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Title: To keep you safe
Author: Roswell_chick101
Disclaimer: don't own anything,but wish I did, then parts of season 2 would be deleted and made Dreamer Dreams come ture!
Catagory: M/l M/M A/I K/T
summary: read to find out
PS! This takes place right at Viva Las Vegas Time

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Maria was walking down the hallway keeping an Eye out for Teachers and Hall way Moniters she was gonna go Vegas,even if she had to Make Tess mindwarp people that caught her on her way to the front of the school to meet the gang she had yet to tell Liz,Kyle and Alex about what was happening today but figured they could just casually get them out of Class she came to a halt and smiled as she saw the Limo driver with the "Guerin" party sign and was not at all surprised to a tense very touchy Micheal looking strait at her looking annoyed.

Maria: hey wheres everyone

Micheal:they not here yet...and can I ask how this (pointing at sign) is treading softly?

Maria: it was all for fun -oh wait sorry thats foriegn to you

Micheal: who is taking us on this trip?

Maria: yea well it will be interesting to see you in Vegas

Micheal: Maria ?

Maria: yes

Micheal: would you shut up?

This earned him his grand prize of yes you guessed it another slap up his head

Max: (laughing) And Ladies and Gentlemen he wins the Jackpot

Isabel: wheres everyone else?

Tess: I'm here

Maria: I thought we would just get the others out of-

They were stopped by voices coming down the hall they very familar to all of them

Liz: I'm telling you we need to tell Maria where were going

Alex: yeah and have them all follow us

Kyle: whats wrong with you Liz we were calledand needed and the first thing you wanna do is give someone our location

Liz: Maybe its time we told them..all of them

They came up too where the others were standing and where shocked to see liz hair down but decoratedwith bead like flower clips everywhere wearing a white Tanktop that came down just below her breasts and very low jeans that were accompanied by a belly chain,Alex was wearing a white Mechcanic shirt with a Blue button down shirt on top of it with Black jeans Kyle was wearing a similar outfit it was Isabel to first speak up

Isabel: tell us what?

Kyle: hey Guys um well

Ashley: Kyle ,Liz ,Alex we don't have all day a medium length blonde that had walked behind them said

Liz: um Ashley could we have a minute

Ashley: sure she said as she walked away

Alex: Let us Explain.....

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Part 1 !!! look at prolouge for all important stuff

Michael: Start explaining now

Alex: look we have to-

Tess: no tell us now

Derrick: or what?the tall well built light haired guy asked

Max: this has nothing to do with you

Kyle: oh don't go there he muttered

Alex: too late

Derrick: are you guys taking crap from these people

Alex: would you please just-

Derrick: I don't remember adressing you Alex...Liz you what do you have to say?

Liz: well if you let me handle this

Derrick: thats not what I asked

Liz: you know what ...just go away

Derrick: and If I don't

Jason: Oh !I know you just did not say that

Derrick: well you should see whats happening here Jason

Jason: I don't give a Rats ass you're not a captain thats me Liz and Leo .

Derrick: right...I'll be going now

Liz: Can I have 5 minutes please

Derrick: sure but change of plans you're going with me and Alex

Liz: ok we'll be there in 5 and she whispered somthing in his ear that he looked to accept

Liz: ok so ...where you guys going?

Maria: don't change the subject

Kyle: we'll the only way we can explain is if you go with us

Alex: Kyle! what are you thinking?

Max: we'll go

Liz: sighs just follow us then

They all followed Liz,Alex and Kyle out of the to the parking lot where 4 very sporty very nice detalied cars waited for them .....

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