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Returning To My Home
Author: Michelle
Spoilers: Takes place right after the last episode of the 2nd season.
Couple: M/L and others
Rating: NC-17
Dedication: To all NC-17 writers. And NC-17 Lovers!
Author's Note: Feedback please!

Max continued down the cliff of what was left of the rock formation. Liz was holding his hand and the others followed behind. So much was on his mind, all at once. He had to think about how he was going to get his child back, how to get rid of Tess, how to actually explain how he 'survived' the car crash, how to be back with Liz.... The next thing Max knew was he was in the back seat of Maria's Jetta with Liz on his lap. Her head was resting on his shoulder, her hands were running up and down his arms. He had missed this so much and now he had it back, he had her back, and he was loving this.

Isabel glanced in the Mirror at her brother, she was so happy for him. Yet she envied him alittle because he had someone, and she, well, she had no one for her. To think that Tess Harding had killed the only man that she could ever truly love completely, that made her want to kill her. And she would she vowed that even if she, Isabel Evans died, she would get back at that bitch for taking the one good human boy on the planet and killing him. She would get revenge. Until then she would stay with her true friends, tonight she would see Alex.

Liz felt Max come back to reality and begin to caress her lower back. She smiled and leaned toward his neck. She began to rain tiny butterfly kisses all over his neck. She knew Max was smiling, she could feel it. She wanted him to come home with her, there was so much to talk about. And they would be alone, because her parents were gone for a week. She needed to talk to him. It was a must.

Michael held Maria close, to think that he had almost left her was the stupidest thing he would have ever done. Thank God he had listened to his heart. He held her tighter, they had to talk, later at his house, it was a must.

Maria relaxed against Michael's tight grip. She knew this was hard for him, but she'd help him get through it ever step of the way. After all he let her see him! He hadn't let anyone before. She felt like she was on top of the world right now, maybe she was.

Kyle continued driving, Isabel was next to him in the passenger seat with two very happy couples in the back. He felt alone and lost. He had no one. Maybe his soulmate was alien? Hell no! He told himself. Humans, only humans. He arrived first to his house. So he said his good byes and went in his home. He needed to think. He got into bed and slept, today was a long wierd day, very wierd day.

Maria reluctantly got off Michael's lap and on the drivers seat instead. Liz scooted off Max and sat in between both Max and Michael. They were going down passed the graveyard thats where Isabel asked to be let off.

"Is, you shouldn't go, its late." Max said.

"Max, I need to." She said getting out. She shut the door and walked away from the jetta. She had one destination in mind, Alex. When she reached his grave she looked at it. She sat down on the ground and got comfortable, she needed to get this all out.

"Hey Alex. I stayed, I finally found home. It's here, I found out what happened to you." Thats when she broke down, not able to stop the sobs escape her mouth, "God Alex I am so sorry, its all my fault your gone. You know I became friends with her at first, I am the one who accepted her. I shouldn't have, because she took away what made me human, you made me human Alex. And now I don't have you anymore. I miss you so much that I hate myself. The pain Alex, the pain is unbearable. Sometimes just thinking about you makes my heart hurt. You know Max has Liz, Maria has Michael. And I, I am alone, I've lost you Alex, I've lost my soulmate. You were not only my soulmate Alex, you were my friend." She paused and cover her mouth as many tears rolled down her cheek at once, "It was like losing myself and losing you in the process. I never told you this, but when we were going out. I already knew I loved you. When I would dream, I'd dream of us together when we were older, married Alex, with kids, cute little kids with your adorable ears and you sence of humor. I am sorry Alex, I just can't think of anything else to say, I am resposible for losing you." She covered her face with her hands, "God I am so sorry, please Alex, please forgive me." She cried and let all her pain and anger come out of her body.
Alex placed a hand on her shoulder, "Your not at fault here, you don't need to be forgiven." He said softly.
"But, I do Alex." She looked down.
Alex sighed, "Isabel, it's time."
Isabel looked up, "time for what?" she asked.
"I talked to God, he said he wants me to go up there. I... I need to be up there." He answered almost unaudiable.
"No you can't leave me Alex, I love you."
"Isabel you can't love me. You can't love a dead man. I don't want you coming here for the rest of your life just because you love me, if you love me I want you to live! I want to see your beautiful kids and look at you because your loving your life, I want you to be happy. I need you to remember me in your heart somewhere safe, somewhere to be remembered. But I want you to move on." Alex answered calmly.
"How am I supposed to move on Alex? Who am I supposed to move on with?"
A small smile appeared on Alex's face. "Well Kyle already knows about your guys secret and he seems alright with it. He cares about you Isabel, maybe not yet like a love but he has a deep care about you, otherwise why would he have gone with Liz and Maria to stop you guys from leaving."
"So your saying I should hook up with Kyle?"
"I am saying you should try."
"I'll never forget you Alex." Three tears rolled down her cheeks.
"I'll make sure you won't, Here." Alex removed a necklace from his neck, it was transparent he turned her around so her back was facing him and tied the necklace on her. As soon as he removed his hands the necklace was no longer transparent. It was a normal necklace, no longer transparent. "There, now I will always be with you." He answered smiling.
"So this is our goodbye?" she asked. He nodded.
"I love you Alex."
"I love you too Isabel."
Isabel stepped forward and pressed her lips to his, in a hot passionate kiss. One with longing and lost. Isabel thought for sure Alex would move away but was surprised when he kissed her back with full intensity. Isabel heard 'goodbye my love' whispered against her lips. She opened then to find him gone. She smiled, "Thank You Alex." She whispered. She had done enough crying, she was happy now becuase Alex deserved to be in heaven, since he was perfect. She was truly happy for him.

Maria pulled up to the Crashdown. Liz got up and tugged on Max's hand silently begging him to come with her. Max looked at her and followed. Maria and Michael didn't comment for they both knew Max and Liz needed time for each other.

Liz waved to Maria and Michael. She took Max's big hand in her small one and unlocked the enterance of the Crashdown when she unlocked it she pushed it open for him, then she followed. When she was sure that the Jetta had pulled away. She walked up to him and kissed him deeply. Max instantly became putty in her hands. He pulled away.

"Liz, I, I can't."

"Yes you can. Max please. I need this, I need you."

She said again setting her lips against his. Max again tried to fight her grip by moving his head but she wouldn't allow him. He finally gave up and began to kiss her back. Liz smiled and opened her mouth and licked his top and bottom lip. Max moaned, and Liz took the opportunity to enter her tounge in his mouth. Max instantly became aroused. Liz felt something touching her lower region and she knew exactly what it was, she began to grind herself against Max's cock. Max felt himself harden even more at Liz's actions. He tore his lips from hers and worked his way down her neck stopping to suck on her collar bone. Liz moaned and kept her hips moving in rythem.

"Oh God yes Max, Ohh yes Max." She moaned as he nibbled on her neck.

"You like that Liz?" He asked seductively.

"Yesss." She answered breathlessly.

Liz moved away from Max long enough to get the shirt off his back. Max sucked in as much air as possible when he felt Liz's finger tips run over his chest and abs. Liz smiled. Max picks Liz up.

"Max what are you doing?" Liz asked while he held her.

Max smiled, leaned into her ear, "I think this is something we should finish upstairs."

Liz laughed, "I agree, something tells me you don't want to wait." She answered grinding against his cock. Max growled and leaned her against the wall.

"Keep that up Miss. Parker and I guarantee we won't make it upstairs." Max answered smiling a devilish smile.

Liz stopped her actions. Max ran up stairs to finish what they started.

Maria arrived with Michael at his apartment. They hadn't even said anything since earily when they were at the rock formation. Maria undressed and crawled into bed with Michael, it was a long day. When they were both in bed Maria looked at Michael. "I love you."
Michael looked at her startled. Then a smile appeared on his face. "I love you to Maria."
Maria scooted over to Michael's waiting arms and got comfortable there. She needed him she was happy he didn't leave. "Thank you." she whispered
"For what?" He asked.
"For two things. One is for not leaving me because I don't think I could live without you Michael. And two is for loving me."
"Maria I don't think I could ever leave you again. And as for loving you, I can't stop loving you."
"I don't want you to stop." she answered.
"Then we don't have a problem here do we?" He asked smiling.
"I guess not." She answered.
TBC.....?? Should I continue? Warning if I should next part is NC-17 :x :evil Lets just say Max and Liz finish what they started. :lol

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Returning to My Home
Part 2

When Max got to Liz's room he shut the door and walked over to the bed. He leaned forward pressing Liz's body into the matress. He looked into her eyes.

"Liz." He whispered.

"Max please." She answered him shifting her hips to his. At this Max groaned her actions taking control of his mind. Only one thought in his mind. To make love to his soulmate.

"Liz I, I don't want to hurt you." Max answered.

"Max please every girl experiences the pain, I can take it. Max please, its yours to take." She told him smiling.

Max looked at Liz, "Are you sure?" he asked. When he saw her nod in response he let his hands slide up her shirt coming closer to her breasts. He asked her to lift her head so he could remove her shirt and she did as told when Max saw her breasts come into view he became dizzy with desire. Max lifted his hands and cupped her breasts, loving the feel of them, they were perfect made for him. Liz moaned as Max began to tease her breasts. He lowered his head to one and took it in his mouth sucking to get as much of his Liz addiction flavor as possible. Liz began to raise her hips. Max groaned while sucking on her breast. His hands went down and cupped Liz's hips to stop her thrusts. Liz groaned in frustration. Max's stopped suckling Liz's breast and went lower. When he reached he navel he stuck his tounge inside to hear Liz cry out as the feeling started to sweep over her body. Max then reached her jeans and quickly undid the button and lowered the zipper. He pulled her pants down her softly glowing legs. He removed her shoes and socks and threw her pants God knows where. He really didn't care right now.

He came back up and found her in black panties. Max got very turned on. He lowered the underwear and finally freed her so she was totally exposed to him. Max looked at her beautiful lower lips which made her 100% woman, all his. He spread her folds and began to lick her clit. When Liz began to cry out Max's name. Max really got into it. He wrapped his lips around her tiny ball of pleasure. Liz began to lift her hips.
"Max... Oh My God.. Max... yes..Don't..Stop!!!" She cried and she rode out her orgasim. Max then went lower to her opening and thrust his tounge as far up as humanly possible. He heard Liz's cries of pleasure so he repeated his actions. In, Out, In, Out until finally a second wave of pleasure rode over Liz. Max licked up her juices. Max came back up and licked his lips. "Addictive." He whispered, and smiled.

Liz pushed Max so that he was laying on the bed. She pulled his pants down and off, along with his shoes and socks. His boxers followed next in the ever growing pile of clothes. She found his cock standing tall and proud. She closed her hand around him and began to pump her hand. Max began to lift his hips to meet her hand. "Liiiiizz" He hissed over and over again. Liz lowered her head and began to taste him. Licking him from base to tip, she was rewarded with Max's salty liquid. She felt her body get pulled up.
"I advice you not to do that Liz, we won't be able to finish."
Liz smiled. "Please Max, now."

Max looked in her eyes and entered her. He kissed her and fit in her easily. Liz felt the minor amount of pain but it disappeared quickly and all she was left feeling was love for the man making love to her. Max began to move inside her. Liz lifted her hips to meet his. When they were both close Max quickened his pace. "Yes Max, Oh God do NOT stop. I Love you Max, I..I Yessss." Liz orgasimed for the third time and Max was quick to follow. Moaning and groaning Liz's name.

When their hearts had calmed down Max looked at Liz she was stroking his back lovingly. Max's head was rested on her breast. Hearing her heartbeat was so soothing to him. "I love you Liz."
"I love you Max." They kissed with all the passion they had left in them and slowly drifted off to sleep, together.

When Liz awoke she felt a finger tips traveling over her body. She opened her eyes to feel Max in his own little world again and tracing her body. He looked so cute to her. She ran her fingers through his hair and smiled. "Whatcha doing?" She asked smiling.
Max blushed. "Just looking at your beautiful body." He paused, "Liz, I love you. I want to always be with you."
"Just like I always want to be with you?" She asked smiling.
"Yes. Liz I want to give you this." He held out a diamond ring. "Its not a engagment ring, I mean I think its to soon, its a promise ring. So when we are ready we can get married."
"Oh Max." She whispered.
"Yes, I promise. I am all yours."
"And you are all mine." He paused again after slipping the ring on her finger. "I think I've finally found home." He whispered.

TBC... Short conclusion will be posted if I get great feedback, you make my day with your opinions *happy*
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Two Years Later...

"And By the powers vested in me. I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."
Max leaned into Liz and kissed her deeply.
There was a loud applaud in the background but it was in the back of his mind. They slowly pulled away and say everyone cheering for them. Max smiled and so did Liz. This truly was the happiest day of their life. What really touched Liz was that this day was actually happening. At the end of the day Max and Liz both boarded the plane to Hawaii. They had a wonderful time there spending most of it up in there hotel room ::wink,wink:: but when they returned everyone was happy to see them back. The truth if All three Aliens found home...

Kyle and Isabel did end up hooking up they have been dating for three years now and Kyle just proposed they will be getting Married May 18, 2005.

Max and Liz got married as told eariler, had three children and bought a decent two story house in Roswell, New Mexico.

Michael and Maria are still having those few arguments but Michael is planning on purposing to her this Christmas....(talk about happy holidays!).