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Autor : Demonyte
Pairing: Most UC. Max/Liz in the beginning, Clark/ Liz.
Autor's Note: In season 1 of Roswell, Liz told to Max that their relationship is over after the message of his mother. Sean is already in Roswell. Season 1 of Smallville, Clark decides to forget Lana Lang. Characters of Roswell and Smallville are all seventeen years old. (not including Lex of course)

Part 1

Roswell, New Mexico

"Please Max, stop! It's enough, don't you understand english? You and me it's over, O-V-E-R." Liz says to his annoying EX-boyfriend Max Evans. This guy is stubborn!

"No, Liz. I can't believe you, I'm sure that you still love me."

"Listen Max and I don't repeat this, yes I loved you but I can stay with you anymore, not after what I heard. You have a destiny, and it's with Tess, not me but Tess, we aren't mean to be together. I accept this situation and hope that you will be happy with Tess but if I can move on, you can too."


"The discussion is terminated like our relationship." she tells him firmly. " Now, leave my house!"

"Fine but it's not finished !" he answers before leaving.

The girl sighs heavily. 'Max doesn't stop to make me angry, I just want that he stops to act like a stupid hormonal teenager, can't he act like an adult? Really I need of vacations the more farther of Max , if only...'

"LIZ !!!!!!!!!" yells Maria, running to her. " You will not believe it!"

"What?" she asks to her friend hyperactive.

"You know that Sean has never know who was his father."

"Yes and?"

"Sit down, he found him, it's a bimillionaire business man."


"Yes, his name is Lionel Luthor."

Smallville, Kansas

Lex Luthor was driving one of his wonderful cars when he stops, seing his only friend of Smallville, Clark Kent, who was walking slowly, lost in his thoughts. He stops his car but Clark even doesn't notice him.

"He Clark! I begin to think that you won't talk to me if you ignore me like that." he says, grinning, watching his friend's face turning to him.

"Oh, Hi Lex."

"Wow, Clark, you're in broding type today."

"We can say that."

"Tell to Uncle Lex what is wrong."

"Ha ha ha, very funny Lex." answers Clark sarcastically.

"Oh, I see the point. I'm sure that the problem begins by an L and finishs by ana."

"Of course, it's Lana! It makes a year now that I tried to go out with her, and she only plays with me, passing of girl friend mod to flirting mod. I'm really tired of this Lex, so I decide to walk a little to think about this."

"And what is the conclusion?" Lex asks, watching his friend. ' I never see him so angry before.'

"I realise that I'm not Lana's Toy so I decide to move on."

Lex raises an eyesbrow, amused.

"Really Clark, you impressed me. Do you think that you are strong enough to pass on Lang ?"

"Yes." he answers firmly.

"You know you're not alone to change of life."

"What do you mean by that?" asks Clark, suddenly listening his older friend. 'Did he mean that his father decide to let him leave Smallville. I hope not, Lex is really a big friend.' he paled a little to his thought, Smallville will be less funny without Lex.

"Do you leave?" he asks slowly to Lex. Lex watchs him, a smile on his face.

"No, don't worry, I want never leave an attractive town than Smallville. Clark, Clark, you know me better than that." he teases him, enjoying see his friend becomes impatient.

"So spill out, what is it?"

"I just found out that I have a brother."


"Oh, maybe I should say step-brother. But I don't give you precisions it's complicated, he comes of one of severals conquests of my dearest father."

"And you're alright?"

"Of course Clark. And I have a news for you, my father admitted him, yeah, really strange, so he should come for the vacations with his cousin I think, to the manor. Like this, maybe you'll find the love with her."

"Shut up Lex." Lex laughs.

"Really Clark, I begin to think that I have a bad influence on you." he says.

Roswell, New Mexico

Wow! Big news, I hope that Sean is happy to finally found his father.

"So Sean and you go to Smallville during the vacations."

"Yes, totally. Because in Smallville is Lionel's Luthor Son, called Lex and like in this moment it's impossible for Lionel Luthor to come see us, we go to his manor."

"So I hope that you'll appreciate your travel."

"Please Liz! Come with us! I won't be go alone."

"But Maria I'm not a part of the family."

"It doesn't matter he told us that we can go with friends. Kyle goes with us already, so PLEASE come with us, I won't be alone in this new town, I need my best friend with me. And think about this if you come with us you can go away from Max."

Hey! It was a wonderful idea! I should take it.
"Right, ok, I go to Smallville too." I say smiling.

End of the part, what do you think?

PS for MRP, following your comment I checked my part, horribly frightened in front of all my mistakes, thanks to tell me. I certainly let few of them again, english isn't my first language so excuse me again for my faults.

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Autor's Note : Sean knows about the aliens too, he was here when Liz was shot and saved by Max. So with Maria he questionned Liz who finally told them (in the first season).

Part 2

Never I could think that one day I'll be in a private jet, Sean called Lex Luthor, his step-brother to ask him if it was okay if I join them with Kyle to the mansion. Happily it's alright. So now, we are in the plane, Kyle doesn't seem appreciate the flight, the poor, his face is green, really and I don't joke. Sean seems a little tensed but hey! Who will be not in his situation? It's a new part of Sean that I'll discover, yeah, before it's was just Maria's cousin, Sean, the guy who didn't stop to joke. I put my hand on his and smile at him, he smiles back, I'm happy than I can comfort him.

I giggle, when I was eleven, I had a big crush on him, it's finished now but before I'll have all give to hold his hand, yes, really childisch but I was a child during this period. I think I'm considerate myself more than a sister for him than a lover and he has the same feelings for me. I don't count the number of jokes that we realised together or with Maria's and Alex's help. Alex couldn't go with us because him and his parents make a travel in France, lucky Alex! He runs far of Isabel Evans too, yeah, really funny, all like myself with Max. Maybe I'll found a lover in the paradisiac town called Smallville, I took a paper on the table who talked of Smallville and groaned.

"What have you Liz?" asks Maria, looking at me, concerned. I don't answer so Sean takes me the paper, reads it and begins to laugh hysterically.

"Stop it Sean, it's not funny." I warn him, punching his arm. He doesn't stop and gives the paper to Kyle who rappidly follows him. Maria becomes impatient.

"Hey! I want know too!" she says. Kyle, uncapable to speak gives her the brochure. She begins to read it loud.

"Smallville, in Kansas, known to be... the meteorite's capital."

"Why? Everywhere where I go there is ever alien's thing ?! It's not fair!" I say. I look at my friends who try to stop their laughters but finally I laugh with them, the situation is too ironic. We finish the travel, talking and joking. Maybe it will be not so bad after all.

Smallville, Kansas. Luthor's private airport.

"Really Lex, I don't know why you took me with you. It's not like I know them." says Clark to his older friend.

"Stop groan Clark, since you told me that you moved on Lana you're really grumpy, where is passed the smiling guy?" he teases. Finally Clark laughs.

"Sorry, you're right. It's just it's harder than I had think. I mean I see her all day in school and now it's the vacations but you know perfectly that Smallville is a small town, so I'll see her again soon or later."

"But later is better so it's the reason for why I took you with me to meet them. Stop broding Clark, they arrive, see."

The plane goes easily on the ground and few minutes later, the passengers left it. Lex grabs his friend by the arm, smiling and comes meet the arrivals.

"Hi I'm Lex Luthor, I'm glad to receive you in the pretty town called Smallville and this is my best friend Clark Kent."

"Hi, I'm Sean Deluca, your step-brother." says Sean, shaking Lex Luthor's hand. " This is my cousin, Maria, and our friends Kyle Valenti and Liz Parker."

"Glad to meet you." says Lex, ever smiling. " And glad to know that I have a beautiful cousin." Maria blushs like a tomato to his comment, I contain a laughter, Maria normally is never speechless but here, for the first time in her life she is.

"Thank you" she finally answers after severals minutes. " You aren't bad yourself, Mr Luthor." Lex just laughs at this.

"Please, call me Lex."

Lex Luthor... I mean Lex seems not bad, I find that Sean and him have a lot of similarities in fact. He's cute, is really like Sean, they share the same assurance, I think they have the same age, maybe he's more older than Sean but not very much.

My look stops on his friend and... I just can't stop to watch him, he's really handsome, my god! Tall, muscular, with the more beautiful blue eyes that I never seen and his smile. Wow! Someone should hit me I'm dreaming here, a guy like this can't be exist. Clark Kent, it's his name, wow! I feel a big crush arrive, but I stay realist, a guy like that has certainly already a girlfriend and he seems not be just a guy only interested by sport. I sigh, I really stop dreaming and stay on earth. I feel myself blush when he takes me looking at me, he just smiles a little. OMG, I'm pretty sure that I'll become more red than Maria earlier.

"You're ok, Liz?" asks Kyle passing an arm around my shoulders and having not notice that I was watching Clark.

"I'm alright, Kyle. Just I didn't think it will make so warm here." I lied, of course he bought this but seing the glowing in Maria and Sean's eyes, I was certain they understand my behavior, I heard already their teasing.

During the presentations, I can't help but look at Liz subtily, she's really beautiful, someone can explain me why I should have a crush on the brunettes? She wears a red pull with dark pants with a leather jacket. I always find Lana beautiful but Liz, she's even more beautiful than her. And her smile, but like Lana I'm sure than never she'll notice me, my hopes grow a little when I catch her looking at me and saw her blush, sadly my hopes failed when Kyle asked her if she was fine, passing his arm around her shoulders. I sigh, why she has already a boyfriend, I think than never I will be lucky in love.

But after all, what have I expect? Ok, I moved on and stopped to daydreaming about Lana but now, I feel myself do the same about Liz. I turn my head to see Lex watching me, my smile freezes, oh no, this glowing in his eyes, Mr Matchmaker comes back. NO !!!!!!! I think the two next months make of my life an hell. During that we go in the rolls, I talk with Sean, I'm stun, he has physics similarities with Lew but more, psychologis too they have both the same behavior assured, it's really surprising. Maria remembers me a lot Chloe, the two will heard really good. I sigh again, two Chloe God help me!

"Clark, I know that I don't speak a lot but I'm so annoying than that?"

I turn myself to see Liz, grinning a little, I feel myself blush. It's so embarassing, I finally make a weak smile.

"No, Liz, it's not your fault. It's Maria, she's totally like a friend of mine, it's like they were twin. I'm sure they'll get along perfectly."

"Oh, I understand, Maria can be really tiring. Two Maria, I imagine." We laugh together.

"So Clark, how're you old? Are you same than Lex?"

"No, I'm only seventeen." I say, a bit embarrassed for my age. She seems so calm and clever, so much mats than me.

"Really? Like you were tall I have think that you were older, I'm seventeen too like Maria and Kyle." She smiles. Yes, we have the same age, I can ever hope.

During the rest of the travel, we discuss a lot, I'm feel really fine with Liz. She's beautiful, clever, has a sense of humor and is a caring person. We finally arrived to the mansion and I'm not very happy because I should return to the farm to help my father. And in another side, they should install themself in the mansion. I enter with them and we discuss a little.

"Um... Now, I really should leave, my father waits for me to the farm." I explain. I begin to leave when Lex stops me.

"Hey Clark, wait, I accompany you until the door." he tells me. We are alone outside and I climb in my father's car who I picked up earlier.

"So Clark, how do you find my cousins and their friends."

I smile. " You and Sean are nearly twin." He laughs to this.

"You find too? Yes, I like him already and you know that it's hard to have my sympathy, Maria has spunk like myself. Kyle and Liz are good too, don't you find?" he asks. My friend is really evil.

"Thank you." he replies, grinning. I said it loud. " So I'm right, you like Liz."

"How can I like her? We just talked few minutes together." I try to avoid his questions.

"Don't play the dumb Clark, I saw you watched her on the airport and the way that you talked to her. My little Clark has a crush..."

"Ok, I admit it, I find Liz attractive. But it's impossible."

"And can I ask why?"

"She's already a boyfriend, Kyle." I answer sadly. I just have a snap on my head.

"What's that for?" I question.

"To jump into conclusion too fast. Listen me attentively, Liz is single."

"Yeah, yeah... Whatever you said... Stop! What?!"

"Liz is single." he sings it.

"How do you know?" I ask.

"I ask subtively to my dearest cousin Maria. She told me that Kyle and Liz dated each other a year ago but it didn't work. So my man you have all luck to capture Liz's heart."

I stay stun in my car during that Lex goes to his house, he was in front of his door when he returns himself.

"Oh, Clark, don't forget to come tomorrow, you'll show with me the land to our new friends. Can I count on you?"

"Of course." I say smiling. I come back home smiling. Really, I can't wait for tomorrow.

End of my part, how do you find it?????????

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