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Title: Throw Down the Gauntlet
Author: Krazykitti
Disclaimer: I no own Roswell, but I do own I make up.
Rating: PG-13 for language
Category: Everyone: All CC: Max and Isabel brother/sister story too
-This is all CC coupling and there will be no aliens, but that doesn't mean they don't have powers. M/L, M/M, A/I, and K/T

-They all go to a boarding school in Massachusetts and there's a dormitory for girls and one for boys.( A little like Young Americans except a boarding school: I no own)

-None of them know each other: Not even Max and Isabel even though they are brother and sister; Max and Isabel are twins. When they were born their parents were having problems. When Max and Isabel turned one their parents got divorced the dad took Isabel and the mom took Max. Isabel lives in Ohio and Max lives in Pennsylvania. Anyway both their parents got remarried when they were like 5 yrs old. Both of them have problems with their step parents and step/half siblings. It gets so bad they get sent to a boarding school in Massachusetts. (It's a little like the parent trap where they each have one half of a picture that there parents gave them)

-Anyway they are all sophomores, 16 yrs. old, play some kind of sport ( just to keep them in shape and from making *too* much trouble) and all have some kind of flaw( like a sickness or disability or something, but not all of them will be mentioned in the intros)

-When I said they have powers they have special gifts that they developed because of emotional situations or other (Sorta like Matilda and how she developed her powers): They all have telekenesis. ( I got the whole power idea from Charmed: and Max and Isabel’s powers can connect together sorta like the twin thing in Escape to Witch Mountain; I no own any)
Max- Telepathy(with Isabel) and Teleportation
Isabel- Same as Max
Liz-Astral projection and seeing Auras
Michael- Empath and Reading peoples’ thoughts (it’s not like telepathy because he can’t send messages)
Maria- shapeshifting ( not exactly the same as Nasedo: I’ll explain later)
Kyle- freezing time and making mischief ( you’ll see what I mean once I get going)
Tess- Premonition
Alex- Transparency (walking through things; mostly walls) and Connecting with people

-Hope you Enjoy!! Feedback Please!!!!!!!!
*Introduction A* ( Liz, Kyle, Michael, and Isabel: In parentheses it says where they live)

Liz(Arizona) - I always knew that I was special, ever since I was three. My parents were never around a lot and I had to learn things on my own. I taught myself to read, write, and cook when I was 3 yrs old, but that’s not the only thing. I started developing powers. My dad had just got home from work late one night and was really tired, but he promised to read me a story. He tucked me in and asked what story I wanted to read. I was thinking of one of my favorite books and it just floated over to me in my hands, Alice in Wonderland. My dad’s eyes were all bugged out and he started mumbling to himself that it’s his vision.

Well over the years it got worse. I started to see colors surrounding people and I had to learn to control my telekenesis( When I finally learned what it was called) and I learned that the colors I was seeing were people’s auras. I told my mother and father about this and they said I was crazy, that I was hallucinating. One night at dinner I was a little angry because my parents kept asking me all these questions like am I doing drugs, have I had sex, and all that. I got angry and suddenly the glass candle holders broke, the candles fell and the table lit on fire. Luckily I was able to control the fire with my powers and able to put water on it before it caused real damage. They then went to my room and found some books I had bought to learn more about my powers. They thought I was in a cult. Now I’m on a plane to the Gauntlet Boarding School in Boston, Massachusetts. What wonderful parents.

Kyle(New Mexico) - I know I haven’t been the best student or the best son, but it’s not like my authority has been the best influence, teachers, or parent. When I was six years old my mom walked out on my father and I. I couldn’t believe it and being so young and naive I started asking why did it have to be this way? Why did mommy leave? Why? I was a very sad little kid and I started to cause trouble after a while to get some of my rage out. One day I was really mad because my dad had grounded me. I started yelling , screaming, and jumping up and down in my room. That’s when it happened...I was just looking at myself in the mirror and all of the sudden it shattered. There were glass shards everywhere. My dad ran into the room and I was just standing there like a moron with my mouth agape. I ended up being grounded longer, doing extra chores, and no dinner that night (What kind of punishment is this anyway? Depriving your kid of food? I’ll never understand parents.) I tried explaining what had happened and he thought I was making it up. Damn him!

As I got older my telekenesis became more advanced and to get my some of my feelings out I became a buddhist and did meditation. Another power that also came out of nowhere was my being able to freeze time. This power is the shit! It’s so awesome! I can freeze my class if I walk in late, sit in my seat, and unfreeze, and be there on time even though I wasn’t. (hehehe) After a while the teachers notice I had somehow been messing with their heads and notice after notice came to my house. My dad got sick of it. So he sent an intuition to a boarding school. Now I’m on a bus( my dad’s too cheap: sending me on a bus) to Boston, Massachusetts to Gauntlet Boarding School.

Michael(Washington) - I’m just going to get to the point quick and easy. I have powers. I am an Empath. I can feel *literally* what other people are feeling. I hate this power even if it helps me know that I’m not the only one feeling a certain way. I can also read people’s thoughts and I have telekenesis. I like having the kenesis’ though because I can get my chores ,cleaning done fast, and homework done especially. I remember the first time I developed these powers, actually I should say my mom. The first power I developed was my empathic feelings and reading other peoples’ thoughts. I was 4 years old when it happened. My mom was crying and I was playing with my Lincoln Logs building a log cabin. (Hehehe, I loved my Lincoln Logs) Anyway, this thought all of a sudden popped into my head and I started feeling sad and I started crying ( I hate to say that I was crying because Michael “Stonewall” Guerin as my step dad says, does not cry). My mom then asked why I was crying. I then told her that I was crying because she was sad and that she was crying because she found out my (real) dad was having an affair. She then gave me the weirdest look, like I had turned into some alien monster. I then asked her what was an affair ( now that I think about it: that’s the worst question I could’ve asked at a time like that).

Now that I’m older I learned to control the empathic feelings meaning that I don’t show what I am feeling from someone and the telekenesis...eventually. The telekenesis developed in me when I was seven. I was outside playing baseball with my new step dad( he’s cool and I’m glad that my mom is happy again) and he threw the ball, and then I hit the ball and all of the sudden it went in all different directions( you know like in the movies). Anyway my step dad, Greg was laughing too hard to notice. That’s good. I don’t want him thinking I’m weird.

Recently though at school someone set me up. They put drugs in my locker and the principal found it. I told my parents it wasn’t me and I’m so glad I have them because they believed me and know I would never do drugs especially with the other medications I take( then it would really fuck me up). Anyway, the whole town found out and my parents decided that I needed a clean start until everything is over. I am now on a train to Boston, Massachusetts to Gauntlet Boarding School, to get a new start.( I’m doing this for myself and my parents. Hey you never know maybe I’ll make some new friends and kick some peoples’ asses at baseball. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to leave my little sister Sarah behind, but she’ll be okay. I promised them I would keep in touch.)

Isabel(Ohio) - “I hate you! Leave me alone!” God I hate my life sometimes, actually a lot of times. See I’m the oldest in my family. I have a step mother who is a fucking bitch along with my step sister Josie. I hate her. She takes all my stuff and never gives it back. I also have 4 other half siblings: Ben, Alysse, Melissa, and Caleb. There not that bad. I have to say the guys are my favorite. Ben is really nice to me and respects me and he’s always asking for advice from me. My little bro Caleb is only 2 and is just learning how the talk. He may only be two, but he’s already pissed off his mom, Jane. Hehehe. His first word was surprisingly “Izzybel”. Jane was so pissed off about that. And my Melissa and Alysse are just plain annoying. Anyway, here’s some stuff you need to know about my life.

I am 16 years old and live in a house of hell with my step mom, dad, step sister, and half siblings. My mom and dad separated when I was like... a baby. My dad never talks about it though. The only thing I have of my mom is a picture of her holding me as a baby and the picture is torn in half( I wonder where the other half went? I’ll never know probably) and a bracelet with my initials engraved in it (which I always wear....along with my Diabetes alert bracelet). Anyway I also have a secret....I have powers. I have telekenesis, telepathy, and I can teleport. Teleporting is the hardest one to control because sometimes it’ll just happen and there’s no fore-warning either. I first got telepathy when I was six. I was swear I was talking to someone in my head, but sometimes I ended up talking to them outloud. My dad just thought I had an imaginary friend. I still don’t know who it is I’m talking to. He’s a lot like me though. Same kind of household and everything. He knows what it’s like. The telekenesis I got when I was 2. My dad swears he saw me make my baby cereal float out of the bowl into the trash ( I must have been a smart baby, hehehe because Caleb hates that stuff). I learned to control it though. Now teleportation is a whole different story. I just got that power when I was 14. Josie and I were arguing ( like usual) I didn’t want to be there. She turned around for a sec and I was gone. I ended up out front. (Yay! Teleporting takes me away from places I don’t want to be).

Right now I really hate my life though, but I’m a little happy to know I’m leaving this household. I can’t stand it. I love my dad and all, but he really needs to learn what kind of women to pick ( like one who doesn’t want kids: oh did I tell you she’s also 5 months pregnant? Yep another Evans. Just great. I hope it’s a boy, but I won’t be here for the birth. No offense to Jane or anything, but I hope the labor is hard and painful!) I’m being sent to Boston, Massachusetts to Gauntlet Boarding School. My dad had already sent the intuition money in advanced. He said one more messup and I’m outta here. Well it happened. See I had been throwing up for the past 2 weeks and Jane(being the stupid bitch she is) thought I was pregnant! Pregnant! My dad got all pissed off then I told him and he knows this( he was there!!), I had just gotten a new medication for my Diabetes and I think I’m allergic to it, but no, Stupid Jane doesn’t even ask. I ended up loosing my temper and started cussing her out in front of the whole family. Boy, was my dad pissed off! I also ended up breaking some of her good(crappy) china with my telekenesis. Now I’m packing for my long trip on a bus(since they have to save money for the baby and they couldn’t get me a plane ticket) to Boston, Massachusetts.
A/N: I know this was a long introduction and it's still not finshed. LoL! Anyway If you would like me to continue please leave feedback!!! Also the title is a phrase that means to challenge, as to a fight. Enjoy! And one other thing The Prophecy and Band Geeks will be updated tomorrow.

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*Introduction B* (Max, Maria, Alex, and Tess: In parentheses it says where they live)

Max(Pennsylvania) - I love my mom and all, but she always takes Bill’s side instead of mine. I mean, I’m her son for God’s sake and Bill isn’t even my father. He’s my step father. I just don’t get it. At times I do, but at times it just makes me angry. Also when I get very emotional, that’s when my telekenesis lashes out. Yes, I have telekenesis. I also have teleportation and telepathy. When I first got telekenesis, I was two years old. I was playing with my stuffed animals and my mom said she thought she saw them floating in mid-air. Which they were, but I was too little to realize that. She thought that she had drank a little too much that night. Now my telepathy is a weird thing. I was six years old at the time and I must have been thinking to myself and then soemone answered my question and it wasn’t me(I’m not crazy). The question I asked myself is why parents have to get remarried? And the girl in my head said, “Because they can and like to torture the kids they have.” I was really freaked and I told my mom. She said I was imagining things, but I wasn’t. I still talk to the girl too, even though I don’t know who she is. All I know is that we have a lot in common. Anyway, back to what I was saying. Like I said I also have teleportation and I got that power about 2 years ago. I was grounded at the time for hitting my brother(he was annoying the hell out of me and wouldn’t shut up, so I smaked him on his arm: he’s such a baby and a tattle tale: well maybe I did smack him a little hard) anyway I wished I wasn’t there. I wished I was outside playing hockey with my friends. Then out of nowhere I was at the park. It scared the shit out of me, but I love this power, even though there are aspects to it that I don’t understand.

Now I’m on a train headed to Boston, Massachusetts to Gauntlet Boarding School. You ask the reason I’m being sent here? It’s because I had a huge argument with Bill and my mom. We were eating dinner at the time and Aaron(who has a big mouth) said that I beat the crap out of some guy in school that day. Bill is all like, “ You know fighting isn’t the answer Max.” I told him I didn’t do anything except punch the guy in the stomach.
“Still fighting isn’t the answer.” My mom says to me.
“You wanna know why I did it? It’s because he’s been spreading rumors about me saying that I’m a homosexual okay!”
Then Bill asks the stupidest question. “Are you?”
“Fuck No! What the hell are you thinking! I’m straight!”
“Max, don’t use that kind of language at the table especially with such influential children around you.”
“ I don’t really give a shit! He asked me if I was gay! That’s a fucking inappropriate question to ask at the table.”
“Max, it’s just a question.”
“Here’s a question, why do you always take his fucking side and not your own son’s?”
“Max, that’s not fair.”
“Well neither is this, I don’t even remember my father and all I have is a torn in half picture of him holding me as a baby! I hate this! And you never talk about him to me! Do you really hate him that much!!” All of a sudden the all the glass doors on the cupboards shatter.( Oops)
“Max remember when I told you, If you didn’t quit with that attitude that you’re going to that boarding school?”
“Well start packing.”
“What the fuck!! Mom you can’t let him do this! I remember a long time ago when I was four years old that you said you would never let a man rule your life. Well I guess promises are forgotten and never kept.” I then get up, throw the chair across the kitchen(ended breaking some expensive stuff), and go upstairs and pack.
“I’m sorry Max!”
“Sorry isn’t good enough!” I say with tears in my eyes and continue running up the stairs.
God, I’m trembling. My blood sugar must be high as hell.

Maria(California) - I know I don’t have the best life, but I know even with the little bit I have, it could’ve been better. My mom was always someone who I have to say is a little selfish and can be crazy. She also acts like a teenager even though she’s 35. I hate it when she does it because it makes me feel embarrassed and ashamed of her. She needs to act more like an adult. She got remarried about 2 years after my dad died. My dad died when I was 7. I loved my dad so much, but he just coulndn’t beat the Cancer that was eating away his lungs, but it was partially his fault I have to say. He was a smoker. Before he died he said to me never to smoke and I’m going to keep that promise. Anyway my mom remarried when I was 9. He’s not that bad, but he can be an asshole at times. I hate it when him and my mom get drunk though. I can’t stand it. If they ever get Liver Cancer they’ll know why. So instead of sticking around, I go up to my room and do my thing.

On nights when they get drunk I shapeshift. Not like into a different person, but into an animal. I shapeshift into a cat and go out my window and be free for the night( This is why I hate having school in the day because I like to go out at night and sleep in the day). I also shapeshift into a cat because I get four legs to walk on and I can pounce, walk, run, and strut my stuff. While in my real life when I’m not a cat, I have nothing to walk on. I do have legs, but as I say, they don’t work. When I was 5 years old I was taking the bus to school. Someone ran a red light and the bus was going straight and there was a semi behind us. The car hit the bus and the semi hit the bus from behind. I ended flying through the windshield of the bus and was paralyzed from the waist down. I was in the hospital for 5 months learning to redo everything. It sucked, but I got used to it eventually.

I first could shapeshift when I was 8. I wanted to be anything, but me right then because my mom was ranting about this guy she just met( who is my step dad now) and I didn’t want to listen. I thought about being a cat and my mom was washing the dishes as she talked, next thing I know I have four legs and a tail. I knew I was different from then on, but I love it. I hope I’ll eventually be able to develop more gifts, but right now I’m being sent to Boston, Massachusetts to Gauntlet Boarding School because I can’t stand my life. I need new surroundings. I asked my mom and step dad, Seth if maybe I could go to boarding school because I want to get out a little. They agreed and now I’m on a plane to Boston hoping to meet new people and make new memories.

Alex(Hawaii) - Why are my parents sending me to a boarding school all the way across the United States? Oh yeah because they want to travel and I didn’t want to go. I like where I am. I live in the tropics, I have an okay life, I love to surf, and there are a lot of cute girls here, but none that are my type. All the way on the east coast. Damn! Could they have picked any farther? Well yeah they could’ve picked me to go to Sweden or something, but I don’t want to think about that. Anyway I’m using my telekenesis to help myself pack to board a plane to Boston, Massachusetts to Gauntlet Boarding School for tomorrow.

Yes I have telekenesis and why not use it to my advantage. I first got telekenesis when I was 10. I was doing my chores and I had to put away the dishes. The cupboards were pretty high for me back then and I didn’t feel like acting like a monkey to climb up on the counter to reach them. I must have been concentrating really hard because the dishes started to float up and stack by themselves(greatest power ever!). From then on I use my telekenesis whenever I can, but that’s not the first power that I got. My first power was transparency. I use to sleep walk when I was little and whenever I slept walked I ended up running into walls( that’s when I woke up). One night I was sleep walking and when a wall was aboout to come up I woke up, but I ended up going right through it. I was 7 years old. This power is also the shit because then I don’t always have to use a door(hehehe). I can also connect with people like find out about their life with the touch of my hand.

I better get back to packing though. I’m going to miss Hawaii, even though for some reason I can never get tanned: I always end up sunburned. Boston here I come!

Tess(Wyoming) - I’m going to miss my dad when I leave for Boston to go to Gauntlet Boarding School. You’re probably wondering why I’m going there. I’m going there because my dad is going to a clinic to get help for his drinking problems. He doesn’t want to be a drunk all of his life and so he said that he’s going to a special clinic in Maine to get help. He’s doing it for me and for the lost soul of my mom. My mother died a few months ago. She and my dad were coming back from dinner and a drunk driver who ran a red light hit their car. The impact was on the passenger side of the car. She died instantly. My dad feels guilty because it was a *drunk driver* and that if he hadn’t left the restaurant sober, that could’ve been him running through the red light. He thinks either way that mom was going to die that night(he has this weird theory about it: don’t ask) Anyway, now he’s getting help for his excessive drinking.

He didn’t want me to be in foster homes or child protective services so he decided to send me to a boarding school instead. He wants me to see more of the U.S.( just because Wyoming is so boring) and make some new friends,and not to be so introverted. I agreed to it. He hopes to accomplish his goal and be a better person for what he’s doing.

What I didn’t tell him about that night mother died was that I had a premonition of it. His theory is correct though. Either way mom would’ve died. It makes me sad to think about it because my dad wouldn’t have been able to save her and nieither would I. This is some reasons why I hate my power, because I fortell both good and bad things, but now that my mother is gone and is in a better place I made a promise to her. Whenever I have a premonition, if it’s bad I’m going to try and prevent it from happening. I first got premonition when I was 4. I had a vision of my dad and mom at the cemetary visiting Grandma’s grave. When they came home that night and the babysitter had left I asked them where they went. They told me they went to go visit Grammy’s grave. It was like I was having a Deja Vu except just not being there the first time.

With You
Linkin Park

I woke up in a dream today
To the cold of the static / and put my cold feet on the floor
Forgot all about yesterday
Remembering I’m pretending to be where I’m not anymore
A little taste of hypocrisy
And I’m left in the wake of the mistake / slow to react
Even though you’re so close to me
You’re still so distant / And I can’t bring you back
It’s true / the way I feel
Was promised by your face
The sound of your voice
Painted on my memories
Even if you’re not with me
I’m with you
You / Now I see/ keeping everything inside
You / Now I see / Even when I close my eyes
I hit you and you hit me back
We fall to the floor / the rest of the day stands still
Fine line between this and that
When things go wrong I pretend the past isn’t real
Now I'm trapped in this memory
And I’m left in the wake of the mistake / slow to react
Even though you’re close to me
You’re still so distant / And I can’t bring you back
No matter how far we've come
I can't wait to see tomorrow
With you