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Title: New Departure
Idea: To respond to Roswell Slayer's Challenge. (hope you like it!) For more informations, look at her challenge.
Pairing: Kyle/ Syl, Liz/ Krit

In this, Kyle and Liz left Roswell to go in Los Angeles because they can't support to be with the aliens. Liz broke up with Max after his betrayal with Tess and Kyle follows her, not wanting think about how Tess manipulated him with Alex.

Part 1

"Liz, have you seen my books? I can't find them and classes begin in... Shit! 20 minutes!"

I laugh, watching Kyle search his books in all our appartment in hurry. I didn't know he was so nervous for his studies.

"On the living room's desk, Kyle."

"Oh! You are right! You saved my life Liz, thanks!"

Oh, maybe I should explain all of this. Kyle and me live together. No! I don't mean "together", like a couple, no we live in the same appartment like roommates, we are just friends. Ok, I feel you a little lost so I explain myself.

Kyle and me during the vacations left Roswell, after Tess's departure, I broke up with Max. I couldn't see him, after all of this bullshit is his fault, if he didn't save me, Alex will be ever alive and worst he got pregnant Alex's murderer, alias Tess or Blonde Bitch Gerbil for me. So I can't stay with him knowing that, Kyle was schoked to know that Tess manipulated him, and I suppose he felt guilty to trust her, like me. So we moved in Los Angeles, we both go in the same College. New town, new life, we are here to try to forget this shit, but not to forget Alex, never we can do this, he was our friend and we think ever about him but for our own mental safety we should pass these hurtful memories.

It's why, after my parent's and Valenti's acceptation, we moved here, to Los Angeles, I'm really glad that wa did this, I feel myself like breath again. Today, it's our first day of College and Kyle is in hyper active mode. He remembers to me Maria when she was sniffing her essences of cedar. Maria actually broke up with Michael too and was in contract with a big musik's firm. I'm only sad for Michael, he had become my friend, I call him all week-ends. Maybe once I'll invite him here.

But I should explain what happened. After send our school's files to this College and be accepted, we decide to buy an appartment, of course, Mom and Dad and "Jim", yeah, it's weird to call him like that give to us money for that. We have choose an appartment not too expensive but warm and cosy, and with a little mojo alien it's perfect. After have moved in this place, we spend our last months of vacations to Los Angeles, I love this town, it's so big, ever glowing, even after the pulse, of course I don't have to be worried for my safety, Kyle lives with me and I'm hybrid, so it's not a big deal. Kyle has a red pick-up and I like a lot drive it. I love drive fast to Kyle's horror.

I giggle, remembering of this day, yeah it was really funny, so after came in Los Angeles, we visited the town and now I know it like my pocket. Our parents came to our place to check it and congratulation us, telling we are adults now, yes, for that was more easy, we are anticipated, my parents know Kyle and trust him. After stay few days with us, they come back to Roswell. Of course, we ever call them to give news, and how is the life here, sometimes for money too. Yeah, problems of new adults but Kyle and me decide to find a job to have money and like this we are really emancipated. We have already find jobs, me, I'm sure you can't find, I'm a waistress and barmaid, what a surprise, no? Kyle plays streap-easer, he he he, no I'm joking he's a barman too, yeah we work in a big bar so it's why we have same job, yes, he's "waistress" too.

"Liz! What are you doing?! We should already left for 7 minutes! Come on!"

Men! Or should I say Kyle!

No, I'm evil, live with him, it's not too hard, he's really gentle and I'm proud to be his friend.

"I come, I taked our lunchs."

"Thanks to your brain. What will I do without you." he says with a grin on his face.

"You'll lose you own head, buddha boy." I answer.

We arrived just when the bell rings and sit on our chairs, yeah, we have few classes together.

"It was short." Kyle whispers to my ear, I nod smiling. The teacher of litterature comes and we stay quiet, listenning his lesson.

I people around me and fall on Kyle, he seems not listen the lesson, his eyes focusing somewhere. I look in the direction and a grin comes on my face, it's our first day and he was already watching a girl. I have already find with what tease or like he said torture him. The girl was tall, certainly praticing sport, she's pretty I should confess even if I'm a girl, she has long blonde hair but like I was watching her back, I can't see her eyes. Kyle seems already attract, wow, a crush just when the year begins. Like it's cute, feeling my glanze Kyle turns away and frooze when he saw my big smile.

The lesson ends and Kyle waits for me out for the lunch.

"Please Liz, don't..."

"But I have do nothing for the moment."

We sit on a bank, eating our sandwichs, I decide to tease him just a little to begin really good the year.

"How do you find the lesson of Mr. Stallner? Interesting, right?"

"Hum... of course."

"And when he begins to talk about Ulysse, it was amazing, wasn't it?" I ask him.

"Yeah, it was really interesting."

"Ha ha! Wrong answer! Mr. Stallner didn't talk about Ulysse, never once, but what were you doing if you wasn't listening the lesson? Oh, I forgot, trying to eat with your eyes of pervert teenager guy this girl."

He begins to cough, eating his sandwich in a wrong way.

"So what's the name of Beauty?"

"I don't know."

"Oh, it's cuuuuuute, you are shy. I didn't know that."

"Oh, shut up, Liz."

I hide my smile, listening his answer.

"It's our first day, I haven't talk to her."

"Yeah, whatever you say."

"Speak of other thing. Tonight it's our first day of work."

"Yeah, buddha boy. Tonight I'm barmaid and you too."

"Thanks to Sean's Deluca lessons."

"Yes. Now, we are experimented barman and barmaid. I'm already excited to think about that."

"Yeah, if it's work we'll have a lot of money for us instead to our parent's money."

"Of course and we'll be real adults. And remember no alcohol, never we react..."

"Like the aliens, I know that MOM, you have repeat these all the summer."

"Oh, shut up!" I say laughing.

The day left and the night begin, I walk out of my room after pick other clothes.

"So Kyle, how I am?" I ask to my friend who was sitting on the couch watching the TV, his eyes come on me and I saw his mouth opens, surprise. Suprise.

"Wow! Liz, you look... you look great." he finally answers.

I was dress in black leather pants with a silver and green tank top, my hair lying on my shoulders and wearing dark and green make-up.

"Thank you, Kyle."

"I'll keep an eye on you, you know, all men are pervert."

"Oh, thanks to enlighten me on opposite sex, Kyle."

"It's nothing, Liz. Tonight I'm your bodyguard."

"Like you want. Come on, we are late!"

And we go to our first night of work. I hope it will be okay.

*big* End of this chapter. *big* I hope you like it!*big* oh, and by the way, read my Xover with the Forsaken "Blood's need", I have add a new part! *big**big**big*
Next soon. *big**big**big*

Oh! I have a QUESTION somebody remembers of what colour of eyes are Syl's????????? I don't remember and I need to know it!!!!!!!!

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thanks a lot roswell_ lover_ Buffy, I'll update soon but I'm really busy, working on my fic "Blood's need" now. But I promise to post soon for my others fics. *big**big**big*
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New part 2! Hope you'll like it. Thanks to you, Roswell_lover_buffy for the answer about Syl. He he he *big* but read this ! *big*


"So Kyle, how I am?" I ask to my friend who was sitting on the couch watching the TV, his eyes come on me and I saw his mouth opens, surprise. Suprise.

"Wow! Liz, you look... you look great." he finally answers.

I was dress in black leather pants with a silver and green tank top, my hair lying on my shoulders and wearing dark and green make-up.

"Thank you, Kyle."

"I'll keep an eye on you, you know, all men are pervert."

"Oh, thanks to enlighten me on opposite sex, Kyle."

"It's nothing, Liz. Tonight I'm your bodyguard."

"Like you want. Come on, we are late!"

And we go to our first night of work. I hope it will be okay.

Part 2

We arrived to the Bar, the boss comes to us and yells at us to be late. Wonderful, really, we apologyze and took our shift. I like the place, it's a bar, nightclub, it's dark with red, light, blue, yellow lights who switch on the dance floor. The place is really popular, people are everywhere. I like the musik who pass, it's of Staind, Outside. It's reminds me Max, all our story. I have seen the true Max and I didn't like what I saw. A selfish person and a lot of similar things, but I'll pass it, I swear, I'll pass it.

I listen the musik, doing in the same times the customer's thing, thanks Sean. I watch Kyle who seems like me do this easily and I notice that a lot of girls look at him, like if his male ego wasn't already too big. Phone numbers were given to him. I'm think that maybe it's me who should be his bodyguard tonight. But Kyle didn't seem paying attention to them, what a surprise! Beauty is here, it's the explanation. I look at her, yeah, Kyle has a good choice, she has blue eyes, I hope that he didn't make a Tess complex. No instead of fact they had both bonde hair and blue eyes, they seems totally different. Oh, she comes to me. I smile to her.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"Two beers." she answers, I give it to her and she begins to leave but stops her.

"Don't we meet each other before?" she questions me. " I bet already see you."

"You are totally right. We are in same class in litterature."

"Oh, right." she says with a smile. " I don't know you where working here."

"Yeah, for the money. To pay our things without ask our parents."


"Kyle and me. The barman, in litterature too. Oh, and by the way, I'm Liz."

"Oh, sorry. I'm Syl, glad to meet you."

She looks at Kyle who was busy, preparing a cocktail.

"You live together?"


"Good, you are really a cute couple."

My eyes grow wide and I began to laugh.

"What did I say?"

"Oh... Sorry. It's just... Kyle and me... we aren't a couple. We are best friends, oh yes, we dated when we were 16 years old but it's over. We just share an appart like roommates. We are emancipated and live alone."

"Good to know." whe whispers during she looks again to Kyle. Ah, Ah! Beauty... um... no, I mean Syl finds Kyle attractive, good to know, maybe I can play the matchmaker. Yeah, Maria had a bad effect on me!

"So I suppose we'll meet each other tomorrow. Bye."

"Bye." I say, looking at her during she sits near of a guy. Oh, cuty and hot guy. Really gorgeous, tall, muscular, dark hair and dark eyes, wow, a real greek god. I see Syl takes his hand smiling, ouch! This hurt, she certainly goes out with him, who won't do this? Life is not fair. Poor Kyle and poor me. Where that did come? Ok, the guy is attractive but it's not a reason. I send him out of my head, and prepare a drink, Kyle comes near of me.

"So Liz, I saw you, you talk to her."

"Sorry Kyle, her name is Syl but she already has a boyfriend and sincerely I don't think you can't beat him."

Kyle's smile fades and I give him a gently punch on his arm.

"It's not so hard, I promise that when we'll come home, we'll eat chocolate ice cream. Better, now?"

"What do I did without you?" he whispers in my ear.

"You'll lose your own head." I repeat again.

He hugs me tighly and return to his work like myself.

After many hours of work, we finally go to home, tired and eat ice crean until explose.

"I'm feel like a girl." tells me Kyle, sucking his cuiller.

I laugh.

"If you want I can put you make up."

He send me a pillow, I scream and we begin a pillow's fight. I losed it and we stop, laughing like children, he begins to tickle me.

"Kyle! Stop!!!! I'll died if you don't stop."

"Ok, but say I'm the best in all."


"Ok, I don't stop."

"Kyyyyyylllle !!!!!!! Stop !!!" I scream in my laughter.

"Ok, you win."


"And you are the best."

"Good." he let me go.

"Even if I don't think a single word of this." I say, sending him a pillow right in the head, and running in my room.

"Good night Kyle!" I say, safe behind the door.
Tuesday, 9 am. College. I'm tired like hell. I won't go to the school but Kyle forces me. This time, we aren't late, thanks god. We chat animatly, I ly my back against the locker.

"Hey." makes a voice behind Kyle.

"Syl." I say with a smile. " Meet Kyle, my best friend."

"Glad to meet you, Kyle." tells Syl with a bright smile.

"Me too." he answers slowly.

"So Liz told me you moved here."

"Yeah, we were to Roswell before."

"Alien's town?"

"Yeah, it's it."

He turns to me, nearly sure that Syl was flirting with him, I have the feeling too but like she has already a boyfriend so I shrug my shoulders.

"Maybe we can eat together." proposes Syl.

"Of course, meeting in the hall to 12 o'clock."

"Perfect, bye guys."


When she left, Kyle turns to me.

"What does this mean?"

"Don't ask me, I don't know, I'm not her. But Kyle even if she wants cheat her boyfriend, it will me more safe for you to don't be the man with who she went out. I'm not really sure that you can fight against a jealous boyfriend."

"Sure, you have right."
12.10am. Shit! I'm late, stupid english teacher. And now, I'm running, Kyle and Syl must be waiting for me. Shit, I hate be late. Suddenly I knock myself on an hard thing and I feel myself begin to fall.


But something stops me, or should I say someone.

"Are you alright?" asks a profound voice.

"Yeah, sorry I didn't see you. I was running and..." I look at the man. Wow! the greek god! Now, I'm feel stupid and really want that the floor opens under my feet to eat me. Say something Liz

"Um... I should go, friends wait for me."

"Yeah, me too."

We walk in the same direction, I saw Kyle and Syl speaking and laughing.

"Ah, Liz! Where were you?" asks Kyle.

"Sorry, my english teacher."

"Oh, you two already meet each other?" asks Syl.

I look at Greek God, I don't know his name. He was smiling.

"We can say that, in sort of way. We bump in each other, we were both late. I'm Krit, by the way."


"Now, we can eat." says Syl, we go in the garden and sit on a bank, talking.

"So how long you two are together?"

Syl looks at me with a surprise face, Krit begin to cough, tryng to eat his sandwich.

"Krit and me? No! We are just friends ! We grow up together, it will be like date my own brother."

"Oh, ok."

I was Kyle's face glows in happiness. Wow, thanks to God. But I want be slow if it will be a thing in Krit and me. I hope that it will be a thing. But now, I know, they aren't together, I'm feel very happy and relax so we begin to talk to know each other. It's not a bad day today, finally.

*big* End of this part. *big**big* I must say that I would make Kyle and Liz fight in brother and sister way, so I warn you, there is nothing more than that. I really hope you like it. *big**big**big*
Next soon. *bounce**bounce*

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Here the part 3 ! Hope you like it! *big**big**big*

Dediace to: Roswell Slayer (x2), Roswell_lover_buffy, MsSilverMucki, Calinia (x2), akasha15

Part 3

Now, it made four months that we are to Los Angeles, it made two months that Syl and Kyle begin to date each other, they are really cute together. Krit and me are really good friends and I love this. In a sort of way, he reminds me Alex, he's calm like him and takes ever the time to listen people. I find him ever attractive but now I don't know if I want date him, I won't lose one of my best friends.

Kyle and me work still in the bar and I'm happy because every night we work Krit and Syl come see us. Krit is in my history class so we speak often during the class. He's really intelligent, he understands a lesson just listening it once, like if he has a photographic memory or something like that. Yeah, I think I should stop fiction's movie. But why do you expect of a girl saved by an alien?

"Liz, I go out see Syl, alright with you?"

"No prob."

"Maybe we come back here."

"Ok. I should be here."

I watch him during he left.

"So what do you make today?" I ask to Syl.

"Kyle should come now."


"So what about you?" she questions me. I turn my head toward her.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Speaking of a little brunette, with who you seem passed a lot of time recently."

"Liz is just a friend, Syl. How times I should repeat that? There is nothing more between us."

"Yeah, like you want. But I saw you the first time that you saw her in the bar, you looked like a normal guy, droling over a girl."

"I was not!"

"Was too!"

"No, Liz is a friend, the real and normal friend that I made after the escape, and I won't lose her in dating her. I'm not god to date person."

"Krit, my man, a day you'll should begin to do this and when this day'll come maybe that Liz will not be here."

The door belt rings and Kyle enters.

"Hi everyone, want you look a movie with Liz and me?"

"Why not, Krit?"

"It's fine with me."

"So go on."

They walk chatting happily.

I look at them, they are happy together, I'm glad for Syl, Kyle seems be a good guy and a great buddy. Maybe Syl has right, but I'm a transgenic soldier how can I date a normal person, yeah, Syl do that like Maxia did but they are girls, it's more easy for them. I confess that she's right, I know that Liz is a wonderful person, nice, caring, funny, beautiful, why can I ask? I think I'm affraid, yeah, this thought is funny but it's the truth. I don't want lose our friendship, Liz means a lot to me.

We arrive to Kyle and Liz's appartment and I freeze. In front of it, there is Liz smiling happily, hugging a guy tighly. And the only thing I know that it's not me.

I feel myself very jealous here, I see Syl look at me, ok, now, I can't play like if I doesn't care about this.

"Who's he?" I ask to Kyle, trying to appear like I wasn't too concerned. He grins to me.

"It's a very old friend. Come on, I want introduce you to him."

I don't really know if I'll enjoy the meeting. I look at him, he's tall, muscular too like me, brown eyes, brown hair and he's wrapped his arms around Liz's shoulders. I try to act calm even if in front of myself I'm very jealous of him.

"Hey Man!" yells Kyle to him.

Liz and the guy turn in our direction, she doesn't put away his arm even if I'm here! And stays smiling. The guy puts Kyle in a friendly hug.

"It makes a long time." says Kyle.


"Guys, I want introduce you to Michael, my best friend of Roswell." says Liz.

End of this!!!!!! Hope you like it! *big**bounce**wink*
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Thanks guys for the feedbacks. *happy*


"Guys, let me introduce you with one of my best friends, Michael." says Liz, smiling.

Part 4

"Michael, meet our friends of Los Angeles Krit and Syl. Syl is actually dating Kyle." I say happily, I'm glad that my best friends meet each other.

"Hi." answers Michael. I grin, Michael didn't change, always the broding type. Certainly a part of this causing by his relationship (who is over now) with Maria.

"We are in the same College." I comment. " So guys what are you doing here?" I ask to Kyle, Jondy and Krit.

"Actually we take a movie to watch it in our appart Lizzie." tells me Kyle. I nod.

"It's okay with us, right Michael."

"What's it?" questions Michael.

"Braveheart, Michael." says Kyle grinning, three of us laugh, of course Jondy and Krit don't understanding the joke.

"I explain... I'm a big fan of Braveheart." says Michael.

"Ok, go to the appartment, we'll rejoin us, just give us the time to take Michael's bags." I tell them. In front of their surprise faces, I understand that I forgot to tell them, particulary to Kyle.

"Oh... I forgot, Michael will stay a little to our appart Kyle, just a month for the vacations, you're ok with it, right?" I ask him, making my puppy eyes. He laughs and hits Michael in his back.

"Of course, it's fine. We'll use your cooking abilities man, I warn you."

"I think I can handle that, buddha boy." he answers grinning. I'm really happy that Michael came here, maybe I should explain, few days ago Michael called me. Yeah, we talked together often, he told me that he had nothing to do during the vacations so I think to invite him to go to Los Angeles with Kyle and me. I missed him a lot and I'm glad to see him happy. Lately he told me that Max didn't stop to act like a complete jerk, and for that Michael says that of him he should really be annoying like hell so I decided subtily to drag away Michael from Roswell for few weeks and it's worked.

"So ready to watch the movie?" I asks them.

"In fact I can't." says Krit.

"But why?" I question, surprise. It's true that he seems strange at this moment.

"I forget that I have a meeting with someone, maybe another day, bye." he says, leaving in hurry.

I stay speechless, uncapable to do something to stop him, I'm too stun to do that. Something is wrong with him but what? Why did Krit act so strangely?

"Oh, um... So wo watch the movie without Krit. Kyle, Michael go, I want talk with Syl alone."

I wait for the guys leave and turn toward my friend.

"Do you know why Krit left so fast? Did I say something wrong?" I ask her.

"No Liz, it's not you. But I think you'll learn why soon, I hope that."

Someone can tell me when Syl became the Sphinx? I don't understand a single word of what she said.

"Syl..." but I was cut, seing her grab me by the arm.

"Hurry up, Liz, can't be late for Braveheart."

I think that never I'll understand men.
End of the part, really hope you'll like it.