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Title: The Things We Become
Author: Mollie (Pr1ncessOfDeath⊕
Rating: R (to give me leeway*wink*)
Disclaimer: I own nothing having to do with Roswell or Spider man. Which is very unfortunate.
Summary: Based on a challenge by little Roswell. Liz goes to Peter's, her cousin's, uncle's funeral. And she finds out some alrming news. What will happen when the aliens find out and they follow to New York after graduation.

When the weird thigns had first started happening Peter was excited. It was a rush. He was fast, strong, able to fight, could see, and those webs just came shooting out of his wrists. But now, looking down at his Uncle's coffin as it was being lowered into the ground, he wasn't so sure. Indirectly Peter hismelf and these gifts had gotten his Uncle killed.

He stood there long after his Uncle's coffin had been lowered and started being burried. His uncle's words echoing in his head. With great power comes great responsibility. He now knew his Uncle was wiser than he'd originally thought. And that with this power he had a great responsibility to people, sicne he could probably save them. He was shaken from hsi reverie when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see his cousin Liz and gave her a small smile. "Hey," he siad softly.

"Hey," Liz said with a slight smile. "How're you holding up?"

"Alright," Peter siad with a nod,"Not to say that it's easy. Just that I know it'll get easier."

Liz nodded. "I'm sorry," she said softly, a tear slipping from the corner of her eye. She had seen Peter's Aunt and Uncle as her Aunt and Uncle although there was no blood relation.

Peter noticed the tear trailing down her cheek and he took his cousin into a big hug, just holding ehr until she calmed down. Then Liz's father walked over and told her it was time to go back to the Parker's. Peter waved good-bye to her and then spotted Mary Jane as he turned to pick his coat back up. He smiled at her and gave a slight wave, about to say something when he saw her parents begin to lead her away.

Mary Jane smiled and returned the wave before leaving.

Peter then turned and began the walk home alone. Maybe he should talk to his cousin Liz about all of this. Maybe she'd know somethign about it. Maybe she could help him.

"So you're telling me that you have all these powers now?" Liz questioned curiously. She was no longer skeptical. Not after finding out there were aliens among us. "After you got bitten by the spider?"

Peter nodded his head. "Yeah," he answered,"but not just random powers, like spider powers." he was surpsied Liz had taken this all so well. He was afraid to tell her, scared she would call him a freak, but she seemed unaffected.

"Maybe if we tested your blood with the spiders it would tell us something," Liz answered. "So what can you do exactly?" Liz jumped as she watched her cousin shoot a web out of his wrist. "Wow," she said touching the web,"Maybe we should study this too." She was startign to get a little excited, from the thought of helping ehr cousin and getting to study such amazing things. "Does anyone else know?" Liz askeed him finally.

"No," Peter said, shaking his ehad,"You're the only one."

Liz nodded. Another secret to keep. Or maybe it was part of the same secret. Could he ahve been alien all along and jsut the bite of this powerful spider had brought it out. She'd seen some strange powers in her day. This could just be a stranger one. "I know some people," Liz began...

"No," Peter siad, shakign his head. "This is just between you and me, okay?"

"Okay," Liz siad with a nod, figuring she could ease him into the idea of her other friends helping. "Well we're leaving the day after tomorrow, so I should get that blood from you and the spider. And," she said, getting some scissors and cutting off a piece of Peter's web,"Some of this. And I should probably find some from a regular spider..."

"How are we going to get the blood of the pider that bit me. It's government. It's a genetically engineered spider," Peter pointed out.

"Government or not we need to get our hands on it," Liz answered simply. It no longer phased ehr to do thigns agaisnt the government. The government that tried to kill her, her boyfriend, and her friends all the time.

Peter's eyes widened at his cousin's response. When was she such a rebel? "Okay," he said,"How about we save it for last then?"

"Fine," Liz said with a nod, putting the piece of web in a plastic bag. "Okay then your blood," she said, looking at Peter. She pricked him with a pin and in a matter of second had at elast enough blood to put under a microscope. "For the spider's blood, couldn't you just stay on the ceiling out of sight of cameras? And grab it withone of your webs? Take some blood and get out?"

Peter thought about it and nodded,"Yeah. I could at least give it a try."

"And I'll look for some normal spiders while you're gone," Liz answered.

Two days later Liz and her father boarded the plane home and Liz couldn't wait to get there to look at everything under her miscroscope. She sat restlessly through the whole flight and when they finally landed at the airport nearly jumped out of her seat. She noticed the concerned look her father was giving her and gave him a small smile in return, trying to act more normal, so she wouldn't ahve to answer a million questions about what was wrong. The rest of the trip home passed in complete silence, sicne it was taking all Liz had to contain herself.

When they got home the first thing they did was check the messages her mother had taken. Max, Maria, Alex, Kyle, they'd all called. To see if she was home yet and how she was holding up. She took the pieces of paper make into her room with her as she carried her bag back too. She closed her door and opened the bag, pulling out the plastic bag with a slide of Peter's blood, the pieces of spider webs, including Peter's, a slide with normal spider blood, and the vial of blood from the engineered spider Peter had gotten. She threw the pieces of paper onto the table, deciding to call her friends later. And she began her studies.

Two hours later she emerged from her room and found her parents. "Can I invite everyone over? You know, just to hang out. I haven't seen them in a while..."

Her mother nodded,"yeah, honey, go ahead." She knew her daughter would need her friends now.

"Thanks," Liz said with a smile, walking back to her room and picking up the phone to make the calls.

A few hours alter everyone was gathered in her room. "So what's this about?" Michael asked, scrathing his eyebrow. He was already nervous about what she might say.

"My cousin Peter," Liz said slowly, tryign to figure out how to start. "He went on a field trip with school to a research company. They were performing research with spiders. He got bitten by one. One that was genetically engineered ot be a "super" spider." She gestured to the microscope that held that spider's blood under it.

Max took a look at it and looked back at her. That wasn't normal. "What happened?" he asked Liz.

"Well," Liz began,"He developed spider abilities, I guess would be the best way to say it. He can shoot webs, jump great distances, walk on walls." She held up his web as evidence. "I think the spider DNA has merged with his," she continued,"His make-up looks different, it looks like a variation of that." She gestured back to the microscope. "You don't think that maybe he's alien somehow. Powers just now come out. The spider bite brought it on. And he doesn't remember. Or is he just a spider-man?"

Michael sighed deeply. "Are you compeltely sure Liz?" he asked. he didn't want to waste any of his time trying to figure this out if there was a possibility there was a flaw in her research.

"Well not one hundred percent," Liz began,"I've only been researching thigns for two hours. But regardless of whether the spider has anythign to do with it or not. His cells aren't right. They aren't human. Or they aren't completely human."

"Jesus," Isabel said. What was going on? What was this guy? What was wrong with him? Was he a threat? What is he was, he was Liz's family. there was no need to say that that would cause problems.

"So what's our plan?" Kyle asked, not liking just sitting around and acting like they couldn't do anything.

Max thoguht for a minute before stepping in. "Liz, you keep up your research," he told her.

"Okay," Liz agreed with a nod.

"In the mean time. I think we should all hold tight. Until we figure things out," Max said,"And then maybe go to see him once we know."

"You mean like follow him?" Maria asked. She shook her ehad,"That's crazy. We can't just stalk some guy just because he has weird powers. This is Liz's cousin for Christ sake."

"Who could be dangerous," Michael noted in his usual smart, isn't it obviosu tone.

"He's going into the city after high school," Liz siad,"New York City."

Max nodded,"Okay, so everyone think of a reason to go to New York after graduation if we have too."

"So we're jsut going to sit here and wait for him to come after us?" Michael asked. he couldn't believe this. This was always Max's plan. Unfortunately, he couldn't take care of this on his own. New York was too far away.

"But we have a lead on him," Tess said,"We know where he is. he doesn't know where we are."

"I think that we should stop tlaking about Liz's cousin as if he were some murdering alien until we know for sure," Alex stated, knowing Liz was getting upset.

"Thank you, Alex," Liz answered with a nod. And that was the end of the discussion. It was like no one had anything else to say. The ball was in Liz's court. And they'd all wait for her answer.

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Three months later the group had graduated. The day was filled with both happy smiles and tears as they all left behind the family they'd created over the years. And with shared secrets that Jim was the only adult privy to.

"Be careful," Jim said softly to Kyle as he hugged him at graduation. All the kids had plans to go to New York City to see Liz's cousin. To find out what was going on. To help him.

All their parents had thought it was such a coincidence that all of them had had their different paths just so lead them to NYC. What they didn't know is that their children sought it out. But all in all it made things easier. It made everyone feel a little better with their children still being together and having each other to start this journey with.

Liz was accepted to NYU on a full scholarship to study Biology, and master in Microbiology. Her parents were very proud and her cousin Peter was so excited that they'd both be in the city together. And she couldn't wait to get there, or she couldn't when she managed to forget the reason she was going. She felt almost traitorous, but she didn't know what else to do.

Max had been accepted to Adelphi University. He wasn't sure what he was going to study yet, but it put him in New York, close to Liz, and close to her cousin and whatever might happen.

Maria had decided to give the spring musical a try after some prodding from Alex. She insisted she was in no way interested, but once she was immersed, she loved it. Not to mention she got the lead, and with such high emotions and the set of lungs she had, why wouldn't she? There was an agent at the play, something she'd found out Alex had set up later and with his help she'd gotten a role in the Broadway run of Chicago. And to make her Mom happy she'd agreed to go to community college while she was there at CSI (College of Staten Island).

Michael had decided to just tag along to the outsider's eyes. But it wasn't completely unexpected, after all it was where Max and Maria were going. And the way he saw it, he could really get a job anywhere.

Isabel had taken this as her chance to get out of Roswell and somewhat have a life, so she'd applied and been accepted to NYU also.

Alex was going as Maria's manager. To help her out while she got her life started up there and represent her. Agreeing with his parents to take Business classes in his free time.

Kyle had also gotten accepted to CSI and had gone on a football scholarship. He was excited because he got to go to New York and still continue something that he loved. And he was thinking of rushing a fraternity, that was after all how you got the ladies.

Tess had been accepted to Adelphi also. She had accepted the offer right away, especially since she had gotten a full scholarship, since she had no living parents and had to provide for herself.

The whole gang smiled at their parents and friends as they hugged and said their good-byes. There wasn't a dry eye as they piled into three cabs and headed to the airport to embark on their first journey out of high school.

A/N: Sorry that it's so short, the next aprts will be longer, but with midterms coming it's hard to keep up with posting. In the next aprt we'll pick up with them arriving in NYC. Hope you liked. *happy*