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Hey, this is my new fic, Never Say Never. Since my flipping computer screwed up Beach Side Life (My last fic), I decided to start a new Fic. Enough with my babbling! Here it is!!

Chapter 1
“Hurry up, Isabel! We can’t be late for our first day at a new school!” Max Evans called up the stairs to his twin sister. He had his backpack slung over one shoulder as he paced back and forth across the living room. He was always late because of his sister, everywhere they went together, and it was the same routine. He would get ready on time, and head downstairs for breakfast. He would be finished eating and Isabel would still be up in her room, getting ready for school. Then, seconds before he seriously began to scream, she would prance down the stairs, with her hair and make-up perfectly in place, and flash a wide smile his way.
At that exact moment, Isabel chose to make her appearance. As always, she was dressed to impress. She wore her hair down, letting her long blonde locks rest on her shoulders. She had on a purple American Eagle shirt, which matched perfectly with her sandals and the nail polish that decorated her toenails, she had a simple pair of jeans on, and her makeup set off the whole look. “Are you ready yet, Max?” She asked impatiently as she picked up her backpack and flung it over her shoulder, headed into the kitchen to greet her parents.
“Ready yet, I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes for you!” He blurted out as he followed behind her.
“Just chill, alright. I have to grab my purse!” She explained, waving her arms in the air dramatically. “Bye Mom, Daddy. I might not be home directly after school, I might go hang with my new friends.” She put out innocently as she pecked both of their parents on the cheek.
“You don’t have any friends here! We just moved last week!” Max cried. Isabel seriously confused him sometimes.
“Oh, I will before the day is out. Mark my words. I’ll be eating lunch with the jocks and cheerleaders for sure. You could be too, Max. It isn’t hard to be popular.” She added, looking him right in the eye.
“That’s fine dear, just make sure you call and check in after you get out of school. Have a good first day, both of you.” Mrs. Evans waved her children out the door with a smile.
Once in the car, Isabel quickly turned up the radio and a Save Ferris song filled their Jeep. Most of the car ride there was silent, with exception to the radio. When they finally pulled into the parking lot, Isabel clicked off the radio and turned to face her brother. “Ok listen Max. Here’s the deal. Doing the whole popular thing, it is a piece of cake. Just smile and complement the right people and your set for the rest of the year. Got it?”
Max’s face took on a perplexed expression. “Whatever…” he muttered. He knew if he said anything else Isabel would go on and on… Well, it wouldn’t be pretty; and he would be even later than he already was.
“Ok, I’m not walking into the building with you, so wait until you see me enter the building to go inside, understand?” Isabel smiled goodbye to him, and was on her way before Max could respond or ask her why she wanted to walk alone.
‘Alright, here I go…’ he thought as he slowly got out of his car. He made his way to the double doors and took a deep breath. He pushed then open and headed inside.

Chapter 2
Liz Parker breezed down the hallways of West Roswell High. She smiled brightly and waved at a few of her shallow, popular friends. Suddenly, she saw a blonde girl enter that she had never seen before. ‘A new girl, sweet.’ She thought as she headed over.
“Hi, I’m Liz, are you new here?” She asked sweetly as she approached the girl. She seemed nice enough, and Liz didn’t want her to fall in with the wrong group of people.
“Yeah, I’m Isabel!” The girl replied and flashed her a wide smile. “My twin brother and I just moved here from California.”
‘She has a brother… The possibilities are endless.’ Liz thought as smile spread across her beautiful face. Liz was the most popular girl at Roswell High. She used to go out with the football star, Kyle Valenti. They were really good friends now, along with Maria Deluca, Alex Whitman, Tess Harding, and Liz’s older brother Michael who completed their tight circle of friends.
Isabel smiled again. This day was already beginning to work out for her, and she hadn’t even been here for 5 minutes. She could tell by the many people in the halls waving and smiling when they saw Liz, so she knew she must be popular. “Oh! Gosh, I almost forgot! I have to go to the counselor’s office before I head to my classes! My brother already got that part over with on Friday, but I was busy so I have to do it this morning. I’ll see you around, Liz. Bye!” she called as she started walking into the hallway.
“Bye Isabel!” she called and waved the girl away. This new girl seemed really nice, and Liz had a feeling that Alex would like her, too. Everyone in their little group had a significant other, Michael with Maria, Tess with Kyle. Everyone except Alex and herself. Maybe Isabel and her brother were the next two to join their group. Hopefully…

Max walked through the doors and peered down the hallways. People were in crowded clusters leaned against the lockers. Most were talking and laughing, obviously dreading going to their Homeroom classes. All in all, it was a typical high school scene. All of the sudden, he spotted the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in her life. She was smiling at him and heading his way. She had long dark brown hair and caramel eyes.
When she approached him she smiled. “Hi, I’m Liz Parker. You must be Isabel’s brother, right?” She questioned looking up at him innocently.
”Yeah, I’m Max.” He answered shyly looking at the ground. His sister had been in this school for 5 minutes and already people knew about him. And this gorgeous girl was making him nervous.
“Hey, let me see your schedule, I’ll see if we have any classes together.” She said tilting her head to the side and twisting her hands together.
“Sure.” He answered as he pulled it out of his jacket pocket. It seemed as though saying no to her was impossible. He handed it over to her and she quickly scanned over it and a lovely smile covered her face.
“We have Homeroom, 1st hour Literature, and 5th hour Biology together. And your locker is right next to mine! Come on, I’ll show you the way.” She said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hallway.
Max’s mind was going crazy at this point. His heartbeat picked up when he felt her small hand in his larger one. He noticed that as they made their way down the hall, everyone turned to see them. When they reached what must be his locker, a small cluster of people were leaning up against it.
Max was about to say something, but Liz beat him to it. “Excuse me.” Was all she had to say. As soon as her voice could have been heard, everyone looked up at her. They all quickly moved away from the space they were taking up, leaving Max and Liz a clear walkway to the lockers. “I own these hallways, if anyone messes with you, just tell me.” She said with a teasing wink. “Anyways, I have to go ask my friend Alex something really quick, so I’ll see you in Homeroom. Bye Max” she called as she turned around and started off.
“Yeah, Bye…” he mumbled turning to look after her retreating figure. A smile quickly spread across his face. This town was definitely going to do him good….

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WOW! I never expected so much great feedback!! keep it up! LOL
Anyway, to clear a few things up... Liz is good popular and there are no aliens... the plot will be more visable later in the story!!
p.s I would LUV more feedback...
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Just to let you all know, I will be posting parts 3-4 either tonight of tommarow,
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Ok, here is Part 3. This is one of my favorte parts so far because Alex was and always will be one of my favorite characters. I forgot to add a couple things when I first posted parts 1 and 2 so I will add them. Here it is... Enjoy and as always FEEDBACK PLEASE!!!!!!

Title: Never Say Never
Author: Kyleigh
Email: BehrFanatic007⊕
Disclaimer: I own nothing at all, though I wish I had at least a couple of rights to Jason Behr...*sigh*
Rating: PG-13 - R until later on when there might be some NC-17... If you ask for it...
Summary: This is an AU M/L and Some M/M, A/I, and K/T fic. Even though I hate Tess to death... I thought that she might as well be nice for once in her existance, so in this fic she isn't a nasty bitch and killer. The basic plot is that Liz and Michael are brother and sister, and so are Max and Isabel. Maria and Tess are Cousins and Alex and Kyle are their friends. Max and Isabel just mod to Roswell and Liz is really popular (Good Popular). Pam Troy is a meany beany and she causes more than one problem down the road. Since I need my sleep, I'm not going to tell you guys what else is going on because it would take too long and I'm bitchy when I don't get lots of sleep... Here is Chapter 3...
Chapter 3
Liz raced down the hallway, searching for Alex. She had already checked his locker, and he was nowhere to be seen. She had been in the band room and down most of the hallways. The last place to check was the B wing, the hallway where Maria’s locker was. As she headed in that direction, she stopped briefly to say hi to some of her popular friends. She felt like she was going to lose her breakfast as she played the ditzy and stupid cheerleader may people thought she was. For as long as Liz could remember, she had always been popular. She was a trendsetter for pretty much all of West Roswell High’s female population, from her hair to the type of perfume she wore. Every girl wanted to be in her shoes, and every guy wanted to be in her pants. It got to be very annoying at times, but is also had its advantages. If she wanted anything at all, all she had to do was ask. But, back then, being popular often left her very lonely. The only people she could really talk to for the longest time were Michael, her older brother, Kyle Valenti, the Buddha boy as she liked to tease, and Alex Whitman, her very best friend since preschool. Maria and Tess, who were cousins, came along in the 7th grade. Liz had been so used to being the only girl around, but when Maria and Tess showed up, things really started to change for the better. Kyle and Tess had hated each other at first, but gradually became friends, and Michael and Maria hit it off right away. Alex had always been kinda shy, unlike Liz in everyway imaginable, so he stayed away from pretty much every girl except for Liz, Maria and Tess. While Alex was staying to himself, Liz was doing the exact opposite. She went out on a lot dates, flirted with a lot of guys, but never got serious with any of them.
Her thoughts quickly strayed back to Max Evans. That boy was simply adorable! She could tell he tried to be in control all the time, but Liz knew right away that she would change that. And she also knew that Isabel was going to be her Best Friend. She wasn’t quite sure how she knew, she just did.
After saying bye to her blonde ‘pretend friends’ as she referred to them, she resumed her search for Alex. She spotted him attempting to shut his locker. Before she could react, all of Alex’s belongings came cascading to the floor with a loud crash. She couldn’t control an eruption of giggles that came on as Alex as swearing to himself. Liz headed with her lips tightly sealed together so she wouldn’t fall to the floor laughing when she reached Alex’s side. She was almost to his locker when she heard a cold voice interrupt her thoughts.
“Little Alex Whitman, what a Loser! I can’t believe that ditz Liz Parker would hang out with you! I mean, look in a mirror! You’re the definition of geek! If I looked like you…” She was interrupted by a cool even voice.
“Why, If it isn’t the little slut Pam Troy. Strutting her plastic rack up and down our very own hallways! We all know that that sudden vacation you took last October wasn’t to the Caribbean, but to the plastic surgeon! How else could you grow a cup size so quickly?” Liz questioned, looking innocently up at the whore in front of her.
“Liz….” A startled Pam squeaked as she began fully aware of Liz Parker standing in front of her. She knew she was in deep shit now.
“Yeah, I’m here and I just heard every word that you just said. Oh yeah, I have this strange feeling that by lunch, everyone will have a crazy idea that you bought a used Homecoming dress! Wouldn’t that be truly embarrassing?”
“You wouldn’t…” Pam breathed, obviously frightened that her secret would be revealed.
“I would.” Liz whispered back curtly. “Now, get the hell outta here, bitch, before I inform your boyfriend Mark that you get pregnant last year, without telling him.”
Pam and her newly informed friend quickly retreated, leaving a satisfied Liz and a smiling Alex.
“Of all people, I never thought you could be so damn bitchy!” Alex replied with mock surprise.
“I may be a proper, polite girl on the outside, but I’m really a mega bitch on the inside! I can be worse that Maria when she is PMSing!” Liz countered with a proud smile.
“Wow! That bad, really? That is quite a title you have there.”

“Yeah, I came by to ask you if you had seen the new girl yet, Isabel Evans?” Liz asked as she helped Alex gather his belongings that scattered the hallway.
Alex dropped his Lit book at the mention of her name. “Have I ever! She is the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life! She had the most beautiful blonde hair and her eyes! Dear lord, I thought I was going to fate when I first saw her!” He burst into song and began to dance in a small circle around Liz.
“I’M IN LOVE WITH ISABEL EVANS! I’M IN LOVE WITH ISABEL EVANS!” he declared in a singsong voice.
“Wow, I never thought you would like her this much right away!” she replied with a smile.
“How could I not? She is the most exquisite creature I have ever laid my eyes upon! She is so utterly stunning that I…”
“Am I interrupting anything?” A small voice questioned from behind them. They both quickly spun around to see who the owner of the voice was. There, in front of them, stood none other than Isabel Evans.
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Her is Chapter four! ENJOY!! P.S. FEEDBACK

Chapter 4
Maria Deluca smiled as she approached her cousin, Tess. Tess was rather shy, much unlike Maria and Liz. They weren’t afraid to admit things to the guys and they as much as they possibly could. But Tess kept to herself most of the time; she tried to stay in the shadow of Liz and Maria, and was very good at doing so. Maria and Liz had recently started operation ‘get Tess to come out of her shell’ about a month ago, and so far they weren’t doing very well. Tess seemed to try to be invisible, and Maria was becoming worried. Tess was very pretty, she had tropical blue eyes and beautiful blonde curls, but she seemed to be very unsure of herself. And, she was dating Kyle Valenti, who was one of the most talked about guys at WRHS. Each of them in their group had a specific place on the popularity scale. Liz was queen, and Kyle the king. They had dated for a while, but it just hadn’t worked. People had been very shocked when after Liz dumped Kyle, they went out for pizza. It was clear that Liz and Kyle made better friends than b/f and g/f. Then there was Michael and herself. Michael and Kyle were really good friends, both were on the football team and each of them were very protective of Liz. Michael was her older brother and Kyle was one of her best friends. Alex and Tess kind of blended into their elite group of companions, Tess being super shy and Alex amazingly quirky. But, Maria knew that Alex and Liz were getting kind of lonely without a partner. But, everything would work itself out, it always did.

When Tess saw Maria coming near she inwardly groaned. She loved her cuz to death but Maria was just to damn perky sometimes. Before she could catch Maria’s eye, she slammed her locker shut and scurried down the hall, getting lost in the crowd. She made it to her homeroom class and quickly dumped her books at her desk. Still having 5 minutes until the bell rang signaling class to begin, so she cautiously peeked out into the hallway, hoping to find Maria gone and Kyle waiting for her. When she heard a squeal coming from down the hallway, turning her head to find Maria racing down the hallways toward her, her yellow sandals squeaking softly against the hallways glossy floor she cursed herself for being so eager to see Kyle. He was a huge part of her life, the first thing that she thought of when she woke up and the last thing she thought of before she dozed off at night, but lately he was all she thought of ALL of the time. ‘Maybe it is normal,’ she pondered thoughtfully, ‘to feel like this when you’re in love.’ She smiled dreamily to herself as she thought of Kyle yet again, the millionth time that morning.

“Hey chica!” Maria cried, approaching her favorite cousin quickly. “I thought that I wouldn’t catch you before HR!”
“Yeah, I have been looking for Kyle all morning, and I can’t seem to find him anywhere. Have you seen him?” Tess questioned as she scanned the halls for her long lost boyfriend.

“Nope, but you’ll soon forget about that jock when you get an eyeful of the new kid, take a look…” Maria responded as she pointed across the hall to a tall, gorgeous guy. Maria watched Tess’s face as she stared at Max. “His name is Maxwell Evans, he has a twin sister Isabel. They are seniors and Max is currently single and tends to be quite shy…” Maria finished with a wide grin.
“Not my type.” Tess simply answered as she quickly turned her head and once again searched for Kyle.
“NOT YOUR TYPE!! What do you mean ‘not your type’?? If he isn’t your type, I’m scared to find out what you type is!” Maria raged as she dramatically flung her arms in the air around her. Tess ducked just in time, before Maria clocked her.

“Calm down Maria!” Tess giggled as she grabbed a hold of Maria’s arms before she seriously injured someone “Kyle is my type. Max is too… too everything. Kyle is just right for me, and you know it!” Tess explained as she gently placed Maria’s hands at her sides. “Now, I have to get to HR, so I’ll see you at lunch, bye!” Tess quickly turned on her heel and raced into her homeroom class just as the bell rang.
“Shit…” Maria mumbled as she headed to her own morning torture chamber, knowing that she would be late yet again. ‘Oh well, it isn’t that bad’ she thought as she slowly trudged down the now empty halls.

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Thanks for the FB! I love it all... Here is Chapter 5...

Chapter 5
“Hi Isabel…” Alex stated slowly, his eyes wide in surprise. ‘This has got to be the most embarrassing moment of my life…’ He thought numbly as he stared at Isabel guiltily. He gave Liz a sideward glance only to find her giggling softly. He glared at her and returned his gaze to Isabel.
“Hey Alex, Liz.” She returned with a smile. Inside she was jumping for joy. She had really like Alex when she had first met him. He was such a cutie and made her laugh non-stop. She knew right away that Alex was defiantly a keeper. He was just too adorable! And he liked her too! This was turning out to be a REALLY good day.
“Hey Isabel, how’s everything going?” Liz questioned with a large smile. She flashed Isabel a knowing glance and quickly walked next to her. “Don’t embarrass him too much, I have to go.” She whispered knowingly to Isabel. She saw her nod and her wide smile became even brighter.
“Bye Alex, I really should be heading to HR now, talk to you later...” Liz called as she quickly took off before Alex could react.
Alex stared after her and than quickly cleared his throat. He didn’t want Isabel to think that he was a loser that couldn’t even speak around her. “So, who do you have for HR?” He asked, gazing at the floor. He was praying that she had Mrs. Gifford, his homeroom teacher.
“Um… I think her name is Mrs., um… Gifford?” She answered softly, as she walked toward him slowly.
“ME TOO!” He cried with glee. “I mean, yeah I have her too, weird huh?” He quickly added glancing up at her nervously. A toothy grin quickly spread across his face when he saw a smile grace her beautiful face.
“Yeah, but I’m kinda lost, would you mind showing me where her class is?” She asked innocently looking up to meet his gaze.
“Sure, right this way!” he rejoiced as he began leading her down the corridor. She quickly grabbed his hand as they headed down the hall together.
Alex looked up in surprise when he felt her hand in his own. She met his gaze with a shy smile, and his face lit up. He looked like he had swallowed a light bulb as he walked with pride down the hallway.
Liz entered homeroom with a bright smile and searched for Max. She could tell everyone was staring at her, but she didn’t care. She spotted Max sitting in the back of the room, with an empty seat next to him. Her smile grew as she headed down the isle toward him. Before she could reach his side, a blonde girl came and sat down in her seat, scooting closer to Max. She smiled at him flirtatiously and whispered something to him.
Anger and annoyance filled Liz rapidly. She slowly approached Max and the skank, all the while keeping a patient smile on her face. When she reached the desks, she realized that Max was fidgeting uncomfortably next to the bimbo. She smiled, knowing what she had to do, and walked in between the girl and Max.
“Hey Max,” Liz breathed softly, smiling down at him, “Would you mind?” She asked pleasantly, her gaze reaching the blonde.
“Yeah, I would. Me and Maxie here were just getting to know each other.” The blonde replied, giving Liz a look that said ‘get lost’. Liz’s smile quickly faded, a frown replacing it.
“Do you know who you’re talking to?” Liz questioned, her tone cold. She gave the blonde a frosty glare, her eyebrows raised in question.
“No, who are you?” The girl responded, standing up defensively. The girl towered over Liz by at least 3 inches, but Liz didn’t back down.
“You’re talking to Liz Parker, so I suggest that you scamper off… Like now.” She answered curtly. The girl visibly winced at the mention of her name, and she wordlessly snatched up her books and headed across the room, not even bothering to say bye to Max.
“Sorry you had to see that, Max.” Liz said as she sat down next to him. He flashed her a grateful smile as she placed her books gently on the desk in front of her.
“It’s alright, that girl was getting kind of, you know…” He answered, flashing a shy smile in her direction.
“Touchy-Feely? I know what you mean. That’s how most of the girls are at Roswell High, you’ll get used to it.” She answered, “So, I was just thinking, since you’re new and all, maybe you and Isabel might want to sit with me and a couple of my friends at lunch today? You might have already met some of them. Maria and Tess Deluca, My brother Michael, Kyle Valenti and Alex Whitman.” Liz listed them off innocently looking up at Max.
Max’s memory of the morning went into overdrive. He remembered bumping into Kyle and Michael. They were both jocks, but they seemed nice enough. Kyle had asked him whom he had met so far, and when he said that he had met Liz, Kyle had smiled and Michael had gotten rigid and more defensive. Now he knew that was because Michael was her older brother. He sighed in relief, glad to know that Liz wasn’t involved with him. ‘Just because she isn’t dating Michael, doesn’t mean she is available!’ He cursed himself inwardly. He glanced back down at Liz, and quickly answered her question.
“Yeah, I met Kyle and Michael this morning…” His face fell as he watched Liz’s expression change from innocent and cheerful to worrisome.
“They didn’t do anything to you, did they? Michael and Kyle are both kinda… well, they think they need to be protective of me, and Michael is known for making most guys steer clear of me. It’s kind of embarrassing…” She finished softly as she stared at her hands.
“No, they were perfectly nice, I’m sure we will get along great! I would love to sit with you guys, and I’m sure Isabel will to.” He answered with a shy smile.
“Great, well, I’ll meet you at our lockers, and I’ll tell Alex to guide Isabel to our table, they have already met and they seemed to really hit it off…” She said with a chuckle.
Before Max could ask what was so funny, their Homeroom teacher strutted into the room purposefully. He squinted his eyes as he wordlessly searched the class for what Max guessed was the new student. When he caught sight Max’s unfamiliar face, he nodded and quickly welcomed him to the class.
“This is our new student, Max Evans. Please make him feel welcome…” He drowned on staring at the blank expressions around him. “Whatever, go about your morning activities…”
Everyone quickly found their seat and began to read. Max glanced up at Liz, to find her smiling up at him. He would ask her later what was funny. His seemingly permanent smile widened as he felt Liz’s chair come closer to his. This morning was getting better and better...
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Thanks so much For the awesome feedback! I love you guys! I'll B posting a new chapter tommarow FOR SURE!!!! Thanks a trillion!

P.S = For everyone that has been wondering.. The setting is about to change,to where I'm not sure... maybe the crashdown...
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So sorry that I didn't post when I promised, I just got back from out-of-town, I had to go visit family on really short notice, due to mid-winter break. Any-Who... here is the next part...
Chapter 6
Kyle quickly jogged into the cafeteria, glancing around the room in search for his friends. He spotted Liz and Michael arguing about something, the Max guy he had met earlier seated comfortably next to Liz really closely, and Tess and Maria talking quietly to each other. He smiled as he saw Tess’s head snap up and look around the room, as if she could sense his presence. When their eyes finally met, she smiled shyly at him. He grinned back at her and headed over to the table she was seated at. He quickly sat down next to Tess when he reached the table, offering a smile to everyone and gave Tess a quick peck on the cheek.
“Kyle, you’ve already met Max, right?” Liz asked as she unconsciously leaned into Max, who had his arm around her waist. Kyle could see Michael’s eyes narrow as he stared Max down, obviously outraged.
“Yeah, we met earlier. How’s it going man?” Kyle asked as he grabbed his lunch and began to unpack it on the table in front of him. When Kyle saw Liz visibly move closer to Max, he bit back an eruption of laughter. Michael’s eyes were nearly popping out of his head, and when Michael opened his mouth to say something, he knew it couldn’t be good.
“Holy Cow! Max has been here less than a day and he is already all over my flipping’ sister!” Michael screeched waving his arms around, nearly clocking Maria.
“I know,” Kyle couldn’t help but add, “Why don’t you guys take a trip to the eraser room already!”
Maria and Tess giggled softly, Liz turned 5 new shades of scarlet, Max looked around that table in confusion, oblivious as to what the ‘eraser room’ was, and Michael’s face was bright red, his knuckles white as he gripped the table rigidly.
“What’s going on?” Alex asked as he and Isabel reached the table. Isabel sat on Liz’s other side, with Alex right next to her. Isabel smiled softly at the people around the table, obviously uncomfortable.
“Guys, this is Isabel Evan’s, Max’s sister.” Liz quickly stated as she turned to smile at Isabel. Maria and Tess greeted her cheerfully, Kyle smiled brightly at her, and Michael took a moment away from grilling Max and Liz, and gave a small wave in Isabel’s direction. She seemed to relax when she realized how warm these people were.
Even though Isabel was bound to be popular wherever she went, she still had a shy side. These people seemed to take a genuine interest in her, in a way that the shallow popular crowd never could, and she was starting to like it. She gave Alex a side-wards glance, and caught him staring at her again. He had been doing that all day, and she didn’t mind at all. She smiled shyly up at him, and scooted closer to him.
Liz caught this exchange and smiled brightly. She and Alex had always been the loners, the people without partners. It was really lonely after a while, and she had a feeling that Max and Isabel were sent to change that for each of them. She could tell by the look on Alex’s face that he couldn’t be happier, and she knew that she wore the same expression. Scooting even closer to Max, she recapped on the events of earlier that day. **** After homeroom, they had headed to their lockers. When they were in the hallway, Max caught more than one girl’s attention. When Liz had noticed this, she had quickly taken his hand possessively and shyly smiled at him. He had smiled back and held her hand gently in his as they made their way to first hour.
Once in their seats next to each other, the teacher had scurried into the class. She quickly explained that they would be doing a project with whomever they sat next to, and told them to grab a sheet from the front of the class. Once explaining that much, she rushed back out the door, obviously having somewhere else to be.
Everyone had gotten up, in search for a person to switch seats with, so they could be partners with a friend. When Courtney Dahlberg asked Liz if she would mind switching seats, Max had answered for her.
“No, we are partners.” He had stated curtly, not even looking up at the leggy blonde before him. Her eyes had become rather large, as if she had never been rejected before. She had mutely nodded once she had overcome her shock. Liz’s face had been so full of pride as the girl stalked away, her blonde friends flocking around her, asking what the cause was of her strange behavior. Once the girl had explained what had happened, all of her friends stared in Liz’s direction. Liz just smiled widely and scooted closer to Max, causing them all to gasp in unison.
When Max heard a loud group of gasps coming from behind him, his head had lowly risen, as his eyes searched out who-ever had made the noise. His eyes met Liz’s with question, but she only smiled and quickly assured him that it was nothing. They had continued to plan a work schedule and who would get what supplies, and the finished just as the bell rung.
“Ok, I’ll meet you at out lockers, and then direct you to the a caf. I’ll see you later Max.” She had explained sweetly as she headed to her second hour class, never looking back.
When Liz had turned down the hallway, Max dreamily wandered to his second hour Trig class. He didn’t even notice Pam Troy’s red face as she stormed in the opposite direction, into the class Max and Liz had just exited, fuming…****
(Sorry about the shortness, I'll try to make the parts longer next time...)

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Ok, I just changed the subject title... Enjoy Part 6!
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Chapter 7

Michael glanced around the crowded halls, waving at a couple of his jock friends, smiling at couple of Liz’s cheerleader friends. As he reached his locker, he heard some girls chatting a couple of feet away.
“Did you get invited to Liz and Michael’s pool party this Saturday?” The first girl asked curiously.
“No, did you? I would kill to go to that party, but only the jocks and cheerleaders are invited!” a second squeaky voice answered.
“Nope, I wasn’t invited either.” The first girl replied. Her voice rang with jealousy.
“I bet Michael and Liz don’t even know you exist! Why would they invite rejects like you to their party?” The stingy voice of Trish O’Connor interrupted smugly. Trish was one of Liz’s best friends, outside of their little group. She always picked Liz up for cheerleading practice and she took great pride in being her friend.

When the two girls remained speechless, Michael spun around, not wanting to miss what was going on. Both girls were avoiding Trish’s questioning stare. She tapped her foot impatiently, knowing very well she wasn’t getting an answer. Trish flashed a triumphant smile as she stepped closer to the gossipy girls. Those two were known to spread nasty rumors about anyone that mattered, and Trish had been the center of many of them.
“That’s what I thought…” She whispered coolly, and then she quickly spun on her heel and headed over to a group of her popular friends.
Michael could only smile as the girls practically ran out of sight, already discussing a new rumor to spread about Trish practicing voodoo on Stacy Armbruster. He turned back around, reaching into his locker to grab his biology book, when he heard Maria’s voice yelling at the group of gossipy girls as the nearly tripped her.
“Bitches...” she muttered under her breath as she approached Michael. “I hate those girls; they started a rumor last year that I spent a year at a boot camp because in third grade I killed my class hamster. Next thing I know, those geeks in animal cruelty prevention were chasing me down!” She explained as she tapped her fingers on her biology book, obviously very impatient.
Michael laughed as he pictured Maria running down the hall screeching as a group of nerds chased her down the halls with signs as they chanted for animal abuse to stop. Her head snapped up as she heard Michael’s chuckles, her face red with outrage.
“Don’t laugh! It was the worst week of my high school education.” She explained, her available hand resting on her hip.
Once Michael slammed his locker shut, Maria shoved her books at him, grabbing his hand as they made their way to biology. She continued to rave about how much those girls disserved to be burned at the stake.
Michael caught her books, held them with his own and let her drag him to biology. A patient smile spread across his lips as she ranted on and on about something or other. God, how much he loved her…
“So Isabel, I was wondering if you were busy this Saturday? Michael and I are having our monthly pool party and I wanted to know if maybe you would like to come. Max already said he could, I was just curious if maybe you wanted to?’ Liz asked quietly from her spot across the table from Isabel. They were both seated in study hall, the only class they had alone together.
“I’d love to! What time should I be there? What should I wear? I have to buy a new bikini, do you wanna go shopping? Oh, what stores do you have at your mall? Do you think I should get a bikini or not? Who’s going to be there? Do you think…” Isabel gushed smiling in excitement. She couldn’t wait for Liz’s party, and she was looking forward to hanging out with Liz’s friends again. She couldn’t help but feel bad about how she had acted earlier. She had just wanted to be Liz’s friend because she was popular, and now she realized the Liz was a very friendly person, and she really liked her.
“Umm… It starts at 4:00, but I’m having you guys coming around 3:00, so we can chill before all of our jock and cheerleader friends get there. I was thinking of going shopping today for my bikini, so you and me can go together. I saw some cute ones at Abercrombie, and we can check American eagle and Wet Seal too. You, Max, Kyle, Tess, Maria, Alex, and of coarse Michael and Myself are going to be there, and also some of our other friends, which you probably already met.” Liz finished answering questions with a smile. “Oh, I was also wondering if you would be interested in joining cheerleading, I’m on the squad and you are just what we need to be absolutely perfect.”
“I was going to look into it, I was on the squad at our old school, I’d love to. When should I try out?” Isabel questioned ignoring the rude whispers from the table over to be quiet. Liz didn’t let them off so easy though, she glanced in one of Kyle and Michael’s friends’ directions, and pointed to the table that had been rude to Isabel and herself. He nodded and gave her a smile, which she returned gratefully.
Isabel’s eye’s narrowed in question, oblivious as to what was going on. “Liz, what are you doing?” She questioned quietly.
“Just watch,” she answered, turning her gaze to where the jock had approached the bad-mannered losers. He lowered his head, whispered something to one of them, and quickly walked over to Liz and Isabel, followed by one of his friends. The impolite nerd turned deathly pale and quickly returned his gaze to the huge book in front of him.
“I took care of him.” The jock answered as he pulled up a chair on the other side of Liz, and his friend sat next to him.
“Isabel, this is Josh and Andy. Guys, this is my new friend Isabel, she just moved here from California.” Liz introduced them all, with a patient smile.
“It’s nice to meet you Isabel.” Josh answered with a warm smile. He held out his hand for Isabel to shake, which she did, also flashing a smile.
“Yeah, It’s great to meet you, you and your brother Max have been the talk of WRH, especially since he and Lizzie here are getting cozy…” Andy said, also holding his hand out to Isabel.
“Very funny, NOT!” Liz answered, giving him a teasing death glare.
“Isabel, are you going to Lizzie’s pool party this Saturday?” Josh questioned, leaning on the table.
“Yeah, I’ll be there.” Isabel replied, nodding her head. Liz smiled at this, happy that Isabel was getting comfortable with the people here. Josh was Liz’s favorite friend of Kyle and Michael’s, for more reasons than one. He was her friend and he didn’t try to corner her in the eraser room. Some of the guys on the team had been known to make a move on Liz, and when Michael, Kyle and Josh had found out, bad things had happened to them. Josh had always helped her when she was in need, and he had been her shoulder to lean on last year, when things hadn’t been so good for her. She shivered at the thought of what she had been through, but quickly skipped over the thought, directing her attention back to Isabel and the guys. They were in deep conversation, discussing the pool party.
The bell rang, and Liz jumped up to grab her books. The guys had said bye and left, leaving Isabel and herself alone. “Ok, Isabel… Meet me in the girls’ locker room for cheerleading right after you get your stuff from your locker. Just bring your gym clothes, and while we are at the mall today we can get you some stuff you’ll need. I’ll see you there, Bye!” Liz explained as she headed out the door of the library, waving at Isabel.
“Ok, Bye.” Isabel called after her, as she gathered up her books and headed toward her locker.

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Chapter 8
As Isabel entered the locker room, she glanced around, looking for farmilar faces. Most of the girls she recognized, she had seen them in the halls, waving at Liz. As she made her way down a row of lockers, she spotted Liz, pulling her long hair back with a scrunchy. She quickly walked over, and opened the locker next to Liz’s. She smiled hello and picked up her duffel bag, bending over to grab her shorts.
“So, I was kind of surprised to find that that Pam Troy chick isn’t on the squad.” Isabel stated as she quickly replaced her jeans with a pair of light purple shorts. She glanced back up at Liz from her perch on a bench, waiting for an answer. For the first time, Isabel noticed how thin she was. She was naturally petite, but she looked surprisingly skinny, like the girls that modeled bikinis in magazines. Something wasn’t right, and she knew it…
Liz looked down at Isabel and begun explaining. “Oh, she was, up until a couple of months ago. Pam was caught doing some pretty… well… inappropriate things in the eraser room with Chris Austin, a jock as you probably already guessed. Well, these things were so ‘inappropriate’ that she got suspended and kicked off the squad. But Chris’s dad had ‘conections’ with coach Landers, so he is still on the football team.” Liz finished, turning around to face Isabel. She had on a pair of Abercrombie shorts that were a light blue. Across that back of them were large white letters spelling out Abercrombie. She had a matching halter-top, and her hair was up high with a light blue scrunchy.
Isabel couldn’t help but laugh. That seem like just the thing that Pam Troy would pull. Isabel didn’t know much about her but she already hated her guts. Alex had explained what had happened earlier, and Isabel wanted to pull the girls hair. She also knew that Liz didn’t like her at all either. She had a plan brewing deep within her head, her evil plot constructing quickly with the new information she was being supplied with. ‘That Pam Troy bitch will pay…’ she thought as a wicked smile spread across her face.
“Ok, here is the deal. I talked it over with the other girls on the squad, and because you have had experience, you don’t have to try out. Our squad isn’t in the best shape at this point, because when Pam left, she got a couple of her friends to leave as well. None of them were exceptional good, but a good number of them left, causing complete and utter chaos. So, we have decided that you can just start practices with us, and you and I can get together after school and work to get you up to speed.” Liz finished as the two girls headed onto the field.
“Sounds good.” Isabel said, looking up at Liz. “Maybe today after we get back from the mall we can start, order some pizza and hang out? What do you think?”
“That would be great! My parents are out of town for a couple of days, they are always away on business, so that would be perfect.” Liz agreed, glowing with excitement. She was thrilled that she and Isabel and become friends. She could tell this girl was trustworthy, maybe even trustworthy enough to share with her what had been haunting her life for a year now. The thought of Justin Richmond had made her uneasy since his quick departure last year, when Michael, Kyle, and Josh had taken care of the guy that nearly cost her her life. She could feel the sting of tears in her eyes, but she quickly brushed them away, trying to ignore the horrible feeling that came upon her when she recapped on those tragic memories.
Isabel felt Liz tense next to her, and immediately looked to find what was wrong. She saw Liz swiping tears away, but she was to caught up in her own thoughts to notice Isabel’s questioning gaze.
“Come on, let’s go.” Isabel stated quickly, hoping to snatch Liz back from her painful memories. She would talk to Liz about it later, but now she could only hope Liz was ok, and get her to focus on something else. “We have some cheering to do!”
Tess and Maria seated themselves on the bleachers next to Alex. He was staring at the field, very interest in something or someone out there. Maria followed his gaze to Isabel Evans, practicing cheers with Liz on the side of the field where the Football team was practicing.
“Nice to see you too Alex, I’m so glad that you can actually lift your head from staring at Isabel to acknowledge my presence.” Maria stated lamely, he voice dripping with sarcasm.
“Can you believe it?” Alex asked suddenly, ignoring her comment and changing the subject. “Max Evans is trying out for the football team, and Michael told me that he was the best thing to happen to WRH! I mean, I was hoping that someone would be up here joining me as we watching practice pathetically, instead of having to listen to you two complain about everything and anything under the sun! But no, he goes and joins the jocks! How great is that!” He burst, throwing his arms in the air signaling that he had given up.
“Alex, your stuck with us, get used to it. Maria and I will never have the body or be ‘peppy’ enough to join the squad and you, my friend, would get yourself killed out there! But, as far as ‘Ria and I can tell, Isabel really likes you, and I don’t think she’ll mind if your not our average football playing, brain dead jock, Ok?” Tess finished, twirling a blonde curl around her finger.
“Are you calling Michael, Kyle, and Max brain dead?” Maria asked in mock shock, wiping her head around to face her cousin.
“Have you guys seen Lizzie lately?” Alex interrupted, sending a concerned glance to Liz’s form on the field. “She isn’t eating very much lately, do you think she…” His voice drifted off, not wanting to complete the thought.
“I dunno, I haven’t noticed anything unusual about her. You don’t think that…” Tess asked, her eyes darting to meet Alex’s
“No way!” Maria exclaimed, “Liz wouldn’t put herself through that again. She doesn’t even have a reason to, I mean, Justin is history. He left and he is NEVER coming back! Michael, Kyle and Josh made sure of that!” She finished surely.
“Yeah, I’m sure your right.” Alex replied distractedly, his gaze still glued to Liz. “I hope your right…” He corrected himself under his breath.

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(Sorry it's so short!)
Chapter 9
“So, Maxie boy, how do you like it here in Roswell so far?” Chris, a jock, asked Max as they walked toward the locker rooms.
“I really like it here, it’s nice.” Max replied with a smile. His thoughts drifted back to Liz as they entered the locker room.
“If I had caught Liz Parkers’ eye on my first day here I would be smiling too man!” Chris added, slapping Max on the back as he headed off to his own locker. “I’ll see you around dude!”
“Yeah, Bye man.” Max smile as he reached his locker, which was in between Michael and Kyle. Kyle turned around, a smile dancing across his features.
“You, my friend, are a miracle, I swear! With you on our team, we are going to kill East Roswell at the game this Friday! And then after that, its party time baby!” Kyle exclaimed, spinning around and doing a happy dance.
“Kyle, chill out man!” Michael managed to state between fits of laughter at Kyle’s boogie, “Max, I wanna talk to you.” He added, turning serious.
“Sure man, what’s on your mind?” He asked as he finished tying his shoe. He glanced up at Michael, his expression nonchalant.
“I just want to say sorry for being such an ass to you earlier. It’s just that the last guy Liz got seriously involved with, well… He really hurt her. I just don’t want to see that happen to my baby sister again, you know? I know that I wasn’t very welcoming to you before, and I just want to make sure that were cool.” Michael finished, standing up from his perch on the bench in front of his open locker.
“No problem Michael, I understand how you feel. Isabel has always been popular, and I wasn’t. She went out with a lot of guys that I didn’t approve of, but she didn’t seem to care much about what I thought about them. It’s good to know that you care about her so much.” Max replied as the three of them headed out the locker room.
“Hey Baby…” Kyle said to Tess as the three guys approached the bleachers. He plopped down next to her and scooted over so Michael sat next to Maria. Max sat on the other side of Alex, as they both stared at the girl’s locker room door, waiting for their girlfriends to come out.
“Guys, have you noticed anything unusual with Liz lately?” Tess finally asked, getting a death look from Maria.
“What do you mean?” Michael asked, immediately alert with worry. Maria groaned, tapping at her temples quickly.
“I just observed Liz was a little skinnier that normal, I was just curious if she might have stopped eating.” Tess said quickly, looking away, waiting for Michael to explode.
“Do you think that she isn’t eating again?” Kyle asked quietly, his head turned downward.
“What are you guys talking about?” Max asked, his eyes filled with confusion. He quickly glanced over at Michael, whose haunted eyes were fixed straight ahead.
“Last year, Liz was dating this guy, Justin Richmond. He seemed like the perfect boyfriend, and Liz was completely head over heels. He started telling her that she was fat, so she quit eating. She got to be about 75 pounds and ended up being rushed to the hospital. She spent a month away at a facility, and came back right before school started. We told everyone that she went away visiting relatives.” Alex quietly stated, his gaze still fixed upon the locker room.
“She would tell me. She is my fucking sister for heavens sakes. She knows that what happened could seriously affect her, it almost killed her last time. She isn’t starving herself. Liz wouldn’t do that again.” Michael finished firmly, standing up. He took the bleachers two at a time, running toward the girls locker room. Maria was quick to follow, turning around just long enough to shoot Tess an I-told-you-so look. Tess grunted, and turned to face Max.
“Listen Max, if you notice Liz not eating, Tell someone. Last time, when we noticed that she wasn’t eating, we just blew it off and Liz almost didn’t make it. So, please, be on the look out, alright?” She finished, finally standing up, “I’m getting out of here. Isabel told me that her and Liz had plans to go to the mall, so I’m just going to go home. Are you coming Kyle?” She added, sending him a questioning glance that told him to get his butt up and follow.
“Yeah, sure.” Kyle simply stated. He snatched up his bag and waved good-bye to Max and Alex.
“Kyle was the one who noticed. He didn’t tell anyone and when Liz was rushed to the hospital, he blamed himself. I think he still does, he thinks he could have stopped her.” Alex stated after a while. He quickly glanced up at Max, his voice low.
“She’s really important to all of us, don’t ignore the signs Max, it could cost a life, Liz’s life.”

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Just a quick note...
One of the reasons that I had the eating disorder part in my story is because a really good friend of mine went thru almost the same type of thing. She was a cheerleader and her b/f kept telling her that she looked fat all of the time so she stopped eating. She was afraid to get help because of her A$$ of a boyfriend. Luckly, she got over her fear and sought help. She is perfectly healthy right now, and I just thought that her story was really amazing. I thought that incorporating it with my favortie show, more people would realize what a big problem eating disorders can cause and that you can get help for them.
Also, I should be posting the next part soon, may even tomorrow...