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Title: Welcome to the Roswellian Hellmouth

Summary: BTVS has now crossed into Roswell. Sorry but no Buffy Characters in here just Roswell.

Dislaimer: I do not own Roswell or Buffy so don’t sue me or something. But I do have many quotes from the first episode in which Joss Whedon (my god) wrote and give the credit to him!


West Roswell High looked different at night. In fact, it looked scary. Classes had been over for hours, and now the buildings lay empty and eerily silent, walls gleaming dark in the moonlight. When the window suddenly shattered in the hallway, a hand thrust beyond the broken glass, fumbling with the lock and sliding the window up.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

The girl who spoke looked around nervously as her male counterpart climbed through.

“It’s a great idea!” he insisted.

He led her out into the hallway.

“You go to school here?” the girl asked trailing behind him.

“Used to.”

“Oh, so why are we here?”

“On top of the gym you can see the whole town.”

“Wait, we shouldn’t we’re just gonna get in trouble.”

“No, we won’t get caught.”

He pulled her farther down the dark hallway when the girl stopped suddenly.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“I heard a noise.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Maybe it’s something.”



The boy sighed and looked around their surroundings. Everything seemed to have turned darker, but it was still completely deserted. He could feel the girl close behind him.

“There’s nobody here,” he said at last turning back to her.

“Are you sure?” she asked still sounding frightened.

“I’m sure.”

“Okay,” she murmured.

And then, as her face shifted into a horrible shape, she bared her fangs, burying them swiftly into his neck.

Chapter One

Liz was lost.

Wandering through a place she didn’t know and didn’t want to know.
She wandered on through a lair of some sort, wary and confused, trying to figure out where she was, and how to find her way out again. And yet one small part of her knew she was dreaming…another part of her warned her that this place was all too real, and all too horribly close.

Images jumped put at her and quickly faded again almost instantly. She saw candles flickering a deep red pool…clawing fingers through a glow of fire…drawings of symbols and the silvery glint of a handprint. Laughter echoed ---faceless beings stalked her--- then suddenly she saw a book, a very odd looking book with the word


Engraved upon its cover….

In her bed she was tossing and turning and struggling even as the dream pulled her deeper and deeper into it’s spell. She felt something behind her. This thing wasn’t evil like all the other beings but…pure. In her head she heard the words his husky voice spoke. “ You’re okay…. you’re okay now---

Liz’s eyes flew open.

Even in the light of morning, it was as if the nightmare still lingered and the face of the guy in her dream and the words still went around in her head…calming her.
She sat up in bed, blinking against the brightness that streamed through her window. She was awake now; she was perfectly safe. This was her room…her house…her reality ---


“I’m up, Mom.”

“Don’t want to be late for your first day!” Nancy Parker called.

“No,” Liz mumbled to herself. “Wouldn’t want that.”

She heard the uncertainty in her voice. She sat up and stared around her room, at the half decorated walls, the unpacked boxes stacked in one corner. Then with a sigh, she forced herself out of bed and forced all of the thoughts of that nightmare she had out of her mind except the cute guys still lingered in there.

‘I wonder if he attends my school?’ she wondered.

Chapter 2

“Now, have a good time,” Nancy Parker said, watching Liz get out of the car. “I know you’ll make friends right away. Think positive. And honey…” she paused, sounding hopeful. “Try not to get kicked out.”

“I promise.”

As her mother drove off, Liz stood for a moment, sizing her new situation. The weather this morning was Desert-perfect; hot, humid, and dry. Throngs of students were laughing and talking as they crammed their way leisurely into West Roswell High.

‘ Okay, you can keep this up until the 180 days are over. Think positive. Wait. Who am I kidding…..’

Sighing, Liz started in, so deep in her thoughts she didn’t even notice the cute boy staring at her from the stairs.

“Coming through…” Alex announced, weaving his way recklessly through the crowds. “Coming through…not really certain how to stop….”

Alex was tall dark-haired like his best friend Max who was in his way. The only difference between them was that Alex had a shaggy look and wasn’t built like Max was.

“Max!!!! Max!!! Get out of the way!!!!”

Max didn’t hear him though. He had been heading towards the entrance when he spotted a girl he’d never seen before. She was short and petite, with chocolate brown hair and big brown eyes, and her face was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. She was wearing boots and a really short skirt. He thought he heard someone calling his name but he didn’t care he just wanted to know more about the new girl. All of sudden someone rammed into the back of him making him and the other person tumble on their backs. A familiar face ran up to help them; he looked at her with a grin that was all charm.

“Maria!” Max and Alex exclaimed.

They picked them selves up and brushed off all the dirt on their clothes.

“Nice wipe out guys. It was a Kodak moment. I almost peed in my pants.”

Maria was considered an in-between by West Roswell High standards. She was a singer in Alex’s band, “The Whit’s”. Though Maria always said take out the “w” and put in and “s” and you get what they really are. She had a horrible crush on Michael Guerin the school rebel and also Max’s other best friend. Maria was also one of the smartest people in the school, which was why she was considered an in-between. Yet a keen intelligence shone in Maria’s shining green eyes, she was a party girl waiting to escape. Alex and Max made their way towards her.

“Maria, you I think I kinda have a problem in Math.” Alex said.

“Which part?”

“The math.”

“And what’s in it for me?”

“Umm well I was kinda having Michael Guerin joining the band and thought that would be a good enough reward.”

“WHAT???” Maria screamed dropping all the books she had been carrying on Max’s feet.

“I think you should have waited until she lost the books.” Max said not letting all the pain he was feeling be noticed in his voice.

As Alex and Max picked up Maria’s books she ran to her locker to retrieve her cedar oil. They ran to catch up with her.

“How could you do this?” Maria asked sniffing her oil.

“What? I thought you’d be happy?” Alex said trying to calm Maria down.

As Maria looked back at Alex she saw Michael walking approaching them.

“Oh my god!!! Do I look okay? Do I? TELL ME.”

“Jesus, you look fine.” Alex said.

Michael walked up to them and smiled at Maria. She was in shock but was able to smile back.

“Alex, gig?”

“Tonight, Crashdown.”

“Cool, Maxwell can I talk to you for a minute.”


Michael pulled Max next to some empty lockers.

“So what’s wrong?”

“New girl.”

“Yeah so.”

“You should check her out. You know make sure…”

“Yeah, Yeah, sure Michael.”

“I mean it Maxwell, it could be her

Michael left leaving Max thinking long and hard.

‘Could it be?’

Liz sat in the principal’s office, across the desk from Mr. Jeep. He was middle-aged and over-weight, slightly impressed with his own importance, she noted. As she watched him, he pulled her transcript from a folder, glanced though it, then turned a direct gaze on her.

“Liz Parker,” he recited. “Sophomore, late of Jefferson High in Chicago. Interesting record. Quite a career.”

Before Liz could answer, he smiled and carefully tore up her transcript into four pieces.

“Welcome to Roswell,” he announced. “ Tabula Rasa. Do you know what that means? Clean slate, and that’s what you get here Liz, a clean slate. We’re not interested in what it says on a piece of paper. Even if it says----” he broke off and looked down again at the pieces of ripped paper. His eyes went wide. “Whoa. At West Roswell we nurture the whole student. Reaching the inner student. Mr. Jeep continued to talk while he began putting the paper back into a whole.

“Mr. Jeep.” Liz said.

“All the kids here are free to call me Bob---”


“But they don’t.”

He ripped off pieces of tape and began taping the transcript back together.

“Mr. Jeep. I know my transcripts are a little…colorful---”

“Hey, we’re not caring about that! Do you think ‘colorful’ is the word? Not just ‘dismal’? Just offhand I would say ‘dismal’.”

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“You burned down half the school.”

I did. I really did.” Liz winced. “But you gotta see the big picture here. I mean half the school was filled with vamp…. Uh, asbestos.”

“Of course Liz. I won’t ell you those things like ‘Watch Your Step’ or ‘We’ll Be Watching You’ that’s just not the way here. We want to service your needs and help you to respect our needs. And your needs and our needs don’t quite work…”

Still grinning blandly, he slipped the messily mended transcript back into her folder and slammed it shut with his hand. Liz jumped, her own forced smile going doubtful.

She felt depressed as she left Mr. Jeep’s office. As she paused there in the hallway, rummaging through her bag, a distracted student bumped into her, sending her stuff flying into the air. Frustrated, Liz knelt down and started scooping up everything. For the second time that morning she had failed to see Max, who was standing close by and saw the whole thing happen. Immediately he came over and knelt beside her.

“Need some help?” Max asked.

Liz looked up at the sound of a familiar voice and saw his face.

‘Oh My God. It’s him. It’s the guy from my dream.’

Liz was staring at him.

“You okay?” He asked standing up and handing her her papers.

Liz mentally shook herself and smiled.

“Yeah I’m okay.”

She stood up.

“Hi, I’m Liz, I’m new here.”

“Hi, I’m Max.”

“Thanks for helping me with--- thanks.”

“No problem. If you want maybe I could show you around.”

Liz smiled.

“I’d like that.”

The bell rang and students started to exit the halls.
Liz looked down the hall.

“Well I have to ummm get to class. Do you have 6th period free?”


“Okay, I’ll meet you in the library. I think.”

Max smiled. Liz suddenly she felt like she was going o melt into a puddle.


“Bye.” Max said as she left. Then he noticed something on the floor. Bending down to retrieve it, he automatically called after her.

“Hey you forgot your---”

He broke off and looked at the thing he was holding.

“Stake.” He said.

He looked at it again and couldn’t believe what he was holding. He was the only one standing in the hallway now and it was really quiet. He looked down at the object again and mumbled.

“Michael was right, it is her.”

Chapter 3

Liz sat in the back of her history class, earnestly taking notes. She really wasn’t that good with history, but science. Science was her dream. She wanted to be a molecular biologist but all that changed with her “destiny”. The teacher’s voice droned on and on while she tried to keep up.

“ Now the Crusades took place between the years of 1100-1300. The Crusaders were eventually beaten. If you look at the map on page sixty-three you can trace where each battle was fought…”

Everyone opened his or her books. Liz didn’t have one yet, and as she looked around at the other kids, a girl in the desk next to hers leaned over. She was tall and very pretty in a supermodel sort of way, obviously self-assured, and was wearing a killer outfit of tight leather pants and a mostly see-through shirt.

“Here,” the girl said. She moved her book so Liz could share it.

“Thanks,” Liz smiled.

“And what new instruments were given to the Europeans?” the teacher continued. Liz thought the class would never end. When the bell rang at last, the girl introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Isabel.”

“ Hi, I’m Liz.”

“If you’re looking for a History book of your own, there’s probably a few in the library.”

“Oh, great. Thanks. Where would that be?”

“I’ll show you.”

The girls walked down the crowded halls and Isabel glanced at Liz with interest.

“You transferred from Jefferson, right? In Chicago?”

“Yeah, wow news travels fast.”

“Oh! I would kill to live there. Any place besides here sounds so appealing.”

“Roswell doesn’t seem that bad.”

“Yeah well you haven’t been here for the last few months. It’s been scary as hell. Anyways, why did you move here?”

“Because my mom moved, is the reason. I mean we both moved. But Mom wanted to.”

“Well you’ll be okay here. You hang with me and it’ll be a breeze.”

They stopped at the fountain, where Maria was taking a turn.

“Maria!” Isabel raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “ Have you done the homework I requested? And the essay?”

Maria looked up.

“Screw you Jezebel. If you want homework done, do it yourself.”

Liz started to have a smirk on her face but quickly made it disappear.

‘I like her.’

“Well, Maria, I hope you know your social ranking just dropped.”

“Like I care hanging out with you and yours from planet ‘LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME’!”

“Fine then never again.”

“You got it, Jezebel.”

Maria vacated the fountain. Isabel stepped up to it and glanced at Liz.

“Rule one here ‘ know your losers’ once you know them they are a lot easier to avoid.”

She bent down to take a drink and Liz had a sudden urge to push her face into the fountain.

‘Can’t do that, promised mom you wouldn’t get kicked out.’

Liz look unhappily at the departing Maria, then followed Isabel to the library.

“And if you’re not too swamped with catching up, you should check out the Crashdown tonight.” Isabel suggested.

“The what?”

“The Crashdown. It’s the only club worth going to around here. They let anybody in, but it’s still the scene. You should show.”

“Cool, maybe I will.”

‘And maybe that cute guy Max will be there.’

They reached the library. The two of them stopped in front of the door.

“Good. I’ll see you at gym and you can tell me everything there is to know about yourself.”

Isabel turned and went off. Liz, slightly thrown off by the idea of her whole life story being told, allowed herself an ironic smile.

“Won’t that be dandy?” She mumbled.

She entered the library, surprised at the elegance of it, the dark wood paneling, and the streaming sunlight across the floor, the shelves and shelves of books. A short flight of stairs led up to the second level of still more book cases, and with it’s large oak table and cozy study lamps, the room had a curiously warm country-house feeling. There didn’t seem to be anyone around. As she paused beside the check out counter, she happened to see a newspaper lying there; an article had been circled in red. The headline stated “Tess Harding still missing” and beside it was a blurry picture of the girl in her cheerleading uniform.

‘ Skank.’ Liz thought.

Liz wandered in farther. She peered around the counter.

“Hello…is anybody here?”

Without warning someone touched her shoulder. Startled she spun her face around.

“Can I help you?” the man asked politely.

Liz breathed a sigh of relief.

“I was looking for a book. I’m new.”

“Miss Parker.” The man said.

“ Good guess. Must mean I’m the only new kid.”

“I’m Mr. Valenti, the libraian.”

Liz studied him for an instant. Tall, slender, and with a cowboy sort of look. Kind eyes stared back at her from behind thin wire-trimmed glasses.

‘He could be a sheriff.’ Liz thought.

“ Great.” Liz smiled. “ So you have uh---”

“ I know what you’re after.”

“What do you have? ESP?”

He turned and led her tot eh check out desk by the door. She watched curiously as he pulled a book out from beneath the counter and slid it toward her. Huge and leather bound, it bore a single word in bold upon it’s cover.


It was the book from her nightmare.

Concern flood through Liz’s face. She stepped back from the desk; but her gaze remained on the librarian.

“That’s not what I’m looking for.” She told him, her voice getting tight.

“Are you sure?”

“Way sure.”

Mr. Valenti hesitated.

“My mistake.”

He replaced the book back under the counter.

“So,” he continued. “ What was it you said----”

He stared into he empty room.

Liz was gone.

Maria carefully sorted through her packed lunch. She was so involved she didn’t even notice anyone approaching until a voice spoke behind her.

“Uh, hi, “ the voice said, “ Maria, right?”

Maria started to turn around.

“Why? So you can take advantage of my friendship and make me do things so I’ll be cool.”

Maria turned fully around.

“Oh, Hi and no I will not do anything like that,”

“Why don’t we start with ‘Hi, I’m Liz.’” Liz suggested, sitting beside her. “ And than let’s segue directly to me asking you for a favor. It doesn’t involve you doing homework for me, but it does involve you hanging out with me for a while.”

Maria’s expression was doubtful.

“But aren’t you hanging out with Jez…. Isabel?”

“Yeah, but I think your more of my type of person. She so into her looks I don’t I could ever have an intelligent conversation with her…but you…I can see myself doing that.”

Maria smiled.

“Cool, I’d like that a lot.”

Liz smiled.

“So, how you like it here so far?”

“It’s been okay met this really cute boy…” Liz gushed.

“You girls talking about me?” a voice asked.

The girls looked up and saw Alex walking towards them.

“Liz this is Alex. Alex this is Liz.”

“Nice to meet you.” Liz smiled.

“So Liz, what do you do for fun, what do you look for in a man, have any dark painful secrets you’d like you share?”

“Gee,” Liz’s tone was mildly sarcastic, “Everyone wants to know about me. How keen.”

“Well not a lot happens in a one Starbucks town like Roswell.” Alex confessed. “Your big news.”

“Really. I’m not.”

“Are these people bothering you?” Isabel asked suddenly appearing, a look of disdain on her face.

“Oh! No!”

“I don’t want to interrupt your downward mobility. I just thought I’d tell you we won’t be meeting Coach Heigl, the woman with the chest hair, because gym was cancelled due to the extreme dead guy in the locker.”

“What?” Liz said staring at her.

“What are you talking about?” Maria asked, looking alarmed.

“Some guy was stuffed in Stacey’s locker,” Isabel explained.

“Dead.” Liz repeated.

“Way dead.” Isabel confirmed.

“So not just a little dead then?” Alex added.

“How did he die?” Liz broke in, her gaze still steady on Isabel.

“I don’t know…”

“Well were there any marks?”

“Morbid much? I didn’t ask.”

Liz stood up immeadietly.

“ I uhhh, I forgot some books in my locker. I’ll see you guys later.”

Liz left and went straight to the girl’s locker room. Unfortunately, Mr. Jeep was just coming out, closing the door behind him. She slipped behind a locker and waited for him to leave. When he was gone she went up to the doorknob. She twisted the knob, but it was locked. Liz looked around to make certain she was alone. With one quick tug, she pulled the door open, splintering the lock in the process. The she gave a one glance over her shoulder and slipped inside.
She saw the body at once, lying on the ground stretched out beneath a blanket. Hesitantly she approached it, feeling certain she wasn’t going to be at all pleased with what she found. Slowly she folded the blanket down from the corpse’s head and shoulders.
Grim frustration flooded Liz’s face. She stared down at the body.

“Oh great.” She exploded.

“What’s wrong? Vampire kill him.” A voice rang out.

Liz turned around in shock.


Chapter 4

“Max, what are you doing here?” Liz asked in shock.

He walked up farther out of the shadow of the lockers.

“ I heard about the dead guy. Thought it might have to do with a vampire.”

Liz couldn’t believe he was saying this to her, but she couldn’t let him know who she was…..yet.

“Vampires? What are you crazy?”

“Liz, I’m not stupid I’ve seen them with my own eyes and I know you have too.”

Liz was starting to get suspicious of ‘Little Mr. Know It All’.

“Really and how’s that?”

Max pulled out the stake Liz had dropped in the hallway and held it up in front of him giving it to her.

“Because you dropped this.”

Liz reluctantly took the stake and didn’t take her eyes off of it. Her cover was blown and she had to make sure he didn’t tell anyone.

“You can’t say anything.” She whispered still looking down at the stake.

Max walked up closer to her.

“ I promise I won’t say anything, but you have to help find a certain one.”

Liz looked up instantly.

‘What was he talking about?’ she wondered.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked now looking up at his face.

It had grown serious and anger flashed in his eyes.

“ Her name is Tess Harding. That guy you see right there is my old best friend Sean Delfino, I know she killed him.”

Liz looked at the body. She was sad that Max had known this person, plus he was his best friend. Liz could feel tears forming up in her eyes thinking about a past similar experience. She blinked them away and looked back at Max.

“Why would she do this? I mean to him?”

“To get to me. You see when she was… alive she used to always hang around me. The night it had happened I told her off at a party. That was when she was attacked and ever since then she’s had this vendetta against me and my friends. And I need you to help me stop her before she does anything else.”

“Me? How could I stop her?” Liz was still playing dumb even though she knew he knew more than he should.

Max gave her a look.

“Liz, I know you’re the slayer. Truth is I thought you would be taller, or bigger: muscles and all that.”

“Gee, sorry to disappoint you.” Liz said sarcastically.

“You didn’t.” He said then immediately mentally kicking himself.

Liz’s started to move her mouth to say something but in the end she just looked down and blushed.

“Sorry.” He whispered looking at his feet.

“It’s….okay.” she said with a smile on her face.

“So…” Max said breaking the silence, “ are we still gonna meet 6th period in the library?”

“Or not,” Liz declared at once. “Or you know we could meet somewhere quieter. Louder. That place kinda gives me the wiggins.”

“Ah so you’ve met the new librarian?”

“He’s new?”

“Yeah, coicidence isn’t it? You’re new and he’s new? Could there be a connection?”

“Yeah… Max I gotta go.”

Liz started to make her way to the door but Max was close behind her. She turned around and faced him.

“Usually when someone says they’re leaving, the other person doesn’t follow this close behind.”

Max looked down and shrugged.

“The guy might have answers for me.”

“Answers for what?”

“Well…. Let’s just get there and I’ll explain.”

Max made his way past Liz and down the hall to the library and Liz was close behind him.

Chapter 5

Liz trailed behind Max as they made their way down the hall. Moments later they strode back into the library. Liz pulled Max to the side.

“Okay what’s the sitch?” she demanded. She wanted to know and she wanted to know now!

“Just wait, I’ll explain.” Max moved away from her and towards the stairs.

Mr. Valenti was on the stairs reading a book. He looked down and saw the two teenagers starting towards him.

“May I help you two?” he asked putting away his book. He knew that Liz must have found something but he didn’t know where that boy that was with her came into all of this.

Liz made her way to Valenti before Max did. She looked right at him at she stood in front of him.

“You heard about the dead guy right?”


“Well it’s the weirdest thing. He has two little holes in the side of his neck. Okay and now while I’m in there and ‘Mr. I Know Your Little Secret’ pops up and suddenly reads me like a walking textbook. I want to know what you people know, and I want the truth starting now!” Liz breathed.

‘God, you’d think someone in town wouldn’t know I was the slayer

“I was a afraid of this.” Valenti said sighing.

“ Well I wasn’t. It’s my first day. I thought I would be behind in things like classes, and my hairstyle, and be left out of everything and not make any friends. I didn’t expect vampires to be roaming around in this one Starbucks town.”

She turned to Max.

“Now it’s your turn. Why do want answers and how do you know who I am?”

Max breathed and took a step forward.

“I’m an alien.” He blurted out.

He expected a little more a response. Liz just looked at him with a duh expression on her face and Valenti didn’t look taken back by it either.

“Okay, Isn’t that bizarre? Aren’t you just gonna go ‘Ooooooh’?

“Ooooooh.” Liz said sarcastically.

He looked at both of them again.

“Aren’t you going to run out of here screaming and call the FBI or something?”

Liz looked at him.

“Well I’m not, but I’m not sure about Mr. Valenti over there. The kids say he’s filled with bottled up emotion. He might start to wail any second.”

“I certainly will not!” Valenti protested.

“Sure, whatever. All I wanted to say is that I don’t care.”

“Then why are you here?” Max asked.

“To tell him that I don’t care, which I don’t! And so now that I have told you, I’ll be on my way…bye.”

She started to head for the door.

“Will he rise again?” Valenti called out.

Liz turned around.


“The boy.”

“No, he’s just dead. Really dead. With a bad smell…”

“Are you sure?”

Liz shook her in annoyance.

“To become a vampire they have to suck your blood and then you have to suck their blood. It’s this whole big sucking thing. Like the way this conversation is. So good-bye now.”

“You have no idea what’s going on do you?” Max called out to her.
“Do think its coincidence that you’re here? Sean was just the beginning.”

“Hey, I was going to say that.” Valenti said.

Liz walked back over to the stairs.

“Why can’t you people leave me alone?”

“Because you’re the slayer.” Valenti chimed in.

“Yeah yeah I know. Every generation, a slayer is born. One girl, in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill the hunt the vampires---blah, blah, blah, blah.”

Valenti looked troubled.

“It seems you have all ready accepted your duty, what’s with your attitude?”

“It keeps me sane. You know what I’ve slayed vampires before. I’ve both been there and done that. I’m done and I’m moving on.”

Max looked at Liz as she talked to Valenti. He knew everything she was going through. She had a destiny to do something she didn’t want to do. He felt the same way. Actually he was in the exact same predicament. He had this destiny and all he wanted to do was….be normal.

“What do you know about this town?”

“That the people in this town are freaks and obsessed with aliens and some actually live here.”

Max gave her a look and she shrugged.

“I believe this area is a center of mystical energy. Dig into it’s history a little bit. There are so many odd occurrences. This is the only explanation to why things tend to gravitate toward it that you might not find elsewhere.”

Valenti went in to his office and came back with a stack of books.

“Things in this town you never even belived existed do. Like werewolves, zombies, succubi, incubi…aliens.”

Max’s head snapped up.

“So we---I’m here because of some mystical energy?”

“I’m not actually sure, I’d have to refer to my texts.”

“God.” Liz looked at the book with disgust.

“What did you do? Sign up for the ‘Time Life’ series?”

“Actually yes.” He said sheepishly.

“Did you get the free phone?”

“The calendar.”

“Cool. Now I know you know I’m the slayer, but I’m retired. Hey I know! Why don’t you kill them?”

Valenti smiled and it took Liz by surprise.

“I’m a Watcher. I don’t have the skill.”

“Oh come, it’s easy. Right Max? Stake through the heart, a little sunlight---it’s like falling off a log.”

“The slayer slays,” Valenti explained. “The Watcher----”

“Watches?” Max asked.

“Yes. No!” Valenti recovered himself. “ He---he—trains her, and he prepares her---”

“Prepares me for what?” Liz answered angrily. “For getting kicked out of school? For losing all my friends? Having to spend all my time fighting for my life and never getting to tell anyone, because it might endanger them? Go ahead.” She looked at him straight in the eyes. He gaze challenging. “Prepare me.”

She turned on her heel and left. Max was the first to go after her.

“Liz wait.” He called after her in the hallway.

She turned around in a huff.


He pulled her into a corner and tried to remain calm but his heart was pounding hard into his chest.

“I know how you feel. You have a secret that you can only keep to yourself and it kills you. You can’t tell the people you love because it might hurt them. Especially parents. I would love to tell them my secret. It might make it easier but I can’t take that chance.”

Liz looked intently into his eyes.

“You really are reading me like a textbook.”

“I know it’s hard. But now you have me. You have someone who knows exactly what you’re going through and is able to get away with that excuse. I feel the way you do. I have a destiny too ya know. I have to do something that I wish someone else can do for me, but I can’t. It’s who I am. And the slayer is who you are. You just have to---”

“Accept it.” She finished for him.

“Yeah.” He breathed.

‘Is it getting warmer or is it just me?’ he wondered.

The bell rang and the moment was lost. Both sighed a breath of relief knowing that they could never be together. Their destinies were two different things and they just didn’t intertwine with each other. It could never be…It just wasn’t meant to be

Valenti saw Max saw run after Liz and realized what had gone wrong. He was so intent into his thinking that he hadn’t noticed the shadowy figures lurking in the stacks. Now Maria and Alex emerged slowly into the light, a mixture of amusement, excitement, and a total disbelief on both their faces. They looked at each other for a long time then looked at the library doors. For a long time their lips moved without a sound. They turned back to each other and echoed the same thing throughout the silence.

“ What?”

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Chapter 6

Liz went through the whole day just thinking about the way Max had confronted her in the hallway. She had never felt like that in her whole entire existence. And to top it all off he understood her like no one ever could understand. Liz looked up to see the teacher writing the homework assignment on the board. She quickly dotted it down and her eyes shifted to the second row third seat back. Yes, that was where Max was sitting. He was in most of her classes and she was glad that he was in her last period class. It was boring as hell, but time went by quickly as she just stared at him. She heard the bell ring and was quickly torn out of her thoughts. She picked up her backpack and gathered her books together. She walked out of the classroom and down the hallway towards her locker. She saw Maria and Alex deep in conversation standing near it. She walked up to them.

“Hey guys. What’s up?” She said putting in her combination.

“Nothing…we’re fine…see…fine…nothing to worry about… I mean we were thinking about anything peculiar…. cause we know that would be peculiar!” Maria said in a breath.

Liz smiled and started to chuckle.

“Is she okay?” She asked Alex.

“Yeah…here sniff some cedar oil.” Alex handed her the vial and she began sniffing away.

“Are you sure there’s nothing that’s bothering you two?” Liz asked suspecting something was wrong.

“No!” They both said.

“Right.” Liz said nodding her head not believing a thing.

Liz closed her locker and began to walk away.

“Wait!” Maria called out.

Liz turned around and walked back over.

“What is it?”

“We know.” Maria said.

“You know what?”

“We know that …that…. you know..”

“Okay I’m lost.” Liz said.

‘This is way confusing’ she thought.

Alex pulled Maria and Liz into a corner beside a row of lockers.

“We know that you’re the uh…. the slayer.”

Liz started to laugh.

‘Liz remember: Denies, Denies, Denies’

“What’s a slayer anyway?” She asked innocently.

“Liz, we heard you and Max and Mr. Valenti talking. We know everything.” Alex said.

Everything?” She asked gulping.

Maria sniffed her cedar oil again.

“Yeah, I mean you live in a town where everyone talks about aliens, but to find out they actually live among you is unbelievable!”

“Don’t say that word in public!”

“What word?”

“The “A” word!”

“Oh then what should I say?”

“Czechoslovakians?” Alex suggested.

“Alex, Czechoslovakia hasn’t been a country in like 10 years!” Liz exclaimed.

“Well have anything better?”

Liz thought for a moment.

“Fine Czechoslovakians it is.”

“But Liz do we know is Max is the only… Czechoslovakian?” Maria asked.

“No we don’t, but I’ll find out.”

“Well what about Isabel?” Alex asked.

“What about Isabel?” Liz asked.

“She’s Max’s sister.” Maria said then rolled her eyes.

Liz eyes practically bulged out of her head.

“Isabel…is Max’s…sister?”

Alex and Maria nodded their head in sync.

“So do you think….” Maria asked letting the question finish itself.

“I don’t know, but we’re gonna have to talk later about this.”

She opened her notebook and wrote down her number in it. She ripped it out and gave one to Alex and Maria.

“Here’s my number. Call me later.”

“Are you coming tonight?” Maria asked memorizing the number.

‘Boy am I gonna be calling her all the time!’ Maria thought.

“Yeah I’ll come.”

“Great! See you there! And I’ll call you later!” Maria said smiling.

“Cool!” Liz said.

Liz put all her books in her backpack as she walked down the hall. She pushed the doors open and started to walk down the steps toward the sidewalk. It had gotten warmer since this morning and she couldn’t believe she had to walk in this heat. As if her prayers had been answered a green Jeep pulled up beside her.

“Need a ride?” A voice called out.

She’d know that voice anywhere. She bit her lip and turned around to see Max behind the wheel of the Jeep. Isabel was in the passenger’s seat and guy with spiky hair and a leather jacket was in the back seat.

“It’d be nice, but I don’t want to intrude.” Liz said calmly.

“You won’t be.” Max said then smiled to reassure her.

“Well only if it’s okay with everyone else.”

Isabel smiled and shrugged her shoulders and the spiky haired dude just grunted.

“Get in.” Max said.

Liz went to the side of the Jeep and climbed in beside “Spiky”.

Isabel turned around.

“Hey Liz.”


“Oh don’t mind Michael, he’s like this to everyone.”

“It’s okay. I’m the same way most of the time.”

They sat in silence for a couple minutes.

“So you’re the Slayer, huh?”

“Michael!” Isabel shrieked.

“What?” Michael asked.

“It’s okay. Yeah I am.”

“And I guess since Maxwell has a big mouth you know about us and so does they weird cowboy dressed librarian.”

‘So it is Max and Isabel…now this Michael guy? When Maria finds out she’ll flip!’ Liz thought to herself.


“So you’re not going to freak out and call the FBI?”



“There’s a little tiny problem though.” Liz said playing with her fingers in her lap.

“What kind of problem?” Isabel asked turning around in her seat again.

Max looked in the rear-view mirror and looked into Liz’s eyes.

“We’re weren’t alone when we were talking in the library.”

“Who else was there?” Max asked in a stern voice.

“Alex and Maria.”

Max pulled the car over to the side of the road.

Michael hit his head on Isabel’s headrest and Isabel laid back on it.

“Nice going Maxwell.” Michael said in a muffled voice.

“They’re okay though. I found them after last period and we had a chat and they’re okay with it. You for the most part.” Liz said trying to ease the tension in the car.

“Do they know it’s all of us?” Isabel asked sighing.

“No, well they suspect you, but they only know its Max.” Liz said looking down at her boots.

‘I need to get these cleaned’

“Just don’t let them know that you know. And don’t worry about them saying anything about you in public you like the word alien. I’ve taken care of that too.”

Max smiled.

“So you’ve just taken over everything have you?” Max asked.

Liz smiled.

“Yeah I have.”

Isabel rolled her eyes and hid her smile.

“Flirt somewhere else please!”

Liz laughed and looked at her boots again.

The Jeep stopped and Isabel and Michael got out.

“I’m gonna drive Liz home. I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Whatever Max.” Isabel said hoping out of the car, Michael joining her.

“You can get in the front if you want.” Max said.

Liz nodded and sat in Isabel’s previous seat. Max shifted the gear into reverse and they were back on the street.

“So what’s your address?”

“1630 Revlo Drive.”

“That’s not that far.”

“Yeah, that’s why I was gonna walk home, but this was good too.”

Max turned on to Revlo Drive and stopped in front of 1630.

“Thanks for the ride. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem.”

Liz leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. She pulled back bit her lip. She smiled shyly at him and hopped out of the Jeep.

“Hope to see you later.”

She waved to him and walked to her front door. She watched him drive away one hand cupping the cheek kissed. She smiled and chuckled and walked into her house. She closed the door behind her and banged the back of her head against it.

“Maybe this isn’t gonna be as bad as I thought it would be.” She muttered.

She dropped her bag on the floor and walked into the kitchen to see someone other than her mother in there.

“What are you doing here?”


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Chapter 7

Liz looked into her kitchen again.

‘This can’t be! What was she doing here?’

Liz walked slowly towards her. She looked at her mom with a perplexed look on her face. She looked at the person in front and quickly pulled her into a hug.

“I missed you.” She whispered.

“I missed you too.” She said laughing, “ Can you let go of me now.”

Liz let go and backed off. She couldn’t stop smiling.

“Aunt Serena what are you doing here?”

“Well your mom said that it was lonely in this big house so…I’m movin in!”

Liz couldn’t believe it! Her aunt Serena was the best person in the world. She was her mom’s sister and a total knock out. She looked like “Posh Spice” and people even mistaken her for her. Serena always wanted to have fun and meet new people. She knew all of Liz’s secrets…. well except for the whole slayer thing.

“That’s great!” Liz exclaimed.

“Isn’t honey?” her mom said, “ This is going be so great. You’ll love Roswell Serena. Jeff will be back from New York City in two months, so you can help me unpack.”

Serena rolled her eyes and smiled.

“Gee sounds like fun.”

Liz laughed at her comment.

‘Ask her and get it over with’

“Umm mom.” Liz said.

“Yeah honey?”

“Um, a bunch of people a t school asked me to hang with them tonight, is that cool?”

“Yes, go…have some fun.”



And with that Liz ran upstairs to get changed. She closed the door to her room and immediately dove into her closest. She pulled outfits that seemed worthy contestants.
She held up the first one to her chest. It was black, long, and little to…. dark.

“Ooookaay… little to goth.” She said throwing it back into the closet.

She held up the second one and stood in the mirror. It was a pink tang top and black pants. She nodded her head in approval. She undressed and put in on real quick and ran out of her room.

“I’m still good at this!”

She undressed quickly, put her slammin outfit on, and ran down the stairs and to the door.

“I’m leaving Mom! Bye Aunt Serena!”

“Bye honey.” Her mother called out.

“Bye sweetie.” Serena called out.

Nancy Parker heard the door slam and turned to her sister.

“I think it’s going to work out here.” She said with enthusiasm as she turned again and put cups on the shelves.

“Me too.” She said her eyes staring at Nancy’s neck.


Liz waited on the long line until she was at the top. She handed the bouncer ten dollars and was automatically let in. She could the sound of music blasting and the place was crowded. She went up to the bar.

“Cherry Cola?” She asked.

“Coming right up.” The guy said.

She looked to the stage and saw Maria up in it with Alex and Michael. She smiled. She turned to see Isabel walk through the door, she quickly saw Liz and ran over.

“Hey.” She said.

“Hey, I didn’t know Michael was in a band. And Maria and Alex too.”

Just as Isabel was about to answer the announcer got on stage and began to talk.

“Welcome everyone…tonight for your listening pleasure I give to you…. “The Whits!” He screamed.

The crowd went wild and Michael started banging on the drums and Alex strummed his guitar along with 2 other guys. The Maria went up the microphone and started to sing.

He was a boy
She was a girl
Can I make it any more obvious
He was a punk
She did ballet
What more can I say
He wanted her
She'd never tell secretly she wanted him as well
But all of her friends
Stuck up their nose
They had a problem with his baggy clothes

Maria was staring right at Isabel as she sang the song. She couldn’t believe that Alex was making her sing this song. It was a great song, but he knew “Miss Soda Pop Treat” would be in the crowd. She saw Liz standing right next to her. She was laughing, smiling, and talking to the enemy. Probably and evil Czechoslovakian trying to murder everyone…or maybe not.

He was a skater boy
She said see you later boy
He wasn't good enough for her
She had a pretty face
But her head was up in space
She needed to come back down to earth

5 years from now
She sits at home
Feeding the baby she's all alone
She turns on tv
Guess who she sees
Skater boy rockin up MTV
She calls up her friends
They already know
And they've all got
Tickets to see his show
She tags along
Stands in the crowd
Looks up at the man that she turned down

‘Okay Maria…song is almost over…keep cool…. OH GOD MICHAEL IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU….calm down….

He was a skater boy
She said see you later boy
He wasn't good enough for her
Now he's a super star
Slamming on his guitar
Does your pretty face see what he's worth?

‘Song…. Almost…. Over….’

Maria started to dance on the stage her hands in the air jumping up and down. She was surprised to see all the people in the crowd copying her moves. Evan Isabel was doing it!

‘I’ve died and am now in “The Twilight Zone!”’

Sorry girl but you missed out
Well tough luck that boy's mine now
We are more than just good friends
This is how the story ends
Too bad that you couldn't see,
See the man that boy could be
There is more that meets the eye
I see the soul that is inside

He's just a boy
And I'm just a girl
Can I make it any more obvious
We are in love
Haven't you heard
How we rock each others world

I'm with the skater boy
I said see you later boy
I'll be back stage after the show
I'll be at the studio
Singing the song we wrote
About a girl you used to know

‘Whew it’s over…and hey they not liked it!’

She turned and saw everyone turning towards the end of the stage. Walking down the stage steps she started to freak out.

“They liked it! Can you guys believe that!!!!” She hollered.

Michael turned and faced her.

“You were really good tonight, of course they like you.”

She smiled at him.

“Thanks.” She said.

He half grinned and walked away.


Liz was alone now. Believe it or not Isabel had gone over to talk to Alex and Maria was over flirting with a guy in the corner who she checked out and knew wasn’t a vamp. She heard the stereo being cued up and one of her all time favorite songs started to play. She was a little sad cause she thought Max was gonna show, but hey ‘carpe diem’ “Seize The Moment’. She looked around the room to a crowd of complete strangers.

“Great Idea.” She mumbled.

Just then a hand swung her over into the person’s arms. He looked down at her.

“You’re right. Great idea.” He said.

She smiled at him.

“I thought you were gonna be a no show Max.”

“Yeah, I don’t usually, but a certain someone convinced me.”

She chuckled. She put her arms around his neck, looked into his eyes, swayed, and listened to the music.

I've been watching you and all you do
For quite some time
Knowing all the ins and outs of you
I should've known what was on your mind
But all the world is spinning round and round
Inside my head tonight
I will fall into the darkness
And I fear I will never see the light

So let me in
All that I wanted from you
Was something you'd never do
So let me in
Oh please tonight
Don't let this end
I'll Fall

Through no light the darkness seems to be
So very strong
How does one alone against the world
Find the strength to carry on?
What happened to the way we used to love
It seemed as though life had just begun
But now that love has come and gone to fade away
Like the setting sun
Cuz' you won't let me in.

All that I wanted from you
Was something you'd never do
So let me in
Oh please tonight
Don't let this end
Cuz' I'm starting to fall
So let me in

It was all that I wanted from you
It was something you never knew
To let me in
But not tonight
For this is the end
I fall

The song stopped, but they still swayed to the music looking into each other’s eyes. Then out of nowhere Liz’s cell phone went.

“Sorry she said.”

He smiled.

“No problem.”

She cupped one ear and put the receiver to her other ear.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Lizzie! It’s Aunt Serena.”

“Oh hey. What’s wrong?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing…so how far have you and mom gotten with the unpacking?”

“Lizzie you all right?”

Liz’s stopped still and tensed up.

“Aunt Serena. Where are you?”

“At home.”


“Uh Liz…Chicago. You alright sweetie?”

“Yeah I got to go. Bye.”

She hung up the phone. All the color drained from Liz’s face. Max ran up to her concerned.

“Liz what’s wrong?” He asked.

“That was my aunt.” She said plainly.

“Yeah?” Max said confused.

“She was calling from Chicago.”

“And?” He pressed still not catching on.

She looked up at his face.

“Went I left the house…she was there…alone with my mother.”

Max’s eyes bulged out of his head.

“Come on.” He said pulling her out of the club.

They ran as fast as they could to the Jeep. They both hopped in simultaneously. Max fetched his keys out of his pocket and into the ignition. He started the Jeep up and barreled out of the parking lot driving straight to Liz’s house.

Leading them straight to god knows what…




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Chapter 8

Maria danced to the music with her new friend “Billy”. She liked him. He was cute, kind, into her music and made his own.

‘Maybe he’s what I need to get over Mikey G.’

A slow song came on and she had the sudden feeling that someone was behind her. Before she someone pulled her away and into a dark part of the club, but the person still was walking and his hand was clenched around arm.

“Oh my lanta, you’re a kidnapper! You’re kidnapping me!” Maria screamed.

“I am not, and shut your big mouth.” The voice said.

“Michael?” Maria asked.

Michael stepped into the dim light that shined in the hall.


“Oh god you’re kidnapping me! No wait! You’re abducting me!!!!”

“Maria shut up!”

“No I will not shut up! I have the right to scream if I want to!!!!!” She yelled.

“Maria, quiet down, you’re giving me a headache.”

“Why did you bring me here huh?” She asked getting closer to him, “What’s the deal with the snatching then batching?”

“That doesn’t make sense.” He said leaned in to her.

“Well I would lean back if I were you boy. You have no idea who I’m friends with. She can Kick. Your. Ass.”


“No----uh yeah, how did you know that?”

“She’s my friend too.” He said with a grin.

“OH MY LANTA!!!!!”

“Maria if you don’t -----”

Maria interrupted him and finished his sentence.

“If I don’t stop talking you’ll what?” She said putting her face right up against his.

“I’ll do this.”

Michael cupped Maria’s face and placed his lips onto hers. The heated kiss only lasted a minute, but it left both of them breathless.

“Whoa.” Maria breathed.

Michael looked at.

“That was only to shut you up.”

“Right.” She said.


Isabel slowly crept up behind Alex. She lightly tapped him on his shoulder. When he felt her and quickly turned to look.

“Isabel…. you need something? You need me to move?” He asked gesturing to another stool.

“No.” she said.

“Then what is it?” He asked curiously.

“Ummm….you want to dance?” She asked calmly.

Alex eyes turned wide as he looked at her.

“Uhhh…uhhhh… YES…I mean…. yeah sure.”

Isabel smiled and led him to the middle of the dance floor.

I've been watching you and all you do
For quite some time
Knowing all the ins and outs of you
I should've known what was on your mind
But all the world is spinning round and round
Inside my head tonight
I will fall into the darkness
And I fear I will never see the light

“I love this song.” Isabel breathed while leaning her head on his shoulder.
Alex couldn’t believe this was happening.

‘Isabel Evans had asked me to dance, is cuddling close to me, and…. wait. She knows I know. How could I forget? This isn’t about me, this is about if I’ll say anything! What a way to bring a guy down.’

Alex shook his head.

“You don’t have to do this, I’m not gonna say anything.” Alex said pulling away from her.

Isabel straightened out her red halter-top and pulled up her leather pants. She fixes her clothes up when she’s nervous.

“Alex…. I really did want to dance with you. I…I swear.” She said looking straight at him.

Alex looked up at her.

“I don’t think you should swear. It’s bad for a ‘Soda Pop Treat Girl’ like yourself.”

Alex backed away from Isabel, leaving her there, in the middle of the dance floor, all by herself.

So let me in
All that I wanted from you
Was something you'd never do
So let me in
Oh please tonight
Don't let this end
I'll Fall


Max sped up the car and swerved down the streets of Roswell as fast he could. He made a left, then a right, and swerved to the sides. He finally made to Liz house and slammed on the brakes, making them come to a screeching halt.

Liz hoped out of the Jeep as fast as she could. She ran to the door and kicked it in with her foot. Max was right behind her ready and willing to use his powers to help her in any way. She ran into the kitchen to find her ‘Aunt Serena’ hovering over her mother.

“Well this is nice, isn’t it? A family gathering with the pizza, the board games, oh yeah and the occasional neck biting.” Liz said pleasantly

The thing pretending to Serena leaned back from Liz’s mother.

It chuckled.

“So you figured me out. Wow, give the girl a prize.”

“Well obviously you know who I am. And I know what you are since you were staring at my mother’s neck like it was a turkey dinner. My question is: How were you able to be out in the sunlight?” Liz asked crossing her arms.

“Just a little trick I know.”

“Care to share?”

“Not really.”

They looked at each other waiting for someone to make a move.

“Do you want to do this hard way, …oh wait there’s just the hard way” Liz asked glaring at her opponent.

“Fine by me.”

“Serena” lunged at Liz making her body hit the floor with a loud thud. Max ran to help her, but Liz protested.

“ No Max…. get my…mom…out…” she managed to speak as she punched “Serena” in the face and kicked her off.

Max ran up to Liz’s mom. He held out his hand and she took it and led him through the kitchen to the outside.

“She’s gonna be okay ,right?” Max asked looking at Mrs. Parker.

She looked back at the young man who had gotten her out to safety.

“My Lizzie is a strong girl. She can do anything. So of course she’ll be okay. My baby’ll always be okay.” Nancy said as she listened to the sounds of glass breaking and fighting being done in her home.


“Serena” stepped back over and kicked her in the stomach. Liz winced in pain and reached for the lamp that had fallen on the floor. She grabbed it and held a tight grip. She held it over “Serena’s” head and smashed it against her skull, making her fall backwards.

“See what happens when you roughhouse?”

Liz stood up, but “Serena” suddenly grabbed her by the throat and lifted her body from the ground and tossed her into the air. She went right through the living room window and onto the front lawn. She landed badly on her back.

“Ow…. that was my favorite…. spine….” She said trying to get up.

“You’re pretty good for a human.”

“Serena” put her hand in front of her and a bright light cast throughout the room and front yard. When the room and outside went back to normal “Serena” didn’t look like “Serena” anymore.

Liz looked up in amazement.

“It’s you.”




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Chapter 9

Maria was still a little up on cloud nine after that major kiss Michael just happen to plop down right on her lips. She walked out of the little alley way and wanted to go and look for him since he just did his famous disappearing act, but instead she saw Alex sitting all alone at the bar stool. She felt the best friend feeling flow over her and she knew she needed to comfort her distressed friend.

She plopped down next to him.

“Can I have an orange soda on the rocks?” Alex asked the bartender.

“What’s got you down Gilligan?” Maria asked.

“Well gee Skipper I don’t know!”

“HEY I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT! I’m Ginger…...” she said calmly after she made the outburst.

He looked up at her and gave her a sly grin.


“So where Princess Amidala?”

“She left.”

“WHAT?” Maria screamed.

Alex looked at her.

“I asked her to. She came over here after we were dancing to say that she really did want to dance with me but I knew better and she asked what she could do to make it all better so I asked her to leave.”

The bartender placed the drink in front of Alex and he downed it in two seconds. He took a deep breath.

“Alex I’m proud of you. I mean you’ve like loved this girl forever and you had the courage to shut her down. What are you going to do now?”

She wrapped her napkin up and placed in front of Alex’s Face.

“I’m gonna go take a crap.”

Alex got up and made his through the crowd to the bathroom. Maria took the rolled napkin and held it up to her own face.

“Inspirational words from a …..”

Maria stopped when she turned and saw Michael’s face. He looked distressed himself. She knew something was wrong right away. Even when she didn’t see him she knew. He was like a vibrator. That’s what her mother always said. Guys who communicate by throwing off vibes. She sucked in her breath and waited for him to say what she already knew.

“Isabel’s gone.”


“It’s you” Liz said pulling herself off the muddy ground. She heard footsteps coming toward her and saw the figure of a guy who she could only make out as Max. He ran up to her and scooped her in his arms.

“You okay?” He asked looking over her whole body.

She pulled herself out of his arms.

“So what do you want?” She yelled.

“What do you think I want?”

“ I don’t know, a makeover? I mean those clothes with those shoes? I mean can you say carbon dated?

“Ha Ha Ha. Very funny you little pathetic wannabe of a slayer. You suck you know that?”

“Yeah I bet you know a lot about that don’t you? I mean you’ve must have sucked a lot of things judging by what I’ve heard about you.” Liz smiled and stood up getting ready to duel again with this deranged ho.

“Well you’re just a little witty thing are you, Liz right?”

“Yeah I am, you’re Bitch Whore right?”

“Actually the name’s Tess you Audrey Hepburn wannabe.”

“Actually Audrey Hepburn was always my ideal woman, Tess.” Max said stepping in.

“Gee look who just stepped up to be the knight in shinning armor? Man Max, I hope that you don’t really like Liz because before you know ~*poof*~ she’ll be just another corpse in the graveyard.” Tess said in a squeaky voice.

Liz silently picked up a sharp branch from the tree. She gripped it tightly ready to make her move when she saw someone in the kitchen.

‘No way…. It can’t be….’

The girl crept out seeing Liz. She had a worried look on her face.

“ Again, what do you want?” Liz asked still eyeing the girl.

“The granolith. Why else do you think I'd come here? See, I think you know where it is. And that's a good thing.” Tess said looking at Liz then Max. Max got tense and stiff and Liz got confused.

”I'm glad you think so, but hate to break to you honey, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well you better, because it's the only thing keeping you alive right now. Because you may be tiny queen in vampire world...”

The girl entered the room behind Tess. Liz looked at her in alarm, and tried not to let Tess see her looking.

“...but to me, you're a bug. You should get down on your knees and worship me!” Tess said getting squeakier.

The girl walked closer. Liz widened her eyes to signal for her to go away.

“But oh, no, you still think it's neat having Slayer strength. Ooh, big deal! Stronger than humans! Who isn't? I could crush the life from you as easy as you'd break a nail. But I need the granolith. If you want me gone then you’ll give it to me.”

She began to walk away backwards and reached the stairs. She began to turn away.

“Kid!” Tess yells.

The girl stops. Liz looked alarmed.

“Come here a sec.”

“Leave her out of this.” Max says. He doesn’t want an innocent girl getting mixed up in this.

“Not asking twice.”

She approached, still behind Tess and out of her line of sight.

“This is between you and me.” Liz said trying to get her to forget the girl.

” No. This is between me and the granolith. You just happen to be the thing in the way. Or is it Max? Either way I have something you want, well something separate each of you want.” She smiles.

Tess lifts her hand over her head and snaps her fingers. The girl walked into her view, folded her arms over her chest sullenly.

“And you are just the darlin'-est thing I ever did see in my life. What's your name, honey?”

“Natalie.” She said looking at Liz and her cute guy friend.

“ Natalie? I bet you know a lot of your sister’s life don’t you Natty?”

“She doesn't know anything.” Liz said beginning to get very angry.

“She’s right I don’t anything.” She replied nervously.

“You mean you know nothing? Liz here leaves you in the dark?”

“No, but I’m sure she wouldn’t want me saying anything to your peroxide head, even if I did know something about you’re grittanolthingy you keep ranting about.”

“Just like you’re sister aren’t you? Always ready with a come back. Well Liz, I hope you’re happy but you haven’t won just yet. I have something else you might be interested in?”

“Nat go up stairs.” Max said.

She looked at him like she didn’t need to take orders from him, but understood that this was a bad guy. She backed up again and ran up the stairs.

Tess grins.

“She's sassy, Liz. And I'll kill her. I'll kill your mom, I'll kill your friends...”

She looks at Max making sure he knew she meant it for him too.

“ And I'll make you watch when I do. So Max I know you know what I’m talking about so give me the granolith. You either have it or you know where to find it. Obviously, this is a one-time-only deal. Next time we meet, something you love dies bloody. You know you can't take me. You know you can't stop me. So be prepared it’s the boy scout marching song.”

Tess looked up the stairs and then back at Max and Liz.

“Oh and by the way. I hope you like surprises.”

And with that she let threw the door smiling slyly.


Isabel wiped her eyes as she walked over to her parent’s car. She heard someone drop something with a big clang then footsteps.

“Al…Al…Alex.” She asked stuttering.

She started to run faster and faster trying to get to the car, but she heard the footsteps pick up speed as well and grow louder in sound. She ran to the Chevelle that she borrowed and fumbled to find the key. She got them and put it in the keyhole, but she's suddenly grabbed by the shoulders and turned around.

“What…. do …you want?” She asks ready to use her powers any moment.

“I was wondering if you could help me find someone. I think I saw you hanging out with her. I didn’t mean to scare you it’s just I came a long way just to see her.”

“What’s her name?” Isabel asked.

'The guy doesn’t seem so bad, actually he’s kinda cute.'

“Parker, Liz Parker. She’s got brown eyes, brown hair, does a hell of a thing with a stake, and will do absolutely anything if you hold one of her best friends captive….”

Isabel’s eyes widened.


Isabel was gagged with chloroform and was dragged away by the mysterious guy into the darkness of an alley.

Quotes used from “Checkpoint”
Also I’ve changed the name of the club. It’s not “Bronze” it’s the “Crashdown”. You know thought I’d give one more of the old Roswell twist! *big*

***Edited to fix grammar mistakes I made while writing this chapter***


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Drum Roll Please........


Chapter 10

Liz fell to her knees breathing in relief.

"Are you okay?" Max asked taking her hand.

She looked up at him.

"Yeah I'll be fine."

She looked at the stairs and remembered Natalie ran up there.

'I have to make sure she's okay.'

Liz got up off the floor and ran up the stairs still holding Max's hand.

"Nat!" Liz screamed.

Natalie emerged from her room.

"Is Gerbilette gone?"

Liz smiled.

"Yeah. Come here."

Liz hugged Natalie tight and pulled away smacked her on her head.

"Ow! Why did you do that!”

Liz looked at her 14-year-old sister.

"Because you scared me to death. Do you even know who that girl is? What she can do?"

"She's a whorey cheerleader who was in the wrong at the wrong time and she can hurt people's ears by the sound of her voice and scare you with her pale skin and peroxide hair? With all these powers combine she's Super Gerbil!" Natalie said smiling.

Max cracked a smile and Liz started to laugh, but then she stopped.

" Yes, but she can do other stuff ya know."

"Like what? She goes on dates with guys and-----"

Liz's eyes widen and she quickly interrupted her sister.

"Don't even think about finishing that sentence!"

"What? You said it!"

"Nuh uh." Liz argued.

"Uh Huh." Natalie argued back.

"No I didn't."

"Yeah you did."




"Actually you did." Max said piping into the conversation.

Liz's jaw dropped.

"You're taking her side?" Liz said crossing her arms and going into a mini pout.

Max smiled.

"Why are smiling? You took her side instead of mine!"

Max started to laugh.

"It's not funny! Why are you laughing?"

"You look cute acting like this." He said.

Liz smiled.

Natalie grimaced at the interaction between her sister and this hot guy.

"Is this my punishment?"

Liz turned and glared and Natalie.

"Be quiet." she turned back to Max and smiled, "As you were saying."

As Max was about to reply they heard the front door open. Max and Liz looked at each other both thinking the same thing. Liz turned to Natalie.

"You stay here, okay? Go in my room and if thing or anyone tries to attack you scream and one of us will come, alright?"

Natalie nodded. She walked into her sister's room and sat on her bed waiting to her the sounds of glass breaking and furniture throwing to begin.


Max walked down the stairs first in front of Liz protectively.

"Liz!" a voice said.

When Liz heard the voice it was strange yet familiar.


They walked down further and saw a man that resembled Valenti. He turned around and to their relief it was him.

"Liz! What happened here?"

Max and Liz walked down farther and to the landing.

"We had a visitor." Max said still guarding Liz.

"I've found something that I think we should talk about."


"Well it seems that, well I guess you can say, that in the Hellmouth all the demons and vampires look up to one being, the one they praise as the strongest. Now I have a feeling about that girl in the newspaper that has been missing might be that person."

"We know." Max said, "She was here."

"She was here? Well what did she want?"

"The Garlic, or something...." Liz said.

Max smiled

"She wanted the Granolith."

Valenti took of the cowboy he was wearing and looked down at it.

"She knows about it.” he whispered.

Before Liz or Max could asked what he meant Michael and Maria came running through the door. Liz felt a shiver run up her spine.

' Where are Isabel and Alex?'

"Something happened." Michael said controlling his breathing.

Max suddenly felt nervous.

"What is it?" he asked afraid of the reply.

"Isabel's gone, and Alex went after her."

Liz looked back up the stairs.

"Natalie!" She screamed.

She ran to her room to find someone holding her sister's mouth so she couldn't scream.

Liz gasped.

"Hi Liz."

"How did you get in here?"

"What? How did I find you? Come on Liz, you can run, but you can't hide."

The man took out a gun. Natalie started scream Liz's name under the muffle of the guy's hand. Liz looked straight at it and stayed calm.

Then he pulled the trigger.

Liz's body flew back against the wall and she slid down it to the ground. She felt a wet pool of something form on her stomach. She wanted to scream for Max, but nothing would come out of her mouth.

"Liz!" Natalie screamed as the man pulled her out of the window.

Liz closed her eyes in defeat letting the blackness take over.

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Chapter 11

“Isabel’s gone.” Michael said.

Maria’s eyes began to tear up. Then she heard footsteps come up behind her. She turned around to see Alex there with a shocked look on his face. He quickly shook it off and then his face was unreadable.

“Alex,” She began.

Alex moved and stood in front of Michael.

“Where was she seen last?”

Michael swallowed hard. Strangely he was kind of scared of Alex being like this. He’d probably do something he’d do: something stupid.

“She was last seen in the parking lot.”

Alex listened attentively to what Michael was saying, then he saw a strange guy in the corner of the room. He’d noticed him when Isabel and he were dancing together, but he never really gave him a second thought.

‘Maybe he has something to do with Isabel. Maybe that’s why he had been staring at her the whole night.’

Alex snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Michael.

“Get Liz and Max. I think I have a lead.”

As Alex began to walk past Michael, Michael put his hand on Alex’s chest stopping him.

“Don’t do anything stupid here.”

Maria was still in distress from hearing that Isabel had vanished, but she didn’t want to hear next that her best friend was too.

“Alex,” Maria said, “Michael is right. Don’t get yourself in danger.”

Alex turned and looked at Maria.

“I know you think that my feelings for Isabel are childish and just hormonal cause I’m a guy and you think every guy just wants to get some---well that’s remotely true, but Isabel’s in danger. I’ll go after her. You guys get Liz and Max. I have a lead. When you get them,” Alex breathed, “call me on the cell.”

Maria got up from the stool to stop Alex before he made a big mistake, but Michael stopped her.

“You got to let him go, Maria.”

Maria closed her eyes. She felt like she needed to let her instincts take over. And she knew exactly what they were telling her. She looked up at Michael.

“We need to get to Max and Liz.”


Alex followed the guy down the street. He was wearing a black leather jacket. He was kind of short compared to well…Liz and Maria. He could see that he was heading into a dark alley. Definitely someplace Alex didn’t want to go, but he was going to do it anyway. Maybe he’d be the hero. Isabel would kiss him senseless and tell him how grateful she is to have him in her life. YEAH RIGHT! Like that would ever happen.

Alex followed the guy into the alley. To his belief the guy had disappeared. Alex looked behind him and then as he turned his head around he saw that he was being surrounded. Alex backed himself up against the brick building that made one side of the alley. Alex swallowed the saliva in his mouth with a hard, loud gulp.

“Fellas, fellas, can’t we settle this with a hard, fair game of Dodge ball?”

The vampires snarled at him and came closer.

“Okay, maybe you’re not Dodge ball material. That’s okay, not everybody is. How’s Frisbee? Sound good?”

They still came closer and they looked irritated. Alex had to think fast.

‘Okay, now if I were Macgyver all I would need is a stick of gum and a regular stick and I’d be able to get out of this chaos. Now, if I were hit over the head with ugly stick like these guys, I’d have to be pretty stupid ….hmmmm’

“You know…. Hey what’s that,” Alex said pointing behind the vampires, “oh my god it’s …It’s…. Morgan Fairchild!”

“Huh?” The vamps looking behind them.

Alex, realizing his plan had worked, started running down the alleyway and toward the well-lit street. He’s was going to have to find another way to save Isabel, but before he could get back to the road, something solid hit his head and he was knocked out.


Liz felt shaky. She looked around her surroundings. She was lost. Wandering through a place she didn’t know and didn’t want to know. She wandered on through a lair of some sort, wary and confused, trying to figure out where she was, and how to find her way out again. She felt as if someone was in the place with her. She turned around.

“Liz,” Isabel said standing in front of her, “ you’re dying. What happened? Where’s Max?”

Liz looked around.

“I don’t know.”

She walked around in a circle. And then turned back to Isabel. As she did she saw a cosmic, intensified light illuminating behind Isabel. Liz shielded her eyes.

Isabel saw the light and her skin turned pale.

“Liz, you can’t go. We need you.”

Liz looked at Isabel and smiled.

“But isn’t my time?”

Isabel looked at her baffled then she finally realized what she meant.

“Liz, I’m not her to take you. I’m not dead. I’m dream walking you.”

Liz was confused.

“Liz, I’m here to give you information on where I am. It’s grimy and it’s almost like an old warehouse or an old factory. And I think I smell cheese.”

“So you’re not here to take me?”

Isabel looked around trying to figure a way to help stay Liz live.

“Liz, I don’t have much time. You need to tell everyone where I am.”

Isabel looked behind her hearing someone coming.

“Someone’s coming. I have to go. Hold on, Liz. Please, for me.”

Then she disappeared, making the look even light brighter without her standing in front of it. As soon as Isabel left, Liz saw a figure walking toward her out of the light. They came out of the light and looked down into her eyes intently. She saw their lips moving and knew they were talking to her, but she didn’t listen. Then they held out their hands to her. Liz looked down at them and placed in her own. They gripped her hands tightly as she followed them into the light.

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Thuy Trang

Decmber 14,1973 - Septermber 3, 2001

R.I.P. Thuy, you'll be remembered

Also just to add, Thuy died because she wasn't wearing her seatbelt, so please if you drive always wear your seatbelt, it will save your life, because unlike Thuy, the person who hit her lived because they were wearing one.

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