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Title: My little Princess
(Dark angel/roswell crossover)

Author: Starlight
Summary: read and u will find out

Legal Crap: Any characters u see from the program belongs to the writers and any character u haven’t seen before belong to me.

Dear Max,

If you're reading this, I'm already gone.

Everyone has a destiny. Yours just happens to be a, destiny to be a king, free your people. And a destiny with Tess. Even I have a destiny one that by me leaving you will never have to know.

I know you say you don't love her. But I know you do. They way you look at her and even if your love for her may not be constant it exists. It has to because you loved her in another life.

I love you. I will forever. I won't forget you. Forget your touch, your kisses, your sweet voice, and our love. And I will NEVER forget you. You will always be my first love, my only love. But, you and me will never meant to be.

Now, I’m doing use all a favor. I'm leaving Roswell. You saved my life and I will forever be thankful. But that was ages ago and we have been through so much. Thank-you for trusting me with your secret and touching me so many times with your healing hands.

But I need a life where my children will never be danger.

Just forget about me and move on. Be with Tess. Like I said before, You will always be my first true love and nothing will ever change that. Nothing... I hope on day u will forgive me and I hope on day u accept your destiny

Good-bye Max.

Luv always

Dear Alex and Maria:

From the first time we saw each other in Maria’s words we where friends forever. You gave me a shoulder to lean on and some one to share my worries with. I am so very sorry that I could never tell you the true reasons I was sad. I’m sorry for every hurt feelings I caused. And I’m sorry that I have to leave. Maria don’t let go of Michael inside he loves you so much. Alex same goes for Isabel goes after her, because before u know it there gone. Be safe and I hope you can forgive me.

Luv always


Dear Michael and Isabel:

I know we didn’t know each other very well but I have one thing to be thankful for by meeting u two. That u both love my best friends. I don’t know what else to say…so please take care of them for me.

Luv always


Dear Mom and Dad:

You guys took care of me when u didn’t know a lot about me. You found a little girl on the side of the road and took her in. You always wanted to know what I was hiding. I could never tell u I still can’t and sorry for that. You gave me love something I never thought I could have, that what I was trained to believe. Time is running out and I have to leave, Thank-you for loving me, I guess that’s why I have to say goodbye.

Luv always

Dear Tess:

Congratulations you have won



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I want to thank everyone for their feedback and support on this story so far. A lot, of people are asking me about couples in the END it will be M/L, M/M, K/? AND I/?


pandas2001 & m14- lol I love to hear people’s guesses to what will happened. I can only tell you one of your questions because the rest would just give away the story. AS for when it happened…….. Well it’s all the way up to when Tess left pregnant Alex is dead :( don’t get too sad though, my stories are never what they seem.

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Chapter 2

The sun is down the hill little one,
The tinny stars begin to peep.
The baby birds are still little one,
It’s time to go to sleep.

The hour has gone little one,
And has long been passed,
For you to finally go to sleep.

You’ve put your toys to bed little one,
All safe and warm for to sleep.
And I kiss your drowsy head little one,
And rock my baby to sleep.

Now, away from all the shadows,
And in my arms were you belong,
My angel, my princess is finally asssleppppp.

As the girl finished the song and rocked the 9-month-old baby a couple more times. She slowly got off of the rocking chair that she was previously seated in and watched into the next room. Slowly putting the baby onto the bed beside the
3 ½ year old child that was already sleeping there kissing both of there heads she quietly walked out of the room, only looking back to make sure they were still sleeping quietly. Walking into the living room, and turning into the kitchen the girl filled a bowl up with cold water and walked into the opposite hall she had just exited from. Walking to the room she stopped watching the figures that was already there.

“We have to figure out what’s going on with her,” the girl that was seated on the bed said.

“I know, but we can’t just go up to her and say hey what are u hiding,” one of the boys replied.

“Right now I think we should let Sarah get to sleep I mean she just did get shot.”

Not listening to the people in the room bid good night to the girl in the bed, she walked straight into the room of the sleeping children and picked one up in each arm. Not stopping to grab the bags that lay on the ground and quietly walked out of the apartment. Straight down the stairs and into the car that was parked out of the front of the building. Putting the two children in the passenger seat and walking around and getting into the driver’s seat, she started the car and drove out of the parking space.


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Chapter 3
Two months later

A girl walked down the street caring an 11month old baby and a 4-year-old child that walked beside her. Looking behind her for the millionth time, she saw two people following her, both of them clothed in black. Picking up her pace, and holding the little girl’s hand a little titter then before; she turned into an alley. “Please, stop we aren’t going to hurt you.” Echoed throughout the alley, The girl spun around and pushed the small child behind her.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“We need your help,” this time the other stranger spoke.

“What could I help you with?”

“The royal four are in danger, there is someone on the inside that has captured all of their hearts. You are the only one that can help them.”

“Who are you and what could I do to help?” the girl asked in wonder.

This time the woman spoke, “ Jessica and this is my husband Ryan. And just like to intruder you have captured there heart but in the purest ways. We need your help, they need your help. ”

Suddenly, the alley filled with a white light, when the girl looked for the source she found it was the two people. As the light got brighter and too bright to look, she turned away covering the two children with her body. Before the light faded she heard, “Please, we are begging you help them.” The light started to fade and then all together fades out.

“Mommy, what was that?” The child asked.

“I’m not sure,” the girl answered.

“What do we do now?”

After a moment the girl took a big breath and answered her child, “We help the royal four.” Taking her child’s hand she walked out of the alley and down the street

Crashdown Caf

“It’s been 9 months and we have nothing on where she is,” Maria yelled. Michael grabbed her and pushed her onto his lap.

“We have to find her,” Max whispered so quietly, that he thought no one could here. But Maria caught it.

“Why, so you can use her again,” She yelled at him

“I love her, Maria,”

“But, the fact is she doesn’t know that, to her you sleep with the girl she hates got her pregnant and then let her leave with your child.” Max knew she was right. He hurt her over and over again.

“And she slept with Kyle.” Max shot back

“Hey, don’t bring me into this!” Kyle yelled, but stopped when Maria shot daggers through her eyes.

“Okay, know it’s my turn to ask a question, why does every time we bring that problem up you shut Kyle up?” Isabel asked Maria, who turned her head away from everyone

“It wasn’t just a fling was it,” Max said focusing on Maria. “ GOD DAMN IT TELL ME.” He yelled making Maria flinch

“Maxwell calm down.” Michael spoke for the first time.

Max not even noticing Michael talking,” Tell me why she sleep with Kyle.”

“No, I think she should have told you, but I understand why she didn’t because in her place I would have acked the same way. She just couldn’t take all this shit anymore Max.”

Putting his head in his hands and sitting down in the empty seat, he felt a hand on his shoulder, “She loved you Max, that I known for sure.” To his surprise that voice belonged to Nancy Parker.

“So, how do we find her,” Amy Deluca asked. “We have check every name we could think off.”

“Have you ever though of looking in the doorway.” Everyone’s heads wiped around to the owner of the voice.

Max was the first one to gain his voice back, “Liz?”


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"So, how do we find her," Amy Deluca asked. "We have to check every name we could think off."

"Have you ever though of looking in the doorway." Everyone’s heads whipped around to the owner of the voice.

Max was the first one to gain his voice back, "Liz?"
A/N: I know some of the dates won’t add up, and when you see ‘ ’ this it means Liz is talking in her head. Oh and ever chapter is in Liz’s POV except if I tell u other Sorry if it’s confusing!!! Enjoy!!!
Chapter 4

“Oh, my god,” Maria squealed and ran up to Liz, Maria jumped on her and squeezing the daylights out of her.

“Maria, I can’t breathe,” Liz choked out.

“Oh, sorry, I just can’t believe your back. So, much has happened.” Maria said perkily. ‘Damn I missed her’. Letting her go slowly, and going back into Michael’s waiting arms.

“ Baby, is that really you?” Nancy Parker said holding on to her husband tightly.

“ Ya, it’s me,” Liz said as Nancy repeated what Maria had just done.

“Mom, I have the boxes you want,” a voice yelled through the back room.

Nancy let go of Liz and yelled back, “In here Steph!” A few moments later 2 girls came through the door were Liz was previously standing.

“You’re right I have missed a lot.” Liz said questionably.

“Liz, we were gonna explain all this, the night you left was when we were planning on telling u,” Nancy said with regret in her voice.

“It’s late I better get going.” I said quickly not waiting for anyone to question her she walked out into the restaurant. ‘I never should have come back!’ But, what surprised the people who followed her was she made a beeline for a booth. Slowly, bending down she picked up a baby and a child one in each arm. Maria and Isabel gasped when they saw what she was caring and they others were just as shocked. She then went to the door, but dropped the baby bag; she slowly bent down making sure not to wake the sleeping children in her arms. But Nancy bent down and picked it up

“Liz I’m begging you don’t leave again. Give us two hours no matter what I say you can leave if you want to, but I can’t take the chance of you not knowing what I have to say. ” Nancy begged like someone’s life depended on it. All, Liz did was look down at the children still sleeping in her arms, almost like she was more worried about them than her. Nancy caught her daughter’s gaze; “They will be fine, 2 hours.”

‘ Shit, what have I got my self into!’ “Okay,” Liz said hesitantly.

“Why, don’t we put the children in a booth and then we can all talk,” Jeff said. Liz slowly walked over to the booth she had just come form and once she was satisfied that they wouldn’t wake up. She joined the others that were already seated in the bar and the tables that surrounded them.

“ I guess we should start with introductions, This is Stephanie, our other daughter.” Nancy said pointing to one of the girls that walked through the door earlier, she had dark hair and the same colour skin that Nancy and Jeff had. “That is Lindsey, Max and Isabel’s sister,” pointing to the other girl that entered earlier this one had dirty blond hair. “And, finally that’s Anna,” pausing for a moment, “ A lot, has happened Stephanie is our daughter from Anatar, Jeff and I are the Royal Four’s protector. Just like Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess we were in pods but when we landed a week after Jeff and I came from our pods when we were 18 years old Claudia found us and told everyone she was his mother and her best fiend claimed I was her daughter. As, for how we had Stephanie we had her about a week before we had to come to earth. As Tess said we all had past lives, which is un-true. The king and queen of our planet had scientist create a kind of stasis, which was created to look like pods, when Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess were put in the pods they were 8 year old.” Nancy stopped to looked at Liz.

Jeff took over now, “A day before you left we saw a ship land in the desert in the ship was Stephanie, Anne and Lindsey. As for how all the other s know Diana was burnt and Max had to heal her so we told her, Philip and Amy afterwards. Ummm. That’s pretty much it I can’t think of anything else!” After he was finished all eyes were on Liz who put her head in her hands just like Max had preciously done.

Lifting her head up she asked, “You just left everything you had a daughter, why?”

Nancy got up from her seat beside her husband and knelt in front of Liz, “We had to, the Royal Four was our responsibility and we were best friends with their parents we had to because they couldn’t. Yes, it hurt to leave a daughter that we haven’t even had time to get to know, but look know we have two wonderful and beautiful daughters.”

“I wouldn’t be to sure,” Liz whispered, so know one could hear.

But, enough for Nancy could hear, “Lizzie are you trouble.” ‘You have no idea!” A whimper from the corner caught the two’s attention. Nancy looked at her daughter and realized that Liz had the same worried look that she has had many times before. Gasping and getting up from her kneeling poison. “Lizzie, are they your daughters?” Liz looked away, but everyone knew the answer, “How?”

“I didn’t want to have them, but I don’t regret it. I could NEVER regret it. I love them.” Liz stated.

“Is that why you left,” Maria asked

“That was some of it.” Liz replied.

“What’s their names,” Isabel asked.

“The baby is Hope Isabella Michele Parker and the 4 year old is Eva Maria Alexia Parker.”

Isabel started to cry and Max went over to her after awhile, she asked, “Why, we were never really good friends.”

All I could do was shrug my shoulder and say, “I got attached.” Everyone knew that Liz wasn’t gonna tell anything else.

“It’s late, why don’t we continue this tomorrow.”

“Nancy is right,” Diana said.

“Liz will you stay here tonight, you can save a couple bucks,” Nancy asked.

‘Crap, I have deftly got myself into deep shit’ “Sure.”

Nancy smiled and said, “I’ll help you with the children.” They got up and walked over to the booth Liz picked up Eva and Nancy picked up Hope. Stephanie and Jeff had said goodbye to everyone and had already started to go upstairs. After Nancy said goodbye to the others and Maria hugged me for the last time we started to go upstairs, but I couldn’t help stopping and yelling, “It’s Eliza not Liz!”

As I walked upstairs all I could hear was Eva’s breathing on my shoulder and the other’s gasps at the new knowledge.

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Nancy smiled and said, “I’ll help you with the children.” They got up and walked over to the booth Liz picked up Eva and Nancy picked up Hope. Stephanie and Jeff had said goodbye to everyone and had already started to go upstairs. After Nancy said goodbye to the others and Maria hugged me for the last time we started to go upstairs, but I couldn’t help stopping and yelling, “It’s Eliza not Liz!”

As I walked upstairs all I could hear was Eva’s breathing on my shoulder and the other’s gasps at the new knowledge.


As we walked up the stairs I looked around and realized this wasn’t my home anymore,
Every picture of me had been taken down. And new one rested in their places. But what did I accept I left, not them.

“Why don’t we lay them down in your room,” Nancy asked.

“Sure,” I whispered.

As we walked down the hall it dawned on me that the whole house had been re-modeled. When we reached my old room my mother tried to open the door.

“I’ll get it,” Stephanie said opening the door, waiting for both of us to enter.

My mother slowly put Hope on the bed and I laid Eva next to her. I reached for the pillows, to surrounded the children to prevent them from falling off. I could feel my mother move away from Hope and her eyes focus on me. ‘What have I done I have been here for less then 3 hours and already my mother suspects me of something. Wonderful!’

“It’s late we better leave you, all your clothes are still were you left them.” Nancy said.

“Thanks mom,” I replied, turning around.

“Goodnight Liz,” Stephanie said so quietly, you couldn’t even call it a whisper.

“You two,” ‘Damn I’m letting these people get to me, Just remember your here for a reason.’ After they left the room , I let out a big breath I didn’t know I was holding.

2 Hours Later

Liz had given up on watching over the children and was now siting out on the balcony.
‘This is one of the things I have defiantly missed.’

“Mommy,” a sleepy voice called.

“Out on the balcony,” Liz called softly. Eva stepped through the window still half-asleep.
“Awwww, princess what’s wrong.” Liz said getting up from her seat walking over to Eva, and picking her up. Eva automatically warped her arms around her mom’s neck. Liz walked back to her seat, sitting down with Eva still in her arms wrapping a blanket around the two. “Now, will u tell me what’s wrong?” Liz asked with a worried expression on her face.

“I got scared when I woke up alone and I didn’t know where you were.” Eva answered quietly.

“Oh, I’m sorry sweetly I was planning on being there when u woke up.”

“It’s okay, Look mommy!” Eva yelled excitedly.


“All the stars, there pretty.” Eva cried bewitched by the site before her, while Liz laughing at her daughter’s antics. Eva settled back laying her head on Liz’s chest, “Mommy, will you tell me our story.”

“Sure hunny,” Pausing for a moment to look at her daughter. “Once upon a time in a far away land there was this big big house where many prince’s and princess’s live. Like Prince Zan, Prince Zack, Krit, Jason and Princess Maxie, Princess Eva, Jace, Jondy, Eliza and so sooo many others. They lived with this king, but he was very, very mean. And when the Prince’s or princess’s where bad he would punish them some times he would lock them in the basement, hit them or make them do very bad things. But, there where these two, who where the oldest of them all and they would take care of there younger brother and sisters. They took care of them and most of the time tried to take the punishment for them. These weren’t just ordinary prince’s and princess’s, they were special But as time grew on the brother’s and sister’s grew closer and closer, and together there gifts grew stronger. Soon, they started to realize there could be a life outside the prison, and so they started to make a plan to escape. After years and years of planing and when the two oldest where of the age of 11. The did escape, but the plan did not go as planned, the King fought back hard and many of the prince’s and princess’s died. Only 13 of them got out to the real world, but those 13 did have there fairytale endings. Maybe not as they planned, because the King wanted them back so bad that they had to split up. But even if they were scattered all around the world and some of them that were still in the prison with the king. They would always know that they were brother’s and sister’s and one day far far away they would be together out in the real world.” As Liz finished the story she looked down at her daughter, and found her sleeping peacefully still snuggled in her chest. “Come join me, Stephanie.”

“Sorry, I was walking and I heard voices,” she explained while stepping through the window.

“No problem, So why don’t u tell me a little about yourself?” Liz asked.

“There’s not much to tell, I grew up on Antar I never knew my parents until this year…..ummm…..My best friends are Lindsey and Anna. I have known Lindsey all my life and I lived with her. We meet Anna 3 years ago and we were automatically best friends. Big war, Kivar did a shit load of damage and u pretty much know the rest. What about u?

“Well, I was adopted by the Parker's, they were just coming to Roswell to make a new life so they could say I was there’s and now one even questioned it. After that I grew up as a normal kid. Oh, I got shot and was brought back by an alien. And a punk dupe of my soul mates sister told me that I was changed because of it.” Chuckling as she finished the last part.

“So, think of Max as your soul mate Max,” she asked with her eyebrow slightly raised.

“Ouch, u caught that huh?”

“Yup,” Stephanie said laughing.

“Well, yes I think of Max as my soul mate but it’s really c-complicated.”

“Do you love him?” Stephanie asked.


“Well, WHAT?” Stephanie cried.

“Yes I love him, but we both have responsibilities.” Liz said watching the confused look on Stephanie’s face.

“What kind of responsibilities?” Stephanie asked trying to hide her yawning.

Ignoring her question Liz replied, “It’s late I think it’s time you head back to bed.”

“Ya, I guess so,” Stephanie answered not even trying to hide her disappointment.
Standing up and heading to the window she stopped and looked back to Liz. “Liz, no matter what u feel mom, dad and the others missed you so much. The told me so much about you, I was just waiting for the day u returned so I could finally meet you.”

“You don’t feel like I took over you family?”

“No, they spent so much time telling me about you or trying to find you, I didn’t have time to have any questions. And I could wait to meet my sister.”

“Is she as you thought?”

“So far, ya!” Stephanie said, while walking through the window.

Liz looked down at her daughter and whispered, “I guess this won’t be as bad as we thought.”

No more rainy days
You brought back the joy and I thank you baby,
thank you baby
No more rainy days
You brought back the sun and I thank you baby,
thank you baby

I was feelin empty until you came and filled me
Of what's that thang you put on me, what-what
I just can't shake it off me, I think that I'm addicted
Can't break away, I'm trippin on and on

No more rainy days
You brought back the joy and I thank you baby, thank you baby
No more rainy days
You brought back the sun and I thank you baby, thank you baby

I thought I'd never trust again, all the pain he put me in
Felt like I would die-die-die-die-die
Then you brought new life to me, took away the ugly
Just by the way you touch me, I'm in love

No more rainy days
You brought back the joy and I thank you baby,
thank you baby
No more rainy days
You brought back the sun and I thank you baby,
thank you baby

Now that I found love
I won't cry no more
Rainy days are gone
Since you came along, along

No more rainy days
You brought back the joy and I thank you baby,
thank you baby
No more rainy days
You brought back the sun and I thank you baby,
thank you baby

(Destiny’s Child
No more Rainy Days)


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You don’t feel like I took over you family?”

“No, they spent so much time telling me about you or trying to find you, I didn’t have time to have any questions. And I could wait to meet my sister.”

“Is she as you thought?”

“So far, ya!” Stephanie said, while walking through the window.

Liz looked down at her daughter and whispered, “I guess this won’t be as bad as we thought.”

Chapter 6
The morning sun woke Liz from her sleep, breathing she felt something on her chest. Slowly opening her eyes, she found the sun harsh on her eyes, looking down she saw Eva still snuggled to her chest. Looking at her watch, panic rose through her body, “Shit!” Liz cried in a whisper. Quickly wrapping her arms around Eva, she jumped out of the chair and raced through the window. Hurrying over to the bed she found it empty, pulling the covers off the bed, searching for her daughter who was previously laid in there. Liz’s heart soared as she heard baby cries come from down the hall, taking of in a sprint. She ran down the hall and followed the noise to the kitchen where she saw her mother seated in a chair with her daughter on her lap. Breathing a sigh of relief, she heard her mother ask, “Liz are you okay?”

“Ya, I’m fine I got worried when I didn’t see Hope in the bed.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I heard her up and then I saw you two sleeping on the balcony, so I brought her down here. I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, no that’s fine.”

“Why don’t you two go get dressed then we can have a little breakfast? The others won’t be up for a little while yet,” Nancy asked.

“Okay, I’ll be right back!” Hope lifted her tiny arms toward her approaching mother who carefully picked up her daughter. Grateful to have her daughter safely in her arms again. Walking back down the hall and to her room, she entered and put Hope and Eva on the bed. Baffled that Eva had slept all through the pervious ordeal; stepping back she tripped over the blanket suddenly remembering she had thrown them before. Bending down to pick up the pillows on the floor, then proceeding to pick the ones up on the overstuffed chair in the corner and moving over to the one on the mirror. Sorrow raced through her heart as she saw the many pictures that lined the inside of the frame.


“Okay you three smile!!” Nancy cried as she snapped a picture of the three 8 years old.


“Liz, come on one picture,” Maria cried dragging Liz over to the clown. Posing Liz on one side and then walking to the other.


Alex played his guitar and sang to his two best friends that where sitting and watching him from the bed a flash rippled through the room.


The Crackdown had just closed and the group was seated in the booth. Alex’s arm around Isabel’s should. Michael had Maria’s hand and Liz was seated in Max’s lap. “Over here!” they all looked to the source just to see a flash go off.


Liz and Max sat under a tree, “This is how it should always be!” he whispered in her ear. Kissing her on the head. A flash caught the moment.

“No this is exactly how it shouldn’t be,” Liz said never taking her eyes off the picture in her hands. ‘These two people look so happy, but that was once upon a time.’

“Mornin’ mommy,” a sleepy voice replied. Turning around she saw Eva sitting up in the bed her little fists bald up rubbing her eyes.

“Good-morning princess,” she said softly, putting the picture down she walked over to the bed and sat down beside her. Reaching behind her back she picked up Hope. Eva reached out her arms to her sister cautiously taking her in her arms and placing her safely on her lap.

“LIZ!” a voice called from down the hall, soon she saw her mother entering. “Why don’t we go on a shopping trip and get Hope, Eva and yourself some brand new clothes,” Nancy asked smiling.

Pausing Liz said, ““Mom, please don’t think we came here for the money. I have plenty of money and we do have plenty of clothes.”

“I have no doubt that you have cloths and money, but please humor your mother and let me take my granddaughter’s and daughter on a shopping spree.”

“I don’t……..”

“NO, buts now get your butt in the car!” Nancy cried winking at Eva, that was silently watching her grandmother, Nancy walked over to Eva and wrapped her arms around the little girl. Liz again saw the smile on her daughter’s face, finding herself watching the exchange between grandmother and granddaughter she found herself smiling too.

Liz’s Bedroom

Bags after bags littered the floor, some carelessly left on the desk.

“Come on sweetie,” Nancy called into the bathroom. After awhile Liz walked out wearing a baby blue spaghetti strap sundress, that made it way to the floor. Where a pair of sandals with a small heels and criss-cross straps rested on her feet. “Ohh, you look so beautiful.”

“I’m not use to wearing dresses,” Liz explained playing with the sides.

“Me either,” Eva cried looking down at her own light yellow dress and matching sandals to Liz’s. "But, I‘m still wearing it!”

“Fine you wear yours I’ll wear mine.” Liz explained.

“Deal,” Eva cried jumping in her mom’s arms, while giggling. Nancy heart melted as she watches the mother and daughter interacted. “Can I pick out Hope’s dress, Pwease, pwease.”

“Okay, okay!” Liz laughed putting her daughter down. And watched as Eva went thought all the bags from many baby stores we had gone to. Finally finding it she held up the purple sleeveless dress that probably went to around Hope’s knees. After Liz and Hope had changed Hope’s diaper and in the process of putting on the dress a flash filled the room, startled they two looked up and saw her mother holding a camera.

“What?” she asked shrugging her shoulders.

When they had finally gotten Hope dressed, they made their way down the stairs and into the Crashdown “Lizzie!!” a voice yelled, as arms wrapped around her. Turning around she saw it was Maria with a sloppy grin on her face. Liz tried to wrap her arms around her, but since she had Eva holding one and Hope in the other she found it difficult. Liz watched as Maria un-wrapped her arms around her and bent down to face Eva. “Hi,” she said sweetly, “My name is Maria.” Holding her hand out for Eva to take.

“I know; mommy told me all about you,” Looking at the hand Maria still held out for her, but instead thought differently and pulled back. Instead she wrapped her arms around Maria’s neck and after while felt Maria wrap her arms around her back. “Can we hug outside gramma made us run around the mall and I’m hungry.” Eva explained watching the 3 adults start to laughing.

“Okay, come on,” Maria said grabbing Liz’s hand and dragged her over to a booth. Liz, Eva and Hope where on one side and Nancy was on the other. “So, what do you guys want?”

“I’ll have a Will Smith Burger and a cherry coke,” Nancy said. After Maria wrote down Nancy’s order, her attention was on Liz.

“Two burger, a medium fries and a cherry coke.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back!”

“Maria, once you put in the order come join us. The place is empty………. You know what let’s just close for the day.”

“Mom, can you afford that?” Liz cried.

“Of course,” Nancy said as she rose out of her seat and went to the doors. Turning the open sign into close she proceeded to lock the door, but it brush open, and in walked Stephanie and the others. Feeling the pressure on her hand increase, looking down she saw Eva clutching it, her eyes wide staring up at Liz. Liz bent over and put a piece of hair behind her daughter ear’s and whispered, “They’re friends, they won’t hurt you.”

“Promise?” Eva whispered


“LIZ!” a voice yelled from across the room, whipping her head up she saw Ava walking across the Crackdown. Once she reached Liz, she surprised everyone but wrapping her arms around Liz. “I missed you,” I heard her whisper in my ear.

“Me too.” I whispered back, feeling Ava’s arms un-wrap from around my body. Liz was surprised again when Ava walked over to Kyle who wrapped his arms around Ava’s waist. ‘Shit who would have thunk it!’

“Since the restaurant closing you want something speak up?” Michael yelled from the kitchen window. Everyone started yelling out order after order.

“Wohh!!” Maria yelled, ”One at a time.”

“Who was that,” Eva whispered in my ear.

“That was Ava, and the one that has its hand around her waist is Kyle. The one sitting on the stool is Jim, Kyle’s dad.”

“The old guy?” Eva asked.

Liz started laughing, the way her daughter had said it so innocently. “He’s pretty old huh?” Shocked the two looked at the voice to find Isabel chucking. “I’m Isabel and you must be Eva.”

“Isabel, your scaring the girl!” Michael said setting down a tray full of cherry cokes.

“Em not, “ Isabel cried, as the others came over and started to move some tables around the booth that the four where currently seated in. Again a tug on my hand caught my attention.

“Who are the rest?” Eva asked.

“Beside Jim is Stephanie then Lindsey and Anna.”

“Forgot us!!” a voice behind me stated, turning around to see my father and the rest of the group.

“Sorry, and that’s your grandfather Jeff and that’s Diana and Philip Evans, Amy and Max.” Again, pointing to each one, Liz watched as her father made his way over to where they where sitting. Once he was standing next to the booth, he held out his hand to the little girl. Eva looked up at her mom for reassurance, once she saw Liz nod; she slowly took the larger hand in her tiny one.

“Hi” Jeff said.

“Hi,” Eva whispered.

“Figured you guys would come so we made you burgers,” Michael said putting the food down on the table.
My father stood up and walked back over to the empty table.

The meal was filled with casual conversation; everyone avoided the subject that they wanted to bring up.
That was until my father asked,” So, Liz where did you go?”

Everyone’s attention was now on me, “A lot for places, Washington, Detroit, and other places. We didn’t stay in the same place long.”


“JEFFERY!” my mother yelled.

“What? I want to know why one day we wake up and find our daughter gone and when she does come back comes back with two daughters? So, Liz why?”

‘Why? Why? I always hated that question… What do I tell him? Daddy I was running for my life and my daughter’s or Daddy I can’t tell you, either way I’m screwed so I said,’ ”If I tell you I would have to kill ya.” Ending it with me picking Eva and Hope up and walking into the back ignoring there shocked faces. ‘Okay, maybe I could have said it nicer. But, I got the point across. For now at least. I wish whoever is trying to kill them would show their ugly face already, so we can get the hell outa here.’


What do you guys think for the next chapter, do you want Liz to finally give in and spill or do you want her to make them sweat it out. I await your answers.


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Chapter 7a

“Jeffery she’s our daughter,” my mom cried. I voices have molded into one along time ago. They have been fighting since I had left, which was awhile ago. I have longed since put the girls to bed. My attention was snapped back to reality by my mom yelling, “WHO ARE YOU!” Listening closely now, I heard, “PLEASE LEAVE! NOW!” BANG and then silence quickly I rose to my feet and made my way out of the room, down the stairs and then down the stairs towards the Crashdown. I raced my way towards the swinging door and pushed it open, time slowed down as I saw the scene before me Max and Steph had a shield up. My mom sitting on the ground holding my father head in her lap, by looks of it he had been shot in the shoulder. “Well it looks like we have a visitor,” a voice yelled. I looked over and saw a man with a gun standing on the other side of the shield the gun now laid limply by his side, suddenly a gasp sound spread through the room my head wiped around and saw the shield that was protecting the group was gone. Max and Steph fell to the ground. ‘Shit,’ Michael was laying right beside Max a bullet lodged in his leg. ‘Wonderful the two people that had any chance of protecting them was laying on the ground hardly moving’. Looking back to the man with a gun I saw him looking at me, his head turned towards the group, the gun was now slowly lifting towards them. Before I knew what I was doing I ran towards the man and kicked the gun out of his hand. He looked at me shocked,

“Liz, don’t he’s a Carpatheia he’s one of the best fighters in the galaxy!” Ignoring my mom’s cries I watched as he put himself in a fighting stance. Knowing, now that I had no other choice but to fight, I did the same. Slowly we started to circle each other, our eyes never leaving each other’s. He made the first move, taking his left arm he tried to punch me in the side, the punch I easily blocked, he did the same with his right hand; again I blocked. I kicked him he blocked, soon both our arms and legs where flying with kicks and punches, which we both easily blocked. Suddenly, one of my blocks failed and he kicked me in the stomach. Stumbling backwards, I looked at him and said, “I’ve had enough of this.” I laid a roundhouse kick in his stomach, when he stumbled I punched him in the face, when he punched me, he laid his fist square in my cheek when he tried to punch me again, I grabbed his arm twisting it around his back. Throwing him into the wall, he slid down the wall and fell into unconsciousness. Wiping my lip with the back on my hand.

“Liz! How did you do that?” Sighing I faced her, there wasn’t any excuse I could use; I had to explain.

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Chapter 7b

“Listen, I know you want answers, but for your own sake you will forget what just happened.” I say to them hoping that whoever is up there will hear my prayer.

“Sweetie please understand we can’t, someone is hurting you. Do you not think we would notice when you sneak out a night, when you would never stay home on weekends and refuse to tell us where you go? And the often times you go to sleep you wake up screaming. Please, please baby let us help you.” I saw the tears in her eye as she clutch my fathers hand, who the colour was now returning; Max can defiantly heal well. My mother’s hand raised to her mouth as if she found the missing piece to the puzzle. “On those weekends you where with Eva.”

I knew there was no way out now, this thought made my knees goes weak so I slowly pushed myself into the chair that I was standing in front of. I put my head in my hands hoping this was a dream. “You know about five years ago I want away for a couple of months.” I asked lifting my head up.

“Yes, you had us worried sick,” My dad answered

“I was on the plane to Canada and there was a problem and they had to land. I remember going to get coffee and then I woke up in… I woke up strapped to a bed.”

“Who! Where!!” My dad yelled.

“Where I was born; in Wyoming……..”

“It’s okay just tell us.” My mom said gently.

“There where hundreds of us made, we were designed to be super soldiers we were genetically engineered our DNA manipulated to have the properties of the best fighters. Speed, hearing, knowledge and other crap like that, most of the abilities we got by cat, wolf, or other animal DNA. The names were X1, X2 and so on, the projects wasn’t going as well as they hoped until the X5 were created. For five years they stopped all other experiments and focused on them. That was until one of the mothers got pregnant; it seems some of the DNA of one of the X5’s and the new experiments combined DNA mixed together. So nine months later a baby girl was born, and all the focus of the leader on the base; Lydecker was on her. They found out that she was stronger, faster and was able to comprehend things quicker…”

“Shit” My dad, cried.

“Well, I’m guessing you already figured out the rest.”

“What, did they do to you?” My mom asked whose voice was filled with tears.

“Experiment on me, the wanted to see how long I could breathe, my abilities to fight stuff like that.” I was hoping someone would ask something else I don’t want to talk about his.

“How did you get out.”

“Oh…um… a couple years before I escaped the X5’s escaped, so after that the security level rinsed; anyway one night a big storm hit and knocked the generator out, so the whole base was pitch black. I just slipped out.” I could fell my mom sit beside me and Maria come to sit on the other, I didn’t know what else to say; so I just sat there in my head forwards the floor.

“Liz, how did you become pregnant with Eva?” Maria asked putting her hand on mine; she didn’t let go even when I flinched.

“umm, when I woke up strapped to the b-bed. I was left alone for about a day or two the doctors would come in and take my blood pressure or take some blood. Then Lydecker came in he…..he,” I knew I wasn’t fooling them, I couldn’t keep the bitterness out of my voice. I could feel Maria squeeze my hand and I was damn glad she was here. “He told me that since I didn’t follow orders and that I was an awful solider...which I have to admit I thought of it as a complainant, he had this idea that they couple replicate me.”

“As like a duplicate.” Michael asked.

“Yup, but long story short they failed, so they went to plan b.”

“Your child?” My dad asked.

“Yuppers, they figured if they couldn’t get the exact replica they would deal with the next best thing.”

“So you just got up and left?” Michael asked.

“Pretty much, when I was a month pregnant; myself and an a X5 Julie escaped again. I came back home a half a month later and then I told you guys that I was excepted to a 9-month program to a school in Paris. So, Julie and I went and I gave birth and then the three of us came back Julie and Eva lived outside Roswell and I would visit on weekends.” I explained.

“Well, that explains the weekends.” My dad said.

Hehehehehehehehehhe.. you thought I was gonna tell you everything didn't you well guess what your gonna have to wait. lol..... just keep reading and u will find out

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I know I haven't posted in a long time, and I was planning on doing a longer chapter, but I didn't want to wait because some people having been b-mailing me for chapters. I promise the next one will be soon, I just need to fix it up a bit. So here's something to keep you going! Thannk-you for everyone that has come back and stuck with this story

“Mommy, stop please *laughing* mommy *laughing* please *laughing” Eva cried trying to get out of Liz’s attack. “Okay, okay, I’ll take a bath!”

“Promise!” I say as I pin her arms above her head. Listening I heard Hope giggling on the pillows at the top of the bed.

“YES,” she cried, squirming her body, that was pinned under mine. I stopped tickling her and thought about it, as she saw the opportunity she squeezed out and ran into the bathroom.

Turing around I saw Hope trying to move but the big fluffy blanket that was wrapped around her stopped that. “Hey, sweetie.” I whispered un-wrapping the blanket.

Hope opened her arms as her sister called, “Mommy, can you come in?”

Gently I picked her up, and felt her lay her head in the curve of my neck. Once I came into the bathroom I gasp as I saw the bathtub almost at the top and some of the bubbles spilling over the edge. Laughing at her daughter as she looked up and saw the huge amount of bubbles on her nose, putting Hope on the toilet she went over to the tub and turned of the water and un-plugged the drain. Reaching behind her Liz grabbed a wash cloth and wiped Eva’s face. After washing her hair and after Eva played in the bath she finally asked to come out. Wrapping her in a towel and picking her up and resting her on my hip I picked up Hope in the other, looking down for a moment a smile spread across my face as I saw Eva take Hope’s hand making sure she didn’t fall out of my arms.

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A girl laid on a bed her face turned towards the wall not even looking up as the soldiers filled the room, each one lining up around the bed but at the same time keeping themselves near the edge of the room. The door opened again and a man stepped through following soon after a woman her chocolate brown hair pulled back into a tight braid, her arms behind her back and her body stiff as a board. She went around to the other side of the bed kneeling down to face the woman in the bed, speaking softly she said, “Welcome home, big sister.”

The girl was chained to a chair, the man stood over her, “Where are the others?” The girl looked down at her lap; “Last chance.” The man pushed down a button, her back arched, her head fell backwards and her whole body tensed. “Where are the others?” he repeated, after a couple of seconds he slapped her, again and again he asked her in between he slapped or pushed the button sending electricity throughout her body. After a while he stopped slapping her and starting using his fists.

The scene changed into a hospital like room on the bed laid the same girl from before, her knees being forced to her chest by two nurses, her arms chained tightly to her side and a white sheet pulled over the lower half of her body. A doctor sat on a chair at the end of the bed his hand under the sheet, his arm flexed and a scream filled the room. The girls face tensed tightly and her hands where squeezed tightly turning white and her face whipped back and forth finally her sight laying on the mirror on the left wall. On the other side of the wall a man from before sat his knees rested on the edge of the window seal his knuckles white but at he same time he had a smile on his face. The words the solider just said still etched in the air; “Sir, we have the test result she has given birth before.”

The scene altered again a woman that had never been previously seen was in a cell the woman from the scenes before lying on the ground. Her body squeezed tightly into a ball an arm laying over her slightly round stomach. “Tell me where the child is?” No answer, the woman kneeled over the girl, moving the hair from her forehead, “You have someone special when you where on the outside, that’s the only way you could have held your sanity this long.” The woman reached out and brought her hand to the girl’s tummy rubbing it through the thin fabric of the hospital gown. “Don’t get to comfy on land, sweetie the moment the tanks back online your going back in.”

The scene again was replaced with another, a tank that went almost to the ceiling filled with water a glass panel that finally let you see the face of the woman that was in all the previous scenes. The woman inside wore a black bra and underwear, tubes coming out of her body and there was no way you could miss her round stomach.

Liz whimpered and shot upright in her bed, the sheet clinging to her and sweet poured off her body. Bile filled her throat and she jumped out of the bed running into the bathroom, leaning her head over the toilet. After she empty her stomach with everything she had ate from the last week, she leaned her head on her arm and let the tears roll down her checks. Jumping when she felt someone push her hair from the side of her face. “Mom,” I whispered, my voice hurting a little. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I was already up. I couldn’t sleep,” she whispered. I looked up at her and saw tears glistening in her eyes; a small tear went down her check.

“Mommy, I’m so sorry,” I cried, more tears coming down my checks.

“Why?” she asked, cupping my checks with her hands and wiping my tears with her thump.

“Because, I’m hurting you,” I answer.

“Oh baby, I love you and the only reason I’m hurting is because you’re hurting and I can’t stop that.” I didn’t know what to say it’s not like my mom and I never had any of these talks before. It was just that I’ve never had this serious conversation before, so I did the only thing I could I told her the truth.

“I was so worried about Eva I couldn’t stand not being around her all I wanted to do was get out of that hell hole, I just wanted my baby back in my arms. When that asshole told me I was pregnant again and was scared shitless, I didn’t know how to react. Everything was turned upside down Julie died and now I had two daughters. When I came back, I didn’t realize I was going to stay I was planning on leaving before any of this happened.” My mom stopped stroking my hair and I looked up.

“Why did you wake up crying and shaking?”

“Nightmare,” I replied.

“Baby, can you show me your dreams?” She asked, reaching and putting a stray hair behind my ears. “Shh… maybe I can help. I just need to understand.” I nodded slowly, watching as she reached up a gently put her hands on my head, her eyes stared straight into mine and slowly I started to feel connections start.


Watching my sisters and brothers when they were a very young.


Sing Maxie and Jondy asleep, after they had a bad dream.


Zack and I sparring.


Lydecker yelling at us.


Ben making finger puppets on the wall.


All of us in our first mission




The Parker’s picking me up from the side of the road.


The first time Alex played the guitar for me.


One of Maria and mine’s girls night.


Myself stepping off the plane


Strapped on the bed


Lydecker telling me I was pregnant


Julie and I escaping


Going into labor with Eva.


Max healing me


Max’s and I first kiss.


Eva’s first step


Eva’s first word.


Tess arriving in town.


Getting captured by Lydecker


Being tortured.


Being strapped to the bed during the operation.


Being locked in the growth camper


Brin helping me escape


Going into labor with Hope.


Leaving town.


Traveling town to town with Eva and Hope.

*End of Flashes*
*The nightmare*

After the scenes of my nightmare stopped running through our minds, feeling started to spread through us. Happiness and love for my brothers, sister and my two daughters. Sadness when I saw Brin in Manticore. Pain when I went through the operations and tortures. Feeling so lost when I was stuck in the growth camper, when Max went after Tess and when I had to leave Roswell.

The connection started to fade and I realize that I am crying. When I looked over to my mom I saw her crying to and it made me feel a little better. She pulled me into my arms, and I clinged to her letting the tears fall down my checks onto her shirt.

“I’m sorry, baby I’m so sorry,” I heard my mom whisper, while she rocked our shaking bodies. Even when our crying subsided, she didn’t let me go our tears a long time ago mixed with one another.

“I should have told you a long time ago and I’m sorry for that,” I whispered into her shoulder.

“Liz look at me,” my mom whispered taking my face in her hands pulling it up so we were eye to eye. “ I love you, I will always love you. Whether or not I gave birth to you or not doesn’t matter, and because I am a mother I can understand why you left. But, you should also know I probably won’t be letting you go for a while,” she explained giggling a little. Chuckling at her and wiping my own tears. As I lay my head on her lap, feeling the cold floor under me it’s hard to believe that when you stop feeling for so dam long you just simple forgot how to feel. But, now I just lay hear letting all the feels wash over my body love, hate, sadness, loneliness and happiness. After our tears stopped falling, we made our way back to my bedroom and my mom pushed me into my bed. Turning onto my side I felt Eva push herself into chest putting her head on it, I kissed her head and stroked her hair, until I joined her into peaceful sleep.

Not even Nancy Parker who stayed long into the night just watching her daughter and granddaughter’s sleep saw the dark figure watching them from afar.

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This chapter is probably gonna suck because I want to get a lot out in the open. I think I maybe stretching this story that maybe why I have been losing some of the people reading this story. Hope you at least like it and please review!!

Thank-you to everyone that reviewed, I probably wouldn't do it without and please continue to read this!!



“Has she reported in?” The man asked behind the desk.

“Yes sir, the plan started last night,” another man in front of the desk said.

“Good, we will have them in no time,” he said smiling.


Ava, Maria and Isabel knocked on Liz’s bedroom door, waiting till they heard, “COME IN!”
Isabel opened the door and stopped suddenly as they saw Liz sitting on her bed folding up a dress that only Hope could have fit into. She looked up, smiling a little when she saw who it was. “Hey.”

“Hi,” The three girls said. Walking into the room, Isabel walked forward a little facing Liz. “Ummm….. Liz could we talk?”

“Sure, What’s wrong.”

Maria and Ava sat down on the floor right beside the bed. Isabel sat on the edge of the bed; looking down at her folded hands, “I did something bad…… Um... I was worried about you so I kinda went into your dreams last night. I’m really really sorry.” Isabel said still not looking at me.

My hands froze and my heart stopped. (I was trying to explain that even though Nancy and Liz connected, Nancy hasn't gone that far into Liz’s memories. But, the dream was more detailed and more is shown especially the physical pain she went through). I dropped the dress in my hands and looked at her, “There’s no possible way. I protect my dreams from intruders.”

“I got past the barriers.. I’m really really sorry.” I put my face in my hands; my eyes caught Maria’s face and I looked up. For the first time I saw how red her and Ava’s eyes where. ‘They must have been crying”

Shaking my head, and running my hands through my hair, “She was right you know. The only reason I made it through it was the group and Eva. When I found out I was pregnant again I hated the way I was feeling, the hate I had for everyone was consuming me. But, at the same time I use to sleep any chance I got so that I could pretend I wasn’t in that hellhole. The dreams where wonderful when Max and I first kissed. Dates, days when we would just hang out at the Crashdown anything and everything I could think off…..” I didn’t know what else to say. I felt someone touch my hand and the bed go down as someone sat down. I looked up and saw Maria holding my hand and tears running down her cheeks. I looked over and saw Ava sitting beside Isabel; both of them crying as well. Isabel still looked guilty I looked into her eyes they were filled with sadness and regret. “I don’t like what you did, but I would have done the same thing if I were you.” I said and reaching with my free hand taking her’s. “Just promise me you won’t do it again.”

“Promise,” she said wiping the tears with her other hand.

“Ask your question,” I say looking straight into her eyes.

“Actually it’s more Ava’s,” she answered. Looking over at Ava.

“Okay, Ava ask?”

“Umm… well last night we did the math and when you where pregnant with Eva and Hope’s the time distance doesn’t work out.”

“Did you show them the dream?” I asked Isabel, continuing when she nodded. “Well, that chamber that they put me in was called a growth camber. It exhilarated my pregnancy by 1 month so I was in Manticore for two weeks prior and then two weeks after. When I escaped I already had given birth to both. I was in there for only two month. ”

“That makes a lot more sense. Are they both okay?”

“Yes, they’re both perfectly normal I did the test’s myself after the escape.”

“MOMMYYYYYY…..” Eva yelled from down stairs.

“Wow, she’s loud,” Maria cried in between laughing soon Ava and Isabel started too.

“That’s nothing.” I say listening to the loud running footstep on the stairs. Eva ran into the room and dragging two bags behind her dropping them in the doorway and jumped into my lap.

Eva looked over at Isabel smiling at her, “Hi Auntie Isabel.”

Isabel’s eye’s widened at the name and Isabel looked at me. A smile formed on her lips as I nodded to her. Eva looked down at Maria “Auntie Maria you hide too good. I didn’t see you,” she said giggling. Maria’s face mirrored Isabel’s and I squeezed her hand.

Eva tugged my sleeve to get my attention, looking down into her chocolate drown eyes. I lowered my head to her level and she whispered into my ear. “Who is she?” Looking over at Ava.

I whispered into her ear. “Ava.”

“Is she my aunt as well?” She asked back.

“Okay what is going on, we can’t hear you but your lips are moving,” Isabel asked.

Eva looked up at me and smiled, pushing her bangs out of her eyes I smiled back. “It’s part of the fact of us being transgenic. We can whisper so low you won’t be able to hear us.”

“So…” Eva whispered.

“Ya, princess she is.” I whispered back.

“Okay, okay it’s starting to get creepy.”

A giggle came over the baby monitor, announcing Hope’s wakening. Eva and I chuckled and she got off my lap and letting me get on my feet, “Excuse me,” I said to the girls. Walking to the adjoining door my mother put in to adjoin the half room that we have been using for a closet. That is now been transformed into a small but beautiful baby room. The walls were painted a light yellow, a white crib on the wall with Winnie the pooh sheets and a comforter. A white dresser with a change table attached the top and a chest fill of baby toys; white silk drapes with blue stars on them hung on the window. “Mama,” Eva slurred, as I walked over to the crib, Hope was already standing up her small hand grasping the bars. “Hey sweetie,” I say picking her up in my arms. Hearing the girls talking outside, “Want to go see your aunts and sister,” I say already walking out. I stopped in the doorway watching Eva and Maria wrestling on my bed, sending some of the folded clothes to the ground. Ava and Isabel were leaning against each other holding their sides laughing. Hope giggled in my arms getting their attention, making me start laughing at the expression of the three getting caught with their hand caught in the cookie jar. “You guys hungry?” I asked making my way to the door watching as Maria and Eva scrambled of the bed making the rest of the clean clothes off the bed and out the door. Isabel and Ava laughed as they followed them out the door. Sighing at the two loads I was going have to re-fold again tonight, looking down at Hope she reached out and played with my lips, while giggling as I nibbled them.

2 hours later
“Lizzie you home,” Nancy Parker yelled to her daughter at the bottom of the stairs.

“In my bathroom,” she heard a mumbled voice. Making her way up the stairs and into Liz’s and the kid’s bedroom, she heard giggling in the bathroom. Laughing as she saw the sight in front of her, Liz was in a shirt and shorts and her arms, shirt and face was filled with bubbles; you could still see brown stuff under it the same brown substance on the two children in the bathtub.

“Something you need to tell me?” My mom asked, trying to look mad.

“Well, Maria thought the Sunday I had just made would be better to throw instead of eat. Thus the chocolate sauce and ice cream.” I explained thinking of how Maria had come after her for the first hit. Snapping out of my thoughts as my mom starting laughing. “It’s not funny!!”

Nancy walked over to the counter and picked up a washcloth; kneeling down and dipping it into the tub. Bring it up to my face and washing of the chocolate sauce and bubbles. After we washed the slop off the two splashing children and wrapped them into two towels. Then getting them both into their P.J’s, I set Hope onto my lap and place the basket of clothes on the bed and started to fold them up again. “Do you need help?” My mom asked as she carried Eva back into the room after she had finished her before bedtime snack. “No, why don’t you go to bed.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. Now go!” I cried pointing to the door.

“Okay okay,” she said, coming over and kissing my forehead then doing the same to Eva and Hope. After my mom left I went back to folding the laundry as Eva sat at the end of the bed watching the T.V that was on my dresser. Hope started to fall asleep in my lap so I got up and walked into her room and put her gently into the crib kissing her head and pulling the covers over her little body. Dimming the lights and closing the door slightly, I walked back down to the bed sitting down.

“She’s gone to bed, Mommy.” Eva asked not looking up from the T.V.

“Yeh, she feel asleep the moment I put her down,” I say going back to my folding.

Just as I started to fold that last dress Eva turned around and asked, “Why is grandpa and grandma keeping secrets, from us?”

I looked up at her surprised, “Why do you say they’re keeping secrets?”

“Because I can feel it and any time grandpa gets near me grandma always comes in and makes an excuse.”

“Sweetie she just wants you to herself,” I say, not convinced myself what I was saying.

“She won’t leave without knowing grandpa is gone. She doesn’t like him close to her either and he’s always looking at me weird,” she says.

“I’m sure it’s nothing, princess;” I say putting her hair behind her ear.

“Mommy they’re keeping something and it’s not good. I know it and how many times have I been wrong.”

“No you haven’t,” I said. Midnight rolled around way to soon, Eva fell asleep in my arms and we are sitting in the rocking chair I put on the side of the crib. Hope twisted a little,” shhhh….” I whispered to her; rocking Eva and couldn’t help think back to Eva’s words and wonder.

‘What are you hiding mom?’

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posted on 7-Feb-2003 11:16:53 PM
ohhh come on there can't just be one person that enjoyed this fic!!

roswell_lover_buffy thank-you very very much
posted on 9-Feb-2003 9:17:08 PM
Hey Everyone:

I found this on the Dark Angel thread:

The fox have realized that it wasn’t so good to
cancel Dark Angel so they are going to give it a
second chance but first they want to see what the
viewers think.
So send it to all your friends who is interested with
Dark Angel to send a letter to this address and
Remember threats wont help!!
The address:

Bring Back Dark Angel

c/o FOX Broadcasting Co.

PO BOX 900

Beverly Hills, CA. 90213

Thank-you to Brook and roswell_lover_buffy, it means a lot to me.