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“Strange Attractors”
Category: Crossover Buffy/Angel/Roswell
Ships: Dawn/Alex Zanac Evans, M/L, M/M, A/I(later), Tara/W, X/Anya, J/Amy, T/Kivar, and K/S
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters. All Roswell Characters are the property of Melinda Metz and Jason Katims. All Buffy-verse characters belong to Joss.

AN: This story is the answer to a challenge by Porschia. Here’s the challenge:

It's a crossover Roswell/Buffy fic. Buffy is dead so Dawn is shipped off to Roswell to live with her Uncle Jeff.

Max's son comes to earth--as a 15 year old boy. You can explain this anyway you choose.

Dawn and Max's Son become friends and eventually develop feelings for each other.

You get to come up with the reason why Max' Son is on earth.

Buffy must come to Roswell looking to take back Dawn and you can play that out however you want.

Each show should get entangled in each other's business. (I.e. Buffy finds about the alien thing and Max and Co. about the whole vamp thing.)

Basically you can make it about whatever but it should include those things.


“Alex, remember to find the Urn of Osiris, so that I can bring him back in 2001. When Kivar joined forces with some of the less wholesome elements of demonkind, we didn’t stand a chance. We’re all that’s left to fight them. It’s just you, me, Dawn, Spike, Isabel, Liz, and Serena. Alex Whitman is the key to it all. We need him to keep us together. I remember when Dru gutted Giles and Tara. Part of me died that day with her. I killed her before sunrise, with a song in my heart. Xander, Anya, and their kids being turned by Darla two years ago. The pain when Dawn and I had to stake them was numbing. We still haven’t recovered,” Willow told the fifteen year-old, who has to rewrite history, hopefully for the better. It can’t be any worse than this!

“I know, Will. I’m never going to see you all again, not like this. But I have to do this. Will, you have been one of the greatest teachers anyone could hope to have. You and Rupert taught me well. Thank you for my education.” Alexander Zanac Evans hugged the petite redhead, for the last time.

“Alex, I know exactly how you must feel right now. I had my own destiny. My blood, spilled at the right time, could bring about the end of the world. That’s why Buffy died the second time. She died to save me. Do what you have to. Remember that the Urn is destroyed on September 1, 2001. You have to get it from Amy Deluca before then if this is to work. I watched it get destroyed. Michael accidentally knocked it down and shattered it.”

“I know, Dawn.” Looking at the woman, although twice his age, who was his best friend. He hugged her tightly, and said, with tears in his eyes, “I’ll miss you.”

“Xan, you already know the reasons why I could never call you Alex. He deserved a full and happy life, if not with me, than with someone else. Bring him back for me,” Isabel told her nephew, barely able to contain her tears.

“Aunt Izzy, I understand. I’ll give you the happiness you deserve. If Alex can’t see that you love him, I’ll have to use other means,” Alex told his only surviving blood relation, winking at Spike.

“Kid, you’ve been a bloody pain in my arse for a long time. I’m going to miss you. I also never thought that I’d miss my bloody wanker of a Sire, either. You are prepared for the mission. Keep an eye on Lil’ Bit for me.”

“I will, Spike. Thank you for teaching me to defend myself. What you’ve taught me has saved my life many times. I’m forever in your debt.

“Serena, your knowledge has saved our necks more times than I can count. Thank you for everything.

“Mom, I know I’m not your child. You have been a better mom than her. I barely remember her at all. Thank you for loving me, even though I have the eyes of your best friend’s killer. It’s fitting that the son must reverse the sins of the mother. I love you, Mom!” Alex wrapped Liz in a tight hug, crying.

“Alex, you are not responsible for her actions. I don’t want to send you back, but you have to go. I love you as if you were mine. You should have been mine,” she reassured her son.

“Alex, time to go,” Serena announced to the last of the Resistance.

“Goodbye,” Alex told them all, hugging them each for the last time. Alex entered the Granolith Chamber and inserted the crystal. The Granolith spun to life and a light captured his body transporting him into the cone, and ultimately through time, to May 16, 2001, the day Dawn Summers came to Roswell, New Mexico.

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I started this fic a year ago with every intention to finish it. I may one day come back to this fic, but for now, it's been abandoned. If you like my writing style please read my other fics, Love Springs Eternal(Ros/Crow/Dead Last) and The Ties that Bind US(Ros/X-men:Evolution).