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Strange Fate

A wave of thought brought them to consciousness, and a small fist broke through the clear membrane of one of the four pods, lined against the cavern wall.

Slowly a small body broke through its confinements, and a small boy stumbled out into the open air for the first time. He looked around his surroundings dazedly, his black hair and dark eyes contrasted the startling bright light around him.

His attention was drawn behind him as another pair of hands clawed at the walls that enclosed it, and a second child worked his way down and out of his own pod.

They looked at each other for a long time before the brown haired boy moved to the front of the chamber. He patiently held out his hand, waiting with the first boy to take it.

But the boy didnt follow immeadatly, instead his ageless eyes peered into the two unbroken pods.

The first held a girl with warm blonde hair. he felt an immediate connection with her and knew her instinctively. He slowly moved to the one that he felt drawn to, the second. Inside its depths he saw another girl her deep brown hair floating around her, eyes peaceably closed, not yet woken from her slumber.

He pressed his hand to the wall of the pod... and his mind reeled with emotions and feelings from a lifetime before. When it stopped he stumbled back, and the other boy took his hand and helped him up, tugging him towards the opening.

Reluctantly the boy turned letting himself be led to the wall of the chasm. He waved his hand over it and a silver palm print appeared. He covered the print with his own and the wall rumbled and then pulled away.

Together they walked into the night.


Johathan and Martha Kent drove their rental car along the back roads of Roswell, New Mexico. Both of them having a quiet argument.

"I just dont see why you think that we just had to have gone to that UFO convention" Jonathan said in a tired tone.

Martha answered quietly "Clark has a right to know where he comes from"

"We dont know where he comes from" Jonathan stated looking down at his quiet son. Not that, that was anything new. They had, had Clark for over a year now and while they knew he could speak perfectly, the problem was that he didnt. Clark rarely spoke at all.

The heated discussion went on for almost half an hour. When suddenly Clark sat up straight in his seat and said in a clear voice "Daddy, stop!"

Jonathan was so suprised that that his body obeyed the command before he could stop it. Both adults looked at their son in suprise and happiness but before they could question him, Clark rose his arm and pointed to the front of the car.

There stood two little boys covered in a strange substance and naked as the day they were born *ha ha, you get that joke right?*

Jonathan and Marthas jaws dropped and they both quickly bolted out of the car.

The little brown hair boy was tugging at the dark haired boys hand, looking like he was ready to bolt. Jonathan apprached slowly keeping his hands up in a calming gesture.

As Martha kneeled down to them they both took a step back, until Clark showed up.

He walked up unafraid and took the hands of the other two boys. The fear on their faces vanished as they stared at Clark. All three stood there for a while before Clark turned around.

"Mommy, its ok. Theyre like me!" Clark said with a smile.

Jonathan leaned down and said slowly to Clark "Son, when you say theyre like you. Do you mean theyre from..."

Clark raised his arm and pointed his index finger towards the starry night sky.

Jonathan and Martha stared at each other in shock.

The journey to town was full of tention. They had stopped at an all night convience store and pick up some over sized clothes for the boys they had found.

Martha was sitting with the brown haired boy on her lap and was holding him affectionatly.

"Jonathan, we have already had this discussion with each other about Clark, why are they any different?" Martha stated in a stubburn voice

"Right, and what do we tell everyone when we get back to Smallville?" Jonathan asked, still not willing to submit

"That we thought that Clark could use some brothers" Martha said smugly

Jonathan sighed and looked at the boys before saying "Well in any case, we just cant keep calling them 'the boys', we should give them names" he said

Martha nodded and looked at the boy in her lap "What about Michael, for him" she said, indicating to the child on her lap, "It means soldier, and this little man looks like one"

Jonathan nodded, and Martha stared long and hard into the other childs eyes, "Jonathan, look at his eyes, theyre so old, like he has seen so much"

Jonathan looked and said "Maxwell"

Marthas eyebrows lifted "What does it mean?" she asked
"It means Leader" Jonathan answered and Martha smiled

"Michael and Max" Martha said happily, as they pulled into the airport

After dropping off their rental car they walked to the Roswell Termanal and Martha looked pleadingly at her husband as he stepped up to the ticket counter.

Jonathan stared at Michael, Max and Clark before turning to the lady at the front.

"I purchased tickets from Roswell to Metropolis, Kansas, under the name Kent" He said

The woman pulled up the file quickly and asked "Yes, Mr. Kent, would you like me to print them up for you now?"

Jonathan nodded than sighed "And could you please give me two more tickets with the same destination" he asked

Marthas smile lit up the room as she heard him.

The woman nodded and asked "Would you like to place the payments under cash or charge?"

"Charge" Jonathan said as he pulled out his credit card. The woman took it and scanned it before handing it back to him.

She looked over the counter at Martha, Clark, Max and Michael before asking "Is that your family?"

Jonathan looked over his shoulder and smiled before answering "Yes, it is"

The woman smiled "You have a beautiful family"

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