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Title: Undeniable
Author: Beldaran1 (Dionne)
Rating: PG-13 up to NC-17
Category: AU M/L, M/M, A/I….Aliens are Aliens and Humans are…..
Description: Max, Michael, and Isabel were found just like on the show except Michael didn’t run and hide when they saw the headlights. Liz, Maria, and Alex were adopted when they were babies and are special.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or anyone. Certainly not Roswell, Dark Angel, or any of the characters. I am just borrowing them and will be sure to return them when I am done.


Manticore – 1984

Sirens rent the air as evidence of the unthinkable was found there had been a breach in the security. The experiments had been stolen and the labs destroyed. Lydecker prowled through the mess as impotent rage filled him, he had been betrayed and years of hard work had been lost. Heads were definitely about to roll. “I want answers and solutions NOW!!” he roared. “Sir, it appears that someone has destroyed the labs and taken the X-1s” one of his minions stated. “That’s rather obvious soldier. What I want is know how this happened.”

He could feel the pressure starting to build in his head and knew that it was just a precursor to a major migraine. He walked over to the window and looked out at the darkness of the night, he wanted to lash out and kill someone to beat them to death with his own bare hands. This night had been costly, not only had the X-1s been taken but everything had been destroyed and they would have to start over; he knew that anything they created now would be nowhere near as good as what had been taken. He had to get them back, no matter the cost or sacrifice.

Motel outside of Roswell, NM

They sat nervously around the hotel room, each of them filled with anticipation, excitement, and dread that something could go wrong. They had been contacted six months ago about the possibility of adopting a baby. Three very special babies who needed families that would love them and protect them and above all else cherish them.

The knock at the door caught them unawares and they jumped as some of the tension in the room was released. They knew that this adoption was not exactly legal, but they were desperate to have children and this was their last chance. “Who is it?” Jeff asked nervously half afraid that it was the cops and half hopeful that it was the babies. “It’s me. Open up.” Jeff slowly opened the door and when he saw the man holding three infant car seats he quickly opened the door all the way and ushered him inside.

“Oh my God” Nancy whispered as she caught the first glimpse of the babies and felt her heart swell. She desperately wanted to reach out and touch them, but was afraid that if she did she would wake up and find that this was nothing more than a dream.
Lymen quickly walked into the room and set the babies down on the table. “We need to do this quickly; there’s no time to waste.” Turning to the Parkers he handed them a infant car seat with a dark haired baby girl, he gave the De Lucas an infant seat with a blond haired baby girl, and the Whitmans an infant seat with a dark haired baby boy.

“Listen up. These children as you know are special they will be extremely intelligent and gifted. They will never be sick and if they should get cut or break a bone they will heal in a matter of hours or days depending on the severity of the injury. It is imperative that, as they grow, you stress to them the need to keep their gifts secret; their very lives will depend on it. I have taken care of all the paperwork and in the eyes of the government everything will appear legal. Do not try to contact me for any reason if you do it may cost the lives of your children.” Lymen looked around at the adults making eye contact and assuring himself that they understood.

Satisfied he turned to leave but was stopped by Amy De Luca, “Why? Why are you doing this?” she asked. Lymen looked at her and then at the others and saw that they had the same question in their eyes “Because they are innocents and do not deserve to live their lives in hell”, with that he walked out of the room got into his car and left. He prayed that the children were safe and that Lydecker never found them or him for that matter. “Time to get lost” he said to himself as he sped down highway 285 and faced his own uncertain future.


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Part 1

Roswell, NM – 1989

Max was scared but he was trying not to show it cause Izzy and Michael were depending on him and he couldn’t let them down. Today was a big big day they were supposed to start school today. School I mean SCHOOL!!! Could it get any scarier than that?? There were lots and lots of people in a school Max knew this cause he had looked it up and read all about it when Diane – I mean mom had told them that they would have to start school.

Max didn’t want to go to some stupid school were he would have to be around all those people; he just wanted to stay in his room and be with Izzy and Michael. It had only been six months since he and his brother and sister had been found in the desert naked and unable talk and now they had to go to that horrible place called school. Jeez they might as well call it a prison were you have to do this and you have to go there and man oh man you even had to take a nap like a baby!!

Max sighed as the bus pulled up in front of the elementary school and turned to his brother and sister, “Remember”, he said, “Don’t do anything that shows we’re different and don’t get in trouble okay?”
“Okay” Izzy said.
“Jeez we’re not stupid Maxwell, we ain’t gonna do nuttin!” Michael said with a scowl.
“I know your not stupid Michael but we both know that Izzy likes to make sure her hair is perfect and you tend to blow up things when you get excited. So I’m just saying be careful and well don’t get excited.” With that Max took a deep breath and proceeded to lead his brother and sister off the bus.

Looking around Max tried not to get overwhelmed by the size and noise of this place they would be spending so much of their time. Michael and Isabel were also looking around and trying not to be too obvious as they tried to stand as close to Max as they possibly could. “Wow this place is huge” said Isabel with a slight tremble in her voice. “Yeah” Michael said with a gulp, “Huge.”
Max was turning to tell Izzy and Michael that they should go play on the playground when he saw her, an angel. He couldn’t breath that was the first thought that came to his befuddled mind the second thought was that she had to be an angel because she was beautiful and she was staring into his soul. She had the most beautiful silkiest brown hair he had ever seen and the biggest brown eyes, she was amazing.

“Max Max come on let’s go play on the playground until school starts. Come on.” Isabel said as she grabbed her brother’s arm and led him over to the swings. “Michael you can push me first and then Max can push me when you get tired.” Isabel proclaimed as she got on the swing and Michael started pushing her while grumbling about bossy sisters.

Meanwhile, Max was trying to find his angel he had lost sight of her when Izzy had dragged him over to the swings. Max sighed as the bell rang and they made their way into the school, if there was one thing he now knew for a fact; it was that school was definitely going to be the greatest.

“Lizzie what was that all about?” Maria asked her as soon as she was able to corner her over by the trees.
“What was what about?” Alex asked as he sat down on the other side of Liz.
“Maria it was nothing” Liz stated doing her best to look unconcerned and trying not to show how her heart was still pounding.
“Nothing? Nothing? Oh come on Lizzie you were totally making googly eyes at that boy.” Maria exclaimed.
“What boy?” asked Alex who was starting to get confused.
“I so was not Maria I was just checking out the new kids that’s all.” Liz crossed her arms over her chest and glared at her best friend.
“Oh no you weren’t Lizzie. I saw you you were checking out the new kid as in singular not plural”. Never one to back down when she knew she was right (and she was always right) Maria placed her hands on her hips and glared right back at Liz.
“Uh guys will someone tell me what’s going on?” Alex once again asked as he looked back and forth between his two best friends.
“I know what singular and plural means ‘Ria you don’t have get all educational on me” Liz rolled her eyes.
“Whatever Lizzie I’m just saying you were checking out that new boy and now your being all defensive about it.” Maria then did a double eye roll just to prove that she was still the Queen of the Eye Roll.
“Yeah well I wasn’t the only one checking out the new boy only this one had spikey blonde hair.” Liz smirked knowing she had just dealt a killing blow.
“What! I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Maria gasped as she felt her face burning she slightly nodded her head at Liz to acknowledge defeat in this round and then quickly changed the topic of conversation. “Anyways don’t forget you guys are coming over right after school so we can do that water test again. Mom and Dad won’t be home so they won’t catch us and freak out like last time.”
“Uh okay” said Alex still a little confused.
“Fine by me” said Liz with a sigh of relief that she had gotten Hurricane De Luca off her back; at least for a little while.

She really wasn’t ready to talk about what had happened that morning while she and Maria were waiting for Alex by the school bus. It was while she was half listening to Maria going on and on and on and on about the latest tragedy (or comedy) in her six year old life that she had seen him getting off the bus. It was like magic everything slowed down and it was like they were the only ones in the schoolyard, everyone else just disappeared. He had hair so dark it looked almost black but she could tell that it wasn’t really black, and his eyes oh his eyes. They were this amazing amber with gold sparkles and she knew he could see right down to the bottom of her soul. “Max” she sighed, that was what the blonde girl had called him as she pulled him away… Max.

“Hey Lizzie come on snap out of it that was the bell.” Maria grabbed her arm and started running for the school.
“Hey did you see the new girl? She’s really pretty” Alex said while running to keep up with his two best friends.
Maria and Liz looked at each other and rolled their eyes “Totally oblivious” they said at the same time.


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Okay, I'm back with Part 2 just like I promised. I just want to let you know that these first few parts are going to deal with M/L and the gang meeting for the first time and explore how different things would have been if they had started interacting with one another when they were kids as opposed to when they were older. The added bonus is just as Max, Michael, and Isabel are special by being aliens; I decided to make Liz, Maria, and Alex just as special by making them genetically enhanced. I hope this adds extra dimensions to there well as double the bad guys. I hope you guys like without further ado here's part 2...

Part 2

Miss Kelly’s 1st Grade Classroom

Liz sighed as she settled into her seat and prepared for another boring day of trying to find something to keep her interested while her fellow classmates struggled to learn the fundamentals of reading, writing, and very basic 1+1=2 math.

Liz couldn’t help feeling frustrated since she, as well as Maria and Alex, had already started studing on a 10th grade level. ‘This baby stuff is sooo boorrrinngg!!’ she thought to herself. She knew she couldn’t make a scene or draw attention to herself or the others; the Parents were always stressing to them the need to keep their difference and their “gifts” secret. No one must ever know or “THEIR LIVES COULD BE IN DANGER”, that’s how she always thought of it in caps with fireworks cause the Parents were all the time stressing that point.

‘Maybe today will be different, maybe I’ll get to see Max again I really really hope I do’ she sighed to herself. She really wanted to talk to Max she could feel that there was something different about him almost like Maria, Alex, and herself but not quite the same. It was driving her crazy trying to figure this out and yet at the same time she felt this incredible sense of excitement and urgency like meeting Max was going to totally change her life forever.

Liz couldn’t help feeling that maybe she could tell Max her secret. She knew she shouldn’t but something inside of her felt that no matter what she would always be safe with Max. She felt so conflicted; one part of her wanted so bad to talk to Max and let him in and the other part wanted to grab Maria and Alex and hide.

See we’re different Maria, Alex, and I; we’re special. The Parents told us that we had been rescued from this bad man when we were babies that this bad man had wanted to use our special gifts for his own gain and he didn’t care who he hurt just as long as he got his way. However, there was this other man who didn’t agree and he stole us from the bad man and gave us to the Parents to adopt us and love us and keep us safe. That’s why we can’t let anyone know that we’re different and that we can do things that no one else can do. If that bad man ever found us there would be hell to pay, so every night before I go to bed I always pray real real hard that he won’t ever find us.

Liz was pulled from her thoughts by a commotion at the front of the room as her teacher, Miss Kelly, tried to get every ones attention. Then she felt it this tingling sensation running up and down her spine and she knew before he even stepped into the room that it was Max.

“Class can I have your attention.” Miss Kelly said, “I would like to introduce to Max, Michael, and Isabel Evans. They will be joining our class and I hope that everyone will make an effort to help them feel at home.”

As the teacher was introducing them Max immediately sought the big brown eyes of the angel he had seen earlier. He knew she was there, he had felt her even before he had entered the classroom. ‘I must be in heaven’ Max thought to himself. He had read all about Heaven and Hell and he knew he just had to be in heaven otherwise he wouldn’t be getting lost in the eyes of an angel. Max and Liz continued to stare intently into each other’s eyes as everything around them faded away.

When he had first come into the room Maria couldn’t believe that it was that boy from that morning by the school bus. At first she could feel her face starting to turn red as she remembered how Liz had called her on checking him out and then she got pissed cause it was all his fault that Liz had been able to get the best of her that morning; so she started glaring at him to let him know that she wouldn’t put up with him trying to throw her off her game.

Michael couldn’t understand why that little blonde girl was staring at him again like she had that morning only this time she was looking at him like he had some kind of disease or something. ‘Whatever’ Michael thought, ‘I’m not going to let her shoot daggers at me and not shoot any back at her’ so he started glaring right back at her and threw in his meanest scowl just to show that he meant business.

Alex gasped he couldn’t believe that it was that pretty blonde girl from that morning. He had been running to catch up with Liz and Maria by the buses that morning when he had seen her getting off the bus and he had thought she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, she had such long blonde hair. He had been trying to get his feet to stop moving when he had stumbled into Maria and lost his balance and by the time he had gotten back up on his feet the girl had disappeared and Maria was in hot pursuit of Liz. Then he was off and running once again trying to catch up with his two best friends. Still, he had almost convinced himself that it had to have been a mirage when she had walked into his classroom and the teacher had introduced her… “Isabel”, he sighed as he briefly caught her eye before blushing and shyly looking back down at his notebook. ‘Even her name is beautiful’ he thought to himself.

Isabel blushed and shyly looked away as her eyes had briefly made contact with those of the dark haired boy who had looked at her so intently earlier that morning. ‘He has the bluest eyes’ she thought to herself.

Max was brought back to the here and now when Miss Kelly touched him on his shoulder and told him that they should find someplace to sit down. Without looking at Michael or Isabel, Max made his way over to his angel…there was no place else he would even think of sitting.

“Hi” Max said softly as he sat down next to his angel, “My name’s Max”. “Hi” Liz said as she turned so she could look into Max’s eyes again, “I’m Liz”. “Nice to meet you Liz” Max shyly reached over and shook her hand. “Yeah….nice” Liz sighed as she quickly became lost once again in Max Evan’s eyes not even realizing that they were still holding hands.

“What’re you staring at dorkhead” Michael grunted as plopped down in the seat next to the little blonde girl, “I’m Michael”. “Nothing brillohead” Maria frowned as she turned up the rays on her death glare, “I’m Maria and I’m not a dorkhead and if you don’t take it back I’m going to make you cry in front of everybody”. “I’d like to see you try runt” Michael upped the ante on his scowl and the two began bickering back and forth forgetting about everyone else around them.

“Hi, I’m Isabel may I sit next to you”, Isabel shyly addressed the dark haired boy as she sat down in the seat next to him. “Yeah you can sit next to me if you want, I’m Alex”. “Nice to meet you Alex”. “The pleasures all mine mi’ lady”, Alex exclaimed gallantly. Isabel began to giggle as Alex made a show of bowing low.

‘Wow’ Miss Kelly thought to herself as she watched the kids go and sit with Liz, Maria, and Alex. She almost had to sit down when it became obvious that the new kids were going to be accepted into the closest little group of kids she had ever seen. It was widely known that Liz, Maria, and Alex were extremely close and were almost fierce in not letting any of the other kids into their little group. It’s not that they didn’t interact with others… it was more that they put out this aura that excluding others from getting too close.

‘I’m definitely going to have to keep my eyes on this new development’ Miss Kelly thought to herself before announcing that they were going to have free time for the rest of the morning. She would use this free time to observe the dynamics of this surprising new group that was forming.


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Okay guys here's another part. Man I'm really busting this thing out, I have so many ideas about how I want this story to go that I've been glued to my computer banging away as fast as I can. Anyways, this part is a little on the short side but I promise to have the next part out soon.

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Part 3a

Over the next few months the six friends had become inseparable however they still hadn’t shared their secret with one another. It had become too ingrained in all of them the importance of keeping their gifts and abilities secret and although they each felt they could trust the other; there was still that fear that if they shared their secret then something bad would happen. What that bad was they didn’t know, but their biggest fear was that their parents would somehow find out that they had shared their secret and separate them for their own safety. So even though they were aware that they were all different (it had soon become obvious that they were all functioning on a level well above what was normal for six year olds) by unspoken agreement any slips or awareness were ignored, and there were slips…a lot of them.

There was the time that they had all been playing at the Evans’ house and Max had let Maria play with the little dollhouse his mother had given him so that he could always find home. Maria had been wanting to play with that dollhouse forever and was excited to finally be playing with it when Michael had started pulling on her pony tail. Maria had turned to lay into Michael for being a jerk when she had tripped and the dollhouse had gone flying through the air. Liz, who had been sitting on the other side of the room talking with Max, saw that the dollhouse was going to land on the hardwood floor had used a burst of speed to propel herself across the room to catch it before it could be smashed on the floor.

No one said a word; they just went back to playing as if nothing had happened.

The next one to make a slip was Alex. The six friends had been exploring and playing along Probe Creek when they had decided to cross the creek and explore the other side. It was while they crossing the little rope bridge that the clasp on Isabel’s favorite necklace had come loose and the necklace had fallen into the water. Alex had dived into the creek to find the necklace and hadn’t come back up until he had found it…35 minutes later.

Again no one said a word; they had all hugged Alex and then watched as he securely fastened Isabel’s necklace around her neck.

The next one to show that they were different was Maria. The six friends had decided to bike over and explore Saturn Rocks on the east side of Roswell. They were all having a great time being together out from under the watchful eyes of their parents. Max and Liz were a few feet ahead of the others holding hands and whispering back and forth about all of the little things and big things and in between things that they just had to share with each other. Following behind them were Alex and Isabel. Alex was waxing poetic about the latest computer innovations and Isabel was trying to decide the best way to convince her mother that she just had to have that new dress or she would just die. Bringing up the rear, as usual, was Maria and Michael who were bickering. Maria and Michael were too involved in their latest argument to notice that they had veered off from the others when Michael had stumbled and fell over the edge of an embankment. Reacting quickly Maria had grabbed him by the seat of his pants and pulled him back up the side of the embankment and to safety…using one arm while the other held onto the root of a tree to anchor herself.

Once again no one said a word.

However, Liz, Alex, and Maria weren’t the only ones slipping up.

Isabel, who couldn’t stand being dirty, was always fixing her hair and her clothes with little waves of her hands. Michael, who couldn’t help himself, was still blowing things up whenever he got too excited; which happened most often when Maria was around. Max, well Max just couldn’t stand to see Liz hurt or upset and since they were all (including Isabel) something of a rough and tumble group; Max was forever healing the little cuts and bruises that Liz would get whenever they went exploring.

All these things didn’t go unnoticed amongst them, however, their code of silence was such that these things were ignored and never discussed…until one day something happened that changed everything.


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Part 3b

It had all started off like any other normal day.

Liz was walking her bike across the park heading for the trees on the far side of the park where she was supposed to meet the others. She was running late because today for some reason her mom and dad had wanted to know what she was up to. ‘Damn’ she thought ‘If mom and dad are starting to get suspicious then the other parents probably are too, we’re gonna a have to come up with a plan’. She was lost in thought and unaware that she was being approached.

Maria and Michael were arguing over what they were going to do that day. They had gotten bored while waiting for Liz and now they couldn’t decide if they should work on their fort (Michael’s idea) or play the challenge game (Maria’s idea). They were just getting to the point were pushing and shoving was about to commence when Max suddenly stood up and held up his hand for silence his eyes trained on the other side of the park.

"Hey! If it isn't little Nosy Parker." A snide voice said from behind her. Liz paused and then turned around to come face to face with Kyle, Paulie, and Tommy.

"Get out of my way Kyle." She tried nicely at first. She never knew what mood Kyle and his sidekicks would be in.

"What if I don't want to Nosy?" he smirked, coming around to face her while Paulie and Tommy closed in on her from behind.

He knew she hated the name Nosy, which was why he used it. He was a bully and he enjoyed how everyone else was afraid of him, everyone except Liz and her little group of friends. He couldn’t stand how they always just ignored him and treated him like he was nothing. They were always together which was why when he saw Liz all by herself he couldn’t resist the urge to gang up on her with Paulie and Tommie. ‘It’s about time little Nosy Parker learned who was boss’ he thought to himself.

“Maria”, Max whispered for confirmation.

“Yeah, it’s the three bozo’s Kyle, Paulie, and Tommy.” Maria confirmed.

Max narrowed his eyes, “Okay, Michael and Alex you sweep left. Ria and Izzy you sweep right. I’ll go up the middle.”

Max made eye contact with each of them before saying, “On my signal attack.”

No one but no one was going to hurt his Liz.

"What s'matter, Nosy? Cat got your tongue?" Kyle laughed and pulled on one of her braids.

“Yeah, cat got your tongue?” Paulie joined in the laughter and tried to pull her other braid.

Liz yanked her head back and her hair fell out of Kyle’s grasp as she easily evaded Paulie’s attempt to do the same.

"Leave me alone Kyle. I’ve got things to do and people to see." She tried to look bored, but inside she was shaking with fury. Kyle, Paulie, and Tommy liked to hurt people, if not mentally, then physically. And since they had never been able to do either to Liz, she knew they probably had something particularly vicious up their sleeves.

"I don't want you to go just yet Nosy. I want to play some more." Kyle laughed.

Kyle, Paulie, and Tommy were 8 years old and not only were they much bigger than her, but also just down right mean.

Liz saw Kyle's attention switch from her hair to her bike and she made her move.

She pushed at him and catching him off guard, she knocked him down and then quickly turned and shoved Tommy into Paulie sending them crashing to the ground alongside Kyle. Then she jumped up and started to take off towards the trees where she knew the others were waiting.

"You little brat!" she heard Kyle yell and then suddenly he had her by the ankle and he yanked on it and sent Liz skidding and sliding across the turf.

Liz was shocked at first, to come face to face with the ground, and then she felt the stings of scrapes all over her body. Her face, elbows, hands and knees were raw and she tried to contain the instinct to lash out at Kyle as he came to stand in front of her.

"Leave her alone." A tight voice said from behind Kyle.

Liz didn’t have to look up to know that it was Max.

No one stood up to Kyle and his bullies. Especially not kids smaller or ones younger than him, but there was Max, much smaller in size than Kyle, looking ready to kill.

"Oh yeah! Who says?" Kyle smirked and turned to face Max with pleasure. He looked the smaller kid over and laughed.

He saw that Max was alone and then motioned for Paulie and Tommy to circle around him, they were gonna have fun beating this little twerp up.

"Me. I say." Max stated and came to stand face to face with the big bully.

Kyle grinned and shoved at Max. Even though Max had been expecting it, he was shoved back a bit but kept his balance and remembered what he'd learned about fighting. It was all in the moves and in how much faster you were; it also didn’t hurt to have back up.

"Go away little boy. Me and my buddies here aren't done playing with the brat." Kyle laughed when he saw how easy it had been to push Max.

Max concentrated and then sent out a mental message of ‘NOW!’ before suddenly charging and bringing his head into the larger boy's stomach, catching him off guard and sending him flying to the ground with Max on top of him.

Upon receiving the signal Michael and Alex rushed silently out from the left and tackled Paulie to the ground while Maria and Isabel, just as silently, rushed in from the right taking out Tommy.

Liz's eyes narrowed in anger as she jumped up and ran and dove onto Kyle to help Max take him out.

"What the hell!" Kyle suddenly screamed when he felt little fingernails claw into his face and neck.

Kyle scrambled to try and throw off his attackers but every time he thought he had succeeded one or the other would throw him down again. When he finally managed shrug Liz off of him, Max took the opportunity to send one more fist flying into the bigger boy, and he put all of his alien strength into it determined to make it a good one…one that Kyle Valenti would never forget.

When the bigger boy went flying back about 70 feet, Max calmly walked up to him stopped. He looked around him and saw that Michael and Alex had subdued Paulie and were herding him over to were Kyle still lay on the ground while Maria and Isabel were prodding Tommy to join his fellow losers by taking turns kicking him in the butt as he crawled across the ground.

Liz watched calmly as Michael and Maria came and flanked Max on his right stopping one step back while Isabel and Alex flanked her on her left also stopping one step back. Liz then slipped her right hand in Max’s left and as a united front they turned to face the enemy.

"What the hell…?" Kyle said and shook himself and stood up. His jaw hurt and he knew he was getting a black eye but as he turned to face the little group that was standing in front of him for the first time in his life he knew fear, heart pounding mind numbing fear. They had beaten him and his best buddies, six little kids had taken them out and three of them were nothing but little girls.

Seeing that he had Kyle’s and his buddies attention Max silently took one step forward and said in a quiet and deadly voice, “Don’t ever bother Liz again. My friends and I are off Limits. We have left you alone because before today you had never bothered us. This is your only warning come at us again and today will seem like…..a walk in the park.”

Kyle slowly backed away grabbing Paulie and Tommy as he went; he was still stunned by that last punch that Max had packed, but he had to save face especially in front of his buddies so he pointed at the younger kids.

"This isn't over. I'll get you all of you, count on it!" He said and limped away.

Max watched as the bullies limped away and then turned to Liz. "You okay?" Max asked gently. He looked at all the bloody scrapes on Liz and even though most of them had already healed he wanted to go back and kill Kyle this time.

"Yes… are you?" she asked equally worried even though she couldn’t see a bruise or cut on him.

Max nodded, then blushed when Liz looked him over and then smiled widely. He wasn't hurt but he liked getting a lot of attention from Liz and he especially loved her smile. It did funny things to his stomach.

"Thank you Max." Liz said softly, and then hugged him suddenly. “Thank all of you.” She said as the others joined in on the hug.

Today had been a big day, this was the first time one of the group had been threatened and they had all come together as one to take down the enemy. Their bond had gotten even stronger.

Liz suddenly jumped back and then bit her lip as she felt her face where there was still bruising and bleeding. She knew that her injuries would heal quickly, but they still hurt.

Max hated to see her in pain and he reached up and touched her cheek gently. All he wanted to do was take away the pain. He looked around the park to make sure they were alone, the others sensing what he was about to do formed a tight circle around Max and Liz to help keep them hidden from any prying eyes. Secure that no one could see them Max started healing what was left of the bruises and cuts on Liz’s face.

As he looked deep into Liz’s eyes the flashes started.


Max saw Liz as a baby in her mother's arms.


Liz saw Max standing on the highway looking at a pair of headlights.


Max saw Liz as a toddler reading Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes while her mother and father look on with a worried look on their face.


Liz saw Max raise his arm and hold out his hand stopping a box of trophies from falling onto his mother’s head, she sees the stunned expression on his father’s face.


Max sees and feels what Liz did when she saw him get off the bus the first day they met.


Liz sees and feels what Max did when he saw her for the first time that fateful day at school.

--end flashes--

Max pulled his hand back and his eyes widened. That had never happened before. They both just stared at each other for a minute. Liz just stood in shock at all that was happening, but she wasn't frightened. She had never felt safer or happier than she did now with Max Evans.

Then Max looked around at his friends and then back down at Liz, he saw acceptance in her eyes and knew that she saw the same in his.

The code of silence was about to be broken.


They had decided to convene at Max, Michael, and Isabel’s since that was where they were building their fort in the back left corner of the backyard. They knew that they would have privacy there and more importantly no one would be able to catch them unawares.

Max walked along side Liz holding her hand as they made their way to his house. He had felt close to Liz from the very first time he had ever laid eyes on her, but now he felt like he really knew her inside and out and he felt closer to her than anybody else even Izzy and Michael.

Liz felt as if she really knew Max and she knew he felt the same way. She could FEEL what he was feeling. He'd been lonely and scared, but now he too was feeling happy. She knew he felt as if he'd known her forever as well.

When they got to the Evans' house they silently walked around to the backyard and sat down in a circle inside of their fort. They looked around at each other for a while before Max finally spoke up.

Looking first at his brother and sister and then at Alex and Maria, Max took Liz’s hand before addressing everyone quietly. “I know we have all silently agreed that we would never talk about our gifts and abilities that make us different, however, I believe today has proven that when we work together as unit nothing can stop us. Today has also proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have absolute trust and loyalty among us. I know that we are afraid and talking about this is something that has been strictly ingrained in us not to do. So before I continue I want anyone who does not want to have this discussion to speak now.” Max paused as he again looked everyone in the eye and waited to see if anyone had any objections.

“Let’s just do it Maxwell.” Michael said with a quick glance at Maria.

“I agree,” said Maria quickly with a sideways glance at Michael.

“Me too,” Alex and Isabel said at the same time and then blushed.

“I think we’re all tired of secrets Max.” Liz said softly giving Max’s hand a quick squeeze to show that she fully agreed with and supported him.

“Okay,” Max said quietly once he was assured that everyone was in agreement. “Michael, Isabel, and I were in the 1947 crash. We were in incubation pods until earlier this year when we…well…I…uh guess for lack of a better word hatched. We’re aliens although we prefer the term ‘not of this earth’.” Max looked up to see how the others were taking this news.

“Wow!” Maria squealed, “I didn’t know that you guys existed are you all green and slimy on the inside?”

“That is so cool!” Alex exclaimed, “Do you guys have super alien powers?”

“Jeez! Maria what kind of stupid question was that we’re not green and slimy. We look just how we look.” Michael said with a frown. He was scared that Maria would think that he was gross.

“Well how else do you find things out!” Maria exclaimed with her hands on her hips, “and it’s not a stupid question spaceboy.”

Michael just sighed and looked around nervously.

Maria suddenly softened and scooted closer to the nervous boy. “I don’t think you’re green and slimy Michael.” She said with a smile.

Michael, not used to her giving in so quickly, just shrugged, uncomfortable.

“I didn’t really mean it. I promise.” She said knowing that he was still worried.

Michael met her eyes and saw that she really did mean it looking into her eyes he saw honesty and loyalty looking back at him. She hadn’t hesitated earlier that day to come to her friends’ defense she had jumped in just like the rest of them and helped take care of business. She always stood up to everyone and was afraid of no one. Michael admired that. He nodded and looked away.

Maria took that as a positive response and smiled at him.

Michael turned red as Maria continued to look at him like he was a hero or something.

Seeing that Maria and Michael had settled that issue, Isabel turned to Alex to address his. “I don’t know if I would call them super alien powers but yeah we can do stuff.”

“Like what?” Alex asked eagerly.

“Well we can move things without touching them, change the molecular structure of things, heal, and all kinds of stuff.” Isabel said.

“Again I have to say that is sooo cool.” Alex smiled.

“Anyway,” Max cut in, “We’re still learning more and more everyday about what we can do. We know that we’re super smart, fast, and strong; but we haven’t exactly tested the limit of our capabilities.”

“I think we can help you with that,” Liz smiled as she again squeezed Max’s hand as she sensed his nervousness, “Ria, Alex, and I aren’t exactly normal ourselves. This total bad guy who was trying to create super soldiers genetically enhanced us while we were still in the womb. However, this other guy didn’t like what he was doing so he stole us from the lab and gave us to our moms and dads. We know that we’re extremely intelligent, fast, and strong. We also have enhanced sight, hearing, touch, and sense of smell. We too don’t know the extent of things that we can do so we’ve been doing all kinds of experiments to test ourselves. That’s how we can help you, we can help each other learn what we can do.”

Liz looked down shyly as she finished her little speech but she quickly looked up into Max’s eyes when she felt him squeeze her hand. What she saw reflected there took her breath away. She saw nothing but total love, pride, and acceptance and she hoped that he could see the same things reflected back at him in her eyes.

Overwhelmed by emotion Liz lunged at Max and threw her arms around his neck as she felt tears of joy sting her eyes. Max hugged her back, swallowing at the emotions running through him just having Liz Parker in his arms loving and accepting him just as he did her.

It was a grinning Max that turned to the others seeing similar embraces taking place.

Suddenly Max started laughing as he was filled with this overwhelming sense of joy and was soon joined by the others as they too caught a hold of the feeling. They all started hugging each other as they fell laughing and crying into the middle of the fort swept away by the feelings of joy, love, and oneness.

They were a family and there would be no secrets between them and heaven help anyone who tried to tear them apart.


Diane Evans stood looking out the kitchen window at the children as the sounds of their carefree laughter echoed across yard and in through the open window. She had been watching them since she saw them settle down in the fort about 2 hours ago. She had seen how serious they looked before and now they were laughing as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Diane again looked over at the children and sighed.

‘This could be trouble,’ she thought to herself.

Singling out her babies from the others; she remembered how grateful she and Phillip had been when they had found them that night almost a year ago. She thanked the stars everyday for giving them these children, and yet she worried constantly that they would be discovered and she and Phillip would lose their babies.

At first the fact that the three couldn’t speak English had worried her, but they had quickly picked up the English language as well as other things and she had felt it was okay to send them to school; besides she didn’t want to raise any suspicions by keeping them at home. She realized that everything had happened the way it had for a reason. She believed she and Phillip were meant to find these three and take care of them.

Almost a year ago, Phillip’s law firm had laid him off and they had been on the last leg of their journey to Roswell to start over. Neither one of them had any other family, so it had been just the two of them starting fresh.

It was as they were crossing the desert, right outside of Roswell that they found the three children wandering along on the deserted road.

At first it had been strange to find these three naked children out in the middle of nowhere, and then to find they couldn’t speak any language. It was when they realized these children had ‘special abilities’ that they knew what they had to do.

Diane had been getting the children into the car and wrapped in blankets while Phillip tried to re-arrange the boxes in back to make room for the children when one of the heavier boxes had fallen and crushed his hand. Crying out Phillip had cradled his hand against his chest as he slid down to sit against the car, his legs no longer able to hold him up. Diane had been frantically trying to get to the first aide kit when Max had walked up to Phillip and gently taken his hand and healed him. That was when she and Phillip realized that something was definitely not normal here, and they decided to keep the fact that they had found the children a secret.

Since they were heading to a new city, where no one knew about them, they felt safe enough just letting everyone assume the kids were theirs.

Being a lawyer, Phillip was able to make the children appear legally theirs and they had gotten birth certificates and all the paperwork needed to make the children seem normal.

Diane, who was studying to be a nurse, took samples of their blood; that was when they truly realized that whatever the children were, they could NEVER be exposed or they would be studied and experimented on. So they taught the children to keep their abilities to themselves and stressed the need to be very careful and to always act as normal as possible.

And now, after almost a year Diane feared that the children’s secret may no longer be safe. She sighed again hoping that everything would be okay. She worried constantly that her children might be taken from her. She knew that she would never let that happen, she would protect her babies no matter the cost.

Picking up the phone she dialed a number she knew by heart, “Phillip I think we may have a problem. Maybe you should accept the offer from that law firm in LA.”


Well it looks like Max is starting to grow into his leadership roll and the group dynamics are starting to fall into place.

Hmmm, I wonder if Diane is going to be able to convince Phillip that they should pack up and move to LA for their kids safety? What do ya think?

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I just wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things, a few of you have asked whether or not I will be ageing the gang or keep them as kids. Well like on daytime television they will be hitting a couple of growth spurts soon.

These first parts of my story are more to establish who and what they are and what makes them tick. Eventually they are going to hit their teens and then things are really going to start rocking.

Oh yeah...I haven't forgotten about Lydecker and Kivar will also rear his ugly head.

So, I hope that answers some of the questions and I should have the next part out soon.

Thanks for reading my story*happy**happy*!!!!
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Sorry about's the repost...

Okay here's a new part. I had a hard time with this part so I hope it turned out okay.

Part 4

“Damn it!” Diane swore softly under her breath as she dropped the colander of spaghetti. She grabbed a dishtowel and, dropping to her knees, surveyed the mess on the floor. ‘Perfect! Just fucking perfect!’ she thought to herself slumping back against the cabinet and letting her head fall forward in defeat. She didn’t know whether to scream or cry or maybe do both; she was just… so… angry she couldn’t see straight.

Her conversation with Phillip earlier had not gone the way she had expected…

Picking up the phone she dialed a number she knew by heart, “Phillip I think we may have a problem. Maybe you should accept the offer from that law firm in LA.”

“Whoa…wait a minute…slow down Diane.” Phillip said, concern evident in his voice, “I thought we already discussed this and agreed that it would be wrong to uproot the children. I mean the kids are doing really well. Besides, what problem are you talking about?”

Diane, whose nerves where already at the breaking point… felt something inside of her snap at Phillip’s apparent disregard for her concerns, yelled into the phone, “What problem…Phillip you’re not listening to what I’m saying!! I’m talking about the safety and well being of our children AND YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO PAY ATTENTION!!!”

Phillip jerked the phone away from his ear in stunned disbelief as he heard his normally even-tempered wife yelling at him. He felt his own temper start to rise as he realized he was the center of attention and everyone was listening in on his conversation. Apologizing for disrupting the meeting, he quickly left the conference room and by the time he reached his office he had built up his own head of steam. Slamming the door behind him, he tried to reign in his temper before yelling, “Wait just a goddamn minute Diane! You call me out of an important meeting, that I had to come in on a Saturday for by the way, you tell me there’s a problem and expect me to drop everything and move to LA when you haven’t even told me WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!!”

Diane squeezed her eyes shut and said in as calm a voice as possible, “Okay Phillip how’s this for trouble; our babies’ secret is out. While you’re sitting on your ass doing NOTHING – our babies could be taken away and never seen or heard from again!!”

Phillip sat in stunned silence for a moment before the reality of what she said hit him. “WHAT!” he roared. He could feel his heart pounding and his muscles clenching, ‘They were after the children…oh God…they were after the children’. He suddenly felt weak and sick to his stomach. ‘No…no this can’t be happening’, he thought as he slumped back into his chair – his worst fears realized.

“How?” he swallowed his throat suddenly dry. “Who… found out about…tell me,” he softly whispered into the phone.

Having finally gotten her husband’s attention she felt all of the anger drain out of her and sat down unsteadily. She took a shaky breath and started to ramble in an attempt to get everything out at once, “Well…I…I…don’t know for sure…I mean…I think…maybe their secret’s out…but… but…but you should have seen them Phillip!” she sobbed into the phone. “If you’d seen what I did then you’d know it’s just a matter of time.”

“Wait…wait…I don’t understand”, he whispered confused.

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you. At first they were so quiet and serious and then they were laughing and hugging…and now…now they’re just sitting out there not saying a word.” She whimpered trying to hold back another sob as she again looked out the kitchen window at the children silently sitting in a circle holding hands. She gasped and took a stumbling step back when the children, as if sensing they were being observed, turned and looked at the kitchen window at the same time. “It’s not normal.”

“Diane,” Phillip tried to keep the strain from showing in his voice as he sensed the fragile state his wife was in, “Please…whom are you talking about?”

“The children Phillip…the children” she whispered into the phone as she slowly backed out of the kitchen completely unnerved.

“Diane,” he said as calmly as possible trying to get back on track, “Who knows about the children’s secret?”

“No one…at least not yet… I don’t think…but they’ve gotten so close to those kids Phillip…it’s just a matter of time before they tell them their secret.” She crumpled onto couch as she finally gave in to the need and silently started to cry.

“I don’t fucking believe this…you have got to be kidding me.” Phillip swore under his breath as he was finally able to make heads and tails of what his wife had been trying to tell him, “We’ll finish discussing this tonight after the kids go to bed.”

Diane whimpered into the phone, “That’s it…you’re going to leave it like this?”

Phillip slammed his fist down on his desk. “Damn it Diane! I’m trying to keep your feelings and concerns in mind… I don’t want to upset you…but you’re being irrational and I think we both need to calm down before making any decisions that would greatly affect our children’s lives.”

“Please Phillip… Please don’t put this off. Time could become an issue…we need to act now,” she said unsteadily.

Phillip swallowed, “I’m going to hang up now… we’ll discuss this tonight.”

“No… Phillip!” Diane said into the phone just as she heard the dial tone.

Remembering the conversation Diane couldn’t help the anger that once again swept through her body at the way he had summarily dismissed her.

“Mom…are you okay?” Diane snapped her head up and turned to see Isabel standing quietly by the entrance to the kitchen with a look of concern on her tiny precious face.

“Yeah sweetie I’m okay,” she said as she finished cleaning up the mess that had now congealed on the floor. “Mommy just had a little accident…why don’t you go tell your brothers that dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes.”

“Okay,” Isabel said as she ran over and gave her mother a hug before going off in search of her brothers.

‘I just have to make Phillip see reason,’ she thought to herself. Taking a deep breath she went about the task of getting the rest of dinner ready; she squared her shoulders as if preparing for battle, resolved do to what ever it takes to keep her babies safe…Phillip be damned.


Max was laying on his bed thinking over the amazing events that had occurred that day. He was still flying high on the emotions that had been evoked and the feelings shared. They had crossed a line today by breaking down the wall of silence that had separated them and in the process had finally freed themselves and brought a completeness that they had not known was missing.

Hearing the knob turn on his door, he closed his eyes and slowed down his breathing giving the impression of deep sleep. He knew it was his mom checking on him and as had become habit; he pretended to be asleep until he heard the soft click of the door shutting. They had tried to convince their mother that they didn’t need much sleep to function but to no avail; so every night they faked slumber until bed check had been completed.

It should have been odd to find out that Liz, Alex, and Maria had similar problems with their mothers but it wasn’t; they were starting to find that though they were different they were a lot alike.

Sighing, Max again found himself thinking back on the events from earlier that day…

Finally calming down from the euphoria of the moment they lay on their backs looking up into the blue cloudless sky content just to be near each other.

“That was cool the way we took down Kyle and his stooges doncha think?” Michael had been replaying the battle from earlier in his head…it had been so exhilarating taking on the school bullies and beating them at their own game.

“Yeah, you should have seen the look on Tommy’s face when Ria and I jumped him.” Isabel laughed leaning over Michael to exchange high fives with Maria.

“I bet they run away screaming in terror the next time they see us coming.” Alex snorted while puffing out his chest.

“I can see it now the big bad bullies of Roswell Elementary peeing in their pants cuz Max glared at them.” Maria smirked setting off another round of laughter.

“Hey!” Liz sat up, “I just thought of something…did everyone hear Max say ‘Now!’ in their heads?”

“Yeah, but that was just the signal so we’d know when to attack.” Michael explained.

“Okay…but how did we all hear him?” Liz asked.

“Hey! That’s right…how’d you do that Max.” Maria squealed.

“I don’t know…I just did.” Max said. Now that he thought about it he wondered how did he do that.

“Well, is it one of your abilities?” Liz asked.

Max thought about it for a moment before slowly replying, “When we first came out of the pods and couldn’t speak, Michael, Izzy, and I were able to understand with each other telepathically…but once we started talking we just stopped.”

“Hey what if you guys can still communicate telepathically and it’s just cuz you haven’t tried that you can’t.” Maria exclaimed bouncing up and down in excitement at this latest development.

“Yes!! Let’s do an experiment… Max tell Michael and Izzy something telepathically.” Liz said excitement flashing in her big brown eyes.

Feeling Liz’s excitement about doing an experiment Max smiled at her before closing his eyes in concentration.

//Michael…Izzy can you hear me// Max sent the thought out to his brother and sister.
//Oh my God…Max I can you hear you// Isabel gasped as she received Max’s thought.
//Cool//Michael sent out.
//Yeah I can hear both of you too…I guess this is one of our abilities after all// Max projected.

Opening his eyes he turned to look at the others who were watching them impatiently.

“Well…” Maria pounced when she saw Max open his eyes, “did it work?”

“Yeah it did.” Max said he too was brimming with excitement and wondered if this telepathy extended to the others.

“Good.” Liz said, “Now that we know that you guys can still communicate with each other, we should see if you can communicate with us…after all Max was able to project a thought telepathically to all of us earlier.”

Max, marveling at how Liz’s thinking paralleled his own, sent a thought out to her…//I was just thinking the same thing//
//Max!! Wow…I can hear you// Liz was overjoyed and awed at being able to hear Max in her head. Turning to look at Maria and Alex she saw similar expressions on their faces as Michael and Isabel were also successful in communicating with them.

Speaking aloud Max said, “I have an idea I’d like to try out…everyone sit in a circle and hold hands.”

Once everyone had complied with his request he continued, “Okay…now I want everyone to clear their heads and concentrate on each other. I want to see if we can connect with each other the way that Izzy, Michael, and I can.”

It was as if a door had been blown open…no sooner had they started concentrating on each other than this energy seemed to roar to life enveloping them in this rainbow swirl of emotion and awareness…they could not only sense each other’s uniqueness, but feel and hear each other too.

At first it was overwhelming as their thoughts and feelings seemed to tangle and swirl about them…first entwining into this thick cord of oneness, then breaking apart into individual streams of awareness, and finally spinning around them faster and faster until they felt like they were going to explode. Then suddenly the energy that they had created died down to this low hum in the back of their minds.

Slowly they became aware of the essence and color that was signature to each individual…Max was like chocolate smooth and soothing…his color golden…Liz was like strawberries sweet and tangy…her color azure…Michael was like toffee hard and bittersweet…his color violet…Maria was like caramel creamy and soft…her color teal…Alex was like spearmint fresh and biting…his color turquoise…Isabel was like cinnamon subtle and bracing…her color lavender.

They had all sensed something new and beautiful, as if love was radiating all around them… enveloping them… protecting them…and they embraced it. They no longer needed to stretch out their minds…they were perpetually linked.

As one they opened their eyes and stared at each other unblinking when suddenly they felt this wave of warmth flow through them…fresh and renewing.

Before they could fully comprehend these new sensations they felt an encroachment…a prickling at the back of their necks…alerting them to the fact that they were being observed. Collectively they stretched out their minds searching for the intruder and then turning they looked towards the kitchen window.

//Max…it’s your mother// came Liz’s thought.
//Do you think she saw anything// Isabel asked worried.
//I don’t think so Izzy// Max replied.

Seeing his mother retreat Max slowly released his hold on Liz and Alex’s hands. “Guys I think we should continue this somewhere else where we won’t be so easily observed.”

“Max is right.” Liz said aloud, “We need to be careful…not just with our parents but with anyone else outside of our group.”

Max was suddenly pulled from his thoughts by the sound of loud voices yelling. Concerned he climbed out of bed and approached his bedroom door. Slowly opening the door he stuck his head out and saw Isabel and Michael also peeking out from behind their bedroom doors. They looked and each other wanting to know what the yelling was about. It dawned on them that the yelling was coming from their parent’s bedroom and they were shaken. In all the time they had known them…they had never heard their parents raise their voice in anger.

They stared at each other in shock as the meaning of their parent’s fight was made known… they were fighting over them. Their mother wanted to move away because she suspected they had shared, or were close to sharing, their secret with their friends and their father disagreed.

Their haze was broken when they heard their mother yelling at their father to get out and sleep in the guest room.

Not wanting to be alone, Isabel and Michael quickly ran into Max’s room shutting the door before they could be detected.

Isabel started crying softly as she felt her brothers hugging her, “What are we going to do? They’re fighting over us.”

“I don’t know Izzy.” Michael said gruffly feeling unsettled and disturbed. He looked over to his brother to see if he had a solution.

“Everything’s going to be okay.” Max said softly. “Mom’s just scared and wanting to protect us…we need to figure out a way to show her that we’re still safe and nothing’s going to happen to us.”

After a while the three siblings climbed onto Max’s bed clinging to each other for comfort…what had started out to be the most amazing day was turning into one of their worst nightmares.


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Hey guys, it doesn't look like there is much interest in this story so I'm not sure if I should continue.

I'd like to thank those of you who have sent feedback it's greatly appreciated.

I'm working on Part 5 now and I'll post it when I'm done...I just need you guys to let me know if I should keep going after that.

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I have decided to keep posting what I have for now, so here is the first part of Part 5...

Part 5a

Diane had been tossing and turning for what seemed like hours, desperately trying to sleep but being unable to manage even a light doze. Sighing she looked over at her alarm clock on the nightstand and saw that it was only 3am.

Giving up on sleep, she got up and went into the kitchen to make some tea; once that was started she sat down heavily in one of the kitchen chairs. She felt so tired and emotionally drained that she wondered briefly about trying to go back to bed but rejected that idea knowing that it would only result in more tossing and turning.

She didn’t want to feel this way…this desperate fear that was choking her…but she couldn’t help it. She wouldn’t survive losing another child. Choking back a sob she squeezed her eyes closed trying to keep the tears from falling, she didn’t want to cry anymore…it had been three years since that awful day. Wrapping her arms tightly around herself she silently chanted…no more tears…no more tears.

He had been silently watching her from the shadows by the kitchen entrance; unable to sleep after their fight he had been sitting in the dark on the couch when he heard her moving around in the kitchen. Now, as he watched his wife struggling to keep it together, he cursed himself for adding to her pain. How could he have forgotten…it had been three years but it was now obvious that the wounds had never really healed, they had just been deeply buried.

Quietly he made his way over to his troubled wife and gently picked her up and sat down in her chair cradling her in his lap before choking out in a strangled whisper, “I’m so sorry honey…so sorry.”

Feeling safe for what felt like the first time in a long time, Diane sighed and snuggled down in her husbands embrace…his softly whispered apology balm to her soul.

They both sat quietly for a few minutes. Phillip didn't want to open his mouth and do any more damage than he'd already done, while Diane didn't want to overreact to anything Phillip may say. They were both all too aware of the extenuating circumstances.

Phillip then made a decision.

"Diane, I know you’ve been re-living what happened three years ago." When Diane looked at him with surprised eyes, he added, "I also know that’s the real reason behind you wanting to move…I think we should talk about it," he finished quietly.

Diane's eyes began to mist over, and she turned away.

"Diane," Phillip said as he tried to get her to look at him, "We've got to__," he began, but she jerked away violently, stood up to move away from him, and growled out, "Don't."

"Diane, look at me. Talk to me. We need to talk about this," he implored.

"No. Leave me alone. Please." She started to move away from Phillip as a cornered animal might move, but he didn't allow her to move very far before he grabbed for her arm again.

"NO!" Diane screamed. "Leave me alone! Just leave me alone!" she got out of Phillip's grasp and in her frustration and anger, began trashing the kitchen by picking up and throwing anything that came to hand. "Damn it, get the hell away from me! Just go away!" She flailed at Phillip each time he tried to reach toward her.

Finally, Phillip used his physical advantage to overtake her and pulled her toward him. Diane pushed into him hard, and they both ended up on the floor, but Phillip kept his hold onto his distraught wife.

Phillip had Diane's back toward him while he held her in a strong bear hug. He held her as tightly as he dared and felt Diane breathing hard in a desperate attempt to hold back the sobs that threatened to break through at any moment.

"Honey," he whispered into her ear, "we never talked about it after…we need to talk about it now or it’s always going to be there tearing us up inside and affecting the way we raise the children." When she remained silent, he repeated his directive. "Please honey…we can’t raise the children in fear…we’ll suffocate them if we do…we have to talk about it. Now." Phillip squeezed his arms around his wife holding on a little tighter.

"Please Phillip__," Diane began, but then choked out, "I don't want to talk about it."

"Honey, we can’t let this fester anymore." Phillip began to gently rock her back and forth. He wanted her to know he was going to be there no matter what.

Diane's eyes began to well up, and when she realized her husband wasn't going to give in on this, she began to speak without emotion.

"Three years ago I killed our baby ___, oh God. I should have known sooner...if I’d only known sooner. I couldn't save the baby, I couldn't. Oh God, Phillip, I couldn’t save her!"

At this point, she did break down into sobs and Phillip grabbed onto her for all he was worth. He held her as he too broke down and cried with her allowing them both to share their grief.

Finally, together they shared their remembered loss.

They remembered how they had tried to conceive a child without success for over five years. How they had tried everything, but nothing worked. Until, finally, Diane got pregnant. It had actually been the old fashioned way, so when they got the confirmation of the pregnancy they had been surprised and amazed and, of course, ecstatic.

They'd been waiting for this baby for so long…had wanted this baby for so long. Everything had been going fine. Diane had passed through the morning sickness phase relatively unscathed. In her fourth month the baby had started fluttering, and by the fifth month, she had been kicking up a storm. When Diane had entered her sixth month it had been amazing to see her stomach bulge out in certain places from a fist or a foot.

Then one day, when she had just begun her seventh month, she had tripped and fallen down the stairs. They had been frantic and terrified that something had happened to the baby. They had rushed to the hospital; the ER staff had given her a complete work up and assured them that both mother and baby were fine. They had gone home only to wake up a few days later with Diane in hysterics screaming that something was wrong with the baby, that the baby had stopped moving.

They had rushed back to the hospital were the doctor did an ultrasound and discovered that the placenta had become detached…that the baby had been without nourishment for the past couple of days…that the baby had died.

They had immediately prepped to remove the baby and the placenta as quickly as possible for fear that it would endanger Diane's health. She had had to deliver their dead baby.

Once the baby had been delivered the doctor had allowed them to hold her, their precious little angel, for only a moment before they had taken her away. It was after her follow up visit that they were told that Diane would never again be able to conceive…that there had been too much damage.

They had never allowed themselves to talk about it…until now.

Crying unabashedly Diane turned around in Phillips arms and wrapped her own arms around his neck and hugged him with everything she had in her, she hadn't realized how much the death of their daughter had affected him until now…how much it was still affecting her. Their inability to share their grief and fears with one another had almost destroyed them.

"Oh honey…It wasn’t your fault…it wasn’t any ones fault," Phillip admonished.

"But I didn’t let you grieve Phillip…I didn’t let us grieve," she lamented.

"Honey you had to grieve in your own way. I should have given you a little time, and then we should have talked about it. Instead I shied away from you and buried myself in work. I left you to deal with our loss by yourself and I can only pray that one day you’ll be able to forgive me," he pleaded. "I promise you Diane…I’ll never hurt you like that again," he added sadly.

"Oh Phillip…baby…there’s nothing to forgive. We hurt each other by closing ourselves off and turning away from each other instead of holding onto each other," she told him softly.

They sat there hugging each other both feeling at peace and knowing that for the first time they were truly beginning to heal.

They were brought out of their newly found peace by the sound of a soft whimper and looking up saw their children clinging to each other…Max with unshed tears in his eyes…Isabel with tears already rolling down her cheeks…and Michael scowling trying desperately to keep his own tears from showing.

“Hey.” Diane whispered softly as she pulled out of Phillip’s embrace and went to kneel down in front of the children, “What are you all doing up this late?”

“We heard you fighting earlier and then we heard you screaming a little while ago.” Max whispered before going on solemnly, “We were worried…and…and scared that something bad was happening.”

“Oh honey…sweetheart…no. Nothing bad is going to happen. Your daddy and I just had a disagreement and it got a little out of hand,” she implored while pulling them into her arms and hugging them. She looked up at Phillip and beseeched him with her eyes to help her fix this.

“Hey guys…your mother’s right…just a little disagreement. Everything’s going to be alright.” Phillip said as he too knelt down and wrapped his arms around his children and his wife.

“Your not mad at us anymore?” Isabel asked quietly still afraid that somehow just by being in their parent’s lives they had caused irreparable damage.

“No sweetie, we were never mad at you. We love guys more than anything in the world…we could never be mad at you.” Diane tightened her arms around her children trying to assure them that they were not responsible for the heated words that had been exchanged between Phillip and herself.

“So you aren’t going to make us move away?” Michael questioned wanting to make sure everything really was going to be okay.

“What???” Diane gasped. ‘How did they know about that?’ she silently wondered.

“We heard you tell dad that we had to move away…that we weren’t safe here anymore.” Max explained looking into his mother’s shocked eyes. He too wanted to make his parents understand that they were aware of what was going on and what was at stake.

“No.” Phillip stated emphatically, “No we’re not moving…we’re staying right here…were we belong.” He looked deeply into Diane’s eyes watching the conflict taking place inside of her until finally she smiled.

Turning her gaze away from her husband, Diane smiled lovingly at her children and softly replied, “Your dad’s right. We’re not moving away…I was scared and let my fears rule me instead of listening to my heart and doing what I know was right.”

“We’re staying…we’re staying!!!” Phillip laughed as he watched his excited children jump up down and dance around the room shouting loud enough to wake the neighbors.

“I have an idea.” Phillip said once the children had settled down, “Why don’t we go out to Bull Cove Falls today and have a picnic.”

“YES!!” Three excited voices yelled.

“Can we invite Liz and Maria and Alex?” Max asked wanting to share the outing with their friends.

Hesitating, Diane looked into the shining faces of her children and couldn’t say no. She was still unsure about the wisdom of letting the kids get too close to the others but didn’t want to rain on their parade. “Well…I guess it’s okay. I’ll call their parents and see if it will be okay for them to join us,” she said slowly. “Right now I think it’s time for you three to get to bed…we have a big day ahead of us and you’ll need your rest.”

Giving each child a kiss and a gentle pat on the back she sent them to bed. Reaching out and grabbing a hold of Phillip’s hand she pulled him along to their bedroom. She was suddenly very tired and could feel her bed calling to her.

Turning she started to tell Phillip good night when she caught the look in eyes and felt the breath leave her body. ‘Oh well…’ she thought to herself, ‘Sleep is overrated anyways. I’d much rather…oh yeah…make up.’ She moaned as he kissed her deeply and passionately before picking her up laying her gently on the bed. ‘Definitely love the making up,’ she had time for one last thought before Phillip joined her on the bed pulling her underneath him and scattering her thoughts to the four corners of the world.


I don’t do parental nookie so you’ll just have to use your imagination. The focus is now going to turn back to the gang. I didn’t intend to spend so much time on Diane and Phillip but they kind of just took over and wouldn’t let go until their story had been told. I hope it brought some understanding into the motivation behind Diane’s over-protectiveness.

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Part 5b

Parker Residence – Later that Morning

Nancy Parker hung up the phone and slowly turned to her husband Jeff. “I just got off the phone with Amy and Elena…Diane Evans invited Maria and Alex out to the Falls too. What do you think it means?”

“I don’t know Nance…” Jeff sighed, “Maybe she’s just…I mean her kids are friends with our kids and…isn’t this a normal thing?”

“Well, normal or not the De Lucas and Whitmans are going to be here in about 20 minutes. I called a meeting…this needs to be a group decision.” She said worry evident in her voice.

The knock on the front door jarred them out the silent trance-like state they had fallen into. Rising from the couch Jeff opened the door and greeted his extended family. "Hey guys," he said, “Maria… Alex…why don’t you go play with Lizzie in her room.”

Once the kids were out of the room he motioned for everyone to grab a seat and sit down at the kitchen table. "Well we all know why we’re here…so why don’t we just get started?"

Taking a deep breath Amy De Luca folded her hands in front of her before stating, "Okay, the way I see it we’ve got one of two choices, either we continue to let our children get closer and closer to those Evans’ kids and risk their secret getting out; or we separate them for their own good."

"Whoa wait a minute," Charles said. "I thought this was just about the kids going out to the falls? I mean what you’re saying Amy…separating the kids from their friends…I don’t know that just doesn’t sound right to me."

"Well, sor-ree," Amy grumbled. "Excuse me for trying to put the well being and safety of our children first."

Elena bit meditatively at her thumbnail, she had spent many a night over the past few months worrying over the closeness that had formed between the children and these new kids; but that didn’t mean she agreed with Amy’s assessment. "I don’t think it’s an either or type of thing Amy…we can’t just bundle up the children in bubble wrap, they have a right to experience friendships outside of their little group."

Amy snorted. "Yeah and get their secret discovered and then it’s bye bye birdie."

“Would it really be that bad? Letting the children form close friendships?” Nancy asked. “Would it really cost them their lives?”

Jeff looked up. “No…no I don’t think it would necessarily be bad…but…but…but…there’s no …no…no--”

“No guarantee,” Nancy finished with a sigh.

“Right. No guarantee…but then again life doesn’t come with one.”

Tom De Luca had been quietly doodling on a legal pad while the discussion had ranged back and forth; he knew from experience that this particular topic would remain unresolved. "We’ve had this discussion before and it never gets us anywhere." He said quietly. "Instead of re-hashing this old argument, we should be talking about the happiness of our children."

"Well," Charles said. "I think if we’re going to focus on what makes the children happy, then maybe we should just ask them."

"Right," Elena agreed. "I mean we’re trying to make a decision that could be potentially devastating for the children." She looked up and glanced at everyone before continuing, "I think it’s only right that they have a say…don’t you?"

Jeff shrugged. "There’s only one way to find out." Jeff walked back to Liz’s room and knocked softly on the door before opening it. "Lizzie…Maria…Alex can you kids come in to the kitchen, we have something we need to ask you."

Liz quietly looked at Alex and then Maria before leading them out of her room and into to the kitchen to confront their parents. They knew what the Parents wanted to talk to them about; they had heard everything their parent’s had said…they hadn’t exactly been eavesdropping…it was just that with their supped up hearing it was impossible not to.

"Kids…we wanted to talk to you about your friends," Jeff started slowly trying to feel his way. "You know how important it is to keep your secret…and I guess we’re just a little worried about how close you guys seem to have gotten.”

Maria stuck out her lower lip. "We know this already…we’re not going to tell anyone."

Liz shrugged. "We’re not stupid, we know how important it is too keep our secret. Besides, we really like Max, Izzie, and Michael.”

“They’re our friends,” Alex muttered. “Our only real friends.”

Liz continued, “They accept us and like us just as much as we like them…I mean for as long as I can remember it’s always been just Ria, Alex, and me. It’s really nice to have other friends that we can be comfortable with."

"Yeah," Alex said. "I love Ria and Lizzie…they’re like my sisters, but I really really really like having guy friends."

“Your not going to make us stop seeing our friends are you?” Maria asked shakily.

They could tell the kids were getting really upset, that the prospect of not being able to see their friends was already devastating.

Charles stirred uneasily, his hand grasping Elena's. "No honey we’re not going to make you stop seeing your friends, we were just a little concerned and wanted to know how you kids felt about everything."

“You mean it…,” Liz, Alex, and Maria looked at their parents to see if they really were going to be allowed to keep their friends; as their parents slowly nodded their heads, they broke out into huge smiles tinged with relief. “So does this mean we get to go to the Falls today?”

“Yes you get to go to the Falls…so why don’t you kids go get ready.” They watched as the kids ran out of the room bursting with excitement.

“I’m still not sure about this…what if by allowing this to continue it ends up hurting them later?" Amy shook her head. "I just hope they don’t end paying a costly price because if we’re wrong that price could be their lives.”

Silence reigned for a moment, only to be broken by Elena's soft voice, "Why don’t we go with them to the Falls, that way we can get to know all of the Evans…who knows we might even make some new friends ourselves."

Nancy sat back in her chair and thought about what Elena was saying, "Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. It’ll give us a chance to observe the children and get to know Diane and Phillip."

Tom looked up from the table. "I think this is the best course of action…does everybody agree?" Seeing the collective nods of all the parents, Amy’s somewhat reluctant, he then turned to Nancy, “Why don’t you call Diane and let her know we all will be joining them at the Falls.”

Since the moment their babies had first been entrusted to them they had tried so hard to balance the need to keep their children safe against the desire to let them have as much normalcy as possible…now they could only hope that they had made the right decision.


Bull Cove Falls…later that day

Diane smiled as she watched Maria, Liz, and Alex running around playing tag with Max, Michael, and Isabel. They were great kids and watching how close they had become with her children…she knew she no longer needed to view them as possible threats. Then she looked back at Nancy Parker, Amy De Luca, and Elena Whitman and hoped that she too was about to make close friendships of her own.

When she had called earlier to get permission for the kids’ friends to accompany them to the falls, she had been surprisingly pleased when the other parents had asked to come along so that they all could get to know each other better. And now here she was tentatively making baby steps towards friendship while Phillip and the other fathers tried to get the barbeque started.

The six friends lay in the grass where they had fallen after finishing their game of tag. They finally felt as though they could relax…like they could exhale. They hated lying to their parents about just how close they had really gotten, but the thought of being separated was just too unbearable and they felt what their parents didn’t know couldn’t hurt them. Besides, they were safe…as long as they were together they would always be safe.


The soldier cautiously entered his superior’s office and waited to be acknowledged.

Lydecker who had been poring over the reports that had been collected sighed in frustration before finally acknowledging his soldier.

“Anything?” he grunted.

“Sir, I’m sorry but we have still not been able to located the X-1s nor the responsible party. We have been able to narrow down the search to the southwest region but that is all sir.”

Lydecker shook his head and then threw down the papers he had been looking over and got up to pace, with a terse nod he dismissed the soldier. He had made little progress in recovering his lost property and with every passing day…month…year…his level of frustration and rage increased.

In a few more years his latest batch of X-3s would be ready. He would accelerate their growth and then send them out on a recovery mission…failure would not be an option.


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Part 6

Roswell, NM 1996

Silently she crept through the underbrush in search of her prey. She paused as she catches a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye about a hundred feet ahead and to her left: her prey leaving his own hiding place for new concealment. Silently chuckling at his impatience she left the boulder she had been hiding behind, flowing through the shadows with inhuman swiftness to crouch behind the log twenty feet closer to her quarry. A breath later she was behind him, her gaze never leaving the back of his head. She dove at her prey, and as if sensing impending doom, he rolled to the left and coming up he swung at her. Instead of closing with him she feinted, dropped, and rolled under his swing to come up behind him. She back-kicked as she came to her feet and slammed her heel into his kidneys. He staggered forward from the force of the blow and pressing her advantage she leapt at him taking both of them to the ground.

Flipping him over she straddled him holding his arms down using her strength to keep him immobilized. //Tsk…tsk…Spaceboy. So impatient// She silently laughed.

//Whatever Blondie…I was just going easy on you// Michael grumbled pissed that his inherent impatience had given her the advantage.

//I rule…you suck…I win…you lose// Maria taunted knowing how much Michael hated to lose and not being able to resist the need to irritate him.

Michael shifted beneath her testing the strength of her hold before subsiding in apparent defeat. //Yeah…yeah…you can get off me now Ria…unless you really like this position// he smirked arching beneath her.

Flustered she loosened her hold and he brought both legs up and did a backward somersault and she found herself on her stomach with Michael on her back. //Son of a….//

//Now…now…Blondie…better watch that potty mouth// he laughed. He loved getting the best of Maria…especially when she thought she had won. //Whose the sucky loser now?//

Before she could retaliate she felt Michael tense above her //Shhh…// he sent and she went still closing her eyes and reaching out with her senses finally locating…//Izzie…50 yards behind us on the right. She’s wearing that new perfume Alex gave her//.

//I’ll circle behind her and you block her from the front// Maria sent. Nodding Michael slid off of her and disappeared into the shadows.

Once again creeping through the underbrush Maria silently circled back around her new prey. Coming to the spot her sense of smell had located as the origin of Isabel’s perfume she was momentarily puzzled by the piece of fabric she found before realization hit her. ‘Shit she set me up,’ she thought barely preparing herself before Isabel rushed her whirling to her right, aiming a roundhouse kick at her head. Maria blocked the kick before unleashing a series of jabs, punches, and kicks. Isabel blocked one after the other before sending her elbow to Maria’s face knocking her on her butt.

//Touché// Maria acknowledged, hopping up and assuming fighting stance…waiting…fighting the urge to charge…letting Isabel come to her.

//I thought you might like that…I call it my blue-light special// Isabel sent before rushing her and tackling her to the ground. They both rolled coming up on their feet.

Dropping into a crouched position and reaching halfway up with her weight on her other hand, Maria swung out her legs and tripped Isabel from behind. Isabel fell, rolled and came up with her fists flying…kicking and swinging.

Punch, punch, block, kick, miss and switch positions.

Both fighters were on the balls of their feet exchanging blow for blow…kick for kick…balanced, neither willing to give an inch.

Then Isabel gained the advantage backing Maria up against a tree, pummeling her with head and body shots. Maria shot her hand out and caught Isabel’s wrist using her momentum to swing her into the tree backing away and again assuming fighting stance.

//Is that all ya got Princess?// Maria smirked.

//You’re going to regret that// Isabel sent as her hands hit the ground in a round-off kicking out first her right foot, then her left one hitting Maria square in the chest, knocking her down and straddling her…her forearm pressed against Maria’s throat and her knees pinning her elbows to her sides.

//I rule…you suck…I win…you lose// She taunted grinning down at Maria in triumph.

Before she had a chance to get in another dig Michael rushed her from the left flipping her onto her stomach on top of a silently fuming Maria and placing his booted foot in the middle of her back.

Suddenly Alex landed with a thud next to them hog tied and gagged.

They barely had a chance to register this new development when in a blur Max and Liz attacked and they quickly found themselves leaning against a boulder next to Alex…hog tied and gagged.

Falling back to the center of the clearing Max and Liz circled each other…two predators battling for dominance…and then Liz launched herself at Max, catching him in the chest with a double side kick. Max flipped in the air landing lightly on his feet and spinning into a flying back kick, snapping Liz's head to the side. Liz ducked under his next kick and grabbed his foot and twisted sending Max crashing to the ground. Max used his other foot to knock Liz’s feet out from under her before jumping up.


As the battle progressed the blows became harder…their bodies shifted…flowed...adapted. They began to anticipate each other’s moves…the unthinking block…the parry in motion before the attack was barely started. They knew each other's moves…had had years to read each other.

The pace picked up.

Max slammed Liz to the ground only to land on his back as she swept his feet out from under him.

He attacked…she blocked.

She attacked…he parried.

Each absorbed the other's ability. Blows came more swiftly testing the limits of the other's reach and reflex.

Slowly it began to build…to flower…and then it happened...they began to dance.

They let go of the last conscious control over their bodies and simply danced. The blows they exchanged had no fallback…no restraint. The dance became an upward spiral as the blows became faster…hands moving faster than thought…and their bodies reacted in a violent tango that had nothing of violence at its heart.

It was truth…trust…love.

It was dialogue between self and soul.

It was beautiful.

And then they stopped.

As the tension between them came to an almost unbearable crest and they were poised on the edge…they stopped. The fierce grins of joy that each had worn faded as their eyes locked…sharing knowledge and awareness of each other…one soul reaching out to the other.

Then Liz once again launched herself at Max and he caught her as she wrapped her legs around his waist kissing him with all the love and joy her 13-year-old heart contained. The connection that had grown stronger over the years slammed open and they were flooded with a hot boil of emotions…love…desire…trust…excitement…happiness…passion…

Max deepened the kiss and it quickly became passionate. One hand tangled in her hair while the other cupped her bottom pressing her closer to his hardening body and they both moaned at the contact. Liz, feeling his hardness pressing against her center, felt a wild energy begin to build in the pit of stomach and she began to tentatively thrust against him. Max growled as he dropped to his knees and laid Liz on the ground coming down on top of her, his body instinctively thrusting against hers. They both moaned as they rocked against each other…their hands roaming over each others bodies…lost in a haze of newly unleashed passion.

They were brought out of their haze as //GET A ROOM// was shouted in their heads. Pulling apart they turned their heads and were faced with the shocked expressions on the faces of their brothers and sisters.

Groaning Max slowly disengaged himself from Liz, his body shuddering at the loss contact, but feeling her disappointment he leaned down and kissed her again only pulling away when he felt the kiss begin to deepen.

Turning to face his family, Max blushed as he realized they’d been witness to his lack of control with Liz and he waived his hand releasing them from their restraints.

“Gee Maxwell, thanks for remembering us.” Michael grumbled as he flexed his arms and legs trying to get the circulation flowing again unsettled by what had just happened. “Did you have to tie us so tight.”

“Yeah Maxie. It’s bad enough I was witness to you and Lizzie’s make-out session but did you really have to hog tie me.” Maria complained still pissed at losing to Isabel never mind being unnerved by the Max and Liz show.

“My eyes…” Isabel moaned as she rubbed at her eyes, “Oh god I’m going to have to wash out my eyes. I’ve been traumatized…I’m going to have to spend years in therapy.”

“Hey Max, when did you get into public displays of porno?” Alex joked as he desperately tried to repress the memory of his brother and sister going at it like bunnies in heat.

“ENOUGH!” Liz’s voice rang out. She had quickly gone from embarrassed to pissed at their continued badgering and decided to put an end to it. “Now if you’re through acting like five year olds we better head back to the swimming hole before the Parents get suspicious.”

“Liz is right.” Max said softly as he slid his hand into Liz’s giving it a gentle squeeze as he addressed his brothers and sisters with calm authority. “We’re supposed to be hiking and exploring so I hope you guys remembered to pick up souvenirs to show the Parents. It’s almost noon so I suggest we get back before they send out a search party,” pausing he looked each of them in the eyes before continuing, “Oh yeah…what happened between Liz and myself will not be up for discussion.”

Turning he pulled Liz beside him and together they headed back to the swimming hole to meet up with their parents…the others followed quietly behind them.


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Part 7

Max sighed as he replayed the events from earlier that day in his head. The Attack and Evasion game they had created had gone well; no real surprises there…still there were things that needed to be addressed at the next meeting. As fun as these games were they couldn’t lose sight of the fact that they were trying to hone their special abilities, they all knew that one day their abilities would be needed. It was strange knowing that even though they were kids they had enemies out there; it was just too much to hope that whoever was behind creating Liz, Alex, and Maria wouldn’t be searching for them or that he, Isabel, and Michael just came to be on earth for the hell of it. They had to be prepared for anything or anyone, hence the games and challenges they created to test them and hone them into one united group.

What had happened between he and Liz had been unexpected. It wasn’t the first time they had faced off against each other in battle nor was it the first time things had gotten a little hot between them; however it was the first time they had blended so perfectly in their sparing that even though they had closed the connection between them for the game they had still been able to read and sense each other. It had been exhilarating and incredibly intimate and had led to another first, their “public display of porno” as Alex had put it. As they had hit puberty he and Liz had started getting closer, kissing and touching, nothing past second base…and nothing anywhere near as intense and passionate as what had been displayed before their friends. It had been amazing the way Liz had felt underneath him her body responding to his the way their connection had slammed open and they had been able to feel what the other was feeling the fire burning hotter and hotter…until they had been interrupted.

Groaning he looked over at his clock and saw that it was only 11pm, he had another hour to go before the meeting. They were all meeting in his room at midnight to go over the game and anything else that needed discussion. Max groaned again, an hour seemed too long to wait, he needed Liz…he needed to see her and touch her and kiss her and hold her and smell her and feel her flowing through him…he needed her so bad. He could feel his body start to tremble and harden with need…and then he felt her.

Max jumped up and ran to his window throwing it open and lifting Liz through…his mouth crashing down on hers as he kissed her with all the passion and need that had been steadily building.

“Max.” Liz sighed as she hungrily returned his kiss her tongue sliding along his taking the edge off the hunger that was coiled deep inside her. She had felt like she was going insane needing Max so bad, she hadn’t been able to wait until midnight. She had run through the dark streets as fast as she could the need burning hotter and hotter the closer she had gotten to his house feeling his own need for her…making her desperate…pushing her to run faster and faster…the world around her a blur and Max her only beacon.

She felt her feet leave the ground as Max lifted her up and then they were falling onto his bed she on top of him. The length of her body was pressed against his, her legs straddling one of his. One of his arms went around her waist, while he ran the other through her hair. She felt his hand rubbing circles in the small of her back and she squirmed against him.

"I’m so glad you’re here," Max said as he broke the kiss to stare deeply into her eyes.

“Me too,” she sighed as she got lost in his beautiful amber gaze.

"It’s a good thing you came early or we might have put on another show for the others" he joked happy just to have her in his arms, the intensity of his need dying down now that she was here.

Liz giggled, knowing that they had traumatized their friends with their passionate display and would probably scar them for life if they were to subject them to another one. Her amusement quickly died as she felt the fire building again burning and flowing through their connection. She felt Max squeeze her gently and saw his eyes darken to almost black as he tilted his head up for another kiss and she hungrily met him halfway.

It started off gently this time. Their lips pressing together and merely lingering there…but it didn't take long before she was pressing herself upwards, Max helping her by dragging her up his body. Mouths opened and tongues met hungrily and what had started out as relatively innocent touching quickly escalated.

Liz slid one hand under Max’s shirt exploring his chest and side, while the other made it's way into his hair, holding him close to her. Max's hands had also begun to roam. One found it's way to her backside, pressing her into him, while the other slid under her own shirt caressing her stomach before resting on her rib cage, his fingers lightly touching the underside of her breast.

Liz shifted her weight towards his hand and they both moaned as he cupped her breast. He kneaded her breast gently, allowing the size of it to fill his hand before circling his fingers around her nipple. Squeezing gently, he felt her nipple tighten under his caress and he pinched it carefully. Liz moaned as she felt pleasure shoot from her chest down between her thighs and she rocked against Max, feeling the full length of his hardness against her.

She quickly yanked her hand out from under his shirt and pulled it off him bending down to press warm, wet, open-mouthed kisses on his neck. She moved quickly, giving his collarbone the same attention and then her mouth latched onto a nipple and she sucked deeply. She heard Max moan and felt his hips thrust up against her and then suddenly everything was spinning. A moment later, she was on her back, Max above her, his mouth attacking hers with a ferocity he hadn't shown before.

His hand was still on her breast, and he was using the other to support his weight so he wouldn't crush her. Liz wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly against her and he began rocking his body into hers. The length of his hardness sliding between her thighs made her gasp, and she wrapped her legs around his hips as she rocked up to meet him. His lips slid away from her mouth, down her chin, along her jaw line and over to a sensitive patch of skin beneath her ear. Liz made a noise that she was sure she had never made before and she could swear she felt Max smile against her skin.

Some of the urgency in their kisses died away even as the steady thrust of their bodies continued against one another. Max moved his lips further down her neck, sucking strongly on her skin and making more of those noises escape her lips. His mouth worked its way down to the top of her breast before he looked up at her. They were both panting heavily, and when their eyes met, Max groaned as silent communication passed between them and he knew they should stop. Liz unwrapped her arms from around him and reached up to cup his face in her hands. She pulled herself up slightly and let her lips meet his in a soft kiss as she lowered her legs from around his hips.

"Max," his name was barely a whisper on her lips. She could feel him trying to bank the fire that flowed between as they slowly came down from their passion high.

She felt Max lean his forehead against hers and then felt warm breath caress her lips as he exhaled. "Sorry," he said quietly. "I guess I got a little carried away."

Liz nodded imperceptibly, before adding, "We both got a little carried away." She sighed, hesitant to stop, but knowing they should. Max rolled over onto his back and pulled her into his side. Liz leaned her cheek against his chest and listened to the beating of his heart. She took several deep breaths, closing her eyes and trying to calm her over-excited body.

"It's all your fault, you know," Max whispered. She could feel his lips grazing the outer shell of her ear and she shivered.

"My fault?" she asked. She tried to sound indignant, but she had a feeling it just came across as breathless.

"Yep. You're just too damn irresistible." He ran his hand through her hair and started to twirl a strand around his finger.

"Hmm. I think you’re pretty damn irresistible yourself," she teased as he put his free arm around her, snuggling down on the bed until his head rested beside hers. He leaned over so his lips were once again grazing her ear. "But since the others are going to be here any minute we’ll just have to make an effort to resist each other." He tugged her earlobe between his teeth just once before he settled back down beside her to wait for the others.


The light rap on the door was the only warning given as Michael and Isabel sauntered casually into Max’s room just as Maria and Alex quietly slipped in through the window. As the others made themselves comfortable around his room, Max sat up and slid back on his bed pulling Liz over until she was sitting between his knees. He helped her get comfortable and slid his arms underneath her own, letting his hands rest on her stomach.

"Uh Liz," Maria spoke as she eyed a shirtless Max and tousled Liz.

"What?" Liz looked at her amused friend, curiously.

Maria gave her a wry grin and pointed at her and Max, "You guys have something to share with the rest of the class?"

Liz scowled and looked down to where her fingers had become entwined with Max’s…she blushed when she caught sight of his shirt laying on the bed out of the corner of her eye.

She looked back at her friends and smiled. "Well I guess after what you guys uh saw earlier today it should come as no surprise that Max and I are together."

Max smiled softly, kissing the top of Liz’s head. "Liz is right we’re together. We apologize for losing control in front of you guys earlier but we’re happy and that’s all we’re going to say on that subject. Now…I’m calling this meeting to order." He felt Liz’s contentment as she rested her head back on his chest as the others digested this latest bit of news.

"So," Isabel began, she wasn’t really surprised at the new status of Max and Liz’s relationship, "Where do you want to start?"

"Um," Liz began. "I think we should break down the strengths and weaknesses from this mornings game first and then move on from there."

"Right…strengths…well I think we can all agree that we’re bad ass in the kick butt department.” Maria started as she unconsciously moved closer to Michael until she was leaning against his side, “All that is except for Alex.”

"Why just Alex," Michael questioned as he automatically raised his arm and put it around Maria his hand stoking up and down her arm.

Maria shrugged. "Well, he didn’t exactly join in on the fun and games…he was more like a party favor rather than a party participant."

Liz smiled as she watched her clueless friends snuggle together. "You’re right about that Ria…unfortunately when we tagged Alex we found him otherwise engaged..."

"Hey," Alex protested. "Dad just gave me the latest gameboy…I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. Besides, I’d just about beaten the damn thing when you two lowered the boom." Alex laughed and scowled playfully.

"It’s okay Alex, I’m sure you’ll join the bad ass club…eventually." Michael smirked and dodged as Alex threw a pillow at him.

"Laugh it up Mikey…laugh it up…you ended up just as hog-tied as I did." Alex laughed.

"I so kicked Ria’s butt," Isabel gloated proudly. "It was like taking candy from a baby…I knew you’d fall for the perfume bait."

“Whatever Izzie.” Maria fumed, “At least I didn’t get taken down by Michael because I was too busy gloating.”

"Okay guys." Max interrupted before things got out of hand, “The final assessment is that we need to work on Alex’s concentration, Michael’s lack of patience, Ria’s gullibility, and Izzie’s gloating. Otherwise speed and agility were excellent, evasion good but could be better, and bickering was minimal. All in all I call today’s game a success.” He finished stroking Liz's stomach absentmindedly.

"Today’s game was fun," Liz sighed. “But we need to remember that this isn’t just a game, we’re going to need these skills someday and when we do game over could mean we’re dead.”

"You’re right," Isabel said gravely, dropping her chin in her hands.

The mood became somber as they all quietly contemplated the dangers the future could hold and the possibility that one or all of them wouldn’t make it in the end.


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Okay guys here's the next's very long so I had to break it down into two posts....ENJOY*happy*!!!

Part 8

The change in the relationship between Max and Liz caused a stir of unease amongst the parents. They were all worried about this new and different level of closeness and not just between Max and Liz, but also between Michael and Maria, and Alex and Isabel.

The parents decided to get together to discuss these changes and decide on a course of action.

After an extremely heated discussion were Phillip Evans had to use all his skills as an attorney to mediate, at one point having to talk an hysterical Amy De Luca out of sending all the girls to a convent, it was decided that it was time for “THE TALK”. The thing they had all been dreading since the kids hit puberty and what they had been putting off for as long as possible.

It was decided that Phillip would talk to his sons Michael and Max and Diane would talk to their daughter Isabel (the other parents still didn’t know the truth about Max, Michael, and Isabel; even though they had all become good friends over the years). Amy De Luca, Nancy Parker, and Elena Whitman would talk to Liz and Maria while Tom, Jeff, and Charles would talk to Alex (the other parents were well aware that the Evans didn’t know the truth about Liz, Maria, and Alex).

They decided not to put off the inevitable so it was a nervous group of parents that were waiting anxiously for their unsuspecting kids the next day after school…


Liz, Maria, and Alex trouped up the stairs in back of the Crashdown laughing as they made their way into Liz’s home. Their laughter died a quick death when they saw their nervous and anxious parents waiting for them.

“Uh…Mom…Dad…what’s going on?” Liz asked a tingle of dread running down her spine.


Max, Michael, and Isabel stood in uneasy silence as they waited for their obviously nervous and anxious parents to answer Max’s question.

They had just gotten home from school to find their mom and dad waiting for them.

“Kids…you’re mom and I would like to talk to you for moment.” Phillip started with an anxious look at his wife who was twisting and wringing her hands, “So…Max…Michael, if I can talk to you in Max’s room and Izzy if you can go with your mother into your room, we can get this over with.”

Max, Michael, and Isabel exchanged confused glances before following their parents into their room. Once in his room Max turned to his dad and looked at him quietly for a moment before asking the question that was bothering him the most.

“Why did you separate us for this talk?” he asked half afraid of what the answer would be.


Nancy nervously looked from Amy to Elena before looking back at Maria and Liz. Even though they had discussed this over and over; she didn’t know how to start this conversation, she realized she would just have to start and decided to begin with the question her daughter had just asked.

“Kids…I realize you have a lot of questions…and they all will be answered, but for this talk we felt it would be better if Amy, Elena, and I talked to you girls, while Jeff, Tom, and Charles talk to Alex.” Nancy began to ramble as the look of confusion on her daughter’s face changed to dawning horror, “I know we should have had this talk probably last year or so…but I just put it off…we all put it off…and now that you kids are getting older…and now…well, I just need to say it…I…we…need to talk to you about sex.” She finally blurted out.

Maria and Liz sat back in horror as their fears were realized, and then they turned red.

//OH NO! THE TALK!// They cried out silently in shocked dismay.


Max and Michael sat in uncomfortable silence, their eyes wide and their faces pale. Then Michael glared at Max //This is all your fault Maxwell…you and Liz…the both of you nothing but horndogs!//

//Shut up Michael!!!// Max glared back at his brother before turning to his dad. “Dad, I…we…read up on this last year at the library…we even downloaded stuff off the Internet, so it’s okay.” he tried to get them out of this.

“Oh. Well, that’s good...I guess. But I want to make sure you know what’s really important, not just the basic stuff.” Phillip said taken back at the fact that his sons had looked up this information on their own already…slightly uneasy about what they may have downloaded off the Internet…but pleased at the their initiative.

“I guess the first thing I have to ask you is...when you were reading how a young man...changes, did you boys notice if your biological make up was any different?” Phillip asked…he didn’t know what he would do if Max and Michael were completely different. He knew they had the same…er…equipment…but this was about things he wouldn’t know unless he asked.

They both knew what their father meant…they had wondered if they were developing normally as well…it’s part of what had prompted them to look up the information in the first place.

//It’s a good thing we created that program with Alex…it really answered a lot questions// Max glanced at his brother who nodded his head slightly in agreement.

“Yeah. Yeah...ah... it’s the same... from what we read.” Michael stammered looking everywhere but at his dad.


Nancy saw the pained expression on the girls’ faces and continued. “Good…good…I’m glad there’s no…uh…differences. I know, no one likes to talk about this with their kids or their parents, but it’s so important that you get all the right information. I know there is so much out there and so many kids have heard so many different things.”

“Like I said…we read up on all this last year.” Liz tried again to get them out of this and exchanged a nervous glance with Maria. //Should we tell them about the binder we put together with Izzy?//

//NO!! Are you crazy!!! My mom will have us locked up for life if she ever saw that binder!// Maria glared at Liz willing her to keep her mouth shut.

“Yes dear, we’re glad you girls were sensible enough to look for the answers from the right places. Ah…but I’m sure there are lots of things you weren’t able to cover.” Elena quietly took over THE TALK, trying to make this more comfortable for both her friends and their daughters.

“We just want to make sure you know the important things.” Elena held up her hand when she saw the girls getting ready to protest and then turned to Amy who handed her the books she had been holding.

//OH MY GOD!!! THEY HAVE PICTURES!!// Maria and Liz looked at each in stunned horror.


“Well then…we’ll start with the basics and go from there. I want to make sure that what you read…and er…downloaded…was everything you’ll need to know.” Phillip began as he let the lawyer in him take over and started to lecture.

Max and Michael exchanged twin looks of dread. //This is going to be bad!//

“Boys, first, as your body starts to grow and change, your voices will too… they’ll be high pitched and crack a bit, and then eventually get lower. Then there’s the body hair that you’ll find popping out of unlikely places.” Phillip continued giving a list of those unlikely places.

‘God…I can’t believe this is happening to me. I’m so going to kill Maxwell when this is over,’ Michael scowled at his brother.

“And then there are the urges. I’m sure you’ve already experienced certain urges…these urges are normal and it’s natural for your body to react to certain stimuli.” Phillip explained casually, starting to really warm up to the lecture he had prepared, ‘This isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.’

“I’m sure you’ve been experiencing erections for years…but now some different things will start to happen along with the normal hardening of your penis. It won’t just get hard now; a white fluid will start to need to be released from your penis when you’re hard. Of course you might have notice that happening already, have you?” Phillip asked as though he was lecturing a class.

He had been looking through some notes and now he looked over at his two very quiet sons with curiosity.

He became alarmed as he noticed the boys were practically purple in the face…looking like they were choking, with their mouths hanging open in shock. “Max…Michael?”



“Liz…Maria…I know we talked about the changes to your body and your period over a year ago, but we didn’t talk about the other changes you would experience as your body developed and…well…changed.” Elena began again. ‘God I didn’t think it would be this hard.’

Liz was trying desperately to remain calm and praying that this would be over soon, glancing over at Maria she saw her friend was deathly pale and tried to reassure her. //It’ll be over soon Ria…after all; the “becoming a woman” talk wasn’t too bad.//

Maria threw her a look of disbelief. //But pictures! Oh My God!//

“Girls…you know that when you become a lady…which shouldn’t be too much longer now…that your bodies makes these changes to prepare you for…someday…having a baby of your own…” Elena trailed off as both girls first went red then pale and then red again.


“But…that doesn’t mean you have to start having them right away.” Amy blurted out unable to contain herself, visions of a 13yr old pregnant Maria dancing in her head, “And so help me God Maria if I so much as think you’re doing things you shouldn’t….”

“I’m not…I’m not…jeez mom…we’re only thirteen…we’re not doing anything,” Maria just wanted to crawl into a hole and bury herself. ‘God my mom is so embarrassing!’

“Do you girls know how babies are made?” Elena quickly jumped in trying to divert another mother-daughter explosion.

Maria and Liz looked at each other and started nodding vigorously hoping to avoid having to look at the book.

No such luck.

“Well, that’s good…but since there are so many stories about how babies are made out there…I…we…want to make sure you girls have the right information.” Elena took a deep breath and opened one of the books handing it to Liz and Maria letting them look at the page that gave step-by-step pictures on how the process worked.

Liz and Maria quickly looked over the information //Yup Lizzie…just like what we thought// and then put the book down…neither able to look at their mothers.

“Okay then, when your body starts to make these changes, you start to…feel things and you start to look at…well boys differently…I just want you to know that although that’s very natural…you shouldn’t just give in to your…urges…there’re so many consequences to having sex.” Nancy took over looking at her daughter, aware that Lizzie hadn’t said anything about not having sex. ‘Oh God…Lizzie and Max have gotten so close lately…what if we’re too late.’

“Mom! I’m not going to have sex!” Liz blurted out unnerved by the way her mother was looking at her.


“Boys…all of this is very normal and natural…you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed about any of this…it’s part of nature and everyone goes through it.” Phillip tried to ease his sons’ embarrassment and ease them out the dazed haze they had slid into

Max closed his mouth and nodded, trying to look less shocked. He looked at his brother who had gone from purple to a less alarming red, //This is going to be WORSE than bad!!//

//No shit Maxwell…no shit// Michael glared at his brother even more convinced that this was all his fault.

“Well…now that you’re both back with me we can continue…as you’re urges increase, you’ll want or need to relieve them. Your body will want to find that relief with a...woman…but you shouldn’t give in to those urges until you are much much much older or preferably married.”

//Relieving any URGES lately Maxwell?// Michael silently snickered needling his brother.

//SHUT UP MICHAEL!!!!// Max yelled and smiled in satisfaction when he saw his brother flinch.

“Until you are much older or better yet married even…you shouldn’t be irresponsible and have sex with a woman even if she wants it…and they will want it too…their bodies are changing too and getting ready for the whole process of making babies. Speaking of which…I want to make sure we’re on the same page regarding exactly what you know about making babies.” Phillip said and produced a book with a smile on his face.

Michael almost choked when he realized he was going to have to look at a book with PICTURES of how people had sex! He glanced at Max and thought he was going to burst into flames if his face got any redder.

Then the book was in their face and they were staring at a drawing of a man and woman fully-grown and naked, facing each.

In the next picture down, it showed the man with an erection, and Michael made a muffled choking sound as he could only stare at the naked woman…he looked at the soft rounded breasts and the hair below on the female and her curves.

An image of Maria looking like this someday popped into his head and he felt his body start to react the same as the man in the picture.

‘Oh God kill me now!’ Michael wished he could just crawl in a hole and die.


“Well…uh…it’s good to know you’re not thinking of it right now honey…but you girls need to know that as you get older; your bodies will want things that might not always be the best to want…you might not think you’ll want sex, but someday you will, when your body is completely ready…just remember that you have your whole life ahead of you and if you do anything rash or sudden…you could ruin your whole life.”

“You mean like Tracy Stevens getting pregnant last year?” Maria asked trying to let the moms know they knew what was at stake.

“Yes. Exactly. Her body wanted to have sex, but she wasn’t old enough for the consequences.” Nancy said a little unsettled that they knew about the Stevens girl.

“It’s not just about having babies anymore…there are diseases you can get from sex as well.” Elena said once again trying to get them back on track.

“Diseases?” Liz and Maria asked at the same time.

//God Ria…how much more of this do we have to take?//

//I don’t know Lizzie…I don’t know//

“Well, yes…when two people…become intimate…uh…have sex…they…can give each other diseases that could hurt you badly or kill you; you’ve heard of AIDS right?” Elena asked.

Maria and Liz nodded their heads before replying softly, “You can die from that.”

Elena nodded then decided to clarify that a little. “Of course just because you do have sex doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get a disease…there is more to it…what you need to be aware of right now…is that you should be very careful and not give in to your body’s urges until you know for sure that it’s true love and you’ve committed to the man you love forever.” She paused to make sure the girls understood what she was saying before continuing, “That way you both know you’re ready for consequences like having babies…and the seriousness of intimacy.”

“Don’t ever just give away your body easily and to many men! Find the right one and wait until you’re both sure and ready and much much much much much older!” Amy again jumped in wanting to make sure to nip any thoughts of promiscuity in the bud.

Liz and Maria looked at each other and smiled.

“I won’t have sex with just anyone mom…it’ll only be with Max…and not until we are much older. Okay?” Liz tried to reassure her mom who looked like she was going to faint.

“Yeah mom…I’ll only have sex with Michael…when we’re much much older…like sixteen or seventeen…or until he stops being a total jerk.” Maria added and watched in fascination as her mother turned purple and her eyes bugged out.


(continued in next post)
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“Now here is how your body will react to a woman’s body, which is very normal, and then on the next page, we have the actual act that will make babies.” Phillip went on in lecture mode oblivious to the fact that Michael had stopped breathing and was squeezing his eyes shut.

Max could only make a gurgled sound…his face was beet red. He leaned over and hit Michael on the back to get him to start breathing again.

“Boys…are you paying attention…this is very important.” Phillip admonished wondering why the boys had decided now was a good time to start play fighting.

“Now you don’t want to do this until you’re married…not only can you make a baby this way…you can get diseases and get very sick or die if you aren’t responsible and take care.”

“Diseases?” Max and Michael asked hoarsely.

//Please…no more…I can’t take anymore Maxwell//

//You and me both Michael…You and me both//

Phillip pleased that he apparently had his sons undivided attention again, nodded and continued. “Yes. You’ve heard of AIDS haven’t you?”

Again Michael and Max nodded...they had covered all of this in their computer program.

“Good…so you know that when a man and woman join their bodies there is the potential for diseases to occur. That’s why you should have you and your partner checked before you have sex…and the less partners you’re with the less chance you have of getting infected with the several different diseases that are out there.” Phillip continued and then pulled out another book that had pictures of some of the most common Venereal diseases.

‘Oh God…I’m going to be sick.’ Max swallowed as he looked at the pictures.

‘Boy if these didn’t keep a guy from wanting sex…I don’t know what would.’ Michael could actually feel himself turning green.

“Now you might be saying to yourself that you don’t want to ever have sex…but believe me boys…when your body takes over, you won’t even be able to think of anything else but what it wants and needs…having sex, or rather making love with the woman you love is very natural and wonderful…but you just have to realize that your body will want it long before you are old enough or responsible enough to do it.” Phillip again glanced at his son’s to make sure they were following him.

Despite the glazed look in their eyes he decided to continue.

“This brings me to my next point…although you’ll want to act on these urges with a woman…and remember you shouldn’t for many more years to come…you do need to release this sexual tension and there are other ways of doing this.” Phillip reached for another book.


Max jumped out of his chair and rushed over to his dad. “We’ve read about that dad…we don’t need to go over that…Please.” He said hoarsely and with begging eyes.

Phillip looked up at his son and then over at his other son who looked ready to faint and took pity. He nodded. “Alright…I’ll just leave this book with you boys…and you just let me know if you have any questions.”

Max choked out a reply and Michael nodded still unable to form a coherent response.

//Thank God that’s over!!!// They sighed in relief.


“You should know one more thing.” Elena started trying to hurry up and finish before Nancy fainted or the strangled noises coming from Amy prompted a call to 911. “If you do…find you can’t wait…wait for when you get married…there are ways to keep yourself safe from diseases and babies.”

“Like the pill or something?” Maria asked having already researched about the pill.

The strangled noises coming from Amy turned into choking noises.

“Uh…yeah…the pill will help you with not having babies…but that alone won’t help you not to get sick…you need to have the man…wear something to protect both of you…” Elena trailed off realizing just how difficult this was going to be.

“You mean a condom, right?” Liz asked remembering all the different kinds of condoms they had found during their research.

Nancy crumpled to the floor as her knees gave out on her.

“Yes…well…” Elena swallowed and then took a deep breath. “That’s right…uh… do you have any questions that I can answer…or hear anything different from what we’ve talked about that you need to discuss? I know this isn’t easy, but you can always come to us okay? We might not always know how to say things…but we’ll always tell you the truth.” Elena finished.

Before either Liz or Maria could respond; Amy once again made her presence known…

“OH MY GOD! MY BABY KNOWS ABOUT THE PILL! THAT’S IT! I’M CALLING FATHER TIMOTHY…YOU’RE GOING TO A CONVENT MARIA!!” Amy screeched as she ran out of the room in search of Father Timothy’s phone number.

Completely unhinged by the knowledge that her little angel knew about condoms, Nancy took off after Amy, “THIS IS MY HOUSE SO GET OUT OF MY WAY AMY DE LUCA…I’M CALLING FATHER TIMOTHY FIRST…MY BABY IS CLOSER TO MAX THAN YOURS IS TO MICHAEL…MY SITUATION IS CRITICAL!!!!!!”

“Uh…I think that went well.” Elena said dryly, “If you girls will excuse me I think I’ll go and try to calm down your mothers.”

Liz and Maria sat in stunned silence…then they looked at each other and burst into peals of near hysterical laughter.


“And lastly,” Phillip said reaching into his briefcase producing two objects.

//NO!// Max and Michael snapped back to attention realizing their nightmare wasn’t over.

Max stared at the objects in his father’s hand and then looked at his brother thoroughly confused. //What the heck does a cucumber have anything to do with this?//

//I have a really bad feeling about this Maxwell// Michael started feeling queasy again when he saw the little package in his father’s other hand.

“When you do finally have sex…hopefully after you are married; but if you don’t wait until then…you should always take precautions and protect yourself so that you don’t give the girl you love a baby or either one of you any diseases…you’ll need to protect your body where it joins with the woman…you’ll need to wear what is called a contraceptive or condom.”

//Please no…please no…please no…Maxwell don’t let him do it…// Michael started rocking back and forth praying that his brother could work another miracle.

Max swallowed and once again turned pale as realized what was coming next. “Uh…dad…we covered this too…so…you see…uh…there’s no need…”

“I’m sorry son…this is just too important…I’d feel much better knowing for sure that you boys know how to protect yourselves and your partners.” Phillip explained and then began to open the foil package.

‘Oh God…’ Max sank back on his bed in resignation.

“Now…this is how you would go about protecting yourself.” Phillip began to demonstrate the process for his sons. “We’ll assume this is the man’s body and it’s ready and needs to be protected…here’s what the protection can look like and this is how you use it.”

When Phillip finally looked up; he realized that he had pushed his sons as far as they could go…Michael was rocking back and forth and mumbling to himself and Max looked like he was catatonic. “You boys can read over the rest of this and let me know if you have any questions okay? I know this wasn’t easy…but if you’re going to become men…you have to learn what that means and what the consequences of acting like one entails?” Phillip finished.

Phillip again looked at his unresponsive sons and with a sigh quietly left the room shutting the door behind him.


Jeff, Tom, and Charles sat in stunned and appalled silence. They had tried to have THE TALK with Alex only to be thoroughly shocked when he had whipped out his laptop talking a mile a minute about this program he had created with Max and Michael. Jeff cringed as he recalled the program, an extremely graphic everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask program. By the time the program had ended they had been rendered into the stunned and appalled silence that they seemed incapable of snapping out of.

“Isn’t this great…I mean we had to format it and stuff…but most of the graphics and simulations we were able to download right off the Internet.” Alex rambled on excited about being able to share his program with the fathers, “If you want I can burn you a cd and you can have your own private copy…dad…Jeff…Tom…are you guys okay…you look a little pale…do you want me to get the moms…”


Diane Evans quietly slunk out of her daughter’s room visibly shaken. Her sweet innocent baby had just shocked new gray into her hair by pulling out a binder that she, Liz, and Maria had put together. A very explicit and detailed binder that was 2 inches thick and filled with pictures and detailed diagrams that covered every question about sex and a few she hadn’t known existed.

‘Oh my sweet, sweet innocent baby,’ with hands that continued to shake, she poured herself a stiff drink and started to put the bottle back before deciding to keep it out. ‘Oh God…I need to get drunk!’


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LittleBit – yes Maria, Liz, and Alex will go into heat.

JDreamer – I’m glad you’re enjoying this story J!! As for Liz, Maria, and Alex…they are as genetically perfect as you can get…however…that doesn’t mean Lydecker didn’t have fail-safes included in their genetic makeup…hopefully the pod squad can help them overcome them.

KEmperor – After the training session Max and Liz were experiencing their first bloom of passion…you’ll definitely see the difference when they go into heat.

Okay here's the next part...I just want you to know I was in a weird mind frame when I wrote this part and the if it seems a little off you know why

Part 9a

“Batman is the ultimate superhero…he has the coolest crime fighting toys and he gets the hottest babes.” Alex stated emphatically as he stretched back on the mat grateful that the evil taskmaster was finally allowing them a break. Normally he could go for hours without breaking a sweat…but he’d been feeling dizzy, flushed, and irritable since yesterday and really didn’t feel up to another one of Max’s “we’ve gotta stay on the ball” regimes.

“No way man…Superman’s the ultimate…Batman can’t hold a candle to the Original Man of Steel.” Michael was equally as emphatic in declaration of his favorite superhero.

“God…will you both give it a rest! If I have to listen to another stupid who’s the ultimate superhero argument I’m going to scream!!” Maria moaned from where she was slumped against the padded wall. She felt so irritable and achy today, she’d even snapped at her dad that morning and she NEVER lost her cool with her dad…her mom was another story entirely.

“Hey guys I have an idea.” Isabel grinned impishly before continuing, “Let’s get Max.” She looked back and forth between and her friends and waited impatiently for them to agree.

Catching the wicked gleam in Isabel’s eyes Alex sat up with renewed energy at the thought of getting back at the evil taskmaster. “Whacha got up your devious little sleeve Bella…whatever it is I’m game.” Oh yeah…the chance to get back at Max who had easily breezed through that morning’s rigorous workout regime was just too good to resist.

“Okay…you know how Max and Lizzie always kick our butts whenever we spar?” Receiving grudging nods of agreement from her friends she continued, “Well…what if we were to ambush him when he least expected it…he thinks we’re just lazing around taking an ‘unneeded break’…so he won’t be prepared for the four of us to attack him. There’s no way he can take on all four us…completely unprepared…we’ll have the upper hand for once.”

“I’m liking the way your mind works Bella.” Alex grinned in admiration, “Max comes back all unsuspecting and we attack…catching him off guard and he gets to be the loser for a change…I say we hog-tie him when we’re done…I’m definitely in.”

‘Oh yeah’ Alex rubbed his hands together in anticipation, ‘I’m so going to enjoy this.’

Michael and Maria exchanged evil mischievous grins and then turned to Isabel, “We’re in too.”

“Good…good…now we don’t have much time before he gets back…so let’s plan our attack.” Isabel gestured for everyone to gather around and then got down to the business of planning her brother’s defeat.

‘You are so going to regret EVER saying I MIGHT look a little fat in my new dress brother dear…you are going down.’


Liz sighed as Max replaced the used ice pack with a new one on the back of her neck. “Thanks Max…I can’t remember the last time I had a headache this bad.”

“You sure you’re okay Liz…you looked like you were going to pass out there for a minute” Max had been so worried when Liz had suddenly gone pale and dropped down from the pull up bar.

He had felt a little flash of fear when she had requested they take break and relax for a while…Liz NEVER took breaks when they worked out…she was the one who was always pushing for an extra hour or another 50 sets. This just wasn’t like her.

“Yeah Max…don’t worry okay. Maybe we’ve just been pushing ourselves a little too hard and this is my body’s way of telling me to ease up a little.” Liz looked up into Max’s worried eyes and tried to smile to show she really was okay. She was just feeling a little dizzy and hot…nothing that a little rest and ice packs wouldn’t cure.

Max smiled back at her and then leaned down to give her a little kiss on the tip of her nose. “If your headache’s not gone in the next half hour I’ll just use my magical fingers.”

“I love your magical fingers Max…almost as much as I love you.” Liz laughed and put her arms around his neck and pulled him down into a gentle kiss.

Ever since they’d had THE TALK a month ago, they had cooled things down between them…regulating themselves to gentle kisses and light makeout sessions…not letting the passion that existed between them get too heated or intense. It also helped that whenever things did get a little too intense an image of a condom-wearing cucumber would pop into Max’s head and an image of Father Timothy in a nun’s habit would pop into Liz’s…needless to say the mood was always ruined.

Max slowly broke the kiss but couldn’t resist placing another gentle kiss on the tip of Liz’s nose, “I better get back in there before they plan a mutiny…I want you to rest a little while longer before you rejoin us okay?”

“Okay.” Liz sighed; she loved kissing Max…it always made her feel so loved and special. She watched as Max walked down the hallway heading back to his garage-turned-gym, her gaze traveling slowly down his bare muscular back and coming to rest on his butt…suddenly entranced with the way it moved and flexed under the tight black biker shorts he was wearing.

She suddenly felt flushed and dizzy…breathing heavily as her heart raced in her chest. She was just about to call out to Max when it just as suddenly ended. Her heart stopped racing, breathing returned to normal, and she no longer felt flushed or dizzy.

‘Why is this happening to me?’ She was starting to get scared that something really was wrong with her after all.


It was brooding Max Evans making his way back out to his garage…he was worried about Liz. He could tell that something wasn’t right, and not just with the dizziness and headache, the underlying emotions he was getting off of her just seemed off. He couldn’t put his finger on what exactly was off; he just knew that it was.

‘Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.’ It had seemed like such a blessing when his parents decided to go out of town this weekend. They could all workout freely without having to keep an eye out for unexpected interruptions.

It just wouldn’t do for his mom or dad to suddenly pop in wanting to know if anyone needed anything and see Alex bench pressing 850lbs or Maria running on the modified treadmill…nothing but a blur to the un-enhanced human eye.

Now it seemed like a really bad idea.

Sighing Max started to push open the door to the garage when the hairs on the back of his neck stood up and his finely tuned instinct sent a whisper of warning racing down his spine.

Instinctively his focus shifted and his senses went to full alert...searching for the perceived threat.

It took less than a second for him to assess the situation, and without missing a beat he went to the middle of the garage centering himself on the large workout mat and closing his eyes stood as still as if he had gone to sleep.

He could feel them around him…could pinpoint each one exactly where they were hidden…the way it always happened when they battled or spared…the way it always worked with all opponents…save Liz.

She was the only one who could effectively hide herself from him…when she wanted to.

He could feel her watching him from the doorway. He didn’t bother acknowledging her presence, he could feel that she was completely aware of the situation and that she would sit this one out and observe.

Liz sighed inaudibly as she waited for the carnage to start…she knew Max was going to hold nothing back this time…that he was going to go full force. She and Max had always held back whenever they sparred or battled with the others…held back just that little bit…a slight hesitation here…a little pause there…just to make it fair…more even…and now…the others didn’t stand a chance in hell.

Feeling the calmness settle over him he took in one deep breath and slowly released it…tensing slightly just as they attacked.

Alex attacked first coming at him from behind.

Max bent forward lithely and drove his foot into Alex’s stomach then dropped lightly to the ground on his hands so that Michael who had tried to take advantage of the situation crashed into Isabel over him. Spinning on the mat he knocked them off their feet and leapt up to kick Alex under the chin before he could recover from his bent-over position. Releasing an ear splitting battle cry he threw Alex backwards into Maria and they both crashed down onto the mat.

Then Michael was up again and sprang onto Max’s back, locking his arms around his throat.

Easily suppressing the need to breathe Max was almost impossibly calm as he reached back and gripped Michael by the head. One sharp twist and Michael sank limply onto the mat.

He stepped away from Michael’s unconscious body smoothly like a great cat as the other three staggered out of reach...reconsidering.

More than a little pissed off that their “can’t fail” plan was failing miserably Maria launched her self into a super fast round off back kick. Max spun around in a move so quick even Liz could only see a flash of black and a blur. One minute he was standing calmly in the center of the mat…and the next he was tossing Maria’s limp unconscious body on top of Michael’s.

The impulsive ones were always easiest.

Alex swung at Max who ducked in a whirl of black and was up again in moments, striking two successive punches to Alex’s face then spinning in a swing kick to take out Isabel moving in behind him. He spun again using the momentum to hurl Alex into the wall watching impassively as he hit with a loud thud and sank unconscious to the ground.

Sensing Isabel behind him Max spun out of the way of a kick aimed at his kidneys, and grabbed her by the left arm flipping her over his shoulder with a quick swivel of his hips. He sent her flying into the same wall as Alex and with a thud she too fell limply to the ground unconscious.

Start to finish took less than three minutes.

Max took another deep breath and then let it out releasing the last bit of tension from his body.

He opened his eyes and started to turn and was tackled from behind and then flipped over on his back. He started to roll into a counter attack when he was once again slammed down on his back and Liz’s mouth came crashing down on his…her tongue sweeping into his mouth in an all-consuming fire hot kiss.

Every thought drained away and all he could do was respond.


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Part 9b

She had been watching him battle the others…his domination supreme…when she had become aware of his strong masculine scent…that heady scent that was all Max…but more. It was stronger…more powerful…and it called to her…to a place deep inside her…it consumed her.

She closed her eyes and clutched at the doorframe as a powerful wave of lust…of need…hit her…and now she was hot…so hot…she was burning up…she was on fire.

She opened her eyes and all she could see was him…all she wanted was him…needed him…was going to have him.

She launched herself at him and subdued him with the fiery passion of her kiss.

Somewhere deep within the recesses of his mind he could hear warning bells going off…telling him that something wasn’t right…but he was being consumed by Liz’s passion…their connection was wide open and he was being eaten alive by the blistering heat of her need.

The warning bells receded even further when her hot mouth trailed down to his neck and she bit him…hard.

Max growled as he pulled her back up his body and kissed her roughly… his tongue sweeping into her mouth and mating with her own. //YES// she cried out when his hands shoved up her sports bra and relieved the ache building in her breasts…his large hands molding them…his thumbs flicking her hard nipples. She arched her back thrusting her breasts even further into his hands…her nails raking through his hair as their kiss became wilder and even more passionate.

Then he flipped them over and thrust his hardness against her aching wet center and she screamed as a burning wave of pleasure swept through her.

He could feel her shaking and convulsing beneath him…could feel her pleasure sweeping through her…but he couldn’t stop…whatever had taken possession of her had also taken possession of him through their connection…and now he was driven with a white hot need to claim her as his own…to make her his.

He brought his mouth down to her neck and bit her as he thrust against her harder and faster…driving her into the mat…and she screamed again…raking her nails down his back as another wave of intense pleasure swept through her.

Max could feel something inside him start to unfurl…an energy he had never felt before building inside him…recognizing his claim on Liz…preparing him…but then Liz slipped her hands under his biker shorts and sank her nails into his butt as he thrust against her…and he exploded…yelling as wave after wave of burning pleasure shot through him…and the energy abated and recoiled deep inside him.

Liz sighed in contentment as Max laid his head on her breasts…running her hands soothingly up and down his back as the overwhelming need that had driven her was momentarily appeased.

She purred as Max’s tongue flicked out and licked her breast and she could feel his love and affection flow through her…and then the reality of what just happened hit her like a lightening bolt.

“Oh my God! Max…what just happened…what’s wrong with me…why did I…why did I…Oh God…I attacked you!” She could feel the panic start to build inside her as she replayed what had just happened…and under the panic she could feel that need start to build to again.

“Liz…angel…shh…It’s going to be okay…we’ll figure it out.” Max cradled Liz in his lap as he tried to soothe away her panic…his mind going a mile a minute as he tried to reason out their uncharacteristic loss of control.

“Max…what are we going to do…I can still feel it…I still…I want…I need…” She stumbled to halt unable to voice what she was feeling inside…afraid the words would re-ignite it into an inferno.

“I know Liz…I know…I feel it too.” He placed a soft kiss on her forehead as he brought his hands up to cup her face…his thumbs wiping away her tears, “I don’t know why this is happening…but I do know that I love you…and I’ll do whatever it takes to find out what’s causing this.”

“Oh Max.” She sobbed, “I love you too…I know we’ll figure this out…I do.”

She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him as hard as she could…she felt so overwhelmed by what was going on inside her body…felt helpless and at the mercy of this need that was compelling her…driving her.

A groan and a whimper to the left sent a shot of alarm racing through her as Michael and Maria began to regain consciousness.

//Max! We can’t let them see us like this…not again…they still haven’t recovered from the last time.//

//I know Liz…I know…let’s get out of here and get cleaned up.//

They jumped up and ran out of the garage…mortified by what they had just done in front of their friends…even if they were unconscious.


Michael groaned again and raised his hand to his head releasing a wave of healing warmth to ease away the pain. ‘God…whose stupid idea was it to gang up on Max…jeez…you’d think we’d learn by now.’

Maria whimpered again as she slowly became aware of her surroundings…then she moaned…and took a deep breath…drinking in Michael’s hot masculine scent. ‘Hmm…I never realized how good Spaceboy smelt…yummy.’

Michael was about to ask her if she was all right when she licked him…she honest to God licked him…and it was all he could do not to beg her to do it again. Then she raised her head and looked at him…and he yelped.

“Maria…your eyes.” He managed to gasp out…her eyes…which were normally a beautiful brilliant green…were nearly black, “What the hell happened to your eyes…and…and…why are you looking at me like that?”

“My eyes? Mmm…the better to see you with my dear.” She grinned down at him and ran her hands over his chest…stopping to pinch his cute little male nipples, “But why don’t we skip all that…and get to my teeth.”

“Your teeth?” He squeaked as confusion and desire mixed together to addle his brains. ‘Why was she reciting Little Red Riding Hood…and why did SHE get to be the Big Bad Wolf?’

“Hmm…why the better to EAT you with my dear!”

And then she pounced…her mouth coming down on his neck…sucking the skin inside and biting down…humming and moaning her pleasure. Again Michael yelped…overcome by the sensations coursing through his body as she continued to suck and nibble on his neck…and then he shoved her off him as warning bells rang loud and clear in his head.

“NO! Maria…we can’t do this…your mother…she’ll kill me…she’ll send you to a convent… she’ll…she’ll…”

“Miiikkkeeeyyyy…” Maria whined as she started to crawl towards him, “I need you…I’m so hot…burning up…I need you to put out the fire.”

“Oh God.” He whimpered scooting back as Maria prowled towards him on her hands and knees, “Uh…Maria…if you’re…uh…hot…I can…um…get you some ice…yeah…ice…we’ve got ice…lots of ice…lots and lots and lots of ice…we’ve got an icemaker…so…so…so…you can… you can…you can have all the ice you…”

He was cut off as his back hit the wall and Maria leapt on him…her tongue plunging inside of his mouth…burning away his resistance with the heat of her passion.


“Hmm…Maaaxxxx…” Liz moaned as he sucked her nipple into his mouth, “That feels sooo gooooood.”

They had only been able to make it as far as the hallway just outside of the garage before Liz’s white-hot need once again overwhelmed them…and they were helpless to fight it.

She had pushed Max up against wall and claimed his mouth in another fiery kiss…further inflaming both of them…and then Max had spun them around until she was pressed against the wall…his hands yanking her sports bra all the way off…breaking the kiss only to bend down and latch onto her nipple…sending waves of hot pleasure shooting to her sex.

Max released her nipple and dropped to his knees in front of her…burying his nose between her thighs and breathing in deeply.

“God Liz…you smell so good…I want to taste you…I want to taste all of you.” He moaned as he reached up and began to pull down her lycra shorts.

“Oh God…” Liz whimpered as she gripped the back of his head and arched her back, “Yeeesssss… pleeeaaaasee Max…I want you to taste me…all of me…”

A shrill piercing scream rent the air…shocking them out of their passionate haze.


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Part 9c

She had slowly regained consciousness…her head felt like a bomb had exploded inside…scrambling her brains and leaving behind a painful throbbing. She had opened her eyes and then squeezed them shut…trying to clear away the blurriness…then she had opened them again…to what could only be a nightmare…a horrible terrible nightmare.

Then she had become aware of Alex lying unconscious beside her…and she knew she wasn’t having a nightmare…she only wished she was…at least then she had the hope of waking up…a scream of terror on her lips. Now, confronted with the horror occurring right before her eyes…she did the only thing she could do…

Isabel screamed…then she screamed again and again…praying that somehow…someway… someone would make it stop…make them stop…please God…make them stop.

Alex was jolted awake by a loud piercing noise…stabbing straight into his head and adding to the throbbing that was already present…and then he became aware of something else…something that set his blood on fire…that inflamed him and filled him with a need to claim…to possess…to establish his territory.

His nostrils flared as the scent overwhelmed him…consumed him…the smell of arousal filling the air…female arousal…heat…he could smell it all around him…calling to something deep inside him to respond…something animalistic and primordial…and again he was jolted by a loud piercing noise…except this time he knew what it was…screaming…someone was screaming…no…not someone…Isabel…Isabel was screaming.

He shook his head to try and clear it…Bella needed him…needed him to…to…he growled as the scent once again overwhelmed him…pushing everything else to the background.

He jumped to his feet in one fluid motion…everything in him tense and poised for battle…ready to fight for territory…ready to stake his claim.


Max jerked as he again heard a loud piercing scream…the shrillness momentarily penetrating the passionate haze that was consuming him…and he quickly pulled Liz’s shorts back up before he could again become lost.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his head into her stomach…trying… struggling to regain control…someone was screaming…and they sounded horrified…and he needed to…needed to…he could feel his control slipping again…the hot cauldron of need bubbling up…threatening to pull him under again.

//Liz…angel…you have to…you have to close your connection to me…please angel…someone’s in trouble…and I can’t…I can’t…please…angel…for me…do it for me.//

Liz moaned as she tried to concentrate on what Max was trying to tell her…the connection…he wanted her to close her end of their connection…

//Maaaaaxxxxxx…noooooooo…p p ppplllllleeeeeaaasssssseeeeee…I n n need you//

Max groaned and tightened his arms around Liz…his control slipping some more…he squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth…trying to hold onto the last string of resistance he had in him…if he couldn’t reach her…couldn’t get her to close her connection…nothing would be able to stop him…stop them…nothing…


Liz flinched and cried out as the command slammed into her…and with a sob she closed off her end of their connection…collapsing…shaking and trembling…as the full weight of her need nearly crushed her.

“I’m sorry angel…I’m so sorry…it’ll be okay…I promise…I promise.” He whispered…tears clogging his throat…as he rocked her in his arms…smoothing her sweat soaked hair out of her face and placing gentle kisses on her heated brow.

He grabbed her sports bra and gently put it back on her before gathering her back up in his arms and carrying her into the garage where the screams were coming from…wondering what the hell was happening now.


Max came to an abrupt stop as he took in the situation…stunned…on one side the garage Isabel was curled up on the floor…hands covering her eyes and screaming…on the other side of the garage…Michael and Ria were…were…

He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up in warning and he carefully set Liz down…before spinning around…growling low and deep as he watched Alex stalking towards him…he narrowed his eyes and whispered one word…full of threat and promise…


Alex jerked as he came to a complete stop…his body shaking and trembling…he took in Max’s dominate stance…the low deep growl rumbling from his chest…the slightly bared teeth…and he instinctively whined softly…looking down and tilting his head to the side…exposing his neck to Max…before slowly backing away and pacing back and forth.

Assured that Alex no longer represented a threat…Max turned his attention to his sister…trying to calm her down.

//Izzy? Izzy…calm down…you need to calm down//

//Max…oh God…Max you have to stop them…you have to stop them//

//Okay Izzy…I’ll stop them…but you have to stop screaming…can you do that for me?//

Isabel took a deep shuddering breath and slowly released it…suppressing the screams that were lodged in her throat…but she was not going to open her eyes…no…not until she was sure it was over…the horror that she knew was going to be giving her nightmares for years to come.

Satisfied that his sister was at least calmer…Max started to turn back towards his brother and Ria…when he was sidetracked by Liz.

Even though she had closed her end of their connection…he was still picking up on her need…which was wrecking havoc on his control…and it didn’t helped when she pressed herself against his back…placing hot open-mouthed kisses between his shoulders while her hands caressed his chest and stomach.

He moaned as he grabbed her hands and held them against his chest…stopping them from roaming to far south…and snapping his control all together.

Saying a quick prayer…he again turned his attention to Michael and Ria…and knew instantly that he would have to get through to his brother…because Ria was obviously in the same condition as Liz.


Michael moaned as Maria ended their tongue battle by sucking his into her mouth and nibbling on it…her little hand sliding down his body…slipping into his biker shorts and wrapping around his hardness.

He cried out and arched into her touch…the feel of her hand on his heated flesh almost enough to send him over the edge.

He was vaguely aware of some kind of loud noise…coming from far away…but he didn’t let it bother him…he was mesmerized by how silky soft Maria’s skin was as his own hands slid down her back and into the back of her workout shorts…squeezing her butt and pressing her closer to his hardened body.


He yelped and jerked away from Maria…clutching his head in agony…as his brother’s command seared through his mind.


//I’m sorry Michael…but I’ve been trying to reach you…and…um…let’s just say that was a last resort…before I…uh…forcibly separated you two.//


//Yeah…Michael…there’s something going on with Liz and Ria…and Alex too for that matter…they’re not…um…acting normal…and I had to stop you before you did something you’d both regret…not to mention putting our sister in a padded room for the rest of her life.//

Michael let that sink in for a moment as the agony in his head gave way to a dull throbbing.

He screamed when Maria squeezed his hardness and bit down on his neck…unconsciously thrusting into her hand…before his brother once again yelling in his head jerked him back to awareness.

He quickly reached down and grabbed her hand…pulling it off his hardness and holding it captive against his chest…along with her other wandering hand.

“Maxwell…what the hell’s going on!!!” Michael was so embarrassed and confused…and aroused…he and Maria hadn’t even really kissed before…both of them still pretending not to like each other…and now they had gone way past third base…had almost slid into home.

“Yeah Max…what’s the matter with them…why are they behaving like this…it’s like they’re animals or something…even Alex is acting weird.” Isabel had finally managed to get up enough courage to open her eyes…and the sight before her both shocked and dismayed her…Liz and Ria were squirming and groping on her brothers…and Alex…Alex was pacing back and forth like a caged animal…throwing glares at Max...and then cowering and whining before pacing again.

She felt like they had taken a left turn into the twilight zone and any second now…some guy was going to start speaking in a creepy scary voice.

“Izzy…that’s it…that’s what’s wrong…oh shit…those sick sadistic bastards…those rat bastards…oh God…Liz and Ria are in heat…and Alex…” Max felt sick…he was so angry and heartsick he didn’t know what to do…how could they be so cruel…God…what if Liz, Ria, and Alex hadn’t been here today…what if they had been…he squeezed his eyes shut and tightened his hold on Liz…unable to complete the thought.

//No…Max…no…how can that be possible?//

//Maxwell…we need to do something…I don’t know…I don’t know how long I can hold her off//

//You’re right Michael…I don’t how much longer I can resist…I…we need to…we need to…put them to sleep.//


//NO!! No…Izzy…not that…I mean MAKE them go to sleep…until we can figure out what to do…I can’t…think…with Liz like this…it’s taking all my concentration not to…//

//Okay Maxwell…okay…we’ll make them go to sleep…and then we’ll figure out what to do.//

With tears in their eyes…the three siblings did something they had never even contemplated before that day…they used their powers against the three people they loved more than anything…putting them into a deep sleep before breaking down and crying…clutching their loves in their arms.


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It had been two hours since they put Liz, Maria, and Alex into a deep sleep. They had moved into Max’s room…curling up with their loves…and cried until their tears had been exhausted.

It was Isabel who finally broke the silence, “Max…what are we going to do? Elena’s going to be here in about three hours…she can’t find them like this…none of the Parents can find them like this.”

Max sighed as he rubbed his ear in frustration…Izzy was right…they were running out of time. Alex’s mother had agreed to spend the night and act as chaperone while his mom and dad were out of town this weekend…all of the parents had agreed to letting them have a sleepover…which was great…except now Elena was going to be here soon…and Liz and Maria were in heat…and Alex was…well…Alex was very much affected in his own way.

“I have an idea Izzy…but I don’t know if it’ll work…and it could be dangerous…for all of us.”

“What Maxwell…spit it out…we can’t keep them like this forever…it’s bad enough that I…that we…that we had to…” Michael thumped his head back against the wall in anguished rage…unconsciously tightening his grip on Maria who he was cradling in his lap…he closed his eyes before continuing softly, “It’s bad enough that we had to use our powers on them Maxwell…but if they have to go through the rest of their lives like this…going into…into heat…they’re going to be devastated…we’re all going to be devastated…so please…whatever it is that you’ve come up with…just tell us…I don’t care about the danger.”

“I agree with Michael…we can’t let this keep happening to them…if going into heat for them is like…like…like it is for cats or dogs…then…then…” Isabel squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the tears once again welling up…God…it would be like being raped…like your body raping you over and over again, “Max…we have to do whatever it takes to stop this…they were lucky this time that they were with us…they may not be next time.”

Max looked down at his beautiful angel…leaning down and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead…he loved her so much…had always loved her…from the very first time he had laid eyes on her. She was precious to him…and he wasn’t going to let those rat bastards win.

He looked up…and he felt like his heart was going to break in two…his brother was gently caressing Ria’s face…silent tears streaming down his face…as he softly hummed to her while rocking her unconscious body in his arms…and Izzy…Izzy too was quietly crying while she ran her fingers lovingly through Alex’s hair.

No…he wasn’t going to let them win.

“Okay Michael…Izzy…this is going to be risky…but if it works…it will put Liz and Ria back in control of their bodies despite being in heat…and it will also allow Alex to control his increased aggressiveness.” Max glanced at his siblings to make sure they were following him before continuing, “Part of what makes this so dangerous and risky…is that we’ll have to…well…modify their brains…and if we screw up…we could do permanent damage…or worse.”

“What! Max! I don’t know…I…”

“Maxwell…we’re not friggin brain surgeons…how the hell are we NOT going to screw up!”

“Wait…wait…let me finish…yes there’s a high level of risk involved…and that’s why we need to discuss this with the others before we do anything.” Max held up his hand to stop any further protest or questions from his siblings, “Look…just hold off for a minute…this is were the other risky part comes in…we’re going to have to go into a very deep trance in order to communicate with Liz, Ria, and Alex…and we’re going to have use a lot of energy to make this work…more energy than we’ve ever generated before…and there’s a chance…if we use up too much of our energy…there might not be enough to sustain our life…but like a said…it’s a risk…not a certainty…do you still want do this?”

Isabel and Michael looked at each…and then at the sleeping forms of Alex, Maria, and Liz…before turning to Max and nodding their heads in agreement.

“Okay…you guys bring Alex and Ria and get up here on the bed with me and Liz…we all need to be touching…and it will be more comfortable if we’re all lying down.”

Once Max was satisfied with how they were arranged…all of them laying next to and against each other…Michael on the end, then Maria, then Max, then Liz, then Isabel, and then Alex against the headboard…he then started taking deep long breaths…Michael and Isabel joining him.

They closed their eyes…their breathing and heart rate synchronized…every breath deeper and slower than the last…as they sank deeper and deeper…

so deep they were unaware that Liz, Alex, and Maria had too…despite the fact that they were already in a deep sleep…synchronized their breathing and heart rates with others…

and together they all sank deeper and deeper…

until they completely stopped breathing…

until their hearts stopped beating…

and they were still…still…still…


“Oh my God Max! Where are we…it’s…it’s…”

“Beautiful…wow Maxwell…this place is incredible…how did you know about it?”

“Uh…Michael…Izzy…I have no idea where we are…I mean this isn’t exactly what I had expected…but you’re right about one thing…it is beautiful here.”

Max, Michael, and Isabel turned around in a circle as they took in their amazing surroundings…they were in a beautiful meadow that was filled to overflowing with every color flower in the rainbow. To their left was a brook and they could hear the water as it gently gurgled over the rocks…and to their right they could see a seemingly endless forest…in front of them the meadow seemed to stretch beyond the horizon…and behind them…behind them…




The three siblings took off running when they spotted their friends.




Liz, Alex, and Maria had awakened to find themselves in this incredibly beautiful but strange place…not knowing how they had gotten there…or why they were there…when they had heard their names yelled. They had spun around to find Max, Isabel, and Michael racing towards them across the meadow…and they too had taken off running towards their friends.

They met in the middle…leaping into each other’s arms…hugging and laughing…and spinning each other around…until finally collapsing onto the ground in a tangled heap of arms and legs.

They lay like that for a while…content just to all be together…drinking in the peace and serenity of the beautiful meadow…gazing up at the crystal clear blue sky…each taking turns identifying who or what the fluffy white clouds most resembled.

Then slowly…reality started to creep up on them…and they sat up…ready to deal with their situation.

“Okay…I’m just taking a guess here…but Toto…I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Alex couldn’t help cracking a joke…he remembered what had happened in the garage…and what he was remembering was making him feel more than a little sick to his stomach.

“Nope…we’re definitely not in Kansas…or Roswell for that matter.” Maria exchanged nervous…heartsick glances with Liz before continuing, “I don’t…I don’t…um…I…I…mean…I can’t really explain why…why…why…”

“We attacked you guys.” Liz jumped in…she couldn’t take hearing Ria stumbling through her explanation…her voice trembling and cracking…even though she felt just as sick…just as betrayed by her body…she couldn’t let Ria face this alone. “I…we…know…there’s no excuse for what we did…I just…we…weren’t in control of ourselves…and we don’t…don’t…”

“Ssh…Liz…angel…it’s okay…we know it wasn’t your fault.” Max pulled Liz into his lap as she started to sob…and he didn’t have to look up to know that his brother was doing the same thing with Ria.

Max and Michael continued to hold and comfort Liz and Maria…whispering words of love and support and understanding…until they finally stopped crying and were ready to continue.

“Ria…Liz…what happened was completely beyond your control…there was absolutely nothing you could have done.” Isabel spoke up, “You guys…uh…well…you guys went into heat…that’s why you did what did…why you were helpless to stop yourselves…and that’s why we’re here…Max knows how to fix it so…so…so this won’t keep happening to you guys.”

“Max?” Liz looked up into his eyes…unconsciously sighing in relief when she didn’t see any disgust or anger reflected there…just endless depths of love and devotion.

“Yeah…what I have in mind is dangerous and risky…we wanted to discuss it with all of you before we did anything.” Max pulled his gaze away from Liz’s and looked around at the others before continuing, “See…we would have to modify your brains…to give you back control over your bodies…but if we make a mistake…we could do permanent damage.”

“Modify our brains…how?”

“Permanent damage…do you mean like we would be vegetables…I’d rather be dead than be a vegetable…I hate vegetables.”

“Max…tell us what you would be doing.”

“Okay…basically the way we figure it…the bastards that…that…created you…used animal DNA…to give you enhanced hearing, sight, smell, taste, endurance, and strength…among other things. I think they could have made it so you didn’t go into heat…but…by not doing so…”

“They ensure themselves a failsafe way of making us reproduce…by forcing our bodies to mate with any viable male…oh God…oh…God…I’m going to be sick.”

Liz jumped up out of Max’s lap and ran to the brook…dropping to her knees and vomiting…she felt Max pull her hair back and soothingly rub her back until she was finished…nothing left to come up. She sat back and let Max hold her while she tried to get control of herself…she wasn’t go to cry again…she wasn’t going to let those sick bastards hurt her anymore than they already had…looking over to her right she saw that Michael was holding and comforting Maria while she continued to dry heave.

“No more…no more…Ria…guys…I want to finish this…Max…tell us the rest.”

“Are you sure angel…” Max looked deeply into Liz’s eyes and saw her strength and determination to see this through…then he looked over to see the same thing reflected in the eyes of the others, “Alright…this is what we need to do…we need to form a deeper connection with you guys so that we can…in a sense enter into you…in a way this is kind of like healing…we’ll go into your brain…specifically the Hypothalamus and the Pineal Gland…and set up a block and trigger mechanism. When you go into heat…the trigger will release the block…which will act as a barrier stimulating nerve impulses to the Hypothalamus…these neuronal impulses will travel to the Pineal Gland and regulate the hormonal imbalance caused by your bodies going into heat…we can’t stop you from going into heat…but we can put you back in control of your body. For Alex…it will be slightly different…your trigger will help you control the increased level of aggressiveness…and filter out the pheromones produced by Liz and Ria going into heat.”

“Well…at least you’re not going to spay and neuter us…I was a little nervous when Bella said you could…FIX…us.”


“What! I’m just looking out for the family jewels.”


“Okay…the risk will be in setting up the block and trigger mechanism…if we’re even slightly off…”

“We understand Max.” Liz squeezed Max’s hand to let him know she understood the risk and the danger, “I think I speak for all of us when I say the risk is worth it…I…we can’t go on like this…never knowing…the possibility of being without you guys when we go into heat…and the consequences…so…let’s do this.”

They sat down together…Max and Liz facing each other and holding hands…Michael and Maria to one side of Max and Liz also facing each other and holding hands…and Alex and Isabel on the other side of Max and Liz doing the same.

“Okay everyone…if this works…we’ll all wake up back in my bedroom…and if it doesn’t…well let’s just hope it works.”

Max looked deep into Liz’s eyes…and as one they took a deep breath and released it…and then Liz opened herself completely and let Max all the way in…

Slowly energy began to build as the essence of the one set of three entered into the second set of three…and as they worked conjointly and separately…the energy reached a fevered pitch…whipping and swirling around the six…until with a loud bang it dissipated and the six slumped to the ground…unresponsive…and slowly faded away…until only the impressions of their bodies were left…and then those too faded away.



“…my head…”

“…hurts so bad…”

“…like someone…”

“…took a sledgehammer…”

“…and pulverized me.”


They all sat straight up and looked at each other with wide eyes…and then as one grabbed their heads and moaned…simultaneously releasing healing warmth and relieving the pain in their heads…and then they again stared at each other wide eyed and shocked.


“…since when did you guys…”

“…start having healing powers?”

“Oh…gee…I don’t know….”

“…maybe when we all started…”

“…finishing each other’s sentences.”


Again they sat and stared at each other…stunned…and then slowly they started to feel the change and difference within themselves…the increased awareness of each other…the deeper level of connection…the low hum of each other’s thoughts and feelings murmuring in the back of their heads…


“…you have to fix this Max….”

“…we’ll all go insane if you don’t…”

“….oh my God…Ria even babbles in her head...”

“HEY! I do not babble!”

“…and now…and now…”

“…she’s babbling in our heads…”

“…oh God…the horror…the horror…”



Elena stood in the archway leading to the living room watching the kids.

They were all laid out in sleeping bags watching movies, eating various junk foods, and drinking soda…occasionally one or all of them would burst out in laughter…or break out into spontaneous pillow fights.

This was all normal behavior for a sleep over with friends…except they did all this in silence…the laughter…preceded by silence…the pillow fights…preceded by silence…and that…that wasn’t normal.

She could tell that something had happened that day…it was in their eyes…which looked years older than they had just yesterday…and it was in the way they interacted with each other…they had always seemed close…but now…now it was more…much much more.

She couldn’t quite figure it out…it was little things…like the way Alex got up and went into the kitchen and got another bottle of Tabasco sauce and handed it to Max…without even being asked…or the way Michael had been teasing Maria but stopped and apologized…after receiving one quick hard glance from Liz…and the way they were finishing each others sentences or speaking at the same time…and not just the obvious parings…but all of them…this just wasn’t normal.

It wasn’t just the silence that wasn’t silent…or the strange unspoken communication…it was also the uncanny awareness they had of each other and the slight change in their group dynamic.

She and the other parents were already aware of the way the others tended to look to Max and Liz to settle disputes amongst them or give a final decision when the group as a whole couldn’t agree on something…but this…this was so far beyond simple group leadership…it gave her chills.

No more so than earlier when they had gone to rent videos.

She had noticed right away how Alex, Isabel, Michael, and Maria had kept Max and Liz in the center of their group…they had all been laughing and joking around like usual…but the other four would move around…in front of and behind Max and Liz…and then on their sides…and then switching around again.

The thing that really gave her shivers…was when Alex, Isabel, Michael, or Maria would stop…they all stopped…and looked around…and then just as suddenly would start moving again…laughing and joking around as if nothing had happened.

The one time Max and Liz weren’t kept in the center of the group…was when they had run into some classmates of theirs…and then…the other four had stepped back and Max and Liz had been in front. Words had been exchanged…but she had been too far back to hear what was said…whatever had been said…their classmates had looked scared…almost terrified…before they had taken off…running in the other direction as if the hounds of hell were after them…when she had asked who they were…Maria had just shrugged and said it was just the three school bozo’s Kyle, Paulie, and Tommy.

Suppressing a shiver…Elena again looked in on the kids…and gasped…Max was looking right at her…his face an unreadable mask…but his eyes…his eyes held a challenge and a warning.

She felt her heart skip a beat and then start racing as her eyes dropped from his…unable to maintain contact with that unwavering gaze.

She again let her gaze roam over the kids…Liz curled up on Max’s left side…her head on his chest and his left arm wrapped around her and his right arm tucked under his head…Maria and Michael were spooned together lying perpendicular to Max on his right side…their heads using his stomach as a pillow…and Alex and Isabel were spooned together lying perpendicular to Liz on her left side…their heads using her back for a pillow.

“Wo…would you kids li…like a refill on your sodas…or…or…another bb…bowl of popcorn?” She cringed internally as she barely managed to stutter and stumble her way through the request…her mouth suddenly parched and her throat feeling clogged.

“No Elena…we’re fine…we don’t need…anything else. Why don’t you go to bed…it’s late and we still have a couple more movies watch…no need for you to stay up with us.”

She managed to look up…forcing herself to again meet Max’s gaze…when she was hit with all of them looking at her…their eyes holding the same challenge and warning as Max’s…and it was too much…too much…somehow managing a quick nod of assent… she turned and fled to the guest room…her heart pounding so hard she felt like it was going to break through her chest.

She didn’t know what the hell had happened today…but it must have been something big…the kids were circling the wagons…and it was painfully clear she and the other parents were going to have to make a decision.

It was time to call another meeting…like the one they had when the kids were six…and this time Phillip and Diane were going to have to be included…it was time to lay all the cards on the table…no more half-truths and evasion…too much was at stake now.

If they made the wrong decision…they would find themselves on the outside of those circled wagons…and if that happened…they would be lost to the kids forever…and there was no way in hell Elena was going to let that happen.



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Part 10a

Charles Whitman watched as his wife Elena nervously paced back and forth in their living room while they waited for the other parents to arrive.

It had been a week since she had stayed over at the Evans’ house to chaperone the kids’ sleepover…and she had been like this ever since. Nervous, edgy, restless…constantly watching their son Alex as if she no longer knew who he was.

He had tried several times over the last week to get Elena to talk to him, tell him what was wrong, but to no avail; all she would say was that they needed to have a meeting with all of the parents, including the Evans.

“Lena…sweetheart…please…tell me what’s going on. I hate seeing you like this…you hardly eat or sleep…you…”

“Honey…” She sighed tiredly and walked over to her husband taking his hands into her own and tried to reassure him as best she could, “Look, I know I haven’t been myself lately. I’m sorry for worrying you, but I only want to do this once and that’s with everyone. I’ll tell you and everyone else what’s going on, but I need you to be strong for me and to back me today. A lot is riding on this meeting and I just…just…I just need to know you’re behind me 100%.”

Taking a deep breath he pulled her into his arms and felt her tense up for a moment before finally relaxing into his embrace, “You know I’m always on your side sweetheart, no matter what. We’ll get through this, whatever this latest crisis is, we’ll get through this and be the stronger for it.”

“Right, the kids are at the Mega Mall for the day and the other parents will be here any minute now. We’ll have plenty of time to hash everything out…and come to a decision…I just hope we come to the right one.” Pulling out of her husband’s arms, Elena started to pace again as her fears and nervousness returned full force threatening to overwhelm her.

She could feel it in her bones…just as she had known it a week ago…something was going to happen today…something big.


“How did we end up in this sorry state…trailing along behind the girls…reduced to nothing more than baggage carriers? Whose stupid idea was it to go shopping anyway!?!”

“Uh…Alex, if memory serves; I believe it was YOUR idea to go shopping!” Max glared at his friend.

He hated shopping, of any kind; even if Liz had looked up at him with her big brown doe-eyes and said please in that cute little way she had…all pouting and adorable. Max sighed as he shifted in his seat, who was he kidding, he hadn’t stood a chance; he had absolutely no resistance when she did that…and she knew it.

Still, if Alex hadn’t mentioned checking out the new Mega Mall, they wouldn’t be sitting here in what had to be the fiftieth store, waiting for the girls to try on yet another outfit.

“Yeah Alex…what is your malfunction!” Michael scowled, “Dude…we’re guys…we should be playing hoops or at the very least checking out the music store…Metallica has a new cd out…but no…we’re here playing gophers and stooges for the girls!!”

Their attention was turned when they heard Liz shout out to them.

“Okay! Are you boys ready?” She called out, giggling.

“Just show us so we can leave already,” Max groaned.

“You might actually like this one, Maxie,” Ria said, laughing.

“Yeah brother dear, you’ll definitely like this one,” Izzy giggled as she pictured her brother falling over in dead faint when he saw what Liz was wearing.

“Okay, Mr. Impatience. You asked for it!” Liz threw the dressing room curtain aside and posed like a supermodel.

Max’s mouth dropped open and Michael and Alex’s eyes were wide open.

Liz laughed and stepped out, twirling around for the guys. She couldn’t help but grin seeing their expressions.

Liz was wearing dark purple, skintight leather pants. They were low on her hips and fitted down to the ankle. Her top was a shimmery silver asymmetrical cut tank that had a strap on one side and the other was completely bare. The strap itself was only a piece of string that tied together. The top ended just below her breasts and when she moved, it seemed to move as well.

Max couldn’t decide if that was good or bad.

The silver and purple seemed to make her skin glow and the impish grin she was giving him was doing funny things to his stomach. Her hair was a dark chocolate curtain, flying out as she twirled around and pretended she was a model on the catwalk.

She was also wearing black strappy stiletto heels that Max immediately noticed. He groaned.

“You like?” She asked huskily, strutting up to Max and leaning over him, her eyes level with his.

“Uh huh,” was all he could muster.

Michael and Alex looked at Max and then burst out laughing when they saw him grab one of the shopping bags and place it in his lap.

Liz smirked and plucked the shopping bag out of Max’s lap and took its place, sighing when she felt his hardness against her thigh.

“Don’t worry Michael, Ria’s coming out next.” She laughed when his face flushed and he swallowed hard.



They had been going around and around for the last hour and a half. Elena had told them everything that had happened last week and they refused to believe anything was wrong or different with the kids.

She was starting to feel desperate, even Charles was being skeptical. She knew yelling wasn’t going to help but the fear was pulling at her, with every minute that past the certainty that something was going to happen increased; she knew that whatever was going to happen would involve the children.

Looking at the shocked and bewildered expressions on the faces of her friends and loved ones, Elena decided it was time to stop bullshitting.

“Diane…Phillip…there’s something you don’t know about Alex, Liz, and Maria…they’re different…they’re…”

“ELENA!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!”


Michael scowled when Max started laughing right along with Alex and Liz.

Ever since ‘the incident’, which was what they were calling the events that had occurred a week ago, he had found himself fumbling and bumbling around Ria…much to the amusement of his so called friends.

He couldn’t help it; every time he looked at her or thought about her, he remembered what her little hand had felt like on his hardness or the way her mouth had tasted.

He was just about to make a scathing retort when Ria came out of the dressing room…and he was speechless…his mouth dropping open…and he just knew he was drooling.

Maria blushed and laughed. “Well, whatdya think?” She asked, spinning around once, to give them the full effect.

Maria was wearing a black halter-top that tied behind her neck and at her waist. It had a large cut out between her breasts, exposing her from her sternum to just an inch above her belly button. She was also wearing white leather pants, but hers were baggier and hung lower on her hips. She had on lug heeled open toed mules.

When she turned around, Michael almost fainted.

If he had seen her from the back he would’ve sworn she wasn’t wearing a top. Her back was completely bare and exposed…he had the intense desire to jump up and rain kisses across it.

Horrified at his thoughts, and sure that his mental block had slipped and everyone knew what he was thinking, he cleared his throat and looked quickly away only to immediately look back.

“I think you look amazing, Ria.” Liz smiled at her friend and then turned to look appraisingly at Alex, “It’s a good thing you’re sitting down Alex, cause Izzy’s going to blow you away.”

Alex jerked and paled and then blushed a bright red.


Silence filled the room as Elena finished telling the Evans the truth about Alex, Liz, and Maria; she left nothing out, she told them everything.

Phillip and Diane sat in stunned silence as they tried to digest this new and startling information. All this time they had been terrified that their kids would reveal their secret to their friends, and it turns out that these kids were just as ‘special’ as their kids; just as in danger and in need of protection.

“Elena…how could you! You’ve betrayed us and our children!!” Amy hissed.

“I don’t know what happened to you, but you’ve gone too far Elena. We promised each other we would never tell, and now you’ve…you’ve….” Unable to finish Jeff jumped up and stalked over to the other side of the room, clenching and unclenching his fists.

“You had no right…”

Nancy was cut off as Phillip and Diane suddenly started laughing.

“Oh my God!” Phillip gasped as he tried to stop laughing, “You have no idea…no idea. All this time you’ve been keeping this huge secret…and we have too!”

“What…what are you talking about??? Phillip…Diane…this isn’t funny…this is the safety of our children…you hold their very lives in your hands and your laughing…how could…”

“No…no…Tom…we…we’re…not laughing about that…we’re laughing about the situation.” Diane grabbed a tissue and wiped the tears off her face, “See Max, Michael, and Isabel are just as ‘special’ as your kids…only different. They’re…they’re…”

“Not from around here.” Phillip finished for his wife.

“What do you mean ‘they’re not from around here’…where are they from?”


Alex tried to stifle a moan as Isabel strutted out from behind the dressing room curtain, and when she turned around and cocked her hip to the side and looked at him over her shoulder; he started grabbing the shopping bags nearest him and pulled them into his lap.

He just knew he was going to burst into flames any second now.

Isabel was wearing a tight buttery brown leather mini skirt that stopped just above mid-thigh. Her top was a sparkling gold baby tee that hung off her shoulders and left her stomach bare and exposed. She was also wearing high-heeled calfskin boots that came up to her knees.

“Wow Izzy! You look incredible! You should get that…we should buy these outfits…then we can wear them at the dance!” Ria squealed.

“We’re not going anywhere with her dressed like that. Izzy put some clothes on!” Michael glanced over at Alex and noticed him staring at his sister. “Alex!”

“Michael, shut up!” Ria cried, smacking him on the chest. “You know she looks great that’s why you don’t want anyone else to see her in it!”

“Alex, you think I look good, right?” Isabel winked at Alex and then smiled when his face turned an even darker shade of red.

“I…well…I mean…” Alex glanced from Izzy’s expectant face to Max and Michael’s glowering ones. “I think you look incredible, Bella!”

Liz exchanged knowing looks with Ria and Izzy and they started laughing.

“Oh my God…you guys are too much!” Isabel sat down as tears started streaming down her face, “Like…like…our parents would really let us out of the house dressed like this…oh god I need to pee.”

“You…you…should see…the…the…looks on your faces.” Liz gasped as she clutched her stomach, laughing even harder when Max started glaring at her.

“Yeah, whatever…just go change already so we can get out of this godforsaken place!” Michael growled.

Still giggling and snorting, the girls went back to the dressing rooms to change while the guys silently began plotting ways to get back at the girls.


Silence once again filled the room as they tried to digest what Phillip and Diane had just finished telling them about Max, Michael, and Isabel. As extraordinary as it seemed, it also made incredible sense.

Before anyone could respond, Elena suddenly jumped up and screamed.



Max frowned as he looked out the front of the store. He wasn’t sure what it was that had triggered it, but suddenly he found himself on full alert. He was filled with a sense of dread, and as he again looked out the front of the store his gaze stopped on a man and a woman having a heated discussion.

Just as he was about to call out to the others…the man shoved the woman against the railing and she fell to the ground; then everything stared to move in slow motion.

He could hear Liz, Ria, and Izzy laughing and giggling and Alex and Michael grumbling; he could feel them coming up behind him, and then he saw the woman reach into her bag and pull out a gun.

“GET DOWN!” He yelled a split second before a loud roaring filled the air.

Max turned and dove towards Liz, and as he fell, he caught her around the waist and turned in mid-air, tucking her behind him as glass shattered and bullets sprayed around them. They hit the ground hard and he rolled over using his body as a shield to protect Liz.

Silence suddenly filled the store…and then the screams began.


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Part 10b

"Damn it!" Michael bellowed as he pressed himself over Maria, holding her against the ground, his arms folded over her head to protect her from the bullets and the flying shards of glass. The second he heard his brother’s command; he had shoved Maria to the ground and used his body as a shield.

He felt a sharp pain travel up his back and then everything went black

The moment he had sensed danger from Max, Alex had shoved Isabel out of the line of fire. He moved to cover her when he was knocked back by something; he barely had time to register the danger to himself before he was crushed under the heavy weight of the display module falling on him.

His last thought was of his brothers and sisters, he prayed that they were okay…and then the darkness claimed him.


“Elena, I really really hope that you’re not having some kind of weird breakdown.” Amy grumbled as they sped down the highway rushing to get to the Mega Mall in Taos, “The kids are going to be major pissed and embarrassed when we come barreling into the mall hell bent on saving them from…nothing!!!”

“Come on Amy, we just want to be safe rather than sorry.” Diane tried to ease the tension in the car. They were all still reeling from all the revelations from that morning, and now they had the added concern of worrying about the kids possibly being in danger, “Besides, none of the kids are answering their cell phones; and that’s not like them.”

Elena sighed as she once again felt the weight of the other parents staring and watching her every move, waiting for her to again start screaming about their children being in danger. She didn’t know what to tell them, she wasn’t ready herself to admit how it was she knew the kids were in danger…she didn’t want to go through that pain again.

She could feel it…eating away at her…a persistent throbbing deep inside her telling her to hurry…hurry.

She hadn’t felt anything near like this since she’d been little and she had known, before anyone else, that her parents had perished in a car crash. She had told her grandparents, aunts, and uncles; they hadn’t believed her until they had received the phone call from the police…and then she was suddenly treated like a freak.

No one wanted to be alone with her or to even be around her, and so she had forced that part of herself deep down inside and buried it…until today she thought she’d buried it for good.


Tuning out the screaming around her, Liz tried to focus on Max. He wasn’t moving and she could feel a warm stickiness starting to pool on her stomach…Max was hurt…he was hurt badly. Before she could do anything, she was inundated with overwhelming feelings of fear and despair and she could hear the frantic and disjointed thoughts of her sisters…Alex and Michael were also hurt…just as badly or maybe even worse than Max.

Gently easing out from under Max she quickly checked him over, and it took everything in her not to cry out. God there was blood everywhere; scanning his back she saw at least three entry wounds all in his upper back. She looked up to assess the situation and immediately saw that they were too out in the open for her to heal him; the only real cover they had was the most of the lights in their area had been shot out and they were in near darkness…but that wouldn’t be enough.

Feeling the rising hysteria from Izzy and Ria, Liz knew their only hope was for her to take over and calm them down. They needed to be clear headed if they were going to get out of this without revealing their secret.

Taking a deep breath she dropped her mental block…and was nearly bowled over by the thoughts and feelings of Izzy and Ria completely rushing into her.


“Tom, can’t you go faster, we need to hurry.” Elena could no longer keep silent. The closer they got to Taos, the more persistent the throbbing became…the certainty that the kids were hurt and needed them.

“I’m going as fast as I can and still be safe…”

Tom was cut off as Amy and Nancy screamed and he slammed on the breaks.

“What the f…”

Ahead of them was the biggest traffic jam any of them had ever seen.

They were about ten miles outside of Taos…and nothing was moving in front of them. Suddenly they were all sure of what Elena had been trying all morning to tell them…the kids were in danger.

“I’ll jog ahead and find out what’s going on.” Charles said and then quickly exited and started to jog down the road. He broke out into a full out run when he saw the flashing emergency lights up ahead of him.

A feeling of dread started to well up inside him as one thought kept repeating over and over in his head.

‘If only…if only we had listened to Lena.’


It took almost a full precious minute to gain back control, and using a technique Max had spent hours helping her to learn over the past week, she started to calm Izzy and Ria down. Concentrating hard she took deep breaths in and slowly released them…again…and again.

After a few moments the hysteria was pushed away and they were all breathing together…deep in…slow out…deep in…slow out…

First they had to help Alex, he was the most critical.

Maria looked around, she was their eyes; Liz closed her eyes and concentrated on her hearing, she was their ears; Isabel waited, and then waited some more, using the sights and sounds coming to her from Liz and Ria she waited for the perfect moment to help Alex. Finally after what felt like an eternity she was able to move the module off of Alex.

The only thing she didn’t account for was the high level of adrenaline rushing through her body; so instead of simply moving the module, she ended up heaving it across the store where it crashed harmlessly into another display module.

At the sound of the more crashing, screams of terror once again filled the store.

They would have to move quickly now, they could hear the sounds of approaching sirens…they had to help Max and Michael before the authorities arrived…they also had to clear away any trace of themselves…they couldn’t take the risk of leaving behind even a miniscule piece of evidence.

Closing their eyes Liz, Maria, and Isabel concentrated on bringing up a high level of energy…and then as one they released a powerful blast of energy…it had taken extra energy to make the blast invisible to the human eye, but it was necessary.

Everything started to shake as the blast of energy swept through the mall, lights exploded and electrical wiring fried…as the shaking stopped the mall was plunged into darkness.


“What!” Amy moaned, the fear clogging her throat so that was all she could manage, “What Charles??!! What did you find out??!!?”

“I…there’s…” Charles gasped as he desperately tried to drag air into his overworked lungs. He was covered in sweat and exhausted, “Something’s happened at the mall…they’ve closed down the main roadways leading into the Mega Mall. All I was able to pick up was that it’s something big…before I came back…the National Guard arrived to take over for the local police…and I’m almost positive I saw the FBI.”

Silence reigned for a moment as they were consumed with fear for the kids, their thoughts racing with what the implications could mean that the National Guard and the FBI had been called in…what it could mean for their children.

“Tom, let me drive.” Jeff demanded as he changed seats with Tom, “I know a back way to the mall…a little known dirt road…more like a trail…but it will get us there…undetected.”

With a clear goal in mind the parents all lent their focus and thoughts to the kids…and getting to them as quickly as possible.


Using only a small part of their minds the girls created an illusion of darkness around them as they produced a small glowing ball of light to illuminate their immediate surroundings.

Quickly they knelt over their loved ones…Liz over Max her hands placed on his back…Maria over Michael her hands covering his lower back over his spine…and Isabel over Alex her hands cupping his severely damaged head.

Again, as one, they took deep breaths in and slowly released them; then using their combined power they first broke down the boys mental blocks, sucking in sharp breaths as they were flooded with pain, then slowly they released healing energy.

Forcing more and more energy from their bodies, they worked hard to repair the damage to the boys’ bodies. Maria collapsed first as she used the last of her energy to finish repairing Michael’s spine. Liz and Isabel swayed as they felt the loss of Maria’s contribution of energy, then pulling deeper within themselves they steadied their resolve and worked harder on healing Alex and Max.

Holding out for as long as they could, Liz and Isabel came to the end of their endurance as, with a last burst of energy they finished healing Max and Alex.

They both fell over as they passed out…barely having enough energy to keep on breathing.


They were thrown and tossed around as they covered the last part of the bumpy trail and suddenly shot out onto smooth pavement at the far back of the mall. Jeff slowed down to a crawl and they scanned the area looking for any signs of the authorities.

Jeff was just about to ask what they should do next to locate the kids when Elena spoke up…

“Jeff, go around that corner over there, I can feel them; but we need to hurry…someone else is coming too and they’re almost at the kids location…we need to get to them first.”


Max coughed as he slowly regained consciousness, at first he felt confused and befuddled, and then with a rush everything came back to him. The couple arguing…the woman with a gun…yelling for the others to get down…covering Liz to protect her from the bullets and glass…feeling as if his back was on fire…and then nothing.

Feeling a warm body slumped over his back, he knew immediately that it was Liz.

Slowly turning over, being careful not to disturb her, he brought his hand up to caress her face and was immediately hit with flashes of what had happened while he was unconscious. He could feel the exhaustion coming off her in waves and sitting up he gently pulled her into his lap, overwhelmed with love at all that she and his sister and Ria had done to not only heal them…but to also protect them and keep their secret safe.

Slowly, first Michael and then Alex regained consciousness and Max silently filled them in on what the girls had done to save and protect them. Knowing that time was of the essence Max, Michael, and Alex finished what the girls had started. Moving silently and efficiently in the darkness, using their powers they quickly erased all traces of themselves from the store.

Picking up the girls they silently moved to the back of the store, careful to step around the frightened people huddled together throughout the store.

Finding the back entrance to the store Max, who was carrying Liz, slowly opened the door and peered out into a dark hallway, and feeling the absence of any human presence he slowly made his way out of the store…quickly followed by Michael carrying Maria and Alex carrying Isabel.

Silently they moved through the mall, effortlessly avoiding the confused and scared mass of people.

Following a silent command from Max, Alex moved ahead ranging and scouting their way out of the mall, and Michael fell behind making sure their presence went undetected and unconsciously protecting their rear.

Finally they made their way to an unoccupied back entrance to the mall, and exiting, they somehow were not surprised when a dark green SUV pulled up in front of them and the side door swung open…

“Max…Michael…Alex….hurry…get in!”


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Part 10c

“GO JEFF! HURRY!” Phillip yelled as he looked out the back window and saw a black 4Runner come around the corner and start pursuing them, he was suddenly very glad that he had taken the opportunity to cover the license plates with mud while Charles went to find out about the traffic jam. Something hadn’t felt right at the time and he was glad that he had followed his gut instinct, now whoever was pursuing them wouldn’t be able to run their plates.

“Son of a …” Jeff muttered making a sharp turn onto the dirt trail barely avoiding getting hit by a dark blue Blazer that had tried to cut him off.

Tense silence filled the SUV as Jeff pushed it to go faster and faster trying to put enough distance between them and their pursuers so he could attempt to lose them on one of the side trails. Never in all his life did he imagine he would be using his old army training for something like this…trying to evade capture from his own goddamn government. He didn’t know what the hell was going on, why the FBI and the National Guard had become involved or why they were being so intensely pursued; all he knew was that they couldn’t get caught, especially with the children somehow involved.

Seeing an opportunity coming up on his left, he was just about to make a sharp turn onto a side trail when Max stopped him.

“No Jeff.” Max said calmly, his quiet voice breaking the silence of the car, “Not yet, that trail dead ends about a hundred yards out. We’d be sitting ducks.”

All the parents, except for Jeff who couldn’t take his eyes off the dirt trail without putting all their lives at risk, turned and stared at Max and the rest of the kids. They had been so caught up in trying to get away from their pursuers, that they had temporarily forgotten about the children. Until now…now it was starting to register that the girls were still unconscious and the boys looked pale and exhausted…the paleness of their faces highlighting the dark circles under their eyes.

Diane and the other mothers wanted nothing more than to coddle and take care of their children, to make sure that they were going to be all right, but they couldn’t…at least not right now while they were in the middle of a car chase. Besides, something in the boys’ eyes was telling them that any attempts at mothering would not go over very well right now.

It was the hardest thing Amy had ever done, curtailing her natural desire to snatch her baby up and go into protective mama bear mode, but the cool authority looking back at her from Max Evans eyes had a chilling effect on her; making her want to shrink back and get out from under that intense assessing gaze.

“There’s another trail about a quarter mile away and on the right. It’s hard to see and partially obscured, but it will come out on an old dirt road that will take us back to Roswell.”

Alex had already started maneuvering his way to the front of the SUV before Max had finished his first sentence. Their mental blocks were still down and their thoughts were flowing cohesively, he knew that it would be up to him to spot the trail and move the tree that was partially obscuring the entrance to the trail; he would also put a little extra oomph in the SUV’s engine so that it’ll go faster and allow them to make the turn without being seen. He quietly asked Tom to change seats with him and then settled down in the passenger seat.

Peering intently ahead, on the lookout for the trail, Alex’s mind started to wander thinking about how hard the six of them had worked this past week to get handle on the depth of their new connection. Establishing the mental blocks had been relatively easy since they had already been somewhat connected to each other and able to communicate telepathically, they had already unconsciously set up automatic blocks and it was just a matter of getting conscious control over the mental blocks. The hard part had been adjusting to the new powers and learning to control them.

Alex’s attention was brought sharply back in to focus when he received a silent reprimand from Max and he put his hand on the dash board giving the SUV a little more juice than he had intended. They shot forward Jeff swearing as he white knuckled the steering wheel trying to keep them on the trail and maintain control of the SUV.

“There Jeff…there it is…turn…NOW!” Alex raised his hand and released a small energy blast at the tree and then grabbed on to the door as Jeff turned too sharply and almost rolled the SUV.

“OH MY GOD!!! WE’RE GOING TO DIE…WE’RE GOING TO DIE!” Amy screeched at the top of her lungs.

“God Amy, not now! We don’t have time for this!” Nancy snapped as she hung on for dear life, she was at the end of her own rope and just couldn’t deal with an hysterical Amy De Luca.

“Okay…okay people…we’re okay.” Jeff called out as he got the SUV under control, for a moment there he was sure they were going to start flipping end over end but somehow he’d managed to get control and now all four wheels were safely back on the ground were they belonged.

Michael exchanged quick knowing glances with his brother and then returned his attention to completely obscuring the entrance to the side trail and thereby hiding them from their pursuers. It had been touch and go there for a moment, but his brother had acted quickly releasing enough energy to check the SUV’s momentum which had allowed Jeff to regain control of the car.

“Okay Jeff, you can slow down now. They’ve passed the entrance to the side trail.” Max breathed a sigh of relief glad that they had been able to evade their pursuers without anyone getting hurt.

Now all they had to do was get back to Roswell…it looked like they ALL had some explaining to do.


“Good Evening, I’m Lia Ramos and this is Trevor Banning. Thank you for joining us this evening for First News at 6. There is a lot going on in the world of news today and we will get to that in a moment, but first we have an exclusive live interview with Special Agent Pierce of the FBI. As you know Taos is still experiencing a citywide blackout that was the direct result of the events that occurred earlier today at the new Mega Mall. There has been much speculation about what happened, and now we are going to get some answers. I’m turning it over to you Stacy, are we coming in clear?”

“Yes Lia, I read you loud and clear. Special Agent Pierce, our viewers are very much concerned about what happened today at the Mega Mall. We have been getting contradictory reports stating everything from a terrorist attack to a drug deal gone wrong. Can you clarify these reports and explain to us what exactly happened?”

“Well Stacy, I will explain as much as I can; but please understand that this is an active investigation and full disclosure is not possible at this time. It is public knowledge that the FBI has been pursuing wanted felons Kellie Mae Grimes and Stevie Jones. We received an anonymous tip that they were going to rendezvous with some of their contacts today at the Mega Mall and go underground. We believe they or their contacts used an electrical bomb which caused the citywide blackout and allowed them to escape.”

“But Agent Pierce, what about the reports of gunshots being fired minutes before the blackout occurred?”

“I’m sorry but that’s classified.”

“We also received reports that this all started at the Le Chic Boutique and that there was a lot of mysterious activity going on. Can you shed any light on that?”

“I’m sorry but that’s also classified.”

“Okay, but what about the reports of a high speed chase through the hills behind the Mega Mall?”

“Again that’s classified, however I will say that the suspects were last seen driving a dark green Expedition. If anyone has seen this SUV please contact your local authorities. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to cut this interview short.”

“Thank you for your time Special Agent Pierce…back to you Lia.”

“Thank you Stacy. Well, there you have it. Some questions were answered but others were raised which still leaves room for speculation…”

Tom sighed as he clicked the off button on the TV remote and the room fell into silence.

It had taken them almost four hours to get home, they had easily found the old dirt road the Max had told them about; but they had taken back roads and other little known roads as much as possible to cover their tracks and it had been time consuming. However, that had allowed them all to talk uninterrupted and they had been able to clear the air.

Liz, Maria, and Isabel had regained consciousness right after they found the old dirt road and he could still feel the relief he had felt when Maria had opened her eyes and he knew that his little girl was going to be okay. Once they were sure that they were safe enough, Jeff had pulled over to the side of the road and they had spent a good thirty minutes hugging and crying and just releasing all the tension that they had been holding. Then Max, in his quiet way, had suggested that they get going; that the quicker they get home the safer they all would be.

They had all climbed back into the SUV, and that was when the ‘air clearing’ had begun.

First he and the other parents had filled them in on that morning’s discussion and he hadn’t been able to help feeling a little surprised at the ease with which the children had accepted the sharing of their secrets, but then again the kids themselves had already shared their secrets with each other a long time ago.

Then the children had filled them in on what they had been up to for the last 7½ years.

To think all this time they had thought the kids were living normal lives and they had been preparing for the future, all by themselves. Training with and against each other, working out, studying tactics, creating an unbreakable bond with each other, and so much more he just couldn’t wrap his mind around it all. If he had anything to say about it, the kids weren’t going to have to continue preparing for the future by themselves; between himself and the other parents he knew that they would somehow be able to help the kids.

Then Max and Liz took turns explaining what had happened at the mall…about the couple arguing and the woman pulling out a gun and shooting…how they had ducked for cover behind a display module and that module had fallen over and blocked them in…how they had all connected to each other and released an energy blast that had caused the blackout but allowed them to move the module under the cover of darkness…and how that last little bit had exhausted them and caused the girls to pass out leaving it up to the boys to get them out.

Still, something wasn’t adding up right…like the surprised confusion he had seen in Elena’s eyes after Max and Liz had finished explaining what had happened to them in the mall…and how that confusion had disappeared after she had talked privately to Max. There was definitely something else going on…he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

Sighing again Tom tried to rub the exhaustion from his eyes, it wasn’t even 6:30 yet an already he felt like this had been the longest day in history. Thank God the kids were safe and in bed sound asleep, they had really exhausted themselves and had gone to bed an hour ago.

Looking over at the other parents he suggested that they all get some sleep, “Why don’t we go ahead and call it a night, I know we’re all exhausted after the events of the day. It looks like our kids just happened to be in wrong place today and got caught up in a FBI operation. I say we count our blessings and thank God the children hadn’t been hurt or worse.”

“I think you’re right Tom.” Phillip spoke up as the other parents started gathering up their belongings and preparing to leave, “So, let’s just go home and sleep on it. I think tomorrow we should all start becoming more active in our children’s lives. Is it okay for the kids to sleep over? I don’t want to wake them up.”

“Yeah, it’s fine with us. Besides, Max said he wants to change the color on the SUV in the morning.” Charles was finding it a little mind boggling that three of the kids he’d watch grow up and whom he loved as if they were his own were alien and could change the molecular structure of things.

What were the odds that they would adopt three genetically enhanced babies and three alien children and that one day they would all find each other and become this big extended family…it had to be divine intervention.

Max and Liz silently crept back to the bedroom where the others were sleeping. They hadn’t been to fall asleep even though they were exhausted, so when they had heard the news broadcast come on they had quietly hidden amongst the shadows in the back of the living room and watched…wanting to get as much information as possible.

They had not wanted to lie to the Parents, but they knew how upset they would be if they had known that Max and Michael had been shot and Alex had been crushed under the display module; they also didn’t think the Parents were ready to deal with the fact that Liz, Alex, and Maria now had powers too. So Max and Liz had told the Parents a watered down version of the events in the mall, and they had neglected to mention what had happened a week ago.

They had had to tell Elena everything because she had known they were hiding something, and they knew they could trust her with everything; she was special…like them…only different.

Max sighed as he lay back down and Liz immediately cuddled into his arms and fell asleep. At least that was one thing they hadn’t kept from the Parents, they truly were exhausted and needed to recharge their batteries.

Still, Max couldn’t shake his feeling of unease…he had gotten a very bad vibe from that Agent Pierce…and so had Liz. The man had the deadest eyes Max had ever seen and he hoped that they never had to come in contact with Special Agent Pierce…somehow he knew bad things would happen if they did.


Eagle Rock Military Base
Later that same night

“Report.” Agent Pierce said impatiently. He had been waiting for this report all evening…and he wasn’t a patient man. They had already lost the surveillance tape from the Boutique and he wouldn’t tolerate another loss.

“Sir, we were unable to save Stevie Jones. One of the bullets hit a major artery and he bled out before we could fix the damage. However, Agent Peterson has apprehended the fugitive Kellie Mae Grimes and is bringing her in, his ETA is 11:30pm local time. He did preliminary field questioning and Ms Grimes vehemently denied all knowledge before passing out.”

“Very well.” Pierce murmured quietly while he clenched and unclenched his fist behind his back. He was close, so fucking close.

The readings they had gotten had indicated that no earthly power had caused that black out, so that had left only one explanation; the alien thing that had escaped them and eluded capture all these years had finally messed up and now they were closer than ever to finally recapturing it.

“Put the Grimes woman in the white room when she arrives. I’ll question her myself. You’re dismissed Topolsky.” He waited until his Agent had left the room before hurling his desk lamp against the wall. He felt only mild satisfaction as it shattered into a million pieces.

They had lost another vital piece of information when Stevie Jones died on the operating table, and now their only source was the Grimes woman.

No, all wasn’t lost; he would get the answers he needed from the Grimes woman. He would make her tell him where the alien monster was hiding, and then he would make sure she paid dearly for harboring and protecting that monster.

Feeling calm once again steal over him, Special Agent Pierce walked over to the safe imbedded into the wall and punched in the security codes. When the green light beeped he opened the door and pulled out his special kit, a rush of anticipation flowed through him as he admired the steely gleam shinning off his favored instruments. He tested their sharpness and satisfied he began assembling and preparing them for the upcoming questioning.

Yes, he would get his answers…and then some.


3 Weeks Later

“Report Soldier.” Lydecker addressed the subordinate in front of him; they had finally gotten a break in the search for the missing X-1s.

There had been some kind of disturbance in a mall in Taos NM a few weeks ago and they had gotten reports of a blonde girl picking up and throwing a display module that had weighed approximately 450lbs. It had been pure luck that one of his people had already been in the area and had been able to steal the surveillance video from the Boutique from the FBI.

The only problem was that the tape had been severely damaged by whatever it was that had fried the electrical system and caused the blackout. It had taken weeks to restore the damaged tape, and now finally they would be able to go by more than just hearsay an unreliable eyewitness accounts.

“Yes sir. We’ve been able to restore about 45% of the tape. As you’ll see the quality isn’t very good and the tape itself is in black and white, but you can just make out what happened right before the blackout.”

Lydecker nodded his head and the soldier inserted the videotape into the VCR and pressed play.

Lydecker swore softly as he tried to make heads or tails of the grainy images. He moved closer to the screen to get a better look, yes, he could see it better now. He could see the people lying on the floor some of them were moving around, now he could see a girl in the front corner of the Boutique trying to get to something or someone out from under the fallen display module.

Lydecker held his breath as he watched the girl grab hold of the module and throw it clear across the store, and then he released his breath and started swearing again as the screen went black. She had to be of the missing X-1s and if they could find her, she would more than likely lead them to the other two.

“I want the training of the X-3s to be stepped up, they have full priority. I want them ready when the time comes.” Lydecker started to list off his demands to the soldier as he felt renewed energy flow throw him, finally he was making progress in his search. “Also, I want to speed up production on the X-4s just in case, these X-3s are a little unstable. Send Teams 1, 4, and 9 out to Taos, NM. I want them to treat Taos as the center and then spread out grid to grid. Find. That. Girl. Now!”

After the soldier left to carry out his orders Lydecker walked over and stared out his window overlooking the compound. His was blood was racing; he could practically feel success falling into his grasp.

As soon as he had his X-1s back he would break them down and program them to his satisfaction, he would turn which ever one that proved to be the weakest over to the scientists so that they could study it and figure out how to cure the problems that were cropping up with these newer versions.

Once that was done, he would track down his traitorous cousin Lymen and exact his own revenge.

It was all just a matter of time…and that he had plenty of.



“Sir, we have confirmation that the energy disturbance we picked up was definitely not human. The power and strength was well above human limits.”

“Thank you for the report, you are dismissed but keep me updated.” He waited until he was alone before picking up the communicator.

“We’ve found them…they are alive…I repeat the Royals are alive. I will send a scouting team ahead to locate them, I’ll keep you apprised.”

Finally, after all these years they had proof that the Royals lived and now it was just a matter of time before they found them…just a matter of time.


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Here's the next part...


Part 11

1999 - Three Years Later

Washington, DC
J. Edgar Hoover Bldg.

Special Agent Pierce had passed the highest level of pissed off and moved into the realms of furious. He could feel the vein on the side of his head throbbing as he made a conscious effort to quell the desire to clench and unclench his fists. Giving the outward appearance of calm authority, inside he raged hotter than a volcano about to erupt.

‘I don’t have time for this shit’, he thought to himself as he resisted the urge to again check his watch for the time. He had been summarily ordered to report to Bureau Headquarters and give an accounting as to why he should be allowed to continue to use Eagle Rock as his base of operations, and to explain why he had requested more agents for his unit. And in typical government fashion, now that he was here, he was left to stew and wait until the fucking pencil pushers were ready for him.

Thinking back over the past three years, he tried to single out at what point it had all started to go to hell. ‘Had to be to the Grimes debacle.’ He had been right on the edge, so close to getting what he wanted; then like gossamer dreams it had all slipped away. The Alien bastard had eluded him and was still eluding him. Even after months of torturous questioning, the Grimes woman had yielded no viable answers; whatever she had known she had taken to the grave with her.

No longer able to maintain his calm façade, Agent Pierce stood up and started pacing in the hallway. In death the Grimes woman had proven victorious, escaping to the one place he couldn’t follow and drag her back. How she had found the strength to get free one of her arms from her restraints he didn’t know, but once she had freed her hand, she then took the sheet covering her and shoved as much of it as she could down her throat until she had asphyxiated.

The flush of old rage darkened his face as he thought about her victory over him; her death had pushed him past all sense of control, and in a blind rage, he had had every guard and personnel in that section who were working that shift killed for their incompetence. That was why he had to request more agents for his unit, somehow he didn’t think the liberal pencil dicks here at headquarters would understand.

“Agent Pierce? The tribunal will see now, if you will follow me?”

Pierce turned and observed the lackey standing before him, and he made one last attempt to get his rage and fury under control, he needed to be calm if he was going to get these assholes off his back. Falling back on the one thing sure to restore his sense of calm, he silently started to chant and visualize to himself, ‘Peach in…green out…the beauty of freshly spilt blood as he took his sharpest scalpel and sliced open the chest of his subject…peach in…green out…the symphony of sounds a subject makes while being tortured…peach in…green out…the erotic feel of a subjects intestines slipping through your fingers as you disembowel them…peach in…green out…’

He could feel a peaceful calm settle over him as he followed the lackey into the room to face the tribunal…he was ready.



Lydecker strolled down the halls of his compound in a pensive mood.

He was in a curious state of flux, on the one hand his X-3s and X-4s were performing at a supremely efficient level and they were almost ready to start production of the X-5 series; but on the other hand his X-1s still eluded him. How they couldn’t find one fucking girl mystified him, she was the key to finding the other missing X-1s and until they located her they were at a standstill.

Turning a corner, he approached the conference room where his soldiers waited to give him the latest briefing and updates. Entering the room he nodded his head and everyone took their seats while they waited for him to take his and get the meeting started, and with another nod of his head the meeting commenced.

“Sir, the infiltration process has been a success. We have integrated the X-3s into the school system in all of our target cities in New Mexico, and so far they have adapted appropriately to the more social environment. Our elite soldiers have adopted the role of parental units and keep a tight reign on the X-3s as well as monitor their interactions. At the sixth month phase of this operation the girl still has not been located.”

“Thank you Korman.” Lydecker sighed. This news wasn’t unexpected; it was the same at all of the meetings…girl still not located.

After the initial search and sweep of Taos and surrounding cities proved unfruitful, he had decided to send in the X-3s undercover. It had taken months to successfully program the X-3s to operate in a public school setting, and then even more months to slowly integrate them into civilian society. Suppressing the urge to release another sigh, Lydecker decided to cut the meeting short.

He didn’t see the need to go around the table and get the same nothing from the rest of his soldiers and waste time that could be better spent in more productive activities. “If there’s nothing new to report, then this meeting is over.”

“Uh, sir?”

Lydecker looked over at the soldier who had spoken up, “Yes Pullman, do you have something to add?”

“Sir, I think we may have a problem with 3-417962 and 3-582179; they are the first set of X-3s we sent into Roswell as a sibling unit. We only sent one elite soldier in as their parental unit instead of two. The reports that I have been getting lately have been sporadic and sketchy at best, I would like to request special intervention to investigate. If there is a problem developing that our elite soldier can’t handle, we may have to pull in the whole family unit.”

Lydecker paused as he thought about this latest development. Pullman was one of his best monitors, which was why he was in charge of monitoring all of the family units that had been sent into Roswell unlike the three to four monitors he had for each of the other target cities, if Pullman felt there was a problem brewing then there probably was. “Your request is granted, utilize whatever resources you need. Keep me updated on what you find.”

“Will do sir, I won’t let you down.”

“Okay, anyone else have anything to add?” Lydecker let his gaze fall on each of his soldiers, and receiving negative response, he continued, “Then this meeting is adjourned until next time.”

He watched his soldiers file out of the room and let his mind drift back to the problem brewing in Roswell, NM, his instinct was telling him that whatever was going on would have a major impact.

He would have to become personally involved…even if it meant going to Roswell himself.


Roswell, NM
UFO Center

Brody was brooding, and he hated to brood.

It made him feel maudlin and weak, and it put him in a foul mood. What had possessed him to buy the UFO Center he didn’t know, it had seemed like the perfect solution at the time; but now he feared he must have been on crack when he came to that conclusion. Not that he had ever used drugs of any kind, or drank alcohol for that matter; his was not a physiology conducive to controlled substances. No, the only one to blame was himself.

A world-weary sigh slipped past his lips as he pulled the next folder in front of him and opened it. He had been systematically going through all the information that had been gathered on all teenagers in the fifteen to seventeen year old age range in Roswell, NM. He had been through one hundred and eighty-four folders, and only had about a million more to go; this had been another one of his brilliant ideas.

It seemed so simple at the time, what better way to find the ones he was looking for than to take up ownership of one the most popular tourist attractions and the source of a lot of teen employment. There was the added bonus that it was located across the street from another tourist attraction that was an even bigger source of teen employment, plus the Will Smith burgers and Saturn rings were the best he ever had.

Releasing another weary sigh he looked down at the folder that lay open in front of him, and found himself falling into the soulful eyes that looked back at him. His breath caught in his throat as recognition shot through him, those eyes, he could never forget those eyes even though he had never looked into these particular eyes before. They were the same eyes that graced the face of the only one he had both loved and hated with equal passion.

A jolt of electricity shot through him as he recognized the name printed underneath the photo. Jumping up he went over to his personnel files and started shuffling through the folders until he found the one he was looking for, his assistant Milton had recently hired a batch of new employees but he hadn’t had the chance to personally meet them yet. He cursed himself under his breath as he looked over the information contained in the folder.

He stood in stunned silence as his eyes fell to the family section of the employee file…could it really be this easy…had the answer been under his nose all this time…had he really found the ones he was looking for?

Brody felt an invigorating energy sweep through him…he was no longer brooding.


West Roswell High School

She sighed and leaned against the door jam as she watched him dribble the ball down the court and then fake left and spin right and throw the ball in a beautiful fade away jumper that found nothing but net. There was no doubt in her mind; Max Evans was the most beautiful guy she had ever seen, and she was mad in love with him.

Being a cheerleader definitely had its perks, and one of them was that she got to stay after school and watch as the boys’ basketball team practiced for the upcoming game. She also got to ride on the bus with the players when they went to out of town games. Yes, cheerleading definitely had its perks.

Ever since the very first day she had laid eyes on him she had wanted him, he filled her dreams at night and her fantasies during the day; she was consumed by her desire for him. She wanted to possess him and be possessed by him. She squeezed her thighs together as the constant ache between her legs started to throb and she stifled the urge to moan. She needed Max Evans to make the ache go away, no one but him would be able to satisfy her.

She felt her knees go weak as the team took a break and Max took off his sweaty practice jersey and grabbing a towel started wiping the sweat off his body. It took everything in her not to melt into puddle on the floor as she watched his muscles ripple and flex and then he turned and smiled, his face lighting up. The love and adoration that was so evident on his beautiful face nearly took her breath away.

Her heart clinched and shriveled in her chest as she followed the direction of his gaze, and then she felt a cold rage bloom in her stomach. God how she hated that prissy little bitch…his girlfriend…the bane of her existence. If only she could get rid of the bitch then Max would be all hers. She felt a strange mix of fury and despair as she watched Max walk over to the little bitch and run his fingers lovingly through her dark hair before cradling her face in his hands and leaning down to kiss her.

“I’d give it up if I was you Tess Harding. Max Evans has only had eyes for one girl since he was six years old and he will never leave Liz Parker for you.”

Tess turned and glared at the girl standing behind her, “For your information Vicki I’m not interested in Max Evans at all, and if I was I could get him easily. Liz Parker is nothing but a plain Jane and is no match for me.”

With that Tess pushed past Vicki and stormed down the hallway to the girls locker room. She didn’t care what kind of history Max and Liz shared, she wanted him and was going to get him. Yanking open the door she went to her locker and started pulling out her clothes, what she needed was a plan; she already knew who could help her execute the plan to break up the super couple of West Roswell High School…she just needed the perfect plan.

As much as she was in love with Max Evans, she knew her brother Sean was just as in love with Liz Parker. It was perfect; with the two of them working together it was just a matter of time before Max was all hers.


This part was pretty much transitional, but I hope you liked it.

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