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Lets all say thanks to Nikkisue for the fantastic banner!

Title: Falling Down
Rating: pg:13
Couples: M/L
Summary: the charmed ones aren’t the most powerful witches after all…
Authors note: Ok so I know this is kinda a cross over and all… but the charmed ones really don’t appear and the only other character is Leo, who is no longer a white lighter. Its all about the next generation, so I was kinda hoping I could get away with it!!! I so am gonna finish my other fics, but this idea was too good to pass up!! Also feedback would be nice!! Also the song is Avril Lavigne’s Falling Down, which as you can clearly see is also the name of the fic.

If fears what makes us decide,
Our future journey,
I'm not along for the ride,
Cuz I'm still yearning,
To try and touch the sun,
My fingers burning,
Before you're old you are young,
Yeah I'm still learning
I am falling down,
Try and stop me,
It feels so good to hit the ground,
You can watch me,
Fallin on my face,
It's an uphill human race,
and I am falling down
I'm standing out in the street,
The earth is moving,
I feel it under my feet,
And I'm still proveing,
That I can stand my ground,
And my feet are there, haven't washed my hair
Too be lost before you are found,
Don't mean you are losing
Some day I'll live in a house
Etc., etc., etc.
Don't you know that's not for now
and for now I'm falling
Yeah e Yeah..Yeah e Yeah,
I'm falling down,
I'm falling down..I'm falling down...
I'm falling....


Wars before them have been fought, and for the four of them coming to Roswell was the only way to forget a past left behind. For one a wife and sisters were lost in an instant, and he was unable to heal them. The other 3 each lost a mother, one who’s father was a shell of his former self, one who’s father was lost in battle, and one, who’s father was the cause of all destruction, all the pain that the others were in, and feelings all the guilt and remorse that no person should feel. Roswell would be a place were they would all heal, where they could start again. A place were 3 of them could learn their destiny, and discover that the charmed ones would live again, with more power than before. It was the place where 3 cousins, Alex, Maria and Liz and a father, Leo, could learn to love again…

I know its short, but the next part will be nice and long!!! I hope you can all wait!

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Hopefully I should have part one up tonight!
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Title: Falling Down
Rating: pg:13
Couples: M/L
Summary: the charmed ones aren’t the most powerful witches after all…
Authors note: Ok so I know this is kinda a cross over and all… but the charmed ones really don’t appear and the only other character is Leo, who is no longer a white lighter. Its all about the next generation, so I was kinda hoping I could get away with it!!! I so am gonna finish my other fics, but this idea was too good to pass up!! Also feedback would be nice!! Also the song is Avril Lavigne’s Falling Down, which as you can clearly see is also the name of the fic.

Part one

Fears. That’s the one thing that I can no longer understand the word of. Fears are what brought my family together and fears are what tore my family apart. Overall everyone that I know runs from fear, they hide hoping that it wont find them, maybe that it will pass them by for the rest of their life’s, because fear already wounded their souls to place that perhaps they cannot return.

But not me. I embrace the fear, I let it cover my heart, and I let it cover my soul with the darkness that it brings. But then, a part of me is what people fear. A part of me is what destroyed my family, and made us run from the fear. No longer can I run from the fear, because I am the fear. The only thing that held my father back from becoming one with that fear, was his love for my mother, but in the end not even that saved his soul. I haven’t got that. I see what my cousin’s think of me when the look in my eye. Their afraid that I will become the monster that my father was, afraid that I will destroy all that they have left. I understand what they are feeling. I didn’t ask to have this demon inside of me; I didn’t want the worry of becoming evil at any moment.

My only savior is knowing that I was born before my father became the source, and thus not riding me of a soul I am so desperate to keep. I know that I am one of a kind, the first half witch, half demon, which means that I have a high price on my head. The struggle of good and evil within me happens every day. I wish I could be like my cousin’s both part witch, part white lighter. Watching them with their power’s makes me more jealous of them then I ever should be. I love them both, but through my own fear I know that one day maybe it will be me that they are fighting.

It’s been a year since the 10 year war between good and evil. For 10 years I was fighting my own father, who could get inside my head and tried to bring me to his side. He knew that I was more powerful then my cousin’s, he knew that I would, in the end, be more powerful than even him. The witch/demon combination made me stronger than any could ever imagine. I had my mother’s power’s, along with a power she had when she was evil: the gift of fire. But then I too had my father’s power of shimmering. I wish I didn’t have any of his power, but I am stuck with it. I know I could get one of my cousin’s to bind my power’s, but if they do, and my father’s rises again, we are screwed.

My mother and my aunts sacrificed themselves, which was how we won the war, but I fear that if he rises again, it will be me and me alone that must stop him now. So this is where I am left. I must train, and become as strong as I can. I need to embrace my fear and let it cloud my vision of good and evil, so I can defeat my father. I know he is gone for now, but soon he will rise again, and I must be ready. To save Leo, who need’s to be saved from a pain he should never know, to save Alex was is my rock, to save Maria who is my saving grace, and mostly to save myself, Liz Halliwell, who need’s to be saved from the brink of evil…

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Do you want all the aliens to be the same or is it ok if I add some?
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Just bumping to let you guys know I edited part 1
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Just to clear it up,
Cole + Pheobe = Liz
Leo + Piper = Alex
Paige + a goodwitch (don't know who yet!) = Maria

Part 2

“Liz, hey Liz wake up!!!!” Alex called over to his cousin. After writing in her diary, in the van last night, Liz had fallen asleep. It was the first night in a long time, in fact, that she hadn’t woken up screaming from a nightmare.

“What is it Alex. Its only…” She paused to look at her watch, “man is it really 11 o’clock already??? How long was I asleep for?”

“About 14 hours, but who’s counting? Any way you have to come check out this crazy restaurant!!! It’s got the whole alien shenanigans.”

“Alex is shenanigans your word of the day? Coz after a while that word is gonna hurt my head, then I’ll be grumpy and then it’ll rub of on Maria, and then she’ll snap at you, then your snap at me for pissing off Maria in the first place, then I’ll shout at Maria, and well the cycle begins again. It happens every other day Alex!!!!”

“It does not….. ok maybe it does, but still who got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning???”

“I didn’t sleep in a bed last night Alex if you care to recall. You guys didn’t wake me when we pulled up to the motel. Ya left me in the van!!!!”

“Ohhhh riiiiiiight! Me forget!”

“You mean ‘I forgot’ Alex?”

“No me forget. Baby talk is in with the ladies!”

“It so is not Alex. If you believe that then there is no hope for you my friend.” Maria told Alex, when she entered the van. “You sleep alright Liz?”

“Of course. But Alex is being so annoying. Its not just the baby talk though. No, lets try ‘shenanigans’ Maria. Ahhhhhhhh!!!”

“What on earth is wrong with shenanigans??? It’s a perfectly good word! It means a playful or mischievous act. This whole town is full of playful aliens. Liz you have to look around this place. There’s even a UFO center for god sake. Me and Maria went in to sneak a peck, but this UFO nut, milkon or was it mitty?”

“Milton, his name was Milton. There was a huge sign, with his picture and Milton in huge bold letters. Man, if it weren’t for that hotty in there, I would have left instantly.” Maria answered for Alex.

“I wouldn’t have let you leave!”

“Alex you were checking out the blond in there!”

“I know.” Alex began to nod his head up and down, with a huge grin on his face.

“Oh god, Alex that face is disgusting!” The girls said in unison.

“Sorry!” He held his hand up, as an apologetic gesture. “How bout we let Lizzie here look at our new home.”

“Great. I’m starved, and kinda need a shower!” Liz hopped out of the van and followed Maria, while Alex locked up the van. Maria open the café door, and let Liz enter first. Maria walked in after, and smashed into the back of Liz, who had stopped dead in her tracks. “Maria what is this, a freak show??? There are alien pictures everywhere! And man what are the waitress’ wearing???”

“I know, it’s a trip isn’t it? Just think, what if the picture’s are real aliens? And they come to take over the world, through people’s digestive systems.” Liz began to laugh, and Alex joined them. Together they walked up to their new home. But Liz had a feeling that there was something in the shadows watching them…

Hope ya like!

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This was on the dreamer board, but its now on the x-over so I'd thought I'd bump to let everyone know!
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Thanks for your feedback so far!!!! Ok so the pod squad will make an appearance in the next part!!! And just as a pre warning if you will, a few home truths are learnt with a strange twist that I hope will make you laugh!!!!! Ok and I thought I'd help you out with who has what powers, trust me it will help the next part, which should be up tomorrow;

Maria: the power to move things with her mind, to orb objects and herself to different places, to heal and the power to astral project

Alex: the power to freeze time, to speed up time (blow things up) to slow down time(think matix style, eg he could make it so a bullet still moved, but at a mega slow pace), to heal and to orb (I guess he and maria might levitate too!!!)

Liz: the power of ESP (see things from the past, the now and the future), to levitate, to create fire (think evil pheobe) to power to literal freeze things (think past Prue from the 20's) and the power to shimmer (like cole)

That about sums it all up, and I'll see you guys tomorrow!
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Just a note to say a banner has been added on page 1!
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Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the great feedback!

Part 3

“Hey Liz, glad to see your awake!” Leo told his youngest niece. Liz was a sophomore, where as both Alex and Maria were seniors.

“Yea, sorry for sleeping so long! But uh, now I really need a shower. And, uh…” She paused and spun around once, looking lost, “which way is the shower?”

“Well each room has its own bathroom, so when you guys pick where your staying, that’s where you shower is!”

“I call the biggest room!” Alex screamed.

“I call the biggest bathroom!” Maria shouted. Both Maria and Alex went running to find which room they wanted.

“I guess I’ll just take that one there…” Liz pointed to the room closest to her. She search the room she was currently in for her bags. When she found them, she picked them up, and took them into her new room. Liz closed the door behind her, and looked around. A double bed, a dresser and a wardrobe stood before her. She placed her bags on the floor, and turned to her left. There was a further door, which she assumed was her bathroom. She walked over to the other side of her room, to the window. There she could see that the window connected onto a balcony. ‘Hmm… maybe I could put some deck chairs, fairy lights and candles out there. Must be a great place to look for constellations.’ She climbed out onto the balcony. She could see the alley way below, and noted that there was a jeep parked below. She stayed out there for a few more minutes, before climbing back into her room. She picked up her back, when a premonition hit her….


A guy walked into an apartment. He’s with a tall blond girl, when they see another guy, and girl. The second guy is blowing up rocks. First guy talks,

“No rock stands a chance against Michael Guerin!”

*End Flash*

“Maria, Alex!!!” Liz called out to her cousin’s. A few seconds later, they both ran into her room.

“Liz what is it, are you OK?” Alex asked, looking extremely worried.

“I saw, a premonition.” She explained what she saw. “I think that they might be demons or something. Can you guys sense anything in the area?” The two of them concentrated. About 2 minutes later, they were still concentrating. Maria spoke first,

“No, I can’t feel them honey. Maybe they have some sort of block up.”

“Yea that’s what I thought,” Alex spoke up. “We can try again later.”

“Yea sure, I was just kinda worried!”

A few hours later…

“Hey do you guys wanna go help close up the crashdown, then we can have a kinda welcome to the alien abyss party!” Alex asked.

“Sure sounds cool. Wanna come Liz?”

“Hell yea.” They made their way downstairs, and into the café. Suddenly Alex and Maria stopped dead in their tracks, making Liz crash into the back of them.

“What is it guys?” Liz looked around them, and saw the four people from her vision, plus one other she had never seen before. Both Alex and Maria screamed out together,


Hope ya like!

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Today I have the flu, which, all though means I'm sick, also means that I might have time to update later. So hopefully part 4 will be up then!!!
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Thanks for all the feedback!! Its been great!!!

Previously on Falling Down

“What is it guys?” Liz looked around tem, and saw the four people from her vision, plus one other she had never seen before. Both Alex and Maria screamed out together,


Part 4

Liz’s POV

“What do you mean where aliens… I have no idea what your talking about???” The short blond replied, in an extremely panicky. I had no idea what Alex or Maria were on. I mean just because we now live in the alien capital of the world, does not mean aliens exist…. right?

“Yes you are. I mean earlier we couldn’t sense you, but obviously you have let your guard down. We can tell that your aliens.” Maria explained. Maybe their demons! I mean come on guys this isn’t funny, aliens aren’t real. Maria has sniffed to many chemicals today, or something!! Honestly. I noticed that the four people from my vision turn to look at the guy that I didn’t recognize. He was quite a bit shorter than the other guys that were with him.

“Kyle, did you let your block down?” The tall blond turned to ask the shorter guy, who I guess must be called Kyle.

“Isabel I can’t keep it up for as long as you. It’s not my fault I’m not as strong now is it??”

After he said that it all went to hell. The 5 of them began to argue, and then Maria and Alex joined in, both wanting an explanation. The tall guy with the spiky hair began to shout at Kyle, wanting to know why he was so stupid letting down his block, and believing that we were the enemy, then asking Maria how she knew what they were, and Maria arguing right back. The two blonds and the third guy, who I must say is so gorgeous, began arguing with Alex. Man it was so funny. I, on the other hand, went to sit down on one of the stools, and after about 2 minutes got so very board. So to entertain myself, began to flick my flame power on and off. You could say that my thumb looked like a lighter, flicking on and off, on and off…. The flame danced and twirled, it looked like lovers mating, it rose, and fell as I blew on it. Of course I was so hypnotized by the flame, that I didn’t know that the power in the place had blown (Michael was slightly reckless with his powers) and the only source of light in the café was coming from my thumb, and had been for the last 5 minutes. Nor had I noticed that all arguing had stopped, and everyone was staring at me in shock. I guess Alex and Maria were surprised that I would use my powers recklessly, but hey if Michael can blow the power, why can’t I play around huh??? The really cute guy was the first one to speak,

“What the heck are you people??? You already know what we are; now we wanna know how!” Oh… so aliens do exist. Who would have figured? Alex went first.

“Were witches. Are mother’s were the charmed ones. Both me and Maria are also half white lighter, and Liz over there,” he pointed to me. I interrupted him,

“I’m half demon. My father was the source of all evil. So I suggest you don’t piss me off, or it might come back and bite you in the ass!”

“Liz!” Maria scolded me.

“What? He asked, I told. Oh, and big ears,” I pointed over to the cutie who covered his ears defensively,

“The names Max.”

“What ever. Any way, those to can sense feelings, energies. Earlier I had a vision, its one of my powers, that spike over there blew up some rocks. Coz no rock can stand a chance against Michael Guerin.” The 5 of them stood opened mouthed at me. “So when Kylie over there dropped his guard, they knew what he was, and then the rest of you. Well anyway I’m spent, and could some one fix the power, or Leo will freak. Good night.”

“Liz,” Alex called after me.

“Tomorrow Alex, we’ll talk tomorrow.” I began to walk into the back, when I was hit with a vision…

Hope its good enough for ya!!!

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Just to make it clear, Kyle is half alien, his mother was an alien!
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I'm still ill today...*sad* However for some reason this makes me more creative (or delutional I can't tell!*big*) so hopeful there shall be another part tonight. Fingers crossed. Also I would like to point out that Kyle's mum was the other protecter who fell in love with valenti. She died when Kyle was young (Khivar killed her!) There is a link between Khirvar, Cole and his mum dying, but I'm not telling you quite yet, it will reveal itself in due time!

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Thanks for all the feedback so far!!!!

Part 5a



They mustn’t know the truth, the power with be within the next generation Melinda. We must protect them, before the end of the world…

*End flash

What on earth was that? I have never had a vision like that before, it was incomplete, and it felt like it happened a long time ago. Also why am I’m on the floor? I’ve never passed out before… oh look there’s an angel above me.


She was walking away from me… I mean us. They know who we are, and she can just blow it off like an unimportant thing. What’s wrong, why is she shaking. Oh shit, why is she falling to the ground? I bet get over there and see if I can help. Alex is trying to bring her round. She’s cut her head on some glass she knocked over as she fell. It looks like Alex is trying to heal her, but can’t.

“Let me try Alex. I can heal too.” I tell him.

“You can? Well by all means. Sorry when Liz is hurt, I panic, and my power doesn’t wanna work, plus Maria is better at the witchy stuff than the white lighter stuff.” I give him a small smile, and begin to heal her. I can’t connect to her,

“Liz you have to open your eyes, or I can’t heal you.” Her eyes open a crack,

“Oh look there’s an angel above me.” She’s says in a small voice. That one sentence makes my heart beat a mile a minute. Nothing has effected me like that before. I’m in, we’ve connected. Before I know it the flashes begin,


Liz trying on her mother’s make-up


Liz fighting her father, but almost failing


Liz writing in her diary


A great a fear of becoming evil

*End Flash*

There's alot more going on inside Liz, then I think she shows even her cousins, but I can feel that love and protectiveness of her family, and how scared she really is of the darkside. Maybe I could be the one who saves her from that place...

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Just a heads up... what sorta powers would you guys like Kyle to have???
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New part will be up tomorrow!!!!
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Ok, so I wont be able to update now till bout sunday!
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Just to let you guys know, I wont be updating till after the board moves!