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Title: When the past hits you on the face.
Author: Lullaby
Rating: PG-13
Category: it’s going to be M and L
Disclaimer: I don’t own them……only in my dreams.
Summary: This is a Dark Angel crossover.I don’t know where this is going to, only that it’s set after Heart of Mine… yea the kiss did happened, but Kyle never told Tess that he has brotherly feelings toward her because he doesn’t have them.. When Liz saw Max and Tess kiss she did run away but when she left Max and Tess , well specialy Tess figured it out that she didn’t love Max, she only had an obsession because all the Destiny crap and all those things Nasedo told her. And Max is completely in love with Liz, he only kiss her because of what Liz told him. After that they have a talk and they become friends. ( I’m making a long summary because a lot of events lead to the point my story begins.) Liz is an X5 and after she left the prom, she packed a bag and left town with Zack the next day, she didn’t told anyone, and no one of the group knows about her except for Alex, but he just knows the basics. In Dark Angel Ben it’s not dead that eppy didn’t happened. Everything it’s the same, when When Max G and Zack goes to rescue Tinga, Liz and Ben Tag along. Eveything that happened to Max, it’s gonna be Liz so this way my story its going to work.
Note#1: Alec does exist, Max and Isabel parents and also Liz parents find out about the Aliens in the time Liz it’s missing.
Note#2:This story it’s going to be a little sad, and Liz it’s going to be like a stonewall when she comes back. OOOHHHH And the Aliens defeat Nicholas and Kivar but they don’t go back.

(Authors Note- I’m Mexican so I don’t have a great grammar, be patient and nice with the story because it{s my first one. Leave FB pleas!!!!)


Sometimes I wonder if this is a dream, but then when I think about it I realize that it can’t be, dreams are supposed to be nice and happy, and my life it’s everything but that.
There was a time when I was happy or the equivalent to that, I had a home, parents that loved me like their own daughter, two best friends that I treated like a brother and a sister since I couldn’t be with my real siblings.Then the most amazing thing happened, I met him…the person who brought me to life, the boy who show me the real meaning of Love, not the brotherly love, he show me his soul and gave meaning to the word soulmate, a concept I knew but never undertood until I met him. But my life being the complicated thing that it is, introduced me to a different kind of life, an alien life, you see, Max , his sister Isabel and their friend Michael are aliens, hybrids actually, they didn’t knew where they were from, or why they were here, so with Alex, Maria and my help we began to discover all the pices of their past, we began to form semi normal relationships with their ups and downs, and me, well I never told them about my origins, not because I didn’t trust them but because I was ashamed of the things I did back in ….back in Manticore.

We kept with this life, you know being normal teenagers, finding clues about another alien in the planet, running from the FBI, until we discover another thing….destiny.
We did found the fourth alien and it was a girl…..Tess, Max destiny . We found out about other things, like our four alien were Royalty in another planet and that the podsquad had a guardian Nasedo, creepy guy, he didn’t like me very much, always giving me the evil eye trying to scare me, ha! , like that would have work with me but any way he came in handy when he pose like Pierce after Michael killed him, because he was gonna shoot the Sheriffe.When I think back to those days and remember all the things the FBI did to Max in the White Room, I think about the things Manticore did to us and the sad thing is that what the FBI did doesn’t even compare .

That day in the cave I left him, I left the love of my life to his destiny but mostly I left him because being who I am was going to put him, put all of them in more danger. So I left for the summer, every one thought I was in Florida with an aunt, but the truth is that I left with my brother Zack, of course being the commander officer that he is he try to convince me to leave Roswell for good but I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t live without them, I was already to attached to them like my brother would put it.So instead of arguing all the time we try to relax for a little bit, something Zack never does, but I convince him.

When I came back to Roswell I was so confuced, I mean I was telling Max that we couldn’t go back because he had a destiny, but then I felt like such a hypocrite because I have a destiny , I was created for a reason just like Max, the only difference was that Max was created to save his people and I was created to be a human machine with great habilities, habilities to kill people, to be the perfect soldier. And with all this thoughts in my mind and the major reason that I wanted to be with Max, I was going to get back together with him, but again something happened a future version of him came from 14 year in the future to change things, I had to make Max fall out of love with me, I did some horrible things, but the one thing that worked was, that I made him think that I slept with Kyle Valenti, after that night everything got really messed up, Max started treating me bad, not that I could blame him, than all those aliens things happened, like the skins coming into town, all the town disappearing, the dupes, Max going to New York, Ava, Tess dupe telling me that I was changed, me saving Max life with this powers, The whole Christmas thing, The Sheriffe getting fired, the Laurie Dupree and Gandarium scene , the trip to las Vegas, me almost telling Max about the future thing and the Prom, the four letters word that put me in this moment, I still remember how I felt those days leading to the prom how I couldn’t breath, and no one even notice, but again I couldn’t blame them, I’m good hiding the truth, I learned from the bests, but back to what I was feeling , you know I would have think that the kiss was the thing that broke me but no, it wasn’t, it was when I was talking to Max when we were dancing that broke me down, because I realized that he was getting close to Tess, then I dindn’t saw him again util the kiss so I ran away, I went to my house, I run so fast that I thought I was gonna blow my cover and with a big jump I was in my balcony and with only one thing in my mind, ‘ I got to go , I have to get away from Roswell’ and then I saw him, my brother , sitting in one of my chairs, waiting impatiently for me, I knew he was gonna tell me something about how I was getting myself in trouble, and get myself captured, but I saw it, I saw the moment when he read my eyes and knew I couldn’t breath, we stay like that for only a couple of minutes then he just embraced me and gave me a kiss in the forehead like when we were children and I was to scared to sleep in my bed alone.
The next thing I remember is leaving a letter to the Parkers, my parents for 9 years, telling them I had to get out of here, that I didn’t want them getting worried, and that I was gonna be back, that I only needed some air and the company and warm of my siblings so I could feel better , and one letter to Alex telling why I was leaving, that now it was up to him to take care of Maria, and that if he felt he had to tell something about my origins to the others, then it was up to him.

Now things are very different, a lot of things happened to me and my family, and I’m sitting right now in this bus going to Albuquerque and next Roswell, writing in this little book that I have as a Journal waiting, waiting to feel again, waiting the exact moment when I can pick up the pieces of what used to be Liz Parker but the funny thing is, that I can’t find the right pieces, I just see, myself bottle up and ready to explode, because everything that used to made sense to me, now it doesn’t make any sense, maybe it’s because I lost myself in the way, maybe I’m not looking in the right place, or maybe it’s because I forgot myself in Roswell.

-‘Sorry it this seat taken’ says and old lady
‘ oh no ma’am, here let me just move my jacket’ I say while trying to make room for the lady
‘ Thanks dear……. Are you going to Alburqueque?’
‘mmm no just passing ‘
‘Where are you goig then?’
‘I’m going to Roswell’
‘Ohh me to, but we still have four hours of way isn’t?
‘Yeah, I’m afraid so’ I said trying to sound interested in what she is saying, but I jus want to sleep for a while since I haven’t slept for 2 weeks and a half, maybe if I’m lucky I won’t notice the rest of the trip.
‘Why don’t you try to sleep dear, you look very tired, I’m can keep watch on everything, and when we’re there I let you know’
‘Thanks’ I say already falling asleep.

Four Hours Later

I’m loking the city from my window, we’re almost there and I’m not even excited or afraid or anything, I’m so closed off that I’m stoping to feel things. I can see the old lady taking her things and getting ready, she smiles to me and says good bye. When I’m steping out of the bus it’s alredy 9:30, and because I din’t told anyone I was coming back I’m walking down Main street to the crash down and I’m almost sure no one it’s going to be there because its alredy closing time, I can see the lights of the crashdown two block ahead of me, and I can hear some voices but I don’t pay to much attention, I’m still to hunted from my own personal demons to really pay any attention .

I’m in front of the crash down and I can see them all of them, Maria is cleaning the counter , Michel is getting out of the kitchen, Isabel, Alex, Kyle and Tes are together talking happily and Max is near them making small talk, no one has notice me yet, but when I see my Mom enter the dinner its when I start to move, I hear the bells above me and 8 pairs of eyes look at me with such sadness, relief, happiness, concern and love at the same time.

‘Liz, honey…. It’s that you’ My mom says, I can bealive she’s having a hard time recognizing me, because I don’t look the same, now I only wear lether and boots and a jacket, since it’s more confortable, when I’m running and fighting for my life.

‘Yeah Na… Mom , it’s me’ I said , kinda cold, but with a little sadness in me. I take this moment to look at every one, I can se Maria and Alex so happy for seeing me that they are almost crying, Kyle and Isabel have that look that says’ Where the hell have you been, but I’m happy to see you’, Michel it’s a don’t know acting like he is truly happy for seeing me but I know him, he has a lot of questions, I cant look at Max, I don’t want to se his reaction, because he can be hurt because of me running away, or maybe he is just glad that I came , but still I don’t want to look, an d last it’s Tess, I saw a realived look on her face, but truly I don’t care what she thinks, cause I can tell that she still hates me .

By the time I finish looking to all of them I find my mom hugging me , and crying, and asking me where have I been, and if I’m staying home for good, but I just stay there still, because I know that if she knew what I really am, what I have done, she wouldn’t be looking me the same way.

Every one it’s just looking at me , trying to guess I think, what happened to me, why I’m so different, I can feel their emotions coming to me, but I just push them aside and look to my mom and then I just say:

‘Yeah mom I’m staying home’

‘But Liz where have you been?’ asks Maria, coming to me, and hugging me , I feel every one getting closer, and I look staight to Alex and I can see in his face that he has an idea of where I have been.

But I simply say ‘ around’
But what I’m really thinking it’s Hell.


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Author's Note

Thank you for the FB, I'm so glad that you like it.
That means I have to hurry and writte more so I can post it

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Thank you very much for the FB you sent me. I was so scared to begin this story, because of the lenguage difference, but you all have been so great thak you.

Well now I'm going to put Part 1

( I’m going to say that Max first saw Liz in fourth grade ok. The cupcake dress thing never happened)

Setting: Crashdown, Liz is upstairs with her mom and Dad, the rest of the gang are downstairs .

Maria: ‘ Ican’t bealive how different she looks’ said maria while looking to Alex.

Tess: ‘Yeah I know, but where do you think she’s been, because her answer of being around doesn’t sound quiet right’

Isabel:’ I know, but I don’t think she wants to tell us, I mean she seems so closed off’ she said while looking to her brother intensely.

Michel: Where do you think think she was Alex?, you always looked like you knew something else’ he said also looking into Max with a frown.

Alex: I…well I don’t know exactly, she never told me a lot’

Max: With a lot of sadness in his eyes.’ She looks so dead’

Everyone looked at him with understanding in their eyes, then all of them kept looking to the doble doors until Michel spoke.

Michel: I don’t understad!!!! I mean, Alex! you told us something about her beeing adopted, and….. and something about kinetic……

Alex: ……Genetics

Michel: Whatever! and you also told us about this place she was in until she was 9 years old, what was the name of the place again….

Maria: …..Monti Cora

Alex: no….. I told you Manticore

Maria: yeah , yeah, potato, potatoe.

Isabel: we are getting out of subject

Kyle: Isabel is right. We have to find out why she never told us she was in some boarding school, and most importantly, why did she left.?

Max: I don’t know Kyle, it doesn’t sound like she was in just some boarding school. Because that’s not something you go hiding, I know it’s more to the story.

Alex: You’re right ( with this everyone turn to look at him for some kind of explanation to this statement)

Maria: What do you mean!

Alex: Well you know I move here from Santa Fe in the middle of fourth grade

Everybody: Yeah!!!

Alex: Well by this time Liz and Maria were already friends and everything ( he look to Maria that was nodding )

Tess: Then when did she got adopted?

Maria: That’s the thing ,she never told us, I’m her best friend and she never told ME

Kyle: Well my dad told me that the Parkers move to Roswell that summer, before we start fourth period.

Maria: Yeah I remember, I met her in the park , she was all alone and quiet on top of the monkey bars, How did she got there I don’t know, I mean those things are huge, what were they thinking doing that enormous things for children.

Michel: Maria……. Some of us wants to hear Alex story.

Maria: sorry.

Alex: ok.-…. As I was saying, my first day in school didn’t went very good, I didn’t knew anyone, in lunchtime I was sitting in a far away bench when I saw a couple of kids picking on Liz, and because Liz sat next to me in class, and was one of the only kids that said Hi to me , I went to help her.
But the weird thing was……..


9 year old Alex eating his lunch when he saw Liz and those kids

‘Little Lizzy Parker’ said Dan one of the biggest boys in school. ‘What did you brought for lunch hmmmm?’

‘Nothing’ said Liz looking to the 3 kids that were trying to give her a hard time

‘ Nothing uuuhhhhh’ ‘It doesn’t look like nothing to me’ said Dan trying to take the sandwich out of her lunchbox.

But Liz was faster than him, only making them wonder how was she able to do that, when she was so small. But Liz let them take her lunch the second time, because she knew she wasn’t supossed to be so quick, and she also had to look like she was afraid or something.

By this time Alex arrived the scene and he did saw the exchange between them, but that didn’t kept him from helping.

‘Leave her alone Dan’ said Alex while stepping infront of Liz

‘Well , well, well it’s the new geeky student…. What was your name?’ said Dan

‘Alex’said one of the other kids

‘He’s defending his girlfriend’ said the other kid

‘She’s not my girlfriend, but she’s a nice person and you shouldn’t treat her like that’said Alex all tall and proud.

Liz was watching all this with a small smile on her face, this kid was helping her, and saying she was a good person, well he said I was nice but it’s the same as good. Maybe he can be a friend of mine, like Maria.
Liz was so deep in thought that she didn’t saw Dan punching Alex in the stomach and then running away. When she came to her senses she was reaching for Alex that was on the floor almost crying.

‘Why did you do that’ said Liz while picking Alex up

‘do what’ said Alex still holding his stomach

‘helped me’

‘ I don’t know, maybe because I do think you are nice, and I want to be your friend’ said Alex half joking and half serious.

‘Well now I considere you one of my best friends’ Liz said grinning



‘Cool’ said Alex while walking with Liz to the playground

‘Come on lets go with Maria, she’s going to like you a lot’

‘Maria the blond girl who’s always fighting that spiky boy’

‘Yeah’ Said liz laughing.

(end of flash)

Maria: What’s the weird about that?, I knew about that.

Alex: Well if you let me go on with the tale maybe you can see it.

Maria: Gezzzz don’t bite my head of…. Ok, ok go on.

Alex: Well a couple of days later I went to the crash down in my bike, Liz and I were supposed to go to the library to do a research, but when we were on our way back she got ahead of me like two blocks because we were playing, when suddenly I fell to the ground almost in the meddle of the street and a car was heading to me very, very fast and it was like a block away. When I was able to get up, the fastest I can, but to slow to make it out of the car way……( every one was looking at him with different levels of shock) ….the next second, and I mean ‘second’ I was in the other side of the street with Liz by my side and the car getting away without even trying to stop, I think the driver was drunk or something.

Everyone had they mouths open

Michel: mmm what you are saying is that she push you out of the way.. right

Alex: ( seeing all his friends looking at him with expectation) mmmm no Michel , I’m saying that my little friend Liz Parker of nine years old run 2 blocks in less than 4 seconds and was able to get us both away from the car, without getting scared, without sweating.

‘WHAT’ everyone said at the same time.

Isabel: My god how was she able to do that?

Alex: I don’t know

Max: Are you sure you are not exaggerating or something Alex, because that’s kinda imposible, I mean not even us can do that with our powers.

Tess: Yeah we’re not that quick, I mean we can’t react that quickly.

Alex: Hey I’m sure….

Isabel: You are ok right?

Alex Yes.. Isabel ( he said it reaching his girlfriend of 6 months hand)

Maria: WOW

Kyle: yeah WOW

Michel: How did she do that? Does it have something to do with Manticore or the genetic things you were telling us about Alex

Alex: Yeah it does, when we were on our way back to the crashdown, she was so serious, and she just kept looking straight, I think she was looking for a way out now that I think about it.

Max: What did she do next?

Alex: She told me……..


‘’Alex you can’t say anything about this’’ ‘’Not even your parents or Maria’’ says Liz with a blank expression

‘’ok Liz’’ ‘’But what happened there, How did you do that, run so fast I mean?’’ says Alex with awe on his face.

Looking a way to explain this to a 9 year old boy without giving to much, Liz just told him ‘’ I just do Alex, I can do stuff no one can’’

‘’Wow, can you teach me how to do it?’’

‘’I can’t Alex, it’s something that’s in my genes, and I learn that and other stuff before the Parkers adopt me’’ says with a sad expression

‘’ You were adopted?’’

‘’Yeah’’ Alex notice Liz saying this almost as a wisper, and he knew that this things made Liz sad.

After a couple of minutes in silence, Alex ask


‘’Yeah Alex’’

‘’What’s a gene’’

With this Liz just smiled to Alex and trys to find a way to explain it ‘’ Well they’re….mmmm.. little things transmitted from parents to childrens, that tells how certain characteristic works.’’ ‘’like how tall your going to be, or the color of your eyes’’ ‘’In me they make me faster, stronger, smarter among other things’’

‘’ wow , well I can see all that, so your parents most have been the same way’’

‘’I just had a mother, but I never knew her, and no, I’m like this because in the place I used to live created us and then train us to be and do things that we didn’t bealive in’’


‘’ my brothers and sisters’’

‘’You have brothers and sisters?’’


‘’ where are they?’’

‘’I don’t know, I haven’t seen them since we scape Manticore’’

‘’scape?’’ ‘’I guess you didn’t like that place very much’’

‘’No we didn’t, they treat us badly’’ says Liz with such sadness that Alex just embraced her

‘’Thanks’’ ‘’Alex I gotta go now, my parents must be worried’’

‘’Yeah ok, I must go to, I’m already late’’

Alex was turning around when he hears Liz again ‘’ Alex?’’


‘’You can’t tell no one, and can’t talk about this again, it can be dangerous to me’’
‘’Promise me that’’

‘’Ok Liz I promise’’

‘’Oh and Alex…..’’

‘’ Yeah?’’

‘’Maybe it’s better if you only try to forget all this’’

‘’Ok I’m gonna try’’

‘’Thanks Alex, you are a great friend’’


Isabel: created?

Everybody: Uhh?

Isabel : You said she was created?

Alex: Yes

Michel: Well the question it’s what for!”!!!!

Every one kept quiet and thinking

Kyle: trying to make sense to all of this ‘’ Well it must be something big, if she used to live in a government facilitie, where she was created, and treat her bad enough to make her and her family scape.’’

Tess: How do you think they scape? She was I don’t know 8 years old, and her family must have been along the same age, 9, 10 or maybe twelve.

Max: Well I guess they used their abilities

Liz:Wow…..I see you’re trying to figured things up already

(everyone turn to look at a very serious Liz, wondering how long has she been there, and how much did she heard)


I hope you like it


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Setting; Upstairs, Liz and her parents.

( Liz POV)

It wasn’t that hard!!!!! I just face them and now I’m here again, in my house, in my home. I feel kinda numb right now, to much has happened to me this months, I feel like I’m watching a movie over and over again, I remember every detail, every emotion, every pain……., like if it’s happening right now.

‘’Sweety are you alright’’ says my mom holding me close to her.

We are entering the apartment right now, I think I’m happy because I want to see my dad, no ….I need to see him, I need to hear him say that everything it’s going to be alright, like when I first came here.
But deep down in my head I know nothing it’s gonna be alright anymore.

‘’Yeah Mom’’

‘’Are you sure, (I only nod) ….Ok’’

‘Jeff, …..Jeff come here and look ‘’

‘’Nancy what’s wrong’’ Says my dad when he’s entering the living room

‘’OH my god, Lizzy it’s you’’ and now he is hugging me, and I feel calm for the first time since I got out of hell.

‘’Yes Daddy, it’s me’’

And now, something I tought that it wasn’t going to happened finds her way down my check.

I let a tear out of me. And I hugg him back

It hasn’t change a bit, my room I mean, I’ve been seating on my bed for the last half hour just looking to everything that’s in here, and I realized it’s not me, this is just what I created as a cover for me, there’s nothing that tells where I come from, who’s my family or how my life has been all these years.
But then again it’s for the best, it’s not like I can go shouting down the street’ hey I’m a transgenetic soldier, created as a human machine to kill, I was made from different DNA’s’ - people would get scared, because ….I’m different.
And I wonder if my friends would get scared of my past, and a voice in me says, NO, they won’t, they would understand everything, but another part of me says, no they don’t understand.
And with this playing in my head the conversation I had with my parents a couple of minutes ago comes to me again.


‘’honey why did you left, ….we read you letter but you didn’t told us why?’’ says my mom

‘’I know Mom and I’m sorry but it’s not something I can explain, I just needed to leave, so when I came home from the Prom and saw Zack, I knew I needed my…. my family’’ I say this with regret in my voice, because I know I hurt them, but I also know that they won’t press me into telling them more, so that makes me feel better.

‘Did you had problems with ….. well you know Manticore ’’says my Dad

With the mention of Manticore I spaced out with memorys, of my childhood, and the almost five months I spent in there this year. And I only nod

‘’Yeah some’’ I say almost as a wisper

‘’Are you going to be ok ‘’says my mom

And that’s the same question I’ve been asking my self since the whole Future Max thing. And I finally come with a semiright answer.

‘’I hope so’’


‘’Nock, Nock’’ I turn around to see my parents enter my room

‘’Here sweety , we made you dinner’’ says my mom

‘’Thanks Mom’’ ‘’ So what have you done, anything new in Roswell’’ I say while eating the biggest burger I’ve seen in my life, and well I’d miss them, I never thought I would you know, but I did.

‘’Well …because you didn’t had a chance to talk to your friends down there, you don’t know…but, well…. we know?’’ says my dad

‘’mmhhmm….know what?’’ I’m confused

‘’Well you know…about…about Max, Isabel, Michel and Tess’’’says my mom very calm

I’m in shock!!!!!! My parents know about the aliens, and they are very calm, and….and….

‘’How did you found out?’’ I say with a blank expression. ’’And who else knows?’

‘’We found out like four months ago, and The Evan’s know too ’’my mother says again

‘’How?’’ That’ the only thing that comes to my mind, I mean they never wanted to tell their own parents and know my parents know to.

‘’Well we were closing the crashdown, and the only ones left were the evans’s, Michel was cleaning the kitchen, an Maria was moping the floor when two robbers came inside, things went wrong and Maria got shot’’

‘’Let me guess Max saved her and had to explain everything ‘’ I say knowing pretty well what must have happened, and wondering how my friend handle everything.

‘’Well yes, but he explain a lot of things to us, like when….. he saved you Liz’’
And I know… I know what’s coming …. The memorys, the good ones, and probably the ones involving the destiny I wasn’t included.
I try to focus on my parents again

‘’And all the things that you guys had to do so you could find out about their past, and you could survive the FBI en the enemys they had. Let me tell you that was a very long night, but we find out everything that was going on the last two years’’ I look at them, trying to size their reaction, they look in peace with everything and that’s good, because this gives a little hope…hope to know that maybe if my parents knew every dark detail in my life they would accept me……

‘’Wait a minute… HAD?’’ ‘’What happened with Nicholas and Khivar?’’

‘’I don’t know for sure, they told us something about defeating them, but maybe if you want the whole story you’ll need to talk to them’’ says my Mom.

‘’Yeah I guess’’ And ….I…..don’t….know…..I f I really care anymore, maybe I do but I need to find that piece of my life again.

‘’Why don’t you go and talk to them, I’m sure they’re dying to do it’’ says my mom with a happy voice.

‘’Yeah sweety go down there’’

‘’Are you sure, I mean is it ok with you?’’

‘’Yes honey, go’’ says my mom

‘’Ok’’ I say reluctantly

I make my way to the door of my room


‘’Yes Dad’’

‘’Welcome home honey….
…..and everything it’s going to be alright’’

I smile, it’s a small smile, I think they can’t see it that well but what my father said, it was what I need it.
Now I just need to bealive it.

I’m walking down the stairs and I can hear them….my friends, they are talking about me, I knew they had a lot of questions, and maybe some day I can tell them every detail, but not right now, I enter the dinner and they are so wrapped up in conversation that they don’t hear me.

Kyle: trying to make sense to all of this ‘’ Well it must be something big, if she used to live in a government facilitie, where she was created, and treat her bad enough to make her and her family scape.’’

Tess: How do you think they scape? She was I don’t know 8 years old, and her family must have been along the same age, 9, 10 or maybe twelve.

Max: Well I guess they used their abilities

Liz:Wow…..I see you’re trying to figured things up already


Here you go !!!! please leave lots of FB

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‘’LIZZZZ’’ ‘’How long have you been there’’ said Maria a little to loud

I just stay there looking at them, and I can’t stop the glare I give them, I think now more than before comes natural to me.

I don’t say anything, I just walk toward them, grab a chair and put it infront of me so I can seat.

‘’a while’’ there’s an akward silence after I respond to them, I have the impression that they are trying to see trough me, to see the real meaning.

Alex: stands up and goes to hugs me ‘ We are very happy that you are back’’

Maria: ‘yeah chica we are’ ‘I’ve missed you so much’’

Liz: ‘Thanks’

There goes a minute and I can see reflected in Isabel, Kyle, Tess and Michel
what Maria and Alex told me. In Max, well I see that to but I also see longing in his eyes, and the I only feel weird.

Michel: Sooo, where have you been?, and don’t give us the ‘around’ answer.

With a little smile a just smirk, because that’s so Michel, that I think I realized that I actually missed him……..I missed them a lot

Liz: ‘’Portland!!!!’’ I answer.

Maria: Why so far?

Liz: Well I needed to be close to Seattle

Max: Why did you needed to be close? (says Max with concern on his face)

Liz: Well because one of my sisters lives there, …………and because Manticore it’s there.

Everyone stood quiet with the revelation, trying to figure out how to make the next question.

Michel: Are you going to tell us what exactly it’s Manticore

Tess: ¡¡¡¡Michel!!!!!! Said Tess with a hiss

Liz: Why do you want to know??? It’s not like it has something to do with you.

Michel: No but we deserve to know… know our secret, we have the right to know yours.

Liz:You don’t have the right to know it. Like you said it’s my secret and I tell it to the person I want to…

Maria: Michel ..Stop it!!!. ( taking a breath) Liz we just want to know where have you been, we care about you we are your friends, I’m your best friend, we just want to protect you.

…….Protect me……mmmhhmm…….Protect me…They want to protect me , I don’t know but this two words just made me snap back to them.

Liz: Well YOU can’t, ok, and you never will, because if I couldn’t protect my self or MY family, then no one can OK, IF I COULDN’T PROTECT MYSELF OF ‘WHAT I AM’ THEN NO ONE WOULD.

They all were to shocked to even try to say a word, I’m sure they would, I mean Liz Parker it’s not the kind of person to snap back to someone. I’m trying to calm myself….so maybe I can at least apologize to Maria, she didn’t meant any wrong.

Liz: ….mmm Maria, I… I’m sorry ok I shouldn’t have said that.

Maria: It’s Ok Liz…don’t worry.

But the look on her tells me other thing, it tells me that yes!!! I have to worry because I just hurt her feelings.

Isabel: So what are you?

Liz: I’m trying to focus here, so that’s why I almost don’t hear Isabel…. ‘’What?’’

Isabel : ‘’ You said that because of who you were only you and I guess your family could protect you. So that’s why I’m asking What are you?’’

That’s Isabel, always hearing the words that could give you the answer to the right question .

Liz: Do you really want to hear this? ( I say a little annoyed)

Everybody: Yes….

Max: You don’t have to tell us everything!!! Just tell us what you are comfortable with.

Liz: Yeah, yeah!!!

Where do I begin… I thought, but I guess I said it out loud.

Liz: Where do I begin????

Tess: The beginning it always the best ( I just look at her with one of the most intimidating looks I have, telling her ‘ to shut up’)
……Sorry (she says looking away a little unnerved)

Liz: I guess I need to tell you a little background history first.
Mmmm well like 3 decades ago a Branch of the government began to do experiments with genetics, so….. they opened a special unit called Manticore, basically they began to do different cocktails of DNA to create a better human. They went as far as mixing the DNA of some animals to give this kids more abilities…. ok, do you all understand everything so far? ( They all nod) …..ok, well finally with the first kid created they thought that it was gonna work, but something went wrong and the kid died, you can imaging what this caused , they did more researches and experiments so they could find what went wrong , so the second time they used a surrogated mother to implant the embryo because they thought this would make they embryo developed , but the kid died again, the same thing happened with the third and fourth kid, so Manticore took some time to investigate more about all this, when the time was right they did it again, and this time it did worked, with the news, they began to create more children’s with the helped of young girls to be the mothers, but as soon they were born they take the children’s away and they raised them.

Kyle: Are you saying you are one of this kids?

They all look at me, waiting for my answer.

Liz: Yes I’m ones of those kids, actually I’m the youngest of the X5’s

Max: X5’s?

Liz: that’s us our unit, the X is for transgenic, and the 5 it’s because we are the fifth ones to be created.

Michel: Unit?… so you were create for more than just superhumans.

Once again everyone look at me

Liz: Yes we were, we were created to .. to be soldiers…..

Alex: Soldiers? Don’t get me wrong Liz but you don’t look like a soldier.

Liz: Yeah well that’s because we are more than soldiers, besides with the genetical makeup they did to us it doesn’t matter how small I am.

Max: So what abilities do you have? And what kind of animals they put in the DNA.? ( He said completely amazed with the story)

Liz: Well lets see, I’m more strong that any normal human being, and probable alien being, I’m faster, and we have more brain capacity, we have photographic memory, because of the cat I have some of them besides night vision and other things…, and I have shark DNA that gives me more lung capacity, I can take my breath for four minutes exactly, and I don’t sleep that much, some of my sibling last a week without sleeping and some of us last two weeks and a half.

Max, Michel, Kyle and Tess say at the same time ‘wow’

Maria: now I know why you were always such a morning person!!!!

Some of them chuckle

Liz: and well there’s another thing, all of us have barcodes so Manticore could keep track of us, they were against names I guess!!

Alex: Barcode? Like a tattoo or something

Liz: Yes, and it’s also our designation, mine it’s X5-269

Maria: But where do you have it? I’ve never seen it before.

The famous barcode….. the thing that doesn’t let me forget about my past, you know if I were a normal girl maybe it would be kind of cool, but I’m not and I hate it, I try to take it off once when I was 13, I saved some money and went to the next town so no one would see me but it didn’t work, three weeks latter I had it back, and I had to endure a terrible pain, because let me tell you, it felt like acid burning me, it was really awful.

Liz: in my neck

Tess: Can we see it?

Liz: Yeahh sure whatever ( I turn around and lift my hair so they can see it, and I hear them gasp, and I’m like ‘’hey I just told about the barcode why are you so surprised!!!, it’s not like I didn’t warn you’’’ and then I remember ..the bruises)

I turn around quickly but making sure to stay calm so they can see it’s not a big thing but they just look very surprised and…scared…. Scared? ..Why are they scared?….
Maybe they’re scared of me….No they don’t, THEY AREN’T scared for me….get a grip on yourself Liz, they are your friends….yeah they are, but that doesn’t make it any better, I’m still afraid of what they would think , of what they would do if they knew what happened to me.

Max: Liz!!!!! What happened to your neck?

Liz: Nothing serious!!

Max: Nothing serious??? Have you look at it??

Liz: Yeah Max I have and believe me it’s nothing..

Alex:Did ….Did they hurt you? (Alex asked remembering how she got scared when they were childrens at the mention of her past)

I just look at him, they are smart they’re going to see through me I just need to take them out of here, I need to go to my bed and rest for a while.

Liz: It’s time for everyone to go, it’s late and you need to go home

Alex: Liz …..what did they did to you?…pleas Liz tell us

Liz: ALEX…. Pleas just go I told you already what you needed to know, I just want to go and rest, ok.

Alex: Yea ok….( said Alex knowing to not ´push her)

Max: Would you at least let me heal it?

What?….so you can make a connection and see everything…..everything they did,……everything they took away from me ….

Liz: No Max I wont, this needs to heal for himself…………Well I’m going upstairs
Goodnight. Maria would you close please?

Maria: Sure chica, anything you want

I didn’t stay long enough to hear or see their reactions, I just needed to be alone and figure thinks out…….I needed a plan, a plan so I could go back to my seminormal life of before, I just……need time.

(They never notice someone watching and hearing everything Liz said)


God I’m hungry!!!, and nothing it’s open…….I hate this crappy town, it’s so lame, I really don’t know why my family insists in living in here….I mean alien? ,….please…….I can’t believe this town it’s so into that…..You know what…it’s because they don’t have a life, so they try to put adventure on their life this way…….hahahahhahaha…..they’re so stupid.

Maybe I can rob one of this stores so I can have the money on time…….I need it, and soon…….I don’t know why my parents couldn’t give it to me, I mean I know they have it but of course they had to give like a thousands speech of how ‘ Dan why don’t get a job’ ‘ Dan why don’t you go to college’ ‘Dan why are you always like this’ ‘You want the money for more gambling and drugs right’ ‘ Well we won’t give you more’.

Bastards……they’re filthy rich and they couldn’t give a couple of thousand dollars.

Hey …….it’s that the crashdown?……they have the lights on, maybe they’re still open and I can eat something.

( Dan was walking to the crashdown when heard voices and stop to lisent)

Isabel: So what are you?

What?……What are they talking about… seems something serious.

Wait…’s that that mousy Liz Parker,….God I hate her since elementary……..ooohhh and of course that geek Alex boy has to be near her.

Isabel : ‘’ You said that because of who you were only you and I guess your family could protect you. So that’s why I’m asking What are you?’’

God….this conversation sound a little freaky……..and they’re making it sound like if she it’s different than us……This is crazy…..they are crazy, they are like the rest of the town, trying to sound like if they were interesting or something. ……..Well…it really sound interesting……I guess I’m only going to wait and hear what that Parker girl says.

Liz: Do you really want to hear this?

Everybody: Yes….

Max: You don’t have to tell us everything!!! Just tell us what you are comfortable with.

Liz: Yeah, yeah!!!

Where do I begin… I thought, but I guess I said it out loud.

Liz: Where do I begin????

Tess: The beginning it always the best ……Sorry

Liz: I guess I need to tell you a little background history first.
Mmmm well like 3 decades ago a Branch of the government began to do experiments with genetics, so….. they opened a special unit called Manticore, basically they began to do different cocktails of DNA to create a better human. They went as far as mixing the DNA of some animals to give this kids more abilities…. ok, do you all understand everything so far? ( They all nod) …..ok, well finally with the first kid created they thought that it was gonna work, but something went wrong and the kid died, you can imaging what this caused , they did more researches and experiments so they could find what went wrong , so the second time they used a surrogated mother to implant the embryo because they thought this would make they embryo developed , but the kid died again, the same thing happened with the third and fourth kid, so Manticore took some time to investigate more about all this, when the time was right they did it again, and this time it did worked, with the news, they began to create more children’s with the helped of young girls to be the mothers, but as soon they were born they take the children’s away and they raised them.

Kyle: Are you saying you are one of this kids?

They all look at me, waiting for my answer.

Liz: Yes I’m ones of those kids, actually I’m the youngest of the X5’s

OH MY GOD……..she’s some kind of freak……..I knew it…..since that day I try to take her lunch and her geeky friend appeared.

Wait……she some kind of government experiment…….What the hell is she doing out of…of….her cell I guess. Maybe she scaped?…..And if she scaped, they’re probably looking for her. ( He’s going down the way he came).

That’s right”!!!!!…..this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to take her back from the hole she came of, and the government it’s going to pay me a lot of money……DAN you are a excellent.

Now I just need a plan.


I hope you like it.


And Thank you very much for all the FB, you're great*happy*
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I'm gonna try and do it tomorrow.
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Setting: Next day .The crashdown. Michel and Maria are working.

Michel: Order’s up……….Maria!!!!!…..Maria!!!!!

Maria: Ok….ok….geezz spaceboy, did you got up of bed with the wrong feet.

Michel: Funny Maria……Very funny. Now,go and deliver this, before it gets cold.

Maria: Yeah. Yeah….I’m going.

( In that moment the bells on the door rang, and Max, Isabel, Alex, Kyle and Tess came inside and went to seat on a boot.)

Maria: Hey guys……..How’s it going.

Everyone said their ‘good’s, ok’s andgreat’s ‘

Maria: good!!….tha’s good

Max: So… where’s Liz.

Maria: relax Romeo, ( making Max blush) she coming down for breakfast. ( in that moment Liz came inside, and took a seat besides Max)

Max: Hey Liz.!!

Liz: hey guys…..hey maria.!!!!! Are you going to order something , I’m hungry.

Maria: They were about to, so…what do you want?

Liz: well……give some pancakes, scramble eggs, oatmeal, and yogurth…..and a milky way shake!!!!!……I think that’s all…What do you guys want?… ( every one was looking at her with their mouths open)……What? I’m hungry, beside I burn a lot of calories, so that’s ok.

Maria: ooookkk, And you guys?

Isabel: The usual.. ( everybody nod)

Maria: Ok, I’m going to put this order then. ( And she left=

Max: So….How are you feeling Liz?

Liz: good, …good…and you?

Max: great. ( but he and the others notice that she was impatient.)

Kyle: What are you watting?

Liz: Uuhh?

Kyle: You seem impatient (pointing to her fingers that were drumming on the talbe)

Liz: a call……

Alex: Can we ask from who?

Liz: ( a little annoyed but also joking) Can I stop you?

( At this, Maria came in with the food, but had to left to wait other talbes)

Alex: probably no…. ( he said smiling)

Liz: from my brother Zack…

( every one was quiet for a moment)

Isabel: ( trying to break the moment) How many siblings do you have Liz?

Liz: I used to have twelve…

Tess: used to? Why? What happened?

( at the mention of her siblings, her face changed and everybody noticed this)

Liz: four of them died…..

Tess: I’m sorry. ( but Liz didn’t said anything)

Isabel: mmmm…What are their names?

Liz: Let me see, there’s Zack, who’s the older one then it’s Tinga, Jack, Eva, Zane, Max, Brin, Josh, Jondy, Krit, Syl, Ben and me……Max it’s a girl.

Max: Are they all older than you?

Liz: Yes, I’m the baby sister.

(But all conversation was stopped when Liz cell

Liz: Hello……Hey Zack…..yes, I’m ok……, nothing happened on my way here…..I’m sure………, they haven’t been a problem……are you sure?…..they are really down……ok…………what business……..what?…….don’t give me that…….ok…..yes, sir…….crystal clear……..Zack?…..take care, I miss you and the others..( But she said that almost as a wisper, putting a sad look on her face)

Max: Are you ok ?

Liz: I’m always ok!!!!! ( said it with a happy tone, making them all wonder if she even had I sad face) ….ok, well I’m done eating, I’m going upstairs. See you around guys.

And she left, not even hearing the concerned voices of her friends.

Maria: (coming to the boot) Where’s Liz?

Tess: (seeing that no one was going to answer) Upstairs Maria

Maria: Why? What happened?

Max: I’m not sure, she seem al right, her brother called her, and it sounded like a normal conversation, until she answered him……sir, and think she got sad.

Isabel: But was very good in hiding it.

Alex: (Talking for the first time) I don’t think it was bad news.

Isabel: No I don’t think so either.

Maria: Sir?….. Like in the boos or something.

Kyle: Not the boss……the commander I guess.

Alex: she need to relax.

Isabel: Maybe we can plan something for tomorrow.

Max: What do you have in mind.

Isabel: Well we can go to the lake that’s in Frazier woods and have some fun.

Tess: that seems like a good idea.

Maria: Yeah we should do it.

Everybody said yes.

Kyle: Ok…well that’s settled. ……come on Tess, we have to go, Dad wants to go to that Mall in Albuquerque, and of course he’s dragging us.

Tess: Yeah, that’s right. Well bye guys.

Everybody: Bye.

They were walking to the front doors, when they saw a brunet on a motorcycle passing .

Tess: Was that Liz?…….

Kyle: Was that Michel’s…….

( hearing from the kitchen)

Michel: ………..HEY, THAT’S MY BIKE:

Tess: I guess you were right ( giggling )

Kyle: Come on let’s go beore he starts blasting someone

They made their way to Kyle’s car, and left.

Back in the boot.

Isabel: OMG that wasLiz right?

Maria: I don’t think so….

(hearing….HEY THAT’S MY BIKE from Michel)

Max: When did she learned to drive it. ( concerned)

Alex: Well I guess she can do a lot of things we have no clue .

( Michel, coming to the boot.)

Michel: She took my bike.

Isabel: relax Michel, I don’t think something can happened to it.

Michel: but that’s my baby……..

(Everyone laugh )

Isabel: Come on Max, let’s go, remember we have plan with our parents.

Max: Yeah!!!! I almost forgot.

Alex: speaking of your parent!!!! Did you guys told them about Liz.

Isabel: Yeah, we promised no more secrets remember.

Alex: Yeah!!!!

Max: Do want a ride Alex?

Alex: please. ( They said their good bye’s and left)

( Michel and Maria)

Michel: I can believe she did that.( still schoked)

Maria: Don’t worry space boy, your baby it’s going to be alright.

Michel: I really hope so.

Maria: Come on…..We have masses to serve food.

Michel: Yeah I better go to the kitchen before Mr. Parker sees me.

Maria: Yeah me too.

( They never noticed some one watching them all this time.)


I really hope you like it.

I'm having problems with my computer and I had to write everything again, so ...maybe I'm going to be a little slow in posting.


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Thanks for the great FB, I'm so happy knowing that you like this.


Setting: Liz room. 6: 00 pm.


God, it felt so good……….It was like flying……I love motorcycles!!!!, they relax me…..that’s why I took Michel’s baby as he put it. I needed that, I drove for 4 amazing hours, to destination nowhere and with only the air hitting full force, but it was great.
Of course when I came home, I found a Hysterical Michel…..let me tell you something he’s crazy for his bike, he was having a heart attack infront of me……hahahha…..It was funny….you know!!! Watching stonewall Michel doing that.
But I’m not ungrateful….I told him, I could fix the grumbling it was making…..but of course he only looked at me like saying ‘ Right, likeyou know something about mechanics’….And being the person I am, that only gave a motive to show off a bit.
And you should have seen his face…..It was price less, he just kept looking at me fixing his bile in less than 20 minutes, and now it’s better than new. But I killed two birds with a shot, because now I have an eternal grateful Michel, and some right to take his bike.

After doing all that and taking a bath, I’m waiing for Maria, she said she wanted to talk with, and have some bonding tiem,….of course that means two things…….first, we’re going to eat lots of ice cream……and second, she’s going to ask me a hundred questions…….But I can’t tell her anything…..I’m not ready.

But …..ican tell her something, she’s my best friend, she has always supported me, and I know she gonna keep doing.

Maria: (oming inside) Hey Liz!!!!! ( taking a seat besides her.) You know? You are amazing. You should have seen his face, it was comical.

Liz: I did, I have a great vision, so nothing escapes my eyes…..

Maria: Ohh I see. ……..I brought you Vanilla!!!!!!!

Liz: (smiling) you are great!!!!!

Maria: I know!!!………( after a while) so…can I ask you something?

Liz: sure…..

Maria: Why did you left?

Liz: because……mmmmm…a lot of things were happening back then…..and….well….it took a toll on me….on my emotions.

Maria: I understand that….but what was that made you left?
Liz: ( trying to find a way to explain it) Well those days leading to the prom…..I was hoping that maybe Max and I could be together again……but I only realized that he was very close to Tess.

Maria: What? Are you insane, that boy it’s crazy for you, he went ballistic looking for you.

Liz: I saw him……….Maria

Maria: saw him what?

Liz: kissing Tess……..

Maria: WHAT!!!!!! He kissed Tess?, but why? He doesn’t love her, and she is with Kyle now.

Liz: Well I don’t know…….and I don’t care anymore.

Maria:So that’s why you left?

Liz: No….I left because everything I was thought the first 8 years of life, made sense in those days.

Maria: And what was that?

Liz: Emotions………they make you weak.

Maria: Liz….

Liz: No…it’s not like I’m saying they’re bad or something, it’s just that I should had draw a line a long time ago, and I didn’t.

(They kept quiet for a minute)

Maria: your starting to sound like Michel

Liz: Well that’s because we have something in common.

Maria: And what’s that

Liz: We’re both soldier, the difference it’s that I had the right training.

Maria: And what kind of training it’s that.

Liz: Some would say the best kind, and some would say the worst kind.

Maria: (trying to understand the real meaning to that) ohh …I see.

( They kept quiet for a moment)

Maria: Liz?

Liz: Yeah

Maria: Can I ask you something else?

Liz: sure….

Maria: How did your siblings died.

( She kept quiet for a qhile, and when Maria thought she wasn’t gonna answer)

Liz: ( taking a big breath) mmmm Eva, died the day we escape, Brin was captured, and died the day I escaped, Tinga was captured a couple of days before me, and died two days later because an experiment they were doing on her……and ( Liz had to look away and a tear slide down her cheek)…….Ben….he…he die the day I was captured.

Maria: ( knowing that talking about this was very hard for her) …I’m sorry Liz.

Liz: me too.

( They stood like that for a moment)

Maria: Liz!!…I know that all of this it’s very hard for you, and that you don’t want to talk about it, but I just want to tell you that this is ME, and that it doesn’t matter what!!!, I will always be your friend Liz…..I love you Lizzy

Friendship…….Do you know what that is……It’s what Maria, Alex and me have, it’s something that you can’t find in the dictionary, because what it’s in there, doesn’t give you the real explanation……..A friendship like the one we have……you… can’t describe it with words……only with feelings……..And that’s the way it is, and when you find your Alex or your Maria, your going to understand me…….Because that’s the way they are, always there, always comforting……That’s friendship.
And I Love them too, very much……but right now…I’m afraid….and I need sometime.

Maria: and he was doing it again, can you believe him……..hahahha…..But that’s the way he is, but you know something I love my spaceboy….

Liz: mmmmhhhmm….( What was she talking about, God ..I’m supposed to have parallel thinking, and I can’t even concentrate in her.)…..yeah I guess.

Maria: You didn’t hearded me right?

Liz: sorry…

Maria: That’s ok……don’t worry about it.

( Tehey kept talking for a long time, about this and that)

Maria: hahahhaha……yeah I know…..

Liz: Yeah…..

Maria: ok….I gotta go, it’s late, and my mom it’s probably freaking out already.

Liz: Yeah…..probably.

Maria: Well then, bye Liz ( she went to hug her)

Liz: Bye Maria take care ok?

Maria: yeah ok.

( she was making her way to the door)

Maria: I’m so glad you’re back Liz..

Liz: thanks…….

Maria: ( hesitating ) mmmm Liz?

Liz: ( looking at her) Yeah?

Maria: Don’t give up on them….

Liz: she was just looking at her, not knowing what she was talking about.

Maria: Emotions…….they’re not so bad.

( Maria, she just left with that, knowing that what she said, was going to make her friend think about it)

Emotion……..they can do a lot of things to you……like I once told Max, How can I be the most miserable and happy at the same time……That’s what they do to you.
I know that if I let my life get ruled by them, maybe I’m gonna go back with Max, or maybe my heart it’s just going to explode from the pain.

But the question is…….

Are they worth it?


I hope you like it.

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Setting: Max room

Isabel: Hey little brother!!!!! ( she said entering the room)

Max: di think I locked that door.

Isabel: you did. ( taking a place besides him)

Max: ( knowing that her sister was looking at him) What?

Isabel: Are you alright?

Max: Ye……No…..I mean, I’m so happy because Liz is back, but now everything it’s so different….we know a lot of things, and the hard thing it’s that I know she’s suffering but she’ s not showing it, and I know more things are gonna come.

Isabel: yeah!! I think so too.

Max: And you what hurts?

Isabel: What?

Max: that I didn’t knew. I didn’t even had a clue.

Isabel: How could you, she didn’t told anyone, except for Alex, but she didn’t told him much.

Max: But I should have known. We have a connection, remember?, And I never saw anything.

Isabel: You never saw anything different?

Max: No……..(thinking for a moment) …now that I think about…..I never was a flash of her as a child….not one memory of when she was little.

Isabel: Well maybe it was her way of protecting herself….the way her brain protected her of the bad memories.

Max: Maybe….

Isabel: What was about?

Max: What?

Isabel : the first flash you saw of her, the oldest one.
Max: ( remembering of what it was) school…

Isabel: figures…

Max: No… was of the first day of school in fourth grade, remember? When I told you how it was for me, getting out of the bus, and seeing her for the first time ….how I felt , that I finally belonged somewhere…….but in her point of view.

Isabel: woow….

Max: What?

Isabel: Don’t you see it?

Max: see what?

Isabel: well, maybe it was the same for her, like if since she escaped, she never felt that she belonged, she didn’t felt like it was real, until she saw you. (Max had a dreamy look)

Max: I hoped it was like that for her ( with a small smile, that turned to a sad look)

Isabel: What?

Max: I hurt her Is!!!

Isabel: What do you mean?

Max: With the future thing, I hurt her a lot.

Isabel: But that wasn’t you, it was another version of you.

Max: It doesn’t matter what version it was, I still made her do things . And then I treated her so bad. That I don’t know how she’s going to forgive me.

Isabel: But she forgave you Max!!!…you started the friendship again, and went to the Prom together.

Max: And she left that day.

Isabel: But that wasn’t your fault Max.

Max: I think it was!!

Isabel: Why do you think that?

Max: Well that day, we had a talk about how much she was hurting all those months….and after that, I went to think out side, and Tess and Kyle passed by. Tess and I were talking when I kissed her.

Isabel: you kissed Tess? But you don’t love her!!!

Max: No I don’t, I love Liz, and when we broke the kiss, we were talking about that, and she told me that she realized that she didn’t loved me, that when she kissed me she only saw Kyle, and me…well that only made reaffirm how much in love I am with Liz.

Isabel: ok……you love her, she didn’t left because of that.

Max: I think she saw us!!!!

Isabel: oohh……I’m sorry Max.

Max: yeah me to……

Isabel: That’s when you knew she was missing.

Max: yeah, I went inside again, looking for her, because I wanted to tell her how much I loved her, and that she didn’t needed to worry about Tess. But I never found her, and that’s when I went for you guys…………..God, I was so scared , because I thought I had lost her, that maybe an alien took her. But I knew that wasn’t the case when…when I found her wrist flower on the trash……that’s when I knew that she left….and that she saw us.

Isabel: (seeing the hurt expression on his brother) I’m so sorry Max……But you know something?

Max: What?

Isabel: Everything it’s going to be ok……..I can feel it.

Max: I hope so Is…….I hope that so much.

Isabel: Max you just need to give her some time, she needs to get settled first.

Max: I wish she would let me help her.

Isabel:Maybe you should try!!…….she needs to get out , whatever she’s hiding, because it’s eating her.

Max: … I just need to give her time

Isabel: Yeah.

( After a moment)
Max: Thanks Is

Isabel: your welcome little brother. And remember that if you need any help, I’m here.

Max: yeah I know.

Isabel: Well I need to sleep, I’m tired.

Max: I can see that……..

Isabel: Goodnight Max ( getting up, and going to the door.)

Max: Goodnight Isabel, sleep well.

Isabel: Yeah thanks. (stopping on the door)……Max?

Max: yeah!!

Isabel: just stay by her side, and she’s going to come to you…..she needs you.
(And with that she left)

And I need her…….. ( he thought)


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Part 7

Setting: The crashdown. The guys were loading the Jeep and Tess SUV.

Isabel: Come on guys……..your taking to long.

Kyle: Well , maybe if you girl would help …….

Michel: yeah ..this would be taking less time.

Tess: Are you kidding those things weight a ton.

Michel: figures…..

Maria: Well your species it’s supposed to be the strong one, and you seem like breaking with those cooler.

Alex: Well this coolers are full of all the food you wanted.

Michel: besides, your species doesn’t seem much better, because you can’t even carry one .

Kyle: Michel!!…you have to understand, ( the girls looked at him amused that he was defending their cause, and the boys were trying so hard not to laugh because they knew what he was doing)…………They probably would brake a nail ( the began to laugh, but were stopped by Liz)

( Liz, she was hearing and watching all the exchange, and made a grunt.)

Kyle: What!!!……it’s true. ( he said it joking)

( walking to the boys who had the coolers)

Liz: just move…………

( And everybody stood frozen when Liz just lift the coolers like if they were nothing. The girls were the same way.And they understood what really Liz meant by being stronger.)

Liz: It’s someone going to open the others!!!!!!!!!

Max: (That made Max react) yeah….yeah….mmmm…let me ….

Liz: (going to her seat on the jeep) Well that tells us who’s the stronger species, isn’t it?
(When no one was moving) Well are we going …..or I’m gonna have to go for an umbrella to cover myself from all the drooling. ( with that all of them left)

Max Jeep.

Michel: Do you have everything Maxwell?

Max: yes…..

Michel: enough food?

Max: Yes……

Michel: first aid kit?

Max: Michel?…remember?….alien?…..healing powers?

Michel: yeah…yeah….ok

Maria: Why are you so worried spaceboy?

Michel: I don’t know, I have a bad feeling.

Maria: a bad feeling? Like what?

Michel: like if someone …..

Liz: it’s watching us!!!! ( they turn to look at her)

Michel: yeah…like that.

( They were looking around to try and see if someone was following them.)

Maria: I don’t see anything.

Max: me neither, maybe it’s nothing…

Liz: hey….I know it, it’s an instinct

Maria: but there’s noone there.

Liz: look……my eyes can be fooled, but you’ll never fool my instincts, ok?.

Max: yeah, but….

Liz: whatever, it’s not like I care if you trust me in this…….(looking away)….I stopped caring a long time ago.

(they kept quiet for a couple of minutes)

Michel: mmmmm Liz?

Liz: Yeah!!!

Michel: Maria did tell you what are we doing right?

Liz: yeah why?

Michel: Well becase it’s hot, it’s sunny, we’re going to a picnic and you are wearing leather pants, boots and a jacket.

Liz: WOW, you noticed…..I never thought I was going to see day when Michel turned to a fashion guy. ( Max and Maria were laughing about this)

Michel: Whatever!!! ……but why are you wearing that.

Liz:( Liz knew they were curious.) well….they’re comfortable, and you never know when you’re going to have to run.
( They stood quiet again, knowing the implications to what she said, and knowing that whoever was he was still going after her, they haven’t stop looking )

Tess SUV

Tess: so what do you want to hear?

Isabel: anything you want, except for Kyle’s music.

Kyle: hey!!!!!! What’s wrong with my my music…

Alex: It’s budhist Kyle.!!!!!!

Kyle: ok, ok…put whatever you want Tess, and let’s change subject ok. For my sake!!!!

( they all laugh)

Isabel: so…what do you want to talk?

Kyle: well…you know…..about ….everything….

Isabel: everything? It’s not another budhist thing right?

Alex: Isabel!! Dear!!! what Kyle it’s trying to say, it’s that….well..he wants .. to talk….

Tess: (sighting) They want to talk about Liz.

Isabel: oohh.

Kyle: so…what do you think they did to hear, because those bruises don’t appear just by bumping with something.

Alex: Well I don’t know, but I’m sure it was something terrible…..

Tess,; why are you so sure?

Alex: Well , I remember that the only time she spoke about her past when we were children she got a really scared expression.

Tess: oohh…it just that she seems so….

Kyle: ……..changed…’s like she’s wearing a mask that doesn’t show any emotion.

Alex: yeah….but I think that mask it’s crumbling.

Isabel: Why do you say that.?

Alex: Well it’s just that, all the time we have known her, we never had a clue about anything, she hide it very well.

Kyle: And I don’t get the point.

Alex: The point it’s that now, we are seeing glimpses of her past, she’s snapping back at us, when she can’t take it anymore.

( Hearing Alex, they knew that it was just about time when Liz just broke down)

Alex: ….and the thing it’s that I hope we can help her when that moment comes.

Kyle: We all do Alex….we all do.

(they stopped talking , because they were arriving the place)
( Everyone got out of the cars)

Max: Well here we are.

Maria: Let’s have some fun!!!!!!.


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The picnic.

Kyle and Michel were playing football, Alex and Maria were swimming, Isabel and Tess were taking some sun and Max and Liz were preparing the food for the lunch.

Max: ( kinda nervous) so…are you…are you having a good time?

Liz: Yeah….

Max: good….that’s….that’s great.

Liz: look Max, you don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want to ok?

Max: No Liz….It’s not that….it’s just that I wanted to…… to say I’m sorry

Liz: ( looking at him) What for?

Max: for every thing….

Liz: Yeah well it’s not your fault, it’s what I am

Max: I’m not referring to that. I’m sorry for all that future thing….

Liz: ( not showing emotion) so you know?

Max: Yeah!!!..Maria told us one day.

Liz: Yeah, well It’s ok…

Max: No..Liz…What you did…’re the strongest person I know, and I’m not talking about the physical.

Liz: well a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Max: …..I guess.

Liz: (after a moment) so…my parents told that you guys defeated Nicholas and Khivar.!!!

Max :yeah we did, it was hard, but we made it .

Liz: so what happened?

Max: mmm….Khivar came to earth, and he wanted to take Isabel back to our world….
No one notice what was happening, because everyone was dealing with some stuff, he did something to Isabel, like possessed her I think, he was entering her dreams, and showing her how they met. We began to notice when she started changing, and one day she almost left with him, but she snap out of whatever he was doing to her, and alert us, all of us confronted him, and we almost didn’t make it, but when the four of us made a simultaneous connection, and worked the four square, we beat him, it was something different, all of our powers worked at the same time, I was putting a shield, and healing us at the same time, Michel was blasting them from inside the shield, Isabel, entered his unconscious and predicted what he was trying to do, and Tess mindwraped him into thinking we weren’t there.

Liz: And what about Nicholas

Max: He died to, but not because we killed him , his skin gave up, and the atmosphere killed him.

Liz: So I guess there’s no more skins out there.

Max: Nop…. no more skins

Liz: And what about Lonnie and Rath?

Max: We haven’t heard anything from them….but we’re still being careful.

Liz: Yeah….you probably should.

( they kept quiet for a moment, just thinking about everything)

Max: Liz?…..can I ask you something?

Liz: ( thinking about it) I guess….

Max: Why I never saw anything about your past in the flashes?

Liz: I’m not sure….but I used to made my self forget about some thing’s.

Max: How?….

Liz: In Manticore they thought us how you could forget about things If you were captured on a mission.

Max: And how do you do that?

Liz: The basic thing its that you have to overload your brain with information, so that way all the things you were trying to forget, get locked in some part of your brain, that’s harder to access.

Max: did that hurt you?

Liz: Not physically …But it always left with a sense of loneliness , because for a time I didn’t remember my family, but I knew something was missing.

Max: But you always remembered everything again right?

Liz: Yeah……….Max?

Max: Yeah?

Liz: I don’t think that you didn’t saw it because of that….

Max: Then why?

Liz: Since we escaped , I followed a path, a cover I made for me so no one would suspect me, and nothing made sense to me until……until I saw you that day.

( Max was speech lees, knowing that Liz felt the same thing than him)

Liz: So I guess you weren’t the only one trying to fit…….trying to fit in this alien world.

( The next minute everyone was coming because they were hungry)

They were all eating, and making small talk, they were laughing, and having a good time.

Isabel: you now Liz!!!! ….no offense….but I never thought I was going to see the day when someone would be able to eat more than Kyle.

Tess: Yeah I know…….but your so lucky, you don’t gain any weight with all that….

Liz: ( doing a small smile) No…I don’t

Kyle: Hey !!!! she doesn’t eat more than me …. ( everyone laugh at Kyle’s antics)

Maria: But why do you eat so much now Liz? You didn’t do that before.

Liz: Oh God another question…….(but everyone was looking at her)…..

(she was thinking a way to tell them this)

Liz:mmmmm….this is hard for me, but I guess I’m gonna have to tell this someday….
When they captured me a couple of months ago….they punished me when I didn’t cooperate in my reintegration ……mmm..The X5’s can go from 6 to 8 days without eating, but that doesn’t mean we’re not hungry, so one of the punishments they did was take the food for 7 days……..enough to make me so hungry that I just wanted to eat my own arm, but not enough to kill me………….They …they knew what they were doing………so…that’s why I eat so much, you never know when something like that could happen again.

( Every one kept quiet again, thinking about all the possible things they did to her, that she couldn’t even talk about them)

Alex: (breaking the silence) So…..any one wants to go to swim.

( they were getting ready, when Alex saw the scar Liz have , and that you could see some of it)

Alex: Liz!!!!!….How in the world did you got that!!! ( everyone turned to look at Liz)

Liz: What? This? ( pointing to her scar)

Alex: YEAH!!!!!! What happened?

Liz: I got shot!!

Maria: ( freaking out) In your heart?

Liz: yes.

Max: How? When?

Liz: Well……you could say my dupe did this to me.

Tess: Your dupe?

Liz: Yeah I have a clone , and 11 years old clone in manticore, she’s an X7

Michel: And she did that?

Liz: Yeah.

Kyle: Can someone tell me why all the dupes are always evil!!!

Tess: Hey !!!! My dupe it’s not evil.

Isabel: Guys!!! Focuse….Liz scar!!!

Max:When did that happened?

Liz: The day we attacked Manticore, the day I was captured.

Michel: That’s why you were captured.?

Liz: Yes, and that’s all I’m going to say.

Maria: Liz!!! Max could take it away. ( everyone was expecting that Liz would say yes)

Liz: NO!!!!!

Maria: but Liz that thing it’s ugly…

Liz: ( getting upset) This is not ugly, this is Love, THIS is the prove of how much someone can LOVE YOU, don’t ever tell me this is ugly, because THIS, this is the last gift that he….(taking a deep breath)

Max: That he what Liz? ( Not knowing who he was?)

Liz:That he gave me,………. so no Maria I’m not letting anyone take it away……..( after a minute) ….Let’s just go to swim, I don’t want to talk about it anymore , OK ? ( making very clear that the conversation was over.)

(Every one went to the lake)

They were having a good time, they were playing, joking , splashing and just enjoying the company of each other.

Liz: ( getting out of the water) I’ll be right back..

Max: (getting worried) Where are you going?

Liz: That rock it’s just calling me.

Maria: Your going up there?

Liz: ( starting to climb and shouting) YEAH!!

Tess: Liz!!!!….That’s dangerous.

Alex: I don’t think you should be doing that.

Liz: Relax ok?. I’ve done things like this a lot of times.

Isabel: Are you sure, because that’s pretty scary.

Liz: (just laughing) if you say so….

( And when she made it up there, she did a perfect dive, that impress everyone)

Max: Wow, that was….wow.

Liz: mmmmm….Thanks ….I guess. ( not really impressed about what she did)

Michel: I guess that was part of your training.

Liz: Yeah

Kyle: What else did you learned back there.?

Liz: ,mmmm…a lot of stuffs, like explosives, weapons, field medicine, hand to hand combat, among other things.

Alex: Hand to hand combat, so you can kick some one ass.

Liz: (smirking) you have no idea….

Michel: (not truly believing that someone that small, could beat some one.)yeah right!!!!, what would you be able to do to some of us, if you fight with us?

Liz: ( catching de way he was laughing of her) Well….you would end up on a wheelchair or probably dead ( intimidating him)……… wanna try Michel!!!!

Max: ( knowing that Liz was daring him) No he doesn’t……that’s ok……let’s just keep playing something.

Isabel: Well we can’t , it’s already late, and we have to go.

Alex: Come on guys …let’s go.

( Every one got out of the water, and got everything ready to leave.)


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Setting: School, Maria was waiting with Michel for the other one’s

Maria: You have the shift right after school Michel?

Michel: Yeah why?

Maria: Well I was thinking that everyone could go to the crash down after finishing school
( At that moment Max Jeep with Isabel and Alex was entering the parking lot)

Michel: I’m sure they can…

Isabel: You’re sure we can what?

Maria: go to the crashdown after school

Max: (wanting to spend all the time possible with Liz) sure we can…

Isabel: ( knowing why he brother wanted to be there) yeah…sure, but we have to talk to mom and tell her we’re not going to eat in the house.

Maria: ok…..what about you Alex?

Alex: sure, my parents are in Clovis , and they’re going to stay there for 2 weeks, so there’s no problem.

Maria: (watching Kyle and Tess coming inside) Good you’re here, we were planning on going to the crash down after school, can you guys make it?

Tess: Yeah, sure.

Kyle:so..Why the meeting?

Maria: It’s not a meeting, just 8 friends hanging round.

Max: An where’s Liz. Is she going to start school again?

Maria: I don’t know, but she said she was coming……oohh and she also said that she was bringing something Michel was gonna love….

Michel: Me?

Maria: yeah ( in that moment Liz was arriving, and all the school was looking at her, not believing that was Liz Parker)
Kyle: OMG, that’s a……that’s a ….

Michel: NINJA!!!!!!!!!, she’s a driving a ninja….

Liz: (stopping next to Max Jeep, and taking off her helmet) Hey guys!!….so what do you think……….isn’t he a gorgeous ……

Max: Where did you got that?

Liz: One of my sisters has one, and she got me one on the black marketing Seattle, it arrived yesterday.

Isabel: Your sister Max?


Michel: ( very impressed) Liz!!!! You have a NINJA!!!!!!

Liz: Yes Michel!!!!! ( laughing)

Kyle:how many cylinders does it have? ( sizing the motorcycle)

Liz: 800 (AN: I don’t know anything about bikes, so if this is bs, then just humor me please)

All the boys: WOOOOOWWWW

Max: wow, it’s amazing!!!!

(They were starting to enter the school when Liz stopped suddenly)

Liz: (Looking all around her)

Max: What is it Liz?

Liz: I can feel it!!

Alex: feel what?

Liz: someone watching me.( still looking all around)

Max: Do you see any one?

Liz: No !! to many people moving, I can’t catch anything off.

Michel: Maybe we have to keep alert, to see if something weird?

Max: You’re right!!!

Isabel: What are we looking for Liz?

Liz: I have no idea……

( The second bell rang, and every one went to class.)

(Third Period. AP Biology . Max, Liz, Alex and Tess, were in there)

Max: ( setting next to Liz) Hey!!!!

Liz: hey!!!

Max: It’s a good thing Mrs. Hardy put us as lab partners again isn’t it?

Liz: yeah I guess. Who was your partner before?

Max: Pam Troy…….

Liz: Yiaiks…..what a nightmare.

Max: Yeah it was.

( Pam Troy came to the table , and stand in front of Liz and Max)

Pam: I hear you were back Liz!!!!!!

Liz: ( Looking at her) Yeah I am.

Pam: I can see that you’re already throwing yourself to Max .

Liz: (putting her hands in the back of her head) really !!!!

Pam: Really, you know Parker you should be ashamed of yourself……

Liz: and Why should I?

Pam: you gave a bad image to girls on school, first chasing Max all around, then going to Kyle and begging him to take you back, and running away God knows why, and finally, chasing and throwing yourself to Max again.

Max: (getting mad to Pam for all the things she was saying to Liz) Pam…..

Liz: No!!! that’s ok Max, she’s just envious !!!!

Pam: As if.

Liz: Yes you are, because your always throwing yourself to every guy walking, and the funny thing is, that no one is catching you. Maybe afraid of catching an STD.

( Everyone in the classroom was laughing so hard that Pam storm away furious)

Tess: Good going Liz.( sitting behind her with Alex, that was her lab partner)

Alex: Yeah that was price less ( just entering the class, but he heard it all)

Liz: yeah well I’m not in mood of hearing Pam’s nonsense.

Max: none of are…(still laughing for what Liz said)

Tess: ( after a minute)…..did you guys heard about the new student?

Alex: yeah, all the girls in computer lab were drooling about him.

Max: What’s his name? (getting concerned about a new face in town)

Tess: I don’t know, but he is cute…..did you saw him Liz?

Liz: ( Not really paying attention about the new kid) No, I didn’t

( but they stop talking because Mrs Hardy came to class)

( Lunchtime, everyone was sitting on a bench in the guad)

Maria: so how were your classes Liz?

Liz: Good!!…boring but good!!!

Isabel: Did you girls heard about the new student?

Maria: yeah I did, I have a class with him, his cute (earning a glare from Michel)

Tess; yeah me to, I have first period with him.

Isabel: I have second period.

Kyle: Well I have third period with him , I think he’s kinda dumb…

Tess: he’s not dumb…

Max; I think we have to be careful, he’s a new face in town

Michel: Your right Maxwell (getting a nod from the rest of the guys)

Liz:What’s his name?

Isabel: Alec!!!!

(Liz getting a flash
‘Nothing, you look like someone I used to know’
‘Well my designation is 287’
‘His was 288’
end of flash)

Maria: Why?

Liz: For no reas….(she didn’t finished because someone interrupted her)

Alec: well well well, you sure are hard to find partner!!!!!!


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(everyone was looking at him)

Liz: (turning around and hugging him) ALEC!!!!!!!

Alec: Hey Liz!!!!

Tess: I guess you know each other?

Liz: yeah we do… (taking her seat, and making room for Alec)

Max: (staring hard at him) From where?

(Alec, not knowing if it was safe to talk about it in front of them)

Liz: It’s ok Alec, they know about me.

Alec: all of them?

Liz: yes,….you can trust them

Alec: we can’t trust anyone….

Liz: You can trust THEM.

Alec: (looking at them ) If you say so….

Kyle: Are you one of her siblings?

Alec: nope, I didn’t knew her until she was brought to Manticore again.

Michel: you were a soldier in there.

Alec: Yeah!!!!

Liz: How did you found me Alec? (smiling)

Alec: well your sister Max told me.

Liz: Max told you_? How did you knew her?

Alec: long story, but short version, she feels the savior of the world just like you.

Liz: ….hahhahhhaha ( in a sarcastic tone) ….What happened?.

Alec: you know what happened…..

Liz: they were trying capture us right?

Alec: Yeah , they day you burned the place down, and free everyone, some of them run, some didn’t.

Alex: You got everyone out???? (All of them were shocked, with this information)

Alec: I guess you didn’t tell them.

Liz: Not every detail.

Max: what happened Liz? What did you did?

Liz: I just got them out….with help from Alec, and Joshua!!!

Maria: Joshua?

Alec: dog boy!!!!!! (receiving a slap in the head from Liz)

Liz: (looking at Maria) He’s a friend I made in Manticore.

Kyle: Why did you called him dog boy?

Alec: Well because he is!!

Max: What do you mean?

Alec: I mean what I said!!

Isabel: You’re saying he is a dog … person?

Alec: Give the girl a price!!!

Liz: That’s enough of the conversation, we’ll talk about this later.

Alec: ok…, who are you people? , I supposed your Liz friend’s

Maria: (smiling to him and extending her hand) Hi, I’m Maria. Liz best friend

Alec: Nice to meet you Maria

Maria: thanks and this is, Michel, my boyfriend, that’s Alex, also Liz bestfriend, that’s Isabel, Alex girlfriend, this is Kyle, one of our best friends, and Tess his girlfriend, that’s also a very good friend, and this is Max.

Alec: Well I’m Alec as you know.

Liz: What are you doing here Alec, your not even supposed to be in high school,

Alec: Well that would make two of us, I mean, tell me this is not boring, all the things they’re teaching in schools….we learned it when we were 6.

Liz: I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the age.

Tess: How old are you Alec?

Alec: 19.

Kyle: (not liking all the attention Tess was giving him) so what are you doing in here?

Alec: Just getting to know…a real school I mean,…..never been in one before . And to answer your question Liz, Logan got me some papers, and to the school, I’m just another dumb student who hasn’t finished .

Liz: yeah ok, when did you got here?

Alec: yesterday morning.

Liz: ohh ok. (The bell rang)…….ok, well I’ll see you in class, maybe we’ll have some classes together…like old times….

Alec: (smirking) …yeah sure, like old times.

(everyone began to go to their classes)

Liz: Alec?

Alec: Yeah

Liz: come to the crashdown after school, we’ll talk there ok?

Alec: sure….

(and they left)

(Later on the crashdown) (everyone was there except for Alec, they were sitting on the back room)

(they were making small talk)

Alex: so…Liz? How well do you know Alec.?

Liz: very well, why?

Alex: Just asking….

Liz: (knowing he was concerned for her)he’s a friend Alex, he helped me a lot back in there.

Max: How did you met him.?

Liz: He was my partner….

Michel: yeah you told us that……

Tess: Your partner on what?

Liz: well it’s kinda humiliating …

Isabel: Why?

Liz: because he was my breeding partner….

Everyone: your WHAT???

Max: (he couldn’t believe that) what?

Liz: when we entered manticore, we made the genetic ‘s lab explode, so that made them stop creating more babies

Max: And they wanted to have them the normal way?

Liz: yeah!!! They paired up all the X5’s, and he was my partner.

Maria:That’s how you knew him?

Liz: he came to my cell and I confused him with Ben, because they’re twins, when he introduce himself with his designation, and told me what the mission was, I kicked him, and since then we’re friends.

Kyle: wow, what a strange way to make friends….

Alec: (entering the back room)……tell me about it (everyone turned to look at him)

Liz: I thought you weren’t coming….

Alec: did I ever failed you?…besides free food it’s always welcome.

Liz: you never change!!!!!

Alec: No I don’t…….so you told them how you named me?

Liz: No I haven’t …..

Alex: Liz gave you your name?

Alec: yeah…….she told me she was naming me Alec, because of smart Alec

Liz: Yeah and I told you my second option, that I still think it suits you more….

Alec: hahah very funny 269…

Liz: Don’t call me that…

Alec: oh yeah you don’t like it

Max: And what was the second option….

Liz: Dick…..(everyone burst out laughing)

Maria: (after a moment ) I can’t believe they were gonna force you to have relations……(but she didn’t missed the anguish look that passed both of hers faces, and neither than Max)

Liz: Yeah well they made their own rules.

Kyle: but you didn’t followed them right?

Alec: nope, that’s why she got in so much trouble.
(In that moment Liz cell phone rang)

Liz: Hello……..yeah……ok……..I got it.

Max: Who was it?

Liz: My sister…….Alex turn on the TV…quick.

Alex: ( Alex did as told) What channel

Liz: It doesn’t matter.

Alex: What?

(But the channel was interfered by a broadcast made by ‘eyes only’

Michel: who’s that?

Liz: Keep quiet Michel….

-Do not attempt to change your Tv, this is a freedom bulletin,that will last 60 seconds, this can not be traced . We interfere this signal, to give you the true about what our government has been doing. The last 3 decades, a special unit named Manticore created, transgenetic children’s to be soldiers, 9 years ago 13 of them scaped from the cruelty they were living through , they have kept in hiding or always running for their lives, some of them were capture, some of them were tortured and some gave their lives to keep the others safe. But know we informed you that this place was taken down, and you the Manticore children don’t have to worry anymore . this was Eyes Only transmitting . Peace .Out—

Isabel: Who was that?

Alex: How did he knew everything about you guys.

Liz:His a friend of us, he has helped a lot in hiding us.

Alec: An he knows an X5.

Max: Why did he gave all that information ?

Liz: He was letting us all know, that Manticore was really down.

Tess: All of us, you mean your siblings and Alec.

Alec: There’s a lot more out there. With Manticore down everyone run away.

Michel: so, it’s all over

Liz: It’s never over Michel, Manticore maybe down, but there are others out there. They will just have to play low.

(they were all quiet)

Liz: Alec? Where are you gonna live?, because if you don’t have a place you can stay here.
(this cause Max to glare to Alec)

Alec: thanks but I’m going to live in the Hudson apartments.

Maria: That’s where Michel lives!!!!

Alec: Really !!!! which floor?

Michel: first floor.

Liz: So it’s settled?

Alec: Yeah It is. …..oohh hey, I’m going to Clovis tomorrow, to do some bussines in there.

Liz: You just got here……and what kind of business.

Alec: well there’s a dealer in there, that’s going to sell me a motorcycle.

Isabel: What’s the deal with you people and motorcycles?

Liz: Have you ever felt 800 cylinders between your legs?

Isabel: No….

Liz: Then you wont understand……well I gotta go and do some bussines, Are you going to be alright Alec.

Alec: I’m always alright

Maria: Liz where are you going, ?

Liz: well the roads are calling me… (and she left, living them alone in the back room)

Maria; (breaking the silence) So…Alec?, you always lived in Manticore?

Alec: Yeah….

Max: (knowing that this was his chance to know a little bit more) So how was it?

Alec: ( knowing what they wanted) Let’s just say that it’s something you never want to experience.

Michel: What kind of mission did they gave you?

Alec: the solo one’s

Kyle: What does that mean?

Alec: the assassinations……

Everyone just said oohh…..

Alec: Look I know you may be curios about what Liz went through , but if she didn’t told you , then it’s not my place …

( And he left)
(But someone was hearing them , and was planning how to get Liz, and knew that this opportunity was going to be when this knew guy left to Clovis, and that meant it was gonna be tomorrow)


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Setting:Tuesday. Almost midnight, the whole town was asleep

(Liz house)

He knew she toke her midnight drive, he just saw her leave, so he knew this was his chance. Slowly entering the apartment above the crashdown, he made his way to her parents room. And taking a rag with a sustance that drug every one that came in contact with it, he put in both their faces, making them passed out.
He and his two helpers, took the bodies, left a note for the girl and took them to the Van and went to next place.

(The Valentie’s House)

Slowly entering the Sheriff house he spotted the sheriff son, Kyle, and doing the same that he did to the Parker’s he drugged him and went to his father room and the to the girls room. And left in the same Van.

(The DeLuca’s house)

They went inside with no problem and took the two persons that were there, they drugged them and put them in the Van, Noticing that the Van was full they decide it to take them to Cheese Factory . Arriving to the factory, they put the hostages on chairs and left for the other ones.

( The Whitman’s house)

When they entered this house they notice that there was light on Alex room, so they went with more precaution and saw him infront of his computer, One of the helpers knock him out, and then drugged him so he wouldn’t wake up. They put him on the Van, noticing that there was already forming some bruises on his face.

(Michel’s Apartment)

They were extra careful going inside of this place, knowing to well that this guy was a light sleeper. When they made it to his room hi was beginning to stir so they drugged him quickly, and put him on the Van. They had one place left and it was gonna be the hardest.

( The Evans’s house)

They enter from the parents window, thinking it was gonna be simpler, when they drugged them , they went to the girls room, and found her sleeping with a year book, she was beginning to get up, so they hit her on the face and drugged her. When they were entering Max room, they notice he was sound asleep, so it wasn’t any trouble for them to drugged him, They took the four person to the Van, and took of to the Cheese factory, knowing than in a while Liz was gonna came looking for them, and if she wanted them alive she was gonna have to leave with them.

An hour late, Liz was arriving to her house, and was entering her room when she noticed a note on her bed saying…

--If you want see your family and friends again, come to the Cheese Factory in and hour and cooperate, if you don’t do it, they will die—

Liz went the faster she could to this place, knowing that it wasn’t Manticore and it wasn’t alien related, because who ever did this, left a dumb note.

Meanwhile in the Factory.

Every one was beginning to wake up.

Michel: Where the hell am I.

Kyle: You mean are we. (making Michel to turn and see that everyone was there, including Maria’s mom)

Amy: What’s happening, why are we all here???

Jeff : I don’t know Amy, but my daughter it’s not here.

Maria: Maybe they want her…

Amy: What? Who?

Max: Maybe, but where’s Liz, where do they have her?

Nancy: She took a drive, she doesn’t sleep anymore.

Sheriff: I think they’re expecting her, but is everyone alright?, Tess? Kyle? (they both nod), Alex? What happened to you face? You to Isabel?

Diane: Sweety are you ok?

Phillip: Did they do something else to you?

Isabel: No dad, I’m ok, I was waking up when they were entering my room so they hit me.

Alex: Yeah, they did the same to me.

Jeff: Can you guys do something with your power to get us out of here?

Amy: (while the aliens were trying) Powers? What the hell it’s going on?

Jim: Amy I will explain everything to you, but you need to stay calmed please.

Max: We can’t I think the drug they gave us, makes the part of our brain that makes us have powers inaccessible …..We have to do something, if they want Liz, we have to alert her..

Dan: (entering the room) Well you can’t…….she’s already coming.

Maria: Dan???’’ what the hell are you trying to do, why do you want Liz?

Dan: Don’t play innocent with me….you friend Liz is a freak created in a lab, and I’m going to give her to the government and make a lot of money.

Jeff: Are you crazy ……let us go ….

Dan:you don’t have the right to speak, and if you do it, when Liz comes here, I’m going to kill her. Now keep quiet, we are waiting for her.

Ten minutes later a very prepared Liz came inside, knowing full well that the person inside holding her family and friends, was Dan.

Liz: ( walking inside, but keeping her distance)

Dan: Well look who’s here…… made it ratter quickly.

Liz: What do you want Dan?

Dan : I want you…….I want to take you back to whatever lab you came from.

Liz: (looking how the others were) What did you did to them?

Dan: Not much, I only drug them and brought them here.

Liz: (seeing that this guy was a moron and was spitting everything, she was going to take all the information out of him) So you know what I am?

Dan: yeah some stuff….

Liz: Who are you working for?

Dan: I’m my own boss, do you think I’m stupid as to let someone else take the money they are going to give me for you.

Liz: ( finding what this guy plan is) So, you’re telling me, that you have an idea of what I am, and that you are not working with anyone?

Dan: (Proud of himself) Yeah… ( but he stopped when he heard her laugh) What are you laughing about, don’t you realized that you’re probably will die.

Liz: ( still laughing) I do realized something, but it’s not that

Dan: yeah and what is it?

Liz: That I’m going to kick your ass, and then (turning around to see the other two guys) I’m going to kick their asses.( and turning again to see him)

Dan: (getting angry) YEAH!!!! Well your forgetting about something

Liz: And what’s that?

Dan: I have the gun ( and he began firing to her, but she moved faster than the eye could see)

The others were shocked specially the adults, that were watching.

Liz: (running fast and in zig zag. Taking his neck with one hand and with the other the gun, and looking him directly with rage on her eyes) Not anymore!!!! ( and jumped over his head doing a twist ending behind him, And kicking him on the back, sending him flying.)

( The next thing she was doing was jumping so high, that the other two guys didn’t even react, she fight with them giving them both kicks on the head, knocking them out)

Dan : Wow, I did underestimate you, but you’re going to stop right now.

Liz: (When Liz turned around she saw Dan behind her mother , with a knife on her throat .)
Don’t you dare to do anything to my mother.

Dan: Well if you want your mommy to be fine, you gonna do as I say.

(Liz only nodded)

Dan: good, now, take that rope and you gonna hang yourself right in front of us

The others shouted no

Nancy: Don’t do it Honey!!!!!

Jeff: Liz!!!!! Please don’t

Max: leave her alone you bastard (this made Dan insert a little the knife on Nancy

Liz: Oooookkkkkk, but don’t hurt her.

Dan: I wont, you have my word.

Liz did what Dan told her , but like he said, he doesn’t know everything about her.

Everyone was crying openly while watching Liz hanged in there.

Dan: ( leaving Nancy and giving his back to Liz body) You have a very stupid daughter, to hang herself, believing I was gonna let you go, when you know everything a did. ( going to pick the gun, from where it landed , and returning to the same spot he was in)…..Now, I’m going to begging killing you all, and I’m going to start with you Nancy.

Liz: (opening her eyes and reaching for Dan with her legs and holding him, don’t letting him breath) ………..I see you don’t have a word. ( and ‘crak’ she broke his neck)

Every one was paralyzed with what just happened, Liz was hanging in there and she didn’t look like she was breathing, and now she killed Dan before he started killing everyone else.

Liz: ( she was shocked to, she thought that leaving Manticore meant she wasn’t gonna kill any one else, she wasn’t gonna feel all this adrenaline, this instinct of killing again, and she crumble to the floor, and began to cry)

Kyle was taking away the rope that held him, and when he was able to do it, he undone Michel’s and they undid the ones that were holding the adults and the others, by this Liz was crying so hard and looking like she was gonna go crazy.

Jeff: Liz!!! ( trying to get closer to her)

Liz: NO….get away from me.

Nancy: sweety!!! It’s ok, he won’t do any harm again…

Liz: No !!!!!!! you don’t understand……..

Max: Liz…it’s ok, you had to do it…

Liz: No I didn’t, I kill him because I wanted to……..Oh God I did it again……I did it again….I’m a monster, I’m just a killer……

Jeff: sweety that’s not true, you saved us……

But Liz just kept repeating that they didn’t understand. Every one was getting a little closer, and Max and Maria were kneeling besides her.

Maria: What is it that we don’t understand.?

Liz: Just go, you shouldn’t be near me, I ’m poison……you don’t understand…..( she was crying harder)

Max: ( with all the love of the world on his eyes, that didn’t went unnoticed by the parents) But we want to understand …..all of us…..would you?…..would you let us see?

Liz: No!!!!! I don’t want you see that, I don’t want you to see what they did to us……..they took everything………they took everything away from me……

Alex: Liz!!! We love you, any thing we see it’s not going to make us love you less.

Liz: You don’t understand……they killed me in there, (sobbing) they broke me……

Max: Please Liz make us understand……



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This part has almost all the's kind of sad, but I hope you like it.


Liz: ( getting sucked into his eyes) How (hiccup)are you going (hiccup)to be able (still crying) to see….

Tess: (With tears on her eyes) I can help with that, I’m gonna make your memories display kinda like a movie infront of us.

Liz: (looking to his parents) what if, you hate me…….what if you see the real me, and realized I’m nothing but a killer….

Nancy: That wont happen Liz, because we love you, and we will always love you, no matter what……

Liz: ( crying even harder, with the words her mother said to her) ( looking at Maria and Alex) I’m sorry…….

Maria: (crying very hard) Why……..

Liz: because I didn’t told you before, because I didn’t trust anyone enough to tell them.

Alex: (with tears on his eyes) you don’t have to apologize, we understand…..

Max: Are you going to let us see……….

Liz: ( looking at everyone and at last at Max) yes…..I am

Tess: (coming behind her, and extending a hand on the back of her head, making a blue light appear in front of her) just relax Liz, and everything it’s going to be all right.

#A room, full of babies, and kids no older than 3 years, with guards checking on them

# four years old Liz standing very still in a dark cell, and a man coming to her, and comforting her, telling her that she was her special one.*

#All the kids coming up with their names
Max: Do you like my name Liz
Liz: Yes I do, that name it’s made for good people.

#Liz seating very straight on a classroom that were showing different slides that read teamwork, hard work, mission, duty, destiny.*

#Liz and a bunch of kids training in hand to hand combat, and Liz beating the other Kid.*

#Liz and her unit formed on a line, wearing slacks and with rifles, showing no emotion, a man coming to her and yelling ‘ Emotion are weaknesses soldier, do you understand that?’ and Liz answering in a perfect way ‘sir yes sir’

#Liz and her team running with all the equipment, under the rain, and she making a mistake. Leading her to be punished.*

#Liz with a cut over her eyebrow still running under the rain, and the officer not letting her go to infirmary to get stitched, and the officer yelling. ‘Make no mistakes soldier, Never do a mistake again’

#Liz coming to her cell, crying because of the pain.
Syl: (going to her) What’s the matter Liz?
Liz: It hurts Syl…….a lot…
Max and Jondy coming too.
Jondy: we’re going to the bathroom Liz, wait for us ok
Liz couldn’t answer she was still crying
Syl, Max and Jondy putting wet towels on her body to make the pain less strong.
Next Morning. Liz hugging her sisters and saying thank you.

#Liz and her brothers on the cell, hearing Ben tell about a story:
Max G- and what happen to the good soldiers?
Ben- they go to the high place.
Liz-And to the bad ones?
Ben. They take them to the nomlies, where they eat them piece by piece.

# Zack, Max, Brin, Jondy, Ben and Liz were in Jack bed.(he was having a seizure)
Liz: He’s sick
Zack: We need to take him to them.
Max: What are they going to do with him?
Ben: They’ll probably give him to the nomlies.
A man was entering the cell, and all the kids run to their bed before the man could see them. Jack hasn’t stop shacking and the man sees him and goes to him, gives him a picture of a blue lady and Jack stops shaking, and then the man leaves .
The kids coming again
Max:Who is she?
Brin: you can see her heart
Zack: she’s beautiful
Jondy: she looks nice
Ben: (taking the picture) she’s looking out for us
Liz: (giving Jack a kissed on the cheek) See Jack someone’s looking out for us.(with sadness on her voice)

# Liz was on her bed, and was looking to Zack that was next to her, apparently asleep
Zack: (turning to look at her, and making her space so she could go to sleep with him) couldn’t sleep?
Liz: (looking up at him) no….Zack?
Zack: yeah!!!!
Liz: Do you believe in her?
Zack: (thinking about it and saying with sadness on his voice) we have to believe in something Liz ( giving her a kissed on the forehead, and then Liz turning to see Ben on the other bed watching her)
Liz: (mouthing a goodnight to him)

There were more memories of them training, of all the punishments they did to them and…

# Liz running on a machine, with tubes on her mouth and being monitored.

# Liz, Zack, Ben and Max, on a mission, and Liz seeing a red balloon, Ben seeing her he climbed the three where the balloon was stucked and bringing it to her. The kids watching the balloon with surprise, then an officer coming to them and yelling, but Zack broke his leg and got him unconscious so he wouldn’t take the balloon out of Liz and Max hands. Liz seeing Lydecker watching them, and getting scared, so she let the balloon go)

#Liz being brain washed several times with a red light going to her eye.

#Liz learning to erase her memories and shacking from the process.

# All the Kids doing an altar to the blue lady on the rooftop

# Liz going to the infirmary , and watching the nurse nervous because she was there.
Liz: Are you afraid of me?
Nurse: just nodding
Liz: Why?
Nurse: because you are different
Liz getting sad but then hearing something and going there.
Liz: What’s that noise?
Nurse: it’s not noise it’s a song.
Liz memorizing the lyrics.

# They were all on the cells.
Liz: (motioning to them to come to her bed) I learned something today
Eva: What?
Liz: a song
Syl: A what?
Liz: It’s pretty.
Ben: can you show us….
Zack, Krit, Jack, Zane, Tinga, Brin, Josh, and Jondy sitting around her, and hearing her sing the most beautiful song, with a wonderful voice.
Lydecker coming inside and saying You shouldn’t have done that’

# Max: the blue lady? Why didn’t she protected her? Why didn’t she protect Liz? (Zack across from them looking outside of a window with a rage on his eyes bigger than any boy his age should feel.
Ben: I don’t know, I’m going to ask her. (all the childrens were worried and scared to death for her baby sister)
(Ben climbing to the rooftop)
(Liz in a cell, full of bruises and a split lip, laying on the floor, crying from the pain)
(Ben screaming ‘ Why’ Why didn’t you protected her’ ‘we trusted you’’WE TRUSTED YOU’ the alarms going of)
(Liz still on the floor,hearing her brother and saying, ‘ I trusted you’)
(Max hearing his brother cries for help and she began to cry)
(Zack still on the window and then turning around. And saying
---We’re getting out of here-- and everyone turned to look at him with a knew feeling in them……….hope )

#the kids taking inventory on the surroundings.

#All of them doing a mission, and chasing a prisoner, Zack and Ben fighted him, and all the kids went running to him, Ben opening his clothes and seeing a crossed heart.
Ben: He’s a nomlie….
All the kids including Liz killing him, brutally.

#Someone taking pictures after the mission and they were covered with some blood, and were emotionless.

#Liz having a seizure.

#the night of the escape.

#Liz running in the forrest, and it was snowed outside, and she was bare foot.

#Liz receiving orders from Zack to go to the perimeter fence and then split up.

#Liz watching her sister being gunned down by Lydeckere

#Liz running into thin ice and falling. And then getting out but almost failing.

#Liz jumping the fence.

#Liz walking on a road and ice forming on her face.

#The Parkers founding her.

# Arriving to their house, and seeing a house for the first time, and liking it

#Liz being adopted by the Parkers

#Liz having terrible nightmares about her brothers and sisters.

#Liz parents comforting her.

#Liz knowing Maria and how she liked her instantly, and Meeting Alex.

#Liz seeing Max for the first time and feeling like she finally belonged somewhere.

#Liz playing with Maria and Alex. (several of this)

#Liz having a seizure and shacking so hard that she couldn’t even get up, and waiting for her Dad that had to go to the next town for more Tryptopan.

# Liz growing up

#Liz seeing Zack again when she was 14 in the crashdown.

#Liz going through her first heat, and almost jumping a guy.

#Liz crying in the shower and shacking so hard because of the heat and what happened.

#Liz dating Kyle.

#Liz getting shot in the crashdown and how Max healed her.

#Liz telling Maria and then Alex

#Liz and Max first kissed

#Liz and Max breaking up

# Liz and Alex finding about Topolsky and the FBI

#Liz and Max finding the orb

#Liz hearing about Max Destiny and running away

#Liz getting away from the memories, going with Zack for the summer.

#With Zack on the beach, trying to have a good time

#Liz coming home again.

#Liz watching Max serenade her

#All the future thing.

--Don’t you realized what you are to me, you are the love of my life, there would never be another you—

#Liz dancing her wedding dance, and when Max disappeared crumbling and crying so hard.

#Liz suffering because Max couldn’t even talk to her.

#Ava telling her that she was different

#Liz saving Max

#Max and Liz starting their friendship

#Liz felling like she couldn’t breath when she saw Max and Tess kiss.

#Liz running to her house and jumping to the balcony, then embracing Zack

#Liz leaving Roswell with her brother.

#Liz finding out that Brin was taken back and she was one of them again

#Liz arriving Portland and seeing Krit and Syl again, and how happy she felt.

# Liz seeing Ben a couple of day later.

# Ben and Liz talking all day.

#Ben watching Liz sleep.

#Liz curled up with Zack like when she was little.

#Liz laughing again with Ben.

#going to rescue Tinga

#Liz founding Tinga and seeing her in that machine almost dead. And she breaking the glass to get Tinga out

Liz: NOOOOO TINGA NOOOOOO (holding a dying sister and crying, meanwhile she was hearing)
Ben: Liz….Liz…..get out of there…

#Liz waking up on Lydecker car.

#Liz, Ben, Zack, Max, Syl and Krit getting ready to take down Manticore. And when they were on the fence before they jumped it ’remembering everything they went through when they were children’s’

#Ben and Liz completing their mission perfectly, and taking down a couple of soldiers

#Liz and Ben getting out of there and separating and then hearing Ben say that he was shot.

#Liz seeing her clone and being so shocked that she didn’t react when the X7 shot her on the heart.

#Liz falling in slow motion, while having flashes of Max,Manticore , a crow, Max, Maria Alex, Manticore, a crow, Manticore, The group, Manticore , the crow, the crow.

# Liz being wheeled almost dead and Ben entering seconds after her
Ben: (With blood because of the shot) LIZ:::::LIIIIZZZZ……
Liz not reviving
Ben: What’s wrong with her.
Renfro: She’s dead.
Ben: SAVE HER…….
Renfro: we can’t (starting to turn of the monitor)
Ben: NO……NO…(getting out of the bed, and taking a guards gun, and taking Renfro hostage,) Give her a hearth then……
Renfro: We can’t…she’s and X5, she needs and X5 heart.
Ben; (pushing renfro away, and getting to Liz) Liz…..Liz….never give up….never let them break you…… I love you…(Ben pointing the gun to his head) ……X5288, I have a hearth for you, and he was dead, landing on top of a dead Liz.

-By this everyone was crying so hard, and some of them had their hands on their mouths, even Michel, Kyle the Sheriff and Phillip were crying very hard., Maria, Isabel, Nancy, Amy, Diane were on the floor because they couldn’t take it-


Next part it's going to be the continuation of her memories.
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Authors Note!!!!!

I'm very happy that you like it, I know it's sad, but everything Liz went through it's gonna make her stronger.

It's gonna be a difficult path for Liz, but like always she's going to make it.

I think it was Pandas2001 that asked me if Liz was gonna be the savior of the world because in DA Max was created for that.

In Mexico we haven't seen that episode, we're in the one where Max save the mermaid, gills girl I think it was. but I know a little bit of what's going to happen because I'v read the show description on the DA page.

So.....I'm not sure it's going to be exactly like the show
but...wel Liz it's my favorite so I am going to put her like the the one whos always waving hte day.....

About Ben, I don't want to tell everything, but there's a very good chance that I'm going to bring him, I'm still trying to see how to bring all the siblings, and later everyone it's going know (the gang) that Liz and Max are sisters, maybe I'm going to put like they were the special ones but I'm not sure, because of the flashes , they tell that Zack and Liz were very close, so maybe I'm going to put the three of them as real siblings, but that's going to work only if the love that Zack have for Max dissapear.

Well this are only ideas so if you give me your opinion in this it's going help me a ot

Well I got to go, I'm supposed to be in class.

Take care all of you

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A big HI to Pandas and Abby and to everyone else, sorry if I don't remember the nickname , but all the FB you give me makes want to writte more!!!!


PART 13 (AN some of this I take them from other shows, I hope you like it)

(Continuation of the memories)

#Liz waking up startled on a bed with a lot of machines connected to her, and Renfro was besides her.
Renfro: (turning up the volume of the heart machine) Do you hear that?
Liz: What’s that……
Renfro:Your brother Ben must have love you very much…
Liz: What are you talking about
Ben: He killed himself for you….(Liz with an anguish face hearing the BIP of the machine, and realizing what his brother did for her) (Renfro turning to leave)
That’s the heart of a true soldier Liz…….
(Liz relaxing on her pillow with tears on her face.)

#Liz practicing some moves.

#Liz fighting another soldier, and this taking her down.
S1: What’s the matter 269. (Holding her through her neck) Still recuperating.?
Liz: (getting angry) Bite Me!!!!
S1: They must have gave you a lousy heart!!!! (the soldier getting up, and Liz in the floor looking almost defeated, but the rage coming to her eyes, and then beating him)

Guard: (coming to them)…..269……director wants to see you.
Liz: (kicking the soldier one more time, and leaving)

#Liz with Renfro , and Liz very still like a soldier.
Renfro: state your designation…..
Liz remembering what they did to her.

--State your designation……LIZ my name is LIZ…….(the cube she was in, got smaller, because the roof went down a bit)……state your designation……kiss my transgenic ass…..(the roof going down, leaving her on her knees)……..How much can an X5 live without food…….6 to 8 day sir……call me on a week…..(Then closing the view of the cube Liz was in, and leaving a suffering Liz.)

Liz: X5-269
Renfro: You don’t fool me, I know your just going along.(walking to a window)….come, I want to show you something.
Liz: (going to her and seeing his brother Ben living thanks to all the machines)
Renfro: Your brother Ben….has been so useful to us……his hearth,(looking at her) as you know went to you….and Leaver and kidneys went to a soldier, injured on a mission.
(Liz still looking at him, almost crying, and Renfro going behind her to show her somethings.) …….
Renfro: Don’t you get it 269… are poison, every one that comes in contact with you dies ……Your sister Tinga ( showing her a picture a of a dead tinga)…….Your brother Ben (pointing to Ben)…..Brin is dead now, and Eva……that poor kid,…..she’s dead because you couldn’t help her………And now I’m gonna found where have you been all this time, and I’m gonna kill your friends and family…
Liz: You’ll never find them!!!!!!
Renfro: …..(looking up at her)….and then….you will be mine.

#Liz on her bed, waiting for the lights to go off
Guard: Lights out 269.
Liz getting up, and lifting her bed, where she had and iron flat bar, and beginning the process to cut the bricks……finding it very hard and looking defeated……but the determination coming to her…
Liz: LIZ… name it’s Liz…..

#Liz going to practice all days.

#Guard: (yelling to all the soldiers, and coming in front of her) EYES FRONT
(And she having a flashback of when she was little, and a guard screaming the same)

#Liz on her bed again, and the door opening, and a soldier that looked just like Ben coming inside.
X5: …….What?
Liz: Nothing….you look like someone I used to know.
X5: Well my designation it’s 287
Liz: He’s was 288, you must be his twin.
X5: (realization coming to him) oh your fellow traitor that went to another lab…
Liz: (angry) What do you know about him….
X5: I know that because of him I spent 6 months in Psy-Op, they wanted to make sure it wasn’t genetic the crazyness .he show when he was here.
After a moment
X5: Well lets get this over ( taking his shirt)
Liz: What are you doing?
X5: We’ve been paired up, you are my breeding partner
Liz: (In disbelief ) your WHAT?
X5: my breeding partner….
Liz: (taking two steps away) It’s crazy…….
X5: Your own fault, if you and your friends wouldn’t have blown the lab, they will still be making babies, and this wouldn’t be happening.
X5: HEY WE HAVE ORDERS (But Liz kicked him, sending him flying to the door) What was that for……
Liz: The only kind of physical contact you and I are gonna have.
X5: Hey I’m not thrilled about this either, you spent 9 years out there, in degradation….I could catch something.
Liz: (looking straight at him) What ever you need to tell yourself as long as we understand each other.
(This cause the X5 to laugh )
X5: ok, ok, don’t freak out on me…….(liz looking him strange)…..I took a Verbal Communication class for the assignments .
Liz: You mean the assassination.
X5: whatever…….(going to her bed)…..Why don’t you wake me up in an hour, we have time to kill.
Liz: (going to seat on a corner) sure…..
(Ben and Liz laughing because of what just happened)
X5; your cool 269

#Renfro : Word….
1 match: copulation successful sir….
Renfro : Word
2 match: copulation successful sir….
Renfro: Word
3 match: unsuccessful copulation sir…
Renfro: explain?
3 match: X5 343 didn’t complete minimal requirements sir .
(the guards taking him away)(Renfro coming in front of Liz.
Renfro: Word (silence) (Renfro ready to do something.)
X5: copulation successful sir……..twice….
Renfro: (Looking at Liz) Very good soldier, but tell me what would your boyfriend would think about this….

#Liz meeting Joshua in the basement .
Liz: easy….easy…..relax big fellow.
Joshua: you relax…..little fellow.
Liz: So what happened, to much canine DNA on you cocktail?
Joshua: (smelling Liz) CAT….cat in your cocktail
Liz: (smiling) Hey…don’t hold it against me….

#Liz: Why did you did it?
Alec: What?
Liz:telling Renfro that everything went well.
Alec: hoping that you would change your mind (receiving a slap)…..joking!!!!!!
Liz: Thanks…..
Alec: your welcome……Liz? Let me just ask you something…….Why do you want to leave so badly, you have a roof over your head, enough food, clothes….
Liz: Do you think Manticore takes care of you because of the goodness of his heart…..their using you.
Alec: They’re not using me.
Liz: Yes they are, everything they do to you, it’s for their own selfish reason, they don’t give a damn about you.

#more flashes about Joshua and Liz becoming friends.

#Renfro: Don’t you understand!!!! If your brothers and sisters, tell eyes only, to give our location, the committee it’s gonna get upset.
Liz: It’s not my problem.
Renfro: lisent to me, you….your are nothing to me…your just meat….If our location goes public, I’m going to burned this place down with everyone inside ….you are not important, what’s important it’s this (holding a diskette )

# Liz and alec are in her cell talking and Renfro and some guards come inside.
Renfro: You didn’t follow order soldiers….(the guards holding Alec and Liz, and inyecting something to them.
Liz: What the hell it’s this!! (getting angry, and her temperature going up)
Renfro: This is something that’s gonna help you get in the mood.
Alec:What are you talking about.
Renfro: I put you both in heat…I told you before, everyone follows my orders.
(Renfro and the guards Leaving a shacking Liz and Alec)
(Not being able to hold themselves no longer, and then kissing.

#Alec: (getting out of the cell ) I’m very sorry Liz….
Liz; (still on her bed, turning to look at the wall) It’s not your fault Alec….
Alec leaving the cell
Liz: (crying) I’m so sorry…..max ( and she began sobbing)

#Liz: I have to get out of here!!!
Alec: You wont make it to the fence…
Liz: Then help me..
Alec: I told you I don’t want problems.
Liz: look I know my family it’s going to attack Manticore again
Alec: How do you know that
Liz: I can feel it, I know them very well.
Alec: (thinking about it) What do you want me to do…

#Liz opening the cells because Manticore was exploding.

# Liz running up a hill, and turning to look at Manticore in flames, and a smile was beginning to form on her face. And watching her sibling fight .

#Liz: I want to stay and help.
Zack: you need to rest Liz.
Liz: I don’t want to go…..(crying)
Zack: (holding her) You need to…..and you know you need them.
Liz: (looking like a small child) I can’t face them…..I’m to ashamed
Zack: You have nothing to be ashamed of baby sister.

#Liz saying good bye to his brothers and sister.
Liz: take care….and look out for them, there’s a lot of us out there .
Max: you know we will (hugging her sister)

#Liz in a bus station, changing busses, but she had to wait 4 hours for the next bus.
Liz: (walking in a dark ally and hearing screams and someone fighting) Are you guys fighting?
Man 1: help me ….please, call the police….
Bad guy 1: get out of here girl.
Liz: you know fighting it’s not cool…
Bad guy 2: so you want to stay…….you asked for it
Liz fighting with them and knocking them , she started to walk away
Liz: you should go home.
Man 1: (very scared) How did you did that
Liz: That’s what I do…….
Man 1: But your just a girl……
Liz: (stopping and turning around with sadness all over her face) that’s what I keep saying. ….( and she began to walk again, and left.)

# Liz on her way home, and holding a picture of the blue lady.
Liz: I still trust you……please take care of them. (turning to look out of the window with a lost expression on her face)

And with that the blue light disappeared and left a very somber group.

Liz was crying so hard, letting out all the pain she has been feeling, Max was holding her, telling her everything was gonna be ok. No one could talk, they were to shocked because of all they saw, they couldn’t figure it out, how someone could take so much, and still be alive.

Liz: (sobbing) OH God I killed him, …….I killed my own brother …..

Max: ssshhh Liz…..that’s not true…

Liz: yes I did, ……..I’m a bad soldier……..I’m a bad soldier…..

Max:Your not a soldier Liz……

Liz: Then what am I, what kind of thing does that….

Maria: You are not a thing……your are our friend and we love you….

Liz started to cry even harder…..

They kept that way for a long moment. Suddenly Liz stopped crying and was standing up and walking away from Max.

Max: Liz???

Liz: I…….

Jeff: Sweety….what’s wrong..

Maria and Alex: Liz where are you going.

Liz: (watching them come closer) I need to take a walk, I can’t think straight…..

Nancy: Liz honey, I think you should go home and sleep. ( but Liz kept walking away from them)

Liz: I can’t sleep…

Max: why can’t you…

Liz: (starting to cry again but then change her face to an emotionless one) because every time I close my eyes I see it again, I feel it again……..I…I have to take some air.
(and she was walking out of the door, when she stopped not turning around)

Liz: They told me that emotions were weaknesses,…..but emotions it’s all I have……. And they always made me strong…………… Are you afraid of me?.

Nancy: Honey of course no.

(Liz turned to look at every person in there, and she didn’t saw any one afraid of her, Not even in Max parents or in Amy)

Liz: then this is the last emotion that was missing………..(and in a small voice, but that everyone heard) ………Acceptance. (And she left)

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It was a quiet group that was seating at the crashdown, after getting rid of Dan’s body, and Tess erasing the other two guys memories, they decide it that all of them went to the charshdown to wait for Liz and to explain the Evans’s more about Liz and explain everything to Amy, but they didn’t knew how to begin.

Amy: (breaking the silence) Am I dreaming?

Maria: No mom your not.

Amy: Then what happened in there and what did Tess did to Liz? Because I’m trying to get a logical answer but I just can’t.

Maria: Mom we’re the DeLuca’s we are not logical.

Amy: Maria….this is not time to joke.

Jim: You’re right Amy,……we can explain everything, but you just need to calm down.

Amy: I’m calm, if I wasn’t I would be running out of here screaming. (This comment made Maria laugh a little)

Maria: (everyone looking at her)…sorry.

Max: I can explain about what happened, but it’s two very different stories but at the same time, their the same……Ms. DeLuca, Tess, Isabel, Michel and me….we are aliens…..our ship crashed in 1947, we were in some pods until 1989, when we came out, we didn’t knew how to speak…we didn’t knew how to do anything for that matter……..Isabel and I got adopted by the Evans , Michel went to Foster care, because he run away when we were found…….

Amy: And Tess?

Max: She emerged from the pod after us, and Nasedo, our protector took care of her, we didn’t saw her again until last year.

Amy: Do….do you know where you come from?

Michel: (answering instead of Max) …yes….we’re from a planet called Antar, we used to live there, but we were other persons.

Amy: What do you mean other persons.

Max: We were royalty in there, I was the King,..Zan, Isabel was my sister, Vilandra, Tess was my wife , Ava and Michel was my second in command, Rath, but there was a war in there, and we were killed.

Amy: Oh my God, then how are you here?

Isabel: (speaking for the first time since what happened in the factory) we were recreated, they mixed alien DNA with Human DNA and we were put on the pods……

Amy: (thinking about all this) How did everyone found out….

Max: a little bit more than two years ago, Michel and I were here, when some one brought a gun and Liz got shot, and I saved her.

Amy: What?????? How?

Max: We have powers, special power, I can heal and put a shield if some one try to attack us, Michel, has the fire power, he can blast anything, Tess can mindwrap, that means that she can make people see and feel things that are not even there, and Isabel can dreamwalk, she can get into people unconscious when they are asleep, she can also blast but not like Michel, and together we can worked as a unit.

Amy: Ok… said you can put a shield and Michel can blow things, and you mention something about being attacked…….Why would someone attacked you?

Michel: Well that’s because our enemies came to earth but don’t worry we defeated them.

Amy: Wow….

Maria: Mom,…..there’s more to the story…

Amy: MORE….

Maria: yes….a couple of months ago there was a robbery in here and I got shot

Amy: WHAT????????? My poor baby…

Maria: calm down mom…..Max healed me….

Amy: Thank God…..

Maria: Mom……I was changed…..

Amy: what do you mean changed?

Max: When I heal some one I changed them, so they developed powers.

Amy: OH MY GOD……….wait a minute so Liz has them to?

Max: Yes….in fact she has been the only one to show any signs of them.

Amy: Who else?

Kyle: mmmmmmm….Me!!!

Amy: (a little worried) Alex?

Alex: Nope, I’m the only human teen left in the room….(everyone chuckled )

Amy: Well…..that explains a lot of things…..I guess……

Maria: Mom….are you ok with this?

Amy: yeah I guess, I only need it to settled down !!!

The group stayed quiet for a moment until Amy broke the silence again.

Amy: An what about Liz? ……..all the things we saw…….was ….was that real? (with a pained voice)

Nancy: Yes Amy… baby went through all that.

Amy: But…..But that was hell, how can she be ok, after all that? Where was she? What is she?

Jeff: I don’t really think she’s completely ok, no one that went through those kinds of stuffs can be ok, and she was in some government facility where they were trained, because they were created to be soldiers.

Diane: My God. That poor kid, she has done a lot of things for every one, she….she’s so strong.

Nancy: Yes she is………

Maria: she’s been always like that, she is the glue that hold us together….

(All the teens nodded)

Max: (very worried) But I don’t understand some of the things we saw. Why did she have those shakes.

Phillip: They were seizures, she told us that some of her siblings have them, because they have flaws on their DNA.

Max: But they are terrible……

Nancy: yes they are, she always got so scared when they happened, she said that she could die from them .

Kyle: But what causes them?

Jeff: I’m not sure, we never understood completely, but something about her brain not producing an amino.

Tess: Does she still have them? I mean since Max healed her?

Nancy: yes I’m afraid so.

Michel: But why couldn’t Maxwell healed them, I mean he could heal cancer!!!

Liz: (entering the dinner and everyone turning to look at her) because it’s in me, they’re part of my DNA, Max can’t change the DNA.

Jeff: Honey are you all right.

Liz: (sitting on a stool) yes Dad, thanks.

Nancy: Are you sure.

Liz: yeah….I think so. ( every one was quiet for a moment)…… you know, the escape wasn’t my idea……..I mean escape to what……I didn’t knew there was some thing out there…….. (every one was hearing her carefully)……. Nothing made sense to me, no one could do the things we could, not any kid I saw had a barcode…….then I got scared….. I was in an unknown territory ……we were trained to keep moving in this circumstances …… but, know that I think about it……. I’m happy I didn’t run……because being here…..being in this alien town, gave me my strength again……. ( Liz hand began to shake )…………mmmmmm(looking at them) ,Dad.?

Jeff: Honey what’s wrong?

Liz: the shakes…..their back ( and with that Liz felt to the floor shaking very hard)

Max: (catching her before she hit the floor completely) Liz? Liz? Answer me.

Jeff: let’s take her to her room… ( every one followed and went upstairs)

(Liz room)

(Liz was shaking harder)

Nancy: (looking in all her stuffs) Diane? Amy? Can you help me?

Diane: (very concerned) What can we do?

Nancy: help me look in Liz stuff for any Triptopan please? And Amy can you go to bathroom for some towels and water?, she will probably developed a fever.

Both mother’s move to do what they were asked to.

Maria: I’m going for some water for her……

Tess: I’ll go with you.

Isabel: Mom let me help you… ( they were looking everywhere for the pills but they didn’t found any thing)

Nancy: There’s nothing in here

Diane: neither in here.

Amy came in the room again with the towels.

Amy: (getting to Liz) Here sweety…..let’s cool you down (noticing that her fever was starting and was high)

Jeff was besides and so was Max, trying to help Liz.

Nancy: Jeff make some room, I need to talk to Liz ( holding Liz head)…..sweety……Liz…..LIZ….( having some reaction of her)……God she’s worst than the other times……Liz…..Where do you have your pills????……

Liz: (starting to get delirious because of the fever)…..I….don’t….have any…….I …..can…..hurts….much……

Jeff: God ….the only place that sells them it’s 3 hours away…

Nancy: you have to hurry up , she ‘s getting worst.

Jeff stood up, and got out of the room and out to the living room where the sheriff, Phillip, Michel Kyle and Alex were.

Max: (getting up to go with him) I’ll go…


That’s the only thing he needed and went to her side

Max: I’m here Liz….I’m here, I’m not going anywhere.

In that moment Maria and Tess came in with the water and some ice for Liz.

(In the Living room , Jeff was coming )

Phillip: Jeff!! What can we do to help?

Jim: Anything just ask !!!

Jeff: Well she doesn’t have the pills that she needs, and the only place that sales them it’s 3 hours away , and I’m going over there!!!!

Phillip: We’re going with you (they were walking out of the apartment)

Jim: (looking to the 3 kids that had expressions of pure horror and worry) You guys stay in here in case the girls need any thing.

Kyle: yes Dad, just hurry please ( and they left)

Kyle turned to look at Michel and he had a helpless expression and was pacing, Alex, had his face on his hands, and he could tell that he was crying.

Michel: (hitting a wall) Goddamit……she just save our lives AGAIN….and she’s in there…..probably….

Alex: Don’t say it….please just don’t say it !!!!! That would make it too real.

Kyle: ( grabbing a picture of Liz when she was like 10) It’s not fair……just look at her……( the two kids turned to look at him and the picture)……..she’s so small, and she’s been through so much…….How can something like this happen to HER…’s just not fair.

Alex: No it’s not……but life has never been fair to her .

Michel: she’s gonna make it, I know she will, that’s the way she is……..she has to make it, no one can loose her……

And they kept quiet with that statement, ‘they couldn’t loose her’.

(Back in Liz room)

Isabel: How is she doing? (Maria, Tess and her were sitting near the window just praying for Liz, Diane and Amy were near the door , Nancy was sitting beside Liz and Max was on the bed holding Liz hand)

Nancy: The same…….

Everyone knew she was the same, but that answer devastated them more. Then Liz cell phone began to ring.

Nancy: Some one should get that, it could be one of her siblings.

Maria went to answer to phone.

Maria: hello!!!!!

Alec: mmmm Maria? It’s that you.

Maria: Thank God you called Alec

Alec: What happened ? It’s Liz ok?

Maria: No she’s not, she is having a seizure and her Dad went to buy pills, but the only place that sells them it’s 3 hours away, and they left like 30 minutes ago, and she is getting worst…

Alec: Maria calm down ok, I’m in Roswell, I just got here, I’ll be there in five. (And with that he hung up)

Maria: It was Alec, he’ll be here in five minutes.

Diane: who’s Alec.

Max: (a little jealous) they guy that help her escape …..

(Every one understood who he was)
(In less than five minutes Alec came through her window)

Alec: how is she ( going to her)

Max: Bad….very bad, she has a temperature very high, the thermometer couldn’t even read it.

Alec: Ok….Does she has a tub in her bath room

Nancy: Yes….

Alec: I need some one to put all the ice you can find in there, we have to give her a cold shower, to get her temperature down.(Isabel, Tess, Maria, Amy , Diane and Nancy, began preparing the things)

(When the tub was prepared Max lifted her and took her there.)

Nancy: I know you only want to help (looking to Max and Alec) but I ‘m gonna get her undressed ok?

Max: (Not even realizing what he was about to do)……yeah …sorry, we are going out there, call us when she’s in.

Nancy: yes (said Nancy while closing the door.)

Because the bath room wasn’t that big, only Nancy and Maria got Liz undressed.

Nancy: (opening the door) she in there, what do we do know?

Alec: (looking around ) Where does she has her First aid kit?

Maria: In here?

Alec: (Went inside the bath room not noticing the glare Max gave him and look the things she had there) This is crap…..she must have some thing better in here.

Nancy: she always kept something under her bed…

Alec: (Looking under the bed ) Bingo…..(and he began preparing the thing to do a transfusion, and was about to put the needle in Liz)

Max: What the hell are you doing, maybe your not even the same type of blood.

Alec: (starting the transfusion) X5 are universal donors…….

Diane: Why are you doing a transfusion?

Alec: the seizures get because she cannot produce an amino, that we carry on the blood. I don’t have this problem, so if I gave her blood, I gave her the amino…….this wont take the problem away, but it can make the shakes less strong, and put down the fever.
But I need to bleed her a little, so her body can take my blood.

Nancy: Ok…..

Amy: I’ll go for something to put the blood in.


I hope you like it !!!!!!!

a little note to Pandas:::::: Girl you read my mind, in couple of chapters later on, she 's gonna have a little dilema, but I wont say anything else.....

And I'm still thinking about White!!!!!

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(The sheriff SUV)

Jeff: In the drugstore told me that they had like 5 bottles of triptopan..

Jim: That’s good…..that’s…good.

Phillip: How much long?

Jeff: we’ll be there in 30 minutes.

(they kept quiet for a while)

Phillip: God……this is so unfair……

Jim: I know what you mean.

Phillip: They’re just children…..they shouldn’t be living this…… they should be only worrying about the party next weekend…….or a date……not about the next enemy, or saving the world……My God, they’re just kids….

Jeff: I know Phillip….I know….

(Back at the house)

Alec: She’s better……..but what I did it’s not going to last for to long, maybe two hours most .

Nancy: Thanks……..Jeff must be here in like 3 and a half hours….

Max: I guess It was a good thing Manticore did when they made you all universal donors…

Alec: Yeha I guess, they thought this way if someone got hurt on a mission we could just do a transfusion and because we heal fast, everything would be ok…

Max: oohh…..

(Liz wasn’t that delirious, so she started opening her eyes)

Liz: (looking around but not focusing very well) where…am I…..

Max: Home Liz, your in home….

Liz: Max……

Max: Yes it’s me…..I’m here.

Liz: (turning and seeing Alec, but confusing him because of the fever) Ben…….

Alec: It must be the fever……(going to her side)…..No Liz it’s…

Liz: I’m sorry Ben……I’m so sorry……

Alec: You don’t have nothing to be sorry for, I’m not……

Liz: I wasn’t a good soldier…….you died because I wasn’t good enough in doing my mission….

Alec: Liz!!! You did your mission great…..Manticore it’s down…

Liz: (with tears ) But you are dead…..

Alec: I’m not Ben…….I’m alec…..remember? the twin……

Liz: (closing her eyes, and not hearing him) Ben…….

Amy: What’s wrong, what’s she talking about.

Maria: Mom….Alec it’s Ben twin, remember ? Ben, he killed himself to give his heart to Liz ( she said it in a low voice)

Amy: Ohhh…yeah…

Alec: wow, you already know the whole story….

Max: She just told us today…..she told us everything….

Alec: (knowing this was the ex,) Ohh….

Liz: Ben……why did you do it?

Alec: I think she is still delirious…

Liz: get the balloon………..thank you………..yes it was very …..nice…..

Max: I think she’s repeating her memories…..

Alec: What?

Max: the balloon!!!, it’s one of her memories.

Alec: (looking at him funny) How do you know…

Nancy: (answering so she could take the attention out of Max) she told us …..

Alec: Oohh…..

Liz:Ben……(turning to look at alec)……tell me a story………tell me about the high place….

Alec: mmmm Liz…….I’m not….

Isabel: she wont understand your not Ben, just go along with her, maybe it would help her ….

Alec: Ok…..mmmm Liz?

Liz: Tell me about the high place…

Alec: I don’t remember very well Liz……what’s the high place?

( In that moment, Kyle, Alex and Michel came inside)

Alex: How is she?

Isabel: better, but the fever it’s making her delirious….

Michel: what’s she saying?

Isabel: something abut a high place……

Kyle: What?

Tess: we don’t understand it either, let’s just hear what she says ok?

Liz: (opening her eyes again) you…..don’t remember?

Alec: (not knowing what else to say) sorry…….

Liz: It’s where all the good soldiers go to…….where no one get punished…….where no one disappears……..and no one gets beatings……where you can stay in bed as long as you want……it’s where we wanted to go Ben……..It’s the place I was trying to find when we escaped……

Alec: Did you found it?

Liz: No……There’s not a place in here high enough……But now we’re not going to go together……you died……..they did something to you…… your body…….

Alec: Liz……don’t worry about me……ok?

Liz: (getting very quiet, and staring at him)……that’s immposible….you….are my brother………………….Ben?

Alec: Yeah…

Liz: Do you think……….. that…….. maybe the high place ……’s up there……in the heaven ……….

Alec: I don’t know Liz…….Why ? do you think it’s up there?

Liz: yeah…….I do………

Alec: well……maybe it is there!!!!!

Liz: I …..wanted to tell you……

Alec: What?

Liz: I tried to go there once………

Alec: Really!!!!!! ……mmmm…..How?

Liz: someone……shot me……..and I……didn’t move…….

(Every one gasp with what Liz was telling, she was saying what really happened the day Max healed her, but in her point of view)

Liz: I felt it…….the bullet……..

(Alec was looking at Max and everyone, and he knew, that there was more to the story…..

Liz: but he saved me……..

Alec: He saved you?…..How?

Liz: He’s a healing man………Ben……..I saw him……

( Max was beginning to get red with embarrassment, and was a little worried that Alec was gonna found about them)

Alec: You saw his face?

Liz: I saw his soul………….I saw as he saw me……..and you know what?

Alec: (‘saw his soul’ what she’s talking about)…..mmmm…What Liz?

Liz: He saw me pretty……..he wasn’t afraid of me…….

Alec: that’s…..that’s great……he must be a good guy (looking at max)

Liz:he is………I really lo…..

(But she didn’t finished, because the seizures started again)

Alec: they’re back……..

Max: (holding her hand) Liz!!!!!! LIZ…….

Maria: Can’t you give her more blood or something??? ( very worried)

Alec: It won’t help…….the only thing that we have left it’s wait…. But someone go and bring her some milk !!!!!

Michel: Milk?

Alec: It helps…….

( Michel and Maria went for the Milk. Alex and Kyle were holding Isabel and Tess, that were crying)

( A minute later they came with the milk, Maria gave it to Nancy )

Nancy: (helping Liz to stand up a little ) Come on honey……..try to stay a little calm…..

(But Liz was shacking so hard that they couldn’t even get the glass near)

Alec: ok, let me help, ….Max!!! your going to give her the milk while I hold her…

( Alec was grabbing her head strongly, and Max was giving her the milk, they could give her half the glass, but that was all)

Isabel: do you think that’s gonna help? I mean, she spilled half the glass.

Alec: At least it will help control the fever .

Nancy: (sounding very tired) well….at least that better than nothing…..

Diane: (coming near Nancy) Nancy!!! Why don’t you try to rest a bit, it’s almost dawn ……

Nancy: I can’t……..why don’t you guys try to rest, Jeff and the others must be here in less than an hour……

(the kids didn’t want to go far, so they went out to the balcony and tried to rest, but no one was sleeping, Diane and Amy, went to the living room and try to rest too.

(30 minutes later.)

Jeff, Jim and Phillip came inside the room almost running.

Jeff: Nancy !!!!!!!

Nancy: Oh God you made it ……..

Jeff: ( he went to Liz) How is she…..

Nancy : Bad….. did you got the pills.

Jeff: yes, (taking out all the bottles) we brought the last five bottles.

(They gave almost a whole bottle to Liz, and every one was waiting to see any change, like 20 minutes later, the shakes stopped and the temperature disappeared almost completely)

Alec: (checking her ) She’s fine now….. ( every one let out the breath they didn’t even knew were holding.) She’s probably gonna sleep for a couple of hours, so if you want to go home or do whatever you people do……..I have to go to my apartment, can you please tell Liz to call me.?

Nancy: yes of course……..

Alec: thanks, well, I gotta go……. ( and he was out of the room and going down the balcony)

Max: Can I….can I stay here with her? (he said looking to Nancy and Jeff)

Jeff: mmmm…yes Max…….of course.

Phillip:We’re so happy that she’s fine know, but we need to go home and rest…

Jeff: yes of course, and thank you Phillip and Diane……

Diane: your welcome….but this are our children’s all of them, we will always be here for them.

Nancy: your right….thanks.

( When the Evans’s were gone, Jim and Amy said their good byes and left, the gang stayed with Liz, and Nancy and Jeff went to try and rest for a while)

(They all took places around Liz room with their significant others , and in less than10 minutes they were asleep, only Max that was still in Liz bed was awake, he had Liz in his arms)

Max: (looking at Liz and kissing her forehead) I love you Liz. ( and he fell asleep)

Liz: (that heard what Max said) I love you to Max.


I hope you like it !!!!

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It has been more than a week since the incident with Liz, every one was a little overprotective with her, and that was driving Liz crazy, she was begining to act more like her old self, but it was still hard for her. She was developing a great friendship with Alec, and that was making Max jealous.

( Crashdown. Sunday)
(Back room)

Liz: Dad!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff: Liz!!!, it’s not big deal, you have used this before….

Liz: yes I know, (looking through the window) but all my friend are out there…

Maria: so… we have all seen you in uniform…….Liz!!!… ..I’m wearing one…..

Liz: Yes ….I can see that, but ………oooooohhhhh ok, but if Alec says a thing I’m gonna kill him.

Jeff: (sighting and going upstairs) girls!!!!!!! It’s not big deal…

Maria: (When Mr Parker was out of sight) so you’re worried About Alec?

Liz: ( knowing what she meant) Not worried, I just know that his gonna say something, because this is not something we would normally wear..

Maria: Liz!!! You’ve been wearing this for a couple of years now….

Liz: Yes but… know… are right…’s nothing…….I’m just going out there, and take their orders…

Maria: (smiling) you should do that….

( In the dinner)

Tess: so what are we going to do today?

Isabel: I don’t know, maybe we could go to the movies…

Alex: that’s a good idea, we could have dinner and then a movie…

Alec: Don’t you get bored!!!!!!!??????

Kyle: No!!! Why?

Alec: well your always going to the movies!!!!!! There’s got to be something else in this town….( but he stopped talking when he saw Liz coming inside)…..OMG….hahahhahahha

(Everyone turned to look at what Alec was watching and Liz and Maria were coming but they couldn’t figure it out what was it exactly)

Liz: (her and Maria were standing in front of the group, and she knew why Alec was laughing so hard) Are you done? (a little annoyed )

Alec: Yes…..(looking her again) ……NO….hahahhahahah…..Parker!!! I can’t believe you are wearing that!!!!!!….hahahaahhahah

Liz: ( grabbing his throat) laugh again…..and your going to pay……. ( she said it in a joking and intimidating tone)

Alec: ok…ok….(Liz let go of his throat) …….but you look funny….(earning a glare for her)

Kyle: Are you guys fighting because of Liz uniform?

Alex: What’s wrong with it? A lot of guy think they look hot in that!!!! (now was Max turn to glare)

Alec: I really wouldn’t know about that……But Parker you have to admit that you look funny?…besides what are you going to do to me?….strangle me to death?…I don’t think so, your not strong enough for me….(he said it playing with Liz )

Liz: Is that so????? You think you’re a hot shot or something?

Alec: Well yeah……..

( The daring didn’t went unnoticed by the rest of the group)

Liz: Are you daring me?

Alec: I don’t know…are you daring me?

Maria: (telling to the rest of the group) I don’t like this, if Alec is as strong as Liz they’re gonna kill each other

Max: No one is daring no one…..(turning to Liz)….He could hurt you…

Alec: See, he knows who’s better …(laughing )

Liz: Ha…..the last time we fought, you ended up kissing the floor !!!!!!

Isabel: You beat him??? (Not believing it)

Liz: (looking that no one really thought she did) Why? Is that so unbelievable ….

Michel: Well not that I want you kicking my ass, because I know what you can do…..but he’s and X5 too, they probably made the guy stronger…..

(This made all the girl fume )

Alec: (knowing that that last coment made Liz furious, and he was the one who probably was gonna suffer) …..mmmm..well not really!!! …..and Liz you know I’m joking ……right?…….right?

Liz: ( she was read because of how angry she was)……you know partner?

Alec: (he didn’t like it when she called him partner, because that meant business) What?….

Liz: we haven’t trained since Manticore??…….we need to train , I think we’re getting out of shape.

Alec: (All the guys noted that he got a bit nervous) …But you look great…..did I told how great you look?

Liz: (smiling)…yes we are getting out of shape…..What do you say if we go to the desert to train after I finish my shift? Uuhh?

Alec: I don’t…..

Liz: (getting up and glaring him) You better be there at 800 Alec!!!!

Alec: (defeated) …ok

Liz: (smiling again) ok!!!…now that that’s settled, I’m going to work….( and walked away)

Alec: Thanks Michel!!!!! (glaring at him)

Michel: What??? It’s not like you can’t take her down..

Alec: Michel has she ever hit you before?

Michel: No….

Alec: Then you don’t know what kicking ass means!!!!…..I’m going out of here, I have to prepare myself mentally for my death…. ( and he left them)

Max: I don’t like this!!!!!, he could hurt Liz!!!

Tess: Do you really think it could get that bad?

Alex: It seems like it can…..

Kyle: Do you think we could go and see them?

Maria: I don’t know ,we could ask Liz!!!!

Max: Maybe we should convince her not to do this!!! (getting very worried )

Liz: (coming again to take their orders) Hey !!! I forgot to ask you guy what do you want to eat?……(everyone was staring at her)…….What?……Do I have something on my face?

Max:’s not that……are you sure that training with Alec it’s a good idea?

Liz: mmmmmm….I don’t know…..(making like she was thinking about it)…..yeah….it is-…

Maria: But you could get hurt?

Liz: Don’t worry nothing it’s gonna happen , we are just going to train, it’s not like I’m going out for blood.

Kyle: Can we go and see?

Liz: I don’t know……

Kyle: please!!!!

Liz: ok…..but don’t make a big deal about it, it’s just training.

Kyle: ok.

( Later that day, the desert)

Everyone went together, but Liz and Alec went in their motorcycles, and in all the way the were speeding and racing, in one time when the Jeep and the SUV were driving side by side, Alec and Liz leveled themselves with them.

Maria: (screaming) Are you crazy, stop going that fast, your gonna kill yourself

Max: (screaming too) Don’t do that !!!! it’s dangerous.

Liz: (screaming) It’s ok, nothing it’s gonna happen.

Alec: (trying to push Liz buttons) Of course nothing it’s gonna happen , she drives like an old lady. She can’t even do a wheelie (and he speed away)

Liz: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! I?M GOING TO KILL YOU. (And she went after him faster than before.

Maria: They’re gonna kill each other.

Max: better we hurry up.

( The desert when the Jeep and SUV arrived Alec and Liz were there laughing while they warm up for the training )

Max: (going to Liz) Are you ok?

Liz: (smiling because of his concerned face for her) yeah Max, I’m ok.

Alec: Come on…….let’s get this over ok!!!!!

The next hour and a half the gang saw with open mouths, how Liz and Alec went through all the training , doing very difficult stuff. There were moments when they thought that Liz was winning but to only have Alec do a move that took him out of the mess and it was the same with Liz, she would get stuck in something and then get herself out of the mess, you couldn’t tell who was doing better. But the gang knew someone was going to go down so this training session could end.
All the group was shocked at the way they were training, they could do some amazing things, and in moments they couldn’t see them very well because of how fast they could move.

In the next couple of minutes the fight ended when both Alec and Liz kick each other in the same spot sending each other flying backwards because of the impact it cause. They landed with a loud thud, they jump up in action and that’s when they knew it was a never ending fight.

Alec: Ok Parker, we can call it a truce!!!!!!!!! My butt hurts ……..

Liz: (laughing) Yeah !!! I think your right, that last move we made send us crashing to the floor.

Alec: Your good Parker……You and Maxie girl fight a lot alike….

Liz: Yeah my brothers say the same….(they were walking to where the others were)

Kyle: Liz?

Liz: yeah….

Kyle : remind me to never piss you off, you weren’t lying when you told Michel you could put us on a wheelchair !!!!!!!

Liz just laugh at what he was saying…

Maria: chica you rock!!!!!!!

Tess: You know I thought I knew about self defense, but what you two did was amazing.

Alec: You know self defense??

Tess: Yeah Why?

Alec: for nothing, you just don’t look like the girl who could kick someone.

Kyle: (while Tess was shrugging off Alec commentary ) Yeah well you never know when they can need it.

Max: (whispering to Liz) Are you sure you’re ok? Do you want me to cheek you ?

Alec: (hearing this and thinking that it was strange) You always tell her that, like if you could heal her or something?

Liz: Alec!!!! Don’t put your nose where’s not called!!!!

Alec: whatever!!!! It’s just odd, like if he was the healing man you were talking about when you were sick!!!!! (everyone went quiet, and everything started to make sense to him)…..hey…your that guy she was talking about……what are you?

Liz: (knowing that Alec knew to much, and besides she trusted him) Max!!!(looking at him) You know our secret he should know yours, you can trust him !!!!

Max: (knowing that he could trust Liz judgement) Ok…….Alec !!!…I’m and alien…., Michel, Isabel, Tess and me.

Isabel: (helping his brother explain this again) we were in the crash in 1947, we are hybrids.

Michel: we are from a planet called Antar, we were royalty in there but we were killed.

Tess: they recreated us , and brought us to earth, we have different powers.

Alec: ( now understanding some of the things that he had been overhearing) Wow…that’s… I guess.

Michel: Your not impressed or something (not believing that he like Liz took this that well)

Alec: Well not exactly , I’ve seen weird thing in Manticore, thing that doesn’t look like you or me, they look like nothing you’ve seen before.

Alex: I don’t even want to go there, but now I know why Liz never was that impressed with all the things we’ve seen.

Liz: (after a moment) So now you know Alec!!!!! They’re like us, just trying to live a normal life.

Alec: I can tell.!!!!!........It's just great to finally know it, because I was starting to think that you were kinda weird!!!!!!

Liz: Oh shut up Alec!!!! (laughing)

Max: I think it’s time for us to go it’s getting late and tomorrow it’s a school day.(traying to break this friendly display of Alec and Liz....he got very jealous with them )

With that they left and went to rest for the next day.


I hope you like it !!!!!

Next Part it's going to have some Liz and Max bonding !!!!! about some suspicions Liz has !!!
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I haven't been able to post a new part !!!!!!

I'm a little blocked now, but maybe tomorrow I'm gonna be able to do it !!!!!!!

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PART 17.

( A week later)

Max POV.

God I’m gonna kill Isabel!!!!!!! Who does she think I am? Her maid or something. I can’t believe I’m going in there and buy her this things, I’m gonna look great trying to figure out which one has the wings or not wings, why do they even have wings!!!!!??? I really hope I don’t find anyone I know in there….of course no one it’s going to be there at this hour, every one it’s sleeping except for me!!!!!! ……….Did I mention that I’m going to kill my sister, I prefer to fight with a bunch of skins than this. Really !!!! I do!!!!

Well I’m here!!!! Time for the show……..

Max: ( walking between line and line, looking for the pads for Isabel, but he bump with someone) Ohh sorry I didn’t looked where I was walking sor….(looking to the person in front of him) Liz!!!!!!!!!!

Liz: (‘OMG I can’t believe that I found him in here!!’) Max!!!!! What….what are you doing in here?

Max: (blushing while he shows her the pads) Isabel send me, you don’t want to be in her wrong side when she PMS-ing. (Liz laugh)…….yeah !! what are you doing in here.?

Liz: (looking everywhere but him) I was….mmm….I just….I’m not sleepy….so…I decide to take a walk…..

Max: (noticing how nervous she got) Here????? In the 24/7??????……

Liz:mmmm yeah…….it’s a nice place!!!! Don’t you think?

Max: Liz!!! What’s wrong?

Liz: (defeated ) I came to buy something I need!!!!! (Pointing to a couple o boxes that were behind Max)

Max: ( looking behind him ) Your going to buy…(his eyes got wide) …a…a pregnancy test?

Liz: (looking at the floor ) yeah !!!!!……I’m …I’m sorry.

Max: (going to her and holding her by her shoulders) Don’t be….it’s not your fault…..Do you…Do you want me to be with you while you do whatever you need to do (he asked with pleading eyes)

Liz: (looking at him, with watery eyes) Would you? Please?

Max: Of course Liz, I’ll be there with you if you want me , always!!!!

Liz: (giving him a little smile) thanks.

Max: Did you came walking or in your motorcycle?

Liz: walking -!!!! I needed to think .

Max: ( taking her hand) Come lets pay for this!! And then we go to my house and leave this, and we go to your house ok?

Liz: Yeah !!! ok!!!

They paid for the things they went to buy, and got in the Jeep to leave the things for Isabel. When they were on their way to Liz house……...

Liz: I am so scared Max!!!!!

Max: Don’t be, I’m here, I will always be here, and I want to be with you in the good ones and the bad ones.

Liz: I’m sorry Max!!

Max: (parking in the ally behind the crashdown) I told you Liz you have nothing to be sorry for, it’s not your fault. (taking her hand) Come on, lets find out if your suspicions are correct.

(They went to Liz room)

Liz: (taking the box) I don’t even know how to use one of this.

Max: (taking the box) ok….let me see this!!!…….mmmmm (he looked like he was concentrating very hard)……..ok I don’t get it.

Liz: (laughing a little) I think it’s better if I read it!!!!………….ok…….well , I’m going to the bathroom to do this, it says that in five minutes we would have the results.

Max: ok

(Liz went inside and in a couple of minutes later they were waiting for the result)
(Max and her were in the bed laying side by side looking at each other)

Liz: I want to cry…..I’m so scared

Max: (taking the hair out of her face and putting it behind her ear) then cry Liz… have the right to be scared…..

Liz: This is not the way I pictured having a baby…..I care about Alec, I do, he’s one of my best friends…..but I don’t love him, what I’m I going to do, this is not the way I picture my first baby………..(and the tears began to flow)…….can I tell you something and promise me you wont think it’s stupid and laugh …..

Max: Nothing you say it’s stupid Liz…..

Liz: I wanted to have a baby ….with your eyes and your smile….(and she flung herself to him like if he was a life line)…….I really wanted that……

Max: (holding her and with tears in his eyes) me too Liz… too.
(the clock for the pregnancy test made the sound telling them that the test was ready)

Liz: (she stopped crying) I think it’s time for the truth…..

Max: (giving her hand a squiz) everything it’s going to be ok Liz….I’m here.

And Liz got up and began to walk to the bathroom but she stopped in front of the door.

Liz: Would you come with me please?

Max: of course (and he entered the bathroom with Liz)

Liz: (taking the stick ) How many lines does it supposed to have

Max: /looking at the instructions) one you’re not pregnant and two you are…..(looking at her for her reaction)

Liz: (laughing) God!!!! Nothings ever easy!!!!!

Max: Why what happened?

Liz: It has three lines Max!!!!!……three!!!!

Max: What!!!! (taking the stick)…..ok…..mmmm why is that!!!!

Liz: Maybe because I’m different!!! …hell I don’t know!!!

Max: Well I can try a connection and look for another heartbeat in your body, I can see if there’s another presence in you.

Liz: (smiling a little) ok…I guess it’s the only way !!!

Max: (going to her, and putting his hands on her face) just relax ok!!!

Liz: (looking at his eyes) ok,

° A 5 years old Liz and a 7 years old Max, standing in a cell and the a man caressing their hair and telling them that they were his specials ones, his special girls°
° A six years old Max breaking his pod, and looking outside and seeing Michel for the first time. Then turning and seeing Isabel.

Max tried to put aside the flashes and focused in looking for the second heart beat, he made his ways through Liz body, making her feel warm everywhere, when he finished he broke the connection.

Max: (looking at her eyes and caressing the side of her face with his thumb) Liz….

Liz: (getting a little nervous ) What did you see Max?

Max: (smiling ) everything it’s ok, your not pregnant…

Liz: (smiling and jumping) Oh my God Max….Oh my God. ( and she jumped to his arms)

After Max gave her the news and Liz jumped to his arms, they decided to go to the balcony and talk for a while, because none of them were sleepy.

Liz: Thank you Max!!!!!

Max: (giving her a small smile ) your welcome.

Liz: I feel like someone took the weight out of my shoulders….

Max: yeah…..I guess……………..Liz?

Liz: (turning to look at him) Yeah!!!

Max: I saw a flash of you when you were like 4 or 5…

Liz: (with a frown ) What was about?

Max: You were with another girl, and a man came and told both of you, that you were specials. The other day we saw a memory that was the same but in that you were the only one in the room.

Liz: (thinking about it) I didn’t knew who he was, but he used to take me and Maxi, sometimes I was alone or sometimes it was only Max, but he was always nice with us, and he always told us the same thing!!!! But he stopped going when I was 6, Joshua told me that he was his father, his name is Sandman!!! But he never knew why he left, he probably died, but I don’t really know.

Max: He looked like someone important

Liz: he was, Joshua says that he created us.

Max: wow ( after a moment of silence) …Liz?

Liz: yeah

Max: I know that you must feel , I don’t know shaken up, but I just want to say that you are Liz Parker for me, the girl a fall in love with, and that I still love.

Liz: But that’s the thing Max, who is Liz Parker?, I’m not her!!!!!

Max: What do you mean.

Liz: When I became Liz Parker, I formed this path, this perfect plan, be the perfect daughter, the straight A student, the science nerd, the future valedictorian and the candidate to Harvard, but it was just my cover, so no one would notice what I really was, where I came from…..but at the same time, I run away from what I was, the perfect soldier, the human machine, the mission I had, because my heart wasn’t in that either…..and now, I’m here, talking to you, and , I don’t know who’s the person staring at me when I look at the mirror…..I don’t know if I make any sense, but I feel like I’m my own worst enemy, because I don’t know my self, and that’s so irritating ………..and I thing I’m going to shut up know because I’m rambling…

Max: (smiling) I do understand you, that ‘s how I used to feel, in a way, but maybe you just need to follow your heart, and learn to know yourself again………..And Liz, I don’t care if your Liz Parker, or this X5- I don’t know the number.. but you are the person I love, because I know you, the real you, your soul, and I fall in love with that person.

Liz: (smiling) thanks for saying that…..but I just need some time, to know me!!!!

Max: all the time you need Liz, I’m going to be here with you, knowing the person you really are with you…….(they kept quiet for a couple of minutes) …it’s late and you and I need to sleep, is it a problem if I stay here.

Liz: It’s ok, we can stay in here, or you can sleep in my bed, I’m not sleepy, so I’m going to stay out here.

Max: Why don’t you try and sleep for a couple of hours.

Liz: Max…..I don’t like to sleep anymore…(getting a little sad)

Max: Do you still have nightmares?

Liz: Yeah “!!!!!

Max: (getting up and going to her) Come on…

Liz: What!!!!

Max led her to her bed , he prepared the bed and took his shoes of, then he took Liz in his arms while praying that his actions wont scare her, and placed both of them on her bed.

Max: (While Liz was in his arms resting) Now just try to sleep…

Liz: Max I…

Max: Sssshhhhhh, just close your eyes and rest….

After a couple of minutes he heard her breathing calm down and he knew she was asleep.

Max: (kissing the crown of her head)Sweet dreams Liz…I love you so much.

And this was the first night since she escaped that she slept without having a bad dream .

sorry it took me this long !!!!

But I hope you like it !!!!!!!!

Take care ok !!!!! all of you !!!

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Sorry for the delay !!!!!!!
But I'm in finals !!!! and I'm stressing out !!!

But I really hope you like this part !!!!!


It was a nice Saturday in Roswell, the whole gang and Alec, that now was a part of the group, was in Liz house, they were hanging there, just talking, Kyle, Isabel, Tess, and Michel were watching a movie, Alec, Liz, Max, Maria and Alex were in Liz room, because Alex was installing some equipment .

Alec: ( with a mouth full of popcorn) So tell me again why do you have all this fancy equipment Liz?

Liz: Don’t talk with your mouth full Alec!!!!!!!

Alec: yes MOM !!!!!!! (wining some laugh from the others)

Liz: shut up!!!

Alec: you didn’t answer my question!!!!

Liz: Logan buy me all of this, so Max and I can keep in contact.

Alec: Why you, and not Jack , Zane , Jondy or Josh they are all settled in some place like you!!!

Liz: Because no one would suspect if I have this fancy equipment as you named it !!!

Maria: Why would they suspect them with this!!!

Liz: Well Zane and Jack work as mechanics, Jondy is a waitress and Josh is a deliver boy, they don’t earn the amount of money to be able to buy something like this, not even I’m able to buy something like this.

Max: If you want to keep in contact with her why don’t you just call her.???

Alex: I want to answer that.!!!!!!!!!…….you see Max, with this magnificent baby you can do a lot of cool stuffs like using the camera and talk to some one about important stuff and with my and Logan’s help, no one its going to hack anything, so it’s going to be secure..

Max: Oohh……

Alec: Well that’s convenient !!!!!!!

Liz: yeah !!!! is it ready Alex:???

Alex: just in a sec……..there!!!1 it’s ready!!!

Liz: (going to the computer) What do I need to do ?

Alex: well that depends on what do you want, do you want to talk to them with the camera?

Liz: yeah !!!!!!

Alex: You just need to …..( he showed her what to buttons to press in the different things she could do)

Liz: Thanks!!!!!

Maria: Can we stay and meet your sister?

Liz: sure….

The screen was black until Max appeared but because the camera wasn’t focused she couldn’t see Liz.

MaxG: (not knowing that they were already watching) What do I need to do Logan ??

Logan: they are already watching!!!!

Max: Oohh……….Liz (not seeing her)

Liz: (focusing the camera) (laughing) Hey Maxi!!! Sorry I didn’t put the camera right!!!

Max: (smiling) that’s ok, How are you baby sister?

Liz: good!!!! And you?

Max: as good as I can!!!!! Is Alec there?

Liz: yes…..

Max: Is he being a pain in the butt.

Alec: (coming to the computer) Hey !!! I resent that.

Max: yeah yeah whatever….(smiling)

Liz: Maxi I want you to meet my friends…..(looking at Alec) Can you go and bring the others ?

Alec: Yeah !!! ( and he was out of the room)

MaxG: Liz!!! Do your friends know ? (not knowing they were there)

Liz: yeah I told them everything a couple of weeks ago. And it’s safe I trust them with my life.

MaxG: Ok that’s good!!!!……………So where are they?

Liz: (motioning to Alex, Maria and Max to come) This is Maria, my best friend, this is Alex my best friend too, and this is Max!!!!! I told you about them remember.

MaxG: Hey !!! I finally have a face with the names!!!!

The three of them were saying they hello’s when the others came inside.

Liz: Maxi and this are Kyle, Tess, Isabel and Michel, Michel it’s Maria’s boyfriend, Isabel it’s Alex girlfriend and Kyle and Tess are a couple!!!!

MaxG : Hey !!!!!

Isabel: You know you and Liz look so much a like.!!!

MaxG: (she and Liz were smiling) thanks, well maybe it’s because we have the same mother!!!!

Maria: really !!!! so you are real sisters? That’s so cool

Tess: Does the rest of your sibling were of blood or only the two of you?

MaxG: Well we are three, Zack it’s also our brother, but we don’t look anything alike, he’s blond, Krit and tinga were brothers, , Eva and Jondy, Brin and Zane, Josh and Jack, and Syl and Ben. But some of them did look alike.

Isabel: So if Ben and Alec were twins that means Alec has a sister, Syl

Alec: yes I do !!!!! I met her when we escaped, nice girl!!!!!!

Liz: So how is Logan ?

MaxG: like always, kinda paranoic!!!! ( In the background….’hey I heard that)

Logan: (coming to the screen ) Hey Liz!!! Don’t lisent to your sister!!!!

Liz: (laughing) ok……so how is everything in there, it’s there been any problems?

MaxG: Well …some…

Liz: What happened?

Max: Since all the transgenic escaped, a new bad guy appear in our lives!!!

Liz: Who?

MaxG: I think he’s name it’s agent White!!!

Liz: agent? For who does he work?….

MaxG: That’s what we are trying to investigate, because he knew about Manticore, it must be something very secret. But his main goal is kill us all…

Liz: Does the others know about this.

MaxG: Zack knows, he’s going to meat them and I convince him to let us stay together, so we can form a plan, but we need to find a place, because Seattle it’s to dangerous.

Liz: Why don’t you come to Roswell, it’s far enough, they wont look for us in this place I hope, and if anything happens, we are close enough to the border, so we can blaze!!!!

MaxG: It’s a good idea, I’ll tell Zack, but I’m almost sure he’s gonna say yes, he’s always looking for a way to go and see you.

Liz: that’s our big brother!!!!!…… when do you think you’ll be coming?

MaxG: I’m not sure maybe in two weeks.

Liz: great , I’ll make all the arrangements, I don’t think you should be staying in a hotel, they could trace us in there, so the guys are staying with Alec….That’s ok right Alec?

Alec: sure, I have two guest rooms and a couch!!!!

Liz: great !!! and Syl Jondy and you are staying with me, we have a guest room with two beds, and you can stay in my room!!!!

MaxG: I’m going to tell Zack tonight when he calls………(touching the screen) you know, this would be the first time when we’re going to be all together.

Liz: (touching the screen too) I know.

MaxG: Well baby sister I got to bounce, I have to go to work, Normal it’s probably freaking out by now.

Liz: (giggling) ok, say to Original Cindy and Sketchy Hi!!! Ok?

MaxG:ok……..I’m glad your better Lizzy !!!!! (in a low voice) it broke our hearts to see in your eyes what they did to you .

Liz: yeah !!!! (looking away) but I’m holding up, I’m doing my new mission, the one you told me to do. Living my life!!!!

MaxG: (smiling) I’m glad your following orders.(joking)

Liz: (smiling again) Yeah me too.

MaxG: Well……see you in two weeks Liz, take care, and don’t let Alec be a pain in the ass ok.

Alec: Hey !!!!! you are a pain in the ass too….

MaxG: BYE ALEC , Logan says bye.

Liz: Bye Logan !!!

And the screen went black.

Liz: (with a smile from ear to ear) Well I have to plan a family reunion!!!!

Maria: It’s great that they are coming, if you need any help just ask ok?

Liz: Thanks.

Michel: sorry to break the happy moment, But why do you think this White guy it’s going after you?

Liz: I’m not sure, but he must be working with someone very powerful, because Manticore, wasn’t something the FBI,CIA or any other agency knew about.

Max: Liz we want to be there with you, helping in everything we can.

Liz: Max this is dangerous.

Max: I know, we know, but danger, it’s something we’ve been living all of our life, besides we can take care, and we might be able to help.

Alex: Liz, Max has a point, besides we are a group, and we’ve always take care of each other.

Liz: I know your just trying to help, but this is more dangerous, do you have any idea what would they do to you.

Tess: We are a team, you have always been there for us, now we want to be there for you.

Liz: (not expecting that from Tess) mmmm…thanks….but it’s not my decision to make !!!!

Kyle: What? Of course it’s your decision?

Alec: No it’s not, maybe we’re not in Manticore anymore, but we learn to work as a unit, well they learned to work that way !!!!!

Max: Are you saying someone else it’s going to decide this?

Liz: Yes…

Michel: who!!!

Liz: my brother Zack, he’s the commander office, he’s our leader.

Maria: Maybe if you explain everything to him, he’s going to say yes!!!!

Liz: I don’t think so !!!

Isabel: What do you mean you don’t think so !!!!, we can do a lot of stuffs too, things that can help in what ever you need.

Alec: (knowing that they didn’t get what Liz was trying to say) Ok…let me explain this !!!!,Zack it’s not only the leader, and the one who takes care of everyone, HE is also LIZ…BIG BROTHER !!!!, and let me tell you, he sure acts like one, and a very overprotective one!!!

Michel : and the point is!!!!

Liz: You don’t know him!!!!, and it’s not only him, all my brothers, are very overprotective of us, the girls, and there’s only four of us left, so they hang to us, well we all hang to us like a life line !!!!………..Zack, was the one, who saw me when I left, he saw all the….the pain I was feeling (she looked at the others, and only saw regret on their eyes).

Max: I guess that wont help to change they way he sees me!!!!

Michel : I don’t think it’s going to be only you….

Liz: sorry…..but I’m going to talk to him, maybe if I really talk to him, about some aspect of everything, he’s going to be more willing to let you help.

Tess: don’t be sorry, I think it’s time for some of us, to realize how bitchy we were with you, I for once I’m sorry for everything I made you go through , and not only you, everyone in this group.

Isabel: I’m sorry to, I always treated you , Alex and Maria, in a cold way, not caring what you were thinking.

Max: I’m sorry to, for they way I treated you, and for judging you when I thought you were having something with Kyle…..I’m very sorry.

Michel: (looking at the others that were looking at him) I think it’s my turn….look Liz, you know I’m not very good at this, but I’m sorry to, for not paying more attention, to what was happening, because I knew that I could trust you completely, since….well, what the hell, since I stole your journal (everyone gasp with that knowledge, except for Tess and Kyle, and of course Alec, because they weren’t part of the group then)

Maria: You stole it !!!!!!!

Alex: Hey !!!!!! they thought it was me…..

Liz: (laughing) ye he did, but that’s ok, and it’s ok, I understand why you did what…you did, we are ok now….

Alec: Okkk. This heart to heart talk it’s freaking me out….so I’m going to eat some ice cream….(going to the door) Any one wants some?

Everyone said their no thanks.

Liz: (yelling) don’t you dare to eat the Vanilla ice cream, it’s MINE!!!!!

Everyone was sitting around, talking about everything and nothing , just enjoying themselves, when they heard Alec scream !!!!

Liz: Alec!!! ( everyone run to the kitchen, following Liz lead)

In the kitchen

Alec: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH You scared the shit out of me !!!!

Person: sorry….I came looking for Liz !!!

Alec: yeah I’m sure… (Liz entered the kitchen with everyone else behind)

Liz: Joshua !!!!!!!!!

All the group had their mouths open, by the sight of this guy, they’ve already see him in the memories of Liz, but it was a whole different story having him in flesh and bone, in front of them in the kitchen.

Joshua: hey …little fellow.!!!!

Liz: (going to hug him) hey big fellow.!!!! What are you doing hear ????

Joshua: (smiling to this little girl, that looked even smaller in his arms) I came looking for you, I missed you…

Alec: (giving him a little pat on his back) hey man !!!!! nice to see you here, no one saw you right, because in this little town everyone freaks with everything.

Joshua: No…no one saw Joshua, no one freak…out.(looking at the others) well maybe only them (pointing them)

Liz: (turning and giving them a glare, telling them to close their mouths)They’re not freaking out, Joshua !!! Right Guys!??

Alex:, of course not, it’s just that….well we are knew in this !!!!

Joshua: I understand… name it’s Joshua!!!

Alex: Hi I’m Alex!!!!, and this is Isabel, Tess, Maria, Kyle, Max, Michel!!!!!

Everyone, said their hellos, and made small talk with him.

Liz: I’m glad that you are here Joshua, and I missed you too, but what are you really doing here?

Joshua: I have a small lead to Father!!!!!

Alec: Father? That Sandman guy !!!

Liz: (she made eye contact with Max) Is he alive?

Joshua: I think he is, he moved out from Seattle…

Alec: Where is he?

Joshua : here!!!

Liz: (in disbelief ) IN Roswell !!!

Joshua: I don’t know, he’s in New Mexico

Liz: And you want me to help you find him…

Joshua: yes ….please!!!!!

Liz: (thinking about it) ok Joshua!!!!! We’re going to find him!!!, and I know the perfect guy, who can helps us. (he turned to look at him)

Alex: Who!!! ME.


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PART 19.

Liz Room. A couple of days later.

Alex: Ok we have 20 Sandman’s in New Mexico, that’s good, because this is a big state….

Liz: An where are they?

Alex: Well 6 in Albuquerque, 4 in Clovis, 4 in Las Cruces, 3 in Santa Fe, 2 in Socorro and 1 here in Roswell…..I can get a lot of information in this people, but not a photo. (A.N. I don’t know if you really can have pictures , but let’s just say that they can’t)

Liz: (thinking about it) Well everyone it’s getting here in 10 days, I’m going to ask Alec to help, because it’s dangerous to take Joshua, and we’re starting in here, and if he’s not the guy, we’re going to Socorro then Santa Fe, Can you find where does he live exactly and then we can check what kind of security he has, if he has any .

Alex: Yeah sure, I can get it in a couple of hours, are you going to Joshua’s new place?

Liz: Yeah , all the guys are there, Isabel, Tess and Maria, said they wanted to decorate the place.

Alex: It was nice of the Sheriffe to let him stay in his cabin outside of Roswell.

Liz: yeah it was, that place it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s going to be safe.

Alex: ok….I’m going to stay in here, and when I finish I’ll go over there, and give you the information I find.

Liz: Ok, then I’m going to leave. Bye Alex, and thanks !!!!

Alex: no problem.

(In the Cabin )

The girls were cleaning and decorating the small cabin, Kyle, and Max were moving some furniture and Alec, Michel and Joshua were talking.

Alec: since when do you do this stuff?

Joshua: since yesterday..

Michel: (standing next to Joshua that was in the middle) It’s good!! The colors are a mixture of sadness and happiness.. and who’s that? ….is that Liz?

Joshua : ( when the others heard that Liz was in the painting , they formed a circle around it to watch it) Yes ….it is, but I’m not done in painting her.

Maria: what are you trying to do, paint her three times?.

Michel: It’s more than that Maria….

Tess: I don’t get it.

Kyle: me neither.

Isabel: You have to look at the colors to try to understand it .

Max: but the colors tell you different things.

Alec: What are you trying to say Joshua.?

Joshua: (looking at his painting and then turning to look at them) this group of color….show you how sad Liz was and even now she’s still a little, it gives you a feeling of discipline….

Alec: your telling about how we lived in Manticore…

Joshua: yes….see how the….. the textures and shapes gives the illusion of a face.

Tess: But it’s a sad face.

Alec: yeah well there was nothing happy in there…

Joshua: no there wasn’t…….and this other side has happy colors but mixed ….I made them look kinda….

Max: false..!!!!

Joshua: exactly….

Kyle: False!!!! What are you saying!!!!

Joshua:This was the life she lead when she escaped.

Maria: What!!!! She’s not false!!!!

Max: no Maria what Joshua it’s trying to say, it’s that she’s been living a cover, the cover she made for herself, and in the way of her life….

Joshua: she lost herself!!!!!

Maria: Oohhhh…..and this (pointing to the third part of the paint) is what? It’s like blank but with some parts painted…

Joshua: this is the Liz that is knowing herself again……that’s why it only has little color.

Tess: Wow… that I get it, it’s….it’s

Kyle: beautiful.!!!!!!

Everyone said yeah !!!!

(Liz was coming inside, with some food for Joshua and some papers)

Liz: Hey guys !!!!…..Joshua I brought you some food( she was walking around the room, picking some stuffs, when she noticed that they were still looking at something)….what are you staring at (walking to them)…..Alex it’s gonna be here in a couple of hours with some information….(when she reached them they made space for her)…..What’s that?…’s that……..yes it is……it’s …….

Joshua: you!!!

Liz: (looking at the paint) wow…..when did you learn to paint…….you are very……… creative…..

Joshua : Thanks!!!! Do you like it?

Liz: Yeah !!!!…….you….captured…….all.

Joshua: It’s your life !!!!

Liz: I can tell !!!!…..(looking at the paint then turning serious)……ok….we need to talk

Max: What happened?, Did Alex found something?

Liz: ok..everyone need to seat down, so I can tell you everything. (everyone took a seat in the living room)…..Alex was searching for all the Sandman’s in New Mexico.

Alec: Don’t tell me there are like a 100!!!!

Liz: (smiling) Nope….we are lucky, there’s only 20 .

Michel: Where are they?

Liz: Well, there’s 6 in Albuquerque, 4 in Clovis and 4 in Las Cruces, 3 in Santa Fe, 2 in Socorro and ….tara!!!! …..1 in here.

Joshua: (looking excited) When are we going to look for them.

Liz: Calm down Joshua!!!! Maybe we can go to the one who lives here today, but that depends in what Alex finds.

Isabel: What it’s he looking?

Alec: probably where does he live, and the security!!!!

Kyle: Your going to break in !!!

Liz: Yeah !!!!

Maria: Why don’t you just go and talk to him?

Liz: Because we can’t go asking all the Sandmans in New Mexico, if the were the creator of the X soldiers!!!, besides if he is the guy we are looking for, he can’t know right away who we are.

Alec: in short ….we have to do some recognition first.

Tess: ok, so your just going to see what’s going on in there, and try to find some clue about who he is.

Liz: no, we are going inside, and take some stuff, he would probably have a safe box.

Max: That’s dangerous Liz!!! And what if he’s not the guy !!!

Liz: We’re gonna be extra careful.. But first we have to wait for Alex, your right Max, he may not be the guy.

Michel: And if he’s not him?

Liz: Tomorrow Alec and I we’re going to Socorro then Santa Fe.

Max: What do you mean Alec and You.? We are going with you.

Liz: Max…….

Max: No Liz!!! We are going with you.

Liz: (looking at him) ok…..but there’s some rules.

Michel: Rules?

Liz: yes. You are not going to use your powers, unless it’s absolutly necessary . You are going like moral support, you wont be doing the same as we, because …….well, because you can’t!!!!………And if you want to go inside, it’s gona have to be only two or three, not all the group.
This is not like when we were going to Copper Summit, we can’t be watching for everyone, I don’t do shields or anything like that, all I do it’s kick ass ok?

Max: (thinking about it ) ok, but I’m going with you.

Michel: Yeah me to.

Alec: ok let me ask you something!!!! What kind of powers do you have?

Max: We all can change the molecular structure of things!!!, and move things. Michel, can make powerblast.

Alec: Ok what’s that?

Michel: I can blast thing, make them explode, like a bomb or something.

Alec: ok….and the other one?

Max: We can change how does something look.

Alec: ………..okk……what else.

Isabel: I can dream walk, that means, that I can go into people subconscious when they are sleeping and see them I can also dreamwalk Max, Michel and Tess when they are awake, and I can do some powerblasts but they’re nothing like Michel’s.

Alec: ok, and you Tess?

Tess: I can mindwrap, I can make them see things that aren’t there!!!!!

Alec: and you Max?

Max: I can heal as you know, and I can do an energy shield , that’s practically impenetrable.

Alec: ok, those are handy, but maybe if someone it’s going inside with us, it could be Max and Tess. And Michel and Isabel, could wait outside, and be on the look out, so if there’s something……you can just ……zap it a explosion !!!! or Isabel can tell the others with that mind thing.!!!!

Liz: (thinking about it) ok….yeah…that’s a plan…………so is everyone clear?

All the gang said yes

Alec: Liz!!! Do you have all the equipment in your room?

Liz: yes!!!! When Alex comes back and we make a better plan, we’re heading to my house for it, the only thing I don’t have anymore it’s the harnesses!!!

Alec: That’s ok I have a couple of them ( Liz was hearing him but at the same time looking at Joshua to see what he was doing).

Liz: Yeah ok…..Joshua…..JOSHUA!!!!!!!!…(going to him) ….stop it, that’s supposed to be the food for your whole week !!!!……….Not just a snack !!!!

Joshua: ( with his mouth full ) …..sorry !!!!

Liz: (looking at everything he was eating) that’s ok!!!!! I’m just going to get a Pizza or something!!!!!

Joshua: (looking excited) Pizza !!??????????…….What’s that?

Liz: Going for her keys) don’t worry your going to like it!!!!!…..What do you guys want.

(Everyone said what they wanted and she was heading to the door)

Max: Are you going on the motorcycle!!!…..Because I can take you ? (He didn’t let her answer , because he was already grabbing his keys and taking her hand).

Liz: (letting Max lead her out side ) ok… can come!!!!! (and they were out of the cabin)

Alec: Geezz by the speed he used you could think his an X5!!!! ( everyone laugh with that)


Liz: You know we can take my baby !!!!

Max: your baby ? ……that’s how you call it now?

Liz: Yeah !!!!!!…come on, it’s gonna be fun!!!

Max: Liz as much fun it’s gonna be, I don’t think we can carry all the pizzas in that!!!

Liz: ok…point taken!!!…..Let’s go in Bob!!!

(and they went for the Pizzas, and just trying not to think about the mission they were about to do , they were just hoping that it would be quick, and the Sandman living in Roswell, wasn’t a big deal)


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It’s been a couple of days, and the gang was going to Santa Fe, the Sandman who lives in Roswell, was just a normal guy, he didn’t even had a big house, just the dream house of every American, you know, the white picket fence with a dog and everything, they didn’t even bother to enter, he was a single guy and young, so that took him out of the list, that weekend the whole group went to Socorro to check the other two guys, but like in the first guy, there was nothing, one of them did have a big house with some security, but there was nothing there, and the other guy lived in a trailer, so that’s why they were now going to check the next three guys.
When they told the parents, they got a little scared but understood it was something they needed to do, they introduced them to Joshua, and was welcomed with open arms, Joshua had to stay in Roswell for precaution, but told him she was going to call as soon as they finished. Zack and Max were told about the new development of Joshua living in Roswell, and the quest to find ‘’FATHER’’, and even though Zack was a little reluctant he let Liz and Alec do it. Zack was making feel Alec like one of the family, so he trusted him with Liz, this only caused Max to be a little more jealous, but there was nothing else for him to do, he knew that Zack needed to know the truth first, and then try to know him so he could maybe….maybe trust him with Liz.

(in a dinner…they were eating something before heading to the first house)

Max: so are you ready ?

Liz: yeah !!!!!

Alex: ok, this guy has a big house, with security and everything, but nothing you can’t handle !!!

Alec: ok that’s gonna be easy !!!! everyone knows the plan right?

The rest of the group said yes.

Liz: ok then let’s pay and get this over !!!!

(they made it out to the parking lot)

Maria: Chica take care ok, you too Alec!!!

Liz: we will

Alex: you know the blueprints right?

Liz: yeah !!! don’t worry, everything it’s gonna be ok

Alex: ok, well then I guess we’re going to the hotel, and wait for the rest of you.

Liz: ok, try to rest and don’t let Maria go nuts with worry

Kyle: (coming to her and hugging her) don’t worry we won’t .

Maria: (hugging her too) See you in a couple of hours.

When Alex, maria and Kyle went back to the hotel, the rest of the group made their way to the first house, the aliens in the jeep and Alec and Liz in their bikes.


Liz: ok this is it. Everyone know what to do, Michel and Isabel, this place looks kinda deserted so I don’t think it’s gonna be any problems, Max and Tess, you know the deal, you go inside but stay in one place if you see any one just do your thing Tess (everyone nodded )

Liz: Ready?

Alec: Liz !!! they are ready….you are ready….I am ready !!!! everyone’s ready so let’s go !!! (earning a glare from Liz everyone went to do their part !!!

I t wasn’t a difficult mission, Michel and Isabel barely did a thing, Max and Tess were inside watching and the only time Tess needed to do a mindwrap was when the maid pass by, and wanted to go upstairs but she made her change her mind, sending her to the kitchen. Alec and Liz, went to the different rooms, trying to find the safe box, when they reach the main bed room, they almost burst out laughing with what they saw in there, when they were checking some things, they heard a noise making them hide in the first place they saw, but for they disgrace it wasn’t a very pleasant view. They made their way out of there, and went down stairs to where Max and Tess were and they got out of there!!!!

When they all were safe in the Jeep Liz and Alec burst out laughing !!!!!

Max: What’s so funny ???

Liz : OHH GOD….that was iiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuhhhh

Alec: (almost falling because of how hard he was laughing) I…I think I’m scar for life……

Michel: What happened? What did you saw?

Liz: Let’s just say that there ‘s never going to be a Mrs Sandman in this house !!!!

Tess: iiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh, there were two guys in there?

Isabel: don’t answer that….I don’t want the mental picture.

Max and Michel had a disgusted face

Max: Let’s just go, we have two houses more to go !!!!

Alec: yes please !!!!!! but let’s only hope, that we don’t found anyone doing it in there!!!

Michel: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH mental picture!!! Mental picture !!!!

Isabel: Let’s go please, I’m already getting sick with this !!!

Tess: yeah I know !!!!!

Liz: ok, come on.

They did almost the same thing in the next house, but they didn’t found the guy they were looking, the last house, wasn’t a problem, because it was a small house, and an old couple live there, so when they finished almost at 3 am, they were heading to the hotel but Liz told them that she was gonna take a ride so she could clear her head.

Max: Are you sure you don’t want me to go ?

Liz: That’s ok Max, you need to sleep, it’s late, and tomorrow we are going to the next tow.

Max: But…

Liz: no buts, go and rest!!!!

Max: ok…but be careful !!!!

Alec: Do you want me to go? (earning a glare from Max)

Liz: No !!!!! go to rest, I know you don’t need it as much as them, but go ¡!!! Ok?

Alec: ok.

The five of them made their way to the hotel and Liz went for a ride.

It’s been like an hour she’s been riding , when she notice a man standing in the highway and it looked like his car broke down.

Liz: Are you ok sir? (getting out of her bike)

Man: (just looking at her with evil eyes)

Liz: sir? ( that’s when she noticed that two more guys appear from nowhere, and it looked like they wanted to hurt her.) OK!!! I guess you are!!!! (the three of them were circling her) hey !! I don’t know who you are, but let me tell this is gonna hurt more for you than for me!!!

Man2: you don’t know who we are, but we know who you are!!!!

Liz: (she got kinda scared, but she cover it quick) ok !!!! don’t say I didn’t told you!!!!

(And she jumped and began to fight them, but to her surprise, they were as strong as her , and the more she hit them, it didn’t looked like they were getting hurt, she made some nasty cuts in them, and they were bleading but that didn’t stop them.
Because they were three against one, they were hitting her very hard, she was already feeling the bruises and bumps in all her body, and she was also getting some nasty cuts in her face and back, from the several impact she received when they throw her to the wind shield of the car. But getting up, the faster she could she kick one of the guys and send him flying backwards, and bumping with the others making them fall too, this was the perfect opportunity to escape , so she took it, jumping to her bike, she made her way back to the hotel )

(In the hotel room)

They rented a room with two bedrooms, where the girls were going to sleep, and the boys were staying in the living room that had two pull outs. , and because Alec didn’t sleep so much, he offered to be the one sleeping in the floor.

The girls were sleeping in the rooms, and the boys were resting, but none of them were sleeping, they were resting in their designated place with the light off, they were waiting for Liz to get back, when they heard the door open, they didn’t want to scare her, so they kept quiet, but when they heard Liz wince from pain, when she was putting her helmet in a table…..

Max: Liz!!! You ok? ( he said it in a slow voice not wanting to wake up the others, not knowing they were awake)

Liz: yeah Max!!! go back to sleep (she was starting to walk)

Alec: (standing up) BS Liz, I have night vision too, what the hell happened (going to her much to Max dislike)
With Alec statement the rest of the boys got up, and Max turn on the light illuminating the bruises and cuts Liz has.

Max: What happened?

Michel: Did you have an accident? How did you got those?

With all the noise they were making the girls got up, and enter the living room.

Maria: What’s all that noise guys? What’s…….Liz? OMG what happened? (going to her friend)

Tess: Did someone attack you?

Liz: yes!!!

Alec: Who was it? Manticore? That white guy? Who?

Liz: I don’t know alec, but I don’t think it was someone created from Manticore!!

Alex: Then who were they?

Liz: I don’t, they were strong like us, but they didn’t fight like us, besides they looked older.

Max: How many were there?

Liz: (going to sit down) Three!!!

Max: (going to her, to heal her) Let me just heal this!!!!

Liz: NO!!!! (looking his hurt face)…..sorry….but I told you that I need to heal, the normal way.

Max: (not understanding her ) Why !!!!?????

Liz: (Looking with pleading eyes, so he would understand that she needed this) Max….if I heal in my own way, it’s going to make me remember, that next time, I’m going to be better, and this wont happen again.

Michel: What !!!!!????!!!!

Alec: (knowing that this was the way Manticore thought them to never do a mistake again) It’s Manticore!!!! That’s how they thought us to do everything in a perfect way !!!!

Maria: But it’s causing her pain.!!!!…..I’m going for the first aid kit….( and she went to the bathroom to get it)

Max: (in a small voice so only Liz could hear) Liz you don’t have to do it this way !!!

Liz: (Kissing his cheek because he was so sweet) But it’s the only way I know Max…

Maria: (coming with the first aid kit) here Alec, you’re the one who knows more about this !!!!

Alec: (going to Liz , and taking her chin so he can examine the cuts in there) Is this all or you have more?

(Everyone was hoping they were all Liz had, but when she took her jacket off, it made them all gasp )

Liz: No I have more in my back , I think I have a piece of glass buried in there.

They were all sitting around Liz, while waiting for Alec to clean all the cuts and bandage them. Max was sitting besides her holding her hand .

Kyle: Liz !!!! I think you two need to be more careful….I mean if this guys were able to do this!!!!……to do this to an X5……next time it could be worst!!!

Liz: ( putting a blank face, so the pain she was feeling didn’t show) You don’t have to tell us to be afraid…………..(everyone was quiet)…..we’re already there.(everyone kept quiet for a moment)

Alec: ok I finished your back, now turn around so I can clean your face.

Liz: (turning around but still holding Max hand) I think I’m going to tell what happen to Max, and Zack, this concern us all, and maybe with the help of Logan we can find out who this guys are and what they want!!!!


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Alex: Did they knew what are you?

Liz: yes !!!! and it was all planed, they made it look like it was a car accident, so when I went to look what happened they circled me.

Alex: ok, well then tomorrow first thing I’m going to contact them, good thing I brought my laptop.

Liz: I’m gonna call her right now, I’m sure she’s not asleep. And I’m going to contact Zack too.

Alec: You know this is going to make him come right away……and he’s gonna be more than pissed.

Liz: I know…..(she was dialing Max number) …………hey Max!!!….you weren’t sleeping right ……yeah I tough so …………I was attacked ….I don’t know……..three creepy guys……I don’t think so ………wait your in Logan’s right now……ok I shut my mouth now ……..ok…..ok…..yeah we have a laptop….ok then I’m going to turn it on….see you in a couple of minutes…ok.

She’s in Logan’s right now….and before you say anything Alex…..let me just tell you ….don’t.

Alec: hey I wasn’t going to say anything !!!!!

Alex: ok, then let me connect you .

Liz: thanks

Max: Do you think she can find out who this people are ?

Liz: yes I do .

Maria: Are you going to call Zack too?

Liz: yes…..give me a second ok?

(Liz was dialing the secret number, that everyone has, so they can contact him.)

Liz: (mouthing to everyone that was the answer machine) Hey Zack, I was just calling to tell you that your gonna have to come earlier, I …I was attacked tonight, I don’t know by whom, but it wasn’t Manticore and neither was White!!! So, I ‘m going to talk to Maxie, so she and Logan can helps us figure this out. Ok? … me!!! (And she hung up)

Alex: I have everything ready, I’m just connecting you ok?

Liz: (giving herself a little massage in her neck) yeah thanks!!!

Max: Maybe we should head back to Roswell first thing in the morning!!!

Kyle: yeah It’s better that way !!!, we have to tell our parents, so we can be on the look out!!!

Isabel: Why do you think they wanted you Liz?

Liz: (thinking about it) I have no idea, but they looked like ex convicts!!!!

Isabel: ex’convicts????

Alex: it’s ready Liz!!!!

Liz: (going to the laptop, and seeing that Max was already waiting) Hey sis !!!!

Max G: Hey little sister, (looking her bruises) you look like crap!!! What happened ?, was it an ambush !!!!!

Liz: Yeah !!!!

MaxG: How did they look like?

Liz: Three middle age man!!!, they looked like ex convicts !!! they weren’t from Manticore, but they knew what I am.

Max G: Ex convicts ? (remembering something)

Liz: Yeah ¡!! Why? Do you know who are they !!!!

MaxG: Well a couple of months ago, I was attacked by three guys too, and they weren’t from Manticore, they are regular guys, but with some African technology , kinda like a chip implanted in the back of the neck, they were able, to increase their strength and not feel any pain!!! But I kill them, so this most be some new ones.

Liz: ok !!! they sound like my party buds from earlier!!! But how did they found me? And knew what I was!!!

MaxG : I’m not sure. But the downfall of Manticore, was publicly known with this kind of people!!!!

(Everyone was around Liz hearing the conversation between the two sisters)

Max: And what do they want?

MaxG: (looking at Liz love interest) well, because the normal human body can’t take this kind of implant, they want a transgenic female !!!!!

Michel: Why a girl ?

MaxG: well budy, they want to take our eggs, and create super babies, that can take that technology !!!!

Liz: WHAT !!!!!!!????? like if being a girl wasn’t enough !!!!

MaxG: I know !!!!!!

Alec: ok, well, we need a plan, if they are that strong, we need to take them down , before they try anything!!!!

MaxG: It’s not that simple!!!!

Alec: you took down three of them !!!!

MaxG: because I implanted myself one of their chips, and I almost die !!! Logan had to revive me with electro shocks on my head !!!!

Liz: OUCH!!!!! That hurts !!!!

MaxG: Yeah !!!!! I was in some kind of coma for 8 hours !!!!

Liz: How did you found one of those chips?

MaxG: The first guy that died, was involved in a fire, that destroy him completely, so I took the chip from the ashes!!!! But Liz !!!! don’t even try to put in you one of those, because once in you, you only have two hours !!!!

Liz: ok !!!! just asking!!!! ( Max looked at her with concern in his face )

MaxG: Did you called Zack ??

Liz: Yeah !!! I left a message!!!!

MaxG: He probably will be there in like two days !!!!

Liz: yeah probably !!!! well it will only be 5 days before the plan !!!!!

MaxG: It wouldn’t be a problem if I go a little earlier right !!!!

Liz: hey !!!! the question hurts, of course not !!!!! When are you gonna be here ?

MaxG: Well if I leave in a couple of hours !!! let’s say 10 am, I would be in Roswell at 6:00 !!! more or less !!!!!

Liz: Great !!!! we are leaving today !!!! and we only do three hours to Roswell !!!!!. Is Logan gonna come ?

MaxG: He said he would try, but it would be a couple of days later !!!!

Liz: that’s ok !!!! ……I’m so happy that you are all coming !!! it’s going to be the first Christmas we are gonna have together !!!!! (she said this with a smile that reached her eyes, and Max noticed this)

MaxG: cool !!!!! What are we supposed to do in this days !!!! I’ve never had a Xmas !!!

Liz: don’t worry , tomorrow I’ll tell you!!!!

MaxG: Ok ….well I got to go baby sister !!!! watch out ok !!!!!!

Liz: yeah !!!! bye Maxie !!!!

(Liz finished the connection, and turned off the computer)

Michel: (after a couple of minutes of silence) ok!!! At what time do we leave ??

Max: 8:00 am so we can be in Roswell at 11:00 or maybe 12:00 if we stop for something to eat !!!

Kyle: well that’s a plan !! now I think we all need to go and sleep !!!! we’re going to be on the road in a couple of hours !!

Tess: yeah !!! I’m very tired !!!

Maria: Hey Liz !!! What happened with the Sandman guys we were going to visit !!!

Liz: When Max and Zack arrive !!! we’ll see!! They will probably want to help !!!

Alec: Then what? We’re going to Clovis or Las Cruces first ?

Liz: I don’t know, Maybe Las Cruces…. it’s closer !!!!

Max: Ok !!! we can discussed this later !!! right now we need to rest.

(Everyone went to they ‘re bed but before Liz went to her room Max reached her)

Max: (touching her arm ) Are you sure your ok Liz?

Liz: (giving him a small smile ) yeah Max !!! Thanks !!!!
Max: (putting her hair behind her ear ) If you feel any kind of pain just wake me ok !!!!

Liz: ( looking at his eyes that only had love for her) ok !! (she was starting to walk away but stopped and turn to him giving him a sweet kiss in the cheek ) Thank you Max !!!

Max: For what ?

Liz: For being here !!!! with me !!!

Max: I will always be here for you Liz !! I love you !!

(And with another small smile she went to her room, leaving Max there looking at her back with all the love in the world)


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Same day .
(Liz was in the Crashdown , waiting for Max G. )

When they arrived they called all the parents and tell them to go to the Carashdown, so they could tell them what happened in Santa Fe, they got very worried specially when Liz showed them her cuts and bruises , but they relaxed a bit when she told them that they were already healing , and that probably by Tomorrow or a day after she was going to be completely ok !!!
They all stayed to eat something in the Crashdown, and eventually they all left to rest for a while, but they planed to be back at 5:oopm to wait for Liz sister.

(Liz was seating in a stool waiting for the others , and for her sister)

Nancy: Sweety!!?? At what time is your sister coming ?

Liz: like 6:00pm Mom !!!!

Jeff: (placing a Galaxy milkshake infront of her) Well , we still have an hour and a half!!!

Liz: Yeah !! but the gang it’s coming at any minute !!!!…..Hey did I told you that Zack it’s probably coming tomorrow or the day after that!!!

Nancy : yes you did!!!…we’re so happy that we’re going to be able to meet all your brothers and sisters !!!!

Liz: (smiling from ear to ear) Yeah me too !!! we’re finally going to have xmas together !!!
It’s going to be the first one for all of them !!!

Jeff: Really? (receiving a nod from Liz) Then we’re going to make a special xmas, here in the Crashdown !!!!!

Liz: (looking at his father ) Thank you Dad!!! This means a lot to me !!!

Nancy: (going to Jeff and hugging him) Liz!! If this is important to you …then it’s important to us.!!!

(In that moment they heard the bell signaling that someone arrived)

Jeff: Alec it’s here!!!!

Liz: (turning to greet him) Hey Alec!!!!

Alec: (taking the stool besides Liz) Hey !!! Hey Mr and Mrs Parker !!!

Nancy: Hey Alec !!

Jeff: (nodding to him) do you want something to eat ?

Alec: sure….a Sigurney Weaver and a coke please!!!

Jeff: ok’ll be here in a couple of minutes!!!
(Both Nancy and Jeff left them )

Liz: Where were you?

Alec: With Joshua !!!!

Liz: What did he said?

Alec: Well he was kinda disappointed because we didn’t found him !! but at the same time he was excited because there were still others left to cheek out !!!

Liz: Well that’s good …..I think !!

Alec: Oh and he was also happy because Maxie and the others are coming !!!

Liz: (smiling) that’s great, we are all family !!!!he should feel like that!!

Alec: ok

Liz: Oh and Alec My parents are going to make a special dinner on xmas night for us, so I want you to come

Alec: (with a very happy face/) Thanks Liz !!!!! for inviting me !!

Liz: you sound like you didn’t expect me to do that

Alec: (giving a nervous smile) It’s not that I thought that you wouldn’t invite me, but it’s just that we’ve been friends for a short time, and I wasn’t in your unit back in Manticore!!!……. I …well I didn’t know what’s my place in all this ?

Liz: ( kicking herself for not noticing this before) Alec!!! Maybe we weren’t in the same unit !!!! but I do consider you a part of my family !!! and you are one of my best friends !!! I don’t need years to know that !!! your like my brother !!!

Alec: (relived at hearing that, and with a teasing smile) Thanks !!! But I think we better change the brother thing for something more of a ‘cousin’s relationship’ (smiling again but at the same time very serious) because with what happened in Manticore it would be incestuous in some way !!!

Liz: (smiling to him) ok !!! COUSIN !!!!! ( and she hugged him like if he was a long lost cousin she just have found)

Alec: ( he was very happy because he was fitting completely in all this , and because now he has family of his own , besides Syl) Cousin !!! it sounds good !!!! (hugging her too)

(Outside the crashdown, The rest of the gang was arriving )

Maria: (holding Michel’s hand) I’m so happy that we’re going to meet Liz family !!!!

Alex: ( helping Isabel to get out of the jeep ) Yeah !! but it’s going to be weird !! seeing her with her sister !!! and then with the rest of her siblings !!!

Tess: It must be so cool to have so many brothers and sisters !!!

Kyle: yes, but you know what’s the amazing thing?

Max: what?

Kyle: That you can tell that they care a big deal about each other!!! When they had barely seen each other in the last 9 years !!!

Michel : Well they learned to stick together no matter what !!! they have fate in each other and the loyalty they share it’s….. well it’s amazing!!

Isabel: That’s how they survived !!! That’s one of the few good things they learned in there! They love each other !!!!

Max: ( Opening the door of the crash and looking inside, his heart began to beat faster, and he could taste the jealousy because he and everyone else were watching Alec and Liz hug) Yeah !! They love each other too much !!!!

Liz: (Turning to look at everyone) Hey !! guys !!!! I have some places reserved for us in the back !!!! and we are closing early so we can be more comfortable when Maxi arrives.

Max: (shacking his head from every stupid thing he was thinking ) Great !!!!!!

( everyone took a place )

Isabel: (knowing that his brother wasn’t happy with the closeness between Alec and Liz) So ..what were you talking about ?

Alec: About how we fit in all this!!!

Kyle: And how do you fit in this ?

Liz: Well we’re not brothers because that would be to weird !!!! but we are cousins !!!!!!

Max: (smiling because what he was thinking was just in his imagination and he felt dumb about that ) Cousins?

Alec: (knowing how he felt ) Yeah !!!!

Tess: Well that’s pretty cool !!!!

Maria: Yeah it is !!!! Oh oh …and if you are Liz cousin that means you are Alex and I cousin too because Liz is like a sister to us !!!!!

Alex: that’s right man !!!! welcome to the family !!!

Alec: (he was amazed because this people were accepting him so openly, and that was new to him) Thanks !!!!!

Isabel: And if you are family to them in a couple of years we are going to be all family !!!

Liz: (smiling to Isabel) Wow !!! I didn’t thought about it in that way !!! (Max turn to look at her with a hurt expression because Liz didn’t saw them together in the future, and Liz saw his expression but didn’t knew what was the reason )

A waitress came with Alec’s order and ask the others what they wanted .

(Half and hour later)

Liz: You’re going to like Maxie so much !!! she’s so cool

Maria: you know I’ve never heared someone talk about they’re brothers or sister that way !!!!

Tess: I know they are always complaining !!!……just look at Max and Isabel!!

Isabel: Hey !!!!!!! Max doesn’t complain about me !!!!! (Max has a busted expression)

Michel : yes he does !!!!

Kyle: And you always complain about him !!!! (pointing to Isabel)

Max: Ok when did these conversation turn to us !!! we are talking about about Liz sister !!!

Alec: (he and everyone was laughing) Yeah !!! I admit that Maxie is cool, but never say anything about her motorcycle, she’s going to take it personal !!!!

Tess: Why?

Liz: (laughing) she says that it’s an extension of her soul !!!!!

Isabel: What did I told you people you are obsessed with those things !!!!!

Alec: we know !!!!

Liz: You know ……………I’m going to teach you how to drive them !!!! your going to have so much fun !!!

Isabel: Nuh uh !!! I pass !!!! that’s not my style !!!!

Liz: (smiling) ok!!! What about you Maria !!!!?????????

Maria: Chica you know I like to live extreme !!!! BUT not that extreme !!!

Liz: Ohh come on !!!! Tess? Don’t tell me you’re not in !!!

Tess: sorry !!!! but I don’t trust those things !!!!!

Liz: (joking) I can’t believe this !!! my baby it’s completely trustworthy !!!!

Michel : I already know how to drive one !!! but I wont refuse the opportunity to drive a Ninja !!!!!!

Liz: Just ask me !!!! and you have it !!!!

Michel: I’m going to do that!!!!

Liz: What about you guys? (looking at Max and Kyle)

Kyle: why not !!! but maybe later !!!!

Max: I don’t know!!!!!!

Liz: Oh !! come on Max!!!

Max: (smiling) ok !!!! When do we start !!!!

Liz: mmmm……...maybe after new year’s eve!!!!! I want to spend all the time possible with my family !!!!

Max: ok !! it’s a deal then !!!

Liz: Yeah it is !!!!!….(looking at the girls ) But you let me down !!! I need a girl pal for this !!!!

MaxG: (entering the crashdown) Well you have me little sister!!!!!


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Liz: ( getting up and hugging her sister ) Maxie !!!!!!!!!!!!!

MaxG: (hugging her like if she was going to run away from her) Liz !!!! I missed you so much !!!

Liz: ( with watery eyes) Me too !!!!!

Alec: (going to her and hugging her) Hey !!! Max !!! how’s it going !!!

MaxG: (hugging him too) Alec!!!!! Hey …..I missed you too !!!!

Liz: And this are my friends !!! you already know them !! but it’s better in person !!

MaxG: (turning to look at them ) Hey guys !!!!!!!

Everyone was saying hello and shacking hands …

Liz: (motioning to her parents to come) And this are my parents Max !!!

Nancy : It’s so nice to meet you !!!! (giving her a hug)

Jeff: (hugging her too) Liz has told us a lot about you !!!!

MaxG: (with a smile of gratitude in her face) The pleasure is mine !!! and we are so grateful that you took care of her !!!!!

Jeff: she’s a blessing to us !!!!

Nancy : I know you girls want to talk !! but I just want to tell you to feel free to ask for everything you want you are more than welcome in our house !!!!

MaxG: Thanks!!!

Jeff: Do you have a bag or something?

MaxG: Yes this one !!! (pointing to a small bag behind her)

Jeff: ok!! I’m going to take that and put it in Liz room ok?

MaxG: Yeah !!! thanks!!!

Liz: Thanks Dad!!!

Nancy and Jeff left them and went upstairs !!!. The Crash was already closing!! The only people left were Jose the cook , and two waitress !!!!

Liz: (sitting with her sister besides her ) Do you want anything to eat !!!???

MaxG: (taking a menu and looking at all the weird names) yeah !!!! I’ll have….mmmm….weird names!!!……..mmm…a Sigurney Weaver, Saturn rings, Milky way shake, a Black berry pie….and that’s all !!!

Liz: ok!! Let me go and tell Jose before he close the kitchen !!!!

MaxG: ok Lizbit !!!! ( Liz went to the kitchen and helped Jose with the food) So this is the famous Roswell New Mexico !!! (looking to all the alien stuff in there)

Alex: This is our Roswell !!!

Alec: The major part it’s just a tourist trap !!!

Isabel : The only good thing it’s Ufonics, that’s a club.

MaxG: don’t you have a bar in here or something.

Kyle: Yes……the ’47 bar..but you can only go in there if you are legal !!

Maria: Don’t forget the Kareokee!!!!every Friday night it’s open for presentations and you can have drinks too !!!!

(Liz arrived with Max food and took her place)

Liz: in Ufonics we can have a great time but it’s very different from the crash, the ’47 bar it’s going to be easy to get in there the guard it’s a horny dog, and the karaoke…….well we can all go in there for some bonding time !!!!

(every Roswellian was shocked with Liz, because of the horny dog thing) (And by this Jose and the two waitresses were gone )

Maria: ok….this is a surprise…..but first what’s the crash?

MaxG: it’s a bar in Seattle, that I go almost everyday after work with some friends, and when Liz was there we went a couple of days, and then we went one more time before Liz came back !!!

Alex: But Liz is underage!!! How old are the rest of your sisters?

Liz: Syl and Jondy are 20

MaxG: and I’m 22

Max: How did you got in there?

Alec: The same way they’re going to do it in here!!!! Persuading the guard in the door!!!

MaxG: (looking at the stunned faces of Liz friends) Alec !!! shut up your giving them the wrong idea !!!!!

Liz: (laughing) We just put a little attitude guys !!!!!

Everyone let out the breath they didn’t knew were holding.

MaxG: (laughing too) yeah just a little sexy attitude !!!!!!

Liz: (turning to look at her sister) So what do you think about Roswell !!!!

MaxG: Well it’s not that bad !!!! actually the alien theme it’s interesting !!! so… you know any aliens ?????

Liz and Alec burst out laughing and the rest of the group became very quiet !!!

MaxG: (noticing the reaction of everyone) What???

Isabel: (looking at her brother, Michel and Tess ) well!!!!! They do !!!! US

MaxG: Right !!!!!!!!!!!(laughing a little but then turning to look at her sister) omg you are serious !!!!!

Liz: (just nodding) Yes I am !!!

MaxG: (looking at Liz friends again with a calm expression) All of you!!!

Maria: No just Max, Michel, Isabel and Tess!!!!

MaxG: Mmmmmhhhhhhh cool !!!!!

Alex: Wow you all take this very calm !!!

MaxG: Well yes why not !!! if you were bad or something you would have done something already !!!! and if Liz trust you then I trust you !!!

Max: (smiling because they were accepted) Do you think all your siblings are going to take it the same way !!!!

MaxG: well Syl and Jondy will probably act the same way !!! mmm…Josh and Krit well I’m not so sure, it’s not like they’re going to freak !!! but they will probably side with Zack, Jack and Zane !!! And they are going to be the hardest to convince !!! specially Zack !!!! he doesn’t trust any one !!!

Alec: basically the only problem it’s going to convince Zack !!!! Josh and Krit are more laid off !!!!

Kyle : What about Jack and Zane ???

Liz: they’re going to be very overprotective at first but I will make my point !!!

Michel: So we can expect to be tortured by Zack !!!!

MaxG: (laughing) yeah !!!! but don’t worry Syl, Jondy, Krit and Josh and me we’re going to run some interference!!!!!

Liz: ( looking at Max expression ) Don’t worry Max !!! I won’t let him cross the limit !!!

MaxG:ok now that the subject it’s focused on our brother!!!! Has he called Liz?

Liz: No, but I’m sure he will in any moment!!!!

MaxG: Yeah probably !!!! ok …….let’s change subject now !!!!!!

Liz: (smiling) ok !!! what do you want to talk about?

MaxG: well maybe all this deal about Xmas!!!! What am I supposed to do?

Liz: well the point it’s to be very happy and with your family !!!! we have a special dinner that consists of Turkey and the favorite food of everyone in the family!!! We have a tree that’s decorated with lights and other stuffs, and we gave each other gifts at midnight !!!!
Basically it’s just a family reunion !!!!

Isabel: Just a family reunion !!!! Liz !!! Xmas it’s an institution that brings joy to every kid in the world !!! And you can’t forget a bout Santa Claus !!!! Don’t worry I’m going to show you the perfect way to have a perfect xmas !!!!

Michel: (smirking) hail the Christmas nazi !!!!

Isabel: Shut up !!!

MaxG: (laughing) ok !!!!! well it’s going to be new !!!! but I like the idea of being together !!!!

Maria: Hey we can all go shopping together !!!!!

Tess: yes !!!! I have a big list of presents !!!!!

MaxG: What kind of presents do you have to give or I have to expect ???

Isabel: Well it has to be something thoughtful , and that you know it’s going to bring a smile to that person !!!!!

MaxG: well I would be happy if I have a new box of tools !!!!

Tess: tools?

Liz: We can go and cheek them !!!! I was thinking in buying a new piece for my motorcycle !!!!

MaxG: Want more speed !!!!!

Liz: Yeah !!! I was thinking 1200 !!!!! (seeing the expression in everyone else ) …What ?

Maria: well it’s just that …well you want tool? (pointing to MaxG) and you want a new part for you bike (pointing to Liz)

Liz: so?

Isabel: it’s weird?

Tess: you don’t want clothes, or jewelry?

MaxG: I don’t use jewelry !!!! and clothes? Well maybe yes…… I need more leather !!!

Liz: I’m happy with anything I receive !!!!! but I’m seriously thinking to improve my motorcycle!!!!

Michel: so let me ask you something ?

MaxG: go ahead !!!

Michel: let’s just say that you have a car , and your bumper it’s practically hanging by a string, how would you react If I gave you a new bumper for Christmas?

MaxG: (Liz was laughing and Maria had a face telling michel to shut up’) well you would be my God for a couple of months!!!!

Michel: see Maria !!!! it was a perfect gift !!!!

Maria: Shut up Michel !!!!

Max: so you’re saying that you prefer that than a romantic gift !!!! (thinking on what to give Liz)

MaxG: mmmmhhh I don’t know I’ll have to wait and see what Logan buys me !!!!!

Liz: you know I hadn’t think about this !!!! but it’s going to be difficult to buy you guys your gifts!!!!

MaxG: why?

Liz: well because I was thinking to buy some of the guys a 9 inch knife !!!! but I’m going to look so natural buying that !!!!

Alec: well there’s a swat met in Clovis !!!! we can go there!!!!

Alex: And how do you know this?

Alec: I bought some guns in there?

Liz: hey !!!! and you didn’t told me !!!!

Max: you’re planning to by a gun? (getting worried)

Liz: well yes !!!! we have to be prepared!!!

MaxG: your right !!!! you have to arm yourself !!! and have all the equipment necessary !!!!

Maria: Chica but don’t you think it’s going to be dangerous !!!

Liz: don’t worry Maria !!!! I know how to handle every kind of weapon !!!

Maria:………… ok (trying not to think about it !!!

They kept talking about some of the plans for Christmas and what they were going to do when the rest of the family arrived.

MaxG: so…….. Max!!!!!!!

Max: (smiling) yeah !!!

MaxG: you know what my sister said when I choose my name !!!! (max just shrugged his shoulders) she said that this name was meant for good people !!!!

Liz: (remembering how they saw this) they know Maxie !!!

MaxG: really!!! You told them!!! (smiling in a teasing way)

Liz: mmmmm nope they saw !!!

Alec and Max turned to look at her with a lost expression

MaxG: saw!!!!! How is that possible !!!


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Max: it’s one of our powers !!!

MaxG: so know you have powers !!! well what would be the fun in being an alien and not having any powers !!!…..But how did you saw it !!! you don’t read minds right?

Max: (smiling because Liz told him something very similar) we can connect with people and see their memories !!!!! a couple of weeks ago we had a …..well a problem with some psyco and Liz saved us from him !!!! and well she let us see some of her memories…….of…of Manticore when she was a kid

Max and Alec had pained expression at the mention of Manticore and their childhood.

MaxG: (with watery eyes) you saw Manticore !!!????

Max: (regretting the turn the subject took because of the look the X5 have) yeah !! sorry

MaxG: (trying to lighten the mood) well …..mmmm….how did we look with our heads all shaved !!!!!

Liz: (trying to lighten the mood too) oh god !!! don’t bring that !!! we looked like boys !!!!

Alec: (laughing) I didn’t saw you but you probably did !!!! I remember some of the girls in my unit !!!

Liz: smiling) I think that’s why we have long hair now !!!

MaxG: Yeah I guess!!!

Tess: the four of you have long hair ??

Liz: Yes!! As you can see us !!!!and well you saw Syl, she has long blonde hair !!!!

Isabel: What about Jondy !!!!????? we didn’t saw any memory of her

Liz: (AN I didn’t put any memory of her, Jack, Zane or Josh because Liz haven’t seen them, they just talk on the phone) well I haven’t seen her, but Max did !!!

MaxG: she has light brown hair that reach her middle back

Alex: Wait if you haven’t seen them !!! in 9 years how do you know how they’re going to react !!!

Liz: Alex !!! we know each other so well that 9 years of being apart won’t change that!!

Max: You must have a strong bond !!!

MaxG: yes we do !!!! and we know each others moves at perfection !!!

Liz: you should see us in action we are perfectly in tune !!

Kyle: cool !!!

( in that moment Liz cell phone rang)

Alec: that must be Zack !!!

Liz: yeah probably !! (standing up) I’m going to take this in the back room !!!

MaxG: don’t let him give you a hard time!!! And tell him that I love him !!

Liz: ok (going to the back room)

MaxG: ( knowing that Liz was out of hearing range) So… you saw her memories of Manticore!!!

Max: yes !!!

MaxG: Do me a favor !!! don’t mention them in front of her!! Ok?

Max: (concerned) why?

MaxG: because she doesn’t have to remember that?

Maria: but don’t you think it’s better if she talked about them!!!!I mean we already saw them !!!

MaxG: you didn’t saw everything!!! ( very serious)

Alex: we saw a lot of stuff Max!!!!

MaxG: you said you saw some of her memories !!! and believe me we are not willingly to remember everything !!!!

Max: ok !!! we wont bring them back !!! but I still think that she needs to talk about them so she can get better !! and move on !!!

MaxG: ( noticing how much this kid care about her sister ) give it some time !!!….and let’s talk about something else because she’s coming!!!

Alec: so Kyle your into buddism!!!

Kyle: (liz was entering ) yes I am !!!! it gives me peace of mind and insight !!! you should try it !!!!

Alec: yeah right !!!!

MaxG: you know I have a friend that follows some kind of religion where Bob Marley it’s the all mighty !!!!!

Everyone laugh about it !!!

Tess: your kidding right !!!!

MaxG: Nope it’s true !!!

Liz: who ??? Herbal?

MaxG: yeah !!

Isabel: I thought Kyle’s belief s were bad !!!!

Kyle: Hey !!!!!!

(They laugh for a moment)

Alec: How did Zack react Liz? (changing the subject)

Liz: well that he was mad was an understatement.

MaxG: that’s our Zack !!!

Alec: Is he coming tomorrow?

Liz: yeah

MaxG: did he said at what hour ?

Liz: No…he said he likes to keep me in my toes !!!

Maria: he must be the stonewall of the family !!!!

Liz: he is !!!!! he doesn’t like to be ruled by his emotions !!!

Alec: but don’t let him trick you, under all that brave exterior!! He’s a softy with his family !!!!

Alex: really?

MaxG: yeah !!!! I’ve only saw him cry three times !!!! in all his life !!!!

Tess: that must be when…..

MaxG: when we had to take Brin to manticore because she was dying, and when Tinga and…and Ben died!!!!…….but let’s change subject (noticing how stiff her sister got with the mention of them)

Isabel: you know Joshua right?

MaxG: Hey how’s our big fellow doing?

Liz: great !!!!

Michel: he’s painting know!!!

MaxG: Painting?

Alex: and he’s very good!!!

MaxG: really !!!! where does he live? I want to see him!!!!

Kyle: outside of Roswell , my father let him stay in our cabin !!!

Liz: tomorrow we’re going to see him !!!! and Zack it’s gong to meet us there !!!! so basically we’re going to have an all day picnic in there!!!!

MaxG: cool !!! and what is Joshua painting?

Max: well he was painting Liz !!!

MaxG: Liz?

Liz: yes, he was painting my twisted life !!!!

Max: but now he’s painting something new !!! but I haven’t seen it !!!

Tess: But he’s really good !!!

MaxG: I don’t doubt it !!!

Liz: (looking at her watch) You know guys it’s getting pretty late !!! I think it’s time to call it a night !!!

Max: your right our parents must be worried!!!

Everyone was getting ready to go and saying their good byes

Maria: it’s great to have you in here !!! se you tomorrow Max!!!! ………come on Michel!!

MaxG: yeah thanks !!!! bye

Kyle: come on Tess let’s go home !!!! Bye Max!!!

Tess: Bye, see you tomorrow !!!

Max: bye

Alex: (standing in front of Max) You know it’s great seeing you and Liz together !!!!

MaxG: Thank you alex!!!!

Isabel: Bye Max!!!

Max: Bye !!!!

MaxG: yeah Bye !!!

Max: Bye Liz!! Sleep well !!!

Liz: bye , I’ll try !!

And they left !!! leaving only Alec, Max and Liz!!

MaxG: great friends you have !!!

Liz: yeah !!

Alec: they’re funny !!!!

MaxG: yes they are !!!!

Alec: well I’m leaving !!! I’ll see you tomorrow at Joshua’s

And he left

MaxG: Well that leaves us only you and me !!!

Liz: (smiling) Yes it does !! come on let me show you upstairs !!! and then we can go to my room and talk some more !!!


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I'm finally Back !!!!!!

I hope you like this part !!!!!


It was a beautiful day , it was cold, but at the same time nice. It was early in the morning and the group was at Joshua’s waiting only for Max and Liz to arrived. They were in the living room, they were all seating there talking , except for Joshua . He was very excited to see Max again and was pacing all around the floor.

Alec: Joshua !!! buddy ….please sit down your going to make a hole in the floor .

Joshua : sorry………I’m just…..happy….happy to se Max.

Alec: yeah !!! I can tell , but they’re going to be here in any minute ..ok?

Tess: (talking to the others) I really liked Max !!!! she’s different!!!!

Maria: I know she so cool !!!!

Kyle: she’s a bad ass !!!! but very cool !!!!

Joshua: (hearing Kyle) Bad ass!!!! (making an attempt to laugh ) that she …is….and so is Liz a bad……a bad ass!!!!……..and together….they ….are the badest asses !!!

(everyone was laughing with Joshua)

Alec: Tell me about it !!!!

Michel: Liz Parker !!!! who would have thought about it !!!!

Isabel: No one !!! she was the shy girl and science geek of the school !!!!

Alex: And now !!!!! she’s this perfect girl and probably would be the dream of every guy out there!!!

Isabel: ( slapping him in the shoulder) Hey !!!!

Alex: Out there , Bella !!!!! Out there!!! Not in here !!!! , you are my dream girl Bella!!!!

Isabel: (smiling to him) Don’t ever forget that !!!!! (kissing him on the cheek)

Joshua: (covering his face with his hand) Stop !!!!!!!! getting busy ……… (sounding like a small child)

Isabel: What!!!!

Alec: (laughing very hard and standing up) Joshua!!!! (going to him ) What did I told you about interrupting !!!! (taking him to the kitchen to eat something)

Maria: (laughing) he is so cute and innocent !!!!!

Isabel: getting busy? I just kissed him in the Cheek!!!

Max: yeah !! but he doesn’t know about that stuff’s

(in that moment Max and Liz arrived )

Liz: sorry we’re late !!!! but we lost track of time (entering the cabin and putting the bags they were carrying in the table) in the store.

MaxG: (looking at Alex and Isabel blushing and the rest of them were still laughing a little) What happened?? (with a smile on her face)

Liz: (MaxG and her were going to seat together next to Max) Why are you blushing?

Maria: well Joshua made an innocent remark !!!!!

Liz: What did he said?

Michel: Stop ..getting busy!!!

MaxG: (laughing) and what were you doing?

Alex: (smiling ) nothing ….I just kissed her cheek

Liz: aahh sweet Joshua !!!!!

MaxG: ‘’getting busy’’ that’s probably something he learned in Seattle with Alec!!!

Liz: yeah probably !!!!! those two are completely wackos together !!! But he doesn’t know anything about real intimacy, so …sorry guys !!!

Alex: That’s ok !!

Kyle: don’t tell me he doesn’t know anything about sex !!!!

Liz: no he don’t, he’s learning about the whole concept of ‘couples and kissing’

Michel: your kidding right!!! He’s big enough to know that!!! I mean , I learn that my first year in school, and I was ….we could say 1 year old !!!

Kyle: I learn all that when I was like 6, of course I was gross out about it !!!!! I was just a kid.

MaxG: Well it’s not like if Manticore care about teaching them that!!!! They were locked out in the basement !!

Maria: They didn’t told you guys anything about the differences in boys and girls?

Max: ( seeing Liz shake her head no ) But you had to notice there were differences !!!!

MaxG: ( hearing the ‘yeah !!!’’ of everyone ) You want to explain this Liz? Or do you want me to do it? (noticing that Alec and Joshua were coming from the kitchen, and they heard the last of the conversation)

Liz: No I’ll do it!!! ………. Ok …let me tell you one of my memories when I was 7 (stopping for a moment and remembering , with a far away look) …..mmm….Manticore wasn’t a big fan on separation of the sexes. Everyone was a soldier, we ate together, we slept together, we bathed together. … We wore the same gowns at night and the same uniforms in the day. We all had the same hair cut, we all had a bar code etched into our necks. Of course we knew about the physical difference that separated us. It was something we were all at once aware of……… and something that it really didn’t matter to us , we were to young for it to matter.

I remember that one day I noticed with horror (smirking) a development in two of our older sisters……. chest.

MaxG: Tinga and Eva (letting them know who were the oldest)

Liz: yes…. It wasn’t like they were Dolly Parton all of the sudden, it was a small change but…….. it was noticeable. They started to turn away from everyone in the shower and slipped on their gowns and uniforms as quickly as possible. (taking a small moment to think) We were taught and trained to be robots, we were used to being the same as each other and different from the adults, so……. they weren’t exactly overjoyed to find out they were gaining something much different from the rest of us…..from the girls.

Once when we were lined up for a morning drill one of the female doctors noticed their new development and asked….asked Lydecker for permission to speak with them alone. Of course he demanded to know why, and she whispered something to him. He looked at them oddly and then said ‘’ it had to happen eventually’’ Max, Jondy and some of us girls looked at them and then we heard a drill sergeant holler ‘’eyes front’’ as the rest of us were excused from the group. The doctor took them into her office and pulled a training bra out of her desk, or so we were told.

A weird thing happened after that, They acknowledge puberty was going to come for some of us that were still little and that it had arrived for some . the girls and boys were separated, examined, and we were given one very formal structured session on what developments would be coming to us physically. And we all sat in the classroom, as stoically as we always did, staring at the projections before us. No giggling at the funny images of ‘body parts’ as every other normal kid has done in all the school , and no visible feelings about the changes. But somehow, that moment changed everything(she said it with a small smile). We were divided into males and females showers, and we started looking ourselves differently, specially to our big sisters, Jondy, Syl and me, we were still little………. The boys started to act more overprotective, because they realized that the changes some of us were having and some of us were going to have was going to be noticed by every soldier in Manticore, and they didn’t trust them.
(after a moment)
(looking at Max, Isabel, Michel and Tess) You know !!! I’ve always wonder what made you human!!! I think that what made Max and Isabel more human was the fact that they were adopted by great and loving parents, I’m not sure but maybe for Michel was the fact of being accepted and loved by someone that wasn’t Max and Isabel, someone like Maria (she said it looking at Maria) and for Tess, I think it was when she became a part of the Valenti family. ( they were all nodding)……..For us, well….. it was truly perplexing that being separated, even a little, by something so……so biological and basic……helped us realized that we,……that we were human.

(Everyone was thinking about what Liz just said, and came to the conclusion that no matter what, there was always going to be something that’s going to make you realize that you are human, that you have feelings, that you can love and be loved, that you change and grow)

(They spent a moment in silence)

Joshua: (breaking the moment) when…when do you think……Zack’s going to arrive?

Liz: (smiling at him) I’m not sure Joshua!! But I don’t think he’s going to take to long.

MaxG: What time is it?

Alex: 1:00 pm.

MaxG: maybe he’s going to be here by 3:00….

Joshua: ( seating between Liz and MaxG) I’m happy……for you little fellow’s !!!

Liz: (giggling) You are !!!!!?????? we are too . Your going to like him I’m sure!!!

MaxG: just don’t let his serious face trick you ok?

Joshua: I won’t !!!!

Liz: Hey …..I almost forgot, I have a surprise for you Joshua !!!!!

Joshua : ( his eyes lighting up) really ……what is it !!!!

Liz: nope…nuuuhhu …I won’t tell you until everyone’s here!!!, it’s a surprise for all of you !!!!, well Alec and Maxie already know !!!! but I won’t tell you until later!!!

Joshua: (pouting) come on ……please?

Liz: nope !!!!

Joshua: ok !! (giving up) oohh oohh I have a surprise too!!!!

MaxG: really?

Joshua: (getting up and going to a back door) yes… I found something yesterday !!!

(Everyone was curious at what he found)

Liz: ( she and Max were getting up to see it) What did you found? ( but they couldn’t say more, when they started to run back at the living room and jumped to a table because a street dog like the one Zane has , came running to the house and barking to them) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…….

MaxG: (on top of the table) Joshua!!!!!!!! Take him away from us!!!

Joshua: (coming to them and grabbing the dog) What’s wrong?

Liz: (noticing that the rest of the group were amazed by their behavior, and were starting to laugh ) What’s wrong!!!!!!!!!!!???????? Joshua we have cat in us !!!!!!

(MaxG was trying to calm down the dog, but he just barked louder )

Max: (going to help them with the dog) but why isn’t he doing anything to Alec.

Alec: good question!!! (going to take the dog away from them) but we don’t know !!!! it must be something with the mix of cat with women , because with us…men….it never happens. (laughing because of the picture Max and Liz on top of a table and the dog barking at them were giving)

MaxG: Alec!! Do me a favor!!!

Alec: yeah !!

MaxG: Shut up!!!

Alec: ok. (taking the dog away)

Tess: but why Joshua doesn’t act that way, I mean he has canine DNA in him!! (she asked while Max helped Liz get down, and Joshua helped Max G)

Liz: Well …as you said it !!! he has some canine DNA in him !!! he’s not a dog !!!!

Joshua: sorry…..about that!!!!…I didn’t knew !!!

MaxG: it’s ok Joshua !!!! besides !!! he is a cute dog !!!….Are you keeping him ?

Joshua: (smiling ) yeah !!! he keeps me company !!!

Liz: That’s great, Joshua !!

Kyle: (still laughing) Don’t get mad at me !! but that was funny !!!

Alex: I know !!! how you run and jumped to the table !!!!! it really was a Kodak moment !!!

Liz: (glaring at them) Well it wasn’t funny for us !!!

MaxG: (going to seat down ) Well that’s another thing we hate about this Cat DNA!!!

Max: (looking at Liz) Are you ok ?

Liz: Yeah Max thanks !!!

Max: Are you sure?

Liz: yes don’t worry !!!

(They went to seat down again, and Max notice Max G looking at him with a little smile on her face, and then turn around to keep talking with her sister, that didn’t went unnoticed by Isabel )

(They kept talking for a while, and Liz was making sure, that everything was ok in the house )

Maria: Liz !! would you please sit down, you’ve been cleaning everything like a thousand times!! It can’t get any cleaner ok !!!

Liz: I just want everything to be perfect for when Zack gets here !!!

Isabel: I know about wanting things perfect, and let me tell you that it looks perfect, so please just seat down !!!

Michel: you know I wouldn’t mind if you go to my apartment to clean !!!! (earning a laugh from the rest)

Liz: In your dreams Guerin !!! ( going to seat down next to MaxG)

MaxG: You never change !!!!! Liz !!! (smiling to her)

Liz: (smiling too) shut up !!!!

Alec: What ? why?

Liz: Nothing !!! she’s just joking !!!

MaxG: no I’m not !!!! you’ve always been this way !!!! (smiling)

Liz: (knowing what she’s talking about) I’m not!!!!!

Max: What way ?? (not knowing what they were talking about)

MaxG: trying to impress Zack !!!! always working so hard so he can be more proud of you !!!! (tickling her)

Liz: That’s not true !!!! (laughing)

MaxG: yes it is!! ( tickling her hard)

Liz: (laughing very hard) no it’s not……stop !!!….stop it !!!!

MaxG: say I’m right !!!!………(not receiving an answer)……say it Liz, or I won’t stop!!!

Liz: ok….ok…. your right !!!! (everyone was watching with fascination the interaction between them)

MaxG: I knew it !!!!….but you know you shouldn’t try to prove anything!! He’s already so proud of you !!!

Liz: (feigning surrender) Hey !!! I can’t help it !!!! he’s our big brother !!! besides our C.O….. I’ve always tried to show him that I could handle everything and be as good as him !!!

(Max and the others noticed the worried expression MaxG had for a moment)

MaxG: You are excellent in everything you do sister !!! besides he’s not our C.O. anymore we’re not at Manticore anymore !!!!

Liz: (turning to look at her abruptly) I know !!!! we’re not at Manticore anymore !! but he’s still our C.O Maxie !! he’ll always be !!! he’s the one in charge of us, and we have to follow he’s orders, I didn’t follow some of his orders before, and it only brought me problems.

MaxG: No Liz he is our big brother !!! and , we can take his advise, but he can’t order us
what to do with our lives !!!

Alec: your not actually saying that if he orders you to leave your going to do it !!!! (noticing how worried everyone was getting with what Liz was saying, specially Max)

Liz: he wouldn’t order me that, unless that staying here would be dangerous for me !!! and yes, I would follow his orders !!

(With this confirmation Max was looking at her and MaxG, freaking out a little, with the thought of Zack ordering her to leave Roswell, to leave him, Isabel noticing how stiff his brother got, put a hand in his shoulder trying to calm him down. This exchange didn’t went unnoticed by Max G and she made a mental note to talk more with this guy, to try and find out how much he really loved her sister.)

Maria: But he won’t do that!!! Right? (freaking out to by the thought of her best friend leaving)

MaxG: (trying to calm down everyone, that were starting to get uncomfortable) No he won’t !!!!

(All this was unnoticed by Liz, only making MaxG worry more for her sister)

Alec: (once again trying to change the subject) Hey I’m hungry, and I’m sure everyone else is hungry too!!!!!

Joshua: (following Alec’s lead) I am !!! ….. hungry …I am

Alec: (smiling) Ok !!!…. who wants to help me prepare the food so we can eat !!!!

(Kyle, Tess, Maria and Michel, went to help alec prepare the food, and Isabel, Alex, Joshua, Max ,Liz and MaxG were preparing the table while making small talk)

Maria: So…Liz? Have you thought what are going to be your plans for Christmas night and all the days your brothers and sister are staying !!!

Liz: Well ..I have some ideas , but we’re going to be improvising a lot !!! I’m sure of that !!!

Michel: Wow…don’t tell me Liz Parker doesn’t have a perfect plan !!!!

Liz: no I don’t !!!! (smiling)

Isabel: well we can help you out with some ideas !!!! between Tess Maria and me, you won’t have to worry !!!

MaxG: (smiling) ok….that’s scary !!!!(looking at Isabel)

Joshua: (laughing with MaxG comment) you…can come here every day you want….and we can go out to the forest…...and camp out!!!!!

MaxG: hey !! that’s a great idea Joshua !!!

Max: but it’s going to be cold, and probably freezing at night !!!!

Liz: That’s ok !! we have a higher body temperature!!!

Alex: That’s handy !!!! …..hey no wonder you were always so comfy when we went out camping, while Maria and me were complaining about how cold it was out there !!!

MaxG: (smiling) yes…it comes in handy !!!

Liz: (getting serious) do you hear that Maxie !!!

MaxG: (enhancing her hearing capabilities) yeah !!!!….Do you think it’s Zack?

Max: What??….I don’t hear anything!!

Joshua: they’re enhancing their hearing !!!……and yes…..I hear something too.

Isabel: How far can you guys hear someone !!!

Liz: 3 to 4 miles !!!!

Alex: Wow……. another thing that comes in handy !!!

Max: (fascinated) yeah !!!!

MaxG: If it really it’s Zack , he’ll be here in five minutes !!!

Liz: yeah !!!!

Alex: now you know the time he’s going to take in getting here!!!????

MaxG: it’s only Physics Alex-!!!!!!

Liz: (smiling) you know !!!! velocity and acceleration !!!!

Joshua : Physics !!! (saying all excited)

Max: you know you two are the same even in the intelligence !!!!

MaxG: photographic memory buddy !!!!! we just read something once, and remember it forever !!!

Alex: ok!!! I know that I sound like a broken tape !!! but that’s another thing that comes in handy !!!

Isabel: (smiling) but a cute broken tape !!!!

Liz: (rising her voice so everyone could hear her) Hey !!!! Zack It’s going to be hear in …..exactly…….8 seconds.

Kyle: (they were all coming to the front door) And how do you know that !!!!!

(He was finishing his sentence when they all heard a motorcycle stop in front of the house !!!!

Kyle: Hey !!! how did you did that !!!

(But Liz didn’t answered him because she and Max went running outside to greet their brother )

Liz: (running to his brother) Zackie !!!!!!!!!!! (jumping to him and hugging him)

MaxG: (doing the same thing) Zack !!!!!!!

Zack: ( hugging his sisters at the same time like dear life and lifting them like if they were feathers ) Lizbit!!!!! (kissing her forehead) Maxie !!!!! (kissing her forehead too) How are my girls doing !!!!?????

Liz and MaxG: Fine!!!!!!! (smiling from ear to ear)

The whole group was standing outside the house, watching the family reunion. Alec and Joshua , started walking to them so they could say Hi, but the others, not knowing how is he going to react to them stayed in the same place.

Zack : (noticing that Alec and who he cold only guess was Joshua were coming ) Hey Alec !!! (shacking his hand and giving him a hug like a brother, because that was what he consider him)

Alec: (smiling too) Hey man !! what’s up !! (noticing how he was still holding Liz and Maxie, and only thinking ‘’Max your going to have a hard time getting in Zack’s good side’’)

Joshua: (when Alec move out of the way, making him know that it was his turn) Hi…I’m Joshua !!!

Zack: (looking at him seriously, and then smiling) I’m Zack !!!

Joshua: I know ( and surprising everyone he hugged him) I’m happy to see you ….because…because you make little fellow’s happy !!!

Zack: (liking this guy already) Thanks !!!

(Liz pulling his sleeve like when they were kids and she wanted to tell him something)

Zack: (turning to look down at her, and putting his arms around the two of them) yes baby sister?

Liz: Zack!! I want you to meet my friends?? (pointing to where they were)

(And Zack turned to looked at the rest of the people that were there, and to no one surprise he glared at all of them, but specially at the aliens )

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I really hope you like it !!!

Also I'm sorry for taking so much time in posting !!! but I'm preparing a lot of things for college !!!!!!!




(Liz pulling his sleeve like when they were kids and she wanted to tell him something)

Zack: (turning to look down at her, and putting his arms around the two of them) yes baby sister?

Liz: Zack!! I want you to meet my friends?? (pointing to where they were)

(And Zack turned to looked at the rest of the people that were there, and to no one surprise he glared at all of them, but specially at the aliens )


Part 25a

Liz: (seeing how his brother was glaring at them) Zack !!!! don’t be mean with them (in a low voice so they couldn’t hear, but pleading with his brother)

Zack: (looking down at her again and noticing her pleading eyes) Ok (like not wanting to)…hey do you want a piggy back ride? (earning a giggling from her)

MaxG: God you are so spoiled !!!! (looking at her sister jump to Zack’s back )

Liz: I am not !!! (smiling )

MaxG: yes you are!!!!!

(Zack pulling Max closer to him)

Alec: Oh yes you are !!!

MaxG: see!!

Liz: Joshua!!! Tell her I’m not !!!! (only receiving strange noises that could only be described like laughter)

Zack: You both are , so don’t complain !!!! (smiling to them)

(And they started to walk to where the others were )

(you could see that the gang was nervous, specially Max , and this only made Zack feel better. But he didn’t have anything against Kyle, Alex and Maria, he was only a little mad at them, because they were supposed to be Liz best friends, and they didn’t even notice how much Liz was suffering, but thinking about it, it wasn’t really their faults. So he was going to be more laid off with them, but oohhh he was going to make the others squirm , Because he saw how they treated his sister , and no one treat her like that and get away with it .)

Liz: (still in Zack’s back) Zack !!! this is my best friend Maria DeLuca !!!!! (they shaked hands and noticing that he was too serious) Zack !!! ….smile (giving him a quick peck in his cheek)

Maria: Nice to meet you (smiling because of how cute they looked) Liz has told us a lot about you !!!

Zack: (giving her a semi smile) yeah nice to meet you too.

Liz: (smiling to Maria, and then looking at Alex) And this is also my best friend Alex Whitman !!!!

Alex: (acting like he always do, all goofy) Hey man….it’s a pleasure !!!! (shaking his hand)

Zack: (liking this guy instantly) the same here…….(looking him over) …you know you remind me of one of our brothers!!!!

Alex: really !!! (looking at Liz, that was smiling and nodding) who?

Liz: Krit !!!!!

MaxG: Yeah !!! you’re about the same height , and have the same hair color !!!!

Zack: But he’s older than you!!!

Liz: (looking at Kyle, that has a nervous smile) Zack this Kyle Valenti !!!! one of my best friends too !!!!!

Zack: (looking him over) You’re the guy that used to date my sister (smiling inside because he got more nervous)

Kyle: That was a long time ago !!!

Zack: That’s ok (putting him at ease) I watched you a couple of times, and you always acted like a gentleman with her.

Kyle: (obviously relaxing) oohh ok…..well nice to meet you (shaking his hand)

Liz: (looking at his brother) You used to watch me !!!!!! When? For how long?

Zack: a couple of times and as long as it was necessary . (noticing how the others tense up)

Liz: Ok !!! (not liking it to much) …..mmmm ….well…(looking at the Tess that was next to Kyle) This is Tess Harding !!! Zack, another friend !!!

Zack: (knowing that this girl was the cause for the majority of Liz pain, he just looked at her using a little intimidation so she would know that he didn’t like her) so you are Tess !!!

Tess: (nervous like hell) yeah…mmm…nice to meet you !!

Zack: mmmhhhmmm…….yeah I’m sure !!!! (turning to look at Isabel) And you must be….. (already knowing her name, but he just wanted to hear her voice and see how she would react)

Isabel: Isabel…..Isabel Evans (her voice was firm like always but her eyes was what betrayed her, because her eyes told other thing)

Zack: Oh yeah !!! Evans !!! (looking at Max with the corner of his eyes, and then turning to look at Michel)…….And you are????

Michel: (acting like he always did, not showing to much emotion, only making Zack like him by it) I’m Michel Guerin !!!!

Zack: (shaking his hand firmly and looking him in the eyes) smart ass Guerin …..yes I’ve seen you too!!!!

Michel: mmm yes, I work in the Crashdown too.

Zack: yeah…….. I’ve seen you there too. (only making him squirm, and satisfied with it he turned to look at the last person) and you are Max Evans !!!!!

Max: yes, that’s me. (noticing how he didn’t show emotion toward him, and the only thing he receive was a glare that could only mean that he was in trouble) Nice to meet you .!! (shaking his hand firmly as to not show weakness)

Zack: Oh no ..the pleasure it’s mine !!!! (turning to look at his sisters) And what were you doing before I came?

MaxG: we were preparing the food !!! so we can go and eat !!!

Liz: Are you hungry Zack? (they were entering the house, leaving the rest behind)

Alec: (letting Joshua go first , and turning to look at the others) Well…at least he smiled to Maria!!!!

Kyle: Ohhh joyful day !!!!!!!

(And all of them entered the house and tried to be as relaxed as possible, and began to eat.)

(They were all at the table eating and chatting with each other. Zack was trying to talk with everyone, using the ‘ keep your friends close and your enemies even closer’ , but he couldn’t deny that he was having a good time)

Zack: so ..Joshua?!!! what are you? One of Manticore’s prototypes ? (earning everyone’s attention)

Joshua: yes….I was first !!!….special!!!!

Alec: first?… were the first one created?

Joshua: yes!!!

Zack: What’s your designation?

Joshua: I don’t have one !!! (turning to show them that he didn’t have a barcode)

MaxG: wow… lucky you !!!

Tess: why didn’t they gave you one?

Joshua: I don’t know !!! Father never told me….for what I was created!!!

Zack: speaking of this Sandman guy!!!!! …..where were you looking for him, When they attacked you Liz!!!

Liz: Santa Fe!!!!!

Zack: so they probably knew you were going to be there!!!! Who are they?

MaxG: They are called ‘The Red’s’

Zack: ok….and they want to put their hands in a Manticore kid !!!!

Liz: yeah !!!…..

Alec: Everyone’s going to try and catch one of us!!! Manticore’s technology is so much more advanced !!! (looking at Zack)

Liz: They are strong Zack, they really kicked my ass

Zack: This is getting dangerous…..they’re probably working with Ames White?

Kyle: (lifting his hand) mm…can I ask something? (receiving just a look from Zack and a nod from Liz ) For who ? is this guy working!!!

MaxG: Logan it’s trying to find everything he can in this guy !!! but so far it’s something we don’t really know !!!!

Alec: but the question is why he’s trying to exterminate us !!!! Manticore was a secret project !!!

Zack: We have to know that before we make plans , with this information the objective it’s not clear !!!……….But one thing it’s sure, we have to stay together so we can defeat anything that comes our way !!!!

Liz: (after a moment) Can we talk of something else, This two weeks are going to be only of enjoying our family !!!!

Zack: (smiling to her) Ok…..What are your plans ????

Liz: Well I have some ideas, I want us to spent all the time together, and go out with my friends too !!!! And Joshua had the great idea of coming hear all the time we can and go camping .

Zack: What ever you want it’s ok with me !!!

Liz: and I asked for Maria, Isabel and Tess’s help with some ideas !!!!! Maybe next Friday we can go to this place that has live performances kinda like a karaoke and has the best burritos in town and it’s also a bar !!!!

MaxG: that’s cool, I’m sure everyone it’s going to like it !!!

Liz: What do you think guys? (trying to include everyone)

Maria: I think it’s great !!!!

Isabel: yeah !!

Alex: I love that place, our band has played there a couple of times !!!

Zack: you have a band ?

Alex: Yeah (smiling) we are called the Whits !!!

MaxG: Cool !!!! (laughing because of the name)

Michel: You don’t have to dance there!! Right?

Maria: Yes Michel!!! (slapping him in the head) you can dance there !!! and we are going to dance ok? (Making Michel mumble something like a ok)

Kyle: Hey Maria !!! your going to sing this time !!!!?????

Maria: I’m not sure !!!……..But you know what would be a great idea !!!!!

Max: What !!!!!

Maria: Liz singing there !!!!


Well .....Take care my friends !!!!!

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Maria: I’m not sure !!!……..But you know what would be a great idea !!!!!

Max: What !!!!!

Maria: Liz singing there !!!!

(at the mention of Liz and singing Zack , MaxG and Liz stopped eating and they turned to look at Liz reaction, and just how they thought , she got pale like a ghost, and her body began to form a small sheet of sweat on her forehead, only Max, Isabel and Kyle noticed it besides the Manticore kids)

Tess: Yes !!!! you have to do it !!! you have a great voice ( not noticing Liz reaction)

Maria: What do you say Liz !!!!

Liz: I….. (having a flashback of Manticore)
# Max: the blue lady? Why didn’t she protected her? Why didn’t she protect Liz? (Zack across from them looking outside of a window with a rage on his eyes bigger than any boy his age should feel.
Ben: I don’t know, I’m going to ask her. (all the children’s were worried and scared to death for her baby sister)
(Ben climbing to the rooftop)
(Liz in a cell, full of bruises and a split lip, laying on the floor, crying from the pain)
(Ben screaming ‘ Why’ Why didn’t you protected her’ ‘we trusted you’’WE TRUSTED YOU’ the alarms going of)
(Liz still on the floor, hearing her brother and saying, ‘ I trusted you’)
(Max hearing his brother cries for help and she began to cry)
(Zack still on the window and then turning around. And saying
---We’re getting out of here-- and everyone turned to look at him with a knew feeling in them……….hope )

I don’t think so …..(still pale, and her hand was beginning to shake from how scared she got) …..I don’t sing..

Maria: What !!!!! you are magic Liz!!!

Liz: I… (remembering how they tortured her)


Liz seating in char , strapped to it, and being electrocuted …and Lydecker besides her.
Lydecher: you think your magic !!! when you sing (turning the button of the voltage higher ) you’re a soldier…..soldiers don’t sing … you understand that X5-269….(not receiving an answer from her) DO YOU UNDERSTAND SOLDIER ???

Liz: sir yes sir !!! (saying it with difficulty)


Max: Liz ???? are you ok?

Zack: (taking her hand) Liz …….it’s ok (knowing what she was remembering)

Maria: Liz?? ( like not recognizing her surroundings she turned to look at her all sweaty and pale and remember more)

A soldier pushing her to one of the isolation rooms.
Lydecker: soldier !!! X5-269 it’s going to receive a lesson every two hours for the whole day…understood!!
Soldier: yes sir !!!

Liz on the floor, bleeding and all bruised after one of the many beatings she received that day .

Lydecker: This will help you remember what’s the objective soldier.

Liz: (her surroundings getting more focused) I need …….to take a walk (and she stormed out of the room)

Max: Liz !!! (trying to go after her)

Zack: (turning to him with angry eyes) You stay here!!! (going after her)

Maria: (watching her pale and shaking friend leave) What happened?

MaxG: (looking at the chair her sister used to occupied ) You said you saw some of her memories back at Manticore??? Did you saw what happened the first time she sang??
(AN. Joshua already knows about the aliens ok..)

(they all gasped when they remembered the memory)

Isabel: They beat her !! ( in a small voice)

Maria:OMG I’m so sorry !! (realizing the situation)

MaxG: (smirking with a bitter expression) they didn’t just beat her !!!! they used to beat us all, all the time……she was tortured for a week……and she was only 6 (turning to look at them with a tear rolling down her cheek) they beat her until there was almost nothing more to beat, they electrocuted her, they send her to psyc ops, among other things…….when she returned to the barracks……..she was too traumatized that she didn’t spoke or slept for two weeks….but she couldn’t show any emotion ,specially fear !!! because that meant another lesson……so she became a robot……..all this, made us all work harder in planning our escape……and for Zack …. He became angrier with the world we didn’t knew existed !!!………(taking a moment and noticing the watery eyes all of them had, and the knowing look of someone that lived all that in Joshua and Alec) ……Ben was the one that made her talk again . We were seating around him , and he was telling one of his stories….a story about the outside world and there’s when she said her first words in two weeks……


Ben: And the outside world doesn’t have nomlies…..but out there , you have to look for the high place….That’s what the blue lady says!!!!.

Liz: (focusing in someone for the first time and with a hesitant voice) Do you think…the outside it’s better than here (making all her brothers and sisters turn to look at her with relived expression)

Ben: yes….I do Lizzy !!! (taking her hand)

Liz: (slowly standing up and going to the window and touching it) Are we going to go out there someday?

Zack: (standing and going to her) Yes we are Lizzy (embracing her)

(all of them went to hug her, and with a silent promise, they knew they were getting out of there)


MaxG: That’s why I told you not to say anything about our childhood, Manticore was hard for everyone. But it was worst for Liz!!!! (standing up ) I’m going to go look for Zack and Liz (and she left)

Maria: I’m sorry !!! it wasn’t my intention.

Alec: (with a flat voice, not showing emotion) Its ok Maria!!!! She knows that!!!! (standing up and taking his plate to the kitchen)

Tess: (beginning to cry) I’m so sorry too. !!!!! (receiving a hug from Kyle)

Joshua: the……worst thing about being brainwashed….it’s that some things or words make you remember what they made you forget, how they were controlling you .(looking at all the sad faces around him)……..what they did to you…..what you did. (getting up too and going to where his paints were)

(After the incident with Liz , some of them cleaned up the table, and the others washed the dishes, they were trying to talk about different things to keep their minds out of what MaxG told them. Zack, Liz and Max haven’t come back from their walk, and they were sure they will be there late. The plan was to sleep in the cabin, the girls were going to sleep in one of the rooms that was big enough for the five girls, Joshua was going to sleep in his room and the boys were going to sleep in the living room that was ok for four and if Zack and Alec decided to take some sleep there was a pull out couch in there .)

It was after midnight when Zack, MaxG and Liz came back, after calming down their sister, they went to take a walk and talk, Liz not having the minimal sleep her body needed fall asleep in Zack’s arm, and that’s how they showed up at the cabin. Alec was teaching Joshua how to play pockar, with the rest of the guys in a table that was near the living room, and the girls were already in their room sleeping)

Joshua: (looking all concentrated) If I….If I have four kings …what does it mean.(all the guys turning to look at him) What?

Alec: (putting his game down) It means you won !!!!!

Joshua: (smiling) Yeeaaii !!!! I won !!!

Alex: Are you sure you’ve never played this !!!!

Joshua: Naaaaa !!!!!

Michel: well !!! we’ve been playing for two hours and you won all the hands !!!

Joshua: beginners luck !!!! I guess !!!

Max: well pass some of it !!!!! ok !!!

Kyle: yeah !!! because not even Budah has helped me !!!

But they stopped playing when they heard the door open and Zack carrying a sleeping Liz and MaxG came inside.

Max: (getting worried) What happened , is she alright !!

MaxG: yes she’s ok, just sleeping so don’t make to much noise!!!

Zack: the girls are already asleep ?

Michel: yes, they’re in there!!! (watching Zack go to one of the rooms where Maria and the others were)

Alec: (looking at MaxG) Did she calmed down?

MaxG: yeah !!! she cried for a while, but then calmed down, and we took a walk, and talk, until she fell asleep, and we brought her back “!!!!

Max: we are sorry !!! we didn’t realized the impact it was going to have !!!

MaxG: it’s ok, it had to happen sometime !!! we knew that !!!

Alex: but we’re still sorry, I think we didn’t fully realized all the things you guys have bottled up !!

MaxG: (giving him a small smile) like I said !!! it’s ok.

Zack: (coming back) Tess was the only one asleep, so I told Maria and Isabel, to try and not disturbed her and to tell me if something it’s wrong. (looking at MaxG) She haven’t been sleeping, Liz it’s nocturnal just like you and Jondy, so it’s not like her to fall asleep so quickly

Max: I think the last time she really slept was two weeks ago!!!

Zack: (glaring at him) And you know that how?

MaxG: Zack !!!! leave him alone !!!

Zack: (glaring him for another minute and then turning to look at MaxG and Alec) I want to check the surroundings, see if everything it’s ok, it may take the rest of the night , wanna help?

MaxG: ok !!!

Alec: sure!!!

Zack: (then turning to look at Joshua) wanna come Joshua?

Joshua: yes !!!! (getting excited)

Zack: ok let’s go !!! (turning to look at the rest) don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…..understood? (receiving the nods of everyone )

Kyle: (when they were out of there) Ok …he scares me when he’s in commando mode !!!

Alex: Yeah !!!! don’t really want to get in his bad side !!!

Michel: (seeing how Max just kept looking at the girls room) Maxwell !!!! she’s ok in there !!! try to relax ….and let’s keep playing.

(The four friends went to seat down, and kept playing)

(In The girls room)
(The room have two king size beds, Tess was sleeping in one of them and Liz was in the other, Isabel and Maria were talking in low voices)

Isabel: (noticing how mortified Maria looked) Are you ok Maria??

Maria: No…I’m not….I’m worried

Isabel: Why?

Maria: What if Liz leaves again !!! I can’t be without Liz…I need her !!!

Isabel: I don’t thinks she’s going to leave Maria…try not to think about it !!

Maria: but what if she does !! what if her brother tells her to leave !!!…You heard her before, she’s going to do whatever he tells her !!!

Isabel: But he loves her, and he know that she’s ok with us !!! we can help her…. are her bestfriend she wont leave you…and she wont leave Max

Maria: I want to help her, but I don’t know how !!! I don’t know what to do, except being with her !!

Isabel: And that’s what she needs Maria!!! That’s exactly what she needs !!

(Liz was having a nightmare about all the things they did to them in Manticoe)

Liz: (moving her head from side to side, like if she was trying to wake up but couldn’t) no…no…stop…..stop it ….no …NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Maria: (going to her side to wake her up) Liz….LIZ….wake up …it’s just a dream (but at Maria’s contact, Liz push her backwards making her slide a couple of feet’s away from her,
Isabel went to bring the guys, because Liz wasn’t waking up)

(in the living room)

Kyle: and with that my friends !!!! I win it all

Michel: damn !!!

Alex: Budah must me helping you now Kyle (smiling)

Kyle: That my friend it’s true!!!

Max: you know…..

(Liz scream) Nooooooooooooo (making the guys to turn around and get up)

Max: Isabel what’s wrong!!!

Isabel: (getting out of the room and seeing them coming) Max……Max…she won’t wake up, Maria tried to help her but she pushed her…

(entering the room they saw Maria getting up, with Tess help that woke up by Liz scream, and Liz was still in the bed desperately moving )

Max: (going to her, and holding her with force) Liz…Liz wake up !!!

Liz: (finally being able to wake up all startled went directly to Max arms breathing hard.)

Max: (holding her) it’s ok…it’s ok…you’re awake now…you’re here ….you’re safe!!

Liz: oh God !! that was so real !!!-……That was too real !!! (looking at the others but still hugging Max)….sorry for scaring you guys….sorry……I’m so sorry

Maria: (going to her) That’s ok chica !!! (giving her a hug) are you ok !!!

Liz: yeah…just a bad dream!!!…..I used to have them frequently when I was adopted.

Max: (putting his hands at the side of her face)Liz…I know it’s difficult to talk about it…but maybe you should try it….it would help you.

Liz: I know !!!…….but it’s just….hard to tell someone.

Alex: Liz you know that whenever you want…we’ll be there

Liz: thanks……….. (looking around)…..Where’s Zack…..and Maxie?

Michel: uuhh they went to check around…….to make sure everything was fine.

Alex: Alec and Joshua went with them!!!

Liz: (giving a small smile) That’s my brother…always checking and making sure everything it’s ok.

Max: (still holding her) Liz!!! You need to talk to someone…if you don’t want to talk with us…maybe your brothers and sisters !!!

Liz: I know Max…I know !!! but I don’t want to talk to them about this !!! they have their own demons to fight !!!!….I’m not the only one in this !!!!!

Max: well….then I’m here !!! you know that !!!! whenever you want !!! whenever you are ready !!! I will always be here.

Liz: (giving him a sweet short kiss on the lips.) Thanks.


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Hey !!!!!!!!!! I'm finally here

The Crashdown . Liz and Maria were working.
Maria: chica you must be having a great time with Zack and Maxie here !!!!! because you haven’t stop smiling !!!! all day
Liz: Of course I have !!!! Maria !!! and I’m more excited because the rest of my family it’s arriving today !!
Maria: Are they all coming together?? (Kyle , Tess, Max and Isabel were coming inside an took a seat at the counter where they were talking)
Kyle: Who’s coming together? (grabbing a menu)
Liz: (smiling to Kyle) No Maria I don’t think so !!!! well maybe Syl and Krit !! they’re always together…. They will probably end up married. (the others turned to look at her funny)……What?
Maria: Liz !! that’s grouse !!!!
Liz: What?..Why?
Kyle: because you’re all brothers and sisters.
Liz: well ..that’s not true !!! Syl it’s Alec sister and Krit was Tinga brother !!!! ..we all have a bond like a brother and sister have one !!!! but that doesn’t mean they can’t be together as a couple !!
Isabel: But you see all of them as siblings !!! don’t tell me it’s not weird for you?
Liz: mmmmm…. Well I see Maria and Alex as my sister and my brother too….and I see you and Michel almost the same way !!!! and it’s not weird !!!! so no …I don’t think if Syl and Krit end up together for the rest of their life it’s gonna be weird !!! …They’ve been together always !!!! even when we escaped they were the only one’s that didn’t follow orders to the last word Zack said !!!! they stayed together !!!
Tess: I think it’s sweet !!!!……They’ve known each other forever !!!! and now they have fallen in love with each other !!!
Max: And What about jondy or Max ??
Liz: Well Max has a boyfriend in Seattle !!! and Jondy …well she has a thing for Zane !!!
Isabel: Does Zane feel the same way !!!
Liz: Yeah !! absolutely …since we were kids, he was always with her !! taking care of her always looking after her !!!!
Maria: Then why aren’t they together ?
Liz: Well that’s another story !!! but Jondy it’s afraid of getting hurt ….again !!!
Tess: Don’t tell me someone broke her heart ???
Liz: (cutting the conversation drastically) Like I said !!! that’s another story !!!
Max: (sensing the change of mood) Where’s Zack and Max?
Liz: At Joshua’s !!! Maxie drag Zack and Alec over there to help her decorate the place !!
Jeff: (going to where the kids were) Lizzie !!!
Liz: yes dad!!!
Jeff: This place it’s almost dead ¡!! I’m letting you guys go earlier !!! I’ve already told Michel …he’s coming in any minute !!!
Liz: Thanks Dad !!!
Maria: Thank you so much Mr. Parker !!!! you’re the best !!!
Jeff: Smiling to the kids) Just take care !!! and remember I want to meet them as soon as all of you finish celebrating !!!
Liz: No Problem Dad !!! (looking her father leave)…..We’ll be back in five guys !!!! so we can go !! (and they made their way upstairs to Liz room)
Max: Are you taking your motorcycle !!!
Liz: nope !! I think it’s better that we take your jeep and Kyle’s !!!
Max: ok let’s go !!!! Michel and Maria come with us !!! and Tess, Kyle and Isabel go with Kyle !!! so they can go and pick up Alex !!
Michel: Why wasn’t he here?
Isabel: His parents arrived yesterday !! and they wanted to have breakfast with him !!!
Michel: Oohh !!!
Liz: Ok !! that’s settled …now we can go !!!!!
(At Joshua’s Place)
Every one was helping in the decorations and the food, they guys were hanging some banners that said Welcome , and because Christmas was days apart !! everything was in the spirit !!! and the girls were getting all the food and cookies that they made ready !!!
Alec: Hey !! Maxine wanna make some fast money !!!!
MaxG: sure but how ??? (This was heard by Alex, Kyle and Michel )
Alec: just watch !!…. Liz !!!
Liz: Whats up !!!
Alec: Maxie and I bet you that the firsts to arrive are going to be Syl and Krit !!!
Liz: (thinking about it) Nuuhhhh !!! I think it’s gonna be Jack !!! he was always the faster
Alec: So…it’s a bet then !!!!
Liz: but it’s two against one !!
Zack: (coming to her side) I’m with you !!!!….we take the bet !!!
Alec; ok !!! but you’re going to loose !! if I learn something about my sister it’s that she’s always on time !!!
( In another part of the cabin)
Joshua: just take those boxes over there Max !!!
Max: These one’s ???
Joshua: yeah !!!
Max: (with the boxes in hand and seeing Joshua’s painting) Did you finished another paint Joshua !!!
Joshua: yes …this is Joshua 22
Max: wow it’s great !!! (turning to look another paint of Liz)
Joshua: (noticing this) You love her right?
Max: yeah the painting it’s great….good job.
Joshua: not the painting…..Liz? (pointing to the other one)
Max: (with a sight) with all my heart !!!
Joshua: she loves you too !!!! she told me that …a lot of times !!!
Max: (with a little smile) she did? When?
Joshua: Back in Manticore !! she used to talk about you all the time !!! were what kept her sane !!!…….and you are the one who’s gonna make her happy again.
Max: (with a far away look) when I was in the White Room, she was the one who kept me sane, and she’s the only one who can make me truly happy .!!!
(A couple of hours later)
MaxG: They’ll be here in any minute !!!! I can feel it !!!! (saying it all excited)
Alec: And it’s going to be Syl and Krit !!!
Liz: Nuuhhh it going to be Jack !!!!
MaxG: you know little sister !!! I think your going to loose this time !!!
Zack: Hey !! don’t enhance your hearing so we can the surprise !!!
Alec: yeah what ever !! your gonna loose any way !!!
Kyle: you guys never said of how much the bet was gonna be !!!!???
MaxG: lets make it of 50 to each one !!!
Zack: Nuuhhh a 100
Alec: deal !!!!……..
Tess: I think some one’s coming !!!!
Alec: ready to loose ?
Liz: in your dreams!!!!
MaxG: they’re coming….5……4…….3……2……
? : Hey !!! the party it’s here !!!!!
Alec: HA “!!!!!!!! We won !!!!! we won !!!
Syl: (smiling) What the hell it’s going on _????
Krit: you won what !!!!!!!!
Zack: nothing !!! (going to hug Krit and Syl)
Alec: (hugging Syl) What do you mean nothing !! you and Liz owe Maxie and I a 100 to both of us !!!! ( then giving Krit a hug)
Krit: (going to hug Liz) Lizbit !!!!
Liz: Krit !!!! I’m so happy to have you here !!! (turning to Syl)
Syl: (jumping of excitement) Lizzie !!!!! ( hugging her) How you been? (turning to Max) Max !!!!! (hugging her)
Liz: good…and you !!!
Syl: the same !!! and you Max?
MaxG: ok…I guess !!!!
Zack: hey aren’t you forgetting some one !!!!
Syl: ( giving him a big hug) of course no big brother !!!!
In the door !!!
Jack : Hey !!! did some one gave a party and didn’t invite me !!!!
Jack !!!!!!! the three girls yelled and throw themselves to him !!!
Zack: ( to Alec) DAMN !!! we lost for two minutes !!!
Jack: (turning to look at them) hey !! you three are to much of a man to give you brother a hug !!!!
When the seven of them finished all the hugs , they turned to look at the rest of the people that was in the cabin.
Liz: Syl !! Krit!!! Jack !!!!…….this is Joshua !!!!!! I’ve told you about him remember?
Joshua: hi !!! ( receiving a hug from the three X5’s)
Liz: and this are my friends !!!! Max and Isabel Evans !!!…Maria DeLuca, Kyle Valenti, Michel Guerin, Alex Whitman and Tess Harding !!!
Syl: (shaking hands with everyone) Hey !!! nice to meet you !!!!!
Krit and Jack were looking them over !!!! until krit broke the silence !!!
Krit: Hey it’s a pleasure !!! (shaking hands with everyone too)
Liz: (looking at Jack , telling him with her eyes to say something) Jack !!!! ( in a low voice so only he could hear)
Jack: (shaking hands with the gang) so !!! you’re our baby sister friends !!!! nice to meet you !!!
Maria: (breaking the ice) yeah !!! that’s us !!! I’m Liz ‘s best friend !!!! Maria !! or Ria !!
Tess: Did you guys had a good trip !!!
Syl: yeah !!! peachy !!!! how about you Jack !!!
Jack: the same !!!!! ( he was about to say something else when Zack interrupted him)
Zack: I hear someone coming !!!!
Alex: Who do you think is coming.??
All the X5’s: (looking at each other then saying) JONDY !!!!
Jondy: (entering the house) Did I heard my name !!!!
And all the sibling went to hug her !!! showing how excited and happy all of them were for being able to be together !!!
Josh: (coming in the middle of the hugs) Hey !! I want to be in the hug too !!!!
Jack: Josh !! my bro !!! long time no see !!!!
Liz: josh !!!!!! (jumping to his arms !!!
Josh : hey beautiful !!!! How you feeling !!!
Liz: good!!!
Josh: (hugging everyone and introducing himself to the others !!!) So how are you beautiful people !!!! (looking around) Hey !!! Zane it’s missing ???
Jondy: You know how he is !!! always running late !!!
Zack: he’ll probably be here in the next 10 minutes !!!
Jondy : yeah !! your right !!!
Josh : (hugging Liz again) So this Is where you’ve been all this time !!! Roswell New Mexico !… good choice !!! near the border !!!
Jack : good option if we ever want to get out of here !!!
Alex: not to butt in !!! but wouldn’t you prefer to go to Canada !!! because of the language aspect !!!
Jondy : Oh no !! we all speak Spanish too !!!!
Alex: you do??
Maria: even you Liz?
Krit: o si !!! es muy facil ¡!!!
Liz: si yo tambien hablo español !!! es sencillo ¡!!
Kyle: And here I’ve been struggling all year in Spanish class !!! (earning a laugh from everyone)
Isabel: Wow !!! is that the only one you know?
Syl: no…we know French and Italian, and Alec knows Chinese and German !!!
Tess: Why do you know more?
Alec: They send me to different missions in different countries so I had to learn more languages !!
Kyle: Well I think that………
Zane: (coming inside and interrupting Kyle) Did I came to late !!!! or just in time for the food !!!! ( earning a laugh from everyone)
Jondy: Zane!!!!! (jumping to his arms ) I’ve miss you !!
Zane: me too Jon !!! me too!!!
After all the hugs and final introductions they decided to eat and spent the day talking and getting to know everyone !!! As was expected, Jack and Zane, were a little weary of the others !! But after a lecture from Liz and Jondy they started to open up more !!! Syl and Jondy were talking with the Pod Squad, specially Isabel and Tess, and they liked them instantly !!! All the guys even Zack were joking with Max, Michel, Alex and Kyle !!!
They spent a wonderful day !!! Making plans to camp out the next day !!! after the X5’s came from meeting Liz parents . Jeff and Nancy were fascinated with everyone !!! they even invited Amy DeLuca, Jim Valenti, and Philip and Diane Evans to breakfast so they could be able to meet Liz sibling !!! . After the camping out they had, they were making plans for a Kareoke night. Liz had a talk with all her sibling and they were trying to convince her to sing that day, so she could be able get over what happened back at Manticore !!! but she was still thinking about it !!!
Liz and Max were getting closer again but they weren’t a couple yet . Everyone was told about the aliens !!! but they didn’t knew all the details !!!. Zack was still being a little hard on Max but the rest of the boys were more laid off.


I'm so sorry for taking all this time !!!!!!
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Liz Room . All the girls were getting ready over there !!
Jondy: (Isabel was making her makeup with her powers) Ok !! this is fantastic !!! you have become my best friend 1!!
MaxG: Hey !!!! I’m your best friend !!! (earning a laugh from the girls )
Syl: (looking at her sister make up) (turning to look at Tess that was in front of her) Can you do that too?
Tess: (laughing) Yes !!!
Syl: Ok girl !!! come over here !!!! and work that magic or yours !!!
Liz: (getting out of the bathroom) Do I look good in this !!!
Jondy: Sis you look great !!!!!!
Maria: Chica I told you so !!!
Isabel: Liz my brother it’s going to flip when he sees you.
Liz: Really !!!!
Syl: Of course !!!! you look great !!!
Liz was wearing a black dress that fit her curves perfectly, and showed her cleavage it had two straps that went to the back of her neck and had a black flower there. She looked stunning, the dress was showing her back. Max, jondy and Syl, were wearing a black dress also, but Max’s was strapless and reached her knee too, Jondy’s dress had one slevee and her dress was opened until her mid tight and Syl’s dress didn’t have a back either, but it had two straps formed a cross in her back, they looked fantastic and enigmatic, Maria told them they looked like the dark sisters!!!
Maria on the other hand, was wearing a red dress that ended in aV and was strapless, Tess was wearing a pink dress with tree straps in each shoulder and Isabel was wearing a purple dress that had a U neck that showed her cleavage .
Tess: Well I finished your make up Syl !!!! and now we’re all seat !!!!
Liz: Ok then !!! let’s head down !! so we can go !!!
The guys were all in the dinner waiting for the girls, they were all wearing pants some of them were black, some of them were deep blue, and some of them were dark gray and all of them had a nice shirt on. (AN I don’ know how to describe clothes in English, so just picture them all looking very hot. Max was all in black so he and Liz look perfect together.)
Michel: What it’s taking them so long !!! They were supposed to only go and change !!! and with all the time they’ve taken you could say that they went to design and make their clothes !!!
Zack: I don’t know about Isabel, Tess and Maria, but my sisters never took that long in getting ready !!!
Max: You could think that my sister would take less time with alien powers and all !! but believe me she don’t !!!
Krit: They’ll probably come down in any minute !!! Syl’s always in time !!!
Josh: It must be a women thing !!!!
Kyle: ‘’Human, Alien,Transgenic’’ it doesn’t matter !!!! they all take years to get ready !!!!
Zane: (Looking at the back room because the girls were coming) But we can’t deny that they always look great (focusing on Jondy)
The moment that Liz came to the room, time slowed down forMax, he could only foucuse in how beautiful Liz looked with her black dress, her shiny hair that he was dying to touch, her wet lips that he wanted to kiss and that seem that they were calling to him….
Liz: Max…Max….
Max: (focusing again) Uuhh??
Liz: I was asking if you were ready !!!!
Max: yeah !!! I am……. You look beautiful Liz !!!
Liz: Thanks !!! you look pretty great yourself Max !!!!
Max: Thanks!!
Zack : (interrupting them on purpose) Ok….are we going or what !!!
Liz: Ok people ….I made special arrangement for the designated drivers !!!….because the Pod Squad have an alcohol problem their going to be the ones to drive !!!
Alec: (interrupting) Don’t tell you’re all ‘’’I’m an alien and I am an alcoholic’’
Isabel: nooo….but we can’t tolerate it, with one sip we’re drunk !!!
Jack: That sucks !!!!!
Liz: ok…as I was saying !!!! I made groups, so everyone can interact with different people !!!! it’s that ok ( receiving ‘’yeah sure’’ from everyone)…….ok, well Isabel it’s going to drive Kyle’s car, and alec, Krit and of course Kyle are going with her !!!!……..Tess it’s going to drive her SUV and Jondy, Alex and Jack are going with her !!!!…..Max it’s driving his Jeep and Syl, maria, Zack and Maxie are going with him !!….and Michel it’s driving my dad’s car and Josh Zane and me are going with him !!!!…..It’s everyone ok with that !!!!!!
Mara: yeah chica !!! everything it’s great !!! Now let’s go and have some fun !!!
They left the crashdow and took their designated car, and left to kareokee and Bar.

The place was full but Liz called the day before and made reservations for everyone . They were ready to go inside with Liz and Syl in the front.
Liz: Syl your going to love this place !!! it’s great !!!………(in the door) Oh great !! just what I needed !!!
MaxG: (that was besides Liz too with Jondy) What is it???? (cheking the place)
Liz: (pointing to a table that was full of teens) That !!!! Pam Troy !!!!!
Jondy: So…what’s the problem??? (By this everyone was hearing the conversation)
Liz: well since I came here and started school she hated me…..why? I have no idea …..and since day one I hated her too…….I wanted to kick her ass, but couldn’t !!!!
Maria: She’s the slut of the school , she and her minions over there !!! ‘’Tish and Tash !!!…major tramps!!!!
Syl: Well sluty she looks !!!!! and fake !!!! look at that dress !!!!
Tess: When Liz wasn’t here !!! she wanted to get in Max pants !!!
Isabel: And in Kyle’s, and Alex’s and Michel’s pants !!! she hates us !!!
Maria: yeah !!! but she hates Liz the most !!!!
Michel: ok not that I don’t enjoy a gossip session!!! But some of us wants to get inside !!!!
Mara: ok…ok…spaceboy !!!
They made their way inside, with Pam and her group glaring at Liz. They got a table near everything !! with a perfect view of the stage . Liz was siting in one extreme of the table and Zack in the other . To her right was Max G, Krit, Syl, Tess, Kyle, Jondy, Zane and Jack, and he was besides Zack, and to her left was Max, Maria, Michel, Josh, Alec, Isabel, and Alex, their were giving their backs to Pam and her table.
They spent almost two hours talking and joking, having a great time, they were all bonding making Liz very Happy, she was talking with Max about everything and nothing and at the same time laughing because something he said , when she felt someone coming.
Pam: (coming to the table with Tish and Tash) Hello Liz !!!!! (smiling to all the guys seductively)
Liz: (sounding bored) What do you want Pam !!!
Pam: How rude !!!! I was just coming to say hello and to introduce myself to your friends !!! ( giving a fake smile)
MaxG: (just wanting her to go) well the people you don’t know is Liz family…..happy !!! you can go now !!!!
Pam: (glaring at her and then turning to look at Liz again ) You know Liz !!!! there’s a contest in a couple of minutes !!! where four girls interpret the girls from the video Lady Mermelade of the Moulin Rouge!!(looking at MaxG, Syl and Jondy) …..Me and my friends are going to participate and win !!!….and
Liz: You know Pam I always knew you were dumb…but you’re tree if your brain don’t fail you to count !!
Pam: (fuming) Vicky Delaney it’s going to be with us !!!!……and as I was saying….I came here to invite you and your family (looking at the X5 girls) ……but now that I think about it… probably shouldn’t…..
Syl: Yeah !! and why not !!!!
Pam: well…..because you don’t have what it’s needed ( looking at Liz) Like we do (pointing to the tree of them)……and you don’t want to embarrass yourself right ???//!!! ( and she left them with her friends giggling)
The four girls were red with fury .
Jondy: She thinks she HAS what it’s needed !!! she looks like jello !!!
Zane: She’s crazy Jon !!!! don’t pay attention to her !!! you four look stunning !!!
Krit: (looking at a furious Syl) You know Syl I only see four pretty blonds in here and for me you are the prettiest !!!
Syl: did you saw her clothes !!!..their screaming slut of the year !!!
Krit: You’re right Syl !!! I agree completely !!! (turning to look at Maxie and Liz) Oh and let’s not talk about brunettes because the tree of you put everyone at shame !!!
MaxG: stupid school girl !!!
Liz was looking directly a Zack still mad !!
Zack: Liz!!! …….oh no….you’re not !!!!
Liz: (looking at her three sisters) you know sisters I have a great idea !!! (smiling)
MaxG: (smiling too) really !! what is it !!???? (already knowing)
Liz: we should enter that contest !!!!
Syl: (smiling) I’m on sister ….I’m on !!!!
Liz: (looking at Jondy) Jon???
Jondy: (smiling and getting up) you don’t even have to ask !!!
Maria: (looking at her friend) Liz are you sure !!!
Liz: Oh yeah maria I am !!!
Zack: you’re not seriously thinking on doing this !!!are you???
Jonndy: brother dear !!! we are !!! we are!!!
Isabel: Do you want some help in getting ready !!!
Liz: yeah sure !!! why not !!!
Max: (looking at Liz) you don’t have to do this Liz?????
Liz: But I want to Max !!!!
And all the girls left , some to get ready and some to help to get ready !!!!
Alex: (looking at the faces the X5’s have) Tell me why I don’t like this !!!!
Kyle: Come on guys it can’t be that bad !!! their just going to act a little !!!
Alec: Kyle !!! you’ve never seen them together executing an objective !!! believe me when I tell you !!! this place it’s going to explode !!!
Zack: (with his face in his hands) I can’t believe my sisters are doing this !!!
A couple of minutes later Isabel, Maria and Tess came back to the table!!!
Zack: Where are they?
Maria: oh don’t worry !!! their just waiting for their turn !!!
Tess: and they look great !!!!
Isabel: with some magic from our side !!! we made those horrific costumes into pieces of art !!!
Max: (with horror on his face) Don’t tell me their going to be dress like in the video !!!
Tess: (laughing) don’t worry, they look better !!!!
Jack: Oh God !!! I’m going to see my baby sisters all grown up !!!!
Maria: (laughing too ) Oh come on guys !!! they looked great !!! I’m sure their going to win !!!
Kyle: SSSHHHH be quiet their going to start !!!!
Isabel: yeah but Pam it’s the first group !!!
The song started and pam and her group started to dance , they didn’t looked like that bad, but they made a lot of mistakes in the moves !!! and Pam was moving with exaggeration !!! making them look kind of funny !!. When they finished the public gave them some applauses but it wasn’t what Pam expected.
After them a guy performed a different song, so the public wouldn’t get bored with the Moulin Rouge song. Pam and her friends went to change, and got back to their table just in time for the song to finish and the presenter announce the next group.


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Presenter: The next group it’s a lovely group of girls that are here for tonight’s price of $400, they’re going to sing the Mouline Rouge . So please every one take your seat….and Welcome Maxine , Syl , Liz and Jondy !!!
All the people was cheering them loudly much to Pam’s dislike . The stage lights went out leaving the place almost dark, You could see four figures . And suddenly four lights illuminated them, letting the people know that they were giving their back to them.
They were in line, the first one was Maxie with a purple corset and black pantyhouse (the ones that look like a spider web) and in her hair was a purple feather, she had on a lot of jewelry as far as you could see. The second one was Syl with a royal blue corset and white gloves she had those pantyhouse like Max, but she had boots on, she had her hair up with strike of blue , she too had a lot of jewelry, the Third one was Liz and she was wearing a red corset that made her skin glow but in the area of the breast the corset was black and tight , making her cleavage more noticeable and the last one was Jondy with a green corset and gloves(AN just think of Christina corset but green) . The four looked great, but no one was expecting the show they gave when the song started.
Max G: (The light going to her)
Where’s all mah soul sistas
Lemme hear ya’ll flow sistas
(Walking to the front of the stage in a semi slow way but very sexy)

Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista
Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista
(turning around moving her hips very seductively)

He met Marmalade down in old Moulin Rouge
Struttin’ her stuff on the street
She said, “Hello, hey Jo, you wanna give it a go?” Oh! uh huh
(walking to the front, and Max moving to the other side)

Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya dada (Hey hey hey)
Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya here (here)
Mocha Chocalata ya ya (oh yea)
Creole lady Marmalade
(only the two of them were doing the moves, while Jon and Liz were dancing backward very seductively)

Max G:
What What, What what

ooh oh
(She and Maxie kept moving in the stage at the beat of the music)

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir
Voulez vous coucher avec moi

Max G: yea yea yea yea

Liz: (turning around)
He sat in her boudoir while she freshened up
Boy drank all that Magnolia wine
All her black satin sheets, suede's, dark greens
(Now was her turn to walk to the front) (Max E. had his mouth open at the sight of her) (All the guys in there were cheering them )

Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya dada (da-da-da)
Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya here (here ohooh yea yeah)
Mocha Choca lata ya ya (yea)
Creole lady Marmalade
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir (ce soir, what what what)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi
(the three of them make the same moves, earning another fit of cheers )

Max G::
yea yea uh
He come through with the money and the garter bags
I let him know we bout that cake straight up the gate uh
We independent women, some mistake us for whores
I'm sayin‘, why spend mine when I can spend yours
Disagree? Well that's you and I’m sorry
Imma keep playing these cats out like Atari
Wear ideal shoes get love from the dudes
4 bad a** chicks from the Moulin Rouge
hey sistas, soul sistas, betta get that dough sistas
We drink wine with diamonds in the glass
bottle case the meaning of expensive taste
if you wanna Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya
Mocha Chocalate-a what?
Real Lady Marmalade
One more time C’mon now

Marmalade... Lady Marmalade... Marmalade...

Jondy: ( Now was her turn, and not disappointing anybody made her moves to the front earning roars from the male crowd)
hey Hey Hey!
Touch of her skin feeling silky smooth
color of cafe au lait alright
Made the savage beast inside roar until he cried,
(Now she was in the center of the stage dancing)

Now he's back home doin' 9 to 5
(going to her sister side)

Sleepin' the grey flannel life
(joining the others)

But when he turns off to sleep memories creep,
(MaxG went to her sisters side)
(walking off the stage to the crowd, that went louder with this )

Chorus: (closer to the crowd they did the moves one last time)
Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya dada (da daeaea yea)
Gouchie, Gouchie, ya ya here (ooh)
Mocha Choca lata ya ya (yea)
Creole lady Marmalade
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir (ce soir)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi (all my sistas yea)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir (ce soir)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi (C‘Mon! uh)

Chorus Girl: (when this girl that was of the stage said the names they were interpreting)

Christina...(oh Leaeaa Oh)

(Jondy turn around very seductively winking to one of the guys in there, making sure that all the gang saw her)
‘’in the table’’
Zane: Is that guy winking her back ….I’m going to kill him (making an attempt to stand up but he was stopped by Jack)

Pink... (Lady Marmalade)
(Liz, circling a guy very seductively) ( the guy wanted to sit her down on his lap, but Liz avoid him effectively)
‘’In the table’’
Zane was calming down when they saw Liz.
Max: (because of the jealousy he was feeling his powers went of, making the paintings that were hanging in the wall crack and fall to the floor, making the whole table to turn to look at him with amusement)……Sorry !!!

Lil’ Kim...(hey Hey! uh uh uh uh...)
(Max put her feet in some guy and then turning back to the stage in a sexy way.)
‘’In the table’’
Zack: I swear if that guy keeps looking at my sister with lust, he’s gonna end up dead !!!

Mya...(Oh Oh oooo) (Syl was a little bit more conservative, only touching a guy’s hair. But…)
‘’In the table’’
Krit: That’s my Syl !!!!! (very proud of her) ( but he turned to looked at her just in time to see her almost seating in the lap of this guy, she was only teasing him)
……..Ok…that’s it…..his dead…..(standing up, but Josh and Alec intercepted him before he made it to the other guy)

Rot wailer baby...(baby)
Moulin Rouge... (0h)
Misdemeanor here...
(The four girls were back, in the same place they started and just like the video, they finished wonderfully )
Creole Lady Marmalade Yes-ah......
All the crowd cheer them wildly, giving them ovations because of the perfect interpretation they did. Pam Troy and her friends were fuming because their presentation didn’t even compare to the one of the fours sisters.
Presenter: I think we have a winner !!!!!! (the crowd going wild again) Congratulations girls , you did a great job !!!!! (receiving smiles of the four) Ladys and Gentleman’s we have our winners !!!!! …..Girls you can cash your price whenever you want to leave.
With a final ovation of the crowd, they left the stage to go and change so they could join the gang at the table.
A couple of minutes later in the Table.
The girls were arriving.

MaxG: Can you believe it !!! we won !!! (taking her seat like Liz, Jondy and Syl)

Maria: You were great !!!!!!

Tess: You should have seen pam’s face.

Liz: (looking at her sisters and smiling) we did !!!!

Alex: (looking at the face of Max, Zack, Krit and Zane) Ok….I’m hungry again !! let’s order something!!!

They started talking again about the show the girls gave, making fun of the guy’s reaction. They order some burritos and beer , the aliens order their cherry coke as usual !!! The presentations kept going on and some of them started to dance. When Max asked Liz to dance , the song that was starting was ‘’If you want me to ‘’ of Ginny Owens started and they made their way to center of the room.

The pathway it’s broken
And the signs are unclear.
°°°They were dancing very close°°°
And I don’t know the reason why you brought me here
But just because your lonely, the way that you do.
I’m gonna walk through the valley
If you want me to.
°°°Liz: Are you having a good time Max?
Max: Yeah !!…….(looking at her)you look beautiful !!!***
Cause I’m not who I was
When I took my first step
And I’m clinging to the promise
Your not through with me yet
°°°Liz: you’ve told me before !!…but thanks
Max: (smiling to her) Well did I told you before that I love you
So if all of these trials
Bring me closer to you
Then I would go through the fire if you want me to.
°°°Liz: (looking him with adoration) No you didn’t.
Max: Well… I love you Liz….whit all my heart !!
It may not be the way
I’ve would have chosen
When you lead me through a world it’s not my home
But you never said, would be easy
You only said I’ll never grew alone
°°°Liz: (smiling to him) And I love ‘you’ Max !!!
So when the whole world turns against me
And I’m all by my self
And I can’t hear you answer
My cries for help.
°°°slowly, Max made his was closer to Liz, kissing her in a very sweet and gentle way
I’ll remember the suffering
Your love put you through
And I will go through the valley
If you want me to.
°°° As slowly as it started it ended, but this kiss that told them that they will always be together, brought a smile to their faces. And it gave Liz another reaoson to smile.

Back at the table, Zack, Jack and Zane were watching them.

Zane: He doesn’t look like a bad guy !!! Zack.

Zack: ( not liking this a bit) No…he doesn’t

Jack: And it’s obvious that Liz loves him.!!!

Zack: (still looking them intensly) yes, it is.

Zane: Zack?…Liz is not stupid, she knows what’s the right decision.

Zack: (turning to look at his two brothers and then turning to look at Syl that was dancing with Krit, Maxie that was dancing with Josh, and Jondy that was dancing with Alec.) I know ….is just that it’s difficult for me to trust someone that’s not my family….specially to trust my sisters with some one that’s not you guys……I mean , Jondy it’s safe with you Zane, and Syl it’s safe with Krit, but Maxie and Liz are in love with some one out of our group.

Jack: We understand….but it’s their decision !!!

Zack:….yeah……but that doesn't mean I like it !!!
Everyone went back to table, but Alec, Krit and Josh went to talk to the manager. While Max, Syl and Jondy took Liz to the unisex bathroom. They were trying to convince Liz to sing, and they were having a difficult time, because Liz was starting to freak out, not being able, to separate her memories with the present. Until Syl had an idea and went back to the table to bring max and Maria ‘’the love and the friendship’’
In the table

Zack: (seeing Syl come) What’s wrong ?? it’s Liz ok??

Syl: Everything it’s ok !!! I just want Maria and Max to come with me!!!

Zack: (starting to worry) What ?? Why ??

Syl: Zack !!!! I’ll tell you later.

And she left with Max and Maria in search of Liz.

In the bathroom

Jondy: sweety”!!! everything it’s going to be ok!!! You have nothing to worry about!!

Liz: (pale, and grabbing the edge of the sink) I can’t do this !!!

Syl: (coming inside with Max and Maria) We’re here!! (making jondy and MaxG to turn around)

Max: (seeing how pale was Liz) Liz!!! (going to her) What’s wrong!!!???

Maria: Liz!!!!! ( going to her other side)

MaxG: We’re going to be out side If you need anything!! Ok baby sister!!! ( not receiving a response from Liz but still going out)

Max: (once they were outside) Liz !!!!! what’s wrong!!!

Liz: (still grabbing the edge of the sink, and then opening the water to wash her face) I can’t do it !!!! I just can’t !! (drying her face with a towel)

Maria: girlfriend!!! Everything it’s going to be ok !!! ……I really think you should do it !! it’s going to help you get over it !!

Max: I second that Liz !!! you don’t have to worry , we’re going to be there with you !!!
Liz: you don’t understand !!! everytime I close my eyes, I see his face !!! yelling me how I’m not magic !! and that I’m a soldier!!! And soldiers don’t sing !!!….I feel it

Max: But you’re not a soldier !!!! And you sing Liz !!! God your voice it’s wonderful !!!

Liz: (turning to look at him)I’m afraid that when I finish the song, I’m going to go back and learn (her voice cracking a bit)….and learn one of his lessons

Maria: But your not going back there !!!! you’re not !!!!………… (not receiving any response of her) …….I know it’s not the same….but do you remember when we were in fifth grade, and my father left us !!!!(Liz turned to look at her) ….I cried for days !!! and I was so afraid of going back to school…because I thought everyone was going to laugh ….and that was torture for me !!!……And you were there for me !!! you and Alex were there for me !!!! helping me get over this !!! and you told me …..You told me…...that nothing was gonna happen because you were there !!!…with me ……and I believed you …..and nothing happened !!!!…………….Now Liz…I’m telling you the same…..nothing it’s going to happen…..and we are here…I’m here for you babe…..Max it’s here for you…always….there’s a whole group out there that will always be there !!!….now the only thing you have to do it’s be strong and beat this obstacle !!!!

Liz: (crying) thank you Maria !!! (hugging her )…your one of the most special people in my life !!!

Maria: (hugging her back ) Right back at you babe !!! Right back at you !! (looking over her shoulder at Max ) Now I’m going out there and wait ok??

Liz: Ok (seeing Maria Leave) Do you think I can do this? (turning to look at Max)

Max: (taking her in his arms) Liz!!!! You have always amazed me because all of the things you can do !!!…and this !!!! yes….I do think you can do it !!!… Maria said !!we are here for you…..I am here for you !!! I love you and I will always be here for you.

Liz: (smiling to him, and turning to look at herself in the mirror) God I ruined my make up !!

Max: (waving his hand infront of her) There !! all set !!! (receiving a funny look from Liz) What !!!! I had to learn something from Isabel !!!!

Liz: (laughing) O..Ok !!!!

Max: Come on !!! the public awaits !!!!
And they left the bath room, and Liz went to the stage and Max back at the table where the others were !!!
In the stage

Presenter: The next singer !!! it’s one of our lovely girls of the Moulin Rouge. Her name it’s Liz Parker and she’s going to interpret at some of her friends request ‘’Can’t take that away ’’ from Mariah Carey !!!…Good Luck and here she is.

Liz entered the stage, a little nervously, she was standing there looking at all the faces in the room, and then turning to look at the faces of her family and friends, and all of them were mouthing God Luck, and You can do it !!, she was studying their faces when she said:………
I dedicate this song to Tinga, Eva, Brin and Ben….Rest in Peace…..your family misses you….I miss you.
the music started, taking a big breath she prepared her self to start.


They can say anything they want to say
Try to bring me down
But I will not allow
Anyone to succeed
Hanging clouds over me
And they can try hard to make me feel
That I don’t matter at all
But I refuse to falter
In what I believe
Or loose faith in my dreams.
°°°Looking at the smiling faces and stuned faces of her family and friends, receiving a wink from Krit and Josh and a big smile from Alec°°°
‘Cause there’s a light in me
that shines brightly
They can try
But they can’t take that away from me
From me.
°°° Max was smiling at the precious angel that was singing, if he thought she had a beautiful voice when she was 6, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing°°°
They can do anything they want to you
If you let them in
But they won’t ever win
If you cling to your pride
And just push them aside
°°° Liz turned to look at Kyle and smiled to him
I have learn there’s an inner peace I own
Something in my soul
That they cannot possess
So I won’t be afraid
And the darkness will fade.
°°°Kyle couldn’t believe either what a beautiful voice she has, and Maria was crying from happiness°°°
Cause there’s a light in me
That shines brightly
They can try
But they can’t take that away from me
°°°Isabel was hearing her, and remembering all the good things she was always making for every one, and felt more than proud of being her friend.
Jondy was hearing her intently, taking the words to heart, and making her stronger, feeling a hand in hers she turned to Zane and smiled to him. Zane , hearing her sister and seeing Jondy’s reaction , he wanted to take all his family pain°°°
They can’t take this
Precious Love
I’ll always have inside me
Certainly the Lord will guide
Where I need to go
°°°Zack was feeling so proud of his sister, his strong and beautiful sister. Syl taking Krit’s hand and giving him a quick peck on the lips making both of them to turn to look at their sister smiling.°°°
They can say anything they want to say
Try to break me down
But I won’t face the ground
I will rise steadily
Sailing out of their reach
°°°Michel giving Liz a full smile, turned to look at Maria and felt how his love for her burst out, and turning to look at Liz again he knew…that he will always protect her, like a sister. Tess taking Kyle’s hand, making her feel so at peace, because she belonged to a family too. Alex….he’s been proud of her friend so many times, but this time was different, he wasn’t just feeling proud of her friend, now he was feeling proud of her sister °°°
Oh Lord
They do try hard to make me feel
That I don’t matter at all
But I refuse to falter
In what I believe
Or loose faith in my dreams
°°°Jack was smiling from ear to ear, and turning to look at his family, he knew…knew they were gonna make it out of every problem they would face, because they were together at last. Max G was crying too, and receiving a hug from Krit and a big smile from Zack, she Thanked God for the first time in her life, she thanked him for giving them the chance of being here together, but in her mind she couldn’t .......stop picturing her and Liz holding hands and Sandman coming to them and telling them they were his special ones°°°
Cause there’s a light in me that shines brightly
They can try
But they can’t take that away from me
From me.

Finishing the song, everything stopped for Liz, she saw how the people and her family were standing up and applauding her, but she only saw them in slow motion, the only thing she could hear was her heart beating wildly, because this was the moment she feared, the moment after she finished the song. Still seeing everything in slow motion, all the happy faces, her sibling faces, the joy and tear stain faces , but it were because they were proud. Looking at both her sides seeing figments of her imagination about her siblings back at Manticore when she sang for the first time, the amazement in their faces because of what they were hearing…..and turning one last time to the table expecting to see Lydecker coming for her, she only saw Max mouthing her that he loved her, and she could hear Maria in her head saying ‘’That everything was going to be ok’’ and that’s when she believed it, and everything went to normal, she was now hearing the applause and was seeing everyone move normally. And in the next second she was being hugged by her whole family.
And with a big smile
And teary eyes.
She Thanked God and the Blue Lady.
And knew
That she was letting go of her past.

(Disclaimer: The songs doesn’t belong to me, I just borrowed them for this .)

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But here's the next part !!!

I hope you like it !!!!


Christmas Day!!
It was a very cold day. Zack, Jack, Josh, Krit , Zane and Joshua were at Alec’s apartment wrapping all the gift they decided to buy. Not really knowing all the traditions on Christmas, they had difficulties in choosing all the presents. They were a lot because it wasn’t only for their sibling but also for all the people they’ve got to know and love. Joshua with the help of the aliens was looking more normal, they cut his hair and made his nose and upper lip look more human, they also fixed his nails, to everyone he was only a very tall guy with lots of prickles . Alex was with his family, until they had to leave because of his father work in the military. Isabel and Max were in their house finishing some decorations that the Christmas Nazi said were necessary . Tess and Kyle were in the house, decorating and wrapping some last minute gifts. Maria was with her mother buying some last moment gifts. Max G, Jondy, Syl and Liz were at Liz’s house, helping her parents make all the food and bake all the cakes they were going to do. And they were going to finish decorating the crash for the special dinner they were going to have not only for her siblings but also for the Valenti’s, Evan’s, the DeLuca’s and Alex.. And also Logan was going to be able to make it for Christmas.
Nancy: Girls are you sure you don’t want some help with that? (Looking at them all covered in flour)

Syl: Oh no Mrs. Parker …..we…we’re fine !!!!

Nancy: Oh please call me Nancy !!!

Syl: smiling to her) ok…..Nancy !!!

Nancy: Well if your sure…then I’m gonna go downstairs and help your father Liz!!

Liz: We’re sure mom, I think!!! I mean , How hard can this be!!!!!???

Nancy: Ok !!!!!

Nancy left them and went downstairs to help her husband.

Jeff: (seeing his wife) How are they doing??

Nancy: (laughing) I think they’re going to use all the plates in the kitchen and burned it down first !!!!

Jeff: (laughing too) That Bad !!!!

Nancy: Yes !!!!

Isabel and Max were entering the crashdown

Max: mmm Hi Mr. And Mrs Parker !!!!

Nancy: Hey Kids how are you ???

Isabel: we were wondering if you needed some help over here , since we finished everything in our house. Oohh and my parents are going to come later and bring some of the food and gifts !!!

Nancy: That would be great kids !!!

Jeff: (eyeing them) Do you know something abut cooking?

Both Isabel and Max said yes.

Jeff: well maybe you should help the girls upstairs before they burned the place down.

Max: (laughing) are you serious?

Nancy: Yes he is.

Isabel: (smiling) ok….we’re going !!!


Jondy: (reading a cooking receipt) ok…what the hell it’s that supposed to mean !!!! How can someone understand what that means !!!(turning to look at her sisters)
The four girls were looking at the same receipt not understanding anything.

Syl: Why are we making the turkey ??? isn’t that the hardest thing to do !!!

Liz: ok…...give me that!!! (reading it again) we have to put the stuffing in the turkey

MaxG: In the turkey !!! what do you mean in the turkey !!!!

Jondy: well this has a hole !!! (the four girls turned to look at the turkey finally understanding how they were going to put the stuffing in the turkey ) (Max and Isabel were behind a wall hearing everything and trying not to laugh)

MaxG: Uhhh Grouse !!!! I’m not doing it !!! grouse !!!! forget the turkey !!!! let’s do some chicken !!!

Liz: NO the tradition it’s to make turkey !!!

Syl: then you put the stuffing in there !!!

Liz: (getting quiet and eyeing the turkey) mmm ok…I can do this !!! (starting to put the stuffing in) AAAhhh no no no I can’t !!!! this is sick !!! and grouse !!!!

Jondy: come on !!!! I can’t believe we can’t cook, I mean don’t ask us of weapons, or explosive, because we’re genius !!!!! but we can’t cook !!!!!…..that’s unbelievable !!!

Syl: It’s like we were always told !!! we have to focus on the objective and execute it perfectly !!! Now!!! Lets put that stuff in there !!! and bake the pies !!!!…….and for the love of Mike Liz ….leave that turkey alone !!!… looks like your helping the turkey to get in labor !!!

Liz: (hearing her sisters laugh) What ???? o noooo …don’t tell me this turkey was a girl !!!!(with a surprised face)

MaxG: OMG what a dirty mind you have !!!!!

Liz: Hey !!! it was Syl the one that put the idea in my head !!!!

Syl: Me????? Uuhh uhhu it was all you sis !!!!.....all you
Jondy : (hearing some one laugh ) And we’re busted !!!!!! (making them turn to look at Max and Isabel, almost crying and red because of the laughter)

Liz: Hey !!! how long have you two been there?

Isabel: (still laughing) enough !!!!

Liz: Oh Crap……well… least I didn’t talk about my heat or something !!!!

Max: Heat?

Liz: ohh doble crap !!! I didn’t thought I said that out loud (making her sisters laugh)

Isabel: Your Mom said that you probably would need help!!!!

Jondy: help?….we need a miracle!!!!

Max: well……maybe you’ll have one, Is and me, are very good in the kitchen!!!

Syl: really?

Isabel: well, we’re better than our mother !!! but let’s see how this works !!

MaxG: Ok !!! just tells us what to do !!!!
The next three hours were spent, in the kitchen, under the supervision of the Evans’s siblings, the four girls learned more about cooking. Like three hours later, the turkey was in the oven and some of the pies were made. Excusing herself Isabel made her way downstairs living the four X5 girls and Max alone !!

Liz: (looking at Max) Hey I want to show you some of the gifts I bought !!!! ‘Cmon their in my room!!

Max: yeah sure !!!

Liz: You think you can handle this !!!! (looking at her sisters)

MaxG: sure thing sis !!!1

Syl: go on !! we just have to make sure they don’t burn !!!

Jondy: (watching her sister go) Just don’t take to long !!! Don’t want Zack coming in !!! and killing Max because he got the wrong impression !!!


Liz: So!!! What do you think about the gifts??? Do you think my brothers will like them !!

Max: (looking at the gifts ) Well it’s…a nice mixture of normal and……well that!!!

Liz: (giggling) I know !!!, I bet all the parents are going to have a heart attack !!!

Max: I’m sure of that !!!! (helping Liz wrap all the gifts, and getting serious)

Liz: What is it?

Max: Uuh?? No it’s nothing!!!

Liz: I know you want to ask me something!!!…you have that face!!

Max: What face??? (smiling)

Liz: the one that says ‘’I want to ask something’’ (laughing)

Max: Oh right!!! That face!!

Liz: so what is it?

Max: I was just wondering !!! ….. What are we?

Liz: What are we? (confused)

Max: Yeah !!! I mean are we…are we friends…..or…are we a couple? (starting to get shy)…I know that we’re not back to what we used to be, because…well because a lot has changed…..but we can work things from here….and see where does it take us !!!!…..if…..if you want to.

Liz: (giving him a little smile) you’re right !!! we can’t go back …..but we can start from here. I …..I don’t want to rush things…..there’s a lot going in my life right know…..and a lot it’s going to come…..that I’m sure of.

Max: so…that means ....that we’re… (getting closer to her)

Liz: yeah…(getting lost in his eyes) we’re…

But there wasn’t anything else said, when Max reached her lips and kissed her with all the love in the world.

Christmas Night. The Crashdown.
Everyone was enjoying the night. Logan was able to arrive a couple of hours before and right now was talking with Phillip, Jeff and Jim.It was already midnight, and the party was at full blast, they opened the present; and like Liz thougth the parents were shocked with the gifts the X5's siblings gave each other, it was a good mixture between clothes, guns, climbing gear, motorcycle parts, jewelry for the girls, and some guy stuffs. Joshua surprised everyone, giving painting to the parents, and to Logan, and Logan gave them all very thoughtful and expensive gift to every one.
They were all singing, well.....they were mostly teaching the X5's christmas songs, and in the middle of silent night.......Liz got some flashes....

(It was all fussy, but you could make some images)
#Maria: Who's that? (looking at the horizon)
#Liz:(getting up and looking to where Maria was looking with mixed emotions)

^MaxG: He wasn't ok Liz !!!! He could be dangerous for someone else!!!!!! (screaming to her sister)
^Liz: What the hell are you talking about?

⊕Sandman: (infront of Liz and Max) My special one's !!!! My girls !!!!! are the one's that will stop them.....and girls!!!!

****************** As soon as it started they were gone, only leaving a confused Liz***********

Max: (looking at her when she got a far away look)Liz? you're ok?

Liz: (turning to look at him) Yeah !!!!! I'm great !!!
(and she turned to the rest of her family and kept singing, leaving also a confused Max)


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Hey I have an idea and I would like your opinion !!!!

I'm using the whole 'Familiars' thing in the story, but I want to twist it !!! a little bit,
* yes they want to kill the transgenic
*but not because the whole -you freak can survive the end of the world too- thing, but because with the world knowing about the transgenics, they would know about them, it's like they were working together, but now that they are ot in the world they want to kill them so no one would know!!!!

Would that be interesting or no?

please give me your opinion !!!
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OK I'm finally with a new part !!!
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and I hope that the next part doesn't take that long.

AN: I hope I don’t confuse you, I want to start this, like in S3, with the end, and then remembering everything, but the actual party I want to put it in different pieces.


Alec’s Apartment.

(Everyone was there sleeping, passed out, or more than pissed out, except for Liz, Syl, Zane and Zack)

Kyle: (waking up) God !!! my head it’s going to explode, please someone just kill me. (getting hit in the head) HEY !!!!

Jack: Man shut up !!!! my head it’s throbbing with the sound of your voice.!!

(With the noise they were making everyone was starting to wake up)

Josh: That was a wild party!!!

MaxG: well you were drunk bro.!!!

Josh: well missy you were worst !!!!

Max: I was not !!!!!

Jondy: sister!!!! You were table dancing !!!! and you almost gave a lap dance to some random guy if Logan haven’t stop you !!!!

Max: Oh !!! ……. speaking of Logan!! Where is he?

Logan: (getting out of one of the rooms) Over here!!! Someone wants some coffee? (receiving a nod from everyone)…..ok

Michel: Max? are you awake?

Max: mmmhhmm

Michel: would you be a good alien and get rid off this headache!!!

Alec: You can do that?????? (opening his eyes and turning to look at him)

MaxG: ok people!! Everyone that got drunk, get in line!!!! (receiving some giggles from Isabel, Tess and Maria.)

Max: (after healing the headaches from all the transgenics and Michel) is everyone ok ?
(hesitating a little) Is Liz ok?

Maria: Yeah !! ….. what happened to her and Syl?

Jondy: That Maria it’s called a heat?

Isabel: Heat?

MaxG: It’s a shitty deal !!! our hormones go crazy and we practically want to jump every guy that goes near us!!

Krit: that’s why Zane and Zack stayed with them in Michel’s apartment.

Max: Why them and not Max and Jondy!

Jondy: well Max, because they would have jumpstart our own !!!

Alec: And you don’t want to see four x5’s in heat believe me!!!

Logan: (coming with the coffee for everyone) Well that was a wild party!! I don’t think that any Roswell teen it’s going to forget about in a while .

Michel: You got that right !!!!

(10 hours earlier)

New Year’s Eve.

(They were all in the crashdown, except for the parents.)

Krit: ok!!!! Who’s going with who? And at what time are we meeting there?

Maria: The party starts at 10:00….we can meet there 15 minutes before !!!

Syl: Ok ……that’s the time ……now who’s going with who?

Zack: why don’t Maria, Micheal, Jondy, Zane and Alec go together, Isabel Kyle Jack and Max go in another car, and Tess, Alex, Logan , Maxie and Joshua go in the other car. Syl, Liz, Krit and me, we go in the last one.

Zane: ok I’m fine with that!!!! Let’s go.

(Everyone got in their respective car, and headed out to the party)

(Cheese Factory. New Year’s Rave)

The Rave was at full blast. The whole group made his way inside, the guys not wanting to dance right away went for some drinks and the others went to play some pool in the far corner of the factory. The girls head it to the dance floor, and the party began.

(a couple of hours later)

*(Maria, Tess and Isabel were going to where Max, Alex, Krit and Jack were)

Maria: Man we’re tired!!!!

Tess: Yeah !!! It’s hard to keep up with those three .

Max: Where’s Liz?

Isabel: (pointing to the middle of the dance floor) Over there, she’s with her sister.

Max turning to look at Liz, his mouth went dry watching her dance, the three girls were dancing very sexy, attracting a lot of male attention to them.

Twenty minutes later of seeing her dance, he started to not like how a lot of guy were watching her, so he made his way to her, not knowing what was in store for him.

*Logan: Max!!….MAX!!!!

But Max wasn’t responding, because she was to drunk and dancing in a table giving a great show.

Logan: Great !!! just what I needed. (hearing the shouts and catcalls of the guys around)

*Zack and Zane were playing pool, and using some transgenic magic for their advantage, and after a couple of hours they had enough money to live decently for a month.

Zane: man that was easy !!!!

Zack: (laughing) That’s right, let’s bet those guys and win more!!! (smirking)

Zane: You’re enjoying this too much !!! (walking away with his brother)

*Crowd: go go go go go go go go go go !!!!!!!! YEAH !!!!!!!!!!

Alec, Josh, and later Krit and Jack were having a couple of tequila shots !!!! and after a couple of hours they were drunk and getting a little wild, Michel trying to look out for them, didn’t notice when someone misplaced his Snapple for a drink, and with only a sip, he was as drunk as the others.

*Max: (going to Liz) Liz do you want…………..
(not being able to finish, because he was a attacked by a hungry Liz)

Liz: (kissing him heatedly) Let…get…out ….of here. (dragging him outside)

*Maria: Did Liz just drag Max outside?

Tess: Yeah !!! she did ( lol )

Isabel: I so did not wanted to see that!!!! She looked like she was going to ravish him !!!

Maria: (laughing at Isabel’s expression, and turning to look at the dance floor) Well, Maxie and Jondy are already drunk!!!! and Syl looks frustrated and about to jump someone. !!!

Tess: she has the same expression as Liz !!!!

*Zane: (happy because of their recent victory) Remind me to do more bets with this kids !!! they are a piece of cake .

Zack: I know!! (searching for the others) Let’s go find the girls !!! ( they were walking when they heard Maria and Tess)

‘’ Maria:…….Syl looks frustrated and about to jump someone. !!!

Tess: she has the same expression as Liz !!!!’’

Zack: (stopping in front of Maria) What did you say?

Maria: (with curiosity) That she looks about to jump someone, just like Liz!!! (growing more curious with expression he was putting) Why?

Zack: (seeing that Jondy and Syl were coming his way) Where’s Liz? (talking to Maria)

Maria: She went out with Max!!!, Why? What’s wrong?

Jondy: (holding Syl and reaching Zack and Zane) Zack !!!! she’s in heat, and I think Liz is too, but I can’t find her….and if you don’t hold her for a minute, I’m going to fall, I’m too drunk !!!

Zack: (holding her sister) Zane go and find Liz, she’s in no state to be outside with Max and alone !!!!!

Zane: I got it !!! (before leaving ) you better keep Syl apart from Maxie and Jondy, we don’t want their heat to be jumpstarted!!! (and he left)

Zack: (turning to the other 3 girls) Maria, Isabel , Tess, go and find the others, we need to leave. Now !!!

Isabel: right !!! let’s go (motioning for the others)

* Logan: (still watching Max dancing, until he saw her about to give someone a lap dance) ok !!! that’s enough !!! (going to her) Max !!! Let’s go !!!!

Max: (in a drunk state) Wha…what?….no I want to stay !!! Lo …Logan !!!

Logan: we are leaving!!!!!!! ( and carrying her like a cave man)

Max: Logan !!!!!!!!!



I hope you like it.

the end of the party, is going to be in the next part.

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Shameless Bump*big*
posted on 14-Jan-2003 4:20:40 PM
I'm sorry for taking this long, but I've been very busy and I'm writting another story (a Littlebit's challenge )
I hope you like it, I know it's short, but I won't be taking to long in the next part.



*Outside the factory

Max: Liz…(kiss)….Liz…..(kiss)

Liz: What? (kissing him more heatedly)

Max: We…(kiss)…we need….(kiss)…to stop.

Liz: I don want to stop ( looking at him with lust filled eyes)..and I know you don’t want either.

Max: (looking at her deeply, and matching her look) No !! I don’t .

*Tess: God !! where are they ?

Isabel: I don’t know, and it’s going to be hard to find them, this place is packed.

Maria: (seeing Kyle in a corner talking to his football friend) Look !!! there’s Kyle !!

*Tommy: man !!! you have to introduce me to those babes !!!

Kyle: what babes?

Paulie: The one’s that Pam says are Liz’s family, I’ve always thought Liz is totally bad she’s with Evans, but those other three girl …..Hot mamas !!

Kyle: ( not liking they way he was talking about Liz and her sisters) Well Paulie you don’t have a chance with them !!

Paulie: why not?

Kyle: (pointing to where Alec, Jack , Josh and Krit were) Because you would have those four guy over there with Michael, on your back in a heartbeat !!! and that’s without counting the other two that are insanely overprotective of them !!

Tommy: (trying to sound self assured) Nah !! we can take them !! they look like regular guys, nothing out of the ordinary!!!

(suddenly the heard Kyle’s name)

Kyle: (turning to look at Tess that was the one calling to him) What’s wrong?

Tess: we got to go !!

Kyle: why?

Isabel: Liz and Syl have some ..problems (giving him a pointed look) Max and Jondy are drunk , Zane is looking for Max that’s MIA with Liz, and because of that Zack is about to kill someone….oohh and we can’t find Alec, Josh, Jack, Michael and Krit.

Kyle: (looking at Isabel with wide eyes) ok..well the last five you mentioned are right over there (pointing to a secluded area where the alcohol was) and because I want to live until I’m old I’m leaving with you, so Zack doesn’t have to find the need to kill someone (turning to look one last time at Tommy and Paulie) Ohh and remember what I told you guys !!!

(and with that they left)

*Alec: I’m telling you, that place issss fantassstic !!! (obviously very drunk)

Jack: How did you ….found it?

Alec: On one of my nightly tripsss

Josh: Well, I’m going, it sounds more than fun !!

Alec: what about you Krit?

Krit: nahh !! I want to keep my pretty face, and if Syl finds out she will probably punch me beyond recognition !!

Alec: Gosh man !! you are domesticated !! (turning to look at the only alien present) what abut you Michael?

Michael: Are you crazy !! and have an angry Maria on my back !!! I’m not on a dead wish !!!

Alec: Well….your lose !!! You two are going to miss seeing some beautiful girls with few clothes !!! (hearing someone clearing her troath from behind them )

Maria: What were you saying?

Alec: (looking like a deer caught by headlights) mmm nothing !!!

Maria: Good !!!…..Now we have to go !!!

Jack: what ?

Josh: why?

Isabel: and emergency…two of your sisters are in heat whatever that is (not needing to say more the four transgenic got up and with the rest started to head to entrance)

*(Max and Liz had been for the last 30 minutes in a more than heavy make out session, when Liz was ripped off of Max by Zane)

Liz: What the …Zane what are you doing ?

Zane: Liz !! (struggling a little with her) your in heat !!! you have to stop !!

Max: (realizing that something was weird with Liz) What’s going on !!?

Zane: we better go !! If Zack found you hear looking like this, his gonna kill you Max !!!

Liz: I don’t want to go !!!

Zane: Liz !!!! do you want Zack taking some extreme solutions?

Liz: (pouting) No !!

Zane: Then let’s go !!!

*( All the one’s that were inside were walking to the nearest exit when they hear some cat calls and shouts and to Kyle’s surprise it was from Tommy, Paulie and some 3 other friends from school)

Paulie: Hey girls !!! why don’t you leave those looser and come with us !!!

Tommy: You won’t regret it !!! ( laughing a little)

(But the next thing they saw was 5 very pissed brother grabbing each one of them by the troath )

Zack: (with a furious glare toward them) Look you bastard….next time you try to hit on some girl…make sure who you’re hitting on, because when you last expect it , we’ll be there, and I’ll assure you it won’t be a friendly reunion (still holding him ) understud?

Paulie: yeah ….yeah !!!

Zack: say I understad?

Paulie: I.. I..understand

Zack: good (turning to look at the others and glaring at them) what abut you kids!! ( slowly receiving an ‘I understand from each one of them’ )

When they were finally able to gather everyone and make their way home with almost no trouble it was already four o’clock in the morning. And with two very jumpy girl, one furious brother, 2 drunk girls, 5 drunk boys they made their way to each department, to try and get some rest.

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It was a couple of weeks after New Year’s Eve, and all the transgenic were so happy to be together, that they decide to stay in Roswell longer, but first they had to go to their houses –or the place they were most frequently staying at- to get some things, so there wouldn’t be any problem; that left only Zack, MaxG and Alec in Roswell. Logan decided to go to Seattle to do some more eye’s only work, but told Max that he would be coming more, to be able to spend more time with her.

(Joshua’s House)

They were all enjoying the day, watching some movies, or playing cards, Liz and MaxG were making popcorn, while the others were in the living room.

MaxG: so!!! How are things going on with Max?

Liz: (looking at her sister) good !!!! we’re getting along very well, everyday we’re learning something new !!! It’s kind of refreshing.

MaxG: So I take it that you are happy !!

Liz: Yeah !!! I am ….I feel so relieved now, because I can start to be me….and not hide anything from them !!! it feels great !!!

MaxG: I’m glad baby sister !!! I really am !!

Liz: (smiling to her) Thanks !!!!

Max: (getting a mischievous grin) So… he a good kisser?

(from the living room)


(back in the kitchen)

MaxG: so what !!! it’s just a question !!! (they were taking the bowls of popcorn to the living room, and side stepping Joshua’s dog that always started to bark when Liz and MaxG were near )

Zack: Well It’s information I don’t want to know abut one of my sister!!!! Son don’t answer that Liz !!! (giving a pointed look to her)

Maria: (getting curious) What are you talking about ?

Zack: Nothing !!!! (and only receiving some giggles from Liz)
Liz: (Looking at ‘’Shep’’ that was Joshua’s dog) Joshua??? Can’t you make him stop?! It’s starting to get annoying !!!(going to sit besides Max that was in front of the dog)

Joshua: Sorry .!!!! (trying to calm the dog, but he kept going)

(They kept like that for a couple of minutes, and the dog never stopped barking at the two girls)

Max: (rubbing liz’s arm) Maybe we can put him outside!!!

Tess: But it’s freezing out there !!! poor thing !!!

Isabel: Poor thing? He doesn’t shut up !!!

Liz: (starting to get impatient with the noise, she leaned forward and stared directly at the dog that was barking almost in her face ) Listen to me buddy !!! I’m getting sick of the noise !!! so BACK OFF !!!! (and just like that the dog turned to a sweet puppy towards the two of them )

MaxG: Thank God you did that !!!!! I was getting tired !!! (ignoring the faces around her)

Liz: (resting her head in Max’s shoulder and turning to look at him) What??

Max: You’re amazing Liz Parker!! (receiving a big smile)

Zack: Oohh please !!!! stop the phony sentimentality !! (receiving a punch from MaxG and a laugh from the rest) What??

(A couple of hours later)
The boys were playing cards, and the girls were talking outside in the porch and drinking some hot chocolate.

Tess: so when are the rest of your family coming again?

Liz: They said they would be back in a week, so they’ll be in here in like five or six day hopefully.

Isabel: I thought only Jack, Zane, Josh and Jondy were settled?

MaxG: Yeah !! but Krit and Syl, had things here and there !!!

Maria: What a bout you Max, aren’t you going to Seattle?

MaxG: Yeah !!! eventually, I quit my job in Jam Pony, so that’s not a problem, and I talked with my friends specially Cindy and she understands, so …I don’t have to go back any time soon.

Liz: What about Logan?

MaxG: Well…we are getting in a more serious relationship, and he said that he wanted to be with me in the good ones and the bad ones, so he will probably come back.

Tess: and what abut his work?

MaxG: well….let’s just say he can do it everywhere !!!!

Isabel: What does he do?

MaxG: mmmmm (turning to look at Liz) investigations in his computer!!!

Maria: (seeing that it was a half truth in her eyes) What kind of investigations?

Liz: Maria….Logan is Eye’s Only, remember?? the hacker we saw on TV when I came back !!!

Maria: Oohh Wow…that was him?

MaxG: Yeah !!!

Isabel: You know that’s very interesting, I’m sure Alex will be fascinated with it !!!

MaxG: really? …what!! He’d a computer obsessed person too?

Isabel: Yeah !! something like that.

Tess: (after a minute of silence) Liz?

Liz: Yeah !!!!

Tess: I was wondering the other day ….if you have been showing some kind of powers since November?

Liz: (with a confused face) What?…..mmm no !!!

MaxG: what powers?

Isabel: Liz manifested some powers back then

Maria: Yeah !!! she was able to astral project herself to Max in NY.

MaxG: Why do you have powers?

Liz: Because Max had to heal me, I never told you guys, but I was shot and Max brought me back.

MaxG: (with a shocked face) Thank God he was there !!! what happened? Was it Manticore?

Liz: No ….I was working and some guy brought a gun, you can imagine the rest.

Max: yeah….I really hate those things !!!

Liz: (seeing Maria looking at something else) Maria !! what is it?

Maria: I don’t know!! I think someone’s coming (looking at the horizon)

Liz:(getting up and looking to where Maria was looking with mixed emotions)

Isabel: (looking at the horizon) I can’t see very well.

MaxG: (enhancing her vision) Oh my God !!!

Tess: What is it?

MaxG: (getting up and going to the entrance door) Zack !!! Zack !!! come over here!!

Maria: What’s going on who is that?

Liz: (swallowing hard) It’s……..Ben !!!

(Inside the cabin)

(hearing MaxG yell)

Michael: What’s going on?

Zack : I don’t know !!! (standing up and running outside with the rest of the guys following)


Zack: What is it? What’s going on (standing next to MaxG and seeing who was coming) Holy crap…he’s alive.

Liz: (hearing the confirmation that her brain needed but her heart knew was true) Oh my God …BEN !!!! (and running as fast as she could, she went to meet her brother half the way, and with open arm he received her)

Ben: (with a sobbing Liz in his arms) Liz !!! I thought I’ll never found you.

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