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I really like, no Love is the real word the movie The Forsaken *big* with Brendan Fehr and Kerr Smith and I have imagine a story when they go to Roswell. *big**big**big* Hope you like it. *big* I don't know with who I pairing Liz but I warn you it's an UC story like ever. *big*

Autor's Note: It's during second season of Roswell, few days after Alex died. In here, Laurie didn't exist in this story, her grand-father's photography too, not futur Max too.

Part 1

Seven days...

14 hours...

3 minutes...

since Alex died.

Today Max told me that I was crazy when I have said, it was not an accident.

Maybe he was right.

Maybe I'm ill.

But I swear I know that. Alex can't died, yes, maybe he was right. I think I become ill, I had bet that I have seen Alex last night. But it can't be him, can it?

I had run behind him but I losed him.

I can't believe that he died, during our childhood Alex made to me the promise that never he left me. But he's gone now and I'm so sad, it's hurt too much, I can't handle that. I'm not so strong like everyone think I am.
I am weak, but nobody see that. I'm alone now, all people who I think were my friends reject me, even Maria.

Alex, I missed you so much.

And I begin to cry on my bed, I cry and cry again, like all nights after learned your death. I'm so tired of all of this. Sometimes I wish that never Max Evans saved me.

But I know that tomorrow, a new day of pretending will begin. I'll play the strong girl but I swear on my own life that I'll find out the truth about your murder, Alex even if it will be kill me.

Today, it's Satursday, I make my job of waistress as my parents are to a convention to Santa Fe. Michael works with Jose and doesn't speak with me today, Maria didn't work, searching to avoid me certainly about our last "talk" where she said clearly that she was thinking like Mister Kingass or should I say Max, the bastard who hurt me when he grabbed me hardly by the arm in the School, I had purple bruises now.

I heard the door's ring, telling to me " New customers" so I take my paper's note and my pen and come with the most big fainted smile welcome them.

"Welcome to the Crash Down. I'm Liz, I'm your waistress today. Have you choose?"

Finally I look at them and nearly collapse on the floor in my surprise. It's two men, one has black hair and blue eyes really cute, tall and muscular, good looking and the other... WoW! Light brown hair, brown eyes hiding behind sunglasses, tall and muscular too, really hot like his friend but the only problem is that he has the same face than a little alien named Michael Guerin.

"Rath?" I ask, ok, he wasn't wearing piercings and tattos but it's the only possibility scientific that I can find.

"No, I'm Nick." he answers simply, he begins to cough.

"Um... can you tell me where is the bathroom?"

"Oh. Right, first door to your left."

"Are you ok?" questions his friend, I think he's worried. "Nick" only nods his head and goes to the bathroom.

"Um, your order?"

"I command for both." he replies with a smile. " Two Sigourney Wever with galacty fries with alien's blood and two cherry cokes."

"Are you new in this town?" I try to sound innocent but wanting answers, if it's not Rath maybe they are aliens.

"Yeah, we only stay in this town few days."

"Can I ask why?" I make with a shy smile.

"We make the US in a travel car it's really cool."

"Wow, I like do this, and you are gone since when ?"

"Now, it makes five months."

"Wow, I hope you can talk to me of your travel I'm stuck here for the rest of my life!"

"I know how do you feel."

We laugh together and I'm feel really more relax now.

"So like you answer really gently to my questions, can I ask you your name?"

"Sure, it's Sean."

"Really glad to meet a globe-trotter like you Sean, I'll give to the cook your order, bye."


I walk to the kitchen, luckily Jose left to come back in his house, letting us close the restaurant. I find Michael behind the grill, cooking of course.


He didn't heard me or he didn't want.

"Michael!" I yell, he turns finally his head toward me and what I see surprise me. Can it be possible that Michael Guerin the rough alien of Roswell find himself guilt?

"Listen Liz..." he begins, passing his hand on his hair. "I know how Alex... I mean... Max hadn't right to treat you like this... and..."

"Michael, stop this. it's ok. It's not for that than I came here, but by the way thanks to apologyze for this asshole. yeah, Michael I know that word."

I laugh seeing his face but become serious again.

"But I think we have a problem. More you than me."

"What are you talking about?" he asks.

I grab his arm and put him behind the door.

"I have just meet your evil twin, I have supposed it was him but now I'm not sure, he didn't recognyze me, see the table 5. Oh. Right, he doesn't leave the bathroom again."

We look at the window, waiting for the bathroom's door opens.

"See, it's the man with sunglasses. His name is Nick."

Michael's eyes become wide when he saw "himself".

"Shit!" I nod with him.

"So what we do about them?" I ask him. " I have speak already with his friend, Sean, and it's ok he's really gentle."


"I know Michael, it's dangerous, but don't say that to me, without me you will not see them so shut up. And don't call the others, I won't them here."

"Ok, and it's concerned only myself."


"Deal. Be careful and I am not doing nothing, understand?"

"Yeah. I bring them their food."

"Ok, and by the way try to find a way to introduce with myself."

"No problem."

I take their plates and comes near them, smiling. I can help myself but notice how Nick is pale.

"You sure you're ok?" I ask even if I don't why.

"Yeah. It's really good, what it is?"

"Sygourney Wever with galactic fries and alien blood." I tell him. They laugh with me.

"Nick, have you a twin?"


"It's really weird, my friend, Michael is like you. He is the cook, I have nearly fell on the floor when I saw you before."

"Really, I like see that." He answers.

I'm really a GENIUS. YES, little HOLA for myself !

"No prob ! MICHAEL, come with your butt here!" I yell.

"Parker, stop yelling, it didn't sweat to you." answers Michael opening the door.

"Wow! You had right Liz." he finally says.

I notice the surprise look of Nick and Sean.

"Yes, really strange, I'm Nick, by the way and him, it's Sean, my friend."

"Michael Guerrin."

"Do you know where there is a motel here?" asks Sean.

"Yeah, near of my house." tells Michael to them, " let us close the restaurant and I show you."

"Ok, thanks."

We closed and after say goodbye to Liz, we left.

I look at them during they leave, trying to explain this similarity between Michael and him, maybe it's the explication for aliens-human body. I'm really tired but less sad than the others nights before. I climb the stairs and go to my bed, closing immediatly my eyes and sleeping.

She looks so peaceful when she sleeps, like a little angel, I watched her during all this nights, she was crying all nights. I wanted so much enter in her bedroom and tell her than I'm ever here, than I'm never leave her. But soon...

A hand puts on my shoulder and I turn my head, seing the man who gives me an eternal life. He was so powerful, I couldn't resist him.

"Not now Alex, you know that."

"But the two hunters are here..." I begin, panicking. I can't leave her, not now.

"It will be ok, Alex. I'll turn her, don't worry."

How do you find? *shy**shy**shy**shy*

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Thanks, I'm really glad you like it!!!!! *big**big**big**big**big**big* It's the first time that I made a xover with a movie, I find this more hard.
Hope you enjoy Alex's return, I was so sad when he died in Roswell... um... ok, here too we can't say he is perfectly fine, but it's better no?
Next soon, I promise and for the pairing, I can't decide myself with who put Liz... Sean, really good or Nick really good too... I should decide but for the moment, I don't know.
In an other way, Sean in the movie seems be attract by Megan, blonde girl ( she reminds me a friend to school and it's really hard because the first time I had watch the movie, I have all time think to her, they have exactly the same face, really strange.) so I should say that there is more luck for Liz goes out with Nick, Michael's twin... in sort of way.

OOOOOOOooppppppps! I babble again, next soon I promise. *big**big**big**big*
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I love so much my story than I can't wait to post the next part. *big**big**big*

Dedicace to Little Bit, Panthergirl2002 and Anya

Part 2

Two days left since Nick and Sean arrived in the town. I like them, I can't help it, Michael and myself are ever careful towards them. But even if they aren't aliens I think they are hiding something to us.

Luckily like Maria, Isabel, Max and Tess avoide me, they avoide the Crash Down too so they hadn't seen Nick and Sean, only Kyle saw Nick but Michael and me told him to didn't speak about him. Michael and Nick are very close now, like twin's brothers and I find this situation very weird, it's like they are one and only person.

I spent a lot of time with them, I am worried to Nick, he's really pale but all times I began to ask him about this, he became quiet.

Sean is really cool, I like his jokes, he is ever with Nick, I'm sure they are to Roswell for a good reason and not just for a car's travel. They seem search something, but it's the myster.

"So what are you doing today?" I ask them.

"We'll go see the town." answers Sean.

"Where is the fun here?" asks Nick.

"No where." I think about it. "Oh, the soap's factory sometimes there are party. But I won't never go in this place in my life."

"Why?" asks Sean.

"Last time, I was arrested with my best friend by the Sherif to alcohol possession."

Nick begins to laugh uncontrolably and Sean follows him.

"Hey! It wasn't funny!!!!" I shout, angry.

"Sorry, it's hard to imagine you in prison."

I finally smile.

"Yeah... I was with Alex and... whatever." I finish sadly, I jump on my footh, not wanting show my pain.

"Liz..." begins Nick.

"I take your food, guys." I answer, dissapearing in the kitchen.

After have eating our food, Sean and myself left the Crash Down, I was thinking about Liz. Yeah, it made a long time during I wasn't thinking about girls, in fact I stop after the "girl's bite" in this party. But Liz is different, she attracts me but I know that t should left so I can't begin a relashionship with her.

"Hey Sean, come, time to looking for our man."

"Yeah, soap factory so."

I nod and we take our car.

It's the night, before I loved watch the stars but not anymore, it's too painful. I think about all, Nick, aliens bullshit.

I finish this part soon.

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Sorry for last time, my big sister came back and I should left. Really why God, I should have two sisters?!!! lol, it's not fair when you want post fics!*big*

Dedicace to : Panthergirl2002, angeleyes, Roswell Slayer, Lady_without_a_clue.

Part 3

Before I loved watch the stars in the sky but not anymore, I think about all the things in my head, about Nick and Sean, about Alex's death, I haven't find prove until here, I know that I must break the door of the High School's Counselor Office, but consequences dont matter to me.

Suddenly a noise attracts my attention, I go to my balcony, watching the land around me, but only seing the dark of the night. It seems to me heard like a whisper, like someone was calling my name.

"Did somebody is here?" I ask.

I walk near of my balcony's end, scruting the street under me.

"Max, if it's you, go away! I won't see you... Max?"

I lean myself and fail to fall, in the extremity of the street, I see a familiar form, my heart began to pounding faster. Rapidly, I come down the stairs, not caring that I only wear a little tand top with coton pants blue, I open the back's door strongly.


But the street is empty, completely empty. An illusion again, I let myself fall against the wall, sitting on the ground, ignoring the cold, I have dream, but it seems so real like last time. I let my tears running on my checks. It was so real...

" Liz..."

This time, I'm sure to have heard my name, I put my head up and I'm uncapable to make a move, in front of me finds himself Alex. I didn't dream now, it's really him in blue jeans and red T-shirt. I wipe my tears, jumping on my footh during he smiles to me and run to stay in his arms.

"Oh! Alex! I have missed you so much! I have always believed that you couldn't be dead!"

I look at him, couldn't believe this. I hug him tighly and he hugs me back too.

" Never I'll let you alone, Liz. I promised this to you."

"But how have you..."

" Shh, questions later. I'm here now, it's this which is important.

I nod my head.

"yeah, you have right. but don't you think that you should call Isabel, you know she trully loves you."

" Yes, but later. I want be with you, Lizzie. Like before, like when we were kids."

I look at him strangely, Isabel was ever his priority but I will not complain with this. He takes my hand in his and I smile happily, enjoying this moment. With Alex with me, nothing can hurt me.

" You are cold Lizzie." Alex notes, giving me his jacket.

"But you are too." I protest, wanting give it back.

No, it's ok. keep it, we'll walk a little."

"Alex, are you ok?" I ask him.

" Sure, why?"

"I don't know, you act strangely. You seems... different."

Suddenly I hold his check hard.

" Aowh! What's that?"

"Sorry Alex, I'm paranoid. I just want be sure, you weren't a Skin." I tell him.

" Liz, stop . Look at me."

I stop to look in his blue eyes. It's true, it's him but why I have this strange impression...

"Yeah, you are right, I become ill. So where are we going?"

" I want you show the place where I live since... you know and my new friend, I'll explain all. It's him who saved my life."

"tell me what's happened Alex, why have you made believe to your death?"

" Because someone want kill me."

"But who?"

" Tess."

"Little Bitch! This Blonde Gerbil!" I say with hatred.

" She wanted that I translate the book about their destinys, for that she mindwarped me a lot of times and it's nearly killed me but HE saved me."

"And HE has a name?" I ask, curious. Thanks to Mr. HE because he saved my friend.

" I know it's strange but I want you meet him before to tell you his name."

"Like you want Alex."

" We arrived! He stays few days in my parent's cabin and me too, Tess must not know that I'm ever alive.

"I understand perfectly, I will not speak about this."

" Come in, he should be in the living room."

I enter in the cabin, nothing has changed since I was come here, nearly 6 years now. I let Alex close the door and walk in the living room, I heard a noise and saw a man in a comfortable chair. He had magnificious green grey eyes, his hairs was in Crow's black, tall, muscular, he possessed an powerful Aura.

When he saw me, he smiles to me but I feel my hair becomes straight on my head. Trying to ignore my crazy thoughts, I try to talk.

"I'm Liz, Alex's friend."

" Cédric." His voice was deep and sensual. I have the impression that his eyes were trying to eat me.

" You know, Alex talked to me often about you."

*big**big**big* He he he, I'm evil like ever and finish this part like this. *big* I warn you I find the next part really cool and there will have a lot of drama so I warn you before. *big**big**big*

Hope you enjoy this story like myself. *big**big**big*
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He he he, new part! *big* I warn before you read it, a lot of drama ! And for Akasha15, I answer to your question in this! *big**big**big*
Akasha15, in the movie there is only vampirs no demons.

Little info for people who haven't see the movie:
They aren't like vampirs in Btvs, they have a master called by the hunters the Forsaken, there was 8 Forsaken but now, it stays only 3 Forsaken, Sean and Nick had killed already one of them, stopping Sean's tranformation in a vamp but the Forsaken who is the origin to transformation of Nick is ever "alive" so they should kill him before Nick's transformation. He uses pills to fight against the processus.

I have just give little info to explain a little but the movie is too long for that I explain all of it.
Dedicace to: Panthergirl2002 and Akasha15


" Cédric" his voice was profound and sensual, he possess an powerful Aura.

" You know, Alex talked often about you to me."

Part 4

Alex comes finally, a smile on his lips.

" I see that you two meet each other. Liz, it's the man who saved my life, Cédric."

" Glad to meet you Liz, Alex talked a lot about you."

"Really?" I answer. " I'm really proud to heard that but I think that I'll come back now, it's late and tomorrow I open..."

I was cut in my sentence by a groan, I turn myself to see near of Cédric, lying on the couch an human form, she fells on the floor. I recognyze immediatly the blue eyes who where watching me.

"Kyle?! But what is Kyle doing here?" I ask, turning myself to Alex.

" He's here for the dinner, Liz, it's simple." explains calmly Cédric to me as he was walking towards Kyle.

He takes his chin in his hand and I was watching in horror during I saw him lean to his neck. He bites him brutaly and begins to drink avidly, Kyle screams.

I want run towards them but Alex grabs me by the shoulders and even if I was fighting against him, he ha was stronger than me.

"Let me go Alex!!!! We must help him! He's tryng to kill him!"

" You don't understand Lizzie, he's here for you." whispers Alex in my ear.

" It's your gift." he continues, it's in this moment that Kyle looks at me, there is a lot of pain in his eyes and I can't support this, he was agonyzing under my gaze and I could do nothing, I feel tears running on my checks.

Finally, Cédric stops and Kyle falls on the floor, not moving, I run to him and check for his pulse, ignoring the blood on my fingers but find nothing.

"You kill him!" I yell to Cédric, I begin to panick, my own instinct of survival wins and I begin to move in the second, running to the door, I try to open it but Alex locked it. I see them coming near me, theirs eyes glowing like Predators hunting their new Prey.

" Liz, you won't left now?" asks Cédric to me.

"Let me leave. Please, let me leave..." I repeat, completely frightened, shaking my head like all of this was a nightmare.

Alex grabs me by the waist but I was giving punch but it was working and he was driving me to the living room again where was lying Kyle's body. I should escape.

"No! I won't that! Alex stop, I won't that! Please, not this!"

" Shh, it will be alright, after this we'll be together forever."

"Help!!!!!! Somebody help me!!!" I begin to scream, hoping someone heard me out the house. Alex puts his hand on my mouth, hiding my screams. I bite his hand strongly, feeling his blood in my mouth.

He puts away his hand to lick his blood, I was feeling myself nauseous and sick in front of this show. He pushs me on the couch during I continue to fight, suddenly I was aware of Cédric's grey eyes on me, eating me like before. I begin to breath loudly, Alex was nearly asphyxy me with his hand. I feel Cédric's cold hands tear my top away from my stomach, I was now breathing heavily, my eyes growing wide with fear.

Alex catchs my wrists with his other arm during the other was on my mouth. I feel the hot breath of Cédric on my skin, suddenly I scream when I feel his teeth bite just before my left hip. I closed my eyes under the pain, letting the tears fall. Minutes in minutes, I was feeling myself dizzy. My arms, my head, my legs, all my body was screaming in pain and hurting like hell. I'm feel so heavy. I heard him drink widly my blood and stop fighting.


I wake up on my bed, in cold weat, the blood begin to fall of my mouth. he was killing again, the medecine begin to be less strong, the connexion was come back, I saw what he did. He killed this guy with blue eyes and brown hair, I'm sure to see him before. Yes, it was a friend of Michael and Liz, this means that he was in the town.

But there was an other thing... I have seen brown eyes... Brown eyes affraid, strangely familiar to me... and blood. Lot of red... and black too... long dark hair. The realisation hits me, this jackass has Liz!

*big* How do you find it? *big* Next soon I promise. I hope this sounds like the movie and not like Btvs.
thanks for all the reply. *big**big**big*
WARNING ! I'm really angry, Roswell lover1 stole my story to make a challenge Forsaken/dark angel/roswell, in this instead of Liz, she puts Maria and her challenge is like my story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has just add crossover with Dark angel.
I'm really upset to this! *sad**sad**sad*

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so how do you find it? *big* Answer please!!!!!! *sad**sad*
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Dedicace to Akasha and Panthergirl2002
I'm ever really angry towards Roswell Lover 1 !*sad**sad**sad*
But stop talking about this, just enjoy my fic. *bounce*



I wake up on my bed, in cold weat, the blood begin to fall of my mouth. he was killing again, the medecine begin to be lee strong, the connexion was come back, I saw what he did. He killed this guy with blue eyes and brown hair, I'm sure to see him before. Yes, it was a friend of Michael and Liz, this means that he was in the town.

But there was an other thing... I have seen brown eyes... Brown eyes affraid, strangely familiar to me... and blood. Lot of red... and black too... long dark hair. The realisation hits me, this jackass has Liz!

Part 5

"Sean! Wake up!"

"Hmmm... Nick, it's only 4 o'clock in the morning."

"It's happened again." I say simply.

Sean opens his eyes immediatly and looks at me.

"You're ok?"

"Not really." I confess. " I feel the connexion again Sean, even with the pills, of course it's less strong than normally."

"Since how long?"

"A week."

"What?! And it's just now you told me about this?" he screams angry.

"Listen, it's not hard, I can handle this, I'm ok, it's just now I have limited time. And we have more problems, bigger problems."

"What do you mean?"

"I had flashs. He's here, in the town. He kille a friend of Michael... and" I pass a hand in my hair " he has Liz, he bit her."


"My word man."

"What do we do, Nick?"

"We go to the Crash Down, I don't think that Liz followed a man that she didn't knew. Maybe in her place, we find a prove."

"Ok, go to the car."

After few minutes we were in front of the Crash Down, I broke easily the locker and we enter in the restaurant.

"Liz?" I whisper, Sean behind me. We climb the stairs and begin to search proofs of violence, or even blood but found nothing. Suddenly Sean and me heard a noise coming of the balcony, carefuly we jump the window to go on the balcony, armed with our guns. The head of Michael appears on the balcony, in the beginning his mouth opens in surprise but after he finish to climb and goes on the balcony too.

"What are you doing in Liz's bedroom?!" he asks angry.

He raises his hand like to protect himself.

"Who are you?" he questions sharply.

"Answer!" he yells and I'm stun like he made explose the window without touch it.

"Where is Liz? I warn you answer or you will be like the window."

"We don't know." answers Sean, " and you who are you nearly a vampir?"

"What?! What are you talking about? Vampires are fiction."

"No, they are real. Look at this." I tell him, showing my arm where the vampire bit me. " It was a girl, to a party, she infected me by the virus, virus gave by the Forsaken, master of the vamps if you want. I'm changing and to stop my transformation we must kill the Forsaken. I hunt him now for a year and 7 months, I use pills but they begin to not working and it's for that I feel the connexion between me and the Forsaken, I see what he's doing. And tonight he killed a guy. I'm sorry it was one of your friend. A guy with blue eyes and I saw with you to the restaurant."

"Kyle." says weakly Michael.

"He has captured Liz too, it was the reason why we were here."

"What?! Did he killed her?"

"No, worst he bit her. We should find her before her transformation to give her the pills to stop the proscessus."

"I go with you."


"She's my friend."

"Ok so my turn, who are you?"


"Great, I'm in the fourth dimension!" whispers Sean.

"Did you know where you can find an empty and safe place."

"Yeah, near of Frazier's Woods. Really few persons and it's really isolated."

"It's the perfect place for the Forsaken, he's certainly in a cabin, show us."

They go in the car and Sean drives during more of two hours to arrive finally to the woods, the sun was rising in the sky with red colour.
Slowly, I begin to wake up, I'm sick and I have certainly fever. I open my eyes to see that Cédric and Alex weren't against me. I notice the bedroom's door opens, they are here, I should be careful. I watch Kyle's died eyes who where "looking" in my direction. Without a noise, I stead up and try to open the door but it's ever locked. My eyes go to the large window, if I break it, I can escape. Weakly, I grab a chair and send it in the window like I was lucky it brokes but the sound of this wake up Alex and Cédric and they left the room.

" Liz, what are you doing?" asks Alex.

"You don't see? I try to escape of this hell."

" Stop this!" he walks near me to take my arm but like the sun was touching his hand, she begins to burn, he let a scream of pain and quickly keeps it against his chest.

I jump the window and run out of the house, hearding Cédric's laughter, I just notice the man in front of me, shit vampires always have a ghoul! He's looks stupid maybe with a little help... I take a rock in my hand and by luck, he didn't notice during he was walking near me, I send the rock with all my strong, it's hit him in the temple and he fall on the ground. I don't lose time and started to running in the forest on my weak knees. I'm dirty, I'm recovered of blood, on my hands, on my pants, the blood is nearly dark. But even if I feel my heart pounding faster, I don't stop, I can't do this. I should go back to Roswell and the shortly way is the desert. And with desert there is sun and with sun no vamps, I'll be safe.

Finally I arrive in the desert, I should drink but I haven't watter, the sun hit hard, but I don't care I'm safe with him. I stop running but continue to walk, Roswell 14 miles, I can do this.

"We have search in Kyle's cabin and the others, there is nobody during... 6 hours now." recapitulates Michael.

"Yeah, you have right, maybe it's the wrong way, maybe they are hiding them to Kyle's house. Valenti, Kyle's father isn't here, he made a travel with Amy, Maria's mother."

"You have right, it's a possibility."

"Find if it's the good idea, go back to Roswell."

It made certainly plenty of hours that I'm walking on the hard sun, my fever grows up and I'm feel very sick and the sand burns. Suddenly I heard a car, I begin to panick it's the ghoul and he want drive me back. I begin to run, ignoring the screams behind me. I should escape, I can't return in this hell, I won't. A pair of arms grabs me by the waist and I scream, fighting hard against him, I arrive to escape but he falls on me, putting me on the ground. I'm a little dizzy and I try again to escape, screaming. I have failed and he'll kill me.

During that Sean drives the car to Roswell, I watch by my window, I see fer of us a little form in blue and red walking near of the road. I recognyze the dark hair, I notice that the red is blood.

"Stop the car, Sean! " I tells him firmly.

"Why?" he asks.

"Stop this stupid car! It's Liz!"

I left the car in hurry and begins to run after her, she had heard the car and like she is frightened she try to escape, all like Megan.

"Liz! Liz! Come back! It's Nick! "

But she didn't heard me, I arrive finally to catch her by the waist but she gives a punch in the right check, I am hurt and she leaves again so I follow her and fall on her, doing her fall with me. She tries to push me away and screams uncontrolably with fear. Blood covered her hands, her checks, her pants and her tank top now red instead of blue. She didn't recognyze me and trying to escape, she hurts herself.

"Sean!!!!! Take my bag! Hurry up!!!"

Sean follows us with Michael and I put a morphin syringe and give it to her. I watch her during she collapses, I take her gently in my arms, touching her forehead, shit her fever is very strong so the virus works fast.

"We should come back to Roswell in hurry. Her transformation goes very fast"

I go behind Sean, taking Liz on my knees, and begin to check where is the bite, Michael looks at me during I was watching her neck, her hands, her fooths. Finding nothing I begin to tear her tank top away.

"Hé! What do you think you are doing?" asks Michael in overprotective mode.

"I should know where he bit her. I found it! Here, before her left hip, you see the red bruises."

Michael nods, Liz pressed her head unconsciousnaly against my neck.

"Michael, pass me the watter."


I begin to wash the blood of her pale skin and hope that it'snot too later to give her the pills. But of course, after the morphins stops. He'll come back when the night will be in the sky and so we'll fight against him.

End of this part! *big**big**big* I'm really tired but proud of my work! Hope you like it.
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New part! New part ! this part is a little dark.*big**big**big* Hope you like it. Thanks for all the reply.

Dedicace to: Roswell Slayer, Panthergirl2002, akasha15, Kim_56Emotion, angeleyes


I begin to wash the blood of her pale skin and hope that it'snot too later to give her the pills. But of course, after the morphins stops. He'll come back when the night will be in the sky and so we'll fight against him.

Part 6

I wake up, I'm in my bedroom and my head, hurts like hell, I feel my blood running in hurry in my temples. Weakly, I stead up, I'm feel dizzy. I left my bed to go in the bathroom, I look the mirror.

I'm dirty, my clothes are recovered of blood, Kyle's blood. I go on the bath, I need water, cold water, my fever is strong, too strong. I'm feel so nauseous, I turn the tap and the cold water falls on me. I lean myself against tha wall. Vampires, vampires exist, Cédric is a vampire and Alex too. Alex, my Alex is dead, he's not here anymore.Cédric , he bit me, unconsciensly I put my hand on my left sight. He bit ma and this fever which doesn't quit me, this strange feelings, I know what he feels. He's angry now, very angry.

I try to wash my clothes, brushing strongly, to make the blood leave. Kyle. Kyle's dead and I couldn't help him, I have make nothing, nothing to save him.

" Liz... help me..." asks me Kyle during Cédric drinks his blood.

I begin to rock, letting the memories come back. I'm wet but the fever is ever too strong, I can't hold myself and begin to sob uncontrolably.

Sean, Michael and myself were to the backroom, sitting, Sean and me explained all the Forsaken's thing to Michael, that the Forsaken is the "Vamp's Master" and that he can be killed only if we cut his head or if he stays under the sun. And that we only save the person who was bit by the Forsaken.

Suddenly I heard the watter of the bathroom, the sun isn't gone so it's can be only Liz.

"Stay here." I warn them.

I climb the stairs in hurry and run to the bathroom, opening the door. I see her, she's so pale and weak, I feel my anger grow up against the jackass of Forsaken. She rocks on herself against the wall, I stop the watter and slowly lean near of her.

"Liz. Do you heard me?"

But she doesn't see me, her eyes aren't watching me. I take a towel and put it on her shoulders, she shakes violently under it and push me away. I try again to touch her but she's too afraid. She screams, raises her hand and I feel myself push against the door.

Liz is an alien too????

I stead up and come near of her again, I can't let her like this. She didn't recognyze me.

"NO ! Don't touch me !!!!" She screams. It's the first words she said since we find her in the desert. I don't listen her and grab her by her shoulders.

"LIZ ! Listen me!"

I notice that her eyes are looking to mine.

"Liz, it's Nick. Ok? Remember, it's Nick."

"... Nick."

I smile.

"Yeah, you are safe now. Ok?"

She nods slowly, I put again the towel on her.

"Let me help you."

I grab her by the waist and we go to her bedroom.

"How are you?" I ask.

"I'm sick, my head is spining, I'm feel dizzy and it makes very hot here."

I help her to ly on her bed.

"I know this. Iwas bit too, don't worry. I know what I'm doing."

"... I... I don't know if I can... trust you. I trusted him."


"And they killed Kyle, under my eyes."

She cries and I hug her tighly, she lets her head agains my chest.

"They said it was my gift... Soon I will be their angel, it's true?"

"No, no Liz. I don't let this happen, I'll protect you."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

I take the pills and give it to her.

"With this, your fever will stop."

She nods slowly and finally takes it. The effects begin to act, she lies her head against my chest.

"I heard him... Do you heard him?"

"Sometimes. But with the pills you'll not heard him for a moment."

"Tell me... about you. When were you biten?"

"It will be a year and 5 months now, a girl to a party, I was sick like a dog during 2 days and go to the hospital. I was lucky a doctor was too and he gives me pills to fight against the transformation."

"I'll become like him?"

"No. I don't let this happen."

"Thanks, I won't died again, you know."


"Doesn't matter, continue your story... Please."

"I began to hunt him and during my travel I meet Sean, he was biten and a girl too, we hunted the Forsaken and killed him and Sean and Megan, the girl, were healed but it wasn't my Forsaken so I hunt him again, Sean found me and decide to help me like I made for him. My Forsaken is the vampir who bite you."

"Cédric. His name's Cédric."

"We must kill him to be save before the transformation."

"OK... I understand. Nick, I want really sleep now."

"It's alright, it means the medecine works."

"Please, stay with me. I'm affraid to be alone, that they come back..."

"They? Cédric and who, Liz? There are two Forsaken?"

"I don't know. He's just like Cédric but I don't know if he's a Forsaken too. God... Nick I trusted him, I let him drive me to Cédric. I trusted him."

"Who, Liz? Answer me, I must know."

"My friend... My best friend."

She closes her eyes, sleeping. Who is he? I just ask Michael, the medecine left Liz off. She needs some rest. I stay a moment with her and leave for few minutes, needing to put questions to Michael.

*big*End of this part, wish you like it. *big**big**big*
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No! No!

Roswell Slayer originally wrote:
Poor Liz.*sad* She has to deal with the fact that she's a vampire and that Alex is the one who gave her to Cedric.*sad* Great part!*big* Post more soon!*bounce*


I'm sad, it's not that. Like you haven't see the movie, I let you in the confusion. Yeah, Liz was bit by the vampire like Nick, but she's not a "true" vamp, ok, I explain. The transformation in vamp takes a little of time (a week or more) but like Nick gives pills to her, the transformation goes more slowly, the pills can stop the transformation during two years. So Nick is near of the end so he must kill Cédric very soon. During the transformation Liz can see what Cédric does, more often when he kill, it's a connection. With pills the connection stops but like for Nick the pills begin to not work, he feels it again.

I know that my explanation is really confious and hard to understand. *shy*
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It's just to say that the person called roswell lover 1, did to me the same thing did to Roswell Slayer before. She stole my story, I should warn she had already take my story to make "her" challenge and now, she stole REALLY my story and called it her, " a new love", she only put Maria instead of Liz. I'm really angry to this and if you can help me with this very soon. I'll be very thankful.

*sad**sad**sad* I find her behavior very ugly ! *sad*

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New part ! *big**big**big* I'm ever angry against the THIEF ! For her and her own safety, I really hope it was the last time she did this to somebody!!!

Dedicade to : panthergirl2002, frances, Roswell Slayer, angeleyes, akasha15

I warn you a little slash.


"Please, stay with me. I'm affraid to be alone, that they come back..."

"They? Cédric and who, Liz? There are two Forsaken?"

"I don't know. He's just like Cédric but I don't know if he's a Forsaken too. God... Nick I trusted him, I let him drive me to Cédric. I trusted him."

"Who, Liz? Answer me, I must know."

"My friend... My best friend."

She closes her eyes, sleeping. Who is he? I just ask Michael, the medecine left Liz off. She needs some rest. I stay a moment with her and leave for few minutes, needing to put questions to Michael.

Part 7


I look at her, she sleps peacefully, I put a cover on her and go to the kitchen. Michael and Sean waiting for me, Michael turns his head to me.

"How is Liz?" he asks worried.

"She's ok now, she sleps. I give her the pills."

"I see." answers Sean.

"Do you know who did this to her?" questions Michael.

"The Forsaken who bit me, his name is Cédric."

Michael kicks the chair near him in anger.

"Why had she speak to him?! She knows perfectly that nobody is like he seem."

"Michael" begins Sean. " What do you know on the vamps?"

"I saw Dracula and Interview with a vampir."

"It's a lie, you should know that vamps can enter in house without ask, crucifix doesn't work on them, only thing who can kill them is the sun and the decapitation, for the Forsaken it's the same think but you should kill him in a holy place. You kill the Forsaken and the persons sick, who were biten are free. You see when a vamp bit you, you should kill the Forsaken who made it to be free. It's like a virus, when they bite you the virus go in your body."

"I learned that Cédric has a mate, male mate."

"Ok, it makes only one of more to kill." remarks Sean.

"It's not the problem. It's not the Forsaken that Liz followed but the mate, the vamp."

"But what Liz did this?" cuts Michael.

"I was hoping that you can tell me. Liz was too tired, she just said that he was one of his friend... his best friend. You certainly know him Michael."

"I don't see... Max? No, she's very angry to him. His best friend... Alex? ... No, it can't be, he's died It's impossible, Liz had only two best friends. Maria and...Alex. But he can't be him No, he's dead in a car accident."

"Since how long?"

"A week. But it can't..."

"Michael, they hide their murders. Alex has certainly attacked by the Forsaken and now, he's his mate. But even when you become a vamp you don't lose your memories. Liz was his friend, he came back for her."


Michael sits and put his head against his hands. He begins to laugh sadly.

"It's very ironic you know why? Liz was very sad to Alex's death, she couldn't believe he was died. She began to say it was a murder, not an accident and you know, the worst it was she has right. Alex was killed and now he's ever "alive", Liz only made a mistake it's not an alien who killed him but a vamp."

Nick put his hand on Michael's shoulder.

"We will kill the Forsaken, Liz will be free and me too."

"What do we do now?" asks Michael.

"We wait, I'm sure that they'll come soon to us."

"Cédric, you're alright?" asks Alex, looking to his lover. Yeah, he was ever powerful that the first night that he met him.

Flash back

The night, Alex walks slowly, thinking about Isabel Evans.

"Bitch!" he whispers. Again, she pushed him away with "Alex, you know perfectly that after all of this I can't be with you..." Yeah, perfectly but when she saw Grant Foretson, she became all smile and hysteric. If you lie, lie good.

Suddenly he heard a noise.

"Is somebody here?" he asks.


He turns toward the voice and see a man with green eyes very attractive and very gorgeous with his black hair.Alex, my boy it's not because a girl won't go out with you that you should turn gay. But it's only this, he's mysterious. Like he was reading his mind, the stranger smiles to him.

"I'm Cédric ."


They begin to talk, hours fly away very fast. Cédric is really cool and Alex feels good with him, he's understand all that I think. After this night, they saw each other often the night, becoming true friends.

A month left, finally Isabel was interested by him and he was happy. He was seing Cédric few times the night to talk but now he goes more often with Isabel, his girlfriend. After buy the concert's ticket, he came back to his car suddenly a hand grabs his shoulder and he jumps.

"Cédric!!!!! Man, you nearly gave me an heartattack!"


Cédric sit in the seat of the passenger near of the driver. Alex drives the car in the direction of Roswell.

"So what's the news, it's been a long time that I didn't see you."

"Um... Yeah, sorry. My girlfriend..."

"Oh, this blond stupid finally noticed you."

"Her name's Isabel and what are you talking like this? You should be happy for me."

"No, I'm not."

"And can I ask why?"

"She takes you away from me." he whispers against his ear, Alex begins to cough.

"What do you mean, Cédric?" keeping his eyes on the road.

"I'm sure you know that." he leans against his neck and begin to kiss it. Alex is too surprise to make a move but finally he pushs him away.

"You aren't funny Cédric, stop this game."

"I'm deadly serious, Alexander Whitman ."

He stops the car to Alex look at him, he takes his chin in his hand, looking in his blue eyes, smiling.

"I'll give you the eternal life Alex. I want you with me, since the first night that I saw you."

He bit in his neck, drinking widly the blood. Alex tried to push him away but he's too weak.

"Don't fight, all will be alright soon."

Alex finally closed his eyes, stopping the fight. His last thought was for the promise he made to Liz when they were seven years old. "Never I leave you." Liz, it's to the moment that he found out that he loves her.

End of the Flash Back

Alex watchs Cédric attentively, putting his arms around his shoulders.

"You losed the contact with her, right?" he asks.

Cédric slowly nods, kissing him rapidly.

"I don't want lose Liz." confess Alex to him.

"I know, it will be alright Alex. She will join us soon."

"I can't wait for this. We'll be a family, I will be with my two lovers."

"I love her already."

"She looks like an angel, don't you find it?"

"Sure, you have right. She's very strong too, she fought more than you, you know."

"I love her determination. What do we do now?"


"I don't want let her with them. They hurt her, all did this and I don't like the hunter who looks like Michael."

"Yeah, but let them try to fought, it's more funny like this."

"You have right, like ever."

*big* End of the part ! *big* Hope you like it. I'm should confess I'm very proud of this, particulary about Alex's thransformation. *big**big**big*

How do you find this? *big**shy**big**shy**bounce*

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New part, thanks for all the feedback. *big**big**big*

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Alex watchs Cédric attentively, putting his arms around his shoulders.

"You losed the contact with her, right?" he asks.

Cédric slowly nods, kissing him rapidly.

"I don't want lose Liz." confess Alex to him.

"I know, it will be alright Alex. She will join us soon."

"I can't wait for this. We'll be a family, I will be with my two lovers."

"I love her already."

"She looks like an angel, don't you find it?"

"Sure, you have right. She's very strong too, she fought more than you, you know."

"I love her determination. What do we do now?"


"I don't want let her with them. They hurt her, all did this and I don't like the hunter who looks like Michael."

"Yeah, but let them try to fought, it's more funny like this."

"You have right, like ever."

Part 8

Tic... Tic... Tic...

My eyes open immediatly, it's dark, it's the night. I sit on my bed, my fever is gone and now I'm feel good.

Tic... Tic... Tic...

I llok at my window, it's raining outside. I wath the rain falling, running on the glass. I feel myself suddenly like attracted by outside, I want go out, dance under the rain in the shadows. It's a weird feeling.

Nick was right, I don't heard him anymore. I don't feel Cédric. I'm feel safe now, I decide to change myself. I put a green tank top and a pair on dark pants, I look at the bite, it's all red, like it's infected.

I jump silently the stairs to go in the kitchen, I'm hungry now. Very hungry, I heard Michael, Nick and Sean's voices in the customer's place but I'm too hungry to see them now. I check in the refrigerator finding what I want. Meat, bleeding meat.

With my powers I cook it, taking a plate I begin to eat it, appreciating the taste. I feel myself like a bulimic, I can't control myself, I need to eat it, savoring the blood. I'm affraid of myself but simply the call is too strong. The pills work of course but they don't stop all the proscessus of transformation.

The kicthen's door opens letting apparate a surprise Michael. He looks at me during I wipe away the blood covering my lips, I'm feel like I have made a mistake, I'm feel... guilty.

"Liz... Are you better, now?" he asks, walking toward me, worried, not affraid. I'm glad that I don't frightened him.

"Yeah, I'm better now..."

I put my arms around his shoulders, letting my head lean against his chest.

"I was so scared..." I whisper, I feel him hug me back. I can't help myself but notice how he's strong and how he smells, specially his neck. I hug him more tighly.

"Michael, go away of Liz."

I turn myself to see Nick in front of the door. I feel myself blush, does he know what I was thinking? I let Michael leave.

"Why?" I ask him. " I did nothing bad."

"It's not safe, even with the pills. Your transformation works more fast so I don't know how the pills affect you and it's more safe if you aren't too near of someone. Even if you don't want, you can bite and give the virus. Before the end of the proscessus, you should kill nobody, if you did this you can't reverse the bite and you become a vamp."

I nod slowly, I should confess that I have think when I was in Michael's arms to bite him. This thought was in my head so rappidly that it scares me, I won't hurt Michael.

"Have you eat?" asks me Nick.


"Good. How do you feel?"

"Better, the fever is gone."

Nick sits on a chair and begins to finish my meat.

"I suppose that you want an explanation, Liz."

"I'm not against this."

"Ok, like you already I was bite by a girl made by Cédric, the Forsaken. We should kill him to be free of the virus who he gave us but for this we can only kill him in a holy place by decapitation or the sun."

Sitting in the couch I heard him, Michael too, Sean was making more notes on this, eating in same time. After few explanations.

"Liz, we should know when you were biten. With this, we can trying to figure when they come back. You said thare was two persons Cédric and another. Can the vamp be Alex?"

I look at him surprise, how he can know this?

"I was right so..." says finally Michael.

"It was Alex." he finishs.

I breath heavily.

"...Yes, it was him. It's... It's happened yesterday night, I was on my balcony and... I heard my name, there was a person in the street, Alex. I jumped the stairs and ran out of the Crash Down, but he was gone. So I collapsed on the ground and I cried... it was to this moment he appeared, in the beginning I had think I was dreaming again but he called me. I hugged him and he told him he was alive that it was Tess's fault, she would that he translate your destiny's book, Michael. So Cédric saved him. I think that he didn't lie to me and that Tess really did something to him, we arrived to his parent's cabin and I met... Cédric. He killed Kyle under my eyes and... and I did nothing to help him... I... I just look at him during he was agonizyng. I... just look."

"I'm sorry Liz that you should tell that. I know it was hard."

Nick hugs me, I tensed remembering his sentences, I won't hurt him too, like Michael, like Sean but only this feeling is more strong for Nick. I'm feel so safe in his arms, I return the hug, I feel water in my eyes but don't let them go out, I won't cry in front of them. I have already be too weak, it's the reason why I let Alex did this to me...

"Kyle is gone and it's only my fault." I whisper.

Nick shakes me violently, I was speechless. I never know he can act like this.

"Don't dare say that, Liz, it's not true and you know that. It's not your fault."

I watch him during few minutes and finally let a small smile appears on my lips.

"Maybe but I'm feel guilty, Kyle after Alex was my best friend, like Michael and now I losed two of my best friends. Nick, Sean, I want say few words to Michael. Don't worry it's not too long and I will not bite him."

end of my part *big**big**big* hope you like it. *bounce*
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Now the new part, hope you like it.

Dedicace to:ofwolfandman408, Panthergirl2002, angeleyes


"Kyle is gone and it's only my fault." I whisper.

Nick shakes me violently, I was speechless. I never know he can act like this.

"Don't dare say that, Liz, it's not true and you know that. It's not your fault."

I watch him during few minutes and finally let a small smile appears on my lips.

"Maybe but I'm feel guilty, Kyle after Alex was my best friend, like Michael and now I losed two of my best friends. Nick, Sean, I want say few words to Michael. Don't worry it's not too long and I will not bite him."

Part 9

I wait for Sean and Nick leave the kitchen and sit on the couch.

"Michael, I need to tell you something. Upstairs when I was in the bathroom. I... I was affraid and... I don't know how I made this... but I pushed Nick away."

"And why it's important?"

"I just raised my hand and sent him flying in the air."

"Oh. Um... ok, it's surprising. So you developped aliens powers."

"I guess it was the chenge that Ava mentionned."

I pass my hand in my hair.

"But it's not the problem... Michael, Nick saw me do this. Why can I explain about this? "Oh, Nick it was nothing, it's just a little thing, you see, there was a little than a year, I was shot and an alien saved, by the way he became my boyfriend until the false Alex death and when he saved me you should know that he changed me, now I have alien powers too." Yeah, I see perfectly me put this in the conversation." I says sarcastic.

"Why not?" he answers.

I look at Michael, stun and speechless. He jokes!

"Michael, are you ill? Have you listen one word of what I said?"

"Perfectly, all of it."

"So what do you..."

"He knows."

"What does he know?"

"About the aliens statut."

"Oh. Wait, how does he know?"

Michael explains all of what's happened yesterday night. He told me about all their research to find me.

"Sean! Nick! You can come back."

I explain to them all of the aliens thing, helped by Michael who gives few precisions. They take that very well I think. After the explanation, I remember of an important point.

"I know where they are, in Alex's cabin. But it's not on an holy place."

"We should find how drive them to the cemetary."

"It will be hard." begins Sean.

"I want go with you." I say firmly.

"Liz, no, it's not safe." tells Michael.

"Michael, I can't stay. Plus, we need of the help possible, and shouldn't separate of each other, we are more vulnerable if we do this..."

Suddenly I cut my sentence in the middle, feeling my heart pounding rappidly, hearding the rain, I turn my head to the window, cold water running on the glass in front of the dark. The darkness of the night.

End of my part!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy**wink**tongue**angel**bounce**big*

By the way, I promise to add a new part to my story "Twin's sister" tomorrow. *big*

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Hey guys, thanks for the Feedbacks (specially panthergirl2002) and all. I'm sorry to have not write more fast but before, I didn't know what to do. Happily for me my muse come back, and with her, my new chapter 10. *big* Hope you like it.


Suddenly I cut myself in the middle of my sentence, feeling my heart pounding rappidly, hearding the rain, I turn my head to the window, cold water running on the glass in front of the dark. The darkness of the night.

Part 10

I shiver uncontrolably, they are free now. They'll come soon or later, I turn myself of the window and see Nick looking at me. I pass my hand in my hair impatiently, biting my lower lips, nervous, very nervous.

Breath Liz. Breath. I repeat to myself, I can't have a fear's crisis now. Suddenly I feel a pair of warm arms around my shoulders, I lean against Nick's chest, trying to stay calm, peaceful. But, Hell ! Who can't stay peaceful when we know that vampirs are outside, just waiting to kill you or turn you, who just want drink your blood and...

"It's okay, Liz. Calm down. Just relax." he whispers in my ear. I listen his voice, trying to forget Cédric and Alex for the moment. The fear in me stops to grow and slowly I regain the control of myself.

"Thanks Nick." I tell him. I look at Michael and Sean and smile. Yeah, together we'll defeat them.

Sean turns toward Michael and me.

"Ok, both of you should know that Alex isn't the person that you knew anymore."

"I saw that." I comment, passing my fingers on the purple bruises that Alex gives me.

"When you'll see him, you should kill him immediatly, if you don't he'll profite of your feelings toward him. Your friend is dead, it's only a demon now. Nothing more, nothing less so be careful. Specially you Michael, you haven't been comfront to him again so don't listen him."

Michael nods and give me a glanze, I nod too, Alex already betrayed me, giving me to Cédric. He gave him my blood, justifying his acts to reunite us. He wants me be one of them, but never, I really prefer the death against be a monster who lived drinking the blood of people. It's not a gift, it's a malediction, a curse to live like this.

"They'll not stay in the cabin because we know where they are." explains Nick.

"So what do we do?" asks Michael.

"We should wait."

"Wait?" says Michael " Are you ill?! We should act now, take them by surprise."

"No, Michael I know him. He's certainly waiting that we show us. It's him who should come, it's more safe by this way."

"Damn!" yells Michael.

I put a hand on his shoulder.

"Michael, Nick is right, Cédric is machiavelic, we should be very careful. Listen him please."

"Ok." Michael promises me, sighting.

"I go to my room, sleep a little I'm tired."

"I go with you." tells me Michael. "Like this, you will be not alone." I agree with him, like this Alex can't go in my room. During that Michael finishs his conversation with Sean, I go upstairs.

I sit on my bed when suddenly a paper sticked on my window catchs my attention. I take it and read it, my fear grow up seconds in seconds. It's a letter of Alex and Cédric and with it, a red blonde lock of hair.

Maria. They have Maria.

He he he, so how do you find it???????? *big**wink*
Oh and by the way how do you find my xover with Smallville, called New Cousin?????????????