appoint the boy children who slumber in Maria womb as rulers.” He told him, smiling slightly to ease some of Max’s guilt.

“I don’t understand.” Michael said as he went over and stood with Max. “Why didn’t you just have him relinquish the throne to me instead of sending us here?”

Tim looked up into Michael face. “Because, when word got out that The Elders wanted General Rath to sit on the throne and run Antar the people stopped fighting Kivar and began to fight among themselves. King Zan would never had stepped down, we tried to arrange it so that General Rath and Princess Vilandra would wed, thus putting him in line for the throne.”

“But Rath and Vilandra were never in love.” Isabel offered, remembering the hologram of her mother telling her that Michael was the man she was to marry.

“Yes, that was something we never considered. Vilandra had a lover, a lover that would trick her into betraying her family.” Tim explained.

“Kivar, I was his lover.” Isabel said, her voice full of shame.

“Yes, but it was not your fault the others were killed. He tricked you into opening the gates and he massacred the royals before the first alarm was sounded.” He told her.

“I still don’t get it.” Michael said sharply. “How will my children be accepted if half the people didn’t want me on the throne?”

“King Zan and Queen Ava never had children of their own. When King Zan was to die his sister would have been next in line for the throne. As her husband you would have assumed the duties as the Queen’s consort and your children would have ascended to the throne.” Tim said as he went over and sat down next to Maria.

“Then why was I chosen to be with Michael, instead of Isabel?” Maria asked.

Tim grinned at her. “My child we did not chose you, Michael choose you. We saw no reason to force Michael and Isabel together if they fell in love then so be it, if not then we would accept that too.

“Alright, I get part of it. Max was sent back to learn from his mistakes and he must be willing to step down and name Michael’s children as the next rulers but why was I sent here.” Isabel questioned.

“Because my dear like I said we didn’t know if you two would find yourself together or not. There was a chance. The other group paired off as we expected but when you separated from the forth, the one you called Tess it changed the dynamics of your group. Instead of being with you brother and a possible mate you decided that they both were your brothers. This again wasn’t something we planned, but it did work to our advantage. Vilandra was never close with Zan and she didn’t know Rath at all. You helped them forge a closer bond than they ever had on Antar.” He told her.

“That’s it, I was sent here as a what if?” She demanded

“No there is more to your purpose. As you four matured your destiny changed. The one key we knew would not change was that Max would never produce an heir. Him and Tess had both been sterilized during their development process.” He said as he watched Max’s face for reaction.

“Sterilized.” Max said in awe.

Tim looked down before he explained. “Yes, I’m sorry but part of the problem we had on Antar was that the woman you married was barren. It wasn’t revealed until after you were wed. In our society divorce is not permitted, and unlike other society a bastard child would never be accepted.”

“So Michael’s children would have ended up on the throne anyways.” He surmised his heart racing as he realized that he would never have a child of his own.

“Yes but there is a problem. Michael is not in line since he is not married to the Princess. People would accept his children as temporary rulers but the people would want a member of the royal lineage to sit on the throne permanently. This is were Isabel and Liz come into play.”

“Me.” Liz said in shock.

“Yes, you are marked with the seal of the Royal Four. Once it became apparent that Michael and Isabel would not mate then we needed a bond that would be acceptable. You were healed by the King, you carry the seal of the Royal Four. Your children also carry the seal, they will be matched with Isabel’s children. Their children will be destined to be with the children of the unborn twins. Bringing the royal lineage back to the throne.” He told her.

“You mean that Lexi and Miguel will be with Martin and Lauren.” Sean asked in astonishment.

“Yes, do you not see the bond that they already have formed. The same bond that is between Michael’s children and the chosen ones. They are truly destine to be together.” Tim enlighten.

“Wait, why is Hannah going to be the one to sit on the throne until the boys are old enough. Wouldn’t Michael be the obvious choice.” Maria inquired.

“Because the people would not accept him on the throne now. Too many would see it as an act of betrayal on his part. No Hannah was chosen to protect the throne because of her gifts.” He clarify to them.

“It all rests on the children doesn’t it. We aren’t even needed on Antar.” Max remarked.

Tim shook his head. “No this is not true, you are needed. You all are needed. Antar has been devastated by this war, you will be the ones to help rebuild it. Do you think that it is a coincident that you have two former and one current law enforcement officers in you group. That you have a biochemist, two lawyers, architect and two contractors as well. Yes the children will win the war but the adults will teach them how to rebuild.”

“You mean we are all meant to go to Antar?” Jessie questioned.

“Yes when the time is upon you, you will all be brought to Antar. This isn’t something for you to fear. The children need training, much training. When Emma turns sixteen that is the time when she will lead the troops to victory. Until then it is your duty to teach them, give them the knowledge that you hold within you.” He told them.

Karen cleared her throat. “You mentioned the other, their occupations make them useful. What about Maria, Carrie the other mothers and myself. What could we possible offer.”

Tim stood and went over to Karen, placing his hand on her cheek. “Sweet child, you offer love and compassion. When people are engulfed in war it is easy to forget how to be humane, you will keep the hearts and souls nourished. Do not think this is a mundane task, it is the most important of them all.”

“Will you be with us?” Michael asked.

“I am not needed, you know your duty. You have seven years to prepare them. If we need to tell you more, Hannah will be made aware through her dreams. This body is tired, Kivar drained him. I will leave you know. Remember you are our hope and future.” Tim said just before he collapsed to the floor. Unlike with Kivar there was no blinding white light, Ruthie’s essence disappearing before their eyes. Instead they watched as Max and Kyle went to the boy and helped him up.

“Seven years to prepare.” Michael said.

“But how are we suppose to prepare if you and your children are here and the rest of us is in Roswell?” Sean asked.

“The inn.” Maria told them. “That’s why she left us an inn. There’s plenty of room for everyone. This property is massive, we have our own beach, not to mention the woods in back. It’s meant to be a compound for us.”

Liz shook her head in agreement. “It’s also away from suspicion. No crazed alien hunters or F.B.I., just us with Michael as the law to protect us.”

“You mean we should just up and move.” Isabel said. “What about the kids? What about our jobs?”

Max went over to his sister, hugging her close. “You know that we can relocate our jobs. You also know that the kids are better off with the other children. It’s ok Izzy, it’s ok to be afraid.” He whispered to her as she began to cry.

Michael went over and placed his hand on his shoulder. “Max is right Izzy, it’s alright to be afraid but remember we have each other this time. It’s not the same as it was before, this time we have our families with us to help us. This is what we are meant for.” He said as he moved over to Maria and his children.

Max looked up at his brother. “So we are really gonna do it. We’re gonna turned this place into the training camp.” He asked Michael.

Placing a kiss on Maria temple he answered him. “Yes, we really are going to do it.”

Sean chuckled lightly. “Say goodbye to The Baker’s Hollow Inn and say hello to The Training and Development of the Future Antar Warriors and Leaders Training Base.”

Everyone laughed as they settled down for the night. There were many decisions to be made, but not tonight. Tonight was time for reflection, a time to accept the task before them. A time to unite as one, something they weren’t able to accomplish until now.


Epilogue - One year later…

“Maria honey are you alright.” Amy asked her daughter as she strolled into her bedroom.

With a sad smile Maria turned around. “I’m fine Mom, I was just thinking. Can you believe it has been a full year since we found everything out. So much has changed. We closed the inn, you and everybody else moved here from Roswell, Max and Kyle have adopted Timmy, we have four new babies and we have begun training the children to fulfill this destiny.”

“I know, it’s so strange. This family we have created, who ever would have believed it.” She said as she stood next to her.

“We’re missing someone, we’re missing Alex. He should be here with us.” She whispered softly. The one thing they would ever understand was why he had to die. Why didn’t The Elders do something to prevent this.

“I know sweetie, I know.” Amy said soothingly. “Alex was a good and loving man, he deserved better but Honey everything that has happened has happened for a purpose. Unfortunately Alex’s murder revealed the true evil that was hidden in the group. The Elders couldn’t control everything.”

Maria huffed. “But they did control everything. So didn’t Ruthie. She chose to make the deal with Nacedo to bring me and Michael here, to let Max and Isabel deal with all the other crap. Why, why were me and Michael speared and the other suffered.”

“No Honey that isn’t true. You heard Ruthie yourself, they sent them here in hopes of one outcome, but things happened they never counted on. The three of them separated from Tess for so long. Who knows what would have happened if the four of them grew up together instead of just the three of them. Maybe Michael and Isabel would have see each others as possible mates than as brother and sister.” She argue.

Amy raised her hand to signal Maria not to speak to let her finish. “Michael instead fell in love with you, and Max fell for Liz. Yes Nacedo used Max’s feeling for Liz, knowing that he would risk everything to save her. This was because of who Max is or I should say was, he was selfish just like he had been on Antar and they used it against him. This is nobody’s fault and Max was able to learn from his past mistakes. This is all The Elders ever wanted, for Max to grow and be able to make the right decision.”

Maria looked up at her mother as she continued. “They had to separate you and Michael from the others. Max had to suffer enough to grow, to mature. If you and Michael had tried to form a connection with the other around, it would never have happened. You had to be taken out of the circle so the two of you could be together. Would you two have managed to succeed as much as you did in those ten years if you had stayed in Roswell. No, you would have gotten pulled into everything else instead. Maybe you would have ended up together, but you wouldn’t have the family you have now.”

With tears in her eyes Amy went on. “You two were meant for each other. I know that is hard to understand but you two were meant to be together. I know you think that Max and Liz were used cruelly, that you think that it was all make believe but it wasn’t. Max was infatuation Liz, as she was with him. They were young and thought it meant that they were in love, but they realized that it wasn’t. This infatuation did bring more than just you and Michael together, it brought Liz to Sean and Max to Kyle together. So how can that be a bad thing, their love is pure and true.”

Amy wrapped her arms around her daughter. “Baby nobody has gotten out of this unscathed, you each carry your own battle scares. This is what makes you the people you are. Alex’s death taught them not to believe everything that is laid before you. That even people you think you can trust can turn around and betray you. This makes them all stronger. This knowledge has tightened the bond between Max, Isabel, Liz, Michael and you. The five of you are finally strong enough and ready to created the circle and the rest of us are inside this circle ready to give you what ever you need. May it be love, knowledge or understanding, what every it is we will always be there for you as you will be there for us.”

Maria cried softly. “It still hurts Momma, it still hurts.”

“That’s good Baby, when it stops hurting is when you should start to worry. The pain will always be there, gradually it fades but it’s always there. Under the surface. I know that this frightens you, that you fear for your children and the other’s children. Honey you need to let it out more, don’t try to bury it. That’s why we’re here, to help each other.” Amy told her as she rocked her gently in her arms.

“Your Mom right Maria.” Michael said from the doorway. Both women turned and saw that he was leaning against the doorframe. “Amy, would you mind giving me and Maria a few minutes alone?”

Amy kissed Maria’s cheek. “Of course not Sweetie, I’ll be with Liz and Carrie. Liz is doing a cell comparison between your and Isabel’s children to her’s, Carrie’s and Karen’s. She also taken samples from Tim and Julie. Now that she has been exposed since Emma healed her last week when she fell down that hill.”

“Sounds like fun. Let us know what you three find out.” Michael told her as he stepped aside to alloy her to leave.

“You know I really should go check on the twins.” Maria said as she began to head out of the room.

“They’re fine. Kyle is with them.” Michael replied as he shut the door.

“So what did you want to see me about.” Maria asked as she sat down on the bed.

Michael smiled and walked over and sat down next to her. “You, me everything.” He told her as he wrapped his arms around her. “Ever since the boys were born you have drifted away from me.” He whispered as he kissed her temple.

Maria sighed and settled into his embrace. “I don’t mean to.” She admitted, pulling back a bit she shyly looked into his eyes. “Do you miss it?” She asked.

Michael blinked his eyes a few times and shook his head. “I don’t understand. Miss what?”

Smiling she explained. “Miss being uninformed. You know, do you miss just being Michael and Maria, Mommy and Daddy?”

He nodded his head in understanding. “You wish that we never found anything out?” He stated more than asked.

“Does it make me a horrible person?” She questioned, her voice laden with uncertainty.

Michael smiled and bent down and kissed her lips. “No, it makes you human. I think about it, what our lives would be like if we never found out about The Legacy. I think about how Max and Isabel could have just lived normal lives and came back to us just because they missed us and not because they felt it was finally safe, only to be dragged into another alien crisis.”

“I know.” Maria said wistfully. “In my fantasy I see us with our families and I see Max and Liz together with a few kids and Isabel and Alex together as well with a few kids of their own.”

“That’s all it is Baby, it’s a fantasy. Maybe it didn’t come out the way you want but everyone is happy. Liz loves Sean and they have two great kids, same goes for Isabel and Jessie. Max and Kyle love each other and now they have Tim to share their love with.” He told her.

“I know, it’s just that its so much Michael. The Legacy, the idea of our babies leading armies into battle. It scares me, I hate it. I hate that our children have to do this, I hate that their lives have been foreseen and we can’t change a thing about it and I hate that it is just expected of us to just give them up to them.” She confessed finally as she began to sob as Michael pulled her even closer.

“Why didn’t you say this before?” He asked.

Sniffling she told him. “Because it doesn’t change anything. In six years we are still going to leave here, all of us are going to leave the one place we know as home and be dragged to another world were we will watch our children fight a faceless enemy.” She said as she pulled away from him complete and laid down, staring out the sky light. “You know what really kills me is that I know it’s for the right cause. Kivar is no better than Hitler or any other dictator and he must be stopped.”

Michael watched her for a second before he laid down next to her. “You just wished it wasn’t our kids who had to stop him.”

“Yeah.” Maria said in a husky breath. “I’m sorry I’ve been pushing you away. It’s just that so much has happened. First it was finding everything out, then being reunited with everyone, then them moving here and closing the inn. It’s just so overwhelming. I know I should have talked to you about it but you so busy between being the sheriff and training Josh and Emma that I didn’t want to be a bother and add to your worries.”

Michael reached down and took her hand in his. “You could never be a bother. You can always come to me or to anyone else in our family.” He declared. “Everybody is afraid Maria, we’re all going through the same stuff. You just started to pull away from everyone, you were there on the surface but Baby I knew you were never really there in spirit.”

Maria closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Do you think the kids noticed?”

“What do you think.” He told her with a slight chuckle. “Honey, your talking about our kids. They’re not hurt, they’re worried about you.”

“I’m a horrible mother.” She cried as she turned and buried her face into Michael’s arm.

Michael raised his arm and pulled her close to his chest, kissing the top of her head. “You are not a horrible mother. Everyone gets their turn to be weak and the other pick up the slack, this was your turn.”

Maria smirked. “So who’s turn is it now?” She teased.

Laughing Michael reached out with his hand and gently tipped Maria’s face, tilting it so that she was looking at him. “Sean looks like he’s ready for a little R&R.” He joked before he leaned down and kissing her passionately.

Maria giggled as Michael tickled her. This is what she missed, she could never really put it into words, but it was something she knew she would have to make sure it was something she would ever loose sight of every again as she and Michael slowly went from tickling and teasing to making love.

Later they would join the others and continue with the preparation. Michael, John and Jim would mentor Emma and Josh on how to command the armies. Isabel and Max would teach Sarah, Becky, Thomas and Dylan, Lexi, Miguel, Lauren and Martin how to focus their powers more. Kyle also joining them showing them techniques he had learned while studying Buddhism. Jessie and Peter explaining to Hannah, Zack and Julie the fundamental behind a democratic society. While Liz found kindred spirits with Carrie, Amy and Tim for the love of science. Leaving Sean and Marc with two very willing students with Karen and Maria, each eager to learn the art of architect and the love on building.

Yes at times each faltered and the other helped that person find their way back. It wasn’t easy. It was a journey on a long and hard road with many bumps and turns but they were able to complete the journey together as a family. They all waited for when the time came for them to cross over to the other world and take part in the destiny they were chosen for. To defeat a cruel dictator and to help rebuild a war torn society. This is what they were meant for, this was The Legacy.

The End

Alright I already know, this story screams sequel. I might do it later on, but not right now. This took me almost three months to write and post. I just don't think I'm up to posting another long story just yet.

I hope you enjoyed this. Oh and to the Dreamers and Stargazers, sorry. I just promised that the characters would be back, I never said they would be together. Beside I think Max and Kyle make a cute couple.

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