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Author: Roswell Chick101
Title: Sneaking Out
Category: M/L M/M A/I
Summary: set back in the time of prince’s and Princess’
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I am in no way connected to Roswell

Max: Come on Alex you need to be quiet

Alex: well I’m sorry sir Max but you really can’t be
sneaking out now at this hour to see her . . . your families are at war! He hissed

Max: I have too see her she’s the air I breath as he went in to his loves world

Alex: clears throat Sir Max I am your Noble man yes but I will not take the torture from your father no I wont

Max: then I’ll simply tell Elizabeth to stop bringing Isabella

Alex: NO! . . .I mean no its fine carry on

Isabel: Liz we can’t do this he’s an Evans your father will have his head if he catches you

Liz: Isabel we won’t get caught I assure you . . . don’t know what its like to be away from him all day I hate this war (with sadness in her eyes)

Max: wait! Alex were supposed to wait here

Alex: Sir Max if this is such a conflict why don’t you just marr-….

Liz: Max? she whispered

Max: Liz?

Liz: Max she sighed happily as the ran to each other and held eachother

Max: I’ve missed you

Liz: and me you

Max: lets take a walk

Liz: lets

They went to s grassy field and the sat facing eachother as Max took Liz’s face in his hands and gave her soft kisses all around her face. . .

Phillip: Guards! Max Has Left Go after him this is the Last time Max. . .

Diane: Oh Phillip he needs to be free

Phillip: he’s with that Girl and I will put a stop to that tonight


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ILYMEFOREVER Great start... So is a little like Romeo and Juliet?

Please more..
Mary A.
Well not exactly like Romeo and Juliet more like a war and rival familes

part 2 and an explination out soon*angel**bounce**angel**bounce*
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ItsEraser Room

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Title: Sneaking Out
Category: M/L M/M A/I
Summary: set back in the time of prince’s and Princess’
Disclaimer: I own nothing and I am in no way connected to Roswell

Part 2

Max was stroking Liz’s hair as he watched her sleep one arm around his chest the other around his neck he just wanted to take her out of Antar and into there own world where they would live together forever with no worries If it wasn’t for this bloody war with their parents and a silly misunderstanding 50 years ago they would be Prince and Princess of Antar but the government said it would be better to divide the country so they did.
Max heard horses coming

Liz he whispered

Liz: max she sighed

Max: Liz shhh

Liz: why?

Max: guards

Liz: Max Oh my gosh
Max: shhh

Guard: Sir Max your father wants you back and asks to take whoever’s with you too

Max: no leave them be-

Guard: orders are orders

Max: no!

Guard: then we hold you-

Liz: we’ll go with you

Max: Liz? What are you-

Liz: trust me love

The ride over was anything but eventful no words were spoken except the gentle calming whispers of Liz to a very tense max

Liz: It will be ok My love

Max: not with my father Liz he’ll-

He was stopped by gentle kisses all around his face

Max: Liz this isn’t going to solve everything

Liz: this is too calm you down

Feed Back is what I live off of

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Phillip: Max what I have told you about Going out of the castle to see her! Disgusted with the thought of her presence there in HIS Castle.

Max: suddenly filled with Anger what do you mean to see Her?
He asked you act as if she were poison

Phillip: More Like a serpent!

Max: you will not speak this way!

Liz was sitting there trying to come up with something to say to make the situation better but it seemed as if there fathers would always hate each other.

Phillip: If I see you with HER ever again I’ll ship you off…. To … to I don’t know where but you’ll wish you never laid eyes on her!

Max: saw red Father the only reason Im alive is because of her and you will not take that away I won’t let you you’ll have to kill me first I love her!

Liz smiled she still loved hearing that and she knew if the opened her mouth she would cause more trouble so she did the sent best thing she sent him a mental message saying I Love you too.

Phillip: what did you say!?

Max: I love her and we want to marry eachother-

Phillip: That’s it! Pack your Bags you’re leaving I hear by Betroth you to lady Ava

Max: no! you can’t-

Phillip: I can do anything I want I’m the King now go

Max: not without-

Phillip: guards get out of my sight

Max: No Liz ! but he was taken by force of 7 men

Phillip: Lady Liz if I ever see you near Maxwell again I’ll have your head mouted to my wall! Now Go and never comeback.

TBC? Tell me by FB please

PS. Sorry these are so short its just I don't want to get to caught up in a fic if No One leaves FB or if people arent reading so If I keep getting little bits of FB The parts will come out little.*sad*

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Hey Guy's next part out soon and please leave FB*angel*
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Liz was sitting on her bed looking out the window Max would leave in 4 hours and they agreed that they would meet out by the lake at 1 o'clock .Liz was dreading seeing him because that meant that Max would have to leave and go live with Lady Ava ugh!that name did not suit her Gerbil,Intolerable sounded much better to Liz's ears she looked at the clock that hung on the wall was it her was time in this universe moving faster today ...she could remember when she would be on her way too see Max and it would take decades to make the little hand move 2 centimeters !!

Later in the Day
Liz was sneaking out of the castle as queitly as she could ,all she needed was to draw attention to herself .When she finally made it too the lake she quickly found Max laying in the feild on his back if he could sense her his head shot up and darted around the feild Liz made her way to him and silently sat down next to him .

Max: Liz he said breathlessly

Liz: oh max I'm goning to miss you

Max: I will miss you too and... and thats why I propose we just run you and me in to the sunset will go where no one knows us it will be perfect and I can take care of you and love you and-

Liz: Lets go now I ..I have nothing to -

Max: you'll go with me?

Liz: yes Max I'll go

They shared a long kiss then decided they should leave right then so then they went sneaking out of the Castle Gates into a world where no one knew them the only thing that mattered was that they were together.


Sequel Yes OR NO??*bounce*
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Yes, I will write a sequal it will be callled Hiding away...Anyone want to co-write it so it will be longer just e-mail or b-mail me