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Love Springs Eternal Book I

Author: Bill a.k.a. Darth Maul 214

Category: Crossover with The Crow. A/I M/L M/M K/Ava Serena/? Jim/Amy Brody/Laurie Larek/Siah Sean/?

Rating: R(violence, language)

Disclaimers: Roswell belongs to Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. The Crow universe belongs to James O'Barr. No
infringement intended.

Summary: Alex had his own secrets before he moved to Roswell.

Authors Note: Bold italics denote telepathic communication. Italics are thoughts. The italicized quotes are voice-overs.
The beginning quote has Liz speaking the first sentence, Maria, the second and Isabel, the last. The second quote , which
will be at the end of Book III is v.o'd with Liz speaking till the comma and Maria finishing that sentence. Isabel speaks the
second sentence. These are direct quotes from the movie, Sarah's v.o's at the beginning and end of the movie. The way
things are on Alex's tombstone are from a picture of the location. All songs belong to their respective copyright holders.
Niahl is pronounced NEE ahl. Kyahn is pronounced KEE ahn. Maea is pronounced MAY ah. Van is pronounced Vahn.
Celena is pronounced Cell een ah. Siah is pronounced SEE ah.

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"People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the Land of the Dead."

"But sometimes, something so bad happens, that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest."

"Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back ... to put the wrong things right."

April 29, 2002

Three friends: the petite brunette, the vivacious blonde, and the statuesque blonde kneel before a simple tombstone. It is a
ritual the three women have done weekly for the last year, paying homage to their friend, and to the statuesque blonde,
much more, the first casualty in a war none of them wanted to fight. He had given his life so that they could live.

Liz Parker, the brunette, places a single yellow rose on the grave marker of her best friend, Alex Whitman. "Alex it is hard
to believe it's been a year since you left us. I miss you. We all do."

Maria DeLuca, the vivacious blonde, places her own yellow rose next to Liz's. "Alex, Michael, mister non-commitment
proposed to me at the prom. I wish you could have been there. See you soon."

Isabel Evans, the statuesque blonde, placed her red rose next to Liz and Maria's yellow ones. "Alex, I miss you so much. I
wasted too much time. I never got to tell you this before you left us: I love you. I wish to God, I had. I'm not sure I can let
any guy get as close to me as you are. Kyle and I are good friends, not as good as we are, but good friends nonetheless. He
really helped me through your leaving us. I might have joined you if it weren't for him. Thank you for translating the Book.
I sometimes wish you hadn't, then maybe you would be preparing to graduate high school. I took the one class I needed to
graduate this year, to be with my family. I will always love you, Alex. I knew you loved me. We will be together again one

As the three young women prepare to go, a crow perches on the branch above Alex's grave.

"Are you like the night watchman?" Maria asks the raven.

"Caw!" responded the raven. The trio leave the cemetery and go home.

Thought they would never leave. The raven lands on Alex's tombstone and raps its beak on it. Come on kid, wake up. I don't have all night.

The ground moves ever so slowly until a hand breaks through the surface, frantically digging to be free of the choking dirt.
The boy climbs out and falls to the ground in pain and confusion, gasping for air, as if being born again.

Kid, I'm gonna give you a minute to recover. My name is Edgar. I'm your guide and anchor to this world. We are
gonna meet an associate of mine who will fill you in on the rules. Come on, I haven't got all day.

Who am I? thought the boy.

Look at the marker, Kid. I can't give you the answers, but I can lead you to them.

The boy looks at the marker. It reads:


JUNE 21,1984 - APRIL 29, 2001



Alex touches his tombstone and images flash by in his mind.

*Max placing a flower on his coffin.*

*Isabel, in a black dress, breaking down.*

*Maria singing "Amazing Grace" and "Ave Maria" at his funeral mass.*

*Liz being relentless in her pursuit of the truth behind his death.*

*Liz taking the translation from Leanna, no Jennifer, no Serena's dorm room.*

*Liz finding out that she is the Queen of Antar, not Tess and Ava.*

*Isabel, Maria and Liz's weekly visits.*

*Michael visiting the day before prom saying he will never hurt Maria again. He pulls out the engagement ring he bought
for her, five diamonds set, on a platinum band, in the shape of the constellation Aries, with the words"No more running"
engraved on the inside using his powers, so the words would never fade.*

*Kyle visiting. Giving Progress reports on Isabel. Being hurt by being used by Tess. Falling in love with her and her
throwing it back in his face. Kyle letting Ava in and falling in love again.*

*Ava visiting. "Look, Alex, I didn't know you. I've seen what your death has done to the others. Isabel is getting better.
Kyle is keeping an eye on her. When Liz called me back, because Kyle, Michael, and Max had to kill Tess to save Liz,
Isabel and Kyle were emotional wrecks. Isabel blamed herself for what happened to you and my beloved Kyle had to kill
the woman he loved to save one of his best friends. I took a while for him to trust me, because I look exactly like her. She
betrayed him on so many levels. She was a fool. Kyle is an incredible guy. I'm finally in love with someone who loves me
back, but sometimes I wonder if he loves me because I look like her."*

*Serena visiting. "Alex why were you so fucking stupid?
Why in hell did you risk getting yourself killed? did you have a fucking death wish? You did it all for Vilandra, I mean
Isabel. She fucking ignored you, yet you kept on fucking loving her. Why couldn't you fucking love me?"

*The Honda speeding up and steering itself, the brakes not working. Going over the double yellows head-on into a tractor
trailer. Watching the life leave his body. , seeing Rath, Lonnie, Tess, and a thirteen year-old, who must be Nicholas walk
over to the "accident" scene.

"Kivar will be pleased, but we still need the translation this pathetic human was working on.", sneered Nicholas.*

*Working on the translation at UNM at Las Cruces with Serena.*

Kid, we have to still meet my associate. He'll be by the gate. Come on!

Alex, still processing the memories from touching his tombstone walked to the gate. Standing before him was a man he
hadn't seen since he was nine, Eric Draven.

"Alex, good to see you. I wish it were under different circumstances."

"It's good to see you too, Eric."

"You have definitely grown. You switched to bass. Why? You were my best student. In the three months I taught you, you
showed so much potential. You could have been the next Steve Vai or Eddie Van Halen. Sarah died last year in L.A. She
died helping another Crow. But I know Maggie is alive, Alex."

"Where is she, Eric? Please tell me. I'm begging you. I need to know where my sister is."

"Alex, I don't know where she is. If I did, you know I would tell you. I see you fell in love with a very unique woman. I
know you know what I mean by unique. Isabel's beauty is quite unearthly, and I mean that literally."

"How do you know about Isabel, Eric?"

"I was given a case file on you. You broke her heart and yours as well. You took risks and allowed yourself to be
murdered, so that you could come back as a Crow to protect her and your other friends. You planned this, Alex. Why?"

"Isabel is my Shelley. As plain old Alex Whitman, I couldn't protect her from what she has to deal with. But as a fucking
Crow, I can."

"I understand Alex. I'm supposed to go over the rules with you and explain about your abilities. You are immortal as long
as Edgar is alive. He dies, you die. If you work for the living, such as when I cured Sarah's mom of her drug addiction, you
become vulnerable. Lastly you must follow Edgar. He will take you where you need to be.

As for your abilities, think of Wolverine, without the adamantium skeleton and the claws. You are equivalent to a fifth
degree black belt in Taekwondo, Wu Shu, Jiujitsu, and Jeet Kune Do. You are extremely strong and agile. You are a
master of Ninjitsu. Lastly you are fearless, only when it comes to your own safety. You will still fear for the safety of
others. You are an angel of death. When your vengeance is complete, you will be granted your rest."

"I know that, Eric. Did you think I took this lightly? I swore I would do anything to protect Isabel, even this. I love her so
much it scares me. I've always loved her, before I really even knew her."

"Edgar is getting impatient, Alex. I will see you later."

"Bye, Eric"

,p>With that Eric Draven fades into the ether.

Kid time to go to your first stop, home, to get some clothes you can fight in.

Climb this fire escape and jump from roof to roof, kid. It'll keep you from being noticed.

Alex did as Edgar instructed until he arrived at his house. Finding the key that was hidden for emergencies, he stealthily
entered the darken house and slipped into his old bedroom, which was left as a shrine by his dad.

Edgar perched on the rooftop, ready to give Alex a warning if someone showed up. Alex went through his closets and
found a pair of black leather pants, a pair of Doc Marten's, and a black muscle t-shirt. Isabel had convinced him to buy the
leather pants on a shopping excursion during the "Summer of Destiny". She had said he looked good in them. He wasn't so
sure, but bought them anyway because she liked them. He knew he would never wear them. "We live in New Mexico,
Isabel, a hot, dry climate, not exactly suitable for anything leather, except for jackets," was his response before he caved to
her. But then again, Isabel in leather had a certain appeal to him.

He took off his burial clothes and slipped into his new outfit, which fit like a second skin. Thank God I chose to go
commando. These pants are skintight.

Too much information, kid. Your dad should be here soon. come on.

Alex found the keys to his dad's old station wagon and proceeded to load his bass, electric, and acoustic guitars, his Gorilla
amp, all his pedals and an 8-track recorder into the car and left, minutes before Chuck Whitman returned.

He drove to the old soap factory and dropped his gear off in one of the back offices. Edgar, I need you to watch my
instruments. I need to see a couple of people tonight. I'll be back before sunrise.

Remember the rules, kid and be careful.

Alex drove and abandoned the station wagon three blocks from the Crashdown. He jumped rooftop to rooftop until he
reached the Crashdown's back alley. And jumped to the ground landing cat-like in the alley. Climbing Liz's fire escape and
hiding in the shadows of her balcony, Alex waited. Half an hour later, Liz entered her room. Alex knocked on her window
before she changed out of her uniform.

"Come on in, Max. My parents aren't home," she responded, not even looking out the window.

Alex didn't want to pass up the invite. "Liz, you really should know who you are inviting in."

Liz froze. It had to be a shape shifter. Alex is dead. I went to his funeral. Liz turned around and looked into his eyes and
with fire in her eyes, replied regally,"Change into someone else, Shape shifter."

"Liz, I'm not a shape shifter or a Skin. It's me, Alex."

Liz, not believing him, stated calmly, "Prove it."

"OK, Your Highness, Queen Maea. I wrote a binary code on a receipt for Thai food before I died. You know how much I
hate Thai. It was the decryption key for the translation of the Book. I left all my findings with Jennifer, or should I say Serena."

Liz's jaw dropped, knowing this was Alex. She approached and hugged him. "Alex, I've missed you so much. I saw your
body, I went to your funeral. How are you still alive?"

"Liz, the thing is I'm not alive. I'm what you call a Crow, I'm a soul that can't rest until I set the wrong things right.
Meaning, I have to pass judgement on my murderers. Max, Michael, and Kyle did some of the work for me. Tess is dead. I
still have 4 people to pass judgement on: Rath, Lonnie, Nicholas, and Kivar. I'm going to defer Rath's fate to you and
Lonnie's to Isabel."

"Alex, why do I decide Rath's fate?"

"You are his sister, after all. His twin sister."

"Liz, a look of revulsion on her face, replied, "Eww! My twin brother stuck his tongue down my throat and hit on me! He
really is a freak!"

"Liz, he doesn't know. I only know because Serena told me. She was your best friend and chief bodyguard. She had been
away attending her mother's funeral the day you were killed. She blames herself for your death and the death of Ava, your
other bodyguard. Ava was her brother's fiancee. Liz, I've told you to much. If you don't know this already, she must not
have contacted you. She was supposed to, if I died. I made her promise. I'm so fucking pissed with her right now. Don't tell
the others I'm here, OK. Get them to meet me tomorrow night at the old soap factory at 8:00 and I'll explain everything. I
will drag Serena there if I have to. I'm going to go see Isabel and the find Serena. She is going to have to do a lot of
explaining to me. Goodnight, Liz."

Alex climbed out Liz's window and jumped off her balcony landing on his feet and went to Isabel's.

Ten minutes later, Alex knocked on Isabel's window. Isabel appeared at the window and saw who was standing there.
Alex, sensing Isabel was about to scream put a finger to his lips, signaling for her not to. She slowly opened the window
and climbed outside instead.

"This is low blow, Shape shifter. Take any form but this one", she hissed venom dripping from her voice.

"Isabel, I'm not a shape shifter. It's me, Alex."

"Alex is dead, because of me. Because of who I am."

"It is true, I am dead. I'm Alex. It wasn't your fault, darling. It was Rath, that psychotic slut who wears your face, the
shrimp, Tess, and ultimately Kivar who murdered me."

"Prove you're Alex."

Alex knew of only one way to prove it to her. He kissed her hoping beyond hope that it would be enough to convince her.
Isabel, hesitant at first, responded, knowing only Alex Whitman could make her feel this euphoric from a kiss. After a
minute, they broke apart, flushed.


"I'm a Crow, a soul that can't rest until it puts the wrong things right. I have to pass judgement on Rath, Lonnie, the twerp
and Kivar. I want you to determine her fate. Liz, or should I say Queen Maea, knows I'm here. Don't tell anyone else. She's
going to get everyone out to the old soap factory tomorrow night at 8:00. Could you take your mom's car and get there at
5:30. I missed you so much, I have so much more to tell you, but I can't tonight. I have to go find someone who broke a
promise to me. I'm extremely pissed off at her. She will be at the meeting one way or another."

"Who are you talking about?"


"The one who modified the Granolith into a time machine?"

"Yeah. She was Liz's best friend on Antar. She was supposed to reveal herself to you if anything happened to me. She
promised me she would. Ava was to be her sister-in-law. Remember the animosity between Liz and Tess, she feels the
same way towards you. I can get flashes, like you guys from touching objects or people. I never knew it, but she fell in love
with me. I could only love you, no matter how badly you treated me. I didn't know how you really felt about me until it
was too late to save my life. I never wanted to hurt you, love."

"But you did, Alex. If it weren't for Kyle..."

"I know, honey. My path was already set. The old Alex Whitman couldn't protect you. The new, improved Alex Whitman
can't die, is a lethal weapon, death personified. He can keep you alive. Serena told me about what you all have to face.
Without me like this, you would die. I couldn't let that happen to you. When I said that I'd do anything to protect you, I
was actually saying 'I love you' without freaking you out. I love you Isabel Evans, I always have. I always will. In my heart,
you are Isabel Whitman, my wife, my love, my life. I came back for you."

"Alex, I love you, too. I didn't realize it until Junior Prom. Two days later, you were taken from me, before I could tell you.
I nearly joined you. I should have believed Liz after your funeral, when she said your death was no accident. I should have known."

"Chere, stop blaming yourself. It wasn't your fault."

"If it wasn't for me, Vilandra, you would be alive. Everything I touch turns to crap, Alex."

"Isabel, Vilandra did not betray her people. Kivar used her. Vilandra's only crime was being blinded by love. She fell in love
with the wrong man. You are not her. You did not make the same mistakes she did. You fell in love with me, the right
man, one who died and came back from the dead to protect you. Lonnie is another story, she makes Vilandra seem like a
saint. She makes you look like an angel, MY angel. I have utter contempt for her, but I'm not sure I could kill her. She
does wear your luminous visage. That's why I want you to pass judgement on her. You need to bury Vilandra, if you want
to move forward as Isabel. I need you to. That is part of why I came back. I really need to find Serena. We can talk at the
factory tomorrow. Maybe we can do some other things, my love."

"Alex, I'll see you at 5:30 tomorrow. I love you. Our love even transcends death." Isabel pulled Alex's lips to hers, losing
themselves in each other. They stayed like that for a half hour, before Alex really had to leave to find Serena.

Alex opened up his senses and found Serena, disguised as an elderly woman, in a park on the east end of town.

"Hello, Serena."

The elderly woman looked at the young man in shock. "Alex? It can't be!", the fear rising in her voice.

"It is. Why in hell have you not revealed yourself to the others, especially Liz and Ava? The three of you were like sisters.
Tess nearly fucking killed Liz. On Antar, Maea's death wasn't your fault. You and Kyahn had to go to your mother's
funeral. If Liz would have died that day, it would have been. Do you hate me and Isabel so much that you would sacrifice
Liz to get back at us!", Alex bellowed at the shocked elderly woman.

Her expression changed from shock to rage instantly. "Alex, I do hate Isabel, because she has what I want: you. I would
never let Liz die. How dare you say that I would, you fucking bastard!" The woman's hand morphed into a steel bar and
slapped across his face.

Realizing he said the wrong things in his anger, he replied, "Serena, I deserved that. I've had a very bad night. I clawed my
way out of my grave, found out I missed an entire year in the life of all my friends, being an undead weapon of vengeance
has made my temper ten times worse than Michael's. Michael is fucking Zen compared to me right now. I'm sorry I hurt
you. We are having a meeting at the old soap factory at 8:00 p.m. Be there.

"The war is going to end. In time, I will kill Kivar. The others need your guidance. You fucking promised me that you
would train them, if anything happened to me. Why didn't you? If you had Tess might still be alive today. Kyle might not
have had to kill her to save Liz. Oh, by the way I told Liz about the connection between Rath and Maea."

"Alex, I'm sorry, but I had to stay in the shadows, Nicholas was still in the area. I couldn't risk him finding out Liz is Maea."

"Please show up. They need to now what we're up against. I know you didn't tell me everything. If you don't show up, I'll
hunt you down and take the info from your head and kill you. I died to protect them. I would kill you in a way that would
make you wish that the Twerp had you. Sorry, aggression overload."

"I will be there Alex. I won't fail you or Liz."

"Serena, I know how you feel about me, or rather, felt. My actions and words may not show it. I'm just majorly stressed,
ok. See you tonight."

"Bye, Alex."

Alex returned to the factory before sunrise. Not having touched a guitar in a year, he began to play "Let Me In" by Save
Ferris quite rustily. By the second verse, he had it perfect. For the next couple of hours, he practiced the songs he planned
on serenading his lover with.

He spent the next four hours exploring his fighting skills. He had noticed he had the agility and speed of an Olympic
athlete. He practiced his stealth, gymnastics, sprinting, and going through the "forms" but at full combat speed. He also
discovered he had a vertical leap that rivaled Michael Jordan's.

After his workout, he still had six and a half hours before Isabel would be here. Edgar, would Eric appear if I asked him

Yes, but only twice more.

Thanks, Edgar.

Anytime, kid. Be careful with her heart, when this is done, you have to go back. It will hurt her much less if you
don't let it get too personal.

Edgar, I know I'm going to hurt her. It kills me inside. I hurt her badly enough. She's my sanity, she's why I came
back. I made a promise to her. I will fulfill that promise, because I've never broken a promise to her, and I won't

I hope you know what you're doing, kid. 'Cause I sure don't.

Edgar gave Alex a lot to think about. Isabel nearly killed herself because I died. What will happen when I have to go back?
I know what they have to go through to defeat Kivar. Do I have the right to put her through hell again, because I can't get
the memory of her kiss and the way our bodies fit together while dancing out of my head. It has to be her decision.
his eyes, although not asleep, he awaited his princess.

Silently she entered the dilapidated factory. He sensed her inner light. She is here. His princess, his soul mate, his one and
only. And he has to rip both their hearts out, to spare her further pain. He steps out of the shadows into the harsh light of
day, so that she could see him.

"Isabel. over here, Love." He takes out his acoustic guitar. "Sit on the stairs, please. I have so much to tell you, but most
will have to wait till the others get here. But first, I'm going to give you a private concert."

The opening chords to "Dream On" by Aerosmith fill the air.

Every time that I look in the mirror

All these lines on my face gettin' clearer

The past is gone

It went by like dust to dawn

Isn't that the way

Everybody's got their dues in life to pay

I know what nobody knows

Where it comes and where it goes

I know it's everybody's sin

You got to lose to know how to win

Half my life is in books' written pages

Live and learn from fools and from sages

You know it's true

All the things come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the years

Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears

Sing with me, if it's just for today

Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

Dream On, Dream On

Dream yourself a dream come true

Dream On, Dream On

Dream until your dream come true

Dream On, Dream On, Dream On...

Sing with me, sing for the years

Sing for the laughter and sing for the tears

Sing with me, if it's just for today

Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

"Alex, why such a sad song?" Isabel interrupted before the next song.

"It's not sad. It's about living in the moment. You never know what's going to happen, unless you get a visitor from the future."

"How do you know about that?"

"Liz and Max spoke about it at my grave. I got a flash of it. Remember, the dream you had after ... I was in the one where
you told me you loved me. I had to try to get you to mourn and try to move on. I didn't mean to deceive you. I needed you
to be strong, for Liz and Maria. I'm glad Kyle was there for you. I loved some of those pranks the two of you played on
Max, they were worthy of me. We all know your brother is controlling and stubborn, but so is Liz. Now back to the
concert with something completely different."

Here we are

Born to be kings

We're the princes of the universe

Here we belong

Fighting to survive

In a world with the darkest powers

And here we are

We're the princes of the universe

Here we belong

Fighting for survival

We've come to be the rulers of your world

I am immortal

I have inside me blood of kings

I have no rival

No man can be my equal

Take me to the future of your world

Born to be kings

Princes of the universe

Fighting and free

Got your world in my hand

I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand

We were born to be princes of the universe

No man could understand

My power is in my own hand.





People talk about you

People say you've had your day

I'm a man that will go far

Fly the moon and reach for the stars

With my sword and head held high

Got to pass the test first time - yeah

I know that people talk about me I hear it every day

But I can prove you wrong cos I'm right first time




Watch this man fly

Bring on the girls

Here we are

Born to be kings

We're the princes of the universe

Here we belong

Born to be kings

Princes of the universe

Fighting and free

Got the world in my hands

I'm here for your love

And I'll make my stand

We were born to be princes of the universe

"That sure was different, Alex."

"Sorry, major Highlander fetish. At least I didn't play "Flash"."

"So you would love to see me with a sword, Alex.", Isabel quipped, a wicked gleam in her eye.

"Not what I meant, but that could be fun, but I picture you more like a Julie Bell painting."

"So you would like me in armor that looks like a bra and panties, carrying a large sword. I might do that one day, if you
looked like Conan." the gleam in her eyes intensifying.

"Open mouth; Insert foot. On a more serious note, Isabel, can you deal with losing me again? Once Kivar is dead, so am I.
I don't want to hurt you again."

"Alex, I love you. I want you. You are what I need, Alex. I can deal with it."

"Isabel, we have no future."

"Like you said, live for the moment, Alex. I want that with you."

"Isabel, I love you, My Angel." The opening notes of "Angel" by Aerosmith waft through the air seconds later.

I'm alone, yeah, I don't know if I can face the night

I'm in tears, and the cryin' that I do is for you

I want your love, let's break the walls between us

Don't make it tough, I'll put away my pride

Enough's enough, I've suffered and I've seen the light



You're my Angel, come and save me tonight

You're my Angel, come and make it alright

You're my Angel, come and save me tonight

Don't know what I'm gonna do about this feelin' inside

Yes, it's true, loneliness took me for a ride

Without your love, I'm nothing but a beggar

Without your love, a dog without a bone

What can I do, I'm sleepin' in this bed alone



You're the reason I live

You're the reason I die

You're the reason I give

When I break down and cry

Don't need no reason why

Baby, baby, baby

(Repeat Chorus)

That was quickly follow up by another song.

You're My Best Friend

Ooh you make me live

Whatever this world can give to me

It's you you're all I see

Ooo you make me live now honey

Ooo you make me live

Ooh you're the best friend that I ever had

I've been with you such a long time

You're my sunshine and I want you to know

That my feelings are true

I really love you

Oh you're my best friend

Ooo you make me live

Ooh I've been wandering round

But I still come back to you

In rain or shine

You've stood by me girl

I'm happy at home

You're my best friend

Ooo you make me live

Whenever this world is cruel to me

I got you to help me forgive

Ooo you make me live now honey

Ooo you make me live

You're the first one

When things turn out bad

You know I'll never be lonely

You're my only one

And I love the things

I really love the things that you do

You're my best friend

Ooo you make me live

I'm happy at home

You're my best friend

Oh you're my best friend

Ooo you make me live

You you're my best friend

Awestruck by the last song, Isabel beamed, "Alex, I love you so much!"

"I know, Sweetness. I love you too, always."

"Alex, I'm ready."

"Ready for what, Heart?"

"I'm ready to ..."

"Isabel, are you sure?"

"Alex, I've always wanted my first time to be with someone special. You are the only one I want to share this with."

"Isabel, I'm not sure I can."

"We'll see." With that, she grabbed his face with both hands and began kissing him with wanton abandon. Alex's reaction
was quite swift.

Gasping for air, he quipped, "I guess I can."

One hour later, they held each other. "Isabel, I may need your help to change my appearance. I can't be seen by anyone
outside the group. What would you say to red hair down to the middle of my back, a goatee, a couple of tattoos, and some
freckles on my face."

"Alex, I'd love you no matter how you look. Why the Axl Rose look?"

"I created a new identity for me, if I came back as a Crow. I'm now going to be known as Alexander MacGregor, I need to
look of Scottish ancestry."

"I'll need Max and Ava's help, but I could do it."

"Sweetness, I love you."

"And I you, Husband. You are my heart, my soul, my love forever. When did I turn into, Max?"

"That's a scary thought. You can never turn into Max, but what's wrong with being a hopeless romantic. I know I am. You
are worth waiting for."

"No, Alex, you were worth waiting for. We will make the most of the time we have. I wasted too much before."

"I know, Chere. I know we will. Isabel Evans will you marry me?"

"Yes, Alex. Yes I will marry you. But how?"

"Alex MacGregor will have to have a whirlwind romance with you and propose. I'll have Max duplicate the licence and
place my real name on it. I love you more than words can express."

"You expressed your love quite well before."Isabel purred, blushing at the memory.

"So did you, Love. I wish I still had the marks to prove it. Damned healing factor." They both blush at Alex's comment.

"Alex, the others will be here in fifteen minutes.", Isabel stated, looking at her watch.

"Let's prepare for them, Love."

"Isabel, Honey, we need to find the circuit breaker for the lights. Would you mind shedding some light on the situation?",
the grin illuminating his face. A soft white glow emanated from Isabel's outstretched hand, it's partner entwined with her
lover's, reflecting the state of their souls.

Finding the circuit breaker, Alex reset power to the lights. Looking around, he let his mind drift back to the rave two and a
half years ago, the start of their bond, and how he nearly destroyed it before it began.

"Penny for your thoughts."

"You would need an entire bank branch, Sweetness. Just thinking about the last time the two of us were here together. I
should have let you explain. I misjudged you."

"Alex, you didn't have all the facts. It was a logical conclusion. I misjudged you, too. Michael and I are so much alike. He
kept pushing Maria away, kept hurting her, because he knew that being who he was was going to hurt her. He was trying
to be cruel to be kind. I did the same to you. I wouldn't have, had I known I'd have lost you, almost forever.", Isabel broke
down, sobbing.

"Isabel, you will never lose me. Even if I'm not here physically, I will live on in here ...",kissing her forehead, "... and here.",
placing his hand over heart. "Never forget that, Sweetness. Even in death, I carried you with me. It's what kept me sane
this past year. When I go back, I will wait for you. Promise me, you won't follow me until you've led a long, full life."

"I promise.", she replied reluctantly, knowing it would hurt him and everyone else if she ended it all, but also knowing life
without Alex isn't life at all.

Slowly, the others filed in. Max and Liz led the way, their movements in such synch that they seemed to be a single entity,
MaxandLiz. Michael and Maria were next, almost as in synch as their best friends. Kyle and Ava were next. Ava had
defiantly changed. Gone were the pink hair, tattoos, and piercings she had worn a year and a half earlier. She now had
flowing blonde hair, and a contented smile on her face.

Next to enter were Jim Valenti and Amy DeLuca, followed by Sean, Brody, and Laurie Dupree, who held onto Brody's
arm. Lastly were a man and woman he couldn't recognize. He wore a black Armani suit, long brown hair tied back. He had
an almost regal air about him. The woman, she was about four or five years older than him, no more than 22. Her long
brown hair was done up in an ornate coif. She had these intense blue eyes.

Her eyes look like mine. I have a feeling I know her. Looking closer, realization hits Alex. It can't be! I must be mistaken.
But what if it is, Alex? What if it is her?

Serena's entrance at that moment pulled him out of his dilemma. She wore a form fitting tank top and low cut jeans. Long,
red tresses ended about mid back. She attracted the others' attention, while he and Isabel remained out of sight on the
catwalk in the back.

"Who are you?" growled an angry Michael, raising his arm into attack position.

"My name is Serena."

"Michael, she's a friend!" Liz screamed. At that, Michael lowered his arm.

"Why did you call us here then?" Michael spat at the redhead.

"She didn't. I did, Michael", Alex stated, walking down from the catwalk with Isabel next to him. Michael prepare to attack
again. Liz couldn't stop him this time; Max had put up his shield around her. Isabel instinctively spun herself in front of
Alex. Alex, knowing what she was doing continued the spin so that he could absorb the blast. He managed to take 3/4 of
the blast, due to the dance of survival he performed. They hit the stairs hard. There was a loud crack.

Alex knew Isabel's back broke on contact with the stairs. He ignored his own pain and tried to heal her. He was able to
heal most of her injuries but couldn't heal her back. "Max, Isabel's back is broken. I healed all her injuries except for that.
I'm too hurt myself to heal her fully." Alex cried out at his friend, his future brother-in-law, who was already running
towards them.

"Max, I can't feel my legs. Help me. Trust Alex. I love him."

Max grabbed her hand and made a connection. He saw from Isabel's memories that it was indeed Alex who stood next to
him. He also had seen what had occurred earlier that afternoon. "Treat my sister well, Alex MacGregor.", a grin crossing
Max's face, followed by punch to Alex's stomach. "That was for sleeping with my sister. I'm glad it was you. Anyone else
would need intensive care."

"You know I would never intentionally hurt Isabel. You have nothing to worry about."

"I just needed to hear you say it, Alex. Welcome to the world my future brother-in-law."

"Max, who are the guy in the Armani suit and the brunette with him?"

"That's Larek and his wife, Siah. They arrived here three months ago."

Is Siah a Shape shifter?"

"No, she's human. Larek found her as a child. She had amnesia. Why are you asking?"

"She's my sister, Maggie,", whispered Alex, before he turned his attention back to his fiancee's well-being.

"Isabel, Honey, are you up to the meeting? I can call it off."

"No, Alex. This is important."

"You're just as important. No, you're more important. We have a year until Kivar gets to Earth."

"No, I'm O.K. We'll start in ten minutes. Are you O.K.? You took most of the blast."

"When I helped Max heal you, I lost my ability to self-heal for a few hours. I'll be O.K. I'm just sore, Honey."

"You sure? I could heal you."

"No, Sweetness. You're still weak. Neither Max nor I could heal you alone. We nearly lost you. Max's punch was worth
having you able to walk again, Lover. Don't try to protect me again by trying to sacrifice yourself. I know it's instinct, but I
can't lose you. If I hadn't taking most of Michael's blast, I would have. I don't blame him. He went to my funeral, what else
could he have believed? I think we better get to the others." With that, Alex scooped his lover into his arms. Isabel
wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled there, lost in the unique scent that was Alex, and the love radiating off him.
They started to walk towards Michael, who was being comforted by Maria.

"Michael, Maria, it's good to see you two again. Congratulations on the engagement. You two really make each other happy.

"Michael, I don't blame you for what just happened. It was a judgement call. I would have done the same thing. Don't
blame yourself. Isabel's O.K. Max and I healed her."

"Michael, look at me. I don't blame you, either. Alex asked for the purpose of the meeting to be a secret. The only ones
who knew the truth were Liz, Serena and me. Alex is blaming himself for me getting hurt. I can't have my almost brother
and my fiancé consumed with guilt over an accident. No one is to blame. Understood?"

"Isabel, did you just say fiance?", asked Michael and Maria simultaneously.

"You heard right, Michael. You're not the only ones getting married."

"Alex, why are you carrying Isabel?"

"She's a little weak. She could probably walk, but she seems to enjoy it in my arms..."

"Damn straight!", Isabel murmured into Alex's neck.

"Besides, after nearly losing her, I want her as close to me as possible."

"I understand that completely, Alex. I would be lost without Maria. By the way, why did Max punch you?"

"Think Amy DeLuca armed with a rolled-up newspaper, but we actually ..."

"T.M.I., Alex", replied Michael.

"Maria, I see we have to develop a Michael Filter. You are defiantly rubbing off on him."

"Michael, I know you yearn for family. You have a sister. She and I are like siblings, and it isn't Maria."

"Liz is my sister!"

"Yes, I knew it before I died. I couldn't say anything at the time. Serena told me while we translated the Book. She was
supposed to help you overtly, but the Twerp, Rath and Lonnie are still in the area. I have to neutralize them soon. You
know what I mean by that."

"Yeah, I do. Are you strong enough, Alex? I remember you hurt your hand clocking me during the Courtney mess."

"Michael, I took 3/4 of one of your blasts and am barely hurt at all. Those things, pack a lot of kick. That alone should
make me tough enough, but I can probably kick the shit out of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Sammo Hung, and Chow Yun Fat at
the same time. One of the perks of being a Crow is instantly becoming a living weapon. I'm a master at Taekwondo, Wu
Shu, Jeet Kune Do, and Jujitsu. I have to kill Kivar. Since he won't reach Earth for a year, I'll teach you all. Do you think
Brody and Laurie could front me the money to turn this place into a dojo."

"Probably, they've already donated to the cause."

"Let's ask later. Michael, go hug your sister. She knows. I told her last night. Isabel, Sweetness, I'm going to put you
down. Would you please introduce me to Larek and Siah?"


"Outside of Laurie, they are the only ones in the group I don't know." Alex gently set Isabel down on her feet, but held
onto her waist, partly as a sign of affection, partly to make sure she didn't fall. They slowly approached Larek and Siah.

"Larek, Siah, this is Alex Whitman, my intended." Alex bowed, facing Larek, while Isabel Curtsied, facing the alien king.
They rose and turned towards Siah, repeating the protocol.

Larek, impressed by the young man's knowledge of protocol, spoke clearly and concisely,"You cannot be the Alex
Whitman the entire Royal family of Antar, especially Vilandra, I mean Isabel, mourns for. You are very much alive."

"Your Highness, I am the same Alex. I am very much dead. I'm what's called a Crow, an avenging spirit. I'm on Earth until
I kill Kivar, then I must go back to the afterlife. I don't want to sound to forward, Your Majesty, but how did you meet
your wife. I mean no disrespect."

"No disrespect taken, Mr. Whitman. In the Earth year 1993, I found her beaten and left for dead on a road near the city of
Detroit. I nursed her back to health. She had no identification. She had been violated, and had no memory of her past. I
took her as a ward and eventually fell in love with her. Why do you ask?"

"I had a sister. She disappeared in June of 1993. Siah could be her. They look a lot alike, King Larek. I can get impressions
from people and objects, like the Royal Five. If you would allow me, I might be able to find out for sure by seeing your
memories of Siah. I will show some of my memories of my sister, Maggie, as a sign of good faith. I need to know if I'm
your brother-in-law."

"If this will ease your mind, Mr. Whitman, I agree." Alex grasped Larek's hand and memories of Siah rocked his body as he
gave Larek some of his memories of Maggie. He released Larek's hand and screamed, "Don't touch me!", after seeing the
barely alive form of Siah, knowing that Siah is Maggie.

"Thank you for loving my sister and taking care of her, King Larek."

"We are family, Alex. Call me Larek."

"Thank you, Larek." He extended his arm in friendship. Larek returned the offer. "Siah, Maggie, I've missed you so
much.", he sobbed, hugging the slightly confused woman tightly.

"Siah, Maggie, if you want, I could let you see some of my memories of you. It might help you remember."

"Alex, Maggie Whitman is dead to this world, she disappeared nearly nine years ago. I accept that I'm her, but I'm Siah
now. But you are still my brother. If I remember it's just going to be too painful, since I can't tell our parents. Just like you
can't tell them about you."

Siah, I understand. I really hated leaving mom and dad alone. You're right, I can't tell them. Too many people's secrets
would have to be revealed. I'd better start the meeting."

"Michael, whatever happens, I need you to stand down. Eric, I need your help explaining the past." Eric Draven
materialized next to Alex for all to see. "You are wondering why I called you all here today?" Eric chuckled, remembering
when he said those same words to an entire room of armed thugs, eventually massacring them all, using handguns, knives,
and a katana.

"I lived in Detroit until the middle of fourth grade; My parents, my sister, Maggie,..." looking at Siah when he said
this,"and me. Eric Draven, the spirit standing next to me, was a neighbor of ours. He lived with his fiancee, Shelly Webster.
Maggie had a friend named Sarah, who Shelly and Eric looked after, since her mom was a drug addict. Maggie disappeared
in June of 1993. I never saw her again until tonight. Siah is my sister. Eric and Shelly were murdered October 30, 1993.
Eric was stabbed and shot five times in the chest, and thrown out the window of their loft."

Eric picked up the story, "Shelly was savagely raped and beaten by four men, partly while I was forced to watch. Shelly
died from her injuries thirty hours after being taken away in an ambulance. We were murdered the night before our wedding."

"Who gets married on Halloween?" asked Michael.

"No one. May I please continue. One year later, I rose from my grave, with no memory of who I was. The more contact I
had with my past the more I remembered. I came back for vengeance. I eventually met up with Alex and Sarah. That's how
Alex knew what Crows are, even before he became one. I was Alex's first guitar teacher.

"I killed the criminals responsible for murdering Shelly and me. I killed them quite viciously. One I stabbed one in every
major organ with his own knives. Another I release five syringes of morphine directly into his heart and carved the image of
a crow into his chest. The third, the leader, or so I thought, I blew up, fusing his body to his suped-up Thunderbird. The
forth, a speed freak with few brain cells left, I threw out of a fourth story window, landing on a cop car. I did that after
killing much of Detroit's underworld to get to him. I was ready to go back to the Land of the Dead to be with Shelly, but
Sarah was kidnaped and taken to an abandoned church in the cemetery where Shelly and I were buried next to each other. I
faced Grange, a professional hit-man, Top Dollar, a major crime boss and his half-sister, Myca. I was able to save Sarah
with the help of a cop named Albrecht, who kept an eye on Sarah after Shelly and I were murdered. I went to my grave
and was reunited with Shelly. Shelly was my soulmate. Isabel, Alex told me shortly after he came back that you are to him
what Shelly is to me. After seeing the two of you together I can see it."

"Crows have increased strength, speed, and agility. We have instinctive knowledge of multiple martial arts and gymnastics.
We are essentially invulnerable, unless we stray from our path of vengeance and work for the living, like when I healed
Isabel earlier. I lost my ability to heal my self, like Wolverine. It should come back in a few hours.", Alex explained to the gathering.

"Alex, They are going to reward you since your vengeance affects the fate of six worlds. You get your life back when it's
over. You never died, but all you did as a Crow will remain.", Eric told him. Isabel hugged Eric and thanked him. Alex
kissed Isabel on the forehead before thank his mentor for the news. Eric smiled at the two lovebirds, suddenly wanting to
be with Shelly.

Alex, seeing that Eric was missing Shelly said, "Eric, go home. Shelly probably misses you. I can see that you miss her. I'll
answer any questions they have." Eric faded before the astonished crowd.

"Laurie, Brody, could you loan me the money to turn this place into a dojo? I want to train you all to defend yourselves in
hand-to-hand combat, while Serena helps those with powers develop them. I will pay the two of you back."

"Michael, what do you think?" Laurie asked her "brother".

"Laurie, Alex is someone I trust with my life. He is one of the bravest and most noble people I've ever met. He's saved my
life on more than one occasion. I think all of us learning self-defense is a great idea."

"O.K., we'll lend you the money," Laurie told Alex.

"Serena, tell the others your story, please.", Alex told the petite redhead.

"I'm Liz's chief bodyguard and her best friend on Antar. We had another close friend, Ava, Liz's other bodyguard," looking
at Ava and smiling. "I had two brother's Niahl and Kyahn. Niahl was know to you as Nasedo. Kyahn was Ava's fiance."

"I was not there the day the Queen and Ava were mortally wounded by Kivar. Niahl, Kyahn and I were attending our
mother's funeral. That day was supposed to be the happiest day of my brother and best friend's lives, their wedding day.
The wedding was postponed for a year for grieving purposes. After the funeral, We came back to find out that Ava was
dead and Maea was dying. I was chosen to house my best friend's consciousness until a cloned body could be created. Our
people are telepathic.

"Then the rest of you died; King Zan, Princess Vilandra, and Lord Rath, the Queen's twin brother. The Queen Mother,
Celena, had her children, Lord Rath, and Ava each cloned as human hybrids twice. Ava was sent as a decoy. I was to place
Maea's conscious in a completely human body.

"Niahl, Kyahn, and I were sent to protect them. Niahl, not being the brightest, was kept in the dark about most of the plan.
He believed Ava was Maea. Kyahn and I knew everything. The ship crashed. The pilot died on impact. Kyahn was mortally
wounded. He transferred his consciousness to me, asking me to find a way he could be with his beloved again.

"Niahl hid you four. Yes, Ava, you were supposed to be here not with the defectives. Tess was the defective one.

"Over the years, I learned many things about humans. I met a woman name Claudia Parker, an archeologist, who
specialized in the Anasazi and Navaho. I eventually told her about who I was. Nineteen years ago, she told me her son and
daughter-in-law were trying to have a child, but were not conceiving. I took the form of a fertility expert and your mother
had you using in vitro. I had a vessel for Maea's consciousness. I delivered you, Liz and transferred my best friend's soul to you."

"I'm just a fucking vessel for a dead alien queen. I'm not a person, I'm just a tool."

"No, Liz. The person you are is a combination of Maea and the person you would have been without Maea's soul. The two
souls in your body combined.

"Kyle, you hold Kyahn's soul, like Liz holds Maea's. I transferred Kyahn's soul to you, because if I didn't, you would have
been a newborn fatality statistic. You were very week, when you born, when you were born, your umbilical cord started to
wrap around your neck. You were barely alive. You were stabilized. I transferred Kyahn's soul to you to heal you with
healing stones once I could be alone with you."

"So, in a way, I'm your brother, Serena. Twice aliens have brought me back from the brink of death."

"Thank you for saving my son before he had a chance to live, Serena."

"You're welcome Sheriff. Yes, Kyle, in a way that's true.

"I've helped you all from time to time." Serena morphed into Hank Guerin. Michael cringed in fear. "Michael, he will never
hurt you or anyone else ever again. I killed him the night you used your powers to scare him. He was a threat to you all.
Sheriff, I was the one who signed Michael's emancipation papers." Hank became Deputy Blackwood. Serena swallowed a
couple of breath mints changing into a face familiar to both Max and Liz, the rancher who found them after they found the
orb. The rancher became Dr. Margolin, Kathleen Topolsky's psychiatrist. Lastly she morphed into Leanna and back to the
way she was before.

Alex and Isabel walked over to Kyle and Ava. "Kyle, thank you for being Izzy's friend. I owe you. I wish Tess hadn't
turned out the way she did. I know killing her was tough on you. I had flashes of you talking about it at my grave. I know
you loved her. I have to kill Lonnie and Rath. I have to kill murderers what wear the faces of a friend and my soulmate."

"Alex do what you have to. Up until today, I thought they were my family. I then became a part of this family, and find out
today, I was always meant to be here. Lonnie and Rath would kill me in a second. I love them, but they need to pay for
their crimes. Remember they may look like Michael and Isabel, but they aren't. They don't have the strength of character,"
replied Ava, easing Alex's mind.

"Thank you, Ava. Are you sad you aren't queen?"

"Alex, I'm not. Somehow I knew Zan wasn't the one, but I loved him. Then I met Kyle and understood Liz better."

"So are you two living together?"

"Do you think I would be allowed to if we were together. I room with Michael. Staind and Metallica don't bother me, but
I'm totally into Nelly Furtado and The Donnas. Hell, Michael likes The Donnas and L7."

"Michael listening to girl groups, even if they are punk. Now that's funny, but they and Nelly are cool.

"Kyle are you O.K. with what Serena told you about who you are?"

"Alex, I'm a little shocked, but I have Ava regardless."

Alex gesture for the group to gather again. "Everyone, we'll meet again tomorrow. Spend time with your loved ones. We
have a tough year ahead of us. I want to spend more time with my fiancee," hugging Isabel tightly.

"Serena, do you want to hang out?", asked Sean, looking the shape shifter over.

"Sean, why not. You try anything, I hurt you. Remember that."

"Understood, I'm just tired of being lonely," Sean replied, looking at Liz.

Serena, noticing Sean's look at Liz, decided it was time for a confession of sorts. "I know how you feel. I have fallen in
love twice with people whose hearts belong to others," looking at Michael, then Alex.

They all file out leaving Alex, Isabel, Larek and Siah. "Larek, Siah why aren't you two leaving?" Alex asked his sister and
her husband.

"Alex, we want to give the two of you your wedding present early. Alex, please kneel," Siah asked her brother.

"Alex, you are now a Duke on the planet Zontar, my home. I dead to you the equivalent of 1,000,000 acres of my own
land and a castle on that land. It is only fair. That way Celena or anyone else cannot disapprove of your marriage. You are
a nobleman on one of the five planets."

"Thank you both. I'm honored. I don't know what else to say."

"Thank you, but I have to believe my mother isn't as judgmental."

"Isabel, she isn't, but not everyone is as liberal. Good night," replied Larek.

"Alex, Larek and I will come by with holograms of your nieces and nephews. Their names are Zan, Rath, Maea, and
Alexandra. I think I subconsciously named one of my daughters after you, bro."

"I'm an uncle!" beamed Alex. With that, Larek and Siah got into their Lexus and went home.

"Alex, what do you want to do?"

"Izzy, I just want to hold you in my arms while you sleep. I can't be away from you. I need you near me all the time."

"I feel the same way, but I want you to make love to me, then you can watch me sleep. I wonder if the second time will be
better than our first."

"For us, the party's just begun, Sweetness. I love you."

"I love you to, Alex."

After another hour, Isabel fell asleep in Alex's arms, murmuring into his neck. Alex stared at her, his home, a contented
smile on his face.

I don't want to miss a thing (?)

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing,

Watch you smile while you are sleeping,

While you are far away and dreaming,

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender,

I could stay lost in this moment forever,

Where a moment spent with you is a moment I treasure,

I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep,

Cause I miss you baby, And I don't want to miss a thing,

Cause even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do,

I still miss you baby and I don't want to miss a thing

Lying close to you feeling your heart beating,

And I wondering what you are dreaming,

Wondering if it's me you are seeing,

Then I kiss your eyes and thank god we're together,

I just want to stay with you in this moment forever and forever forever

I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep,

Cause I miss you baby, And I don't want to miss a thing,

Cause even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do,

I still miss you baby and I don't want to miss a thing

And I don't want to miss one smile,

I don't want to miss one kiss,

I just want to be with you right here with you,

Just like this, I just want to hold you close,

I feel your heart so close to mine

And just stay here in this moment,

For all of the rest of time

I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep,

Cause I miss you baby, And I don't want to miss a thing,

Cause even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do,

I still miss you baby and I don't want to miss a thing

Shafts of light danced down from the skylight down onto the lovers lying under the skylight. "Honey, you've got to get up.
You've got to go to school," Alex reminded his bride to be.

Do I have to?", Isabel pouted like a small child. Alex was amused by the fact that his Angel didn't want to leave him.

"Yes, Love, you do. You graduate in four weeks. I would love nothing more than to make love to you all day, but you've
got school and Larek and my sister will be here today. I think we have a little time. I love you, Sweetness." Alex slowly
nibbled on Isabel's neck, eliciting an almost purring sound from her.

"Alex, I love you. I think I have since I first dream walked you," Isabel moaned from Alex's ministrations, "I'm sure Max
can cover for me at school."

"Izzy, Honey, we have forever to make love all night, sleep and wake up to do it again. I want nothing more than that. I
want to have children with you. Little girls with their mother's caring heart, love, and eyes. Sons with our courage and our
talents. You will make a fantastic mom for our children. You have so much love in you, you glow with a blinding, white light."

"We're not even sure if we can have kids. I want that too, but we're so different."

"Izzy, I believe we can. It's near the end of the Book. We probably can't until Kivar is dead, and I get my life back. If not,
we can adopt. We can adopt anyway, like your parents did for you and Max."

"Planning our future already, Alex, I like it."

"Where were we before we got to planning our family. Oh yeah, I was doing this.", returning his lips to Isabel's throat,
feeling the vibrations from her moans. Minutes later giggles, moans, then a screamed "Alex!", followed by a "Forever,
Sweetness," reverberated through the factory.

After finally convincing his Princess and himself that she had to go to school, Larek and Siah arrived with two bodyguards.
These guys looked like contestants out of a tough man competition.

Maybe I can get one of them to spar with me if I hold back and promise to heal him. mused Alex.

"No one but the Royals are to disturb us," Larek ordered the guards.

"Yes, Your Majesty. Permission to speak freely, Your Majesty."


"Why does this peasant not bow to you, Your Majesty?"

"He is the Queen's brother and a member of Our court, and will be treated as such."

"Larek, I want to spar with a live opponent. I will heal him when I'm done."

"Alex, is that wise?" asked Siah.

"Larek, do they carry handguns."

"Yes, Alex. Why?"

"I want one of them to shoot me in the hand at point blank range."

"Van, when he says to discharge your weapon, do so."

"Yes, King Larek."

Alex approached the bodyguard who responded. Van drew his 9mm Glock, Alex placing his hand palm forward inches
from the barrel. "Now!" The bullet tore through his hand and impacted the wall 100 feet down. Alex howled in pain and
brought his hand up to show all present the gaping hole in his hand. Slowly, the bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments, and flesh
knit themselves together, leaving his hand as if it hadn't been shot.

"What are you!", Van squeaked, making the mountain of muscle sound like a frightened child.

"I'm a dead man with a job to do. I'm going to kill Kivar. Van we will spar later. I will hold back."

Van's fear tripled with Alex's words. To reassure the man, Alex added,"I will heal you after we're done. Larek, Siah, let's
go in the back. I want to see what my nieces and nephews look like." Larek and Siah followed him into one of the offices
on the second floor.

Larek activated this device that looked like a digital camera which project an image of two little boys. The boys had Larek's
looks, but Siah's eyes. They were identical twins. Zan is on the left and Rath is on the right. They're four Earth years old."

"They are the image of the two of you."

"Thanks, bro.", replied Siah.

"Here are Maea and Alexandra. Maea is wearing the white dress Lexie, that's her nickname, is in the blue dress."

"Sis, they are adorable. They look just like you."

"Thanks, Alex."

"How are things up there?" Alex asked pointing up, the universal sign for the Royal Five's home system.

"Sixty-five Earth years of constant warfare.", replied Larek.

"I have to end it. Once Kivar is gone, maybe a lasting peace can be worked out."

"It won't be easy, Alex. There is too much hatred and distrust. It's like what's happening here on Earth with the Catholics
and Protestants in Northern Ireland and The Palestinians and the Israelis in the Middle East multiplied by a factor of one
hundred," responded Larek.

"Peace never is, Larek. You know it."

"That I do, Alex."

"I want to meet my nieces and nephews when it's over."

"That can be arranged, little brother," replied Siah. The trio walked down to the factory floor.

"Are you guys ready for the show? Van, you get five attacks, which I can only block or evade. After that I can fight back."

"Agreed," Van replied, feeling more confident he could give a good show. With that, Van closed on Alex. Alex stood
firm. Van threw a haymaker at Alex's head, which Alex dodged easily.

"That's one."

Van shot a straight kick to Alex's ribs. Alex knocked it away as if it were an insect annoying him. "Two." Van shot a
roundhouse to his head. Alex bent back quickly into a handspring, landing ready to face Van's next attack, which was a
head butt. Alex slid his right hand up to take the impact. Van then lifted Alex up into position for a pile driver. Before he
contacted the ground, Alex used his arms to cushion the impact, tucking his head into his chest and thrusting up and hit
Van under the chin with his heels. Van's head snapped back and Alex was released. Alex turned his handstand into a
handspring. Alex, once on his feet, took a strange stance, and had a glazed look to his eyes. Van had recovered and was
closing again.

At this point the others entered. Alex got distracted and got hit by a roundhouse that knocked him backwards, Alex turned
his fall into a backwards roll. When Van came to him, Alex turned to the side, planted his right hand on the ground and
shot both feet into Van's chest. A sickening crack was heard. Alex spun and caught Van with a sweep causing the bigger
man to fall backward. Alex sprung to his feet, sat on Van's chest, then backed away to help him up. Gasps and applause
erupted from all present.

"This was a demonstration of what I could teach you." With that Alex healed Van's broken ribs and collapsed lung.

"I missed you, Izzy," Alex stated, walking towards his lifemate.

"I missed you too, Alex. It's only been eight hours, but it felt like a month."

"Soon, Love, we can go public. Let's get to changing me into Alex MacGregor."

"Max, Ava we need your help. Alex wants to have red hair down to mid-back, a goatee, and freckles. I'll take care of his
body art in private."

Ava lengthened his hair and turned it auburn. Max gave him a matching goatee down to his clavicle and added freckles to
his face, chest and back.

"Thank you," Alex replied, impressed with his make over.

Alex took Isabel's hand and led her up to one of the offices. "What do you want, and where?", asked Isabel, a mischievous
gleam in her eyes.

"You, me, no clothes, candles, and romantic music, under the stars",Alex replied, an equally mischievous glint in his eyes,
as he looked her up and down, knowing now isn't the time. "But as for tattoos, I want a gold ankh running the length of
my left forearm..." Isabel waved her hand over his skin giving it the desired design. "... a crow on my right bicep ...", she
placed a beautiful rendering of a crow in flight on his arm. "...and a double heart with your name on it over my own, to
show where you will always be." Isabel, brought to tears by his words, gave him his final marking, after removing his shirt.

Isabel pulled off her crimson blouse and removed her black lace bra.

"Izzy, Sweetness, we can have fun later. We have all our friends downstairs."

"No, Alex, I want to show you my new tattoo." She waved her hand over her left breast. When Alex could see her breast
again, there was a double heart with his name on it over her own. She found seven paper clips in a dispenser on the desk.
She turned two of the clips into hoops. One, she placed in her hand and placed it to his navel. When she removed her
hand, he had a navel ring. She repeated the process on herself.

"Sweetness, the navel rings are cool, but let's not pierce anything else. I love you the way you are."

"I know, Alex, but if you have to change so much, I want to, too." She then changed two more into hoops and pierced his
right eyebrow, as well as her own. She then changed the last three clips into two tongue bars. She holds her tongue with
one hand and painlessly pierced her tongue with her other hand. She then put the other bar on her tongue and pulled him
into a searing kiss, piercing is tongue with her own.

"Sweetness, no more piercings, please. I fell in love with you. It almost seems like your trying to look like Lonnie."

"Alex, you look so sexy. You always do. I want you to think of me as sexy."

"Isabel, Love, you'd be sexy in a burlap sack. If the tattoo and piercings make you happy, keep them. Don't do them for me."

"Alex, you should know by now that I don't do anything I don't want to."

"I know, Lover. I love that you're so independent, yet vulnerable. Your looks are not what I fell in love with; it was the
person you showed around Max and Michael. I saw that you could be such a loving person. I always wondered why you
seemed to be two different people. I was attracted to the Ice Princess. What guy wasn't, but I was in love with Isabel, the
real one. I thank God every day for you. Every minute I spend with you is a miracle to me. I'm blessed that you love me."

"No, Alex, I'm the one who's blessed by you loving me. You were the first guy who cared about who I was on the inside,
not my breast size or looks."

"We are both blessed by having each other." They embraced for a kiss while they traced each other's double heart tattoo.
The door suddenly opened, revealing an extremely incensed Max Evans.

Alex, Isabel, could you please do that in private!" ,screamed Max, after closing the door.

"Max, since when is it alright for you and Liz, but not for me and my husband-to-be. By the way, we were in private. You
walked in without knocking, little brother."

"Alex, you hurt her, and I'll hurt you."

"You hurt Liz, I'll do the same. You know that little exhibition I had before, I was holding back to about 25% of my
abilities. I could kill you within a minute. When do you plan on marrying Liz? I know you two are sleeping together. I
proposed after Isabel and I gave ourselves to each other. I would have proposed before we did anything. I wanted to
since I first saw her again two days ago. I've loved your sister almost as long as you've loved Liz. Max, if I didn't get the
deal, I would only have a year. You've been with Liz for two lifetimes. I had a chance to only have one year with my
soulmate. I consider you a friend, hell, we've saved each other's lives. Just stay out of my relationship with your sister, and
we'll stay that way. I held my tongue all those times you hurt Liz, . The only reason I didn't drop you like I did Michael is
because I knew you did it for her safety!" Alex was seething.

"Max, get out. If you tell anyone about what happened here, you'll have nightmares for a month." Max slammed the door
and walked down to the factory floor.

"Alex, Honey, calm down," Isabel murmured, rubbing his spine gently.

"I'm sorry, Sweetness. I'm getting angry extremely easily. I was almost at the point of attacking him. I'm afraid of my
temper. It could get you killed," Alex sobbed into her tattoo.

"Alex, we can get through this together. I believe in you. The others do, too. Max just has a sequoia up his ass."

"Sweetness, that was quite, funny and quite true. He forgot that you can take care of yourself. I think his words were
from the shock and embarrassment of seeing his sister and her boyfriend kissing, touching each other's chests, half-naked.
I'm furious at him, but I understand. Next time melt the lock, Lover." After a few kisses, the bars in their tongues adding
to the pleasure, they dressed each other and climbed down to the others.

Maria giggled and Liz blushed when they approached. The others just stood in shock. Max will so have nightmares! Isabel
thought. Liz pointed to Isabel's blouse. Looking down, Isabel realized it was on backward. Looking at Alex, she realized
she put his shirt on backward, too.

"Fuck it!", she replied, kissing Alex hard, their tongue bars clanking together.

Alex broke the kiss reluctantly when he saw a house along 285 on the way to Hondo. Rath was sitting on a bed. There
were Asian and Spanish swords all along one wall of the bedroom. Outside were two motorcycles: a BMW cruising bike
and a Harley-Davidson Heritage Softtail Classic. He knew he had seen through Edgar's eyes.

You ready, Kid.

I'll be there soon, Edgar.

"Michael, Maria, I know where Rath is. Drive me there, but stay outside. at the first sign of Lonnie or Nicholas, escape.
Maria, take the Jetta. Michael, take Rath's BMW motorcycle. The Harley Softtail is mine."

The fifteen minute drive was uneventful. Maria cut the engine and the lights and coasted to the house.

Alex climbed through the window. Rath sprung up from the bed.

"Who the fuck are you, dog?"

"I'm the last thing you will ever see, Rath. Death has come for you. You killed me a year ago, made it look like a traffic
accident. Murderer!"

"You want to know about murder. It's quick and it's easy. A sword flew from the wall towards Alex. Dodging right, the
sword embedded itself in the wall. Two more swords took flight. Alex dodged one, but the other embedded itself in his
chest about three inches from his heart, about three inches deep. Alex grabbed the blade and worked the sword out of his chest.

Rath watched the hole in Alex's chest close. A puddle formed at Rath's feet. He recovered and was about to blast Alex
when Alex brought the sword he removed from his chest, a katana with an ivory hilt, carved into the mouth of an Asian
dragon, down at Rath's shoulder, disarming him. Alex spun and repeated the process.

"Rath, now that you've been disarmed, I have to tell you something. You know Liz Parker."

"The King's human bitch. I'd do her in a minute."

"She is human, yes. But she is the true Queen. Ava's a decoy."

"So what if she's the Queen, I'd still fuck her."

"She is your twin sister. Would you still fuck her, Rath! Would you fuck your sister!"

"No!", Rath screamed, a shocked look on his face.

"There can be only one, Rath." With that, Alex swung the katana at Rath's neck. Rath's head rolled to the night stand, the
horror still on his face.

Alex decided to have a little fun. After fifteen minutes to set up the game and take the swords he wanted, a leather trench
coat, and the keys to the bikes, Alex picked up Rath's cell and dialed speed dial 1, which had to be Lonnie.

"Rath, what do you want?"

"I'm not Rath, Lonnie."

"Opie?", the fear rising in her voice.

"Yeah, the name's Alex by the way. Rath can't come to the phone right now due to a slight case of death. You're next. I
have a little game for you, Lonnie. It's called find the corpse. Rath's corpse is hidden around the house. You have to find
all five pieces of him."

"You sick bastard!"

"No, bitch! You're the sick one! You murdered your own brother, tried to murder Max, murdered me!"

"How are you alive? We watched you die."

"You did watch me die. Tell Nicky Boy that I'm coming for him, too. Don't try to find me. I suggest you find Rath before
an odor starts. Bye, Lonnie." Alex hung up.

Alex took the bag of swords and the keys. He put the leather coat on. Alex placed the swords on the rear floor of the
Jetta. "Maria, drive carefully, you are transporting valuable swords." Maria drove back to the factory. "Michael, here."
Alex tossed him a BMW key ring with the key to Michael's new bike. Alex straddled his own bike, leather trench coat
flapping in the wind, as he rode into the night.

End Book I

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Love Springs Eternal Bridge I

Author: Bill a.k.a. Darth Maul 214

Category: Crossover with The Crow. A/I M/L M/M K/Ava Serena/? Jim/Amy Brody/Laurie Larek/Siah Sean/?

Rating: R(violence, language)

Disclaimers: Roswell belongs to Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. The Crow universe belongs to James O'Barr. No
infringement intended.

Summary: Alex had his own secrets before he moved to Roswell.

Authors Note: Bold italics denote telepathic communication. Italics are thoughts. The italicized quotes are voice-overs.
The beginning quote has Liz speaking the first sentence, Maria, the second and Isabel, the last. The second quote , which
will be at the end of Book III is v.o'd with Liz speaking till the comma and Maria finishing that sentence. Isabel speaks the
second sentence. These are direct quotes from the movie, Sarah's v.o's at the beginning and end of the movie. The way
things are on Alex's tombstone are from a picture of the location. All songs belong to their respective copyright holders.
Niahl is pronounced NEE ahl. Kyahn is pronounced KEE ahn. Maea is pronounced MAY ah. Van is pronounced Vahn.
Celena is pronounced Cell een ah. Siah is pronounced SEE ah.

Distribution: The Observatory and The Pod Chamber. If you want it, email me at darthmaul214⊕

Feedback: is always welcome. Send to darthmaul214⊕

After unloading the cargo and changing the license plates and VINs on the two bikes, everyone left. Alex kept Isabel at a
distance, afraid of her seeing the sadistic monster he has become.

"Alex what's wrong?"

"I killed Rath."

"Rath was evil. He murdered Zan. He tried to kill Max. He murdered you."

"Isabel, I'm a monster!"

"Alex, all of us have had to kill at one time or another. You are not a monster."

"I'm not saying it because I killed him. It's the way I killed him. I severed his arms at the shoulders and decapitated him. I
finished dismembering him and hid the parts for Lonnie to find as a game. I taunted her with it and told her she's next. I
stole from him."

"Alex, remember Eric said Crows kill viciously."

"Love, I don't know where Alex, the Crow ends and Alex, the man begins. I'm afraid I'm going to hurt you."

"Alex, I trust you. I believe in you. I will never forsake you," she reassured him, kissing him. Quickly, all boundaries
between them disappeared and they became one.

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Love Springs Eternal Book II
Author: Bill a.k.a. Darth Maul 214
Category: Crossover with The Crow. A/I M/L M/M K/Ava Serena/? Jim/Amy Brody/Laurie Larek/Siah Sean/?
Rating: R (violence, language)
Disclaimers: Roswell belongs to Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. The Crow universe belongs to James O'Barr. No infringement intended.
Summary: Alex had his own secrets before he moved to Roswell.
Authors Note: Bold italics denote telepathic communication. Italics are thoughts. The italicized quotes are voice-overs. The beginning quote has Liz speaking the first sentence, Maria, the second and Isabel, the last. The second quote, which will be at the end of Book III is v.o'd with Liz speaking till the comma and Maria finishing that sentence. Isabel speaks the second sentence. These are direct quotes from the movie, Sarah's v.o's at the beginning and end of the movie. The way things are on Alex's tombstone are from a picture of the location. All songs belong to their respective copyright holders. Niahl is pronounced NEE ahl. Kyahn is pronounced KEE ahn. Maea is pronounced MAY ah. Van is pronounced Vahn. Celena is pronounced Cell een ah. Siah is pronounced SEE ah. Eriya is pronounced ay REE ah.
Distribution: The Observatory and The Pod Chamber. If you want it, email me at darthmaul214⊕
Feedback: is always welcome. Send to darthmaul214⊕

Part 1

The next afternoon, after Isabel returned from school, Larek and Siah returned, giving him the deed of ownership to the factory in the name of Alex MacGregor and a half million dollars cash.

“We have also paid all your property taxes for the next year, Alex,” stated Larek.

“Larek, you have been more than generous.”

“Alex, you are my brother-in-law. Granted we don’t know each other well, you’re family. And family helps their own.”

“I’m not a charity case. Not to sound ungrateful.”

“Not at all. If you want, consider it an advance on the rent payments on your land for the next year.”

“Thank you Larek.”

“Alex, could we speak in private.”

“Yes, Larek, please give me a moment.”

“Siah, thank you so much.” Alex then embraced his sister.

“It’s only money, Alex. Family is what’s important.” Siah stepped back, breaking the hug. “Isabel and you seem almost primal in your attraction to each other. You must love her deeply.”

“Sis, I do. I died for her. I’d die a million times for her. To me, she’s life.” Isabel, stunned by Alex’s words, started to cry. “Izzy, Sweetness, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Alex. I’m just happy beyond words. No one has ever said those words about me. Alex, to me, you’re life, too.” The two embraced and forgot that they weren’t alone.

“Ahem!” Larek broke up the moment.

Alex and Isabel blushed and muttered,”Sorry.”

“Larek, let’s go upstairs before I forget you and my sister are here again.”

“I think that’s best. I definitely don’t want you to pull a Zan and Maea again.”

“So, they were always that bad.”

“You can change their DNA, but they are definitely the same.” The two men climbed the stairs to one of the offices.

“What’s wrong, Larek? Something must be if you left Siah downstairs.”

“Alex, I plan on changing my last wishes. On Earth, the equivalent is a will. If something happens to me, I want you to become regent of Zontar until Zan and Rath reach the age of 21 Earth years. Then the planet will be divided into three kingdoms: one to be ruled by each of the twins and the third to be yours.”

“Larek, I can’t accept.”

“That’s the reason I chose you.”


“I know you don’t crave power. I can’t trust the other nobles to be a proper regent. I know that you, as their uncle, will govern in my world’s and my sons’, best interests.”

“Larek, I need to discuss this with Isabel. And you need to discuss it with Siah. I won’t tell you our answer until you do.”

“Alex, please accept. Zan, I mean Max will rule Antar. I trust Rath, I mean Michael, but he can be reckless…”

“Larek, Michael is reckless for good reason. The man who raised him was a monster. He never had someone love him voluntarily. He considered Max and Isabel family, they had to love him. Maria changed him. He just wants to protect those he loves, Maria especially. He left her once to protect her from himself. He had just killed the FBI agent who tortured Max in defense of Max and Jim. I don’t know if they ever told you. I lost Isabel for a long time after that day. We reverted to being just friends. She had this enormous need to be normal. I gave her the time and space she needed, as much as it hurt me. She had started dating this older man, Grant Sorenson, who was possessed by the Garandium queen. We didn’t find that out until later. The Garandium nearly killed Kyle and me. I was at peace dying in this war, because loving Isabel was worth dying for. That’s why I said what I did downstairs. Larek, tell me more about Kivar.”

“He was a high ranking general in Zan’s army. He managed to secretly organize a coup de tête. The only people above Kivar were Kyahn, Rath, and Zan himself. Kivar used Vilandra to gain information Rath had. Rath was very much in love with Vilandra. Vilandra realized she loved Rath too late. Kivar had already laid siege to the palace. Celena, Eriya, the one you know as Serena, and Kyahn escaped with DNA samples of the others and fled to a safe haven to start the cloning process. That’s all I knew until 18 months ago at the summit. Kivar can be defeated by a strong leader. Max and you are those leaders. You can stand up to Max. I heard you last night. That’s why I want you to rule when something happens to me.”

“You said when something happens to you. You’re hiding something. Are you dying?”

“No, but there is a prophesy among my people. It translates as ‘Antar will die and be reborn on a far-off world. Zontar will wed one of that world. Zontar’s Queen will have a brother, who himself defied death to be with Antar’s sister. Zontar will fall in battle against Antar’s usurper. Zontar will be divided in three: one piece each to Zontar’s sons and the third to the Regent, the Queen’s brother, who will bring peace to six worlds.’”

“So, I’m to bring peace to six worlds. I’m just a kid. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Alex, you must. I need you to be strong for my family.”

“No, Brother, our family. But, I need you to tell Siah. I will still do whatever I can to keep you alive.”

The two men, brothers-in-arms as well as by marriage, descended the stairs to their lady loves. “Larek, Siah, if you want some privacy, you can go back upstairs.”

“What’s wrong, bro?” asked Siah, slightly worried.

“Siah, my Queen, I asked Alex something important …”

“Sis, I won’t give him an answer until he discussed it with you and I discussed it with Isabel.” Larek led his wife up to one of the offices. After they left, Alex touched Isabel’s face and sent the entire exchange between himself and Larek to her. “Isabel, I would never make a decision like that without discussing it with you.”

“We should do it. They’re your family, our family. I’ll miss my parents when the day comes, but I’ll never leave your side.”

“When the time comes, we can tell our parents, mine and yours. They might want to come with us.”

“I really want to Alex, but we can’t. It’s not possible.”

“Izzy, you’ll be miserable without them. I know you. Your mom and dad are important to you.”

“Not as important as you.”

“No, they’re as important. I love your parents. They deserve to see their grandchildren. Max won’t deny them that. I won’t do that to my parents either. They already have no clue that they have four grandchildren as it is. I feel horrible. My parents lost both their children. They believe they’ll never have grandchildren.”

“Alex, I really want to tell them, but it’s not our decision.”

“Honey, just because they don’t know the truth doesn’t mean they’re not in danger. They could still be used against you, against us.”

“Oh my God!” Isabel cried.

“Izzy, I won’t let anything happen to them,” Alex reassured her, hugging her to himself.

Larek and Siah walked down at that moment. “Bro, we need you. Will you do it?”, asked Siah, tears streaming down her face.

“Izzy and I agreed, but when the time comes, we offer for mom and dad to come with us. Izzy and Max’s parents, too. Sis, I’ll do everything in my power to keep him alive. If I can’t know I did all I could.”

“Thank you both. We’ll leave you two alone. Let’s go, Siah.” replied a grateful Larek.

“Bye, see you later.” replied both Isabel and Alex.

“Honey, do you want to go shopping? I want to pick up a few things. Let’s rent a U-Haul to put the stuff in. We need a TV, bed, VCR, a DVD player, computer, movies, and an engagement ring. I want to propose to you again tonight. What size bed should we get, Princess? I’ll let you pick out the bed and some of the movies. The bed is the most important thing. I want it to be a second home for you. I want to make love to you on a proper bed tonight, not the floor of an abandoned factory. I wish our first time was special.”

“Alex, my first time was special, because it was with you, the only man I’ll ever love.”

“Izzy, our first time was special, but not what I had always imagined. I imagined candles, romantic music, the bed covered in sterling rose petals, and silk sheets to remind me of the feel of your skin.”

“We can still have that, Alex.”

“You’re right, we can. Let’s go shopping.”

Part 3

After getting the truck, they went to a local furniture store. Isabel looked like the proverbial kid in a candy store. She chose a queen size canopy bed. They then went to Sears and bought pink silk sheets and curtains for the bed. They decided to hit Best Buy next. It was Alex’s turn to be the extravagant one. He bought a Sony SVHS VCR, NUON-enhanced DVD player with zoom, 27” Sony WEGA TV, 500 Watt, Home theatre system, a computer system, DSL service from Southwestern Bell, various movies on tape and DVD, including, My Father the Hero, Valentine, Prince Valiant, Get Over It, Whatever It Takes, the box set of Band of Brothers, and a box set of the first season of Buffy, a wall unit and a computer workstation.

After loading up the truck, with the help of the staff, they hit the road to go back to the factory. When they were two blocks from his parents’ house, he saw his parents let Isabel enter the house. Luckily, Isabel was driving. “Honey, we have a change of plans. Lonnie is at my house disguised as you, without the piercings. The plan is, you get my parents to the factory, then call the others, especially Ava. I need her and Kyle to cover up trash removal. Michael gets Amy, Jim, and Sean. Max gets your parents and Liz hers. They’re taking the war to us. I’ll handle Lonnie.” As they arrived, he kissed her. “For Luck.” They ran up to the door. Alex raised his hand and started a silent 3 second countdown. Isabel disengaged the lock and they went in. “Charles, Anna that is not Isabel Evans. If you want to live, go with the one that came in with me. Lonnie, you made a major tactical error going after them. You really couldn’t stand being apart from Rath. I’ll be happy to oblige.” Isabel got the Whitmans out while Lonnie was distracted. She got in the driver’s seat while Charles and Anna rushed into the passenger side. As soon as they were in she threw the truck into drive and drove to the factory.

“You’ll be safe here, Mr. and Mrs. Whitman. We’ll explain soon.” Isabel stepped a few steps away from them and pulled out her cell phone and dialed Ava’s phone. “Ava, Kyle and you are needed at the Whitmans’ house. Waste disposal problem. My long lost twin thought it would be fun to visit them. Sadly, she’ll be leaving soon. I’ll miss her, like I’ll miss Nicholas.”

Meanwhile back at the Whitman house, the battle was in full swing. Lonnie was a strong fighter. She was matching Alex move for move. “Lonnie, you’re Kung Fu is good, but mine is better. You should never have had went after my parents.” With that he landed a back hand to her face, causing Lonnie to be stunned. Recovering, she shot out a front kick to his stomach. Alex sidestepped and landed a side kick to Lonnie’s throat. While she was gasping for air, Alex slipped behind her grabbing her head with one hand, placing his arm around her neck. “Lonnie, you are the weakest link, goodbye.” In a single motion, Alex moved her neck forward and quickly twisted it to the right. A sickening crack was heard and Lonnie was only supported by Alex’s arms around her neck. He let her go and her body fell to the floor.

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"Promises Made, Promises to be Kept"

“Ava, Honey, I’m starting to remember Kyahn’s life. Especially, how much he loved you, how much I loved you. How broken he, I mean I, was over your death. You and Eyria were my foundation. I love you so much. I’m not the same person as I was there, neither are you. I’m not good at flowery language. I know I love you. I’ll never love anyone else. A lifetime ago, we were torn apart before our wedding. There’s a war coming. I want us to have the day we were cheated of. I don’t want history repeating itself. Ava Guerin, will you do me the honor of becoming Ava Valenti?” Kyle asked after kneeling in front of his girlfriend, pulling out a ring box.

“Yes, Kyahn! Yes, Kyle! I will become your wife. I always thought Zan was the one for me, but he was waiting for someone else. I think subconsciously, so was I. I was waiting for you. I’m sorry my first time wasn’t with you. I wish I had met you earlier. I still miss Zan. I’m not in love with him; I don’t think I ever was. He protected me, kept me safe. He was my friend. I hope he found some sort of peace. He may have been a little bit of a tyrant, but he did it for the good of the group. I’m sorry I started talking about Zan, Kyle. It’s not fair to you.”

“Ava, I’m not angry. Zan was a big part of your life. I would have loved to have met him. From what you told me about him, he was a great guy.” He then opened the ring box and removed the ring. Three diamonds were set across the band: one a pale pink, one was a pale blue, and the last was a deep crimson. Ava extended her hand and Kyle slipped the ring on her finger.

“Kyle, it’s beautiful. How could you afford that on a part-time job?”

“It was my mom’s,” sadness entering his voice. “When she left, the ring stayed. It was originally three clear diamonds. Yesterday, Liz and Max helped me change their colors. The pink diamond represents the pink hair you had when I first met you. The blue one is for your eyes, which I can easily get lost in. The red one represents the love I have for you.”

“Kyle, you say that you’re not a romantic, but this was so romantic. I won’t run like your mom. We’ve waited a long time to be husband and wife, and I would never leave you. You know that, right?”

“If I weren’t sure you loved me that deeply, I wouldn’t have proposed. The women in my family’s lives have a tendency to do that. My grandmother, my mom, Liz, and Tess all left. Liz and Tess were special cases. Liz and I should have stayed friends and not dated, but then I wouldn’t know who I really am. If I didn’t have to kill Tess, I’d never have met you. I know Amy will never leave my dad. I’m happy for them.”

Ava’s cell phone rang at that moment. “Hello.” There was a short pause. “Got it, Isabel. We’re on our way.”

“Ava, what’s wrong?”

“Kyle we need to get to the Whitmans’ house. Lonnie paid them a visit. Isabel said something about trash removal. She also mentioned her leaving soon and she’ll miss her, like she’ll miss Nicholas.” Realization dawned on her and Kyle.

“It looks like it’s a round of dispose of the corpse tonight. I hope that she’s in one piece. Isabel told me about what he did to Rath. Not a pretty picture.” They hopped into the Rav4 that used to be Tess’s and drove off.

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Part 4

Ten minutes after Isabel’s call, Ava and Kyle arrived at the Whitman house. They entered the house under the cover of a mindwarp, expecting to see a battle in progress. Instead, they saw Alex sobbing over a body, Lonnie’s body.

“I killed her! I killed the love of my life! I killed the only person that makes my ‘life’ worth living! I can’t die, but I don’t want to live, either!”

“Alex, that’s not Isabel. That’s Lonnie, I know she looks like your fiancée, but she killed you, remember. She would have killed your parents. You did what you had to do. Isabel’s safe. You had her get them out of here. She misses you. We’ll drop you off at the factory, so you can see her. I don’t think you can handle burying Lonnie. I know how you feel, Alex. Better than anyone else. Ava and I will take care of cleanup.”

“Kyle, Ava, am I even human anymore? Am I just a killing machine? I see a little of myself slip away everyday. I know it was Lonnie that I killed, it’s just that she looks just like her. I wish I didn’t have to do it so soon. I could have prepared myself better.”

“Alex, you are one the most human people I know. You feel anguish over killing Lonnie. She had no conscience. She felt no remorse for Killing Zan, threatening me, attempting to kill Max, killing you, and going after your parents. She was the monster. She was inhuman, not you,” Ava reassured Alex.

Alex, turning around to see his friends, noticed light reflecting off Ava’s ring finger. “Congratulations! I hope the two of you have the happily ever after you didn’t get before.” Alex took the petite girl in his arms and hugged her, kissing her cheek. “I’ll talk to Isabel later. Would you two want to be part of a multiple wedding? I would like all of us to have a single ceremony: Michael and Maria, the two of you, Max and Liz, if he ever asks her, and Isabel and me. Kyle, let’s take out the trash. Ava go to the car and give us some cover.”

Fifteen minutes later, the Rav4 arrived at the factory, dropping Alex off. It then drove off for the deep desert to dispose of Lonnie. Alex ran into the factory, straight into Isabel’s arms. “Channi, I’ve missed you so much,” he murmured into her neck.

“Tell me of your homeworld, Usel,” Isabel replied, noticing his inside joke.

“You should know, Love, you’ve lived here for twelve years.”

“Why are you here?”

“I couldn’t handle burying her. I had a breakdown when the cleanup crew arrived.”

“What’s going on?” asked a confused Charles Whitman.

“We’ll tell you soon. We’re waiting for some others. We don’t want to tell what we have to more than once,” replied Alex, not disguising his voice.

“Alex?” asked Anna Whitman.

Fuck me!, thought Alex, knowing he fucked up.

At that moment, in the desert, a small hand thrusts out of the sand.

Part 5

“Yes, Mom. It’s me.”

“How?” asked his parents, simultaneously.

“Remember Eric Draven and Shelley Webster?”

“Sarah’s friends. He was your guitar teacher. Then they were murdered the night before their wedding. What does he have to do with this?” asked Anna Whitman.

“He rose from the dead one year after the murders, to seek both vengeance and justice. Sarah and I both saw him. Remember when half the crime bosses in Detroit were killed in a single night. That was Eric’s handiwork. I did not die in a simple traffic accident. I was murdered because of information I had. I rose a few nights ago. Dad, Mom, the stuff missing from my room, I took it here. This is my home. I only borrowed the station wagon. This was the easy part of what you need to know. The rumors are true. It was not a weather balloon in July 1947. I know survivors, one more intimately than the others,” hugging Isabel to himself and kissing her.

“What do you mean, Alex?” asked Charles.

“What Alex is saying, is I was on the ship that crashed in ’47. There were twelve passengers: four adults, and eight incubation pods, containing two sets of the reincarnated royal family of Antar. The pilot died on impact. The other three adults were friends of the Royal family, as well as being siblings. Their names are Niahl, Eriya, and Kyahn. Kyahn died shortly after the crash. He sent his soul, his lifeforce to his twin sister Eriya, so that one day he might be reunited with his soulmate, Ava, who was set up as a decoy for the real queen, Maea. Queen Maea was to be completely human, and to stay anonymous, but fate changed that on September 18, 1999. She was shot and would have died had the king, who has loved her from the moment he first saw her, not been there. He put the rest of us at risk by using his ability to heal. At first his sister and best friend, who was his right hand, resented her and her closest friend. In time, the second in command fell in love with the Queen’s best friend, as did the King’s sister with the Queen’s best male friend, your son.”

“So you’re telling me you’re not only an alien, but a princess, Isabel. Are you insane?”

“Mom, Dad. She’s telling you the truth. You can believe I rose from the dead, but you won’t believe that my fiancée isn’t entirely human. I don’t think about her being a genetically-engineered human/alien hybrid. To me, she’s just Isabel, the woman I’ve loved since fifth grade. The woman I would die for. The woman I died for. I hope you can accept the truth. If she were evil, I couldn’t love her as much I do. The woman who we saved you from was Lonnie, Isabel’s duplicate. Lonnie was one of those who murdered me. She would have killed you to send me a message. Last night, I killed her lover, Rath, who also was involved in my murder. We will explain more when Isabel and Liz’s parents get here. I need you to accept her. I have some other news. Maggie’s alive. She’s been in Roswell for three months, both her and her husband, who happens to be a full blooded alien. You have four hybrid grandchildren: Zan, Rath, Maea, and Lexie. Maggie doesn’t remember anything before the age of thirteen. She is known as Siah, Queen of Zontar. I know it is her because I shared memories with Larek, her husband. If you can’t accept this for my sake, please do it for Siah and your grandchildren.”

“Alex, Son, this is a great deal to absorb at once. We believe you both. Just give us time. Isabel, we never got to know you well. I’m sorry about me calling you insane.”

“Mr. Whitman, if I weren’t living it, I wouldn’t believe it either.”

“Call me Chuck, Isabel. We are going to be family.”

“Thank you, Chuck. Alex has been my rock through a lot of tough times, including his death.”


“Mom, Dad, I could talk to people in their dreams. I talked to all three of you that way. I’ve always kept a close eye on Isabel, for reasons we’ll explain when the others get here. Dad, would you please help me unload the truck? I’ve bought some stuff for my new place.”

“How could you have bought anything?”

“It’s good to be a Duke, Dad.”

Part 6

“Alex, why did you get a canopy bed with pink sheets and curtains? Forget it, I know who chose it. Isabel chose it, didn’t she? Have you two?”

“Yes, Dad, Isabel and I have made love, but only since I came back. I know she’s the only one I’ll ever be that intimate with. I have two more aliens to kill and I get my life back. One of them looks like a thirteen year old boy. I am essentially immortal until I kill the last alien, Kivar. Then Isabel and I can start the family we want to have. We may have to leave Earth after. I want you and Mom to come with us.”

“Alex, the two of you are so young. You are still a child.”

“Dad, my childhood ended when I blew the cover of an undercover FBI agent at the age of fifteen. That doesn’t count the numerous times I’ve faced death. I would never trade a moment of the life I’ve lived. I have lived more since I became a part of this than someone who’s lived for 60 years. You may think we’re too young to think about a family, but we’ve seen and done things people 3 times our ages would never be able to handle. I know I could handle the responsibility of a child. I’m a prophesized warrior on Larek’s world. The fate of six planets rests in my hands. I can raise a child. If Larek dies, he asked me to rule his world as regent until Zan and Rath are old enough to rule. At that point the world would be divided in three: one piece for Zan, one for Rath, and one for Isabel and me to rule. If we need help, Isabel and I will have Siah, you, mom, and her parents to turn to. When I look in her eyes, I see our children in them. I know she will make an incredible mother. Dad, it’s not like we’re destitute. I’m worth about three million dollars. I own this factory. I have about $490,000 in cash. I plan on turning the factory floor into a dojo, where I plan on being the sensei. I’m a master of various martial arts. I can provide very well for my children, when Isabel and I can have them. I’m not going to be a typical teenager father. Dad, Isabel and I will not be having children for at least 20 months. Kivar isn’t even on earth. He won’t be here for a year. Dad, my name is Alex MacGregor now. I want you and mom to be at our wedding, but you can’t let on that I’m your son to the outside world. I know that is going to be hard for you and mom. I also need you to keep Isabel’s secret.”

“I’m sorry, Alex. I had no idea what you went through, Son. You could have come to me and your mother.”

“Dad, it wasn’t my secret to tell. I had to respect Isabel, Max, and Michael’s wishes. In May 2000, an adult joined our group, Jim Valenti, who had at one time been our enemy.”

“Liz is a Queen.”

“Yes, a deposed one.”

“Max is a King”


“Who is the decoy?”

“Tess was. Ava is.”

“Could you elaborate?”

“We believed Tess was the Queen for quite a while. We only found out two days ago that she was part of Lonnie and Rath’s group. Ava, who we believed to be the duplicate, was part of the group here.”

“You mentioned Niahl, Eriya, and Kyahn. What happened to them?”

“Niahl, he was also known by the name Nasedo. It was given to him by a Navajo medicine man named River Dog, back when River Dog was a young man sometime between 1948 and 1959. Eriya is also known as Serena. She was the Queen’s best friend. Serena befriended Liz’s Grandma Claudia. Liz’s parents were having trouble having children so Serena helped them, giving her a vessel for Maea’s soul, which she had held in her mind for decades. Kyahn’s soul merged with that of young baby that nearly died shortly after his birth, Kyle James Valenti. Dad, let’s finish unloading the truck. I want to wait for the others to get here before I answer more questions.”

The girl dug herself out of here grave in the desert and obeyed the instinct to go home.

Part 7

While the truck was being unloaded, the others arrived. Max, Michael, and Sean helped finish up. After the truck was unloaded, Max pulled Alex to the side.

“Alex, what fucking right did you have to tell your parents about my origins!”

“Max, this war we’re fighting is being taken to our homes! Don’t you think our parents should know that they are in danger! If I hadn’t sensed that Lonnie was with my parents, they’d be dead, as a message to me. My mom noticed my voice, I had no choice. You are supposed to be our leader, Max. Larek believes you have the potential to be a great leader. We are going to be family, you have to trust me. If I didn’t trust my parents, I wouldn’t have told them. The love of a parent is unconditional. Trust yours, Max. Besides, it would be helpful to have two lawyers as part of the team. I am not one of you subjects, Max. I may be marrying into the Royal family of Antar, meaning I must have loyalty to you. You’re acting like an asshole, and I’m not afraid to question your decisions when they are wrong. I’ll be the first to support you if you’re right. I’m also part of the Royal family of Zontar. If you make a decision that puts Larek and Siah in more danger than necessary, I will kick your ass. You mistreat Liz or Izzy, I will kick your ass. The only reason I didn’t kick your ass last night was that I’d upset Liz and Izzy. You hurt either one of them, Max, all bets are off. Am I clear?”

“Crystal, Alex. But you still had no right to tell them.”

“Max, who’s smarter, Lonnie or Nicholas? Lonnie is devious, but she isn’t that smart. She went after my parents. Do you honestly think Nicholas wouldn’t do the same thing? If you do, I would love to have some of the massive doses of acid you’ve been dropping! I’m going to get Izzy and we’re going for a ride before I wind up hurting you. Have fun telling everyone the truth, Max. Bub-bye.” With that Alex walked into the factory and straight to Izzy. “Izzy, honey would you like to go out for a ride. If I stay here, I’m gonna give your brother a serious beating. Besides, I have this feeling that we need to be somewhere soon.”

“Ok, Alex.”

“Mom, Dad, Liz, Maria, please fill everyone in on everything. Isabel and I are going for a ride.”

“Isabel, who is that man next to you?” asked a confused Dianne Evans.

“Mom, this is my fiancé, Alex Whitman.”

“Izzy, Alex is dead. Honey, he can’t be Alex Whitman.”

“Izzy, we have to rip the band-aid off.” Knowing what he meant, she passed her hand over his face and he returned to his natural appearance. Four astonished gasps were heard. “The others will explain everything. Izzy, I need to be disguised again.” Isabel repaired his disguise. They left the silent room behind.

The girl reached the border of Puhlmann Ranch and entered Frasier Woods.

Part 8

“Izzy, Honey, put on this helmet. Let me get on first. Climb on and hold on tight. This is a powerful bike. I just want you to be safe.”

“I definitely can get used to pressing against your back with my arms around you, Alex. Isn’t there a saying amongst bikers ’Bitches in the back.’? Now that you’re a biker, do you think like that, Alex?”

“Isabel, I hate the word bitch. That is one thing you are not. You have had your cold and conceited moments, but you were only like that because you were afraid. If you want to learn how to ride, I’ll buy Michaels old bike. I would teach you on this, but it’s a little too much bike to teach on.”

“I’d love that. Let’s hit the road.” Alex raised the kick stand and started the bike up and they sped off to their destination.

They arrived at Frasier Woods and found a clearing and looked at the stars, which had been an early step in their relationship. Placing his coat on the forest floor as a blanket for Isabel to lie down on, Alex lied down next to her.

“Aren’t the stars beautiful tonight, Alex?”

“They are, but they pale in comparison to my lovely fiancée. I know I forgot to get the ring tonight. We can pick it out tomorrow. You can have whatever type of ring you want, money is no object. You only deserve the best.”

“Alex, I already have the best, you. I love you so much.”

“I’ve known for a long time, Lover. Do you feel like christening the woods or the bike tonight?”

“I have some extra energy to burn, why not both, Lover?”

“Izzy, Heart, you never cease to amaze me. What have I done to deserve you?”

“Just by being Alex is what you have done to deserve me. You are my strength, Alex. If it weren’t for you, I’d have given up long ago.”

“Izzy, you have an incredible amount of strength. It’s one of the things I admire most about you. Well, weren’t we going to do this. Not that I’m pressuring you.”

“Let’s,” she replied, getting up to get ready for what was to transpire. Alex stood there transfixed on his fiancée’s form. “Like what you see?”

“Yes, and I always will.”

“That’s good to know. It’s always good to know that your husband-to-be will always like your naked body,” a smile creeping across her face. “Aren’t you going to join me, Lover?” That was the only encouragement Alex needed. He was ready to join her within a minute. Their combined vocalizations received a boisterous response from the wildlife of Frasier Woods and also was a beacon for the girl following the instinct to go home.

Basking in the afterglow, Alex became aware of another presence watching them. He put his pants and boots on and investigated. He was shocked by who had been spying on them.


They each grabbed the others arm and were rocked by the others memories. Alex fell to his knees and cried for what Nasedo did to Tess.


“Yes, Tess. I’m sorry for what that sadistic fuck did to you. If he weren’t dead, I’d kill him for it. I forgive you for what you did to me. You were not in control of your actions. The truth is going to destroy Serena and Kyle. Their brother sold them out.”

“Is what I saw from you true? Liz and I were best friends? I was engaged to Kyle?”

“Yes Tess, but you are like Lonnie; you are from the defective set. You can rise above it. I need your help.”

“How can you trust me, Alex? I helped kill you.”

“Tess, you went through hell. Niahl violated you and twisted your mind. When the others find out what he did to you, they will accept you.” Alex hugged the petite girl, comforting her. Isabel arrived, seeing them hugging, and ran off. Alex took off after her. Catching her and grabbing her wrist firmly, but not to cause her pain, he sent Tess’s memories to her. Isabel wailed in anguish over what Tess had been through.

“Alex, I’m sorry. I misinterpreted what I saw.”

“Izzy, it was ok to feel jealous, but you know, I would never do anything to hurt you. We can christen the bike later. We need someone to pick up Tess. Could you call Ava’s cell and have her and Kyle take her to the factory? They have a lot to talk about.”

“Yeah. No problem.”

“Ava, we need you to come to the Frasier Woods campground. You and Kyle need to pick someone up.” After a second, Isabel replied, “Tess Harding.”

Part 9

The two lovers retrieved Alex’s shirt and coat. Tess approached them. “You two were easy to find. You were quite loud. I’m happy for you two. I wish I had someone who loves me like the two of you do.”

“Tess, Alex can forgive you easily. I know what that bastard did to you. I don’t know if I can forgive you as easily. I was in a near suicidal depression for three months. Kyle’s friendship is the only thing that kept me from joining Alex. He knew what I was going through; he was going through it too. We helped each other. Ava helped him heal. He helped me, as a friend. I owe him a debt I can never repay. You need to talk to him. Don’t try on him what you did to my brother. He’s with Ava now.”

“I have a lot to atone for, Isabel. I would never ask for your forgiveness. I don’t deserve it. I can only try to make up for my sins. I probably never will. I’m sorry for all the pain I caused.”

“At least you were honest, Tess. I don’t know if we will ever be friends again. I will be civil with you. That’s all I can attempt to offer you.”

“Thank you, that is more than fair.”

“Tess, I need you to be my brother-in-law, Larek’s bodyguard.”

“You trust me too much, Alex. I’m a traitor.”

“Ava was a great bodyguard. She is in you, Tess. Having limited immortality makes you the ideal choice. I need to be ready to fight Kivar during the final battle. I need you, Tess.”

“I’m in, if Larek will have me as his bodyguard.”

The trio walked back to the parking lot to the bike. After five minutes of silence, the Rav4 pulled into the lot.

“Hey, that’s my SUV!”

“Tess, Ava had to take over your identity. In the eyes of everyone not in the group, Ava is the owner of the SUV. You should go over there,” responded Isabel. Tess got in and they drove off.

“Izzy, let’s ride out to the desert. We can continue where we left off.”

“Alex, you are insatiable!”

“You make me that way. I hope I have the same effect on you.”

“That you do, Lover. That you do, but will we be like this in twenty years.”

“Absolutely, you will be at your sexual peak in about twenty years. I will have no trouble keeping up with you. If I do, there is always the little blue pill.” After a searing kiss, they mounted the bike and rode off for the desert. Their further adventures that night included the bike, the slope to the Pod Chamber, in the chamber, and the Granolith chamber. They finally slept in each others arms in the Granolith chamber, naked and satiated.

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“Decisions, Decisions”

The ride to the factory was eventful. It was definitely not in a good way.

“Kyle, it’s our destiny to be together.”

“Tess, I may have Kyahn’s memories and can experience his emotions, but I’m not him. He’s part of me, but we are also very different. I’m with Ava now. She is my fiancée. I loved you once, but the most we can be is friends.”

“Why can’t Ava and I share you?”

“Tess, are you insane? Scratch that question,” replied Ava.

“Tess, two years ago it would have been a fantasy I would love to have fulfilled: identical twins. But that Kyle died when his dad accidentally shot him. I’m completely committed to Ava, the woman driving the car, not Lady Ava, bodyguard to Queen Maea of Antar. We had our time, Tess. It’s in the past.”

“I don’t accept that, Kyle.”

“Guess what Tess, you’d better. If something happens to Ava, I will join her in death, have no doubt about that. So Ava better not have a tragic ‘accident’. You once told me I was your favorite human. Respect my wishes.”

“I’m sorry, Kyle. I’m sorry for suggesting what I did, Ava.”

Apologies made, silence descended on them all.

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Part 10

Alex awoke and looked at his Isabel, his wife in all but the eyes of the law, admiring her, his goddess. Thinking about the various and public places they made love the night before, got him ready for another go-around. Placing a gentle kiss on her head, causing his angel to stir slightly, he placed another on her lips, causing her to stir further. Descending to her collarbone, he gently bit her there, finally waking her up.

“That was a wonderful way to wake up,” Isabel cooed.

Looking her in the eye, he replied, “I will wake you up like that, every morning for the rest of eternity, Sweetness. I can also think of more pleasurable ways of waking you up, Lover. Would you like me to demonstrate?”

“Absolutely yes, Husband.”

“Aren’t you sore, Izzy? I know we got a little wild last night. I can’t get enough of you. We made love all over the place. I really loved doing it in front of your pod. I think if we could have done it in your pod, we might have. I’ve never thought of public places before. I love you so much. I want to push the wedding up, how about in a month? Would you like to have Michael and Maria and Kyle and Ava sharing our ceremony. If your brother ever asks Liz, I would like them to join us, too.”

“That would be great. I would have liked a ceremony just for us, but since so many of us are engaged it makes sense.”

“Sweetness, we can have our own ceremony before the big one, in Vegas. We will just be renewing our vows at the larger ceremony. Let’s talk to our parents. We can fly out for a weekend. Once Nicholas is dead, we’ll go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Or we could go anywhere you want.”

“I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, Alex.”

“I’ll plan a month long tour of Europe for our honeymoon, Sweetness. Maybe my lovely wife will be discovered and become a famous model.”

“Then I would be the object of many men’s fantasies.”

“They can have their fantasies, I have the reality.”

“Is that right?” a grin spreading across her face.

“And I would love to have that reality right now, if you will let me.”

“Who says I will, Lover,” a mischievous glint visible in her eye.

“Oh, I guess I’m not going to be able to do this,” sliding down her body, he tried something new.

Part 11

After Alex’s experiment in pleasure, they finally got dressed and left for the factory. Of course, they parked behind a couple of mesas for some private time. The twenty minute ride took two hours. When they arrived, they were greeted by a pissed off Max Evans, flanked by Philip and Diane.

“We were worried about you, Honey,” stated Diane.

“Izzy, Honey, you should have come home. We thought something happened to you.”

“Dad, something did happen to her, she and Alex were having sex in the Granolith chamber.”

“And how would you know that, little brother?”

“I went to look for you last night. When I went to the Pod Chamber, I heard you. You were so focused, you didn’t hear me open the door.”

Isabel noticed the anger on Alex’s face, as well as the embarrassment. “Max, I suggest you run, now. You’re pissing off a living weapon. Why do you have to be such a fucking prick, little brother?”

“Because you’re my sister, brothers protect their sisters.”

“Max, you know what kind of person Alex is. You know he would never hurt me.”

“But he did. I remember when you were in that dark place for three months.”

“Max, he was murdered.”

“He knew he was in danger. He could have come to us for help.”

“And if I did, you would have no chance against Kivar, Kingling. All of us would die. Kivar would take over Earth. I made the only choice I could. I chose to sacrifice my life on the chance to come back strong enough to protect you. You think Izzy was the only one hurt by my choice. It killed me to make that choice. I did what I had to, just like Liz did a year and a half ago. So don’t give me that self-righteous bullshit. I’m not in the mood for it. Mr. and Mrs. Evans, I’m sorry about my language. Max and I have had a number of differences of opinion since I came back. It’s like he thinks I’m not worthy of Izzy. I love her enough to die for her. Max, what else do I have to do. I love Izzy. You are her brother. We need to get along, but you always seem to piss me off. Liz is like my sister. We are going to have some sort of link for the rest of our lives. I want to be your friend, but you have to make the effort.”

“Alex, I’m trying. I just keep seeing Vilandra betraying Zan.”

“You think I’m like Kivar, Max. How many times have I saved your life? I should have proved my loyalty by now. Besides, Zan and Vilandra are part of each of you, but you are different people. Ask Serena about them. The ball’s in your court.”

“I’m sorry, Alex. I’ve been a real prick to you and Izzy. I’ll make it up to you.”

“We’ll see.”

Part 12

“Mr. Evans, I knew I should have come to you and Mrs. Evans before I proposed to Izzy, but Alex Whitman couldn’t exactly do that. If I came to you as Alex MacGregor, it would be too soon; we haven’t gone on a single date. I love your daughter more than my own life. I would like to have your blessing.”

“Alex, Son, I can think of no one better for our little girl. I don’t want to lose her at such a young age, but you make her happy. I haven’t seen my daughter happy in a year. Of course you have our blessing. We’ll start to make the arrangements.”

“Mr. Evans, I’ll pay for the wedding. The may be more than us getting married that day. I plan on talking to Ava and Kyle and Maria and Michael about getting married in a single ceremony. Max, if you and Liz want to join us, you can once you propose to her. I’m only making this offer for Izzy and Liz. Right now I’m too pissed off at you. If you weren’t family, I would have pounded you into the ground before.”

“You talk too much. Bring it on!”

“Max, remember that demonstration I had with Larek’s bodyguard.”

“Yeah, I remember him catching you off guard.”

“But, I had him on the ground in about 30 seconds after that with four broken ribs. And I was holding back to about one quarter of my abilities. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah, let’s see what you plan on teaching, sensei.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Izzy, I’ll try not to hurt him too much. He wants a demonstration of my full abilities. This should be over in about 30 seconds.”

The two alpha males circled each other looking for an opening. Alex, being the more experienced fighter noticed Max left his midsection open. Alex shot a straight kick to the opening, causing Max to falter for a second. Alex closed the gap, grabbed Max’s head, bringing his knee up into his chin. As soon as his leg hit the ground, he let go of Max’s head and swept Max’s legs, causing Max to fall on his back, looking like an overturned turtle. Alex was sitting on Max’s chest before Max had time to recover.

“Do you surrender?”


“Max, you lost without landing a single blow. Will you ever piss me off again?”

“I could take the knowledge from your head, Alex.”

“And I could crush your larynx before you have a chance to get up. I promised Izzy and your parents I wouldn’t hurt you too much. Don’t make me break that promise. Do you yield?”


Part 13

“Max, take my hand.” Max refused to take Alex’s outstretched hand. “Fine, get up on your own. Max, are you being such a prick because you think I’m going to take your place in Izzy’s life? I’m never going to take her away from you. I can never take the place of her brother. I wouldn’t want to. Why can’t we both love her? Do you see me acting like that towards you, Michael, and Larek? I will defend my three sisters, but I know they have to find that one special person. For Izzy, that person is me and for me, it’s her. Have I for one minute acted the way you were in reference to Liz? Or Maria? I may have dropped Michael during the Courtney incident, but that was because he hurt Maria. I’m through trying to convince you that I love Izzy and won’t hurt her anymore. You have to try and curb your pride. I don’t want to be the leader. Larek, believes I will be a good leader, but to take his place until my nephews are old enough to rule. I don’t want to be a leader, but I will if I have to be. I would consider my life complete by making Izzy blissfully happy for as long as I’m alive. I know that’s how you feel about Liz. I have no problem with that. You shouldn’t have one with me over Izzy. I may be stronger than you, Max. I may not be the same Alex I was before I died, but I have no delusions of taking your position from you.”

“Alex, it seems that the others look to you for guidance. I’m jealous of you.”

“Max, I happen to have the information. I’m sorry you felt threatened by that. We have more in common than our differences. We have both been tortured. You, in so many terrible ways and me, by my choice. I didn’t want to die, but to keep you all alive, I had to. Watching the love of my life almost self-destruct was worse than feeling my life slip away. You know the quote from Nietzsche ‘That which does not kill me makes me stronger.’ is also true if you die. I’m physically stronger than I can ever hope to be. But I can’t have children with my soulmate. I have known as much pain as you, if not more. If Liz had a dupe and she was evil, could you kill her. And if you could, would you be able to look at the body and not fall apart. I had an emotional breakdown after killing Lonnie last night, Kyle and Ava helped me pull myself together. It was after I saw Izzy, and thanked the higher powers she and my parents were ok that I forgot about disguising my voice. I planned on telling them anyway, so it didn’t matter that much. As to Kivar’s army, it is 1000 men. We need to lead almost his entire contingent into an enclosed area set up as a mine field. We give no quarter. No prisoners.”

“Alex, isn’t that against the rules of war.”

“Fuck the rules of war, Max. We’re outnumbered over 100 to 1. If we stick to the rules of war, we die. We can’t afford to fight a long guerilla war. We need a swift and decisive victory. Besides, do you think he wouldn’t take his most loyal troops here for the final battles. These men will be completely loyal to Kivar, even after Kivar’s death. Therefore no quarter is to be given.”

Part 14

“Alex, I know that is what we need to do, but how can you be ok with it?”

“Max, I’m not ok with it, but it’s our only option. I sometimes wonder how I can live with the blood already on my hands. I keep questioning my own humanity. Max, if it wasn’t for Izzy, I’d have lost myself. Izzy, Sweetness, that’s why I always need to touch you, to hold you, to kiss you. You keep me from fully embracing the darkness in me. You are my light. I wouldn’t know what I’d be if it weren’t for you. But I know I wouldn’t be human anymore. I pledge myself to you in this life and all future ones. You are my wife, my lover, my best friend, my heart, and my soul. There will always be you and only you. When I look at the sky, I thank the universe for sending you to me, my Celestial Angel. You are all I ever wanted and needed. I’m the luckiest dead man in the world to have the love of the most beautiful woman on this or any other planet.”

“Alex, Honey, my parents are here. If you continue talking like that, they’ll see something they shouldn’t. I feel about you the way you feel about me. You are my best friend. You never gave up on me. You pushed when you needed to and gave me space when I needed it. I had hurt you so many times, yet you kept on loving me.”

“Izzy, Sweetness, we can’t help who we love. And I’ve always loved you. I never thought you would return those feelings. When you did, I knew you were scared. I let you set our pace. I didn’t want to lose you completely. I knew being you friend was the most important thing. If we could only be friends, that is what I would live with, despite how much I loved you. You never told me what you saw when we first kissed, when Liz and Max found the orb. You don’t have to tell me, Sweetness.”

“Alex, I saw us, in twenty-five years at our daughter’s wedding. I started smiling as I walked away from you. I thought it was from you, but I’m not so sure. I forgot about it until now.”

“May I see it, Sweetness?”

“Yes of course, Alex.” Alex walked over to her, placing his hands on her face saw the flash.

Alex walking his daughter down the aisle in a huge cathedral. The architecture is definitely not human. Alex gives his daughter to her husband and returns to his seat in the front row with Isabel, Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Ava, and Siah.

“Izzy, Sweetness, it was a portent. It was a glimpse of the future. Kyle, Ava, and Siah were there. The cathedral where the wedding was held was not on earth.”

“Alex, was Larek there?”

“No, it means I failed him. It means the prophesy will come to pass. My sister is going to go through the pain you went through over me. I fail my sister.”

“Alex, we don’t know when he died from the vision. He is over 80 as it is.”

“No, Sweetness. I know he will die at Kivar’s hand. I can feel it.”

Part 15

“Max, Izzy and I were going to pick up her engagement ring and our wedding bands. We would like you to come with us for you to pick up a ring for Liz.” He tossed Max two packs of bills, totaling $20,000.

“Alex, I can’t accept this.”

“Liz is your queen, Max. She deserves a beautiful ring. I know you can’t afford to get one on your job at the UFO Center. She’s my family, and you will be. Consider it an olive branch between us.”

“Alex, you are too generous. Ok. I’ve got to drive mom and dad home first, though, guys.”

“Take your time, Max.”

Max and the Evans’ left, leaving the two of them standing outside their home.

“Alex, remember what you did to me after you woke me up. I never got to return the favor.”

“Izzy, you don’t have to. Besides, your brother will be back soon.”

“Alex, I want to. I want to see you in such incredible pleasure, like I was this morning.”

“Since there is no way to dissuade you, let’s go inside.” Taking her hand, they entered their home. As soon as they closed the door, they devoured each other’s mouths. Within minutes Isabel worked her way down Alex’s body to reciprocate what he had done to her.

“Izzy, Sweetness, are you sure? You don’t have to.”

“And you didn’t have to please me the way you did this morning. So this is tit for tat.”

“And you know I love the whole Isabel Evans-Whitman, not just your …”

“And Alex, you know I love you for the whole package, not just your package.”

“And we all know how much you love Julio,” a wicked smile crossing his lips.

They barely had time to fix themselves up before a horn honked outside the factory. They climbed into the back of the Jeep, since Max had a passenger, Liz.

“Alex, I want to talk to Julio again later,” Isabel whispered in her fiancé’s ear, a wonton smile crossing her lips.

“Alex, Isabel, who’s Julio?” asked Liz, using her exceptional hearing.

“Liz, I’ll tell you later,” answered an embarrassed Isabel.

Part 16

They went to a jewelry store in one of Isabel’s favorite malls. The girls were given free reign over the ring choices. Max and Alex sat and watched the girls act like kids in a candy store. After trying on nearly every ring in the store, the girls chose similar rings: white gold and platinum with a single 5 ct. diamond surrounded by three small gems, one ruby, one sapphire, and an emerald. Alex was happy that they chose their own rings, even though it cost him $30,000. The wedding bands were simple white gold and platinum and were included.

“Ladies, what would you like to do next?” asked Alex.


“Ok, Lizzie. Here’s $2,500. Have fun. Here’s $5,000, Sweetness. And Sweetness, get a new dress, we’re going out tonight. We’re going to an early dinner at Chez Pierre and out to a club in Las Cruces. Max, Liz, I’ve only got my bike, do you want to come along?”

“Sure,” replied Liz.

The girls walked away on their shopping spree. When they were far enough away, Liz asked Isabel, “Who’s Julio? And why do you want to talk to him again?”

“Liz, Julio is a nickname for Alex’s dick.”

“Okay. TMI.”

“You asked, Liz. And no, I don’t want to know what you and my brother named his, ok.”

“Deal, by the way he calls it Maximus. And I have to agree.”

“Now, that was TMI, Liz.”

The girls entered Victoria’s Secret for honeymoon gifts for their fiancés.

Part 17

“Liz, do you think Alex would like to see me in this?” Isabel asked Liz, holding up a black lace teddy.

“Isabel, Alex would love you if you were wearing a potato sack. The question is do you like it.”

“Yeah, I think it would look great on me. Should I get him something? He doesn’t wear anything under those leather pants.”

“Isabel, eww! He’s like my brother. I so did not need to know that.”

“Just like I didn’t need to know about Maximus. I’m never going to be able to watch a Russell Crowe movie ever again. Thank you, Liz,” a smile crossing her lips.

After some more girl talk and shopping, they left Victoria’s Secret. Their next stop was Saks Fifth Avenue. Isabel spent $500 on the perfect little black dress as well as a red Donna Karan strapless that hugged her body like a second skin. Liz chose similar dresses, but slightly more conservative than Isabel’s. After having their purchases rung up, they hit the shoe store for new shoes to go with their dresses. Lastly, they hit a miniature spa for a couple of hours, having a seaweed wrap and massage. Pouring themselves back into their clothes, they decided to meet the guys at the food court.

Part 18

After the ladies vanished from sight, the two young men stood deciding what to do. “Max, here’s $500. Have fun. I need to get some new threads. I’m gettting tired of these leather pants. See ya.”

Alex went about buying his new wardrobe, several pairs of leather pants, two dozen t-shirts, underwear, a tux, another pair of Doc Marten’s, two pairs of sneakers, and a pair of Kenneth Cole dress shoes. Going to the music store, he picked up some sheet music and strings for his guitars. He also picked up a shirt for Izzy, “#1 Groupie” emblazoning the front of the halter top. He ambled around the mall until he found the food court.

Liz and Isabel walked over to his table. “Now we’re waiting for Max. Izzy, Sweetness, did you have fun?”

“Yeah, I did. Liz is a great shopping partner.”

“What did ya get?”

“We stopped at Victoria’s Secret and picked up some things.”

“Can I have a private fashion show later, Sweetness?”

“Alex, if we do that, odds are that I try only one thing on. And one outfit does not a fashion show make.”

“I can control myself.”

“Who says you are the one who needs self-control.”

“Guys, you are not alone here. Liz is at the table.”

“Sorry, Liz,” the two lovers replied to their friend in unison.

“It’s ok.”

Max took this moment to arrive. “How’s Maximus, little brother?”

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"Runaway" belongs to Linkin Park.


Graffiti decorations
Underneath a sky of dust
A constant wave of tension
On top of broken trust
The lessons that you taught me
I learn were never true
Now I find myself in question
They point the finger at me again
Guilty by association
You point the finger at me again

Nesado, you seduced me into betraying all I hold dear. I betrayed my King, my Queen(who happened to be my best friend), my other best friend(your own sister), and my fiancé, your own brother. You only paid me attention when you were Max. You only loved me as Max. You trained me like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Conditioned response, my ass. You robbed me of my childhood, you sick bastard. Now my fiancé is with my duplicate and I’m all alone. I have no one. I’m a fucking pariah! You were all I had for a long time. You fucking abused me! I hate you! I hope you enjoyed your thirty pieces of silver, Judas Iscariot. How fitting, the traitor being betrayed. I hope you choked on your silver!

Paper bags and angry voices
Under a sky of dust
Another wave of tension
Has more than filled me up
All my talk of taking action
These words were never true
Now I find myself in question
They point the finger at me again
Guilty by association
You point the finger at me again

I have a lot to atone for. I don’t deserve another chance, but Alex has this incredible faith in me. I don’t know if I’ll be like the scorpion in Aesop’s fable, or if I will overcome what you did to me. You had no right! I was just a child! You had no right to take Max’s form and seduce me. The first time you did it, I was nine! You fucking raped me, your own brother’s fiancée! I was a child, I was not yours to use as you pleased!

I wanna run away
Never say goodbye
I wanna know the truth
Instead of wondering why
I wanna know the answers
No more lies
I wanna shut the door
And open up my mind

Gonna run away...

I really want to run away, but I can’t. I’m needed here. Last night, I said something I shouldn’t have to Ava and Kyle. I was overwhelmed by what I found out about myself. I had my chance with Kyle, with Kyahn, and I blew it! Maybe I deserve to be alone. I now have my answers, the question is what am I going to do with them.

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"In the End" belongs to Linkin Park.

“In the End”

I decided that I should talk to Tess about Ava and me. I went to Laurie’s place, where we decided she should stay for the time being. How can Alex trust her? She betrayed us all. I knocked on the door. Laurie answered and led me to Tess’s room. I knocked and entered after she said to come in.

“Tess, we need to talk.”

“I know, Kyle.”

“Tess, I loved you once, but I’m in love with Ava. I want to try to be your friend.”

“I know I have no credibility with you, but I need to show you something. You need to know why I did the things I did.”

“Tell me then.”

“I can’t tell you. I need to show you.” At her response, I got scared.

It starts with one thing
I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
keep that in mind
I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time
All I know
Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It's so unreal
Didn't look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on, but didn't even know
Wasted it all just to watch you go
I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

“How will you show me, Tess?”

“Kyle, I’m going to show you my memories. They are going to shatter many of your illusions. They are what really happened to me. When I came back, I lost my abilities. I have no powers anymore. Your brother was not the person you and Serena think he was.” She placed her hands on my face and I was bombarded by the horrors my brother inflicted on this poor innocent girl, my fiancée in my previous life. After the barrage ended, I ran to the nearest bathroom and emptied my stomach. How could my brother betray me like that! I pity Tess, but I admire the fact that she survived all that. I let out an almost primal, “No!” I went back into her room and took the small girl in my arms, crying. “You could have told me, Tess. Dad and I would have got you help.”

One thing, I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
keep that in mind
I designed this rhyme, to remind myself how
I tried so hard
In spite of the way you were mocking me
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought with me
I'm surprised it got so (far)
Things aren't the way they were before
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me (in the end)
You kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when I


I've put my trust in you
Pushed as far as I can go
And for all this
There's only one thing you should know (2x)

“No, Kyle. I was too far gone to accept your help. Nesado seriously messed me up. My biggest regret is hurting you all. I didn’t know better. The short time I was with you and your dad was not enough to erase what your brother did to me. Maybe it’s better that I’m alone. I’m too seriously fucked-up. Ava is a lucky woman.”

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“My December”

There was a knock at my door. “Come in.” Kyle entered my room. He looks incredible.

“Tess, we need to talk.”

“I know, Kyle.”

“Tess, I loved you once, but I’m in love with Ava. I want to try to be your friend.”

This is my December
This is my time of the year
This is my December
This is all so clear

This is my December
This is my snow covered home
This is my December
This is me alone

And I
Just wish that I didn't feel
Like there was something I missed
And I
Take back all the things I said
To make you feel like that
And I
Just wish that I didn't feel
Like there was something I missed
And I
Take back all the things that I said to you

And I give it all away
Just to have somewhere to go to
Give it all away
To have someone to come home to

“I know I have no credibility with you, but I need to show you something. You need to know why I did the things I did.”

“Tell me then.”

“I can’t tell you. I need to show you.” I know I should have prepared him for this, but would he believe me.

“How will you show me, Tess?”

“Kyle, I’m going to show you my memories. They are going to shatter many of your illusions. They are what really happened to me. When I came back, I lost my abilities. I have no powers anymore. Your brother was not the person you and Serena think he was.” Now that is an understatement! I place my hands on his handsome face and send him all the years of pain I went through. He ran to the nearest bathroom to throw up. I could hear him from the hall. I heard his guttural scream and It made my already cold blood run colder. He ran into the room and took me into his arms, where I have always felt safe. He was crying. I’ve rarely seen Kyle cry. I think the only time was when Alex died.

“You could have told me, Tess. Dad and I would have got you help.”

This is my December
These are my snow covered dreams
This is me pretending
This is all I need

And I Just wish that I didn't feel
Like there was something I missed
And I
Take back all the things I said
To make you feel like that
And I
Just wish that I didn't feel
Like there was something I missed
And I
Take back all the things that I said to you

And I give it all away
Just to have somewhere to go to
Give it all away
To have someone to come home to

This is my December
This is my time of the year
This is my December
This is all so clear

Give it all away
Just to have somewhere to go to
Give it all away
To have someone to come home to

Give it all away
Just to have somewhere to go to
Give it all away
To have someone to come home to

“No, Kyle. I was too far gone to accept your help. Nesado seriously messed me up. My biggest regret is hurting you all. I didn’t know better. The short time I was with you and your dad was not enough to erase what your brother did to me. Maybe it’s better that I’m alone. I’m too seriously fucked-up. Ava is a lucky woman.” I told him this because it was the way it had to be. I ‘m meant to be alone. I know why I’m here. I know my fate is to die at Alex’s hand. I accept that. I need to let Kyle have his happiness, at the expense of my own. I owe him that.

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"By Myself" belongs to Linkin Park.

“By Myself”

“Maria, I have a lot to be guilty over. I almost stopped Max from saving my sister’s life. I almost hated her when you both found out the truth. How did I not know? What kind of brother does that make me? I’m especially guilty over how I treated you. I was scared to be human. You are my entire world, Maria. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you. I believed what Hank told me. I believed that I wasn’t worthy of love. I know I constantly hurt you, but I didn’t know how to love someone. You taught me how. That is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. You are the best part of me. I love you. Without you, I’m nothing.”

“Michael, you can’t change the past. We can only move forward. I love you, too. I know I haven’t always been the most understanding girlfriend. I did try to change you; that was very unfair of me.”

“No, Maria. I wanted to change, you showed me how. I came close to losing you, but you never gave up on me. Thank you for believing in me.”

“Michael, I knew there was a great man under all the attitude. I could see glimpses, especially when you kidnapped me. That is when I started to fall for you.”

“That’s when I started to fall, too. Maria I want you to listen to this song. I borrowed one of Ava’s cds a couple of weeks ago. I heard this one song, it reminded me of what my life would be like without you.” Michael turned on the cd.


What do I do to ignore them behind me?
Do I follow my instincts blindly?
Do I hide my pride / from these bad dreams
And give in to sad thoughts that are maddening?
Do I / sit here and try to stand it?
Or do I / try to catch them red – handed?
Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness,
Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness?
Because I can’t hold on / when I’m stretched so thin
I make the right moves but I’m lost within
I put on my daily façade but then
I just end up getting hurt again
By myself [myself]
I ask why, but in my mind
I find I can’t rely on myself

I can’t hold on
To what I want when I’m stretched so thin
It’s all too much to take in
I can’t hold on
To anything watching everything spin
With thoughts of failure sinking in

If I
Turn my back I’m defenseless
And to go blindly seems senseless
If I hide my pride and let it all go on / then they’ll
Take from me ‘till everything is gone
If I let them go I’ll be outdone
But if I try to catch them I’ll be outrun
If I’m killed by the questions like a cancer
Then I’ll be buried in the silence of the answer
[by myself]

How do you think / I’ve lost so much
I’m so afraid / I’m out of touch
How do you expect / I will know what to do
When all I know / Is what you tell me to
Don’t you know
I can’t tell you how to make it go
No matter what I do, how hard I try
I can’t seem to convince myself why
I’m stuck on the outside

“Maria, you give me the strength to rely on myself and on others. Without you I’d be lost. Alex flooring me woke me up. I nearly lost you for good then. I’m sorry for all the pain I caused you.”

“I forgave you a long time ago, Spaceboy.” Maria then pulled his mouth to hers.

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Part 19

“Max, it’s 2:00; pick us up in 3 hours,” Alex told Max as they were dropped off at the factory. After the Jeep drove off, the lovers entered the factory, dropped the packages, and attacked one another. Letting Isabel come up for air, Alex asked her, “How about that fashion show?”, a gleam in his eye.

“I have the perfect outfit. I’ll be down in a few minutes.” She picked up one of the packages from Saks and one from Victoria’s Secret and climbed up the stairs. Ten minutes later, she descended the stairs in her little black dress. Alex’s eyes were bulging out as well as another part of his anatomy at the vision in front of him. He closed the distance to her, and took her in his arms and slowly removed her sheath, revealing her in all her glory. “I told you, Alex. One outfit.”

“You vixen, if I weren’t already dead, you’d be the death of me. I have something for you. Close your eyes.” He took out the halter. “Open your eyes, Sweetness.” He handed her the halter. “We’ll stop at the Pod Chamber and change after dinner. Will you wear it to the club.”

“Cute, Alex. Very cute, Alex. Yes, I’ll wear it. I have something for you.” She takes out a package from Victoria’s Secret. “It’s for our wedding night.” Opening the package, he discovered a black leather bustier, matching lace garter-belt, and a riding crop.

“Yes, mistress,” a smile somewhere between sardonic and serious crossed his lips. ”Julio misses Bella. He wants visitation rights.”

“I can’t have a sad Julio on my hands or in them.”

“Julio will never be sad when he’s around you and little Bella.”

After Julio and Bella reacquainted themselves a couple of times, they got ready for dinner. Alex wore his tux and Isabel wore her little black dress, black pumps, and a black lace thong.

At promptly 5:00, they met Max and Liz outside. “Max, after dinner, we’re going to the Pod Chamber to get ready for the club. We have some time. You guys can pick up clothes before dinner.”

Dinner was rather uneventful. After stopping to change at the Pod Chamber, they drove off towards Las Cruces. After altering their ID’s, the quartet entered Bass & Treble.

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"You Can Do It" belongs to Ice Cube. The dance choreography is inspired by Save the Last Dance

Part 20

“Izzy, Liz, if you put your drink down without finishing it, get a new one. Someone could drug it,” Alex reminded his almost sister and his fiancée. “You ready to dance, Sweetness.”

“Let’s go on the floor.” After a couple of songs, Ice Cube’s “You Can Do It” started.

[Ice Cube]
Yeah, yeah
Get your ass and hurra
Uh, Ice Cube baby
Ninety-nine baby
I'm on the grind baby
All the time baby
Show me something

The two lovers were grinding to their own primitive beat; Isabel against Alex’s back, arms raised above her head. Alex spun around her and ran his hands down her sides from her shoulders down to her hips.

[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
Put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
Put your ass into it

Isabel removed his hands from her hips, stomped once, and spun facing Alex. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she stepped back and forth gyrating her lower body towards his.

[Ice Cube]
Hear me banging down these back streets
Bumpin' Blackstreet, fiending like an athlete
Life ain't a track meet (no)
It's a marathon
Fuck the cemetery that a nigga get buried on
We be clubbing till the day we die
Nigga ask the bartender if you think we lie
But if you think we high, nigga think again
Cause when it's sink or swim
You got to think to win
And if I drink this here
Everybody will know it
Cause I ain't going for it
So pray to the Lord that I don't pull out
Cuss out and bust out
Go to nigga raveling
Make the clip traveling, uh
You can try to smoke an ounce to this
While I pronounce this shit
Baby bounce them tits
Mama move them hips
Baby shake them cheeks
I got dick for days
You got ass for weeks, yeah, yeah

Alex brought her closer to himself, so that one of his legs were between hers. She slid back and forth across that leg, causing the entire club to watch the two of them dance.

[Ms. Toi] (Ice Cube)
Don't stop get it, get it
(That's real)
Don't stop nigga hit it
(I will)
[Ice Cube]
I'm gon' do it, gon' do it
Gon' do it, do it, do it

[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
Put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
Put your ass into it

They broke apart momentarily. Isabel spun, grinding into Alex with her back to him. He again ran his arms down her sides, resting them on her hips.

[Ice Cube]
Now all I wanna do is have fun with my loved ones
The thug ones, relatives and my cousins
And I got ‘em by the dozen
When they buzzin', quick to say fuck your husband
This is for my niggas locked away
Extra love for the ones who ain't got no date
But when we hit checkmate with Ice Cube the great
As soon as I get a word we can rush the safe
Fuck them license plates because life is great
It don't matter if you're rich and your folks ain't straight
I'm still coming with that underground gangsta shit
No matter how many niggas say we ain't the shit, bitch

[Ms. Toi] (Ice Cube)
Don't stop get it, get it
(That's real)
Don't stop nigga hit it
(I will)
[Ice Cube]
I'm gon' do it, gon' do it
Gon' do it, do it, do it

[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
Put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
Put your ass into it

Alex let go of her hips and went into a standing back handspring, landing on his feet. This elicited a raucous round of applause from the crowd around them. He the launched into a front handspring and grabbed Isabel’s hips again.

[Mack 10]
I do hard core rhyming, hard time grinding
With will I pimp hoes
Other niggas wine and dine them
Gotta love this pup shit
Passing the mud shit
Pockets on flood shit
OG lyrical blood shit
I don't rent I buy shit
Niggas jealous of my shit
You unaware of this young nigga getting all the fly shit
While you're rooting and recruiting
Nigga 6-8 whooping
I was in the hood shooting cause I had the wife whooping
I come from padres gold in oversized jars
I past up strife and got star awards
No time for playa hating, Mack paper chasing
Came out the substation to the hip hop nation
The mo' hits the mo' bigga with illegal weight figga
Done develop the status of a platinum plus nigga
Bust the first asshole to show I can hit it
I keep pushing, don't quit it
Don't stop till I get it

[Ms. Toi] (Ice Cube)
Don't stop get it, get it
(That's real)
Don't stop nigga hit it
(I will)
[Ice Cube]
I'm gon' do it, gon' do it
Gon' do it, do it, do it
[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi] (Ice Cube)
Don't stop get it, get it
(That's real)
Don't stop nigga hit it
(I will)
[Ice Cube]
I'm gon' do it, gon' do it
Gon' do it, do it, do it
[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
[Ms. Toi]
You can do it put your back into it
[Ice Cube]
I can do it put your ass into it
Put your ass into it
We be clubbing
Freaky gyration is close to fornication
We be clubbing
Freaky gyration is close to fornication…
Yeah uh-huh, Ice Cube, Westside Connection
Know how we do?
We puttin' it down, constantly
Get your ass up and hurra

Liz and Max joined in at this point. Their sexy, yet simple grind was a great counterpoint to Isabel and Alex’s near sex show on the floor. Alex spun Isabel close to him, again placing a leg between hers repeating the move they did earlier. They were so lost in each other, they didn’t realize the song ended right away.

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Jane, Vaughn, Scotty, The Problem, and the Amulet of Sauryn are from Dead Last. They belong to the WB and the creators of the show.

Part 21

After spending some time on the hip-hop floor of the club, the two couples climbed the stairs to the rock floor. Finding a table, they had a round of Cherry Cokes, 2 of which contained a shot of Tabasco. “Sweetness, ready to dance some more?”

“Yeah, Alex. Let’s go.”

As they reached the floor, the band for the evening took the stage. Alex and Isabel did a double take when they saw the bassist. “Courtney? It can’t be. Nicholas said she killed herself over a year and a half ago,” Isabel told Alex.

“Hello, Las Cruces! We are The Problem. Enjoy the show!” Vaughn announced to the growing crowd.

After an hour long set, the guitarist announced, “On drums, Scotty, on bass, Jane, and I’m Vaughn and we’re The Problem! Good night!” By this time Alex and Isabel found Liz and Max and sneaked backstage to wait for the band.

The Problem went back to their dressing room and found four people waiting for them. Another person followed them into the room and walked up to Alex. “Whazup’ Romeo. I knew you’d make it back, Dog.”

“Hey, Zan. How are things in the LoD?”

“Kind of dead, but what else is new.”

“Alex, Honey, there are only the members of that band. Zan died a long time ago.”

“Isabel, Sweetness, so did I.”

“Back the train up a stop, Red. You can see Mr. Goatee, but your friends can’t?” asked ‘Courtney’.

“Are you the possessors of the Amulet of Sauryn?”

“Yeah, I’m Jane, the guy with the beard is Scotty, and Vaughn is Mr. Sullen on my right. How can your friends see you and not your friend’s twin?”

“Jane, you look like someone we knew a year and a half ago, like a twin. As to why I can be seen, I am somewhere between being alive and being dead. I’m a Crow also known as a Fury, an avenging spirit. Zan and I were both murdered by his sister and his best friend. I killed them both in the last 72 hours. Zan, why are you here?”

“Alex, I feel that Ava needs my approval to fully move on to your friend Kyle.”

“Alex, what the hell is going on? What the hell is the Amulet of Sauryn?” asked Max.

“Max, to make a long story short, they can see dead people.”

Part 22

Zan walked up to Max, trying to place his hand on Max’s shoulder. His hand went through Max’s shoulder. Max felt a chill in his shoulder. “Take care of our Queen, Max.”, Zan stated looking right at Liz.

“Why did Zan ask Max to look after their Queen, Red? What is going on?”

“What the fuck were you thinking, Zan? Now we have to tell them the truth. And we can’t do that here.”

“Red, why can’t you tell us here?” asked Jane.

“Because our secrets are even more dangerous than yours, Jane. The rumors about Roswell are true. It was no weather balloon that crashed in July 1947. If the three of you want to help Zan, you have to come with us. Max and I will help you load your gear.”

“Are you guys insane? Ghosts are real, but aliens don’t exist. We’re not going anywhere with you,” replied Vaughn.

“Isabel, Sweetness, it’ll help Ava. I always love you in red.” With Alex’s words, she changed her clubbing outfit into a tight fitting red evening gown.

“Oh my god!” screamed Scotty, who amazingly had been silent to this point. Vaughn’s mouth was open in shock and then he focused on Isabel, licking his lips.

Alex, noticing how Vaughn was looking at HIS Isabel. “Vaughn, you can look, but if you touch, you’ll have to learn to play guitar with one arm. Isabel and Liz are off limits. As if they would go after a middle of the road guitarist. Jane, you were tight on bass. Scotty, you were about a half-step off on the bass drum on the third song.”

“Scotty, he was right. You were a bit off,” replied Jane.

“So you can play. Who cares,” replied an angry Vaughn.

“I can not only play, Vaughn, I can play better than you. My weapon of choice is bass, but I can play an axe just as well. I only played for about three hours in the last five or six days, when I rose from the dead after being gone for a year. I was only sixteen when I died. Ever heard of Hangman’s Joke out of Detroit, back in the late’80’s/early ‘90’s?”

“Yeah, their lead guitarist, Eric Draven, was incredible. Too bad he was murdered back in ’93. Their records are collector’s items. You can’t even get them on eBay.”

“I have two copies of all three albums, autographed by the band, with Eric Draven’s signature most prominent. He treated his students well. I was his last one. He even told me I could be better than him.”

“With your credentials, you could join pretty much any touring band in the Southwest. Why don’t you?”

“Vaughn, I have my reasons. One of them is my fiancée. If you come with us, I’ll tell you more.”

“Vaughn, I’m going with them,” replied Jane.

“Dude, I’m with Jane.”

“Let’s load up the gear and we’ll follow you. We just have to ditch Dennis, our manager,” replied Vaughn.

Part 23

After giving Dennis some story, they all drove to Roswell. During the ride home, Liz and Izzy called the others letting them know about the newest members of the ‘I know an alien’ club. Some of the responses were less than enthusiastic, partly due to the time of night.

“Guys, the others will be here by eight in the morning. I haven’t set my home up yet, but you’re welcome to crash here.”

“That’s a generous offer, Red. Thank you.”

“Jane, call me Alex.”

“Alex, you live here.”

“Yes, I own the place. I plan on turning part of it into a dojo. I’m a fifth degree black belt in five martial arts. Plus it will serve as a cover for training the others to fight.”

Turning towards his guests, Alex told them, “Vaughn, Scotty, and Jane, I’m sorry but you guys have to stay down here. Izzy, Sweetness, I think we should go upstairs and try to get some sleep. Try being the operative word. We have a long day tomorrow.”

“Good night, it was great meeting you all.” With those parting words, Isabel and Alex ascended the stairs. Downstairs, the guests heard their hosts having their own private party.

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“The Truth About Romeo.”

“Jane, Scotty, why the hell did we come here. That Alex guy is an admitted killer. He threatened me.”

“Dude, you were looking at his fiancée like she was your next meal. He just told you where the boundaries are. If my girl looked like her or Liz, I’d be jealous, too.”

“Scotty’s right. Not about the jealousy part. I believe he has complete trust in Isabel. She is so in love with him, you had no chance anyway, Vaughn. Alex is a good guy. He could have just pounded you into the ground, but he gave you a warning.”

Zan suddenly appeared and asked them, “You guys really want to know what kind of guy Romeo is? Let me tell you a story. He is the most generous person in the world. He died to be strong enough to save not only this planet, but five others. Axe-man, he was right in being 1,000,000 years B.C. on your ass. He has loved her for nearly half his life. Before he even understood what love really meant. He believed she would never be interested in someone like him. All he has ever done has ultimately been for her. He will defend her even beyond his own death. You want to know some of the truth, before the others show up?”

After relaying to the astonished trio most of what had happened, they sat mouths open.

“So you and Max are essentially the same person. Just that you’re more alien and Max is more human.”


“Why were there 2 of everyone but the Queen made?”

“Simple, line of succession. There were two Zans. If there were two Maeas and both had children the same age, a civil war could erupt to determine succession.”

After an hour of questions, Zan left them to get a couple hours sleep.

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This is the first story chronologically. Takes place at the end of S&B.

“Confession is Good for the Soul”

That bitch told me I outlived my usefulness and attacked me. Sure, I knew she wasn’t human. The case of moisturizer was a huge clue. I know the order came from Kivar. I’m now running to the King’s house to warn him. I know my time is short.

I should have been the one with the position of power. I was the oldest. But no, Eriya and Kyahn were close to Rath and Maea. As the one set of twins rose in power, so did the other. Sure, they thought they were brighter and more talented than me. My parents gave them all the attention. I was ignored. My jealousy turned to hidden resentment, then finally a burning hatred.

Maea was no better. As I watched her grow from a curious girl to beautiful young women, I fell in love with her. When she was sixteen, I confessed to her my feelings. By that time her heart belonged to Prince Zan. She rejected me, but she did it in private and in a kind way. But all I saw was the fact that I was rejected.

I stewed on my hurt until there were some rumblings of a planned revolution. I joined, not because of their ideology, but to cause those who caused my pain to hurt. And hurt them, I did.

Our mother was very ill. One of my compatriots posed as a doctor and poisoned her. Her death looked completely natural. Killing Mother was one of my three biggest regrets. When the twins and I were supposed to attend her funeral, others were supposed to kidnap Queen Maea. If I knew their true intention, I would have turned them in. Maea’s death was the second of my regrets.

I was in too deep to back out at that point. I followed Kivar’s orders like the obedient lap dog I was.

I took Ava’s duplicate and turned her into a hateful, disturbed young woman. I did what I did on Kivar’s orders. It made me sick to do that to that innocent little girl. That is my biggest regret. I deserve no forgiveness for raping her repeatedly over the years. But I was too scared and ashamed to stop.

I knew where they were the whole time. I wanted to wait until they were old enough to complete Kivar’s plans. I did not know he had found Maea, until the rumors about the shooting. I knew Zan would risk anything for Maea.

I waited until the time was right to introduce Tess to the others. I knew when Liz Parker came over to see Tess, that she definitely was Maea. That is the reason I kidnapped her, I knew the Special Unit would be after her, too. I would not let her die again. When I kissed her, it was if I had kissed Maea. I swore to protect her from that moment on. I could prevent that part of history from repeating itself.

There it is, the King’s bedroom. I knock on the window. Seeing how hurt I am, he helps me in. I have no more than a couple of minutes left.

“They are among you, now,” I told him, gasping for air.

“Who’s among us?”

“The Skins.” And then I stopped breathing.

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Part 24

At 7:30 Alex woke Isabel in the way he customarily did it. “Sweetness, the others are going to be here soon. We can’t exactly entertain anyone but ourselves dressed or should I say undressed as we are.”

“Can’t we have ten more minutes?” purred Isabel.

“I wish we could, but that’s when they’ll get here. You don’t know how badly I wish we had the time.”

“Me too,” purred Isabel, getting up to get dressed for yet another meeting.

“Later, I promise, Sweetness, I will give you my undivided attention.”

“Don’t you do that already, Honey. Look at us, and I used to make fun of Max and Liz.”

“Sweetness, we’re nearly as bad as them, but they are still worse.”

“And I wouldn’t give it up, Alex. Could you believe the way we were dancing last night? I’ve never danced that suggestively before.”

“Sweetness, I love the way you dance. If we weren’t in a public place, I think we would have made love on the dance floor. I know I say it a lot, but I love you, Isabel Evans-Whitman. I know you aren’t yet, but I feel we already are. Let’s go downstairs.”

After they climbed down the stairs, Zan yelled to Alex, “Romeo, you two were so loud you could wake the dead. In fact you did. I was having a nice dream of Eliza Dushku and Shannon Elizabeth in leather catsuits having their way with me. Thank you very much. They were about to take the damned things off.”

Alex stifled a giggle at what Zan said.

“Alex, why are you giggling?”

“Isabel, Zan was telling Alex that you were quite loud. You woke Zan up from an interesting dream involving Eliza Dushku and Shannon Elizabeth,” replied Jane, a smile on her face. Isabel’s face turned red with embarrassment.

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Part 25

The rest of the group arrived a few moments later. Liz and Max were obviously angry at the inclusion of Tess. “Alex, I’m out of here. I will not be in the room with that psychotic bitch. She tried to kill me. She killed you.”

“Liz, back off of her. You don’t know the truth,” replied Kyle.

“Kyle, it’s over, here’s your ring. It’s obvious that you still love Tess.” Ava threw the ring at Kyle’s chest.

“Yes, I love Tess. I love her like Serena and Maria. I love her as a sister. I’m in love with only one person, you. Tess went through hell. Her life was worse than yours, Michael. My brother did to her things that should never be done to a child. Serena, I’m sorry, but our brother was a sadistic traitor. I despise him, yet I love him. He is our brother. I saw in one of his ‘visits’ to Tess as Max, after he raped her, he called out ‘Maea’. In other memories of Tess’s, he referred to Tess as Ava. Liz, I think my brother was in love with you. Or at least who you used to be. That may be why he kidnapped you, before Max was captured by Pierce.”

Scotty went to comfort Tess. “Hi, my name’s Scotty. I’m sorry about what happened to you. If you want to talk to someone, I’m here for you. I feel this need to protect you. I think you need a friend. Let me be there for you. I think you are very beautiful and I’d like to get to know you. The thing is I’m in a band and we have to leave tonight because we have a gig in Santa Fe tomorrow night. You have the most beautiful eyes, Tess. If you want, I’ll give you my cell phone number. Call me by 6:00 p.m. Eastern and we’ll talk.”

“Kyle, I was jealous of Tess. I’m sorry that I acted the way I did.”

“Ava, it’s alright, but that ring hurt.” Picking the ring up, he placed it on her finger.

“Scotty, I’d like that, but you know I’m not exactly alive.”

“Tess, I know. Zan explained it to me last night.”

Ava cried at the mention of Zan’s name. “Zan’s dead.”

“You’re Ava, right. My bandmates and I can see ghosts. Zan wants you to fully move on to Kyle. He thinks you are holding back some of yourself from Kyle.”

Eric appeared at that moment. “I have a person here who wants to say some words to you all. Zan, I will allow you to be corporeal for an hour as well as the speaker.” Zan suddenly appeared next to Alex. And in front of Liz and Max, stood Claudia Parker.

Part 26

“Honeybear, you have grown into a beautiful woman. I see you’ve found each other. Max, Your Majesty, take care of my granddaughter. Michael, if I had known how you were treated by Hank Guerin, I’d have told Jeff and Nancy and had them try to adopt you. I may not be your grandmother biologically, but I consider you my grandson. I’m very proud of you. Maria, you were like a second granddaughter to me. Thank you for loving my grandson and helping him become the man he is now. Alex, you have grown a lot since I last saw you. You and my granddaughter are two of the strongest people in the world. Isabel, Vilandra’s mistakes were just that, mistakes. Alex brings out the best in you. He loves you so much. You love him just as much. Hold onto that love. In the end, it’s all we have. Tess, you went through hell, but you can overcome it. Destiny is not totally preordained. It’s shaped by your choices. Kyle, I’ve watched you grow up into a strong person. I hope Ava is the stability you crave. Serena, old friend, thank you for my granddaughter. I see you found your brother, even though you knew where he was the whole time, but found out the sins of your other one. Find solace with your brother and a certain former juvenile delinquent. Sean, you made mistakes in your life. Don’t let them dictate your future. You have a great deal in common with my friend. You never know what you’ll find. Jeff, I’m ok. I’m sorry I kept secrets from you, but they weren’t mine to tell. Nancy, I know we haven’t been close. I’m sorry for that. I think we should break up into smaller groups.”

“Ava, Girl, I need to talk to you and Kyle. Ava, you were in many ways my best friend. I know you had some sort of feelings for me. Kyle loves you; it’s evident by the way he looks at you. Give yourself fully to him. He isn’t holding back on you. Kyle, if you hurt her, I’ll poltergeist on your sorry ass.”

“Zan, thank you for looking out for Ava. I owe you, man. You were very important to her. Your blessing means a lot to us.”

“No problem.”


“Yeah, Girl.”

“Thank you. I’ll always miss you. Now I have to move on fully.”

Zan walked over to Max and Liz. “Max, protect our Queen. Liz, if you and Max would allow me to, I’d like to kiss you. I’ve waited my entire life for you. Sure, Ava and I had sex. I cared about her, but it didn’t feel completely right. I just want a single kiss, so that I have at least one happy memory of myself.”

“Liz, I don’t want him to kiss you. But if you want to kiss him, go ahead.”

“Maxie boy, I’m not a threat to you. I’m dead. I’m not going to steal her from you.”

“Zan, Max, go to your neutral corners. Zan, one kiss. Ten second duration, no more. If you don’t break off, I’ll throw you across the room with my powers, understand.”

“Understood.” Zan took Liz in his arms and gave her a kiss that would last him eternity. After ten seconds, he broke the kiss and disappeared.

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Part 27

{Kid, there’s trouble coming. A bus is about 3 minutes out. The plates are Arizona.}

{Thanks, Edgar.}


“Alex, what’s wrong?”

“Izzy, I think Nicholas is on his way. Everyone without powers, get upstairs, now! Max, Michael, Izzy, Ava, Liz, and Kyle, cover their retreat. Then fall back to protect them.”

“Alex, I won’t fall back.”

“Izzy, I need to know you’re safe. If you’re on the battlefield longer than necessary, I won’t be able to concentrate.” Walking over to a corner of the floor, Alex removed two katanas: his ivory hilted one and a simple silk wrapped one for Tess. “Tess, catch. Go for a severing blow. The husks are like living spacesuits, right. That means they must have some type of body within the husk. Go for the head as a primary target. Any limb is a secondary target. Let’s get ready for our guests.” The Pod Squad fell back, as ordered, although with reluctance from some.

“Tess, Nicholas is mine. Any other skins are fair game. You ready to have some fun?”

“Let them come.”

A minute later, Nicholas walked in with about fifteen henchmen. “So you must be the one who killed Rath. I’m not impressed. Kill them!”

“Nicholas, appearances can be deceiving, as you are an example of. I may look like I’m defenseless, but I’m far from it.” Seeing a skin trying to attack from his right flank, Alex spun to face him, swinging his katana, lopping its head off, turning it into dust. Tess had dispatched another in a similar manner. Finding another, he brought the blade down, severing its arm. That skin screamed in pain and became dust in three seconds. Tess dispatched two more.

Alex started towards Nicholas, but two skins blocked his way. Taking out one with his katana, he spun around the other and landed a snap kick to the small of its back releasing the husk. By this time the amount of dust in the air was choking. Alex continued to advance on Nicholas. This time Ida and Greer were there to protect their commander. Greer raised his hand to send Alex backward. Alex swung and lopped off said hand before he could use his power. Ida never saw Tess hit her release button from behind. The remaining henchmen fell back to Nicholas.

“Nicholas, are these the best warriors you have left? They’re pathetic. I’m so going to enjoy looking into all those little secrets in your head.”

Alex decapitated the guards directly in front of and to the right of Nicholas, while Tess took out the last one. “Tess, go outside and see if the pipsqueak left anyone there.”

“Alright, Alex.”

“Nick, you and I have unfinished business. Ever hear of the Prophesy of the Peacemaker?”

“It’s some sort of prophesy on Zontar.”

“Well, let me introduce my self. My name is Alex Whitman, you killed me. I came back from the dead for Isabel. Queen Siah of Zontar is my sister. I am the one that prophesy speaks of. I’m immortal. You can’t hurt me, but I can hurt you.” To prove his point, Alex kicked him in the chest. Closing the distance, Alex grabbed Nicholas’s head.

“So Kivar’s landing point is on the Arizona side of the Four Corners. Thank you for all the tactical data, Nick. Now, I have something for you.” Nicholas started to convulse, for Alex allowed him to experience the death that he gave Alex. Walking around the once great warrior, he planted a boot into the small of his back.

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Part 28

Tess walked back in to see Alex execute Nicholas. “Alex, there were no Skins outside.”

“Tess, please tell, Isabel to come down. Wait fifteen minutes, and send the others down.”

“Why do the others need to wait?”

“Tess, I should be used to all the death. But I’m not. I need her … I need her to remind me why I’m doing this. I need her to keep me from giving in to the darkness. It’ll give you more time to get to know Scotty better.” At the mention of Scotty’s name, Tess dropped her eyes. “Tess, he likes you. I can tell the feeling might be mutual. If you two can’t be together, you can be good friends. No one deserves to be alone. I wish I could help you forget what happened to you. Take the chance to fall in love again.”

“Alex, you are a great friend, but I’m not sure I can fall in love again.”

“Tess, you won’t if you don’t take the risk. Love and life is risk. No matter how badly Izzy hurt me, I loved her. I would have eventually moved on if it hadn’t been for Vegas. You deserve some happiness. You are worthy of love.”

“I’m different. How can he want to get to know me?”

“Tess, are any of us the same? We’re all different. We’ll talk later. Please ask Izzy to come down.”

“Alex, thank you for helping me,” She told him as she started to climb the stairs. A minute later, Isabel was down the stairs and enveloped in Alex’s arms. He just held her and cried. He cried because they were safe. He cried because he is a killer. He cried because she was his and he hers.

“Thank you, Sweetness. Thank you for listening to me.”

“Alex, I can take care of myself. I don’t need you to protect me.”

“Don’t you think I know that, Sweetness? I said what I did because I nearly lost you once in the last week. Besides, I needed you and the others to protect the parents and the others without powers. I didn’t have the time for an argument. I wouldn’t have acted the way I did if it wasn’t an emergency situation. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, Honey.” Isabel attacked his mouth like a lioness would pounce on a zebra. Alex joined in the hunt for her tongue, as she hunted his, the metal bars clashing like swords. One would thrust; the other parry.

When the lack of oxygen broke them apart, Alex told her in the most seductive voice he could muster, “I love the way you taste, Sweetness. It’s a mixture of Tabasco and sugar.
I understand why you love the combination. It’s intoxicating. I want to taste every inch of you later. I could just eat you up later.”

“Just like yesterday morning. I can’t wait.”

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Part 29

Alex moved his mouth over her neck, working towards her earlobe. Taking it between his lips elicited a moan from his lover, a moan he knows like his own name. Releasing the lobe, he descended next to her collarbone, nipping gently at the skin there. His hands roamed up her back and under her tank top, caressing her. After a minute, his hands moved to caress her sides. Brushing his fingers across both breasts caused Isabel to pull her top up and pull his head to her right breast. Alex, knowing they had only about seven minutes left before the others came down, nipped and kissed the twin mounds, purposely avoiding her nipples. Isabel pouted and pulled his head to one of her buds. Alex gently rolled it between his lips, before nipping at it. Looking up at HIS Princess, he saw all the passion and love in her eyes. “Sweetness, we need to stop now, because the others probably already know what we’re doing, but I don’t think our parents need to walk in on us. I’ll make it up to you later, like I promised.”

“Can’t we just leave?”

“Izzy, later.” Isabel, not one to put things off, pulled Alex’s shirt up and started to kiss, nip and suck on his nipples, causing Alex to give in. Pulling his shirt back on, he looked her in the eye, and replied, “Let’s just say goodbye first. We’re going to use a bed. Let’s go to your house. I’ve always wanted to be on your bed, you and me naked, holding each other.”

“Alex, let’s live dangerously. Let’s christen Liz’s bed.”

At that point, Liz and Max came down. “Alex, you have sex on MY bed, immortal or not, I will kill you.”

“I won’t, Liz,” Alex responded, knowing a pissed off Liz is not a pretty sight. “Tell the others we’ll be back later.”

“Alex, from what I’ve heard, you two are like rabbits. Slow down.”

“Liz, I consider you a sister. Isabel and I are as good as married. We only need the ceremony. And that’s happening after graduation. We’re going to Vegas, all of us.”

“Liz, would you be my maid of honor? You’re practically my sister. You have been for two lifetimes.”

“Yes, I would love to.”

“Max, I want you and Kyle to both be my best man. I know it’s unorthodox, but you are as good as my brother and Kyle is the main reason Izzy is here for me to marry. Will you do it?”

“Yes, thank you, Alex, especially after how I treated you lately.”

“I’ll do it too, bro. If I get to kiss the bride on the cheek.”

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“Tess Begins”

“Isabel, Alex asked me to send you downstairs. Everyone else, wait about fifteen to twenty minutes before going down. Scotty, could you follow me, please.” Tess found an unoccupied office and closed the door behind Scotty. “Scott, I don’t know if we are a good idea, but I’m willing to take the risk. I’m not the easiest person to be around. I want you to see what my life was like. I’m going to place my hands on your cheeks and show you my memories.”

“Tess, you don’t have to.”

“Yes, I do.” Scott’s brain was bombarded by everything that is Tess. Stumbling back, Scott started to cry. “Now, you see why I had to show you.”

“I’m so sorry for what happened to you. My childhood was bad, but not as bad as yours. My mom has been in and out of rehab for the past ten years. My sister and I were in and out of juvenile hall in Detroit. My grandma was recently put in a nursing home. I remember one time my mom took me and my sister out for dinner for my sixteenth birthday. She ditched us at the restaurant without a way to pay, so my sister and I came up with a way to dine and ditch. I held her at knifepoint, and threatened to kill her if anyone stopped us. Of course, it was a butter knife I had at her throat, but it got us out of there without paying.”

Tess started to laugh at the idea of holding someone hostage with a butter knife. Scott joined in. “Scott, you had an interesting childhood. Thank you, I haven’t laughed in a long time, not since before I died. I definitely would love to talk to you again.”

“Here’s my number. If you guys want to, we have a gig in Santa Fe tomorrow. I would love it if you were there.”

“Scott, I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises.” She then did something that surprised even her; she pulled him close and kissed him.

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This part was written differently because it dealt primarily with Isabel's thoughts and feelings. It was easier to write it that way.

Part 30

Isabel POV

When we got to my house, Alex picked me up off the ground. Knowing what he wanted to do, I discreetly used my powers to unlock and open the front door. My husband carried me over the threshold and carried me to my room. After putting me down, we closed the door and started to undress each other in between heated kisses.

We were finally standing in front of each other without any artificial skins to come between us. Then Alex asked, “Sweetness, where do you keep the baby oil?”

“In the bathroom, next to the sink. Why do you need it, Alex?” I responded.

“I’m going to give you a full body massage, Sweetness. And that’s only the beginning, Love. Go lie on your bed, on your back, and let me relax you.” A minute later he returned with the oil, and rubbed some into his hands. Starting at my hands, he massaged every part of my body. I was melting from his strong, yet gentle hands caressing and stimulating every square inch of me. And what he did next made the massage pale in comparison.

Alex had spotted two Prada silk scarves on my dresser. “Sweetness, do you trust me?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

“Sweetness, can you change them into padded leather restraints and attach them to your headboard?”

“I bought that leather bustier and riding crop as a joke, Honey.”

“Sweetness, I only want you to be restrained, so you don’t thrash around when I do what I have planned next.” I transformed the scarves and laid down on my back with my arms above my head. Alex placed the restraints around my wrists and then proceeded to glide a single raven feather across my skin. I thought the massage was incredible. As he ran the feather down my body, he placed kisses along the path the feather was taking. By the time he reached Bella, I was in orbit. I actually forgot my name because I was in such a sensual haze.

After I drifted back to earth, I heard my entire universe tell me, “Sweetness, I promised you something special. Did you enjoy it?”

“I nearly blacked out from too many stimuli. It felt like I was weightless. I need to take a shower. Care to join me?”

“Lover, do you even have to ask?”

We wound up having to shower three times. The first time was payment for the most mind-blowing feeling I had ever experienced. The second shower started as us really trying to clean each other, but become a lovemaking session. We finally took a shower and dried each other off. We climbed into my bed and just held each other.

Suddenly, I started to see cells dividing. By the look on Alex’s face, I know he saw it, too. I think I know what it means, but I’m not 100 percent sure. I then sense another presence in the room.
“I love you, Daddy.” Alex kissed my forehead and the tip of my nose before capturing my mouth.

After coming up for air, Alex reassured me, “We’ll be wonderful parents, Sweetness. I know, it’s sooner than we thought, but I am deliriously happy. I love you so much. Our children will absolutely adore their Mommy. I love you.” He kissed me again, slowly and lovingly. He then slid down by body, placing several kisses to my stomach. “And I love you too, Little One.” He placed a hand on my stomach and a soft glow was our child’s response.

End of Book II

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“Eternal Flame(Bridge II)”

[Alex POV]

“Sweetness, I think we should get dressed and return home. I don’t know how the others will react to our news. Should we tell them that there is another member of our little conspiracy on the way in nine months?” I asked my everything. I don’t want to keep it a secret, but I will if she’s not ready.

“It might be for the best, but I know Max will be furious. Michael, too. My parents may be disappointed, but they know we would try to have children because we are getting married.”

“Max better not get too pissed. I’m paying for his wedding and I paid for the iceberg on Liz’s finger. I don’t care about the money I gave him. I only care about his trust. He knows I’ll be yours as long as you’ll have me. Would you move in with me? I don’t want to let you and our child out of my sight, if I don’t have to.” I kept my hand on her smooth belly. Isabel’s belly glowed slightly. I interpret it to mean that our baby wants us to move in together. When I’m touching Izzy, I can actually feel our baby.

“Alex, I’ll move most of my stuff in this weekend. But, I’ll take some over for tonight. We might as well get used to living together. I’m tired. Let’s get some sleep.”

“Sweetness, I love you. The baby sure is making his or her presence known. We have to be careful in public. We can’t have you literally glowing from pregnancy. I love the fact that I can make you glow with a touch.”

“Why can’t I do it to you?”

“You do, Sweetness. I just glow on the inside. Your touch makes me glow with the light of a thousand suns.”

“Really. God, that sounded like my brother.”

“That was kinda bad, wasn’t it? But it’s true.” I reluctantly left her arms and found the cd I was looking for. I put The Bangles’ Greatest Hits in the cd player and started the track that best described how I feel about My Izzy. Mine in every way but in the eyes of the law and church. My Lover, Best Friend, Wife, and lastly Mother to My Child. I am Hers just the same. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Close your eyes
Give me your hand, darling
Do you feel my heart beating
Do you understand

Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Is this burning
An eternal flame

I believe
It’s meant to be, darling
I watch you when you are sleeping
You belong with me

Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Or is this burning
An eternal flame

Say my name
Sun shines through the rain, oh, ho
Life’s so lonely
And then you come and ease the pain
I don’t wanna lose this feeling, oh

Say my name
Sun shines through the rain, oh, ho
Life’s so lonely
And then you come and ease the pain
I don’t wanna lose this feeling, oh

Close your eyes
Give me your hand
Do you feel my heart beating
Do you understand

Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Or is this burning
An eternal flame

Close your eyes
Give me your hand, darling
Do you feel my heart beating
Do you understand

Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Or is this burning
An eternal flame

Close your eyes
Give me your hand, darling
Do you feel my heart beating
Do you understand

Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
An eternal flame

Close your eyes
Give me your hand, darling
Do you feel my heart beating
Do you understand

Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Is this burning
An eternal flame

Close your eyes

“Sweetness, that’s what I feel about you. What I’ve always felt about you. What I will always feel about you. I know you feel the same way about me. I knew from our first kiss, when Max and Liz were missing and found the orb.” I helped her off the bed and we walked back to the cd player and repeated the song, holding each other as close as possible and dancing, oblivious to the world around us and the fact that neither of us were clothed. We’ll tell the others later. We need to celebrate the good news alone for awhile.

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Love Springs Eternal Book III
Author: Bill a.k.a. Darth Maul 214
Category: Crossover with The Crow. A/I M/L M/M K/Ava Serena/Sean Jim/Amy Brody/Laurie Larek/Siah Tess/Scotty(from Dead Last)
Rating: R (violence, language)
Disclaimers: Roswell belongs to Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. The Crow universe belongs to James O'Barr. No infringement intended.
Summary: Alex had his own secrets before he moved to Roswell.
Authors Note: Bold italics denote telepathic communication. Italics are thoughts. The italicized quotes are voice-overs. The beginning quote has Liz speaking the first sentence, Maria, the second and Isabel, the last. The second quote, which will be at the end of Book III is v.o'd with Liz speaking till the comma and Maria finishing that sentence. Isabel speaks the second sentence. These are direct quotes from the movie, Sarah's v.o's at the beginning and end of the movie. The way things are on Alex's tombstone are from a picture of the location. All songs belong to their respective copyright holders. Niahl is pronounced NEE ahl. Kyahn is pronounced KEE ahn. Maea is pronounced MAY ah. Van is pronounced Vahn. Celena is pronounced Cell een ah. Siah is pronounced SEE ah. Eriya is pronounced ay REE ah.
Distribution: The Observatory and The Pod Chamber. If you want it, email me at darthmaul214⊕
Feedback: is always welcome. Send to darthmaul214⊕

Part 1

After an hour of celebrating the good news, the new family was ready to announce the good news to the others. “Sweetness, tomorrow I’m getting a minivan. I don’t want to risk you and our baby. I’ll teach you to ride at another time.”

“I’m pregnant, Alex. I’m not an invalid.”

“I may seem like I’m overbearing, but I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Alex, you can’t stop all the bad things from happening. You can’t put me in a cage. I could get hurt in a minivan, too. The minivan is a good idea. We might need it.”

“I’m sorry, Sweetness. Let’s go face the others.”

After they slowly dressed each other, broken by passionate kisses, the young family mounted the bike in the driveway and rode home. Disembarking the machine, they entered to face the music.

“We’re back,” Alex announced to the gathering. “And we have some important news for you all.”

“We’re pregnant!” gushed Isabel, overjoyed about the situation.

“You’re what!” shouted Michael and Max in unison.

“Let’s see, how can I say this? I have a bun in the oven. I have the nine-month sickness. I’m with child. Need I go on?”

“When?” asked Phillip and Dianne.

“About three hours ago, Mom and Dad.”
“Are you sure, Honey?”

“Yes, I am. Alex, Honey, could you?” Isabel lifted her blouse up exposing her stomach to her parents. Alex placed his hand on her belly and filled his mind with love. A glow was seen by all. Alex walked in front of her, knelt, pulled her to him, and placed kisses all over her belly.

“I love you,” He announced to the gathering, tears of joy falling from his blue eyes, “both of you.” He rose and kissed her forehead before brushing his lips across hers.

“Congratulations!” the other two members of the Three Musketeers told the couple, who were nearly oblivious to their surroundings.

“Alex, Isabel, I was just shocked. I’m happy for the two of you,” Michael told them as he approached, hugging Isabel, after she and Alex returned from their own little world. He then pulled Alex into a loose hug. “Thank you for being there for both my sisters and Maria. I told you once that you are a great friend. You are no longer my friend. You are my brother. Take care of Isabel. I know you’ll do an incredible job of it.”

“Alex, Izzy, I am sorry about my reaction. I’m happy for you. Alex, you make my sister the happiest that, I have ever seen her. Take care of her.”

“Congrats, little bro. Isabel, welcome to the family. If you need any advice or help, don’t hesitate to ask Larek and me. We can give you pointers on raising special children.”

“Thank you, Siah. We definitely will,” replied Isabel, pulling her sister-in-law into a hug.

“Alex, if you need anything, it’s yours,” Larek announced.

“Isabel, your baby shower has already been booked at the Crashdown. Congratulations!” announced the Parkers, hugging each of them.

“My gift to you both is a Jim Valenti original crib.” replied Jim, who was still doing woodwork, even though he was reinstated as Sheriff.

The celebration wore on till midnight, when everyone but Izzy and Alex left.

Part 2

After a slow, yet passionate lovemaking session, they settled down in each others arms. “Let’s get married tomorrow, Alex. Call up Larek and see if he can get us a chartered plane to take us to Vegas. I’ll call Max and Kyle. You call up Liz and Maria. We’re eloping. I can’t wait until after graduation.”

“Are you sure?”


After several calls, they had set up the whole excursion. At ten in the morning, the limo that Larek arranged to take them to the airport, arrived. After picking up the core group, Larek and Siah, they proceeded to the two Lear jets Larek owned and arrived in Vegas an hour and a half later. The women went shopping on the Strip, and the men through a bachelor party for Alex at Crazy Horse. Michael ordered a bottle of their finest Champaign for Alex. Alex was then taken to a room where he was treated to a private dance, which he really didn’t want, but was humoring Michael. Having seen Go, he knew that there was no sex in the Champaign Room. Not that he would ever think of having sex with anyone but Isabel. The dancer did everything she could to get a reaction from Alex, but eventually gave up and left.

“Are you sure your friend isn’t gay?” the dancer asked Michael, who gave her a fifty dollar tip.

“No, he’s just devoted to his fiancée. Loved each other secretly for half their lives. I think he can only physically respond to only her. Don’t take it personally.”

At 4:00, they met up at a small wedding chapel. With altered documents in hand, Alex saw Isabel in a beautiful white Vera Wang gown inlaid with pearls and lace. The wedding march came from the organ, as Isabel walked down the aisle like the princess that she is.

“Dearly beloved we are gathered her to join Alex Macgregor and Isabel Evans in marriage. Marriage is not to be entered into lightly. Alex and Isabel would like to recite there own vows.”

“I pledge myself to you in this life and all future ones. You are my wife, my lover, my best friend, my heart, and my soul. There will always be you and only you. When I look at the sky, I thank the universe for sending you to me, my Celestial Angel. You are all I ever wanted and needed. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have the love of the most beautiful woman on this planet.” Alex placed the simple platinum band on her finger and kissed it.

“I also pledge myself to you in this life and all future ones. You are my husband, my lover, my best friend, my heart, and my soul. There will always be you and only you. When I look at the sky, I thank the universe for sending you to me, my Protector. You are all I ever wanted and needed. I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have you in my life.” Isabel placed the platinum band on his finger and kissed it.

“By the power invested in me by the City of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada, may I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Alex MacGregor. You may kiss the bride.” Before the minister had finished, Alex lifted Isabel’s veil and captured her mouth in their first official kiss as man and wife. The rest of the world faded away, only the two of them existed.

Bill, webmaster of The Pod Chamber,

"You cannot alter your fate, my prince. However, you can rise to meet it, if you choose." - Oracle to Ashitaka(Princess Mononoke)

"It's your fate to go there and see what you can see with eyes unclouded by hate." - Oracle to Ashitaka(Princess Mononoke)
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Part 3

After the wedding, they headed back to the airport. Once they could safely remove their seatbelts, Isabel excused herself and made her way to the bathroom. Alex followed five minutes later. Within minutes, the others on the plane heard strange noises coming from the bathroom.

“I guess the Mile High Club just gained two members,” quipped Kyle, who had Ava on his lap.

“Damn, they beat us to it!” replied Ava, pouting slightly.

“We can always have the back of a police cruiser.” Kyle moved to nip at Ava’s neck. She placed her finger under his chin and brought her mouth to his.

“Alex, Isabel, get a fucking room!” shouted Maria.

“Sis, I think they already did.”

“Fuck you, Kyle.”

“No, Maria, that’s my job. And I do it quite well, don’t I Kyle?”

“I have no complaints.” That comment earned him a slap to the back of the head.

“That was a compliment.”

“I know.” Ava had a devilish glint in her eye as she said that.

Fifteen minutes later, the newlyweds walked out of the bathroom, looking exhausted and disheveled. No sooner were they in their seats, Ava and Kyle ran for the bathroom.

“Oh No, not again!” screamed Maria. They found out that Kyle was a screamer.

Michael reassured her, “We’re next.”

Bill, webmaster of The Pod Chamber,

"You cannot alter your fate, my prince. However, you can rise to meet it, if you choose." - Oracle to Ashitaka(Princess Mononoke)

"It's your fate to go there and see what you can see with eyes unclouded by hate." - Oracle to Ashitaka(Princess Mononoke)
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Jenna, thank you for the wonderful feedback.

Dedicated to My Sweetness, my favorite Leo. I love you.

Part 4

When Michael and Maria finally left the quite popular bathroom, the plane was preparing for its final approach. The plane made a perfect landing. The pilot and copilot were the first ones off. They each had the overwhelming need to be with their wives.

Disembarking the plane, the three slightly amused couples stared at the pilots running to their cars. “What got into them?” asked a bewildered Ava.

“I think they want to hear someone else besides us moaning,” deadpanned Kyle.

“At least most of us didn’t scream, bro.”

“I bit his shoulder a little too hard, ok, Maria.”

“Yeah, my little vixen drew blood.”

“Alex, you have a huge hickey on your throat,” replied Michael.


“It’s the size of a super ball.”

“I heal fast, I shouldn’t have one! Are you guys playing a joke on me?”

“Honey, they’re right. I did bite you there.”

Max, Liz, Larek and Siah approached them.
“Where are my pilots?” asked Larek.

“Let’s just say the membership of the Mile High Club grew by six,” answered Alex.

“Mile High Club?” asked a confused Larek.

“The Mile High Club is a term for people who have had sex on an airplane in flight. Just like Max and I did,” answered Liz.

“Alex, Isabel, before your honeymoon, Larek and I want to give you our wedding presents,” Max told them.

“What are they?” asked Isabel.

“You’ll see, big sister. You’ll see.”

Part 5

After the ride to the factory, Alex lifted Isabel into his arms and walked into their home. The others followed to be met by a group of irate parents.

“Alex we thought you were the perfect man for our daughter. How dare you elope with our daughter?”

“Daddy, stop it! The idea to elope was mine. I felt like I needed to get married today. That it was important. You had that deposition for that capital murder case in Clovis. I’m sorry Daddy.”

“That’s not good enough, Isabel. Come on Diane.” With that Philip and Diane, prepare to leave.

“Mom, Dad. Stay for the next 15 minutes. If you want to go then, go,” replied Max with authority. “The leaders of Zontar and Antar have been allies for many years, going back to my former self’s great-grandfather. The alliance has been only on paper until now. With the conception of a child of the royal family of Antar with a member of the royal family of Zontar has produced a permanent union between our worlds.”

“Isabel felt the compulsion to marry to make the union recognized by all. With that marriage the royal families become a single family. Max and I are about to perform a ceremony to join our families by elevating Alex to a prince of both Antar and Zontar. Isabel will be made a Princess of Zontar as well. A tattoo will be placed on their wrists, signifying the union. The tattoo is of the royal crests of Antar and Zontar tangent at a single point. Alex, Isabel, please kneel.”

“Alex, by marrying my sister you become part of the line of succession of Antar. It is my honor to proclaim you Prince Consort to Princess Vilandra of Antar,” touching each of Alex’s shoulders with a Toledo broadsword. “Rise, Prince Alexander of Antar.” Alex rose.

“Kneel again, Alex.” Alex kneeled. “Duke Alexander of Zontar, for your service to the Crowns of Antar and Zontar, I appoint you as a Prince of Zontar and my chosen Regent should I die before my sons are old enough to be crowned. Your wife, Princess Vilandra of Antar is given the title of Princess on Zontar as well.” Larek touched their shoulders with the broadsword. “Rise, Prince Alexander and Princess Isabel.” The newlyweds rose and faced the gathered crowd.

“Now, place your right arms in front of you palms up.” Max placed his hand over Alex’s wrist and the tattoo appeared, the v constellation touching a green world with three moons. As he moved his hand over Isabel’s wrist, the same body art appeared on her.

“Since our two worlds are in a permanent alliance. I will contact my military and order the invasion of Antar and that it is to be held in trust until your return.”

“Thank you, Larek,” replied all assembled in unison.

Part 6

“Izzy, Honey. We’re still angry that we weren’t at your wedding, but we understand now that Max and Larek explained to everyone why you did it. Alex, take care of my daughter.”

“You have nothing to worry about, Sir.”

“Call me Phillip, Alex.”

“Yes, Sir … err Phillip.” Why am I so afraid of Izzy’s dad? I’m taller, I’m immortal, at least I should be. The hickey I have on my throat has me scared. But he’s Izzy’s dad, he was the most important man in her life, before me. He helped Izzy become the wonderful loving woman she is today. And we denied him the opportunity to walk her down the aisle. We shattered his hopes and dreams. He deserves to hate me, but he doesn’t. Why?

“Thank you, Daddy. I didn’t mean to upset you and mom. I just couldn’t wait.”

“So I guess you’ll be living here?”

“Yes, Daddy, we will.”

“If you need any help, feel free to ask.”

“We will, Daddy. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to walk me down the aisle.”

“I am, too.”

“I know it’s not the same, but at the larger ceremony you can.”

“I’d like that.”

“Mom, I really wanted you and dad to be there, but I couldn’t wait,” Isabel sobbed.

“Izzy, I know there are things about you that I’m never going to fully understand. But you really hurt your dad and me. It’ll take time to repair the damage,” Diane sobbed, tears smearing her mascara.

“I’m really sorry, Mom. I never meant to hurt you and Dad.”

“I know you didn’t. But you did, Honey. It’ll take us time to forgive you.”

Bill, webmaster of The Pod Chamber,

"You cannot alter your fate, my prince. However, you can rise to meet it, if you choose." - Oracle to Ashitaka(Princess Mononoke)

"It's your fate to go there and see what you can see with eyes unclouded by hate." - Oracle to Ashitaka(Princess Mononoke)
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Thank you for the feedback, Veronica and Jen.

This part is dedicated to my Sweetness. You are my muse, my heart's guardian, and my favorite beta reader. I love you.

Part 7

After the extended family left the newly weds alone, Alex scooped his bride into his arms and climbed the stairs. Isabel cleared out a room with her powers. The canopy bed started to build itself. First the frame, then the mattress floated onto the frame, and finally the canopy and curtains floated themselves over the frame and attached to it.

“Alex, Honey, I’ll be back in ten minutes.” Ten minutes late Isabel returned in the black leather bustier and thigh high-leather boots, carrying the riding crop sans panties.

Alex quickly picked her up and carried his wife to their bed. Sliding one boot slowly off, followed by the other, Alex paused. He kissed his way up her legs, from her feet. He traveled up her body and began to kiss her skin from her throat down to the tops of her breasts. Alex sat back on his haunches and pulled Isabel to a sitting position. His hands searched for the zipper in the back. Slowly, teasingly, he pulled down the zipper. Pulling the garment from her body, he began to leave butterfly kisses on her breasts, purposely avoiding her nipples.

Isabel, frustrated by her husband’s slow foreplay, gently grabbed his hair and pulled him to her right nipple. Alex gently laved the erect bud, causing Isabel to shiver slightly. Massaging her left breast, Alex sucked the nipple into his mouth, eliciting murmurs from his wife. Releasing her left breast, his hand traveled lower, resting on her entrance. His fingers sought out her little nub and began to trace lazy circles around it with his thumb. Isabel started to moan from the simultaneous stimulation.

Alex then inserted a finger inside her and slowly began to explore her. Isabel pulled Alex from her nipple and pulled his mouth to hers. Their tongues dueled in rhythm to Alex’s exploration of the place where only he has been. Isabel moaned into his mouth. Alex broke the kiss and gently pushed Isabel to have her lie down. He trailed kisses down her body until he reached her curls. He removed his finger and sucked on it, tasting his wife’s nectar. “I love you, Sweetness.”

He took her clitoris between his lips and sucked on it. Isabel began to breathe more heavily. Teasing her nub with the tip of his tongue, Alex began to bring her closer to the edge. He stuck his tongue between her swollen folds and applied pressure to her inner walls, his thumb returning to massage her pleasure point.

“Alex!” Isabel screamed as she fell over the edge, her hands holding Alex’s head in place. He repeated his performance, causing her to float again. “Stop teasing me, Alex. I want to feel you inside me, now!”

Not one to disappoint his lover, Alex crawled back up her body, kissing her as he positioned himself and entered her slowly. Isabel grabbed his ass and pushed him into her fully. Slowly, Alex set up a rhythm, a slow languid rhythm. Isabel grabbed his hips and thrust hers up in a faster rhythm. After a few moments of the rhythm Isabel set she shuddered screaming, “Alex!”

Isabel’s vaginal muscles contacted and relaxed repeatedly, causing Alex to fall over the edge with her, screaming, ”My Sweetness! I love you!”

Alex rolled to the side, pulling out of his wife. “I love you Isabel Evans-Whitman a.k.a. Isabel Evans-Macgregor, in all our lives. Let’s get some rest.” Kissing her one last time, he pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her. She rested her head on his chest and fell asleep. Alex kissed the top of her head. “I love you forever.” One hand gently caressed her belly, getting a soft glow as a reply. “I love you, too, little one. I won’t let anyone ever hurt you.”

The next morning, they stopped long enough to go to the Crashdown for breakfast. The entire group was gathered at a few tables.

“I didn’t think the two of you would surface for three days,” replied Kyle, earning a slap to the back of the head by Ava, Tess, Maria, and Liz.

“We got hungry,” Isabel stated, blushing slightly.

“I bet.” Another round of smacks awaited Kyle, this time Serena and Isabel joined in as well.

“Liz, can we get something very high in carbohydrates. Don’t say a word Kyle.”

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To my Sweetness, you are My Sweetest Dream Come True. I love you so much.

Part 8

Over the next four weeks, the factory floor was turned into a dojo. Ava used the part-time job Jim helped her get in the mayor’s office, to falsify construction permits and mindwarping building inspectors to make the construction seem to take longer than it did.

The night before the grand opening, Alex and Isabel were lying in bed. After a passionate lovemaking session, they were racked with a vision.


Four children, twin boys and girls, ran into their parents’ room to wake them up on their fifth birthday. “Mommy, Daddy, wake up. It’s our biwt’day. We wanna open our pwesents, now.” The four children beamed at the same time.

“Larek Philip, Alex Charles, Elizabeth Dianne, and Anna-Siah Maria, we will give you your presents when your Uncle Max, Aunt Liz, Philip, Nancy, Aunt Maria, Uncle Michael, Mikey, Amy, Aunt Ava, Uncle Kyle, little Lizzie and Jimmy, Grandma Dianne, Grandpa Philip, Grandma Anna, Grandpa Charles, Aunt Siah, and all your other cousins get here,” replied Alex to his and Isabel’s now five-year old quads.

“Listen to you father. We will be up in 10 minutes. Go get dressed for a walk in the gardens”

*End Flash*


Four heartbeats are heard. The heartbeats grow louder as four children, two boys and two girls appear in front of them.

Mommy! the boys screamed without moving their mouths, as they ran towards Isabel.

Daddy! the girls screamed as the boys had and ran towards Alex.

We love you, Mommy and Daddy. We can’t wait to see you in eight months. the four children told them in unison. The children faded from sight and the four heartbeats softened.


“Alex, you are not touching me ever again! We are having quads! We are not mature enough to handle four at once! How the hell are we going to do it!”

“Izzy, we have a huge support system. We will do fine.”

“How can you be sure, Alex?”

“The flash was of the future. The babies were telling us that we’ll do great as parents.”

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To my Sweetness: you are my sweet Chocolate Eyes. I love you.

Part 9

The next morning, the younger members of the unit all met up at the Crashdown, for a good luck breakfast. Alex and Isabel debated the whole ride from the dojo whether to tell everyone the news.

“Glad you could make it,” Max stated dryly.

“Well, Max. I’m sorry the fact that I’m having quads threw your schedule off!” Alex put his arms around his wife as a show of support. Isabel shrugged him off. “Alex, you did this to me! I meant it when I said you weren’t touching me ever again!”

“Sweetness, I remember it being two sets of identical twins. Meaning there were originally only two, a boy and a girl. They spilt into the other two of our children. I wish you wouldn’t blame me.”

“Guess what, Alex, I’m an alien-human hybrid, having four babies at once. I’m in uncharted fucking territory here. My emotions are seriously messed up right now. If I want to blame you I will.”

“Michael placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder. “Alex, bro, back off. Give her time.”

“Damn straight, you should give me time. An entire lifetime. I meant you are not touching me again.”

“If that’s what you want, I’ll find my own place and will be there for our babies.”

“Alex, I don’t want you to move out. I’m just scared and lashing out at you. Do you know how much pain I’m going to be in when it comes time to have the babies?”

“Yes, I do. Max, Tess, and I can take away some of the pain, Sweetness. Neither one of us was expecting quads, but I want them in our lives. I can’t wait until they are born.”

“I can’t wait either, but let’s be realistic. I’m nineteen. You were sixteen. We have money and support, but what about when Kivar lands. Do we leave them with our parents? We have to be responsible. We weren’t before.”

“Don’t you think I know that Izzy? We were irresponsible. Did you think we would be after a year apart due to me being dead? I admit that I should have worn a condom every time. I’m not sorry we’re having our children. I know you’re not either.”

“Alex, this is our day, Honey. I’m in shock over us having quads. I want you to touch me, but not for a couple of weeks. I need to adjust to everything.”

“I know, Sweetness. Take all the time you need.”

The entire core group had watched the volleys fly around them.

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Alex’s supersperm!” Kyle screamed when the match finally settled down, earning him smacks to the back of the head by all women in the room, except Isabel. Even Siah and Serena joined in.

“Kyle, after the dojo closes, you are sparring with me,” replied Alex, with a chuckle.

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Part 10a

After a long day of teaching beginning students, the dojo closed to the public and it’s true purpose started. “Michael, Tess you are sparing together. Maria, your opponent is Ava. Liz, your opponent is Serena. Max, you have Sean. Kyle and Larek are on me. Izzy, you have my sister. Siah, Izzy can be attacked anywhere but her abdomen. Everyone take your positions. Now spar.”

Michael, knowing he can only hope to hold his own against a Crow in hand to hand combat, decided to fight defensively. Tess shot out several different attacks, all of which Michael had blocked effectively. Discovering he favored his left side defensively, she feinted a punch to his left side and hit with a snap kick to his right side, stunning him. That allowed Tess to follow up with a straight kick to his stomach, followed by a palm thrust to his chest, knocking the air out of him, allowing Tess to end the match with a roundhouse to his head. Michael hit the mat.

Maria knew how to fight a little, but Ava spent her youth on the streets of New York. Ava had the advantage even without her heritage. Maria resorted to a street fight style, which Ava knew as well. Maria blocked every attack Ava made, but was being tired out, while Ava showed almost no sign of fatigue. Maria saw Michael go down and was distracted, allowing Ava to sweep her leg, causing Maria to fall.

Serena shapeshifted into Liz and the match began. Liz was thrown off by her friend becoming her. Serena took advantage and landed a straight kick to Liz’s stomach. Liz recovered and adopted a defensive stance Eriya had taught Maea years earlier. “Liz you’re remembering.” Serena shot out a roundhouse toward Liz’s head. Liz ducked and swung her leg to sweep Serena, who could not jump in time, causing the shapeshifter to hit the mat. “Liz, great move. How did you do it?”

“Serena, I remembered a time you were training Maea, me, and used that same move on me.”

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I will be updating this fic once I start the two new fics I've got planned. One is a post-CYN x-over with the anime series Escaflowne and the other is a post-MitC x-over with Noir.