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Title: Mythical and Mystical aka Myths and MysticsCategory: M\T (BLECH) M\L
(Dreamer, of course) M/M I/A K/S AND for the Harry Potter part... Harry/Hermione (at
request) Ron/Ceria.Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Roswell, or any of it's rights, they
all belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and UPN. Harry Potter and his series belong
to J.K. Rowling, and Scholastic and it's other owners. I own Sorensen, Smile, and Zoe,
Lia, Kiran, and Mith. As well as Ceria.Summary: Roswell and Harry Potter combined.
Liz has siblings, she's and alien witch. That's all I'm sayingAuthor's Note: Hey all! You
might remember this, but it is going to GREATLY change, at least in the begining.
Around part 5 or so, it should start to sound like Mythical and Mystical again.
Dedication: Lizzy Parker, and if Cleo ever reads this to her too. My two most loyal
fans.Note 2: This is parts 1-2, although you will not see seperate dividers for each
Part 1-2
"I'm changing Maria.""What clothes, species, sex?""No, me. I'm changing.
You know not like I used to be. A little while ago I got this letter..." Liz pushed enter on
her computer and sent Maria the I.M."Liz. Please tell me an owl delivered it. Well... part
of it.""Actually, yah. Maria...""Alex, kyle, and I got one, the three of us, and Isabel were
all hangin out, missin you.""Max doesn't miss me.""Max doesn't count anymore.""No, I
suppose he doesn't.""Good, I'm glad to hear you say that.""Maria, you know what this
means don't you?""That all of our wishes when we were little came true?""Yah, and it
explains so much about us. Me and when my Mom cut off my bangs and then the next
day finding them grown back.""Alex and when he broke the vase and finding it put back
together.""Kyle and when his Dad forgot his birthday present at work, and then finding it
suddenly on the table. SO your coming, right? There's so much more you don't know
about yet. Things about me, you, all of us that I'd rather say in person. Anyway can you
come out here and visit your fellow witch? Isabel's flying out tomarrow, you guys could
just come with her.""We'll be on the next flight.""Humans to Mystics - woh, that sounds
familiar, but we'll be there. We'll be in Salem ASAP. Probably stay until school
starts.""Thanks 'Ria, your the best.""I know."~*~*~*~*~*~*"Isabel, please do me a
favor, Maria borrowed the laptop, since your already at the Crashdown, can you bring it
over?""I suppose.""Thanks.""You owe me your soul." Isabel said while laughing."Yah, I
know. It's yours forever." Alex teased."Bye Alex.""Bye Iz."Isabel walked to the laptop,
Maria had rushed off to change for work and forgotten it. Looking briefly she noticed
Alex had an email - "You have been accepted to Magos Zoi - School for the Magic
Inclined." Was the title. She saw Liz had sent another IM reply after Maria left. Seeing
what the last few lines said, she scrolled up, and read the rest, then, she got a flash that
changed everything.*Flash*"Your highness, the mystics- from Earth - have arrived. Since
they are your protectors, do you wish to meet them?" Larek asked."Yes, send them in."
Vilondra stated."We are the Mystics. I'm Zoe, head of the Mystics, this is my 2nd in
command Lia, she's also my best friend. And my younger brother Kiran. Behind us is
head of weaponry Mith.""Nice to finally meet the rest of the eightfold, of course you
clearly already know Rath, as he's your brother also, there's Zan, my twin and brother,
who as you know, is the King. And Ava head of our powers technology. It's good to
finally meet our protectors and finance's."*Flash*"I caught Zoe and Zan kissing in the
garden. I don't think I've ever seen either of them turn so many different shades of red.""I
caught them last week, I just didn't say anything." Lia said.*Flash*"Zoe, you have to go
on. I lost my brother, and my fiance to. Rath and Liz were important to me.""Khivar
killed the man I love, my best friend, both my brothers, and my friend Ava. Rath was my
twin. Alex was my younger brother. Until the day he's dead, I will NEVER forget what
he did to me. I will continue to hunt him until he's gone for good, or the day my soul
gives up."*Flash*"NO! Lonny no, please don't die on me. You can't leave me here all
alone.""Zoe, we'll meet again. All I have to say is, be strong. Stay strong, and never give
up you hope, or your pride. They are what makes you, you. Your strength has made you
the best Queen Antar will ever know. If you die tomarrow, know that you died for your
people. And that you will live again."Zoe watched again as her friend die. She was forced
to watch them all. Because Khivar had wanted her as his Queen, and if he couldn't be
happy, neither could she. Tomarrow she was to be burned as a witch on the grounds of
the Granolith. The people of Antar forced to watch or die, and some of them had already
had been, then to rather watch their Queen die.*End Flash*Isabel knew that wasn't just a
dream, that was deffinatly real, she had a few things to discuss with Elizabeth Zoe Parker.
From the sounds, Liz was exactly as she had been before strong, proud, and optimistic.
The perfect leader, and the perfect Queen. Nobody would ever quite match up to Liz, or
Zoe, as Queen. From the sounds, Liz remembered all this, and probably quite a bit more.
For some reason, isabel had the idea that Liz had all her memories back. Isabel knew
three things. First, that was a memory. Lonny and Zoe had been best friends, and Sister
In-laws. Second, there was no way she was going to tell Max. He had screwed up entirely
not on his own - by puppet master Tess. Anything Iz told Max would go straight to her,
and Iz knew that, that wasn't good.
Liz had left for Salem ASAP. While I'm there I check my e-mail. Looking at it, and reading a email Liz sent me, I realize that Liz told me about being a witch too. I've been out ot visit Liz a few times. She tells me about Salem, and I don't tell her about Max and Tess. I only hang out with Michael, Maria, Kyle, and of course Alex now, so it wouldn't be a big deal if I left tomarrow earlier. Liz and I are best friends, and Max and I haven't talked for weeks now. Mom and Dad agreed, they thought it would be a good idea to wait a year before college, so I'm moving out to live with Liz this year. I haven't told Max, and I don't know if I will, or if I did, if he'd even care. I know MAX would care, but not puppet Max. So it's all of us flying out there, I guess Michael's coming too, to be with Maria. All of us living there this year, it should deffinatly be interesting...


I'm so nervous. I'd be ok if it was just Alex, Maria, and Isabel, since they're my best friends, but Kyle and Michael, that's different. I'm so worried Michael will freak when I tell him, but from the sounds from what Isabel wrote in her email back to me, she knows something. How do I tell them we're alien\witches or wizards? That we're all adopted too? How do I tell Alex and Michael... Maria and the others might know about the magic, but besdies Isabel, they know nothing about who we were, nothing about the Mystics. I don't know if even Isabel knows a lot, only that she has a clue.
When I came to Salem, it was like a step into real life, I found out a bit more. I never expected that my Aunt, Sorensen, was the teacher of a magic school. How I found out that I was a witch is easy. Why I didn't get my power 'till now is another. How do I explain all this to them? They'll be here soon. I have to leave to pick them up, I know I need to tell them tonight.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!* A while Later

"Is! Maria! Alex! Hey everyone!"
"LIZZY!!!! I haven't seen you in THREE months!!! You've changed so much!"
And it was true, Liz's appearance, since living around her Aunt had changed slight more towards the magical. Liz's hair had red bangs with silver streaks. Little make-up, and reular clothes, but you could just tell that there was something magical about her. A few people who walked by them bowed.
"Liz! It's been two weeks! Any guys yet?"
"No Iz-"
"Wait, you mean Isabel's been here? and not me?" Maria started.
"Maria, Isabel came to me." Maria accepted the exuse, but you could tell she was still hurt.
"So does Isabel know about all this?" Michael guestured toward the people bowing, and the hair.
"Michael, you know, I didn't even invite you here. I wasn't going to tell you yet, and right now, I don't even know why I should. If you weren't my-"
"Your what?" He asked.
"Nothing. Nothing. I'll explain later."
You could tell Michael wanted to keep talking about it. There was just something about Liz that made him want to yell at her for changing so much.
"Come on guys, we have a few things to discuss, guys, grab your bags, when we get there you can pick your rooms and unpack."
"Wait, why's Isabel have more luggage?" Kyle asked.
"Because, Isabel was moving in with me anyways before this whole situation came up. She's mving here."
Michael and the others looked shocked. Isabel hadn't mentioned anything to them.
"Isabel, what are you thinking? Us, we're not supposed to split up."
"FYI Michael. We were never going to get together, Max and Tess have their own little world. If something comes up, I'll be back. Soon you'll know how I can get there."
"WHat does that mean? Isabel? Liz!"
They just shock their heads and walked off.

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Lizzy Parker! Where are yooouuuuu I did this just so you'd stop complaining. Oh, I will seperate the lines, it just went from here, to Mic. Word, back to here that messed it up. Glad you all like the rewrite, more coming soon, I'm up to page 30 in my notebooks, so look for more tonight since I don't have driver's ed, and they'll probably be 2 part out Monday because I have no school. Probably saome part between then though, so don't worry about that.