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TITLE: Dinotopia Found
AUTHOR: Jen (Lizparker25⊕
DISCLAIMER: Okay. Let's see if I remember how to do this. The Roswell characters don't belong to me. They belong to Jason Katims and the UPN and whoever else owns them. The world of Dinotopia is created by the brilliant James Gurney. I might borrow some of his charcters. I'm not sure about that yet.
RATING: not above PG-13
CATEGORY: AU, crossover of sorts. It's definately alternate universe, but since the story takes place on Dinotopia, I guess it can be seen as a crossover too. Mainly M/L with a lot of M/M and A/I as well.

SUMMARY: Okay. Let's see how to explain this. Basically, for all of you who don't know what Dinotopia is, it's an island created by James Gurney in which dinosaurs have survived whatever disaster wiped them out. Over time, they've become, I guess you can say, a bit civilized (sorry, can't think of any other word) and with the humans that have landed on the island, built a really amazing, peaceful civilization. If anyone wants more information, just post and I'll give a better summary of Dinotopia. I highly recommend the books (and the miniseries in May!*big*). If it might help, I can post footnotes/glossary with the parts that explain the Dinotopia terms or situations in my fic.

In my story, Max, Michael, and Isabel are aliens who crash land on Dinotopia. They're befriended by Liz, Alex, Maria, and Liryx (a protoceratops friend of the three whose Bix's, one of the character's from James Gurnery's Dinotopia books, niece) who live on the island. As they learn to trust each other, relationships grow and mysteries about Dinotopia's past are solved.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: To all those who have read my other fics (The Fifth Element and Magic), please know that I have not given up on them. It's just lately I have been unable to com up with what to write next with them and sort of have been putting them off. I will try to work on The Fifth Element as soon as I can however. Until then, I really hope you enjoy this story. Thank you. -Jen

Part 1

Maxcelt Evansi stood erect by the window of his spaceship. He stared at the small blue and green marble suspended in the blackness of space; hands crossed behind his back, though he twiddled his thumbs nervously. Amber brown eyes watched intently as the blue and green marble grew fractions of a centimeter larger. He hardly blinked while studying the view. The only sound heard in the whole cabin was his low breathing, and even that barely expressed the nervousness he embodied about this mission.

The crown prince of Antar never knew what to expect when he and his sister signed up for the Starflight Academy’s preliminary mission to the blue and green marble. This planet had been a recent discovery on part of Academy, when a few strands of a radio wave transmission reached their satellites. The clips, though short and obviously primitive were the first signs of intelligent life somewhere outside the Aldalite system Antar was a part of. Of course, intensive research had quickly followed the new discovery, leading to this very day.

And now, here stood Maxcelt, hesitant and afraid, though very unwilling to show it.
He reached slowly with his left hand to wipe away small beads of sweat forming at his brow. “There’s a first time for everything,” he muttered softly to himself, realizing the irony of his situation. Maxcelt and Isabeltta had spent most of their childhood within the palace confines. At age 17, they were finally thought of as old enough to leave the walls, but neither had quite imagined that their first real journey would be to another planet.

“How’s your English?”

A rough voice from behind the prince startled the teenager out of his reverie. Maxcelt turned around rather quickly to see Michael Guening, second in command to the prince and lieutenant commander of the Shooting Star, the youngest ever in the Antarian militia. Unlike Maxcelt’s prim and proper manner, Michael’s unruly sandy hair stood straight up; the top buttons of his uniform opened. He smirked at Maxcelt’s serious and annoyed impression.

“So, Max?” he asked, joining his friend and prince by the window. “You do remember that English is the most popular language of this planet and if we are ever to fit in amount the Earthlings, we must be able to at least communicate.”

Max chuckled. “Sometimes you make me forget who is the crown prince here.”

“I know. Isn’t it nice?” Michael responded almost sarcastically, causing Maxcelt’s eyes to sparkle with hidden laughter. It was nice to have another friend on the trip aside from his twin sister. Although he loved Isabeltta, he had to admit, she did get on his nerves sometimes.

“Trust me, this is one duty you don’t want,” Max replied.

Michael shook his hands warningly and his eyes widened. “Did I ever mention I wanted the position? Hey, the less duty for me, the better! Okay Maxcelt?”

Max shook his head in mock despair. “Sometimes I wonder about you.”

“Don’t we all?” Michael said curtly. He ran a hand through his hair, scratching his eyebrow. “Hey, at least we can blend in easily. No disguises necessary.”

Maxcelt had to agree with that statement. When Earth had first been discovered, the Academy’s greatest worry would be the necessary creation of some sort of suit that would allow the representatives chosen to study the humans to fit in among this species. As luck would have it, Antarians and humans seemed to have almost identical physical structure. Perhaps the only difference between the two species were the mind gifts possessed by all Antarians. Well, that’s why we’re being sent to Earth, Max thought to himself, to learn more about them.

Silence once again refilled the room as the two boys watched Earth growing larger in the window. The vast infinities of space no longer seemed so immense and the major continents on the blue and green planet began to shape. The total greenness of the lands gave way to degrees of browns and golden lights, the blue oceans hidden beneath tumulus storm clouds. Michael and Maxcelt stood captivated by the amazing sight set before them as the Shooting Star came closer and closer to the living planet.

“Maxcelt, Michael, hurry.” Isabeltta’s voice called from the intercom clipped on Michael’s belt; the serene atmosphere interrupted once more. “The crew’s preparing to land. You’re both wanted in the cockpit.”

Michael unclipped the transmitter from his belt and held it in front of his face. “Tell Captain Saron to take a load off. I swear, this guy is more uptight than…”

“Michael,” Max interrupted before the other teenager said something he’d live to regret. “Iz, tell him we’ll be there within minutes.”

“Over and out,” Isabeltta answered, a low beep following her voice. Michael placed the intercom back on his belt and faced Max, his eyes narrowed.

“Someday, I’m going to be the one ordering that Sanson around. You wait and see. I don’t give a damn what he thinks. We’ll come at our own pace.” His fists clenched and glowed in anger. Maxcelt placed a hand on his shoulder in sympathy.

“Michael, please. This is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Our first landing on an alien planet in a millennia. Don’t ruin it for anyone. I ask not as your prince, but as your friend. Please?”

“Whatever Maxcelt.” Michael grunted.

Quickly, they walked over to the wall and Max pressed a button opening the air sealed door. The hallways were surprisingly empty considering the upcoming landing on Earth. Each step taken by the two men echoed on the metal floor. Maxcelt swallowed his nervousness. The quiet had finally allowed his fears to flow freely. However, the quiet would not last long.

“WARNING! WARNING! Preparing to enter atmosphere in five minutes! All crew on deck! All crew on deck!” The red alarm lights flashed and all at once, men rushed from all rooms, filling the corridors. Max and Michael jumped back against a wall in alarm, only to be pushed aside as a door opened up and another pale faced crew member joined the rushing crowd.

“What the hell is going on?” Michael shouted to Max. Max shook his head and pointed to his ears, indicating that he couldn’t hear Michael’s question over the bustle of men and roar of alarms. As soon as Michael realized what Max meant, he shoved his way through the crowd until reaching a small, uninhabited corner. Maxcelt followed in suit.

When they finally reached the empty area, Michael repeated his question. Max shrugged his shoulders, just as confused. The alarms grew louder despite the lack of people to fill the hallways now. Most of the crew had probably reached their destinations, Maxcelt concluded. Maybe we should reach ours.

“C’mon Michael. We should find Isabel. If something’s happening, I don’t want her to be alone.” He grabbed Michael’s hand and began to find his way through the remaining crowd. Michael attempted to protest and broke away from Maxcelt’s grip. Max whirled around to glare at his friend. “We have to Michael. She’s my sister. If your sister was here, would you want her to be alone without having any clue on what’s going on?”

“That’s the thing Maxcelt. I don’t have a sister.” He turned to head in the other direction, opposite the cockpit and toward the engine room.

“But you have Iz. Michael, come. Now.” Max’s voice was cold and demanding, totally unlike the frightened manner he had conducted himself in moments ago. Michael knew he had no choice but to follow. And when Maxcelt broke into a fast jog, Michael did the same.

Within minutes, Max and Michael had reached the cockpit. Max stopped short, leaning over, hands on knees, breathing heavily. He let out a breath of relief as Isabeltta rushed toward the two boys, her face full of worry.

“Oh my goddess. Max, Michael, are you two okay? I was so afraid when the alarms went off and I couldn’t…”

A sudden jolt hit the ship and sent Isabeltta flying into her brother’s arms. They stumbled backwards, Max hitting Michael and knocked him into the wall. Another impact caused all three to tumble hard onto the floor, sprawling in various directions.

“What was that?” Max asked gasping for air as he tried to sat up, clutching his ribs painfully.

“I – I don’t know,” Isabeltta replied. Fear was fully evident in both twins’ voices. Michael crawled over to them.

“Something’s not right,” Michael whispered, unusually frightened. “We have to get to the pods.”

He stood up and then offered hands to both his friends. Another shock caused all three to stumble, but they quickly regained their balance. The shouts of urgent commands inside the cockpit filled the corridor with indistinguishable noise. Maxcelt recomposed himself quickly and dashed down the hallway. Unsure of anything except to stay together, Michael and Isabeltta followed, ignoring everyone else who passed by. Max came to a short stop and banged against a panel to open a door. It refused to open. Max continued to pound.

“Max?” Isabel questioned.

“I need to see where we are. There…there’s a window in there. I need to know what to do.” Max cried, continually trying to get it open.

“It’s jammed,” Michael shouted. “We have to find another way.”

Without thinking, he pushed Max aside and slammed all his body weight into the door. Already weakened by Maxcelt’s attempts to open it, the door caved in the room. Michael toppled inside, followed by Max and Isabel. Isabel gasped and brought her hands to her mouth.

“Max! We’re sinking!” she cried. “Oh, goddess, we have to get out of here.”

“Come on.” Max shouted, already running out of the room. “Michael’s right. We have to get to the pods.”

An announcement blared over the speaker system, alerting the crew to the ship’s predicament. Captain Sanson issued the evacuation order immediately, but the trio heard none of this, as escape became their only concern. They navigated their way through the twists and turns of the doomed spacecraft, never once stopping to catch their breath. Finally, Maxcelt, Michael, and Isabeltta reached their destination. They pushed the only manually opening door on the ship open to reveal numerous egg shaped green pods ready for departure.

“One pod,” Maxcelt ordered. “We have to conserve the escape pods for other crew members. We can all fit into one. We have to.”

He pushed Isabel and Michael in front of him and the three filed into the pod chamber. Isabeltta climbed into the nearest pod, crawling in as fast as she could. Max looked at Michael to do the same. Both boys, however, refused to move.
“No you idiot!” Michael shouted, fury written across his sharp features. “If there’s not enough room, it’s more important that the crown prince is safe!”

Max opened his mouth to object, but Michael cut him off. “Get in or else,” he growled. “I’ll be close behind you.”

“Thanks,” Max whispered and then followed his sister into the pod. As he did so, Michael walked over to the control panel, quickly punching in the series of numbers that would ensure their pod reaching some sort of land. Just as fast, he jumped into the pod, locking the outer seal behind him. Within seconds, the escape pod’s engine roared to life and blasted out of the ship.

Hundreds of the pods were released from the Shooting Star almost simultaneously, desperate survivors of the crash trying to escape into the Indian Ocean. As the saucer shaped craft sunk to the ocean’s bottom, bringing along several pods with it, a few managed to reach the surface, where a dangerous storm raged. Lightning hit even more pods and some were crushed by the force of the monstrous waves. Of all the escape pods launched from the Shooting Star, only one managed to find land. By morning, it had washed up on the shore of a deserted beach.

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