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Title: Old Mistakes & New Beginnings
Author: Sweetie Pie
Disclaimer: I only own the character I made up.
Summary: Maria gets kidnapped for someone else’s past mistakes. Read it to find out the rest!
Note: It is 4 years after graduation. Michael and Maria got married a year ago. Isabel and Kyle are both single. (For now!) This is mainly an M/M fic, but it has everyone in it. I'm a total Candygirl!

Part 1

Michael is in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Maria comes in and kisses him on the cheek.

“Good morning.” She said looking like she was still half a sleep.

“Good morning. You look tired.”

“Oh please! If I look like shit, just say so.”

“You don’t look like shit. You just look a little…”

“Tired. I know. I didn’t sleep all that well last night. I don’t feel good.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s probably nothing. I just have a stomach ache that’s all.”

“Should I get Max? Maybe he could…”

“No! I’ll be fine. It’ll pass. Don’t worry.” She leans in and kisses him on the lips, then pulls him into a tight hug.

They hear laughing coming towards them. Max and Liz come into the kitchen, practically on top of each other. Max sees Michael and Maria at the table. Michael greets them while Maria puts her head down.


“Morning.” Max says while sitting down and pulling Liz into his lap.

“Maria, are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” She answers without lifting her head. Michael smoothes out her hair a few times before he realizes that their breakfast is burning.

“Oh shit!”

The flames get higher as Kyle walks in.

“Oh my God!” He puts out his hand and uses his newfound powers to put out the flames. “Geez Guerin, are you trying to kill me?”

Maria quickly runs to Michael to make sure he wasn’t hurt.

“Are you ok?” She starts checking all over him before he can even answer.

“I’m fine.” She lets out a sigh of relief and hugs him tight.

“Kyle are you all right?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”

Michael feels bad for ruining their breakfast.

“Sorry guys. I forgot it was still on the stove.’

Liz gets up and walks over to the burnt breakfast.

“No problem.” She waves her hand over it and suddenly it’s no longer burnt “All fixed.”

Michael feels a bit stupid. “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

Maria is amazed at Liz and Kyle’s abilities.

“Man Liz! You and Kyle are getting pretty good at that!”

They both look very proud of themselves. “Thanks.”


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Part 2

The next day.

Maria is quietly pacing in her and Michael’s room. Michael is still asleep. Maria looks scared and is staring at Michael as if she’s waiting for him to wake up, hoping he will and won’t at the same time. She suddenly gets sick to her stomach and runs to the bathroom to throw up. As she comes back into the bedroom Michael wakes up. He is still half-asleep, but notices that Maria looks sick. He gets up and walks over to her.

“Are you okay baby?”

“I’m okay.” She says as she leans on him for support. He helps her over to the bed. He can tell that there is something she’s not telling him.

“What is it. You can tell me. You know you can tell anything!”

“Michael, I’m pregnant.”

She thought he would be as scared as she was, or even worse, that he’d be mad! They had all agreed that it wasn’t safe to have children yet. But the expression on his face was neither scared nor angry. It was pure joy. He pulled her into a tight hug. She could feel his happiness flow through her and she was no longer afraid. She knew why he was so happy. Because he never really had a family, but now he will. He will finally have a family of his own. He knew she was scared, but he knew that it would be okay. He knew they could do this together. As he slowly let her out of his embrace he looked into her eyes to reassure her that everything will be okay.

“It’s gonna be okay Maria. We can do this. Together. You are going to be a wonderful mother.”

“And you will be a great father. But what about the others? We all agreed not to have children yet. That it was too dangerous.”

“Don’t worry about them. I’m sure they’ll understand.” He pulls her into another hug, and then drops to his knees on the floor. He takes her hands in his and puts them over her abdomen. Maria doesn’t understand.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to feel the baby.”

They both close their eyes and a bright white light forms under their hands. When they open their eyes the light is gone and they are both almost crying. Michael looks up at Maria.

“It’s a girl.” He gets up and kisses her forehead. “We’re having a baby girl!” Maria kisses him as she starts to cry. Both of them still have one hand over top of their baby.

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Part 3

Michael and Maria walk downstairs to tell the others the good news, but Maria is still afraid that they won’t find it as good as her and Michael do. Michael can tell that she’s scared and he tries to comfort her.

“It’s gonna be okay. They’ll understand."

“You’re right. I’m sure they’ll be fine with it.”

“What?” Four loud voices say at once. No one can believe it. There is silence for a few minutes, but Isabel is quick to break it.

“How could you two be so irresponsible? We all agreed that it wasn’t safe to have children. What were you thinking?”

Maria gives Michael an ‘I told you so’ look before he quickly jumps to their defense.

“Look we didn’t plan this. We didn’t mean for it to happen but it did. I think it’ll be okay. It’s been four years, and we haven’t run into the FBI yet.”

“No but we sure have come close. We have to move every other week just to stay alive. How are you gonna raise a baby like this?”

Suddenly Maria stands up.

“Stop it! Don’t you think we’ve thought about all this? When I found out all I could think about was how angry you guys would be because we all said no children. I was pacing in my room for 2 hours this morning. I was so scared to tell all of you, especially Michael. But do you know what he did when I told him? He smiled at me, and gave me a big hug and told me everything was gonna be okay, and suddenly I wasn’t scared anymore. I thought you guys would understand. I needed you to understand. I’m still scared because we’re still in danger, but I thought I could at least count on you guys. I needed you to congratulate me, to be happy for me but I guess that’s to much to ask!’

She runs out of the room with Michael not far behind. He catches her in the kitchen and hugs her as she cries. She sees Liz walk in and lets go of Michael to face her. Liz walks over to her and pulls her into a tight hug.

“I’m happy for you. You know I’m here to help you. Always.”


Max comes in behind them

“Same goes for me. This is really great for you two.”

He walks over and hugs Michael. Kyle comes in and congratulates them too. A few minutes later Isabel comes in.

“I’m sorry I went off on you like that. I am happy for you. I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt.”
Maria hugs her.

“No one will.”

They smile at each other. Michael walks over to them and hugs Isabel as well, then he puts his arm around Maria and gives her the same ‘I told you sold’ look that she had given him.

Max looks at his watch.

“Oh, guys we have to get to work.”

Michael looks at his watch, not believing Max is right.

“Yeah we should get going.”

Max and Michael are bartenders and Liz and Maria are waitresses. The four of them work at the same bar and same time. Isabel is a waitress at a diner, but she’s not working today, and Kyle is currently unemployed. Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria go to work.

Things aren’t very busy since it’s the middle of the afternoon. Maria gets tired and sits down at the bar in front of Michael. He leans over the counter to kiss her.

“Maybe you should’ve stayed home.”

“Please don’t get all overprotective on me Spaceboy. I’m just a little tired. Don’t worry.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

“I do!”

Maria starts to feel sick.

“I’ll be right back.”

She runs to the bathroom.

“I’ll never get used to this.”

After she throws up for ten minutes she sits on the floor of the bathroom, puts her arms around her knees, and starts talking to herself.

“Just remember it’s only 7 more months. Well, maybe less considering the baby is half alien.”

Suddenly a light appears behind her and she sees someone walking towards her. She screams.


Michael hears her and quickly runs to the bathroom, with Max and Liz right behind him.

“Maria! Maria open the door.”

He uses his powers to open the door and sees Maria being dragged toward a bright light by… Kivar!

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Part 4

“Maria No!”

“Michael help me!”

Michael runs towards her and gets pulled into the light as does Max and Liz. Suddenly they find themselves in another world. The three of them look around trying to figure out what happened. Max grabs and holds her protectively.

“What the hell happened? Where are we?”

Michael suddenly realizes exactly what happened and where they are.

“We’re home. We’re on Antar.”

Liz still doesn’t quite understand.

“How did we get here?” Liz pulls Max closer to her.

Max looks down at his wife, seeing the fear in her eyes.

“I don’t know.”

Michael looks around again.

“Where’s Maria? She went into that light too. Where is she? I don’t understand! What does he want with her?”

Neither Max nor Liz had seen who took Maria.

“Oh god Max! If hurts them I swear to god…”

“Michael we’ll get her back, I promise you. Did you see who took her?”

“Yeah, it was Kivar!”

“Kivar? He took her? Are you sure it was him?”

“Yes I’m sure! I know it was him!”

“We need to find her fast!”

Maria is now unconscious and still being dragged by Kivar. He hands her off to two guards who take her to a prison cell and chain her to the wall. She begins to wake up. When she finally opens her eyes she sees Kivar right in front of her. She knows who he is because he made himself look like the guy he possessed to bring Isabel… or rather Vilandra… back to Antar. She knew that’s where they had to be. She wasn’t afraid of him. She knew Michael was also here and he would save her.

“Why did you bring me here? What are gonna do, kill me?”

“I don’t wanna kill you. Oh who am I kidding, of course I want to kill you, but I won’t… not yet anyway. I need you to get Rath to help me.”

“His name is Michael!”

“Oh right! I forgot. Well enjoy your stay, while it lasts.”

He turns around only to see his guards unconscious and some kind of energy ball flying at him. It hits him before he has a chance to move and he is thrown across the room. Maria looks at the person who threw the energy ball. She is shocked to see a girl who couldn’t be more than 18 years old. She feels an immediate connection with this girl, but doesn’t know why.

“Come on, I’m getting you out of here!”

“Who are you?”

“I’ll explain when we get the hell out of here! This way!”

The girl leads her out of the building and into the woods. Maria still can’t figure out who this girl is, but she feels that she can trust her.
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Part 5

The girl leads Maria into a cave.

“We should be safe here. Are you all right? Did he hurt you at all?”

“No. Thank you for saving me. What were you doing there?”

“I was a prison too. I’ve been his prisoner for 3 years now.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Telore. Your husband’s sister.”

“What? I never knew he had a sister. I don’t think he knows he has a sister.”

“He doesn’t.”

“How do you know about him?”

“I’ve heard a lot of stories. And I watch him. I watch all of you. That’s how I know that you’re name is Maria, and you’re pregnant, and really loves you. Thank you for making him so happy.”

“No problem. So, how old are you?”


“So I take it you died as well.”


“Then why weren’t you sent to earth with them?”

“Because I died after them. Two years after. I was told that I died fighting in the war, but I know that’s not true. I died of a broken heart. I lost my brother and my two best friends. I lost everything I loved in one night.”

“Wait, back up. You just said that you lost 3 people.”

“Yeah, I didn’t like Ava very much, so her death didn’t affect me. I always knew her and Zan were wrong for each other.”

“Tell me about it! Were you watching when she killed my best friend Alex?”

“Oh yeah, I’m so sorry about that! He seemed like really good guy.’

“He was. So how long have you been watching us?”

“Since a little bit before Liz was shot.”

“So you know pretty much everything that’s happened.”

“Pretty much.”

Max, Liz, and Michael were wondering around trying to figure out what to do. When they heard someone come up behind. As a reflex, all three of them raised their hands as they turned around.

“Please don’t hurt me! I’m gonna hurt you, I swear!”

Michael didn’t trust anyone right now.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Larek. Remember the one that spoke through your friend?”

“How do we know you’re on our side?”

Max remembered the things Brody told him about Zan and Larek being friends before he died.

“I think we can trust him Michael.”

Michael still had his hand raised.

“We have to if we’re ever gonna find Maria!”

Michael lowered his hand and Larek relaxed.

“Come with me. We’re not safe here.”

Larek took them to the palace that was once theirs. They couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.

“Now, who are you looking for?”

Michael quickly spoke up.

“My wife Maria. Kivar kidnapped her.”

“Kivar took her?”

“Yes! We have to get her back!”

“If Kivar has her she’s most likely dead.”

“No! She is not dead! I know it! We will find her with or without your help!”

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Part 6

“Maria wake up! It’s time to go!”

“Go where?”

“To the palace. Michael’s there, I can feel him. We have to go now!”

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Stay close to me in case we run into trouble.”


Telore leads the way out of the cave through the woods. They run for what feels like hours when they finally see the palace.

“You don’t understand! We’ve tried getting prisoners back from Kivar many times! It’s not possible!”

“You don’t seem to understand what Maria means to me, to us!”

“Yes I do! Kivar took my love from me as well! We tried to get her back but we couldn’t!”

“Maybe we can!”

A guard comes in the room.


“Not now!”

“But sir she’s back! Telore escaped and got your wife out as well. They’re in the main hall!”

All four of them run to the main hall as fast as they can. Michael sees Maria and almost falls apart right there. They run to each other as they start to cry. They kiss then hug each other tightly, never want to let go.

“Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Did he hurt the baby?”

He checks her over before she can answer.

“No, he didn’t get the chance. Your sister saved me before he could do anything to us.”

“My sister?”

“Yeah, Telore is your sister! She died two years after you guys, that’s why she wasn’t sent to earth with you!”

Michael looked over at Telore who is kissing Larek and trying to convince him that she is all right. She turns and looks at Michael who was now walking towards her. She starts walking towards him until they are face to face. He suddenly grabs her and pulls her into a tight and loving hug and she just hugs him right back.

“I always knew you were out there somewhere!”

“I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life!”

“So have I! Thank you for saving her!”

“I couldn’t let my sister in law die now could I?!”

They just held onto each afraid if they let go they would be separated again.

“What do mean they’re gone?”

Kivar couldn’t believe his two most valuable prisoners had escaped.

“We can’t find them anywhere sir. They must have gotten back to the palace by now”

“How could this happen?! My entire plan is falling apart! If only Vilandra were here!”

Isabel is pacing in the living room as Kyle just watches her go back and forth across the room.

“Where could they be? They should’ve been home hours ago!”

“I’m sure they’re okay Isabel. They can take care of themselves.”

“Maria can’t! Especially not while she’s pregnant!”

“The others will protect her. You know Michael would never let anything happen to her!”

“I guess you’re right. They’re probably fine. Just working late or something.”

“Do you want to go down there to make sure?”

“Could we?”

“Come on.”

“Thank you so much! I’ll just feel a lot better when I see with my own eyes that they’re alright.”

“I know. I’ll feel better too.”

They go to the bar where the others work. Kyle goes to the counter and asked where they are. Once he’s done talking to the bar owning her returns to Isabel who was waiting at a table.


“So now we can worry.”

“What do you mean? Where are they?”

“Apparently they disappeared earlier today. Some customer said they ran into the bathroom because they heard a girl scream and then they never came out!”

“What’s going on? Where could they be? What could’ve happened to them?”

“With the way our lives are, anything could’ve happened.

Isabel is now crying in fear. Where is her brother and friends? She knew something wasn’t right. And she was determined to find out what!

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Part 7

Isabel and Kyle go home. Neither of them can figure out what has happened to the others. They know that if Max, Michael, Liz, and Maria just completely disappeared then the FBI couldn’t have taken them. This had to be something alien! They are both silent the whole way home. When they get back the house is quite and empty. Isabel looks around then collapses to the floor, crying hysterically. Kyle just holds her in his arms not knowing what to do. Suddenly there is a bright light behind them. They turn around and see someone coming towards them. The light is so bright that they can’t see who it is. The person grabs them both and pulls them into the light. Suddenly they are standing in front of Max, Michael, Liz, Maria, and some mean looking guards. Isabel runs straight for Max. She hugs him tightly, thanking god that he’s okay. As soon as she lets go of him she smacks him in the back of the head.

“What the hell is going on?! Where are we?!”

“Okay first of all, That really hurt! And second of all we’re on Antar.”

“I’m sorry I thought you just said we’re on Antar.”

“I did. Oh, you remember Larek right? He’s the guy that talked through Brody.”

“Hello. It’s nice to see you again.”


Isabel is in shock. She can’t believe that they actually found a way back.

“What are we doing here?”

Michael was the first to speak up.

“Kivar kidnapped Maria at the bar. He brought her here, so we followed. But we came in different places so Larek found us and brought us here to the palace. Telore, who by the way is my sister, saved Maria while she escaped herself. She’s a hybrid like us, but she died two years after us so she wasn’t sent to earth. Kivar captured her three years ago, but now she’s back. Oh, her and Larek are together.”

He looks around to see everyone giving him weird looks.

“Did I miss anything?”

Max is amazed at how Michael can cram the most complicated situations into a nutshell.

“No Michael, I think that’s everything.”

There is still something Isabel doesn’t understand.

“So we have Maria back. What are we still doing here? Why didn’t you just come home?”

They all look at each other, then at Max.

“We’re not going back.”

“What? I’m sorry I mean WHAT?!”

“We want to stay and help end the war.

“Are you nuts? We can’t fight in this war! We’ll get killed!”
“It’s no safer down there. You said yourself we have to move every other week just to stay alive. At least up here we can be doing some good. We can save our people. I think it’s actually safer here because we have people to help us. You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to, but the rest of us agreed that it’s the right thing to do.”

Kyle looks around at all of their faces.

“Well I may not be an alien, but I do have the powers you do so I might as well put them to good use. Besides, I couldn’t leave you guys to fight a war alone.”

Isabel looks over at Telore.

“Isabel it’s not going to be easy, and there is a pretty good chance that we’ll all die. But there’s also a chance we could win. With all of you to help us I believe that we do this. We can beat Kivar. Will you help us?”

“How can I say no to that?”

Everyone smiles, and Telore hugs Isabel in silent thanks.


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Part 8

(7 months later)

Michael, Max, and Larek are standing around a small table with a map on it discussing strategies.

“We’ve been doing pretty well in most areas, but I think we need to concentrate more here.”

“I think you’re right. We need more firepower there.”

“I agree, but we don’t have much left.”

“Well whatever we do have put it there. Kivar is too close to taking that entire area, and I don’t want to see that happen.”

“I’ll do my best.”

They hear someone come in from behind them. Maria waddles through the door looking like she just woke up.

“Hi Michael.”

“Hi honey.”

Michael walks over to her and kisses her forehead.

“Shouldn’t you be resting?”

“I’ve been resting all day long. I wanted to see you.”

Michael gives her a loving hug.

“Hi Max, Larek.”

Larek just nods and goes back to the map. Max walks over to Maria and kisses her on the cheek.

“Hey. How’re you feeling?”

“9 months pregnant, you?”

Max just laughs. Maria turns back to Michael.

“Are guys gonna be done soon?”

“I don’t know.”

“Michael I haven’t seen you all day.”

She starts to pout, knowing he can never resist her when she pouts.

“Sweetie, we’re in the middle of a war, I can’t help it.”

“Can’t you just take a little break?”

Max sees that Maria just wants to spend a little time with her husband.

“Michael go ahead. Larek and I can take care of things for a little while.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. If anything comes up we’ll come get you.”

“Thanks Max.”

Max can see how happy that makes Maria.

“No problem.”

Michael and Maria walk to their room. Max feels bad for them. They don’t get to spend much time together because of the war. And with Maria now 9 months pregnant, it’s really taking its toll on them both. He tries to give them as much time together as possible. Maria needs Michael right now, and he understands and respects that. A few minutes later Liz walks in and wraps her arms around Max’s waist from behind, startling him out of his deep concentration.



“You look tired.”

“I’ve haven’t slept much in the past few days. I’ve been trying to think of new strategies, where we need more firepower, where Kivar will attack next, and so on and so forth.”

“Honey, we’re winning the war, and there are other people who can think about all those things. You need to get some rest. I’d hate to think about you falling asleep on the battlefield.”

Max laughs. ‘That’s my wife’. Liz has always been able to make him laugh at just the right time.

“Come on, Come to bed. Or do I have to try to convince you?”

“How about we save the convincing until we get to the bedroom?”

“Sounds good to me!”

Max picks her up and carries her to their bedroom.

Larek and Telore are in their bedroom. Larek is staring out the window, and Telore is asleep. She slowly wakes up and sees him staring out the window with a worried look on his face. She gets up and walks over to him, putting her arms around his waist. He turns around and kisses her.

“I thought you were asleep.”

“I was. I just woke up.”

“Oh. I didn’t wake you did I?”

“Nope. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“Liar. Is it the war?”

“What else?”

“I thought we were doing well?”

“We are, but you know how quickly that can change. Three years ago we were doing well, and then what happened? Kivar came and kidnapped you.”

“Sweetie that wasn’t your fault. You have to stop worrying so much.”

“I can’t, not until this ridicules war is over. Not until you’re safe again.”

He kisses her forehead and gives her a loving and protective hug.

“Everything will be okay Larek. I know it.”

“Well if you say so.”

“I do.”


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Part 9

The next morning everyone meets in the dining room for breakfast. They all eat peacefully, with little conversations here and there. Suddenly there is an explosion very close to the palace. Michael, Max, Kyle, and Larek go outside to see what is going on. It seems that Kivar advanced during the night without anyone knowing. Now he is only a few miles away from the palace, and getting closer. All four of them are shocked. Kyle is the only one who can form words.

“This is not good.”

Telore runs outside and is even more shocked than the boys.

“Oh god! Perfect timing, Maria’s in labor.”

Michael turns to face his sister.

“What? But she’s not due for another week!”

“I don’t think your child cares!”

They all run back into the palace. Liz and Isabel had already taken Maria to her room. Michael rushes in and kneels by the bed next to his wife, holding her hand and trying to comfort her through her contractions. The doctor comes and makes everyone but Michael leave the room while Maria delivers their baby. There is silence in the hall as they can all hear bombs going off, and Maria screaming. The silence is too much for Telore so she decides to break it.

“So, I’m just wondering, when Maria told you she was pregnant did any of you actually think she’d be having the baby on an alien planet?”

Everyone busts out laughing, and Telore smiles in victory. Laughter is exactly what she was hoping for.

A few hours later the doctor opens the door. Everyone gets up.

“Are they okay?”

“Both Maria and the baby are perfectly healthy.”

Everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

“Can we go in now?”


When they go in Telore walks over to Michael and hugs him.

“Congrats Bro.”


“She’s beautiful.”

Maria looks up at Telore.

“Thank you. Do you want to hold her? I mean you are her only real aunt, so it’s only right that you hold her first.”


She takes the little girl from Maria.

“Hi there little one. I’m your aunt Telore, but you can use my nickname, Lor, since it’s easier to say.”

She then begins passing her around to everyone.

“What are gonna call her.”

Michael looks at Maria.

“I want to call her Lillian. Lillian Anne Guerin. What do think Michael?”

“I like it. Lillian it is.”

Kyle looks out the window and suddenly remembers the situation outside.

“Uh guys, I really hate to break up this beautiful moment, but there is a war going on just a few miles away.”

Michael looks at Max and Larek.

“He’s right, I have to go.”

He looks at Maria with an ‘I’m so sorry, you know I don’t want to but I have to’ look.

“I know.”

He starts to walk away when she grabs his arm.

“Hey, you better come back to me, to us.”

“I will, I promise.”

He kisses her and walks over to his daughter, who is now in Isabel’s arms.

“I love you Lily.”

He kisses her forehead holds her tiny hand for just a moment, and then leaves with Max and Larek.

It is midnight and Michael, Max, and Larek still aren’t back. Everyone is still in Maria’s room. Maria is asleep on the bed, Lily is asleep in her crib, Isabel and Liz are asleep on the floor next to the bed, and Kyle is leaning against the wall also asleep. Telore is the only one still awake. She is just watching the battle from the window. They seem to be winning, but it’s hard to tell from where they are. Kyle wakes up and sees Telore by the window. He walks over to her, seeing that she is worried.

“Hey Lor.”


“I’m sure they’re okay. It looks like we’re winning.”

“Yeah. You know last night I was telling Larek the same thing. That everything would be okay. But what if everything isn’t okay Kyle? I mean, what if we lose this war? What’s gonna happen to us? I can’t get locked up again, especially if you’re all locked up as well. You have no idea how terrible it was. I couldn’t stand to have that happen to all of you.”

“It won’t! We’re not going to lose!”

Telore begins to cry. Kyle hugs her and rubs her back to calm her.

“It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay.”

Suddenly they hear the front gate open. Kyle and Lor wake up Maria, Liz, and Isabel. They all run to the front door. Michael and Max come in first. They have cuts and bruises all over, but nothing serious. Liz and Maria run to them and hug them gently, being careful not touch any of their wounds. Max is the first to speak.

“We drove them back pretty far. It wasn’t easy but we did it.”

Telore isn’t listening to him. She is looking around for Larek.

“Where’s Larek?”

“We don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“We got separated in the battle. We have men out looking for him.”

Michael can tell that his sister is about to collapse and goes right into overprotective big-brother mode. He runs to her and grabs her arms to steady her.

“He’ll be okay Lor. You know Larek, he’s strong he’ll make it.”

She just nods with a terrified look still on her face. He pulls her into a tight, protective hug.

A few hours later some guards come walking in the palace carrying Larek. Lor she’s him and gets up from her chair.

“Oh god, is he okay?”

“No your majesty, he’s not gonna make it.”

“No, Larek stay with me please!”

Larek looks up at her and puts his hand on her cheek. She puts her own hand on top of it. His hand is covered in blood, but she doesn’t care. His voice is barely a whisper.

“Lor, my love. I did it for you. I fought and will now die for you, so that you may live. Promise me you will live on after I am gone. Promise me you will never give up on life.”

“I promise.”

“I love you… so much… goodbye.”

And with that Larek died.

“No Larek, don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me. No!”

She puts his hand on his chest. There is a bloody handprint on the side of her face where his hand was. She just stares at him in shock. Everyone is crying. Michael bends down and puts his hand on her shoulder, but she shrugs it off and runs to her room, locking the door behind her. She goes to her stereo and puts on the song “Touched” by VAST.

She just stands in the middle of the room running her hands through her hair, and starting to break down.

You say that I am too
So much
Of what you say is true

I'll never
Find someone quite like you

I'll never
Find someone quite like you
Like you

She then starts throwing things around the room, getting very angry.

The razors and the dying roses
Plead I don't leave you alone
The demi-gods and hungry ghosts
God, god knows I'm not at home

I'll never
Find someone quite like you

I'll never
Find someone quite like you

Now she collapses on the floor, crying uncontrollably.

I looked into your eyes and saw
A world that does not exist
I looked into your eyes and saw
A world that I wish I was in

She starts pounding the floor with her fists as she screams.

I'll never
Find someone quite as touched
As you

I'll never
Love someone quite the way
That I loved you

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Part 10

It takes the others a few minutes to be able to get into Lor’s room, and when they do they find her on the floor hugging her knees as closes as she could to her body, no longer cry just staring into space and rocking herself back and forth, the look of shock still on her face. Michael runs to her side and pulls her in his arms. She then falls apart, collapsing into him, letting out all her emotions. The others feel so terrible. Larek was Telore’s husband. They know that she must be going through hell losing him. Liz holds Max close to her, thanking god that he didn’t die too. Liz and Maria do feel bad for Lor, but are very happy that their husbands returned home to them. Neither of them even want to think about how they would feel if they lost their husbands. That night Michael stayed in Lor’s room with her, holding her all night. He knows that she feels safer with her big brother around. Maria completely understands and is fine with it.

When she is sure everyone is asleep, Isabel sneaks out of her room. She sneaks past the guards and starts walking towards Kivar’s camp. When she finally gets there she is stopped at the gate b two guards.


“I’m here to see Kivar.”

“Who are you?”


The guards automatically recognize her name and take her to see Kivar. They knock on his bedroom door.

“Sir, Vilondra’s here.”

“Send her in.”

Isabel walks into Kivar’s room and smiles at him, hoping he will buy her act.

“Vilondra, it’s been a long time.”

“Too long.”

“Had a change of heart? The last time I saw you I believe you threatened to kill me.”

“I know. It was that horrible place. It’s like earth infected me. It made me blind and foolish. But now I’m home. Can you ever forgive me?”

“Of course.”

He kisses her passionately, picks her up, and carries her to the bed.

The next morning Michael is awake watching his sister sleep in his arms. It took her a while to get to sleep, but eventually she did. He is cared for her. He knows why Larek made her promise not to give up on life. Because the last time she lost people she loved she died of a broken heart because she never moved on. He doesn’t want that to happen again. He’s wanted a sister all his life, and now he finally found her. He isn’t about to lose her now. Max is watching them from the door, knowing how scared Michael is right now. He wishes there was something he could do to help her, but he knows that all he can do is be there for her. A guard taps Max’s shoulder from behind.

“Your majesty, we have a problem.”

“What is it?”

“Isabel is missing.”

“What do you mean missing?”

“We’ve searched the entire palace; she’s nowhere to be found.”

“Gather the others in my room, and tell all servants that Michael and Telore are not to be disturbed.”

“Yes your majesty.”

Max can’t believe what is happening. First Telore’s husband, and his friend dies, and now his sister is missing. Could things get ant worse?

Isabel wakes up in the arms of Kivar. She can’t believe she actually slept with him. That wasn’t why she came here. She came to kill him, to avenge Larek’s death. But it was like she also wanted to be with him. No, Vilondra wanted to be with him. She stood up and walked to the other side of the room.

“Vilondra, is everything alright?”

“She loves you Kivar. Even after what you did, she still loves you. I think she always will. But she can’t stop me from what I have to do. I have to fix her mistake. I have to save my family.

“What are you talking about?”

“She’s sorry. Sorry for what I’m about to do. Goodbye Kivar.”

She raises her hand and a bright blinding light comes out of it and hits Kivar. When the light is gone she walks over to Kivar and checks for a pulse. There is none. She did it. She killed Kivar. She saved her people and her family. She avenged Larek’s death. Then why did she feel so bad about it. Because as she said, Vilondra still loves him.

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Part 11

Everyone except Michael and Telore are in Max and Liz’s room. Liz can tell that Max is upset, but not over Larek.

“Honey what’s wrong?”

“Isabel’s missing.”

Everyone in the room had a face of shock or pure terror.

“I swear to god if Kivar has her…”

“Kivar’s dead.”

Isabel comes in from behind them. Max rushes to her and hugs her tight.

“What do you mean he’s dead?”

“I killed him.”

“What? How?”

“I pretended to be Vilondra. He believed it. When he had his guards leave the room I killed him. I snuck out before they found his body.”

“How did you get passed his guards?”

“They knew who Vilondra was. I think they were afraid to hurt me. Though I’m not sure who they were afraid of, me or Kivar, but they didn’t touch me, and that’s all I cared about.”

“I can’t believe you really did it! Once news of Kivar’s death gets around his army will mostly fall apart. Without him to lead them, we win.”

“You really killed Kivar?”

They hear Telore’s soft voice from behind them.

“Yes I did.”

Telore hugs her tightly as she cries.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“This damn war will finally end and Larek can rest in peace. His death is avenged. I would have done it myself if I could’ve, but I couldn’t. You could and did. Thank you.”

“I did what I had to do.”

She kept repeating that in her mind. ‘I did what I had to do. I did what I had to do.’ But it wasn’t making her feel any better. Michael’s voice disrupted her thoughts, thankfully.

“Kivar is dead, the war is ending, I now have a beautiful baby girl, we need to celebrate.”

Everyone agreed. Then they all looked at Lor.

“Yeah. It’s time we stopped wallowing in death and started celebrating life. Larek would want it that way.”

A week later the war is over. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Telore are trying to set up a stable form of government for Antar because, although they love living in a palace and being treated like royalty, they know they are not ready to run an entire planet. Things seem to be going well. Everything is coming together again.

Max gathers everyone in the dining room.

“Guys we need to talk. Now as you know the war is over.”

They all start cheering.

“And the new government seems to be working out.”

They cheer again.

“So now there’s something we need to decide. Are gonna stay here or go back to earth?”


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To SpencerHopeful:

I see why you're confused about the music. I meant to
put this in but I must've forgotten. Antar is a lot like
earth. It has the same kind of music, food, buildings,
even outfits. things up there aren't all that different.
Sorry for the confusion.

I used that song because I was listening to it at the time
and it samed to fit the situation perfectly.


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The decision & The funeral.

Part 12

Everyone looks around at everyone else. None of them every thought about going back. Michael stands up to be heard.

“I say we stay. This place is beautiful, and now that the war is over is it safe. Down there the FBI is still after us. We’re still in danger there. Here we’re not.”

Maria stands up next to him.

“I agree. I have a little girl to think about now. I want her to grow up happy and safe. That’s not gonna happen on earth. I love this place. I’m happy here.”

Isabel stands as well.

“So am I. I mean look around. We’re royalty here.”

Telore stands.

“We’re not just royalty. We’re heroes. These people love us.”

Kyle stands.

“I like it here too. We should stay.”

Liz stands.

“Yeah, let’s stay.”

Max smiles and stands.

“Then it’s settled. We’re staying.”

They all cheer.

The next day is not a happy one. They couldn’t have a proper funeral for Larek until the war was over and things were settled, so they are having it today. Telore is dressed in a simple red dress. On Antar a lot of people where red to funerals, instead of black, but you can wear whatever you want. Larek favorite flower was the red rose, so Lor left her hair down and put a red rose in it just above her ear. She had done the same thing at their wedding and Larek loved it so she feels he would like to see it that way at his funeral as well.

She almost can’t go. She is so afraid to see her husband’s dead body again. Over the past week she has been clinging to every memory she has of him. She hasn’t really accepted it yet. She knew that going to his funeral would make it real and she wasn’t sure if she could handle that yet. But then she feels the strong, protective arms of her big brother embrace her. She looks around to see the comforting faces of her family. She admirers their strength. They are mourning the loss a good friend, and yet they are right by her side, helping her through mourning the loss of her husband. She knows that things will be okay as long as she has them. It will be hard to get passed Larek’s death, but she knows as long as she has her family by her side she can get through it. Besides, she promised Larek that she would never give up on life, and she always keeps her promises.

The funeral takes place in a large field behind the palace. Larek is being buried underneath a giant tree that is in the middle of the field. It was under that tree that he and Telore first met, first kissed, and first fell in love. That was their tree. The best times they ever had took place underneath that tree. She knows he would want to be under it for eternity.

It is time for people who want to come forward to say something about Larek. Lor turns around and looks at Michael as if to tell him she can do this alone.

“For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Telore. Larek was my husband. I loved… No, I love him more than anything. Up until about 7 months ago he was all I had. He took care of me. He and I have been through everything together. No matter what was going on he was always by my side, helping me, taking care of me, loving me. It’s been very strange this past week to wake up to an empty room, and a lonely window. Almost every morning when I woke up he’d be by the window watching the war, making sure that they were far away from the palace, so that I was still safe. He was always trying to protect me. I once said to him ‘Larek you can’t protect me from everything.’ He said ‘Maybe you’re right, but I can still try.’ And that’s what makes him a hero. He knew he could die, but he kept on protecting me, protecting all of us. I believe that heroes never die, that they live on in our hearts, and in their stories that we pass on. Someday I will tell my children of my hero Larek. And they will tell their children, and they will tell theirs, and so on and so forth, so that he may live on for all eternity."

She takes the rose out of her hair and holds it in her open hand. She uses her powers to make it hover above her hand, then over to the tree. When it touches the tree it dissolves into it, leaving the carving of a rose. She whispers to herself.

“For all eternity!”

The End *sad*

There will be a sequel!*big*

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