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Title: Different Worlds
Author: Trinity Star
Email: trinitystar_1323⊕
Rating: all over.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything! UPN and JK own Roswell. James Cameron owns Dark Angel. No infringement intended.
Summary: Cross over with Dark Angel. First off, Ben never died. Lydecker was really against the X5’s and turned Max (of DA) in, where she died. Instead of rescuing her, Zack ran, knowing that he and the other remaining Manticore children had to flee. Back in Roswell, after Max tells Liz about his night with Tess, instead of going to Sean, Liz calls the only person she can trust, only to find he is gone, and someone she had never believed she would face again was in his place.
Category: Ben/Liz, but mainly Max/Liz.
Author's Notes: Song credit goes to Maureen McGovern

Let the time flow
Let the love grow
Let the rain shower
Let the rose flower
Love it seeks and love it finds
Love it conquers, love it binds

We come to each other from different worlds
Drawn to each other by the love inside of us
We give to each other our different worlds
Long as we can do it
Life is gonna breeze right through it

We reach for each other from different worlds
With love for each other that will stand the test of time
We're up to the challenge of different worlds
With this love inside us
There is nothing can divide us

Love it seeks and love it finds
(Love it seeks and love it finds)
Love it conquers, love it binds

“I guess that this is our goodbye,” Liz sad softly as she let herself out of Max’s jeep. She watched and waited, praying for him to stop her, to tell her that he loved her more and could never love Tess. But he said nothing. Instead he gave her a sad smile.

And so she left.

Dejectedly, Liz walked into the Crashdown, knowing exactly what she had to do. There was no looking back. Max and the others were leaving, maybe now it was her time to leave as well. Zack had been constantly contacting her within the last year, saying they had to leave because Lydecker was getting too close, that the danger was too big to stay in one place. But she had remained in Roswell for one reason.

And now that that reason was leaving, she should leave as well-- she should join her brothers and sisters. Of course it would devastate Maria, but Kyle would explain everything to her, that much Liz knew. And her parents would understand as they, along with Kyle and Jim knew her true origins. Anyway, it wasn’t as though they could protest.

Without even looking back, Liz picked up the phone in the café and dialed a number that she knew by heart, if only for her safety. She waited as the phone rang a few times before someone picked up.

“Zack…” Liz croaked through tears.

Only this time, instead of hearing the gruff voice which usually answered, she heard a voice which chilled her to the bone, a voice she had never believed she would hear again.

“Elizabeth Parker of Roswell, New Mexico…at last we talk again…”

The phone dropped from her hands, clanging to the floor as her whole body shook. The normal tan tone of her skin vanished, being taken over by chartreuse pallor. And her normally bright and vibrant eyes sunk in as a look of pure fear took over.

“Lydecker,” Liz whispered fearfully before fleeing up to her haven, praying that she could find a way out of this.


Zack could remember almost everything. There were a few fuzzy details here and there, but since he had been working on remembering he had found that he could go pretty far back. Sometimes he wondered if his memories were mere hallucinations, but he knew the truth, he just wasn’t willing to admit to it. His memories were far greater detailed then any of the other’s, which was why he was considered the leader. And as a leader it was his job and responsibility to bring his troop to safety.

He remembered steel bars that locked him in, keeping him from the others. He remembered the sound of crying each and every night. The smell of tears of his fellow X5’s flooded his senses and he closed his eyes, trying to banish the pleas to be set free which reverberated in his mind.

But more than anything, he remembered Max. She had been like his second sister. She had been his beacon of light to safety. And she had been his support. Whenever he had needed her, she had been there. Only now she couldn’t be there. She was dead.

He had failed her.

Failure wasn’t a word in his vocabulary, which is why he was headed towards Roswell to make sure the same fate didn’t await his sister. She had evaded leaving before, but now it was unavoidable. Lydecker was a bigger threat than they had expected and now more then ever they needed to go into hiding, if only for a little while. And the last thing Zack was going to let happen was to let Lydecker get his hands on Liz as well.

Seattle had been too small of a city; too easy to be found in. And Roswell-- Zack didn’t even want to imagine how easy it would be for Lydecker to find Liz in Roswell. The other X5’s were waiting at an assigned location, one where Lydecker wouldn’t’ be able to find them.

As Zack spotted the exit for the small New Mexico town he hit the glass window of the truck with his fist, letting the driver know that this was where he wanted to get off. With a slight nod, the driver slowed, coming to a full stop after exiting the highway. He watched as the young man threw a small backpack over his shoulder before jumping out of the back and disappearing into the desolate desert surrounding him. When he had first picked up the hitchhiker the driver had had some qualms, but now he was only curious as to whom this kid was and whom he was running from.


“Liz, you have to get out of here!” Kyle persisted as he packed a bag for her. As soon as she had called him he had come over. Just the tone of her voice scared him, but after hearing why she was so terrified he was just as frightened, if not more so.

It was no secret that Lydecker wanted to find all the X5’s. As to what he wanted to do to them was beyond everyone, however Kyle never wanted to find out. Which is why he was insisting that Liz flee. It was already known that Lydecker had figured out where Liz was; now it was only a question of how long it would take for Lydecker and his men to come. And knowing the FBI and their ways, Kyle guessed they would be in Roswell within the next few hours.

Only, Liz wouldn’t leave. Since Maria had called Liz after Liz had called Kyle, they had figured that something was up. It wasn’t until Kyle had come over that everything had been figured out. Tess had killed Alex, mind warped Kyle, and was probably about to lead Michael, Isabel and Max to their deaths. Now Maria was on her way over while Kyle was trying to convince Liz to leave the city.

“No, Kyle… I can’t! We have to get to Max and th--"

“Liz, listen to yourself! Right now Lydecker knows where you are and you’re worrying about someone else, those aliens no less… what about you and your safety?” Kyle asked as he handed Liz the small bag of clothing and supplies which Liz would need until she could regroup with one of the other X5’s and get any other supplies she might need.

It was no secret that Kyle worried about Liz. He had hidden it well, especially during the last year when Liz would come to him telling him about Zack coming to her and insisting that she needed to leave. He had helped her through her troubles and promised to always look after her, even if she could beat the living crap out of him.

Now Kyle planned on keeping his promise. He was not going to let anyone jeopardize Liz’s safety, especially with such bastards as Lydecker on her trail. Max and the other’s had believed Pierce was evil. Kyle couldn’t wait until they got a taste of Lydecker and his men. They were merciless and would kill to get what they wanted, and what they wanted was Liz.

“Kyle, please--"

“Fine! You go and Maria and I will go to the pod chamber and save their stupid asses… but you go!” Kyle finally relented, but on extremely strict terms. He watched and waited until Liz slowly shook her head no.

“I can’t,” Liz whispered, her voice was hoarse and filled with hatred and sorrow; hatred for Max and Tess for ruining her life as they had, and sorrow for the fact that she couldn’t be selfish and possibly save her own life.

“You can’t what?” Maria asked as she burst into Liz’s room ready to save her boyfriend and friend’s lives. She looked at Liz in confusion, wondering why she was holding a small duffel bag and why Kyle was pushing her towards the window. Her confusion grew as she watched three men come over the ledge of Liz’s balcony, all dressed identically like the other and carrying large guns. Bright lights were shone through her window, but their movement ceased as they landed on Liz.

“There she is!” The soldier cried.

Without even thinking, Kyle shoved Liz back towards Maria, placing himself directly in the line of the soldiers view, and cutting off their chance of shooting her down.

“Go!” Kyle yelled, but Liz had already taken off running faster then any human could believe possible, leaving Maria staring after what used to be her best friend.

“Get her!” The soldier screamed, and within a moment her room was swamped with soldiers and Maria and Kyle were shoved to the ground. The soldiers were hot on her trail within a few seconds. “She’s traveling east towards the police station-- intercept her at all cost,” one of the soldiers commanded into a small walkie-talkie. It was the same soldier whom was holding Kyle down on the ground with his hands behind his back. Maria was beside him, watching on in horror and wondering what was going on.

“Delta team, converge on target. Alpha team, establish a perimeter,” a scraggly voice said through the walkie-talkie, one which Kyle only knew could be Lydecker. He was growing fearful. There had to be twenty soldiers alone in her house right now, and he could only imagine how many were out and about on the streets looking for Liz.

“Delta team to command,” another voice said through the walkie-talkie.

“Go ahead,” Lydecker squawked.

“We have the subject in sight and are moving to subdue,” the voice rang through loud and clear that time, leaving Kyle filled with a sense of dread and Maria scared beyond belief.

“Kyle, what’s going on? Where is Liz? Is she ok?” Maria asked fearfully, unsure if she even wanted to know. Only, Kyle never got to answer.

“Command, we have the subject locked in and on target…”

“All right, just remember I want her alive,” Lydecker said, his voice humming with glee through the walkie-talkie.

A moment later three shots rang through the numerous walkie-talkies and everyone was silent.

Tbc? Yes, no? It's up to you. Also, new parts of She's the One and China Doll will be up this weekend.

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Chapter 2

10 minutes earlier…

The anxiety was growing inside Zack as he jogged down the hidden road. He knew he had to hurry as something inside of him was screaming that Liz was in danger and if he didn’t hurry then soon she too would be in Lydecker’s hands. As long as he reached her soon then everything would be ok—Ben, Brin, Eva and Zane would be in Roswell soon as long as everything worked out correctly, and they could help in making sure that Liz got out of town safely.

Just ahead Zack caught sight what looked like a fire. Increasing his speed, Zack waited a moment before concentrating on the fire and using his abilities to see what it was. He could just make out five individuals standing around what looked like a burning jeep. In the next moment he watched as the jeep magically took off, flying over the cliff in flames. It was only then that he saw Jim and he knew: the aliens

Jim Valenti. Friend of Manticore children, and more importantly, he would know where Liz was.

Speeding up even more and using all of his stamina, Zack took off towards the man he knew would be able to help. Within a minute he was at the small quarry, running at full speed towards the four strangers and Jim. Only as he got closer he registered through his crowded thoughts just who those four individuals were: Max and Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding, all aliens and the four who put Liz in danger while breaking her heart. He would deal with them later.

Hearing the sound of loud thumping behind them, Jim and the pod squad turned quickly while trying to prepare themselves for whatever might be coming after them. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess watched on in confusion as what looked like a blur came towards them. They turned towards Jim, who had originally drawn his gun only to slowly place it back at his side. However the look of apprehension on his face scared the four aliens.

Within a second Jim knew whom as coming towards them. He only knew one other person who could run that fast, and she was in Roswell. Of course seeing Zack running towards him at this speed made Jim worry, as Zack never exposed himself unless something was seriously wrong.

Not a second later Zack stood before the group. His breath was perfectly in tact and it didn’t look as though he had run half as fast as he had.

“Where’s Liz?” Zack demanded, a pained look contorting his face.

“Back in Roswe--" Jim didn’t even get the chance to finish his sentence before Zack had swiped the car keys in Jim’s hands and took off towards the second Jeep. In that instant Jim knew whatever was going on was beyond serious; whatever was going on meant life or death, and Jim planned to be there to protect the young girl as best he could.

Without even saying a word to the four aliens Jim took off towards his car praying that he could make it before Zack took off.

“Zack! Wait!” Jim yelled while continuing to sprint towards the car, which Zack was already in and starting up. Noticing that the sheriff needed their help, and unaware of what was going on, Michael threw his hand up and blew the engine on the jeep, causing the car to die.

In a heartbeat Zack was out of the car, a look of pure hatred crossing his features.

“Michael, fix it, now!” Jim demanded as he hoped in the car.

“What’s goin--" Max started to ask, only to be cut off.

“Liz is in trouble and we have to go! Now fix it!” Jim shouted. Without even thinking Max ran to the car as well with Isabel and Michael shortly behind him. If Liz and the other’s were in trouble then they had to help. Tess had other plans.

“But Ma--"

“Either you’re in or out.” Zack seethed as he glowered at the petite blonde. The car was up and running again and when Tess didn’t answer Zack merely shrugged before slamming his door shut and peeling out of the quarry leaving a furious and confused Tess.

“What’s happened?” Jim asked. He studied Zack for a moment, and in the short time he knew that this was serious.

“Max is dead. Lydecker knows where Liz. Tinga’s dead. Krit and Syl are waiting at the border with all necessary ID’s. And Ben, Zane, and Brin should be in town picking Liz up right now.” Zack informed Jim in as well as he could. All the while Max, Isabel and Michael listened with interest and confusion. Who was Max? And what was this guy talking about?

“Max is dead? Ho…. Lydecker is in town?…” Jim shuttered as he felt his stomach drop. Liz was alone and Lydecker was in town. “Fuck. Where are you going?”

“Away.” Jim knew that Zack couldn’t tell him anymore, as it would put them all in danger.

“Whoa, wait just one second. What is going on?” Michael finally asked, as it appeared Max and Isabel were still too stupefied to speak.

“What happened to Max?” Jim asked, both he and Zack completely ignoring the three in back.

“We went into Manticore to break Tinga out, Max got caught, and when we went in to rescue her the mission failed. Lydecker pretended to befriend us, but it was a trap.” Jim nodded solemnly as he remained silent, saying a silent prayer for Max and Tinga.

All the while Max watched and listened in interest. Manticore. He had heard that name before, but where? And Lydecker. Where had he hard that name before? It was somewhere in the back of his mind, but try as he might he couldn’t think of where he had heard either of those names.

“What do you got?” Jim asked seriously, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that Zack had some form of defense on him. Any and all trained soldiers would, but Zack was a special case, thus he had more then a usual soldier would.

“Russian-made rgn-3s, fragmentation pattern explosion." Zack said as he reached over and emptied his bag onto the middle section of the seat. Jim nodded in approval, impressed by Zack’s choice in weaponry. In the back the three aliens watched on in horror as a bag full of weapons emptied before them. There were two guns as well as the rgn-3s, whatever the hell that was. “I only got 30 rounds though.”

“Holy shit.” Isabel whispered, her eyes wide with terror as she stared at the weapons. Max and Michael merely nodded in agreement, both swallowing the lumps which had formed in their throats.

“I got one round if it’ll help. Does Liz have anything? What about Ben, Brin and Zane?” Jim asked as he threw in his round, adding it to the growing pile of ammunition and weapons.

“Ben’s ready to kill- should have picked some things up from the supply area. Brin and Zane are ready to go as well. Liz- she’s got stuff, but nothing major. She never would use a gun…” Jim nodded in understanding without Zack having to continue. He knew all to well why Liz didn’t carry any sort of guns.

“What’s wrong with Liz? Who is after her?” Isabel finally asked as everything started to register in her mind. However Jim and Zack continued to ignore the aliens as they continued their conversation.

“What are you going to do afterwards?” Jim asked, already fearing the answer.

“I’ll take care of her Jim-- I always have and I always will.” Zack insisted without saying anymore. And while Jim wanted to press him for more he knew he couldn’t. “We’ll break up, blend in and stay under their radar for a while.”

“But you’ll stay with her?” Jim pressed on.

“She’s my sister… I’ll do what I have to.”


With each step she took she could feel they were taking two more. She tried to run faster, but as hard as she tried she could only reach a certain seed and sustain it for only a certain amount of time. And that time was running out. They were close and she was running out of stamina. If only she could find somewhere to hide, someplace to offer her refuge until they passed. Maybe then she could run and get away as Zack had always told her to.

Why hadn’t she listened to Zack all those years? But Liz already knew the answer to that question.

Because of Max.

Even now she wanted to go to the pod chamber and tell him the truth. Only now she couldn’t because she was being hunted down like the animal, the creation she was.

As her lungs collapsed on her Liz felt her feet slowing. However they stopped for a completely different reason. For standing in front of her were ten soldiers, all carrying stun guns as well as fully automatics, fully loaded and ready to fire. Whirling around she found another twenty soldiers. Manticore snipers hovered above her on the building tops, preparing to take her out any second.

She was trapped.

“Liz!” Whirling around at the familiar voice, a flurry activity erupted as three bodies jumped into action. Liz moved to help her fellow friends and family, but was quickly pulled into an alley in a tight embrace, making it impossible for her to do anything..

“Ben,” Liz whispered as she hugged him back, glorying in his warm embrace and familiar feeling.

But the moment was broken soon thereafter. Zane and Brin joined Liz and Ben in the alley, preparing to flee for their lives, but were soon stopped as they heard the loud screeching of tires on pavement.

Zack jumped from the car carrying his backpack full of weapons along with two guns in hand. He shot without even thinking or really looking. Jim was by his side, opening fire on the soldiers as well. Right now, all that mattered was that they got rid of the danger and rescued Liz. There were somewhere near thirty soldiers some lying on the ground and others ducking as soon as they heard the first few shots.

With the sudden movement and flinging to the ground the walkie-talkies were broken to bits, ceasing all communication by those who had thrown themselves down for protection.

It didn’t take long for Zack to reach Liz and the others. They moved stealthy through the alley towards the car Ben had stolen. There was no looking back, no goodbyes, no hugs or kisses, and no last words. Zack shoved Liz into the car with Ben and Brin on either side of her before he and the other’s hopped in as well. And within a minute the group was gone, their car’s tires squealing as the rubber implanted itself on the ground, forever leaving a mark of the Manticore children.

So involved in what was going on around them, Max, Michael and Isabel hardly even saw Liz; all they saw was the back of her head as she clung to Ben, crying while their car sped off. And by the point they started to register the fact that not only was Liz gone, but also what had just taken place, the soldiers were getting up and had their guns trained on the small group.

Of the group, Jim was the only one who had his eyes glued to the retreating car’s figure. He had never believed that Liz would have to leave. She had been safe for so long, and suddenly, out of the blue Lydecker and his men had not only found her, but almost kidnapped her.

“Gun’s down.” Lydecker yelled as he walked around the corner, staring right at Jim. However soon his eyes sought out the three teenagers nearby. Is smile grew as he leered at them. The soldiers did as they were commanded, taking a step back and breaking apart slightly to allow for their commander to get through.

“Lydecker…” Jim fumed. This was the sick bastard who had just taken Liz away from them.

“Jim, so nice to see you again. How have you been? Oh, that’s right, you lost your job. I’m sorry…” Lydecker smiled snidely as he stopped just in front of Jim. However soon his smile disappeared as he stared at the old man before him. “Why Jim? We’re both men of the law… you know what she is and yet you helped hide her. At any random moment she could have killed, it was her nature… cold, efficient, and happy to do it… she just needed a trigger.”

“You have no authority here Lydecker, so I suggest you leave.” Jim said coldly. All the while the three aliens watched on in wonder. For a moment it looked as though Lydecker was going to leave, but then he turned and stared straight at Max.

“He helped you too. And how are you? Seen Pierce lately?… oh that’s right, you killed him.” Lydecker said before turning and leaving three very scared aliens and one extremely pissed off sheriff. The soldiers quickly followed behind him, their guns attached to their sides as they filed into their trucks.

Even after all the soldiers had left the four continued to stand in their previous spot. They were completely dumbstruck, unsure of what to think of any of this. All the aliens knew was that someone else knew about them, and more importantly he somehow knew they had killed Pierce.

Max shuddered as a cold chill descended his spine, filling the pit of his stomach with a sense of dread. However it was the man’s words about Liz being a killer that really struck him. What was he talking about? Why was this person after Liz? And what did Jim know about all of this?

“Dad!” Kyle yelled as he and Maria ran down the street towards the small group. Maria sighed in relief as she saw her boyfriend and friends. But she grew fearful when she saw that Tess wasn’t with the, and neither was Liz.

“Kyle…” Jim said brokenly once his son reached his side. He embraced his son with a renewed strength and reason. Today’s events made him realize just how little he showed how much he loved his son. And watching Liz being taken without being able to say goodbye to the Parker’s, as Jim knew she would want to, made hi grimace. “Oh Kyle….”

Maria flung herself into Michael’s arms, hugging him tightly, praying that he was remaining on earth with her.

“Where is she dad?” Kyle asked fearfully.

“Where’s Tess?” Maria asked just as Kyle asked his own question.

“She’s safe.” Jim whispered to Kyle, knowing that he would understand the ramifications of the situation. However something else dawned on Jim at that moment.

“She’s out at the quarry… we should go pic…” Max started only to have Kyle interrupt him. He knew he shouldn’t have left Tess out there alone as she was pregnant with his child, but Liz had been in danger and he knew where his priorities were.

“Fuck Tess!” Kyle roared as the memory of what she had done reared forth in his mind.

“I agree! Now, what the hell just happened? And where is Liz?” Michael asked. He was nervous, now more so then ever before. Not only did someone know about them, but he also knew what they had done. Worse was the fact that this guy seemed to believe Liz was somehow connected. “And who the hell was that guy?”

“Come on, I think we need to have a talk...” Jim said softly as the realization that five more people were going to find out the secret of Liz Parker.


Gathered together in Michael’s apartment, Kyle, Maria, Max, Isabel, Jim and Michael sat together. Maria and Kyle refused to be near Tess, and when asked they would simply say they had their reasons which they would discuss as soon as they were someplace safe. Of course Max was besides her, continually making sure that their child was all right. They had stopped by the pod chamber and removed the crystal so as to save their chance of returning home.

“Ok, we’re all here, so tell us what this is all about.” Michael insisted.

“What do you want to hear first?” Kyle asked as he glared over at Tess, letting her know that he had figured her out. No longer was he afraid of her. After what he experienced today, and after watching Liz run for her life, Kyle knew that he had little if anything to really fear. At least he wasn’t being hunted down by some government agency because of what he was.

“I want to hear about Liz.” Michael stated.

“Liz can wait.” Maria insisted. “Tell them about the murdering bitch first!” Maria seethed as she snuggled into Michael’s embrace just a little more.

“What?” Jim, Isabel, Michael and Max asked simultaneously as they turned and looked at Maria in surprise. Who was she talking about? Had Lydecker been telling the truth?

“Liz?” Max whispered in disbelief.

“No, dipshit! Liz has nev…” Kyle suddenly cut himself off and averted his gaze. He couldn’t lie. Liz had killed; only she had been trained so it didn’t count, and the guy had been a prisoner who was going to die. “Tess killed Alex.” Kyle stated simply. Everyone but Kyle and Maria gasped. Max flinched away slightly as he turned and looked down at the woman who was carrying his child. Could Tess really have killed Alex? Had Liz been right all along? Seeing the confused looks on everyone’s faces he continued on, but not before pinning Tess with a meaningful glance. “She mind warped me into helping her, which is why I forgot… but it was Liz who figured it out when Maria called saying her mom was breaking out of the warp and incessantly tapping her fingers. That’s when Liz noticed I was doing it as well…” Kyle turned his gaze towards Tess and looked at her with sorrow. “How could you?”

“I…” Tess started only to have Michael cut her off.

“Is it true?” Michael asked in disbelief. Liz had been right all along.

“I didn’t want to… really, but I had to! I…” Tess cried softly, trying to pull off an act that she was deeply sorry for doing so.

“Why?” Max asked in disbelief. He had extracted himself from his spot beside her and instead no hovered above her.

“Max…” Tess cried as she clutched her stomach, once again using the baby as a diversion. “I… we need to leave.”

“No! Tell me Why!” Max demanded.

“I didn't mean to. His brain was just so weakened by the mind warp, and... look, none of this matters now.” Tess tried again to play everything off, but no one was buying it. And with her current health she couldn’t pull off a proper mind warp.

“Yes… yes it does matter. Liz matter Tess!” Max retorted.

“What matters is getting home, but you could never understand that could you? I might have been able to teach you but that stupid bitch had you wrapped around her...” Tess started, only Kyle didn’t let her finish and it was Max who had to protect her. He flew at her, his fist raised and anger evident in his eyes.

“Don’t you ever call her that! You don’t even know what she has been through!… you guys have it so easy that you just keep blaming her and throwing your shit at her as though she can fix everything!” Kyle shouted as Michael and his father held him back, keeping him attacking Tess right then and there.

“Why Tess? Why should we return home? We have nothing to return too… only our enemies.” Max said sadly.

“They’re not my enemies.” Tess answered timidly. Everyone looked at her in disbelief. Could it be true?

“But?… you made a deal with him? With Khivar?” Isabel asked carefully.

“No, Nasedo made the deal… forty or so years ago.” Tess confessed, as she knew it was no use to lie.

“What was the deal?” Michael demanded. When she didn’t answer Michael relinquished his hold on Kyle, leaving Jim the only person holding him back. All the while Max remained with his back to Tess, taking in everything she was telling them.

“To return home with your child and deliver you three to Khivar.” Tess admitted.

“God… how could you?” Max asked as he turned and faced her. His eyes were hollow and soulless as he stared at her.

“What are we going to do with her?” Maria and Kyle asked when Tess didn’t answer. When no one answered their own question they grew angry. “Guys! She killed Alex!”

“We could kill her.” Maria offered wryly. Michael moved to raise his hand, but Max shook his head.

“While she might be evil, our child is an innocent. Tonight I will bring her to the pod chamber and make sure she returns as she needs to, but hear me Tess, this isn’t over, I will get my son back and you will get what is coming.” Max insisted before leaving her side and joining the others.

For a moment everyone was silent as they took in everything they had just learned. Only there was still one more thing to learn about.

“Now… what’s this about Liz?” Max asked a moment later and everyone else nodded in agreement that that was what they wanted to learn about.

Tbc? Yes, Liz's past and how Jim and Kyle know about it are coming up in the next chapter. Also don't worry we won't lose Liz completely. Also, we'll pretend it doesn't take 24 hours for the Granolith to warm up because I really want to get rid of Tess. Don't worry about Tess and Max and the Tex because it'll be worked out as well. Now, should I continue or not?

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Hell YES Continue and ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
You have me on the edge of my seat, I NEED more and FAST!

Is Logan gonna be in this? He can help like he did with DA's Max. Max couldn't be saved.
Are we gonna get any Manicore memories? I see Liz as the tiny one of the whole Manicore bunch and Zack trying to keep her safe, maybe even taking her with HIM when they ran from the facilities as kids.
How did Liz end up in Roswell?
Why did Zack refer to Liz as "his" sister?
Did they have the same birth-mother? (the women that gave birth to the Manicore kids)

I forget who was Ben, it's on the tip of my tongue but still not remembering.

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Don't worry all questions will be answered... in time.

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Chapter 3

It was a somber group that sat in Michael’s apartment. They had locked Tess in his bathroom as it had no windows or any other way to escape except through the door, and that the three remaining aliens had used their powers to seal shut, though everyone knew in the long run that Tess could escape if she pleased. Michael and Maria were situated on the couch, their hands entwined as they watched Kyle pace as his father spoke in hushed whispers over a cell phone. Across from them were Isabel and Max who were also waiting anxiously to find out the rest to this sordid story.

It confused Max to no end as to why he never knew any of this about Liz. He believed he would have seen it in her memories as he had seen everything else. He also wondered why she had trusted Valenti an Kyle enough to tell when she couldn’t even tell him, especially when they were supposed to have loved one another. But then, they had been keeping a lot of secrets from each other, however this secret seemed too big for her to keep from him. Max just prayed that Kyle or Valenti would know why and how she kept this from him.

Once Valenti was finally finished with his phone conversation he turned and solemnly shook his head at Kyle in confirmation, letting Kyle know that they were gone. Not a trace was left of the Manticore children whom had escaped. No one had been able to track them thus far, and not even some of the loyal Manticore children who had remained with Lydecker knew where they were. It were as though they had vanished into thin air, as was appropriate to do at this time.

Sighing in relief, Kyle closed his eyes for a moment and said a silent thank you to whoever had helped them escaped, as well as prayed that they make it safely to wherever they were going. Once he was finished he signaled to his father to come and join them, as he knew it was time to fill in the other’s about Liz’s mysterious past. He knew it was going to be hard, but somehow…

“Are we going to get an explanation any time soon?” Max snapped, interrupting Kyle’s thoughts as he spoke the one question on everyone’s mind.

“Well, what do you want to know exactly?” Kyle finally replied. He was unsure of where to start and answering their questions seemed like the easiest thing to do.

“What the fuck is she?” Max asked bluntly causing Maria to gasp, Isabel to gasp, and Michael to glare at his once best friend and brother. With that Max relented. “Is…is she human?”

“Mostly human…” Kyle answered as best he could. This was a hard subject to broach, as no one knew just what was in these engineered kids. But at the imploring looks of the others he continued on. “Back in 40’s, after world war 2, the government decided to start a branch of the government called Manticore so as to try and create the perfect soldier as they didn’t want to be in the trap they were in with Hitler or the Japanese, or whoever, again. Most of their attempts failed… until around 1970 or so. In 1972 they successfully created their first genetically engineered soldier.”

“Genetically engineered?” Max asked, the fear evident in his voice.

“An embryo was created and placed in a woman’s body. They had tried simply caring for the baby in other environments, but found that the baby had a better chance of survival if it was in a natural environment. Everything that the government wanted in a soldier they created.” Jim explained.

“Bu… no, that’s not possible. The government just admitted to figuring out…” Isabel started only to stop, as Kyle shook his head no.

“The government lies about a lot of things, and this isn’t the first. They knew how to reproduce and regenerate, whatever, different types of genes and DNA strands they might need for their children.” Jim explained.

“After the initial success, the baby died and the government was left wondering what they had done wrong. So they took some time off and perfected what they knew. Each group was named with a letter followed by a number, and all children were branded, in a sorts, with a bar code.” Kyle went on to clarify so as to give his father a break. They were both worried and tired, so it wasn’t making for the best time to explain things.

“So Liz is like government property? Bu… but how?” Mara asked. She was shocked and unsure of how to take this news. She had believed she knew her best friend, but now it appeared as though she didn’t know the first thing about Liz Parker, if that was even her name.

“Born and bred. She is actually their second batch of successful soldiers. The X5’s were the first successful bunch. After the X5’s came to X6, 7 and 8’s. Only somehow something had gone wrong and one of the mothers from the X5’s became pregnant afterwards. When she went to the doctor’s they found some abnormalities and when Manticore caught wind of this they brought her in.” Kyle stated. “After giving birth the women weren’t supposed to be able to become pregnant again, which is why this woman intrigued Manticore so much. Somehow or another residue of the woman’s previous pregnancy had remained in her body, thus making her stronger as well as her child. Manticore decided to further this child’s abilities and injected the still growing fetus with some sort of DNA which was a mix between the X5’s and X6 technology.”

“Oh my god, you’re saying that Liz is a mix?” Isabel asked.

“Not a mix, a stronger version then Manticore had ever hoped for. They could never duplicate the strength and knowledge that Liz held. She was what they had always hoped for but could never create.” Jim clarified.

“But wait, who were those people with her? And how did they know to come?” Max asked though unsure if he wanted to know. He knew without a doubt he had screwed up any chances with Liz by being with Tess, but he couldn’t help but wonder. The government had created these soldiers, so they must have created them to be with each other as well.

“We don’t know the full story yet and I don’t think we ever will, but what mainly went down was Lydecker, their creator, pretended to befriend them. Only it was a trap, and one of their own, Max, was killed. She had been trying to save Tinga, who had been running from Lydecker along with her husband and son. Lydecker wanted Tinga’s son because he was a hybrid and we are guessing that he was hoping the son would be like Liz. Luckily Tinga’s son and her husband were able to escape, but Tinga died, as did Max by trying to save her.” Jim paused for a moment as both he and his son said a silent prayer for Max and Tinga. “Afterwards they ran. Zack, Liz’s brother, knew that Liz was in danger, as was everyone else. He’s been telling her for the last eight years that she’s been in danger, but Liz wasn’t willing to leave, she wanted to stay with the Parker’s and live a normal life, or at least as normal a life she could have.”

“But how do you know all of this?” Maria implored. “I mean, Liz would hav--"

“No, she wouldn’t have.” Kyle protested. “And the only reason I know is by mistake…”


Jim walked slowly through the park periodically calling out Kyle’s name. They had been playing hide-and-go-seek when a batch of dark black clouds had crowded over the once sunny park. For a moment Jim paused as he heard a soft rustling in the bushes. However when nothing appeared he decided it was nothing more than a squirrel or some other small rodent.

Continuing his search, Jim wandered through the small park hoping to find his son before the bad weather caught up to them. Lately he and Kyle had been spending a lot of time together, if only to get their minds off his wife’s departure. Since she had left Kyle hadn’t been himself, and neither had Jim. But he was determined to make it without his wife, and he was determined to give Kyle the life he deserved.

“Kyle!” Jim yelled out.

From the bushes, Kyle giggled softly as he watched his father search for him. However he clapped a hand over his mouth as soon as his father drew near. They had been playing for about an hour or so now and Kyle hadn’t had this much fun in a long time. Or at least since his mother had left.

As the thought entered his mind, Kyle stared down at the ground, his once jovial mood gone without a trace. He stared at his blue and yellow mock West Roswell High letterman jacket. There was a grape juice stain on the right lapel and a small spaghetti sauce stain on the left pocket. If his mother were still around those stains wouldn’t be there.

Suddenly Kyle heard a crunch from beside him He moved to turn and see what it was, but before he could even move a hand was clasped over his mouth and a hand tightly gripped his throat.

“Be quiet and don’t make any moves.” The male voice said and Kyle merely shook his head in agreement. It sounded like a young voice, almost as though the person whom it belonged to was around the same age as himself. Aside from that, he was scared beyond belief and didn’t know what to do. Since his father was the sheriff he knew that as soon as his dad found him he would be all right, but until then he didn’t know what to do. Then he heard it. It had to be the sweetest voice, aside from his mothers, that Kyle had ever heard in his life.

“Zack, what are you doing?” The girl’s voice was like music to his ears, only there was something wrong. He could hear the sadness and he knew without a doubt that the girl had been crying as he could hear it in her voice, along with concern, fear, and loneliness. But she still had the voice of an angel.

“We’re goi…”

“Kyle, is that you?” Jim asked as he pushed the bush aside. A gasp escaped his lips, as he saw a young boy not much older than his son holding Kyle by his throat with a hand clasped over his mouth. Beside the boy was another whose features were more feminine, but her head was shaved just as the young boy’s was. “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

He tried to sound tough and authoritative, but with one look at what he could only assume was the little girl he caved. There were tears in her big, doe brown eyes, her lower lip was trembling, and her army slacks were soaked through. She was scared and alone, even if it appeared that she was with someone.

Army slacks? What the hell was a young child doing in army slacks?


“If you want your son back then you’ll walk away and act like you never saw us.” Zack instructed. His voice was hard and cold, leaving Jim feeling afraid, which something he had not expected. This child wasn’t even ten years old and he was telling him what to do. “I said if you want your son back unharmed then you will walk away and act like you never saw us.”

“Please, sir…” Liz pleaded, her eyes begging with him to just let them go. She couldn’t stand the thought of returning to Manticore.

For a moment Jim merely stared at the young girl. She had said sir, and in a diminutive tone, as though he were her senior… her commander.

“If you don’t do as I say I will break your sons neck… now…”

“Wait!” Jim cried out. Rain began to fall around them in a steady pitter-patter, but the four didn’t even notice. He wanted to yell at this boy and girl and tell them to leave his son alone, but there was something that stopped him. And instead of being mad, he was worried. “You kids are soaking wet… and it’s raining… d-do you have someplace to go?”

The words were out of his mouth before he could stop himself. However as he watched them he could see how wary they were of him, and more importantly, even of Kyle. These children were afraid of humans. And no matter how hard Jim tried not to care, he couldn’t.

“You can trust me… I’ll keep you safe.” Jim promised. He watched as the young girl nodded slightly, however the boy beside her only tightened his grip on Kyle and shook his head no.

“Zack, I trust him…” Liz whispered as she laid a hand on his shoulder. Instinctively, Zack loosened his grip on Kyle at the touch of his sister. If he knew anything it was that he could always trust her judgment. She had never been wrong before and she always knew whom to trust.

“So what happened? They came with you?” Maria asked, intrigued by all of this, as was everyone else. “How did you know you could trust them not to hurt you?”

“I don’t know, I just did. Something in me told me to trust them.” Jim explained.

“So what happened?” Michael implored.

“Liz and Zack came home with Kyle and I. They had never even been in a home before, so everything was so new…”

From the hallway Kyle and Jim watched as the young boy and girl lay curled up on the couch. The boy, Zack was wide-awake, but the girl, Liz, was dead to the world- or so it appeared. After they had come home from the park, Jim had given them some dry clothes and food. Zack had hardly touched anything until Liz had tried everything first and told him to be considerate and thankful for what Jim was giving them.

“Daddy, why she got lines on her neck?” Kyle asked, referring to the barcode on the back of Zack and Liz’s necks. Jim had seen them but he didn’t know how to answer his son because he didn’t even know why the two children had barcodes. He suspected it might be for the same reason they had been dressed in army uniforms and had shaved heads.

“I don’t know son, I don’t know.” Jim answered honestly. He peered down at his son for a second and smiled sadly. “It’s late. Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“Yea daddy…” Kyle answered disappointedly. He had been hoping to continue watching the angel with a shaved head with his father. He hugged his father before rambling off to his bedroom.

For the second time Jim turned his eyes back to the young children, only now it was only the girl. A moment later, without even hearing any footsteps or anything, Jim found Zack standing before him, proud and tall, just like a soldier.

“If you turn us in…”

“I’m not going to turn you in… I don’t even know what you are… but I trust you just like you decided to trust me.” Jim insisted. “But with trust I need some information. Like if I can help you in any way.”

Zack stared at Jim for a moment, contemplating whether or not he truly trusted this man. All the while, neither noticed Liz get up from her spot on the couch. She took the back way and started wandering around the house, staring at everything in amazement. The blanket wrapped around her tiny frame dragged on the ground behind her. Nothing made sense to her, and she was captivated by the idea of a home and not some cell which she had previously been held in. A home was much nicer.

“Why’s you got lines on your ‘kin?” Kyle asked, causing Liz to whirl around. She had been so enthralled by everything around her she hadn’t even heard Kyle coming up behind her.

“Don’t you?” Liz asked with an air of sophistication unknown to Kyle. She looked at him quizzically and then peered at his neck.

“Nuh-uh! Daddy says I can’t not get a tutu til I’m really, really, really old, like 15 or 16.” Kyle said enthusiastically while stretching out his arms o show how old.

“A tattoo?”

“Uh huh! And why you got no hair? Did it fall out like grand daddies? His does that whenever ya yank on it really really really hard. But now it comes out on its own!” Kyle insisted while grinning at the girl before him. He had never met a girl whom he liked as much as Liz. There was something about her that didn’t make Kyle feel as though he would get cooties if she were around him.

She was also very pretty, just like his mom. And that scared Kyle. Why would he find a girl to be pretty?

“Kyle…” Jim said sternly as he came up beside his son. He and Zack had finished their conversation and when Zack had turned to return to the couch they had finally seen and heard Liz and Kyle talking. Zack was immediately beside Liz and Kyle was back beside his father.

“So what happened next?” Michael asked eagerly.

“I don’t know exactly. Kyle went to bed and I remained awake all night watching over Zack and Liz. But sometime I dozed off and when I woke up only Liz was left. There was a note on the table beside me asking me to take care of Liz as I had promised I would the night before.” Jim explained.

“Promised? When did you promise?” Maria asked.

“When Zack and I talked I promised that I would do anything to keep them safe. I knew they needed my protection, and I had told Zack I would do anything to keep them safe, and I meant it.” Jim clarified. “When I woke up I found the note and I stayed true to my promise. Once Liz woke up, I gave her the note. At first she remained silent and wouldn’t talk. She even tried to leave numerous times over the next week, but I kept a careful watch over her as I had promised. It wasn’t for another week that I over heard Nancy and Jeff talking, saying that they had just come back from the doctors. The doctor had told them that Nancy would never be able to have a child, and they were both devastated beyond belief. Now, I knew Nancy and Jeff and I trusted them. I also knew how much Nancy had always wanted a little girl.”

“So you gave Liz to Nancy and Jeff? But I thought you told Zack…” Isabel started only to have Jim stop her.

“In his note, Zack left me a number at which he could be contacted. I called and left a message, telling him of my plan. A few days later he called back saying that if Liz trusted the Parker’s then he trusted them as well. So the next day I brought Liz over to meet Jeff and Nancy. Of course they had questions, but I had warned them ahead of time, telling them that if they were to take this child then it would not be through adoption and that she would come from a shaky background. Of course after they met Liz, Jeff and Nancy fell in love with her and immediately agreed to care for her as though she was their own.”

“We still didn’t know anything about her past. And at first Liz wasn’t much better with the Parker’s then she was with us. She didn’t respond well to them and continually tried to run away. But after some time they grew on her, and she began to trust them more and more and she learned how to deal with the fact that Zack had left her in these people’s care.” Kyle added.

“Wow, but how did you find out about her heritage?” Max asked in agitation. He just wanted to be over and done with this conversation so that he could get Tess back to the Granolith so he could save his son. He had heard enough about Liz and was growing tired of the subject.

“What the hell is your problem?” Kyle backfired angrily.

“Guys! Not right now.” Maria insisted. “Jim, go ahead…”

“It was actually my father who informed me. Liz and Kyle were playing at the park. It was about a year before they were supposed to start school and I had promised Kyle and Liz I’d take them to the park. Liz hadn’t completely adjusted to life outside, but she was doing so quite well. My father was with us and when he saw the barcode on the back of her neck he pulled me to the side and asked me how Liz was out among us. Now at this point I believed my father to be crazy, but something in me told me to trust him when it came to this, just as something told me to trust him about aliens.” Jim explained, but paused to catch his breath. “After I told him what happened he told me what he knew. But more importantly he told me to get rid of that bar code, or at least hide it if we wanted Liz to continue to live among regular humans. At first I didn’t believe him, but then I went to some friends and asked around. Soon I found out everything was true. I told the Parker’s everything I knew and they did as my father suggested. They took Liz in to a doctor friend of mine to add an extra layer of skin over the barcode. I had asked Zack which he preferred and he said to keep the barcode as it kept them distinct, but to hide it. And until her hair grew out we didn’t have many other options.”

“And that’s why we never saw it. But it’s still there?” Maria asked.

“Yep. It’s how you can tell them all apart from everyone else. It’s the governments property marking… in a sorts.” Jim said.

For a moment Michael and Isabel remained silent as the idea of being marked by the government set into their minds. Just the mere thought of being branded by Antar scared the two, as they didn’t want others to know they were different. But to think that Liz had to live with that, scared them as well. They didn’t know how she had dealt with everything as well as she did while being the nice person she was. And to add the scare of always being looked for by the government, that just pushed everything overboard.

“Oh my god… does that mean that the Crashdown shooting…”

“Yes, Maria… it was the work of the US Government at their best…” Kyle said softly, leaving everyone all the more scared, all except Max.

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