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Wolf Lake XO
Author: LittleBit
Disclaimer: I don’t own Wolf Lake or Roswell.
Category: Crossover, AU, CC
Rating: Possibly up to NC-17? Violence, Sex, and

Summary: AU; No aliens. Michael and Liz Parker are pretending to be something that they're not. Living in Roswell, UFO capital, they hide their true nature and past. Their parents left their home of Wolf Lake, in order to give their children a better life. But you can run but can’t always hide form your past or what you are.

Thanks to Lillie(Amber) for all her help with this story and for the title.

Part 1

Nancy Donner looked at her husband, her mate and saw the wear on his face from stress of the last few days. He had been arranging everything, making their plans but keeping it a secret from everyone but her and the only other person in the room, his older brother Matt. “Are you sure about this Jeff?”

Jeff nodded, “Nancy, we have to try. They’re both so smart, they deserve the chance.”

Nancy knew that Jeff and Matt could smell her fear, she was scared of what Willard Cates, the Alpha, might do if they were found. But she agreed with her husband, they had to at least try to give their children a better life. She left the room and headed to where the children were. Her nine-year-old twins were watching TV with their cousin, Sophia, who was the same age. She looked at her niece and wished they could talk Matt to go along with them. Right now things weren’t bad for Sophia but as she got older she knew that things would be difficult for her. Before they hit puberty, the children of Wolf Lake were all equal. There was no division yet between wolf and human. But once the children began to go through the change, things would be different. Sophia, daughter of a human woman, might never Change. Then the pack would look at her as an underling because her mother had been a human not one of them

It was forbidden for a wolf to marry a human but that hadn’t stopped Matthew. He had loved Marie with all his heart and wouldn’t live without her. That was why he wouldn’t leave now, although his wife was dead, he couldn’t stand to be far from her.

“You’re going to have to move around a lot at least at first. Willard will send hunters after you to try and bring you back.” Matt stated.

“Fine by me, I want to see as much of the country as possible.” Jeff remarked. He like the other residents of Wolf Lake weren’t allowed to leave the town so he liked the idea of traveling.

“At least I’ll be able to truthfully say that I don’t know where you went since I’ll be the first one they come to.” Matt said.

“Thank you, Matt. For everything.” Nancy said hugging her brother-in-law.

“You’re welcome. I hope Sophia has enough of her mother’s blood in her so she won’t flip and can leave when she’s old enough.”

“We’ll miss you both.” Jeff said. The three headed into the living room.

“Okay Sophia. Say good bye to your cousins, it’s time to head home.” Matt said. Sophia didn’t know that it was the last time she’d see her cousins. Matt felt bad for her; they were her closest friends especially Lizzie. He watched his small daughter hug Liz and Michael before coming over to him and taking his hand. “Ready Daddy.”

Matt hugged both the kids as well as his younger brother and sister-in-law before heading out of the house. Jeff and Nancy waited until he had driven away before bundling the kids in the car. They hadn’t told the children what was going on yet, they were young and might let it slip. They would tell them later. They put a few other items in the car before leaving. The kids were already asleep as they drove quietly out of Wolf Lake.


Matt had been waiting anxiously over the last two days for the summons he knew was coming. He made his way into Willard’s study and saw the Alpha sitting at his desk. “Sit down Matt.”

Matt took a seat and tried to keep his face as blank as possible. He could tell Willard wasn’t happy. “Matt, you know your brother and his family has disappeared.”

“Yes, I was aware of that. I think the whole pack does.”

“You wouldn’t happen to know where they went do you?” Willard asked, “Since you and Jeff have always been so close.”

Matt stared him right in the eye. “No, I don’t. I’ve been somewhat distant from everyone.”

Willard studied Matt, he didn’t think the man was lying about not knowing where Jeff Donner and his family had gone. Of course neither Jeff nor Matt were stupid. They were two strong members of the pack. Matt might have been the Alpha if he hadn’t married a human. Now he was in self-imposed exile, not actively participating but still a member of the pack. He knew the inner workings of the pack. They knew Matt would be questioned. “I’ve ordered a search and retrieval.”

Matt nodded, “I would be surprised if you didn’t.”

“I’ll keep you updated on any news I hear.” Willard stated before dismissing Matt.

Matt made his way out of the house and let out a deep breath. He hoped his brother and his family were safe.


Please leave feedback. I'm really nervous about this fic.

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Dedicated to: Angelic (2times), Lillie, LanaLane, KEmperor, CRAZY4MAX(2x), m14 (3x), tamira, roswellluver, wild_child_uk, Krazykitti, MoMo, MoonLilly, and salonica

Thanks everyone for the responses and bumps. For the ones of you reading my other stories, I bet you were surprised to see this isn’t a Dark Angel Xover. I hope you all enjoy the next parts. I went ahead and posted two parts because Part 3 is kind of boring.

You guys should go read Lillie’s story Wolf Lake. It’s really good and explains a lot of some of the concepts I talk about in my story about the pack.

Part 2

Eight years later

Seventeen-year-old Liz swung lazily in the hammock in their backyard and listened as her brother, Michael hopped the privacy fence and made his way towards the house. Their house was on the outskirts of Roswell right next to Frasier Woods. She was sure he was aware of her presence, his new wolf senses allowing him to pick up her scent and the vague sounds of the hammock easily. He had ‘flipped’ for the first just about a month ago and although he was fine now, it had been one of the scariest nights in Liz’s life. He could have died that night, she knew not everyone was able to completely flip and didn't survived. She had watched as her brother withered and screamed in agony as his body contorted to shiftshape into wolf form. Her parents didn’t want her to witness it but Liz wouldn’t leave through the whole thing. She remained by his side wiping his forehead and trying to do whatever possible to make him comfortable. She had been the first one to see him in his new form, a beautiful strong gray wolf. He had lifted his muzzle to her cheek and she felt his soft fur. She had seen her parents in their wolf form before but it was different with Michael. He was her twin, her closest confidant, but now he was different. His flipping put a wedge between them.

Their parents made sure they knew everything possible about that aspect of themselves. Their parents hadn’t left Wolf Lake because they were ashamed of what they were, not like their Uncle Matt, they just wanted their children to have more opportunities then they would have there. If they’d had stayed the kids would never be able to leave except to go to college for a brief time, then right back to Wolf Lake. Liz still remembered living in Wolf Lake, she remembered the family they left behind. The first year they had traveled constantly, from the west coast to the east coast and back west again. That was when they settled in Roswell and tried to blend in with ordinary people who had no idea that wolves lived nearby. That was when their name was changed from Donner to Parker.

Michael had always embraced that part of themselves whereas Liz had always tried to be normal. But it was hard when you had wolf blood in you. She was a straight A student, president of the science club, on the girls’ softball team as well as a waitress at the local café. She worked there with Michael who was a cook and with her friends, Isabel Evans and Ava Whitman. Ava’s parents owned the café. Alex, Ava’s brother, Max, Isabel’s brother, and Kyle, Ava’s boyfriend completed the rest of her group of friends along with Michael.

Liz couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Max. Max and Isabel were the first friends that the twins met after settling in Roswell. Their mom had come over with both the kids to welcome them to Roswell and the two sets of kids met. Max was a year older than them as was Alex and a senior but didn’t treat them any differently. They had grown up together and were sweet on each other since they met. Eventually Max and Liz’s relationship had flowered into a romance. They had been together a year and Liz was completely in love with him although she was so young. She would be unsure of if she didn’t know that Max loved her just as much. They were best friends as well as girlfriend and boyfriend. But despite how much she loved Max and her friends, none of them knew her families’ secret. Her parents and Michael had been against the two dating at first. Having friends was one thing but dating was another. Liz wouldn’t back down arguing that they knew Max better than almost anyone. Then she added that humans were the only ones they could date unless they went back to Wolf Lake so they had eased up.

“Liz, what are still doing up? It’s late.” Michael asked as he walked up.

Liz turned in her brother’s direction; “I couldn’t sleep.”

Michael stopped the hammock’s movement and sat at the end of it, “This is the fourth night in a row.”

“It’s just stress.” Liz said quickly. She knew he was trying to imply that she was restless for wolf reasons. Needing less sleep, restlessness, enhanced senses were all symptoms of ‘flipping’. Liz didn’t want Michael to worry about her, she was fine. Okay, that was a lie, she felt like she was going to jump out of her skin. She had noticed her sense of sight and smell was becoming more acute too but she didn’t want to tell her family yet because they would hover over her and drive her nuts. “So who was it tonight?”

Michael gave him one of his trademark smirks, “What makes you think I was with anyone?”

Liz couldn’t help but roll her eyes, “Because you reek of cheap perfume and sex.”

Michael knew he was caught so he answered, “Courtney. Then I went for a run through woods.”

Liz just shook her head; Michael was the only guy in their group who didn’t have a girlfriend. He liked to play the field have fun with girls then move on. It had gotten worse since he flipped that was when he’d started sleeping with them. Her dad had said something about their hormones were stronger than normal humans were. “This is a small town Michael. You might want to pace yourself.”

“I’ll stick with Courtney for a little bit.” Michael said shrugging. None of the normal girls he had slept with completely fulfilled him, not that didn’t stop him from trying. “I’m going into shower and go to bed. You coming in?”

“No, I’m going to stay here for a little while.” Liz said. Michael nodded before heading inside. Liz just returned to swinging lazily enjoying the night air.

Part 3

The next afternoon the Crashdown Café was busy and Liz was working her butt off. The UFO Convention was in town and tourists were pouring in from everywhere. Ava was manning the counter while Isabel and Liz waited tables. Michael was at the grill and didn’t look very happy. Liz threw him a smile when she went to pick up an order and he seemed to act a little happier. Everyone in town all thought Michael was a big tough guy, a stonewall. Even with their friends he didn’t let his guard completely down only with his family.

The crowds suddenly died and Liz could take a quick breather. The smells of the diner were getting to her. All the people, the food, and the grease mixing together were giving her a headache. She wasn’t quite used to her senses being in overload yet. Plus she was starving. She needed to eat. She heard the bell over the door ring for the thousandth time and turned to see who it was. Max and Kyle strolled in looking worn out from basketball practice. They headed over to the gang’s favorite booth where they flopped down. Liz looked at Isabel and Ava; “Do you two mind if I take my break? I’ll take Kyle and Max’s orders first.”

“Go ahead Liz. You haven’t stopped since you got here.” Ava commented.

“Thanks.” Liz said as she headed over to Max and Kyle. “Hey guys. The usual?”

Both guys nodded and Liz went to put their plus her orders in to Michael and headed back to the table. As she did Max looped his arm around her waist and pulled her down on his lap. “Hey beautiful. How is my favorite waitress?”

“Hungry.” Liz answered. She was hungry and only had one of the things she wanted, Max.

“Me, too.” Max said before capturing Liz’s lips in a kiss. The kiss wasn’t chaste, not overwhelming either but that didn’t stop Kyle from commenting. “Come on guys, I’m about to eat.”

The two broke apart and Liz slid over so she was sitting on the other side of Max in the booth. “So how was practice?”

“Tiring. Coach didn’t ease up a bit since the game is only in a few days. Wants to make sure we’re ready for the game in two days. We’re not bad if I do say so myself.” Max stated.

“I still wish we could talk Parker into playing.” Kyle said. “Do you think you could try to talk him into it Liz?”

“Sorry, Michael’s just not into playing on a team.” Liz said shrugging her shoulders. The truth was since wolves were strong than most humans Michael would have to worry about holding back all the time when he played. It was one thing to do it with Max, Kyle, and Alex once a week or so but another to do it every day in practice and games. “Plus between school and work he doesn’t have much time. I practically have to break his arm to get him to do his homework. He could get straight A’s just like me if he’d work more.”

“He does alright in his art classes.” Max threw in.

“True, he loves them.” Liz said as Ava came over. “Here’s your food guys. Saturn Rings and Galaxy Subs for the guys and medium rare Sigorney Weaver burger for Liz.”

“Thanks Ava.” They all said as Ava sat down next to Kyle. After Liz sat down it seemed like the business in the café had stayed dead. Liz picked up her burger and started devouring it; she couldn’t believe how hungry she was. She looked up and saw the others watching her. “What?”

“Nothing.” Ava stated.

“Just watching you eat that burger, I don’t know how you can eat it medium rare.” Kyle said.

“It’s good. Well done meat is too dry.” Liz said shrugging. Deciding to drift the subject away from her eating habits she asked, “So what are we doing after the game?”

“Paulie was talking about having a party out where Frasier Woods meets the desert. How about that? I think your brother and Courtney already decided to go.” Kyle said.

“I’m in.” Ava answered.

“Liz?” Max asked.

“Sounds like fun.” Liz answered as she finished up her burger that was when she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She looked around quickly but didn’t spot anything strange. It was then that Max’s voice filtered through to her. “Liz?’


“I said that Iz and Alex will probably want to ride with us in the jeep, is that cool?” Max asked.

“Just fine. I’ve got to get back to work.” Liz said before kissing him quickly and heading back to waiting tables.


Hey Dolly makers! I was wondering if you would want to make one for me. Let me know!

If anyone wants to read Episode Summaries for Wolf Lake here you go:

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Lillie originally wrote:
She had been the first one to see him in his new form, a beautiful strong gray wolf. He had lifted his muzzle to her cheek and she felt his soft fur. She had seen her parents in their wolf form before but it was different with Michael. He was her twin, her closest confidant, but now he was different. His flipping put a wedge between them.

You can tell how strong their sibling connection is. I have such a great image in my mind of Liz and Michael, at least Michael in the form of a wolf.
Liz and Michael do have a very strong sibling bond. They care a lot for each other plus the fact that they only have each other to totally confide in helps.

“Hungry.” Liz answered. She was hungry and only had one of the things she wanted, Max.

“Me, too.” Max said before capturing Liz’s lips in a kiss. The kiss wasn’t chaste, not overwhelming either but that didn’t stop Kyle from commenting. “Come on guys, I’m about to eat.”

Hmmm. . . . seems Liz is getting a little hormonal. Is that a sign, Randi? *wink*

Most of what Liz feels in that part is just plain missing her boyfriend. The two are very much in love.

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I'll try to update either tomorrow or thursday. Thanks for all the feedback!
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Dedicated to:salonica, Roswelllostcause, wild_child_uk, CRAZY4MAX, Calinia, mpls muse, Lillie, roswellluver, BubbleBlueSmurf, Cyclana, MoMo, Jiggers, and m14(2x)

Thanks everyone for your feedback and responses I hope you like this next part.

Part 4

The next day at school Liz stood at her locker as she felt a pair of strong arms come around her waist and she leaned back into the strong chest they were attached to. She had known he was close. She felt his warm breath on her ear as he whispered, “Hey beautiful. Do you have a kiss for me?”

“Of course,” She answered as she turned around to face him. As he brought his soft lips to kiss her she reveled in his taste. Alex’s voice broke them apart. “Do we need to spray you two down with the hose?”

Max and Liz broke away smiling at their friends who had joined them. “Hey guys.”

“You know walking up on you and my brother making out all of the time does not do good things for my mental health.” Isabel stated.

“You could walk in on them doing more than that,” Ava commented

Isabel put her hand over eyes, “I think I’d go blind if I saw Max and Liz having sex.”

“Max and Liz having what?” Michael growled coming up behind them.

Alex, always the peacekeeper said, “Hey Michael, nice of you to join us.”

“Can it Whitman. What was that I heard about my baby sister having sex?”

“Michael Matthew Parker, you are only ten minutes older than me.” Liz stated. “And my sex life or lack there of is none of this groups business.”

Max smiled down at Liz chastising her brother. He was sure Michael knew that Liz was still a virgin. And if the tall spiky haired boy had his way she’d stay that way for a long time. He was always so protective of Liz. But Max and Liz still managed to get time alone together. They didn’t do much at her house because her parents seemed to have a sixth sense and always knew when things between them heated up. So they resigned it to his house or drove his jeep out to the woods. Max was starting to rethink the woods. Last week they had been sitting in the back seat of his jeep with the top off stargazing until things became more intimate. That was when a gray coyote or wolf had interrupted them when it had come into the clearing they were parked in and sat ten feet from them. It had completely shocked Max but what Liz had done had shocked Max even more. She had grabbed an empty coke can from the floor of the jeep and threw it at the animal yelling at it to go away. It did end up leaving a few minutes later but the mood was broken and a short while later they headed for home.

Max couldn’t help it as his body heated up while he thought about his and Liz’s make out sessions. They might not be having sex but that didn’t mean they were on their way there. He loved Liz more than he ever thought possible and wanted more than anything to make love to her. The image of that flicked past his eyes and he felt pants becoming snug. He heard the bell ring and his friends started to scatter on their way to their classes. It was then that Liz whispered in his ear, “Since this is our free period instead of going to the library we could go to the eraser room?”

Max didn’t even answered as she grabbed his hand and headed for the room at the end of the hallway.


They had been in the eraser room for the last ten minutes. Liz had dragged him inside; he had barely shut the door when she pounced on him. Her mouth claimed his in a fiery kiss and he moved her back farther into the room. Liz loved the taste of Max, his lips even his skin when she kissed his neck or nipped at his chest. She craved it constantly.

“Max.” Liz moaned softly as his lips moved down to her neck. Her body felt like it was on fire under his hands where he was running them along her arms and back. The fire spread down to her core and she couldn’t help but rock her hips against his harden flesh. She leaned her head to one side to give him better access. Something out of corner of her eye caught her attention; a mirror mounted on a supply closet and it was reflecting her and Max. As she looked at the mirror fully her eyes suddenly glowed a golden color, wolf eyes. She jumped and pushed Max away trying to calm her hormones.

Max looked at her totally confused, “Liz?”

“Sorry,” Liz gasped out. “I thought I saw something moving over there.” She said pointing absently.

“What? Like a mouse or something?” Max asked looking in the direction of Liz was pointing but was concentrating more on calming his own body.

“I think so, why don’t we get out of here and go to the library?” Liz said. Max looked reluctant but followed her. They spent the rest of the period in the library then on to their other classes. As soon as classes ended, Liz grabbed her things and left the school. Max had been trying to corner her again all day. Using instincts she would rather not think about, she had managed to successfully elude him except for lunch and the biology class that they shared.

By that night, she felt better. It had probably just been a fluke since nothing else had happened after. She called Max before he went to bed making excuses and making things good between them again before settling in to wait for her brother to come back from his run.


The next part is Michael's POV.

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Calinia originally wrote:
Great new part! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

I love Max and Liz's relationship already, even though we didn't see very much of it yet. Isn't Max sweet? *big*

Is Max really totally clueless, or does he suspect that there's something different about Liz, or maybe Michael?

So she's starting to flip? Did that eye-thingy have something to do with her at that moment raging hormons, or was it a coincidence that it happened while she was making out with Max?

I can't wait to see when and where it actually happens, and who might witness it. That could cause lots of problems.

Question: can they controll when they turn into a wolf (apart from the first time, which they obviously can't), and if so, does it sometimes still happen without them wanting it to, and if so, what sets it off?

Love the story already, so post more soon! *angel*

Max is totally clueless. After all he doesn't know the wolves even exist.

The glowing eyes is a sign of the change. Hormones and Sex are somewhat linked to flipping. After the first time, they can control the flip. There are times though (like when they are really mad) that the change will start without them realizing it.
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Part 5

Michael made his way through the woods towards home. He was in wolf form and had left his clothes at the start of the woods not far from their house. He made sure to put them in a dark bag and hide them in case someone was to come across them. People might find it a little odd to find a guy’s clothes without the owner close by. It was something his dad taught him the first night they had gone on a run. Back in Wolf Lake it was something you didn’t have to worry about but Roswell was a different story.

He had ventured out into the desert a couple of times but didn’t find it as appealing as the woods, too much sand in his fur and his paws. The woods here were small since they were so close to the desert but it offered a good area to run in. So almost every night he went on a run. Sometimes with one or both of his parents others by himself. He couldn’t wait for the time when Liz would join them. He didn’t like having the division of one them being able to change and the other who couldn’t. They had always done everything together and he missed sharing something with her.

When Max and Liz first started dating he had been worried that it would cause them to drift apart. But he should have known better. He and Liz were family, blood and the fact that they were twins bonded them more. After all the years they had been friends Max and the others had never gotten between them. Although there were times when he was jealous of what Liz and Max had. He knew how much she loved him and knew Max loved her as well. He wished to find that himself despite the rough image he gave out. He knew most the kids in school thought he just a player, going from girl to girl but it wasn’t his intention. He just couldn’t find one that held his interest for long and it was one of the things that scared him. What if he would never be happy with someone that wasn’t like him? His sister had found happiness with a human but what if he couldn’t?

He wondered sometimes what his life would be like if they had stayed in Wolf Lake. Part of him was happy that his parents had left. He didn’t like the fact of anyone telling him where he could or couldn’t live and if he had stayed in Wolf Lake the Alpha would. But another part of him when he wished that he could live around more of his own kind. To have friends that he didn’t have to hold back around physically or otherwise. Not that he didn’t like his friends here, they were great but there was still all the secrecy between them.

Michael approached the edge of the woods and looked around cautiously to make sure no one was close. He didn’t see or smell anyone so he flipped. He walked over to where his clothes were stashed and dressed quickly. He hoped the fence into their backyard and headed for the house. He couldn’t help but wonder why his parents even had the fence, he and Liz were always climbing over it but it was there. As he walked up he saw Liz in her hammock again. She loved that thing and Michael had to admit it was comfortable. But unlike the other night when he had found her there she was asleep.

He had been trying to keep as much of an eye on her as she would let him. He was pretty sure that she was starting to the change. He knew she had been having restless nights and he had noticed her hearing things that she should normally be able to but she had denied it. So he had just watched her prepared to protect her if she started to flip. He had been lucky; he’d been at home watching a hockey game when his change at started. Everyone had been home and his parents had taken upstairs to his room so he was comfortable. Well as comfortable as he could be with his body feeling like it was being torn apart. After he had flipped the pain had ceased and it hadn’t happened since. Now Liz could be about to experience the same thing.

He gently picked her up careful not to wake her and headed up to her room. He couldn’t help but smell the traces of Max’s scent interwoven on her something he had gotten used to. They were affectionate with each other and spent a lot of time together. He took her into her room and laid her on her bed pulling up the quilt to cover her before leaving. He said good night to his parents before heading to his own room. He contemplated working on his art but changed his mind, he was too tired. He loved his art especially after he changed. Everything was so colorful and bright that he wanted to paint it. He stripped down to his boxers and collapsed on his bed. It didn’t take long before he was out.

Part 6

The sound of Liz’s alarm clock jolted her awake and she slapped it hard to shut it off. She had been having a dream that she had flipped and was running through the woods. At least she had till her alarm woke her. She looked around confused how she had ended up in her bed when she had known she had fallen asleep in her hammock. Michael must have brought her up. She crawled out of bed and listened to the rest of the house. It was quiet, which meant everyone was still asleep. That didn’t surprise her since she got up early to go for her morning run. She pulled on her sweat pants, tanktop and running shoes before running out of the house. She started jogging through the neighborhood and smiled a little when she passed by Max and Isabel’s house that was a little over a block away from her own.

It was because of how close they lived that they had met so long ago. Diane Evans had seen them moving in and saw that the twins were around the same age as her own children. ‘Ten year old Liz was racing around their new house. She was so happy to have a regular house again with a real yard that her and her brother could run around in. She headed downstairs to find her parents when she heard the doorbell. She forgot her search for her parents and flung open the front door.

A tall blonde woman was standing in front of her, and a little blonde girl next to her about Liz’s age. But most of her attention was to the boy next to the girl. Liz’s tummy did a little flip-flop. He was taller than she was but most people were. His hair was dark brown and his ears stuck out slightly from underneath it. He looked at her and Liz could see his eyes were a light brown color. But they weren’t ordinary brown, they were beautiful. “HI! I’m Lizzie.”

Just then Liz’s mom came up. “Lizzie, you shouldn’t open the door unless you know who it is.”

Liz knew that her parents were still scared of the people from their old home and said, “I’m sorry Mommy.”

“Just remember next time.” Nancy said before turning to the new people. “Hello.”

Liz listened to the adults talk as she turned to the kids. The girl smiled, “I’m Isabel, I’m 10. How old are you?”

“I’m ten too. Are you ten too?” Liz asked the boy.

“No, I’m eleven. My name is Max.” Max said staring at her. Liz felt a little shy suddenly at the way he was staring at her but she continued to smile at him. She heard her brother come up behind them. She turned and saw him hanging back a little, “That’s my twin brother, his name is Michael.”

Isabel and Max introduced themselves and Max started talking to Michael. Isabel and Liz started talking as well but she could still see Max look at her occasionally.

After that the four of them were friends. The Evans introduced them to Ava, Alex and Kyle a few days later on their first day of school. The group became tight but Liz and Michael still had to hold a part of themselves back from them. Liz had developed a unique friendship with each of them. Ava brought out her wild side and taught her to have fun. Alex was a friend who was always there and she would listen for hours to him as he played his guitar. Kyle was someone to joke around with. Isabel was the one to do girl stuff with. And Max was her closest confidant. They would sit and talk for hours. It was then that she had found herself falling for one of her best friends. She had watched him over the years turn into the gorgeous guy he was. He was caring and sweet as well as intelligent. Max shared some of her love for science and other studies. They would study together, which led to how they found out how they felt about each other.

‘They had been cramming for finals for a hour and a half and Max was quizzing her on some history dates. “You got them all right, you’re going to ace the test.” Max announced.

Liz was so happy that she’d gotten them all right, “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Yeah, well I’m the man.” Max joked.

Liz rolled her eyes at him; “You’re a legend in your own mind.”

“Okay you asked for it with that comment.” Max said as he pounced on her and started to tickle her. Liz tried to squirm out from under him but he had her pinned. “Do you give up?”

“Yes, you win.” Liz screamed. Max stopped tickling her but didn’t get off of her. She noticed his face was only a few inches away from hers. Her eyes flicked to his and she saw that he had realized the same thing. Liz silently wished he would close the gap when suddenly he did. His lips brushed so gently across hers they felt like a dream. He pulled back slightly looking at her as if to ask for permission. She nodded ever so slightly and his lips touched hers again. This time the pressure was greater. His tongue slowly moved over her bottom lip asking for more. She opened her lips for him in greedy acceptance. His mouth settled firmly against hers as his tongue swept into her mouth and moved along hers. As it did Max groaned and moved his hands to her hips to pull her closer. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her hands moved into his hair. They broke apart only when the need for air was too great.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” Max whispered.

“Me, too.” Liz said back. She felt Max brush a piece of her hair away from her face as he looked down at her. “I love you. I’ve loved you since the day I met you.”

Liz’s eyes teared up and her heart swelled as she listened to Max say what she'd always wanted to hear him say. “I love you too, Max.”

“You’re the only thing I think about.” Max said. “I didn’t do anything about it because I didn’t want to scare you off and ruin our friendship.”

“You didn’t scare me off, I was scared you didn’t feel the same way about me”

“Well I think I proved that theory wrong.” Max said as he brushed his lips against hers.

“Where do we go from here?” Liz couldn’t help ask.

“I know what I want. Would you want to start dating me?”

“I'd love it.” Liz said smiling.

Liz finished up her run and went upstairs to shower. She stripped off her sweaty clothes and jumped under the spray. As she took her shower her thoughts were still stuck in her memories. After the night of their first kiss, Max and Liz were together. Liz wanted Michael to know before he found out from someone else so she sat down with him and told him. They argued about it and their parents ended up breaking it up. An hour later, Liz won the argument and her parents and Michael respected her decision. Although she was sure Michael had a talk with Max but neither one of them would tell her anything.

Most of the kids in school had already thought the two were together so they didn’t say anything and their friends were happy for them despite their constant teasing. Alex and Isabel had even been there when Max had taken her to his junior prom last spring. It had been a wonderful night. Max had almost fallen over himself when he saw her coming down the stairs. She wore her hair up but let a few tendrils frame her face and a dark red dress. (Think Viva Las Vegas) They danced the entire time until it was time for Liz to go home. Liz couldn’t wait for this year’s prom with all of her friends.

Liz dressed for school and made sure she had everything she needed. She was going to hang out at the café with Ava until the game and then afterwards they would all go to the party so she had to make sure she had everything she needed. She heard the beep of Max’s horn and rushed out. Surprisingly enough Michael was waiting for her and they headed out to catch their ride.

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Okay, I'm an idiot and forgot to change the title.
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Dedicated to: JaneLane, Lillie, CaNdiE ChaOs, Calinia, frenchkiss70, m14(2x), roswellluver, Snowdove30, KEmperor, Roswelllostcause, and bubbles

Wow guys! Thank you so much for the feedback and the bumps. I wanted to let you all know that Max will find out and Liz will be the one to tell him but it doesn't happen for a lllllllllloooooonnnnnnnngggggggg time. This story is going to be an angsty one. Hope you guys stay with me! Now I'll quit rambling and get on with the story.

Part 7

The rest of the day was an ordinary one first school then on to the game. Liz sat in the bleachers with her friends cheering Max and Kyle on, Ava and Liz the loudest. West Roswell Comets won by ten points so the after party turned into a victory celebration. After giving Max a big kiss Liz jumped into Max’s jeep with Alex and Isabel and the four of them headed for the party. Her dad let Michael borrow his truck and made their curfew a little later.

By the time they arrived everyone else was already there and the party was in full swing. They had some how managed to snag some alcohol so there were several drunken people but that didn’t stop them from having a few beers apiece. Max and Liz didn’t leave each others side as they socialized, danced and had a great time. Eventually Max and Liz made their way away from the party seeking some time alone. They could still hear the music faintly.

Max smiled at Liz, “Having fun?”

“Yeah, it’s nice to be able to chill out. We’ve all been pushing ourselves with everything I was beginning to think we forgot how to have fun.” Liz stated.

They found a clearing and Max spread out a blanket he kept in his jeep. They sat down and looked up to the sky. “It’s beautiful out here tonight.” Max said.

Liz looked around; the woods seemed very alive tonight more than normal. Of course she didn’t want to admit that it might just be her senses were what were more alive. “You’re right.”

Max looked at her, “And nature isn’t the only thing that is beautiful.”

“Max.” Liz said smacking his arm.

“Liz, you are.” Max said sincerely. He moved to look her in the eyes. “I love you, I always have and I want to marry you.”

Liz couldn’t believe what he was saying, “You’re drunk.”

“Not when it comes to this. I know we’re young and I’m not talking about getting married right now but I wanted you to know that you’re the only one I can imagine spending my life with.”

“I love you too and I feel the same way. I would love to some day be your wife.” Liz said.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever known. There’s just something about you.” Max stated.

Liz moved so she was straddling him, “You looked so hot in your little basketball uniform earlier. All sweaty and your muscles showing, I had to sit on my hands to stop from jumping up and running out onto the court to drag you away.”

Max moved his mouth closer to hers but stayed half an inch away and whispered, ““I wouldn’t have stopped you.”

Neither knew who moved that last bit of space but the two were suddenly kissing. Liz felt Max’s tongue sweep her lips and she gladly gave him permission. Their tongues warred with each other and Max felt like he needed to get closer to Liz. He flipped them so Liz was on her back and he covered her with his body.

Moments later, their shirts lay discarded in a pile a short distance away from their joined bodies leaving Liz in only her bra and Max bare chested. Fusing their mouths together, they moved as one in a fury that threatened to overtake them both. When they broke apart Max buried his mouth in the crook of her neck. He lightly bit into her soft flesh hoping he wasn’t hurting her. Liz whimpered in response, yet drug her fingernails across his shoulders to show her approval.

Liz suddenly cried out and the next thing Max knew he was flung away from her. She sat up on her knees and crouched, bent over as if in pain. She clawed the grass and clenched fistfuls of it in her palms that were embedded in the ground. Her breathing came out as strained gasps. A scream was caught in her throat before finally let loose. The next thing Max knew Michael was next to him.

“What is going on?” Michael asked. He and Courtney had gone off for a place alone in the woods. He had heard his sister’s scream easily and raced to help her. He looked down at his sister’s form and could tell she was about to flip. He had to get her out of there. He saw her shirt close by and tried not to growl at Max for what they had been doing. His main priority was getting Liz home. He grabbed her shirt and somehow tugged it over her head even as she withered on the ground. He scooped her up and started heading for his dad’s truck.

Seeing Michael picking a pain ridden Liz off the ground and carrying her away finally snapped Max out of his haze. “Michael, what is happening to her?”

Thinking quickly Michael lied, “Her muscles are all cramping at once.”

“How do you know that?” Max asked.

“My mom has the same thing. I need to get Liz home, give her some of my mom’s muscle relaxers.” Michael said as he put her in the truck as comfortable as possible. He knew how much pain she was in; he hadn’t forgotten what it had felt like.

“I’ll go with you.” Max said.

“NO!” Michael yelled. Max looked at him strangely and he had to cover again, “I need you to take Courtney home and Isabel and Alex are relying on you for a ride.”

“But….” Max said starting to protest but Michael interrupted, “Look Max, I don’t have time to argue with you. You can’t do anything to help her. Just take the others home and I’ll talk to you later.”

Max nodded and Michael jumped in the driver seat. He started the truck and took off. Liz was still writhing in pain; Michael could hear a low growl in her throat. He floored the gas pedal and used his new reflexes to drive them safely. Ten minutes later he pulled up into their driveway and slammed on the brakes. He reached over, swooped up his sister’s body, pulled her with him out the driver’s side door slamming it behind him, and headed for the house.

“MOM! DAD!” Michael yelled as he came through the door kicking it shut. His parents came tearing down the stairs but stopped when they saw Liz in Michael’s arms. They could see what was happening to their daughter.

“We need to get her up to her room, try to make her comfortable.” His dad said trying to take Liz from his son but Michael would not relinquish his hold. Instead he headed up the stairs and to Liz’s room. Once there he laid her gently on her bed trying not cause her more pain than she was already in.

“Don’t worry, she’s strong.” His dad said from the other side of the bed. His mother came up next to him and pulled Liz’s shoes off. “She’s going to shred these clothes. Go grab one of your Dad’s old T-shirts.”

Michael left returning a few minutes later and Liz was quickly changed. Michael wasn’t going to leave her so he sat in the chair by her bed and watched his sister.


I know Michael's lie to Max was weak but I couldn't come up with anything else. And I know you guys are all wondering if Max will be suspicious of Liz now and I'll tell you that he does wonder what is going on with her but doesn't suspect the wolf thing. After all he doesn't even know the wolves exist.

Please leave feedback if you like this part.

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JaneLane originally wrote:
I know Liz is a wolf an all but, why did she have that reaction? Post more soon!

LIz has never flipped before until just then. For reasons not explained in the show, sex and hormones have a tendency to trigger a wolf's first flip. And since things with her and Max were heating up......... you get the idea. I hope that answered your questions.
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m14 originally wrote:
poor liz...that must be a horrible experience for her... but soon it will come naturally and she can control it right?

You're find out how Liz is feeling in the next part. It describe the change as best I can.


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Calinia originally wrote:
I hate Liz's flipping/almost flipping always interrupting her and Max. Will flipping somehow change her sex-drive?

What exactly do you mean with it will take long till Liz tells Max? How long?

In a way it changes her sex drive. The wolves are very sexual beings. It's kind of hard to explain but let's just say that their hormones are like 5 times stronger than humans because their senses are so heightened.

When I say a long time I'm talking awhile....some stuff is going to happen in the next five or six parts that will help you understand. I don't want to give away the story.

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Calinia originally wrote:
Is Liz gonna jump Max anytime soon? Sounds like this is indeed gonna be lots of fun for Max. And us. *big*

m14 originally wrote:
that is just the funniest thing!!!
hhehehehe I totally second that question and agree about it being fun....hehehehehe

It won't be long guys!

I'll update this in a few hours.
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Dedicated to : Roswellian_chicka, JaneLane(2x), MoMO, KEmperor, CaNdiE ChaOs, Lillie, m14 (2x), Calinia (2x), bubbles, Jiggers, roswellluver, and Roswelllostcause

Part 8

Hours later the world around Liz’s body still screamed at her with a thousand words. Each breath in her lungs hit her like a ton of bricks. Her senses tortured her. She could feel her blood pumping against her ears. Her heart raced to the extent where it might cause her veins to burst. Leaving her to die. She wanted to die. Her body began to heat up. Was she going to burst into flames? Have every part of her body burn until there was nothing left. She felt her vision narrowed lighting up the world. It terrified her yet it looked so beautiful. She felt tears begin to well up in her eyes. She sniffed as they ran down her cheeks. Across her lips. She could taste them; the saltiness punched her taste buds. Her eyes watered even more as her senses continued to torment her. She could sense her parents and brother near by. Their scents hit her painfully, yet it comforted her, she felt safe. She wanted to rap her self in it.

“Liz,” She heard her brother say gently, but firmly, making her focus on his voice. “You have to concentrate, you have to take control, if you want it to stop.” She listened to him and tried to do what he said. Another wave of pain hit her and Liz flung her head backward, preparing herself for the inevitable. This is what she had desperately waited for… whether she realized it or not. Her entire life she had been slowly crawling toward this.

The new sensations were at first uncomfortable, but as her bones began to shift a feeling of euphoria washed over her. She felt warm tingles dance across her spine and her arms tensed. If there was any pain, it quickly receded to the depths of her mind as unfathomable power coursed through her being. Liz imagined that she was just being brought into the world, finally alive. She was one with nature. It was overwhelming as her body continued to move into full consciousness.

She felt the last of the ache in her bones subside as they settled into their new positions. Her ragged breathing distorted into the steady pant of an animal. Her figure made the final adjustments and she stretched her limbs as a wolf. She got to her feet and looked around her room with her new eyes. Her brother and parents were watching her, with tears in their eyes. Liz knew they were relieved because she had made it through, she had survived what many teens in Wolf Lake hadn’t. She jumped from her bed to her brother’s lap and rubbed her muzzle against his jaw in thanks. He had taken care of her then watched after her like she had him. She looked over at her dresser mirror and saw she was a mixture of gray and white wolf.

She hopped back onto her bed and flipped back into human form. She pulled the sheet up to cover her now naked form. She had shredded her dad's shirt when she had flipped. She knew that their people were generally comfortable being naked around each other but it was something she had to get use to. Her mother handed her some clothes and she began to change under the sheet. “I’m sorry I scared you all so much.”

“Liz, you should have told us you were getting symptoms.” Her dad lectured.

“I’m sorry, daddy.” Liz said quietly. “I didn’t realize how close I was.”

Her dad sat down next to her and pulled her into a hug. “We just want to keep you safe.”

Liz felt her dad loosen his hold on her and she transferred the hug to her mother. “What if this happened while you were in school or if Michael hadn’t been there? Someone might have taken you to the hospital.”

“Don’t blame all of it on Liz, I knew she had been having some late nights and was pretty sure her hearing had gotten better as well.” Michael said defending her.

“Well what’s done is done. Your dad and I have to go to a dinner party tomorrow but the night after you and I will go for a run Liz. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to survive.” Her mother said. Nancy smiled at the thought. Last month Jeff had done the same with Michael and now it was Liz’s turn. She needed to know how to take care of herself especially if she ever encountered another wolf. Her change had progressed quickly, a sign of her strength.

“Thanks Mom.” Liz said smiling. Although she had been fighting this, becoming a wolf for so long, she now felt very comfortable about what had happened. This was a part of her and she couldn’t deny it. But she wasn’t going to turn away from everything about being a normal human either. She could incorporate both parts of her life.

Her parents left a few minutes later leaving only Michael and Liz in the room. Liz looked at her brother, “Thank you for getting me out of there tonight.”

Michael just shrugged, “No big deal, you would have done the same thing.”

“What did you tell Max?” Liz asked. The last thing she remembered was she and Max making out in the woods, after that it was all pain.

“I told him you had a muscle spasm. I said they were hereditary, that Mom got them too so I knew what to do.” Michael answered. “He was so worried about you that I don’t think he really cared what explanation I gave him. And he had to get dressed.”

Liz rolled her eyes, “Don’t even try to lecture me about what Max and I were doing because I don’t doubt that you would have done a lot more with Courtney if you hadn’t had to leave.”

Michael put his hands up, “Okay truce. But I should warn you that it’ll be about a week before you can completely control your flipping if things get heated.”

Liz nodded, “I’ll just make sure to keep Max and I in public places for a little while.”

“I told him I’d call him first thing in the morning to tell him how you were but since you flipped faster than we thought you can do it.” Michael stated. “It’s almost dawn so I’m going to catch a few hours sleep.”

Liz got up and hugged her brother before he left. Feeling tired herself she crawled under her sheet and falling instantly asleep.


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m14 originally wrote:
At first it seemed like she didn't like it and that it felt horrible to her but then later on it seemed like everything was so much better and she was accepting it for what it was. a miracle to nature.
well that's just my opinion but it almost seemed like she was accepting herself and I am really glad that she did.
now she has to stay in public places with max to make sure that she can control it? well that makes sense
this is really cool!!! such a good idea.
please post more soon and thanx for writing

You're right. Liz was fighting with herself what she was but when it came inevitable and she flipped she accepted it.

She plans to stay in public place with Max so that they don't get into an intimate situation and she flips. She has to work a little bit on control the flips when her hormones are going hairwire.
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Dedicated to: KEmperor, m14, Lillie, JaneLane, roswellluver, Calinia, and Billy Holiday.

Billy Holiday=White wolves are destined to be with ALpha wolves but Liz is a silver/white wolf so she's not.BTW Glad you like the story.

Thanks for the feedback guys, this next part is kind of boring.

Part 9

Liz woke up to the sound of a light tapping on the door that led to her balcony. She looked over and saw Max standing there. By the look his face Liz could tell that he probably hadn’t slept the whole night and had stayed up worrying. Liz felt a pang of guilt wash over her. She could have died last night and Max wouldn’t have known what was going on. She climbed out of her bed and headed over to let him in. As soon as the door was open Max wrapped his arms around her in a big hug. “Max, what are you doing here?”

“I had to see that you were okay.”

“I’ve recovered.” Liz answered.

“I was so worried about you.” Max said tightening the hug.

“Sorry, but I’m fine. Really.” Liz mumbled into his chest. His scent filled her nostrils and Liz buried her nose deeper. They pulled apart a minute later and moved to sit on her bed, Max holding on to her hand not wanting to let go of her. “I’m sorry I scared you so much.”

“I just didn’t know what was happening, I didn’t know what to do.” Max exclaimed.

“Michael did and he took care of me so don’t worry about it. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about that, I kind of forgot.” Liz said. “I’m sorry I ruined our night.”

“Well how about we go out tonight? I’ll take you to dinner then we can do whatever you want.” Max said.

Liz bit her lip remembering the conversation with Michael the night before, “I think I’m going to stick close to home tonight. I mean I’ve recovered but I have to work at eleven until eight so I’ll probably be worn out. And my teachers decided to pile on the homework this weekend. So I was thinking of doing it tonight because I have some girl time planned with my mom tomorrow. Hope you don’t mind?”

Max tried to hide his disappointment. He wanted to spend some time with Liz but if she couldn’t go than she couldn’t go. Plus he didn’t want her to have a relapse and be in pain again. He never wanted to see her in so much pain as the night before. “That’s fine. I only want you to be okay.”

Liz heard her mom approaching her bedroom door before she knocked, “Liz?”

Liz pushed Max back out her balcony door and shut it. She knew her mother could probably smell Max and would know he’d been there but she still didn’t want her to catch Max in her room. She opened her door, “Yeah, Mom.”

“I wanted to see if you were awake. I’m about to start breakfast.”

“I’m going to take a shower then I’ll be down.” Liz said. She saw her mom’s eyes flicker behind Liz before leaving. Liz knew she’d been busted but her mom had let her off. She hurried back to where Max was waiting. “I’ve got to take a shower and get downstairs. Come by the Crashdown later so I can see you.”

Max nodded and went to kiss her but she turned her face so he was met with her cheek. She smiled at him before heading inside. She needed to get her changing and her hormones in check before she could be with Max alone. She grabbed some clean clothes and headed in for a shower.


Max climbed down the lattice thinking of how odd Liz’s behavior was. She had acted very distant. And if he didn’t know better it seemed that she was trying to keep him at arm’s length. He didn’t know what was going on with her. Maybe she didn’t want to be too close to him because when they had been close last night she had ended up in pain. Granted, according to Michael it was just muscle spasms so it would have happened regardless of what she’d been doing. Or maybe he was just imagining things. He had to wait and see.

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I'll update later
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Dedicated to: Calinia, roswellluver, KEmperor, and Lillie

Part 10

That night after she got off work Liz headed for home. She took a shower and ate alone. Her brother wasn’t home and the house was quiet. She hadn’t been lying to Max about homework but despite the tons of homework for the weekend she had, Liz wanted to try out her new skills in the woods. She snuck out of the house and walked to the edge of the woods. Scanning the area, she took off her clothes and put them in the duffel bag that she brought with her and morphed into the wolf. She could hear everything, including the mouse scurrying about searching for seeds far in front of her. She also sensed a presence of another wolf in the forest. It was Michael.

Michael was in a clearing in the woods when he caught his sister’s scent. He was in human form having not flipped yet. With a mischievous smile still planted on his face, Michael leaned forward in a crouch to let the wolf overcome his human guise. The last of his human flesh dissolved into a thick covering of fur and he threw his head toward the lunar ruler of the night. The shining orb of the moon washed over his features, reflecting within the depths of intelligent, animal eyes. Inhaling deeply, he caught traces of her scent that still clung to every leaf like a mass of locusts. Michael strutted toward the top of the hill. Lifting his face to the sky once more, emitting a low, guttural call before taking off in the direction of Liz’s path.

Deciding to play with her brother she ran through the woods, enjoying the sensation of being free in this feral state. A part of her couldn’t understand why she had never wanted to change. It brought an ancient feeling to her. A feeling that this was what she had always really been. She tilted her head to the moon and gave a long, cry letting the sound vibrate her very bones. She was answered with a similar, deeper cry from Michael. And he was close.

The wind was crisp, carrying a hint of moisture, tickling her nostrils. The soil was rich and lush beneath her paws, as she threaded her way through the woods. Leaves dotted with dew rustled to her left and she turned her head to see a gray wolf emerging from the underbrush. A canine grin is on his face, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. He had found her.

(You have a lot to learn still Little sister)She heard her brother say in her head.

Not wanting to go all the way back yet, the two wolves headed back to where Michael left his clothes and morphed back into human form. Michael covered himself with his boxers while Liz shrugged on his shirt. They sat next to each other and gazed at the stars. Liz broke the silence when she said, “I want to tell Max.”

Michael wasn’t surprised by her statement in the least. He continued to gaze skyward as he said, “You know you can’t.”

“But I love him. What do I do if we get married one day and have kids? What would I tell him when his kids start to flip? That I had been lying to him for so many years?”

“So what? You want to walk up to him one day and say by the way Max, I’ve been keeping this big secret from you. I can shift into a wolf. I like to strip down naked and run through the woods at night? What do you think he would do, say? Oh that’s great. No.” Michael said. “Liz, I know you want to, but you can’t always trust the ones you want to.”

Liz flopped onto her back and huffed in frustration. What was she going to do? Her heart was telling her that Max could be trusted but her family said he couldn’t be. And if she told Max she wouldn’t just be telling her secret but theirs too. She needed some time to herself. She stood up and shed Michael’s shirt before flipping. She looked at her brother who was still in human form. (I’m going for some time alone.)

Liz saw him nod and set off in the other direction. Sticking to the shadows she headed for Max’s house. She wanted to see him. She approached his house cautiously and saw his bedroom light was on. Creeping up she stayed in wolf form as she peered over the windowsill. Max appeared to be working out. He was wearing nothing but shorts and was doing chin ups on a bar placed in his doorway. She watched him pull himself up and down a few times before he dropped to the ground. He grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat off his body before sitting on the edge of his bed.

Liz loved just watching him. It took all her will power to not jump threw the window to be with him. She saw him suddenly snap his attention towards her so she backed back into the shadows. He appeared at the window, looking around. He must have felt her watching him. She turned and headed for home. She stopped to flip back and put her clothes back on before heading up to her bedroom. If she couldn’t tell Max she would just have to settle for being with him.


Okay guys you know the drill. No new part until Monday

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Dedicated to:Lillie, roswellluver, Roswelllostcause, KEmperor (2x), Twilighteyes1974, Calinia, CaNdiE ChaOs, A Rose is True Blue, and Bubbles

Part 11

A week later, Isabel, Ava, and Liz were on their weekly trip to the mall, a ritual they did to guarantee some girl bonding.

“What about this?” Liz asked showing Ava and Isabel another outfit.

“It’s cool.” Ava said as she and Isabel looked at the outfit that Liz was showing them.

“Not quite what you would normally get though.” Isabel commented.

“Yeah, what is with you today?” Ava asked.

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked.

“This,” Isabel said motioning to the outfit Liz had picked up. It was a short black skirt and a snug white T-shirt with a heart and wings on it. “I mean you have some clothes that you like to wear when we go out but I’ve never seen you wear a skirt so short.”

“I just feel like doing something a little different.” Liz said shrugging. She couldn’t explain to them that since she flipped she felt this odd since of confidence in herself. It wasn’t that she had ever had a low self-image of herself, it was just that now she felt bolder. It had been almost a week since she had gone through the change. During that week she had spent a lot of the nights in the woods with her mom then later her dad and Michael had joined them. She had more control over her wolf enhanced hormones although she hadn’t taken the chance to test it much.

As much as she hated it, she had distanced herself from Max all week. She made sure that they hadn’t had a chance to be alone or at least alone in private place. They had only met at the Crashdown or with their friends around. When Max tried to suggest that they go to the eraser room Liz had come up with the excuse that she had to work on something in the library.

Ava looked Liz over and noticed some small differences in Liz. She carried herself differently and she had this strong presence about her. She acted like she was surer of herself but Ava couldn’t figure out why. There was only one thing that could have happened that would make Liz act differently over one night; “You had sex.”

“What?!” Liz and Isabel asked.

“Think about it, the new look, the sexy clothes…” Ava said drifting off.

Liz rolled her eyes, “Max and I did not have sex.”

“Yeah, Ava. I don’t think my brother wouldn’t be so hard to live with recently if they had had sex.” Isabel stated.

“What do you mean Isabel?” Liz asked. She didn’t like the sound of Isabel’s last sentence.

Isabel noted Liz’s worry over her brother and was glad to see it. She had been worried about her friend and her brother’s relationship the past week. They had gone from joined at the hip to barely within arm distance in less than a week. “This past week Max hasn’t been himself. He’s been kind of crabby and snippy.”

Liz hadn’t realized how frustrated, Max was getting, as was she. She missed him. She was stupid to think that the distance she had put between them wouldn’t affect Max. She could only guess what he was thinking. She looked at her watch, Max had three more hours until he got off work at 9. “Isabel, do you think it’d be okay if I surprised Max after he got off work?”

Isabel smiled, “I think it’d be fine. I’ll hang out over at Ava and Alex’s, and Mom & Dad will be gone to dinner with a client until late so you guys will have plenty of privacy to talk.”

“Thanks Isabel. Now what do you think, should I buy this?” Liz asked.

“Definitely.” They both said.


Max made his way into the dark house. He knew his mom and dad were out with clients but wasn’t sure where Isabel was. He went into the kitchen and grabbed something to drink. His night at worked had sucked, it had been slow so all he could think about was Liz. He would have gone to see her at the Crashdown but he knew she was off work that night so that was out. He didn’t know what was going on with her. She acted so distant and she never acted that way. Well her and Michael had both been somewhat aloof when they had first moved here but he figured that was because they were the new kids.

But her distance now had happened over night. He had also noticed that Michael seemed more protective of her. The two seemed to have that twin telepathy thing going on, knowing where the other one was, stuff like that. He could only assume it had something to do with that night of the party. Liz was probably scared she'd have more spasms and knew Michael would take care of her. It hurt a little that she couldn’t feel like he would do the same thing for her.

As he headed into his room he pulled off his UFO Center vest and tossed it in his closet. He was about to take the rest of his clothes off but he saw something in the closet door mirror. He turned to where Liz was sitting at his desk. “Jeez, Liz. Scare the hell out of me.”

“Sorry.” Liz muttered.

“I just wasn’t expecting you to be sitting there. Why didn’t you say anything?” Max asked.

Liz couldn’t help but blush, “I was enjoying the show.”

Max couldn’t help the tingle of pleasure that he felt that she had liked watching him. “So did you come here to spy on me or for something else?”

“I wanted to talk to you.”


“The way I’ve been acting.” Liz stated. “I’m sorry if I’ve been pushing you away.”

Max ran his hand through hair, “Why? Did I do something?”

“No, Max.”

“Then what is it? I feel like I’m loosing you.” Max stated.

Liz saw the pain in his eyes and she kicked herself again for what she had done. She stood up and leaned back against the desk. “I love you Max. Don’t ever forget that. You’re not loosing me. I’ve just had some serious family stuff to deal with this week.”

“You know you can talk to me about anything. I want to be here for you.” Max said.

“I know but like I said it’s just family stuff, it’s all worked out now.” Liz said smiling at him.

He loved her smile. It always lit up her face and made her more beautiful than she already was. He couldn’t help but say, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Max.” She said. He came forward and hugged her close to him. Since her face so close to his, he couldn’t resist nuzzling her soft cheek. He raised his head a little and when he breathed into her ear, she whimpered.

Liz squeezed her eyes shut when he dragged his lips up and down her jaw line. She knew they had just worked things out well as well as they could without her telling him, and they should wait but she didn’t want to. They needed each other. He lifted his right hand and cupped the other side of her face. She tried not to moan when he slid that hand into her hair and raked his fingers over her scalp. She leaned against his mouth, urging him to kiss and suck her earlobes like she always wanted. He licked her soft skin and then shuddered when he felt her hand snake around his back and lift the hem of his shirt.

She skimmed her fingers up and down his skin as he sucked her earlobe into his mouth. Her fingers dipped lower and lower each time until she finally let them rest just inside the waistband of his jeans. It felt so good for him to touch her after fighting it for so long.

Max cupped her face in both of his hands and took a deep breath before kissing her. He started softly, but then he kissed her more passionately…with everything he had in him. His courage grew as they moved backwards and reached the foot of the bed. Liz pushed him on the bed and she climbed on top of him.

His hands ran all over her back and sides until she pressed against his chest and broke off the kiss. She gazed down at him with hunger and want in her eyes. He watched reach for the hem of her shirt and lift it over her head. In a moment, he had reached up and gripped her shoulders, pulling her down on top of him again. She sucked the skin along his collarbone as he unfastened her bra.

“Liz?” Max asked. “Are you scared?”

“Yes,” Liz replied.

“Maybe we should stop?” Max offered. “Is this what you want?”

She sat up slowly, rocking against his erection as she did. He licked his lips as she slid the unhooked bra down her arms and tossed it aside. “Is this what you want?”

“Oh God yes,” Max moaned as he sat up and cupped her breasts in his hands. Her head fell back as he closed his mouth over her erect nipple while his fingers teased the other.

She let him suckle her breast for a moment until she began clawing at his shirt. She needed to feel his bare skin against hers. He allowed her to remove his shirt and then went back to work, licking circles around her nipples. She buried her fingers in his hair and pressed his mouth against her milky skin. She needed more. She needed him.


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CaNdiE ChaOs originally wrote:

I have a question Kittens was right Wolves mate for life don't they?! So are Max and Liz mated?

becoz if they are does that mean that Michael and Courtney are, like what I'm saying is have michael and courtney had sex?!


Okay guys, here's the answer according to what I've gathered from the show. The fact that they are both wolf and human excepts them from the mating for life. On the show, the wolves sleep with everyone. They're a very hormonal group. They choose their mates and marry them, then they are bonded.

So Michael and Courtney are not mates and Liz and Max aren't either. Although in Liz's heart they are because he is who she chooses.

Make any sense?
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Dedicated to: Bubbles (3x), JaneLane, NATEVANS, Lillie, kittens, CaNdiEs ChaOs, roswellluver, BubbleBlueSmurf, KEmperor, MoMo, and Calinia

Okay guys, people have been asking about the whole wolves mate for life thing and here's the answer according to what I've gathered from the show. The fact that they are both wolf and human excepts them from the mating for life. On the show, the wolves sleep with everyone. They're a very hormonal group.

So Michael and Courtney are not mates and Liz and Max aren't either. Unless she chooses to marry Max, which we know she did so that would make him her mate. Confused?

Here's the next part, Thank Calinia for talking me into posting today.

From last part:
She sat up slowly, rocking against his erection as she did. He licked his lips as she slid the unhooked bra down her arms and tossed it aside. “Is this what you want?”

“Oh God yes,” Max moaned as he sat up and cupped her breasts in his hands. Her head fell back as he closed his mouth over her erect nipple while his fingers teased the other.

She let him suckle her breast for a moment until she began clawing at his shirt. She needed to feel his bare skin against hers. He allowed her to remove his shirt and then went back to work, licking circles around her nipples. She buried her fingers in his hair and pressed his mouth against her milky skin. She needed more. She needed him.

Part 12

She could feel her wetness soaking through her panties and the mixture of their aroused scents overwhelmed her. Grabbing a handful of his hair, she dragged his lips away from her nipple and stood to undress herself. She loved the way his heavy-lidded eyes watched her as she stripped her pants and panties for him. He wriggled out of his pants and boxers, needing to be free of his clothing as well.

She stood before him…naked and needy. She could feel the wolf blood roaring through her veins but she was able to hold it back. She bent down and began to join him back on the bed, but he flipped them so he loomed over her. He started at her neck licking and sucking down to the base. That was when he heard her voice, “Bite me…please?”

“Like this?” Max asked as he took her silky skin into his mouth and nibble on the tender flesh.

“Ummm…” She bites her lower lip and clenches handfuls of blanket. “Yeah, like that.”

He nibbled a few minutes longer until he moved lower and kissed his way down to her breasts. He suckled each of them again then his mouth went lower and she gasped in anticipation.

The moment his tongue flicked out and he began to lick her slowly, he asked her. “Do you like this?”

“Yes,” she gasped as she tried to squeeze her thighs shut.

“Oh no,” He said mischievously as he pressed her legs open once more. “If you do that, then I can’t do this.”

Max sucked the soft skin where her sex and her thigh are joined. She sucked in a sharp breath as he brushed his lips past her lips each time he switched sides. “Max quit teasing.”

“Like this?” Max asked before fiercely sucking her clit and teasing the swollen bud with the tip of my tongue. As his right hand slipped under her ass, the other dragged up her thigh and comes to rest on her wetness. His tongue continues its assault on her clit while two fingers dip inside.

“Yes,” Liz hissed as her hands rake through his hair. He knew she was almost there when she arched her back almost completely off the bed and growled profusely under her breath. Then she came apart drenching his tongue with her sweetness. Using both hands to hold her in place, he delved deep into her dripping core and drink the nectar that her climax has produced.

“Oh…oh, Max. Please?” she cried.

“Please what?” Max asked, as he raised his head.

“Please…” she gasped, her chest heaving. She opened her eyes slowly open and he saw a fire there that he had never seen before. They were almost glowing they were so golden in color. Her hand slid between them and he felt her slender fingers envelop his cock. Just that action alone has his head spin. “I want you…now.”

He gasped when she pressed him back to the bed and climbed on top of him again. She kissed her way up his chest until finally she found his mouth. She licked his lower lip and tasted herself on him. He smiled when she nibbled his lip and thrust her tongue into his mouth. She bucked her hips against him, coating the underside of his erection with her wetness. He groaned; as he needed to be inside her so badly it hurt. With one hand, he felt on his side table and found his wallet.

She sat up and watched as he removed the small foil package from his wallet and then tore the package open. Backing away from him, she allowed him to sheath his arousal and found herself biting her lower lip in anticipation. “Come here,” she heard him practically growl as he pulled her forward and let the tip of his cock brush against her clit.

She laughed as he peered into her eyes. She lifted her legs and hooked them behind his back as he slid inside of her. She felt him tear through her barrier but the pain was quickly replaced with pleasure. “You okay? Should we stop?”

“No!” she exclaimed. “I’m fine.”

He felt her hands on his ass urge him me on. He started to pump in and out of her. She heard him groan as he bit his lower lip so hard she could see that he drew blood. He placed his hands on either side of her head and watched her as he ground against her and drove himself closer to the brink. She moaned in delight as her climax took hold and sent her walls spasming around him.

“Oh Liz,” Max groaned as he pumped in and out of her and let his orgasm break free ripping through him. She ran her hands up his chest and slid them behind his neck. She kissed him softly as they continued to shudder and come down from their explosive climax.

Max peered at her and she smiled widely…like there is nowhere else she’d rather be. He rolled over so that they were lying on their sides, face to face. He withdrew from her pulled off the condom and tossed it in the trash before turning back to her. They laid there snuggling for a little while before Max said; “I don’t want to let you go home tonight. I can’t.”

Liz smiled at him, “I don’t want to leave either but I don’t think we want my father and brother tearing down the door and dragging me home.”

Liz stood up pulling on her clothes before leaning over to kiss him goodbye. “It’s probably chilly out. Take my sweatshirt off the desk chair.” Max offered.

The cold didn’t effect Liz like it did before she flipped but she took Max up on his offer for the sole reason that the sweatshirt was his favorite and it smelled like him. She slipped it over her head as he pulled his boxers on. Once more he wrapped his arms around her, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He kissed her goodbye before she climbed out the window. She walked home replaying what her and Max had just done in her head. She hopped the fence into her yard and made her way up to the house. Her head was so clouded with thoughts of Max that she didn’t catch the unfamiliar scent of others in the yard. Before she could react someone grabbed her from behind and a hand covered her mouth.


Insert evil laughter here.

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KEmperor originally wrote:
That was good. Hmm, she sleeps with Max and gets grabbed leaving? Sounds like Wolf Lake. I can't wait to see what is going on. Keep writing.

You know I didn't even think about that when I wrote it. It's been awhile since I saw the pilot of WOlf Lake and forgot about that part. No infringement intended.
posted on 14-Aug-2002 11:04:41 AM
Calinia originally wrote:
Why did she have to leave right after it?!? She should have stayed with Max, damm her brother and father. *sad* I mean, isn't it the guy's job to run off after the sex? And why in God's name didn't they go for a second round?!?

Somebody grabbed Liz?!? This cliff hanger sucks! That isn't good. Is it someone from Wolf Lake? Of course it is. Right? Did they find them? What do they want? Are they gonna try to take Liz, or maybe someone else, or maybe all of them? And most important of all: how will this affect Liz's relationship with Max?!? Why don't I have a good feeling about this...

Well, post more soon. You know, like, NOW! *angel*

She didn't exactly leave right after. They snuggled a little but it is a weeknight and she had curfew. She wasn't running off, she just had to get home.

As to the other stuff, you'll find out what is going on in the next chapter.
posted on 15-Aug-2002 9:35:48 AM
Dedicated to: mps muse, CaNdiE ChaOs, CRAZY 4 MAX (2x), KEmperor, Lillie (2x), Calinia (2x), Roswelllostcause, and bubbles (2x).

Part 13

Struggling against her captor, Liz realized that he was stronger and her instincts began taking control. With her heart pounding, her wolf blood running fiercely through her body, she began to flip but stopped when she heard a deep voice whisper in her ear, "At least all of you Donner's aren't scared to be wolf."

Liz stopped the process of flipping at his words. At the same time she caught their scent and knew that they were wolves like her. The hunters from Wolf Lake had caught up with them. She was in so much shock that words failed her. But not the man who held her, “Well you’ve been out being a naughty one haven’t you? You reek of human and sex. I bet Daddy and your brother will be so happy that you’ve been whoring yourself to some human. Let’s go see.”

Liz was still unable to see who the man who held her was but saw four of his companions come out of the shadows. They all looked to be in their twenties and all smelled of wolf. They lead Liz to the back patio doors of the house and as one opened the door Liz’s assailant moved them inside. Her parents and Michael were in the room inside. They jumped up when they saw Liz and the men with her.

“Who are you?” Jeff asked.

“You’ve been away so long you don’t even know your own kind? Pity.” Liz heard the one behind her say.

Jeff and the rest of his family realized who these men were. “My name is Tyler Creed, I’m sure you remember me as well as my father.”

“Let my daughter go.” Jeff warned.

“Oh I don’t know. She’s a sweet little thing, maybe she like to know what it felt like to have a guy from the hill between her legs.” Tyler said sneering.

Liz felt the bile in her throat at what Tyler said. In the effort to get out of such close proximity to him she bite down hard on the hand that covered her mouth. She felt her teeth break through his skin and he let his hold on her go as he howled.

“You little bitch.” Tyler growled at her before backhanding her.

Liz felt the sting on her face from Tyler’s hand. The blow sent her backwards until she felt Michael catch her and right her as he pushed her behind him. She caught a brief glimpse of his eyes glowing and heard a low growl emitting from him. Michael was beyond pissed.

Tyler smiled eyes glowing also as he said, “Come on little pup.”

“Bring it on.” Michael growled. The two males started to move forward.

“Michael, no.” Jeff ordered. While his son was strong, Tyler had years on him. He would not let Michael get killed. Liz knew what her father was doing and put her hand on Michael’s arm. “He’s not worth it Michael. I’m fine.”

Despite his better judgement Michael pulled back. Normally he didn’t back down from a fight especially since the bastard had hit Liz. For that he should rip his throat out but the pleading tone in Liz’s voice stopped him. He glanced at Tyler who was still smiling at him smugly.

“Good little pup.” Tyler said although he was itching for a fight. The past week had been one of the worst in his life. The day after the Internet professor who had threatened to expose the pack had injected John Kanin with Ruby’s blood John started showing signs of flipping. The only thing they could figure was that he got enough wolf blood in him to dominate the human blood and transformed it. Unfortunately Kanin survived and completely flipped two days later. With his non- pack status out of the way Ruby had pleaded with her dad to annul their marriage and Willard had complied. Tyler had lost some of footing towards his goal to become Alpha. Willard had decided to send Tyler out to Roswell after receiving word that the missing Donner family had been located. Tyler had not been happy but he had gone not wanting the Alpha angry with him. Two wolves had located the family a week before but waited until Tyler showed up with a few more before making their move. “Now, I say it’s time to go wouldn’t you?”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Liz stated her hands on her hips.

“Yes, you are. You all know that you would be forced to return. Cates issued a search and retrieval but over the years it was turned to a kill or capture so it’s either you go or you die. Which one would you prefer?” Tyler asked.


“Liz, he’s right. We have to go.” Liz looked pleadingly at her parents although she knew they had no choice. It was either go or die. Not much of a choice but Liz didn’t want to leave Max or her friends. She wouldn’t even get a chance to say good bye. The hunters would make them leave as soon as possible. She felt her heartbreak when she heard her father’s answer; “We’ll go.”

Tyler nodded although Liz thought he looked disappointed. He had probably wanted them to put up more of a fight. But her parents would do anything to protect their children. They wouldn’t let them be killed. She barely heard her mother’s voice as she spoke. She heard them pleading with Tyler to take some of their stuff with them. It took some arguing but Tyler had finally gotten fed up and conceded. Probably figured people would think the family had just left in a hurry, if nothing was missing it would look more like they had been abducted. Liz and Michael made their way upstairs to their rooms leaving Tyler and their parents downstairs. Two of Tyler’s men were stationed upstairs to watch them so they wouldn’t try to jump out one of the windows. As they made their way down the hall Michael leaned in and whispered, “Are you okay?”

“My face is fine.” Liz answered. She could feel her face was swollen some. Tyler had hit her pretty hard.

“I’m glad for that but that’s not what I meant.”

“Well what do you think Michael? You know I don’t want to leave.”

“I don’t either, Liz.” Michael stated.

“Max and the others are going to freak, they’re going to think we didn’t care enough to say good bye.” Liz said with tears in her eyes.

“Liz,” Michael said not knowing what to say. He knew where Liz had gone that night and what she’d been doing. Her scent was a mixture of her, Max, and sex. He also knew that for Liz sex wasn’t something she took lightly. She loved Max and had given herself to him only to find herself torn away not long after. “I know you feel like crap right now, and I know why but remember I’m here for you. You’re not going to be alone.”

Liz nodded knowing what he meant. The two separated and headed to their rooms. They had a lot of stuff to try and pack and not much time to do it.

Michael headed to his room and started trying to figure out what to take and what to leave. He didn’t like being forced to leave and go back to Wolf Lake especially if the wolves down stairs were any indication of what the town would be like. It had freaked him out at first when he saw Tyler holding Liz like he had but his emotions had quickly changed to anger when he had seen Tyler hit Liz. He had wanted to kill Tyler for hurting his sister but his dad had stopped him. He still felt that anger but couldn’t do anything about it. He started grabbing his stuff that he wanted to take and wondered what would happen when they got up to Wolf Lake.



((((Now those of you who are reading this but have never seen Wolf Lake never fear. The part of the story that occurs in Wolf Lake will be centered mainly around Liz and Michael and their interaction with the town. There will be characters from the show but I'll try to explain them as best I could plus Lillie (Amber) was kind enough to write me a summary of the highlights of the story which I posted below. Please stick with this story, I don't want to loose anyone. If you have questions either leave them here or bmail me.

Here's the summary:
((((Seattle detective John Kanin's search for his missing fiancé, Ruby Wilder- who became missing after a mysterious attack outside his apartment-leads him to the town of Wolf Lake. But he gets nowhere, when people say that they don't know who she is. John finds out Ruby's real name, Cates. The daughter of one of the town's most prominent man. The thing that John doesn't know about at least half of the town, including the Cates family is that they are all wolves. Ruby is placed in confinement after helping out John when he was in need (she was in her wolf form). And Ruby's former fiancé wants her to marry him, and a very reluctant Ruby does. She marries him even though she's deeply in love with John. Tyler's jealously that Ruby is in love with John, causes him to try to kill John, but luckily he gets out in time. But Ruby, who went trying to save him, is captured by a crackpot named Arthur, planning to expose Wolf Lake, and also captures John thinking that he is the Alpha Male of the pack. Before Sheriff Donner arrives, Arthur injects John with Ruby's blood, and afterwards John lets out wolfen Ruby, wanting to pay her back for helping him out.

Meanwhile, Ruby's younger brother, Luke has a little something going on with Sophia Donner, (Liz and Michael's cousin) the only known half wolf in town, and also the daughter of the sheriff, who turned his back on his wolf ways. But there are a couple of things that are keeping them from developing a relationship, one being blonde bimbo Presley, Luke's bed buddy and Sophia's being hesitant about the Change, which would make her able to turn to wolf form. It doesn't help their burgeoning relationship that one night at a lakeside party, Luke tries to seduce Sophia, and the hesitant girl leaves and is picked up by a serial killer. Luckily, her father rescues her before she can be hurt. Soon after, Sophia experiences the first signs of the incoming Change. After a weird sort of argument with Luke about not having sex, Sophia catches him with Presley at the party that he invited her to. Sophia decides that she's done with Luke. Sophia begins seeing someone, a human, which consumes Luke with jealousy, which causes him to interrupt their date. And an angry Sophia fights with Luke, throwing him against his car, before running off. Sophia goes to her father's office, where she tells him that she needs him, and her eyes are glowing. ))))

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I wanted to show you guys what Liz's wolf form looks like:

posted on 15-Aug-2002 11:41:53 AM
Sorry guys but Michael and Liz are going to go back to WOlf Lake. They have no choice. And they can't say goodbye to anyone.
posted on 16-Aug-2002 10:57:03 AM
Dedicated to: KEmperor, wild_child_uk, Calinia, JaneLane, Roswelllostcause, CaNdiE ChaOs, Lillie, MoMo, bubbles, roswellluver, BubbleBlueSmurf, and RoswellSlayer.

I know I've some people so I'll try to explain:
Tyler is of course a wolf. He wants to be the next leader of the pack after the current one so he married the Alpha's daughter. The daughter, Ruby, was like Liz and Michael's parents and tried to leave WL. While she was gone, she fell in love with a human. Later the human was transferred into a wolf by some crazy scientist who injected him with wolf blood. Because Ruby's human lover, John, was now a wolf, she divorced Tyler. Now Tyler lost some of his advantage to become the next leader since Ruby divorced him. Tyler hates humans as well as the Donner family (The Parker's real name) mainly because of Liz and Michael's uncle (He was in the first part) but he doesn't like Liz and Michael's parents either because they gave up the pack to live among humans. Bascially Tyler is an a**hole of the hightest calibur.

In this next part there is a POV of Sophia. She is Michael and Liz's cousin who lives in WOlf Lake. She is half human/half wolf, the only one ever. Her father married a human.

Hope that helps. Now on with the story.

Part 14

Liz grabbed all the bags she could find and started packing. She tugged Max’s sweatshirt over her head, grateful she had it, and placed it in one of the bags. The first things she grabbed were her pictures and mementos, her memories. She had to take them; she could buy more clothes but those she couldn’t replace. She grabbed her photo books and the framed ones. She had all kinds of little things from different stuff her friends had done as well as places her family and her had traveled. Even after settling in Roswell her parents had insisted on taking a couple trips a year if they could. They had been all over the country, to national parks & monuments, amusement parks, museums, aquariums, etc. That stuff filled one of her duffel bag.

She then started pulling all of her clothes out and hurriedly packing them. She looked at her clock and noticed how quickly she was able to pack when she had to. She finished up by grabbing her jewelry box, her CDs and some of her books. She looked at her copy of Romeo and Juliet. It was one of her favorites. She decided to leave it, maybe Max would realize something was up if he found it. She heard a faint sound and turned towards the door spotting Tyler standing there. “You like spying on people don’t you?”

“Just checking to make sure you were behaving.” Tyler answered. There was no love loss between himself and Matthew Donner and his hatred for him spilled to the whole Donner family. This young female was fun to taunt.

“I don’t have much of a choice.” Liz stated. “Can you leave so I can get this done? It’s kind of hard to pack my life up.”

Tyler looked over Liz’ s bags and other stuff; “There’s one more thing you need to do before we leave.”

“What?” Liz snapped.

“Take a shower and change your clothes, I don’t want you sticking up the car with the smell of you and your little human boy toy.” Tyler stated.

The look in Tyler’s eyes told Liz that there was no argument. She didn’t want to wash the scent of Max off of her; she already had to give him up now she had to wash the remains of their night together off. Tyler made no move to leave as she finished up, packing as much as she could. She was able to take quite a bit but still left a lot of stuff. She grabbed her clothes and brushed past Tyler on her way down the hall. Once in the bathroom, Liz went directly to the shower, turned on the water as hot as she could stand it stripped and got in. She let the hot water rush over her, willing all thoughts of what had happened to stay out of her mind. It had been a wonderful night until she had come home and all hell broke loose. Then one small thought of Max crossed her mind and she broke down. Sliding down the side of the shower, she cried. She curled up in the corner, and cried as the water ran over her body.


Sophia Donner waited impatiently for her father to come home. Willard Cates had called him just as he had gotten home from work and asked him to come to the Cates’ house. Sophia knew that it had to do with pack business for him to call him so late, something her father would try to keep her out of. It had been a week since she had showed up in a panic after the incident with Luke. And other than the glowing eyes that night, she hadn’t had anymore symptoms only what she already had. But that night she had almost changed. The thought sent a chill of fear through her followed by a ripple of excitement that she couldn’t quite suppress.

In the past week she had done whatever possible to avoid Luke. In school she didn’t loiter in the halls so not to run into him, and at work she had had other waitresses take his table. When she wasn’t working or at school she had stayed home. She knew the pack had probably heard about her throwing Luke like she did and had felt them watching her. The sound of her father’s SUV pulled her from her thoughts. A few minutes later he came in and Sophia couldn’t interpret the expression he wore. “What did Mr. Cates want to talk to you so badly about?”

Matt Donner sat down on the chair across from where Sophia was sitting on the couch so he could explain. “He wanted to tell me that the pack was finally able to track down your Uncle Jeff, Aunt Nancy, and the twins.”

Sophia gasped. She couldn’t believe what her dad was saying. Her Uncle Jeff had left Wolf Lake eight years ago and she didn’t think that after that long they would find them. She remembered the last time she had seen them, it wasn’t long after her mom had died. She had spent the evening with her dad at their house playing and watching movies with her cousins. She had been lonely after they left. “Are they okay?”

Matt nodded, “Yeah, they were living in a little town in New Mexico, Roswell. They should be here Saturday.”

Although Sophia felt bad that they had been found, she couldn’t help but be somewhat excited. “What did he tell you?”

“Not much. Evidently they’d been there for a few years.” Matt stated. “Sophia, when they get here Michael and Liz are going to stay with us for a while.”

Sophia nodded in understanding. Since her uncle and aunt had run from the pack they were going to be punished for it, which meant they would be locked in seclusion. So that meant her cousins had no place to go, she was glad they would be staying with them. It would give them a chance to catch up. “Dad, have they flipped?”

“Yeah, both of them.” Matt answered. He had tried to keep Sophia away from everything wolf but he wasn’t going to turn his back on his niece and nephew. He would just have to lay some ground rules. “I thought we’d put Michael in the spare room and Liz in with you.”

“That’d be fine. I don’t mind.” Sophia stated. Her mind was reeling from the new development as her dad and her continued to make plans for their houseguests.

posted on 16-Aug-2002 5:53:50 PM
Calinia originally wrote:
Great new part! *happy*

What the hell is "seclusion", and why does it make a shiver run down my spine? I don't like that, not at all. *sad*

Seclusion is kind of like solitary confinement. They are locked away in the woods as punishment.
posted on 17-Aug-2002 6:06:18 PM
Hey guys, I plan on updating this on Monday.

The next several, several parts will be Liz and Michael's lives in Wolf Lake and a little bit about Max's search for them.
posted on 18-Aug-2002 9:54:32 AM
Lillie originally wrote:
Maybe Liz and Sophia will get closer, and Sophia can actually confide into someone, cause it seems that she needs a friend.

Liz and Sophia will get close once Liz gets to Wolf Lake.
posted on 19-Aug-2002 12:37:51 PM
Dedicated to: JDreamer, bubbles (3x), KEmperor, Lillie, roswellluver, marteloise, Calinia (2x), katmcken, Jiggers, BubbleBlueSmurf, and Roswelllostcause.

Liz & Max will be reunited eventually. And as for Tyler, you see some more of him but he gets what is coming to him.

Part 15


“Come on, Liz. Pick up.” Max stated. He had been trying to get a hold of her all day ever since it was clear that her and Michael weren’t at school. Liz never missed school. It was now before the last class and Max was standing at one of the payphones trying to reach her. But no one had answered their phone or her cell phone. Liz said she had been dealing with some family stuff so maybe her parents had called them in so they could spend time together.

He had slept like the dead after she left although he was lonely. He had woken up instantly as he remembered the night before of course the claw marks on his back did not let him forget. He had jumped up in hopes of seeing her as soon as he got to school. Then she hadn’t appeared. He was starting to worry about her and Michael. He saw his sister and his friends approaching them and hung up after the tenth ring.

“Any luck?” Ava asked.

“No.” Max answered. “I’m going to go over to their house. I’ll just feel better.”

Ava and Alex agreed to go with him so they headed out to the Evans’ jeep and were on their way. It wasn’t hard to leave campus since they were allowed to go out for lunch. It didn’t take Max long before he was pulling up in the Parker driveway. He noticed that their dad’s SUV was gone. Nothing looked out of the ordinary but Max felt uneasy. The three jumped out and knocked on the door. No one answered. Ava looked in one of the windows, “Guys, this might sound weird but it looks like someone left the kitchen in a hurry.”

“What do you mean?” Alex asked.

“Well you know how anal Mrs. Parker is about her kitchen, right?”

“Yeah.” Both guys answered.

“Well it doesn’t look like anyone cleaned up last night.” Ava answered.

Max knew he could get in trouble but he tried the door handle. It was locked. “I’m going to try Liz’s balcony door.”

They made their way around the back of the house to the lattice that all of them had used to sneak up to Liz’s balcony. Max knew that nine times out of ten she forgot to lock the door. He tried the handle and it was unlocked. As he lead the way in he instantly noticed how empty the room was. Almost all the personal stuff, pictures etc. that Liz loved to have in her room was gone. The rest of the stuff looked like it had been tossed around half haphazardly. “Alex go check Michael’s room.”

Alex left quickly. Ava saw Max mentally logging everything. She walked over to Liz’s closest and opened it. Most of her clothes except for some of the older worn out ones were gone. “Max, what’s going on? Where’s Michael and Liz?”

“I don’t know, Ava. But it looks like the whole family left in a hurry.” Max stated. “She didn’t say anything about it last night.”

Alex picked that moment to come back, “Michael’s is the same way except maybe more of a mess.”

Something on Liz’s bookshelf caught his eye. It was her copy of Romero and Juliet. He knew she loved that book and couldn’t imagine her leaving it behind. He saw that her bookmark was positioned towards the back and for some reason he read the passage.

But that a joy past joy calls out on me,
It were a grief to part with thee: Farewell.
God knows when we shall meet again.

He didn’t know if it was coincidence or what but he felt like it was Liz’s way of some how saying goodbye to him when she hadn’t been able to. Which meant if she was doing that, she wasn’t coming back.

“Guys, I think we should call Kyle’s dad.” Max stated.


Liz stared absently out the window as they passed the sign stating that Wolf Lake was ten miles ahead. They had been driving a day and a half ever since they left Thursday night. She and Michael were in one SUV with Tyler and one of his men while her parents were in their SUV with the other men. They had separated them so that they wouldn’t try to make a run for it.

Liz noticed that their parents SUV was turning off the main road and heading down a small road deeper into the woods. Then she heard Michael ask, “Where are they going?”

“To drop your parents off. They have to face punishment.” Tyler answered.

Liz and Michael knew what he meant. When someone left and was brought back they were put into a type of solitary confinement. But they weren’t sure where they were going to go.

“Where are we going?” Michael asked gruffly. None of the other wolves were telling them much and he didn’t like that. He liked to know what was going on although he didn’t have to be in control of things like Liz did. He looked over where she was gazing out the window. He was the only one she had willingly talked to since they separated them from their parents. She only talked to the other wolves when she had to. There were a few times when Tyler had made comments to her that Michael knew he had said just to get a rise out of her. But Liz refused to rise to the bait, well most of the time. Neither one of them liked the five wolves who had drug them back.

“I’m taking you two to the Cates house. Mr. Cates wants to meet with you.” Tyler stated.

Next part is Liz and Michael meeting with the Alpha and some of Luke's POV. (For those of you who don't know who Luke is, he is the Alpha's son and Michael and Liz's cousin Sophia's 'boyfriend'.)

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m14 originally wrote:
I don't have many questions although I am confused as all hell.... LOL....*tongue* it's going brilliantly and I am so glad that you updated.


Well once you get caught up just bmail me any questions and I'll answer them for you.
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Dedicated to: Roswelllostcause, marteloise, m14 (2x), Lillie, JaneLane, katmcken, roswellluver, BubbleBlueSmurf, Calinia, and Tean Honey

Lillie: Yep, it was a small clue that she left. With Tyler there she couldn't do too much.

Calinia: The parents will be in seclusion for about six months.

Tean Honey: Unfortuately Wolf Lake is no longer producing new episodes. But UPN did rerun them and maybe will again.

Okay guys as I've said before this story is going to be angsty but behr with me. Max and Liz will be reunited. But before that happens Liz and Michael will have to adjust to living in WOlf Lake.

If anyone has any questions after reading this next part, (It has a few Wolf Lake characters that I explain about who they are) just leave them then check back later for the answer.

Part 16

Luke Cates was just about to head out the door when he heard his father call him from his office, “Luke, I need speak to you.”

Luke internally cursed but made his way into his father’s study. Inside stood his father as well as Sherman Blackstone. “Yeah, Dad.”

“I’m sure you are well aware that Jeff Donner and his family were found and being brought back.”

“Yeah, I heard something about that.” Luke answered. He didn’t think there was any member of the pack who hadn’t heard. The Donners had been gone the longest of any of the pack that had tried to leave. It was big news that they were back.

“Well I know you remember that they have two children your age.”

“Is this going some where?” Luke said impatiently. He knew Sophia was working and would be getting off soon. He was hoping to corner her, make her talk to him. And his dad was taking too long. His dad knew that Luke had been friends with Michael Donner back before they left.

“I want you to make sure that the younger members of the pack do nothing to make them feel like outsiders. They may not have lived here for eight years but they are still pack. They do not deserved to be punished for their parents sins.”

Before Luke could respond they could hear a SUV approaching the house probably carrying the exact people they were talking about. He had to admit that his curiosity was peaked about them. They had lived away for years; they had been able to do what the rest of them hadn’t. Not to mention he wondered how strong they were, if living away had weakened them. “Alright Dad. I’ll talk to them.”

A few minutes later the SUV was parked out front of the house and the three waited for their first glimpses of its occupants.


Liz hopped out behind her brother surprised by the weather. Although it had still been warm when they left Roswell in Wolf Lake it was damp and cool. She glanced up and caught site of the large house that belonged to the Cates. It was beautiful.

“Get moving.” Tyler ordered from behind them. The two saw the other men unloading their stuff as they headed to the front door and waited as Tyler rung the bell. The door was opened a moment later and they were face to face with Willard Cates. Although it had been years Liz could still recognize him from her memories of when she had seen him in her younger days, at church, around town and other so forth. He had a kind face but one that she knew could change to intimidating in a heartbeat. After all he was the Alpha, the most powerful Male of the pack. “Michael, Elizabeth come in.”

Willard looked over the two teens as they made their way in and stood in the foyer. Michael took after his mother in looks but had the aura of his father and uncle. He could tell he was protective of his sister. Elizabeth was shorter than her brother by perhaps a foot and had gotten her dark features from the Donner blood in her. He didn’t fail to notice the ugly bruise that marred her face or the way she glared daggers at Tyler. Willard wasn’t happy knowing that it was probably he that gave it to her.

Liz could see two others were with them as well an Indian man she also recognized, Sherman Blackstone, the keeper of their clan. He knew all the history of their pack. She didn’t get a chance to look over the other guy before Mr. Cates introduced him, “I’m not sure if you two remember him but this is my son Luke.”

“I couldn’t forget Luke, not after some of the stunts he, my brother, and some of their friends pulled.” Liz stated. Luke had been a friend of Michael’s in elementary school. Like them he had grown up, he was pretty cute even more when he half smiled like he was now. She could tell he was thinking about what she said.

Michael looked at his once friend and nodded, “Hey man.”

“Hey.” Luke said back.

“I’ll leave the three of you to get reacquainted for a minute while I speak to Tyler.” Mr. Cates announced. Mr. Cates, Tyler, and Mr. Blackstone all went through a nearby door. Liz figured Tyler was going to give his report on what had happened.

The three teens were left standing in the foyer. Luke took the time to look over the two newest members of his small pack. Michael was probably about six-foot and looked strong. He had a roughness to him that Luke could see he used so people didn’t get too close to him. He had a feeling though either he and Michael would be friends or adversaries. Next he looked over Liz. He had to admit she was hot. She had long dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and a slim body. She had enough similarities to her cousin that Luke thought of Sophia. He could see in both the twins’ eyes that they had flipped, it was something he had come to easily recognize. And remembering the stories he had heard about the Sheriff and his brother when they were younger he didn’t doubt that they were strong in wolfen form.

“Dad might not tell you but most of the younger ones of us go out to the woods at night for runs. It gets pretty wild, if you two are up for it?” Luke challenged.

Liz rolled her eyes, Luke could see her frowning but Michael just said, “I think Liz and I can take anything you can dish out.”

Luke smirked at Michael. Liz looked over the rest of the house as much as she could while she half listened to her brother and Luke talking about different stuff. Her mind was back in Roswell with Max along with her heart. It wasn’t long before Tyler came out of the room they had disappeared into earlier. He grinned at Liz who ignored him before heading out the front door. Liz couldn’t help but shudder when he passed by her something Luke noticed, “You’ll find you’re not the only one without a great opinion of Tyler.”

Mr. Cates appeared then at the door, “Michael, Elizabeth come into my study. There are a few things we need to go over.”

Michael and Liz nodded to Luke in good bye before heading into the study while Luke headed out to his car. The windshield had been repaired a few days ago so he was able to drive to the lodge in hopes of talking to Sophia.


Luke and Liz will not like each other as more than friends, just in case any of you guys were thinking that.




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Dedicated to :roswellluver, Calinia (2x), TeanHoney, marteloise, Lillie, Roswelllostcause, m14, PrincessRoswellian, and KEmperor

Part 17

As Michael and Liz made their way into Mr. Cates’ study they noticed that his wife had joined them as well. Liz knew Vivian Cates on sight; she was an intimidating woman. “Hello, Mrs. Cates.”

“Hello Elizabeth. Hello Michael. Nice to see you back in Wolf Lake.”

Michael and Liz took their seats across a large desk from Mr. Cates and Mr. Blackstone. “A lot has happened over the last few days to both of you but now you need to get settled into you lives here. You know that your parents will be in seclusion for a while so in the mean time you will be staying with your Uncle Matt.”

Despite her sour mood Liz couldn’t help but smile a little at finding out where they would be staying. At least they wouldn’t be staying with some member of the pack that they didn’t know plus she knew her Uncle Matt wouldn’t be downing humans to them. After all he married one, her Aunt Marie.

“Since you just arrived you won’t be expected to attend the church on the hill tomorrow but I expect to see you both next Sunday.” Mr. Cates continued. Liz could hear Michael faintly groan knowing he would have to get up early on Sunday mornings and Michael was not a morning person. “And you’ll start classes on Monday.”

“Monday you will go to the office and arrange your classes but no matter what you will have me for pack education fifth period with me.” Mr. Blackstone stated.

“What about our parents? Will we get to see them at all?” Michael asked.

“You’ll be able to see your parents once a week for two hours.” Mr. Cates stated. “Once they are out of punishment probably a few months, the four of you will move into your own house.” They could hear yet another vehicle approaching when Mr. Cates stated, “There is you Uncle now.”

A few minutes passed before the front door opened and an older man came into the study. Except for looking a few years older his face had not changed, Liz smiled before running to him. “Uncle Matt.”

Matt Donner caught his niece and hugged her tightly. She and her brother had always been like his own and despite the circumstances, he was glad to see them. They pulled away and Matt looked down at her. “I can’t believe how much you look like your Grandma Claudia.”

Liz smiled at him for the comment about looking like his and her father’s mother. “Daddy says that all the time.”

“It’s true.” Matt answered. He too noticed the bruise but decided to ask Liz or Michael about it later. “I know you two and Sophia are the same ages but I was still half expecting to see a little girl when I came in here. Do you still go by Lizzie?”

“Liz.” Liz said before moving out of her brother’s way so he could greet their uncle.

Michael wasn’t sure at first what to do. A part of him wanted to do the same as his sister but the fact that he was a guy who didn’t show his emotions much held him back. That didn’t stop his uncle though. Matt grabbed him into a big bear hug. When they broke apart Matt looked him over; “Well I think you got all the height between you and your sister.”

“She’s just a little pipsqueak.” Michael joked.

Liz smacked him on the arm as their uncle looked towards where Mr. and Mrs. Cates and Mr. Blackstone were watching the family reunion. Their uncle created the adults before saying. “I already loaded all of their stuff that was outside so if everything has been covered I’d liked to get them settled. Sophia should be home from work by the time we get there.”

“I think we went over everything what we didn’t I’m sure they can find out from you.” Mr. Cates stated. He dismissed them a few minutes later and Liz and Michael followed their uncle out.


Sophia wiped down the diner counter for the tenth time in the last fifteen minutes. She couldn’t help it, she was nervous. Today was the day her cousins would be back. They had been close but she hadn’t seen them in eight years. What would they be like? Her dad had told her that they had both made the ‘change’. Would they treat her like other members of the pack did, like a half-breed? From what she remembered she couldn’t imagine either of them acting like that but people changed. She glanced up at the clock and saw that she had only fifteen minutes until she was supposed to be off. The diner was almost empty, only a few people were there. She turned to wipe off the counter behind her when she felt Luke enter. He was watching her again; she could feel his eyes on her back.

She could hear him walk up and take a seat at the counter, “You know you can’t keep ignoring me.”

“I sure can try.” Sophia stated turning around. She was still mad at him for the little scene in front of Scott. She had been having a great time with Scott and he had even kissed her. But then Luke Cates had the nerve to come and tell her that he was taking her away. All because he didn’t want her to go out with a human even if she was half.

“Why are you still mad?” Luke asked.

“Oh, I don’t know maybe because you ruined my date by acting like a Neanderthal?” Sophia said sarcastically. “Like you were some big caveman that had the right to drag off what you thought was yours?”

Before he could say anything Sophia threw down the rag and said, “You know what Luke? I’m not going to get into this with you. I’ve too much other stuff on my mind.”

Luke looked at her and could see she was worried over something. And he thought he knew what. “You’re thinking about your cousins aren’t you?”

Sophia’s eyes snapped up but she said nothing. Her reaction proved Luke’s statement right. “I saw them. They were at the house talking to my Dad.”

“What did you think of them?” Sophia asked momentarily forgetting she was upset with Luke.

“Michael seemed cool but Liz seemed a little I don’t know mad I guess.” Luke said shrugging.

“Well wouldn’t you be? Knowing Tyler I doubt he was friendly when he drug them back.” Sophia said. She glanced up at the clock. “My shifts over.”

Sophia headed to the back to change into her street clothes before sneaking out the back door hoping to avoid Luke. She wanted to try and get home before her dad. They had already cleaned the house up and Sophia thought she’d start dinner so they could all eat together.

Luke knew that Sophia snuck out the back door to avoid him. He needed to figure out how to talk to her. Luke shook his head in exasperation. There’s no doubt that he was attracted to her. He’d never reacted with anyone the way he did with her. The night last week was completely unlike him. He had a bad temper, yes, but he had never gotten upset just because some girl that he wanted to fuck went out on a date. Other times he would’ve just laughed and waited for the girl to come to him not stalking her and then beating up her date. But if he was completely honest with himself, he’d have to admit that he cared about Sophia Donner a lot, maybe too much.



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Dedicated to: Bubbles, m14, JaneLane, roswellluver, CaNdiE ChaOs, and Calinia.

Part 18

“I know you guys just got here but I have to lay down some rules while you stay with us.” Matt stated as he drove them to his house. He saw both of the twins nod so he went on. “You guys will be in at curfew, go to school on time, keep up your grades, the usual stuff. But I want to add some. I know you both have gone through the change and I know you’ll want to go on runs through the woods and as long as you stay out of trouble and obey the curfew rules, we won’t have a problem. But no flipping in the house, okay?”

“Got it.” Michael answered just as Liz said, “Sure, Uncle Matt.”

“I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. Things are probably going to be a little strange for you two here. The pack is going to be weary of you, you’re not outsiders but you have been living away. Most of the humans around here aren’t going to be like the ones you’re used to living around. They know about us, and they might shy away from you. Not all of them but they might.” Matt finished saying. “Now Michael you’ll be in the guestroom and Liz will be bunking in with Sophia. If that is okay?”

“That’d be fine.” Liz answered. She wondered if Sophia would have email, maybe she could get a message to Max. She wouldn’t tell him where she was but that she was okay and that she loved him. She’d also tell him how sorry she was that she left. Of course then it would probably bring up more questions for him about her. Maybe it’d be better if she didn’t talk to him. But it was hard. She had only been just over a day but to her it seemed like forever.

They pulled up outside of the house. Neither one could see too much of a difference since the last time they had been there except everything seemed smaller. Like things tend to when you remember them through the eyes of a child. Liz grabbed her backpack and purse to follow her uncle and brother to the front door.

Sophia watched from the front window and saw her cousins with her dad, she had heard his Explorer coming a block away and felt her anxiety heighten. ‘Calm down, they’re just your cousins.’ Sophia chastised herself. She was hopping her and Liz as well as Michael could be close. Then maybe she wouldn’t feel like such an outsider. And she could talk to someone else besides Luke about flipping.

The three made their way inside. Liz saw Sophia waiting nervously in the middle of the living room. Liz could see a lot of the same girl that she used to always play with in her face especially with the glasses. But like everyone else she had changed over the years. She gave her cousin the warmest smile she could, “Hey Sophia.”

Sophia smiled back, “Hey Liz.”

“I think this is the quietest I’ve ever seen two girls be in one room.” Michael joked. They all laughed which broke the uneasiness. Liz and Sophia moved to hug then Sophia went to hug Michael, “I see you haven’t changed any Goober.”

“Hey, just because I haven’t seen you in years does not give you the right to call me horrible kid nicknames.”

“Yes it does.” Sophia stated. She was glad everything seemed to be okay with the three of them. “Dinner’s almost ready. If you guys want to sit down, I’ll get it.”

“I’ll help.” Liz said following Sophia into the kitchen. Sophia showed her around the kitchen, where stuff was and they both headed out with the food.

As they sat down to eat Liz asked, “Uncle Matt said you just off work before we got here. Where do you work?”

“I’m a waitress over at the Lodge.” Sophia answered.

“Do you think I could get a job there? I used to waitress back home, in Roswell.” Liz said. She might be living in Wolf Lake but she still considered Roswell home.

Sophia smiled. She liked the thought of Liz working with her. “I’m not sure but I could talk to Rusty and see. We can even go tomorrow.”

“That would be great especially if I don’t have to wear antennas.” Liz stated.

Their uncle choked slightly on his food, “Antennas?”

Michael chuckled, “The restaurant we both worked out cashed in on the whole crash rumor. They had alien stuff everywhere.”

“Yeah, we had to wear these sea foam colored dresses with aprons that looked like large silver alien heads and antenna headbands. Not the best look.” Liz explained.

“Well our uniforms are pretty plain. And no headbands.” Sophia stated.

“Then somebody up there loves me.”

Part 19

By the time dinner was over they had caught up on quite a bit. Michael and Liz talked about how they had done in school, Liz with her sciences and Michael with his art, and told them about their parents. They didn’t go into the personal stuff though. Their uncle and Sophia caught them up on the happening of Wolf Lake. When they were finished with dinner and clean up it was late and their uncle took Michael to the guestroom while Sophia took Liz to her room that they’d be sharing.

“I cleared out some room for your clothes and stuff. I wasn’t sure how much stuff you’d be allowed to bring.” Sophia said cursing herself for reminding Liz that she had been torn away from her home.

Liz saw Sophia cringe at her own words, “Tyler let us bring as much as we could pack up, I still had to leave quite a bit of stuff behind. And it’s okay. I don’t want you to feel like you have to be on pins and needles about what you say. I don’t mind talking about it, it even helps.”

As Liz started to unpack Sophia pulled a photo album out from under her bed and said, “I got all of your postcards. I saved them and put them in here.”

Liz was shocked that Sophia still had them. Against the better judgement of her parents Liz had started sending Sophia postcards right after they left. She’d buy them to show where they had gone even after they had settled in Roswell and had gone on summer trips. They were left blank with only Sophia’s name and address; she had done that so at first glance no one would know who they were from. The only place she hadn’t sent one from was Roswell. She flipped through the pages and smiled at the memories. There was even one she had sent the past summer when her friends, Michael, Max and her had taken a road trip to San Antonio and gone to Six Flags. She pointed at it and said, “Everyone wanted to ride Joker’s Revenge for the thousandth time so I acted like I needed to go to the bathroom and sent that. It was a great trip.”

“Sounds like fun.” Sophia stated. “You know I was worried about how you and Michael would be when you got here.”

“Why?” Liz asked as she moved back over to her bed.

“Well Dad told me you two had flipped and most of the pack here ignores humans as much as they can and since I’m half….” Sophia trailed off. She felt like she didn’t fit in with the pack or with humans.

“You thought I would ignore you.” Liz finished. “Hey, most of my favorite people are humans. They’re just like me just less fur.”

Sophia laughed at Liz’s statement. “I wish the rest of the pack felt the same way.”

“Can I ask you a question?” Liz asked.


“I know you haven’t flipped but have you shown any symptoms?” Liz asked.

“How do you know I haven’t flipped?”

“Just a feeling. I don’t think Uncle Matt would make a rule that we couldn’t flip in the house if you had.” Liz explained.

“You’re right, I haven’t. And yes, I have shown some signs over the last few weeks.” Sophia said.

“Let me guess? Over sensitive senses, glowing eyes?” At Sophia’s nod Liz went on. “I first flipped just over a week ago so it’s easy to remember. Michael’s first was a month ago.”

“What was it like?”

“I won’t lie, it was painful as hell. I knew what to expect I had been there when Michael flipped. I was at a party when it started; thankfully Michael was close by and got me out of there. But after I got through the first time, it was like for the first time I was finally fitting into my skin. I had always wanted a normal life even denied it that I was going through the change but I found that by doing that I denied myself a part of me. I could still be a Skinwalker and live my life.”

“So it didn’t freak you out about loosing control and becoming an animal?”

Liz shrugged, “After the first time you get control.”

“Someone told me that having sex can jumpstart it.”

“My parents told me the same thing, they wanted me to be careful when I was with…someone.” Liz said. “But you don’t have to. Is there anything else you want to know?”

“Not right now.”

“Well if you do, just ask me.” Liz said.

“Am I going to have to hear the two of you yacking all night?” They heard Michael ask from the doorway. Liz and Sophia both grabbed pillows and threw them at him. He caught both of them as he moved forward. He plopped down on the floor in front and leaned back on Liz’s legs. His room was right next to theirs and had heard them talking. “I’ll never get any sleep if you two are up talking.”

“Yeah, right. You sleep like the dead.” Liz said rolling her eyes.

“Well at least I don’t talk in my sleep. Or do you not remember the last time you did when other people were around?” Michael teased. Liz’s eyes widened in remembrance of the time Isabel and Ava stayed over and she accidentally called out Max’s name when she was sleeping. She grabbed another pillow and started hitting him with it of course Michael retaliated and when Sophia joined in it became an all-out fight. They only stopped when they heard Matt clear his throat. They all looked at him like little kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Matt smiled at the kids, “Your parents got settled and since their SUV just got dropped off since they won’t be able to use it.”

“Does that mean Liz and I get to use it?” Michael asked.

Matt dangled the keys; “Yup but you have to share it.”

He tossed them to Michael but Liz snatched them before he could catch them. “I think I better keep these. Michael has a tendency to loose stuff.”

Matt nodded while Michael scowled. It wasn’t long before Michael and Matt left. Both girls changed into their sleeping clothes and went to bed.


I'm going to try and write a part from back in Roswell but I'm having trouble with it. Calinia gave me a few ideas though so I'm going to work on it.

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Calinia originally wrote:
How many humans are there in Wolf Lake? Do they mingle with the wolves? Are they allowed to leave the town? Aren't the wolves scared that their secret might be in danger if humans know about it?

Well, post more soon, can't wait for more. *angel*

I'm not exactly sure how many humans are actually there but the town is split in about half and half. They do mingle with the wolves though not many like them.

The humans are allowed to leave only the wolves have to stay to protect the pack.

As for why the humans keep the secret, it's basically out of fear I think. They know the wolves would probably come after them.
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Dedicated to: Calinia (2x), KEmperor, m14, roswellluver, Lillie, and A Rose Is True Blue

Part 20

Takes place at the same time as Liz/Michael's reunion with Sophia

Max lay in his room on his bed listening to his stereo ignoring his sister’s insistent knocking. It had been a few days since he, Alex, and Ava had found out that Liz and her family was gone. They had called Kyle’s dad, the town Sheriff, and reported what they had found. They had gotten reamed for leaving school early and going into the house but had admitted that everything looked suspicious. The department wouldn’t do an official investigation until they had been gone a week but the Sheriff had looked into it on his own time. He was friends with both the Parkers and was curious what had happened. With Max’s dad’s help they had started looking into what might had happened. There was no sign of a struggle although there was some places in the backyard that had been trampled like someone had possibly been watching. But that was it, no word from any of them.

There were a couple of strange things his dad and the sheriff had found. Their bank accounts were worked to go into a frozen state if not used for in a month; something that was unusual except for people who left the country for extended periods of time. His dad had also found out that the house contract had a clause that it was to be reclaimed by the bank if the Parkers were to somehow become missing for the same amount of time. It was suspicious, like the Parkers had planned for the possibility that they would disappear.

Isabel gave up doing the polite thing by knocking and just barged in. She headed right to Max’s stereo and turned down the Counting Crows. She then turned to where her brother laid on the bed. She, along with almost everyone else was worried about him. While their friends missed Michael and Liz, Max had been hit hardest. He had been going to school and work but they could tell he was just going through the motions. The only time his mood changed was when he was working to find Liz. “Max, Mom wants you for dinner.”

“I’ll be out in a few minutes.” Max muttered.

“No, you’ll come out now.” Isabel stated. She moved to sit down next to him on the bed. “Max, Liz is one of my best friends and I miss her just like you do but I think you might want to face it that she’s not coming back.”

“Isabel, something happened to them. They didn’t just disappear.” Max stated.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because Liz wouldn’t be with me one night then just leave if she had a choice.” Max muttered more to himself but his sister heard.

Isabel had already figured out that Max and Liz had slept together the night before it was discovered that the Parkers were gone. Max’s statement only confirmed it. “Max, I don’t think she would but maybe she wanted to say goodbye.”

Max felt his anger rise at his sister. "Get out."

"Max." Isabel started to say but Max got up and started leading her to the door. "I said get out."

Max opened the door to push his sister out of the room but saw his dad was on the other side. "Hey dad."

"Hey kids. I was wondering if we could talk?"

There was something about the expression on his dad's face that told Max it was serious, "Sure Dad."

The three made their way back inside Max's room and sat down. When they were sitting when he started, "Jim and I found out more information on Michael and Liz."

"What? Did you find out where they might be?" Max asked enthusiastically.

"No, we were looking into their records and found that the birth certificates are fake." Philip explained.

Max and Isabel were in shock. "Fake?"

"Yes, it appears that the Parkers forged the records probably when they came to town." Philip stated.

"But why?" Max asked.

"I don't know Max. There could be several reasons. They couldn't use the real ones or it's entirely possible that Liz and Michael aren't even the Parkers kids."

Max shook his head. "No, I know that they are their kids. I've seen their baby pictures."

"Me, too. And they look like their parents." Isabel added.

"Well kids, the only other thing I can come up with is when they came to Roswell they were running from something and it caught up with them. Jim and I will keep looking but we're reaching nothing but dead ends. I don't know what else we could do. I'll tell your mom you’ll be out in a few minutes." Philip said before leaving.

"Max, do you think what Dad said is true? That the Parkers were running from something?" Isabel asked.

Max reached over and picked up a picture of Liz off his side table. It was right next to a group photo. "I don't know Iz. It would explain a lot.”

As they went out, Max’s mind was running a mile a minute, had Liz been hiding some big secret from him?


The next day-Wolf Lake

Matt let the kids sleep in the next day knowing they probably hadn’t slept much in the previous days. Sophia was first up then Liz. Michael came trudging in shortly after. He stumbled over to where the coffeepot sat. “Morning.”

“Actually its afternoon.” Matt stated.

“Whatever.” Michael muttered half asleep.

“Well I have to get ready to go to the station. You kids be okay?”

“We’ll be fine. Sophia said she was going to take us around Wolf Lake, you know get familiar with it again.” Liz answered.

“Good. Then I’ll see you later.” Matt said before kissing Sophia on the head and leaving the room.


“And this is the wonderful Lodge diner.” Sophia said jokingly. Her, Liz and Michael had gotten an even later start than they had planned since all three of them had to eat, shower etc. By the time that they reached the lodge it was early evening and the diner was almost empty. The patrons that were there made Sophia loose her joking mood.

Liz felt Sophia tense up, “What?”

“Nothing.” Sophia said. Liz looked in the direction that Sophia had been looking at. She saw a group of four teenagers, a girl and three guys, one of who was Luke Cates. Because they were with him she knew they were pack. As she watched them play pool she saw Luke look up at them and smirk before yelling, “Michael, want to play?”

Michael looked over at the group then back at his sister and cousin, “Grab me when you guys are done.”

Liz nodded and Michael headed over to the table. Liz noticed that the other three members of the pack were watching them closely, two guys, one girl, and the guys focusing mostly on Michael while the girl was on Liz. Liz also noticed that Luke watched neither one of them. His focus was solely on Sophia in more than a friend’s way. Sophia pulled on her arm, “Come on, let’s go talk to Rusty.”

Michael watched the girls go through the back door to what he figured was the kitchen as he walked up to the pool table. He like Liz knew that they were pack. He nodded to Luke, “Who should I play?”

“Me. The rest of these guys don’t give any competition. This is Sean, Randy, and the blonde is Presley.” Luke stated, “And you guys know this is Michael Donner.”

The guys nodded towards Michael while Presley smiled at him in a way that Michael figured she thought was sexy. Michael sort of remembered the three of them from before.

“So I guess Liz is going to get a job here.” Luke said.

“Yeah, Sophia took her to talk to her boss.” Michael stated as he watched Luke break.

“Damn, Mikey your sister is hot.” Sean stated. He had caught sight of Liz Donner the moment she walked in the door. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her until she had disappeared behind the door; he’d definitely have to talk to her soon.

“For one thing, don’t call me Mikey, secondly she is not hot, she is my sister. That excludes her from the hot category, got me?” Michael said as he took his shot. He eyed Sean to see what he’d say.

“Gotcha ya.” Sean stated. The game went for awhile Michael and Luke tied in the number of balls left on the table.

"So it must be a bitch living with the Sheriff and the half-breed." Presley stated

Michael couldn’t believe the nerve of this girl but before he could say anything he heard his sister’s voice behind him. “Who do you think you are calling Sophia that?”

Michael, Presley and the three boys turned to see that Sophia and Liz had came back out. Liz was standing with her hands on her hips and Michael could tell Presley was in for it. Not that she didn’t deserve it, Michael would have stepped in but his sister was scary when she was like this. Michael and Liz were very protective of each other but also of their friends and family.

Liz was fuming despite the good mood she had just been in when Rusty had told her she had the job. Nope that happiness had flown out the window when she had come back and heard some girl calling her cousin such a horrid name.

Presley just eyed the new female, instantly not liking her. No one spoke to her like that. “You haven’t been around here for awhile so I’ll let that slide this once.”

“You can let whatever you want to slide but I’m not. You have no right to call Sophia names.” Liz stated.

“And whose going to stop me? You? I don’t think so.” Presley challenged.

Liz took the challenge and stepped forward. “I doubt you think at all.”

Liz could see that she had struck a nerve at what she said, that was when Luke stepped up. “Both of you cool it.”

“But Luke…” Presley started to argue.

“Zip it Presley. Liz is right, Sophia is one of us and should be treated like it.” Luke stated in a tone that left no room for argument.

Sophia grabbed Liz’s arm and started to pull her away. “Let’s get out of here. You still have some stuff to unpack to get ready for school tomorrow.”

Liz looked to Michael; he nodded to and said, “Go on. I’ll be home soon.”

Liz knew he was going to make sure Presley didn’t run her mouth after they left so she conceded and the two headed out the door.

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mpls muse originally wrote:
I would love to see Liz make Presley shut her mouth!!!! Better yet, I hope when Sophie flips she takes care of it herself!

Great story!


I thought about having Sophia deal with Presley but I'm going to have Liz do it instead. It'll be a way for her to prove herself to the pack although that's not why she does it.
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Dedicated to: mpls muse, marteloise, Calinia, Roswelllostcause, KEmperor, roswellluver, and ofwolfandman408.

Just curious, am I boring people with the lack of dreamer parts?

CaNdiE ChaOs here's the part you've been waiting for.

Part 21

"God, are all female pack like that? Or is that just Presley?" Liz asked furiously as soon as they were out the door of the lodge.

"Please don't consider all of us in the same category as her." Liz and Sophia heard another voice say, a female one. They turned to look at the person who had spoke. It was a girl about their age, blonde hair down to her shoulder and green eyes. "Let me guess, Presley running her mouth again. Acting all high and mighty?"

"Doesn't know how to shut her mouth." Liz stated.

"I think I like you." The blonde said. "I'm Maria, Maria Deluca."

"I'm Liz..."

"Donner. I know. News travels fast Wolf Lake especially with members of the pack." Maria finished.

"Really?" Liz asked.

"Girl, you're the hottest news this town has seen in months. After all your family was the second capture this year." Maria stated.

"Who else?" Liz asked.

"Ruby Cates. It was over half a year ago though." Maria explained.

"Ruby Cates? As in the Alpha's daughter?" Liz asked.

"Yep." Maria stated. "You and I are going to be good friends, I'll keep you up on all the gossip."

"Maria was in a different elementary class than us before so you probably don't remember her." Sophia stated. She liked Maria. She was always so nice just like her friend Sara despite the fact Sophia was only half wolf. They didn't appear to look down on her like most of the others.

"Well I hope we're in lots of classes now." Liz said. Maria seemed cool, and she had a feeling that they could be friends.

"If I don't see you before, I'll see you in Mr. Blackstone's class. Now I better get inside before they call off my set." Maria stated.

"Set?" Liz asked.

"Maria sings in the bar. She's really good."

"Ain't too many places to sing in Wolf Lake so I do it every chance I get. Bye." Maria waved before heading inside.

Liz and Sophia started heading for home. Since Sophia had been showing them around town and it was small, the three of them had walked there so now they had to walk back. They hadn't been walking about five minutes when Liz said, "Okay, I've got to know. What is up with you and Luke?"

"There's nothing between me and Luke." Sophia said a little too quickly.

"Uh Huh. That's why he didn't take his eyes off you the whole time we were there?" Liz teased.

Sophia sighed, "To tell you the truth I'm not sure. He's goes back and forth. It's like one minute he acts like he likes me then the next he's..." She trailed off.

"He's what?" Liz asked.

Sophia tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and said, "Over the last few months I've been talking to Luke about changing. You know stuff that Dad won't talk about. We got closer and then one night he invited me to a rave out at the lake. I took it as us going together. When I got there I couldn't find him right off and danced with Randy, the taller blonde that was with Luke. After the dance he pointed me in Luke's direction. I wondered into the woods and saw him having sex with Presley."

"NNNOOO." Liz said interrupting.

Sophia nodded. "I took off, ran. Later he told me he had sex with her because she was there. That he was with her because I had told him that I wasn't ready and he was respecting my decision."

"What a bunch of shit." Liz stated.

"And then he ruined my date. I went out with this guy from school, Scott, a human. We had just gotten done eating pizza and were walking down the street. Scott and I began to kiss when Luke came tearing down the street in his car. He jumped out, threw Scott away and tried to drag me back to his car like I was his." Sophia explained.

"So he could bang someone else but you couldn't date? How one-sided." Liz said.

"I was so mad at him. I grabbed him and flung him back into his car. He went through the windshield of his car." Sophia said.

"Oh God." Liz said unable to hole back a little bit of laughter at the thought of her cousin tossing the Alpha's son like that. Then it hit her how she had done it. "That's what you were talking about when you said you had symptoms."

Sophia nodded. "I ran to the station wanting dad's help. He told me my eyes were glowing. He got me calmed down and I haven't had another episode like that since."

"Sophia, I'm speaking from experience when I say once you go that far you're going to flip." Liz stated. "There's no going back."

"I'm just scared, it's not Dad has been forth coming with answers and he basically tried to bar be from seeing Luke." Sophia stated.

"Speaking of Luke again, what happened after he went all territorial and you calmed down?" Liz asked.

"Nothing. I've avoided him as best I could and when I couldn't I spoke in monosyllabic answers." Sophia answered.

"And what do you want to happen?" Liz asked.

"What do you mean?"

"With Luke. It's obvious you still like him despite what's happened. So what are you going to do about it?" Liz asked. Normally she wouldn't want her cousin to get involved with someone who had already hurt her but she could tell that Luke Cates was where Sophia's heart was set on.

"I don't know, what do you think?"

"I think if you want to be with him, fight for him. But let him suffer for a little bit so he knows that he can't hurt you again." Liz said. "Then once he's suffered grab on to him and never let go."

Sophia looked at Liz and asked, "You had to let go didn't you? When you left Roswell you were forced to let him go."

"Yeah," Liz answered. They arrived at the house and saw that they were the only ones home. They went in through the kitchen door and Sophia grabbed a container of ice cream out of the freezer and two spoons. "Why don't you tell me about him?"

Liz grabbed a spoon and sat down deciding she needed to talk to someone.


The song in this part is Kissing You (Love Theme from Romeo + Juliet) by Des'ree

A voice from the lounge across from the diner caused Michael to look up from the pool table. The voice was sultry as it sung. “What is that?”

“What?” Randy asked.

“That singing.” Michael said.

“That just the singer in the lounge.” Luke answered. “Come on.”

The five of them headed for the lounge. As they entered Michael’s attention was drawn to the stage. He caught sight of a beautiful blonde. She was a few inches taller than his sister with a curvy body and full lips. Lips that moved over the words she sang.

Pride can stand a thousand trials
The strong will never fall
But watching stars without you
My soul cry

Heaving hard is full of pain
Oooh, oooh, the aching
'Cause I'm kissing you, oooh
I'm kissing you, oooh

Maria put everything she had into her singing. She loved to sing, if she could leave Wolf Lake she’d probably go to New York to pursue a career. But that wouldn’t be. Maria looked up at the audience and caught sight of some teen pack had come in. She caught site of one she didn’t recognize and knew that he had to be Michael Donner. He was tall with spiky hair and a smirk on his face she was sure was always there. She had to say he was good looking, extremely so. It would be nice to have a little change in the regular guys in Wolf Lake.

Touch me deep, pure and true
Give to me forever
'Cause I'm kissing you, oooh
I'm kissing you, oooh

Where are you now
Where are you now
'Cause I'm kissing you
I'm kissing you, oooh

Michael couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Michael was starting to be able to tell humans and wolves apart on site. And by the way she seemed to be staring back at him, with an animal quality she was most definitely wolf. He needed to find out about her, “Who is she?”

Luke was the one to answer him, “Her name’s Maria Deluca, she’s same age as us. She’s Sean’s cousin.”

Maria’s song ended and the room was filled in applause. Michael was about to head over to her and talk to her when Luke grabbed his arm. “Her set just started. She’ll be up there for awhile. You can catch her after or tomorrow at school.”

Michael nodded. They went back to play some more pool. He didn’t get a chance to see Maria, she must have slipped out when she was done. He would have to find her at school.


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Calinia originally wrote:
I loved the instant attraction that Michael felt towards Maria. Can't wait to see something developing between them. Will their relationship be like on the show?

Maria is a little different in this then on the show. SHe's a little more confident and aggressive? I guess that's the best way to word it. She knows what she wants and goes after it.
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Dedicated to: KEmperor, Calinia (2x), Lillie, m14 (2x), mpls muse, JDreamer, roswellluver, Roswelllostcause, Asabetha, and CaNdiE ChaOs.

Part 22

Liz dug her spoon in and pulled out a large bite as she thought of where to start. “His name is Max. I met him the first day we moved to Roswell. We were unpacking when the doorbell rang. I ran to answer it and when I opened the door there stood a woman with two kids, a dark haired little boy and a blonde girl. It was Max and Isabel. They were there to welcome us. They lived close by and saw us moving in. Michael and Dad joined us and the four of us became friends. Later they introduced us to another three of their friends and we became inseparable. Max and I were really close friends, we talked and spent a lot of time together. I knew I was falling in love with him but didn’t want to ruin our friendship. Then a year ago that Max and I became more. We were studying when he suddenly kissed me.”

Sophia smiled she could see the love in Liz’s eyes when she talked about Max, “Sounds sweet.”

“It was. Mom, Dad, and Michael gave me a hard time at first but I’m stubborn and I won. They let me date Max without giving me a hard time.” Liz explained.

“And Max didn’t know that you were a wolf?” Sophia asked as the two girls cleaned up the kitchen and headed upstairs.

“No, I never said anything. Except for Mom and Dad's enhanced senses being able to pick up when we were getting ‘excited’ while we were making out nothing ever came up until I first flipped. That party I was at? I was with Max at the time.” Liz explained as she looked over her stuff she had yet to unpack. She tossed everything on the floor deciding to do it later. But did grab a picture of Max to show Sophia. She knew Sophia had seen the pictures but Liz hadn’t told her who any of them were. “That’s him.”

“He’s cute.” Sophia stated. “So when you first started to flip, he didn’t see you?”

“Nope, thanks to Michael. But until I got the hang of it I put some distance between us. We had just gotten back together the night Tyler showed up.” Liz said thinking about the time she had spent in Max’s bed. She could still feel his lips, the softness and the heat of his skin, and the pure ecstasy he had brought to her body. She was thinking of it so much she almost didn’t hear Sophia’s question. “Did you two ever…..?”

“Sleep together?” Liz finished.


“The night we had to leave. So it ended up being the best and worse night of my life.” Liz said as she settled into bed. It wasn’t long before she was asleep dreaming of Max.


The next day Liz woke up by her alarm disturbing a very pleasant dream involving Max. Then she started to feel nervous about school. She didn't know what to expect. She dressed simply in a pair of black hiphuggers and a white babydoll shirt. She left her hair down and put on some light makeup. The last thing she put on was a silver necklace Ava had given her. She grabbed her backpack, which only held a few notebooks and pens and headed out of the room. Sophia had gone to get ready in the bathroom after Liz was done so Liz headed to see how her brother was. She knocked lightly on his door and heard a mumble that she took as for her to come in. She opened the door and saw Michael was sprawled across his bed in his boxers. She would have thought he hadn't gotten up at all if his hair hadn't been wet. He and their uncle were sharing one bathroom while Sophia and Liz shared another. She hopped on the bed and started jumping up and down. "Wake up! Wake up!"

"Liz, if you love me you'll stop." Michael pleaded.

Liz plopped down next to him. "You have ten minutes to get downstairs for breakfast and then another fifteen before we leave. Come on, I'll even pick out your clothes."

"Great," Michael mumbled. Liz went to her brother's closet and started going through his clothes. She picked out a simple black T-shirt, a pair of jeans and his black doc martens. She kicked Michael's leg and dropped his clothes on him before leaving. She headed downstairs and into the kitchen where their uncle was making breakfast. Sophia and Michael joined them shortly after then the kids headed to school. Michael parked the truck and they headed inside.

Michael, Liz, and Sophia entered the building and began moving towards the office. The normal humans felt their hair stand up on end as they watched them move, although they did not know why. The Pack did. This was the first time most of them had seen the twins since they had been back so they looked them over. Both were moving with the swift, fluid, and grace of wolves. A few of the smarter Skinwalkers quickly reevaluated their opinions of Liz and Michael. They would be someone to reckon with. They might not have lived in Wolf Lake all of their life but they was far from weak.

"Here you guys go. There's two dean of students, one for each group. You're supposed to talk to Mr. Devane. He'll get your schedules together." Sophia explained. "I'll be back after first period to show you where your classes are."

"Thanks Sophia." Liz said. Sophia hurried off to her locker and the two went into the office. Mr. Devane was waiting for them. After finding out what classes they were in at their school in Roswell and looking through the classes available Liz and Michael were able to get their schedules by the end of the period. They walked out and saw Sophia as well as Maria waiting for them. "Hey petunia. Sophia told me you were getting your schedule and I just had to see what classes they stuck you with."

Michael couldn't believe that the girl he'd been eyeing last night was standing right in front of him and apparently knew his sister. He watched Sophia and Maria look over Liz's schedule before Liz remembered Michael didn't know Maria. "Maria, this is my brother, Michael. Michael this is Maria Deluca."

"Hey." Michael greeted as Sophia snagged his schedule to look it over.

"Articulate aren't we?" Maria joked. "We better get to class. I'll see you in fifth, Liz. Bye Sophia."

"Actually Michael's in the same English class as you, think you could show him the way?" Sophia asked.

"Sure, come on." Maria said trying to lead Michael down the hall. It was bustling with kids and Michael could see they were all trying to check out the new kid. But his attention was on Maria. "So you must have made quiet an impression."

"What?" Michael asked confused.

"I noticed you hanging out with Luke Cates and his little group last night including my cousin Sean. They're usually pretty selective about whose allowed in their group. And didn't think you'd been here long enough to impress them that much." Maria stated.

"Luke and I used to be friends before we moved away and he was the first our age we saw when we first came back, including Sophia. Luke and I get along and the other two are okay. It's better than spending all of my time with females."

"And what is wrong with females?" Maria asked as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Uh," Michael stuttered, "Nothing. It's just I'm used to having guys around to hang out with."

Maria smiled and leaned in close to his ear and asked in a husky voice, "And would hanging out with me alone be so terrible?"

Michael gulped. He was completely confused now. One minute this girl was getting mad because she thought he was insulting women then the next she was almost coming on to him. Not to mention he felt tongue-tied with her, something he never was. Finally he did untangle his tongue. "No, that wouldn't be bad at all."

"Good to know. Here's our class." Maria said pointing to a door then to a teacher next to it. "Ms. Topolsky, this is a new student, Michael Donner."

Then before Michael could get in another word Maria ducked into the classroom leaving him with the teacher. The teacher told him the information he needed to know as well as gave him a seat. Michael groaned when he saw it was on the opposite side as Maria.

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Dedicated to: mpls muse, Calinia (2x), brianna, roswellluver, Asabetha, KEmperor, m14, JaneLane, and CaNdiE ChaOs.

Part 23

Liz made her way to fifth period. Her classes so far were pretty good. Her and Sophia had the same classes so she had someone to talk to and didn't have to sit by herself. Michael was in history as well. But now she knew Sophia wasn't in her fifth period because it was for pack only. Liz had even told Sophia that she didn't have to worry about showing her where the class was so she wouldn't have to run into Luke, which Sophia was grateful for. Liz was glad knowing that Maria and Michael would both be in her next class with her so she wouldn't have to worry about not knowing anyone. Then according to Maria when she had looked over her schedule she was in lunch with her as well as her last two classes. It was strange to rely on Maria so much already since she just met her the day before but the two of them had just clicked into an instant friendship. She missed Ava and Isabel but at least she wasn't alone.

She turned the corner that would lead her to the class and saw Maria waiting outside. She waved and walked towards her. As she did she saw Presley also making her way there with two other girls. Maria saw her as well. Fortunately Presley just glared at Liz and headed in. "You know you never did tell me what she said that upset you so much last night."

"She called Sophia a half-breed. Then after I called her on it she told me she'd let it slide like I cared." Liz said.

"The thing you need to know about Presley is she thinks, key word is thinks, that since she is screwing Luke that she's his mate. And since Luke is the Alpha's son and is the teen Alpha she considers herself the Alpha female of the teens. Not something many others agree with but no one has challenged her on it so her and her friends run around being bitches to everyone. Especially Sophia more so since Luke started sniffing around her." Maria explained.

"What do you know about Luke and Sophia?" Liz asked wanting another opinion.

"I just know they're friends. They hang out despite the fact that your Uncle doesn't want her around any hill kids yours truly included."

"Uncle Matt doesn't like you?" Liz asked.

"He's never been out right said anything I just know how he is. Everyone knows. It’s more like he avoids everything wolf if he can help it. But since I don't get into trouble when I occasionally party out at the lake he doesn't give her too much grieve over it like the others." Maria finished saying just as Michael walked up. Maria looked at them both and asked. "Well are you two ready?"

"For what?" Michael asked.

"Your debut." Maria said as she led them inside. Almost everyone was mulling around with Mr. Blackstone standing up front. The room was encased in silence when they walked in, everyone staring at the new comers.

"Maria I see you've brought our wayward little ones in. How are you finding your first day?" Mr. Blackstone asked.

"Just fine." Liz answered.

"That's good. Now we need to find you seats. There's one by Maria, which I'm sure Elizabeth would want to take. That reminds me, I heard you say that you go by Liz would you prefer that?"

Liz smiled, "Yeah. Elizabeth is a little too formal."

"With that settled we need to find Michael a seat as well." It only took Mr. Blackstone a few minutes before putting Michael over by Luke and his friends. Liz could still feel everyone's eyes on her as she made her way over to Maria who winked at her as the class began. Mr. Blackstone started the lecture and Liz couldn't help but feel strange about the class. She had always kept the wolf in her hidden from everyone but her family and here she was in a class that was talking openly about it. The lecture went by quickly and the rest of the period was left for them to talk. Maria introduced her to a few of her friends that were close by and Liz chatted with them. She was surprised when she heard a chair drop down next to her. She looked over to see one of the guys Luke had been with the night before sitting there.

"You were a little busy with Presley last night for introductions so I thought I'd come over. I'm Sean." The guy said introducing himself.

"I remember you Sean. You used to sit next to me in class and tug on my hair." Liz stated.

Sean smiled. "I wasn't sure if you would or not."

"Who couldn't remember you, butthead?" Maria said interrupting. She loved to tease her cousin. They had a decent relationship but didn't hang out with the same people.

"I know I'm unforgettable." Sean joked.

"Yeah, you'll haunt us forever." Maria retorted.

"I come over and try to be friendly, to be there for someone who might want to meet some new people and I get made fun of." Sean said in mock pout.

"I appreciate the effort, Sean." Liz said smiling. Sean kind of reminded her of Kyle. Mr. Blackstone dismissed the class then so everyone got up to leave and head for lunch and the rest of the day.

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Hey guys

Would anyone want some Candie nookie in a later part?
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Dedicated to: Tean Honey, m14 (3x), roswellluver, Lillie, Calinia (3x), ofwolfandman408, JaneLane, katmcken, JDreamer, and marteloise

Guys, I plan on doing Candy nookie but it'll be a few parts ahead. I hope it's okay, I've never wrote Candy before, only Dreamer and X-tremer.

Part 24

After school Liz, Maria, and Sophia heading towards the parking lot. "Maria, do you need a ride?"

"Yeah, thanks. I've got so much homework. I'm never going to get it done, it takes me forever."

"Why don't you come home with Liz and I and I could help you." Sophia offered.

Maria was surprised by the invite. "Your dad won't mind?"

"You're not one of pack he doesn't want me around so much as Luke. Plus he won't be home." Sophia added.

Maria had to smile at Sophia. Everyone always thought she was a goody goody but she didn't always obey her father. "I'm in."

The three girls headed to the Donner SUV. Liz heard Michael yell for her. She told the two girls to go ahead and she waited for her brother to catch up. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm catching a ride with Luke. I'll be home in a little while."

"Okay, Sophia and I will be there. Don't be too long." Liz warned. She didn't want Michael blowing off schoolwork.

Michael rolled his eyes before he headed to Luke's red car. He was parked not far from the SUV. He saw Luke staring over at Sophia and Sophia trying to ignore him. He also saw that Maria was with them, he was starting to regret that he took Luke up on his offer. He had missed an opportunity to talk to her.


Liz, Maria, and Sophia laid out their books and started getting to work. After an hour they decided to take a break, grabbed some snacks and started gossiping. "Sophia, you've got Luke trailing after you like a little lost puppy. Are you ever going to talk to him again?" Maria asked.

Sophia shrugged, "I don't know."

"Not that I'm condoning what he did but you've got to remember God only gave guys enough blood for either their brain or their dick to work at one time. And with gravity always bringing things down the blood tends to settle in their southern regions." Maria stated causing Liz and Sophia to bust out laughing. "I'm going to get something to drink."

"Go ahead." Sophia said. Maria went into the Donner kitchen and over to the fridge. She was still looking over what to drink when she heard the back door open and knew it was Michael. She waited until he was close then popped unexpectedly. "Hey cutie."

"Maria..." Michael said unable to think of a witty comeback as he looked at the blonde in front of him. It was definitely a nice surprise to see her in the kitchen of his house but he needed to get it together if he was going to make a move on her.

"So are you a man of few words or what?" Maria asked.

"I tend to use my mouth in other ways." Michael retorted finally able to talk.

Maria's eyebrow raised as she walked closer to Michael leaning in so their mouths were less than six inches from each other. "And are you any good at it?"

"I've never heard in complaints." Michael whispered back feeling his body heat up especially where her hands were resting on his shoulders. He could smell her scent mixed with her shampoo that smelled like mangos. The mixture was a combination of sweet and spicy, which he found very arousing. He leaned in slightly to kiss her but she backed away, "Good to know."

Maria headed out of the kitchen and was almost out the door when Michael got his voice back. "Maria."


"Would you want to go out with me tomorrow night? Wherever you want to go."

Maria smiled at him, "Sure, I'll meet you at the diner at 6:00."

Michael watched her leave not being to help watching her ass as she swung her hips subtly. He couldn't wait for the next evening.

Maria plopped down next to Sophia and both Sophia and Liz noticed the huge smile on her face. "Why do you look like the cat that ate the canary?"

"Because I just got a date." Maria answered.

"How could you have gotten a date? You were just in the kitchen, oh..." Sophia said answering her own question. "Michael."

"Yep, he's meeting me tomorrow at the diner at six." Maria said.

"Sophia and I work tomorrow so we'll get to see you and I can hassle my brother." Liz said smiling. She had noticed earlier that day the way that Michael was looking at Maria earlier that day and knew he was interested in her.

"Great, nothing like chaperones." Maria mumbled. They started back doing their homework. An hour later they were done and Maria was getting ready to leave. "Liz, would want to go on a run tonight in the woods?"

Liz looked over at Sophia not wanting to make her cousin feel left out but Sophia put that thought to rest. "Don't let me get in the way. Go ahead."


"Be ready in two hours and I'll stop by." Maria said before leaving.


That night Maria and Liz met up and walked to the woods. Liz felt somewhat strange, she had a friend who was like her. She found she kind of liked it. She looked around the woods and they kind of reminded her of Frasier Woods. It made her think of Max and the times they went out to the woods. She felt her heart tighten. Although she was giving living there a chance she wanted to be with Max. After their run, Maria and Liz sat on the edge of the woods to talk. “So tell me what’s outside of this tiny little town.”

“There’s lots although the town we lived in was pretty small. It was nice, I knew a lot of the people.” Liz said. “You know a lot about me, tell me some stuff about you.”

“Not much to tell. I had an older sister but she didn’t survive when it came time for her change. My dad’s dead too. When I was seven, he was out on a run when a big truck hit him up on the highway pass.” Maria explained.

“I’m sorry.” Liz said.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know. My mom and I are pretty tight now. But she respects me enough to give me some space and not be real strict. Plus she owns her own shop so she’s busy a lot too.”

“What kind of shop?” Liz asked.

“Clothes mostly. Kind of a mixture of all kinds of styles.” Maria answered. “So I’ve got a date with your brother and Sophia is doing whatever with Luke, how about you Liz?”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“Any of the guys catch your interest? I could give you the dirt on any of them.” Maria offered. Maria noticed Liz’s eyes becoming more haunted and sad at her words.

Liz just shook her head. “No, no one’s caught my interest. Not looking for anyone.”

Maria thought it best to change the subject. She told Liz more about herself and the two girls sat chatting for another hour before Liz went inside.

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TeanHoney originally wrote:
Thanks for the update! So when is Max going to find our Liz?? She is so lonely.


It'll be a while yet. I want to put a lot about Micheal and Liz living in WL.
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Calinia originally wrote:

So, is Liz gonna tell Maria about Max? When will we see what's going on in Roswell the next time? And when will Sophia talk to Luke again?

Maria does find out about Max but not from Liz.

It'll be a while before we see what's going on in Roswell? But never fear there will be lots of Max later.

There's some Sophia and Luke separate scenes coming up then one or two of them together after that.
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Dedicated to: m14(3x), Tean Honey, roswellluver, and Calinia.

I got the Candy nookie part written but I'm not sure if they should go at it right away or give it a little time. Right now I've got them waiting but I'm not sure if it fits right with the way the wolves are. What do you all think?

Part 25

School was easier the next day. People didn’t stare quite as much and Liz and Michael settled into their classes and gotten used to their new school although it was still kind of strange when they went to Mr. Blackstone's class. After school, Michael dropped Liz and Sophia off at the diner before heading for home. Sophia showed Liz around the diner and after an hour Liz was taking orders on her own. Maria and Michael came in at six and sat in Liz’s section. Liz made her way over to them, smiling at the chance to tease her brother, which she did. Michael and Maria ate fast and left. They walked around town after since it was a weekday and not much to do in Wolf Lake. They ended up at the park sitting on one of the tables talking. Maria found out that Michael’s favorite bands were Metallica and Staind while Maria listened to a little more lighthearted music. Michael even told her about his art, something he didn’t tell alot of people about. They had been talking for about an hour when Maria asked, “So what’s up with Liz?”

“What do you mean?” Michael asked.

“She’s cool and I like hanging out with her but her eyes always look sad. I mentioned something about if she was interested in anyone and she was pretty adamant that she didn’t want to be with anyone.” Maria explained.

Michael ran his hand through the spikes of his hair. “Back in Roswell, Liz was with one of my friends. He was actually both of our friend. And of course she had to leave him behind when we left.”

“That must have really sucked.” Maria commented.

“It’s been hard on her, she really loved him.” Michael stated.

“So what about you? Leave anyone behind?” Maria asked.

Michael just shrugged, “No one special.”

“No one?”

“I ‘dated’ some girls but nothing serious. You?”

“Same. I’ve ‘dated’ some of the guys around here, Randy being one of them.” Maria answered. She shifted slightly to move her legs, which had fallen asleep and almost landed in Michael’s lap. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Michael looked down and saw how close he and Maria were suddenly, he took the opportunity to press his lips to her in a hungry kiss. Maria reciprocated just as hungrily. Michael waited a minute before running his tongue along her bottom lip asking permission, which she gave by parting her lips slightly. He moved his tongue against hers exploring her mouth.

When air became a necessity the two broke apart. Michael looked at her to make sure that he wasn’t being to forward. All he saw in Maria’s eyes was desire and lust. So much so they were faintly glowing. She pulled him close and their lips melded together again. The kiss was even more heated and this time they broke apart Michael moved his lips down her jawbone to her neck. Maria moaned slightly and combed her hands through his thick hair. It was then that a pair of headlights was trained on them.

Michael pulled his lips off of Maria’s soft skin and looked towards the brightness of the lights and saw a figure getting out of the vehicle. He slightly swore as he recognized his Uncle. “Hey Uncle Matt.”

“Michael, Maria.” Matt greeted them. He was trying not to laugh at him catching his nephew with his date. Of course if it had been Sophia or Liz he’d caught in the same situation, he wouldn’t be feeling the same way. He knew it was a double standard but he couldn’t help it.

“Hi Sheriff Donner.” Maria said softly.

“I think it’s time for you to take Maria home, Michael. It’s getting kind of late and I don’t want Amy to worry.” Matt stated.

“Uh, sure.” Michael said as he and Maria got off the table and got ready to head back to the diner where Michael had left the SUV. But before they did, Matt grabbed his arm. “And next time Michael, you might try somewhere a little less public.”

Michael smirked at him then they were gone. Michael and Maria headed back and he drove her home. He gave her a quick kiss goodbye with the promise he’d see her tomorrow then went back to the diner to pick up Liz and Sophia. He caught himself humming on the way.


The last hour of Liz and Sophia’s shift was playing out and it was a slow one. Sophia ended up leaving to drop off some food at the station for her Dad so Liz idly wiped down the tables then the counters. She was still working on the counter when someone plopped down on one of the stools. Liz looked up and smiled, “Hey Sean.”

“Hey Liz. How’s my favorite waitress?”

“I’m the only waitress here.”

“Well even if there were more, you’d still be my favorite.”

“How do you know that? You don’t know me or how I waitress.” Liz asked.

“How about I get to know you better than? Like by going out with me?” Sean asked.

Liz looked Sean and felt bad although she didn’t think she had done anything to give him the wrong idea. “Look Sean, I’m not interested in that kind of relationship with you but I wouldn’t mind being your friend.”

“Friend?” Sean asked. Things weren’t going the way he’d planed but maybe he could wear Liz down. “That’d be cool like in that movie ‘When Harry met Sally’.”

“Didn’t they end up sleeping together?” Liz asked.

Busted. “Huh, I don’t remember, I only saw it once when Maria forced me to watch it.”

“I wouldn’t know, I only heard about it second hand. I’m not a big chick-flick kind of girl.”

“Really? What kind of movies do you like?”

“Action-adventure, mostly the ones at least based on history or mythology. The Mummy movies, Gladiator, stuff like that is my favorite. Oh, I also like some horror movies. Not the Nightmare on Elm Street type movies but I loved House on Haunted Hill and Thirteen Ghosts.” Liz said enjoying where the conversation was going. Talking to Sean was like talking to Kyle or Alex, she missed having a guy friend.

“Girl after my own heart. Although I haven’t seen Thirteen Ghosts.” Sean commented. “Maybe we’ll have to rent it sometime. Just two friends hanging out.”

Liz looked at Sean’s smile and took it as genuine. “Maybe.”

They chatted a little as Liz got Sean something to snack on then cleaned up a little. Sophia came back and helped the cook clean the kitchen. Then just as their shift ended, Michael showed up to take them home. Liz had survived her first day at her new job and made a new friend.


Thanks to Lillie (Amber) for the comment Sean made about When Harry met Sally.
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Calinia originally wrote:

But I'm afraid Sean won't be satisfied with them being just friends. What's gonna happen there?

Let's just say Sean isn't going anywhere.
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Dedicated to: Roswelllostcause, mpls muse, Calinia, roswellluver, and CaNdiE ChaOs

Part 26

Liz sat down in an empty booth with her steak sandwich to start her break. It was only her second day on the job, the first that Sophia wasn’t working and they had been somewhat busy. She had just taken a bite when Luke plopped down across from her. She swallowed her bite and said, “Oh please Luke why don’t you join me?”

There was no mistaking the sarcasm in her voice, “You can definitely tell you haven’t been around Wolf Lake the last few years.”

“Why? Because I don’t bow down to you like the rest of the young members of the pack?” Liz asked.

“Pretty much.” Luke stated. He wasn’t used to the others talking to him that way except Sophia. It was somewhat refreshing.

“So you wanted what?” Liz asked.

Luke found himself starting to loose his nerve something that surprised him. He never chickened out of something of course he didn’t usually go for advice and help about girls from someone else either. “I wanted to talk to you about Sophia.”

Liz eyed him, “What?”

“She won’t talk to me unless I corner her. I don’t know any of her human friends. You two seem close since you’ve been back so I thought you might help.” Luke explained quietly. He didn’t want others in the diner to hear.

“And why would I want to help?”

Luke raised his eyebrow at her; “You don’t like me do you?”

Liz shrugged, “I don’t know you Luke. This is probably the longest the two of us have talked alone. But from what Sophia has told me, I don’t have the best impression of you.”

Luke couldn’t help but ask, “What did she tell you?”

“I know about everything including your little stunt when you tossed her date. Not the best idea.” Liz stated. “Oh and by the way. I’ve heard of some pretty lame excuses for sleeping with someone but yours was by far the worst. I mean really Luke you slept with someone else out of respect for her decision for not having sex yet? That is bad.”

“Okay that was bad.” Luke admitted. “So what can you tell me? Your brother said you had some experience with the romantic stuff.”

Liz gritted her teeth. She knew Michael was referring to the romantic things Max had done for her. “Well Michael shouldn’t have said that.”

Luke could see the anger in Liz’s eyes. There was a story there. “Well?”

Liz looked Luke over once again. She was sure he wouldn’t be going through all of this just to get laid. From what she had seen most of the younger females of the pack would gladly sleep with him if he asked some of the human at school as well. So she had to believe that he cared for her. She knew Sophia cared for him, “Luke, if you do the romantic stuff she’s going to know it came from someone besides you. You just need to talk to her.”

“I’ve tried that.” Luke stated.

“Okay here’s the deal. Leave her alone for the rest of the week. Don’t ignore her but don’t push her to talk to you. Then this weekend I’ll help to try and get her to talk to you. But no guarantees.”

Luke blew out a breath, “I can do that.”

“And when you talk to her, you have to be honest with her. No more game playing, if you care about her, let her know.”

“I never said…..” Luke started to say but Liz cut him off. “Luke, you wouldn’t be go through all of this if you didn’t. You don’t have to admit it. Just know that I know.”

“Oh, and one more thing. It’s a big one, I’m not sure you can do it.” Liz added.

“What?” Luke asked.

Liz motioned for him to lean in like she wanted to whisper something to him. Luke leaned towards her. “QUIT SCREWING PRESLEY.”

Luke cringed at the harshness in her words as she continued. “You can’t prove to Sophia that you care about her if you’re banging the pack slut.”

“You really don’t like Presley do you?” Luke said trying to hold back his laughter.

Liz just scowled at him; “She thinks she’s better than anyone, human or wolf. She’s been terrorizing Sophia with that stupid nickname. No one messes with someone I care about and gets away with it.”

“So I guess I should be careful.” Luke teased.

Liz just raised an eyebrow at him, “If you sleep with Sophia and dump her like some whore, I’m the least of your worries. Uncle Matt will rip your throat out, after he castrates you.”

Luke nodded. He knew that was closer than he wanted to admit when it came to the Sheriff’s reaction if he hurt Sophia. Matthew Donner had made it quite clear what he thought about Sophia being with Luke, he didn’t want it.

“Now, I have to get back to work. Unless you need anymore advice?” Liz asked. She had to admit that although she hadn’t talk to Luke much, she was starting to like him. After all if his brother was friends with him he couldn’t be all bad. “Your groupies just came in and seemed to be waiting for you.”

“Thanks Liz. I owe you.” Luke said getting up and went to head over where his friends were sitting.

“Well cash is always accepted.” Liz called after him as she headed back to work.

When Liz got home her uncle and brother were in the living room and she found Sophia doing homework in their room. "Hey how was work?"

"Fine, had an interesting visitor." Liz stated. Sophia raised an eyebrow so Liz told her, "Luke came to talk to me."

Sophia was surprised she couldn't figure out what Luke would talk to Liz about except for one thing. "Let me guess. He's interested in you now."

"Hardly. He wanted advice on how to get you to talk to him." Liz said smiling.

Liz's words furthered surprised Sophia. Luke always-acted so cocky and confident that she couldn't imagine him going to anyone for advice. "And what did you tell him?"

"I told him to leave you alone until you wanted to talk to him." Liz said simply.

"Thanks." Sophia said.

"But I think you should talk to him. Hear what he has to say." Liz threw in.

"He lied to me. He ran around behind my back. When I saw him with Presley I felt like I didn't even know who he was. I mean if I were with him I would want to be able to trust him... I want someone dependable..."

“I understand all that Sophia. I do. And if you can’t get over it, for God's sake, let him go. Tell him you want to be no more than friends. But if you can go deeper... let him get to know that you tried to put away... maybe you'd better risk something too. Time with someone can be so short don’t waste it.” Liz explained.

Sophia thought about it before saying, “I’ll talk to him, as soon as I can get him alone.”


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Where is everyone?


Part 27

A few days later, on Friday in school Liz, Maria, and a couple other girls were sitting by the cafeteria entrance when Presley and a few of her cronies walked up. "Well if it isn't the little deserter. Where's your half-breed cousin?"

Not wanting to give Presley the satisfaction of knowing how her words affected her Liz said, "You know Presley we were just talking about you."


"Yeah, I was just saying that you should wear a hat. You should cover that huge forehead of yours, if the light reflected it just right an airplane might think it was a landing strip." Liz commented. The girls with burst out laughing.

"Yeah, Presley. Bright light is not your friend." Maria threw in.

Presley was fuming, her face turning a bright shade bright of red. She looked at Liz and growled, "I just wanted to give you a warning. Stay away from Luke."

Liz couldn't believe how stupid Presley was, "I don't want Luke. I'm not the one Luke wants either and neither are you."

"You think Luke wants to be with Sophia? Luke just likes to fuck little virgins until they flip then he tosses them away and comes back to me." Presley stated.

Liz smiled. "If he always comes back then you have nothing to worry about."

"I'm not worried, Sophia's nothing special." Presley said snidely.

"Then why is there fear in your eyes when you see Luke staring at her?" Liz leaned into the other female's face, "I'll tell you why because Sophia is special and Luke sees that. All he sees in you is a quick fuck to relieve himself."

Liz knew she had pressed Presley's buttons when she saw her eyes glowing in anger, and her growl. "You bitch! You'll pay for that."

"I'd like to see you try." Liz said as she prepared for whatever Presley threw at her.

Michael felt the hair on the back of his neck go up and he looked around to see why. At the other side of the cafeteria he saw his sister and Presley about to tear each other a part. "Not good."

Michael rushed past Luke bringing his attention to the two girls. He followed Michael and stepped in the middle of the two girls. "Not here. There are too many humans around. Deal with it tonight at the lake."

Liz hadn't considered given a thought to going to the lake although her brother, Sean, and Maria had all tried to talk her into going. But now this feud with Presley was supposed to end there. She would have to go or Presley would never leave them alone. "Fine."

Presley smiled, "I'll be there."


That night Uncle Matt was still at the station as the three got ready. It was the first trip for the twins to the lake but Sophia was more nervous than they were. “Liz, you have to help me. I don’t what to wear. The last time I went I wore this stupid dress and felt totally out of place.”

Liz got off of her bed and headed for Sophia’s closet Nothing caught her eye as she went through Sophia’s clothes. So she moved to her own. She pulled out a pair of black ankle boots and a black V-neck sleeveless top. The night was warm so it would be fine. “I doubt you would feel comfortable in my hiphuggers so just wear your own jeans and this.”

Sophia shrugged on the shirt and grabbed a pair of her jeans. She barely had them zipped and fastened before Liz drug her to the desk and pulled out her makeup bag and hair stuff. Sophia eyed it wearily. “What are you going to do?”

Liz smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything drastic.”

Liz slipped off Sophia’s glasses. “You don’t really need these do you?”

“No,” Sophia stated. It was true, ever since she had began to experience symptoms of the change she hadn’t needed her glasses. She had just kept them to hide behind. She sat still as Liz brushed out her hair before pulling up the sides, leaving the back loose. Next she applied some eye makeup, blush and lipstick. When she was done she turned Sophia towards the mirror, “What do you think?”

Sophia looked at the mirror in shock. No longer did she look like bookish Sophia, she would even admit she looked good. She had never been good with makeup and stuff and was glad with what Liz had done. “How do you know how to do this?”

“My friend Isabel is like the makeover queen in Roswell. She loves makeup and stuff and Ava and me were her first guinea pigs. I didn’t do too much, just used a little eye makeup to enhance your eyes. Now let’s get out of here and go knock Luke’s socks off.” Liz and Sophia walked out of their room and downstairs where Michael was waiting. Michael saw Sophia and whistled, “I don’t know if you should go like that, I don’t think Uncle Matt would like all the guys staring at you.”

“Michael stop.” Sophia said blushing.

Michael just laughed and looked at his sister. He was pretty sure she was behind Sophia’s appearance but had done nothing to herself. Michael knew how his sister got ready back in Roswell when either she was going out with Max or all of them were and she was not dressed like that now. She didn’t look bad, she had her hair pulled in a high ponytail and wore a pair of dark jeans with a simple white T-shirt. She just wasn’t dressed up like normal to party.

Liz caught his stare and knew what he was thinking. “This is for you two. I’m not going to impress anyone.”

Michael knew what she meant so he dropped the subject as they left. They drove to the lake and Liz couldn’t help but wonder what would happen once they got there. Between Luke and Sophia and herself and Presley.

Luke and Aophia Aren't they just cute together?

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Dedicated to: Gagnes Girl, Calinia (2x), m14 (2x), roswellluver, brianna, JaneLane, kittens, and KEmperor

Part 28

When they pulled up at the lake, they could see a large bonfire and the party appeared to be in full swing. Liz tried not to laugh when she hear Ozzy’s song ‘Bark at the Moon’ playing. She smiled at Sophia reassuringly before they climbed out of the SUV. They made their way to the center causing quite a stir. Everyone noticed Sophia, something she was obviously enjoying. Liz noticed that as they passed many of the guys said hi or high-fived Michael. “Turned into quite the social butterfly haven’t we?”

Michael just shrugged, “Nothing wrong with making friends.”

Liz just smiled at him. He seemed to be in his element, he didn’t have to hold back around these people. They were like them. And while Liz would prefer to be back in Roswell with Max, she was happy for her brother. He headed off in one direction while Liz and Sophia went together in another. They headed towards an area that had drinks and saw Sean and Maria standing by a cooler. “Liz ! I’m so glad to see you. Presley’s already been running her mouth saying you wouldn’t show up.”

“I’m not backing down from her.” Liz simply stated as Sean handed her a can of pop.

“My money’s on Liz. But be careful, Presley will probably try to fight dirty even try to flip.” Sean stated.

“Well from what I’ve seen of Presley, she’ll probably fight like a girl. Hair pulling, stuff like that. I grew up with too many guys, my brother included to resort to that.” Liz said casually as she took a sip of her drink.

“Where is your brother?” Maria asked.

“Right here.” Michael said walking up behind them. He pulled Maria up close to him and said, “Miss me?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Maria teased as she nipped at his lip.

Liz and Sophia rolled their eyes at the two. Sophia was about to say something when she noticed Michael hadn’t walked up alone, Luke was with him. Luke walked over to her then and asked, “Can we talk?”

Sophia took a deep breath, “Yeah.”

Although he didn’t know if she’d slap him or what Luke grabbed her hand and pulled her a little into the woods. Once they reached a small clearing they stopped. Luke pointed to a small fallen log and they both sat. “So you charmed my cousin into persuading me into not ignoring you so what do you want to talk about?”

“Just talk. I don’t want you to ignore me or be upset with me anymore.”

“It’s kind of hard when every time I felt us getting closer something happens. If I ignore you than that won’t happen.” Sophia stated.

“Look, Sophia. I’m sorry about...,” Luke said but Sophia cut him off. “What do you want from me?

"What do I want from you?" Luke started, his mouth carefully forming the words. It was now or never. "Honestly, Sophia, I don’t know. I try not to think because I’m afraid to know. I know that you and everyone else thinks that I want you for the sex or for the thrill of making you flip for the first time. And I’ll admit that I’d like that to happen with me, but that’s not all. There’s something about you, Sophia. When I’m in trouble or if something bad is happening to me, you’re the first person I think of; the one person I want to talk to, who can make everything seem okay. I trust you and depend on you in a way that I don’t depend on anyone. That’s why I can’t think about what it is that I exactly want from you. I’m afraid that if I do, well, then that answer is going to force me to grow up. It’s going to force me to think farther ahead that I’m ready to do so now." Luke couldn’t believe that he had admitted that to her, but everything he said was completely true. He turned his body so he was closer, his eyes never leaving Sophia’s.

Luke wasn’t the only one who was shocked by his revelation. She couldn’t remember Luke ever speaking so much about how he felt. It almost overwhelmed what she felt by Luke’s words. “Do you want to be with me?”


“Can you be with just me? No more Presley or the others?” Sophia asked.

“If it means I have a chance with you, yes.” Luke answered.


“I pour everything out and all you can say is okay?” Luke said.

“What do you want me to say?”

“I don’t know. Just thought I’d get more of a reaction out of you since you agreed to be my girlfriend.” Luke said smiling.

Sophia smiled back. "My father will kill me if he ever finds out I'm seeing you, you do realize that.”

Luke stared at her for a long moment, tenderly brushing a few dark strands of hair away from Sophia's face, and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Will he?" His eyes flashed briefly from brown to gold. "I'll just have to protect you, then.”

Sophia grinned a little uneasily, not doubting that he would do it in a heartbeat if he thought he was protecting her from someone. “Why does everyone think they have to protect me? You, my dad, Liz. Speaking of which we better get back to the others before Presley comes around.”

“Just a second.” Luke said as he cupped her face and gave her a long gentle kiss. After they broke apart the two headed back.


Liz hung out with Sean, Maria, and Michael as she waited to see what would unfold. She kept glancing anxiously in the direction Luke had led Sophia. She hoped she had done the right thing for the two of them. She was laughing at something Sean said when Presley walked up. Liz ignored her until she felt Presley shove her from behind. Her reflexes were fast enough that she stopped herself from falling.

She turned around and saw Presley glaring at her. Liz could also see that the other teens were gathering around them. “Come on B*tch. Let’s see what you’re made of.”

Presley started to make the change when Liz launched herself at the blond. Pinning Presley to the ground, she started pummeling her. Usually Liz wouldn’t be so violent but if she didn’t Presley would flip and there would be bloodshed. One of Presley’s friends tried to jump in but Maria grabbed her and pulled her away. It was going to be a fair fight. Unable to complete the change, Presley forced herself back into human form so that she could use her arms to defend herself. Liz stopped and got up. She backed away, not taking her eyes off of the other female. Presley just came at her again and managed to punch her. She swung again but Liz grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. She pushed Presley hard enough that they fell to ground Presley’s face in the dirt. “Now, this is over. I don’t want you saying anything about me or any member of my family again. Got me?”

Presley could only nod. Liz got up and Presley sat up and turned her attention to where Luke had walked up. “You’re going to let her get away with this?”

“You were perfectly happy to get into it when you thought you were going to win. You know the law of the pack. You took your shot, now go. You lost, its over.” Luke stated.

Presley got up and scampered away. The rest of the pack went back to the party while Liz joined her friends. “You totally pulled a can of whoop ass out on her.” Maria said.

Liz smiled. It got even bigger when she saw Luke and Sophia holding hands. “I guess you two talked?”

“Yeah, now I just have to figure out how to tell Dad.” Sophia stated. The group chatted back and forth for a while, the rest of the party was uneventful compared to the start of it.

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Part 29

On Sunday, Michael and Liz went to the church on the hill with the other wolves and set off to the side. Liz scanned the congregation through the services. She saw Luke with his father, mother, and got the first glimpse of Ruby Cates since she’d been back. She was sitting next to a man Liz didn’t recognize at all but Ruby was smiling so much at him that she assumed he was her mate. Tyler sat not far from them glaring the whole time. Liz wondered what that was all about.

After church, they headed home to change. Today was their first visit with their parents since they had arrived. Liz had just got downstairs when the doorbell rung. She opened it to reveal Willard Cates. “Hello Mr. Cates.”

“Hello Elizabeth. How are you?”

“Anxious to see my parents.” Liz answered.

“That’s why I’m here. To take you there.” Mr. Cates said. He noticed that she had a new bruise on her face but appeared to be healing. He had heard from his son that Liz had had a skirmish with one of the females at the lake and had come out the victor. The small little female pup had a lot of strength.

“Oh, my brother should be down soon. Would you like something to drink?” Liz asked trying to be polite.

“No thanks.” Mr. Cates then noticed her shirt. “So you’re a baseball fan?”

Liz looked at him strangely for a minute. “How did you know that?”

“Your shirt.”

Liz looked down and remembered she was wearing one of her Chicago Cubs shirts. The long sleeves were dark blue while the middle was white with blue writing on it. “Yeah, ever since Dad took me to Wrigley field six years ago.”

“That must have been a wonderful experience.” Willard stated. He was a big Chicago fan as well.

“I played softball back in Roswell.”

“Maybe you could here as well.” The Alpha stated.

“I don’t know.” Liz said shrugging her shoulders in indifference.

“How are you settling in?” Mr. Cates asked. He wanted to make sure that the kids wouldn’t do anything like try to escape again.

“Not bad. It’s different. Michael’s doing good too.”

“Yes, I’ve seen him at the house a few times.” Mr. Cates saying just as her brother came thumping down the stairs. He looked surprised by Mr. Cates being there. “Speak of the devil.”

“Hello Mr. Cates.” Michael greeted him.

“Shall we go?” The twins nodded and they set off.


As soon as they were inside, Liz hugged their father while Michael moved towards their mother. “I’ll leave you to visit, remember two hours.”

With that Mr. Cates and the guard who had led them inside left. Liz and Michael didn’t take any time rushing to hug their parents.

“I’m sorry we’ve put you through this.” Nancy said to Liz as she hugged her.

“It’s okay Mom. We know you were trying to do what was best for us.” Liz said. Her mom looked at her for a minute before grabbing her chin. “What happen to you?”

“It’s nothing Mom. Just a little disagreement with one of the girls at school.” Liz said.

“Michael, you’re supposed to watching after Liz.” Jeff scolded.

“I have.” Michael said. “I watched her beat the shit out of Presley.”

“Elizabeth!” Their parents said at the same time.

“Thanks, Michael.” Liz mumbled. “It wasn’t like that. Presley’s been terrorizing Sophia and when I heard her call her a half breed the other day I called her on it. Things kind of escalated from there and it ended up in a fight last night. It could have been worse, I kept Presley from flipping.”

Their parents looked torn at what to do, whereas they didn’t want their kids fighting they admired Liz for sticking up for her family. “Well how’s it been settling in?”

“We’ve made some friends, got settled into school and at Uncle Matt’s house. Oh, and Michael went out with someone.” Liz stated turning the subject away from herself. They tried to make the best of the short visit but two hours wasn’t long and shortly Mr. Cates was back and they went home.


Liz worked the dinner shift that night. She was there when her Uncle called in an order of food so she delivered it for him. She walked into the station with two large bags. Her Uncle saw her and came over. “Thank you so much Liz. I’ve got so much paperwork to do and didn’t want to leave since it was just Kanin and I here.”

“Kanin?” Liz asked eyebrow raised.

“John Kanin actually.” Liz heard a voice say. She turned to see a man in his twenties who had come up to them. He stuck out his hand in greeting, “Nice to meet you.”

Liz shook his hand, “Liz Donner.”

“Your Uncle told me about all about you so it’s good to finally see you.” John said.

“I saw you the other day at church with the Cates. Are you married to Ruby?” Liz asked. She noticed his scent was off slightly, it said wolf but also something else.

“Yep, for about a couple of weeks.” John answered.


“Thanks, now I’m going to eat some of this food before it gets cold. See ya around.” John said as he headed back over to his desk. Her uncle came over and asked, “How much do I owe you?”

Liz handed him the order ticket and asked in a hushed voice, “Uncle Matt, I don’t know if I’m still not used to all the different wolf scents or what but is John’s scent off?”

“You’re right, it is. John was a human but was changed into one of the pack when a nut calling himself a scientist injecting him with ‘Skinwalker’ blood.” Matt explained.


“A lot of people were upset when Ruby married him since she was a white wolf and supposed to be with the Alpha or future one but since John was now pack, no one could argue.” Matt explained. “So how was the visit with you parents?”

Liz told him about the visit before heading back to the diner. After work she went home and got ready for her second week of school.

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mpls muse originally wrote:
Hmm...I wonder if Max would be acceptable to the pack too, with a little Skinwalker blood? I can almost see the wheels in Liz's head turning or am I totally jumping the gun here?


Nope, Liz didn't think anything like that.
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Dedicated to: Lillie, omby, Calinia, roswellluver, mpls muse (3x), and KEmperor

Here's a part for my Sophia fans!!!!!!!!!! So is the next one on Monday

Part 30

Towards the end of the next week Liz was sitting in the cafeteria with Sean, Michael, Luke, and Maria after pack education waiting for Sophia when another wolf, Sara, came running up to them. “Sophia!”

Her one word caused Michael, Liz, and Luke to jump to their feet. “What happened to Sophia?” Liz asked.

“She had just gotten done at her locker when she started yelling in pain. I was close by and looked over at her, her eyes were glowing.” Sara explained. The whole group was moving by then Luke leading them towards Sophia’s locker.

“Is she still there?” Luke asked.

“Kind of. Randy was near by and pulled her into a nearby janitor closet so no one would see her. Then he told me to come get you.”

By now they were practically sprinting. Luke and Liz hit the door first and swung it open. They were almost toppled by Randy who had been leaning against it. They were about to ask him about Sophia when they saw her. She was against the back of the closet panting and obviously in the first stages of the change. She looked around wildly, like a caged animal.

Quick thinking Luke tossed his keys to Michael, “Go pull my car around front. Take Sean with you and send him in when you’re ready.”

Michael and Sean took off for the parking lot as Liz turned to Maria. “Go to Mr. Blackstone and tell him you need a pass to use the phone. Call my Uncle, he should be at the station tell him what’s going on.”

“Tell him we’ll meet him at Station 12.” Luke said interrupting. As Maria took off Liz asked Luke, “What’s station 12?”

“It’s the wolf part of the hospital. It’s in the basement far away from prying eyes. It’s where they take most of us when we change.” Luke said as he pushed past Randy and moved towards Sophia. He did his best to get close to her, he saw her relax when she recognized him. Luke and Liz had to do what they could to keep Sophia there until Michael was ready with the car. Five minutes later, Sean came running down the hall. “He’s outside, engine running.”

Luke effortlessly picked Sophia up, she whimpered a little in pain, “It’s okay, Baby. I’ve got you.”

Thankfully since it was lunch the halls were empty as they walked down them. They made their way out to the car and Luke slid himself and Sophia into the back seat while Liz took shotgun. She barely had the door shut before her brother floored it. Luke gave him directions and they were on their way to the hospital. Fifteen minutes later they pulled up at the backside of the hospital where a doctor was waiting. According to him Mr. Blackstone had called him. They moved Sophia to a gurney nearby and wheeled her in. Once inside the doctors told the three of them to wait while they got Sophia settled. Liz sat down and watched both of the boys pace. That was when they heard the noise coming from the entrance and Matt Donner appeared. He took one look at Luke with fury in his eyes before he had the young man pined to the wall. “This is your fault. You just had to keep pushing her until she flipped.”

Liz knew it was probably a bad idea to interfere but she couldn’t let her Uncle hurt Luke. If she survived Sophia would be very upset if Luke was maimed by her father. So she walked forward and with as much of her strength as she could she grabbed his arm and pulled, “Uncle Matt, it’s not Luke’s fault. He wasn’t anywhere near her until it was already started. He was the one who got her here to safety.”

Matt heard his niece’s words and released Luke. “I don’t want you anywhere near my daughter.”

“I can’t do that, I care about her.” Luke admitted waiting for the Sheriff to lunge at him again. He was surprised when Liz had jumped in but was grateful.

“No, you don’t.”

“Uncle Matt, Luke is telling you the truth. He cares about Sophia, I’ve seen it in time that they’ve been together..” Liz regretted her words as soon as they came out. They still hadn’t told her dad yet and Liz had just spilled the beans.

“Oh, shit.” Michael mumbled as he leaned his forehead against the wall and waited for the bloodbath to start. But it didn’t come. Instead Matt just stormed into the room where they had taken Sophia into leaving the three waiting.


Max sat on his stool at the biology table but wasn’t listening to the teacher as she lectured. Advanced Biology wasn’t the same without Liz next to him. The teacher had asked him if he wanted to join another pair since he now didn’t have a lab partner but he refused. He would rather work by himself if he couldn’t have Liz as a partner. He missed the way she’d light up when they’d start something new or how she would chew on her lip when concentrating. She loved science and excelled in it. He had been surprised that she had only taken half of her science books when she left. Of course the ones she hadn’t taken were her favorite half.

Max had collected all of the stuff Liz and Michael had left behind and stored them in his parent’s attic. He had taken them at first thinking that they might give him some type of clue but they hadn’t told him anything. Now he kept them just to feel closer to his friend and love.

His dad and Sheriff Valenti were still trying to search for the Parkers but except for the false birth certificates they had found nothing. Until this had happened, Max had never known that someone could disappear so completely as the Parkers had. Now he knew it was possible. A person or people can completely disappear if they needed to.

But Max planned on finding them. He didn’t know how but he didn’t care. No matter how long it took him he was going to find Liz and Michael.


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KEmperor originally wrote:
Oh, Sophia is flipping. Great. Now, I wonder how Max is going to find out where Liz is. Post more soon.

After the part with Sophia, events will start heading that way.
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Dedicated to: b4echstarrynite, roswellluver, brianna, KEmperor, A Rose Is True Blue, Calinia, and Roswelllostcause

Part 31

Later that night they were still waiting for Sophia to flip. Since Liz and Michael were family they were allowed to go in and visit but there was no change. So Liz made sure that her Uncle was okay and returned to the outer room. After a quick trip to the cafeteria Liz came back with a cup of coffee, which she handed one to Luke. “Thanks.”

“Welcome. Thought you could use it if you’re going to fight sleeping.” Liz commented.

“I think Michael’s sleeping enough for the both of us.” Luke joked.

Liz looked over to where her brother was stretched out on a sofa, snoring soundly. “Michael’s been known to sleep anywhere. He fell asleep one night while we were playing pool.”

Luke laughed, “How’d he manage that?”

“He was leaning up against the wall and just dozed off.” Liz explained. “Kyle and Alex took it upon themselves to draw on him with the pool chalk. You should have seen how scared they were when he woke up.”

“Kyle and Alex?”

“Uh, friends of ours back where we used to live.” Liz explained just as a scream of pain erupted from Sophia’s room causing Liz and Luke to jump. Liz noticed how worried Luke looked. “She’ll be okay. She’s going to make it through.”

“I just can’t stop thinking about the ones who couldn’t make it. I mean one of my own sister’s didn’t even make it.”

“Luke, listen to me.” Liz said grabbing Luke’s face. “She is going to make it. She is going to flip and then me and her will really scare the piss out of Presley.”

Luke couldn’t help but smile at what Liz said. Liz smiled back and pulled back. “That’s better. You were starting to worry me.”


“Yeah, well like I said, she’ll be okay and then you two can be together.”

“Do you always have to be the eternal optimist?”

“No, but I believe that when two people want and should be together that no matter how bad it looks, love will always win.” Liz stated.

Luke was about to ask her about what she said when he saw his parents coming in. Only one thought was in his mind when he saw them. “No, it hasn’t been long enough. She can still flip.”

Luke almost was shouting caused Michael to wake up. Mrs. Cates moved over next to her son. “Calm down Luke. We just wanted to see how she was doing.”

“You can see for yourself.” They heard Matt’s voice from behind them. They looked to see him standing in the doorway, a solid white wolf standing next to him. The wolf looked at the waiting group for a moment before disappearing back into the room.

They just stood in silence for a minute thinking of how things had changed. The question of whether Sophia, the only half human, half wolf ever born, would flip or not was answered. She had flipped. She would now be considered to be a full member of the pack, finally accepted. Luke looked almost giddy over that while Liz couldn’t help but smile at the irony of the situation. Almost everyone in the pack looked down on Sophia and here she was a white wolf. The only one in her age group, only the second one of her generation. White wolves were destined to be the Alpha’s mate. Being a white wolf was important. And the fact that the one of the only white wolves in the pack was currently dating the Alpha’s son made Luke’s future even more certain.

Sophia emerged again but this time in human form dressed in a hospital gown. Before the Sheriff could stop him Luke had her in his arms. The Sheriff looked on until they broke apart. Sophia looked at her dad then back to Luke, “I need to talk to my dad and Liz and Michael. Call you later?”

Luke understood and as much as he didn’t want to, he agreed to go. He glanced at his parents who also were leaving but not before his father said, “Glad to see that you made it through Sophia.”

“Thank you Mr. Cates.” Sophia said. With that said the Cates left leaving the Donners to themselves.

Once the Cates left Liz moved to hug her cousin. “I told Luke you’d be okay but you scared me.”

“I was scared too. You were right, it hurt like hell.” Sophia said.

Liz smiled, “It gets better. I promise.”

Michael pushed his way up to Sophia and hugged her. “If you wanted to skip school all you had to do was leave, you didn’t have to have all the drama.”

“I’ll remember that next time, Michael.” Sophia laughed at her cousin. Her laughter stopped when she saw the seriousness on her dad’s face. She could tell Liz did too when she pulled Michael away. “We’ll wait for you guys outside.”

As soon as Liz and Michael were gone Sophia started, “Daddy, this isn’t the way I wanted you to find out that I was with Luke.”

“Did you plan on telling me at all? Or were you going to keep it secret because you know I didn’t want you around him?” Matt asked.

“I hated keeping it from you but I know that if you knew you would try to keep us apart.”

“I only want what’s best for you. I wanted you to be able to get away from here.”

“I told you before Dad. It doesn’t matter who I’m around or with that would decide if I was going to flip. It was a matter of genetics. And my genetics said I would, which I did. There’s nothing you can do to change that now.”

Matt looked at his daughter and saw the seriousness on her face. He was her father and he knew that he could forbid her to be with Luke. But she would just keep sneaking around and when she turned eighteen she would go to him. Then Matt would probably loose her. That was the last thing he wanted. Sophia was right with her words. He couldn’t change the fact that she had flipped there was no going back. He had failed to keep her from that side of herself. But he also realized that he couldn’t do it. The wolf in her would have always been there right along side of the human in her. Realizing all this made Matt come to a decision, he would no longer stand in the way of his daughter and what she wanted. Now he wasn’t about to let her stay out all night or let Luke stay over but he wouldn’t forbid them to be together either. “You’re right. We can’t change it. So now we have to live with the way life is going to be now. You’re going to be looked on as pack now. And I can’t stand in your way.”

Sophia looked at her dad with surprise. She had figured it would take a lot more time and arguing before he would even consider anything she had said. “You mean it?”


“What about Luke and I?” Sophia couldn’t help but ask.

“Luke and you.” Matt said. “Is something I’m going to have to get used to.”

Sophia smiled as she threw herself into a hug with her father. He hugged her back before leading her outside to the waiting Liz and Michael and heading for home.


Next part skips in time a little.
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Calinia originally wrote:
And I can't believe she's a white wolf! That sure came as a surprise.

I'm glad you liked that. I had thought of making Liz the white wolf then her and Luke coming to a type of alliance that she would support him someday if he wanted to be Alpha but they didn't have to be mates. THen I changed my mind and went with Sophia
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I plan to update tomorrow. I was going to today but I want to look over the next part a little more so it'll be another day.

I was wondering if anyone had any imput on what could happen when Max finally comes to WOlf Lake. (You know it's going to happen) I need some help on his search.
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Part 32

The months that followed Sophia’s flip were ordinary ones. It had taken some time but the pack had grudgingly accepted Sophia. Of course the fact that she was a white wolf and the possible future mate of the Alpha’s son helped some. Liz could see the way that others looked at their little group. The combination of Luke, Sophia, Liz, Michael and Maria was formidable one. They stuck by each other and were constantly seen together. Michael, Maria, and Luke were always around the diner. Presley left them alone, Luke and Sophia got closer, her father having lightened up, and Michael and Maria also became closer. Liz was happy for her brother and cousin. She knew what it was like being with the one you wanted and it was wonderful. Every day Liz missed Max more and more. She wanted to try and contact him but knew that her and Michael were being watched to make sure they didn’t make any outside contact. So as much as she wanted to talk to him, she couldn’t.

Around her friends she acted normal although inside she felt empty. Her and Sean continued their weird little friendship, hanging out when Michael went off with Maria or Sophia with Luke. They talked and joked a little, Liz actually being able to come out of her funk a little to laugh. She thought she was handling the separation from him well until she saw that it was time for his senior prom. The prom she would have gone with him. That was when she felt like she sunk deeper into her depression. And Michael was trying his best to shake her from it.

“Michael, just leave me alone. You and Sophia go to the lake, I’ll stay here and guard the ice cream.” Liz stated. Michael was trying to talk her into going with them to the lake but she wasn’t giving in.

“I’m not leaving you here, Liz. You are going if I have to tie you up and drag you there.” Michael argued. “Come on, you’ve got to be able to have a little fun.”

Liz saw the stubbornness in her brother’s eyes and knew she wasn’t going to win. “Fine, let me go get dressed.”

Thirty minutes later, the three were at the lake. It had become a typical weekend past time for them. They grabbed a few beers, even Liz who didn’t usually drink and they made the rounds visiting until they came upon a group where Luke and Sean were sitting taking shots.

"You guys don't know how to have fun when you drink." Liz said "I'll show you. Luke, pour me a shot and set it down."

Luke took the bottle and poured Liz a shot wondering what she was up to.

"No hands." Liz smirked evilly and held her hands up for them. She placed them behind her back and all of them watched Liz lean forward and wraps her lips around the shot glass. Her mouth lifted the drink from the surface and she slowly tipped her head back. Every guy watched entranced, by the sight of her throat, her lips, and the way she swallowed the drink in one gulp. When it was drained Liz relaxed her lips and the glass fell but she easily caught it. "See? Fun."

Everyone started hooting and hollering. Michael just rolled his eyes, Ava had taught Liz that trick one night at a party. The girls always did that to get the guys attention. He couldn't believe how his sister was acting but he was the one who had told her to lighten up. Although he didn't mean for her to get drunk. She was on her third shot when he finally decided to stop her. "Liz, that's enough."

"I've only had three Michael." Liz reasoned slightly slurring her words.

"Plus two beers. That's enough." Michael said.

"Back off." Liz snapped. "You're the one who told me to have fun tonight, well that is what I'm doing. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go dance."

Before Michael could stop her she grabbed Sean and pulled him on to the dance floor. The two started dancing a little too close in Michael's opinion but he knew Liz was doing it to get a rise out of him.

Liz was having fun. She moved against Sean to the music. It was upbeat and they moved fast. It wasn't long before Liz was starting to feel light headed and dizzy. She stumbled slightly but Sean caught her and pulled her away. They walked away from the main hub of people and Liz sat down on a log.

"You okay?" Sean asked concerned.

"Yeah, I just haven't drank in awhile. Thanks for catching me." Liz said.

"No biggie." Sean said shrugging. "How about we go for a run? It'll clear your head."

"Okay." They walked farther into the woods and when they approached a small clearing Sean started stripping off his clothes. Liz averted her eyes and turned her back as she too striped. She was more used to nudity among the pack but it was still a little strange. The moment she had her last article of clothes off she flipped. She turned to see that Sean had as well and the two took off.



Liz knew Sean had been right about a run making her feel better. As they ran farther and farther away Liz noticed she really couldn’t hear the noise from the party. She looked to the side and saw Sean moving towards her. The next things she knew he was tackling her. The two rolled a little ways through the grass until finally stopping. Liz looked up into Sean’s now very human eyes; they had both changed while wrestling. As she looked at him they both busted out into laughter.

When they stopped laughing, Liz realized that he was lying on top of her and they were both very naked. In a brief instant she saw his blue eyes disappear into glowing yellow orbs before his lips descended on hers. The kiss was one of hunger, need, not love. Sean initiated the deepening of their kiss. Her mouth opened under his and the fight for dominance began. It was wrong, Liz knew that, but in the heat of the moment nothing seemed to matter much at all when compared to mouths, and skin. Liz allowed her head to fall back, feeling Sean's lips wind a slow trail across her collarbone and up to her pulse point. She twined her fingers through Sean's wheat-colored hair and all but purred. The mixture of her sensitive wolf hormones, the alcohol she had consumed and loneliness pushed the wrongs of what she was doing out of the way.

"We can't do this, " she said as he nipped her ear.

"Why can't we, " he asked tilting her head to give him better access to her neck. He took advantage and kissed up and down her neck. "I promise you won't be disappointed.” He said licking her neck.

The idea and image of Max floated into Liz’s mind in silent answer to Sean’s question. That snapped her out of the haze and she felt disgusted by what she had done. She started pushing Sean away. “No, I can’t do this.”

At first Sean didn’t move so she added more strength and he flew back. “What the hell?”

“I told you I couldn’t do it.” Liz said as she pulled her legs up to hide her nakedness.

“Liz, everyone is scared the first time they have sex.” Sean said trying to reason with her. He wanted Liz; he wanted her so badly he could taste it.

“It’s not my first time.” Liz admitted.

“Oh, so that’s it. That’s what you’ve been holding back. You were with a human.”

“It was more than that Sean.” Liz said turning away from him.

“Whatever.” Sean walked up behind her nuzzling her neck. “I know you want me Liz. I can smell it on you.”

Liz had to admit that her hormones and her treacherous body did want release but her heart wouldn’t let her. And she didn’t want to. She felt her body still heating up and reacting as Sean whispered in her ear, “Think about it…what else would be better than another of your kind to be able to do whatever…you…want…to. No holding back, just be the animal you want to be."

Again Liz managed to break out of the haze she was in from Sean’s seduction. She flipped into wolf form and took off. When she was about twenty feet away she turned to make sure Sean wasn’t following. He stood there staring at her, his eyes glowing gold. (Don’t follow me Sean.)

Assured he wasn’t going to follow she took off for the area that they had left their clothes. She decided to grab her clothes and go home. She didn’t want to go back to the party. She knew Michael would look after Sophia and she wanted to be alone. She found her clothes easily and scooped them up in her mouth then headed for home. She remembered her uncle’s rule so when she was about ten feet from the house she flipped into human form and dressed quickly. She noticed her uncle wasn’t even home yet so she didn’t have to answer any questions as she headed up to the bathroom.

She could still smell Sean on her and wanted it gone. She stripped again quickly this time noticing a few scrapes from being in the woods and turned the shower on as hot as she could before getting in. She scratched her skin vigorously with the bar of soap until it was raw and red. Then she went to rinse it off. As the water sprayed forcefully onto her skin her mind played back to what had happened.

What that hell had just happened? What in the world had she just done? She needed to have her head examined. It obviously had something to do with their both being wolves. Sean had been right when he talked about the allure of being with one of her own. The wolf blood in her had been humming back in the woods. Naturally they would be attracted to one another it was the DNA had brought her there. That and the comfort the act would have brought her.

Life didn't seem to make sense, especially when it was her life. Another day facing all the stares of the pack, another day living a new life, another day without Max. Liz wasn't sure she could take much more of it.

The water ran cold long before she noticed, and her skin was cool to the touch. She felt dead. All she needed was for something to wake her up inside, something to give her the strength to go on. Turning off the water, she stepped onto the cold tiled floor, still shivering. Liz grabbed the towel from behind the door, and pressed it against herself, smelling the clean scent. It was fresh and soft, and felt so good against her battered skin. She dressed quickly, tossed her hair into a ponytail and left the bathroom. When she did she ran right into her uncle.


(((NOTE: I don't you it wasn't a very dreamer friendly part but I really wanted to put it in. I wanted Liz to know what it was like to somewhat be with one of her own kind but still want to be with Max. I don't know if I'm explaining myself right but I hope you guys get the idea I was trying to make.)))
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mpls muse: I'm glad you liked it.
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TeanHoney originally wrote:

And now Liz is having thoughts about Sean!!! Can't have that girl.


Liz isn't really thinking about being with Sean, more like she got caught up in the moment.
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I wanted to give you some pictures so you can all see most of the cast.


Max & Liz

Luke & Sophia


Sheriff Matt Donner

Mr. Cates

Mrs. Cates


Dedicated to: mpls muse, Calinia, roswellluver, TeanHoney, and KEmperor

The next part is Candy. It's my first attempt at nookie for that particular couple so let me know what you think.

Part 33

After his argument with his sister, Michael had not been in a great mood. It had not improved when he saw Liz almost faint only to have Sean help her. He wanted to go up and tell her that he had been right. That she had had too much to drink but he knew it would only escalate the earlier argument and the situation would get worse. Then he thought about getting shit faced drunk but knew that would only lead to him waking up with a headache. So instead he turned his attention to Maria.

Maria was unlike any girl he had ever dated and it wasn’t only because she was a wolf. She was just different. She spoke her mind and didn’t care what others thought of her. She cared about her family especially. Michael had met her mother, a woman who deeply scared him, and could see how the two took care of each other. Also the way Maria had stuck by Liz and Sophia through the whole ordeal with Presley really had shown him her loyalty as well. It hadn’t been her fight but she had been willingly to jump in if the fight had become uneven against Liz.

He couldn’t help but realize he had fallen for her and fallen hard. Hell he hadn’t even slept with her yet, that had to be a record for him. He found it funny that with all the girls he dated back in Roswell and unable to find one who fit him he found one as soon as he got to Wolf Lake. Maybe Liz was the only one out of the two of them who could be happy with a normal human. Thinking of how Liz and Max were torn away from each other made Michael finally come to a decision he’d been mulling over. He was going to tell Maria how he felt. He reached over, grabbed her hand and towed her off into the woods.

“God Michael rude much? I was talking to Sophia until you just decide to drag me off like…” Maria got out before Michael clamped a hand over her mouth.

“I needed to tell you something.”

“And it couldn’t wait?” Maria asked.

“No, I had to do it now before I ended up stopping myself.” Michael answered.

“What is it?” Maria asked trying not to show the nervousness in her voice. Michael’s words sounded strange to her, could he be breaking up with her? Things had been going good, great even. Michael wasn’t like the other males who seemed to only want to have sex then go. That was how Randy had been. He just wanted to make her flip then leave, which was exactly what he had did. After that Maria made it appear as if she didn’t care about the guys, just had fun and went with the flow. Maybe she was wrong and Michael was like that. Maybe he figured that since they hadn’t had sex yet she wasn’t willingly and was going to leave her. But that didn’t seem right either.

Michael knew he was going about this the wrong way. He pulled her close and gave her a deep kiss before saying, “Don’t worry, it’s just something I want to get off my chest.”

Maria calmed at his words, “What?”

Now Michael was nervous, “I wanted to tell you that I think I’m falling for you.”

Maria felt her heart melt, “You think?”

“I know I’ve fallen for you.” Michael stated. He waited for Maria to say something, anything. He just didn’t expect what she ended up doing. She pulled him close for a passionate kiss. But that kiss led to much more.
They attacked each other, hands fumbling and pulling each other closer until there was no space between them. Then Maria was falling backwards and Michael was on top, pushing her further down onto the ground as he covered her body with his. Maria yanked on his shirt, pulling it up, telling him what she wanted and he happily obliged her by lifting his arms and allowing her to remove it. Her hands immediately shot out to his chest, slowly moving all over him, not allowing a single space of the revealed flesh to go untouched as his mouth descended on hers once again. It wasn't enough for her though, she needed to feel the heat radiating from his body pressed directly onto hers so she reached down and pulled off her shirt. He looked down at her breathing heavily. He had seen her naked before when they had gone on runs but it was different now, he couldn’t help but whisper almost inaudibly, "Beautiful."

Maria reached up and kissed him as her hands fumbled with the zipper of his jeans. She pulled them down as far as she could using her powerful legs before Michael kicked both them and his shoes off. He kissed her again lightly before trailing kisses down her jaw, neck and finally settling on his destination. Maria inhaled sharply at the first flick of his tongue on her very hard nipples and arched into him, begging for more of his extremely skilled torture. He alternated between her two breasts, using his hand to make sure not to leave the other neglected. He then kissed his way further down, stopping at her abdomen to dip into the sensitive part of her navel. Making it to the waistband of her jeans he quickly undid the button and zipper and pulled them as well as her panties off.

As she lay beneath him, a sudden beam of moonlight entered through the trees, illuminating her entire physique as the clouds finally passed over the sky. She had never looked more beautiful than she did at that exact moment and time seemed to stand still as he memorized the image before him and stored it away in the back of his mind with countless other one's he had of her. He moved his mouth back down and began to kiss his way up her leg, traveling to her inner thigh and then stopping to watch her writhe in anticipation for what was to come as she spread her legs further apart.

Maria was breathing heavily as she watched Michael watch her. His face was flushed and there was so much emotion in the way he looked at her that she felt tears prick at the back of her eyes. It felt so right to be there and she wondered why in the world she had waited so long for it. His mouth returned back to her inner thigh but did not stop this time and reached it's initial destination.

Maria' head fell back and her eyes closed as he lavished her with his tongue and lips and teeth. Quiet whimpers turned into boisterous moaning as Michael drove her closer and closer to completion. Bringing one hand to rest on her hip to keep her still, the other came to the area his mouth had momentarily left and he inserted one finger into her warm depths. Maria cried out as she felt another finger and then another join the first one and his mouth returned to tease her clitoris as his fingers moved in circular motions inside her then retreated only to be pushed back in.

With one final thrust of his fingers, Maria fell off the edge and her muscles contracted wildly around him. He kept them there, slowly bringing her back down only to build her back up again. He moved them out of her so that he could reach down and remove his boxers, which he still had on. Quickly grabbing a condom he sheathed it on himself. As soon as that was done he positioned himself between her legs, propped up on his arms above her.

Her hand grasped him and guided him to her center and with one swift thrust he was inside her, filling her completely. They both closed their eyes and stilled, reveling in the feeling they had created together. Michael opened his eyes to look down at Maria and when she opened her eyes to look back up at him he said the first thing that came to his mind at that moment, "I love you."

As what he had just said registered in Maria' mind, a tear trailed down her cheek. He reached out to wipe it away which just caused more to fall from her eyes. He kissed her softly and began to move in and out of her. His thrusts were slow and deliberate, and her arms came up to wrap around his shoulders as if she were clinging to him for dear life. He would have stayed that way forever if he could have. He was building her up so high she thought that she could fly and as he pumped into her one last time and they both came together, she almost thought she was indeed flying.

Michael collapsed against her, settling his head in the crook of neck, both their breathing labored. Maria moved her hand up and through his hair and whispered, "I love you too." He turned to her and grinned before kissing her deeply again. They laid there for several minutes enjoying the feel of each other until they knew they needed to head back. They dressed quickly and made their way back to the others.


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TeanHoney originally wrote:
When is Max going to say the hell with it and find Liz? Can't wait girl.


I know I'm taking forever for Max to find Liz but it will be happening somewhat soon like within ten chapters, fifteen at the most.
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Dedicated to: Calinia, TeanHoney, roswellluver, KEmperor, and CaNdiE ChaOs

Part 34

“Liz, what are you doing home? I thought you guys went out.” Matt asked.

“Um, we did. I didn’t feel like staying so I left. Don’t worry, Michael will watch after Sophia.” Liz explained.
Matt looked over Liz and saw that her eyes looked slightly puffy and the skin on her arms looked raw. He could tell the way she didn’t look right at him that something had happened. “I don’t doubt he will. I was just about to go make some tea, would you like to join me?”

Liz just felt like going into her room to go to sleep but decided to go with her uncle so she nodded. The two headed down to the kitchen. Liz sat at the counter watching him make the tea. Matt didn’t say anything until he placed a steaming cup in front of her and sat across from her.

“What was it like when you figured out you were in love with Aunt Marie, a human?” Liz asked out of the blue.

Matt was thrown by her question. He didn’t talk about his dead wife much but he was intrigued to know why Liz asked. He had an idea why. “At first I tried to stay away from her to protect her from the scrutiny of the pack but I couldn’t. You see when I was with Marie; I didn’t think what either one of us were. I just concentrated on her. When I knew I wanted to marry her, I didn’t care what the rest of the pack had to say anymore.”

“Dad always said you could have been alpha if you hadn’t married Aunt Marie.”

“Probably, but all I wanted was Marie. My status was probably why no one really challenged me.” Matt added. “You’re in love with someone back in Roswell aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Liz answered. “My parents, Michael and Sophia are the only ones who know about him. Maria does a little. He was both Michael and I’s best friend. I thought we’d get married. Mom and Dad told us that our kind finds their life mate early and I wanted Max to be mine. I didn’t even get to say goodbye, he probably hates me.” Liz said taking a long drink of her tea.

“He’s probably worried, and confused but I don’t think he’d hate you.” Matt stated.

The two sat in silence for a few minutes until Liz asked, “How do you resist it?”


Liz felt a little strange about it but her uncle was the only one who really knew what she was going through. “Tonight Sean and I went on a run and we were joking around. Then suddenly he was kissing me and I was kissing him back. It was like total animal magnetism. And at first I felt like I couldn’t resist the temptation.Then I thought about Max and I pushed Sean away. He figured out that I had been with a human before and brought up how different it would be being with another wolf.”

“But you resisted.” Matt interrupted.

“I should have stopped him as soon as his lips touched mine.” Liz said.

“Liz, everyone makes mistakes and you realized what you did. You’re still young.” Matt said. He hoped he was helping her. He was surprised he had got her to open up as much as she did.

“I think I’m going to go to bed. Thanks for listening.” Liz said smiling at him.

“Well I understand what it’s like to be in love with someone different from us.” Matt said smiling back.

Liz headed up to her and Sophia’s room and laid down. She was almost asleep when she hear Sophia and Michael get home. Sophia crept into the room. “Liz? You awake?”

“Barely. Did you guys have fun?”

“Yeah, but we were worried about you. We saw you and Sean leave then Sean came back later.”

“What did Sean tell you?” Liz asked.

“Just that you felt like going home.” Sophia answered.

“Yeah, I’m tired. Good night.”



The next morning Liz was up early. She headed out to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and was surprise to find her brother sitting there, "Michael? What are you doing up:"

"I wanted to talk to you. About last night." Michael explained.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you." Liz apologized.

"I was going to say the same thing. You have the right to cut loose when you want to." Michael said. "You can take care of yourself."

"Thanks, I hate it when we fight." Liz said as she hugged him. She plopped down next to him, "But I should have listened to you."

"What happened?" Michael asked concerned.

"Sean and I went for a run and we ended up kissing. Then things got carried away." Liz explained.


"Nothing happened." Liz emphasized. "I mean yeah we kissed and things started to get heated but I stopped him."

"Are you okay?" Michael asked knowing his sister would be feeling guilty over what happened.

"I guess. I was really upset when it happened and came home. Uncle Matt knew something was wrong and I was able to talk to him. He understands." Liz explained.

"And I don't." Michael stated.

"I didn't mean it in a bad way. But you don't understand. To me Max is it, whether he's here or not, whether I'll see him again or not. In my heart he is and always will be my mate."

"I know you love him, Liz. I just don't like the thought of you being alone." Michael said.

"I have you, our family, and our friends." Liz said shrugging. "I think I'm going to go out into the woods."

Michael knew that the woods calmed Liz as it did him. "Going for a run?"

"Nope, just a simple walk." Liz said. He nodded and she headed off into the woods. She half walked half-hiked through the woods enjoying the serenity around her. It was disturbed when Liz heard someone yelling for help and hurried off in the direction the voice was coming from. When she reached the source of the call for help Liz's blood ran cold and the silence of the woods was shattered by a gunshot.


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Dedicated to: mpls muse, Calinia (2x), KEmperor, roswellluver, A Rose Is True Blue, Skittles79, pandas2001, and Roswelllostcause

This part is actually inspired by a few of the episodes of WOlf Lake and has a few lines in it from different episodes of the shows.

Part 35

Liz had walked into the clearing in time to see Willard Cates lying on the ground caught in a trap and Tyler Creed standing over him with a gun before he shot the Alpha in the head. His body slumped to the ground. Liz's eyes raised to see Tyler's doing the same and staring at her. She did the only thing she could think of, she bolted. She ran as fast as she could in human form. She was about to flip when Tyler caught her. The two fell forward, Liz hit the ground hard face first, Tyler's weight on top of her.

"I've been planning this so carefully and waiting so patiently but you Donner's always have to ruin everything.” Tyler growled in anger. He grabbed a hold of both of her hands and tugged her up and the back of her body rested against the front of his. Then she felt the cold metal barrel of a gun pressed to the side of her temple and his breath in her ear. "I could kill you so easily but then that nosy uncle of yours would start poking around even more than he's going to and cause all kinds of problems for me."

"So what are you going to do?" Liz asked not even attempting to hide the fear in her voice.

"You and I are going to make a little deal. You're not going to tell anyone about what you saw and I won't kill you or the ones you care about. I will know if the pack finds out. And if they do, I will one step ahead of them. I'll kill your parents and after I'm done, I'll go back to Roswell. I will find that human you were screwing and I'll rip his throat out."

Liz's anger overrode the other emotions she was feeling, and she jumped into action. She leaned forward and with all her strength she flipped him over top of her. He landed on the ground in front of her and she pounced on him. She started hitting him but he quickly grabbed her wrists and twisted them behind her back. They now sat with Liz straddling him and he leaning up enough to hold her arms behind her. If someone had walked up they could have mistaken the whole scene as one of two lovers instead of two people in the middle of a power struggle. “You are a feisty little one aren’t you? All kinds of fight in you, do you carry that over when you’re in bed?”

“You’ll never know.” Liz growled.

“I bet you do. You know as much as I hate your family I might just make an exception to satisfy my curiosity.” Tyler insinuated. Liz was shocked when she felt the wetness of his tongue touch her cheek as he lapped up to her cheekbone. She used all of her weight to push herself backwards and break the hold Tyler had on her hands. She got up quickly but didn’t run knowing he would just catch her again. Tyler only looked at her and laughed. “Perhaps now is not the best time. We should be getting out of these woods before the body is found, I’m sure someone heard the shot.”

Tyler grabbed her arm and started pulling her away. When they reached his car he let her go. “You better run on home. But remember what I said.”

Liz only nodded and Tyler sped away. She couldn’t believe what she had agreed to. But she had to keep her family and Max safe.


Thirty minutes after Liz returned to the house Uncle Matt got a call that there had been a body found out in the woods. An hour later the whole pack knew that Willard Cates was dead. According to all official records it was a hunting accident but everyone had their own theories. Sophia left to go be with Luke to offer him comfort.

Two days later the funeral was held. The whole pack turned up for the services, the church was packed. Liz sat with her family a row behind the Cates. As Liz sat through the service she felt worse and worse, the feeling of Tyler’s eyes on her didn’t help. But she refused to meet his gaze.

After the funeral services they went to the Cates. As they made their way into the house they looked around and saw all of the older males, Tyler in the middle of them, talking in the sitting room. It was obvious they were discussing who the next alpha should be. Liz could hear her Uncle as he said, “The sharks come out when they smell blood in the water.”

The three Donners searched out Luke who was staring out one of the back windows of the house. Sophia walked behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder. He seemed to relax at her touch and he turned to face them. “Hey guys.”

“Hey man. How are you?” Michael asked.

“Fine I guess. I mean I just buried my father. And as I’m standing here, in the next room there are males arguing who is going to take his place. And I have no doubt in my mind that one of them killed him so they could take over.”

Liz couldn’t sit there anymore. Luke’s words had hit her wit another wave of guilt. “I’m going to get some air.”

Liz pushed her way outside to the Cates’ backyard. It was a gloomy windy day. Liz let the wind blow across her face trying to clear her thoughts. It wasn’t working. She hated knowing that she could relief a little of Luke’s suffering by telling him who had killed his father. But then her own parents and Max would be put at risk.

“Want to tell me why you’re acting so weird?” Michael asked from behind her.

“It’s a funeral Michael. People do tend to act a little upset when they are at funerals.” Liz said refusing to look at him.

“True, and you’re usually the one going out of your way to make them feel better. So why did you hightail it out of there while we were talking to Luke?”

“I just needed some air.”

“You’re lying Liz.”

“No, I’m not. Just drop it Michael. Okay?” Liz said as she turned to look at him. Michael just nodded and went back in the house. As he did Liz could see Tyler had been watching them and had heard them. He smiled slightly at Liz, nodded his head to her and turned back to his campaign for Alpha.


Later that night, Liz made her way to Michael’s room. Uncle Matt was at the station and Sophia was still at Luke’s. She knocked lightly on Michael’s door. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah,” She heard him grumble

Liz opened the door and saw her brother lying on his bed, tossing a baseball up in the air before catching it again. She walked over to his bed and caught it in midair. Liz knew she needed to talk to someone or she was going to go crazy. She trusted Michael more than anything. “I want to talk to you, be honest with you.”

“What about?” Michael said getting interested. He knew his sister was hiding something and he wanted to know what it was. He had never seen her as edgy as she had been in the last few days.

“You have to promise me you won’t tell anyone. Please Michael, promise me.” Liz pleaded.

Michael could see the seriousness in her eyes along with desperation. “I promise, what is it? What’s got you so spooked?”

“You remember the morning Mr. Cates was murdered?”

“Of course I do, it was only a few days ago. You and I talked then I went inside to catch a few hours sleep while you went for a walk.” Liz could see the understanding come into Michael’s eyes. “You saw something didn’t you?”

Liz lowered her eyes so that she was intently staring at the floor; “I was just taking a walk, thinking about Max and how much I miss him. Then I heard someone yelling for help so I searched for the source until I reached a clearing. That was when I saw Mr. Cates in a trap with Tyler standing above him.”

Michael jumped off his bed so fast Liz almost fell off of it as the mattress shifted. “I knew that son of a b*tch had something to do with it. I just knew it.”

“Michael, sit down.” Liz ordered. “There’s more I need to tell you and you pacing is making me dizzy.”

Michael tried to control his anger and sat back down. When he did Liz continued. “I stood there for only a few seconds before I took off. I ran as fast as I could, I knew that Tyler would come after me but I had to try and get away. I didn’t make it. He tackled me,” Liz could tell that her brother was getting even more upset. “He told me that he would just kill me but Uncle Matt would look into it too much so instead he wanted to make a deal with me.”

“What was the deal?”

“I wouldn’t tell the pack that he had killed Mr. Cates and he wouldn’t kill our parents or go after Max. I knew he could and would do it so I agreed. Ever since he’s been watching me including earlier at Luke’s house. When I pissed you off, I saw he was behind us and saw he had seen the whole thing.” Liz explained. “Now you see why you can’t tell Michael, not Luke or anyone. If you do then it’ll bring a lot of danger.”

Michael wanted nothing more than to go to Tyler’s house and rip out the other wolf’s throat out. He was threatening the people he cared about. “Did he hurt you?”

“No.” Liz said thinking of Tyler’s actions in the woods with disgust.

Michael saw her cringe when she said no and knew something else had happened. “Liz, you said you’d be completely honest and I can tell you’re holding something back.”

“It’s nothing, just Tyler being Tyler.” Liz said unconvincingly.

“And I know what that means. So why don’t you tell me.”

“Michael, its no big thing and it’ll just piss you off even more.” Liz said.


“Fine.” Liz said defeated. “When Tyler told me the deal I got pissed and started to fight him. When he got the upper hand he said that he thought I was feisty and wanted to know if I carried it over in bed. And that he would might put aside how he feels about our family to find out.”

Michael’s jaw clinched in anger but he knew blowing up was the last thing that Liz needed right now. He pulled her close the best hug he could to make her feel better. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to let him touch you. And as for everything else, we’ll figure something out.”

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Dedicated to: mpls muse, Roswelllostcause, TeanHoney, roswellluver, Calinia, ofwolfandman408, and Snowdove30

Part 36
(Inspired by and some lines from Leader of The Pack)

The next couple of days were dangerous times as the pack picked a new leader. Several of the contenders did die of mysterious circumstances. Well as mysterious as a poisoned drink and a pitch fork could be. The pack especially the Donner and the remaining Cates, were nervous. The only contenders left were Tyler and an older man Liz didn’t know. But Liz heard that the older man was going to drop out of the running. Despite having most of his attention focused on becoming Alpha, Liz knew Tyler was still keeping an eye on her. He came into the diner often usually sitting in Liz’s section. He never mentioned anything to her, his presence was enough for her to keep her mouth shut.

On the Friday after Willard Cates was killed, the Wolf Lake Brewery held a stockholder’s meeting in the lounge of the Lodge to elect a new chairman but in reality it was a meeting to choose the new Alpha of the pack. The diner was closed since it was used for the banquet but Liz and Sophia still had to work. They had already been there for several hours helping to set up when Michael and Matt showed up. Liz could see how uncomfortable Michael was in his suit but he looked nice. Too bad Maria couldn’t see him but she had chosen to stay home that night.

Michael made his way over to the booth that Luke was currently occupying and sat down. Ever since Liz had told him about what had really happened with Willard Cate’s murder he had understood why Liz had been so uneasy around Luke. It was hard looking your friend in the eye. “Hey man.”

“Hey.” Luke answered absently as he watched Tyler where he was standing across the room. Michael couldn’t help but wonder if he suspected Tyler, it wouldn’t surprise him if he did, most of the pack did. But no one had any prove to call him on it. Well except Liz.

The longer Michael watched Luke the more he thought it was something more, “Luke, what’s up with you? You’re acting all jittery.”

Luke took one more glance at Tyler before saying, “Not here. Come on.”

Luke casually got up and made his way back to the diner kitchen; Michael followed him unsure of what was going on. Once back there they saw that Sophia and Liz were also back there. Michael could see Luke visibly relax. “Luke, you’re killing me here. What’s going on?”

“I wanted to tell you out there but I couldn’t. I’m being watched.” Luke stated.

“Why?” Liz asked.

“They want to make sure I don’t go anywhere.” Luke explained.

“Luke what are you talking about?” Sophia asked. “Who?”

“Whoever is trying to be alpha, pick one. After the election do you really think they are going to want the male heirs of the former alpha to live?” Luke explained.

Sophia, Liz, and Michael stood shocked for a minute. Although they had been amongst the pack for the last few months there were still some things they didn’t know. Sophia moved next to her boyfriend wrapping her arms around him, she was scared for him. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to have to leave town, it’s either that or die.” Luke stated.

“Where are you going to go?” Michael asked.

“I don’t….” Luke trailed off as the kitchen door swung open revealing one of Tyler’s men. “Tyler wants to speak to you Luke.”

Luke knew there was no argument so he released Sophia and headed out. Michael followed him wanting to offer his friend support but was stopped by two more of Tyler’s men. He stood and watched as the first man and Tyler cornered Luke in a close booth.

Liz looked over and saw tears in Sophia’s eyes. She wrapped an arm around her cousin in support. “It’ll be okay.”

“Liz, I don’t want him to leave but I know he can’t stay here either, I don’t want him to be killed.” Sophia practically sobbed. “I don’t know where he’ll be or if he’ll be safe. He’s never even been out of Wolf Lake, how the hell is he going to know where to go?” Liz just held on to Sophia, comforting her as an idea came into her head.


With his keen wolf hearing Michael could easily pick up what Tyler was saying to Luke a few feet away from him. He was accusing Luke of avoiding him since the funeral especially that night. Luke just told him he’d been busy. The idiot who had fetched Luke snickered and commented that he was surprised Luke had even showed up. Luke said nothing only stood up and climbed out of the booth. He walked towards Michael and the two headed over to the counter.

They were still sitting there when they saw Sophia come out of the back and walked behind the counter. Michael had no idea what she was doing but seemed to be looking hard for something. A few minutes later, Sophia tapped him on the shoulder and motioned for him to grab Luke and go back into the kitchen. Michael could see something was up so he nodded. He waited until Sophia was back in the kitchen before he leaned over to Luke and whispered, “Sophia wants us back in there. I think something’s up.”

They waited until they knew no one was watching and snuck back into the kitchen. When they did they saw Sophia and Liz anxiously waiting for them. “It’s about time, Liz wouldn’t tell me what was going on until you two came back.”

“Lower your voice Sophia.” Liz stated. She turned to Luke, “You have no idea what or where to go when you leave do you?”

“Not really, figured I’d head east until I felt like stopping.” Luke stated. “Why?”

“Because I think I know of someone who can help.” Liz explained.

“What?” Luke asked amazed that Liz was helping him. Sure she had before but this was a little bigger than giving him advice.

“I said I know of some place safe to go but I’m going with you.” Liz stated. Then when she saw Luke was about to say something she added. “There is no argument here. I either go or nothing.”

“Fine.” Luke said.

“Sophia grabbed me the master keys. After the vote, we can sneak out the back door. Then she’ll lock it so no one can follow. Then it’s to your car and we’re gone. No stopping at your house, you’ll just have to wear what you’ve got on.” Liz said.

“I’ve got extra clothes in my car.” Luke said absently.

“You two should head back out front, everyone will be looking for you. Liz, I need to talk to you.” Michael said before grabbing her arm and pulling her farther into the kitchen before letting loose what he wanted to say. “What do you think you are doing?”

“I’m trying to help Luke, your friend so he doesn’t get killed what do you think I’m doing?” Liz asked.

“I think you’re feeling guilty for what you know and trying to make it up to Luke, not to mention find a way back to Max.” Michael commented. “That is where you were going isn’t it?”

Liz lowered her eyes, her brother knew her too well. “So what if I go to Max? If I can get out of Wolf Lake shouldn’t I go to him?”

“Roswell is the first place they, especially Tyler, will look for you once it’s discovered that you’re gone. This time they will kill you as well as Luke. Probably Max too.”

“That’s why we’re not going to stay in Roswell.” Liz explained. “Kyle’s dad has a cabin on the state line to Texas that I’ll take Luke to. Then I’ll call Max and have him meet us there.”

“So you’re just going to show up out of the blue after disappearing without saying a word, being gone for months, with some guy that he doesn’t know and expect him to not be wondering what the hell is going on? You know he’s going to have questions.” Michael stated.

“Then I’ll just have to give him answers won’t I?” Liz practically yelled at him before rushing by and out of the kitchen.


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mpls muse originally wrote:

Is Liz going to tell Luke the truth about Tyler once they get out of Wolf Lake?

Great update!!!!!


I never said they were actually going to get out of WL.
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Dedicated to: Tean Honey, roswellluver, Calinia, KEmperor, BaBee_ImaJyn, and mpls muse

Part 37a

Matt saw Luke and Sophia coming out of the kitchen and could tell his daughter was upset. He look to see that Luke had his arm wrapped around her shoulders so he hadn’t done something to her. Although Matt had gotten used to the relationship he was still weary of them, he wasn’t sure if Luke wouldn’t hurt Sophia. He decided to check on her himself. “I’ll be right back V.”

Vivian Cates nodded as he headed off. He had been by Vivian side all night trying to make sure the meeting didn’t get out of hand. Matt made his way through past the pack members over to where the kids were sitting. “Luke, I need to talk to Sophia, alone.”

Luke nodded and got up and went over to where his mother, Ruby and John were talking but kept his eyes on her. He talked idly with his mother who he knew was as nervous as him.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Matt asked Sophia. He was surprised when he saw the anger in her eyes when she looked up at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She said angrily.

“Tell you what?” Matt asked confused.

“That Luke’s life is in danger.” Sophia stated. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you. But I want you to know I’m doing my best to make sure that there is no violence here tonight.” Matt apologized and explained.

“Well if you hadn’t distanced yourself from the pack then maybe you would have had a better chance of doing that.” Sophia said angrily. “It would be a contest on who would be Alpha.”

Matt knew what she was getting at. “Sophia you don’t understand.”

“I do understand. You did it because you promised Mom I would have a normal life. Well I don’t, I flipped. You couldn’t stop it, it happened and I am a member of the pack. And now that you still won’t stand up to your responsibilities I’m going to loose two people I care about.”

“What are you talking about?” Matt asked.

“Luke and Liz.” Sophia lowered her voice. “Liz offered to help Luke get out of town so he wouldn’t be killed, which is more than you’ve done.”

Sophia turned on her heel and walked away from her dad after her last statement and went back to work. Matt watched her go while he was trying to figure out what to do. He couldn’t take over as Alpha, he had been out of the loop too long and he didn’t want it. But maybe he should if only to keep his daughter and family safe. His gaze flicked over the room and saw Luke talking to his mother. Vivian had suggested to him early in the night for him to marry her and take over the pack, to ensure their children’s’ safety. But he couldn’t do that, he still loved his wife even if it had been over eight years ago. As he continued to watch Luke talking to Vivian an idea struck him, before he could think much on it he heard Sherman Blackstone announcing that the meeting was about to start. He saw everyone began moving into the lounge and finding their seats. Blackstone went up to the podium, “I call this meeting to order.”

When everyone was quiet he went on, “First and only order of business tonight is the election of the new chairman. I open the floor to nominations.”

“I nominate Tyler Creed.” One of his men nominated with one of his other men seconding it.

“Big surprise there.” Michael whispered to Luke who nodded. They were positioned near the back so Luke and Liz could easily slip out after the vote.

“Do we have any other nominations?” Sherman asked. He hoped someone might nominate Matt, although he was in self imposed exile, Sherman still thought he would make the best candidate for Alpha. Especially since it seemed that Tyler was the only candidate so far since many of the contenders had been killed off already.

“I have one.” Matt announced. All eyes turned to look at him giving him their full attention. “Now it’s a little unorthodox so hear me out. I nominate Vivian Cates.”

The four teens by the door looked at each other in shock while the lounge was filled with a deafening uproar but they were able to hear one voice above all of the others, Ruby Cates Kanin. “I second the nomination.”

Again there was more uproar now that it was known that the older of the only two white wolves favored one opponent over the other.

“Females cannot lead the pack.” Tyler argued.

“Vivian Cates has been the wife of an Alpha for almost twenty years. That has exposed her to the exact duties she would be taking on herself. In the past she also has conducted business on Willard’s behalf. She knows what is needed to run the pack.” Matt argued back.

The noise got so loud that Sherman had to bang his gavel to bring back order. “If there are no more nominations I say we put it to a vote. Tyler Creed or Vivian Cates.”

The votes were passed out to the adults and they set about voting. Luke, Michael, Liz, and Sophia watched on ready to go ahead with the plan if Tyler won. The votes were passed in and tallied up. The four waited with baited breath as Sherman walked back up to the podium, “I have the final vote. And the winner is…..”


I'll post the rest later this afternoon.
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Here you go:

Part 37b

“I have the final vote. And the winner is…..Vivian Cates.” Sherman Blackstone announced. Vivian’s supporters started applauding as she moved to take the podium. Liz, Sophia, Michael and Luke all relaxed. Sophia hugged Luke thankful that he wasn’t leaving. Liz watched on. She was happy for them but felt the disappointment that she wasn’t leaving to go to Max. She didn’t give up that she would see him again but knew that right now wasn’t the best time to try and escape. Vivian would have to prove that she could handle being Alpha so she would be strict. If Liz tried to make a run for it and got caught, her punishment would be severe.

Liz looked over where Luke and Sophia had walked over to where his sister and her husband were. She looked at Ruby. She knew why Ruby had seconded the nomination, she had done it to protect her brother. Liz felt like she was a lot like Ruby, she loved her family and would do anything to protect her family plus she had fell for a human. Maybe she should talk to her some time.

Liz snapped out of her haze when she felt Michael’s arm around her shoulders. She looked up to see him looking at her with concern. “You okay?”

She leaned her head against him. “I guess. I’m glad that Luke is safe and that Sophia won’t loose him.”

“Yeah, she looks happy.” Michael said trying to comfort Liz. They were soon joined by their Uncle who pulled Liz aside. “Sophia let it slip earlier what your plans were.”

Liz’s eyes widened. “That’s why you nominated Mrs. Cates isn’t it? So that Luke would be safe and we wouldn’t leave.”

“That and I couldn’t stand the thought of Tyler being the alpha.” Her uncle commented. “And although what you were going to do was not the smartest thing, I do admire what you were doing for Luke.”

“Well it wasn’t for completely selfless reasons.” Liz admitted.

“Your parents will be proud when they hear.” Matt stated. They moved over to congratulate the new Alpha and finish up the rest of the meeting.


I know that part was kind of anticlimatic by leading you guys to think LIz was going to get out of WL but you'll find out tomorrow just how important that meeting was. Plus I had to show some more pack stuff.
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KEmperor originally wrote:
Ok, so now how are you going to get Max into the story?

Just wait, you'll find out tomorrow.
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Part 38

Max sat in his room on his bed reading one of his books for school when suddenly a gust of wind blew open his window. “Great.”

He put down the book and got up to shut it when he saw someone standing out side of it. “Liz.”

He could hardly believe it when he saw her standing there. Liz smiled at him; she looked more beautiful than the last time he had seen her if that was possible. He felt his heart melt. He had missed her so much his heart hurt. He barely heard her ask, “Are you going to make me stay out here or are you going to invite me in?”

“Come in,” Max said anxiously holding out his hand. She took it and he helped her inside but instead of letting her go he pulled her into his arms, hugging her close. “Where have you been?”

“Shush,” Liz said putting a finger to his mouth. “It doesn’t matter, it just matters that I’m with you.”

Their lips met hungrily practically devouring each other. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he pulled her closer to his body. They wrapped themselves tightly together with their arms as Max started walking back towards his bed. The two fell on to it as Max moved his lips down to her neck. It was then he heard the sweetest words come out of her mouth, “I love you Max, and I’ll never leave you again.”

Max sat up quickly, waking from his dream. Like the other ones he had had since Liz had disappeared it was so realistic like she was here. It always took him a few minutes before he realized that it was all a dream. But despite how much he wanted her to be, she wasn’t. He could smell his mom cooking breakfast and decided he should hurry up so he could head into the kitchen. He jumped in for a quick shower as he thought over what had been going on. His search for Liz and Michael had led him to a lot of dead ends. Hell since he had found that their birth certificates were fake he realized that Parker was probably not their last name at all. So he was searching for two people that he didn’t even have a last name to go by. That made the search even more difficult. And he hadn’t found anything on them since his dad found those certificates.

Max’s life over the past few months consisted mostly of work and school. He would be graduating at the end of the year, which was in a week. His friends knew there was no way to break him out of his funk and drug him out sometimes. But they never pressured him to date. The girls at school left him alone with the exception of a new girl named Tess. She was blonde curly haired, the exact opposite of Liz. She had tried to worm her way into Max and his friends’ lives but no one liked her especially Max. Kyle had made a mistake and said that Tess looked similar to Ava, a joke that ended in him getting the silent treatment for several days. Max had finally put his foot down and told Tess to leave him alone. He ended up having to go to the school officials to get her to leave him alone. Now she only glared at him from afar.

He got done with his shower and rushed to the kitchen for breakfast. His mom was at the stove; Isabel and his Dad were at the table, his dad reading the paper, Wall Street Journal, as per usual. “Morning.”

“Good morning Max.” They chimed.

Max sat down at the table next to his dad and his mom plopped a plate full of food down in front of him. He smiled his thanks as she kissed him on the top of his head before heading back to the stove. Max dove into his food, he was starving. Once he was about half way done he came up for air.

“Uh, Diane listen to this. ‘Successful Pacific Northwest Brewery elects first female Chairperson ever’. What do you think about that?” His dad said.

“That’s interesting, read the article.”

“Wolf Lake Brewery located in the town by the same name in Washington elected its first ever female Chairperson in a vote on Friday night at a stockholder’s meeting. The former Chairman, Willard Cates, was killed in a hunting accident the week before and his widow, Vivian Cates was elected to take over. It is the first time in over a hundred years that the brewery has been in business that a woman sat at the head of the company.’ That’s about all of the article since it goes into the history of the brewery.” His dad stated.

“Well they must have been stuck in the last century, “ Isabel remarked.

“There’s a picture as well. According to the caption it was taken the day after at her home much to her chagrin.”

Max looked next to him at the paper his dad was reading and looked at the picture. There was a woman in her late thirties, early forties smiling at the camera. There were several guys around her, one even looked to be around his age. He stared at the people when he saw something in the background or more like someone. He snatched the paper away from his dad so he could look at it closer.

“Max. Your father was reading that.” His mother scolded.

“Sorry Dad. Isabel look at this picture.” He moved to sit next to his sister.

“What about it?”

“Tell me I’m not imagining this but who does that look like?” Max asked.

Isabel looked at where Max was pointing and gasped, “Oh my God. It is.”

The two kids continued to look at the picture in silence as their dad finally decided to see what they were looking at. He was shocked to see who Max was pointing at. The person was in the background and the reprint of the picture looked a little hazy but it was definitely Michael Parker.

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Part 39

Liz ran through the woods. Twisting and turning underneath the underbrush. Darting under and between fallen trees, as she fought to keep the speed going. It had been tense this past week since the meeting, everyone settling into the new leadership. Luke’s position though didn’t change. He was still the leader of the teen wolves with Michael and Sean by his side. ‘Sean.’ Liz thought. Things had been strange between them. Ever since that night in the woods they hadn’t really talked. Liz had finally figured out that Sean wanted to be more than just friends, despite what he had said before. She was mad that he had just became friends with her because he wanted to get her into bed. She was glad she knew the truth. When Maria had first found out she had given Sean a tongue lashing that the whole town must have heard it.

Although Tyler was out of the run for Alpha, he was still a threat to Liz. So she had kept her mouth shut and waited to see what he would do next. He had made suggestive comments to her that made her want to throw up and watched her constantly. She knew he wasn’t happy with the outcome of the vote, and she couldn’t help but wonder what he would do about it. He had a lot of ambition to be Alpha.

Liz reached the shore of the lake and trotted up to a rock that jutted over it. She sat there and watched as the sun began to set. It was beautiful. She couldn’t figure out which one was more beautiful, a sunset in the desert or one in the mountains. She should tell Michael that he should come up and paint it. He would do it justice, just like the one she had in her room of the desert.

Remembering she had plans with her brother she quickly left the lake and headed to her Uncle’s house.


Max drove along the wood bordered highway. After seeing the picture in the paper Max knew he had a clue as to where Liz and Michael had disappeared to. He waited until after graduation before even approaching his parents about his plans. Once he was graduated he knew they couldn’t stop him. He was eighteen after all. So the night after the ceremony he had sat down with them and told him his plan. He was going to Wolf Lake to find them. He had done his research, knew it was a small town and should be easy to find them. Isabel had wanted to go but since she was underage their parents had said she couldn’t plus she still had a week of school since she hadn’t graduated yet. They hadn’t wanted Max to go but like he had figured they couldn’t stop him. So he had thrown a few bags into his jeep and set off north.

He glanced over and saw he had entered Wolf Lake limits. He had made good time only stopping last night to crash for some much needed sleep. He found himself energized by having a possible lead on where Liz and Michael were. A song he recognized as one of Liz’s favorites started to play so he cranked it up.

Come to me now
And lay your hands over me
Even if it's a lie
Say it will be alright
And I shall believe

I'm broken in two
And I know you're on to me
That I only come home
When I'm so all alone
But I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you won't give up on me
And I shall believe
And I shall believe

Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it's true
No one heals me like you
And you hold the key

Never again
would I turn away from you
I'm so heavy tonight
But your love is alright
And I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly
You won't give up on me
And I shall believe
I shall believe

Max was so caught up in his memories of Liz and the music he almost didn’t see the two animals before it was almost too late. He slammed on the brakes and managed to stop from hitting them. He looked at them in shock, not ten feet ahead of him were a solid white wolf and a black and gray one. They seemed to study him, the white one lifting its nose up into the air in the effort to try and smell him before taking off into the woods. He shook the haze that had settled into his brain from the unusual experience and pressed on the gas pedal. He drove a little more carefully on his way into town.


Sophia and Luke watched from the bushes and the Jeep moved farther and farther away from them. They headed towards Luke’s car and flipped into human form and dressed then Luke hurried to drive Sophia home. He didn’t want to get on the Sheriff’s bad side.

As they drove down Main Street, Sophia saw the same jeep that had almost hit them but it was the driver that really caught her attention. She could make out his face easily. Luke looked at Sophia who was still staring at the vehicle. “What is it?”

“I need to go home.” Sophia said.

“What’s got you so spooked?”

“Luke, you have to promise you won’t tell your mom.” Sophia pleaded.

Luke felt somewhat hurt but her statement. “You know you can trust me.”

“I need to talk to Liz. That guy is here looking for them.” She said pointing to the jeep.

“How do you know?”

“I recognized him. Liz has all kinds of pictures of him. He’s her boyfriend.”

“Shit.” Luke said. “It’s Ruby all over again.”

“It won’t take long before the whole pack knows he’s here. I need to tell her before she finds out some other way.”

Luke nodded and driving like a bat out of hell they didn’t take long to get to the house. They rushed inside and found Liz and Michael laughing at some movie they were watching. They saw the seriousness in the new arrival’s faces and Liz asked, “What is it?”

“We were out for a run when this jeep almost hit us…” Sophia started to explain.

“Oh my God, are you okay?” Liz asked worriedly.

“We’re fine. But that’s not what Sophia needs to tell you.” Luke said.

“When Luke was driving me home we of course drove by the lodge. Out front we saw the same jeep and I saw the driver, it was Max.”

Michael’s eyes widened in shock as did Liz’s. “Max, you mean my Max.”

Sophia nodded. “I’m positive it was him. He looked like he was going to go in and get a room.”

Before any of the three could stop her, Liz was out the door.


Liz ran as quickly as her human legs would carry her. At the moment she didn’t want to be a wolf, she wanted to be a human. The thought of Max being so close spurred her on. She wanted to get to him. As she ran, one of her brother’s favorite songs played in her head.
I woke up in a dream today
To the cold of the static / and put my cold feet on the floor
Forgot all about yesterday
Remembering I’m pretending to be where I’m not anymore
A little taste of hypocrisy
And I’m left in the wake of the mistake / slow to react
Even though you’re so close to me
You’re still so distant / And I can’t bring you back

Liz knew most of the rooms at the lodge were empty so she walked around snooping into the windows until she found his room. When she did, she saw the love of her life for the first time in months.

It’s true / the way I feel
Was promised by your face
The sound of your voice
Painted on my memories
Even if you’re not with me
I’m with you
You / Now I see/ keeping everything inside
You / Now I see / Even when I close my eyes

He was as handsome and gorgeous as in her dreams and memories. He had striped off his shirt so he was only wearing jeans and socks. The low light caused Max’s tan skin to appear to be glowing amber causing Liz heart to race more than it already was. She remembered everything about his skin, how he tasted, his scent and the softness of his skin.

Liz jumped slightly when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She knew who it was before he even spoke. “I know you want to but it’s safer for him if you don’t go to him.”

“I know, I just had to see him.” Liz told her brother. “I miss him.”

“I know you do. I miss him too, he was a good friend.” Michael admitted. “Come on, we better get out of here before he sees us.”

Liz looked at him one more time before she let Michael pull her away. He led her to the parking lot where she saw Luke and Sophia were waiting by Luke’s car. The four got in and headed back to the Donner house. Once there they got out of the car but Luke held Liz back. “I just thought you should know that if he starts poking around, the pack won’t tell him anything. They’re not going to let him find you.”

“They won’t hurt him will they?” Liz asked.

“It depends on who he goes to. But most won’t. I suggest you lay low though, don’t let him see you or he will be in danger.” Luke stated. “You might tell the Sheriff that Max is in town. That way he’ s not surprised if Max shows up at the station.”

“Thanks Luke.” Liz said before turning and heading inside.


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I just wanted to let you guys know that I plan on posting tomorrow and that this story is completed and it'll be 50 parts.
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Dedicated to: TeanHoney, Calinia (3x), roswelluver, KEmperor, Skittles79, A Rose Is True Blue, and Roswelllostcause

Part 40

Max got an early start the next day. After a quick phone call to his parents to let them know he had made it there he headed down to the small diner for breakfast. As he entered he noticed a few of the patrons looked up at him, showing interest to his presence. One guy in particular stared at him intently almost as if he recognized Max. Max could see he was a few years older than him and had an expression on his face that was a combination of annoyance and smugness. He shrugged it off as he sat down in one of the booths. He ordered and ate quickly trying to decide what his first step should be. He needed to find out more about the town so that he knew where to start looking. He ate fast and after finding out where the town library was he went to find it.

He spent several hours in the library pouring over maps and newspapers learning all he could about the town. And now he was headed for the Sheriff’s office. As he entered the Sheriff’s office he noticed it was smaller than Roswell’s. He walked up to the counter and saw two men sitting at desk nearby talking. One was a younger guy with black hair and olive skin while the other one, who he assumed was the actual Sheriff, also had dark hair but not as dark of skin. The guy kind of reminded him of Liz and Michael’s dad, maybe he was related to him. After all Liz and Michael might have came up here because they had family there. The younger one was the one to approach him. “Hello there, I’m John Kanin. What can I do for you?”

“Max Evans. I’m looking for someone, actually a couple of someone’s.” Max explained before pulling out a picture of him, Michael and Liz. “And I was wondering if you could help me. Have you seen either of these people in town?”

John took the offered picture and looked it over. He instantly recognized the subjects in the pictures. “Are they in some kind of trouble?”

“I really hope not. The names I have for them are Elizabeth and Michael Parker but I do know that Parker is an alias. They disappeared a few months ago along with their parents and I’m just here looking for them.” Max explained.

“You look kind of young for a bounty hunter.” Matt Donner said as he walked up. He had overheard all of the conversation and decided to join in. Liz had told him the night before about Sophia and Luke spotting Max coming into town and had promised Liz he would check after him. He had to admit that he was surprised when Max had said he had discovered that Parker was an alias. He looked at the picture and saw it was of his niece and nephew along with the young man in front of him. He stared at it for a moment, his eyes drawn to it by the huge smile on Liz’s face. She looked so happy.

“I wasn’t hired to find them, it’s more of a personal search.” Max answered.

John nodded. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of Déjà vu from his own days when he was searching for Ruby. He could see by the way that this young man looked in the picture that the three had been close. He wished he could help him in someway but he couldn’t. He was pack now and he had to protect the secret of the pack, it was a part of his new life, a new life with Ruby. “Sorry but I don’t recognize them.”

“How about you Sheriff ….?”

“Donner. Matt Donner.” Matt said shaking the young man’s hand. He had to admit he was starting to like Max and could see why the twins were close to him. “And no, I don’t.”

“Are you sure? I know that they’ve been spotted in this area.” Max stated.

“Nope. Sorry, I wish we could help.”

“Well if you happen to maybe remember or do see them, I’ll be staying over at the lodge.” Max said before grabbing up the picture and leaving. He knew that they were there but why would the Sheriff and his deputy lie to him? Maybe they just hadn’t seen them. After all Michael and Liz had never been in trouble so it could be possible. He headed for his jeep and took off in the direction of where he plan to search next.


Matt and John watched as the young man drove away. “Well Sheriff, what do we do?”

“I’m sure V has already heard about him being in town or she soon will. Then like with you, she’ll probably have a keep an eye on him.” Matt answered.

“I wish I could have said something to him. He seemed to care about them.”

“He does.” Matt stated. “Come on, let’s get back to work.”

Part 41

Liz didn’t know how she had made it through school, she had been so distracted knowing Max was so close. She made her way down the hallway towards her locker turning the corner she spotted Presley and her friend Brittany standing by some large windows that overlooked the parking lot. She didn’t know why but she decided she had to see what was so interesting to them so she crept up behind them. She could see over their shoulders what they were looking at, Max. He was in the parking lot getting into his jeep, he must have come there to try and find her.

"I don't go for humans but I think I might make an exception for him." Presley said licking her lips as she eyed Max. She couldn't take her eyes off of his hard tanned muscular body. She had to admit that although Liz Donner was a bitch, she had good taste in men.

"I'd be careful Presley, you know who he belongs to." Liz could hear Brittany. She looked over and saw Luke had come down the hall as well and watched what she was doing. She put her finger to her mouth to tell him to stay quiet so she could listen.

"I'm not scared of her." Presley stated.

"You should be, she kicked your ass once." Brittany said just as she noticed Liz.

"Presley, I'm only to say this once so listen closely." Liz leaned in just a little, "Stay away from him."

"What's the matter? Afraid that I'm going to hurt him?"

Liz smiled; it was a rather interesting twist of her lips, "No, afraid I'm going to hurt you."

Presley only stared at her for a minute before leaving. Liz looked at Luke only to see him smiling at her. "What?"

"Nothing, it's just always funny to see you or Sophia talking to Presley." Luke explained. It was then his face turned somber. "My mother sent me to get you. She wants to talk to you."

Liz closed her eyes; she knew what a meeting with Vivian Cates would entail. "I figured she would."

Skipping the last few classes of the day Luke drove her to his house and the two went inside. But then Liz was on her own as she walked into Vivian's study and saw the Alpha sitting at her desk. "Elizabeth, sit down please."

Liz sat down in the same chair she had the last time. As soon as she did Mrs. Cates spoke. “It has come to my attention that a boy your age has come to Wolf Lake looking for your family especially you. Did you know about this?”

“Yes.” Liz said simply.

“Who is he?”

Liz knew she shouldn’t but was pretty sure that the female Alpha would know she was lying. “He was my boyfriend back in Roswell.”

“I thought as much.” Mrs. Cates said her tone icy. “You have to get rid of him.”

Thinking the worse Liz asked, “How?”

“Before we would have just kept you out of his sight and had no one tell him anything but we learned that doesn’t always work from the last time so I’m thinking of something different. How serious were the two of you?”

“We were together for a year.”

“I want you to go to him.”

“What?!” Liz asked.

“You are to go to him, tell him you don’t want him here. That you don’t care about him, whatever you want to tell him but get him to leave. There is a male outside waiting to take you to make sure it’s done. ” Vivian explained.

“Mrs. Cates I’ve known Max for years. I love him and I want to be with him. I know he would keep our secret.” Liz pleaded. “Please? !”

“Are you suggesting that you want to take him as your mate?”

“It’s been done before.”

“Yes, but Matthew Donner was one of the strongest males in the pack. For that reason alone he was not challenged. You might have some status as a female but it’s not enough. The other males your age would feel threatened and kill him. You don’t want that do you?”

“No,” Liz whispered.

“Then forget it. Go now and tell him to leave.” Mrs. Cates stated in a tone that said she was dismissed. Liz got up and headed out.


Max set down his food from downstairs and flopped onto his bed in frustration. He had spent his first day in Wolf Lake trying to find any evidence of Liz and Michael but had came up with nothing. He had tried everything he could think of. His trip to the Sheriff’s station hadn’t helped what so ever. He might have been imagining it but he could have sworn that the men he talked to were holding something back. Actually Max was starting to feel paranoid. He felt like people were watching him as he had made his way through town. He figured it was just because it was a small town that he was spotted quickly as an out of towner.

After the trip to the Sheriff’s office he had gone to the high school to see if anyone matching their description was registered there but the office had refused to help him. They said they weren’t allowed to give out any information on their students whether they were registered there or not. After that he had came back to the lodge and grabbed something to go from downstairs. The waitress, he thought her name tag said Sophia, had been really nice while waiting on him but it didn’t improve his mood.

Max felt disheartened by the day but if he had to stay in Wolf Lake forever to find her, he would. He knew she was here, he just had to find her. When there was a knock on the door he almost didn’t get up but he didn’t know who it might be and he was curious.

(Enter sad instrumental music)

Max opened the door and was completely dumbfounded by what he saw. There she stood before him the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, his Liz. He blinked once expecting her to disappear, but she still stood there. He was finally able to choke out, "Liz?"

Liz couldn't help but smile slightly at him. She was so happy to be close to him. "It's me Max."

Max stepped forward and pulled her into his arms. After so long it felt so good to feel her against his body, like always she fit perfectly. Liz felt the same way. She breathed in deeply wrapping herself in his warmth and scent. She didn't know how long they stayed that way before Liz finally pulled back. She didn't know if others were watching them and she needed to get him inside. They moved in to the hotel room and Liz shut the door.

"Why did you come here, Max?" Liz asked.

Max was surprised by her question; "I came to find you and Michael of course. I've missed you and I had to find you. What's going on? Why did leave without saying goodbye?"

Liz bit her lip; here was the part where she had to start lying. She knew they were watching her and she had no choice. "We had some unexpected family stuff come up and we had to come up here."

"And you couldn't leave me a note or call me? You've been gone for months and didn't even bother calling me."

"Well I thought if I didn't call you, you might get the hint." Liz said biting the inside of her cheek to stop from sobbing.

"What?" Max asked shocked by her words.

"I didn't call you because I didn't want to talk to you." Liz lied. "You need to go back to Roswell."

"I'm not leaving here until you talk to me." Max said not understanding why Liz was acting the way she was.

"There’s nothing to talk about. I started my life over here and you're not a part of it so just pack your stuff and leave." Liz said. She turned to leave knowing that if she stayed she would loose it. But Max stepped in her way. "Liz, this isn't you. This isn't the girl I've been in love with for years."

Liz closed her eyes, "Yes, it is me Max."

"No, because if it is then it means that you lied to me." Max said furiously. "And I believe that you love me."

"Just because you want to believe something doesn't mean it's true." Liz said before stepping around Max and out the door. She walked up to the man Ms. Cates driver and heard the door slam behind her. Max was definitely upset. She got into the waiting vehicle and was driven back to the Cates residence. Ms. Cates was waiting inside for her. "Are you happy now? I did it."

"You did your duty to the clan. To protect them. Don't forget that." Ms. Cates stated.

"Can I go?" Liz asked.

"You're excused." Liz headed out of the house and into the woods. She striped off her clothes almost shredding them before flipping and running off. It was strange that the thing that kept her separated from Max was what was comforting to her. She didn't know how long she ran for but she stopped eventually when her paws started to hurt. She noticed it was dark out, she had not noticed the sunset. She hated what she was forced to do. She hated that she could be with the love of her life and she hated that she had to lie to him.

She hurried towards her uncle's house. It wouldn't be long before her and Michael would be moving back in with their parents. She saw the window to her and Sophia's window open and jumped through it. She flipped into human form and dressed. She let the tears flow then. She cried until her eyes were dry. She couldn't let him leave thinking she didn't love him. She would rather him hate her for what she was then for that. She knew that since her task had been completed Ms. Cates wouldn't have any of her men following her. Thinking quickly she headed back out the way she came and cautiously made her way back to where her heart was.

Guess what's coming tomorrow?
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Calinia originally wrote:
I can't believe Liz actually went through with what Vivian told her to do. But I'm really glad that she's going back to see Max again. I just hope she won't get caught. That could have really bad consequences.

Will there be nookie in the next part? I sure hope so, the dry spell's been going on long enough. *wink*

Can't wait for more! *angel*

Liz did it because she knew that they were being overheard at the time.

As for the nookie, not yet, sorry.

Wouldn't you guys all just want to hurt me if I didn't let the two be together?

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Part 42
Max sat in front of the fireplace in his room moping. His search for Liz ended completely different than he thought it would. He had come to be with Liz and she had pushed him away telling him she didn't love him anymore. He heard the window creak slightly. He turned around surprised to see Liz standing there.

"Come to drive the knife in deeper?" Max asked vehemently.

"Max, all that stuff I said earlier was a lie. I had to say that because they were watching me."

Max's ears perked up at her words. "Who?" Max asked confused. All he could really concentrate on at the moment was that she had said she had lied earlier.

"Some very dangerous people." Liz said solemnly. "But I snuck back when they stopped watching."

"Liz, you're not making any sense."

"I know I'm sorry." Liz apologized. “Can you just hold me for a minute? I need to feel you.”

Max moved over to her and wrapped his arms around her. Liz would have broke down again as the warmth of his body encompassed her but she had cried too much already. They just stood there enjoying being able to feel one another again until Max couldn’t handle it anymore, he had to know what was going on. "Why did you leave Roswell? Me?"

"You have to believe me when I say I didn't have a choice. I was forced to leave." Liz pleaded. "I love you more than anything."

"I love you too." Max said as he kissed her. It was the first kiss they had shared since she left Roswell. All the emotions that had built up in them over the months they had been separated was poured into the kiss. They only broke apart when oxygen became necessary.

"Max, there's something I need to tell you. And I'm not sure how you might react." Liz said. "I don't know if you'll still love me after I tell you this but I had to tell you before you leave."

"Liz, I'll love you regardless of what you tell me." Max stated.

"I want to believe that but I don't know."

"What is it Liz?" Max asked.

Liz pushed him lightly to sit down before she said, "I'm just going to be blunt. I'm different. My family and some of the townspeople of Wolf Lake are what some people call 'Skinwalkers'. We look like normal humans but we're not."

Max looked at her confused, "What are you?"

"We are humans that can change our shape and become wolves." Liz explained.

Max looked at her, "Yeah, right. And I'm a reincarnated alien king."

"Max I'm telling the truth." Liz stated.

Max looked at Liz and saw that she was completely serious. That made her words completely sink in to him. She wasn't joking. So either she was what she said or she believed she was. If it was the latter it meant that Liz had serious mental problems. But Liz wasn't crazy. She had always had a good head on her shoulders. "You're serious."

Liz nodded, "Deadly. I've wanted to tell you for so long but I wasn't allowed to."


"To protect the clan we have to keep our secret from anyone outside of it. We aren’t even supposed to leave Wolf Lake so that we don’t run the risk of outsiders finding out." Liz explained surprised at how well he took it.

"But you lived in Roswell." Max said interrupting her.

"Let me start at the beginning okay?" Liz asked.


"Like I said, my people aren't allowed to leave Wolf Lake. It's been that way for hundreds of years. But sometimes people try to leave. My parents wanted Michael and I to have more opportunities so they ran. The leader of the pack, the Alpha male Willard Cates, sent hunters to find us and bring us back. It took them years but they finally tracked us to Roswell. That night we spent together, I headed home. I had just jumped the fence to sneak up to my balcony when I was surrounded. I could tell by their scents that they were pack and they drug me inside. My parents knew they had been finally caught. They gave us a choice of either going or dying; of course dying wasn’t an option. We were given a few hours to gather our stuff and were shipped back. We weren't allowed to see anyone, they even stood guard over us as we packed. Then we came to Wolf Lake. My parents were locked away and Michael and I were sent to live with my Uncle Matt and my cousin Sophia. You might have seen her around, she works at the diner."

"This is so hard to believe." Max whispered. "So you've always been able to do this?"

Liz shook her head. "We're not able to until after we hit puberty. It's connected to our hormones somehow. After the first time, which is very painful, we can learn to control it and do it whenever we want."

Understanding dawned on Max, "That night of the party, it wasn't a muscle spasm it was your first time."

Liz nodded and blushed, "The situation we were in kind of jumpstarted the first transformation. Michael took me home and hours later I flipped completely into wolf form. I had to learn how to control it during heated times so that's why I pushed you away that week. I didn't want to flip in front of you."

"That would have been a little weird." Max stated.

"I'm sorry I lied to you for so long but I was scared that you wouldn't want to be with me if you knew." Liz said softly

Max looked at her eyes; they were filled with fear that he'd turn her away. That he couldn't accept her and what she was. Max found himself feeling strangely serene about the new knowledge. It was still Liz, it was a part of her, and he had to accept that if he really loved her. But before he could tell her he had to see her, all of her. "Can you show me?"

Liz looked at him in surprise; "You want to see me flip?"


Liz nodded unsure of doing it but unable to deny him. She backed up away from him and began to strip. She undid her pants, slipping them down her hips along with her panties and let them pool at her feet. She saw Max's eyes were locked on her as she wrapped her fingers around the hem of her top and pulled it over her head. Her bra was the last item of clothes on and she discarded it last. She looked at Max one last time; she could see apprehension etched on his face as well as curiosity. "Are you sure about this?"

Max looked at her completely naked form. She was as beautiful as he remembered more beautiful even. It took him a minute to absorb what she asked. "I'm sure."

Liz could see he was sure so she relaxed and let the wolf inside her out and the first stages of the flip take hold. She made sure to do it slowly so not to scare him. She just had a feeling that if one moment she was there then the next she was a wolf that it might freak him out.

Max watched in awe as her body contorted. He could see her bones bending and reforming, her hands and feet hooking into claw shapes, her creamy skin melting away into thick fur. And then suddenly none of the human form was recognizable, a silver white wolf replacing it.

Max sat completely still while he memorized every new feature of her wolf shape. If he hadn't seen it he never would have believed it. As she looked at him, he saw the same things he always did when he looked in Liz's eyes; they were not foreign to him. They both stood there staring at each other, motionless. Finally, Liz ended the torture and trotted closer. She rubbed her head against his neck, bumping his chin. Liz pulled back to see his expression. She could see the love that was still in his eyes as he whispered, "You're beautiful."

Liz licked his cheek with her tongue showing her thanks for the compliment. He ran his hands over her fur, raking his fingers through it. Her soft fur made him inwardly shudder it was so soft. He wondered if all of her people's coats felt like this, although it wouldn't surprise him if it was just Liz. He remembered how soft her skin was under his fingertips. He eventually moved his hand up to her head where she leaned into his hand.

Liz loved the feeling of Max’s hands roaming her body. The way his fingers combed through her pelt almost tickled. She pulled away from him backed up and flipped back into human form. She quickly pulled her clothes on trying not to let Max's hungry eyes effect her body, a battle that she was loosing. "Max please."

"Sorry." Max said blushing and averting his eyes. As he did it he thought of something. "You undress every time you flip?"

"It's either that or shred our clothes, which I did the first time." Liz stated.

"So the pack has seen you naked?" Max couldn't help but ask.

"Well not the whole pack but some yes. I usually try to cover myself quickly but others don't. I know it sounds strange but nudity isn't usually a big deal among pack we're not aware of it." Liz explained. "But when I'm undressed in front of you I'm very aware of my body."

Max moved in close and kissed her. It was hungry, passionate and all consuming. It was Liz who broke away. She knew if she didn't they wouldn't stop. And as much as she wanted him to make love to her again, she couldn't risk being here that long. "Max, I'm out of time. And you have to leave."


"The longer you stay here the more in danger you'll be because they'll suspect you know."

"But why can't we be together now that I know?" Max asked.

"Humans and wolves are not allowed to be together." Liz said. “Some of the males my age in the pack would see you as a threat and try to kill you."

"Then let's leave. We can leave tonight in my jeep and be gone."

"I can't I told you. They'll come after us and we'll be running for the rest of our lives. I couldn't do that to you." Liz stated. "I really need to go or they might know. After I leave, take a shower and wash your clothes otherwise someone might smell me here."

Liz leaned in and kissed Max as hard as she could. "I love you, Max Evans. You are my heart, and the love of my life. And although we can't be together, know that you will always be in my heart."

Then she was gone. Max couldn't believe she was gone. He did as she told him and striped out of his clothes. He threw them in the sink and filled it with water. After that was done he turned the shower on hot and got in. While he washed he thought about what had happened. Liz had told him her darkest secret because she wanted him to know why they couldn't be together. Max on the other hand hadn't accepted that they couldn't and he was starting to come up with an idea as how to get them together. And he was going to need some help.


Liz crept into the house trying to be quiet but it was pointless because Michael and Sophia were waiting for her in the living room. “What happened? Luke said you had a meeting with his mother.”

“I did.” Liz said sniffling. Michael saw that she had been crying and pulled her close in a hug. “What happened?”

“She ordered me to go to Max and tell him I didn’t want him here. And I did it.” Liz said burying her face in her brother’s chest.

“It’ll be okay. He’s safer that way.” Sophia said reassuringly.

“But I went back.” Liz said. “And I told him.”

Sophia and Michael looked at each other over Liz’s head. She couldn’t mean what they thought she meant. “Told him what?”

“About me, us, Skinwalkers.”

“What did he say?” Michael asked tentatively. Was she crying because he had freaked out?

“He was shocked at first, of course. I mean I told him I was part animal. That would freak out people who hadn’t grown up here. But then he was okay with it, he still wanted to be with me and everything.” Liz explained. “He was more upset when I told him that we couldn’t be together because of our differences.”

“So you still told him to leave?” Sophia asked.

“Yeah, but I had to tell him the real reason. I couldn’t let him leave thinking I didn’t love him.” Liz argued.

“We understand Liz.” Michael said as he pulled her back with him into the couch and let her cry.

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I'm glad you all liked the last part, I loved writing it.

Part 43

The next afternoon Max headed into the diner for something to eat and was glad to see Liz's cousin Sophia working. He sat down at the bar and ordered. He tried to keep up the appearance of being distraught and heartbroken since he was sure there were pack members in the restaurant watching him. He ate quickly, snagged his check, and went up to the register.

Sophia glanced up to see Max standing in front of her. Liz had come home last night depressed and confessed to her and Michael about going back to see Max. They had been shocked that she had told him but had comforted her as best they could. Sophia felt bad for the couple but knew what the pack law was. Pushing her thoughts away and plastering on her waitress smile she asked, "Everything okay?"

"Just fine."

"Heading out now?"


"Hope you have a good trip." Sophia said before lowering her voice. "Sorry things didn't work out."

"Yeah, well. At least I know how she feels. Keep the change." Max said.

Sophia was surprised when she saw him wink at her. She watched him leave before putting his ticket up. That was when she saw it. Need to talk to Michael. 555-6271

Sophia looked around to make sure that no one saw the note before ripping it off and pocketing it. A few minutes later she excused herself to take her break and call Michael. She dialed home and was glad when he picked up instead of Liz. "Michael. Is Liz close by?"

"She's in the living room, you want me to get her?"

"No!" Sophia exclaimed. "If she asked just tell her I called to check in."

"Okay." Michael said confused.

"When we hang up dial this number 555-6271. Promise me okay?"

"Sure, who is it?"

"A friend." Sophia answered. "Listen, I've got to get back to work. I'll talk to you later."

Sophia hung up the phone and headed back out into the dining room. She didn't know why she had decided to give Michael the message but just felt like it was the right thing to do. She hoped it was. If it made Liz smile again, Sophia would do whatever she could to help.


Sophia's strange call had intrigued Michael so he hurriedly called the number she gave him, "Hello?"

"Max?!" Michael asked surprised.

"Michael. I need to talk to you but you can't tell Liz. Can you meet me?"

Michael knew it probably wasn't the best idea but he could hear the desperation in his voice, plus they had been friends for a long time. "Yeah. But we have to be careful, we can't be spotted."

Michael gave Max directions to an area on the outskirts of town that not a lot of people frequented during the day. They hung up just then. Michael then headed out to the living room. "That was Ms. Cates. She's got some stuff she needs to meet with me about for the house and what needs to go inside. So I'm going to go over, are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah. Go ahead." Liz mumbled.

Michael watched his sister head up the stairs before he hurried out to the SUV. He swung it around to drive it to the meeting place. He made sure no one was following him as he drove quickly. Max was waiting by his jeep when Michael arrived. Michael jumped out and headed over. He wasn't sure how to act around Max now that he knew the wolves' secret. Liz had said Max was cool with it but he had to see for himself. Max surprised him by grabbing him into a hug. Michael stiffened for a minute before hugging back. It was over quickly and the boys pulled apart. "Sorry about that. It's just good to see you after all this time. To know you're okay."

"I'm good." Michael smiled thinking about Maria.

"This place seems to agree with you, Michael. I don't think I've ever seen you smile that big." Max commented.

"Liz isn't doing so well." Michael stated. "But you know that."

"That's what I want to talk to you about. I'm sure Liz told you that I know."

"Yeah she did. I have to admit I'm a little freaked out about it too." Michael said.

"Now you understand how it felt to find out your girlfriend and one of your best friends are werewolves." Max admitted.

“You do know that by staying in Wolf Lake you’re in a lot of danger, right?”

“I’m not leaving Michael.” Max determinedly.

“Max, the pack will see you as a threat. Granted they don’t know how much you know but you’re an outsider. One who involved with one of us. If the Alpha orders it, they’ll kill you.”

“Liz didn’t tell me a lot of the inner workings, can you?” Max asked.

“It’s kind of a long explanation.” Michael said.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Max stated.

“Well sit down.” Michael said motioning to some fallen logs. “I’ll do my best.”

The two guys sat down and Michael got started. “Okay, first off not every person in Wolf Lake is a wolf. There are humans here too. I think it’s about 50/50 but I’ve never done the math so I don’t know for sure. Some of the humans know about us some don’t but the ones that do tend to shy away from us.”

“I can understand that.” Max commented. He would be scared too if he didn’t feel like he knew Liz and Michael so well.

“Any way whether it’s out of fear or because the brewery is the largest employer in the town, they keep our secret. Our clan has been here for over a hundred years closer to two hundred. The clan is always run by the Alpha male who also is in charge of the brewery." Michael explained. He had to give himself a pat on the back; he had actually learned something in pack education.

“But I thought Vivian Cates was in charge of the brewery?” Max asked interrupting.

“You’ve done your homework.”

“That’s how I found you two. There was an announcement in the Wall Street Journal announcing that the brewery had elected its first female chairperson.” Max stated.

“That’s true. The Alpha that was reining, the one who had my family brought back here, was her husband. She is the leader of the pack now and like with the brewery it is the first time that has happened, at least in our clan. It’s another long story but basically when the time came for the pack to vote on a new Alpha they weren’t happy with who was up for it and when my uncle suggested Mrs. Cates they went for it. So she’s been leading us since. Clear things up?”

“Yeah.” Max answered. “Liz mentioned that humans and wolves aren’t allowed to be together.”

“We are only supposed to mate with our own kind but there have been some exceptions.” Michael stated. "There has only been two cases that I know of. One of them was my Uncle Matt and my Aunt Marie. That was only allowed because my Uncle was far up in the pack hierarchy. The other case was Ruby Cates, daughter of the former Alpha and stepdaughter to the current Alpha was another who tried to leave. While she was gone she met and fell in love with a police officer named John Kanin. When Ruby disappeared he started searching for her and eventually came to Wolf Lake. While he was here, he got injected with wolf's blood. He became one of us after that they were allowed to marry." Michael explained trying to remember what Luke had told him.

Max sat back and thought over what to do next. He needed to be with Liz, “What if I talked to Mrs. Cates? Maybe I could convince her to let me be with Liz.”

“You would have to get into to see her first, which I might be able to arrange but I doubt she would listen to you. More likely she’d kill you or have someone else do it if you reveal that you know about us.” Michael stated.

“Damn it.” Max said in frustration. “You don’t think there is anyway of convincing her?”

An idea suddenly struck Michael and if it worked than everyone would be happy. “I might have some information that could be useful to bargain with.”

“Really?” Max asked hopeful.

“Yeah but Max the information I have is very dangerous. If I tell you, you can’t tell anyone. At least not before you’re supposed to.” Michael answered. “Liz’s life could even depend on it.” Michael firmly believed that if Tyler knew that Liz had told that he wouldn’t stop from killing her after he fulfilled his threat.

“I promise.” Max swore.

Knowing Max was good to his word Michael started relaying the story Liz had told him about her witnessing Tyler kill Mr. Cates. He could tell Max was upset but he told him the whole tale. He also told him all about Tyler, that he was the one who had came after them in Roswell and that he was very dangerous. When he was finished he said, “So you see you could tell her that you have a witness and that might give you something to bargain with.”

“That might work, Michael.” Max said thinking. “You said you could get me to see her. But how?”

“Let me borrow your phone.” Michael smiled. Once he had it he dialed quickly and was glad when the object of the phone call picked up. “Luke, I got a favor to ask you.”

Part 44

“Michael what is it?” Luke asked.

“Remember that first place you took me for our first run?”

“Yeah.” Luke said cautiously.

“Can you meet me there? Like now?”

“What’s going on Michael?”

“Just trust me on this.” Michael said.

“Be there in ten minutes.” Luke said before hanging up. Michael turned off Max’s phone and handed it back to him.

“Feel like explaining?” Max asked. “I thought you said we couldn’t let anyone know I was still here.”

“You’re right. But we can trust Luke. He’s Sophia boyfriend and a good friend of mine.” Michael said.

“And how is he going to help?”

“He’s Vivian Cates’ son.” Michael answered with a smirk.

“Friends in high places?” Max asked.

“Something like that.” Michael said. “I was friends with him before we left and kind of picked it back up. Both of our families are pretty strong wolves and high up in the hierarchy, I guess it was just natural for us to be friends.”

Max thought over what Michael had said. He hadn’t realized how strong his friend’s family was. Max asked about more about Michael and Liz’s lives in Wolf Lake. He had just finished when Luke’s red car pulled up.

Luke got out of his car and made his way to Michael. He noticed right away who was with him, Liz’s boyfriend Max. He couldn’t help but wonder why Michael had called him. “Now my curiosity is really peaked. What’s up?”

“Luke you know this is Max, Max this is Luke.” Michael said introducing his two friends.

Max stuck out his hand for Luke to shake it. He had to admit he was a little intimidated. Luke just reeked of the strength Max knew he held within. Luke shook his hand firmly before dropping it and looked at Michael to get back to business.

“Like I said on the phone I need a favor, I need you to get Max into your house so he can meet with your mother.” Michael requested.

“And why would he want to meet with my Mom?” Luke asked.

“Because I want to be with Liz and talking to the Alpha is the only way I can see that happening.” Max explained.

Luke hid his shock at knowing that Max knew about the wolves and looked at Michael, who said, “He knows.”

“Kind of figured that out for myself.”

“I wouldn’t ask this if it wasn’t important.” Michael stated as he pulled Luke off to the side away from Max. “But you saw Liz, I don’t want her to be like that anymore. She deserves to be happy like you are with Sophia and I am with Maria.”

Luke knew if his mother found out he would be in deep trouble, more trouble than he had ever been in his life but he felt like he needed to help Liz too. She had helped him when he needed it. “Fine. Mom’s not home right now, she’s at the brewery but she will be home soon.”

“Okay, we’ll hide Max’s jeep here and he can ride with me.” Michael stated. Luke nodded and watched as the two hid the jeep before climbing into the SUV and followed Luke. It didn’t take long before they were at the Cates’ house and going inside. Luke hurried Max in the back door up to his room so that his mom wouldn’t catch his scent when she came in. They waited for about a half an hour just talking and such when Luke and Michael heard a car pulling down the long driveway. “Mom’s home.”


Vivian Cates made her way into her house past the foyer and into her office. It had been her office for a little while but she still sometimes thought of it as Willard’s. She couldn’t believe that someone had killed him, if they would have waited a little while longer he would have died from the cancer that had been eating away from him. But no, someone had decided to take away his opportunity to die peacefully at home surrounded by his family instead killing him out in the woods alone.

She was so preoccupied by her thoughts that she didn’t realize someone else was in the room until she was in the process of sitting down. “What are you doing in my house? You are trespassing.”

Max looked at the imposing female wolf in front of him. “I came to talk to you.”

“I have no idea what you think we would have to talk about. I don’t even know who you are.”

Max took a deep breath before continuing. “How about we be frank with each other. I won’t lie to you and tell you that I don’t know about the secrets of Wolf Lake and it’s pack and you won’t insult my intelligence by acting like you don’t know who I am or why I’m in town.”

“Then you know how much danger you are in by that statement.” Vivian threatened. The threat this young man posed to the pack had just tripled in size. Normally as Alpha she would take care of him but something told her to hear him out.

“That I do but it’s worth the risk to talk to you about Liz.” Max stated.

“If you are here to try and reason with me so that you can take Elizabeth out of Wolf Lake than you are wasting your time. It is out of the question.” Vivian announced.

“I figured on that but I thought I might be able to convince you to let Liz take me as her mate. I would never let the secret of the pack out and live by the pack laws just like I was one of you.” Max said.

“I cannot allow that either.”

“Not even if I had information on who murdered your husband?” Max offered. Max saw her eyes turn golden for a second before answering him.

“My husband was killed in a hunting accident.” Vivian practically growled.

“I’ve never heard of the victim of a hunting accident being shot at point blank range.” Max commented.

This time Max saw surprise flash over Vivian’s face. “You’re very informed.”

“I was raised by a lawyer whose bestfriend is the town sheriff, I picked up on a few things. One being that you always make sure you have all the information possible.”

“You should become a cop or lawyer yourself.” Vivian stated. “And how did you acquire this information?”

“That would be giving away my information without getting anything in return. Let’s just say that in the time I’ve been in Wolf Lake I’ve uncovered more than where Liz was.”

“Including who killed by husband?” Vivian asked. She had to admit that the young man in front of her did have a lot of courage to go after what he wanted. Not to mention he seemed to be very resourceful.

“Yes.” Max answered.

“But you see all you have is hearsay, no concrete proof.”

“I never said I didn’t have proof.” Max said. “Proof of which you will have if you concede to my terms.”

“To let you become Elizabeth’s mate.” Vivian reiterated. She couldn’t believe that this young man was so determined to be with Elizabeth.


“You do know that even if you are her mate, you won’t be accepted. And it would not be in the best interest of the pack to allow one of our strongest younger females to marry an ungulate. Despite the advantage the information you hold would give me.” Vivian stated.

“Then I have another idea.” Max said before laying out his plan.


I hate to leave you guys hanging but as many of you know I'm going to be offline and out of town until October 15th. I'm getting married and then going on my honeymoon. But I promise to update as soon as I get back.

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Part 45

Liz had just gotten done taking a long bath when she noticed Sophia was looking distracted as she watched TV. She could see that Sophia was watching one of their two favorite shows, it took place in the future and dealt with genetic soldiers. It was a good show and the two girls like to watch all of the hot guys on it. There other favorite show was about teenage aliens who were pretending to be human and hiding from everyone. Liz knew that when Sophia wasn’t paying attention that something was up. “Sophia, what’s up?”

“Oh, nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Sophia stated..

Liz knew that Sophia thought she was bothering Liz while she was depressed but she wanted her cousin to feel like she could still talk to her. “It doesn’t seem like nothing.”

“I don’t want to weigh you down on some little trivial thing.”

“You won’t be ‘weighing’ me down.”

“Fine. I just haven’t heard from Luke all day and I missed him. I mean he didn’t come into the diner or anything.”

“Maybe he’s helping Michael with stuff for the house.”

“Maybe.” Sophia stated. That was another thing, she hadn’t heard from Michael either since she had called him to give him Max’s number. The fact that she hadn’t heard from Michael or Luke made her suspicious. What were they up to? Were they together? Were they with Max?

“Did you try cell phone? I know Michael had it in the car and see if Luke is with him?” Liz asked.

“I didn’t even think of that.” Sophia said. She reached for the cordless phone just as Matt walked in the front door. “Hey girls what’s going on?”

“Just trying to track down Luke and maybe that crazy brother of mine.” Liz answered.

Sophia dialed the cell phone and waited for Michael to pick up. It took a couple minutes before he did. “Hello?”

“Michael, where are you?” Sophia asked.

“Uh, around?”

“Vague much?” Sophia asked. “Is Luke with you?”

“Yeah, he’s here.”

“Can I talk to him?”

“Sure.” Sophia could hear shuffling in the back ground before hearing Luke’s voice, “Sophia?”

“Hey, I hadn’t heard from you all day and was getting worried.”

“I’ve just been busy.” Luke said. He didn’t want to lie to Sophia so he just decided to be as vague as possible.

“Oh,” Sophia said. Luke was being really distant which he hadn’t done since before they started dating. Then she heard other something in the background that sounded like a speaker, like in a hospital. “Luke are you at the hospital?”

“No, yes.” Luke said. He had promised not to lie to Sophia anymore and he wasn’t going to.

“Why are you and Michael at the hospital?”

Luke sighed in defeat. “Mom is allowing Max to go through the transformation like John did.”


“God Sophia, you about broke my eardrum.” Luke said but only heard a dial tone. He had a feeling that they were going to get more company soon.

Sophia hung up the phone as soon as the words had been out of her mouth. She saw Liz and her dad looking at her strangely. “Dad can you drive Liz and I to the hospital?”

“Why?” Max said already getting his keys from where he had thrown them.

“I’ll tell you on the way.”


Liz, Sophia, and Matt hurried into the area where wolves were taken of the hospital running into one of the doctors. Matt grabbed him and asked, "Doctor Hill what's going on?"

"Earlier Vivian Cates along with her son and two other boys one of them human. Mrs. Cates ordered for me to do a transfusion between two of the boys." The Doctor informed them.

"You mean you’re injecting him with wolf blood." Sophia asked.

"Yes, just like with John Kanin. The wolf blood is multiplying it's becoming dominate," Doctor Hill said.

"So you are saying he going through the change?" Liz asked completely shocked by what was happening to Max. What he had decided to do to be with her.

"Yes...his human blood is dying," Doctor Hill said.

"So what do we do now?" Liz asked. She had heard vague references to Ruby's husband change but didn't know the details.

"We have to watch him. I've only ever heard of this a few times, John was the only one to survive. The others all showed progress but then when it was time to flip they died," Doctor Hill said. "It's coming fast. I'd say a few hours and he'll either be with the pack or dead."

Liz hurried inside with Sophia and Matt on her tail. She saw Luke, Michael, and Vivian Cates but her focus was on the figure lying on the bed. It was Max. "How is he?"

"His fever has gone up to 103° F and he is sweating badly." Michael answered.

She walked in and looked at him and frowned knowing she caused this, she went over to his and kiss his forehead. She didn’t take her eyes off of him as she said to the others. "Get out."

"Liz, it was his choice." Luke stated.

"I said, GET OUT! Max is my mate and I will take care of him." Liz growled as she looked at them. Michael saw her eyes glowing and knew she meant business. Everyone left and Liz found herself alone with Max.

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Part 46

With everyone out of Max’s room, Liz crawled up next to him as much as she could on the hospital bed. She started wiping his forehead with a cool cloth as she whispered, "Max, it's Liz. I'm here."

She watched him as he bucked and squirmed in pain. She couldn't help but notice he was in more pain than Michael had appeared to be when she had watched him. It was probably because the wolf in Michael's blood was natural whereas Max's wasn't. Besides having to go through the Change, Max had to go through the pain of his body adjusting to the new blood in him.

"Max, you have to relax and let the wolf take over. If you don't your body won't flip and the strange blood in your system will cause you to die. You can't die on me; I can't loose you again. Please." She begged. He turned towards her voice. She was sure it was the only response he could make. She sat there unwillingly to move.

Over the next few hours, Sophia came in to give her fresh water to wipe him down with. The doctor, her uncle Matt and Mrs. Cates came in a few times to check on him. But Michael and Luke stayed away. Liz had a feeling it was because of her snapping at them earlier; she'd deal with them later. Right now she wanted to stay with Max. Hopefully it would be over soon. Then she would kill him herself for doing something like this with talking to her first. Part of her was completely pissed off at him for putting himself in so much danger, for risking his life. But the other part of her loved him even more for trying to find a way for them to be together.

She could see that his body was starting the transformation to contort into wolf shape. She took it as a good sign because it signaled that he was moving into the final stages of the change. She wished she could speed it up for him. The only way she knew how was to have sex and there was no way that was possible now. Or maybe there was something she could do. She got as close to him as she could before she started to talk. “Every night since I left I’ve dreamt about our making love. It’s the only thing that has gotten me through these last few months. I remember everything, the taste of you mouth and skin, the smell of your body, the heat from your skin, how you felt inside me. And I can’t wait to feel it again. Just wait until the first time we make love after you’ve flipped. Your senses and hormones are so heightened it’s almost too much. But so enjoyable. The sooner you flip, the sooner you’ll find out.”

Liz didn’t know if it was her words or the change just completed itself but Max’s body melted completely into wolf.
He shredded the scrubs leaving only a large black wolf in the bed. He was completely black except for a small white patch of white fur above his eyes. He was beautiful and more importantly he had been able to do it. She could help it when the tears started to roll down her cheeks. She watched as he walked gingerly over to her, acting like he was trying to get used to the new form and licking her cheeks, wiping her tears away. She smiled at him knowing he didn’t want her to cry. She raised her hand and ran it over his head lightly scratching his ears. Something he seemed to enjoy considering the way his head lolled back and his tongue hung out of his mouth.

They stayed like that for a few minutes before Max moved back to his previous position on the bed. Liz knew he was flipping back, and he did a few seconds later. It was easier on him now that his body had adjusted to the changes. Liz pulled the sheet up to cover his naked form, but not before sneaking a small peak. He was still beautiful. She smiled at him as he gazed back at her with his own smile. “Hi.”

“Hi yourself.” Liz said. “How are you feeling?”

“Strange but good.”

“It’ll be easier from now on.” Liz explained. She fingered a patch of his hair that was now white just like when he was in wolf form. Maybe it had something to do with the stress his body had gone through. “You’ve got a new look.”

Liz grabbed her purse from nearby and pulled out a little hand mirror to show him. He looked at it, “I thought I’d have a few years before I went gray but oh well.”

Liz put her mirror away before asking, “So you’re okay?”

“Just fine.” Max said sitting up. “Feel more energized than ever.”

“Good.” Liz said before smacking his arm hard, not holding her anger back. “I can’t believe you did that. Don’t you know you could have died?”

“Damn you’re strong.” Max said wincing until he finally caught her hands he gave them a tug, pulling her down on top of him. “Now will you stop?”

“Yeah. Sorry but you scared the crap out of me. You could have died.” Liz whispered.

“I know, I didn’t want to scare you but this was the only way I could find for us to be together. If you weren’t going to be able to go with me, then I wasn’t going to leave. If it took me becoming like you then that’s what it took.”

“You know that this is it then? That we are it for each other?”

“You’ve been ‘it’ for me since the first day I saw you at your house, Liz.”

“You can never leave either. Your parents, Isabel, our friends, you won’t be able to see them.”

“Mrs. Cates told me that since I have family outside of Wolf Lake I could leave for three day trips to visit them.”

“And what will you tell them where I was? Or why you can’t stay long?”

“I figured we could tell them that your parents were in the witness relocation program and you had to leave because it became too dangerous. Then it was over and you guys came back to your home town to meet up with the rest of your family.”

“Not bad.” Liz said commenting on his story. “Do you think they’ll believe you?”

“I think as long as I stay in contact and we go visit them regularly, yeah.”


“She said you could go with me. It was part of the deal.”

“What is the rest this deal?” Liz asked.

Max turned his gaze away from her for a minute before he explained, “I gave Mrs. Cates some information or at least the means to getting some in exchange for having the doctor give me the transfusion. That in addition to what I told you.”

“Who did the blood come from?” Liz asked.


“Luke? I figured it was Michael.”

“Luke said since Cates’ blood had been able to successfully change someone before, it could work again.”

“Whether that was the reason or not, it worked. I’ll have to make sure and thank him.”

“Liz, there’s more I need to tell you.” Max said, “Michael told me about the information you have on Tyler.”

“He shouldn’t have done that.” Liz said upset.

“If he hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have any leverage when I made the deal with Mrs. Cates.”

“You didn’t tell her did you?”

“All I said was that as I searched for you in town I came across proof of who committed her husband’s murder. That I would tell her after my transformation was complete.”

“But do you realize what you’ve done now? You might be protected but what about my parents?”

“I set it up so that when you tell her it will only be you and her. That way it can’t get back to Tyler. Michael said she’ll probably have your Uncle and a couple other of the men loyal to her to go after him. He’s not going to get away.” Max explained.

“What about what you’re going to do here? Where you’re going to live, what you’re going to do?”

“Mrs. Cates and I talked about it and it was going to be finalized after my flip.”

Liz nodded knowing he had worked it all out. She looked over and saw that the doctor had come in. “I’m going to step out of here and let him check you over, but I’ll be close. I’ll send Michael in to talk as well.”

She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss before leaving the room. As she entered the outer room she saw her Uncle, Sophia, Michael, Luke, and Mrs. Cates. “He made it. He’s a black wolf.”

Liz could see the relief on their faces. “Michael, I told him I’d send you in.”

Michael nodded and headed into Max’s room but not before Liz grabbed him. “I’m sorry for snapping at you.”

“I’m sorry, too.”

“It’s okay, Michael. I know how he is when he has his mind set on something.” Liz stated. “I’m glad you were there to help him.”

“I just want you happy.” Michael said.

“Get inside.” Liz said. Michael disappeared through the doors and Liz turned to Luke. “Thank you too for your help.”

“I figured I owed you,” Luke stated. “now we’re even.”

“Not yet.” Liz said. She ignored Luke’s confused expression as she walked over to Mrs. Cates. “Max told me about your deal and I came to pay his end. I’m the one with the proof, I witnessed who killed your husband.”

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Part 47

Vivian and Luke both stared at Liz stunned by her revelation. Luke was the first to snap out of it, “You mean you knew who killed my dad and you never thought to tell us about it.”

“I’ve thought of nothing else since that day Luke.” Liz argued back.

“Both of you stop this instant.” Vivian commanded. She pulled both of the pups into a vacant room and motioned for Matt to join them. She wanted him to hear this as well. Once they were inside she turned to the young female in front of her. “What did you see?”

“First I want you assurances that my family is safe.” Liz stated. “They were threatened because of the information I have and want to make sure they are safe before I tell.”

Vivian nodded, “I will do everything in my power to keep them safe.”

Liz could see that Vivian’s offer was sincere. “The morning of Mr. Cates death I went for a walk through the woods. I heard someone calling for help and sought out the source. When I did, I found Mr. Cates caught in a trap. I walked up just in time to see him get shot,” Liz looked up into Vivian’s eyes, “And Tyler Creed pulling the trigger.”

Liz cringed when she heard Luke slam his fist into a near by cabinet. He punctured clean through it. She looked at her Uncle and could see that he had a similar look of anger on his face as did Vivian. “I tried to flee but Tyler caught up to me and threatened me that if I went to the pack he would fulfill his threat.”

“We have enough of your testimony.” Vivian said before turning to Matt. Matt half smiled at his niece in reassurance. He wanted to let her know that everything would be okay and that he wasn’t mad. Once he was done reassuring her he followed Vivian and starting making plans for Tyler’s capture.

Liz took the opportunity to approach Luke who growled at her, “You could have told me. I thought you were my friend.”

“I am your friend, but I had to protect my family. You would have done the same thing.” Liz argued.

“I would have told you.”

“Be honest here, Luke. I know you would do the same thing, if it meant protecting your mother, Ruby,” Liz looked at him dead in the eye, “Sophia.”

Luke’s eyes widened then, “Max was part of the threat wasn’t he?”

“Yes, Tyler knew where he was and that he was my weakness.” Liz explained. “Do you see now?”

“Yeah, I see.” Luke said understanding. She was right, he would have done the same thing in her shoes, well actually he probably would have killed Tyler. He felt his anger at Liz dissipate and redirect and add to the hatred and anger he had for Tyler.

“Are we okay now?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, we’re cool.” Luke stated just as the Sheriff and his mother walked back over. “So when are we going to get Tyler?”

“You are not going Luke.” Vivian stated.

“Yes, I am Mom. Don’t fight me on this, that son of a bitch killed my father in cold blood. I will be there to make sure he pays.” Luke stated. He would never outright go against his mother’s wishes but he was sticking to his guns on this. His mother must have understood since she nodded in resignation.

“I’m going to station more guards at the Donner cabin while Sophia, Liz, Michael will go back to Matt’s house. . Max will go with Liz to ensure his safety as well. At least until Tyler has been captured.” Vivian stated.

“Isn’t it risky to try and catch Tyler at his house? He’ll hear all the commotion and know something’s up.” Liz asked.

“We plan to get him out of the house and into the woods first.” Matt explained. “Somehow.”

“I can do it.” Liz stated causing the other three to look at her. “I can call him and get him to meet me. Then you guys can get him.”

“How are you going to do that?” Luke asked.

“Just trust me, I might even be able to get him to confess.”

“Are you sure about this?” Matt asked not liking the idea. He didn’t like using Liz as bait.

“As long as I know my family and Max is safe then I can do it.” Liz stated. She knew she would only feel safe from Tyler when she saw him in her Uncle’s custody.

Vivian thought over the idea and while she didn’t like the idea of Elizabeth or Luke being there she knew there were only a few people she could trust completely with this endeavor so that Tyler would not be alerted. She could see that Elizabeth was serious and thought she would be able to lure Tyler out. She knew she could summon him but then he would be suspicious if she asked him to meet her in the woods. “Make the call.”

Liz looked at her Uncle who handed over his phone. She dialed as Mrs. Cates relayed Tyler’s phone number to her. She looked at her watch and saw that it was early morning but she didn’t care. Tyler seemed to by the way he growled into the phone. “Sorry to wake you but it’s important.”


“We need to meet.” Liz stated.

“Why?” Tyler asked curiously.

“To make a few revisions to our deal. Meet me in the clearing from the last time.” Liz said knowing that Tyler would know where she meant.

“Fine, two hours.” Tyler stated before hanging up. Liz turned off the phone and addressed the others. “He’ll be there.”

“We need to work fast if we are going to get everyone into position for this to work.” Matt stated. “I’ll have Michael take Sophia and Max to the house. Doctor Hill said Max could leave now that he flipped.”

“Let me go tell him.” Liz said. They left the room and Liz headed into Max’s room and saw he was talking to Michael and Sophia. They were joking around and laughing. “Having fun?”

Max’s eyes rested on her and his smile doubled in size. “More since you’re here.”

Liz walked over closer, “Sophia, Michael you’re wanted outside.”

The two left quickly and Liz walked over to Max’s bed. Max could see her face was a mask of seriousness. “What’s going on Liz?”

“You need to get dressed, Michael is going to take you and Sophia back to the house in a few minutes.” Liz stated.

“Where are you going to be?” Max asked concerned.

“I’ve got something I have to take care of.” Liz said. “Let’s just say that you did what you had to do so that we can be together, well I have to do something to make sure we’re safe, okay?”

“You’re going to go with them aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I want to go with you.” Max said.

“No, you don’t know how to defend yourself if you needed to in a fight.” Liz explained. “But you will soon. I’ll be okay, my Uncle will be there and Luke is coming too. I’m not going to be the one to confront him I’m just the bait.”

“That makes me feel so much better.”

Liz leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. “I’m not going to let anything stand in my way of being with you. Now you need to get dressed and I’ll be there soon.”

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Part 48

Liz sat nervously on a log waiting for Tyler. She had taken a quick shower at the Cates and changed into some of Ruby’s old clothes before they had headed out to the meeting place in the woods. Liz had to make sure Tyler would only smell her scent on her so that he wouldn’t be alerted to the fact that Max had come back. Which he would know if he had smelled him on her especially with the difference to Max’s scent from when he flipped. Once they had arrived at the clearing Liz had taken her seat while the other males and Mrs. Cates had hidden downwind from him. So she was sitting there waiting.

Liz heard a twig snapped and saw Tyler approaching. She felt her nervousness increase as she stood up. She just had to think about Max and her family and it dissipated some. She saw he had his ever present smirk on his face as he approached. “I’m here now, what is this about changing out deal?”

“I know you heard about Max showing up and how Mrs. Cates made me send him away?”

Tyler smiled more, “I happened to hear something like that.”

“Well I did it and Max is out of my life forever so I want your word that you’ll leave him alone. I’m still not going to tell anyone about what I saw that morning but I want your guarantee that he’ll be safe.”

“And why would I do that?”

“Because if I have your word then I’ll do whatever you want.” Liz said trying to hide the disgust in her voice.

Tyler’s eyebrow raised in surprise, this was a pleasant surprise. “You will?”

“Yes.” Liz lied.

Tyler stepped forward so that they were only inches apart and looked her in the eyes. “You know I’m starting to think killing Cates wasn’t a total loss despite the fact that I’m not alpha, yet.”

Liz smiled, she’d done it, he’d admitted it. “You know what Tyler, this is going to be fun.”

“Yes, it is.” Tyler said. He started to move closer again and was surprised when Liz started walking backwards. “I don’t think you’re going to get a chance to enjoy it.”

Tyler then became aware of the half a dozen males and Vivian who suddenly seemed to appear out of the woods. That was when he realized that he had been set up, that Liz had ratted him out. Not giving the males a chance to completely surround and trap him Tyler took off running. As he did he flipped knowing that he was faster on four legs than two.

Luke had known that Tyler was going to bolt and was ready for him. He wouldn’t go down without a fight. By the time Tyler took off Luke was already flipping. As soon as it was complete he ran after him. The chase went on for some time. Tyler was fast but Luke had anger and hatred fueling him. He finally was within a foot of Tyler when he lunged and wrapped his teeth around Tyler’s left haunch. Tyler tumbled forward loosing his speed and his momentum.

Tyler tried to get up but before he could Luke launched his attack and pinned him to the ground. But before Luke could do anything Tyler brought his back paws up and braced them against Luke. With as much force as he could he pushed on the other wolf, sending him flying through the air until Luke collided with a nearby tree. Luke was stunned for a moment from the impact before he was back on his feet.

The two wolves started to circle each other, watching the other to see who would move first. Luke looked at the older wolf and sent Tyler a message, “Too scared to face punishment for your actions?!”

“He was a weak leader with no vision for the future.”

“He was better than you ever were. And I’m gonna rip your throat out for what you did to my father!”
Tyler suddenly backed off in fear at the anger in the message. Luke used it to his advantage. He leapt forward and the two became a whirlwind of fur and teeth. They met each other blow for blow until Luke leapt forward and managed to clasp his jaws around Tyler’s throat. This time he didn’t allow Tyler to pull out of the hold. He tightened his grip before he violently snapped his head to the side and tore Tyler’s throat out. Tyler’s body became limp as Luke let it fall to the ground. It was then that he realized what he had done, he had killed someone. He knew that somewhere inside he had known that when he had started this fight that it was going to be one to the death. He had wanted justice for his father’s murder but it still hit him hard what he had done. He stared at it for a minute before he heard a long howl and looked to see he wasn’t alone.

Liz had reached the fight just as the two had started to circle. When Tyler and Luke had run off she as well as the others had shed their clothes quickly and followed. She knew though that they would interfere in the struggle as she watched as the two wolves fought viciously. Then she watched as Luke ripped Tyler’s throat out with one violent motion. She saw the look in Luke’s eyes and knew he was thinking about what he had just done. She wanted to remind him of why he had done what he did so she let out a long mournful howl. It was a howl that was quickly joined by the other males and Mrs. Cates. It was the howl that signified justice had been done.

The surrounding wolves moved closer to Luke and Tyler’s body. Liz approached Luke and tried to show him that she was there for him that was when she heard her Uncle’s voice.(Liz, take Luke back to our house. Get him cleaned up and I think he needs Sophia. Don’t worry about school or anything, just go. We’ll take care of everything.)

(Okay, Uncle Matt.)
Liz replied. She leaned over and butted her head into Luke to motion for him to move. He followed her , limping slightly, through the woods until they finally arrived at her Uncle’s house. They walked up to the back door and scratched at it. Sophia arrived a moment later and opened the door for them to come in. Luke and Liz trotted in going into the living room and saw Michael, Maria, and Max waiting for them. Liz looked at Sophia and sent a message to her. (Take Luke into your room, he needs you.) Sophia nodded and led Luke’s wolf form upstairs. Liz trotted back into the kitchen and into the laundry room to get some clothes.

She had already flipped back into human form and started to dress when she felt Max behind her then his arms wrap around her. She leaned back into him and felt all the tension in her body drain away. Tyler was gone along with the threat he posed and Max was here and they were allowed to be together. “Everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine.” Liz stated.


Sophia grabbed some sweats of Michael’s and guided Luke into her room. He flipped and dressed. Sophia grabbed some stuff out of the bathroom and started to nurse his wounds. They weren’t bad, wolves healed quickly. She finished up before Sophia took him into her arms. He held onto her so tightly she thought she might break. But she didn’t, she just led him to her bed where she laid him down. She crawled up next to him and laid her head on his bare chest.

They laid in silence for some time before Sophia looked up at his face. “Do you want to talk about it?”

She waited for an answer but only got silence. She was about to lay her head back down when she heard him say, “I killed him. I went after him, hunted him down and ripped out his throat. I’m no better than he was.”

“No, Luke. You’re nothing like him. He killed in cold blood to further his own ambitions. You only brought justice according to pack law on the man who killed your father.” Sophia disputed as she brushed his hair back from his eyes. “That’s how the rest of the pack will look at you and that’s how I look at you.”

Luke looked her in the eye and said, “You do?”

“Yes, Luke. If you hadn’t done it and Tyler had managed to get away who knows what would have happened. He might have left town and never paid for his crimes or he might have come after one of us.” Sophia said. Luke seemed to be thinking about what she had said so she laid her head back on his chest. It wasn’t long before she felt his breath even out and she saw that he was asleep. That was when Sophia realized Luke had made peace with it all.

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Part 49

Sophia and Luke stayed in the girls’ bedroom the whole day, Liz checked on them occasionally and saw them sleeping. So she went back down to the living room to join Max, Maria, and Michael. Maria and Max got to know each other and Liz relayed what had happened in the woods. Matt called home a couple of times to check in and Liz gave him an update. She told him that Sophia was taking care of Luke, she knew under normal circumstances her Uncle wouldn’t like the fact that they were alone in her room but circumstances warranted it.

Later that day the news of Tyler’s crime and punishment had made its way through out the pack along with Max’s transformation. The pack had been through a lot in the last couple of weeks but Mrs. Cates managed to keep order.

That night Liz needed to get out of the house so she took Max out to the woods for his first run. They striped down and flipped into wolf form. Max found it was definitely easier after his first time. He couldn’t believe what he had gone through but knew it was all worth if it meant that he could be with Liz, that they could be together forever.

They ran through the moon lit woods, Liz showing Max what they had to offer. They were at it for an hour before Liz led Max to the lake. It was quiet that night, no one but them. They flipped and sat on the barren ground enjoying just being close to each other.

Max was just staring at Liz’s beautiful body when Liz suddenly pounced forward, knocking him to the ground. After his back hit the ground he looked up, slightly dazed, as he felt Liz’s weight along his body. He saw her eyes flash gold as a mischievous smile crosses her features. She straddled his hips as she lowered her mouth to his.

After Max got over his initial surprise and was able to regain some of his senses he smiled beneath her urgent lips. He took over the kiss and devoured her mouth relentlessly. Not being able to stop from growling low in his throat, Max roughly flipped Liz on her back and followed her with his own body in a move to show his dominance.

Grabbing a hold of her arms and moving them above her head with his own, Max pinned her to the earth. After long minutes of the attack, he finally gathered enough control to break away for air. He turned his attention to Liz’s tempting neck. He trailed fiery kisses down her moon-bathed skin. He moved his mouth to the crook of her neck and bit softly. He felt like he had a primitive urge to mark her, which Liz seemed to like as she moaned. Max felt his new wolf blood hum hungrily within him knew Liz must be feeling the same way. He watched, transfixed, as her eyes flickered gold again and knew his must look the same way. A sense of primal need began to flow over him especially with the feel of her body pressing against him, her tongue moving against his, and her hands now roaming over his bare chest, he was quickly loosing his control.

Liz was quickly losing herself in him as well, her senses were drowning in the man before her, and she couldn’t think of a better way to die. If the need she felt to have him around before was great, the need that was growing in her for him now was overpowering. The feel of Max's hands roving lightly over her skin drove her crazy. Liz’s senses attempted to drink in everything about him. From his scent to the way his muscles danced under her fingers, he was intoxicating. His hands traveled over her heated skin, down to her hips, pulling her closer to him, and she moaned at the contact, but she needed more.

He must have sensed her need because she then felt his palms covering her breasts, squeezing them, his mouth moving to the tender skin of her neck. Her head fell back, her mouth opened moaning, her back arching into his touch. His fingers clutched at the plump flesh in his hands, his thumbs moving around the hard peaks. Her moans echoed in his ear, as he felt her hands move into his hair, over his shoulders. He moved his hands down to her ass and picked her up, her legs instantly moved around him as he hoisted her up off the dirt floor and pushed her up against a nearby tree. His hands pushed her up higher on him, his head dipping to kiss her neck, then down her collarbone, his tongue moving out to taste the crease between her breasts. She moaned again, arching her back to let him have access. His head moved to the right, and his lips captured a hard nipple.

She groaned as his lips sucked at the hard peak, his tongue twirling over it. His one arm wrapped around her, keeping her in place, as his other hand slid up her body to grasp her other breast. Her hips moved against him, trying to get some friction, and she wasn’t disappointed. They both groaned as her body ground against him, finding him hard next to her. “Max…” she moaned out, doing it again. A gasp coming from her as his teeth nipped her in response.

The taste of her skin was slowly driving him mad. She was right when she had said that their increase senses made everything more stimulating. His mouth moved over to her other breast, sucking the flesh into his mouth, rewarded by the sounds of pleasure that came from her, and the movement of her hips against him. He felt her hands moved over his chest, and between them, his hips bucked against her, as her slender fingers grasped him.

He pushed her up against a tree, pushing his hips against hers, both groaning at the contact. “Liz…” he moaned out as her fingers moved over him. He couldn’t take it anymore and pulled away from her, letting her feet drop back to the ground. He went down to his knees, his hands then pushed her backwards.

She felt her back hit the tree again, and looked down at him, his face moved in, nuzzling at her stomach. Max could smell her, her scent was intoxicating him. His hands came up her left leg, and moving it over his shoulder. His tongue moved out and licked lightly at the crease between her leg and thigh, and her hips bucked at him, her fingers tightening in his hair.

His other hand moved up to her, spreading her apart, his fingers gliding over the wet flesh, feeling her body shudder at his touch. His fingers glistening with her arousal, arousal for him, he moved them is slow circles over the hard bundle of nerves and her whole body shook. He continued, his mouth leaning in, kissing and breathing warm air all over her sensitized skin.

She was moaning loudly, her hips jerking at every touch, every movement of his fingers, as his mouth moved around her teasing her. He knew where she wanted it, but wasn’t giving it to her. His fingers moved down lower, trailing over her, one entering her suddenly, and her hips jerked, taking it in, then another, her body moving against them, as he started to move them slowly in and out of her body.

He couldn’t take much more of the teasing himself, he had to taste her. His mouth moved in, take the hard nub into his mouth, sucking at it, and her hips jerked hard. His free hand moved to her hips, trying to keep her steady, as his tongue swirled around and over it, as his fingers continued to move inside of her. Then he heard her scream his name, and the animal yelling echoed within her, as her body tensed around his fingers, clamping tightly over and over.
She was so high from her orgasm that she was barely able to comprehend her senses telling her that his lips were lightly kissing the skin of her hips. She looked down and found his deep amber eyes full of animal desire staring up at her, glowing brightly. She swallowed hard, removing her leg from over his shoulder, a small smile forming on her lips.

Max saw the smile but before he could figure out what she was planning, he found himself being pushed backwards, falling onto the ground, a naked Liz laying over him, his wrists in her hands, her mouth kissing him hard. He pulled his arms free from her, and wrapped them around her, pulling her body closer, as his tongue plowed into her mouth. Hearing her groan at the taste of herself on his lips, he rolled them over, grinding his hips against her. He wanted nothing more then to sink into her. Her leg moved off to the side using her foot to push off, rolling him back over. He smiled back up at her, if she wanted to be on top. His hands moved to her hips, as her mouth moved back to his. Her tongue moving inside, making him groan, and push his hips up at her.

Liz felt his hard length pressed between them, his hot flesh under hers, her hands moving over his body. She felt the urge inside of her was becoming desperate, but just as he had the need to taste her, she wanted the same thing. Her mouth trailed down the skin of his neck, her teeth lightly scraping it, her ears hearing his intake of breath. Her head moved lower, her tongue moving out, leaving wet trails down his chest, around his pecks, then down his abs.

He knew where she was headed, and somewhere in his head he was in disbelief that any of this was happening. But his fingers just moved over bare back, over her neck, and into her soft hair, as his head tilted back and his eyes closed at the pleasure she was causing in him. Her breasts moved over his erection, and his hips moved up at her again, as her mouth continued it downward journey.

Her fingers found him once again and encircled him, grasping him, her thumb moving over the engorged head. Her eyes moving over him, her tongue licking her lips at the sight of the drop of wetness at the tip. Her tongue flicked out, his hips bucked up at her, his fingers tightened in her hair, as she moaned from the taste of him. Her mouth then taking him in, sucking, licking.

He was in heaven, there was no other way to describe the feeling of her warm, wet mouth moving over his aching flesh. Her hands moved up over his chest, her nails lightly scratching at him, making him tense even more as her mouth lowered even further on him. She was moving painfully slow, taking her time. He could feel himself moving down her throat and he couldn’t help but move his hips, wrap his fingers in her hair at the back of her head, and moan. “Liz…”

She took him in, down to the base, and then slowly moved back off him, licking around him as she went, sucking at the tip, and then moving back down on him, this time faster. She continued on him, moving quicker, faster, sucking harder, listening to his sounds, and feeling his movements against her.

He was so close to the edge, and he was holding on tightly. “Liz…” he tried to get out, as she moved over him again, his hands moving to her shoulders, trying to still her. “Liz…” She sucked the tip again, and his hips jerked again, “Oh... stop…” He could barely get it out, as his hands tried pulling her back up to him, but she kept going. With the last ounce of control he had, his hands moved under her arms, and pulled her from him in a quick motion, draping her body back over his, as his mouth claimed hers in a passionate kiss.

She found herself kissing him, and then on her back, him over her, his erection pressing against her hip, hard and demanding. She moved against it, a growl vibrating from him against her lips. His mouth moved down her neck again, sucking and biting at the flesh, his hands moving over her sides, her breasts. The ache inside of her was screaming now, she couldn’t wait any longer, she flipped them back over, her hand reaching between them, her hips moved up, angling over him.

Then he felt it, a loud groan coming from his mouth, his hands instantly moving to her hips, as she slid down onto him. His hands pulling her down firmly, his hips moving up into her, as he fully sunk into her. Her head fell back at the feeling. Her body stretched around him, filled deeply, her muscles holding him, trying to hold on for dear life. Then her hips started to move, as her body now full, complete, wanted more, needed more. Her hands came to his muscled arms, bracing herself as her body moved, up and down, over him.

His eyes opened, watching her move over him, her hair wild and mouth open, moaning. His hands moved with her hips, guiding her down onto him, over and over again. Her head lulled backwards as she continued to move over him, faster, harder, quicker. His fingers could feel the muscles in her legs tensing, quivering. He moved his one hand down between them, his thumb moved into the meshed hair between their bodies.

Her eyes looked into his, as she continued to move, but then her head dropped backwards and her body arched as his thumb pressed against her, those nerves shot thousands of bolts of pleasure through her body, as his hips plowed up into her, and she broke. Her body screamed, as well as she did. Her body tensing, grasping at his, her hips moving on their own accord as she rode his body through the blinding white heat.

Her muscles pulled at him, and his arms moved up to her shoulders, pulling her down to him, and rolling them back over. His body slamming back into hers as he turned, and her body jerked at him. Her legs wrapping around him, pulling at him. His hands moved to her legs and pushed them up and over his shoulders. His body pressed back into her again, deeper, harder, faster.

She wasn’t finished with the first one and she already felt herself climbing once again. His body moving into her forcefully, filling her completely, and then moving out, only to be gasping once again as he pounded back into her. Her hands wrapped around him, as his hands went to her shoulders, grasping her to him. Her lips found his, and his tongue moved back into her mouth, just as his erection filled her to the core again. Her fingers tailed over his sweaty back, her nails racking his skin, and down to his ass.

His teeth bit at her jaw line, her neck, her shoulder, as his body kept moving. Trying to move as deep into her as he could. Her nails dug into his ass, and her moved quicker, his hips almost blurring at the speed, as the pleasure of her around him was taking him over completely. There was nothing but the feel of her body around him, the taste of her skin, and the smell of her, of sex in the air.

Liz was at the edge, she was looking over it. Her hands grabbed hold of his shoulders again, trying to hang on, trying not to fall, but her body wanted too. She felt his hand at her face, and her eyes opened to look into his. The deep gold, wild, fierce, passionate eyes stared back at her, his voice shaky but deep, “Liz…” She felt his hips move faster, and she gasped, her body starting to shake in his arms.

Her whole world exploded around her, her muscles squeezing him hard. His body jerking into her in response, holding himself deeply, erupting inside of her, both screaming the others name into the tropical paradise around them. Their bodies clutching tightly to one another as their whole existence seemed to burst, and only the feelings of unbelievable amounts of pleasure was left.

Their bodies stilled against one another and his body collapsed over hers. They couldn’t talk, couldn’t move, as their bodies started to calm. Then he felt her hands start to move over his shoulders, and he tensed slightly, a sharp intake of breath coming from him, as they moved over the skin. “I see what you meant about being so sensitive. It’s amazing.”

“You’re learning control fast.”

“What do you mean?” Max asked.

“It takes control to stay in human form while having sex. You did that was why I said you had control fast.” Liz explained. “Some times pack members don’t worry about it and just have sex in wolf form.”

“Talk about hot animal sex.” Max commented causing Liz to start giggling. He looked into her eyes once she had calmed down and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“You better because if you’re not you’re stuck with me now.” Max stated.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” Liz said before leaning in for another kiss.

Only one part left
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Sorry guys but there is only one more part. After all I got the different story lines done. Max and Liz are together, Tyler was punished, etc. Look for it tomorrow.
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Calinia originally wrote:
I guess that's okay if it means that you're gonna start posting a new story soon. (hint, hint). *big*


I probably won't post any new stories until I get Start to Finish done.
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Dedicated to: Roswelllostcause, Calinia (3x), mpls muse, katmcken, roswellluver, and Lillie

Part 50-Epilonge

Two weeks after Max’s flip, Max and Liz left Wolf Lake and headed for a short trip to Roswell to pick up some of Max’s things and tell his parents about his move. They were surprised to see Liz with Max, they had been positive that he wouldn’t find anything even with the picture of Michael to go on. Liz and Max had told their story about her parents being in the witness relocation program and that they had left suddenly because their location in Roswell had been found out. Then they said that they had been in a safe house for a few weeks until things were safe. After it was safe they returned to their home town in Washington. With some help from her Uncle they even had some paperwork that appeared ‘official’ even to Max’s dad’s lawyer eyes.

Max then told his parents that he was moving to Wolf Lake to be closer to Liz since she had one year of school left. He convinced them that he had fallen in love with Liz’s little home town and planned on staying there. He told them of his plans and how his life was going to be there. They were less than pleased with the bombshell that Max had dropped in to their lap even going as far as trying to argue with Max against it. But Max stuck to his guns. Liz felt incredibly guilty for causing him so many problems but he only told her it was his decision. Isabel ended up helping her parents to realize that Max was grown and had to make his own choices.

It didn’t take long for Max to pack and once he was, the two plus Isabel met up with their friends. Liz loved being reunited with Ava, Kyle, and Alex. She enjoyed every minute of it and told them about Michael and how he had actually found love. They were shocked but thought Maria sounded perfect for him. Liz even met Tess and after a few choice words Tess fled the café, scared. After her confrontation with Presley, Tess was a gentle kitten.

Before their time ran out Max and Liz headed back to Wolf Lake. When they got there they found out that Liz’s parents had finally been released and moved into their house. Max stayed with them until he got an apartment in town, a small one that was actually part of a converted house. He got a job to support himself and pay the rent. The price of living in Wolf Lake especially for pack members was low so he made enough. Liz kept her job at the diner and Max would come over everyday for lunch.

It took some time for Max to be completely accepted but he was eventually. It helped with the younger pack that Luke supported Max wholeheartedly. Max got into a pack fight during the first party, not surprisingly with Sean, and like Liz, came out the victor. After that he wasn’t questioned. Liz, Max, Michael, Maria, Sophia, and Luke were often seen together in town and at the parties at the lake.

A year later after Liz and the others graduated high school, they set off for college. Max was already going to school nearby, which was allowed by pack law. They could go away to school but that was the extent of leaving. At the end of their college careers Liz and Sophia had degrees in medicine, Maria in teaching, Max in criminology, and Michael and Luke in business. Liz and Sophia went back to Wolf Lake with the intention of opening a clinic for medical treatment given only to wolves. They wanted to make sure they were given the best care possible as well as the newest treatments. Maria taught music at the elementary school and loved it. She was able to be immersed in music but still stay in Wolf Lake. Max took Vivian’s advice and ended up taking a deputy job at the Wolf Lake Sheriff’s Department. He was well liked by the town, humans and wolves, and was thought that some day he would take over for Sheriff Donner. After college Vivian started preparing Luke to take over which he did two years later with Michael right beside him. The brewery flourished under them.

Two years into college Max proposed to Liz, which she accepted quickly. They were married the following summer in the little church on the hill where the whole pack turned out as well as some visitors from Roswell who were allowed to come. It was followed up by a rowdy reception at the Lodge. Luke and Sophia followed up the following winter and Maria and Michael the following summer.

As with most of the people in the pack, the three couples were blessed with multiple children births. They were strong and healthy and a joy to their parents. It wasn’t until one of Max and Liz’s twin girls started to flip when she was sixteen that the family had any sadness. She got caught in the middle and ended up not surviving. Liz became severely depressed after but eventually made it through and was there for her cousin when the same thing happened to Sophia and Luke’s youngest son a few years later.

Liz always made sure that her children, her brother’s and cousin’s children always knew not to settle for anything less than the life you could have if you were loved. After all the power of Max’s love for her that made him risk his life to do whatever he could to be with her, a choice neither one of them ever regretted.

The End

Hey guys! I just wanted to say thanks for reading this. It’s my first Xover that I wrote without it being a DA/R one and got a very positive response for it and I thank you. Hope to have more stories out for you soon.


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I'm glad you all liked this story so much, it was lots of fun to write.
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I just wanted to thank julianna for nomintating this story