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Title: Close to the heart but far from home
Disclaimer: If I owned either Roswell of Smallville Max Evans and Clark Kent would be my love slaves, but I don’t own either show.
Rating: Pg13 xover with Smallville
Summary: AU. What would happen if the pod squad each owned a plant (expect for 1) from the five and Micheal’s happened to be Kyrpton…
Author's note: This may be confussing at first but it gets better. This is the first fic I’ve realized so please be nice! Ok also for the record its kinda after season one, and everything that has happened so far in Smallville! I hate season 2 roswell and haven't seen 3 yet. I've only seen Smallville coz my uncle was in america and bought back copies!
Feedback: Yes please!

** means flashback
Part 1

"Micheal Gurrien are you arguieing with me because if you are you are in big fat trouble mister!"
Maria Gurrien shouted at her husband. She had just bought a house in a nice town called Smallville where her long time friend Alex Whittman and his Wife Isabel Evans lived. Roswell held too may lost dreams for the once joyful girl who hoped to go far with her life. Four of her best friends, Max and Liz Evans, and Kyle and Tess Valenti all had to return to Antar and Vise to fight off the enemy that was destroying them. She missed Liz the most. Know one else knew what she felt like in side. Micheal tried to help but he was a guy and well the guy sucked in girl stuff. Infact that was the reason the were arguing in the first place.

"Maria why on Earth do you want to go and live there! Roswell may have an alien freak show, but Smallvillehave those damm meteros. You know those freak me out. Oh Maria don't laugh at me!" He knew it was strange for an outter space creature to hate things that crashed down from outter space but so what. Max was scared on the empire state building when they had gone on hoilday, and Izzy had that fear of not leaving the house without make-up. They all had fears for god sake!

"I know Micheal but ever since we found out are true destinies and that we have a son somewhere on Earth well... you know" Maria told him quietly. She remembered that day well. Her and her 7 friends had been talking in the Crashdown when out of nowhere the pod squad had a sudden urge to go to the desert. Ok weird things happened all the time, but what she saw in there changed all there lives forever, particualy Micheal and Maria...

**My children if you are seeing this then I know you are safe and well. As you may already know Ihave sent 4 of the rulers of Bella universe through pods, and your 4 beloved as human. My son you are king Zan ruler of the entier Bella galaxy and ruler of the plant Antar. I sent your wife after you who was know as Queen Bethaina. You loved her more then and world you looked after. My daughter Queen Villandra of Topura, with you I have sent Sir Elexo. You died on your wedding day, before you married but Elexo you hadve made you a wonderful King. Now Ava and Rath, you are not my children in blood but in heart. Ava, you and your husband Yles were rulers of Vise and ruled it fairly and well. Now Rath you were ruler of Krypton, with your wife Riannan. When you activate this message, your baby son will be un frozen and sent to Earth for your keeping. Zan, Rath you are both keepers, Zan ofthe Granillith, and Rath of th Kyrpton Krystals. Your son, Rath, and your first child Zan will become the controllers and beat the enemy when it is time. Good luck and remember I love you all**

They all wept that day and Micheal was so happy that he had Maria he nearly burst. Maria couldn't help wonder what might of happened if the message was different, but she didn't want to know. Three years later the gany all married and Max and Liz had there first child Lana. They had so ,uch luck, Maria was sure it had to end.

Sure enough 3 years after Lana came the four of them got called back. Lana was left with Isabel, and was told to tell everyone that they had died. As luck goes the meteor shower came in Smallville, so it was blamed on that. Tess and Kyle just everyone that they had move out of the country. It was a sad day, and after that Maria found that she couldn't have children. She had a vision last night showing her Smallville and she knew it was time.

"Micheal I think our son is in Smallville" While Micheal just stood there Maria stood empty.
'Oh please let him be there. I want to find my home! I want to find my son!'

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Ok for the record part 2 was a mistake on my part. That is still in the making and part 2 should be up tonight if not by tommorrow! (Sorry but I have a physics test in like half an hour!) This story by the way Is my first that I'm realising coz I don't think I'm good at this. If I get enough feedback I'm might putout a new one, but for now I would really love some for this story and idea's are always good, and I'd mention it coz I'm having writters block! (try writting god knows how many essays in tests the week!) *angel*
Oh and Christmas rocks!

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