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Author: LittleBit
Category: Crossover; UC
Rating: R maybe up to NC-17 After all this is Alec
Summary: The sequel to A New Start. Liz left after the events in Changes and moved to Seattle. Once there she moved in with Ava and started her life over. She met Alec Cora and eventually the two started dating. Not long after they found out each other’s secrets; Alec was an X5 and Liz was an alien. The two stayed together despite their difference and the dangers in their lives. ‘Start to Finish’ is the continuing story of the unique couple.


One year later

Things had changed in the year since the transgenics took out the breeding cult of Familiars. In the year since the siege at Jam Pony and the publication of the existence of the Familiars the government had stuck by their promises of working with the transgenics. Because of the role the transgenics had had in bringing down the breeding cult and their plan to wipe out humanity the majority of the public were now transgenic friendly but their were still enough who weren’t that were trying to stop the transgenics from having any rights. There was even an ordinance called the Transgenic Registration Act that required all transgenics to be registered with their barcode and all essential information. The transgenics were trying to get it removed and a bill granting them the same rights as ordinaries passed. Liz was one of the main spokespeople for the cause although she was considered an ordinary while Alec helped run the organization, the National Alliance of Transgenics only working for Jam Pony a little to keep his sector pass. Whereas it was safer for transgenics to live in regular neighborhoods many still chose not to. Condemned areas like Terminal City were all over America and the transgenics had spread to them, creating transgenic communities.

Liz went about making her sandwich as she watched the clock waiting for Alec to come home. After the time they had shared in his old room in Terminal City they couldn’t bear to live apart. So within a month they found and shared a nice two-bedroom apartment with a little alcove off the living room for an office. She tossed their dog Lola, a morsel of food, which she eagerly caught and wolfed down. Lola had followed Alec home one day after they had moved in.

Liz made her way into their new apartment hoping Alec had finished unpacking the rest of the boxes. She made her way through the foyer and into the living room only to find Alec sitting among the boxes. “Well I guess you didn’t get the rest done huh?”

Alec’s eyes met Liz’s and he shook his head, he looked like he was hiding something. “I’ve been a little busy.”

Liz was about to ask what he’d been doing when something white caught her eye. “Alec what is that?”

“A dog, a puppy actually.” Alec answered as the puppy came into view. Liz could see she was about six months old, underfed female bulldog stray. She was all white but had a patch of brown on her face. Liz bent down and the little puppy tentatively made her way to Liz.

“She followed me home, I was on my runs today and noticed her following me. I didn’t realize she was still doing it until I was about to leave Jam Pony.” Alec explained as the puppy sniffed Liz. She must have liked what she smelled because she started hopping around Liz trying to get her to play causing Liz to laugh, “Well if she followed you she’s got taste.”

Lola was now well fed to about twenty-five pounds and eleven months older but didn’t know she wasn’t a puppy anymore. For some reason the X5s, with their cat DNA, didn’t have a reaction to her like they did other dogs. Liz thought it was because Lola couldn’t intimidate a fly. Liz leaned down and petted her. “Don’t worry girl, he’ll be home soon. I know I’m no fun now since I can’t play.”

Just then Lola’s ears perked up and she went scurrying off to the foyer. Lola didn’t bark when she knew who it was from their scent so she was a good watchdog. Liz listened as Alec made his way inside heading for the kitchen. A minute later she felt his arms come around her waist and pulled her against him. “How’s my girl today?”

“Active, she won’t quit moving and kicking. One of these days you’re going to see a little foot sticking out of my stomach where she’s kicked through it.” Liz said leaning back and giving him a quick kiss as he rubbed her belly.

“I doubt it has anything to do with this monster cappuccino you’re drinking.” Alec said picking up her Starbucks takeout cup. “I thought we decided you needed to cut back on the caffeine.”

“You decided.” Liz muttered taking a bite of her sandwich before snagging her cup back from him. “And for your information it’s hot chocolate smarty pants. It was chilly out when I took Lola for her walk.”

“I just want you and her to be healthy. This has never been done before.” Alec said looking at her stomach. He still couldn’t believe his daughter was in there.

“I think she knows your home and wants to say hi.” Liz said pulling up her shirt to reveal her belly. Alec could see a tiny little glowing handprint against Liz’s olive skin. It had first appeared four months ago. Liz had been talking to the baby as she soaked in the bath when the handprint first appeared. Liz had gingerly touched it and been sucked into a connection, telling Liz she was healthy and a girl. Liz had screamed for Alec who crashed into the bathroom readying to kick ass when he saw Liz was safe. She grabbed both of his hands and put one on the little handprint. Alec was then brought into the connection. Although he had no alien in him, his blood ran in his daughter’s veins along with Liz’s and they were connected. There was no question after that the baby would have powers only what powers would she have. They hadn’t been able to discover her individual power yet. They only knew from the small tidbit that Tess had told Liz about alien pregnancies and knew that because of Alec’s unique DNA that it could change what they did know. Would she just have that one individual power like Max and the others or all of the powers like Liz and Kyle? They figured she would be like her mother but they had nothing to base it on. They would just have to wait and find out.

Alec put his finger on the little handprint and smiled as his daughter said hello. They broke apart and Alec laughed. “She’s as attention demanding as her mother.”

“Funny, you’re far more of the attention grabber. You’re the one who has been sulking around here because I’m not going to be around here for a few days.” Liz had to go to Washington DC to speak at another transgenic civil rights hearing

“I still don’t like you to go now with it being so close.”

“I have to. They’re not going to put off the hearing until I have the baby.” Liz said eating her sandwich. “I’ve got the hearing then a day to make the rounds to try and gain some more support then I’ll be back.”

“I just wish I could get away and go with you.” Alec stated.

“I’ve made the trip several times before, I’ll be fine. And perfectly safe. Kyle and Ava are going with me along with Max and a half a dozen other transgenics.”

“And you’ve got a checkup in the morning with Sam right?” Alec asked.

“Before we go to the airport. He’s just going to check the usual stuff.” Liz said. Logan’s doctor friend, Sam Carr, was monitoring Liz’s pregnancy. He was the only one they could trust with the secret of the differences in her blood. They were still careful to hide the aliens’ secret only a half a dozen of their friends at most knowing their secret. It was safer. As far as the public knew Liz was an ordinary involved with a transgenic, nothing more.

“I’m still worried about your weight so you should have him check on it.” Alec said regretting the words as soon as they came out of his mouth.

Liz’s eyes teared up and her lip quivered, “You think I’m fat!”

Before Alec could defend himself Liz tore off down the hall and slammed their bedroom door. Alec rubbed his hand over his face, pregnancy hormones strike again. “Liz, babe. I don’t think you’re fat. If I did would I have made love to you three times last night or once this morning?” Pregnancy had increased Liz’s appetite for sex, something Alec didn’t mind at all. Although at first he’d been worried about making love to her when she was pregnant. It was a little more difficult with her belly now but they came up with ways. He was thankful he had transgenic stamina or she’d probably killed him by now.

Lola cocked her head and looked towards door like she was trying to figure out what was going on. She looked back up at Alec before taking back off into the living room.

“Weenie.” Alec called after her. He tried to open the door but it wouldn’t give. She probably melted the lock to keep him out so he knocked. “GO AWAY!”

Alec was about to argue more when their door bell rung. It was probably Biggs and Ava or Max and Logan since Lola didn’t bark. They were supposed to come over for a visit, Kyle and OC were unable to make it. “We come bearing food!” Biggs announced.

“Hey guys come on in and get comfortable. I’m going to go try and get Liz out of the bedroom.”

“What did you do now?” Ava asked knowing the cause behind Liz being in the bedroom. They had all been victims of her hormones, but Alec had caught the most of it.

“We were talking about her doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I told her to have Sam check her weight because I was worried about it.”

“You didn’t.” Biggs asked.

Alec nodded, “She took it the wrong way and thought I was saying she gained too much. But it’s just the opposite. She’s still so tiny for eight months, she’s barely gained twenty pounds.”

“I’ll go talk to her.” Ava called as she headed down the hall. Biggs grabbed Alec herding him out of the entry way into the kitchen, “Don’t feel so bad, at least this time she didn’t blast you.”


What do you think?

Here's a picture of Lola.


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Calinia originally wrote:
Will the pregnancy have the normal human lenght? Or will it be shorter cause Liz is an alien hybrid and/or Alec is a transgenic?

I'm going to have Liz's pregnancy be about normal length because she is half human and Alec is mostly human.
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Lillie originally wrote:
Here's a picture of Lola.

It's Ozzy's Lola!!!!!!

YOU'RE RIGHT! It is Ozzy's Lola. The dog episode was the first one I saw and she is just too adorable. I decided to write her in.
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Hey guys, Calinia and I have been talking and we started thinking that there should be a title for when Liz is involved with an X5. You know like Dreamers, Polarists, etc.

Calinia came up with X-tremers? What do you think?
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Hey guys! Just bumping. Thanks for the feedback .
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Dedicated to: RoswellSlayer (3x), Calinia (4x), KEmperor, Lullaby, wild_child_uk, Sassy, 3somefan, JADIAN, Lillie, Roswellian_chicka, TabascaGurl, Lil Blu Bubble (2x), Jen C, roswell_lover_buffy (2x), and behrstars

Here's a new part for all you X-tremers.

Part 2

Ava used her powers to unmelt the lock and entered the room. Liz was laying face down on the bed, her body twisted to the side to accommodate her round belly. “Liz, honey. It’s me.”

Liz sat up and Ava could see her puffy eyes. “Hey Ava. I didn’t hear the doorbell.”

“Don’t worry Alec let us in. He told us what happened.”

“He thinks I’m fat.” As she had grown bigger, she'd envied everyone's trim shapes all around her. And she imagined girls Alec was around just drooling and flirting over him, so handsome, sexy, and sweet. She couldn't help but hate the fact that they flirted with him and looked sexier than she did right now.

“No, he doesn’t. You’re so little that he worried that you haven’t gained enough.” Ava said. “You know how paranoid he is. He watches what you eat, how much caffeine and exercise you get. All those books he read.”

Liz smiled thinking about how sweet and overbearing Alec had been. “He won’t let me lift anything or practically clean.”

“Come on. Let’s go get some food before the guys eat it all. We can steal the carton of sesame chicken and dump a bottle of Tabasco so no one else can eat it.” Ava offered. The two girls headed out seeing that Max and Logan had arrived as well. They said hello.

“Cute jeans, Liz.” Max commented. Liz had on a large plain white T-shirt and jeans on with her hair pulled back.

“I got sick of the style of all the maternity clothes so I used my powers and altered a pair of my old cargo ones.” Liz explained as she heaped piles of food on her plate. Alec stood over to the side watching her, making note of how much she took but didn’t dare say anything only handed her a bottle of Tabasco. “Here’s your Vitamin T.”

“Thanks, sorry about earlier.”

“It’s okay, I should have explained better. Forgive me?”

“It’s not your fault, it’s my hormones.” Liz said kissing him. When they broke away he turned Liz towards the others and smacked her lightly on the ass to get her moving. “Go eat before I have the other woman in my life mad at me because she’s hungry.”

Alec grabbed his own food and headed into joined the others. “How are you feeling?” Logan asked Liz.

“Emotionally I feel crazy, physically just fine.” Liz answered. “No change in cravings or anything just lots of spice and lots of Alec.”

“Liz, I’m eating.” Biggs remarked as he grimaced.

“Does she still have the same taste in music?” Max asked with a smile on her face.

“Yep, she loves it.” Liz and Alec had discover a month ago that the baby loved certain music, actually a certain band, Aerosmith. Every time Steven Tyler’s voice came over the stereo she started moving around more than normal. It was like she was dancing. They couldn’t figure it out. The others started talking about the upcoming trip as they ate. Alec’s mind flash backed to when Liz told him.

Alec made his way into the apartment and saw it bathed in candlelight with the table set for dinner. It reminded him of the first night he and Liz made love at her old apartment that was when he saw her come of the kitchen. She looked beautiful. Her hair was down and she wore a long white skirt with a slit up each leg and a brown tank top. He noticed that her bellybutton ring was gone and looked to be completely healed, which he found strange. After dinner she made her way around the table and straddled him. She looked right into his eyes and said, “Marry me.”

“What?” Alec asked surprised.

“Marry me.”

“You know I can’t.” Alec said.

“I know we can’t right now but when they pass the law.”

Alec reached out and brushed her hair back. He wanted to marry her but right now he legally couldn’t. “I was going to wait until the bill passed and ask you.”

“But I’m asking you.” Liz smiled.

“When have I ever been able to resist you. And yes, I will.” Alec cupped her face and gave her a kiss. “So is then when you give me my engagement ring?”

Liz smiled, “No this is when I tell you I’m pregnant.”

Alec had been in complete shock when Liz told him. It wasn’t like it was planned, they were always so careful. Okay maybe not always, ninety-eight percent of time. She ended up being two and half months along by the time she found out. Her cycles had been out of whack ever since she became a hybrid but when she started waking up only to go running into the bathroom to get sick she figured out what it was. She told him when she took the test not surprised when it came out positive.

As Alec let it sink in, he found himself imagining a child with features of both he and her. Most people would think the proposal had been a trap but Alec knew Liz too well. She wasn’t trying to trap him at all; it was just her way of telling him about the baby. He had reached out and placed his hands on her flat stomach before leaning up to capture her lips in a deep passionate kiss. When they broke apart and leaned his forehead to hers. “We’re having a baby.” He whispered. It was then that Liz had known he was okay with it.

Now Liz was the one with the engagement ring and they were waiting for the day when it would be legal for them to marry. Her parents weren’t happy at first that Liz was pregnant while she was so young but had gotten over it. They knew how much the two meant to each other. Liz was still taking some college classes so they were happy that she hadn’t quit her schooling. They had given their blessing and even arranged for Liz to get some money out of the trust her Grandma Claudia had set up for her. Liz had also told them about the aliens. Liz figured that since the baby would have powers and might do something around her grandparents that they should be prepared.

“Alec?” Liz said waving her hand over his face. “Where were you?”

“Just thinking.” Alec said smiling as he snapped out of his memories.


New part whenever I can get it out.

NOTE: I know you guys probably think the whole 'baby liking Aerosmith' is made up but that actually happened with me when I was pregnant with my son. He loved and still loves Aerosmith. Weird huh?
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Lillie originally wrote:
The baby--- btw, does she have a name yet?--- likes Aerosmith. Cute. *happy*

So far in the story, the baby doesn't have a name yet. In the next part Liz and Alec discuss it.
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Look at the awesome banner Lil Blu Bubble made me! Isn't it cool??

BTW The baby is a girl.
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Dedicated to: Lullaby (2x), RoswellSlayer (2x), Calinia (3x), MoMo, wild_child_uk, Lillie, roswell_lover_buffy, Lil Blu Bubble, and EternalStaryNightGoddess.

Special thanks to Lil Blu Bubble for the awesome banner!

Part 3

Later that night after everyone left and Liz had finished packing they were laying in the bedroom. Alec was clad only in his boxers while Liz was laying in one of Alec’s T-shirts propped up against the headboard. Her legs were out in front of her and Alec was stretched out along the foot of the bed so he could rub them. “Umm, that feels so good.”

Alec smiled at her as he kissed her knee. He looked up, saw Lola trying to lie on Liz, and laughed. Liz figured out why he was laughing and said, “I don’t think she understands why my lap isn’t there anymore.”

“She’ll get over it. She’ll just have to be like me and find other ways to snuggle with you.” Then he motioned to the book on her lap, “Where did we leave off?”

“The end. We went through the entire book.” Liz said looking at the baby name book. “Why don’t I read off the list I made?”

Alec tried not to laugh as Liz took out her little notebook so they could make a list of names. “Arianna, Alexandra, Alexis, Alyssa, Ashley, Bianca, Chloe, Dylan, Emma or Emmaline, Emmy.”

“Evie?” Alec suggested.

“You watch the mummy movies too much.” Liz stated as she read on. “Hallie, Isabella, Jasmine, Katherine, Kayla, Lillie, Mira, Morgan, Natalie, Peyton, Rachel, Raine, Riley, Sierra, Skylar, Taleah, Tara, Taylor, Troian, Trinity, and Victoria.

“That’s not a list, that’s the entire book.”

“I kind of like Trinity it could be symbolic. She’s a combination of three things, alien, human, and transgenic.” They could only guess but they figured that since the baby was going to have powers that she would pick up some of Alec’s transgenic traits as well. The fact that she had already figured out how to open a connection to them showed she was very smart, probably having the enhanced brain functions like he did. They would have to wait and see which other ones she would have as well.

Alec fell back onto the bed, “Pray she doesn’t have a temper on her. Lord only knows what damage she could do. Things would be exploding everywhere.”

“I feel sorry for boys when she starts dating.”

“She won’t date until she at least thirty.” Alec stated.

Liz just ignored him, “Besides dealing with you being overprotective they’re going to have to deal with her if they step out of line. If she’s anything like her Uncle Michael they’ll have a case of the itchies for weeks.”

Thinking of that Alec said, “Okay, I change my mind she can date when she’s a little younger than thirty but only if she brings them by so I can scare them. Make sure she doesn’t bring anyone home like me.”

Liz crawled over to him and pushed him on his back to straddle him, “Then she’d be as lucky as her mom.”

Alec waited until Liz leaned in close enough so he could capture her lips. The kiss heated up quickly and Liz started trailing kisses down his neck to his bare chest. She loved the feel of his hard body yet it was so soft. He had so much strength in his body but it never scared her, he was always so gentle that sometimes she forgot what he was able to do. She left wet kisses trailing down until she reached the waistband of his boxers before gazing up at him. His eyes were closed and his head thrown slightly back in pleasure. Liz smiled as she pulled the garment from his body and tossed them to the other side of the room. While Liz thought Alec looked sexy in his boxers she preferred them crumpled on the floor.

Liz turned her attention back to Alec only to see him sitting up in front of her before grabbing her in a heated kiss. He maneuvered her body so she was lying on her back and he settled himself between her legs. The moment his cock hit her heat they both hissed.

Liz had to have Alec now, so she lifted her hips and opened for him. He took the invitation and slid in smoothly. "I love you." Alec admitted with a grin as he looked down into her big brown eyes that he adored.

Liz swallowed and hugged Alec to her. Neither had moved yet. "Me too Alec. I love you.”

Alec groaned at that and started thrusting slowly. He slid a hand over her tummy to make sure this wasn't hurting her or the baby, and then he grinned and leaned in for a kiss, satisfied that mother and baby were okay with his loving. It had freaked him out at first to make love to her knowing there was another person inside of her. He didn’t know if it would hurt the baby or something similar. Sure he had had anatomy and biology classes back at Manticore but they hadn’t covered having sex with a pregnant woman. When she had started to show he had refused to more than kiss or hold her something Liz had gotten very upset about. Liz was straddling him trying to seduce him but he was resisting. Something that was taking all his resistance to do. She ended up sitting back and pouting, “You don’t want me now?”

“I want you very much but I don’t want to hurt you.” Alec said.

“You’re not going to hurt me.” Liz got off of him and started to pace. He could tell she was upset. “You’re going to have to get over this because my hormones are running rampant and I feel like I’m going to explode. And if you won’t give it to me than I’ll have to figure out other ways to take care of it.”

Alec felt jealousy course through his veins, “You’ll do what?”

Liz smiled at him, “You heard me.”

Faster than he knew she could see he moved off the bed and swooped her up. He then hurried back to their bed and made love to her.
Afterwards she admitted that she’d only said that to break him. He didn’t argue with her again on the subject. He moved his hand to cradle her hip as he moved inside her.

Liz loved feeling Alec inside her. They were as close as physically possible. Their eyes met and they just watched the way they made each other come apart, sharing all the love they felt. Alec poured his love and his soul into her.

Liz cried out when she felt Alec start to pour his love into her. And she held him tighter as she fell over the edge with him, feeling the euphoric high that the differences in her created. He curled up behind her with his hand draped protectively over her belly. Liz’s last thoughts were that she would love him forever. Nothing would keep them from loving each other for a long and happy life. Liz would make sure that they had a long and happy life, no matter what.


Don't worry guys, nothing is going to happen on the trip, just showing Alec's overprotective side.
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m14 originally wrote:
I love the x-tremers thing. that was a great name! I am totally an x-tremer...but can I be a dreamer at the same time? lol.

Yes, you can be a dreamer and an x-tremer. I myself am. This is the only UC story I've ever written (SO FAR).

I'm a big Liz fan so that would make me a journalkeeper, right?
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Dedicated to: RoswellSlayer, Lullaby, roswell_lover_buffy, m14(4x), Lillie, EternalStaryNightGoddess, Calinia, and behrstars

Part 4

“There she is.” Sam said as he turned the screen of the ultrasound so Alec and Liz could see it easily and moved the wand around on her belly. The two of them were used to the appearance of the images on the screen so they could easily make out their daughter’s features.

“Is she sucking her thumb?” Alec asked.

“Yeah, they do that sometimes.” Sam simply answered. He took out Liz’s file and wrote down the necessary readings. “From everything I see here, I still say you have another month or so. Her lungs, brain, heart and all her other organs have fully matured last month which is early but she has some weight to gain.”

“Alec look.” Liz said as she pointed to the screen as their daughter stopped sucking on her thumb and started playing with her feet. As she watched she could help but think back to after the first ultrasound she had had. It was before their first connection so they didn’t know it was a girl yet. When Sam had tried to move the ultrasound wand around so they could find out she had played with them and played modest. So they had left with pictures but not knowing whether she was a girl or boy. Alec had run around showing everyone the pictures. Of course most people who weren’t used to seeing ultrasound pictures much couldn’t make out the details and Alec had gotten mad. But once everything was pointed out, they saw it.

Seeing Liz pointing out their daughter’s antics Alec couldn’t help but smile. “I wonder if she knows we’re watching her.”

Just then the familiar handprint appeared on Liz’s stomach as she quit playing with her feet and wanted to play with her parents. Sam knew all about Liz’s powers and the connection to the baby. But he just looked on in awe. “I never get used to that.”

“Thankfully she doesn’t do it in public.” Liz stated as the ultrasound ended. Sam wiped the jelly off her belly and she pulled the hospital gown back in place.

“When the time comes it’ll just be me, Alec and Ava in the delivery room in case anything unusual pops up. I’ve walked Ava through everything so she can be my nurse along with Alec since he’s got medical training. Max and Kyle will be outside in the waiting room if we need anymore help. You’re going to have to have the delivery natural because I don’t know what the drugs would do with the differences in both of you blood.”

“That’s fine, I didn’t want any anyways.” Liz stated.

Sam nodded, “As soon as she is born, I’ll put her up on your stomach while I take care of you. I want you to do the connecting thing with her to check on her. Then I’ll take her and give her a short physical. Then we’ll go through the process of registrating her birth. Have you decided on a name yet?”

They both shook their heads, “I’ll let you go ahead and get dressed. I’ll be waiting in my office, take your time. I’ll let everyone know everything is okay.”

Since they were leaving for the airport right after they finished up Max, Logan, Biggs, and Ava were waiting in Sam’s office. “I’ll come with you.” Alec stated wanting to talk to the doctor. Once they were outside Alec couldn’t resist asking. “You’re sure everything is okay?”

“As much as I can tell yes.” Sam answered. He knew what was really on his mind. “Alec, I wish I could tell you that everything will be textbook and they’ll both be fine but I can’t. This is not a normal birth. The whole thing has never happened before so we don’t know what to expect we just have to look at the fact that they are both healthy and keep an eye on her through the connection thing. Hopefully nothing will happen during the delivery, I’ll do everything I can.”

“Thanks,” Alec said. Sam walked away passing Ava on the way. Ava had heard what the two men were talking about and decided she needed to talk to Alec. “I still think we should have Max come up from Roswell.”

“Ava, I’m not having this conversation with you again.” He said turning away.

“We’ve never had this conversation because the moment I bring it up you walk away or change the subject. Well it’s almost Dday and you’re going to talk about.” Ava said angrily. “I’m not saying he has to be in the delivery room. Just close by.”

“We don’t need him.” Alec stated.

“What if something happens? Something Sam can’t fix? Kyle can only do so much and Liz will be in no condition to heal herself.” Ava stated.

Alec thought over what Ava was saying. It wasn’t that they had a hateful relationship with Max just strained. He didn’t date anyone mainly because he was trying to do his best to raise his son but Alec suspected that it was because he couldn’t get over Liz. He never made a move to do anything about it Alec had to give him that. But it made things uncomfortable.

Ava knew what Alec was thinking and said, “Could you handle it if something happened to either of them when we had the power to stop it? I don’t like having him here either but I know I can’t lose Liz.”

Alec nodded. “I’ll talk to Liz when she gets back and see what she thinks.” Within ten minutes Liz came out and they were heading to the airport.


Flight 209 for Washington DC is now boarding

“That’s our flight.” Kyle announced. He reached down to grab his and Liz’s carryon bags as he watched the others say good bye. He had stayed in Seattle the past year helping Liz and the trangenics as much as he could. He had felt lost during the months after graduating, not knowing what he wanted to do with his life. A month after Kyle left Seattle with Michael and Maria he had been talking to Liz on the phone and had ended up admitting how he felt to her. That was when Liz suggested that he come help the transgenics out and he accepted. So now he helped with a noble cause that made him feel like he had a purpose. When he, Liz, and Alec had gone to Roswell for Christmas his dad had even mentioned how proud he was of him.

Alec pulled Liz closer giving her one last hug and kissed her gently. “Be careful, don’t go out by yourself.”

“I know. Don’t worry we’ll be fine.” Liz said reassuring him.

“I’ll stop worrying when you’re back here in our apartment.” Alec said before she left. He turned to talk to Kyle and the transgenics that were traveling with them. “That’s my love and my daughter, keep them safe.”

Kyle slapped Alec on his shoulder, “We’ll bring them back.”

Alec, Biggs, and Logan watched on as the group boarded their plane and waited until they were in the air before leaving the airport.


Sorry if that part was a little boring.

I was wondering, do you think I should have Kyle get involved with an X5 or some type of transgenic?
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Hey Guys!

I hope to update on Monday. It's mostly about Liz's trip.

I need a little help. I've written on this up until just as Liz goes into labor and I need some help.

Should the birth be difficult?

After the birth, what would you guys like to see happen?

I'm open to all kinds of ideas so let me hear them.
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Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback. I hope you like the next part, I'm proud of it. I was watching Xmen the movie and it inspired me on how to write this part, a few lines came from the movie.

Part 5

As the SUV pulled up at the Capital building Liz took a minute to absorb the scene outside. There were several news helicopters circling around. She could see massive security measures being prepared. Their group made their way out of the vehicle and through the large crowd gathered. Liz pulled the jacket of her coat close, the October weather in Washington was colder than in Seattle. She was glad that the suit covered her belly, she wasn’t ashamed of her daughter but she didn’t want the public to make a big deal of it, her tiny size helped. Luckily despite how much of time she spent in the public eye they were still able to maintain privacy when they were at home. Ava, Max, and her were centered among the surrounding six transgenic bodyguards, Kyle next to Liz. They had to be careful of the fanatics out there. There had not been an attack on them before but they wanted to be careful. Kyle would even risk using his powers if he had to. He could feel CeCe behind him and knew his back was covered.

They were led to a small room to prepare before they made their appearance before the senate. Liz took the time to eat a small snack so she would be her best during her speech. Max sat next to her. Liz still amazed her, how much she did for all them, how much she had let her live be changed just so she could help them. All for her love of Alec, and now her daughter. She let her gaze follow Liz’s and saw her watching Kyle talking to CeCe. They were obviously flirting. “Do you think they know how obvious they are?”

“I doubt it. Kyle has always prided himself on being smooth whether he is or not.” Liz said.

Max glanced over to see Liz rubbing her stomach, and placed her hand next to it. Right as she did the baby kicked. “Woah. That little girl is going to be strong, like her parents.”

“I hate that she is still going to have to hide a part of herself but she will always know everything about herself and that she has a family that loves her.” Liz said as one of the Senate pages came in. “They are ready for you.” With that the group headed out.


Liz had just finished her speech in front of the Senate committee and was fielding questions. She stood as tall as her 5’2” frame allowed her. She wore a black pantsuit and her hair was upswept into an elegant French twist and makeup. The overall appearance made her look older than her 19 years.

“You're avoiding the question I posed to you at the beginning of the hearing, Ms. Parker. Three words: Are transgenics dangerous?” Senator McKinley asked. He was always the most outspoken during the meetings and senate hearings. He had been in charge of the investigation of uncovering the whole cover up involving Manticore.

“I am avoiding a question that cannot be easily answered, Senator. The wrong person behind the wheel of a car or a gun can be dangerous.” Liz explained coolly.

“Well, we do license people to drive and permits for guns.” Another senator threw in.

“But not to live. All transgenics want is want every one of us wants. The right to live their lives the way they want. To have the registration act removed and to have the rights of every other American.”

“Ms. Parker, the Registration Act was designed merely to assess their potential threat if any to national security. Transgenics are very real. They are among us. American's deserve the right to decide whether they want their children to be in school with transgenics, to be taught by transgenics. They also have the right to know the dangers and above all we must know what they can do.” Senator McKinley stated.

“But there is no registration for ordinary soldiers, or anyone else with the training to kill people. The same should be allowed for transgenics. The public thinks that just because they are trained as soldiers that they are out to kill anyone they come across. That is not true. I would trust any of the transgenics I know with my life and have often.”

“But you’re judgement is otherwise influenced by your personal involvement with transgenics including your relationship with X5-494 AKA Alec Cora.”

Liz tried as hard as possible to maintain her cool. She hated it when people referred to Alec by his number and she had a feeling the Senator knew that but she would not let this turn against her. “My personnel life and the relationships in it are not the subjects of this hearing. Yes, it was what brought me into this cause but it is not why I stay. I had the same views before my personnel involvement because these people are just that people. And they deserve the rights of that we all have. If we can not go into the future together, the divisions of fear and prejudice will tear this country apart.”

The room was filled with the opinion s of the people inside it, many for Liz, some against. “Now before we adjourn my friend and colleague Max Guevara will speak on behalf of the National Association of Transgenics.”

Liz made her way down from the platform carefully and passed Max on the way. Her friend smiled slightly at her and squeezed her hand in passing. Liz took her seat between Ava and Kyle to watch Max speak. She had a way about her that made everyone sent up and listen.

“As many of you know I am a transgenic who escaped from Manticore ten years before its downfall. For ten years I lived in hiding from them and kept my secret for fear of what would happen. I'm through running and hiding and being afraid. I'm not gonna live my life like that anymore, none of us are. We are tired of living in darkness. All we want is to have a place of our own where we can walk down the street without being afraid. The government made us, and they trained us to be soldiers, to defend this country. It's time for them to face us and take responsibility, instead of trying to keep us down. We were made in America and we're not going anywhere. We demand that we are given the same rights as everyone else born on American soil.”

Max left the podium as she finished and the Senate majority leader adjourned them for the day. This was the last time that they would have a chance to address the Senators. The Senators would debate over the issue possibly for months before finally voting. Kyle led the girls out of the room and they headed for the SUV.

Once outside a throng of reporters hovered around them firing off questions. “Ms. Parker, how do you feel about the Senator's Statement? How is the transgenic community reacting? Is it true that they are dangerous? Is there a transgenic plot to overthrow the government?”

The last question Liz felt she had to answer. “If that was the transgenics’ plan don’t you think they would have already done it instead of fighting to live side by side with ordinary people? Would they have exposed the threat from the Familiars?” Liz asked before ducking into the waiting SUV.


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Hey guys I hope to update this tomorrow! I don't have many parts written so I don't want to post all the parts I have right away and then you guys have to go without a part for a little while.

I've got the birth written and I think later I'll have Nancy and Jeff visit Liz and Alec but other than that I don't have many ideas for this story.
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Thanks for all of the Feedback, bumps, and ideas!

Part 6

When the group left the Capital building they headed straight back to where they were staying. Logan had a friend that owed him several favors that kept an apartment in Washington for whenever he was in town. Since he wasn’t in town now they were able to use it. It made things a lot easier. Liz changed quickly and pulled the pins out of her long hair letting it fall to just above her waist. She picked up her brush and used it to calm her nerves. She knew people thought she was fearless in front of a crowd but Liz did get nervous before she did her public speaking. But it was for a cause she believed in so much that it made the tingles worth it. Especially if it meant she could marry Alec.

Thinking of Alec she grabbed her cell phone and called him. It rang a few times before he picked up, “Hey babe.”

“Hey handsome. Whatcha up to?” Liz asked relaxing at the sound of his voice.

“Sitting at Logan’s, just finished doing some work for him.” Alec answered. Liz smiled. Logan still had Max, Alec and sometimes Biggs help him on his Eyes Only missions. “But I caught CSPAN’s coverage of the hearing. You looked beautiful and sexy as hell in that suit.”

“Well that wasn’t the objective of it but I’m glad you liked it.” Liz said. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too. The apartment is awfully empty, come home early.” Alec pleaded.

“I wish I could but I’ve got that press conference tomorrow and a couple of meetings. This is going to be my last trip until the baby comes, I have to get as much done as I can.” Liz stated although she wanted nothing more than to be home in Alec’s arms.

“Don’t over do it.” Alec warned.

“Nag nag nag.” Liz joked.

“Bite me.” Alec growled.

Liz’s body heated up thinking about ways she could bite Alec and said, “Wait until I get home.”

“D*mnit, Liz. Don’t say stuff like that when I’m on the phone with two other guys in the room.” Alec said. Liz could hear Biggs groan in the background and Alec telling him to shut up.

“You’re the one propositioning me here.” Liz stated. “I’ve better get off of here. I’ll see you day after tomorrow.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Liz said before hanging up. She sat there for a few minutes rubbing her belly imagining what their daughter would look like. Whose hair or eye color would she have? Would she look like both of them or more one than the other? Liz was still thinking when she heard the door creak. She looked up to see Ava standing in the doorway, “Hey, just wanted to check on you.”

“Just got off the phone with Alec. He and Biggs were helping Logan.” Liz stated.

Ava smiled, “I know. He told me last night that they were heading over there today.”

“I know I’ve said this a lot over the year but I’m glad you two found each other. Just think maybe you’ll be in the same situation soon.” She said joking.

“I think one of us pregnant is enough.” Ava stated. “But if you ever get a hysterical call from me, you’ll know why.”

Liz was thankfull Ava had been there for her the day she found out she was pregnant. Liz had woke up every morning for the last week instantly running into the bathroom, loosing whatever she had in her stomach. It wasn’t until yesterday that she figured out that it might be because she was pregnant. So she had told Ava her suspicions and had set up for her to buy a test and bring it to Liz after Alec left for work. They were both off work so they would have the whole day. Ten minutes after he left, Ava arrived and Liz and her went into the bathroom. “How much longer Av?”

Ava looked at the watch, “It’s time.”

“So you’re sure this will tell me even with our ‘different’ makeup?” Liz asked.

“How should I know? I’ve never taken one before but we have to at least try.” Ava stated. She looked at the box, “It says if there’s a pink strip then you are, if not, no baby.”

Liz looked at the test, “Oh my God. There’s a strip.”

Ava smiled and hugged her friend, “You’re going to be a mommy, and I’m going to be an aunt.”

Ava must have seen something on Liz’s face because she asked, “Are you okay?”

“Ava, I’m scared. What if Alec doesn’t want any of this?”

“Liz babe. That boy loves you, he loves the way you walk, he loves your hair, he loves everything about you. And he’ll love you after this.” Liz knew Ava was right. Alec loved her and she was sure he would be okay with this. She just had to figure out how to tell him. “And he’d love to have a miniature version of you around.”

“It could be a boy, just like Alec.”

Ava rolled her eyes, “Heaven help us if it is.”

Ava looked at Liz, her best friend, who was lost in thought. Ava couldn’t help but wonder what her life would be like if Liz hadn’t searched her out in Seattle. She would probably still be living quietly, hiding from everyone. Ava realized that that wouldn’t really be living. Liz had thanked her several times for putting her up in Seattle but Ava thought the favors the two had done for each other had balanced it out. “We better head out to the living room and see what the others are doing.”


Alec hung up his phone and felt lonely not at least hearing Liz’s voice. He leaned back into Logan’s sofa thinking about how much his life had changed. In less than two years he had gone from a soldier not caring about anyone but himself, doing what he wanted, taking what he wanted to a guy with a steady job, one of the leaders to a civil right movement, a live in girlfriend/fiancée, and a baby on the way. When he had first escaped Manticore he had given no thought to any of it but now he couldn’t think of living any other way. Everyone had to grow up sometime.

He looked over to see Logan and Biggs staring at him. “How is everything?” Biggs asked.

“Fine. They’ve got the press conference tomorrow and some other stuff.” Alec stated although they already knew the girls’ agenda. “Guys, we’re pathetic. Look at us. We’re just sitting around here acting like we can’t do anything because our women aren’t around.”

“I’d like to see you call them ‘our women’ when Max was around , she’d kick your ass.” Logan stated.

Alec was about to argue but Biggs spoke first, “Alec’s right. Let’s go out. To a bar or something, other than the Crash.”

The three guys made plans and headed out.


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Lillie originally wrote:
why do I thinkt that something bad is going to happen? Well, maybe not something bad, but something. Great part. *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy*

Nothing bad is going to happen, it's just when I was looking over the last part, this one, and the next few I realized it didn't have enough Alec so I added some in.
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((NOTE: The interview and EO broadcast from this part was actually in Dark Angel, in the episode Dawg Day Afternoon.))
Part 7

Liz headed out to the living room with Ava where Kyle was sitting. Max was in the other bedroom and the other transgenics were around somewhere a few she knew was guarding the entrance. Suddenly the door flew open scaring her for minute until she recognized the hurricane. “CHICA!”

Liz hopped up to hug her friend and smiled at Michael behind her. The guards knew both of them so they had gotten in easily. They both lived in New York , Maria doing her music and Michael had actually worked up the nerve to show some of his artwork. Although they lived across the country from each other, Maria and Liz were still very close. Maria came to see her whenever she could and Liz visiting when she came to Washington. They were both going to take two months off within a few weeks because they wanted to be there when Liz had the baby. Maria pulled away and placed her hand on her best friend’s belly “Look at you, my niece is going to be here so soon. Are you going to say hi to your Aunt Ria, little Chica?”

The baby must have heard Maria because she decided to kick just then. “Michael you’ve got to feel this.”

Michael placed his hand next to Maria’s and the baby kicked again. She only connected to Liz and Alec none of the other aliens. But Michael still liked to feel her. Liz and his friendship had increased and they had gotten even closer over the year. “She’s going to be an ass kicker.”

Maria smacked him on the back of the head with her other hand, “Watch your mouth, she can hear you.”

Liz couldn’t help but laugh at the two of them, same old Maria and Michael. “Quit it you two and sit down.”

The three went down to sit with Kyle and Ava, “Hey sis. How are you?”

Maria smiled at Kyle’s nickname for her, one that he’d used ever since their parents got married. “Just fine, give me some love.”

Maria hugged Kyle then did the same to Ava. Maria had found it strange at first becoming friends with her since she looked like Tess but Maria quickly saw what Liz had always seen. Ava was not Tess. Once she was finally seated she started chattering, “Caught the footage of the hearing before we caught left.”

“You looked great up there, Liz. Gave them a run for there money.” Michael said.

“You were awesome, Lizzie especially when the Senator tried to get you to choke.” Maria said happily.

“Hey guys look who it is.” Ava said as she turned up the TV so they could hear the interview that was taking place.

“If God had intended these transgenics to walk among us, don’t you think he would have mentioned them in the Bible? These transgenics are simply the latest in a long line of abominations perpetrated by the scientific community.” The interviewee said.

“Whose that?” Maria asked.

“Reverend Terry Caldwell, an active religious speaker against transgenics.” Kyle explained. “He’s a pain in the ass.”

The interview continued as they listened. “If I’m hearing you correctly, Reverend, you don’t believe the transgenics should be accorded even the most basic human rights.”

“Because they’re not human. In the eyes of the Lord, they’re not even animals. The individuals that we speak of are manufactured. They’re stamped with barcodes on their necks when they come off the assembly line. And since only God has the power to create life, then we must ask ourselves if they can even be said to be alive.”

“Boo.” Liz yelled as she threw some loose paper that Kyle had balled up at the TV. It was if the TV listened to her because just then the broadcast was interrupted, the Eyes-Only banner scrolling across the screen. “Max! Get in here, Logan’s doing a broadcast.”

Max hurried in just as Logan started. “Not alive? Not human? Who are you to sit in judgment, Mr. Caldwell. Despite what people like you have been saying about them, transgenics aren’t that different from you and me. They do feel, they do hurt, and they are alive. And all they want is what everyone else wants. They could tell you what it’s like to be afraid, alone in a hostile world. And it might be more convenient to pretend otherwise, but in the end, who does that say more about...them, or us? This has been a streaming freedom video bulletin. Peace. Out.”

All the girls cheered Logan as the screen cut back to a very upset Reverend Caldwell. “And what do you say in response to the cable hacker media pirate Eyes Only, Reverend?” For once Reverend Caldwell was speechless and the interview ended.

“Well let’s get out of here and go shopping.” Liz said. She was looking forward to going out into the city.

“Liz, I think it’d be better if we stayed here. I told Alec…” Kyle argued but Liz interrupted. “If Alec had his way I’d be wrapped in bubble wrap and stuck in our apartment until I gave birth. Now I’m going just try and stop me.”

Kyle knew the look in Liz’s eyes and knew that there was no arguing with her especially since she was pregnant. It could be dangerous. Liz saw that there wouldn’t be an argument and hopped up as best she could and grabbed her purse. “Max! I’m heading out, you going?”

“No, I’m going to hang around here.” Max yelled back.

Liz nodded as she turned to her friends, “Let’s go shopping.”

Maria and Ava got up to join her as Michael rolled his eyes, “We’re going to be Seattle soon, can’t shopping wait until then?”

“Shopping in Washington and shopping in Seattle are completely different.” Maria reasoned as they headed out with Kyle and Michael following.


Liz with Kyle behind her helping her with her luggage entered her and Alec’s apartment only to have their ears bombarded by loud music. Liz was happy to be home, the trip had worn on her, arguing and talking to so many people could do that to anyone. But her job was done. Now it was up to the members of the Senate to argue until they made their vote. She could only hope that the majority of the votes would be in their favor. Liz looked around the living room and although the stereo was on, no Alec was in sight. “Thank you so much for the help.”

Kyle just shrugged her off, “I’m not going to make you carry all your luggage up here. You might go into labor early. Plus I don’t want to be on Alec’s bad side.”

“Thanks again,” Liz said before hugging Kyle. Kyle left then and Liz decided to go in search of her man. She thought she smelled something cooking but before she headed to the kitchen she heard something in the bedroom that they were going to make into a nursery. They had bought most of what they needed but hadn’t had time to decorate it yet. Liz couldn’t help but smile at what she saw from the door. The room was covered in drop clothes and tape that Liz had no idea where they had come from. Alec was busy painting the far wall all but one area done. The whole room was now a warm shade of yellow. He didn’t notice her presence despite his transgenic hearing, which was blocked by the loud music. So she took the opportunity to watch him. He had on nothing but a pair of shorts that hung low on his hips and a bandana covering his hair from stray paint. It looked like he was enjoying himself. When he finished the last area she raised her hand in the direction of the stereo and turned it off as she said, “Honey, I’m home.”

Alec turned around quickly almost knocking over some stuff but his fast reflexes thwarted it. He put down the paint roller and headed over to her. He picked her up gently before kissing her. When they broke apart he finally spoke, “What are you doing home so early?”

“We were able to get out on a earlier flight, so I thought I’d surprise you.” Liz explained. “But if it’s too early I can go over to Ava’s and hole up there for a few more hours.”

“I don’t think so.” Alec stated.

“You know I could do all this a lot easier with my powers.” Liz stated motioning to the paint and equipment.

“Nope, I want to do this on my own, no powers this time.” Alec explained. He didn’t know why exactly but he liked the thought of decorating his daughter’s nursery. It was a normal thing for him to do.

Liz smiled at the sweetness of what he was doing. She started looking through the bags of other things Alec had bought, they were the blankets and other things they would need for the crib. She smiled even more when she saw the theme he had picked out, “Disney characters?”

Alec just shrugged. “Humor me. I didn’t have a childhood and Disney stands for all things young. I won some extra cash at the pool tables the other night so I went all out.”

“True. Remind me that we need to take a trip to Disneyland some day.” Liz said. She noticed then that the dog wasn’t by her feet like she normally was, “Uh, where’s Lola?”

Liz noticed that Alec had a strange grin on his face as he said. “She was kind of helping me put the stroller together.”

“She’s a dog. How can she help? She doesn’t have thumbs.” Liz stated.

Alec walked over to where the new stroller was facing away from them. He wheeled it around so Liz could see the front of it. When she did she busted out laughing. Inside where the baby would be was Lola, lying there like she didn’t have a care in the world. “Alec, get that dog out of there.”

Alec bent down to free Lola who went running over to Liz. “I wanted to make sure it was strong enough and could support the weight.”

Liz just shook her head as she asked, “What smelled so good when I was coming in?”

“I made some of that spicy stew of Logan’s that you like. But it won’t be ready for a while since I didn’t think you’d be home for a few more hours.” Alec stated. He followed her into the kitchen not missing the sight of the additional bags with her luggage. “Shopping with Maria again?”

“And Ava.” Liz stated looking through the fridge.

“Well it looks like you held yourself back this time.” Alec stated. “Before I forget Normal was asking how you were doing and mentioned that he wanted you to stop by soon.

“Surprised he wants to see the woman who has stolen his golden boy away from him.” Liz joked. Another thing that had changed over the past year was that Normal no longer hated transgenics. He had just been scared of what was different. Especially at the idea of what was different were escaped lab experiments running around the streets. It knocked him on his ass when he found out that he actually employed some of these freaks. Mainly because he had been sure he would be able to spot their differences right away. But he had never suspected Max. She could be considered strange and abnormal if she actually showed up for work on time and treated him with respect but that didn’t make him think she was one of the escapees. Liz found it ironic that it was his blind faith in the government that swayed him in favor of transgenics. He had always been a staunch supporter of the government and counted himself a proud American. It was the government who in fact made the transgenics so they must have had a purpose. Then there was Alec, his golden boy. Just thinking about him was enough for Normal to switch to the transgenics’ cause. Something that kind of weirded Liz out but she was used to it by now.

Alec made a face of disgust at the mention of Normal’s obsession. “I thought maybe you would want to go tomorrow?”

“Sure.” Liz said. “So are you done painting for the day?”

“Yep, why?”

“Well I’m hungry and since the food won’t be done for a few hours so I thought I could satisfy another appetite.” Liz said raising her eyebrows suggestively.

“Well I always try to make sure your appetites full filled.” Alec said as he lifted her gently and carried her back to their room.


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hey!!! I must have an angel or something looking out for me because I got two updates from you today!! yahoo! *big*

Look for one on POL too!
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Will we get to see that nookie in the next part? May be if I say "please" very nicely?

How badly do you want the nookie?
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Yeah, we really, really need the nookie, like as badly as you can possibly need anything. *bounce**bounce**bounce*

I don't think I can survive another day without it. *sad*

So please? Pretty please? *angel*

I'll try and see what I can do but writing it with Liz being so pregnant is kind of hard to do.
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I had intended to update today but since I need to write in a nookie scene I won't be able to. I'll try to write it as soon as I can but today is my birthday so I'll be busy most of the night. I'll try to hurry.

And if you guys want to read more Dark Angel crossovers with a UC twist I suggest reading ofwolfandman's stories

Common Ground
and the sequel


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Dedicated to: m14 (2x), wild_child_uk (2x), Roswell Slayer (3x), roswell_lover_baby (2x), Calinia (3x), and Lullaby (2x)

I know I said I wouldn't update today but it's really boring at work so I got it written. It's kind of short though

Part 8

Alec carried Liz back to their room eager to be with her. She had been gone too long in his opinion of course if he had his way they would never leave the apartment. He kicked the door shut and moved her towards the bed. Once he reached it he set her down gently on the bed. She raised up onto her knees so she was more level with him. She looked so beautiful that he could help himself so he captured her lips in a heated kiss. He felt heat on his chest and watched her small fingers as they ran over his bare chest, before hooking her index fingers in the belt loops of his shorts pulling him as close as her belly would let her. She looked up into his eyes and he kissed her again, more gently this time. Alec lifted her shirt over her head and looked down at her bra-covered breasts. He quickly undid it and slid the offending garment off of her. He kissed her again as he moved his hands down her newly exposed skin, slipping his hands into her stretch pants and sliding them down. He watched as she got out of them, kicking them to the side and then she started to take his shorts off of him, sliding them off along with his boxers.

When she stood up again Alec lowered her onto the bed and she looked up at him, touching his face. He moved his mouth to her neck, gently sucking at the soft skin. He kissed a trail to her breasts, kissing one nipple and then lightly blowing on it, cooling the skin and making her arch her back and emit a small moan. He smiled and after sucking on that one, he proceeded to do the same to the opposite one. Alec looked up at her, kissing a trail down to her belly and kissing the area that held their precious daughter before going further south. He spread her legs before sticking one finger inside of her and then two. She moaned again and he gently blew on her clit before starting to tease it with his tongue. Liz grabbed onto the pillow her head was lying on as she felt the climax hit her, “ALEC!”

Alec could help but smile as he kissed his way back up to her mouth and she moved her hands to his face pulling him in for a deeper kiss. They rolled over so she was on top and Liz began to mimic his movements from moments before. She kissed his neck, his nipples, his belly button, and then move further south, kissing his tip. Alec moaned from deep within, coming out more like a growl as she took him in her mouth, gently sucking as she moved up and down his length. Alec dug his fingers into the sheets, resisting the natural urge to tangle his fingers in her dark hair. She glanced up at him as he moaned her name, and kept up the rhythm she'd created. She closed her eyes as he came into her mouth.

After he'd finished she moved back up his body and kissed his lips, moving along his jawbone to his ear and gently sucking on his earlobe. He ran his hands down her body.

"Alec," she whispered as he kissed her neck again. "I want you inside of me."

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem.” Alec stated feeling himself already hardening. Transgenic stamina was a great thing. "See what you do to me," he said in a low voice.

Without any preliminaries she slid onto him. He watched her face as she moved up and down him.

"Oh god, oh god," she breathed, her whole body burning with pleasure.

Alec groaned as they matched each other in speed, both bodies grinding against each other, the heat becoming unbearable. He tried to slow them down but she wouldn’t let him.

"Oh god, Alec... Alec... oh god!" Liz screamed as she reached her climax.

"You... are so beautiful." Alec mumbled as he came, his release a welcome change from the pent up frustrations that had plagued him for the last few days. He was glad he didn’t have to worry about protection, it wasn’t like Liz could get anymore pregnant.

Liz closed her eyes, enjoying this feeling of closeness. Finally she sighed and rolled off him. He wrapped his arms around Liz and pulled her close. Tired, Liz snuggled up to him, placing her head against his chest. He heard her doze off and let her sleep for a little while until it was time for them to eat.

As they ate, Liz filled him in on everything that had happened in Washington, about her meetings, which she thought went well and her visit with Michael and Maria. He asked her questions to make sure she had been taking care of herself. When she answered him he was satisfied with her answers. They cleaned up then spent the rest of the evening being lazy around their apartment and taking Lola for a walk. To Liz it was the perfect night, just an ordinary one.

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Question: how much longer is it till Liz gives birth? I can't wait for their little family to finally be complete.

It won't be long, I think maybe four parts.
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Part 9

“There’s mommy and the little baby boo.” Original Cindy exclaimed the next day as Liz and Alec made their way into Jam Pony.

Liz smiled at her friend and reached in for a hug. “Hey OC. How’s things around here?”

“Still trippin as always.” OC said shrugging. She put her hand on Liz’s belly as some of their other friends including Sketchy came up to see them. They’d been there ten minutes before they heard Normal’s voice. “Give the girl some room to breathe. All of you, back to work. Bip Bip.”

Everyone but OC and Normal moved away from them, heading back to work. Normal then turned to Alec and Liz and looked down at Liz’s belly. “Don’t you look like the girl who swallowed a watermelon.”

OC smacked Normal’s arm as Liz glared at him, “Thanks a lot.”

“How is our little golden girl today?” Normal asked.

Liz rolled her eyes at Normal’s nickname. One that he had chose strictly because of her father. “She’s fine. I think she’s almost ready to come out if her activity is any indication.”

Normal smiled, “Maybe we’ll have ‘Monty Cora’ the next generation.”

“Oh no. My daughter is not going to be a cage fighter.” Liz argued.

“But she could clean up if we bet some money.” Normal commented.

“After what Max did to me in my last fight, I’m surprised that I was even able to conceive a kid.” Alec said grimacing at the memory of Max racking him.

“Wait here just a moment.” Normal said before going into his office. Liz looked at Alec strangely. He just shrugged but froze when Normal came back out, laden with wrapped packages. “Normal, what did you do?”

“Just picked up a couple baby gifts.” Normal answered.

Liz felt her eyes tearing up at the sweetness of the gesture and she started crying. “That is so sweet, thank you.”

Liz kept crying as she hugged a bewildered Normal. He looked at Alec over Liz’s head. Alec just mouthed, ‘Hormones’ in answer to his silent question. Liz released Normal and started opening the gifts. There were clothes, diapers, and some toys for infants. Liz was still feeling overwhelmed by it. They visited it a little longer until Alec loaded up the car and they left to go home.


Alec felt Liz nudging him awake, he opened his eyes and saw that it was still dark out. “What’s wrong? Is it the baby?”


Going into a panic he sat up and asked, “What is it?”

“She’s hungry.” Liz stated.

Alec groaned as he fell back onto the bed. “What does she want?”

“You know that Indian restaurant I love so much?”

“The one on the other side of the city?” Alec asked knowing what she was getting at. Indian food was really spicy, something that was perfect for certain beautiful brunette hybrids that he slept next to.

“Yeah, I would love some Chicken Tiklai Masala.” Liz said feeling bad for asking but nothing would sate her except for what she wanted to eat. “Oh and some more Chips Ahoy so I can have milk, Tabasco, and cookies with the food.”

Alec grabbed some clothes to throw on and grimaced at the mixture of food. “Okay, you’ve eaten some weird stuff but that’s just disgusting.”

Liz only smiled knowing he was just kidding. “You didn’t mind my Tabasco fetish when I licked it off of you.”

Alec smirked at her. “I’m here but to keep you happy, if that includes wearing Tabasco then I’m willing to handle the rough job.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”

“No, I’ll be faster on the bike then in the car.” Alec grabbed his keys and kissed Liz goodbye. He then looked at Lola, “Protect her or I’ll give you to that cat downstairs you’re scared of.”

Lola let out a bark Alec took as a yes and Alec left. He hurried downstairs to his bike. Thankfully the place was open twenty four hours. As he entered he recognized the clerk and ordered. He hurried next door to the convenient store and grabbed Liz’s cookies. It wasn’t long before he was back at their apartment. He sat the food on the counter and went to tell Liz that her food was there.

As he entered the bedroom he saw Liz lying on her side, her long hair fanned against the pillow one arm thrown protectively across her belly, sound asleep. He walked over to her, pulled the blanket up over her and kissed her forehead. He wasn’t going to wake her. He went back to the kitchen and put her food away, she could eat it tomorrow. Then he hurried back stripped down to his boxers and crawled next to the still sleeping Liz and went back to sleep.

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roswell_lover_buffy originally wrote:
Great part Randi!!!
And the crying scene really funny!!!
So are she gonna give birth soon????
So "golden girl" funny nick name bur it is Normal who gave it so I understand!!!

Lol *wink*

Elin *happy*

I'm glad you liked the new part. I think the birth will be in about four parts. The events leading up to it will start in the next part.

As for Normal's nickname, I figured it was appropriate since he was always calling Alec his golden boy.
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I'll update this tomorrow!!!!
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Dedicated to: RoswellSlayer (3x), Lullaby(2x), roswell_lover_buffy, Calinia (2x), wild_child_uk, pandas2001, Asabetha, and Lil Blu Bubble.

Asabetha=Welcome, glad you like the story even if it is an Xtreamer story and not a dreamer one.

Sorry it took me so long to update today. I decided to take the day off to do some wedding errands and when I got home to update my A: wasn't working and wouldn't let me pull the document off of my disk so I had to come over to my fiancee's house (soon to be my house) and use this computer.

Part 10

Over the next few weeks their lives went on as they waited. They waited for the Senate’s vote as well as their daughter’s birth. Michael and Maria arrived in Seattle and everyone was anxious. Although Alec told Ava he would talk to Liz about Max coming up to Seattle, he never did. It ended up he didn’t have to. Liz and Alec were relaxing on the couch when the doorbell chimed. Alec started to get up to get it but Liz pushed him back, “I’m not an invalid, I can get the door.”

Alec just held his hands up in surrender as she maneuvered her body off the couch and headed for the door. Liz smiled at him and reached for the doorknob. She swung the door open and was surprised to see Max and little Zan on the other side. “Max, what are you doing here?”

Max smiled at her just as Zan rushed forward on his stubby little legs. “Lizzie!”

Liz smiled down at the little boy who was the little replica of his father aside from his mother’s eyes and tried to kneel down but her belly wouldn’t let her. “Hi Zan. Aren’t you getting big?”

“Uh huh.” Zan said nodding his head enthusiastically. Liz looked back up at Max; “You didn’t answer me.”

“I know that your getting close to when you think you might deliver and thought I’d come up just in case you needed me.” Max explained. “Plus I want to see Michael and Maria.”

Liz knew Max had the best intentions but didn’t know how good of an idea it was. “Um, why don’t you guys come in instead of standing in the hallway.”

Max led Zan inside and Liz shut the door. She turned then and led them into the apartment. “Alec, look whose here.”

Alec knew Max was there the moment Liz had said his name, his enhanced hearing allowing him to hear her. He nodded to the other guy in greeting. “Max.”

“Hey, Alec.” Max said greeting him.

“Liz, babe. Can I talk to you in the bedroom?” Alec asked.

“Sure, Zan can you play with Lola and keep her busy for me?” Liz asked. Zan smiled and nodded. Lola was already in the little boy’s lap and didn’t look like she was going anywhere soon. Liz didn’t see Zan very much but she was always nice when he saw her and played with him. He adored Liz. Liz followed Alec back to their bedroom shutting the door behind her. “Real subtle Alec.”

“What’s he doing here?”

“He came up in case we needed his help.” Liz stated. She knew Alec was upset at seeing Max show up.

“I can not believe she did it even when I told her I’d handle it.” Alec said angrily.

“Can’t believe who did what?” Liz asked confused.

“Ava. Before your last trip to Washington she tried to talk to me about calling Max. I told her I’d talk to you about but she went ahead and did it anyway.” Alec explained.

“For one thing, Ava didn’t talk to Max, Max came up on his own. Secondly, why didn’t you come talk to me like you said you would?” Liz asked.

“Because I didn’t think we needed him.” Alec stated.

“So you decided this all on your own? Not even consult with me?” Liz asked starting to get angry now.

“I’m sorry if I don’t want your ex-love involved with my daughter’s birth.” Alec argued running his hand through his hair. “I’m not blind. He’s still in love with you that’s why he’s here. He wants to step in and be the one to rescue you. So that he’s connected to you even more.”

“Max will always be a small part of my life somehow because he is just like me and just like what half of your daughter will be. And he might still be in love with me but I’m not, I repeat am not in love with him. I’m in love with you. But you’re too busy worrying over someone else invading your territory to see that.” Liz said. “Now I’m going out to entertain our visitors. Let me know when you’re done feeling like you have to have a pissing contest with Max.”

Liz left the bedroom and went back into the living room where Max and Zan were playing. She sat down on the couch in a huff just as Alec walked through and out the door. Liz cringed when she heard the door slam. Her and Alec didn’t fight much when they did it usually over trivial things. Liz could only think of half a dozen times at most in the last year and a half that they had had a serious argument.

Max saw the scene happening around him and knew his arrival was the reason behind it. “Liz, is something wrong?”

Liz played with the end of her two French braids and said, “No, Alec just remembered some place he needed to be.”

“Sure he did.” Max said. He wasn’t ignorant as to why Alec left. He knew that Alec didn’t care for Max after all they weren’t friends merely two guys who were put together by circumstances. They couldn’t be friends when they loved the same woman. Max didn’t have any reason to not like Alec, from what he had seen he was a good guy, but he was insanely jealous of the blonde transgenic. After all he had everything Max wanted. Liz. Alec went to sleep every night with Liz, he lived everyday with her, they were planning on getting married when they could and they were about to have a child together. Max remembered months ago when Liz and Alec had visited Roswell with the news.

Max had been surprised by the phone call from Liz saying she wanted to meet with him. He knew she and Alec had come down from Seattle to visit with her parents, and friends, the group minus Maria and Michael were supposed to get together later. He knew she was busy with her work, work that he thought put her in the public a little too much, so their visits to Roswell were infrequent. They decided the park was the best place so Zan would be kept occupied. So he packed up a bag of stuff for Zan and the two headed to meet Liz. When they arrived Liz was already there sitting on a picnic table watching some kids play nearby. As Max walked up he couldn’t help but think of how beautiful she was. She had a dreamy expression on her face and seemed to be glowing with happiness. She felt them approaching and turned towards them. “Hey guys.”

Zan toddled up to Liz and she hugged him. It still shocked Max to see her around his son. He knew if it was anyone but Liz they would probably not want to be around the child of your worst enemy but Liz had never looked down on Zan for being Tess’s child, which was a good thing since Zan loved Liz. There was something about her that drew the two of them to her, like father like son. Once she was done hugging Zan she smiled at him, and he replied, “It’s good to see you Liz.”

“You too, Max.” Liz said. Zan took off to the nearby sand box as they sat back down on the picnic table. “Max, I wanted to meet with you because there’s something I wanted to tell you.”

Max just looked at her wondering what she wanted to tell him. He could see it wasn’t anything bad or dangerous because of the way she was smiling. “What is it?”

“You and I have been a lot of things to each other so I wanted to tell you just the two of us.” He watched as Liz blew out a deep breath, “I’m pregnant. Alec and I are going to have a baby.”

At that moment Max knew how Liz must have felt when he had told her about Tess being pregnant, like someone had put a knife in his chest and cut out his heart. He was in shock. Seeing Liz staring at him broke him out of his stupor, “You’re pregnant?”

Liz nodded, “As far as I can tell I’m about three months along”

“Is everything okay?” Max managed to stutter out.

“Everything seems normal so far. But I could do without the morning sickness.” Liz commented.

“Congratulations.” He said.

“We told Mom and Dad about the baby but I would like tell my parents about the whole alien thing.” Liz said.

Max thought it over, his parents had taken the news well and thought they would be okay. According to Michael, Liz’s parents had taken the news of Alec being a transgenic well. “I think that’d be okay.”

Liz looked him in the eye then. “I wasn’t asking your permission Max. But I’m glad you’re not going to fight me on it.” After that they had talked a little bit telling each other about their lives. How Liz’s work with the transgenics was going, Max’s assistant manager job at the UFO center and Zan’s progress went.

“He’s just a little weirded out by you wanting to help out. Acting like he’s been bit by the green-eyed monster and I’m not talking about aliens.” Liz explained.

“I didn’t come to start trouble Liz. I just wanted to make sure nothing happened to you.” Max stated.

“I know you did Max and I thank you for it but it’s not really you responsibility anymore.” Liz said. “You don’t have to take everything on your shoulders.”

Max held up his hands in surrender, “Okay message received. But I’ll be in town for at least a few days if you need me.”

“I bet go try and find him. Talk to him. Sometimes he can be so stubborn I just want to find something heavy and hit him with it.”

Now it was Max’s turn to smile. “Reminds me of someone I know.”

Liz lead Max and Zan outside and watched them leave before going in search of Alec.

(In case anyone wants to know, I’m figuring Zan’s age to be about a year and a half to two years old.)


I hope you liked the Max flashback, it was Calinia's idea. ANd I'm a little late with the recognition but the scene with Normal was inspired by Roswell Slayer.

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Just bumping I'll update tomorrow.

In a few weeks I'm going to writing a DA Xover by Lullaby that is a dreamer one. I need some ideas if anyone has some.
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Dedicated to: roswell_lover_buffy (2x), RoswellSlayer (3x), wild_child_uk, ofwolfandman408, TabascaGurl, and Calinia

Part 11

Liz went first to a couple of their friends places then ended up at the Crash. She spotted Alec sitting at the bar with several empty glasses in front of him. She should have checked their first. She started to walk over when she noticed he wasn’t alone. Next to him sat a beautiful red head who she recognized as one of the girls Alec had told her about. He had had a fling with her a few months before meeting Liz and from what Liz figured they had gotten very friendly. Her name was Tamara or something. Liz didn’t care because at the moment she was all over Alec. And Alec didn’t seem to be minding the attention.

Liz watched as Tamara leaned forward, doing her best to show Alec the advantages of her low cut shirt, and said something to him. Alec busted out laughing. He looked really happy and obviously not upset by their fight. Liz couldn’t stand to see anymore so she turned and left. She moved as quickly as the added weight of her pregnant belly allowed to their car and drove herself back to their apartment.

Once inside she let the tears fall. How could Alec do that? After everything he went to some other girl when they had a fight. Some stupid little fight. She felt the baby starting to kick and move around a lot and she rubbed her belly. “It’s okay. Mommy’s just a little upset right now.”

Liz knew her daughter could feel how upset she was being so she tried to calm herself down. While her tears subsided she still felt upset. She knew she was probably overreacting because of her hormones but she couldn’t help it. She gave Alec the benefit of the doubt that he was just talking to her, nothing else and would be home soon. So she sat on the couch and waited for him to come home.


“Why don’t we go back to my place and I’ll make you get over that aching heart of yours?” Tamara said huskily to him.

The offer seemed so absurd to Alec’s alcohol saturated brain that he busted out laughing. It took him a minute to gain his composure before he answered, “No, thanks. Sleeping with you would make me feel worse not better.”

Tamara didn’t seem happy with his answer, “You didn’t seem to mind the last time.”

“True, but that was a long time ago. I’ve changed, for the better, I think.” Alec said.

“You don’t know what you’re missing.” Tamara huffed.

“He said no so why don’t you get out of here before Original Cindy shoves her boot up you ass.” They both heard Original Cindy say. Tamara stormed away and Alec gave his friend a look of gratitude.

“Thanks OC.” He said as he gulped down his drink.

“Now you feel like telling me what is going on?”

“I’m having a drink and trying not to be molested.”

“So why are you here getting sticking drunk when your girl is at home laid up with your baby?”

“Well Liz is a little busy right now entertaining her guest.” Alec said not hiding his feelings on the subject.


“Max came up from Roswell.”

“Ohh.” OC said finally getting it. “So you got all jealous of the old boyfriend and decided to come drown your sorrows?”

“I always thought you were a smart one.”

Alec wasn’t expecting the blow and almost hit his forehead on the counter when OC’s hand slapped him on the back of the head. “What the hell was that for?”

“You better knock off the attitude before Original Cindy does it for you. Remember who you’re talking to.”


“That’s better. Now go home and talk to her. You know you want to."

“At the moment, I don’t think she’ll really want to see me. Especially like this.” Alec stated.

“Well why don’t you crash with me? There’s been plenty of room since Ava moved out last month. I swear all my roommates find themselves a man and the first thing they do is move out. Come on, let’s go.”

OC helped Alec out of the bar and to her apartment. Alec fell asleep as soon as he hit her couch.


The next morning Alec woke up with a headache and feeling stupid for letting his jealousy get so out of hand. He had let what he feared most, Max coming in between them, without even needing him to do anything. It was kind of strange lying on the couch in Ava and Liz’s old apartment when neither of them lived there anymore. Ava had moved into Biggs apartment and of course Liz lived with him. “Well I can see by that look on your face that you sobered up and came to your senses.”

Alec turned his head and saw OC standing in the hallway. “Yeah, thanks for letting me crash here.”

“You know you’re always welcome to stay here if you need to. But you better not need to.” OC said meaning he better not fight with Liz anymore. “Go make up with your girl.”

Alec got up from the couch and slipped on his shoes. “I’ve got to take care of something first.”

OC just looked after him confused.


I opened up a DA conversation thread on the 'Other Show Discussion'

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I need some help guys! I'm going to start writing another crossover in a few weeks like I mentioned before and I need some help with ideas. THe story is in response to Lullaby's challenge. Here it is:

*It's going to be AU in both stories !!
*Liz is an X5
*In DA it's going to be UC, and that the way it's going to stay !!! (Zach/Max, and Liz/Ben)
*Ben it's alive so that means no Alec...
*In Roswell everyone is friends, put the couples you want but not Tess and Max, she's not evil, but she's an anoying bitch.
*the Roswell gang parents ask for Logan's help in protecting the 7 kids, becuse the FBI it's looking for them.
*Max and Logan are good friends but that's all, and all the x5 kids work for him.*talking about the X5, they did escaped, and you put their memories as you want, but it has to be angsty.... a lot.
*When the pos sguad comes to Seattle to Logan's aparment, Liz and Tess hate each other big time.(you can make Liz kick her ass a little bit, or intimidate her a lot whatever, as long as Tess gets what she deserves. and Tess hates Liz because Max is attracted to her and he never paid attention to her, Liz is also attracted to him, but she's with Ben)
*Well you can put whatever you want in the story !!! but remember it has to have lots of angst, and in the has to be Max and Liz !!!!!

Note: I love Ben....really but in this story you can make them love each other but not be in love with each other or whatever !!!!

I've outlined all the way up until Liz and Max meet but I'm having problems with the next parts where they are getting to know each other. HELP!!!!!!

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I opened up a thread on the 'Other Show Discussion Thread' if anyone wants to chat about Dark Angel. The link is below:

Dark Angel Chat

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Don't you just want to kiss him?

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I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be updating this tomorrow!!!!!!
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Dedicated to: RoswellSlayer (4x), roswell_lover_buffy (2x), Asabetha, Calinia (5x), wild_child_uk (2X), pandas2001, and Lullaby

Sorry it's been so long between parts. I know you guys were used to updates on ANS everyday but on this story I'll only be able to do it on Mondays and Fridays.


Part 12

Max was surprised when he opened his hotel door and saw the last person in the world he expected to see. “Alec? What can I do for you?”

“You’re still in love with her aren’t you?” Alec asked ignoring Max’s question.

Max knew exactly what and who Alec was asking about. “Why don’t you come inside?”

Alec entered the hotel room and saw Zan sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. The little boy’s eyes lit up when he saw Alec. “Where Lizzie at?”

“Liz is at home right now, I think. I just came to talk to your dad.” Alec explained to him. He used to feel strange around Zan since he had been one of the ones responsible for Tess’s death but he had struggled through it and felt more at ease around the little toddler.

“Zan, Daddy’s going to talk to Alec for a few minutes. Can you watch Blue’s Clues for a little bit?” Max asked. Zan just nodded and scurried off to sit in front of the TV.

Max motioned for Alec to sit at the table with him. “I have to say I’m in shock that you’re here.”

“I’ve got a few questions and you’re the only one with answers to them.”

“You want to know if I’m still in love with Liz?”

“That’s what I asked.”

“Yes, I am. I’ve been in love with Liz since I was eight years old.” Max answered simply. He saw anger and jealousy flash through Alec’s eyes. “But I’m not competition for you.”

“So you’re still not trying to get back with Liz?” Alec asked.

“No, where I am still in love with her, she is not with me. I messed up too badly and too many times for her to be with me. She’s in love with you. I wouldn’t mess that up, I want her to be happy. And her happiness is with you and your daughter.”

“So why did you come up here? I know you told Liz is was to help but was it really?”

“Yes. Liz is a hybrid because of me. Not that I wish she had died instead but because I healed her, her life will be forever different. She has to be careful with everything concerning going to the doctor and stuff. I just want to do whatever I can to help her, make it easier on her if I can.”

“Liz, Ria, and Michael always say you take on too much stuff.” Alec commented. He was starting to see Max in a different way.

“Maria said if I keep it up I’ll have gray hair before I’m twenty five.” Max chuckled. “We done?”

“Yep.” Alec said getting up. He said goodbye to Zan and Max and headed for his and Liz’s apartment, he needed to talk to her.


Alec walked down the hall to their apartment and saw some of his stuff piled outside of door. It looked like Liz was trying to kick him out. He tried the door but it wouldn’t budge. Next he tried his key but it wouldn’t go in, which meant she had melted it. He started pounding on it, “Liz, open this door!”

“Go away Alec.” He heard Liz yell from the other side.

“I’m not going to go away. This is my apartment too.”

“I don’t want to talk to you.” Liz retorted.

Alec knew Liz wasn’t going to open the door. His enhanced hearing allowed him to be able to tell she wasn’t too close to the door. He reared his leg back and kicked it hard. The door swung open ripping away from the locks. Lola got scared and scurried away into the bedroom. Alec stepped through it and saw Liz’s startled yet angry face. “I can’t believe you did that!”

“Believe it.” Alec stated. “What the hell is going on? I come home to talk to you about last night and I find my shit outside.”

“If you wanted to talk about last night so much you would have come home last night instead of in this afternoon.” Liz said.

“I had to cool off.” Alec reasoned.

“More like get off.” Liz snapped.

“What?” Alec exclaimed. “What are you talking about?”

Liz couldn’t fight the tears from flowing down her face. “I saw you Alec.”

“You saw me what?” Alec asked confused.

“I wanted to talk to you last night, to work things out so I went looking for you at Crash. When I got there I saw you at the bar with Tamara.” Liz yelled.

“You know she was a girl I used to know.”

“I bet you know her real well and got to know her again last night.” Liz snapped.

“You think I slept with her? You think I’d do that to you?” Alec asked amazed as he realized what Liz was talking about. .

“You didn’t come home last night.” Liz argued.

“I got drunk and OC let me crash with her.” Alec explained. “Call her if you don’t believe me.”

Liz was about to retort when she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen followed by a warm sensation. She grabbed the couch in front of her and gasped, “Alec, call Ava.”

“What?” Alec asked confused. “I told you I was with OC not Biggs.”

“That’s not why I want you to call her.” Liz gasped again. “You need to call her so she can meet us at the hospital, I’m in labor.”


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roswell_lover_buffy originally wrote:
Shit!!! In the middle of the fight man you really got timing.*wink*
So is the birth going to be in the next part????
Elin *happy*

Yes, the birth is next!!!!!!
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Dedicated to: Roswell Slayer (2x), roswell_lover_buffy (2x), Lil Blu Bubble, wild_child_uk (2x), Calinia (2x), Brook, and pandas2001.

Thanks for all the feedback and bumps. Sorry if the next part isn't the best but I've looked it over and can't figure out any way to change it.


“You’re in what?” Alec asked in shock.

“Labor, you know, the big baby you put inside of me, coming out of small opening.” Liz huffed out obviously in pain.

Alec moved quickly over next to Liz. He wrapped his arm around her trying his best to support her. He could see that her water had broke on the floor and it was glowing slightly. He helped her over to sit on the couch before he went about getting everything ready. Or at least tried to. More like he was running around trying to do ten things at once. He couldn’t believe he had lead top-secret missions numerous times but he couldn’t manage to do anything to get them going to the hospital. He was snapped out of his daze when he heard Liz cry, “Alec!”

In an instant he was back by her side on the couch. “What is it?”

“A contraction.” Liz grimaced. “It hurts.”

Alec brushed some of her hair away from her face. “I know babe and if I could I’d have her for you, I would. You have to concentrate and lessen it with your powers.”

“I’m sorry about earlier.” Liz muttered as the contraction started to subside.

“I’m sorry I started this whole thing and that I didn’t come home.” Alec said as he kissed her forehead. “We okay?”

“Yeah, but we need to get to the hospital, I have a feeling she isn’t going to take long to make her grand entrance. I was having pains all morning but I thought it was just back pain, I think they were contractions.” Liz stated. “My bag is in the closet, I’ll get it. You call Sam and everyone.”

“I can get the bag.” Alec offered.

“No, I need to move around. I’ll be alright. Call Sam and the others then we’ll leave.” Liz said as she walked carefully into the bedroom while Alec pulled out his phone and started calling.


A few hours later, they were at the hospital. Alec, Liz, and Ava were in the delivery room while Logan, Max, Michael, Biggs, Maria, Kyle, OC, Max, and Zan were all out in the waiting room. As Liz’s contractions got closer and closer together, Ava ran back and forth giving updates. It wasn’t long before Liz was fully dilated and Sam told her it was time to push.

“It’s about time.” Liz grumbled.

“It’ll be over soon.” Alec encouraged.

“Oh, shut up. It’s your fault I’m like this.” Liz snapped. “You and your ‘genetically empowered transgenic sperm’ did this to me!”

Alec couldn’t help but smile. Alec would normally have been shocked by what Liz had said but she had been doing it since she had hit hard labor so he was used to it. Alec didn’t blame her. If he were pushing another person out of his body he wouldn’t be in the best of moods either. “Only you could be in labor and come up with so many big words.”

“AWWWWW!” Liz said screaming in pain as the contraction went through her. One of the cabinets combusted from her inability to control her powers during the labor. So far several objects in the room to exploded. Thankfully Ava had been able to clean them up.

“Let’s get you ready to push.” Sam stated.

Liz nodded. She was starting to feel drained. She moved into position to start pushing but only with Alec’s help. But as she got into position she said, “There’s something wrong.”

At first Sam didn’t see anything wrong but then suddenly he saw blood coming out of Liz’s birth canal. “She’s hemorrhaging!”

Sam started working on stopping the bleeding but nothing was working. “Liz, I can’t get the bleeding to stop, you need to heal yourself.”

“I can’t do it,” She said panicked. “I don’t have enough energy.”

The words were barely out of her mouth before her eyes closed and she fell back limply against Alec. “Liz!”

Alec tried to shake Liz awake but it wasn’t working, she was out cold. He looked over at Ava and ordered, “Go get Kyle and Max now!”

Ava went running off to get Max and Kyle while Alec kept trying to revive Liz. “Liz, babe please wake up. You can’t leave me. I can’t loose you. You need to come back so we can have this little girl whose going to be as beautiful as her mother and as much trouble as her old man. Please…..wake up.”

Alec could feel tears rolling down his face, he couldn’t remember the last time he had cried. But if he lost Liz he knew it wouldn’t be the last time. “I know I already said this but I’m sorry I got you so upset this morning. I promise I won’t ever fight with you again. I’ll always agree with you.” Alec pleaded.

Liz’s eyes barely fluttered open, “Can I get that in writing?”

The wave of relief from seeing Liz awake hit Alec with such a force that he thought he would fall over. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “I thought I lost you.”

“The bleeding stopped.” Sam announced. “Everything seems to be fine now. What happened?”

“She felt I was in trouble and either healed me herself or gave me energy to do it but it was because of our daughter that I’m alive.” Liz explained just as Kyle and Max came crashing in. They looked at Alec and Liz with shock, “Are you okay?” Max asked.

“I’m fine now, my daughter healed me.” Liz said just as a pain hit her and she grimaced. All three of the guys plus Sam all jumped ready to help but she put her hand up. “It’s just a contraction, I think I better start pushing.”

“Kyle, don’t stray to far. After the baby is born, I want you to give Liz a transfusion, she’s lost a lot of blood.” Sam stated. The two guys left leaving only Ava, Liz, Alec, and Sam in the room again. “Okay Liz. When the next contraction hits I want you to push. But only if a contraction hits.”

Liz nodded as a contraction started. There were no more complications and after twenty minutes of pushing Liz could feel the baby’s head come out.

“Here she is.” Sam announced as he placed the squirming baby on Liz’s stomach. He wrapped a blanket around her and lifted her up so her mother could hold her. Liz looked down at her newborn daughter; she was the most perfect thing she had ever seen even if she hadn’t been cleaned up yet. She touched her little hand and felt the familiar connection flare up, she was fine and healthy. The connection ended and she looked over to her love. “Alec.”

Alec looked down at the bundle in Liz’s arms and was speechless. She looked like a miniature Liz except she had his hazel eyes. “Hello Beautiful, I’m your daddy.”

Their little girl seemed to look up at his voice. She was wide eyed. Liz could only smile. “I guess you decided to come to stop your daddy and I from fighting. Well it worked.”

“You gave us quite a scare, baby girl. But thank you for fixing your mommy for me.” Alec said as he eased himself onto the bed next to Liz. “We both need her.”

As Liz and Alec discussed what to name their daughter, Sam finished cleaning Liz up and doing all the postnatal procedures and cleaned up the baby. He sent Ava to get Kyle and once he was in, Sam looked at Alec. “You might want to get out there. There’s a lot of anxious people waiting.”

Alec looked down at Liz to see if it was okay. She nodded, “Go ahead. I’m going to get some blood and call my parents.”

Alec took his little girl from Liz’s arms and headed out to the waiting room.


You'll find out her name in the next part, any one want to guess?
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I'll be updating tomorrow and you guys will find out her name.
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Here's the next part, hope you like her name.

Part 14

Alec took the baby out to show their friends. He saw them all turn their attention to him, he turned his daughter so they could see her, “Hey guys. Look what I did.”

Everyone laughed and Maria said, “I think Liz might have something to say about that.”

“Yeah, I think she’d probably tell you it was a lot more fun getting her in there than pushing her out.” Alec commented.

Maria walked up next to him. “Let me have her.”

Alec carefully handed his daughter over to Maria, who took her and smiled. “Hey baby girl, I’m your Aunt Maria.”

Maria looked back at Alec; “Did you guys decide on a name?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe I forgot. This is Alexandria Rachel Cora.” Alec stated. He had been surprised when Liz had suggested having her middle name be Rachel. He didn’t know of many women who would want their daughter to carry a former love’s name but Liz had said that Rachel was the one who helped him break out of the brainwashing Manticore had forced on him and help make him who he was. And she said that she didn’t feel insecure, she knew Alec loved her and in a totally different way than he had loved Rachel.

“Alexandria.” Maria said with tears in her eyes. She looked down at her deceased friend’s namesake. In a way she resembled him, she had light eyes and dark hair like him but Maria saw Alec and Liz in her. Michael came up next to her as she rocked her gently. Then she realized she’d been hogging her so she handed her to Ava.

Ava rocked her gently and Alexandria yawned, “Ohh, she’s so cute now that she’s cleaned up. I want one.”

“Okay, that’s enough for you.” Biggs said motioning for Alec to take back his daughter. Alec did so quickly and turned to the others. “Maxie? Would you want to hold her?”

“Yeah.” Max said from her position next to Logan. She took the small infant from her father and looked down at her. She was beautiful. “Alec, she’s adorable. She looks like a little angel.”

“She looks like her mother.” Max E. said commenting over her shoulder. “Except for her eyes.”

“Me see!” Zan squealed from his lower angle. They all laughed as Max lowered herself down next to Zan. Zan looked down the little girl. “Pretty.”

“You think she’s pretty?” His father asked as he kneeled next to his son who was nodding enthusiastically. Everyone laughed at him again and Zan looked at them like he didn’t get why they were laughing.

After visiting a little while with everyone Alec said, “Liz is probably done talking to her parents so I bet get her back inside.”

Alec took Alexandria back from Max, and Maria and Ava went with Alec to see Liz. Inside Sam was just unhooking the transfusion kit from Liz and Kyle. Maria squealed quietly and hugged Liz. “Chica, she is so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Maria. I’m so glad you could be close when I had her.” Liz said.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, tired, but I’m good.”

“What did your parents say?” Maria asked.

“Dad’s not going to be here for a few more days until he could arrange some stuff for the restaurant. But Mom’s going to fly here tomorrow. I told her it was okay if she stayed with us and she said she didn’t mind sleeping on the pullout couch.” Liz said.

Alec could tell by Liz’s tone that although she had not come out and asked him, she was clearing it with him. He didn’t mind Nancy coming to visit, he liked her. Liz’s parents had always been nothing but nice to him, hell they had practically adopted him. But he had to joke with her a little. “You know you get off easy since you don’t have any in-laws.”

“I have hundreds of in-laws, every transgenic we know is an in-law.” Liz teased back. Just as she did their daughter let out a cry. Alec looked panicked for a minute until Sam said, “I think the little one is hungry.”

That was when Kyle jumped up, “Okay I think that’s my cue to leave or I’ll see more of Liz than ever before. Well on second thought.”

Maria interrupted his thought by pushing him out of the room. “We’ll leave you guys to feed her. Come on Ava.”

Ava and Maria left as Alec handed his daughter to her mother. Liz began to move to pull down the front of her gown to feed Alexandria. Liz did as she had read in the baby books and soon her daughter was nursing. She looked to see Alec watching them in awe. “What?”

“Does it hurt?” Alec asked.

“No, feels a little weird but that’s it.” Liz explained.

“Not like when it’s me there huh?” Alec said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Alec! Don’t talk about our sex life around her, I don’t care how small she is.” Liz chastised. Their small baby nursed enthusiastically obviously hungry. She switched sides a minute later and once she was done she went to hand her back to Alec. “Can you burp her for me?”

“Uh, sure. Come here Lexi.” Alec put her up on his shoulder and gently patted her back. Liz watched him and noticed he had already given their small daughter a nickname. She couldn’t help but laugh when Lexi let out a small burp and Alec said, “That’s my girl.”

It wasn’t long before Lexi drifted off to sleep and Alec placed her in the small bassinet next to the bed. Then he crawled into bed next to Liz. He brushed her hair back away from her face. “I must look a mess.”

“You look beautiful.” Alec stated.

“You’re lying as well as biased.” Liz said. “But I’ll take it anyway.”

Alec leaned over and gave her a kiss. “Tired?”

“A little.” Liz said just as she yawned.

“Why don’t you take a nap? I’ll keep an eye on Lexi and get one of the others to go get you something besides hospital food to eat.”

“Okay.” Liz said already drifting to sleep. Alec could tell when her breathing even out that she was asleep. He sat there as the two most important women in his life slept peacefully near by.


Well what did you think?

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Part 15

Liz and Lexi went home the next day from the hospital but not before Alec picked her mom up from the airport. They got Liz and the baby settled into the apartment and Nancy helped Liz and Alec with learning how to take care of an infant. It took a little getting used to but by the time Liz’s dad showed up they had gotten the hang of it.

Liz put Lexi down for a nap and headed for the kitchen to grab something to drink. Max and Zan had gone home, Maria and Michael were staying another week to visit and staying with Ava and Biggs. She had told Alec to go ahead and go back to work, which left just her with her parents and the baby. She pulled out what she needed to make some tea and once it was made went into the alcove off of the living room that served as her and Alec’s office. She looked over her work that she hadn’t looked at since she had had Lexi. There wasn’t much since Max had prepared for Liz’s departure but there was still some stuff she had insisted on handling herself. Mostly projects she had worked on from their beginning. Like some paperwork so the Association could acquire a bit of property. If everything went well then the house and property would be used as a group home for some of the younger transgenics mostly X6s, X7s and X8s. She had arranged it for Jesse to look over most of the legal work and he had said it was a good deal. He and Philip Evans were the only lawyers she completely trusted to not screw them over. She reached over for her tea and accidentally knocked it over. “Crap.”

She waved her hand over cleaning up the mess. She saw her Mom watching her. “You know those powers are certainly going to come in handy when Lexi is let loose in her highchair with a jar of food.”

“That’s what I was thinking too.” Liz said. She had felt so lucky and relieved at the reaction she had gotten from them when she had told her she wasn’t exactly human anymore.

Liz walked into the apartment and saw Alec watching a game with her dad while her mom was in the kitchen. She leaned over and kissed Alec lightly on the cheek, “Good game?”

“Yeah, looks like I’ll be a little richer when we get back to Seattle.”

Liz rolled her eyes knowing Alec meant he had bet someone probably Biggs on the outcome of the game. “You’re hopeless.”

“I think I better see what your mother is up to.” Her dad said scurrying into the kitchen. Once he was out of ear shot Alec pulled Liz closer. “So how did it go?”

“Just fine. He was shocked of course but he acted okay. And he didn’t fight me on telling my parents.” Liz answered talking about her meeting with Max.

“That’s good. When did you want to do it?”

“I was thinking now. They took finding out about you and then the baby just fine. What’s one more thing?” Liz said trying to hide her nervousness.

Alec leaned over and kissed her head. “Don’t worry, I’ll be here. No matter what, I’ll be here.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Alec said giving her one of his smiles she loved seeing. Pulling away from him enough to sit next to him she called to her parents. They came in and sat across from her and Alec. She waited for them to get comfortable. “Okay, I know Alec and I’s visit has been an exciting one already but there’s some more I need to tell you. It’s really big and I wanted to tell you before but never have.”

“What is it Liz?” Her mother asked.

Liz looked at Alec who winked at her before she began. “You remember three years ago when there was the shooting in the café?”

“Yeah, we were lucky no one was hit that day.” Her father stated.

“Well someone was. The bullet hit me in the stomach and I was dying.” Liz stated. When she heard her parents gasp in shock she hurriedly started to explain. “If it wasn’t for Max I would have died. He came over to me placed his hand on the wound and healed me. Before you ask how he healed me, I’ll tell you. Max, Michael, and Isabel as well as Ava are aliens. They’re from the ’47 crash.”

“But that’s impossible. They’re only 19.”

“They were in these incubator pods until ’89. Then they came out looking like 6 year olds.” Liz explained. She watched as different looks of shock etched deeper on their faces. “The reason I’m telling you all of this is because when Max healed me, he changed me. He made me like him, he didn’t know at the time.”

“What do you mean like him?” Her mom asked.

“They are actually hybrids, human and alien. When he healed me I also became a hybrid along with having powers like Max.”

“Powers?” Both of them asked.

“It’s kind of hard to explain.” Liz stated.

“How long have you known Alec?” Liz’s dad asked.

“I found out the same night Liz found out the truth about me.” Alec answered. “I was shocked at first too but you get used to it.”

“I wanted to tell you especially now because the baby is going to probably inherit some of it. And I wanted you to know.” Liz said. She watched her parents trying to gauge their reactions. She felt Alec squeeze her hand in comfort.

“Lizzie, I can see by the look on your face that you’re scared of how we would react. And I can see your mother feels the same way I do, we’re shocked but we would rather you be what you are than for you to have died that day in the Crashdown. We love you, no matter if you’re completely human or not.” Her dad said.

The rest of that evening as well as the rest of the trip had been spent explaining and telling Liz’s parents everything. In the end, the Parkers had talked a lot to Valenti and the Evans to help them adjust. They had thanked Max profusely for saving Liz’s life.

“So what are you up to?” Her mom asked.

“Just looking over some work.” Liz explained.

“Has there been any updates on the vote?”

“No, there still in session debating on all of it. And they filed another extension so I don’t know when it’ll go through. I wish they’d hurry up, it would be nice to not be the only one in this house without the last name Cora.”

Her mom came over and kissed the crown of her head. “Don’t worry, it’ll come through then we’ll start planning the wedding.”

“I don’t even care if Alec and I have to just go down to the courthouse. As long as we get married.”

“You will, don’t worry.” Her mom commented. She left Liz and Liz got back to her work.
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Dedicated to: roswell_lover_buffy, Calinia (2x), RoswellSlayer (2x), and Lillie

Calinia and I were talking one time and we started thinking about how Lexi would look like. She agreed that when she grows up that with her dark hair and light eyes that she would look like Joey on Dawson's Creek. Plus I could definitely see the daughter of Liz and Alec have a personality like Joey's. What do you all think?

Part 16

Alec sat up in bed when he heard Lexi crying. He looked over and saw Liz was still asleep although the baby monitor was right next to her head. Lexi was now six weeks old but according to Sam and the baby books they had read she was a month or two a head of her development. She had already started to try and roll over and she was sleeping most of the night. Alec could see that Liz was exhausted and he didn’t mind getting up. He couldn’t go as long as Max without sleep but transgenics in general didn’t need much sleep. As he got up he saw Lola was passed out at the foot of their bed. Lola had deemed herself as Lexi’s protector. Every time Lexi so much as whimpered Lola would be at her side or fetching one of her parents to take care of her. But it seemed at the moment she was taking a break from her duties. He hurried into his daughter’s room and over to her crib.

“Lexi, baby. What’s wrong?” He asked as he picked her up figuring out what was wrong. “So that’s it huh? Well I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to sleep in that either.” Alec laid her on the changing table and got her out of pajamas then undid the tabs on her diaper. “Jeez, what is in that milk that mommy is feeding you?”

For once Alec wished he didn’t have enhanced senses at least sense of smell. He got her all cleaned up and dressed again but instead of lying her back down he took her over to the large overstuffed rocking chair. The whole time she just stared at him with wide eyes. “Do you feel better now? I bet you do.”

Alec just watched her as they rocked gently back and forth. “You’re the best thing I’ve ever done, you know that.” Alec was surprised when she smiled. “I’ve done a lot of shitty, huh I mean, bad stuff in my life. Stuff I hope you’ll never find out about. But along the way I must have did something right because I got lucky when I met your mommy. Did I ever tell you how we met?”

Lexi just stared at him, hanging on every word he said. “I’ll take your undivided attention as a way to tell me to go on. We met when your mommy hustled me in a game of pool. I was completely blown away with her after that night. But she was scared. See she’d been hurt by someone before, Max you know Zan’s daddy, and she didn’t want me to hurt her. It took sometime to wear her down but I finally got her. After all I’m irresistible.”

Lexi let out a small yawn. “I’m boring you aren’t I?” Alec asked.

Lexi just stared up at him, “Sorry, I don’t know any other stories but I’ll learn them so I don’t have to keep telling you this one.” Noticing he had Lexi’s full attention again, he went on. “Okay, were was I?”

Remembering where he left off he started again, “Your mom and I started dating not knowing that we each had hidden lives. I had been created in a test tube and your mom was a little greener than other people. But we didn’t care, kind of helped us to understand each other. It wasn’t long before we told each other that we loved each other as well as some other stuff you don’t ever need to know about. After that we had some tough times, some dangerous ones. Some alien but mostly transgenic ones. You see people are scared of what is different from them. But we’re trying to fix that so you’re life will be different. And now we’ve had you.”

“You know I used to think your momma was the most beautiful girl in the world but you take her place. I’ll have to change it to that she’s the most beautiful woman while you’re the most beautiful girl.” Alec stated.

“Well at least I still register in there somewhere.” Alec heard Liz from the door. He looked up and saw a soft smile on her face.

“Of course you do. I’m lucky, I live with the two most beautiful females in the world.” Alec stated.

“You should have woken me up when she started crying.” Liz said.

“No, biggie. She just needed changing and then we’ve been talking.” Alec said. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Only a couple of minutes. But I heard the rest of your little talk through the monitor. Cute story.”

“I told her that I didn’t know any stories.” Alec said as he continued to rock Lexi.

“At this age the story doesn’t matter, just the sound of your voice. I read her some of Grandma Claudia’s book the other day.” Liz explained.

Lexi started to fuss then and by the way she was squirming Alec could tell what she wanted. “Sorry baby girl, Daddy’s not equipped to give you want you need. I think it’s time to hand you over to Mommy.”

Liz took Alec’s position in the rocking chair and pulled down the straps of her tanktop and unhooked her nursing bra. She took Lexi from Alec and proceeded to feed her daughter.

Alec watched the scene and couldn’t help but wish it was him that was attached to Liz. They hadn’t had sex since Lexi was born, they were letting Liz heal up normally and plus they had been busy getting used to being parents. Alec was definitely ready though. More than ready but he was taking his queue from Liz. It wasn’t long before Lexi dozed off and Liz put her back in her crib. Then they made their way back to their bedroom.

Liz had seen the way Alec looked at her in the nursery, with desire. She was glad to see it. He hadn’t made one sexual gesture since she had had Lexi and felt a little unwanted. But now she knew she was being silly, he was just waiting for her. So she decided to make her move. She walked over and ran one finger along the area she knew he was most sensitive, the bottom of his neck just above his collar bone. He caught her eyes and smiled. They leaned in at the same time for a heated and hungry kiss. They devoured each other desperately. She moved her hands up around his neck as he pulled her on top of him, as they fell back onto the bed. She pushed him roughly onto his back then she kneeled over him, as she ravished his mouth. To her displeasure, though, Alec suddenly pushed on her shoulders, breaking the kiss and holding her away from him. She whimpered and tried to reclaim his lips but he held her firm.

"Liz...what about..." he began.

"Ya wanna talk about it NOW?!" Liz asked. She couldn’t believe he wanted to talk when she just wanted to rip his clothes off and screw him like there was no tomorrow. “I’m fine with this, more than fine. I want you.”

Alec felt the need to kiss her again. He grinned, then she slowly leaned down to retrieve his lips and tongue. Their movements became feverish. Each of them dug a hand into the other's hair attempting to taste more. His other hand slid down her back and pressed firmly on her waist until she settled against him. She ground into him and he returned the gesture and she whimpered into his mouth, so he did it again and kept doing it until she had to break from the kiss to catch her breath. He leaned up to her ear then and sucked. He then pulled her boxers down her trim legs until they pooled on the floor.

She reached down and laid her palms across his bare flesh, igniting him. She grinned down at him and at last covered his neck with her mouth, as she had been longing to do for quite some time now. She planned to move downward, to trace each muscle with her lips and, in the process, devour as much of him as possible, but he had other ideas. His fingers moved over her thigh, to the inside, but this time he rapidly slid all the way up and hooked his thumb around the waistband of her panties.

Alec didn't bother to fully remove the garment; that would involve her somehow changing positions and that was too much of a hassle. So he instead pulled them down only far enough for access, dragged a finger along her and pressed gently upon the bundle of nerves there. She moaned softly, pushed back against his hand and he rubbed gently. Her kisses stopped and now all of her concentration was reserved for what he was doing to her. She buried her head in his shoulder, letting herself be overtaken by the pleasure.

He moved his fingers slowly down and plunged them inside of her. She nipped at his neck and bucked her hips against his hand. Somehow, she found the strength to pass one of her hands down to wrap around his own arousal and give him the same attention. They synchronized their movements a few seconds later and let out a low, simultaneous groan of need.

Desire for full contact with her skin became unbearable so he started to tug off her tanktop. She got on to her knees and retracted her hand from him so that she could sit up and the article could be yanked over her head. But it wouldn’t come straight off so he just ripped it from her body. Screw it, she could fix it with her powers later.

He looked up and her and saw her sitting over him in just her bra and the panties that were already partially down her legs. She smiled before quickly pulling them off herself. His lips became dry and he licked them, he reached out, circled her waist with his hands, and crushed her body and mouth against his. Passion made them dizzy, made the world begin to fade. Both of their fingers attacked his boxers so they could slide them away. She started to make her way down his body, licking here and biting there. She traced the bottom of his ribcage with her tongue and kissed a trail down while Alec felt like he was going out of his mind

As soon as the opportunity had presented itself, he pulled her up to him, holding her slightly at bay so that he could get at her neck. One hand came up to caress her breast, circling it, winding closer to her nipple until he brushed his thumb over it. She bit her lip and pushed her hips down toward him and he rotated his but didn't move to enter her. He was busy now, busy licking his way down to her opposite breast until his destination had been reached and he sucked gently on her. She kept moaning and he loved every second of it.

Finally, she pushed his head away from her and used one hand to pin him against the bed while the other curled around the base of his shaft and pulled him toward her.

He smiled at her and saw that she was more than ready for him. Remembering to grab a condom he sheathed himself before he thrust toward her, just enough to push in at least halfway. A whimper escaped her. He reached up and tenderly pushed a stray lock of hair back behind her ear. Then he kissed her lips softly and moved his hips, which elicited a throaty moan from her and initiated a hard thrust against him.

Their rhythm built slow and steady, overtaken by a blinding sort of passion. Their minds were hot and hazy, and it felt incredibly, ridiculously good. They rode it out, kissing and brushing their faces together, running hands up and down and over heated, over sensitized skin, sweat and whimpers and moans mixing together. Liz tried to be quiet but couldn’t help but call out his name, shuddering and nearly sobbing in pleasure, violently gripping the bed beneath her. And then seconds later, her name was erupting from him. He rolled off of her and she used her powers to clean him up before they pulled each other close and fell instantly asleep.

The next morning before Liz and Alec could get out of bed and before Lexi woke up the phone rang. Liz fumbled for the phone. “Hello.”

“Liz, its Max.”

Liz sat up as she recognized her friend’s voice, “What’s up Maxie?”

“I think you, Alec, and Lexi might want to come over here to Logan’s.”

“What’s wrong?” Liz asked in a panic waking Alec.

“Nothings wrong. The Senate is about to vote.” Max announced trying to calm her friend down. “I thought it’d be cool if we were all together when they did.”

“We’ll be right over.” Liz said as she felt a lump jump into her throat. She hung up the phone and turn to Alec, “The Senates’ about to vote.”

“I’ll get Lexi.” Alec announced as he jumped out of bed.


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The next morning before Liz and Alec could get out of bed and before Lexi woke up the phone rang. Liz fumbled for the phone. “Hello.”

“Liz, its Max.”

Liz sat up as she recognized her friend’s voice, “What’s up Maxie?”

“I think you, Alec, and Lexi might want to come over here to Logan’s.”

“What’s wrong?” Liz asked in a panic waking Alec.

“Nothings wrong. The Senate is about to vote.” Max announced trying to calm her friend down. “I thought it’d be cool if we were all together when they did.”

“We’ll be right over.” Liz said as she felt a lump jump into her throat. She hung up the phone and turn to Alec, “The Senates’ about to vote.”

“I’ll get Lexi.” Alec announced as he jumped out of bed.

Part 17

As fast as they could Liz, Alec and their daughter hurried to Foggle Towers. Liz was feeling anxious and could tell that Lexi was picking up on it. She reached back as much as she could and rested her hand on Lexi’s car seat. “It’s okay baby Mommy’s trying to calm down.”

“She’s just excited because all of our hard work is about to pay off.” Alec commented. “And then we’re going to get married and you are going to be the cutest flower girl there ever was.”

“Alec she’s only six weeks old. She may be a head in her development but she can’t walk yet. How is she going to make it down the aisle.” Liz asked.

“Hey it’s me.” Alec said with a smile. “I always figure out something.”

Liz laughed, Alec was right when there was something he wanted. He did usually figure out the way around any restrictions that kept him from something he wanted. They pulled up at Logan’s building and after grabbing all of Lexi’s stuff headed up. When they got there they saw Ava and Biggs were waiting with Max and Logan in the living room. Liz spotted Kyle and CeCe quietly munching on left over pizza in the kitchen. She waved to them before going over to where Alec was getting Lexi out of her car seat. They made such a cute pair. “Do you want me to take her?”

“No, I’ve got her. Go visit.” Alec said waving her off. Liz went over to where Logan, Max and Biggs were sitting in front of the TV watching for the vote. “What’s happening?”

“They’ve all just arrived and are about to start the roll call so they can start tallying up the vote.” Logan answered.

Liz nodded. She knew that even though they were voting it would still be a little while before they knew the outcome of the session. Each Senator was called in alphabetically order and would say either ‘yeah’ or ‘nay’ depending on how they wanted to vote. And since there were a hundred senators, that could take a while. As she watched the coverage she couldn’t help but notice that Ava was sitting apart from the others. “Biggs, what’s up with Ava?”

“I don’t know, she won’t tell me. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about it. She’s been acting really distant lately, not sleeping well.” Biggs answered with a concerned tone to his voice.

“What do mean not sleeping well? Insomnia?” Liz asked.

“Sort of. She’s been tossing and turning, not to mention jolting awake the middle of the night.” Biggs explained. He knew all about how Ava had grown up and how bad she had had it. They didn’t keep secrets after he had found out about her ‘otherworldly’ status. He couldn’t help but wonder if Ava’s nightmares were back. “I don’t know if they are but I think maybe her nightmares are back. And if they are I think she’s been forcing herself to stay awake as long as possible. She’s scared to go to sleep.”

“Oh,” Liz said. She couldn’t help but wonder what had triggered a return of Ava’s nightmares after they had been gone just over a year. “I’ll go try and talk to her.”

Biggs nodded to her and Liz headed over to where Ava was sitting by Logan’s large windows. “Why you sitting here all by yourself?”

“Just enjoying the view.” Ava stated.

“You okay?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Come on Ava, you know that I can tell when you’re lying.” Liz said. “So you might as well spill.”

“It’s nothing Liz.”

“Biggs already told me you’re having trouble sleeping. And he thinks your nightmares are back.” Liz then decided to add. “Before you get mad at him, he’s just worried about you.”

“I know he is.” Ava said with down cast eyes. “But he’s wrong. They’re not back. I think they’re gone for good. I mean, I’m happy. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve got a good job, some great friends and a man who’s with me because he wants to be, not because he’s supposed to be. I know he loves me. I guess they went away when I felt content and happy.”

“So why have you been having problem sleeping?” Liz asked.

“Because I’m not used to the emptiness.” Ava stated.

“What do you mean emptiness?” Liz asked curiously.

“It’s kind of hard to explain. Did the others ever talk about being able to sense each other?” Ava asked.

Liz thought about it and remembered Max talking about how they could sense the differences in each other. “Yes.”

“Each group of four square could sense the ones in their group. It wasn’t strong enough to locate one of the others with, just enough to sense that they were out there. When they killed Zan, the three of us felt it, it’s like a part of your head is empty.” Ava explained.

“But Zan died years ago, why is the emptiness affecting you now?” Liz asked before she got it. “Rath and Lonnie.”

“Yeah. A few weeks ago I was sleeping when suddenly they were gone. I don’t care that they are, good riddance. But it’s just strange. I’ve been up at night because it’ just weird. I’ve got to get used to it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Liz asked.

“I didn’t want to bug you, I know you’re busy and stuff.”

“Ava just because I have Lexi doesn’t mean I don’t have time for you. So if you just want to talk, you’re welcome to come by and talk to me. You know that right?” Ava nodded. “Good.” Liz said giving Ava a hug but wishing she could help her in some way. She thought she understood. Liz would probably feel the same way if something happened to Lexi, she could still feel the connection to her daughter that had started in her womb.

Liz pulled back from Ava and thought of something she wanted to ask. “I was just thinking of something, Max and the others never said anything about feeling anything when Tess died.”

“They probably just didn’t recognize it when they felt it.” Ava explained.

“Probably not. You were always more in tuned to your powers.”

“Well enough with all this crap. Let’s go see how the votes going.” Ava said before the two headed over to where the others were watching the TV for news.

Liz walked over and saw that Kyle had her daughter. Kyle was laughing and tickling her and Liz couldn’t help but think of how much Kyle had changed since they had dated so long ago. Gone was the typical jock personality replacing it with a guy who a very selfless caring guy who was funny and a great friend. Liz hoped he found happiness with someone soon and from the looks of it, it would be CeCe. She heard Kyle laugh loudly and looked at her daughter. “Are you entertaining Uncle Kyle?”

Lexi let out a loud squeal that Liz figured meant yes. “It’s nice to be able to talk to a girl and not have to worry about what she’s thinking.” Kyle stated. “I pretty much know what Lexi is thinking, it’s got be either food, diaper change or sleeping. After all at her age what else is there?”

“She does a little more than that, Kyle.” Liz joked. “As for other females, I have a feeling that there are some, ones of a certain X series, that think you’re pretty cool.”

Kyle looked over at CeCe knowing exactly what Liz was talking about. After all CeCe was the only single female transgenic in the room, single female at all in the room. He liked CeCe a lot. She was fun to be around, she got his smartass personality and she didn’t mind his Buddha comments. Not to mention she wasn’t prissy. She liked to get her hands dirty, liked to work on cars and was a better shot than he was. She was his dream girl. He looked at her talking to Max about something and watched as her short hair bobbed around her head. He knew most transgenics were good looking, well at least the ones in the X series, but CeCe was the best looking of the women that he’d seen. The fact that she could completely kick his ass intimidated him a little but he had worked past it.

“You know if this vote goes the way we’re hoping, maybe the two of you should go out for a celebratory dinner.” Liz pushed.

“That’s not a bad idea.” Kyle stated.

“And you’re surprised by this?” Liz asked.

“You know Liz, I think you’ve been with Alec too long. You’re starting to become a smartass.” Kyle joked.

“If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black.” Liz snorted.

“Point taken.” Kyle stated. “So do you have any suggestions on a place for dinner?”

“I know some great restaurants.” Liz stated then helped Kyle form a plan. After they were done Liz headed over to where Alec was holding a sleeping Lexi. She brushed away a stray strand of her bangs and kissed her daughter on the forehead. Her hair had grown quite a bit and in a few months Liz might be able to manage to get it in a ponytail. She gave Alec a quick peck and asked, “What’s the result so far?”

“29 to 21, oppose to for.” Alec answered as he set Lexi into her travel bassinet.

“Another 50 to go, we should be able to pull ahead.” Liz stated as she sat down next to him. They watched as senator by senator they cast their votes until all one hundred had cast their votes and the Senate Majority Leader announced the final count.

“The final count is 42 to 58. The Transgenic Registration Act is now revoked and all rights and privileges are granted.” The Senate Majority Leader announced.

Logan’s penthouse exploded in cries of joy as the news sunk in. All their struggle and hours of hard work had paid off. Transgenics now had the right of every other American Citizen. They could vote, marry, and weren’t made to be identified by their barcodes. Alec picked Liz up and swung her around, something that Lexi didn’t seem to like by the cry she emitted. Liz wormed her way out of Alec’s arms and went over to pick her up. “Did we scare you baby girl? We’re sorry. We’re just really excited. Mommy and Daddy are going to get married.”

“Do you guys have a date in mind?” CeCe asked.

Liz was about to answer but Alec spoke up. “No, but now that we can we’ve got plenty of time.”

Liz was surprised by Alec’s answer. He had acted so excited with the thought of them getting married in the car but now he acted like it didn’t matter when they did. She didn’t say anything though. She noticed Lexi was acting like she was hungry so she excused herself to one of Logan’s spare rooms to nurse her.

Alec noticed Liz’s reaction to his answer but acted as though he didn’t. He waited until she was gone before he snuck away to the kitchen and pulled out his phone then dialed. It didn’t take long before it was picked up. “Hey, it’s me. Yeah, we saw it. Time to move the plan along.”

Alec listened to the other voice for a minute before saying, “I already spoke to the Nazi a few days ago and everything’s set. Call me on my phone not the apartment okay?”

The conversation ended a minute later and Alec went back to join in the victory celebration.


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Only two months until Xmas to get your Alec!

I know this part is short but I'll have more soon.

Part 18

Over the next few weeks things in the Association were busy. With the Registration Act now void and transgenics allowed basic rights they had to go about making sure those rights were enforced. Liz returned to work taking Lexi with her. They had a small day care set up in the headquarter building so it was easy. But although Liz and Alec knew and trusted the Xs and the transhumans that ran the daycare, they tended to keep her in one of their offices part of the day. Since she was too young to be up and about they found it worked well. When she was in Alec’s office and hungry, Alec would either call Liz or take his daughter to her mother so she could eat. Joshua and Alec even brought in a comfy chair for Liz to use. Joshua’s appearance didn’t scare Lexi and loved being around him and he loved her back. He even nicknamed her ‘Littlest fella’.

Part of the work load they had to do was helping to file marriage license paperwork. Many transgenic couples had been waiting until the vote had gone through so now there was a lot of couples wanting to get married as soon as possible. Liz understood how they felt and wanted the same thing. But so far she couldn’t get Alec to make any concrete plans. It wasn’t that he was being different or anything, he just wouldn’t talk about it. She’d try to bring it up but he’d always get out of it, either by changing the subject or even seducing her. She knew he loved her and Lexi but wonder if he was somehow reconsidering. She wondered if he might think he wasn’t the marrying type.

Liz was planning on trying to bring it up again and cornering him until he talked about it but her plan was diverted. It was just after nine o’clock on Saturday morning and Liz had just finished feeding Lexi so she figured now was the best time. She made her way over to where Alec was watching cartoons and now holding Lexi when the doorbell rang. Cursing under her breath she went to answer it. She flung the door open and saw Ava smiling back at her. “Hey Ava. What are doing up so early?”

“Just collecting on a little repayment. Want to come?” Ava asked as she walked past Liz and into the foyer of the apartment. She looked at Liz’s confused face as she waited for an answer.

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked.

“Remember that fight I told you about that Biggs and I had?” Ava asked and Liz nodded. “Well he bought me a gift certificate to a spa to make up for it and there’s just enough for the two of us to go. So you have to go.”

“I don’t know, I planned on doing some stuff.” Liz said.

“Which you can put off until later. Come on, you can have Alec sit with the baby while you go with me. We haven’t done anything just the two of us for a while.” Ava whined trying her best to convince Liz to come with her to the spa.

“Okay you’ve spent way too much time with Maria.” Liz stated.

“Yeah yeah. But just listen to what’s on the menu. There’s a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial and hair. Doesn’t that sound great? Get all pampered instead of doing it yourself with your powers?”

Liz thought it over and the idea did sound great. A day of relaxation sounded perfect actually. And maybe she could talk to Ava about what was bugging her. She nodded and headed into the living room to tell Alec. She saw him and Lexi were still watching cartoons, “Hey, Ava’s going to a spa and wants me to go with her.”

“Go, I’ll stay here with Lexi.” Alec stated.

“Are you sure? I mean we haven’t had a day off together for a little while.” Liz said.

“No, go. We can spend time together when you get back.” Alec reiterated.

“Okay, let me go get a shower.” Liz said. She showered and dressed quickly before heading back into the living room where Ava and Alec were playing with Lexi. “I left a couple of bottles of breast milk in the fridge, she should be hungry again in about two hours.”

“It’s okay, I can handle it.” Alec said pecking her on the mouth. “Go have some fun.”

Liz kissed Lexi goodbye and followed Ava out. They decided to take Ava’s car and headed out to the spa, not realizing that Alec was watching them from the apartment. Once they were out of sight Alec turned to his infant daughter, “You’ll protect me from Mommy if she doesn’t like this won’t you?”

He didn’t know if Lexi understood him or what but she smiled a big toothless grin at him and squealed causing him to laugh before starting to gather stuff together. “Come baby girl, we’ve got work to do.”


Liz had to admit that Ava had done her the biggest favor by bringing her with her. She had had a long massage that had relaxed her very much then a manicure and pedicure next was a facial along with makeup and now she was getting her hair done. The whole day she had let her mind blank out and not think of anything but how everything felt. Maybe she had been so worn out that she was overreacting to the situation with Alec. She didn’t know.

Her stylist interrupted her thoughts by announcing that she was done. She turned her around and Liz caught her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was curled and piled on top of her head, pined securely she also had a few soft curls framing her face. “Wow.”

“Thank you.”

Ava came up just then, “You look great Liz.”

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Part 19

Liz could feel Ava leading her through what she assumed were doors until they finally stopped. She blinked rapidly from the sudden bright light as the blind fold was removed. Once she could see again her eyes widen in surprise by who stood in front of her, “Maria? Isabel? What are you doing here?”

“SURPRISE!” They both cried along with Max.

“What?” Liz asked confused. She looked around and saw a bunch of duffel bags along with several garment bags.

“We’re here to get you ready for your big day.” Isabel stated.

“Your sweet and wonderful soon to be husband planned a big surprise wedding for you and brought us all up here.” Maria explained.

“He what?” Liz asked not believing what they said. She felt tears coming to her eyes by the emotions she felt about what Alec had done for her. “I can’t believe this.”

“Believe it.” Ava said.

“So the spa thing was all part of it?” Liz asked.

“Yep, we had to figure out how to keep you occupied for most of the day and Alec thought you might enjoy it.” Ava explained.

“Where’s Lexi?”

“Last time I saw her, her Uncle Joshua was taking her to her daddy.” Max answered.

“Come on we can talk while we get you ready.” Isabel said pulling Liz over to where the bags were. “You’ve already got your makeup and hair done so we just have to do some touchups and then get you dressed.”

“Oh my God what am I going to wear? I never settled on a dress.” Liz said freaking out a little.

“Calm down. Isabel designed one for you that is awesome.” Maria said calmly. It was kind of nice being the calm one for once of course if this was her wedding to Michael, she’d be in hysterics. There weren’t enough cedar trees in all of North America to calm her down.

“You designed it?” Liz asked Isabel.

“Yeah, Alec called a few days before the vote and told me and Maria what he was planning so we could help.” Isabel stated. “I know your style so I worked with it.”

“Alec owes Jesse big time, she’s been in full Nazi mode ever since he called.” Maria said laughing.

“So you guys helped plan everything?” Liz asked.

“More like arranged for the more girly part of it, Alec did quite a lot.” Maria said.

Liz stood still as Isabel walked around her, eyeing the work the stylist had done at the spa. “Not bad, but I can see a couple of things to improve.”

Thanks to a little alien magic Liz’s makeup and hair were done within no time. They had just finished when Liz noticed that everyone but her was dressed. Isabel was already dressed in her bridesmaid dress with a robe over top.

“Time to get you dressed, but first what you wear under.” Maria said with a mischievous smile on her face. She grabbed a Victoria Secret bag and handed it to Liz. “A little present from me.”

“Should I be worried?” Liz asked wondering what Maria would pick out for her. She opened the bag and saw a lacey strapless pushup bra with matching thong, garter, and hose. It was tasteful enough to not be trashy. “Thank you.”

“Now time for your dress.” Ava announced. Isabel brought in a long garment bag and unzipped so as to show the dress.

Liz gasped, it was beautiful. It was strapless and had the skirt of a ball gown. The bodice was beaded with a mixture of pearls and crystals. The skirt was simple, just the thick white satin that the dressed was made of with a small train. Liz could see that it was already the length for her height that they would need. “Isabel, I don’t know what to say, it’s more beautiful than any other dress I’ve seen.”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s get you into it.” Isabel stated. Liz got everything on before stepping into the dress. With a few adjustments, the dress fit perfectly. Ava appeared with a pair of white heels and she slipped them on before Isabel came forward with her veil. The head piece was meant to surround her upswept hair and contrasted beautifully against her dark hair. Then she stepped back so Liz could see herself in the mirror. She couldn’t believe it was her. She had never had low self esteem, just thought she looked plain and ordinary. But now she was in awe by the way she looked in the mirror.

“Alec is going to freak when he sees you.” Max stated.

“You look gorgeous.” Maria said with tears in her eyes causing Liz to also tear up.

“Don’t you dare.” Isabel exclaimed. “If you two start crying then the rest of us will and it’ll just be a big mess. And we’ve got a wedding to get to.”

Liz and Maria blinked away the tears and the girls all headed out of the dressing room.


Alec paced back and forth in the little waiting room trying to calm his nerves. What if Liz didn’t like what he had planned? What if she got pissed because he had done everything and not let her? He had thought that by planning the wedding that he would be taking a load off of her. She had enough stress and stuff to deal with. She devoted all of her time to him, Lexi, and the transgenics that he thought it would be a good way to show her his appreciation and love. Now he was getting other ideas.

Logan watched Alec pacing from his seat next to Biggs and couldn’t help but smile. He was anything but the normal self assured cocky Alec. It was nice to see him like that occasionally. He finally stopped pacing when Michael walked in.

“They just got here and they’re getting her ready.” Michael explained.

“Then it shouldn’t be too long.” Logan stated.

Michael turned to look at Logan, “You have met Maria and Isabel before so you should know that, that statement is hilarious.”

Alec heard Lexi starting to fuss around so he walked over to her playpen where Joshua was watching her. When she caught sight of him she calmed down. He grabbed a blanket to protect his clothes then picked her up. “Hey baby girl, I bet you’re sensing how your mommy and I are feeling aren’t you? Well it should be over soon and our nervousness will be over then we’ll be married.”

Alec continued to talk to Lexi as he started to pace again although at a slower pace. It wasn’t too long before Max came to tell them that Liz was ready and she took Lexi to join the girls while the guys moved into position.

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Part 20

Liz was with the other girls waiting for Max to get back with Lexi so that the wedding could get started. She heard them coming and looked in their direction. When she saw them she couldn’t help but bust out laughing. She was in some type of a miniature carriage but instead of being pulled along by a horse, it was none other than Lola. Lexi was dressed in an adorable little white frilly dress with white ribbons in her dark hair. Lola had the same ribbons tied onto her ears. Liz didn’t know how or where he’d found everything but Alec had found his way for Lexi to go down the aisle.

Lexi started kicking her legs enthusiastically when she saw her mother. Liz bent down and tickled her belly a little and told her that she’d pick her up as soon as the ceremony was over. That was when the music started which was their cue and they moved into position. The girls all filed out one by one until it was Lexi’s turn. Lola did as she was supposed to and pulled Lexi down the aisle. Liz could hear the people exclaim about how cute she was. Liz moved to walk down the aisle as soon as she heard her music but stopped when she saw her father. She felt tears coming to her eyes again when she saw her father, Alec had thought of everything. “Daddy.”

“Sweetie you look beautiful.” Jeff exclaimed looking her over then held out his arm.

“You clean up good too, Daddy.”

“It’s amazing what you can look like if you scrub all of the hamburger grease off.” Her dad said jokingly.

“Let’s go get you married.”

Liz couldn’t help but let out a nervous giggle as she took his arm. The music started again and they moved to go. As they started Liz got her first good look at the place. The aquarium surrounded the room acting as the walls and caused the lights to dance differently than normal light as she looked at the people attending. They were all there. Their friends from the Association, which made an interesting group, her family including her Mom, the Valenti’s, her friends, Kyle and Max smiling at her, Liz noticed Max’s smile having a little sadness behind it but still smiling. Alec had gotten everyone they carried about there. The only people missing were Alex and Grandma Claudia. But Liz knew they were there in spirit. Before she knew it her dad and her were at the end of the aisle and Liz looked at Alec for the first time.

She didn’t think she had ever seen him look more handsome than at that moment. His hair that had been getting long from his lack of cutting it had been cut and styled so that hit was away from his face. His hazel eyes were sparklingly bright as he looked at her and she saw a wide smile spread across his face. His tux fit his broad chest perfectly hiding the muscles she knew so well underneath. It was the type of tux with the long coat covering a black vest. The pants fit his legs snuggly along his muscular thighs. She raised her eyes back to meet his and mouthed, ‘You are so dead.’

She almost lost it when he looked panicked for a minute but after she winked at him, he calmed down. The ceremony started just then and Liz felt like pinching herself. She couldn’t believe she was standing here next to Alec getting married when just this morning she had thought that he didn’t want to. But instead he had only been diverting her attention while he planned a beautiful wedding to surprise her with. Along with the help of her friends. A part of her felt guilty for doubting him and she would have to make it up to him.

Alec kept his eyes on Liz only taking them away to look over at his daughter and occasionally at the minister. All the planning, stress, and listening to Isabel’s orders over the last few weeks was completely worth it because it had let to this moment. She looked so beautiful. He knew she would but she had blown his expectations away. The way she looked right now would be forever imprinted into his mind, just like the way she looked the first time she held Lexi. He hoped that he could always keep her as happy and with the same sparkle in her eyes forever.

When it came time for the exchange of rings the keyboardist played a tune that Liz recognized as one she had heard Alec pounding away on. She didn’t know at the time why he had been writing it but now she did and it brought tears to her eyes. He had been writing it for her. He had written Lexi her own song shortly after she was born and now he had written one for their wedding. There were no words that she could come up with to describe how sweet she thought it was. He slid the ring on her finger and looked deeper into her eyes, “I will love you forever, you and no other.”

Liz took his ring from Maria and slid it onto his hand. “And I will love you forever, you and no other.”

The minister said a few more words while Alec and Liz just continued to stare at each other. They finally snapped out of their thoughts when the minister said, “You may now kiss the bride.”

Alec grinned widely before lowering his head to capture Liz’s lips in a gentle kiss. When they finally broke apart the minister announced, “I now present Mister and Missus Alec Cora.”

The applause, hoots and hollers were almost deafening as their friends and families. Liz and Alec broke out into an all out laugh as they headed back down the aisle with the bridesmaids and groomsmen following. When they reached the end Liz turned to Alec and placed her hands on her hips. “Alec Cora I want to know why you thought that you should do everything and not let me plan my own wedding.”

“I…huh…” Alec stuttered, he was so surprised by her actions. Considering she had gone along with everything so far, he just figured she was okay with it all. He guessed he was wrong.

“But although I would have liked to have some with it, it was an incredibly sweet and incredibly romantic thing you did. Thank you.”

“You mean you’re okay with it now?” Alec asked.

“As long as I ended up married to you, I’ll over look it.” Liz teased. Alec only smiled as he swooped her and swung her around, “WE DID IT!”

He planted lips onto her again but it was not as gentle as their first one as a married couple. This one was very passionate and they only ended it when they heard Maria’s voice, “Okay you two, none of that until after the reception.”

They reluctantly broke apart and Liz picked Lexi up out of her carriage. She smiled at her little daughter as she said, “You’re daddy and I are married now Lexi, can you believe it? It finally happened.”

Lexi let out a loud squeal, which caused Lola to bark. They all laughed as hugs were exchanged. Liz even managed to give Michael a hug before their other friends and family walked up to give their congratulations. Liz’s mom and Amy hugged Liz and Alec so tight that they thought they’d break. And after they finally got through the receiving line Alec told her the next step, “There’s another aquarium viewing room downstairs where the reception is supposed to be held. There’s all kinds of food set up downstairs, along with music.”

“So basically, it’s party time!!!!!!!” Maria announced.

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Part 21

If Liz thought that the gallery they had been married in was beautiful than the reception room was spectacular. There were round tables everywhere with candle center pieces giving a soft glow that accompanied the light given off by the aquariums. There were two large tables covered in food and another table with the cake along with a portable bar. Their guest were already mulling around looking for their table. Alec leaned down and whispered, “If I never see another seating chart it’ll be too soon. Isabel drove me insane.”

Liz giggled, she remembered how Isabel had been when she had married Jesse and figured she had been the same way this time. “Poor baby, I’ll have to make it up to you later.

“I was thinking the same thing.” Alec said smirking. He eyed her dress. “Did she have to put a hundred buttons on that thing?”

Liz decided not to tell him that they were just for show and had a hidden zipper underneath them. “Do you think you can undo all of them?”

“If not, there’s always scissors.” Alec retorted.

Liz eyes widened, she knew he would do it too. She was about to say something when she heard Lexi cry. “I think I better got back to the dressing room for a minute.”


“Because our daughter is hungry and I don’t think she can eat the cake.” Liz said

“I’ll go with you.”

“Just stay here and keep our guest happy. We’ll be back soon.” Liz said excusing herself and Lexi. She was right and they weren’t gone long. When they came back, Alec had a big plate of food waiting for her and she sat down to eat. As she ate their different friends and family members came up to talk. Liz thanked Maria, Isabel, and Ava again for helping Alec with everything, joked with Kyle about bringing CeCe as his date, and caught up with everyone from Roswell. Alec got up to do something, leaving Liz with Lexi when Max walked up. “Hey, Max. I’m glad you could come.”

“You look beautiful Liz. And I wouldn’t have missed your special day.” Max said. Although he wished it was he she was marrying and not Alec, he was happy that she happy. “Like you said before, we’re friends.”

“I hope that you do find someone, Max.” Liz said.

“Me too. But for now, I’m content just making a life for me and Zan.” Max said honestly.

Alec came back just then and smiled as he wrapped his arm around her waist. “Hey Max.”

“Hey Alec, congratulations again.”

“Thanks, I don’t mean to interrupt but it’s time to hit the dance floor.” Alec said. Max nodded and he led Liz away from him and to the makeshift dance floor. He cued the DJ to start the music and as the first few notes hit Alec said, “Lexi kind of helped me pick this out, I hope you like it.”

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you're far away and dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Every moment spent with you
Is a moment I treasure
Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing
'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do
I'd still miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing

Liz smiled as she recognized the song. She should have known that when Alec had said Lexi helped pick it out that it would be Aerosmith. Her daughter seemed to have slightly harder taste in music than Dave Matthews. She was scared to think what Lexi might like when she wasn’t an infant. She leaned up and kissed Alec gently as they continued to sway. “It’s perfect.”

Laying close to you
Feeling your heart beating
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming
Wondering if it's me you're seeing
Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together
I just wanna stay with you
In this moment forever, forever and ever

Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing
'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do
I'd still miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing

I don't wanna miss one smile
I don't wanna miss one kiss
I just wanna be with you
Right here with you, just like this
I just wanna hold you close
Feel your heart so close to mine
And just stay here in this moment
For all the rest of time

Alec could only think how wonderful it was to hold her in his arms, his wife. HIS WIFE. A part of him still couldn’t believe they were married, granted it had only been for an hour but still. Never in a million years would he have thought this would be his life when he had been running scams back at Manticore. But life had a way to jump up and surprise you.

Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing
'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do
'Cause I'd still miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing

Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing
'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do
I'd still miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing

Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna fall asleep, yeah
I don't wanna miss a thing

When the last note fizzled out everyone applauded and joined them on the dance floor. After a few more hours of partying, it was time to leave.

“I’ve got one more surprise for you,” Alec announced.

“One more? What is it?” Liz asked excited.

“A honeymoon.”

“Alec, we can’t go. I don’t want to leave Lexi for that long.” Liz said disappointed.

“I knew you would say that, so I’ve come up with a solution. We will have a honeymoon, but just for tonight. We’ll be back in Seattle tomorrow.”

“But where are we going?”

“To a little cabin of Logan’s in the mountains. Your mom is keeping Lexi, and Maria packed you a bag so we are all set.”

Seeing that Alec had planned everything, Liz said goodbye to everyone and gave Lexi a kiss good bye before they were on their way.

The cabin was indeed in the mountains so an hour after leaving the reception, Alec and Liz arrived. After carrying her inside they wasted no time to start ravishing each other. Alec broke them apart and led her to the bedroom.

Once there he brought one hand and laced his fingers in hers. His other hand cupped the side of her face while their hands stayed down remaining entwined. He leaned down to capture her lips with hers. The kiss was full of love and promise of the days to come. He ran his tongue across her lips and she opened her mouth to grant him access. Their tongues this time very slowly explored the recesses of each others mouths, small whimpers and groans coming from them as the kiss deepened. She moved her hands up the front of his chest where she removed his tie and slid off his jacket. Then her hands quickly moved to the buttons of his shirt. She undid them and moved her hands across his well toned stomach, up across his chest and down his strong arms bringing the shirt down and off in the process. Once again their mouths met still managing to keep the relatively slow pace they had constructed. Liz only pulled away when she felt Alec trying to undo the back of her dress. She smiled sheepishly at him when he realized that they were just for show and he found the zipper. He pulled it slowly down her back and she stepped backwards as it fell to the ground leaving her only in the strapless bra, thong, garters, and hose. Plus her heels.

Alec let out an audible hiss when he saw her. “You are the most incredible sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Well don’t just stand there, help me out of the rest of this.” Liz said. Before she knew it, she was back in his arms and he was quickly unclasping her bra and the garter belt. He undid the garter’s hooks but left the hose on. So now Liz was left in only her panties and hose. He leaned forward and gently licked the taught nipple before lightly nipping it. As he did this his other hand moved to massage her other breast and she arched into him in pleasure. He repeated this on the other breast and she fisted her hands through his hair and moaned his name. She reached for his pants and undid the zipper, slipping her hand inside to feel his hardness. He groaned and bit down a little harder on her breast, bucking his hips at her in response. She slid his pants down and he stepped out of them. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies, trying to touch every available part of their skin. Alec then proceeded to back them to the bed and as she hit the edge of it they tumbled backwards, with her on top of him. She kissed his temple, then his cheek, moving down to his neck where she sucked on the skin, eliciting another groan from him.

As she made her way lower she traced the fine contours of his muscles on his chest and abdomen with her tongue. Grabbing the waistband of his boxers, she slid them down and he lifted his hips in assistance to get them off. She sat back and looked at him fully naked in front of her. She placed her hands on his feet, sliding them up his muscled calves and thighs, all the way up to his chest placing her mouth on his once more. His hands slid down her shoulders and back, gripping at her ass before sliding his fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulling them off. This time it was his turn to let his hands roam over her body, starting at her shoulders, down to her breast where he let his hands graze over her nipples before working his way down her stomach to her ass and thighs. His hands then made their way to her front and he slipped a finger in her, reveling in the warm, wet feeling and the reaction she was having. He slipped in another finger and massaged her clitoris with the pad of his thumb. She was groaning louder now, driving him crazy with the sounds as she came. She then reached down to grip him once more and his head fell back in ecstasy.

A condom appeared in his hand and Liz assumed he had it in his tux. She hoped that he had brought plenty more. She grabbed the condom and slowly rolled it on him. Unable to wait anymore he removed his fingers from her and lifted her above him. She slowly lowered herself onto him and when she was all the way down she gripped his shoulders pulling him up so that they were both in a sitting position. Their eyes now locked onto one another as she tediously began to ride him. Finding her hand, he locked fingers with her once more. In response she pulled him closer so that their bodies were pressed firmly together, nothing separating them. His mouth traveled to her neck and he bit down softly causing her to moan his name. As he felt her climax again build and her inner muscles tightening he looked back into her eyes and they remained locked as she finally came, screaming his name. He could no longer contain his own response following her only a few moments later and felt the familiar over powering stimulation that came with being intimate with an alien. Breathing heavily until they came back down to their senses. They reluctantly disconnected themselves from each other, both missing the warmth of the other person and laid down after cleaning up, exhausted from their exertions.

The rest of the night they spent in bed together, greedily worshipping each other and when they weren’t they talked about the future, their future.


This is one of the last regular parts. But don't worry there will be a few epilongues to wrap stuff up.

BTW I opened up an X-tremer discussion thread on the Unconventional couples forum if anyone wants to go check it out.

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Dedicated to: Lullaby (3x), Calinia, wild_child_uk (2x), Hawk, RoswellSlayer, roswell_lover_buffy, and behrstars.

I hope you guys like this.

Epilogue 1
Ten years later

“Daniel and Joshua Cora get you butts over here.” Liz yelled for her eight year old boys. They had gotten almost all their DNA from their father, from the fact that they were twins with hazel eyes and dark blonde hair to their mischievous nature. But one thing that they got from their mother was their alien abilities something that along with the inherited transgenic traits made controlling them even more difficult.

The boys knew they were in trouble but didn’t try to hide from her. She had the same connection to them as she did their older sister and could find them easily. They ducked their heads as they made their way over to where she was. “Yes, Mom?”

“How many times have I told you not to use your powers for pranks?” Liz asked.

“But Mom…” Daniel started to argue.

“Don’t but Mom me.” Liz said. “What’s even worse is that you used your powers on your cousin who you know doesn’t have the best control of his powers. Uncle Michael had to fix it for Brandon.”

“He was picking on us.” Joshua said talking about their nine year old cousin.

“And Tinga said it would give him good practice.” Daniel threw in.

“I should have known Tinga was in on this.” Liz said. Tinga was Max and Logan’s daughter. She looked like a little replica of her mother and inherited her transgenic traits. She was two months older than the twins and the three of them were close friends. Brandon was Michael and Maria’s son. He was also their friend but there were times when his father’s personality came to the surface and the other three felt like they had to take him down a peg or two.

Liz looked up and saw Tinga hiding behind one of the tall trees in the back yard and motioned for her to come here. She knew that she hadn’t escaped Liz’s wrath and came running. The dark curls she got from her mother bouncing the whole way. Max tried to keep them braided back but several always escaped from rough housing with the boys. “Yes, Aunt Liz?”

“Were you in on the prank?”


“Then the three of you go apologize to Brandon. And maybe you’ll be able to have cake later.” Liz said.

“What kind of cake is it?” Josh asked trying to decide if it was worth it.

“GO!” Liz yelled. The three quickly scampered away. Liz stared after them and felt a pair of strong arms come up behind her. “They get more and more like you every day.”

“More adorable?” Alec asked.

“No, driving me nuts.” Liz said as she leaned back into his broad chest and looked over the yard. It was Lexi’s tenth birthday and everyone was at their house for the party. Liz and Alec had figured it be a good idea to buy a house when she became pregnant with the twins. So now they lived in the suburbs outside of Seattle in a large two story five room house. The backyard was huge and gave the kids along with the dogs Lola and her daughter Abby lots of area to run.

The party invite list included Michael, Maria, their four year old daughter Faith, and of course Brandon. A very pregnant Ava and Biggs were there with their six year old little boy Jack, Max and Logan with Tinga and finally their old friend Joshua with his girlfriend Tara. Tara was also a canine transhuman so the two were perfect for each other. Lexi had also invited her best friend Amber who was an offspring of two other X5s, ones who had helped sneak into the Familiars with Alec, who she went to school with. The two girls had actually met in the daycare that the Association ran back when they were infants and had been friends ever since. Amber knew of the aliens’ powers having accidentally seen them but she was loyal to Lexi and did not tell a soul. She was a sweet vivacious girl with dark red hair. “Where’s the birthday girl?”

“Inside. She was trying to figure out how to get into her presents without actually opening them. But she’s not getting very far since Maria’s watching her so she doesn’t use her powers.”

“Ever since the ones came yesterday from Roswell she’s been itching to get them. Especially the one from Zan.” Liz explained. “Isabel said Zan has been working on it for months, ever since our last time there.”

Liz and Alec moved to join the others and finished up eating the food Alec had barbecued. Maria finally drug Lexi and Amber away from her presents so she could join the others while the twins and Tinga sat off to the side. They weren’t sorry for what they had done, only because they had gotten caught. They cheered up when Liz brought out the two birthday cakes, one with Tabasco and one without. She set the one with Tabasco in front of Lexi as they all sang. Once done, Lexi blew out the candles. “Can I open my presents now?”

“Go ahead,” Alec consented. Lexi went right for the one they thought she would until Alec added, “But the ones that came in the mail are last.”

Lexi gave him a pout that reminded him very much of her mother but turned to rip open the other ones. She squealed at the opening of each one. By the time she got down to only the ones left from Roswell, she had mountain of clothes, and other things on her birthday list. She got some more clothes from Isabel and Jesse along with an alien T-shirt from Maria’s mom, and her grandparents sent her some money for shopping. The last gift was from Zan. She opened it quickly and everyone gasped in surprise. It was a beautiful keepsake box. They could tell he had made it with his powers by the way the metal shimmered. It was decorated in stars and ‘Alexandria’ written across it. She was turning it over in her hands when Daniel snatched it from her.

“It’s so cool.” He said as he tried to open it, but the lid wouldn’t budge. He tossed it back to Lexi. “You can have it back, it won’t even open.”

Lexi smiled at him before placing her hand over the edge of the lid. A little alien magic and it popped right open. “No, squirt. You just don’t have the touch.”

Daniel’s mouth dropped open. “How did you know to do that?”

“Because the last time we were in Roswell I told Zan how you two were always into my stuff. And he remembered.” Lexi explained. Liz and Alec noticed the delight in her tone of voice and looked at each other.

“Maybe Maria’s right.” Liz stated.

“Yeah, I think we may have a problem with those two when they get older.” Alec said. He knew Lexi still have years until she started dating, a decade or so if he had his way but he still felt like worrying about her and Zan. After all Liz had said that Max had been in love with her since the first time he saw her. Zan had always been fascinated by Lexi since the day she was born, which happen to be the first day he saw her. He would just have to keep an eye on her and see what the future held.

Epilogue 2

Twelve years later

Liz looked over at her daughter, just barely twenty two, as she twirled around in front of the full length mirror. She couldn’t believe this day had came so fast, it seemed like only yesterday that she held Lexi in her womb watching her little glowing hand print dance across her stomach. And now she was getting married.

It had been an eventful year for their family. The twins had completed their second year of college both on the dean’s list; Lexi had graduated with honors from Stanford just a few months ago not to mention now getting married. And their youngest daughter Claudia had celebrated her tenth birthday.

Lexi’s bridesmaids, her closest friend Amber and Tinga were gushing at how beautiful Lexi’s dress was as Liz watched them. Lexi only want a few bridesmaids and had picked Tinga because she was like her younger sister. Actually she was more like her sister in law since Tinga had been dating Daniel since they were sixteen. Tinga had been so close to both boys that it had not surprised Liz or Alec that Tinga had ended up with one of them, they had just been waiting to see which one. Josh had no problems with it except for the times he had walked in on them. After such accidents occurred he usually ran away with his hand over his eyes screaming that he was blind, which of course caused Tinga to try and beat him up. From what Liz heard it still happened from time to time since the boys shared an off campus apartment.

As the girls continued to gush over Lexi the door to the room flew open and in walked Alec with a squirming Claudia thrown over his shoulder. “Look what I found out running wild in the garden?”

“Claudia! What were doing out there?” Liz admonished.

“Just playing with Eliza.” Claudia explained. “It’s boring around here.”

Liz inspected her dress to make sure that she hadn’t gotten dirty while playing with her best friend. Eliza was the younger of Ava and Bigg’s two daughters and the girls were usually inseparable. She found one small smudge and wiped it away with her powers. “Don’t go running away again, we’re about to start.”

“Okay Momma.” Claudia said.

Alec was watching the whole scene with amusement. Liz always liked to blame the kids mischievous nature on him but from what he had heard from the childhood stories her parents told him, Liz wasn’t an innocent angel when she was younger either. He turned away from his youngest daughter to gaze at his oldest. She looked wonderful. Lexi looked so much like Liz that she could have passed for Liz on their wedding day. The only difference between the two was their eyes of course, Liz’s were chocolate and Lexi’s were hazel. “Lex you look beautiful. We’re going to have to recessitate your groom.”

She smiled at him, “Daddy!”

“What? I can’t compliment you?” He said smiling back at her.

Lexi didn’t get a chance to say anything before Maria poked her head in to tell them it was time. Liz gave Lexi and Claudia each a quick kiss before she hurried out so Josh could walk her down the aisle since she was mother of the bride. Maria stayed to make sure the girls and Alec got into position correctly before sneaking into sitting down next to Michael.

As Tinga, Amber, and Claudia walked down the aisle, Alec decided to give his daughter a quick talk. “Lexi, I know I wasn’t always easy on the two of you being together but I just want you to know how proud and happy your mom and I are of you. And we hope that you two are as happy as we have been.”

Lexi blinked away the tears as she said, “We will Daddy. I love him and Zan loves me just like you love Mom.”

When it was their time Alec led Lexi down the aisle. When they reached the end Alec said his part, kissed his daughter on the cheek and went to sit down with Liz. He could see tears in her eyes as well when he sat down. He grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. “They’re be okay.”

Liz took her eyes away from Lexi and Zan to look at her husband of twenty-two years. Even after all of that time, Alec was still Alec. He was just as handsome as the first time she had seen him playing pool at the Crash all those years ago. True he had gotten older like she had and she liked to tease him that he’d gotten softer. But he was still there for her when she needed him, able to comfort her with only a few words. “I love you.”

Alec leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss; “I love you, too.”


I just wanted to leave a little note to say thank you to everyone who read both of these stories. When I wrote ‘A New Start’, I wrote it because I couldn’t get the pairing of Liz/Alec out of my head and just had to write it. I wasn’t sure about posting it but a few of my friends on the board (I hope you know who you are) said they would read it and convinced me to post it. I was and still am shocked by how many people like this X-tremer couple.

I still can’t believe that I’m done writing this story. Thanks for all of your support for it and I hope that you will read more of my stories, I hope to post one or two of them within a month.


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