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Title: The Power Of The Roswellian Four
Author: Jeremiah
Category: M/L.M/M.A/I.K/T
Disclaimer: I dont own Roswell, It belongs to Scifi and Jason Katims. And Charmed belongs to the WB and aaron Spelling
Summary: Liz, Maria,Alex and Kyle find that they too have a destiny to follow. This is thier journey to acceptance and living thier lives as the new powerful charmed ones.

Part 1

"Come On! we have to tell them now! Piper Phoebe and Paige are dead! we have to tell them that they are the charmed ones now!" Grams said to Patty.

"I Know, But we have to take in accont that thier lives will be completely turned upside down when they do know the truth! I dont think I can do that. To tell them that thier lives had been a Lie since thier conception." Patty looked her mother in the eye while saying that. She couldnt believe that Her sister nancy didnt tell them about thier legacy.

"We have Nancy to blame for that. I had always told her that It is a good thing to be who we are, But she never listened. She had always seemed to be ashamed of it. Now we have to do the hard work for her. we have to go down thier and rip those poor babies lives apart. To tell them that they have a destiny."

Roswell New Mexico.............

"Girl He is so checking you out!" Maria DeLuca said to her Best friend Liz Parker. They were more than that. They were sisters, even if not by blood.

"Maria, Your imagination is off playing tricks on you! Ben Stevenson is so not checking me out! Plus remember that I am not in the mood to be dating now." Liz said to remind Maria that Liz was so not Ready to date. Not after the fact that Her so called soulmate decided to take a step back and follow his so callled destiny.

"Liz, Forget the loser. Max is so not worth the time and energy it takes to think about him. they are the ones that decided to go and follow thier destinys. Now we have to move on!" Maria said as she heard the bell above the door jingle and she looked up to see Alex and kyle thier other best Friends walk through the door with The Pod Squad. What made it worse was Alex and Kyle were holding hands with Isabel and Tess. Both Maria and Liz were in shock. How the hell did this happen?????! last time anyone checked, Max was with Tess and Isabel with Michael.

"Hey Guys what's up?" Alex said non chantlant. He knew the girls were going to be suprised that they were back together with Isabel and Tess. But that would only be until they were back with Max and Michael.

"Dont! hey us guys like that! tell us the 411 on why the HELL You are back with the creatures from outer space!" Maria shouted. She was pissed. There was No way she was going to allo her friends to be walked all over by the podsters again.

"That was nice Maria! really nice to see what You really think about us!" Michael said with a bit of his usual sarcasim.

"Dont even pretend that you care! You were the ones that broke up with us! so now you have to deal with the consquenses.!" Maria shouted back.

"Look I know we hurt you guys when we decided to follow our destiny. But you Guys have to know the truth." Max said trying to Reason with Maria and Liz. Just thinking about Liz made his heart skip a beat. he just hoped that Liz would be understanding.

"Go ahead. Explain." Liz said careful not to stare into Max's eyes for too long. She wanted him back of course but she wanted to be strong and Not take him back tooo soon. After all she still had her dignity.

"Kivar was here. On Earth.He found out that the Royal four were in Roswell New Mexico." Max said to the humans that have become a part of the aliens hearts.

"Kivar was Here? Like right Here?" Maria asked. just a little shakenup by the fact that the alien's greatest enemy was among them.

' Key word was. He found out that you guys were the keys to Our Hearts. To Our Survival. So the only way we could think off was to pretend that were were following our destinys to protect you." Max finished the story.

"So what happened to Kivar?" Liz asked. Not sure If she was going to like the answer.

"He left. Went back to Antar. After we took his main power source away. Larek came and took Kivar back as a prisoner. Soon to be executed." Isabel said with a shudder. to think one that she was in love with That Man.

"So Is this finally over?" Maria asked with caution.Not wanting to get her hopes up.

"So far, It looks like that it is over." Tess said as she contined to play footsie with Kyle.How could she ever think that she could follow a destiny with max when there was No real feeling involved.

"Thanks for letting us know. But we have to go to work now." Liz said as she and maria left the booth leaving Max and Michael hurt.

"Give them some time. I am sure they will come around." Alex said to the gloomy male aliens. but he was glad that his Girls were showing themselves a backbone. Even when he couldnt.

As Lunch came and gone the group of eight were still in the Crash. Some were making mooney eyes and some were making out. And some were trying to ignore two certain people that were making the moony eyes. but No One Noticed that Ben Stevenson was still there. His eyes on Liz Maria Alex and Kyle.

"Soon. Real Soon."

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AN: I just want to Thank Everyone for the amazing feedback! This is my first crossover fic so I am not sure. But Thanks for all the kind words. here is part 2.

Part 2

"Are you sure they didn't know you were there." The man on the other side of the phone said to Ben Stevenson. Ben was giving his daily report to his boss on the progress of watching the Charmed ones.

"Yes. I am completely positive. Well That girl Maria made a crack to Liz that I was checking her out. But they Both consider that I am complete human." Ben said with a smile. Things couldnt get any better. he was suppose to kill the Charmed ones and so far things looked pretty easy, They dont Know that they are The almighty powerful charmed ones. How perfect.

"Good. It is pretty sad that they dont even wonder the possibility, You know. After all they deal with aliens all the time. Now they dont even know when Thier enemys are Right across from them."

"So true, so true. So next time tomorrow, I should have some more." Ben said as he continued to keep His eye on The Crashdown.

"Let me know if anything changes."

"I will. Talk to you later Cole."


"I dont know If I can do this. I mean I love him and He loves me. the whole thing was just a cover to protect us." Liz said to Maria while they were cleaning up the mess the Customers so left behind.

"I Love Spaceboy too, you know that. But If we give in to them now, they are just going to think that It is going to be alright to keep on doing this to us. And I am tired of always comiing second Or third to him." Maria relyed. there was no way In Hell that she was going to let this slide. She was done being made a fool of. If Spaceboy wanted to be with Her. He is going to have to earn it.

"I know, You're right as usual. I just miss him so much maria. Sometimes it hurts to much. But I wont let him make a weak attempt and I just going to run back to him. But I have to be happy for at least one thing."

"What is that?" Maria asked curiously.

"At least that he didnt say that Tess was like him and He was attracted to it and had to find out and now He is over it. That would be a total lame ass way to get me back." Liz said with a laugh. Maria cracked a smile too. the two of them went to work as usual not noticing the flash of light that was coming upstairs in Liz's apartment.


Jeff and Nancy Parker were going over the books for the Crashdown when they were blinded by a white light.

"What was that?: Jeff asked.

"You dont even know your own Mother and sisiter In law jeffy! Now that Is down right sinful!" grams said with a smile. She and patty were here to knock some sense into Nancy. Both jeff and Nancy were suprised to see the two visitors in thier home.

"Mom! Patty what are you doing here?" nancy asked. She didnt need to, She had a feeling what this visit was about.

"Dont Mom Me! Young Lady you know why we are here! We Are here to knock some sense into you!"

"Nancy what Mom Is trying to say is, we need them to know thier Destiny, All four of them. we already left a note for Amy and Jim to come here. It is time for the next generation of charmed Ones to rise." patty plead with Her sister. It was the upmost Importance.

"Why? Why Now?" Jeff asked. Not quite sure he was happy knowing his baby Girl was going to be fighting evil.

"Because with Prue, Piper,Phoebe and Paige gone we need to activate their Powers." Grams said.

"Look Mom..." Nancy was about to answer back But patty cut Her off.

"Nan, Look I know were you are coming from. My Girls are dead. I Know How you feel. If I could of stopped them from being the charmed ones, I would. But Then I would of robbed them of who they are. The Very essence of who they are as Humans would of been gone. now I dont want that To happen to Liz." Patty said trying to convince Nancy. Nancy was torn up about it. But she knew that She couldnt keep it from Liz any longer.

"Jeff call Liz and Maria up here. It is time for them to Learn about Who they Really are."

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