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Author:M. Thompson
Rating:maybe up to NC-17
Summary: Look at Lilah's (iceprincess4ever)challenge
thread. This is challenge #3.

**The challenge is that Liz Parker is the next slayer after the death of Kendra, not Faith. Buffy and the gang must be in Roswell with Buffy. Little things after that.***

So this is my spin. It takes place after BTVS S2 and Roswell in the middle of S2, after EOTW. The time line is a little off, but please disreguard that. There are somethings as a slayer, that none of them have planned for....Read on....

F/b: YES!~!~I'm a F/B junkie
Disclaimer: Don't own either show, just borrowing. Their prospective companies own all rights. PLEASE DON"T SUE!!!
AN: Look for a more scarcastic stronger Liz. All the slayers are witty and strong in their own way. Also an (*) means thoughts.



Buffy Anne Summers, the slayer. The 'Chosen One'. The runaway. Born with the strength and skill to runaway. That wasn't so brave, noble, or slayerlike, now was it? Her destiny: to fight, to slay, to hunt, to scarafice, to save the world over and over again. What had all that given her? Hmmmm......let's think.


She shoved her mother out of the way. "You can't stop me." Quiet conviction in her voice.

Straightening herself from the counter, anger blazing in her mother's eyes. "If you walk out of this house, don't even think about coming back."

Buffy looks at her mother one last time wishing she would understand. Slowly turning, she walks away to the call of her destiny.


Standing in front of the Cathla, sword in hand. Something goes through Angel, and he falls, then looks up. It's HER Angel.

"Buffy? What's going on? I don't remember."


"You're hurt.... I feel like I haven't seen you for months. Everything is so muddled. What's happening, Buffy?"

"Shhh....It doesn't matter." She kisses him passionately one last time, knowing what her destiny demands."I love you."

"I love you."

"Close your eyes..."She takes her sword and kills the only love she has ever known.

***END FLASH*****

Anger bubbled inside her. What had her destiny given her? NADA. ZELCH. ZERO. SQUAT. That was one of the reasons she had left Sunnydale. Her first thoughthd been to run back to LA. Change her name and lose herself in the crowd. Not caring about destiny, or her job as Slayer. Screw it, it had screwed her. Then Kendra's words had floated through her mind, all Jimmney-Crickety like.


"Yeah, well I guess they won't fire me."~Buffy

"You always do dat." ~Kendra

"Do what?"

"You talk about slaying like it's a job. It's not. It's who you are."

"Did ya get that from your handbook?"



It was then she had realized what she had to do. Her decision was made. She knew where the next slayer would be called, Kendra had told her. She had always known bookish stuff like that. She had bought the ticket and boarded the bus not looking back. She needed this. She would help her. Guide her. Before the council or anyone else got to her to tell her of her destiny. To try and help find the fine line between destiny and real life.

She needed to do this alone. A wave of guilt swept over her. She thought of the scoobies and Giles. But she needed time to heal, to find herself, to find redemption, alone. By helping the next 'chosen one' she knew it would help accomplish all those things.

Buffy looked out the window and watched the yellow lines zip by. A huge green sign hung in the distance, if she squinted she could make it out.~Roswell-50 miles.~
*I'm coming Elizabeth Parker, wait for me.* she was almost there.

(should I continue? Give me some feedback and let me know!*angel*)

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Ok so here's the next part. leave me some feedback and tell me if I should continue...

Thanks to:LittleBit,Lullaby,roswell_lover_buffy...please keep reading!!!

~~~Chapter 1~~~~~

Liz knew something was up. She couldn't explain it, she just felt it. Yesterday she had been all depressed about Max. she woke up feeling like electricity was running through her veins. Fidgety. Yeah, that was a good word for it, she was fidgety and anxious. Like she should be doing something. She didn't have a clue what, just something. Leaning the back of her head against the wall, she blew a stray hair out of her eyes, and tucked it behind her ear. Straightening, she dismissed the feeling and went out the door back to work.

Work. There was the fun filled word of the day. Maria wasn't talking to her. Just shooting her looks she usually saved for Michael. Michael....Michael kept slamming half her orders on the counter, spilling the contents. Then the other half was usually wrong. Spilled orders, wrong orders, whiny customers, and crusty looks. Work. Yeah like she said, FUN. As if her day wasn't bad enough, Max and Tess were sitting in his booth in the restaraunt. Fun filled surprises ALL DAY LONG! WHOPPEE!!!!

Her gaze fell to the girl sitting at the counter. She had been there all day. She was extremely pretty, but there was a sadness lurking in her eyes. Liz could sympathize she had sadness of her own to hide. But she was still pretty, looking like she had just stepped out of 'Seventeen' magazine. She had been staring at Liz off and on all day. Somehow she felt like they had more than one thing in common. She walked over to the counter.

"Hey here's a piece of Men in Blackberry pie. Not exactly chocolatey goodness depression food, but it's a good substitute."

"I'm sorry I don't have the mon...." Buffy had very little cash, and didn't want to waste it. Even though the pie looked very tempting.

"Don't worry. It's one of the perks of the job when your parents own the place. It's all good. It may not be chocolate, but I garauntee you'll feel better afterwards. Brownie's honor. Never made it to girl scout. I'm Liz. Liz Parker." Liz smiled, she saw the blonde smile back.

Of course Buffy knew this. Why else would she be sitting in this alien place. Should she tell her now? No, later. "I'm Buffy. Buffy Summers."

Looking at her a little strangely, Liz asked, "Have we met? No, of course not. So did you come down here 'cuz you've, 1. seen an alien, 2. looking for aliens, or 3. just passing through?"

"I'll take three. All alien free. Never seen one 'cept the whole 'E.T.' phone home thingy. Just sorta passin' through. How 'bout you?"

"Grew up in this fun filled exciting town we call Roswell."

"HEY PARKER, ORDER UP!!!" Liz winced as she heard Michael's voice carry across the dining area. He was right behind her. Yeah, like she said, FUN.

"Anyway, that's my fan club and they're calling me. So I'd better go." She started to walk away,then turned back around. This Buffy looked like she needed a friend, she needed one too. She made a quick decision. "Hey, I get off in about 20. Why don't I take you around and show the sights? It would give you time to finish your pie. What'd ya say?"

"Sure. Why not? I don't have anywhere to be," except here, she didn't add. "I'll wait for you." Buffy watched Liz walk to get her food, which looked like it had spilled all over the counter. Why did the slayers, well at least the ones she's seen so far, have to be so nice? Because being nice and kind hearted made their destiny sooo much easier. Whatever. She was glad she had made it before anyone else had time to ruin it.

Twenty minutes later, pie all eaten, Liz came back. Changed into what Buffy would call civilan clothes. They would have to address her wardrobe. Loose clothes made it easier for things to grab you, form fitting clothes gave you the freedom to fight, and nothing to grab.

Liz was pointing at various things, but Buffy was hardly paying attention. She was sizing Liz up. They were about the same height and bulid, and both had an underlying strength. But there where hardly any physical similarities. Liz was dark, dark brown hair, dark eyes, a little tan. Buffy was light, blonde hair, green eyes, and fair skinned. She would be a great slayer.

"Is there a like a park or something where we could go? I need to talk to you." Buffy hoped she didn't sound like some serial killer.

"Sure there's one over there." Liz trusted this girl for some reason. If she had learned anything from the pod squad, it was to trust her instinct. She lead her down the block and around the corner. Stopping at the little park, they both picked a swing and sat down.

Rocking back and forth, trailing her feet in the dirt, Liz looked over at Buffy and smiled. Buffy was just staring off into the distance. Ok now Liz was a little wierded out. Not so much alarmed or worried, just wierded. She broke the silence. "So what's up?"

*Deep breaths, in, out. I'm not some physco freak, I'm the Slayer for god's sake. Even though I'm gonna sound like one here in few.* Buffy thought. *Here goes nothing, everything? Whatever.* "Just want you to know I'm not just some crazy person. Far, far from that. What I'm gonna tell you is going to sound insane. But I swear I'm not." she paused. "Here's the deal...I'm Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer. As are you Elizabeth Parker. You have been called to your destiny." She trying to sound very Giles-like."You Liz Parker are the next Vampire Slayer......"

(Well let me know what you think. If I should keep going or not!*tongue*)

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Thank you guys for all the feedback. I'm so happy the story is enjoyable! I hope I'm captruring the essence of both shows. Look for the Scoobies, Giles and the Pod Squad to make an appearance in the next few parts.

Special Thanks to *big*IndependantElegance,LittleBit (I love True Identities!),Tanky, Roswell Slayer, roswell_lover_buffy, and Lullaby. Please keep reading.

Chapter 2

Alright, so silence was good, wasn't it? At least she hadn't runaway screaming. That was definitely a good sign. Maybe she should have got that pin that said, 'I'm a Slayer, Ask me how'. Definitely would have helped about now. She was probably listing all the counselors she knew for therapy.

"huh?" Great come back Parker, you should write that one down so you can use it later on. She knew her instincts had been soooo wrong. Buffy was nuts. Not just plain ol' insane nuts, but fell out of the wacky tree and hit every branch on the way down nuts. Vampires? She believed in vampires? And what the hell was a Vampire Slayer? Whatever it was she was sure that she wasn't one. She was just plain old Liz Parker. Max's ex, science nerd, all round goody-goody, yes. Vampire Slayer thingy, no. She was all destiny free, wasn't she? "Hey Buffy are you ok? Feeling well? Do you need some help?" Like a mental, she didn't add. She reached out to feel Buffy's forehead for a fever.

Buffy slapped her hand away. This was just peachy. This was so not going well. Now, she was some insane chick with a fever. Nice. Had she been this stubborn when she had been told? No way. Fine time to pull out the big guns, time for Giles' favorite speech. "Listen Liz, into each generation a slayer is born. One girl in all the world with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and forces of darkness, she is the 'Slayer'. Sweetie that's you. You're the one...ummmm.....two. See I'm one too."


English. Buffy was pretty sure she speaking it. Not Japanese, French, or even Spanish. Just plain ol' good, well sometimes good, American English. Ok deep breath, in, out. Don't get fustrated. Better count to three, maybe make that ten. "Look girlie lord knows that it's hard to believe, but it's the truth. You're it. You're the one...two...whatever. Just think of it as a superhero, but no cool costume, fans, or benefits package. Oh and you have to keep it a secret. Like a secret undercover, save the world girl." How come this was so easy for Giles? Did he like practice in front of the mirror or somethng?

"Alright, let's just say you're telling the truth. If there's only one how come your one too?" *Humor her. Just humor her and maybe she won't kill you. She'll just let you walk away.*

"Yeah, well long drawn out, complicated story, short version. I died. My friend brought me back. If a slayer dies, even for a moment, the next one is called. Get it??"

"So I was next? Wait a minute, what am I saying? This is just ridiculous! I don't believe in vampires!" Only aliens, she silently added. "They aren't real. Whatever, I'm outta here. You're freakin' me out. I'm gone." Back to the sane people, she finished under her breath.

"I heard that! Look I guess the best way would be just to show you. That's what convinced me. Meet me at the cemetary after dark. I won't let anything happen to you. If you hear or see any English speaking, as in from England, people turn and walk away, run whatever. You're not ready for them yet. All I'm asking is that you keep an open mind. Please?"

"Fine. I'll come, just to prove you're crazy. For the record vampires don't exsist." With that final statement she turned and walked away. Back to reality.
Meanwhile back in Sunnydale........

"What do you mean ranaway? She couldn't have runaway. Buffy wouldn't do that." Willow looked at Giles silently pleading for him to take back the words. Buffy was strong, she wouldn't do something like that.

Giles took off his glasses, and began wiping them. "I assure you Willow the news distressed me also. But I am afraid that is what her mother told me."

"Whoa. That's crazy." Oz only had known Buffy for a little while. Recently becoming a scoobie. But it definitely didn't sound like her.

"So what do we do?" Xander asked.

"I am not sure what we can do. If anything. We will more than likely have to wait for her to contact us. Although I have made several calls around to keep a collective eye out for her." Giles was trying not let his worry show. Buffy was more like a daughter, than his slayer. He was terrified, if anything happened to her he didn't know what he would do. She was still in his eyes, just a seventeen year old girl and at this moment probably very confused. He looked at Willow as she stood up on her crutches and wobbled to his office in the back of the library. "Where are you going?"

Rebellion glittered in her eyes as she dared him to stop her. "I'm going to get the witchcraft books you don't think I'm ready for. I'm going to find a location spell, I'm going to find Buffy. You can't stop me. I won't let you, so don't try." She turned back around and continued into the back office............

(Let me know what you think...tbc?)

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AN: No Buffy isn't planning to kill herself. Kendra died and Liz was called. she wants to help Liz. If you need to see the chanllenge it's on Lilah's challenge thread. #3 first page. Just wanted to clear that up.*angel*
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Ok guys just wanted to say thanks;iceprincess4eva(x2) ,PhoenixFlames,MissTessa,XxAnGeLBaBe585xX,
JenC,angeleyes,Kim_56emotion,omby, roswell_lover_buffy(x2). I hope you all like the next part. (iceprincess4eva I hope I'm meeting the challenge ok.) this part is short, and just setting up a little background, I'm not very happy with it, but leave me some f/b and tell me what you think.....

Chapter 3

A couple of hours earlier.......

Outside, Giles was suprised, to say the least, at Willow's sudden outburst. Inside he was humbled at the unselfish display of loyalty. To use the black arts in her weakened physical condition would be dangerous. It could take quite a toll on her physically, as well as mentally. She needed his help. He wasn't going to try and stop her, actually it was the opposite, he was going to try and help her. He understood her need, and was ashamed he had not thought of it himself. He turned and followed Xander and Oz to the back office.

Willow was determined. She knew because she had her resolved face on. No one was going to try and stop her. She maybe a novice witch, but still a witch. Buffy needed her, whether she realized it or not. Willow planned to help. Not she or any of the others knew exactly what happened the night with the Cathla, only that Buffy had obivously stopped it. She wondered, as she stuffed the books between her arm and crutches, if Buffy had blamed herself for everything Angelus had done. How could any of them know what would happen if Angel had found happiness for the briefest moment? No one could have known. Jenny, Kendra, Giles and even herself, victims of a curse no one had fully understood. None of it had been Buffy's fault. None of it. But Willow knew how Buffy's thought process worked. In her heart she knew that Buffy's had shouldered all of the blame, and that was probably the main reason she had left.

The load of books she had carefully shoved between her arm and crutches clattered to the floor. "Dammit!" Tears of fustration rolled down her face as she bent to try and retrieve the books. Why couldn't she heal faster? Buffy needed her!! How many times, since they had known each other, had Buffy saved her? How many? Now when Buffy needed her the most, when the tables had been turned, Willow's body was betraying her. "I don't have time for this!" Berating herself, she continued to try and angle the crutch so she could grab the books. She stopped when she felt a warm, familar hand on her shoulder. She looked up into loving, understanding eyes.

"Willow, baby let me help." Oz bent over and retrieved all the books on the floor. Fixing her crutch, he reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Xander and Giles manuvered around him and gathered the rest of the books. As a group unified in a goal, they walked back into the library.

Everyone took a seat at the large table. Giles was standing and reading, it helped him think. "Thank you," Willow said quietly, then opened the first book. No one said a word, just opened their books and got to work.


Max sat across from Tess listening to her talk. He had learned that if you didn't say anything in reply, eventually all the words ran together, and then just completely faded out. All you had to do was nod every now and then.

He watched as Liz walked back into the dining area. Her expression wasn't angry or sad, just resolved. He watched as she went up to the counter, and started a conversation with the pretty blonde sitting there. Max smiled, leave it Liz to make someone feel welcome. God he loved her so much that it was killing him.

He heard Michael bellow her name, then slam her food down on the counter. He frowned, he would have to talk to him about that. True, none of them had been saints towards Liz since the "incident", but really enough was enough. He had started calling it the 'Kyle incident' or 'incident' to make it less painful. He didn't believe...Wouln't believe, that what he saw, was actually what he saw. To believe that would mean that everything that he and Liz had shared, every word, every touch, every kiss, had been....well, had basically been a lie. His heart knew that wasn't true...couldn't be true.

Tess was still talking, seemingly happy with the one sided conversation. He nodded his head when he heard her pause. Liz disappeared in back, and a few minutes reappeared looking beautiful. She wore a red strappy tank top, and loose black slacks that hung seductively from her hips. The outfit made her coloring dark, and very exotic.

She said something to the blonde girl, and they both headed in the direction to exit the Crashdown. He was about to say something to Liz, when the blonde looked down and into his eyes. He stopped, forgotten were the words about to come out of his mouth. It may have been only seconds, but felt much, much longer. A shiver ran down his spine, then she looked away. He watched her follow Liz out the door.

Max knew that he had saw something in the blonde girl's eyes. He didn't know what, but something. It was hard to describe. Almost animalistic in nature, as if she were on the hunt, ready to pounce, alert to everything around her. There was a sadness there, but on the surface he found one word that seemed to fit. POWER.

How come Liz hadn't seen it? Worried he began to rise, intent on following them out the door, when he heard, "Max, where are you going?" He had completely forgotten Tess was sitting across from him. "Ummm...No where." He sat back down.

"Anyway like I was saying......blah,blah,blah...... blahblah,blah...." Max tuned her out and focused in on his and Liz connection. The connection was different somehow, but the problem was he couldn't pinpoint it. He was a little worried. His last thoughts before actually trying to listen to Tess was,*Who in the hell had Liz just made friends with? And what did she want with his Liz?*


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Hey roswell_lover_Buffy, I just wanted to let you know that this is kinda a rewind part. Getting the other characters perspective of the events. So I wanted Max to see Buffy when she first came into town. The reasons for the scoobies will be explained in a few parts from now. I hope that kinda clears things up. Just think of what the scoobies are doing is at the same time as what is going on with Liz and Buffy.*wink*
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I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be posting the next part, maybe even two, but defintely one tommorrow!*big*Keep the bumps a comin'. You guys all kick a**!!*big*
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A VERY specail thanks to: Tanky, LittleBit, lady_without_a_clue, iceprincess4eva (x3), ForeverDreaming8602(x2), Lullaby, roswell_lover_buffy(x3), Omby, Cglenn, XxAnGeLBaBe585xX, Wild_child_uk, Jen C, angeleyes.....You guys rock!*big*

Couples BTVS-pretty obvious end of S2- Buffy/-, Xander/Cordy, Willow/Oz...Roswell-Maria/Micheal, Isabel/Alex(?), Kyle/Tess(?), Liz/Max(?)...not real sure yet...but will let you know!!!*angel*

Chapter 4

The present.......

My name is Liz Parker, and today I met the craziest chick ever. I don't mean Maria-like crazy, we're talking full blown nut house crazy. When you first meet her she seems normal enough, but once you get her alone she starts talking about vampires, demons and the forces of darkness. Creepy, don't ya think? I thought so too. I think she's seen the movie 'Forsaken' to many times! Or would that be 'Interview with a vampire'? I think she needs some serious therapy either way. Wanna hear the craziest part? She says that I'm some kinda Vampire Slayer!? What the hell is that? Guess I'll find out, I'm going to meet her in about 15 minutes. (Yeah I know now whose crazy?) I'll just keep my fingers crossed that she's not some psycho serial killer. I keep feeling that I should give her the benefit of the doubt. I mean what would she say about me if I told her aliens really exsisted?

Liz sighed, closed her journal, and put it away. She had been writing in it more frequently lately. She knew it was because it was one of the few things where she could say anything. It didn't talk back, and it didn't judge. She tried hard to put herself in everyone's shoes including Maria. She found that she had no clue if she would act any better. But in her heart she had always thought that all their friendships had ran deeper than that.

Liz went to her closet and pulled out her new leather jacket. Inhaling the smell, she was so glad she had bought it. It had been a kinda gift to herself for saving the world. She had figured, what the hell? Disregaurding the price, she had bought it. Putting it on made her feel different. Powerful, confident, and very sexy. Yeah she was glad she had bought it.

Climbing out the window, she shimmied down the balcony. She was running late, the sun was beginning to set on the horizon. Crap. Great now she was late for her appointment with Crazy Buffy. She didn't know quite what to make of Buffy Summers. She tried to sort through her feelings as she picked up the pace. True she kept saying Buffy was crazy, but what, if by some small chance she was telling the truth about the things that went bump in the night? That would be kinda scary. The benefit of the doubt, and an open mind seemed to be in order. What if someone had told her that the love of her life would be an alien king three years ago? She would have thought they were insane. So yeah an open mind.

Liz was so lost in thought, she was didn't pay attention to where she was going. "Umph..." She ran straight into someone. He caught her with srong hands before she fell. "I'm soooo sor...." Liz looked up into familar amber eyes. " Hey Max.." He was the last person she wanted to see.

"Hey Liz." What in the hell was she in such a rush for? After dark? " How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine and you?" Where's your groupie? she really wanted to ask. Liz really needed to get going, for more reasons than one.

"I'm fine. So do you need some company? I could walk you where ever you're going."

"NO!! I mean, no I'm fine. But I really need to get going. See ya later Max." He grabbed her arm, and look at her like he wanted to protest. Liz did the only thing she could think of. She kissed him. A quick kiss, just a brushing of the lips, but enough to throw him off balance. As predicted he dropped his hand, and watched as Liz ran off. He had no idea what had just taken place.

Liz chuckled to herself as she continued running. She knew it would work, it always did. It wasn't the most honest plan, true, but the only one she could think of in the heat of the moment. A kiss from Max could always rob her of her senses, and knew it was the same for him. She had kinda missed it too, she admitted to herself.

Rounding the corner, she stopped at the entrance of the cemetary to catch her breath. Standing up she looked in the graveyard and shivered. She never knew it looked so evil after dark. The air was thick and heavy. The feel menacing. The moon shining down from the sky, gave the headstones a unnatural glow. The whole effect was errie. *Come on Parker get it together, it's just a fricken cemetary!* She shook off the feeling, still she entered the graveyard cautiously.

"Buffy?" Yeah that'll work, whisper, because she's sure to hear you that way. She cleared her throat, and tried again. "BUFFY!!?? I'm HERE!"

"Yah, so I know these people are dead and all, but I still think they kinda like the quiet." Liz jumped at the sound of Buffy's voice, that was right behind her.

"God! Do you want me, or on second thought, YOU to join them? You scared me to death!" Liz was little aggitated at the smirk on Buffy's face. She had so done that on purpose.

"Ok Braveheart, calm down. I didn't mean to scare you that bad. Sooorrrreeee.....geez." Liz was a little high strung, wasn't she. " Look, truce. Ok? Just keep it down and follow me."

"Alright. I didn't mean to snap, it's just that this place is kinda spooky. Ya know?" Liz looked around as a queasy feeling settled into her stomach.

"You get used to it. Come on or we'll be late. Oh and by the way," Buffy looked over her shoulder at Liz, " like the jacket. It's really kick ass."

"Thanks." She fell into step beside Buffy, smiling. Maybe she wasn't so crazy afterall.

The rest of the journey was made in silence. Stepping around a few headstones, they finally stopped. Looking down Liz was shocked to see a fresh grave. "Whoa..Buffy?....Morbid much?" She watched as Buffy sat on the grave next to it.

"You'll see. After awhile it gets kinda routine. Like a daily field trip." Liz was not laughing. "Tryin' to make with the funny here. Joke. Ha ha?"

"Yeah really funny." Liz sat down next to Buffy. " All the comedians in the world, and I'm sitting next to one in a cemetary, on a grave. Funny, haha." Liz knew she was kinda being mean, but she was getting scared. "What now?"

"We wait."

Liz just shrugged her shoulders and sat there. They'd be waiting for a long time, because nothing was going to happen. She hoped, anyway. She looked over at Buffy who was playing with something that looked like a wooden stake. Weird.

"Do you feel it? Showtime." Buffy stood back up. "Here you might need this." She took the extra stake she had and gave it Liz. "Remember aim for the heart."

"Huh?" Liz looked at the foreign object in her hands. "The heart?"

Great now we're back to that. " Look just follow my lead ok. Be alert." With that Buffy took up her fighting stance. "Be prepared to believe." She hoped this would convince Liz.

Liz stood and stared at the grave. Looking from it to Buffy again, nothing happened. Maybe this would convince Buffy. She starting getting a cramping sensation in her stomach. She blew it off as PMS. Arms crossed her chest, she waited. Then the impossible, came possible. Two arms shot out of the grave, and placed themselves on either side of it. Arms, head, chest, and the face was hideous. The body was rising out of the grave...

Liz's defiant stance, became one of terror. Liz opened her mouth to scream, the only thing that came out was a terrified whisper. "Oh my God."


As always let me know what you think.....Told ya I was a feedback Junkie....Please feed the need!!!!

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Self ::BUMP::
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~k~ guys the next part is being written right now. It will be posted tonight, maybe late, but definitely tonight.

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Thanks to everyone you guys are great. Lullaby, Cglenn, ForeverDreaming8602, roswell_lover_buffy, iceprincess4ever (I am so glad you think I'm meeting the challenge!*big*), behrstars...thanks so much*angel*

please let me know what you we go...

Chapter 5

Liz stood back in horrified silence at the demon. She couldn't believe what was happening....was happening. The weird thing was that she knew she was scared, but at the same time she felt....she felt, powerful. Like she could possibly take the vampire and win. She knew that Buffy wasn't crazy, now. She stood back, watching as Buffy began to fight with deadly grace.

Buffy focused in on the vamp. No variation there. Still ugly. Just your plain variety vamp, or a plain pile of dust soon. "Hey pretty. Nice of you to finally wake up."

"Slayer?! What are you doing here?" The vamp was confused. There was no slayer in Roswell.

"Well me and your friends got together, and decided I would be your surprise birthday gift. SURPRISE!" Buffy didn't give the vamp time to say any more. Her right hand connect with his face. Spinning, the back of her left fist was soon to follow. The vamp gave a few straight forward punches, only to be blocked by Buffy. Jumping into the air, spinning, her foot connected with his temple. A resounding crack echoed on the night.

Landing on her feet, she saw that his head was at an odd angle. That kick would have killed a normal person. But he was far from a normal, and even farther from a person. He was still either unaware or unconcerned about Liz standing to the side, thank god. Seeing a moment of opportunity, he tried to rush Buffy. She launched herself, flipping over his head, coming around behind him. She raised the stake high, going in for the kill. At the last minute she stopped. Instead she dropped her stake, shoving her arms under his armpits, and locking her hands behind his head. She had effectively pinned him while he was standin up. She looked over at Liz, shouting at her, "DO IT! Do it now! Take the stake and put it through his heart!"

Liz backed away, unsure of herself. Her? She wanted her to do it? She didn't posses that kinda strength, did she? She had to ask for help opening a jar of pickles. "Buffy, I can't. I'm not strong enough."

"Liz look at me. I know this is kinda scary and all. I was scared too at first. That's ok. But you're it Liz, the one. The ONE. You can do this, I know you can. Do you want to know why I came to this god-forsaken little town. It was to help you Liz? It was you."

It was you. It was you. It was you. Those words running through her mind, were not Buffy's, but Max's. He still loved her, she still loved him. Their love gave her courage, their situation anger, in that lied strength. Running forward she slammed the stake into his chest. Feeling the stake go past muscle, tissue and bone, it finally stopped. The wood punctured his heart. The demon burst into a cloud of dust before Liz's eyes.

Buffy coughed, brushing the dust from her clothes and hair. "We'll definitely have to work on your response time." She was smiling at Liz, she was proud of her. "But all in all not bad for the first time, SLAYER ."

Liz returned Buffy's smile, finally accpecting. As far as mentors went, she figured that Buffy made a pretty good Yoda. "Soooo...You gonna teach me to fight like that? I'm definitely thinking that it'll come in handy."

"No, she will not. That will be my job," Came a clipped English voice behind her.Liz turned to looked at the woman speaking to her, she guessed that she was in her early thirties. She had brown hair that was pulled back into a bun. Boy, did it look painful. She at Liz from behind wire rimmed glassed. The suit she had on was green, a matching jacket and skirt. It looked like it was made out of tweed. "Miss Parker, my name is Emma Billings, and I will be your watcher."

"What the hell is a watcher?" Liz asked.

"What I really want to know is, what two fine slayers like you, are doing in a cemetary like this."

Buffy froze at the sound of that voice. She KNEW that voice. "Xander?" She turned to see her group of friends standing underneath a tree.

"How do they both know that were slayers? What happened to 'secret, undercover, save the world, girl?" Liz whispered totally lost.


Unseen by anyone, a man was hidden in the shadows. Dressed in a dark suit he blended in with the night. Walking away, unnoticed, he flipped open his cell phone.
"Yes sir it's me.......We have a slight sit...uh, problem.... It seems that one of the group, Max Evans ex, is the newest Slayer......Yes, sir.....It was an unforseen factor, sir........I understand sir, it looks like the old slayer, Buffy Summers, is training her sir.......Yes, sir..... I understand sir......" He closed his cell phone, quietly slipping into the night.


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Ok guys I will post a part on Sunday or at the lastest Wednesday. Hopefully on Sunday. See you guys then!*angel*
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Ok guys hope your up for a long part!!*wink*I want to say thanks to you: iceprincess4ever(x3), roswell_lover_buffy(x2), omby, Cglenn, A Rose is True Blue, Liz Behr, Tanky, behrstars, Roswelllostcause, Belldina, Angel eyes...your guys' support is overwhelming and an inspiration to keep going...Thanks on with the story....

Chapter 6

Buffy ran to here friends that were standing beneath a tree. In that moment she realized that she did need them, in them lied all her strength. Stopping in front of Giles she was unsure of herself. Should she hug him, or was he really angry with her for the way she left? In the end the decision was made for her. Giles wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. She hung on tightly to the man she considered more her father, than her own. She tightened her arms, not wanting to let go.

"Ah Buffy, I have missed you too. Buffy you are quite strong, and I am afraid I can't breathe." Buffy let go finally, giving Giles a very sheepish look. She turned to Xander and hugged him next.

Xander felt every one of his fantasies about Buffy come back. True he loved Cordy, but hey he was still just a teenage boy afterall. Buffy made him see stars, literally. "'t....bre...athe...."

Letting go Buffy heard Xander gasp for air. "Sorry I got a little carried away. I just missed you guys!" She turned to see one still very confused Liz standing by. "Where's Will and Oz? I want to introduce them to Liz. Liz is the next slay...umph.."

Liz grabbed Buffy by the arm and started dragging her off out of earshot. Saying over her shoulder as she did so," I am not!! I have no idea what she's talking about. She took some medication earlier, and I think she having a reaction. You'll have to excuse her." She hissed under her breath to Buffy,"Ixnay on the Layersay!!!" Giving her best sugary sweet smile, she gave the group one final sentence,"We'll be back in just a minute."

The guy that Buffy called Xander replied,"You better bring her back. 'Lucy you got a lota 'splain' to do!' " Wagging his finger at Buffy. He was a little weird.

She was still dragging Buffy when she noticed the 'watcher chick' following them. She was gonna snap, she just knew that she was gonna snap! She turned around annoyed, "ALONE!" With that the watcher backed off. She heard her say something about headstrong, but ignore her. She reached her destination, and laid into Buffy.

"What happened to 'Oh yeah you can't tell anyone?' 'Think of it as secret, undercover, save the world girl?' I think that I'm gonna snap, the wierd guy was right, you got a lotta explaining to do!"

"First off Xander is not wierd, he's just....unique. Second, yes they are my friends and they know about the whole slayer thing. Yes it's supposed to be secret, but I found out that despite my destiny, it was still my life. No matter what anyone else tells you. If you have friends you could trust with your life, then by all means tell them. But make sure because you are basically putting your life into their hands."

Buffy didn't know the effect her words had Liz. Max words after the day her told he was an alien came back to her, she'd think about that later. At this moment she didn't know what the word friend meant. "Ok part one covered. Second part. What the hell is a watcher? What does she watch? Sports? Stars? TV? The green, green grass?" Liz was being a little overly sarcastic, but this was alot to take in.

"Little harder to explain. A watcher, uh, watches you..."

Liz interuppted her,"Great along with all the other fun details, I get a company stalker too? Will the fun never end?"

"...or out for you, or something like that. Think of it as sorta trainer, demon encyclopedia, advisor, and guide all rolled into one. The tall guide in the tweed suit is my watcher. Tweed must be their uniform or something, wierd. Anyway it's not necessarily a bad thing, they're there to help you. Well most of the time anyway. They can be a little pushy. But I'm sure you can hadle yours."

Liz rubbed her tired eyes, "Fine. Why don't we all head down to the Crash? My parents are probably asleep, that equals, dead to the world. So we should be safe. Besides that redhead standing next to the shorter guy looks like she fainted."

Buffy whipped around,"Oh god, Willow?!" Rushing over to Oz, she gave him a small smile,"Hey."


Buffy lifted Willow off the ground with ease. Adjusting her weight she carried over to Liz,"So Liz lead the way."

Liz looked at Buffy, astonishment written all over her face. "You're gonna carry her all the way? It's like six blocks."

"One of the perks of being a slayer. Superior strength. Others are, an advanced healing rate, hardly ever get sick, hightened senses, faster reflexes, and increased agility. Don't worry I'll show the ropes, no matter what Miss 'I'm your stuffy watcher' says." She began following Liz, saying over her shoulder, "Follow us. We're going to Liz's parents restaraunt."

The walk over was relatively silent. No one really knew what to say. Stopping in front, Liz opened the door. As Buffy past her she noticed that she hadn't even broke a sweat. Maybe this whole slayer thing would be cool afterall. The little redhead, Will, looked pretty drained. A thought crossed her mind that Max could heal her in no time flat. She quickly pushed that thought away, if she wasn't better soon, she let the pod squad in on her little secret, until then she would just keep her eyes open.

"Ok guys, sorry but the grill is cold. But there's pie in the fridge, help yourself. The drinks are right there, so again help yourselves."

Everyone just decided to get something to drink, the tension was still pretty high. Eating something might prove a bad move. They all sat at a larger table so everyone could fit.

Liz broke the silence first."So Miss Billings, are you just planning to watch, or do you have some kinda cover? Ya know like a job?"

Emma Billings had a feeling that the newest slayer was going to be a handful. She knew that the file on Buffy Summers was exteremely thick, she had a funny feeling her slayer's was going to end up the same way. "Actually the council felt it would be beneficial to implement myself into your daily routine. Your file said you were very interested in science. I will be your new science teacher in the fall at West Roswell High."

"Wait a minute! Council? What a slayer council? File!! What file?" Liz was a little scared. Afterall the FBI stuff, the last thing she wanted was a file on her! Did they know about the shooting? About Max and the others? Hell, this might prove to be a very big problem. How much did they know?

"Yes the watcher's council is an intregal part of a slayer's life." Buffy rolled her eyes at the pompous statement. What a joke. "The file on you is fairly new, considering you have just been called. It only contains the essentials. Hobbies, school, work, and relationships. It was started about six monthst ago."

Liz let out the breath she hadn't realized she was holding. They didn't know, that was good. " So I guess we'll be spending a lot of time together, huh? Can I call you Em?"

"No, you may not. Miss Billings or Emma will be suffiecent." Yes she going to be a handful alright.

"Fine. Touchy, Emma. K, Buffy you're up. Fire away."

Buffy looked over at where she had laid Willow down in a booth. "Is she gonna be ok? I mean what happened to Willow?"

Giles took off his glasses and began wiping them,"Well it's quite a long story..."

(K guys I'll be back in a minute with the rest, but I don't want to lose it. There's a hell of a storm here and if the electric goes out I'll lose it. Be back with the rest.)

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Chapter 6 cont'....

"We had known that you defeated Angelus, by stopping the Cathla, but didn't know what had happened after that." Giles saw the look of sadness that crossed Buffy's features, he would talk to her about that later. "Your mother phoned us and told us of the news that you had left. Willow becamed determined to find a location spell to pinpoint your whereabouts. We discovered one that would lead us to you. The second part of the spell was teleportation that would actually take us to you. We decided that was the way would go. We shipped our stuff to a PO Box I opened here in Roswell. Then came up with the story that I was taking the students on a summer long trip to different colleges to 'scout' them out so to say. Then Willow being much more powerful than I preformed the second part of the spell. She is a natural with magic, but it drained quite a lot from her in her weaken condition. But she was quite convincing that she was the best choice." He remebered the confrontation with a touch of pride for Will.

"Willow you must let me try this, it could prove extremely dangerous." Giles was trying to make her see reason.

"The G-man may be right, Will. You found her, why not let Giles take care of the rest?" Xander didn't want anything to happen to his best friend.

Willow eyes turned the color of onyx, with the flash of polished steel. "Don't make me do anything to you guys that I'll regret later. I'm doing this. I'm more experienced. END...OF....STORY...." She held a quiet, but deadly authority in her voice. Turning she finished preparing for the spell.

"Giles?" Buffy prompted.

"Yes, sorry. Anyway she did it. It did prove extremely draining, but in a few days she should be fine. All she really needs is rest." He saw the look of relief on Buffy's face, then she let out a yawn.

"So where are we going to stay? I mean do we need some cash for a hotel room?" Xander wanted to rest, it had been a long hard day. Willow need somewhere were she could rest undisturbed.

"Hey I got an idea. Why don't you stay with Em? I'm sure this council has set her up with a house and all that already. What'd ya say Em, you hospitable?" Liz liked the way the nickname made her get all red. It was good to know how to push people's buttons.

"Please do not call me that. Yes I have a home. You all are more than welcome to stay. I only have two spare bedrooms, but there is a pull out couch. Mr. Giles and I have much to discuss, I suspect." Like how did he handle his slayer? She had a feeling that they shared slayers with common traits.

"Thank you that is most hospitable. We accept." This came from Giles.

"Well it's all settled then. I have to work tommorrow, but you guys could meet me here around one o'clock. I'll buy you guys lunch. I have to work till two. Sound like a plan? Buffy you wanna stay here?" Liz kinda wanted Buffy to stay, it was nice to have a new friend.

"I'd love to, but I need to keep an eye on Will. She did do all this to help me. I owe her." With that she walked over to a still sleeping Willow and once again picked her up. Follow Emma Billings out the door. "See ya tommorrow, Slayer."

"Back at you Slayer. And maybe tommorrow you'll introduce me to your friends." Liz said with a laugh at Buffy's expression.

"I'm soooo sorry. I promise! I can't believe I forgot to do that! Tommorrow, promise." Shaking her head she closed the door behind her.

Liz locked the door and headed up to her room. Sorting out her feelings, she was kinda excited. It was nice to have her own destiny, maybe, just maybe it would help change other things in her life as well. Help her mend broken fences, and such. In her heart she never did think it was fair that future Max had laid all this at her feet. Changing into her P J's, she wondered why he hadn't gone to Tess and explained things to her to get her to stay. Thoughts best saved for later. She wasn't ready to do anything yet.

Laying down on her pillow, she pulled the covers up to her chin. Looking at the ceiling, she thought maybe being a slayer wasn't so bad afterall.


Outside, below Liz's balcony Max watched as she settled down for the night. He was tempted to climb up, but pushed the urge away. After that kiss on the street he had wanted to ask Liz what it had all been about. When he had reached the Crash, there were all kinds of people sitting around a table. Max noticed the blonde right away, she was sitting next to Liz. They had all been talking. The crash had been closed, that told him that Liz had let them in. He didn't go in.

He didn't know what was going on, but he planned to find out. If that meant being Liz's stalker for awhile he was up to the task. No one was going to hurt his Liz. Who were these people? Where did they come from out of the blue? How was Liz connected to them? He was going to get his answers, come hell or high water....


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Alright guys, the response was so overwhelming for the last part I decided to post the next one..You guys kick ass.

Thank you to- Angel eyes, iceprincess4ever, angeleyes(x5), Tanky, roswell_lover_buffy, Omby, Cglenn, Wild_child_uk...

A/N: Omby, you're question will be answered soon, don't worry..

And the story continues.......

~Chapter 7~

Liz woke the next morning feeling energized. She was actually smiling for once. No throwing her pillow over her head and screaming to release the tension. No kicking her feet on the bed like a three year old, to accompany it. The reason was simple, Michael and Maria had the day off together. YES!! The day was gonna be great. Whitling to herself, she went to her bathroom to get ready for work.

~~~5 hours later~~~~

The day had been fairly slow. Liz was glad, the whole day had been tension free. There had only been one glitch to it all. About a half an hour ago the pod squad had entered, plus one human girlfriend. She had gotten her revenge for the previous days antics though. Bargaining with Agnes, the rudest waitress ever created, she had asked her to take the table. It had entailed her taking four tables belonging to Anges, to Liz's one, but it had so been worth it. Everyone dreaded Agnes' service. When she had walked up to their table, she wished she had had a camera. Ahh, revenge never tasted so sweet!!

She was still giggling when she heard the door chime. Buffy, her friends, and Liz's watcher walked in the door. She took Buffy by the arm, and lead them to a booth in her station. She noticed that the shorter guy and the small redhead were not with them. She was a little sad, she had wanted to meet the girl she assumed was a witch. She thought that idea was totally kick ass. Oh well she knew that she was still probably resting, and she would get to meet her later.

After they had took their seats, she handed them all menus. "Hey guys, so how did you all sleep last night?"

Buffy jumped up and stopped her. "Before another word is said, and I probably forget again, let me introduce you. The unique guy is Xander." She gestured to the tall, dark headed boy she saw last night. "This guy with the glasses, is my very own tweed-wearin' watcher, Rupert Giles."

"Buffy ." He gave Buffy his famous behave yourself look. "Please you must call me Giles. It's a pleasure to meet you." He extended his hand out to her.

Liz shook his hand. She knew he was an alright kinda guy, from the look in his eyes. They held kindness. You could tell a lot from a person from their eyes. "You can call me Liz. It's nice to finally meet you." She cast a smirk in Buffy's direction, and was quickly rewarded with a slap across the arm. "Um...owww."

"Willow, that's the redhead, she's still sleeping. The other guy is Oz, her boyfriend. He stayed with her. So you'll have to meet them later. So what's on the menu?" Buffy started to look at all the weird names for the food on the menu. "Oh, am I reading this right? Frengi fries, Men in Blackberry pie? Liz this is just to much. How 'bout just a diet coke to start, if that's ok."

"Personally I think that this place is cool. I like all the names, I recgonize most of the characters." Xander said in her defense.

Liz laughed at Buffy's comment. "Thanks Xander, but that's what happens when you live in an alien theme town. It's kinda like decoding a book, just read in between the lines." With that she took the rest of their drink orders, and left them to decode the menu.


Max watched as the group from the night before walked in the door and sat in a booth across the restaruant. When Liz had saw them her face had lit up in a beautiful smile. He had continued to watch as she joked with them, then she had actually laughed. He hadn't seen her that carefree in a long time. He wondered if anyone in the booth knew anything. "Hey guys, do you know who those people over there are?"

"Nope. Never seen them before. Why?" Michael looked over at the table Liz was waiting on. He saw here smiling and got a little angry. How could she be so happy, when his best friend was still so torn up? It's not that he hated Liz, he was just angry with her at the moment. More than anything he thought of her as a sister, and in his mind siblings always fought. Slowly he was coming to realize that maybe something more was going on with the whole Kyle thing, than what was being said.

"No reason. I just thought I saw leave Liz leave with that blonde yesterday. I was just curious." Max tried not raise their suspicion level, yet.

"Oh yeah, she was in here. Just ordered something to drink. Geez, spaceboy, she was sitting at the counter, for what like two hours. You were in the back cooking. I was sure that you were gonna notice the gorgeous blonde sitting there!" Maria shook her head at Michael. "Didn't catch her name though. Oh look there's Alex." Waving she tried to get his attention.

Alex walked in the door wanting to say hi to Liz. He knew that the guys had been treating her crappy lately, but definitely didn't want in that club. No matter what happened, or was said, she would always be his friend. He knew inside of him that Maria felt the same way, but at the moment she was annoyed with Liz for not telling her about Kyle. The way he looked at it, it had been Liz's place to tell or not to tell, as the case maybe. Deluca would get over it, he just hoped that she didn't ruin her friendship with Liz in the process. He saw that Liz was in the middle of getting drinks for a table, and decided that he would say hi to her later. Walking himself over to the booth Maria and everyone was sitting at, he pulled up a chair to make room. "Hey guys, what's up?"

"Not much. Hey do you know who those people are over there?" Max thought that since Liz and Alex were still talking that maybe he had some kind of idea.

"Nope. Why?" Alex had never seen them before today, maybe he would ask Liz later. But he was still curious as to why Max wanted to know.

"No reason, just curious. I haven't seen them around town before. It's nothing to worry about, just curious is all." *Way to keep it cool Max*

"Look Max I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. I know that we haven't been the nicest to Liz lately. But if she thought she was in danger, you know that she would tell us. So can we PLEASE change the subject?" Tess was tired of hearing about Liz. So what if she had new friends? That just meant that she'd be out of her hair of awhile, that was good.

Max continued to stare at the group of people. He couldn't dimiss them as easily as Tess. No matter how Tess tried, or what happened between him and Liz, Tess would never be able to compete with her. He watched as Liz delivered the people's food. The blonde handed Liz a bag, then Liz turned to go upstairs to change he assumed since her shift was over.


Liz had took the 'present' Buffy had given her and headed upstairs to her room. Once inside she jumped in the shower to get the lovely grill smell off of her. Wrapping herself in a towel, she went to open the bag. Looking inside she saw that Buffy had given her an outfit to wear. Buffy had said that the present was the start of her slayer training. Ok these were clothes she normally wouldn't wear. It consisted of what looked like black riding pants, and a beige tank top. She had assumed they had been Buffy's. Not wanting to hurt her feelings she put them on.

The pants showed every curve of her petite body. She was kinda embarassed at the way it clung to her backside, and her legs. But in the end she decided, hey if you got it flaunt it. The shirt was next. It was a midriff showing off her flat stomach. She found some low heeled boots to complete the outfit. She turned to look at herself in the mirror. She wasn't used to wearing something so clingy or revealing, but what the heck a new look for a new Liz. *Look out forces of darkness here I come.* Pulling her hair back into a ponytail, she headed back downstairs to her new friends.

Walking back into the Crash, she headed over to the table.

"Whoa, check it out. Liz is a definite hottie! I hope they fit ok. I figured we were same size, well about." Buffy knew that Liz was a little embarassed, but she did look really nice. She would explain later why she should wear more form fitting clothes.

Xander let out a low whistle, damn where all the slayers hot or what? If Cordy could she Liz, he thought she would definitely be impressed. "Ok enough of embarassing Liz. I say we thank her for lunch and get going." He saw that Liz was a dull shade of pink, and wanted to rescue her from her awkwardness.

"Right, I believe we should get started with your training then. I have the keys to the high school gym, and thought we should train there. After talking to Mr. Giles, I believe that Buffy would be beneficial in this area." Emma got up and started to lead the group out the door. Buffy winked at Liz, as if to say 'told you so', and followed Giles.

Xander put his arm around Liz, and said, "Hey you'll find that I'm a pretty good cheering section. My only problem now is, who do I cheer for? You could both beat me up. Maybe I should just stay neutral, you know I could be on both sides. Wait that doesn't sound right." Liz laughed, Buffy was right. Xander was unique, she liked him.

Alex waved at Liz as she headed out the door. Damn, he didn't get a chance to say hi. He'd have to call her later. Making a mental note to do so.

"Check out Parker's new look. Damn Max I didn't know that was hiding under there. Oww." Michael rubbed his arm where Maria had just slapped him.

Max took a big gulp of air. He had saw Liz when she had returned, he sensed her walking in. The outfit had left him breathless. It clung literally every curve Liz Parker posessed, bringing back every teenage fantasy he had ever had about her. The black and beige had made her skin look extra creamy. Her brown hair was shiny and still a little damp from the shower she had just obviously taken. Then he had heard the dark haired boy let out a low whistle of appreciation. Max saw red, no one was supposed to appreciate Liz's curves but him. Then he put his arm around her, and Liz laughed at something he had said. Max was trapped in the booth, but felt the sudden urge to jump over everyone in his way, and over the table to get to the guy. Then he remembered that he and Liz were no longer together. But what about that kiss? He had decided to see Liz tonight and get some answers. Then he hearing Michael's comment, he was glad Maria had hurt him, because if she hadn't, he would have. Shooting a deadly glare at him, he looked back and saw that the group had disappeared from the restaraunt. Yeah, tonight he planned to get some answers....


(As always let me know what you think.*big*)

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Alright guys I just wanted to clear some things up for you. Let's just say that as Liz changes to meet her responiblities, so does her attitude towards Max and the others. That includes everyone whose given her some attitude, I think that Liz needs a little attitude of her own. She's always been the 'go with the flow girl' but think Faith, Kendra, and Buffy all rolled into one. This Liz will definitely kick some ass, and have a steel backbone. Also just because Max is stalking her doesn't mean that she's gonna think that is highly romantic, but I had to start the suspicion in the most likely place, which would be the person who watches her every move. Max is gonna have to make some major life changes, and get a serious backbone, think more like a little of Zan to spice up the mix. But that of course will happen in time. He has to prove that he deserves Liz, in my opinion, before he can have her. (But I always loved the magic of the first season that was shared between those two. It just made you say.....AAWWW.)

I hope that clears up any confusion.

Wild_child_uk- Tess in this fic will be a little ditzy, as for pure evil, I'm not really sure yet.

Cordy will make an appearance soon in this, you'll just have to keep reading.

As for Emma the watcher, I haven't really decided yet. Let's just say that sometimes the best of intentions can lead to disaster. (hint, hint)

Well I hope that clears some stuff up, I didn't mean to rant for so long. Look for the next part, hopefully tonight.

(As always please me some feedback!!! PLEASE keep reading, honestly the more feedback I get it seems to help me write!~FASTER! Thanks again for reading!!*big*)
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Ok guys here's the next part, please let me know what you think, thanks for all the encouragement!!!*wink*

Thank yous go to: iceprincess4ever(x2), binxter(x3), roswell_lover_buffy, omby, Wild_child_uk, Angel eyes, BellaDina, Cglenn.

A/N: Alot of you want to know if Angel will be back in this fic. I have to say probably not.*sad* Maybe in sorta a dream capacity, but not in reality. Since this is supposed to be centered around Liz I don't want to take away from that. SORRY!*sad*Hope you'll keep reading despite that!*big*

On with the story.......

~Chapter 8~

Sweat dripped into Liz's eyes, as she tried to concentrate. She had been training in the high school gym for about 4 hours non-stop. She was tired, she was achey, but she felt empowered. She could feel her body changing to meet the demands of training. She felt powerful.

Buffy had started by teaching her the basics of gymnastics. She wouldn't make it to the olympics, but she had learned, somersaults, backflips, frontflips, and more in no time at all. After about an hour she could do round-off, backflips, turning it into a front flip, with ease. Next she had taught Liz the basics of martial arts. This seemed to come naturally, much to Liz's suprise it seemed to be second nature to her. After about 2 hours of that, Buffy had told her that tommorrow she would teach her how to incorporate the gymnastics with the martial arts.

Then she thought that her eyes were going to pop out of her head, when Emma had pulled out a huge amount weapons. All she wanted to know is where she had got them all. Did she have a subscription or something to Weapon Monthly? Her eyes immeadiately fell on the cross-bow.

"Oohhh...I want to learn how to use this. This thing is wicked!" Liz picked up the weapon, and was looking like it like a kid in a candy store. Buffy had just chuckled.

"No Elizabeth you must first learn the basics. That would mean you need to master this first." She handed Liz a wooden stake. "Nothing will kill a vampire but, sunlight, decapitation, or wood. They are weakened when in the presence of crosses, and holy water. Anything that is concecrated. But you're first line of defense is your training in both defense and this wooden stake."

"So what you're telling me is that it's basic 'Dracula 101' right? But can't I please try the cross-bow?" Liz gave her puppy dog eyes look. This caused the laughter that Buffy and Xander had been holding back, to burst out their mouths. Liz shot them a fustrated look, then looked at Emma again hoping she would give in.

"No Elizabeth." She grabbed the cross-bow from Liz. Giving her a stern look. "I have set up a dummy over there. Take Buffy and get some pointers, then begin to practice until I say stop. In a couple of weeks maybe we will try the cross-bow, is that an agreement?"

Liz stuck out her lip in an overexagerrated pout, "Fine, but I want to get to try some of the others before that. Have no fear, I'll have it down like that," Liz snapped her fingers,"Come on Buffy, let's get started." True to her word, Liz had staking down in no time flat. Soon she was throwing stakes and hitting the heart. By the time she stopped to look at her watch she saw that a total of eight hours had past. Yawning she returned to where her watcher was standing. "So what now, Em?" Orders, that's all Emma could seem to do was issue them. Saying the word 'please' would probably make her burst into flames.

"Please don't call me that Elizabeth."

"Then please don't call me Elizabeth. It's Liz. Not Beth, not Lizzie, not Liza. It's Liz, my name." She noticed that her attitude seemed to be getting more forceful as time went on, but dammit she was tired of people pushing her around. She felt like it was time to start standing up for herself, instead of being the mat in front of the door. Nope, no more wiping feet for her.

"Alright Liz, I believe that you should go and patrol with Buffy. The night has barely started for the vampires. Then tommorrow after your shift we will train again until sundown, after that we will start your regular patrolling. The day after a night of patrolling you will report in." She looked at Giles, who was looking at her rather oddly. That was the way it was supposed to be done, according to the council. She looked at Liz, she looked like she wanted to strangle her. What had she said?

Buffy looked at one very pissed off Liz and placed a calming hand on her shoulder. Under her breath she said, "Don't worry. I don't take orders so well either. But she'll get the picture soon enough." Looking at Emma, she said louder so she could hear her," Look you have to be so soup-nazi like, Liz is beat. I say that we let her go home and rest. We don't want her to burn out second day on the job. I can go partolling without her, I used to the fun schedule." Buffy thought that the new Watcher was about to protest, when she saw Giles place his hand on her arm, and shake his head. No wonder she appreciated him so much, he knew better than to argue with her. Finally Emma nodded her head in agreement. "So it's settled then. Me and Xander will walk her home, go check on Will and Oz, and then we'll go patrol. Right Xan?"

"Si el capitan. Your wish is of course my command." Xander put his arm around Liz. "I'll be happy to tuck Liz in." He wiggled his eyebrows up and down. Liz hit him on the shoulder. They all turned and walked out the door. Giles and Emma followed them discussing something quietly.

Reaching the Crash, Liz lead them around back so she could go up the ladder that led to her balcony.

"Wow, you got it a lot easier than I did. I have to go over out a window and down a roof." Guess those days were over. Smiling so not to alert Liz, "Well good night Liz, see you tommorrow. Same time right?"

"Yeah, see you all tommorrow. I hope Will and Oz can make it too. Good night." Hugging Buffy she headed up to her room. She watched as Buffy and Xander disappeared into the night.

Climbing into her room, she took her journal out of her hiding place and headed back outside. Making herself comfortable, she opened it. Liz couldn't explain why but suddenly the air around her changed. She heard someone walking down the alley. She put her journal down and stood up as she heard someone climbing her ladder. Taking up her fighting stance, she prepared herself, backing into the shadows. The figure climbed over the ledge, but she couldn't make out the face. Damn, why hadn't she remembered to turn on more than her X-mas lights? Not waiting for the person to make the first move, she back handed the person across the face. He fell on his knees, grabbing his face. Flipping over his back, she landed on the other side, taking up her stance again, like Buffy had taught her.

"Shit Liz! That hurt!!! What are you doing?"

Liz lowered her fists, relaxing her stance. "Max?" He was damn lucky she hadn't killed his dumb ass. What the hell was he doing sneaking around her room? "What the hell are you doing here? Stalking me?"

"No. I just needed to talk to you. I didn't think I'd get an assualt and battery because of it though. Damn Liz you're stronger than I thought."

"You're lucky I didn't kill you. I don't think that we have anything we need to discuss Max."

"Why can't we just talk Liz?" Max asked as he rubbed his face, she had smacked him so hard! He didn't remember her being that strong. "We used to talk all the time."

"You wanna talk Max? Let's talk."

He just knew by the tone of voice she was using he was in for it. He had heard Maria use it more than once with Michael.

"Where do I start? Hhhmmm. Let's see. How 'bout assholes? 'Cuz that's the way you all have been treating me lately. Like a bunch of assholes. Or how about your groupie Tess. What's up with that? You think I like seeing you with her where I work? Because let me tell you that sooo helps my concentration level. Between you, Guerin, and Deluca my work days are fun filled events that dreams are made of. In case you didn't notice that was my attempt at sarcasm."

"Look Liz I know that none of us have been nice to you. But it's all just been a little hard after, you know. The Kyle thing."

"YOU, you you. That's all you think about Max. Did you ever stop to think that maybe it should have stayed between you, me and Kyle? Why did everyone have to have to have an opinion? It's none of their damn bussiness. What we chose to do or not to do about the situation is OUR business, not theirs. It should have stayed where it belonged, between us. This is not a group decision, up for vote, or discussion. Maybe when you tell your dogs to stop barking, stop being so selfish, and stand up for yourself then maybe we can talk. I want the Max back that stood up for me and our love to his friends. Not the Max that let his friends talk shit about me when I'm not there. No matter what happened between us Max I thought that we'd always be friends despite it. I guess I was wrong." With that she turned grab her journal, and climed back inside her window. She rolled her eyes when she heard Max following behind her. "What now?!"

"Liz about that kiss last night." After all that she had said were was he supposed to start now?

"Yeah what about it?"

"I was just wondering...uhhh...why...What I mean is..."

"Will you just spit it out Max! I'm achey. I'm tired. And I want a shower, so either spit it out, or leave." Liz was getting a little impatient. Why couldn't he just say it already?!

"Well I just wondered if it meant anything?"

"I don't know Max, does this?" Liz walked up and placed a quick kiss on his lips. "Or this?" Placing her hands in his hair, she ran her tounge along his lips. "Or how about this one?" Pushing her lips against his, she opened her mouth. He followed suit, running his tounge over hers. She abrubtly pulled away. "You decide Max, and let me know. Think about what I said Max. Try to be than man I know you are. Now get out." She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him. Finally, although slowly, he climbed back out her window, and left.

Walking away from Liz, her words rang in his mind. What she said had been true. He had some thinking to do. Then he realized that he had never asked the question about her new friends.........


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As always let me know what you guys think
So I know that this part don't stink
So without out futher ado
Here's the next part written just for you!!
(Like my little poem? lol *angel*

~Chapter 9~

Meanwhile back everyone's favorite watcher's house....

"Will I'm so glad that you're feeling better." Buffy leaned forward to give Willow a gentle hug. Tears fell from her closed eyes, thankful that Willow didn't injure herself with her latest attempt at Witchcraft.

"Buffy I'm fine. Really. Just still a little tired, and very hungry. But fine really." Willow looked at Buffy in the eyes, silently telling her that she was alright.

"Hey I can find you something to eat, nothing's to much for my Will." Xander rose from his chair on a mission. But it was cut short, as Oz came in carrying a tray.

"Here you are babe. I didn't want you try anynthing to heavy. So it's Chicken noodle soup and animal crackers for you." Oz gave Willow a specail smile to go along with the animal cracker statment. Xander sat back down. He had to remember that Willow had someone to take care of her now. Someone she loved, he was happy for her.

"Well Willow, duty calls. But before I go I wanted to ask you something. If you guys knew where I was, why didn't you use those new fangled inventions? I think they're called air planes." Buffy was both upset and humbled that Willow had risked so much to find her. But now she wanted to know why.

"Why? Why didn't we wait to fly? How can you ask me that Buffy? Because I was worried about you." Tears pooled in Willow's big brown eyes. "I didn't know why you ran away. I just wanted to be here in case you needed us right away. It never crossed our minds to wait one second. We all love you Buffy. We're a family."

Buffy was left speechless. She knew the way she felt about them. After Willow's little speech, it just reinforced what she felt. "That's a good enough reason for me," Buffy said as she choked back the tears. "I gotta go. There's someone I want you to meet tommorrow, so rest up." Kissing Willow on the cheek, she started walking towards the door. "Coming Xan?"

"Yeah. Well scoobie duty calls. See you in the morning Will. Bye Emma. Later G-man." Xander walked out the door, closing it softly behind him.


Giles was discussing things with Emma. Her outtake on her new watcher duties came with some trepidation.

"I just don't understand it Mr. Giles." Taking a sip of her tea, "Every time I tell her to do something, she just gives me that look."

"Yes. I know. I believe that in many respects she quite like Buffy. Where Buffy is concerned she requires I believe that Liz may require the same." Giles looked at Emma over the rim of his tea cup. He wondered how she would take that news.

"Mr. Giles, after seeing Buffy, I believe that you have let her run a little wild. I don't want Liz to become that way. She just have to get used to the way things are done. That's all."

"If you do not learn to compromise, you may very well lose her. Life now is not something that can be written in a handbook. Circumstances being what they are now a days, a little bending is required. Liz did not know of her destiny, but has chose to accept it anyway. You can not expect to her just give up her former life because of it. That, my dear Ms. Billings is unrealistic." Giles was getting a little irratated with her. Buffy was not wild, she was just...Buffy. Liz was like her in many ways. Loyal, strong, accepting, and generous, both had a heart of gold. He could tell from the way Buffy had told him that Liz had automatically befriended her. As Buffy would say the new watcher needed to get a clue.

"But Mr. Gil..." She never got to finish as Giles raised his hand silencing her.

"If you do not learn to compromise, by accepting that she has friends, and family both, she will turn against you. She is like Buffy in that respect. She more than a slayer, she is special, as is Buffy. If you do not rethink your position on this, we may have a rogue slayer on our hands. It has not happened often, but it has happened. Don't be so worried about what the council thinks of your methods, they are thousands of miles away, you are here now. Think about what I have said Ms. Billings. Do you think that things are so unbendable that you would risk losing her?" With that Giles put down his tea cup and rose. "Good night Ms. Billings. Please think about what I have said." Giles left to go upstairs to his room, leaving Emma in her own thoughts.

Back at the Evans' house.....

Laying on his bed, staring at his wall, Max was lost in his own thoughts. What Liz had told him did ring true. Why had he let all of their friends talk behind her back? In his heart he knew that it was wrong. But he had been so hurt. It's easy to put down someone who couldn't defend themself. But it was none of their business. How many times had he screwed up and Liz had looked past that forgiving him over and over? Now when his test had come, he had failed it miserably. No more. No more would he sit back in silence, as the others made snide comments. No more would he let Michael and the others treat Liz like dirt, and just let it pass. He was KING, and if that meant treating them like he was so be it. It was time for him to be a man, and make his own destiny. They would all have to accept that. He knew that he couldn't live without Liz in his life, no matter what she had done. He was done being so selfish, it was time to give back some of the loyalty that Liz had given him.

A knock on the door, brought Max back from his thoughts. "Who is it?"

"It's me Max. Tess." Walking in the door not waiting to be invited. "Where were you tonight? I called earlier, but Isabel said you weren't here. Where did you go?" Tess sat down on Max's bed, waiting for a reply.

Max looked at Tess. His parents were out of town on business, so he knew that was why she came over so late. Jim probably had no clue that she was gone. Weighing his reply, he figured there was no time like the present. "I went to see Liz." He waited for the explosion......


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Because I've been so lacking, here's another part for you guys. Let me know what you think!

~Chapter 10~

Max thought that he would see hurt flash across Tess' eyes, the fury caught him off guard. Then as soon as he saw it, it was gone. He knew that he hadn't imagined it.

"What did you go get the last of your stuff from her? I didn't know that she still had some." Tess was trying to play dumb. Inside she was seething with fury. What the hell was he thinking? Going to see Liz! She was his wife didn't understand that?! "What'd she still have?"

"Nothing. I didn't go to get my stuff. I went so we could talk. There were things we needed to work out." Max was eyeing Tess a little suspiciously. She was being way to calm about the situation. What the hell was going on with her?

"Oh yeah like what? I mean she slept with Kyle, end of story. What was there to discuss? She cheated on you , we all know that Max." She was his destiny. It was all she was ever raised to know. With Liz out of the picture, she thought that Max had finally realized that. She didn't really hate Liz, she just found her annoying.

"Yeah, about that. I want you to know that I don't want you talking about that anymore. It is really none of your business. I think that the only ones that need to talk about that is me, Liz, and Kyle. I'm gonna tell everyone else the same thing." Max gauged her reaction. He didn't have to wait long.

"But Max were a group. You need to discuss things with us. All we have is each other. You're just tired is all. When you wake up in the morning, you'll change your mind and see that I was right." Tess got up to leave, giving him a pat on the shoulder.

"Don't do that Tess. Don't patronize me. This is not up for discussion, that's the end of the story. You can believe what you like, but if I hear the name Liz cross your lips, with so much as a smirk, you are not going to want to see the results. I going to ask everyone to meet me tommorrow at the Crash, then we're gonna go to Michael, so I can tell them too. Do..You...Understand...Me?" Max gave her a look that he expected no arguments. "You may leave now. I'll see you tommorrow."

Tess turned to storm away, seething inside. How dare he treat her that way! She was a queen, not a subject. Tommorrow she was going to let him have it. No one treated her that way! What the hell had Liz and him discussed?


The next day at the Crash....

Liz was energized. She had only gotten about five hours of sleep, but had seemed to be more than enough. Maybe being a slayer meant that now she could go on less sleep. It was cool to go to bed, get in a few hours, and still wake up feeling refreshed. Her body felt stronger, and all the bruises she had last night from training, had been gone by this morning. Very, very cool.

She walked up to her next table. Thank god, tommorrow was her day off. "Hi my name is Liz, I'll be your waitress today. Can I start you off with something to drink, or are you ready to order?" Taking the table's order, she turned to turn it in. Hopefully Michael would get it right this time. Placing the drinks on a tray, she turned just as Maria bumped into her with her hips. The sudden jolt caused the tray to go off balance, and all the drinks to fall to the floor. Glaring at Maria, she cleaned up the mess, refilled new glasses, and then took them to the table. That was the last straw, she hadn't even said she was sorry.

Walking over to Agnes who was just standing against the wall, doing nothing as usual. "Anges, Maria and I are going to take a break. Get off your ass and do something. If I come back and have one customer complaint about you, tommorrow we'll be putting an add in the paper for a new waitress. Is that understood?"

Michael stared as Agnes nodded 'yes'. He was amazed, he'd never seen that forceful before. Shit, he'd better get this order right..

"Maria Deluca you're coming with me RIGHT NOW!!" Grabbing Maria by the arm before she could protest, she hauled her into the employee break room. "What the hell is your problem, Maria?! 'Cuz at this very moment I'm about to lose it! I've tried to be understanding about your feelings, but enough is enough. So spill!"

"MY FEELINGS?! How come you didn't tell me about you and Kyle? Do you know how that hurt my feelings? To hear it from someone else? How could you do that Liz? I thought that we were best friends." Tears were running down Maria's face.

"We are Maria. But did you ever stop to think that maybe it wasn't just my place to tell, or that I was ashamed of what I had done, or maybe a million other things? Maybe the bigger picture is that it's not really any of your business. Your role as my best friend was to listen to me. The same as I did for you, happy, sad. I never made you tell me anything you weren't ready to share. You have no right to be mad, Maria. This is a stupid fight." Tears were running down Liz's cheeks as she finished. "I didn't think that something so trivial, would cost our friendship. Think about if you still want to be friends Maria, I know that I do. I'm gonna clock out now. I have an appointment with some people." Grabbing her bag she walked out the door, Maria following slowly behind her.

Maria turned her tear streaked gaze at Michael. Then back to Liz who was meeting the same people Max was asking about yesterday. She watched as Liz gave the blonde a hug, then one to the red head she hadn't seen before. Liz was smiling as she walked past Max, Isabel, Tess and Alex. Liz looked back at Maria, sadness in her eyes. Then stopping at the table, she looked like she was talking to Alex.

Alex was surprised when Liz had stopped at the table before walking out the door. He knew how everyone had been treating her, it was shocking to see that she really didn't look like she cared. "Hey Liz, what's up?" Alex started scooting out of the booth.

Tess glared at Liz. "What do you want?"

"Was I talking to you? I didn't think so. So why don't you mind your own business, Tess." She wasn't going to take any crap from that blonde bimbo.

"Tess, shut up." Max looked at Tess with warning in his eyes. "Remember what I told you yesterday."

"Anyway Alex. Come outside I want to introduce you to my new friends. Come on!" Grabbing Alex's hand, she pulled him out of his shocked silence at her changed attitude.

"Oh. Ok. Be back guys." Alex was then lead by Liz out the door. He wanted to meet these friends of Liz's.

Outside Buffy and the Scoobies waited for Liz. She had a guy with her, "Alex, this is Buffy," Buffy waved, then pointed to her watch. "Xander." Xander shook Alex's hand. "Oz and Willow." Oz shook his hand also, Willow gave him a small smile.

"It's nice to meet you all. Hope you guys like Roswell. Staying long?"

Buffy spoke, "No just here on vacation. It was really nice to meet you, and I don't want to seem rude, but Liz we're late. We need to jet."

"Oh yeah right. I gotta go Alex I have an appointment. I'll call you tonight, K?" Hugging him goodbye, she said "Love you." Then hurried off with her new friends.

Alex was happy for Liz. Obviously these new friends were good for her. He liked that. Maybe he would get more info when she called tonight. Turning he walked back into the Crash.


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Ok let's just say work+r/l = roswell_lover_buffy Your wish is my command. This part was not originally in the story, but edited to fit. As always let me know what you think!

Thanks to: Cglenn, Littlebit*x2*, Wild_child_uk, Lullaby, roswell_lover_buffy, subterfuge.

~Chapter 11~

Grabbing the a towel off a near by chair, Liz dabbed the sweat off her forehead. Man fighting with Buffy was tough. They had been fighting for hours, and Liz still had yet to get the upper hand. She was quick...really quick. Liz could barely keep up her counter attacks, the bad thing was she knew she was quick too. Looking at Buffy she asked, "Could we try that again?"

Buffy took a swig out of her water bottle, looking intently at Liz. Liz was learning fast, her technique almost flawless, but there was something missing. What it was, she wasn't quite sure, but it was like there was something holding her back. Setting her bottle back down, she nodded at Liz, "Yep, sure. But Liz is there something bothering you? I mean you really don't have to hold back on me. I'm like you. Whatever you can do, I can do better."

"No, nothing's wrong. Why?" Liz was not in the sharing mood. There were several things wrong, that could be summed up in one word....LIFE. "Better than me? Let's see about that! Let's fight!"

"Right, let's fight. Be prepared to go down!!" Buffy ran at Liz laughing, jumping into a roundhouse kick. Liz blocked the kick, laughing almost as hard as Buffy.

Emma watched from the sidelines. Watching the two young girls go through their routine, she was once again taken back at how quickly Liz was picking things up. Inside she was deeply impressed. Giles words from the night before ran through her mind again, for the hundredth time that day. Compromise. Laying the weapons in bag in front of her, she picked up the cross-bow. Seeing Giles from the corner of her eye smiling at her, she knew she was making the right choice. She supposed she could compromise....well, at least a little. Clapping her hands together, she got the girls attention. "Ok, I do believe that is enough training in that area today. It is time to move on to weapons."

Panting, both girls grabbed their water bottles, and headed over. Liz silently wondered what her stiff-upper lipped watcher had in mind today. Maybe she would let her try the cross-bow today. Yeah, right fat chance. She'd probably have to learn staffs first. Buffy had said that Giles had made her them before letting her touch the cross-bow. She couldn't help but wonder how boring that would end up being. Afterall she was just the newbie here.

Walking over to the table of weapons, she looked at Emma. "So what's it gonna be today" She had to remember not to do that. Well, at least not so often. "Swords? Sticks? Stones? You know I heard that they could break my bones." She gave Emma a very serious look, elbowing Buffy who had let out a snort.

Emma took a deep breath, praying for patience. She would have to learn to endure Liz's antics. Compromise. Slowly releasing the breath, she smiled at Liz's joke. "As true as that may be, you did so well yesterday that I thought you might want to try this next."

Liz eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw what Emma was holding. She was still reeling over the fact that Emma had actually smiled, then she had handed her the cross-bow. Very cool. She grabbed it with both hands, "Wicked!"

"First rule, please do not point it at anything that is still living, or human." Slowly turning the direction of the weapon until it was aimed at the wall.

"Hey! I know what I'm doing. I'm a profes...." Squeezing the trigger a little to hard, she watched as the arrow sailed through the air, and emmbeded itself into the wall. Looking sheepishly at Emma as she set down the weapon, whispering, "Ooops." Buffy fell on the floor rolling with laughter.


Max, Isabel, Alex and Tess were all sitting in a booth waiting for Michael and Maria to finish closing up. Since they had all gotten off so late, and the Parker's were out of town for a restaraunt convention, he had decided for them all to meet at the Crash. Finally finishing up, Maria went to lock the front door, as Michael pulled up a chair. Turning it around in true Michael fashion, he sat down. Maria joined the group, pulling up her own seat, and sat down.

"So Maxwell, what's up?" Michael was tired and wanted to get this over as soon as possible.

"Well, I'll just get straight to the point since it's kinda late. I've been thinking about the way everyone has been treating Liz lately....."


Unknown to Max, the person he was dicussing was walking through the back door. Liz and Buffy had decided to return to Liz's to get in a shower, before Liz's first night of official slayage. They reeked. They wanted to stake vamps, not have them pass out from the smell.

Hearing voices in the dining area of the Crash, Liz held her fingers to her lips motioning Buffy to be quiet. Sneaking her way over to the door, she opened it a crack to see what was going on. Then she heard her name. Interesting...

Not wanting to be left in the dark, Buffy stuck her head under Liz's arm, to sneak a peek herself. "Wow! He's pretty hunky!" Buffy whispered,"Who is he?"

"Shhh..His name is Max. Now be quiet, I don't want them to know we're listening." Liz continued to easedrop, deciding that if she heard anything to do with aliens, she'd make herself known. Buffy couldn't find out, yet.

"....we all have been treating her rather bad lately, to say the least, and I think it's time we stop."

Isabel was confused. She was angry at Liz for what she had done to Max, "But Max after what...." She never got to finish, as Max held up his hand for silence.

"Let me finish. I know that you have all of your own opinions. I'm not saying that you have to like it, but you will do it anyway. Liz deserves your loyatly, no matter what. She had been there more, given more than anyone of us combined. She had never demanded anything in return. Giving us her loyalty, but when she did something that you all, me included, didn't agree with, we turned our backs on her. Think about that. Second, the thing that happened between her and Kyle is really none of your business. It's a private thing between the three of us, and I would appreciate it if you would leave it at that. You are to keep your opinions to yourselves. You will not continue to treat Liz with anything less than respect. If we do resolve this thing between us, you will have to accept and respect that also. This is not up for dicussion or vote. If I see or hear you treating her in any way less than respectful, you will have to answer to me, is that clear?" Max looked at each person indivually making sure they understood his meaning.

His gaze fell on Alex. Alex just threw up his hands in surrender, "Hey man, don't go glaring at me. I never paid my dues to become a member in the 'We Hate Liz Club'. You don't have to command me to do anything."

Directing his gaze at Tess, he heard her muttering under breath, "What did you say Tess?"

Tess looked up with fury in her eyes. "I SAID, I don't know why you're defending that SLUT!"

"Tess." Max said with warning in his voice. She was entering dangerous territory.

"No!! You listen Max! She's a whore and everyone here knows it. Just because you don't want to accept it, doesn't mean that I have a problem with it. She's a stupid slut, who slept with Kyle. Is that what you want Max? Kyle's sloppy seconds?"

Max had never been so close to hitting a woman is entire life. His whole body was shaking with fury. Hearing the kitchen door slam behind him, he turned to see who it was.

Liz kicked the door she had been hiding behind. It swung open slamming into the wall. Running into the room before Buffy could stop her. Heading straight for Tess, she screamed at the top of her lungs, "I'm going to kick your ass, you BITCH!!!!"

No one had ever seen Liz that furious before. They could only stare in shocked silence at what took place in front of them.

Tess held out her hand to blast Liz. With Liz's newly enhanced Slayer senses, she felt the blast coming before it hit her. Flipping into it, she landed on the counter. Glaring at Tess, she launched herself off it. Doing two somersaults in the air, she landed in front of one very shocked Tess. Taking advantage of her shocked state, Liz landed a right hook to her face, followed by her left. Leaping into the air, she landed a round-house kick to the center of Tess' chest, sending her flying over two tables. Falling on her back, Tess wiped the blood from her busted lip, raising her hand to retaliate.

Finally coming out of his stupor, Max stepped in front of Tess. "That's enough Tess! Stop it!"

"There you go again Max, defending that stupid, little bitch! She started it!" Tess said as she rose to her feet.

Maria watched as the blonde girl restrained Liz from attacking Tess again. Maria calmly walked up to Tess, slapping Tess across her already bashed face. "Shut up Tess or I'll finish where Liz left off." Maria's deadly whisper was met with Tess' furious gaze.

Stepping in front of Tess' next to Maria, Isabel looked at her with a deadly gleam in her eyes. "If you don't walk out that door right now, I will drag you out by the hair. Do you understand?" Tess turned on her heel and stormed out the door.

Max looked over at Liz, who was no longer being held by the blonde girl. Walking towards her, he said, "Liz I....."

Barely above a whisper, Liz looked at all of them saying "Get out." When they just stood there, she repeated more forcefully,"GET OUT!!!" When the last person had slowly filed out the door, except for Buffy, Liz sank to her knees, and cried.....


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Ok guys just a little blip from me. I just wanted to let you know after re-reading the last couple of parts in the story I feel like it's losing something. *Hangs her head in shame* So I will be posting more parts, but it will be about the other characters, and their take on things. So think of it as Liz is on sabatical. But look forward to seeing more of the guy with the cell phone, Angel influnced dreams, Buffy and the guys working on the problems affecting them, and the pod squad plus two humans trying to digest what they saw Liz do to Tess. Just Behr with me as I try to figure Liz out, I don't want this fic to get to dark! Anyways, hope you'll keep reading!

Lots of Love,
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Ellie!! *looks under bed, under the couch* ELLIE! (that's my muse) *looks behind bookself* There you are! Come on, it's time to get back to work, lazy bones. They're waiting. *grabs Ellie by the wrist, and heads over to the computer* Whew!

Ok guys I found my muse again. She was eating M&M's behind the bookself...LOL..Thanks for all the bumps, without further ado, here's the next part. Hope you like! Let me know what you think. *angel*

~Chapter 12~

She was standing on the beach. The sun was setting low in the sky. She could feel the last rays of warmth on her face, the gentle breeze lifting her hair. She wished that Angel could be here with her, it was so beautiful. But that could never be, she had answered destiny.

A pair of strong arms encircled her from behind. Snapping out her reverie, she instantly knew who it was. "Angel?" She turned looking up into familar dark eyes. She felt the love and loss explode in her chest. "Angel, I thought that I kil..."

Angel gently placed a single finger on her lips, " did what you had to, Buffy. It's ok. I'm not dead, just in a different place." Angel leaned down kissing her softly on the lips. "You need to let go of the anger and guilt Buffy. I think that your new friend can help you with that. If you weren't who you are, think of all the people that it would of hurt. I always love you, you know that. Nothing you do could change that."

"Angel, I....I miss you so much. I feel like a part of me has died inside. I feel like I can't breath without you. Even after all that took place. Am I horrible because of that? After everything, I still love you." Buffy clung to Angel, afraid to let go. She knew that this had to be a dream, but she never wanted to wake up.

"No it just makes you human. Even if I never come back, I want you to know that I love you. I wouldn't trade one memory of our love for anything. I don't want you regret anything either." He kissed her temple stroking her hair lovingly.

Then the air around them suddenly changed. The sun was gone, it was pitch black. The feel in the air was menancing. "Buffy there's something I need to tell you."

"You're not going all Cryptic guy on me now, are you?" Buffy looked up to see a small smile cross Angel's lips.

"Buffy this is serious, and I don't have much time." He watched as the surroundings got more and more menacing. "I need to tell you that something's coming. I not quite sure what yet, but it invovles your new friend." Looking around he said, "I've got to go. Remeber I love you Buffy. It's time to wake up." Angel let go of her turning.

"Angel, no wait! Come back!!" She watched him walk into the darkness. "AAAANNNGG
GGGEEELLL!!" Buffy sat straight up, tears pouring down her face. Looking around, she saw that she was back in her room at Emma's house. Grabbing the pillow, she buried her face in it, letting the despair come. "Angel, oh Angel."


The agent looked once again at the file in front of him. Rereading the words for the twenth time.

The new slayer seems to be progressing at extremely fast rate. She already shown get adaptablilty to the cicumstances. There is some speculation that it maybe because of her close association with the assumed aliens. But we have seen that the association at this time is extremely stressed. They do not seem as close knit as they once were. As for the underlying threat, we are unsure as to what this new information will lead to. We will continue survellience at this time.

It was vauge and uninformative at best. Agent Sparks closed the file, rubbing his tired eyes. The government knew about the slayer, the council many years back had informed them. They had worried with all the new laws, if something unforseen, that was unlawful happened, they would be able to free her from 'unwanted circumstances'. Whatever. The government didn't really give a hoot, figuring that anyone who could keep things that went 'bump in the night' away was a useful economy. They didn't even have to pay her. So they never really thought about it.

They had kept an eye on the teens they believed were aliens. But without any real proof, their hands were tied.

The goverment was not what he was worried about. It was the community, he was terrified of. What they do with this new information? The other side of his life more powerful than any government. They had placings in strategic places thoughout the world. They weren't going to like this. Rubbing the back of his neck, he knew there would be hell to pay. That was why he was placed here. To make sure that the prophetsied one never came to be. Watching aliens seemed to be one of the bases to cover, there were several others as well.

They had suspected that Liz Parker had been healed by Max Evans, but showed no signs of alien tendencies. But what if she did? He knew the answer to that. She would be the prophetsied one that would ruin everything. He took out his small book from the drawer beside him. Rereading the prophesy..

'She will be a slayer. Yet she will not. She will be neither human, demon, nor other worldly. She will be something unique in itself. She will bear the one who will light the world. The sacrifice of love, the sacrifice of the innocent. She will bring destruction.'

Sighing he reached for the phone. It was time to make his own report.


Let me know what you think.

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Hey guys just wanted to let you know that the next part will be out tonight. After 10pm here, that's about 12am board time ( I live in Co. so it's mountain standard time here!) Thanks for all your patience. Here's a teaser, the pod squad thinks about what happened to Tess, and something happens to Liz and Max. Be back tonight!

Love ya
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I know you guys want more about the prophecy, but can't give it all away too soon. (hehe) Hope you guys enjoy! Please let me know what you think!

Dedicated to: Iceprincess4ever, wild_child_uk, Littlebit, Cglenn(x3), Tanky, roswell_lover_buffy, Lullaby.

Chapter 13~~

The agent picked up the phone. He didn't dial, just simply stated, "Chaos' servant." He hadn't wait long when the voice came over the phone.

"So what do you have to report?" A raspy voice asked impatiently.

Knowing that there was really nothing to report, he kept it brief. "The newest slayer has not, as of yet, shown any signs of being 'the one'. She has picked up things very quickly. I believe it is because the one known as Buffy Summers is training her. Futher investagation is required."

"Then it shall be so. It is at precarious time that the possibilty of 'the one' has surfaced. Do you not think that 'the other' should be dipatched? If you have any doubts, then then let it be known."

The color drained from the agent's face. 'The other'? He had only heard stories about her. No it was to soon. That would draw to much unwanted attention. "No I am still not sure that Elizabeth Parker is 'the one'. It has been two years, with no evidence that she will become the one. Please, in your wisdom, let me continue to observe her unaware. If I feel that 'the other' is needed here, I will ask for her assitance."

"Very well. But know this, if you are wrong or ask to late, YOU WILL pay with your life, and she will be dispatched regardless. It is foretold that 'the one' will be created when the time draws nearer, the time now is near. Do not fail us, do you understand?"

"Yes," he replied quietly, "I understand." He hung up the phone and stared into space. With each passing day, he wondered how he had gotten mixed up with this. Only because for generations, women and men in his family, had been servants. Following blindly, since the beginning. More and more lately he was losing what little faith he had. That was dangerous in itself.

On the other end of the phone, the woman put it back on the reciever. Looking at the man in the room, she said, "Send another agent. I do believe our servant needs someone to watch him." Bowing the man left it make it so.


"Tell me what I think I saw, is what I saw. I mean I did see what I saw, right?" Maria took a sniff of her cypress oil, attempting to calm her nerves. She was sitting on the couch in Michael's apartment, anxiously looking at the others. It had been a week since they had all witnessed Liz kick the snot out of Tess. She had tried several times to try and make up with Liz, but only recieved several imaginative excuses. A couple of times it was she was busy, then it was she wasn't there, the latest was her favorite though. How many times a day can you wash your hair? At work she had just grumbled something about not being in share mode at the moment. Whatever that meant. The only person she seemed to want to talk to was Alex, and her new set a friends, Maria had yet to meet. She guessed that's where that saying came from 'pay backs a bitch'. "You guys saw it too, right?"

"What Maria?" Alex rubbed his head, trying to ease his headache. He was just so tired. He tried to follow the conversation, but in the end just caught bits and pieces. Why was he so tired?

"Yeah, you saw it." Answered Michael.

"The question is where the hell did she learn it? She looked like Xena Warrior Princess, only without the screeching. It was really impressive." Maria wondered if Liz would ever forgive her behavoir. She just really missed Liz as a friend. Damn, she had been such a bitch to her. She turned to the one person she was still talking to. "Hey Alex did she tell you anything about it?" He didn't answer. What was wrong with him? "Alex? You ok?"

"Huh? What?" Alex looked at Maria. He head was starting to pound. He couldn't concentrate. Maybe he should go home and get some sleep. But hadn't he slept for like ten hours last night? "Hey guys, she didn't say a word to me. She's been kinda distant lately, I really don't know what's going on. But look I've got a killer headache, I'm gonna go home and take a nap. I'll talk to you later." Alex rose from his seat on the couch, and walked out the door, not saying good-bye.

Everyone looked at each other. Alex always said good-bye, especially to either Iz or Maria. It was so unlike him. He had been looking extremely exhausted lately. Nobody really knew what to make of it.

Max stared after Alex. Why hadn't he just asked him to take away his headache. Alex knew that he would have done it. Max shrugged it off. Maybe he hadn't thought of it. "Well what ever's going on, it's just made more curious about her new friends."

"I agree. She hangs out with them on a daily basis. I think they're at the Crashdown more than we are." Isabel put her thoughts into the conversation.

"I know what they order by heart now too. It's kinda creepy. First they come, then Liz is jumping around like Jackie Chan or something. What's going on?" Maria took another sniff of her oil.

"I don't like it Maxwell." Michael had a frown on his face, in deep concentration.

"That's a surprise Spaceboy. You don't like anything." Maria said with a smirk on her face. "Is your spider sense tingling?"

Micheal ignored Maria, but not before shooting her a warning look. She responded in kind by sticking her tounge out at him. He rolled his eyes. "Whatever. I still don't like it. I say we start following them." Looking directly at Max, he waited for his agreement.

"No. We are not following Liz and her new friends. I know that we're all curious as to what's going on, but if Liz wants us to know, then she'll tell us. Not a moment before. We have to trust her judgement on this. Is that agreed?" Max looked around the room for everyone's agreement. Micheal was the last one to do so, but finally grudingly agreed.

"Look I'll try calling her again tonight. Will that make you happy Spaceboy? Maybe she'll talk to me." Michael nodded his head in appreciation to Maria's suggestion. "So tell me Iz, how'd Tess take the news when Max wasn't going to heal her face?" Maria saw Max get that deadly look in his eye again at the mention of Tess' name.

"Well needless to say, she wasn't very happy. I do believe that I heard some four letter words coming out of Max's room that night. Then she left in a huff, black eye, split lip and all. What did you say to her Max?" Iz looked at her brother for an answer. They all had some catching up to do. This was the first day that they had all been able to come together between work and other responsibilities.

"She still didn't understand why I was so mad, and why I refused to heal her. Didn't I just tell her to keep her mouth shut? I reminded her that there would be conquences to her actions. I informed her that Liz had every right to beat the crap out of her after what she said. If she hadn't then I probably would have done something I wouldn't have healed either. So every time she looked in the mirror, she should remember to think before speaking. That maybe she would try it once and awhile, for a change of pace." Max looked down in embarassment, his face was bright red. He wasn't used to being so vendictive. He had been so angry. "I was really mad." He offered as part of his explaination.

"Max, I think that you were a lot nicer than I would be if she would show her face in public. That'll probaly take a couple of weeks though, seeing how she had to heal like a normal human and all." Maria said anger making her voice shake. No matter what they went through, Liz would always be her best friend. No one talked about that way. The only reason she hadn't went over there to kick the crap out of Tess herself, was because she respected Kyle, and Jim to much. And because her mom was still seeing Jim, she didn't want to jepordize their budding relationship.


Darkness had fallen, and Liz sat on top a gravestone, waiting for the new vamp to make his appearance. Twidling her stake, lightly humming to herself. Buffy had been right, after awhile it was kinda like a morbid field trip. Buffy...She let her mind wander to her talk with Buffy earlier tonight.

"Liz I know that something's bothering you. You sure you don't want to talk about it?" Buffy looked at sympathically.

"No, cuz nothing's wrong." Liz stared out ahead of her, at the dusk she knew was soon to come.

"Look. You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. But I thought that we were friends at the very least. Problems get easier when they're shared, I always say." *Then why don't you share with yours?* Buffy thought. She pushed the thought away. She wanted to help Liz right now. Nothing. No answer, just....staring. "Does it have to do with that Max guy? You never told me why they said those things."

Liz looked at the ground, she quietly answered, "Buffy it's just really complicated is all. I can't really talk about it. Ok? I'm fine really."

"I know that you two used to be together." Buffy just chuckled at Liz's shocked look. "It's soooo obivous. I can tell by the way he watches you. Anyway, I just have some vauable advice for you. LIFE IS SHORT."

"That's it? Life's short? Even Kyle comes up with better Buddah sayings than that." Liz smiled at Buffy's attempt at making her feel better.

"No, what I mean is life is short. Especially ours. In case you haven't noticed, all the slayers are fairly young. That's because our life span isn't what it's cracked up to be. Making to 18 is like the holy grail. You could die any day now Liz. Not by getting hit by a car, or anything like that. You fight the forces of darkness every day of your life now, and if you noticed that they tend to fight back. Your life now is 100 times more dangerous than it was before. I've been stabbed, shot at, hell I've even died. I'll tell you sometime the story about the hit man, slash demons, that someone hired to kill me during career week at school." Buffy smiled at a teary eyed Liz, "The point is Liz I had someone who loved me, who helped through all that. It's a lonely life, with no one to share it with. Trust me I've done it both ways. One thing should always be in the back of your mind....Your life now is shorter than you can even imagine, don't waste it on things you'll regret later. Don't think of things in the long run...because the reality is that there might not be a long run. If you love him, tell him. Sort out the rest later. You owe yourself some happiness too. Don't waste your life on should haves, could haves, or what ifs. You might not have the time to change it back later." Buffy gave a crying Liz a hug, knowing that somewhere along the way she hit a nerve. "Well enough with the Obi-one talk, I'm gonna go check out the park, Emma said there was some strange activity there lately. Think about what I've said. I'll talk to you tommorrow. K?" Liz had nodded yes and Buffy had turned, walking in the opposite direction.

Liz was so caught up in reliving her and Buffy's conversation, that she didn't see the body coming to life under her swinging feet. He grabbed her foot and tossed her to the ground.

Shit! She should have been paying more attention. Quickly getting to her feet, she faced the newly born vamp. "Wait before we fight, which birthday do you celebrate? Or rising day? Could you help me out, I'm a little confused. Or do you guys not believe in that?" The vamp cried out in anger, rushing Liz. He rammed into her with so much force, they broke a headstone in two. *Note to self- don't piss off someone who used to be a football player.* She heard something snap, as he fell on top of her. Pain shot up Liz's arm, she ignored it. She could deal with that later. Tossin him off, she rose. Cradling her left arm to her, she proceeded to fight. Right hook. Back hand. Round-house kick. Kick to the chest. The last kick took the vamp off balance, and he fell. Seeing the opening Liz staked the vamp in no time flat, hearing the ungodly scream, seeing the cloud of dust.

Taking deep breaths, she braced herselfe to inspect her arm. It hurt like a bitch. She could feel the blood trickling down her arm. Finally she looked....Crap it was really, really bad. She had snapped her forearm in two. The bone was protruding from her skin, she could make out the jagged edge of the bone. It would take months for this to heal. Liz groaned, Emma was going to kill her! It was her first night alone on patrol, and look at what had happened. Yep, her backside was definitely going to be on a platter. She groaned again, her arm beginning to throb.

Then an idea crept to mind. Max. He could heal her. He still couldn't be that mad at her, he had defended her to the pod squad, hadn't he? Besides he wouldn't just leave her in pain. That wasn't him, he didn't like to see people hurting. She had two choices, well three. 1) She could stay injured, then listen to Emma's hour long lecture about her lack of attention. 2) She could run away, and join the circus, becoming a part of the show. 3) She could suck it up, go to Max's, and get her arm healed. Sighing in recognition, she picked door number three. She just hoped he wasn't in Curious George mode tonight. Slowly she made her way down the street, towards Max's house.

She kept walking towards Max's house. When had it gotten so far away, anyway? Finally, reaching the Evans' house, she walked around to the back, to Max's window. Everything was starting to get a little fuzzy. Maybe the damage was a little more extensive than see originally thought. She was losing a lot of blood. With her good arm, she knocked. She saw that he was already asleep, it was probaly close to one in the morning. He didn't answer, so she gently knocked again, not wanting to wake up the whole house. Damn, how hard did he sleep anyway? She knocked again, a little harder this time. Drawing on her connection, she willed him to feel that she was there. Finally after about five minutes, he rose to open the window.

Max groggily walked over to the window. It was 12:55 am. Who the hell would be at his window at this hour. He was kinda pissed, he was having the greatest dream about Liz. Slowly opening the window, he felt who it was. "Liz? What's wrong?" He backed up, so she could make it through the window. He saw that she seemed to having a little bit of trouble, so he helped her. He smiled as he felt their connection grow stronger.

Liz tried to catch her breath. Man, when did his window sill get so high? Cradling her arm against her, she fell against him. A wave of giddiness overcame her, and she fell into a fit of giggles.

"Liz are you drunk?" Max looked at her closely. He didn't smell any alcohol. She just started laughing harder. "Liz... Shhh."

"I'm sorry Max. No I'm not drunk. I'm just a little light headed. I think it's from loss of blood." She tried to control her laughter. Oh yeah, this was bad, it was worse than she thought.

"Loss of blood? What are you..." Then he saw her arm. He had flipped on the lamp by his bed, seeing the arm she was cradling against her chest. His rushed over to her. "Liz!"

"Max, I broke my arm. Could you....uh....fix it?" Liz brown eyes looked into his worried amber ones, she smiled. Then everything went black.....


(Let me know what you think!! More f/b, sooner I come back. *angel*)

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Here's the next part guys. Now I know that this is happening too soon for some of you, and not soon enough for others. But after much thought, I decided that unity was needed. Not completely yet, but definitely on the road there. *wink*

Dedicated to: Wild_child_uk, Lullaby, Littlebit, roswell_lover_buffy, Cglenn, angeleyes, Babee_Imajyn, Kzinti_Killer, Aussie_Dreamer, Treefroggie84, Norma Bates.

I want you guys to tell me what to do with Tess. I have two possiblilites. But they're totally opposite. So the question is what kind of future do we want for Tess? (Hint: Since Alex knows about the Kyle/Liz thing, he has been to Amsterdam.) Let me know. *wink*

~Chapter 14~

Max was barely in time to catch Liz before she ended up a heap on the floor. He had no idea what had happened to cause the injury, but he knew that he would get his answers later. Looking at her arm, he surmised that the break was very severe, her bleeding was quite excessive.

Not healing her had never been a thought that ran though his mind. No matter what their problems may be, in the end he still loved her. Call him dumb, but she was the other half of his soul. How do you deny a part of your soul? How do you watch it suffer, in pain, when you could take it away? If that made him a fool, then so be it. He could never let her suffer, when he had the power to take the pain away.

Carefully lifting her into his arms, he carried her over to the bed. Gently placing her on it, trying not to touch her injured arm, he attempted to wake her up. Time was of the essence. "Liz, Liz you have to look at me. I need you to look at me." There was no response from Liz's still form, only a slight movement from beneath her eyelids. He tried a little more forcefully, "LIZ, I need you to look at me!"

Liz was caught in a beautiful dream. It was her wedding day. There were no monsters to fight, no aliens to fear, and no destiny to worry about. There was only her, Max, and the beautiful day they were being married on. She had just taken her vows, to love, honor, and cherish Max, waiting for him to reply . But instead of repeating them, he kept screaming 'Liz I need you to look at me!' What the hell was up with that? He sounded like he was calling from a distance. The more she stared at his beautiful form, the further and futher away he went.

"LIZ! Wake up! I need you to look at me." Max was getting worried. She wasn't responding to his call, so he gave her a gentle shake. She finally responded.

Her good hand went out, giving him a swat. Cracking her eye a little, she grumpily said, "Go away, Max. I'm having the best dream about you. Come back in a hour." Then she closed her eyes again.

Max smiled in spite of the situation, but enough was enough. Max had reached his limit. His composure thrown out the window, his temper rose. "Elizabeth Claudia Parker, you wake up this instant!! Stop being so damn stubborn!!!"

"FINE!!" Liz lifted her heavy eyelids. Confusion clouded her mind. "Max? Max, why are you here?" Liz looked at one very put out Max. Then she felt the pain in her arm. Then it all came rushing back to her. She blushed a little, knowing that she wasn't being the most cooperative patient in the world. Here he was being-well, Max-he didn't have to help her, and she wouldn't have blamed him if he didn't. Especially after everything. She had been acting like the queen 'B' lately. Taking a deep breath, she said, "I'm sorry Max. Really. You're trying to help me and I'm acting like a rotten patient. A brat at that. Please help me. I'll be good, I promise. Cross my heart." Then she looked directly into his eyes.

Max lifted his hand, laying it gently on Liz's arm. Looking into her eyes, concentrating on the damage in her arm. Almost immeadiately the flashed started, along with Liz's feelings at the time.


Liz's confusion, and fear....

"No, no I don't know who you are, but're not Max."

Someone who looked like him, but wasn't him replying, "Liz I know this is hard to believe...."


Realization, understanding, and sadness....

"As I threw the flowers up to you, I remembered you preferred white roses." Liz watching in disbelief as it happened.

"Things between us are about to change...grow deeper. We become inseparable, nothing comes between us again...until...."

Liz's whispered reply, "The end of the world..."

"I need you to help me fall out of love with you...."


Heartache and the loss of hope......

Max going up the balcony, finding Liz and Kyle in bed together....

"I've fought a thousand battles....but watching you so that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do...."

Liz's desperate speech...."Don't you know what you are to me....and you're always gonna be? You're the love of my life. Everyone else is gonna be second best. There'll never be another you..."

"I want my wedding dance...."


Anger and loniness....

Watching all her friends judge her for crimes she never commited, and was in no way able to defend herself.


Shock, disbelief...

Liz realating to the new girl in town's sadness...

"You're the one...."~ the blonde girl "To each generation a slayer is born. One girl in all the world with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and forces of darkness....She is the slayer.."


Liz's final acceptance, and a renewed sense of purpose...

A man, but not a man, being held by the blonde girl. Liz thrusting, what looked like a wooden stake, into the man's heart. An ungodly scream, then him exploding into dust.

"Not bad....slayer." The blonde girl says to Liz with a smile on her face.

Liz was caught up in her own flashes. Max going to the park, after seeing her and Kyle. Talking to Tess, but wishing she was Liz. The feelings overwhelmed her. Max's devistation, disbelief, greif, anger, loss, understanding, forgivness, and finally a tiny ray of hope. The flashes weren't important to her at the moment, pictures meant nothing to her. The feelings were....were intense, making her realize that she had been so wrong in her handling of things.

Max was done, the connection broken. She never even worried about what he had seen. At that point, it really didn't seem that important. She had come to a decision. Buffy's words floated hauntingly though her mind....LIFE IS SHORT.

Feeling ashamed and alone, Liz's gaze fell on Max's sheets. She began to draw little symbol's on them, questions running through her mind. Had she handled the situation all wrong? Yes. Was she being a total biznatch to the people she loved most in the world? Yes. Did she still love Max? Yes, a thousand times, YES. Could she change her path, and with it the destiny of the world? Maybe. Would she try? Definitely. That's when it hit her. Max's words from so long ago, it almost felt like a lifetime. 'We make our own destiny.' It was time to take control of hers. She had been just as horrible to them as they were to her, would they ever forgive her? She hoped so. She would spend a lifetime trying to make it up to them, but it was a task she would do over and over again, if that meant that they would be back in her life.

First and foremost was Max. He didn't have to heal her. In her heart she had been afraid that he wouldn't. But she knew him well enough that he would never let anyone suffer needlessly, that wasn't his nature. Any other person, who had been that hurt, would have turned their tormentor away. But not Max...A tear of gratitude slipped down her cheek, falling onto the mattress.

Max saw the tear, worrying that she still was in pain. "Liz what's wrong? Are you hurt somewhere else? I didn't even check the rest of you. Lay back and I'll start."

"No, I'm not in pain Max. I'm all better, promise." Keeping her gaze locked on the bed sheets.

"Then what is it Liz? You can tell me anything. What's wrong?"

Everything!! She wanted to scream, but knew that it would only alarm Max. All these secrets were slowing killing her inside. But those days would soon be at an end by the time she was done. She would make sure of it. Raising her head, she gave Max a sweet kiss. Gentle and undemanding. Then she pulled away. "Max, thank you for doing that. I know that you didn't have to, but you did anyway. For me. You have such a good heart, especially after the way I've been acting towards you. I really didn't deserve it, and that's what makes you so special. That's why I love you."

Max had tears in his own eyes, "Liz..."

"Max, shhh," placing a single finger against his lips. "Let me finish. What I did the other night in when you came to my room, was uneccessary. I was angry at all of you, and I still am a little, but that gave me no right to take it out on you. I shouldn't have kissed you in anger. You deserve better than that. You've made mistakes, so have I. Please just give me a few days. I promise to tell you everything.... everyone everything."

"I would give you till the end of time, Liz. Of course, I'll wait. I trust you." Max's kind words were rewarded with a quick hug, and then she was gone. Maybe now they could sort out all the problems that affected them all. He was ready to be the man Liz needed him to be.

He thought about the flashes, but they had come so fast, he only retained some impressions. He couldn't make heads or tails of them. He was exhausted, healing Liz had taken alot out of him. He reached over, turning off his lamp. Laying down, he smiled. Two things rang true in his mind as he drifted to sleep. One, Liz never had slept with Kyle. For reasons, unknown she had lied about it. Two whatever Liz had to tell him was really, really big.....

(Let me know what you think. I know that it seems like Liz is taking the brunt of the guilt, but don't worry, there's plenty to go 'round. The guys aren't gonna get off the hook that easy.)*big*

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Just a quick note to Kintzi_Killer. I just wanted to let you know that after re-reading my story, I knew that Liz was acting like a little snatch. But if you stop and think that not only once, but twice, she had the fate of the world on her shoulders, she kinda cracked. Her support system (I.e. her closest friends) was ripped away for things she had no way of defending herself against, she took it out on the people she cared about the most. Goes back to the saying 'you always hurt the ones you love'. Hence the little sabatical she went on. (She was getting a little to angry..LOL) I had decided that she was going to be on the road of forgivness, hence the obi-one speech. But your critism of the whole thing made it clear that it was the right path. They are stronger together, as a group not torn apart. I always hated that about the show, that they always had to chip at their friendship. Anyway I'm glad you liked the part. Please continue with the F/B!!*big* It's much appreciated!

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*A/N*- I know that everyone is curious to cell phone guy and the guy on the phone, it will be explained a little bit from now. There are other things we need to get done first. Then I will focus more on the next phase of the story, and where the title came from. Please behr with me!!! Thanks for reading, and pppplllleeeeaaassseee continue....

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Dedicated to: ofwolfandman408, roswell_lover_buffy, Tanky, Wild_child_uk, Babee_Imajyn (x3), angeleyes, Kzinti_killer, Gerry Carr, Cglenn (x2).

Chapter 15*~*~

Liz tapped the pen absent mindly against her chin. She had so many things to say, she had no clue where to begin. The journal sat in front of her, the blank page waiting to be written on. It was early morning. She had decided that since now her nights were pretty full, that it needed some time of the day for herself. Mornings just seemed to be the only option.

Looking at the page once again, she sighed. Today was the day she was going to inform Emma of her plans. Visibly cringing at the prospect, she just knew that it was going to lead to a fight. Flipping back to the front of the book she re-read some of her previous entries. She liked to go back, and get her thought from previous experiences. It always was good to know feelings from the past, it helped her shape her future.

Sept. 23-
.....I could feel everthing that he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness. For the first time I was really seeing Max Evans, I saw him as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful....

Sept. 27-
.....Ever since I found out about Max and Michael and Isabel, I've been thinking a lot about secrets. That for everyone who has a secret, there's someone else who needs to know what that secret is. How sometimes secrets keep people from feeling like they belong. And sometimes secrets make you feel like you do belong. And now even I, Liz Parker, the smallest of small town girls with the simplest of lives....even I have something to hide.

Little did I know, Liz thought to herself. She kept reading, the words taking on new meaning now.

Oct. 9-
....The tough thing about following your heart is what people forget to mention, that sometimes your heart takes you to places you shouldn't be. Places that are as scary as they are exciting and as dangerous as they are as they are alluring, and sometimes your heart takes you places that could never lead to a happy ending. And that's not even the difficult part. The difficult part is, when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown.
And once you do, you can never go back again....

Oct. 9-
It's funny how the world changes sometimes, how the streets you walked on your entire life seem darker, colder. How the silence isn't so quiet anymore...How the walk home every night is no longer routine, but a victory. And then you begin to wonder...maybe it's not the world that's changed. Maybe it's you....

No Date-
....Have you ever had a moment when you're with the one person you want to be with and the wind is blowing through your hair and that song that just describes your entire soul comes on, and then the person that you want to be with, happens to love the same song and suddenly, you realize that you're listening to it together? And no matter how crazy your life has gotten there's this one moment...this perfect moment...where you could just say that no matter what happens, nothing, nothing can take this moment away from me....

April 27-
....And there we were. All together with everything we'd all been through over the last two years. The battles we fought, the relationships we that were formed, the feelings for each other, stronger than any feelings we'd ever known could exsist....

....We try to live responsible, logical lives. But we can't tell our hearts how to feel. Sometimes our hearts can lead us to places we never thought that we wanted to go. And sometimes our hearts can be the sweetest, gentlest things we have. Sometimes our hearts can make us feel miserable, angry, excited, and confused, all at once. But at least my heart is open....I'm feeling...I'm breathing....

Flipping back to the blank page, Liz knew exactly what to write. Two simple sentences...

No more lies....No more secrets.


"It has been discovered that the park contains a nest. So, tonight you will go with Buffy, and exterminate them. I believe that you will need some assistance, since this is your first nest. Please report in tommorrow, and inform me on what took place. That will be all." Emma picking up the last of the weapons, she zipped the bag. She looked up at Liz, waiting for a response.

"Yes, I'm the Exterminator. Hasta La Vista vampires. Got it. Ummm, Emma..." Liz nervously tucked her hair behind her ear, chewing on her bottom lip.

"Yes Liz?"

Just spit it out Parker. You can do it! "Can I take the cross-bow with me tonight? You know a little leverage, and all?" Way to go Braveheart.

"Yes you may. I believe that you have progressed enough. It will be a help, more than a hinderance." Emma reopened the bag, pulling out the cross-bow, and a few extra arrows. She handed them over to Liz. "Please make sure that you will be careful. Is there anything else?"

Liz took the weapon, shifting nervously from foot to foot. She saw that Emma was about to turn and leave. It's now or never, just do it already! "Emma, wait!!" Emma turned around, looking at Liz expectanly. "Ummm...there's something I need to tell you." This is soooo gonna cause some static, I know it. Just spit it out already.


"Excuse me what was that?" Emma pretty much thought she knew, but she needed to hear it again.

Liz took a deep breath, crossing her arms over her chest, she stood defiantly in the face of danger. Be brave, you're the slayer. Make your own destiny. "I said , that I'm going to tell my friends that I'm the Vampire Slayer." Liz braced herself for the impact. It never came. Where was the yelling? "Emma did you hear me? I said....."

"Yes I heard you, Liz." Compromise. Isn't that what Mr. Giles had said? Well you couldn't get more compromising than this. "I believe that you know the danger you put them in. As long as they are aware of it, I leave it completely up to you. It is, afterall, your life." With that, Emma picked up her bag, leaving a baffled Liz alone in the gym.

What the hell happened? Liz was completely lost, not that she was complaining. But that was certainly anti-climatic, she couldn't help but think. Shrugging, she just took it as a good sign. One down, two to go.


Liz stood outside of Kyle's front door. She hoped that Kyle would take this as good news. He had scraficed alot to help her. He was a true friend. She wanted him to know to, so she had come to tell him of her plan to inform the group that what they had done was a total fabrication. She knew that his life was a little more difficult, considering who he was living with. Raising her hand, she knocked on the door. Unfornately, Kyle wasn't the one who answered.

"Hey Tess. Is Kyle here?" Tess gave her a smile, that Liz couldn't help but notice it was neither genunie, or did it reach her eyes. There was something else there, she just couldn't pinpoint it. Her slayer instincts told her something was up.

"Yeah, he's in the living room." Tess opened the door wider, so Liz could step through. Remembering what Liz had done to her earlier, made her on her best behavior. Plus if she told Max that she had been rude...well, she didn't want to have to deal with that. Taking the safe route, she just turned walking out of the room to her own.

Liz stepped in the door, seeing that Kyle was watching TV. "Hey Kyle. Can we talk?"

"As long as it doesn't involve another impromtu love scene, sure. 'Cuz I don't think that my karma could handle anymore lying." Kyle scooted over on the couch, giving Liz some room. Kyle gave Liz his full attention.

"Ummm, yeah that's kinda why I'm here."

"You want to talk about my karma?"

Liz chuckled, "No. I don't want to talk about your karma, Kyle. But I do want to relieve some of your karma's burden. I want to tell the guys that we never, ya know." Liz shrugged her shoulders. "I think it's for the best." Liz nearly fell over from the force of Kyle's hug.

"Thank you, thank you Liz. Not that I minded helping you, but every time I saw the how depressed Max was, I felt like crap. Even meditating didn't seem to be helping. So I am definitely ok with this plan. Thank Buddah."

"Well I'm glad that I could make you happy. One more thing. I'm gonna ask everyone to meet at the Crash there's some stuff I need to tell you all. But I need to tell Max first. Then you'll finally know why I asked you to do, what you did to help me. Say around 5:30?" Liz figured that would give her enough time to explain things, although not in great detail, and still make the sunset deadline. It was about two hours or so before sunset. "Will you be there?"

"You bet your Buddah I will. This going to be such a relief. Maybe Tess will start talking to me again."

Liz satisfied that Kyle was going to be there, gave him one last hug, then left. Two down, one to go. She with a little bounce in her step, she started walking towards the Crash.


The Crash was fairly slow, when Liz entered. Only a few customers were sitting in the booths of the restaraunt. Liz headed directly toward the back. Maria and Michael were talking in the window. Liz gave Maria a slight tap on the shoulder, "Maria can I speak to you? Is that ok Michael?" Michael grunted, looking at Maria who gave a slight nod, he turned and left. "Maria I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for being such an ass."

Maria just looked at Liz, saying, "I think that we're both guilty in that department. I say that the past is the past. Let's move beyond that. I want my best friend back. Who else is going to listen to me about my neanderthal? AKA, Michael Guerin." Maria gave Liz a hug, knowing that she now had her best friend back.

"Maria, thank you. I've got to tell Max a few things first, then all of you something. Ok? My parents are still out of town for that convention, so could you close the Crash early, say around 5:00? I want everyone to meet here at 5:30. Could you do that for me?"

"Sure chica, no problem. There's alot that we need to catch up on to. So save some time for me later, promise?"

"Thanks Maria. I promise. As soon as I have a chance, it's gabfest 2001! I supply the ice cream." Liz gave Maria a quick hug, "I'll be back soon. I need to go and see Max." She turned, walking back towards the front door.

As she was walking towards the door, she heard a girl complaining to her parents. "I can't believe you picked here of all places. What am I going to tell my friends? We were supposed to go to the Caimens, but nooo you had to get an alien fetish. Now we're here in Roswell. Plus the fact there isn't a decent Mall around for miles. How am I going to stay so far away from shoes? I can't believe this is happening to me!" Liz looked at the girl that was complaining. She actually quite pretty. Good thing she was only a tourist, because Isabel would have a serious run for her money with this one. She looked like a brunette Isabel, with her stylish hair, great taste in fashion, and mall fetish. Liz heard her dramatic statement as she went out the door. "My social life is soooo over! I'm going to have to make something up! If any of my friends find out about this little excursion, my reputation is going to be shreds. Ohmygod, what if I don't get to May queen, or prom queen, or....." Liz didn't hear the rest as she walked towards Max's house. Three down, now only Max to go......


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Here's the next part guys, sorry for the delay....Thanks for being so patient. Just to let you guys know that I will not be killing Alex in this fic....I am a total dreamer at heart, and won't even go into the whole wrongness of them taking Alex off the show just because they didn't want to give him time off for movies....better stop, feel a rant coming on. Alex will live on in my fics, ALWAYS. Hope that it eases all of your minds!*angel* Without further ado, here's the next part! Thanks again.

Dedicated to: Tanky, roswell_lover_buffy, Babee_Imajyn (x2), hopefuldreamer, Kzinti_Killer(x2), A Rose is True Blue, Gerry Carr, Strawbehrry Shortcake.

~Chapter 16~

Liz stood in front of the Evan's door, once again letting her arm fall back to her side. What exactly was she supposed to say? How to start? 'Hey Max you thought it was wierd that you were an alien? But ya know what? Vampires and demons exsist too, and I'm the chosen one, born to fight them!' That would probably end up with him calling the local asylum for her. How about 'Remember when we watched "Interview with a Vampire" and I said that I thought Brad Pitt was hot? Well you know the funny thing is, they got it all wrong. Vampires are really ugly. I know first hand. Nope, probably won't work either. And what about the whole future Max thing, the possiblities were endless on how she could screw this thing up....Oh come on Parker, this is Max.....he'll understand, he has to, this is now you're life. Don't think too much, just wing it. Here goes. Liz raised her hand once again, this time ready to knock. Only the door opened before she could do so. "Hey Isabel is Max home?"

Isabel looked at Liz up and down, nailing the perfect ice-princess look. Pasting a smile on her face that didn't quite reach her eyes, she replied, "Yeah he's up in his room. Go on up, I'm on my way out. Later."

As Isabel brushed past her, Liz hurriedly asked her, "Isabel everyone's meeting at the Crash at about 5:30, could you come? There are some things that I need to tell you guys." Isabel just nodded, continuing on her way out the door. Well I'm all warm and fuzzy inside from that welcome. Liz immeadiately chaisted herself for her thoughts. It wasn't like any of them had been saints recently, anyway.

Liz mentally steeled herself for the conversation to come, as she climbed the stairs. Every step she took, the butterflies in her stomach seemed to get wilder. Finally reaching the door, she raised her hand to knock. After putting her hand back down to her side, she waited.

Max was suprised when the knock sounded on his bedroom door. At first he thought it was Tess, but after reaching the door, he knew who was on the other side. There was only one person in the world that made his tummy rumble in her presence. She said to give her a couple of days of space, to tell what was going on that beautiful head of hers, but it had only been one. Opening the door with a smile on his face, he said, "Hey Liz, come in."

Liz looked around the room, her gaze falling on a picture on top of the night stand. Walking over, she picked it up revently. Tenderness filled her features, tears pooling her brown eyes, at the picture of her and Max sitting together on a rock in the desert, smiling into one another's eyes. It was a picture Maria had taken, reminding her of simpler times. Ones before destiny, future Max, Skins....times where it was just her and Max and a dozen of dreams of being together happily ever after. But life isn't a fairytale is it? Nothing turns out like you want it to. She set the picture back down on the night stand, and sat on the bed. She was a little shocked that Max still had the picture of the two of them together in such a place of importance, after everything that had happened between them. Max's soft voice brought her back to the present.

"Just because you stopped loving me, doesn't mean that I ever stopped loving you Liz." Max had picked up on her train of thought through their connection. He needed to get the words out, without sounding condescending or hateful. He walked over to the bed, sitting next to her. "You'll always be the love of my life. No one will ever be you." Seeing that his words were penetrating the wall she had built around herself, he leaned forward, closing his eyes, doing what he had been dreaming about for months. He kissed her....with all the longing and passion he still felt for her......


Buffy looked at Willow, so happy that once again she was ok. Willow was snuggled next to Oz, Buffy just watched the happy couple with a pang of envy. She looked at Xander, only to see a flash of sadness cross his features also. She knew that even as strange as it was to think about, he was missing Cordy at the moment. Yep, Cordy was definiately the strangest part of the group at the moment. Well if you didn't count the werewolf, witch, and the chosen one. Ok maybe strangest was too strong of a term. "So what do you guys think of Liz?", Buffy asked leaping onto another train of thought.

Willow snuggled a little against Oz, "I like her, she seems really nice. Although I wonder why she doesn't seem to have a lot of friends. She's a really nice person."

"I don't know what's going on, I think that she has her own secrets. She's not one to overshare. But then again who doesn't, right? But all in all I think that she's going to be a great slayer. She has a really good heart." Buffy said.

Willow nodded her head, "Yeah I can see it in her aura, she has a kind, loving, loyal, heart, but she is plaqued by some inner turmoil. I can see it on the outside of her aura, just on the edges." Buffy, Xander, and Oz just stared at Willow, who in turn blushed to the top of her hairline. "Okay. So I've expanded a little on my studies. I thought that I was ready."

Buffy shifted uncomfortably. If Willow could see all that with Liz, then what could she tell about her? "Soooo..."Buffy tried to test the waters, without giving away too much, "what other new tricks did you learn? Can you read minds? See people's past, future? What?"

Willow gave Buffy a soft smile, "I can't read minds, just their emotions. Everyone's secrets are from me." She looked Buffy in the eye, mentally telling her that she knew Buffy would share her secrets about what happened with Angel when she was ready. "So when are we supposed to meet Liz at her parents restaurant?"

Xander was the one to answer the question, "She said around 5:30 or so. The real question is what do we do til then?"

"I say we window shop, and see some of the sights that Liz pointed out. I just know that if we asked Giles what to do, the word training is going to come into the conversation somewhere. I say we go out and do some shopping." Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, getting up at the same time, ready to find some adventure in the little town of Roswell, of course during the daylight.


Walking down the streets of Roswell, the group found the quaint. Where Sunnydale was dark, Roswell was light. Where the air was under lying feeling was evil in the hellmouth, there was peace. The people of Roswell might have thought that the lack of excitment as boring, but to the jaded eyes of the group, it was perfect for now. But in the back of their minds, they wondered how long it would retain it's innocence from dark forces.

Buffy and the group continued on their impromtu tour, laughing at Xander as he was telling them that he wanted to be a Klingon if they were there for the Crash of '47 festival. Walking backwards, he kept telling them that they weren't stopping until he had all the postcards in Roswell, so he could start his own collection. He had decided that aliens would be a great new hobby. Demons, vampires, why not aliens. He was so intent on telling him about his plans, that he didn't watch where he was going, running smack into someone.

Xander quickly turned around to help the person up, "Oh god, I'm so....."

"Hello? Walk much!? Invest in an optomistrist why don't you?!" The dark haired girl said with disgust, slapping away Xander's hand. "Why I am I not in the Bahamas?"

Xander whispered, "Cordelia?", meeting the soft brown eyes that he had dreaming about all summer.


As soon as Max's lips touch hers, she knew that she was lost. Every good intention that she had, flew right out the window. Nothing mattered more at the moment than the feel of his lips pressing against hers, his hands sending shivers up her spine. The connection they shared was wide open. Tears sprang to her eyes as the feeling of longing, and desperation hit like a hammer. Tears soon turned to moans, as she felt Max's hands traveling over her breasts. The passion was ignited now, months of seperation tugged them closer and closer to the edge. Being in Max's arms again, having him love her, she forgot the things that needed to be said. "Oh Max...." She felt his tounge licking, then sucking on the sensitive spot of her neck, under her ear.

Max was lost. He knew that Liz had come to tell him something important, he had only meant to give her a small kiss. But the absence of Liz in his life made the connection flare to life with an unknown intensity. He couldn't get enough, it made all his good intentions fly right out the window. Her pleasure was his pleasure, and vice versa. His hands ran down her sides, grabbing her hips. Running his hand back up, he began to gently rub the front of her breasts. When he heard her moan, he knew that he should stop before things really got out of control. Then she put her arms around him, raking her nails down his back, he let out a moan of his own. "God Liz!" Just a little longer. I've missed her so much. I need to fill the emptiness that was inside me, then I'll stop. Yeah, just a little longer.

Their souls began to intertwine with each other, soaring to heights that were indescrible. It feeling of love flowing freely between the two. Passion igniting just beneath the surface of pain. Hands caressing, tounges dueling, lips exploring, each touch taking them to new heights of ectasy. Both were lost in each other, neither of them noticed the time.....

(I won't go so long this time with no update, PROMISE!!)

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I'm so glad that everyone is enjoying this fic. You're f/b means so much to me!!! And it makes me write so much faster!! *big*

Dedicated to: Angeleyes, roswell_lover_buffy, pandas2001, Eternal_Dreamer, Asabetha, Strawbehrry Shortcake, Cglenn, Tanky(x2), Kzinti_Killer. Always, let me know what you think!! The good, bad, the ugly!! LOL....

~Chapter 17~

Max couldn't get enough. Liz was in his arms. Her body writhing in pleasure underneath him. Her moans. He pulled her tighter, closer, he couldn't seem to get close enough. The impromtu make out session, was slowly becoming something more all together. Their once slow loving movements, were now frenzied....urgent. His whole body was on fire, with every little moan Liz let out the flames grew higher. Licking him....tempting him....sorching him. But what a way to burn. His hands travled over her breasts once again. His breath came in ragged gasps of pleasure.

Liz unsatisfied with the feel of frabric as a barrier between her and Max, pushed him away. Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, she tugged it over head, flinging it to the floor, along with her bra. Laying back down, she was a little shy. What if he didn't like that she was so small? The she saw Max's eyes flame with passion and love. He just sat there, looking at her half clothed body. He seemed to be just drinking her in, they had never gone this far before. The heat of his gaze set the fire in her belly to grow stronger, then he licked his lips. She couldn't help but wonder what those lips would feel against her naked skin. "Please Max, touch me..." She watched as Max lowered his head, gently running his tounge over her nipple. Liz let out a gasp of pleasure. She intertwined her hands in his hair, pulling him closer. She felt his teeth lightly graze the under side of her breast, then kissing, and sucking to ease the nip. His other hand was kneading her breast, rubbing...squeezing. She unconsciously raised her hips to meet his, knowing that only he could put out the fire that they had both started. She tugged at Max's shirt, pulling it off, needing to feel his skin against hers. When he laid back down on top of her she let out a little gasp at the first contact.

Max knew that he should stop, things were getting out of control. They had both left that train station a long time ago. Control had flown right out the window, right along with all his good intentions. But this was Liz, the love of his life, he didn't want to do anything that she wasn't ready for. His hand grazed her stomach, resting at the top of her jeans, he stopped. The question and naked desire in his eyess, "Liz?..."

Liz looked at Max through her passion induced haze. There was one moment of uncertainy, then she her heart answered for her. This was Max her soulmate, her only love, her other half, "Please Max....touch me, I need you to touch me...."


"Cordelia? What are you doing in Roswell?" Xander asked as they all made their way to the Crashdown, for the meeting that Liz had said she wanted them to support her at. She had said something about being her back up, in case they tried to haul her away for the looney bin. Whatever that meant. He turned his focus back to Cordy.

"My parents are planning my social demise." Cordy said her voice dripping with sarcasm, then she grabbed a hold of Xander's hand, suprising him, "They all of a sudden got a totally crazy interest in aliens! Can you believe it!? I should be tanning in the Camiens right now with an umbrella drink, or getting a massage or something! But noooo , I'm stuck here, with....with all this crazy UFO stuff!" She swept her arms around in a grand gesture, "Like aliens really exsist!!" Then she stopped walking to address them all. "You CAN NOT tell anyone I was here! I mean I'm already on the social down whril, hanging with you guys and all. This would put me with Joey Moldy!" Cordy had a horrified look on her pretty face.

"Aahh, my Cordy, so full of tact. Always having your priorities in order. No wonder we missed you." Xander said as he put his arm around her. They continued on towards the Crashdown.

Buffy just rolled her eyes, thinking how scary it was that she had used to be just like Cordy. Willow let out a giggle when Buffy replied, "Don't worry Cordelia, you're secrets safe with us." Finally reaching the Crashdown, the knocked on the front door, after finding that it had been locked already. The petite blonde girl that Liz had said was Maria opened the door.

"Hey, sorry but were closed early today, due to inventory. Come back tommorrow, we'll be open at our normal time." Maria recognized the group, but had no idea what they were doing here.

"Uh....Liz told us to meet her here." Willow said looking at the pretty blonde girl.

"Oh in that case, come in. Although she isn't here yet. I'm Maria." Maria stepped back, allowing the group to pass.

"What the hell are they doing here?" Michael glared at the new people coming into the restaurant.

"Calm down Captain America, Liz invited them," Maria glared at Michael's rudeness. Then turning back to the group she put an aplogetic smile on her face, "Mr. Manners over there is Michael. He's actually a big teddy bear in disguse."

"Yeah, whatever. I'm going in back to change." With one last glare, Michael headed in back to take off his apron.

"Yep, a man of many words too. Why don't you guys take a seat. You already know Alex right?" The group nodded their heads, "Great, I'm to take off my stylin' uniform, and change into normal people clothes. You guys can help yourselves to something to drink, I'll be back."

Buffy and the scoobies took a seat in a booth across from Alex, Isabel, and Tess. Kyle sat in a booth by himself. Glancing over occasionally, neither group made the effort to break the awarkward silence. Both groups sat in silence, including Kyle. Where the heck was Liz?

Willow glanced one more time at the group across the way. There was something off about them. Well not all of them, only two. The one she had met, Alex, and the other blonde girl with the short curly hair. She didn't know her name, but there was something strange there. Not that the colors of the two blondes auras weren't strange enough, but the smaller blondes seemed to be bleeding into Alex's aura. Like the two auras were connected some how, and the smaller blonde's was trying to overpower Alex's. Maybe she was wrong, but then Alex got up to walk over to them. There it was again. As Alex walked away from her, the colors of her aura surrounding him became brighter. They weren't his colors, they were hers. Willow had never seen anything thing like that before. What the was going on here? She looked at the small blonde girl. There was nothing giving her away on her face.

"Hey guys, remember me? We met before." Alex looked at the group, wanting to end some of the tension.

"Yeah, you're Alex right?" Willow asked him, her eyes unable to leave the sight of his aura.

"That's right. You're Willow," he said, "Buffy, Oz, Xander, and I don't think that I've meet you before. I'm Alex, and you're?" Alex held out his hand.

"Stuck in this one horse town because of my parents." Cordelia said, "Actually I'm Cordelia."

"Or Queen C, as we afffectionately refer to her." Xander said with a smirk. "Only she's usually not around when we do so." Cordelia shot him a glare.

"Let me introduce you guys. You already met Maria and Michael, this is Isabel, Tess, and Kyle. Kyle why are you sitting by yourself? Get over here man." Kyle walked over, as did Tess and Isabel. "This is Buffy, Willow, Xander, Oz, and Cordelia."

Man, Buffy's hot. Kyle swept them a bow, saying "Ladies.." Buffy cracked a smile, Willow blushed, and Cordelia just nodded her head, like men always bowed to her. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Isabel looked the group over, sizing them up. They didn't seem so bad. Her gaze fell on Cordelia, "I love your purse! It's Prada, right?"

"Of course! I can't believe I found someone with actual fashion knowledge in this town," Cordy said completely impressed.

Tess looked at the one called Willow. She was staring at her strangely, like she knew something. But how could she? She'd never met her before. There was something in her eyes that made Tess uncomfortable....wisdom. Like she knew things that made her wiser beyond her tender years. Tess shook of the feeling, it was just her imagination. Right?

Just then Maria and Michael came in through the back door. Looking around Michael said, "Where the hell is Maxwell?"

Maria slapped him on the arm, "Could you not?" Looking around herself she said, "Where the hell is Liz?"

Then the group of podsters all looked at each other rolling their collective eyes, all except Tess. They knew if that they were both MIA that could only mean one thing. Max and Liz were together.....


Liz felt Max's hand travel downward, unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. He ran his fingers along the edge of her panties, she thought that she's died and gone to heaven. His hands were magic, travelling lower to the dampness that lay between her legs. He found the nub, applying gentle pressure, he began to rub. Liz raised her hips, arching into his touch. Moans escaped her lips, "Maaaxxxx....oh.....max." There was something there just beyond her grasp, and she knew that Max was the only one that could help her. "Please....Maxxx...I want....I want.." Her voice was failing her, the pressure was building...building. Electricity was filling her entire being, every part of her body tingling with new sensations. She kept reaching for the unknown, knowing that it lay almost in her grasp...

Max watched Liz with hooded eyes. With their connection so bare, he knew exactly how much pressure, and the rhythm that would drive to the brink. Her pleasure was infusing with his own. He was sure that his pleasure was also heigtening hers as well. Their connection ensuring that they were no longer two souls, but one joined together, lost in ectasy. Max put a finger in her tight passage, feeling reach her pinacle as he did so, her muscles clenching his finger tightly. Watching her expression as she reached the peak of ectasy, made him fall right over the edge with her. "Maxxxxxx....." Liz screamed. "Ohhh...LLLizzzz..." Max screamed in unison. Then they both collasped into boneless heaps on the bed.

After their breathing had returned to normal, Liz let out a little giggle. Max looked up at her with one eye, "What's so funny?"

"If it's this good before, what's it gonna be like when we actually make love?" That thought got Liz all heated again. She saw Max's gaze also heat up at the thought, as he stared at her still naked upper half.

Max skimmed over her breasts again, "You wanna find out?" Where had that come from? He was getting a little bold. She arched her back into his touch, tossing her head to the side. Then she let out a shocked gasp. "What's wrong Liz?" He had felt her worry.

"Oh my god Max, it's 6:45! We have to go! I told everyone to meet us at the Crash over a hour ago! We have to go!! Crap!!" Liz leapt up, grabbing her shirt off the floor. "Where the hell is my bra? Max have you seen my...." Liz looked up to see Max twirling the object of her quest from his finger.

"Looking for this?" Max asked with a michevious gleam in his eye. Liz tried to grab for it, but he just raised higher so it was out of her reach.

"Max give it! We have to go," Liz said reaching for it again.

"The ransom is a kiss." Max laughed as he held it out of her reach once again.

"Max if I kiss you will you promise to give it over?"

"Promise." Liz leaned up, placing a kiss on his lips. Max dropped the bra to wrap his arms around Liz. Then she pulled away.

"Let's go loverboy. You're driving." Liz put on her clothing, and Max followed her out the door.


The group talked about their home towns. Favorite things, both skirting around main secrets neither wanted to let them in on. Even the friendliness in the room, couldn't hide the unseen tension. Both trying carefully not to let anything slip.

When The Podsters realized that Max and Liz were together, Maria had been the one to say, "Guess we're in for the long haul kiddies. We might as well make ourselves comfortable." Then she had started up a converstion with both groups.

Buffy liked Liz's friends, glad that she seemed to have a great few. She was getting antsy, dark was coming. She could feel the darkness pressing down on her. She looked again outside. It's wasn't that she couldn't handle the nest by herself, she just wanted to Liz to get the practice in. She sighed, then she noticed that a jeep pulled up front. Thank God!

Liz and Max came rushing into the Crashdown. "I am so sorry! Max and I were talking, and lost track of the time."

"Yeah, right talking." Maria said with suspicion in her eyes. She saw Max blush, and knew the truth. But there was also a tell tale sign, "Hey chica could you come in the back with me?"

Liz, a little confused, "Ummm....okay." Liz followed Maria into the back. Walking by Buffy who was stifling a giggle. Reaching the back she turned to Maria, "What?"

Maria rolled her eyes, "Girlfriend, your shirt's on backwards....."


(Next part, the secret's out!! Be back soon!!*big*)

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Ok guys let me know what you think of the next part! All f/b is greatly appreciated!! I'm so glad that you all are enjoying the lighter (ok so grayer side) of this story. Just to foreworn you though we still have a prophecy to deal with!*wink*

Dedicated to: Asabetha, Kintzi_Killer, Strawbehrry Shortcake, roswell_lover_buffy, Tanky (x3), A Rose is True Blue (x2), Conacher, Babee_Imajyn (x2), pandas2001, iceprincess4ever (the last part of the challenge will be soon, have no fear, I haven't forgotten!), rainrose.

~Chapter 18~

Maria couldn't help it. She tried to give her best mom look, but seeing Liz's eyes go wide, the red start at the base of her neck, creeping upwards....well let's just say laughter had been imenent. Slapping a hand over her mouth, grabbing her sides, the laughter came pouring forth. The look on Liz's face was priceless....pure mortification.

Liz covered her face with her hands, as she listened to Maria's snickers. "Oh my God!! Oh my god, oh my...." Liz kept repeating the same words over and over like her very own mantra. Then she began to look around at the floor.

"What's up chica? What are you looking for?" Maria voice still held some amusement as she looked at her best friend.

"The hole!"

"What hole?" Maria was now very baffled.

"Ya know the hole!! " Liz threw her hands back over her face,"The one that's supposed to open up and swallow you before you die of embarrassment!!" How in the heck was she supposed to go back out there now? How in the world did Max not notice that her shirt had been on backwards, anyway? Damn that Max!

"Ohhhhh.... that hole. Well I think it's only kind of a metaphor, sweetie. Don't worry I don't think anyone noticed but me." Just then they both heard a shout out in the front, 'Way to go Maxwell!!' and what sounded like a slap on the back. Great way to be subtle Michael. She heard Liz groan once again, "Look it happens to the best of us. It can't be any worse then anyone knowing you and Max go into the eraser room, right?"

"THEY KNOW ABOUT THE ERASER ROOM TOO?!" Liz was going to die of embarrassment, she just knew it! How many times could a human being blush? Wouldn't your face explode from all the heat? "Ok I can handle this! I'll just go to my room and change. Then when I come back down, no one will remember....yeah, that's a good plan... I'll just...."

Maria watched as Liz kept mumbling something about her outfit, and damn Max as she was walking up the stairs. Maria just shook her head at her friend, walking back out the doors to join the others.

Maria found Michael still slapping a blushing Maxwell on the back. The only one who seemed to be the wiser about the whole shirt situation was Buffy, who was still shaking her head and laughing to herself. Maria liked Buffy, but she was also good, at least she thought, at reading people. Buffy seemed to be a little sad. Not I'm having a bad hair day, my shoes suck, sad, more like she had just lost her soulmate, sad. There was light in her eyes, but it was a little dim. Well that just wouldn't do, now would it? But first things first, mission one, to rescue poor Max. She walked over to the two guys, "So Spaceboy, are you done ribbing his royal highness or what? I think that he might explode from all the embarasssment you're causing. Lay off." With that she pulled Michael away, heading towards Buffy. Before she could reach her, Liz walked back into the front, sporting a sexy new outfit.

Max saw Liz come back into the front. His breath caught in his throat at the sight before him. Liz looked beautiful, no that didn't even describe the way she looked to him at this moment in time. Sharing what they had earlier, only made him want her all the more right now. His eyes locked with hers, drawn by the force that was his Liz, he headed towards her.

Willow watched as Liz and the guy Max, locked gazes. It was a beautiful thing to behold, especially for someone who had never seen it before. It was magic, but more than that. There aura was shared, not overpowering each other, but more like complenting each other, sharing in the specialness that was the other, on word came to mind......soulmates. Something that was so right, it actually brought tears to your eyes, being allowed to see it, but at the same time, you felt like you intruding on something so personal, you felt guilty. She had only seen that with two other people. Angel and Buffy. The girl named Maria brought the group, who was also staring at the couple in complete fascination, back to reality.

"Don't worry, you get used to it after awhile. Believe me." Maria had to chuckle at the groups reaction to Max and Liz.

Liz walked towards Max, already locked in those soulful amber eyes of his. He stopped just a breath away from her. Leaning closer to her he whispered for her ears only, "You look beautiful, I can't wait to take that off of you." Liz felt his words light the fire in her blood, turning her insides to mush. She wanted to feel his lips one more time, before she headed out into the darkness that was now her life. She never knew when one kiss might be her last.

Just as he placed his lips against hers, a voice broke the silence, "Hey love birds, time for the lovey-dovey stuff later. Talk now." Michael had seen and found out enough for one day. Now thinking about it more, there are just some images that you shouldn't have about your friends.

"Oh yeah 'the talk'." Liz came back to the present. Taking Max's hand in her own for support, she headed over to her friends. Sitting down, she contemplated on how to begin. Crap! She hadn't even told Max yet! Oh well she was sure that he would understand, considering what they had been busy doing instead of her telling him the 'news'.

Buffy walked over to her friend. She knew that this had to be hard on her, but time was becoming of the essence. Some things were just better said without to much thinking. Laying a comforting hand on Liz's shoulder, she simply said, "It's ok Liz. Just say it, it'll be easier that way. Remember me and the scoobies are here for you." Looking in Liz's eyes, she sent Liz an encouraging look, "They'll understand Liz, they all love you."

Max heard Buffy's words of encouragement, and became worried. What the hell was she talking about? She made it sound like Liz was dying? That was not an option! He wanted needed answers. He looked at Liz, "Liz? Liz, what's going on?" He felt her squeeze his hand.

Liz at her friends surrounding her. Maria, so bubbly and full of life, the one person whole stopped her from getting to serious. Micheal, his tentive friendship, so rough on the outside, but inside insecure and protective of those he cared about most. Isabel, the ice queen, but beneath it all, a person so loyal you were proud to call her your friend. Kyle, loyal and steadfast in his own way. Tess, well, she didn't know about her. She seemed so lost, but at the same time something else was going on with her that Liz couldn't pinpoint either. And last but not least, Alex....wise, loyal, and the other musketeer...beneath his humor was a loyal, wise friend, sometimes that was under estimated. Her friends. They would understand and support her, her heart knew it.

"Liz sweetie we don't have a lot of time." Buffy tried to be encouraging, but at the same time destiny called. Welcome to the life of a slayer.

Liz took a deep breath and began, "I want you guys to listen and then I'll answer your questions. But you have to let me get it all out first ok?" Everyone nodded in agreement. "So here goes. I'm a Vampire Slayer." Michael started laughing and the others had indulgent smiles on their faces. "Seriously. I know that you don't think that vampires really exsist. But it's true it's my destiny. Buffy is one too. It goes 'In every generation a slayer is born. One girl in all the world. A chosen one. One born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, demons and forces of darkness to stop the spread of evil.' I know that it's hard to believe, but so are some other things in our lives, right?" Liz looked around the room, at the disbelieving faces.

"Ooookkkkaaaayyyy. Liz are you feeling alright? I mean, are you sick? Not mental, I mean, stressed, ya know?" Maria looked at Max for help. Her friend believed she was a vampire slayer? She was not going to let anyone stick her best friend in an insane asylum! Max could talk some sense into her.

Max looked at Liz. He didn't think she was lying, maybe just a little stressed. He reverted to what they both did best, logic. "Liz if there is only one. How come Buffy's one too? It doesn't make any sense."

Liz knew that she was running out of time. The sun was getting lower in the sky. This was going to be the hard part of the conversation, the part she dreaded. "Well, the thing is Buffy died, and was brought back. Then another slayer died. And then viola, enter Liz Parker the newest slayer." Max looked shocked at her non-chalance at the statement she had just made.

"Liz exactly how old were all these slayers when they...uhh...passed on?" Max wanted to know.

"I was 16 at the time." Buffy looked at Max in the eye, knowing what he was thinking. This was the hardest part for the people you cared about to accept. That on a nightly basis there might be a chance that it could be your last. "Kendra was 16 also. She was the slayer before Liz."

Liz was 17, did that mean that she was going to die? No that was not an option! He wouldn't let it be. "Well you'll just have to stop! I told you we make our own destiny."

Liz looked at Max in the eye and then at all her friends. Acceptance now resgistering in their features. "Guys I'm not planning on dying any time soon, so don't worry. I want you to know that Buffy and my watcher have trained me well. There's no stopping Max. There's no choice. It's my duty. I'm sorry, this is who I am now, you'll just have to accept that." Liz looked out the window. Time was up. Time to go out into the night. "I know that you guys have a billion more questions. And we have a billion more things to talk about, but the sun is setting, it's time for me to go to work." Liz kissed Max on the cheek, getting up, heading for the door. She saw her group of friends start to follow her. "Where in the hell do you guys think you're going?"

"Where your friends Liz. I'm not saying that I believe you or not. But if vampires really do exsist, we're going to help you. We're a team." This surprisingly came from Isabel. Liz was shocked.

"That's really swe..." Liz started but was interrupted by Buffy.

"No time Liz. Willow, Oz, Xander, Cordelia, you know the ropes. Keep them safe. Agreed?" The scoobies nodded their heads, "Stay out of Liz's way, got it? One distraction and she could be dead." Liz looked at each of Liz's friends in turn, then grabbed Liz, heading into the night.

They all reached the park without incident. Stopping at the edge, Liz dropped the bag she had been carrying, pulling out the crossbow and extra arrows. The group was a little impressed with the weaponry. Michael even muttered the word, "cool." While Kyle tried to reach for it. Liz slapped his hands away, shaking her head.

Kissing Max on the cheek, she whispered, "Don't worry Max, first rule of slaying, DON'T DIE. Be safe for me. Take care of them for me guys." Then she ran and caught up with Buffy.

"Alex should we be worried?" Maria looked at one calm Alex, "Why aren't you worried?!"

"Hey, think about it. Czechs? Why not vampires? I'm open." Alex laughed at the disgruntled Maria, and the confused faces of Buffy's friends at the mention of Czechs.

They all watched as the sun set, and the air around them seemed to change. The girls shivered and leaned closer to the boys next to them. The boys seemed to notice the difference also, wrapping a protective around them. Max stood alone, his love preparing to fight. Then to their amazement they watched Liz load a bow into her weapon, ready to fight. A group of about ten teenagers walked toward Buffy and Liz. They looked normal to the group, so they didn't expect the words that Cordelia said next. "Here we go guys. Take these." She handed them a couple of crosses, and some holy water. Oz, Xander and Willow all had stakes in their hands. The group watched as all the teenagers faces morphed into something completely demonistic, and unnatural.

The vamps were getting closer. She knew that they were vampires before they ever transformed. Inside their normal exterior, laid a demonized being. Liz saw them stop and recognition cross their features.

"SLAYERS!!" They spat the word as if it left a bad taste in their fanged mouths.

"Ugly." Liz answered in reply. She saw him tranform, and knew that the fight was on. She aimed her bow and let it fly. It hit it's target head on, the unnatural scream pierced the night as it exploded into dust. One down, nine to go, or so she thought. Just then about five more vamps came out of the shadows. Great, just great, she thought.

Tess' eyes went round at the person exploded into dust. Maria screamed, and Isabel just let out an "Oh my god!" Max, Alex, Kyle, and Michael all took up protective stances in front of the girls.

They watched as Liz shot two more arrows, making the things exploded into dust. Liz fired some more, only to have missed the vamps as they leaped out of the way. Throwing the crossbow to the ground, she pulled a wooden stake out of the back of her jeans, and started to fight hand to hand. Jumping, kicking, and punching with deadly precision. They all watched in awe as she flipped, rolled, and leap with a deadly grace that left them all breatless. Liz was taking on four vamps by herself, Buffy another four.

Max's whole body screamed for him to run and help Liz. But Buffy's ominous words came back to haunt him, so he kept himself in check. She watched his girlfriend take the wooden stake, ramming through another vampires heart. He heard the unnatural scream, watching as it exploded into dust. .

He was so intent on watching Liz's deadly beauty in front of him, he never noticed that the other group was fighting their own fight, until he heard one of the girls scream from behind him. Turning he saw the vampires, with the face of a demon, walking towards them. The girls held up their crosses, which made the cringe back in fear. Turning to the front, he saw the Buffy's group had one of the vamps trapped, in the process of trying to stake him. The other lost interest, turning towards them. Another came, fleeing his fight with Liz. They were surrounded. He looked at Michael, at a loss at what to do. He could raise his shield, but then Buffy's friends didn't know their secret. Michael could blast them, but the previous also applied, the same with Isabel setting them on fire. "Tess," Max said in a low voice, "try and mind warp them." He saw her slight nod, then close her eyes....

Liz finished staking another vampire, when she heard the yell. It was Max. She saw that they were completely surrounded. "NOOOO!!!" Liz raced towards them shoving the last vamp out of her way. She watched in horror as the vamp reached for Max, sinking his fangs into his neck. Then all of a sudden he stopped, turning he spit the blood onto the ground, tossing Max in the process.

Buffy had looked at the spot where she had left her friends, when she heard the scream. Then another vamp caught her off guard, punching her in the face. She responed with a roundhouse kick. Just before she turned her full intention back on the three reamaining vamps, she saw a vampire bite on of Liz's friends, then spit out the blood. What the hell? Trying to stake and run, she wanted to get to her own friends, to help them with their fight. Once again her attention was consumed. "First rule Liz!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, "DON'T DIE!!"

Liz faintly heard Buffy, but her attention was on the blood sucking scum attacking her friends. She saw one try and reach for Maria. She felt the engery building inside her, rasing her hand as she ran, she let it go. An electrical engery crackled over her skin, as the energy was released. To her amazement, the vamp was thrown away. Finally reaching her friends, she kicked the remaining three away from them. Taking up a protective stance in front of them, she said, "You can try to bite, me, kick my ass, whatever! But DON'T you DARE mess with my boyfriend, or my friends. By the time I'm done with you, you aren't going to fit into an ashtray!" The three attacked as a unit, and once again the energy built, tossing them away. She knew now that Max had changed her also. Hell, she was an alien slayer. Her self reflection didn't last long, but neither did the vamps. Anger spurred her on, making her faster, deadlier. In no time flat, she staked the reamaining vampires. Seeing that Buffy was also staking her last, as was the scoobies, she rushed over to a shocked Max.

He was standing on wobbly legs. Both from the shock of seeing Liz fight, and being bitten. He saw Liz rush over, and put on a shaky smile. "You looked beautiful." Liz held him up, but now he knew where all that extra strength came from. His Liz was special, then again she always had been.

Looking around at her friends, Michael was actually the one that summed up the whole night, "Holy Shit, Maxwell!!!"

The man melted back into the shadows. Flipping open his cell phone, dialing a number, he said, "It is comfirmed. Liz Parker is the one." He hurried away to make his report. Time to let his superior know, it had begun.....

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Dedicated to: Tanky (x2), Kintzi_Killer, Hawk, Asabetha, roswell_lover_buffy, Strawbehhry Shortcake, Eternal_Dreamer, Katmacken… Leave me some love and let me know what you think!

A/N: Please note the letter at the top of the chapter, this is only the first part. I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging between me working and trying to complete this long chapter. This is just the tip of the iceberg…Thanks, me.

~ Chapter 19 A ~

"Well I do believe that was the understatement of the millennium, there Spaceboy," Maria said as she rolled her eyes. She began patting down her pockets of her coat and jeans, "Where the hell is my cedar oil when I need it?!"

Liz looked around at the others, seeing that they were all in a state of similar shock. Hell, she was in shock over what had just taken place. Knowing that shock was a normal thing, she turned her attention back to Max. He also seemed to be reeling over the events of the night, but she was unsure if the glazed look in his eyes was from the loss of blood or the later. His hand was covering the wound on his neck, where he had been bitten. "Max? Max, are you okay?"

"Yeah I’m fine, I think," he made an attempt to move closer to her, only to find that his head started to reel, and his steps faltered. Liz wrapped her arms around him before he fell. Looking up a little embarrassed, "Guess I’m slightly light headed."

Liz gave him an exasperated look, "Well, duh. I think you lost some blood, buddy." Moving her arms to secure him a better, she softened her look, "It’s all right, I won’t let you fall." Her sentence could have a thousand meanings, but that was left for later reflection. "Hey, Buffy could you help me out here?" Liz shouted over her shoulder.

Buffy checked on her friends, glancing over at Liz as she made her request, "Coming,." Buffy made her way over, wrapping a gentle arm around Max’s other side. Max was once again amazed at the strength of these two petite women holding him up. It simply left him in awe.

As they slowly made their way back to the Crash, Max dozens of questions running through his mind, all unanswered. Like had he seen Liz use other wordly powers, as in alien? How much had her new friends seen of that? Now that she had this destiny, fate, whatever, that she couldn’t deny, how were they supposed to help her? Were they supposed to help her? He didn’t know all the rules to this whole thing yet. Would the group freak out because of the fact that they might be more and more in the spotlight? He didn’t care, would they though? Finally the two questions he dreaded. One, how did all those other slayers die at such a young age? And if that was the plan for Liz, how did they stop it? So many questions swam in his mind, but the answers eluded him.

The selfish part of him wanted to scream at her to stop. Stop putting her life on the line for strangers she had never met. That together they would be able to think of way to do this without her constantly being in danger. But he knew Liz. She would always put others before herself, hadn’t she done that very thing for them hundreds of times already? It was an unrealistic thought. A trait about her that made him love her all the more. He knew the reason she had been chosen the slayer…a ‘Guardian Angel’, to the world so to speak, Liz had enough love for the world as a whole to want to protect it. A love that require nothing in return…unconditional love. She had loved him the same way, no strings, no requirements, regardless of the danger, standing by him. She had found room in her heart for all of them, helping them in more ways than one to find themselves and live. He could do no less for her. He loved her, always…


When they finally reached the Crash, Liz and Buffy helped Max into a booth. Buffy then excused herself to use the restroom. Buffy entered the restroom, closing and locking the door behind her. Splashing cold water on her face, she tried to sort all the things she had seen tonight. Why had that vamp spit out Max’s blood? The last time she had seen something like that, the whole swim team had turned in to Creatures from The Black Lagoon. Next how did Liz manage to throw those vamps off without even touching them?

Staring into the mirror in front of her, the questions still riffled through her mind. She let out a gasp as an image started to form behind her. It was slow to take shape, but when it did she whirled around to look behind her. Nothing. Turning back to the mirror, she once again looked into the mirror at where he stood. Just as handsome as the day she killed him, sending him to hell.

"Angel?" She whispered. She was afraid that if she was too loud, she would wake herself from the dream she was experiencing. Tears silently slipped down her cheeks as she reached a tentative, shaky hand to the mirror, touching the image there. Angel reached out her hand towards hers, trying to make contact with her through the glass. His lips were moving, but not a sound came from them. Afraid to speak, Buffy continued just to watch, caressing the glass with her fingertips. The image began to blur as Angel looked behind him at something. The look in his eyes became sad, and frantic. Looking back one last time before he disappeared from sight, Buffy read his lips at the last words, ‘ I Love You.’ Buffy frantically clawed at the mirror, the tears falling faster and harder now, begging the image the to stay. But her pleas fell on deaf ears, as the image faded away before her eyes. Buffy willed the image to return, but nothing happened. "Don’t leave me….I love you…." The only image in the mirror now, was that of a broken hearted slayer that had answered to call of her destiny. "I’m so sorry…." The sudden anger took her by surprise, fueling her regret. Taking her fist, she slammed it into the mirror, shattering it into a million pieces.* Just like what’s left of my heart.* Not feeling the pain or noticing the blood running from her broken hand, Buffy fell to her knees. Collapsing on the floor, she cried. Her whole shook with the force of her despair… a broken world of her own creation….


The podsters sat in the booth next to Max. They were all still in a state of shock. They all had seen Liz’s alien tendencies, and were worried at how much the other group had seen. On the other hand they didn’t know how Liz felt about her newly acquired ‘gifts’, either. But no one wanted to bring it up until they were all alone.

Liz was sitting next to Max, his head resting on her shoulder. He was unable to heal himself on the account that the other group had seen him get bitten. Liz placed a gentle kiss on his forehead, then looked around at the rest of the group. "So how are you guys holding up?" Liz saw that Michael had a protective arm around Maria, the same with Alex and Isabel. Amazingly enough also Kyle and Tess. *Hmmmm….there was something going on there, the real question was what?*

"I can’t believe….I mean could our lives get any weirder?" Maria calmed herself down before she went off on one of her famous ‘Maria tirades’. Taking a deep breath, she asked, "How’s Max?"

Liz looked down at the man next to her, "Fine, I hope. He’s just wiped." Liz placed another gentle kiss on his head. She just couldn’t seem to get close enough now that she had him back. Looking over at Isabel and Alex, she asked, "How about you guys?"

Isabel let out a sigh, "Well I can’t say that I’m not in shock, boarding on total denial. But I know that I saw it and I want to help."


"Why can’t my life be normal at all? Full of parties, chicks, and football? Instead I get, FBI, vampires, and aliens, oh my!" Kyle removed his arm from around Tess, placing his head in his hands instead. "You’re my friend first and foremost Liz, no matter how crazy it is. I’m in."

Tess mumbled something under her breath. It sounded something like following orders. Michael shot a glare in her direction, knowing that she was assuming that Maxwell would all tell them they had no choice, but was going to order them to help. "We are ALL your friends Liz. No orders needed. You’ve always been there for us, now it’s just time to return the favor." Still eyeing Tess, she wisely remained silent. Michael glanced over at Max and could have swore he saw him smirk. Faker…


Willow looked over at Oz, then back to the group across the restaurant. They were all in a mild state of shock she knew, she had been them. But she had a few questions of her own. "Did you guys see what Liz did?"

"Yeah, I think we all saw it. The question is what the heck was it? What exactly did we see?" Xander asked.

"Don’t know" came from Oz.

"Helpful, Chatty Cathy. Well my question is how come that vamp passed up a free happy meal? I mean we haven’t seen that since the swim team turned into ‘Charlie The Tuna’ wanna be’s. Do you think that Max is on the swim team?" Cordelia put in as she looked at her fingernails. A look of horror crossed her features. "Oh my god! I broke a nail! Look at this! Where am I going to get a decent manicure in this one horse town?!"

Willow listened with half an ear at Cordelia’s tirade on the dangers of helping the slayer. Then it suddenly dawned on her that Buffy was taking a long time in the restroom. She silently scooted her way out of the booth, and headed towards the restroom.


Buffy didn’t know how long she had been sitting on the floor of restroom, she had completely lost track of time, crying for all her broken dreams. Mentally steeling herself, she wiped the last of her tears away with her good hand. Squaring her shoulders, she rose to her feet. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she knew that was no way she was going to be able to hide the fact she had given in to her despair. Wincing, she scowled at her now broken hand. Just call me self-destruct girl.

A light knock brought her back to the matter at hand. It was Willow. "Buffy are you okay?" She sounded a little worried to Buffy’s ears.

"Yeah, Will I’m fine. I’ll be out in a sec." Buffy put on her best cheerful voice.

"Oh…okay," Willow sounded a little unconvinced. "Are you sure you’re okay?"

"Yep." Just peachy, she added silently. She finally heard Willow sigh, then head back into the front. Splashing some cold water on her face, Buffy knew that it was as good as it was going to get. Placing the injured arm to her front, she opened the bathroom door. Glancing back she decided she’s have to apologize to Liz about the mirror, and pay her back for it. Feeling the throbbing in her hand as she way to the front, she just knew Giles was going to be pissed. How was she supposed to slay now?

As she reentered the front she heard Willow gasp. At the sound both groups turned to look at her in unison. Willow rushed over to help Buffy to a booth, searching her face for any clue to what had happened. She noticed that Buffy was unable to meet her gaze. "Buffy, it looks broken."

Buffy just looked at the floor when she said with a smile, "I fought the mirror and the mirror won."

"Oh Buffy," Willow’s voic reflected sadness. Here her friend was in pain, emotional hell, and there was nothing she could do about it. With all her magical abilities, she was still completely helpless. "Come on let’s get that cleaned up." Willow would be there the only way she could now, support….


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As she reentered the front she heard Willow gasp. At the sound both groups turned to look at her in unison. Willow rushed over to help Buffy to a booth, searching her face for any clue to what had happened. She noticed that Buffy was unable to meet her gaze. "Buffy, it looks broken."

Buffy just looked at the floor when she said with a smile, "I fought the mirror and the mirror won."

"Oh Buffy," Willow’s voice reflected sadness. Here her friend was in pain, emotional hell, and there was nothing she could do about it. With all her magical abilities, she was still completely helpless. "Come on let’s get that cleaned up." Willow would be there the only way she could now, support….


Buffy watched as Willow gently applied the antiseptic to her wounds. "Buffy I just wish that you would confide in me. I know that there’s something wrong." Willow let out a frustrated sigh, raising her eyes to Buffy’s face. But Buffy just stared off into space, silent…not making any attempt to explain her depression or her previous actions to Willow.

No one noticed when Liz woke Max up from a sound sleep, and ushered the rest of the group into the back room of the kitchen. Looking around her, she sat down on the back couch nervously chewing on her bottom lip, she looked up at Max and said, "Max I think that you should heal Buffy."

"WHAT?!", came from the group in unison, Michael being the one especially loud.

Michael looked at Liz as if she had sprouted another head, "Liz are you crazy? Take a hard hit to the head out there? Max maybe you should check her."

Liz shot Michael the evil eye, effectively telling him to shut up. Then looking at Max she silently dared him to do what Michael asked. Max wisely just raised an eyebrow waiting for Liz to explain further. "Look I know that you all think that it’s a big risk. But I think that they need to know. We can trust them, I KNOW it. I can feel it. Plus for some reason I think that it would be better to get it out in the open. Plus the fact that it was Buffy helping me through all this, I need her…" Liz paused hoping that her little speech was gaining the ground that she needed. "I know this would be a big step. But it’s the right one, I just know it. Please just trust me."

Michael looked as if he was about to protest when a soft voice stopped him. Isabel knew that consequences of what Liz was asking, but said quietly, "I trust you Liz," taking a deep breath she continued, "I didn’t agree when Max told you our secret, thinking that all humans were the same. Shunning what was different. But telling you was the best decision he ever made. If you trust them Liz, then that’s enough for me." Isabel turned to bury her head in the crook of Alex’s shoulder.

Michael was waging an internal war with himself. On one hand he agreed with Isabel, by telling Liz, Max had brought joy to all of their lives. Even if his was a little pain in the butt named Maria. But in the end their human friends were the ones to make them realize that they were human too. On the other hand, he, Max, Isabel, and Tess, were all used to hiding. Fearing what would happen if the outside world knew. Look at what the FBI had done to Max. That was two years ago, and Max still didn’t talk about it. The warrior inside of him wanted to keep all of them safe….the fewer who knew, the better. But the human inside knew that Liz would never knowingly put them all in danger. What was he supposed to do? Looking down at Maria, as if she had all the answers, he saw the look in her eyes. They seemed to say ‘Please Michael, do it for Liz.’ Michael was still undecided, so he simply put in, "I say let’s put it to a vote."

Max nodded in agreement. It sounded like a fair deal to him. "Aliens only or everyone?"

This time Liz spoke up, "I think it’s an alien vote. It would affect you all, and should be your decision."

Max nodded his head once again in agreement. His decision was already made. He trusted Liz’s judgment. It was more than the love that he felt for her, although he’d do it just because she asked, he respected her thoughts and judgments as a person also. If she thought that it would be a good idea to tell the newcomers, well, he’d trust that too. "Well then let’s vote. All in favor, raise your hand." Max raised his hand, as did Isabel. Michael looked down at Maria, then raised his hand also. "All opposed." Tess didn’t raise her hand at all. "Tess aren’t you gonna vote?"

"What’s the point? You guys have already decided anyway. I think that it’s a stupid idea, but whatever. Tell. Who cares anyway?" Tess crossed her arms in front of herself defiantly. She knew that she was right, what did her opinion amount to anyway? Squat, that’s what. They all had someone, Michael had Maria, Isabel had Alex, and her illustrious ex-former-husband-in-a-previous-lifetime Max had Miss-do-gooder-now-I’m-a-slayer-look-at-me Liz. Tess felt the familiar anger lick at her insides. What did she care anyway? She had her own plans. She felt Kyle place his hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her frustration. Then she felt something foreign….guilt. Guilt…heavy, thick and suffocating, because of her actions and her thoughts. Not something that Nascedo has taught her. What the hell?

Max shook his head at Tess’ indifference at the situation. It seemed like sometimes she did things that refused to acknowledge her human side or be part of the group. True that they all had mixed feelings about her, but in the end they were all the same. Stuck in the ‘Alien Abyss’, as Maria would say. "Well I guess that’s decided. Let’s go heal our new friend."

They group walked out quietly, watching the scene in front of them. Willow was squatting in front of her, gently applying a cloth on her wounds. Buffy was shaking her head at something that Willow was saying. Willow looked over at Liz for help, "Liz will you tell Buffy that it’s broken, and we need to get her to the hospital?"

"No way Will. Do you remember the last time I was in the hospital? Mr. I’m A Demon, come kick my ass guy? Besides the fact that I can’t go two rounds with a fruit fly right now, I hate hospitals! Liz don’t ever go to a hospital now! They ask to many questions. In case I forgot to mention, one of your new super hero powers is Lightening Speed healing." This received rolled eyes of everyone in the Scooby group. Buffy knew that she was babbling, but it was taking her mind off the pain in her hand. "Okay, well maybe not lightening, but definitely speedy. The doctors get all confused, and want to run all kinds of tests and stuff. Just remember this…Hospitals-Bad….Band-aides-Good. Especially the ones with Scooby Doo on them."

Liz started laughing at Buffy’s babbling, she was really on a roll. "I think that this going to need a lot more than a band-aide, Buffy. But I don’t think that you need to go to the hospital. Max?"

Willow looked at Liz questioningly. She didn’t know what was going on, but she thought that Liz would back her up on this. She was still standing in front of Buffy when Max approached. There was something in his quiet authority that made her move aside. He held himself…well, almost with regal bearing. What was up with that? She watched in fascination as Max placed Buffy’s injured hand in between both of his, as it started to glow a soft white, surrounding Buffy’s hand.

Max didn’t need to make a mental connection with Buffy to heal the damage in her hand. The damage wasn’t life threatening enough. He found the damage, a snapped wrist, and a couple of broken fingers. He was amazed to find that the bones had already begun to heal naturally, mending the breaks with a unnatural speed, without any prompting on his part. Amazing. This decided it, no more doctor visits for Liz. He just aided the bones in their healing process, pushing them to go a little faster. Once he was done, he released her hand. He watched as the amazement registered over Buffy’s features, and she began flexing her hand, testing the new found wholeness.

"But….what…How?" Buffy couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. She was dumbfounded, she had no clue at what had just taken place. All she had felt was a warm tingly feeling, like her hand had fallen asleep or something, then viola, her hand was all better.

Max just smiled and moved closer to Liz. He saw the pride in her eyes at his alien abilities, and once again wondered how he could he have gotten so lucky to find her? The thing that he thought made him a freak, unwanted, in her eyes made him loved and special. She loved him in spite of them, because of them. The love he saw in those chocolate eyes humbled him, and he had to drop his eyes to the floor. A slow blush creeping up his neck.

"Well we decided that we, especially me, need Buffy. So Max healed her," said Liz.

"Healed her how?" Xander asked.

"Well….It’s gonna be hard to believe, but you have to swear that you’ll never tell anyone! Swear?" Liz looked at the group before her, knowing that she could trust them.

"SWEAR!!" They all said at the same time. They were all extremely curious to know what had just happened, and why three of Liz’s friends looked like they wanted to scream for the hills.

"Ummm…Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess are aliens." Liz waited for their reactions. Either they would be Maria, and run screaming to the next state, or be Alex and laugh right in her face. The question was which one? Suprisingly enough they were neither.

Oz was the first one to speak. "Cool."

"That’s all you guys have to say? I just told you that aliens really do exist, and all you can say is ‘cool’? That’s it?" Liz was astounded. What was with the whole anti-clamticness going on lately, anyway? First Emma, now the Scoobies. She at least expected one laugh or something!

"It’s not like that it’s all that unbelievable Liz. I mean if you would have told me that Sunnydale was overrun with Vampires and Demons last year I would have gave you the name of my therapist. But after everything that I’ve seen…well let them tell you. Guys don’t you think it’s time to share too?" Cordy looked at the group. They all knew what she was talking about.

The Pod Squad and their human counterparts all listened as a morbid roll call began in front of them. Willow tentatively raised her hand, "I’m a witch." Next was Oz, "Werewolf." Then Buffy, "Born Again Slayer." Then Xander, "Got possesed by a hyena’s spirit, but let’s not go there." Then Cordy, "Almost got turned into Jo-Jo the Dog faced boy by a girl who was invisible because she wasn’t popular."

"Okay Maxwell, I think that they have us beat on the weirdness scale." Michael said after all the confessions.

"Ummm..Oz?" Maria looked at him a little hesitantly.

"Yeah." Oz looked at the petite blonde.

"You’ve had all your shots, right?" At that the whole group was burst into laughter. "What guys I’m serious! I mean what about rabies? Or…or distemper? What if he bites us? Oh God!! You don’t bite do you? Oil…OIL!" Maria began patting herself down, "Where the hell’s my oil?"

Michael reached into his pocket, glad that he had decided to stick an extra oil in there for Maria, he thrust it at her. He started staring at Willow, she returned the look as if to say ‘what?’ "Where is the broomstick, long nose, and pointed hat?"

"Where’s the green skin, antannae, and three fingers?" Willow sassed back.

"Well I want to know how you guys know that you are aliens?" Xander asked.

Max grabbed Liz’s hand, drawing on her strength, he was still pretty shy. King or no King. But embarrassed by the actions of his two friends, even though it was kina expected, he spoke up for the group. "You all remember the Crash of ’47 right? Well it really happened. We were aboard the ship, in incubation pods."

"I knew it! I knew it! The alien conspiracy thing was true, and the government covered it up! I can’t beli…" Xander rambled on excitedly, then was kicked from underneath the table.

"Talk less…Listen more," whispered Buffy.

"Well we uhhh….I guess the word is hatched. No that sounds gross…we uhh…" Max was extremely uncomfortable being the center of attention. He looked down at Liz, silently asking for help.

Liz smiled and continued for him, "They broke out of their pods looking like normal six year olds. They were then later adopted, Max and Isabel that is, then they found Michael later on, and Tess came to town about a year and a half ago. You can’t tell anyone because the FBI would love to get their collective hands on them to perform tests, if you know what I mean. Their lives are now in your hands." Liz looked at each in the eye, telling them the importance of the situation, and the trust the group now place in them, echoing the words that Max had said so many years ago. "Any other questions?"

"Well how old are you now? I mean according to your parents and stuff?" Buffy asked.

"We’re all 17." Answered Isabel.

"I wanna see what you all can do! Or at least can you tell us?", asked Willow who thought this was the most interesting thing she had heard in awhile. The schoolgirl in her was excited that she had come across a new discovery, even if she could never tell anybody.

"They all seemed to have powers that are unique to them, and some that are shared." Liz stated, the scientist in her coming out. Max just squeezed her hand, looking at her with pride. "Max as you know can heal, and has an energy shield. Isabel can dreamwalk, that is going into people’s dreams and seeing what’s there, and start fires, kinda like pyrokenesis. Tess can mind-warp, where she can go into people’s minds and either make them see things that aren’t there, or change their memories. Michael…well Michael blows things up." Liz ended with a smirk, which got her a glare from Michael. "They each have the ability to change molecular structure, and telekinesis, the ability to move things with their minds. You guys want to show them?" Liz looked at Max and her friends with pride. She was proud that they were so special, and took pride in them as her friends.

Isabel walked over to the table, Alex in tow, raising her hand she made a chair levitate off the floor, and slide across the room. Michael walked over to the table, with Maria in tow, waving his hand in front of a ketchup bottle, he changed it into mustard, and then back again.

Walking over also, Max grabbed a napkin off the table, placing it in his hands, they once again began to glow. Where the napkin had been, was now a perfect white rose and a yellow one. Handing the white one to Liz, he walked over to Buffy, giving her the yellow one. Looking down at the floor when he was the tears well up in her eyes, as she whispered, "thank you." He returned to Liz’s side.

Liz looked over at Tess, "Don’t you want to show them something, Tess?"

Tess glared at Liz, "No. Do you want a dollar per trick? It’s like we’re you very own freak show or something. Did you start charging an admittance fee yet?"

Max started forward, planning to defend Liz. But Liz held him back with a gentle hand on his arm, this fight was between her and Tess. "Tess…it’s not like that! I’m proud that you guys can do what you do! You are NOT freaks! I’m sorry if I made you fe…" Liz tried to get out before she was ruthlessly cut off by Tess.

"Save it for someone who gives a crap Liz! Whatever, I’m going home. See you in the morning." Tess turned to leave, but Kyle stopped her.

"That was unfair of you Tess. Liz has done nothing of the sort to any of you and you know it. She has been there for you, accepted you, protected you, destiny crap and all. She’s never asked for anything in return, only to be your friend, and this is how you treat her. I’m disappointed in you Tess." Kyle finished quietly. "I’ll drive you home. See you tomorrow guys." Kyle turned, walking out the door.

Watching Kyle walk out the door, the familiar pang hit Tess again…Guilt and shame. She knew that what Kyle had said was true, and the human side of her didn’t know where the words had come from, they had just spewed forth unchecked by her brain. But the human side of her was weak, wasn’t it? That’s what Nascedo had taught her. The only important thing was getting home. Wasn’t it? But looking at the other three, she began to sense that their human side made them stronger it seemed. That wasn’t possible, was it? She was confused. The group and their friends, especially Kyle, were starting to shake the foundation of her very beliefs. She needed time to think. Not knowing what else to do, she slowly turned, walking out the door to follow Kyle.

After she had left, Xander tried to break the new found tension. "Who spit in her Wheaties this morning?" The remark got a few half-hearted chuckles from the two groups.

"I think that the word you’re looking for is….Anyway," said Cordy. "I for one am glad that you guys being aliens is a relief. At least now we know that the reason the vamp spit out your blood, Max, is because of that, and not because you’re a part of the swim team."

"What?" Maria asked completely confused. "Vampires don’t like swim team members? Should I go out for the swim team?"

"I for one am not going to put on a pair of speedos, no matter what the danger is!" Alex said horrified.

"Why not? Xander did." Willow said teasing her best friend.

"Seriously, the swim team was sniffing fish steroids back home, and turned into the
‘Creatures from the Blue Lagoon’. Just another day in what’s affectionately known as the ‘Hellmouth’." Buffy explained.

"Black Lagoon! Black Lagoon, Buffy. The ‘Blue Lagoon’ had Brooke Shields in it remember? Gaw, the ‘Creatures from the Black Lagoon’ is a classic! How do you keep mixing them up?" Xander threw up his hands in exasperation.

"Yeah I know that one. It’s a classic. So your guy’s swim team turned into…." A thoughtful expression crossed his features, "ummm…ewww…that’s really gross!"

"Yeah tell us about it! They were the only team worth cheering for! Then one day..poof! Charlie the Tuna! It totally sucked." Cordy put in.

"I have a great idea guys!" Maria jumped excitedly, "why don’t we all go camping tomorrow? You know like a bonding thing?"

Both groups nodded in agreement, with some reluctance from Cordelia. She couldn’t imagine roughing it, but she finally gave in, wanting to get away from her parents for awhile. It was decided, camping it was.

Liz brushed her hair back into the ponytail, placing the familiar antannae on her head. Today was the day that her parents were coming back into town, so could now leave the Crash at night. They had all decided after last nights revelations they would all go camping Frasier Woods after tonight’s patrol. Alone under the stars with Max, and waking up next to him was a good plan to her. So now she was off to work, then to training, then to patrolling, then to camping. Man her day was full, what was it going to be like when school started, she thought with a shudder.

Liz smiled as she entered the Crash. Maria was in her uniform too, already waiting on a table, and Michael was in the back cooking. It was nice for a change to have the work environment relaxed, and not laced with unspoken tension. Looking over at Max’s booth she saw that it was now occupied by two extra chairs and five extra people. She made her way over. Leaning down she placed a kiss on his lips. "Good morning Max. Hmmm…I think that I need another one." She placed another kiss on his lips. "Hey guys."

"Nice of you to notice us little people too, there Liz." Kyle said jokingly.

"Shut up Valenti!" Liz shot back. "Where’s Alex?"

Isabel was the one to answer, "I called his house and his mom said that he was still sleeping."

"What?! It’s like 11 in the morning." A worried look flashed in Liz’s eyes. Max put a reassuring arm around her waist from his position in the booth. "Well maybe he has been up extra late the last couple of days. But at least he’s going with us tonight. I have to go get started, I talk to you guys later." Liz gave Max one last kiss. This one lingering, making promises of later without words. "We still have a lot to discuss."

Max sat smiling like a besotted fool, with a huge smile on his face, before he realized that Buffy was saying something to him.

"Earth to Max…Hellllloooo, Max. You there?" Buffy waved her hand in front of Liz’s boyfriend’s face. "Is he always this bad?"

"Yeah like you were any better after Angel kissed you! I mean you would…umph." An elbow in the side stopped Xander mid-sentence. "Oh God Buffy! I’m sorry! I …."

"It’s okay Xan. Really. I think that I’m gonna go for a walk though." Buffy excused her way out of the booth, and walked out the door.

"Way to go Mr. Full of Tact. Nice way not to bring up bad memories!" Cordy hit Xander on the arm, rolling her eyes. "It’s not like it’s not bad enough we sent the love of her life to hell more than likely. Not that he wasn’t a deranged psycho killer, that happened to be a vampire, who lost his soul because….umph" Xander clamped his hand over Cordy’s mouth, knowing no other way to make her stop.

"Never mind Cordy, she just forgot her medication this morning." Willow said, shooting a look at Cordy that said ‘just go with it’. Cordy glared at her friends as she nodded her head yes. "So are you gonna go with us to watch Liz train?" Willow tried to change the subject.

Max noticed the change in subject, but made no comment. If they wanted him to know, they would tell him. "Yeah, sounds interesting. I’ll get to meet her..what’s it called again?"

"Watcher, her watcher. Sounds kinda creepy to me," said Isabel. "Someone watching. To watch, to spy. Kinda gives me the shivers. But it’ll be cool to see what Liz can do." They group then dispersed, agreeing to meet later on at the gym at the school.


Willow left her friends to explore the town with Max and Isabel, to look for Buffy. She had a few thoughts of her own. There were some things that she was told last night that bothered her. Like Tess’ ability to do something close to mind control. How dangerous was that? She knew that Tess was keeping secrets, even from her friends, she could feel it. Did that explain the colors she saw in Alex and Tess’ auras? She didn’t know, but she planned on finding out, even if she had to do a few more protection spells to do it.

She found Buffy in the park, slowly swinging back and forth. Quietly walking up to her, not disrupt her thoughts, she sat on the swing next to her. After a few minutes of silence, Willow looked at Buffy saying softly, "You know that you can tell me anything."

"I know Will," Buffy let out a sigh, "it’s just really painful is all."

"They say ‘that a problem shared, is a load lessened’. Why let me take some of your load for you?"

"I wish it were that easy Will. I just don’t…"

"It’s as easy, or as hard as you want it to be, Buffy." Willow said sympathetically. "What ever it is, I’ll understand. You’re my best friend Buffy, I love you. Let me help you. Just start with what happened that night."

Buffy took a deep breath, looking off into the distance. Maybe Will was right. Maybe if she told somebody, anybody, she could get rid of some of the guilt eating away at her. Maybe it would help her cope having someone to confide in. So Buffy relieved some of the burden that laid heavily on her soul. "That night I went to the mansion to rescue Giles. I was so angry at what Angelus had done to…to…everyone. But a part of me wanted Angel to come back. I know that it was wrong to feel that way, but I did."

"Buffy it wasn’t wrong of you to feel that…"

"Please Will let me finish, I have to do this. I loved him. But I told myself over and over that this was no longer my Angel, but Angelus. A monster, a demon with the face of my love. I let my anger spur me on, not really thinking, just reacting. The slayer in full force." Buffy gave a bitter laugh. "Xander got Giles out of there, but in the fight with the other vamps, I never saw Angelus pull the sword from the Cathla. Then we started fighting. He was so cruel, and heartless, I never thought that he could be that way…Then we fought our way back to the Cathla. We only fought for about five minutes, but it felt like a lifetime to me. He was standing in front of the Cathla, when…when something happened to him. There was this flash in his eyes, and then suddenly it wasn’t Angelus anymore, it was Angel. My Angel. He didn’t remember anything that he’d done, he was so confused. Your spell had worked Will, but to late." Buffy started sobbing, trying to get the rest of the story out. "I looked behind him, and the vortex was opening. I would have gladly welcomed the end of the world in Angel’s arms, but loved you all too much to do that. So I chose my destiny over Angel. I kissed him good-bye, told him I loved him, then asked him to close his eyes. Then I….I…I" Buffy put her face in her hands trying to control her crying, "I rammed the sword through him…I killed him…Sent him straight to hell. I killed him! I killed Angel, NOT Angelus. I killed him, Will. I killed him!" Buffy leaned over into Willow’s waiting arms, crying for all her lost dreams, and cursing her fate.

Willow sat in shocked silence at Buffy’s heartbroken confession. She had done all that? Sacrificed her own love for the fate of the world? Willow couldn’t help but curse the powers that be, they kept taking from Buffy, never giving anything in return. What more could they expect before she finally broke? She couldn’t even begin to imagine what Buffy was going through. But one thing was certain. If she could pull off a major spell like that, restoring Angel’s soul, then she could do another. Come hell or high water, she would bring Angel back. It was time for Buffy to get something in return for all her sacrifice….She would do this for Buffy….

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Dedicated to:Strawbehrry Shortcake(x3), iceprincess4ever, roswell428, conachar(x2), angeleyes, Hawk(x2), katmacken, A Rose is True Blue, Cglenn, Tanky(x2)

A/N: Yes after much thinking I believe I will try to bring Angel back. I think that everyone is hoping for that, yes? Anywho...I'm going to take the Tess poll again to see if you want her redeemed or not. Let me know the crossroads will be coming up in the next part or so. Let me know what you think. FEEDBACK is a MUST!!

~Chapter 20~

She will be a slayer. Yet she will not. She will be neither human, demon nor other worldly. She will be something unique in itself. She will bear the one that will light the world. The sacrafice of love, the sacrafice of the innocent. She will bring destruction.

Agent Steven Coulter stared at the prophecy before him, willing it to explain itself. No new words came, no explaination for the things he didn't understand. His mind began to question further the 'cause' that he had been born into. He only knew the basics of the system, not high enough to know enough.

He slammed his hand down on the desk in fustration. Dammit!! She was only a kid...seventeen if he guessed from the photos right. But the facts were the facts, the call he had been dreading had come last night confirming that Liz Parker was indeed 'the one'. 'The one' that was feared by the group of fanatics, as he was coming to believe. He was losing his faith, he knew that, and that was dangerous. This wasn't the type of group you could just walk away from. You didn't leave unless it you were dead, either, naturally or otherwise. Something inside him knew that the decision he was about to make would cost him his life, but he had to try and warn her with what he knew. He had to do this before they sent the other...Before they deciphered the rest of the prophecy, and the chaos it would bring unto the earth. There was no other way.

Agent Coulter picked up the phone, "I need to make a report," he made sure his tone was as neutral as possible, hoping that they wouldn't catch on to soon.

"Yes, report," said the raspy voice on the other end of the line.

"It is still unconfirmed if Liz Parker is 'the one'. Nothing else. Further surveillence is required. That is all." He hoped silently that they would believe him.

"Is that so?," The raspy voice replied on the other side. "Are you absolutely certain?"

"Yes, as your loyal servant I am sure."

"Then it shall be so. Continue surviellence, report in next week. That is all."

The line then went dead, Agent Coulter blowing out a sigh of relief. He wasn't so sure how much time he had, but he had to get started. He went to the file cabinet in his office, and began pulling files. He needed to gather as much information as possible.


Cyrus placed the phone down on the cradle, leaning back in his chair. Placing his hands behind his head, he looked at the others in the room. The agent had lied. Of this he was certain, after the lower agent had phoned Steven, he had then called them, The Servants of Chaos.
"It seems that we have a member that has lost his faith and loyalty to us. This means that he will also lose is life." He looked at the two men in the room with him. They knew what he was asking, "Make it so."

He rose from his seat, walking around his desk as the men left his office. He knew that it would take them a couple of days to reach their destination, but they were the best at what they did, he would trust no others. Pushing a panel on the wall, it slid open to reveal a staircase. He walked through the entrance, the door closing behind him, going down the stairs to the rooms below.

Walking into the large room, he saw that several people were on computers, various books, and texts sitting front of them. He knew that they were attempting to find and decipher the rest of the prophecy. As a precaution thousands of years ago, the monks had broken up the information into various places, and things, hoping that it would never be once again found. The only ones who had the rest of the prophecy was the watcher's council, but that was unknown to most. Only a select few were aware of the three books. The one not knowing where the other was, to contain the information within. The information was lost until he his father, who had been a watcher, had found it buried in their family home. His father had then left the council to start 'The Servants of Chaos', to find the missing parts of the text. It was a prolonged process, but in the end it proved to be worth it.

"What news do you have for me?" Cyrus picked a volume, thumbing through the pages.

"We have located a few new parts, but they make no sense. We need to find some missing pieces to make them make sense." The technician said as he continued to click away on the keys of the computer.

"Very good then. But hurry time is of the essence. Don't disappoint me, you don't want to know the results of my disappointment." Saying that he put down the book, turning away. Walking towards another part of the room, he came to a small door. He opened it, stepping through.

His breath caught in his throat at the beauty that was before him. She was exquisite. Tall, shapely, sensous, beautiful....deadly. Her black hair that reached her waist glistened in the artificial light, the skin tight leather pants, and corset clung to her curves like a second skin. Her intense moss green eyes met his as she licked her ruby red lips. Her skin pale...creamy...cold. She was flawless, locked in her youth forever. She was the epitomy of sex. She oozed it out of every pour of her body. It was one of many traits that made her so deadly, so perfect...'the other'. The demonized answer to 'the one'....


The pod squad and the scoobies watched as their two friends trained in the gym. The girls had been going at it for about an hour now, impressing the hell out of the gang. The pod squad, Maria, and Alex looked on in awe at Liz's new moves and abilities. She was awesome.

Maria turned to Willow, "So exactly how do you guys help out Buffy? Any pointers you can give us for future refrence?"

"Well sometimes we go on patrol with her. When we do that of course we have stakes, crosses, holy water, and stuff." Willow replied. "Then other times we help with reasearch and stuff."

"The 'and stuff' would be more research. Lots and lots of research. Be prepared to read....ALOT. " Xander replied.

"Oh research is easy for us," Isabel joined in the converastion, "all we have to do is scan the info into our minds. It only takes a fraction of the time. Retain everything."

"Just another little alien perk." Alex said stifling a yawn with his hand. Laying back he closed his eyes, wanting to rest just for a minute.

A concerned look crossed Willow's features as she saw his breathing even out, and knew that he had fallen asleep. "Well, research is fun...."

"Warning you now that if you guys retain all that icky stuff, like pictures of demons, what they eat, how they mate....did I mention how they look?" Cordy looked at the aliens in seriousness, "Be prepared for some serious therapy. Your dreams at night will probably be so not fun."

"What is Emma making Liz do now?" Asked Max.

Emma was wrapping a blindfold over an amused Liz's eyes. She handed her a ball and told her it was time to work on her other senses. Taking away her sight would allow her to enhance other senses, in case anything happened to her in battle. She could feel Max's confusion, mentally blowing him a kiss, she turned her attention to her targets, Buffy and Emma.

"Oh yeah this is our favorite. Blindfolded dodge ball. Just watch. Liz has to use her other senses to find her targets, so she just doesn't rely on her eyes." Xander said as he leaned forward to watch.

"Begin!" They all heard Emma yell.

"I don't think that she can do it." Michael said,"But she looks pretty goofy if you ask me." Before Maria could hit him for his remark, Michael leaned away. He watched as the ball sailed past Maria, tagging Michael in the forehead. "Owww!" He caught the ball and threw it back to Liz. His eyes widened as she caught it.

"Liz you missed," Emma shook her head.

"No I didn't," came from Liz, "Yea have little faith Guerin!" Liz took up her stance again, concentrating.

"A little word of advice," Xander leaned toward Michael, "They have VERY good hearing, whisper.."

They contiued to watch for a few more hours before Emma said it was enough. The two groups came together, with a very sweaty Liz and Buffy. After deciding that they would all go patrolling together, then go camping, they made their way back to their houses. Max gave Liz a kiss, saying that he would see her in a half an hour. Willow and Oz took off for a health food store they had seen, saying there was a few books and stuff Willow needed, but would meet everyone at Liz's in a half an hour. Buffy took off for Emma's to take a shower, Xander and Cordy went to Cordy's hotel room to get her stuff. Michael and Maria declared that they would wait in the Crash for Max, not trusting him to go and get Liz himself, seeing how they might never see them again. Alex and Isabel agreed to wait with them since their stuff was already in the jeep. Everyone decided they took off in their seperate ways.


Liz scrubbed her hair with a towel, walking around in her jeans and bra. Stopping in front of the mirror, she admired her new figure. Her always flat stomach, was beginning to take on definition. Her whole body was leaner..trimmer. Looking at the time, she stopped being vain, throwing on a tank top. She grabbed her jacket, threw the last of her stuff into her overnight bag, grabbing a few new stakes also. She shoved all into her bag, not caring how it was a jumbled. Zipping the bag half way closed she ran out her door. She never saw one of the stakes fall to the floor by the foot of her bed in her hurry to meet her friends. "Bye Mom! I'll see you tomorrow!!" Liz raced down the stairs, grabbed her friends, and headed out...

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Tanky, You little mind reader, you! I working with bordersinsanity for a banner for this fic! So it should be up very soon. I will be posting the next part either tonight (late board time) or some time in the morning! Probably tonight during the Avs game though. So look for it! Love ya all! Be back!!

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Ok so the Avs made me more mad than usual last night. *Grumble, Grumble* Heard of starting the season out bad, but....C'MON ALREADY!! But anyway here's the next part, I hope you like. AS ALWAYS LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!*wink* Tess poll- 2 good & with Kyle, 0-bad, so good it is. This will be a challenge because I really never liked her character that much, so please bear with me as I muddle my way through this...LOL

**A/N: The idea for the other is totally from my twisted imagination, and completely fictious.

The facts of the characterisics of 'Elizabeth Bathory' are real. They can be found in many books, and web sites. She was the evilest woman in history, also known as the 'Bloody Countness'. It is said that Bram Stroker took some of her characteristics to use in his novel 'Dracula'.

Also there is also a character in a book called 'Tempted Champions' by Yvonne Navarro, is in no way related to mine. If you have never read this book, it is a definate must read for any true BTVS fan. (Ever wonder what would happen if a slayer became what she fought against?) The characters basis may be the same, but are completely different.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because within the next few parts, the orgin of the other will be announced...I just wanted to cover all my bases, so I couldn't be accused of the Big P word. Now with all that said, ON WITH THE SHOW!!!***

Dedicated to: Tanky*x4*, Cglenn, Lullaby*x2*, Strawbehrry Shortcake, Angeleyes, Iceprincess4ever, katalina, roswell428....You guys are the best!!

Check it out, the cool banner is by bordersinsanity. Thanks girl!!!

~Chapter 21A (<---it's gonna be long night in the woods kids, ya ready?)~

Cyrus got a hold of himself, taming the raging lust in his body. "Hello Monique, how are you my dear?" He walked over to the velvet couch in the corner, making himself comfortable. He watched as she crossed back over to the table, seemingly picking up where she had left off.

Monique picked up a pinch of bloodvain, adding it to her mixture, "Don't beat around the bush, Cyrus. You've came because the time has come for me to meet my advisary, finally," looking up from the mixture, she eyed his reaction. She knew that the day had been drawing near. Afterall, she was gifted, she was 'the other', and that was what had lead her to this moment in time. A point that she had been created for. "You are afraid that 'The One' will ruin all of our plans, correct?"

"You as perseptive as always." Cyrus stamped down the little shiver of fear that he always felt in her presence. She always knew of things before she was told, that in itself was frightening enough, but add that to the power he knew she held, it made her dangerous. That and the fact she had no soul, hence no remose. "We will be leaving for Roswell in a few days time. Please prepare all the things you will need to take with you. I will be making arragements for our stay." Cyrus watched fascinated as Monique rounded the table, and coming to straddle him on the couch.

Monique thrust her breasts in Cyrus' face, then started licking his lips while replying, "Oh, that can be arranged of course. But until then, why don't you take of a few things that I need right now..." She reached down to cup him, as a hiss esacaped his lips....


The slayers had a easy night. There were only two vamps that decided to make a nocturnal rising, only to be quickly turned to dust. The girls high fived each other, then headed back to the group of friends. The light night, in there eyes, left them lots of time for bonding, sharing stories, roasting marshmellows, and the chocolately goodness of smores. They hopped into the waiting vechiles, and headed to their funfilled night of camping.

Reaching Frasier Woods, it didn't take them long to find a nice clearing that would fit all of their tents. They all gathered a small pile of wood to start a fire, as Max and Michael went in search of more.

Buffy watched as Alex was attempting to light the campfire by rubbing two sticks together. She heard him say something to the effect of 'being a boy-scout' and 'graduating with honors' to Isabel. Which just made Isabel roll her eyes, as she continued to tap her foot with impatience. Buffy guessed that she had had enough when she saw Isabel tell Alex 'to move aside 'cuz she would freeze to death before he ever got the fire started'. He handed her his two sticks with flourish, stepping aside, with what sounded like 'as you wish princess'. That statement earned another glare from Isabel, who held out her hand for a few seconds, then a bright blaze of a warm fire took place. Wow she would never get used to this!

She walked over to where Maria was sitting, and sat down next to her, "Hey Maria can I ask you a question?"

Maria looked over at Buffy, shrugging her shoulders, "Sure fire away, girlfriend."

"Well I was just wondering why that girl Tess said all those hateful things about Liz the other night." Buffy looked around to make sure the person of their conversation was no where around. Not seeing her, she hoped that Maria would answer the question that had been on her mind for awhile about the hostility between the two young women.

"Oh yeah, well you see Tess suffers from Foot-in-mouth-disease." Maria looked at Buffy in mock sincerity, "You know the only know cure is Planting-your-foot-in-her-ass-biotics."

Buffy laughed at Maria's joke, but at the same time she was still exteremly curious. "No but seriously Maria..."

Maria shifted position on the ground, so she could face Buffy, "Seriously? It's just this whole thing. See Tess is seriously jealous of Liz. She has this whole thing for Max, and the thing this Max only has a thing for Liz. Tess just keeps missing all of the news flashes that Max will Always just want Liz. I almost feel sorry for her though, in a whole don't-talk-smack-about-my-best-friend-or-I'll-have-to-give-you-a-beat-down sorta way. I mean there was this whole destiny fiasco, which is entirely another story, and Tess was raised thinking that Max was pining away for here in Roswell for her. Then when she got here, he already had Liz, and wasn't pining away at all.' Maria turned, seeing Tess and Kyle coming to camp with an armful of wood each. "It's funny though, for awhile she seemed like she had accepted it. Then like over the last couple of weeks she's totally become a 'Queen B'. Weird." Maria watched as the girl Willow walked over to where Tess was standing, say something to her, and then walk away.

Willow decided it was time to confront Tess with what she suspected. Walking over to her she asked if they could talk for a minute, then walked a little into the woods. Finally stopping, Willow just dove in head first. "Look Tess, I may not know you that well, but there's something that I need to ask you. Is that alright?"

"Okay. What?" Tess didn't have an opinion good or bad of the little red head standing before her. What could she possibly want to know?

"Well first I don't want to accuse you of anything, but I think that you did something to Alex's mind. Is that true? Because you can do that mindwarping thing and all?" Willow saw the startled look cross Tess features, before it completely disappeared. Something was definately up.

"No, uh why would you think that?" Tess was nervous. How could this girl know, or at least suspect what she had done? If she didn't believe her, then she would have to mindwarp into forgetting too.

"I can see it in his aura, Tess. Your colors are starting to overpower his. That means whatever you've done to him is slowly draining his life force. He's dying. What did you do?" Willow had a nagging feeling that she had entered dangerous territory. She was grateful she had cast an extra strong protection spell on herself, she just hoped it was strong enough.

Tess knew what she had to do, although a part of her didn't want to. She had started to feel things that Nascedo had never taught her about, and wasn't quite sure how to handle them. They were emotions, guilt, pain, loss, happiness, anger, lonliness, hope, none of which she was prepared to cope with. Slowly closing her eyes and concentrating, she started to penetrate Willow's mind.

Tess fell to the ground as she was suddenly thrown out of Willow's mind. The image was something she had never experienced before. A warrior actually protecting Willow's mind, telling her that she didn't belong there, and forced her out. Looking up she saw that Willow was standing in front of her, anger written all over her face. Her eyes were black, no color to be seen in the moonlight. Tess began to cry at what she had just tried to do, she hadn't really wanted to do it in the first place, and in a way was glad it hadn't worked.

Willow saw the small blonde breakdown in front of her, some the anger vanished as soon as it came. She didn't know what Tess had gone through, but it was easy to tell that Tess' emtions were conflicted, confusing her in the process. Willow softened her expression, kneeling down next to Tess, putting an arm around her. "Tess, I know that you've done something to Alex. You have to tell us what so we can help him, please. I won't say anything to the others, but I'll only give you until tomorrow to tell everyone, understand? If you don't then I will. I think that it'll be better coming from you."

"Please, they'll hate even more...." Tess said brokenly, "I can't...Please, just leave me alone I need to think."

"Tess, I meant what I said. Don't make me do it." With that Willow rose to her feet, heading back to camp. Leaving a unsucessful, confused Tess to make her decision.

Walking into camp she sat down next to Oz who was dilgently roasting marshmellows. She listened as the Buffy was telling the ending of one of their many adventures.

"So Cordy breaks up with Xander on Valentine's Day, and he gets this great idea to cast a love spell on her." Buffy looked at Xander, who had the grace to look a the lovely rocks. "The only problem was that instead of making Cordy love him, he made all the other females love him instead."

"That doesn't sound so bad to me. Being loved and adored by the masses and all." Alex put in. Michael nodded, then was smacked by Maria.

"Yeah it does sound wonderful doesn't it?" Buffy said sarcastically, "'Cept for the fact that I got turned into a rat, and all the other girls went 'Basic Instinct' on him. The whole if I can't have you, then no one can sorta thing. Then he had to 'fess to Giles and Cordy to what he'd done. Not to mention the whole embarassment that my mother hit on him too." Everyone started laughing at once. The thought of Xander being the object of everyone's affection, with girls chasing after him like he was a Backstreet Boy, was just to much to handle....


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Dedicated to: Strawbehrry Shortcake, Lullaby*x2, Roswell428, Tanky, Cglenn, applebybehrlover89, BaBee_ImaJyn. Thanks you guys!! Let me know what you think!!

Just to let you know that I had this part all ready to post this morning, and my new fricken computer ate it! But here it is again!


Chapter 21B~

“Hey, I can be irresistible,” Xander said trying to defend himself.

“Yeah with a little help from the black arts,” Cordy rolled her eyes as she replied sarcastically.

“So while we’re all in share our friends worst moments mode, I have a story that you’ll love!” Liz shot a mischievous grin at Alex, who wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying. “So it’s Isabel’s birthday, and Alex had this great……”

Alex’s head popped up when he heard the words ‘birthday’ and ‘Isabel’. “Elizabeth Parker! You stop right now!” Alex looked thoroughly mortified. “Don’t bring up my whole strip tease thing! Isn’t bad enough that her mom caught me doing my little sexy dance? And how could we forget the whole g-string thing!” Alex glancing around the fire, soon realized his mistake. Silently cursing himself for saying just enough to peak their interest, he blamed Maria for infecting him with endless babbling.

“Oh no you don’t. You can’t say Alex, strip tease, and g-string all at once and not explain! It’s just not allowed, now spill!” Buffy looked at Liz expectantly.

Liz threw up her hands in surrender, “Hey I’ll leave it up to you guys. I need to go and talk to Max.” Liz stood up, holding her hand out to Max.

“Just make sure talking is all you two do!” Said Maria, before turning back to Buffy to continue where Liz had left off, “So anyway Alex though that he would….”

Max and Liz both chuckled as they heard Alex groan, and then the group breaking into hysterics. They knew how funny the story was, they had been there. It was a sight that would never be forgotten any time soon. There group of friends were unique alright, new ones included. Finding a nice little rock formation, they climbed to the top, snuggling together to gaze at the stars.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Liz said quietly.

“Yeah, but not as beautiful as you.” Max replied kissing the top of her head.

“Maxwell Evans flattery will get you no where!” Liz playfully, leaning her head against his shoulder to look up at his face.

Max gave her little-boy-pouty face, “How come? I was just telling the truth.”

“Oh that look so doesn’t work either! How long have I known you?”

Max stuck out his lip, “Not even once and awhile? C’mon it’s the best weapon in my arsenal.”

“Oh okay, well if that’s the best you got, I guess it’ll work every once in awhile,” Liz said with a laugh.

Liz stared off into the night sky once again lost in her own thoughts. She had brought Max out here to tell him of the whole ‘end of the world’ thing. But the question was how to begin? Also she couldn’t help but feel like she was somehow betraying Max with Max. Was that even possible? By telling would she make things worse? She didn’t know but she had to try. Future Max had told her too much, but not enough at the same time. Like had she had alien powers in the future? Had she been the slayer? So many answers she didn’t know, but she needed to find out. Telling the truth was supposed to be easy, so why was this so hard?

“A penny for your thoughts,” Max said giving Liz a gentle squeeze.

Well it was now or never, time to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak. She needed to get this said before she lost what little nerve she had. “Max there something I have to tell you. It’s not easy. But I want you to know that I hated lying to you.”

“Whatever it is Liz, you can tell me.”

Liz took a deep breath, “I never slept with Kyle, Max. I know that you probably don’t….”

“I know that Liz.” Max said simply.

“How? I mean….how?” Liz was confused.

“Besides the flashes you mean? I think always knew. To love is to have trust and faith. I have both in you Liz. My heart knew long before my head did though. It knew that you would never to that to me.” Max gave Liz a little kiss before continuing, “Your love is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hope that you feel the same way.” Max saw Liz nod at his statement, “Now the only question is, why did you lie?”

“Because you asked me to,” Liz whispered.

“What? Liz I never asked you to lie to me.” Max said, it was his turn to be confused.

“Yes you did. You, only not you, you from fourteen years in the future. Am I making any sense? No don’t answer that. Just let me finish.” Liz continued on hurriedly. “That night that you came to sing to me, a future version of yourself was standing on my balcony with me. I didn’t believe it at first either, but he knew things, things only you would know. Like the fact that it took you weeks to learn that song from Mr. Delgado at the hardware store. And the fact when you threw the roses up to me they were red until you remembered that I preferred white roses.”

Max thought back to that night. It was true, he had changed the roses colors, but he didn’t think that it had been noticeable as they were flying through the air. There was also the fact that he hadn’t told anyone about the singing lessons. “Liz are you sure it wasn’t a skin or something?”

“I’m sure. Like I said he knew things only you would know. Different things. He said that we ‘cemented’ things on the night of the Gomez concert. Ya know cemented?” Liz felt him nod behind her. “After that we were inseperatable It eventually drove Tess away. Then at nineteen we eloped to Las Vegas and got married in the Elvis Chapel. But in the end our love caused the end of the world.” Liz could feel the tears gathering in her eyes. “The Earth was invaved and with Tess gone you all were an incomplete unit. When Future Max came he said that Michael and Isabel had just recently died. He told me that I had to make you fall out of love with me. So when nothing else worked, I got desperate so I asked Kyle to help me. The future version of yourself knew when you were going to come up to the balcony, so we staged it, and it worked. I’ll never forget the look on your face….I’m so sorry Max. So sorry…”

Max tried to digest everything that Liz had just told him. It was a lot to take in. Shock was soon replaced with anger the more the words started to sink in. No matter what the consequences, how dare he put the fate of the world on the shoulders on a seventeen year old girl! That was just to much for anyone to bear alone. There had to be other options, “Don’t be Liz. You did what you thought was best, even if it wasn’t the best thought out plan. Why didn’t he just go to Tess?”

“He said the same thing you just did when I asked him that. He said because he had faith in me. He trusted me. He knew that I would do anything to protect all of you.” Liz answered brokenly. “What are we going to do Max?”

“Well the first thing I’m going to do is apologize to you. Even if the end of the world came, I should have never asked you to take the responsibility alone. That wasn’t fair. There were other options besides Tess. Like Michael and Isabel. They would have listened to him. At the very least brought it to all of our attention so we could come up with a plan. What he did was unfair to you. And I’m sorry.” Max hugged Liz close for all she had endured and sacrificed.

“There are things he didn’t go into detail about. Like I don’t know if I was the ‘Slayer’ in the future or if I had developed any Czechoslovakian tendencies either” Liz said against Max’s shoulder.

“I wish I knew the answers to those questions too, Liz. But the fact is that we don’t, and probably will never know. So let’s just deal with one thing at a time, okay? About your Czechoslovakian tendencies….How would you feel? Any different? Any pain or anything?” Max was a little concerned with all the changes taking place in her body. First the enhancements of being a ‘Slayer’ and now alien powers.

“No, no pain. I feel fine. Same old newly enhanced slayerish/Czechoslovakian tendencies and all. But no different.” Liz said honestly.

Max let out a pent up sigh of relief. “Well as much as I hate to say it, I think that it’s time for us to go and talk to the others.” Max got to his feet, helping Liz up to gather her in his arms. “I would rather the two of us just stay right here all night, but I think we should come with a plan and talk to Tess.” With one final kiss walked back to camp hand in hand.

Reaching the edge of the camp, they both smiled at the combined laughter of the two groups. It was great they way they seemed to all take to each other. Hating to interrupt the bonding that was going on, they knew that it had to be said and done. Settling themselves next to the fire. They got comfortable as Max tried to gain everyone’s combined attention. “Hey there are some things we need to discuss. There are some important decisions to be made.” Seeing that he had everyone’s attention, he noticed that one person was missing. “Where’s Tess? She needs to be here for this. It involves her too.”

Willow pointed to the woods where she had last left Tess, as Kyle rose to his feet, saying, “I’ll go and get her. Be right back.” Then he turned and headed into the woods.

“Tess? Tess where are you? We’re having a meeting and we need you there.” Kyle looked around but still saw no signs of Tess anywhere. “Tess?”

“They don’t need me at all,” a quiet voice from behind him said.

“Geez! Gah Tess you scared the bejezus out of me!” Kyle exclaimed as he held a hand over his racing heart. “Next time make some noise or something, please. Now what’s all this talk of we don’t need you? Of course we need you. You’re a part of our group.”

“Stop being so nice to me! I don’t deserve it. I’m completely worthless, just like Nascedo said. I don’t deserve your friendship.” Tess said as she turned her back to him.

Kyle placed a gentle hand on Tess’ shoulder, “Tess what’s wrong with you? First you’re a total witch to Liz for the last couple of weeks, now you’re saying that your worthless.” Kyle turned Tess around gently, pulling her into his embrace, “You can tell me anything Tess. I’m your friend.” Kyle began to stroke her hair softly.

Tess was fighting against her own demons. Her programming you could call it. She knew that most of what Nascedo had total her was jaded, twisted, his own version of the truth. Not that she didn’t feel sympathy for her former guardian, because of his capture and all, she knew that it had forever twisted his mind, and his view on the world. There were a few things she had learned meeting the other aliens that had proved Nasedo wrong. One that not all humans were the same, a few made it a point to care. Especially Liz, who even after all the torment that she had put her through, still defended her secret with fierce loyalty. She had even seen it with Maria and Alex on more than one occasion. Second Nascedo’s belief that the only thing that was important was going home, was also wrong. This was home, until the time they were called back to their planet. Making their lives here was important, not making their lives around the fact of the possibility of going home. Damn him for making that stupid deal! Then pulling her into it after his death.

Now the real question was how much were they going to hate her when they found out what she had done? They would probably hate her, a lot if only that, even if they knew the reasons to why she had done what she had. Tess withdrew herself from Kyle’s embrace, “I’ll go back with you Kyle. But I want you to know that you probably won’t want to be my friend when I tell you what I’ve done.” With that cryptic statement, she turned and started walking back to camp, leaving one very confused Kyle in her wake.

Max had just started to wonder what the heck was taking Kyle and Tess so long, when he saw them heading into camp. Once they were settled, Max began, “The first thing that I think that we should discuss is Liz’s new Czechoslovakian tendencies. If I saw them I know that you all did.”

“Czechoslwhat?” Buffy had no idea what the heck they were talking about.

“Don’t worry girlfriend, you’ll get the lingo down in no time.” Maria gave Buffy an affectionate pat, “It’s the 007 word for ‘alien’ is all.”

“But isn’t Liz human? I mean she would have to be to be a slayer wouldn’t she? Geez where’s Giles when I need him?!” Buffy was still confused. She hoped that someone would take pity and fill her in.

“It’s a long story, but the short version is that I almost died two years ago in a shooting at the Crashdown. Max healed me, he saved me. Like the way he healed you, only on a much bigger scale. In the process I think he changed me. I’m still human…I think.” The more Liz thought about it, the more she got confused too.

“I think that a good plan is to help Liz develop her powers. What about you guys?” Max said.

“I would have to agree. That sounds like a good plan. She might prove to be a valuable asset.” Everyone was surprised when that statement came from Tess.

Michael just shook his head at the confusing blonde across the fire, “I think that’s a sound plan. The more fire power the better. That just leaves you Iz, what do you think?”

Isabel looked at the petite brunette that complimented her brother in every way. He was a stronger person when she was around. She had come to terms with the fact that Liz wasn’t trying to take Max from her, but trying to become a part of all their lives. She just happened to love Max, and that was a good thing. Maybe they could become closer, “I think that it’s a good plan. I could help her see if she has all or at least some of our powers, or some unique ones of her own. That is if that’s okay with her.” Isabel looked at Liz expectantly.

Liz smiled at Isabel, simply saying, “I would like that. Thank you.” Liz brought up another point, “ I think that we’re going to have to tell Emma. She is my watcher afterall. What if something happens before I learn how to control my powers? Like I blow something up or something else? I think we should tell her. She seems cool.”

Michael’s previous life as second in command came out with his next statement. Looking thoughtful, he said, “I don’t know Liz. I’m not really comfortable with that right now. I can’t help but feel like we’re oversharing here. Let me think about it, okay?”

Liz looked a little crestfallen, but at the same time understood where Michael was coming from. Living for years in the shadows, it made sense that he would, that they all would, be afraid of too many people knowing. They had told Buffy and the Scoobies, that was a big step. She wasn’t about to push her luck, she would give him time to make his decision.

Max gave Michael a small nod, to say that he understood, and they would address that at a later time. Max smiled at Isabel, glad that she was starting to warm up to Liz. But now on to the last part of business, at least he hoped. “Second thing is that Liz was visited by someone from fourteen years in the future, me.” Max held up his hand as the chorus’ of ‘what’ filled the air. “A future version of myself visited her and told her about the ‘end of the world’.”

“Why is it that hanging around you guys, or any one remotely associated with you always has the phrase ‘end of the world’ in their vocabulary?” Cordy said sarcastically. “I swear you guys are going to put me into therapy for the rest of my life. I really need to visit a day spa for some relaxation. All this stress is going to give wrinkles, I can feel it! Does any one know the name of a good…..”

Xander gave Cordy a little squeeze, “Cordy honey, focus please.”

Willow had a totally different reaction to the news, “End of the World? We can do ‘end of the world’. We’ve done ‘end of the world’. Yep, been there done that, got the T-shirt.” Willow looked at the people who were staring at her like she had grown a new head. She finished a little sheepishly, “Well maybe not the T-shirt. But we have had a lot of experience with the whole ‘end of the world’ thing.”

“Although I don’t share Will’s enthusiasm. I do have to agree that we’ve had our share of the whole apocalypse thing. It’s like the fine print in the Slayer Clause or something. ‘Must have to stop the End of the World at least on a monthly basis’ So how can we help?” Buffy put in.

“Well future Max told Liz…” Max tried to get the story out with minimal questions. ‘Was she sure that it wasn’t a skin or shapeshifter?’, then of course ‘What was a skin?’ followed by an ‘Ewwww’. He debated where or not to tell them about Michael and Isabel dying, but in the end told them everything Liz had. Finally finished, he looked at his now silent family. He knew that they were each lost in their own thoughts. “What do you guys think the plan of action should be? Any ideas?”

Michael was the first to respond, “I think that we should train Liz to use her powers for obviously her own protection, and the others. Then we should see if she could take any one of our places in the four square in case something happens to one of us. That way if one of us does die, then the others would still be safe.” Michael didn’t want to think about dying, but if he did he wanted to know that the other’s would be okay without him, especially Maria. God if anything ever happened to her…he didn’t know what he would do. That was just not an option.

“I think that Michael has a good point. If Liz could become a part of the four square that would be a good thing. But what if she could enhance the four square now? I mean that’s something to explore to. What if we can be more powerful now against our enemies because Liz has these gifts? I mean we don’t know if she was the slayer in the other timeline, so there are some definite possibilities. With her already enhanced healing, strength, and agility, she could actually be stronger than any of us.” Isabel was kind of excited to explore all these things with Liz. It could be very interesting to say the least.

“That just leaves you Tess. Will you stay knowing that the fate on the world depends on you?” Max hoped he knew the answer to that question. No matter what happened to them, she was still family. But the question was did she know that?

Liz looked at the blonde across the fire. True that they had there differences, big time, but Liz wasn’t one to hold a grudge. She could only imagine what Tess felt seeing her and Max together. Hadn’t she felt the same thing seeing Max and Tess together? “Tess you’re a part of the group. A part of our whole Alien Abyss. Won’t you please stay?”

Tess looked at Liz, then at Willow. It was time to come clean. “Yes I’ll stay. But after I tell what I’ve done, you may not want me to….”


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Ahh dear readers here is my special turkey day treat for you all!!*wink* For all of you that don't do Turkey day, just hopefully a treat because I appreciate all of you guys! I hope you enjoy, and have a great day!! As always let me know what you think!!*big*

Dedicated to: wild_child_uk, Sternbetrachter, Roswell428, Strawbehrry Shortcake (x2), Lullaby, angeleyes(x2), Cglenn, iceprincess4ever(x2), Tanky, Celtrino (welcome!)....Thanks guys!!


[A/N: No hints of the reactions, just read on! Only a small warning that this is horrifically long! And posted in two parts due to length!! =-)]

Chapter 21C~

Tess looked at the group around her, the people who had so vigilantly tried to be her friend. How had she repaid that kindness? She had taken that friendship, literally throwing it back in their faces. What kind of a friend had she turned out to be? How did that saying go? ‘If you dance with the devil, be prepared to get caught in the flames…’, or something to that effect. She had definitely done the dance, now for the flames. “It would probably be easier for me to start from the beginning. Forty years ago, when our ship crashed, before we were launched with our protectors, one of them made a deal with Kivar.” Tess rose from her seat, unable to look at any of them in the eye, she was to ashamed by what she had done. “The other protectors knew nothing of the deal, going into space with a literal traitor. He betrayed all of us, but only three of us exclusively.”

Max was afraid he knew where this tale about Nascedo was going. But he needed to know for certain, what it was, and who it involved. “What was the deal Tess?”

“To return home with your child, and deliver the three of you to Kivar.” Tess admitted quietly.

“What did he think he was doing? That was the plan? To seduce me, get you pregnant with my child, and turn us over to what exactly? When we were turned over, what did he think Kivar would do to us?” Everything was becoming so clear to Max. The hatred of Liz, Nascedo’s repeated attempts to get him to follow ‘destiny’, everything had had an ulterior motive in the end. Nascedo had never cared about his charges, only going home and the power from Kivar to go with it. Max was furious.

“I don’t know Max, but you have to understand the way I was raised. Nascedo wasn’t any type of father to say the least. Training, hiding, being told of my responsibility over and over again, it was a vicious cycle. To constantly be told of what should be yours, and that you weren’t worthy of it at the same time. Then when I finally came here and found you all…You didn’t want me. I could see it from the very beginning that it wouldn’t work. But no matter how many times I tried to convince Nascedo, he would just tell me I wasn’t trying hard enough. When he left to take Pierce’s place, I finally felt free. Able to make decisions based on what I wanted, not what destiny wanted. The night that he came to see you, he came to me first.” Tess paused knowing that the hardest part of the story was to come. She prayed for the strength to continue. “Before he died he told me of the deal. He told me that it was my responsibility to make sure that all went according to plan. I remember telling him that you and Liz were to close for me to try and accomplish it, it would be impossible for me to come between you to. He wouldn’t listen. I think that it was the one and only time that he actually gave me something that came close to a compliment, he said he knew that I would find a way. I had to take my rightful place, to live out my destiny as planned in the stars, to be a queen. I believed him. Then when Liz tried to help me win you, then set up that whole thing with Kyle, and you talked to me in the park, I thought I had a chance. I should have known better.”

Everyone looked at each other, waiting for the rest of the story to unfold. Their was more to this they knew. They all watched as Willow got up from her seat to walk over next to Tess. Whispering something in Tess’ ear, she gave her a gentle squeeze on the shoulder, a small smile, and then walked back over to Oz to once again take her seat.

“But you have to understand that duty and separation from anyone who was not my kind was always a priority in my life. So when I thought that we might have a chance, even though I hated to do it, I started the plan into action. I asked myself a million times why I was doing this, you all were my family, not Kivar, not Nascedo, you guys, humans included. But how could I betray the only man that I knew as my father? My protector? The one man who had raised me, saved me, taught me who and what I was. So I convinced myself that I was fulfilling the last wish of a dying man.” Tess turned to look at Max with tears in her eyes, “There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to get to say it.” Then she looked at Alex, “Alex, you never went to Amsterdam. You were really in Las Cruces at the University there decoding the destiny book. All your memories of Ilana, and everything aren’t real. They’re all a mind-warp I put into your mind when I sent you there. I’m so sorry Alex, I was doing what I thought I had to….” She saw the shock pass through the group, slowly building into anger. “There’s one more thing that I need to tell you all, then you all can hate me. Alex’s mind is being weaken by the mind warp. He needs to be healed. I’m sorry….”

Max jumped to his feet, anger written all over his face. His usual composure and calmness gone, in it’s place was an angry king. “TELL ME WHY TESS!!?”

Tess shrunk back in fear at sight of the furious Max. She had never seen or witnessed anything like it before. “I thought I was doing the right thing. I realize I was wrong Max, I’m trying to make it right. I’m sorry…I didn’t know that this would happen. I’m so sorry.”

“Max,” Liz said quietly, placing a understanding hand on his arm, trying to get him to calm down. On the outside she seemed to be in complete control, but on the inside, she was seething with hidden fury. Looking across the fire, she saw that Isabel had also come to her feet ready to do battle, as well with Michael. Lucky Michael had Maria to hold him back, as for Isabel they already knew what she was capable of when she was frightened or angry since the confrontation with Whittaker.

Liz had to help get the situation under control. She was barely hanging on to her emotions by a thread as it was also. The only thing that was keeping her emotions in check was that Max was losing enough control for the both of them. She had to remain in outwardly calm, when all she wanted to do was run up to Tess and beat the living hell out of her. Maybe she would save that for later, right now she needed to get Max under control. “Max,” she said again, so only his ears could hear her. “We all need to get under control. Please just make her go away…just not permantly. Send her home or something, I can’t look at her right now.” Liz turned her pleading gaze up to his amber ones.

Max fought for control. They needed the leader he was born to be now, not the angry friend he was at the moment. “Kyle, I hate to ask you this, but could you take Tess home? I think it’s the best thing right now.”

Kyle nodded in understanding, wanting to protect Tess from the wrath of the others as best he could at the moment. He wasn’t saying what he she had done wasn’t wrong, but knowing her these past months, he also knew that Nascedo had messed with her mind more than the other could ever know. “Sure. Let me go and get our stuff.” He turned heading into the different tents to retrieve their various things.

“Tess, you are to stay at the Valenti house until we contact you. Consider it house arrest until we decide what is to be done. If you run, I…,” Max amended his statement to include the others around him, “WE, will find you. Of that have no doubt. Right now count your lucky stars that’s all that is going to happen at this moment. Do you understand?” Max ordered, pulling his king card.

“Yes, Max. I understand. I won’t go anywhere; I’ll wait there for your decision.” Defeated, Tess turned in the direction of the parked vehicles, heading into the night to wait for Kyle.

Once both people were gone, the anger in the group didn’t dissipate. It only grew, intertwining itself with the others. The only ones to remain objective was the group who had just come into the knowledge that aliens did exist. They were the only calmness in the storm that threatened to carry everyone else away.

“That dumb blonde bitch!” Ranted Isabel, “I can’t believe that she did this!”

“She’s obviously extremely dangerous Maxwell. She’s had her own agenda going for a while now, and we had no clue,” an angry Michael put in. “How are going to stop her if she tries something like this again? I say we get rid of the threat. We don’t need her now, we have Liz.”

“As much as I hate to stick my two cents in, I think that you guys are being a little harsh,” said Willow. “It was hard for her to confess knowing that you all would react that way, but yet she did it anyway to try and right the wrong she’d done.”

“How can you say that Will?” Buffy asked incredoulsly. If someone had done that to her friends she’d kick their butt. “Look at what she did. There’s right and there’s wrong. She WAS wrong.”

“Look at what Angel did…to me.” Will stated softly, “What he did was wrong. But I forgive him.”

“That’s different Will….” Buffy was cut off.

“How? What he did to you was wrong. Are you going to say that because he didn’t have his soul that it was different?” Willow looked at Buffy in the eye. “If right is right, wrong is wrong, and there is no in between, then I shouldn’t be able to forgive him. But I do. There’s always an exceptions to every rule. Because he lost his soul, didn’t erase all the good things he had done before hand. He was evil, then he was good. He had a choice, and he chose to make a difference. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Willow tried to make Buffy see reason. “Look at the way she was raised. It was like she had no soul either. No feeling, just an evilness that was implanted in her that she had to learn to fight against. She made her first step here…tonight. By telling you all, and knowing your reaction would be this, she did the right thing. It should count for something.”

“ ‘To err is human, To forgive divine…,” Cordelia said. Touch by Willow’s little speech. She then saw the shocked look on Xander’s face, “What?! I can be very deep.”

Xander spoke up. “Will as much as I can see where you are coming from, I don’t agree.”

Michael was irrated with all the touchy-feely stuff going on, “What the hell are you guys talking about? Why does your opinion even matter? This doesn’t concern you.”

“Michael!” Maria said as she slapped him in the back of the head for his insensitive statement. It was obvious to all around….well except for Michael…that there were issues the scoobies needed to hash out too.

“What?! It’s the truth.” Michael muttered as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Maybe we would understand better if you told us the whole story Willow,” said Liz. “Where’s Alex?”

Isabel immediately got up. In her anger she had never seen Alex head quietly into the woods to be alone. “I’ll go find him.” She then took off into the dark woods, seeking the man that was slowly melting the ice-queen.

Liz and the others nodded. She wanted, as she knew that Maria did, to go after Alex themselves, but figured with the way he loved Isabel, maybe this time they should step back and let her handle things. They would have time to talk to him later, when it was just the three of them. “Please tell us about Angel. Only the things you’re comfortable with sharing, I wouldn’t ask you to share anything you didn’t want to.”

Willow looked at Buffy, silently asking for her permission to tell some of the story. Buffy looked away as she nodded her head, silently staring off into space. “Angel and Buffy were…uhhh…close. He was a vampire.” It was Willow’s turn to silence everyone when the chorus’ of ‘what?’ filled the air. “I know ironic. A Vampire Slayer and a Vampire in love. But Angel suffered from a gypsy curse that gave him back his soul. You all know that when a vampire demon takes your body, it doesn’t take your soul, that’s gone."

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Here's the rest.....*big*

Willow stopped to take a breath, “As a punishment, by the gypsy clan that he betrayed, the vampire Angelus, who was completely ruthless and evil, was given back his soul. He remembered everything that he had done as a demon. Racked with guilt, he lived his life in torment, he became Angel. Trying to atone for his sins, he became good, helping us or anyone who needed it. Then something happened and his soul was once again taken from him, and he became pure evil, once again becoming Angelus. But because he did horrible things, does that cancel out all the good that he had once done? I don’t think so. See even living with a soul, he fought against the demon that was inside of him. The think the metaphor describes Tess as well. She was raised to be this way, inside of her a battle is going on, trying to combat all the things that the Nascedo guy taught her. She deserves some understanding for that.”

“Will I can see where you’re coming from. I don’t want to be unsympathetic guy, but if Angel ever came back I don’t think that I could ever forgive him. He doesn’t deserve it.” Xander said.

“Giles said not to long ago, ‘We don’t forgive people because they deserve it, we forgive them because they need it. If Angel came back with the knowledge of what he had done, he would definitely need our forgiveness. I know that he saved my life enough times for me to do that for him.” Willow stared at Xander seriously, “You may not want him to come back, but you may not have a choice soon. Think about that.” Willow then turned, going into her tent with Oz in tow. Xander just stared after her, wondering what her last words had meant. It sounded more like a forewarning than a chastising.

“I can see how Willow’s intentions may be good. But the fact is in the end what she did was wrong, and every step of the way she had a choice. A choice to tell us, a choice not to go through with the plan, a choice NOT to mind warp Alex. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that she her powers to hurt one of the people who did nothing more than try to be one of her friends.” Liz was pacing, tucking the strands of her hair behind her ear. What if she had never told them what she had done? Would she just let Alex die? What did that really say about her in the first place? A small nagging voice in the back of her mind told her that Tess had told, didn’t that count for something? “I don’t think that I could ever forgive her.”

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Buffy said quietly.

“I agree with Liz. It’s too much to forgive. Tess didn’t just manipulate Alex, she manipulated us all. I can’t just forgive that, no matter what the justification she had in her own mind.” Max put in. They had found out so much tonight. The fate of the future depended on someone who had deceived them all? Had the future Max actually made the future worse by coming back to see Liz? Liz had said that Alex had been at their wedding, but if Tess had decided to go through with this plan, Alex would have died. His mind was reeling with all the possibilities. He turned to Michael and Maria, “What do you guys think?”

“Personally I would love to tear the witch’s hair out, no offense Willow. That is if I wasn’t scared of all those formable alien powers,” Maria said hanging on to Michael’s arm, fury flashing in her green eyes.

“If you did that, I would blow her up before she touched you. I hope you know that.” Michael said looking at Maria. He knew the pain and confusion Hank had put him through the years. He had suffered from scars on the outside most of the time, but it sounded like Tess suffered from more permanent scars on the inside. That he knew was more dangerous. Her mind had been messed with for years, she was probably really screwed up. “I don’t know Maxwell. I mean all I used to think about was how to get home. Just recently did it become not so important anymore.” Everyone looked at Michael, shocked that he was actually, almost defending Tess. “Look I’m not saying that I agree with what she did. But we all know how Nascedo was, and really have no clue what Tess went through before she got here. It’s hard trying to win someone’s love, who has none to give. Constantly trying to win their approval and acceptance, no matter how they treated you or what the cost. Believe me I know.”

The group grew silent at Michael’s statement. They knew that he didn’t talk much about what happened his years with Hank, except to maybe Maria. If anyone knew of the abuse of a person who was supposed to be your father figure, it was Michael. What he said had rang with some truth. How had they made her feel like part of the group? Had they really tried? Or had they just seen her as a nuisance to the plans they had begun making for themselves here on Earth? Struggling with their own anger and resent, they all thought about the circumstances that made Tess do what she had done. Had she thought that maybe someone who cared for her was waiting for her on Antar? People who wouldn’t shun her at every turn? Who wouldn’t want to find love and acceptance anywhere they could find it?

Isabel searched the woods, looking for Alex. She finally found him on rock formation, staring at the stars. She walked up quietly, seating herself next to him. They sat in silence for a few minutes, before Isabel ventured to tried to start a conversation. She didn’t know exactly how to start. Her anger at Tess was still fresh in her mind, but at the same time her whole world had rocked with the knowledge of almost losing Alex. She cared about him more than she had ever admitted. What if he had died before she had had the chance to tell him? “Alex? Alex are you ok?” She reached out a tentative hand to place on his arm.

Alex reached out his hand, covering Isabel’s with his own. All he kept thinking about over and over was that he was dying. He was to young to die! There was so much he still hadn’t done in his life. The rational part of his mind told him that now that they knew, Max could try and heal him. But what if it didn’t work? He had tried to heal that evil Nascedo with no luck. What if he couldn’t heal him? What then? “I’m far from okay Princess,” Alex replied quietly, “I’m to young to die. I can’t believe that she did this to me, just decode that stupid book. All those months of my life, all a lie, one huge lie. Can you imagine what it feels like to have a part of your life stolen from you?”

“I have no clue what you’re going through Alex. But I want you to know that I’m here for you. You can tell me anything, I promise that I’ll try to understand. I know that I haven’t said it enough, but I care about you Alex. I hope that you know that.” Isabel glanced at Alex. “We’re going to try and make you better, I promise. We just need to get you back to Max.”

“You know what the funny thing is Princess? I don’t hate her. I know how important it is to you all to find away home. I just wish she would have asked me, instead of using me that way.”

“Alex what she did was wrong. Unbelievably so. You don’t need to be angry, I’m angry enough for both of us. It’s not that important to find away home. Our home is here, with all of you. Max and Liz showed us that.”

“But how can you say that when there is a war going on, on your home planet? Don’t you think that you all need to be there? Maybe Tess may have the wrong motives, but in the end maybe, just maybe, she had the right idea.”

“No Alex if they truly need us, then they would try and make contact, don’t you think? They have all this technology to recreate us, but no way to contact us? I don’t think that it’s possible, even if they didn’t know our protectors died. Kivar found a way to us, don’t you think that they could also? No our home is here on Earth, until they call us is my opinion. Let’s finish discussing this after Max heals you, what do you say?” Isabel got up hoping that Alex would follow.

Alex got to his feet, lacing his fingers through Isabel’s. As a pair they walked back into camp. All of the others looked up, as they entered. The group became quiet.

Liz walked over to Alex, “Hey, how are you doing?”

“I’ll be doing better when His Royal Highness heals me. What do ya say Max? Up for a miracle?” Alex looked in Max’s direction, to see that Max was already heading in his direction.

Max walked over to Alex, raising his hands to the sides of Alex’s head. Pooling the energy that lay deep with in him, the alien side of himself, he centered it into Alex’s mind. He probed looking for the damage. In his minds eye he gasped at the damage he saw there. By blocking the real memories, then creating new ones to take their place, for a prolonged period of time, Tess had begun a change reaction. The pathways were collapsing under the strain, causing permant damage. Max didn’t know how much he could actually repair, the brain was so complex, and he was afraid to much for him to handle. In the end he could only repair the most major damage, but knew that all of the damage must be healed, or it would just continue to get worse. The mindwarp would eventually once again take over, and undo the entire repair he had just done. Max lowered his hands, swaying on his feet. “I’m sorry Alex. I could only do a temporary healing. But don’t worry we’ll think of something. Losing you in not an option.” The eyes rolled into the back of Max’s head, and then he proceeded to faint.

Liz rushed over to Max, cradling his head in her lap. “If Max couldn’t do it, what are we going to do now?” She heard a soft voice from behind her.

“I can do it.” Willow said with certainty. “If Max gave us a few days, then I can do the rest, I know it. I just need to find a powerful healing spell, some herbs, and ceremonial things. And I’ll need someone close to him to help.”

Isabel stepped forward, as did Liz, when Maria said quietly, “I’ll do it….”

(There's a homage to Spiderman in here, can you find it?)

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Anywho, here's the thing, I know that several people, like myself, don't really like Tess. So in this part we'll get to peek into her past and see what her life may have been like, trying to build up some sympathy for her is all. So here's the next part, as always let me know what you think!! I not to happy with it, so f/b is appreciated!

dedicated to: Lullaby, Sternbetrachter, angeleyes, Strawbehrry Shortcake(x2), Cglenn(x2), Roswell428, Aussie Dreamer, Tanky(x2), Kzinti_Killer, BaBee_ImaJyn, Jamie,GEZ1987.

song by: Stone Sour-bother


Chapter 21D~

Tess sat in Kyle’s mustang in silence, watching the desert in the moonlight zip by. There was nothing to say as far as she was concerned. She had ignored Kyle’s repeated attempts to start a conversation. At one point had finally heard him sigh, knowing then that he was giving up. She barely heard him turn up the stereo to drown out the uncomfortable silence engulfing the vehicle. It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t appreciate what he was trying to do, but simply the fact that what she was feeling was still to raw. Memories both old and new where racing through her brain, causing unknown feelings to blossom in her chest.

{Wish I was too dead to cry
My self-affliction fades
Stones to throw at my creator
Masochists to which I cater}

Why was she here? What purpose did she really serve? To be a queen? Ha that was laughable. Some queen she turned out to be. Cold hearted, single minded, nothing in mind but the mission. What had Nascedo done to her?


“Concentrate harder Tess! You’re being sloppy.” Nascedo shook his head at his charge. True she had come out of the pod about two years ago, her mind was still young but that didn’t matter. That meant she was only about seven earth years, which was right wasn’t it? Yeah it had to be, not that it mattered. She needed to learn this.

Tess concentrated harder to do as Nascedo asked. Placing her hand over the broken shards of the vase, she tried to concentrate on making them spin. She flinched as she heard him snap at her, she wanted to make him proud. After all maybe he would remember tomorrow was like her birthday of sorts. Her spirits rose when she saw that one of the pieces had begun to float, followed by another. When they all came crashing down once again, she looked at the ground in defeat.

“What kind of queen are you? Are you just plain stupid or are you not trying? You don’t deserve to be a queen! You can’t even get this right! How are you going to take care of your people when you can’t do something simple like this? The king will not want a useless queen, I guess that means that he won’t want you. Why did I even bother to come and get you? It was obviously a waste of time.” Then Nascedo turned and waked out of the room, leaving a silently crying Tess in his wake. “Stop your sniveling, and try again. You will stand there until you get it right! No matter how long it takes!”

There would be no birthdays celebrated the next day….

{You don’t need to bother
I don’t need to be
I keep slipping father
Once I hold on I won’t let go til it bleeds}

Tess felt the wetness on her cheeks. The tears slipped silently down her face as she continued to relive her past. Everything that was stolen from her by Nascedo clouded her mind. Her childhood, her life, her sense of self. Where to begin to find herself, and who she was alone, she had no clue. The one olive branch of friendship, she had thrown down and stomped on, so to speak.


She watched from across the street at the teens in the commons area of the high school. She noticed that the little brunette was sitting close to the one known as Max in this lifetime. She wasn’t worried though. He had yet to see her. She was his destiny, not her. Once he saw her, he would love her. That was the way it was always meant to be.

It was funny, the others also seemed to be close to these simple humans. She didn’t understand. Didn’t they know that all humans were the same, shunning and condemning what was different? How many times had Nascedo instilled in her that humans were the enemy too? Maybe that was a lesson she would have to teach them. They couldn’t trust anyone except each other.

Suddenly the brunette looked up and across the street, seeing the little blonde standing there. Tess saw give her a friendly smile, then turn her attention back to Max…

Friendship. Kindness. Trust. Words that used to be foreign to her, but now she wasn’t so sure. It was kind of funny if you thought about it. So many people wanted nothing more in life than to know their purpose in it. She knew and where had it gotten her? She could actually say that her destiny had been written in the stars, but what had that lead to? What road had she taken to in order to follow that destiny? How had the one man she had loved like a father taken that destiny, and twisted so badly that what remained had been hideous? Why had she agreed?

{Wish I was to dead to care
If indeed I cared at all
Never had a voice to protest
So fed me sh*t to digest
I wish I had a reason
My flaws are open season
For this, I gave up trying
One good turn deserves my dying}


“What are you talking about Nascedo?” Tess was thoroughly confused at what the shapeshifter was asking her to do.

“I told you. I made a deal with Kivar forty years ago. Now I’m dying so the responsibility falls to you.”

“I won’t do it. You’ve seen for yourself how much Max and Liz love each other. Who am I to interfere with that?”

“You, my dear, are a queen. Act like one. He is your destiny, this is your destiny. The deal I made insured the fact that you would one day rule.”

“I don’t want to do it. Liz has been nice to me, as have the others. I can’t betray them like that. They trust me finally.” Tess felt the tears forming in her eyes. This would be the ultimate betrayal. There was no way around that.

“Stop acting like a sniveling human, basing action on your own emotions! Look at the bigger picture! You ARE a queen, more important than anyone. YOU WILL NOT let some lowly human take your birthright from you. I raised you to be better than this!”

Tess flinched involuntarily at the words spewing from Nascedo’s words. Years of obedience overrode any pangs of a conscious that she possessed for a flicker of a moment. She stopped the tears, squaring her shoulders. She was a queen, no one was going to steal that from her. Nascedo was right. The others could care less about her. Max and the others didn’t want her around anyway. Max had Liz, Michael had Maria, and Isabel had Alex. Who did she have? No one. This way she would be queen, loved and adored by all who knew her. “How do I do this?”

“That’s the spirit my dear. I raised you well, you’re smart. You’ll think of a way, I know it. Now I must go.” Nascedo then turned, leaving a confused Tess behind.

This was right. Wasn’t it? It was the dying wish of the only person she had known as a father…

{You don’t need to bother
I don’t need to be
I’ll keep slipping farther
But once I hold on, I won’t let go ‘til it bleeds}


Tess watched as Alex complained of being tired. She was sitting next to Max in a booth in the Crashdown. A pang of worry crossed her mind, but was quickly pushed aside. She didn’t have time for human emotions. It was almost time to put the second phase of the plan into action.

Looking over at Max, she asked herself again for the millionth time, isn’t this what she had wanted? Max had finally turned to her, but in her mind she knew that she was simply a replacement for the person he really wanted. She watched as his eyes followed Liz’s every movement in the restaurant. Maybe Nascedo had been wrong. This was an impossible task, they loved each other too much. A blind man could see that. How was she supposed to stop him from loving her?

Then there was Alex. His mind was weakening, she could see it. She knew what she had done, but she hadn’t counted on human minds being so fragile. Maybe this was wrong, Maybe she should just stop now, and confess to what she had done. But how to do that without having everyone hate her? There was no way, this was the only way. She slipped her carefree mask back on her face, convincing herself that this was right. She had to do this, she was a queen…

Tess saw the lights of Roswell come into view, as they got closer to Kyle’s house. They would be home soon. But the real question was home to what? She knew that the facts spoke for themselves. She was wrong, what she had done was wrong. She knew that now.

Kyle pulled up in front of the house, shutting off the car. Tess just sat there. There was no desire to go in just yet. She needed to sort out all the things that she had done. Would they ever forgive her? She could only hope so. Her hand slowly reached for the car door, opening it.

{Wish I’d died instead of lived
A zombie hides my face
Shell forgotten with its memories
Diaries left with cryptic entries}

The destiny book. What a joke that had been. None of them had followed what it had said, it had been so misleading, it was pathetic. It should have only said the necessary things of the four square. They should have know that their hearts would not be the same as before. She didn’t belong with Max, she knew that now. He was stronger, wiser, more in control when he was with Liz. Liz was the other half of him, and it was apparent to everyone to had a chance to witness it. What they had was special. Maybe what was happening now was the punishment that she deserved for trying to interfere with that. Something that was more powerful than aliens, destinies, or fate itself.

Tess slowly made her way to the front door. She waited as Kyle unlocked it, then opened the door for her. She had yet to say anything to him. She just couldn’t seem to find the words. Alex had been his friend too.

{You don’t need to bother
I don’t need to be
I’ll keep slipping farther
But once I hold on I won’t let go ‘til it bleeds}

Kyle placed a gentle arm to stop Tess from entering her room. Turning her so she was looking at him in the face, he broke the silence, “Tess I know that you haven’t let yourself get that close to anyone, but I want you to know that I’m here to talk to if you need a friend. I’ll understand, or at least try to. I promise.” Kyle then wrapped his arms around her, trying to offer what little comfort he could from her thoughts of the present and the past. He knew that it was a small gesture, but maybe that’s all she needed at the moment. He felt her shoulders start to shake, and her body was soon to follow. He stood there holding a sobbing Tess until there were no tears left. He lead her quietly to her room, tucking her in, letting her fall into a dreamless, exhausted sleep.

{And you don’t need to bother
I don’t need to be
I’ll keep slipping farther
And once I hold on….I’ll never live down my deceit}

~.~.~.~Back in the woods~.~.~.

No one said a word when Maria’s whispered words finally penetrated their brain. Shock was the first feeling, then the question of why.

Willow looked at the petite blonde standing before her. She had a quiet strength, which was more than her strong personality. It was a light that radiated from within that few had. Maybe it was the fact that she had so many secrets to keep for other people, or the fact that it took a lot of strength to be with someone like Michael. She could tell that even though Michael tried to be the protector of the little group, he relied on Maria more than he would ever care to admit to anyone. All those things put together, honestly, made her the perfect choice. The question was she ready for the repercussions of messing with, or even going against, the fates? All the consequences it could bring down on her head? Willow had to know that she was sure…There was no time, no room for doubt. “Are you sure this is something you’re willing to do? Dealing with the black arts is dangerous, and you always have to pay the price. Whether it’s in this life or the next, are you willing to take those chances? There are no guarantees to your safety, it will be dangerous.” A deadly seriousness came over Willow’s features, “You must be absolutely certain.”

Maria took Willow’s words to heart. Yes, a part of her was scared, terrified even, but this was something that she had to do. Most of the time she felt like she didn’t really have that much to contribute, except her vehicle on occasion, this was her chance to change that. This was the chance to gain the knowledge that could help them in the future also. She would protect her friends no matter what the cost. Consequences be damned. “Yes, I understand, and I’m more than willing to do what’s needed. I don’t care what the danger is.” She turned to look at Liz and Isabel, “You have to understand that this is something that I have to do. I’m not saying that I know him better, or love him more, I just need to feel like I’m doing something. I need to find a way to help. I don’t want to feel helpless anymore. Please say that you understand.”

Liz and Isabel looked at one another, before Liz finally answered for both of them. “We understand, Maria. Just please be careful.”

“Well I for one think that it’s a stupid idea. You will NOT be putting yourself in any kind of danger. One of them can do it!” Michael swept his arms out in a grand gesture towards Liz and Isabel. “You will not be putting your self into any kind of danger.”

“Michael I really appreciate that you care, but this something that I’m going to do.” Maria tried to reason.

“You don’t seem to be understanding of what I’m saying. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PUT YOURSELF INTO DANGER, WOMAN!!!” Michael crossed his arms in a defiant gesture, looking at Maria straight in the eye. “Nuff said!” He nodded his head to emphasize his last statement, figuring the argument was now over. Turning he started heading for their tent, when he heard the whispers of ‘Hurricane Deluca’ start winding up.

“Excuse me? Please tell me that you did not just go there. Please tell me you did not just “Nuff Said” me. Please tell me that you are not trying to forb…No I’m not even going to say it…” Maria walked up to an astonished Michael, who had by now turned around ready for the fight that he knew was coming. “Who the hell do you think you are? Of all the arrogant…pigheaded…caveman….Do you think that YOU can just tell me “No” and I’ll say ‘yes Michael, okay Michael, whatever you say, Michael’?! And did you just call ME woman? WOMAN? Where’s your club? Need a cave?” Maria proceeded to step forward, poking Michael in the chest to emphasize her points. She wasn’t in the least intimidated by the glare Michael was giving her, or that he stood at least five inches taller than her. Oh no she wasn’t the least intimidated, she was down right furious! “You may have been some illustrious general of some alien army, on some god-forsaken planet, somewhere out there in the great beyond, in your previous life, but I AM NOT one of your soldiers. You can not order me around Michael Guerin!! You’re nobody’s general here on this little planet we call Earth, and you can not tell what I can and can not do! I am going to do this whether you like it or not. Now I think that that is NUFF SAID!” Maria then stormed into the woods, muttering angry phrases to low for anyone to hear. When she was finally out of sight they all heard one last yell, “MEN!!! ARGGGHH!!!”

Michael stood staring at the woods where Maria had disappeared, “WOMEN!!”

“Uhhh…Michael not to stick my nose in, but I think that you should go after her.” Alex said staring in the same direction.

“No, I better let her cool down. I have no desire for a suicide mission. Did you see the look that she gave me? Are you crazy?” Michael looked at Alex dumfounded. He may be brave enough to face skins, vampires and demons, but there was no way in hell he was brave enough to face one pissed off Maria Deluca.

“Yeah, the look was the reason I thought you should go after her. Would you rather wait until she learns how to use her magical powers, the black arts, or whatever? I for one don’t want to see you on Animal Planet.” Alex tried to appeal to Michael’s sense of self-preservation. “Unless you think that green is your color. You know as in toad-like? Or maybe she’ll just turn you into a warm, fuzzy bunny. Hey that might actually be an improvement. You would be all cuddly and soft. You never know maybe…..”

Alex had barely finished when he heard Michael answer through gritted teeth. “Alright Whitman, I get the point.” Michael stormed into the direction that Maria had left, self-preservation taking hold. “Maria maybe you have a point. Let’s just calmly discuss this….”

“Well this night has been full of surprises,” Alex commented as he unzipped his sleeping bag, snuggling himself in, “I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m exhausted.” He looked at the astonished faces around him, “What? I need my beauty rest. And before you ask, yes I remember everything, but I’d rather discuss it in the morning if you don’t mind. Sweet dreams everyone, good-night.” Alex rolled over and proceeded to commence snoring.

“Well I guess that’s our cue. ‘Night all.” Buffy turned and headed into her own tent.

“He’s taking this rather well, don’t ya think?” Cordy asked.

“I think that he has faith in both Willow and Maria is all. Come on Max, let’s go to bed. You need to rest.” Liz placed her arms around Max, helping him to their tent.

Everyone soon followed suit. They all knew that once Maria had completely laid into Michael, they too would follow their lead and go to bed. Maybe in the morning everyone’s perspective would be fresh, and they would be able to think of some way to handle everything that had been thrown at them that night. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough……


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Just a little note from me to say that I have a full afternoon of writing planned on Sunday. In celebration of the 'Roswell' reruns starting on Monday, I plan to update!! I just want to give a little hint that it will probably happen back in time to explain the other and jump around a little bit. Well that's all, see you all on Sunday!!

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Is anyone still reading this thing? I hope so! Sorry that the new part took so long. I could give you a plethra of excuses, but I won't. So here's the new part. Hope you guys enjoy!! As always, let me know what you think.


Chapter 22

The two groups of teens woke bright and early the next morning, despite the ordeals and information that they had learned the night before. Part of the feeling was curiosity on what Alex had remembered, but to the two slayers it felt as though something was coming, though they knew not what.

“Do you feel that?” Liz looked Buffy wondering if she felt the same thing.

“Yeah, that sorta funky weirdness in the air? Yep, definitely feel it. I’m sure that it’s nothing, if there any major supernatural disasters in the air, Emma would definitely be calling you right about now.” Buffy replied. “Maybe it’s just all the tension in the air, magical and otherwise. It’s nothing…”

“Sure, nothing…” Liz agreed still unconvinced. Just then her cell phone rang in her bag…

~.~.~.Back in Roswell~.~.~

The car came to a stop just outside of Roswell, at a small house. The house was located on the outskirts for a reason, no neighbors to really speak of, and the loneliness of the desert to protect their privacy.

A high heeled, hooded figure stepped from the vehicle, “I can’t believe you brought me here Cyrus, this place is a dump.” Monique folded her arms over her chest, sticking her lips out in a pout.

Cyrus took a deep breath, praying for patience, “Now Monique this is only temporary. Soon none of this will matter, you know that.”

“Yes I suppose your right. You’re so clever.” Monique leaned over, kissing his cheek, and then made her way up to the entrance. She waited for Cyrus to join her, knowing that he would open the door for her. Once he did, she turned to look at him mockery dancing in her eyes, “What you’re not going to carry me over the threshold?” Monique turned, walking inside laughing all the way.

Agent Steven Coulter, no not Agent Coulter, not anymore. The time was now. He was just plain Steven Coulter, he would no longer believe in this living insanity he was bred into. He gathered the last of the information that he had, stuffing it into an envelope. He knew that by now that the ‘other’ had probably been called and his time was short. They knew that he was lying and had probably sent out someone or more than one person to follow him. Checking the computer screen one last time, he silently begged it to hurry, praying that there was enough time to finish downloading the files on a hard disk. The screen indicated that the download was complete, signaling that it was time for him to go.

Jumping from the chair, he hastily grabbed the disk shoving into his briefcase, heading for the door. Opening it, he looked up and down the hallway, searching for any sign of the ones he knew where after him. Seeing that the coast was clear, he took a deep breath trying to calm his badly shaken nerves. Tapping down his racing heart, he stepped into the hallway. He tried to act as normal as possible passing the people in the office, he couldn’t seem any different, everything depended on this.

“Is something wrong, Agent Coulter?” A voice called from the doorway, stopping Steven in his tracks.

Steven turned around to face the person who was talking to him. Calm, he had to act like nothing was out of place. Placing a fake smile on his lips, he replied, “Just going out to lunch. I think I’ll try that wacky theme restaurant called the ‘Crashdown’. Heard the burgers are pretty good there.”

The other agent looked at him for a moment, gauging his reply. Then he simply said before turning back into his office, “Yeah, there Will Smith burgers pretty good. Have a good lunch.”

Steven just nodded his head, mentally sighing in relief. Turning to he resumed his mission. He never noticed the two the figures following him.

Reaching the Crashdown, Steven picked a stool next to the counter. He sat at the stool for a moment taking in his surroundings. Noticing that the lunch rush had started, he knew that this was the perfect opportunity. Looking around so that no one noticed, he quietly got up from his stool, and headed toward the door marked employees only. Taking one last look around to make sure no one was paying attention, he slipped into the room.

Racing forward he searched out the lockers until he found the one that was marked ‘M. Deluca’. Jimmying it open, he slipped the envelope with Liz Parker’s name on inside. He knew that they expected him to give the contents to Liz, not one of her friends. If his research was correct, this girl Maria would make sure that Liz got this package. Closing the door, he jumped as he heard someone entering the room.

“What are you doing back here? It’s for employee’s only.” Jeff Parker looked at the well dressed man standing in the breakroom.

“Sorry I was just looking for the bathroom. I must have got the directions wrong. Sorry about that.” Steven tried to look apologetic, at the same time heading out the doorway.

“Hey that’s okay, it happens. The bathroom is actually the next door over.” Jeff answered as the man hurried past him. Tourists were so strange.

Steven nearly made it down the street before the two men who had been watching him pulled up in sedan with tinted windows. Without slowing down, they opened the back door pulling him inside…
Nancy Parker sighed as she opened Liz’s door. ‘Liz used to be such a clean and neat child’ she thought to herself, ‘Now look at this mess’. Nancy started to picking up the clothes littering the floor. Shirts, jeans, everything. She spied a sock sticking out from underneath the bed, bending over to pick it up, she once again wondered what had happened to her once neat and tidy daughter. Seeing something strange, she laid the rest of the clothes on the bed, kneeling down to retrieve it.

“What the heck is this?” Nancy picked up the strange looking piece of wood, giving it a closer inspection. It kinda looked like a wooden stake thing. What the heck was it? And why was it in Liz’s room? IT WAS A WOODEN STAKE! Nancy stared in shock at the piece of wood in her hands. Was her daughter in the occult? Worshiping the devil and doing naughty things? No, no Liz attended church, it simply wasn’t possible.

Did this have to do with the new friends she had made? What did they use wooden stakes for? She’d seen it somewhere, but where? She searched her memory looking for something from a movie she had seen in childhood. It was floating just on the edge of her mind, then suddenly she remembered. Vampires. They had used wooden stakes to kill vampires! Did Liz think that they were really vampires? That she needed protection from vampires? Oh God! Was she was on drugs? Nancy’s whole body started shaking. What was going on?

‘Just stay calm’ Nancy told herself. She was sure that there was a reasonable explanation for this. Yes she was jumping to conclusions, that was it. She would just ask Liz when she got home this afternoon. Liz never lied. Yes she would just ask Liz. She would tell her the truth. Nancy placed the wood in the back of her pants, wiping her shaky, sweaty hands on her jeans. Blowing out a sigh, she once again gathered up the clothes taking them to the laundry room. Hoping against hope that there was actually a reasonable explanation for this…


By the time the two groups gathered up their things, the sun was sinking low in the sky. They were all unusually quiet since the phone call Liz had received from Emma and Giles simply stating that she was to report in before tonight’s patrol for some information that had come into light. They had both sounded cryptic in their explanations, which Buffy had reassured everyone was completely normal for a watcher. She had told hem that everyday was a cryptic-like it had to be a prerequisite for a watcher to be both boring and foreboding. Everyone believed her, except Liz who still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was about to happen. Something important.

Everyone got into the vehicles, knowing that they wouldn’t hit Roswell until after the sun had begun to set. It didn’t leave much time for Liz to go home, so the decision was made to go straight to patrolling, then to the Crash for some eats and to discuss her new tendencies, then on to Emma and Giles for the latest demonic happenings. ‘Just another day in the life of a slayer sucked into the alien abyss’, Liz thought, ‘Or is it aliens sucked into the slayer abyss?’ Mentally Liz shrugged her shoulders who knew anymore anyway?

Liz looked behind her, a small smile playing on her lips as she saw that Alex and Isabel snuggled together in the back of the jeep. It really didn’t surprise her, earlier when she had woken up she had found Isabel snuggled inside the sleeping bag with Alex. She knew that sometime during the night, Isabel had come out to be with him. Either to protect him from what she felt she had failed to do the first time or for the, which she hoped was the latter, fact that she just wanted to be close to him. She hoped that maybe now with all that had happened that Isabel had finally started to drop all the barriers that kept her from showing her true feelings.

Alex. That opened another whole can of worms. Liz turned to look out the window, smiling as Max laid his hand on her knee. Without saying a word, Liz laced her fingers with his. Her mind once again turned back to Alex. He still wasn’t talking, even standing in the face of danger without flinching, which would be Michael at his most intimidating, just shaking his head and walking off. Then Isabel had come to his aide, in full ice-princess mode, telling Michael to back off. Liz had took Max aside explaining that maybe Alex still needed to heal emotionally from the fact that he had been betrayed, and that he still had to be healed physically. Alex would talk when he was ready, and not to push. Max had then taken Michael off into the woods, returning about fifteen minutes later. Michael had remained silent, only shooting looks in Alex’s direction every so often. That had been the end of the discussion.

Max looked at Liz lost in her own thoughts. He knew her well enough to know that she was probably thinking about Alex. His heart went out to her, being sucked into all this alieness. Sometimes he wondered for the millionth time if he should ever have told her in the first place. But now more than ever he felt it had been the right decision. If he hadn’t ever told her, she would now be facing all of these new slayer duties on her own. At least this way maybe he could be some help keeping her safe.

Seeing that she was nodding off, Max wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close. He knew that he was the reason she was so tired. Okay, so maybe not all his fault. It wasn’t his fault that she was so deliciously irresistible, or beautiful. They hadn’t slept that much during the night, although no words could describe how it had felt to wake up in her arms. Knowing that had about a half hour drive, he played with hair on the side of her neck, letting her sleep until they reached Roswell.

Maria looked over at Michael, who was doing his best at imitating a bear. Sighing in frustration, she kept her eyes on the road. Looking in the review mirror, she saw that Willow was still awake. Now was a good a time as ever to ask her some questions.

“So Willow, do you know what kind of things that we’ll need to do this spell?”

Willow made eye contact with Maria in the mirror before answering, “Well the basics, yes. Other than that it will probably require some research. Maybe Michael can help.”

“Spaceboy here? Well, we’ll see. But I’m definitely not going to hold my breath. He’s not real big about revealing his literary side, if you know what I mean. I think it has to do with the whole ‘stay in the shadows of plain sight’ thing.” Maria shrugged her shoulders, “But he always comes through in a crisis, so maybe.”

“When we get back, since Buffy is in the jeep with Max and Liz and them, maybe we could go straight to Emma’s house and get started.” Willow suggested.

“Yeah that sounds like a plan. We’ll just follow them to the, I can’t believe that I’m saying that this, the cemetery, and tell them. We’ll leave from there, and meet up with them in a few hours at the Crash. I’m sure by then we’ll be ready for some greasy, high cholesterol food.”

“Yeah, one of the perks of doing research is the doughnuts. Always must have doughnuts for research. It helps in the ability to absorb the information into your brain.” Willow said earnestly. Both girls started giggling at the ridiculous statement.

Seeing that they were at the cemetery, Maria came to a stop behind the jeep.

“What’s going on? Where are we?” Michael asked groggily from the passenger’s seat.

Maria rolled her eyes, before patting him patronizingly on the knee, “Well Mr. I’m ready for anything, we’re at the cemetery. But we’re not staying.”

“What? Why? I kinda want to stay and….” Michael said as he was making an attempt to open the door.

“No.” Maria said interrupting him. “We’re going back to Emma’s to do some research to try and help Alex. Besides we’re would you ride back? On the spare tire?”

“I’m staying.” Michael opened the door, starting to get out.

“Michael will you please stay and help me? I could really use it. It’s for Alex.” Maria laid a hand on his arm in an attempt to get him to listen. “Please Michael, I really need you there. I’m scared.” She finished in a whisper.

Michael looked longingly at the other group teens piling out of the jeep. Damn but he wanted to blow something up, or at the very least toss something around for awhile. But hearing the uncertainty in Maria’s voice changed his mind completely. He couldn’t let on that she had won so easily though. She might take it way out of perspective, and think that the puppy dog eyes would work all the time. Grumpily closing the door, and then crossing his arms over his chest, he simply looked out in front of him saying, “Make it fast.”

Maria once again rolled her eyes, shutting the door. She ran over to her friends to tell them of her plans, promising to meet them at the Crashdown in a hour and a half. Running back to the car, the two groups separated into the night. Both on separate missions.

~>~Two Hours Later~>~

Liz tiredly threw her stuff on to her bed, barely glancing at the once again clean room. She headed down the stairs and into the empty restaurant where her friends were waiting for her. Reaching the front, she noticed that the two groups had pulled some tables together and that Maria was busy getting drinks. She walked over to help her friend, and then headed towards the table with her. Putting the drinks down, she gave Max a kiss before sitting down next to him.

“So has everyone ordered already?” Liz asked looking around the table. She saw everyone nod their heads. “Well I’m going to tell Jose what I want, I’ll be right back.” Liz got up, returning to hear Maria asking how the patrolling went.

“It went fine. Pretty routine. Find ‘em, Stake ‘em, Forget ‘em” Buffy replied. She watched as the three alien teens put Tabasco sauce in their sodas. Grimacing slightly she asked, “Ummm…what’s up with the Tabasco thing? In your soda?”

“Sweet and Spicy,” Isabel answered. “We like things that are extremely sweet, mixed with things that are extremely spicy. It’s our dietary quirk.”

“Oh,” was all Buffy said.

“So did Liz show any more Czechoslovakian tendencies?” Maria questioned.

“Actually no. She….” Max never got to finish his answer, as Nancy Parker came storming into the dining area.

“Elizabeth Claudia Parker!!! What the hell is this?!!!” Nancy stormed over to the table, waving a wooden stake in front of Liz’s face……

~ ~ ~ TBC~ ~ ~

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*big*Welcome to all the newbies! I'm so glad that you all like my fic!! Thanks for all the f/b and bumps! *big* Please keep reading! And to all of my faithful readers, you all rock too!!!*tongue* Here's a new part (I know, I know FINALLY~Gasp~), as always let me know what you think!!*big* (It's kinda sort, only three pages, but hey it's better than nothing right?)



Liz looked at the wooden stake like it was a snake about to bite her. What the hell was she supposed to say? Looking at her friends, she knew that they weren’t going to be any help. Even Max was looking down at the ground, uneasiness coming off of him in waves. Excuse, an excuse, she needed one like now. Once again, what the hell was she supposed to say? So she just sat there staring at her mother like she had lost her mind.

“Well what do you have to say for yourself? Is it drugs?” Nancy Parker asked her teenage daughter. “Are you doing marijuana? Is it a cult? Is that why you hanging around all these new people?”

“What?” Way to go Parker, ‘cause everyone knows that that isn’t a cop out, to making someone reapeat their question, all the while your thinking of a lie, Liz thought to herself. Come on Liz think…Think…THINK!!! Need a lie…Now would be nice.

“Don’t act like you didn’t hear me! You know what I just said!” Nancy Parker tried to contain her voice a little better. There was no reason to get Jeff involved.

“Oh did you want to meet my new friends? In that case..” Nice one Liz, change the subject, and maybe the A.G.E. thing will set in and she’ll forget what we were talking about! Sounds like a good plan.

“Dammit, Elizabeth!! What the HELL is this DAMN thing! The wood thing. Tell me right now!”

Liz was shocked! Where all these words spewing from her quiet mom’s mouth? Oh god, what did she suspect was going on? “Oh that? The wood thing?” Another classic maneuver of the liar, she thought, repeating the question while thinking up a plausible lie. Got it! “Well…ummmm…you see me and Max were, I mean are, working on the molecular structure of different types of wood. And that’s one of our sample pieces.” Liz gave what she hoped was her best wide eyed innocent look.

“So why is it sharpened into a point? Can you answer me that? And you’re not even in school at the moment.” Nancy didn’t believe her daughter. She knew all of the classic tactics when thinking of a lie for your parents. Afterall she’d been a teenager once upon a time.

“It’s…uhhh…for extra credit at the beginning of the year? Yep that’s it, at the beginning of the year. Isn’t that right Max?” Liz took her foot, slamming it against Max’s ankle under the table. Thank goodness that the rest of the restaurant was empty.

“Owww…Uhhh, yeah that’s right extra credit, beginning of the year.” Max grabbed his ankle under the table, massaging it with his hands. He was so going to have to talk to Liz about her new found strength. She had probably just broken his ankle. He was going to have to heal it later. Damn, she was strong.

Liz rolled her eyes. She was going to definitely have to teach Max how to lie, wait maybe she needed some lessons too. “See told you, mom. The molecular structure of wood. Nothing to worry about.”

Nancy moved in closer to Liz, “Is it drugs Liz? Are you smoking, what do you kids call it now a days, weed? Is it something else? Do you need some special intervention? You know that admitting you have a problem is the first step.”

“NO MOM! It’s not drugs, just a science project I told you. Nothing to worry about. Will you please stop jumping to conclusions! And what were you doing poking around my room?! Don’t I have any privacy?!” Liz hid her fear and guilt for lying to her mother behind a false bluster of anger. She could already tell that she was going to hate this.

Nancy was taken back by her daughter’s sudden anger. Liz never raised her voice, well hardly ever. She had always been such a quiet, introspective child. When had she changed? “Liz I was just trying to help. There’s no reason to get mad. I was just picking up your room is all. Of course you have privacy.” Maybe if she tried another venue with Liz, she would get more answers. “I just want you to know that if there’s anything that you need to tell me, I’ll try and understand.”

“Mom, really there’s nothing to tell. I promise.” God she hated this. “If there were you know that I would tell you. It’s just a science project is all.”

“Fine have it your way Liz. When you feel the need to stop lying to me, you know where I am.” Nancy placed the wooden stake in front of Liz, shaking her head in disgust. She turned and walked away from Liz, disbelieving the story she had told her.

“Well, does anyone else suddenly feel like take out?” Xander tried to lighten the mood, “Nothing like hearin’ about demons while you’re chowing down I say.” Everyone nodded there heads in unison. All were ready to get the heck out of dodge.


Everyone walked into Emma’s house carrying various Crashdown takeout bags. No one wanted to mention what had taken place in the diner earlier, Buffy in particular because it hit to close to home.

“We brought you some burgers, heavy on the cholesterol, with an extra helping of grease,” Buffy told the two watchers as they stared at the group walking into the house.

“I thought that you were to report in when you got back into town,” Emma said a little annoyed with the fact that Liz had once again not listened to her orders.

“Calm down, Emma. It was getting dark and we decided to go-a-staking, then we got hungry. But we’re here now, so no worries.” Liz couldn’t understand why this watcher was so uptight. Maybe she needed a day off at the local spa. Mental note, look into that, she thought to herself.

“Liz, I understand that this is all new to you. But when I tell you that I need to see you, I expect to see you here when requested. Please in the future make sure you do so,” Emma finished the slight reprieve while walking back into the living room.

“Please in the future make sure you do so,” Liz silently mimicked, doing her best British stiff upper lip facial expression, while rolling her eyes, causing everyone to choke back there laughter. “You’re welcome for the food too, by the way.” Liz followed Emma into the living room, where everyone got comfy. Pulling out their food, a hefty dose of Tabasco for some, they began to dig in. “So what’s up anyway?”

“Well Mr.Giles and I were doing a little research and we found something interesting,” Emma walked over to the book self, pulling a really thick volume. “It seems that the stars and planets are aligning in a fashion that only happens once a millennium.”

“And that means…” Liz tried to prompt her watcher to go a little faster.

“Well, we’re not exactly sure, but obviously something big,” Giles said, wiping his glasses down with his hankercheif. “We just want you to be especially careful for the next couple of weeks, is all.”

“As opposed to the totally reckless free for all we do on a nightly basis.” Buffy said nodding her head in agreement, popping a french fry into her mouth.

“Buffy..” Giles said, warning in his voice as he replaced his glasses.

“Yeah?” Buffy answered, looking at Giles totally innocent.

Monique ran her hands down the length of her body. Turning in the full length mirror, she took in her appearance. She had a body that any woman would envy, a face and hair that many a woman was jealous of. She continued to run her hands over her hips, tossing her hair at the same time. Her body began to sway to an unheard tune.

The hunger was coming, she could feel the need growing. An ache that started in the pit of her stomach, stretching it’s tentacles around her, until she was in agony. She looked at her door. It was shut, and locked. It was safe, all she needed was one. Surely Cyrus wouldn’t care, who would miss one man in the grand scheme of things? Besides what would Cyrus do anyway? He needed her.

She coulcn’t let the hunger get to overpowering, the timing was all wrong. She would give in. Besides she needed all of her strength didn’t she? Just one, that’s all, just one. Monique made her decision, morphing herself into smoke, she floated out the window into the unsuspecting night….

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Thanks for all the bumps and f/b guys, it makes me all smiley!!*big*Here's the new part for you, when you see how long it is, you'll know why it took me so long to write! LOL!!*wink* POSTED IN TWO PARTS DUE TO LENGTH...

Anywho, please don't feel to sorry for Monique, remember that she is evil with a capital E! This story is going to move along a little faster, just so you guys know.

{P.S. Are you all ready for some dreamer action Slayer Style?*wink* The part you all have been dying for!}

As always let me know what you think!!!*tongue*

~Chapter 24~

She was lost. Running. A flash of light. Images flying fast and furious through her mind. Images of times forgotten, rituals that were better off lost and forgotten. Chanting. Hushed voices, murmuring in time with each other. Liz was scared. Blood, so much blood. It was everywhere. Pooling, flowing. Endless….

Liz woke with a start. She was drenched with sweat but at the same time, she knew that the dream meant something. But the real question was what? Was it a premonition? A glimpse from a slayer’s past? Maybe it was just the galaxy sub she had eaten earlier. That had to be it. How could something that freaky be real? Deciding it was the latter, Liz took a sip of water from the glass next to her bed, touched the picture of Max with a kiss, and laid back down to go back to sleep.


A wisp of smoke came through the window in the little house outside of Roswell. Monique transformed back into her human form. Stumbling towards the bed, she fell upon it. A euphoric, drugged feeling flowing through her veins. She felt as she always did, high…giddy. Her once intricately put together appearance, was now disheveled, sloppy looking. Her clothes lacking the usual style and elegance, seeming to have lost the polish; wrinkled, carelessly thrown across her body. She fell into the trancelike state that always followed a feeding.

~ She was a young girl, no more than the age of fifteen when she was called. Her destiny, the one girl in her generation born with ability and strength to fight the vampires, demons, and forces of darkness. She was a slayer. She had been so now for a year, long for a girl who puts her life into her own hands every night. Now she was beginning to wonder why. What kind of life did she have? None that was what kind. To top it all off, she had no friends, had never known love, and what was all that for? To protect what she would never herself have?

The coupe de grace was the whispers behind her back, by the elders of her village that she was the homilies looking slayer that had come to pass. She had no body to speak of, plain face, no features to claim that she was any kind of beauty at all. It was ironic that the plainest girl that ever existed was born to such a wondrous destiny.

Life. It was growing tiresome. She found that she was taking more and more chances with her very existence on a nightly basis. That was until the day of her sixteenth birthday. That was the day that changed her entire life.

The most handsome man she had ever seen approached her one day. Unused to the attention, she had no clue how to react. The butterflies had settled into her stomach, and made a home there.

“What is your name?” The handsome man inquired.

“Elizabeth,” she answered, shifting from foot to foot. Walking over to the well to sit down, and control her fidgeting. “And your name sir?”

“Please you must call Conrad. You have a beautiful name Ms. Elizabeth.”

“Thank you, but you can call me Liz,” she whispered, gathering her courage to look into his eyes for the first time. They were beautiful. So blue that they verged on looking almost violet, his face was chiseled, a strong jaw, straight, narrow nose. The kind of man that girls dreamed about. What was he doing here talking to her? “Can I ask why you are here?”

Perfect, she was perfect. Just what he had been looking for. He could sense the unease inside of her. The battle to find a reason to keep fighting, also hidden beneath the uniqueness, a quality, or abilities that had yet to be tapped into. She had to be the one. The one that they needed. He continued to stare at her, she wasn’t ready to hear the truth yet, and there was still some time to gain her trust.

Liz squirmed underneath his scrutiny. Why was he staring at her like that? Why didn’t he answer her question? “Is there something wrong?”

“No there’s nothing wrong. I’m sorry what did you ask me?” Conrad didn’t want to frighten her away, she was too valuable.

“I just asked, well I was wondering why you here.” Liz asked once again.

“To find you of course. But I must go now.” Conrad rose to his feet, beginning to walk away.

“But why?” Liz rose to follow him, but he had simply disappeared….~

Monique woke the next morning feeling quite rested. She didn’t remember the things that she should of from her humble, if far from simple beginnings. “I’m a mess.” Walking, and disrobing at the same time, she entered her bathroom to take a shower.


Liz woke the next morning, well actually closer to afternoon, quite rested. The dreams from the night before, were distant memories fading with the morning light. She remembered the feelings, fright, intense sense of dread, but not much more. Decicding that there was nothing of importance she remembered that she wouldn’t mention it to anyone. Groaning one last time, she threw back her warm covers, and got out of bed.

Laying out her uniform, she headed into the shower to start her day. Getting dressed, she knew that this was just going to be one funfilled day of her mother glaring at her. Well if it was any consolation, she had Michael and Maria working with her. Besides the fact that Buffy and the Scoobies were stuck at Emma’s doing research. Ha, she thought, there is a silver lining.

Sneaking past her mother, she headed down the stairs into the restaurant. Tying her apron around her waist, she was surprised to Isabel dressed in a uniform in Maria’s place. “Where’s Ria?”

“She said that she and Willow had some more research for Alex to do on their own, so here I am. Again.” Isabel said as she adjusted her antennae on her head, “Males of Roswell watch out!” She then turned going through the swinging doors, Liz shaking her head following her lead.

“Hey Michael,” Liz said as she went around the front.

“Hey,” Michael had a way with words at the beginning of the shift.

“So would you rather be with Ria right now?” Liz asked, wondering if being away from his girlfriend was what was making his so grunty this afternoon.

“Like a root canal. I’d raher make Will Smith burgers, Saturn rings, and Galaxy subs all day long, than sit with those two stuffy watchers reading.” Michael said as he fired up the grill. “Besides someone’s got to pay the bills around here.”

“Oh,” was all Liz could think of to say. She figured that he was back into full Michael mode again. Which meant lots of grunting, and rude comments. Oh well, she wouldn’t take him any other way. What more could you want out of a brother, than extreme annoyance, and frustration anyway?

Liz turned around just as her favorite customer sat in his booth in the restaurant. Walking over, she stood in front of the table. “Welcome to the Crashdown Café. Can I get you something to drink, or are you ready to order?”

“Well actually I was wondering if you were on the menu.” Max said, joining in the game.

“Ummm…actually no. I don’t think that my boyfriend would like that. You see he doesn’t like to share,” Liz said as seriously as she could.

“Oh come on, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Max said as he wound his arms around her waist, wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

Pretending to think it over, Liz pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. Wrapping her arms around his neck, and in a low, sultry voice said, “Well I do have this thing for dark haired, mysterious strangers from exotic places. I give.”

Max sat back a little with a twinkle in his eyes, “So would you like me to ask you on a blind date?”

“Ok. I give. You win; please just don’t remind me about Mr. I’m-so-boring-but-I’m-in-college-so-that-makes-me-cool. God, he was so incredibly boring. But I guess I was lucky, Buffy said that the last college guy she went out with tried to sacrifice her to a scaly snake god. So I it definitely could have been worse,” Liz finished seriously. Looking down at Max’s face, she decided that she had probably done the overshare thing again. Not that he didn’t already worry about her enough, especially now, but she had just reminded him that now she was in more danger than ever, and there was nothing he could do to change that. She tried to make him see the bright side of the story, “But remember, she lives on a hell mouth. There’s nothing like that here in Roswell. We just have Czechoslovakians.” She hoped that he would at least crack a smile at her lame attempt at a joke. No such luck.

Max kissed her hard and quick on the lips, “Thanks for the good ‘ol college try, no pun intended, but if you’re trying to make me feel better, NOT succeeding. Let me sit here and brood for a while, I’m getting quite good at it. I’ll take a Cherry Coke please.” Max opened the book he had received from Emma, on demons naturally, and began to scan the pages. He watched Liz walk away, then looking down at the book, once again realized how danger Liz was constantly in.

It wasn’t the fact that they hadn’t faced danger before, but it was always been sporadic. This was a new constant. The pressure he felt to help, and keep Liz safe was almost overpowering. But at the same time, the feeling that came with Liz dying, well that was just to much to handle. He remembered how he had felt the day that she had been shot, bleeding to death, just a few feet away from he was sitting. He couldn’t live through that again, he refused to live through that again. No matter how much he hated it, this was her life now. A small thought came to mind that he just wanted to lock her away and keep her safe. A smile spread across his lips, like Liz would ever let him do that, fat chance, she was stubborn when she had a plan in mind. Instead of concentrating on all the things that could go wrong, he would help as much as possible to make sure that it all went right. That’s all there was to it. With his renewed sense of direction, Max began to study the pages in front of him.


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Chapter 24 con't....

Willow sat behind the wheel of Maria’s Jetta, with Buffy in the passenger seat. She was thankful that Maria hadn’t really asked any questions, just handed her the keys. She didn’t tell anyone where they were going. She hadn’t told Buffy where they were going; in a way she guessed that she wanted this to be a surprise. She went over the ritual again; she had to make sure this was right. This wasn’t something remotely as simple as floating a pencil, or doing a location spell, this was extremely harder. She didn’t have Giles to guide her in any way, so she was flying this one solo.

Pulling onto the road that lead to the small clearing she had found in Frazier Woods, she remained silent. Concentrating on the road in front of her, she found a place to park and motioned for Buffy to get out.

Buffy got out of the car, wondering once again what was going on in Will’s redhead. She hadn’t muttered on word on the half hour drive, but stubbornly had remained silent. But in her defense, Buffy hadn’t said anything either. She figured that Willow would tell her when she saw fit. So the only information of “Can you come with me?” was all she was going on right now.

“Follow me Buffy,” Willow said over her shoulder as she headed into the woods.

Buffy, shrugging her shoulders followed her, not asking any questions. She knew that it was close to the place where they had camped the night before. She noticed that they walked for about five minutes, before they reached a small clearing in the woods. Buffy saw that Will was diligently digging stuff out of a bag that she had brought with her. She felt like now was a safe time to ask her what was going on. “Hey Will? What’s this all about? Why are we out here?”

Willow stopped what she was doing, trying to decide the best way to approach the subject that her friend had just brought up. You simply couldn’t say, ‘Hey we’re here to open a gate to hell’ or ‘Wanna do some magic?’, she had to prepare Buffy for what was to come. She sat down on the ground, patting the grass next to her. She watched as Buffy walked over, sitting down next to her. She turned to face her best friend, “Buffy are you happy? I mean really?”

“Can’t complain. Just sorta taking everything in. Why?”

“I mean with the whole Angel thing? How are you coping?” Willow tried again, hoping that her best friend wouldn’t lie to her.

“Well I can’t exactly say that the-hills-are-alive-with-the-sound-of-music okay, but adjusting. Just call me Adjustable Buffy. Wait that so doesn’t sound right.”

“No, I get it. You’re merely surviving, but not living are you?”

“Besides you and my new found friends, Czechoslovakian included, what is there to live for? To be thankful for? My mother hates me, and sent the love of my life to hell. Doesn’t exactly make for a Hallmark card.” Buffy stared out into the distance, not really wanting to talk about this. The more she kept busy, the more she could just pretend that everything was okay. She didn’t have to think about that feeling deep down in the pit of her stomach that told her to curl up into a ball, and stay that way until she was shriveled up old lady. Too old and too senile to care. Yep, it was better not think that way.

Willow’s heart went out to friend. How hard would it be to see your friends happy, and carefree, knowing that you life would never in any way resemble that? Like she had said before, she was tired of the powers that be taking but never giving. It was time to change the rules. “What if I told you that I could at least change one of those things for you? What if I told you that I found a way to bring Angel back?”

Buffy glanced up at her friend, quietly taking in what Willow had just told her. Was it possible? Had she found a way? The real question was why? After what Angelus had done to her, why had she bothered? “Why Will? After…after what he did, why?”

Willow thought about Buffy’s question for only for a second before answering, “I told you before Buffy, I don’t blame Angel. It wasn’t Angel, that was Angelus. The taking of his soul was to blame, it didn’t change who he was trying to become when he had one. He was a good person…man. He saved my life more times then I can count. And not just mine, yours, Xander’s, Cordy’s, Giles’. All that sacrifice deserves something.” Willow got a little angry as she continued on, only pausing to take a breath. “Besides it is not fair. It’s not. You give so much every day, every night. What do you get in return? Nothing, nada, zero, zilch. Well the tables are about to turn, it’s your turn to reap the fruits of your efforts, so to speak. I did this for you. You deserve to be happy Buffy, more than anyone that I know.”

A small spark of something that Buffy had thought was lost, slowly started blossoming in her chest, hope. But did this mean that she couldn’t love Angel? Wasn’t their love the catalyst to his downfall? Did that matter as long as Angel was in her life? He was her quiet foundation, her anchor, her soulmate. She needed like she needed no other. He understood her. The loneliness that engulfed her life, being a part of it, but not really, you were always on the outside looking in. Who else understood what that felt like? No one…only Angel.

As she saw the sun setting in the sky, she knew that she had been debating herself for quite some time. Finally, just above a whisper she told Willow how she felt. Reaching over she gave Willow the biggest hug, tears flowing down her face, “Thank you….” Buffy gave into her urge to cry, a combination of joy and letting go of loss taking over her being.

Willow waited until Buffy had cried all her tears before telling her the rest. “Wait there’s something else.”


“I found a way around the Gypsy Curse. It will make it so that he may experience happiness, true or otherwise, and retain his soul. But he’ll still be a vampire, he’ll still have the demon inside of him, there was no way around that.”


“It’s to hard to explain, but let’s just say that I’ll someone big is all.”

“I don’t want you to do anything that you’ll regret later, Will,” Buffy was concerned for her friends safety. No matter how happy she was about the news, she didn’t want her in any danger. “Having him back is enough.”

Willow just shook her head at Buffy’s selflessness, “No it’s not. I know that. Besides, like I said, it’s your turn.” Willow looked at the dying sun in the distance, “Well night is coming soon, so let’s get started. What do ya say?”

Buffy nodded her head in agreement, “What do you need me to do?”

Willow and Buffy took about a hour correctly putting together the symbols and such. Willow pulled out some stinky herbs, and then cleansed the area with a bundle of sage incense. She then looked at Buffy, pointing at a spot inside the stone circle they had created.

“You need to sit there. I need you to concentrate on the love that you and Angel share. I need you to try and call him from the darkness he’s in. Can you do that?” Willow knew that this was important part of the ritual. Not only because of the bond that the two shared, but because Buffy didn’t see Angel as a vampire with a soul, but a man. She was his anchor, as well as he was hers.

Buffy didn’t answer, just nodded her head, and then closed her eyes. She remembered all the times Angel had put her first, uncaring of the danger to himself. The first thought of her day, the last thought before she fell asleep was Angel. It always came back to him. Being without him was like not breathing, and not to breathe was not to live. She wanted to live. She heard only slightly the words that Willow had begun to chant, which sounded like Latin. She concentrated harder on that part of herself that belonged to only Angel…her heart. She pictured him walking towards her….the small smile that played on his lips only for her. Her Angel.

Willow looked over at Buffy. She could tell that Buffy was indeed concentrating has hard as she could on her lost love. Willow quietly began to chant. She felt the air around her change, it was thicker. Looking over at Buffy she realized that she too felt the effects of the spell, Buffy was glowing, radiating a white light. Willow closed her eyes, reaching inside herself to where concentration would take her…to the source of her power. The feeling always started in the pit of her stomach, spiraling outward, reaching every fiber in her being. She could feel the air, hear the whispers of people unseen, sense the power of all the living things in the forest, she was one with her surroundings.

Kneeling on the ground, holding her hands above her head, her palms outstretched to the sky, her fingers extended, Willow’s voice rang strong and true, full of certainty. Commanding…demanding that the fates listen to her. Willow was shy by nature, but to hear her powerful invocation of the spirit world, one would never know that. She was full of authority, exerting the part of herself that usually lay hidden.

“Hear me Goddess Kore, Queen of the underworld
You have taken one who should not be there, it is not his time.” Taking some fresh graveyard dirt, Willow threw it into the fire.

“Hear me Goddess Matila, The warrior Goddess
Help one who was made in your image, who had suffered as you have.” Taking out a lock of Buffy’s hair, Willow laid it down in front of the fire.

“Hear me Goddess Maat, Goddess of Law and Justice
The one we seek has been wrongfully judged, we seek your wisdom in our plight.” Willow then threw a small bag full of herbs she had into the fire. She watched as the flames rose higher, shooting sparks everywhere. Looking deep into the heart of the fire, she said the last part of the spell.

A swirling fog had completely engulfed the inside of the circle. The inside was completely invisible to the eye, the outside crackling with unnatural blue electricity. The wind inside picked up, pushing Willow’s hair wildly around her face, her eyes turned the color of coal. She entered a trancelike state, the power flowing off of her in waves.

“Goddess Circe, Hear ME
Creator of fate and destiny
Hear our humble plea.

We beseech all of you, in your infinite wisdom to help us.
Please help me, your humble servant, and the chosen one, the woman warrior, Buffy.
Return to us the one you hold known as Angel.
He is a warrior and protector of the people, and is needed.
Return him
It is fated that these two are bonded together
Destiny is to be rewritten
Return him
He should not be there, he is lost, help him find his way back to us
Blessed be the man-demon known as Angel
He who walks in the shadow and shuns the light of day
But has a soul of a man, and is the warrior of the people
He is lost, show him the way

So Mote it be
So shall it be!
Return HIM!!”

There was a sudden flash of light, one that would rival the Crash of ’47. But it was only there for an instant. Willow’s arms fell to her sides, exhausted. She had yet to find out if the ritual had worked. The whole circle was still engulfed in a thick fog. She couldn’t see Buffy, but had to assume that she was alright. Suddenly a blinding light was directly before her, and she was no longer on the same plane of existence as before.

Although she couldn’t see anything or anyone in what looked like a cave, she heard a voice. It was quiet, soft, powerful, and it was a woman. Willow could only assume it was one of the powers that be answering her summons.

“We have heard your demands, you know what the price will be, are you prepared to pay that price when the time comes?”

“For my friend anything. I would sacrifice anything for her happiness, she deserves it. Will you return him so that he may experience happiness with her? I would pay any price that you ask.” Willow said, her voice ringing with certainty and fortitude.

“Ahhh…willing to sacrifice so much for another. Would you give up your own happiness in return for hers?”

There was no hesitation or doubt in Willow’s answer, “YES.”

“You are a true friend Witch Willow. To show that you do this totally with selflessness has proven that you are worthy of this request. Thou art truly blessed. Your willingness to sacrifice everything for the woman warrior of the people known as Buffy has given us hope for all mankind. Consider your debt paid in full. Your request will be granted. Blessed be Witch Willow.”

With that she was tossed back into her plane of existence. The fog was dissipating, making it easier to see. She looked over and could make out the outline of Buffy who was still completely lost in her concentration. There was something laying at Buffy feet, she could only make out the silhouette, but she knew who it was. She called out to Buffy gently, “Buffy look down. Buffy.”

Buffy slowly opened her eyes, disbelieving of what she was seeing. Her heart swelled, at the sight that was before her eyes. He was still wearing same clothes from the night she sent him to hell.

Angel rose up from the fetal position he was in on shaky arms. Taking in his surroundings in confusion. He could no longer hear the tortured screams of souls lost in the abyss. Looking up, he knew that he must once again be lost in the past. Seeing the face of an angel, his angel, her name fell from is lips in a whisper, “Buffy?” He reached out a tentative hand to the illusion, wanting to run his fingers along her face. Feeling the warmness of her skin, the wetness of her tears, he knew that this was no illusion. Tears of his own wet his cheeks as reality hit him. Sitting up, he wrapped his arms around her, holding on to her for his sanity…his life. It was real, she was here, or he was here. Squeezing her harder, he simply whispered what his heart had wanted for so long was real, “Buffy….”

A/N-Goddess provided by ‘Gods and Goddess of the Zodiac by Anne Marie Garrison”-Blessed Be….