Yeah, my name is Isabel Elizabeth Guerin, I'm fifteen and I have a secret, like everyone else in my strange family.
My mom, Maria was bitten before I was born and became the legendary SpiderGirl. My dad was a general in an alien army on our homeplanet and my uncle Max was King of it, my real mom Isabel she is a princess but she doesnt want or remember me. So that's why I'm with Michael and Maria, who love me just as much and even more. I hang out with my uncle Peter all the time; he's usually sad that he lost the girl he really loved fifteen years ago and she never knew he cared.
But they all have secrets to keep and so do I, when my mom Isabel was Pregnant with me Maria connected with me and I took some of her genetic make up and she had been bitten and the change in her was permanant so I inherited Spider Abillities from her. So instead of getting my once a month moodyness I grow stronger and I can crawl about even more so than usual.
The first time this happened I thought about telling my mom but decided against it when she was in a argument with my dad about using his powers. So I snuck out and went to Unkie Pete because of who he was until Mary-Jane died. Grand-Pa Parker was grumbling on the couch when I arrived and Unkie Pete was wearing week old clothes, which smelt disgusting by the way!, He welcomed me in and I had tread carefully over the dead pizza boxes dumped on the floor.
"YOUR LIVING IN A PIG STY!" I cried and rolled up my sleeves as he flopped down on the couch next to Grand-Pa. I channeled my energy and on the room, focusing on making it clean and let go of the built up energy and the room was clean and all the rubbish was floating in a clump above me. I forced the molecules of the clump into a bin bag and put it out.
"Grand-Pa, its me Izzy Liz" I told the poor confused man
"Aah, my grand daughter well come here pet and sit on my knee and I'll ask May to make you some cocoa" he smiled. I felt sorry for him, he was totally confused and alone, and he thought my Grand-Ma may was alive though I had never met here I loved her and went to visit her's and Mary-Janes grave every saturday.
I sat down next to Grand-Pa and he pulled me into a bear hug, god he might not be all there in the head but he sure is strong for an old guy! He half crushed me in his bear hug.
"So Izabel, why'd you come here?" Unkie Pete asked
"Well I wasnt going to ask my mom but she was fighting with Dad again. Soooo I came to you since your the only other person I can ask about this" I stated
"Listen if its anything I cant help you there-"
"Its not, I have Spider Powers and I need to control them becasue they look like they're a permanant thing" Unkie Pete's face turned white, all the colour drained from his face even his mouth. I had hit home hard,
"Go home Izabel, I cant help you I gave it up a long time ago" he whispered and I grew angry
"Your my UNCLE! YOUR S'POSED TO HELP ME!" I roared and waved my hand above my head and the rubbish I cleared from the room appeared again and I left and slammed the door and stomped off. I went down to the cemetary to see Grand-Ma and aunty MJ, when I got there the gates where locked. I went to the wall and thunder cracked in my ears, I stuck my hands to the wall and climbed up and jumped down on the other side.
I wander through the dark, I knew the way off by heart so I found the graves easily. It was dark and I couldnt see the words. I put my hand up and let it glow so I could read the words
Martha Anna Parker 1957-2003. Mary Jane Watson, 1982-2003. I started crying, these people were dead and they shouldnt be. My uncle turned me away because these people were dead!
"IZABEL!" I turned and saw my mom running up to me "OH GOD! dont you ever scare me like that again!" she shouted and shook me
"Mom! Please I'm fine!" I pleaded hoping she would quit shaking me.
"Maria, she's okay lets just get her home where its dry and warm" my dad ordered her. Mom pulled me up and shoved me into the back of the car,
"Mom, can I go stay with my mom for a few days?" the car grew silent and Zan hit me in the arm
"I'm sure I could call her" whispered my mom, I heard her sob and felt really guilty
"Never mind, its summer soon so maybe we can all go up and Visit aunty Liz and uncle Max?"
"Yeah, that would be nice I havent seen Liz in a long time, I miss my best friend a lot" smiled mom and dad started the car and drove home.
The summer came all too soon and we were packing up our bags, and piling them into our People Carrier. We took the route North, Uncle Max had settled in Canada and we had to cross the border.
Three hours later we arrived after the intense car journey. I had got angry at Zan because he kept hitting me in the arm and wriggling so I stuck him to the seat with webbing.
"IZABEL!" aunty Liz cried when she saw me
"Aunty Lizze!" I ran over and gave her a big hug, Zan got out and slowly walked round to Liz
"You didnt tell me you had another kid!" Aunty Liz gasped and I turned round and saw Zan standing there nervously
"He's not mom's, he's Zan"
"What!" Liz whispered "Thats Zan, Oh my word! What's Max going to say! He doesnt even remember you after the accident!"

To Be Continued
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