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Autor: Demonyte
Pairing: Liz/Michael, Alex/Maria
Title: True Identity
Autor's Note: Roswell, After "Destiny". Michael and Maria broke up, same for Max and Liz. Liz went to Florida during the summer and come back to Roswell.
Dark Angel, end of season 1. Zack didn't shot himself to save Maxie. It's Brin who fought her brainwashing and rediscovered her mind so she shot herself to give her heart to her sister. Zack couldn't stop her and he's in Manticore too but of course, the other transgenics ignore it.

Part 1

I look at the Crash Down, breathing heavily, my bags in my hands. Yes I came back, for all people of Florida after visit my Aunt. I open the door, happily my parents are in a convention to Santa Fe for faw days so the Crash Down is closed for the moment but like I come back I'll open it. I walk to my room after locked the restaurant's door.

I go upstairs and sit on my bed, lying on it. It's so calm here, so peaceful, it's like nothing what's happened, like nothing has changed. I look at the wall, thinking about my summer. It was the worst that I never have, I feel water in my eyes, seing my memories running in my head like a bad movie of serie B. I pass my hands in my hair, it will be so easy to erase all of this but I know that I can't do this, it will be like I betray them. I know that tonight I will not sleep.

My thoughts were cut by the phone's ring, the night left and now the sun is high in the sky. 8 am, I space out during a long time. I pick up.

"Hello... Hey Maria."

"Of course, I open the Crash Down today. If you want you can come now... See you soon."

Few minutes later, Maria was here, a big smile on her face. She hugs me tighly, ever hyperactive, things like that never change.

"Oh, Liz, I missed you so much! I have a lot to tell you."

"Ok, just let me take two cerise coke and I listen."

After sit on the couch.

"So spill out!" I say, drinking " I want know all of it! Michael and you are together again?"


"Ok, who is he?"

"Who is who?" she tries to ask with a false surprise.

"Don't play with me Maria Deluca. I know perfectly than when you turn so nervous, there is definatly a guy behind this."

"Ok, you won, I admit it. But if I tell you, promise me to not become angry."


"Ok, um, I'm with Alex." she confess rapidly.

"Wait, Alex. Alex, like our Alex Whitman?"


"I don't know what have you expect that I take this new badly."

"I was worried, because this situation is a little weird, I mean when your two best friends date each other and..."

"I'm really happy for you guys. But tell me how is happened."

"It's made a month now that we are together. You know that I was singing in Alex's band and after a repetition we kissed. I don't remember how it's happened but Liz! It's wonderful, I'm so good with him, Alex is so sweet and caring and he knows me so perfectly like myself with him. I really love him and I think that he feels the same way about me."

I smile to her, hugging her.

"A month, how can you not tell me? I think it was very hard for you and your big mouth."

"Don't remember me that, it's nearly killed me!"

We laugh.

"Stop talking now, we should open. I call José."

"No, you can't. He broke his leg when he left for the vacations to skying, it made a week now."

"Oh, it's bad. I think I should call Michael, it's ok with you?"

"Yes, of course, you know it's funny and strange even if I go out with Alex, Michael takes this very well. Ok, maybe it's because it's him who broke up but he's even more cool now, acting like an "human" friend."

I raise an eyesbrow, grinning.

"Really, I should see this with my own eyes. Stonewall is gone?" I tease.

"Stop the nickname Liz, and yes it's true. Call him and you'll see it too."

I dialed Michael's number. Dring. Dring. Dring. After few minutes he takes it and I heard a groan, I roll my eyes, of course, I see the big changement.

"Hello Michael. It's Liz. I want just know if you can go to the Crash Down to cook 'cause José can't with his broke leg. Of course, you will be pay. Ok, see you soon."

I hang off the phone. Few moments later, Michael arrives. Yes, he seems good, and in good mood even if he calls me ever Parker but I think I can deal with this. The customers enter and I pick my notebook to take their orders. The day runs fast.

Now, it will be three days that I came back. Today, I saw Max, two times, once when I was talking to the Senator Whitaker and after in front of the Crash Down. This time I have nearly laugh to him, he sent to me flashs of him and me kissing hungrily, guys human like alien and their hormones! Poor Max, I hope that he'll understand soon that I won't date him again. I have enough problems without add boy in them. I closed the door, it's late now, 12 ap now.

I climb the stairs when I feel something bad, I put my hand on my right side. Shit, it's open again. Thanks that I'm wearing a black shirtmaker, I go to my room quickly, taking bandaging in the bathroom. My right arm and side burn in pain. Quickly I take my shirtmaker away and watch myself in the mirror, the bandaging around my waist is red of blood, it's not heal yet. I bite my lips, stopping myself to scream, looking to my arm. It's not that bad, ok, there are bruises and long cut on it, but it's not so bad that my side. The scar made my the bullet on my shoulder is nearly healed.

I look again in my mirror and freeze, I see my window in it and in the reflection I see a pair of gold and brown eyes familiar. Michael! I grab quickly my shirt but it's too late, he saw my bruises. Rapidly, I put the shirt on me and go to the window, open it fast.

"What are you doing here, Michael?!" I ask, angry.

"What's happen to you?"

I hate people who answer to questions by questions. But this time I don't let him "intimidate" me.

"It's not your damn bussiness." I reply sharply. " Now Michael, I think that you should leave." I want close the window but he grabs my wrist.

"I don't go before you explain how you had this bruises." he says in protective soldier's mod.

"And why will I tell you that? You're not my father, Michael, it doesn't concern you, ok. It's hes nothing to do with you or alien. Now leave."

Finally he stays on my balcony looking at me.

"Fine if you won't tell me perhaps Max should ask you."

I tensed, glaring at him. Jackass, I whisper under my breath, he knows perfectly that I made all to avoid Max and he compts on this card. He begins to leave, I stay few seconds before go on my balcony.

I hate him! I cursed myself, why I wasn't been more careful.

"Michael, wait!"

He turns his head an stops.

"Fine, come in, but let me tell you that you're a fucking jackass and it's very bad to make blackmail."

He just smirks, entering in my room.

"I prefer say it's persuasion."

I only glare at him again. I sit on my bed, trying to find a plausible lie to tell him.

"So what do you want know?" I ask, tapping my fingers on my desk impatiently.

"I want know how were you hurt?"

"Ok, it's not if I have a choice. In Florida."

"In Florida, it's all that you have to say?"

"Yes and don't hope other words than it. After all why this sudden protectiveness about my person Michael, I'll like a lot that you explain that to me." I say with sarcasticity.

"If you hope that this nasty words will make me leave, you're wrong Parker. I'm a king to say things like this to others so I know when someone does the same thing than me."

"You haven't still answer to my question."

"I care about you, like for the others, it's simple Parker."

"Ok, I see, the soldier's duty, it's that. Flash for you Michael, I don't need your help and I won't it. I propose to you to watch the others but not me. I'm a big girl, I can care of myself."

"I see that perfectly, it's why I stay."

"Damnit Michael! I just want that you leave!" I scream at him. " You don't know me, I'm not... I mean, I just want be alone now, can't you understand this?"

"I understand you but I can't do this." he says, taking my hand in his. " Let me help you, like you did for me when you prevent me about Topolsky."

"It wasn't the same thing..."

"Yes, it was."

"I won't talk about this."

"If you can't, don't but let me help you. Don't push me away."

I watch him, at this moment he makes me remember so much Zack that it's hurt. The same behavior, the same bad mood. I finally nod slowly.

"... Ok." I finally whisper.

"Let me help you with the bandaging."

I tensed, I won't that he sees my bruises. I don't know why but I just don't like it.

"I don't talk about this to anyone. You know that it will be more easy if I help you."

I take away my shirt, during he desinfected the cut on my arm. I don't look at him during this, I just can't. I closed my mind, stopping him to make a connection between us, after few minutes it's over. I finally look at him, he doesn't speak and I'm glad that he didn't. I made a false yawn, trying to appears tired and it's true because I'm tired like hell. It's made more than a month that I don't sleep so I need to recuperate.

"I'm tired, I'll go to sleep."

"Ok, see you soon then."

I nod, I watch him during he pass in my window.

"Michael..." he turns his head to me.

"Thanks." I finish.

He smiles, a real smile not a smirk.

"It's ok."

I wait that he left before going to my bed to sleep few hours. When my head rencounters my pillow, I was already sleeping.

*big**big* End of my part. *big**big*
I hope that you like my story, I love Michael/ Liz together, they're really cute. *big**big**bounce*

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Thanks guys for all the feedback, I'm really glad that you like it because in Roswell Liz/ Michael is my preferest couple UC. I always think about make a Xover with DA with them. *big*

Part 2

I woke up slowly, feeling the sun on my face, it was the first night that I slept after this summer. I never think that this will be with Michael's help, it's weird, no, not really weird finally I mean Michael is a soldier, he was the first commanding officer of Anterian's army in his past life.

I put my head my head on my knees sitting on my bed, I breath slowly trying to stop the flashs. I won't see it again, suddenly I jump on my feet I should do something, try to return to the normality, to continue the peaceful life of Liz Parker of Roswell, New Mexico. Few minutes later, I open the Crash Down's door, finding Maria and Michael behind it.

"Hi Chica, how're you today?"

"Great Maria." I say with a smile.

"Hi Parker." says Michael before going to the kitchen.

"Hi Michael." I finally answer.

We open the restaurant and the customers come. During the hours after I concentrate myself on the work, like this, I don't think anymore.

"Liz, don't you want take your break?" asks Maria.

"No, it's ok, I'm fine." I reply quickly, smiling to her, I'm really happy to have a best friend like her. I go in the kitchen during that Maria takes her break and sit near of Alex, they are really cute together. I was grabbing my plates when suddenly someone takes me by the shoulders, I turn to be face to face with Michael.

"What do you want?" I ask sharply, unsure how react with him; I just want that he leaves me alone.

"Calm down Parker. Take your break."

"No, I'm fine."

"You work since the morning, you need some rest."

"I'm really not tired." I reply, going away from his grip and walking to the door. I turn my head to see Michael watch me, for the second times in my life I see the worry in his eyes for me, I smile.

"But thanks to care about this." I say finally before leave.


I watch her during she left, I can't help myself I'm worried for her. Since the beginning, I was ever rough with Liz, she was Maxwell's love and obsession and she was so perfect, clever, pretty, ever carying about people. For me, she was damned lucky, she lived the best life, all people love her and her parents were wonderful. I envy her more than Max but even if I was a jackass, this didn't stop her to help me, to prevent me about Topolsky and even after that I didn't stop to act like the stupid alien that I'am. Her life was an idyllic picture that everyone on earth wants have. But yesterday, I learnt that I was totally wrong. Her life isn't so perfect and happy that I have imagined.

I have decided to talk to Liz because I was tired of Max who didn't stop to speak about her, on her refusal to date him again caused by the "Destiny's thing". I would know if really she meant it and keep her decision about Max, like this if he didn't understand I will explain this by the best way. Clearly.

Determinately, I climb the ladder and arrive on her balcony, I prepare to enter when I see her go to her room rappidly, a hand on her right side and the other holding bandaging. She tears her shirt away and I hold my breath, I can't believe what I see. Liz is hurt, in her reflection in the mirror I see her bruises, there is a long cut on her right arm, her right side bleeds, worst the white bandaging around her waist is dark red. The more surprising is her behavior, she's totally calm, she just looks at her bruises like it was nothing. Hell! What's happened to her? And more important why she didn't tell us? I mean, I'm the soldier, it's my duty to protect her and the others, Liz is a part of our group. Suddenly I see her dark brown eyes watching me in the mirror, she puts rapiddly her shirt in her and opens the window. Lot of emotions are write on her face, surprise and anger.

" What are you doing here, Michael !?!" she yells at me, mad but I don't care.

"What's happen to you?" I ask, trying to seem not too concerned.

She tries to make me leave but I won't do this. At this moment, I just found out that nobody knows her, the real Liz. She wears a mask, same like me. I'm a stonewall and her, she's the perfect daughter, I just realise that never I believe this, I mean bought the little story she created, the fact she was so perfect, it always appears to me impossible. She just plays a roll, for once I'm surprise to see her fight me and I don't seem intimidate her anymore, she acts totally like me, the same behavior, sarcastic with acid remarks. Finally after severals minutes I give her an ultimatum: it's me or Max. Seing her face, I know that I win, slowly I turn away. just few seconds later, I heard her call me, whispering insults under her breath, I can't help and grin but after come back in her room I look at her during she hits the desk with her nails unpatiently.

I become serious and take her hand in mine, telling her for the first time in my life to trust me, I really want help her. She won't, she tries again to push me away but I don't let this happen. I understand her, she's scared of the others and trust nobody, I have the same feelings toward Maria, her, and even the others aliens (Max, Isabel, Tess and Nacedo). Never I say to them that I remember few things of our past lifes, of my past? Things who don't make me feel proud of myself but I was a soldier, a warrior, I was supposed kill and there was a war on Antar. But since that I remember it I can't look at myself straight. They can't understand what I live but when I look in her eyes, I see the same expression tan in mine, this expression of guilt.

I even tried to make a connection between us but she closed her mind, making the same think that I did with Maria. Liz hides something of big, I'm sure of this but she isn't ready to talk about this so for once I wait. I just want she knows that I'm here for her, I just want she knows that she's not alone.

After this night I begin to think about Liz, yes, I'm sure that something of very bad happened to her during the summer. She has changed, oh, few changements, nobody saw that, even Max who screams loud that he loves her but he noticed nothing. Liz is all smiling and acts like nothing was wrong but I know that I didn't imagine her bruises. All I can hope that she will trust me.

End of my part. Really hope you like it! *big**big*

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Hi guys, I hope you will be happy, it's the new part. Thanks you again for all the Feedbacks. *big**big**big*


After this night I begin to think about Liz, yes, I'm sure that something of very bad happened to her during the summer. She has changed, oh, few changements, nobody saw that, even Max who screams loud that he loves her but he noticed nothing. Liz is all smiling and acts like nothing was wrong but I know that I didn't imagine her bruises. All I can hope that she will trust me.

Part 3

The vacations are over now, the school starts since two months now, Michael doesn't stop to "overprotective" me, always watching me, I think I'll become ill. The only positive point is that he didn't ask explications. I know that he has good intentions, he's worried about me and I'm happy that someone care about me but I can't tell him. I promised this to Zack.

Flash Back

Gillette, Wyoming. Few minutes before the escape. Zack and me were alone because he would talk to me.

"Liz, it's for tonight." he only says. My eyes grew wide when I understand the meaning. We escape tonight, we escape of this hell. I nod, waiting for his orders.

"After escape, we should be careful, not make know our statut to anyone."

"I understand, for more safety."

"And we should separate, like this it will be more hard for Lydecker to find us."

I look at him, biting my lower lips. " Separate?" I repeat slowly, sad. I won't lose my brothers and sisters. He put his hands on my shoulders, looking at me with his blue eyes.

"I know it's not easy but it's the better way."

"But I won't lose you, Big Brother. You and the unit, you're my family. I won't be free if I can't be with you."

"Don't say that! You'll leave with us, I won't that you have the same treatment than Eva." he tells me angry. I feel a weird feeling in my stomach, something than later I learned it was called pain.

"I shouldn't have say that. It's only that... I won't be alone." Zack for the first time in my life made a unexpected gest, a gest against the rules, he hugs me tighly against him. I leaned my head against his chest, trying to capture this moment, one of few moments of happiness in Manticore, after when we gave to each other our names or when Ben told us story about the Blue Lady.

"I promise to never leave you. I'll protect you."

End of Flash Back


I look at Maria who was sitting with Alex in front of me, eating her sandwich, looking at me attentively. In fact all the gang was looking at me.

"Sorry, I space out." Yeah, I was just daydreaming of my brother who was caught by my fault by Manticore.

"I need to walk a little." I tell them, grabbing my bag and leaving them. I walk in the garden, alone, I see a large oak and sit against it, closing my eyes. Someone said that silence was peaceful, I swear it's not, I only remember again and again all of what's happened and I can't forget it. I really want cry but I can't, I sigh heavily and open my eyes to see Michael in front of me.

"Stop to oversee me Michael." I say coldly. " I don't need your protection, I don't need you so leave me alone."

"Why I don't believe you?" he says, sitting near me. I don't answer, I just stay here looking the blue sky.

"How're you?" he asks.

"You want say my bruises? Fine, it's healed."

"No, I mean you! Damn Liz stop act like if you can handle all! You're even worst than me!"

"Thanks you for the comparison Michael, I'm really glad to know what do you think about me. So like I'm so upsetting I leave you."

I look at her during she left. Really Guerrin you're stupid, now she mad at you. I groan, but I tried to be patient for more than two months, it's a record! Ok, I'll apologyze her tonight to the Crash Down after the work.

Crash Down, during the fermeture. Maria just left with Alex, after changing myself I search Liz but she isn't here. Maybe upstairs.

"Liz? Where are you?"

I knock against her door but she doesn't answer.

"I know you're here, stop be angry to me, I come to apologyze. Ok, I enter, I warn you." I say, opening the door.

"Liz?..." I call her, suddenly I was cutting in the middle of my sentence. Liz was against a wall, shaking hardly, I run to her.

"Liz, what have you? Shit, don't worry I call an ambulance." I say but she grabs my wrist with strengh, I never knew that Liz was so strong.

"No... Just... give me my pills." she manages to say. I grab a bottle who was on her desk and put one pill in her mouth because she was shaking to hard to take it by hersef. She seems so weak and scared to this moment, the total opposite of her during the lunch. I put her in my arms, slowly caressing her hair during she shivers.

"It's ok." I whisper in her ear. " It will be alright, Liz."

"I... know. I have... crisis.... like this...."

"since... childhood. Here, I haven't the time... to take the bottle when they... began."

I just hug her more tighly during her seyzures grow worst.

"I'm sorry." I say.

"Don't. You can do... nothing... for this."

"Max?" I ask but she nods her head in negation.

Finally after four hours, the seizures stop but I rest in the same position, not wanting that she leaves. And for the real first time she doesn't push me away, she stays against me, leaning her head against my shoulder and sleeps.

I can't think that he stayed with me during four hours, just for me. Because he's worried, because he cares about me, Michael Guerrin the stonewall, who can believe this? And I don't move because I won't lose his warm arms around me, I won't that he leaves, I'm feel safe with him, the same sensation that with Zack, maybe even stronger. I don't move because I need his warm arms around me, I need his protection, I just need him.

End of my part. *big**wink* It's romantic, don't you find?????????????

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Dedicace to: Bored to Mundane Life (x2), Rae85, luckyluv, akasha15, lovalien and behrstars

Thanks for all your feedbacks guys. In this part, you'll know more about Liz's past and what's happened to her during the summer. *big* Really hope you'll like it.

I'm not against a little bump. *tongue*

Part 4

I open my eyes slowly to meet a pair of brown eyes concerned looking at me. Few seconds later, I recognyze Michael, he stayed here during all the night. I pass my hand on my neck, ow, I'm a walking bruise!

"How do you feel?" he asks me.

"Instead of the fact that I have the impression to run a marathon and be passed under a car, I'm fine." I jump on my feet and take his hand, helping him to stead up.

"I'm sorry for yesterday, I mean you slept on the floor."

"It's ok, it's not a big deal."

"Come on, I offer you the breakfast."

"I don't say no to this." he replies, smiling. I smile back, maybe I can trust him. We go to the kitchen and begin to eat.

"So... you have crisis like this since when exactly?" he asks me. I look at him, I owe him explanations after all he helped me.

"I have seizures like this since I'm a child, it's caused by a genetic error so I should take pills." I reply drinking slowly my cappucino. " Nobody knows about this 'cause I won't, I mean only my parents know and of course now you too. It's my problem not yours."

"You should tell me."

"And why, Michael?" I ask him, curious. " It's not to be ungrateful to your attention but we never been really friends. I mean we just met each other by the fact that I knew about the alien's thing."

"You're right but yesterday... I was really affraid for you, I didn't know what was happening. I know too that never I was really sympathetic with you but even if I act like the ass that I am, I care about you."

"You aren't an ass Michael, I understand your behavior, I mean you're a soldier and it's hard for you to trust people, am I right?" He nods. " But thanks, I'm glad to talk with you like this, maybe we can to become friends, really friends not just to talk to each other about alien's stuff. Deal?" I ask with a smile, raising my hand.

"Deal." he answers, with a smirk shaking my hand.

"Ok, our first thing like we are friends now, it's..."


"No, run together because we're late for school!"

Few days left, it's weird but now, Michael and me are best friend, really, I don't joke. Like we work together in the Crash Down, Maria switch her shift to leave more early to see Alex. So it's just Michael and me who do the closure of the restaurant, we talk often and sometimes he sleps here, don't get me wrong, on the couch, we are just friend, nothing more, nothing less and I like it. Never I have think that Michael was so funny, Braveheart becomes my favorite movie after Lord of the Rings. It makes a long time that I wasn't so relax, my feeling of guilt disappear when I'm with Michael, not forever but it's better than nothing.

I'm glad that Michael stopped to ask me what's happened to me this summer. I think that one day I'll tell him but I'm not ready for the moment. I mean like it was easy to say that I'm not human but just a freak, a labatory's experience created to be a super soldier, a killer heartless, this thing is what I am. I have no name, just a designation, X5-491. I'm Manticore's propriety, the barrecode on my neck proved it.

Michael is a soldier too, he has the same behavior than me but it's not the same thing, he doesn't remember to be a killer, it was his past life, mine it's not, I'm a soldier now, I killed severals times. I losed the count, in reality I won't remember what I did. My first murder when I was 6, I remember it like if it was yesterday.

Flash back
It was my first mission alone, Lydecker explained me precisely what I should do. It was simple, I was supposed to steal military's plan of a missile in a secret base ennemy localised in Fargo, North Dakota.
The building where was the plan was only kept by four guards so it was easy for an X5 to enter in the building. The guards were remplaced all 20 minutes. So I had 20 minutes to enter in the base, have access to the building, steal the plan and leave.
I entered easily in the base, avoiding the cameras, I knew perfectly where they were hidden. After finding the door's code I took the plan, the only thing who was not planified was that one guard was sick so decided to leave the others and that he saw me leaving the building. I was in front of him, I know that I couldn't let him give the alert so using my abilities to move faster, I ran to him and broke his neck. I heard again the sharp sound that his neck made into my hands.
All around me was silent and I was hearing Lydecker yelling in my earphone, ordering me to come back with the plan. But I couldn't tear away my eyes of the man who was lying on the ground, died, his green eyes were ever open and I have the impression they were watching me. After few seconds, I ran to rejoin Lydecker, not wanting be put in the dark cell.

End of Flash back

After my return to Manticore I wasn't the same. The others in my unit have never kill someone, only Zack could understand me because like he was older than us, he killed too. It for that he talked to me more than the others, only him and me can recomfort each other and we made the promise to each other to care about our brothers and sisters to protect them. Yes, Zack was the CO but I was the second. Sadly we couldn't hold our promise, later they killed too. But worse we failed for Eva, Jack, Ben, Tinga and Maxie, they died. Tinga died before Max this summer and in same time Zack was recaptured.

I see again how it's happened... It was just after that I broke up with Max...

Flash back
I ran in the desert, after listening Max's mother message. I was rejected even before they know my true identity. When I come back to the Crash Down my cellphone rings.
"Hello?" I ask, wiping my tears.
"Liz, it's Zack." I nearly gasp in surprise, Zack found me a year ago, he was to Santa Fe and me too because my dad send me to this place to deliver a cake. I recognyzed him in the second, he was like I imagined him, tall, with blonde hair and his blue green eyes that never I forgot, few hours later this short meeting Maria was here too so he didn't talk me, he went to the Crash Down and give me the number of his vocalmail. Of course, he didn't know about the aliens. So what he was calling me? I went upstairs to be alone.
"There is a problem?" I ask, worried for my other brothers and sisters.
"I need your help, liz."
"You can count on me, bro, what's happened?"
"Tinga was captured. Max and me decided to deliver her, we separated ourself to go faster and Max found her before me. But she died, they killed her, they put her in a capsule in a green serum to watch her. Maxie, in front of this, broke the capsule and stayed with Tinga, crying, she wouldn't let her. They have Maxie now, I need your help sis, now, Syl, Krit and me are in Seattle, trying to make a plan to do escape Max. Are you in?"
"Of course, give me just 8 hours to rejoin you."
"Ok, call me when you'll be in Seattle."
"Zack, why did they do this to Tinga?" I ask, trying to understand.
"She had a child, a little boy and she gave him our abilities."
"Where is he now?" I question worried for him. I can't believe it, Tinga was mother and they killed her. How could they do this to her?! Bastards!
"He's sade, don't worry. See you soon sis."
"Yes." I say, cutting the call. Few minutes later, for all people in Roswell, I went to Florida, to my aunt.

8 hours later, I was in Seattle, 6 am, I call Zack who gave me the address of the building where they were, on the docks. Few minutes later, I met Zack, Krit and Syl who I haven't seen since ten years now. We checked our weapons.
"What have you, sis?" asks me Syl.
"4 automatics with loaders, 3 lasers and grenades." I told.
"Not bad." says Krit, smirking. I smirk back.
"Thanks bro."
Suddenly a jeep of Manticore forced the door, instinctively we raise our guns, ready to shot. But it's Maxie who left the car, I saw her smile and she hugs Krit and Syl, after she saw me.
"Liz, I missed you so much." she told me hugging me too.
"Zack told us you were captured. How do you left?"
"With a little help of someone."
She tears away of the car someone than never I think see again. Lydecker.
"What is he doing here?!" yells Zack, mad, I wasn't far behind him.
"Are you ill Maxie, why do you take him with you?!" I ask angry, I lose my calm.
"Lydecker who's here" explained Max " will give us a little help."
"For what?" asks Krit.
"Take down Manticore." she finished.
She began to explain us her plan, who seems work.
"Ok, but why will trust him? it's suicide, Max." says Syl, glaring to Lydecker.
"'cause Manticore wants kill him too."
"It's ironic, no Lydecker?" I asked him.
"If it's not X5-491." I grabbed him by the collar, feeling my anger burns against this man.
"My name is Liz." I whisper coldly. " And remember, I'm not so gentle than Maxie, I'll not hesitate to kill you if you lie to us. And you know what I'm capable to do, right?"
"... Right." he finally answered.

Few hours later, it was the night, we were ready, dressed in soldier's uniforms, armed. In front of us, was the hell where we have lived, Manticore ever localised in Gillette, Wyoming. We were divided in two groups, Zack and Max were together and should go put the bomb in the labs, Krit and Syl go the computer's room to stop and destroy the security system, me, I was in charged to crack the files. We separated ourself, Logan had changed cameras system so there was no proofs of our presences.
After few seconds, we were on the computer room, I begin to work on the code's system to have access to the central memory of Manticore. In their side, Zack and Max have put the detonators. I say to Syl and Krit to leave 'cause they have finished their mission, few seconds later I heard the alarm. Shit! I haven't finish yet, just one little minute and it's okay.
"Max, Zack leave now!" I heard Logan say. " Liz, you too."
"Brin!" yells Max. " She goes to the labs, I'll stop her."
"No Max!" yells Zack.
"Leave, bro. I'll come back." she says.
"Liz, where are you?" asks Zack. Just again one little minute and I crack the files.
"I have nearly finish..." I say.
"Liz, go out! Lydecker told me that on your only way of escape, an unit of X7 come. Get out of here."
"Liz, it's not the moment, I don't care about the files, I want that you leave NOW." orders Zack.
"Ok, I leave. I give them a virus, they'll took a month or more to use their central unit. It's better than nothing."
"Where are you?" asks Logan.
"On my way, nothing for the moment."
"Wait! your left, 2 guards."
I shot them and continue to run.
"X7?" I ask.
"Your right." Shit the only possible door. Wait, I have again one possible way of escape. I look at the window, it's nearly ironic, it's the same by who we escaped 10 years ago. I pass through it, hearing the X7 behind me, suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder.
"SHIT! I'm hit."
"Bad?" asks Zack. " Need help? I'm not too far of you."
"No, I can handle that. Where are the others?"
"Syl and Krit are nearly to the van, Max and Zack are in the forest, you're the more near of Manticore." told me Logan.
"Ok, I enter in the forest too. I don't see anymore the X7, I thin they'll separate."
"Be careful Liz and hurry up!" yells Zack. It's to this moment that someone hit me, I fell on the ground but in the next second jumped on my feet to stay stun in front of my clone of 10 years old. She wants shot me but I don't let this happen, I kick her writs who hold the gun and began to fight against her. In my earphone, I heard Zack fought, he's hit, I heard a detonation too.
"Zack, the X7 are our clones!" I yell during kicking myself in the chin, she fell on the ground, unconscious.
"Zack? Zack?!" I scream, praying to heard his voice.
"Run Liz." he says, his earphone is off, shit! he's captured. I ran to go near of the van but stop in front of Logan who's crying against Max who her, is lying on the ground. She's hit in the heart, I know she's dead.
"Logan, where's Lydecker?"
"It was a trap, he returned to Manticore. I understand it when he didn't want detonate the labs's bombs but I did it. The labs are destroyed. Oh, Maxie, she can't be dead."
"Zack is captured too, we should leave now. The X7 will be here soon."
"No, I can't let her here."
"I'm sorry Logan, but I'm sure she won't you dead too." I punch him in the face and he's unconcious, I took him instead that my shoulder didn't stop to bleed. I went to the van where were Syl and Krit and explained the situation, taking the command.
We arrived to Seattle, after Krit and Syl decided to left, I gave them my number phone if they needed to call me, now I was the CO. I stayed with Logan during the end of the summer, affraid that he tried to make a mistake who could cost his life. We talked often and he promised me to do nothing dangerous about Manticore. I gave him my phone and left Seattle to return to Roswell.

End of Flash back

Sometimes I have the impression that it's to another person who lived this story and not me. Sometimes I have the feeling that my sister Max is ever alive and with Zack.

How do you find it?????????? I should say that I'm very proud of this part! and I really hope you'll like it !
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I already explain this in my first part, in the Autor's note:

Dark Angel, end of season 1. Zack didn't shot himself to save Maxie. It's Brin who fought her brainwashing and rediscovered her mind so she shot herself to give her heart to her sister. Zack couldn't stop her and he's in Manticore too but of course, the other transgenics ignore it.

So I think I answer to your question. All is clear now, right? *big**angel*
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Hey guys, here Liz finally tells to Michael her secret, hope you'll like it.

Dedicace to: Rae85, Bored to Mundane Life (x2), Calinia


Sometimes I have the impression that it's to another person who lived this story and not me. Sometimes I have the feeling that my sister Max is ever alive and with Zack.

Part 5

It makes five months since I saw Liz's bruises. And I can't help but ask myself how she had this. I try to stay patient, to don't push her, I won't another fight, it was already hard to apologize her and plus she began to trust me and I'm glad to see that. I mean nobody could think that Liz has a problem, she's ever smiling and acting like nothing is wrong but I know it's not the truth. So I want protect her, not because she knows about us, aliens but 'cause me, Michael Guerrin, called the Stonewall, care about her. Liz count a lot for me, after all she's my first friend, I mean my first really "human" friend and I like her very much. And maybe more than that.

I climb her balcony easily, I want make her a surprise 'cause it was her birthday today, I don't what she wouldn't have a party but I bought her a gift. I hope she'll like it. It's an horror book, yes, Liz Parker loves horror books, who could have believe that? Yesterday, I was in front of a library when I saw it, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIR, of Anne Rice. I smile, imagining her surprised face. Her window is open so I pass by it silently and watch her sleep, she looks so peaceful, no, in fact she's not, she doesn't stop to move, moaning in her sleep. I go near of her, her forehead is sweaty, sure she has a bad dream. I touch her shoulder to wake her but instead of that a connection is made between us and I see her dream.

Liz's dream (it's a memory, Liz POV)
The forest, I was running, hearing the X7 behind me. Suddenly I heard a noise and in the same time someone jump on me, I fall on the ground. I look at my enemy and stay speechless, it's my clone, she looks like myself when I was eleven, I can't move I'm too stun. I feel a sharp pain in my right side, she cut me with her knife and badly. I punch her in the face, making her release her grip and jump on my fight. We begin to turn in circle, ready to fight, I stay calm and concentrate, I can't be captured, I prefer the death than return to Manticore.
I watch her, she's me but I know that I should fight against her if I want leave so I decide to attack her. I send her an uppercut in her chin and make her fell, I jump on her and start to punch her in the face until she collapses. I look at my hands and I see them recovered of blood, she bleeding. It's her blood that I have on my hands, my own blood in fact.
"Zack! It's our clones!" I warn him.
"Run Liz. They'll come..." he says.
I feel a hand on my shoulder, I grab the person firmly by the neck and begin to strangle him.

" LIZ !"
End of Flash

I open my eyes to find me on Michael, my hands around his neck, he's trying to push me away, incapable to breath. Rapidly, I release my grip, it was a dream and Michael... I nearly killed Michael. I stay frightened to think what will be happened if I didn't wake up, I'm sure that I'll killed him. I can't stay, not after what I did.

Michael was massaging his neck, lying against the wall, breathing heavily. I bite my lower lips, watching him, I notice the packet covered near of him, he went here to give me a gift for my birthday and I just found the way to thank him trying to strangle him. I feel blood in my mouth and realise that I bit too hard my lips, I can't let him look at me. I can't let him look at me and see the fear in them, I'll not support that, watch Michael look at me and discover my true face, a freak hidden by an angel face. I run out of my room, on my balcony and leave by my ladder, I heard him calling me but don't stop. I just nearly killed my best friend tonight, I run faster, don't caring if someone see me and notice that I'm not normal. My life is an hell, never I will be like the others, normal. I feel tears in my eyes and for the first time since a long time I let them run in my checks.

I run, again and again, going in the desert, trying to focus on the pain in my lungs and not in my heart. Since the escape Michael was the first person with who I was really myself, I don't say that Maria or Alex aren't my friends but I always play a roll when I was with them, I was the Perfect Little Lizzie, with Michael I was just... myself. I know perfectly that he will not trust me anymore and I understand why. But it's hurt so bad, I feel like if I loosed a brother, we were so similar, we understand each other perfectly and I think that maybe for the first time in my life I was falling in love. But it's impossible now, who can love a monster, a labatory experience?

I stop I must have run far, I turn to watch the land around me and I'm surprise to find me in front of the rock where are the pods. It's so ironic, it's the place where Michael, Isabel and Max were "born". I sit on the rock, looking the dark sky. The darkness, maybe Lydecker was right, maybe I belong to the darkness, maybe that I'm just a soldier and nothing more, maybe I'm not supposed to stay with the normal people and live with them, I just hurt the person that I love. Yes, I love Michael, he was my best friend, caring about me and never I trust so much a person than him but I lost him. I let just one tear rolls on my check remembering Michael 'cause to this moment I decide to leave Roswell... permanently.

Suddenly I heard a car's noise not too far of me, the lights of the car fall on me. I don't move, it can be only him. My heart goes faster, I want run but my legs refused to walk, I watch during he stops the car, using my night vision I see him even better that if there was sun. He begins to walk near me, I see the enormous purple bruise on his neck. It's hurt to think that it's me who gave it to him.

"Don't come near me." I warn him, jumping on my feet I warn him, jumping on my feet.
But he didn't stop, I begin to leave but this time, he doesn't let me do that. He walks more fast and grab my wrist.

"NO! Don't touch me!" I yell, if he did I'll hurt him again. But he's stubborn like ever and doesn't listen me.
"Let me go! It's more safe for you, Michael! You don't understand!"

"So explain me, Liz!" he screams back. I'm stun to see him yell, he should be afraid of me, not angry. Maybe is angry to hide his fear.

"Stop to push me away. Tell me! Tell me why you're so afraid to touch me! Just explain me!"

"You don't see that I can kill you?! I have nearly did this earlier, didn't you see that?! It's better if I leave..."

"What are you saying? Leaving?" he asks.

"I decided to leave Roswell." I tell him. " Now, let me go, I should pack my stuff." I continue more firmly this time.

"No!" he yells, grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me. " You can't run of your problems. Look at me, Liz." he says taking my chin in his hand, forcing me to see his eyes. I'm surprise 'cause in them I see no fear only worry.

"Why aren't you afraid Michael?" I whisper, tears in my eyes.

"Of what?" he asks.

"Me. Me, Michael. You saw what I did to you... You should be afraid."

"Why?" he answers, cupping my check in his hand, whipping my tear. " 'Cause you're different, 'cause you have secrets. I'm not like this Liz, yes, I know what you did but I understand I saw your dream too. I should say nightmare."

My eyes grow wide and I tensed. He should notice this because he put his arms around me, putting me in an unexpected hug.

"I'm not scared Liz. I'll never be afraid of you. I know than never you want hurt me, I will be ever your friend, I just want that you trust me enough to tell me your secret."

I bit my lips looking at him, not believing that he doesn't reject me. I feel tears in my eyes, I'm pretty sure than never Michael said his feelings so openly to another person. I let my own wall fall and hug him back, crying happily against his chest. I feel his hand slowly caressing my hair, hearing him comforting me gently. I know that tomorrow I'll tell him who really I am but in this instant I just enjoy the feeling of his arms around me.

So how do you find this?????????????? *big**wink**tongue**tongue**big**bounce*

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You're totally right Bored to Mundane Life. You have totally understand Michael's behavior. But it's true that I should admit that he forgave Liz maybe too easily.

Oh, and bump for this fic!!!!!!!!!