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Title: Elizabeth Parker: The Chosen One
Author: angel_charmed_roswell_slayer⊕ (Sara)
Disclaimer: I known nothing from the three shows. Don't sue.
Category: Crossover AU
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Kyle/Syl, Max/Logan, OC/Willow, Krit/Faith
Rating: Maybe up to NC-17, and R for language.
FB: PLEASE!!! This is my first fanfiction I'm posting, so please leave feedback.


I'm Liz Parker and today is the most difficult day of my life, it's the 3 month anniversary that my parents died. Yeah, that's right, my parents are dead. They died in a car crash. And that's not all, my favourite cousin in the whole world died too. Her name was Buffy Summers. I never really saw her much after she moved with her mom and sister Dawn, to Sunnydale. I used to visit her once every 3 months and we got along great. We were like sisters. Dawn was like a sister to me too. She was a little young, but she was fun, even though sometimes she could be annoying. When they moved to Sunnydale, I couldn't really visit her, so we wrote to each other and called every once in awhile and talked about what was going on in our lives and so on. I was absolutely devestated when she told me her mother died. I always liked Aunt Joyce. She was my Aunt on my Dad's side. Then I was equally crushed when Buffy died. First Alex, then Mom and Dad, then Joyce, then Buffy. I supposed you think I cried, but I didn't. I just stood there in a state of Catatonia and felt numb. I could feel anything except anger, anger for Mom, Dad, Joyce, Alex and Buffy. Why did they have to die? They didn't deserve to have their lives taken away from them. And I felt really angry for Dawn. She was alone. I knew I had to take care of her and I did get the chance. Buffy had a will stating that if anything happened to her, I would get legal guardianship. Her dad would've gotten it but in my opion he was a jack ass, who didn't give a damn about his kids. He was in Spain, with his secretary. I felt disgust towards him. So anyway, I took care of the necesssary arrangments to take care of Dawn and I moved her here from Sunnydale. At first I felt a little bad because she might feel sad from leaving Buffy's friends. I met them when I went to get Dawn and they seemed pretty nice. We got along okay. But I got along with Willow the most, she was still grieving from Buffy's death. They all were. Willow and I talked for a long time and I told her she could come and visit Dawn anytime she wanted. She thanked me and said she would take me up on that offer. So I got Dawn, and we went back to Roswell. I inroduced her to Kyle and Mr Valenti. At first Dawn was a little withdrawn since she didn't know them that well, but afterwards, she got along with them great awhile after. Kyle was like an over protective big brother to her. Once he caught a guy at the mall trying to hit on Dawn and she didn't like him. Kyle, least to say, got pissed. From waht Dawn told me, he grabbed the teenager by his shirt and slammed him into the wall and told him to keep away from his sister. Dawn told me she was grateful and hugged him. I'm thankful for that, I would've beaten the kid up too if I found him sleazing over Dawn. I guess you're probably thinking, 'Liz Parker, beating up a kid? Yeah right.' But it;s true, I would and could. Now, you're probably thinking, 'What the hell is she talking about?' I'll tell you, Guess what, I'm the slayer. yep. Seems when Buffy died she activated a new slayer and that's me. I found out a week after we got back from Sunnydale and I started having these weird ass dreams. In them, voices kept telling me, you're the 'Chosen One'. I'd wake up screaming and Dawn came into my room and found me muttering "Chosen One." And she knew, she knew then I was the next slayer. I asked her if she was crazy and she told me to come with her. I didn't have any other choice if I wanted to find out what was going on. So we both got dressed and walked to the local cemetary. I was confused and asked Dawn what we doing there. She told me to wait and then gave me a pointy sitck. She said it was a stake. I just grabbed the thing and was about to ask her if she was serious when there were these growls. Dawn and I both turned around to see four vamps looking at us like we were ther next meal. I acted on instinct and pushed Dawn out of the way and started fight these 'vamps' better than Bruce Lee on steroids. I punched, kicked, flipped and jumped like no normal human could. Then I noticed I still had the stake in my hand and I stabbed it into the vampires' chests, turning them to dust. I was confused at first. I didn't know what was going on. Dawn came up to me and told me we had to get back home and she would explain more then. I followed her home, still thinking about what I did. When we got there, she told me to sit and I acted like a robot and did as I was told. Dawn then started telling me all about slayers, and how Buffy was one and then she told me about Faith and how she was in jail working towards her redemption. I was shocked to say the least. I asked Dawn if I was the next one and she said yes. I wanted to know more, but she said the real expert was Buffy's watcher, Rupert Giles. She went and phoned him, despite how late it was. Mr Giles came to Roswell the very next day, and he told me everything I needed to know about slaying and the histories of them. He told me about demons and my destiny was to kill everything evil. He gave me this giant, thick book that read "Vampires." on the front cover. He said it was the slayers handbook and I was to read all of it. I told him that I wanted to tell Kyle about all of this. He refused at first and said it wasn't really something that should be shared with everyone. I told him Kyle was a very trustworthy and loyal person. He relented and agreed. We called Kyle and he came over and we told him the whole story. He didn't believe us at first but then I showed him my super strength and smashed the coffee table. He was stunned and Giles asked him if he believed us now. Kyle was only able to nod. Giles then looked at Dawn and told us there was something else that he needed to tell us about. Dawn knew what he was going to tell them because she was became a little uncomfortable. Giles told us how Dawn was the key to the world and how she was created out of Buffy, so she could protect her. He also told us about Glory and how Buffy died saving the world. Again. We were all silent for a moment until Dawn spoke up and asked me and Kyle if we thought differently of her now. I instantly went over to her and pulled her into a hug, telling her no matter what, she still thought of Dawn as her family and would take care of her for Buffy. Kyle then came up to her and said the same goes for him and he hugged her too. Giles smiled and told me I was just like Buffy in spirit. I smiled in response and asked what was going to happen now. He said we needed to train and test my skill to see how strong I was. Then he said, he needed for me to be moved to the next hellmouth since Buffy closed the Sunnydale one forever. Until then, I would patrol around Roswell and keep the town safe. Again, we silent once more until Giles spoke up again and said he wated to see how I fought. I agreed and Kyle said there was a workout room at his house that him and his dad used a lot. We nodded and I got into some more suitable clothes for training. When we got there, we started with some stretches and then to the harder stuff. For hours I seemed to shock, astound, stun and amaze Giles, Dawn and Kyle. Giles said that even Buffy herself couldn't do what I did in 5 hours, and Buffy was a slayer for 5 years. Dawn agreed and said if I was some kind of super slayer, Giles said he would have to look in his books and call the council for information. I just stood there with a look of pride and pleased look on my face. We started to train a little bit more before Giles said we should go to the cemetary so he could see how she would do in a fight against demons. Kyle and Dawn stayed behind, and me and Giles went to the cemetary later that night and we saw 2 really ugly demons there getting ready to kidnap a couple walking by, but I stepped in the way and beat the living shit out of them. Giles was again stunned when I finished and asked me if there was anything he could tell me that could explain my possible stonger strength for a slayer. I started searing in my mind and then it hit me. Max, when he healed me and Ava said I was changed. Holy crap! I started to panic and decided that I needed to tell Giles. I did and he was astonished to know aliens exsisted. Then he started doing what Dawn used to call 'Giles thinking Mode.' and started to polish his glasses. He said it actually could be the reason why I'm so much stronger than the other slayers, he said he would have to look into my strength again at training tomorrow. We walked back to Kyle's house and saw him and Dawn playing his playstation. They saw us come in and asked us how patrol went. Giles started to explain what happened and for the third time that day, Kyle and Dawn were shocked. Over the next few weeks, I started to train a lot more and the location of the new hellmouth was still unknown so we were still stuck in Roswell. I was getting stronger and every day, and every night I would kill evil demons and vamps with ease and skill. I managed quite a reputation around the country already, according to one of Giles' sources. One night at patrol, I was near UFOnics when I heard the sound of a struggle. I headed into the alley of the sound and saw a girl struggling against a vamp that was about 3 times her and my size. I ran to them and pulled the vamp off the girl and kicked him into the wall. The girl stood back and watched. I fought the vamp and staked it. I turned around to the girl when I heard her speak up my name. I knew that voice. I steeped closer and saw it was none other than Ava. She ran forward and hugged me. I hugged her back and when we pulled away she asked what the hell that guy was and I started to walk her to my place. On the way, I told her about how I was the slayer and that was a vamp. I told her everything. I knew she was trusworthy like Kyle so she was good. She was shocked, like I expected but not for too long. I asked her what she was doing back in Roswell and she said she got tired of going around by herself and decided to come and visit me. I smiled and began to tell her about Dawn too. When I was finished she said she looked forward to meeting her and Giles, as I mentioned him too. We got back to my place and saw Giles, Kyle and Dawn in the living room. Dawn was watching tv, while Kyle and Giles were reading and researching some demon stuff. I took Ava into the living room. Giles, Kyle and Dawn looked up at us and were all confused as to who this person was. I explained who Ava was and Giles stepped forward and began asking Ava questions about if she knew more about my 'change'. Ava said she didn't know much, just that it would've changed me and Kyle somehow, not enough to have powers but to have some extra energy and strength in us. We decided to test Kyle and see how much his strength was, and when he went to spar with Giles, we were surprised to see that he had some moves and extra strength alright. We spar occaisionally now. Kyle can hold his own against me, but that's only when I'm going easy on him. Ava became one of the group then on. Giles is officially my new watcher and I'm glad. I've taken a liking to him. That's my life so far. I guess you're probably wondering what the hell happened to the pod squad and Mara, huh? I'll tell you, they left when I found the destiny book translation. Maria went with them because she didn't want to leave Michael. I'm glad though, Ever since Alex died, we haven't really been all that close. Especially with me and Max. Or as Kyle calls him, His Royal High Ass. I'd gotten over Max a long time ago. I realized he wasn't the guy for me. Maybe there is one out there for me, maybe there isn't. I guess I'll never know until I keep searching. I want a guy that doesn't have his own destined bride, will love me for who I am and is willing to stick by me no matter what. Max and his 'gang' can kiss my ass for all I care. Well, this officially is the longest journal entry I've ever written. I've gotta go now, We have a group meeting with Giles downstairs.
"Okay, so what's the big meeting you called for?" Liz asked walking down the stairs and sitting next to Dawn.

"It seems Giles has found the new hellmouth." Kyle answered from the table, drinking a bottle of Gatorade.

Liz looked at him for confermation. She saw him nod his head.

"Yes, It happens to be in Seattle. We are to go there and keep it closed. The council has provided us with a large victorian house and I've got a new job at a local magic shop there as the manager."

"So we gonna be going to Seattle. I've heard they have a lotta cool clubs. I'm down with that." Ava said as she smiled broadly.

"Yeah, cool!" Dawn said.

"There's more," Giles continued "It appears that Faith has been released from jail and will be staying with us in Seattle to continue with her redemption. And also Willow will be staying with us too. She wants to help us out there since her and Tara broke up." He looked at them for their reaction.

Liz, Dawn, Ava and Kyle simply nodded. "Are we sure that Faith won't go phsyco on us again?" Dawn asked nervously. Liz grabbed her hand and gave her a reasurring squeeze.

"Er, yes from what the council told me, her time spent in jail has been quite a wake up call to her and she's trying to make up for her crimes and do her job."

Dawn felt relieved. "It's just that, I can't forget what she did back in Sunnydale, but I know that she now wants to make up for it so I'm going to give her another chance."

"That's good sweetie." Liz said as she tucked a strand of Dawn's hair behind Dawn's ear.

"So I guess we're going to Seattle. When do we leave?" Ava said standing up.

"In a few days actually. Which means we don't have a lot of time to bloody pack and take care of necessary arrangments." Giles said, taking off his glasses and beginning to clean them with his hankerchief.

"Actually," Liz spoke up. "I've been meaning to sell The Crashdown since I knew we were going to be moving and I've gotten quite a few good offers. If I could call one of them now and get the paperwork to them, I should have it taken care of. I don't really need the extra money since Grandma Claudia left me and Dawn quite a large trustfund, and my inheritance from my mom and dad, heck we're both set up for life, but maybe we could buy some extra stuff we might need for slaying and some more equipment for the training room we'll set up."

"Well, I must say, that is a bloody generous idea of yours Liz," Giles said putting his glasses back on. "If you're sure, I'd be happy to oblige."

Liz nodded and stood up, bringing Dawn up with her.

"Well I say, let's get packing!" Kyle said as he ran up the stairs.

Guys, what do you think? If you have any ideas as to what you want to see next or have any questions, please feel free to ask. If I get enough FB, I'll post tomorrow.

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Jen C originally wrote:
Only one question, where is Anya and Zander? I haven't seen the ending to Buffy yet, so I am not entirely sure what happened.

I'm just going to say that Anya and Xander moved away from Sunnydale after Buffy's death and so Willow decided to move too since her and Tara broke up anyway.

I don't know if I'm going to have the Pod Squad and Maria come back. We'll just see how things go. And thanks for the feedback so far guys!*happy*

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Just wanted to let you guys know that I'll be posting sometime today!

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more

Thanks for all the feedback and bumps guys! Please keep it comin' I'm going to have Spike in this soon. So watch out for our favourite bleached vamp! Anya and Xander are in another state in my story, they moved after Buffy died. And Tara moved away to after she and Willow broke up.

Part 1

3 Months Later

When Liz, Dawn, Giles, Ava and Kyle had gotten to Seattle, they went to the large house the council arranged for them and saw that it was larger than they thought. It had 6 bedrooms, large kitchen, large living room, dining room, a Study area, an attic and basement and a few extra rooms that could be used for general purposes. They set up the beasement as the training room and decorated the house really well, to make it look as homely as possible.

Willow and Faith had arrived a week after they had moved in. Willow was welcomed warmly by Liz, Dawn, Giles, but she didn't know Ava or Kyle so she didn't know how to react to them. Kyle winked at her and asked her for a date and Liz, Dawn and Willow chuckled. Kyle didn't know Willow was gay so he didn't know what they were laughing about. He turned beet red when they told him, causing the girls to laugh harder. Faith was a little different. She wasn't really that open because she was feeling bad about what she did back in Sunndale to Giles, Willow, Dawn and the rest of the scooby gang and she apologized sincerely. Giles, Willow and Dawn stayed silent for a moment until Giles spoke up and told her she was forgiven, and that if she gave hin the chance, he would like to be her watcher again. Faith smiled and thanked them all for being so forgiving. Willow and Faith had turned two of the spair rooms into their bedrooms, and they had all become a strong family. Each protecting and supporting the others. Faith had become fast friends with Ava, Liz and Kyle. They had become her best friends. Liz and Giles told Willow and Faith about Liz's past with the aliens and how she had more strngth than other slayers. Willow was a little shocked, Faith on the other hand was excited at, in her words, having a 'Super Kick Ass Slayer pal" with her. They sparred at training and they had been getting better with their fighting abilities and so on.

Liz had taken a job working as a freelance photographer and occasionally worked for the local newspaper taking photos for them to put in the paper. She had decided that she was going to take it up when Dawn complimented her on her photography work when Liz had to take some photos for Dawn's school project for her. Dawn had mentioned she had their Grandma Claudia's talent. Liz then decided that she was going to take it up part time. She didn't really need the money but she thought she could use the extra money so she could set up Dawn's colledge fund so she wouldn't have to go into her own trust fund and spend that. Her job had been doing well so far. She had brought in some big clients for some companies when she took photos for them. She even turned one of the extra rooms in the house into a Dark Room so she could develop her pictures. Kyle had taken a job at a nearby gym. Ava took a job at the mall in a body peircing and tattoo parlour. She had convinced Liz to get her belly button peirced, only with the stipulation that Ava would be able to remove it with no problem. Ava agreed. Dawn wanted a tattoo when she found out but Liz had instantly refused and gave her a stern look. Giles and Willow both worked at the magic shop down town that Giles managed. Willow was his partner and opion expert when it came to shipping new orders to the store, because of her high knowledge and power with magics. Faith worked as a bartender 3 nights a week at a bar called The Crash. She liked working there. She said that there were nice looking guys and that were a few vamps she would dust when she got off work.

Liz had also changed her appearance and attitude. She no longer looked like shy, innocent Liz Parker. She was more sexier, and dressed more like a slayer would. Faith, Ava and Willow had taken her shopping when she said she got sick of her old clothes and needed a new, stronger, sexier look. Faith and Ava instantly took her to the mall where the leather shop was, so she could get her slayer clothes, and forced Liz to try on several pairs of leather pants, boots, and jackets, which Liz felt more comfortable in actually. Faith said it was a slayer thing. Liz then raided the store throwing leather pants, boots, tops, and jackets that looked like they were more Faith and Ava and Buffy mixed together. Willow and Dawn had decided to help her out with her more, casual day wear. By the end of the day, they had maxed out Liz's credit card, with all the shopping they did for her. Faith then commented that Liz needed a change in attitude so people wouldn't think she was a shy little girl. Liz agreed and said she was tired of being called a shy little nobody back in Roswell, so now Liz had a quicker tougue, and she was more open about her feelings. She still was the same person she was, just a little tune in her attitude and wardrobe. When they showed Kyle, he throwed a large fit, saying that the girls he thought of as sisters, should not be wearing things like this. Dawn made him shut up by threatening him with telling Giles about his playboy stash under his bed. Kyle retaliated just by, saying then if they Liz would put on a little modeling show for him. Liz simply threw her empty Starbucks take out cup at him.

"Faith, are we patrolling tonight?" Liz yelled from the Dark Room, into the living room where Faith was watching tv on the large entertainment system.

"Yeah, Giles said we have to patrol on the West side. We can go now if you want."

"I'll just finish developing this roll of film, then I'll go change. Pack a few stakes and weapons!"

"Sure!" Faith stood up and went to the training room where Giles was sparring with Kyle.

"Hey, you and Liz patrolling now?" Kyle asked as he threw a punch at the punching bag as Giles held it steady.

"Yeah, just came to get some weapons." Giles and Kyle both nodded and kept training, as Faith filled a bag with a few wicked looking knives, an axe and the usual stakes and holy water.

"Where's Dawn, Willow and Ava?" Faith asked, zipping up the bag

"Dawn's doing her homework, Willow surfing the web for any possible demon info we need and Ava is in the bathroom soaking in the spa." Giles as he followed Kyle away from the punching bag, then began to throw punches with him.

Just then Liz came into the room, wearing a pair of dark navy blue leather pants, black boots and a baby tee with stylish jacket over the top. Kyle caught sight of her and because he was to busy doing that, he didn't have time to block the punch that Giles had thrown at him, and it hit him squarley in the face, knocking him to the floor.

"Kyle! Are you alright?" Liz asked as she moved to help him up.

"Yeah," he groaned. "Giles, you throw a mean punch."

"Ah yes, thank you, Sorry. You were losing your concentration."

"I can see why. Liz you are looking sharp and eagerly ready to kick ass tonight. Love the pants." Faith said eyeing them

"Thanks! We going now?, I'm itchin' for some killin'!"

They both chuckled, and walked towards the door out the room.

"Be careful!" They heard Giles and Kyle yell to them before they shut the front door.

Liz and Faith walked to the West side cemetary and waited for any vamps and demons to show up. Faith was telling Liz about her job at The Crash.

"It's cool. The boss is good, the pays pretty great. Some of the regulars seem nice too. There's this one gang. They come in with some pretty hot looking guys. I mean smoking your pants kinda hot. I was tempted to just ask one of them for a date, but I wasn't sure he would accept."

"Why not?" Liz asked as she played with stake in her hand.

"Come on, who's really gonna want a girl like me? I mean, I've been in jail for murder, not exactly known for my nice personality. Oh, and my personal favourite, I'm a slayer."

"So am I."

"Yeah, but what about the other stuff? You have a squeaky clean record for what I've seen."

"Actually, I don't." Liz said smiling nervously

Faith looked up from where she was staring and raised and eyebrow at Liz. "What do ya mean?"

"I've been arrested once."

"For what?"

"Possession of Alcohol. I was at a rave when it was raided by the cops and I got caught with a bottle of tequilla."

Faith laughed. "And here I thought I was the bad girl."

"So back to what we were talking about before, who is this guy you talk so highly of?"

"I don't know his name but his female friends seem cool. I think my favourite is the one called Max. She's five by five in my book."

That was when the turned towards a loud growl behind them, interupting them from furthur conversation.

They looked over and saw two pretty large vamps learing at them.

"Oh look, a fresh meal." Said the dark haired one, looking at Liz seductively.

"Oh look, a fresh kill!" Liz quipped, sizing the vamp up. Faith was standing there with Liz not looking scared at all. She kept fingering something in the back of her pants. A stake that was unnoticed by the two vamps.

"Seems you get cocky before you die." The other vamp, a blond, said taking a step forward.

"No, we get cocky before we kill." Faith said smiling a a fake smile at them.

"What are you? Some kind of bitch?"

Faith fake smile disappeared, being replaced by a scowl. "Hey Liz, we should just stake their sorry asses now. What'd ya say?" She took out the stake of the waistedband of her pants.

Liz grinned and took out her stake as well. She smirked. "You know what, I think that's an excellent idea Faith."

The two vamps looked scared now. "You're the two slayers?"

"Yeah, we really don't like to brag, but if you'll excuse us, we have to send you to hell now." Liz said as she and Faith ran forward to the vamps and started to fight.

Liz gave the blond vamp she was fighting a roundhouse kick with her right leg to his face before giving him a hard right to the face, which the vamp staggered back from the strong force of the hits. He tried to punch her, but Liz blocked it and gave him a high side kick to his head with her left leg, and then she flipped over him and kicked him in the back making him fall to the ground.

"That all you got?" Liz asked with a smile on her face.

The vamp got up and went for her and Liz just back hand punched him across the face, then gave him a cresent kick to his face with her right leg, sending him to the ground again. Liz picked him up and threw him across the cemetary, crashing him on a tombstone. Liz ran to him and jumped high in the air over a large tomb. She went to the vamp and slammed the stake through his chest, turning him to dust. Liz stood up and looked over at Faith to see her punch the vamp she was fighting, then stake him too.

They both walked towards eachother and high-fived. "You did great!" Liz said and smiled broadily.

Faith smiled back. "No biggie. You didn't do too bad yourself there."

Liz shrugged and they both started to walk back to their weapons bag and head out the cemetary.

"So you were telling me about your new friends before." Liz asked looking at Faith.

"Oh yeah, her and her friends work at this messenger sevrice called Jan Cony or somethin'. " They both turned towards their street where their house was.

"Jam Pony?" Liz asked stopping looking at her. Faith stopped too.

"Yeah, how'd ya know?" She said looking confused, they both started to walk agin up to the house.

"Seattle Times wanted me to take a few pictures of it's rider and the place since they're doing an article about it for god know what reason. And I mean come on, Jam Pony? It's a messenger service, not a gay horse-riding club." They both walked up the steps to the victorian house.

Faith snorted in laughter. "Hey, the boss could actually be gay ya know?, it would explain the name."

"You know," Liz said stopping at the front door to take her key out. "I think you might be right." Liz opened the door and they both walked inside, laughing.


What did you think guys? I'm going to be putting in the Dark Angel gang tomorrow, if you have any ideas, let me know.

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Guys, I'm not sure if I'll be posting today, since there's been a family emergency, but if I can later today, I will. Thanks for all the feedback so far guys!*happy**bounce*

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Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be posting today. The part will be out miday or so *happy*
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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more

Thanks for all the feedback guys! I hope you enjoy this part. I don't think I did my best, but you can tell me in your feedback or not. LOL

Part 2

"Okay, guys, I'm leaving for work! Dawn come on, you're going to be late." Liz yelled up the stairs to the gang. She heard yells of 'byes' and was putting on her sunglasses and grabbing her camera equipment, when she heard loud thumping behind her.

Dawn ran down the stairs up to Liz, "I'm only late by a few minutes, can you give me a ride to school though? Giles is already at the magic shop with Wills." she asked grabbing her backpack, and putting on her coat.

Liz opened the front door and walked with Dawn to Liz's brand new black Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV. "Sure, do you want me to pick you up after school? I'm going to get off my photo assignment then."

Dawn opened the passenger door as Liz got in the other side. "No that's okay, I'm going out with a friend to the mall. I'll be back before sunset."

Liz put on her black Rae Ban shades. "Alright, but be absolutely sure you are back by sunset. Deal?" She started the engine.

Dawn rolled her eyes, "I told you I would." then she changed the subject, "Hey, you're wearing the new outfit me and Willow chose for you that time we went shopping with the girls.": She looked at Liz's outfit and saw she had on a mini black leather jacket, with a purple halter neck top that left her stomach showing a little, some navy blue hipster jeans and her black Doc Martens.

Liz smiled and stopped the car at the stoplights. She looked at herself. "Yeah, I think this change is doing good for me, don't you think?" She pushed down on the accelerator and past the green light.

"I do." Dawn then looked at the road, then back again at Liz, "Are you patrolling tonight with Faith?"

Liz pulled her car up in front of Dawn's school. "Yeah, I'm going to go to The Crash and check the place out. She's been going on for weeks how the bar is 'five by five' and there's always some vamps out to stake, so I might do a little dusting. Now hurry up, you're late already."

Dawn got out of the car, "Ok ok, I'll see you before sunset, back at the house." She shut the car door and headed into school as Liz drove off to work.

Max, Zack, Alec, Krit, Syl and OC were leaning against the lockers at Jam Pony on their morning break.

"So do any of you wanna come to crash tonight?" OC asked, eating an apple.

"Yeah, got nothing else better to do." Syl said "What about the rest of you?"

Alec, Zack, Krit and Max nodded. "I'll be there, I might be a little late though. I gotta bounce off to Logan's place after work." Max said

"Anything we should be worrying about?" Alec said, smirking, making everyone know what he was talking about.

"Shut Up."

Zack, Krit, Syl, OC and Alec just laughed untill they heard Normal's voice.

"Come on people, Bip!, Bip!, Bip!. I've got the photographer comin' in from Seattle Times. We need to look hardworking, people!"

Krit looked at the others in surprise. "Seattle Times wants to do a photo shoot here?"

The others just looked as surprised as he did. "Hey Normal, Why the hell would any one want to do a photo shoot here!?" Zack called to Normal, who was giving a messenger a package to deliver.

"Because they want to do an article on what it's like to have one of the toughest jobs in the city, you schmuck!"

The X5s and OC snorted in disbelief. "Yeah right, why is that?" Max asked

Normal looked irritated now. "Hey, you never know when somebody could pull out a gun when you're delivering a package out on the street and mug you. So technically, it is a dangerous job."

The X5s and OC still weren't convinced, so they just went about and started making conversation.

Liz pulled her car into Jam Pony and and grabbed her camera bag. She got out the car and took a look at the place before walking in the front door.

"Hey, I'm looking for the boss!" She yelled out, hoping someone could direct her where she could find him.

Alec and the rest of Jam Pony looked over at Liz. Alec looked at the girl with long, dark brown hair, sunglasses, black Docs, hiphugging navy jeans, leather jacket and halter top that made her look hot. He walked over to her with a smile on his face. He would have to make her his next conquest.

"Well hello there, I'm Alec, who might you be?" He looked at her and saw her taking off her sunglasses, to reveal the most beautiful chocolate pair of brown eyes he had ever seen.

"I'm Liz Parker, I'm the photographer doing the assignment for Seattle Times." Liz looked at the very hot male specimen in front of her and she liked what she saw.

"Oh you're her? Normal, the boss, should be out of his office in a minute. Why don't you let me show you around."

Liz smiled and walked over to the front desk and put down her camera bag. Alec followed her and leaned against the desk. "Thanks, but I think I might just wait for the boss. I meed to know where I can set up."

Alec stood back up straight. "Well if you need any help, I'll be around. Do you wanna meet some of the people?" Alec wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.

"Sure, I guess that'd be okay. Oh do you know anyone named Max around here?" Liz said and took off her jacket.

Alec immediantly went to look at her chest and smirked, 'Firm C Cup. Nice flat, smooth looking stomach. She is one mighty fine woman.' he thought in awe.

"Yeah, do you know her?"

Liz shook her head and followed Alec over to a wall of lockers. "No, but we have a mutual friend."

Alec nodded and took her to see Zack, Max, OC, Krit, Syl, and Sketchy, who was talking with them.

"Hey, guys, this is Liz Parker, the photographer Normal was talking about. Liz meet the gang," He started pointing towards each person as he said their name. "Zack, Krit, Syl, Original Cindy and that's Max."

"Hey." they all said politely.

Liz smiled and looked towards Max. "I've heard a lot about you from my best friend."

Max looked suspicious but tried to look as polite as possible. Zack and the other X5s looked suspicous too. "Oh really who?"

"Faith. She works at The Crash. You met her a few times." Liz said

"Faith, yeah she's cool! Tell her I said hi will ya?" Liz nodded. "Is she workin' tonight?"

"Yeah, I'm going with her just to check the place out. Never been there before. We just moved."

"From where?" Zack asked with a fake smile, he was getting suspiscious of this girl. She seemed off. He should check for a barcode later.

"Roswell. Me and my cousin moved here with a few friends for a fresh start." Liz said somewhat uncomfortably, which they noticed, but didn't mention it.

"The alien town? Ever met an one?" Krit spoke up from his silence.

Liz laughed nervously, trying not do her best to look uncomfortable, and fiddled with her hair. "Aleins? No, no aliens. Just a tourist trap. My parents used to own a restaurant called The Crashdown there, that's all. No aliens, nope none at all." She paused for a moment. "Say where is that boss of yours?"

The others nodded, confused by Liz's reaction and her question was answered when Normal appeared out of his office. Liz walked towards him.

"Yeah, who are you?" He asked giving Liz the once over.

Liz frowned, 'He obviously isn't getting any lately.' She pulled out her hand. "I'm Liz Parker, the photographer."

Normal all of a sudden looked embarressed. The next thing he said you could tell he was sucking up. "You're the photographer? Excuse me for being rude, it's been a hectic morning so far," Liz nodded. "Would you like some coffee? Tea?"

Liz was about to say no, when Normal shoved a coffee mug in her hand and grabbed the pot nearby and poured her coffee. Liz didn't want to offend him so she said thankyou and took a sip, only to spit it right back in the mug, unbeknowest to Normal. She thought that was the worst coffee she had ever tasted. She would rather drink Dawn's made coffee anyday. She turned her cringe into a fake smile as Normal looked at her before he took her arm.

"I'll show you where you can set up. If you need any help, don't heitate to ask." He laughed.

Liz shook her arm easily out of his grasp and tried her best not to look rude. "Thanks, but if you could just tell me which rooms are which, I'll take some shots and if it's okay with you, take some photos of the riders."

"Oh, sure no problem. I'm sure they won't mind." He turned towards the messengers, whom some were eyeing Liz suggestingly. "Hey, listen up people!, This nice young woman would like to take a few pictures of you, I'd appreciate if you would take a minute of your sweet ass time for a lousy picture!"

Liz was annoyed that this was how Normal treated his employees. She was starting to want to hit him. She was confused when all of a sudden a bunch of unknown male messengers swamped around her, looking her over and grinning like idiots.

"Hi, I'm Druid. I'd be glad to voluteer first." Druid stood in front of her, despite how some male messengers were trying to push him out the way for some unknown reason to Liz.

Liz laughed, "Uh well, if want to line up over there," she started point to a section near the lockers, where Alec and his friends were watching her. She didn't even get to finish her sentence, as the male messengers, ran straight over to the lockers and started to line up, pushing each other occasionally.

Liz shook her head, in confusion, still completely oblivous to the attension she was being given.

Normal went up to Liz as she was getting her Nikon camera out of her bag and bagan putting on the extension lens. "Say you know, Would you be willing to take a few pictures of me and my golden boy?"

"Your golden boy?" Liz asked in confusion, arching an eyebrow.

Normal smiled proudly. "Yeah, Alec. He's my best employee."

Liz was surprised, "Alec is your 'golden boy'?"

"Yeah," He turned to where Alec was waiting in line with the other males. "Alec! Come here, we're going to be in a few pictures together."

Alec came running up to Normal, "Really? That's great, let's do that now." He looked at Liz to see her looking at the two in disbelief. He grinned.

'This Normal is definately gay. I wonder if Alec knows.' Liz thought to herself just before snapping out of them. "Oh, sure let's go over here." She walked towards the lockers and started to take photos.

Liz had finshed taking the riders' photos at lunch and decided to call Willow and see if she could bring her a coffee from Starbucks since she couldn't stand the coffee Normal gave her. She pulled out her cellphone and flipped the ear piece up so she could dial.

"Hi Willow, it's me Liz....... yeah the assignment's doing good, uh listen do you think you could come by and bring me a cafine shot from Starbucks? The coffee is reall, really bad over here....... You will, thanks, I'll see you soon." Liz flipped her phone shut and turned around to see Alec.

"I see you don't like the coffee." Alec said, smirking.

Liz shifted from foot to foot, "Oh, no, The coffee's okay, just that it's...."

"Bad." Alec finshed for her

Liz relented. "You have no idea, have you tried it?"

"Once, Only I made it myself and it tasted bad, so I feel for you if you tasted Normal's coffee. Everyone else here gets their coffee from elsewhere too, Don't worry."

Liz smiled. "Thanks."

Alec smiled charmingly back, "Do you want to sit with us for break? It would be a shame to see a beautiful woman like yourself sit alone and work."

Liz blushed, "Thanks, I'd like that. I'll introduce you to Willow when she gets here."

Alec smirked, watching her blush, "Come on, let's go sit with the gang."

Liz went and sat with Alec, OC, Sketchy, Zack, Max, Syl and Krit. They talked for awhile discussing various issues and so on. They were stopped from furthur conversation when Sketchy looked up, "Who is that?"

They all turned to see a beautiful woman, with shoulder length red hair enter Jam Pony holding two Starbucks take out cups. Liz smiled and stood up from where she was sitting. "Willow!" She called. Liz smiled and walked towards Willow.

Willow looked towards the sound of her name and saw Liz walking towards her. "Hey, got your caffine intake, Double chocolate Mocha." She held up the cylophome cup.

Liz grabbed the cup and took a large sip, "Oh, Willow. Thank you, you have no idea how bad the coffee is here."

Willow grinned, "So bad that you'd be willing to drink Dawn's home made batch of coffee?"


Liz and Willow started to talk a bit more while the X5 group, OC and Sketchy were talking about the latest visitor.

"Man, I'd like to score a date with that red head knock out!" Sketchy said, not taking his eyes off of Willow.

"I'll give you 20 bucks if you go over there and tell her you want a date. But she has to accept." Max said as she put her feet up on the table.

"You're on! What woman has ever denied The Sketch huh?" Sketchy got up from his seat and went over to Liz and Willow as they were making their way to the group. The X5s and OC sat back and watched.

Willow and Liz stopped in front of Sketchy as he began to talk. "Uh, I'm Sketchy, would you like to go out with me on a date?" He asked Willow.

Willow and Liz burst out laughing, leaving Sketchy confused.

OC and the X5s were also confused when the two girls burst out laughing. And saw Willow pull Sketchy in for a whisper, once she and Liz stopped laughing. Sketchy's eyes bulged and he slowly made his way back towards the group. Liz and Willow started laughing again.

Normal came out of his office then and came to stand next to Alec and the rest of the group. "What's all the laughter about? This is a messenger service, not a comedy club?"

"The Sketch, has been rejected." Max boasted, grinning because she won twenty bucks and Sketchy was humiliated.

Sketchy stopped in front of the group, still as a statue. "I wasn't rejected."

"Was she seeing someone?" Zack asked.


"Then what?" Alec asked as he took a sip of his soda.

"She's gay."

This made Alec spit out his soda right into Normal's face causing everyone to laugh. "Sorry Normal."

"She's gay? I'll be damned, 'cuse me Boos, I've got to get a date with a fox." OC grinned.

Normal just muttered something about being humiliated by his golden boy then going to the front desk to get a towel.

Liz and Willow made their way over to the group. "I see by Alec's reaction, you found out about Willow?" Liz said ready to laugh again.

"Yep." Syl replied holding her laugher in.

"Willow this Zack, Max, Alec, Syl, Krit, you know Sketchy, and OC."

"Hey!" Willow chirped, then looked towards OC.

"Hey there yourself, I'm Original Cindy, call me OC. It looks like you and me have somethin' in common huh?"

Willow was confused for a moment before it clicked. "You're gay too?"

"Yeah, how bout you and me go and have a chat?"

Willow gladly accepted and followed OC over to the other side of the room.

"Well, it looks like they are going to be getting along quite well!" Liz said making everyone laugh. Normal came out of his office, his face clean of soda now and walked to the front desk, just as Liz's cell phone rang.

"Excuse me." Liz said as she pulled out her cell phone. "Hello?" She listened for a minute until she scared everyone in the room by screaming, "WHAT?!!!!!" Everyone looked at her in alarm.

"Ok, don't worry I'll get Willow and we'll see you at the house." Liz flipped her cell phone shut just as Willow ran over to her.

"What happened? What's wrong?"

Liz pulled Willow to the side of the room where they could have some privacy. Or so they thought. The transgenics could hear every word that was being said with their enhanced hearing.

"Willow, Giles just called and said Dawn's been kidnapped. He said Dawn was waiting out side the school for her friends and some kids said they saw Dawn being pulled into a passing van. Screaming. And that's not all, the kids said they swear the thing had horns on it's head and yellow skin." Liz started to panic as Willow stood there shocked.

"You think it's a demon?"

"I know it is! What if some of Glory's minions are still out there? Or, Or someone or something evil wants to destroy Dawn because they know she's the key?" Liz whispered angerly.

"We'll get her back Liz, I know it. Let's go back to the house and make a plan to get her back." Willow said determenly.

"If anything, I mean anything tries to hurt her, I swear I will torture and beat the living shit out of it!" Liz whispered again, angerily.

"Let's go!" Willow and Liz started to make their way out of Jam Pony when Normal stepped in their way, looking irritated as hell. "Hey, you haven't finished doing your job."

Liz had enough. All day Normal had been sucking up to her, trying to get a good review for the paper, and he'd been treating his employees like dirt, and was really rude to any clients that came in too. It made Liz angry, and with Dawn being taken, it made Liz pissed off.

Liz grabbed Normal by his shirt with her right hand and slammed him against the wall. "Listen you ignorant ass of a prick, all day I've been hearing you treat you employees like shit, being rude to people who come in here, and sucking up to me to get this good review. I have had enough of your little punk ass attitude!! Quit being an Asshole and get outta my face before I kick the shit outta your ass!!" She yelled, shocking every single person in Jam Pony, to stand shock still.

"Are we clear!?" Liz glared at Normal.

Normal nodded, "Y-y-yes." He stuttered.

"Good. I have to take care of a family emergency. Excuse me." Liz said rudely and let go of his shirt and started to walk out of Jam Pony with Willow, but not before turning around again and looking straight at Normal, "Oh, and by the way, your review, The grade you're getting is F. For Fucked up!" The she grabbed her bag and walked out the door with Willow.

You could swear that you could hear a pin drop, with the deadly silence that was in Jam Pony. The X5s snapped out of their trances when they heard the sound of Liz's SUV tyres screech out of the parking space.

The X5s huddled together and tried to figure out what was going on. "What the hell just happened?!" Syl yelled at them.

"Looks like Liz was pissed about her 'family emergency' and she took it out on Normal." Krit said.

"About that, did you here what she was talking to Willow about?" Alec asked, still in shock over what Liz did. The X5s nodded. She looked like she couldn't hurt a fly, only she almost beat a guy twice her size.

"I think we should go to Logans and find out what we can, and help get this Dawn back." Max said.

"No Way!" Zack refused flatly.

Max sighed loudly in frustration. "Come on Zack, a girls has been kidnapped possibly by a mutant and you're just going to do nothing about it!?"

Zack still wouldn't budge. "It's none of our business. If we get involved, we could be put in danger."

Alec agreed with Max. "Max is right Zack, this is really isn't any different from the missions Logan sends us on."

"I agree." Krit said.

"So do I." Syl said.

Zack looked at them in disbelief. "You can't be serious?" he hissed angrily.

They all nodded. "It could be one of the mutants from Manticore, or something, we have to help. Besides, you're outnumbered." Alec said

"Fine." Zack grumbled.

"Let's get to Logan's. He can get us an address for Liz Parker."

The transgenics walked out of Jam Pony, past some still in shock messengers.

What do you think guys?

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

I hope you like the part guys. Thanks for all the feedback and bumps! You guys are the greatest! Especially to my good friend LittleBit (Randi), for her support and help with my stories *happy*

Part 3

Liz parked her SUV, single handedly and fast into the driveway of the house and shut off the engine.

"Where did you learn to drive like that?" Willow asked in awe, as she was getting out of her seatbelt. She didn't get an answer as Liz was already at the door of the house and rushed inside.

Liz ran into the house to see Giles, Ava, Faith and Kyle in the study area of the house, looking quite busy, looking through books and weapons.

"Ok, what happened?! Where's Dawn? Who's the Son of a bitch who took her?" Liz started to ask frantically.

Kyle, Faith, Giles and Ava looked up to see Liz looking panicked, worried and angry. Willow came into the house then and stood next to Liz.

"We think from the discription that the children told the sector police, that it's a Mocrah demon." Giles said as he was looking frantically in a book, trying to find out any information that could help them.

At Liz's confused look, Kyle continued. "A demon that feeds on power. Thery're really strong and big from what we've seen in Giles's book." He handed a book over to Liz, with a picture of the demon.

Liz took a quick look at the ugly beast and handed the book over to Willow to look. "Okay, so why does he want Da-" Liz started to say, when she remembered what Kyle said about the demon feeding on power. "The key. He knows that Dawn's the key. How?"

"We don't know. Possibly he knew Glory, or was associated with her and wanted to think that this was the only way he could revenge her death. We do know that they have a strong amount of energy, and it has a human form to go out in public. We don't know much other than that. We'll have to do some more research and form a plan to get Dawn back." Giles started to polish his glasses.

Liz stood still for a moment. She wouldn't let anything happen to Dawn. She owed that to Buffy. Dawn was the only family Liz had left. She'd be damned if anyone or anything tried to get their sleazy hands on her. Liz wanted to cry at that moment but chose not to, as she had to stay strong for Dawn and do anything in her power to get her back. Liz looked up from where she was staring at the ground. "Well then, let's hit the books. Willow, I want you to see if you can do a locator spell to find Dawn." Willow nodded and went to get some ingredients.


"Logan!, you home?" Max called as she let herself, Zack, Alec,Krit, Syl and OC into his penthouse apartment.

"In here!" Logan called from his Eyes Only room. They all walked into Logan's computer room to see him searching on the web. "Hey, I thought you were going to be coming by later."

Max smiled and went and sat next to him. The others remained standing. We need you to see what you can find out about a girl being kidnapped at a local school." Alec said as he saw Logan's face turn into one of concern.

Logan turned around to his computer and started to type. "What can you tell me about the girl?"

"All we knows is her names Dawn last name possibly Parker." OC said as she put her hands on her hips.

"Okay, you mind telling me how you found out about this?" Logan asked as his computer searched for information.

Zack started to tell him about Liz and about her phonecall. And what they overheard from Willow and Liz's conversation.

"A demon? She thinks it's a demon? And she beat up Normal?" Logan asked in disbelief.

"What we heard and saw." Zack said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Do you think she's an escapee from Manticore? Looking for a sibling or somthing?" He asked as his computer beeped, telling him it found something.

"We don't think so, but we're not sure either. What'd you find?" Alec asked and looked at the computer.

Logan tapped a few keys. "I found a surveilance video from a police hoverdrome, but nothing on a Dawn Parker. Only a Dawn Summers enrolled at a local highschool, about a few minutes away from where she lives."

"Could be her. Let's see that video first, then pull up her file." Max said as they all crowded around Logan and his computer to get a closer look at the screen.

The computer played and they saw a short girl around about 15, with long light brown hair. She was sitting on the front steps of the school alone. She looked like she was waiting for someone. That was when they saw a van pull up in front of the steps and a large ugly looking mutant heading straight for Dawn. "Come here Key!" The creature said with an evil smirk on his face. Dawn made a run for it, she didn't get far, since the creature was fast and caught her in no time. The huge creature with yellow skin and horns, dragged a kicking and screaming Dawn, to the back of a black van. They could hear Dawn screaming, "Let me go!! Help!! Somebody!!, HELP!" Then they saw her elbow the unsuspecting creature that held her, in the stomach, and then gave him a kick right inbetween the legs, making the males cringe. The video snowed for a second then back to normal, for them to see the creature stumble over and put his hands to his crotch. Dawn was making a run for it again and was about a few steps away from the school doors, when the creature came up with inhuman speed and grab Dawn again and backhanding her across the face hard enough to send her head snapping back and fall to the ground unconcious. The creature picked her up and took her back to the van and tossed her in the back and then going to the driver's side and taking off, speeding down the empty street. The video ended with it turning to snow.

There was complete silence when the tape turned off.

"Let's see that file." Alec asked as he tried to push down his anger at the creature that hit an innocent girl. The others felt the same way, but didn't say anything.

Logan pulled up the file on the computer. They saw Dawn's picture come up on screen. "Dawn Claudia Summers, 15. Mother Joyce Summers, 43. Maiden name Parker. Deceased from a brain tumor. She worked at an Art Gallery. Sister, Buffy Anne Summers, age 21, Deceased. Reason unknown. Father, Hank Summers, lives in Spain, alive as far as this file shows," Logan scrolled down the page. "And Bingo, lives with cousin Liz Parker, who has full custody of Dawn Summers since her father didn't come back to get her."

The transgenics and OC were silent for a moment before Zack spoke up. "What can you pull up about Liz Parker?"

Logan tapped a few more keys and came up with Liz's file on screen. "Elizabeth Anne Parker. Age 19. Owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV with licence plate number CRL-243. Father is Jeffery Parker, deceased in car accident with her mother Nancy Parker. They owned a restaturant called The Crashdown. Liz has no siblings as far as this shows. Also arrested at 16 for possession of alcohol and given a warning for breaking into high school grounds after hours at age 18. Also graduated early from high school, due to being valedictorian with good grades. Works as a freelance photographer, and occasionally works for Seattle Time taking photos for them."

"Well, she isn't as innocent as she looks." Krit said smiling.

"Oh she doesn't look innocent either. Believe me." Alec said smirking. Everyone gave him a glare as Logan spoke up again, "Wait, here's something strange."

"What?" Syl said raising an eyebrow.

Logan leaned back in his computer chair, "Says here, that on September 17, 1999, The Crashdown had a robbery. Report says that a shot was fired and a waitress fell to the ground, some witness' say she was shot from blood that was appearing on her uniform. Only the waitress mysteriously wakes up after a guy touches his hand on her stomach. She told the cops that she broke a bottle of ketchup and spilled on her uniform, and she hit her head and fell unconcious."

"Weird. What's her address?" Max asked.

Logan pressed a button on his mouse and his printer, printed out a piece of paper. He pulled it out. "Lives at 24 Charleston Ave."

"Let's go." Alec said and started to head out the door, only to be stopped by Zack's voice.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!, we can't just go to them and say, Hey we're transgenics and we're going to be nice people and help you get your family back." he said sarcastically.

"He's right, you're going to need a plan." Logan said as he got up from his chair and grabbed his cup of coffee nearby.

The transgenics sighed, knowing he was right. "Okay, why don't we go to their house, sneek up outside their window and see if we can grab some info as to where they think Dawn is, then go and find her and bring her back to her family." Alec said.

"And what if they don't have any idea where she is?" Zack asked

"Think of somthin' else. I wanna rescue this kid and then take her back to her boos so I can continue that conversation with that bombshell Willow." OC said as she looked at him.

"Wait, who said 'you' were going to get her outta there?" Syl said.

"I ain't saying that I'm gonna get her outta there, me and Maxie's boy Logan can stay in the car and keep watch, until you guys get the girl."

"Fine with me." Logan stated. "You'll need some weapons. Do you have any with you?"

The others nodded. "What about this thing that grabbed Dawn? What are we supposed to do when we see it?" Krit asked.

"See if it's from Manticore, and if we can, see if we can find out what he wants with Dawn. If not, we'll have to kill him." Max said with her hands by her sides.

"Alright, let's get going." Alec said and headed the entire group out the front door.

"Okay, we're here," Logan said as he turned his car off. He waited untill Alec and Zack pulled up on their motorcyles and turned to the others. "Me and OC will stay in the car. You guys, go around to the house and see if you can find out anything. Then come back."

They all nodded and stepped out the car and told Alec and Zack what Logan said they should do. They agreed and walked to the house and crouched behind an open window. They listened in to what was being said.

Liz, Faith, Kyle, Giles and Ava watched as Willow came into the room with a smile on her face.

"You found Dawn?" Liz asked hopefully, standing up. She had changed out of her clothes into some more her suitable ones. Her 'slayer gear'. Which was black leather pants, leather 2 inch healed boots, a blood red tank top and her hair was in a high pony tail. She had on a little dark make up. All in all, she looked beautiful, sexy and deadly.

"Yeah, she's at a warehouse on the other side of town. On Henderson Rd."

"I say, good show Willow!" Giles praised, smiling gleefully.

"Yeah Willow, you rock!" Kyle said and put his arm around Willow, who was looking pleased.

"It's nothing," Willow said being modest.

"Thanks Willow!" Liz said proudly and went and hugged her. Willow hugged back.

"Yeah, Red, you really are more powerful than I took you for," Faith smiled. "Okay, so now that we know where she is, we need to make some sort of plan." Faith said as she got a bag and started filling it with some weapons.

"I think I have one," Ava spoke up.

"What is it?" Giles asked

"Me and Giles will stay and watch outside the ware house and stke or mindwarp any vamps or demons that come by, Faith and Liz will go with Kyle and Willow when they rescue Dawn. They might need some real muscle."

"Sounds good enough for me. We better pack some weapons." Liz said as she and the group made their way to the basement where the weapons were.

The trangenics heard them saying that Dawn was at a warehouse on Henderson Rd and decided that was all the information they needed, so they headed out to their parked bikes and saw Logan sitting in his car waiting anxiously with OC.

"Did you find out where she is?" Logan asked as he rolled down his window.

"Henderson Rd, on the other side of town." Max said as she jumped in the car with Krit and Syl. Alec and Zack were on their motorcycles already, starting the engines.

"Floor it." Syl said flatly as Logan's car and Alec and Zack's motorcycles sped off.

"Everyone ready?" Liz asked the group around her.

They all nodded. "Let's go kick some ass." Faith said as they stepped out the front door to the Liz and Giles' parked cars. Giles, Kyle and Willow headed in his car, while Ava, Faith and Liz headed in Liz's SUV.

Liz sat in the passenger side of her SUV and looked out at the sky. "Don't worry Dawn, I'm coming. I won't fail you." She wispered determenly.

The transgenics pulled up in front of the warhouse. They got out of the car and motorcycles to stand in a circle.

"As soon as we get the girl, we outta there." Zack said in soldier mode.

"Affirmative." The X5's knew this was a mission and they would treat it as one.

"Let's move out."

The X5s grabbed their weapons and headed towards the warehouse. It was already sunset so it was pretty dark. They headed around to a window and had a peek inside. Dawn was locked up in some sort of cell with thick steel bars. The creature was standing in the middle of the room, on the centre of what looked like to be a large pentagram, that was painted on the ground. Around him were some other strange looking creatures with bumpy forheads and yellow eyes, and what looked like fangs.

They heard a growl behind them. They jumped and saw 6 or 7 of the bumpy faced creatures they saw before. Before they even had a chance to attack, everything went dark to the transgenics.

"These tasers work pretty well huh Davis?" A vamp with a taser called to another vamp with a taser.

"Yeah, they look like sleeping babies." He said and motion to the other vamps with tasers to pick up the transgenics.

"Bring them in to the boss. We'll see if he wants us to eat 'em or lock them in the cage with the little princess."

The vampires laughed and dragged the unconcious transgenics inside the warehouse.

Next is the big action scene where Liz kicks major ass and rescues the transgenics and Dawn. What do you think of this part guys?

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Sorry guys! I couldn't post today because the website wouldn't come up, so if everything goes well today, I'll definately be posting today! *happy* Thanks for being so patient guys! I hope you'll like the new part!, I'll try to make it long so it'll make up for the posts I didn;t make before! How's that sound? Again, thanks for being so patient, you guys are the best! *happy*

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Sorry I took so long to post guys!, I was in a car accident not too long ago and I just got out of hospital yesterday. Here's the new part! I hope you like it!

Part 4

Liz and the group got out of their parked cars. Liz went over and took charge. She looked at the group in front of her. "Ava, Giles, you two stay here and mindwarp any vamps that come near by. Stake them if the need arises," she looked at Willow, Faith and Kyle. "You three, come with me. Willow, I want you to stay with me in case we need any mojo assistance. Kyle and Faith, you two are going round back. Take care of any demons and vamps you see, then come meet us inside and help. Everyone good to go?"

They nodded. Faith stuck her arm out and placed it infront of everyone. The others looked confused, but then got the message and also stuck their arms out and piled their hands on top of eachother. "We're going to get Dawn outta there guys. I know it!" Liz said positivley. They all smiled.

"Alright team! Good luck!, let's go kick some ass!" Kyle said enthusiastically. They all chuckled a bit and went to their assigned tasks.


The X5s groaned, and felt themselves stirring awake. They got up, and saw that they were in a cell.

"What happened?" Syl croaked out as she sat up against the wall, "I'm tired."

"They shot us with tasers." Zack said as he also sat up. He saw the others groan and sit up as well.

"Well, I'm say we get outta here." Alec said and stood up.

"And how do you plan to do that Einstein? We locked in a steel bar cell." Max said and ran a hand through her hair.

"Good point." Alec said and sat back down.

They heard a soft whimper. They turned to the sound and in the shadows, there was a shadow of a short person.

"Hello?" Zack called as he took a step forward towards the shadow, only causing the figure to shrink back more.

"We aren't going to hurt you. Who are you?"

The figure quietly stood up and stepped out of the shadows. It was the young girl they had come to rescue. Dawn.

"Dawn. My name's Dawn. Who're you?" She said softly, carefully stepping forward.

"We actually came here to rescue you, but we got caught by those...uh.... what were they?" Syl said as she looked at the others.


They looked at Dawn as she spoke.

"Vampires. Don't ask," She said as she saw their questioning and unbelieving looks. "I saw them dragging you all in here. My cousin Liz and our friends are going to get us outta here. But, why did you come? I don't know you."

The transengenics stayed silent for a moment before Zack spoke up. "We're friends of Eyes Only. You ever heard of him?"

Dawn nodded. "I've seen him on T.V."

"Do you know why these vampires wanted you?" Alec asked and stood up.

Dawn stiffened. "N-n-no." She stuttered out.

Max stood up and walked to Dawn. "Don't worry, we're going to get out of here. What did you mean before when you said that you're cousin and your friends were going to get you out of here?"

Dawn was about to answer when a door opened to reveal two vampires dragging in the unconcious pair of Logan and OC.

"Logan! OC!" The transgenics shouted.

The only sign that the pair had heard them, was a groan as they were chained to a wall by the two vampires.

"Let them go!" Zack yelled.

"Sorry, can't do that. Boss wants you all locked up so we can eat you later, if we bahave." The blonde haired vamp said as he laughed along with the other vamp and grabbed a beer from a crate nearby.

They all jumped at the sound of the door crashing across the room.


"Is this a private party, or can anyone crash?" Liz quipped as she stood with a smirk on her face, in the entrance of the doorway. Behind her stood Faith, Willow and Kyle.

"Liz!, Kyle!, Willow!, Faith!" Dawn yelled relieved, with a look on her face that said to the bad guys, 'You-are-so-going-to-get-your-butts-kicked'

Liz stepped inside the room, and took a look at her surroundings. Mainly for Dawn. "Dawn! Don't worry sweetie, we're going to get you out of here."

Alec took a look at Liz's form, he thought she was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Especially in her outfit of leather pants, boots and tight tank top. Not to mention her make up too. She looked beautiful, sexy, deadly and...Pissed off! He would have to ask for a date when this was over, if they even made it out alive though.

Liz, Kyle, Faith and Willow walked slowly into the room more. "Willow, you see if you can get rid of that sacrificial symbol thingy on the floor. Kyle, you help me and Faith fight off the vamps, then you get Dawn and the rest of those people outta here. But the big scary demon's ass is mine!" Liz said as she looked in the room to the dozen or more vamps surrounding them.

They all nodded and began to fight. The transgenics simply stood in the cell and watched in awe. Dawn, meanwhile was cheering them on.

Willow telekinetically threw the vamps that were in her way, across the room and made her way to the pentagram that was painted on the floor, to see if there was anything that needed to be taken care of. She saw that the pentagram started to form a mist of fog around itself. Willow quickley saw that this was a ritual to bring a dark demon forth, so she quickly raised her hands and began to chant a spell in latin, in hopes that it would stop the demon from coming forth.

Kyle was busy fighting off a 6 foot vamp that looked like he could take on a passing truck, but Kyle was doing pretty well in defending himself. He threw a punch to the vamps face and the vamp's head snapped back and he growled and picked Kyle up and threw him back to the floor. Kyle groaned but held his ground. "Alright you Son of a Bitch, you wanna play rough? Lets play rough!" Kyle got up and kicked the vamp in his chest then punched him in the face, twice. Kyle then put his arms on the vamps shoulders, and brought him down to knee him in the stomach. The vamp fell and Kyle grabbed a stake from his jean pocket and staked him. "Alright!" he cheered to himself. Kyle then moved off to the next vamp.

Faith and Liz were fighting off two vamps each. The vamps weren't doing well but tried their best without success.

Faith kicked her vamp in the face and then punched him in the stomach, then the face. The vamp went down and she staked him. She turned to see the other vamp charge at her and grab her by the throat. "Hey honey, how bout you and me get a little dinner afterwards? I heard that slayers taste pretty good. Maybe I'll get a taste of that other pretty slayer over there."

Faith ignored his request and made a face. "Hey pal, there's a pack of tic tacs in my back pocket. Feel free to help yourself to as many as you want. Your breath is a nightmare!"

The vamp growled and went to punch her, but Faith grabbed his arm and head butted him, causing him to lose his grip on her throat. Faith elbowed him in ribs then crashed her boot into his knee cap. The vamp fell and Faith took the advantage and staked him. Faith looked over to see Liz staking a vamp she was fighting, then turn to the next one and she started to beat the ever un-holy crap out of him.

Liz gave the vamp in front of her a punch to the face, then a crescent kick with her left leg, before turning to give him a roundhouse with her right leg to the face. The vamp fell to the ground a few feet back. Liz picked him up and threw him across the room. She ran forward and heard Faith call her name.

"Liz!" Liz turned and saw Faith toss her a stake.

Liz grabbed the stake just as she ran forward and jumped on a nearby crate. "Thanks!" She shouted back. Faith smiled and continued to fight of another vamp.

Liz saw a vamp step in front of her. "You sure you wanna do that?" She asked slyly. The vamp looked confused for a moment before he relized what the short powerful slayer was going to do, but he didn't have time to react to stop it. Liz brought her foot high up in the air and kicked the vamp in the face, sending him flying back into a wall unconcious. Kyle was nearby and he staked him.

Liz flipped off the crate and landed behind another vamp, she turned and gave her a side kick to the chest. She fell and Liz leaned over to stake her but the vamp punched her in the face. "Bitch!" Liz hissed as she turned to the female vamp and punched her in the face.

The vamp was a little surprised that her punch didn't even faze the slayer, then she relized that this was that really powerful slayer she had been hearing about on the streets.

Liz backhanded the female vamp in the face and then the vamp got up just as Liz was about to hit her again. Liz decided on a different tactic, she ran up the wall behind her and back flipped off it, expertly. The vamp was shocked and didn't have time to react before Liz landed behind her and staked her. Liz turned around and took a look at her surroundings. She saw that most of the vamps were gone, but a few were still left and the gang were taking care of them.

"Holy Shit!" Liz heard Dawn yell.

"Dawn Claudia Summers, watch your mouth!" Liz said turning to her, to see Dawn looking behind Liz with her eyes bulging. The transgenics, Logan's and OC's eyes weren't much different.

Liz turned to see the ugly demon that took Dawn. She recognized it from Giles' book. "Holy Shit!" Liz's face turned to one of disgust before turning back to fury.

"So, you're the asshole who took my family!" She saw the demon grin. "I'm soooo gonna kick your ass!" Liz ran toward the demon to grab them and send them both crashing through the wall.

Faith, Willow and Kyle watched as Liz and the demon crash through the wall. "Liz!!!" They yelled and ran through the large hole on the stine wall to see Liz and demon fighting. Faith ran forward and grabbed the back of the Mocrah demon's neck.

The demon shook Faith off and picked her up and was about to toss her to the floor when he heard Liz's angry yell.


The transgenics, Dawn, Logan and OC tried to look furthur from the cell into the next room to see what was going on.

Alec, Dawn and the transgenics heard Liz's angry yell. "YOU ASS!! YOU PUT HER DOWN!" They heard a loud crash, which sounding like something breaking. *CRASH* Then they heard Liz's voice again. "SON-OF-A BITCH!!" The next thing that the ugly looking demon was flying through the wall and onto the floor, with Liz on his heels.

The demon didn't have time to react as Liz picked him up and threw him to the wall, then she brought her right leg up and planted it firmly on his neck. "What did you want with Dawn?" Liz demanded. The demon didn't answer so Liz took her foot of his neck and began running it side to side, kicking him in the face with her boot. She planted it back a moment later on his neck when she saw him start to bleed from his mouth. "Answer me!" Liz demanded agina, this time, more deadly.

The demon looked like he was thinking hard before deciding to answer her. "I wanted to destroy the key." He managed to gasp out.

"Why?" Liz asked as her boot began to make a mark on his skin from the boot.

"Because I wanted to fulfill the great Glory's last wish."

"So, you're one of her last followers?" Liz asked, fearing that more demons knew of Dawn's Key identity.

"From what I know, yes." That was the demon's last sentence as Liz brought her leg down and then surprised the demon by spinning herself and giving him a perfect spin kick with her right leg, sending him crashing tothe ground unconcious. Liz took the oportunity to snap his neck. *Snap*

Everyone but Liz winced at the action. Liz looked up to see Faith, Willow and Kyle walking to the cell which held Dawn and the transgenics. Not before they untied OC and Logan from their chains. Once Dawn stepped out of the cell Liz ran forward and embraced Dawn in a huge hug, almost crushing the life out of her.

"Liz, I'm happy to see you too, but I can't breathe." Dawn gasped out.

"Oh, sorry! Are you alright?" Liz said as she let go of Dawn, checking her over.

"Yeah, these guys kept me company." Dawn [ointed back toward the transgenics in the cell, who were looking still shocked from the display not to long ago.

Liz, Faith, Willow, and Kyle decided that it was time to leave. Liz stepped toward the transgenics, who were standing with Logan and OC now. "I don't know who you really are, or what you're doing here, but thankyou for keeping my cousin safe." Liz paused for a moment before adding, "You can't tell anyone about what you saw tonight, please." Those were her last words as she, Dawn, Willow, Faith and Kyle left the warehouse, leaving 5 very confused transgenics and 2 confused humans behind.


Liz, Dawn, Kyle, Faith and Willow ran toward Ava and Giles, who were waiting impatiently in the cars.

Liz jumped into the SUV with Dawn and Faith, while Kyle and Willow, jumped in Giles' car.

"Thank God! Are you okay? We were about to come in and help." Ava said as she started the car and made a skid mark as she took off, with Giles' car not to far behind.

"Yeah, we're fine, we got the demon and the vamps. Dawn's safe and that's all I care about." Liz said as she hugged Dawn to her.

Dawn smiled and hugged Liz back.

"We also saw some other innocents in the cell that Dawn was in. We freed them and I think we need to get home and talk about the rest." Faith said as she leaned into the front seat and closed her eyes.

Liz and Dawn were in the back seat, Dawn rested her head in Liz's lap and fell asleep almost imediantly.

Liz started to think about what happened with the gang from Jam Pony, and why they were there, but the most person she thought about the most from the gang was Alec. She thought about how she was going to explain this to him and his friends. She was sure that they weren't just going to leave this without an explanation as to what happened tonight. Liz sighed. She would have to think about this later, right now she had Dawn to think about, and she wanted to cherish the time she had back with her.

What did you think? Guys, I'm also haveing some trouble on what else to write for the story, I have a few ideas, but not a lot. Please tell me any ideas you might have so I don't get writers block! PLEASE!


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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Sorry this took so long to post. I've been busy with school, and I really couldn't come up with anything to write until now. Thanks for all the feedback and I hope you like the new part!

Part 5

The trnasgenics went over and checked OC and Logan out to see if they were ok, all the while thinking about what had taken place not too long ago.

"What the hell is that girl?" Syl asked as she looked at the damage done to the room, not to mention all the piles of dust.

The others looked around the room also. "I don't know, but she's not a transgenic. She's too strong, not to mention she doesn't have a barcode." Alec said as he rembered checking the back of Liz's neck out before she left.

"How do you figure?" Logan asked, as he rubbed his sore arm.

"I checked before she left. It wasn't hard, I could see since she had her hair up in a pony tail."

The transgenics seemed satisfied with that, but that still didn't explain what she was, or who her firends were.

"What bout my lickety chick? And that other boo of hers, Faith, and that other guy? I wants ta know what the hell they were and now! That freak who dragged me in here, ripped OC's new leather pants. Original Cindy's pissed!" OC showed the gang a small rip in her pants.

"It's not that bad." Krit said.

"Not that bad?! Not that bad!?!, OC bought these for a fair chunk 'a change boo!"

Ignoring Cindy's remark about her pants, Zack decided they need to head back to Logans to figure out what was going on. "We need to get back to Logan's. See if we can find out about who those other people were. Then we'll find out a way to confront them."

They all nodded. "Logan, OC, you sure you're okay?" Max asked as she grabbed Logan's hand and walked out of the warehouse.

"I'm fine. Don't worry boo."

"Yeah, me too. Just that guy who dragged me throws a mean punch." Logan grimaced as he rubbed his shoulder. "What about you guys? You okay?"

"Yeah, we're good." Syl said as everyone else nodded.

"Let's go." Alec said and got on his motorcycle and followed the rest of the gang back to Logan's.


Liz, Faith, Dawn, Ava, Giles, Kyle and Willow all walked into the house and immediantly went to the living room and practically fell on the couches recliners.

"I can't lift my arm all the way up." Kyle said as he groaned.

Everyone except Liz and Faith groaned in agreement, Liz and Faith didn't really feel the pain of their injuries since theirs was already healing.

"Yes, well, let's talk about this more in the morning shall we? I'm sure we're all tried and exhausted." Giles said as he stood up.

"You don't need to tell me twice." Kyle grumbled. "I've got first dibs on the shower in the morning."

"No problem. I'll probably still be asleep anyway." Willow said yawning.

"Me too." Faith said as she walked up the stairs.

"You're always still asleep in the morning Faith." Liz said grinning as she opened the door to her room.

Willow, Kyle, Ava, Giles and Dawn snickered. "Good one Liz." Ava said.

"Shut up." Faith said and closed the door to her room.

"G'night everyone." Dawn said sleepily.

Everyone chorused and said, "G'night Dawn." Then there was silence, as everyone changed into their pyjamas and went to sleep.


The transgenics, Cindy and Logan walked into Logan's penthouse and sat on the couches.

"I'm hungry." Krit said as he rubbed his grumbling stomach.

Everyone groaned. Logan stood up. "Feel free to help yourselves to some food. I'll go and see what I can find out more about Liz and her friends."

"Great. I'll help." Zack said as he followed Logan to his 'Eyes Only' room.

An hour later, Logan walked back into the living room with Zack, to find the trangenics and Cindy watching some tv and reading.

"Alright, gather round." Zack ordered. "We have some info."

Everyone listened as Logan read his information off a printed out peice of paper. "As we all know, Liz Parker and Dawn Summers live at 24 Charleston Avenue, but what we didn't know, was that Faith Saunders, Kyle Valenti, Ava Anders, Willow Rosenburg and Rupert Giles live there too." Logan was about to continue when he heard Alec and Krit snort in laughter.

"Rupert? A guy's name's Rupert? Who would name their kid that?" Alec said as he laughed. Krit joined him, but they stopped when Max Cindy slapped each of them up side the head.

"As I was saying, they all live at the same address. Apparently, from all their bank records, they're pretty well off. Lot's of cash, and Mr Giles and Miss Rosenburg own a, get this, a magic shop."

"A magic shop? As in voo doo type stuff?" Syl asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, they have interstate, and out of country orders too. Looks like a lot of people buy this kind've stuff."

"Well what're we gonna do now?" Max asked as she sighed.

"I think we all should all go home and get some sleep. We can regroup here in the morning at around 7:00, then we go over to their place and get answers." Zack said in soldier mode.

"Sounds good to me. I'm beat." Alec said as he said goodbye to the gang and headed home.


In the morning, the trangenics, Logan and Cindy were at Logan's penthouse and finished eating breakfast Logan made for them.

"Logan, that is the best omelete I have ever tasted." Krit said as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.

Logan smiled "Thanks, It was my granmother's recipe."

Zack stood up from the table. "Alright, let's go."

Alec, Krit, Syl, Max, Cindy, and Logan all got up from the table and followed Zack out the door of Logan's penthouse.


Kyle walked out of the shower and grabbed a towel. It was early morning and everyone was still asleep. Even Giles, and he was an early riser. He decided to stick by his promise last night and take a shower. He was glad that the girls hadn't woken up before him, they would take hours.

He had just finished drying himself and combing his hair, then put on some socks and sweat pants, he finished and was about to walk to his room to grab a shirt that he forgot to get, but he heard the doorbell. "Who the hell would be coming here so early?" Kyle muttered. The doorbell rang again. He sighed and went downstairs to answer it without a shirt on his strong, muscled chest.

He heard the doorbell ring, again. This time more urgently. "Alright, alright, keep your pants on!" Kyle yelled, he was getting annoyed. He was sure who ever was on the other side heard him, since they stopped ringing the bell.

He swung open the door, "Yeah!, What?!" He looked up at the people on the other side, annoyed. He thought they looked familiar and then remembered, they were the people they rescued from last night. Kyle groaned.

On the other side, there was an equally annoyed Zack and Alec, Cindy, Krit, Logan, Syl and Max all looked fresh as daisys.

"Shit!" That was the only thing he could say.

What did you think? Spike makes his appearance soon *happy*

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

I hope you all like this part. Thanks for the feedback too *happy*

Part 6

"Good morning to you too, handsome." Syle said, drooling over Kyle's shirtless form. This didn't go unnoticed by the rest of the group. Alec, Cindy, Logan, and Max grinned, while Zack and Krit looked possesive over their sister.

"We want answers about last night." Zack demanded and with the group he stalked into the house, without an invitation.

"Please, do come in." Kyle said sarcastically. He shut the door and lead them to the living room.

"Whoa, check out the entertainment system!" Max said as the rest, minus Zack nodded in agreement. Zack stood impatiently.

"Well, when are we gonna get our answers?" Zack asked, crossing his arms and sitting on the couch. They all followed suit. They looked like they weren't going anywhere soon.

Kyle looked at them again and saw Syl looking at him like a piece of fresh meat. "I can't explain it all, the people who can are still in bed, which reminds me." He turned towards the stairs. "LIZ! WILLOW! AVA! FAITH! GILES! DAWN! GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN HERE!"

About 30 seconds later, a pyjamer clad and dagger weilding Liz, jumped the railing of the stairs down to the ground, landing solidly on her feet with her slayer abilities, without breaking a sweat. She looked ready to kick ass. "Kyle, what's wrong?! Is it a demon?!"

Kyle remained silent as he tried to come up with a way to to tell Liz they had some guests. "No, it's not demons, it's, uh...Liz, we..." Kyle managed to sputter.

Liz got irritated, "Kyle, if it's not demons, then what the fuck made you make me jump outta bed at seven in the morning, to jump off the stairs for?!" Liz's voice grew louder with each word.

Liz didn't see the trangenics, Logan and Cindy raise their eyebrows in amusement at Liz's reaction.

Kyle grabbed her free hand and dragged her to the living room. When they reached it Liz's eyes widened. "Shit.".

Kyle crossed his arms. "Exactly what I said."

Alec looked Liz over. He grinned. Liz was wearing some white ankle socks, grey cotton draw string sweats, that hugged her curves in every way, and a white tank top, that stopped just above her bellybutton, which was peirced.

"Nice knife." Alec comented on the dagger Liz was still holding. The other members of his group were staring at Liz with the knife too.

Liz looked at the knife in her hand, she forgot she was holding. "Oh this? I sleep with it under my pillow." She laughed nervously, then threw the knife backwards.

Everyone but Liz, watched the knife fly backwards spinning, and land in Giles' painting of the Queen of England on the wall. The glass in the frame of the picture, shattered. The knife landed right in the Queen's chest. Liz put on her brightest smile and fiddled with hands. "Oops." She said as she heard the glass shatter. Next thing she knew, the painting fell off the wall. They all winced.

"Good shot. Too good if you ask me." Zack said as he grinned at her being uncomfortable with all of them being there.

They heard loud thumping and looked at the stairs to see Willow, Ava, Faith, Dawn and Giles rush down the stairs. When he saw the painting he cursed. "Bloody Hell! What in Lords name happened to the my painting?" He then saw Liz's dagger hanging from the Queens chest. "Liz!"

"I didn't mean to. It sorta, just landed there when I threw it backwards." Liz said slowly, looking sheepish.

Giles simply picked up the painting and mumbled, "God save the Queen." Then he silently added, "From Liz Parker."

Giles, Willow, Faith, Ava and Dawn looked toward the living room to see the guests. "Hey, you're the guys who tried to rescue me last night." Dawn said, pointing a finger at them.

"What?" Giles asked, confused. Heis question ran on deaf ears, as Willow, Ava, Faith and Dawn all went up to the sitting X5s, Logan and Cindy.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Faith asked as she put her hands on her hips. She didn't like getting up early in the morning, it made her all pissy. Especially on a Saturday. Liz was the same.

Krit was looking her up and down, obviously liking what he saw. He sat back and watched her, she looked a little pissed. Guess, like Liz, she wasn't a morning person.

Faith looked over at Krit, and felt her anger die down a little. 'Oh shit, here's the guy I like watching me. In my pyjamas no less. Man, I gotta go change soon.'

"We want answers about last night." Alec said, still trailing his eyes over Liz's perfect sculptured body. He really hoped this Kyle guy wasn't her boyfriend.

"Would someone please tell me what the bloody hell is going on?!" Giles yelled, taking off his glasses and wiping his eyes.

"Last night, when that demon kidnapped me, these guys tried to rescue me. They're friends of that Eyes Only guy." Dawn said as she smiled at Alec, Zack, Max, Logan, Cindy, Krit and Syl.

"The tv cable hack guy?" Willow asked.

Logan nodded. "Yeah, we saw footage of Dawn being kidnapped, and went to rescue her." He left out the detalis of the transgenics overhearing Liz's phone call with their enhanced hearing.

"Okay, well, how did you find us?" Kyle asked, looking perplexed.

"With the magic of computers." Syl said as she put her feet up on the wooden coffee table.

"Hey! Feet off the table, it's an antique." Liz said as she shoved Syl's legs off the table.

"Hello? When are we gonna get some answers?" Zack said impatiently.

"Alright, Let us get dressed first. Do any of you want some tea?" Giles put on his glasses again.

"Giles, they're not British." Ava muttered, as Kyle, Liz, Faith, Willow and Dawn snickered.

"Just hurry up, we've gotta be at work soon, and our boss Normal, is a real pain in the ass when we're late." Zack huffed.

"Fine. How is Normal by the way?" Liz chuckled and followed everyone else up the stairs to get dressed.

The transgenics, Logan and Cindy looked around the room. The entertainment system was a large 107cm plasma screen tv, with DVD player, VCR, and what looked like to be a playstation in the cabinet. There was also an expensive looking sound system.

A few minutes later, Liz came down the stairs with her hair down, wearing a pair of army camoflage cargos, and a black t shirt, along with some black Sketchers sneakers.

Alec looked at her and smirked. 'Does she always look good in everything she wears?' He asked himself.

Liz went ans stood in front of them. "Do you guys want something to drink? Eat?"

They all shook their heads. "You sure? I make really good coffee."

"What I want, is some explanations." Zack said angrily.

"You'll get them. Is that the only sentence you know? Geez!, Did something crawl up your ass and die?" Liz said, also starting to get angry.

Alec, Cindy, Max, Syl, Krit and Logan all snorted, trying to hold in their laughter. Zack looked well on his way to being pissed. Alec could see that and tried to take the attension away from Liz. "You know, on second thought, maybe I will have that coffee."

At that point Kyle came down the stairs, with a shirt on. Followed by a dressed Ava, Willow, Faith, Giles and Dawn.

"Well, seeing that we're all here, how about we get started." Giles said as he put his hands in his pant pockets.

"Oh yes, please do." Zack said sarcastically. Giles ignored him and stated to explain.

"The creatures you saw turn to dust last night were vampires. Supernatural creatures with enhanced strength, sight and hearing. They drink blood of humans and cannot go out in sunlight, they can't touch holy water or crosses simply because it acts like acid, they also don't age and they don't appear in mirrors. They're evil and the only way to kill them is to stake them in the heart with a stake or decapitate them. Sunlight also does the trick." He waited for them to start to laugh or tell all of them they were nuts. But that didn't happen.

"Alright, what was that really ugly looking dude that Liz killed?" Krit asked, taking this all in like the rest of the group.

"He was a demon trying to kill Dawn and raise a demon from another demension, simple as that." Liz answered.

"Why was he trying to kill her?" Alec asked.

The new Scooby gang tried to come up with an answer that would be appropriate, without having to tell them about Dawn being the Key.

"She was a young girl who happened to be at the wrong place, wrong time, and she was probably as good as any person to be a sacrifice." Liz lied. She hoped they would buy it. It looked they did.

The transgenics knew Liz was lying, but didn't want to press it. "So what the hell are you? We know by the way you guys fought last night, you can't possibly be normal. Actually the way you fought is just the begginning, you also had really fast speed and reflexes." Max said then pointed at Liz. "You especially."

"Giles would be the best person to explain that part." Ava said as she played with her lip ring. She had been silent most of the time, but she needed to speak up sometime.

"Yes, 'In every generation there is a Chosen One, she alone will fight against the armies of darkness. She is the Slayer.' Liz and Faith are forces of good who kill all things evil. They save innocent lives. They're what we call Slayers. They are young teenage or young adult girls who have their own destiny's of being a slayer"

"Slayers?" Cindy, Logan, Alec, Zack, Max, Krit and Syl asked at the same time, raising their eyebrows.

"Yeah, we got enhanced strength, speed, healing and fast reflexes. A little sensing ablities. We can also jump really high. Basically, we kick ass." Faith said as she grinned.

"Wait a minute, you said Chosen One. Why are there two of you then?" Logan said from his place next to Max.

Faith and Liz shifted from foot to foot. They looked at Giles waiting for him to explain. "Er, There's only supposed to be one, but due to a technicality, there are now two. Whenever one slayer dies another is chosen. One of the previous slayer's Buffy Summers, Liz's cousin and Dawn's sister, drowned but was brought back to life with CPR. Even though she was only dead for a minute, she still brought forth another slayer, Kendra. She died too, then Faith was called." Giles then paused and spoke softly again. "Then Buffy died, for good and that made Liz get called as the new slayer."

The transgenics, Cindy and Logan seemed to be in deep thought. Giles continued. "The Watchers Council, which is the government who people to be Watchers. Watchers train slayers and research any demon or vampire issues for the slayer to kill. I am Liz and Faith's watcher. Slayers do not usually live very long. They get bested sooner or later."

"Can't you quit or something?" Syl shook her head out of her thoughts.

"No, we can't. Demon and Vampires will always be coming after us. We can't stop it. It who we are." Liz replied softly.

"Original Cindy is shocked, but is gettin' over it. What bout red and da boy over there? What were you doin' last night?" OC asked Willow and Kyle.

"I'm a witch." Willow replied simply, as if she were stating the weather.

"I have enahced strength too, but not the same as Liz and Faith."

"So how did you get yours?" Max looked suspicious.

"Liz, Kyle, Ava. Your turn to explain." Dawn said and gave them a smile, knowing that this was something they hated to talk about.

"It all started on September 17, 1999. I was working in my parents cafe' when someone brought in a gun and shot me........" Liz, Kyle and Ava went on to explain everything about the aliens, the dupes, and the departure of Max and Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, Tess Harding and Maria Deluca. They also explained the differences that Kyle and Liz have because of Max healing them. By the time they were done, it was nine thirty.

The transgenics, Cindy and Logan sat there shocked by the previous explanations. Liz was the one who shook them out of it.

"Okay, we told you our secret, now it's time to tell us yours." She gave them a peircing stare.

"What are you talking about?" Zack asked, trying to act confused. The others shifted uncomfortably.

"Me and Faith both know there's something off about you all, except for Cindy and Logan. Our spider sence is telling us you aren't normal either."

The transgenics looked at each other, figuring out whether they should tell them about them being genitcally enhanced soldiers.

Zack nodded at them. He didn't really think they should tell these people about them, but they seemed to be trustworthy, and they did tell them their secret.

"Alec, Zack, Krit, Syl and I are geneticallty enhanced soldiers from a secret government facility called Manticore. We have just about the same abilites as Liz and Faith, just that we also have enhanced sight, hearing and we have a large brain capacity. We have animal DNA in us. Manticore was pure hell for us so we escaped......." Max went on to explain about their lives in Manticore, to the escape and how she was re-captured a few months ago and then escaoed again and burned Manticore down, freeing other trangenics and mutants. She also told them about Ames White and his crusade to caputre them and kill them. When they were done, Kyle, Ava, Liz, Faith, Dawn had their mouths slightly open. Meanwhile, Giles was taking off his glasses and began polishing the invisible marks on them with his hankercheif.

"Good Lord, this is extrordanary. Would you be willing to tell me more about this Manticore and your abilites? I would like to research more into it."

The transgenics looked at eachother. "Can we think about it? It's not really something we like talking about. We really would appreciate it if you didn't mention this to anyone too. We don't want to end up in another Manticore."

"Of course, take all the time you need. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone your secret. We would also appreciate if you didn't tell anyone about us."

The transgenics nodded and then looked at Logan, waiting for him to explain his secret. Logan nodded his head. "I also have a secret. I'm Eyes Only." He looked at them for their reaction. They looked suprised. Willow was looking excited at having someone to talk computers with. "Oooh, you're Eyes Only? This is so great! I finally have someone to talk computers with."

Kyle, Liz, Faith, Dawn, Ava and Giles all groaned, making the trangenics, Cindy and Logan look confused. Ava elaborated. "Willow's dangerous when it comes to computers and hacking. Once you get her going, she can't stop. She can get into anything. FBI, CIA, Police, State Department, you name it, she can get in.I have a feeling Logan and Willow are going to be getting along just fine."

Max and Cindy looked jealous, but tried hard not to show it. "Hey boo? Why don't you and I finish our converation from yesterday?" OC winked at Willow.

Willow smiled. "Sure, let's go into the study." Willow and OC walked into the other room, leaving the others behind.

"Would all of you like to continue with some coffee? Morning tea?" Giles offered.

"Yeah, I'd like some of Liz's recommended coffee." Alec said as he winked at Liz, who blushed back.

Faith, Ava and Dawn saw this grinned. They would have to play matchmaker soon. Alec and Liz looked like they'd make a good couple. They also seemed to like eachother a lot. The three girls looked at eachother and knew that they were thinking the same thing.

"Sure, why don't you come into the kitchen. We can continue there, than we'll show you around." Liz smiled warmly and started to walk to the kitchen, with Alec hot on her heels.

The rest of the remaining gang looked at Ava. "So, aliens huh?" Zack smirked at Ava. She was a nice looking girl. Her personality seemed like it too. He would really like to get to know her better.

"Yeah." Ava managed to mumble back. She thought Zack was hot, and she knew behind his GI Joe attitude, he was a nice guy. She was good at reading people. She could see this in Zack.

"Mindwarping must be a pretty cool power." He commented as he started to walk towards the kitchen with Ava beside him.

"It's not bad. I only do it when necesary. It's handy for Liz and Faith's line a' work."

Syl was busy talking with Kyle and they were flirting with each other. They seemed to enjoy it Syl still looking at him like he was dinner. Kyle could practically feel her xray strip searching him with her eyes. And he didn't mind at all.

Meanwhile, Faith and Krit were doing the same thing with eachother. They already knew eachother, so they got along really well. As Max and Logan looked around at them all, they both knew that there were going to be some new romances soon. Giles was thinking the same thing across the room. Max, Logan, and Max all thought it was good to see their friends finally find someone they could share a relationship with.


What did you think? Spike makes his appearance in either the next part, or the one after that *big*


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Good!, he still has the chip in his head.
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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Sorry, for the delay, I've been really busy. I'll try and get a new part out on Sunday since it's my birthday *happy* Thanks for the feedback too.

Part 7

Liz walked into the large kitchen with Alec closely behind her. Liz went to the coffee maker and began to make her special coffee.

Alec stood across from Liz at the counter. He watched her intently. "So, if I heard correctly, you go out patrolling, as you say, each night?"

Liz smiled and put the coffee maker on and started to wait. "Yeah, that's right. Why do I detect a, 'Liz would you mind taking us with you tonight?', look on your face?"

Alec smirked. "You're good. We'll meet you here at round seven tonight."

Liz was about to protest but figured, 'What the heck'. "Alright, I patrol usually around seven or eight. I get some training in before then." She started to prepare the coffee that was ready and heard the others come into the kitchen.

"Did I hear this right? We can come patrolling with you?" Syl said as feigned surprise.

Liz handed her and Alec their coffees and chuckled. "Yeah, you can come. Just make sure you're around here by seven like Alec said. I think Giles might want you to get some training in." She saw that Max, Zack, Logan, Kyle, Ava, Dawn, Willow, Giles, Faith and Krit all come into the kitchen at sit on the stools at the large counter. She handed them each a mug with coffee. Excluding Giles who took tea, and Dawn who had some hot chocloate. They all nodded in approval in the taste of the coffee.

"Damn, Original Cindy, never tasted coffee so good." Cindy drank the rest with a satisfied smile.

"I'll say. What's ya secret Liz?" Max asked, as she took another sip.

Liz grinned. "Now that would be telling." She walked out from behind the counter and turned serious. "You guys are coming patrolling with me and Willow tonight, since Faith is gonna work. Do any of you know how to shoot a crossbow?" She asked the transgenics.

They all looked at eachother. "Should be no problem. It's not any different from a gun." Zack said.

Kyle snorted. "Yeah, that's what you think. The trigger's loose most of the time. I remember the time Liz used it the first time, she almost shot an arrow in Giles' ass." Liz swatted him with her hand, as Ava and Dawn laughed remembering the time. The others had grins on their faces as Giles forwned.

Zack shrugged. "We'll be careful." Then he looked at the clock. "Shit. Normal's gonna hang our asses out to dry. We better go."

The trangenics and Cindy nodded. "Do you mind staying Logan? I really would like to discussmore about 'Eyes Only'." Giles asked politely.

"Sure. Do you think we could discuss some about this 'Watchers Council'?" Logan put his mug on the counter, along with the others.

"Yes. Why don't we go into the study. I have some books you might want to have a look at." Giles and Logan started to walk into the study, but not before Logan gave a goodbye kiss to Max and said bye to the others.

"Seeya, suga." Cindy said to Willow and gave her a wink. Willow blushed and said bye too.

Alec gave Liz a grin and said bye. They all left and told Liz they'd meet them there at five o'clock.

When Liz closed the door, Ava and Faith were standing there, noticing the dreamy look on her face.

"You like him." Faith smirked, and looked at her with a knowing expression.

Liz tried to act blind and said, "Who?" She started towards her Dark Room.

Ava and Faith follwoed closely behind. "Alec." Ava said.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Liz still tried to act stupid.

"Bull. You know exactly what we're talking about." Faith said before sending a look in Ava's direction.

"Liz, we know you're afraid to start another relationship after what happened with Max," Ava was stopped in the middle of her sentence.

"More like 'His Royal High Ass'." Scowled Faith. She knew all about how Max treated her and from her point of view, Max was nothing but a piece of shit, along with his little merry flock of sheep.

Ava waved her off. "Anyway Liz, there's nothing wrong with being scared. You have every right to be."

Liz sighed. "I know, you're right. I just don't want my heart to get broken again."

"Don't worry, if he does, I'll kick his ass from here till Doomsday." Faith put her arm around Liz's shoulders.

Liz chuckled, "Thanks Faith. I'll keep that in mind." She gave Faith and Ava each a hug. "Alright, now get lost. I have to develop these shots from Jam Pony that I took yesterday."

"Before or after you went pissy on Normal?" Ava asked as she and Faith made a run for it, laughing, before Liz could say or do anything.

Liz smiled and shook her head. She went into her Dark Room and shut the door.


At seven o'clock, Liz and Faith were training with Giles in the basement, while Willow and Logan were in the study working on the computer, and Kyle was doing a little training with Dawn in the foyer, since Giles said he wanted some quiet time to train with Faith and Liz. Ava was having a shower in the upsatiars bathroom.

"No, you need to put your hand a little more to the right." Kyle said to an agitated Dawn.

"Kyle, I'm related to two slayers and a good friend of mine is too. I think I know where to put my fist."

Kyle sighed. "Alright, let's try again. This time we'll do it your way."

Dawn smiled in triumph and got into her fighting stance. Kyle got into his too. ""

Kyle began to throw a few punches and kicks, which Dawn dodged and blocked. Dawn then tried to knock in some punches of her own which Kyle easily blocked. The next thing Dawn knew was that she was in a headlock.

"Now, how are you gonna get outta this one Dawnie?" Kyle grinned, thinking that he won, but he was about to know otherwise.

Dawn elbowed him in the stomach, turned around, kicked him in the chest then puched him in face, before finally, flipping him over her shoulder to the floor.

Kyle looked up from the floor at Dawn in astonishment. "Dawn, where the hell did you learn that? I didn't teach you."

Dawn smirked and helped him up. "I know, Liz did. When we moved here, she taught me some stuff, I already knew some stuff from watching."

Kyle groaned and put a hand to his tailbone on his back. "Well, I think you broke me. Being related to slayers must have given you some strength too."

That was when they heard loud clapping behind them. They turned and saw and impressed and proud looking Zack, Alec, Krit, Syl, Max and Cindy.

Zack looked at Dawn. "Hey, you've got some pretty good moves there kid."

Dawn frowned. "I'm not a kid."

Zack smiled. 'This girl has spunk. I like her.' He thought. "Whatever you say kid."

Dawn smiled, knowing Zack was kidding. "How'd you get in here?"

"We used the door." Alec said in his usual cocky way, as he smiled at Dawn.

Dawn smiled back. She knew Alec would make a great boyfriend for Liz. "Liz and Faith are in the basement training with Giles. Ava's in the shower, and Willow and Logan are in the study doing computer stuff."

Dawn started to lead them to the basement, while Kyle said he had to go change. They got to the door. "Oh, and be quiet. Giles said he was gonna do some concentrating, meditation, relaxation crap with Faith and Liz."

The transgenics and Cindy shrugged and followed Dawn down the stairs quietly, and saw Giles reading from a book, and Faith and Liz doing handstands on some blocks of wood on the ground, perfectly still, with their eyes closed, while Giles read from the book to them. They watched in facination.

"Now lift one arm out. Breathe in and out, concentrate." Giles said gently. He had done these sort of excercises with Buffy, but of course Dawn always ruined them, that's why he told Kyle to keep her 'occupied' while he did the excersise with Liz and Faith.

He watched as Liz and Faith lifted each of their right arms out to the side, still perfectly still. Giles saw that the trangenics and Cundy had arrived so he silently nodded a greeting to them and looked back to Liz and Faith, who were still deep in concentration, with their eyes closed. "Alright, Liz, Faith, I want you to both to step back down to the ground."

Liz and Faith both, flexibly moved their bodys to flip down to the ground and open their eyes. When they opened them they smiled at their new arrivals.

"Hey! Ready for patrol?" Liz asked.

Alec grinned, "Yeah, we're ready." He said distracted. He was too busy looking her over at her body, dressed in a tight black sports bra, shorts and sneakers. Her hair was piled in a pony tail and she looked flustered. Probably from her other training. He really liked the way the sports bra showed off her smooth, trim stomach, and the way the tight shorts, showed off her legs and thighs.

"Ok, well let me get changed and we'll head off. Feel free to look around the place." Liz then turned to Giles. "Pack some weapons. Since we've got a large group coming with me, and some hungry demons might attack, so I'll need more than my Mr Pointy."

"Mr Pointy?" The transgenics and Cindy asked together, confused.

Faith laughed. "Yeah, it's Liz's lucky stake. She calls it that."

Liz smiled and went upstairs to change. Faith followed shortly after, since she had to work at Crash soon. Logan and Willow came down after Faith and Liz left.

"Hey, You guys just get here?" Logan asked as he gave Max a kiss hello. Willow and Cindy were giving each other looks of lust.

"Yeah, a few minutes ago. How'd it go today?" Max asked as she tryed to find out the details of what Logan did with Willow today. She knew Willow was gay, but she still felt a little jealous.

"Good, Me and Willow talked about Eyes Only and we discussed some computer hacking. Giles told me about the Watchers Council." Logan, grimaced for a moment.

Max smiled. "Cool! We're gonna go patrol with Liz now."

Giles packed the weapons bag with a few swords, an axe, stakes, holy water, crosses, a crossbow and a tranqulizer gun. He handed it to Zack, with some difficulty because of the weight, but Zack had no problem with it.

"This should be enough in case you're ambushed." Giles said, then he looked at them somberly. "Liz will protect you no matter what. She'll make sure of it, or die trying. So would Faith. Willow will also be there as well, so her pwers might be some help too if needed."

They stayed silent for a moment. "Thanks." Alec said. They all walked up the stairs and waited at the door for Liz to come down.

When she did a minute later, Alec let his jaw drop. Liz was wearing a pair of tight black leather pants, black leather boots, a fitting white tank top and a black knee length leather jacket. Her hair was in two french braided pigtails and she wore a little make up.

Liz smiled at them. The transgenics, Cindy, Logan and Willow looked at Alec as he began to drool. They all grinned, making Liz confused, but she ignored them.

"Yeah, lets go." Syl said, knowing Alec wouldn't be able to answer for himself.

"Alright. Let's go. You guys are officaly a member of the new and improved, I-Know-a-slayer-club." Willow said as she opened the door an dlead them out the house.

Krit went over to Alec and whispered, "Hey man, stop drooling, you're going to make your self so obvious."

Alec simply smirked and said, "I don't care. She's hot."

"You have an ass, where your head should be, boo." Cindy said and went over and caught up to Willow.

Alec rolled his eyes and Krit snorted in laughter. "She's digs you too, you know?


"Yeah." Krit said. "We can all tell. You're more obvious than her though. I don't know why, but she wants to play hard to get."

"I'm always up for a challenge." Grinned Alec, as they walked to a gate, into a cemetary.


What did you think? Sorry if it sucked, I didn't have that many ideas for this one, but I have plenty for the next one since Spike is in it *bounce* Yeah, you heard me, Spike soming in the next part*big* Guys, I was wondering, do you want to have a part where Zack and Liz talk and he apologizes for being rude, and they become friends? I always liked Zack, he and Liz would become good friends, but what do you think? *happy*

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Thanks for all the feedback and bumps! I hope you like the new part!

Part 8

Liz, Willow, Alec, Zack, Max, Cindy, Logan, Krit and Syl walked into the cemetary and sat on a large grey tomb.

"So, what do we do now?" Zack asked as he took a seat next to Willow. The trangenics took a seat where they could find one, Logan and Cindy doing the same.

"We wait." Liz unzipped the weapons bag and pulled out several stakes and holy water. She handed them to the group. "Just in case. Aim the stake to the heart and throw the holy water any where on their bodies." Liz took out a crossbow and handed it to Willow.

"Okay, is it really neccesary to have these weapons for vampires?" Logan asked as he studied the stake in his hand, then back to the crossbow and sword Liz and Willow were holding.

Liz and Willow grinned. "Yeah, it's the best method if you don't wanna get killed. But these other lethel looking ones are for the big scary demons that Liz and Faith kill." Willow said.

Alec looked at Liz from his place next to her and watched her twirl a stake in her right hand, whil her sword was piled on next to her left hand. "So, is there anything else we should know about vampires? Like garlic? Coffins?"

Liz and Willow burst out laughing. "You've been watching too much tv." Liz calmed herself down, while Willow was still laughing. "Vampires don't use coffins, and garlic doesn't do anything to them, but you don't have to worry them about entering your homes."

Zack raised his eyebrows. "How's that?"

Willow stopped laughing and answered. "Vampires can't enter a person's home without an invitation. If they try to get in, there's this invisble barrier that turns up. If you do invite a vampire in, they can come and go as they please from then on. If you happen to stay alive after, there's a de-invite spell I can do on the house so they can't enter again. Vampires can however can enter public accomodation places, demon and dead peoples houses."

The trangenics, Logan and Cindy looked relieved about that. "Thank God for that. Original Cindy thought she had to put a cross and a picture of Mother Teresa on her front door." Cindy grimaced.

They all laughed at that. "You two don't look like you kick ass, I mean your both so short. No offence, besides your clothing style, which by the way rocks." Max said, raising her hands.

Willow and Liz nodded. "None taken. Your right though. Before me and Willow entered this crazy life, we were, to out it lightly, geeks, nerds. Losers. We were Science nerds. All things brainiac," Liz was interupted of her ranting by Willow. "Liz, I think they get the idea."

Alec looked at Liz in ammusement. "You don't look like nerds either, you know."

Liz and Willow snorted, "Yeah, now we don't. Before we were."

They all cracked a smile at that. They were interupted from further conversation as Liz picked up her stake and stood up. "Watch and learn people. Cuz' Liz is about to kick some evil ass!"

The transgenics, Logan and Cindy looked at Willow in confusion and she elaborated. "She senses something with her 'spider sense'. Be very very quiet, Liz is hunting vampires." Willow made an attempt at a joke, which they all suppressed a grin. They all watched as Liz walked over to a tree and kicked her right leg up high to the side. Then she picked up a figure and tossed it to ground onto a tombstone. Crashing it. The figure's face was that of a vampire. "Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Have you ever thought of cosmetic surgery? I hear it can fix the most worse problems when it comes to facial issues." The vampire growled. Liz made a mock horror look on her face. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

The vampire got up and growled. "How 'bout letting me eat you slayer?"

Liz looked offended and put on a bright sarcastic smile. "Or, how 'bout I get you a spoon and you can eat my ass!"

Across from them, the group watching, snorted in laughter.

The vamp growled and lunged at Liz. Liz backed away to the side and backhanded him hard across the face. Then followed by giving him a swift roundhouse kick with her right leg. The vamp fell to the ground. Liz picked him up, "Didn't your mother ever tell you that it's rude to hit a lady?" Then she threw him across the cemtary, he went flying on the ground again. Liz took that time to run fast over to him and got there just as he hit the ground.

The vamp got up and hissed. "You're gonna pay for that you little bitch!"

Liz now got pissed. "What did you call me?!" Across 20 feet away from them, the transgenics, Cindy and Logan were looking at the scene with interest. Willow was smiling the whole time, also catching Alec's grin at Liz.

"I called you a bitch." The vamp said.

"Alright, that does it!" Liz gave the vamp a right hook to the face and got one in return, along with a kick to the stomach sending her to the ground.

Liz immendiantly flipped herself up without using her hands, and blocked the vamps next hits with speed and accuracy. The she somersault flipped over him and kicked him in the head, making the vampire stumble. Liz then decided to finish it. She did a handless, 360 kick flip and kicked the vamp in the face sending him to the ground unconcious. Liz took the opportunity and spun the stake in her hand and slammed it into his chest, turning him to dust.

The group came over to Liz to see if she was alright. Alec put a hand to her shoulder. The next thing he knew, was that he was flying to the ground a few feet away.

"Whoa Liz!, take a deep breath." Willow soothed.

Alec got up and walked over to them, the transgenics, Logan and Cindy were watching Liz with concern. "You okay? I didn't mean to startle you." Alec said, his face a mask of concern and sorry.

Liz immediantly felt guilty. "No, I'm the one who should be sorry, I was just so juiced after the fight, and the addrenaline was still pumping-"

"Say no more. It's okay." Alec said puting on a smile. Liz smiled back.

Zack took the oportunity to speak next. "That was pretty impressive. I'd like to train with you sometime, how about it?"

"Sure, I'd like that. There's only so much I can take kicking Kyle, Giles and even Faith's asses." Liz chuckled.

The transgenics, Logan, Cindy and Willow chuckled as well. "Well, we'll just see how you go up against Zack and Max. They're the top of the group. Not to mention Alec, who's got an extra eleven years training." Syl said.

"Yeah, well, you haven't seen a slayer at her best either." Willow said and nudged Liz, who nudged back.

"Original Cindy thinks that you all kick ass, and I wanna know how to too."

"I'm with Cindy on this one. I wanna know too." Logan stated, puting his hands in his pockets.

"Sure, if we can make a time." Max said looking at her siblings for a suitable date.

"Tomorrow? We don't have work and we could teach you guns, and you can teach us the crossbow." Krit said looking hopeful.

Liz and Willow smiled. "Sounds like a deal. Giles'll be ecstatic. Logan, Cindy, by the time we're done with you, you'll be as good as us." Logan and Cindy grinned. "Come one, let's go over to the other side of the cemetary. We might find some more action there." Liz picked up her weapons bag and started to walk over to the other direction, with everyone else following her.

They made small talk the whole way, they sat on another nearby tombstone and waited for more vamps or demons to show up. Alec tried to flirt with Liz, who was blushing and smiling. Max and Logan were making out behind a tree and Zack, Willow, Krit, Cindy and Syl were talking about Willow's witchy status.

Liz then heard a twig snap behind a large crypt. The transgenics seemed to have heard it to, since they stiffened. Liz stood up and grabbed her broad sword. She walked over to the crypt with Willow and the others following closely behind.

She saw a figure with a black leather duster and bleached blonde hair, opening the door to the crypt, so Liz grabbed him and threw him to the ground.

"Bloody Hell!" The man with a british accent, swore.

Liz and Willow stared at him in shock and spoke simultaniously. "SPIKE?!"


What did you think?

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Thanks for all the feedback and bumps! I hope you like this part!

Part 9

Liz and Willow looked at the handsome bleached blonde man standing up, while the rest of the group behind them stood confused.

The handsome blonde grinned. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Red the witch and the old slayer's cousin, the new slayer. And a pretty short one at that. Must run in the family." Spike pulled out his pack of cigarettes and lit one up and took a big huff. He gave Liz the once over and smirked. "Not to mention a good looking one at that." He noticed the group in the background and saw that Alec was silently seething.

Liz and Willow stared at him before Liz spoke up. "What the hell are you doing in Seattle, Spike?"

The transgenics, Cindy and Logan were staring at the scene still in confusion.

Spike blew out a puff of his cigarette before speaking in his thick british accent. "Came up to see the new hellmouth. Got meself a new crypt. Also wanted to see the LittleBit." He smirked as he watched Liz and Willow.

Liz narrowed her eyes at him. "Her name's Dawn."

Spike chuckled. "Whatever you say." He knew that the blonde guy behind Liz with the other group of people, was looking a little pissed off. "Who're the poncy arses?"

The group of trangenics, Cindy and Logan looked offended. "Who you callin' poncy asses?! Original Cindy is gonna put the smack down on your ass!" Cindy lunged at Spike who didn't move, he stood amused.

"I like you, you're a piece'a work, you know that?" Spike looked at Cindy, grinning.

Liz held Cindy back and pushed her back towards the group. She turned towards Spike again, who was looking at the transgenics strangely. Liz gave him a silent message with her eyes to keep quiet. Spike shrugged. "Are you here to cause trouble? Cuz' if you are-" Liz was cut off by Spike.

"Look chit, I just wanna see the LittleBit, Old Watcher, Red and the Rogue. 'Heard she got outta the slammer recently and went all warrior of the light again."

"What?!" The group of transgenics, Cindy and Logan shouted behind them. "Faith was in jail? What for?" Zack asked suspisciously

Willow turned around. "It's....complicated. We'll explain back at the house." She turned back towards Spike.

"You're coming with us. Dawn'll wanna see you." Liz said then, stalked up to him. "But let's get one thing straight, you don't call me Peaches, Chit or Pet. My name's Liz. L-I-Z. LIZ! Think your brain can handle that little tid bit of information?!" (A:N - Thanks to LittleBit for thinking this up for me *big* )

Spike raised his eyebrows. "Yeah, whatever you say Sweetness." He took another puff of his smoke before Liz took it out of his mouth, dropped it on the grass and stomped on it with her boot. Putting it out. Then she reared her fist back and punched him in the nose. "Arghhhhhh!!!!!!" Spike screamed and held his hand to his nose.

Liz smirked evily. "Be lucky that's all you're getting. Out of respect for Dawn and Buffy, I'm not gonna stake your ass or make your life hell, unless you force me too. Stay outta trouble and you and I are gonna get along great. Got it?"

The group behind them was looking at them speechless. Still not knowing what was going on. "Would someone please tell us what's going on?!" Alec raised his voice with each word.

Willow cringed. "Yeah, come one, let's get back to the house. We'll explain everything back there. It doesn't look like there's much activity tonight anyway."

They all started to walk out of the cemetary. Spike made sure he was behind Liz and pulled out another cigarette and lit it. Then he took out his whisky flask and took a gulp, before taking a puff of his smoke. "Oh yeah! That's bloody good!" He looked towards Liz. "Hey, you got telly at the house? I wanna watch Passions."

They all stopped and simply stared at him. "What? Timmy's on." Spike huffed and walked in front of them along side Liz and Alec, who was looking at Spike like he was going to make dog food out of him and give him to Joshua.

Spike was aware of this, sniggered and thought,'So, the blonde, hazel eyed wonder boy likes the brunette slayer. I'm gonna have to use this to my advantage.'

Alec watched the guy that Willow and Liz called Spike. He didn't like the idea of him making moves and comments on Liz. He'd have to make sure that he'd have a little talk with him later. Even if Alec wasn't an item with Liz, he wanted to be, and he wasn't going to let any bleached, peroxide blonde, british boy, get in his way. 'Not if he wants to live into the next decade, that is.'

They all walked to the house in silence. When they got there, Spike let out a whistle. He put out his cigarette and followed them in, until he remembered that he couldn't be allowed in without an invitation. "You can come in Spike." Liz said and smiled at him warmly.

Liz opened the door and saw Dawn walking in the hallway. "Back alre-," She cut herself off when she saw Spike. "SPIKE!" She screamed and ran forward and gave him a hug.

"Ello, LittleBit. Glad to see me?" He smiled and let go of Dawn.

Dawn put on a great big smile. "Glad? I'm thrilled! Are you staying? Please say you will. You can meet our new gang."

Spike chuckled. "We'll see LittleBit. I already had the pleasure of meeting these nancy boys, back there." He pointed his thumb backward toward the group of transgenics, Cindy and Logan.

"Does that mean you know about them being transgenics?" Dawn bit out before she could stop it.

They all groaned and covered their eyes. Spike turned towards the group and raised his eyebrows. "Oh, so that's why you smelled funny. I've heard about you blokes. Part of some military government that escaped a few months back, right?" He smirked knowing he was right when they squirmed.

"Not me and Cindy. We're just their friends-" Logan stated.

Cindy inerjected him. "What you mean 'smelled funny'?"

This time it was Liz who spoke up and she shifted from foot to foot as she did. "Well, see, Spike's a vampire." She waited for their reactions.

The transgenics, Cindy and Logan looked shocked. Zack and Alec immediantly went for their back pockets and grabbed the stakes that they had there. They ran towards Spike but Liz stepped in their way.

"Whoa!, Whoa!, Whoa! Back off!" Liz said as she took the stakes out of their hands.

"What are you doing?! You said he was a vampire!" Zack shouted.

Liz got in his face. "He is, but there's more to the story. Just go wait in the living room." Liz turned to Dawn and took off her leather jacket. "Dawn, go get Giles, Kyle, Ava and tell one of them to call Faith and get her here as soon as she can."

Dawn nodded and ran up the stairs. Liz walked into the living room with everyone following her. She sat on the couch and ran a hand through her long, dark, silky straight hair. Alec took the seat next to her before Spike could and gave him a look of hate. Spike just grinned and sat in one of the nearby recliners.

Liz watched them all sit silently, glaring at Spike. She sighed, 'This is gonna be a long night!' she thought as she heard foot steps running down the stairs.

What did you think? Sorry if it sucked, but I've been doing tests all day and my brain is on school overload. I'm gonna have a conversation in a future part, where Liz and Zack have a heart-to-heart talk and become friends. I'll post the next part out soon!


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Sorry I couldn't post today guys! But I had to go to family friend's funeral so I couldn't post today, soooooo sorry! I'll post tomorrow *happy* I'm working on the new parts now!*bounce**big* For both of Liz Parker: The Chosen One and Witch Way Now? Look out for them tomorrow!*big*

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Part 10

"Spike?!" Giles asked shocked, as he came down the stairs into the living room.

Spike grinned. "In the flesh, Old Watcher."

Ava and Kyle paled slightly, remembering what Giles, Willow and Faith told them about Spike. They both did a good job at covering it up though.

The three sat down and looked at Spike for an explanation. Spike rolled his eyes and took out another cigarette from his duster pocket. "Came to see the LittleBit and see if you need any 'elp." He took out his lighter and was about to light it when Max took it out of his mouth and said, "What the hell would a vampire want to help them for?"

Spike snatched back the cigarette and put it back into his pack, then grabbed his whiskey flask and took sip. "Oh yeah, very long story short, I'm known as Spike. A one hundred and fifty year old vampire who used to be feared throughtout mankind. Until a few years ago that is. Now some bloody military commandos called The Initiative put a chip in me head so I can't hurt humans. Only demons and things inhuman."

Zack and the rest of the transgenics looked at Liz, Willow, Giles, Kyle, Willow, Dawn and Ava in shock. "It's true. You needn't worry though. The Initiative is destroyed. They used to capture demons and vampires to study on them. Buffy's ex-boyfriend was one of them until he found out what they were doing and helped us destroy the operation." Giles said reasurringly.

Zack and the rest of the group took this in and glared at Spike. "Doesn't explain why you help them now though." Alec said. The look in his eyes was one that could melt steel.

Spike smirked and then his face surprisingly softened. "I made a promise to Buffy before she died to protect you all if she..died. I'm gonna keep it. Not that the slayer 'ere needs it." Spike looked at Liz. "But if you want it, I'll be 'ere, and if you tell anyone on the outside I said this I'll deny it."

Liz, Willow, Dawn, and Giles smiled. "Same old Spike", Dawn said and watched Spike's face go into one of annoyance. "Oy! I'm only a hundred and fifty. Not that old."

"So, your really a hundred and fifty?" Logan asked.

Spike nodded. "If you think that's old, you should see Peaches. He's two hundred and fifty." He smirked as he watched the transgenics looked even more shocked.

"Who the hell is Peaches?" Cindy, Krit and Syl asked amused.

Liz chuckled. "It's his nickname for his sire Angel. He's another vampire that's good. Only Angel actually has a soul." She watched as the transgenics, Logan and Cindy grew interested. "A few gypsys cursed him with a soul when his couterpart Angelus killed one of the gypsy's daughters. For eighty years, he spent the time feeling guilty for the things he did when he was evil. Now he's fighting for good, saving people to get his humanity back." Liz then grinned, "He's a nice guy. Pretty hot too, when I met him when Giles sant me to LA to get his demon books. His friends are really nice too."

Alec almost scowled when he heard this. Spike and everyone one else but Liz saw this and grinned.

"Well, I think this should be enough information for now-" Giles started to say when he was interupted by Krit.

"Wait. What's this about Faith being in jail?"

His question was about to be answered as they heard the front door open and saw Faith rush into the living room. "Spike." She nodded to him.

"Rogue." He said and took another sip of his whiskey. He knew she hated that nickname, that's why he called her that.

Faith overhead Krit's question and answered him. "A few years ago, when I lived in Sunnydale, I accidently killed a guy, thinking he was a vampire. I went nuts you could say. I went from good bad ass, to extreme bad ass. I worked for the demon mayor of the town and did his dirty work. Killed some demons that didn't do anything wrong, a few people too. They all tried to get me back onto the good side, but I was too stupid to listen. Buffy put me into a coma for awhile then I woke up and wanted to get revenge. I started to look for her and made trouble, when that didn't work out I went to LA, hoping to find Angel and kill him. Only when I fought him and I ended up on my knees crying, begging him to kill me. He wouldn't, of course. I turned myself in to the cops. I did a few years of time behind bars for the murders I did." Faith had a tear run down her cheek. "I still feel extremely guilty about what I did and I'll never forget it, but these guys gave me another chance, and I'll make sure never to screw up again."

Liz, Dawn, Ava, Kyle, Giles and Willow went over and gave Faith a comforting hug, or pat on the shoulder for support. Faith looked up at the transgenic gang. "I'll understand if you don't want to speak to me again. I don't blame you." She said softly.

The transgenics, Logan and Cindy sat there in shock for a few minutes before they put on a look of reasurance and acceptance. "Don't worry girl, Original Cindy and my boos here don't think differently of you. You're still my boo." Cindy said and smiled warmly at her.

Logan put on a smile too. "That goes the same for me too, you did your time, there's no reason for us to judge you."

Max and the transgenics were next. "Yeah, we killed a lot of people and we didn't even do our time. You don't have to be ashamed of it." Max said kindly.

Faith smiled, as the other transgenics nodded their replies of acceptance. "Look at me. Faith the rogue bad ass slayer. I don't ever cry or show this much emotion. Guess like I had a moment of weakness." She let out a small chuckle. Especially Zack and Max, knowing they talked about the exact same thing.

Liz stood up and smiled. "Who's up for some dinner? I'm a real good cook."

Logan grinned. "Really? So am I. Can I help?"

The transgenics and Cindy smiled. "How bout we have a contest? Whoever makes the best meal, has to clean the dishes with their gender group. No dishwasher, they have to do it by hand. Males vs Females." Max said, wanting to see this.

Everyone else smiled. "I'm alway up for challenge." Liz said. Logan nodded his yes too.

"Alright." Alec stood up. "Food!" The men cheered. The females groaned.

Max glared at them. "Men! They're always hungry."

Faith laughed. "Preach it sister!" They all chuckled.

Krit slapped his fellow males on the back. "Women."

They all walked into the kitchen as they heard Spike yell, "If you're cooking meat, I like mine medium rear!"


Logan and Liz were at the counter with their ingredients ready. Logan was on one end of the bench, and Liz was on the other. Max was calling out the rules.

"Alright, you have an hour to prepare your meal. Either of you don't finish in that time, your disqualified. Also, you have to prepare a dessert preferably, and NO cheating! Dawn will be the judge. She's surfing the web at the moment so she doesn't know who's cooking what, just so it's fair. When the meal is finished, she makes the decision. Understood?"

Logan and Liz nodded. "Alright Logan, you better not make us do dish duty or your ass is mine, go!" Zack said and set his watch on count.

Logan and Liz started to dunk and pour ingredients into their bowls, rushing as best they could. They finished makeing their main meal and were onto making their desserts. Both of them then realised they need a wooden spoon that was on the bench. They eyed another and made a grab for it at the same time. "Gimme it!" Liz said and pulled it to her while not pulling it too hard as too throw Logan over the bench with her strength, while Logan still had a hold of it. Logan then pulled it towards him. "No, you gimme it!" Back and forth the two bantered and tryed to grab the spoon away from the other.

The group was watching them, suppressing the urge to fall onto the floor and laugh.

"That's it! Strength or no strength. My spoon now!" Liz said and pulled it with a little slayer strength. She successfully managed to pull it from Logan. He almost fell over when she used her strength.

"What am I supposed to use then?"

"Something." Liz retorted. The group watching let out a small laugh. Faith took pity on Logan and grabbed anoth wooden spoon from the nearby untensil rack.

"Here. Consider it a freebie." Logan thankfully smiled at her and started to continue with his cooking.

An hour later, Zack's watch beeped signalling that their time was up. "Time's up."

Logan and Liz looked nervous and set about making their preparations to serve dinner. Dawn came down stairs and was waiting at the table with a blindfold on.

Their mouths all watered at the smells of the dinner that cooked. Even Spike. They all sat at the large table and Liz served her dinner first. She cooked Italian pasta, with a secret special sause and some Italian chocolate and cream cakes for dessert. Logan cooked up a chicken Lasagne and for dessert, some mixed chocolate mouse.

They all their dinner, never stopping for a second because the meals were so good. When they were done they sat back in their chairs and took a sip of their drinks. All if them had wine, except Dawn who drank pop and Spike drank some pigs blood.

"Jesus Christ!, You're both cooking for all of us from now on." Krit said and the others grunted their responce of the same thing.

"I've never ate any meals that tasted sooo good!" Willow said.

"Suga, that goes for me too." Cindy said and gave her a wink. Willow grinned and gave her one wink back.

"Silence people, we need to see who won." Liz said as her and Logan looked hopefully in her direction.

"Well, I really loved both dinners, but I really loved the lasagne-" Dawn was cut off as Logan and the males yelled a triumphant yell at the females.


"But!," Dawn started again, making the males sit back down.

"But? What're you mean but?" Logan asked.

"I mean that I really loved the cakes. So, I'm going to say that none of you lost, so it's the dishwasher for the dishes instead of the sink." Dawn finished.

The females stood up and high fived eachother. The males sat with their arms crossed. "What's your deal? You didn't lose." Dawn said.

Alec look up. "No, but we wanted to see the ladies do hard labour. It's what they do." The other males kicked him under the table.

"What was that for?" He hissed.

"That, you idiot." They all pointed to the angry females planting glares in their direction. Ready to attack them. Spike was even intimidated by their looks.

"Hey, now now, I didn't mean that as an insult. Just a figure of speech." He didn't get to finish as the females scowled.

"Figure of speech my ass." Syl said, she remembered Dawn in the room. "Sorry. Bad mouth."

Dawn nodded. She was enjoying this. It really was getting to be males vs females.

Liz, Max, Syl, Willow, Faith, Cindy, Dawn and Ava all walked over to them with evil looks on their faces. The males started to walk backwards into the living room. "Oh, now you really can't think you'll win. Willow's a witch, Faith and me are slayers, Max and Syl are transgenics, Ava's an alien and Cindy is a real bitch when she's pissed. Dawn's even a hair puller. We're gonna make you beg for us to stop."

The males ran but didn't get far as they all caught them and pulled them onto the couch. Willow muttered a few words in latin and the boys couldn't move from the couch.

Liz got an idea and put on an evil smirk. "Girls, come over hear. I have an to discuss something that will make the boys beg for our forgivness." They all followed Liz into the foyer and listened to Liz's plan.

The boys all glared at Alec. "This is your fault." Zack sneered at him. "Now they're gonna make us go through some hell."

Spike agreed. "Yeah, they'll make us listen to Britney Spears or play dress up into girls."

"Alright come now, I'm sure they'll let us go any minute. They'll realise Alec was mearly making a joke and let us go." Giles said, trying to convince himself.

The other looked at him in disbelief. "Do you know anything about women? Once you insult them, they do anything to make you pay. And knowing Alec's comment, it's gonna be something to humiliate us." Krit said.

"Oh Buddha, save us." Kyle prayed.

"Am I light headed because I'm dead or because I'm still alive?" Alec said as they all waited for their punushment from the women.


What did you think of this part? What do you think the males' punishment should be? Dress them up as women and make them walk down the street? What? Please reply your suggestions, anything is good! *happy*


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Thanks for the feedback! *happy* roswell_lover_buffy (Elin) is helping me come up with a really good punishment!*wink**big* I'll have the next part out soon!*bounce*

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Thanks for all the feedback and bumps guys! I hope you like the next part! *happy*
Part 10

The boys anxiously awaited theor fate from the girls. Kyle looked over at Logan. "You've been quiet."

Logan snorted. "Yeah, well, I don't wanna take the chance and say something I might regret like Alec did."

All the men glared at Alec. "Hey, look, whatever they're gonna do can't be that bad. I'm sure they're just....I don't know, give us a lecture or something."

All the boys stayed quiet until Logan spoke up again. "We're dead." They all nodded their agreements.

Spike huffed. "Speak for yourself, mate. I'm already dead."

Zack smirked at him. "Well your about to die again, because here they come."

They all gulped at the evil look in the womens eyes when they crossed their arms over their chests. "Well, boys, we think that what you said was entirely cruel and think you should learn a few lessons," Max started, Liz took over. "We think that as your first punishment, Dawn will take about the female life, since you can't seem to understand what we go through. While she's doing that, we'll think of your next punishment."

The transgenic men and Logan looked confused as Giles, Spike and Kyle's eyes bulged at the notion of Dawn's role in the lesson. The women walked away again and went to talk to Dawn.

"That doesn't seem so bad. Dawn's gonna talk to us about women." Alec grinned. "I can deal with that."

"Me too." Krit said, smiling.

Spike was about to slap him upside the head, but remembered that he couldn't move. "LittleBit is torturous when it comes talking about women, even men. You'll regret what you said."

Zack shook his head, since it was the only part of his body he could move. "She can't be that bad."

Kyle looked at him in disbelief. "Oh, she is, take it from someone who knows."

"Yes, even I have had my fair share." Giles said.

"I wonder she'll talk to us about shopping, I can't stand that stuff." Zack sighed.

"Oh shut up, before they hear you!" Spike hissed.

"Hey, man invented language to satify his deep need to complain." Zack glared at him.

They all quieted down as Dawn came over and sat in front of them on a chair. "Okay boys, What shall we start with first? I have plenty of things to go through."

For over an hour, Dawn told the boys about fashion, make-up, shopping, boys, school, her friends and enemies. She had just finished jabbering to them about her arch enemy Kirsty, and was now in the middle of telling them about the puberty 'womanly' problems. The men had looks of pure torture on their faces, they tried to get out of their strong magical holds but couldn't. They had beeen trying ever since Dawn starting jabbering to them about fashion to start with.

Finally Alec had enough. "Alright! Stop! We can't take any more! Women have it harder than men! We understand! We're sorry!"

Krit, Kyle, Spike, Giles, Logan and even Zack nodded frantically in agreement. The women looked them over from the other side of the room.

"What're you think girls? Think they've had enough?" Faith asked smugly.

"Original Cindy think they've learned their lesson. If there's a next time, it's gonna be worse." Cindy put her hands on her hips.

Willow muttered a few words and the men were released from their magical bonds. The men stood up. "Don't worry, there won't be a next time. Right guys?" Zack squeaked out.

"What're you say we go get ourselves a beer, mates?" Spike asked, wanting to get out've the house.

"Hell yeah!" The men said and rushed out the door.

The females were left in the room. They all fell to the floor laughing. A few minutes later, they got up and looked at each other. "What'd you wanna do guys? We have the house to ourselves." Liz asked, still smiling from the scene before.

Willow, Cindy, Max, Ava, Dawn, Syl and Faith looked at eachother before Dawn spoke up. "How bout Willow and Ava use some of their powers. We could have a blast. Do makeovers, talk about stupid things we did, eat ice cream and junk food." Dawn watched their hesitation. "Come on! Hard work has a future, laziness pays off now."

The older girls laughed. "Aight suga, Original Cindy and the girls are gonna make this the best girls night eva'!" Cindy put her arm around Dawn's shoulders and they all walked up the stairs, already making plans.

"Girls, you can crash here if you want tonight. You can have the boys rooms. I'm sure knowing Spike, they'll be out all night and passed out drunk somewhere indoors by morning." Liz offered.

"Sure. Thanks." Max smiled at Liz. Liz looked at Cindy and Syl. "What 'bout you guys?"

Syl and Cindy nodded. "Aight, let's get this party started!" Cindy rushed up the stairs with everyone in tow and rushed into Liz's room.


"So, which bar we going to?" Zack asked as he, Giles, Logan, Kyle, Krit, Spike and Alec walked down the street.

Spike blew out a ring of smoke from his cigarette. "Saw a pub down the road here. Called Billy's." Spike blew out another ring of smoke as the kept walking. "Good place. Won a few Quid playing poker."

Alec raised an eyebrow. "Don't you mean dollars?"

Spike chuckled. "Yeah, yeah. Dollars. Americans have funny ways of saying things these days. They say elevator, we say lift. They say President, we say stupid, psychopathic git."

Giles tryed to hold his laughter in, but couldn't and he let out a small laugh.

The transgenics, Logan and Kyle managed to let out a smile too. "This it?" Kyle asked, pointing to a bar in front of them.

Spike put out his cigarette. "Yeah, this's it." He walked in the bar with everyone following him.

"Classy." Zack said sarcastically when they reached the inside. The bar was smoky with all cigarettes lit up. The tables, chairs and bar stools were rusted or old. The lights were flickering on and off because they were ready to go out. There weren't that many customers, but the ones that were didn't even spare them a second glance as they walked in.

"Shoulda gone to Crash." Krit mumbled.

"Yeah, let's get ourselves a drink and then go gamble." Spike walked up to the bar and ordered a beer for Logan, Zack, Alec, Kyle and Krit. Giles ordered a scotch and Spike ordered a bottle of whiskey. They each grabbed their bottle and walked over to an empty table over the other side of the room. They all took their seats.

"What do you think the chits are up to?" Spike asked as he took a gulp of his whiskey.

They all shrugged. "Probably laughing over our lesson before." Kyle took a sip of his beer.

They all grunted in responce. "Yeah, probably." Zack muttered. They all continued to drink their alcohol and ordered another round, when they went to the back room to play a game of poker.

Kyle rubbed his hands together. "Ah, poker. The sure way to get nothing for something."

The men took their seats and placed their bet money on the table. They dealt the cards and began to play. Half an hour and another three beers and scotches later, Krit's turn came and he placed his cards down on the table. "I'm out."

Alec placed his down next. "Me too," Then Logan, "Me three." Giles and Spike put theirs down too. It was now between Zack and Kyle.

Kyle looked at his cards then at Zack. Zack wasn't even looking at his cards, he was grinning at Kyle, who had a full house, he was sure he was gonna win.

Kyle placed his cards on the table, with a broad smile on his face. "Full house."

Zack smirked and placed his on the table. "Royal Flush." He chuckled at Kyle's mouth open look and grabbed his won money of the middle of the table. "Come to papa." He pocketed the cash and looked at everyone else, who looked ready to pass out. He was feeling like it too. Alec, Zack and Krit had 6 beers and a scotch, while Logan and Kyle had 4 beers and 2 tequilla shots. Spike had 3 bottles of whiskey and Giles had 4 scotches.

"We're well off being drunk off our asses. Let's go back to my place, make some hangover remedy, watch a game on tv, drink some more and pass out." Logan groaned.

"Fine with me." Alec said and picked up his jacket and stumbled out the door, along with his other drunken friends.


The girls were all in Liz's room eating ice cream and talking in their pyjamas. Mostly tank tops, sweats and socks. Liz, Faith and Ava gave some of their clothes to Cindy, Max and Syl. Dawn had gone to bed half an hour ago, so the girls were by themselves.

Willow watched as Ava waved her hand over Faith's finger nails, turning them into a dark burgandy color. "Cool! Thanks." Faith looked her hands over.

"Do me boo. I want silver." Cindy gave her hands to Ava, who comlied with her request and changed them to a silver color.

"Anyone else?" Ava asked. Everyone but Syl shook their heads. Syl stuck her hands out at Ava. "Color?"

"Clear glitter." Syl said and watched Ava change her nails to her desired color.

"Damn, this is the best night I've had in awhile. We should do this more often." Syl said and ate a spoonful of choclate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Everyone else nodded with agreement, they couldn't since their mouths were full of junk food.

"I think I speak for all my girls here when I say we're glad we met you guys." Max said, "We're gonna be real trouble for the guys because we're close now."

Everyone nodded. "How bout we make this a weekly ritual? We can either stay in or go out. No men allowed." Faith took a sip of her drink.

The girls grinned. "Sound good. Weekly ritual it is."

"Alright, now we have to play truth or dare." Ava's eyes twinkled.

"I'm game." Cindy said and the other girls nodded.

"I'll go first," Syl stated. "Liz, truth or dare?"


"Have you ever loved somebody?"

Faith, Willow and Ava stiffened, knowing about Liz's past realationship with Max Evans. The others watched as Liz's eyes began to water. She burst into tears.

Max, Cindy and Syl looked alarmed. "Are you ok? I didn't mean-" Syl was cut off by Liz.

"It's okay Syl, it's just the question brings back bad memories." Liz wiped her tears away.

Max, Cindy and Syl relaxed. "Do you wanna talk about it, boo? It might help." Cindy handed Liz a kleenex.

Liz stayed silent for a moment, thinking if she should tell Max, Cindy and Syl about Max. She made the decision that she would. These were trusted, best friends of hers, just like Willow, Ava and Faith.

"Okay, remember Max Evans? One of the aliens we told you guys about?"

Max, Cindy and Syl nodded. "Well we had a complicated relationship, at first we were both convinced that we were made for eachother. But we were so wrong........." Liz began to tell them about Future Max and her faking sleeping with Kyle, Tess and her pregnancy to Max, Alex's death and Max's attitude towards her and how he left her alone on Earth, and left to Antar with Tess, Michael, Isabel and Maria. "......I thought he loved me, but he slept with Tess instead and got her pregnant." She burst into tears.

Faith, Cindy, Ava, Willow, Syl and Max tried to comfort her, she still cryed, but cryed less and less till her sobs subsided. She had her head in Faith's lap and her friends were whispering words of comfort.

"It okay Liz, he can't hurt you anymore, and if he or those scumbags ever, ever come back, we'll kick their asses." Max says. Cindy, Ava, Faith, Willow and Syl gave her their word that they would too.

A small smile appeared on Liz's face, which didn't go unnoticed by the others. "Is that a smile I see? It is." Willow cheered.

Liz sat up and smiled bigger. "Thanks guys. I don't think I've felt better in such a long time. It does help to talk about it." She wiped away her slightly puffy eyes.

"Yeah, it does boo. Original Cindy can't believe you carried that all around while that man-bitch-"

"We call him 'His Royal High Ass'." Faith corrected Cindy.

"Thankyou, I can't believe His Royal High Ass, Frosty The Snow Bitch, Stonewall and Stoned Bitch left you. If Original Cindy ever met them, she'll put the smackdown on their sorry asses, powers or no powers." Cindy placed a comforting hand on Liz's shoulder.

"Thanks Cindy. Why'd you call Maria Stoned Bitch?" Liz asked curiously.

"Well, you said she liked to sniff oils or whateva', I think she stoned from sniffin' them too much."

They broke out into laughter. "So you don't thing it's my fault? I mean, I wouldn't really blame him for leaving me, Tess's got everything a guy wants. Looks, cleavage, firm body, and the destiny role of a queen. I've got a destiny that involves me fighting for my life and others every night and am going to scare every guy off who wants to date me." Liz looked down at the floor as she said this.

"Hey, this Tess slut, has got nothing on you. You've got brains, talent, better looks, nice body, better personality and it is so not your fault for anything that they all did. The right guy's out there somewhere for you, you just have to find him, Liz." Max said reasuringly.

Liz smiled. "Thanks guys. You're the best friends a girl could have." Liz hugged each of her friends. "I'm sorry I ruined our night."

They all waved off her appology. "Nothing to be sorry about. Let's do something else huh? Why don't we go watch some movies?" Syl got up and went to the door.

"Cool. Let's go." Willow followed the other girls downstairs, careful not to wake Dawn.


What'd you think?

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Part 11

Logan, Giles, Kyle, Zack, Krit, Spike and Alec all stumbled into Logan's penthouse apartment. Everyone of the men except Logan and Giles, fell onto the couch, groaning.

"I'm never drinking again." Alec moaned.

Kyle looked at him funny. "I thought transgenics could hold their liquor."

"We can, but not that much."

Logan rubbed a hand over his face and walked over to his computer. "I'll see if I have any emails for Eyes Only. Does anyone know how to make hangover remedies?"

Giles took off his glasses. "Yes, I believe I know. I'll make us a strong batch. The kitchen?"

"Just over there." Logan pointed.

Spike grinned. "Boy watcher, you really must be drunk if you can't see that kitchen."

"Oh shut up." Zack said.

"Sod off." Spike retorted.

"Oh both of you can it!" Alec snapped.

"After we drink Giles' magic potion, we're going back to the house. The girls are probably wondering where we are." Zack commanded.

"Yeah right," Kyle snorted. "If I know Ava, Willow, Faith and Liz, they're probably talking about us and their love lives."

The men suddenly grew silent and their eyes twinkled. "Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Spike grinned.

Logan shut off his computer and looked at him with a grin of his own, that the other men copied. "If you're thinking we sneak back to the house and listen to their juicy secrets, then you're not stupid like I thought you were."

Spike glared at him, while the others snickered.

Krit called out to the kitchen. "Giles! Hurry up with that remedy!"

Giles came bag with a jug full of green smoothie type liquid. "I don't want to ever know what's in that." Kyle said and poured himself a glass, along with the others. They all drank it and left to go spy on the girls.

They all arrived at the house and saw the light on in the living room. They crouched behind some bushed, right behind the window and looked on at them. All listening to their game of truth or dare.

They had just gotten comfortable when they heard Faith ask Liz the truth question. Alec listened in with grin on his face. Waiting for Liz to answer. 'Oh God, please let her say yes!'


The girls sat at the shut off television, laughing. "Okay, that was the funniest movie I have ever seen." Max said wiping her eyes.

"I'll agree. Scary Movie is best one I've seen in awhile." Syl said stuffing her mouth with popcorn.

"What'd we do now?" Ava asked.

"Finish our game of truth or dare?" Willow said hopefully.

"I'm down with that." Cindy said. The other girls nodded.

"Liz, since you weren't asked a fair question before, you get another one. Okay?" Liz nodded and Faith smiled.

"Okay, truth or dare?"

Liz stared Faith right in the eye. "Truth again."

Faith grinned. "Do you like Alec?"

They all stopped what they were doing and stared at Liz, waiting for her to answer.

Liz fidgeted and laughed nervously. "Sure. I do. Alec's nice. He's great. I like Alec."

The others looked at eachother and smiled, knowing Liz really did have the hots for Alec.

"You know I meant as in more than a friend. Remember, you have to tell the truth."

Liz's mind rushed. Oh crap, they know! What's the use, I might as well confess.' Liz stood up from the carpet where they were sitting. "Okay, you know what?! Yeah, I have the hots for him, I think he's the most hot guy I have ever met! He sweet, funny, cocky and has a really nice ass." She saw them raise their eyebrows and grin at her. "Yeah, you heard me! He has a nice ass!, everytime I see him bend over or just turn around I think that! And I've seen Ava do the same thing to Zack and Syl to Kyle. And Willow and Cindy are just obvious already." The girls' grins bigger with sentence that Liz said.

Liz sat back down and sulked. The girls were still grinning at her."He'll won't wanna go out with me anyway. I'm not 'experienced' like other girls." Liz said bitterly.

"Liz, you need to stop thinking low of yourself. If Alec really did wanna just use you, he would've done it already. He really, really likes you. All of us can see it. He doesn't see you as another conquest." Syl said convinced, "Believe us."

Liz looked at them and was about to say something when a noise outside the window caught their attension.


Alec listened in to what Liz said, every second hoping she would say that she liked him more than a friend.

He watched her fidget and laugh nervously. He listened intently as she spoke. "Sure. I do. Alec's nice. He's great. I like Alec."

He sighed. He was hoping she liked him more a friend, but her answer didn't show it. Until he and the others heard what Faith asked her.

"You know I meant as in more than a friend. Remember, you have to tell the truth."

'Oh please God make her say she does!' Alec prayed. He saw and the other males waited for Liz to answer and were slightly surprised when she stood up and began to rant. But her ranting made Alec stand surprised.

"Okay, you know what?! Yeah, I have the hots for him, I think he's the most hottest guy I have ever met! He sweet, caring, cocky and has a really nice ass, Yeah, you heard me! He has a nice ass!, everytime I see him bend over or just turn around I think that! And I've seen Ava do the same thing to Zack, and Faith to Krit, and Syl to Kyle. And Willow and Cindy are just obvious already."

Alec grinned at the end of Liz's ranting. He looked at his fellow X5s, Logan, Kyle, Giles and Spike and saw them also grinning. He didn't need to guess that Zack, Kyle and Krit were very happy about Liz's observations about Ava, Syl and Faith on them. Logan, Spike and Giles were grinning becuase they were happy that Liz got her feelings for Alec out in the open, but Alec didn't know that was because why they were grinning. Alec's grin disappeared and was replaced by a frown as he watched Liz get a sad look on her face.

"He'll won't wanna go out with me anyway. I'm not experienced like other girls."

His eyes become soft. 'Does she really think that I care whether she's good in bed or not?' It was then that Alec knew, he was falling deeply for Liz Parker.

All of a sudden he felt as though he was falling backwards. The branch he was leaning again behind the window, snapped.

The other guys made a run for it to the back of the house, leaving Alec behind.

"Hey!" He called to them, but the only reply he got was laughter.

Alec stood up and saw a small figure rush out the house towards him. He used his enhanced vision and saw it was Liz. She looked ready for a fight. He was about to say something when Liz spotted him and attacked.


The girls' look towards the window and Liz stood up cautiously and began putting on her sneakers that were nearby. "Guys, go round back and check it out. I'll go out front."

The others nodded and went off to the backyard of the house.

Liz opened the front door and ran down the front steps. She saw a figure of a man getting up from the grass, so she attacked. She ran forward and tackled the man to the ground, sitting on top of him and pinning his arms above his head. The man grunted and Liz got a good look at him and gasped. "Alec?"

Alec groaned. "Yeah. Would you mind letting go of my wrists? Your grip is about to break 'em."

Liz quickly let go of his wrists and got off of him and helped Alec up. "I didn't say you had to get off me, you know." Alec said with a charming smile.

Liz blushed and got to the point. "Alec, what were you doing outside the window?"

Alec tried to come up with something to tell Liz. But Liz said it for him. "You were listening in, weren't you?"

Alec thought she was going to get pissed, but when he looked at her, he saw that she was embarassed. 'She's embarassed.' "Yeah. Don't worry, you don't have to be embarrassed. I think you're sweet, caring, and have a nice ass too."

Liz and Alec both chuckled. Then they stayed silent for a minute. "Do you mean in a friendly way or a more than friendly way?" Liz asked nervously.

Alec smiled at her and grabbed her hand and started to lead her back into the house. "Definately in more than a friendly way."

Liz smiled and were just inside the house when Liz gasped. "Oh my god! The girls. I made them go out back, they're probably wondering what the hell is taking me so long."

Alec grinned. "I think they're busy beating on the guys." He saw Liz's eyes widen, then she let out a laugh.

"They left you behind and went out back right?"


Liz smirked. "I say they deserve whatever they get."

Alec laughed and they both walked around to the back of the house.

I hope you liked the new part! I might post more later on, depending whether or not I have time. I'll post the next part to which way now little later on.


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Thanks for all the feedback!*big* I agree with everybody here! Alec's has a real nice ass!*big**wink* That's why I put it in!*wink* I'll post more tomorrow, I've already done half the part and it should be out then *happy*

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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Sorry about the big latness of the parts! I haven't been feeling to well and haven't had a chance to write anything until now, and since I've gotten so many bumps and lots of feedback, I've posted 2 new parts today!*big*

Part 12

The next morning, Liz and the gang were assembled at the magic shop, except for Dawn who was at school and Spike who was back at his crypt. Kyle was polishing and messing with the swords nearby, Ava was minding the register, helping a customer. Willow was going through inventory, Giles was reading as usual and Faith was sitting there with her looking as bored as hell.

Faith looked over at Liz. "Wanna get outta here?"

Liz got out of her chair. "Read my mind."

Liz grabbed her keys and her bag and they were heading out the door, when Liz called to the others. "We're going out! Call my cellphone if you need us!"

The only reply they got were a few grunts.

Faith and Liz shrugged and walked out the door. "So, where you wanna go?"

Faith thought for a moment. "Jam Pony. We can go see if your boy and his gang wanna go to Crash?"

"Alec isn't my boy."

"Really? Even when he told you he likes you more than a friend?"

Liz opened the door to her SUV and got in the driver's side, while Faith hopped in the passenger side. They both put on their sunglasses. Liz sighed as she turned on the ignition and put on her seatbelt. "Okay, so yeah he did, but that diesn't mean he's my boyfriend. We haven't even been out on a date yet."

Liz started to drive and heard Faith snigger. "Key word being yet."

"Shut up."

Faith grinned. "You wanna ask if they guys wanna train with us? There's nothing else to do and they were asking about it."

Liz nodded. "Yeah, but first, I wanna see the Crash. I didn't even get a chance to go there after what happened with Dawn."

Faith nodded. "You'll like it. You could even win some bucks playing pool. I've seen you play."

Liz chuckled. "Yeah, we'll see." She turned the car into the street of Jam Pony and parked the car in front of it. "Okay. Here we are." Liz and Faith took off their seatbelts and got out of the car. She put the alarm on and they walked into Jam Pony.

Liz and Faith saw the transgenics and Cindy over at the break area talking. They waved to them and grabbed their attension. They walked over to them.

"Hey guys." Liz greeted.

"Hey!" They replied back. "What're you doing here?" Max asked.

Alec was stirring the spoon in his coffee mug, staring at Liz with an appraising glance at her. She was wearing a dark purple long sleeved shirt, black skirt that stopped just above her knees, that also had a slit up the side; and some black knee length leather boots. She had her hair pulled up on the back of her head with a large clip and she wore little make up. She looked hot. Alec moved over to make room for Liz and Faith on the couch. Liz sat next to him and Faith sat next to her.

"We thought you might wanna grab a drink at Crash and then do some stuff back at the house. The Magic shop was getting boring." Liz said. She and Faith both pulled off their sunglasses.

Faith smiled and crossed her arms over her chest. "Yeah, what're you say?"

Alec, Zack, Max, Syl, Krit and Cindy nodded. "Sounds good," Syl started but was cut off from Normal behind them.

"You!" He pointed at Liz. "You better get your ass outta here before I call the cops! There are laws against trespassing and assult you know."

Faith looked at Liz and sent her a message with her eyes. Lis smiled, knowing what plan she was cooking up. "Let's do it." Faith whispered with a grin. The transgenics and Cindy didn't know what they were up to but were eager to watch.

Liz and Faith stood up and walked over to Normal. Liz put on a fake sincere, apologetic face, that she knew worked on all men. "I'm sorry Normal about the other day. I didn't mean to get mad, but it was that time of the month and my hormones were outta whack and my cousin was in trouble, so I was just real emotional." Then Liz made a fake show of letting a few tears fall down her cheeks. "I'll understand if you wanna still throw me out, but just remember, you're picking on a innocent young lady, who can kick your ass again." Liz then turned to Faith and fell onto her shoulder making more crying sounds. Faith patted her on the back and led her back to the couch, where the group sitting there had to bite their lips to keep themselves from laughing. Liz dropped onto the couch and turned and put her head into Alec's chest and made more crying sounds.

Faith walked back to Normal and stood in his face. Normal looked back and forth between Liz and Faith and defended himself. "Oh for the love of Mike," Normal groaned.

Faith gave him a death glare and that made him shut up. "You don't know me, but I'm Faith. One of Liz's best friends. If I ever hear you picking on her again," Faith then stood nose to nose with him, "I'll come after you and hunt you down. It's my speciality. Especially since I just got outta the slammer." She grinned as she watched him squirm and gulp.

Liz was still fake sobbing into Alec's chest. Alec wrapped his arm around her and made comforting motions to her. Alec knew she was faking, so he decided to make it more realistic and he didn't mind her head in his chest and her hands on his torso. He loved every second of it.

Liz tried to supress the idea to make out with Alec and rub her hands over his chest, then and there because she was turned on at how his strong arms wrapped around her and how his torso felt toned felt smooth, even over the top of his shirt. Not to mention how she loved the feel of her head on top of his chest. It too felt muscled and smooth. She heard Normal's voice, shaking her out of her thoughts.

"Okay, s-sure, stay as long as you l-like. S-sorry." Normal stuttered out and quickly left into his office.

Faith walked back over to the couch next to Liz. Liz reluctantly pulled away from Alec's embrace and she and Faith high fived each other. The others laughed. "Geez, you two are good! That time of the month?" Krit said and they all laughed again.

"Boo, you've gotta teach me how ta do that." Cindy smirked.

They all stood up after a minute. "Okay, let's go. Who's riding with who?" Zack asked.

Alec raised his hand. "My bike's at home so I'll ride with Liz." He'd take any chance to be with her.

Liz smiled and felt the same way Alec did. They all made their way out of Jam Pony. "We'll take our bikes." Krit said and looked at Faith. "You wanna ride with me?"

Faith grinned. "Hell yeah." Krit gave her a spare helmet and they hopped on his motorcycle and rode off. Max and Cindy went on Max's bike and zoomed off. Zack and Syl went next,leaving Liz and Alec to get in her SUV.

"Ah shit!" Alec hissed.

"What?" Liz asked, raising an eyebrow.

Alec turned to her, "I left my sector pass in my locker, wait here."

Liz shook her head and chuckled. A minute later Alec came back and they hopped into Liz's car. Liz and Alec put on their sunglasses and she started the car. They put on their seatbelts and Liz rolled down her power window. "Okay, you're gonna have to give me directions, cuz I don't know where Crash is."

Alec put on a charming smile. "Sure."

Liz looked in the rearview mirror and made sure there were no cars behind her, and sped off.

Alec looked at Liz as she drove. "So, you looking forward to me beating you at pool when we get to crash?"

Liz laughed. "Don't be so sure. I'm a master when it comes to the game."

Alec grinned. He was about to retort when Liz's cellphone began to ring.

"Can you get that for me?" Liz asked.

"Sure." Alec grabbed Liz's cellphone out of her bag and answered it. "Liz Parker's phone."

"Alec?" Dawn said from the other end. Alec could hear the happiness in her voice.

Alec smiled. "Yep, What can I do ya for Dawn? Do you wanna talk to Liz?" He looked at Liz and saw her smile as well..

"No that's okay."

"Something wrong?" He heard her scuffling in the background.

"Nah, that's fine. Can you come pick me up at school? Basketball practise was cancelled and I need a ride home."

"Yeah, when?"

"Uh now actually. So, I'll see you in a few?

"Sure, we'll be there soon."

"Thanks Alec." He heard Dawn hang up.

Alec put Liz's phone back in her bag. "That was Dawn. She wants you to pick her up at school. Basketball practise was cancelled."

Liz nodded. "Okay, call the others and tell them we'll be a little late."

Alec pulled out his cellphone and called Zack. He hung up a minute later as they pulled into the school. "He says no problem. Logan's on his way there too."

They saw Dawn come out of the double doors of the school and head down the steps. She opened the door to the back seat, slammed it shut and put on her seatbelt. "Hey." She said cheerfully.

They looked at her and saw that she was awefully chipper from just a day at school.

Liz and Alec's faces turned into ones of curiousity. "Why are you so chipper? You've never been this happy from a day at school? Are you okay?" Liz asked, frowning.

Dawn nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just had a really good day today, that's all."

Liz seemed to buy the excuse but Alec didn't. Dawn could see that and sent him a silent message with her eyes. One that said, 'Please-don't-make-a-big-deal-of-it, I'll-tell-you-later.' Alec took the hint, mouthed a 'talk-later' from his lips which Dawn understood.

"Liz, can you drop me off at home? I'm expeciting a call from a friend." Dawn said undoing her seatbelt and leaning forward to turn on the radio and tried to find a good station.

Liz looked at her. "Yeah, sure sweetie. Do you want me to stay with you? Or I can get Willow, Ava or someone to come stay with you? And will you sit back down, you could get hurt. "

Dawn pouted and sat back down in her seat. "I would not and no, I'll be fine."

"Alright, are you sure you're gonna be okay? You can come with us to Crash with me and Alec. We're meeting Faith, Max, Zack, Krit, Syl and Logan there. " Liz offered, not really wanting to leave Dawn alone.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Yes, for the last time, I'll be fine. I'm fifteen years old, I think I can handle a little time alone. Don't worry, I won't answer the door for any strangers after dark and I won't let anyone suspicious in. Your getting wigged over nothing. I'll come to Crash some other time."

Liz looked at her from the rearview mirror and smiled. "Okay, message recieved. But make sure you call me or one of the others if you need anything. One of them should be home soon anyway"

Dawn nodded. She was silent the rest of the way as Liz drove her to the house. When they got there, Dawn quickly gave Liz and Alec a wave goodbye and practically ran into the house. She watched them drive off from the window. She heard the phone ring and hurried over to answer the call from her friend.


Part 13

Liz and Alec made small talk the whole way to the Crash. They got there and walked into Crash to find Max, Zack, Logan, Syl, Krit and Faith sitting at one of the large tables. They walked over and sat down on the empty seats.

"Hey, where's the rugrat?" Faith asked, pouring herself a beer from the jug on the table.

"She was expecting a phone call from one of her new friends, so I took her home ." Liz said, sounding slightly suspicious. She looked around Crash. The others nodded.

"We'll go over there later and see what she doing. Maybe Logan can whip her up one of his culinary miracles." Max said chuckling. The others joined her.

"Yeah, I'll see what I can do." Logan said.

"So, this is the Crash." Liz said with a appraising glance around the place.

"Yeah, boo. Ain't much too it, but it's the only good place here in Seattle to kick it." Cindy said.

Liz nodded. "I like it. I should've come here sooner." She poured herself a beer and took a sip. "You know, you should come to The Magic Shop. Only fair, we come to your hangout, you come to ours?" Liz suggested with a smile.

The transgenics, Logan and Cindy shrugged. "Yeah sure. We'll come by sometime. Wants in the place exactly? I mean is there like, eye of newt and stuff like that?" Zack asked curiously.

Faith and Liz laughed. "Probably. You'd have to ask Willow or Giles. They own it. The rest of us just hang out there at the table and do research with the books, and help customers. Basically there are powders, herbs, insence, crystal balls. All the essential ingredients for spells, potions and stuff. Also we sell swords, knives, books, and all other sorts of voo doo crap." Faith said, looking at their fascinated faces.

"Cool." Alec commented, then looked at Liz. "You wanna play pool? See if you can actually beat me?" He challenged.

Liz grinned. "You're going down pal."

Alec arched an eyebrow. "Aren't we confident."

Liz smiled and her and Alec went over to the pool table and grabbed their cues and set up the balls. "You break." Liz said to Alec.

The rest of the group all took bets on who would win. There was a stack of bills on the table.

Alec sunk three balls in on his first shot, he looked at Liz and smirked. "Alright, your turn."

Liz smirked back and lined up to take her shot. She saw Alec stand right behind her and lean over her, trying to distract her. She thought of a quick way to get him out of her way. She purposely jabbed the end of her cue stick into his stomach. He grunted, but made no move to leave. She turned her head and looked at Alec straight in the eye. Alec stared at her back, unable to take himself away from the beautiful pools of her chocolate colored eyes.

"Back off, Romeo. Or next time this'll hit you where the sun don't shine." Liz threatened with an evil grin. Alec took the hint and stepped away, putting his hands up in surrender and a smile on his face. The others simply laughed at the display before them.

Liz turned her head back to the game and took her shot. She stepped back and watched four balls sink into the pockets. She looked at Alec and saw him look impressed. The others nodded with a smile, also impressed. Although Faith expected no less, since Liz was a master when it came to the game of pool.

They played for a few more minutes until Liz sunk her last ball, signalling the end of the game. She looked at Alec with a triumphant smile. "That's game. Told ya I'd beat ya."

Alec shook his head and mumbled somthing inaudible to himself. They walked back over to the table and saw Faith handed out the winning bets. "Okay, now that that's over, you guys wanna head back to the house and do some training?" Faith offered, grabbing her jacket.

"Bout damn time." Zack said with a rare smile and stood up.

The others chuckled and stood up as well, also grabbing their jackets and heading out of Crash. Liz and Alec rode in her car, while Faith rode with Krit on his motorcycle and Max, Syl and Zack rode off on their motorcycles too. Logan and Cindy drove in his Aztec.

When they got to the house, they found it bombarded with loud music of Avril Lavigne. Her song 'Complicated' was playing. They could hear it all the way down stairs. "What the hell...."

Liz and the others went up the stairs to see what Dawn was doing that caused her to almost make them go deaf. "Dawn sure has a good taste in music." Alec quipped as they made their way to Dawn's room.

Liz knocked on the door. She didn't get an answer so she knocked again, this time louder. She heard Dawn shout, "Just a minute! I'm getting dressed!" They waited outside the door for a minute or two, wondering what Dawn was doing. "You don't think she's hiding something do you?" Liz said to them. The others shrugged and waited.

"Maybe the suga's got someone else in there that we don't know about?" Original Cindy suggested with a sly smile.

The others saw Liz's face mask in one of deep thought. Thoughts of a boy in Dawn's room making out with her baby cousin, hell practically her sister, went through Liz's mind. Being the over protective cousin she was to Dawn, she turned around to face the door and shouted, "Dawn Claudia Parker, if you don't open this door within the next minute, I'm gonna bust it down!"

"I'm coming!" Dawn shouted and they heard her open the door. "What?"

The others looked behind her to see her room scattered with clothes everywhere. The carpet, bed, desk and chairs.

Liz went over and turned off Dawn's sound system on her shelf. "What the hell is going on in here?" She asked as she and the others looked all around the room at the mess. Dawn's usually clean and cool bedroom was now a pool of clothes.

"Yeah, it looks like your closet threw up in here." Faith said, chuckling.

Dawn looked sheepish. "I was looking for something to wear tomorrow night and I sorta...couldn't find anything to wear." She looked at the transgenics, Logan, Cindy and Faith. "Hey guys."

Zack, Krit, Syl, Max, Logan, Alec, Cindy and Faith all waved to her with a smile.

Liz blinked a few times then dropped out of her haze and stared at Dawn. "Oh, well I guess that's okay." She turned to leave with the others before stopping dead in her tracks. "Wait a minute," She said then turned around back to Dawn. "What's tomorrow night? Where are you going tomorrow night? I didn't know you were going out."

The others stared at the interaction between Dawn and Liz, wondering how this would turn out. They thought it was cute seeing them argue. Well, that's what it looked like they were going to do anyway.

Dawn moved from where she was to stand in front of the others. "Okay, here's the deal. Concert tonight, at the coliseum. Planning on going."

"No no no no. Unplan," Liz waved her arms around frantically, for emphasis as she turned to Dawn and the others. "We didn't discuss this."

Dawn rolled her eyes and sighed. "It's not like I'm a little kid or anything, you trust me right?"

Liz put her arms on her hips and cocked her head to the side and tried a different tactic. "Of course I trust you, but the coliseum's a half hour drive, how were you planning on getting there?"

"Hitchhike. Only take rides from scabby-looking old guys with handcuffs on the dash. The usual." Dawn said sarcastically. She could hear the others cracking up a little behind her.

Liz gave the group in front of her a glare that made them shut up. "Funny. Bug funny ha-ha. Seriously, this is not-"

"But Liz," Dawn insisted, "My friend Melissa's mom is driving us there. She staying with us the whole time so we won't get into trouble. Please?" Dawn gave Liz her best puppy dog look.

Liz sighed and relented. "Get me the 411 on this concert and we'll talk."

Dawn squealed with joy and ran forward and hugged Liz. She turned around to the others and started ushering them out her room. "Now, go away. I have to call Melissa and tell her the good news." Dawn said sounding ecstatic.

Liz, Alec, Faith, Krit, Syl, Cindy, Zack, Max and Logan all walked out of Dawn's room and down the stairs. "Well, onto other things, how about that training we were discussing before?" Logan suggested.

Liz and Faith smiled. "Sure, call Giles and tell him, Kyle, Ava and Willow to get here asap. We're gonna need him. He'll wanna see how we do, and try all sorts of fighting stuff. We're gonna go change, into something more suitable for training." Liz said looking down at her skirt.

"What's the number?" Zack asked as he reached for the black cordless phone nearby.

"It's on the rolodex next to the phone!" Liz called as she made her way up the stairs.

Zack started dialing, but found that Dawn was still on the other line, so he grabbed his cellphone and started dialing on there. The other transgenics, Logan and Cindy made their way to the living room. They sat on the couch. Alec and Krit were fooling around with the playstation, while Max, Cindy and Syl were looking at the soundsystem and checking out the cds. Logan was playing with his laptop that he brought with him, checking his emails and surfing the net. Alec and Krit were playing against eachother on the game Street Fighter, which they knew had to be Kyle's.

Liz and Faith came down a few minutes later. Liz was wearing a black Nike sports bra, and matching black fitting Nike shorts, that hugged her thighs in every way and some black Sketchers sneakers. "Hey. I see you've found Kyle's game." Liz said and made her way to sit on the couch.

Alec turned and when he saw Liz, he ran his eyes over her tight sports bra and shorts clothed body. He thought she looked hot as hell. Her skin looked so smooth and flawless. Her thighs were perfect and so were her arms and legs. "Yeah, good game." Alec managed to mumble out, still trailing his eyes up and down her body.

Krit was doing the same to Faith. His eyes looked at her as she was clothed in a tight midriff baring tank top and some tight shorts. He gulped.

Logan, Zack, Cindy, Syl and Max all grinned at Krit and Alec's reactions to Liz and Faith's state of clothing and if Liz and Faith noticed the attension they were recieving, they weren't showing it.

They heard a loud thumping behind them and saw Dawn running down the stairs, holding several tops, skirts and pants in each hand.

"Okay, I know you might have some training to do by the looks of Liz and Faith, but since the others aren't here yet, you're all gonna help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow night." Dawn said, smiling. She threw her clothes down onto an empty chair as they all groaned and sat down on the couches.

"Okay," Dawn said picking up a cut off tank top top and mini skirt. "I've narrowed it down to two outfits. How's this?"

Zack, Alec, Logan and Krit all had blank faces, not knowing what to say.

Liz leaned forward and put on a sugary sweet voice. "Dawn, know I say this with love, but on a fifteen year old girl that screams 'help me, I'm a hooker without work'." Max, Cindy, Syl, Logan, Alec, Zack, Faith and Krit all nodded in agreement. They didn't really know Dawn for as long as Liz did, but from what they did know, they thought she was a good kid with a bright future. They thought of her as another sibling really. And they didn't want to see guys hanging all over her and making suggesting moves or even doing the unthinkable thing of hurting her. God help them if they did because the transgenics, Logan, Cindy, Faith, Kyle, Spike, Giles and Liz would have them for dinner.

"In other words, over my dead body." Dawn replied taking the hint and throwing the top and mini skirt onto the 'definately not' pile. She picked up a pair of black glittering, low slung slacks, and a silver sequin halter top.

They nodded in approval. "I can deal with that." Liz said.

Dawn smiled and ran up the stairs shouting, "Thanks."

They all smiled and heard the front door open. In walked in Giles, Kyle, Ava and Willow. "Hello!" Giles greeted cheerfully. "Zack tells me you're all up for some training?"

The others grinned and ran to the training room. "We'll take that as a yes." Ava said to Willow, Kyle and Giles, smiling.


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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Part 14

The transgenics, Liz, Cindy, Faith and Logan all ran down the stairs to the basement training room.

"Okay, who wants to go up against me first?" Liz asked with a smirk. Faith stood next to her and had a smirk of her own.

The transgenics looked at each other before Zack spoke up. "I'll go first since I'm the strongest and all."

Liz and Zack stood across from each other on the training mats as Giles, Kyle, Willow and Ava came down the stairs. Giles stood in front of both of them. "Alright, on my signal...go."

Liz blocked a punch from Zack and gave him one of her own, which sent Zack's head to the side. He kicked her in the stomach sending her to the ground but Liz simply flipped herself up and dodged another kick from Zack and gave him a kick with her left leg to his stomach, then a snap up crescent kick to the face with her right leg, sending him to the ground. Liz stood over him and punched him in the face. Zack blocked her next punch. The X5s stood there with blank faces, watching Liz and Zack fight.

Alec whispered to the others with a smirk on his face, "Looks like Zack has finally met his match!" The X5s and Logan just nodded and continued to watch the fight.

Zack pushed Liz off of him; she fell on the floor but got up at the same time Zack did. Liz and Zack charged each other throwing punches and kicks that were with accuracy. That was until Zack missed a punch and Liz took the opportunity to jump up in the air and flipper kicked him and then landed to sweep his legs out from under him. The whole fight looked like something you'd see in the Matrix. Zack didn't have time to get up before Liz stood over him and made a staking motion to his chest, signaling him that he would have been dust if he was a vampire. Liz helped him up with her hand. "You're good! It's nice to see someone who can actually offer me a challenge." Liz smiled slightly.

"Thanks! You too!" Zack smiled as well. The X5s and Logan had their mouths open. They couldn't believe it. Liz had actually beat Zack. They snapped out from their revere to the sound of Ava, Willow, Faith and Kyle cheering and whistling. Alec on the other hand, was laughing hard.

"What's so funny?" Zack growled at him when he went to sit by the couch. Alec stopped laughing when he saw Zack's and the other faces of the X5s.

"She actually beat you!" he said before he erupted in another fit of laughter. But
Zack's next statement pulled him out of it. "I'd like to see you do better!"

"Maybe I could! I’ve got ten years of training on all of you." Alec countered getting up to sit on a nearby chair. Krit and Syl were talking silently until Krit spoke up.

"Alright, twenty bucks says you can't!" The X5s and the rest of the group smirked when they saw Alec give it a thought.

"You're on! Liz, get ready to get your ass kicked!" Alec went over to Liz and stood across from her on the training mats. Liz gave him a once over, squatted a little and said while motioning him with her hands, "Bring it on, hot stuff!" Alec grinned and waited for Giles' signal to start.

The audience got ready to see the best fight they would see. Alec getting his ass kicked by a girl he had a crush on. They all knew he wanted Liz. Giles gave the signal and the fight began. Alec went kick her in the head but she ducked and gave him an uppercut to the face, then she received an elbow to the face by Alec. Liz was sent back a bit but she regained her composure and gave him another punch that made Alec's head spin. Alec grabbed her hand as she went to give him another punch and tried to flip her on the floor but she just removed his hand and out of the way and did a one handed backflip hand spring that kicked him in the face and knocked his head to the side. Alec was impressed despite the pain her hits had given him. He turned to face Liz again and was rewarded with a spin kick to the face with her right leg and Alec fell to the floor. Liz gave Alec the opportunity to stand up, before she attacked again. She went to kick him in the stomach with her left leg but he caught it.

"You sure you want to do that?" Liz asked with a troublesome smirk on her face.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Alec said as he was still grasping hold of her left leg and he smirked back. The audience wasn’t prepared for what happened next. "Don't say I didn't warn you!" Liz, with her left leg still in Alec hands, jumped up in the air and kicked him in the face with her right leg and back-somersault flipped down to the ground in time to see Alec on the floor. Again. Liz grinned, went, and sat on top of him. Alec made no move to struggle. He liked the position they were in. Although he was slightly miffed that he lost the bet, he thought it was worth it.

"Told you that you shouldn't have done that!" Liz whispered huskily to him.

Alec was completely turned on. "Maybe I let you take me down so you would be on top of me?

He caught Liz by surprise and flipped her on her back. He was on top now and he grinned. He leaned in so he was only inches from her mouth. "But I think I like this position better."

Liz’s heart was beating rapidly but it wasn’t from the training. It was because of the sexy transgenic on top of her. She had to get control of this situation quickly or something might happen that shouldn’t in front of an audience. Unbeknownst to Alec, Liz moved her leg up just enough to flip him off of her and sent him flying across the mat. Liz jumped up on her feet, "I prefer to stay on my feet."

Alec sat up and grinned even bigger, "Kinky."

Giles could see where this conversation was going and decided to break it up. "I think we now have a good idea of what the transgenics are capable of in standard fighting. Why don't we show them some weapons?"

Giles headed over to the weapons cabinet and pulled out two long swords throwing one to Liz. They moved into position and Giles commanded, "Begin."

The X5s watched as steel clashed against steel. Giles had had years of fencing training and it was evident but Liz was good too. She didn’t have quite the technique that Giles did but she was able to block each of Giles’ blows making it look effortlessly. Alec just stared at the petite girl who looked like she would barely be able to lift the sword let alone fight like she was with it. Back and forth the two moved; Liz dodging one hard blow from Giles before sweeping the watcher’s feet out from under him and making the motion of running him through with the sword.

The X5s started clapping at the show. Sword fighting wasn’t a skill that was taught a lot at Manticore and they were impressed.

Liz and Faith bumped fists with each other. "Five by five girl."

"Okay, now let's see if she can beat my boo." Cindy said referring to Max.

Max shook her head. "Nah, she beat Zack. She'll kill me. How about I go up against Faith?"

Faith shrugged. "Alright by me."

Faith and Max stood on the training mats and began to fight. They both kicked, punched, flipped and jumped at each other. This went on for about ten minutes before they decided to call it a truce. "Damn, it's like we share the same brain or somethin'." Max commented and smiled.

Faith chuckled. "Yeah, something like that."

The rest of the group trainind some more and the transgenics, Cindy and Logan finally learned how to use the crossbow.

It was just before sunset when they finished and they decided to have a quick dinner before heading out to patrol. After dinner, Liz and Faith headed upstairs to change for patrol while the other stayed downstairs. They were talking when they heard the front door open and a familiar British bleached blonde came walking in.

"Ello all. Came to join the little slayer for patrol. Where is she?"

Spike glanced around the transgenics and saw them glaring at him. Especially Alec. He really didn't like the fact that Spike was around Liz when he wasn't there. "Upstairs changing."

Spike grinned. "Without me?"

Alec stood up and walked to Spike. He scowled at him. "You're not going anywhere near that room, or I'll stake your sorry ass."

Spike grinned and was about to retort when Dawn came in and smiled at him. "Hey Spike." She walked to the fridge and pulled out a can of the new vanilla coke.

Spike waved at her. "Ello Littlebit."

Liz and Faith came down the stairs into the kitchen, in their slayer gear. Faith had her pair of leather pants, black singlet top and boots. Liz had a knee length red leather jacket, a white t shirt that showed off an inch of her stomach, and a pair of her standard stylish tight black leather pants. Liz had the same dress sense as Buffy. Both Liz and Faith wore their hair down and wore some dark make up.

"Hey Spike." Faith said. "Comin' with us for patrol?"

"Yeah, there's a vamp nest not too far from here that you might wanna clean out."

Liz nodded. "Thanks Spike." She looked towards the others. "Okay, We'll see you guys later-"

Alec interupted her, also taking a look at her, trying his best not to show his erection in front of them all. He was lucky that no one was paying any attension to him or looking at his pants to be more specific. "You know, I've got nothing else better to do, so I might as well join you."

The rest of the transgenics, Logan, Cindy, Kyle, Willow, Giles, Ava and Dawn all knew that Alec wanted to simply go along because Spike was going be near Liz and he didn't want Spike to put moves on her again. He was jealous and in love, plain and simple.

Liz smiled, knowing Alec was trying to be protective of her. "Okay, cool. Anyone else?"

The others shook their heads. "No thanks. Giles was gonna show us his demon books and Willow was gonna show us some of her powers." Max said.

Faith grinned. "Have fun. We'll see you later."

The others shouted their good byes and Alec, Liz, Faith and Spike walked out the door to patrol.


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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Part 15

Liz, Alec, Faith and Spike walked into the Cemetary. Faith and Spike decided that they would patrol one side of the cemetary, while Alec and Liz patrolled another. They planned to meet back at the house when they finished or if they didn't find anything.

Alec put his hands in his pockets and Liz kicked a rock in front of her and took off her jacket since it was hot, even in the night time. They both had the same thought about the other.

'She's so hot!'

'He's so hot!

Alec tried to make conversation. "So, uh, what's been your best kill?"

Liz smiled. "I don't know. I mean, there were a lot of demons and vamps I fought. But I guess the strongest I can remember is this giant troll demon that went on a rampage, the fight lasted for like 15 minutes after about a half hour of running up and down town going after him. Boy could he leap. Crouching Tigger, Hidden Pooh Bear kind of leap," Alec chuckled at that and kept listening to her story. "He had this huge sledge hammer, he smacked me in the shoulder with it and I went flying into a stack of crates and a big fat bruise was already appearing. I was real pissed after that. Went at him like there was no tomorrow."

Alec looked at her and grinned. "So you Crouching Tigered his ass back huh?"

Liz laughed. "Yep." She then stiffened.

Alec looked around, "Vampire?"

Liz took out her stake from her back pocket. "I don't know, but I'm feeling a big load of evil."

Alec grabbed his own stake from his back pocket and they looked around and sure enough, a group of eight vampires came out of the trees and Alec and Liz ran into fight. A few of the vamps were carrying weapons, most of them swords and others knives or daggers.

A vamp, that Liz and Alec figured was the leader, hissed at Liz with venom. "Slayer."

Liz stood her ground, "Yeah, what'd you want?"

The blonde vampire grinned maliciously at her. "What else, to kill you and your boyfriend here. You're mine bitch!" She changed into her game face and held her sword tightly.

Liz and Alec started to fight the vamps. After a few minutes, Liz and Alec had already managed to kill most of the vamps, until three were left. Most of the vamps were going for Liz and she already had a split lip, a large gash on her forhead and a few bleeding cuts on her arms from the swords slicing her. Liz was fighting the leader of the pack and another vamp and Alec was fighting a male vamp that was equal to his size. Alec roundhouse kicked him in the face. Once the vamp recover he gave Alec a wide swing with his fist and Alec ducked it. Alec then punched him in the face and backflipped out of the way of an incoming front kick. "Come on pal, that all you got?" Alec taunted.

The vamp growled and charged at Alec. Alec got punched in the face by the vamp, then he grabbed the vamp's arm and snapped it. Alec then gave the vamp a kick to the head. The vampire sweeped Alec's legs out from under him and Alec fell flat on his back on the ground, Alec flipped himself up and kicked the vamp in the head. The vampire went down and Alec staked him. Alec dusted himself off and looked and Liz to see her stake a male vamp she was fighting. Now it was just her against the female leader of the pack. He thought about helping but could see that she wanted to fight the fight the vamp by herself, when he saw her give him a look. He knew she could handle her anyway, but that didn't make him any less worried, after all, she could still get hurt; so he watched them, ready to step in if Liz needed him.

Liz staked the male vamp and turned to see Alec stake the vamp he was fighting. She could see that he wanted to help her stake the female vamp, but she wanted to stake her herself. She turned to the female vamp, who was looking fierce.

"Alright, Miss Nasty Pants," Liz spat, "Wanna play?"

"You bet, littlegirl." The vampire spat back.

Liz gave the vamp a snap kick to chest and a punch to the face. The female vamp tried to punch her but Liz stopped it with a knife hand block. The vamp stood back up and gave Liz a punch to the face which looked painful but didn't faze Liz, Liz gave her a roundhouse kick in return. The vamp's head snapped to the side and then the she tried to give Liz a high side kick to the head, but Liz grabbed her leg and twisted it, making the vampire fall to the ground. Liz then turned her back and grabbed a sword on the ground, she knew the vamp got up behind her, and sensed that she was about to kick her again, so she jumped up in the air, and somersault flipped three times, over the vamps head, slayer style and landed a few feet behind the vamp. She ran forward with her slayer speed and she spin kicked the female vamp in the head, which sent her flying across the grave yard, next to Alec, who picked the vamp up off the ground and pinned her against the wall of a crypt. Liz ran forward to hear what she was saying to Alec. "What's a hot guy like yourself doing with an ugly little bitch like that?"

Alec got angry and elbowed the vamp in the face. "She's not an ugly bitch, she's the most beautiful girl alive and is more of a women than you'll ever be. If you all her that again, then I'll start breaking bones." He said feircely and honestly.

Liz thought that was the sweetest thing Alec had ever said about her and she was thinking about grabbing him and kissing him like there was no tomorrow, but now wasn't the time. She had to know why these vamps went after them.

Liz walked up to Alec and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Alec, let me talk to her."

Alec looked at her and stepped back. Liz grabbed the vamp and pushed her back against the wall with little effort, when she tried to make a run for it. Liz positioned the sword in her hand against the vampire's throat.

"Why did your friends and yourself attack us?"

"It was a game."

"What are you talking about?" Liz asked confused, behind her, Alec was looking the same.

"The guy you wanna talk to is-"


Spike and Faith were walking into the house and saw that the gang were in Giles' large study, reading demon books and discussing something. "Hey," Faith greeted and plopped down beside Willow. "We're back from patrol."

Giles looked up from where he was researching some demons. "Oh, yes. Any kills?"

"A few vamps, nothing big. Liz and Alec not back yet?"

They all shook their heads.

Spike grabbed a seat in an empty chair and starting looking at a demon book Dawn was reading. "Should you be reading that Littlebit?"

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Oh come on, I've seen demons in real life, I think I can handle looking at them in books."

Spike shrugged and they talked about other things. A few minutes later, they heard the front door slam open. "SPIKE!" Liz hollered.

They looked up to see Liz stalk in with her fists balled by her sides and looking pissed. Alec was behind her looking equally angry, and also carrying Liz's jacket.

Spike looked up from the book he was reading. "What's this now?"

The transgenics, Willow, Giles, Dawn, Logan, Cindy, Ava and Kyle looked at Liz's face and arms and knew something had happened. "Shit, what happened?" Kyle said, looking Liz up and down.

Liz ignored him and glared daggers at Spike. "It was you! This was all your idea?!"

Spike got up awkwardly. "Sure it was. Anything you say. Now what are we talking about?"

"The bet you made with a group of vamps over a gin game!" Liz snapped.

"Oh," Spike said, understanding why the vampires attcked her and Alec. "That."

Liz sauntered over with her hands behind her back, shoulders swinging, and gave him a spinning roundhouse kick that sent Spike flying into the wall.

"Bloody Hell!!" Spike said, getting up and holding his bleeding nose.

"Would someone explain what's going on?" Zack asked.

Giles took off his glasses. "Yes, that would be helpful."

Liz sat in a chair and crossed her arms over her chest.

"We were patrolling in the cemetary when a group of vamps came at us and we staked them. Most of them went at Liz as you can see," Alec looked at Liz and felt a surge of anger at Spike for his actions, resulting in Liz getting hurt. "We staked all of them and we kept one alive to see why they attacked us. Apparently, the leader said that Spike cleaned them out of five grand. They got mad, thinking that he cheated and came after us when they saw him with us." Alec explained.

Everyone looked at Spike. "Don't bloody try to blame this on me!"

"It is your fault." Syl said, crossing her arms.

Spike scowled. "Did the gene pool have any chlorine? Because you transgenics are going bad in the head! How was I to bloody know that they were going to attack?!" He argued.

Everyone left it at that and Spike left to go watch televison, while the rest tended to Liz and Alec's wounds. Alec didn't have many wounds, he was a picnic cpmpared to Liz. "These'll all be gone by morning. I'm so glad I have slayer healing powers. If they wouldn't, Spike'd be a pile of dust right now." Liz said angrily

"Well, Liz, you can't blame it all on him, I mean he's right, he didn't know that they were going to attack you." Dawn said, defending Spike.

Liz's voice softened. "Maybe, I'm gonna go get something to drink and go to bed."

"I'll go get one too." Alec said and followed Liz to the kitchen at the end of the hall.

Liz opened the fridge and grabbed two cans of soda and threw one to Alec. They opened them and drank down most of it. "Are you okay?" Alec asked concerned.

"Yeah." Liz said, looking at her bandaged arms.

Alec didn't look at ease. "Are you sure? You got some pretty nasty wounds."

Liz smiled at him. "I'm telling you I'm fine. I've had worse, believe me. Kyle'll tell you that too."

Alec nodded and took a sip of his soda.

Liz pulled her empty soda can into the bin and walked up to Alec. She surprised him by kissing him on the cheek.

Alec smiled. "What was that for?"

Liz shurgged and smiled. "For what you said to that vamp about me."

Alec thought back, remembering the scene. "You mean that you're not a bitch and are the most beautiful girl I've seen?"

Liz nodded. "Yeah, all that," She paused and looked at him with a sad look. "I'm sorry about what happened. You could've gotton killed."

Alec shook his head and grabbed her hand. "You don't need to be sorry, it wasn't your fault and I can take care of myself. You know that." He said with a slight smile.

Liz smiled briefly, before going into a blank look. "Yeah, I know. I just couldn't take it if an innocent person died because I was too busy saving my own ass." She then walked out the kitchen before Alec could say anything.


How was this part? I hope it was okay.


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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

This part contains some drug and alcohol use so be warned.

Part 16

Liz woke up next morning to the sound of her alarm clock. She groaned and buried her head in her pillow. She didn't even look up as she tried to turn the thing off, and when she couldn't find the button she threw it across the room, cursing at it. She heard it slam against the wall, and stop it's insane ringing. She never noticed the figure standing putside the balcony, grinning.

Alec stood there watching Liz peacefully sleep. He'd left last night after she went to bed, but got up early next morning, wanting to see her. He wanted to make sure she was alright. After last night and their conversation in the kitchen, he couldn't help but worry about her. He left and climbed the tree next to her room and then jumped onto the balcony. Alec watched her sleep. She looked like an angel. He stood leaning there against the rail of the balcony for a few more minutes before he heard her alarm go off. His enhanced hearing letting him hear her groan of annoyance, before she tried to turn it off. He heard her mutter curses and raised his eyebrows, grinning. When she couldn't find the button she threw it against the wall. He watched it fall it pieces on the floor. Then, Liz turned onto her other side and slept on with a peaceful smile. He opened the door to her balcony and very quietly sat on a chair beside her bed. She had to be having a pretty good dream to be smiling like that.

"Alec.." Liz said in her sleep, smiling.

Alec smirked. He felt like doing backflips all over the room because he was so happy she called out his name in her sleep. He continued to watch her as she slept. Part of him felt like he was invading her privacy, but another part of him felt that he needed to be here. To keep her safe. He knew that she was the slayer and she could protect herself, but that didn't stop him from being worried or wanting to keep her safe. He couldn't deny he had feeling for Liz. If he did it would be a lie. He did have feelings for Liz and he was going to act on them. Tonight, he would ask her out on a date. If she refused, he would ask her until she accepted. He wouldn't take no for an answer. Especially now that he knew that she had feelings about him. Forst the truth or dare game he and guys were spying on them, and now calling out his name in her sleep. It was all the proof he needed. He decided that he should go and come back later when she was awake. He left the room as he entered, quietly and efficiently. He took one last look at Liz and smiled. He jumped off the balcony and climbed down the tree. He hopped on his motorcycle and sped off to go to Jam Pony. He'd stop by again later and see Liz. Pictues of Liz floated into Alec's mind as he drove the whole way to Jam Pony.


Liz woke up and looked over to her broken alarm clock. She didn't feel remorseful, she felt glad she broke it. It had woken her up from a dream about Alec. A really good dream about Alec, where they both were taking a stroll along the beach at sunset and then sat down on the sand, kissing. She smiled at the memory. She got out of bed and walked to her closet. She grabbed a pair of black knee length boots, a thigh length black skirt and a red tank top. She changed into them and then Liz went to do her hair. She pulled some of it up and styled it so she could put in her Chinese hair sticks, while leaving the rest of her hair was left down. She put on her usual amount of make up, a little eyeliner outlined her big doe brown eyes, mascara curled her thivk lashes and some of her new wet shine diamond look lipstick on her pink lips. She put on some perfume and was finished. Liz looked herself in the mirror. She looked perfect. She then walked out her room and into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and walked out and down the stairs. She heard voices. She turned into the kitchen and saw Dawn and Kyle talking.

Kyle wolf whisted. "Hiya, poptart." He said, smirking and looking her up and down. "Alec is going to be one very happy transgenic when he sees you today. And when I mean happy, I mean his face isn't going to be the only one showing happiness."

Liz glared at Kyle as she realised what Kyle meant. On the other hand, she felt good inside.

Dawn kicked Kyle under the table. "Shut up, you pervert."

Kyle smirked even bigger. "Why? I'm not the one getting all dressed up and spiffy for my soon-to-be partner."

Liz walked up to him. "Oh yeah, what's with the aftershave?" Liz then sniffed, "That's that new one too, the Calvin Klien one. I know you never where that kind of aftershave unless you want to impress a women." Liz then gave out a mock gasp. "Could it be? Kyle wants to impress Syl? It's a scandel."

Dawn sniggered as Kyle grumbled to himself about women.

Liz then smiled and sat down at the table. "Where's everyone?"

"Giles, Willow and Ava are at the magic shop and Faith is out at Crash." Kyle said.

Liz looked at them. "And what about you two. Bored?"

Kyle shrugged. "Yeah, basically. I was gonna stop by Jam Pony to see Syl to see if she wants to go to lunch."

Liz nodded and looked at Dawn. "What about you?"

Dawn smiled. "Well, I was actually waiting for you to get up."

Liz smiled back. "Really?"

"Yeah, I figured you and me haven't done anything together lately, other than rescue me from evil demons and that, so I thought we could go to the mall and do some shopping?"

Liz smiled and put down her coffee mug. "That sounds great! We can bust a credit card or two."

Dawn squealed. "Oh, this is gonna be so cool! I'll go get my bag." Dawn ran off to her room.

Liz looked at Kyle. "Good luck with Syl. I'm gonna go pack my own bag."


Liz stood up and went and grabbed her small black Gucci handbag. Dawn came rushing down the stair with her own handbag. "Ready?"

"Yep, let's go." Dawn said and practically flew out the door.

Liz shook her head in amusement and walked out the door. She walked to her SUV and got in, putting on her Rae Ban sunglasses. She started the car and reversed out of the drive way. She then turned and drove off down the street.


Alec finished his morning runs and walked to his locker and shoved in his bike gear and grabbed his motorcycle keys.

"Yo Alec!"

Alec turned to see Cindy staring at him. "Where you going?"

Alec smiled. "None of your business."

Cindy grinned. "You're going to see her aren't you?"


"Don't play dumb, you know who. Liz." Cindy said still grinning.

"And what if I am?" Alec asked, smirking.

"Are you gonna go ask her out?"

"Yeah." Alec said, getting tired of Cindy interrogating him.

Cindy slapped him on the shoulder and looked around to see that no body was listening. "Good. About damn time." She then turned serious. "But Original Cindy's gonna warn you, if you treat her like one of your tramps, transgenic or not, I'm gonna put the smack down on your ass."

Alec raised his eyebrows. He looked at Cindy to see if she was joking and was surprised to see that she wasn't. "I won't."

"You better not. Remember what I said." Cindy then smiled and walked away, leaving Alec to stare after her.

Alec walked out of Jam Pony, after telling Normal he had to take a personal day. He got on his bike and made his way to Liz's house.

He pulled up to the house and saw that Liz and Giles' cars weren't there. He walked up to the house and let himself in. He walked in to see Kyle reading the morning paper. "Hey Kyle."

Kyle looked up at Alec, startled. "Geez Alec, make some noise."

Alec grinned and sat down at the table. "Where Liz?"

"At the mall shopping with Dawn, busting a credit card or two."

Alec nodded. "Thanks, I'll go find her there."

Kyle nodded and Alec stood up and left.


"Okay, so we've been to almost every clothing store in the mall, where to next?" Liz asked Dawn. They both had several bags on each arm.

"How about we get some lunch, I'm starving." Dawn said.

"Okay, let's go down to the cafe there." Liz and Dawn both got onto the escalator.

"Oh, just so you remember, the concert's on tonight and Melissa's mom said I could sleep over at her place for the night if I want to." Dawn said, excited.

"Alright, but remember, don't go anywhere alone." Liz said. They got off the escalator and grabbed a table at the cafe.

"Yes, you've told me a million times." Dawn said and grabbed a menu.

A waitress came over and took their order. "Hi, what can I get for you?"

"I'lljust have a mocha latte." Liz said as the waitress wrote down her order.

Dawn skimmed through the menu. "And I'll have a chocolate milkshake and an ice cream sundae."

The waitress smiled and walked off.

Dawn started pulling items out of the bags she had. "I can't believe all the stuff we got. We practically got all items of fashion, hair care, clothes, shoes and jewellery."

Liz nodded. "I know, I've never shopped so much in my entire life."

"Quit complaining, you finally got that pair of leather pants you were dying to get." Dawn said as the waitress came back with their orders. Dawn didn't waste anytime and started shoving the sundae down her throat.

Liz smiled. "Yeah, I guess it wasn't all bad then. It was good you and I got to spend some time together too."

Dawn smiled back. "Yeah, it's been awhile."

"Hey ladies!"

Liz and Dawn looked over to see Alec walk over to them and grab a chair, and sat on it back to front at their table.

"Alec, what're you doing here?" Liz asked, surprised.

Alec shrugged and eyed Dawn's milkshake. "Kyle told me you were here. You gonna drink that?"

Dawn shook her head and finished the last bite of her sundae already. "Go ahead, have it." Dawn shoved over the untouched shake to Alec.

"You okay?" Alec asked concerned.

Dawn nodded and grinned. "Yeah, I'm gonna go check out that cute guy over there." Dawn got up and ran towards the arcade area.

"Stay where I can see you!" Liz shouted after her.

Alec laughed. "Bit overprotective aren't you?"

Liz snorted. "Me? You should see Kyle and Giles. Any guy Dawn's ever dated has to go through their check lists before even going out with her."

Alec looked around at all the bags around the table. "Guess you've been a little busy."

Liz scoffed. "Oh, they're not all mine. I've only got like two bags. The rest are Dawn's."

Alec raised his eyebrows. "And what did you buy?"

"A piar of leather pants and a pair of boots."

Alec grinned. "Nice."

"Onto other matters, I've been wanting to ask you something." Alec said and played with the straw in the glass.


"Go out with me?"

Liz choked on her ice tea. "Excuse me?"

Alec smirked. "Go out with me." He repeated.

Liz stared at him, before smiling. "Sure."

Alec grinned. "Really?"

Liz chuckled. "Really."

"Great," He stood up. "How about tomorrow night?"

Liz nodded and smiled. "Tomorrow's good, I'll see if I can get Faith to patrol for me."

Alec nodded. "I'll pick you up at eight." He walked off and passed Dawn in the arcade area, talking to a guy, who was obviously nervous from Dawn's flirting. He shook his head, grinning.


Dawn took one last hair and make up check and walked out the room in her silver sequin halter top, black glittering slacks and boots. She walked down the stairs and saw Liz, Kyle, Giles, Willow, Ava, Max, Logan, Zack, Faith, Cindy, Krit, Alec and Syl reading and talking about demons.

"I'm off." Dawn said. Everyone turned to look at her and Cindy whisted.

"Damn girl, if you were my age, I'd snag you in a second." Cindy grinned.

Liz walked over, and handed her a cell phone. "Here, I'll call if there's an emergency and keep it on so you can call me if there's trouble."

"There won't be." Dawn said, postively, pocketing the cellphone. She looked outside and saw a Mercedes car pull up. "There's my ride. I'll see you tomorrow." Dawn grabbed an overnight bag and walked out the door.

"She spending the night at a friend's?" Alec asked.

Liz nodded and they all went back to discussing demons.


Dawn got into the backseat of the car, next to her friend Melissa. She was surprised by who was in the driver's seat. "Uh, Mel, who is that guy in the driver's seat?"

Melissa smiled. "Oh, my mom couldn't come because she had some business dinner to go to, so my brother Charlie offered to drive us there and back, he's going to meet some friends at the concert too. Don't worry, he's seventeen. He has a valid drivers licence." Melissa was dressed in a mini skirt and halter top.

"Hi, I'm Charlie." He said sticking out his hand.

Dawn shook it politely. "Dawn."

Charlie smiled and turned back to the front, he drove off.

Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at the Collusium and the crowd was already huge. They lined up to get their tickets. Once they did they walked into the stage area in the building to see the band playing and people jumping up and down, dancing. Well, if you could call it that. "I'm gonna go get some punch, Dawn, you want some?"

Dawn couldn't hear Melissa because the crowd and the band were too loud. "What?"

"I said, do you want some punch." Melissa made drinking motions with her hands, in case Dawn still didn't hear her.

Dawn got the idea. "Yeah, love some."

Melissa left, so now it was just Dawn and Charlie. "So, how do you like it so far?"

Dawn smiled. "It's great!"

Charlie grabbed her arm. "Come on, let's go see if my sister got the punch yet."

Dawn nodded and followed Charlie to the drinks area. When they got there, Melissa was holding two cups of punch. She handed one to Dawn. "Here."

Dawn took a sip and grimaced. "This doesn't taste like punch."

Melissa smiled. "It's mexican fruit punch."

Dawn looked inside the cup at the red liquid, before taking another sip, and another, till the cup was empty. She suddenly felt giddy and really happy.

"I'm gonna go meet my friends. I'll see you later." Charlie said and walked off.

Melissa looked at Dawn, "Do you wanna go dance?"

Dawn shook her head. "Nah, I think I'm gonna have another drink."

Melissa nodded and walked into the fray of dancing teenagers. Dawn turned and went to the punch bowl and poured herself another cup. She drank it up quickly and then grabbed another. She drank that down too and felt really giddy. She dropped her punch cup and swayed over to the dance area and spotted a few cute guys. "Hey, how's about a dance sweetheart?" One teenager said to Dawn.

Dawn smirked. "Sure." She grabbed the guy's shirt collar and began to dance really closely to him. She danced with him and a few other guys for awhile before going back to get another drink. She swayed over to the table and grabbed a cup. She filled it with the punch and took a sip. She put down the cup as a gorgeous black haired guy came over to her. "Hey, I see you like the punch."

Dawn giggled. "Yeah, it tastes really nice. But I feel really dizzy and my tougue feels heavy. I feel like I'm about to throw up."

The guy smirked and then smiled. "Well, do you want to go to the washroom? It's right down there. I can give you an asprin later."

Thinking the guy was being nice, Dawn accepted. "Sure, where's the washroom?"

The guy took her arm. "I'll take you there. By the way, my name's Simon."

"Dawn." She said smiling.

Simon took her to the washroom, where Dawn threw up the contents of her punch filled stomach. She felt her head ache real bad. A thought came into her head that the punch was spiked, but she shook it off, telling herself it must've been some of the food she ate there. She walked out to see Simon holding a glass of water and a blue pill for her. "Here. Bought you some water and asprin."

Dawn took them thankfully. "Thanks, my head is killing me."

"No problem." Simon smiled, but behind his smile was an evil smirk.

Dawn shoved the pill and water in her mouth, letting it dissolve and swallowed it.

Simon watched as Dawn swayed harder. He knew the effect of the pill worked and he grabbed her arm.

Simon forcefully tightened his grip on her arm. "Let's go."

Dawn could only comply as her head was killing her. "Simon, you're hurting me."

Simon ignored her and drug her over to the other side of the toilet area. He started feeling her legs. Dawn got scared. "Simon, what're you doing?"

Simon smiled. "What's it look like?"

Dawn pushed him away with all the force she could muster. He staggered back a bit. "No. That wasn't asprin was it?"

Simon laughed. "It was an E pill."

Dawn felt sick to her stomach. "You gave me Ecstacy?"

Simon smirked. "Yeah."

Dawn made a run for it but Simon grabbed her. Dawn kneed him in the groin and ran as far as she could. She had to get away before he'd get her again. She had to find Melissa and Charlie and get out of here. After figuring it was impossible to find them in the crowd, Dawn staggered over to an area where no one was. She had to find a way to get help before the effects of the E pill got worse and she couldn't control her actions. She remembered the cell phone Liz gave her and pulled it out. She dropped it as a wave of dizziness passed her and she felt the world spinning. She difficultly grabbed the cell phone and opened it up. She went to dial the number to home but then decided against it. She knew if Liz, Giles, Ava, Willow, Kyle and Faith found out, she would never go out again. She then got another idea and scanned through Liz's address book in her phone, she found the number she was looking for and dialed.


Alec was at the house with Kyle, Logan, Giles, Willow, Ava and Faith. Everyone else had gone out patrolling with Spike. He was in the kitchen alone when his cellphone rang. He picked it up. "Hello?"

*gasp* "Alec?"


"Yeah, I really need you to come pick me up. Please."

Alec became really worried. "Dawn, what's wrong?"

"I had a few glasses of punch and I felt sick. A guy came over and took me to the bathroom. I threw up and he gave me an E pill. He told me it was asprin. He tried to attack me."

Alec heard Dawn sobbing. "Ok, Dawn stay where you are, I'll come get you. I'll get Liz-"

"No! I don't want anybody to know. Please Alec, don't tell anyone."

Alec complied with her wishes and grabbed Logan's car keys. He was really worried now. Someone gave Dawn drugs, not to mention she drank spiked punch, it was obvious. "Dawn stay there, I'm coming to get you."

"Thanks. I really don't feel so good Alec."

Alec made a dash towards the front door. "Okay, just lie down. Stay there and don't move. Where about's are you?"

"Behind a large tent near the stage."

"Okay, I'll see you there." Alec shut off the phone and turned to go to the living room. He put on a casual face.

"Uh, guys, I'm gonna have to go and take Logan's car with me."

Logan looked up. "Why?"

Alec quickly came up with a story. "Uh, a friend of mine who shall remain nameless got drunk and needs a ride home."

Logan nodded. "Make sure it get's back in one piece."

Alec was already out the door.


Dawn shut off the cell phone and waited for Alec to come pick her up. She called him because she knew he wouldn't tell anybody and he was becoming like a brother to her. Everytime he came over, while most of the time they talked about Liz, he did like to hear about her and vice versa.

A few minutes later, Dawn felt a hot flash come over her and she fell down. She read the pamphlets about the E pill. First symptom was dizziness and then sudden hot flashes, which she was getting now and then you felt really giddy and happy. Like a drunk. She breathed in and out, trying to make herself calm but couldn't. She was already feeling the hot flashes over come her. Now she wanted to get up and dance with all the other teens there. Dawn felt someone grab her.


Alec sped the roads to the Collosium, breaking all the speed limits. He was almost there. He saw it with his enhanced sight. He sped towards the parking lot and got out. He ran behind the concert area where he saw a large tent. He walked around and looked carefully. "Dawn!" He spotted Dawn lying on the ground, and she wasn't alone. A guy, who he knew was the one that slipped her the E pill, was touching her, and Dawn who was obviously out of it, kept laughing. Alec saw red and ran towards the guy.

Simon found Dawn behind the tent and saw the pill was working to it's full extent. He saw her talking to herself and then began touching her. She didn't seem to notice he was there. He suddenly felt like his arm was breaking off as someone pulled him away from Dawn. He looked up and saw a very pissed looking dark blonde guy.

Alec grabbed Simon's shirt and pulled him off the ground. "What'd you do to her?"

Simon became panicked. This guy looked like he was going to kill him. "I gave her an E." He felt the dark blonde's fist collide with his face.

"That's for giving her drugs," Alec then punched him again, in the stomach. "And that's for trying to take advantage of her."

Simon fell to the ground, gasping for breath. He got up and left.

Alec turned to see Dawn and it broke his heart. She was lying there talking to herself and laughing. He kneeled down and gently began slapping her face. "Dawn? Can you hear me?"

Dawn looked up and smiled way too cheerfully. "Alec! What're you doing here?"

Alec picked her up and began carrying her back to the car. "Dawn, do you remember what happened?"

Dawn chuckled. "Sure, I had some fruit punch, then I danced with some guys, and then I went to get more fruit punch and I felt sick, so I met a naughty guy and he took me to the bathroom and gave me an asprin to make me feel better and I feel great!"

Alec continued to listen to her neverending sentences. He got to the car and put her in the back seat. He shut the door and got in the driver's side and sped off back to his apartment, still listening to Dawn's ramblings.



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Title: Elizabeth Parker - The Chosen One
Author: Roswell_X5_Slayer
Disclaimer: I own nothing out of the three shows. Don't sue!.
Rating: Maybe NC-17, R for language.
Couples: Alec/Liz, Ava/Zack, Max/Logan, Kyle/Syl, Krit/Faith and Willow/OC
Reviews: PLEASE!!!!! This is my first fanfiction and I really need reviews and FB.
Summery: Liz finds out she's the new slayer and has to move to Seattle for the new Hellmouth. Read to find out more
Spoilers: Departure for Roswell and Harbour Lights for Dark Angel
A/N: Zack did have his memory come back but he didn't turn nuts, like he did so he stayed with the other trannies. Krit and Syl stayed in Seattle when they found out Zack was alive and The virus stayed cured so Logan and Max are together.

Part 17

Alec carried a sleeping Dawn into his apartment and laid her on the couch. He made his way to the kitchen and pulled out his cellphone. He called Logan and told him to tell the others he wasn't going to be coming back for the rest of the night, because he was looking after his intoxicated 'friend'. He made his way back to Dawn and grabbed a blanket and put it over her.

The next morning Dawn woke up with a killer headache. "Ow." She grimaced, raising her hands to her head. She opened her eyes to look at her surroundings and didn't recognize any of it. She started to panic. Where was she? Did someone kidnap her? Was it Simon? Was Alec still looking for her? She stood up as quickly as her pain filled head would let her and started looking around the room.

"Hey, you're up." A male voice said from behind her.

Dawn obviously was startled to hear the voice and screamed. She spun and went to punch whatever scared her.

Alec caught Dawn's fist in mid air. "Whoa, watch it."

Dawn relaxed visibly. "Alec. Thank God!" She shocked him by hugging him. "I thought I was kidnapped by that guy from last night." Dawn pulled back. "What did happen last night after I called you? I don't remember anything. Except that now I have a killer headache." She cringed.

Alec smiled. "Yeah, I knew you would. Sit down. I'll make you one of my special hangover remidies."

Dawn sat down with a hand to her hand, she groaned and laid back down. "So, what happened?"

"After you called me, I borrowed Logan's car and went to get you. I found you behind the tent, you were out of it. The drugs and alcohol must've taken their toll. Also found that little prick trying to touch you." Alec said, saying the last part with disgust.

"You beat him up didn't you?"

"Yeah." Alec said, coming back with a glass of green liquid. "Here, drink this. Bathroom's the first door down the hall."

Dawn was confused about his bathroom statement, but drank the green remedy. She drank all of it and put the glass back down on the table with a grimace. "Never tell me what was in that." She then clutched her stomach. "Bathroom's first door down the hall, right?"

Alec nodded and Dawn rushed off to the bathroom. Alec could hear her throwing up and cringed, but he knew she would thank him later. Dawn came back a few minutes later, looking pale. "You knew I was going to puke my guts out?"

Alec nodded. "Yeah. That wasn't just for the hangover, it was supposed to make you puke out any of the leftover drugs in your system. Manticore taught us all about stuff like that."

Dawn groaned. "Thanks."

Alec shrugged. "Now, do you wanna tell me your version of what happened last night?"

Dawn shifted nervously on the couch next to him.

"Come on, tell Uncle Monty your troubles." Alec said, making her laugh.

Dawn knew all about Alec's cage fighting days and it still made her laugh at his stage name. Monty Cora. "Promise you won't tell anybody, especially Liz. She never let me have a social life again."

Alec looked at her. "I'm not going to tell, as long as you promise to never ever let someone give you drugs, whether you know or don't know who it is."

Dawn nodded. "I promise. When I left the house, Melissa's mom wasn't the one driving the car, her brother was. Mel's mom had some business dinner to go to last minute. When we got there, I was thirsty, so we went and got some punch. It tasted funny but they said it was a Mexican blend."

Alec snorted. "That's the oldest excuse in the book."

"Anyway, I drank a few more cups and I felt really...happy. I danced with some guys pretty close,"

Alec's eyes narrowed to an protective look. "How close?"

"Not too close." Dawn squeaked. "Afterwards, I was feeling dizzy and sick, so I went to sit down and this guy Simon came up to me and was really nice. He took me to the washroom. I came back and he had a glass of water and a pill. He said it was asprin. I took it and I started to feel dizzy again." Dawn paused. "Then h-he grabbed me and pushed me into the wall behind the toliet blocks and started feeling my legs. I kneed him and took off. I took out Liz's phone and called you. I don't remember anything else."

Alec nodded. "If anyone touches you like that again, tell me and I'll make sure they never bother you again."

"S-Sure." Dawn stuttered. Alec's voice was one that was very protective. She pittied whatever guy would try to hit on her again. She was sure Alec would be pissed. "So, this is your place?"

Alec nodded. "Yep. Welcome to my home sweet hell."

Dawn laughed. "It's not that bad."

"True, but I know you're thinking that I could clean it up a bit." Alec said grinning.

Dawn chuckled. "Well, yeah, I mean there's clothes all over the place. You're worse than me."

A ringing of a cell phone interupted their conversation. "Oh crap! What if it's Liz?" Dawn said panicking.

Alec grabbed the cellphone Liz gave to Dawn and handed it to her. "Tell her you're fine and you'll be home soon."

Dawn nodded and answered the ringing phone. "Hello?.....Liz, yeah I'm fine.....the concert was great.....ok, I'll be back're not?........okay, I see you then, bye." Dawn hung up.

Alec was looking at her, waiting for her to explain. "Well?"

Dawn smiled. "She just called to check in. She said that I've got to be home by the afternoon and that she's gotta go do some errand for Giles, so she won't be home until late."

"That's good. I'll take you home. We'll say that on my way back I saw you walking down the street and I picked you up."

Dawn stood up. "Okay, we've gotta go by mel's and get my stuff I left in her car."

Alec grabbed Logan's keys off the coffee table. "And to make sure she knows where you went last night. She'll be worried."

Dawn snorted. "Mel? No. The only reason she was 'friends' with me was because I was popluar at school. She probably didn't even notice I was gone."

Alec didn't say anything else and they both walked out the door.


Alec and Liz were driving down the busy streets of Seattle. They had just come back from Melissa's house and Dawn was right. She didn't notice Dawn was missing. Mel thought that Dawn had left with a guy. Now, they were going to the house.

"I've got something to tell you." Alec said.

"What?" Dawn asked suspiciously.

"I asked Liz out on a date, but I don't know where to take her or what kind of flowers she likes." Alec said, embarasessed.

Dawn smirked. "Looks like I won the pool."

Alec cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me."

"We all had this pool going to see how long it would take for you and Liz to go out. I said a week, Willow, Ava and Kyle said a week and a half and Zack, Krit, Logan, Syl, Max, Cindy and Faith said two days." Dawn grinned.

Alec nearly swerved off the road. "Two days?! They think I'm that desperate?"

Dawn snickered. "Yep."

"So how much you win?"

"Sixty bucks."

"What about Giles? Didn't he bet?" Alec said offended that they thought he was desperate. Although, he couldn't blame them. He wasn't known for 'going slow' with beautiful women. With Liz it was different though, she wasn't like other girls. He didn't want to rush it.

"He said he didn't want any part of it. Even though I could swear I heard him mutter something like two weeks."

Alec just shook his head. "So, can you help me?"

Dawn smiled. "Okay, Liz likes white roses more than red ones. Take her out for some ice cream and a movie for the first date. Dress casual, and wear some cologne." Dawn advised.

Alec whistled. "Okay, thanks."

"No problem. Liz deserves some happiness after the last time." Dawn said, and mentally slapped herself for saying the last part. Alec was going to ask her what she meant.

"What'd you mean? Did she have someone she loved before?" Alec asked, concerened. He might have some competition.

Dawn shook her head frantically. "I can't tell you. Not my place. Just know that Liz loved someone back in Roswell and he broke her heart badly."

Alec nodded and left it at that. He knew what it was like to have your heart broken.

"Okay, here we are." Alec pulled into the driveway of the house.

Dawn got out the car. "And Alec,"

Alec shut the door and put on the car alarm. "Yeah?"

"If you hurt Liz, I'll beat you with my bare hands." Dawn said seriously. She didn't want Liz to get hurt again. Max Evans had put enough pain in her heart.

Alec raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything. Dawn may be still just a kid to him, but she could beat him up if she wanted to. "Got it."

They walked into the house without another word.



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Part 18

Dawn and Alec walked into the house to find Giles and Willow talking quietly about some new demons in town. They were too engrossed in their research to hear them come in.

“Hey.” Dawn called, startling them. “What the sitch?”

Willow and Giles turned to them. “Oh, hello.” Giles said. “We’re researching about some sightings of a Sakra demon.”

Dawn and Alec stared at him blankly. Willow filled in the blanks. “It’s a fire breathing demon. Likes to feed on virgin girls.”

“Oh.” Dawn said. “Creepy.”

“Want some help?” Alec asked, walking over.

Giles nodded. “Yes, thankyou.” He grabbed a large book of the shelf and handed it to him. “Find me anything you can on Sakra.”

Alec sat down on a chair and propped his legs up on the table, flipping through the book.


Liz walked into Jake’s Magick Shop looking exhausted. Giles asked her to go for a two hour drive outside Seattle to a magick shop to get some supplies. Traffic was hell, the storm was unbearable and her muscles ached from being seated in the car too long. She was not in a happy mood.

She walked up to the counter and rang the bell. A man in his late twenties came out the back room, with a smile. “Can I help you?”

Liz put her hands on the counter. “I need to see all your anthems and swords.”

“I’m not sure we carry those items.” The owner said smiling.

Liz snorted. “Please, don’t give me that shit. I have a nasty temper today, and you will show me the stuff I asked for, or I’ll kick your ass.”

The owner smiled at the brunette girl who was almost half his size. “What are you, 16?”

Liz grabbed him by his shirt collar, lifting him up off the ground a little. “Now!” She dropped him.

“Alright! Come with me.”

Liz smiled as if nothing happened. “Thank you.” She followed him into the back room, where they stopped in front of a book shelf. The owner pulled a book back. The shelf then started to move, stopping when it was halfway open.

They stepped into the room and Liz got a good look at the place. There were weapons, potions, books, herbs and lots of other items you wouldn’t find in a regular magick store. Liz got what she came for first. She picked up a few swords and crossbows, some daggers and some herbs and spell books for Willow. They could come in handy. She walked out the room with the owner a half hour later and paid the owner. She left the shop and drove the two hour drive back to Seattle, making sure to add a mental note to talk to Giles about these errands involving long drives.


A few hours later, Zack, Logan, Max, Krit, Syl, Kyle, Faith and Ava were at the house training and researching when Liz came in looking unhappy. She had a few bags and wrapped packages in her hands. She dumped them in front of Giles. “Giles, we need to have a serious talk about all these errands you send me on.”

Giles wasn’t listening as he was too busy checking the packages. “Hmm, what? Oh, yes of course.”

Liz sighed and looked at everyone. Kyle and Zack were sparring in an open space in the room, Willow and Logan were at the computer typing, Krit and Faith were checking out the weapons, Alec, Syl and Ava were discussing something in a book and Dawn was sitting on the couch doing her homework with the help of Cindy. Max was talking on the phone, nodding every few seconds.

“Liz?” Faith called.

Liz groaned, falling back on the couch. “What?”

“Feel up to some patrolling?”

Liz sighed. “Yeah, a little slaying might help get rid of my aching muscles.”

Faith smiled. “Let’s go.”

Liz stood up. “Anyone else wanna join us?”

Alec put down the crossbow he was holding. “Yeah, I will.”

Faith rolled her eyes. “Of course you would.”

Alec glared at her, as everyone but Liz and Giles snickered. Liz and Giles packed some weapons in a large black bag.

Zack and Kyle stopped sparring. “Count us in.”

“Hey, Original Cindy is in too.” Cindy said and stood up off the couch.

“Well hurry up.” Faith whined.

Giles looked up. “Call if any trouble arrises.”

They nodded and Liz walked over to Dawn. “You make sure you’re in bed by ten thirty. It’s a school night.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Yes mom.” She said sarcastically.

Liz walked out the door with the others.


The group walked to the usual cemetary and waited for some vampires or demons to show up. They were now talking.

“You are so full of it.” Krit said to Kyle.

“Whatever man. You know I’m right.”

“What are they talking about?” Liz whispered to Alec.

Alec shrugged. “Beats me. Probably about girls.”

“Put that down fool!” Cindy grabbed the crossbow away from Zack.

“Why?” Zack glared.

Cindy huffed. “These triggers are loose. They ain’t like those guns you use, boo.”

Zack just shook his head and walked over to Faith, who was twirling a stake in her hand.

All of a sudden, Faith and Liz stiffen. They turn to look at each other. “You feel that?” Faith asked, causing everyone to stop what they were doing.

Liz nodded and she got off tomb she was sitting on. She grabbed a stake and everyone else grabbed a weapon out of the bag.

Liz was just beside a bunch of trees when something knocked her to the ground. She heard everyone yell her name but didn’t have time to respond. She felt a claw like hand rip through her shirt. She felt pain across her stomach. Liz pushed aside the agonising pain and drew her fist back and punched the demon across the face, twice. She felt the demon being pulled off of her and knew that her friends were helping her. She looked up at her attacker. The demon was about 8 feet tall and claw hands. It had green skin and spikes on arms and legs.

Faith kicked the demon in the chest, hard. The demon got mad and caught Faith off guard by tossing her aside into a tree trunk, knocking her unconscious.

Liz faintly heard Alec yell her name, but wasn’t sure. Then something was flying over her. It looked like Faith slammed into a tree. She didn’t get to see anymore as all she saw was blackness.


Sorry, if this part was boring. I didn't get much time to work on it because my brother came down and I spent a lot of time with him.


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