Last Time
Liz just stood there in shock.. standing there in front of her was one of the hottest guys she's ever seen {{Damn he's an angel that fell outa heaven and he's sitting in my area!!}}
"Go for it before I do chica"

Liz walked over to the booth that the man and his friends had chosen. He was now looking at her the way she was looking at him and they felt a little pull towards each other.

"Hi welcome to the Crashdown my name is Liz and I'll be your waitress for this evening." Liz sed never breaking her gaze from the man.

"Hey Liz I'm Buffy and these are my friends Willow, Riley, Xander, Cordelia, Angel and uh my uncle Giles. We're new here and I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind showing us around.. obviously not tonight but maybe tomorrow night." Buffy sed as she noticed the way that Angel and Liz were staring at each other. She wasn't really jealous she was happy for Angel but she couldn't help but wonder wat was to happen between them while they stayed there.

"Well sure tomorrow sounds great uh Buffy was it? I get off at about 7 tomorrow so if yu want to come by then I could show you around. It won't take long this is a small town." Liz replied still staring at Angel. {why can't I stop looking at him?}

"That would be great thanx a lot" this comment was coming from Willow who wanted to get a few words in so that she wasn't totally uncomfortable.

"No problem so wat would yu guys like to eat tonight?"

As Liz took down their orders she heard the bell on the door ring and looked at who was coming in. It was Max, Michael, Isabel and Te--. That's when Liz realized that Buffy and her friends were sitting in Max's normal booth. This was great she didn't have to serve Max and his little tramp tonight. Liz smiled and noticed that Angel was looking at her and now smiling too. "I'll be right back with yur orders" said Liz before she walked behind the counter to tell Maria the guys name. It was weird. Liz actually felt happy for once.. she thought it was especially weird because they didn't say really anything to each other but she couldn't help but feel safe knowing he was there. She thought she was going crazy.

(Switch to where Max and the pod squad was sitting)

Maria walked over to them to take their orders when she heard Isabel say..

"Oh My God look at that gorgeous hunk of something over there!" Isabelle said while staring at Angel. Isabelle was amazed at how hott a guy could possibly be.

"I have to agree with you Izzy but no one's as hott as my Maxy Poo" Te-- said while putting her index finger on Max's nose and tapping it.

Michael and Isabelle had to hold back a laugh. It was really funny how much Te-- was a suck up. Thats when they heard Maria give one of her Maria comments.

"oh wow do your lips not get chaped from AlL the ass kissing??" Thats when Isabelle and Michael couldn't hold on to their laughs anymore and just started cracking up. Maria walked away with satisfaction as she saw that Te== was giving her a nasty look.

The night went on and the scooby gang ate but right before they left they told Angel to give Liz a tip. "I like it here.. uh.. good service.. um.. I'm looking forward for you showing us around tomorrow NiGhT. If uh anything happens and plans change here's my cell number." He gave her a peice of paper. This whole conversation was noticed by Max. He wanted to kill this guy who did he think he was? He just walks in here and all the girls are now groveling at his feet. Except for Te== of course. {atleast I can count on someone he thought}

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