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Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Rating*tongue*G 13 Mild Violence
Summary:Dark Angel Crossover. Liz escaped with Max G. and the other X5's from Manticore. She was 8 years old and the youngest of the siblings. It's been 10 years since the escape and Liz settled in Roswell. (Forget about the cupcake dress memory) Also for the story I'm going to pretend it only takes 6 hours to drive from Seattle to Roswell.

(Pre-AJBAC-Dark Angel and Pre-Departure-Roswell but will have parts of both episodes only with happier endings. Opening scene starts at the end of BIY when Max, Isabel, and Michael are talking in the park.

8:00pm Crashdown Cafe

Liz waved Maria away as she locked the doors of the cafe. They had just gotten back from Las Cruces and had dropped Michael at his apartment first. As Liz walked through the dark cafe to the back, she thought about what they had found. Her instincts had been right and Alex had been murdered by an alien. But why? With the question still in her mind she pushed though the swinging door but stopped just on the other side. Her body tensed to attack because something didn't feel right. She started searching the shadows as she made her way to the center of the room. Sensing something to her right she reached out quickly and pinned the intruder to the wall.

"Not bad, soldier."

Liz smiled and released her hand, "Zack! Can't you ever call first?"

"I like keeping you on your toes." Zack said looking at Liz with concern. Her face looked kind of strained and her eyes were red. She had had a hard year and the events of the past couple of weeks hadn't helped. He felt bad that his visit was going to be adding more strain. "I need to talk to you both."

Liz was wondering what could be so important that he would sneak in like this. Usually he would come visit in the cafe then they would set up a time to meet in private. She was about to ask when she noticed the look on Zack's face and knew it was something serious. "I need to go upstairs and put in an appearance. Go out back and meet me on the roof."

Zack nodded and slipped out the back. He paced on the balcony for ten minutes before he heard Liz come into her room. She crawled out the window with her cell phone and started dialing, "Hey it's me. I need you to get over here. No it has nothing to do with them. Shut up for a minute. We have a visitor. Okay, in five on my balcony." Liz ended the call and turned to Zack.

"He's on his way. Sorry that took so long but they're leaving in early in the morning for a week long vacation before tourist season picks up and they were trying to talk me into going. With everything that has been going on lately they are scared to leave me."

"Alex's death hit you hard, baby sis. He was your friend. That's exactly why we should not get emotionally attached."

Liz interrupted him before he could say more, "Zack, I don't really feel like having this argument again. Just because you don't let yourself care for anyone doesn't mean that I can't. My friends are all I have since I'm not allowed to talk to the rest of my family."

Before they could go any farther, Kyle Valenti's head popped over the edge of the balcony, "Okay, you two quit it. I could hear you from the street. Now what's going on that I had to rush over here?"

Liz pushed her anger down and addressed Kyle, "Did you have any problems getting out?"

Kyle shook his head, "No, I told them I was coming to check on you. What's up?" He asked turning to Zack.

"Tinga's been captured. Lydecker got her when she came out of hiding."

Liz didn't think her heart could break anymore until she heard Zack's words. "Why did she come out of hiding? She knew he was looking for her."

"When she fled she didn't brief me on a couple of items in her life. It seems she left a husband and son behind, so she came back for them. She didn't know Lydecker knew about them until he got her son. She traded herself for him."

Liz and Kyle just sat there in shock. "Tinga has a son? What's he like?"

Zack told them the little bit that he knew. When he was done, Kyle asked, "So, when do we leave to go get her?"

Zack shook his head, "You two don't. At least, not yet. I'm going back to Seattle and get Max. The two of us will go first, do some reconnaissance, and try to get her out. If we can't, I'll come back to get you. I've got Krit and Syl on alert too. Get your gear together and be ready to leave. I don't suppose I could get you two to leave for good once we get her? When Liz and Kyle shook their heads, he continued, "I didn't think you would. I still say it isn't safe. You've been here too long not to mention other stuff that keeps putting you in danger."

Kyle spoke up then, "Zack, I agree with you onthe last one but we both want to finish school here. Maybe next year after we graduate, we'll leave." Kyle sat down next to Liz and put his arm around her.

Liz just sat there and thought about what Zack had suggested. She had said she didn't want to leave but maybe she should. If she left she might be able to be with a little more of her family. Roswell was full of so many painful memories. Max was with Tess now. Alex was gone. The only people she had left were Kyle, Maria, and her parents. Her parents would understand and Kyle would go if she really wanted to. That just left Maria but she had Michael now. She would be okay and Liz might be able to visit. She'd just wait to see what happened with Tinga and then decide, "We'll be ready. We'll keep our phones on."

Zack coud see a ton of emotions play across Liz's face. Maybe she would finally listen to him and get out of this town. "I'll head back to Seattle now. I should get there by three, get Max, then go after Tinga." Zack walked over to the ladder and started making his way down. Before he disappeared he added, "I'll be in touch."

Liz and Kyle just sat there for a little while after Zack left. Liz broke the silence by asking, "Do you mind staying here tonight? I could use the company." Her parents wouldn't care if Kyle was here, they were used to it. They probably wouldn't even see him before they left.

Kyle could tell Liz need to talk. They had always been close except for the period before Kyle had become a part of the 'I know an alien club.' "Yeah, I'll go home in the morning to pack and get our gear. How about we go down and get something to eat?"

Liz smiled and stood up, "That'd be great. I'm starving."

"You're always starving."

Liz and Kyle made there way into the downstairs kitchen and made some snacks. They sat down and started talking. Liz told him about her investigation and the trip to Las Cruces. Kyle told her about his new friendship with Isabel and what they had been doing to Max. When he saw the way she flinched at the sound of Max's name he changed the subject. After a couple hours, Kyle talked Liz into going upstairs to bed. Since she didn't require that much sleep it took Kyle a little while to talk her into it but she caved when he reminded her that she needed to be rested in case they had to go to Seattle. He waited until he knew she was sleeping before crashing out next to her.

tbc ...

FEEDBACK PLEASE! This is my first fanfic

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Author:Little Bit
Disclaimer:I don't own anything.
Rating*tongue*G-13 Mild Violence
Summary:Dark Angel Crossover. Liz escaped with Max G. and the other X5's from Manticore. She was 8 years old and the youngest of the siblings. It's been 10 years since the escape and Liz settle in Roswell. (Forget about the cupcake dress memory) Also for the story I'm going to pretend it only takes 6 hours to drive from Seattle to Roswell.

(Pre-AJBAC-DA and Pre-Departure but will have parts of both episodes only with happier endings. Opening scene starts at the end of BIY when Max, Isabel, and Michael are talking in the park.)

Thank you for the feedback.

Part 2:

When Liz woke up Kyle was still asleep. She was surprised when she saw that it was six o'clock in the morning. She'd been asleep for seven hours. She never slept that long unless she was exhausted. Of course she hadn't slept since the night of the prom when she saw Max and Tess kiss. None of her siblings really needed as much sleep regular people but she always slept a couple hours a night to keep herself prepared. Since she didn't have to worry about anyone showing up, Liz waited until she was ready before waking Kyle. While Kyle went to shower, Liz pulled out her backpack and a duffel bag from under her bed. She put her fatigues in her pack and added a couple other necessities. It didn't take long to pack it since she usually kept a bag and money ready in case she had to leave suddenly.

"I wonder what everyone at school would think if they knew you always kept a spare set of clothes here?" Liz teased as Kyle came out of the bathroom in fresh clothes.

He leaned over and kissed her temple. "They couldn't think anything worse than they already do. I think they would be more shocked if they saw some of the clothes you've go in that bag. Not to mention other things." Kyle said smirking.

Liz smiled, "Yeah, They don't exactly fit the image of 'Little Lizzy Parker' do they? That why I keep them for when we go out of town."

"Well, I'm going to head out."

"Wait Kyle, why don't you go downstairs and get some breakfast with me? It's the last time you'll be able to eat a greasy alien-themed breakfast for a little while since this the last day the cafe will be open until my parents get back."

Liz and Kyle got their breakfast and headed out front to eat.

"I wonder if they got Tinga out yet. I wish we would hear something." Liz said as she picked at her food.

"I don't know. Zack will call us as soon as he can." Kyle said trying to reassure her but couldn't say more before Maria walked up and cleared their dishes. As she left, Sean pulled up a chair and began to chat with Liz. When Maria came back and joined them, Kyle gave up hope of cheering Liz up and jumped into their conversation about Sean's new earring.

"Kyle, will you stop that constant tapping? You've been doing it since I got here."

Kyle looked down at his hand and said, "Sorry, I didn't realize that I'd been doing it?"

As they talked, Liz heard Michael and Max approaching. She signaled to Kyle and he looked over, "Oh, Heckyll and Jeckyll. I'm outta here. Call me later." Kyle and Shawn then got up and left.

Liz sat there and wondered if she should just head back upstairs. She had too much stuff to think about without having to have another confrontation with Max. She didn't know if she'd be able to control herself if Max went off on her again.

Max looked at Liz and said, "Can I talk to you upstairs? Please."

Liz nodded and took him upstairs, thankful that she had thought to hide her bags.

He shut the door and said, "You were right, about Alex. We're responsible."

"I never blamed you Max."

"I never wanted to lose you. I've lost too many people."

"I didn't want to lose you, either. I'm sorry for all the things I've said and did when I was trying to get you to stop." Max was about to say more but couldn't tell her how he really felt. So he changed the subject, "Liz, I need all the information you have on Alex's death."

Liz tried to mask her disappointment but asked, "Why?"

"I have to take care of the situation."

"How?" Liz noticed the look in his eyes. She had seen that look before even in her own eyes. "I'm going with you." When he started to protest she added, "I started this and I'm going to see this through."

Max nodded knowing that she wouldn't take no for an answer.

More feedback please. I'm going to try and post part 3 later.

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Disclaimer:I don't own anything.
Catagory:M/L; Liz Centre:
Rating*tongue*G 13 Mild Violence
Summary:DA Crossover. Liz escapted with Max G. and the other X5's from Manticore. She was 8 years old and the youngest of the siblings. It's been 10 years since the escape and Liz settled in Roswell. (Forget about the cupcake memory) Also for the story I'm going to pretend that it only takes 6 hours to drive from Seattle to Roswell.

(Pre-AJBAC-DA and Pre-Departure but will have parts of both episodes only with happier endings. Opening scene starts at the end of BIY when Max, Isabel, and Michael are talking in the park.)

I decided to post 3 and 4 together so enjoy.

Part 3: After Max and Liz's trip to Las Cruces (Happened just like in Departure)

Liz sat next to Max in the jeep as they sat outside of the Crashdown. They had just returned from Las Cruces but had accomplished nothing. All they knew was that Leanna was human and not the killer. 'God, could it things get any worse? Zack still hasn't called and I've been going nuts with worry. Max then picks now to be the time to tell me he slept with Tess and that's she's pregnant. Plus he tells me he's leaving.' Liz just sits there trying to hold back her tears and not able to say anything. She had already gone off on Max once at the lab when they were testing Leanna's blood. She replayed it in her mind.

We're leaving. We're going back." Max stated.

"Back?" LIz pointed up. Max nodded. "You can't just leave us with a killer on the lose."

"We have to. The baby is sick and can't live on Earth. I don't have a choice."

"No, you don't but you did and you got Tess pregnant! I trusted you. I gave up everything for you. My safety, being with my family, everything! I jumped off bridges, broke laws, risked being exposed, and you go and God with Tess! I saved myself for you!"

"Saved yourself?! You slept with Kyle!" Max yelled not understanding what she was saying.

His statement hit her like a bucket of ice water. "Take me home!"

Liz hadn't said anything after that. She had already said more that she should have and she didn't know what she might let slip next. Her cell phone ringing interuptted her thoughts. Knowing who it probably was she opened quickly, "Yeah?"

"Liz, it's me." Liz let out the breath she didn't even realize she'd been holding when she recognized Zack's voice. "Is it safe for you to talk?"

“No, I’m here with Max.”

"Why are you with him? Nevermind, just listen. I'm leaving Seattle on my way to you guys. Be ready to go by nine. Meet you at the Crashdown. I'll call Ky." And with that he hung up. Liz just sat there for a minute. When Max said they were leaving Liz decided she would leave too. She'd go wherever Zack wanted her to go. She couldn't dwell on it long because it was then that she noticed Max looking at her.

"Sorry. My mom heard a car pull up and thought I was out here with Maria. She told me to come in." Liz lied. Max didn't know her parents were gone.

Max reached over and handed her the whirlwind pendant. "I want to give you this. It's something from where I'll be."

"I can't believe this is all I have of you. After everything, this is it." Liz lifted the chain to put it around her neck. Max reached over to help pull her hair up but before he could Liz pulled away. As much as she wanted to feel his hands on her, she couldn't risk him lifting her hair and seeing her neck. 'I never got a chance to tell him. There's no point in it now.'

Max flinched when Liz pulled away. 'She can't even stand my touch. I don't blame her. I've betrayed her by sleeping with Tess' That thought made him think of what she'd said earlier.

"Liz, you didn't sleep with Kyle, did you?"

Liz turned her tearfull eyes to look at Max and shook her head. Max looked like he was in shock.

"I wish all this all could have been different. I wish that so much." Max said as he reached over and pulled her to him. Liz's heart lept when she felt his lips on hers. The kiss started tender but the passion grew quickly. They both knew that it was their last kiss and they let all their emotions pour into it. Neither were surprised when the flashes came. They were of past kisses. When the kiss broke, Max leaned his forehead against Liz's and said, "I love you. No matter where I am, I will always love you."

Liz whispered, "I love you, too. Always." She pulled away and climbed out of the jeep. "Good-bye Max."

"Bye, Liz." He said as she walked into the dark cafe.


Part 4:

Liz went up to her balcony and cried for hours. She couldn't believe that as of seven o'clock that Max would be out of her life forever. She pulled herself together when she heard the phone ring, "Hello?"

"Lizzie, it's Maria. Do you know about what's going on?"

"Yeah, I was with Max earlier. How are you?"

"Not good, can you come over?"

Liz looked at her clock, it was only six so she still had a few hours until Zack got there. "Yeah, but not for long." she ended the call and dialed Kyle as she walked to Maria's.

"Hey, did Zack reach you?"

"Right after he called you. I was just making sure I had everything."

"Well you know I'm all packed. Since my parents are gone I didn't have to tell them anything. What about your dad?"

"I lied. With the Martians leaving, I thought it might be too much to tell him. He doesn't even know Zack's in town. I told him that you and I are going camping to get our minds off things. He's even letting me take the SUV so we'll hve plenty of room. He's leaving soon to meet all of them at Michael's to say good-bye so I'll load up everything then. How are you doing with all the news anyway?" Kyle asked.

"Numb. Max and I said our good-byes. I'm going to Maria's to check on her. See you later."

"I'll be there."

Maria and Liz sat on Maria's bed trying to comfort each other. She was just telling Maria about her going camping when they heard.

"Larek! He said his name is Larek and he's an alien. He's holding a gun on us!"

They made their way into the kitchen and saw Amy Deluca rating. "Mom! what are talking about?"

She seemed to snap out of her haze. "Maria, what are you doing up already? Why are you still wearing the same clothes from yesterday?" Amy then noticed Liz, "Liz what are you doing here so early?"

Before Liz could answer she noticed Amy drumming her fingers. "Maria, look. Don't you remember Alex was doing the same thing that last day we were at his house and Kyle has been doing it too. It's Tess. Come on let's go."


"Faster Maria. Faster." Liz yelled as they sped to the pod chamber. Liz had been right about Tess. After they arrived at Kyle's house, they had told him of their suspicions. Once he concentrated he remembered everything. He had witnessed Alex confronting Tess when he broke out of the mindwarp. Alex had died when she tried to mindwarp him again. She then mindwarped Kyle into carrying Alex's body. They were on their way now to try and stop the others from leaving.

Liz could see the jeep up ahead and prepared to jump out. Liz and Kyle jumped out before the car even stopped. They ran up the rocks and started pounding on the rock face. They were still pounding when Maria caught up with them.

"Guys! Open up!" They yelled.

"Come on!" Liz yelled as she reared back and kicked it with all her strength. Nothing happened. They kept this up and was about to give up when the door opened revealing a stunned Michael.

"Tess killed Alex!"

Michael didn't even question them before he moved back into the cave with Maria, Kyle, and Liz following.

When they got to the granolith chamber Liz yelled, "Max! Stop! Tess killed Alex!"

Max pulled his hand off the Granolith cone and turned around, "What?"

"Tess mindwarped Alex to decode the book. When he broke out of it, she killed him."

Kyle jumped in and said, "It's true, I saw it."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Max yelled.

"She mindwarped me too." Kyle turned and confronted Tess, "How could you? I trusted you. We brought you into our home!"

Max stepped in between them to hold Kyle back. He turned to Tess and asked, "How long?"

Michael looked at the counter, "About three minutes."

"Everyone out. Now!" Max ordered. Liz just ignored him and walked closer so that she was right next to him. It was taking all her self-control not to tear Tess apart.

After the others left Max saw Liz and said, "Liz, Out!"

"I'm not leaving."

Max said nothing but instead turned to Tess; "Did you kill Alex?"

Tess looked at the hatred in his eyes and her tears began to fall. "I didn't want to. He would have told you what I did and I couldn't let that happen. All that matters is getting home. We have to save the baby. We have to go home. Alex's death doesn't matter."

"Life matters Tess! You did this before there even was a baby. Why? What is there to go home to? Kivar? Our enemies?"

"They're not my enemies." Tess said defiantly.

Understanding dawned on Max and he felt his anger rise even more. "You made a deal didn't you? In New York with Nicholas? What was it?"

"To return home with the three of you."

"And what would happen?"

"Turn you over. Once you were executed I would marry Kivar and become queen again."

At Tess's last statement, Liz lunged at her. A part of her knew she couldn't hurt Tess knowing that she was pregnant but she wanted to hurt her for what she had done. "You'll let anyone die to get what you want, wouldn't you?" When Tess moved to step away from her, Liz grabbed her arm. Due to their heightened state of emotions, the moment her hand touched Tess's arm she was hit by a series of flashes.

Tess trying to make Max feel better at Prom. Max telling her to leave him alone. Tess mindwarping Max to kiss her in front of Liz.
Tess trying to console Max at the observatory. Tess knocking Max unconscious and planting the memories of him making love to her. Then setting up the morning after scene.
Mindwarping Max into thinking he was connecting to his son.
Mindwarping Max into thinking the baby was in trouble.
End of Flashes

Liz came out of the flashes and saw Max standing next to her in front of Tess with his hand raised.

"What did you do to her?"

"Nothing. I don't know what's wrong with her." Tess stammered. Max started to reach for Tess again but stopped when she said, "You kill me, you kill our son."

Liz yelled, "Max, she's lying about the baby. It was all a mindwarp. You never slept with her." Tess looked over to her in shockand raised her hand to blast her but Liz was quicker. She knocked Tess's hand out of the way and kicked her across the chamber. Tess rebounded quickly, raised her hand and used her powers to throw Max and Liz out of the granolith. She then ran up and placed her hand on the cone transporting her inside. Before Max and Liz could run in to stop her the door slammed shut. Feeling the rumbling of the machine, Max grabbed Liz and yelled, "We have to get out of here." He grabbed her hand and dragged her to the opening. The others were there waiting. Max yelled, "Move!" And they all started heading down the cliff face.

They didn't look up until they reached the bottom. They all looked up to see something shoot out of the cliff. Max wrapped his arms around Liz and tried to shield her body from the falling debris when the cliff collapsed. When it was clear Max looked down at Liz and said, "Thank You, Liz. You saved our lives. The best thing I ever did was get you in my life."

He pulled her closer and hugged her. He only pulled away when he heard Isabel ask, "What do we do now, Max?"

Max looked at everyone before answering: "We live our lives."

"What about Tess and the baby?" Michael asked.

Max smiled down at Liz, "It was all a mindwarp. I never slept with Tess so there is no baby. Liz got a flash from Tess and found out the truth. Before we could do anything she escaped."

Everyone looked relieved then Maria spoke up, "So I guess we should get out of here."

Kyle broke in; "We should get back to town." Liz nodded when she realized he was reminding her about Zack.

"Kyle's right Max. I think we need to get back and let all of this sink in."

They all started heading toward the cars. Liz felt Max grab her arm when she headed for the Jetta. "Why don't you ride back with me? We need to talk."

Liz had to come up something quickly to get away, "You're right but I'm going to ride with Maria. We do need to talk but not right now. We both need some time to process all this. I was already planing on going camping for a couple days and I think I'll still go so I can think."

"But, Liz," Max started.

"Max, please. We'll talk, I promise but I need this time."

Max nodded, "Alright, Liz."

"Do you think you could take Kyle?" He nodded again. "Thank you."

Liz walked over to where Kyle was watching and pulled him away. She whispered low enough that only the two of them could hear her, "I'm going with Maria and you go with Max. I'll see you about eight-thirty." Kyle nodded. "I'll be there. Everything's all loaded so I'll just go home, shower, and change."

Liz walked over and climbed into the back seat of the Jetta. She picked up her phone off of her jacket and saw that it said, "MISSED CALL." Zack had tried to call her. Well, he was just going to have to wait until she got home before she could call him back.

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Thank you for all the great feedback. I hope to get the next two or three parts done tomorrow and they will answer some of your questions. I'm glad you all like this. More feedback.*big*
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:Little Bit
Disclaimer:I don't own anything.
RatingG-13 Mild Violence
Summary:Dark Angel Crossover. Liz escaped with Max G. and the other X5's from Manticore. She was 8 years old and the youngest of the siblings. It's been 10 years since the escape and Liz settle in Roswell. (Forget about the cupcake dress memory) Also for the story I'm going to pretend it only takes 6 hours to drive from Seattle to Roswell.

(Pre-AJBAC-DA and Pre-Departure but will have parts of both episodes only with happier endings. Opening scene starts at the end of BIY when Max, Isabel, and Michael are talking in the park.)
The next couple of parts are short so I'll try to post them together.

Part 5:

The drive back was quiet. Maria asked Liz if she would cover for her so she could stay at Michael's. Liz agreed but warned her that she wasn't going to be there. After stopping by Maria's to get her stuff, they dropped Liz off. When Liz pushed open the door to the back of the cafe, she came face to face with a very angry Zack.

"It's about time."

"Bite me." Liz snapped. "Don't start with me this morning."

"Hey, I am still your Commanding Officer and I've been trying to get a hold of you."

"I know, Zack. Sorry, but I was kind of busy. What happened?" Liz asked. She could tell things had not gone well.

"Wait until Ky gets here and I'll debrief you both. Neither one of you were answering your phones this morning. What were you out doing? We are leaving this morning or did you forget?"

"No, we didn't forget Zack. We know that. We do have lives here and we had to take care of a couple things." She didn't feel like explaining. "Besides we're not leaving for Seattle until nine so we still have plenty of time. I'm already packed so I'm going to go take a quick shower. Ky should be here soon." Liz said as she headed up the stairs.

Zack watched her go then reached for his phone and dialed. "Hey, its me. Everything's on schedule. I'm with Liz now and Ky is on the way. We'll meet you and Syl at the warehouse at 10th and Walbash at the scheduled time. A friend of Max's will meet us there." Zack shut his phone and headed for the back door. Before heading out he yelled, "I'm going out back and wait."

Neither one had noticed that they were being watched.


Part 6:

After watching Liz walk through the doors of the closed cafe, Maria put the car in reverse and started to back out when she noticed something in the back seat. She threw the car back into drive and eased the car back into its space.

"What are you doing?" Michael asked.

"Lizzie left her jacket and she'll probably need it tonight. I'm going to take it in to her. Come on."

"Why do I have to go?"

"Because I don't have my keys and you need to let me in." Michael shrugged but got out and followed Maria to the door. Once Michael undid the lock, Maria headed to the back. She stopped when she heard a strange male voice, "What were you out doing? We're leaving this morning. Or did you forget?" Maria looked over and noticed that Michael had heard it too.

Before either of them could do anything Maria heard another voice that she recognized as Liz's answer, "No, we didn't forget, Zack. We know that. We do have lives here and we had to take care of a couple things. Besides we're not leaving for Seattle until nine so we still have plenty of time. I'm already packed so I'm going to go take a quick shower. Ky should be here soon." Maria heard Liz head up the stairs to her apartment. Michael motioned to creep up to the window in the door. When they looked through they saw a twenty-something blond guy wit blue eyes standing in the back room. He pulled out a cell phone and dialed. They could hear his end of the conversation. "Hey, its me. "Hey, its me. Everything's on schedule. I'm with Liz now and Ky is on the way. We'll meet you and Syl at the warehouse at 10th and Walbash at the scheduled time. A friend of Max's will meet us there." He shut the phone and headed for the door but before leaving he yelled, "I'm going out back to wait."

Neither one spoke until they heard the door close. Maria looked at Michael and asked, "What was all that about?"

"I don't know but it seems Liz is sneaking out of town and heading for Seattle. Did you recognize that guy Zack?"

"He looked kind of familiar. Maybe a customer but Liz sure seemed to know him."

Michael nodded, "She seemed very close to him especially if she is leaving town with him and someone else without even telling anyone."

"Someone named Ky."

"Do you think it could be Kyle?"

Maria shrugged, "It could be. She told me earlier that they were going camping. I should have known it was a cover story. What are we going to do?"

"I've got an idea. Give me your cell phone."

Michael dialed quickly and was glad when the other end picked up. "Iz, its Michael. Let me talk to Max." He switched ears and waited a moment before talking again, "Maxwell, something's weird going on. I'm at the Crashdown with Maria and we just overheard Liz making plans to leaving for Seattle. She was talking to some guy named Zack that neither one of us recognize. They're waiting for someone else to join them."

Maria watched as Michael listened to something Max said, "Then we should follow them." Another moment of silence and he continued, "They're not leaving until nine so you've got time. Can you grab some extra stuff for me? Okay. Meet you at the UFO Center." He ended the call and handed it back to Maria. "She gave Max the same excuse. He agreed that we need to follow her. He and Isabel are going to pack a bag and meet me at the UFO Center in fifteen minutes. I'll call you as soon as we find out anything."

At his last statement Maria realized that he meant for her to stay, "No way, spaceboy. I'm going with you. No arguing. Liz is my best friend and I want to know what going on. Besides I already got my stuff." Reminding him of the bag she packed to stay at his apartment.

Michael could see the look in her eyes and knew he wasn't going to win. "Fine, but if it's something dangerous stay behind me. Now come on. Let's go meet Max."

More later.....

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Disclaimer:I don't own anything
Rating*tongue*G13 Mild Violence
Summary:Dark Angel Crossover. Liz escaped with Max G. and the other X5's from Manticore. She was 8 yrs old and the youngest of the siblings. Its been 10 years since the escape and Liz settled in Roswell. (Forget about the cupcake dress memory) For the story I'm going to pretend that it only takes six hours to drive from Roswell to Seattle.

(Pre-AJBAC and Pre-Departure but will have parts of both episodes in it but will have happier endings.) Actually starts during the scene in BIY when Max, Isabel, and Michael are talking in the park.

Part 7:

Kyle pulled up in the alley behind the Crashdown and saw Zack waiting for him. "Hey. Where's Liz?"

Zack opend the back door and motioned Kyle to follow him. "She went up to take a shower twenty minutes ago. She should be down soon. Did you bring all your stuff?"

Kyle nodded, "Yeah, I got my gear plus both of our trunks. Liz only keeps small stuff here because it's so public. Plus certain people tend to pop up into her room."

"Well certain people haven't popped into my room in quite awhile, thank you." Liz said at the top of the stairs. "Plus he wasn't the only one. I can remember a couple of times that you both have snuck up there without calling first." She made her way down the stairs and dumped her duffel and pack on the ground. "Zack, could you be a sweet brother and put it in the car?" Zack nodded and started to gather the two bags. "I'm going to pack up a cooler for the road since we don't have time to stop. Ky, will you help?"

Kyle nodded and went into the kitchen with Liz. He watched her getting sandwich fixings out of the refrigerator before asking,"Did you grab both harnesses?"

"Yes, Kyle. I'm wearing the ankle one and the thigh one is packed. Not that I really need it. I only wear that one when I'm wearing a skirt." Liz said as she rolled her eyes.

Kyle smiled and said,"I still don't know how Evans never found it. The look on his face when his hand hit a four-inch knife strapped to your thigh would have been priceless. Especially last spring during the whole orb thing you told me about."

"Well after the first close call I just wore pants. I forgot to tell you that I let it slip last night about us not sleeping together."

"Well that's a relief. Although I must admit I preferred the dirty looks he gave me over those rumors at school. I still don't know who started them."

"It was probably Tess since only the four of us knew about it. Sorry if it caused any problems."

"No, just weird. It was bad enough when we were pretending to date but when the guys started trying to get the details about sleeping with my sister, it just kind of grossed me out. Not to mention how many fights I almost got in. What all did you let slip?"

"Not much. He just asked me again if I did and I shook my head no. I'm just sick of all the secrets."

"Are you going to tell him about Future Max now? Or the truth about us?" Kyle asked. He knew it was hard on Liz to keep their secret.

"I don't know. I might just say I pretended to sleep with you to push him to Tess. It's almost the truth without braking my promise. It's bad enough that you and Maria know. As for the other stuff I don't know. I hate lying but they'll all be so mad. He doesn't even know about us being adopted."

"Well we have a long drive ahead and we can figure it out then. It depends on if you want to get back with him." Kyle cringed. He didn't like what Max had put his youngest sister through.

"I don't know. When I thought that Max and Tess were together, I couldn't take it. When I found out about all the baby stuff and them leaving, I decided to leave for good with Zack. Now that I know all the hurt I was feeling wasn't true, I don't know what to think but I am staying in Roswell at least for a little while." She shook her head to clear it and said, "But right now I'm going to concentrate on our mission. Our sister needs us."

"Don't worry we'll get her. If you have everything, we better move out."

Liz looked at the clock. "Got done right on time. I told Zack we had plenty of time." Liz picked up the cooler and headed to the back room where Zack was waiting. "Okay, let's go before." Liz trailed off whe she thought she heard the front door. She set the cooler down motioned to her brothers that she thought she heard something. Zack used hand commands to order them into position. Liz went through the swinging door only to find nothing. "Nothing guys. Must just be paranoid."

They made their way back and got ready to leave. Liz looked at Zack and said, "Since I'm riding with Kyle and you have your bike, you better go ahead and debrief us."

Zack faced both of his siblings before starting, "They were holding her in a small research facility and not in the main complex. Once we got in Max and I got separated to look Tinga. Max was the one who found her."

"But something went wrong or you wouldn't be here. Was Max not able to get her out?"

Zack looked at his baby sister and thought of the best way to break it to her. "No, she didn't. Tinga's dead. Max found her body and when she wouldn't leave her she was captured. I was surrounded outside but managed to escape. It's all my fault, we should have waited." Zack shook his head.

Liz felt her world turn upside down. Even with everything that had happened that morning, she had been in a pretty good mood. Finding out about Tess mindwarping Max and the thought of being reunited with Tinga made Liz happy for the first time in weeks but now she fell right back into the depression she'd been in before. One of her sisters was dead while another was captured. Once she processed that Zack blamed himself for Tinga's death, she walked over and put a hand on his arm and said, "It's not your fault. If we waited Tinga would still be dead. As for Max, we'll get her back."

Zack snapped out of his haze and back into leader mode. "Krit and Syl are going to meet us in Seattle. We'll regroup and plan the mission. I have a friend of Max's getting the blueprints so we'll know the best way to infiltrate."

Kyle picked up the cooler and said, "Well let's go get her."

Next part:The Pod Squad find out more and try to piece it all together on the way to Seattle.

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I wasn't going to post again until tomorrow but we got a bunch of snow last night so I decided to stay in today. So here you go. Sorry if I get kind of wordy but I'm very descriptive.

pandas2001:Sorry it took me so long to answer your question about Kyle but I wanted to keep you all guessing until part 7.

Part 8:

Max was still trying to process what he had heard as he and Michael made their way over to the jeep. When he and Isabel met up with Michael and Maria, they had quickly replayed the conversation between Liz and the guy Zack as well as the phone call Zack made. They were all confused about Zack saying that they were meeting a friend of Max's. Max didn't have any idea who they were talking about since he didn't know anyone in Seattle. They were still trying to figure everything out when they saw Kyle Valenti turning into the alley of the Crashdown in the Sheriff's SUV. Deciding Michael was right and Kyle was the Ky that Liz had mentioned, they told the girls to wait and made their way over to sneak back into the cafe. Michael undid the lock while Max quieted the bell. They moved as quietly as possible and took up the same position that Michael and Maria had used. They could hear everything and see Kyle and Zack talking but Liz was out of their range of sight. From their spot they were also able to hear the later conversation between Liz and Kyle in the kitchen. When they heard Kyle ask if Liz was ready, they got up and left. They didn't even know how close they had came to being discovered.

Michael could see that Max was as confused as him. "What do you make of all of that?"

"It seems Liz has been keeping quite a few secrets from all of us. Let's get back to the jeep and be ready. We won't have to follow too close but I want to see if they are going straight there." Max said. When they reached the jeep, he noticed the top was up and the girls waiting inside. He opened the door and climbed in after Michael hopped in the back with Maria.

Isabel looked at Max's confused face and said, "I thought if we were going to follow them, it might be harder for them to recognize us if we had the top up."

"Good idea. We're still following them. Something weird is going on." Before he could say more he saw the SUV pull out of the alley as well as a black motorcycle. After allowing a safe distance he pulled out to follow. Maria finally broke the silence when they reached the highway.

"Okay, you guys look like someone pulled the rug out from under you. Didn't you find out anymore when you went back?"

Max caught Michael's eyes in the rearview mirrow before Michael answered her. "More like got more questions. We heard a lot of things that don't make much sense. Maria, did you know that Liz was adopted?"

Maria's eyes went wide as she screeched, "WHAT?!"

Max flinched at her volume. "I guess that answers that question. We heard Liz say that her and Kyle were both adopted. They're siblings and Zack is their brother."

"NO WAY, Max. I've known her since she was young and she never said anything."

"How and when did you two meet?" Michael asked.

"Um, we met when we were eight. It was early in the summer before third grade. The Parkers had just moved back here and were just about to open the Crashdown and I went with Mom to sell them supplies. They wanted some alien stuff for the grand opening. She was sitting on one of the stools being very quiet. I had to talk to her for like ten minutes before she would say anything. I took me another month to get her to really open up."

Max thought about what Maria said for a minute, "That was probably around the same time she came to live with the Parkers. Jim probably took in Kyle at the same time."

"So Liz is sneaking off to Seattle with her brothers that no one knew she had. Why now?" Isabel asked.

"From what they said, they have a sister who is in some kind of trouble and they went to get her."

Maria looked at Michael and Max before asking, "But why not ask for help from you guys? I mean your more prepared to do something."

Michael chuckled before saying, "From what we heard Liz isn't exactly defenseless."

Before Maria could ask what he meant, Isabel spoke up, "Wait a minute. If they're brother and sister, why did they used to date?"

"They didn't." Max answered. "We heard them talking about it being all fake. I don't know why." Thinking back on what he had heard, he remembered something else. "Maria, I wanted to ask you something about something else Liz said."

Having an idea what he was talking about, but not ready to give up yet Maria feigned innocence. "What Max?"

"Future Max."

Maria sat for a minute trying to decide what to do. She had promised not to tell Max but he already knew a little.

Seeing that his girlfriend was trying to figure out what to do Michael said, "Maria, if it has something to do with us we need to know."

Maria swallowed the lump in her throat and silently prayed that Liz would forgive her. "Liz faked sleeping with Kyle so she could push Max to Tess. But she had good reason, she was trying to save all of us. It all started back in October when Liz got a visitor." Maria then proceeded to tell the whole story about Future Max's visit to Liz and all the things they had done. "It seems all the heartache she has gone through since was for nothing now that we know the bleach blonde bimbo was a traitor and left."

The other three sat there in stunned silence. All Max could think about was how much Liz had done for him just because she loved him. She had given up a lifetime of happiness and love just because he asked her to. He didn't know how but he was determined to make it up to her.

"We owe her so much and I've been so nasty to her. We have to let her know how much we appreciate what she did." Isabel stated.

Michael stopped her before she could go on, "Before we do that we need to figure out what she's hiding. She knows our secret and we have a right to know hers."

"Whatever her secret is, I have this feeling it involved in whatever she going to Seattle for and I think it's dangerous. I want to make sure she's safe and get some answers." And with that the subject was dropped and they sat back for the drive ahead.

*bounce*This next part is a small piece just to show the podsters and Maria that there is a whole side to Liz that they don't know.*bounce*

Part 9:

After about three hours, Max was about to give up tailing Liz and Kyle for the sake of having to get gas when they pulled off the highway. THey pulled into the closest gas stationn but Max continued to the next one down so he could keep them in sight. Max had just started filling up the jeep when he heard Isabel let out a surprised gasp and said, "Oh God, is that Liz? What is she wearing?"

Before Max could ask her what she meant, Maria said, "Yeah, its her but I've never seen her wear anything like that before. Not quite the innocent stuff she normally wears."

Max swung his gaze around to see what they were talking about. When he caught site of her walking out of the gas station, he felt his mouth drop open. Liz was wearing a pair a low cut hiphuggers with a cropped black tank top. The outfit left a good deal of her abdomen bare and her hair hung down just to the bottom of the shirt. Max had never seen Liz wear anything that revealing. It just wasn't something she wore but he had to admit she looked very sexy in it. As Max continued to stare at her, she walked over to the motorcycle and started talking to Zack. He figured she was asking for something because she started hopping up and down like she was begging. After another minute Zack nodded and got off the bike. Liz ran back to the SUV only to come right back wearing a black leather jacket. When she got back to the bike Zack handed her his helmet and walked over to the passenger side of the SUV. Liz jumped on the bike and slipped on the helmet. Seeing Liz start the bike, Max finally came out of his daze. He put the gas nozzle up, grabbed his receipt and got back into the jeep. He pulled up a safe distance behind the convoy before saying, "I guess there is a whole side of Liz that we don't know about."

Same time-Liz's POV

After Kyle gave her the money to pay for the gas for both vehicles, Liz headed into pay. They had been talking about everything from that last few weeks to whether they were going to tell their friends about them and Liz needed to clear her head. Watching Zack fill up his bike, she got an idea. Thinking of the best way to ask her brother, she walked up and smiled,"You've been driving back and forth from Seattle all night. Why don't you ride with Kyle for a little while and rest. I can drive the bike for you."

Zack looked up and smirked knowing what Liz was trying to do. "I bet you could. You think you can handle it?"

Liz realized her brother was teasing her, she started hopping up and down to show how much she wanted to drive it. "Come on, I've drove it before. Please?"

Zack knew she'd be able to handle the bike with ease. Hell he had taught her. Plus he was tired, so he agreed.

Liz ran back to the SUV to grab a couple things and slip on the leather jacket Zack had bought her last summer before returning to the bike. He handed her the helmet before making his way to the SUV.

Liz was estatic. She hadn't been on bike in so long. She had thought about asking Michael if she could drive his but it would have brought up too many questions when she admitted that she knew how to drive it or take care of it. She started it with ease and pulled up to follow Kyle back to the highway.

Next part:Arrival in Seattle, Liz and Kyle are reunited with more siblings.

What do you think?

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
RatingG 13 Mild Violence
Summary:Dark Angel Crossover. Liz escaped with Max G. and the other X5's from Manticore. She was 8 years old and the youngest of the siblings. It's been 10 years since the escape and Liz settled in Roswell. (Forget about the cupcake dress memory) Also for the story I'm going to pretend it only takes 6 hours to drive from Seattle to Roswell.

(Pre-AJBAC-Dark Angel and Pre-Departure-Roswell but will have parts of both episodes only with happier endings. Opening scene starts at the end of BIY when Max, Isabel, and Michael are talking in the park.
Part 10:Seattle-Warehouse (Same one in DA AJBAC)

After parking the cars in the loading dock area, Zack lead them into the next room. When Liz entered she saw three people waiting for them. She ran straight to the younger two and yelled,"Krit! Syl!"

She reached Krit first. "Liz!" Krit said as he enveloped her in a big hug. When she pulled away, she took the opportunity to look him over. "You're so tall!" He was at least a foot taller that her. He was very cute and had dark features similar to Liz's.

"No baby sister, you're just short." Liz laughed and turned to her sister. Syl was a few inches taller than her and had the same blonde hair and blue eyes as Zack. She reached over to hug her, "I can't believe you guys are here. I missed you."

"Missed you too." Syl turned to hug Kyle. Kyle picked her up and swung her around. "Ky! Put me down!" She squealed.

"Sorry, I'm just glad to see you." Kyle put Syl down and went to hug Krit.

When they were finished, Zack spoke up, "We've got work to do." He walked over to the third person Liz had spotted, who was sitting by a computer and said, "Ky, Liz this is Logan. He's a 'friend' of Max's."

Liz raised an eyebrow at the way Zack introduced Logan. 'Interesting' Liz thought. She looked Logan over sizing him up. He look like a good guy who would treat her sister good. She reached out to shake his hand before saying, "It's good to meet you Logan."

"You too, Liz. You look a lot like your sister." Logan said with affection. Liz could tell that he was close to her sister. He turned to Zack and said, "I've got the blueprints. They're over on the table. I'm working on mapping the security system and cutting into the camera feed so you can get in undetected."

Zack nodded and led everyone over to the table. They started going over the blueprints and it didn't take long for Zack to come up with a plan. They planned to move out once night fell so there would be the least amount of guards. They still had most the afternoon and evening to wait so it was decided the would use the time to prepare and throughly studdy all the information Logan was getting for them. They all broke up and Liz stood up to stretch. While she did, she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. Focusing on the window where she saw it, she inhanced her vision just in time to see a couple of heads ducking down.

She looked over at Zack and Kyle and whispered what she saw low enough that only her siblings would be able to hear. He signaled for Syl and Krit to go out and search the perimeter. They were the closest and the only ones heavily armed at the moment. As soon as the meeting was done they had started going through their stash of weapons so they were both holding high-powered guns. Zack and Kyle both pulled out their handguns and trained them on the door that Krit and Syl would come back through. Liz moved over to stand in front and protect Logan. She had her hand behind her poised on the gun under her jacket but had not yet drawn. They all stayed in that position for five minutes until the door opened to Krit and Syl leading a very stunned Max, Michael, Isabel, and Maria in at gunpoint.

"Oh, shit." Kyle griped as he lowered his gun.

More later

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Disclaimer:I don't own anything.
Rating*tongue*G 13 Mild Violence
Summary:D/A Crossover. Liz escaped with Max G. and the other X5's from Manticore. She was 8 years old and the youngest. It's been 10 years since the escape and Liz settled in Roswell. (Forget the cupcake dres memory) Also for the story I'm going to pretend that it only takes 6 hours to drive from Seattle to Roswell.

Part 11:

Liz stood in shock for a minute until she realized her friends were still being held at gunpoint. She snapped into action, "Krit, Syl guns down. They're not a threat. They're friends." THey glanced at Liz to make sure before they lowered their guns but stayed on guard. She walked down the few steps and up to her friends. "What are you doing here?"

Michael was the first one to speak, "Following you. Now why don't you tell us why you and Kyle snuck out of Roswell with some strange guy?"

"We don't have to answer to you!" Kyle said as he and Zack came up behind Liz.

"Kyle! Stop!" Liz said as she tried to figure out what say. "How did you know we were leaving?"

Maria piped in, "You left your jacket in my car. When Michael and I went in to return it, we overheard you and him," pointing to Zack, "talking about leaving. We thought it was strange and you might be in trouble so we called Max. After he heard you talking to both of them he decided to follow you. What's going on Liz?"

She quickly came up with an idea to try and throw off her friends, she said, "Kyle and I decided to come here to Seattle instead of camping when Zack breezed through town. His parents are friends of the Sheriff and invited Kyle here." Liz knew it was flimsy excuse considering all her friends had seen or heard but she had to try. "You guys don't have to worry. We're fine. Go back to Roswell and we'll see you in a couple days." She could tell by the way Max was looking at her that he didn't buy it.

Max held her gaze, he could tell she was lying. "I know you're lying, we heard you guys talking. We know your not here for vacation but for some kind of rescue mission. Please tell me what's going on Liz, I want to help." Max started towards Liz but Zack stepped in between them.

"She said go back to Roswell. Now leave before we make you leave." Zack growled through clenched teeth.

Michael came up behind Max, glaring at Zack as he said,"I would like to see you try it."

Zack shifted his gaze to meet Michael's eyes before saying loud enough for everyone to hear, "What are you going to do Michael? Shoot one of your alien energy blasts at me? Have Max put up a shield?" Zack smiled widely when he saw the shocked expressions on the four Roswellians as well as Krit, Syl, and Logan's faces. When he saw them look at Liz he continued,"Yeah, I know all about you but not from Liz. I was outside that day at the Crashdown and saw enough to make me suspicious. I watched you on and off for a while and figure most of it out. Shortly after Ky found out, I confronted them both and they filled in the gaps." Zack tensed his body, ready to attack and added,"So come on, let's see who wins."

Liz's thoughts were running wild. 'I have to find out how much they know and do damage control.' Liz pushed her way in front of Zack and tried to control the testostrone level. She pushed Zack back, "Zack, that's enough." Looking back at Max she asked, "What all did you hear?"

The question shocked Max. He hadn't expected Liz to continue avoiding his questions. "Enough to know that you're deeping a lot of secrets. We know that Zack and Kyle are your brothers. We heard you talking about weapons and rescuing your sister. Not to mention all about you and Kyle pretending to date as well as acting like you slept together." At the last statement Liz heard gasps from Krit and Syl. She knew she wasn't going to be able to keep her secret from Max and the others any longer. She glanced at Kyle and saw his slight nod telling her to do what she thought was best. Liz took a deep breath, pulled back her shoulders and turned to Zack.

"They know too much. I have to tell them. I should have a long time ago."

Zack stared at his sister for a moment before saying, "I could order you not to."

She looked at the curious faces of her friends and said,"You could but I'm begging you not to. I would just defy it. We're not at Manticore anymore and I trust them with my life."

Zack could see the determination in her eyes and nodded. "Fine, but make sure they know I will expose them if they tell anyone." As Zack finished his conditions, he looked at Max to make sure he knew he was serious.

"We won't tell." Max stated. They all turned to Liz to begin.

I'll post more tomorrow. The next couple of parts are longer.
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*big*If the board behaves today I'll post more today.
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Part 12

“First, let me introduce everyone. This is Max, Michael, Isabel, and Maria.” Liz gestured to her friends then turned to her siblings.
“That you know is Zack, the others are Krit and Syl, they are some of my siblings.”

Maria cut Liz off, “What do you mean some? How many do you have?”

Liz smiled and said, “Thirteen. Seven brothers and six sisters. And over by the computer is Logan. He’s a friend of one my sisters. Come on. Let’s go up to the table and get comfortable. This is going to take a while.” Liz stood watching everyone find some place to sit or lean on. Her friends were on one end of the table while her family was on the other. Turning first to her friends, she started.

“Before I start telling my story, you need to understand that it doesn’t just involve me” Liz pointed to herself and her siblings. “It involves all us as well as our other siblings and it is critical for our survival that no one else knows. And for them to trust you with our secret, I need to fill them in on yours. Logan can also be trusted.” Logan looked up surprised. Liz just smiled, "Hey, if Maxie and Zack trusts you, then so do I."

Michael started to object but Max stopped him. “Michael, they heard what Zack said. They already know enough.” After Michael and Isabel nodded their approvals, Max looked at Liz, “Go ahead.”

Liz addressed the others and said, “I’ll tell you the short version. Max, Isabel, and Michael are aliens. Actually they are alien-human engineered hybrids. They are almost completely human except for their powers and bodily fluids. They aren’t evil or anything like that. They just want to live normal lives and not be hunted down for who they are.” It was obvious to everyone that Liz cared a great deal for her friends.

Syl asked, “What do you mean powers?”

Before Liz could answer, Max waved his hand and an unopened soda can slide across the table to him. He picked up the can off the table and changed it to a bottle of water. “We can all change molecular structures as well as have individual talents.” Michael decided it was time for him to show off and sent a small burst of energy to the bottle and sent it flying off the table. “Any more questions?” They shook their heads no.

“Could have used you about ten years ago.” Krit said.

Max looked around and noticed that none of the four who just found out their secret were acting very surprised at their abilities. It appeared that not much surprised them.

“We can fill you in on the rest later.” Liz tucked her hair behind her ear before she starting again and focused on her friends, “For you to understand all this I have to give you a little history lesson. Thirty years ago a branch of the army merged with a genetic research company called Manticore. Their objective was to create the perfect trans-gentic soldiers and assassins through genetic engineering. Imagine the best Special Forces soldier, but born with better reflexes, senses, speed, and brain functions than a normal person. By mixing different DNA cocktails, they started getting the right combinations but the first four groups didn’t survive past the gestation period.” Noticing that her friends looked a little lost. “Okay let me simplify. They mixed traits from all kinds of DNA, created something like a test tube baby and implanted them in a ‘host’ mother. The women would be injected with steroids and other things to help the baby’s DNA develop to the fullest. They then carried the children full term and after birth the babies were taken away to be raised by Manticore. The fifth set of kids were the first group to survive past birth as you can see.”

Her friends’ eyes swept over Liz and then Kyle. Max was the first one to speak, “What are you saying, Liz?”

“We are those kids. Manticore engineered us with Zack being the first and me the last in the X5 series.”

Michael scratched his eyebrow in confusion and asked, “X5’s?”

Zack stepped in and answered him, “The 5 means the fifth group and the X stands for transgenic. It was our unit designation.”

“So the five of you were created to be soldiers?” Isabel asked. The X5’s all nodded. “But you are human, right?” Isabel questioned thinking about how she herself had been engineered to be part alien and part human.

“Pretty much. We have some different kind of DNA that gives us advantages.”

“What kind of advantages?” Max asked. He couldn’t believe what Liz was telling him. Of all the secrets Max had come up, this was not one of them. Liz had always amazed him at how accepting she was at him being different and now he knew why. She knew what it was like to be different.

“Increased hearing, strength, muscles, reflexes, anything to give us a tactical advantage. That is because of some animal DNA mixed into us. Two of the most distinctive is shark and feline. The shark DNA allows us to hold our breath for around four minutes. It also gives us an endurance that makes it so we don't have to sleep much but that varies between all of us. Two of my sisters and I can go for several weeks without sleeping where as Ky and the others can only go a week if we have to. The feline increases our reflexes, vision including night vision. All the notable cat characteristics.” Liz lowered her eyes and glanced at Syl before muttering, “Along with some not so great ones.”

When Maria noticed Liz blushing, her curiosity got the better of her and she asked, “What are the other ones?”

When Liz blushed even more, Kyle spoke up, “Well you see the cat DNA has an effect on the girls’ hormones and sex drive.”

“In what way?” Michael asked. He was enjoying watching Max and Liz squirm. Zack and Krit threw him nasty glares as they saw how uncomfortable their sisters were talking about this. Plus they didn’t like to hear about sex and one of their sisters in the same sentence.

“They go into heat two or three times a year. For about forty-eight hours, their hormones completely crazy and it takes a lot to control themselves around members of the opposite sex.”

"Ky, I think they get it now," Zack said sternly. "Like Liz said, we were the first batch of their new soldiers. We were born and raised at Manticore. When we were old enough, we began our training. They taught us anything and everything that we needed to become the soldier they wanted us to be; weapons, explosives, hand to hand combat, mechanics, tracking, even field medicine."

"You see, all the enhancements they gave us weren't enough. We had to be trained like the special forces. The biggest difference was we learned it a lot faster. Another one of our traits was enhanced brain function. We think and learn very fast." Liz said. Liz's mind ran through a series of memories from her training at Manticore. "They made sure we were prepared for every circumstance that we could encounter on a mission or in the battlefield." Before Liz could go on Michael interrupted her.

"Liz, not to put you down but you don't look like a soldier that the army would order out. You're so small."

"But Michael, that's just it. If I were your enemy would you suspect me? They even went as far as giving us different ethnic features. A couple of our siblings have asian or indian features. That is exactly why we look the way we do so we can blend in and not be suspected." Liz said.

“Don’t underestimate what we can do. We’re very lethal if we need to.” Zack said as he glared at Michael. “Do you want to give her the opportunity to prove it?”

Michael shook his head and said, “No, I was just wondering.”

"Being what you are, I can't imagine Manticore letting you guys stray far from them. How did you all wind up here?" Max asked.

"You're right but we didn't give them an option. Like I said we started training when we were small but that's not all. They tried to brainwash us so that we didn't have any personalities and have no opinion, just follow orders. Lydecker, the guy in charge of us, would demand nothing less than perfection and we were punished if we didn’t obey. We didn't even have names we went by the designation numbers on our barcodes." Liz looked at her friends to gauge their reaction to her last statement.

Max's head popped up when he heard what Liz had said, "What do you mean your barcodes?"

"Manticore encoded a individual designation number in each of our DNA's. It appears on us like a tattoo. It is kind of like a permanent name and property tag but with numbers. That's how they kept track of us."

"But where are they?" Maria asked with wide eyes. In all the sleepovers she had shared with Liz, she had never seen one.

Liz moved closer to her friends so that they would all be able to see. As Liz turned and squatted down, she pulled her hair over and revealed her barcode "We all have one in the same spot. The numbers are the all the same for our unit until you get to the last three. I'm X5-435."

They all stared in shock as Liz revealed the black barcode on the back of her neck. As they stared, Liz got up to move back to her previous position. Kyle walked over and squatted down just like Liz revealing his neck as well. There was an almost identical mark as Liz's just as she had said.

"God, Liz. Now I see why you never wanted to get a tattoo. Why haven't you had it removed?" Maria asked.

"We can't. At least not permanently, it's encoded in us. If we have it removed, it just comes back in a couple weeks."

"But how come I've never seen it before?" Maria asked.

"Well as you saw, my hair covers it most of the time. If I have my hair up, I cover it with body makeup like they use at the theatres or in movies. That's how Kyle keeps his hidden.” When they didn’t ask anymore questions she continued, “Manticore didn't want us to be our own person so they didn't give us names. So we named ourselves. We each chose our own."

"Well we know all your names so what are the others?" Max questioned.

"Well there is Zane, Josh, Jack, Bren, Jondy, and Max who is actually a girl. Kyle's is actually Ky but he changed it to Kyle later. Also Ben, Tinga, and Eva." Liz said with a sad note in her voice.

Kyle noticed the drop in Liz's voice and decided to help her tell their friends, "Manticore was so sure that all the brainwashing had been effective that they never realized that it didn't work. They knew about our names but nothing more. We decided we wanted to live our own lives and be our own person. So we set out to do it."

"How?" Michael asked.

Part 13:

"We escaped. We used all that Manticore had taught us and turned it against them. That's why they wanted us to be drones, so we would never question orders and turn away from them. Whenever we would go out on maneuvers we took inventory of our surroundings. We planned for months. Finally when the night was right we made our move." Liz swallowed the lump in her throat before she continued, “ Being the oldest, Zack was appointed our commanding officer so he lead us out. We were almost out of the building before it was discovered we were gone. They tried to capture us but we got out and separated. Zack had already told us that we would have to scatter once we left the compound so we broke up. Ky and I are the youngest and we thought it was best if we stuck together. We decided we wanted to go some place warm so we headed south.”

“Why did you have to have a place that was warm?” Michael asked.

“It was winter the night we broke out and there was snow on the ground. Our clothes were too thin for the length of time we were exposed to the elements. Once we reached the nearest city we went into an apartment complex and stole some clothes from a Laundromat. Ky and I decided we never wanted to be that cold again so we went to the desert and eventually settled in Roswell. We didn’t know what happened to our other eleven siblings until Zack came to us three years ago.”

“Eleven? I thought you said there were twelve others besides the two of you?” Max asked. He regretted it the moment he saw the sadness appear in Liz’s eyes.

“There were. When we discovered, we were almost trapped. Zack and Eva were the only ones with firearms so they covered us so we could escape. Eva didn’t make it. Lydecker killed her.”

“So where are the others?”

“With Lydecker hunting for us, we all had to stay hidden separately so we’re harder to find. Until today I hadn’t seen any of my other siblings since we escaped except Ky and Zack. Zack is the only one who has contact with any of them.”

Everyone looked at Zack, “It is the safest way. I’ve known where Ky and Liz have been for nine years but just let them know three years ago. Most of us have settled but some of us move around. I have a contact number that they can reach me at any time.”

Maria asked. “When did you go to live with the Sheriff and the Parkers? Do they know about you?”

Kyle answered her, “Yeah, Dad knows all of it and the Parkers know most of it. Liz hid some of the darker aspects of it.” Kyle glanced around then started again, “A couple weeks after we left Manticore, we arrived in Roswell. My dad found us in the old soap factory one night when he was on duty. We were leery of him at first, we knew we couldn’t trust just anyone but Liz had a feeling that we could so we let him take us back to his house. He told us his house was empty because his wife was in Clovis visiting relatives; so we had a safe place to sleep for a couple of days. He eventually talked us into settling in Roswell. He knew it would be too suspicious if he took us both so he had to come up with a plan. After approving it with us he called the Parkers. He had grown up with them and knew he could trust them. They were getting ready to move back to open the Crashdown. They came and met us. Liz was the one to decide to go with them. They took her in and raised her as their own. When my mom came back, Dad told her that he had found me abandoned in the park. He knew about Lydecker being after us so he kept her in the dark to protect her. It’s why she eventually left.” Kyle took a deep breath to calm himself down, “My dad wanted to make sure Liz and I were protected so he used all his resources at the station to find out what Lydecker was up to. He had to do it after hours so no one would see him and mom got tired of him never being home so she left.”

Liz broke in and said, “He’s been doing everything he could to keep us hidden. After Zack found us, we knew that our other brothers and sisters were living their lives on the run and he didn’t want that for us. My parents and him wanted us to have the most normal life we could.” Liz smiled and said, “How do you think he knew what to do when he started covering for you guys?”

“He already had the experience.” Max stated.

Kyle nodded “Yeah, although he hasn’t had to do much for us lately but be on the lookout. When he started covering for you,
things became a lot more difficult. Your cover-ups were always a lot bigger. That’s the reason I was so upset about it. I was worried he would lose more. He’d do anything to make sure we are all safe.”

“That’s why the sheriff went after Max so adamantly after the shooting at the Crashdown. He was protecting me.” Liz said. “After those tourists told him that Max had done something to me, he thought Manticore might have found me. He got even more curious when he questioned me about it and I wouldn’t tell him anything. I had never hid anything from him or Kyle. When Kyle saw the silver handprint, he knew I was hiding something from him and thought I was getting into something that could expose me.”

“If you trusted the Sheriff so much, why did you tell him about us?” Isabel asked.

“It wasn’t my secret to tell so I helped you hide it. You guys had to trust him on your own. I knew that he ever found out the truth that he would be there for you too.”

“So you lied to the people you trusted most just to protect us.” Michael asked surprised. He had been upset that Liz felt she couldn’t trust them with her secret when she had done everything in her power to make sure they trusted her. But knowing that she had lied to the Sheriff and Kyle just to protect them helped him to forgive her.

Liz just nodded, “You don’t know how much of a relief it was when they finally found out. It eased the strain between us.
I got my brother back and we did what we could do to help you.”

“Um, I hate to ask this but did Manticore ever catch up to any of you?” Isabel wondered.

Liz nodded, “Ben was killed, we’re not sure how but Manticore found his body. Bren was taken in six months ago. They reconditioned her and she now works with them. Zack was caught shortly after but escaped. They caught and killed Tinga. Before we knew she was dead, Max and Zack went in after her. Max was captured. That’s why we are here. They’re holding her and we are going in to get her tonight in just over six hours.”

“How?” Michael questioned.

Zack jumped in, “Don’t worry about it. We know what we are doing.”

Liz put her hands up to still the guys bickering, “That’s pretty much it. That’s our secret. According to people in Roswell, I’m just Liz Parker, science nerd, and Kyle is the all-american athlete. In realty we are X5’s hiding from the enemy. We stay alert, keep up with our training, arm ourselves, and stay prepared to leave town in case we are discovered.”

“When do you train?” Maria asked.

“Well we workout individually but we go out to the desert every couple of weeks for target practice and to keep up with the hand to hand. That’s why we pretended we were dating. We could spend a lot of time together alone and no one would try to hang out with us.” Kyle explained.

“I’m sorry for not telling you. I wanted to but I didn’t know what you might do if you found out that I was made to be a human weapon. I was also worried that if something happened with us that you guys would try to help us and possibly expose yourself. We don’t want to go back to Manticore and I didn’t want them to try to get to me through you guys. I’ll give you guys a couple minutes to absorb everything.” Liz followed her siblings over to Logan’s computer and sat down to see what her friends would say.

Before Logan got up to join them, he spoke to Liz’s friends, “Liz and Kyle are still the same people. All the stuff they told you about; what they went through is what made them who they are. I know you’re hurt that they didn’t tell you but they did what they thought they had to.” Logan finished and made his way over to the X5’s.

He walked up just in time to hear Zack say, “I don’t know how you can still trust him after all he had done.”

“What did Max do?” Krit asked. He didn’t like the thought of any guy hurting his sister. Alien or not.

“He pushed her away after having her fall for him. Not to mention the other girl that came into the picture. He’s done nothing but break her heart.” Zack answered.

“Zack, quit it. They are the closest people in my life and I love all of them. I just hope they can forgive me for not telling them. Besides, you don’t know what happened before we left Roswell.” Before Liz could tell him, Max came over. “You can come back over now.” As Liz walked past him she heard Max whispered, “You and I need to talk. Alone.” Liz nodded.

Her and Kyle took positions so that they were facing their friends, Liz spoke first, “Are we okay? Can you forgive us?”

As they all nodded, Max answered her, “It hurt that you couldn’t trust us but we understand. Just don’t do it again. This past year has been hard partly because we all kept secrets from one another. From now on we need to have everything out in the open.”

“I guess now it’s the ‘I know an Alien and X5 club.” Kyle said.

Liz saw that Maria was pouting and asked, “What’s wrong, Maria?”

“I’m the only regular human in this group.”

Liz laughed and went to hug her friend, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for being my friend.”

“I told you before. I always got your back. Even if you don’t need it.” Maria said.

“Okay you two break it up.” Michael said.

Maria pointed her finger at him and said, “Space boy you better be nice or I’ll sick Liz or Kyle after you.”

Liz snickered, “Maria, calm down. You know how Michael can’t stand emotional scenes. He’s just like Zack.” She turned her head and glanced at her oldest brother. “That’s probably why they haven’t been getting along well since they got here. They’re just alike.”

Zack just shook his head and refused to retort back. He knew Liz was just try to get a rise out of him. “Well now that all this stuff had been taken care of you guys need to go so that we can finish getting ready.”

“We’re not leaving. We’re staying until Liz and Kyle are ready to go back.” Max stated. The other three spoke their agreement as well. “I can’t just leave knowing they will be in danger. We want to help.”

“No.” Zack argued.

“I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to Liz and I wasn’t there to save her. I don't doubt that you guys know what you’re doing but something could happen. Not to mention the extra fire power we would bring to the table.” Max said looking at Michael.

“Zack, as much as I hate to side with him I think they should go with us. Their powers would give us a tactical advantage that Manticore wouldn’t be expecting. Plus we don’t know what kind of condition Max will be when we get to her. She might be in pretty bad shape.” Kyle said, he could tell Zack was considering it.

“No!” They all stared at Liz in shock, “It’s too dangerous. Could you imagine what Lydecker would do if he got a hold of them? He’d have a field day with them once he found out what they are.” She looked at Zack for support.

“Liz, Kyle is right. We have to look at this from all angles. We’re only use them if we have to.” Zack looked Max dead in the eye before saying, “Max and Michael will go with us but will stay with the cars. Isabel and Maria can stay here with Logan.” Zack looked at Liz to see if she would argue. When she didn’t, he said, “Yours and Kyle gear still needs to be unloaded.”

Liz nodded as Kyle turned to Max and Michael and asked, “Feel like helping with some manual labor? We’ve go two trucks that need unloaded. They’re not huge but they’re kind of heavy.”

Michael and Max headed off with Kyle leaving Liz, Maria, and Isabel standing with the others. Syl was telling them a little bit about herself when the guys came in. Kyle and Michael each had a trunk while Max came in carrying Liz and Kyle’s duffle bags. Kyle set his trunk down and said, “Be careful with that”

Michael looked at him in confusion then at the plastic container he had just set down and asked, “What’s in it?”

Liz smiled as she hopped down from where she was sitting. As her and Kyle began to open the trunks she said, “Weapons mostly, along with some other equipment.” The others gasped with they saw the guns, knifes, and other stuff in the trunks.

“Oh my God,” Maria said.

“Liz told you we keep ourselves prepared.”

“Where did it all come from?”

“We got most of it at swat meets. With all the survivalists out there, it is pretty easy to get the stuff. Although Dad had to buy most of it since we just turned eighteen.” Kyle said as he picked up one of the semi-automatics. “This is our emergency stash though. This stuff is too big to carry around everyday so we keep smaller stuff on us. There is also some climbing gear and first aid equipment.”

“Like Liz carrying a knife?” Michael asked.

Liz blushed when she realized that Michael and Max had heard Kyle’s comment about her knife in the kitchen. “Yeah, among other things.” Liz reached behind her withdrawing her 9mm automatic and displayed it to them. Her friends looked more shocked about knowing that she had a gun on her than they had about anything else.

“Do you keep that on you all the time?” Maria asked.

“Not all the time but at least within easy reach. It’s usually in my backpack or locker at work if I can’t keep it on me. Kyle carries one too plus one he usually keeps it in the car. If any of Lydecker’s men were to show up we have to be prepared.” They started pulling everything out and checking it over. Liz and Kyle showed their friends how to load and use some of the smaller guns.

After closing up the trucks, Maria spoke again, “Well I don’t know about any of you but I need food. Anybody up for getting something to eat?”

“Why don’t all you guys go get something to eat and bring Max and I back something? We’ll stay here.” Liz suggested in hopes of getting some time alone with Max to talk. Everyone got up and prepared to leave except Krit and Zack. They both looked at each other and decided they weren’t going to leave Max and Liz here alone. Krit said, “Grab us something too. We’ll stay here.” Liz could tell her brothers didn’t trust Max around her. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to talk them into going she looked at Kyle and pleaded with her eyes to help her. Kyle saw it and knowing she needed him to run interference he said, “Yeah, I think I’ll stay too.”

After the others left, Liz pointed Max towards one of the other rooms and told him she would meet him in there in a minute. Once he was out of sight, Liz spoke, “I know you guys stayed to watch over me but you don’t need to. Max and I just need some time to ourselves.”

Zack recognized the look in Liz’s eyes, “You can’t be considering being with him again.”

Liz whirled on her brother, “Whether or not I decide to, it is my decision. I’m the one who has pushing him away and I’m sick of fighting what my heart tells me. Don’t try and tell me what to do Zack. Especially when you don’t have all the facts.”

“Then enlighten me.”

“Ask Kyle. I’m busy.” Liz spat.

After Liz walked out of the room, Krit and Zack looked at Kyle. Kyle glared in the direction that Liz had gone, “Since Krit doesn’t know all about the intergalactic soap opera, I’ll start at the beginning.”

Part 14:

Max stared at Liz as she stormed into the office and slammed the door, “Seal the door, Max. I want to make sure they can’t get in.” She snarled as she started to pace.

After the door was sealed, Max turned back to Liz. She was still pacing and looking upset. In attempt to calm herself down she took off her jacket and put her gun on the desk before she took a couple deep breaths. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this pissed.’ Max thought it best that he wait for her to speak. As he waited, his eyes grazed down her body and caught sight of the pendant he had given her. She was still in the same clothes she had on when he saw her earlier but now Max could see all of her in more detail. Except for their kiss the night before, he hadn’t really been close to Liz in quite awhile. He could feel the heat rising in his body at the sight of her so close.

“See something you like?” He heard Liz ask.

Max’s eyes shot up to meet hers. He couldn’t believe she had caught him checking her out. “Yeah, I do. Um, I was noticing how those clothes are different than I’m used to seeing you in.”

“Ky bought me some new clothes last summer to cheer me up. Zack about had a heart attack when he saw me. They weren’t as innocent as the rest of my clothes so when I got back to Roswell I put them up. I keep them in a bag that I have in case we have to leave town in a hurry.”

“So you really didn’t go to your aunt’s in Florida and Kyle didn’t go to football camp?” Max asked.

“No, we did but not right away. Zack was the one who drove me home from the pod chamber. He was heading into Roswell to come see us and found me walking along the road. I didn’t tell him anything that day but he knew I was pretty upset. When he questioned Ky, he couldn’t tell him anything except that it had something to do with you. Ky was still in shock from you healing him so Zack talked us both into leaving with him to travel around for a little while. About a week later Zack confronted us about you guys and we told him everything. He tried to convince us to not go back but we said no. We traveled around, never staying anywhere for longer than a couple days. Kyle left for football camp in July while Zack and I went out on our own. It took me forever but I talked him into spending the last three weeks of the summer with me in Florida. I think that was first time I really have ever seen him relax.” Liz smiled at the memory.

“Is that when you learned how to ride a motorcycle?”

Liz nodded, “Zack taught me shortly after we left Roswell. It’s really freeing. I needed that.”

“I’m glad they were there for you.”

“Yeah, they were. I helped Kyle understand what had happened and he listened to me about you. It’s one reason, Zack’s not your biggest fan.”

“I bet this past year didn’t help my case any.”

“No, it didn’t. Especially when Kyle told him about how you acted when I was investigating Alex’s death.”

“I don’t know how to tell you how sorry I am for that. I didn’t want to admit that you lost someone you cared about because of us. I was scared that if you found something that the murderer would come after you and I would lose you even if you weren’t mine at the time. Nothing I can say will make up for the horrible way I acted but do you think you could try to forgive me?” Max looked at her pleadingly.

“I’ll admit that the way I conducted my investigation could have brought unwanted attention to us, Zack made sure I knew that. I don’t regret doing it though, I owed it to Alex to find out what happened. When you said that you didn’t believe that Alex was murdered it hurt. Not only did you not believe in what I was doing, but you were mean and hateful about it. It took all my control not to knock you on your ass that day in the hall when you grabbed me. Then on that night you yelled at me in front of Tess and Kyle, it was like I didn’t even know you. You scared me. Kyle came after me and I broke down and I hated you for making me feel like that.”

Liz composed herself before she continued, “But when I look back at it I realized something. It wasn’t you. After Alex died, it was like you gave up your human side. I don’t know if it was guilt that you could heal him, I saw your face when you came out of the van with his blood on your hands, or grief that he’d died or fear that one of us could be next. So you buried it and became a machine. Knowing all that helps me understand why you were like that but I don’t know if I can forgive or forget it that easy. But I can say that I won’t let it make any barriers between us. We’ve had enough of those.”

“I can understand that. I’ll just have to do whatever I can to make you trust me.”

“I don’t doubt you’ll try. My brothers trusting you is a whole other story especially Zack. He’s really protective of me actually of all of us.”

“I noticed that. I understand though. You know how protective Michael and I are of Izzy. It drives her crazy.”

“All my siblings used to be real protective of me. That’s why Krit sided with Zack. Zack told him you hurt me so he stepped up and went into protective mode. Kyle stayed to keep them away so we could talk. He’s always stood up for me when they were being overprotective. Of course when it’s just the two of us he’s as bad as all of them put together.” Liz started fidgeting. “Max, about me setting up that scene with Kyle. I thought you were supposed to be with Tess.”

Max didn’t give her a chance to finish, “I know, Liz. I know all about your visit from the Future me. I heard you talking to Kyle before you left. Michael and I confronted Maria and she filled us in.”

“I’m sorry I had to hurt you like that. He told me you guys needed her. I told him that I didn’t want to but when he told me about Michael and Isabel dying, I knew I had to so I went to Kyle for help. He’s the only one I knew I could trust to help. Even though he knew about the Future you, it was hard to talk to him about it so I told Maria.”

“I hate that you had to go through all of that just to have Tess turn on us. But don’t worry we’ll figure out something.”

“Maybe we can find Ava. I trust her, they might share the same DNA but she’s not like Tess. I still have some questions for her about me being changed.”

“Well I trust your instincts. You’ve been right in the past even if we didn’t pay any attention. Now that we know about our enemies coming we can prepare. I’m just glad that I got it out of Maria. Don’t be mad at her.”

“I’m not. It’s just strange to have everything out in the open.”

“I know what you mean. Out of all the thoughts that are running through me the strongest one is how relieved I am.” When Liz looked at him funny he explained, “Although I don’t like what Tess did, I am relieved to know that none of what she made me believe was true. I felt relief when I found out all about the Future Me because it explained why you pushed me away. I feel relief that you could finally tell me about your past. Even if we made you.”

He turned to look her in the eye before saying, “Liz, I want you to know something. Even when I thought you slept with Kyle I never stopped loving you. What you said doesn’t change that. You are still the Liz that I fell in love with. Your secret doesn’t change that. I am curious as to why I never saw any of it in the flashes though.” Max said as he ran his hand through his hair.

“When I first found out about the flashes I was scared that you would. When you didn’t bring it up I kind of came up with a theory as to why.”

Max smiled. Leave it to Liz to come up with a theory to put things in perspective. “Let’s hear it.”

“Well, all the memories you’ve seen are happy ones and fantasies, right?” When Max nodded, Liz continued, “I don’t have any really happy memories of when I was at Manticore. I think my subconscious serpressed them as far as possible without me forgetting them while the happy ones became dominant. The flashes just picked up the dominant ones and never accessed the other ones.”

“It the best explanation I can think of. The only bad flashes you’ve ever gotten from me was right after I escaped and I wasn’t at my best then.” Max thought for a moment about the best way to ask her more about Manticore. He didn’t want her to have to bring up any painful memories but he wanted to know. “Could you tell me more about your time there?”


“I want to be able to understand what happened.”

“I don’t know if I can.” Liz said. She didn’t know if she would ever be able to tell Max enough for him to understand what the first eight years of her life had been like. She wondered what he would think of some of the things that she had done. “I haven’t really talked about it for years. It just wasn’t something Kyle and I talked much about. It’s kind of hard to accurately describe.”

Max came up with another idea. “Maybe if you concentrated on that time hard enough and we made a connection, I would see it.”

Liz’s eyes went wide and began to chew on the corner of her lip, “Max, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

Max could see how reluctant Liz was, “Liz, what is it? You’ve never been afraid of a connection before.”

“I’m not afraid of you. I’m scared of what you might see.” Liz stopped for a minute to figure out the best way to tell him, “Max, when I was there I did somethings that I’m not proud of and I don’t want you to see.” She couldn’t even bring herself to admit that she had killed.

There was only a few things that Max could think of that would make Liz this scared to tell him. “I have a pretty good idea what they might be. We know you have to do some extreme things to survive, just like us. It won’t change anything I still want to see it all.” Max walked up so he was right in front of Liz and rested his hands on her shoulders.

As much as she didn’t want him to know, she could see how determined he was. There was no way she was getting out of this. “Okay Max.”

“Think of nothing but those memories.” He moved his hands up to cup her face and looked into her eyes.

A young short haired Liz going through practice sparring motions. Liz fighting hard against several soldiers. She continues to fight them until they are all laying around her unconscious.
Liz putting together several different weapons and firing them.
Liz looking at a guy, who Max guessed was Lydecker, yelling, “Emotions are a weakness. Fear is a weakness.”
Lydecker backhanding Liz for not doing something right. Liz doing the exercise over and over before being allowed to be stitched up at the infirmary.
Liz sitting in a classroom watching a scene that was flashing different pictures and words.
Liz standing next to Kyle receiving orders. “Sir, yes, Sir”
Liz and Kyle coming up on the target that they had been tracking. Kyle signals to Liz to take the target out. Liz shooting at the prisoner, killing him.
Liz talking to her brothers and sisters as they came up with their names.
Liz watching as Eva was gunned down.
Liz running with Kyle to the fence on the night of the escape. Hearing gunshots.
**End of Flash**

As the connection started to fade, Liz waited to see how Max would reacted to what he saw. She didn’t know what he had seen. She felt his hand move up and he started rubbing his thumb along the scar above her left eyebrow.

“Lydecker gave this to you didn’t he?”

He continued to stroke it and gazed into her eyes as she nodded. Max knew she thought he would see her differently now and she was right but in a different way. She thought he would turn away from her but he felt just the opposite. He wanted to take her in his arms and do everything possible to make her forget it all. He knew that all the stuff he had seen was what she had to do to survive. Manticore represented the same thing to her as the white room did for him. He’d had nightmares about the day and a half he had spent in the white room, he couldn’t imagine what spending eight years in it would do to him. He realized she was an even stronger person than he already thought. He came out of his thoughts when she asked.

“You saw it?”


“He believed that if we had harsh enough punishments we would only make mistakes once. He was right. The one were I got this scar was tame compared to other ones. We learned quickly to do it right the first time. What else did you see?”

“I saw when you guys came up with your names. I saw some of the training sessions along with some other stuff.”

“Max.” Liz turned and tried to walk away but Max grabbed her from behind. He wrapped his arms around her brought her back against his chest and leaned his chin on her shoulder.

“Liz, I know you’re worried about what I saw but don’t be. I know you were doing what you had to. Seeing the way Lydecker treated all of you affected me more than anything else. I could feel how much you hate him.”

“I can’t even describe it. I’ve tried to get over it but I can’t. Whenever I think I’m moving on something happens and I feel the hatred increase. He tortured Zack to try to find the rest of us, he turned Bren against us, and he killed Tinga. He took the love she had for her little boy and used it against her. He has Max now. The sooner we get her out the better”

Max turned her around and pulled her back into his arms before he kissed the crown of her head, “Don’t worry. We’ll get her.”

Feeling Max’s arms around her helped to calm her mood. She never felt so safe as she did in his arms. She was ecstatic that he had forgiven her for lying and had accepted her past. He still loved her and hadn’t stopped even when he thought she had betrayed him.

Max pulled back slightly and asked, “Is there any chance that we can be together? I don’t want to push you into anything but
can we go back?’

Liz looked at Max and saw all the love in his eyes, “No Max we can’t go back. Too much has happened. ” When she saw the hurt in his eyes she explained, “But we can be together.”

“Like start over?”

“Not quite. More like working from where we’re at. We have too much history to start over. We have changed and we have to get to know the people we’ve become. I love you and I want to be with you. This year has taught me that life is too short. We don’t know when your enemies could come, or when Manticore could find me. We don’t know how long your people live or if my barcode has an expiration date on it. We just start from here and go where our heart leads us.”

“My heart always leads to you.” With that Max leaned over to kiss her. He lightly pressed his lips against hers not wanting to push her but the passion picked up quickly when he felt her respond. He ran his tongue across her bottom lip, asking for entrance. She parted her lips allowing him to deepen the kiss. They both felt their bodies start to heat up and Max pulled her closer to him. As Liz started to slip her hands up around his neck, they heard someone banging loudly on the door, interrupting them.

“Liz, Max! We’re back and we’ve got your food.” Maria yelled through the door.

Max leaned his forehead against Liz’s and said, “We’ve have to teach her better timing.” He pulled away and went to unseal the door. He opened it revealing a greatly relieved Maria.

“Thank God. I wasn’t sure how much longer your brothers were going to wait before they tore the door down. They seemed to think you’d been in here too long to just be talking.” When she saw Liz holding Max’s hand she added, ”You were just talking, right?” She smiled and led them out to the others.

Part 16:

“Ask Kyle. I’m busy.” Liz spat.

After Liz walked out of the room, Krit and Zack looked at Kyle. Kyle glared in the direction that Liz had gone, “Since Krit doesn’t know all about the intergalactic soap opera, I’ll start at the beginning.”

He took a deep breath and began, “Most of this is what Liz told me but some is what I’ve seen myself. Liz had a crush on Max since she was fifteen. Finding out he was an alien didn’t change how she felt, obviously. If anything it made her like him more. She knew he understood how it felt to be different but look like everyone else. I didn’t like him and I wanted to protect her but since I didn’t know about their secret she wasn’t really talking to me much. She found out that he was interested in her too so she pursued him. She was shocked when he pushed her away. He told her that it might be dangerous and he wanted to protect her. They became friends and she did everything she could to protect him and got dragged into all kinds of alien crap. I tried to get her away from him but she wouldn’t budge. She finally broke him down and they dated for a couple of days but he broke up with her giving her some alien reason. Liz was crushed but she still wanted to be with him so she stuck around him being his friend. A couple of months later, they got back together and for a couple months they were happy. At least until, the blonde betrayer Tess came to town.”

“She was an alien too and she wanted Max. One of her powers was mindwarps. She could make you see something that wasn’t there.” Zack and Krit could tell he didn’t care for Tess. “Anyways she did something to him and he kissed her with Liz watching. When Liz confronted him he told her and she forgave him. A couple of days later Max was captured by the FBI and they went to rescue him. After that they found out that they had lived before as royality and Max and Tess were ‘destined’ to be together.” Kyle voice was now think with sarcasm. “Liz felt she could stand in the way of his destiny so she left. That is when Zack found her walking through the desert.”

“After spending the summer with Zack and I, Liz was went back to Roswell more determined to stay away from Max. She was doing good but I could see it hurt her. Max wouldn’t give her up though. He kept pushing her to go back with him and she almost did. Right before she did she found out that if she did that Tess would leave town and she couldn’t let that happen. The four of them form a complete unit that makes their powers stronger. Without one of them, they would be too weak to fend off their enemies.” That was a pretty vague description but he would let Liz tell them about her visitor on her own. “So she gave him up. She came to me and I helped her staged it so he would see us in bed together. He didn’t know we were brother and sister so he thought she had betrayed him and he turned to Tess. A few days later she told me everything. When I helped I didn’t know all the other stuff, I just thought she was pissed at him.” He ran his hand over his face at the memory of how hurt Liz was.

“I’ll tell you something. I wanted to beat the crap out of him so many times over the next few months because of the way he treated her. Liz begging me not to was the only thing that kept me from knocking his alien ass down a peg or two. A few months later they became friends and he quit being so mean. That continued until a couple of weeks ago when Alex died. It looked like he died in a car accident but Liz felt otherwise. She knew that he’d been murdered possibly by an alien and she set out to prove it. She wasn’t very quiet about it. Max and her fought about it quite a few times because of it. To the point that they completely cut the other one out of their lives but Liz continued and found out it that Alex had been killed by alien.”

“Now ever since Liz and I pulled our little stunt Tess had been wiggling her ass more and more into Max’s life. He trusted her more and more but they didn’t have the relationship she wanted so she set out to get him. At prom, Tess mindwarped Max to kiss her again right in front of Liz. After Alex died, Tess took advantage of Max being alienated from everyone and used her powers to make him believe that they slept together, that she was pregnant, and that they had to go to their home planet for the baby to survive which they couldn’t do. Now while all of this is going on Liz was still investigating and had found out that Alex had been mind-controlled into decoding an alien book that told them how to go home. Right before they were about to leave, we figured out that Tess had been the one to control Alex and eventually kill him.” Kyle couldn’t bring himself to tell his brothers that he had also been mindwarped. “We got there in time to tell them. When Liz confronted Tess she figured out about the whole baby nonsense being fake and started in on her. I don’t know how bad she would have hurt her but Tess used her powers to escape. This all happened the morning before we left to Seattle.”

He had just finished when the others came in with bags of food. “Zack’s right about Liz being hurt a lot over the last two years and if I could I would do everything possible to keep her away from him but I trust her. She’s smart, she doesn’t just give her love to anyone and she’s more stubborn than ever. She won’t stop until she gets what she wants and I think she still wants to be with Max. She loves him and I hate to admit it but he loves her too. I don’t think he deserves her but she won’t listen to me or anyone else.” He left them to think about what he said and headed over to get some food.

Part 17:

As they made there way back to the others, Liz saw Zack and Krit standing off to the side slightly. She noticed Zack staring at her and Max’s entwined hands. “Go on over to the food, I’m going to go talk to Zack and Krit.” Max nodded as he looked over at Liz’s brothers.

Max walked over and started going through the food. He saw Kyle watching him and he said, “Hey Kyle. I wanted to say thanks for your help. You didn’t have to watch your brothers so Liz and I could talk but you did and I appreciate it.”

“Well we have always stuck together. If I hadn’t they would have go in after five minutes. I know she wanted to talk to you about everything.” Kyle stood so that he was facing Max and used a practiced intimidation stare that they had all learned at Manticore before saying, “I want Liz to be happy and if she feels like that is with you then I know I can’t change her mind. Just remember that she is my little sister and I will protect her. If you ever hurt her again, either a past, present, or future version of you, no amount of alien powers will be able to save you. Do we understand each other?”

“We do.” Max said knowing that Kyle as well as the rest of Liz’s siblings would make good on the threat.

Liz walked over and stood in front of Krit and Zack. Before she could say anything Krit spoke up, “Before you lay into us again, I just wanted to let you know that Ky told us everything. I just want to say that I’m sorry I took Zack’s side without knowing the whole story. I could see he wanted to protect you and I just assumed the worst about Max. Now that I know everything, I’m going to trust your judgement and I won’t say anything unless he gives me reason. Just remember that although I might not have been around for the last ten years, you are still my sister and I look out for all of my siblings. I’m going to go eat and leave you two to fight things out.” Liz smiled at Krit’s last statement. She went up to him and hugged him. “Besides my sister could do worse than alien royalty.”

Once Krit was over with the others, Liz spoke, “I’m sorry for going off on you earlier. I know you’ve always looked out for all of us and want us to be okay. You have to understand something though, and that is that I love Max. I wouldn’t even be standing here if it wasn’t for him. We’ve beaten all the obstacles that we’ve come up against and will keep doing what we have to so that we will be together. We love each other so you better get used to it. You’re my brother, my family and I need my family but you can’t run my life. I have to make my own decisions. We will be together, Zack and I hope that you can maybe be friends with him some day.” Liz glanced over at Max and saw him watching her with concern on his face. She gave him a small smile to reassure him before she looked back at Zack.

“Are you done?” When Liz nodded, Zack took a deep breath before he said, “When Ky told us everything it made me realize that you didn’t just jump into all this with Max. You’ve put a lot of thought into your actions and not just been led by emotions. I was worried that you might risk you and Ky by being involved with Max and the alien stuff. I think it has made you even more cautious. You’re too stubborn for me to change your mind so I’ll be civil to them. I’ll just be a normal big brother. Even if I were to become friends with Max don’t think I will ever stop being protective. Max will just have to live with you having six older brothers watching to make sure he doesn’t hurt you.”

“I’m glad we understand each other. Just remember what I said, you can’t tell me what to do anymore not like when we were at Manticore.”

“You know Maxie said almost the same thing.” Zack said looking at Logan.

Liz noticed the look and wondered again about the relationship between Logan and her sister. ‘He must care a lot about her to be helping us.’ Liz smiled at the thought of her sister having someone special in her life like she had Max.

“Come on, we’ve got about six hours until we head out. Why don’t you start getting to know him along with my other friends now? Let’s eat.” Liz and Zack walked over to join the others.

Part 18:

Liz and Zack walked over to join the others. Before she got there Michael intercepted her. “I know you probably want to eat but can I talk to you a minute?”

Liz nodded and followed him away from the group. “What’s up Michael?”

“I wanted to apologize for giving you a hard time earlier. It took a little while for it to sink in.” He said.

“It’s okay Michael. I understand.”

“There’s something I wanted to ask you about away from everyone else. Why didn’t I read about any of this in your journal?”

“Well I started that journal the day I got shot and it was mainly about how I found out about you guys. You would have read about it if you had taken one of my earlier ones. They were full of stuff about Manticore. Most of it I don’t think anyone would want to read about.” Liz’s tone of voice confirmed Michael’s thoughts about how bad her time was there. He knew she had probably used her lethal skills while she was there and maybe even after, he had seen it in her eyes. Her eyes held a look that said she’d done something she’d hated. He knew that look he’d seen a similar look in his own eyes.

It was then he realized that he had more in common with Liz and Kyle than he ever thought possible. They were soldiers like him and would probably understand how he felt about killing Pierce. “You know if you ever want to talk about it but don’t want to go to Maxwell or Maria, you can come to me. I know what’s it like to keep things bottled up.”

Liz smiled at his suggestion. It showed how much he had grown over the past year. He’d always been this tough person who never talked about feelings but Liz could see that his rough edges were being worn down. Her heart had gone out to him last year after she’d heard his little ‘I’m dangerous speech’ he’d given Maria. She knew he wouldn’t talk to anyone about it because he didn’t think anyone could understand. Little did he know at the time that her and Kyle knew all too well.

“That’d be nice. Maybe I could even help you work on your bike. With all the mechanical training they gave us I could tear that bike apart and put it back together with no problem.” Liz said.

Michael eyed her thoughtfully. “If you get the rattling out of the muffle, I might even let you drive it once. But I’ll kill you if you do a wheelie like you did on the way up here.”

“Hey, I couldn’t resist.” Liz laughed. “I don’t get on a bike very often.”

“Well then I’ll make you a deal. You teach me some of the hand to hand combat as well as whatever else you know and I’ll let you borrow it once a week. Deal?” As he stuck out his hand.

She took his offered hand and said, “Deal. Now let’s get over there. My foods probably ice cold by now.”

They both walked back and saw that the others were already half way through their own food. When Max saw Liz he waved his hand to heat up her food and she dove in. While they ate, the Roswellians told them about Liz being healed and about some of the things that they had been through over the last two years. Max had just started to tell them about the summit in New York when a van came crashing through the loading door. The X5’s jumped into action drawing their guns while Max, Michael and Isabel raised their hands. Everyone prepared to defend themselves when the driver side door opened.

“Did you guys decide to have a party without me?” The dark haired woman asked.

“Maxie!” Zack yelled. With that one name the X5’s all relaxed and made a beeline for their sister. They all took turns hugging their sister with Liz being the last. Her friends all noticed that out of all of the siblings that Liz looked the most like Max. They could all see how happy Liz and Ky were that their sister was safe.

“We were just planning on coming to get you.” Liz said. She motioned for her friends to come up behind her so they could meet her sister.

Max looked around and smiled when her eyes fell on Logan. “I have a different mission for you now other than a rescue.”

“What’s that?” Zack asked.

“To take down Manticore.” They all stared at Max as she made her way to the passenger door of the van.

“Have you gone crazy?” Syl asked.

“No, I haven’t.” She reached into the van and pulled out her passenger. They all noticed that he was tied up and blindfolded. “We’re going into and take them out and he’s going to help us.” At her last statement, they watched as their sister pulled off his blindfold revealing his face.

Max could feel Liz’s body stiffen next to him the moment the stranger’s face was revealed. The silence was deafening until Maria whispered to Max, “Who’s that?”


Part 19:

Zack was the first one to speak, “Why in the hell do you think he would help us?” His voice was filled with anger and hate.

“Because Manticore wants him dead.” Max stated.

“Well they are going to have to get in line and take a number.” Kyle said. Michael and Max could see Kyle staring at Lydecker. The glare he was giving him made the ones Kyle had given them in the past look like affectionate smiles.

“Listen, I’m not saying we become best friends with him just that he wants the same thing as us. And that is to get rid of Manticore. He helped me get away. He had someone tracking me. They were using this decked out van as the command post and got to me before Manticore could. He knows stuff that could help.” They could tell Max wasn’t happy about being in Lydecker’s company even as she defended her actions.

“He killed Tinga,” Liz said coldly, her friends had never heard her voice like that. She couldn’t believe that the man that had been hunting them for years, was right there in front of them. She could see that Kyle and Zack were seething with anger while Syl and Krit hid it better and stood there silently waiting to see what would play out.

“I’m not responsible for the death of your sister and I am here to help. My ex-boss won’t stop until I’m dead and she not just after me, she's after you, too. If you take out the genetics lab along with a couple key points in the building Manticore will fall. Remember soldiers, I know the security and defensive capabilities of that facility like the back of my hand.”

Zack noticed everyone was looking at him to make the ultimate decision. They knew Zack didn’t trust anyone beyond his family. He was having a hard time deciding whether to push his hate away and see what he had to say or just pull out his gun and shoot him. He knew that the information he would provide would be valuable so he didn’t do the latter one. The six of them had been around Lydecker enough to be able to tell if he was trying to fool them. He hoped anyway. He was sure that Lydecker knew if he double- crossed them that he didn’t stand a chance in hell of escaping all of them. This could be their one chance to get rid of Manticore once and for all. He nodded his head showing that he consented.

“Let’s do it.”

Zack walked up and stared Lydecker right in the eyes. “Don’t think that this makes up for what you’ve done to us.”

“The only thing I ever did was try to make you the best soldiers I could.” Lydecker said. “If that meant I had to capture you to bring you back to Manticore than that’s what I had to do. I was just doing my job.”

“JUST DOING YOUR JOB! That’s your excuse for all of the lectures and the beatings you gave us! For gunning our sister when we were trying to get away from you! For trying to hunt us down like animals for the last ten years! For turning Bren against us! For using Tinga’s son to get to her! That isn’t a part of your job! That is part of you being a ruthless monster!” Liz yelled at him. She could feel Maria holding onto one o f her arms in the attempt to hold her back. She knew her friend could feel her shaking even if no one else saw it.

Lydecker gazed at her for a minute. She saw a flash of recognition in his eyes as he tried to figure out who she was. “Liz, right?”

Liz didn’t answered but he knew he was right. She saw him smile slightly before saying, “I could tell it was you. You always did have a unique way of expressing yourself.”

“A trait you tried to get rid of. Several times if I remember right.” Liz snapped back.

“A soldier cannot be allowed to let the enemy know what they are thinking.” Lydecker quoted a speech that they had heard many times.

“I am not a soldier. Not anymore!” Liz yelled cutting him off. She started to move towards him but Syl stopped her.

“Liz, stop. He wins if you let him do this to you.” Syl could see Liz relax some. “As much as we hate him, he has information that we need to get Manticore out of our lives forever.”

Liz took a deep breath to calm down. She couldn’t believe how out of control she had gotten. She had tried to control and bury all the anger and hate she’d felt but it had all came crashing back when she had seen Lydecker. The hate she’d felt for Tess was tiny in comparison to what she felt for Lydecker and Manticore. She knew Syl was right and she wasn’t going to give Lydecker anymore opportunity to see how he had affected her.

“Fine. Let’s get started. The sooner we get this done the sooner he’s gone.” She turned back and saw the looks of her friends were giving her. They were all worried about her especially Max. He was the only one besides the X5’s to witness how Lydecker had treated them.

They all went back to the table to where the blueprints were located. Zack explained about who her friends were and then they got to work. Lydecker briefed them on the security and the areas that needed to be attacked while Liz watched him closely. He still had the cold look in his eyes that she remembered so well. She’d made sure that her and her friends were sitting the farthest away from him. She had seen him look at Max and the others curiously when he met them. She was going to make sure that he didn’t get his hands on them.

Lydecker finished going over everything and Zack went over the plan. “We’ll head out in Ky’s SUV and the van that Lydecker was using to track Max. It’s has everything that Logan needs to infiltrate the security cameras. Isabel and Maria will stay in the van to help watch the monitors and be prepared to drive if the need arises. Max, Michael, will be just outside in case we need some cover. You guys will stay there and let us handle this. We’re the ones with the right training.” Zack knew that there was no way that he would be able to keep Max and the others away if Liz and Kyle were going on the mission. They wanted to help in anyway possible and he knew that they might still need the extra firepower. "The outlining woods go all the way to the fence. The six of us will go over the perimeter fence together here,” indicating the area, “then split up. The fence is only ten feet so it will be easy.”

When everyone nodded, Zack continued, “After we’re over the fence, we split up into three units to set the charges. Maxie and I will head to the genetics lab, Krit and Syl will go to the control room while Ky and Liz will hit the main computer storage room. When the charges are set you head back out. The computer room is the farthest from all the targets so Ky and Liz will be the last ones over. Try to go back over the fence as near to the same point as we entered. Signal when you clear the fence and Lydecker will detonate. We’ll all meet back at the rendezvous point and head back. Any questions?” They all shook their heads no. “Max is heading out with Lydecker to secure something that we need to get into the lab. The rest of us need to go through our armory and get ready. We move out at 0800hrs. Be ready in four hours.”

By the time everyone had separated Liz had calmed down some. She got up and made her way over to where her sister was talking to Logan. She waited for a minute before she approached her. They both reached for another hug.

When they separated, Liz said, “I’m so glad you got out. When Zack told us we were so worried.”

“He must have been to accept Logan’s help to get me out.”

“Why is that?”

“Zack blames my connection to Logan on why I haven’t left Seattle yet so they don’t get along very well.”

Liz laughed at her sister’s statement, “He’s the same way with Max. I laid into him about it earlier so he should lighten up a bit.” Liz raised her eyebrow and asked, “So what is your connection with Logan?”

“We’re friends.” Max said quickly. She looked over to where Lydecker was waiting with Zack. “Can we talk later?”

Liz smiled even bigger when she saw her sister’s discomfort. ‘It’s nice to be on this end of the teasing for once.’ She let her squirm for a minute more before saying, “Yeah, we will talk later. We have a lot of catching up to do.” Max looked kind of worried at what Liz was talking about as she walked away.

After watching Lydecker leave with her sister, Liz went over and flopped down at the table. She felt a lot more at ease once Lydecker left. It took a lot of energy to stay in the same room with the person you fear and despise the most and not do anything.

Part 20:

After watching Lydecker leave with her sister, Liz went over and flopped down at the table. She felt a lot more at ease once Lydecker left. It took a lot of energy to stay in the same room with the person you fear and despise the most and not do anything.

Max could tell Liz was upset, he walked over to Zack and said, “We’re going to go into the office for some down time until we leave. If you need us, we’ll be in there.”

When Zack nodded his head, Max made his way over to their friends, “Why don’t we all go into one of the offices to relax for a little while? We’ve got at time to kill. Grab anything you might need.” Max headed over to where he moved the jeep and grabbed some blankets and his bag.

By the time he entered everyone had already found their places. Isabel was sitting in the over-stuffed desk chair, Michael was in a recliner type chair with Maria on his lap, Liz was sitting indian-style on the desk with Kyle next to her with his arms around her. Max felt a twinge of jealousy for a minute until he remembered that they were siblings. It was going to take a while to get used to the idea. He could see that Kyle was trying his best to comfort Liz. Before Max could say anything, Maria spoke,

“Hey Chica, how are you doing?”

Liz shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. I’m scared, worried, angry, pick a feeling. ”

Kyle nodded, “I just can’t believe Lydecker’s here. It’s like you guys working with Nicholas or Pierce.”

“I don’t trust him. I just can’t. He’s done too much.” Liz stated.

“Why do you think the others trust him?” Isabelle asked.

“I don’t think they do. At least, no farther than the mission. They trust people less than we do.” Kyle added. “Like Liz said, he’s done too much to all of us.”

“Do you think he’s lying about helping?” Michael asked. Michael didn’t trust Lydecker from the moment he heard Max say his name. Seeing Liz’s reaction to him, just confirmed the feeling he had about him. Liz didn’t just go off on like that, actually he’d never seen her like that before. Even when she was fighting with Max at Alex’s funeral, she had never been that mad.

“Not exactly, I think the information he gave us is accurate. With Manticore hunting him he has every reason to want to see it gone as much as we do, but it’s a big part of him. He helped create it. I just have this feeling something off. Be careful around him tonight. Watch him. Don't mention anything about our lives and don’t use your powers around him. Zack doesn’t feel it’s a trap but we still need to watch our backs.”

“What if Lydecker switches sides again?” Michael asked even though they all were sure of the answer.

“Then he’s the enemy and we’ll take him out,” Liz stated. “If he doesn’t then we’re go our separate ways. The plan is a good one and we should be able to get in undetected with Logan’s help.”

“I didn’t get a chance to ask how you guys going to get over the fence? Climb it?” Michael asked curiously. Liz could see the question in all of her friends’ eyes.

Liz smiled remembering that although they knew what she was, none of them knew what she was capable of. “We’ll jump it.” She explained as she saw their surprised faces. “We have greater elasticity in our muscles. It helps us to jump to greater heights. It’s how we escaped before.”

“So that’s why Kyle is so good at basketball.” Maria joked then she remembered something, “That’s how you beat up those two bullies back in 4th grade, isn’t it?”

“What bullies?” Michael asked.

“Two 5th grade bullies that were picking on Alex. I went to see if Alex was okay and when I turned around both guys were laying on the ground with Liz hovering over them. That’s how we became friends with Alex.” Maria explained.

“You took out two bigger kids by yourself when you were nine?” Isabel asked.

Liz blushed and nodded, “Yeah, they made me mad when I saw them picking on Alex and it was just instinct. I got reamed for that little display especially by my older and wiser brother.” She glared at Kyle.

“Well you shouldn’t have done it. It caused unwanted attention to yourself.” Kyle squabbled.

“How much older is Kyle than you?” Maria asked trying to break up the two siblings.

“He’s six months older and the youngest of the boys.”

Maria questioned them further “So you two didn’t have the same mother?”

“No. Kyle, Jack, and Jondy are from the same mother. Max and I were from another. Each of the host mothers had two to three kids a piece.” Liz lowered her eyes at the thought of her birth mother that she had never known. She had wondered if she was even alive or if Maniticore had gotten rid of her. Silence followed until Isabel spoke.

“How did you figure it out?” Isabel asked. When they all looked at her funny she said, “What Tess had done?”

Liz and Kyle looked at Maria, “You didn’t tell them?”

Maria shook her head, “No, we were too busy trying to figure out what was going on with you two and explaining about Future Max. After that everyone but Max fell asleep on the way.”

Liz, Kyle, and Maria took turns explaining how Maria’s mom and Kyle broke out of the mindwarp and how they rushed to the podchamber. Liz then explained about the flashes she got from Tess and then Max explained the entire scene that lead to her escape.

“I can’t believe we trusted her. All she carried about was being the stupid queen.” Isabel cried. “Alex died because we trusted her.”

“Liz didn’t, she never trusted her.” Maria said.

“Guys, you couldn’t know. She’s one of you. It was natural for you to trust her. “ Liz said.

“Thank you, Liz.” Isabel said.

“For what?”

“For everything you’ve done for us. For lying to your family and the Sheriff, risking getting caught to help us, the whole Future Max thing, and for not listening to anyone when they said Alex’s death was an accident. Saying thank you isn’t really enough but I wanted to tell you anyway.”

“I just did what I felt was right.” Liz said as she fidgeted. Having all the attention on what she had done made her uncomfortable.

Seeing Liz uncomfortable Max cut in, “Why don’t we all get comfortable and try to get a couple hours sleep?” He tossed Isabel and Michael a blanket. Michael laid it on the floor and curled up with Maria while Isabel stretched out in the chair that they had just left.

Max laid out his own blanket and walked over to where Liz and Kyle were quietly talking. As he walked up he heard Kyle ask, “So you don’t think the mindwarp did any damage?’

Liz shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. The damage Alex had was because she mindwarped him everyday for a month. She didn’t have to do it to you as much. We’ll just keep a look out and see if the seizures return.” Liz stopped talking when Max walked up.

Kyle took it as his queue, “I’m going to go out front and see if they need any help.” He got up off the desk, and headed out of the room but not before giving Max a look that said ‘Take care of her.’

Max walked up and pulled Liz to him and said, “I laid out another blanket if you want to lay down for awhile with me.”

Liz smiled, “I got a lot of sleep for me the night before yesterday. You go ahead, I don’t want to keep you awake.”

“I want to hold you. We could just lay there and talk some more if you like.”

Liz could think of nothing better so she got up and let Max lead her to the blanket. They both lay down on their sides and curled towards each other.

Liz signed, “Today has been the longest day.”

“Liz, not to butt in but what were you and Kyle talking about?”

Liz looked at him for a minute, “Nothing much. We were wondering if Tess’s mindwarp left any damage on him like it did Alex.”

Max knew Kyle wouldn’t like what he was about to suggest but he had to ask, “I could take a look to see if he’s okay.”

“No, I think he’ll be okay. He’s trying to come to grips with what she did to him. It takes even more for Kyle to get close to someone than it does me and he felt cared about her.”

“Then why were you talking about seizures?”

Liz bit her lip and thought about how to explain. “There’s a couple things I didn’t think to mention earlier. When we were created we came with a couple flaws. Some of us get seizures because our brains don’t produce some amino acids that we need. We’ve kept them in control by taking Triptophan but Kyle and I haven’t needed it since you healed us. I think its why I able to get the flashes without always forming a connection first. Kyle was worried that the mindwarp might have un-did your healing.”

“Well if they come back I’ll have to see if I can fix it.” Max leaned over and kissed her. It started gentle but like always it heated up quickly. They continued for a little while until Liz pulled back.

“Max, we need to stop. You need to sleep.”

Max looked down at Liz and said, “I know. I just want you to stay in my arms where I know you’re safe.”

When he finished it dawned on Liz what he really meant my his statement, “You’re worried about tonight aren’t you?”

“Yes, I can’t help it. I’ve tried to keep you out of danger for the last two years and here you are going right in to it. You could get hurt or captured. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you.”

“I’ll be fine. We know what we are doing. Hell, this is what we were created for.” Liz could see that Max still wasn’t happy about it. “Max, I have to do this. I’m tired of hiding from them. I hate not knowing my brothers and sisters because I can’t be with them. I hope you understand.”

“I do. I’ll just be glad when it’s over.”

“Me, too. Now close your eyes and rest.” When he did Liz reached over and gently started brushed the hair out of his eyes. After a few minutes of this he was fast asleep. She waited a little while longer before disentangling herself from his arms and made her way out to where her siblings were. She was going to make the most of the time she had with them. Of course, if they succeeded tonight she would be able to see them and the others a lot more.

Part 21:

When Max woke up three hours later, he found that not only was Liz not next to him but that everyone else was gone too. He got up and headed back to the main room in search of her. When he got there he swept the room and didn’t see her. He noticed Lydecker was back but all his friends were also gone. He walked over to where Logan sat at his computer and asked, “Hey Logan, do you know where Liz and the others went?”

Logan looked up from his computer and answered, "She just went with Syl to change clothes. Isabel and Maria are with her. Michael and Kyle went with Max to get pizza" Max sat down next to him and watched him for a few minutes.

"Can I ask a personnel question?" Max asked.


"I noticed you wear braces on your legs and I was wondering what happened."

"Well they're not braces actually. I got shot around a year ago and was paralyzed. They’re an exoskeleton that allows me to walk."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up any bad memories." Max apologized.

"It's okay. If it wasn't for Max I would be a lot worse." Logan's lips lifted to a half smile before he added, "She saved me when the guy came back to finish me."

The tone in Logan's voice when he talked about Liz's sister didn't escape Max's attention. It was the same way others had told him that he sounded when he talked about Liz. The more he talked to Logan the more he liked him. The two sat there and talked about their X5 girlfriends for about fifteen minutes until Liz walked up. She had changed into a pair of camoflauge pants with a dark green T-shirt and her hair was french braided. She leaned down and gave Max a quick kiss.

"Your sisters powers are a real timesaver." Liz said smiling. After she had changed, she had been in the process of pulling her hair into a ponytail when Isabel walked up and ran her hand over Liz's hair and it was instantly braided. She had repeated the process on Syl’s hair too.

Max just nodded and continued to look at Liz. Seeing her in the fatigues just made what she was about to do even more realistic. He hated that he wouldn't be with her if something happened but he knew she would never allow him to go with her. She was trying to protect him as much as he wanted to protect her.

She sat down on his lap and asked, "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, but I hated waking up alone." Max acted like he was pouting.

Liz giggled, "Well I told you I don't need much sleep. I came out here and helped Ky get the weapons ready and caught up with my family." Liz had been in hog-heaven. She got to catch up with Krit, Syl, and Max as well as got to know Logan. She had drilled Max about her relationship with Logan. It took a little while but she had finally got her to cave and tell her how she felt about him. From what she had seen of Logan she felt he was perfect for her sister.

He reached up and started rubbing her neck. When she leaned forward it caused her braid to fall to one side, her barcode caught his eye. He started running his thumb over it wishing he could rid her of it for good but she had told him it couldn’t be removed at least permanently. It reminded him of the V constellation imprint he had in his head. They were both marked to show who they were.

Max didn’t dwell on his thoughts long because just then Max G., Michael, and Kyle walked in. "Pizza!"

At the mention of food, Liz jumped up and headed straight for it. Max stayed where he sat and watched her. His gaze was so intent on her that he didn't notice Lydecker walk up and barely heard Logan say, "How can they eat at a time like this?"

Max just shrugged but Lydecker said, "Wars have been won and lost on the stomachs of its soldiers."

Both guys glared at their girlfriends’ creator/nemesis. "It must be very satisfying for you to see this. Watching your dream in action." Logan stated.

"This is what they were born to do, it's who they are. The perfect soldiers."

"It might be why they were created but it is not all of who they are. They have their own minds and lives. And after tonight they won't have to worry about Manticore interfering." Max snapped. He hated Lydecker implying that Liz was nothing more than a human machine meant to kill.

Lydecker could see how upset his comment had made the two men sitting in front of them. "No, they won't have to worry about Manticore anymore. It’s something they have to do but why are you here? This isn't your fight."

"Liz's fight is my fight. I would do anything to give her the life she wants." Max started but was interrupted when Krit asked, "Who's this woman who is coming after us? Who killed Tinga?"

Lydecker headed over to the table and answered, "Madame X or Renfro is what most call her. She's the new overall director of Manticore." He paused for a minute then said, "When we found out about Tinga's son we were curious about the child and Tinga herself. She took your sister and had some experiments done which ended up leading to her death. She'll do the same to any of you if she could. Her goal is to make any future members of the X-series better by studying the earlier ones."

They all sat around thinking about what he’d said and finished eating. Liz was so busy cleaning up and loaded the vehicles with all their gear that she didn’t notice Kyle, Zack, and Krit lead Max into one of the other rooms. Nor did she notice Maria making sure that Michael didn’t go with them.

Max had a feeling of what was to come when Krit told him that he, Zack, and Kyle wanted to talk to him in the other room. He followed them into the office and waited as Krit closed the door. He didn’t expect what happened next but wasn’t surprised that it happened. One minute he was waiting to hear what they had to say, the next he was laid out on the floor holding his face with Kyle standing over him fists up. Zack and Krit were right behind him.

“That isn’t even close to what you deserve. But if we gave it to you, you wouldn’t be breathing and Liz would never speak to us again.” Kyle said.

Max nodded. He knew he had hurt Liz badly and Kyle most of all had seen the effects of it. He deserved whatever they did to him.

“Liz asked us to give you a chance, Max. So we are going to but this isn’t three strikes and you’re out deal. If it were you would have been out a long time ago. You get one more chance and that is it.” Zack said threateningly.

“Now we know the whole thing with Tess was a fake but that isn’t the only time you’ve hurt her. You’ve been doing it off and on for the last two years. So here is the deal. You will treat Liz like she deserves to be treated. You will be there for her and quit thinking about your damn self all of the time.” Kyle said.

Krit cut him off by saying, “You will be the kind, loving boyfriend that she wants or you will deal with us. It only takes a phone call and you will have six very pissed off brothers on your doorstep. I hate to admit it but we learn from the best on how to torture our enemies and we’ll have you wishing you’re ship never crashed here.” Max could do nothing but nod.

Zack walked over and offered his hand to Max to help him stand up. Max took it and felt Zack’s very tight grip, crushing his hand. He looked up and saw Zack’s blue eyes boring into his own. “Now that we understand each other, let’s get back out there. Oh and as much as I want you to suffer, you better heal your face before the bruise comes out. Liz doesn’t need to know about this.”

The three X5’s didn’t even want to think what Liz would do if she knew what they had done.

“I won’t tell her.” Max said.

“Good.” Krit said as he patted him hard on the back causing Max to wince and they left the office.

When they came back to the others, Zack announced, "We move out in ten minutes."

Liz watched as Zack, Krit, and Syl took Lydecker and moved to get in the van. Logan and her sister were quietly talking over at the computers. Liz walked over to where Max and her friends were all waiting.

She looked at Max and asked what had they been doing.

“Nothing.” He said. She shrugged her shoulders and moved to stand next to Kyle and said, "I want to make sure you guys know that you don't have to go with us. There is still time to back out. You guys should be safe with the vehicles but it is still dangerous."

Michael was the first to speak, "We're not backing out of this now."

Maria voiced her opinion too. "Yeah, we've always taken care of each other." She walked over and gave Liz and Kyle each a hug.

Max wrapped his arms around Liz and said, "We're not letting you do this alone." He lowered his voice to a whisper and added, "Be careful. I don't want lose you."

They broke up then and headed to meet everyone else. They all got into one of the cars and started the journey to Manticore.

Part 22:

Half-mile outside of the Manticore complex:

The drive had been silent. Everyone was caught up in their thoughts and didn't feel like talking. When they arrived they all moved up to stand next to the van. All the X5's were now were fatigues and we gathering their gear. Liz and Kyle were taking automatic rifles in additional to the handguns they always carried. Liz didn’t like to use the weapons but she would if she had to. Logan handed then each a headset so they would be in constant contact. He had also set up a speaker so the others would be able to hear what was said. Liz went over to Logan and pulled him to the side to talk privately.

“I know we just met but I wondered if you could do me a favor?” Liz asked.

“What, Liz?” Logan asked curiously.

“If Kyle and I get captured, tell the others to keep Max here and once everyone is safe, detonate the charges.” Liz and Kyle had talked about this while Max and the others had been asleep. They both felt the same way, they weren’t go back.

Logan’s eyes widened in shock. “What?”

“If I get caught they will do the same thing to me as they did to Bren, and I can’t stand the thought of that. I also don’t want Max coming in to get me and them get a hold of him. This will be the only opportunity we have to take out Manticore and I don’t want to waste the chance for my siblings to have a normal life without being hunted.” Liz could see he didn’t like what she was saying, “We have the farthest target and we know the risks are higher for us. I don’t plan on getting captured as a matter of fact I going to do my best not to but I have to know that what I said will be done.”

Logan looked at the smallest of the X5s and couldn’t believe what she was asking. It shocked him whenever he saw evidence of how loyal the X5s were. They would do anything for the ones they love. Logan nodded, “Yeah Liz, you have my word.”

Liz smiled at him in thanks but Zack’s voice stopped her from saying anything.

"Move out." Zack ordered.

Liz gave a final glance at her friends before obeying. She could see the worried expressions on each of their faces. Max and Michael also had looks saying that they hated not being able to go. They were after all the leader and protector of their small group and didn't like that they couldn't help.

When the X5s disappeared into the woods Max and the others turned their attentions to the twelve monitors. Logan had tapped into the cameras so that he could watch and warn them of any trouble. Half of them showed what was really happening while the other half would show Manticore security nothing of their uninvited visitors.

Liz and her siblings followed Zack through the dark woods quickly with the aid of their improved eyesight. They moved as a unit just like they had been trained years ago. It reminded Liz of the many maneuvers that they had been on when they were younger. If she didn’t know better she would have sworn they were back at the facility in Wyoming but Manticore had burned it down after they had escaped and relocated to Seattle. It was weird but oddly comforting to see them all moving together in perfect sequence.

Max and the others watched through the monitors as the X5's reached the perimeter fence. They all were shocked when they watched the X5's jump over the fence with a single leap then ran off faster than their eyes could register.

"They're in." Logan said stating the obvious.

Within minutes the three groups had split and were in the building moving to their target. Max watched all three but focused mainly on Liz and Kyle. He had to make sure she was safe. Because of the late hour the halls were empty and so far they had not met up with any Manticore employees.

Everything was going to plan, Krit and Syl reached their targets first and started laying the charges. A moment later, Max and Zack were about to enter the genetics lab and Liz and Kyle were just down a couple corridors away from the computer room. It was then that their luck ran out.

Part 23:

Everything was going to plan, Krit and Syl reached their targets first and started laying the charges. A moment later, Max and Zack were about to enter the genetics lab and Liz and Kyle were just down a couple corridors away from the computer room. It was then that their luck ran out.

As the others watched the monitors they spotted a single guard on the monitors as he came down the hallway that Liz and Kyle were about to turn down. It was the hallway that would lead them to the computer room. Max could hear Logan warn, "Liz, one guard coming through on your left. Regular soldier, one gun."

"Roger." Liz quiet voice responded.

As the guard started to cross the hall juncture that Liz and Kyle were hiding in, Liz sprang into action. She grabbed the gun with one hand while she slammed her other elbow down on the guard's arms causing him to release his grip. She snatched the gun away and delivered a high side-kick to the guard’s head. She quickly swept his feet out from under him and used the butt of the gun to knock him out.

"The threat is down." She signaled to Kyle and they made their way to the computer room. They reached it quickly and started to lay their charges.

Max had watched along with the others when Liz had taken down the guard. After experiencing the flashes Max knew what Liz was capable of doing but it still shocked him as much as the others.

"Remind me never to piss her off." Michael stated. He thought back to when he stole her journal. He realized how stupid he was to try to intimidate her when he returned it. 'I'm lucky she didn't beat the crap out of me,' he thought.

“I can’t wait to see what Liz will do to Tess if we ever see her again.” Maria said proudly. She thought her best friend’s abilities were awesome.

They watched as the three groups worked. They all jumped when the intruder alarm went off.

“Guys, they’re on to you. Get out of there!” Logan yelled into his headset. Max felt his heart start beating faster at the thought that they might be captured.

Krit and Syl had finished first so they were almost at the fence. Zack and Max were next out of the building but got separated when Max went back in to intercept a soldier who was going to defuse the charges. The soldier was no match for her and did nothing but slow her down. She didn’t see any of the others as she headed for the fence.

Kyle and Liz had just gotten done when the alarm went off. They grabbed their gear and headed back the way they had came. They had only gone about ten feet when a small squad of four soldiers led by a platinum short-haired blond woman. There was something in the way that she carried herself that made Liz think that this was the woman that Lydecker had told them about.

“Ky, it’s her. The woman that killed Tinga, we have to go after her.” Liz yelled as the soldier opened fire. Her and Kyle pulled up their weapons up returned their fire. They took out the soldiers but the woman escaped back down the hallway she’d come down.

“Liz, come on!” Kyle yelled back. “We don’t have time! If we’re going to get out of here we need to go now.” Kyle grabbed her arm and went through the nearest door rather than wined their way back through the building. They were only a minute behind the others and saw Max heading for the fence. They followed but got held back by a couple of guards which they both took down quickly as their friends watched again amazed. Logan watched the monitors and let them know the best route to take.

Lydecker saw a group of young kids making their way outside and said, “Tell them that a platoon of X7’s on coming after them. They have the same abilities but are highly advanced who work as a hive. They’re very dangerous.”

Logan relayed the information to them just as Zack and then Max both notified him that they were over the fence. Max held his breath and silently wished Liz to hurry up when he heard her voice.

“Kyle and I are clear of the fence.” Max turned his attention back to the monitors and saw both her and Kyle landing outside the fence. He joined Michael outside the van and starting watching the woods, waiting for Liz to appear. He couldn’t relax until she was in his arms.

“You’re the lasts ones out. The X7’s are outside the fence pursuing you.” Logan said as he acknowledged them and turned to Lydecker. “They’re clear. DETONATE.”

Lydecker sat in the doorway of the van and looked between the control device in his hand and the direction of Manticore. He knew that by pushing the button that his life’s work would be destroyed and he couldn’t do it. Logan saw him hesitate and yelled, “What are you doing? They’re clear, DETONATE!” Logan’s yell brought Max and Michael’s attention away from the woods that they were watching.

“I can’t do it.” Lydecker stated and jumped out of the van.

“Bastard.” Michael yelled as he grabbed Lydecker, spun him around and punched him square in the nose knocking him to the ground almost unconscious. He reached down, grabbed the box, and hit the button. A second later they all heard the explosions and could see the light from the flames.

Isabel climbed out of the van and kneeled down next to Lydecker. Max and Michael saw a brief flash of light at the back of his head and looked at Isabel. “Don’t worry. I didn’t kill him. I just made sure he’ll stay unconscious for a couple of hours.”

“I wouldn’t really care if he was. Liz was right when she told us to watch him.” Max stated as they made their way back to van just as Krit and Syl ran up. They saw Lydecker on the ground and looked at the others. Once they explained, Krit dragged him into the woods out of the way and then joined them to wait for the others. Logan wasn’t sure where they were because after they went over the fence they were out of the camera range.

“What’s your ETA?” He asked over his headset.

Liz and Kyle answered first, “We’re still a few hundred meters away. The X7’s are thick.”

Zack was next, “I’ll be there in two minutes. Aahh, I’m hit.”

Logan responded quickly. “How bad is it?”

Liz cut in and asked, “Zack, do you need us?”

“No, it’s just a shoulder wound. Stay on course back to the van. I’m fine.”

“See you at the van.” They heard Liz answer then heard her yell, “NO!” Followed by the sound of a gunshot and then nothing.

Part 24:
Liz’s POV

Liz followed Kyle through the woods trying to make their way back to the van without running into the X7s who looked like younger versions of themselves. They had just told Logan their status when they heard Zack say he’d been hit.

“Zack, do you need us?” Liz didn’t want her brother to be hurt and get captured.

“No, it’s just a shoulder wound. Stay on course to the van. I’m fine.”

She had just told him that they would see them at the van when they spotted their sister Max. An X7 had a gun aimed at her and was walking up to her. When they were two feet away from each other the X7 fired. “NO!” As Max’s body fell back Kyle lifted his gun, aimed and fired hitting the X7 in the head. They ran up to their sister and tried to see how bad she was.

“Kyle, cover me.”

Liz pulled Max’s jacket away and saw that she had been shot in the stomach. She was losing a lot of blood and Liz knew that she didn’t have long.

“How bad is it?” The worry in Kyle’s voice was very prominent.

“It’s bad, she got hit in the stomach and with no medical help she’ll die. But I can’t do anything here or all three of us are going to get captured.” Liz wrapped her jacket tightly around Max over the wound in the attempt to stop the bleeding. “Kyle, come on let’s get her back to the van.”

They each took a side so they wouldn’t have to jostle her much and hoisted their sister’s body up. When they did Max groaned, “Logan.”

Liz looked at her sister’s face. “Don’t worry Maxie. Just hang on and we’ll take you to him right now.”

As they headed for the others, Liz was able to turn her headset on and asked, “Guys, you still there?”

“Thank God. You two and Max are the only ones still out. What happened? You okay?” Logan said.

“Kyle and I are fine but Maxie was shot. We’ve got her but she’s pretty bad off. We’re moving slow but we’re almost there.”

“We’ll be ready to leave as soon as you get here.” Logan said. Liz silently prayed that they would be quick enough to save her sister.


Part 25:
Max’s POV

It took Krit and Michael both to hold Max back from going out to look for Liz. He’d been going crazy ever since he heard her yell. It didn’t help when her radio went silent. A minute later they heard a noise in the woods and Zack appeared nursing his left shoulder. He noticed Lydecker was not among them and asked about him. When they told him, Zack walked over to the wooded area that Krit had drug him. Max followed and watched as Zack pulled out his handgun. He leaned down by Lydecker’s head and fired. He turned and saw Max standing there. Max said nothing, instead he turned around and headed to the others. No one questioned the two when they got back. They had watched them both leave then they heard a shot. When Zack and Max reappeared a minute later, they knew what had happened and none of them said a word. They had just reached the van when Liz’s voice came over the speakers.

“Guys, you still there?”

“Thank God. You two and Max are the only ones still out. What happened? You okay?” Logan answered.

“Kyle and I are fine but Maxie was shot. We’ve got her but she’s pretty bad off. We’re moving slow but we’re almost there.”

“We’ll be ready to leave as soon as you get here.” Logan answered. Everyone could see that he had paled when Liz said that her sister had been shot.

Zack looked at Isabel and Maria, “You two start the cars and be ready to get out of here.” Isabel jumped up to the driver’s seat while Maria ran back to the SUV. He turned to Syl and Krit next, “Syl you take the SUV and Krit will take the van. Ride shotgun and be prepared to cover us if they start shooting while we leave.”

Before Zack could say more Liz’s voice came back over the speaker, “Max, Michael can you hear me?”

Logan handed Max his headset so he could respond. “Liz, We’re here.”

“Good, we’re only about a hundred feet away but I can hear someone behind us. Carrying Max is limiting our ability to shoot back very well. We’re going to need some cover when we get there.” She said cryptically.

Max and Michael knew exactly what she meant. “We’re be ready.”

Zack looked at both guys, “Hold the shield until you get the three of them in the SUV. There isn’t enough room for all of us so I’ll go in the van. I’ll wait until the last second to get in so I can add some addition coverage.” He looked at Max and asked, “Take care them.”

He knew how hard that simple statement was for Zack. Zack was the one who always took care of his family and for him to ask Max, was a big deal. Max just nodded. Zack yelled to Syl to open the back of SUV before he grabbed his gun and positioned himself just inside the van door.

Max and Michael watched the woods for sign of Liz and Kyle. They didn’t have to watch long. Michael spotted them first and signaled to Max. Max looked up and saw Liz and Kyle moving as fast as they could without jostling their injured sister. They ran up to help when the shots rung out. Max pushed Kyle and Liz behind him and threw up his shield. He’d been practicing the last couple of months so he could increase the size enough to cover the length of both vehicles.

“Get in the truck!” He yelled behind him.

Kyle and Liz lifted Max’s body into the back of the SUV. Kyle moved around and jumped in the back seat while Liz stayed in the back. Max was about to drop the shield when he spotted the X7’s he assumed had been firing at them.


Knowing what Max wanted, Michael raised his hand and began to gather his energy. “Ready. Drop it!” He yelled. Right when Max dropped the shield Michael shot a large energy burst. He had aimed at the ground right in front of their pursuers making the blast act much like a bomb blowing them back. The combination of the blast with Krit and Zack’s shooting took out the pursuers. Michael jumped into the back seat with Kyle while Max jumped in the back. As soon as the hatch was closed Maria took off following the van. Max breathed a sign of relief that they had all made it out but it didn’t last long when he saw Liz trying to help her sister.

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Part 26:

Max breathed a sign of relief that they had all made it out but it didn’t last long when he saw Liz trying to help her sister.
She was using her medical training to keep her sister alive. He watched her applying pressure to her sister’s gunshot wound not even noticing the blood on her hands and clothes.

“I can’t get the bleeding to stop and her pulse is getting weak. I’m going to loose her.” Max could see a couple of tears fall from her face. He could tell that she was so distressed that she didn’t even think to ask for his help.

“Liz, try to wake her up.” He moved over and assessed the damage. Liz had removed what he thought was a jacket that was wrapped around her sister’s waist and it was then that he noticed that she’d been shot in almost the same spot that Liz had been when he healed her. He placed one hand on the wound and slid the other one underneath Liz’s hand on the back of Max’s head.

“Come on Maxie. Open your eyes. He can’t help you unless you open your eyes.” Liz pleaded. When nothing happened Max tried, “You have to let me help you. Liz needs you. Your family needs you.” Max knew how important family was to all the siblings.

Liz kept it going, “Yeah, remember we still have a lot more catching up to do. I didn’t get a chance to tell you all about Max and Roswell. You have to come visit with Logan.”

At the mention of Logan’s name she opened her eyes. “Logan.” A second later, Max was in and able to open a connection. He worked as quickly as he could and wasn’t surprised when the flashes started.

Max making a deal with Logan to help her find her brothers and sisters.
Max sitting in front of a row of lockers talking her friends
Max and Logan’s first kiss

When the healing was complete Max pulled back and looked at Liz. “I healed the gunshot but she’s lost a lot of blood. I don’t know if she’ll make it with out a transfusion.”

Liz nodded and removed her jacket; “I’m on it.” She turned to the back seat where Kyle and Michael were watching and said, “Kyle.”

Knowing what she was planning to do Kyle pulled a large first aid kit out from under the front seat. He handed her a large rubber band tie and started pulling out the equipment she would need.

Liz began to tie the rubber band around her up arm then one on her sister’s when Michael asked, “What are you doing?!”

“She needs blood so I’m going to give her a transfusion. They taught us in field medicine.” She took one end of the hose and inserted the needle into the lifted vein of her sister’s arm then started to insert it into her own arm but Max’s hand stopped her.

“You can’t. I know you guys are sisters but your blood types might not match.” He said weakly. He had already felt a little drained from the shield when he got in the car. The gunshot had done a lot of damage and it took the a lot more of his energy to heal her.

“Doesn’t matter. X5s are universal donors. It makes it easier if we’re injured.” She could see Max still wasn’t sure. “Don’t worry. I’ve done this before with Kyle.” She said. Liz removed his hand and inserted the needle in her vein. It didn’t take long for the blood to start flowing. A little later they could see the effect of the transfusion on the injured X5. Her color came back and was starting to stir. When Liz gave all that she could, Kyle helped her pull out both needles and bandaged the needle punctures. He started pulling out another transfusion set. He watched Liz check on Max to see if he would need to give blood too.

Liz checked her sister’s condition and stated, “It’s not needed. I gave her enough. She’s going to be weak but she’ll be all right. The blood will regenerate quickly since we heal faster than normal or we would still stand the chance of losing her.” Kyle let out a loud sigh of relief and Michael actually smiled. She looked up at Max and said, “Thank you. You didn’t have to do it but you did.”

“When I heard you saying that you say that you were going to lose her I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t let that happen anymore than let her die. So I did it. What good is this power if I can’t use it.”

Liz felt her heart swell with love for him at his words. He wouldn’t have let her die regardless of who she was but the fact that he knew Liz couldn’t stand to lose another sister was the main reason he’d healed her. She leaned over and kissed him gently on the mouth but stopped when they heard, “Before you guys get horizontal on top of me, maybe you could explain what the hell he did to me.”

Max, Michael, Kyle, and Liz all looked down to see she was awake. “How do you feel?”

“Weak and a little light headed but okay. What happened? I remember being shot and seeing you and Kyle come up to me. The next thing I know I’m back here and you two were leaning over me kissing and I have no bullet wound. Now what’s going on?” Liz could tell her sister was getting impatient.

“We’ll tell you everything in just a minute. We better let everyone else know that you’re okay.” Liz said.

“I already radioed the van and let them know she was okay.” Kyle interjected.

Liz could see the look of curiosity on her sister’s face so she started to explain; “You were shot. Kyle and I saw it so we brought you back to the cars and I was trying to help when Max stepped in and healed you.”

“How was he able to heal me?”

“Well, there’s something we didn’t get to tell you earlier since Lydecker was with us. Max, Michael, and Isabel aren’t from around here.” Liz said as she told the aliens’ story to her. Michael gave her example of their ability to manipulate molecular structure by repairing Max’s bullet torn shirt and erased all of Max’s bloodstains. By the time they were finished the cars had just reached Seattle’s city limits.

“They’ve had to live their lives in hiding just like us. No one can know.” Liz said.

Max G. looked at Max and Michael and said, “You three act more human than most people I’ve met. I’m glad my sister and brother had you guys around. I won’t tell. I can see why you don’t want Lydecker to know.”

At the mention of Lydecker’s name Kyle asked, “Speaking of Lydecker, is he in the van?”

Max and Michael looked at each other before Michael said, “No. You were right, Liz. When Logan gave him the signal to detonate he refused and was about to leave so I decked him. Once he was knocked unconscious and Krit moved him out into the woods.”

“So he’s still laying in the woods?” Liz asked. She was worried that he might come after them once he woke up.

“Yes and no. When Zack came back we told him what happened to him and he took care of him.” Max could see that Liz, Kyle, and Max all knew what had happened.

“You’re positive?” Liz asked.

“I was with him.” Max answered.

Liz wasn’t sure what to think. Her life couldn’t get much better unless Alex was still alive. She had Max, her family, and the threat she’d always been running from were gone. There was no more Tess, no more Lydecker and no more Manticore. It was almost too good to be true. She was pulled from her thoughts when she heard Max whisper in her ear.

“What are you think about?” He asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

She leaned back allowing him to envelop her completely. “Just thinking about how I finally have almost everything I want.” He leaned down to kiss her temple as they sat in silence for rest of the trip.

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I don't remember who asked but someone asked me if Liz's sister Max would have the same connection as Liz does to Max. The answer is no. It's more like when Max healed KYle. I think Liz & Max's connection is so strong because he reversed it later. Does that make sense?

I've started the sequel. It's going to go a little more into the relationships of everyone. I've decided that Liz and Kyle will have powers but still rely more on their abilities as X5's. They're going to help with an alien problem. Thanks for the feedback.
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There is still two or three more parts and an epilogue that has a little surprise.

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Part 27:
Back at the warehouse:

Everyone was in great spirits when they got back to the warehouse. They had successfully completed their mission and Max was fine. All the X5s hugged each other knowing that they wouldn’t have to be cut off from one another know that Manticore was gone. Zack’s shoulder wound was minor and Max didn’t even have to connect with him to heal it although it did take what was left of his energy. Liz watched her sister and Logan interact with each other. Knowing how close he had come to losing her, Logan wouldn’t let Max out of his reach much to the chagrin of Zack. Liz explained all about what had happened in the SUV on the way back.

When she was done Logan and her sister walked over to her and Max and said, “I don’t know how to thank you enough. She would have died if you hadn’t helped her.”

Max blushed under the praise and managed to say, “It was nothing.” He looked at Max and joked, “X5’s seem to make it a habit of all getting shot in the same place.” Everyone got the joke and laughed.

“I owe you for helping them get inside. They would probably have been caught if you hadn’t been able to get into the security system.” He knew that Logan had played a big part in the mission and he’d figured out a way to repay him once he had his energy back plus a little help from Isabel and Michael. They all sat down and compared their versions of the mission. It didn’t take long for Liz to notice how tired Max looked.

“Well it’s been a long night not to mention the last couple of days. Max used a lot of energy tonight and he needs some rest.”

“You can’t sleep here in the warehouse. You are all welcome to stay with me. I have several guest rooms and couches that you can use.” Logan offered.

They all gratefully agreed, gathered their stuff and set out for Logan’s penthouse. After Logan showed them the guestrooms, Maria, Michael, and Isabel took one room with the girls on the bed with Michael on the floor much to his reluctance. Liz started to lead Max to another room when Zack stopped her.

“We all need to talk.”

Liz nodded and said, “Let me get him comfortable and I’ll be back.”

When she entered the room she saw Max sitting on the edge of the bed fighting to stay awake. She moved over in front of him and said, “Come on it’s just after midnight and you need to get some more sleep. You’ve had three hours in the last two days and a major power drain.” She reached down and helped remove his shoes along with his socks. Max just sat there and watched her mother him, loving every minute of it. He started laughing when he felt her small fingers on his bare feet.

“Good. I thought maybe you had fallen asleep with your eyes open.”

“No, I’m just enjoying my angel helping me.” Max raised his arms as she lifted his shirt over his head. He moved up the bed and looked disappointed when she moved to leave.

She leaned over and kissed him. “I have to go talk to Zack and the others about what we are going to do but I’ll be back.”

Max felt a minute of panic thinking that Liz might leave Roswell to be with her siblings. He calmed down when he felt her hand on his arm. “Max, don’t worry I’m not going anywhere but I am going to do whatever I can so that I can see my family.”

Max smiled, “Anytime you need a ride, the jeep and I are at your service.”

“Thanks for the offer and thank you again for what you did earlier. I only have three sisters left and I couldn’t loose another one. You don’t know what it meant to me.” She leaned and kissed his eyes closed. “Sweet dreams.” Liz said and left the room to join her siblings.

Only two more short chapters and the epilogue left. I am work really hard on the sequel this weekend. I'm already on part 17.

For those of you who asked there will be a part about Liz going into heat in the sequel but it's not long.
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Sorry I was in such a hurry to post this that I forgot to update the title to let you all know.

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Part 28:

Everyone looked up at Liz when she entered the room. She looked at Logan, who was now in his wheelchair and said, “Thanks again for letting us stay. He’ll probably sleep for most of the day. Max really wiped himself out.”

“It’s the least I could do. When you mentioned their powers earlier I didn’t realize their magnitude.” Logan said.

“Yeah, that blast Michael sent was awesome.” Krit exclaimed. “And Max’s shield just stopped the bullets in mid-air.”

“Well Michael hasn’t always had the best control when it came to his blasts but he has came a long way. From what Max told me Isabel can do small blasts of her own but Max is the only one who can do the shield.” Liz knew they would have questions about the alien powers. Max and her had sat on her balcony many nights talking about everything he knew about them.

“Isabel and I have been have some fun with her powers over the last week and I must say I like her dreamwalking. Especially since it doesn’t leave any souvenirs like silver handprints.” Kyle said.

“Silver handprints?” Max asked.

“Maxie, will you lift up your shirt where he healed you?” Liz asked. Max lifted her shirt to reveal a silver handprint that was slightly glowing. The X5’s all stared at it curiously.

“Don’t worry it’s not permanent. It’ll fade in a couple of days but there is another side effect that I should tell you about.” She proceeded to tell them about the healing fixing the seizures. Max looked really happy about it. She said that it was good because Tryptophan was getting hard to come by. They talked more about the aliens until Zack cleared his throat signaling that he wanted to change the subject.

“Logan’s police contacts confirmed that Manticore was destroyed. Early reports show that additional fires broke out after the initial explosions. Looks like they were trying to cover up the whole operation. Sightings confirmed that some X5’s, X6’s, or X7’s escaped but none of the actual Manticore staff.”

“So we’re safe?” Kyle asked.

“Safer. They won’t be hunting us anymore but we should still be on alert. I don’t think we should go around announcing what we are but we don’t have to hide as much anymore.” Zack said sternly.

“So we’ll be able to talk to one another? Visit each other?” Liz questioned.

“If we want to. Logan going to do an ‘Eyes Only’ broadcast about the Maniticore.” Everyone looked up in surprise at the revelation but Zack ignored them and continued, “He’ll alert Jack, Josh, Zane, and Jondy to contact me and I’ll let them know about all of it. I’ll give out information on anyone location that I have permission from.”

Liz smiled and glanced at Kyle, who nodded his agreement, “Well you have Kyle’s and mine permission.”

“No surprise there.” Zack said sarcastically.

“So where are you going to live Zack?” Liz asked. “Are you going to settle anywhere?”

Zack shrugged, “I don’t know. Haven’t thought about.”

As the others started talking about how their lives would be changing, Liz tried to come with an idea on how to get Zack to live in Roswell.


I know it was short but I tried to make it longer but I couldn't think of anything. One more chapter and the epilogue left to go.
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Okay Guys, don't be mad. I had fully intended on posting the last two parts today but I left the disk its on at my boyfriend's last night and won't be able to get until probably tomorrow.
( If he hadn't been bugging me to get off the computer than I probably wouldn't have left it.)

So hopefully I'll post it tomorrow morning.

I worked on the sequel all weekend and I'm at part 21 so far.

I need some help though.

Max and the others are going to have an opportunity to go back to Antar and I can't decide what they should do:

A:Max gives up the throne to be with LIz.
B:They go back. I've got a really cool idea about the X5's being involved with the trip. If you pick this one I'll make it a trilogy.

Which one?

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Part 29:

Liz crept into the bedroom she was sharing with Max just as the sun was coming up. She knew that none of her brothers were happy that they were going to be sharing a room even if they did finally approve of their relationship but then she reminded them that Max was exhausted and would be sleeping for most of the day. When she also added that Max wasn’t stupid enough to do anything with her siblings in the next room especially since he had seen them in action they had stopped the argument.

Liz sat down heavily on the edge of the bed and began removing her boots. They had spent the last six hours discussing everything. They had decided to stay in Seattle for another three days. Logan had arranged to ‘borrow’ a friend’s house who happen to be conveniently out of town for them all to stay in. Kyle had called the Sheriff and told him what had happened. He was upset that they hadn’t told him but said he would wait to talk to them when they got back. Liz decided to wait and tell her parents when they got back so she would interrupt their vacation. Logan had made the broadcast and before long her other three brothers and sister contacted Zack. Liz and the others had been able to have a short talk with each of them. Zane was arriving from Portland later but Jondy, Jack, and Josh were all on the East Coast and wouldn’t be able to come. They were all going to meet in Roswell next month and stay for two weeks. Liz was going to arrange places to stay when she got back.

She checked on Max before she went into the adjoining bathroom. She showered quickly then threw on a clean T-shirt and sweats before climbing into the bed. She decided to try and take a nap. The stress of the last couple of days had finally hit her and she was mentally tired. Max was sprawled out on his back not leaving much room so Liz curled up on her side. She had just gotten settled when she felt Max’s arm around her waist.

“Did you get everything settle?” He whispered in her ear.

She rolled over to face him and settled in his arms. She leaned in for a gentle kiss before she began to tell him everything. She told him how Logan was the media pirate ‘Eyes Only’ and it was through him that they were able to contact the others easily. She told him about talking to her other siblings and the plan to meet up in Roswell.

When she was done, Max said, “It’s too bad they all couldn’t come but you can call to them and you’ll see them in a month.” He knew how happy knowing where her family was now was making her. “So what’s Zane like?”

“He used to be pretty laid back. From what Zack said he still is. He works as a mechanic in Portland and has a dog.” She continued to tell the little bit she knew. It made her realize that she was going to have to get to know her siblings all over again. “Kyle and I are going to stay a three more days here with everyone.”

Max could tell by her tone that she was silently asking how long he was going to stay. He was torn on what to do. He didn’t want to leave her to go home but knew that she needed time with the family she hadn’t been able to see in so long.

“I was thinking we would leave tomorrow morning. It would give us another day of rest before having to deal with going back to Roswell. Is that alright?”

“Yeah, that would be great. You can meet Zane and get to know the others. Max had mentioned all of us going out with her friends tonight to a bar called the Crash. Kind of like a celebration but I already told them that aliens can’t hold their liquor so there will be a pitcher of Cherry Coke in addition to a beer.” Liz giggled remembering Max’s drunken behavior.

“I am never going to live that down.” Max said rolling his eyes.

“Why don’t you close your eyes and go back to sleep? I know you’re still drained.” Liz could see the exhaustion on his face. “And we still have the whole day to sleep.”

“Well in a little bit. I can think of something I would rather do.” Before Liz could respond Max pulled her closer for a deep mind-blowing kiss. He pulled back when they needed air but instead of stopping he started kissing down her neck. Liz wasn’t idle while he did this; she used the fact that he was shirtless to her advantage. She loved rubbing her hands along his chest in exploration.

Max moved his hand under the back of shirt and started stroking the bare of her back. He was savoring every one of her touches and every part of her that he touched. It had been so long since they had been like this with each other that they couldn’t get enough of each other. Their kisses became more heated and the hunger to be together grew. Max knew that if they kept going that they wouldn’t stop. He knew now was not the best time so he pulled back and tried to catch his breath.

“What’s wrong, Max?” Liz asked confused.

He leaned over and kissed her forehead, “Nothing’s wrong. I just think we should stop before we go farther. Our emotions have been in overdrive and we’ve been apart for so long that I don’t want us to do anything that we’ll regret later.” Liz nodded her head in understanding. “Plus your brothers can do major damage to me if they heard us, since they are right down the hall. Not to mention what your sisters might do if they thought I was taking advantage of you.”

Liz laughed at the fact that Max who was king of an alien planet was worried about getting caught making out with his girlfriend. “I had to tell them something along the same lines so that they would let me stay in here with you. So I guess we shouldn’t break their trust. If you think they’re bad now, wait a few months. Kyle will be unbearably overprotective for two days.”


“That’s when my next heat is.” Liz blushed and continued, “Kyle was right when he said we lose control.”

“Oh.” Max could see how embarrassed but had to ask. “What exactly happens?”

“Kind of like how things were with the orb but a lot worse. I pretty much want to jump any male around me. Except for my brothers.”

“What do you do when the time comes?”

“My mom or Kyle keeps an eye on me. It’s the only way to keep me from doing something stupid.” Liz hated that she had so little control during those two days.

“Has something ever happened?” Max asked.

Liz nodded. “Yeah. I mean I never slept with anyone but I’ve sort of come on to a couple guys that I normally would never have otherwise.”

“Really? Who?”

“Sean.” Liz bit her lip “There was one guy over the summer but Kyle and Zack intervened.”

“Well I’ll fight off your advances as best I can but I know how stubborn you can be.” Max laughed.

Liz playfully smacked him and changed the subject, “Well I can see your still not completely back up to strength so let’s get some sleep.” Max nodded and pulled her up so she could lay her head on his chest. Five minutes later they were both sound asleep.


Three weeks later:

Liz had been back in Roswell for two and a half weeks and nothing could wipe the smile off her face. The time she had spent in Seattle had been some of the best she had in a long time. Her family accepted her friends completely since they had proved themselves. They all had a fun night out and she liked her sister Max’s friends. The funniest part of the night was when they had to break up Kyle’s and Max’s friend Herbal’s philosophy discussion. The X5’s couldn’t believe it when they heard Kyle quoting Buddha.

The next day, Michael wheeled Logan into his office alone with Max and Isabel following. Five minutes later, the door opened and out walked Logan. It took them all of a minute to realize that he didn’t have the braces on and that the aliens had healed him. Her sister had ran up and launched herself at Max, hugging and thanking him for healing Logan. Shortly after that Maria and the pod squad left for Roswell. Liz spent the days exploring Seattle with her siblings and the nights they would go back to the Crash or stay at the house playing poker. They had all been inseparable for the remainder of their stay and it made Liz realize how much she would miss her other siblings that they had lost along the way. The three days were over and it was time to go back to Roswell. She had hated to leave but knowing that she would see everyone next month helped her to go.

She had talked to her other three siblings several more times on the phone since their first conversation. She didn’t like that they were so far away but they had settled into their lives there and weren’t going to leave. She figured having five out of nine siblings close was lucky. They were still trying to find a place for Zack to settle down now that he didn’t have to be constantly checking on all of them. Liz and Kyle had tried to convince him to move to Roswell or even Albuquerque but so far they couldn’t get him to say for sure. He was going to be there tomorrow to get a lay of the land before the others came.

Everyone waiting at the Crashdown when her and Kyle got back into town. Her parents weren’t due back for another day so they had complete privacy. Michael heated up the fryers and they all ate Saturn Rings and Space fries while they all relayed what they had been doing. They were all closer than before now that no secrets were between them. Alex’s absence was felt but Liz knew he wouldn’t be forgotten.

The relationships amongst the group grew even more in the following days and weeks. Liz and Kyle started Michael’s training and he learned fast. Liz could tell he enjoyed the training and didn’t mind all the bruises he got. He kept up his end of the deal and let Liz ride his bike. They even talked about buying a beat up motorcycle and restoring it for her. The more time they spent together the more their friendship grew and Liz began to treat Michael like one of their brothers. He and Maria spent as much time as possible together and didn’t fight near as much. Maria had surprised them all when she asked them to teach her how to shoot. She said she didn’t want to be defenseless so Liz taught her as well as Max and Isabel the basics of firearms. Max and Isabel wanted to also know how to defend themselves without the use of their powers. Isabel had opened up and had gotten closer to both the girls. The friendship she had started with Kyle continued to blossom and they began to spend a lot of time together. Liz could tell that her brother was falling for Isabel and she had a feeling it was mutual.

Max and her continued to grow closer and he did everything possible to make things up to her. They had gone out a couple of times alone as well as with the group. He was there when she told her parents about the trip to Seattle. She downplayed her sister getting shot so that there were no alien references. Her parents weren’t happy about them not knowing what was going on at the time but were glad that Manticore was gone. They were very accepting of her relationship with Max now that he knew the truth about Liz. They were happy that Liz could contact her other siblings and planned to close the restaurant the night they arrived so they could have a private party. Liz invited her friends to come and Isabel was helping her plan it.

The only thing left that needed to be done was look for Ava. The search for Ava had her thinking more about being changed. Did she have powers, now? Would her other siblings Max had healed? Only Ava seemed to know. Liz had a feeling she had stayed out West and didn’t return to New York in the attempt to hide from Lonnie and Rath but other than that they didn’t know. Max had tried some searches on Brody’s computer but so far nothing had been found. Liz planned to ask for Zack’s help when he arrived. Since he had been able to track all of them down over the years, she figured he would be good at it.

Liz finished writing it all down in her journal and crawled back in her window. With nothing to do, she decided she might as well sleep. Her last thoughts were of how much her life had changed in the last month.

Next Day: Highway leading to Roswell

Zack made his way south to Roswell on his motorcycle. He had spent the last couple of weeks staying with one of his siblings trying to decide where he might want to settle down. They all felt that he should but he wasn’t so sure if he would be able to after so many years of running. Although he thought if he stayed in Roswell he would be able to keep an eye on Liz and Kyle. They would still be in danger because of their association with the aliens but the town was so small, he didn’t know if it would be able to hold his interest.

In the distance he caught sight of what looked like a girl about Liz’s height trying to hitch a ride. Zack didn’t usually pick up hitchhikers but something in him compelled him to stop. Maybe it was the protector in him. He pulled up right next to the girl and took off his helmet. Once his eyes adjusted to the glare of the sun he got a good look at her. He felt something inside him flutter when he caught sight of her clear blue eyes. He moved his gaze to look her over. She had shoulder length hair that was a mixture of blond streaked with pink and purple. Her skin was light colored and her face looked like she was used to wearing heavy makeup but now had none. She was wearing jeans and a tank top over her small curvy body. There were several piercings and tattoos visible that gave her a hard-edged look but she still had a look of innocence. The overall combination made her one of the most beautiful women Zack had ever seen. He was glad that he stopped and hoped to get to know her on the ride.

“Where are you headed?” He asked.

“New Mexico. You goin’ that far?” She said, as she looked him up and down approvingly.

“Yeah, I’m heading to see my little brother and sister. They live in Roswell. I can take you that far.”

“That’s where I headin anyway. Got some friends to see. Got a feelin’ they need me, so might crash there for a while.” Zack started thinking that settling is Roswell was sounding better and better.

Zack noticed all she had was a backpack so he figured she traveled around a lot like he did. “Well hop on and we’ll get going. It’s only about three hours away but I was planning to make a stop soon for gas and food.” He handed her his helmet.

She took it and slung her leg over the back of the bike. “That cool.”

“I’m Zack by the way.” He said over his shoulder as he started the bike up.


The end



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I'm going to be posting parts 1-3 of the sequel this afternoon. It's called Two Families.
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I've had quite a few people mail me trying to find this story so I wanted to bump it towards the front. I'm glad you all like this story.

I am working on the third part. I started it over a month ago but after the first ten chapters it just sat there. I had been spending my time writing 'True Identities' but now I'm switching back and forth between the two. I hope to post the Third story 'Families Merge' in a week or two.