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Title: Where Are You Going?

Authors: Jen (Lizzy Parker) and Lana (Lana Lane)
E-mail: LizParker25⊕ (Jen) and Loveroswell⊕ (Lana)

Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to us. You know the drill. The Smallville characters, places, etc belong to the Smallville people and the Roswell characters, places, etc belong to JK and whoever else owns them now. The title is borrowed from the Dave Matthews Band song.

Category: A Roswell/Smallville crossover. Entirely Alternate Universe however!
Couples: Predominately Max/Liz and Clark/Chloe. Also Michael/Maria, Alex/Isabel, Kyle/Lana, Pete/?
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Based on the second Roswell/Smallville challenge on the Fanfic Discussion board. Life in Smallville is anything but boring for the three Kent kids. But when something happens in the town of Roswell, New Mexico, their lives will change forever..

Authors’s Note: Jen wants to say that she’s not giving up on her previous two stories, The Fifth Element and Magic. She will still write and update both, just please, give her time. Lana says she hopes you enjoy it. She did while writing it. And that she will still be updating A Kiss from A Rose as soon as lifes waves smooth out. We’d both like the feedback and any comments that you may have, very, very much. So please just try it. Please!

Where Are You Going?

Roswell, New Mexico, 1989.

The stars shone brightly in the crisp, clear autumn night, the clouds parting ways as if to signify a new beginning. In the distance, a coyote howled to his brothers, frightening a young boy who had only just emerged from a hibernation state in a cave, hidden somewhere in the desert. With his young body still aching from the forty-year sleep, the sound made him jump and his breath quicken. He was afraid of this new place. The minute that emotion sunk in, he felt it.

He wasn’t alone!

The boy turned to face the wall of the cave where his three comrades floated within their incubation pods. He studied them briefly and then turned to face the adjacent wall, where he had heard the sound through. The boy, though afraid, wanted to explore this new world. He took a step and began to pace anxiously, gaining strength with every step; he did not want to go out there alone.

After walking in circles for seconds more, the boy turned around and walked slowly towards the pod below his and next to that of a dark haired boy. Carefully, he reached one hand out to touch the outer membrane of the pod. The second his hand made contact with the surface, it began to glow a deep yellow, as if recognizing him.

Inside, a girl with long, brown hair slept peacefully. For the first time, he let his face smile. The boy had no clue what drew him to this particular girl and not the blonde who had the pod next to his. He felt protective of this girl, and wondered who exactly she was. He stared at her for a few moments more, but then turned again, the need to explore the unknown being a greater pull. He walked over to the wall, using his hands to feel a way out. If he found one now, the minute the other three hatched, they could leave! As his hands traced the texture of the cool walls, four new hands poked through the two left pods behind him.

Within a half-hour, the other boy and the blond haired girl had joined him in the small cave. After staring at each other in slight recognition, the dark haired boy walked over to the opposite wall and waved his hand over the rock. There was a gentle rumble as the wall shifted into an opening, and moonlight suddenly illuminated the room. This caused all three children to back away, in both fear and amazement. Cautiously, the black haired boy extended a hand to the girl, asking her to join him in the outside world. She accepted it instantly, and, in turn, reached out to the other boy. But the first boy, the one who had been so eager to explore, backed away towards the unopened pod, refusing.

Instantly, two pairs of caring, deep brown eyes turned in his direction, begging him to come with them. No words were needed in this exchange. Only the empathy they felt towards each other. But the boy smirked, giving them permission to go without him. As much as he wanted to see what was beyond this dim cave, he couldn’t leave the dark haired girl. The two children smiled sadly at him and then, hand in hand, walked out into the light.

The lone boy watched them leave until he could see the duo look back at him one last time. Then, they were gone. He turned to smile at the sleeping girl as if to say: “it’s just you and me now.” He waited as patiently as he could, turning over rocks and exploring the very near perimeters of the cave entrance while she slept for a while longer. Eventually, she emerged from her pod and like the other two before them, the boy and girl followed each other into the unknown. He wanted to catch up with the dark haired boy and blond haired girl, but gave up in defeat. His companion was weaker than the rest of them and couldn’t keep up with his brisk pace. He stopped at one point, not too far from the cave entrance, and extended his hand to the girl, as the blonde had done for him. She accepted with a smile, and the two continued. Holding his hand, however, gave her the strength to make this journey to civilization, as the coolness of the night air lapped at their faces.

Where are you going
With the long face pulling down
Don’t hide away like an ocean
But you can't see, but you can smell and the sound
Of waves crash down


The blond girl was crying now. She didn’t want to leave the boy with the spiky hair in the cave all alone, but there was nothing she could do. The dark haired boy had wanted her to come with him, and she knew she couldn’t refuse. She felt a hand clasp hers, as if it could sense the sadness she was feeling. She lifted her face and saw the boy smiling at her, his eyes asking her not to cry, to trust him. She promised herself she would as she stopped the flow of tears and tightened her grip around his hand.

It seemed that they had been wandering the desert for hours. The two children were frightened, trembling in the wind. But they somehow knew that as long as they were together, they would be safe. Then all of the sudden, the unexpected happened. The ground changed from the rough sand to a paved road. Startled, the girl grabbed the boy’s upper arm and they rushed back to the desert land.

From where they stood, staring quizzically at the new surface, they tilted their heads slowly from one side to the other. After moments of wondering, the boy took the first step forward. About to take another, he immediately stopped in mid-step, feeling the girl begin to shake behind him. He turned around to face her and, once again, held out his hand for her to take. She answered him with a violent shake of the head no. Unwilling to give up, the boy took another step, and then another, his eyes never leaving hers as he walked. Confident that this new surface would cause them no harm, the boy extended reached for the girl again. This time she followed, a bit slower than before, until she too had both feet on the road. She gripped at his hand tightly and he smiled at her as they looked on into the darkness. Moments later their journey had resumed.

By now, the two children should have felt tired but they didn’t. The will to survive was strong and active in both kid, and with each other, this stubbornness just increased. The duo continued to walk, paying little attention to anything but each other and the world in front of them. This is why neither noticed a car slowly approach them from behind.

I am no superman
I have no reasons for you
I am no hero, oh that’s for sure
But I do know one thing
Where you are, is where I belong
I do know where go, is where I wanna be



The reply was the same as before, his strict and determined tone soft but forceful, but never rising in volume. Jonathan Kent gave his wife another quick side wards glance before turning his attention back to the dark, desert road. His stubborn refusal met with another deep sigh from her.

“Look, what harm can it do Jonathan? We’re in the alien capital of the world, the least we could do is stop and take a look,” Martha Kent whispered. She glanced at the rear view mirror to check on the boy lying over the back seat, tucked under tight blankets, in which one leg had managed to dangle free. He was still asleep, she noticed as her heart swelled at the sight. Martha didn’t want their discussion to wake their only son.

“It’s not like we’re just tourists here. We do have an invested interest and I think it would be good for Clark to have the opportunity to . . .”

“No! Martha we agreed,” Jonathan Kent sighed wearily, “You two could come to this farmers convention with me only if there was no mention of making any stops along the way, especially something like this-” His eyes never left the road as Martha quickly interrupted. She had been patient long enough.

“No. you decided that. But even though he is our son, and always will be, the truth of the matter is that we found-”

“He found us.” Jonathan’s voice was low as he corrected his wife’s statement. Martha felt suddenly stupid from forgetting that fact. Clark had been a miracle that crashed landed into their lives four years ago…

…The Kents had been trying so desperately for a child those past few years. But 1985, they had pretty much given up all hope, and found solace and comfort in their deep love for each other. That was, until that fateful day when a spaceship fell out of the skies in a meteor shower. The world is a very big place. The ship could have landed anywhere, but it landed near their home in Smallville, and allowed the Kents to be the ones to find it. Clark had chosen them, and they thanked the heavens for that miracle every single day…

She smiled at her husband and reached out to gently place her hand on his leg, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Found us,” she amended, and then switched back to her previous argument. “ But he does have another life, another family out there–“ her voice broke in a sob. She knew tears would follow at any time. Comfortingly, Jonathan rested his hand above hers. Martha took a few seconds to recompose herself. “I’m scared about that, but Clark has the right to find out anything he can. We can’t possibly deny him that.”

Jonathan remained quiet for a few seconds slowly nodded his head. “I would never deny Clark that right. He’s already changing into something that we have no understanding of and I feel totally helpless because I can do nothing. It’s killing me, Martha, but when the time is right, I will be the first on that line, willing to help him find answers. But, it has to be Clark’s choice. This is something we can’t make for him.” Martha could hear the grief in his voice and she laced her fingers through his.

“I know. God, I’m so sorry for bringing it up,” she spoke, quickly trying to end the argument. Martha looked out of the window.

“Don’t be. You’re just being you. It’s why I love you so. We’ll come back someday, when Clark needs the answers. I promise. Besides, that’s what being a parent is all about, isn’t it? The ups and the downs.” A smile now graced his handsome figures as Jonathan Kent looked through the mirror at his son. “Thank goodness we only have the one little rascal to worry about.”

“One what? Alien or child?”

“Both. I don’t think I could cope with any more,” he joked, both knowing if a similar opportunity ever occurred, they’d more than readily take in more kids.

Clark suddenly bolted upright, as if he knew something was coming, and threw himself forward that he now sat between the two front seats. This startled his parents and caused the car to spiral out of control. Luckily, Jonathan was an excellent driver and managed to make the swerve minimal.

“Clark, honey, what’s wrong?” Martha asked, concern evident as she saw Clark’s wide-eyed expression. She asked again, but Clark didn’t speak. She reached back and cupped his cheeks in concern. But Clark didn’t seem to notice at all and continued to stare forward.

“God, Jonathan! He’s burning up! Look at me honey. What’s wrong? I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong,” Martha frantically whispered. She was at the panicking point now: not having a clue what to do. Anything human she would know what to do: explain it or just hug it away, but anything not quite so human put her at a complete loss. So caught up in her worries, she didn’t hear Jonathan call her name.

“Martha!” he shouted again.

“What?” Finally, she heard him, paying more attention to her husband as Clark’s fever died.

“Look.” Jonathan pointed at something out the window.

“What?” She snapped, unintentionally. She turned around to deal with Clark again. He still looked pale and had begun to tremble. This concerned Martha more than her husband’s discovery.

“There are two children out there.” He started slowing the car down. His words finally caught Martha’s attention and she turned to face forward, her arm still encircling her son’s shoulders.

“What?” She whispered in awe and question, now looking at what Jonathan had pointed to. Sure enough, there were two little figures walking side by side in the middle of the road, holding hands. She gasped.

“What are they doing in the middle of no where?” Jonathan asked. Martha turned her body completely forward to study the children. Clark moved through the gap between the seats and crawled up her lap, wrapping his arms tightly around her neck. She let out a deep sigh of when she felt that he had stopped shaking and his body temperature had returned to normal. It was like nothing had ever happened.

“Poor things,” she whispered. “Don’t frighten them Jonathan.”

He slowed the car down and steered towards them.

“Can you see anything? Anyone else?” Martha asked. Jonathan’s eyes swept the area, but could find nothing. The was no one there, just sand, the road, and the two children.

“No. There’s nothing. What-“

“They’re lost, Mommy, like I was,” Clark interrupted, his crystal blue eyes staring directly at the kids, alive and alert.

Husband and wife faced each other, not sure what to make of Clark’s statement. The car rolled to a stop a few feet away from the lost souls.

“Wait here,” Jonathan ordered to his wife. He opened the car door, but Martha had already pried Clark off of her and rushed towards them, before Jonathan’s feet ever touched the ground. “Martha!”

“Their only children,” She replied softly, not turning around to face her husband. As she continued to walk, her steps quickened and the two small figures suddenly stopped.


Her voice was sweet and welcoming. As they slowly began to turn around, hands still clasped together, Martha watched unafraid. Two pairs of big, emotion-filled eyes set on two small, grubby faces finally revealed themselves to Martha Kent as the children stood facing her. She let out a small cry, the moment taking her back to when she and Jonathan had found Clark.

“We’re not going to hurt you,” Jonathan said, now standing his wife. He stretched his hand out as a greeting and they both stepped backwards. He took another forward, causing the boy and girl to shy away further.

“Wait! Please, don’t be afraid.”

Martha’s smile filled her face, out stretching her hand as well. But that’s not what made them stop walking away and come back towards the Kents. It wasn’t even what made them finally accept the outstretched arms and get into the car.

It was the eyes of the little boy that had came out from behind the safety of his mother’s legs. It was his smile that convinced the dark haired boy and blonde haired girl to accept this new family. And it was he who, in the silent ways of children, had let them know it was safe; that they could trust them; that they were not alone in this world anymore.

Within weeks, Clark gained a new brother and sister. Refusing to give up the kids they had found wandering the side of the desert road all alone, the Kents immediately pressed for adoption. By the end of the month, Max and Isabel Kent had joined the family, and slowly forgot about the boy and girl they had left behind in the cave.

Where are you going
Where do you go
Where are you going
Where are you? Let’s go

NOTE: Song used is “Where Are You Going?” by The Dave Matthews Band.


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Hey everyone, thanks again for all the encouraging feedback, both Jen and I really appreciate it and we hope that you like the next part just as much. It's long so it will be posted in 2 parts with a Q&A to follow on later so without further ado.

Where Are You Going?
Part 1

“Clark!” Martha Kent yelled from the kitchen stairwell. “You’re going to be late for school if you don’t get down here now!” She was met with nothing but silence.

From the table at which they sat, Max and Isabel Kent laughed. Every morning always became a battle to get Clark out of bed. Their brother slept like a rock, or perhaps even worse than one. This baffled the twins, considering they found sleep difficult at most times, but Clark never seemed to have the same problem. Then again, Max and Isabel’s habit of soaking all their food with Tabasco Sauce was just as strange. Although all three of the Kent kids were aliens, as in “not of this Earth” aliens, as far as any of the Kent family could discern, Max and Isabel were of a different species from their brother.

Martha called Clark’s name one last time. She smiled gently upon hearing a mumble from his bedroom. She turned around to face her other two children and sighed, but smiled upon seeing their smiles. At least they weren’t as bad as Clark when it came to waking for school every morning, she thought. Yet, she wouldn’t have life any other way. Raising three 16-year-old aliens definitely made parenthood a challenge.

Isabel looked up from her half a grape fruit and non-fat milk. “Mom, if Clark doesn’t come down in five minutes, Max and I are going to leave without him. This is the second time it’s happened this week! And I have to get to school early today,” she complained. Isabel stood up, forgetting about the remainder of her breakfast.

“Oh, honey, surely a few extra minutes won’t make a difference.” Martha tried to reason with her only daughter. “Besides, I’ve made more pancakes.”

She brought the sizzling frying pan over to where Max sat. Isabel wrinkled her nose and walked away, towards the door. It wasn’t that she wanted to hurt her adoring mother; it was just that fried food didn’t agree with her some mornings. Max smiled and thanked Martha as he helped himself to one more, dumping Tabasco sauce and maple syrup over it. Isabel walked back over to the table to get Max, but Martha Kent stopped her, blocking Isabel’s way with the pan of pancakes.

“No thanks, Mom. Max can have mine,” Isabel spoke as she held up a hand in refusal. Martha tuned to Max and noticed that his plate was already empty and outstretched for more. Even though she had a hunch that this would happen, call it mother’s intuition; Martha knew that any attempt at offering Isabel the food would not hurt. She wasn’t entirely pleased with her daughter’s so-called diet. Turning her attention back to her son, she piled two more banana pancakes onto Max’s plate.

“Thanks again, Mom,” he muttered in between bites, devouring the delicious morsels while Isabel placed her books in her backpack. Max noticed her actions as she tapped her foot impatiently, still waiting for Max. Martha stepped out of the room to check on Clark. Max saw this as an opportunity to talk to his sister without interruptions.

“Iz, why do you have to get to school early every day? What’s the big rush?” Max chuckled. “Does Lana have something special planned for the squad again today?”

Bingo! He had hit the marker. Isabel’s eyes bore holes into the side of his head but Max ignored them. This ever growing tension between Isabel and the Kent boys needed to be brought into the open. And since Clark hated confrontations, Max knew he’d have to do it.

“When are you ever going to realize that your life does not revolve around those superficial people you call friends?” he continued, causing Isabel’s face to turn red with anger. He was about to say more when Isabel interrupted.

“Well, excuse me, but don’t you and Clark sometimes consider Kyle and Lana, hmm, how should I phrase this? Friends?”

As Martha walked back into the room, she quickly noticed that their demeanor towards each other had rapidly changed. It had been happening a lot lately, especially within the past year or so. When she spoke about it with her husband, Jonathan would write it off as teenage issues, growing pains, and nothing more. But Martha still wasn’t convinced. Although she knew this issue was nothing alien, she loved her children dearly and wanted to see them all get along again. Maybe tonight was time for a talk.

“How are those two?” Martha inquired, startling both Max and Isabel with her presence. “I haven’t seen either of them here for a while. Isabel? Max? Is everything okay between all of you?” Neither answered, silently waiting to return to their previous conversation.

Realizing that Martha was not about to let them slide, Isabel quickly spoke up. “Their fine. Nell’s just been keeping Lana busy with the store, you know? And Kyle and his football practice…”

“Not to mention basketball, wrestling…and oh yeah, ba-” Isabel’s glare silenced Max before he said anything more about the jock. Quickly, she returned to the previous argument.

“You do realize, brother dear, that Clark did not help any of this by having the crush of the century on Lana for like, the longest time!” She slammed her hand down on the table for emphasize. The table vibrated with her anger for minutes more. One power in common with all three Kent teens was strength superior to that of most humans, but Clark was by far the strongest of them all.

Martha didn’t like what she was seeing or hearing one bit. She was about to interject when Jonathan called her from the backyard. Both children stopped and smiled innocently at her as she walked past them with a knowing look. That talk tonight was definitely on. Now alone, Max began to gather his belongings as Isabel waited, still as impatient as before.

Max sighed deeply. “Okay. Maybe that didn’t help, but don’t forget that Lana came on to Clark as well, when she was going through that bad time with Valenti. It’s all history now. And anyway, it’s different. Lana’s with Kyle and Clark know. Besides, he’s with…” Max stopped himself quickly as he realized what he was about to say.

Ever since the spring formal last year, Clark and their best female friend, Chloe Sullivan, had started a tentative relationship. It was about time too, Max thought. How Clark could never realize that Chloe had been in love with him since she moved to Smallville in the sixth grade was beyond any concept Max and Pete Ross, their other best friend, could grasp. It seemed that Clark had finally gotten his act together when he invited Chloe to the spring formal last school year. Well, that was until a tornado hit Smallville and Clark left in the middle of the dance to save Lana. Chloe, in turn, went to Metropolis for her internship at the Daily Planet without any sense of forgiveness towards the teen alien

However, Clark spent the entire summer e-mailing her, trying to explain how sorry he really was without giving away anything about his gifts. There were only five people in the world that knew the Kent family secret, and Chloe was not one of them. It was safer that way. Being with him might place Chloe in danger, but it would be worse if she knew the truth. It had taken Clark till that summer to finally realize how much she meant to him. Finally, when Chloe returned home, she forgave him. Since then, the two had rebuilt their relationship, swearing Pete and Max to secrecy. They couldn’t even tell Isabel.


Max gulped. Jeez, he really did not mean to bring this up. Although he knew that his brother and friend were going to make their new status public eventually, or at least as public as Smallville High could get, he did not mean to almost blurt it out to his sister.

“Are we going to school or what?” Max lamely tried to cover it up.

“Wait, what’s different? What’s happened to Clark? Since when has he realized the inevitable? He’s my brother too; I deserve the right to know.”

“Nothing,” Max said quickly. “We’d better get to school now. We don’t want to keep Lana and the squad waiting, do we? And I’m sure Chloe can use my help on the Torch.” Isabel knew he was changing the subject to avoid that matter. He looked too eager. Something was up.

"Honestly, it would be so much better for you if you hung out with Clark, Chloe, Pete, and me, like you used to. I miss that, don’t you?” Max’s voice was low and she looked away from him, not wanting Max to see her guilt. She forced these emotions to the back and took on her ice princess persona, as she was reputed to be at Smallville High.

“What? And investigate the paranormal every week with Smallville’s own answer to the Scooby gang? I don’t think so. I see enough of that at home, thank you very much,” she spat.

"And in the mirror, Isabel. Don’t forget, we’re included in that paranormal category. Maybe I should let Chloe post you on her Wall of Weird to give you a lesson in humility.” He paused and thought for a minute. “I…I can’t believe your saying this. What’s happened to you?” Max took a step closer to his sister as he spoke. “To us? Didn’t Mom and Dad raise you better than to behave like this?”

Isabel ignored his last comment. She didn’t want to dive into the issue, not now anyway. Sometimes she did wish that things could be different between them. And as much as she refused to admit it, Isabel did miss Pete and Chloe. But the icy character was the only way Isabel could deal with being who, no what, she was. She didn’t like being different, but there was nothing she could do about it except cover the evidence with a bitchy act. At least she had a caring family. It made her life a bit happier. Whatever Max was talking about, about something happening, was wrong. Everything was fine, like it was a year ago.

She changed the subject again. “What were you talking about before? About Clark? I can’t imagine him giving up the Lana fixation so quickly.”

She refused to let go of that. Although deep inside Isabel knew that they had a right to exclude her, due to the way she’s been acting, Isabel was not about to give up. Clark was her brother too. Max stepped back nervously and Isabel cursed herself. She hated doing this to her brother.

“Let’s not go into this now Isabel. Please?” Max begged as he heard movement upstairs. He knew Clark would be down in a flash and didn’t want him to know that they were discussing him.

“No. What aren’t you telling me Max?” she asked again, taking another step towards him. Max sidestepped her, and she countered him so that she now faced her brother directly in the face. Max knew she wouldn’t give her a choice. She was already acting like the popular, snotty, ice princess she showed the outside world.

Max hated when she got like that; it just wasn’t Isabel. Well, at least, the Isabel that he and Clark remembered. But he could do nothing about it. The persona was something that developed as when she joined the cheerleading squad and became more and more popular. It was her way of hiding her true self from the outside world, and Clark and Max accepted that. But they hated it when she used this tone on them. Max he refused to give in.

“Isabel, these are things that you should already know. Things that Clark should be telling you himself. You’re his sister and I know that family is the most important thing in the world to you. You cried yourself to sleep for months after we left those other two kids at that cave.” He whispered that last part softly. It was one of the first things he and Isabel could remember and the act haunted them both. “But lately, it seems that you’re too wrapped up in yourself and your so-called friends to even see what’s going on with your own family. I think the last time I saw the true Isabel was when that crooked businessman convinced Dad to sell the farm."

“Honestly Iz, do you think that your friends would even care about you if they knew who you really were? Maybe Lana and Kyle might, but the rest? You saw how they treated Eric Summers when he stole Clark’s powers. But Clark, Mom, Dad, and I will always care. And more than likely, Chloe and Pete would too. But do you really care?” He said all this calmly, without raising his voice once. But the authoritative voice in which he spoke brought tears to both their eyes.

It just came out. Max hadn’t meant to accuse his sister like that, but all those feelings had just been bubbling inside of him for months. He didn’t know what to do. He wished he could have been the perfect brother, or somehow gone back in time and stopped Isabel from joining the cheerleading squad. He wanted things back to the way they used to be ever since the sixth grade when Isabel had been in the group. Now it seemed that it was Clark, Chloe, Pete, and himself against the rest of Smallville High at times. Isabel was always on that other side. It wasn’t a hatred, or anything like that, but the division was big enough to notice. Unfortunately, they could do nothing to keep it from happening.

As Max turned to walk towards the door, Isabel stood in shock with her mouth opened at her brother’s outburst. Max was usually the most quiet out of the three of them. She was at a loss for words, a quality so unlike Isabel Kent. What the hell was going on? How had it come to this? She wondered. Isabel loved her brothers so much that she’d die for them. But somehow, in her quest to hide herself from the world, she lost the closeness. Even with Kyle Valenti and Lana Lang for friends, she never felt more alone.

Max turned around and gestured for her to follow him to the jeep. He opened his mouth, ready to say something to make everything all better like he or Clark usually would, but stopped. This time he didn’t want to make anything better. What he spoke was true. Before either sibling could say anything further, Clark burst into the kitchen at whirlwind speed.

"Hey," he greeted loudly, his voice a cheerful contrast to Max and Isabel’s previous tones. He walked over to the counter and helped himself to a few of the banana pancakes. Max came back to the kitchen table from the door. Neither spoke. Clark glanced from one to the other. Something was wrong. “What’s up?” he asked slowly.

"Nothing," Max and Isabel spoke in unison.

“Okay, when you guys do that twin thing, it’s really freaky,” Clark said laughing. In reality, no one really knew if Max and Isabel were twins, let alone related. But since Martha and Jonathan had found them wandering on the side of the road together, everyone just assumed so.

Isabel ignored Clark’s comment and brushed past him, heading towards the door. “Look, if either of you want a ride, you better move your butts now. Or else, you’re walking.” She didn’t look at either of them as she spoke.

"No thanks, sis. I’ve seen your driving lately and arriving to school in one piece is sort of important to me,” Clark chuckled, knowing full well that nothing could harm him physically, not even Isabel’s driving.

"I bet it is." Max gave him a knowing look and followed Isabel to the door. Just as he was about to leave the Kent household, Clark shouted another response.

"Besides, I think I'll run today, anyway.” Clark finished eating his breakfast and placed the dishes in the sink. He then walked over to the counter and grabbed his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder.

"Whatever. You look like you need the exercise!" Isabel hollered from the jeep. Both boys looked at each other.

"Don’t ask,” Max muttered from where he stood at the door. Clark didn’t. “I wish I had that super power. Then no morning rides with Isabel.” Max added with a smile. They both laughed.

"Hey, I wish I could heal, so we're even." They high-fived and Max walked past him. Clark grabbed his shoulder to stop him. Concern was written all over Clark’s face. "Is she ok?"

"Just the usual,” Max replied, shrugging his shoulders. “I’ll apologize to her in the jeep.” He wasn’t sure if he would this time though. “We'll talk at school, all right?”

"Yeah, but I’ll still beat you there!”

"Not with my mood today, you won’t. MAX!" she shouted loudly. Obviously, her hearing was impeccable. Max waved goodbye to his brother and slowly walked to the jeep.


back in a bit

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Chloe Sullivan hadn't looked up from her laptop ever since she, Max, and Pete sat down at their usual table in the quad. Perhaps the only time she tore her hands away from the keyboard was when she reached to take a bite from her sandwich or sip her coffee. She was too engrossed in her newest article for the Torch, on the appearance of crop circles at one of the neighboring farms in Smallville. Someone had told her about it earlier in the week, and she refused to allow Principle Kwan’s rules stop her from printing the truth; whether or not Smallville wanted to believe them. As she typed, two of her best friends, Max Kent and Pete Ross, continued to lean over her to carry on their conversation. That’s what she got for being stuck in the middle.

"Are you serious?" Max asked eagerly, passing Pete a bag of chips over Chloe’s laptop. He could see her face flush with annoyance but ignored it. Maybe she’d finally pay attention.

"Yeah, I swear. Kimberly wants me, really bad." Pete glanced to the far corner of the quad where a pretty, raven head sat with her friends, her back to them. "And she's dying going out with me Friday night. She said so."

At that comment, Chloe looked up from the computer screen. Pete was instantly met with two sets of eyes staring at him in disbelief.

"Well,” Pete hesitated. “That’s what she will say when I get ‘round to asking her." He shrugged his shoulders and a cheesy grin lit his dark features. Max and Chloe laughed at his hope. Pete was definitely a persistent optimist. That, and a comedian. He didn’t have to do much, but Pete Ross always knew how to make his friends laugh. Usually, the biggest problem became getting them to stop.

"And when will that be?” Chloe asked just as they heard a loud roar of laughter from behind them. The trio turned around to see Isabel walking with Kyle and Lana. Smallville’s football players and cheerleaders surrounded the three of them. The continued to walk until they found a place in the lawn across the campus to sit. The group huddled together like a tribe small tribe.

Chloe and Pete exchanged glances and then looked towards Max. He was glaring at the popular group. Neither friend liked the fact that he looked so unhappy all of a sudden. It was obvious that something was wrong in the Kent household, but Chloe couldn’t put her finger on it. Well, not yet anyway. Her mind flashed back to early that morning, when she had seen Max and Isabel arguing in the school parking lot. Max had shouted at her, something totally uncharacteristic of Chloe’s friend, and the fight ended when he said they’d talk about it later. Then, Clark, always the mediator, appeared out of nowhere to calm his siblings. But for some reason, it didn’t work and Isabel had stormed away when the bell rang. Chloe had run after her, hoping to talk to her former friend and find out what was up, but acted to slow.

She didn’t forget about the fight she had witnessed. In geometry, Chloe questioned Max about what had happened, but he said it was nothing, just sibling issues. Chloe believed that, but knew it wasn’t the whole truth. He wasn’t fooling her for a second. After all, like any good reporter, she’d push for an answer until handed. However, acting as a good friend, she choice not to. But something big was happening with the Kent clan and someday, Chloe Sullivan would know what.

“So Max, what about you?” Chloe tried to break the silence that had settled amongst the three. “Found any hot date yet?” She laughed, her joking manner not breaking the tension. She rambled on. “Or are you still waiting for that dark haired girl from those dreams you’ve told us about to take the express train to Smallville and sweep you off your feet?”

At that, he finally turned around from watching Isabel and her friends to focus on his own. Pete and Chloe watched him, waiting for a reply. Max blushed instantly.

The dreams, actually more like faint memories, were always the same. He was a little boy again, about the age he was when the Kents found him on he side of the road. Except, in the memory, Max was in a cave, staring at a little dark haired girl while an overwhelming sense of sadness and loss came over him as she disappeared out of his site. Every time, the dream was the same. Over the years, he had grown to care for this girl; she’d probably be the same age as him right now. Sometimes, he wished that he’d never confided about them to Pete, Chloe, and Clark. Other times, he was glad. He only hoped that the girl had someone like his three friends to confide in as well. He was lucky.

"What can I say? I’m forever a dreamer." His voice sounded more cheerful now as he slowly let go of Isabel and her bunch. A slight smile graced his face.

Pete waved his hands to snap Max out of the dreamy mood. “Man, what is it with these Kent men and brunettes? I swear! Max has his dream girl, Clark has Lana, Mr. Ken-”

“Correction. Had Lana,” Clark spoke, surprising all his friends as he came up from behind Chloe. Pete and Max quickly moved to the other side of the table to give Chloe space alone with Clark. He nodded a thanks to them and sat down beside her. He wrapped his arms around her body, engulfing her in a brief hug. “I think I’m starting to prefer blondes now.”

“And end a Kent-man tradition that dates back decades?” Chloe raised her eyebrows in question but her inquisitive face quickly melted as Clark grinned broadly at her, one of those smiles he used to reserve only for Lana. Her heart melted quickly. Sparking green eyes met ice blue crystal ones and she smiled back just as widely. Pete and Max groaned.

“And I thought PDA was something only jocks abused!” Max grunted as Chloe reached over the table’s side and pushed him hard. Pete burst into laughter as his friend fell to the floor clutching his ribs in jested pain.

“Chloe! You’ve hurt me!” he cried.

“Hmm, I might enjoy having a girlfriend who can beat my brother up.” Clark reached out a hand to help Max off the ground.

Chloe shifted in her seat to return her attention to Clark. “Since when are we one of Smallville High’s official couples? And since when did you ever have Lana?”

Chloe punched him lightly in the shoulders teasingly. Yet, she cautiously looked around to see if anyone noticed Clark’s previous hug. If this was a dream, or just some way Clark was using her to make Lana jealous…Chloe wiped that last thought away. This was no time for her self doubts to reveal themselves. Clark liked her now. She had to keep that in mind.

“Okay, so maybe I never actually was with Lana.” Clark grinned sheepishly. “But as for us? I’ll shout it to the world right now if you want me to, fair maiden.” In an uncharacteristic move, Clark stood on the table’s bench, cupping his hands to his mouth. Chloe yanked him down hard before he could shout anything.

“I already knew you were crazy, but are you insane as well, Clark? I thought that most of the time the motto was neither seen nor heard when it came to you and Max.” For one of the first times in her life, Chloe Sullivan was afraid of the spotlight. She glanced around and sighed in relief as life continued on like normal at Smallville High. She did all this without letting go of Clark’s arm. “I thought that we decided on Friday night. At the party, if we go.”

“We did. How can I help it if I want everyone to know that I’m with the bravest, most beautiful girl in Smallville.” Clark lightly played with the fingers of her left hand, safely out of sight under the table. Chloe blushed. She suddenly felt hot as Clark laced his fingers tightly between hers.

“That Kent charm isn’t going to save you every time,” she whispered and moved in closer to Clark. Pete and Max snickered and joked, but the couple didn’t notice as their eyes met.

Chloe never imagined that she could be this happy. After years of waiting, her best friend in the world finally saw her as a possible romantic interest rather than just a listening ear, just a friend. It was like those cheesy teen, chick-flicks she sometimes watched when life really got her down. But she had to admit, having this happen in real life was excellent.

Since sixth grade, her heart broke every day as Clark would spill his heart out to her over Lana. Lana Lang, Smallville’s own Orphan Annie; just about the prettiest girl in school, and unfortunately, the nicest too. Despite the fact that Lana was only ever interested in Kyle Valenti, the jockhead of the century, Clark had obsessed over her day after day, night after night, completely clueless about Chloe’s feelings for him. It hurt. A lot. But not as much as Lana unintentionally hurt Clark. Despite the cynical reporter personality inside of her, Chloe would have done anything to stop Clark’s pain, even sacrifice herself.

Chloe felt Clark’s hand snake up her arm and she shivered as he used it to pull Chloe on to his chest. She smiled contently at him and turned her head to focus on Max and Pete’s conversation.

“Only in his dreams that’s for sure. And, man, what dreams they were! Remember that one time Clark said that they were up in the barn and-”

“Pete, what are you talking about?” Clark interrupted, his eyes wide.

Chloe looked up at him inquiringly. “Clark?” He looked at her and titled his head sideways and she pulled away from him. “What are they talking about?” If Clark didn’t know better, he’d say she looked a little sick.


“Oh, yeah! You mean the one about the feather bower-“ Max added just as Chloe slammed down the laptop lid. A fierce look of anger appeared on her face.

“Chloe, I-“

“Don’t start Kent.” She spoke the words angrily and pulled out of his grasp. She did not want to hear anything about Clark’s Lana fantasies. She couldn’t believe that Pete and Max had the nerve to discuss this in front of her.

“And handcuffs,” Max continued, not realizing Chloe’s angry demeanor. “I know my mind can be bad, but what happened up there, in that dream, ha! It can only be dreamed about. Sometimes I wonder about you, bro.”

Chloe moved further towards the edge of the bench. Instantly, Max felt bad as the loud silence forced him to look across towards his brother and friend. She was hurt, and angry, and Max knew it was all his and Pete’s fault. Guilt spread across his face. He turned around to see that Pete looked just as bad. Sensing an opportunity to make things right, Max kicked Pete in the shin. He jumped and looked at Max, who sent him a silent message.

“Don’t you remember Clark? The one you told us about? With Chloe in it?” Pete recovered quickly before a rift developed between the quartet. Clark nodded his head, a dreamy smile spread across his face. Noticing that, Chloe couldn’t help but smile broadly.

“Really?” As the word left her mouth, Chloe knew she shouldn’t have said that. Did she really want to know the actually answer? She turned to look at the three boys. Each had an earnest expression on their faces, Clark and Max especially. They couldn’t be lying, could they?

“Of course,” Clark whispered softly and pulled Chloe in a small hug.

From across the table, Max smiled. His brother was so in love with the curious reporter. Through out the summer, Max had helped Clark come to term with his feelings toward their blonde-haired friend, and he knew how much Clark cared for her. It was special and Max hoped more than anything that it wouldn’t be one of those teenage romances that never last. He knew that Clark always cared for Chloe, but love was blind and made him see Lana, not her until of late.

He wished that he could find someone who would fancy him as much as Chloe fancied his brother. But who was the one for him? Max’s heart fell heavy as he remembered the sweet girl from his dreams. Although she was only a child in them, she had the biggest doe eyes he had ever seen. Eyes that were scared and lost until a spiky haired boy stood beside her. But who was she? And who was the boy? Was she his dream girl? Is that why he never forgot her while Isabel moved on? The whole situation was driving him nuts. As he continued to ponder over it, the bell rang, signaling the end of classes and interrupting his thoughts.

“No rest for the wicked, huh? I swear, when we graduate, you guys better help me dismantle that thing and throw it in Old Man Miller’s Lake.”

“Just think Pete, two more years, two more years. You’ll survive.” Chloe looked at the students filing out of the quad area back into the school building. “Or maybe you won’t. After all, how many people actually escape this death pit more commonly known as a high school hierarchy? Especially the jocks?”

Everyone at the table laughed, including Pete. He waved goodbye and disappeared into the masses. Max stood to catch up with his friend. He had been too busy thinking of ways to stop thinking about the girl from his memories that he didn’t notice Pete leave.

“Bye guys,” he muttered and ran after Pete, his mind resolved. Come Friday night, he would stop being so serious, so nervous, and so quiet. If Clark could give up the weight of the world to have some fun with Chloe, so could he. Friday night was going to be his night, Max decided as he stepped foot inside Smallville High School.

This left Chloe and Clark alone at the table. Chloe shut off her laptop and stuffed it into her bag. Clark waited for her; they both had English together next. Chloe flashed him a smile and walked towards the school building. Clark jogged to catch up to her and grabbed her hand. Chloe’s eyes shot down and then back up at his. He had a huge grin on his face. Smiling must be infectious, Chloe thought, someone call the doctors.

“Are you sure Clark?” she asked, smiling.

He clutched her hand tighter as they walked to class. “Chlo, I want everyone to know that you’re my girl now.”


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Hey everyone!

Since Lana posted Part 1, I'm going to deal with the Question and that okay with everyone??? So, without further ado, I'll try to straighten some of your questions up without given too much away.

Will there be a Tess in this?
Definately not! I hope you all don't mind, but we're going to have enough OTHER characters that her dissapearance won't matter.

How is Clark connected to the Podsters?
Okay, let me make this clear. Clark's from Kryptonite and the Podsters are from Antar. As for how the two planets are connected...I can't say that quite yet.

Do Michael and Liz live with Hank?
As you'll find out in Part 2, no. Just relieving you of that question now. As for who they end up patient, enjoy part one, and then find out in part two.

Is the other alien Liz?

I guess that that's pretty much all the questions. Maybe we'll get more next time (hint hint: feedback!). I hope this helped some of you. Enjoy the next part, and don't forget! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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I apologize for posting the previous half of the part with my sn. Well, here's the second half.


The main doors of Luthor Manor’s library burst open, threatening to swing clean off their hinges as Lionel Luther flew through them with fire in his eyes.

The phone was impatiently ringing, the noise echoing around the room. Lionel stormed over to where it lay on the desk. He threw a pile of papers that he was carrying down hard, sending files flying across the tabletop. With a deep groan of frustration, he planted himself down hard onto his leather-backed chair and turned on the speakerphone.

“What?” he barked, “This better be good news.”

“It is,” a chirpy, female voice replied from the other end of the line. Lionel tapped his fingers impatiently. He hated having to ask things.

“Well, get on with it! Speak!” He ordered, deciding to do something about this one at some stage. She had obviously outgrown her use to him. Even to begin with she was only good for spying, stirring, and sex. Other than that, the no brain hireling served no purpose.

“Everything’s in place,” she replied cryptically. If offended at all by Luthor’s tone, her voice held no reflection of it.

“Yes, I know that already. My mole at the factory reported back to me about that two days ago.” Lionel sat up hard and high in his chair. Useless, old news. She would have to go. He paused, then spoke again. “Have they signed the papers yet?”

Silence reined. All he could hear from her end was slight mumbling and the ruffling of some paper. “Well...” She trailed off, all perkiness in her voice gone.

“I specifically told you only to call me if they’ve reached a conclusion on signing the papers!” Lionel shouted. “Yes or no. A simple answer to a simple question will do. The clock’s ticking…”

“Well, not exactly....”

“They palmed you off again?” Lionel was furious. He rubbed his forehead in frustration and pounded his fist on the desk. He didn’t need this. Why the hell did people have to make things so difficult? “You get one.”

“One what?” she asked, nervous from the previous outrage.

“One more chance to get them to sign.” There was no need to waist breath with a threat. That was implied.

“Yes, sir.” The fear in her voice evident enough to bring a wry smile to his face. If there was anything that he loved more than money or power it was bringing fear to people’s lives. Without waiting for an additional response, Lionel slammed down the phone. Almost simultaneously, Jeremiah Webster walked into the library. Instantly, Lionel guessed that he was here to further the bad news record of the morning.

“Guerin is not co-operating, sir.”

Jeremiah walked over and sat on the corner of the desk. Lionel sent a death glare at the man. However, unlike most, Jeremiah was not easily scared of his employer. The tall, muscular man remained on the desk. Although Lionel was pissed, he made no further effort to remove Jeremiah from his position. The mutual respect and understanding the two men held for each other was a rarity in both their cases.

“Call her back tell her not to bother with the signatures.” Lionel’s order broke the eerie silence in the room.


“You get your wish.” With a wave of his hand, Lionel dismissed the man. Jeremiah’s eyes gleamed at the words as he stood from the desk. “One mistake though…”

“Mistakes, sir?” A sinister smile creased on face.

“Make it clean this time, I don’t want any mistakes again. However, if there are…well, let’s just say that then you’ll see the full extent of what I’m capable of.”

“Sir,” Jeremiah nodded and turned to leave.

As the doors slammed shut, Lionel moved his chair slightly to look out the window upon the bustling city of Metropolis. His cliff top home above the city gave him a power he never imagined. As the insignificant people in the city hurried on with their insignificant lives, Lionel couldn’t help but wonder if he should be feeling anything at the moment. He had just issued a death sentence to his one time friend and his friend’s wife. Should he feel remorseful? After all, they had children. Special children, in fact, Lionel thought with a sense of profit creeping in. With the Guerins dead, there would be no one to get in his way. No one ever got in the way of something a Luthor wanted. Ever.


The last bell of the school day rang loudly; knocking many students out of their school induced dazes and daydreams. A once quiet hallway quickly filled with noise as the teenagers of West Roswell High School scrambled from classrooms to their lockers or piled hurriedly out of the building, all with one thing in mind: escape.

Liz Guerin shoved her way through the steady flow of on coming chaos to her locker, preoccupied with the revelation from earlier this morning. They would have to leave Roswell. But where would they go? Would any place be safe if Lionel Luthor was after them? A brief flicker of doubt crossed her mind as she wondered how the businessman could be involved in any of this. She shoved that aside as her thoughts returned to leaving Roswell.

It was their home, the only place they had ever known. A chill of fright shivered her, but Liz was determined not to let it show. Her parents had promised to explain more tonight. She could hold out to then, right? And if she just worried more, it would cause her friends to worry. Liz briefly wished she was more like Michael. Her brother could be a true Fort Knox of secrets when it came to it; swallowing his emotions so that no one could ever guess them. But, how would she tell her friends if they did leave Roswell? At this point, she couldn’t imagine life without them. How would Alex and Maria react? The thought echoed in her head over and over again.

Pulling herself back to reality, Liz waved at a petite girl with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes leaning against the locker next to hers. The girl looked down at her watch and then up at Liz, tapping her foot impatiently.

“Liz,” she whined. “What took you so long?”

“Nice to see you too, Maria,” Liz replied, placing a textbook into her locker.

“You ready?” Maria DeLuca asked, restlessly looking around for something or someone.

“Yeah. I guess.” Liz smiled at her friend. Maria’s eyes and head were still darting about the place in her search. “What’s the rush? Something wrong?”

Before Maria could answer, Liz spotted Michael walking down the crowded hallway path with their friend Alex Whitman, the two of them making enough noise to wake the dead. Liz quickly turned to look at her best friend and noticed that Maria’s eyes were locked on one boy in particular.

“Oh,” Liz chuckled. “What’s my brother done now Ria?”

“Breathed,” she sighed in a very un-Maria like manner, promptly dropping all her books. “Just look at him Liz. He’s great, beautiful, perfect…and a total ass.” She bent down to gather her books.

“He’s also my brother,” Liz interrupted, kneeling on the floor to help Maria gather her books. The minute both tried to stand, their heads banged together inevitably.

“Such a shame, huh Liz?”

“Ouch!” Both girls cried in unison, laughing and rubbing their heads. Liz quickly knelt down again to grab the book that fell during the accident as Maria continued to sigh dreamily. Liz handed her the book and stared at her inquisitively.

“Maria, what did Michael do to deserve that last comment?”


“Ria.” There was no escaping this.

“Nothing, of course. That’s just it. He’s done nothing. He’s been kind of distant all day, kind of funny around me. And he didn’t meet me in the eraser room fifth period…” Maria quickly stopped in mid-sentence, clasping her hand over her mouth. Liz didn’t know about their meeting in the eraser room. No one did. And Michael was going to tan her hide if anyone found out. No one was supposed to know just how close they were yet.

“Maria?” Liz’s eyes were wide with shock and amusement.

“Look, forget I said,” Maria uttered, trying to divert her friend’s mind. She looked up to see how far away the two guys were, how long she had left before she could make her escape away from her best friend’s prying eyes. She didn’t need this right now. Maria had been fearing the worst all day, that Michael might want to break up. She didn’t need the added anxiety of breaking the promise she made him. Maria looked back at Liz. “Please don’t let on that I’ve told you. Please?”

Liz didn’t have the heart to tell Maria that she had already known about the eraser room rendezvous. Michael had slipped months ago. Liz had caught him coming out of the fabled room and cornered him. Her brother had never been a very good liar when it came to lying to Liz. But he had made her promise not to tell Maria. Liz surpassed a laugh. Those two really were a pair.

She did wish she could tell Maria that Michael wasn’t going to break up with her. Michael always pushed people away when he was frightened of something. But just because he was afraid of the unknown now did not mean he could just avoid Maria like that. Liz decided to discuss this with her brother later, after they finished their talk with their parents.

“Maria please don’t read too much into Michaels’ behavior today,” Liz asked. “We’re having some problems at home, and, well, he’s just reacting to them in typical stone wall Guerin fashion.”

“Is everything alright?” Maria looked at her friend in concern.

“Yeah,” Liz lied. “It’s just,” she paused, “complicated. It doesn’t concern your, I promise that. Everything will be alright…there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.” Liz plastered a fake smile on her face before continuing the tangent. “Michael just got-”

“What?” Alex chirped in, a huge grin filling his face. He draped a loose arm across each girl’s shoulder. “Who’s got what?” he asked again, pulling them into a hug.

“Nothing,” Liz replied quickly, exchanging a glance with her brother.

Michael instantly picked up on the look in her eyes. She wanted to talk to him later about something. Taking a quick look at Maria, her eyes meeting everyone but his, instantly told him that tonight’s conversation was not only going to be about Lionel Luthor and their parents.

Okay, so he was being a jackass, but it was the only way Michael knew on dealing with his anger. He didn’t want to leave Roswell, or Maria. But how was he supposed to tell her that he and Liz might be bound for a radically different life than the one they were adopted in to? How was he supposed to leave her? The thoughts had been bugging him all day. He knew that he probably made the wrong choice by avoiding her, but it was too late now.

“So Alex, are you still coming to the Crash to help me with my algebra problem while I’m working tonight?” Maria asked, batting her eyes sweetly at her best friend. Liz linked arms with Alex as the group started to push their way through the crowds.

“Sure. But only if there’s a free dinner in it for me,” Alex replied to Maria.

“ Hey! I’ll drive,” Michael added in, opening the side door for his friends. He stuck his arm out to indicate that Maria go first.

“I’ve seen your driving,” Maria said mockingly, swiping the keys out of Michael’s open hand as they walked to the jeep. “ And I want to get to the Crashdown in one piece, thank you very much. I’ll drive, spaceboy.”

Michael smiled crookedly at her petname for him. She said once that she called him that cause of his spiky hairdo. It was ironic because she didn’t have a clue how literal her petname was. Michael wondered how she’d react if she knew the truth. Would she freak out? On top of everything else happening in the day, he decided not to dwell on those thoughts as well.

“Okay, you’re the boss then,” Michael consented, knowing full well that her driving was worse than anyone else’s. But he had to make it up to her somehow for the way he treated her earlier today. Michael gently lay an arm over her shoulders and pulled her close to him. He let out a deep breath of relief when she didn’t squirm away.

Liz laughed at Alex, ignoring her brother and Maria. “Alex! Bribery? I’m shocked. I thought you helped Maria from the good of your heart.”

“Oh, but I am. You know I’d do anything for a friend,” he quickened the pace so he and Liz could catch up with Michael and Maria. “And to see you and Ria wiggle around in those cute little uniforms you wear.”

Liz shot him a playful but serious look. Alex waved his hands in front of him, giving in. “Okay, okay. I know, I know. Maria has Michael and you’re still waiting for that dark haired mystery man from an exotic place to come and sweep you off your feet.” Liz giggled at Alex’s choice of words. “But you can’t blame a guy for trying, can you?”

The two friends broke out into hysterical laughter as Alex’s straight face finally broke into a huge smile. How he’d manage to get that far without cracking up was beyond Liz. Both knew that the most they’d ever see each other as was best friends. Liz and Maria were the sisters Alex had never had. They’d always remain very, very good friends, but nothing more.

“Oh, poor you,” Liz said, continuing the charade and grabbing hold of his cheeks and squishing them together so his mouth pouted. “But there’s someone out there for you too Alex. I just know it.”

He raised his hand up in a fake toast. “Here’s to hoping your dark haired mystery man has a sister.” He paused as he and Liz ran to catch up with Michael and Maria at the jeep. “Only perhaps not a brunette. I prefer blondes.”


“Oh, all expect Maria of course. She’s a taken woman,” Alex quickly added, causing Liz to bust out in more laughter as Maria’s face became furious at Alex’s choice of words. Michael ushered the three giggling teens into the car, his mood keeping him the only one sane.

As they drove away from the school building, Michael secretly hoped that if he had to leave, Maria would somehow come too. But he knew that it was just a silly dream. Wherever they wound up going, it would be someplace where neither Alex nor Maria could come. Or keep in contact with. Period.


The Crashdown Café, Roswell’s local and most popular diner, was relatively slow that afternoon. Alex had made time to help Maria with her algebra problem and spent the rest of the time daydreaming with Liz about potential soulmates, while Michael tried to make things right between him and Maria. Everything was going great. Towards the end of the evening, the resturant was nearly empty, except for the group of four, a couple of truckers, and a few families.

Maria had purposely flirted with him all evening. If she kept that up, Micahel was going to drag her into one of the restrooms and not let her leave until she squealed an apology. His thoughts wandered as he continued to watch his girlfriend serve the not so friendly truckers. A smile creased his handsome features. He never thought he could possibly feel this way about a girl. But that spitfire had taught him otherwise.

Micahel continued to watch the activity at the Crashdown Café, not wanting to return home until Liz’s shift was finished. He was afraid of whatever else his parents might reveal. Michael nodded his head to something that Alex had said. He had tuned out from Alex’s rant long ago, his attention focused solely on the problems at home and Maria, not necessarily in that order. He watched the blonde girl sway her hips gently in time to the music while she waited for the cook to hand over the next order.

His heart was racing. Michael shifted uneasily in his seat. At any moment, he was ready to make his excuses to Alex and drag Maria off somewhere private. He was about to when he saw Liz walking over to them, carrying another tray of sodas. Like they needed more. Both she and Maria had been stacking them up on the fluids tonight. At some point, Alex and Michael decided that it had become a game between the girls to see which guy would explode first from too much liquid.

“Hey ‘sis! What are you trying to do to me? Death by explosion?” Michael joked.

He rose to help a tired Liz with the sodas for him and Alex. Liz smiled secretly at him as she gave Alex his orange soda. Michael took his own. Just as he was about to sit, he paused, noticing Sheriff Hanson walking towards them with a worried look on his face. Liz and Alex turned around to see what Michael was looking at. The sheriff stopped in front of them and somberly took off his hat. In that moment, time seemed to falter.

“Liz, Michael,” he finally said, his usually confident voice weak. “I have some bad news.” He paused. “Kids, there’s…there’s been an accident.”

As the words left his lips, the tray and sodas Liz had been holding crashed to the floor.


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Hi, Jen here,

Just letting you know that I will work on continuing the story, but I've sort of lost my train of thought with it, and might not continue until the summer. Do look for updates, but I'm not quite sure when.