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The Forsaken/Roswell
The Forsaken, there was 8. Sean and Nick had killed already one of them, stopping Sean's tranformation the Forsaken. Transformation of Nick is ever "alive" so they should kill him before Nick's transformation. He uses pills to fight against the processus. They go they go to Roswell. Nick falls for Maria. Maria gets bitten by a Forsaken. Others find out that they have to stop it.
Alex is alive. Tess is good.


Max and Maria are talking.

Maria: Why me? Why does Micheal do this Max??
Max: I don't know why?? Forget him.

Nick and Sean walk in

MG: I got people to serve
ME: well go then

Maria walks to them

MG: Hi my name is maria, what can I get u?
Nick:Two Sigourney Wever with galacty fries and two cokes. And u. Name Nick and this Sean.
MG: I go and get them. Nick, do have a twin?? Beacuse you look like my ex-boyfriend?

Nick: no I don't. So you are single?
MG: I go get your food.

Maria walks to kicten to put the order in.
Maria can't stop thinking about Nick BUT doesn't get hurt again,

Find out when the aliens meet Nick and Sean.
Micheal gets angry that Maria has feels for Nick

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I didn't steal anyone fic
I can't belive that she think that
I keep writing it

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Part 2


Maria: Max, did you see that guy over there??
Here looks like Micheal. His name Nick. Hit on me.
Do you think go out if he ask me??

Max: what Maria??

Maria: I can't belive you not listen to me.

Max: I was joking with you. Yes go out with him. Find out about him.

Tess just walks in and see Nick

Maria: Okay I will. Oh comes Tess. Good luck girlfriend.

Tess: Did you see that guy looks like Micheal.

Max: Yes I did and he hit on Maria.

Tess: He didn't. Micheal is going to be piss off.

Max: I know.

Maria goes over to Nick and Sean give there food.

Maria: Here your food.

Nick: Thanks, will you go out with me to the movies?

Maria: Sure. when?

Nick: What about Saturday?

Maria: Sure. Meet you here about 7.00

Nick: Sure. See you on 7.00

Maria walks away.

Sean: What are you doing?

Nick: Going to a movie.

Sean: What about. You know

Nick:Don't worry

Sean: You know what your doing.

Find out what happen Nick and Maria goes out with nick
And Maria gets bitten by a Vampire.

And I didn't copy you demonyte