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“Why did I let you drag me to the middle of nowhere.” complained Michael as he kicked at the ground. “There’s nothing here but stupid green rocks.”
“Michael, I can’t leave any stone unturned in the quest to find my son.”
“I’ll be glad when Liz gets back from boarding school. Then hopefully you’ll stop dragging me on these stupid useless quests.”

The two aliens wander aimlessly around Smallville until they come to the local school.
“The school paper here is always covering weird phenomena, we should probably make like students and check it out.” suggests Max.
“Cuz school papers are know for their reliability.” mumbles Michael.
“What was that?”

Max and Michael walk into the school and as luck would have it, it is exactly 3:30pm, the time the loyal newspaper committee is at work. They also know exactly where the newspaper room is and go there directly. Must be extra alien perception. “Hi, we’d like to join the school paper.” announces Max as he walks in the door.

Three very surprised individuals stare at Max and Michael like they’re aliens with horns growing out of their head. “I don’t believe we’ve met.” Lana finally manages to squeak out.
“I don’t believe we have.” answers Max and he walks into the room and shakes Lana’s hand while starring deep into her eyes. “Is he always so friendly?” quips Chloe, while Clark stares at Max menacingly.
“With the brown eyed beauties. Yes.” replies Michael.
“Figures.” mutters Chloe.
“Don’t worry. He’s been known to give blondes the once over too.”

“So, you want to join the newspaper?” asks Chloe.
“Not exactly. Max was just being bashful. We just wanna see the so called wall of weird.”
“How do you know about that?” asks Chloe, looking at Michael suspiciously.
“Oh well. Come see it then.”

Chloe, Michael, Max, Lana and Clark walk to the back room and look at the wall displaying all the accounts of weird phenomena. “I used to work in a UFO museum.” pipes up Max after studying the wall for several moments. “We’re from Roswell.” explains Michael.
“This is real though.” replies Chloe, shaking her head at Max’s idiocy. Comparing her well documented wall to a stupid UFO museum.
“You guys must be a bunch of weird alien fanatics then.” jokes Lana.
“You could say that.” replies Michael
“Umm....Chloe, Lana, maybe you guys should go and work on the paper and I’ll finish showing these guys the wall.”
“We are already three issues ahead of ourselves.” points out Lana.
“Oh. Well then. Go get me a coffee.” orders Clark. Then immediately feels terrible for speaking so harshly to his friends.
“Excuse me?” ask Lana and Chloe simultaneously.
“I’m too tired to walk to the shop and get it myself.” explains Clark, letting out an obviously fake yawn.
Finally the girls grudgingly agree to get Clark’s coffee for him.

“What a lazy chauvinist pig.” Max mumbles to Michael.
“Just terrible.” agrees Michael.

“What are you doing here?” demands Clark as he looks at Max and Michael.
“Were into the supernatural.” explains Michael.
“You sure you don’t have something of your own to add to the wall?” asks Clark.
“Why do you say that?” asks Michael.
“Your eyes were glowing.”
“Oh that, it was probably just a reflection from the weird rock I found.” Michael picks up the piece of kryptonite he was holding and throws it to Clark. Clark catches the kryptonite and holds it in his hand. “What the...” mumbles Clark as nothing happens.

“Umm....I have to go.” mumbles Clark as he passes the rock back to Michael and slips out the door. He goes outside and tests his superpowers and they are all still intact. So he goes and finds another piece of kryptonite but it almost kills him. Returns to the school to find Max and Michael picking articles off the wall. “You guys can’t do that. Chloe will kill you.”

“Listen, Clork, our research is more important than you can comprehend. Just let us take the information that we need.” replies Max in his patronizingly Royal voice.
“What are you looking for?” asks Clark.
“A spaceship.” replies Michael, as he rolls his eyes evilly from side to side. Living his whole life in Roswell he mastered the art of acting like an alien obsessed fanatic. That and the 24 hour X-Files marathon.
“A spaceship?” replies Clark, using his best incredulous voice.
“Yeah. That so hard to believe.” replies Max, finally catching on to Michael’s plan after nearly defecating himself. Just act like a psycho alien technology obsessed person.
“Your not going to find any spaceships in Smallville.” claims Clark.

“Here’s your coffee.” declares Chloe as she walks into the newspaper room.
“Thanks.” replies Clark, and he sips the coffee slowly while everyone watches him. Then when his coffee is finished, they resume speaking.

“So, what do you think of the wall?” asks Chloe proudly.
“It’s cool.” replies Max as he tries to mindwarp Chloe into not noticing the blanks where he stole articles. Then he remember he doesn’t have that power. Or was that little detail a mindwarp as well? Max begins banging his head violently against the wall trying to separate the fact from the fiction inside his head.
“What’s with him?” asks Lana.
“That’s why we’re really here. To find a cure for he’s disease.” covers Michael. The song ‘Strange Disease’ starts playing loudly but no one notices it over Max’s head banging.
“Why didn’t you just say that in the first place.” interrogates Clark.
“He’s very sensitive about it.” explains Michael.

“Shouldn’t you stop him?” asks Lana.
“No, he’s fine. Just let him be.”
“Your sure?” asks Chloe, ten minutes later.
“Yeah. It’s good for him.”

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