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Title:Chasing Death
Authors: Erin and Gaudicia
Category/Genre: Xover with Buffy and Angel. Romance, mystery, action....all of the above
Disclaimer: We own nothing. If we did, do you think Roswell would be that sorry excuse for a show? Nope, so all of that is to blame on Jason Katsmi
Dedication: Erin- To everyone who ever left feedback Gaudy-Everyone that likes this fic, and especially Summer for bugging me about it

Chapter 8
The sound of the door slamming was enough to tell Liz where Dawn was, she
almost jogged to Dawn's room, but when she was about to open the door she
stopped, she took a few deep breathes and when she felt she was calm enough
she opened the door.

"Dawn, honey, you need to understand--"

Dawn didn't even let her finish talking. "Get out!!! I don't want you
here!!!! Get out, get out, get out!!!!" Dawn began to scream like a
spoiled little brat.

Liz's eyes flashed. "Since when do you act like a spoil little brat?! I
thought my sister was more mature than that! You think that because that I
don't care...! I mean how could you think that! I thought you knew me
better! Do you even have the slightest idea of what I've been through!?
Do you know how terrified I am of what lies ahead of us now that Mom, Buffy
and Alex are gone!? They were my support what got me through each day! Do
you know just how I want to dig a hole next to them and get inside it!?
Now, it not just me, but you too! I have to take care of you, I have to
fill in Mom and Buffy's shoes and I don't think I'm capable of that!!!”

"Liz I-" Dawn started.

"No, I'm not done yet. You said what you had to say in front of all my
friends, now I'm going to say what I want to say. I'm trying to be strong,
because I didn't want you to see me break down. Which is why I made that
joke. Buffy and mom are the last people I want to think about right now so
I tried to ease the tension. If you had let me explain instead of putting me
on the spot like you did then you would have known. You're 15 Dawn, and
it's about time you started to act like it!"

Liz saw Dawn's eyes water, and she softened. "Oh, Dawn." Liz sat on the
bed and wrapped her arms around her. "I love you, but it's so hard, so many
things have happen, and I feel all my strength is leaving me. I don't know
how I'll do it without them. I was strong because of them, but without them
I just fall apart, and turn into a mess. Perfect Little Lizzie Parker a
mess." Liz hugged Dawn tighter. "The truth is that without them I'm no
one. No one..."

Liz couldn't take it anymore and began to sob, turning the papers around.
Now Dawn was comforting her, as tears also fell down her cheek.

"One last thing Buffy said to me was the hardest thing in this world is to
live in it. Now that I think about it, it's true. I guess it's just harder
to live without her," Dawn whispered.

Liz stopped crying and looked thoughtful, passing her hands through Dawn's
hair. "Many people may doubt it, but Buffy was wise in her own way." Liz
sighed. "Just like mom, I had the brains, but Buffy was wise...you have the
freedom and stubbornness," Liz softly chuckled at that. "Yes, very stubborn
and short tempered."

Dawn tried to stand up, but Liz held her back. "Stay. Let's not go down
yet." At Dawn's questioning look she explained, "I need to spend time with
my kid sister without being interrupted."

Downstairs the others waited anxiously. "What do you think's going on?" Max
asked. Isabel looked at him and shrugged. Angel looked up at the stairs.
"They're probably talking right now."

"Maybe. But most likely Liz is giving Dawn a taste of her own medicine. Liz
was pretty mad." Maria said. She sighed and sat down on the chair closest to

"I'm with Peaches," Spike said, taking a cigarette out. "They will come
down when they are ready."

Cordilea looked at Spike in amusement. "Since when did your heart start

Spike smirked. "It hasn't so you better watch out."

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "Oh, now I'm scared."

"Better be little bit," Spike mumbled.

"Excuse me! Did you just call me a little bit?" Cordelia shrieked.

Before the arguing could get any further Angel stepped in. "Maybe someone should go check on them," he said.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Sure Peaches go on up there. If they're in the middle of a fight best of British."

"Would you please speak in English?" Cordelia yelled. Spike turned towards her and smirked.

"Well look who's becoming the bitch we all know and love to hate!" Spike said laughing. Xander turned towards Spike. "Do us all a favor and shut up!" he said. Cordelia looked at Xander surprised.

"Thanks." she whispered. For a second there, Xander's eyes met hers. Usually Cordelia would feel a spark, this time she didn't.

Every one was in an uncomfortable silence. Cordelia looked around and saw Anya glaring at her and she dropped her gaze to the floor. Angel cleared his throat and looked up the stairs again, he hadn't heard any commotion in a while. "I'm going to check on them."

Max immediately stopped him. "I'm going." Angel made a growl that was not human, making Max step back.

Angel moved passed him and went upstairs, he knocked on the door when he didn't receive an answer he came in. He saw both of them asleep, curled up together in a fatal position. He softly nudge Dawn to wake her up and get her to change positions. Dawn slowly opened her eyes, shutting them tight again as the clarity hurt her eyes. "What's wrong?" She asked in a drowsy voice.

Angel put his finger on his lips, and signaled to Liz. "I'm going to move her."

Dawn nodded, sleepily and got up. She watched as Angel gently picked up Liz. Her dark brown hair fell down as she was lifted into Angel's arms. Then Liz's arms fell down. Angel looked at her arms and hesitated. Although she was tired and her eyes were begging to be shut Dawn noticed the hesitation.

"What? What's wrong?" Dawn asked. She stepped closer to Angel, trying to get a glimpse of her sister.

"Her blood pressure is dropping. We have to wake her up." Angel said.

"Liz. Liz. Liz!" Dawn called out, and when she didn't received an answered she began to shake Liz and scream her name. Angel didn't know what to do. Whether Dawn knew it or not she was hurting Liz. She was shaking her too strongly. "Would someone help!" Angel shouted, trying to move Liz out of Dawn's reach. She was hysterical. Dawn kept reaching for Liz. 'No, you can't leave me.' She repeated like a mantara in her mind. 'Liz, please don't leave me. You can't leave me all alone!'

"Wake up! Wake up! Liz, please!"

Everyone that was downstairs rushed up the stairs, Spike leading them. Spike stopped at the scene before him. Angel was in a corner, Liz in his arms, and Dawn like a mad woman was shaking Liz.

Spike rushed to their side and pulled Dawn away. "Dawn, calm down. You are hurting Liz." Those words seemed to knock Dawn back to reality. When she looked at him she seemed lost. "Liz..." She managed to get out.

Maria had tears streaming down her face. Liz looked; there was no way to describe it besides dead. She didn't move or anything and she didn't even seemed to breathe. Maria took Dawn from Spike's arms and guided her outside, wanting to get away from the sight.

Max was about to take Liz from Angel's arms, but Spike pulled him out of the way. "You touch her and you are dead."

Max was already worried about Liz and everyone banging on him made him feel worse. "I can keep her from dying." he snapped. Spike looked him up and down, than he looked over at Liz.

"Hey, Oscar the Grouch, get him out of here." Spike yelled at Michael. He shoved Max towards him and looked up at Angel. "What's a matter with her?" he asked.

"I don't know. But she won't wake up. Willow," Angel yelled. He placed Liz back on the bed. Willow looked up at him frantic. "Is there a spell of some kind to wake her up?" he asked. Willow looked down at Liz and shrugged.

"I have no idea, Angel. I can try but it'll take some time." she answered. Angel growled and looked over at Max.

"We don't have time." he mumbled. Angel grabbed Max by his shirt. "Can you help her?" he asked. Max looked over at Liz. Her pale skin wasn't even normal.

"I've helped her before." Max said. Angel glared at him and set him down. "That wasn't my question. I said Can. You. Help. Her?" Angel said through gritted teeth.

I can. She just needs to open her eyes." Max replyed. He stepped towards Liz and placed and hand on her head. The other hand went on her heart.

"Liz. Wake up Liz. I need you to look at me."

Max realized he wasn't going any where with his pleas and tried to heal her without connecting with her. His hands started to glow, and he heard Angel gasp, but he ignored him. He was getting tired, the glow grew fainter, and soon it vanished. "I can't heal her." Angel growled ready to turn into his game face, when he felt her pulse go to almost none existent. He pushed Max out of the way and took his place. "Liz, I'm here for you." It was like her blood had stopped and her hands were cold, her blood smelled even distasteful to a vampire. He squeezed her hand, he felt her pulse go to almost none existent, and he feared he may just be moments away from losing her.

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