Title: Altered Destiny

Authors: Desola a.k.a StarPrincess and Natasha a.k.a RoswellianLover4eva

Summary: You have to read and find out.

Authors Note: Please leave feed back, we really want to know what you guys think about our fic.

Rating: We are planning on this fic being PG, but if anything changes we will be sure to warn you.


"So...you ready?", he asked her as he turned to face her. He knew she was nervous about what they were about to do, so he just held her hand, trying his best to reassure her, and let her know that he was here for her.

"I don't know," she replies honestly,"its been awhile, it doesn't even feel like home anymore," she concluded as she turned back to stare at the resturant or more importantly the people in the resturant. Standing there, she started to recalled the last time she was there.....

*Two years Ago*

She couldn't believe her eyes as she stood there watching just a few feet away, and they didn't even know that they had an audience. They were to involved in their kiss to see her, she kept blinking, trying to blink the picture infront of her away. But the most disturbing fact was that she wasn't really heart broken as she thought she would be. She could care less, which was really troubling, since for the past almost 2 years she had thought that she loved him.

She quickly walked out the building heading home without even looking back, there was nothing left to look back too. She never felt that she belong in this town, even the whole planet. For has long as she could remember she knew she was different, but lately her differences have started to show. Like a new but of energy, pulling out your bed room door with your bare hands isn't exactly normal. Other stuff like walking fast than lighting speed, definately not normal, but she kept it all to herself.

When she got home she quickly wlaked into her room, changed out of her prom dress and started packing. Good thing her parents weren't home, but at least they knew where she was headed. After she finished packing she sat down on her bed so she could write a quick note to her parents.

"Mom, Dad, am fine, I just need to get out of Roswell it doesn't feel like home anymore, please don't be mad, I will call you as soon as I get where am going. I love you guys every much, bye.

"Maria, Alex, you wouldn't understand why am doing this so I will not try and explain myself to you. I don't know when I will be coming back, even if I will come back, but remember that I love you guys, you guys are my best friends and that is never going to change. I will call you guys when I get settled, so don't worry.

ps, I hope you guys had a blast at the prom, you will have to tell me all about it.

She then carefully placed the noted where it will be visible for them to tsee, then she walked back to her room, retrieved her bags, then left home. She had thought about writing a note to him, but then she thought that she didn't owe him an explanation, so she didn't.

She stopped by the gas station to withdrawal some cash, then headed for the bus station. When she got to the bus station she saw that their was only one window open, and not a lot of people departing from town, so not worried on people recognizing her. When she got to the window she saw a man, who looked to be in is early forties, with some gray hiars here and there. He looked ready to fall out of him chair when she walked up to him.

He looked at her, taking in how young she is, thinking that she too most be headed for the big cities, boy was he surprised. "Where to", he asked in a matter of fact tone

"Smallive", she replied, she knew that he was probably expecting her to be heading for some big city.

"you have a thing for small towns huh?", he said, more than asked

"why you said that", she asked

"nothing, its just that most young kids that come here wanting to get out of this town are normally headed for some big city, why they want to become rock stars, its kinds refreshing to see someone like yourself who is heading for another small town", he replied

"I would love to go to some big city, but I have family waiting for me in Smallive", she said

After making small talk with the guy at the window, she saw that it was time to board the bus, so she waved good bye to the guy, and then walked up to the bus. She turned around to look at the town for the last time, then she boarded the bus.


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