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Guerin, Michael (Roswell/Xfile Crossover)

Part 1 Guerin comma Michael The X File

Roswell New Mexico 1999.

Fox Mulder approached the door of Michael Guerin. Mulder lifted his hand to knock upon the door. "What do you think you are going to find out here?" Dana Scully asked from behind. " A possible relative." Mulder answered.
"What even makes you think this is so?" Scully asked.
"Well you know my theory's about aliens continuing their experiments with generations of families." Mulder started. He then lowered his hand and softened his voice. "I think, "they" may have done something to this boy.. and I think it's because he is related to me." He finished.
"They" Scully asked.
Mulder simply glanced back at her. She knew who "they" were and was just teasing him. He wouldn't answer and she knew it.
"What makes you think this teenage boy is a relative" Scully asked
"Well, I came across him and his two friends in an X file. It seems in 1983 he and two other children Max and Isabel Evans wandered out of the desert, Alone, Naked and unable to speak… Max and Isabel… well here take a look at Michael's picture. " Mulder said and then handed a photo to Scully.
Scully examined Michael's picture . "admitatly he does resemble you. Who are his parents?" She asked.
"No one knows… no one claimed any of the children.. and no children matching their descriptions were ever reported missing. All 3 kids were seemingly lost in the desert. Max and Isabel were found on the side of the road by Diane and Philip Evans who later adopted the children. Michael was found a little bit later, in the same conditions as the Evan's children. Michael was put in foster care. He was just recently emancipated after it was discovered his foster situation was an abusive one."
"My God, what a story." Scully said feeling pain for the children.

"I looked into it and the 3 kids met up again and have remained inseparable & seemingly quite exclusive to each others company until only recently." Mulder said.

"Wait, why is this an X file?" Scully asked.

"Lucky for Michael … his file was put into the X files, long before it could get him into any trouble. It's been safe with me for quite sometime. But there are a few new agents out there I just don't trust. Mulder said

"Mulder, what are you talking about?" Scully asked

"Scully, Michael's file shows that while he was in care of social services some unexplainable things happened around him." Mulder explained.

"Like?" Scully inquired.

"Like, when social workers tried to approach him. They were tossed back forcibly."
Mulder answered her with that little bit of amusement in his voice that said "now your asking me the right questions."

"He was able to throw off full grown adults?" Scully asked.

"And apparently without ever touching them." Mulder tossed in.

Scully's face only showed half of the doubt and surprise she felt.
"So 3 children were found wondering the desert alone." Scully reiterated.

"Alone, naked, unable to speak." Mulder pointed out again.

Scully tried not to imagine the horrors that must have befallen these children for them to end up in that situation.

"How old were they when this happened?" Scully asked

"Around 6 years old." He said

"Annd.. there wasn't any investigation into what happened to them?" Scully inquired

"Not much of one. I think a few people may have believed the children were abducted by aliens and returned to the desert. But no one was willing to say it." Mulder said.

"Is that what you think?" Scully asked him almost accusingly.

"I think… I want to know more… But there is one other thing…" Mulder said

"What's that?" she asked.

"I heard Max Evan's name turn up and recognized it from Michael's file. I heard Agent Kathleen Topolski was assigned a case regarding Max." Mulder told Scully

"Really? Why?" she questioned.

"I don't understand why she was given the case as of yet. But I poked around and found out that Max was implicated in a strange situation. Apparently a young girl named Liz Parker was shot in her parents alien themed restaurant. Max ran up to her and she was miraculously okay." Mulder told her.

"Maybe she was never shot Mulder." Scully suggested

"The local sheriff turned in the girls dress to the bureror . Blood and a bullet hole right through it." Mulder said

"No wound?" She asked
"None at all." He answered.

"You think that Max may have healed her?" Scully asked.

"I still don't get why Topolski was given the case, and not us but an Agent named Pierce was over seeing the whole thing. Since then Topolski's back in Washington. She is visibly shaken. I don't think she trusts Pierce any more than I do. There is no official word on Peirce's role in the FBI. I don't like it, and I don't trust it. I think that if Michael's file were to fall into his hands. He would see it as proof, something is strange about these kids. And my gut tells me he is no good." Mulder said

"I know of Agent Pierce. I have run into him once or twice. I am not one to just say things like this easily Mulder, but I didn't like him . There was something about him that made me uneasy." Scully said.

"And what about when you met me? Good OLE Spooky Mulder?" Did I make you uneasy?' Mulder asked.

"That's just it Mulder. I didn't think you were Spooky at all. I got a really good feeling from you, couldn't you tell from the big goofy smile on my face?I was actually excited about being assigned to you." She said

"You had a goofy smile? I don't remember that." Mulder replied amused as hell.

"You didn't notice? I thought for sure, I 'd made a fool of my self. I was very interested in meeting you and I thought it was written all over my face. I was still a bit green back then." She said.

"Scully, you flatter me. Now if I could just get that Ice Tea out of you , It would be love for certain." Mulder said.

"I've come up short again. Mulder." She said shrugging at the absence of a drink for him in her possession.

"Someday Scully… someday." Mulder said.

Mulder raised his arm again to knock on Michael's door.

"But Roswell?? Isn't that a little obvious?" She said teasing

"What have we learned about UFO hot spots Scully?" He said in his most mockingly proffesorish tone.

Scully laughed to herself, and then suddenly got very serious. She thought about Michael and what horrible things might have happened to him.. and how he may not want to recall them.
"Mulder." She said softly and grabbed his arm.

"I know what you went through, loosing your sister… something equally horrible may have happened to this boy." Do we really want to remind him?" She asked.

Mulder turned to look into Scully's eyes. He heard the concern in her voice. He wanted to see her eyes because he knew that somewhere it wasn't just concern for this boy, but for him as well and he wanted to see it. He entertained the idea that she might care for him. No one ever got as close to him as she. Perhaps no one else really wanted to .. or maybe he didn't want anyone else to. She was his partner, the person you trust. For him the only person he could ever trust. And he did. He'd trust her with his heart too, if she'd give him a sign she was willing to go there. Maybe that was what he searched for in her eyes. They stood there in an endless moment. Mulder searching her eyes and reveling in the warmth he felt from her fingers wrapped around his arm. He secretly wished he wasn't wearing a jacket. So he could feel it on his skin.
Scully must have sense his pulse had quickened because her mouth dropped open an a little gasp came out of her as she realized what might be going on between them.
Just then the door flung open wildly and there stood Michael Guiren.
"HEY! Who the hell are you." Michael exclaimed.
Scully let go of Mulder's arm. Her hands moved directly to her jacket in a gesture meant to straighten herself out. Inside and out."
Mulder's attention was still on his own arm. Where he had felt Scully's fingers like strands of energy wrapped around him.
Scully was surprisingly startled for and FBI agent. (especially one that had seen all that she had) But it was only because of the moment that Michael had picked to open the door. Little did she know how typical is was of Michael to enter a scene so abruptly.
Mulder however was not shaken by Michael. Mulder's inspecting eye ran over the boy's face. At the same time Michael did the same to Mulder.
"Hey, who are you?" Michael said more slowly and concerned this time.
"The question is.. do you know who you are?" Mulder asked.
Michael backed away from the door and raised his hand up. Scully thought it might be a gesture that said not to step any closer. But thought it was odd none the less.

Michael's head ran through a million possibilities of the identity of the people at his door. His first instinct was to keep them at a distance. He kept his hand raised knowing he'd use his powers if he had to.

"What kind of question is that? Who are you ? Why are you standing in front of my door asking me if I know who I am? Who the hell are you?" Michael asked.

"Well do you know who you are or not? Because I don't think you do" Mulder said.

"Michael Guiren.. but know I don't know who I am.. really… I was abandoned or orphaned or something.

"I know.. that's why I am here. I think there is a chance we may be related." Mulder said and put out his hand for Michael to shake. "Fox Mulder." He said. One of the first times in a long time that he hadn't ended his introduction with FBI. And this is Dana Scully. Mulder sensed that those 3 little letter might not bode well with this kid.

Michael shook his head no and stepped back again. Keeping his hand in the gesture noted by Scully.

"Don't be afraid.. Scully said.. thinking Michael may not want to know any family that "may" have left him stranded in the desert.

"You are not related to me. I guarantee it." Michael said.

"How do you know that if you don't know who you are?" Mulder asked in an almost investigative tone.

Scully interrupted. "We know you were left in the desert and my friend Fox here.." her eyes turned toward Mulder and waited for the disapproving look at the use of his first name, but it never came. So then she continued to release Mulder's story to the scared teenager. She waited for the disapproving look at the use of his first name but it never came. "He believes his sister was abducted by aliens and-."

Michael's mouth dropped open at the implications.

"look we get a lot of UFO nuts in this town, but I never thought they would start showing up at my door. Why don't you just turn around and go home. There is nothing to see here." Michael said trying to sound as if the thought they were insane.

"You deny the resemblance? " Mulder asked. Unshaken and now staring hard at Michael who was staring equally hard back.

"Big deal.. so we look a little alike." Michael said. Michael still never dropped his hand and Scully began to find it odd as she recalled that Mulder said as a 6-year-old Michael tossed off a bunch of adults. She began to wonder about his strength and perhaps he held his hand that way.. in an indication he didn't want to have to use his strength. Then she remembered Mulder said he'd never touched anyone.. and started to think about that some more.

"Get lost! before I call the cops!" Michael threatened.

"Fine I'll just go talk to Max and Isabel instead." Mulder said.

That comment really pissed Michael off.

"You're not going to talk to my friends wearing those guns. You deal with someone you deal with me." Michael said with determination exuding from him.

Mulder did not argue, Michael was the one he wanted to talk to, and he was glad he finally struck the nerve that would enable that to happen.

"Oh the gun's.. that's our mistake..our jobs require them.. We should have taken them off before we came here. We meant no threat.. this is a social visit." Scully said feeling remorseful about scaring the boy.
Scully put out her hand and Mulder reached in his side and handed his gun to her. She pulled out hers and held them in full view for Michael to see.
"I'll go lock them in the steal box in the trunk." She said
Then she walked to the car and did just as she said in a very showmanship way so Michael could witness it from where he stood.
She returned to Mulder's side. She looked the boy over as he slowly lowered his hand and found it odd that his manor seemed like he was lowering his own weapon.
"How strange." Clicked in her head.
She looked at Mulder and realized that the same thing registered in his head. Mulder looked back. Years as partners made them privy to how eachother thought. It was one of those intimate moments for them. A moment that lovers share.. two minds thinking the same thing, and having the same reaction, "Strange" Mulder thought and Scully knew it because she thought it too.
"Okay. So your sister's missing and you think I might be her's or something. Well I'm not..I remember my mother and she told me. She didn't have a brother only a sister and that's that." Michael said.

"Why are you lying to us? " Mulder said
"Why do you carry a gun?" Michael retorted

"We put the guns away Michael" Scully said trying to soothe him. "It's just a part of our jobs.. it has nothing to do with why we are here." Scully said.

"Why are you lying Michael?" Mulder insisted.
"Look, I don't know who you are.. but I know I am not related." Michael said.
"When You were lost in the desert with Max and Isabel do you remember how you got there?" Mulder asked.

Michael found himself unable to resist Mulder any longer. Some how he'd broke, by looking him in they eye a certain way. Michael had this strange feeling of trust towards the man and he began to see much more of a resemblance between the two of them. His persistence, his desire for the truth was clear… and it reminded Michael of himself.
"I don't remember how I got there." Michael revealed. After all he must have gotten his human DNA from somewhere. It never occurred to him that he might have human family until face to face with Mulder. "Look I think I am too old to be your sister's don't you? Unless she was much older than you." Michael said.

"She was younger.. Think broader Michael… If aliens do exist and they are taking DNA from abducties and making offspring. It would not matter how old she was. You're not to old to be my son or hers." Mulder said.

Michael smiled, he knew he was too old, he was still in the pods in 1947 and technically too old to be Mulder's but then a thought came to him.
"Or too young to be your grandfather's son." Michael said.

Mulder laughed. "Now you're thinking. True, you could be my great uncle. I have a theory that aliens go for generations of the same family to continue their research results." Mulder said.

"Uh huh." Michael uttered.

He and Mulder were locked eye to eye, but this time with understanding of each other.
Michael relinquished his guard of the threshold and allowed Mulder and Scully to step in.

Once inside Scully stood by as Michael and Mulder sat down and started talking.She didn't listen to what they were saying instead she regarded the remblence between Michael and Mulder. She entertained the thought that this is what Fox Mulder would look like as a young man. She smiled as she was now able to imagine him younger.
Suddenly she realized Michael and Mulder were in their own conversation about the political events around the alleged 1947 crash. This kid had in no way ruled out the alien scenario as a possibility. Either that.. or he really was Mulder's. She just didn't believe that at all, there was only about 12-14 years between these two. And Mulder had confided to her that very few girls went near "Spooky Mulder." And that he hadn't had any experiences till he got to College. Scully figured the gloomy British weather made Mulder seem less spooky to Oxford girls.
She watched Mulder light up and glow as he spoke with Michael. Excited to be talking to a responsive audience. She wanted to know how anyone could have every labeled him spooky, as he look so unbelievably handsome to her at that moment. "Partner, get a grip." She scolded herself. Mulder was smiling broad as Michael went over some facts of the Roswell cover up. She could see that Mulder was so pleased that Michael knew all about it. Like two of a kind. Again she find herself thinking how handsome Mulder looked smiling like that. Something he didn't do so broadly, so often. She found her eyes tracing the line of her lips and her mind wondering what it would be like to kiss him. "Partner." She said again in her head. " Serious implications of romantic entanglements. Possible disaster. Get a grip get a grip." She sighed deeply.
Michael and Mulder looked over and then resumed their conversation.
"Mind if I get a glass of water?" She asked Michael
"No, go ahead… while you're at it get some for us too." He said
"My God, he's presumptuous." She thought and got a little pissed, but then she thought of him as a small child lost in the desert and forgave him right away. Her motherly instincts kicked in and she found her self wanting to get him the water and anything else he might need. "Water of something else?" She asked.

"Cherry Coke is cool, since you asked.. it's in the fridge." Michael said
"Scully opened Michael's refrigerator and found nothing but one bottle of Cherry Coke, a bottle of Tobasco sauce and one lone piece of shriveled up bologna. She was horrified. This poor kid. She took out the bottle of Cherry coke and looked for glasses. She found them all right. All in the sink and all dirty. She washed three glasses filled one with Cherry coke and the other two with water for her and Mulder.
Scully delivered the drinks to Mulder and Michael and then sat down with them. They continued to talk amongst themselves as if she wasn't there until Michael finally asked the question.
"What kind of jobs do you do that you need to carry guns."
Scully and Mulder exchanged a look and decided that the best thing to do was to tell Michael the truth so that they would not loose his trust.
"We are FBI Agents." Mulder said
Michael turned sheet white. Mulder and Scully both noticed but could not understand the reaction. Perhaps this kid had been in trouble with the law.
"What do you want with me?" Michael asked.
"Nothing, I just thought we might be related. If I can keep anymore of my family from being abducted. I would like to do that." Mulder said

"Well maybe I wouldn't mind going. Life here hasn't been that good to me." Michael said.

"Do you remember anything of what happened to you? Were you harmed in any way?." Scully asked full of concern.

"No, I only remember that Max and Isabel were there too. And that I got separated from
them. But look I really don't want to think about this now." Michael said trying to play it off like it was too painful for him. Hoping it would back them off.

It worked because Scully excused them both. She requested that they be able to see him again tomorrow when he was feeling more up to it.

Michael was worried. He didn't know if he should even tell Max and Isabel about Mulder and Scully. It would certainly upset Maria no end. She'd been on red alert for alien hunters ever since day one. But some how Michael didn't think Mulder was and alien hunter.. or an alien for that matter. Just a guy looking for his family. Michael knew that if he lost Max or Isabel, he would be out searching for them 24/7 and follow any lead no matter how thin. He figured Mulder probably came to the conclusion from Michael's abandonment files, and photos of him. But the real problem was how he would react if he were to find out about Michael's alien side. Would he lock him up and have him tortured for information of his sister's whereabouts? Michael didn't think so, but he couldn't be to careful. He felt like he'd been to liberal already. Just talking to them.
Mulder and Scully got up to go. Scully handed Michael a card.
"This is my card and I have written where we will be staying on the back. If it's okay we'll come by tomorrow around 3:30?" Scully said.

"Yeah, I guess." Michael said still running the question of telling Max and Isabel through his head.

When Mulder and Scully reached the hotel that they thought they were staying at they found out to the contrary. All the rooms were taken, and their reservations had been lost.
There was some special event going on at the UFO center in town. Rooms were scarce.
Finally they found a place to stay but it was a room with only one bed. A full size, at least it wasn't a twin and they could both get rest. No one would have to sleep on the roach infested floor. Mulder had no clue that Scully planned on allowing him to sleep next to her. He assumed he'd be getting the floor. When Mulder moved to sleep on the floor. Scully spoke up.
"Mulder, what are you doing? You can sleep next to me." She said.
Mulder felt stunned and stood in shock for a moment as he wondered what exactly she meant by that statement. He held his breath.
"We're partners Mulder, we trust each other with our lives everyday.. I think I can trust you to sleep next to me. " Scully said.
Mulder felt a wave of disappointment in the fact that she said she could trust him NOT to try anything.What if he wanted to try something . He shook it off. As he watched a roach crawl over his shoe he realized his head was hung down in obvious disappointment. "I am sorry we're stuck in this crappy motel." He said in an attempt to cover.
"It's okay Mulder. It's not your fault. Sleep next to me, I trust you." She said
Fox Mulder removed his shoes,jacket, and tie, untucked his shirt and slid into the bed next to Scully. He felt the warmth of her body next to him and he thought how witty and satisfying it would be to take her face in his hands and look her in the eye and utter the words "Trust no one Dana." And then kiss her lips. He had wanted to do that on so many other occasions but it seemed to him that right now he wanted to do it more than ever before.
Instead he put his hands under his head and stared up at the ceiling.
To Scully the sensation of lying next to Fox Mulder struck her as so oddly funny as she liked the view from where she was laying at his side.. and didn't expect she would find that it was so difficult to trust herself in that situation.
"Fox" She said softly.
Mulder was surprised by the use of his first name, as she knew he didn't allow it and she'd gotten away with it once already today. They really only used eachothers first names when they'd thought they'd lost one another… The use of his first name while they were laying in bed together warmed him.. starting with his heart.
"Uh huh." He said restraining himself from saying "Dana" at the end of it. So things wouldn't seem to weird between them and she hopped off the bed or something.
"You really think you might be related to Michael in some way? Because I do see a few similarities between you two." She said speaking to him softly.. and wanting to give him at least that. She knew it was important to him to find Samantha and she tried to be extra cautious in all matters that concerned Mulder's sister.
"I know you don't believe in aliens but for the sake of argument lets say Michael was related to me. By some lets pretend indiscretion of my fathers, I was unaware of. And then his mother lost him somehow. That way he would be related to me by conventional methods. Do you think I could get him to submit to a DNA test. But mostly do you think it would hurt him too badly if we weren't?" Mulder asked.

Scully was moved by Mulder's empathy for Michael. She knew Mulder was really warm and sensitive and he always seemed to display that openly to the people they ran across in their investigations. Any time a person was in distress Mulder always met them with a comforting manor. She'd never really seen any other Federal Agent show compassion in their eyes the way that Fox Mulder did. She assumed that was why people with extrodinarilialy embarrassingly weird stories to tell. Opened up and told their stories to Mulder. She looked the profile of his face. There was a glow of neon light leaking in from the Motel sign outside back lighting him. Her eyes took in the shape of his face, the slope of his nose, and the line of his lips. She felt her breathing grow deeper and deeper. She thought of the first time she ditched a guy, just to be by Mulder's side. She'd only just met Mulder but she knew she'd much prefer being with him than on a date with that guy. Oh they guy was nice enough and all. But she couldn't even remember his name. She was sure that if she was with "that" guy at this moment, she would remember Mulder's name. She tried but still couldn't remember the guys name. She never regretted the move.

"You awake?" Mulder asked in a careful whisper.

How sweet he is and what a dork I am . I haven't commented on his question for a whole 2 minutes. She thought.

"I think, it's intelligent of you to have thought about what kind of disappointment this might lead Michael to. He has been through a lot , and judging from what you told me . There may even be a larger trauma, he doesn't remember right now. Which from the sound of it could be a good thing. But Mulder, I think the boy could use a family member. I can't think of anyone better to find out your related to than you. I think he would be unhappy if you weren't. He has to be hoping there is someone out there looking for him.
But for some reason he does seem frightened of our FBI status. I think he may shy away from a test." She said.

Mulder turned his head and faced Scully.
"He does seem scared of the FBI doesn't he? More scared of that then of my UFO abduction scenarios. Those didn't seem to frighten him at all. In fact he said he would willingly go. He was less frightened of us when we were just UFO nuts." Mulder said.

"Well, look around this place UFO nuts he's used to." Scully commented.

"That's true." Mulder said

Meanwhile Maria Deluca had gotten of work at the Crashdown and drove home. She wanted to stop at Michael's for maybe a goodnight kiss or two before going home. She knocked on the door and Michael answered. "Hi" She said. "Hey" he answered and he pulled her inside ant started kissing her. Michael wasn't much for wasting time. He always had this underlying feeling like he might have to leave. So why waste even a minute? He kissed her full lips with his. It was almost ridiculous because they both had such full lips that Maria sometimes almost giggled. She was picturing them in her head like two cartoon pairs of lips with legs. Then she giggled once the lips in her head started kissing. If there was one thing Michael was while kissing it was deadly serious. He was letting down his guard long enough to kiss her passionately she damn well better be left breathless.
"What the hell are you giggling about?" He asked fully offended.
"Tickles" Maria answered knowing for once that she'd better not say much.
Michael was satisfied with the answer and moved his lips to kiss her neck.
"I have something to tell you." He said between kisses.
"What?" Maria asked thinking it must be important for him to tell her this now.
"You have to promise, you won't mention it to anyone." He said.
"Yeah of course, what is it?" Maria asked
"Two FBI Agents came to see me today." Michael said and kissed her some more, to try and cushion the fit that was about to ensue. He thought maybe if it was passionate enough he might distract her.
"WHAT?" Maria said in a panic
"Calm down, its not what you think." He said and tried to hold tight as she squirmed in his arms.
"What? What is it? What did they want?" she asked

To be continued

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Guerin, Michael Roswell X file Crossover

Part 2 Go to sleep Mulder

Just looking at Mulder's face did something to Scully. As Mulder lay there in bed next to her Scully wondered if he had noticed the change in her breathing patterns. She hoped he hadn't. She admitted for a moment to herself that she was undeniable attracted to this man. What other reason did she have to turn down every date she'd been offered recently. The career excuse was wearing pretty thin, even in her own mind. She figured that he probably had noticed and chose to disregard it. The truth was was he didn't' he was two worried that she would notice his breathing had gotten heavier. As Mulder faced her he looked in her eyes for anything that said "Go ahead" to him. But as he looked he could clearly see the ever present fear in her "of ruining everything they had" with a move like that. Scully shied her eyes away from his and they landed on his chest. She then noticed he seemed to be trying to conceal his heart rate and force his himself hold his breath s longer. She began to think he was attracted, but immediately told her self no (perhaps only out out of fear. She told her self that she was vain and imagining the whole thing. There was nothing but two partners here getting rest. And that she was making a fool of herself. That this man had nothing but a friendship feeling for her.. as a partner. The only way he would ever be interested in her in any other way was if she was 3 feet tall and green with large black eyes and a huge cranium. Scully was so wrong that she could be the definition of the word. Mulder loved Scully.... he knew he did.. and never even tried to deny it to himself. When he was on the bridge that one night and he thought he had Samantha back he took the chance and risked Samantha's life to get Scully back. He searched for his sister his whole life. He learned to live with her not being around. But he knew he could never live one day with out Scully at his side. It was to his relief that she wasn't the real Samantha. But he learned something that day about himself. He learned he would give anything, what ever was most precious in the world, anything at all his life, his career, and yes even the truth, if it were to protect Scully. Mulder was still looking at her. Her eyes were fixed downwards. But she knew he was still looking at her face. She was exactly what he wanted her to be. There she was, her hair a little messed up and more natural looking than during the day. Her big bluish eyes had turned green. He really liked it when that happened. He really liked when her eyes turned green. It just looked so wonderful with her red hair. Plus it made them warmer. Her eyes were a little teary from being tired. He liked that too. The bed was not a queen, only a full, So they were fairly close to each other. The energy between their bodies filled up what little space was left.
The closeness was at both maddening and comforting to Mulder. Scully would not turn her eyes back up to his. He was thinking that if she did they would lock eyes and he would have to kiss her. He resigned to the fact that she wasn't going to look. He took the cheesy thin comforter on the bed and pulled it up a little higher on Scully. Resting his hand on her arm for just a moment. With the comforter between them. "Goodnight Partner" He said knowing there was no way he would ever get any sleep if he didn't touch her at least once. Scully closed her eyes at his touch and smiled slightly.
"Goodnight, Fox." She said in a sleepy enough tone to get away with it one more time.
Deep inside Mulder's heart smiled. He had said what she needed to hear.. and in turn she said what he needed to hear. He could appreciate that. He squeezed her arm ever so slightly before he took it away and then, rolled over on his side so that his back was facing Scully.
"Scully?" he said
"Yes, Mulder." She said sleepily.
"You wanna check out the UFO museum tomorrow?" He asked.
"Not really Mulder." She said sounding very uninterested.
"Oh come on…. We're in Roswell, we gotta check out the UFO museum Scully." He coaxed.
"Okay, Mulder. We'll go." She said.
"And maybe we can find the crash site too." He said
"Go to sleep Mulder." She scolded.
Mulder closed his eyes, but he was smiling. He loved bugging her that way. It was fun. He knew she didn't truly mind. He also knew she would go where ever he asked her.


Michael was trying to deal with Maria's fit.
"Oh my god.. did you tell Max?" Maria asked
"Didn't I just say you couldn't tell anyone." Michael said.
"You're not going to tell him? Why not? Michael you could be in danger. Don't you know that this could be bad.. very bad. I mean we just got rid of Topolski, and now there are more Agents right behind her. This is terrible. You have to talk to Max." Maria said and would have continued to talk if Michael didn't interrupt.
"You have to calm down. Like I said.. it's not what you think." He said.
"Well what is it then?" She asked.
"He thinks I am a lost relative of his." Michael said
"He what!?" Maria exclaimed
"He thinks I might be related to him.. to be more specific he thinks I am his nephew. His sister's son." Michael said.
"Why?? Why does he think that Michael?" She asked with pure fear in her voice.
"I was abandoned according to my records Maria. They don't know I crashed here. But he lost his sister. He thinks I could be her son." Michael said.
"Michael oh my God, this is still kinda bad.. I mean if he wasn't FBI, it might not be that bad. But he is and that could be bad.. I mean we don't know what he would…." She was saying.
"Would, you just me tell you what happened already?" Michael said.
"Oh.. yeah, yeah go head." Maria said.
"We look a hell of a lot alike, and there are some things about him that remind me of my self. But I don't think I could be "his sister's" because I got here in 1947. But it doesn't mean I am not related to his grandfather or something." Michael said.
"Well they gotta get the human DNA from somewhere." Maria said matter of factly.
"Yeah and the other thing is. He says he has a theory that UFO abdicates are often from the same family…" Michael said.
"HE WHAT? WHY IS HE TALKING ABOUT UFO'S?? YOU said he found you from you ABANDONMENT FILES!! MICHAEL WHATS GOING ON HERE???Michael realized that he hadn't even seen the tip of the fit until that moment. To be continued

Guerin, Michael Roswell Xfiles Crossover

Part 3 Lurking

Maria squirmed free of Michael's arms and began pacing the floor of his apartment.
"Michael you have to tell me what's really going on…Why did this FBI agent talk to you about UFO abductions?" Maria asked all the while tossing her hands about as she spoke.

"He knows I was found in the desert… and he thinks his sister was abducted by aliens." Michael explained.

"So he thinks you're an alien." She said

"No, I think he thinks I was abducted by them." Michael said dryly.

"Is that bad?" Maria asked.
"I don't know .. I guess if the thinks I was abducted by them he thinks I am human." Michael said.

"But he believes in Aliens Michael, that's bad." Maria said.

"You believe in em." Michael said.

Maria got angry and frustrated with Michael, he was behaving in a way she didn't understand.. even for him.. it was weird.

"Well, YEAH! But that's just because there is one standing right in front of me!" She snapped

"Look, it's no big deal." Michael said.

"Michael, what is with you??? You would usually be the first one to say this was trouble. These people are FBI and you don't have a problem with it. Why are you so blind now???" Maria said.

Michael thought about how he looked to Maria, but there was something about Mulder.. It was the way that Mulder looked at Michael. Michael wouldn't say it out loud.. because it would just sound stupid.. but he felt a connection between them. He wondered if it was just an understanding. .because in away they both had similar problems.. but for some reason Michael felt it was more. He wanted to believe it was more.

"Look, I am not blind!! I know what I am doing damn it! He's just searching for his family… He just a guy who wants to find his family." Michael said.

Maria calmed down as she finally understood.
"Like you." She said
"Like me." He said
"Okay." Maria said.

"Okay, so nothing is said till I know more. NOT even to Liz." Michael warned

"Mmm hmmm.. alright. I have to go home before my mom calls the SWAT team." Maria joked.

"Okay." Michael said with a sigh. Calming down a bit himself… He hadn't realized he had gotten so wired defending himself

Maria schooched up on her toes a bit to reach up to him for a kiss before she went home.
She pulled out her keys.. with the little green alien on her key chain that she had forever but recently named "Lil' Michael" She located the key to the jetta and left. Once outside Maria walked past a shrub and stopped in her tracks. She had suddenly gotten the creeps. She shrugged it off and walked on to the car.

What Maria had sensed was a figure hiding in the shrubbery. She didn't know it.. but there was someone there. And that someone or something was known by very few people for who he was… and those people called him Nacedo.

Nacedo watched as Maria left Michael's apartment. Once she was in the car and had driven off. Nacedo thought about what he was going to do about the current situation.

"Too close." Nacedo said.. Nacedo thought about the FBI agents he had just heard Michael and Maria talking about. "Pesky little Bugs. I will have to take care them."
He said to himself.

When Scully was sure Mulder had fallen asleep. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He for some reason he looked younger asleep. Like a young boy. Even more like Michael, now that she'd met him. He had turned back towards her in his sleep. He had turned his pillow length ways and had his arm tossed about it. To Scully it looked as if Mulder was having a sweet dream. His face looked almost angelic. She tried not to stare but, damn it there was nothing she could do to stop herself. Little did she know Mulder's peaceful sleep was attributed to the fact that he wasn't laying in the bed alone. He was totally at rest , knowing that Scully was beside him. To Mulder right now, all was right with the world, and it didn't feel like that to him very often. Maybe once or twice on a
uneventful stake out when Scully had fallen asleep on his shoulder.. but that's about it.
Mulder usually went through life with this stirring in his heart. This aching that pulled him ever forward in search of truth. Sometimes the truth wasn't pretty but always when he stumbled upon a truth he would get this feeling of wonderment. And then when the moment was over the stirring returned and he lived for the next moment of truth. But never did he find peace in the truth. He found it, on cheep stiff scratchy sheets, in a bed next to Scully.
Scully felt herself wanting to lift her hand and caress his face. She entertained the thought for a few moments, and then fear struck her again. Like a jolt from and electric fence, that would zap her and zap her hard should she try to touch him. In a small way she knew that she put that fence there herself. But she couldn't loose him. She couldn't risk it, no right now anyway. But while looking on his sweet face, she hated her self for it. After a while she too drifted off to sleep.

The next day

Michael woke up early and got ready for school, if there was one thing that stunk about emancipation it was having to attend class. He felt he had to go because he kinda made a deal with the state of New Mexico, to be a responsible person. Michael didn't really think school had much to do with his life.. and it kinda felt like a prison term to him. He really thought he had learned a hell of a lot more on his own. But regardless of his desire to something, "anything else" he went.

Nacedo waited outside and hidden until Michael left. Once Michael was gone Nacedo let himself in. "Sigh, Another Day another couple of FBI bugs to kill. Oh the humanity of being me." Nacedo said privately joking with himself. The horrible truth of the matter was that Nacedo didn't really mind killing people. Just another fly to swat. He had to do his job and make sure Michael, Max and Isabel remained unknown to the general public as well as a few other galaxies. "Ho hum… shall I give them the old silver hand print of death.. or maybe make it look a little less conspicuous." In no time Nacedo found the card that was given to Michael. Agent Dana Scully M.D. FBI . How convenient to let me know where they are staying. Nacedo took the card and exited Michael's apartment.

Scully awoke in the morning to find Mulder's arm was tossed around her, and for the love of God, he was no longer wearing his shirt. The room was very warm and the window had been opened a crack. Scully imagined that Mulder must have gotten hot in the middle of the night removed his shirt and opened the window for air. Scully felt it would be awkward if she woke him. She looked at the clock and it said 11:21. She had set it for 11:30 so they could sleep a little late as the trip from Washington DC to Roswell had been a long one. She figured it would be best to just wait it out. The alarm would ring wake Mulder and he would remove his arm. Thinking he had done so before she ever knew it was there. But she did know it was there and she had 9 minutes to feel it there. She closed her eyes again and actually moved a little closer in to his body. It was easy to fall back asleep, comforted by Mulder's arm around her.

Nacedo arrived at where he thought Mulder and Scully were staying. When a couple finally did leave the hotel room. Nacedo followed them, they got into a car. Nacedo followed. He unlocked the back door with his powers and hopped right in with them. The couple turned around in shock. "Drive, NOW!" Nacedo said. He threatened their lives and made them drive way out into Frasier woods. When he they got there he fried them both. "Awful touristy looking for FBI.. could be their cover." He said. Before he buried them he went to check their I.D's.. He opened their wallets. " Note to self, check ID's before applying silverhandprint." He said rather unaffected. "How inconvenient." He added in obvious disapproval of the fact that he still had to search for the real Agent Scully and her partner.

Mulder woke up about 2 minutes before the alarm clock was set to go off. He found himself with his arm around Scully and her body tucked closely into his. He held his breath for a second wondering if she was awake. She wasn't. Mulder realized she wasn't. He lay there not wanting to move. Some of her hair had fallen near his face, and he could smell it. The room had those impossible to see out of curtains so there was really no light in the room. Except for the little bit coming in through the window he had opened during the night. Mulder lay there awake and aware that he didn't want to leave this moment. Alone together with Scully asleep under his arm. But soon the alarm clock went off. Mulder removed his arm from around Scully and sat up. Scully woke and turned to find him sitting with his back to her, putting his shirt back on.
"Morning." She said.
He turned his face back to look at her as he buttoned his shirt up.
"Hi, mind if I get in there first?" He said gesturing toward the bathroom.
"No go right ahead." Scully answered.
She noticed right away how different he looked now as compared to while he was sleeping. His beard had grown in during the night. He no longer looked like an angelic child, but rather a strong attractive man. Her eyes ran over him and she filled up with desire.
"Thanks" Mulder said and headed into the bathroom.
Once he shut the door. Scully threw her hands over her eyes, frustration over what she had just been thinking. She berated her self for behaving like a hormonal teenager. Even if it was only evident to herself.

"hhmmph. Where does one search for FBI agents in Roswell?" Nacedo said to himself as he drove those poor people's car back to town. "They are sure to approach Michael again.. but I can't very well approach them while they are with him. Ah well they will probably stick out like sore thumbs. G men always do. Too bad I was careless with those other two.. what a waste of time." He said callously.

To be continued.
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Guerin, Michael Roswell /X files

Part 4 Comfort, Stress, and UFO's

Once Mulder was finished getting ready. Scully went into the bathroom. Mulder retreated to the bed and sat on it thumbing through brochures for the things to do in Roswell. Mulder wanted to hit the UFO Center and then get lunch. Scully had coffee and rolls sent to the room while Mulder was showering. Mulder grabbed one of the rolls and chewed on it. He looked at a picture in one of the brochures.. "An annual Crash Festival in September." There was a picture of a crowd of people around a burning UFO with alien bodies hanging out of it. The people were celebrating what put them on the map. As Mulder looked at it a wave of sorrow came over him. It reminded him that his sister was missing, and that she could be suffering. It reminded him that she might not even remember him anymore. He hoped that wasn't true. It reminded him that she could be dead. He brushed that away. He felt that if she was, he would know it. Somehow he would know it. He would feel it, and he would know not to search anymore. The reason he believed this was, simply that he figured that if she had died. He would sense her around him. That he she would return to him, and somehow let him know to stop looking. Mulder folded the picture over so he could no longer see that picture. But yet he held on to the brochure his hand staring at it blankly. Scully opened the bathroom door. She stopped in her tracks and looked at Mulder.
"What is it? What's the matter?" She asked. She sensed right away that he was unhappy.
"Nothing really." He said.
Scully moved to the bed and sat next to him. She gently pulled the brochure from his hand and unfolded it. Mulder did nothing to stop her. She looked at the picture of the people celebrating the UFO crash. She now understood why he looked the way he did.
As whimsical and humorous this place was, for Mulder it held a constant reminder that Aliens might have been the ones to take his sister. Mulder looked at Scully, his eyes had turned wide. Scully understood, and she felt his sorrow and lost. She did not have the power to take it away. But she could share it with him. Scully looked him in the eyes now. She wanted him to see that she cared. He looked back into her eyes. Finally Scully lifted her hand and placed it on his back. She hoped her touch would ease his pain. Mulder lowered his head and stared down at his own hand which was still shaped as if he were clutching the brochure. Scully put her head on his shoulder and continued to caress his back, trying to wish the pain out of his heart and into her hands.. where she could toss it away. Mulder rested his head on Scully's and they sat in silence. Mulder felt Scully's delicate touch on his back.. There were no words needed. She knew Mulder was tired but that his soul still needed to find Samantha. That he had to chase after, any thing that might lead to Samantha. She understood that as it was exactly what she would do, if she were ever to loose him. He had long ago learned to cope with this. What she couldn't understand was how. How do you cope with hearing your sister scream out your name for help and be paralyzed and unable to do so. How does a young boy cope with that and how does man ever get over it. She figured that even if Samantha was to return, he would carry some of that burden still. Scully found her self marveling at his strength. "Thank you." He said his voice cracking slightly. He wanted her to know he found comfort in her touch. The time for words had finally come. Scully tried to formulate just the right ones.
"You are the strongest person I know Mulder. How you've dealt with this for so long." She said. Scully's words made Mulder feel strong. He recognized that.
"I have a good partner, one I wouldn't have made it this far without." Mulder said
Scully could not stop her lips from turning up slightly at each end. She stood up and ran her hand from top of his head to his cheek and away. She stepped away as her hand left his face. She walked back to the bathroom to give him a moment alone. She didn't shut the door but merely looked in the mirror for no other reason than to give Mulder time.
"Ready for the onslaught?" Mulder asked finding amusement in the fact that they were about to meet some pretty interesting and generally considered crazy people.
"As I 'll ever be." Scully called back.
She returned to his side and the two of them headed out the door. Scully was amazed as she watched Mulder don a pair of sunglasses and seemingly regain his jovial spirit.
He smiled. "This should be fun." He said.
"And what exactly are you looking forward to most?" Scully asked half knowing she was setting her self up.
"You're reaction to all this." Mulder said.
"Yeah.. that's what I thought." She said smiling back. Her eyes glistened, she didn't mind being teased at the moment. She was happy to see him smile again.
Mulder started up the car and recalled in his head the directions he had read in one of the brochures.


Michael sat in class wildly tapping his pencil against the desk top. Max sat looking on.
"Michael… Michael.. what are you doing?" Max whispered.
"What does it look like.??? I am tapping" Michael said sarcastically.
"Yes.. but why?? Why are you so nervous." Max asked.
"I'm not nervous." Michael said
"Anxious then?" Max offered.
"Look.. you maybe used to going to school everyday.. but for me it bites!" Michael said trying to get Max of the path.
Max turned his eyebrows up toward each other. He knew Michael hated school. He kinda felt bad. He could tell Michael felt caged in class on many occasions. Max was unsure that Michael was telling the truth. Maybe he was just using a truth of the past to lie with now.

The teacher had told them to read a chapter and excused himself from the room for a few moments. Every one was supposed to be reading quietly. Max took his book flipped it up for a better view. Michael stopped tapping his pencil and taken to tapping his foot. Max tried to concentrate on his history book. But he couldn't, he was wondering what had Michael so keyed up. He'd seen Michael get antsy before. But never like this. It looked like Michael was going to get up and hop out the window. Max had actually seen a kid do that once. He kid just flipped open the emergency window and bolted when the teacher turned his back. It was thought that the kid had done it for a laugh from the other student but the truth was the kid had to puke. And didn't want to do it in front of the class.
"Can this day get any longer?" Michael asked.
"It's not that bad Michael." Max said calmly.
"I got news for you Max.. It is that bad." Michael said.
"You'll get used to it… Just read your book… the time will pass more quickly." Max said.
Michael decided to take Max's advice. He wanted the time to move more quickly and he didn't mind reading. He liked to read. What he didn't like was having to sit in a classroom. That was just an intolerable situation.
"You see that's why this planet sux! Who thought of this High school crap? They should just let us learn on our own." Michael said in a loud whisper.
"Michael!" Max scolded.
"What?? They don't know what I mean." Michael said referring to his classmates
"MICHAEL!" Max scolded again.
"What? They're clueless." He said with a shrug.
Max looked around. They really were. By now everyone was in their own conversations. And if the teacher didn't come back soon paper ball fights were about to begin.
"Yeah okay.. just you know." Max said.
"Yeah I know." Michael said
and then poor unsuspecting Max was thwacked in the head with a wadded up piece of loose leif. Michael smiled.
"One of the perks of high school. Max." Michael said with a smug little smile. Feeling that Max deserved the pegging for defending this stupid institution.
"very nice." Max said looking around for the culprit.

"Oh my God, I can't believe you did that." Kathy Gulden said to Pam Troi.
"Is he not the hottest thing on earth?" Pam said.
"Yes but.. I still can't believe you did that." Kathy said.
"Maybe I can get that paper back later.. it touched him." Pam said.
"Oh my god.. you wouldn't go pick it up, what if he sees you?" Kathy asked.
"Kathy look at him.. he doesn't even know he's gorgeous." Pam said.
"It only makes him more gorgeous." Kathy added.
"Uhgggg, Liz Parker is the luckiest girl alive." Pam said.
"God I hate her." Kathy said.
"And she hates me..just as much as I want him." Pam said.
"That's a lot. Pass him over this way when your done with him Lizzy." Kathy said pretending Liz was around.
"Like anyone could ever be done with him? We'll just have to kill her." Pam said and the two girls chuckled.

Max felt slightly humiliated at not being able to find the person who chucked the paper at his head. He lifted his hand and pitched the paper toward the blackboard. Unfortunately for Max the door opened and the teacher walked in and it caught him in the chest.
"Mr. Evan's!" The angry history teacher said.
Max's lower lip twitched back expressing his understanding that he was now in trouble.

Mulder drove the government issue car carrying him and Scully up to the UFO Center.
"Wow, it's a mad house." Mulder said noting all the cars parked along the streets.
"In more ways than one." Scully said.
Mulder laughed slightly. He took a little pride in the fact that she would follow him inside. He was proud to have Scully at his side. He knew she would follow him anywhere, and he would follow her anywhere. And should they ever get separated. She would come for him no matter where he was, and he come for her not matter where she'd gone. That's what partners do. But partners who cared about each other the way that Mulder and Scully did. Partners that loved each other this much. There was nothing they wouldn't do for each other.

Mulder found a parking spot a few blocks away. And he and Scully walked up to the center and inside. Scully hoped the imagery in the place wouldn't disturb Mulder.
Lot's of displays with aliens being autopsied, she hoped to God there wasn't one of people being abducted out of their beds. She looked around so far so good.
Mulder looked at a sign and pointed at it. "Look Scully, Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek is going to be here." He said.
"He's from Star Trek?" Scully asked.
"Next Generation. Scully." He said laughing at her complete lack of knowledge on this point.
"Oh… Next Generation." Scully said rolling her eyes up a bit.
"Did you know that Gene Rodenberry's ashes were scattered in space??" Mulder asked.
"Oh he created the show right?" She asked.
"Very good Scully! Did you know that NASA attributes many advances that they have made to Star Trek.. Science fact is always trying to catch up to science fiction." Mulder informed.
"Yes, I know." Scully said.
"But we know it was really the 47 crash that gave us our first advances in space travel." Mulder said teasing her.
Scully smiled and shook her head from side to side as she and Mulder walked up to a display and looked at it.

"Ahh, I see your looking at my new Fish Interpretation display." A voice said from behind them. The turned around to look.
"Hello, I'm Milton, and this is my UFO center. How do you like the display? I could use a little feedback as I have just completed it." Milton said.
"I know this…. This is the interpretation of a map of space that Betty Hill made after her abduction. She was able to ask the aliens on the ship what it was and they said it was their galaxy." Mulder said.

"Oh your good!!! I knew you'd be good. I can always spot the true believers." Milton said full of enthusiasm..

"An astronomer named Fish thought she'd be able to help Betty interpret what she'd seen and pinpoint that galaxy for her.

"The astronomer Fish came up with the Zeta Riticuli system as being the closest to Betty Hill's description." Mulder said.

"Yes but get to the best part!" Milton said wanting to see the red headed woman standing before them both convert before their eyes.
"Yes get to the "best" part Mulder." Scully teased.
"Fish came up with the Zeta Riticuli system people said she was reaching.. because there were way more stars on Betty's map than there were in Riticuli… but years later advancements in telescopes made it possible to find the rest of the star clusters in Betty's map." Mulder said.

"Exactly where Betty said they were. Years before we could see them." Milton summarized.

"Betty and Barney Hill's abduction was one of the most convincing abductions stories in UFO history. It put the realization of the possibility into a lot of people's heads." Mulder informed.

"And then there is Bob Lazar. Who's been to area 51 … a physicist who claims to have seen the Anti Matter propulsion system that makes it possible for ships to get in and out of the Area 51 space port virtually undetected by residents of Nevada." Milton said.

Scully could hardly keep her eyes from rolling.

"ahh you scoff at me young lady.. but answer me this… why is it.. the US government lists area 51 at an air force base.. Yet no one ever sees airplanes on their runways. No airplanes grace the air field like and air force should.. Instead they report cement trucks rolling in and out and in and out endlessly. "Why ??? and why are their no hangers?? Why are all the hangers underground? Because they house space ships… my dear." Milton said getting slightly keyed up.

"This sounds like one for our friends the Lone Gunmen." Scully said.
"YOU KNOW THEM!!??" Milton asked excitedly.
"Personally. They are very good friends of ours." Mulder said.
Milton reached in his pocket and pulled out his business card.
"Would you please give them my card.. I would love to invite them here to speak." Milton said.
"It would be my pleasure." Mulder said.

Meanwhile Nacedo returned to town from his little trip to Frasier Woods. "Peirce and Topolski" may have been hunting for him right now.. and probably were.. but he was the hunter right now.. and he was hunting for two other FBI agents… two that had become way too interested in Michael Guerin for his taste. They would have to go.

To be continued.

Guerin, Michael Roswell X files

Part 5 Warm heart…Chilled spine.. Lunch at the Crashdown Cafe
"Sorry." Max said to Mr. Hilton his history teacher.
The true remorse came across to Mr. Hilton. Max never seemed like a boy who wanted to cause trouble. Mr. Hilton looked at the trash can at the side of his own desk and decided that was where Max had truly intended the paper to go. Mr. Hilton picked up the paper and tossed it in the trash.
"Next time, wait till the end of class to dispose of your trash Mr. Evans." Mr. Hilton said letting Max know he was off the hook.
Max sighed relief.
Mr. Hilton turned to write something on the black board.

Max looked at Michael to be sure he wasn't going to leave out the window. Michael had a habit of using windows as portholes. And the way that Michael looked at the clock every two seconds told Max. he wasn't going to last much longer.

"What is with you?" Max whispered.
"Nuthin. Look stay away from the eraser room, last period. I got plans with Maria. You and Liz get it after school." Michael said.
"Yeah okay." Max said. He certainly didn't want to walk in on Michael and Maria. He knew how much it sucked when people busted in on him and Liz. Sometimes they had gotten so anxious that Max had forgotten to even lock the door. Not that, that mattered with Michael.. but at least Michael knew someone was inside when he found it locked. And he went away.

Michael secretly put that into Max's head to be sure he would be occupied after school. He didn't need to have to explain Mulder to Max. Liz was just the thing to keep Max busy. Michael looked up at the clock again. He wanted to see Mulder again.. He was sorry that he had cut their first meeting short. But he had to get his head together. He could feel he was ready to rush right into this. He usually followed that instinct.. but he heard a little Max in the back of his head saying.. slow down Michael. He listened to that voice . He usually didn't but . He figured maybe this time he just wanted to talk to Maria first. Huh, imagine that. He did want to talk to Maria first. Just to be able to talk about it, to someone to make sure he was making sense. After talking about it with Maria. He was sure it was the right thing. He wondered if that was what Scully was to Mulder, the person who kept his head on straight and his feet on the ground. It looked like she was.


Milton was disappointed that the red haired lady didn't seem changed. He could tell when someone believed. He wondered how she ever got to be friends with the Lone Gunmen. Their paper was very well respected in Milton's circles. He just loved that publication. He was excited to know that the reserved looking man who obviously believed would be passing his card along to them. Mulder and Scully looked at the display as Milton looked on. "So what do you think?? You like it?" Milton asked.
"Yes, it's very nice. And the information is clear and concise. You have a very nice place here." Mulder said.
"Thank you so much. This is my life's work you know? And it's nice to have it be appreciated." Milton said smiling at Mulder. Then Milton glanced at Scully. His face changed expressions and she could see that he felt a bit awkward now. Scully didn't want to make the man feel like his life's work was stupid. So she complimented him in the most honest way she could. As she was sure he already understood she didn't believe any of this. "I can see you work hard and believe in your work…that is something I can respect." Scully said.
Mulder looked at Scully. He smiled, he thought it was sweet the way that Scully was being nice to the man who he was sure others had labeled odd. But Scully never did pay attention to labels.. or she never would have gotten past his basement office door.
"Is that what you respect about me?" Mulder asked
"Mulder, you know there are many things I respect about you. That just being one of them." Scully said very matter of factly. Scully always came out with these statements that made Mulder feel good. Mulder's heart filled up and he fought the impulse to ask for more details. He knew not to push it.
"Well, I hope you enjoy the UFO center and the rest of your stay in Roswell." Milton said. He never was one who didn't know when to leave.
"Thank you." Mulder said.
"Yes, thank you." Scully said.
"Please remember me to the Lone Gunmen. I just adore their fine publication." Milton reminded.
"We will." Mulder said
Milton walked to make his rounds of the center. The museum was very busy because of the special weekend Milton had spent 2 months preparing for. The turn out was very good. Milton was thrilled.

Nacedo had arrived in town. Its well into the afternoon, they must have left their hotel rooms by now. He thought "So Agent Scully where are you and your partner?? I imagine you plan to eat sometime. Sooner or later everyone eats at the Crashdown Café in this pathetic little town. How fortunate people are so gosh darn predictable here." Nacedo said and then headed into the Crashdown. He sat down ate, read a newspaper and waited. After about an hour and a half. A couple walked in. A woman and a man. The man and the woman both wore suits. They had an air of confidence, they looked sharp and aware. Not disheveled haggard or distracted. This must be them. "Oh too bad I have to kill you Agent Scully, I didn't expect you to be so wonderfully attractive. Oh well. I bet I could easily have my way with you… if I just shapeshift into your "tall manly partner" over there." Nacedo laughed to himself. He watched them over his newspaper being careful not to look like he didn't' want to be seen. That was a dead giveaway that something was up. Especially with FBI.
Mulder and Scully were lead by the hostess to a table. Scully sat first and she looked up at Mulder as he started to sit down.
"Bingo!! There it is. That's the look! Oh she wants him." Nacedo laughed "My, my… he doesn't even realize it, but I can see it. Oh what fun I could have! It almost seems a waste to kill them."
Mulder was seated now, and Scully handed him one of the menu's placed before them.
"Look at how she, thinks of him first." Nacedo mocked "aww isn't that the sweetest thing. I could make your dreams of being with him come true honey.. Act out your wildest fantasies of him perhaps? Come to me my sweet Scully.. I 'll do everything you wish he would."

Scully shuttered from a sudden chill. "uhhhhaaah" She said.
"What? What's the matter Scully? You cold?" Mulder asked.
"No, I don't know..I got a chill for a second." She said.
"You want my Jacket?" Mulder asked.
"No, no don't be silly.. I am fine." Scully answered.
"We'll get you some tea then." Mulder said in a very decisive manor. His tone told her he was accepting no refusals. He was going to take care of her and that was that. Mulder waved over the nearest waitress. The morning shift waitress Estelle came over. She was an elderly woman and looked absolutely ridiculous in the little blue and silver uniform , with the antennae on top.
"Excuse me miss. We need a hot tea over here." Mulder said.
Something about his tone, told the waitress that she should get that right away and not ask if they wanted to place their whole order. The waitress nodded her head and went off to get the hot tea.
Mulder returned his attention back to Scully. Scully looked disturbed.
"You sure you're alright?" Mulder asked full of concern.
"Yes, I am sure it was nothing." Scully answered.
The waitress returned with the tea and placed it infront of Scully.
Scully looked up and smiled at the waitress "Thank you." She said
"I'll give you a few minutes." Estelle said and excused her self from the table.
"Look, Scully Men in Blackberry pie. We'll have to get a piece later." Mulder said
"Sounds nice." Scully agreed.
"This menu, is funny. "Watto's Wings" buffalo wings. That's from Star Wars, Scully." Mulder said.
"Uh huh." Scully answered looking around feeling eyes on her.
"Ha.. look at this one… "SPUDnick" potato skins.." Mulder added ,his eyes scouring over the menu. He was really hungry now. Everything looked good.
Scully locked her eyes on the man who was doing the staring. The man smiled at her and she nearly jumped out of her skin. He was creepy. "Oh, you've noticed me have you? No matter.. my face will be different the next time you see it." Nacedo said to himself. Scully gave the man a back off warning stare and returned her eyes to her menu. She looked at the menu only for a second and then she looked at Mulder. She needed to look at him his face. It was a comfort to her. He was looking at the menu wearing a cute amused expression. The line under his lower lip made his full lips look even fuller than they were. His eyes were running over the menu at full speed. He chuckled to himself over each entry. Scully eyes took in Mulder. Her heart skipped a beat. No one could touch them. No one could ever come between them. She refused to let that ever happen. For some reason she remembered the time that a man who looked like Mulder appeared before her. She talked to him and it only took her a moment to know he wasn't Mulder. She couldn't imagine why that popped into her mind. Maybe because that was one of the times they thought they had gotten close to Samantha. Maybe she was feeling that they were close again. Maybe she believed that Michael was related to Mulder. She wasn't sure.
In her mind she put up an imaginary structure protecting her and Mulder from the outside world. And the creepy man at the other table. She smiled at Mulder's kid like enthusiasm for the funny menu. She would will everything around them away, so that there was only her and Mulder.
"Is there a club sandwich of any kind?" She asked.
"Sure, it's right here.. the Area 51 Club… proper clearance needed." Mulder said with a laugh in his voice. Then he changed his manner to a phony seriousness and stared at Scully… " You think we have the proper clearance for that Scully?" he said.
"I know that we don't Mulder, but I am going to order it anyway." She said.
Just then Estelle returned.
"Are you ready to order?" She asked.
"Yes, we'll have a Area 51 Club for her." He said
"Do you have the proper clearance?" Estelle asked in a way that made her sound like a recording.
"Wow, they really make her ask." Mulder said to Scully sounding a bit impressed.
"No, but we can get it." Mulder answered.
"I'll let you slip by this time. And for you?" Estelle asked.
"I'll have the Yellow Sun with Kryptonite omelet. And a cup of coffee." Mulder said.
"You got it." Estelle said scrawling the order on her pad. Estelle walked off.
"Dare I ask what they are passing for kryptonite?" Scully said.
"Green peppers" Mulder answered with a smile.
"Is that going to be enough?" She asked.
"Sure, I'm saving some room for the pie." He said.
Estelle returned with Mulder's coffee and Scully and Mulder both looked at her.
"Your food will be out in a minute" She said and walked off again.

Across the room Nacedo left money on the table and left the Crashdown Café. He wasn't going far. Just someplace quiet enough to change his appearance.

Scully looked up and around the Café. She wanted to see if the man was still looking at her. To her relief he had gone. The café was a bustle with people. Presumably the UFO center was very good for business. Scully looked around a little bit and when she turned her face back to Mulder he was sitting with his hand over his lip. Something he did quite often when he was thinking hard. Scully thought it was one of the sexiest things about him, but still tried not to admit it. There were other things, everyday the list seemed to get longer. His hands.. the color of his hair… his eyes.. the way his voice got soft and deep, when ever he calmed someone down. The way he acted around children. Oh God.. stop it you fool..
"What are you thinking Mulder?" Scully asked.
"I was thinking about Michael again. Maybe, I am getting this kids hopes up for nothing. I wouldn't want to hurt him. It's like you said. He has to be hoping someone is looking for him." Mulder said.

"I know that Mulder, but look at it this way. If your not related to Michael, at least he'll get a friend out of it. And the fact that you showed up at his door.. should give him hope." She said.

"How Scully? How would it give him hope? I mean how do I know I won't just chip away another piece of his hope instead… I mean if we were to find out there was no relation."" Mulder said with a kind of pleading in his voice.

Estelle returned to Mulder and Scully's table with their meals. And placed them before them. Scully held off speaking until Estelle was gone.

"Then help him then Mulder, if you don't turn out to be related to him.. we could try and find out who is." Scully said.

Mulder nodded his head. He knew she was right. He realized then that. He wanted Michael to be Samantha's. And that it was partly his own hope he was grappling with. If Michael had nothing to do with Samantha then, he could help Michael. But how would he deal with another dead end for himself. Scully watched Mulder's face she could tell what was going on with him.

"Sometimes, Mulder. When one door closes.. another one opens. Maybe we'll learn something from this we'll need to know further down the road." Scully comforted.

"When did you get to be Yoda?" Mulder asked.

Scully opened her eyes wide and moved slightly forward…
"The force is strong with my family, Mulder." She said half laughing.

"Oh we finally got one you know." Mulder laughed.
"Yeah well give the credit to my brothers." Scully said.

Scully looked down at her plate. There were tooth picks sticking out of the sandwich that had little flags on them that said Area 51. Then she noticed a little green man half sticking out of her potato salad.

"Mulder, I think I have located a visitor from another planet." Scully said as she lifted the little green man out of her food.

"Hiding in your potato salad. No why didn't I think to look there." He mused.

Scully looked at the little plastic Alien, meant to adorn her food.
"I don't like him Mulder. It feels like he's looking at me." Scully said. It sort of reminded her of the creepy man who was peering at her before.

Mulder took the plastic alien out of her hand and wrapped it in a napkin, and squeezed his fist gently around it to make sure it wrapped up tight. So Scully wouldn't have to see it again.

"Drink your tea Scully, it will keep you warm." Mulder said.
Scully did as Mulder requested. She did feel better and warmer but it wasn't the tea keeping warm.

Nacedo ducked in an alleyway. And used his powers to change his appearance once again. This time he was a middle aged . He gave himself a nice expensive looking suit.
He was going to need to come off respectable for what he had planned next. When he was finished he positioned himself outside the Crashdown and waited.

To be continued

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Part 6 Not who you are

Scully and Mulder waited for Estelle to deliver the Men in Blackberry pie Mulder had ordered. Estelle finally stopped off at the table with a refill of Mulder's coffee, Scully's tea one slice of pie and two forks. Estelle set the fork infront of Scully and Scully moved it aside. Telling herself that she was not going to indulge. Mulder dug in to the pie. He tasted it, it was sweet and they had warmed it up before serving it. It was darn good. Once of the best pies he'd tasted. "Oh my God, Scully this is good you gotta try it." Mulder said enthused. "That's okay Mulder, I'll pass." She said.
"No come on you gotta." He insisted.
"Mulder." She said
"Scully, I am going to be talking about this pie.. all the way to next week. If you don't try a piece now.. by the time we get back to DC.. you're going to end up making me turn the car around. " He warned.
"Alright, let me try it." Scully said. She lifted her fork and tasted the Men in Blackberry pie. "Mmm you're right it is good." She said and smiled at him. He smiled back. "Here want more?" Mulder said pushing the plate a little closer to her.
Scully scrunched up her face a bit.
"Okay.. but just a little." She said and took a little more.
They ended up sharing the whole piece of pie. Mulder paid the check and left the tip.
"Excuse me, do you make these pie's here? Or can I get one at a bakery around here?" Mulder asked.
"Oh the pie, no we don't make it here.. they are made by Amy Deluca.. you can order one
through her daughter Maria.. who works here after school." Estelle said.
"Thanks, I'll remember that." Mulder said.

Nacedo peered through the window. He saw that Agent Scully and her partner were about to leave the Crashdown Café. Nacedo walked to the car he had stolen from the poor couple he'd killed. He started it up. Then stood with the door to the driver's side open and waited. He wanted to make it look like he'd just drove up and was in a hurry.

Mulder and Scully came out of the Crashdown Café so that they could go to Michael's
apartment and see him again.
"Are you Agent SCULLY???" Nacedo called out acting extremely upset.
"Yes." Scully said half statement half question.
"MICHAEL GUERIN SENT ME! He's in trouble .. you have to come with me.. he NEEDS your help!" Nacedo said.
"Michael sent you?.. and told you to look for Scully?" Mulder asked feeling suspicious.
"Please he needs your help.. GET IN THE CAR!" Nacedo said.
"No, we'll follow you .. WAIT here." Mulder said
"No, you must get in WE MUST HURRY!" Nacedo said to Mulder.
"You wait here for us. And we follow you." Mulder said perfectly balancing his tone so that he had made a demand but without ever loosing his cool.
Nacedo folded.. He figured if he didn't make them hurry they would catch on. "Please Hurry." He said
"Where is Michael?" Scully asked considering that they may loose this man and not know where to look for Michael if they did.
"Fraiser woods.. Please I'll take you too him.. but you must hurry. We've wasted too much time already" Nacedo said.
Mulder and Scully ran down the street to their car. Scully's heels clicked on the pavement. Mulder's tall lean form streaked down the street.
"Where did he say Michael was Scully?" Mulder shouted out while running..
"Fraiser Woods!" Scully called back

Mulder watched as Scully reached the drivers side first Because he was looking at Scully he SMACKED, right into a girl who was walking down the street. Mulder pulled the girl from his chest. "I 'm sorry are you alright?" He said noticing immediately that the girl wore the same uniform he had seen Estelle in at the Café.

The girl looked up and saw the face of Fox Mulder. She seemed stunned.
"Are you okay?" Mulder asked again, knowing that he was out of time.
"I'm okay.. I think." Said the girl

Mulder nodded his head. And the girl noticed he had a kind expression on his face. But that wasn't all she saw in his face.. His face reminded her of the boy she loved.

Mulder and Scully got in the car and drove off after Nacedo.

Maria Deluca, was stunned.. If the jetta hadn't broken down again.. she would never of been walking to work and smacked right into that man who resembled Michael as closely as she had ever seen any one resemble Michael. He must have been the FBI Agent that came to see Michael. He had to be.. but why did it seem like the man was off to an emergency.. Maria was worried about it But what she did understand was how Michael trusted this man so easily. His manner was caring and kind.. even if she had only run into him.. She could tell THAT right away.. Maria prided herself of being a very good judge of character. Sure she had said that Michael gave her the creeps .. but the truth was.. she liked him right off the bat and just didn't want to admit it. Because she wanted to stay away from dangerous guys.. She had seen it happen to many times with her mother. She'd seen the heart break too many times to even remotely want it for herself. But what she knew somewhere deep inside was that if Michael didn't have this secret, he wouldn't have that wall up.. that he was so famous for. She knew he wouldn't be that way if he didn't have that secret. His secret was too important of a secret to take lightly.. She understood that as well. Once more she thought about how much that man looked like Michael. Maria thought if she hadn't known either one of them she might ask them how they were related. She made her way down the street and went inside the Crashdown to start her shift.


Michael had gotten home from school. He paced his floor eagerly waiting for Mulder and Scully's return.. He waited.. and he waited.. nothing.. there must be some kind of misunderstanding Michael thought. I know this man wanted to talk to me more. I know he REALLY wanted to see if we could be family.. I know, it .. I could sense it..

At the same time:

Scully drove her and Mulder after the man in the car. She was speeding up to Fraiser woods……Nacedo was keeping his pace way ahead of theirs.
"He's driving so fast Mulder, I can hardly keep his tail." Scully said
"You're doing fine Scully." Mulder said. He had the window open and the breeze from the car's speed was blowing back his hair. Mulder's face showed he felt troubled. What kind of trouble could Michael be in to get him in the forest.. Mulder thought of the UFO abduction case that was he and Scully's first case together. That too, took place in a forest. But why didn't this seem to add up to him? Why, because it felt odd to him that this man had asked for Scully and not him.. For some reason in his gut he felt that if Michael were in trouble he would have asked for him. As Nacedo's car rapidly approached the beginning of the woods. Mulder finally decided to express his doubts.
"Scully, why did Michael send him for you and not me?" Mulder asked.
"I don't' know Mulder. I gave him my card?" Scully offered.
"But, I was the one who he talked to all that time." Mulder said.
"Okay but..aren't you being just a little touchy about it?" Scully asked.
"I think on some level I connected with the kid.. and I just think he would ask for me." Mulder said.. "think about it Scully." he added
Scully gripped the steering wheel, and tried not to loose her concentration on the road
speeding past her as she tried to come up with a plausible reason why Michael would ask for her and not Mulder.
"My red hair? Makes me easy to pick out of a crowd?" Scully said
"As opposed to, "a guy who looks like me"?" Mulder asked.
"Well that's relative to a person's opinion.. my hair being red is not opinion, it's fact.. So maybe that's why Michael chose my name to give this man" Scully said.
"Maybe, we'll have to see." Mulder said.
Ahead of them they saw the man stop his car and jump out and run on foot into the woods When they reached the same area as he had, they did the same thing. Mulder and Scully ran together.
"I don't see him." Scully said.
"Either of them." Mulder said sounding very doubtful

"Split up?" Scully asked.
"Yeah, go." Mulder said gesturing his head in the direction he thought Scully should run in.

Scully started searching for the Man and Michael. Mulder searched as well.

After searching for a sometime Scully saw a figure approaching her. She drew her weapon from it's holster and kept it at her side should she need it. As the figure got closer she recognized it as Mulder.

"Find him?" Scully asked.
"False alarm. I think this kids playing games with us." She heard him say.
Scully was close to him now.
"Really?" She asked.
"Speaking of games Dana, why do we play them?" he said
"What?" she asked.
His hands reached out and pulled her too him. Scully felt a chill run down her arms, starting from where his hands were. A cold chill. She pulled away.
"I don't know who you are but you're not Mulder!" She exclaimed and drew her gun.
"Dana, Dana…stop pretending you don't want me.. I 've seen the way you look at me.. come closer, let me show you how I…." He said.

"SHUT UP!" She yelled and shook her gun at him.
Nacedo still thought he had her fooled.. he thought she had meant it figuratively that he was not Mulder.. he didn't' think there was anyway she could know about shapeshifters.. He was wrong. Scully had been here before. Okay so she didn't know about shapeshifters.. but she did know one thing.. there was someone standing infront of her looking like Mulder.. who just was not Mulder.

"Daaeeena, stop playing games.. come here let me touch you like I know you want to be
touched.." He said.

"SHUT UP or I will blow your GdDamn HEAD OFF! So help me!" Scully shouted. Hearing this, creepy tone come from Mulder's mouth in his voice.. but not his tone..his warm beautiful tone.. was making her nuts.. and the things he was saying! She wanted it to stop so badly. She was almost out for control. She shifted her feet firmly on the ground and cocked the gun. Nacedo suddenly realized she really hadn't been fooled at all. The point was driven home further as he watched her turn her head about frantically looking for something..
"SCULLY?" came back the voice of HER Mulder..
"SCULLY? Keep calling me so I can find you." Mulder shouted back.
"SCULLY!" Mulder yelled back.. he could tell from her voice she was frantic. He ran as fast as he could to try and be by Scully's side.

Nacedo put up his hand and tossed Scully back with his powers. "Not as easy as I thought."
Nacedo said.. and ran off into the woods. Snickering over the fact that he had underestimated
Scully's knowledge of her partner. "Damn it.. I could have shown her a great time." He said as he ran off.

Mulder worried as he could no longer hear Scully calling out to him.
"SCULLY!?? Scully where are you??" he called.
But he didn't hear a reply.

Back at the Crashdown
Maria stacked the little boxes of cereal that they keep around for breakfast patron's on a shelf. Just then the door opened and Michael bolted inside. Maria turned to look.
"Michael!? What's the matter?" Maria asked.
"Agent Mulder didn't show up.. I think somethings wrong." Michael said.
"Michael, I think I saw him.. he looks so much like you.. I bumped into him on the street, he was with a red headed woman and I heard her shout out "Frasier Woods" to him. They looked like they had an emergency." Maria said

"WHAT? Why didn't you call me!?" Michael scolded.
"Well, I didn't know they didn't show up..!" She defended.
"You think that's were they were going?" Michael asked.
"It must be." Maria said.
Michael grabbed Maria's wrist as she went to put a box of Corn puffs on the shelf..
"Come on! We gotta go after them!" Michael said
"Michael, I don't have a car today." She informed.
"We'll take Estelle's." he said.
"What? She'll know! She's leaving work now." Maria said
"No she's not, she's covering for you… tell her she's staying and you're going.. she'll never know it's missing." Michael said and started dragging Maria toward the door.
"Oh my god.. Estelle.. I have an emergency.. cover for me!" Maria shouted back to Estelle "No way! Honey.. get back here." Estelle yelled out
"She'll give you her tips for a week!" Michael yelled to Estelle.
"Hey!" Maria said angrily.
"Gdamn brats!" Estelle yelled out.. "freaking kids don't think I know what they are really up to!
Well it's there money!" She said
Michael dragged Maria out to the street.
"Which car's Estelle's?" Michael asked and Maria pointed it out. He used his powers to unlock the doors and start up the ignition.. He was happy to see that he was getting way better at this.. because he only saw a few sparks, and no flames..

"SCULLY!" Mulder called again
Again she didn't answer.

To be continued.

Guerin, Michael Roswell X files

Part 7 Family vs Family

Michael and Maria sped down the street in Estelle's car. Maria looked down at her hand and saw the little box of corn puffs.
"Oh great.. not only am I stealing from my coworkers now I am stealing from Liz's parents." Maria said and tucked the box into her apron pocket.
"We're gonna bring everything back." Michael said.
"Michael, do you really think that what ever they are doing.. they need us??" Maria asked.
"They could." Michael said.
"You just want them to.. him too." Maria said
Michael thought the moment that Maria picked to start this was pretty damn inappropriate.
"LOOK! I do things on my gut.. I go by my instincts.. and my gut says we go." He said.
Then he slammed on the brakes hard.
"What are you doing?' Maria asked
"You don't like it.. and you can't go with me… then don't!" Michael demanded.
Maria was a little shocked. She didn't mean to hit a nerve.
"Michael…I didn't mean…Look just drive. Of course I am going with you." She said.
Michael let go of the break petal and reapplied his foot to the gas.. They sped the rest of the way up to Fraiser woods..

"Look that's the car I saw them get in off in the distance." Maria said pointing her finger towards Mulder and Scully's car….
"And who's car is that?" Michael asked.
"I don't know." She answered


Mulder searched the forest frantically for Scully.. she was no longer answering his calls.
"SCULLY???? SCULLY!!!" he called. His voice boomed from the depths of his soul.. He cried out for Scully… everytime this happened to him.. when they got separated. He feared he had his last moment with the person he considered to be a gift to him.. perhaps a gift from God.. and God help the man.. or alien.. that took away his Scully.. God help them… because Fox Mulder would be after them.

Mulder finally came upon Scully's limp body laying in the dirt. Her head was turned to one side and her hair had fallen over her face. In her hand she still gripped her gun. Mulder ran to her. He slid to the ground on his knees. His hand instinctively went for her face, where he brushed away her hair from it so he could look upon her face. He put his ear to her heart to make sure it was beating. It was. He moved his face near her mouth and felt warm steady breath on his cheek. It seemed she was fine but apparently knocked unconscious. When he saw that it looked safe to lift her. He scooped her up in his arms and held her up, and close to him.
"Scully?" he whispered in her ear.

Michael and Maria got out of Estelle's car and ran into the forest. They took a straight b line into the woods and it wasn't long before they came upon Mulder holding Scully in his arms. They ran up to them.

"What's going?" Michael asked.
"Are you alright?" Maria asked.

Mulder looked up. And saw Michael and the girl he'd bumped into on the street, just a little while earlier. He looked right back at Scully constantly checking that she was okay.

"I think so." Mulder answered.

Scully started coming to. She felt Mulder's arms around her. She didn't question for even a moment that it was him. The warmth that surrounded him. The warmth that HE surrounded her in as, he held her in his arms.. told her just who was holding her before she even opened her eyes. She brushed her cheek against his, unable to control herself or her need to express affection to him. He gently loosened his hold as he felt her strength returning to her.
"Mulder, he looked like you." She said in a whisper.
The muscle in Mulder's jaw visibly tightened. It really pissed him off when that happened… and it pissed him off even more that everytime it did.. it was someone trying to get close to Scully. He didn't like the idea of her having to be on guard everytime she saw his face. He looked down at the gun in her hand. Still holding Scully in his arms.
"I take it… he didn't fool you." Mulder said.
"Not for a second.. he did after all try to kiss me." She teased.
"So you pulled your gun on him?" Mulder asked.
Scully laughed weakly.
"I guess I'll have to remember that." Mulder said jokingly trying to mask that he was feeling slightly injured.
"I, knew he wasn't you long before he tried to kiss me Mulder." Scully said.
"Well I guess I should be out searching for my self right now.. I just always thought you were supposed to do that backpacking through Europe. Not in the back woods of Roswell New Mexico."
"Funny seems fitting to me." Scully said.
"Ha Ha very funny." He said dryly.. "You gonna get up and help me or are you gonna just lay around all day." Mulder said
"Getting up" Scully said and Mulder helped her to her feet.
Mulder inspected Scully once she was to her feet. He lowered his head to try and meet her eye. "You sure your okay?" he asked.
"Yeah" Scully said brushing off her clothes.

Scully and Mulder turned to Michael and Maria realizing that the two kids had witnessed the entire exchange. Mulder and Scully started walking and Michael and Maria followed close behind.

"So who's this?" Mulder asked gesturing toward Maria.
Michael looked at Maria and then back at Mulder. Michael hesitated for a moment wondering if he should put the words "my girlfriend" infront of the introduction..
"Maria Deluca." Michael said figuring straight to the point was best.. no need for extra information, they may not care about.
"YOU'RE MARIA DELUCA!?" Mulder asked sounding as if the girl he were addressing were world famous.
"I know Michael hasn't been telling you about me… god forbid.. he say I'm his girlfriend….so what have you been spying on us or something?" Maria said
Mulder laughed and smiled big at Maria..
"No your Mother MAKES THE PIES, they said I could order one from you." He said.
"Oh" Maria said feeling incredibly embarassed by her accusation.

"Mulder we can talk about the pies later. We have to get these kids to safety so we can go look for…" Scully said.
"Me." Mulder finished what she knew he didn't want to.

"Did you say he looked like you?" Michael asked
"Yes I did.. so I want you to be very careful." Mulder said to Michael.

"My guess is he probably doesn't any more." Maria said recalling the alien they knew only as Nacedo..
Michael gave Maria a stern look.

"What did you say?" Scully asked Maria
Michael jumped right in.
"Don't pay any attention to her.. she believes those stories the Native Americans at the reservation tell… her mothers a hippie." Michael said.
Maria swatted him hard in the arm.
"Nice!" Maria scolded. Then she pulled him aside and whispered. "Michael it's the shapeshifter and you know it.. and it looks like he wants to kill the only family you got." Maria whispered.
"So what am I supposed to do about it?" Michael asked.
"You tell them. So they can protect themselves." Maria said
"They will never believe it anyway." Michael said.
"Michael, he already believes in aliens… why wouldn't he believe this. For god sakes.. she's just seen it." Maria said.

Mulder and Scully both knew Michael and Maria where debating something.. they didn't press. They wanted to let the kids come to them.. not force it from them. Mulder and Scully exchanged a look and waited. They both understood if they were to gain Michael's trust and interrogating him would not help.

"How can I tell them that.. they'll find out what he is, what if Nacedo is my family and not Mulder.?" Michael asked.

"You said you go on your gut. What does your gut tell you?" Maria asked

"Agent Mulder, you will probably think I am crazy for saying this.. and I can't believe I am about to… but.. the Native Americans here in Roswell believe in a Shapeshifter. And if there is any chance that, this could be who attacked agent Scully, then I think you should know about it." Michael said.

Mulder stopped walking turned around and faced Michael. "Thank you Michael." He said
Michael nodded his head. Michael was amazed at the acceptance he received from Mulder. At that moment Michael wished he were Mulder's family. He wished it was all said and done and that they knew it for sure. But Michael knew that he could never submit to a blood test.. and that they would have to find other ways.. And that he would have to keep refusing the test. It was lucky that he already thought of an excuse. And the feeling he was feeling now… of wanting this man as his family…. Was the fuel for that excuse.

"Now what I want you to do.. is go over to Maria right now.. and whisper something to her.. that ONLY you two know. Till this is over.. it will be your best positive ID to each other." Mulder said

Michael stared at Mulder. He knew it, that meant Mulder had believed every word of the Shapeshifter story. And so Michael walked over to Maria and whispered in her ear.
"The red sneakers Maria.. the red sneakers."

Mulder and Scully looked on as Maria seemed to tear up with joy… Michael had chosen one of their most intimate moments. Maria suddenly realized that, she'd just experience one of those things that made her love him. That as much as he blocked her out with his stubbornness. He had the ability to grow about 10 fold in an instant.

Michael and Maria looked to Scully and Mulder acknowledging they were ready to move on. They all resumed walking to the edge of the forest, all the while Mulder and Scully on protective detail.

Scully was pretty certain that the phony Mulder had gone. She had a sense of it. But they kept their guards up none the less. When they got the edge of the woods. They saw the 2 cars.. but the second wasn't the car they followed up.

"His car's gone Mulder." Scully said.
"Michael, you didn't send a man to find us, to come up here and help you did you?" Mulder asked.
"No!" Michael said.
"Why did you come up here?" Scully asked.
"Because you didn't show up.. and I thought you really wanted to talk to me.. and then when I talked to Maria.. she said she bumped into a guy who looked like me.. and he was headed to Fraiser woods.. I thought it might be you.. and that we should see if every thing was alright." Michael explained.

Scully looked at Mulder and then back at Michael.

"Michael shapeshifter or no, there is another man out here who looks like Mulder.. you're going to have to be more careful from here on out." Scully said.

"They call him Nacedo." Maria spewed.

Michael gave Maria another warning look.

"Who do they call Nacedo Maria?" Scully asked.
"The Shapeshifter." Maria answered right away before Michael could stop her.

"Can we talk to the people who call him Nacedo?" Mulder asked.
"Riverdog." Maria said
"But he won't talk to you.. and there is nothing he can tell you …. That we don't know already." Michael said.

"What do you mean Michael?" Scully asked
"Just that, they call him Nacedo.. and they believe he Shapeshifts." Michael said.
"Many Native American cultures believe in shapeshifters… Scully.. we know that already. We've investigated the possibility of Shapeshifter before." Mulder said.
"But we never got any proof of it Mulder." Scully reminded him.
Michael and Maria looked at each other.. they hadn't realized that Scully didn't believe what she'd seen with her own eyes to be a Shapeshifter.
"Well it wasn't me. So who was it Scully?" Mulder asked.
"Have you seen the wonderful things they can do with plastic's these days Mulder?" Scully said.
"So you're saying what we have on our hands is and FX expert?" Mulder retorted.
"An expert in the art of disguise yes." Scully said
"Well he could be doing more productive things with his time than running around looking like me. Like getting academy awards for instance." Mulder said.
"In special effects maybe.. but certainly not for acting." Scully said wanting to remind Mulder that no one could replace him in her eyes.
"You got that plate. Right Scully?" Mulder asked.
"Yes, confirm it with me Mulder." Scully said
"DTY-873 Michigan" Mulder said.
"Me too." Scully answered.

"Wow, they are good." Maria said to Michael.
But Michael was distracted. He looked around searching for Nacedo and wondering if he had betrayed one family member against another. Human against Alien.

To be continued.

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Part 8 And the Password is..

"Michael." Mulder called.
"Huh, yeah." Michael answered.
Maria watched as Scully called in the plates.

"We need something to ID each other with as well." Mulder said
"Oh.. uh how about… Family." Michael said it just so happened to be the first thing that came to his head. And he felt humiliated after he said it.
Mulder patted Michael on the back.
"Family, it is." He said.
Michael didn't feel so stupid anymore.
Scully approached.
"Mulder.." Scully said sounding concerned.
"And for Scully?" Mulder asked.
"Tobasco" Scully said.
"What?" Michael & Mulder said together.
"That's what was in his fridge. Either that or cherrycoke and old bologna" Scully said.
"Tobasco." Michael said in agreement.
"We really gotta get you on a better diet." Scully said to Michael
Mulder turned to Maria.. "For us with you.. it will be Pie.. Blackberry for me.. Cherry with Scully." Mulder told her
Scully raised an eyebrow. "Cherry?" she said
Mulder looked back at Scully playfully. "Red hair Scully." He said.
Scully kept a doubtful gaze on Mulder.
"Now that that's all squared away. Mulder that car we followed up here. The plates were registered to a Mr.Wellington Trilby of Michigan." Scully said.
"Wellington?" Mulder repeated.
"Yes, we ran a credit card check and Mr. Trilby's visa card has a charge for a room here in Roswell presumably for the events at the UFO Center. But here's the funny thing Mulder. The room he is staying in.. was the one I was supposed to be in at the hotel that lost our reservations." Scully said.

"What's going on here Scully?" Mulder said.
"I don't know Mulder but we'd better find Mr. Trilby." Scully said.

Mulder turned his attention back to Michael and Maria.
"Follow us back. Be very careful and don't deviate from our path." Mulder said.
" problem.. we can do that. I kinda gotta get back to work anyway.. and we kinda stole this car and all. So can we go back to the Crashdown" Maria said
Mulder laughed. She was a cute quirky kid. He liked her right off the bat.
"What's that in your pocket Maria?" he asked.
Maria looked down in the pocket of her waitress uniform.
"Oh that? Corn puffs. I kinda left work in a hurry. Want em?" She asked.
"Sure." Mulder said and reached out his hand for them.
Maria gave them to him.. what's another buck fifty?? Estelle was already getting all her tips for the week thanks to big mouth Michael.

"Okay follow us." Scully said
They all got into the cars.
Michael drove Estelle's car with him and Maria in it.
And Scully drove while Mulder munched on the Corn Puff's Maria had given him.

When they got to the open road. Every thing seemed to be going along fine. Mulder looked at the view from the road on the cliff side. All the while keeping one eye on Michael driving behind them via the side mirror on the car. Michael drove behind and Maria enjoyed the view on the way back as well. Suddenly that same car with the Michigan plates came out from behind a rock and Rammed into Mulder and Scully's car.
Hitting it on the driver's side where Scully was. Scully tried desperately to keep control of the car. Mulder grabbed on to Scully to try and protect her as the car flipped over and tumbled.

"Oh my god." Maria screamed.
Michael slammed on the breaks. He and Maria watched as the other car drove off. Michael knew he couldn't chase it. Mulder and Scully were in trouble.

To be continued.

Guerin, Michael Roswell X File

Part 9 Hang on it's gonna be a bumpy ride

Mulder tried to hold on to Scully, and keep her safe as the car turned over. He felt his head hit the ceiling of the car. He tried to hold Scully down with his arm.
"We'll be alright." He said to her, trying to believe it enough to make it true.
The car went over and back on to it's tires then started sliding down the cliff side. One of the wheels got caught on a rock and it seemed it was going to keep them from tumbling the whole way down the side at least for the moment.

Michael and Maria had already gotten out of the car and started running towards where Mulder and Scully were.
"Oh my God, Michael.. what can we do?" Maria asked upon seeing Mulder and Scully's situation.
"We gotta get them outta there." Michael said.
"What can we do from here?? We can't get down to them.." Maria said.
Michael tried to think. He didn't know what he could do for them.
"Agent Mulder? Can you get out of the car! You have to get out!" Michael yelled.
Mulder heard Michael calling.
"Michael!" Mulder yelled.
"You have to get out! You better come out the drivers side!" Michael yelled back.
Mulder looked over Scully who's body was mostly under him. He locked his eyes with hers.
"We have to get out Scully. You go first." He said.
Scully understood, that time was of the essence and Mulder was dead set on her getting out first. She parted her lips to argue. But she knew it was going to be useless. Mulder watched Scully's lips part.. he felt his heart thump a little harder. He realized it was high time he start kicking that drivers side door open. He reached up and unlocked the door. The drivers side was the side that had been hit. He knew it would be difficult to get it open. He tried the handle anyway. Nothing. It was stuck. He and Scully held on to eachother as they tried to shift the other way so Mulder could kick the door. Once Mulder was in a position he could start kicking he did.
Michael and Maria could hear him kicking the door from where they were.
"Michael, isn't there anything you can do with your powers to help them?" Maria asked
Michael shook his head no.
"If I use my powers.. I could knock the car right down the cliff.. before they had a chance to get out." Michael said.
Michael wished he could blast the door open as he heard Mulder's repeated kicking on the door. Michael could tell balance would be the key. Only Mulder would be able to tell how much and how often to apply hits to the door, as he was in a delicate situation inside the car. Michael started climbing down to get closer.
"Michael, it's too steep." Maria warned.
"We gotta try." Michael answered.
Maria nodded her head. She agreed.. they had to try. She was glad she was wearing her waitress shoes but not her uniform. She pulled off her antennas and her apron, tossed them on the ground and started climbing down too.

While Maria and Michael were climbing down. Mulder finally got the door kicked open.
He helped Scully slide to the exit. He had to try and lower her out the rest of the way. They felt the weight of the car start to shift as Scully was getting out.
"Mulder." Scully said.
He knew that tone that was the tone that said, something was about to happen.
"It's alright Scully. It' gonna hold out." He told her.
"Mulder, maybe we better both jump for it now." She said.
"It's alright Scully you first." He said calmly.
He lowered Scully. Her feet safety touched the ground.
Michael reached out his hand for Scully to take. Michael started pulling her up towards him.
Inside the car Mulder shifted his weight toward the exit. He felt the car teeter. He worried that the car might tumble right on top of him as he was getting out. He worried about it that is .. until the rock under the wheel started giving out and coming loose from the ground. The car began to slide down.
"Mulder jump Damnit!" Scully yelled.
Mulder jumped out of the car.. rolled on the hard rocky ground. Rock's jabbed his body as he rolled. He heard the car sliding down. Scully reached for Mulder with one hand still holding on to Michael with the other. Mulder reached for Scully. With each others help they all made their way back up. Maria made it up first as she was the last one down.
"Are you alright?" She asked when Mulder who was the last of them finally made it up.
"Oh the humanity.. you should have seen it.. Corn Puffs everywhere." Mulder joked.
Maria smiled at him,this guy was certainly good in a tense situation. Mulder smiled back and then turned his attention to Scully. He put his hands on her arms and looked her up and down. And then in the eyes. "You're okay?" He asked softly.
"I am okay." Scully said
"How's your head?" He asked remembering she was unconscious not too long before this happened.
"It's fine.. how's your's.. you hit it you know." Scully said.
Mulders lips turned up slightly at Scully's concern for him. "I'm fine." He said.
They all headed for the car that Michael and Maria were driving. Michael and Maria got in the front seat and Scully and Mulder in the back. Mulder rubbed his head. It hurt more than he originally thought. While Michael drove them back.. Mulder started to knod off. His head flopped over on to Scully. Scully shook him awake.
"Mulder let me see your eye's… you can't sleep.. you hit your head.. you could get a concussion." She said.
Mulder shook himself awake and let Scully look in his eyes.
She searched his eyes. He looked okay.. but she was worried anyway.
"Just try to stay awake." She said.
Mulder agreed to the terms by nodding his head up and down but never taking his eyes away from Scully's.
Scully felt this silent heat coming from him. She could tell just what he was saying to her.. "Thank you for caring about me."
Scully smiled and turned away. Then she grew serious.
"We'd better go to that hotel. And find Mr. Trilby." Scully said.

Michael began to head in the direction of the hotel when Scully's cell phone rang.
"Scully." She answered.
Michael, Maria and Mulder listened to her talk.
"What?….. Really?…… Thanks.." She said.
"What was that about?" Mulder asked
"Well we don't have to look for Mr. Trilby." Scully said.
"Why not?" Michael asked.
"The Agent I called the plates into.. just called me back…it's seems Mr. Trilby and his wife have been found dead.. in Fraiser woods. A couple of campers' dog dug up the bodies. Another trace went in on the man's license and our agent noticed and called me right away." Scully said.
"Are they still there?" Michael asked.
"The police are at the crime scene now." Scully answered.
Michael turned the car around and headed back to the woods.
"Oh my God." Maria said sounding rather sickly.
"It's alright Maria.. you can just drop us there. We'll get a ride back with the police." Scully said.
"I am not sure that it is alright Scully." Mulder said quietly.
"What do you mean." Scully asked
"I don't think that guy was just trying to scare us off… I think he was trying to kill us." Mulder said.
"Kill us? Scare us off? From What?" Scully asked.
"I don't know… maybe from Michael.. maybe we're close to Samantha." Mulder said.

To be continued.

Guerin, Michael Roswell X Files

Part 10 It's a bird, it's a plane it's … oh no not him!

It didn't take long before Michael was able to find the crime scene. There were police everywhere. He drove up and shut off Estelle's car.
"You can leave us here." Scully said.
"I wanna come with you." Michael said.
"Uh, I don't." Maria said.. thinking about the dead bodies waiting in the forest.
Mulder and Scully got out of the car and Mulder went to the drivers side window to talk to Michael.
"We can't take you with us Michael. That kind of thing is generally frowned upon." Mulder said.
"Funny, you struck me as the kind of guy that does a lot of things that are generally frowned upon." Michael retorted.
Mulder laughed.. Michael had him there.
"It's not me Mikey.. it's Scully. She's the tighta…I mean.. conventional one." Mulder said and gestured his head to Scully.. who was waiting on the other side of the car with a big frown on her face. She hadn't heard what Mulder said.. but she was frowning all the same. Michael looked at Scully, and saw her expression. He looked back at Mulder. Michael's face told how he was leery of separating from Mulder right now, besides that he wanted to know what was going on.
"Don't worry Michael, I'll keep you informed. I know what it's like to have the truth kept from you, and I wouldn't do that to you." Mulder said
Michael nodded agreement.
"We'll wait for you here." Michael finally said.
Mulder walked over to Scully.
"For a minute there I thought you were going to let him talk you into letting him come with us." Scully said. They began to walk to the crime site.
"I just hope he really stays there, and doesn't run off to do some investigating of his own. He's pretty impetuous ya know?" Mulder said.
"Is that what you were like as a kid, Mulder?" Scully asked with a smile.
"Somewhat.. minus the cute girlfriend." Mulder admitted.
"You're girlfriend wasn't cute?" Scully asked
"No, girlfriend…..Too Spo Ooky." Mulder said
Scully shook her head and laughed.
"I told you once already this trip your not Spooky." Scully said.
"Just crazy then." Mulder said.
"Crazy like a Fox." Scully said.
"Ouhhh Hhhoooe.. How long have you been waiting to pull that one??" Mulder asked laughing.
"Uhmm about 4 years. Thanks for finally setting me up." Scully said smiling even wider now.
They made it up to the site and pulled out their badges so that the police would let them pass. They walked up to the bodies. Scully pulled out her id once again to show the officer standing near by. She and Mulder bent down to get a closer look at the two victims.
"This body has been identified as Mr. Wellington Trilby?" Mulder asked the nearby officer.
"Yes sir, and Mrs. Trilby. They were both carrying picture ID's" The officer said.
"A dog dug them up?" Scully asked the officer.
"Yes MaAm'." The officer said.
"And who dug them up the rest of the way?" Scully asked
"Partly the dogs owner, Partly us." The officer said and walked away.
Scully looked closer.
"Mulder, this man, his blood vessels in his skin.. it's like somehow his blood boiled up inside him." Scully said
"Somebody, likes their Wellington… over cooked." Mulder said with a slight hint of disgust in his voice.
Scully turned to the woman.
"She's the same way, Mulder. Cooked from the inside out." Scully said.
Scully turned back to the man and tried to search him for any indication of what might have caused it.

Just then Mulder stood up and looked up at the sky. The wind whipped all around them. Mulder lifted his hand to his eyes to try and see what was above them. Scully got up and stood looking up wards next to Mulder. Mulder, put his hand out and wrapped it around Scully's wrist. Scully felt her pulse quicken. "Just a physiological response to being touched." She lied to herself. Mulder stood there as the sound of the wind filled his ears making it impossible to hear anything else. He looked up, and he felt this sense of wonder. He pretty much felt that way any time anything was overhead. He saw the black underbelly of it.. He heard the familiar sound of helicopter wings flipping around and around. The copter shifted to the left and landed right next to them. They had to hide their eyes to keep the dirt from flying into them.
Mulder and Scully stood there trying to figure out who the hell was landing so close to them and damn well right on top of the crime scene. Possibly blowing away important evidence that might be lying around.

A tall dark over confident man stepped out of the back of the helicopter. The site of him made Scully sick.
"Now, that guy is Spooky." Scully said.
"Pierce." Mulder said.

"I have to ask you to step aside. This is my case." Pierce said to them.
Mulder turned his head to one side and looked at Pierce.
"Really? Well judging from the strange phenomenon that caused these deaths.. I think it's just became our case." Mulder said.

"Ah yes..The strange phenomenon duo. Spooky Mulder and his ever present Doctor Scully. Sorry, there is no game afoot for you two. This case has been mine for a long, long time.. and I will have to ask you to step aside now. Before I call your superiors.. Now you don't want me to do that, do you Spooky? I mean after all.. they assigned the good doctor to you to keep you from hurting your self.. and stuck you in the basement.. so you wouldn't embarrass them too much. Am I right?" Pierce said

Mulder's jaw tightened he let go of Scully's wrist and clenched both his hand's into fists. He wanted to hit the bastard. He moved forward. Scully grabbed his arm.

"He's patronizing us Scully." Mulder said almost pleading for her to let go.
She shook her head no. "Don't...he's not worth it." she whispered.

"Please, kindly step away from that crime scene. I don't want you two bungling up anything." Pierce said in the most sickeningly obnoixious tone.

Now Scully was mad.

"We are more qualified to be here than you. I suppose blowing away half the evidence to make a dramatic entrance is your idea of good investigating." Scully shot back at him.

Scully bent down to look at the bodies again. She spotted a touch of silver under the man's shirt. She began to move it so she could look. When suddenly she was shoved.
She looked up to see Pierce had pushed her. "oh no" she thought.
"Step away from the bodies!" Pierce said threateningly
It only took an instant for Mulder to jump all over Pierce. Mulder grabbed Pierce and held him by his collar with both fists. He held so tight he nearly strangled Pierce.
"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" Mulder yelled
Pierce choked.
"Call off your dog Scully." Pierce gagged out.
"Mulder let go." Scully said.
Mulder shook Pierce hard. Then he pulled him up close and glared in his eyes. Pierce could barely breathe.
Scully looked on. She was a little taken back. She'd never seen Mulder so angry. The muscles in his jaw were bulging from his cheeks. If there was anything she could say to describe this moment she would have to say that he looked like pure fire.
"Mulder please." She said.
"Don't ever touch her again." Mulder said and then throttled Pierce one more time before he tossed him back hard enough to send him to the ground.

"What's the mater Spooky? You don't like anyone touching your little floosy ?" Pierce said
"Still haven't learned your lesson Pierce? Well, you've just enrolled yourself in polite conversation 101…. Meet the professor." Mulder said brought his foot back to kick Pierce.
Scully pulled Mulder back before he could kick Pierce.

"Mulder no. He's just trying to intimidate and humiliate us out of here. Don't let him." Scully said.

"This is my case, you two have no jurisdiction here. And I bet if I called you're field office right now. They would tell me the same, and send you packing. So if you'd be so kind as to get lost. Before we have any further trouble." Pierce said loosening his tie and trying to brush himself off.

Scully looked at Mulder.
"Let's go Mulder. This is not worth it. We have our own avenues to peruse." She said.

Mulder looked down to where Pierce still sat on the ground brushing off the dirt from his pants.

"Get up and apologize to Agent Scully." Mulder said in a way that was almost a warning.

Pierce looked up at Mulder. He could tell that if he didn't Mulder would surely hit him. Pierce thought about baiting Mulder into hitting him. So that the whole thing would escalate into Mulder's fault in the eye's of the beuror. He saw the rage in Mulder's eyes and that he was infact a very big man. He decided an apology was in order. He got up from the ground.

"I'm sorry." Pierce said.
Mulder was unsatisfied.
"More." Mulder said.

"I'm sorry Agent Scully, I said and did things here that were completely out of line. Please accept my apology." Pierce said.

Scully looked at Pierce and said nothing. She didn't really want to accept any apology. She wanted to ignore him completely. It would make her feel better.
"Let's go Mulder." She said.
And she and Mulder walked away.
"Scully, I can't believe we're leaving him with the evidence." Mulder said
"Mulder, I saw something strange on those bodies.. when I tried to get a better look, Pierce became violent. He definitely is trying to hide something about this case. Just how did he have this Tribly case for a long, long time? It only just happened.. judging from the bodies..very recently. He's got some idea who the killer is. And he doesn't want anybody else knowing about it. This is more than just a matter of who get the collar. He's hiding something. And we are going to find out what." Scully said.

"How Scully? We just walked away from the bodies and no one really knows in what "capacity" Pierce works for the bueror. We just left him with the evidence and stacked the odds in his favor." Mulder said.

"And how has that ever stopped us before? Besides, some how.. I think we're a lot closer to the truth than he is." Scully said.

Mulder and Scully headed for the car. Sure enough Michael had gotten out of the car and was already walking towards them.

"What happened?? I saw that helicopter go in.. I was just about come look for you." Michael said.

"We'll talk about it in the car." Mulder said.
The three of them walked to car where Maria was waiting. They got in.

"Well?" Michael asked.

"Nothing really happened that should concern you Michael." Scully said.
Mulder turned to Scully and spoke loud enough for all of them could hear.
"Scully, I promised Michael, I wouldn't keep any thing from him." Mulder said.
"We had a little run in with another special agent." Scully said to Michael.
"We were trying to examine the bodies when we were stopped by someone else in the FBI." Mulder said.
"Well did you see anything at all?" Michael asked.
"Scully says the bodies look like they were microwaved… cooked from the inside out." Mulder said.
"Now I'm really going to be ill." Maria said.
"Maria take it easy." Scully said seeing that the girl had turned pale white.
"You think they were exposed to something radioactive Scully?" Mulder asked.
"That I do. Mulder." Scully said.
"And you said you saw something strange on the body.. what was it Scully?" Mulder asked
Scully looked at Michael and Maria.
"I saw something silver on the man's skin… possibly the spot where the radioactivity was applied to him." Scully said.

Michael looked at Maria and Maria looked at Michael.
Mulder and Scully looked at them. They definitely looked like they knew something Scully and Mulder didn't.

"Michael what do you know about this? Fair is Fair Man.. we're being forthcoming with you.. You owe us the same courtesy." Mulder said.

Michael was silent. He felt his stomach curl up inside.

"Michael, tell me the truth. The only way we get any where is if we're honest with eachother." Mulder explained.

Michael started up the car, and started driving.

"We'd better get going." Michael said.

"Michael." Mulder said in a near whisper.

To be continued.
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Part 11 Bonds & Bombs

Michael was silent. He simply drove the car.
Mulder sat back in the seat. He closed his eyes and shook his head from side to side.. A small amount of anger brewed in him. He let it sit inside him untill it turned into disappointment. He really thought he and Michael had bonded enough for Michael to trust and talk to him. Michael not talking was kinda like a slap in the face.. or a jab to the heart.

What Mulder didn't know what how much Michael wanted to talk. Michael was battling with the fact that he never talked to Max about all this. Michael wanted to talk to Mulder, he really did.. But he was starting to get confused about what he should and should not do. He felt like he was keeping everything from everyone.. Loyalty was everything to Michael.. and he was unsure as to who or if he was betraying anyone. Michael scratched his head. Usually an indication he was confused. Or trying hard not to show what he was feeling. Maria looked over at Michael sitting silently. She put her hand on his arm. Michael stopped scratching and moved his hand to rest on the center consul of the car. Maria slid her hand down his arm to his hand and held it. Maria knew, that Michael was starting to feel guilty about not talking to Max and Isabel. And yes even Liz & Alex about all this. Maria sensed that everything would be fine if they talked to Mulder and Scully. But still they had no right to do it with out Max and Liz, Alex & Isabel. Maria caresed Michael's hand and could sense that it soothed him.
Scully looked at Michael and Maria. Then she turned and looked at Mulder who had his head turned toward the window. She was sure his eyes were shut tight. Scully had something to say. She had no doubt about any of them.. But she was concerned that she let it slide.. that they breached their own rules by not saying the pass words when they all met up again. Scully let a never ending moment pass.
She watched Michael and Maria comfort one another by holding hands. Intermittently switching her attention to Mulder who was angry with Michael and himself for his expectations. She knew Mulder was hurt. But she could also see that Michael was hurting too. It also appeared to her that Mulder and Michael were the perfect match. Everything they wanted from eachother the other one had. Time was the only missing element. Where would they find time under these conditions… Scully realized she would have to make the time if they were going get anywhere. In the meantime she saw an opening to make two of the points she wanted to make with one stone.
"Michael, We all have to remember to do this.. we have to remember to say our pass words when we meet up again, and all of us neglected to do that. I want you to say your pass word to Mulder now." Scully said.
As the word "Family" passed from Michael's lips Mulder softened. He knew that Michael had said that word as a first reaction to Mulder.. Nothing said how he felt about him more than the first word to come off the top of his head.
"Tobasco… Your turn Maria." Scully said.
"Pie.. Cherry and Blackberry."
"Maria never left my site… I know it's her." Michael said.
"We all knew it was eachother." Mulder said and then paused. "It's just a precaution." Mulder finished. He didn't want Michael to feel like there was mistrust between them.. and it was funny that Scully made them do that at that moment.. Mulder knew Scully understood how Mulder would react to the word "family" from Michael. Scully did it to reestablish and remind them both, of the core feeling they had for one another.

Scully understood a few other things too.. Men were funny animals.. They usually were able to talk to eachother and relate better when they were playing a sport or engaged in some activity. She thought of it as, a protective barrier.. that says… "We're men, we got to talking, but it was while we were playing baseball." A sort of way to keep from being over exposed.. or at least to keep from feeling over exposed. So she made a suggestion.
"Is there a batting cage around?" Scully asked.
"You want to go to a batting cage?" Maria asked completely confused.
"Yes.. I think we all need some time to think." Scully explained
Maria pulled her cell phone out of her apron pocket.. She knew this day was not ending anytime soon. She dialed.
Mulder opened his eyes when he heard the sounds of the numbers being dialed.
"Who you calling Maria?" Mulder asked.
Maria put her finger up to ask for a moment.
"Liz, you gotta cover the crashdown for me." Maria said into the phone.
"What? Come on Maria… I have plans with Max. Come on.." Liz said
"Max will wait..Liz.. he'd wait till the end of time for you.. now come on I need this." Maria insisted.
"Maria.. what's going on?" Liz said her voice breaking with concern.
"Nothing Liz.. Michael and I just need a little alone time. Seriously everything is fine.. you just gotta cover for me. He and I have some things to work out." Maria said glancing at Michael.
"Okay. I guess Max can hang with me at the crashdown." Liz said.
"He's very understanding.. I'm sure he'll understand." Maria said.
"You sure you're okay?" Liz asked..
"Yeah.. really Liz… I gotta go.. Michael's waiting."
Maria hung up.
"Liz is covering for me.. there's a batting cage at the park. Lets go." Maria said.
Michael made a right turn and headed for the park. He wondered why they were going there when things were so out of control. But he did agree with Scully. He did a place to think.

When they reached the batting cage. They all got out of the car. They rented a bat from the old guy at the little booth in the park. There was a little bench right outside the cage. "Let's sit this round out Maria." Scully said slightly tugging Maria to the bench. Mulder took of his jacket and hung it on part of the chain link fence outside the cage. Mulder pumped some cash into the baseball machine. He took the bat in hand and stepped into the cage. Michael stood right outside it and watched. A baseball hurled at Mulder. Mulder focused on the ball and swung at it. He struck the ball and it went out nice and straight. It was a nice solid hit.
"Nice." Michael said.
Another ball flew out at Mulder.. he struck at it. Another nice hit. He enjoyed that moment when the ball hit's the sweet spot. Crack. Contact.
Michael listened to the sound. He knew it was good before it even left the bat.
"It's good." Michael said.

Scully and Maria sat a little ways back on the bench watching from where they were.

Michael stood with one arm up with his fingers through some of the links in the fence. He rested his face on that arm and watched Mulder swing away.

"What are we doing here?" Maria asked Scully
"Loosening them up." Scully said.
"Do they know that?" Maria asked.
"No, and don't tell them…it would rock their worlds." Scully answered with a smile.

Maria laughed a little..
"I could probably learn a lot from you Agent Scully." Maria said.
Scully recalled how Michael and Maria seemed to have the kind of bond that she and Mulder shared.. only romantic as well and so young. Scully remembered herself at Maria's age. She knew she would never of been as open, trusting and as free spirited as Maria.
"I could probably learn a few things from you too Maria." Scully said.

Mulder came out of the batting cage and handed the bat to Michael.
Michael smacked at the ball. He hit it.. A nice hard hit but a little wild.
"Good, but take it a little easier this next time Michael." Mulder said.
Michael nodded. Concentrated and swung again.. Crack…
"Nice." Mulder said.

Scully noted that Michael was a bit of the rebel type. She knew it was very unlikely he participated in any kind of school sport. But it was evident that underneath the rebel image was the body of an athlete.
"Michael doesn't play sports at school." Scully said to Maria.
"No, we are lucky if Michael attends school." Maria laughed.
"He should play.. he has talent." Scully said.
Maria sat and considered Michael's human talents. How he had handmade the napkin holder for her. How good some of the doodles were that she'd found around his apartment. It was funny to her.. she was the one who always pointing out how he should focus on his human qualities.. and yet she couldn't remember the last time she had.
Maria looked over and saw Michael with Mulder… and for the first time since she found out. She saw him as a young man… playing baseball… and acting like any human kid would who found a father figure. Michael and Mulder had found a rhythm hitting balls now.. they fell into that sport zone, they were relaxed and Mulder was smiling. Michael would hit a ball and look at Mulder for approval. Maria felt a pang in her heart.
A tear rose up. She understood. She understood more every second she witnessed it.
She put her hand on Scully's arm to capture her attention. Scully looked and saw that Maria was visibly moved by the scene.
"They need eachother." Maria said.
"I know." Scully answered softly.

Michael held the bat out for Mulder. Mulder waved Michael on to keep hitting.
Michael kept hitting.
"So, how is it living on your own so young?" Mulder asked.
"It's better than living with Hank." Michael said.
"Everything's good.. you're dealing with bills and stuff okay?" Mulder asked.
"Yeah.. I'm good. I did half that junk for Hank anyway. Probably the reason he had me around for the check and the labor." Michael said.
"And?" Mulder said, knowing there was more.
"And for some one to kick around." Michael said.
Mulder's eyes darted to the ground. He hated hearing that.
Michael clenched his teeth. He let some aggression out on the next hit. It went a wild. Mulder didn't correct it. He empathized with Michael's anger.. One of the reason's Mulder chose a life in the FBI… to fight injustice.. to protect the innocent. He was sorry he wasn't around to protect Michael from Hank.
"He doesn't come around and bother you? Does he?" Mulder asked worried that maybe the abuse wasn't over.
"No, it's like he dropped off the face of the earth… which is fine by me." Michael said and cracked another ball.
"If he touches you again.. we can have him put away.. for a long long time." Mulder said.
Michael hit another ball.
"It's cool, things are good now." Michael said.
"So I guess having your own apartment at 16 makes you the coolest kid in school." Mulder said with his trademark half smile.
"I was the coolest before the apartment." Michael bragged.
Mulder laughed.
Michael handed the bat to Mulder, unable to hit anymore.

Mulder took the bat and smiled as he swung at the next ball.
"You know what those two women over there are thinking right now Michael." Mulder said motioning to Scully and Maria.
"What women think.. no what?" Michael said dryly.
"There thinking, Look at those two extremely cool and good looking guys over there." Mulder said.
"About us?? No sh*t? Really? That's what women think?" Michael asked.
Mulder hit a baseball and looked over at Scully and smiled.
Scully smiled back and shook her head from side to side. She knew he was showing off.
"Oh yeah. That's what there thinking." Mulder said as cocky as ever. He took a practice swing. " Coolness must run in the family." He said. Things seemed to be going good now. He felt he and Michael were getting back to where they should be. He was just about to start asking Michael what he knew about the silver marking Scully had seen. When Michael dropped the bomb on him.

To be continued

Guerin, Michael Roswell X Files

Part 12 "Trust Someone"

"I know what you want from me and the answer is NO." Michael said.

Mulder dropped his arms down out his sides, barely gripping the bat any longer.
He turned and looked at Michael. What he hell was he talking about?

"I don't want anything from you Michael… why do you think that?" Mulder said

"Yes, you do.. you want me to take a DNA test.. and the answer is NO." Michael said.

Mulder went limp, his jovial spirit drained from him. Didn't this kid understand how important it was. If Michael was Samantha's then maybe some of the blanks would fill in. And he might find her. And besides that Mulder had this weird connected feeling to Michael. Mulder began beating himself up. Maybe he just "wanted to believe" so badly that he did. But he could usually rely on Scully to point out when he was getting to caught up. Maybe she was caught up too.

"Michael, I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to." Mulder said

Michael hated doing this to Mulder. Michael knew he could never take a DNA test because of his Alien DNA. Yet he wanted to take the test. He wanted to know the truth. But there was no way. He would have to get out of it somehow.

"Good. Cause I don't want to do it.. so I won't." Michael said with a very definite tone in his voice.

Mulder noted Michael's "and that's that!" attitude.

"Michael, I don't understand. What's happening here. What is this? Where is it coming from?" Mulder asked trying his best to keep and understanding tone to his voice.

But Michael began raising his.

"WHERE? WHERE? From THIS, From ALL THIS!" Michael yelled.

Maria instinctively popped up from her seat, she was going to go over and find out what was going on. Scully, put her hand out infront of Maria.

"Let them talk Maria." Scully said. And Maria pensively sat back down.

Michael and Mulder stood locked in a stare that whirled determination and confusion.
Michael determined, Mulder confused.

Mulder broke away from the stare and shook his head. Baseballs had been whizing by him from the machine. He stepped away so he wouldn't get hit with a pitch. He kept his back turned to Michael, not wanting the boy to see his expression of pain.

"Michael you're talking me in circles. Just tell me why?" Mulder asked softly.

"Why!?" Michael repeated.

"Yeah." Mulder said.

A moment passed as Michael thought about what he was going to say. There were two ways he could handle this. One would be to hurt Mulder so much he would want to walk away and never look back. The other to tell him as much of the truth as he could. With out telling him anything. The only way to do that would be to reveal his feelings. Michael opted for the one that would require him to show his feelings to Mulder. He might feel stupid about it, but it was better than being viewed as a bastard by this man. He just couldn't live with that. Michael opened his mouth stammered a bit and then spoke to Mulder in the most honest way possible.

"I can't do it… I can't take the DNA test… you ask me where this is coming from? Well like I said.. it's all of this.. We come here.. We hang out.. I get this feeling like maybe we are family.. and I know what comes next.. Next comes the DNA test… and if the test comes out Negative.. all this goes away.. You go away.. And you go on with your search. And so things are the same for you…but they are never the same for me." Michael explained.

Mulder whipped around and looked at Michael.

"Michael, No… That's not the way it will be." Mulder said

"You say that now.. because you don't have the test results.. but it's the way it will be… you know why? Cause the world Sucks. Cause people suck.. and that's the way it will be." Michael said.

Deep down Michael wanted to know for certain too, but as he spoke those words he realized he wanted to know for certain that were.. not that they weren't.

Mulder was beginning to understand that when he stood at Michael's door that day, He had taken into account that this kid might need a family. He had never taken into account just how much. Mulder stepped back into place and lifted the bat. He took a smack at the baseball hurling toward him. And clocked it straight and hard. He watched it go.. lowered the bat and turned and walked over to Michael.

"I can see where you're coming from now. Saying you don't want the test to come out negative, would have to be one of the bravest thing you could flat out admit to me. And okay the world may suck sometimes. But not all people suck.. and I of all people know that there's not too many people out there you can trust. But I also know that, no one can make it all alone. And sometime, someday, you have to learn to trust someone. For me that first person was Scully. Maybe for you… that first person is Maria.. but I would like to be the next person on that list." Mulder said. He looked Michael in the eye to make sure Michael heard him. Then he put down the bat and walked over to Scully and Maria.

Michael had listened to Mulder, he heard Mulder call him brave. But he didn't think he was brave at all. He didn't think it was the bravest thing he could ever of said. He knew exactly what the bravest thing to say would be. And that was "Hey, I'm an Alien. Let's take the test and find your sister." But he wouldn't say that. And because of it he thought himself a coward. Here he stood a possible "key" to Samantha. And Mulder being a possible "key" to all the answers he searched for. Yet he stood frozen unable to speak the truth.

And the Truth was all Mulder ever wanted from anyone.

To be continued.

Guerin, Michael Roswell X Files

Part 13 Crowding the Plate

Maria went straight over to Michael. She knew he needed her now. When she reached him she could feel, he was troubled.
"What happened just now Michael?" She asked.
"I knew at some point I would have to tell Agent Mulder I can't take a DNA test.. he just wanted a reason that's all." Michael said.
"Oh God.. what reason did you give him?" Maria asked.
"I just told him that…I didn't want to do a test because if it was negative.. he'd leave." Michael said.
Maria took Michael's hand into hers.
"And that's all you told him?" she asked half knowing the answer.
"That's it." Michael said.
"Michael, I think we can trust him." Maria said.
"I know we can, Maria… it's not a matter of trust. Every time we tell someone.. we could be endangering their lives… and I haven't told Max or Isabel about him yet…and there's so many more reasons to not tell him.. than to tell him." Michael said.
"But what about his sister?" She asked.
"I don't know." Michael said
"But if you are related to him don't you want to know?" Maria asked
"I thought about it … and yeah I want to know if I am… I just don't want to know if I'm not." Michael said.
Maria moved up on her toes to kiss her Michael gently on the cheek. She brushed his hair back with her hand and looked in his eyes.
"I don't want to know that you're not either." Maria said trying to express her understanding to him.
Michael leaned into Maria. He closed his eyes and gave her a short kiss. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged. She just stood there holding on to him. Michael rested his head on Maria. And they stood in a silent embrace.

Over at the park bench Mulder and Scully sat together.

"What happened Mulder?" Scully asked.
"He told me he can't take a DNA test." Mulder said.
"He did? Why?" Scully asked.
"He said.. if the test is negative, I won't care about him anymore.. He's wrong though Scully." Mulder said.
"I know he is Mulder." Scully said and put her hand on his back.
"I'm trying to get him to trust me." Mulder said.
"Mulder, Michael was abandoned.. and when some one did take him in… that person beat him.. The world hasn't given him that much opportunity to trust anyone." Scully said
"I know that Scully… It just seemed to me like I had gotten through… and then this.." Mulder said.

"Mulder, what if Michael's got some other reason, for not taking the test?" Scully said.
"Huh?" Mulder said
"Well you said it you're self , you were pretty sure you'd gotten through to him. What if he has a different reason for not wanting to take the test."
Mulder liked Scully's line of thinking but he knew he'd already taken a different turn with it than she.
"Like?" Mulder questioned
"Like, he already knows his parents?" She offered
"Or… he has a Gift, that he's afraid will some how show up in his DNA." Mulder said
"You mean the Telepathy…that got him into you're X Files in the first place." Scully said disapprovingly, feeling her scenario was the more plausible one..
"He has the ability to move objects without touching them.. he just doesn't know that we know that already." Mulder said feeling like he was now on to something.
"But Mulder…" Scully started
"And he may be afraid, that if people find out… he'll be tested and prodded… Roswell is no stranger to the idea of government conspiracy.. The very thing they base their tourism on is the idea that a space craft crashed here and the government covered it up. Living here could give you a certain amount of paranoia." Mulder said
"Mulder you have no proof that Michael posses any kind of telepathic ability.. if you bring it up now.. you might just scare him off you all together." Scully warned.
"No, Scully.. that's it. He can do it. And I can prove it." Mulder said.
"Mulder.. what are you going to do?" Scully asked

Mulder got up and walked over to Michael and Maria. They released their embrace as they saw him approaching.

"Michael, there is a therapy thing they do when people have trouble trusting one another. Usually one person falls back into the other's arms taking the first step in showing the other trust.. In turn the other catches them." Mulder said
"So." Michael said knowing full well he was not going to participate in any stupid therapy thing like that.

"So, I am going to show you… I know what you can do… and I trust you." Mulder said and then walked over to the ball machine and pumped more money into it.
"What the hell are you doing?" Michael said

Mulder walked inside the batting cage. He pulled the gate shut behind him. Then he positioned himself so that if a baseball were to fly out it would hit him square in the head.
The machine clicked.. It was about to pitch.

"MULDER NO!" Scully screamed

Michael realized it was too late to get through the gate and push him out of the way. And that a baseball to the head at that speed could kill him. Instinctively up his hand to use his powers. He had a split second thought as to whether is was better to toss Mulder or the ball. He was afraid if he didn't toss Mulder he'd get hit with the next pitch. But he was also afraid that if he tossed Mulder he might hurt him. The ball was flying through the air at Mulder now.. He chose Mulder.
"NO!" Michael yelled and used his powers to throw Mulder aside.

Scully didn't believe what she saw. Mulder landed on the ground. He had been visibly thrown a side.. and seemigly somehow by Michael. Scully's mouth hung open. She looked over at Maria who didn't seem all that shocked. She looked at Michael who seemed frustrated. She looked back to Mulder who was just fine and brushing himself off. A smile grew on his face wider and wider each second he thought about what had just gone down. He got up from the ground. And walked to the fence where Michael was. He put his fingers through the links and wrapped them around the wire. He leaned his face up against his side of the fence.
"Thank you Michael." Mulder said.
"Why did you do that?" Michael said.
"Thank you for pushing me out of the way." Mulder said
"I didn't do anything. You're crazy." Michael said.
"I got a whole $5.00 dollars worth of pitches that are gonna come out of this thing.. want me to stand in front of it again?" Mulder
"It's you're head." Michael snapped
"Here I go.." Mulder said an stepped towards the ball machine.
"Don't ! You bastard." Michael said resentful
"Can we talk now?" Mulder asked.
"Yeah.." Michael answered.
Maria put her hand out to hold Michael's hand. He took it.

Mulder couldn't remember when he felt so triumphant. Scully couldn't remember the last time she felt so shocked and she'd seen a lot of things to be shocked about. At this moment she found it very hard to believe her eyes.. she thought maybe there was some reasonable explanation to it. She wondered why she couldn't think of one.

To be continued

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Part 14 Thank Maria.

They all took a place on the bench. Mulder next to Scully next to Michael next to Maria.
"You pushed me out of the way. Didn't you?" Mulder said trying to open the channels of communication.
"Yeah, I guess. I did." Michael said.
"Do you know how you do it?" Mulder asked.
"No.. I just kinda stick out my hand.. and what I want to happen, happens… uh sometimes.. sometimes.. stuff catches fire." Michael said.
"Do you think that this "gift" you have has anything to do with your abduction?" Mulder asked.
"My abduct??? I don't know that I was abducted." Michael said.
"Well you know Scully and I work for the FBI but I don't think you know what we do there." Mulder said feeling it was time to be forthcoming.
"What do you do there?" Maria asked.
"Scully and I work for a department in the FBI called the X files. Essentially we investigate the unexplained. And my friend… you have a an X file with your name on it."
"So you didn't just find me through my abandonment files? What does my X file say about me??" Michael asked
Michael's heart had picked up a pace. He felt safe with Mulder and Scully or he would have walked away from them long ago.. but he didn't like the idea that his name was in an unexplained phenomenon file.
"First of all let me say, it's okay. The file has been safe with me for a long time. But what it says is that you threw some social workers off and away from you.. with out even touching them when you were first found. And that you were lost in the desert like Max and Isabel.
"Crap!" Michael said and ran his hands threw his hair and kind of pulled it. Then he thought for a moment.
"Do Max and Isabel have files too?" Michael asked.
"Do they have this gift too?" Mulder asked
Michael wanted to take his doc shoes and shove em into his mouth. Idiot! He said to himself, even though he still felt safe with them.. he never told Max anything about this and here he was slipping that Max & Iz might have powers too. He had to cover even if it was just for the sake of telling Max first.. even though Max never did him the same courtesy in telling Liz about them..
"I don't know… I was asking you." Michael said
"You never discussed this with them?" Scully asked.
"I don't know how I got this way.. and I just figured that I would sound crazy if I talked about this… look it's just not something I felt safe talking about." Michael explained.
"But Maria knows." Scully said
"Maria knows because Maria knows." Mulder broke in softly to defend Michael and Maria's privacy.
Maria looked up and caught Mulder's eyes. He smiled at her and she smiled back.
"God he's charming..well Michael certainly inherited good looks from him.. too bad he didn't get the charm too. If they are really related that is." She thought.

Scully's phone rang…everyone stopped as she answered it.
"Scully" she said.
"Scully?" a voice came over the other end.
"Who's that?" Mulder mouthed the question.
"Skinner" Scully mouthed back. And then said "Yes" Into the phone.

"Scully, I just got an irate call from an Agent Pierce. He says you and Mulder are in Roswell New Mexico… and I don't think I have to rack my brains too much to know why you are there." Skinner said

"It's not what you think sir." She said.

"He says you were at a crime scene on his assignment.. and he wants me to make sure I keep you two out of the way. What the hell is going on over there? And why didn't you two report to me before you went out there? Can you imagine what an idiot I felt like when he called me?!! The little bastard had the nerve to tell ask me where you were first.. and when I said, down in their office.. He let me know other wise. Little prick. Can you possibly imagine how much and how many times you and Mulder made me look like a fool?! People think I have no control over you!! Which I am beginning to believe my self! Next time you tell me before you skip off and now your going to tell me exactly and I mean exactly… " Skinner continued to scold.

"What's he saying?" Mulder asked.
"He's letting me have it." Scully whispered back.

Michael and Maria exchanged looks.. all this time.. they had never pictured Mulder and Scully getting in trouble with anyone. It was so weird to see them that way all of a sudden. The whole time they had been looking at Mulder and Scully as people who could get them into trouble.. not the other way around.

"Are you listening to me.. I want to know exactly what you are doing there!" Skinner finished.

"Sir, may I ask you a question?" Scully asked respectfully
"Are you kidding me Scully?" Skinner replied
"Sir." Scully said.
"Go ahead but it better be important enough to take precedence over your explanation to me… which so you fully owe me." Skinner said.
"Sir, what is Agent Peirce's place in the FBI?" Scully asked.
"I honestly don't know." Skinner replied.
"Do you think you could find out for me?" Scully asked.
"What!? Scully you are really testing me." Skinner warned.
"Sir, something is rotten in the state of New Mexico sir.. and I think Peirce knows something about it." Scully said.
"Scully, what the hell is going on? I found out you and Mulder were at a crime scene where some people were killed. Not from Pierce of course I had to find that out on my own after I hung up with him. Who was killed and what is happening over there.. before I do a thing to help you.. I want you to tell me." Skinner said.

"Sir, Mulder and I believe those people that were killed … were murdered because the killer thought they were us. And we also think that Agent Peirce knows who that killer is." Scully said.

"You mean someone is trying to kill you both? Why?" Skinner asked.

"Well I am beginning to think it because we found someone who may be related to Mulder. " Scully said.

While Scully was on the phone Mulder got a sudden urge he acted on it.
"Michael, why won't you take the DNA test with me?" Mulder asked.

Michael rubbed his hands hard through his already messy hair. Michael thought hard about just saying… "because I don't know for sure what I am." He sat there and held the words at the end of his tongue, never parting his lips to speak them. Instead he put his elbows on his knees and his hands over his eyes and held his head up from falling. Michael didn't know what to do or say. He felt like he should just say it.. and Mulder could feel that Michael wanted to say it.. He could feel the weight of Michael's secret what ever it was.. he could feel it with him.. and it was heavy and painful, and it seemed to last lifetimes. Mulder felt sorry for asking. "I just need the truth Michael." Mulder said in his most comforting tone. Scully flipped her head to look at Mulder. She loved that sound.. the sound of Mulder's voice when he comforted. It was the only music she knew.

"Scully." Skinner said.
"Yes sir." Scully answered.
"I will call you back in a half and hour.. I should have more information on Pierce by then." Skinner said.
"Thank you sir." Scully answered
"And Scully…" he added
"You and Mulder be careful, and protect who ever it is you found." Skinner said.. thinking that just perhaps Mulder had finally found his sister and he hung up the phone.

"Agent Mulder." Maria said.
Mulder turned his eyes to Maria.

"Michael can't tell you right now.. but believe me he wants to. He knows he should.. there is just something he has to do first. So if you could please.. just give him a little time, till he can feel secure in this, he will tell you, the truth." Maria said, knowing that this guy knew when he was and when he wasn't being told the full truth.. It seemed like he had a homing beacon for the truth implanted in his chest. He knew, Michael hadn't told the whole truth about why he wouldn't take the test. He was so sure he risked a baseball to the head. The way that Mulder seemed to seek the truth.. reminded her so much of Michael. But she knew Michael needed to be protected for once, not from Mulder and Scully but from his own feeling of guilt. So she had to step in and ask Mulder to wait.

Mulder's eyes met Maria's

"Don't you think it's better, it's safer for us all if you just tell me." Mulder asked.

"Agent Mulder, I do.. and Michael does too… that's why he's so torn. Believe me if it felt completely right at this moment to tell you everything he would. That's something I am sure you understand.. when something doesn't feel completely right.. in your heart.. you just can't do it." Maria explained.

"Maria, I know you were back there just before, I know you saw that person try to kill us. I know you are aware that two people at least are already dead… and that we are all in serious danger here." Mulder said.

"I know.. we both know." Maria said.

Mulder shook his head. He didn't know what to say either. Should he wait it out or push a little harder.

"You don't have to tell us now. But you do have to tell us." Scully said.

"Just a little more time." Maria said.

"Okay. Not now." Mulder agreed.

Michael felt a weight lift off of him. He didn't have to talk. He wasn't being asked to reveal himself at the moment. And he felt a hell of a lot better, and he knew, he had Maria to thank for it.

To be continued.

Part 15 Call from the Skinman

Special Agent Walter Skinner rubbed the top of his bald head. Then he slid his hands under his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Once he was done doing that, he stood up to his full impressive height and paced behind his desk. He had exhausted every possible way to find out about Agent Pierce. No one seemed to know anything nor were they allowed to know anything. Finally Skinner sat down and picked up the phone for one last call. He would pull out his last stop and call his old friend and General, General Weaver. It was not well known that he and the General were friends. In fact no one really knew about General Weaver and Skinner's association, and Skinner preferred not to call on him unless it was extremely important. Some one was trying to kill Mulder and Scully and if Pierce knew anything about "who" that person was… than a General Weaver call it is. While on the phone with the general Walter Skinner's mouth fell open as if he meant to catch flies with it.. He unconsciously thanked the General for his help. Mulder wouldn't like this.. and Skinner could hardly blame him if he didn't. He picked up the phone again to call Scully.

Nacedo drove as long and as far as he could. He thought perhaps he should drive right out of Roswell. He had other things to take care of anyway another alien to look after. But he wasn't sure he'd finished off Pretty Agent Scully and her partner Mulder was it?. Nacedo was puzzled still on how Scully knew he was not her partner even though he had taken his form, and his voice, how had she known??? It couldn't of been that she didn't "want" her partner, she obviously did… Nacedo had learned to pray on that kind of emotion long ago.. Hell it wasn't like he just got to Earth, he'd been here since 1947. So how did Scully know?? People realizing he was not who he pretended to be was a little unnerving. He was so used to people just falling for it. Maybe there was something to this human concept of souls…maybe Scully didn't see Mulder's soul… or any soul for that matter for Nacedo was sure that he didn't have one… but if these silly human's insisted they did there must have been something to set them off in the direction of beleiving it. Nahh couldn't be. Nacedo finally decided, he must have said or done something, that made her realize. He wondered if they made it out of the car wreck or not. That idiotic Michael probally got all human and helped them… those darn human genes… why it was decided to make Michael and the others a hybrid, Nacedo would never understand. It was his opinion that they should have remained completely alien and be taught to shapeshift, but his opinion never meant much back home.

"Scully" Scully said as she picked up the phone.
"Scully it's me Skinner, I have your information but you better put Mulder on the phone." He said.
"Sir?" Scully questioned.
"Scully, you better put Mulder on the phone because you are NEVER going to believe what I am about to say." Skinner informed.
Scully held out the phone to Mulder.
"What?" Mulder asked.
"It's Skinner, he wants to talk to you." Scully said.
Mulder took the phone from Scully's hand and touched it slightly as he did. Scully gently let the phone go and slowly took her hand away.

"Mulder?" Skinner asked
"It's me. What did you find out?" Mulder asked.

"Mulder, he's an Alien hunter… Pierce is a Gdamed alien hunter for the FBI, a government sanctioned highly top secret Alien hunter." Skinner said.

Mulder's jaw clenched.
"He's a what? I couldn't of heard you right." Mulder said
"You heard me right." Skinner said.
"But everything they put me through?? Closing the X files left and right… calling me Spooky? Pointing at me behind my back… and they sanction Peirce hunting aliens? This is bullshit!" Mulder said.
"Mulder, I don't know how he's pulled this off… there must be something to it.. someone who believes in Aliens higher up.. that just has never caught wind of you.. or has a different agenda than you… and is using Pierce for it. It's the only explanation I can think of." Skinner said
"No, I'll tell you what it is Sir….. What it is, is that I am the patsy, I am the one who gets to look crazy while they hide the truth with Pierce… and actively hunt aliens. While backhandedly denying their existence and tormenting me to do it." Mulder said as his voice conveyed the betrayal he felt.

"I don't know what to say Mulder…" Skinner said
"You can say it "sucks"." Mulder said
"It sucks, Mulder.." Skinner said.
"Thanks.. thanks for finding out too. I know it couldn't of been easy to find "that" out." Mulder said to Skinner feeling remorse for flipping out on the messenger.
"Yeah, your welcome but your still not out of trouble for keeping me out of the loop so long… you better start reporting to me.. and from now on you do it more often.. as per me! You owe me that." Skinner began lecturing again.
"Okay, thanks, gotta go.." Mulder said and hung up

Maria overheard most of what Mulder was saying on the phone but only one phrase from Mulder's conversation with Skinner stuck with her and she repeated it allowed.
"Uhmmm Hunt Alien's ?" she gulped and locked eyes with Michael.
Michael reached out his hand to Maria and she took it.

"Maria, this Shapeshifter you were talking about… what else can you tell me?" Mulder asked.

"Uhh," Maria stumbled
"Why?" Michael demanded.

"I think, the good old US government believes in your Shapeshifter too." Mulder said.

"I think we better go home now." Michael said.

To be continued.
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Part 16 Pierce, Topolski ,and CSM

Agent Pierce ran things over in his head …. He got in his car started it up and began to drive. Should have known that Mulder was going to stumble on this.. that "son of a b*tch" shows up where ever his is least wanted.. It's like he's that damn "Toucan Sam" or something… smells aliens like they were F*cking "fruit loops".. Too bad he couldn't use Mulder on his team…. Mulder would never understand Peirce's idea of "purity control" too bad the dumb shmuck doesn't know we're fighting the same enemy.. Pierce just knew that Mulder would never see things his way… if they every got their hands on a real damn ET, Mulder would probably wanna play all nice with it.. ask it politely where his sister was..and then the f*cking thing on the talk show circuit.. meet Leno, Conan and then off to Letterman for, stupid Alien tricks… "Jump through the hoop little green man… good boy." Meanwhile Pierce would have that thing strapped down to a table so fast.. start shooting electricity through it till it was begging to talk… Pierce knew the difference between himself and Mulder… and that s why Mulder could never know about his team… It was a shame because Mulder could have been the best possible asset a team like this could have. But with Mulder's his over blown ethics it would only make him the worst possible blockade to this team.. God even Topolski was beginning to become a problem.. "What if their nice aliens???" "What if we're doing the wrong thing?" Pierce was finding her increasingly tiresome.. he was starting to think he was going to have to take care of her somehow.

Agent Toposki went about her business at work.. She'd been reassigned.. but some how she felt like a loose end.… She thought about the orb.. perhaps she could get it out of Peirce's safe.. and use it to get her self out of this mess.. She was starting to feel like maybe she wasn't going to be allowed to live after all that she'd learned.. She was pretty certain that she was in no danger from the FBI itself… but there were a few people.. she wasn't so certain she wasn't in danger from.. and one of those people was Peirce… Maybe she could get Max Evans and his friends to trust her if she brought them back the orb… maybe they could get her back to their planet and she'd be safe again.. She should have never taken that assignment in the first place.. but she thought she could help.. she thought that Pierce was a little…… disturbed in a way… in a violent way. And she thought that someone on the team who wouldn't blindly follow him would be a good thing.. And she was still certain it was.. she just certain that she wasn't the one qualified for it.. after all she'd been "made" by a bunch of teenagers. She'd thought about going to Agent Fox Mulder.. who ran the the X- files that everyone made fun of him for.. She knew better than that.. She'd been warned he was off limits… But she couldn't help think how great it would be to tell him just how right he was… for a moment she stood and envied Agent Scully… to have a handsome partner like Mulder, who seemed to have such Inner Authority despite all the snickering that went on around him. But then he did have his past record to stand on… . the best Agent ever to come out of the "violent crimes unit" Fox Mulder who's first name described him so perfectly… mind and body. While others thought Scully got the worst gig in the bueror … down in the basement with Spooky Mulder.. Toposki thought Scully had landed the best possible place, next to Foxy Mulder, but now was not the time to be jealous now was the time to save her own ass. She thought back and remembered the meeting in which she was warned to stay away from Mulder. "Stay away from Fox Mulder and his partner Scully. They must know nothing about this." The man said and then blew a puff of smoke in her face. She felt herself fill with anger about the smoke she wanted to tell him to shove that cigarette up his ass… But the look in his eyes was cold and empty, and somewhat evil.. so she held her tongue. That memory synched it. She decided that if it came down to life and death she'd go to Sheriff Jim Valenti for help.. She made him her very last resort in her mind and took going to Mulder and Scully completely out of the equation.

Pierce pulled his car over to the curb and a man in a long black rain coat walked up to the car. He opened the door and got in. Pierce began to drive once the man nodded his head indicating he should do so. Even Pierce felt rather frightened in this man's presence.
"I hear that Mulder and Scully visited your crime site today… Did they see anything?" The man said and then lit his cigarette.
"Yes they were there, but they didn't see anything." Pierce said
"And you're sure about this?" asked the man while taking a long drag on his cigarette. "I'm sure." Pierce said.
"Good" said the cigarette smoking man.
"Every things under control." Pierce said.
"Then what is Mulder doing in Roswell." The CSM said.
"I don't know.. probably dumb UFO stuff he's always doing." Pierce said.
"Nothing Mulder does is dumb.. try to remember that…you think that way and you will underestimate him." The CSM said.
"I just meant that you don't have to worry about him.. I had it taken care of." Pierce said.
"You know what you know because we told you… just remember that…" said the CSM
"Yeah okay… I get it." Pierce said.
The cigarette smoking man blew smoke from his mouth and laughed.. Pierce didn't get anything.. he was just another pawn in a giant game of chess.

To be continued.

Part 17 Alliances of the Holy and Unholy kind.

The CSM's face did not reveal how he felt about Agent Pierce. Agent Pierce was nothing more than another sniveling, ambitious, obsequious power hungry little game piece, who was under the delusion he was a player. The CSM knew that Pierce could see no further than his own little alien torturing fetish. Mulder, there was a man with a destiny, there was a man to be admired.. to be reckoned with.. to yes even fear.. that he might get to his beloved truth. Mulder, Mulder had risen above his role as a piece in the game.. To the formidable opponent on the other side of the game board.
Only poor Mulder didn't see it as a game …or just couldn't see the fun in the game. He saw it as a matter of life and Death. Too bad Mulder wasn't in a position or the type to enjoy something like that. Maybe if he were… then The CSM would have a lot more fun himself.. and perhaps gain more enjoyment out of seeing Mulder suffer. More pleasure out of withholding the answers Mulder most desperately seeked.. Maybe if he didn't like and admire Mulder so much.. and the yes even the beautiful Ms. Scully. He'd of put an end to them long ago. Too bad they could not have been allies.

Yes Mulder was so unlike the puppet Pierce who would never see past that Shapeshifter he was after. He could and probably would chase that damn thing the rest of his life and never catch up to it.

Hell people have been trying to track that chameleon and it's been eluding them ever since 1947.

The CSM finally spoke again to Pierce. "My suggestion to you is to find out the real reason Mulder is here. From what I know of him… he probably has a lot more figured out than you do right now…"

And then he rudely extinguished what was left of his cigarette on the glass of the passenger side window.


Mulder looked at both Michael and Maria and waited wide eyed for more information about the Shapeshifter.
"Don't tell me your not going to tell us anything about that either?" Mulder said.

"I already told you… before.. we said everything we know!" Michael said.

Mulder turned his gaze to Maria.. and stared her in the eyes…

Maria tried to avoid his eye's but somehow she could not. What she saw in his eyes was a deep concern, caring and kindness. She knew.. she knew that not only could they trust this man.. but they should and if they wanted everyone to live through this… they would have to.

Maria paused and then began to speak. When she parted her lips and her pretty voice started to come out.. Michael tried to interrupt again. "I said let's go.. we better get going." He said forcefully.

Ironically Mulder's soft tone overruled him. "What is it Maria? What were you about to say?"

"I'd tell you but I gotta know something first." She said

Michael got pissed and stomped off a few steps away, but not out of ear shot.

Scully observed both Michael and Maria… she was starting to understand their dynamic and if Michael really wanted Maria to stop he would have run off a lot further making Maria feel obligated to follow him.

"What? What do you need to know?" Mulder asked.

"I gotta know … are you some kind of alien hunter?" she asked

Mulder let go a tiny smile of amusement about the absurdity of Maria's comment.. him and Alien hunter, the first thing that came to his mind when he heard the phrase alien hunter was the alien hunter he knew of…the one that plunged…a pick like weapon into the aliens … the one who in all likely hood killed Exley… in the story told to him by Arthur Dales's brother (who's name also happened to be Arthur) ..and Mulder was certainly not that… he certainly didn't think of himself as an alien hunter.

"No Maria, I am not an Alien hunter… like I said Scully and I investigate the paranormal.." Mulder said.

"So then why were you talking about alien hunters on the phone? I mean are you looking to kill them, or imprison them, or torture them for information or something.. cuz like I don't think I can talk to you anymore if that's what you're all about." She said.

Mulder laughed "You' re sweet Maria… No, I certainly would not do any of those things.. nor would Scully here. I only want the truth.. that's all I am searching for, and of course to find my sister. But I am not going to lie to you Maria… if by some chance an Alien was endangering Scully's life.. or Michael's life or your life, I would intervene and If it became necessary to kill the Alien to save one of you.. I would have to do that." Mulder explained.

"No, I understand.. that's fair. But, uh what were you talking about on the phone then?" Maria asked.

"Only that the FBI does officially have "Alien Hunters" something I was unaware of up until just now. I guess I kind of took it badly after everything they have put Scully and I through investigating the Paranormal." Mulder said.

"They put you through?" Maria asked.

Mulder turned his eyes to Scully's. She openly met his eyes with hers. Scully and Mulder shared a knowing look.. their souls ran over all they had been through together, and it was a lot. A lot of pain, a lot of suffering. Some of the most painful among the memories were the murders of Scully's sister Melissa and Mulder's father Bill. And one of the most troubling was the constant threat of being shut down and separated from each other. Which also hurt because… "each other" was what had gotten them through everything.

Maria looked at them as they looked at eachother.. she could sense the weight of their exchange, but she could also sense the love they had for eachother. It was evident, impossible not to see. And for a second, they didn't look all "professional" any more but bonded by love and pain, she had the ominous feeling that one day she & Michael would look at eachother that way as well.

Michael was doing plenty of thinking himself at this moment. Michael was so completely "torn" and "torn" was something he had hardly ever been in his life. He found it easy to chose his side. It had always either been himself, Max, and Isabel against the world.. or internally Max against Michael.. with Isabel stuck in the middle. Michael couldn't' remember the last time he was caught in the middle. Sure things had changed and the dynamic between them all had changed ever since Liz, Maria and Alex found out… but
It all pretty much remained Max's side or Michael's side.. or the us against them type of thing. Michael was not quite sure how to handle the way he felt..
Now the idea of telling Max about Mulder was becoming increasingly unappealing. Michael was beginning to see this as a personal matter of his own. And going to the rest of them with it and then getting bombarded with a whole set of opinions didn't seem like fun. He guessed that Max and Isabel would want to have Mulder remain in the dark. Who knew what Liz and Alex would say? He guessed they'd flip out. Some where inside Michael resented the idea that Max & Isabel would be deciding votes in how Mulder was handled. Mulder after all was there for Michael.. and though Max & Isabel didn't have their real parents they had eachother and they had a family… so sure.. why would they care if Michael got his. They could never understand that he needed Mulder.. and damn straight Michael was not into the idea of openly admitting it to them.
The other thing that tore him up was the fact that Mulder could be his human relation and Nacedo could be the Alien relation. How would he choose.. and the real truth of it was that Michael felt so alien on this world all his life.. up until Maria.. and now with Mulder there he felt even more human.. Even with his power's exposed.. Michael felt acceptance from the man.
Michael ran the idea of Nacedo over in his head. Nacedo, what was the deal with this guy? Why was he shapeshifting into Mulder.. why did he hurt Scully? How did Nacedo know about Mulder? And if he knew about Mulder didn't that mean he knew where he was? Why wouldn't Nacedo just come up to Michael if he knew where he was? Maybe Nacedo wasn't really looking for him.. and Mulder was…Maybe Mulder cared and Nacedo didn't! Maybe that's why Mulder overcame insurmountable odds and found him..and Nacedo.. just didn't bother. Just what the hell was going on? The more he thought the more confused he became.


"You can drop me off here." The CSM said to Pierce.

"Sir?" Pierce asked..

"You can go now." The CSM stated.

Pierce did as he was told dropped off the cigarette smoking man on the corner he was directed to and drove away.. Moments later a man strolled up to the CSM..

"Well, well, well if it isn't the Ciga-Rat! How are you doing these days?? I can't believe your actually slumming it in Roswell." Nacedo said.

"Your little nickname for me is still as un-amusing as the first day you said it." The CSM said

"Oh come on Ciga-Rat it's funny! Where's your sense of humor? Certainly you have one .. even I have one and I'm well you know.. shall we say different." Nacedo said.

"Let's just get down to business." The CSM remarked.

To be continued.

Part 18 Fight the Future

Mulder and Scully broke their gaze. They turned their attention back to Maria and waited for her to speak.

"You know" Michael broke in. "If you are gonna let her tell you the story we'd better get going. She could tell you in the car." Michael said.

"Sure that'd be fine." Mulder said.

"Cuz she is kind of a windbag. Never shuts up ya know.. keeps talking .. no matter.." Michael said.

"They said okay MICHAEL. You can stop now!" Maria said.

"Plus we did kinda steal this car." Michael said.

"Well okay see Maria was right you should have stopped there. As Federal Agents we can't really let you get away with stealing a car." Mulder said

"But we only took it because we thought you were in trouble and my car I mean my mothers car didn't work . so that's why I was walking to work when I bumped into you that first time and when you didn't show up for Michael I remembered I heard you guys say something about Fraiser woods…and we couldn't of got their on foot and well we thought you were in danger which you were. Not that we were really able to do much about that but any way we only wanted to…" Maria said

"Woah, Woah hold on Maria." Mulder said.

"Did I tell you about her or what?" Michael asked.

Scully started leading the way back to the car.

"I tell you what, how about we say the car was commandeered in the name of the FBI and go return it now. Michael's right Maria can tell us the story on the way. And from now on although we appreciate it. How about me keep you tow out of trouble by having you two promise not to do that again. You could have ended up in jail if you where pulled over by the local police. Scully reached the car and opened the drivers side door. She held her hand out for the keys. When no keys came she shrugged as if to say, "what's the holdup?"

Michael looked at Scully as if she were nuts.
"What?" She said
"What?" he said back.
"The keys. Either Mulder or I should drive since the car is stolen." Scully said.
"Borrowed" Michael corrected.

Mulder looked back and forth between Michael and Scully back and forth at each of their expressions. He realized right away that Michael didn't have any keys to the car, and Scully didn't.

"The key's Michael either Mulder or I should drive since we are saying that the car was commandeered." Scully said.

"I don't have the keys." Michael said.

"Maria?" Scully said.

"I don't have them. Estelle has them." Maria said.

"Estelle? Well what did you hot wire it then??" Scully said as she looked to check for the popped ignition.. except the car didn't appear to be damaged.

"Can you start the car Michael?" Mulder asked.

"Yeah." Michael said.

Mulder looked at Scully and playfully mouthed the words "No keys!" to her. Scully rolled her eyes up as if to say yeah right… but still she did see Mulder get tossed out of the path of the baseball.. or maybe he jumped.. she really couldn't say for sure.

Mulder got into the driver's seat of the car and Michael got into the passenger seat. Maria and Scully piled into the back and they were all set to go.

"Ready?" Mulder asked.

Michael lifted his hand to start the car. He concentrated.. and then used his powers to start it up. Mulder watched in amazement as the car started up from just the wave of Michael's hand.. and a few.. sort of scary sparks… Mulder turned back to look at Scully

"Did you see that Scul-" Mulder began to ask, but stopped when he saw that Scully's head was tucked between her knees and when she came back up she held up her cell phone…
"Dropped my phone… got it now.. what were you saying Mulder?" Scully said..

"Look Ma no keys." Mulder said.

"It not unheard of you know Mulder, starting a car without keys." Scully said.

"Don't mind her…I'm impressed." Mulder said as he began to drive.

"Thanks" Michael said.

"But what I am most impressed by is your restraint. I mean.. at your age.. there must be a lot of temptations that come along with a gift like that." Mulder said.

"Kinda." Michael said feeling kind of proud of his morality now. He never really looked at himself that way before.

"Any thing in particular come to mind?" Mulder asked forgetting all about the story he'd been waiting so long to hear Maria tell.

"yeaaahh, I remember one day when I was about, uh 14-15 this brand new pitch black Lambergini pulled up on the corner in front of me and the guy got out and looked at me.. not to many Lambergini's ride through Roswell.. any way the car was hot and the guy looked at me pretty much like I was scum.. and hit his alarm button as he walked passed me.. the alarm squawked this like horrible sound and I thought how easy it would be just to take it.. and maybe drive it a few blocks up and leave it there.. just to I don't know.. show him up in away.. but.. I wasn't all that good at this then… and I also knew it wasn't really right.. and wouldn't really get me anywhere anyhow.. so I let it go." Michael said.

"You made the right choice." Mulder said

"Yeah… car was hot though." Michael said.

"I bet there where other times too." Mulder said

"Hank, comes to mind on more than a few occasions." Michael said.

Mulder heard Michael say that and he filled with pain. He also filled with empathy. He lifted his hand off the steering wheel and patted Michael on the shoulder in a kindly fatherly way.

"You made the right choice there too, even though I am sure some days it didn't feel like it." Mulder said.

"Yeah… I guess." Michael said.

"You did… and now I'm really impressed… and proud." Mulder said.

Michael didn't realize how much he needed to hear that.. until it was said to him. He put his head down and looked at his own feet. His big shoes took up almost all the foot room in Estelle's small car. He let out a short sigh. It was short and strong.. and it was one of relief.

Meanwhile not so far away.
The cigarette smoking man lit up another smoke and savored the taste of the tobacco inside him.

"You realize you've had 52 years. When are you going to get this plan of yours into action? I have had more patience with you than you deserve." The CSM said.

"Hey now.. no fair.. CigaRat.. you can't count all that time those kids spent Incubating. That was not my fault." Nacedo said

The cigarette smoking man released a puff of grey smoke that floated out like a sinister snake.. not unlike his own personality. Nacedo.. might have regarded it as such… had he not been so void of humanity himself.

"Some how.. I think perhaps you had the ability to speed that process.. but you were stalling for the sake of your own life." CSM said

Nacedo laughed at the CSM..
"Unlike you.. I have come to realize there are things I cannot control. There are some things.. that just happen when they are good and ready to happen." Nacedo said.

"When are you going to put your little floosy in the picture?" the CSM said

"In good time.. Ciggy in good time." Nacedo said.

"Well I am loosing patience with you… I may just have to take care of this myself. Tell me who those kids are." The CSM said.

"Nothing doing.. those brats are my ticket off this rock and your not getting their names." Nacedo said

"I want you off this rock just as much as you want off. You're way to conspicuous. You even have your own enduring myth among the Native Americans.. This is not in my opinion a good thing.. With the power you have .. it should be even easier for you to be come a "no man" even easier than it was for me. The CSM said

"Don't get all high and mighty on me Ciggy.. you have and enduring myth of your own.. you think no one notices you your wrong. But we both strive for total anonymity. Which reminds me I have things to attend to do you have a message for Kavar or what?" Nacedo said..

"Only that plans for colonization are on schedule, on my end. And I assume.. I will retain all rewards promised to me." The CSM said.

"Yeah, yeah.. me too.. but you know. You should never trust an egomaniac. But hey its good for me.. gives me a bargaining tool." Nacedo said.

"You think Kavar is an ego maniac? I thought you aliens were devoid of human emotion." The CSM said as he dragged on his cigarette

"Oh he is one. Kavar has to have the "Royals" haaas to have em.. but he has to make them grovel, he has to see them suffer.. and for what.. they did nothing to him.. Its for his own ego.. so he can look the part of supreme ruler. But hay.. if he's going to rule.. he's going to rule.. Who am I to Fight the Future?" Nacedo said

"Who indeed." The CSM agreed.

"But hell, I'll give Kavar the message for ya. Nice to talk to you after all these years.. to talk to someone who understands my position again." Nacedo said.

"Yes, and your right .. he is an ego maniac.. not like us.. we disappear.." The CSM said.

'Yeah.. oh and get that pain in the ass Pierce off my back." Nacedo said.

"I'll keep him on your tail.. we have to keep you motivated after all." The CSM said.

"Yeah well then don't blame me if he turns up dead." Nacedo said.

"If he gets killed it's nothing to do with me.. I won't be placing any blame." The CSM said

Nacedo walked away knowing, feeling good to talk to someone who knew where he was coming from.. but he also knew that he had to keep his secrets.. they were his power and he knew he couldn't mention those FBI agents Mulder & Scully to the CSM… if he did.. it might lead the CSM to Michael.. and Michael to the rest and that was just the only thing he had that Kavar wanted.

The cigarette smoking man walked off thinking about the future only he & a few other were to be privy too.

To be continued
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Part 19 Intertwined Mythologies

Nacedo walked he was headed for a place to change. He thought about his plans and his long dark past. He had been planning it forever.. but now was not the time to infiltrate the Royals with his "wife" replacement for Max.. Long ago after he had struck a deal with Kavar.. He caused one of the pods to leak.. It was Max's brides pod.. He killed the original wife thinking that would be the end of it. There were other protectors on the ship and Nacedo turned them into CiggaRat.. It was easy. Because the future was going to be Kavar's and if he wanted to live he'd have to be part of that future. But it was one of the other protectors Etmal who learned of what he'd done and took the essence of the original bride and put it into the baby of Mrs. Hubbel.. luckily he'd been able to kill her off in time..He couldn't have Max's true love walking around.. when the replacement was they key to his entire plan.
Still when the other protector Etmal was killed in the White Room, CiggaRat swore he was still hiding something. Etmal couldn't have gotten that blasted Essence into another baby, no way.. it couldn't be.
But what Nacedo didn't know was that could and did. Etmal had had a friend of this own, a friend who he met on the Indian Reservation named Claudia Parker, who swore that when the time was right she would help; and that she would find a way to bring this important child back to life. To hold on to the essence till the soul could be reborn. Claudia would keep her promise and raise that child as her Grandchild.
Nacedo had no idea that two sets of people had come together. That the people who would save the earth and the people who would save his own world, were intertwined.
The Native American's had this story the "Anasazi" the story of the boy who would save the world… Earth. His world had a similar prophecy .. and it was thought that it would be a girl. A girl who would save the world.. and that that child would be the child of Max and his bride. Those two sets of people were linked, they were linked by Michael Guerin and his human origins. How could Nacedo ever know?
But there was someone who did know and that was Claudia Parker. Claudia had passed away but she did leave words with her Grandchild after she left.. words that she knew would insure the future of both worlds, keep alive the chance for both worlds to survive and come together.. "Follow your heart" If only Michael knew he was that link, to both those stories, to both of those children. If only Michael had heard Claudia's words of advise as well. He would know it was okay to tell Mulder and Scully about who he was and who Max and Isabel were. But he didn't know.

Maria who was big on the "Follow your heart" slogan passed down from Liz's grandmother the "essence of Liz's being" And the time had come to interrupt Michael and Mulder's conversation and spew some of what she knew.

"Agent Mulder, I think it's time I start talking now.. as we are almost back to town and I gotta go into work and try to help out Liz, return this car and everything.. and Michael's got a shift coming too. And I kinda think it's important that we try to get back to regular life and all just to keep grounded ya know.. and well any way about that shapeshifter… I'll tell you what I can, see uh, this guy Riverdog he says that this aahh being can like shapeshift from like one thing to another… and" Maria said.

"Many cultures believe in shapeshifters Maria, it's a very old concept, like China for instance believe that there is a shapeshifter that is a trixter, it changes shape for the purpose of tricking it's prey and destroying it." Scully said.

"Yeah well, that aside this trickster came about in about 1947, if you catch my drift… and well…" Maria said

"Ancient Greeks also believed that Zeus would shapeshift to fool human women into mating with him. It's a very old and unrealistic concept." Scully said.

"Scullllaaaay! Let the girl talk." Mulder scolded

"Ancient Greeks… no kidding.. what else do you know about Ancient Greece, Agent Scully?" Michael asked trying to be slick and sidetrack them all.

"She can read a little of it." Mulder answered because he was proud of his Scully, but unwilling to let her continue as Maria was on a roll.

"No wait, that trickster thing.. seems right.. I mean why would you shapeshift except to trick people.. I mean, if you could really do that why wouldn't you just pick one form and stick with it and build yourself.. why would you keep shifting around unless it was to fool people.. to trick them into doing something they want…. I mean, why did that thing shift into Agent Mulder?"

"It tried to seduce Scully, but I think it's ultimate plan was to kill her." Mulder said.

"It wasn't a shapeshifter, it was a rubber mask." Scully said.

"Don't mind her she's in a constant state of denial. See watch this, Scully…what did Michael just do over at the batting cage?" Mulder asked

"I can't be sure that Michael "did" anything. I saw a baseball get hurled at you by that machine and then you were seemingly tossed out of the way, but it was probably the way that you leaped and the position from where I viewed it from that made it appear that way." Scully said.

"See!" Mulder said

"Geeze." Maria said.

"What?" Scully asked confused by the way they were talking about her.

"Scully lives by the motto believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. That's kind of lucky for me because if she believed everything people said about me as a Doctor she could have had me committed by now " Mulder said.

"Mulder would you quit talking about me as if I weren't here." Scully said.

"Sorry Scully, Maria you were saying." Mulder said

"Well I don't know what I'm saying.. I'm just saying that it seems like that thing is a trickster and that it was trying to do something "that wasn't right" to Agent Scully and it did hurt her. And I'm just worried that its running loose out there planning God only knows what and why." Maria said.

"It hurt Scully… but didn't Mulder say he'd hurt anyone or anything that tried to hurt any of us? Maybe it's only trying to PROTECT, something." Michael scolded.

"I did say that." Mulder agreed.

"Yeah but you didn't kill anybody.. and that thing did.. it killed those people." Maria said.

"Two people were killed Maria yes. But we don't know that any "thing" killed them. I do think that Mulder and I were the intended victims, and we will have to carry the guilt that those lives were lost to save ours. But we don't know that it was a shapeshifter..." Scully said.

"Maria, your getting crazy now.. chill out will ya?!" Michael warned.

"Michael, I have good instincts.. I know I do. So you should just calm down." Maria said in defense of her self.

"I know how you feel Maria, time after time I get proven right, and still no one believes me." Mulder said as they pulled up to the Crashdown cafe.

"Please park it here.. this is where we found it." Maria said pointing out the spot from which she and Michael nabbed the car.

"Look we're here now so we better go in. Just get in touch with me tomorrow, I'll be home. I'm not going to school." Michael said as they all got out of the car.

"Michael." Mulder said

"Look, I'm not going.. just be careful okay… and get in touch tomorrow." Michael said

"You be careful too." Mulder said.

"I can take care of me and Maria." Michael said.

"I know you can." Mulder said trying to show the boy he had faith and confidence in him.

"Be careful. Someone was trying to kill you." Maria said with fear in her voice.

"Don't worry.. Scully can take care of me, she's mean with a pistol." Mulder joked.

"Saved your ass more than once." Scully remarked.

"It's such a nice ass too." Mulder joked

Scully rolled her eyes. To hide the fact that she had on more than one occasion.. looked.

"Let's go Mulder." Scully said.

Michael and Maria stood infront of the Crashdown Café and both watched Mulder and Scully walk away. And as Mulder and Scully walked away Michael and Maria heard them talking.

"Looks like we're walking Scully" Mulder said in a wisecrack tone.

"Looks like we are." Scully answered.

"You think Skinner will let us get another car?" Mulder asked.

"Like you said Mulder… looks like we're walking." Scully said

"Someone's looking to kill us and we're walking… well at least it's not raining." Mulder said

"Shut up Mulder.. don't jinx us." Scully said.

"Scully you don't believe in jinxes." Mulder reminded her.

"Well… just shut up then." Scully said.

"nice very nice.." Mulder said

And they continued on that way until their voices faded in the distance and Michael and Maria could no longer hear them.

Maria turned to Michael. Her eyes pleaded for a hug.

"Don't look at me like that." Michael said.

"Why?" Maria asked.

"You know why.. this time it's your turn to be out in the cold." Michael said feeling vengeful.

"hey." Maria said.

"What do you gotta flap your gums so much for?" Michael asked.

"Michael we can trust them." Maria said.

"Yeah well I think we can to.. but that still doesn't mean we should tell them everything." Michael said.

"Michael, that doesn't make sense." Maria said.

"Well it makes sense to me. I can't help it if your female brain can't work it out." Michael said.

"Michael! Look, I was right when I said we should tell Alex and I think what I said was well with in the boundaries." Maria said.

"You didn't have to say that it was around 1947, you didn't have to say that." Michael said.

"Why not?" Maria asked defensively.

"Look, I don't care… I gotta think…just leave me alone." Michael said and he went inside the crashdown.

"Nice very nice!" Maria said .

Michael went inside and Maria followed but kept her distance from him. No sooner Michael got up to the double back doors. Alex came up to him.

"Hey Mike.. who were those people you were talking to? Do you know where they are staying?" Alex asked.

"Since when do you call me Mike?" Michael asked very sternly.

"Sorrraaaaaeeeyyy, Michael okay? Who were those people?" Alex said.

"Did I say you could ask me personal questions at some point that I don't remember?" Michael said.

"Geeeezzze, you're a touchy bastard! I have every right to know who those people were. I'm in this too you know." Alex said

"Did you just call me a bastard?" Michael asked as he narrowed his eyes and puffed out his chest.

Alex seemed to be unshaken..

"Maybe." Alex said.

"Alex?" Michael asked now unsure of who was standing before him.

"Uhhhh gotta go!" the person before Michael said and bolted for the door. "Blast screwed up again!" Nacedo thought to himself as he exited the Crashdown in the form of Alex. "Maybe I better take some acting lessons."

"Maria call Alex now!" Michael said.

"I thought you weren't talking to me." Maria said.

"Maria now!" Michael said.

Maria pulled a cell phone from her pocket and dialed. There was no answer.

To be continued.

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Part 20 Dream the Truth

Maria hung up and dialed Alex again. The phone rang, but still no answer. Liz came out of the back of the Crashdown and smacked into Michael with the door. Michael lurched forward a little when struck.
"Oh sorry…You won't believe what happened! Estelle's car was stolen. When she went to go home, it wasn't there." Liz said.
"Estelle's gone senile, her cars right outside. I saw it on the way in." Michael said.
"Michael!" Maria said.
"But, but how could that be?" Liz said.
"Old bat probably forgot where she parked it." Michael said.
"MICHAEL!" Maria scolded.
"Well it's out there isn't it." Michael said.
Maria shook her head disapprovingly.

"Thank goodness you guys are back, me and Max can still make a movie then." Liz said tossing her head back at Max to show he was waiting for her. Michael looked over at Max, he knew that look. That was Max's look of suspicion. Michael knew he would have to divert Max's suspicions.
Michael turned to look at Maria. Maria stared back wide eyed and shook her head no, to indicate Alex wasn't answering.
"No actually we just came by to see if you could get someone to cover for me too." Michael said.

"Michael, how am I gonna explain this to my-" Liz started saying but Michael walked right past her into the back room. Liz was confused. She followed Michael into the back.
When she got back there she saw that Michael was grabbing his apron.

"Oh good you're going to stay, thank goodness.. you know I- " Liz said. But Michael walked past her once again.

Liz tossed her arms in the air as Michael went past her again and through double doors. Liz debated. Then she made up her mind to simply refuse to follow him again as it would only lead to frustration.

Max was seated in his regular booth slurping a cherry coke with Tobasco in it and waiting around for Liz. Michael walked up to Max.
"Congratulations. You're hired." Michael said and slapped the apron into Max's chest.
"Michael, what are you doing? I'm not-" Max said.
"She's hot for me Maxwell, one day when you need me to cover for you, because Liz is hot for you. You'll be glad I owe you one." Michael said.
Max stared up at Michael with a look of surprise on his face.
"Michael, you don't know anything about working at the UFO Center. So how can you ever cover for me? Max asked.
"Max, trust me, when you're in my shoes. You won't care." Michael said.
Max considered this, and decided Michael was right about that.
"I'll be back later. Don't wait up for us." Michael said.
"Wait! Michael what's going on? Why did Alex run out of here? And why did you have Maria call him in such a panic." Max asked.
"Obviously, Alex doesn't want to cover for me… so your up. Gotta go bye."
"Michael." Max said.
"If she cools down Max, you're the one I'll blame." Michael warned.
Max shut up and let him leave. Michael walked up to Maria grabbed her arm and they left.

Once safely outside Maria spoke.
"Michael, we don't have a car." Maria reminded.

Michael looked back at Estelle's car.

"Michael no, that cars already been reported stolen." Maria said

"Hold up." Michael said and popped his head back inside the Crashdown.

"Maxwell. Keys!" Michael said

"Now you really owe me." Max said and reached into his pocket and tossed Michael the keys.

Michael caught them easily. With in seconds he and Maria where off to Alex's house.


Mulder and Scully walked back to their hotel. At first it was almost as if they were on a patrol. But then Mulder set a more leisurely pace and Scully kept it. Mulder looked at his Scully and took note of the fact that she was right by his side. Mulder thought of all the times before he had Scully. When he looked to his side and saw no one. He filled with love and pride for her. He was proud that someone like Scully would stand by his side. He thought about all her admirable traits. There was no woman in the world like Scully. She was so tiny and neat. Strong and fit yet, still retaining her delicate features. Red fluffy hair cut to chin length to frame her petite face. A doctor, intelligent and able. She could save lives in more ways than one. With her abilities as a doctor, and with her great aim with a gun. And in every was that she was his balance in ideology she was his equal in thought. They both had investigative minds. And even thought their beliefs were often different. They could draw the same conclusions in the end. He thought of all the times they matched paces while working. Surrounding a suspect. You go left, I go right, without ever having to utter a word. Like two horses running together, synchronized swimmers, or the blue angels. It was magic, it made him feel like they were lovers. In his mind they were. Scully was his. Who else's would she be? He knew it was only a matter of waiting on his part. Eventually she'd figure it out. He just need to be patience and let her grow. He could see that she still had to grow. Even with all that she was already. She still needed to explore , who she was. She'd made fantastic strides. She left behind medicine despite and when into the FBI even though her family, teachers and colleagues urged her to stay on as a doctor. But Mulder knew something had brought Scully to his side. And as he took in a deep breath of the clear night air, he decided that Scully had chosen her path because it led here. To his side. Where she belonged. Where he belonged. And as the air filled his lungs, he felt it. That feeling he searched for so often. Truth. The feeling that he knew the truth. He and Scully were meant to be together. And even though he viewed it as fate, he was grateful for it none the less.

"Mulder?" Scully said.
"Yeah?" he answered.
"What's that look on your face?" She asked
"I was thinking. How to thank you." He said.
"Thank me?" Scully said.
"For coming out to Roswell with me." Mulder said.
"Mulder, you know you don't have to thank me." Scully said.
"No, I should." Mulder said.
"Well, then I should thank you too." Scully said.
"Thank me? For what?" Mulder asked with a laugh.
"For taking me to Roswell." Scully said.
"Scully, you don't like Roswell do you?" Mulder asked surprised.
"Sure I do Mulder, what's not to like? Nice clean air, a sky full of stars, and no buildings to block their view. I do like Roswell." She said.
"Scullaay. That's so surprising coming from you." Mulder said.
"Sure despite the alien memorabilia everywhere, the UFO nuts left and right, and the fact that someone is trying to kill us. Roswell is pretty nice." Scully said.
Mulder knew what Scully was trying to say. She was trying to say she was not unhappy about their little walk back. She was enjoying it as much as he was. That she wasn't sorry to be there with him. Not only right now, but all the time.
"Yeah, I guess. Roswell is pretty nice." Mulder said.
"Yeah." Scully agreed
Mulder felt she sounded so cute when she said it. He forgot to put that on his list. She could be so cute at times. He thought that on stakeouts she was particularly cute. She had this way of complaining on a stake out that was just adorable. It was all he could do not to take his hands and squeeze her face. It was like she reverted to childhood. Like a kid on a long drive. "Mulder, it's cold in here. Mulder, I'm tired. Mulder, when can we get out of here? Mulder, wake up and keep me company." If he didn't find her so cute, than he'd think it was darn right annoying. Come to think of it, if it were anyone else complaining to him like that he'd probably take out his gun and pistol whip em just so they'd shut up.
In turn Scully was thinking about the fact that when she asked Mulder what he was thinking he told her. In fact he'd call her up at any given time, JUST to tell her what he was thinking. She could think of plenty of other men she'd known, who would never talk about what they thought or felt. Who kept her at a distance. That was not Mulder. She could feel what Mulder felt. It seeped from him. It was part of the energy that was him. It made her feel magnetized to him. She could feel him. She could always feel him on some level. She only realized it after they first started working together. How often she would wake up at 11:21 PM only to have Mulder call her a second later. When she found out that Mulder's sister was born on November 21st. She realized that it was Mulder she felt. And that it Mulder that caused her to wake. That he needed to talk, because he was thinking about his sister. There was a connection between her and Mulder, and she learned that if she tried to deny it she was only lying to herself. And only hurting him in the process.
"Mulder." Scully said.
"Uh huh." Mulder said.
"What are we going to do about Michael?" Scully asked.
"Wait I guess." Mulder said.
"How long can we wait?" Scully asked.
"I guess, at some point we'll have to go home. But it doesn't mean we stop waiting." Mulder said.
"No, I guess it doesn't." Scully said.
"Scully." Mulder said.
"Yes, Mulder?" she asked.
"Someone's trying to kill us." Mulder said
"I know Mulder. And we have to figure out why." Scully said.
"Uh, No..I mean like now." Mulder said.
Scully looked behind them to find that there was a man standing behind them with a gun held to Mulder's back.
Mulder felt the gun sharply pressed into him. He couldn't help but wonder, if he was going to be able to get out of this. But with Scully at his side. With Scully in his life, he would have to, he needed to.
"Give me all your money." The man with the gun said.
"Great, live everyday of your life in a crime ridden city, come to Roswell and get mugged." Mulder said.
Scully pulled out her gun and faced the mugger.
"Federal Officers ! Take that gun off of my partner! What you're doing right now is a Federal offense punishable to the fullest extent of the law." Scully warned.
"Sh*t! I guess that means I'll have to kill you both." The mugger said.
"Sir take that gun out of my partners back or I swear to you I will shoot you now." Scully said.
"Now!" Scully said.
"Put the gun down." Mulder coaxed.
"So help me, put it down.. drop the weapon…drop the weapon." Scully said and each time she spoke she grew more and more intense. She would not have someone take Mulder from her. God help her.. she would not have it.
"Sh**t." the mugger became confused.
"You drop yours! Or I'll shoot him." The mugger said clearly panicked.
"Now, Drop it now. I'm giving you to the count of 3 and then I shoot you. Now.. drop it now.. One… two-" Scully said.
Mulder tried to move his hands to his own gun.
"Stop it stop moving.. I'll shoot you." The mugger said.
"DROP IT!" Scully said and cocked her gun.
The mugger freaked and dropped his weapon. He tried to make a break for it. He ran as fast as he could in the other direction. Mulder ran after him. He caught up to the mugger in only moments. Once behind him he tackled him down and handcuffed him.
"F*ckin Fed!" The mugger complained.
"You should take this as a sign to look into a new career path." Mulder said.
Scully read the perp his rights and a riot act. She was incredibly worked up. Mulder was shocked to find she was still being threatening.
"You rat bastard, I ought to shoot your head off." Scully said.
"Scully." He said
"Yeah." Scully answered still with anger in her voice.
"I'm all right." Mulder said.
Even though Scully had known Mulder was now safe. She needed to hear it. When he said it a wave of relief came over her. It was such an immense release it surprised her.

Mulder and Scully turned the perp into the local Deputy. The Deputy seemed very interested that there were Federal Agents in town.
Mulder assured him it was all personal business, and nothing more. But the Deputy seemed more than passingly interested and even offered to drive them back to their hotel. Which they accepted.

When Mulder and Scully reached the hotel room. They both plopped on the bed, stared up at the ceiling and sighed out loud. They had, had some day.

"Mulder." Scully said.
"Yeah Scully." Mulder said.
"You know how I said I liked Roswell." Scully said.
"Yeah?" He said.
Scully and Mulder turned their heads and faced each other at the same time. Mulder looked in her eyes. But before she could say she hated it. He said.
"I know."
"Mulder, you've cut your face." Scully said her voice full of concern.
"I'm okay Scully" Mulder said.
Scully put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a tissue. She lifted her hand and wiped Mulder's cut.
"You're cut Mulder." Scully said.
Mulder looked in Scully's eyes. He did feel pain, but it wasn't the cut. It was his heart. He longed to kiss her. He longed to show her his love for her. He longed to say it out right and hear her say it back. After Scully wiped his cut clean. She could not help but caress his face. As cool as she could be under pressure. There were some things and some times, that things really shook her up. Seeing that guy tonight with a gun pressed up to Mulder's back. And not even realizing he'd come up behind them. Really shook Scully to her foundation. She had an overwhelming need to express affection for him. Mulder took Scully's hand by the wrist and gently guided her palm to his lips and kissed her hand.
"I'm alright." Mulder whispered.
Mulder could feel Scully tremble when he kissed her. And he felt her tremble even more as he held on to her wrist. She was still afraid. He could feel it in her body, and see it in her eyes. If only she weren't afraid. He could kiss her. He could love her tonight and forever. He slowly let Scully loose, And he was happy to find that she took her hand away as slowly as possible.
In his mind and in his soul, he spoke to Scully, praying that she could hear him that she could sense it even though he would never speak the words that he felt.. "I would never rush you Scully… I'd never rush you.. you don't need to be afraid of that… you don't need to be afraid at all…"
And Scully did feel it. She felt safe as Mulder looked in her eyes. She knew he would not go where, she couldn't go. And it wasn't for lack of wanting. It was for fear of loosing. Loosing her best friend, her partner, the one man she loved so much. What if she messed up.. what if he left, she'd never make it after that. At least this way, she could still love him, and not loose him. Scully felt safe with Mulder but she was still afraid, afraid of a life without Mulder. Everyday she grew closer to him. She could count on that everyday.
What would she do if that changed?
Scully watched as Mulder closed his beautiful hazel eyes. He closed his yes and he soaked in the pain and the longing of wanting "this" to be more. He soaked it in and reminded himself that this desire in him was a good thing. That when "their" moment finally did arrive, it would be all the sweeter, having felt this way for so long. He day- dreamed that when she was good and officially his, he would have to remind her of all the years they wasted not making love. And then she would laugh and kiss him and tell him that they had plenty of time now. Mulder breathed slow and heavy and when he was nearly asleep, he felt Scully touching his hair. He prayed he wasn't dreaming it. He wasn't. Scully was touching his hair, and thinking of the time when he told her that she was his "his friend, his touchstone and his constant." And how when she kissed his face she felt so much love in her heart, she thought it might burst from the inability to contain it. And how she wanted so badly to kiss his lips that she had touch them. Just, because if she couldn't press her lips to his, at least she touched them. She thought about how she ran away after. How she always ran a way how she always shied away. And she hated herself. Where was her bravery now?
Mulder drifted silently to sleep, further lulled by Scully's loving touch. When Scully finally fell asleep she dreamed herself back at Mulder's doorstep that day. She knocked on his door and he answered wearing that baseball hat over his head injury. She cried when she told him about Diana being dead, feeling pain for him, for the loss of his friend, but also hating Diana for being someone else that was close to him. Mulder once again told her how it was she Scully, that had been his closest friend. How she was the one who always told him the truth. How she was his one in 5 billion. She felt relief. She kissed his face just as she had in reality. But this time in her dream she gently touched his lips with her hands. Looked in his eyes and then pressed her lips slightly to his. And Mulder accepted this kiss, just as he might in reality. As one of friendship. In her dream when she realized that he thought, that was what it was. She told him it was more. "I thought I'd lost you… I thought you might love her, and not me." She explained. "And that killed me, because I thought there was something between us no one could ever touch, and it killed me because, I love you so much." Scully admitted. Oddly in her dream.. Mulder had been wearing the baseball hat over his head injury in the dream, but it was now gone. Not only was he healthy but they were now inside his apartment. "How could you think I didn't love you, Scully. Can't you even see me? See my soul." Mulder asked. "I can Mulder, I can see right to you. I just became afraid. I thought I'd imagined it all, that it was all one sided." She said.
Mulder smiled, it was that smile she'd seen before. The one that told her he understood her fear, and that it was all over now. The smile he often showed her, just before he took her in his arms. Mulder put out his arms and gently pulled Scully forward into his body. There he cradled her to him, and rocked her. It was a sweet dance to the beat of their hearts, to the song in their souls. It was a song that had no end, it traveled through space and time stretching on into infinity, speeding through space light pure light with no end and no beginning. And she knew, they would always be together. Bonded by love. Once she understood what her dream showed to her. She flashed on her and Mulder sitting in the Crashdown Café once again. Maria walked up to them to take their order, instead of the waitress they really had. Maria took out a pencil and guest-check book. She tapped her foot and then tapped her pencil on the book. "Well." She said.
"Well what?" Scully asked.
"Miss there's something wrong with my sandwich." Mulder said
"What's wrong Mulder?" Scully asked.
"I ordered the D.N.A. not the B.L.T." Mulder said.
Scully looked at Mulder's sandwich. It had a little flag sticking out of it.
"Well, have you checked your records?!" Maria said still tapping.
Scully peered closer at the flag.

To be continued
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Part 21 Bricks & Walls

Michael drove wildly all the way to Alex's house. When they got there. Maria rang the bell and there was no answer. Michael pushed Maria slightly to the side and unlocked the door with his powers. They both went inside and the house was empty. Maria pointed the way to Alex's room. When Maria and Michael got into Alex's room they found that that too was empty. There didn't seem to be anything wrong.
"Michael, what's going on. You didn't even tell me why we are here." Maria said.
"I don't think that was Alex before." Michael said.
"You think it was him?? Nacedo?" Maria said.
"Alex doesn't talk to me like that." Michael said.
"So then- where's Alex? What has he done to Alex?" Maria asked.
"That's what I'm here to find out." Michael said.

Just about then the phone rang. Alex's voice came on the tape.
"Lost your Whit's? well the whit's not here either leave a message." Alex's voice said over music.
"Nerd." Michael commented.
Maria began to tear up at the sound of Alex's voice as her mind filled with worries.
Over the answering machine came the voice of Mrs.Whitman, Alex's mother. "Alex, Honey just checking in with you. We made it here okay. We really wish you came along. Grandpa was very disappointed. Okay, maybe next month you can come with us.. or even by yourself if you like. Okay, call me so I know you got this. Night."

"See, see his mother is worried that's why she called.. Motherly, instincts. Just like my mom.. I mean she seems clueless. But she always knows when something is wrong. Lots of times I'll come home from one of our crazy "alien" things and she'll say. "Maria, is everything okay.. I had this bad feeling earlier. But not only that Michael.. Alex is supposed to be here. He didn't go where ever his parents went. He should be here. " Maria babbled.

Michael looked near Alex's phone to see if he'd written down an address or something clueing in to where he might be. He didn't find anything. He continued to search.

Maria paced the room. She grew increasingly nervous.
"Well, what should we do? Should we tell Liz, Max and Isabel? Maybe we should ask Agents Mulder and Scully for help…. Michael what are we going to do?" She said and through her arms up knocking over one of Alex's lamps.

Suddenly they heard a pounding on the closet door.

"Hey, hey! Is someone out there?? Let me out of here!" Alex said.

Michael pulled on the closet door but it was locked. So he used his powers to unlock it. Alex popped out.
"Thanks.. phewww.. I got locked in somehow. What are you guys doing here?" Alex asked.
"How'd you get locked in the closet." Michael asked.
"Something in my closet fell over, I heard it.. so I went to go see what happened and the clothing bar had snapped. So I bent to pick it up and the next thing I know, the door shut behind me. And I was stuck in there." Alex said.
"Are you okay?" Maria asked.
"I'm okay.. Surprised you are here. I thought I was going to be locked in there all weekend. After a while I just fell asleep. How did you guys know to look for me." Alex asked.
"Maria, had a feeling." Michael said drawing on the story she just told about her mother.
"Thanks." Alex said.
"Alex?" Maria said.
"Yeah?" He asked
"What color was that bass guitar you wanted so badly?" Maria asked, knowing full well the answer.
"It was called Black Galaxy. It had these bronze flecks in it and it looked like a star field. It was awesome. Why?" Alex answered.
"Oh uh nothing, I was walking by the music shop, and I saw a bass guitar there and thought it was cool.. Wondered if that was the one is all." Maria said.
Michael looked at Maria, and she nodded approval at him. It was Alex all right.
"Alex, you wanna sleep at my house on the sofa. I'll ask my mom.. I tell her you're alone. I'm sure she will say okay." Maria said.
"She wouldn't let me stay." Michael said.
"You were in my bed. That's why." Maria said.
"Too much info." Alex said tossing up his arms.
"So she'd let me stay on the couch?" Michael asked in a defensive tone that said. "What am I some kind of villain?"
"Probably not." Maria answered.
"Why the hell not!?" Michael asked.
"Well she'd be to afraid we'd end up in bed.. so she would probably have you sleep in my room and have me sleep with her in her room. To make sure nothing happened.. but it's not like she wouldn't let you stay.. if you really wanted to stay. She's not like that you know. She has always opened her doors to people.
"oh." Michael said.
"oh." Maria mocked and made a stupid face at him.
"Well Alex?" Maria asked
"Yeah you know what… I think I should. I am a bit freaked out.. the whole time I was in the closet I was trying to convince myself that I wasn't pushed in. I mean, I didn't see anything. But it was all so weird that I thought.. well I thought something stupid.. but then again.. up until a little while ago I didn't believe in Aliens either. The whole way I view the world has been changed. I don't know.. the way things are going I could end up writing for that crazy newspaper I sometimes see Max reading.. that he gets from the UFO center.. you know the one.. the one with all the crazy paranoid stories. "The Lone Gunman." Paper. I found myself trying to convince myself that a someone didn't push me in there. Imagine having to convince yourself that. You know you've fallen a little off your rocker, when that's starts happening. But at least I have a viable excuse for questioning it.. Michael here being an Alien and all. Of course this whole thing could just be one big hallucination, and then of course I would be crazy.. for all I know I could still be locked in that closet. Hallucinating that I got out.. and there would be nothing I could do to prove other wise, nothing that would make me absolutely sure I wasn't hallucinating." Alex said.

"Damn it Alex. Get a grip." Michael scolded.
Michael walked over and investigated the closet. He picked up one half of the clothes pole that was broken. He swung it like a bat, remembering how he hit baseballs with Mulder earlier. He took note of Mulder's form and copied it. He swung again.
"Watch out with that thing." Maria said.
"Not what you said the other day." Michael said
"Again to much information." Alex said clearly grossed out.
"He's kidding you idiot." Maria said.
"oh." Alex said.
"jerk." Maria said.
"Sorry" Alex apologized.
"Not you! Him!" Maria said.
Michael smiled a smug almost grinchy grin.
Maria and Alex waited for Michael to apologize to her.. like Alex had done.
Maria tossed up her arms.
"Well come on. Let's go to my house. Before we all shrivel up.. like here and die.. like like-." Maria said.
"Chester Copperpot." Alex finished for her.
"yeah like him." Maria said with a laugh.
"Who the hell is he?" Michael asked.
"Chester copperpot… chester copperpot." Alex whispered maniacally.
"A skeleton." Maria explained. As they all walked out of the house.
"The skeleton of the ghost that Alex thinks pushed him in the closet!?" Michael said getting back at them for their evil little "in joke".
"Hey! How did you know that's what I thought?" Alex asked wondering if Michael was hiding a secret ability to read minds.
"What the hell else would a geek like you think?" Michael said.
"Now hold on there… not a geek man. You trust your life endangering secrets to a guy you think is a geek?" Alex said.
"Well you know, what.. I really didn't think I had until tonight when I heard your answering machine. By the way… your mother called." Michael said.
"The machine's too much… it's too much.. I knew it was too much, when I recorded it.. Liz said it was nice.. I'm gonna kill her. God what if Isabel called?" Alex said.
"I don't think you have to worry." Michael said.
"Take it easy Michael." Maria said swatting him slightly.
They all hopped in the jeep and drove to Maria's house. Alex and Maria got out. Michael said his goodbyes from the running jeep. Alex headed for the front door. Maria stayed at the jeep.
"You could come in too if you want. You could both sleep on the sofas. I am sure we could get away with that." Maria said.
"No, I have to return Max's. jeep. See you guys later." Michael said.
Maria walked over to Michael and kissed his lips.
"Michael, that shapeshifter is trying to do something.. I don't understand what, so be careful tonight okay." She said.
"Yeah.. you too." Michael said.
"Remember… tomorrow when you see me.. we have to use the passwords.. Mulder and Scully want us to.. do that." Maria said secretly dying to hear him whisper.. " The Red sneakers" in her ear again.
"Okay." Michael said. He waited for Maria to pass in front of the jeep safely and then he started off down the road. He wasn't going straight back to Max. He had a jeep in his possession and could use some time to think on his own. Nothing was better for thinking than a nice long drive.


Scully dreamed she was looking at the little flag sticking out of the sandwich Maria had served to Mulder.
On the little flag was a picture of a little tree. In her dream she actually thought.. "Odd."
"You know it's like bricks." Maria said
"The sandwich?" Scully asked
"Like bricks. You might as well forget it." Maria said.
Scully looked at Mulder and his sandwich had turned into a brick. Yet he was trying to eat it. She felt shock and confusion.
It seemed that somehow that dream had ended as well and she was back to the previous topic once again. They were in her home now, and seated together on her sofa. "Wanna order a pizza?" Mulder asked her.
"Green peppers?" Scully asked.
"Sure." He agreed.
"Now?" She asked.
"Nahhh later." He said and pulled her down and gently guided both their bodies till they were laying on the sofa together. It didn't seem strange. It was then that she lucidly realized that he lived there with her. She wondered how they had gotten to that point. She wondered it in her dream. She thought she'd ask.
"How did we get here Mulder?" She asked happily.
"What do you mean how Scully? It's where we are supposed to be. It doesn't matter how." He said. And it didn't.
Scully awoke from her dream to find herself wrapped in Mulder's arms, in an unclassifiable smelling hotel room. She was disappointed, it wasn't her home and they didn't live there together. Maybe it was the shock of the earlier events of the day. But she suddenly wanted to go back to DC. She suddenly felt like it was imperative that they go. Go back home and get back to life. She wanted to go forward. You idiot. She thought to herself, if you really want to go forward, you could wake him up and start kissing him, like some stark raving love crazed lunatic. That would be a step forward, you know you can't deal with "forward" you can only handle the here and now. Chicken sh*t. So now what? Go back to sleep stupid, you are in a dream-induced haze and you are not thinking clearly. Go back to sleep. She sat up slightly so she could see Mulder's face.
Wake him up and kiss him, the starved lunatic of her soul said. Wake him up and pour out ever single admission of love that has ever gone through your stupid little noggin. Tell him how much you love him, and how long you've loved him and wait for him to make love to you. Or else how will you ever get where you belong? He's beautiful what's wrong with you? Scully knew she was out of it, she was exausted, and not fully awake. She got up walked across the room. She pulled the little paper wrapper off one of the glasses they give you in a hotel, She went to the sink, turned on the tap and filled the glass. Blasted bathroom sink water. Hopefully it would taste okay. Water always tastes different everywhere you go. It's kind of an annoyance. After all Coke always tastes like Coke, no matter where you go… unless you travel back to the 80's for a glass of disgusting "new coke" but God who even wants to remember that? She took a sip of the water. Thanking the lord that it was cold, the cold would restore some of her brain cells. She thought about splashing it on her face but then she'd never get back to sleep.
Mulder writhed in bed struggling for Scully's body to grasp on to. When he came up empty, it woke him up enough to call for her.
"Sccccuuuullllllyyyyyy." he called out. It was clear to her he was half-asleep.
"I'm here Mulder." She said.
"Come back to beddddd." He groaned. He was not mentally aware that he was calling her to bed. He was just doing it out of pure need to have her next to him.
She took the glass with her and approached the bed. She stood over it on her side and saw his arm was flailing up and down trying to see if she'd returned.
"Sccccuuullllaaaeeeey." He moaned.
"I'm here Mulder." She said.
"Bed." He said almost completely muffled by the pillow his face was squished into.
Scully had regained all conscious thought. She could think clearly again, and what she realized was that Mulder called for her from his sleep. That his body knew… it was aware that her body was not next to him. And that if she didn't lay down in less than one minute, there next to him, he would fully awaken. Probably jump straight out of the bed to make sure she was safe.
"I just needed some water Mulder." She told him as she placed the glass on the table nightstand. She sat down and lifted his arm which was stretched out over to her side of the bed. She slid under it and lay down. Once under he pulled her closer. A soft sigh of relief came out of him. His long arm crossed over her little body. She would not sleep now.. Not for maybe a few hours. She thought it funny how her tiny little self seemed to fit so perfectly next to him. He was so tall.
She would never ever tell a soul, but the day after she met him she went right out and got all new shoes. Ones with the highest heels she could find. She always liked to wear high shoes, because she was so short. But something about meeting Mulder made her run out and buy all new shoes. Damn it. She knew exactly what it was that made her run out and buy the shoes. It wasn't what some one on the outside might think. It wasn't so that she wouldn't feel inferior. It was the simple fact that he kept trying to look in her eyes and she noticed he would have to bend to do it. And she wanted him to be able to look in her eyes. She thought of what a little child she was when she met him. How in the beginning she would touch him all the time, foolishly not realizing people were around. Somewhere along the way, as coworkers began to stare, she closed off.
She remembered how her heart went completely mad inside, fluttering, when they were on a case chasing after Eugene Victor Tooms (the first time) and she confronted Mulder about being territorial over her. And not only did Mulder admit to it but reached out his finger and wrapped it around her necklace and gently tugged. Her head spun as she could think of nothing else but how elegantly he moved. Then how closely he brought his body to her's as he walked passed her. She could feel the charge of electric between them. She could smell him, and he smelled so good. Everything he said had urged her forward as well. How clear he made it that he wanted her with him. How much she felt like a cartoon character, following a visible scent to the treat. And he was that treat. And it wasn't just physical and emotional stimulation- it was intellectual as well. The man was magnetic and she remembered how her feet actually moved before she made the conscious decision to follow. And now here she was years and years from their third case together, in bed with him, and yet somehow staving off a physical relationship. Somehow she had gone from following him about… to keeping him away, like a blushing bride on the honeymoon from hell. The kind where the bride stays locked in the bathroom crying as the groom pleads from the other side of the door. Saying that everything will be fine and not to be frightened. That's what she had done to Mulder… kept him forever in that scenario. She hated herself for it because she knew she couldn't get her self out of it. She couldn't get past the fear of loosing him, should they become romantically entwined. Stop thinking or you'll never get to sleep she scolded her self. She then she turned her head to look at him again. He softly breathed he was so wonderfully relaxed. He smelled good. It was not cologne it was Mulder smell.
She once saw this science experiment on TV where they blindfolded all these women and gave them a bunch of shirts to smell that different men had worn to see if they could pick out the shirt of their husbands. Every single woman got it right. And they had like 10 shirts to smell. She thought about it and it didn't surprise her all that much. She knew what Mulder smelled like; she could pick out his shirt for sure. Mulder smelled like.. like where she belonged. Like, home. But right now, she had this horrible feeling that they had hit a wall here in Roswell, that all these things kept going wrong because they were supposed to go home. It was irrational and she knew it, still tomorrow when he awoke she would try to convince him.

To be continued.
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Part 22 Road Blocks, Truth, Heartache, Prayers and Answers

When morning came Mulder, awoke first. He turned and saw his pretty Scully sleeping beside him. It made him blissful. He smiled and turned on the T.V. and imagined the rest of his future this way. In bed with Scully watching the Tube. It certainly more than beat the present situation at home. The sofa, the TV. And no bed no Scully. He liked this situation in Roswell, on room, one bed, TV and Scully in it. He turned to look at her every so often while watching his movie, just to remind himself, how great it was.

Scully woke to find Mulder laying next to her watching TV.
"What are you watching?" She asked
"Serpico, but it's over." Mulder answered.
"Speaking of endings Mulder, I think it's time we went home." Scully said.
Mulder said nothing. If Scully had been paying attention she might have caught the split second of dismay he allowed to show in his eyes. The moment that Scully had chose to say that, cut him. While they shared a room. While they shared a bed. While he could feel the warmth of her body next to his. While his heart had been so happy, and beating just for her. Why would she say that now? Was she that repulsed at the thought of being with him? He felt a fool to have reveled his romantic side, by kissing her hand. He began to believe she wanted out of this situation as soon as possible. He wondered if he'd been blind to the hopelessness of his desire for more from her.
Perhaps he'd been nothing but narcissistic in his belief that one day she would be his. Mulder's heart twinged with pain. He rolled over on his side and kept his back to her.
Scully sat up. She sensed something had just gone terribly wrong. She wondered what she had done. She only wanted to go home. She was shaken up by the prospect of nearly loosing him tonight.
She looked at the back of his head and waited for him to turn around. She tried speaking his name.
"Mulder." She said
No reply.
"Mulder." She tried again.
Still nothing
Just don't talk to me. Mulder thought

"Mulder." She said once more. She tried to reach out and touch him but he got up from the bed before she could manage it. He had no clue she'd even tried. He looked around for a pair of jeans to change into, from the clothes he'd fallen asleep in. He grabbed jeans and briskly walked into the bathroom. He slammed the door, but only slightly.
Scully was in shock. What the? What the heck just happened here? She knew she was in the dog house now.
"Mulder!" She called from the bed.
I don't want to hear it. Mulder thought hoping she would somehow sense it.
He opened the door to the bathroom. He stopped for a second. Looked at her rather hardly and left.

Scully flopped down on the bed. This is not happening. She thought.
There is no talking to him now. She got up went into the bathroom and showered. She came out of the bathroom wrapped head and body in flimsy hotel towels. She changed into her clothes and kept the towel on her head. She opened her suitcase and started packing.

Mulder walked down the street alone. He hurt so much emotionally that every part of his body hurt. He jaw clenched and that muscle in it would have been visible to anyone who might have been around. Except there wasn't anyone. He was alone. Alone in a partnership he thought was heading somewhere. Somewhere tangible. Something he could make claims about. Who's that? Scully,she's my woman, he imagined he would say. He knew it was stupid, but he'd only just realized how stupid. They would never get it together… point being. Scully just didn't want it.
Maybe he should start praying for a Miracle.


Michael had driven around all night straight through to morning. He thought and thought… he even talked to himself a little. I can tell Mulder.. why not? It's my life. I can tell who I want, what I want. I may be an alien but I was raised an American after all. F*ck it. I'll just tell him. I think he kind of knows any way. What's the worst that could happen? Besides loosing the trust of my two closest friends. But they have a family. So what the f*ck do they care if I don't have one! They think they are enough for me.. they don't understand what it's like for me. They have real parents… even if they aren't their real parents. Screw it.. I'll tell Mulder. That's what I'll do.. I'll tell him.
Michael swung the jeep around and drove steadly to the hotel that Mulder and Scully were staying at. He drove steadly towards it.. and directly past it.
I'll tell him.. I will. Someday.

Mulder had walked from the hotel room to the road. He knew after what happened Scully would freak if she knew he didn't take his gun with him. He just didn't feel like he had the time. Too much temptation to do something that could either make or break their relationship. He couldn't think about that, he wasn't clear headed enough at the moment. He found himself just standing on the road in front of the hotel. He heard the faint sound of an engine coming toward him. Someone was driving down the road. He moved to the side of the road to make sure he was not in the way.

A jeep drove past him, and he noted right away that the driver appeared to be Michael. The hair was pretty unmistakable. And as the boy drove past him without so much as a glance, Mulder tried to flag him down. Michael hadn't seen him on the side of the road. Mulder had gone undiscovered much like Michael had when he was a child. Mulder felt abandoned. Something inside Mulder clicked. He began to understand that Michael wasn't ready for him. He needed him, but he wasn't ready. He wasn't ready to take the chance of loosing him. Just like Scully. And once again Mulder would have to be patient
Mulder began to wonder if his lesson in life was patience. He thought it was odd it should be since he had so much of it. He wondered if he should continue this route or just go ballistic and demand everything he wanted from everyone, but he knew he would never do that. Because he did understand that emotion, and he did understand how traumatic it could be when you go somewhere you are not ready to go. He'd been traumatized more than once in his life on working on the X files.

About a mile after passing the hotel. Michael turned the jeep down a side road and stopped. He punched the steering wheel. The horn went off. That pissed him off, so he hit the wheel again for being so stupid and beeping, while he was trying to be alone and not call attention to himself. This time it didn't beep.
He hit again. This time so hard, he cracked it.
Then he put his head down on the cracked steering wheel and fought as his eyes teared up. He fought it and he battled it…but he still felt a liquid wet tear stream down his face. He couldn't stop it and it angered him more.
It just wasn't fair.
Thoughts of Hank beating him and miss treating him flooded his mind. He imagined a life where Mulder had found him earlier. Before Hank ever got a hold of him. But all this dreaming was useless. He'd have to turn Mulder away and he knew it.
He fought the tears so hard that he forgot to breathe. A lurching in his chest forced him to take a breath. It all became to powerful.
So he cried.
When it was all over he lifted his head to see where he was. The sunlight illuminated a sign before him. The sign read. "Dead End."
"No kidding, you think?" He mocked the sign as if it were speaking to him.
He backed the jeep out, and the screech of the tires said "anger" into the air. It was time he returned the jeep to Max, and go home to sleep.

When Mulder got back to the hotel room, Scully was packed and dressed and apparently very neatly pressed and waiting to go.
"I'm leaving." She said.
"Do what you want." Mulder said.
He was so cold, she could hardly believe it.
"Don't you at least want to know why?" Scully asked.
"Why so you can tell me how wrong I am." Mulder said his heart still pricked with pain and embarrassment.
"Mulder…. What's the matter with you? You know I don't think that." She said
Mulder sighed and unclenched his body which had been very tensed up.

"It's just that I think we are getting nowhere fast with Michael. I only thought we should go, and if we leave. Maybe he'll decide to come to us.. or you." Scully said.

"So you think we are wasting our time here." Mulder said.
Scully wondered why Mulder had such a strange look on his face.. almost as if he were applying to some double meaning to the statement, that she wasn't grasping.

"No I don't think it was a waste of time. I only want you to get some results… I don't know if you noticed Mulder but that boy is really, really stubborn. But I do think he's somewhat attached to you already.. and I think if we leave… he may respond." Scully said.

"So you think to get a response out of someone, you should leave… so they know what they are missing." Mulder said straight and cold as steel.

"Mulder… what is the matter with you? What is going on here?" She asked

"What kind of response were you looking for when you packed your bag Scully?" Mulder asked.

"Mulder, if I've done something to upset you… I didn't mean to. I meant for us to leave together.. I was hoping you would pack up and go with me. That's what I was looking for. Look, maybe its me. Its not like I want to admit to this but, I think maybe I flipped out a little over what happened with that mugger last night. How we didn't even hear him coming." Scully said.

"Are those the reasons you want to leave Scully, because we are getting nowhere with Michael and because we got mugged last night?" Mulder asked

"It's that simple Mulder. I didn't say it to upset you, if that's what you're thinking." Scully said.
"And you packed because?" Mulder asked
"If you want to stay one more day Mulder we can stay." Scully said.
"Did you want to see if you could get a room of your own or something?" Mulder asked.

It suddenly occurred to Scully that Mulder thought it was the living situation that had prompted her to want to leave. Nothing could be further from the truth. She thought about this man's pain. It suddenly occurred to her that perhaps Mulder was sometimes lonely. That maybe he didn't want to sit in his apartment alone thinking. Like she'd so often assumed he had. She thought about all the times she had felt lonely and wanted to pop in on him, but then assumed that she would be disturbing him.

"Mulder let's go home together. You know we weren't supposed to be here in the first place. Skinner is giving us a break by letting us stay. Let's not push it." Scully said.

"Scully, so much is going on here, how can we just leave?" Mulder asked

"Mulder…you know that, we can't get at any of it. Pierce had made sure we can't get any where near that crime scene. If we are going to find out anything. We are going to have to go through proper channels at home. Skinner's done all he can for us." Scully said.
"You want to just leave?" Mulder asked again.

"I do. I want to leave. We'll do what we can from DC and we can come back someother time to try again with Michael. I just think it's best.. Look Mulder we always go on your instincts. I am using mine for once, can't we at least give this a try?" Scully asked.

Mulder thought about it. And his mind went back to when Michael had just passed him on the road.

"Okay, we'll leave today. Just let me give him one more chance before we go. I'll be back in a little while." Mulder said.

"Thankyou." Scully said.

Mulder didn't expect that. He smiled but it was a sorrowful one. And he headed out to see Michael.

Scully turned and packed up Mulder's things. She felt relieved already.

Mulder arrived at Michael's house alone. Michael answered the door. Clearly exhausted.

"I just came to say goodbye Michael. We have to get back to DC. Here's a card with mine and Scully's home numbers if you ever need anything." Mulder said.

Michael didn't know what to say. He took the card.

"Is there anything you need to say before we go?" Mulder asked.

"no." Michael answered silently.
"no?" Mulder inquired one last time.
"Thanks for trying." Michael said.
"yeah." Mulder said half-heartedly.

Mulder stuck out his hand for Michael to shake. Michael put his hand into Mulder's and shook. Two shakes and it was over Mulder loosened his grip turned around and walked to the car. He got in waved at Michael who still stood at this door. It was a heavy and sad parting. Two men trying not to show too much emotion about it. Both extremely disappointed by the standstill they had reached.

Mulder sighed as he drove back to the hotel to get Scully. Another X-file, with no ending. No resolution. And what hurt the most about the whole thing, was that this one was personal.

Mulder and Scully left for home. Michael went on the way he'd been going.

Two years went by.

During that time Michael faced countless dangers as did Mulder. Many times thinking of each other and doing nothing about it.

Then one day to Scully's complete and utter horror Mulder was gone.
Abducted by aliens pretty much right in front of Skinner.
There was nothing Scully could do to ignore the truth any longer. Aliens had taken Mulder. Everything she'd told him he was irrational about, was true. Alien's existed and they had taken him. She fainted. Luckly the Lone Gunnmen where there to catch her.

She now knew Aliens had Mulder.

She also knew that the baby inside her, was a miracle of God, given to her.
She imagined it was a reward for nothing more than the deepest, and most purest love she felt and expressed in a night of passion with Mulder.
All that time she had tried to have a baby, by medical procedure and all she really had to do was make love to the man she was in love with.

The love for him in her heart had finally become so overwhelming, she invited him stay with her, in her bed. She looked into his beautiful empathetic eyes and it was obvious that both their hearts burned with passion and love. And she could find no reason to fight it any longer.

Mulder's abduction caused Scully to search every possible way she could think of to find him. She had even called Michael and told him what had happened. She pretty much fully confided in Michael, as there was really no one else to turn to. She told him everything she could think of, in case Michael could connect it to anything. She told him of the shapeshifters that she'd known like Jeramiah Smith and the shapeshifter she knew as the Alien bounty hunter. Everything, every adventure she and Mulder ever had.

Michael was distraught over Mulder's abduction. He never told anyone. Not even Maria. The thought that maybe his people had done something to Mulder, abducted him and perhaps even killed him.
During Mulder's absence, Scully and Michael kept in constant contact with one another. Scully confided that the baby was Mulder's to Michael. Just in case something ever happened to her. That Michael would know he could be related to the baby. In turn Michael confided in Scully that he had now found someone who was in fact a relative of his. And that her name was Laurie Dupree, and that Laurie's family also had a history of being abducted by aliens. And that he in fact, was that. An alien human hybrid who crashed in Roswell in 1947. Frozen in a pod intil the day he was found in the desert. That he did infact have powers. Confirming further for Scully the existence of Aliens.
Scully thanked Michael for his honesty.
Scully eventually began to search the X-files and all of Mulder's records for any sign of a Dupree. Then the day came Scully looked at Mulder's birth certificate. She couldn't believe it. And it was just like the dream she had, had in Roswell hotel room, years before. The dream of Maria tapping her foot and asking if she had checked her records. There it was as clear as day… Dupree. Mulder's mother's maiden name. A wave of shock came over her. It was true it was in her records the whole time. Dupree. They were family.
Scully wasted no time in telling Michael.
When the news came to Michael, he did something he hardly ever did. But he remembered that the last time he did it, it worked. So he prayed. He prayed that Mulder would be returned unharmed. For him, for Scully and for the baby. He prayed for Mulder.
Every day.

Somehow the prayers of all who offered them were answered, and Mulder was returned to Scully. More time passed, and although Mulder and Michael had not yet been reunited.
It became clear to Michael one day that the time was way over due.

October 13th 2004

Mr. and Mrs. Fox Mulder were planning a leisurely day at home alone with their son William, when the phone ran. Mrs. Fox Mulder answered more often to "honey" now than she did Scully.. but the occasional playful "Scully" was sometimes heard from her husbands mouth.

Scully answered the phone.
"Hello? Oh hold on. I'll put him on." Scully said.
Scully handed Mulder the phone and an Ice tea. He smiled at her. "It must be love." he said. Then he put the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" Mulder asked

"Happy Birthday." Michael's voice came over the phone.

"Michael!" Mulder said with happiness in his voice.

"Ask him when they are coming up here." Scully said.

"When are you coming up?" Mulder asked

"Now." Michael answered.

"You're kidding that's great." Mulder said.

"Maria's with me and we have our Goddaughter Claudia with us. Max and Liz took a romantic vacation. But I just couldn't let another year go by. Especially since it's your birthday." Michael said.

"Michael that's great! I couldn't be happier. When will you be here?" Mulder asked.

"In about 15 minutes." Michael answered.

Michael and Maria finally arrived with little Claudia in tow. There were tears of joy, hugs, and a feeling of wholeness. They were all together again. Michael and Mulder reunited with a hug and the knowingness that they were truly family.

Maria sat little Claudia down next to little William.
Little Claudia reached out and touched the little boy. They looked at each other. Something happened. Claudia could see everything that William was, and would be. And he was like her, destined to save his world. She didn't know what it meant in words but she knew. And William knew. A connection was made, and a bond grew between them. And as William and Claudia met for the very first time the heavens smiled. All the prayers of Mulder. All the prayers of Scully. All the prayers of Michael. All the prayers of two entire worlds culminated on a little plastic play-mat.

And the prayers were answered.

The end.

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I don't know for sure but there may be a sequal to this... If enough people are interested.
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