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Inside Us All

Roswell/Highlander/Buffy/Angel/Dark Angel crossover

Notes: Follows Roswell up till Destiny episode after that it is an AU.
AU for Highlander, Richie was never killed for good.
For Dark Angel part Max and Logan found the cure.

Disclaimer: Same as always I don’t own any of these characters except Kat O’Reily, and her best friend, Blah Blah Woof Woof.

Theme Song: by Creed
Inside Us All
When I'm all alone
And no one else is there
Waiting by the phone
To remind me
I'm still here
When shadows paint the scenes
Where spotlights used to fall
And I'm left wondering
Is it really worth it all?
There's a peace inside us all
Let it be your friend
It will help you carry on In the end
There's a peace inside us all
Life can hold you down
When you're not looking up
Can't you hear the sound?
Hearts beating out loud
Although the names change
Inside we're all the same
Why can't we tear down these walls?
To show the scars we're covering
There's a peace
There's a peace inside us all
Let it be Oh, can't it be your friend?

Summary: A runaway transgenic, a slayer alien hybrid, and an immortal all end up in Seattle where they learn to go on with their lives and that no matter what everyone is the same on the inside.

Prologue 1

Duncan McLeod was walking down the street to meet with some friends when he felt the presence of a pre-immortal. He started to look around when he heard a baby crying, walking into an alley he found a small baby behind a dumpster. Picking they child up he found that the pre-immortal feeling came from the infant. Taking the baby with him he continued to his friends’ house. They were a young couple that was unable to have children of their own, and he felt they would be the perfect people to take care of the child and could get a hold of him if the kid ever became an immortal
(16 years later. Year 1999)
Richie rolled his eyes as he stepped into the restaurant, [You have got to be kidding me] he thought looking at the alien theme of the place. [Mac owes me big time for this]. He sat down at a table, Duncan McLeod his teacher, mentor, and boss had asked him to check up on a pre-immortal he knew in this town so here Richie was in Roswell, New Mexico supposed alien crash site. “Hi welcome to the Crash Down Café, I’m Liz I’ll be you waitress. Have you decided what you want?” A young pretty waitress with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes brought Richie out of his thoughts. He smiled his most charming smile, “Ya, I’ll have a coke, Will Smith burger and some Galaxy Fries, so you live here long?” he asked “Yep my whole life, you staying in town for a while?” “Nope just passing through, so have you ever seen an alien?” he joked. “Uh Nope, Never, No aliens here. I’ll go get your coke,” She said nervously. Richie looked around and noticed a teenage boy with brown hair alternating glaring at him and at the teenage boy in the booth against the wall who was staring at the waitress who took his order. [This could be interesting.] he thought smirking and decided to have a little fun with the jealous boyfriend.

“Chica, that totally hot guy is so flirting with you!” Maria exclaimed to her best friend Liz Parker. “Maria he’s just passing through town. Besides I’m with Kyle,” she replied sneaking a glance at Max Evans. “And you’re totally in love for a certain Czechoslovakian. Listen girl get involved with one of them will only lead to heart break, trust me.” Maria put in. “Max and I are just friends” Liz responded picking up an order and taking it to the customer that had started the conversation.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Later that night)

Richie walked up to the back door of the building and knocked. “Hey I’m a friend of Duncan’s, he sent me to see if the girl is immortal.” “Is she?” the person who answered asked worriedly. “ No it was a false alarm.” Riche answered. “Thank God, the person sighed in relief. “Thank you.” “No prob.” Richie said as he turned around to leave.
(About a year later)

“Goodbye Max” she said. [Oh God, he’s meant to be with her! I should have listened Maria and not gotten involved.] Liz thought as she ran away from the man she loved. Max started to go after her but Michael held him back.

She was so caught up in her thoughts that Liz didn’t notice where she was going. “Well. What do we have here? Its the little traitor of her own kind.” Liz looked up and saw one of the FBI agents standing in front of her when she felt a sharp pain in her chest and things started to go black.

Everyone looked up when they heard the gunshot; Max took off running in the direction Liz had gone off in. He felt his whole world fall apart when he saw Liz on the ground covered in blood “LIZ!” He ran over to her and picked her up as the other came up behind him. “NO! LIZ!” Maria screamed and ran over to her best friend who Max held in his arms. “It’s too late… I can’t…I’m too late…She’s…” Max said in shock. Michael grabbed Maria and held her in his arms and Isabel and Alex tried to comfort Max both of them in tears. Just then they heard something and saw a couple of FBI agents step out from behind some rocks. Michael shoved Maria in the direction of the cars used his powers to throw a blast at them, they jumped out of the way losing their guns in the process. While Tess tried to mind warp them “I can’t hold this for long!” she exclaimed. Michael grabbed Max who was still holding Liz. As Michael grabbed him Max came to his senses and started to pick up Liz. “MAX! THERE’S NO TIME, WE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE! WE’LL COME BACK FOR HER, SHE WOULDN’T WANT YOU TO RISK GETTING CAUGHT BECAUSE OF HER!” Michael yelled as he tried to distract an agent that had come out of Tess’s mind warp. Max kissed Liz’s forehead and placed his jacket over her body before taking off with Michael and Tess towards the cars.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Later that night)

Liz woke up in confusion; the last thing she remembered was the FBI agent pointing a gun at her. [Oh God he shot me! I was shot! Again!] She looked around expecting to see Max and the others but saw no one. She was still in the desert with Max’s jacket beside her. Then she heard some one coming towards her just as she was hit by the biggest headache in her life. She quickly ran behind some rocks to hide. The footsteps stopped just a little ways before the rock. After a couple of minutes a males voice spoke out, “I know you’re there so show yourself.” Liz hesitated for a minute, and then took a deep breath as she stepped out from behind the rock.

Richie was driving his bike down the road when he felt the presence of another immortal nearby. He pulled off to the side of the road and grabbed his sword from his travel pack. He walked quickly out into the desert. [What the hell is an immortal doing out in the middle of the freakin desert?] he thought. He could feel the immortal’s presence near by; looking around he found blood on the ground. Getting tired of waiting he shouted out, “I know you’re there so show yourself.” A couple of minutes later a young girl covered in blood hesitantly stepped out from behind some rocks.

[Shit! It’s the girl from the restaurant. Mac is not gonna be happy. What the hell was she doing out in the desert for Christ sakes.] “It’s ok I’m not going to hurt you,” he said seeing her eyeing his sword. “Who are you?” Liz asked the young man in front of her. [What the hell is he doing with a sword and why did my headache go away when I looked at him.] “I’m Richie Ryan, look this is going to take a long time to explain. Is there any where we could talk?” he asked her. “Ya there’s a truck stop a couple of miles down the road,” she told him not knowing why she trusted him so easily. “Ok you better wear that jacket so no one sees the blood,” he said leading her to his bike.

“So you’re telling me I’ll live forever unless some one cuts off my head! That’s impossible” Liz exclaimed to Richie who was sitting across from her in the booth. “Afraid so, you will and it’s not,” he told her. Liz sat back with a huge sigh, [Well if aliens are real why not immortals. Oh God Max probably thinks I’m dead, along with the Maria and the others. Maybe this is for the better he can get on with his destiny and I don’t know how Maria could handle have an immortal for a friend.] she thought. [She’s taking this better then most would. She’s pretty cute.] Richie thought. “So what do we do now?” Liz broke through his thoughts. “Huh, oh well I’m on my way back to Mac’s in Seattle, he’s the one who found you and gave you to the Parkers. So you could come with me and he could began your training,” he told her. “Ok sure, I’ll have to call my parents though and tell them what happened [the edited non-alien version anyway].” “Ok here’s my cell you can use it.” Richie said handing her the cell phone.

After a long and emotional talk with her parents Liz handed the phone back to Richie thanking him. They paid for their food and left.

When Max and the others came back with the Sheriff to the spot where Liz had been shot they found her body missing. The sheriff had the department looking for her for two weeks but eventually she became classified as a runaway and the case was closed.

Prologue 2
(Office unknown location. Year 1999)

“What happened?” asked an official looking man who sat at the head of a long table. “Project Adam was using an abandon area of the complex he gained entrance to by a cave, Sir. He released all the hostiles, there were many causalities.” “What about Adam?” the headman asked. “He was taken out by a group of civilians led by the Slayer, Sir,” another man answered. “Will her group keep quiet about this?” he asked. “As long as we don’t threaten any of her group I believe they will, Sir.” “I want the Innative buried. Destroy all evidence and fill the complex with concrete. It never existed and I want an eye kept on these civilians.” “Yes Sir, what about Project S1-101?” the headman sat thinking for a while. “That project can continue,” he told them. “Should we try to grab the other girl, it would go faster if we had two of them,” one of the men who had remained quite until then spoke up. “No we grab her and her friends will go public about us and we don’t have a good cover-up for taking her like we did the rogue. One is enough, for now,” he replied.

“How far along is the project?” he asked. “We’ve just implanted the girl with the embryo, Sir.” “Good. Keep me informed on the progress,” he nodded and left the room.

(Hyperion Hotel, 2008)

Angel was sitting at his desk reading when Buffy walked in with her ex-boyfriend Riley Finn, Willow, and Spike. “There’s something you need to hear Angel,” she told him. [God she’s still beautiful] he thought. “What is it?” he asked. “I’ve found out what happened to Faith.” Riley told him. “What?” he asked shocked. Shortly after Faith had turned herself in she had been transferred to another prison and disappeared. No one had been able to find out what happened to her. “I found some records the Innovative forgot to destroy. They took her.” Riley replied. You work for the government so why are you telling us this?” Angel asked. “That’s what I’d bloody like to know.” Spike quipped, while Buffy glared at the both of them. Riley and her may not be together any more but she still trusted him. “I’ve seen what happened the last time they tried to experiment with people. I was experimented on myself, I don’t want that to happen to anyone else even if the person is a criminal.” Angel nodded. “Do you know anything else?” “No but I can get you into the computer system and Willow might be able to find something there.” “Ok let’s get started.” Buffy put in.

“OH GODDESS!” Willow exclaimed. It was about an hour later and she had finally found what they were looking for. Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, and Connor had joined them. “What is it Wills?” Buffy asked. “They did in vitro fertilization with her.” Willow told them. “WHAT!!” everyone exclaimed. “Why did they go through all that trouble for a baby?” Fred asked. “The embryo was genetically altered.” “How?” Riley asked. “They put shark DNA, and cat DNA along with some other stuff in it,” she replied distractedly as she read what was on the screen. “SHIT!” Everyone jumped and looked at Willow in surprise. “They also used slayer DNA and a little vampire DNA.” “Are they nuts!” Cordelia exclaimed. “That won’t make the kid a vamp will it?” Gunn asked Angel. “ No the kid will be like me, he’ll have vampire abilities, like strength and senses but sunlight won’t affect him and he’ll won’t crave blood.” Connor told him as Angel nodded. “If they embryo lived through all that.” Fred put in. “It did. It was a girl they call her S1-101. I got a location of the facility where they’re keeping her.” “What happened to Faith, not that I really care what happened to her. She still didn’t deserve to go through that.” Buffy asked, earning a glare from Angel who believed Faith deserved a second chance. “Wait a second, ok, here it is. After the birth she was unable to have any more kids so they…OH GODDESS. They DIDN’T…” “WHAT?!” everyone yelled. “Th-Th-They killed her.” Willow whispered, everyone looked at in shock and Buffy looked guilty.

“We’ve got to get that kid away from them. How old is she?” Angel asked. “She’d be about eight years old.” Willow replied. “Hopefully they haven’t brainwashed her too much. Where’s the location?” Buffy asked. “Three hours outside of San Diego.” Willow answered. “Ok let’s come up with a plan to get the bloody kid out.” Spike spoke up.
(Next night)

Buffy, Angel, Riley, Connor, and Gunn took out the guards as Spike followed them. Being unable to hurt anyone he would be in charge of getting the kid out. Willow and Fred had hacked into the security system to disable the alarms and so they could see if anyone where heading towards the group inside and warn them through the headsets each of them had. Cordelia and Wesley were in the cars ready to go as soon as the six got back.

Thanks to Willow and Fred they were able to find the girl quickly. Before leaving Riley and Buffy planted a virus made by Willow in Fred in the computer system totally destroying it beyond recovery, while Angel, Gunn, and Connor destroyed the labs, and Spike got the girl out of there.
(Back at Hyperion)

“Can you tell us your name sweetie?” Fred asked. “S1-101!” the girl stood at attention and shouted. They were trying to get the child to talk to them but weren’t having any luck. Even Buffy who was a counselor couldn’t get through to the child. The girl had shoulder length dark brown hair. She was the spitting image of her mother except that her dark eyes had flecks of gold in them.

Finally Riley cam forward, “AT EASE SOLDIER!” he shouted surprising the others. The child immediately went into at ease stance. Riley went up to the girl and started talking quietly to her after a while she relaxed and even smiled shyly at everyone. “What did you say?” Cordelia asked. “I just told her it’s ok. That she’s not in the Innovative any more and doesn’t have to act like a soldier any more,” he told them. “Well we need to come up with a name for you kiddo.” Gunn put in. The young girl looked at him confused. Just then a cat came in through an open window and rubbed against the girl’s leg. She looked down at it in awe. Willow picked it up and handed it to the girl who rubbed her cheek against its soft fur. “Well I guess we’ll call you Kat huh. How you like that sweetie?” she asked. The girl smiled as the cat in her arms purred. “Kat it is then. I like it.” Fred put in.

You guys sure about keeping her here?” Buffy asked on her way out. “Ya the Innovative knows you guys were connected to Faith, and Riley was connected to you so they’ll be watching you guys to see if any of you have her. They don’t know about us. We’ll keep her here and home school her so they won’t be able to find her in the system. Connor and I can also teach how to control her abilities.” Angel replied. “Ok call me as soon as all this blows over and tell me how’s she doing,” with that her, Willow, Riley, and Spike left.
(7 years later)

Duncan was driving down the highway when he saw a young teenaged girl hitch hiking. He pulled over and rolled down the window, “You need a ride?” he asked. “Ya thanks Mr.” the replied climbing into the car. “So are you in some kind of trouble?” Duncan asked. The girl stared at him suspiciously for a minute before shrugging, “No.” “Running away won’t help solve you problems,” he told her. “I don’t have any” she replied and tensed as they came up to a sector checkpoint. “Do you have a pass?” the sector cop asked looking at the both of them. “Yes right here officer.” Duncan said handing the officer a pass. “What about the kid?” “She’s my niece, I was told I didn’t need one for her that this one will work for the both of us.” The cop looked skeptical for a minute but eventually let them pass. “Thanks” the girl told Duncan as she relaxed. “No problem. I’m Duncan McLeod, what’s your name?” he asked looking at her again. [She can’t be more then 15.] he thought [What is she running from.]. The girl had dark brown shoulder length hair and dark eyes with gold flecks in them. “Kat” she replied as they passed a “Now Leaving L.A.” road sign.

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It's going to be UC couples, I've got Liz paired up with Richie from Highlander, as of right now I'm not sure if Angel is going to be in it after the prologue, he'll be mentioned a couple of times but who knows since I've started writing this I've changed so many things so many times, I actually started this as a Highlander/buffy/angel/roswell fanfic about 2 yrs ago then I just kinda forgot *big*about it till last week, so I decided to start it again and ended up changing the whole plot*big**bounce**bounce*

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Ch. 1

It was raining when Kat arrived in Seattle. She sighed as she climbed off her bike and look around, [This looks like a good place to stay. If that Eyes Only guy was right Angel or the Iniative wont think of looking for me here being so close to another government agency.] It had been about twelve years since Angel, Buffy and their friends had rescued her from the Iniative and five since she ran away from them. While nowhere near as bad as the Iniative living with Angel was pretty bad. Sure they had treated her as part of the family and loved her but Angel and Wesley absolutely smothered her. They refused to let her ever leave the Hyperion; she was allowed to go into the courtyard but could never go pass the gate. The only times she had been passed it was when both of them where away on a case and Cordy or the others smuggled her out. According to Angel this was to hide her from the government but secretly if unfairly she thought he was afraid she’d lose control. Thanks to the vamp genes in her cocktail every now and then when she got angry she’d lose control of her of herself and could become dangerous. It was still a major fear of hers but she refused to let it keep her from living her life.

She walked up to the apartment she had rented taking her bike with her, “God, the place is a dump.” She said looking around. [Well Lizzie’s getting here tomorrow, maybe she could fix it up some.] Lizzie Guerrin was Kat’s best and only friend. The guy Duncan she had hitched a ride with when leaving L.A. had been going to Texas so she went with him as far as New Mexico. Then for some reason unknown to her she headed to Roswell. There using some counterfeit registration papers Duncan had gotten for her while she was with him, she enrolled in the local high school. She already knew most of the stuff they taught her there but it was a way to kill time and blend in. One night while she was out patrolling a habit she attributed to her slayer DNA, she ran across a girl from school being attack by vampires, so she decided to help out. She was a year behind her with short blond hair, blue eyes, and was a fellow rebel at school. During the fight Kat saw her throw her opponents across the street without even touching them, also during it she felt the essence of a slayer and something else.

After the fight they both explained who and what they were. The girl turned out to be Elizabeth (Lizzie) Guerrin and was a half-alien hybrid. She didn’t know about being a slyer so Kat explained about that along with explaining about herself, the Iniative, and Angel. After that the two became best friends and were nearly inseparable.

About a week ago both had decided to leave Roswell. Kat felt that she had stayed too long and needed to leave in order to keep Angel and the Iniative off her trail. Lizzie was getting tired of her dad lecturing her to be careful and about the importance of their secrete, he had freaked when he found out Kat knew, so she decided to go with Kat. After a couple of days of looking at maps and planning they decided on Seattle. Kat not wanting to risk exposing herself by registering for college, which she didn’t really need to do as a result of her time in the Iniative anyway, was planning on looking for a full time job that didn’t ask a lot of questions about you when you applied. While Lizzie was going to get a part time job and then go to school part time.
After taking a look at the apartment Kat went to a nearby market to get some food for dinner. When she got back she called up Lizzie and gave her the address and number of the place.

(Next day)

“Hey what’s up roomie?” Lizzie yelled as she entered the apartment. “Man is this place a dump or what?” she said looking around. “My thoughts exactly but its best place I found in our price range.” Kat replied coming out of the shower her hair dripping, “ not hot water either. I figured you could use some of the alien voodoo and fix this place up. You think you could do something about the water too?” “No prob. So what color should this room be?” she asked looking around the main room. The apartment only really had four rooms; two bedrooms, a bathroom and a main room that had a little alcove separated from it by a breakfast bar as a kitchen.

In the end they decided on a faded red color for the main room, with the kitchen area a shade darker, and the bathroom they made light blue with turquoise trim. Lizzie room she decorated the colors of the sunset in the desert with sparkles on the walls and ceiling that looked like stars starting to appear. Kat’s room they made a dark blue with a bronze border.

After fixing the rooms the y way the wanted them and the sinks and shower so they could get hot water they went furniture shopping. They didn’t have much money so they had to go to a pawnshop and get used beat up furniture. They ended up getting two futons for the bedrooms along with dressers and nightstands. Then they got a couch, love seat and coffee table for the main room and a couple of lamps for each room. After all the furniture was delivered Lizzie went about fixing them with her powers to match the rooms and so while they didn’t look new they weren’t the same pieces of junk the girls had bought that morning. Lizzie parents had bought her a T.V. along with some kitchen ware so the two set it up in the main room along with a radio Kat had gotten earlier that Lizzie also fixed.

When they were finished arranging the apartment and buying some food the two sat talking at the breakfast bar. “So what do you wanna do now?” Lizzie asked. “I don’t know. We could go patrolling and see what’s there to do at night here.” “I could change our I.D.s to say we’re 21 so we can get into bars.” Lizzie suggested. “Getting a little impatient can’t wait two years,” Kat laughed, “, wait a minute you can’t drink anyway.” “I know, but we could play pool and check out older guys,” she replied. “Well if you put it that way, I’m definitely in.” Kat laughed handing Lizzie her I.D.

(Same Day)

Liz handed Richie her helmet as she climbed off his bike, “ Why the hell did we choose this dojo, when Mac let us pick which one we wanted to run and not one of the ones in Europe?” she asked looking around the neighborhood they were in. Richie shrugged, “Guess no matter what we can’t break ties with our good old home land.” Liz sighed as far as she had come over the years since becoming immortal and leaving her life in Roswell behind, she still couldn’t bring herself to permanently leave America even after the pulse because the couldn’t bear to be that far away from her former home. “Well let’s get to work,” she said.

A while later a young man walked in, “Jam Pony, I got a package for a Richard or Elizabeth Parker,” he said. “I’ll take it, I’m Elizabeth.” “Sign here please.” As she was signing she noticed the man checking her out, Richie who apparently also noticed this came up putting his arm around her shoulder, “ The stuff Mac sent get here, Honey?” he asked. “Ya some of it.” Liz replied rolling her eyes at his bluntness and handing the clipboard back to the messenger. “Thanks” he said leaving.

“So what are we doing tonight?” she asked. “I don’t know we could check out this bar I saw on the way in this morning, Crash.” Riche replied. “Sounds like a plan. Now lets get back to work,” she said causing Richie to groan.

(Jam Pony later that afternoon)

“You should have seen this girl, small petite form, long dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, full red…” Alec was describing the girl he delivered a package to earlier that day to Krit and Sketchy, who listened attentively. “Talking about another conquest Alec, why are men such pigs?” Max quipped as she and Original Cindy walked up to their lockers. “Its in their genes boo, they can’t help it.” O.C. commented. “Hey you can’t blame a guy for noticing a fine specimen of the opposite sex.” Alec defended himself. Max’s reply was cuff of by Normal, “Hey you lay-abouts this is a place of business not a social club, we’ve got hot runs here, bip, bip, bip.” Everyone roll their eyes as they picked up some packages, and left. “So you going to Crash tonight?” Krit asked as he and Alec rode their bikes away from the building. “Yep I’m running a little low on cash so I figure I gotta hustle you and some other guys out of their dough,” he smirked as they went their different ways.

Thanks for all the good reviews!

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Rae85: Highlander is about a group of people who can't die unless you cut their heads off. they grow up like regular people but if they have a violent death then their immortality kicks in, after that they stop aging and basically become immortal.
the thing is they all participate in what the call The Game, it's ritual one on one combat between immortals, the winner kills the losers and gains their quickening or life force( at least that's how I view it.) Some immortals teach younger ones how to survive in this game. Apparently there can only be one(the last immortal). who ever becomes the one supposably gains some prize there's also a group of mortals that document their lives called the watchers. other then that immortals are like regular people you have you good ones who try to live normal lives and your bad ones who actively hunt other immortals. there's also some rogue watchers that hunt immortals fearing after the game is over the last one will try to take over the earth. that's pretty much it I think.*big*

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(Note: I’ve changed some things from my earlier post, Liz and Richie are just dating they're not married.)

CH. 2

(Crash, that night)

“That’s fifty-dollars Sketchy,” Alec said as he sank the eight ball, “So you ready to hand over you money?” he asked Krit who started setting up the balls while Sketchy gave his money to Alec. “You’re going down man,” he told him. “Sure you break.” Alec replied. “Hottie, 12 o’clock.” Sketchy broke in staring at the door. Alec looked over to see the girl from his run that day and smirked at the glare her boyfriend gave him. The girl leaned over whispering something in his ear and kissed him before heading over to the bar. “Hey I don’t think that guy likes you Alec.” Krit smirked. “Hey he doesn’t even know me. Now let’s play.”

Liz rolled her eyes when she saw Richie glaring at the bike messenger from earlier. “Richie I’m with you so just relax, besides I seem to remember you doing the exact same thing he’s doing to annoy Kyle who you didn’t even know, when I was dating him and you came to check on me,” she whispered to him before kissing him and heading to the bar.

“Hey this place is pretty cool.” Lizzie commented as she and Kat walked into Crash. “Ya, let’s go get a table.” Kat replied. “Do you know that girl next to the red head, she keeps staring over here?” Kat asked as they sat at the table. “No, though she looks a lot like an old friend of my parents but she died when they were teenagers.” “Oh well, I just found something better to look at, over at the left pool table.” Kat nodded to a pool table where two guys were playing. Both were tall and nicely built, one had dark hair and the other dark blond. “Hmm, I think I like Tall, Dark, and Handsome. What about you?” Lizzie asked. “The blond.” Kat replied, just as the blond sank the eight ball and held his hand out to his friend who handed over some money. “Who’s next?” the blond challenged, “ No one can defeat me!” Kat and Lizzie looked at each other and grinned. They started walking over, “I’ll take that challenge.” Kat proclaimed and found herself looking into the most gorgeous blue-green eyes she’d ever seen.

“Who’s next?” Alec challenged, as he took Krit’s money, “No one can defeat me!” “I’ll take that challenge” a soft velvety voice said behind him. He turned around to find himself staring at the deepest dark brown eyes he’d ever seen, with gold flecks in them. Tearing his gaze away from her eyes he looked at their owner, she was medium height with shoulder length dark brown hair, and wearing a dark blue tank top with black leather pants. She was with a short blond with blue eyes in a red tank top and dark hip hugger jeans. “So may I ask what you lovely ladies names are?” he asked putting on a charming smile and noticing Krit staring at the blond, which was fine by him, he favored the brunette. “I’m Kat and my friend here is Lizzie,” the dark haired one said smiling back at him. “I’m Alec and that’s Krit,” the dark blond introduced himself and his friend. [ This guy has player written all over him] Kat thought as she replied, “So how about that game?”

“Sure, you can break, I’ll go easy on you” Alec said as Kat just smiled at him. All thoughts of going easy on her or purposely throwing the game vanished as Kat sank three balls with her break, “You better hope I’ll go easy on you,” she replied preparing for her next shot. Alec stood directly behind her, noticing the view as she prepared for the shot, Kat gave him a look as he stood behind her receiving a smirk in reply. She just smiled at him and jammed the end of the cue into his stomach as she sank her shot. “Oomph” “Thank you so much!” Krit laughed as Alec stepped aside. She missed her next shot so Alec took his turn sinking two shots very much aware of where Kat’s gaze kept strolling to. Kat smirked, “Prepare to go down.” Alec just raised an eyebrow. Kat managed to sink the rest of her balls and the eight ball. “Man, I owe you big time, I love this girl.” Krit laughed along with Lizzie at Alec’s astonished face as Kat held her hand out for her winnings. “Thanks,” she said as Alec handed it over and then sauntered over to the bar with Lizzie.

They were laughing over the game when Kat felt some one come up behind her and take the stool next to her. “So I’ve never seen you ladies here before” Alec commented as he sat besides Kat and Krit took the stool next to Lizzie. “We’ve just moved here.” Kat told them. “So where you from?” Krit asked, “Roswell, New Mexico.” Lizzie replied. “The alien town, know any?” Alec joked, “Yep and nope.” Kat replied with a straight face. “Well I’m sure you girls didn’t come all this way just to rob me of my hard earn money and sit at the bar, so what you say we dance?” Alec asked holding out his hand for Kat’s. “Sure thing.” They moved out onto the dance floor and started swaying in time to the music. Alec pulled Kat closer to him, he wasn’t sure why but she was different from all the other girls he’d been with. He actually found himself wanting to take the time to get to know her after only spending a couple of minutes in her company. Kat felt Alec pull her closer and didn’t resist, as she normally would have done. She was dimly aware of Lizzie and Krit dancing extremely close together next to them. All she could think about was Alec and how she wanted to get to know him better but it was too dangerous because of her secret.

“What’s wrong Liz?” Richie asked worriedly. “Nothing, the blond over there leaving the pool table reminded me of an old friend of mine from Roswell.” Richie didn’t say anything for a moment, she knew Liz was hiding something about her life in Roswell and still hadn’t gotten over it completely. “You wanna go some where else?” he asked. “No its ok,” Liz turned and smiled at him, “ I think they have the right idea,” she nodded towards the group from the pool table as they walked out onto the dance floor, and dragged Richie out with her.

(Next Day)

“God this is so unfair,” Lizzie, groaned coming into the kitchen area, where Kat sat drinking coffee and looking through the wanted ads. “What is?” she asked distractedly, she may have been looking at newspaper but her mind kept drifting back to the night before. Her first impression of Alec was of a player, but after talking to him she came to the conclusion the player image was a cover to keep people at arms distance, kinda like how she used her sarcastic attitude. “You, we stay out all night and I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning but you just jump right up and go about you business like everything’s fine,” she grumbled as she poured herself some coffee, bring Kat out of her thoughts. “Must be the shark or cat DNA or something cuz I can tell you one thing for sure Angel and Buffy were not morning people, when I lived in L.A. Now come on we gotta get jobs if we want to continue having coffee in the morning and eating.” “You find anything in the ads?” Lizzie asked as she grabbed herself a bagel. “Some stuff you might be able to get, but they all require too much background info for me. I think I’m just gonna have to drive around and look for something.” Kat replied. “Let me get ready and then we’ll get looking,” Lizzie said walking back into her room.

(Later that morning)

Kat was walking down the street, Lizzie had found an open waitress position at a restaurant down the street and was currently having an interview with the owner. She was pretty much sure to get the job with her experience working at the Crash Down for her parents, who had inherited it from the previous owners. Kat however was still looking and was begining to become discouraged. She had seen a help wanted sign in the window of a dojo near the restaurant and knew she could easily get that job if she wanted too but didn’t’ want to express her martial arts knowledge and abilities. [Looks like I may have to go with that one] she thought as she came upon a messenger place, Jam Pony.

Kat walked up to the counter where a man wearing a headset stood giving out orders. “Excuse me, are you the boss?” she asked. “We’re not responsible for any packages, we’ve got a signature for,” he replied without looking up. “Actually I was looking for a job?” “Forget it, I’ve already have enough dead beat slugs working here.” “I’ll vouch for her, Normal,” said a familiar masculine voice behind her, “she’s an old friend.”

Alec’s mind kept drifting back to the night before as he stuffed his things into his locker. Kat was unlike anyone he’d ever known, even Rachel. She was smart, she instantly had a come back for whatever wise crack he made, she was funny, and down right beautiful. He got the feeling she liked to keep people at an arms distance thought; every time he asked a personal question about herself she’d change the subject, which just made him more intrigued. “What not bragging about some new conquest last night?” Max asked as she opened her locker. “Nope, he got his ass handed back to him playing pool by a girl,” Krit told her and O.C., “wasn’t even able to get her number.” “If I remember right you didn’t get her friend’s number, who you were drooling over, either.” Alec replied. “It’s about time some boo taught you a lesson about being a playa playa.” O.C. said. “I just wished we could have seen it.” Max put in. Alec was about to reply when a voice at the counter stopped him, “Excuse me are you the boss?” He turned around to see Kat talking to Normal. “Excuse me,” he told the others walking away and leaving them confused till they saw the young girl at the counter. “That boy gots a one track mind, though I can’t argue with his taste. O.C. commented as they watched him walk up behind the dark haired girl. “Hey that’s Kat from last night.” Krit said “The girl that beat him at pool?” “Ya, I gotta run if Kat’s here maybe Lizzie is around also. C-ya” he said taking off to the front of the building. Max and O.C. just looked at each other “Guys” they said rolling their eyes.

“Forget it, I’ve already have enough dead beat slugs working here.” Alec walked up to catch the end of the conversation. “I’ll vouch for her, Normal, she’s an old friend.” Kat turned around, he smiled and winked at her, “ALEC! Long time no see, How are you doing?” she asked playing along. “You’re a friend of Golden Boy? Why didn’t you say so? Welcome aboard.” Normal’s attitude towards her instantly changed, “Golden Boy?” she looked at Alec and raised an eyebrow. Alec just shrugged and rolled his eyes, “So you know where I can get a bike?” Kat asked. “Here you go you can have a company bike and just work off the price.” Normal said wheeling a bike out from behind the counter. “Thanks,” she told him as she filled out forms with her name and address. “Since you already know my Golden Boy here, he can show you the ropes,” he said handing Alec and her some packages before turning around, “Hey I’m trying to run a business here people get back to work! Bip, Bip Bip!”

Alec led Kat back to the street, “Is he always like that?” she asked him. “That’s Normal for you, so what made you chose this merry old hell hole to ask for a job?” “Needed to make money some way other then hustling guys like you out of their money,” she replied innocently, “So where to now Golden Boi.” “Better watch out, he might start calling you Golden Gal,” he shot back. [It’d certainly fit with those eyes] he thought to himself as they came upon Krit who was talking to Lizzie. “I see Alec was able to convince Normal into giving you the job. Welcome to Hell,” he remarked earning him a slap on the head from Lizzie, “Hey!” “Congratulations Kat,” she said smiling innocently. “Thanks you two,” Kat laughed, “So did you get the waitress gig?” she asked. “Yep” “Hey does this mean we can weasel free food from you when you’re working?” Alec asked earning him a slap on the head from Kat, “Hey!” “We gotta go, Alec’s supposed to be showing me around, I’ll see you later.” “Ok, maybe we could all meet up for lunch?” “Sure thing how about 12:30, meet outside here, ok with everyone?” “Ya” they all replied and went about their business.

(Later that day)

“So what was life like in Roswell?” Alec asked. He looked over at Kat as they made their way to the next delivery, he was so unsure about what to say to her, and it was a new feeling for him. “It was ok, all the alien stuff kinda threw me off at first,” she answered. “At first? So you’re not originally from there?” “No, I moved there in high school from California.” [Shit! Why am I’m telling him all this. I just freakin meant him last night!] “That’s gotta suck moving in the middle of high school and leaving your friends.” Kat just shrugged, “It was ok, I meant Lizzie and we became best friends, I didn’t really have many friends where I was originally from.” “What about you parents?” “Never knew them, my mom died shortly after I was born and I don’t know who my dad was.” “Sorry, it was the same for me. So where were you originally from?” he asked. [What is she hiding?] “Just some small town in California,” she replied, “So what made you decide to come to Seattle?” “Just looking for a change of scenery, I was getting kinda restless living in Now Whereville, New Mexico, and Lizzie wanted to get away from her parents. What about you?” Kat asked trying to steer the conversation away from her. “ Here and there, I moved around a lot before settling here,” he told her. [Hmm. He’s hiding something, oh well it’s not like I’m being exactly open here, and we’re not together.]

“So you and Lizzie coming to Crash tonight?” Alec asked changing the subject. “I’m not sure.” Kat answered, it was going to be a lot harder keeping her distance from Alec now that they were working together and hanging out after work may not be a good idea. “Come on, we gotta celebrated you two getting jobs, plus it’ll give you a chance to meet the gang they’ll all be there tonight, and for me to get some of my money from last night back.” “You mean it’ll give me a chance to meet the gang and take some more of your money,” she smirked. “Is that a challenge?” “What do you think?” she said taking off on her bike. “You’re going down O’Reily!” he called taking off after her.

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Sorry I took so long had to do some work on my speeches and paper for Speech and Dev. Bio. This is a pretty short part

“How does this look?” Kat asked stepping out of her room, she was wearing a cream color see though peasant off the shoulder blouse, over a black midriff tank top and hip hugger jeans. “Alec isn’t going to know what hit him.” Lizzie replied. “I’m wearing this for Alec,” Kat told her. “Sure you’re not.” “I’m not.” “You know the world won’t come to an end if you’d admit you like him.” “It’s too dangerous, with me being who I am.” “So what if you’re not exactly like other people, neither am I and I’m not gonna let it affect my life.” “What if he finds out and reacts badly to it? Or what if I lose control?” “Kat in the five years I’ve known you only lost control of your vamp genes once and you were able to calm down and gain control of yourself before anyone was hurt. Besides you’re not afraid you’ll lose control around me.” “That’s because you can defend yourself, if I do. Any normal person doesn’t stand a chance. Now come on or we’ll be late.”


Alec looked up and stared as Kat walked through the door with Lizzie. “Hey guys, let me introduce you to everyone, this is Max and her boyfriend Logan, Original Cindy, and Sketchy.” “So you’re the girl who kicked Alec’s ass at pool?” Max asked. “It was nothing.” Kat replied smirking at Alec. “You’re right about that, it was just luck.” “We’ll see about that, I seem to remember you challenging me to a rematch earlier. Coming?” she said walking over to an unused pool table.

After a repeat performance of the night before Kat found herself on the dance floor in Alec’s arms. She rested her head on his shoulder as they played a slow song, thinking about what Lizzie had said earlier. [Maybe she’s right and I do need to move on. I ran away from L.A. so I could live my life but am I really living, not letting anyone get too close.] “Hey song’s over” Alec said bring her out of her thoughts.

[She’s so beautiful] Alec thought as Kat rested her head on his shoulder. [Looks like I’m about to break my own rule.] he thought as the song ended. “Hey song’s over,” he said looking into her eyes. They stood there for a moment then Alec began to lean in.
Kat backed away just before Alec’s mouth meant hers, “Alec, I like you, I really do, but I’m just not ready for a relationship right now. I’ve had some problems in my life [Some try more like a billion] and I’m still trying to work through them. I really want to know you but could we just take it slow.” Alec looked at her and knew she wasn’t telling the whole truth but was sincere about wanting to get to know him. “Sure Kat, we’ll take however long you need,” he told her. [What is it about her, I’ve only for a little over a day and I’m willing to wait till she’s ready for a relationship.]

(Couple of weeks later)

[You’d think having alien powers to help me get ready would mean I’d never be late but NO! Stupid, freakin, no good clock.] Lizzie thought as she ran down the street. She was supposed to meet Kat, Alec, and Krit for lunch and as usual was running late. Just then she bumped into someone, “Sorry!” she said. “That’s ok I’ve should have been paying attention to where I was going,” a young dark haired girl told her. “Do I know you from some where? You look familiar,” the girl asked. “You do too, but I don’t think so I’ve just moved here about a month ago.” “Really where…” “Hey Guerrin, Come On, we’ll starving here!” Alec yelled from down the street followed by Kat giving him a slap to the head.

Lizzie rolled her eyes, “Sorry. Gotta go,” she said again to the girl not noticing the surprised look on her face.

“You’re late.” Alec commented with a smirk. “ Hey!” “Is the clock on the fritz again?” Kat asked smacking Alec on the head. “Ya” “How come you two are allowed to make fun of each other and me but I can’t make fun of you?” Alec complained as Lizzie gave Alec a kiss. “Cuz its more fun for us this way.” Kat and Lizzie teased. “What about me can’t I have some fun?” “Oh I’m sure Kat can give you a little fun later.” Krit remarked earning a slap on the head from Lizzie. “Hey what was that for?” “For taking my line.” Lizzie replied laughing as Kat choked on her soda and both her and Alec went red in the face from Krit’s remark. “Ok if you two are done humiliating the two of us can we go get something to eat now? Kat commented when she got her breath back.

Liz watched as the girl, she ran into, and her boy friend laughed at the reactions their other friends had to a comment he made. [Could she be? She looks just like Maria, but Michael was destined to be with Isabel. Not that he’s was known to do as he’s told especially when it came to her.] she thought to herself as she walked to the dojo.

“About time, thought you got lost crossing the street.” Richie joked as Liz walked into the dojo, with their lunch. “What’s up?” he asked noticing her distracted expression. “Nothing, I think I’ve may have ran into a kid of two of my old friends,” she told him. “That kid from the bar the other night?” he asked, “What makes you think she’s related to them. The girl would have had to be pregnant with her before you left.” “Ever heard of a fake I.d. they’re really easy to get a good one in Roswell, [if you’re an alien hybrid with the power to change the date on your I.d.] Besides she looks just like my friend Maria and has the same last name of her boy-friend she was dating when I last saw her.” “You think there’s a chance you’ll run into them? How would they react to you still being alive and not aging?” “I don’t think so, they probably still live in Roswell, so we don’t have to worry about that.” “Well I have to run some errands later you think you can close the place by yourself?” Richie asked. “Sure” “I’ll try to get back to help” “That’s ok.”

(Later that night)

Liz was walking down the street when she felt the presence of another immortal, looking around she expected to see Richie but put her hand on her sword just in case. An older looking man stepped out in front of her, “How about we find a quieter, and more private place,” he said so she would understand it was a command not a question. “I don’t play the game.” Liz told him. “Too bad, I do,” he said indicating for her to follow him into a nearby alley. Liz reluctantly followed him; bring her sword up just in time to block a strike to her head. She parried and began to fight in earnest.

“So what’s up for tonight?” Kat asked. She, Alec, Krit, and Lizzie were walking to where the first three’s bikes were parked when they heard the sounds of fighting. Kat and Lizzie took off towards the sounds due to their slayer instincts. “Damn It!” both Alec and Krit muttered taking off after them. [What the hell do they think they're doing? Like either of them could take some one on in a fight. They could get hurt.] Krit thought. [What if this is transgenic business, they don’t need to get messed up in it, it could be dangerous.] Alec thought.

They reached an alley and saw two people fighting with sword, one of them being the brunette from the dojo. “What the hell? What is this the freakin Middle Ages?” Kat asked as the boys caught up with her and Lizzie. [They run nearly as fast as us, what the…] Alec thought when he caught sight of the sword fight. “We need to stop them,” Lizzie said stepping forward. “How do you propose we do that, in case you failed to notice they have swords?” Krit said grabbing her arm. “We can’t just let them kill each other.” Kat said going forward. “You two stay back,” Alec told her as he stepped forward with Krit. [How the hell do we stop them in front of the girls without revealing we’re transgenics] he thought to himself.

“None of you can interfere,” a voice said from the entrance to the alley. The red headed man from the dojo walked up to them, watching the fight. “What the hell are you talking about?” Kat asked the fold in her eyes seeming a little more noticeable. [What the hell?] Alec thought noticing Kat’s eyes and hearing Lizzie whisper, “Kat eyes, calm down,” before Kat’s eyes return to normal.

Richie was walking back from seeing if Liz was still at the dojo when he heard the sound of two immortals fighting and a group of people arguing. He got to the entrance of the alley just in time to hear one of two guys tell two girls to stay back as he and his friend went to stop the fight, [That’s pretty brave of them if stupid] he thought.

“None of you can interfere,” he said causing all four of them to turn around and he recognized them as the group from the bar. “What the hell are you talking about?” asked the dark haired girl starting to get angry. “It’s against the rules,” he told them as he worriedly watched Liz fight the older immortal. “Are you nuts?” Alec asked, “Shit!” Lizzie and Krit exclaimed as they watch the girl knock the sword from her opponent’s hand and then cut off his head. “I’d take cover if I were you,” Richie told them calmly as he ducked behind a dumpster, earning weird looks from all four young people. Just then the Quickening hit, Krit grabbed Lizzie shoving her behind the dumpster, while Alec ducked behind a bunch of crates with Kat shielding her with his body.

“What the hell is going on here?” all four exclaimed at the same time as the red haired man went to check on the brunette after the freak lighting storm subsided. “You ok?” Richie asked. “Ya but I could do with an Alien Smoothie about now,” Liz joked. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t know Lizzie was there and over heard that remark. “Hey how do you know about Alien Smoothies?” she asked suspiciously getting weird looks from Alec and Krit and a worried one from Kat. Liz looked up, “Damn” she said seeing the four confused and suspicious young people. “You’re just like Michael,” she remarked. “Whoa! How the hell do you know my dad?” Lizzie asked taking a step back getting ready to defend herself, Kat was also getting ready to defend her friend if need be and both Alec and Krit stepped in front of them to protect them. [Jeez don’t they think we can take care of ourselves, it’s cute that they want to protect us but they could get hurt.] [What the hell is going on here? What the hell is Lizzie hiding?”] Krit thought. [Look’s like Lizzie’s hiding something also and only Kat knows what.] Alec thought.

“Relax, we’re not going to hurt you.” Liz told them. “Look this is going to take a long time to explain. How about we head somewhere more comfortable. You can decide where.” Richie suggested [Great now what are these people hiding] Richie thought seeing their reactions. [The other girl knows about her alien status but I don’t think the boys do.] Liz thought. Lizzie looked at her friends, Krit looked worried but nodded, Alec and Kat both mouthed restaurant. Despite her worries Lizzie smiled inwardly at how the two thought alike, [God when will Kat get a clue] she thought. “Sure” she told Richie and Liz, “we can talk at the restaurant,” she said as everyone followed her out of the alley.

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