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Title: in a broken world
summary: Liz is the slayer.
rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I don't anything.


I think I've figured out why I haven't written in this journal in nearly two years. You see All I ever wanted was a normal life. But I guess for a girl like me, normal is just too much to ask.

Hey I'm Maria, your waitress what can I get you?
Would you like fries with that?
I hope enjoyed your meal at the crashdown
That comes to 6.50 sir
Would you like a refill ma'am
Have a nice day
I'm Maria, I'll be your waitress. How can I help you.
"I swear if I hear that good damn door chime again today I'm going to stab the person to death with my pen" Alex smirked and patted her on the back.
"It's okay Maria" Alex reassured.
"No it's not" Maria snapped "I've been working for 7 straight hours, Anges was meant to show up 3 hours ago...".
"Chill" Alex ordered "maybe you should take a rest".
"I can't afford too" she said collapsing in the lounge chair "I feel like I'm going insane".
"Well you look like it" Alex replied walking behind her and massaging her shoulders, realizing the tension. She immediately went stiff when the familiar ringing of the door chime sounded, causing her to get up and walk out. In walked Liz.
"Hey Liz" Alex called grabbing her attention.
"Hey" Liz smiled making her way over "this place is pretty packed".
"Your telling me" Maria sighed with exhaust "what are you doing here? I thought you were gonna drop by later".
"Oh yeah I was but I actually um..." Liz paused "I was wondering if I could fill out a job application".
"Screw it" Maria exclaimed "have you down waitressing before?".
"Yeah I used to work in this little coffee shop back in new York" Liz answered.
"Thank god" Maria smiled shoving a uniform into Liz's arms "get changed in the bathroom in the back, you can start work straight away if that's okay with you".
"It's fine with me" Liz smirked walking off into the back room
Bottom line is, even if you see 'em coming, you're not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does.
Max pulled the jeep into a free space in front of the crashdown and jumped out, followed quickly by Isabelle and Michael. They sat in their usually booth.
"Hey guys" Maria smiled at the three of them "what can I get you?".
"Burgers, cherry cokes and fries all round" Michael said sliding his eyes up and down her body quickly before looking away, Isabelle catching him in the act.
"Okay I'll be back with your drinks in just a minute" Maria said walking off.
"What was that Michael?" Isabelle asked curiously.
"What was what?" Michael asked looking everywhere but at Isabelle or Maria.
"I saw you checking out Maria" she said looking over Max who seemed to be staring off into space again "you know we can't get involved with anyone don't you".
"I know" Michael barked at her "and I don't think you need to worry about me, I mean you practically go out every other week with a guy of your picking don't you".
"Yeah" Isabelle answered "But that's different, I know not to get involved and if I know Maria, she will want to get involved".
"Whatever" Michael said getting up.
"Where are you going?" Max asked Michael, snapping out of his daze.
"To the bathroom" Michael informed "unless you wanna come with me and hold my hand" he growled walking off just as Maria came back to their table with there drinks.
"Your orders will be up in a minute".
"Thanks Maria" Max spoke up taking a sip of his cherry coke.
"Where were you just then?" Isabelle asked her brother curiously.
"What do you mean?" Max asked without looking at Isabelle. Isabelle followed his eyes across the room to the new girl Liz Parker, who had arrived in Roswell a few days ago. Isabelle rolled her eyes and tried to snap her brother of out his daze "Max... Max...".
"What?" Max jumped.
"You can't have her?" She snapped.
"I know" he answered sadly wishing they were more than just lab partners.
So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that.
"How do you do it" Maria asked sneaking up on Liz.
"Do what?" Liz asked curiously.
"You arrived in town, what about a week ago and you already have Max Evan's eating out of your hand" Liz cocked her eye brow at Maria "if you haven't noticed he has been staring at you ever since he came in".
"My lab partner Max Evan's" Liz giggled shaking her head "You've got it all wrong Maria, were just...".
"Friends" she finished. Liz nodded "Liz your like a princess or something, with your amazing cheek bones and your beautiful hair. If I were a guy I'd wanna jump you too".
"Okay Maria that's disgusting" Liz squealed.
"It's the truth" Maria smirked "just admit to me you have a little thing for him" Liz looked over at Max.
"I admit that he is cute" Liz smiled adorably "But I'm with Kyle".
"Ah yes Kyle Valenti" Maria said wriggling her eye brows "when am I gonna meet this guy you talk so much about".
"Soon I promise" Liz vowed raising a hand to her heart "he said he might come down and spend the weekend with me, he is such a sweety".
"Whatever" Maria said rolling her eyes "Just be carefully... These long distant relationships don't always work out. I mean....".
"I want the money today. NOT tomorrow!!" a beefy man yelled standing up over the man next to him. the man suddenly pulls out a gun from his pocket and there is a struggle for control. the gun goes off and Liz falls to the ground.
It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are.
"Call an ambulance" Max ordered Maria while he ripped open Liz's uniform exposing her bra and body to him and the world while Isabelle and Michael kept everyone back telling others she is fine she just needs a little air.
"Liz" Max said holding her body in his arms "you have to look at me" Max placed his hands over the bullet wound and looked into Liz's eyes before the images came. slow at first before coming faster and faster until he was literally thrown off her. Liz's eyes fluttered open and Max found his way back to her.
"you're all right" Max reassured checking her over "your okay".
"keys! Now!" Michael called to Isabelle who ran back to their table.
Thinking quickly Max breaks a nearby ketchup bottle and dumps it all over her "You broke a bottle when you fell, spilled ketchup on yourself. Don't say anything please".
"Are you okay?" Maria panicked running to Liz's side.
"I'm fine" Liz said watching Max run out "I'm fine".
I will never look at the stars in the sky the same way again. I'll never look at anything the same way again. What did Max Evans do to me.

what do you think? good, bad... ugly!!!
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Ever since I found out about Max and Michael and Isabel, I've been thinking a lot about secrets.

"there's something I'm meant to be doing" I said looking around at the cell ceiling with curiosity.
"oh sure there is.. miles to go" Faith said slamming her head repeatedly against the wall, blood already seeping out of her head and staining her orange uniform "Little Ms. Muffet counting down from 7-3-0".
"Great.. riddles" I smiled at her sarcastically.
"sorry it's my head. everything's new" she says looking at me before resuming her banging her head against the wall until something cracks and she stops to catch her breath "they're never gonna fix this, are they?".
"what about you?' I asked, turning to her.
"what about me?" she asked harshly "I'm already dead, and as they say one slayer dies another rise's in her place. pretty fucked up that their are two of us huh?" I nodded looking out the window at the blue sky "Your gonna have it rough you know, your not like the others you know, not anymore.. your changed".
"what does that mean?" I asked.
"beats me" she spat, spitting blood on the floor "It's getting close to that time" she says wiping her blood off her lip and looking at it "Your almost ready".
I opened my eyes and looked into Kyle deep blue eyes "what are you doing here?".
"I heard about the little incident in the crashdown.." I cringed and looked away "I just wanted to come down and make sure your okay".
"I'm fine" I sighed, looking back up at him "I'm fine". his fingers traced lines up my arm in efforts to comfort me, but they really weren't. I turned over and his arms crashed around me, pinning my body to his.
"are you sure?" he whispered in my ear.
"yeah" I answered "how did you get past my grandmother?".
"she was asleep" he said kissing the back of my neck "did I ever tell you, you look like an angel when your sleeping?".
"No" I sighed snuggling up against him hoping to get comfortable, no luck "how long have you been watching me?".
"a few hours" he yawned "not long... why?".
"I think you should go hun?" I said turning and kissing him lightly on the lips, before collapsing back on my side "while the sun is still down and my grandmother is still asleep I hope. I can just imagine her face if she catches us" Kyle laughed and looked over at the clock on my bed.
"Ohh Lizzie" I turned my ear towards him "I think it's a lot later than we thought" I growled and looked towards the clock.
"shit I've got school".
That for everyone who has a secret, there's someone else who needs to know what that secret is.
"why were you late?" Maria whispered to me in English as Mrs Randles talked about the poetic writings of some dead poet from the 1700's.
"I slept in" I whispered back.
"please" Maria whispered "In the few weeks I have known you Liz Parker, you have been at least 5 minutes earlier for everything" she paused as Mrs Randles walked back and looked over everyone work "everything".
"well maybe you don't know me as good as you think" I whispered back.
"Can Liz Parker please report to the guidance counsellor office immediately. Liz Parker" I gulped as everyone sat and stared at me, all the while Maria chanted 'bad girl' under her breath. I rolled my eyes and walked out the door, what the hell would the guidance counsellor want with me?
How sometimes secrets keep people from feeling like they belong.
"hello.. is anybody" I large chair swung around "Oh it's you".
"hi Liz" Kathleen Topolsky smiled at her sweetly from across her desk.
"so what's up now?" I asked sitting down in a chair across from her "Some kind of evil mambo jambo boogie happening in the small town of Roswell, that I have to sort out".
"Nothing like that" she smiled knowingly "I realize you've only just arrived in Roswell, but when you're ready I-I think we should start your training again".
"I'm down" I smiled "how about after school".
"Well, I-I-I understand if, if you want a few days to...".
"I'm ready" I interrupted "so guidance counsellor huh?... how's that going for ya?".
"better than being stuck in the library with stuff old books" she exclaimed.
"funny" I said leaning back in my chair "kinda thought you liked it there, with the books".
"ha ha" Kathleen smirked at me "How's Roswell so far?".
"good" I nodded "nothing has jumped out of the cemetery and attacked me yet if that's what you mean".
"Liz I know what happened in the crashdown" she said looking at me.
"you heard about that?" I gulped, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.
"It's kinda hard not when it's blasted all over the news papers" she said handing my a copy of Roswell news "your just lucky nothing happened to you".
"yeah..." I said looking down at the paper "real lucky".
And now even I, Liz Parker I have something to hide.
"Hi Liz" I turned and looked towards Max who had just caught me coming out of Topolsky's office.
"hey Max" I smiled up at him "what's up?".
"nothing" he said looking away, his face telling me the exact opposite "you know, things are just things are just normal, you know? Completely normal".
"that's great" I smiled, getting a weird tingly feeling in the bottom of my stomach.
"yeah.. great" he said, his feature's kinda saddening "what do you think of Topolsky?".
"I don't know" I said stopping in the hall and looking up to him "I don't think the question is what do I think of Topolsky, the question is what do you think of her? what's going on Max?".
"I don't know" he sighed with frustration "She was just asking all of those questions about Michael. where he was? why wasn't he in class?...".
"I'm sure she was just taking attendance" I said reassuring him "don't worry. No one's suspicious of Michael".
"your probably right" Max said looking at me strangely "I better go".
"yeah me too" I said giving him a little wave "bye".
"bye Liz"
I suddenly realized that it wasn't my future I was worried about at all. My future was filled with all kinds of promise, if I could just get through my present.

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"And on your right, once again, the beautiful cemetery tomb stones" Liz said wrapping her arms around herself "I think you've now seen everything there is to see in Roswell new Mexico".
"I don't know" Kyle smirked "I was expecting to see some little green men" Liz swallowed hard and went along with the joke.
"you wouldn't be the first" she replied looking around with a bored expression on her face "so what do you think of the place so far".
"it's... different" I rolled my eyes at him.
"different" I repeated "why don't you just come out and say it Kyle, I know you hate small town life".
"ahh that's quite true but this isn't exactly a small town" he replied "this is an abnormal small town".
"damn straight" I giggled looking around "tonight's been pretty dead, I'm gonna jet. My grandma's probably worried sick about me".
"she didn't seem to be worried all those other nights" Kyle said wrapping his arms around her waist.
"she wasn't.. or so I thought" I smiled up at him "she came out yesterday and told me she was worried about old greasy men gang banging their granddaughter in a dark alley".
"If only she knew" Kyle said leaning forward and kissing me "You better go".
"yes sir" Liz saluted, taking one last look at him "you want me to walk you home".
"nah" he said walking off "my hotels only a little walk away from here".
"cool" Liz smiled "I'll see you tomorrow".
"tomorrow" Kyle nodded, walking off into the darkness. he came to the exit of the cemetery when he heard something break behind him, quickly he turned and looked around cautiously. finding nothing. Suddenly something caught his eye, he walked over and picked up what looked like a skin.
"what the..." the skin degraded and disappeared in the breeze
The future was always so clear to me. A straight path towards my goal. I just never counted on there being any intersections.
"I paid Maria a visit last night" Isabelle announced once Michael and Max had entered the Eraser room with her "I think she's gonna tell the sheriff about us?".
"what did you see?" Michael demanded.
"I saw a lot of things Michael" Isabelle sighed rubbing her head "she screamed for the sheriff to help her, she told him she wanted to tell him about us... that we were repulsive".
"It's was a dream Isabelle" Max protested for Maria's sake "dreams don't mean anything".
"open your eyes Max" Isabelle snapped " you don't know them as well as you think".
"I trust them" Max growled at her.
"you want to trust" Isabelle corrected "Max listen to me... we have to do something".
"something like what Isabelle?" Michael stepped in "kill Maria".
"No" Max said glaring at them "were not gonna kill anyone, I'll have Liz talk to Maria. Maybe she will help straighten things out".
"and what if they don't Max?" Isabelle asked "what will you do then".
"I'm hoping it won't come to that" Max said walking out of the eraser room, with Isabelle and Michael right behind him. Max stopped when he came to the quad and looked around for Liz and Maria, but instead he found Alex.
"Alex" Max called making his way over to the boy.
"Max" Alex said licking his fingers "what can I do for you?".
"I was wondering where Maria and Liz are?' he asked with concern.
"Liz is busy dissecting pig embryo's and Maria left to go speak to the sheriff about something" Alex said chewing on a pork rib "to tell you the truth she's been acting flaky all day".
"thanks" Max said walking off.
"is something up?" Alex asked after them.
"No" Isabelle answered with a sweet smile "everything's fine" she turned and lost her smile. She knew Maria couldn't be trusted "what do we do now Max?".
"We stay calm" he ordered walking into the school.
I guess that's what makes life more interesting. Keeping yourself open, letting new people in, changing your mind.
"Hi Miss Deluca I'm Jim Valenti the new sheriff in Roswell" he said sitting back in his chair "what exactly can I do for you?".
"I don't know" Maria stuttered looking everywhere but at the sheriff "I'm just having a hard time at school".
"well my doors is always open" he said eying Maria from his side of the desk "what are you afraid of Miss Deluca?".
"a lot of things" she snorted.
"You know what I think?" he said getting up and pacing around his office "I think someone is controlling you, controlling you through fear. Am I right? I'm here to help you. You know that, don't you? Then tell me what's frightening you so badly. tell me everything. tell me what you saw the night of the crash festival?".
"what are you talking about?" Maria asked fidgeting with her skirt.
"I've read over the various files Sheriff Harris left behind before he retired, I know everything about that night" he said sitting on his desk in front of Maria "You were in that parking lot to meet whom?".
"Nothing, just headlights" Maria gulped.
"was there someone waiting for you?" the sheriff integrated.
"I don't know" Maria replied "I was unconscious at the time".
"Maria. We both know why we're here, right? So what do you say we stop lying to each other? Okay?" Maria nodded and looked at the sheriff "tell me about Liz Parker".
"No-No this about Isabelle Evans..." Maria shut her mouth and cringed.
"Isabelle Evan's" Valenti repeated "tell me about her?".
"She's a special girl" Maria answered, relaxing a little.
"Why is that?" Valenti asked leaning forward.
"Because of where she's from".
"And where's that?' Valenti asked.
Maria looked around, before her eyes settled on Valenti's "A very nice family. And like you said sheriff, we wouldn't want to destroy any other families in this town, would we?" The sheriff looked away exhausted
"No I wouldn't want to do that" he said walking back behind his desk and sitting down.
"Thanks for talking with me sheriff" Maria said getting up "I feel better".
"I'm glad you do" Maria walked out of the police station with a smile on her face.
"You lied" Isabelle said with relief as soon as Maria came out.
"Like a rug" Maria sighed sitting down beside her on the curve.
"Were you scared?" Isabelle asked eying her.
"That is so the understatement of the year" Maria said pretending to shiver "but I realized what it must be like to be you" Isabelle smiled.
"You look awful".
"'thanks for saving our butts Maria' 'no problem Isabelle'" Maria paused "need a ride home?".
Part of me wants safety, wants to go back to how things were, to a life that I could predict, where I know how life is going to be.
"Hey" I smiled at Max, taking a seat next to him.
"Hey" Max smiled back at me "So how's it going?".
"Good, real good" I replied looking up at him awkwardly "great in fact".
"Good, that's really good" he said losing himself in my eyes "it's perfect".
"Okay" is sighed ducking my stray hair behind my ears "Is everything okay Max?".
"Yeah" he answered looking everywhere but at me "yeah I just wanted to say hi. Uh. Just, uh, stepping out from behind the tree".
"What tree?' I asked, watching him squirm.
"Oh forget it" he smiled, another gorgeous smile "It's been one of those days".
"I know what you mean" I answered not taking my eyes off him "I feel like just curling up into a ball and going to sleep" I said leaning on him.
"Yeah" Max said wrapping his arm around me and pulling me close "this feels good?... Normal almost".
"Yeah.." I breathed on his chest "this feels perfect".
And the other part of me wants to go somewhere else, into the unknown.

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The tough thing about following your heart is what people forget to mention, that sometimes your heart takes you to places you shouldn't be.

I waved goodbye to Maria and walked into the house "Grandma I'm home" I called taking my jacket off and hanging it on the rack "Grandma?" I called again still getting no answer. I frowned walking into the living room, finding it oddly spotless... Neat freak I thought proceeding into the kitchen. "Grandma" I cried when I found her sprawled out on the kitchen floor.
"Oh my god grandma" I said cling to her arm "Grandma please wake, please" I brushed my hand across her cold skin knowing I had to call somebody. I reached for the phone and dialed 911.
"911 emergency" a woman answered.
"Um.. It's My grandmother.. She's not breathing" I cried into the phone.
"Is she conscious?" The woman asked in a panic.
"No" I cried again.
"I need your address" the woman demanded.
"Huh?" I asked.
"I'm going to send an ambulance over" she explained.
" Barcoo close... You know where that is right. It's off...".
"We know where it was" the woman said in a calm controlled voice "do you know how to administer CPR?".
"N-No.. " I stuttered "I don't remember"
"Okay it's very simple" she explained "tilt your grandmothers head back. Cover her mouth with yours and breath into her mouth".
"Okay" I said putting down the phone "I can do this... I remember this" I breath into her mouth and begin chest compression's.
"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight" I bend down and do more compression's "One, two, three" Suddenly Something in grandma Claudia's chest crack startling me "Oh! Oh god".
"I, I think I broke one of her ribs" I cried into the phone "I didn't mean to it just happened".
"Calm down" the woman ordered "take deep breathes and try to stay calm".
"I don't know what to do" I cried sitting down next to her body.
"The paramedics should be on there way, understand" the woman said loudly "miss?".
"She's cold" I hissed.
"The body's cold?" The woman asked.
"Yeah.. Sh-should I warm her up?".
"No" the woman answered immediately "wait for the paramedics".
"When will they be here?" I demanded.
"Soon just hold on".
places that are as scary as they are exciting and as dangerous as they are alluring, and sometimes your heart takes you to places that can never lead to a happy ending.
Liz looked up when she heard the door open and someone call to see if anyone was home. She dropped the phone and raced to the front door and find two tall clean paramedics at her door.
"She's through here" Liz said directing them into the kitchen.
"Oh my god" The first gasped, kneeling down beside her and feeling her wrist area for a pulse while the other set up some equipment "No pulse".
"Was she conscious?" The other asked, looking down at his equipment.
"No" Liz answered, her eyes trained on her grandmothers body.
"I'm bagging her" the other declared.
"Your what?" Liz gasped.
"Were going to intubate her" the other explained, knowing what Liz was thinking "were gonna try and get her breathing again".
"This is your grandmother" I nodded "does she have any history of heart problems or medical problems".
"No" Liz answered sheepishly "no that I know of".
"Lets try CPR" the other said titling her head back while the other got ready to do the compression's. Liz watched hopefully, waiting for her grandmother to choke another breath and magically come back to life.
"She's cold" the first said backing away from the body. She wasn't coming back "call it".
"I'm sorry" the paramedic frowned.
"Wh-what do I do now?" Liz asked looking at him for answers.
"I'm sorry I have to tell you this but... Your mothers dead" Liz looked down at the floor with sudden interest "It looks like she did die a good while before you found her. There's .. nothing you could have done".
"W-what?" Liz cried without tears.
"I'm guessing it must have been a aneurysm or some clotting. Some complication from surgery. She probably felt... "Liz fazed out and stared at her shoes "very little pain. I'm gonna call it in. The coroner's office will come by and take her in, and they'll determine the cause of death conclusively".
"Okay" the paramedic said rushing back into the house "we gotta fly.. We have a 206 on Bibbulmun" he nodded.
"Do you need anything, is there someone you can call?" He asked with concern, Liz didn't respond "I'm sorry" he said before walking off. Liz fell to the ground in tears as soon as he left.
And that's not even the difficult part. The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown.
Max groaned when he heard a tap on his window "Michael I told you already.." He opened his windows to find none other than Liz Parker "Liz?" He gasped helping her in "what's wrong? What happened?".
"Can I stay here tonight?' She pleaded.
"Sure" Max said a little nervous that she was actually in his room for the first time. Liz went over and sat on his bed, laying her head on his pillow "do you wanna talk about...".
"Shhh" Liz interrupted, pulling him to her side "just hold me" Max wrapped his arms around her with no objections.
And once you do, you can never go back.
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It's funny how the world changes sometimes, how the streets you walked your entire life seem darker, colder. How the silence isn't so quiet anymore. How eyes you've barely even noticed now look at nothing but you. How the walk home every night is no longer routine, but a victory. And then you begin to wonder... maybe it's not the world that's changed. Maybe it's just you. And then, suddenly... you begin to wonder all over again.
Max Evan's saved my life, but what if I was really meant to die that day. what if that was my destiny and he changed that, what would that mean? would I get another destiny? would I change? If so what would I become, a bigger mess than I already am. I'm the one girl in all the world chosen to stop vampires and the force's of evil from taking over the earth. being who I am is the most loneliest job in the world. Not to mention my parents dumped me on my grandmothers door step when times got too rough for them to handle, and now she is dead.
Maybe death is my destiny? maybe that was a consequence to Max bring me back. that everyone around me has to die or suffer.
I woke up in Max's arms this morning, and I felt good. I felt like everything in the world had just faded into the back ground and only me and him existed, but then I remember everything. I shouldn't have left, I should have told him what was happening I should have told him about my grandma dying. I should have told him a lot of things.
I've missed a few days. But in my absence I've been thinking about some things, about life before Max Evans saved me, of how I used to pray for something to happen, something to just break the routine, you know, of school and work... something that would make a small life feel bigger. And ever since I got my wish, I realized one thing... that the bigger your world gets, the bigger your problems get, too.
especially for a freak like me..... You know what I really don't know how I get to be where I am. 285 south. I'm sitting on my grandma's mini in the middle of the freaking desert, thinking about how destiny must hate me. destiny can go fuck it's self in the ass for all I care.

"hey" Faith called to me, snapping me out of my daze "there waiting for you".
"who are?" I asked jumping off the car bonnet and patting the lion cub who had appeared at my feet "what do they want?".
"what do I look like and information booth" she said pointing out towards a large tent, that if my memory serves me correct wasn't there before "go... there expecting you" the lion cub walked off, leading me across the desert towards the tent. The cub laid down at the entrance of the tent, while I entered it confidently, I open my mouth to speak.
"Don't worry" someone interrupts "He knows you're here. No talking right now. Just follow the chant". I took part in the ritual, drinking water from a bowl that was passed around the small circle to each person in the tent. An elderly man across from me threw something into the fire, causing the fire to crackle with life. the smoke from the fire swam around the room like a serpent, before tracing a symbol right in front of her very eyes. A bizarre symbol. "it's to intense in here" I moaned, wiping the sweat from my forehead "what is this?".
"hush child..." My grandmother called beside me her eyes trained on the fire. I looked around the circle, I knew them all.
"Grandma" I cried "what's... what's happening to me?".
"the sweat" she answered "Honey bear? there's something you wanna say".
"yes" I cried, my voice sounding breathy and desperate "Grandma, I guess the thing I wanted to say to you more than anything else is just how much you mean to me, and somehow you just always manage to make me feel really special, and I, I just don't know what I'm going to do without you".
"You're going to do just fine" she reassured me "and I want to tell you something. When I look at you so excited about life, I see myself, and that's a gift, a gift that I will take with me, that I'll always treasure. Promise me one thing, that you'll follow your heart wherever it takes you. Trust it. Will you do that?".
I don't know if anything of it was real, or just my complete and utter imagination. But it felt real and intense. I promised her in my heart I would follow my heart, but I don't know if I can keep that promise when my heart feels so broken.
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285 south

"Everybody has their secrets. There isn't a person alive today who's what they appear to be. Exposing these secrets is the job of the... historian. Even the most normal of us has extraordinary qualities just waiting to be uncovered".
Listening to Mr. Sommers, I realized how strange it must be for Max, Isabel, and Michael not to even know their own history. And how scary it would be if anyone discovered it before they did.
"Liz Parker" I looked up, and found myself staring into a pair of the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen "I'm Deputy Pierce, from the sheriff's department".
"hi" I stuttered shaking his hand "what is this about?".
"Oh I just wanted to ask you a few questions, if that's okay?" he asked looking down at some hand written notes "are you aware that you have been missing for the last 48 hours".
"yes" I answered, crossing my arms over my chest "I left town for a while.. I just had to..".
"get away" he finished "I know how you must feel, my father just passed away a few months back".
"I'm so sorry" I sympathised.
"it's okay" he said looking back down at his notes "Are you aware that your mother and father filed a missing person's report, yesterday afternoon and have been looking for ever since".
"No" I shook my head "I thought they were in New York".
"Well we told them about your grandmother dying and they came as soon as they heard" he answered "when they found out you were missing, they panicked and filed a missing person's report. Sounds like they really care about you".
"yeah" I rolled my eyes "they really care" I replied sarcastically "is this over because I really want to go".
"don't you want to come down to the police station to meet them...".
"no" I interrupted "we done? I have to go see my guidance counsellor".
"sure" I turned on my heel and walked, god I hate my parents.
I don't know why my Parents suddenly care about what happens to me, it's not like they grew a heart over night. Knowing them their probably hear to claim whatever grandma left them in her will, good I hope they get nothing.
"Liz" I looked up to see Max, in his shining armour "hey, I was hoping I'd see you at school".
"great" I replied looking down at my book. it's a biography of the life of Madame Currie.
"so how are you?" he asks siting down next to me.
"Kinda of sick and tired of people asking me how I am" I replied harshly, Max turned from me and looked out at the quad "Not to be rude, but what do you want Max?".
"I was wondering if we could talk about you sleeping over my house that night" he said in soft whisper, almost like he didn't want anyone to know "I need to know where we stand".
"I like you" I answered, closing my book and turning to him "but don't think that night was anything but me needing someone, okay".
"okay" Max answered, looking deep into my eyes as though he were searching for something "so when you say like, is that more than a friend".
"I don't want to talk about this right now" I said putting my hand to my head.
"I'm sorry..." he stuttered, looking down at his hoses "I don't wanna rush you" he pauses "so how was your meeting with Topolsky?".
"what is that meant to mean?" I asked.
"nothing.." he stutters yet again "I was just wondering...".
"Max" I said putting my book away entirely "Whenever we talk you always have an ulterior motive to speak to me. don't you just wish that we could get past that and get to what is really bugging you, because today I don't feel like dancing around the subject".
"are you feeling okay?" Max asked with concern.
"peachy" I smiled, grabbing my bag "considering my parents filed a missing person's report for me yesterday, my grandmother just died and the boy that I think I'm in love with is an alien".
"you love me" Max repeated.
"I don't know" I cried, brushing my hair out of my eyes "whenever I think about you, see you.. I get butterflies and it's the most amazing, sickening feeling Max. and It scares me because I've never felt like this before in my entirely life".
"I know Liz.." Max said getting up, and holding my face in his hands "because I feel it too".
"It can never work can it" I said backing away from him.
"were to different...".
"don't say that" I interrupted "you know what don't saying anything, this.." I said gesturing to myself and him "whatever it is... it's over. the truth is we'd be better off without each other. right?".
"right?" I persisted.
"right" he answered reluctantly.
"then let's just save each other the heart ache and say goodbye" I turned on my heel for the second time today and walked, this time out of the school.
I didn't want to walk away... but it was for the best. he was an alien from outer space sent to earth for god knows what and me. I'm a slayer, death follows me every where... were just to different.
"Welcome to the crash...." I stopped mid sentence when I noticed my customer was none other than Isabelle, and the look she was giving me right now could chill you to the bone "what do you want?".
"I want to talk" she says gesturing to the chair across from here.
"If this is about Max I haven't....".
"Just listen" Isabelle interrupted, I sat down across from her and looked at her "It's your fault that my brother has locked himself in his room listening to Counting Crows repeatedly. I just wanna know what you said to him".
"I told him there can't be anything between us because were to different" I answered reluctantly, she eyed me for a second.
"That's it" she spat, looking around "Are you sure you didn't say anything else Liz?".
"What is it to you?" I asked, getting up "what did you decide to play big sister today".
"Your really campaigning for bitch of the year aren't you Liz" Isabelle screeched, getting up "I'm gonna give you some advice. Get over it".
"Excuse me" I asked.
"Get - over - it" she said slower "because if you don't your gonna find yourself alone".
"You know what Isabelle I think it's time you start minding your own business".
"Fine" Isabelle said picking up her things "but don't say I didn't warn you" she said before turning and walking out of the crashdown.
I keep telling myself this is for the best.... Then why do I feel like shit
I sighed and turned to walk back into the employee lounge "Lizzy" I stopped and turned to see who matched the familiar voice.
"Mom" I gasped.
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"What are you doing here?" I barked looking around for reports or local news vans.
"Can't I be concerned for my only daughter" Nancy Parker said pulling me in close and hugging me only pushing me away just as quick "what kind of blush are you using darling?".
"I don't wear make up" I declared, glaring at her "where's dad?".
"He's busy sweety" she said looking around at the cafe and at my uniform "isn't this place cute".
"Yeah real cute..." I rushed "why are you really here".
"Well..." She said opening her mouth to explain when Amy Deluca, Maria's mom literally screamed in my ear. I swear I heard my ear drums shatter into a thousand pieces.
"Your Nancy Parker" she yelped, running up to my mother "I'm such I big fan of yours".
"Really" my mother gloated "that's great".
"Would you sign something for me" Amy pleaded.
"Of course" Nancy replied as Amy run into the employee lounge to grab something "Coming to Roswell wasn't such a bad idea after all".
"Mom" I said grabbing her arm, tightly.
"Don't address me in public Lizzy" she said brushing me off her arm like I was filth "and don't look at me that way... People expect the best of us" she smiled.
"Story of my life" I said to myself.
"Here" Amy said handing my mother a big green blow up alien and a pen "it's the only thing I could find".
"That's okay with me" she smiled, signing the aliens head and handing it back to Amy "do you work here?".
"I own the crashdown" she said proudly, her eyes suddenly seeking me out "I knew Liz's last name was Parker, but I didn't know she was your daughter. You are so lucky Liz" she pauses "to have an actress for a mother and a director for a father".
"You try living with them" I growled angrily "can I please speak with you in private".
"Sure sweet" she said following me into the back room of the crashdown.
"finish telling me why your here?" I ordered.
"Well our lawyer wanted us to come down because Claudia mentioned your father in the will" she sighed, looking down at her nails.
"I knew that's the only reason you were here" I erupted "that's what I get for thinking for a fraction of a second you might be human".
"Don't talk to your mother like that" Nancy snapped at me.
"When have you ever been my mother" I growled, grabbing my jacket and taking off.
"You come back here" she demanded, I ignored her and pushed open the back door "don't turn your back to me you little bitch, I gave you everything and in return your ruined my life. I should have had an abortion like I was planning too, if your stupid father hadn't stepped in" I ran out crying.
My parents never cared for me, I was just a piece of eye candy for the reporters to eat up and spit back out.
".. Apprently Grandma Claudia made a few last adjustments to the will before she died" the lawyer informed Jeff Parker via the telephone "and your name shows up the number of zero times".
"What?" Jeff spat "you've got to kidding, she had to leave me something".
"Wait a minute...." The lawyer double checked "ahh she did leave you something" Jeff sighed with relief "she left you her cats".
"That's it" Jeff spat again.
"Fraid so" the lawyer answered "but you daughter Liz Parker comes up a lot in the will".
"Really?" Jeff said curiously "tell me what she gets?".
"She gets the house, the car, her share of the crashdown and... " the lawyer exclaimed "25 thousand dollars".
"No" Jeff objected "she's a kid, what is she gonna do with a house, a car a piece of some low budget diner and 25 thousand dollars cash. There has to be something I can do".
"There is" his lawyer answered in a calm tone "but I advise you strongly against it, you have to think of your image sir. How would it look to the public if you go to trial with your only daughter over your mothers will proceedings".
"I see" Jeff replied calmly "you have a point. What do you advise?".
"Talk to your daughter" the lawyer advised "try and sort this out in private".
"Okay" Jeff sighed "good bye John".
"Goodbye Jeff" the phone went dead.
And they did. They got a hold of a picture of me when I had a really bad hang over one morning and claimed I was a junkie.
Liz does a half spinning in-to-out crescent kick followed swiftly by a leg sweep, knocking the vampire's legs out from under him. She stands back up and gets ready to punch him, but he's had enough. He scrambles to his feet and hightails it out of there. Liz sighs deeply, running after him and tackling him to the ground. She scrambles to her knees and jams her stake home. The vampire explodes in a cloud of ashes.
"I saw my mom today" Liz sighed, resuming her seat on one of the swings.
"Did her breathe smell of bourbon as usually" Kyle sniggered, as he swung higher and higher into the sky.
"No" Liz answered looking up at the stars "I guess this time she was just high on life to tell me all the things that went wrong in hers" Kyle stopped swinging.
"What did she say?" He asked with concern.
"Oh you know the usually" Liz answered "just that she wished I was never born and that I ruined her life".
"What a bitch" Kyle exclaimed looking over at Liz "I only have to take one look at you to see what an amazing person you are".
"Trying to get in my good books huh" Liz smiled at him "where have you been? I really needed these past few days".
"I had to deal with some stuff" he lied, swinging again "you seem okay to me".
"Outside maybe, inside... " she paused looking back to the stars "inside I'm a train wreck".
"It will be okay" Kyle reassured.
"That's what everyone keeps telling me" Liz sighed "but so far... It's worse" Liz's phone began to ring.
"I think your ass is ringing" Kyle sniggered.
"17 years on earth and you still act like you in grade 2" Liz said rolling her yes, dipping her hand into her back pocket and whipping out her phone "hello... Hey dad.... Yes I did see mom today... I don't think that's a good idea.... Listen... I... Can you listen to me at least once.... Fine if it will get you off my back I'll see you in a few minutes... Goodbye" Liz hung up.
"What's up?" Kyle asked.
"Senor Chows" Liz said getting up off her swing "You wanna come".
That's partly the reason they sent me away, I was skipping classes, getting home late from slaying. Real good story for the press if you know what I mean.
"Classy" I said sarcastically walking into the restaurant wearing my low slung jeans and halter neck top, while my parents of course wore nothing but the finest. I rolled my eyes and sat down at there table "hi mom, dad".
"Kyle" my mother gasped, eying him up and down "my my haven't you grown".
"Thanks Mrs Parker" Kyle said uncomfortable immediately taking the seat next to me.
"Please.." My mother said, seductively "call me Nancy".
"Mom" I said glaring at her "back off".
"I was just been friendly" Nancy said sitting back in her chair.
"Yeah right..." I said leaning forward "and prostitute's are actually undercover postal workers" Kyle sniggered.
"Hello and welcome to Senor chows" a waitress with short red hair smiled at us "what can I get you this evening".
"Were still going over the menu, can you come back later" the girl nodded and walked off "god damn..." My dad cursed "don't they have anything other than nachos here".
"Dad" I said grabbing his attention "look where you are... Your in a Mexician restaurant".
"Oh.." He said resuming his search of the menu I rolled my eyes and looked over at my mother who was looking at Kyle like he was her next meal.
"What do you want?" I asked my parents who looked at my dumbfound.
"This is just like you Lizzy" My father said banging his fist on the table "Can we just sit down and....".
"Cut the speech" I ordered "tell me the truth or I walk".
"This is the truth Lizzy" my mother pleaded.
"Lets go Kyle" Kyle stood up to leave.
"Wait" my father called stopping me in my tracks "sit down" I sat down "you know why were here, well imagine our surprise when me and your mother found out that we get nothing accept her cats 'Missy and Courage'".
"Ungrateful hag" Nancy chirped.
"Shut your mouth or I'll rip out your face" I threatened, causing her to quieten immediately "so what does this have to do with me?".
"Unlike us you were mentioned in the will multiple times" I gestured for him to continue "You get the house, the car, her part of the crashdown and 25 thousand dollars... And we think that your not old enough to handle that much responsibility".
"Please" I said getting up "I've been able to take care of myself since the day I was born and if you think I'm gonna give you anything you thought wrong. Lets go Kyle".
"Lizzy" my father screamed at me "stop being selfish were your parents".
"Me being selfish" I growled turning around and smashing my fist into her face, knocking her out "I never want to see you guys ever again do you here me. I don't want you in my life, I don't want you in my town, I don't want you in my state" I turned and walked out.
"How dare you..." My dad yelled after me "do you know who we are? We can bury you".
"Yeah but not without burying yourself" I called back "I'm glad you here Kyle".
"Me too" Kyle smirked walking out with me.
I feel better, free I guess. But I can't help but feel I'm losing an up hill battle where everything just gets worse.

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This is Liz Parker, and this heat wave is making everyone go crazy. Heat expands, melts, makes things boil, sets things on fire.

"Hey" I called entering Toplosky's office "Liz Parker calling for duty".
"Hey Liz" Topolsky said jumping out behind her chair "I heard about dinner with your parents. You okay?".
"I'm good" I replied sitting down in a chair "Actually I'm better than good, I'm happy go lucky girl today".
"That's good to here" Topolsky said looking up at me "How did slaying go last night?".
"It didn't go" I sighed, snuggling into my chair "I didn't run into the big bad last night".
"Oh" Topolsky scratched her head "must be a slow night".
"Yeah really slow... What are you doing over there?" I asked in a rush.
"I'm labelling the files in colour code" Topolsky informed, causing me to cock my eyebrow at her "I'm going to be away for a few months to a watchers retreat in England".
"A watchers what?" I asked.
"There's a Watchers' retreat every year in the Cotswolds" Topolsky explained "It's a lovely spot. There's horse riding and hiking and punting and lectures and discussions. it's a great honor to be invited".
"Sounds cool" I sighed "but what about me... What do I do while your gone?".
"The same as always" Topolsky answered moving over to her file cabinet "slay, train, homework...".
"It will be like you never left" I replied sarcastically, getting up and walking out only to have someone push my stuff out of my hands and on to the ground.
"Sorry" I gasped.
"It's okay.." The girl said, moving right past me as if nothing happened.
"Oh..." I sighed reaching down and picking my stuff up.
"Liz" I looked up and meet Kyle's face "You know Vicky Delaney" I looked at the blonde.
"Yeah" I smiled weakly "How are you?".
"Great" she smiled back, tightening her grip on Kyle's hand "Um, hey, Kyle and I are going to this thing tonight. You should come".
"Nah" Kyle said getting uncomfortable "I bet Liz is really busy...".
"A party?' I interrupted Kyle.
"Yeah, it's at the old soap factory. It should be pretty wild".
"You know what? I'll be there" Kyle looked shocked and Vicky looked delighted "a party sounds great. Um, so maybe I'll just see you two there" and with that I walked off.
And seeing the effect of this heat all around me just pointed out in this really blatant way how everything was changing and I was helpless to stop it.
"'Kyle and I are going to this thing tonight. You should come'" I said imitating Vicky Delaney's voice, I rolled my eyes and tapped impatiently on a wooden stake "and maybe you should grow a brain" I stopped at the sound of twig breaking "I know your out there so why don't you just save me the trouble and come out" two large male vampires stepped out of the darkness and looked me.
"Your the slayer ain't ya?" One of them growled.
"I really wish I could say the one and only" I said giving them a loo over "but yeah, I'm a slayer".
"She's so cute. And little" the other exclaimed "Think we can keep her?".
"Ah, there will be no keeping of any kind" I snapped at them "you know what here's a deal, I'll let you live if you promise me you won't kill anyone".
"Your funny" one of the two sniggered.
"I didn't know I was a comedian" I snapped at them, getting tired of this game. Suddenly out of no where the bigger one of the two lunged at me, I quickly ducked his advances and threw my leg into his chest knocking him to his knees. I pounced on him, using my weight to have an advantage over him before cleanly running my stake into his chest and turning him to dust.
"Bitch" the other one gasped, grabbing me from behind and throwing me out of the cemetery and into on coming traffic. I quickly got to my feet and flipped out of the way, looking across the street at the vampire who had steam coming out of his ears.
"Hey" I called, smirking at him "I guess what they say is true, vampire's are easy".
"I'm gonna rip your head off" he threatened running across the street. I ran into a alley and grabbed the metal lid of a bin. I swing it into his head repeatedly, before he manages to absorb the blows and come at me swinging. I block his punches with the lid before kicking him in the groin and ramming the lid into his head.
"How do like them apples" I smirked losing the lid.
"You.." He reached and grabbed me by the neck "I'm gonna..." I quickly kick him in the jaw, causing him to drop me. I regain ground and kick his legs out from underneath causing him to fall face first to the ground. I reach into my back pocket and pull out a stake. Turning him quickly to dust.
"You were what?" I smirked with victory, before my parade was interrupted.
"AHHHH" Someone screamed from within one of the warehouse's. I looked up at a stack of crates and climbed them, until I could see into the building. Inside were people dressed in black suits and white coats, with a man who they looked like they were operating on.
"Oh my god" I gasped knowing I had to help him.
Like a merry-go-round that's spinning out of control with me in the middle.
"Have you seen Liz?" Maria asked Max as she looking around the rave for her.
"No" Max answered, looking at Maria very observantly "How'd things go with Michael?".
"More like 'how didn't things go with Michael'" Maria growled in a low annoying tone as she saw Michael on the other side of the room looking bummed out.
"What happened?" Max asked curiously.
"He said things were getting to intense" Maria said rolling her eyes "too intense, ha...." Maria paused and looked deeply at something.
"What is it?" Max asked.
"Does that look like police lights too you?" Maria asked pointing towards 3 pairs of red and blue flashing lights.
"COPS" someone yelled.
"Oh shit" Maria gasped as everyone began to run out like a bomb was about to go off "I've gotta find Alex".
"I've gotta find Isabelle and Michael" Max panicked.
I've been having these feelings, like I'm changing inside, and part of me doesn't want to change.
"oh my god" Liz gasped again, as they trained what looked like a laser into the poor guys eyes. before she could whip into action and break through the window, a soldier came up behind her.
"Hold it" he ordered. Liz swung around on the balls of her heels and hit the gun away, grabbing the soldier by the vest and throwing him through the glass interrupting the operation.
"gives a new meaning to crashing the party" she smirked before she heard the pitter patter of feet coming towards her. she looked up and grabbed a hold of two bars. Swinging herself up and out of sight.
"what's going on out there" a radio on the first soldiers vest sounded. he looked around and grabbed the radio from his vest.
"intruder must have evaded us sir" the soldier answered looking around.
"find him, now" the radio shouted with annoyance.
"yoo-hoo" I called grabbing both of their attention as I swung out and hit them both. the soldier on the end falling to the ground while the other quickly recovered from the attack and began to punch at me. I blocked and dropped to my knee's, kicking his knee's and knocking his legs from out underneath him. he fall back like I expected and I sat on top of him, slamming my fist into his face and knocking him out.
"what's going on?" the radio screamed again "solider" I grabbed the soldier and threw him through another window into the warehouse, before entering myself. the doctors look stunned.
"I'm not interrupting something am I?" I asked looking between the two.
"actually..." the doctor smirked raising his gun and aiming for what I presumed to be my head "yes you are" he was about to pull the trigger when the blonde guy on the operation table flew at him and snapped his neck. panting he looked towards me, sweat trickling down his face.
"Max" he panted. I shook my head.
"behind you.." I screamed. the other guy had pulled out a gun and began to fire at the guy, hitting him in the back and causing him to fall to the ground. I took cover "shit" I gasped.
"come out with your hands up" a voice boomed from outside "we have you surrounded".
"help" the guy with the gun screamed taking his eyes off me. I sprinted from my position and took him down with one punch before helping the cute blonde to his feet.
"Max" he gasped again.
"I've gotta get you out of here" I panicked looking towards a back door "come on" I ordered.
I've got a bad feeling about this......b]
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There are days when everything seems wrong, when little things just irk you for no good reason. And then there are days when the whole world just sings to you from the minute you open your eyes in the morning, till the minute you shut them again at night, days when you actually enjoy cleaning the milk shake machine.... today is not one of those days.

"hurry" I cried trying to quicken my step, by the guy was dragging "Come on".
"I can't" he gasped, flopping out of my arms like a sausage "I... I'm not gonna make it".
"listen here" I said grabbing him by the collar "I don't know who you are and I don't know what the hell was going on in there but your gonna make it you hear" his eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open "obviously not".
"hey" I spun around and found myself face to face with several or so mean looking vampires "you the slayer".
"No, I just think it's funny to go around saying I am" I snapped at them "what's it to you?".
"you killed my buddies" he growled, the alley looking a little bit darker "your gonna pay".
"you have the worst timing" I growled as he came towards me.
"really" he grows ripping a pipe of one of the walls and handling it like a bat "feels pretty good to me".
"Walk away" I threatened more than ordered "I'm serious. Don't do this. Not now"
The two vampires on either side of Liz lunged at her, Liz stepped back and let the two run into each other before kicking them both into the others. the vamp with the pipe began to swing at her, Liz ducking and weaving before grabbing a hold of the bat and yanking it away from him. A female vampire came up behind her, she rammed the pipe cleanly into the vampires chest before turning and ramming it into another. both turning to dust simultaneously. the guy wielding the pipe before grabbed Liz from behind, Liz threw her elbow into his face knocking him back before the two appeared grabbing her arms and holding her so their leader could finish her off.
"your good" the vampire smirked, wiping blood off his chin and drinking it "looks like it's the end of the road slayer".
"watch out, I'm not done yet" I promised grabbing a hold of the two vampires who were holding me and flipping her twisting there arms at the shoulder. I tumbled over to the staff and got back to my feet just as the two vampires came out me. blocking their punches I threw the pipe into one of the vampires kicking the other before landing back on the ground and killing them both. I looked at the last vampire standing, who was serious reconsidering his move.
"I'm sorry" he stuttered.
"run" I ordered. he took off down the alley like a bat out of hell, too bad I though taking aim at his heart and throwing the pipe at him. it pierced right through his body turning him quickly to dust.
I turned and walked back over to the tall blonde stranger wishing I really knew his name. At the sound of sirens I picked him up and dumped him in a garbage bin, before jumping in on top of him as the cop car passed.
"I've gotta get you out of here" I said aloud to no one in particular.
Kyle watched patiently as the guards did a sweep over the halls and office's before ducking out the front door and checking the perimeter. Guard left and Kyle jumped from his position in the Eraser room, creeping down the hall towards Topolsky's office. he looked around before leaning down and trying to pick the door, entering with success. Kyle closed the door behind him and began to look around, the file cabinets in clear view. reaching for the keys he had taken from Topolsky's home, he opened the cabinet and began his search.
"Max Evan's" he smiled lifting out the file, reading it careful "...has a feeling of indifference to others around him, a loner..." he read aloud "I wonder why that is Max Evan's?".
"hey" Kyle spun around and stared dead blank into a flash light "you hold it right there".
"Don't you have anything important to do with your spare time" Alex laughed at his friend of the phone.
"It's the truth" his friend exclaimed from wherever he was in Roswell "It's alternative press following up on the Eyes Only story about the escapees from Manticore. Everything that the government doesn't want you to know".
"whatever" Alex said hearing the door bell ring "I've gotta go, someone's at my door".
"don't go" his friend exclaimed "It could be the government, we could be labelled a threat to the truth".
"All I've gotta say Derek is, cut down on the X-files" Alex laughed "goodbye" Alex hung up the phone and ran down the stairs opening the door. On his door step stood Liz supporting a guy who was almost twice her size.
"little help" she pleaded.
"Oh god" Alex gasped stepping forward and helping her "what happened?".
"I was attacked by vampires while me and this big guy here, were trying to get away from the police and this government guys" Liz replied dumping him on the bench and stripping his top off to take a look at his wound.
"did you say what I think you just said" Alex began to panic.
"don't chuck I Maria on me Alex" Liz pleaded, concentrating on the guy "I need you to get me your first aid kit".
"I've gotta stop listening to Derek" Alex said to himself as he sat on the floor.
"Alex" Liz screamed at him, snapping him out of his daze "I need you right now understand" Alex nodded reluctantly "good, now go and get me the first aid kit" he nodded again and run off upstairs.
"tonight is gonna be a long night" I sighed looking down at my mystery man.

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"when do your parents get back?" I asked looking down at John Doe, who we had made comfortable in the spare room of Alex's house.
"5 days" Alex yawned, rubbing his eyes from the sleep "Your gonna explain to me later what the hell is going on right?".
"I promise" I said looking up at him "You better get some sleep" he nodded.
"you too" he says walking out and leaving me with John Doe, god I wish he would wake up, talk, anything. Suddenly, as though someone had been listening, his eyes fluttered open and he looked around.
"where am I.." he asked struggling to get up.
"you safe" I said pushing him back down, his eyes met mine and his face softened.
"blue lady" he asked, his eyes sparkling with hope.
"No" I shook my head, his face looking around in confusion "do you know where you are? or what happened?".
"no" he answered, a bit confused "where am I?".
"your in Roswell new Mexico" I answered, brushing my hand across his head "your safe now".
"I... you saved me" he said looking back at to me, gratefully "I need to get out...".
"your still to weak" I said trying to push him back down "you have to rest".
"there looking for me.. and the others" he began to panic "I have to protect the others".
"your not strong enough" I growled forcing him to lay back down "Now I'm no doctor or nurse, but tonight you've been through hell and I don't think you should get up until you've fully recovered okay".
"what would you know?' he snapped harshly "you don't know anything about me".
"your right" I said crossing my arms "feel free to leave" he swung his legs over the bed, his body still covered in the blanket, the pain in his back killing him before he realised something.
"where are my clothes?" he asked sheepishly.
"down stairs" I answered, looking at him as if he were a piece of meat "their still soaked".
"Oh" he gulped looking around "why did you save me?".
"it's what I do" I answered simply, he turned and looked at me.
"Your strong" he admitted.
"your not bad yourself" I answered, feeling all of a sudden a little bit uncomfortable "is that meant to mean something?" he looks at me in confusion "the bar code".
"it doesn't mean anything" he says feeling subconscious "not anymore" a awkward silence crept over them "listen" he finally spoke up "I don't wanna get you in any more trouble..".
"trouble" I laughed aloud, causing him to give me a odd look "you don't know the meaning of the word".
"try me" he smirked, he's cute when he smirks.
"No" I answered, causing him to lose his smirk "I don't even know who the hell you are, so before I go telling you all my personal details... I wanna know your name".
"Zack" he answered "and who are you?".
"Liz" I held my hand out and he gladly took it "pleased to meet you".
"Alex" Alex yelled running into the room, grabbing both of our attention "extremely confused about what the hell is going on around here" I smiled. Alex is one of a kind.
"Oh no" Maria gasped as she looked up from behind the counter at her no good cousin Sean "you gotta be kidding me. When did you get out?".
"this morning" he smirked taking a seat at the counter.
"you didn't break out did you" Maria said seizing him up.
"got released" he said looking down at the menu "good behaviour".
"That's a first" Maria snorted "You don't think that you're going to stay with us do you?".
"Oh, uh, Aunt Amy already gave it the thumbs up" Sean smirked at his cousin.
"She is such a soft touch, isn't she?" Maria rolled her eyes, as Isabelle walked in and took a seat one stool up from Sean "what can I get you?".
"Alien blast" Isabelle answered.
"hello" Sean said gesturing to the chair between them "this seat empty".
"yes" Isabelle smiled back sweetly "and this one will be to if you sit there".
"harsh" Sean said holding his hand to his heart, as he sat down next to her "Sean Deluca" he held his hand out.
"not interested" Isabelle rolled her eyes before getting up and walking to a booth to be alone.
"Nice" Maria smirked from behind the counter.
"shut up" Sean ordered "is Amy upstairs" Maria nodded because she was laughing to hard at Sean "thanks M".
"Maria" Maria corrected "we use whole names in the real world".
"Hey Kyle" Jim Valenti said looking down at his son "How are you?".
"tired" he said swinging his legs over his cell bed and looking up at his father "I was afraid for a moment I'd become someone's prison bitch and answer to the name on 'Juicy ass'" Jim looked down in disappointment "it was a joke".
"Am I to guess that breaking into the school was a joke" Jim growled at his son "that going through Topolsky's private files was hilarious" Jim yelled slamming his fists on the wall "what's going on with you Kyle?".
"you wouldn't understand?" Kyle answered.
"Maybe I don't understand because you never tell me" Jim replied looking away "is this about Liz?".
"No" Kyle answered "this has nothing to do with her".
"then let me guess that all of this is about Max Evan's" Jim yelled gaining Kyle's attention "I know your were reading his file son, and I know you've been investigating him".
"listen I...".
"no" Jim interrupted "I've had enough of this, I want you to stay away from Max Evan's. he's bad news".
"You know something about him don't you" Kyle suddenly spoke up from the blue.
"tell me your gonna stop investigating him" Jim ordered, Kyle shook his head "tell me?".
"I can't" Kyle answered. Jim sighed with defeat and left his cell.
"aliens, Demons, vampires and transgenics" Alex sighed aloud "what kind of drugs were you guys on when you thought up this stuff and where can I get some".
"it's the truth" Zack sighed looking over at Liz.
"the truth" Liz said in a whisper "my world just got a whole lot more complicated".
"what about me" Alex said putting his arms in the air "I just found out my best friend is a slayer, this guy who is staying in my house is a transgenic soldier and aliens go to my school".
"you know you can't tell anybody about us?" Liz said looking over at her best friend.
"what about Maria?".
"especially not Maria" Liz replied quickly "you've gotta promise me you won't tell anybody about tonight, who I really am and him".
"sure" Alex sighed "why not?".
"great" Liz smiled "who's up for pizza? I'm buying".
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"I told you to do the wash" hank barked from his position in front of the Tv.
"I'll do it later" Michael replied, concentrating on what he was reading and eating his dinner.
"Today" hank demanded.
"I'm not your maid" Michael growled.
"Oh, you're right. You're good for nothing" hank growled getting up and sculling the rest of his beer, before glaring at Michael from across the trailer "Do the wash now".
"Go to hell hank" Michael snapped getting up.
"No wonder ya parents dumped ya in the dessert" hank spat at Michael "how'd want ya?".
"Who are you, father of the year? You're a man who keeps me around just to collect the monthly check" Michael snapped back.
"What's going on?" Maria asked entering the trailer wearing a cling dress that showed off all her curves "I heard yelling".
"Well hello Dolly" hank smirked, looking Maria up and down "wanna drink?".
"Stay away from her" Michael ordered, stepping in front of Maria who put her hands on his back "you hear me".
"Was I talking to you" hank slurred angrily "You wanna drink princess?" Their was a brief silence "Are you gonna answer?".
"Here's my answer" Maria growled like a wild cat, picking up his drink and throwing it at his face "you jerk".
"You stupid Bitch" hank yelled smashing his bottle against the trailer wall before coming at Michael with the broken half. Michael stepped towards Hank and unleashed his power on Hank. A chair moves across the room and slams into a wall, shattering it to pieces. The refrigerator doors open and close. The bottle in Hank's hand breaks.
"What the hell?!? Oh, you little bastard. You're a freak. I always knew it. You're a freak!" Hank yelled at the top of his lungs. Maria grabbed Michael and pulled him out the door towards her jetta.
"Get in" she ordered, Michael jumped in and they drove off "Are you okay?".
"I almost killed him" Michael said looking down at his hands "Congratulations Maria, you just made everything worse".
"Sorry for caring about your worthless ass" Maria cried bring the car to a stop "get out of my car".
"Why did you come here tonight?" Michael asked.
"I came because I had to give you your pay check" Maria began to babble "When I heard the yelling I just didn't wanna see you get hurt, I didn't anticipate walking into world war three or have you biting my head off when..." Before Maria could continue Michael crushed his lips to hers, parting but still looking deep into her eyes "get out" Maria ordered.
"What?" Michael gasped with disbelief.
"Your just can't kiss me when you feel like it" Maria yelled at him "and you can't just run out on me when things start to get to intense... So just get out now" Michael jumped out of the door and Maria drove off leaving him in the rain.
Give me the power. Give me the dark.
I call on you, the laughing gods.
Let your blackness crawl beneath my skin.
Accept they sacrifice... of Maria. Feed on her.

Maria looked at the barely visible road, on her way back to Roswell, her vision getting cloudier with every mile when suddenly everything just went black.
"Oh my god" Maria screamed clutching the wheel "Oh my god". The car suddenly swerved off the road and into a light poll. Maria slammed her head against the steering wheel and knocked herself out instantly. Blood seeping out from a crack in her head.
Courtney looked through the window at Maria before walking off towards a bridge up ahead and dropping a small blonde hair doll into the river underneath. Disappearing into the night, as the siren's of an ambulance came close.
Diana... goddess of love and the hunt... I pray to thee. Let my cries bind the heart of thy beloved. May he neither rest nor sleep. until he submits to his will only. Diana, bring about this love and bless it.

sorry it's not that long but it's a working progress. until next post.*big*
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Independence day

INDEPENDENT adjective; 1 not dependant; not controlled by any other person or thing 2 (of a country) governing itself 3 (of a school) non-government independently adjective independence noun.

DAY noun; 1 the 24 hours between midnight and the next midnight 2 the light part of this time 3 a particular day, sports day 4 a period of time in Queen Victoria's day.

"I still can't believe what happened to Maria" I said leaning across the counter towards Isabelle and Kyle who were finishing there meals "I mean it seems unnatural".
"What do you mean?" Isabelle asked curiously.
"I mean she could see everything and then like that she is as blind as I bat" I said wiping down the counter, my mind lost in thought "it's impossible".
"I thought the doctor said that the car accident caused her blindness" isabelle said washing down her salad with her juice.
"No" I shook my head "I talked to her and she told me she went blind before she had the accident. You don't think something alien related could have happened do you?".
"I don't know" isabelle said shaking her head "I don't know anything anymore" isabelle paused "I could always bring it up with Max".
"No" I interrupted "he would probably get angry at me".
"I don't see that happening" Kyle laughed.
"What's so funny?" I asked.
"Liz" Isabelle said leaning into me "my brother is hopelessly in love with you, he has been since grade 3 which is so disappointing".
"Why?" I asked "because it's me?".
"No" isabelle said immediately "you know what I mean" I shook my head.
"Hey guys" Sean said entering the cafe.
"Goodbye everyone" isabelle announced immediately.
"Why are you leaving?" I asked "you haven't even finished your meal".
"Just me.." Isabelle said opening the door and looking back "Once you find out you'll be finishing you did the same thing".
"Who is he?" I asked leaning into Kyle.
"Maria's no good cousin" Kyle replied looking over at Sean.
"Hey" Sean smiled not taking his eyes of Liz "did it hurt?" He suddenly asked.
"Did what hurt?" Liz asked.
"When you feel from heaven" me and Kyle cracked up laughing "you like that?".
"That is so lame" I exclaimed "what do you want?".
"Fries" he asked in a quite tone.
"Sorry the kitchen just closed" Liz smiled.
"Fine" Sean said getting up and walking out, suddenly he turned back and looked me "that's a nice outfit your wearing" Liz rolled her eyes.
"I hate it" I replied.
"Yeah" Sean smiled licking his lips "it would look even better on my bedroom floor".
"Leave" Liz ordered, still laughing "I'm laughing so hard I think I'm gonna cry" Sean disappeared.
"I better go too" Kyle said getting up "I've got one... If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd pur U and I together".
"Go home" I smiled thrown a towel at him. I locked up and walked back out towards my locker, to change into my civilian clothes as I called it when I noticed Courtney's locker was still opened. I reached out to close it when something feel out. I bent down and picked it up. It was a picture of Isabelle, Michael and Max walking along Roswell. With Michael's head circled.
"Courtney" I gasped "she's the witch".
SLAY verb (slew, slain, slaying) kill.
"Thanks for the ride" Courtney smiled jumping off Michael's bike "You handle your machine really good".
"Thanks" Michael replied.
"Well, I guess it's time for another night curled up in my sheets, fondling my remote control" Courtney said wriggling her eye brows and leaning into Michael slowly.
"I guess" Michael sighed.
"Unless of course you wanna be my remote control for the bight" Courtney said suggestively.
"I better get home" Michael grunted.
"Is this about Maria" Courtney asked, Michael looked over at her "I heard through Liz and I can't believe something this bad could happen to her. Do you wanna come out with me tonight, get your mind off it...".
"I don't know" Michael said scratching his head.
"Come on" Courtney said tugging on his arm "it will be great".
"Why not" Michael answered.
"Cool" Courtney said racing back to her place "wait here and I'll be down in a second".
RAT noun 1 an animal like a large mouse 2 an unpleasant or treacherous person * RAT RACE a continuous struggle for success in a career, business, etc.
"Culture Club? Wham? The Backstreet Boys? God what kind of planet does she come from" Liz gasped as she looked through Courtney's CD rack. Putting them down she moved on and began to look through some loose papers and files before looking towards a closest. She took three steps towards it when her phone began to ring.
"Hello" she whispered highly annoyed.
"Why are you whispering?" Alex asked.
"Because I'm busy" Liz snapped "what's up?".
"Just wanted to know where you were and.." Alex paused "if you were with anyone?".
I paused and straightened my posture "what is that meant to mean?".
"It means umm.." Alex paused again "nothing important".
"Is someone there with you?" 'No' someone said in the back ground "is that Zack?".
"No... ahhhh" Alex answered truthfully "We better go.. I mean I better go... Ahh bye" the phone went dead and Liz shoved it back I her pocket "okay" she stepped forward towards the closest and opened it, only to find a shrine of Michael memorabilia "Oh my lordy".
WITCH noun (plural witches) a person, especially a woman, who uses magic to do things. Witchcraft noun.
"So, how long have you lived in Roswell, anyway?" Michael asked as he and Courtney sat outside her home.
"A few months" she replied happily.
"What bought you here?" Michael asked curiously.
"I've always been into the whole alien thing, I guess, but I have to admit, the sightseeing has exceeded my expectations" Courtney said, her eyes lingering on Michael's face "What now?".
"I go home" Michael said getting up.
"What" Courtney exclaimed "why? It;s still early".
"I've got the early shift tomorrow" Michael said jumping on his bike "I better get gone".
"Okay" Courtney said reluctantly "bye".
"Bye" Michael smiled driving off. Courtney turned and walked up to her door to find it open.
DESTINY noun (plural destinies) fate.
"Hey" I spun around and came face to face with Courtney, who was looking pissed "what the hell are you doing here?".
"I'm here to kick your ass actually" I said lunging at her, I flew off the ground and hit the wall.
"I don't think so" she growled "Goddess Hecate, work they will. Before the let the unclean thing crawl!" Liz fell to the ground and was turned into a rat. Courtney smiled
DESTINED adjective; having as a destiny; intended

to be continued......
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CRAZY adejective (crazier, craziest) 1 insane. 2 very follish, this crazy idea. Crazily; abverb. craziness; noun * CRAZY PAVING paving made of oddly shaped pieces of stone etc.

Alex put the phone down "she isn't answering her phone".
"You don't think something happened to her?" Zack asked, worry apparent in his voice. Alex merely shrugged "maybe we should go out and look for her".
"Yeah" Alex said picking up the phone again "I'll call her again".
ILLYWHACKER noun (AUSTRALIAN) a small-scale confidence trickster.
Courtney looked around and grabbed a pan ready to flatten Liz into a pancake when the sound of a cell phone ringing caused her to hesitate and caused Liz race out the door.
"Damn" Courtney gasped grabbing Liz's clothes and shaking them until the cell phone fell out of one of the pockets, she slammed the pan down on the cell phone before running to the door in search of Liz "shit" she gasped.
The phone rang and she walked back inside, slamming the door after herself "what?".
"Hey Courtney" Michael answered.
"Michael" Courtney smiled putting the pan down "is something wrong?".
"No I..." Michael paused "I was wondering if you wanted to come to the hospital tomorrow with me, to see Maria".
"Sure" Courtney said, jumping at the chance to be with Michael "I'd love too".
"Great" Michael answered "I'll pick you up at 9 tomorrow".
"Okay" Courtney said putting down the phone and performing a little jig but it came over something stopped her. They were gonna go to the hospital to visit Maria, he was still thinking about that blonde little tart she thought angrily. She walked over to her shrine and looked at Michael with admiration, the only thing stand between them was Maria.
CURSE verb (cursed, cursing) 1 make a curse; 2 use a curse against a person or thing BE CURSED WITH SOMETHING suffer from it.
"If you were a slayer, a girl and 17 were would you be" Alex thought smugly as he entered the Cememtery with Zack by his side "the cemetery of course".
"Maybe one of us should have stayed back at the house" Zack advised, looking around "I mean Liz could have come home".
"True" Alex said wondering why he didn't think of that before they left "well do a sweep then head back" Alex said looking around "So are you gonna ask her?".
"Ask who?" Zack asked.
"Liz" Alex said shoving his hands in his pocket "You know what I'm talking about".
"I don't know Alex" Zack said looking up at the star filled sky "she's a slayer I'm a genetically enhanced human created to be a killing machine".
"It would be like Romeo and Juliet" Alex sampled "minius the double suicide and the families".
"We'll talk about this later" Zack said "I just wanna find Liz".
"Yeah" Alex said turning looking into a tomb, he stepped in and looked around for any kind of clue that she was here when he caught sight of a rat "AHHHHH" he screamed running out.
"What is it?" Zack panicked running over him "a vampire?".
"A rat" he yelled, catching his breath.
"Om my god" Zack chuckled at Alex "You scream like a girl" he continue to laugh.
"Yeah yeah" Alex said not amused "laugh it up".
"I can't wait to see what your reaction will be when you run into a demon" Alex suddenly went as white a ghost.
"I think you about to find out" Zack turned and up at the demon running at them with incredible speed. Zack pushed Alex back into the tomb and the demon hit him. Alex flew back into the tomb and hard, the rat climbing up his arm.
"AHHHHHH" Alex screamed trying to get it off him "get off" he ordered.
Zack threw his foot into the demons the chest, the demon caught it and twisted it causing him to spin over and onto the ground. The demon kicked him repeatedly in the stomach before letting it's jaw enlarge as if it were to swallow Zack whole. Alex threw the rat off him and ran out of the tomb screaming, grabbing the demons attention.
"Oh shit" Alex screamed running off again. The demon turned to run off after Alex but Zack grabbed him by the tail and through him into the tomb.
"Got a knife" Alex shook his head "anything?" Alex shook his head and bent down to pick up a snapped branch.
"Only thing I could find" A hand reached out and grabbed Zack pulling him. There were a few moans and screams until Zack stumbled out soaked in what Alex presumed to be demon's blood.
"She's not here" Zack panted.
"Let's go then" Alex leading his friend out of the Cemetery.
SEWER (say soo-er) noun a drainage for carrying away sewerage.
Liz scurried around the sewers in her rat from unaware of her surrounding. Suddenly she stopped and sniffed at a large drainage pipe, a big gust of water spurted out and washed her away.
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"This is so cute" Courtney smiled looked down at the little teddy bear Michael had bought Maria as a get well soon present "what does a girl have to do to get a teddy bear out of you?".
"Nothing you can handle" Michael smirked finished off his breakfast.
"Well, guys don't buy teddy bears for just anybody" Courtney said placing the teddy bear back in the bag Michael had bought for it "In fact, guys don't buy teddy bears at all".
"Well" Michael sighed "Maria's special".
"I bet" Courtney said rolling her eyes and looking down at her empty plate.
"I'm gonna go to the bathroom" Michael said getting up and walking out the back. Courtney reached over to Michael's milk shake. In her pocket was a potion she had made last night. Quickly she poured the potion into his drink and stirred it in.
"Hey" Courtney was caught holding his shake "you drinking my shake?".
"I just wanted a sip" Courtney said putting it back "I think we should get going".
"Yeah" Michael said drinking the rest of his shake and throwing it in the bin "let's go".
HEAL verb 1 make or become healthy again; the wound healed 2 (old use) cure, healing the sick.
Alex walked up the front desk of the police station and looked at the secretary or whatever she was who was ignoring him. Alex cleared his throat but he still didn't look up.
"Lady" Alex snapped she looked up reluctantly.
"What?' She asked, chewing on a piece of gum.
"I'd like to fill out a missing person's report" Alex stumbled a little, the woman looked him over before reaching for a form hidden deep in one of the pigeon holes lining the desk.
"Has he/she been missing for more than 24 hours?" She asked. Alex looked down at his watch.
"Yes" he nodded "she has been missing since yesterday".
"What's her name?" The secretary asked.
"Liz Parker" Alex said getting the attention of the sheriff.
"Cheryl" the sheriff called grabbing the secretary's immediate attention.
"Yes sheriff" she said, fluttering her eyes.
"I'll take it from here" he said grabbing the form "Can you follow me....".
"Alex Whitman" Alex said following the sheriff into his office "Nothing bad happened to her right?".
"Oh no nothing wrong" Sheriff said putting the piece of paper done "She dated my son a while ago, she's a good girl" Alex nodded waiting to know where this was going "When was the last time you talked to her?".
"I called her last night on her cell phone" Alex said slouching down in his seat "she was whispering, I think she might have been hiding".
"Why do you say that?" The sheriff asked leaning towards Alex "was Liz in trouble or something?".
"She tends to get in a lot of trouble" Alex said trying to act cool "because of who she is".
"Oh really" the sheriff nodded "and who is she?".
"A... Seventeen year old girl" Alex swallowed hard "she's special".
"Yeah" the sheriff said "did you try to contact her after you spoke to her, look for her maybe".
"Yeah" Alex answered "I called her about 6 times before me and a friend of mine went out looking for her".
"What's your friends name?" Tyhe sheriff asked.
"Sam" Alex answered "Sam Petters" Alex began to get nervous "I have to go, my parents are coming home tomorrow and I've gotta clean up the house".
"I understand" the sheriff said waving goodbye "I'll see you around maybe".
"Yeah, around" Alex walked out.
FUTURE noun; the time that will come; what is going to happen then.
"Hey" Isabelle smiled up at Michael when he and Courtney entered the hospital waiting room, Courtney stood back uncomfortable as the three embraced and talked between each other in a hushed whisper.
"I'm gonna say hello" Michael said looking towards Maria's hospital room "I'm gonna go talk to her in private" Courtney nodded. Michael walked off and Courtney settled in her seat, closing her eyes she concentrated on astral projecting her body into the room and listening into there conversation.
"Michael?" Maria asked.
"I'm here" Michael said sitting on the edge of her bed and holding her hand "how are you?".
"Blind as a bat and yourself?" she asked bitterly.
"That was probably a really stupid question" Michael said looking away.
"I'm sorry" Maria sighed reaching out for his face "I'm still adjusting".
"I bought you some Italian" Michael said looking down at her "but they wouldn't let me bring it in".
"What's going on?" Maria asked curiously.
"Just listen" Michael ordered "I'm sorry for pushing you away and treating you as though you mean nothing to me, because the truth is. You mean a lot to me. One day I'm gonna leave, go home to another planet and I don't want to hurt you".
"Michael..." Maria began to cry.
"Please don't cry Maria" Michael urged "I love you".
"I love you too" Maria smiled hugging Michael tightly.
Courtney snapped her eyes open, they were black and empty. Michael. Maria. Vengeance.
REVENGE verb 1 harming someone in return for the harm they have caused.
Isabelle gasped when she saw the look in Courtney's eyes "Courtney?" Isabelle asked edging away from her "Are you okay?" Courtney looked at Isabelle and Max.
"Courtney" Max spoke with fear, Courtney sniffed the air the fear was practically vibrating off them in waves. She stood up and threw them against the window with a great gust of wind before moving towards Maria's room. The wind was causing havoc all over the hospital, screams were heard and people were in great pain. She looked into Michael and Maria's room just as they pulled apart.,
"What's going on?" Maria cried.
"Courtney?" Michael gasped. Courtney threw him out the door and closed it behind her.
"Michael" Maria screamed "Michael?".
"I shall look upon my enemy and I shall look upon her and the darkness will have her soul" Courtney chanted as a dark glow began to build up in her palm "Corsheth! Take her" before the power could be thrown from her palm Michael burst through the door and hit Courtney with a boy of green energy sending her out the window and to her bloody death. Michael looked out the window and down at Courtney.
"Oh my god" Maria yelped with excitement "I can see" Michael turned and looked into Maria's green eyes "I can see" Michael ran over and hugged her.
GROTESQUE noun (say groh-tesk) adjective; very strange fantastically ugly GROTESQUELY abverd GROTESQUE NESS noun.
Liz's rat form jumped out of the water and began to shake it's self off when suddenly she began to transform, Liz grew back to herself and suddenly realised she smelt like the sewers and was completely naked.
"Crap" Liz cursed.

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lies and Nightmares

"Eew" Liz cried as she ran through the sewers which she presumed was just underneath Alex's street. She spotted a man hole and began to climb, higher and higher until she reached the man hold. She punched her way out and looked up at the deserted street. Quickly she jumped out and into someone's garden and looked at Alex's house across the road. "Great" Liz mumbled checking the streets before making a mad dash over and jumping over the fence. She ran to the clothes line and checked for anything wear able. But Alex, for once had remember to take the washing inside, today of all days. She began to look around, inside she could see Zack and Alex huddled around the phone, she grabbed a some pool floaties to cover herself and made her way over.
"She should have called by now" Zack said biting his nails "what it something bad really happened to her".
"Relax" Alex ordered looking at the phone just as worried as Zack "I'm sure she is fine".
"no your not" Zack said.
"true" Alex said looking up at Zack "but I'm trying to be the cool guy in these situations" there was a tap at the door and the two boys looked up to see a very naked Liz with too pretty small pool floaties barely covering her up. Zack gulped.
"little help" she whispered. the boys just stared at her. Liz retained the urge to go in their and start strangling them but her thoughts ceased when two shadows in the back ground caught her attention, before she could jump out of sight Mr and Mrs Whitman appeared.
"Oh my god" Mrs Whitman gasped stumbling back away from the glass door, while Mr Whitman got a closer look.
"Liz?" he gasped.
"hey Mr Whitman" Liz called, feeling very uncomfortable.
"tonight has been the worst night" Liz declared coming out of the bathroom wearing a pair of hip hugging jeans and a cute whit baby T-shirt "and I still smell of sewerage".
"God I can't get the look of my parents faces out of my mind" Alex chuckled, looking up to find Liz glaring at them "I'm gonna shut up now before you beat me up".
"whatever" Liz said rolling her eyes and grabbing her packed bag "Come on Zack lets go".
"Go?" Zack repeated "we can't stay here no more".
"No" Liz answered grabbing her brush from the bathroom "Alex's parents are back so you can come live with me at my place".
"live with you" Liz nodded and walked back into the bathroom to get her shampoo "it will be just you and me".
"uh-huh" Liz answered.
"Okay" Zack smiled jumping at the chance to be alone with Liz "I'll see you later Alex".
"yeah" Alex called after him "much later" Alex chuckled "school tomorrow?".
"I'll be there" Liz answered shifting her bag on to her back "see ya Alex".
"bye bye little Liz" Alex said watching her disappear down the hall.
"home sweet home" Liz smiled as she opened the front door and walked in, Zack came in and looked around.
"this place is huge" he gasped "and you were saying only you and your grandmother lived here".
"uh-huh" Liz nodded looking upstairs towards her room "kitchen's through there" she said gesturing down the hall "I'll show you to your room" Liz walked up the stairs and dumped her bags in her room before walking down the hall to the spare room "I hope it big enough".
"more like too big" Zack said walking in and dumping his bag on his bed "thank you".
"for what?" Liz asked.
"for everything" Zack answered "for saving my life".
"As I said" Liz sighed deeply "it's what I do" they shared a look before Liz broke it off with a yawn "I'm pretty tired, I'll see you tomorrow".
"yeah" Zack said watching her leave, he fell back into bed and stared at the ceiling.
NIGHTMARES noun a frightening dream; nightmarish adjective.
"I can't be responsible for you if you won't listen" Zack said looking over at his sister Max.
"Zack, don't go. Please" Max pleaded.
"I have to" Zack said walking out the door, but he stopped and looked back at his sister "Did a good job on you, Max. Turned out okay" he walked out.
"Oh, god. Zack?" Max cried walking towards a bloody Zack.
"Lydecker…I tried to stop him..." I panted trying to catch his breath "he got Brin".
"Anything's better than going back. You said so yourself" Zack said looking down at his dying sister.
"I don't want to die. Please... Don't let me die" Brin gasped up at her brother.
"Lydecker, you still there?" Max said into the walkie talkie "Brin, you're going to be all right. And someday, no matter what happens I'm going to come for you".
"Max..." Brin gasped again, weakly.
"Zack" Liz said shaking him awake, Zack looked up at Liz for a second before settling back down into his bed "Are you okay?" she asked.
"Yeah" Zack said wiping the sweat off his head "nightmares".
"You have them a lot don't you" Zack nodded and looked out the window at the stars "do you want to talk about them?".
"No" Zack swallowed hard, looking back at Liz "You probably wouldn't understand".
"probably" Liz smiled punching him lightly in the arm "get some rest".
"wait" Zack called to Liz, stopping her just before she disappeared out the door "do you want to stay in here with me tonight" Zack prepared himself to be rejected.
"sure" Liz smiled walking back and sliding into his arms comfortably, Zack smiled and settled deeper into his bed.
HAPPY adjective (happier, happiest) pleased; contened; fortunate, HAPPILY abverb, HAPPINESS noun (same origin as happen)
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SQUARE noun 1 a flat shape with four equal sides and four right angles.

"hey" Topolsky looked and smiled immediately when she saw Liz "Liz, come in" Liz slipped through the door and sat down "you look different".
"I don't feel it" Liz answered, thinking back to this morning when she woke up next to Zack "how are you?".
"I'm great" Topolsky answered looking down and checking her filing system "I'm just glad to be back".
"watchers retreat, not what you expected?" I asked, she turned around and looked at me. her eyes were tired and worn out.
"All we ever did was go to lectures, especially me since I am your watcher, a watchers responsibility, a watchers job..." she groaned and leaned back into her chair "anything interesting happen while I was away?".
"Umm not much, killed a a few vamps, got a demon a few nights ago, Alex knows about me and I used to be a rat" Liz said in a rush, Topolsky looking over at her "long story".
"Alex knows?" she repeated "who's Alex?".
"he's a friend of mine, I kinda got myself into a little trouble... I went to his place and I kinda had to explain everything that was going on" Liz answered, telling her half the truth "but he's okay with it".
"okay" Topolsky said getting back " I better get back to work and you better get back to class".
"okay" Liz said getting up "I'll see you later".
"see ya" Topolsky waved as Liz slipped out her door and began to walk towards homeroom when she gets the weird feeling that she is being watched. She rounds a corner and hides, looking back she sees the door to the eraser room is closed. She walks up to the room and opens the door quickly, only to be pulled inside by a strong pair of arms.
"Zack" Liz hissed slapping him on the shoulder "you scared me half too death".
"Sorry" Zack answered "I just got worried when I woke up and you were gone".
"I had to see Topolsky this morning" Liz answered "did you get my note?".
"what note?" Zack asked.
"the one on the fridge" Zack shook his head and Liz leaned back against the wall of the eraser room "and you say you can see for miles".
"I'm sorry" Zack apologised "I shouldn't have come here" he reached for the handle of the eraser room door.
"wait" Liz stopped him "well wait until everyone is in their form class, we can't risk it" Zack nodded and stepped away from the door "I can't believe I'm in here".
"in where?" Zack asked curiously.
"this is were all the horn dogs at my school come to make out" Liz answered while Zack looked up at Liz nervously.
"where would you say we are?" Zack asked.
"the school" Liz answered.
"No I mean us, our relationship" Zack said gesturing towards himself and Liz "Are we friends?".
"of course" Liz answered, biting her bottom lip "I mean, you think were friends right".
"right" Zack answered looking over at Liz "I just...".
"just what?' Liz asked, her lips curving into a smile.
"when ever I'm around you..." Zack said stepping forward until his face was inches away from Liz "I get these urges".
"Urges" Liz moaned needing Zack to be close to her "what kind of urges?".
"to touch you, to kiss you... to love you" he whispered closing the distance with a soft kiss. Liz wrapped her arms around Zack's neck turning the kiss passionate as his hands grabbed her thighs and wrapped her legs around his waist.
"Ahem" they pulled apart and looked up at the deputy principle "my office now".
GENETIC (say jin-et-ik) adjective of genes; of characteristics inherited from parents or ancestors, GENETICALLY adverb (from genesis)
"I can't believe we got caught" Liz sniggered as she and Zack began to walk out off the office, Zack grabbed Liz's hand startling her.
"I think I'm in love with you" he confessed with a sweet innocent smile, Liz kissed his forehead and smiled back.
"ditto" she laced her fingers with his and they began to walk to her class.
"what are you doing tonight?" Zack asked.
"patrolling" Liz replied "the usually, why?".
"I thought maybe you'd wanna go out with me" Zack said looking down at her " I know this beautiful restaurant across town".
"that sounds good" Liz answered looking up at him "but... I kinda promised Topolsky I would".
"Oh" Zack answered continuing there walk "that's okay, I'll join".
"great" Liz answered as they came to her homeroom "I better get in there, I'll see you later okay" Liz kissed him and walked into class.
"bye" Zack said happily, walking out of the school with a smirk on his face.
NEW adjective not existing before; just made, invented, discovered or received etc. NEWLY adverb NEWNESS noun * NEW AUSTRALIAN an immigrant especially is without English. NEW CHUM (AUSTRALIAN) a newcomer, a novice. NEW YEARS DAY 1 January.
"whoa, whoa, whoa" Maria cried stopping me in my tracks "Your telling me that last night you slept with someone, and today that same someone and you, got caught making out in the Eraser room" Liz nodded and walked off towards her locker "who are you and what have you done with my best friend".
"it's still me" Liz smiled at her best friend "and the keyword is slept Maria, that's all".
"Scoop" Maria demanded "tell me all about your mystery man and if he has a brother?".
"there's nothing to say" Liz answered.
"Scoop" Maria demanded again "I can be annoying if I have to be".
"really" Liz said closing her locker "and here I thought it was just naturally".
"Liz I know something's different about you, your smiling way to much, your different, your glowing, your..." Maria gasped "You did have sex with him".
"We didn't have sex" Liz almost screamed, a few people giggling because of her little our burst "I've only known him for three weeks tops, you don't expect me to have sex with a perfect stranger".
"if his cute, sexy and... got big hands than yes Liz" Maria smiled "do with him what you will".
"shut up Maria" Liz said walking off down the hall and into max.
"hey Liz" Liz looked up.
"Max" she swallowed hard "hey" there was a short silence until Maria joined the group.
"hi Maria" Maria chirped "what a minute that's me" she laughed "gotta go" she said walking off.
"what's with her?" Max asked as Maria wriggled down the hall.
"who knows" Liz answered moving around him and down the hall "so, how are you?".
"okay I guess" Max answered nervously "I was wondering if you wanted to go to that festival next Saturday with me".
"what festival?" Liz asked.
"The one held ever year in Roswell, except for last year because of funding" Max answered "it's pretty good, so what do you say?".
"I'm kinda of busy with... homework" Liz stuttered, when in her mind she really meant slaying "sorry".
"that's okay" Max replied sadly "I better go, Michael wanted to talk to me about something important. see ya".
"bye" Liz replied before walking off.
TORTURE verb (tortured, torturing) make a person feel great pain or worry; TORTURE noun TORTURER non (from Latin TORTUM= twisted)b]
"hello" Zack said answering Liz's phone.
"hey" Liz smiled to herself "what you doing?".
"nothing much" Zack answered "why?".
"how would you feel about going to a festival this Saturday" Liz answered twirling the phone cord in her fingers "Our first date?".
"sounds great" Zack answered "Can't wait for to get home".
"me neither" Liz answered "bye" she hung up and ran to class.

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Max to the Max

SPECIAL adjective 1 of a particular kind; for some purpose, not general, special training. 2 exceptional, take special care of it.

Zack looked down at his watch and cringed, if she didn't come down soon they were gonna be late. he looked upstairs and saw Liz, opening his mouth he closed it immediately and did a double take. she walked down the stairs wearing a pair of tight leather pants that looked like they were painted on and a black halter neck top. her hair was out and framing her face, making her look extremely sexy, Zack swallowed.
"hey.." was all he could manage.
"ready to go?" Liz smiled knowingly.
"You look...." Zack said taking in Liz's form "beautiful".
"keep that up..." Liz purred walking over to him "and we won't even make it out of the house" Zack looked up at her in shock and arousal "let's go".
"yes ma'am" Zack squeaked running out the door after her.
UNIT noun 1 an amount used as a standard in measuring and counting things, Centimetres are units of length; yen are unit of money 2 a group, device, piece of furniture, etc. regarded as a single thing but forming part of a larger group or whole, an army unit, a home-unit; a sink unit. (from Latin unus=one)
"I'm so excited" Maria giggled as the looked around , her hand fastened around Michael's who could care less about his surroundings "Come on, lets go on the carousel".
"we can go on it later" Michael growled. Maria pulled him to her.
"but I think we should go on the carousel" Maria growled at Michael.
"Were going on the Carousel" Michael announced before taking off with Maria to the carousel.
"whipped" Isabelle declared looking towards the fun house "I'm gonna see is Rhea is here yet" she said walking.
"yeah and I'll..." Max called after his sister "I'll just wait here" he looked down at the ground wondering how his friends and his sister had managed to get him here.
"oh my god" a familiar voice giggled. he looked up towards a blonde guy handing a girl a teddy bear almost twice her size, her head poked out from behind the large white ball of fluff almost knocking him to his knee's.
"Liz" he smiled before he realized she wasn't alone.
"hey Max" Rhea called, running over to him "you seen Isabelle?".
"yeah she was.." Max looked from Rhea to Liz with an Idea "she meet some guy and they went off somewhere, you wanna join me?".
"Are you sure?" Rhea asked looking up at Max, who merely nodded and looked off in the distance at something "We don't really know each other and whenever I'm around you I get the feeling that I make you nervous...".
"No, you don't make me nervous" Max answered wrapping his arm around shoulders "let's go over there" he suggested, walking after Liz.
DEMON noun 1 a devil; an evil spirit. 2 a fierce or forceful person. DEMONIC (say dim-on-ik) adjective (from Greek Daimon= a spirit)
"what now?" Zack asked, like he was a little boy on Christmas day.
"I don't know" Liz said looking around "we could go on the washing machine a thousand times until we puke..." Zack looked at Liz with skepticism "or not".
"How about the fun house" Zack said looking over at the fun house "I've never been in the fun house before".
"whoa, whoa" Liz said bringing Zack to a stop "did someone spike you candy?".
"no.." Zack chuckled looking down at the ground "I've never been to a carnival before" he admitted "I was to afraid".
"afraid" Liz repeated, putting Mr Huggles down and leaning into Zack "of what?".
"everything" Zack answered putting his hands on Liz waist "but you've changed me, and I love you for it" Liz kissed Zack and leaned her forehead up against his.
"I love you too" she confessed "let's go".
VAMPIRE noun a ghost or revived corpse opposed to leave a grave at night and suck the blood from the living people.
"the fun house" Max exclaimed "let's go to the fun house".
"Max.." Rhea sighed with exhaustion "I'm tired, you've dragged me all over this carnival since you got a hold of me, am I missing something?".
"No I just wanna go in the fun house" Max answered grabbing her and lifting her to her feet.
"right" she answered "you wanted to go in the house of mirrors, but you didn't. you wanted to see the freak show but you left. Are you leading me around?".
"No" Max said watching Liz and mystery man disappear into the fun house "come on or were gonna miss them?".
"Miss who?" Rhea gasped backing away from Max.
"I didn't say that..." Max said hitting himself in the head "Rhea I'm...".
"leave me alone" she ordered walking off, Max looked at Rhea and the fun house and chose. he walked off towards the fun house, his hands in pockets when something knocked him off his feet.
two men in suits grabbing Liz and taking her away in a van.
he shook off the vision and rushed inside after Liz.
STALK verb 1 track or hunt stealthily 2 walk in a stiff or dignified way.
"Liz" Max called looking around frantically "Liz?".
"Zack" Liz called looking around with a not so amused look on her face, she rounded a corner into Max "Max?" she gasped "what are you doing here?".
"You have to get out of here" he ordered trying to remember the way out.
"why?" Liz began to panic "what's happening?".
"I had a vision of men in black suits, coming in here and taking you away" he growled with frustration "I don't know how to get out".
"we can't leave" Liz declared "not while Zack is still here".
"Zack?" Max repeated "who's Zack?".
"he's my boyfriend" Liz said for the first time, surprising herself.
"your boyfriend" Max repeated turning to Liz "what does he have that I don't?" Liz was shocked.
"what do you mean?" Liz asked "I thought we were friends?".
"Liz, I've loved you ever since third grade" Max confessed grabbing a hold of Liz's hand "I can make you ten times happier than Zack will, if you just give me a chance". Max kissed Liz, but only for a second because she pushed him back and ran off "Liz" he called running after "Liz".
Liz ran down a hall and stopped when she came to what appeared to be one waymirror, looking out she saw Max screaming her name and two men in black suits right behind him.
"Max" Liz screamed pounding on the mirror "Max" Max turned a few seconds to late and was dragged out of the hall of mirrors by force.
"No" she screamed kicking at the mirror with all her strength, but it still wouldn't budge "No" she said throwing herself against "I'm sorry" she whispered to herself.

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"Liz" Zack gasped when he found her huddled in one of the corners of the fun house mirrors halls "what's wrong?".
"Max" Liz cried, getting up with the help off Zack "they took him, the men in the black suits..." she sniffed and wiped away her tears "I could have stopped them" Zack hugged Liz tightly.
"were gonna get him back" he sighed kissing her on the forehead "I promise".
PRISONER noun 1 a person kept in prison 2 a captive.
Max looks around a plain white room, with no windows or doors. a bed in one corner, a bathroom and a toilet "Good morning Max" pierce said over the PA.
"Where am I?" Max called looking around.
"Someplace where no one can find you" Pierce answered.
"Why am I here?" Max asked, hoping Liz got away.
"That's what I want to try to find out" Pierced replied.
"I think you made a mistake" Max called.
"I thought so too" Pierced replied "but now I know what you are, and now, you're going to tell me everything".
"I'm Max Evans. I live at sixty-twenty-five Murray Lane" Max said trying to pick out were the voice was coming from "You can call my parents".
"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way" Pierced threatened "What is the name of your home planet?".
"earth" Max answered.
"All right. Hard way" a door slide's open and two technicians run in and tie Max to the table.
"I'm Max Evans" Max screamed struggling against them "Why are you doing this to me? Why?! Why? Wha…?".
Delta, Colorado, 1962, Agent Lewis, the first head of this Special Unit was found dead. His internal organs had reached a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. A silver hand print was found on his chest.
"what happened?" Isabelle panicked running towards the front of the crowds, where Michael stood with Maria huddle tightly to his chest "what's going on?".
"Agents" Michael answered as he watched the van disappear into the darkness of the night "they pulled someone out of the fun house and left".
"oh my god" Rhea gasped from behind them "Max was in there" Isabelle looked up at Michael before bursting into a run and heading towards the fun house, but all she could find of Max was his wallet and 50 dollars.
"is he here?" Maria asked, isabelle held up her brothers things.
"they got him" she cried "oh god Michael what do you think there doing to him?".
"calm down Iz" Michael demanded, holding her and Maria close to him "we need to get out of here, go somewhere we can talk and plan how to get Max back".
"how?" Maria cried "how do we know he's not already dead".
"they won't kill him" Rhea said appearing in front of the group "they'll wanna study him".
"How the hell do you know?" Michael barked at her, all of them taking a big step back.
"because.." she hissed walking into his mind 'I'm like you' she said in Michael's head "My cars out the front, let's go".
"what about me?" Maria said "I drove here".
"this isn't any of your business" Rhea said turning around and walking out, Maria run up to her and grabbed a hold of her arm.
"Max is my friend too" she snapped "I wanna help".
"your a liability" rhea snapped at her "You'll slow us down, so just go home" Maria stood back hurt. Michael came up behind her and kissed.
"it'll be okay" he reassured.
"come back to me" she ordered, Michael nodded before walking after the two girls.
Zack tucked Liz into bed and walked down stairs to the phone, dialing in a number he knew off by heart. Logan hadn't given him his number, but he had resources in finding relevant information when he need it.
"Logan Cale" I voice answered.
"I need you help" Zack demanded.
"Zack" Logan gasped, with realization "I thought you were back in Manticore".
"would I be talking to you if I were?" Zack asked, his voice calm and cold.
"you have a point" Loghan answered "if your looking for Max she isn't here".
"she doesn't need to know I'm calling you" Zack said looking down at a picture of Liz and her grandmother "I need your help in locating a friend of mine".
"another X5?" Logan asked.
"No" Zack answered "an alien".
"did I hear you correctly?" Logan asked after a few minutes of silence.
"yes" Zack answered, realizing what he must sound like "I'm looking for a military base, not far from where I am".
"and where are you?" Logan asked typing furiously at his key board.
"Roswell, new Mexico" Zack answered.
"the alien town?" Logan laughed.
"none other than" Zack smirked "how long will it make you to find something?".
"a little while" Logan answered "give me your number and I'll call you back" Zack exchanged the details and hung up.
EYE noun 1 the organ of the body that is used for seeing 2 the power of seeing, she has sharp eyes 3 the small hole in the needle 4a spot of leaf bug that seems like an eye 5 the centre of a storm
"Oh god, he won't let me in" Isabelle gasped getting a major migraine from trying to dream walk Max "I just keep seeing some blinding light. That's not good. He's in some kind of trauma".
"If you can get through the damn electric fence, why can't you short circuit the security system?" Michael growled at Rhea.
"I told you, because they're watching" she snapped "The minute they see us, it's all over".
"So what are we supposed to do, just wait and let them kill him?" Isabelle said looking for answers.
"I'm going to take this thing down myself" Michael stood up, but sat right back down when a two guys wheeling a gurney with a dead body appeared, walking it down the hall towards the morgue.
"It's him" Isabelle gasped.
"We don't know that" Rhea said shaking her head "I would have felt it if something happened to him".
"Only one way to find out" Michael said sneaking down the hall towards the morgue.
ONLY adjective being the one person or thing of a kind; sole, my only wish * ONLY CHILD a child who has no brothers or sisters.
"Eagle Rock Military Base. This is where they were said to have secretly taken the aliens after the crash" Logan said over the phone "It says that it's been abandoned for years".
"thanks Logan" Zack sighed "how's Maxie?".
"good" Logan answered "she misses you".
"not as much as I miss her" Zack hung up, knowing he wasn't alone "I found out were they're holding Max" Liz dumped a bag on the ground.
"the lets get moving".
MAN noun (plural men) a grown up male human being 2 an individual person 3 mankind 4 a piece used in chess ( from old English mann)
"it's not him" Isabelle sighed with relief "we got to work out a plan".
"Well I know Isabelle can dream walk and I know what I can do" Rhea said looking over at Michael "what can you do?".
"not much" Michael confessed "what can you do?" Rhea smiled and closed her eyes causing Michael to look over at Isabelle with worry. Suddenly an agent burst into the morgue and grabbed Rhea taking her out of the morgue.
"Rhea" Michael and Isabelle screamed running after her.
"hey" Rhea called, they looked back to were she stood original, to find her still there.
"what just happened?" Isabelle panted.
"I made you think something was happening right in front of you when it really wasn't" Rhea explained "I can only keep it going for a little while though".
"I have an idea" Michael announced "let's go".
EASY adjective (easier, easiest) able to be done or used to understand without trouble. EASINESS noun * EASY CHAIR a comfortable arm chair.
"are you sure this is gonna work" Liz asked Zack.
"I'm sure" he said giving her a kiss for good luck and to calm her nerves "I love you".
"I love you too" she replied ducking into the back seat and hiding as Zack drove towards the entrance of the compound.
"sorry sir but this zone is a restricted area I'm gonna have to see some ID" the guard yelled at Zack he parked his car and got out.
"here's my ID" Zack said throwing the officer his ID, before the officer could catch it Zack knocked him out and attacked teh other guard near by. Quickly he took their ID's and continued on to the base.
BAD adjective (worst, worst) 1 not having the right qualities; not good;. 2 wicked; evil 3 serious, a bad accident 4 ill; unhealthy; diseased 5 harmful, sweets are bad for your teeth 6 decayed, this meet has gone bad. BADNESS noun * not bad quite good.
"This man will hurt you" Pierce pointing to a an armed with a scalpel "This man will help you" he said pointing to another man holding a syringe "Tell me what I need to know, and he will take the pain away".
"Who's inhuman now?" Max spat at Pierce.
"Open him up" Pierce ordered.
"Max. Max, Max" isabelle said dream walking her brother "There's no time. You have to listen to me. Michael and Rhea are coming to rescue you. Ok, Max? Max, do you hear me? Please, Max, please. You have to listen to me".
"Rhea?" Max questioned.
"there's no time to explain" isabelle said getting a major migraine "what's happening?".
"He wants me to make the orbs work" Max winced in pain.
"Okay Tell him anything. Get him alone. Get Pierce alone in this room. Tell him anything" Isabelle fell out of her dream walk and did as Michael instructed, get the hell out of there.
"stop" Max screamed.
"stop" pierce ordered.
"I'll show you how they work" Max said sitting up "but only you".
"clear the room" Pierce ordered.
ALIEN (say ay-lee-en) noun a person who is not a citizen of the country where he or she is living; a foreigner ALIEN adjective 1 foreign 2 unnatural, cruelty is alien to her nature (from Latin alius=another)
"Make them work" Pierce demanded.
"It takes a little time" Max said holding both of the orbs in his palms.
"I'm bringing them back" Pierced said turning away from max.
"No, just wait" Max pleaded.
"You had your chance, Max..." Pierce stopped and watched as the orbs glowed an eerie green "I knew it" he gasped "I knew you were one of them". the window beside them smashed but Pierce stood and stared in awe.
"Are you all right?" Michael asked jumping through the window and grabbing the orbs.
"I am now" Max said getting up.
"All right. Let's go" Michael said dragging Max out of the room, rhea snapped out of her wind warp and ran too.
"Where's the prisoner?" she heard pierce yell as they disappeared.
ALARM noun 1 a warning sound or signal; an apparatus for giving this. 2 being alarmed 3 an alarm clock.
"shit" Zack gasped as soon as the alarms went off "we have to get out of here" he ordered grabbing Liz by the hand.
"we can't leave him here" Liz cried yanking her hand away from here.
"We have to go Liz" Zack said dragging her down a corridor "We'll come back for him later" Liz nodded and began to run.
"hey" a few agents yelled shooting after them, Zack smashed open a window and jumped out. Liz got to her feet and sprung out the window, when a stray bullet hit her in the back.
"Liz" Zack screamed.

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Zack scooped Liz into his arms and looked down at her, his tears already spilling because of the look of pain that was on her face. his hands began to twitch before his eyes rolled into the back off his head and he began to have a fit. he fell back.
Jack getting taken away by guards.
picture of the blue lady.
Eva getting shot.
"their over there" someone of in the distance yelled, Zack suddenly regained consciousness and grabbed Liz running off towards the fence. Guns firing at them, Zack threw Liz over the fence, before jumping over himself. he grabbed her again and ran as far as his legs could carry him, he stopped briefly because his lungs felt like they were on fire and his legs felt like the weighed a tonne.
two cars screeched around the corners blocking him from exiting on either side of the bridge" freeze" the agents ordered "put yours hand in the air". Zack looked over at the bridge and down at the flowing river "I said freeze" Zack stepped up on the railing and jumped with Liz in his arms.
I've come so far in these past months, this past year in fact. I was chosen to be the slayer. I rescued Zack. I fell in love with Zack. I became with Zack.
"If you are seeing me now, it means that you are alive and well. I take this form because it will be familiar to you, and it will help you to understand what I am about to say. You have lived before. You perished in the conflict that enslaves our planet but your essence was duplicated, cloned, and mixed with human genetic materials so that you might be recreated into human beings. My son, you were the beloved leader of our people. I have sent with you your young bride. My daughter, the man you were betrothed to, and your brother's second-in-command... Our enemies have come to the Earth. You will know them only by the evil within. Learn enough to use your skills, your knowledge, your leadership to combat the enemy so that you can come back and free us. And that I may once again hold you both in my arms. I live for that moment. Help us. I love you".
I'd give everything to keep this feeling forever.
"is she okay?" Alex asked as he speed down the high way for the second time that night.
"I think so" Zack said. reaching into his pocket and pulling out a bottle of Tryptophan. he popped them out and swallowed them, before looking down at Liz. he rolled her over and pulled up her blood drenched shirt only to find no bullet wound. the skin was completely clear.
"you okay back there chief?" Alex asked with concern.
"yeah" Zack answered staring at Liz's perfect skin "Liz was shot...".
"what?" Alex screamed like a girl almost swerving off the road "sorry, I thought you just said she was shot?".
"I did" Zack said confirming what he said "but there isn't a wound, just lots of blood".
"story of her life" Alex said speeding into Roswell "nearly dying outs your life in perspective huh?".
"yeah" Zack said looking out the window "yeah".
Your gonna have it rough you know, your not like the others you know, not anymore.. your changed
"It's so bright here" Liz said struggling to see anything where she was.
"I'm leaving" faith declared walking up to Liz with a huge smile "lesson over life marches on".
"what are you talking about?" Liz asked.
"you remind me of me" faith said stroking Liz's cheek gently.
"I horny slut who gets off by slaying demons and vampires" I laughed aloud.
"yeah" she giggled to herself "tell B hey from me".
"B?' I questioned.
"You'll get it" faith smiled "ready to go back".
Liz opened her eyes and looked around at her strange surrounding "Alex" she gasped.
"Liz" Alex said joyfully as he smothered her with a tight hug.
"air.." Liz screamed into his shirt, but it came out a muffled cried for help she bit his belly button.
"ouch" Alex said jumping back "what was that for?" Liz took a deep breath.
"I'm glad your happy to see my conscious" Liz said "but even a slayer needs her oxygen" Liz looked around "where's Zack?" Liz asked.
She's a special girl
"will she be okay?" Zack asked as Alex tucked Liz into the bed in the spare room of his parents house.
"yeah she'll be fine" Alex smiled brushing the hair of Liz's face.
"I need to use the phone" Zack said looking towards Alex.
"my room" Alex directed "next to the desk" Zack nodded and walk off into Alex's room closing the door after him before dialing his sisters number.
"Hello" a female voice answered.
"Tinga?" Zack asked.
"Zack" she said in surprise "I thought Lydecker got you".
"Well I got out" he answered looking around Alex's room "Are you still in Seattle?".
"Yes" she answered, her voice screaming 'don't go there'.
"I thought I told you to get out of there and go to Cananda".
"I can't leave Case Zack, he's my son" Tinga protested "listen it isn't safe to talk, I think I'm being watched".
"Lydecker?" Zack inquired.
"I don't know" Tinga answered truthfully "I think so, I really need your help big brother".
"I know" Zack answered looking down at a picture of Alex, Liz and a girl called Maria "I've gotta tie a things up down here, but I'll be with you as soon as possible".
"Thank you" Tinga answered gratefully "I love you, Zack".
"Love you too" Zack answered hanging up. He picked up the photo of Liz, Alex and Maria and eyed Liz intently, you had to blind not to see how beautiful she was or how kind and considerate she was. He put the photo down knowing he couldn't stay more than he had to, he had an obligation to his brothers and sisters. To Tinga, To case to Maxie and all the others. Zack put the phone down and walked out.

Of all the things
I've believed in
I just want to
Get it over with
Tears form behind my eyes
But I do not cry
Counting the days
That pass me by

Alex walks out the room and into his own but it's empty, he finds a letter with Liz's name written on it. he picks it up and walks back to where Liz is staying and gives it to her. she rips it open and reads it, crying hysterically.

I've been searching
Deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing
Are starting to get old
It feels like
I'm starting all over again
The last three years
Were just pretend
And I said

Zack jumps on the bus and sits close to the back with a window seat, crying. But knowing some day or hoping some day he would see her again.

"Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything
I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that
I tried to hold on to"

the pod squad crew stand looking out at the desert, thinking were to go from now with all they had learned. Rhea looked at Max knowing she didn't love him, and knowing she probably never would.

I still get lost in your eyes
And it seems that
I can't live a day without you
Closing my eyes and
You chase my thoughts away
To a place where
I am blinded by the light
But it's not right

Maria looks around the empty crashdown wondering where everyone is, but most of all wondering where Michael is. Kyle walks in a takes a seat beside Maria and they have a nice long talk.

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything
I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that
I tried to hold on to

Topolsky is sitting in her study reading when there is a knock at the door, she gets up and walks over to her door opening it to see Liz. she barges in leaving Topolsky surprised.

And it hurts to want everything
And nothing at the same time
I want what's yours
And I want what's mine
I want you
But I'm not giving in this time

Maria walks home alone when Michael appears and pulls her into a tight hug, Maria doesn't resist and they stand together for what seems like hours.

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything
I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that
I tried to hold on to
The one thing that
I tried to hold on to

Liz wipes her tears away in time to see the leaving Roswell sign pass her window.

And when the stars fall
I will lie awake
You're my shooting star


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Nobody knows who I am. Not the real me. It's like, nobody cares enough to find out. I mean, does anyone ever ask me what I want to do with my life? Or what my opinion is on stuff? Or what restaurant to order in from? No. Underline. Exclamation point. Exclamation point, exclamation point. (pause) No one understands. No one has an older sister who's a slayer. People wouldn't be so crazy about her if they had to live in the same house with her every single day. Everybody cares what she thinks. Just 'cause she can do back flips and stuff. Like that's such a crucial job skill in the real world. Plus Mom lets her get away with everything. Your sister's saving the world. I could so save the world if somebody handed me super powers... but I'd think of a cool name and wear a mask to protect my loved ones, which Buffy doesn't even. If this town wasn't so lame everyone would completely know what she does. And then I bet they wouldn't even be that impressed, because like, killing things with wood? Oh, scary vampires, they die from a splinter
"Janice" Dawn said looking down the deserted street "Are you sure this is a good idea?".
"Oh course" Janice answered, smiling to herself "don't tell me your afraid?".
"I'm not..." Dawn said looking around "I just... I don't wanna get caught".
"What did you tell your sister?" Janice said hoping over a small fence.
"I told her.." Dawn paused jumping over the fence "I told her I was sleeping over your place".
"Ahh. The Mominator thinks I'm staying at yours" Janice laughs, walking down a alley way "Can't believe they fell for that one, like, own a TV".
"So where are we going?" Dawn asked, looking around excitedly.
"The park" Janice said in a sinister voice "That's where all the monsters gather on Halloween".
"Whatever" Dawn said slapping her on the arm and walking off.
"Hey wait up" Janice called running after Dawn, both girls staggering around the corner "oh my god".
Break me off
Show me what you got
'Cause I don't want
No one minute man
Break me off
Show me what you got
'Cause I don't want
No one minute man
Break me off
Show me what you got
'Cause I don't want
No one minute man
Break me off
Show me what you got
'Cause I don't want, no

"So what's the verdict?" Zack asked looking around the party, his eyes landing on a cute blonde on the other side of the park "cool party, or what?".
"It's okay?" Justin sighed, looking around at all the drunken teens "If you like this sort of crowd".
"And you don't" Zack exclaimed "The girls here are easy man, there to drunk to resist".
"Whatever" Justin said finishing his beer.
"Well, well" Zack smirked "look at what just walked in" Justin looked up and meet the eyes of a raven haired angel, with a slender figure and long brown hair that swept around her like air "I'm guessing you like what you see".
"yeah" Justin said standing up straight.
"Look at you" Zack laughed at his friend "All love at first sight and shit, what do you think?".
"I don't know" Justin sighs deeply "She's cute".
"Well, congratulations for having eyeballs" Zack called "But what about, uh, you know, going all the way? Do you think..." The sound of soft giggling stopped Zack.
"Hey there" Janice smiled up at him.
"Hey" Zack smirked, invading her space "wanna dance?".
"Okay" Janice answered before being whisked away from Dawn.
"Don't mind my friend..." Justin said to Dawn "when he was born the doctor's dropped him on his head" Dawn giggled "I'm Justin".
"I'm Dawn" Dawn smiled, shaking his hand.
"That's a great name" Justin smiled.
"Yeah right" Dawn said sitting down next to him "I've seen you around, at parties".
"Yeah" Justin said with surprise "I can't believe I missed such a pretty girl like you" Dawn blushed and looked away "you wanna dance?".
"Sure" Dawn smiled, letting him lead her away.
Tonight I'ma give it to you
Throw it to you
I want you to come prepared
Oh yeah (Oh yes)
Boy it's been a long time
A crazy long time
And I don't want no minute man
And that's real
Give it to me some more

"the parties over here" the brunette smiled as her partner lead her further into the darkness.
"I was thinking maybe.." He says pushing her up against a tree, and pinning her in place with his body "we could make a little party of our own?".
"Does this usually work?" she hissed breathlessly, his lips kissing up and down her neck.
"I wouldn't know" he said, hating every second away from her skin "I've never tried it before" grabbing his neck she pushed him back.
"Yeah right, am I really to believe I'm special or something" she pouted like a little puppy.
"You are special" he said moving back in "Now stop struggling, this won't hurt a bit" The boy vamps out and moves in to bite the girl. She grabs him by the neck, pushes him away a bit and elbow jabs him in the face. He staggers back and regains his balance as she jumps onto a crate. She does a jumping roundhouse kick to his face, knocking him to the ground.
"Poor baby" the brunette giggled, causing the vampire to frown.
"Who the hell are you?' The vampire growled getting to his feet slowly.
"Have you ever heard the expression, 'biting off more than you can chew'?" The vampire frowned "Okay. Um ... how about the expression, 'vampire slayer'?".
"What the hell are you talking about?" The vampire growled, ready to attack at any given moment.
"Wow. Never heard that one. Okay. How about, 'Oh god, my leg, my leg'?" The vampire growls and lunges at her. She ducks his grab, punches him in the face and kicks his leg. His knee buckles and he falls to the ground.
"Oh god my leg, my leg" he screamed in pain.
"See? Now we're communicating" she smiled. Before the vampire could react Liz came down on him, staking him and walking back to the party as if nothing had happened, but something caught her eyes. Two girls were walking off with two guys she had been watching the entire night, two guys who were a little dead to be dating. She stalked across the park and followed them, closely.
Ooh, I don't want, I don't need
I can't stand no minute man
I don't want no minute man
Ooh, here's your chance
Be a man take my hand
I don't want no minute man

Janice screamed and pushed Zack off her, raising her hand to her neck to stop the bleeding "you bit me" she screamed.
"Oh come on..." Zack hissed looking up at Janice, his face vamped out "you wanted me a few minutes ago" before Janice could scream Zack lunged at her and resumed his hold on her neck, before a pair of arms rip him off and pushed him down a short hill.
"Janice?" Giles exclaimed, bringing the girl to her feet.
"He bit me" she cried, holding her neck "That jerk bit me!".
"Like you weren't asking for it" Zack said appearing behind Giles, with a deadly smirk on his face.
"I feel certain she wasn't" Giles said stepping in front of Janice.
"What do you know about it, grandpa?" Zack growled taking a few swings at Giles, who ducks and tackles Zack around the middle.
"Quite a bit actually" Giles says, before they go down and roll down the hill, entangled together. Janice watches fearfully. At the bottom of the hill Giles and Zack get up and trade blows. Zack does most of the punching, then kicks Giles and he goes down. From his knees, Giles blocks another punch and hits Zack in the stomach, then gets up and kicks him. Zack flies backward and winds up against a tree. Zack looks down to see a branch sticking out of his body.
"That sucks" Zack says, before bursting into dust.
"Dawn" Giles says walking up to Janice "Where's Dawn?".
"I don't know" Janice cries, her eyes locked on where Zack had disappeared "I don't know".
Break me off
Show me what you got
'Cause I don't want
No one minute man

"get away from me" Dawn screams, running out of the car and towards the surrounding woods.
"Dawn" Justin calls, getting out of the car and running after "Dawn, please wait" he stops her, his face vamped out "I thought we could, you know, like hang out or something".
"Hang out" Dawn spat, backing up.
"Yeah. I mean ... you're not like other girls. You're different. There's something special about you. I knew it the first time I saw you" he says stepping forward "I just wanna be close to you" he reaches out to touch her face, but she jerks away.
"Shh. It's okay. It'll only hurt for a second" Justin promises, leaning into to bite her on the neck.
"I bet you say that to all the girls" Justin pulled back and looked up to a petite brunette, walking out of the woods with a stake in hand. "Now, you have a choice. We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way".
"How about...." Justin growled, grabbing dawn by the neck and holding a blade to her throat "I kill her, then I kill you and I keep your body parts have souvenirs".
"You see...." Liz says stepping forward "that just isn't going to work".
"Really" before Justin could react dawn elbowed him in the chest, and then threw her fist into his groin, realising her "Dawn".
"Jerk" Dawn snapped at Justin.
"Bitch..." Before Justin could finish that sentence Liz kicked him in the face and staked him easily.
"Dawn" Giles called running up to the brunette and hugging her tightly, before letting his eyes look up at a certain brown haired stranger "thank you, who ever you are?".
"Giles? Right?" Liz said looking over at him.
"Yes" Giles said pulling away from Dawn "and you would be?".
"I'm Liz" Liz smiled shaking his hand "the vampire slayer".

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"I'm tha man. Don't you forget".

"Yeah... You tha man".

"Zan look out".

I open my eyes and I look out the window at the passing scenery still thinking about that night. Ava risked her life for me, when I should have been the one to die. I guess that's why I'm on this trip, to Roswell NM that is. To warn my dupe about my back stabbing sister and my no good best friend. I guess the sayings true, tha past always repeats itself, or some shit life that.
"This seat taken?" Some old biddy with a bad back asks, staring at the seat next to me.
"Nah" I answered, removing my shit so she can sit down, boy does she smell. Not like B.O. More like an old person smell ya know.
"So..." She sighs looking over at me "where are you heading?".
"Roswell" I answer, keeping my eyes directed out the window, hopefully she'll take the hint and stop with the yapping.
"Are you going to see the aliens" she giggled to herself, if only she knew "I'm on my way to Sunnydale myself, to visit my grandchildren".
"That's nice" I answered sarcastically, but she keeps yapping on like I really meant it. Right now I'm thinking maybe I should have taken a plane, or stolen a car, or maybe shut her up with my powers. Then I remember, I wasted most of my energy healing myself, Ava may have pushed me out of the way, but I still got hit, then beat up, then robbed. Aint livin' in New York a breeze.

"You were parking with a vampire" Buffy erupted at her sister.
"I didn't know he was a vampire" Dawn protested.
"You didn't know" Buffy repeated, as if her sister were insane "How could you not know he was a vampire".
"I just meet him" Dawn explained.
"Oh, I see" Buffy called "You were parking with a boy you just meet, that makes everything oh so much better".
"Like you never went out with a vampire" Dawn spat.
"That was different" Buffy growled.
"It always is with you" Dawn said storming off towards the stairs.
"I'm not done yet" Buffy yelled, dawn swung around and glared at Buffy.
"Well I am" Dawn said turning on her heel and running off up the stairs towards her room, slamming the door shut after her. Buffy sighed with frustration.
"I just don't know what I'm going to do with her" Buffy said looking towards Giles and the new slayer.
"It will be okay" Giles reassured, walking over to Buffy and laying a firm hand on her shoulder.
"You don't know that" Buffy said looking up at her watcher, her eyes telling him in more ways than one she was on the verge of giving up "I know everyone says it will get better, but when... When mom was here everything was great and now... I'm falling apart Giles".
"Hush now" Giles said pulling Buffy into his arms, his eyes sweeping around the room towards Liz who stood uncomfortable to the side "Maybe we should take this as a blessing".
"What?" Buffy said pushing off her watcher "Dawn could have gotten killed not to mention...".
"I meant Liz, showing up now" Giles interrupted "she could help with the slaying while you... Work this out".
"Oh.. I knew that" Buffy said looking over towards Liz who was staring at a family photo "I knew that".
"I better go" Liz said heading for the door.
"Wait" Buffy ordered, stopping Liz in her tracks "I have questions?".
"Ask me tomorrow" I answered, yawning a little and contain towards the door.
"Okay" Buffy answered, before realizing she didn't know where the girl lived "Wait, where are you staying?".
"Sunnydale Motel" Liz answered picking up her jacket.
"You can stay here" Buffy said "everybody else does?".
"Nah" Liz smiled "I'm fine".
"Are you sure?" Buffy asked one last time.
"Yeah" Liz answered opening the door "I'm five by five" the door slammed shut behind her and Buffy turned to Giles.
"Did she say what I think she just said?".

"Fuck" Zan cursed as the vampire threw him up against a alley wall and threw his fist into his chest, causing him to curl up with his head on his knees.
"I've never tasted anything like you" the vampire smirked "and to tell you the truth... It's addictive".
"Hey" the vampire looked towards the end of the alley, where a small figure stood with her arm extended out above her shoulder "why don't you pick on someone your own sizes".
"Sure" The vampire called "why don't you grow a few inches and get back too me".
"Ahhh.... Rude much" Liz called charging up the vampire who ducks her attempts and begins punching back. A little off balance Buffy barely ducks his swings, she stand up straight and barely blocks a punch. The vampire hits her with his free arm and she goes down. He grabs her and throws her against a car. She lands on the hood, sits up and kicks the vampire with both feet. As it reels back, she stands up on the hood. The vampire goes to punch her and she leaps up onto the car's roof. Liz jumps off the car roof and picks up a metal garbage can and slams it down onto the vampire. It gets up as she raises the can for another blow. The vampire shoves the garbage can out of Liz's hands, then hits her in the face. She spins around and ends up with her face pressed against the car window. The vampire grabs her from behind, she spins around again and hits it. It reels backward. They trade kicks and the demon's head goes through the car window, breaking it. He turns into dust.
"Got anything funny to say now?" Liz panted.
"Oww!" Someone groaned.
"Oh" Liz said running over to the victim "Are you Oka..... Max?".

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Sobek, grant the power ... that it may mold this wretched creature ... that it may be reborn ... that it may serve ... ah! Dark incantations! Always overwritten! Cir hayyan win-hud! Cir hayyan win-hud!

"What are you doing in my room?" I snapped, Buffy spinning around and looking at me weirdly.
"I was just looking around.." She answers hesitantly "I was wondering if we could talk".
"What do you call, what were doing right now?" I asked walking past her and towards my dressing table "If this is about parking with a vampire, I didn't.....".
"It's not" Buffy interrupted, sitting down on my bed "I just wanna tell you that, I'm going to spend more time here and I'm gonna take care of everything".
I turn and look at her "what are you talking about?".
"Well now that Liz is here, she can take over some the slaying and we could spend time together" Buffy said hopefully "maybe we could go out to the mall or something".
"Why are you doing this?' I snapped.
"I thought this is what you wanted" Buffy asked.
"I don't know what I want" I said looking out my bedroom window "can you just get out".
"Dawn..." Buffy began.
"Get out" I demanded, pointing to the door, without a word Buffy stood and left the room closing the door behind her. I don't know why I'm so angry, I don't know why I do half the things I do. I hear the door slam down stairs, and I get up and begin to walk down stairs to the kitchen to grab a snack from the fridge. When the door slams open and a snack creature slithers in, knocking me to the ground.
"Buffy" I scream, hoping she could hear me, hoping someone could hear me "help". The snake hisses at me, before slithering out the door, me staring helplessly after it.
"Lil bit" Spike said running into the house "you okay?".
"I've gotta find Buffy" I choke getting up.


"Is he going to be okay?" I asked, looking down at the unconscious Max look-a-like.
"The bones are set, and the damage to the kidneys is repairable" the doctor answers, looking down at Zan in his hospital bed "But the head trauma, its… well its simply to severe. You know, it's a wonder he's alive at all, with the blood loss he's endured".
"Oh..." I says looking up at the doctor "thank you doctor".
He nods and walks away leaving me alone with the stranger, reaching for his clothes I begin search his pockets were any identification of any kind, but nadda. I sigh with frustration, wishing I knew who he was and why he look like Max. Brushing my hand over his, my brain begins to feel light and dizzy.
"Zan look out".

I pull back and stare down at him with astonishment, whipping out my phone I call the only person I know I can trust with this.

"So she is trying to make a monster?" Buffy said looking around at her friends, who look as guilty as they were "why? What does she want it for?".
"That's the part were trying to figure out..." Giles says wiping his spectacles "when we do we'll let you know".
"Good" Buffy said standing up "You keep working on it I'll go kill it".
"Buffy?" Giles called, Buffy turned and open her mouth to protest when dawn staggered threw the door.
"Dawn" Buffy choked running over to her sister and grabbing her "what's wrong? What happened?".
"A demon broke into our house" Dawn cried, as Buffy dragged her over to a table and sat her down.
"What happened?" Buffy asked giving her a once over "Are you okay? Did it hurt you?".
"No" Dawn shook her head "he... He looked like he was looking for something".
"Can you describe it to me?" Giles asked, from behind the counter.
"He looked like a huge snake with arms" Buffy looked over at Giles, worry evident in here eyes "what's going on? What does it mean?".
Realization dawned on Buffy "it knows" looking towards dawn she asked "what direction did the monster take off in?".
"East I think" Dawn answered, worriedly "what's going on?" Buffy got up and ran out with Giles hot on her heels.
"Buffy" he called stopping her in her tracks "what's going on?".
"I've gotta stop the monster before it gets back to Glory" Buffy says looking around.
"Glory?" Gile called "How do you know her name?".
"I don't know" Buffy answered "Giles, she's gonna know Dawn's the key if we don't....".
"We will" Giles called running to his car "come on".

Speeding down the street, Buffy sees the monster slither into a park and knock over a sign reading "bike path, closed after dusk" . Giles brings the car to a screaming halt, Buffy jumping out and runs after it while Giles speeds off to another location. Increasing speed, Buffy leaps over a few bushes in her way until she was just behind the monster, jumping on a park bench she leapt off it and on to the monster. There is a struggle, the monster gets the upper hand and throws Buffy against a metal fence, knocking the wind out of her and slithering off. Buffy grabs a chain connected to the fence and runs after him again, wrapping the chain around his neck and choking him. He thrashes like a wild horse until a gray film covers his eyes. Frowning Buffy lets go of the chain, and begins to back off. The film disappears and the monster throws Buffy back to the ground. The monster turns and lunges at Buffy, Buffy jumps to her feet and punches it. The punch causes him to reel backwards, giving her time to run and jump on him. Pinned against the ground, Buffy begins punching him until he lays perfectly still.
Giles creep out of the darkness with a sword in hand, his eyes fixated on Buffy who is still punching the monster.

Looking out the window I sigh "tonight has been one of the longest nights of my life".
"Tell me about it" Alex sighs looking over at Zan "what's his deal?".
"I don't know yet" I answer turning from the window and looking over at Zan "but I know I can trust him, we can trust him".
"Good" Alex yawned "the last thing I need is Max's evil twin running around and causing trouble for us" I look over at Alex and smile.
"I'm sorry" the nurse says coming into Zan's room "visiting hours are over".
"Lets go" liz ordered, gesturing Alex to follow her out "we'll come back in the morning" walking out the door, Zan felt a lose. Where am I?

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Listen to fear

Don't, don't want the boys
Don't, don't note the heat
Can't find a spoon...

Liz sighed and walked through the bronze as if she were walking on air, slowly she spotted Alex talking to some guy with spikey red hair and decide to make her way over. Dodging and weaving the mass she crossed the dance floor and sat down on the couch, sculling the rest of Alex's drink.
"Argh" Liz groaned almost choking "what was that?".
"That was bourbon" Alex answer sheepishly, looking around.
"Don't worry Alex your not gonna get caught" Liz coughed, shaking the feeling of dizziness off and looking up at the stranger she had seen Alex talking to you "Liz".
"Oz" he answers, with a cute smile "Alex tells me your the slayer".
"What?" I gasped.
...that we have had
The sugar cubes...
can melt our mouth

We belong, yes, to-to-together
"It's cool" Alex sighed "Oz here is a werewolf" I cocked an eye at him.
"Don't ask" he says looking around for someone.
"I won't" Liz sighed looking around, sadly "I think I'm gonna jet".
"You just got here" Alex said looking down at his empty cup.
"Yeah I..." Liz sighed again "I just feel out of it, I wanna get some sleep" Liz said getting up.
"Okay, Bye Liz" Alex called, Liz waving goodbye over her shoulder.
"She seems nice" Oz smiled.
"Yeah" Alex said, watching her retreating figure out the door "she's great".
We belong, yes, to-to-together
We belong, yes, to-to-together
We belong, yes, to-to-together
We belong, yes, to-to-together

(Across town)

".... So it shall be" a demon announced, crushing a human skull in his hands and glaring out the window at the town of Sunnydale, his eyes an errie red. A smirk plastered to his lips. Looking down at his amulet, his smirk broke into an all out grin "so it shall be".

(Mean while in Seattle)

"X5-599, I've got a heart for you".

To be continued..........

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I read through my last post and I didn't like it, so I hope this doesn't cause any confusion but I've re-written it. I hope you like the change, god knows I do.

Listen to fear Rewritten


"So when do we get to meet Liz?" Xander asked, pulling Anya into his lap.
"She should be here soon" Buffy said turning and looking at Giles, who was re-labelling some jars "So, you wanted to see me?".
"I just wanted to know how last night's slaying went?" He asked, labelling a jar of chicken legs.
"Zippo" Buffy said sitting down on a stool "Patrol's been totally uneventful. My kill count's way down".
"Well, we know what that often indicates" Giles says placing the jars back on their shelves.
"Buffy doesn't make her quota" Xander chimes in after over hearing their conversation "Bad slayer!".
"Well, I wish it were that innocuous, but with Glory around, I feel she's involved somehow" Giles said putting various thing back and walking around the counter towards the book stacks "None the less, I will investigate into it".
"Of course you will" Anya said over everyone, Giles looking at her with an annoyed expression on his face "Well, that was a thrilling hour". Anya turned and smiled at Xander, who smiled sheepishly back.
"You know, I really don't appreciate your snide remarks, Anya" Giles said turning his back to the couple and scaling his fingers along the books, all the while Anya pouting "Now, I have a great deal of experience in these matters.." Giles said addressing the group "and if I say there is a matter of some import brewing, I-I-I-.." Giles suddenly realises the group is concentrating on something without him, so without thinking he whips around and stares in stun.
"Hey" Oz waved shyly.
"I'm sorry were late, But I......" Liz paused when she turned to the faces of the slayer and what she took as her friends "you look like you guys just saw a ghost?".
"Oz" Willow gasped getting up out of her seat.
"Huh?" Liz said in confusion, Alex wondering if he had suddenly stepped into the twilight zone.
"Oz" Tara gasps, looking at Willow.
"Okay I'm getting the Oz" Liz said to the group "but my brain isn't processing the data".
"When, when did you get back?" Willow asked, sitting back down.
"Pretty much now" Oz said, taking in his ex girlfriends form.
"Oz, man" Xander says hesitantly, stepping forward from the group to greet their old friend "Hate to sound grandma, but... you don't call, you don't write".
"Yeah, sorry" Oz answers, still standing in the door way.
"So are you here here, or are you just passing through?" Buffy asked, trying to calm her nerves.
"Well, um, let's not, uh, bombard the poor chap with, uh, questions right off" Giles said walking towards the kettle in the back room "Can I get you something, um, tea?".
"I'll pass, thanks" Oz answered looking back at Willow, with lust "Look, I'm going to Devon's to see if he's got a place I can crash. But... I was hoping that we could talk. Later. Tonight".
"I guess so" Willow answered shyly.
"I'll come by your place?" Oz says before looking at the others "It's great to see you guys again. Really" and with that he walks out the door.
"Everyone's uncomfortable now" Anya says observing everyone, Liz opens her mouth to speak, but Tara beats her to it.
"I just, um - I realized, um, I'm-I'm late for study group" Tara says picking up her stuff to leave.
"Tara, wait" Willow pleads after her.
"No, no, it's okay. You-you should be with your friends, and, and I-I should go" Tara say before walking out the door in a rush.
"Wait..." Willow whispers after her, the room is filled with silence.
"What just happened?" Liz asked, aloud "and who is Oz?".

"So, Oz is a werewolf, and Willow was dating him?" Liz said as she and Buffy walked side by side through the cemetery.
"Yup" Buffy nodded.
"And I thought my love life was crazy" Liz smiled jumping over a few loose rocks "So how did he become a werewolf, I know he didn't wake up one morning and go 'hey I'm a werewolf'".
"It's kind of a long story" Buffy answered.
"He got bit?" Liz asked.
"Obviously not" Buffy answered, looking over at Liz curiously "How did you know that?".
"After I was called, I kinda started looking into the mystical" Liz replied looking up at the stars "that and my watcher kinda forced it upon me".
"You too?" Buffy laughed "what's your watcher like?".
"She's nice" Liz answered "she's like a mother too me".
"I know what you mean" Buffy frowned and turned to Liz "Accept Giles is more like a father" looking up Liz spied the hospital.
"I've got go" Liz said stopping completely "I've got a thing".
"a thing?" Buffy repeated with skepticism.
"It's kinda personal" Liz answered "I better...".
"Go" Buffy finished, a smile playing on her lips "I'll see ya tomorrow Liz".
"Sure thing B" Liz said before running off.

Everything is quiet
Since you're not around
And I live in the numbness now
In the background

Willow turns down her music and walks to the door, to find Oz standing outside with a smile on his face "Hey".
"Hey" Willow answers nervously "So.... Wanna come in?".
"Actually, I want you to come outside" Oz said gesturing for her to join him "I wanna show you something".
After a few minutes of walking, Willow finds herself walking through the campus with Oz, all the while a weird feeling nagging at her brain "Oz..." Willow says stopping them both from continuing on "This is all so weird. I-I-I feel like... this isn't really happening. Like it's a dream or, or something".
"It's real. Look up" Oz orders.
"What?" Willow asks, in confusion.
"Look at the sky" Oz smiled. Willow hesitated, before looking up at the full yellow moon "I guess you stopped keeping track of 'em after I left".
"Full moon" she gasped in amazement.
"Full moon" Oz nodded.
"Full moon, but-but how? I mean" Willow's smile grew "you did it! How, how did you do it? Where did you go?".
"It's a long story" Oz answers.
"Oh my god" Willow practically cries, launching herself into oz arms and hugging him tightly "This is... I mean, it's wonderful for you".
"I talked to Xander" Oz said sitting down on a bench with Willow "and he said you didn't have a new guy".
"No. No new... Guy" Willow stuttered.
"I know what I put you through, and I'm not gonna push. But I am... a different person than when I left. And I can be what you need now" Oz says, all the while Willow looking sad "That's what I want. That's why I'm here".

Alex walked through the hospital towards 'Zan's' hospital room, but when he got there he found a very emotionally Liz, crying over what looked like a letter "Liz?".
"Alex, can you just leave me alone" Liz cried, wiping furiously at her eyes.
"Liz, what's wrong" Alex persisted.
"Alex..." Liz cried.
"Hey" Alex interrupted "I know your a slayer and you can probably beat me in to a bloody pulp, but your like a sister to me Liz and I want to know what's wrong" there was a long pause. Walking over to Liz he picked up the letter and read through it.

Dear Liz,
I just wanted to let you know that I think about you every day and every night before I go to sleep, your the thing that keeps me going, your my shining light at the end of a long dark tunnel. I'm sorry I had to leave so abruptly, but I have an obligation to my family, I can only hope you understand.
Love Zack.

"I miss him so much" Liz cried.
"Come here" Alex ordered, hugging Liz close to him. Her tears staining his shirt "it's going to be okay, it's all going to be okay".
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Listen to fear part 2

Liz curled up on her bed and cried, the letter scrunched up in her hand, her body twisted up in the covers. For a long moment she fell still, the tears running down her cheeks like a waterfall, before she willingly closed her eyes.
Her mind bombarded with images.
"I'm hit" Zack cries when he is shot in the knee.

Jumping out of bed in panic, a large green light leaves Liz's palm and sets her kitchen on fire "Oh shit".
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The Intervention

"They don't want tha number two, they want tha royal four".

Zan tossed and turned in his bed as the memory of that night replayed in his mind, but this time it was more server. His sense's were on over load.
"Don't forget. I'm tha man".
"Yeah you tha man".

Zan threw back in his bed, sweat trickling down his face. His eyes moving rapidly under his lids.

Zan snaps his eyes open and gets up to take a full observation of his surroundings. He turns and looks at the heart monitor, raising his arm he looks at the IV feeding him through the vein. Without further hesitation he throws his legs over the bed and removes all wires attached to his body, the IV last of them all.
"Ouch" he gasped rubbing were the IV had once been. The pain eased, so he got to his feet and walked out into the fairly quite corridor.
"Excuse me" a woman in her mid thirties asked coming up behind Zan "Do you know how to get to the third floor west from here?".
"Uh, um . . . What?" Zan asked in confusion.
"I was just . . ." She stopped mid sentence "Do you need some help or something?".
"Roswell" he said remembering where he was supposed to be going.
"What?" The woman asked.
"Where am I?" Zan demanded.
"Sunnydale memorial hospital" she replied backing up a little "Are you okay?".
"I don't know" Zan answered "I really don't know".

Mean outside of Sunnydale

"What's in the trunk?" Liz asked curiously, looking over her watchers shoulder.
"Supplies" she answered, grabbing a few things.
"Supplies" Liz repeated, a smile playing on her lips "Like, food, water, maybe even a double meat palace burger" Topolsky cast an odd look at Liz "a hungry slayer, is a careless slayer".
"How about this" Topolsky said standing up straight "a book, a gourd, and a bunch of twigs?".
"I wasn't that hungry anyway" Liz said turning away.
"Come on, this way" Topolsky instructed "You see, the location of the sacred place is a guarded secret. I can't take you there myself. I'll have to perform a ritual to ... transfer my guardianship of you, temporarily, to, to a guide. This'll do" Topolsky said coming to a stop in a fairly open area of the wilderness. The twigs now arranged in the shape of a circle.
"So" Liz smiled, kneeling down beside her watcher "how does it start?".
"I, uh, jump out of the circle and then jump back in it, and then, um..... "Topolsky paused and looked away "I shake my gourd".
"I know this ritual" Liz smirked "The ancient shamans were next called upon to do the hokey-pokey and turn themselves around".
"Shut up" Topolsky said turning away from Liz ready to perform the ritual. Hesitantly Topolsky jumped in and out of the circle, finish it with a shake of the gourd. Nothing happens.
"And that's what it's all about?" Liz smirks.

"what do you mean he just wasn't there?" The doctor growled at a nurse, who was a little taken back by his aggressiveness towards her.
"I don't know" the nurse stuttered "I came to check the monitors like I always do at eight o'clock. Eight o'clock is my shift. I got here on time....".
"You found the bed in this condition?" The detective asked.
"Haven't touched a thing" the nurse said looking him dead in the eye.
"Get the duty rosters and check the log. I want to know exactly what happened" The doctor said flicking off the monitors "Coma patients do not just get up and walk away".
"We are checking every room on every floor" the nurse reassured, the doctor rolled his eyes and walked out. As soon as he was gone the nurse whipped out her cell and pressed in a number she had a speed dial.
"Lydecker" the voice answered.
"It's happened" the nurse sighed "Send the team".

"Where am I?" Liz asked, looking around the dark seen light only by one massive fire, they seemed to blanket everything. Liz looked beyond the fire towards a dark shadow, it's eyes devouring her like a piece of fruit "I know you".
"This is a form" she said without even moving her lips "I am the guide".
"I have questions..." Liz paused and sat down "about... About the changes?".
"Your not the slayer" the being hissed.
"Excuse me?" Liz asked in confusion.
"Your different now" she answered, from behind the fire "Your more".
"More?" Liz repeated "I don't understand, if I'm not the slayer than what am I?" Their was a long silence "what is happening to me?".
"You are the one" she hissed disappearing into the fire.
"Hey wait" Liz pleaded, the scenery changed and Liz found herself alone once again "what am I?".

I know it's not much but I am working on a new part as I write. *big*
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