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Title: The Roadtrip

Summary: SEt in future the Roz gang goes on a little trip.

Catogory: AU/MM/ML/AI/KT
Alex never died, Max never slept with Tess.

Authors note: I know this was posted a while ago but I have a new part to add, and when I went to go put it in the page wouldn't appear no matter what I did. So here the deal if you wanna see the next part leave me some feedback please *happy*

The Roadtrip Part 1

One day far into the future. In the year 2015 a group of friends and loved ones go out of town on the wildest trip of their life.

It all started one day when I came home from a long day at the Snapple Factory. I walked into my house to see my wife, Maria talking to our friends the Evans, the Whitman’s, and the Valenti's. Maria had forgotten to include me in her latest idea (which isn’t a new thing). She was planning a long road trip across the country. Everyone was so excited but I wasn’t sure. We might run into Billy. And that would be bad (as we have already found out). But still I agreed because it would make my little snowflake happy and I always want her to be happy.

Well we started packing for this road trip, we would be in two cars. Maria and I would ride with the Whitman’s Alex and Isabel. The Evans Max and Liz would be in a separate car with the Valenti's Kyle and Tess. As I was saying Maria and I were packing Maria filled up three suitcases and I only took one small duffel bag. Our car was full by the time Maria and Isabel put there stuff in. Alex and I tied are stuff to the roof and we were off. Alex and me were in the front Isabel and Maria were in the back dead asleep. We drove over to the Evans where Max and Kyle were loading there truck with the girls stuff they had a little less than us but not by much ( they also didn't have Maria). When they finished we set off on the road we were going to drive till we hit Texas and stop in at a cute little motel for the night. Then set off in the morning. We were on the road for a while when the girls started bugging us to stop we were almost at the border, but the girls had to take a bathroom break. So we stopped in at the next mini mart and I bought snacks and drinks when the girls went to the bathroom. We all went got back to the cars we went back on the road Maria started to sing. And all she was singing was the oldies like Dido and Lifehouse she even sang Nelly Fertaudo. That was a really cool hour then we found a cute motel then we stopped and went inside and went to sleep. We woke up early that morning and started on the road Alex was driving now. I sat in the back with Maria and fell asleep.

A few hours later I woke up and we were almost half way across Texas. I was amazed Alex was driving fast. He had never driven this fast I’m surprised at him. We had to wait at the side of the road for Max he drives very slow unless he is looking for Sean (still can’t believe he named his kid that).

Well now we are out almost to the border of Texas and Louisiana. All of a sudden a weird looking man jumps in front of our car(good thing we have good brakes). Maria screamed so loud that I think she cracked the window. The man walked slowly over to Alex’s window and told him to roll it down. Alex was so scared that he did what the man said. Then the man told him to get out of the car. Alex listened and then he came and sat in the back with Maria and me. He got in the car and took off we were going very fast. Max was trying hard to keep up but he wasn’t doing a very good job. The old man took us to an abandoned warehouse. He told us to get out of the car we all listened. We walked slowly over to the door. The old man did a special knock and it opened up he shoved us inside.

I didn’t know what was going on who were these people? Why did they take us here? Were they ax murders? Or are they secret agents for the government? Either way I was scared and I am never scared.

The old man told us to sit down now he had a gun(I could have used my powers to get us out of here but what if these people are secret agents?). We sat down Maria and Alex were now crying they thought we were going to die. I thought the same but I wasn’t getting all emotional. We were sitting there for along time till they decided to tie us up now I knew that we were going to die. I told Maria I loved her. Alex told Isabel the same. They old man came back with a few other guys and took us out of the room and that’s when I knew we were going to get it first. We went into this strange little room. They told us to sit down and Alex was straight out bawling now when for the first time the old man spoke clearly and said, ” oh Alice be quiet.”

“What did you call him.”, I asked.

“I know who you are......Sean.” I said

“ You’ve caught me I thought I would play a prank on you and my couz.” Sean replied

“ Tell me why I shouldn’t hurt you?” I asked

“ Because Maria will do enough damage.” Sean replied


Well I made Sean go in and tell Maria that it was all a prank he wasn’t so sure he should do that. But he did. Maria slapped him so much it was unreal. Max finally caught up they had gotten lost and that is what had taken so long. Sean asked if he could come with us he begged and begged till Maria gave in we put his stuff in Max’s truck and started back to the highway.


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The Road Trip Part 2

We had crossed the border to Louisiana. And Sean has been hitting on Isabel and of course I was trying to keep Alex from pulverizing Sean. Isabel was just getting ready to slap Sean when Maria forced me to stop the car so she could kick the shit out of Sean. Of course I agreed to stop.

Maria was chasing Sean around the car while Max, Kyle, Alex and I watched and laughed she finally caught up with him and punched as hard as she could. He fell to the ground and passed out. I picked him up and put him in the back of Max’s truck with a blanket, it might get cold. Well I’m not that mean.

We started on the road again, if I smoked I’d be having one right now. Alex had fallen asleep he snores so loud, Isabel must have been use to it. I feel bad for Katherine she has to hear it and can’t block it out like Isabel. But as I was saying the combined snoring of Maria and Alex is awful I felt like my ears were going to fall off. Isabel was very bored so she started changing the color of Maria’s hair. It went from blonde to black to neon pink and then Maria woke up and started screaming. She forced Isabel to change it back and started hitting me because I was laughing so much.

As we were driving Max was going through hell. Sean was banging on the truck window and going through Liz’s suitcases. Tess and Liz had been plotting against Sean. Kyle was trying to understand but all he caught was “throw out the truck and go in reverse”. But he knew Max would never go for the idea (maybe if Michael was driving). The girls kept whispering back and forth Kyle and Max felt very weird, kinda nervous. Liz assured Max that they weren’t plotting against them.

Well back in our car Maria wanted to stop at a karoke bar. I didn’t want to because I hate to sing, I’m not good but I know Maria will make me do a duet. Most likely to ‘nothing else matters’ by Metallic. (She thinks that’s our song, but I’m not disagreeing with her hey its Metalica).

3 hours later

We found a karoke bar (that Maria liked) and she dragged all of us inside. (I was hating my life at this moment). As we walked into the room Maria was handed the mic and ran up on stage with Tess, Liz, and Isabel as her backups they were going to sing a song called Bruises by Majandra Delfino. Maria started singing and the girls in the back were singing “I can’t stop thinking about cutting my self up visual bruises can be covered in makeup right down to the core.” then they would repeat it over and over again while Maria sang the whole song. It was so cool. Liz, Tess and Isabel came and sat down while Maria dragged me up to the stage.

“I’m not going to sing I’m not going to sing.” I kept telling Maria but she didn’t listen she never listens when she has singing on her mind.

I am standing in front of our friends and about three strangers and started getting stage fright Max was laughing so hard because they didn’t have any Metalica songs they seemed to only have oldies and new aged pop crap. So I had to sing a song I absolutely hated it went like this.... “come Mr. tally man tally me bananas Day o comes and me wanna go home”. I hate that song with a passion I have since I can remember. But leave it to Maria to remember what I hate to use it against me later. Just remember sweetie ‘revenge is a bitch’.

I had a little surprise of my own for Maria .... “Oh baby, baby How was I supposed to know ....”

“Michael Guerin I am going to kill you!” Maria harshly whispered to me.

“I take it your not the biggest Brittany fan, sweetie?” I said to her as calmly as I could before I started singing and doing my best little school-girl imitation. By the time I started on the second verse Maria was in tears from laughing so hard along with all of our friends, not to mention the complete strangers that seemed to think I was down-right crazy, or just plastered. But it’s all the same to me. I just enjoyed seeing Maria enjoy herself so much. It was nice to see our little circle of friends together and having fun. Everyone seemed to be really happy right now, and I was glad that I could help.

“When I'm not with you I close my mind, give me a sign, hit me baby one more time”.

As I finished out the last chorus Maria and I stepped down off the stage, and let Liz and Max take the floor. I think I kinda broke the ice with my Brittany number, cause Max seemed a lot less tense than he had when Liz first informed him that he’d be singing Puddle of Mudd – Control. Where Liz found that in the whacked owners collection I don’t know. But it definitely wasn’t a Liz song, least not the Liz I knew but hey maybe she’s totally different when she’s was with Max, might be reason behind the song ..... hmmm

“I need to feel you
You need to feel me
I can't control you
You're not the one for me, no”

Well there they go Liz singing the song and Max kinda bobbing a long and singing the chorus. That sure is interesting to see picture perfect Liz Parker rocking out. Swinging her head side to side as her hair rolls through the air, and drumming her foot to the floor with the beat. But no performance with be quite done without Max’s air drum solo .... oh there he goes.

“I love the way you look at me
I love the way you smack my ass
I love the dirty things you do
I have control of you”

God this is great I don’t think I’ve laughed this much since .... well about 5 minutes ago. This was sure turning into a fun filled night.

[clap, clap, “YAY” “GOOD JOB!”] echoed through the room as Max and Liz exited the stage.

“Well that sure was interesting, Maxwell.”

“Yah thought you’d like that one Michael, I know how it speaks to you on personal levels the hull dirty cage, ass smacking, being chained to the bed and so on.”

“You better believe it”. God I loved fucking with his head that look was priceless.


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Roswell Roadtrip Part 3

Few hours and songs later we decided to stay the night in a hotel near by. It wasn’t anything fancy, but we were just looking for a cheap place to crash.

The bellhop excoriated everyone to their rooms. Maria decided to get Sean a room for the night since outside it was getting pretty chilly, and tomorrow she agreed to put him on a bus home, since he some how wasn’t having as good a time as he thought he would when he begged to come along. But hey I wasn’t complaining.

I finally made it to the bed and sunk into it, this had probably been one of the longest days I’d had in a while. But I’m sure that Alex would disagree with me seeing as though hes got a little toddler running around. Same with Max, everyone seemed to be having little ones, but I just didn’t think Maria and I were ready yet. But she sure is worth it.

Michael decided as he looked onto his wife who was in the mirrored area of the room. Pulling her hair back and washing her face.

Maria made her way over to the bed an casually laid down next to me. On instinct I wrapped my arms around her after I hit the switch. And dozed off to the rhythmic movement of her breathing. “I love you Michael.” she whispered before she too joined me in my slumber.


It was quite a different story in the Evans room.

“Max would you please go over there and tell them to keep it down!”

“Liz, honey I would but I truly don’t want to walk in on that...”


“That’s it I can’t take this anymore!” Liz announced as she stormed out of the room with Max quickly behind her.

“I thought you didn’t want to see anything.” Liz sweetly mimicked as she pounded on the Valenti’s room door.


“Tess would you mind keeping it down in there we are trying to sleep over here.”

“HUH, oh right sorry Liz.”

“SHHHH baby we gotta keep it down. OH YAH!”

With that Max and Liz retreated to their room. As soon as the door shut behind him Max began to speak in his most seductive voice. “You know Liz they don’t have to be the only ones making a disturbance in the hotel tonight.”

“Are you trying to seduce me Mr. Evans?” Liz asked with the same tone.

“Depends on if your seducible Mrs. Evans.” He said with a taunting smile.

“Well I guess we will just have to see about that won’t we.” Liz said as she dimmed the lights. And strode over to Max’s waiting embrace.


Whitman room – 12:30AM –

“Isabel, I’m sure she is fine with your mother. There is no sense in waking them at this hour.”

“Alex what if she slipped and fell over there and they are in the hospital right now. Or what if she got sick from one of my Mothers dinner creations, or what if ...”

“What if the sky fell what if pigs could fly. Honey, calm down I’m sure that if something happened to Katherine then your parents would call on the cell.”

“Yah, your right. I’m sure they would. Baby I’m sorry it’s just that this is the first time we have ever left her alone for any period of time.”

“Yah I know and I miss her too, but you gotta relax. Come here.” Alex said as he held out his open arms to his wife.

“Lets just get some sleep and we can call her in the morning. Plus I think its good for her to spend a week with her loving Grandparents. Don’t you?”

“Yah she’s probably having a total blast.” Isabel said as she sunk further into her husbands warm embrace.

TBC ...