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Title: Stargazers/Stargaters
Author: jane
E-mail: illta1985⊕
Category: AU, Futurefic, Crossover(Roswell/Stargate SG1)
Rating: PG13 (A few swearwords, some "romantic" situations)
Couples: M/L, D/S, CC
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, UPN, Jason Katims and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this fabulous series (but who we are frustrated with, for messing up the beautiful, 1st season story line!). Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. I have written this story for entertainment purposes only and no money whatsoever has exchanged hands. No copyright infringement or disrespect is intended. Not to be archived without permission of the authors.
SUMMARY: After college, Alex and Liz (from Roswell) join the SGC. As the Stargate gives up its secrets, will their new colleagues in SG1 learn about the secrets the two friends still carry? Will they ever “dial up” one planet’s address in particular? Read and find out! In the Roswell universe, everything up through "Wipe-out" happened, but Nothing after that! In the Stargate universe, everything up through the Season Two happened, but Nothing after that! And I had to bump Roswell back 10 years, Only so that the character's ages would match up! Okay?

Stargazers/Stargaters Part 1

June, 1998

Liz Parker made her way through the crowds of her fellow students and their families as she tried to find her own parents and friends. They had all traveled from Roswell, New Mexico to Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts to see her receive her Ph.D. in microbiology. Being short, hardly five feet one though, Liz worried that she would never find them before the reception for the graduates ended. Just then she saw a familiar tall, dark head sticking out above the sea of faces and called out.


“Liz!” Alex Whitman, one of her best and oldest friends called back, grinning.

“Lizzy!” Maria DeLuca her other best and life-long friend cried out at the same time.

A path opened up in the crowd and Liz ran to them to be hugged and kissed on the cheek. Alex was tall and thin, with short black hair, an outgoing personality and a quick mind. Maria was of medium height and slim, with shoulder-length blond hair (this month), more curiosity than a cat and a motor-mouth to match. Both were the same age as Liz, twenty-eight, had known each other since they were in grade-school and were so close that they had been dubbed the Three Musketeers, by their parents, years ago.

“Lizzy!” Jeff Parker; Liz’s father called out too, as he and his wife, Nancy waited to hug their only child as well.

“We are so proud of you, Liz!” Nancy Parker told her daughter. “You’ve wanted this degree almost your whole life…and now you have it.” Nancy squeezed her dark haired, petite daughter again.

“Congratulations, Liz.” Charles Whitman, Alex’s father said as he reached out to shake her hand.

Alex had just received his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from MIT the day before and so all of their friends and families had come out to attend both ceremonies.

“Thanks, Mr. Whitman.” Liz craned her head up to meet the gentle, bespectacled eyes of Alex’s father, who towered over her at six feet six or more.

“Congratulations, Liz!”

“Kyle!” Liz grinned as she hugged her third best friend, Kyle Valenti.

Although Liz had not known Kyle as long as she had known Maria and Alex, the two of them had casually dated for several months during high school and Liz was grateful for the strong friendship which had grown between herself and the dark haired, star quarterback and high school wrestling champ, over the years since then.

“Wow, it’s so great that all of you could attend Alex and my graduations. Thank you!” Liz told everyone.

“Mom is sorry that she couldn’t come, Liz, but she didn’t think that both of us should be absent from the shop.” Maria explained.

Since graduating from high school, Maria had taken some business courses at the community college and now helped run her mother’s alien-themed gift shop in the alien-capital-of-the-world, Roswell, New Mexico.

“Yeah, we took a chance that Janet would be able to handle everything at the Crashdown, especially since Maria wouldn’t be there as an emergency back-up manager but we weren’t going to miss your big day.” Jeff said.

Both of Liz’s parents owned and ran an alien-themed café in town, in which Liz and Maria had worked as waitresses during their high school years and which Maria still occasionally helped to manage.

“Yeah, and you know Dad; he doesn’t trust his deputies to take proper care of ‘his’ town.” Kyle spoke for his father, the Sheriff of Roswell, Jim Valenti.

“I understand.” Liz said.

“I just wish you would change your mind about coming home for the summer.” Jeff said.

“I will be coming home, Dad.” Liz said.

“Just to pack up the rest of your things.” Jeff replied and Liz sighed.

“Dad, Cambridge is my home now; it has been for the last ten years, while I worked towards my degrees and now that I’ve been offered the professorship here at Harvard…I will spend some time with the two of you this summer, but between finding an apartment here and moving into it and helping Alex move so that he can start his new professorship at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, I’m going to be pretty busy…” Liz explained again.

“I know honey, it’s just so hard to see my little girl all grown up and living on her own and a professor at Harvard University. I…we will miss you, but we are so proud of you too.” Jeff said, hugging his daughter one more time, releasing the tension and allowing them all to enjoy the rest of the reception.

A few days later, everyone had returned to Roswell and Liz was over at Alex’s graduate dorm, helping him pack. The U of C ⊕ CS was helping him to find an apartment and he would be flying out there that weekend to look things over.

“Have you had any luck finding an apartment, Liz?” Alex asked.

“Kind of…the University Housing Office has a list of apartments for me to check out in the next day or two.” Liz answered in a soft, sad voice.

“Are you okay, Liz? You’ve been really quiet lately.” Alex asked.

“It’s just that so much is changing. This’ll be the first time I’ve ever really lived on my own and you won’t even be nearby, ready to lift my spirits and make me smile.” Liz said.

“I’m sorry that I have to move away from you, Liz.” Alex said. “This is going to be hard for me too…but I keep telling myself that I’ll be doing fascinating work, plus the teaching will be fun. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity; no more than you could pass up the offer that Harvard made you”

“I know you’re right, Alex. I’m just going to miss you. You’re the only one here, who I can talk to when things get…bad for me.” Liz said and Alex nodded in understanding.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since…since Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael left and it’s difficult to talk about them over the phone, even to Maria or Kyle. Boy, how the years have flown by.” Alex replied.

“It seems like only yesterday that they received the call from Antar, begging them to return.” Liz said, tears starting to pool in her large, chocolate-brown eyes as she thought about her other four friends; Max and Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding.

Friends who had turned out to be aliens…as in not-of-this-earth-aliens…whose ship had crashed out in the Roswell desert back in 1947. The four of them had been placed in incubation pods and their protectors had hidden them within a cave to grow and mature over the next thirty years until they had emerged from the pods as six year olds, in 1977. Max, Isabel and Michael had emerged at the same time and wandered away from the pod-chamber, but when they saw a car’s headlights coming towards them, Michael had run away from his two friends. Philip and Diane Evans had been in that car and took the two little children home with them and eventually adopted them. Michael had been found soon afterwards but he was placed in a foster home. Tess had not emerged with the three of them, but their one remaining protector was there when she did come out and had raised her while searching for the other three.

The three young aliens had grown up into teenagers, keeping to themselves and keeping the secret of whom and what they were…until that fateful day when two men had come into the Crashdown Café, in which Liz and Maria were working. One of the men had been carrying a gun and when they started arguing, it had gone off and Liz had been shot. Max, who had had a secret crush on Liz all his life and who had the power to heal, had rushed to where Liz lay on the floor, pressed is hand over the bullet wound in her abdomen…and had healed her. After that day it was only a short time until Liz, Maria and Alex were let in on the young alien’s secret. But the aliens did not know where they came from or why they were on Earth and together with their three human friends; they searched for answers to their questions…and fell in love. Max and Liz; sweet, romantic and intense…soul-mates. Maria and Michael; fiery and passionate. Isabel and Alex; slow and hesitant but deeply committed.

During the spring of their sophomore year in high school, the FBI came to town and so did Tess Harding; bringing with them danger, intrigue and a few answers…and a lot of heartache. Tess had been taught by their protector, Nascedo, that she and Max were destined to be together…as mates. But Max was in love with Liz. In the middle of that struggle, Max was captured and tortured by the FBI, until all of the friends, Sheriff Valenti and Nascedo, working together, rescued him. But while the group was trying to interrogate rogue-agent Pierce, Kyle was fatally shot and Max ended up healing him as well…and another member would join their group.

But while the Sheriff took his son home to recuperate, Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess and Liz received a prerecorded holographic message from Max and Isabel’s alien mother. She explained who they were; Max had been the king of their world, Antar, Isabel his sister, Michael his second-in-command and Isabel’s fiancé and Tess was Max’s young bride. Liz heard the message and was thrown into a tailspin, which she did not recover from for several months. Liz spent that summer with her aunt in Florida and when she returned, Liz was determined to stay away from Max…but Max was equally determined to get her back…and he had almost succeeded when Liz received a visit…from Max…from fourteen years in the future.

Future Max told Liz that unless Tess and his younger self were together, all life on Earth would be wiped out by Antar’s enemies, fourteen years later. Liz did her very best to make Max fall out of love with her and to push him towards Tess…Liz even made him think that she had slept with Kyle…and for a while it worked, but eventually the truth came out and by that time, Max and Tess had admitted to each other that they could only be good, close friends to each other, because Max loved Liz and Tess was falling in love with Kyle. The group came to understand that the four aliens need only live close by each other, so that if their enemies attacked they could form the Four-Square, a fighting stance through which they could link psychically and multiply their powers…and defeat their enemies, the Skins and their leader, Khivar. After Tess and Max came to their understanding, Liz allowed herself to be pulled back into Max’s strong, loving arms and adoring heart; returning his emotions and commitment fully…until just after their high school graduation, when the call came.

The civil war which had been raging over their entire planet for forty years was at a critical stage; it could be stopped now or it could explode into all-out anarchy and lead to the total destruction of their world. With much anguish and heartache, the eight young people had decided together that the four aliens must return to Antar…and that it was too dangerous for the four humans to accompany them. Max had promised Liz that he would return to her if he could, but it had now been ten years and the four left behind had mostly given up on ever seeing their loves again…and yet they had not really moved on emotionally. Liz and Alex had thrown themselves into their studies and graduated with bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees in record time. Maria and Kyle had taken some college courses and found professions for themselves and all four of them had dated…a little…in Liz’s case, only when her college roommates harassed her into doing it…but none of them had formed any long-term relationships with members of the opposite sex. And now Alex was moving away from Liz.

“Liz let’s make a promise to each other, okay?” Alex suggested, seeing the tears gathering in his friend’s lovely brown eyes and fearing that they would start to do the same thing in his own eyes. “Let’s promise each other that we will try, try to treat this move and these new jobs as new beginnings for ourselves. We’re going to meet new people and experience new and wonderful things, right?” Liz looked down and bit her full lower lip; her silky, long brown hair falling forward over her shoulders to partially hide her face. “Liz, promise me you’ll try.” Alex said, placing his index finger underneath her chin to raise her head and make her look up at him. Liz gazed deeply into his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Okay, Alex…I’ll try. Ouch!” Liz made the promise and then let out an exclamation.

“Liz…what? Oh no not again!” Alex said as he saw the lightning which was flickering between her fingers and up and down her arm.

“It’s okay, Alex…it’s going away.” Liz reassured her friend.

“That only happens when you’re really upset Liz. You have to calm down so you don’t hurt yourself.” Alex told her, drawing her into a brotherly hug and rubbing her slim back.

“I’m trying, Alex…and it’s going away. Phew!” Liz breathed out a gust of air and moved back from Alex. “I’m okay now.”

During their emotionally charged junior and senior years, Liz had started to develop “alien powers” such as astral projection and the ability to throw things away from her. These powers grew in intensity when she became upset, confused or angry. Liz and Max figured out that she had developed them because Liz had almost died before Max was able to heal her of her gunshot wound. The same case applied to Kyle who developed powers shortly after the four aliens had returned to Antar. Plus, Max had healed others with less critical injuries and they had never developed powers. Liz’s powers developed before she and Max ever made love together; ruling out sex as a way of transmitting alien powers. Neither Alex nor Maria ever developed powers even though they had made love with Isabel and Michael, respectively. Max and Liz had worked together to gain some control over her powers and now she rarely ever experienced an unwanted surge.

A few weeks later, Liz was in Colorado Springs helping Alex move into his new apartment. It was not large, but it was in a nice clean building and so far the other tenants he had met were all very friendly. The apartment had two nice sized bedrooms, one bath, a modest galley kitchen, a livingroom/diningroom, with a wood burning fireplace and a great view of Cheyenne National Park.

Liz was at the door to the apartment with a clipboard, directing the movers where to place Alex’s furniture and boxes when four people came out of the apartment next door. Three of them walked by, on the way to the elevator; a tall, handsome, older man with short, salt and pepper hair and an air of authority, a pretty blond woman, perhaps in her late-twenties, early-thirties and a large black man wearing a black ski-cap pulled low over his forehead. The fourth person; a very handsome man, also in his early-thirties, with longish chestnut-brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a great body, as far as Liz could tell…and wearing round, wire-frame glasses stopped by her and smiled sweetly.

“Um uh hi…are you um just moving in? I…live right next door.”

“Hi, no, it’s my friend, Alex who’s moving in. I’m just helping him. My name’s Liz.” Liz answered, sticking out her hand to shake his.

“Oh uh yes, um…I’m Daniel, Daniel Jackson. Nice to meet you…Liz.”

“Liz Parker and this…” She motioned to her friend, who had just come to his front door…”is Alex Whitman. Alex, this is Daniel Jackson, your neighbor.” Liz introduced the two men who shook each other’s hands as well.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” They were saying to each other when someone impatiently bellowed back down the hall.

“Daniel, let’s GO!”

“Coming Jack.” Daniel called back to his friend. “Um…I’ve gotta go…I look forward to…”


“…getting to know you, um…later.” Daniel finished saying before he took off jogging down the hallway.

“For Pete‘s sake, Jack.” Liz and Alex heard him exclaim, before he rounded a corner and disappeared from view and from hearing.

“Well, well, well; you can count on me coming to visit if you promise that I’ll be able to see Daniel each time I do!” Liz chuckled before going back to work.

“Great, I’ll make sure I get to know my new neighbor, then.” Alex quipped before he went back inside.


A week before Christmas, Liz flew from Cambridge to Colorado Springs to spend a few days with Alex, before they drove down to Roswell together. She could have flown into New Mexico directly, but that would not have given her the chance to see Alex’s handsome neighbor, Daniel again. Alex picked her up at the airport and drove her to his apartment. After she settled into his guestroom and freshened up a little, Liz walked out to the livingroom where Alex was just setting down a tray with a coffee carafe and two mugs on it.

“All settled, Liz? I thought you might like some coffee.”

“I’d love some, thanks, Alex.” Liz smiled at her friend as they both sat down on the sofa. “Hmmm…this is good coffee. Is it a special blend?”

“Yeah, actually Daniel got me onto it. That seems to be all he lives on.” Alex grinned.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“I’ve seen him at the bulk-health-food store several times and all he’s ever buying are his coffee beans that he then grinds himself…and if I ever see him in the elevator with grocery bags, they’re from that store and they’re filled with…”

“Coffee beans!” Liz giggled. “And now he has you hooked too?” Liz asked.

“Yup!” Alex grinned, sipping from his steaming cup.

“I want to hear all about what you’ve been up to of course, Alex, but first, what else have you been able to find out about your new neighbor? You haven’t really told me much during our e-mail conversations, since you moved.” Liz reproved. “I can’t help think I’ve heard about him somewhere else.”

“Well…I haven’t been able to find out all that much about him really. He’s a nice guy, but he’s not home a lot. He did tell me once that he’s an Egyptologist and linguist; a Ph.D.…and I’m wondering if he’s with the military somehow. I’ve seen him wearing those green fatigues they wear and several of his friends do too.

“What would the military want with an Egyptologist, Alex?” Liz asked frowning…a memory was trying to surface in her mind.

“I don’t know, since he also seems to be sort of a klutz!”

“What?” Liz giggled.

“Yeah, just about every time I see him, he has some cut or bruise…or a cast somewhere on his body…he has a broken leg in a cast as we speak.” Alex said.

“Oh no; the poor guy!” Liz said, sincerely.

“Yeah, I thought that would be your response so I thought you might be nice and go get his mail for him; I’ve been picking it up for him each day so he doesn’t have to hobble downstairs on his crutches.” Alex suggested.

“What a good neighbor you are, Alex and a good friend for thinking of me…but tell me first, doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” Liz asked.

“I’m not sure.” Alex said thoughtfully. “There is this one lady…military-type who comes over a lot and I think she’s spent the night a few times…but I’m not really sure. I mean, maybe she’s his sister or something; we’ve never been introduced.”

“Does this lady have short, blond hair, rather pretty?” Liz asked.

“Um, yeah she does; how’d you know?” Alex asked.

“I saw her with two others that day you moved in. The three of them seemed to have come to pick Daniel up. Remember, one of the guys yelling down the hall for Daniel to hurry up?”

“Oh yeah…pity I missed seeing her.” Alex said.

“Well, let me run downstairs and get his mail and then when I get back you can tell me all about what you’ve been up to.” Liz said, getting up off of the sofa.

“And vice-versa.” Alex said, getting up as well to give Liz the small key to Daniel’s mail-slot.

“Be right back.” Liz said as she left the apartment.

Liz took the stairs down, got Daniel’s mail; the usual junk-mail and a few bills, Liz saw and then she ran back up the stairs, a chance for some exercise after her long flight. When she came out of the stairwell, Liz saw a small woman and a young girl knocking at Daniel’s door; they must have come up in the elevator Liz reasoned. When Daniel opened the door, his face broke into a grin when he saw the petite brunette and the girl. The young girl launched herself into his arms for a hug and then they moved to go inside the apartment.

‘Better go now and give him his mail so he doesn’t have to get up later.’ Liz thought to herself. Daniel and the girl were obviously close, were hey his ex-wife and daughter? She hurried forward before his apartment door closed.

“Knock, knock.” Liz called out as she rapped her knuckles on the door.

The door was opened by the little girl.

“Um hi, I’m Liz; I’ve brought up Daniel’s mail for him.” Liz explained.

“Hi, I’m Cassie…Cassandra. Do you want to come in and give it to him? His leg is broken and he just sat down.”

“Sure, thanks…Cassie.” Liz smiled at the girl and walked into the apartment.

‘Wow!’ Liz thought to herself as she walked in. ‘This is definitely the home of an archeologist.’

The apartment was set up much like Alex’s, but it was totally filled with things. The bookshelves were stuffed to overflowing with books and small artifacts. The walls were hung with ancient objects as well; and larger pieces of antiquity were scattered around the room, on the floor…but in an orderly way, which allowed her to see each piece clearly.

“Uh high…Daniel…I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I’m…”

“Alex’s friend, Liz.” Daniel said with his sweet smile as he looked up at her from his seat on the couch.

“Yes.” Liz grinned. “Um Alex told me that you’d broken your leg and asked if I’d go get your mail for you…while he finished working on something…on his um computer.” Liz made up the story as she placed his mail on the side table near him. “How’s it feeling…your leg, I mean?”

“Oh it’s getting better; right Doc?” Daniel asked the woman who was standing nearby. “Oh I’m sorry; let me introduce you to my friends…Dr. Janet Fraser and her foster-daughter, Cassandra, who I guess you met at the door. Janet, Cassie, this is Liz Parker, a friend of my neighbor, Alex Whitman.”

Nice to meet you Liz…As Daniel knows very well, Cassie is more my daughter than a fosterling; I’m working on adopting her…right Cassie?’

“Right, Mom!” Cassie hugged the lady and Liz smiled, but her eyes were sad as she remembered three other fostered/adopted children.

“You okay, Liz?” Daniel asked seeing the sadness in this young woman’s lovely face.

“Yeah, yes, Daniel, I’m fine, thanks.” Liz plastered an almost believable smile on her face and turned to the two females.

“So Cassie, are you from around here?” Liz asked, casually. Cassie however tensed and looked from Janice to Daniel before she answered.

“No, I’m originally from…Toronto, that’s in Canada.” Cassie said and then she pointed her index finger ceiling ward.

“Oh? I’ve heard that Toronto is a very nice city.” Liz managed to get out through clenched teeth.

It had always been a joke between her and her alien friends that when they pointed skyward to indicate that they were “not-of-this-world” everyone thought they were saying that they were from Canada…and Cassie being a foster-child, like they had been…?

‘Get a grip, Liz!’ She ordered herself as her hand started to hurt from the electrical charge which was starting to build up in her system and she quickly stuck it behind her back.

“Well actually…it wasn’t that nice.” Cassie started to say.

“What’s wrong with your hand, Liz?” Janet asked, concerned but also cutting off what Cassie had been about to say.

“Hmmm? Oh nothing really.” Liz brought her hand out from behind her back and flexed it. “I just had a cramp in it. I think from the carpal-tunnel syndrome I’m developing from all the computer and lab work I do.” Liz managed to smile.

“Lab work? What do you do for a living, Liz?” Daniel asked.

“I’m a microbiologist and a professor at Harvard.” Liz told them.

“Wow, that’s impressive, Liz.” Janet said. “Hey are you the E. Parker who wrote the article on…” Janet went on to mention an article she had recently read in one of her medical journals.

‘Why yes I am.” Liz said and the two women launched into a discussion about Liz’s findings.


Over an hour later, Liz returned to Alex’s apartment.

“Wow, you and Daniel must have really hit it off!” Alex teased her.

“Well yeah, I guess we did, he’s very nice…but mostly I was discussing microbiology with his friend, Janet Fraser, M.D. and…” Liz paused.

“What, Liz?” Alex asked.

“A couple of things…Janet has an almost adopted daughter named Cassie. When I asked her if she was from around here she answered Very hesitantly that she was from Toronto, Canada and then she pointed her index finger towards the ceiling…”

“And that reminded you of Max…right?” Alex asked.

“Yeah.” Liz said sadly.

“Well at least Cassie didn’t say she was from Czechoslovakia!” Alex grinned and Liz tried to join him in the joke.

Back in their teens, Maria had come up with the code-word ‘Czechoslovakian’ to use instead of saying ‘alien’ when they were talking about Max, Isabel, Michael or Tess.

“But Alex there’s something else. Remember I told you that I thought I had heard of Daniel Jackson somewhere? Well, I just remembered where I’ve heard of him. Three years ago, he presented a paper at an archeologist’s conference. His theory stated that the Egyptian pyramids were much older than anyone thinks they are and that there was a cross-pollination of ancient cultures…made possible because he believes that…aliens built the pyramids of the Egyptians, Aztec and Mayans!”

“Liz!” Alex exclaimed with a grin.

“I know; it’s ludicrous!” Then she sobered. “Daniel was laughed out of academia after that.” She said sadly.

“So maybe he got desperate enough to take a job with the military.” Alex suggested. “They probably need linguists rather than Egyptologists and Daniel is reported to be very gifted…they say he can read at least twenty-four…oops…ancient languages. What would the military want with someone whose specialty is ancient languages?”

“I don’t know…” Liz replied thoughtfully.

After that, by silent, mutual consent the friends changed the subject and caught up on each other’s lives for the rest of their holiday together.

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Thanks so much for all of your great feedback, everyone!

I don't want to give away what's going to happen, but I have added a "Couples" statement up at the top of the story (next to the rating).

And that's all I'm going to say for now...he, he, he!

Part two will be posted Tuesday night.

Love, jane
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Thanks everyone for your feedback! Please, keep it coming.

I am writing this story mostly from Liz's point of view,
so what the SGC and the Stargate "is" won't really be explained until she's recruited...for those of my readers who don't know that much about the movie or the show. This story is all about secrets being revealed! Hope you enjoy! ~jane

Stargazers/Stargaters Part 2

Three months later, at the end of March, 1999, Daniel Jackson was sitting in on a briefing with his superior and some of his co-workers. At the head of the large table sat Major General George Hammond; at fifty years of age, the almost bald man was a formidable presence in their midst; the strong yet compassionate and honorable commanding officer of their top-secret base.

To the right of the General sat Daniel and on his right sat Captain Samantha “Sam” Carter, Ph.D. An Air Force officer who had flown during the Gulf War and a theoretical astrophysicist, all neatly packed into a tall, slim, well-disciplined body, crowned with a cap of short blond hair, above her lovely face.

Across from Daniel and on the General’s left sat his second-in-command, Colonel Jack O’Neill. He was all military with little patience for the scientists working on the base…except for the two who worked with him on his team, Daniel and Sam, both of whom he secretly respected very much. Tall with short salt and pepper hair, penetrating dark brown eyes in a still handsome, rough-hewn face and a trim but well-muscled body, the Colonel was considered by the base female population to be one of the most eligible and sexiest men they knew…if you could get past his sharp, sarcastic wit…Daniel had to be discounted from (the top of) their list, even though he had charm, brains, courage, the most gorgeous blue eyes and of course sex-a-peal, since he was married.

The fourth member of their team, Teal’c was on leave visiting his family.

“…Well, unless any of you have something to add to this briefing, you’re all dismissed.” General Hammond said and everyone stood as their CO rose from his chair. Colonel O’Neill walked towards the door but Captain Carter and Daniel Jackson stayed where they were.

“Sir, do you have a moment? I need to discuss something with you.” Sam Carter requested.

“Yes, Captain, I have thirty minutes until my next meeting, what do you need to discuss with me? Dr. Jackson, are you a part of this as well?”

“Yes, General…Well, I may have a suggestion to make once Sam has finished giving you her request.” Daniel explained.

“Very well; go ahead, Captain.” The General said, taking his seat again as did they.

“Thank you, sir. Sir, Dr. Thompson has informed me that he is going to have to resign because of his health; we will need to find someone to replace him as soon as possible.” Sam said.

“Yes, Dr. Thompson has informed me of his decision as well, Captain…He’s been one of our most valuable electronic/computer engineers. I agree we will need to have him replaced ASAP.” General Hammond replied.

“Thank you, sir.” Sam said.

“Do I take it that you know someone who might replace Dr. Thompson, Dr. Jackson?” The General asked.

“Uhm yes sir, I do, or I think I do; we’d need to speak to him of course, but Dr. Koonz remembers having him in several of his classes at MIT and thinks he’d do a great job replacing Dr. Thompson.” Daniel replied.

“What’s his name, Dr. Jackson?” Hammond asked.

“Uhm well it’s Whitman, Dr. Alex Whitman.” Daniel said finally handing the General the file in his hand. “In the top of his class at MIT and he just accepted a professorship at U of C ⊕ CS, in their electrical engineering department, six months ago.”

“So he’s right here under our very noses?” General Hammond asked.

“Right under my nose especially, General. He’s my neighbor.” Daniel clarified.

“Oh?” Hammond replied.

“We could bring him on board on a part-time basis; I image he would have to at least finish out the spring semester at the University and then be released from any contract he has with them.” Daniel suggested.

“His record does look very impressive.” Hammond said as he glanced through it. “Very well Captain. I take it that you and Dr. Jackson would like to approach Dr. Whitman about his joining us?”

“Yes sir.” Sam answered. “We might also take Dr. Koonz with us or ask him to call Dr. Whitman.”

“Sounds good.” The General smiled. “If he’s interested you will bring him here for Colonel O’Neill and I to interview before we have him sign an oath of secrecy and show him our little secret.”

“Thank you, sir.” Sam said, before they both left. On the way out they passed Dr. Fraser on her way in.

“Hi Janet.” Daniel greeted her.

“Hi guys…Excuse me General, do you have a minute?” The base Chief Medical Officer asked.

“A few minutes, Doctor; what can I do for you?” General Hammond answered, indicating that she should come in and take a chair at the table.

“Thank you, sir.” Janet said, doing just that. “We’re running into a problem in Medical, General. The more missions our teams go on, the more samples they bring back and the more medical tests needed to be performed on them, to make sure that they aren’t bringing back any harmful microbes, bacteria or viruses with them, the more we need another microbiologist on our staff, sir.”

“Ah, I see Doctor. Did you have anyone specifically in mind for this new position?” He asked.

“Yes Sir.” Janet handed the General the file she was holding. “Parker, Dr. Elizabeth Parker, sir.”

“M.D.?” Hammond asked.

“Ph.D. sir; from Harvard. Top of her class, she is now holding a professorship there.” Janet explained.

“Well I’ll be frank with you Doctor.” The General warned. “Adding a new position to the staff may be tricky right now, especially since we will need to replace Dr. Thompson in the near future. Why don’t we get his position filled first and then we should have better luck adding a new position in Medical.”

“Thank you, sir.” Janet said, getting up from her seat. She knew that the General would do his best for her department and for the base.


One week later, Alex found himself being interviewed by an Air Force general and a colonel, while Captain Sam Carter and Daniel Jackson sat in on the meeting as well. He could not believe that he was actually considering accepting a job with the government; the military. If it weren’t for Dr. Koonz, his old professor from MIT and Daniel Jackson, his neighbor telling him about how important and interesting their work was and throwing in phrases like “the most important work you will ever do” and “the most fascinating scientific discoveries…” he would not have even thought twice about the offer…but they had and he had and here he was, on the Air Force base situated only minutes away from the famous Cheyenne Mountain Military Complex.

“Well, Dr. Whitman, between your academic qualifications, publications, the recommendations from Drs. Koonz, Carter and Jackson and what I have seen and heard here this morning, I would like to formally offer you this job with the SGC.” General Hammond said, smiling and sticking out his hand to shake Alex’s. If we can get you to sign these pages…they contain your oath of secrecy. Dr. Whitman let me remind you that the work we do at the SGC is a matter of national security and is top secret. If you tell anyone about your work or allow any information regarding our work or the SGC to fall into any unauthorized hands, you will be subject to prosecution and jail…do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir, General.” Alex said nervously, before signing the forms and passing them back to the General. He reached for his glass of water and was taking a sip when Colonel O’Neill spoke up.

“I’m just curious Dr. Whitman. I see that you grew up in Roswell, New Mexico; do you believe in…aliens?”

The question came out so quickly and so unexpectedly that Alex swallowed his water wrong and started to choke. Sam came and slapped him on his back a couple of times and then he got his breath back.

“Excuse me?” Alex croaked out.

“Do you believe in aliens, Dr. Whitman?” Jack O’Neill repeated his question and Alex hesitated for a moment before replying.

“I…guess I’m like Fox Mulder on “The X-files”…I want to believe, but I’d be skeptical of anyone who said they’d seen one…probably ask them where they were getting their massive amounts of hallucinogens! But I’ll always remember that line from the movie “Contact”, it goes something like…the universe is so huge…if we are the only living beings out there, wouldn’t that be a great waste of space?” Alex chuckled, congratulating himself on handling that unexpected question pretty well…considering that he’d almost choked to death.

“Well then Dr. Whitman, welcome aboard the SGC.” Jack O’Neill said, sticking out his hand to shake Alex’s. “Why don’t we take you on a tour of the base and show you what you’ll be doing?”

“That sounds great.” Alex replied.

All of them walked outside, got into a van and drove to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. During the short drive, everyone was quiet, deep in their own thoughts. Alex was reviewing his interview. He guessed that the only reason Colonel O’Neill had been included in on the meeting had been that he was the General’s second-in-command. He certainly was not the administrator that his CO was; Jack O’Neill was all military and he had made it clear that he did not like scientists…if the sarcastic comments he had made meant anything. Alex wondered what O’Neill thought of him and the way he had tried to defuse the sarcasm with humor.

Jack O’Neill’s thoughts were much the same as Alex’s; reviewing the interview. Maybe Dr. Whitman would not be so irritating and stuffy as most of the other geeks who worked at the SGC. He was young, looked fit, didn’t wear glasses and he liked Whitman’s sense of humor; it rebounded well off of his own sarcasm.

‘I wish Jack wouldn’t bait the interviewees like he does.’ The General was thinking. ‘But it does serve a purpose, which is the only reason I allow it. People who can’t hold their own against Jack rarely ever stick it out here at the SGC.’

Alex had some trouble swallowing when he was told that the SGC was located two miles underneath Cheyenne Mountain. Indeed, they had to take two separate elevators to make the trip.

“You know, I probably should have asked this before, but what do the initials SGC actually stand for?” Alex asked, cracking his jaw trying to unplug his ears as they descended in the elevator.

“Let’s leave that bit of information for the end of our tour, shall we?” Jack O’Neill said, being inscrutable.

“Uhm, okay…” Alex agreed wondering what was going on.

When they finally arrived down at sub-level 26 they exited the elevator.

“Everything’s pretty utilitarian down here.” Sam warned. “Nothing fancy.”

“Yeah…but interesting, very interesting!” Alex responded with a grin as they walked down the dimly lit tunnels, complete with water pipes and electrical conduit running along the rounded walls and ceilings. It was what he saw through the doorways they passed; the labs, equipment and computers looked top rate even in their no-frills environment, which excited him.

“This is our main lab, where Captain Carter does a lot of her work.” General Hammond said, pausing at a doorway long enough for Alex to look inside.

“Very impressive, Sam!” Alex said grinning still, as his eyes tried to see everything at once.

“Down this way is the lab you’ll be working in.” Jack tried to move things along. Dr. Whitman could drool on his own time.

“Wow…oh wow! Is that a…?” Alex pointed to a piece of equipment.

“Yep! We’ve had it about a month.” Sam stepped up next to him and was about to start showing Alex how it worked when Jack broke in again.

“Uh, uh, uh…playtime isn’t until after the tour. It’s time for you to see why we’re all really here.”

“Oh sure…uh, okay.” Alex tore himself away from his lab and followed the Colonel down another long hall and down some stairs.

“This is the control room and down that staircase is what we call the embarkation room.” Jack said cryptically.

All Alex could see was a long narrow room with gray, cement walls on three sides and computers under a range of windows on the fourth wall. Another even larger gray wall was just beyond those windows and he could not see anything else.

“Embarkation room? Embarking to where?” Alex asked.

“Let’s give our new member a peek; Sergeant, raise the blast door.” Colonel O’Neill ordered and a man at one of the computers, with short graying hair and glasses, keyed the command into his keyboard.

“Opening blast door, sir.” He replied.

“Blast…door…? Why do you need a blast door?” Alex asked.

“This is an old missile silo, Alex.” Sam explained. “In there is where the missile would have been housed and from where it would have taken off. The blast door protected observes up here from the…blast.”

“And it comes in handy once in a while now, too.” Jack replied.

All this explanation only took a moment and Alex’s jaw dropped when he saw what was set up in the large room below.

“What the… that?...” He exclaimed.


Two months later in May, Alex answered his phone one night.

“Hello?” Alex asked.

“Hi Alex, it’s me.” Liz answered. “I thought I’d call this time instead of just e-mailing you. I need to hear a friendly voice.”

“Oh? Well it’s great to hear your voice too, Liz. What’s going on is anything wrong?” Alex asked.

“Nothing in particular, Alex.” Liz said. “Maybe it’s just the hectic rush of finals coming up or something. Plus the fact that I’m having trouble getting grant money for the study I want to work on with my grad-students this summer…”

“Oh yeah…grants…aren’t they the bane of academia?” Alex responded sympathetically.

“Yeah.” Liz said sounding better now that she was speaking to someone who really understood what she was talking about. “Oh well, I’m sure everything will work out. What are you up to, Alex? How’s your job going?”

‘Which one? I have two jobs now, Liz.’ Alex thought to himself. ‘My professorship and my part-time work with the SGC.’ But he said instead. “It’s great Liz! I’m doing some fascinating work!” ‘…at night and on the weekends with the SGC…’ He thought silently. ‘…my professorship is pretty boring in comparison, but soon that will be over.’

“Tell me all about it, Alex!” Liz encouraged.

“Well I’ll tell you what I can, Liz, but…I actually have a security clearance for some for the stuff I’m doing now…and I can’t talk about it, not even to you; I’m sorry, Liz.” Alex sounded miserable. ‘I hate keeping secrets from her.’ Alex thought. ‘We never used to keep secrets and always trusted each other with our lives. When is General Hammond going to get the go-ahead to approach Liz about joining the SGC?’ Alex was so caught up in his own thoughts that he almost missed what Liz said next.

“That’s okay, Alex, I understand.”

“Thanks Liz.” Alex said and then proceeded to tell her everything he could, before they both hung up over an hour later.


Two weeks later, Alex was called into General Hammond’s office.

“Uh hi, General; did you want to see me?” Alex asked.

“Yes, have a seat, Dr. Whitman.” The General said before continuing. “We have finally received the go-ahead on your plan to approach Dr. Parker about joining us here at the SGC.”

“Great and none too soon!” Alex exclaimed. “She’s busy trying to set up grants for her summer work and I’d like to speak with her before all of her plans are finalized.”

“Very well. Dr. Fraser would like to accompany you to Cambridge. She’s very impressed with Dr. Parker’s work and would like to help you convince her to come aboard if that’s alright with you.”

“That’d be great, General. Especially since I’m fairly new here…” Alex responded.

“Yes, that was Dr. Fraser’s thought as well. And when you get back I understand you’re scheduled to accompany SG-10 on their next mission; your first one too!”

“Yes!” Alex replied excitedly. “I don’t know if I’m more excited or terrified though!” He grinned and the General smiled back.

“I think an even mixture of both emotions is the usual reaction to one’s first mission with an SG team, Dr. Whitman.” The General said.

“I’m just glad that my first mission isn’t with SG-1; they are rather…intimidating, even though Daniel, Sam and I are friends…as a unit they are so formidable. Nothing ever seems to shake them; no job is too tough!”

“They are very good at their jobs, Doctor.” The General said proudly. “But then so is SG-10; you’ll be in good hands with them.”

“Thank you, sir.” Alex replied.

“Now if you don’t have any more questions, I believe Dr. Fraser has your plane tickets and all the information you’ll need, in her office, in the Infirmary.”

“Thanks again, General.” Alex said, getting up from his chair.

“Good luck, Dr. Whitman.” General Hammond called out as the young scientist left his office.


“Hi Janet; General Hammond said you have our plane tickets and stuff?” Alex asked a few minutes later, when he walked into the quiet infirmary and found the base’s Chief Medical Officer at her desk.

“Hi Alex; yes, I have them right here.” Janet opened a drawer and pulled out a large manila envelope. “Besides your ticket is a list of questions to ask Dr. Parker and a list of answers we can give to her questions about the SGC…before she meets with General Hammond and Colonel O’Neill.”

Alex nodded, pulling out the list and glancing over the material.

“I hope you don’t mind my coming along with you to speak to Dr. Parker. It’s just that she would be the perfect person to fill this new position and I want to do everything I can to help her decide to accept it.” Janet said.

“Hey, no problem, Janet.” Alex assured her. “Yeah, I know that Liz would love working here…once we get her here. The work she’s been doing is right up our alley.”

“Yes it is.” Janet said.

“So, would you like me to pick you up on my way to the airport, or do you want to meet me there, tomorrow morning?” Alex asked.

“Hmmm, I’d better just meet you there…” Janet decided.

“Okay, see you bright and early tomorrow morning, Doc.” Alex said, before he left to go back to work for a few more hours.

‘Man, what is Liz going to say when I tell her that I’m working for the military…And want her to join me here?’ Alex asked himself. ‘She’s never liked the government; ever since the FBI abducted Max and took him to the White Room and tortured him. How could anyone think that someone as gentle as Max Evans, a healer could be a threat to national security…Arrgh! It still makes me so mad when I think about what Special Agent Pierce did to him. Pierce was the one who was inhuman, not Max!’

Alex sighed and realized that he was not going to get any more work done that night; with his thoughts so filled with old memories and new apprehensions, so he closed up and left the base.

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...scientific types probably don't want to be laughed at. And as for Liz and Alex, maybe the question comes to close to the truth for them. They KNOW that aliens exist and maybe they still feel protective about keeping Max and Isabel's secret...after all, they know what people like the Special Unit have done/will do to any "alien" they catch!

How's that? Does that make any sense? TTFN, jane
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Author's note: Someone mentioned the change in years, my having the Ros-group being born or coming out of their pods 10 years early...that was only so that I could match up the Roswell time-line with the Stargate time-line. Everything is the same as the shows, unless I specifically mention differently! Hope you enjoy this part! Please let me know! ~jane

Stargazers/Stargaters Part 3

The next morning, Alex and Janice met at the airport and boarded a pleasant flight out to Boston, Massachusetts. As it happened, Liz was scheduled to give a lecture on a topic which Dr. Frasier wanted to hear, on Monday, so Alex was able to tell Liz that it was his turn to come and visit her and that Janet was coming along with him to attend the seminar. No mention of the position or the SGC was made over the phone. When they arrived, Liz was there to meet them. The two friends hugged and then Alex reintroduced Liz to Janet. They both had only carry-on luggage, so they followed Liz out to where she had parked her car. Janet had booked a room in a hotel near Liz’s apartment and Alex was staying in Liz’s guestroom, so they just stopped by the hotel long enough for Janet to drop off her luggage and then all three of them drove to Liz’s apartment for lunch.

“Well, here we are; my home sweet home.” Liz said as she let them in through her apartment door. “Welcome, Janet, make yourself at home. Alex, you know where the guestroom is, why don’t you put your luggage in there? How hungry are you guys? Do you want to eat now or wait for a bit?” Liz asked.

“Let’s see…” Alex said as he came back out of the guestroom. “It’s 3:30 here, but to us it’s just 1:30. I ate the meal on the plane, but that was three hours ago…and you know me…”

“You’re starved!” Liz finished for him, chuckling. “How about you Janet?”

“I only ate the apple that came with my meal, so I’m starved too!” Janet chuckled.

“Great! I skipped lunch so that makes three of us.” Liz grinned. “I’ve kept lunch pretty simple and then I’ve made chicken curry for dinner, so what would you like now? I have tuna salad or the makings for submarine sandwiches.”

“Galaxy subs?” Alex asked hopefully. “…with Saturn rings?”

“Yes, Alex; Galaxy subs, but the rings are only the microwave variety. If you wanted Jose’s Saturn rings you should have landed the plane in Roswell and ordered some there.” Liz told him.

“Excuse me…Galaxy subs…and…Saturn rings?” Janet asked. “Am I in a rerun of the Jetsons?”

“Oh no, Janet!” Liz giggled. “I’m just offering Alex his usual lunch, from when he used to come into the CrashDown.” Seeing Janet’s confusion, Liz continued. “Alex and I grew up together in Roswell, New Mexico. My parents owned…own a cheesy alien-themed café called the CrashDown…you know…after the infamous UFO crash back in 1947. Anyway, all the food items have alien-themed names like men-in-blackberry pie, Martian meatball subs and…”

“…Saturn rings!” Janet finished for her, laughing. “And Jose is the café’s cook?”

“Yeah and he makes the best rings!” Alex answered with a nostalgic tone in his voice.

“Well…what is tuna salad next to such exotic offerings? I’ll have the sub and rings as well, if I may, Liz.” Janet put in her order.

“Okay, I’ll have everything ready in just a few minutes, would you like something to drink?” Liz asked.

“Man, Liz, I can see the antennae bobbing now! You sound just like you did when you were waitressing there, back in high school!” Alex grinned.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” Liz giggled again. “So what will you have to drink, sir?”

“I’ll have a cherry coke if you have any.” Alex asked.

“Of course…and for you Janet?”

“Ooh, I haven’t had a cherry coke in years; make that two.” Janet grinned.

“Okay be right back…” Liz said.

“What was that reference to antennae, Alex?” Janet asked.

“Oh, it was part of their uniform. They had to wear a headband with two antennae sticking up out of it. You know, two long springs with silver balls at the tips. Wait; let me see if Liz still has our picture here somewhere.” Alex said as he got up and walked over to some book shelves. “Here it is…man that seems so long ago…” Alex said, as he brought the picture over for Janet to see.

“Oh my goodness! They had to wear those things?” She chuckled.

Liz and a blond girl were in those waitress uniforms; your basic, short, button-down waitress dress, but theirs were turquoise with a silver collar and cuffs. Their aprons were shaped like silver alien heads with the large green eyes where the pockets were and then there were the headbands, with the silver balls at the ends of each antenna.

“Yeah, but in a tourist-trap like Roswell I guess the patrons expected such stuff.” Alex said, shrugging his shoulders.

“So, who are these other people in the picture?” Janet asked.

“Maria DeLuca is the other waitress. She, Liz and I have known each other since we were in diapers!” Alex chuckled before his expression became suddenly sad as he continued. “That’s Kyle Valenti, his girlfriend; Tess Harding is the short blond with the curls. Maria’s boyfriend is Michael Guerin, the tall guy with the long light brown hair and there’s me and my Isabel…Isabel Evans, the tall girl with the long straight blond hair, next to Liz and her boyfriend, Isabel’s brother, Max Evans.”

Janet looked closely at Liz’s boyfriend, Max Evans. Wow handsome young man, with his sweet half smile and adoring eyes looking down at Liz. Dark brown hair; falling in bangs over his forehead and a great-looking body in a gray t-shirt and jeans. Janet noticed that Liz was returning Max’s loving gaze with one of her own.

“Nice looking bunch of kids.” Janet said. “This may be none of my business, Alex, but…by your expression, I guess that you guys aren’t all friends anymore. Did…something…happen to your Isabel, Alex?” Janet asked in a soft, gentle voice.

“Isabel, Max, Michael and Tess all disappeared just after we graduated from high school.” Liz said from the kitchen door. “We haven’t seen or heard from them since.” Liz came forward with a tray and placed their plates and drinks on the table.

“Oh Liz, I’m so sorry.” Janet said, glancing to Alex as well. “Did they run away or…something?” Liz looked away from Janet.

“We don’t know what happened to them.” Liz said shortly before she took the picture away and placed it back on the shelf. Janet saw her run her index finger over the face of Max Evans, before she turned back to the table and joined them.

Lunch was pretty quiet after that. Janet did not think she should intrude into the younger people’s thoughts by trying to make small-talk, so she remained silent and ate her delicious sub. After lunch, she said that maybe she would take a walk and left the two friends to talk.

“Oh man, Alex, it’s been almost eleven years and I still can’t look at their pictures and not start to cry. I don’t know why I even keep them out on display. I should just put them away.” Liz said.

“Hey, Maria and Kyle and I are still here and that picture reminds you of the fun times we had together.” Alex said. “Yes…things have changed and that might make you sad but Liz, if you put that picture away you won’t remember the good times. Bad stuff you can remember without any help…keep the pictures out to help you remember the good times; the joy that came along with the sorrow…”

Liz was silent for a moment before she looked up at Alex.

“You’re right, Alex…I’ll keep the pictures up to remember the good times. Thanks for reminding me about that.” Liz said, reaching over to hug her friend.

Twenty minutes later, Janet returned from her walk.

“Are you okay Liz? I’m sorry if my curiosity set off unhappy memories.” Janet said.

“No, it’s okay Janet. You didn’t do anything wrong. The memories are always with me, I just have to deal with them better, right my friend?” Liz asked, looking over to Alex.

“Hey…we both do.” Alex replied to Liz with a sad smile.

“Well…” Liz said trying to sound more cheerful for her guest. “Would either of you like some coffee, or something else to drink?”

“Yeah Liz, I’d love some coffee.” Alex said with a relieved grin.

“Coffee sounds good.” Janet added her vote.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a minute.” Liz said, getting up from the sofa.

As soon as Liz disappeared into the kitchen, Janet turned to Alex.

“When do you think we can tell her about the open position at the SGC?” She whispered. “Would now be a good time; help distract her from bad memories?”

“Actually Janet, I’m afraid that after what happened at lunch, no time in the next month is going to be a good time to talk to Liz about working for the military; especially if I can’t tell her the truth about our work. I know that…”

“I know that’s our biggest recruiting snag; not being able to really tell people what the SGC is, before they sign on the dotted line.” Janet nodded.

“So I guess my asking what you’re talking about won’t gain me any answers.” Liz asked from the kitchen doorway with a tray in her hand.

“Well…uh…” Alex hesitated.

“We can tell you some things, Liz; just not everything.” Janet tried to soothe the ruffled feathers of the younger woman.

“You’re not here to attend the seminar, are you Dr. Fraser?” Liz asked.

“You called me Janet a moment ago, Liz.” Janet reminded her. “Yes, I am here to attend the seminar on Monday, but that is not the main reason I…we are here; your lecture was just icing on the cake.” Janet smiled.

“Okay…” Liz said, setting her tray down on the coffee table and taking a seat. “Please tell me all you can.” Alex stalled for a moment as he poured coffee into mugs and passed them around.

“Liz…we want to offer you a job…”

“A job at your university? Alex, why would I leave Harvard?” Liz asked.

“Not at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, Liz…I’ve had two jobs these past two months and now…I’ll be resigning from my professorship at the end of this term so I can start to work full-time at the SGC; that’s where we want you to come and work, Liz.” Alex said.

“What’s the SGC?” Liz asked and frowned as she saw Alex looking nervously over to Janet Fraser.

“We can’t tell you what SGC stands for, Liz.” Dr. Fraser said. “But we can tell you that the work we do there is very important and very rewarding.”

“How’d you get hired, Alex? How could you have joined an organization you knew nothing about?” Liz asked.

“Dr. Koonz, one of my professors from MIT and Daniel Jackson approached me.” Alex answered.

“Daniel’s in on this?” Liz asked in surprise, but continued. “I remember your mentioning Dr. Koonz when we were in college; you respected him a great deal.”

“I still do, especially now.” Alex said.

“But, Daniel…he’s a linguist, you and Dr. Koonz are Ph.D.s in electrical engineering…working together with a medical doctor and now you want me, a microbiologist to join you. With so many disciplines involved, what sort of organization are you all a part of; some sort of weird think-tank?” Then Liz’s face grew pale. “Alex you told me that Daniel and his friends often wore military fatigues…is this some sort of military operation?” Liz’s voice had grown louder until the last words were shouted.

“Calm down Liz.” Alex said, glancing over to Janet for help.

“I can tell you that yes, part of our…organization in almost like a think-tank. We have dozens of scientists from astrophysicists to microbiologists and everything in between, working at the SGC…but okay yes, we are also partially military; a combined service from the Air Force and Marines and Special Forces.”

“What?” Liz cried out. “Alex how could you…sell out like that? After everything…and you wanted me to join you?” Liz was very upset and Alex stood up.

“Excuse me Janet, Liz and I need to speak privately.” Alex said as he took one of Liz’s hands and pulled her to her feet. “Come Liz; let’s talk in your bedroom.” Liz followed Alex into her bedroom, closed and locked the door before turning to face her friend.

“What’s going on here, Alex? Wait a minute-oh-my-God…you are not Alex!”

“Liz, Liz yes I am Alex! Liz, ask me anything you want to. Ask me what only I would know.” Liz stared at him for a moment, her eyes huge and then spoke.

“What happened after the party at the soap-factory, during our sophomore year in high school?” She asked, never taking her eyes off of the man in front of her.

“Sheriff Valenti arrested the two of us and threw us into two of his holding cells, back at the Sheriff’s station. You and I weren’t getting along right then because you wouldn’t tell me the truth about what was really going on between you and Max Evans. I was ticked off because Max’s sister, Isabel, who I’d had a huge crush on…had come onto me, but only for the chance to test me; to determine whether I was trustworthy enough to know their deep dark secret. And there you were, sitting in the cell next to mine. You had finally decided to tell me the truth and I didn’t want to listen.” Alex stepped closer to Liz, so he could whisper the next part; making sure that Janet could not hear him from the next room. “But you kept on hammering at me until I listened. You told me that Max was special, that he wasn’t from around there and when I asked you where he was from, you pointed your index finger at the ceiling.” Alex chuckled. “I thought you were saying that Max was from Canada!” He laughed again, his voice getting louder. “Do you remember meeting Janet’s daughter, Cassie? When she told you she was from Toronto and pointed her finger up to the ceiling; you thought she was really a Czech!” Both Liz and Alex laughed at that and Liz then launched herself into Alex’s arms.

“I’m so sorry, Alex for doubting you. Oh man, it’s been eleven years since we last saw them, but I guess I haven’t moved beyond the need to be cautious and suspicious…”

“That’s okay, Liz, really…but let’s go back to that night for a minute. Do you remember how urgently you wanted me to trust you? How we trusted each other with our lives, especially while all of us were fighting the Skins, Nicholas and the Dupes? We were victorious over their greater numbers because we worked together and…”

“Trusted each other.” Liz nodded.

“Yeah and I need you to trust me that much again. The work we’re doing at the SGC is as important as what we achieved all those years ago and…it’s fascinating, Liz! You’ll love it, I promise.”

“O-kay Alex…I trust you, but before I agree to join you, can Dr. Fraser tell me more about what I’ll be doing?”

“Yeah she can…some anyway.” Alex said, putting his hand out to her. “Ready to go back out there?”

“Sure…” Liz said as she placed her hand in his and they walked back out to the livingroom.

While Alex and Liz were talking in the bedroom, Janet sat in deep thought on the sofa.

‘Oh man, that was quite a reaction from Liz about working for the government. What could have happened to that brilliant young woman to make her hate the military so much?’ Janet tried to remember what she had read in Liz’s file. ‘None of her parents were ever in the military. She, her parents, grandparents and known associates had all been checked out with the FBI, CIA, NIA and the Police for good measure…they were all clean. Could she be afraid that Alex might be hurt working for the military; that he might be sent into a combat zone? Well, that was a valid concern. The SGC had on many occasions become a combat zone and Alex had signed up to accompany some of the SGC teams, but still…’

Just then, Liz and Alex’s voices grew loud enough that Janet could hear what they were saying.

Alex chuckled. “…I thought you were saying that Max was from Canada!” He laughed again, his voice getting louder. “Do you remember meeting Janet’s daughter, Cassie? When she told you she was from Toronto and pointed her finger up to the ceiling; you thought she was really a Czech!” Both Liz and Alex laughed at that.

‘Liz thought Cassie was a Czech? What does that mean?’ Janet wondered. ‘Why would she think that Cassandra’s from the Czech Republic? I must have heard that wrong…but what are they saying now? Alex and Liz were fighting skins and dopes? Were they in some sort of neighborhood watch/vigilantly group that helped the Police fight Skinheads and dope-pushers? There was nothing in either of their records about that but maybe it was all part of an unofficial Cambridge citizen’s group, while they were in college…hmmm.’ Janet thought and a few moments later, Alex and Liz came out of the bedroom. ‘Well, that was a private conversation and I shouldn’t have been listening, so I won’t say anything…for now.’ Janet thought as she smiled at the other too.

“Were you able to iron some things out?” Was all she asked.

“Yes…I think we did.” Liz smiled at Alex and decided that it would be best if neither of them even started to try and explain what just happened.

“Uhm…good.” Janet said. “What questions do you still have, Liz? I’ll answer what I can.”

“Alright, Janet…um…is this job clinical or research-oriented? Will I just be running tests on your…personnel after they come back from wherever they…um…go, or will I be conducting research, furthering the field of microbiology?” Liz asked and Janet nodded.

“We have medical technologists to run the routine tests, but if something unusual shows up, you’ll be studying the samples and they’re not just blood and tissue. You’ll be studying soil, water, foliage and other materials that our teams bring back from…wherever they go.” Janet grinned at Liz. “But you will also be doing research. Much of the samples brought back to you will be a mystery; never seen before. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy, your skills challenged and your curiosity peaked.”

“Boy are you ever right on that one, Doc!” Alex added, grinning. “Liz, I’ve only been with the SGC for two months, part time and the things I’ve seen…wow…they’ll blow your mind!”

“Okay you two, you definitely have me interested!” Liz chuckled. “Can we talk about more mundane things; salary, insurance, vacation?”

Doctor Fraser gave Liz a file with all that sort of information in it and they went over it together. At the end, Liz sat quietly for a few moments.

“Liz?” Alex asked and his friend looked up.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but…okay, I’m in! What next?” She asked.

“Next we schedule an interview for you with our base commander, General Hammond. Would you be able to fly out next weekend?” Janet asked.

“Uh yeah, sure.” Liz answered and shortly after that, Janet left to go back to her hotel room and take a nap. She would return later on, to have dinner with Liz and Alex.

Almost as soon as she had closed her door on Janet, Liz turned to Alex.

“Ever since I agreed to take this job, I’ve been wondering what I’m going to tell Maria and Kyle. Have you said anything to them, Alex?” Liz asked.

“Um, no I haven’t, Liz.” Alex admitted. “I really haven’t needed to, but I suppose now I will. I’ll no longer be at the University and once you move, the fact that I’m the one who talked you into taking this new job will come out. But Liz, we can’t tell them anything about our work; it’s top secret and you’ll be required to sign an oath of secrecy.” Alex warned.

“I know, Alex and right now I don’t even know anything about what I’ll really be doing, but once I do…it’s going to be really difficult, keeping everything a secret from them, after all the secrets Maria and Kyle have helped us keep.” Liz said miserably.

“We’ll figure something out, Liz; it’ll be okay.” Alex hugged his best friend and Liz hugged him back.


The next Friday, Liz flew out to Colorado Springs. Alex picked her up at the airport and drove her first to his apartment, so she could change, freshen up and leave her luggage and then onto the Air Force base close by the Cheyenne Mountain Military Complex, where her interview with General Hammond was to take place.

When the two of them were shown into a conference room, Dr. Fraser and two Air Force officers were already there.

“Major General Hammond and Colonel O’Neill, this is Dr. Elizabeth Parker.” Alex made the introductions and Liz greeted both men and Janet.

“Nice to meet you, Dr. Parker; please have a seat.” The General said.

After everyone was seated, the interview got started. Liz answered all the questions put to her, as well as responding to Colonel O’Neill’s sarcastic comments. She could not respond with humor as Alex had, but she held her own. The Colonel reminded her of Michael Guerin, her friend, Maria’s boyfriend and fellow alien along with Max, Isabel and Tess. He had been sarcastic, unsentimental and rather dense sometimes; a man of action, rather than of thinking and planning and the Colonel struck her as much the same personality. Luckily, she had figured out how to handle Michael years ago and Liz used what she had learned with Michael during the interview…and it kept them from lunging across the table to kill each other, at least.

“Well, Doctor, your record is very impressive and I liked what I heard during this interview.” General Hammond said at last. “Unless you have any further questions, most of which I will be unable to answer quite yet…I would like to formally offer you this position with the SGC.”

“Thank you, General.” Liz answered, smiling across at the older, balding man. “I formally accept your offer.”

“Great!” Alex and Janet exclaimed.

“Here are some forms you will need to sign, including your oath of secrecy.” Liz signed the forms, pushed them back towards the General and then lifted her glass of water to her lips. Colonel O’Neill sprung his little trick on her as he had Alex.

Tell me Doctor; I see that you grew up in Roswell. Do you believe in aliens?”

Liz was able to swallow without chocking but her eyes flew to the Colonel’s and narrowed in annoyance. For a second, Liz wished she still carried that old photograph of the supposed alien from the 1947 crash. She wondered if O’Neill would have reacted to it in the same way that the tourists in her parent’s café had, when she told them the tale about her grandfather taking the picture before the government had hushed everything up…Liz allowed a tiny smirk to curve her lips and she rolled her eyes.

“Colonel, if I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked that question, I’d be a rich woman! But to answer your question; sure I believe in life on other planets. With all the billions of other planets out there, life forms of some sort, even like us, must have developed on some of them.”

“Very rational, Doctor.” Jack O’Neill said. “So you believe that there could be nice, innocent aliens out there, peacefully living on their own little planet. Do you ever think about the nasty kinds of aliens? The ones who fly across space to invade and conquer other worlds? Do you think they exist or are we all a part of some big happy federation?”

“Sure, after I’ve seen one too many thriller movies with my man Alex over there, I think about BEMs all the time, especially in my nightmares.” Liz shot back. “Is this conversation going somewhere, Colonel or is this just your way of welcoming me to the team?”

“BEMS…Doctor?” O’Neill asked with his eyebrows raised.

“Bug-Eyed-Monsters, Colonel. I thought everyone knew what BEMs were. I guess you’re not into Sci-fi, huh?” Liz asked.

“No, I guess I’m more of a reality kind of guy, Doctor.” Jack answered.

“And I think I’m a kind of commanding-type-guy who says lets take our newest recruit over to see the SGC…before this conversation does go any further, Colonel.” General Hammond broke in reprovingly.

“Yes sir, General.” Colonel O’Neill replied all military discipline again. “Dr. Parker, if you’ll follow me, we’ll drive over to the base, get your security badge and give you a tour of where you’ll be working.”

“You mean you guys don’t work here, on this base?” Liz asked.

“No this is just your normal everyday Air Force base, Liz. Where we work is a little more…unique.” Janet said, grinning at the other woman and led her out of the room.

They all piled into a van; Colonel O’Neill drove while Liz sat in the front passenger seat. A few minutes later, Liz could see the mouth of a large tunnel up ahead and then Jack was pulling the van over to the curb.

“That’s where we work, Doctor.” He said and Liz saw the large letters over the tunnel mouth; Cheyenne Mountain Military Complex.

“You work inside the mountain?” Liz asked.

“Actually, Liz, we work under the mountain; two miles down!” Alex piped up from the back seat and Liz looked around a little nervously.

“Don’t worry, Liz, it’s not that bad.” Janet soothed her and Liz nodded.

O’Neill drove forward and soon they were passing through the different security check points and into the underground parking deck. They entered the base itself and Liz was issued her various pieces of I.D., which she would need to proceed any further.

“Here Liz, have some chewing gum. It’ll help your ears to deal with the change in air pressure, just like on a plane, only we’re going down and not up.” Alex said as he handed around sticks of gum and popped a piece into his own mouth.

“Here we go.” Alex said as the door closed on them and they descended into the depths of the mountain.

Half way down the elevator stopped and they got out, only to pass through yet another security check-point and then to enter a second elevator. Liz chewed on her gum and kept swallowing to equalize the pressure in her ears. Finally, the elevator stopped and they all stepped out.

“There are sleeping quarters on the level above us and the highest security floors are below us, but this one has many of the labs and offices located on it.” Janet told Liz as they started the tour. “High security areas are accessed using special key-cards; you’ll be issued the ones you need.”

‘And I’m to keep my nose out of the other areas I’m not allowed in.’ Liz thought to herself.

“Down that way is Medical, including the Infirmary, ICU and many of the labs, but since much of what you’ll be doing will be research, your lab and office are this way. Nothing fancy down here I’m afraid; very utilitarian.” Janet warned as they walked along.

Liz nodded as she looked around. The hallways were just giant tubes with flat, concrete floors. Pipes and conduit ran along the sides of the walls and the ceilings, but they were high enough, wide enough and brightly lit enough that Liz did not feel claustrophobic at all. Also, there were enough people bustling around industriously that she did not think that she would ever feel isolated or alone down here.

“In here’s my lab.” Alex said as the group paused at a door and Alex opened it. Inside was a large, well lit room with a high ceiling and equipment everywhere.

“Oh man, Alex, what is all this stuff? I only recognize about a third of it all.” Liz asked.

“That’s good, Liz, ‘cause I only recognize about two-thirds! Much of this material was brought back with one of the SGC teams.” Alex explained, looking like a kid on Christmas morning, as he glanced over all his new toys.

“The teams bring this stuff from where?” Liz asked.

“That’s the big surprise at the end of the tour, Doctor.” Jack said, trying to move things along.

“Your lab is this way.” Janet said, taking the Colonel’s hint.

They moved out into the hall and almost bumped into Daniel Jackson and a tall, blond woman next to him.

“Liz, you’re here; great!” Daniel exclaimed. “Let me introduce you to Captain-Doctor Samantha Carter. Sam’s a Ph.D. in astrophysics and probably a couple other things I can never remember.”

“Dr. Parker, welcome aboard the SGC.” Sam shook her hand, smiling.

“Call me Liz, if you don’t mind.” Liz said, looking at the small group standing around her.

“Thanks, I’m Sam.” The Captain said. “You’re just getting your first tour? Daniel and I are going in that same direction, we’ll join you.” Liz nodded.

“In that case, Doctor, if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to my office, but you’re in good hands with these four.” General Hammond said to Liz and then he turned to O'Neill. “Jack, bring Dr. Parker to the briefing room when you’re through.”

“Yes sir.” O'Neill agreed, before the General moved off.

“Come on; let me show you your lab.” Sam said and the little group moved off down the hallway.

“Here you go.” Alex said as he opened a door for her.

Liz moved into the lab and looked around in awe at all of the first-rate high-tech equipment which took up space all around the room.

“Your office is through here.” Sam opened a door in a side wall and they stepped into it.

There was a military-issue gray metal desk and computer table in the middle, metal bookshelves around three walls and a worn leather couch on the fourth wall. Again, everything was utilitarian, but Liz didn’t mind when she thought about the work she could accomplish in her new lab next door.

“May I bring in some personal items of my own?” Liz asked.

“Yeah sure. You’ll have to pass everything through Security first though.” Alex explained and Liz nodded.

“Why don’t we go back to Medical; I can show you around and you can meet some of your colleagues, Liz.” Janet suggested and Liz nodded.

Jack trailed along behind the group, wishing he were doing almost anything else, but wanting to keep an eye on this new scientist at least until they finally showed her their secret down on sub-level 28.

As Janet showed her around Medical, Liz was wondering why it was necessary for a military base, two miles underground to have not only an infirmary, but also a large triage area and an intensive care unit supplied with all the latest medical equipment and lots of it. There was only one patient in the ICU, but there had been several in the Infirmary’s ward.

‘What were these people really doing down here that necessitated all of this room, equipment and staffing? What had she gotten herself into? Well, I’ll find out by the end of this tour, I guess.’ Liz thought to herself.

As they were leaving Medical, Liz spied a piece of paper which had been taped to the wall, near the exit; on it was printed “Now exiting the Daniel Jackson Medical Facility.”

‘What on earth?’ Liz wondered, when she saw the sign and almost asked Janet about it, but then changed her mind, figuring she’d rather not know…for the time being.

After touring Medical, Janet took Liz on a quick tour of the floor above, which held sleeping quarters, offices and communal bathrooms; no individual, private bathrooms here, Janet reminded her with an apologetic tone of voice. From there they went back down to the lower level and Liz was shown the Commissary, where she could eat and the locker rooms. Finally, they descended to the next level and entered a conference room. This room must be near the General’s office, since it was not so Spartan, with a large wooden table in the middle and comfortable leather chairs surrounding it. There was a large, flat-screen monitor hung on the wall at one end of the room, which was broken up into separate panels, running lists of information. A sophisticated, multifunction remote sat on that end of the conference table. Hi-tech briefing room, indeed, Liz thought, as her unspoken questions were answered.

“In here is where we hold mission briefings and conferences.” Sam told Liz. “General Hammond’s office is right next door; let me just go and see if he’s available.” She said before leaving the room. A moment later, the General came in, followed by Captain Carter.

“Well Dr. Parker, what do you think of our facility?” He asked.

“Very impressive, General; you seem to have all the bells and whistles down here…wow the equipment I saw in some of the labs!” Liz exclaimed.

“And they all are of vital importance to us; let me assure you, Doctor.” The General replied. “Well I guess you’re anxious to see the real reason we’re all here.”

“Yes please.” Liz said, now a little apprehensive.

“This way.” The General said and they all followed him out, with Liz on his heals.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 4

Liz, Alex, Daniel, Sam and Jack followed General Hammond out of the conference room and into a long, slim room with gray walls on three sides and a huge window on the fourth, long wall. One after another, computer screens and keyboards were aligned on desks which fit in, underneath the window. The room they were in overlooked an enormous room below, beyond the large observatory window and it was not until Liz drew closer to the bank of glass that she could see what was in the room below. Her eyes grew large and round at what she saw. An enormous, flat ring was standing up on its edge. Actually, Liz noticed that there was an inner ring and an outer ring. There were seven triangular objects, which she could see, attached to the outer ring and symbols of some sort carved into the inner ring.

“What is that thing and what are those markings on the inner ring?” Liz chuckled. “Some of them remind me of star constellations…see, that one looks like Orion.” Liz pointed. “What are all of you doing down here, saving the world by charting everyone’s horoscope?” Liz turned back to the group with a smile on her face, but frowned when she saw them all staring at her. “What?” She asked and Colonel O'Neill pantomimed clicking off a stop-watch.

“Twenty seconds, Daniel. It took Dr. Parker twenty seconds to figure out what it took you two weeks to decipher!” Jack smirked at his good friend and teammate. Daniel was looking at Liz with respect on his handsome face.

“What you forgot to mention, Colonel.” Sam said quickly. “Was that Daniel found an answer to a question, in two weeks, that several others had spent two years unsuccessfully trying to understand.” Liz was looking back and forth between Sam and Daniel.

“What are you talking about?” She asked.

“Let’s go back to the briefing room.” General Hammond suggested.

“Yes sir, but before we go; this…” O'Neill gestured to the giant ring below. “…is the Stargate and we use it to travel to other planets…and to…save the world!”

“What?” Was all Liz could ask.

“Let’s go to the briefing room and we’ll start at the beginning.” Alex said, linking his arm with hers’ and guiding Liz out of the control room.

General Hammond and Colonel O'Neill walked them back to the briefing room but left them there to return to their offices and the piles of work which were waiting for each of them. Sam, Daniel, Janet and occasionally Alex took turns telling Liz the story of the Stargate.

First of all, the Stargate is a device created by aliens known only as the Ancients; one of the first and oldest races out in space. Its purpose is to create an artificial, but stable wormhole which shoots across space from one gate to another. The Ancients first built the great network of Stargates, but the technology was stolen by at least one race and used to place gates on other planets as well, to help build their growing empire. This other species is known as the Goa’uld; a snake-like creature which must inhabit a host in a symbiotic relationship to survive. The relationship is not a sharing between host and symbiote, however. For the unlucky host, the “blending” is usually involuntary and very painful as the Goa’uld forces its way into its next host through the back or the neck. Afterwards, very little of the host’s personality survives as the Goa’uld takes over control of all thought and action.

Many millennia ago, the Goa’uld came to Earth and took on the personae of the Egyptian gods in order to make the ancient humans worship them and provide the aliens with a source of slave labor. The Goa’uld even patterned their spaceships, writing and clothing after that of the Egyptian culture which they tried to conquer. One of these aliens named himself Ra and he and the other System Lords took thousands of humans through the Stargate to other planets, where they were made to mine naqueda; a quartz material and the element which the Stargates are made from and much of Goa’uld technology uses. They were also bred to provide host candidates for the alien parasites. And some of the humans were genetically altered to have a pouch, much like that of a marsupial, implanted into their abdomens. In these pouches, immature Goa’uld were nurtured and protected until they were mature enough to take a host. Such people became known as the Jaffa and even though the young symbiotes could not yet take over their protector’s minds and bodies, they could heal and give perfect health to the Jaffa who carried them. The Jaffa also became the Goa’uld’s worriers as well.

While their human brethren were kept in slavery on other planets, the ancient Egyptians of Earth rose up against Ra and made him leave their planet. They tore down the Stargate and buried it safely under a heavy stone cover-piece to keep anyone from coming through the Stargate ever again. But in 1928, ten year old Catherine Langford was with her archeologist father when he discovered the Stargate, buried on the Gaza plateau, in Egypt. Almost seventy years later, Catherine, a long-time Ph.D. herself was still carrying on her father’s work of trying to make the Stargate work, down in the bowels of Cheyenne Mountain.

First, Samantha Carter, Ph.D. and Air Force officer was brought into the project. Within two years, Sam managed to do what Catherine and her team had been trying to do for thirteen years; to power and control the Stargate. But they still could not make the Stargate create the wormhole they theorized it was meant to do.

Then Catherine heard Daniel Jackson give a seminar in Los Angeles about his theories; that the pyramids of the Egyptians, Mayans and Aztec had been built by aliens. Daniel was laughed off of the stage and out of academia. But Catherine was intrigued and she hired the gifted young linguist and Egyptologist to come and translate the markings on the Stargate. Like Sam, Daniel did in two weeks what the current set of experts had been trying to do for two years; he discovered that the markings were not words to be translated, but star constellations and that to make the Stargate work, a seven-constellation “address” had to be locked or entered into its chevrons; the triangular pieces on the outer ring, using Sam Carter’s three super-computers to rotate the inner ring and “dial in” the address.

Once the Stargate successfully created its wormhole, the scientists were eager to try out their theory. They had dialed up the address which had been inscribed into the stone cover-piece and they sent a probe through to see what was on the other side. They saw another planet which their sensors indicated as having a breathable atmosphere. A team was formed of Colonel Jack O'Neill as team leader, Daniel Jackson as interpreter and a squad of Marines as back up. The planet was named Abydos and the inhabitants were human; brought there millennia ago by Ra to serve as slaves.

The Abydonians mistook the team with their advanced weapons to be messengers of their god, Ra and Daniel, with his pale skin, blue eyes and Catherine’s good-luck charm, a medallion with the eye of Ra on it, as Ra himself. Before they could communicate properly with each other, the Abydonian chief, Kasuf gave Daniel the gift of his lovely daughter, Sha’re. Daniel did not want to take advantage of the beautiful young woman and so instead of taking her to his bed, he set out to become her friend and learn her language, which was a dialect of ancient Egyptian.

Meanwhile, Colonel O'Neill and his men made friends with some of the young Abydonian men; one in particular named Ska’ra, Sha’re’s brother. When the real Ra and his real soldiers came to Abydos in his pyramid-shaped and sized ship, to collect his tribute of naqueda, O'Neill’s team, Ska’ra’s “militia”, Daniel and Sha’re fought the aliens to set the Abydonian people free. They finally succeeded in making Ra leave Abydos in his ship and then when it was in orbit, set off a nuclear device they had smuggled on board at the last second, blowing Ra, his ship and his Jaffa warriors into space dust.

Of the seven symbols needed to make the Stargate work, the seventh symbol signifies the point of origin and the team did not know what it was for Abydos, but Daniel saw Skar’ra writing an account of their victory on a wall and figured out what the seventh symbol was, enabling the Earth men to return home. Daniel, however had fallen in love with Sha’re and decided to stay behind on Abydos. O'Neill and his team returned to Earth and reported that Ra and his forces were destroyed, Daniel was killed and the Abydonian Stargate was buried. Afterwards, Jack O'Neill retired from the Air Force…

…until a year later when the Stargate was about to be decommissioned and only a handful of Marines were still guarding it. Suddenly the gate was activated and aliens came through to Earth. They killed all of the guards except one, a female, who they took back through the gate with them. At the last moment, General Hammond and reinforcements rushed into the Gate-room to see one of the aliens’ eyes’ glow, before he retreated back through the gate.

With this new threat, Jack O'Neill was recalled to active duty. When General Hammond was determined to send another, bigger nuclear device through the Stargate to Abydos, Jack had to admit that although Ra and his ship were destroyed, Daniel Jackson and the people of Abydos were still alive and well on that other planet. He convinced General Hammond to send him and his team, made up of two of his former men, Kowalski and Ferretti and a few others, to Abydos instead. At the mission briefing, Colonel O'Neill was introduced to Captain Samantha Carter. Sam told him of her work with the Stargate and the Air Force and insisted on accompanying him on the mission.

When ready, the team went through the Stargate to Abydos. There they were greeted by Daniel, Skar’ra and his militia, who have been guarding the gate. Sha’re, Daniels lovely wife was also there. Jack told Daniel about Ra coming through the gate on Earth, but Daniel insisted that Ra was dead and whoever had come through did not go through the Abydonian Stargate. Sam Carter was certain, however, that the Stargate only worked between Earth and Abydos. Daniel disagreed and took Sam and Jack with him to show them something he had found…after receiving one incredibly loving and passionate kiss from Sha’re, whom Daniel asked to stay behind.

What Daniel wanted to show them was an immense hall with writing on all of the columns. The chamber was a giant address book for the Stargate. Together Sam and Daniel figured out that those addresses, which Daniel had tried, but could not make work, would need to be recalculated to account for millennia of stellar drift and that in doing so…the Stargate could go anywhere!

Meanwhile, back in the Stargate chamber, the gate was activated from off-world and a Goa’uld and a company of Jaffa came through. They killed many of the Abydonians and soldiers before taking Sha’re and Ska’ra with them. Moments later when Daniel, Jack and Sam returned, they found the aftermath of the attack. Ferretti needed immediate medical treatment and Jack had orders to bring Daniel home with him. Daniel, in an emotional good-bye to his friends ordered them to bury the Stargate again, while he would try to find Sha’re and Ska’ra. In one year they were to uncover the gate and if he could, on that one day he would bring them home.

The team returned to Earth. Ferretti recovered enough to give them the address which the aliens had used to escape and a rescue mission was planned. The team including Jack, Daniel, Sam, Kowalski and his Marines, used the address and went through the gate again to a planet called Chulak, which turned out to be the home-world of the Jaffa. Dozens of people from other worlds had been brought there as host-candidates for the Goa’uld. This alien was not Ra, but his brother and rival, Apophis. His queen was Amonette; she and her children needed new hosts. The Marine sergeant who had been taken earlier was brought before the Pharaoh and his queen, but was rejected and killed. Sha’re was chosen next and accepted. The Goa’uld queen left her old host and entered Sha’re’s body painfully through her neck and took over her new host.

The team came through the Stargate; called by the Jaffa, the Chapa’ai, but were quickly imprisoned. They arrived only in time to see Sha’re already host to the Goa’uld queen. Ska’ra was among the captives the team was imprisoned with. When Apophis, Amonette and their children came to the dungeon to pick out their new hosts, Daniel begged to be taken so he could stay near his beloved Sha’re, but Ska’ra was picked instead. After the Goa’uld left the dungeon, the Jaffa were ordered to kill all of the remaining captives. Jack had been watching one Jaffa who seemed to be saddened by the things he was ordered to do. Jack called out for is help in freeing the captives and the Jaffa, named Teal’c agreed; killing his fellow Jaffa and helping the captives to escape.

Teal’c returned with the team and the alien refugees to Earth and the premier team of the Stargate Command, SG-1, was formed. Jack, Sam, Teal’c and Daniel would travel through the Stargate many times over the next two years, trying to find Sha’re and Ska’ra, as well as fighting to stop the Goa’uld from taking over the universe and Earth itself. They would travel to dozens of new planets, meet many new people, different species; some good and some evil, up until that day when they sat down at the briefing table and told their story to Dr. Liz Parker.

“Ohhh…man!” Liz exclaimed when the story came to an end. “Those bright lights out in space a few months ago…did you guys…have anything to do with them?”

“Yeah, that was us.” Sam answered. “Daniel had learned that Apophis was planning to attack Earth. We were able to gate aboard one of his two mother-ships and to make a very long story short, blew them both up. But Apophis and Klorel, the Goa’uld who inhabits Ska’ra’s body, were able to escape. So were we, barely; Daniel was mortally wounded and insisted on staying behind, but was able to drag himself into a healing-sarcophagus and then to gate home, once the alien device had made him whole again. The Colonel, Teal’c, Teal’c’s mentor, Bra’tac and I were able to escape in two Goa’uld death-gliders!”

“Oh…man!” Liz and Alex exclaimed in unison.

“Earth could have been destroyed…except for what you did!” Alex said in awe. Daniel and Sam blushed and looked modestly down at the table and Janet smiled proudly at her friends.

“I’m torn between wishing that the entire world could know about all of the brave and fascinating things SG-1 has done…and hoping instead that they never find out how close we came to the end of the world.” Janet said thoughtfully. Liz and Alex shared a meaningful glance.

“Amen.” They said. The world should not be told about the two times that, if not for Liz, Alex and their friends, the “end of the world” would have come to pass.

“Daniel, have you never seen Sha’re since she was taken?” Liz asked gently, changing the subject.

“Just once, a little over a year ago.” Daniel said in a sad voice. “I returned to Abydos; a year after I had left, to explain to my father-in-law, Kasuf that I had not yet been able to find his son and daughter, but that I would keep trying. Kasuf had a surprise for me. Sha’re was there and she was…very pregnant…with Apophis’ child. I guess when a Goa’uld is pregnant, the symbiote goes dormant; otherwise the baby would die. Apophis took Amonette to Abydos, to hide her during her pregnancy, so that his enemies would not find out about his plans for the child; to raise it until it could become his knew host. We had a short time together, while I explained to Sha’re what I wanted to do. I was planning to bring her back home with me and she wanted that too, but before we could leave, Sha’re went into labor and gave birth to her son. While she was in labor though, Heru’ur, an enemy of Apophis, came through the Stargate looking for Amonette and her child, but Teal’c made sure that he was unable to find either one of them. As soon as the baby was born, the Goa’uld took over Sha’re’s mind and body again, but we were able to trick her into believing that Heru’ur had come and taken her baby away and that’s what she told Apophis when he came to pick up his queen, shortly after that. He brought too many Serpent-Guards with him and we had to let Apophis take Sha’re/Amonette with him…oh man…I failed her again…” Daniel cried out and hid his face in his hands

“Daniel don’t do this to yourself again, we’ve been over this before. It wasn’t your fault; there wasn’t anything you could do.” Sam spoke urgently to her friend.

“And if you had tried to fight them, you, Sha’re and Teal’c would probably all be dead; along with the baby.” Liz assured him.

“Have you been able to find out anything about where Sha’re is now? What happened to the baby?” Alex asked curiously.

“Just rumors. She’s still alive, but we don’t know exactly where she and Apophis are hiding themselves. Kasuf has the baby in hiding, on Abydos.” Daniel said, coming out from behind his hands.

“So Daniel, will I be introduced to Teal’c sometime soon?” Liz asked, trying to lighten the mood. Daniel looked at his watch.

“Actually, he’s due back anytime now; he’s been on his home world, Chulak visiting his wife and son.” Daniel said and they all got up and stretched then started walking back to the control room.

“He has a wife and son on another planet?” Liz asked.

“Yes, but when he renounced his lord, Apophis as a false god and came to join our fight; he had to leave his family behind. They thought he was dead or had deserted them…it’s a whole long story, but suffice it to say that they’ve patched things up some and now he goes to visit them when he can.” Sam explained and Liz nodded.

Just as they were all entering the control room, the Stargate was activated from off-world. Claxons sounded and lights flashed.

“Off-world activation.” The airman on duty called out, as General Hammond and Colonel O'Neill came running into the room.

“Any signal yet?” The General asked.

“No sir.” The airman replied.

“Close the iris.” The General ordered and a large metal shield, like the shutter on a camera, folded out from behind the ring to cover the opening in the middle of the Stargate.

“Receiving a signal now, sir. It’s SG-1.” The airman reported.

“Open the iris.” General Hammond ordered and the iris retracted back into its hiding place.

The Stargate’s inner ring had turned until each chevron on the outer ring had locked itself on one of the symbols on the inner ring. Suddenly what looked like a great horizontal splash of water pouring through a drain came whooshing through the Stargate. It reached several yards straight out from the great ring before retracting back to form what looked like a vertical, backlit rippling pool of water.

“Whoa!” Liz exclaimed as all of them ran down the circular stairway to the gate room. “That is so incredible!”

“It certainly is. I still feel the same way I did the first time I saw the gate activated, no matter how many times I see it or travel through it!” Sam told Liz.

A moment later a man-shaped shadow appeared on the rippling surface of the event horizon and then a large, bald, yet young-looking black man stepped through the Gate as if he were stepping from one room to another.

“Teal’c always makes it look so easy.” Daniel commented. “I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been spit out of that thing to fall yards away from the Gate!”

Teal’c was walking down the metal ramp towards them. He carried only a long staff of some sort. The butt end had a flattened paddle shape to it and the top end had what looked like an elongated seed-pod attached to it. The pod was even scored into quarters down its length. Teal’c wore green fatigues and boots like the rest of the military personnel did, but as he came closer, Liz saw a raised golden tattoo on his high forehead.

“What’s that mark on his forehead?” Liz whispered to Sam, as Jack moved forward to greet his friend.

“All Jaffa are marked with the symbol of the Goa’uld they serve. Teal’c’s indicates that he was not only in service to Apophis, but the gold means that he was First Prime; leader of all of the Jaffa who served the false god.” Sam explained.

“And the stick he’s carrying; is that something…special?” Liz continued to whisper.

“That’s his staff weapon. The four pieces of the casing open to shoot an energy bolt.” Sam explained. “Come on, I’ll introduce you.” She said and the two women moved forward.

“Hi Teal’c. How’s everyone on Chulak?” Sam asked smiling up at her friend and teammate.

“Very well, CaptainCarter, thank you.” Teal’c replied gravely and courteously in a deep voice as he bowed his head to her in greeting.

“Great! Teal’c I’d like you to meet the newest member of the SGC. This is Dr. Elizabeth Parker, she’s a microbiologist.” Sam said. Teal’c bowed his head towards Liz in greeting.

“It is an honor to meet you DoctorElizabethParker.” Teal’c ran her full name together into one word. “I hope that you will find your duties with the SGC most interesting.” He said gravely. Liz saw that Teal’c apparently did not shake hands, so she didn’t extend hers, but made a little bow instead.

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to meet you too, Teal’c and please, just call me Liz.” She smiled up at the large man and received a second grave bow of his head before moving on with Jack to greet Daniel and the General with equal formality.

“He seems very reserved?” Liz asked Sam quietly.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Sam agreed. “Don’t expect him to call you just Liz either. The closest he might come to that will be calling you LizParker, but more likely he will always call you DoctorParker or DoctorLizParker; that’s just his way. But you won’t find a braver or more loyal friend to guard your back anywhere…except maybe Colonel O'Neill, Daniel…or myself.” Sam said with a grin.

“That’s…good to know.” Liz said smiling too. “Well that was quite an exciting orientation to my knew job; I can hardly wait to move out here and get started!”

Alex, who had watched everything from up in the control room came down just in time to here Liz’s comment.

“What’d I tell you, Liz? Aren’t you glad I talked you into this?” Alex asked and got a hug from his best friend.

“Yeah, Alex I really am!” Liz said.

“Hey I forgot to tell you the best news…an apartment in my building has opened up; I spoke to the landlord and he agreed to hold it for you if you want.” Alex said.

“Hey that’s great, Alex, thanks!” Liz exclaimed. “That really eases my mind.”

“Why don’t we go up to my office and I can give you some info about getting the Air Force base near you to help you move all of your stuff?” Sam said.

“Great!” Liz said again as they walked towards Sam’s office.


Two weeks later, Liz was in her old apartment, packing up the last of her possessions. Even though the local Air Force base’s office of personnel transfer had offered to help her pack as well as to move, Liz had preferred to perform that chore personally. She was a very private person and she did not want that privacy infringed upon by anyone, even if it was some well-meaning airman helping her pack up her books. Plus, she did not want anyone seeing her tear up whenever she came across a picture or memento that reminded her of Max. Her thoughts were interrupted just then by her phone ringing.

“Hello? Oh, Alex you’re back! How was it?” Liz asked, knowing that Alex had left last week on his first trip through the Stargate.

“Ohhh man, Liz! It was In-cred-I-ble!” Alex exclaimed. “To know you’re actually on another…you-know-what! And seeing all these knew…uh…things! Plus the trip there…wow! It’s like the ultimate rollercoaster! You gotta try it, Liz!” Alex told her.

“Yeah, Alex, I’ve been thinking about that…and I think I’ll do it…eventually…Maybe after you’ve gone through…it…a couple more times…then I’d like to…” Liz said hesitantly.

“You’ll love it Liz!” Alex said again and then managed to calm down a little. “So, when are you actually moving out here? I’m sorry I couldn’t help you pack.”

“That’s okay, Alex; it was better for me to do it myself…you know packing up all those memories as well as my shoes and my books.” Liz tried to chuckle.

“Uh huh…” Alex said sympathetically.

“I’m glad you were able to show me my new apartment when I was there last so I could measure everything. I think I’ll be able to fit all of my stuff in there.” Liz said. “Oh anyway, they’re picking everything up tomorrow.” Liz said briskly. “I’m just packing up the last couple boxes and the suitcases I’m taking with me, now.”

“You’re planning on staying with me until you get everything organized right?” Alex double-checked.

“Yeah, thanks again for letting me bunk with you.” Liz said.

“Hey, no problem.” Alex assured her. “So…how did your parents take your news?” Alex asked.

“Oh, you just had to bring that up didn’t you?” Liz chuckled. “Let’s just say they’re a little worried about my decision-making. They reminded me that last year I was so certain that my professorship at Harvard was my dream job and now less than twelve months later, I’m quitting that to become a civilian scientist with the Air Force. What makes it even worse is that I can’t even tell them the truth about the work I’ll be doing. They didn’t like my explanation that my job and the Air Force base is high security, so that they will never even be allowed to come and see my so-called lab there.” Liz drew in a deep, calming breath and ran her hand back through her long hair.

“I’m…sorry…Liz.” Alex soothed.

“It’ll be okay, Alex. I know my decision is sound. I loved working at Harvard and the teaching was fun, but I think lab work is more my true-love…and to be able to work with such high-caliber scientists like Sam and the others at the SGC will be so…stimulating!”

“I know Liz. That’s exactly how I felt when I first joined them and I’ve never regretted it…so you finish packing, get a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Alex told her, big-brother style.

“See ya then, Alex.” Liz smiled before they both hung up.


By the next week, Liz finally had everything unpacked in her new apartment. It had taken far longer to unpack than it had to pack; finding just the right place for everything. As she stood in her living room proudly, looking around at her new space, someone knocked on her front door.

“Who is it?” She called as she looked through her security peep-hole.

“It’s me, Alex.” Liz heard and saw through the tiny lens.

“Oh hi, Alex; come in and see…” Liz cut off what she was about to say as she opened up the door and saw that it was not just Alex who stood outside her new home. Alex, Daniel, Sam, Janet, Cassie and half-a-dozen other medical and science personnel, whom Liz had already met at the SGC, stood there grinning.

“Surprise!” They all yelled as Liz backed up and let them in. “Alex said you were all moved in so we all wanted to come over and give you a welcome to the neighborhood party.” Sam explained.

Liz saw that everyone was carrying something; trays of cheese, fruit, veggies and dip, desserts, drinks, plates, glasses and napkins.

“Please come in. This is great guys!” Liz exclaimed.

“About half of us actually do live here in the building.” Daniel grinned as he came in.

“So are you ready to start work on Monday?” Janet asked as she brought Liz a plastic glass filled to the top with white wine.

“Thanks, uh yes I am. I can’t wait to get started!” Liz exclaimed.

“Ohhh, I think we have a candidate for the WUYD Club.” Daniel warned.

“The WUYD Club, what’s that?” Liz asked.

“It’s more of a syndrome, wouldn’t you say Dr. Fraser?” Sam asked Janet, who nodded thoughtfully.

“Yes, I think you are correct with your diagnosis, Captain Carter.” Janet said.

“What?” Liz asked again.

“It’s the “Work-Until-You-Drop-Club…or Syndrome, as my learned colleagues call it…although I like club better.” Daniel explained. “We’re all rather obsessive-compulsive in the Club. The work we do at the SGC is so fascinating that we don’t like interrupting it for irrelevant things like sleep or food.”

“Colonel O'Neill and General Hammond often have to play mother-hen with us; make sure that we don’t work too long or order us to go home or get some sleep on base.” Sam continued.

“Ah, thus your fixation with coffee beans, Daniel. Alex has told me that they are the only groceries he’s ever seen you bring home!” Liz teased.

“Uh, yes, Daniel is a great connoisseur of coffee.” Janet agreed as Daniel just blushed.

“Well…I’ll probably only be a junior member; I get kinda grumpy if I don’t get four hours of sleep a night!” Liz chuckled and so did everyone else, including Cassie, Janet’s adopted thirteen year old daughter, who had just joined the little group. “Hi Cassie, I’m glad that you were able to come with your mother tonight.”

“I love parties! We didn’t have them in…Toronto.” Cassie replied, winking mischievously at Liz, since she knew that Liz had been told about her alien origins.

Cassandra had been the only survivor of a planet, which the Goa’uld had wiped out and even then, they had placed a bomb inside the little girl’s chest, which was supposed to explode when Cassie stepped through the Earth Stargate. Luckily, SG-1 and especially Sam had figured out how to save her just in the nick of time.

“Toronto, that’s in Canada, right, Cassie?” Liz asked, winking back at the young girl and pointing her index finger to the ceiling. Liz ignored the sound of Alex chocking on his wine.

“Yes, Liz, Toronto is in Canada; that’s up north of here.” Cassie specified, also pointing her index finger to the ceiling.

“Well it’s a shame that they don’t have parties in…Toronto. That just means that we’ll have to make sure you go to lots of parties here…in Colorado Springs!” Liz assured Cassie, who was grinning along with everyone else. Soon after that the little group broke up to mingle and Liz turned to Alex.

“What’s the matter, Alex; did you swallow your drink down the wrong pipe?” Liz asked as she pounded on his back a few times.

“Uh…cough…yeah…cough…I guess I did. Oh man, Liz, when you pointed to the ceiling…and then Cassie pointed to the ceiling…I wanted to laugh out loud, but I knew I couldn’t and I ended up choking on my wine instead! So, do you think we’ll ever be able to tell Cassie the real significance of saying you’re from “up north” when you’re an alien?” Alex grinned.

“I don’t know, Alex; maybe someday!” Liz grinned back. “Let’s mingle…” She said before they parted to do just that. The party really got going and Liz had a lot of fun getting to know everyone.

“Alex.” Liz came up to her friend sometime later. “I was just wondering why Colonel O'Neill and Teal’c don’t like us science-geeks all that much…well except for Daniel and Sam…but even with those two, he won’t let them rattle on about the work they’re doing. And Teal’c is a pretty keep-to-himself-unless-he’s-watching-hocky-with-O'Neill-kinda-guy.”

“I know that the four of them; Daniel, Sam, Teal’c and O'Neill do go out together sometimes, they’re very close, but that’s about it for Teal’c.” Alex explained and Liz nodded.

‘Yep, Colonel O'Neill is just like Michael Guerin…especially with the hockey. Well maybe someday I’ll gain his trust like I did with Michael.’ Liz thought to herself before she rejoined the fun.

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…then and only then will I…post the next chapter…He, he, he! ~jane

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But anyway, here's part 5! Enjoy!

Stargazers/Stargaters Part 5

A couple weeks after her friends had thrown her the party and Liz had started working at the SGC, Daniel was walking down one of the hallways of the base when he saw her slowly coming his way. Liz had her head down and her hands stuffed into the pockets of her white lab coat.

“Hey Liz are you okay? You look kind of down.” Daniel asked, concerned. Liz looked up and shrugged, dejectedly.

“I’m okay, Daniel thanks. I guess I’m just tired.” Liz said.

“R-I-ght, sure you are.” Daniel said, disbelieving. “Liz, I’ve been told that I’m a good listener and if there’s anything I can do to help, I will.” Liz tried to smile.

“Thanks Daniel…it’s just a problem I’m having with two of my best friends. They know I’ve moved and changed jobs of course, but they’re really hurt that I can’t tell them about the work I’m doing here. Plus, Alex hadn’t told them about his joining the SGC either, so now they’re really mad at both of us. I Know I can’t break my oath of secrecy, but I’m really worried about how Maria and Kyle are taking this. I don’t want this job to break up our friendships.” Liz explained.

“Boy, that’s really tough.” Daniel said, sincerely. “All I can suggest is that you give them some time to adjust. If they’re such good friends, they’ll come ‘round.” Daniel put his hands gently onto Liz’s delicate shoulders and looked intently into her eyes. “As to keeping this place secret, Liz, you’re doing your friends a favor. The general public is not ready to hear the truth; that aliens exist and that the Earth was almost destroyed; not once but two times and is still in danger of being wiped out by some of those aliens.”

But Daniel’s words had the opposite effect that he had meant them to have and Liz fought to keep a straight face.

“You’re right, Daniel; the general public isn’t ready to hear these things. You’ve put my dilemma in a whole new light. Thanks a lot for your help.” Liz said, brightening up a little.

“You’re welcome and I hope everything works out okay with your friends.” Daniel smiled before they broke up to go their own ways.

Liz walked quickly to Alex’s lab. When she got there, she found Alex pulling at his short black hair in frustration.

“Wow, Alex what’s the matter?” Liz asked.

“Oh, I’ve been working on this piece of Goa’uld technology for days and I thought that I’d finally figured it out, but when I tested it just now, the stupid thing didn’t work!” Alex exclaimed.

“Sounds like I dropped by just in time. When did you last take a break?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know; what time is it?” Alex asked looking at his watch.

“That long ago, huh? Why don’t you come with me? We’ll go up top and get some fresh air.” Liz said casually. Alex’s tense shoulders drooped.

“Yeah, that sounds good. I’ve gotta get away from this thing before I throw it through the wall!” Alex agreed.

The two friends traveled up to the surface and stepped outside onto the side of the mountain.

“Looks like there’s a nice sunny spot up there, out of the wind.” Liz pointed and they made the easy climb up to the stone outcropping and sat down.

“Thanks for getting me out of my lab for a few minutes, Liz, but I know you, what’s really on your mind?” Alex asked. Liz looked casually around to make sure that no one was anywhere near them.

“Maria and Kyle.” Liz admitted and Alex grunted. “I think we’re going to have to tell them.” Liz whispered. “I hate this silent wall they’ve put up. It’s just like when you and I were fighting because I couldn’t tell you about Max.” And then Liz told Alex about her conversation with Daniel. “Don’t you see? Maria and Kyle already know about aliens and how dangerous they are. I have no problem with keeping the SGC secret from my parents or the general public, but they Aren’t the general public.” Liz reasoned.

“My mind has all sorts of arguments against this, Liz, but my heart knows that you’re right.” Alex said reluctantly. “But we have to do it in such a way that no one ever finds out. If they did, we’d be in really big trouble. They might even call us traitors.” Alex warned.

“I know, Alex, we’ll have to be very careful.” Liz looked casually around again. “I figured we could take a puddle-jumper down to Roswell on Friday night, visit with our respective parents and then see Maria and Kyle sometime while we’re there. We could meet out by what’s left of the pod-chamber.”

“Yeah, I think that’d work.” Alex agreed, still whispering. “Let’s do it.”

“Okay.” Liz said in a more normal tone of voice. “So what do you think that piece of Goa’uld junk you’re working on, is anyway?”

“I don’t know…” Alex began and then rattled off a couple of theories he had and Liz let him bounce his ideas off of her for a while.

Some twenty minutes later, the friends returned to their work, refreshed and lighter of heart, to work with renewed energy for the rest of the day. That Friday, they boarded an eight passenger plane and flew down to Roswell. Mr. Parker met them at the small airport just outside of town and drove them home to the Parker’s apartment, up over the CrashDown Café. Mr. Whitman was there already and they all sat down to a joint dinner, prepared by Nancy Parker. Liz and Alex tried to tell their parents a little bit about their work, the people they worked with and how happy they were with their new jobs, without giving anything away. In the end, the Parkers and Mr. Whitman were resigned that they had been told everything they could be, by their kids.

The next morning, Liz and Alex met Kyle and Maria out at what was left of the pod-chamber, a huge outcropping in the desert, which had once held the incubation pods, which Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess had slept in for thirty years. Maria and Kyle were angrily silent, but they were there, which was the most Alex and Liz could have hoped for at that point in their strained relationships. Liz got right down to the point.

“Maria, do you remember how angry Alex was, back when we wouldn’t tell him about Max and the others?” This peaked Maria’s interest a little.

“Yeah…Alex wouldn’t talk to you and threatened to end your friendship.” Maria said.

“And the reason I couldn’t tell Alex the truth wasn’t because I didn’t trust him was it?” Liz prompted.

“No, it was because Michael and the others didn’t trust Alex, even though you did…And because it was a very important secret, with a lot of lives at stake.” Maria answered, rolling her eyes as she saw where this line of questioning was going.

“But I finally told Alex, even though it wasn’t my secret to tell, because I did trust him and I couldn’t bear for our friendship to end…And Michael and the others did learn to trust him, eventually.” Liz said.

“And all of this ancient history pertains to us how?” Kyle asked sarcastically.

“Because the same thing is happening now, between the four of us. Alex and I are working for a…company…”

“The U.S. Military.” Kyle cut in.

“…yeah, right and they don’t trust you, but together, we are keeping a very important secret, with a lot of lives at stake. But Alex and I do trust you and we don’t want our friendship to end, so…we will tell you what we are up to…”

“But you have to keep it a secret.” Alex broke in on Liz this time. “Not only are a lot of lives at risk, but Liz and I could be thrown into jail if anyone finds out that we’ve told you.”

“But since you two already know the core truth of our secret, we figured we’d take the chance that you two could keep a secret.” Liz said smiling. “…well can you?”

“Of course, Lizzy; now spill!” Maria cried out and Liz and Alex launched into their tale about the Stargate.

Some time later, Liz and Alex finished their story, but a stunned Maria and Kyle were still not too happy.

“I understand that you think the work is fascinating, but why would you two let yourselves be sucked back into the ‘alien-abyss’ again? You only just finished dragging yourselves out of the one Max and Isabel sucked you into.” Maria asked.

“Just that, Maria; because the work is fascinating and working for the SGC gives us a chance to help make things better…and even to save the world…Again!” Alex answered. “I like being a part of something that’s bigger than I am.”

“Yeah, as Alex said; I guess I like being a part of something really important and worthwhile, something that will have a real impact on the world, even if the world will never know what we’ve done, just like it will never know what we did so many years ago, when we fought the Skins…and I want to continue to make a difference with my life.” Liz said and she finally saw her friends nod and smile in understanding.

“I’m so proud of you, but so frightened for you too.” Maria cried out, hugging Liz. “I just don’t want anything to happen to you; either of you.” Maria then hugged Alex as well.

“Not to jinx anything, but I think we’ll be okay. The people we work with really know what they’re doing; I know that they won’t let anything bad happen if they can possibly help it.” Alex tried to reassure his friends.

“They better or they’ll have ‘Hurricane-DeLuca’ to deal with, not to mention me!” Kyle smiled reaching out to hug Liz and to pat Alex on the back. “So Liz, does this SGC of yours need a mechanic?” Kyle joked a moment later.

“Or the manager of an alien-themed gift shop?” Maria added.

“I…don’t think so, Kyle, but you never know!” Liz chuckled.

“But maybe Maria could make a deal with the SGC to sell Goa’uld memorabilia!” Alex joked. “I can just see it now…Goa’uld action figures, with eyes that glow if you squeeze their tummies!” Everyone cracked up.

“So…are we friends again?” Liz asked after they all had calmed down a little.

“YES!” Maria and Kyle exclaimed loudly and the friends hugged one more time before returning to town and spending the rest of the weekend catching up with each other, over videos, ice-cream and popcorn.


Two weeks after “the Talk” with Maria and Kyle, Liz was back in her office typing up a report on some experiments she had just completed. When she finished the report Liz sat back and grinned to herself, in between taking sips of some of Daniel’s special blend of coffee. She could not believe her good fortune. She and Alex were back on friendly terms with Maria and Kyle again and she was working at Stargate Command; doing all of this fascinating work. Running tests on a myriad of different alien objects which were brought back from off-world. Discussing with Sam, Daniel or one of her other fellow scientists what an object was used for, what it was made of…

…Okay she knew about the scary side of Gate-travel too; when the SG teams ran into Goa’uld or other hostile species and one or more of them came back injured. One man had also been killed that month and Liz shivered a little to think of the risks those brave people were taking. Especially SG-1; with O'Neill, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c. Their reputation was awe-inspiring; their adventures and risks taken…legion. Everyone at the SGC respected all four of them highly…even the Marines, who usually looked down on the “fly-boys” of the Air Force, were honored to back up SG-1, knowing that the premier SG team would do the same for them in a firefight.

Liz thought once more about the decision she was trying to make; whether or not to request an off-world assignment. Alex had gone on a second mission and come safely back home, raving about it for a week. He, Sam and Daniel had assured Liz that there would be very little risk to her if she went off-world. The scientific and diplomatic SG teams were only authorized to visit worlds classified by the first-contact and military teams as safe for civilians. And of course her team would be carefully watched over by an experienced team of Marines or Special Forces.

Liz finished her coffee and decided to get some fresh air. Maybe doing some stargazing would help her make up her mind. She glanced at her watch; whoa! She had not realized that it was eleven o’clock at night, or 23:00 hours by military time. Good thing she was going up top for a break or Colonel O'Neill might order her to go home.

She traveled up by way of the two elevators, checked in with security and then stepped out the “side-door”, one of the few other entrances to the complex besides the great tunnel. Liz moved away from the few lights and out into the darkness before looking up at the clear sky above her with her head tilted back and her airway wide open. Liz closed her eyes for a moment and breathed in great lungs-full of air through her nose and slowly exhaled through her mouth. She felt her thoughts stop racing around in her head as her pulse slowed and her body lost some of its excited tension. She opened her eyes again and studied the heavens. As Liz always did first thing, she turned until she could pick out the faint light of Antar’s far away sun. Max had pointed it out to her through a telescope once, long ago and so now Liz gazed up at it and thought about him. Was he even still alive? Was he still fighting the civil war on his planet and which had spilled out to include the other four inhabited planets in their region of space? Did he ever think about her at all? After all, it had been over eleven years since the four of them had left Earth and no word had ever come to her of his fate. A couple tears slid down her upturned face.

“Don’t cry, Liz.” Alex said from right in front of her. She had been gazing up so intently that she had not noticed him walking up to her and she cried out, startled.

“Oh!...Alex…I didn’t see you there.” Liz exclaimed, wiping her wet cheeks with her fingertips.

“I’m sorry Liz, I’ll promise to shuffle my feet or whistle a happy tune the next time I walk up to you while you’re stargazing.” Alex promised, grinning.

“Good idea.” Liz smiled back, already feeling better as she lifted her gaze back up to the sky. “Too bad we don’t have old Bob, Max’s jeep to sit on and his windshield to lean against when we stargaze up here. Maybe I can find some folding chairs next time.”

“Couldn’t we borrow one of those jeeps parked over by the door?” Alex asked, wondering why he had never thought of doing just that.

“Alex, those jeeps belong to the Marines who are guarding that door. If you so much as look at their jeep they’d probably break you into a dozen tiny pieces; those guys are scary.” Liz said with a shiver.

“O—kay. Lawn chairs it is…” Alex said slowly, already forgetting that Liz had been upset when he had first walked up to her. “Hey wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Gate buried somewhere on Antar? And if Max and Isabel found it and figured out how to use it…” Alex’s voice dwindled off as his imagination took flight.

“Alex, that would only mean that Antar would be at risk from the Goa’uld and after sixty years of civil war, I doubt they’d want those snake-heads to invade their planet too.” Liz cried out.

“Yeah, well it’s just one of my little fantasies…you know…you, me and SG-1 gate in, blow the Goa’uld out of the sky and save the planet!” Alex chuckled and Liz joined him.

“Yeah, Alex, that’s some fantasy-life you have there!” Liz said.

“Hey you two; having fun stargazing?” Sam called out as she and Colonel O'Neill came walking up.

“Uh…yeah…Sam…in fact we were discussing borrowing one of those jeeps over there to sit on so we could lean back against the windshield and be real comfy while we stargaze.” Alex said a little stiffly. Boy he was out of practice with this keeping a secret stuff.

Both Sam and Jack looked at him a little funny as if they knew that he and Liz had not been discussing borrowing jeeps just then.

“Borrowing jeeps from Marine guards; not very bright, Dr. Whitman. Those jar-heads would tear you up into tiny, little pieces even if you looked at their precious jeeps.” O'Neill warned Alex.

“Yeah.” Alex grinned back. “That’s what Liz said too, Colonel. Well, I’m ready to go home and hit the sack, how about you, Liz?” Alex asked, trying to ease away from the formidable Air Force colonel.

“Yeah, I guess. I only came up here to get some fresh air and clear my head for a bit.” Liz agreed. “Goodnight Sam, good night Colonel O'Neill.”

“’Night you two, see you tomorrow.” Sam said. Jack just gave a silent, negligent wave of his hand as Alex moved off to his car and Liz went back inside.

“What do you make of those two, Carter?” O'Neill asked his 2IC.

“I think they’re both great, sir. They’re both brilliant in their fields and hard workers. Alex is getting a handle on gate-travel and loving every minute of it…they’re both nice people, sir. Why, what do you make of them, Colonel?” Sam asked her CO.

“Yeah, I’ll agree that they’re hard working, brilliant in their own incomprehensible, geeky, obsessive-compulsive kind of way…but there’s just something…odd about those two. A couple times before, I’ve come up to them when they were whispering to each other with these odd, sad expressions on their faces and then, just like tonight, they lied to me about what they were discussing with each other.” Jack said in frustration.

“Well, sir; if they had sad expressions on their faces, they were probably discussing something private and didn’t want to share what it was, with a perfect stranger…sir.” Sam replied.

“Yeah, well I’m going to keep an eye on them.” Jack said.

“Do you think that’s wise, sir? I mean it’s not as if they’ve done anything wrong, or gone somewhere they weren’t supposed to be…” Sam warned.

“It’ll just be me keeping an eye out, Carter. I didn’t say I was going to tell anyone else about this, don’t get so excited, for crying out loud.” Jack shot back.

“Yes sir.” Sam said, before they started walking to their cars, parked around the corner of the building.

“Rather than borrow a jeep from the Marines, you’d think that they would have just walked around here and sat on their own cars, wouldn’t you, Carter?” O'Neill tried one more time to peak his second-in-command’s curiosity.

“It’s too brightly lit over here, sir. Alex and Liz had moved away from the lights by the door so that it wouldn’t interfere in their viewing of the stars, sir.” Sam said logically.

“Oh never mind.” Jack mumbled before getting into his own car as Sam unlocked and got into hers.


Besides a well stocked library and a rec-room with ping-pong and pool tables, board games and videos to watch, Cheyenne Mountain also had a swimming pool and a large, well equipped gym, complete with a jogging track. All of the military personnel used it to stay in top physical shape and it was also available to the science/civilian personnel as well.

Liz and Alex liked to use the gym, especially if they needed to clear their minds for a while after working on a project for many long hours. They would go swimming and use the weight machines. No aerobics classes down here, but occasionally they would join the groups doing calisthenics. Neither was in the impressive physical shape of the military personnel, both male and female, but they had received positive remarks on their fitness “for civilians”. Alex especially had filled out and muscled up his tall, lean frame since high school.

One day, about a week before Liz was to go on her first off-world mission, She and Alex were in the gym together using two different weight machines which were placed next to each other. As Sam Carter walked up to them they were both laughing at something Alex must have said.

“Hey guys.” Sam called out.

“Hey Sam.” Liz and Alex both greeted their friend.

“Liz, the Air Force and Marine personnel here have a friendly…and I stress ‘friendly’, competitive camaraderie. We respect each other and work well together off-world. Even so, we love it when one of the Marines gets his butt kicked, especially by a civilian! I just wanted to come by and congratulate you on behalf of all the Air Force personnel here on the base, for your performance during your pre-off-world weapons and self-defense basic training this morning.”

“Why Sam, whatever do you mean?” Liz asked innocently, batting her long eye lashes. Sam chuckled.

“I mean throwing your self-defense drill-instructor, Sergeant Andrews on his butt, not once but three times…in front of the entire gym and calisthenics group! Not to mention the excellent marks you received in weapons training. How’d you do it? I want details, my friend.” Sam said and Liz broke into a happy chuckle as she remembered her very satisfactory morning.

“Well, first of all I was lucky; I know in a real competition I’d be no match for any of you guys, you’re all too well trained, but Sergeant Andrews started out with a couple dangerous misconceptions for any soldier to have. One; he thought I was a weak, little civilian with no muscle-tone at all. And two; he thought I had no self-defense training. He didn’t even ask me if I knew any defensive moves. He wanted to be the “big, strong Marine” who was going to show this “little lady scientist” how to defend herself against the Goa’uld and he wanted to do it in front of an audience. His first words were ‘If the Goa’uld attack; run and hide. If you can’t run right away, distract them and then run and hide.’ I know all of that; I’m not stupid. I’m not going to get any of you hurt or killed by acting rashly.” Liz said heatedly before continuing her story. Some other female personnel, both Air Force and Marines had been listening and now they moved closer, grins on their faces.

“After a few more choice bits of advice like that, Sergeant Andrews was ready to start training me…only his method of training is to throw his trainees around a little first; make them believe that he will always be bigger and better than they are. I’ve seen him train some other people. So, I was lucky, he seriously underestimated me, plus I know some special moves and tricks designed for a small person, such as myself.” Liz chuckled and the other women joined her, they had all heard the rumors.

“Sergeant Andrews started off with the classic position of my attacker behind me with his arm around my throat. He was overbalanced already and it was easy to throw him over my shoulder. But he only thought I’d been lucky, so he tried that move again. After I threw him to the mat a second time it became a game of “take Liz down”. And he kept on saying ‘let’s try this situation; what if your attacker came from this direction?’ and on and on, like that. But in front of an audience he couldn’t really hurt me and he did manage to throw me around enough to soothe his male ego, but I’m pretty good at landing on my feet…and…managed to take him down for a third time before we were through!”

“What belt are you Liz?” Air Force Sergeant Miller asked grinning.

“I’m not any belt. I’m not into martial arts or anything like that.” Liz answered.

“Then where did you get your training, Liz?” Sam asked.

“I have a good friend named Kyle. He’s the son of Roswell’s Sheriff. He and his father trained me and several of my friends in self-defense and the use of guns and rifles while we were in high school. None of us were interested in owning a gun or anything, but the Sheriff thought we should know how to use them, just in case. I’ve kept up with my self-defense by taking some courses and I go to a target range, rent a gun or a rifle and practice every once in a while.” Liz explained, shrugging casually, but the other women were still grinning.

“Well you are still awesome, Dr. Parker!” One of the Marines said and Liz blushed. After the others moved off, Sam stayed for a moment.

“Yeah, you both are. I know that you received top marks, as well, Alex.” Sam said before turning back to Liz “Liz, even civilians are issued side-arms when they go on off-world missions, just in case.” Liz nodded. “But even with your expertise, make sure you heed Andrew’s advice; if there is trouble, get to the Stargate and dial home or if you can’t get to the Gate, run and hide first, you got that?” Liz nodded again and Sam smiled. “The SGC doesn’t want to lose one of its most valuable scientists, okay?”

“Okay.” Liz grinned.

“Good. See ya around. ‘Bye Alex.” Sam said before she walked off.

“’Bye Sam.” Alex called after her and then turned back to Liz. “Good thing she didn’t ask why the Sheriff was so adamant that all of us Humans learn to defend ourselves.” He whispered.

“I wonder which would be harder to kill, a Skin or a Goa’uld.” Liz replied whispering as well.

“It’s interesting how both species can’t survive on Earth (or anywhere else, in the case of the Goa’uld) without an outer shell of some kind.” Alex mused. “The Goa’uld need their host to survive and the Skins need their husk, the artificial, Human-looking shell they had to wear.” Liz nodded thoughtfully. “Well, let’s go back to work, shall we?” Alex said briskly putting out his hand to pull Liz up from her bench.

“Back to work; I have to take an artifact to Daniel, now that I’m done testing it.” Liz agreed happily as they left the gym.

After taking a shower and putting on clean clothes, Liz picked up an artifact from her lab and walked over to Daniel’s office. When she arrived at his door, Liz knocked, but no one answered. His office door was slightly ajar though and Liz pushed it open and peeked inside. Daniel was at his desk, with his back towards the door and Liz felt her eyes tear up as she watched him. There was a pen and ink sketch, in a simple wooden frame on Daniel’s desk, of his missing wife, Shau’re and Daniel was gazing at it while his finger traced her features in the sketch. Liz had been able to see the sketch close-up once before and knew that his beloved wife was a gorgeous woman. She had lots of long, naturally curly, black hair, large brown eyes, framed by long, thick eyelashes and bone structure which would keep her face lovely into her old age.

“I’ll find you, Shau’re, even if it takes the rest of my life.” Daniel murmured to the picture.

But then he sat back in his chair, ran his fingers through his longish brown hair, got up and left his office. He did not see Liz, who had ducked to the left side of his door, when he turned right and walked down the hallway. Liz tiptoed into Daniel’s office and left the artifact in the middle of is desk and scribbled a quick note saying that she was sorry to have missed him, before returning to her own lab.


Another month had passed by when the Stargate was activated from off-world. As always, the claxons sounded, the lights flashed and General Hammond walked quickly into the control room.

“It’is time for Sg-7, 8 and 12 to be returning from their mission. Any GDO code yet, airman?” He asked.

“Not yet, sir; closing the iris.” The airman said, doing so.

“I’m getting a code, sir.” Another airman on duty said. “It’s Sg-8’s code, sir.”

“Open the iris, airman.” The General ordered.

“Yes, sir.” The airman said as he complied.

The iris retracted out of sight, the Stargate finished dialing, the wormhole was established and a few moments later, a dozen people, loaded down with equipment came through the gate. Most were business-like, but smiling after a successful week’s mission. Two of the travelers, however were talking a mile-a-minute as they came through, using their hands to add emphasis to what they were saying, even though they both were carrying metal cases in each one. For a moment, the tall young man was just walking down the ramp, listening and grinning at his companion, but the tiny brunet, her long hair in a braid down her back, was jumping up and down, even though she also had a full pack strapped to her back. The General could hear some of her words through the speakers.

“Alex, that was so incredible! Everything we saw! Wow, we were actually on another planet! That is so cool! I can’t wait to start my experiments on the samples we found!”

General Hammond could not hear her companion’s reply, but he noticed members of the rest of the three teems turning around and grinning at the young woman’s enthusiasm.

“Is that Dr. Parker?” The General asked Sam, who had come to stand beside him.

“Yes, sir.” Sam said, smiling as she watched her friend below.

“Is she…high on something, Captain? None of her teammates appear to be so…manic.” The General said.

“Liz is…high on life, sir. This was her first off-world mission and she must have had…a great time! Her friend, Alex Whitman has been on two missions before this one and I know he was pretty excited when he came back from those as well, sir.” Sam explained and the General allowed himself to smile down at the young scientist in the Gate-room.

“If only our other science-personnel had such a positive attitude about their off-world missions. Usually all I hear are complaints about having to sleep in tents and cook over open fires or eating MREs.” General Hammond said.

“Yes, sir.” Sam agreed.


Yet another month went by; Liz had been with the SGC for three months and she could not believe how much she had learned in that time. About the SGC, some of the other personnel working there and about her field of microbiology. The SGC was more far-reaching than she had ever guessed it could be, with allies and friends on many far off worlds. And it was having quite an impact on some of those alien peoples as well.

One of their allies, who came to visit quite often were the Tok’ra. These people were actually a rogue-group of the Goa’uld; the symbiote and the host lived in harmony together. Their blending was always voluntary and much less traumatic to the host than that of a true Goa’uld/Human blending. Some Tok’ra worked secretly among their hostile brethren, spying and sabotaging, while others openly fought them.

A startling fact, which Liz had learned about Sam soon after she joined the SGC was that her father, a former Air Force general and a good friend of General Hammond’s was now a Tok’ra, complete with a symbiote named Selmac. General Jacob Carter now lived off-world with the Tok’ra, but came to visit his daughter or bring intelligence as often as he could.

One group the SGC had had enormous impact on were the Jaffa themselves. There had been a small number of Jaffa who had believed that the Goa’uld were false-gods, who enslaved their people, even before Teal’c denounced Apophis, but ever since he had done so, at Colonel O'Neill’s urging and joined the SGC to fight the Goa’uld, the number of Jaffa to join the resistance, secretly or openly, had grown by leaps and bounds.

Liz liked the way the different aliens were treated; with respect and friendship for their allies, kindness and true help for the poor and oppressed refugees, which the SG teams often freed and brought through the Stargate. Linguists would translate for them, so that they would understand what was happening to them, the Infirmary would treat their wounds and the Commissary would feed them and then they were helped to find a new home to go to, on another world, where they could remain safe and free. It did not matter what you looked like or where you came from; if you were a good guy, the SGC would be your friend.

And of course, Liz loved her long, hectic days of studying new life forms; microscopic, alien plants, soil samples, water samples and artifacts. She had already helped to head off a massive infection, which could have wiped out half of the SGC. She was needed, had fascinating work to do and was making new friends and her second off-world mission was coming up in just over a week. Life was good!

TBC Feedback, pretty please! Part 6 will be posted on Friday night. ~jane

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"Shanks Returns To Stargate SG-1" WooHoo!

"The SCI FI Channel confirmed that Michael Shanks will return as a regular cast member of the channel's original series Stargate SG-1, again playing the role of Dr. Daniel Jackson, in the show's upcoming seventh season. The network earlier this week announced that it had renewed the show for a full 22-episode new season...The channel has announced that Richard Dean Anderson also returns as the star and one of the executive producers.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 6

Just over a week later, nine scientists, including Liz Parker and Alex Whitman were scheduled to travel to P3X-2599. One SG-team of four Marines was to accompany them, along with two Special Forces from a second SG-team, who’s other two members were laid up with minor injuries. Once there however, things did not go as smoothly as they had on Liz’s first off-world mission. First, one of the Marines was called back because his pregnant wife had gone into labor one month early and they might have to perform a cesarean section on her. The next day, one of the scientists was stung by some alien insect and was rushed back to the Infirmary with a bump on his arm the size of a golf ball. And today, a second Marine had to be sent back after stepping into that planet’s equivalent of a rabbit hole, probably breaking his ankle.

“Will they finally send some replacements do you think; let us go on as we are, or recall the whole group of us?” Liz asked Alex, as they sat eating their lunch later that day.

“I don’t know, Liz.” Alex answered. “I doubt that they will leave things the way they are since they are always so careful to baby-sit us twenty-four hours a day, but I hope they don’t call us all back. I guess it will depend on who’s available to replace the Marines we’ve lost.” Liz nodded her agreement.

“Hey, the Stargate is activating, maybe they’re sending replacements.” Liz said as she saw the Marine in charge standing by the DHD, short for Dial-home-device; the alien mechanism for activating the Stargate. It was about three feet high and three feet around, with a circular panel on top, set at about forty-five degrees. Two rings with all the Stargate symbols marked on them circled a large, orange hemisphere.

The Marine received a message through the wormhole and then he ordered his team to stand down from defending the Gate from a possible attack; friendlies were coming through. A moment later, four people stepped through the Gate and then it deactivated itself.

“Hey that’s Daniel and Sam!” Liz exclaimed happily.

“And Colonel O'Neill and Teal’c.” Alex observed quietly.

“Hey Daniel, Sam.” Liz called as her two friends walked over.

“Hey you two, are we being honored with SG-1’s protection today? Wow!” Alex grinned.

“You should feel honored, Dr. Whitman.” Sam put on her military personae but then broke into a grin.

“So, what are you two working on?” Daniel asked.

“Come on, we’ll show you.” Liz said and the four of them walked over to where Liz and Alex had been working.

A couple of hours later, O'Neill and Teal’c walked by as they made their rounds of the camp again.

“Hey kids, how’s it going?” He called out.

“Fine sir, Alex has done a great job reverse engineering this piece of Goa’uld technology. We’ll be able to test it soon. How’s everything on your end of things, Colonel?” Sam asked.

“Just peachy, Captain. In fact it’s so perfectly quiet here, it’s almost boring.” O'Neill said.

“Ooh he shouldn’t have said that.” Liz whispered to Daniel who was working nearby on some artifacts they’d found.

“Nope.” Daniel whispered back, but Teal’c, who had been looking around their work area, heard them.

“Why do you say that DoctorParker?” Teal’c asked, curious and Liz looked up, blushing.

“What’d she say, Teal’c?” Jack asked his friend and teammate.

“DoctorParker stated that you should not have said that everything was just peachy, O'Neill. Why? Were you not accurate in your report of the situation?” The large Jaffa asked, confused.

“No, I was accurate, Teal’c. Why don’t we ask the good doctor why she said what she did?” O'Neill looked over to Liz, who was still blushing but she turned to face the Colonel.

“I’m sorry, Colonel, I didn’t mean anyone to hear me…As to what I said…just call me superstitious or overly cautious. In my experience if someone asks ‘what else could go wrong?’ they’ll soon find out what else could go wrong. So when you told Sam that ‘it’s so perfectly quiet here, it’s almost boring’, and sounded as if you wish it weren’t so quiet, my…paranoia kicked in.” Liz tried to grin engagingly.

“Well, Doctor, maybe you should leave the paranoia to me, okay?” Colonel O'Neill replied.

“Of course, Colonel, it’s all yours, with my blessing.” Liz grinned again.

But just then, the small radio attached to O'Neill’s broad shoulder crackled to life.

“Colonel?” The voice of Sergeant Miller came through loud and clear.

“What is it, Miller?” O'Neill asked.

“Sir, the Stargate just started to dial up an off-world activation, but we’re not receiving a message or a GDO.” Miller reported. GDO stands for Garage Door Opener and is a signal which tells Command that it is safe to open the iris.

The Stargate was located out in the middle of a large, bare plane. The only cover nearby was a small circle of stone pillars which encircled the stone platform, on which the Gate stood. O'Neill had already devised a plan for just this eventuality.

“Miller, put Lt. Commander Watson on; Watson, position your team on the platform steps, behind the Gate. Carter, Teal’c and I will have the civilians hide behind the pillars, behind your position and then join you. We’ll allow our visitors to come through the Gate. Hopefully they won’t look behind them and proceed out and away from the Gate. Then we can come up behind them and cut off their escape, while hopefully allowing us to do so.”

“Yes, sir. Luckily our campsite is located back behind the Gate. If they don’t look back, as Goa’uld usually don’t, we’re home free.” Watson agreed.

“Get to it.” Was all O'Neill said as he turned to the others. “Dr. Paraker, get your people into positions behind each of those pillars and stay put; Daniel stay with them. If we can’t do the dialing, you come around when it’s safe and dial home. We’ll try to cover you as we drive our visitors further away from the Stargate.”

“Right, Jack.” Daniel nodded his understanding.

Liz just nodded before running over to where the other scientists were working.

“Everyone, we have possible unfriendlies coming through the Gate.” She called out firmly. “Drop what you’re doing and each of you take position behind one of the pillars. Come on, let’s GO!” Liz ordered.

Even though she was not the senior scientist in charge of this mission, everyone listened and did what Liz told them to. By the time the Stargate had finished dialing and had been activated, everyone was in position. Daniel, Liz and Alex were behind three of the left most columns, behind the Gate and the other six scientists were hiding behind columns to their right. O'Neill, Teal’c, Sam and the Marines were hidden behind the steps at the back to the Stargate platform.

Everyone’s view was blocked until the Stargate shut down, after the visitors arrived. As feared it was a group of Jaffa Serpent Guards, wearing armor and their giant serpent helmets, which looked like some grotesque armored carnival-head. The dozen or so guards formed two lines and started marching away from the Gate.

O'Neill and his team allowed the guards to move beyond the small stone circle before they left the cover of the stone steps behind the Gate. One by one, they stepped up to the stone pillar closest to them and then maneuvered forwards using the pillars in front of the Stargate as cover until all seven of them had taken up their positions in front of the Gate, but hidden from the Jaffa’s view by the front most columns.

O'Neill wanted to allow the Jaffa to move as far away from them as possible, but he knew that another group might come through at any minute, so he waited only a few more minutes before calling softly to Daniel through the radio to “dial home”.

Daniel moved up from pillar to pillar as Jack and the others had done; Alex and Liz following behind to cover him, whether Colonel O'Neill wanted them to or not. Then Daniel dashed across open ground to the DHD and crouched in front of it. He had touched only three of the seven symbols on the alien device needed to activate the Stargate when the Jaffa heard the inner ring start to turn and the chevrons on the outer ring locking each symbol into place. They turned, saw Daniel crouched down by the dialing device and started running back. Even from that distance, a few of the Jaffa leveled their mighty staff weapons and fired at him, thankfully missing him.

Colonel O'Neill’s group peaked around their individual columns and opened fire, aiming back and forth across their field of vision. They saw four or five guards drop to the ground but the rest kept coming and all of them were returning fire. Just as Daniel was reaching to enter the seventh symbol, a blast hit him in the back. He arched up crying out in pain before falling to the ground next to the DHD.

“Daniel!” Alex and Liz yelled together and Alex leapt forward, followed closely by Liz.

Liz crouched down almost behind the device and quickly glanced at her wounded friend as Alex reached up to hit the seventh symbol on the DHD, before ducking down as well.

“Send the GDO-code now, Liz.” Alex cried out as another blast came dangerously close to hitting them.

Both Alex and Liz had quite a bit of combat experience from their secret battles against the Skins during their Junior and Senior years in high school, but they had never become used to the violence and danger, the hurt and the pain. As she turned to send the code, which would identify them as friendlies to the SGC, so they could safely pass through the Stargate and not end up flattened against the closed iris, Liz tried to bury her fear and old memories of other fire-fights deep down in the back of her mind. She and Alex had to get Daniel and the other scientists to safety. There was no time to think about anything else. Even so, Liz felt pain start to run up and down her hand and arm and saw electricity start to spark between her fingers. Then the Stargate opened and the great horizontal wave of energy came shooting out of the enormous ring.

“Come on you guys, you can run up behind the Gate and then duck around the sides and dive in.” Alex called to the other scientists over their radio. “Come On MOVE!”

Four of the scientists came quickly, peeking out from behind the solid wall of energy and then two by two, they dove through the Stargate. Liz turned back to see where the Jaffa and their protectors were. Her eyes grew round in shock as she saw four still bodies in green fatigues on the ground and only O'Neill, Sam and Teal’c holding off the four remaining Jaffa who had found boulders out in the field to take shelter behind.

“Come On Larry!” Liz heard the voice of Dr. Howard Plum yell and turned to see him all but pulling Dr. Larry Brown by the arm. Larry was obviously terrified of coming out from behind the Stargate.

“Come on Larry, you can do it!” Liz called out encouragement but Larry still hung back.

Alex left his little bit of cover and ran to where the other two men were. Together he and Howard were able to urge Larry around the corner and into the Stargate with his teammate. Alex ducked down as a blast almost hit him but he did not reach the relative safety of the DHD before a second blast found its mark.

“ALEX!” Liz yelled as she saw him fall to the ground face down; she had not seen where the blast had hit him though.

Liz looked wildly around her; Daniel on the ground where he had fallen, the four bodies down by the stone ring, Carter pressing her left hand to her right bicep, her right arm hanging limply as she leaned against her pillar, O'Neill and Teal’c trying to hold off the last three Jaffa as they charged the Stargate; staff weapons firing rapidly and then back to Alex, face down on the ground…and her own arm hurting like hell from the full electrical current which was crackling up and down it and between her fingers. She gave no conscious thought to what she was doing as her arm lifted itself up and she shot her invisible energy blast at the two remaining and charging Jaffa.

“You Snake-Infested Bastards!” Liz yelled as she sent the Jaffa hurtling backwards through the air.

They managed to get back up to their knees and she threw them into the air again, this time towards the boulders behind which they had earlier taken cover. This time the two servants of Apophis did not get up or move at all.

“What the hell was that?” Colonel O'Neill turned to see what was going on behind him. All he saw was tiny Dr. Parker standing stiff and defiant beside the DHD, her still upraised arm crackling with flashes like lightening.

“I saw it all, sir.” Sam said while trying to stand. Teal’c came over and helped her. “I was hit and was facing the Stargate and saw Drs. Plum and Brown go through, but then Alex Whitman was hit and Liz saw that I was down…and this energy…seemed to start coursing up and down her arm and then it was as if she threw all that energy at the Jaffa although there was nothing to see...”

“Except the Jaffa flying through the air!” O'Neill exclaimed with great satisfaction, but then his bit-of-a-smile disappeared as he saw Liz drop to her knees while holding onto the DHD to stay partially upright. “Hey Doc!” Jack called out as he ran towards her. He crouched down and took a good look at her. No wounds as far as he could see, but she looked wiped out, totally exhausted. Just then his radio crackled to life.

“Colonel O'Neill the scientific team has reported that you are under attack.” General Hammond’s voice came through loud and clear. “We have three teams ready, but you will have to disengage the Stargate so that we can redial your planet and send them through; what is your status?”

“Yes sir, we were under fire, but it just ended. We have multiple casualties and need medical assistance ASAP.” O'Neill reported to his superior.

“It’s on its way, Colonel.” The General promised.

O'Neill quickly disengaged the wormhole and then the Stargate started dialing again. A few moments later, the medical team, including Doctor Fraser came barreling through the Gate.

“Colonel, are you alright?” Janet Fraser asked first.

“I’m fine Doctor, but we have four causalities down there and three up here.” Jack pointed out the other team and then Alex, Sam and Daniel. Sam and Teal’c were bending over Daniel and Liz had managed to stand up and walk over to Alex. She hesitantly reached out a hand to check for a pulse…and found one.

“Thank God!” She sighed out a prayer. “Alex is alive!” She called out through pale lips in an equally pale face and two of the corpsmen came over with a stretcher.

“Are you alright, ma’am?” They asked and Liz managed to nod before looking over to where Daniel was being carefully placed on a stretcher.

“How’s Daniel?” Sam asked.

“He took a hit to his shoulder blade, but I think he’ll be okay once we get him back to the Infirmary.” Janet told them. ‘Okay guys, easy does it through the Gate and then straight to the Infirmary.” She instructed.

“Yes ma’am.” They said before picking up his stretcher and walking through the Gate. Janet came over to check on Alex.

“Good pulse but a bad staff wound to his shoulder. At least they didn’t hit his chest or his neck. Don’t worry, Liz, I think he’ll be okay too.” Janet told her friend.

“I…I want to go with him…but if you need my help here…” Liz stuttered.

“I think you need to go with Alex before you keel over, Liz. Corpsman; a blanket for Dr. Parker and then help her through the Gate and to the Infirmary.” Janet ordered.

“Yes ma’am…Here Doctor, let me put this blanket around your shoulders and then we’ll get you home, okay? You’re going to be just fine.” The corpsman said soothingly as he led Liz towards the Stargate with one arm around her slim shoulders. All Liz could do at that point was nod.

Alex was carried through next, Sam was helped through and then the two Marines and two SFs were brought up. One was dead and the other three had sustained serious injuries but Janet thought that they would recover once they came out of surgery. Finally Janet, Teal’c and Jack stepped into the Stargate and traveled home as well. In the next day or two, teams would come back to pick up all of their equipment, but for now that was the least of their concerns.

In the Infirmary, Liz was checked over a little more thoroughly than usual with an MRI as well as blood work and a physical exam. She was then given a mug of sweet tea and a warm blanket for shock and dismissed to base quarters, but she hung around, trying to stay out of the way, while waiting for news of her friends.

“Dr. Parker.” Liz turned around to see Colonel O'Neill and Teal’c walking towards her, having come from their own post-mission physicals. “How’re you feeling?” Jack asked as he glanced over her. The small hands wrapped around her mug of tea were steady and her color had come back a little, but she still looked whooped.

“I’m okay, Colonel. I’m just waiting for news on Alex, Sam, Daniel and the others.” Liz said.

“DoctorJanetFraser indicated that they will all recover once treated, while we were still on the planet.” Teal’c stated in his deep voiced, precise way.

“Thanks, Teal’c, but I just need to see them for myself, you know?” Liz asked.

“Indeed. O'Neill and I also wish to see our teammates for ourselves.” Teal’c agreed with her as the two men sat down on a bench near her.

“So…Doctor, you want to tell me what happened back there?” Jack asked in a gentle voice, his curiosity showing.

“If my actions are something which I will have to be debriefed about, I’d rather only tell my story once, if you don’t mind, Colonel.” Liz said tiredly.

“Very well, Doctor.” Was all Jack O'Neill said to that.

They waited in silence for over an hour, before Janet Fraser came towards them and they all stood up.

“How are they, Doctor?” Colonel O'Neill asked.

“Everyone will be okay in time. Even though many of the wounds looked bad back on the planet, most of them turned out to be less serious than we had feared.” Janet stated. “Alex Whitman has a staff blast to his shoulder, but it did not involve any organs, major vessels, nor did it reach his shoulder joint. I’d like to keep him here overnight, but then he should be able to be released to rest at his home. Much the same can be said for Daniel. He took a blast over his shoulder blade in back, but his spine was unaffected. He does have a bump on his forehead from when he fell, but he does not have a concussion. I’ll keep him overnight and then release him. Captain Carter took a hit to her upper arm and there was some damage to her bicep, but it will heal. We’re finishing up dressing her wound and then she will be released to rest in base quarters.”

Liz let everything float over her head after that, but she did hear enough to know that the one wounded Marine and the two SFs, who had stood in harm’s way so that she and her colleagues could escape, would recover after their surgeries and treatments. She was happy about their prognoses, but mourned the one Marine who had been killed, while trying to defend them.

When she came back from her deep thoughts, Liz realized that she had automatically followed Janet, Jack and Teal’c as they went to look in on their friends. Alex was trying to wake up and focused on Liz when she and the other three walked into his curtained cubicle. Liz walked up to the side of his bed and took his right hand, which was untethered by an I.V., in hers and squeezed it even though the arm was in a sling.

“How’re you feeling, Alex?” She asked.

“’Kay…you…not…hurt?” Alex’s blurry eyes checked out his best friend.

“No I’m okay, just a little shaky.” Liz assured him with a smile and Alex managed a half smile before he fell back to sleep.

“Best let him rest.” Janet advised and shoed everyone out of the cubicle.

Next they checked on Daniel, who was in much the same shape as Alex, except he was propped up on his side to keep the pressure off the wound on his back.

“J’ck…ev’bdy okay?” Daniel asked. “Where’s Sam?”

“Sam is being patched up, she took a hit on her arm, but she’s going to be okay. She’ll probably come by to see you in a little while.” Jack explained to his friend.

He ignored Daniel’s first question so that he would not upset the patient with news of the Marine who did not make it and luckily for Jack, Sam showed up right then. Her arm was in a sling as well and she was pale, but she was on her feet and wide awake.

“Sammm.” Daniel slurred. “You ‘kay?”

“I’ll be fine, Daniel, this wasn’t much of anything.” She lied cheerfully as she came closer. “I hear that you, Alex and I will be the sling brigade for a while though!” Daniel tried to smile at that and then his eyes fastened on Liz and tried to focus.

“Lzzz…wha’ you did…I saw…?” He asked, his memory confused.

“I’ll explain everything when you’re better.” Liz promised and Daniel nodded and then he too fell asleep.

“Liz looked worriedly at Janet to see if she had heard what Daniel had said, but she was taking down the readings from the various machines which were monitoring her patient. Sam saw the nervous expression on Liz’s face and decided not to mention what she had seen, until later.

“May I sit with Alex for a while, Janet?” Liz asked.

“Liz you’re exhausted, you can barely stand. Go upstairs to base quarters and get some sleep.” Janet exclaimed, shaking her head.

“Just for a minute…please?” Liz asked.

“Okay, just for a minute.” Janet agreed.

“Uh, Janet…may we…” Sam started to ask the same question as Liz had but Dr. Fraser forestalled her with an upraised hand.

“Just for a little while, one at a time.” Janet sounded firm, when she knew that she would find one of them asleep in the chair next to Daniel and Liz would probably end up doing the same in her friend’s cubicle.

“Thanks Doc.” Colonel O'Neill gave her a smile and Teal’c respectfully bowed his head to her. “Carter, why don’t you go first while Teal’c and I go get cleaned up?” Jack suggested to his 2IC.

Liz walked back to Alex’s bedside and made herself comfortable in the chair and laying her hand on Alex’s arm and her head on the back of the chair, promptly fell asleep. Sam watched Daniel until her CO and teammate came back, and then left to sleep in base quarters upstairs. Teal’c stayed for a while with Jack, but then left to also retreat to his quarters, to perform his kel-no-ream meditations. And Jack was asleep in the chair when Janet made her final rounds before going home for the night, herself. All she did for either sleeper was to shake her head in amused understanding of the tight friendships these special people had.

TBC Feedback Please! Part 7 will be out Sunday evening!
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Flu Shots

Duchess, no you're not too late to get one. The CDC says that you shouldn't even get one until November and they only just started giving them out at my hospital.

I got one last week, right after my arm stopped hurting from the tetenus shot I got the week before! LOL!

Flu shots may not stop you from getting the flu, but they should help you heal more quickly and keep you from getting secondary infections like bronchitis or pneumonia!
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A few answers to some questions

Ava and the Dupes: When Liz mentioned fighting the Dupes and Skins, she meant that they fought And Killed the Dupes and the Skins. After MITC, Ava left Roswell and was never heard from again. I'm going to say that she's made a new life for herself and is safe and happy.

Special Unit or NID: Yes, Nascedo disbanded the SU and destroyed all the records pertaining to any of Our Heroes in Roswell. There IS still the NID or NIA, I forget what their initials are! They are more after alien technology at any cost, but the SGC keeps close tabs on them and guards themselves and their allies from those...uh...creeps! (the NID did do a few experiments on Teal'c and his immature Goa'uld in the beginning, but only under the close watch of General Hammond.)

Does any of that make sense?!

Thanks So much for all of your Great feedback! Please keep it coming! LOL!


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Yes, so take your fuzzy pink slippers and go home for now!

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Thanks again for all of your Wonderful feedback! Pleeaasse, keep it coming! Love, jane

Stargazers/Stargaters Part 7

“Li-iz, wa-ake u-up!” A familiar voice called to her in a bright, sing-song.

“Nah Al’x my shift doesn’t start ‘til noon.” Liz whined, still mostly asleep.

“Liz you don’t work at the CrashDown anymore, remember? You have your Ph.D. and we work at the SGC…hey that rhymes!” Alex said, chuckling at his own wit.

With that, Liz’s left eye flew open, looked around and then her right eye opened as well. She looked around some more, saw Alex laying on what could only be a hospital bed and she sat straight up in her chair, remembering everything that had happened the day before.

“Alex! How…how do you feel?” Liz asked, standing up so she could get closer to the bed.

“I’m a little buzzed but otherwise I feel fine…as long as I don’t-move-the-arm.” Alex stipulated.

“Has Janet been by? What time is it anyway?” Liz asked, looking at her watch. It was eight in the morning and she stretched to get the aches and kinks out of her back.

“Yeah, Janet came by around an hour ago, checked on my dressings, gave me a happy-pill for the pain and warned me that she was going to have you either kicked out or admitted into this grand hotel if you were still asleep when she came back in…well hello again, Doc!” Alex exclaimed when Janet Fraser came into the cubicle.

“I’m awake, I’m awake!” Liz exclaimed with a grin.

“How are you feeling this morning, Liz?” Janet asked checking out her friend’s coloring and seeing if there were still any signs of exhaustion. “Your color is much better and it looks like you actually got some sleep in that awful chair. The night nurse said you slept like the dead; hardly moved all night.”

“Yeah and I have the aches and pains to prove it.” Liz said, eyes twinkling. “How’s my friend here?” She asked.

“Much better I think.” Janet answered. “Good enough to go home if he isn’t left alone for long periods of time and no driving until I say so. Liz would you be willing to keep an eye on Alex and perhaps Daniel too, since you all live in the same building? Otherwise I’d have to keep them here and I think they’d rest and heal better in their own homes.”

“Sure, I can do that, Janet; I’d be happy to.” Liz agreed.

“Good, I’m going to discharge both of you, but before you leave, General Hammond would like you all to attend the debriefing if you’re up to it.” Janet said.

“Sure I can go.” Alex said and Liz nodded.

“Good, let me get you a wheel chair.” Janet said and stopped Alex before he could object. “Just a little precaution, only until you leave the base.” She said and Alex nodded. “Corpsman.” She called out and an orderly came in pushing a wheelchair.

Alex had been disconnected from the I.V. and monitors and had changed into some sweats, all while Liz was asleep in the chair, so all they had to do now was tie his shoelaces for him and help him into the wheelchair. When the corpsman moved to push Alex out of the cubicle, Liz asked if she could do that. Janet shrugged and said yes. Outside Alex’s cubicle they saw Daniel being pushed out of his “bedroom” by Colonel O'Neill and Liz turned the wheelchair towards them.

“Daniel, Sam, how are you two doing? Good morning Colonel, Teal’c.” She greeted everyone and Alex waived his good arm and grinned.

“Okay, we aren’t exactly the Three Musketeers, but we need a name!” Alex joked looking at Sam and Daniel’s arm slings, just like his own.

“How about the Stinging Slingers?” Sam asked…boy those pain pills were making her silly; she thought to herself.

“Well the three of us all have slings, but where does the sting come in?” Daniel asked.

“We could conceal our K-bars in the sling.” Sam suggested.

“K-bars? Oh right, those nifty all-purpose, military knives we all carry off-world.” Alex remembered. “Yeah, I like that idea. The Stinging Slingers!”

“That’s almost as bad as the Kit Shickers, Alex!” Liz giggled and then explained. “That’s the name of a country-western band a friend’s father plays with; it sounds bad, but it isn’t.” Everyone nodded and grinned.

“Why don’t we start rolling towards the briefing room, before General Hammond sends out a search party for us?” O'Neill suggested and everyone started off; Sam and Teal’c in front; Jack, pushing Daniel’s wheelchair went next and Liz, pushing Alex came last. Liz let the others move ahead as she walked more slowly.

“Alex.” Liz whispered into her friend’s ear. “I have to tell you something about this briefing we’re going to, before we get there.”

“What, Liz?” Alex whispered back.

“Um…after you and Sam were wounded yesterday, I went a little crazy and um…used my powers to kill the last two Jaffa, who were charging us. I threw them quite a ways until they landed on some boulders.”

“Liz!” Alex exclaimed, still whispering.

“Yeah, I know. Anyway, Teal’c, O'Neill and Daniel saw the Jaffa fly through the air and Sam saw how my powers affect me and I think they’re going to want an explanation.”

“What are you going to tell them?” Alex asked.

“As little as possible; I’m not sure why, but I feel like I still need to protect Max and the others as much as possible. I plan to mention only Max…and Nascedo if necessary. I don’t want to bring any of the others into this if I don’t have to.” Liz explained.

“Understood, and thanks, for trying to protect Isabel this way, but you are going to tell them about my part in this, right?” Alex asked.

“Are you sure, Alex?” Liz asked.

“They know that I’m an old friend of yours, Liz; they’re going to wonder about what I know and when I knew it.” Alex reasoned.

“Okay, Alex; if you’re sure.” Liz agreed before she sped up a little so that they would catch up to the others before they reached the briefing room.

When they reached the room two chairs had been removed from around the large table so that Daniel and Alex could be wheeled up to it and everyone else took a seat.

“Good morning people.” General Hammond greeted everyone. “Doctors Carter, Whitman, Jackson and Parker, how are you felling this morning?”

“Fine sir.” Sam replied.

“Like I got blasted, sir.” Alex replied.

“Ditto.” Daniel replied.

“I’m fine, thank you, General.” Liz said.

General Hammond looked around the table for a moment and then nodded in satisfaction.

“Well, I understand that there was a unique conclusion to yesterday’s attack…thanks to you, Dr. Parker.” Liz was startled; she had not expected this positive statement from the General. “Colonel O'Neill, could you explain what you saw?” The General asked.

“Yes, sir.” Jack replied. “We had allowed the dozen Jaffa to exit the Stargate and to walk out across the plane, away from us. My team and I took up defensive positions behind some stone pillars, between them and our civilian team. Daniel started to dial home, but the hostiles must have heard the Gate activate and came running back. Before Daniel could finish dialing, he was hit. Dr. Whitman ran up and finished dialing and Dr. Parker sent the GDO. We were doing our best to stop the Jaffa from advancing and we’d killed about half of them, but they kept coming. Drs. Whitman and Parker called the other civilians to escape through the Stargate and four of the six did so, but I gather that there was some trouble with one of the scientists who was too frightened to come out from behind the Gate. In urging him to escape with his colleague, Dr. Whitman was shot. Four of my team had been wounded or killed and Captain Carter took a hit to her arm and was trying to remain conscious. Three Jaffa were left and Teal’c and I were trying to take them out, but they were good at dodging, ducking and sprinting towards us. Teal’c managed to shoot one of them and then, the next thing I knew, the last two were flying backwards through the air. When they landed they struggled to get back up, but then the invisible force threw them up into the air again. This time they both landed dead center on two boulders and were killed.”

“Did you see what caused this phenomenon, Colonel?” General Hammond asked.

“Not while it was occurring, no sir.” Jack answered.

“But I did sir.” Sam spoke up.

“Go ahead then, Captain.” The General ordered.

“My right arm had been hit and I had pulled back to lean against my pillar, facing the Stargate. While I was trying to keep from blacking out and get my pistol into my left hand, I saw Liz, Dr. Parker looking about her, as if she was dazed. She seemed to be trying to comprehend all the destruction around her; our four team members, Daniel, myself and most recently, Dr. Whitman being shot or killed. Her eyes were enormous in her pail face and then I saw something strange; like lightening flickering up and down her arm and between her fingers. Liz raised her arm into the air before her; let out a loud yell…something like…’You bastards!’…and then it was as if she threw out a great surge of energy, although I didn’t see anything, I could almost feel the energy as it flew by me. I heard the Jaffa cry out and looked around my pillar to see them just falling to the ground at least one hundred years beyond the spot, where I had last seen them. As Colonel O'Neill reported, the hostiles tried to stand, but were thrown back a second time, landing against some boulders and were killed. I looked back to Liz and saw the energy fading away from her arm and she looked wiped out, exhausted.”

“I see.” General Hammond said thoughtfully. “Teal’c do you agree with Colonel O'Neill’s and Captain Carter’s reports or do you have anything you can add?”

“ColonelO’Neill’s report was accurate with what I observed during the battle, yesterday, GeneralHammond. I did not see what was occurring behind me however. I can only add that I have never witnessed such phenomenon before.” Teal’c reported in his deep, grave voice.

“Thank you, Teal’c.” General Hammond said and Teal’c bowed gravely to his CO. “Oh, Dr. Jackson, were you conscious enough to see anything?” General Hammond asked.

“I wasn’t sure if I was conscious, unconscious, or dreaming, but I saw a blurry version of what Sam, Jack and Teal’c saw.” Daniel said and then looked at Liz. “Does that lightening stuff hurt you?” Liz nodded.

“It hurts while it’s going on, but it doesn’t harm me as long as it doesn’t last too long.” Liz explained.

“Now…Dr. Parker, you know that Colonel O'Neill ordered Dr. Fraser to run some extra medical tests on you, last night.” General Hammond said.

“Yes, General, I was well aware of what she was doing and why she was doing it, although I don’t think Janet understood the reason for running those tests. Do you plan on informing her…and the rest of the base of everything I tell you during this…briefing, General?” Liz asked.

“What we tell and whom we inform is yet to be determined, Dr. Parker.” General Hammond answered and Liz nodded. “As to the tests, I have the results here.” He indicated a file in front of him. “They show that there was nothing wrong with you that a meal and some rest wouldn’t cure…They also indicate that you are…completely human.”

Liz wondered if that last statement were strictly true, but as long as their instruments could not detect anything different about her body, who was she to correct them? Instead she said.

“Of course I am, General.”

“Doctor, could you please explain to us how…do you know how it is that you can do what you did yesterday?” General Hammond asked.

“I…think so.” Liz nodded.

“Tell us!” Sam asked sitting forward in her chair.

“Okay, this is going to sound bizarre, but here goes…You know how you guys here at the SGC like to joke about the Roswell aliens and about the stuff they have stored in Area 51?...Well, the part about the 1947 crash…is true.”

“What? Oh for crying out loud!” Jack O'Neill exclaimed impatiently.

“Hey you asked.” Liz said. General Hammond gave Colonel O'Neill a warning glare.

“Please go on, Dr. Parker.” He said.

“Okay…Well as you know, Alex and I grew up in Roswell and we heard all the stories about the ’47 crash…hey my parents own an alien-themed café in town called the CrashDown. I never believed those stories or in aliens…except maybe in the purely theoretical sense of life existing on other, far distance planets. But I wasn’t above using the hype to bring in better tips when I waitressed in my parent’s restaurant.” Liz grinned, but then became serious again. “One day when I was sixteen, I was working in the CrashDown when two men came in to eat. After a while though, they started to argue and it turned out that one of them had a gun and he pulled it out and when the two men started to fight over the gun, it went off…and the bullet hit me in the stomach.”

“Oh my God, Liz!” Sam exclaimed in horror.

“Yeah, well as I lay there on the floor, bleeding, almost losing consciousness, a boy I knew came up to me and knelt over me. He told me that I had to look into his eyes…and I managed to do that and then he placed his hand over the bullet wound and…and healed me. He told me that I’d be okay and begged me not to tell anyone what he’d done. He grabbed a bottle of ketchup, broke the neck off and poured all that ketchup over the bloodstain on my uniform. He asked me to tell everyone that I’d been scared, almost fainted and broke the bottle of ketchup as I fell down…and that’s what I did…I lied to my parents and to the Sheriff and told them all that I was a klutz.”

“So was that boy really one of the Roswell aliens? Did his healing you somehow pass on his powers to you? Can you heal people too?” Daniel asked.

“How could he be from the ’47 crash, Daniel? That supposedly happened over fifty years ago and this friend of Liz’s was her age, right?” Sam asked looking over at her.

Yes, my friend was only my age, but he had been in the ’47 crash…but I’m getting ahead of my story. When I finally went up to my room after the shooting, to change clothes, I saw a silver handprint on my stomach where my wound had been. The next day in biology…my friend…let’s call him…Max…and I were lab partners and our teacher had us looking at plant cells versus human cells. Max had been chewing on his pencil eraser but when Ms. Harding told us what our project for that day was to be, he asked for a bathroom pass and disappeared…but he left his pencil behind. I took a sample off of his pencil and one from the inside of my own cheek…and they were different. That’s when I started to freak out a little.” Liz smiled at the memory.

“Understandable.” Sam sympathized.

“Anyway, I tracked him down in the music room and made him tell me the truth. He admitted that he was an alien, or ‘not of this earth’, as he preferred to call it. He told me that he had never told anyone who or what he was, not even his adoptive parents and begged me to keep his secret.” Liz said. “Max explained in the days to come that he had emerged from an incubation pod in 1979 as a six year old boy. His adoptive parents found him wandering along the road that night and took him home and eventually adopted him. He didn’t know where he was from or why he had been sent here.”

“Hadn’t some of the other aliens survived the crash? Where were they?” Daniel asked and Liz shrugged.

“We had heard rumors about another alien who was supposedly a murderer. He also left silver handprints on his victims. He was called Nascedo and he didn’t show up until the middle of our junior year. He told us that…my friend…must have hatched early because when Nascedo returned to the pod chamber at the expected time, it was empty. Not knowing what his charge looked like, he spent the next years as he had before, running and hiding from the government. But then he believed that enemies of their world were here on Earth and he managed to find Max and tried to protect him. I was developing these powers of mine; and no, I can’t heal anything and mostly nothing works unless I’m very worried or very angry. As you saw, I can throw things away from me, but I can’t blow anything up or draw anything towards me. I can…I guess you’d call it astral projection. Max was in New York once and I found out that he was in danger, but I had no way to get in touch with him. In my desperation, I was able to send my consciousness to him in New York and warn him. For the last year and a half of high school we had run-ins with Max’s enemies as they tried dozens of ways to capture us and/or kill us. They succeeded in killing Nascedo before we won and Max found a way to return to his home. He was urgently needed there. It nearly killed us to admit it, but we agreed that it wouldn’t be safe for me to go with him; his world has many enemies. I don’t know if he is alive or dead…I haven’t heard anything from him since he left.” Liz finished sadly.

“Why was your friend…Max…urgently needed on his world, Dr. Parker?” O'Neill asked almost masking his disbelief. “Why was he sent here?”

“Well if you didn’t believe the first part, Colonel, you won’t believe this…” Liz said. “Nascedo told us that…Max…was to be their future king, once he’d grown up. There was a war on their planet and he was sent here for his own safety. But with everything that went wrong, my friend was not brought up to act like a king…although he was a natural leader; compassionate, strong, highly intelligent…always had a plan.” Liz smiled.

“DoctorParker, why do you give the name of one of these aliens, but only give us an alias for your friend?” Teal’c asked.

“I’m sorry Teal’c, I’m just trying to protect him, even though he left Earth eleven years ago…Nascedo is only a name given to the other alien by a Navaho boy who befriended him shortly after the crash; it simply means ‘visitor’ in Navaho.” Liz explained

“Ah I understand. Thank you, DoctorParker.” Teal’c replied.

“You’re welcome, Teal’c.” Liz said. “Anyway to finish off my story we figured that it was because I pretty much…um…died after being shot and my hero brought me back from the dead, that I somehow developed these powers. People he’s just healed have never developed them.” Liz explained.

“Dr. Whitman, did you know this Max-fellow and who…what he was?” General Hammond asked.

“Yes, General, I knew…uh, Max. Liz tried to keep his secret from me for a while, but one day the two of them were in a car accident and they both were taken to the hospital. Max’s blood was drawn and Liz knew that it would have to be replaced by a sample of Human blood…she asked me for help and I…helped. Liz told me Max’s secret shortly after that.” Alex explained, smiling at his best friend.

“I see.” General Hammond said.

“So both of you have fought aliens before; no wonder you were able to act so calmly and quickly, to help your colleagues escape.” Colonel O'Neill commented, a little bit of respect in his voice.

“I wasn’t calm on the inside, I can assure you, Colonel!” Alex countered, modestly.

“No matter how many aliens I fight, I’ll never get used to the destruction, or the fear and pain, Colonel. And I’ll never be able to be calm about it either.” Liz said.

“A good soldier never does get used to it, Doctor; if you do, you’re on your way to being just like your enemy.” Jack said and Liz nodded in agreement.

“No wonder your friend and his father, the Sheriff wanted you and Alex to learn how to defend yourselves, if you were helping Max to fight his enemies!” Sam said with new understanding of Liz and Alex’s background.

“Mostly we were just lucky; Skins are not easy to kill.” Liz said.

“You will have to tell us about these other aliens, sometime, Doctor.” O'Neill said.

“Uh, sure, Colonel, but can it wait until Alex, Sam and Daniel have healed some? I don’t want to extend the length of this meeting any longer than it needs to be; we should get them home as soon as possible.” Liz asked.

“Of course, Doctor.” O'Neill said.

“Well…what do you think about all of this, General?” Captain Carter asked to bring the subject back to where it was supposed to be.

“As fantastic as it all sounds…and I’m sure that we haven’t even heard a half of the full story…I think I believe what Dr. Parker told us.” General Hammond said.

“As do I.” Teal’c solemnly intoned.

“So do I, although I’d love to hear more about your time with…Max!” Sam teased Liz.

“Me too.” Daniel grinned.

General Hammond looked over to his 2IC.

“What do you think, Colonel?” He asked.

“Ah I don’t know what to think about any of it. My gut says it’s all a load of crap, but my eyes remind me that I did see Dr. Parker throw two Jaffa around as though they were rag-dolls. For now, I’ll say that I believe her stories…but with deep skepticism.” Jack said.

“I suppose that’s the best we can get from you.” The General replied before turning back to Liz. “Well, Doctor, in light of what you’ve told us, I would like to extend my congratulations and thanks on behalf of the entire SGC for saving SG-1, SG-5 and all of your colleagues.” The General stuck out his hand and shook Liz’s between both of his.

“Wow, thanks General! I never would have expected so much open-mindedness and support.” Liz exclaimed.

“I don’t suppose you would, Doctor. But as I hope you’ve learned, the SGC is different from any other military command.” Hammond reminded her.

“Boy is that ever true!” Liz grinned looking around at her friends, who were grinning right back at her.

“This is probably a silly question, Liz, but since your friend was one of the “Roswell-aliens”…was his appearance ever…short and gray?” Sam asked curiously.

“Uh…no, Sam. Max always looked human, but Nascedo’s natural form, when he was fighting or defending Max was one of immense light and energy; he only shifted into Human form to keep his identity secret.” Liz explained.

“So it seems that the Asguard are the only aliens who actually look like the ‘Roswell-grays’.” Jack replied with a smirk and everyone grinned, sharing in the joke.

“Yeah, I guess so!” Liz agreed.

“If Liz is through answering questions, I have one for you guys.” Alex said.

“Yes, I think Dr. Parker’s part of this briefing is complete. What’s your question Dr. Whitman?” General Hammond asked.

“Well, it’s about the planet we were just on. The pre-mission report said that there was no evidence of the Goa’uld or anyone else having lived there for hundreds of years. Why did the Goa’uld show up now? I mean, do they make a habit of visiting a planet after a long absence?”

“An interesting question, DoctorWhitman.” Teal’c replied. “I believe that an enterprising Goa’uld will visit planets belonging to a rival, to determine if he would be successful in claiming it from its current overlord. A Goa’uld will also make inspection tours of planets from which his race or he himself have been banished in the distant past. Apophis did so on a regular basis. He most often sent a group of Jaffa to inspect a planet, but sometimes he would send his queen, or go himself.” Alex nodded in understanding.

“So, it’s a good thing that we have the iris.” He replied.

“It is a very good thing that you have such a device.” Teal’c agreed gravely.

“Well…unless there are any further questions…” General Hammond looked around the table. “I think we’ve kept our injured members long enough. SG-1 and Drs. Parker and Whitman, you are on stand-down for seven days; dismissed everyone.” He said and they all got up to leave.

“Okay Daniel and Alex, out to my car; I’m driving you home.” Liz ordered. “Sam, do you need a ride or would you like to come with us? I figured we’d make some popcorn and watch some videos if the boys are up to it.” Daniel and Alex grinned at the idea.

“No thanks, Liz; I think I just want to go home and crash.” Sam smiled.

“I’ll take you home, Carter; you shouldn’t be driving.” Colonel O'Neill said.

“Sir, that’s nice of you, thank you.” Sam said and Jack waived it aside.

“Okay, I’ll call you later Sam and see how you’re doing.” Daniel called out as the three of them left the conference room.

“Take care you guys.” Sam called back.

“So Carter, who were these friends of Dr. Parker’s who taught her and Dr. Whitman how to fight and shoot?” Jack O'Neill asked his 2IC, as they left the conference room. He realized that he should have asked this question during the debriefing, but he had lost the opening when he had asked about the Skins instead.

“Liz only told me that her friend was named Kyle and that he was the son of Roswell’s Sheriff. They felt that it was important for Liz and Alex to know how to defend themselves, sir.”

“And so they probably knew about this Max-guy too, huh?” O'Neill asked.

“It’s quite possible, sir.” Sam answered.

“I wonder if we should look them up.” O'Neill suggested.

“If you want to know more about them, why don’t you…or I just ask Liz, sir? And why would we need to know more about them? The Sheriff may be retired and as long as Kyle isn’t in the military, or a scientist like his friends, we wouldn’t be allowed to bring him into the SGC. Also, sir, the aliens Max and Nascedo have been gone for over ten years, why dredge up old memories?”

“Because they might come back, Captain, or they might have technology that we could use.” Jack shot back, but then saw the disappointed look on Sam’s lovely face. “Okay, I’ll leave it alone…for now, but it would sure be nice to know how they traveled back to their planet and whether they left anything behind.”

“I’ll ask Liz, sir.” Sam promised and her Colonel nodded in satisfaction.


A short time after SG-1’s debriefing, Dr. Janet Fraser knocked on the General’s office door.

“Doctor, what can I do for you?” Hammond asked.

“Sir, I was wondering if you could explain to me why Colonel O'Neill ordered extra medical tests to be performed on Dr. Parker, yesterday. As her physician and the Chief Medical Officer of this base, I should have been informed of anything which might put the personnel here at risk.” Janet said.

“You are correct, Doctor; Colonel O'Neill should have explained the need for extra medical tests to you.” General Hammond agreed. “But since he did not, I will. It was feared that, during the battle, Dr. Parker’s body was invaded by an immature Goa’uld; from one of the Jaffa warriors…like Major Kowalski was, two years ago. But according to your test results there were no signs of any Goa’uld invasion, or anything else untoward, correct?”

“Yes, that is correct, sir.” Janet agreed.

“Good…Was there…anything else about Dr. Parker you wished to say, or to ask me about, Doctor?” General Hammond asked patiently; he did not want the good doctor to think that he was brushing off her concerns.

“No, sir…Thank you.” Dr. Fraser said turning to leave.

“Here is Dr. Parker’s medical file.” The General held out the paperwork. “And I will have a word with Colonel O'Neill about the proper procedure for requesting extra medical tests in the future.”

“Thank you, General.” Janet said again and left.

‘No, Doctor, there isn’t anything else about Dr. Parker that you NEED to know.’ The General thought to himself, after his office door shut behind Janet.

Neither SG-1, nor General Hammond wanted the vultures in the NID, who would love to get their hands on anything alien and take it apart; be that a piece of technology or a living person, to know anything about Dr. Parker’s unusual powers. He had stated in his report to his superiors only that she had helped fight off the last of the Jaffa, at great personal risk to herself. And with the report from Dr. Fraser, stating that there was nothing wrong with Dr. Parker, there would be no reason for the NID to come sniffing around.


Over the next few weeks, everyone healed and came back to work. SG-1 started going on off-world missions again and Liz and Alex were back in their labs, having a great time working themselves into exhaustion. One day soon after that, Liz and Alex were walking down the hall when they were approached by one Marine and two Special Forces.

“Dr. Parker, Dr. Whitman, we’ve been looking for you.” Sergeant Miller said smiling.

“Hey you guys, how’re you feeling? We heard that the three of you had been cleared to come back to duty.” Liz asked.

“We’re doing fine, thanks to you two!” Lt. Commander Watson said.

“Everyone’s talking about how you saved us, Dr. Parker…and Dr. Whitman.” The second SF, Sergeant Martin exclaimed.

“I…we…didn’t do much; it was really SG-1 who…” Liz tried to say, her cheeks blushing.

“Oh no, Colonel O'Neill told us how the last three Jaffa were charging them, getting really close and how they couldn’t hit them, no matter how hard they tried…although I guess Teal’c got one of them…and you drew your sidearm and started shooting, killing them both! Boy, I would have loved to see that, a tiny little thing like you, sending them Jaffa to hell.” Sergeant Martin exclaimed, shaking his head in wonder, but then he felt an elbow dig into his ribs. “Uh, excuse my French, ma’am.”

“Uh, that’s alright, Sergeant.” Liz was thinking fast. “Boy that Colonel O'Neill does like to tell tall-tales, doesn’t he? He’s made me sound like Annie Oakley! To tell you the truth; when I saw all of you lying there in the grass and Daniel, Sam and Alex were wounded, I was so scared; I hardly knew what I was doing. I do remember raising my uh, hand-weapon and shooting at the Jaffa, but that was about it. I really wonder if I was the one who actually killed them!” Liz said modestly.

“Well, the Colonel is saying that you did and he usually understates the truth, rather than exaggerating it.” Watson countered.

“So before we embarrass you any more than Sergeant Martin already has…we just wanted to find you and thank you personally for saving our lives; we know you’re the one who did it!” Sergeant Miller said and the three of them heartily shook Liz’s and Alex’s hands before walking off.

“Wow, I can’t believe the Colonel did that; telling everyone that I “shot” two Jaffa!” Liz said in wonder. “I mean, I’ve been hearing some whispers and there’s been some staring, but no one’s actually said anything to me!”

“I guess that’s the story he had to put in his official report, to his superiors and he spread the word around the base, to give the story some depth.” Alex reasoned. “I think you earned the Colonel’s respect, that day!”

“Well, will wonders never cease?” Liz murmured, before the two friends continued on their way.


Liz had returned to her lab only moments before when Sam knocked on her door.

“Hi Sam.” Liz said to her friend.

“Hi Liz…do you have a minute?” Sam asked.

“Sure, what’s up?” Liz asked and then frowned when Sam closed and locked her lab door.

“Uh, the Colonel had a few more questions about your friend Max…and I promised that I’d ask them for him.” Sam answered.

“Oh, what sort of questions?” Liz asked, her arms crossing in front of her chest.

“Please, Liz, don’t get upset.’ Sam tried to sooth. “You know the need we have, to find anything that could help us fight the Goa’uld. The Colonel was just wondering how they left Earth, since the NID has their ship in Area 51; and whether they might have left any of their technology behind.” Liz sighed, but then smiled.

“Max always referred to that ship as a lemon! I hope the NID doesn’t try to fix it and make it fly. It will probably only crash again!” Sam chuckled, but then Liz turned serious. “Okay, I’ll tell you what I know…I never understood what it was but…in the chamber where Nascedo hid Max’s incubation pod, there was also an alien device called the Granolith....but Max only discovered its existence after Nascedo came back to Roswell. It was many things; a giant computer, which held the entire history of Max’s people; an amplifier, which greatly increased their powers during battle and in the end…it was a transport, which took Max away from me…it just exploded out of its rocky hiding place and flew off into space. There was nothing left of the pod-chamber after that.” Liz said sadly and Sam put her hand out to rest on her friend’s shoulder.

“Oh Liz, I’m sorry.” Sam said and Liz shook her head and tried to smile.

“It’s okay, Sam.” Liz assured her friend. “Um…they really didn’t have much technology at all; most everything they could do was psi-based. They had some yellow crystals, which could heal and a small orb for communicating, but they took those with them.” Liz said truthfully, looking into Sam’s eyes as she said it and Sam nodded.

‘Uh…the Colonel also wanted to ask about your friend Kyle and his father the Sheriff. Did they know Max too?” Sam asked.

“Yeah they did and they tried to help when they could. Kyle is a mechanic now and owns half a dozen garages in and around Roswell and his father retired last year, but he’s still playing with his band, the Kit Shickers! Was there…anything else, Sam?” Liz asked. Sam gazed thoughtfully at Liz.

“No, I don’t think so, Liz. I’ll pass this information onto the Colonel; I think it’ll satisfy his curiosity. Thanks, Liz.” Sam smiled as she squeezed her friend’s arm briefly and then left.

Liz sat down and thought about what she had just told Sam. Of course she had not mentioned that Max had healed Kyle of a fatal gun shot to the chest and that now Kyle also had powers like Liz did, but which he never used. Although her friend had joked about whether the SGC might need a mechanic, Liz was certain that he would not want to join Stargate Command as a warrior.


“Knock, knock.” Alex called out as he came into Liz’s office one afternoon, a few days later.

“Hey Alex.” Liz said looking up.

“So…I see your name’s popped up on the off-world rotation again. Do you want to go?” Alex asked.

Scientists in positions such as Liz’s, who did not require off-world locations to try out their experiments, or for whom military personnel, already on site could gather the necessary samples, were entered into a rotation list. That way, all non-essential personnel who wanted to see other planets were given equal chances to do so.

“I’ve been thinking about that…and even though I understand the risks of off-world travel a whole lot better now…yeah, I think I want to go. Will you be going too?” Liz asked.

“That depends on the planet. If there’s any technology to speak of, they’ll probably send me. I seem to have a knack for figuring out alien technology.” Alex said modestly.

“Of course you can, Alex. You’ve become the wunderkind of your department.” Liz told her friend proudly and Alex blushed.

“I think we could be called to go off-world as soon as the day after tomorrow. Sam was just telling me that the computer just spit out a new address for first-contact. They plan to send the MALP through the Gate tomorrow. Wish I didn’t have that department meeting to go to; I’d love to be one of the first people to see a new planet for the first time!” Alex said.

“Yeah, that would be fascinating to see!” Liz agreed. “Too bad I’m giving an in-house seminar tomorrow, or I’d go watch.”

“Well maybe this planet will be the one we’ll be called to check out in a day or two…Hey you want to rent a video and get some Chinese food tonight?” Alex asked.

“Sure that sound like fun. Do you want to see if Daniel wants to join us?” Liz asked.

“I already spoke to Daniel earlier and he and the rest of SG-1 have plans.” Alex replied.

“Oh…well…that just means more spicy Szechwan-chicken for myself then. And Daniel won’t be there to hog all of the popcorn!” Liz said brightly.

“There you go!” Alex grinned. “I’ll see you later then.” Alex said before he went back to work.

“See ya, Alex.” Liz called after him.

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In this story, General Hammond has the NID well in hand and is protective of his people.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 8

The next morning, Alex and Liz arrived at work together and started discussing the movies that they had rented and watched the night before on the elevator ride down. When they exited the second elevator, they were talking so intently to each other that they almost ran over Daniel.

Hey you two, what are you discussing that’s so fascinating?” Daniel asked.

“Oh Alex and I were able to rent “The Matrix” and “October Sky” last night.” Liz told him.

“Hey the Matrix is out on video? I’ll have to rent it; I loved it in the theater!” Daniel replied. “And October Sky was such a feel-good movie; I loved the music!”

“Yeah, it’s a good thing that we watched it after The Matrix; we needed something to wind us down after Keenu Reaves!” Alex laughed.

“Yikes!” Liz exclaimed as she glanced at her watch. “Alex we better get going or we’ll be late.” Liz grabbed her friend’s hand. “See you later, Daniel.” She called out and the handsome archeologist waived back.

In the gate room, a short time later, the Stargate was activated and SG-1 watched from the control room as the MALP, a motorized probe about the size of a compact car with a long, slim neck, moved towards the shimmering surface of the event horizon. It stuck out its neck first and then the rest of it was pulled into the worm-hole and disappeared.

“The probe will reach P3X-777 in…ten seconds, sir.” The airman at the main computer terminal said.

“Receiving a signal now, sir.” Another airman in front of a special monitor called out.

Colonel O'Neill, General Hammond, Captain Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal’c moved towards him and looked over his shoulder. As the probe craned its neck it showed that the other Gate was located in a large cave, which had a high, vaulted ceiling, but walls which had been smoothed, plastered over and adorned with murals and strange writing.

“Can we get a closer look at the writing on the walls?” Daniel requested.

“Not right now, Daniel.” Jack said. “The MALP’s sensors are picking up body heat. Have the probe turn towards the cave mouth that we saw a moment ago.” He ordered.

“Yes, sir.” The airman said, passing the order onto the probe.

“There.” Sam pointed towards the screen. “There are a couple heads peaking around the edges of the cave wall. The Stargate’s activation must have frightened them away, but now their curiosity is drawing them back. Good thing that it’s us and not a squad of Jaffa.”

“They seem to be waiting for something or someone; perhaps their leader.” Daniel observed as more people gathered at the mouth of the cave but came no further, plus they looked over their shoulders every few moments.

“Their clothing seems to be fairly refined.” Daniel continued his observations. “Tunics over slacks or skirts made of a fine, soft-looking cloth; well tailored. Elaborate embroidery on some of the tunics, leather shoes or boots.”

“Looks like their leader just arrived.” Jack observed as the people converged on a small group of people who had just arrived.

“By their baring, some of them look like warriors or guards, but they are not armed…curious.” Teal’c said.

Four people, two men and two women stepped into the cave and the guards ranged themselves behind the four, across the mouth of the cave. Then one of the four walked forward. As he came closer to the probe and further away from the bright sunshine outside, those watching the monitor could make out more details about his appearance. He had shoulder-length, curly, light brown hair and a strong featured, but handsome face. He wore a dark blue, sleeveless tunic over the same colored slacks. A copper embroidered border ran down the left-front of his tunic and he wore a thin, dark blue headband, which was twisted with copper thread, around his head. These small details could be easily seen as he stooped down and looked into the camera lens and then tapped on it with his fingertip.

“Why does everyone do that?” Jack asked more annoyed than curious.

“This man’s baring is that of a warrior.” Teal’c observed. “Perhaps he is the leader’s bodyguard.”

“Could be, he certainly has the muscles for it.” A female technician, who was also watching the monitor, observed with a sigh.

Meanwhile the man had straightened up and stepped back a little so he could inspect the probe. He circled it and then came back to stand in front of it.

“I think he’s trying to read one of the greetings I had printed on the front of the probe.” Daniel said as the warrior reached out his hand and ran it over the front surface of the MALP.

All of a sudden, the man stopped reading and cried out. He turned and rushed back to his three companions, speaking quickly in an unfamiliar language and pointing back towards the probe.

“He sounds angry.” Sam said.

“I could have sworn he said ‘oh shit!’.” Jack said.

“I hope he didn’t see the Goa’uld writing and thinks that we work for them.” Daniel said.

The man was being calmed down by his fellow companions as they discussed something back and forth. Then it seemed as if someone else was being called for and a third man came forward and the discussion continued.


On Antar, Michael Guerin, known by Antarians as Lord Rath, looked over the machine which had come through the Great Ring. ‘Some sort of probe?’ He wondered as he tapped at what looked to be a camera lens and then circled it. ‘Cute, they’ve named it Fred.’ He thought, the significance of an English name not registering at that point. Michael came back around to the front and took a better look, as his friends, Max Evans; known as King Zan, Isabel Evans; known as Princess Valondra and Tess Harding; known as Lady Ava, looked on from a safe distance; Max, ready to put up his shield if the machine turned out to be a weapon. The Antarian guards shifted uneasily while the King’s second-in-command, their general, inspected the alien device. Suddenly, Michael swore in English and jogged back to where his friends stood.

“Oh Shit!”

“Rath!” Max exclaimed in Antarian and reproved his 2IC for speaking English, a language they had hardly used in over seven years.

“Zan…” Michael switched to Antarian while he gestured back to the machine. “I think that thing is a probe of some sort and it is not only from Earth…” Isabel and Tess gasped. “It was sent by the United States Air Force!”

“Oh…Man!” Max exclaimed.

“What are we going to do, Zan?” Tess asked, as always.

“You tapped on something that looked like a camera lens, Rath; did you see a speaker anywhere?” Max asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” Michael answered. “And there were messages written on the front. One of them was in English, but it looked like they’d written the same message in half-a-dozen other languages.”

“Maybe we should have Mergle come and take a look at them, in case there’s a language he knows. We don’t want to give away the fact that we understand English until we figure out whether or not we can trust those guys…” Max suggested.

“Are you sure we should do that, Zan; make contact with Humans again?” Isabel asked.

“After those…demons…as our guest calls them…those alien warriors came through this ring the other day, maybe we should find out if the Air Force could help us defend ourselves against them…since they seem to know how to use this device…” Max said.

“We defended ourselves just fine, Zan.” Michael countered. “We don’t need the U.S. Military messing in our affairs.”

“Rath…maybe Zan has a point; if we could keep who we are a secret…and we could listen to what they’re saying without their knowing that we can understand English, maybe the Air Force could help us.” Isabel placed her vote with her brother.

“Zan and Valondra are right.” Tess added her vote and Michael sighed.

“Oh…man…alright, let’s call in Mergle and see if he can understand any of the other languages on that machine so we don’t have to use English…” Michael agreed, their interpreter named Mergle was called for and the five of them moved towards the probe.


“Something’s been decided, they’re all coming towards the probe now.” General Hammond observed.

Beside the warrior, who had inspected the probe first, walked another man about the same age as the first; in his late twenties, early thirties. He had short, dark brown hair with bangs falling over his forehead, a handsome, chiseled face, made up of high cheekbones and a strong jaw.

“Does he get to be the leader because he has the biggest ears?” Jack asked irreverently.

“Oh what gorgeous amber eyes he has!” The technician sighed.

“They certainly look intelligent.” Sam agreed.

“Indeed, this man has the confident baring of a leader, but his muscular build would indicate that he can fight as well as lead.” Teal’c observed.

“Hubba, hubba; with a magnificent body like he has, I’d follow him anywhere he wanted to lead me!” The technician muttered, but General Hammond heard her anyway.

“Sergeant Matthews, don’t you have other duties awaiting you…elsewhere?” The General asked impatiently.

“Yes, sir.” The Sergeant said reluctantly before moving off slowly.

The man they believed to be the leader did have what looked to be a leather band, twisted with gold thread, encircling his head; the band peeked out from beneath his bangs. He wore a matching dark brown sleeveless tunic over dark brown slacks and his tunic had gold embroidery running down the front-left side.

Behind the men came two women, both blond. The woman who followed the leader had long, blond hair, flowing out behind her and a queenly figure in dark green tunic and slacks. She had a matching headband too, twisted around by a silver thread and the design on her tunic was in silver as well. The second woman, who walked behind the warrior, was much shorter than the first. She had shoulder-length curly blond hair and wore a light blue outfit and headband, embroidered with, or twisted together with copper, as the warrior’s clothing had been.

The extra man, who had been called forward, was quite a bit older, with gray hair and wearing a simple beige tunic and trousers. He was called forward by the leader as all five drew closer to the probe. The greetings written on the front were pointed out to him and he bent over to study them.

“He looks like he’s your counterpart, Daniel.” Jack noted. “Brought in to help establish communication.

“Yes it seems so.” Daniel agreed. “Let’s see if they understand any of the languages.” Daniel turned on the microphone for the probe and spoke into it clearly and gently; repeating the words printed on the front of the probe. “Hello, we are peaceful travelers who would like to make contact with you. We wish only to share our culture with you and to learn about you and your people.”

Daniel repeated this statement in the five other languages listed on the front of the probe. With the last repetition came a response from the older man in that last language.

“They speak the language of the Ancients, my Lord Zan.” Daniel translated for is colleagues. “They wish only to make peaceful contact with us.”

A disbelieving sound came from the warrior, but was rebuked with a sharp glance from the leader, who then encouraged his linguist to continue and Daniel translated for those in the control room, with him.

“You are from a planet called Earth?”

“Yes we are. My name is Daniel Jackson. I and three of my friends would like to come through the Stargate to visit you. May we come through?” Daniel asked.

The linguist translated Daniel’s words to his leader, who was looking thoughtfully at the probe. The warrior and the two women seemed to give their opinions, but stopped when the leader held up a hand to them.

“Daniel Jackson, you and your three friends may come through the Great Ring.” The leader said haltingly in the ancient language; he did not speak it as well as his interpreter had.

“Thank you. We will come through in just a moment.” Daniel told him and received a grave nod in acceptance.

“Alright SG-1, you have a go.” General Hammond gave his okay and the team gathered up their packs, walked up the ramp and stepped through the shimmering surface of the event-horizon.

When they arrived on the other side of the wormhole, SG-1 stepped forward cautiously, keeping their weapons lowered in as much of a non-threatening position as possible. In Teal’c’s case, he carried his staff weapon as if it were just a walking-stick. Daniel stepped a little ahead of the others, his sidearm in its holster and his hands held in front of him to show that he was otherwise unarmed.

The four leaders and their translator had moved back some from the Stargate, but the other guard-looking people had moved forward a bit, even though they seemed to be unarmed. As Daniel moved forward so did the translator.

“Hello, I am Daniel Jackson, the one who you spoke to through our probe-device.” Daniel spoke in the ancient language, his usual friendly smile on his face. “These are my friends; Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter and Teal’c.”

The linguist quietly translated these words to his leaders as Daniel spoke them and then made introductions as well.

“This is our leader, King Zan.” He indicated the dark-haired young man. “His second-in-command, Lord Rath.” He indicated the long-haired man. “The Princess Valondra.” He indicated the taller woman with long, blond hair. “And the Lady Ava.” The linguist finished the introductions by indicating the shorter, blond woman. Daniel had been translating for his friends as the linguist spoke.

“May we know your name, sir?” Daniel asked and the linguist looked to his king for instruction. King Zan only smiled and nodded.

“My name is Mergle. I am an historian and linguist of ancient languages.”

“As am I.” Daniel replied, smiling and Mergle smiled back.

“We welcome you to our planet.” King Zan said slowly, speaking the unfamiliar language. “Would you come with us please? There are many things we would like to show you.” Daniel translated and they followed behind the four leaders and the guards fell in behind them.

When SG-1 walked outside the cave they realized that it was located up in the hills and below them spread what must have been a magnificent city at one time, but much of it had been destroyed. Daniel could see that a great deal of rebuilding had been done, but there was still much to do. He sped up his steps to catch up with Mergle, but before he was able to ask the questions which were bubbling up in his in his mind, the group reached the transport vehicles waiting for them. Everyone in SG-1 was shocked to see that these vehicles were highly advanced hovercraft.

“If the four of you would join Mergle in this vehicle, we will take you down to our capital.” King Zan said and Daniel translated.

The vehicle was comfortable inside but not luxurious or opulent. Daniel explained to his teammates what they were to do and they all got in and took their seats. Mergle got in as well as several of the guards. Once everyone was seated the driver took off, skimming them smoothly and quickly over the ground and down the hill. The large glass windows on the vehicle gave marvelous views of the passing countryside.

“This transport is fantastic!” Daniel spoke to Mergle in their common language.

“You do not have transports such as these on your planet?” Mergle asked.

“Well…not for common, everyday use anyway.” Daniel replied.

“These are not for common use either, but King Zan borrowed these few for the short time he needed, to come and greet you.” Mergle explained.

“Oh? What is their proper use?” Daniel asked.

“Transporting the injured who need quick, smooth rides to get medical help…for the priority building projects and other emergency uses.” Mergle explained.

“Oh…then we are honored to be given a chance to ride in them.” Daniel exclaimed and told his teammates what the other man had just said.

“We will need to get out now and walk.” Mergle said a few minutes later as the vehicle came to a stop. “King Zan said that these transports should return to their important duties once they brought us down from the hills.”

“Of course.” Daniel said, passing on the instructions onto the others. Once outside, King Zan thanked each driver before they zipped off, back to their duties.

“You will be able to see our capital better on foot and we do not have far to go.” King Zan told Daniel, who translated for the others.

As the group walked down the side walk, they passed many buildings, totally alien in design, but lovely none the less, which showed signs of restorations which had been completed and others on which restoration was still being done. On other plots of land, the old building had been demolished and a new one was being built. Daniel moved up to walk beside Mergle.

“Mergle, what happened here? Did you have an earthquake or something?”

“No Daniel, our world and the other four planets in this region of space have been at war for many years and it was only after the Royal Four returned to us that the war was ended. Now they help us rebuild.” Mergle explained.

“The Royal Four; who are they? Oh, you mean King Zan and his…uh…court? They returned? Where were they?” Daniel asked.

“They were sent away just after they were….uh…born, to keep them safe from our enemies so they could grow up and then return to save us…and they did!” Mergle said.

“They look like only young adults now and if they returned several years ago, they could have only been teenagers…and yet they won the war for you?” Daniel asked.

“Yes!” Mergle said with pride. “The Royal Four were so young when they returned to us, but their hiding place was no longer safe; some of our enemies found them there and tried to assassinate them, but they failed and our need for them was so great that the Elders begged them to return…and they did.” Mergle said again and then whispered confidentially. “Although, they didn’t know much about fighting a war when they first arrived. But our people were so inspired and heartened by their return to us, that they fought all the harder and the Royal Four learned very quickly and led us to victory!”

“Wow…that’s really something!” Daniel exclaimed and then dropped back to where Jack, Sam and Teal’c were walking and explained to them what he had just learned.

Before they were able to get into a discussion on the subject, the Royal Four stopped at the door to a building.

“Will you come inside, please? There is something we would like you to see.” King Zan spoke to Daniel, who translated for his team.

“Um, sure; lead on.” Daniel told the King.

As they entered the building there was nothing about its structure to tell them what it was used for. The halls were wide, but free of any ornament. They made several turns and were led through three doors behore they finally followed the royals into a large room. Their hosts ranged themselves against one wall and indicated that SG-1 should look to the opposite wall. They did and saw…at least a dozen Serpent Guard Jaffa…

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 9

Their hosts ranged themselves against one wall and indicated that SG-1 should look to the opposite wall. They did and saw at least a dozen Serpent Guard Jaffa being held behind some sort of force-field.

“Oh man! What are they doing here?” Colonel O'Neill yelled as all four of SG-1 brought up their weapons and pointed them at the Jaffa. For their part, as soon as the Jaffa saw SG-1, they started yelling and shaking their weaponless fists at them. Some even threw themselves at the force-field, only to be thrown back onto the ground or into some of their fellow Jaffa.

“A proper reaction to such a dangerous group of soldiers.” King Zan said behind them in a satisfied voice. Daniel spun around to face the young king and then translated his words for the other three.

“What the hell does he mean by that, Daniel? What is the meaning of that little test?” O'Neill asked angrily. Daniel translated Jack’s questions, a bit more tactfully, to King Zan.

“I will explain everything, but let us go to our home first, where we can be comfortable.” King Zan said with a half-smile. “Please come, those men cannot harm you here.”

Colonel O'Neill lowered his weapon as Daniel faithfully translated the King’s words and then so did Daniel, Sam and Teal’c. This time, as SG-1 followed the Royal Four out of the building, most of the guards remained behind and only a couple followed after them. But before they could leave the jail, Teal’c stopped Daniel to make a request.

“DanielJackson, will you please ask KingZan if I may stay here and speak to these Jaffa? I may be able to determine what their mission was.”

“Good idea, Teal’c.” O'Neill agreed.

“Thank you, O'Neill.” Teal’c replied as Daniel made his request to their host.

“King Zan says that’s okay, Teal’c.” Daniel said. “Just indicate to the guards when you’re done and one of them will bring you to the Royal Palace.”

“Very well, DoctorJackson.” Teal’c replied and everyone else left.

As they walked along the sidewalk the members of SG-1 noticed people working to reconstruct the buildings or going about other business, but most of them stopped what they were doing as their leaders walked by and they smiled, bowed or even waved happily at their king. No one rushed towards their leaders to greet them, everyone went back to work after they had passed by, but it was obvious that they were greatly respected and even loved and that it was a common occurrence to see the Royal Four walking down the street.

As they neared the largest and the grandest building the team had seen so far on this planet, they were surprised not to be taken inside.

“Uh, Mergle…isn’t this building the Royal Palace?” Daniel asked. “If it isn’t, I can’t wait to see how your people can better the opulence and richness of whatever that building really is.”

“It used to be the palace of Khivar, King Zan’s mortal enemy and the man who started and kept the war raging for so long all over this region of space. Khivar tore down the beautiful old palace our kings and queens lived in for many generations and built this monstrosity. After Khivar was killed, King Zan refused to move into it and instead turned it into a hospital and orphanage for children. The Royal Four built and share a much smaller manor-house a short ways away.” Mergle said proudly.

Daniel pondered what the other man had just said before dropping back to pass on the news to his three friends.

“Wow, that’s pretty impressive!” Sam exclaimed and then followed Mergle’s finger as he pointed to the side of the hospital.

“The Royal Four personally planned and built that playground for the children and visit them whenever they can.” Merge said and Daniel translated.

“That’s really a nice playground.” O'Neill said sincerely as he thought about how his son, Charlie would have loved playing there with the other kids…if he had lived.

Little Charlie O'Neill had died three years ago, after accidentally shooting himself with Jack’s own gun. The Abydos mission and Daniel Jackson were what eventually brought Colonel O'Neill out of the self-destructive depression, brought on by his son’s death.

The Royal Four and SG-1 had almost passed by the playground when one little girl spotted them and called out to them.

“The little-one is saying that she does not want to wait until tomorrow, to play with King Zan.” Mergle translated to Daniel, who translated to the other three. “The Royal Four wear old clothes and put aside their royal headbands, when they visit the children so that they can just be friends and playmates to the little ones, not their rulers; and King Zan is loved as if he were the children’s big brother.” Daniel translated Mergle’s words for his friends.

King Zan had walked over to speak to the little girl and ended up picking her up as she started to cry when he told her that he could not stop to play just then. But Zan was able to sooth her easily and then hugged her one more time before handing her over to a caregiver. When he walked back to his guests, Zan had a gentle smile on his face, but his eyes were sad.

“Poor little Sharma, she needed a nap and she misses her mother, who’s sick in the adult hospital.” Zan explained to Daniel, who then translated his words for the rest of SG-1 “Let’s continue on, our home is just a bit further.”

The group walked on and soon came to a nice sized house with lovely, if alien flowers growing all around it. They turned onto the front walk and entered through the front door. There was a dining room to the left of the front hall and a living room to the right.

“Please, will you make yourselves comfortable and I will see to refreshments for you.” Mergle translated for Lady Ava, who only spoke the planet’s native language.

Before their visitors walked into the living room with Rath and Valondra, Zan excused himself as well and quickly walked upstairs. At one particular door he knocked and waited.

“Yes?” The room’s occupant called out.

“It’s Zan, may I come in?” He asked.

“Of course, My Lord, please come in.” The occupant replied. Zan smiled as he opened the door.

“How was your day?” He asked and received a smile in return.

“Very pleasant; I worked in your gardens.”

“I noticed; I think our visitors were impressed by all of your hard work too.” Zan praised.

“I don’t call it work, to be surrounded by such beautiful things. We never had many plants of any kind where I come from.” Zan nodded. “Who are your visitors?”

“Four people, who traveled through the Great Ring; they came from a planet called Earth.” Zan answered and his companion gasped.

“What…what are the names of these four travelers?”

“Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal’c.” Zan answered, watching his new friend closely.


“Would you like to come down and meet them?” Zan asked gently.

“No…no thank you, My Lord…”

“All right.” Zan agreed, reluctantly. “But if you change your mind, feel free to come down.”

“Yes, thank you for all of your kindness, My Lord.”

“I’ve asked you to call me Zan.” He said with a chiding smile before he said good-bye and turned to leave the room, but then turned and walked back to whisper something in his guest’s ear.

“Are you sure, My…Zan?” The guest asked uncertainly and Zan nodded. “Very well then.”

“Thanks.” Zan said with a smile and then left the room.


Downstairs, the group went in and sat down in the living room, which had comfort in mind more than richness or opulence. The color scheme might have matched, but the furniture styles did not.

“There has been no time to build anymore than is necessary and that includes finding furnishings for this house.” Mergle translated for Princess Valondra as she too only spoke the native tongue. “If we have any energy left to have a celebration, it is kept simple and held at a nearby park.”

“Daniel, translate for me would you?” Sam asked. “Princess Valondra, we have seen how much work all of you have already done for your people and your planet. It’s amazing that you were able to build yourselves such a pleasant home and furnish it so comfortably as well.” Sam assured the younger woman.

Mergle further translated Daniel’s words out of the ancient tongue and into their native language. Princess Valondra smiled and blushed. King Zan, who had just returned, said something reassuring to his sister, but Mergle did not translate what he said.

“Mergle.” Daniel said softly. “Could you tell me if King Zan and Lady Ava are…um…married…mates? I’m just wondering if he has any children since he was so good at soothing that little girl.” King Zan heard Daniel’s question and answered for himself.

“No Daniel Jackson, neither Lady Ava, nor the rest of us are married to anyone as yet. We are all a very close unit; very good friends, but between ending the war and rebuilding our planet, there has been no time for…anything else.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Daniel said and Zan waved his thanks away.

Just then, Lady Ava and a housekeeper came in, both carrying trays with a pitcher and glasses on them. Ava murmured a thank you to the woman and she left the room.

“This is a mixture of fruit juices which are very refreshing.” Ava told Daniel, through Mergle. “I do not anticipate any ill-effects to your bodies, but if you would like to test the drink for safety?”

“Thank you, Lady Ava, we have rarely had ill-effects from anything we have ingested on the other planets we have traveled to, but those few times have taught us to be careful.” Daniel said and Mergle translated for the Lady.

Daniel brought out his small test jar and poured a small amount of the juice into it. He capped it, shook it and waited for a moment.

“It’s safe, guys.” Daniel told his friends as he smiled and started pouring glasses for all of them.

He took turns handing off the glasses, first to one of his hosts and then to one of his friends, until everyone had a glass. Daniel was the first to sip.

“Mmm, this is good! Reminds me a little of cran-apple; tart and sweet and very refreshing.” Daniel spoke in English for the benefit of his friends, but directed his comments to his hostess, who smiled back at him, even though Mergle could not translate the English for her.

A smile and “mmm” was universally understood as meaning good, Daniel had found. Everyone got comfortable.

“I suspect that you have many questions for us?” King Zan asked Daniel directly. His grasp of the ancient language was getting better as he grew used to speaking it. Daniel translated back and forth for his friends.

“Yes we do.” Colonel O'Neill got down to business after drinking half of his juice. “Have you had a long history with the Goa’uld and just decided to fight them this time when they came through the Stargate, or what?”

“As far as any of us knew, we had never had contact with these creatures before.” Zan answered. “Before the war, no one even knew that the cave existed. It had been completely sealed up and grass and plants had grown over it. We theorized that an explosion of some sort must have opened up a small entrance into the cave and some of our people took shelter in there during the fighting. After the war ended and we had recovered a little, word of a cave with mysterious writing on the walls and a strange object peeking out of the rock filtered through to us. We investigated the cave and opened up some of the entrance; we uncovered the ring and our linguists started to translate the writing.

“Mergle and his team had translated what seemed to be the beginning of the story. It told of an evil and powerful people, who came from the stars. These demons enslaved all of the people and set up the Great Ring to travel back and forth between our home and theirs. That was enough to concern us and we evacuated all of the civilians from the cave and started to cover the ring back up with rock, when the Ring activated and those…creatures came through. They tried to capture some of our people and shot at the rest of us, but we defended ourselves, killing some of them and taking the rest of them captive.”


Up in the guest room, the occupant was gazing out of the room’s front window when Teal’c and two guards came running up to the house.

‘Ah, Teal’c has discovered that I came with the Jaffa; I guess the time for hiding and resting must end.’ The guest thought silently and left the room to walk downstairs.

“O'Neill! O'Neill!” Teal’c yelled as he came running into the room in a very uncharacteristic manner. Two guards came to stand beside him.

“Teal’c, what is it?” Jack O'Neill asked, instantly alert and on his feet.

“I was finally able to convince the Jaffa to speak to me and they told me that it was not only they who came through the Chapa’ai.” Teal’c had calmed down some and turned towards Daniel before continuing. “Amonette came with them…and she was…killed…during the battle.”

“WHAT?” Daniel cried out and lunged to his feet. “Amonette…Sha’re…is Dead?” He slumped back into his chair and covered his face with his hands. “No, no, no…” Could be heard coming muffled from behind his fingers for several moments, but he eventually calmed himself just enough so that communication between the parties could continue.

“I…I don’t understand…the creature you call Amonette was a Goa’uld, your enemy. Why is Dr. Jackson so upset?” Zan asked very concerned.

“Amonette was the Goa’uld…the snake…but My wife, Sha’re was her unwilling host. I…All of us have been searching for her for two years!” Daniel managed to explain to Zan through clenched teeth.

His friends kept worried eyes on him; what would Daniel do now? Finding Sha’re had been his obsession for the last two years. In fact, the three members of SG-1 were so focused on him that they did not see Zan’s gaze travel to the doorway and a smile appear on his handsome face. He stretched out his arm and his guest came forward, hesitantly.

“Husband.” She said softly; Jack, Sam and Teal’c quickly whirled around and their mouths fell open as if they were seeing a ghost. Teal’c did aim his zat-gun at her, but did not shoot. Daniel froze, afraid to turn his head and look at the speaker. “Husband, please…it was only the demon, Amonette who was killed. These good people saved me…so that I could return to you…my Dan’yel.” Sha’re said in her gentle voice as she came to kneel down in front of her beloved husband. “Please Dan’yel, look at me.” She reached out to gently touch his hands, urging him to turn and face her. “I am real…I am free of the demon!”

Daniel looked up into her face. Sha’re’s long hair was down, curling around her face and shoulders. She wore a long sleeved tunic over a long skirt, both were sand-colored, but the material looked soft and warm and had an intricate design embroidered in a rich brown thread, down the left-front.

“Not a dream? Not a nightmare? You’re really here…and…free?” He asked in a voice tinged with fear that this was all a trick or hallucination on his part.

“Not a dream…” Sha’re reassured again, running gentle fingers over his brow and down his cheek.

“Teal’c, you can put your weapon away. Sha’re is free of the symbiote; we double-checked that nothing was left behind.” Zan said and Daniel took great interest in translating while still keeping his stunned gaze on Sha’re. Teal’c hesitated only for a moment before putting his zat, a Goa’uld hand-weapon, away.

“King Zan speaks the truth; I cannot sense a Goa’uld within her.”

“Neither can I.” Sam said.

Since Teal’c carried an immature Goa’uld within his pouch, he could sense them in others. Sam had been a short-time host to a Tok’ra symbiote and although she no longer carried Jolynar, she could also still sense if a Goa’uld was nearby.

“Can you tell us what happened from the beginning?” Daniel requested, still with his love-filled eyes on his beautiful wife as he drew her down to sit beside him in the comfort of his arms. Zan nodded and began, with Daniel translating.

“As I was saying before, Mergle’s translations of the cave writings told us that the Great Ring was used by aliens to come to our planet and enslave our people…millennia ago. We immediately evacuated the curious civilians from the cave and had started to bury the Ring again, when it was activated from off-planet. We took up defensive positions, but we were also curious, so when…Amonette and her Jaffa came through, we tried to greet them. A couple of the Jaffa tried to grab some of our people, but when that didn’t work, they started firing their weapons at us. I was able to deploy my shield around the whole group of Jaffa, keeping them from escaping and blocking the mouth of the Great Ring so no more Jaffa could come through.”

“Wait…you have personal-shield technology that can stand up to staff-blasts?” Jack asked.

“Perhaps we can discuss that at another time.” Rath said firmly and Zan nodded before continuing.

“Amonette was safe within her own protective shield and she kept ordering the Jaffa to fire against my shield, but their blasts only ricocheted back onto them. Even though her Jaffa were slowly killing themselves, the Goa’uld ordered them to keep firing.”

“She was the one we needed to stop.” Rath took up the story. “We hated to see the Jaffa die that way, at her orders. Zan opened up small holes in his shield that we could shoot through. We aimed at that device she had on her hand. The Jaffa moved to block our blasts with their bodies so Ava confused them into believing that the Goa’uld was several yards to the left and they moved aside. Ava kept them thinking that they were protecting their queen while we blasted a hole through her shield. We did not want to kill her, but she was wounded when we broke through and that hand device seemed to feed back on itself and sent a shock through her body. The shield collapsed and Amonette fell to the ground…and then we saw…something weird…a snake-like creature slithered out of Sha’re’s ear and tried to reach one of the Jaffa, but they were all too far away. Zan dropped his shield, my warriors took custody of the Jaffa and the four of us ran to the woman. We could tell that she was crying out for help and Zan realized that the snake-thing must have been a symbiote, one which had control over its host. We locked up the Jaffa and brought Sha’re here where we could scan her and she could be healed.” Rath finished the story.

There was silence in the room for a few moments until Daniel spoke.

“I…I can’t thank you enough for the risks and care you took to preserve Sha’re’s life, even before you knew that she was an innocent in all of this…and for trying to save the Jaffa, they are also mind-washed slaves of the Goa’uld.”

Zan nodded and smiled as did Rath, Valondra and Ava.

“What did you say, Daniel?” Jack asked.

“I said thank you.” Daniel told his friends simply.

“Oh…yeah…of course.” Jack said.

“I’d love to be able to see your medical facilities!” Sam exclaimed and Daniel translated to Zan. Sha’re had no bruises or marks from her injuries.

“Yeah and maybe someday you’ll show us the weapons which were able to break down a Goa’uld shield.” Jack said, while Daniel translated for his CO as well.

Rath smirked at that and Zan answered non-commitally.

“Yes, perhaps someday.”

The group sat back and made some opening moves towards an agreement between their two planets. They had not been working very long when a man came to the door and urgently motioned to Rath, who got up and went to speak to him. After a moment, Rath drew him forward.

“Tell King Zan what you just told me, Korvoss.” Rath ordered and Mergle quietly interpreted for Daniel, who translated for the rest of SG-1.

“Your Highness, Chancellor Larek’s Minister of Defense just contacted us. They have sighted a large, unknown ship entering our region of space.” Korvoss placed a red sphere, the size of a billiard-ball, onto the middle of the coffee table.

It projected a three-dimensional map of space, up into the air. The map showed five stars positioned in a V-formation, their planets orbiting around them, the moons orbiting each planet and a few space-stations as well. A blue triangle had just entered that region of space, passing between the two suns at the top of the V and was making a bee-line for the planet they were on; Antar, at the apex of the V.

“If that ship is headed here, what will be its ETA?” Zan asked.

“Approximately five hours, Sire.” Korvoss said.

“Is there any way to see a close-up of the ship?” Jack asked and Daniel passed his request onto King Zan.

Korvoss touched the red sphere and a clear picture of the alien ship was displayed.

“A Goa’uld mother-ship.” Teal’c intoned gravely.

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(From part 9 of Stargazers/Stargaters)

“Is there any way to see a close-up of the ship?” Jack asked and Daniel passed his request onto King Zan.

Korvoss touched the red sphere and a clear picture of the alien ship was displayed.

“A Goa’uld mother-ship.” Teal’c intoned gravely.

And now: Part 10

“Could you tell us anything about the strengths or weaknesses of this type of craft?” King Zan asked through Daniel.

Teal’c, Jack and Sam told him what they knew about the mother-ship’s shield, immense speed, crew compliment, number of fighter-craft and weaponry and what fighting tactics the Jaffa used. They also told Zan about the two times that they had successfully blown up a Goa’uld mother-ship.

“That reminds me, a ship that size might have a Stargate on board, through which the Goa’uld and his crew could travel to your gate or escape through, to another planet, without having to use yours.”

“Is it plausible that once this ship has attacked us, it will turn around and attack the other populated planets in this region?” Rath asked.

“Most likely, but the decision to attack further targets would depend on how well they survive this first attack.” Teal’c reasoned.

Zan and Rath conferred for a few moments in Antarian and then Zan touched the red sphere and a second light beamed out to envelop him. The images of three men and one woman appeared in front of him and Zan spoke to them, still in Antarian.

“King Zan is communicating with the leaders of the other four worlds in this region.” Mergle told Daniel. “He is explaining the situation and requesting their help.”

“Unless you have something which can punch through the ship’s shield, someone’s going to have to get on board and disable it…and maybe plant some explosives too.” Colonel O'Neill said through Daniel.

“Could you draw a map for us, of where strategic spots are within the mother-ship, so our warriors will know where to plant explosives?” Rath asked.

“Sure, we can do that.” O'Neill agreed.

“O'Neill, should we not accompany the warriors ourselves?” Teal’c asked his CO.

Jack tried to hide his irritation at the former Jaffa, for having suggested such a dangerous mission; especially since SG-1 would be acting on the part of a civilization which seemed well able to defend itself.

“I don’t think that General Hammond would give us the go-ahead for such a mission, Teal’c.” Jack warned.

“Nor are we asking you to take on such a dangerous mission on our behalf.” Zan said, having finished his conference with the other leaders and hearing Mergle’s translation. “This isn’t your fight.” Teal’c, Sam and Daniel looked meaningfully at Jack and the Colonel grimaced.

“Oh for crying out loud! Enough with the “look”, guys! King Zan, fighting the Goa’uld is our job; it’s what we and the rest of the SGC have pledged ourselves to do…and we’d be honored to help you any way we can…I’ll talk General Hammond into it.”

Zan’s tense shoulders relaxed just a bit.

“Thank you very much, Colonel. I knew I could not…should not ask for such a commitment…a sacrifice on your part, but I am very grateful for your willingness to help us this way…” Zan glanced from Rath to Valondra and then to Ava and raised one eyebrow. Somehow they all knew what he was asking and nodded their agreement.

“…and in thanks for your being so willing to help us…” Zan said in English…”there’s something which you should know about us…”

“You…you speak English? All this time…?” Jack exclaimed and the other three looked on, stunned.

“Yes, the four of us and a few others here do speak English.” Rath said grudgingly.

“Mergle doesn’t, so don’t be angry with him; and don’t be angry with Sha’re either, I asked her to keep our secret.” Zan said firmly.

“They were sorry that they could not take my word, when I told them that you are an honorable and brave people, but they needed to meet you for themselves. I am sorry that I lied to you, my husband, but Zan saved my life and they have all been so kind to me; I could not deny their request for secrecy.” Sha’re told Daniel softly.

“It’s okay, Sha’re, we understand.” Daniel said smiling gently at his wife.

“Our people have peacefully visited your world before, but we have had some…dangerous encounters with your military and government. We were not willing to trust you at face value.” Zan said firmly.

“Oh man…if some of your people were caught by our government, I can imagine what they were put through.” Sam said understandably. “Some parts of our military are still…unfriendly to those who are different, but the President and the SGC will help and protect your people as much as possible…isn’t that right, Colonel?”

“Yes, the Captain is correct; the SGC will help you any way it can.” O'Neill replied.

“Thank you, Colonel. That is good to know.” Zan said.

“Okay then.” Jack said briskly. “There’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in.”

The group quickly discussed what needed to be done; evacuation of civilians, readying of fighter craft, and formation of attack plans. The Colonel traveled back up to the Stargate, to use the MALP’s communications equipment and report to General Hammond. While he waited for his orders, Jack showed Rath the transporter rings which were hidden in the floor of the cavern. Five or six people could fit inside these rings, which came up out of the floor to surround you and would then transport whatever was inside them, up to a Goa’uld ship. If the mother-ship were attacked and in danger of being destroyed, an evacuation off of the ship could still be made through these rings, down to the Gate-chamber, through which they could escape to anywhere in the galaxy there was another Gate. Perhaps half an hour after he had reported to his superior, Colonel O'Neill received his orders.

“Colonel, SG-1 has the go-ahead from the President to help those people fight and hopefully destroy the Goa’uld mother-ship and to set up future defenses if necessary.” General Hammond said.

“Thank you, General.” Jack said.


Back at the SGC, Alex walked down to Liz Parker’s lab.

“Hey Liz, Dr. Plum just told me that it doesn’t look like we’ll be traveling to P3…whatever…after all.”

“Oh, why not?” Liz asked looking up from her work and frowning at her friend.

“Since he’s the senior scientist here, the General told Dr. Plum that he just received word from SG-1; a Goa’uld mother-ship is on its way to the planet. The President has given them orders to help those people defend themselves.” Alex answered.

“Do you think that they might evacuate the people here to Earth?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know; sounds like it’s a pretty populated planet, they wouldn’t all fit down here.” Alex reasoned.

“Oh…yeah, you’re right. Well…maybe the next planet will be a peaceful one.” Liz said hesitantly.

“Sure, or we might be able to go to this one after SG-1 kicks the Goa’uld’s butts off that rock!” Alex grinned.

“Well you always hear the news before I do, let me know if you hear any more, will you Alex?” Liz asked.

“Sure thing, I’ll see you later.” Alex gave her a mock salute before leaving to go back to his work.


Back on Antar, the Royal Four readied their people for battle. Much of the population, especially the young and the old, quickly moved out of the cities and into secure underground shelters, out in the country. But many of the able-bodied citizens, both men and women, volunteered to stay behind and fight the Goa’uld as they had fought Khivar and the Skins, years before, in the Resistance.

Zan tried to make contact with the mother-ship, but was unsuccessful. Chancellor Larek and the leaders of the other planets had many of their ships shadowing the mother-ship as it made its way towards Antar. But even SG-1’s knowledge of the Gao’uld and the attempted attack by Amonette a few days before, could not convince Antar’s allies to attack the mother-ship unless it made an offensive move first, but they were ready if and when it did.

After all of their preparations, the battle was almost anti-climactic; it was over so quickly. Sha’re begged to be allowed to go with Daniel, but in the end, she went to the shelters to help care for the children who loved to hear her sing the songs of her desert-dwelling people…even though they could not understand the words. Just as the pyramid-shaped ship came to a landing on top of the hill, which held the Stargate chamber, SG-1 and four top Antarian warriors, who spoke English, used the transporter rings to get aboard the ship; Sam using Amonett’s old hand-device, like a golden glove with a ruby at the center of the palm, to activate them.

It never ceased to amaze the members of SG-1 how easy it was to get aboard any Goa’uld ship. The snake-heads truly believed their own propaganda; that they were invincible gods and that none of their “slaves” would ever dare to move against them. Time and time again, SG-1 found no guards in the Gate-chamber or wherever the transporter-rings deposited them. There were no sensors or cameras to tell the crew that their ship had been invaded by enemies. And the Jaffa-warriors clomp, clomp, clomped their way around the empty halls of the enormous ships, giving SG-1 ample time to hide in one of the many empty rooms, side-hallways or nooks and crannies, built into any Goa’uld architecture. No wonder SG-1 had prices on their heads across the galaxy; they continuously invaded Goa’uld ships and temples, carried out their missions of destruction and got away!

Like the Royal Four, the Antarian warriors who traveled with O'Neill and his team fought as a unit, combining their psi-based powers, both offensive and defensive, to greatly magnify their destructive or protective abilities, much to SG-1’s awe-inspired respect. Antarians do not need to carry weapons, they are the weapons. Like SG-1’s missions before, the eight of them made their way toward the heart of the ship, to disable the ship’s defensive shields. They encountered only a few squads of Jaffa in the hallways and were able to duck into hiding until they passed by. The team planted explosives throughout the ship and snuck into the hanger bay. Sam Carter did receive a small blast to her shoulder from one of the Jaffa pilots before they were able to knock him out along with his fellow pilots and destroy the death-gliders; two-man fighter-craft, which had not yet taken off. After that, the team made its way back to the transporter rings; Jack O'Neill keeping a supporting hand on Carter’s good arm, and “ringed home”, down to the Stargate Chamber on the planet.

Down on Antar, any Jaffa who traveled through the rings or the Stargate, into the huge cave-chamber were immediately disarmed and captured. Antarian warriors could use their psychic powers to simply make the Goa’uld weapons fly out of their hands. Any Jaffa who tried to fight further were, either hit with an energy surge strong enough to knock them out or, if the Jaffa warrior was especially aggressive, were thrown across the chamber, to hit the stone wall behind them and slump to the floor, unconscious. The Jaffa were then herded or carried out of the chamber and into nearby holding cells.

SG-1 came back through the rings in between Jaffa captures and went to report to King Zan. A hover-craft brought them down from the hill to the Royal Manor where the communications center was located. But the four young royals were not safely inside; they were out in their front garden, firing at death-gliders which flew overhead.

“Oh man, look at that!” Daniel exclaimed, pointing.

Although the four Antarian warriors who had traveled with them to the mother-ship and come safely back, had used some of their psi-based powers, none of them had shown the immense power, the Royal Four was using now. Zan, Rath, Valondra and Ava stood in a circle, hands clasped and eyes closed, but as a death-glider flew nearby, firing at them as it came closer, several huge bursts of white energy shot out from the center of their circle and hurtled their way towards the enemy fighter, striking it dead on and disintegrating it; no burning or destructive debris falling from the sky. As SG-1 had reflexedly ducked beneath enemy fire, they had noticed an energy shield which had covered both them, the royals and their house; protecting them from being hit.

Right after the fighter was destroyed and before SG-1 could say a word, the Manor’s front door opened and Sha’re and several others came pouring out. The Antarians rushed to their rulers and Sha’re ran to her handsome husband.

“Dan’yel, oh Dan’yel! Are you alright, my husband?” She cried as she rushed into his safe, strong arms.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, Shar’re but I thought you were safely down in the shelters, helping to take care of the children.” Daniel asked, concerned.

“I tried to, my husband.” Sha’re said softly, lowering her eyes in shame. “But I became so worried and anxious about you, my Dan’yel that I began to upset the children, so Zan brought me back up here. I am sorry that I failed and shamed you.”

“Shh, shh; you haven’t failed or shamed me, Sweetness.” Daniel said soothingly, placing his index finger under her chin, to make Sha’re look up at him. “Your anxiety is understandable; after all, you know best what we were up against.”

“Thank you my husband.” Sha’re said formally and then tiptoed up to hug him again. “I am so happy that you are safe!”

Meanwhile, Colonel O'Neill and Teal’c brought Captain Carter forward to King Zan.

“Your Highness, Captain Carter’s been wounded.” O'Neill pointed out a bad burn over her collarbone; she was deadly white, but standing on her own. “We could not make our driver understand that she needs a doctor.” He said, frustrated.

“No Colonel, your driver knew exactly what the Captain needed; she needed to be brought to me. Let’s take her inside where I can check out her wound.” Zan said and Jack put a supporting hand under Sam’s elbow before they walked inside.

“You’re taking us into the living room?” Daniel asked. “Don’t you need a treatment room; medical supplies?”

“No, Dr. Jackson, my brother doesn’t need any of those things.” Valondra assured them all. “Everything will be just fine.”

“Come and sit on the sofa, Captain.” Zan led her to a seat and sat closely next to her, but did not touch her. “Captain Carter, you have seen many of the powers, or gifts my people possess; my gift is to heal. It won’t hurt and I only need to touch you for a few moments, will you trust me to do this?”

Sam looked around for a moment; to Valondra, Ava and Rath, who were looking down at her with concern and compassion for her, and confidence in their king. She looked back to Zan.

“Yes, I…trust you. What do I do?” Sam asked.

“Just look into my eyes.” Zan instructed gently and then brought his hand up to lay it over Sam’s burn.

His hand started to glow with a white light and then as he healed her, Zan saw flashes from Sam’s past, as he always did whenever he healed someone. Sam as a little girl, running happily towards her father, who was wearing an Air Force dress uniform. Sam proudly graduating from the Air Force Academy. Sam entering a conference room and meeting Colonel Jack O'Neill for the first time; her instant attraction as well as her anger at his dismissal of her as just another scientist; and her wish to make a good impression on this prickly colonel. Sam watching as an older version of her father woke up and seeing his eyes glow like a Goa’uld. Zan could feel the love and the relief that it was a To’kra who had bonded with her father and that the alien symbiote had already cured Jacob Carter of his terminal cancer. Zan, aka Max Evans saw no flashes of Sam’s new friends, Liz Parker or Alex Whitman though.

Zan’s hand stopped glowing and he pulled it away from Sam’s collarbone; only a few moments had passed. Captain Carter registered the absence of any pain and looked down, her hand coming up to pull her shirt collar away from her skin; Zan grimaced a little.

“The silver handprint will disappear in a few days.” He assured her.

“You healed it! You actually healed me…with just your touch!” Sam said, wonder in her voice, not caring about the handprint. She looked back up into Zan’s gentle amber eyes. “Thank you…so much! I don’t know what else to say.” But being Sam Carter Ph.D., she quickly thought of something as her curiosity took over. “Can you heal anything? How do you do it? How do you feel afterwards?” Zan raised both of his hands up, palms forward in a gesture of surrender.

“No, I can’t heal everything.” He said sadly. “I can heal most injuries and some diseases…but the natural aging process and conditions caused by that…systemic disorders, I can’t heal. How do I do it? I don’t know, I’ve just always been able to…while I’m healing someone, I’m just concentrating on finding the problem and repairing it…and afterwards…mostly I feel fine, but if it was an extensive healing it is…tiring.”

“I bet!” Sam agreed, smiling.


Back to the battle…

It was the death-gliders which were doing the only real damage, but that was little enough because Antarian fighters and their allies from the other planets quickly blew them out of the skies or forced them down. The Antarian version of anti-aircraft guns were highly effective as well, along with other four-square groups who were almost as powerful and far more mobile. While on board the mother-ship, SG-1 had found out that it was indeed Apophis’ ship, although they did not see him. With the destruction of his fighters and the “disappearance” of his Jaffa, they were hoping that the Goa’uld himself would make an appearance, but he never did.

Finally, Apophis’ First Prime, the head-Jaffa who had replaced Teal’c, was allowed to return to his master, to explain the situation and give him King Zan’s terms under which the Goa’uld could surrender. Neither SG-1 nor the Royal Four believed that Apophis would surrender and he did not. Instead, the Goa’uld’s ship took off and the Antarians encouraged him to gain altitude by firing at the bottom of his ship; they wanted him to leave the atmosphere before they detonated the explosives, which SG-1 had planted aboard, also their allies’ ships were waiting for him out in space where they could fire on the ship as well, without the threat of hitting cities down on Antar. Their plan worked; the ship left the atmosphere, ships from the other four worlds fired on it, damaging it severely since SG-1 had been able to knock out the shields and Sam Carter detonated the C4 explosives on board, destroying the ship but…

“Your Highness, I regret to inform you that a signal, which matches that of our Great Ring when activated, was registered shortly before the ship was destroyed; we believe that Apophis was able to escape, Sire.” A warrior informed his king in frustration and Zan sighed.

“Thank you, Shelto; Colonel O'Neill had warned us that this alien is a very slippery character; very good at escaping their best plans to capture him.” Zan said.

“Well, we made the bad guys run away, but they may return.” Rath said. “Since they have ships, would it be worthwhile burying the Great Ring again?”

“I don’t think so, Rath. We need to set up some sort of…doorway…that we could put in front of the opening when we don’t want…visitors and remove when we do. I think you mentioned that you have such a device on your Stargate, Colonel O'Neill?” Zan asked.

“Captain Carter is the expert if you want specifics, but yes we do have something we call the iris; like a giant camera shutter, do you know what I mean?” Jack asked and Zan nodded.

“It’s made of titanium and closes as soon as the Stargate starts to dial.” Sam continued the explanation. “Radio signals can be sent back and forth through the wormhole and when we receive a transmission from one of our teams we open the iris. Otherwise we leave it closed and…I’m sure you can imagine what happens to anything coming through the wormhole…”

“Uh…yeah…” Rath said.

“Ewww!” Valondra cried out and Ava shuddered.

“So we could set up something similar and give a code-word to our friends and allies.” Zan said nodding.

“We’ll be happy to help you set that up, Your Highness.” Sam smiled.

The nine of them; Sha’re snuggled into her husband’s side, his strong arm around her shoulders, settled into negotiations and arrangements again on a much friendlier and trusting footing. They discussed what to do with the captured Jaffa and the idea of starting an exchange of SGC and Antarian scientists in a few weeks, after Zan and his people had cleaned up the mess of this latest battle. By the time SG-1 said goodnight, a couple of hours later, so that they could go home and report to their superiors, they had agreed to have the To’kra come and pick up the Jaffa, set up a schedule for scientific exchange, especially space technology and given each other a code to proclaim themselves as “friendly travelers”.

“I can’t thank you all enough for your help today in fighting Apophis.” King Zan said as they all stood before the Stargate.

“Hey, your people have some serious fire-power; you would have done fine on your own.” O'Neill assured them. “But you’re welcome.”

“Especially with Sha’re to tell us what to expect.” Rath said faintly smiling.

“I hope you’ll come back and visit us, Sha’re; with or without your handsome husband.” Valondra whispered sincerely as she and Ave hugged their guest.

“Thank you all for freeing me from the demon, Amonette and for your warm hospitality; I would like to return and visit you again very much.” Sha’re said as she hugged Rath and Zan as well.

After good-byes and thanks were exchanged, Sam stepped up to the DHD and dialed home.

“We will see you in a few weeks then, at least.” Daniel said and waived before they started stepping through the event-horizon; Sha’re’s hand safely held in his larger one.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 11

“Off-world activation.” An airman in the SGC’s control room called out and General Hammond came quickly from his office. “Receiving SG-1’s GDO code, sir.” The airman informed his superior.

‘Open the iris.” The General ordered and the airman complied.

“Opening iris, sir.”

“They were supposed to be fighting a Goa’uld mother-ship; the battle can’t be over yet. I just hope the destruction to that planet wasn’t too great, or SG-1’s wounds too serious that they had to retreat.” General Hammond said, worried.

“Chevron seven, locked.” Another airman called out and the Stargate erupted vertically.

“Should I call Medical for back-up, sir?” The first airman asked.

General Hammond was just about to say yes, when five figures stepped through the Stargate. All of them were smiling and every one of them looked fit and whole.

“Who’s that woman with Dr. Jackson?” The General murmured, almost to himself and then replied. “It doesn’t look as though they need any medical assistance, airman.” The General commented, shaking his head in wonder.

“No sir.” The airman agreed happily, but he General had already headed for the stairway down to the Gateroom.

When he reached his premiere team, General Hammond looked them over again, closely and saw the burn-mark on Captain Carter’s shirt.

“Welcome home, SG-1. Captain Carter, do you require medical attention?” He asked, concerned.

“No, sir; I’m fine, thank you.” Carter answered.

“We have quite a tale to tell you, sir.” Colonel O'Neill told his superior, before he could start asking questions. “Suffice it to say that P3X-777 is safe and so are its people. Apophis got away, but we did blow up his mother-ship…and his queen Amonette, was killed…General Hammond, may I present Sha’re Jackson, whole and free of the Goa’uld, Amonette.”

“This is your wife, Dr. Jackson?” The General asked, stunned that the young archeologist had finally gotten his beloved wife back, after two years of searching for her.

“Yes, General, this is Sha’re.” Daniel said with a tender voice, still gazing down into Sha’re’s love-filled eyes.

“Very nice to finally meet you, ma’am.” The General said formally, with his charming smile, as he shook her hand. “Your husband is only the first among all of us who are happy to see you whole and well!”

“Thank you.” Shar’re said softly and shyly to the kind older man, whom Daniel had explained to her was the chief of their tribe here.

Sha’re looked at the large, alien-looking room around her with huge eyes. She did not really like it, but Daniel had explained that he did not live here, he only worked her. Sha’re knew that there was so much she would need to learn if her husband was going to continue living here and not return to Abydos, but right now it was all too much to take in.

“SG-1 and Mrs. Jackson, report to the Infirmary for your post-mission physicals. We will debrief after you’ve had a chance to shower and change.” General Hammond ordered.

“Yes, sir.” Colonel O'Neill said before shepherding his team out of the Gateroom and down the hall to the Infirmary.

They walked into Medical and Dr. Janet Fraser was there to greet them. She looked them over for herself, gasped when she saw the burn-mark on Sam’s shirt and rushed forward.

“Sam, you’ve been wounded! Why didn’t anyone inform me of this as soon as you came through the gate?” Janet cried out as she gently peeled Sam’s collar back to reveal…whole, healthy skin, marked only by…a silver handprint. “What’s this? What’s going on here?”

“I was wounded during the battle, but King Zan healed me!” Sam exclaimed.

“You submitted to some alien healing device, Sam? How could you do that? You don’t know what kind of affect something like that would have on you!” Janet reproved as she gently palpated the skin where the handprint was.

“Doctor, it wasn’t any alien-device, that healed Captain Carter.” Colonel O'Neill clarified. “The King himself has the power to heal all manner of wounds. And…he had already safely healed Sha’re after the Goa’uld, Amonette left her and was killed.”

“Really! How’d he heal you, Sam? What did he do?” Janet asked cautiously.

“Janet…All King Zan did was tell me to look into his eyes…no hardship there…oh man he has the most gorgeous amber eyes…uh…and then he placed his hand over my wound and in a matter of seconds the pain disappeared and the wound was totally healed! Zan said that the handprint would disappear in a few days.” Sam reassured the doctor.

“Well never the less, I’m going to order an MRI as well as the usual blood-work for both you and Sha’re.” Janet said, before she walked off to give her orders to the nurses and technicians.

“Hey Carter, you know that an MRI is nothing to worry about.” Jack reassured his 2IC; Sam’s eyes had grown huge and her mouth had dropped open.

“What, sir? Uh, no I wasn’t thinking about the MRI. I was thinking about the handprint.” She motioned for her four friends to move in closer to her. “Remember when Liz Parker told us about how her alien-friend healed her?” Sam whispered since no one besides General Hammond, SG-1, Alex and Liz knew what had really happened during their disastrous mission on’599. “Liz said that he left behind a silver handprint where her gun shot wound had been…what if Max was an Antarian, like Zan or Rath?”

“Let’s take your theory to the next step, Sam.” Daniel said. “Remember that Liz told us that her Max was the leader of his people…and Mergle told us that the Royal Four had been sent to another planet, on which they were supposed to safely grow up, but then their enemies found them there. Zan and the others defeated those enemies and returned to Antar when their people begged them for their help!”

“Oh man…Zan and Max are the same person?” Sam cried out, but then slapped her hand over her mouth and looked around the Infirmary to see if anyone had heard her; no one had.

“Oh for crying out loud, we don’t know that!” Jack exclaimed, irritably.

“SG-1, I have your beds all ready for you.” Janet called out before anyone could reply to the Colonel.

All four of them gave each other significant glances and Daniel put his finger in front of his lips as he faced Sha’re, asking her not to say anything about what she had just heard.

“Daniel, I’m going to take Sha’re for her MRI while you have your physical.” Janet said.

Daniel saw how frightened his wife was, at being separated from him and insisted on staying with her. Janet tried to argue, but Daniel stood firm and eventually everyone received their physicals, blood was drawn and MRIs were taken.

“I’ll have the first test results in a while, but everything looks good so far.” Janet said, releasing them to go to their debriefing.

“Thanks, Janet.” Daniel and Sam said to their friend, before they left the Infirmary; Sha’re’s hand gently but firmly held in Daniel’s.

After showering and changing…Sam helping Sha’re...the five of them were walking down the hallway when they ran into Liz and Alex.

“Welcome back, guys; we heard that you kicked some Goa’uld butts off of that planet!” Alex grinned.

“Yeah, we’re so glad that none of you were hurt.” Liz said. While SG-1 exchanged some more significant glances, Liz took a long look at Sha’re and asked. “Daniel…is this your wife, Sha’re?” Liz asked, smiling with hope for her friend.

“Yes, this is Sha’re!” Daniel answered, grinning. “Sha’re, I’d like you to meet two of my friends; Liz Parker and Alex Whitman.”

“You are…friends…with my Dan’yel?” Sha’re asked a little jealously, looking mostly at Liz.

“Yes, Sha’re, Daniel is a very good Friend…” Liz emphasized the word. “…to Alex and I and we are both so happy that he’s finally found you. Daniel has been so worried about you; it is obvious that he loves you very much.” Liz finished sincerely, but with a knowing look in her eyes.

“Ahhh.” Sha’re said, the jealous-look leaving her lovely face as she gazed up at her tall husband and ran a hand down the side of his face. “I have been most worried about you all this time as well, my Dan’yel.” She said softly, almost shyly.

“Sha’re, I’m so sorry about everything that’s happened to you…I wish I had taken you with us, to the address chamber, as you had wanted to…then you wouldn’t have been captured. Believe me; I’m not going to be letting you out of my sight for quite some time!” Daniel promised, kissing Sha’re on her brow.

“Okay kids, the General is waiting for us so we’d better get going.” Jack said before Sha’re could pull Daniel into a lo-ong, passionate kiss…again!

“We’ll have to invite all of you over for dinner sometime soon.” Liz promised, before their friends continued on down the hallway.

“That would be great; thanks, Liz!” Daniel called back as he and Sha’re walked down the hall, their arms around each other.

When they reached the conference room, General Hammond was indeed waiting for them.

“Have a seat, SG-1.” He ordered. “And Mrs. Jackson.” He said more gently as an afterthought.

Daniel pulled out a chair for Sha’re and then took the one next to hers as the rest of his team took their seats. Sha’re was glad to sit down and remain quiet; she tried to pay attention to what Daniel and the others were saying, but this day had been such a long one; filled with so much stress and worry. Coming to Daniel’s world; so different and alien, was the straw that broke her camel’s back and as she sat in the comfortable leather chair, their voices and words blended together and washed over her, as she more or less fell asleep with her eyes open.

“So Colonel, why don’t you start telling me that long story you mentioned earlier.” General Hammond ordered.

“Yes, sir.” Jack replied and told his tale.

He told of the Antarian’s ancient history with the Stargate and how it had been rediscovered. How Amonette and her Jaffa had come through and been defeated, the Goa’uld killed and Sha’re saved. He told a little bit about SG-1’s encounter with the Royal Four, before the mother-ship was detected; the Antarian civil war and the rebuilding of their cities, including the fact that King Zan had turned the Royal Palace into a children’s hospital.

“And now Antar has a treaty with the other four planets in that region of space?” General Hammond asked.

“Yes, sir; it sounds like Khivar, who usurped King Zan’s thrown and Kathanna, the leader of one of the other planets, were the ones who really kept the hostilities going. The other three planets mostly just tried to defend themselves. Zan and the others returned to Antar; got rid of Khivar and Kathanna and then were able to negotiate a mutual-defense treaty.”

“When Apophis’ mother-ship was detected by one of the planets furthest away from Antar, King Zan was able to ask the planetary leaders for help and all four of them sent ships to tail Apophis and when the time was right, destroy the ship, sir.” Captain Carter added.

“Tell me about the battle, I couldn’t believe it was over so soon, when the five of you returned.” The General ordered.

SG-1 detailed their part in the battle; getting aboard the mother-ship, placing C4 in strategic places, destroying many of the death-gliders and escaping the ship. Jack, Sam and Teal’c gave what information they could about the Antarian fighter-craft, anti-aircraft guns and the four-squares.

“Let me get this straight, these people have…psychic powers?” The General asked, incredulously.

“Yes, sir.” Jack confirmed. “We saw the four-squares in action…it was very impressive.”

“General, Sam was wounded and King Zan healed her with just the touch of his hand!” Daniel exclaimed.

“That burn-mark on your clothing…” Hammond remembered. “And you are truly healed, Captain?” He asked.

“Truly, sir; I feel great! Dr. Fraser checked me over quite thoroughly.” Sam said.

“I don’t suppose you had time to discuss the exchange of information; our scientists traveling there to study their culture and technology.” The General mused.

“We did that too, sir.” Jack said smugly. “Or at least Daniel made a good start.”

“I think our helping them battle Apophis really broke the ice, General.” Daniel said glaring at Jack, who looked anywhere but at his teammates. “They have a lot of advanced technology, including faster-than-light space-craft, but a great deal of their technology…anything fast enough to make the enormously-long journey to Earth, were destroyed during their civil war. King Zan seemed willing to negotiate a sharing of our Goa’uld technology for theirs, and/or a partnership consisting of our resources; both materials and personnel and their technical know-how.” Daniel explained. “There is one hitch for the immediate future, however. King Zan has requested two to three week’s time to clean up the new mess, created by the battle with Apophis and to get his people settled down and things back to normal, a little.”

“That sounds reasonable.” The General agreed. “After that period you would be allowed to continue your negotiations, Dr. Jackson?”

“Yes, sir.” Daniel confirmed.

“Well then…” The General started to say, but Sam started to speak at the same time.

“There’s one more thing, General.” Sam said.

“Carter.” O'Neill groaned.

“It’s pretty important, sir.” Sam said to both the Colonel and to the General.

“What is it, Captain?” General Hammond asked, glancing at his 2IC, who was shaking his head.

“Well, sir; it’s something we’re piecing together…” Sam started. “Something we didn’t mention before was the language…thing.”

“What?” General Hammond asked, confused.

“At first, the Antarians claimed that the only mutual language we shared was that of the Ancients. Daniel and the Antarian interpreter, Mergle, had to translate everything out of one native tongue, into the Ancient’s language and then into the language of the other person.”

“Yes, I remember you telling me that, that was the situation before you left.” General Hammond said.

“Well, sir…they were sort of…lying.” Sam admitted.

“Lying? Explain, Captain.” Hammond ordered.

“After we agreed to help them fight Apophis, King Zan showed his thanks by admitting that he and a few others could speak English.” Sam said.

“What? How? Why did they pretend that they didn’t understand English?” The General asked.

“It seems that Antarians have visited earth in the past and brought at least one of our languages back with them, sir.” O'Neill answered. “Hey Daniel, we’ll have to find out if they know any other Earth languages.”

“The answer to your third question, GeneralHammond, is that they did not trust us and wished to gain intelligence as to our true motives and plans for their planet. Basic strategic planning; use every advantage you have.” Teal’c noted.

Both O'Neill and Hammond harrumphed at that; the first grudgingly, the second; in agreement.

“But Daniel and I think that there’s more to their story and a totally different reason that they knew English.” Sam piped up.

“Carter.” Jack warned again.

“Go ahead, Captain.” General Hammond said, giving Jack a warning glance of his own.

“I think that Zan, Rath, Valondra and Ava were the ones who visited Earth, not just some of their anthropologists or someone like that. Mergle told us that the Royal Four; that’s what Zan and his three friends are called, sir…had been hidden away on another planet, so that they could grow up safely and then return to fight Khivar and save their people. General, do you remember what Liz Parker told us about her alien-friend…Max? He was sent to Earth, to hide from his enemies and grow up in safety until he was ready to return to his people and save them. And I think that Max wasn’t the only alien that Liz knew; I think that there must have been others with him.” Sam said excitedly.

“You think Max had three other friends like himself, Captain?” The General asked, seeing where her mind was going.

“Yes, sir; and I think that Max and Zan are the same person!” Sam finished.

“Oh for crying out loud!” Jack exclaimed, but no one paid any attention to him.

“I must admit that there are quite a few similarities between Max and King Zan’s stories, but how can you be sure that these two men are the same person? And what makes you think that there were other aliens here with Max, besides that Nascedo-fellow?” Hammond asked.

“Liz was totally protective of Max, sir. I mean she wouldn’t even tell us his real name. But she had to tell us about him to explain how she got her own powers; there was no need for her to include the others in her explanation because they were not the ones who made her develop her powers. They were all her friends and Liz wanted to protect them, even from us.” Sam said.

“Another point in my argument is how could two aliens, one human girl with iffy-developing powers and one human boy with no powers, fight a whole bunch of enemy aliens…and survive, sir? Liz mentioned that they tried many times to kill or capture ‘them’.” Sam wiggled two fingers on each side of her face, to put quotes around the word. “Not only survive, but Liz also said that Max defeated his enemies after Nascedo had been killed…all on his lonesome?” Sam made it a question.

“Good point, Captain.” General Hammond agreed.

“I have one more to make, sir.” Sam said. “Liz said that when Max healed her, he left behind a silver handprint.”

“Yes, Captain.” Hammond agreed.

Sam did not say anything; she only pulled back her shirt collar and showed the skin beneath.

“Captain Carter! What is that?” General Hammond asked pointing at the shiny color of her skin. Sam pulled her collar away some more.

“It’s the silver handprint that Zan left behind, after he healed me, sir.” Sam said.

The General’s stiff posture just gave out and he slumped back against his leather chair in shock.

“King Zan assured me that the handprint would disappear in a few days…just like Liz said hers did, sir.” Sam added.

“Alright, Captain…you’ve almost convinced me. If Max and Zan are the same man…what are you going to do with that information?” The General asked, after a few silent moments. Sam looked uncertain.

“Uh, well, sir…I guess we could…bring the two of them together and see what happens. We wouldn’t say anything to either of them, so if I’m wrong and King Zan isn’t Max, there would be no harm done.” Sam suggested.

“Well that’s the first thing you’ve said that I agree with, Carter.” Jack put in. The General frowned at Jack.

“How do you propose we set up this meeting, Captain?” Hammond asked.

“Well, sir; it could be as easy as having Liz travel through the Stargate to Antar when we have our exchange of scientists.” Sam suggested.

“Or, we could invite King Zan here for a celebration; one that all of our people would attend, including Liz Parker.” Daniel piped up.

“All right…those are both good suggestions, Captain Carter, Dr. Jackson, but before we start playing matchmaker, perhaps you need to consider what will happen if this goes badly; if Dr. Parker doesn’t want to be reunited with this man; where will our negotiations be then?”

“But General, Liz was so protective of Max when she told us her story.” Sam argued. “I don’t think she’s moved on, sir.”

“What if Max/Zan has?” O'Neill put in. “What if he doesn’t want to renew his relationship with the ‘little Earth-girl’?” Everyone was silent for a few minutes.

“These are all points we will need to consider before we can move forward with any plan.” General Hammond said. “Now, is there any other business, points of view, or questions?” No one said anything. “Then you are all dismissed.”

Everyone arose from their seats.

“What must we do now, Dan’yel?” Sha’re asked her husband quietly, her hand still holding tightly to his larger, warm one.

Daniel looked down at her and saw that she was exhausted and overwhelmed.

“General, may I take my wife home?” Daniel asked, not lifting his gaze from that of Sha’re’s. He did not think that there would be a problem with her leaving the base, but Daniel though it best to ask.

“Of course, Dr. Jackson. Go home and get some…rest.” Hammond winked at Daniel. “SG-1 is on stand-down for the next five days.”

“Thank you, sir.” Daniel replied, looking up with a smile.

He had missed the wink, but had heard the hesitation before the General had said ‘rest’. Daniel looked back down to Sha’re.

“All we need to do now is pick up the pack of clothes that Princess Valondra gave you and then I’ll take you to my…our home. I know that all of this is overwhelming for you. I’ll introduce you to the luxury of bubble-baths, feed you some dinner and then tuck you into bed, so that you can get a good night’s rest.” Daniel said and Sha’re nodded gratefully.

Daniel put his arm around Sha’re’s delicate shoulders and her arm gripped him around his lean waist as they walked out of the conference room. The rest of SG-1 and the General watched them go, before they too left the room. General Hammond; to return to his office, Teal’c; to his on-base quarters and Sam and Jack; to collect a few of their own things before going to their own homes as well.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 12

Sha’re was quiet as Daniel drove them both to his apartment, but her head kept swiveling from side to side and back to front; looking out the car’s windows as scenery rushed by. Daniel had switched languages so that they were both speaking Abydonian, Sha’re’s native tongue; trying to put her at ease.

When they reached the apartment, Daniel showed her inside; as the door was closed, Sha’re found her voice and started rattling off questions until Daniel had to waive his hands in the air to get her to stop, so he could answer some of them. While he covered the forest covered mountains of Colorado, how elevators worked, the underground facility which was the SGC and road-kill; especially skunks, Daniel noticed that even though Sha’re was wearing a long skirt, long sleeved blouse and a wooly sweater, her arms were wrapped around her middle. He turned up the thermostat and drew Sha’re through his bedroom and into the bathroom where he turned the water on in the tub.

“Sha’re, you’re cold, why don’t I draw you a nice hot bubble-bath that you can sink into and get all nice and warm and then I’ll go fix us some dinner, how does that sound?” Daniel asked while he gently rubbed his hands up and down her arms, to warm her.

“To feel warm would be wonderful; my Dan’yel…but what is a…bubble-bath?” Sha’re asked.

“Um…it’s this tub filled with hot water and some bubble-bath poured into it…that makes lots of…um…bubbles.” Daniel tried to explain.

Then his eyes opened wide when he realized that he didn’t have any bubble-bath; why would he? After all, he’d never brought a woman home with him…well except for Sam, for a movie-night, but that didn’t count…Sam was…Sam; she was like a sister to him and she was not the bubble-bath-type…at least he did not think she was. Whatever…how was he going to create a bubble-bath for Sha’re? The water had grown hot and Daniel put the plug into the drain so that it would start to fill the tub.

“I’ll be right back…why don’t you get undressed and put this robe on until the tub fills up, alright?” Daniel instructed.

“All right, Dan’yel.” Sha’re agreed, immediately starting to unbutton her sweater.

Daniel made a hasty retreat; closing the bathroom door behind him.

‘Get a grip, Jackson.’ Daniel told himself sternly, but silently. ‘Tonight is not about making love with your long-lost, beautiful…sensual…sexy wife. Cut that out! You just got her back after being apart for two years…this is a totally alien world to her; she’s hungry, exhausted and completely overwhelmed. The last thing she needs is you drooling all over her right now! Be thoughtful, be gentle and do Not think about her all naked and wet in that bathtub! Bathtub…bubble-bath…what can I use for a bubble-bath?’

Daniel ran into the kitchen and looked around; he checked under the sink; at all of his cleaning supplies and his gazed zeroed in on the dish detergent.

‘The commercials say that this stuff leaves your hands silky-soft.’ Daniel thought as he unscrewed the squeeze-top off and smelled the liquid. ‘Nice...the label calls it Spring-Scent and it always make a lot of bubbles for when I wash the dishes…I guess this will have to do.’

Daniel hurried back to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

“Sha’re, do you have the robe on?” He called.

“Yes, Dan’yel.” Sha’re called back.

Daniel opened the door to see that actually, Sha’re was only just drawing the robe up her bare back. He watched as the blue terrycloth slid from her slender waist, up along her straight spine to her shoulders and then she pulled the robe around her and tied the belt in front. Sha’re turned and saw her handsome husband staring at her and a satisfied expression came over her expression. Daniel cleared his throat and held up the detergent bottle.

“Bubble-bath.” He said and then stepped over to the bathtub and poured a whole bunch into the hot water. Bubbles started to multiply and spread across the water’s surface. Sha’re gasped in delight and Daniel chuckled and dipped his hand into the water; just right, hot but not too hot. He drew his hand through the thick bubbles and picked some up in his hand.

“See; bubbles.” Daniel showed Sha’re and then he blew on them and many of the bubbles floated up into the air.

“Oh Dan’yel, they are so beautiful!” Sha’re put out a finger to touch one and it burst. “Dan’yel!” She cried out, afraid that she had done something wrong; breaking such a beautiful thing.

“It’s alright, Sha’re; it was just a bubble, no harm done. They are beautiful but they never last for long, but…” He scooped up some more in his hand. “You can always make more!” He showed her.

Sha’re dipped her hand into the foam and brought up a handful which she blew at and then watched as the bubbles floated through the air, her eyes huge with wonder.

“Sha’re, the tub is almost full; why don’t you get in and soak and…uh…wash…get warm.” Daniel went to a cupboard. “Here’s a wash-cloth and a couple of towels to dry off with. The bar of soap there is what you can use to…um…get clean. I’ll go get some soup warming up and some coffee brewing and then I’ll come back to see how you’re doing, all right?”

“All right, Dan’yel.” Sha’re said and then with a teasing smile she quickly untied the belt and shed her robe. Daniel started to back towards the door, but could not help running his eyes up and down the gorgeous body of his wife. Then he gave himself a mental slap and quickly left the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Sha’re got into the tub and sunk down, feeling a little confused. Did not Daniel want her anymore? Was it because she had been with Apophis? Or was it because he was trying to be noble? Sha’re remembered back to when she had first met Daniel…when she had been Given to him by her father. Daniel had refused to take her then too, as she had been taught to expect of her future-husband. Instead, he had worked to learn her language and the ways of her people. It was only later that Sha’re had explained to him that her people believed them to be married. When Daniel had realized that Sha’re thought herself rejected by her own husband, he finally professed his love and…need…for her and they had consummated their love…and need…that night.

‘If my Dan’yel is trying to be noble again…thinks me too overwhelmed by all of this, I will just have to set him straight!’ She thought, as she washed herself and soaked to her heart’s content. ‘Doesn’t the fool understand that in all of this strangeness, he is the one person I know, the one thing I understand and need?’

A short time later, Daniel knocked on the door and then peeked inside.

“How are you doing? Is the water still hot?” Daniel slowly side-stepped his way closer to the tub.

“The water feels wonderful, my Dan’yel.” Sha’re said. “But I will need help washing my hair…will you help me please…as you used to, on Abydos?”

“Um, sure.” Daniel said, coming over to kneel beside the tub. “Would you hand me that bottle? That’s shampoo; it’s what you use to wash your hair.” He explained. “It’s gentler to your hair than bar soap.”

“I see. Don’t you think that you should take your shirt off, so that it does not get wet, my husband?” Sha’re suggested meekly.

Daniel groaned, but pulled the black T-shirt over his head and Sha’re looked her fill from under lowered eye-lashes. Daniel guided Sha’re’s head back, until her hair was mostly under water. Then he had her sit back up. He poured some shampoo into the palm of his hand and started to massage it into Sha’re’s gorgeous long, curly hair. As he lathered, rinsed and repeated the steps, Daniel manfully tried to ignore the fact that his lovely wife was completely naked under the disappearing bubbles.

He kept ‘Begentle,bekind,begentle,bethoughtful,bekind.’ Running through his mind like a mantra and concentrated on breathing slowly and deeply in hopes of calming his hormones down some. The bubbles were rapidly disappearing and he quickly stood up, turned away and picked up a towel.

“Time to get out of the water, before it turns cold, Love. Here, why don’t you dry off with this, while I go find you something to wear?” Daniel suggested.

“Princess Valondra gave me a nightgown.” Sha’re said, a little disappointed that Daniel did not dry her himself…as he used to.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Daniel said, disappearing through the door again.

When he came back with the sleeveless silky-soft gown, with a plunging neckline, Sha’re was out of the tub, dried off, had a towel wrapped around her and was looking demurely at her feet. Daniel came to stand behind her and helped to drape the gown over her head and let it fall down the length of her body. At some point, the towel slipped and fell to the floor. Daniel settled the wide silk straps over Sha’re’s shoulders and glanced up at her reflection in the mirror. He stared for a moment and then made himself reach for his robe and a second towel. For her part, Sha’re noticed that Daniel had put on a new black T-shirt, which outlined all the muscles in his chest and arms.

“Let’s wrap you up so you stay warm.” Daniel said helping her on with the robe. “Here, let me dry your hair a little.” Daniel all but threw the towel over Sha’re’s head and started drying her hair with it. When he was through and pulled the towel away, Sha’re’s hair was a mess; sticking out every which way.

“Dan’yel, look what you’ve done to my hair!” Sha’re cried.

“Don’t worry, it’ll comb out.” Daniel assured her as he pulled a hairdryer out of a drawer.

“What’s that?” Sha’re asked.

“It’s a hairdryer.” Daniel explained and turned the device on.

Sha’re winced at the loud noise it made, but then groaned when she felt the hot air blowing over her cold hair and scalp. Daniel had found a brush in Sha’re’s small pack of clothes and after her hair was mostly dried, he started to gently brush out her curls. This was one of Daniel’s favorite things to do, brushing Sha’re’s hair and running his fingers through it. He remembered too late that it was also one of the most sensual things to do. He swallowed hard again.

“There you go; as gorgeous as ever!” Daniel put the brush down and caught Sha’re’s gaze in the mirror.

“Thank you, my Dan’yel.” Sha’re said softly, shyly. Daniel bit back a groan.

“Hey are you hungry? Let’s go get something to eat and then pop you into bed so you can get some rest.” Daniel said briskly.

He took her hand and drew her out to the livingroom. Daniel had lit some candles, which he had placed around the room and on the dining table. The smell of hot soup, warm bread and freshly brewed coffee scented the air. Daniel pulled out a chair for Sha’re and went into the kitchen to get their food. He came back moments later with large bowls of thick lentil soup, a basket of heat-and-serve-rolls, some butter and jelly and two cups of coffee. He placed everything on the table, serving Sha’re her soup first and then sat down across from her. When he looked up and saw her sitting across from him, at his table, in his apartment, he couldn’t believe his good fortune.

“Sha’re, you can have no idea how happy I am to finally have you back, safe and sound and sitting across my table from me, eating soup!” Daniel exclaimed in his gentle voice, his hand reaching across to grasp hers.

“I am very happy as well to finally be with you again, my Dan’yel!” Sha’re smiled back at him and squeezed his hand with her own.

They enjoyed their dinner together; Sha’re continuing her questions about Daniel’s world. The apartment felt warmer to her now and hot food was helping to keep her warm on the inside. She had lived her entire life in a desert environment and she had not been aware of hot and cold while the demon, Amonette had control of her; she was not used to the cooler climate here in Colorado. After a while though, she started to feel cold again and admitted to herself that she was feeling tired. Daniel noticed as soon as she started to hunch over so that she could press her cold hands between her knees.

“You’re cold, Sha’re? And you look pretty tired too. Let’s get you tucked into bed and you’ll get warm in no time.” Daniel said.

He helped her up from the table and drew her into his bedroom. Daniel pulled back his green, blue and rust-colored comforter and the sheet back and had Sha’re sit down on the side of the bed while he searched through his dresser for socks to keep her feet warm. Sha’re pressed her hand against the firm mattress. It felt so different from the fur pallets on which she had slept on Abydos.

“Here, these will keep your feet warm.” Daniel came back and knelt before her so he could help her pull them on. “Now, shed the robe and burrow under the comforter. I’ll go brew you some nice hot tea; once you drink that you’ll be warm on the inside and the comforter will keep you that way.”

Sha’re did not say anything before Daniel left the room again. Outside, while the water boiled and the tea steeped, Daniel quickly cleaned up the bathroom and the dinner dishes. When he came back with a mug of fragrant tea, Sha’re knew what she wanted to say to him.

“My husband, aren’t you going to join me in our bed?” Sha’re poured on the marital guilt and Daniel stood there blushing.

“Um, I was going to sleep on the couch tonight…Sha’re I know that you’re tired and overwhelmed, I wanted to…give you some space; some time to adjust.” Daniel explained.

“And deny me the comfort of your presence.” Sha’re countered. “Dan’yel…yes this world of yours is strange…you and your warm arms are the only things here that I do know, understand and…need. Please, my husband, I do not need…space and I have spent more than enough time away from you.”

Sha’re lifted her arm out from beneath the warm comforter, beckoning him to her. With those words and that gesture, Daniel’s noble ideals flew out the window. He shed his shoes, pants and socks and got into bed wearing only his T-shirt and boxers.

“How did I ever think that I was going to be comfortable…or get any sleep out on that sofa…with you in here, in my bed?” Daniel asked as he drew Sha’re into his arms, her chin resting on his shoulder and tucked in under his chin.

“You are sometimes rather stupid as well as stubborn, my husband. But I see that those little-boy qualities you had, which I love so much about you, have not changed.” Sha’re said sweetly with a twinkle in her eyes.

“You…little…scamp!” Daniel exclaimed grinning. “Talk about nothing changing…it’s like the last two years never happened as far as your personality goes! And you know what that means…” Daniel warned a second before he started to tickle Sha’re.

“No, no, Dan’yel…DAN’YEL Stop tickling me!” Sha’re cried out as she tried to tickle him back.

The two of them wiggled back and forth so much that the sheets became untucked from the bed. They had also tried hitting each other with the pillows, but both had ended up on the floor. Daniel got a good hold on Sha’re and was tickling away when he overbalanced backwards and fell out of the bed. Sha’re’s legs were tangled up in the sheets and comforter and she and the bedding were pulled off of the bed as well!

Sha’re took the opportunity to straddle Daniel’s hips and catch his wrists, pushing them up, to rest on each side of his head. In truth, Sha’re knew that she could only get away with this because her big, strong, sexy husband allowed it. If he wanted her on her back, it would have been no trouble at all for him to flip her over, she knew.

As soon as Daniel realized the position he was in, he stilled as did his gorgeous wife above him. Only their chests moved as they gasped for air. The silliness left them and they saw in each other the passion which was building up within themselves. Sha’re bent down, putting her weight on her hands, which still held his captive and touched her lips to Daniel’s brow, then his strong jaw and his nose. Her lips closed each eyelid as they caressed each one and finally she found his lips with her own and leaned in more for a deep, passionate kiss.

Sha’re did not allow the kiss to linger for long before she backed away and sat up straight, releasing Daniel’s hands. He left them on each side of his head though, as he watched her raise her hands up to the wide straps of her nightgown…and pushed them off of her shoulders. The gown was so low-cut that once it was no longer supported by the straps, it ever so slowly slid down her torso to her waist.

“Oh my love…you are…so beautiful!” Daniel murmured in wonder.

“Oh Dan’yel…” Sha’re whispered.

Sha’re leaned in to kiss Daniel again and that was the last rational thought either of them had before their passion took over….


Back on Antar; as soon as SG-1 and Sha’re stepped through the Stargate, Isabel Evans aka Princess Valondra, turned to her brother, Max, aka King Zan.

“Zan, can the four of us talk?” Valondra asked and her brother sighed.

“Yeah, sure.” Zan agreed; he knew what his sister and his other two friends would want to talk about.

The four of them walked out of the Ring-Chamber and got into a hover-craft, which took them down the hill and up to the front walk of their home. Zan thanked the driver and then walked inside, behind his family. Ava brought some drinks into the living room and they all sat down.

“What did you want to talk about, Valondra?” Zan asked his sister.

“Hmph, as if you don’t know!” Valondra exclaimed, but when Zan only lifted one eyebrow, she calmed down and explained. “Do you think that Colonel O'Neill and his superiors will allow us to travel through the Ring, to Earth and…then allow us to go searching for Alex, Liz, Maria and Kyle?”

“We tried to find them two years ago, after the treaty was signed. Brody searched Roswell for three days and couldn’t find any of them. Even our parents, the Parkers, Jim Valenti, Amy DeLuca or Mr. Whitman were nowhere to be found!” Zan reminded them.

It would have taken any space-craft, which had survived the war, months or even years to travel from Antar to Earth. Instead the friends had used another technique known to their people. By combining the psychic energies of dozens of volunteers, Zan had been able to send his consciousness across space to temporarily and safely take over the mind of a former friend of his on Earth; Brody Davis. Brody had been used this way before, by Chancellor Larek, when the planetary leader had needed to contact Zan/Max Evens on Earth. Brody never remembered what had happened to him after these episodes and in thanks for the use of his body; Larek had cured him of his terminal bone cancer.

“As we fought the war and negotiated the treaty, we were all counting the days until we could contact Liz and the others; to tell them that we were alright.” Zan reminded them. “Six years had gone by and we finally defeated Khivar and Kathanna. Another year and the treaty was signed. We thought…seven years isn’t that long; for us looking back, they had flown by. But when Brody couldn’t find anyone at home, he checked out the newspapers and found out that not seven, but nine years had gone by on Earth! We knew that our days here on Antar are thirty hours long, rather than the twenty-four they are on Earth, but we never thought about what those extra six hours a day added up to over the months and the years. Nine years was too long to believe that nothing had changed back home.” Zan said.

“And now it’s been eleven Earth-years.” Rath said, depressed.

Zan had been devastated when he was unable to find Liz or any of his friends and family. Along with being totally exhausted, Zan had slipped into a depression, which had taken months and the urgent need of his people, to overcome. All of the volunteers, who had lent their energies, had been physically wiped out for days as well. After that unsuccessful attempt, the need to rebuild their world took precedence and a second try was out of the question. Even now, Zan was so afraid of failure that he did not want to discuss it, but he knew that his sister would not allow him to hide behind his fear, now that another chance to make contact had been placed before them.

“Yeah, but we Have To Try!” Valondra cried out. “Even if to just find out that They are okay! We have to at least ask the SGC, Zan.” And Ava nodded with large eyes.

“We’re so close to a real chance at contacting Kyle and the others to stop now.” Ava said, hopefully.

“If not right away, maybe after our people start working together, they’ll let us search for Maria and the others.” Rath said, trying to keep his voice dispassionate, but his eyes were sparkling. Zan nodded his agreement.

“Okay, okay’ we’ll try adding that to the negotiations.” He said and with those words, a tiny spark of hope ignited itself inside Zan’s aching heart.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 13

In the Jackson’s bedroom the next morning, Daniel was drawn out of his deep, contented sleep by a noise. Thinking that it was his alarm clock, he reached out blindly and tried to turn it off. When that did not stop the incessant noise, one eye cracked open and he realized that it was the phone ringing, instead. Daniel tried to stretch, to reach the phone, but could not because something soft and warm was laying half on top of him, weighing him down. He glanced over; it was Sha’re, her body half lying on top of him, the other half plastered to his side.

‘Not a dream; she’s really here!’ Daniel thought as he gazed down at his beloved wife. But the phone continued to ring. ‘Why hasn’t the answering machine picked up yet?’ Daniel wondered as he finally got hold of the cord and pulled the phone towards him.

“H’lo?” He mumbled, still half asleep.

“Is this the Jackson Honeymoon Suite?” A sarcastic voice asked.

“What? Who is…Jack?” Daniel asked. “What time is it?”

“For crying out loud, Danny; it’s one o’clock in the afternoon!” Jack exclaimed.

“What? Afternoon? I guess I should be grateful that you aren’t here, knocking on my door, then.” Daniel said.

“I was going to, but Carter said that she would risk a court-martial and kill me if I did that…But I would have if your phone had wrung two more times, Danny.” Jack said.

“Oh, sorry Jack…we didn’t get to…sleep until a little while ago.” Daniel said.

“Ohhh? And pray-tell what were you two kids up to ‘til all hours, Daniel?” Jack asked.

“JACK!” Daniel exclaimed.

He heard Sam’s voice on the other end of the phone, berating her commanding officer. There was a scuffling sound and then Sam came on the line. Daniel was embarrassed because what Jack was implying, with his smug question, was actually what he and Sha’re had been up to. After their first rush of mind-numbing passion, they had spent most of the night slowly and gently reacquainting themselves with each other’s bodies, after their two year separation.

“Hi, Daniel.” Sam came on the line. “I kept the Colonel from driving over to your place, but I really thought that it would be safe to call you at this time of day. Sorry that we woke you.”

“That’s okay, Sam.” Daniel said. “What’s up?”

“Liz Parker called this morning about scheduling a welcome-home party for Sha’re. She suggested tonight or tomorrow. I told Liz that tonight would probably be too soon. What do you think?” Sam asked.

“Um, yeah…today would be too soon. I was hoping to spend the day with Sha’re, just showing her around and letting us get caught up with each other.”

“I know that Princess Valondra gave Sha’re some of her clothes to wear and bring home, but Liz also suggested that she and I take Sha’re shopping.” Sam said.

“Oh yeah…clothes…Sha’re will need more of all that stuff, won’t she? It would be great if you and Liz would be willing to take her shopping…although I guess I could, but I don’t know anything about what you modern women need these days.”

“That’s what we thought.” Sam agreed smiling.

“Uh…Sam, did you use Valondra’s name when you spoke to Liz? What was her reaction?” Daniel asked.

“Actually, I purposely only called her the king’s sister or just ‘Princess’. I didn’t want to take the chance of tipping Liz off…although she may only know the Earth-names, the four of them used while they were here.” Sam assured Daniel.

“Good thinking, Sam.” Daniel said. “Um, why don’t you give us today to get our bearings, then you three ladies can go shopping tomorrow, if Sha’re agrees. Then, if Liz and Alex want to, they could throw the party for her on Monday evening, the day after tomorrow.” Daniel suggested.

“That sounds like a plan.” Sam said. “I’ll bounce it off of Liz and get back to you later.”

“Great; thanks, Sam.” Daniel said, before they both hung up the phone.

Daniel curled back into his wife, drawing her to him some more and lay thinking for a little while, until he drifted off to sleep. When they both woke up, over an hour later, Daniel started the task of teaching Sha’re about his world. He was thankful that she was as intelligent as she was beautiful, as Sha’re quickly learned about things, such as telephones, microwaves and TVs. The people on Abydos were a desert-people, without any modern technology at all and the Goa’uld devices which she might have used while under Amonette’s control were so different that they could give no helpful references to Earth’s tools of daily living.

The next day, Liz and Sam came to pick up Sha’re, to take her shopping. When they realized that she did not yet have an identity in this world; General Hammond was working on getting her identity set up, and therefore could not use Daniel’s credit card, Liz and Sam both agreed to use theirs and submit a bill to Daniel afterwards. Daniel almost winced when he thought about what the grand total would be.

Sam and Liz took their new friend to some carefully chosen shops; small and relatively quiet on a Sunday afternoon, so as not to overwhelm Sha’re on her first day out. They bought her everything she would need from the inside out; casual, dressy, comfortable and sexy. As she searched through the racks, Sha’re was thrilled by all of the different types of cloth and the range of colors that the clothes were made of; from silk to denim, basic-blacks and warm earth-tones, to vibrant reds and yellows.

Next, the three ladies took a break at a nearby patisserie and then tackled buying shoes and getting Sha’re a make-over, keeping her look natural; she needed very little since her skin was flawless, her eyes were huge and her face was already lovely. But Sha’re oohed and ahhed over the many colors of nail polish, eye shadow and lipstick, which were on display in the boutique. When they dragged themselves back to the Jackson’s apartment, all three women were loaded down with bags. Daniel brewed coffee and brought it into the living room where the three friends had flopped themselves in chairs or onto the sofa.

“You tired, sweetheart?” Daniel asked, handing a mug of coffee to her and she nodded with a faint smile. “Here, just lean your head back; drink your coffee and rest.” He said.

Then he sat down on an ottoman in front of her chair and removed her shoes and socks. Sha’re let out a moan of pleasure as Daniel began to massage her feet for her. Sam and Liz glanced at each other.

“Uh…maybe we’d better be going.” Sam said.

“It was great spending the day with you, Sha’re.” Liz said.

“’Bye.” They both said to the unnoticing couple who had moved closer and were now kissing, as they let themselves out.


The next night found many of their friends slipping back and forth between Liz and Alex’s apartments. Luckily for them, Liz lived across the hall from her life-long friend. Liz had the buffet set up in her home and Alex had the bar in his, plus they needed the seating offered by both apartments to accommodate all of their friends. Sha’re enjoyed meeting all of these kind people her husband and his friends worked with, even though she feared that she would never remember all of their names.

One of the things she loved about Daniel’s, Liz’s and Alex’s apartments were the shelves filled with books. And Daniel had told there that there were large places called libraries, which had thousands of books, which she would be able to borrow! As slaves of the Goa’uld named Ra; before SG-1 had come to Abydos and killed him, her people had been forbidden to teach their children, or themselves, how to read. Sha’re’s father, Kasuf had taken the chance of being discovered and taught his children how to read anyway. And thus, Sha’re had been able to teach Daniel how to read the Goa’uld hieroglyphics, which were similar but different to those of the Egyptians. As she stood in Liz’s apartment, she was in awe of all of the books these three friends owned…the wealth of knowledge they held between their pages…And she could hardly wait to read them all!

So, during a lull in the party, while Daniel had left her to go get them some more food from the buffet, Sha’re wandered over to Liz’s bookshelves and started reading the spines of the books. Liz also had some interesting mementoes on her shelves and Sha’re froze when she saw one picture, which Daniel called a phot-o-graph, in particular. Four people who looked just like King Zan, Princess Valondra, Lord Rath and Lady Ava, were in this photograph, along with Liz, Alex and two others she did not recognize.

“Here, honey; I picked up some more of those fried-cheese-sticks that you like.” Daniel came up beside Sha’re.

“Thank you, Dan’yel.” Sha’re took the plate and picked up one of the cheese-sticks, but used it to point to the picture. “How is it that Liz has this picture?”

“What do you…mean?” Daniel asked, but he froze when he took a good look at the photograph.

“This is a picture of my saviors from Antar, is it not? But they look so much younger than they do now.” Sha’re said.

“Oh…man! You are right, Sha’re…that IS a photo of King Zan and Liz, Princess Valondra and Alex, Rath and Ava. But I don’t know who the other two people are or why they’re wearing those costumes.” Daniel said.

“Daniel, did you have to take all of the cheese-sticks which were left?” Janet Fraser came up with one fist placed on her hip and an empty plate in her other hand. “Oh, I see…” She said, understanding; as she watched Sha’re eat one of the breaded and fried mozzarella sticks. “You know, Sha’re, as your physician, I have to warn you…eating so much fried cheese isn’t good for you.” Janet said, as she snuck a stick off of the other woman’s plate and took a bite.

“Is this correct, my Dan’yel?” Sha’re asked looking down at her plate.

“Well, yes, but only if you eat things like that all of the time. Every once in a while is okay; right Doc? Moderation is the key.” Daniel reassured his wife. “Besides, why would the good doctor be sneaking a second fried cheese-stick for herself if they were so unhealthy?”

“Okay, I’m sorry, Sha’re. Mostly, I was just teasing you…so I could mooch off of your plate! Daniel is correct, moderation is the key. You will have a lot of food choices here on Earth, but I can teach you what you need to know about healthy eating and then perhaps you can watch out for what Daniel eats.” Janet said with a smug smile.

“Yes, thank you; I want to make sure that my Dan’yel stays healthy.” Sha’re said smiling up at her husband with determination in her eyes.

“Gee, thanks, Doc.” Daniel mumbled and Janet chuckled.

“So, Sha’re, were you checking out Liz’s library?” Janet asked, changing the subject.

“Oh yes! I hope Liz will allow me to borrow from her collection.” Sha’re said and then briefly glanced up at Daniel before continuing. “But then I saw this picture of Liz, Alex and some other people and I was asking Daniel about the strange costumes Liz and the blond-girl are wearing. Are those…outfits worn for special celebrations here on Earth? After all, Liz is wearing a head-dress…” Sha’re asked confused.

Janet burst into laughter; Sha’re’s assumption of why Liz and Maria were dressed up, tickled her funny-bone. Janet saw that Daniel was trying hard not to laugh as well.

“I’m sorry, Sha’re, I didn’t mean to laugh at you! Those costumes are funny-looking aren’t they? But actually, Liz told me that they were the uniform she had to wear when she waitressed in her parents’ café. The other people in the picture are good friends of hers. That dark-haired hunk, holding her was her boyfriend, Max.” Janet explained.

Sha’re and Daniel exchanged another significant glance and Daniel’s eyes grew huge as he realized the importance of the boy’s name…Max!

“What is ‘waitressing’ and what is a ‘café’?” Sha’re asked.

“Those are Uniforms they Had to wear?” Daniel asked right after Sha’re, but then he answered her question himself. “Oh, uh, a café is a place where people can go to eat outside of their own homes. Such places can also be called restaurants, but cafes are usually small and casual. In a café or restaurant you sit at a table and a waitress, like Liz, will serve you your food, which a person called a cook has prepared for you.” Sha’re nodded and then glanced over to Janet.

“Yes, they had to wear those uniforms!” Janet chuckled again. “Liz grew up in Roswell and her parents owned that café and needless to say, it had an alien-theme to it.” Daniel nodded in understanding but Sha’re still looked confused, so Janet tried to explain. “Roswell, New Mexico is a small desert town which is famous for a supposed UFO crash back in the 1940s…a UFO is an unidentified-flying-object…a space-ship from another planet. This UFO crash outside of Roswell was ‘officially’ explained away as being a weather-balloon, but there has always been a lot of controversy about a government cover-up of the truth…and Roswell has used that notoriety to become a famous tourist town. Everything is alien-themed.”

“Ah, I see…” Sha’re nodded and smiled. “But since the Royal Four were in Roswell, the story is true, yes?” As soon as the words left her mouth, Sha’re slapped her hand over her lips and looked up at Daniel; her huge eyes stricken with shame at revealing something secret.

“It’s…okay…Sha’re, just make sure that you don’t say that in front of Liz or Alex, all right?” Daniel said and Sha’re nodded.

“What’s going on, guys?” Janet asked, looking from one to the other.

“Uh…Janet…I think we’d better go somewhere private before we discuss this. Will you go find Jack and Teal’c; Sha’re, will you go and find Sam and …casually…ask them to come to our apartment? I’ll take this…” Daniel took down the photograph...”and go open up our front door.” Sha’re nodded.

“Uh, okay, Daniel.” Janet said still uncertain.

Daniel held his arm down by his side, the picture held in his hand and no one noticed it as he casually made his way through the crowd and out into the hall. He walked to his own front door; saw no one around…and slipped inside. A few moments later, Sha’re and Sam slipped inside and then Janet, Teal’c and Jack came a minute later.

“What’s going on, Daniel?” Jack asked warily. “Janet said that there was something you needed to show us?”

“Yeah and we can’t stay here long or we’ll all be missed from the party, but this is what you all need to see.” Daniel said and held up the photo in front of him. Everyone crowded around to look at it.

“Oh…man! That’s Zan, Valondra, Rath and Ava…with Liz and Alex!” Sam exclaimed.

“What is going on here?” Janet asked. “What are these names you’re using? These are Liz’s friends, Max Evans, his sister, Isabel, Michael G—something, uh…and Tess, Maria, Kyle and of course Liz and Alex. They were all really good friends back when they were in high school, but right after their graduation, the four…uh, Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess disappeared. Liz is still very upset about it; she never heard from them after that.”

“Max?” Jack raised his eyebrows. “His name really was Max? Liz made us believe that, that was just an alias she made up to protect him.”

“Guys…” Janet piped up again.

“Okay, let’s all take a seat and put all of our cards on the table.” Daniel suggested and everyone sat down; a very confused Sha’re close beside her husband.

“Okay, Janet, you say that all of these people were good friends of Liz and Alex as they grew up in Roswell, right?” Sam asked and Janet nodded. Sam looked to her CO and received a nod of permission to continue. “But the day before yesterday, when we went to P3X-777…we met these four.” Sam pointed them out in the photo. “It was the same four; I’m sure of it, only older and not as innocent. They are the ‘Royal-Four’; the rulers of ‘777…the planet, Antar.”

“But surely that’s just a coincidence.” Janet argued.

“I don’t know, Janet; the pieces all fit. Liz says that her friends disappeared eleven years ago; that’s when the Royal-Four, as they’re called, returned to Antar, to help stop a civil war which had been blazing for over fifty years…sound familiar?...the 1947 crash?” Sam prompted.

“Oh come on now!” Janet exclaimed and the others glanced at each other.

“Uh, Janet, there’s something you need to know about Liz and her friend, Max.” Jack said.

They all took turns bringing Janet into the picture with a promise from her that she would keep everything she heard a secret from everyone else at the SGC. They explained what really happened during that fateful mission to P3X-599, where they had been attacked by Jaffa; including how Liz had saved them in the end…with her powers. They told Janet what Liz had told them during the debriefing; about how she had received those powers of hers. Sam told her what little Liz had passed on about her friends; Maria, Kyle and Jim Valenti. And finally, they briefly told Janet what they had learned during their mission to Antar; especially how King Zan had healed Sam, leaving behind the silver handprint…just as he had left one on Liz, after he had healed her of her gun-shot wound.

“I…can hardly…take all of this…in.” Janet said, stunned.

“You and me both.” Jack agreed.

“So…uh…you guys want to…bring the eight of them together because you think that they’re all still in love with each other?” Janet asked, skeptically.

“Yes!” Sam exclaimed, excitedly.

“Well, we’re not so sure about That!” Jack said emphatically, at the same time.

“We really only have an idea about how Liz feels.” Daniel said. “We really don’t know what any of the others feel, after all of this time.”

“But Dan’yel, why would Princess Valondra and the others each have the same picture on display in their bedrooms?” Sha’re piped up to ask innocently.

“WHAT?” Jack exclaimed loudly. “You knew that those guys had pictures of Liz and Alex in their bedrooms, on Antar and this is the first time you’ve thought to mention it?” Sha’re shrunk back. “Didn’t you recognize Drs. Parker and Whitman from those pictures when you first met them at the SGC?”

“Jack!” Daniel exclaimed, glaring at his friend.

“I am sorry, Colonel O'Neill.” Sha’re said quietly. “But when I saw those pictures in my hosts’ home on Antar, I did not understand what they were. I had no idea that they had been ‘Taken’ of real live people, as Dan’yel has explained to me. And only now, have I put the two things together; the real people here and photographs of those people on another planet. I only saw Princess Valondra’s up close once, when she was helping me choose something to wear from her closet. There was also another, smaller…phot-o-graph…of just Alex on her nightstand. In their house, they leave the doors open, to let light and air flow from one room to another. As I passed each bedroom…I…glanced in and looked around a little…Only from the doorway, though!” Sha’re promised. “Each of them had that picture somewhere in their room and also a smaller picture of their…love.”

“Oh man!” Daniel exclaimed, grinning. “This makes everything so much clearer! It was never just Max and Liz and that guy, Nascedo…and maybe Alex; it was all of them. The Royal Four were all sent to Earth for safe-keeping. They grew up in Roswell; the alien capital of the world, for Pete’s sake. They grew up; Max saved Liz and soon after that their best friends found out the truth too…that the Roswell-aliens were real and living among them! They fell in love and somehow fought off Max’s alien enemies. But then…disaster struck. The Royal Four were begged to return to Antar…and they did…leaving four humans behind…In Liz and Alex’s case, at least, to just go through the motions of living; they haven’t moved on, not really.”

“Oh for crying out loud!” Jack exclaimed. “Daniel…”

“DoctorJackson’s theory sound most plausible, O'Neill.” Teal’c broke in.

“I think so too, sir.” Sam said.

“Me too…sir.” Janet added.

“Oooh so do you think we can really bring them all back together, as they brought Dan’yel and I together again?” Sha’re asked, hopefully.

“Well, I don’t know about doing that…” Jack said oppressively.

“We could work something out.” Sam and Janet said at the same time, grinning.

“We Cannot tell these Maria and Kyle…people about the Stargate!” Jack countered.

“We wouldn’t have to, sir. We’d just throw a party…at your house…and invite them to come. We invite the Royal Four, Alex and Liz and…see what happens!” Sam said.

“And how would be get the Antarians to my house…wait a minute…MY House?” Jack exclaimed.

“You have a great back yard; just right for holding a barbeque, Jack.” Daniel said.

“And the President would allow this, why?” Jack asked.

“I’ve read that the President is reported to be something of a romantic, sir. Surely if we explain things to him…After all, Max and the others lived on Earth for years. I’m sure we could trust them long enough to reunite them with their true-loves!”

Jack O'Neill made a sound of disbelief.

“I have observed that you are not a romantic person, O'Neill.” Teal’c stated.

“And you are?” Jack asked, sarcastically, but as usual he received only a calm, mater-of-fact reply from the former Jaffa.

“Indeed, O'Neill; a Jaffa’s life can be very difficult and dangerous. Therefore, he finds joy in sharing…’romance’…with his mate as often as possible.”

“Uh huh.” Was all Jack could say.

“You know, I’m wondering about something.” Daniel broke in. “We’re pretty sure of what Liz, Zan, Valondra, Rath and Ava feel for their…uh…respective loves, but does anyone know what Alex’s thoughts or feeling are? I’ve been in his apartment many times, but I’ve never seen any pictures of his old friends.”

“Neither have I.” Jack said and then all three men turned to look at Sam and Janet.

“What’re you guys looking at?” Sam asked. “You think Janet or I have seen something you guys haven’t…maybe in a room you haven’t been in?”

“Like Alex’s bedroom?” Janet added.

“Well we haven’t!” The two women said emphatically.

“Okay, ladies, we were only thinking that you might have Noticed something that we hadn’t.” Jack said. “We were in no way implying that either of you had ever stepped inside Alex’s bedroom, much less done any snooping around inside there.”

“Colonel, of course we haven’t!” Sam exclaimed half outraged, half laughing.

“But just because we haven’t done it before doesn’t mean that we uh…wouldn’t do it now…all in the name of helping out our friends, of course!” Janet tried to say straight-faced, but then she broke out in a grin.

“When?” Daniel asked.

“What better time than now?” Janet said, glancing over at Sam, who nodded.

“If we’re found in his bedroom we can just say that we wanted to use his restroom.” Sam said.

“Hey guys, we’d better get back to the party or we’ll be missed.” Daniel warned, now that they had a plan.

Everyone got up and slipped out of the apartment and went back to the party. Janet and Sam entered Alex’s apartment and casually made their way to his bedroom. The room was dimly lit and it seemed that someone else was actually using the bathroom.

“Good, now we can say that we’re just waiting to use the facilities, should anyone ask.” Sam said and Janet nodded.

It took them all of two seconds to find what they were looking for, once they started to look around. There on the bedside table were two pictures; the group-picture which everyone else seemed to have a copy of and a smaller photo which must have been taken at Alex’s Senior Prom. Valondra had her arms around Alex’s neck and he had his around her slim waist. Alex looked sharp in his suit and she looked lovely in a red sheath-dress.

“Well, that answers our question; let’s get out of here.” Sam said happily and the two friends slipped out of the bedroom, muttering about bathroom-hogs and how they would to try Liz’s restroom.

Sam and Janet motioned Daniel and Sha’re to follow them as they walked across the hall to Liz’s apartment, where Jack and Teal’c were waiting for them. Jack raised his eyebrows in question as the four walked up to him.

“He has two photos on his nightstand, sir.” Sam reported quietly.

“Since you seem to be in charge of this, Captain, what do you plan to do next?” Jack asked with light sarcasm.

“I have an idea, sir...” Sam answered. “…but we shouldn’t discuss it here. Why don’t you all come to my place tomorrow and we can make some plans then?”

Everyone agreed and the group broke up to go and have some fun.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 14

The day after Sha’re’s welcome-party, SG-1, Janet and Sha’re gathered at Sam Carter’s home to discuss how they could bring the two groups of…friends…together.

“All I’m going to say about this ridiculous idea is that we can Not bring civilians through the Stargate or into the SGC.” Jack said emphatically.

“Yes, Colonel, I already figured out that this was not going to be as simple as adding Maria DeLuca and Kyle Valenti to our group of scientists, which would include Liz and Alex, being exchanged with their Antarian counterparts.” Sam said.

“So we were discussing bringing…what do you call them, the Royal Four…through the Stargate? What could we tell them, to make them agree to visit us? Especially right now when they have so much clean-up work to do?” Janet asked.

“And how do we request DoctorsWhitman and Parker to invite their two friends here on Earth, to a party which is supposed to remain top-secret?” Teal’c added.

“As far as Maria and Kyle go…” Daniel said thoughtfully. “…I think I can talk Liz and Alex into inviting them up for a weekend. I don’t think that they have come to see their friends’ new homes, her in Colorado Springs, yet; I’ll use that excuse.”

“Good idea, Daniel.” Sam said but after that there was silence as everyone tried to think of a plausible excuse to give the Royal Four.

“Dan’yel…” Sha’re asked hesitantly. “You were telling me about these…celebrations, which your people hold for each other…you called them birthdays and you said that my birthday was coming up soon? I think that King Zan and the others would wish to attend something like that for me…if you explained it to him.” Everyone just stared at her for a moment in shock.

Wow, that’s a great idea, Sha’re!” Sam exclaimed.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Daniel asked.

“That should indeed work, Sha’re.” Teal’c agreed.

“Great idea, Sha’re!” Janet said and then everyone turned to look at Jack, who sighed in disgust.

“And you want to hold this shindig at My house, huh? Oh All Right! For crying out loud! If you can get the President’s okay for this…and the General’s…I’ll go along with it…even though I think it’s all going to blow up in our faces.” Jack complained.

“Oh you of small beliefs.” Teal’c intoned gravely.

“I think you mean ‘oh you of little faith’, Teal’c.” Daniel corrected before they got down to discussing details.


The next day, SG-1 returned to work and headed towards the General’s office. Daniel brought Sha’re with him; partly because he did not want to leave her alone and partly because he wanted to see if she could help him translate artifacts with Goa’uld writing on them.

As they walked down the halls of the SGC, hand in hand, Daniel was gratified by how many base personnel greeted him and Sha’re or offered their congratulations on the return of “Dr. J’s” beloved wife.

“You are much loved by all of these people; even the warriors.” Sha’re said proudly, after yet another group of Marines had stopped to say hello to them and then moved off down the hall.

“Yeah, everyone’s been great these last two years. We’ve gone through a lot together and we’re all pretty close.” Daniel said modestly.

“I think they like you because you really care about them.” Sha’re said. “Just by your comments to them, I can tell that you have spent time getting to know them and their families; just as you did back on Abydos…and people can tell how much you care…and they love your for that, my husband.” Sha’re said proudly as she stroked his cheek with her fingertips. Daniel could only blush in embarrassment and look down at his shoes.

The group entered the General’s office and came to stand before his desk.

“You wanted to see us, General?” Jack asked.

“Yes; I just got off the phone with the President.” General Hammond said. “Given our urgent need for advanced technology and to show that he has a sense of humor as well as being a romantic; he has given the go-ahead for Operation Match-Maker to proceed. He does want the Royal Four to have a Marine escort for security reasons, but other than that, it’s a go, if Dr. Jackson can convince them to come.”

“They’ll come for Sha’re’s sake if nothing else.” Daniel said confidently.

“I have a question, General.” Jack said. “What are we going to tell Ms. DeLuca and Mr. Valenti, after they meet their old friends? “They knew that they were aliens and that they were returning to their planet…what are Zan and the others going to tell them when they are asked how they came back to Earth?”

“I discussed that concern with the President as well, Colonel.” General Hammond answered. “He agreed that such persons who already know about King Zan’s true…nature and origins should be told the truth about the Stargate…discreetly…and that they should sign an oath of secrecy, as all SGC personnel are required to do. Whether such people will be allowed to ever see the Stargate or know of its location has yet to be determined.”

“What about such people who knew them as just high school kids who disappeared eleven years ago?” Jack asked.

“We will cross that bridge if necessary, Colonel.” The General answered.

“Yes, sir.” Jack said.

“No other questions? Very well then; you’re all dismissed.” The General said and they all left his office to start their day.

Daniel took Sha’re to his office and got her settled in with some artifacts for her to look over, before going to find Liz and carrying out the first part of their plan. He grinned at his good fortune, when he arrived at Liz’s office and found Alex in there already.

“Hey, you two.” Daniel greeted them.

“Hey, Daniel.” Alex replied, grinning.

“Hi, Daniel; how’s Sha’re?” Liz asked.

“She’s doing fine; I left her in my office translating some Goa’uld artifacts. I think she might be of great help to us here and Sha’re’s thinking about joining us…the only thing is, I’m afraid that she’ll insist on redecorating the base; she hates how dark and utilitarian everything is down here!” Daniel chuckled and so did his friends. “I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve both done for her lately; you two have been such great friends!” Daniel said sincerely.

“Hey I love to shop!” Liz grinned.

“And the party was fun!” Alex added.

“Yeah it was…it just reminds me how lucky I am to have so many good friends.” Daniel said thoughtfully and then paused for a moment before continuing. “Thinking how lucky I am makes me worry about the two of you, a little though.”

“What?” Alex asked.

“What do you mean, Daniel?” Liz asked.

“Well…maybe this is none of my business…” Daniel hesitated.

“Go ahead, Daniel.” Alex encouraged.

“Well…it’s just that Liz told me shortly after she started working here, that the two of you were having some serious difficulties with some of your best friends. You know, the need to keep the SGC secret…and your friends not understanding…and in realizing how lucky I am to have such good friends, I’ve been worrying about the two of you losing yours…and I know that this really isn’t any of my business but…since neither of you has said anything further…uh…to me…I’m hoping that you two are back together with your friends.” Daniel said.

“Oh yeah, Daniel; I’m sorry I never came to you, to tell you how that worked out…especially after you gave me such good advice.” Liz apologized, feeling bad, but Daniel waved it off.

“Don’t worry about it, Liz…I was just concerned…that’s all.” Daniel said.

“Thanks for that.” Liz said. “Yeah, that weekend, Alex and I flew home and visited with our parents; they were worried about us too, especially my parents. But we told them stories about you guys…and a little, tiny bit about our work here and now I think they’ve accepted our new jobs.”

“As to Maria and Kyle…” Alex continued. “…we managed to talk them into meeting with us and we did the same thing we did with our parents; told them embarrassing stories about you guys and what we could about our work and eventually they accepted that it wasn’t because we didn’t Want to tell them everything, but because we Couldn’t tell them…”

“We’ve e-mailed each other a couple of times and Maria and I call each other almost every week.” Liz said.

“Hey that’s great! I’m really happy that the SGC didn’t break you guys up.” Daniel said. “Have they come up to visit? Sha’re and I would love to meet your friends the next time they do.”

“That would be great, Daniel, but actually we haven’t found the time to get together up here, since I moved…between our busy schedules…and everything…I’ve been meaning to put some pressure on Maria, but…you know…” Liz said.

“I don’t want to sound sexist or anything, Liz, but I would have thought that your friend, Maria’s feminine curiosity would have compelled her to fly up here and see your new home; how you’ve decorated it and stuff…” Daniel said.

“Hey, I’ll try that argument on her, the next time we talk!” Liz chuckled.

“Good; and if they come up next week, they could attend Sha’re’s birthday party, the more the merrier!” Daniel said and then he grimaced. “Oh man…that was the real reason I came by in the first place and I almost forgot to tell you…I did some calculating between Earth’s and Abydos’ calendars and figured out that Sha’re’s birthday is on the Saturday after this one. Abydonians don’t celebrate their birthdays, like we do, but I figured we should celebrate it here, don’t you?”

“Absolutely; I’m always ready to party!” Alex laughed.

“That sounds like fun!” Liz agreed.

“Yeah and the weather’s still pretty nice, so Jack’s invited us to have the party at his house; show my lovely wife what an authentic American barbeque is all about. Abydonians cook their meat over open flame every day, but they’ve never heard of barbeque sauce.” Daniel explained.

“Can I bake the cake? What kind would Sha’re like; do you have any idea?” Liz asked.

“She went into ecstasies when I gave her a chocolate bar yesterday…but then she also seams to love strawberries, so what do you think?” Daniel asked.

“Well one of my all-time favorite desserts is chocolate-covered strawberries, so how about a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but a layer of cut strawberries in between and halved strawberries on top?” Liz suggested.

“Wow, Liz that sounds fantastic! My mouth’s watering already!” Daniel exclaimed. “Oh man, if you could bake that for Sha’re, I’d be really grateful!”

“Not a problem; you’ve really energized me to call Maria and Kyle and get them up here next weekend!” Liz exclaimed with a determined light in her eyes.

“Great; let me know if you’re successful so I can tell Jack how much food to order, okay?” Daniel asked.

Liz and Alex nodded happily and then the three friends broke up to go back to work. A couple days later, Liz saw Daniel in the hallway and told him that Maria and Kyle would indeed be attending Sha’re’s birthday party and thanked him again for including them in on the invitation. Daniel smiled happily and then went to tell his teammates the good news, before starting work on the second part of their plan.


“Are you ready to depart, Dr. Jackson?” General Hammond asked the next day.

“Yes, sir; if King Zan will allow me to come through their Stargate.” Daniel answered.

“Very well; start dialing P3X-777, airman.” The General ordered.

“Yes, sir.” The airman complied and the inner ring of the Gate started to turn.

“Chevron one…locked.” A second airman called out.

“Do you think that they will have their security measures in place already, Dr. Jackson?” Hammond asked.

“I believe so, General; after all, it has been five days and King Zan was determined to get something installed as soon as possible, to protect his people from any unwanted visitors coming through the Gate.” Daniel answered.

“You have our code to send, once we have finished dialing, airman?” The General asked.

“Yes, sir; Captain Carter input the code into the computer the day before yesterday.” The airman replied.

“Chevron seven…locked.” The second airman called out and the energy surge whooshed through the great ring and then returned to ripple brightly within the confines of the Stargate.

“Sending the code now, sir.” The airman said.

“Let’s hope they’re willing to have visitors.” Daniel murmured as they waited for a response.

“Receiving a return signal, sir; it has video imaging as well as sound.” The airman announced, surprised.

“Here, let me…” Sam said, leaning over the keyboard to tap in a command. “Here comes the image, sir.”

Lord Rath stood in front of a camera of some sort.

“We didn’t leave the MALP behind, did we?” General Hammond asked.

“No, sir; this must be something they set up.” Sam replied. “Impressive work after just a few days. Daniel, stand in front of that camera on top of screen number three and I’ll turn it on, so that the two of you may speak face to face.” Sam instructed.

“Thanks, Sam.” Daniel said before turning to face the small lens, perched atop the computer screen.

“That should do it.” Sam said.

“Oh, hello, Dr. Jackson. We are receiving your visual signal now. What can we do for you?” Rath asked.

“Good morning, Lord Rath.” Daniel replied. “I was hoping to come through the Stargate, to deliver an invitation to you, King Zan, Princess Valondra and Lady Ava.” Rath hesitated for a moment before answering.

“Very well, Doctor; I’ll send Mergle up to meet you and bring you down to our home. When do you wish to come?” Rath asked.

“Well…whatever time would be convenient, but as soon as possible, please.” Daniel replied politely.

“Come right now, then.” Rath invited.

“Okay, here I come; thank you, Lord Rath.” Daniel said before they both disconnected and Daniel turned to General Hammond. “General, I’ll return as soon as I can.”

“Very well, Dr. Jackson; good luck.”

“Good luck, Daniel.” Sam said.

“Thanks.” Daniel said before he turned to Sha’re and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I’ll return as quickly as I can. Thank you again for allowing us to use your birthday this way.”

“Anything I can do to repay King Zan and his family, by making them happy…I am willing to do.” Sha’re replied and then kissed him again, before pushing him towards the stairway, down to the Gateroom. “Go; do not keep Lord Rath waiting.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Daniel smiled at his wife once more, before running down the stairs and then up the ramp, in the room below, to the Stargate and stepped through it.

Daniel’s Antarian counterpart, Mergle was just arriving at the Gate-chamber, when Daniel stepped through the Stargate. They greeted each other in the language of the Ancients and then hopped into the waiting hover-craft and were driven down to the manor-house, where the Royal Four were waiting for him. King Zan thanked Mergle for meeting Daniel and then gently dismissed him back to his duties.

“How is Sha’re settling in? I hope that she has suffered no ill effects from everything which has happened to her recently?” Zan enquired politely in English, once the five of them had sat down and been served refreshments by the housekeeper.

“Sha’re’s doing fine, Your Highness, thank you. I’ll be sure to tell her that you were asking after her.” Daniel replied. “She was rather overwhelmed for the first few days, but Captain Carter took her shopping for clothes, so that she could have a controlled and positive experience with getting out and seeing a little bit of our world and she is settling down some now. Right now, she’s back at the base helping me translate some Goa’uld artifacts. It looks as though you have made great progress in cleaning up after the attack; how are your people doing?”

“Yes, most everything which was damaged or destroyed during the attack has been repaired and our people are calming down some, but this latest attack was quite a shock. After fighting the civil war for so long, they thought that such hostilities were behind them.” King Zan remarked.

“Of course.” Daniel said understandingly.

“Well…Dr. Jackson…what can we do for you?” Rath asked, getting to the point.

“I am here to invite the four of you to a party; Sha’re’s birthday party to be exact. Among my people, we celebrate the anniversary of our birth and this will be the first time I have been able to do this for Sha’re, as Abydonians do not celebrate such anniversaries. Sha’re thinks so highly of the four of you; as do I and the rest of SG-1, that she would very much like you to attend if possible.” Daniel explained.

“When would this celebration take place?” Valondra asked.

Daniel told her the date, based on the Antarian calendar.

“A week and a half from today.” Daniel said.

“Would this be a formal occasion? Where would it be held?” Ava asked.

“Well, some parties can be very formal, but others are very informal; it usually depends on the person for whom the party is being given. In Sha’re’s case, her party will be quite informal; Colonel O'Neill is having it at his home and it will be what we call a barbeque…that is when meat is cooked outside on an open grill and spicy sauces are used to tenderize and flavor it as it cooks. With luck, we will be able to eat outside in Jack’s back yard. It should be a casual and fun time for all.” Daniel explained.

“That does sound like fun.” Zan agreed. “We enjoy outdoor parties here on Antar and we also have what we call cook-outs. Tell me, please, is anything required of the guests to such parties? Is there anything we should bring; food, gifts?”

“Well, usually I would say ‘yes’ to gifts, but all four of you have already given Sha’re the greatest gift of all; her very life back and you kept her safe until we could be reunited…” Daniel said.

“Perhaps something small then; for her to remember us by.” Ava suggested.

“If you would like to…that would be very generous of you and I know that Sha’re will treasure anything you wish to give her, thank you.” Daniel said.

“Good!” Ava exclaimed, excitedly and the others smiled along with her.

Daniel had noticed a great deal of significant eye-contact going on between the four royals, the entire time he had been sitting there, speaking to them and his curiosity would not allow him to just leave without trying to find out what was going on.

“Before I leave, was there…anything else you wanted to talk to me about?” Daniel looked around at the four of them. “You know, it may be none of my business, but there seems to be quite a bit of tension between the four of you…but if there is any way I can help you, I hope you’ll let me know…”

“Actually, Daniel there may be something you can help us with, but there is something we need to discuss amongst ourselves first.” Zan said. “Would you excuse us for just a few minutes while we speak in our own language?”

“Uh, sure.” Daniel agreed.

The four royals started an animated discussion which became heated at times when Rath objected to whatever Zan was saying. But the two women seemed to be on their king’s side of the argument and it sounded to Daniel as though Rath was finally made to agree, if reluctantly, to what they wanted.

“Uh…Daniel…we have something we need to tell you…” Zan started to say a moment later.

“What’s that?” Daniel asked.

The four friends glanced to each other once more and then started to tell him their story; about their being sent to Earth and that they were the actual aliens from the 1947 Roswell crash. The Earth-names they had been given. How they had grown up, hiding their developing powers from everyone, even from the Evens, Max and Isabel’s loving parents. They told Daniel briefly of how Max had loved a girl named Liz and how he had healed her one day, after she had been shot. They continued on, telling about how three other teenagers and a Sheriff found out the truth about them, became their friends and how four aliens eventually fell in love with four humans. And finally they told him about fighting their enemies on Earth and then being contacted by their people, here on Antar and begged to return to their home planet.

“…It broke our hearts, but we all decided that only the four of us should return and we had to leave the others…our loves…behind.” Valondra said sadly.

“And so we came here, fought the war and saved our people, but afterwards, we had no way to return to Earth…” Rath said.

“…Until now.” Daniel said nodding in understanding as he tried to hide his excitement at what he had been told. “And now you want to return to Earth and find your friends? What if they don’t want to be found…or what if you can’t find them?” He asked.

“I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to find them.” Rath said.

“But if they…don’t want to see us…” Zan said with pain in his expression and in every tense muscle in his body. “…then we will have to accept that; and at least we would know that they are okay and…have moved on with their lives…and maybe…we can too.” He said with anguish in his voice.

“And if they do want to see you?” Daniel asked.

“Well then we would like to find a way for us to be together. We can’t permanently move back to Earth, but maybe they could come to live here or we could commute between our two planets…” Valondra said as her brother was still caught up in his worst-case-scenario-worries.

“I see…well, I think it would be great if the eight of you could get back together again, but I’ll have to put your request before my superiors, to be discussed during our negotiations. You understand that the Stargate is top-secret and we have to be very careful about whom we tell about it.” Daniel felt really rotten as he saw all four sets of shoulders droop a little, but he lessened his guilty feelings by reminding himself that these four good people would be getting their wish in just over one week. “Look on the positive side; the President is allowing you to come to Earth for the party, that’s reason enough to believe that he will approve your request to be able to search for your friends.” Daniel tried to give them some hope.

“And we appreciate being able to do even that much. We look forward to attending Sha’re’s birthday barbeque!” Zan said a little heartened by Daniel’s words.

“Then I’ll leave you for now and look forward to seeing you again in just over a week!” Daniel said, getting up to leave, after giving them a few details about exactly when to come and how to send the GDO code, before stepping through the Stargate.

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So withoug furter ado...Part 15, The Reunion!

The morning for Sha’re’s birthday party dawned brightly with the promise of beautiful weather, perfect for the barbeque and Janet and Sam went over to help Jack set everything up at his home that morning. They had both been hyper all week, especially since Daniel had returned from Antar with the news that the Royal Four had admitted to being on Earth in the past and that they wished to make contact with their…loves…Liz Parker, Alex Whitman, Maria DeLuca and Kyle Valenti!

“Did you remind Daniel to bring his video camera, Sam? I saw yours on the kitchen counter and I’ve brought mine, but I don’t want to miss anything that’s going to happen.” Janet said.

“Yes I did and I saw the Colonel checking his camera earlier, too.” Sam said. “You know, despite all of his grumbling, I think he’s starting to get a little bit excited about all of this!”

“Will wonders never cease?” Janet chuckled.


Ever since she had followed her husband back to Earth, Sha’re had wanted to return to her home-planet of Abydos; to see her father, Kasuf…and her baby boy, hidden there among her people. But the Abydonian Stargate was still inaccessible, covered again by a heavy, stone seal, for the next two months. After Daniel’s last visit to Abydos, on the anniversary of Sha’re’s abduction, he had ordered his friends to cover up the Stargate again with the stone seal they had used before; and to keep it covered for yet another year, when on that one day, they would uncover the Gate and Daniel would again return to Abydos, this time hopefully with Sha’re beside him. So, Kasuf could not attend her birthday party, but she would return to Abydos, with Daniel beside her, but not for another two months.


Because of what they were hoping would happen when the Royal Four saw their human loves, some special plans had been made for the party. Since they wanted to keep everything low-key, the reunion relatively private and the identity of who Antarians really were, secret; only a few carefully selected people would be at Jack’s house when they arrived. The rest of the party guests were scheduled to come an hour later. SG-1, Sha’re, General Hammond, Janet Fraser and her daughter Cassie would be there, of course; along with Major Lou Ferretti and his team, SG-2 and Sam’s father; Jacob Carter, host to the Tok’ra-symbiote, Selmac. Colonel O'Neill and General Hammond both figured that they would need more help if the Earth-Antar treaty went through and so they wanted the SGC’s best team…after SG-1, to be present at the reunion and to meet their special guests. The two COs also wanted King Zan to meet one of the highest ranking Tok’ra, Selmac, who could also be of great help to the Antarians.

So, later that day; at the appointed time, the Stargate was activated from off-world and the Royal Four stepped through. It had been decided that at least part of SG-1 should be on hand to greet their royal guests and so Sam Carter and Teal’c, as well as General Hammond were standing at the bottom of the ramp when Zan and the others arrived. Jack was at his home, playing host and Daniel and Sha’re were there as well, waiting to receive the party-goers.

“Welcome to Earth, Your Highness. I am General George Hammond, Commanding Officer of this facility.” George said greeting each of the four visitors.

“Thank you, General; it is an honor to meet the commanding officer of such an outstanding group of people as SG-1.” Zan replied.

“The honor is mine to lead them.” The General replied.

“Hello again, Captain Carter, Teal’c.” Zan greeted them as well.

“It’s very nice to see you all again, Your Highness.” Carter said, smiling and Teal’c bowed formally to the group.

“Well, I’d be happy to give you a tour of the SGC, but I understand that there is a birthday party to go to.” General Hammond said. “Perhaps afterwards…”

“That would be great, thank you.” Rath replied and the General nodded.

“Then if you will follow me, we’ll be on our way.” General Hammond said.

As they rode up in the first of two elevators, Sam took the opportunity to look over what their guests were wearing. She had helped Daniel send pictures from several fashion magazines…at Valondra’s and Ava’s request, through the Stargate to Antar. None of them wanted to look as though they had just stepped off of a spaceship; Sam smiled as she remembered Ava’s remark.

All four of them were wearing casual slacks and shirts or blouses and light jackets as well as carrying small overnight bags and Sam would have sworn that the clothes had been bought at one of the malls in town. But they all looked great: especially King Zan, Sam sighed as she furtively checked him out…too bad he belonged to Liz Parker…and vice versa, she thought with another sigh.

When they reached the parking deck, the General guided them over to where a sparkling-clean van sat, along with two non-descript SUVs.

“I apologize that we could not furnish a limousine for you, but we were afraid that that would attract two much attention.” The General said.

“Of course, General; thanks for thinking of that.” Rath replied, looking around.

They had decided not to bring a guard of their own, counting on the strength of their four-square to keep them safe, should anything go wrong. Better to not call attention to themselves this trip, Rath had reasoned.

“Teal’c, would you mind riding up in the front SUV and Carter, if you’ll do the driving, I’ll ride shot-gun.” The General ordered and everyone took their places.

Once everyone was seated the first SUV took off, followed by the van, which was followed in turn by the second SUV; both carrying the Marine-guard ordered by the President.


Shortly before they had been told that the party was set to begin, Liz and Alex drove up to Jack’s house with their friends, Maria and Kyle. Liz took her cake, which she had baked and which Maria had been holding for her in the back seat and they all walked up to the front door. After one knock on the door, they were greeted by Daniel and Sha’re and invited inside. Liz and Alex had told Maria and Kyle the true story of Daniel and Sha’re, but then also had given them the cover-story, which had been worked out, to explain Sha’re’s sudden appearance in Daniel’s life...and home. The SGC had stuck as close to the truth as possible. The young couple had been on vacation in South America, when Sha’re had been kidnapped. Daniel had feared for his young wife’s life these last two years as he searched for her and miraculously she had only just been found and rescued, two weeks before. And poor Sha’re remembered very little of her captivity, giving her an excuse so that no one would ask her for any details…and she would not have to lie.

“Hi, Daniel…Sha’re; happy birthday!” Liz exclaimed as they entered into the house and she hugged them both. “These are my best friends, Maria DeLuca and Kyle Valenti. Guys, these are two of my newest friends and co-workers, Dr. Daniel Jackson and his wife Sha’re.”

“Welcome all of you, the more the merrier!” Daniel replied.

“Thank you for coming to my party; it’s wonderful to meet any friends of Liz or Alex.” Sha’re added.

“Where can I put the cake, Daniel?” Liz asked.

“Oh…I’ll take it and put it in the kitchen.” Daniel offered.

“Right…sure you will, Daniel. I don’t trust your husband, Sha’re!” Liz whispered teasingly to her new friend.

“You are a wise woman, Liz. My Dan’yel is not to be trusted with chocolate!” Sha’re chuckled. “Come, I will show you where you can put it and Dan’yel will show your friends outside and introduce them to Colonel Jack and the others.”

Daniel saluted his wife and lead Alex, Kyle and Maria out to Jack’s back patio where the Colonel was trying to get his charcoal to burn and introduced them to the members of SG-2, Janet and Cassie; Jacob Carter had not yet arrived. Back up in the kitchen, Sha’re showed Liz where she could put the cake.

“It is so kind of you to bake this for my party.” Sha’re told her new friend.

“I was glad to do it, Sha’re. I’m so happy that the two of you found each other again. There’s been such a change in Daniel since you’ve come back into his life. He’s so much happier than and not as exhausted as he always used to be.” Liz said.

“You’ve been a good friend to him, thank you, Liz.” Sha’re said sincerely.

“Daniel is…easy to like…he’s an extraordinary man.” Liz said.

“Yes…he is.” Sha’re said proudly. Then the two women shared a smile and leaned in for a hug.

“Now…how many candles do I put on your cake?” Liz asked briskly a moment later…


Several minutes later, Liz and Sha’re came outside and looked around at the group of friends who had already gathered in the back yard. Sha’re was wished a happy birthday by everyone she passed and Liz was greeted as well.

“Daniel, where are Sam and ‘Murray’?” Liz asked, using Teal’c’s alias.

“Oh they should be here soon; they’re coming with the General.” Daniel said.

Liz nodded and went to see what her friends were up to. She found Kyle talking mechanics with Lou Ferretti and Alex and Maria were discussing old school friends and what some of them were up to now. But as she stood by Maria and Alex, Liz began to feel a strange sensation run through her body; one that she could not place what it was or what it meant, but which still felt eerily familiar to her. She started looking around and noticed that Maria, Kyle and Alex were doing the same thing. All four of them were tense as if waiting for something to happen. Daniel, Sha’re and Jack had been keeping an eye on the four friends and noticed their tension.

“What’s up with them?” Jack asked Daniel.

“I…don’t…know, Jack.” Daniel said confused.

“Could they be sensing their friends; as a Goa’uld can sense another Goa’uld?” Sha’re asked.

“Good idea, Sweetheart, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but let’s go over and talk to them.” Daniel suggested.

Jack stayed at his grill, but the happy couple walked over to speak to Liz and her friends. Daniel purposely circled around them so that the four friends would have to turn their backs to the house, as they answered his get-to-know-you questions.


In the van, a similar sensation was coming over the Royal Four as they drew closer to Jack O'Neill’s house. They started glancing out of the van windows with sharp eyes, looking for anything untoward, but saw nothing.

“Is everything alright, Your Highness?” Sam asked, as she noticed their tension, reflected in the rear-view mirror.

“I…don’t know…all four of us are sensing…something…but we can’t figure out what it is we’re feeling.” Zan said.

“Who knew that we were coming?” Rath asked.

“Only SG-1, Sha’re Jackson and myself knew before-hand. We were very careful about that.” General Hammond answered and then thought to himself. ‘But not for the reasons you’re probably thinking of.’

“Should I call the escort, sir?” Sam asked.

“I’ll do that, Captain; you keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.” The General ordered.

“Yes, sir.” Sam said as the General picked up the mike for the radio.

“Escorts Alpha and Bravo; this is Hammond. Are you seeing anything that might be of any concern to us?”

“No, sir; everything looks clear up ahead of us, is there anything in particular we should be looking for?” Alpha-team asked.

“No, just keep an eye out.” Hammond ordered.

“Yes, sir.” Alpha-team replied.

“Sir, everything is clear at your six as well, but we’ll keep an extra eye out, General.” Bravo-team reported in.

“Very well.” The General replied and hung up the mike.

“Thank you, General.” Rath replied as he kept looking out the window of the van…this sensation felt so familiar, but he could not put his finger on what it meant.

“Uh, General; since we’re trying to keep a low profile, perhaps you should call us by our Earth-names. I am Max Evans, Valondra is my sister, Isabel, Rath is Michael Guerin and Ava is Tess Harding.” Zan suggested.

“Very well, Mr. Evans.” General Hammond agreed.

“Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess.” Sam said memorizing the names.

“While we’re discussing aliases, Teal’c’s is ‘Murray’ whenever he goes out in public.” The General told them.

“Good idea and I like the Chicago Cubs cap he’s wearing.” Michael grinned.

“That was one of mine, I does do a good job of covering up that gold tattoo he has on his forehead.” George said.

As the van pulled up in front of Jack’s house, Sam saw that her passengers were almost antsy with tension and she pulled out her cell-phone and punched the speed-dial for Colonel O'Neill’s phone.

“Sir, it’s Carter…is everything okay at your location? Our guests are sensing something.” Sam asked.

“Nothing is wrong Carter, but Liz Parker and her friends are also antsy. Are you almost here?” Jack

“We’ve just pulled up out front, sir.” Sam said.

“I think it would be best if you just bring everyone back to the yard, ASAP. Use the side gate and have your escort check out the perimeter.” Jack ordered.

“Yes, sir.” Sam said and hung up her cell. “Colonel O'Neill says that everything is okay, inside, but that if we are concerned, we should get into the back yard as quickly as possible and have the escort check the perimeter.” She told the General.

“Very well.” General Hammond replied and picked up the radio’s mike to give the escort their orders. “All right, Your Highnesses, if you will quickly exit the van and move towards the gate to the back yard, we will surround you on the way.”

Max and the others got out quickly and stayed close to each other as they moved towards the back yard gate to Jack’s property. General Hammond and Sam walked in front of them, while the four Marines and Murray/Teal’c encircled them.


In the back yard, Daniel saw Jack talking on his cell-phone and then the signal he gave, to indicate that their special guests had arrived and were coming in through the side gate. The gate opened just then and Daniel saw the General, Sam and Teal’c walking in front and blocking the view of the Royal Four.

The group had not taken ten steps into the yard when Alex and Kyle, who had been joking back and forth, stopped laughing. The eyes of all four friends became huge and then they turned as one and faced the people who were walking up behind them.

As soon as Sam saw Liz and the others turn around, she, the General and Teal’c pealed away to open up the line-of-sight between the two groups of long-separated friends. All of the SGC personnel watched and then started to grin; reaching for their cameras and video recorders, to capture every angle of the action to come.

Liz saw Sam, Teal’c and General Hammond come in through the gate and gave her friends a little wave, but then her hand dropped to her side, as though it were made of cement, when the three stepped aside and she saw who had been walking behind them.

‘Oh man! No wonder I was feeling those sensations tingle their way through my body. How could I have forgotten what it feels like when Max is nearby?’ Liz asked herself.

The two of them had developed a strong, almost psychic connection from when Max had healed Liz; they were able to sense when the other was nearby and sometimes pick up on the emotional state of their soul-mate as well. Isabel and Alex, Michael and Maria and Kyle and Tess had developed a similar, if not so strong connection with their loves, after each couple had made love together for the first time.

Max…is that really you?’ Liz’s thoughts sped through her mind as their eyes locked on each other.





“L-Liz?” Max called out, uncertain.

Liz’s face showed clearly all of the emotions she was feeling: shock, confusion, joy and even grief. She could not quite believe that it was happening. Her head tilted a little and tears started to pool in her eyes as she opened her mouth to speak.

“MAX!” Liz cried out at the same time as her other friends did and then they were running across the grass to each other.

As the others cried out to the other-halves of themselves, Maria stood stock-still. Shock had actually rendered her speechless. Michael stood across from her and felt the panic rise inside of him. Why was blabber-mouth-Maria silent? Why was she just staring at him, as if he was a ghost?

“Oh man…she doesn’t want to see me…she’s moved on and found someone else…’ Michael thought silently as his shocked excitement at seeing his Maria plummeted into despair. His shoulders slumped and he started to turn away; his head bowed in anguish.

‘Where is Michael going?’ Maria silently asked herself. ‘Can’t he tell that I’m in shock? Damn-stupid Space-boy…still doesn’t have a clue!’

“FREEZE Guerin! Where the H-E-double-hockey-sticks do you think you’re going? Get your butt over here!” Maria yelled, finally finding her voice.

Neither one of them noticed the cheers and the clapping of the group around them, as they ran into each other’s arms.

Meanwhile, Alex and Isabel; Kyle and Tess were all in tight embraces with their special someone, as they asked questions and declared their love, in between kisses.

“Are you really here? Oh man, it’s been so long!”

“You’re still so beautiful!”

“Is the war over?”

“I love you!”

“Is Khivar dead; are you safe?”

“Oh, how I love to feel your touch!”

“How did you get here? I haven’t heard anything about another UFO.”

“Your kisses still taste so sweet!”

“How did we all end up at this party?”

“How do you know these people?”

“It’s so incredible to see you again…I love you!”

Maria and Michael were asking some of the same questions, but Maria was also trying to explain her reaction at seeing Michael.

“It was just such a shock, Michael; seeing you there, all of a sudden. It’s been so long and I didn’t know if you were alive or dead…”

“I know, Pixy-girl…this was all a surprise for us too. We knew that we would have to try and find the four of you, now that we’ve made contact with Earth again, but we also knew that it had been eleven years…I was so scared that you had moved on…found someone…else. You…haven’t…have you?” Michael begged.

“No, no…I tried to...but no one can compare to you.” Maria soothed.

Then finally, the three couples calmed down a little and became aware of where they were and who was watching. They looked around and saw a circle of grinning faces; before they could react to all of those strangers though, they all glanced over to where Max and Liz were standing.

When they had first reached each other, coming together in the middle of the yard, they had held on to each other for dear-life. But soon after that, Max and Liz both drew back a little and spent several moments just staring into each other’s eyes and then looking over the other’s face; rememorizing every line and curve; and comparing how they looked now to their memory of how they had appeared, years before. They needed no words to communicate; their glances and touches said everything they needed to say. Gentle fingers caressed over cheekbones and jaws, brushing away bangs or tracing over gracefully arched eyebrows, but finally they each ran an index finger over the other’s lips, which opened to allow a tongue to peek out and taste the pad of the caressing digit.

Caresses and intense glances could only go so far, though and finally they moved in closer to allow lips to brush, nibble and taste…a temple, a freckle, a high brow and the corner of the other’s lips. Soon they were nuzzling each others necks, finding the pulse-point, which throbbed with excitement, reacquainting themselves with each other’s scent.


Neither Liz, nor Max could tell which one of them murmured the words, or whether it was both of them sighing out their need, but finally their lips brushed and then clung together, drinking deeply, in between gasps for air. Max’s hands, which had been simply holding Liz at her slim waist, started to wander. They slid up her spine and into her long, silky hair, to stroke and sooth.

“Oh Liz; I’m so glad that you didn’t cut your hair, I always loved running my fingers through it.” Max whispered in between deep, drugging kisses.

“And you’re even stronger than you were before; I always loved feeling the muscles of your shoulders and back ripple and bunch as you held me…touched me…” Liz whispered back.

Their six friends had gathered into a tight group; hugging and kissing each other as they kept an eye on Max and Liz…who were still going strong.

“Hey, look; there are some lawn chairs over there.” Michael pointed out. “We might as well get comfortable while we wait for them to…uh…finish saying hello.”

Everyone giggled, but then Maria gasped.

“Oh NO! Look! Max is making Liz glow!”

The six friends looked over and then quickly converged on the two reunited lovers. Even back in high school, whenever Max and Liz became emotionally charged, while they were touching or kissing, Max would start to leave a light-trail behind on Liz, wherever his hands had touched her.

“Oh man, it’s been eleven years, but get those two together for just two minutes and they start to glow!” Kyle groused.

“Liz…Lizzy…you have to stop. You. Are. Glow-ing!” Maria spoke into her friend’s ear.

“Hey Max…chill!” Michael spoke into his king’s ear.

“Hmmm…wh-what?” Max mumbled as their kisses slowed down and then stopped.

“Chill, you two have an audience.” Michael said again.

It took a moment for their eyes to un-cloud and their brains to focus and see the grinning faces which encircled them. As they all looked around their little group, all eight friends began to realize that “Something” was going on. None of the SGC personnel looked surprised. They only looked…pleased with themselves.

“Uh…what’s going on here…General Hammond?” Liz asked uncertain.

“Did all of you Plan this?” Michael asked almost accusatory.

“Don’t worry, Dr. Parker…and yes, Lord Rath…uh…Mr. Guerin, we did plan this…or mostly Captain Carter, Dr. Fraser, Dr. and Mrs. Jackson planned this…and the rest of us just came along to enjoy the show!” The General’s eyes sparkled. “I haven’t had this much fun since we planned the surprise birthday party for my granddaughter!” But then he became the CO again; serious and all business. “Perhaps we could go inside and talk in private. The rest of the party-guests will be arriving soon.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Max said, glancing down at Liz, who was tucked in close to him; her arm around his lean waist and his wrapped around her delicate shoulders.

“Hey, Ferretti; take over watching the grill, will ya?” Jack ordered before he moved to lead the group into his living room.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 16

It took a few minutes, but eventually everyone found a seat in Jack’s livingroom. Max drew Liz down between his splayed, bent knees as he sat down on the floor and put his arms around her waist. Liz leaned back into him and placed her hands on top of his. The rest of their friends sat down in a similar fashion, sharing chairs or sitting on the floor, while SG-1, Sha’re on Daniel’s lap and the General ranged themselves on the couch and along the raised fireplace hearth. SG-2, Janet and Cassie stayed outside to give them some privacy and greet the other guests when they arrived.

“Before we start this briefing, let’s introduce ourselves a little.” General Hammond said. “Miss DeLuca and Mr. Valenti, I am General George Hammond. I am Drs. Parker and Whitman’s commanding officer at the base where they work. Your friends may have introduced these five people to you? This is Colonel Jack O'Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and his wife Sha’re and…Murray…uh…if I may, let me ask you something straight out…Do you indeed know about the true nature of the long-lost-friends you’re snuggled up with right now?”

“What are you talking about?” Maria asked stubbornly.

“Maria…guys…it’s okay…they know the truth.” Max assured them. “The General just wants to make sure that he’s not giving away any state-secrets before we start discussing everything that’s happened recently.”

“They do?” Liz looked up at Max. “I had to tell them about you…because of something that happened…but I didn’t mention anyone else but Nascedo.”

“We will discuss everything in full, Dr. Parker, but first I need to hear an answer from your two friends.” General Hammond said sternly.

Maria and Kyle looked at each other and then back to the General.

“Yes, we know all about Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess being the true Roswell aliens and that eleven years ago, they had to leave Earth to return to their home planet, Antar.” Kyle admitted and Maria nodded.

“Good and there’s just one more thing we need to cover before we can continue. We need the two of you to sign an oath of secrecy…Colonel…” The General signaled to Jack, who stood and handed a form and a pen to Maria and Kyle, to sign. “What we are about to discuss is top-secret. The only people who know about it are those already present in this room, SGC personnel, the Joint Chiefs and the President of the United States. The only reason that the two of you have been cleared to be given this information is because you already know the beginning of this story and the return of your four friends would raise too many questions if you were not brought in on our little secret. Be aware that by signing those oaths you are opening yourselves up to arrest and federal jail-time if you ever tell anyone, anything about what you will learn here today. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir!” They both said and then bent to sign their oaths.

“As to the four of you.” The General looked over Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess. “Since you are not…shall we say…U.S. citizens, I can’t issue those oaths to you, but I am sure that you understand the importance of keeping your secret and that of the SGC, secure.”

“Actually we were citizens once, complete with passports, General, but we are very aware; more so than even you are, of keeping our secret safe as well as yours.” Max said grimly as he looked around at all of his friends.

The General noticed the determined and even angry expressions on the faces of the eight friends and nodded.

“Very well…the question is; where to begin?” Hammond wondered out loud.

“Let me try, General.” Liz piped up. “How did you guys get here and how do you know Colonel O'Neill and his team?” Jack threw up his arms in exasperation.

“Well that narrows it down to…Everything, Doctor!” Jack exclaimed; Sam rolled her eyes at her CO and then turned to Liz.

“I guess we should explain quickly, what the Stargate is to your two friends and then tell you all what happened on a recent mission of ours.”

And so they did, taking turns to give Maria, Kyle and the Royal Four a brief history of the Stargate and a simple explanation of what it was and what the mission of the SGC was as well and Maria and Kyle put on an excellent performance of acting as if they had never heard this information before. They quickly fit in an explanation about “Murray” and admitted that his real name was Teal’c. Next they covered their mission to P3X-777…Antar; meeting the Royal Four, having to speak through interpreters, the Jaffa-test, learning that Sha’re was alive and free of her Goa’uld tormenter…and then helping the Antarians fight Apophis and blowing up his ship. And finally, Sam and Daniel covered the steps they went through before they finally realized the connection between Zan, Rath, Valondra and Ava…and Liz’s friends, Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess.

“Oh wow! Can we see it, General? Can we come and see the Stargate?” Maria was practically bouncing on Michael’s lap.

“That will have to be determined at a later date, Miss DeLuca; its location is top-secret.” The General answered, not unkindly.

“I was always thinking how cool it would be if there was actually a Stargate on Antar…and then Liz and I…and SG-1…could have gated there and helped you kick Khivar’s butt!” Alex exclaimed.

“But then it turned out to be as I always feared…that having the Stargate would open them up to being attacked by the Goa’uld…and SG-1 did go through and kicked Apophis’ butt instead!” Liz reminded her friend.

“Yeah, but everything turned out okay didn’t it? And it was worth it, wasn’t it? Daniel finding Sha’re on Antar and everything?” Alex argued.

“I certainly think it was worth it, but Max may think differently since it was his planet that was attacked.” Daniel said while pulling Sha’re closer to his side.

“Thanks to you four, the damage was minimal…and so I can say…yes, it was worth it!” Max agreed.

“Interesting that one photograph could make such a difference in our lives.” Isabel mused. “If Sha’re hadn’t seen our copies of it in our rooms, what would you have done?”

“We still had several other coincidences which fit together and we did have Alex and Liz’s copies of that photo…in the end Alex and Liz would have probably been on the scientific-teem, to Gate to Antar when we made our exchanges.” Daniel explained.

“Only Kyle and I wouldn’t have been in on the surprise!” Maria pointed out. “This way worked out so much better!”

“Yeah, you went to quite a bit of trouble to make sure that Maria and Kyle would be here, as well as Max and everyone…Daniel…what a sneaky person you are!” Liz picked up a decorator pillow off of the floor and thumped Daniel in the chest with it.

“Give me the pillow, Liz; I owe Daniel a swat with it too. When he came to invite us to Sha’re’s birthday party, we came clean and told him about our having lived on Earth before and our wish to search for the four of you. Daniel…told us that he would have to put our request before his superiors…to be discussed during our negotiations!” Liz handed Max her pillow and he threw it at Daniel…hard.

“Umph.” Daniel grunted. “Hey I was just trying to set up the surprise for you…and it looks as though you’re enjoying it…so what’s with the pillow throwing?”

“That’s for…being really great friends…you guys!” Alex exclaimed as each couple found a pillow and threw them at Daniel, Sam and Jack. No one had the nerve to aim a pillow at Teal’c or the General.

“I have a question.” Liz said after everyone had settle down, turning to half-face Max. “Do I understand correctly that your fight against Khivar is over? Is he…actually dead? Are all of you safe now?” She asked worried as she ran her fingers down Max’s jaw line.

“Yes the war is over; yes, Khivar is dead; and yes, we are all safe now, sweetheart.” Max stroked Liz’s soft cheek and was almost pulled into a kiss by her large, chocolate-brown eyes, but then he recovered himself and told them all a little bit about the war; especially about how Khivar’s ally, Kathana, the ruler of one of the other four planets, had finally betrayed and killed him and then how her own troops had killed her. He told them quickly about the treaty which now protected the five planets and how it had come in handy when Apophis had attacked Antar. And before anyone could ask, Max explained about their using Brody Davis to try and make contact with their friends and family…but being unable to find anyone at all.

“Where were all of you? Have you all moved out of Roswell?” Max asked.

“No, everyone but Alex and I still live in Roswell.” Liz answered. “Let’s see…you were looking for us two years ago in early January? Oh yeah, that was the year that Mom, Dad and Mr. Whitman all came out to Cambridge for Christmas and we all spent winter-break doing some sight-seeing in Boston, New York and D.C…and freezing our butts off at the same time! But what about everyone else?” Liz explained and then asked her friends.

“Um…early January, 1997…” Maria thought out loud. “Mom and I went to a Star Trek convention in Phoenix over a three-day weekend.”

“Dad and I went skiing...and I think your folks took a cruise that year.” Kyle told Max and Isabel.

“Oh…man! What a strange way some things happen!” Michael grinned.

“Speaking of our parents…” Isabel said. “General Hammond, is there any way we could see them? They know the truth about us…we told them right before we had to leave.”

“My dad would love to see them too, General. He’s known the truth about the pod-squad almost from the beginning.” Kyle requested.

“I don’t think that that will pose any problems, but I will have to ask the President. He’s already ordered that the line be drawn at such people as knew the truth before you left Earth…being told that you had returned…or at least ‘how’ you returned.” General Hammond said.

“Excuse me…’pod-squad’?” Jack asked.

“That is indeed a strange way to refer to your friends, KyleValenti.” Teal’c agreed.

“It’s just a nick-name we came up with…since they all ‘hatched’ from incubation-pods!” Kyle chuckled glancing over Tess and running his finger teasingly down her nose.

“I see.” Teal’c said.

“Kyle’s always been big on nick-names.” Alex said reminiscently. “He used to call Max ‘El-Presidente’!”

“But MaxEvans is not a president, he is a king.” Teal’c stated.

“With a crown and everything.” Jack added a twinkle in his eyes. He liked the idea of teasing these people almost as much as he enjoyed teasing Daniel and Sam.

“Max…you actually…have a crown?” Liz asked in wonder.

“Well…yeah…but I’ve only worn it twice…” His face turning red, but he was envisioning Liz wearing one as well and a dreamy smile curved his lips before he continued. “And Colonel O'Neill’s never seen it…what he’s referring to are these head-band things they like us to wear.” Max explained softly.

“Yeah, they come in all colors, to match our clothes.” Tess added; she didn’t mind wearing hers. “Whatever color the band is, Max’s is twisted with a gold cord, Isabel’s is twisted with silver and Michael’s and mine are twisted with copper.”

“Cool!” Alex said.

“Did you bring any of them with you?” Maria asked Michael.

“No, Maria, this was supposed to be just a low-key, attending-Sha’re’s-party-quick-trip-to-Earth…thing.” Michael said and Maria pouted.

Just then, Major Ferretti knocked on the door and then came in.

“Excuse me General, sir; but all of the guests have arrived and they’re getting restless, wondering where the birthday-girl is.” Ferretti said apologetically.

“We will come out momentarily, Major.” The General told him.

“Yes, sir.” Ferretti said and closed the door behind him.

“I think…that anything else that needs to be said can be said in the privacy of your own homes…don’t you?” The General asked and everyone nodded, glancing around at each other. “Okay then, let’s go celebrate Mrs. Jackson’s first birthday party!” He ordered and everyone arose from their seats. “I’ll call the President later, fill him in on the events of today and give him your request.” Hammond told Isabel and Max, quietly. “I should have an answer for you by tomorrow.”

“Thank you, General.” Isabel said.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 17

When the group of friends, old and new, came out into Jack’s back yard, they were greeted by all of the other guests who had arrived in the meantime. Sha’re was wished a happy birthday by one and by all and the six friends were introduced simply as old friends of Liz and Alex’s, who had come for the weekend and were welcomed as well. Sam could not find her father in the crowd and was upset when she was told that he had not yet arrived. Everyone was talking and laughing, munching on snacks and drinking beer or soft drinks. The four Antarians popped the tops on their colas and surreptitiously poured a few drops of a dark brown liquid into it.

“You have Tabasco sauce on Antar?” Liz asked quietly chuckling.

“Not Tabasco, but something similar…and better, more potent.” Michael told her, taking a sip. “Ahhh; just the way I like it, sweet and spicy!”

Shortly after that, everyone was called over to the grill, to pick up their barbeque. The friends wandered over, picked up their food and then found a place to sit and eat.

“Man, that was great barbeque!” Michael sighed after he had finished eating. “I wonder if Colonel O'Neill would give me the recipe. I could open a franchise back on Antar…’Stargate Ribs’!”

“Talk about delusions of grandeur; Spaceboy flipped burgers at the Crashdown for a couple of years and now he thinks he could open up a barbeque restaurant!” Maria said pinching his cheek.

“Hey, I Can cook.” Michael shot back.

“But you’ll Never get O'Neill’s recipe.” Alex warned. “People have been begging him for the recipe for years. I heard that even the General tried and was unsuccessful!”

“Well then…I bet I can create my own barbeque sauce!” Michael said stubbornly.

“I don’t think Antarian hot-peppers taste the same, but you can try Michael.” Isabel remarked.

“Hey did everyone get enough to eat?” Daniel asked as he and Sha’re came around to where they were sitting on the grass.

“Great barbeque…hey do you think O'Neill would give me his recipe; I could open up a barbeque-hut back on…you-know-where.” Michael asked still stuck on his idea.

“Not a chance, Michael sorry.” Daniel said. “Hey, Sha’re’s going to open her gifts in a minute, you all want to come gather around the table over there?”

“Sure…and Sha’re, here’s our gift to you, but you might want to wait until later to open it, since it was made on Antar.” Isabel said pulling a small, beautifully wrapped gift out of her shoulder bag.

“Oh no, I could not accept…you have done so much for me already.” Sha’re cried out.

“It’s just a little something to remember us by…please…take it.” Isabel urged and the rest grinned at her.

“Oh thank you, thank you so much!” Sha’re said pressing the box to her heart.

Everyone gathered around the table where all of the gifts had been laid and watched as Sha’re opened them all. She took such joy in all of them, it was fun to watch. Everyone present at the party knew the true story of Daniel and Sha’re and so the gifts were more like those given at a wedding; to help the couple start their lives together…again. After the gifts came the cake and Sha’re managed to blow out all of her candles.

“What did you wish for?” Some called out.

“Don’t tell them, don’t tell!” Others called back. Sha’re looked up to Daniel, confused.

“It’s said that if you tell what you wished for, your wish won’t come true.” Daniel explained.

“Then I should not tell them that I want to have a baby with you?” Sha’re whispered and Daniel felt his mouth drop to the ground.

“You…you want to…oh man…no you shouldn’t tell them that…as far as wishes go, you shouldn’t have told me…” Sha’re looked disappointed that she might not get her wish. “But don’t worry…we’ll…we will work hard to make sure that your wish does come true.” Daniel promised and was rewarded by Sha’re’s lovely smile before she launched herself at him and kissed him senseless.

“Now for a smile and a kiss like that, I’d search the universe…just like Dr. J. did!” Liz and the others heard Sergeant Siler whisper in an awe-filled voice.

“Man they’re just as bad as you two are.” Michael groused, pointing out Max and Liz.

“Well then you are lucky that Liz and I aren’t even worse, since we’ve been apart for eleven years and Daniel and Sha’re have only been apart for two years, Michael.” Max warned him. “Speaking of being as bad as they are, when can we get some time alone?” Max whispered into Liz’s ear.

“I think we could politely leave in about an hour…but until then, come and dance with me.” Liz said, seeing that all of the gifts on the table had been opened and the crowd was breaking up.

“What?” Max asked.

“They’ve just started playing our song on the radio and the dance floor awaits.” Liz said, pulling Max towards the empty parking pad by the garage, which was only partially lit.

“Then by all means my lady, let’s dance.” Max said drawing Liz into his arms as “I Shall Believe” by Sheryl Crow began to play.

“Isabel, would you like to dance?” Alex asked holding out his hand to her.

“I’d love to.” Isabel said softly.

“Come on Spaceboy…” Maria said just tugging on his arm.

“Tess, would you like to join them?” Kyle asked.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Tess smiled up at him and they too walked over to the driveway and moved into each others arms.

Daniel saw what his friends were doing and turned to his lovely wife.

“Sha’re would you like to dance?” He asked her.

“I would love to.” Sha’re sighed before following her handsome husband over to join the other four couples.


“Dad!” Sam called out when she saw her father, Jacob Carter enter the yard through the gate with Sergeant Miller. “Did you just get here? Is everything okay? I thought you were going to arrive a couple of hours ago.”

“Sorry I’m late Sammy. One of the Tok’ra Council-members had something he thought was important to talk to me about…” Jacob explained.

“Hello, Samantha.” Selmac, Jacob’s Tok’ra symbiote greeted Sam as well, but used her host’s voice, so as not to alarm anyone around them, who might hear another, deeper voice coming out of Jacob’s mouth.

“Hi Selmac; you keeping my dad out of trouble?” Sam asked.

“I try, Samantha, but he’s more work than one symbiote can handle sometimes.” Selmac chuckled. “Even if you are as old as I am.”

“You mean ancient.” Jacob muttered to…himself.

“D-a-d!” Sam chuckled. It was great to see her father…and his…companion in such a light mood; joking back and forth…to themselves. The Tok’ra’s battle against their brethren, the Goa’uld was an exhausting one and could sap all the strength and spirit out of a person if they let it.

“So, Sammy; what’s this about our meeting an alien king and his court?” Jacob asked.

“They come from a planet called Antar; have you ever heard of it, Selmac?” Sam asked.

“No…I don’t believe so and being the oldest remaining Tok’ra alive, I should. I can check our records when we return home just to be sure. Where is it located, what is its history with the Goa’uld?” Sam gave her the co-ordinates and then a brief history of Antar, how their Stargate was rediscovered and how the Royal Four and their people had killed Amonette, saved Sha’re and battled Apophis.

“What is their technological level?” Jacob asked.

“Very advanced, Dad. They have interstellar space capabilities and had no trouble blowing up Apophis’ mother-ship, once we took out the shields. Medically, they were able to save Sha’re once Amonette was wounded and then killed when she tried to escape Sha’re’s body. I saw a lot of incredible things while we were on Antar, but you’ll have to speak to King Zan or Lord Rath to get any details.”

“Hmmm.” Jacob said thoughtfully. “You said that they’d be here, this Royal Four as you call them? Where?”

“Over there, dancing on the driveway.” Sam pointed.

During their conversation, father, daughter and symbiote had been aware of a soft-rock radio station playing on the radio, in the background. When they looked over to the driveway, they did indeed see six or seven couples; Daniel and Sha’re among them, slow-dancing on the blacktop.

“They look so young…and oh so romantic, the way the males are holding their females so close…ay, Jacob?” Selmac teased her host.

“How do you now which ones they are?” Jacob asked Selmac.

“Well I assume that they are Not Daniel and Sha’re, Jack and Janet or George Hammond and Cassie Fraser.” Selmac said.

“But that leaves four couples; Sam told us that there were only four aliens, which two couples are they?” Jacob asked.

“Jacob Carter, Samantha also told us all about Liz Parker and her three Tau’re friends, who had known the others years ago, while they were living on Earth. What’s wrong with your memory? Am I going to have to go tinker around in that big, empty space between your ears, you call your brain…Again?” Selmac shot back.

“I remember just fine, leave my brain alone, old woman!” Jacob groused.

“Old Woman!” Selmac cried out, ready to give her host a good tongue-lashing…with his own tongue.

“Hey you two; calm down before you attract everyone’s attention!” Sam warned chuckling again at their antics. “Come on; let me introduce you to them.” Sam said before walking over to the dance floor and calling to her friends. “Liz and Alex; you’ve met my dad, but let me introduce him to the rest of your friends.”

“Hi Jacob, Selmac; how’ve you been?” Liz greeted them both.

“Hey you two, how’s it going?” Alex added.

“Hello Elizabeth, Alexander; it’s nice to see you as well. Jacob and I are fine, thank you.” Selmac said.

“Hey you two…let me speak for myself, will ya, Selmac? We’re doing great thanks. But I hear you’ve had some excitement recently?” Jacob broke in glancing over at their six friends.

“Boy, have we ever!” Alex exclaimed.

“You guys remember Sam telling you about the Tok’ra, during the briefing…” Liz reminded them. “May I introduce you to Sam’s father; retired General Jacob Carter and his Tok’ra symbiote, Selmac, one of the highest ranking among the Tok’ra…Jacob, Selmac; these are Maria DeLuca and Kyle Valenti, from Roswell, New Mexico.”

Then Sam took up the introductions.

“And these are His Royal Highness, King Zan of Antar; Max Evans, here on Earth, his sister; Princess Valondra; Isabel Evans, Lord Rath; Michael Guerin and Lady Ava; Tess Harding.”

“It is an honor to meet you, Your Highnesses, Lord and Lady.” Selmac said at her most proper, but she spoke in her own deep voice and allowed her eyes to glow, which startled everyone for a moment.

“King Zan, sir; I understand that you healed my Sammy after she was hit with a staff-blast? That, more than anything will have me helping you anyway I can…” Jacob said fervently shaking all of their hands.

“It is an honor to meet two such…individuals…who are so close to Captain Carter.” Max replied. “And I was glad I could help her after what she and SG-1 had done to help my people.” Jacob nodded. “And if you wouldn’t mind, I would be very interested in speaking to you at some point about the type of relationship you have with the SGC and Earth.” Max continued.

Jacob bowed his head for a moment and when he raised it again, his eyes flashed and Selmac’s deep voice came out, but softly.

“Our alliance is more with the Stargate Command than with the people of Earth. We trust George Hammond and the SG-teams but we would be leery of trusting one of the Tau’ri politicians; our position and safety are very precarious.” Selmac answered using the Goa’uld term “Tau’ri” for Humans. “We share information; intelligence and we fight side by side, but our technology is difficult to share because most of it only works if you have or have had a symbiote inside your body. We are slowly setting up a program for human volunteers to become Tok’ra hosts. Usually they are people who have mortal wounds or deadly diseases which the symbiote could heal.” Max and Michael glanced to each other and nodded in understanding.

“You make a good point about trusting the Human politicians. We will have to be very careful about whom we trust…and any technology exchange will be tricky too, as so much of our tech is psi-based…” Max looked to Sam. “…but I’m sure we can be of great help to each other in the end.” Max assured her.

“I hope so too, Max.” Sam agreed and grinned as she saw him try to hide a yawn.

“Sorry, it’s been…quite a day!” Max said grinning down at Liz and then around at his friends.

“I bet!” Sam agreed. “Would you like to return…home, or did you want to…uh…stay?” Max looked down at Liz uncertainly.

“We would like to stay...if we may? We have so much to…talk about.” Max said hesitantly.

Liz looked up into his love-filled amber eyes and deliberately brought her hand up to rub his chest.

“Yes, we do have a lot to…talk about…um…you’d be welcome to stay at my place, Max.” Liz said her deep, dark eyes telegraphing her love for him in return.

“Uh…I’m sorry, we didn’t really think about accommodations when we planned this reunion…” Sam made herself say. “…if anyone needs…uh…a place to stay, Jack, Daniel and I would be happy to have you as our guests.”

The three remaining couples glanced at each other and at their hosts, Liz and Alex and then back to Sam.

“We’re fine, thanks.” They all said as one.

“Uh, Sam the four of us drove over in my car, but now that there are eight of us…” Alex asked.

“Well…seven of you could fit in the van…” Sam said.

“We can make it fit eight.” Michael said confidently.

“Okay, Alex, could we trade the van for your car?” Sam asked and Alex agreed, pulling out his keys and handing them to Sam.

“Come on guys, let’s go home.” He said.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 18

The eight friends walked out to the front of Jack’s house and found the four Marine guards waiting for them. Michael made an irritated noise, but Max silenced him and walked over to them. Something in the way he looked at them and carried himself had the guards quickly coming to attention and almost saluting. Max understood that the guards were there mostly to guard Them, but he had been grateful for their presence, during the drive out to Jack’s house.

“I take it that you four gentlemen have been ordered to watch over us until we leave?” Max said, making it a statement rather than a question.

“Yes, sir; by the order of General Hammond and the President of the United States.” One of the Marines answered stiffly.

“Very well; we are all going to be staying with our friends, Drs. Parker and Whitman. Do you know where they live?” Max asked.

“Yes, sir; we do.” They answered.

“Then let’s go.” Max ordered in his soft voice and the Marines ran to jump into their vehicles.

Liz got in behind the wheel of the van and Max got in the passenger seat beside her. The others looked at the two bench seats in back and Michael made as if to us his powers to lengthen the shorter, middle bench so that three people could sit on it, when Maria spoke up.

“Well I’m not going to be the one who has to be separated from her…partner.”

The other two couples looked at each other.

“Neither are we.” They said and Michael rolled his eyes.

“Okay, Pixy-girl, you’ll sit on my lap in back and the others can then sit together as they want to.” Michael said and got into the van, followed by a happy Maria and then by the other two couples.

As Liz drove towards her home, she held onto Max’s hand as much as possible while she steered one-handed and tried not to look in the rear-view mirror any more than was necessary. The three couples in back had started making out as soon as they had taken their seats.

“I should have asked Alex to drive.” Liz muttered to Max and then sighed happily as her own lover lifted her right hand up to his lips and kissed her palm.

“We’ll have our own time soon.” Max said soothingly, but then became the Max of old; the shy Max. “I mean if you want to...your welcome back at Jack’s was all I could have wished for, but it’s still quite a leap to…I mean, I know it’s been a long time…I don’t want to presume that some really great kisses means that you want to…make love…with me…I could sleep on your couch…”

Max’s miserable, if noble speech was cut short as the van made a sharp swerve and Liz pulled her hand away from his to take back the control, her agitation had lost her. The van’s sharp motion brought their friends out of their passionate haze, but they stayed silent and listened to the confrontation up front.

“ know that I love your consideration and care for me, but sometimes you can be so…stupid!” Liz chuckled and glanced over to her lover and reached out to run her fingertips over his brow and smooth away his frown. “I’ve waited to…make love to you…ever since the last time…eleven long years ago…so prepare to be ravished, Mr. Evans!” Max had to swallow hard before he could speak.

“Uh…wow! Uh…well all I can say is that you had better keep your promise, Miss Parker!” Max poured all his love and need out through his eyes and Liz had to force herself to keep her eyes on the road after she was hit by his intense emotions.

Then suddenly they heard a giggle coming from the back seats…and then another and then the giggles turned into full laughter from all of their friends.

“Oh…man! You two are such…horndogs! As if there were any question about what the two of you will be up to later on tonight!” Maria laughed.

“Ewww, that’s my brother you’re talking about Maria! I’ve been trying to Not think about any of that!” Isabel was fighting her laughter.

“I’ll help keep you distracted.” Alex promised.

“I’m counting on it Alex!” Isabel replied being pulled back into his arms.

“Talk about an ick-factor…I don’t want to see my sister making out either!” Max shot back.

Finally they arrived at Liz and Alex’s apartment building, parked, got out of the van and retrieved their overnight bags from the back of the van. One of the marine-guard met them by the side of the van when they were done.

“Do you guys have to come inside with us or what?” Michael asked.

“No, sir; we will only keep watch on the front and rear doors of the building. Here is our cell-phone number, should you need to alert us to any sense of trouble, during the night.” The Marine answered, handing Michael a card and once again sensing the authority these people exuded.

“Very well, thank you.” Max said before he herded everyone inside and Liz led them into the elevator.

When the eight of them exited the elevator on Liz and Alex’s floor they gathered together for a moment, out in the hall before going into their respective accommodations.

“I know that there’s a lot we all want to talk about, which is best kept between the eight of us, but I also know that none of us are in any mood to…um…talk right now.” Max said barely taking his eyes off of Liz to look around at his friends. “Why don’t we…uh…get a good night’s sleep…” Max broke off when he heard giggles and chuckles leak out around him and felt a blush suffuse his neck, face and ears. “…and plan on getting together for brunch...or lunch…”

“Or dinner!” Michael murmured.

“…tomorrow and catch up with each other then?” Max finished.

“Sound good.” Everyone immediately agreed before quickly hugging each other and then turning to their respective apartment doors.

“Good night, it’s so great to see you all again. See you tomorrow.” They each said.

“Sle-ep we-ll…Max and Liz!” Tess sing-songed before she, Alex, Isabel and Kyle disappeared behind Alex’s front door.

Liz let her three guests into her home and then shut the door behind them as well.

“This is my little home guys. Kitchen’s through there; feel free to help yourself to anything you want, but Michael…no drinking directly from the milk carton! Uh, Maria I’m sure you can show him where everything is…um…There is only one bathroom…Does anyone feel like taking a shower? Perhaps we could draw straws or something…” Liz suggested.

“Or, if anyone is really tired and wants to hop right into beddy-by, Max and I could use our powers…help you clean up…” Michael suggested and received a punch in the arm from Maria.

“Um…let me show you to my room, Max and we can talk in there.” Liz suggested and Max gestured with his hand for her to go first.

Once inside her room with the door locked mechanically and with a sweep of Max’s glowing hand, the two lovers faced each other, but only for a second before Liz leapt into nervous action again.

“I can make a little room in my closet for you to hang up anything you need to, Max.” Liz suggested opening her closet door.

“Thanks Liz…did you…uh…want to take a bath…or anything?” Max asked as he came up behind her and encircled her in his arms.

“Um…maybe I’ll just…go change in there…” Liz said nervously.

They had been slightly aware of some argumentative foreplay going on, out in the living room, but they could not here the words being said. Just then they heard the door to the other bedroom slam shut and the squeak of box-springs, as two bodies hit the mattress, one after another. A soft…“Oh…Michael!”…came floating to them through the open door to the shared bathroom and Liz walked over to close and lock that door too.

“Never mind…uh…but do you think you could do that thing that Michael suggested?” Liz asked.

“Sure.” Max said as he walked closer and swept his glowing hand up and down Liz’s small form.

Liz immediately felt refreshed and even a little rejuvenated; the feeling of grunginess and stickiness vanished and her skin tingled everywhere.

“Nice trick.” Liz replied but then she looked down at herself. “Max!”

Liz was no longer wearing her slacks and blouse, but a long; creamy-white Grecian-style nightgown and she recognized it as the gown she had worn, the last time they had made love together, eleven years ago.

“I’ve had dreams about you wearing that gown.” Max said wistfully.

He had swept his hands over himself as well and had changed clothes too. He was now wearing black-silk, long-legged and long-sleeved pajamas, but the shirt was unbuttoned, showing off a two inch wide swath of his well developed chest and six-pack abs. Liz remembered those PJs from their last time together as well.

“Yeah…” Liz sighed. “I had dreams about you in those pajama-bottoms too.”

“Just the bottoms…Liz?” Max asked.

“Mmmhmm.” Liz hummed as she moved forward and pushed the shirt off of his powerful shoulders and then ran her hands down his chest and over his abdomen.

Standing before her was the incredible body Max had only started to develop during their high school years and which Liz had seen hints of, under the black T-shirt Future Max had worn.

“Mmmax.” Liz murmured as she tiptoed up to kiss him and lifted her arms up to link them around his neck and felt Max encircling her waist with his strong arms. “I can’t-kiss-believe-kiss-that we’re-kiss-really here-kiss-together-kiss-This isn’t-kiss-a dream-kiss-is it?”

“If this is a dream, I never want to wake up.” Max replied when they broke apart a little, to catch their breaths.

After that, there were no more words as they lay down on the bed together. Max and Liz tried to go slow as they took up where they had left off earlier…Their hands gently caressed and smoothed away barriers of fabric; and rediscovered each other’s pleasure-centers. Their lips followed behind; tasting, nipping and soothing…until their blood was pounding and they were gasping for breath…and they could take it slow no longer…

Afterwards, Max managed to draw up the bedclothes while keeping his hold on Liz as they snuggled into each other.

“Liz, my love.”

“My soul-mate.” They murmured to each other and then fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Two hours later, Daniel and Sha’re returned home; the rest of SG-1 came with them, to help carry all of Sha’re’s birthday gifts. The Marine-guard had been so well hidden in the shadows outside, that Colonel O'Neill almost missed seeing them before one of them loomed out of the darkness to report that all was clear and that lights had gone out in both Drs Parker and Whitman’s apartments, shortly after the group had arrived. Teal’c remained impassive, as always, at this news and Jack’s eyebrows only jutted up a little, but Daniel, Sam and Sha’re had to fight the urge to grin in front of the Marines. Mission accomplished!...IF the four couples were up to what the three matchmakers were hoping they were. Daniel let everyone into his and Sha’re’s apartment and they all found a place on the dining table or the floor, to place the gifts.

“Sha’re what did Isabel and the others give you? Open it!” Sam encouraged as they all flopped down in the livingroom.

“Oh yes, here it is!” Sha’re said taking it out of her purse. “I wanted to open it right away but Princess Valondra warned me to open it in private.”

She pushed the intricate ribbon off and then carefully unwrapped the box; oohing at the lovely wrapping paper. When it was free, she opened the box and oohed some more.

“What? What is it?” Sam asked.

“Ohhh, it’s a pendant; a beautiful pendant!” Sha’re cooed as she took it out of the box for everyone to see.

“Wow, that’s lovely!” Sam agreed.

The pendant, perhaps an inch in height and half-an-inch in width, was made up of five, brightly cut jewels in a V formation. They might have been diamonds, but they all had a slightly different pale color to them; yellow, pink, blue and even green. The largest jewel at the apex of the V, symbolizing Antar, was a bright, clear white. But there was also a small symbol, made of gold, within the V.

“What’s that symbol in the middle?” Daniel asked as he guided his wife’s hand, which was holding the pendant, closer to him, so he could see it better. “I don’t recognize it.”

Sha’re opened the small note-card, which came with her gift and started to read it.

“The V symbolizes the five planets; Antar being the brightest jewel in the apex, of course. The symbol is an ancient Antarian pictograph, which means ‘friend’…oh how lovely! What a nice thing for them to say!” Sha’re smiled happily. “Oh it says in small print on the back of the note that SG-1 will be given a token of the Royal Four’s gratitude at a special ceremony to be held in the near future.”

“Wow; that’s great!” Sam exclaimed while her teammates all smiled, even the Colonel and Teal’c.

“Hey would anyone like some coffee or anything? Sorry we forgot to offer you anything before.” Daniel asked, trying to be a good host.

“No, actually Daniel we’d better get going.” Jack said and Teal’c and Sam agreed, nodding. “We just wanted to help you bring home all of your loot.”

“Thank you for the wonderful party, all of you!” Sha’re said.

“You’re welcome.” Jack replied.

“And thank you for allowing us to pull that surprise on Liz, Alex and all of their friends, at your party, Sha’re!” Sam said.

“You are welcome; that was so fun to see!” Sha’re smiled as she and Sam hugged and then Sam hugged Daniel good night as well, before they all left.

Sha’re sighed happily and managed to put her new pendant on around her neck, all by herself and then started walking backwards towards their bedroom.

“Daniel, we can clean all of this up tomorrow. Come to bed, my husband…in a very short time, ‘This’.” She showed him the pendant. “Will be the only thing I’ll be wearing!”

Daniel swallowed and followed his wife into the bedroom in time to see her dress drop down around her ankles…

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 19

The next morning, Michael and Maria finally decided to get up around eleven and were surprised that Max and Liz were not up yet.

“Well, well, well!” Michael murmured as he put his ear to their bedroom door.

“Michael Guerin, what do you think you’re doing?” Maria exclaimed.

“I was just listening to see if there were any signs of life in there.” Michael said. “I wasn’t going to open the door, if that’s what you were thinking; I don’t have a death-wish! And both Max and Liz could kill me with a lift of one hand.”

“Well at least you’ve learned a little bit of caution over the years.” Maria remarked. “Do you want some breakfast?”

“Wait a minute; I think I hear signs of life…” Michael listened intently. “Oh man!”

“What?” Maria asked, concerned.

“They’re alive and awake, but…I don’t think they’ll be coming out any time soon. Good thing this building has thick walls!” Michael replied.

“What?” Maria asked and then understanding came. “Oh-hh!” She grinned.

“Let’s make breakfast.” Michael suggested, pulling Maria towards the kitchen. “I wonder if any of the others are up yet.”

Moments later, Maria was at the refrigerator, pulling out milk and juice when Michael came up behind her and encircled her with his strong arms.

“Last night was…incredible…you are incredible! I love you, Pixy-girl!” He murmured into her ear and Maria almost dropped the milk carton.

She carefully placed it on the counter and then turned around within Michael’s embrace and kissed him.

“So were…are you, my noble warrior!” Maria sighed as Michael’s hands skimmed over her back, which was covered only by her thin silk robe.

All of a sudden Maria felt herself being lifted up onto the counter and she opened her eyes. Michael moved in closer, between her knees and nuzzled her neck. Maria closed her eyes again and savored the warm moistness of Michael’s lips as the traveled over her soft skin…and the scratchiness of his morning beard. But when he moved to slide her robe off of her shoulder with one hand and stroke her thigh with the other, her eyes popped open.

“Michael Guerin, do not even Think of doing That on my kitchen counter!” Liz exclaimed as she and Max walked into the kitchen. “I love you both, but I am not going to prepare brunch for all of us on a surface on which you two have just made love!”

“Li-iz!” Maria cried as she hid her face in Michael’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Maria; Liz is just jealous that we got this far, before she and Max could…uh…try it out first!” Michael murmured as he helped Maria down from the counter.

“Why don’t you two go get dressed?” Liz suggested but then relented and hugged each of them good morning; Michael first and then Maria. “Michael’s right, but don’t let him know that!” Liz whispered into Maria’s ear and they both giggled. “Now scoot!”

Liz and Max had woken up a while ago, made love yet again, (of which Michael had indeed heard the tail-end) and then finally gotten out of bed and taken a shower…together. Now they were comfortably dressed and ready to start making brunch.

“We’re lucky that I just did a humungous grocery shopping. I was out of everything and so I bought everything in the store!”

“And knowing Michael and Alex, that might see us through until tomorrow!” Max joked.

“I’ll send Alex out to buy donuts…Let’s see, I have bacon, eggs, bread for toast and jam…Maybe I should call Alex, to see if anyone is up yet, before I start cooking.” Liz said.

But just then, they heard a tentative knocking on the front door and Liz went to answer it, pulling Max, who would not let go of her hand, behind her. Their other four friends were indeed at the door with arms around waists or hands tightly clasped and happy, contented smiles on their faces. Nothing needed to be said, they all knew that each of their friends had reconnected with their other halves last night and they were all very happy for each other.

Liz quickly organized things; sending Alex and Isabel out for donuts and asking Tess and Kyle to brew coffee and set the table, while she and Max started to fry bacon, scramble eggs and pop bread into the toaster. Soon everything was ready; the donut buyers were back, Michael and Maria had come fresh from their shared shower and they all sat down to eat. Alex and Kyle caught Michael and Max up on the world of professional sports and Maria and Liz talked fashions with Isabel and Tess.

Everyone helped with the clean up afterwards; taking twice as long to do what Liz and Alex could have done in half the time. But finally everyone but Michael had settled down in the living room; the ladies, sitting on the laps or between the splayed knees of their respective men. Michael had stepped back into his and Maria’s bedroom and now brought out a small blue orb, about the size of a billiard-ball and held it in his hand as he turned slowly in a circle.

“What’s that?” Maria asked.

“It’s a scanner which will tell us if there are any listening devices in this apartment or building.” Michael explained. “It will also put out a dampening-field so that anyone using a passive listening device won’t be able to hear anything either.”

“Liz, Alex; we trust both of you with our lives and we want very much to trust the people you work for and with, but we can’t take the chance that someone…else might not be so trustworthy.” Max said.

“We understand that Max and we believe you.” Liz assured him, hugging him. “If you hadn’t brought your sensor, I would have manually checked the curtain-pulls and the lamps for bugs.”

“We’re clear…including your apartment, Alex.” Michael said before going to cuddle next to Maria.

That signaled everyone to start asking questions.

“What was it like when you…uh…landed on Antar?” Maria asked.

“Do any of you know if the Special Unit is still active?” Michael asked.

“Is the Granolith safe?” Liz asked.

The Granolith was a mysterious alien device, which had been sent to Earth with the Royal Four. In fact its existence and location had remained unknown until their junior year in high school and once found, the four aliens had not known what it was or how to use it…except for one reference made to it by “Future-Max”, that it could somehow be modified to allow one person to travel through time. It was a large, black cone-shaped object, perhaps twelve feet high, which gave off revolving light patterns. And it was the object which had somehow morphed into a small spaceship and carried the Royal-Four home, to Antar eleven years before. The civil war on that planet had partially been fought over it and Khivar had sent his Skins to Earth to retrieve it…and the four young aliens.

“The Granolith is safe, Liz.” Max assured her. “Our traveling back to Antar via Granolith-Air was of great concern to our people; that we and it not be caught by Khivar and his troops…you see, the Granolith is the major reason that he could not finally and truly win the war and why our mother and her Resistance could not throw him off of Antar.”

“What?” Maria exclaimed.

“You…mother…Max? She’s…still alive?” Liz asked in shock.

Liz had seen Max’s birth mother; the Dowager Queen of Antar, once in a pre-recorded message she had sent to her children.

“What are you talking about…without the Granolith, no one could achieve a lasting victory?” Alex asked.

“Okay this is going to be a lengthy explanation, so hold your questions until we’ve finished.” Michael instructed.

“Yes, our mother, Valaria is still alive, although she is feeling her years.” Isabel broke in, ignoring Michael to answer. “She’s had a difficult life…being Queen alongside our father, raising the two of us, watching our father and then all of us be killed and then spending the next fifty-plus years on the run; leading the Resistance against Khivar. Antarians live 150-200 years, but Mother feels old at 105.”

“Valaria is still one of my most valued advisors, but she tries to live quietly now.” Max said. “She doesn’t even know about any of this…our renewed connection with Earth might upset her; start her worrying about losing us to this planet again. We’ll tell her everything once we have a more stable relationship.”

“Anyway…” Michael stared up again, glaring at his friends. “We were only in space for a few days, the Granolith somehow put us to sleep once we had taken off…can you imagine how fast that thing must have traveled to reach Antar in a matter of days?” Michael exclaimed. “That’s faster than any of the fastest ships we used to have before the war! It’s believed that the Granolith is something, which was given to us, or left behind by the Ancients and even now it’s not completely understood. What little we know how to do with it is controlled by these crystals…”

“So is most Goa’uld technology, but we know now that they stole most of it from the Ancients.” Liz said.

“Really?” Max asked and Liz nodded. “Well that confirms our theory then.”

“Anyway…” Michael started again. “We were awoken shortly before we landed on Antar. That thing morphed out of its ship-configuration or whatever and went back to being that weird black cone thing, just hanging there in mid-air as it had been, before we started our journey.”

“When the door opened and we stepped outside, our mother and a dozen of her most trusted people were there to greet us.” Isabel piped up. “She had an orb that told her we were coming and where we would land. It was all really confusing and a little scary at first. There was our real mother, standing right in front of us, but we were hardly given any time to meet her, before we and the Granolith were hustled away from our landing site. They were afraid that Khivar was on the way and they needed to hide us and that device.”

“You see…” Michael broke back in. “Connecting with the granolith is what allows a four-square to become really powerful and you need a four-square to control the massive amounts of power that the Granolith puts out. That’s how we won the war so quickly; once we were settled and Max was crowned and all that stuff, our people were able to connect to that thing and access its power to fight Khivar and his Skins.”

“Wait a minute, Max was crowned…like, right away?” Maria asked.

“Yes Maria.” Isabel spoke up, glaring at Michael for having skipped over such an important part. “Mother had been hiding our father’s crown…now Max’s…all this time, so that Khivar would never get his hands on it. Without the Granolith and the crown, he would never be accepted as King of Antar. After we hid the Granolith away with only the four of us, our mother and her dozen Resistance-cell leaders knowing its location, she took us to a large cavern up in the hills where representatives from all of the cells had gathered.”

“That was a really big risk they took.” Michael jumped in. “The reason you have resistance-cells is so that no one in another cell knows who you are and can’t be made to betray you to the enemy.”

“Children, children.” Max rebuked quietly and Michael subsided.

‘Wow, Max can shut up my Spaceboy without having to shout? Either he’s gotten stronger or Michael’s actually mellowed a little.’ Maria thought to herself in awe.

“Michael’s right, it was a big risk, but it was necessary. We…” Isabel motioned to the four of them. “…can use the Granolith; I guess we’re genetically stronger than the rest of our people, somehow, but for the Resistance to be able to use it, while grouped in each of their four-squares, to control it, a connection from them…through us as the Royal Four…to the Granolith had to be created and that link is produced during the coronation ceremony. It’s part technology…some device inside the crown and part psychic; through the parts of our brains which control our powers and the words spoken by the King and/or Queen and by all of the people. So, everyone gathered, Max and the rest of us were introduced…”

“The people cheered!” Tess quickly added, happily.

“And Max was crowned.” Isabel continued. “The connection was created and we went forth to really kick Khivar’s butt!

“Although Kathana was the one who finally betrayed and killed him.” Michael said angry that he had not been the one to kill their enemy for his king.

“So the Granolith is still safely hidden away? We didn’t think that we should even mention that thing in front of the General or even SG-1.” Alex said.

“Thanks, Alex and everyone.” Max said. “Yes, the Granolith is safe; we even moved it to another place, which only the four of us know about.”

“Eleven years separation, but the group dynamics of protecting you guys and keeping your secrets still hold…El-Presidente.” Kyle smirked.

“Yeah…while we’re talking about secrets to keep from the SGC…we haven’t mentioned our powers of dream-walking or mind-warping to anyone yet.” Max said. “It just hasn’t come up. We will use those powers to protect ourselves, or them, if necessary, but for now, let’s keep a few of our aces hidden up our sleeves, okay?”

“Sure, Max.” Or “No problem.” Was said by all.

“So, now that you know the secrets we’re still keeping; is there anything we need to know?” Michael asked, glancing over at Max. “Do you know if the Special Unit of the FBI is still active?”

“By that name, no it isn’t. When Nascedo took Special-Agent Pierce’s place, he did a good job of closing it down and destroying all of the records.” Liz said. “Alex and I actually passed an FBI security check, before we started working for the SGC…But there is another branch of the government you need to know about. The NID is a civilian organization, which is supposed to oversee the military’s use of the Stargate and any technology brought back from off-world. But it is being overtaken by some really dangerous people whose main goal is to obtain alien technology at any cost. The SGC has already caught them running their own missions, without General Hammond’s knowledge or permission.”

“Are the two of you safe from those guys?” Max asked.

“We have to be cautious, but yes, we’re being well looked after by the General. When I had an…incident with my powers off-world, which I will tell you about later, General Hammond actually…falsified some reports so that the NID would not find out about me.”

“Oh man, nothing changes.” Michael murmured.

Everyone was silent for a moment and then Isabel piped up, to change the topic of conversation.

“So what have the four of you been up to all these years?”

They spent the next hour or so briefly catching their friends up with what had happened to them. Maria told about her partnership with her mother in the alien-tourist shop they successfully ran. Kyle told about the half-dozen garages he now owned and operated. Liz and Alex told about their college years, culminating in receiving their Ph.D.s and how they had been recruited into the SGC. They also covered some of their off-world missions, including the disastrous one, during which Liz had used her powers to save SG-1, her friends and colleagues.

“And then you had to explain to General Hammond and SG-1how you developed your powers.” Max said nodding in understanding. “There was no need, but thank you for trying to protect us, Liz.” He said and then kissed her on her brow.

“What about the four of you? Tell us a little about the war.” Kyle requested to distract Max and Liz from their obsession on each other.

Max pulled himself away from the magnetic draw of Liz’s beautiful face so that he and the others could take turns telling their friends what had happened to them in the years after their return to Antar and Max’s coronation. That even with their experience in fighting the Skins back on Earth, they still had a lot to learn about warfare. Added to which was everyone in the Resistance learning how to use the Granolith to its best advantage. But finally, Khivar was betrayed and killed, as was his ally, Kathana and the war came to and end. After that was the year during which they had negotiated the treaty between the five planets and then they told about the most recent few weeks; during which they rediscovered the Stargate, were attacked by, but then defeated Amonette and her Jaffa…and then met SG-1 and fought Apophis together.

“Wow, I’m just glad that you survived all of those years, not to mention how well you seem to have managed all of that stuff!” Alex remarked, shaking his head in wonder.

“Our memories of the four of you and our hope to someday return to you, kept us going through many of the rough spots, believe me!” Isabel said, gazing lovingly into Alex’s eyes.

“Same here…” Kyle murmured to Tess, but everyone was able to hear his heartfelt words.

Just then, the phone rang and Liz got up to answer it.

“Hello? Hi, Daniel; yes, it’s safe to be calling us! We all got up a couple of hours ago.” Liz chuckled. “What? He did? We can? Great, we’ll call them right away! Yeah, I understand the necessity for that, it’s okay. Alright, Daniel; thanks! ‘Bye.” Liz said before hanging up the phone.

“What was all that about, Liz?” Max asked.

“Oh well that was Daniel and the first part was making sure that he hadn’t awoken us…Colonel O'Neill called Daniel and Sha’re the day after they returned from Antar…and had, had their first night together…and woke them up…they weren’t too happy about that! Anyway, the second part was about the General calling the Colonel and the Colonel calling Daniel, because he couldn’t remember my phone number and Daniel calling me…to tell us that the President has approved our request to call Mr. and Mrs. Evans and Sheriff Valenti.”

“Max!” Isabel cried out and reached out towards her brother, who took her hand in his.

“It will be okay, Isabel.” Max tried to sooth her at the same time he was trying to stay calm himself…to be able to see Philip and Diane Evans again; their adoptive parents, but the only parents they had ever really known, since they still did not remember their former lives, back on Antar.

“Max, would you like me to call them for you?” Liz asked and Max could only nod. “Okay, why don’t I try them now?”

Brother and sister nodded again and Liz looked the Evans’ law-office number up in her address book, picked up the phone again and dialed.

“Hi, Mrs. Evans…it’s Liz…”

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 20

“Hi, Mrs. Evans; it’s Liz.”

“Hi, Liz; how are you doing?” Mrs. Evans asked.

Diane Evans was happy that Liz had called, rather than shocked. Shortly before they had needed to leave for their home planet of Antar, Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess had told Diane and Philip the truth about themselves; and after they had gone, the four teenagers left behind had become rather close to the senior Evans. But Diane felt especially close to Liz and Alex and thought of them as her daughter and son. Besides Sheriff Valenti, there were no other adults they could talk to about their far away friends…who would really understand. Jeff and Nancy Parker, Amy DeLuca and Charles Whitman were all still in the dark as to what had really happened to the four teens. And Diane and Liz called each other at least once a month.

“I’m doing fine, Mrs. Evans; how are you and Mr. Evans?” Liz asked.

“We’re doing pretty good; that new junior-partner we hired last month is working out well. And if things continue to go favorably, we may actually retire from our law firm in six or seven months.” Mrs. Evans replied.

“That sounds great! I know that the two of you have been looking into retiring for a while now.” Liz said.

“Yes, but you know; it’s hard to let go of something you’ve built up from the beginning.” Diane said. “So, was there something in particular you wanted to speak to me about, or did you just want to chat?”

“Um, actually there is something important I need to tell you…” Liz said.

“What’s that, Liz?” Diane asked concerned.

“Um, there’s no one else in the room with you, is there?” Liz asked.

“No, Liz; no one else is here with me. What is it?” Diane asked again and waited through several seconds of silence.

“They are back.” Liz said bluntly.

“What, Liz? Who’s back?” Diane asked.

“THEY are.” Liz said, somehow not able to speak their names over the phone.

“Who…?” Diane began to ask again and then she paused as understanding came to her. ‘Is Liz telling me what I think she’s telling me?’ Diane asked herself.

“Do you think you could come up here tomorrow or the next day?” Liz asked urgently, but then she tried to calm herself and speak more normally. “A friend of mine, who’s a pilot could probably fly down and pick you up.”

It was Diane’s turn to hesitate before she asked.

“Let me make sure that you are actually telling what I think…what I Hope you are, Liz.” Diane said. “You are telling me that…”

“…That what we’ve been waiting for has finally happened; the four of them have returned!” Liz exclaimed, but there were tears in her voice as well. “Can you come? Tomorrow or the next day?”

“Yes…yes, I think we could come. Let me speak to our secretary about canceling or rescheduling our appointments for tomorrow, while you speak to your friend and see if she will give us a lift and I’ll call you back this evening, all right?” Diane asked.

“All right, I’ll talk to you then.” Liz replied and they both hung up.

Diane gave a little cry and reached for the phone again, but then withdrew her hand. She had not even thought to ask if Max and Isabel were there with Liz, or whether she could speak to them. But as quickly as she thought that, Diane realized that it would be safer not to say too much over the phone; not mention their names and not allow anyone who might be listening to hear the voices of her precious children.

“Louise…” Diane said as she walked into her secretary’s office a moment later. “I know that this isn’t going to be easy, but I need you to cancel or reschedule all of my appointments for the next two days. Something important has come up…And will you tell me when Mr. Evans’ current appointment leaves? I need to speak to him.” She was determined to fly up to see Liz and hopefully her children even if Philip could not.

Louise made a face, but after looking up at her employer’s determined expression, she said only.

“I’ll get right on it, Mrs. Evans.”

“Thanks, Louise.” Diane smiled at her loyal and highly competent secretary before returning to her office.

A few minutes later, Louise called to tell her that Mr. Evans was free and Diane marched into her husband’s office and closed the door. A few moments later, Louise was startled by Mr. Evans yelling “What; are you sure?” From inside his office and then a few minutes after that he came out of his office to stand by her desk.

“Louise…I need you to cancel or reschedule all of my appointments for the next two days. If Mr. Oliver gives you a hassle, refer him to me and I will speak to him, alright?”

“Yes, sir.” Louise said, swallowing her curiosity.

“Thanks, Louise.” They both said and then returned to their offices...after tightly squeezing the other’s hand…and got busy clearing off their desks.


Back in Liz’s apartment…

“They’re going to try and come tomorrow!” Liz told Max and Isabel.

“Our mom and dad!” Isabel started to cry and was gathered even tighter into Alex’s comforting arms.

Max drew Liz into his arms and kissed her temple.

“Thank you!” He said.

“You’re welcome, Max…but now I have to call Sam and see if she can fly down and pick them up.” Liz said, lifting the handset again. “She said that she’d help us any way she could.”

A few minutes later, Liz hung up with a smile on her face.

“Sam said that she would be happy to go pick them up. The SGC has a small jet, comparable to a Lear, which they use to fly experts in whenever we have an emergency.”

“Great.” Max said.

“Kyle, it’s your turn.” Liz said handing her friend the phone.

“Oh yeah…of course.” Kyle said and then dialed his father’s home phone… ”Done.” He said a few minutes later. “I’ll have to call him back with the details once Captain Carter has made the arrangements.”

As if she had heard her voice mentioned, Sam called back right then with the information they needed. Liz thanked her profusely for her help and then hung up.

“Sam will fly down tomorrow morning to pick them up in Roswell at eight. She also told me that she asked Daniel and Colonel O'Neill about accommodations and both of them would be happy to have your parents stay in their guest rooms.” Liz said.

Since they would have to wait until that evening for the senior Evans to call them back, they all decided to take a nap; it had been an emotional and eventful morning. Each couple walked arm in arm back into their respective bedrooms, closed and locked the door. They used the time to lay together, chatting softly, stroking gently, loving passionately and even sleeping deeply, afterwards.

They emerged from their rooms at around the same time and decided to eat a late lunch together. After the clean up was finished, Max asked.

“Liz, do you know if Jacob Carter/Selmac is still here, or did he return to the Tok’ra?”

“He stayed behind, that’s why Sam couldn’t offer the use of her guest room.” Liz said. “Why?”

“I was wondering if we could talk to him some more about the Goa’uld; who they are, whether or not he has pictures of any of them, what planets they live on and control.”

“Oh, okay; why don’t I call Sam back and see if Jacob is there or at the SGC?” Liz said before picking up the phone again and dialing.

A minute later, Liz handed the phone to Max.

“Here Max, Selmac wants to speak to you.” She said.

“Hello, Selmac?” Max said.

“Good afternoon, Your Majesty.” Selmac greeted him.

“Call me Max, please, Selmac.”

“Thank you. What can Jacob and I do for you?” Selmac asked and Max explained. “Ah, I see. I will be happy to give you what information I can. There are very few pictures of the System Lords and they change hosts from time to time. Their exact locations also change frequently, as they maneuver against, or hide from, each other, but I can show you what regions of space each of them is believed to control.”

“That would be great. There’s no big rush; we just want to know where we stand against those guys.” Max said.

“Jacob and I will be returning to the Tok’ra tomorrow, after we have spent some time with Samantha. We will gather the information together for you, then.” Selmac said.

“Thank you, both of you.” Max said before they both hung up.

“So what do you want to do now?” Liz asked her friends.

“I saw this pamphlet for the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center; I’d love to go and take a look at that.” Maria suggested.

Everyone else thought that might be a nice to see and a way to get out of the apartment, so Max called the Marine Guard and informed them of the group’s wish to visit the Center. Their request was granted and they all went outside and fit themselves into the van again. Alex drove this time with Isabel in the passenger seat beside him, so that Max and Liz could have a turn at snuggling together in the back.

When they arrived at the Art Center, they discussed which displays they wanted to see first and whether or not they would like to return to see the play which the Center was performing, before they started walking through the galleries. All of the friends were grateful for the thoughtfulness of the Marines; they stayed close enough to keep an eye on them, but also tried to give the four couples some privacy as well. But after two hours of touring the galleries, the eight of them decided to return home and relax. They gathered in Alex’s living room and he lit a fire to make everything cozy.

“Hey Alex do you have marshmallows? We could make S’mores!” Kyle rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

“I have marshmallows and chocolate bars, but I don’t think I have any graham crackers.” Alex said.

“I do, Alex and I think I have some long wooden skewers for roasting the marshmallows over the fire.” Liz jumped up off of Max’s lap to run next door, followed closely by Max.

“I’ll help you.” Max said.

“I’m giving them ten minutes and then I’m going over there after them.” Michael grumbled.

Nine minutes and thirty seven seconds later, the couple returned and they all took turns roasting marshmallows over the flames, putting the S’mores together and burning the tops of their mouths when the hot, sugary confection got stuck up there. They also tried to cook hot dogs over the flames with varying degrees of success. There were so many details of their lives which they wanted to share with each other that they stayed up late talking, reminiscing and laughing. But finally Alex drew Isabel up from her place by the dying fire and started walking towards his bedroom.

“It’s late guys; lock the door before you leave will ya?” Was all the normally chatty young man said before his bedroom door closed behind the two lovers.

“Alex!” Isabel’s laughing reproof at his impoliteness could be heard through the door and then they heard a shriek and. “Alex, put me down!” Laughter and giggles came through the door and then a loud thump as something or someone landed on the mattress.

“Okay, good night!” Everyone said hastily before they all tiptoed into their own room or across the hallway to Liz’s apartment.


Early the next morning the friends gathered in Liz’s apartment for a communal breakfast before the Evans and Jim Valenti were due to arrive. Near the end of the meal, Isabel walked back into the kitchen for more coffee and Michael followed her.

“Isabel, have you had a chance to dream-walk anyone yet?” Michael asked quietly as he poured himself more coffee as well.

“Yes, I have; earlier this morning I checked out the members of SG-1, General Hammond and Dr. Fraser.” Isabel said.

“And?” Michael asked.

“And as far as I can tell from their dreams, they are the good and honorable people that Liz says they are. While a few of their dreams…or nightmares dealt with fighting the Goa’uld or one of their other enemies, none of them had anything to do with us, whatsoever.”

“I need details, Isabel; what were the dreams about?” Michael demanded.

“Michael, you know I’m not going to tell you anything about their dreams, which do not pertain to us. The only way my doing this can feel right to me is if I keep the personal things I see…private.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Michael finally conceded.

“What are you two talking about?” Liz asked as she and Max walked into the kitchen to get more coffee.

“We asked Isabel to dream-walk as many of the SGC as she could.” Michael said bluntly.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this before, Liz, but as much as you trust the SGC and we trust you; you cannot know everything that’s going on. They may be given orders, which they must follow, from a superior who does not share the ideals of the SGC. Isabel is only double-checking that this is not the case; anything else she finds out, she will keep strictly private.” Max assured her.

“I actually do understand why you have to do that, Isabel. After all those Marines outside are not only there to keep you safe, they are there to make sure you don’t ‘do anything dangerous or suspicious’. And as long as you keep any private information you find out confidential, I’m okay with it. I trust you.” Liz said but then frowned thoughtfully. “Isabel, I thought you needed a picture of the person you were going dream-walk.”

“Not so much anymore, Liz.” Isabel said. “I learned a lot and really strengthened my gift for walking through other people’s dreams and subconscious while they sleep, back on Antar. All I need now is to be able to hold a picture of the person in my mind’s eye. If I have met someone, seen their picture, or even a really good drawing; I can usually dream-walk them. I can also link with someone else who has seen that person and get the picture that way.”

“Wow, that is really incredible!” Liz exclaimed before they all finished pouring their coffee and going back out to join their friends.

Kyle and Alex were joking back and forth as the four of them came back out of the kitchen and Isabel allowed their laughter to cover her quiet introspection. She had learned something very interesting about two members of SG-1; Colonel O'Neill and Captain Carter. Isabel hid a secret smile behind her coffee cup as she recalled the dream-memories she had witnessed, during her dream-walks early this morning. Both officers hid behind a professional camaraderie during their duty-hours but wore their hearts pinned to their sleeves, during their dreams. O'Neill and Carter had risked their lives to save each other many times, seen each other; weak and defenseless in the Infirmary and knew each other better than almost anyone else. They were in love with each other, but were afraid or unwilling to admit that love to the other for a number of reasons. Military regulations forbade intimate relations between teem members, both were actually afraid that the other would not reciprocate their feelings for them and finally, they were afraid that they would lose their close friendship if they tried to take the next step and it didn’t work out. They were willing to keep things as they were, and suffer, silent and alone, rather than lose what they already had.

‘Well.’ Isabel thought to herself. ‘We’ll have to see about that!’ And took a healthy swallow of her coffee to hide her grin.

“Let’s get ready guys; our folks will be here soon!” Max said, breaking Isabel out of her musings.


Shortly before the kids were eating their breakfast, Philip and Diane Evans arrived at the airport just outside of Roswell. Jim Valenti pulled in next to them and parked as well.

“Hey Jim, where are you off to so early this morning?” Philip greeted his friend, but then gave himself a mental head slap and answered his own question. “Liz called you didn’t she…about the…kids.”

“Close; it was Kyle who called me…but from Liz’s apartment in Colorado Springs. Seems she and Alex really put the pressure on Kyle and Maria to fly up there the other day.” Jim informed them.

“And now we’ve been called and asked to fly up there too.” Philip said.

Jim nodded, not wanting to say it out loud in case saying the words would somehow make it not true, but his eyes told the Evens all they needed to know and they hung onto each other; their emotions were whirling around in their heads and hearts. Could this really be happening…after all of these years?

Just then a jeep came around one of the buildings and headed in their direction. None of them had seen a plane but as the jeep drew closer, they saw that the driver was a woman with short blond hair, just as had been described to them. She pulled to a stop and jumped out. She was wearing a white blouse and black slacks under a long grey overcoat.

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans and Mr. Valenti? I’m Sam Carter; I work with Alex Whitman and Liz Parker.” She stuck her hand out and each of the parents shook it.

“You’re the Air Force pilot Liz said was coming to fly us up to Colorado Springs?” Diane asked.

“Where’s your plane?” Philip asked.

“Yes, Mrs. Evans; I’m actually an Air Force captain as well as a Ph.D. in astrophysics, but since this is a private favor I’m doing for my two friends, I thought it best not to wear my uniform…and Mr. Evans; the plane is just around the corner of that building over there, having its gas tanks topped off for the flight back. I flew in thirty minutes ago. I just wanted to come over, introduce myself and tell you that I’d be ready to leave in about ten minutes. If you stay here, I’ll taxi the plane over here and then you can board; all right?”

“That sounds great, thank you!” Diane said gratefully.

Sam nodded and told them that she would be right back with the plane. Diane was beginning to become nervous and even anxious now that they were about to take the first step towards seeing her two beloved children again. Philip took both of her cold hands between his big warm ones and started to rub them in hopes of helping his wife to calm down. A few minutes later they heard the jet start up and moments later it slowly came out from behind the building and then turned towards them. Jim Valenti whistled in appreciation.

“That is one be-u-ti-ful jet!” He exclaimed.

The plane came to a standstill a safe distance from them and was powered down. The door was opened and the stairs were lowered by Sam, who quickly jumped down and came back over to them.

“You can all board now. Can I help you with your luggage?” Sam offered.

“No thanks, I think we can handle it since we kept it light.” Philip said as they all followed Sam over to the plane.

Once on board it was Philip who whistled at the impressive VIP interior. Diane could only stare at the comfortable leather chairs and sofas, the built-in TV and the glossy wood paneling on the bulkheads.

“If you will please take your seats and get buckled in, we’ll be on our way. Once we reach our cruising altitude, I’ll come back and give you a tour of all the amenities this baby has to offer.” Sam said and everyone did as she asked.

As promised, once they reached their cruising altitude Sam came back to the cabin. “There’s a bedroom and full bath in the back. The kitchenette and bar are in here; there is freshly brewed coffee in there as well as hot water for tea, milk, juices and sodas in the refrigerator and bagels and cream cheese if you’re hungry. You are welcome to serve yourselves. I’m afraid that there are no other crew besides myself and my co-pilot, Sergeant Miller on this flight.”

“Don’t worry about us; wow this is an impressive looking plane!” Jim exclaimed. “Do you think I could get a look at the cockpit sometime?”

“Sure, why don’t I take you forward now?” Sam agreed and the two of them walked back towards the cockpit.


Before they knew it, the jet was circling over Colorado Springs and then coming in for a landing. Sam came back into the cabin a few minutes later and opened the hatch.

“My car is parked just a short ways away. Sergeant Miller will see to the plane and if you will follow me; I’ll drive you to Liz’s apartment.” Sam said.

Her passengers quickly gathered their luggage and exited the plane. During the short drive, Sam could feel the tension building until she felt as though her passengers would explode if she was stopped by one more red light.

“We are coming up on Liz’s building on the right.” Sam pointed out before she slowed down and pulled over.

Just as the Evans and Jim Velenti were getting out of the car, Liz came running out through the front door with a huge smile on her face.

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Sheriff…Hi!” She said, excitedly and out of breath.

“Hi Liz…why are you out of breath, honey?” Mrs. Evans asked after she had hugged the younger woman.

“We saw Sam’s car from upstairs and I ran down to greet you!” Liz answered.

“Hi Liz!” Mr. Evans said.

“Hey Liz!” Jim said before both men took turns hugging her.

“Sam, thank you So much for flying them up here and then driving them over here!” Liz told her friend before hugging her as well.

“I was glad to do it.” Sam told her friend as well as the parents. “I’ll talk to you soon.” She said calmly but her eyes said to Liz. ‘I’ll want details!’ “Nice to have met you folks.” She continued before getting into her car and driving away.

“Come on inside everyone.” Liz said happily, but then she stage whispered. “I know some people who are anxious to see all of you!”

“So…they are…really here?” Diane whispered back still trying to make herself believe that her greatest wish was about to come true.

“Yup! Come on in.” Liz repeated and the four of them walked inside and entered the elevator.

A few moments later, they exited the elevator and walked down the hall to Liz’s door. When they got there, Liz had not even reached out to touch the doorknob, when it opened in front of her. Alex stood in the doorway with a big grin on his face.

“Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Sheriff.” He greeted them and then opened the door wide and stepped back to let everyone into the apartment.

The parents walked in and were greeted by Maria and Kyle as well, who stood up from the sofa where they had been sitting.

“Why don’t you just put your bags down on the floor for now and let me take your coats.” Liz offered while Alex shut the door behind them.

Luggage was placed by the wall, coats were taken and then the parents just stood there, looking around uncertainly. Liz gently guided the three over so that they were standing in front of the sofa. Then she signaled to Maria, to open the kitchen door…Out of that small room walked Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess and the sofa came in handy as a soft landing spot, when Diane’s knees turned to water and she sat down rather suddenly. Right in front of her, not ten feet away were her two…well Michael made three…beloved children.

In the seconds which followed, each parent ran their eyes over each of “their children” numerous times; cataloging the changes and similarities, which the last eleven years had wrought. Diane saw that even though their physical appearance had not changed much; Isabel still had her long, straight blond hair and the boys’ hair was styled much the way it had been the last time she had seen them, but their posture had become straighter, more confident and their eyes were no longer innocent. They were filled with a knowledge which no one should have to carry…the knowledge of war and violence. And the heavy responsibilities of leading others in peace as well as into battle. In those few seconds, Diane saw that Max, her shy and gentle little boy had truly become the man…the king…she had been told he was destined to be…just a matter of hours before they had needed to leave this planet, so long ago.

Philip took in the appearances of “his kids” but especially Isabel; his little princess and Michael; the troubled boy he had helped escape an abusive foster father by petitioning the Court to emancipate him at sixteen. Isabel, who had started carrying a day-planner before she turned sixteen, seemed the same, if more comfortable and assured of her authority, in her self-proclaimed role as organizer-to-the-universe. Michael seemed to also have mellowed and was very much the seasoned warrior and able commander of men, Philip thought with pride.

Jim Valenti looked over Tess; the girl he and his son had taken into their home after her protector; Nacedo had been killed by the Skins. She had become a daughter to him. Tess’ upbringing…always on the run with Nascedo, from the FBI’s alien-hunting unit had not allowed her to keep the innocence which the other three alien teenagers had been able to hold onto well into their teens. But Jim was happy to see a contentment and closeness to her fellow aliens which had not been there so much the last time he had seen them all. For their part, Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess were happy to see that their respective parent(s) looked well and greatly unchanged. The years and any of life’s stresses had left their marks, but only lightly.

“Max! Isabel! Michael! Tess!” Were all called out at once after the few moments of shocked and silent observations.

“Mom! Dad! Mr. and Mrs. E!” Were called out at the same time; Tess had started to call the Sheriff “Dad” a year after she had come to stay with the Valenti men.

And then there was a convergence in the middle of Liz’s living room, as the seven people tried to run into each other’s arms and not trip over the coffee table at the same time. First parents and children embraced and then good friends took turns to hug or shake hands as Max, Isabel and Michael greeted the Sheriff and Tess was embraced by the Evans. Into this crowd were then drawn the four other “kids”, who put down their cameras and were gently stirred into the group, as they searched for and found their loves. Liz could hardly wait to print out the shot she had captured, of tall, strong Max gently hugging his mother.

“So…how is this possible? How did you get here? Can we see your space ship? Why does the Air Force seem to know about you four? What happened back on your planet? Have you really been on, what was it called; Antar all this time?”

The questions all finally came pouring out of the three parents and the kids all looked to each other and started to laugh.

“Okay, everyone, let’s get comfortable so that we can tell our story one more time!” Alex said.

Everyone found a seat again; the Evans sat with Isabel between them, Max sitting on the other side of Diane and Michael sitting next to Philip. Liz and Maria drew up chairs so that they could sit next to their boyfriends and the two Valenti men pulled Tess down to sit between them. Alex was the only one who could not sit next to his other half, but he found a seat directly across from her, so that he would always have a great view of her lovely face. Liz opened up the envelope which the General had sent over the day before, containing three more copies of the oath of secrecy and had the parents sign one each, after dutifully explaining the consequences of telling anyone about what they were about to learn.

“Okay, now that the formalities have been dealt with…let us try to answer some of your questions.” Alex said.

Over the next hour and a half, the eight friends took turns telling their story and the three parents tried to take in all of the information without having their brains turn to liquid and leak out of their ears.

“So…there’s a giant donut hidden somewhere and you can step through it to other planets?” Jim Valenti asked.

“Wow, it’s incredible, how you were able to win over Khivar relatively quickly and then kick that Apophis-guy off of your planet too!” Philip exclaimed.

“My little boy is truly a king and Isabel is a princess…and…and your…um…mother is still alive?” Diane swung between dreamy pride in her children and the sense of jealousy she was feeling towards this stranger on another planet.

“Yes, Mom.” Max said, skipping over the first part of Diane’s sentence. “Our birth-mother is still alive and I know that she will want to meet you…to thank you for taking us in when we were so little. But please understand that we still do not remember our former lives; before we were killed and our essences…our DNA was mixed with human DNA to recreate us as we are now. We do not have the memories of growing up with Valaria as our mother; we…I…only remember…you, both of you.”

“Oh sweetheart!” Diane could only say, hugging Max as she quietly sighed with relief and felt her jealousy fade away.

“I think I need a break.” Philip admitted. “This was a Lot to take in! Do you think you could show us where we’ll be staying and then maybe we could take a walk or something?”

Liz picked up the phone and called Daniel. A few moments later, she hung up.

“As you partially heard, Daniel and Sha’re would be happy for all three of you (and us too) to come over and meet them. Sam, her father, Jacob, Colonel O'Neill, Janet and her daughter Cassie and Teal’c are there as well. Sheriff, Jack O'Neill said that he would be happy to take you to his home anytime you want to go.” Liz said.

“Before we go over there, let me get this straight.” Philip said. “Daniel Jackson’s wife, Sha’re is human, but her ancestors were taken away from Earth, back in the time of the Pharos and have lived on that other planet, Abydos all this time. Sam’s father, Jacob is a retired Air Force general who now has a symbiote named Selmac living within his body and they also live on some other planet as well. Janet’s daughter, Cassie is an orphan from another planet and Teal’c is a Jaffa; human, but he has a pouch in his abdomen and carries an immature Goa’uld around in it. Does that cover everything?”

“Yup that covers it, only add to that your four kids, who came from yet another planet and crashed outside of Roswell over fifty years ago!” Kyle exclaimed grinning.

Everyone else laughed too and then left the apartment to walk across the hall to Daniel and Sha’re’s home. Daniel opened the door before they reached it and welcomed everyone in. Introductions were made and the Evans were shown their room. Jack, Jim and Jacob all hit it off and decided to go to Jack’s house to drink beer, swap war stories; military and law-enforcement and talk about fighting evil aliens. Sam declared that dinner would be eaten at her house later and she, Janet, Cassie and Teal’c departed to go and get things ready. Diane and Philip decided to go for a walk and then maybe take a nap, since they had gotten up so early that morning. But they promised to come over to Liz’s apartment later, before they were to all drive over to Sam’s for dinner. Everyone hugged one last time and the kids returned to their own apartments to take naps as well. All of these reunions were exhausting.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 21

Liz woke up from her nap to feel something softly gliding up and down her bare arm. She opened both eyes just enough to see that it was Max stroking his index finger over her skin. But his expression was not that of enjoyment or teasing; it was focused far off and troubled. This immediately woke her up and she moved her hand up to capture his wandering digit.

“Max, sweetheart, are you alright? You look troubled.” Liz asked gently, rubbing her thumb over his hand.

Max immediately looked over at her and his expression softened with love.

“Did you have a good sleep, Love?” He asked instead.

“Mmmm, yes; I always sleep well when I’m with you, Max.” Liz said. “But now that I’ve answered your question, it’s your turn to answer mine. What’s wrong? You looked so intense.”

“Mmm, yeah; I guess so. I was just trying to figure some things out.”

“What things; maybe I can help?” Liz offered running her hand up and down his strong back.

“Well, I was going to speak to you about this, but wanted to make it the perfect time. Only, right now, if we walk outside of this room, we’re likely to run into at least two more people and possibly more.”

“Then tell me now, Max.” Liz said as she suddenly sat up, plumped the pillows behind her and maneuvered so that she could lean back against the headboard, pulling the bedclothes up and tucking them around her, under her arms. “Come on, sit up and we’ll talk.”

Max did so and then took both of Liz’s hands in his, to give himself courage.

“Liz, this is hardly what I imagined whenever I dreamed about doing this…and there are a lot of obstacles in front of us, but…Liz, I have loved you ever since I saw you for the first time, when I got off of that school bus; when we were eight years old. I watched you grow up and turn into the beautiful woman you are now; inside and out. You’ve saved my life and stood by me during some of the worst times of my life. You’ve brought contentment, happiness, safety, love and…passion into my life. And now that we are together again, I don’t think that I could live if we were parted again. Liz, I have a ring for you back on Antar. I made it after a particularly bad battle, when the only things which kept me going, were my dreams of returning to you. We had come so close to capturing Khivar that day, but he escaped, leaving behind the wreckage of his own personal guard, whom he had used as cannon fodder so that he could escape. Back in our camp, I was holding some shrapnel in my hands and I was dreaming of you for just a few moments when all of a sudden, I felt that lump of metal change within my grip. When I opened my fingers a ring…your ring was laying there instead. I want to give you that ring, Liz…so what I’m really trying to say…to ask is; Liz parker, will you make me the happiest man in the…galaxy by marrying me? Will you become my queen and help me lead my…our people?”

“Oh…my…Max! It took you long enough to ask me…and I’m not talking about the last eleven years, either!” Liz chuckled, but then grew serious. “Yes Max, I will marry you, become your queen and help you lead your people…I love you. I have loved you for such a long time; way before you saved my life in the Crash Down after I was shot!” Liz leaned in and kissed him, hard. “When will I get to see the ring you made for me?”

“That’s one of the many things I was trying to work out earlier; how soon could I take you to my home on Antar? Now that you have said yes.” Max grinned happily and gazed deeply into Liz’s eyes for a moment. “We will need to make those decisions together. I cannot leave Antar permanently and I would love for you to live with me there, but I’m sure that your work for the SGC is important as well. Perhaps General Hammond would allow you to commute back and forth?”

“That might work, or maybe I could set up a lab on Antar and continue my work there…or maybe…I’ll be too busy helping you…” Liz said thoughtfully.

“We’re supposed to go to that dinner at Captain Carter’s house tonight. Perhaps we can bring up some of our questions then.” Max said and Liz nodded.

“The General will be there.” She said and then hesitated. “Max…what are we going to tell my parents? We can’t just get secretly married...”

“That is something that we’ll need help with; reestablishing our identities on Earth and accounting for being away all of these years.” Max said.

“For now, why don’t we get up and see if your parents are up from their nap as well?” Liz suggested.

“Well, if you insist, Liz.” Max said before drawing her to him and kissing her deeply, before helping her out of bed. “You have made me so happy, Liz!”


They spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with what their parents had been doing all of those years and then they all drove over to Sam’s home for dinner.

“Welcome everyone.” Sam said, as she opened the front door to them. “Please come in and make yourself at home. I’ve set up a small bar on the kitchen counter and there are cold sodas and juices in the refrigerator and beer in the cooler. We thought we’d keep everything simple and let you make sandwiches, so there is sliced ham, turkey and roast beef, cheeses, breads, spreads, a veggie platter, a fruit tray and cookies as well. And if you’re still hungry after all of that, there’s peanut butter in the cupboard to the right of the fridge.”

Her house was a small one, but it was open and airy and all twenty of them found a place to sit; between the living area, dining area and eating bar; although the three parents did arrange things so that their kids were close by. Sam, Janet, Cassie and Teal’c had set up the buffet on the eating bar, which separated the kitchen from the rest of the large, all-purpose room.

“Thank you so much for having us all over to your home, Captain.” Philip said. “This looks great.”

“You’re welcome and please, call me Sam, everyone.” She told her guests.

“What a lovely home you have, Sam; so open and bright and yet warm and cozy too.” Diane said.

Everyone got themselves a drink. Diane, Philip and Jim were introduced to those they had not already met and they settled down to chat for a while. But when the General got up to fix himself another drink of ginger-ale and cranberry juice, Max followed him and plucked another Coke from the refrigerator.

“General, may I speak to you for a moment?” Max asked.

“Of course, Mr. Evans; what can I do for you?” George Hammond asked.

“I was wondering whether Liz, or any of the others, including our parents would be allowed to travel through the Stargate, to Antar…but I especially wanted to ask if there would be any problem with Liz coming to…live…on Antar?” Max asked.

“As to Dr. Parker or Whitman traveling to Antar, there would be no problem. For either of them to live there might take some work, but I think the legalities could be worked out. I will tell you right not that the President and the Joint Chiefs are rather opposed to civilians finding out about the location of the Stargate, even if they do know about its existence.” The General said.

“I understand that, but considering the secrets they have already kept for over eleven years, I think that your concern is unwarranted. But until they can be given proper clearance, would it be possible to blindfold them, until they get down into the facility? I would very much like to have all of my family and friends come to see my new home.” Max said.

“Those are good points and suggestions, Mr. Evans and I will certainly discuss them with the President.”

“Thank you, General…I know that your government is probably eager to begin negotiations for trade and the exchange of technical information.” Max began.

“Yes we are.” The General confirmed.

“I and my people will want to proceed slowly and carefully with this; in order to keep knowledge of our existence secret from those who might wish to harm us and our loved-ones here on Earth.” Max said.

“That’s understandable and I will do everything I can to keep you and your people safe from the…shall we say…less honorable personalities in our government.” Hammond said.

“Thank you, General. Perhaps at another time, Michael and I could speak to your about setting up a few more security measures between our two planets to ensure everyone’s safety.” Max suggested.

“I am at your service, Your majesty.” The General said formally. “Perhaps tomorrow all four of you could come out to the base, we could have a discussion and you could be given a tour of our facility.”

“That would be great. Thanks again, General…Now, maybe we should rejoin the party?” Max suggested and George nodded in agreement.

They rejoined the group and everyone eventually got up to make themselves sandwiches and then sit down again to eat.

“I have a question for all of you.” Maria piped up. “How are we going to tell my mother that Michael’s back? And what can I tell her about where he’s been all of this time?”

“I was under the impression that our four visitors from Antar would be staying on their planet, except for occasional visits to the SGC.” Jack O’Neill said.

“Oh please; as if that would work with Michael and me getting married!” Maria exclaimed.

“Maria! Did he…?” Liz cried out.

“He asked me this afternoon…well kinda unofficially, but we talked about it and I said yes, of course!” Maria answered leaping up to up to hug her best friend.

“Max asked me to marry him this afternoon, too!” Liz exclaimed and was hugged again as both young women squealed.

“Did you guys all plan this? Alex asked me to marry him after our nap!” Isabel exclaimed.

“Yeah I sense a conspiracy too; Kyle asked me as well!” Tess joked as she shared her news.

“Boy, we come up with the same idea, on our own and all you girls can say is that it must be a conspiracy?” Kyle joked back. “Why don’t you tell everyone what your answers were?”

“We said YES!” All four girls cried out and then their fiancés and parents converged on the center of the room to hug each other.

“I believe that your question has been answered, O’Neill.” Teal’c told his friend and teammate. “MichaelGuerin will be spending time here among the Tau’re and/or MariaDeLuca will be traveling through the Chapa’ai to P3X-777. Either way an explanation will need to be given to the mother…This woman sounds quite formidable; is she a warrior?” Michael heard his question and turned to answer.

“You might say that; she certainly scares me!”

The group of friends was breaking up and taking their seats again.

“Yeah and what are we going to tell my folks and Alex’s father?” Liz asked.

“I would really like to come clean with them and tell them the truth.” Max said. “Although Mr. Parker may bring out his shotgun!” He only half joked.

“The location of the SGC and the existence of the Stargate is classified. The only reason you folks were told about it is because you already knew about the true nature of these four young people. The Parkers and Mr. Whitman have no such knowledge or previously existing security clearance. It is highly unlikely that you will be allowed to tell them anything.” The General said emphatically. “Perhaps we should discuss some options for a cover story for their return.” He suggested, changing the subject.

“We could always tell the truth and say we were abducted by aliens!” Michael said, timing his words just to when Colonel O'Neill was taking a swig of beer. A satisfied smirk twitched at his lips when O'Neill sprayed the group with beer and then started to choke.

“Man that was great!” Alex sighed and reached out to “high-five” Michael; he well remembered the trick that Jack had played on him at his interview. “You okay Colonel?” Alex gave the older man’s back a few good hits between the shoulder blades.

“Yeah-cough-I’m-cough-fine.” Jack said a moment later.

“Well to quote my old boss, Brody Davis; ‘you can tell everyone that you’ve seen the Virgin Mary and they’ll light candles outside your bathroom, but say that you’ve been abducted by aliens and they’ll think that you’re crazy!’ As ironic as saying that would be, I think we better stay as far away from that idea as possible.” Max said. “Better to say we were taken by one of those survivalist/para-military groups, who brain washed us all these years. How does that sound?”

“How would you say you finally escaped now if you couldn’t free yourselves all these years?” Sam asked, just to play devil’s advocate.

“Why through the brave actions of the SGC; how else? That would account for your presence nearby when we tell the Parkers, Mrs. DeLuca and Mr. Whitman.” Tess said.

“Would you not have to appear much more worn and haggard; having been in captivity all of this time?” Teal’c pointed out.

“We could say that you found us a month or so ago and that you have been making us eat good, hearty meals every day and that we have been in group therapy, to help us face the memories of our trauma, as well.” Michael suggested.

“That might actually work, sir.” Janet piped up. “We could say that they have repressed all the trauma they were inflicted with and psychotherapy has not helped them to remember…yet.”

“That’s what Janet suggested that Sha’re say; since her cover story is that she was abducted while the two of us were on vacation in South America.” Daniel said.

“And the four of us and Sha’re could be in the same group-therapy session.” Isabel grinned.

“That sounds good and we could also say that only our parents;” Max looked to the Evens and the Sheriff. “And our best friends;” He looked to Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle. “Were informed about our being found and have been by our sides, helping us ever since we were found. We didn’t want anyone else to see us until we looked better and could act more normal.”

“And if necessary we can always do this.” Tess said as she passed her glowing hand in front of her face.

All of a sudden she looked like a mess and everyone gasped. Tess’ hair was now oily and unbrushed. She had dark shadows under her eyes and a sickly, pale complexion. She even added a bone-deep tremble to top off the impression.

“How…did…you…do…that?” Sam asked, intrigued, but also ever so slightly creeped out.

“We can change the molecular structure of something we touch.” Tess said as she passed her hand in front of her face and became beautiful and healthy looking again.

“It’s something we instinctively know how to do from birth, but like any skill, we get better and stronger at using our powers as we grow older.” Max explained.

Fascinating!” Sam said.

“Back to our problem; if we are not allowed to tell our parents the truth.” Liz said. “We will have to set up pretend lives for Max and the others, here on Earth; homes and jobs for them in this area. And we would also have to set up a way for our parents to contact us when we are on Antar…without their knowing that we are not only out of town, but off of the planet.”

“How will we be able to handle Liz’s parents if and when Liz and I are blessed with children?” Max added. “Their grand parents would want to see them and little children don’t always understand about keeping secrets. They might slip and mention their other home on another planet or the Stargate without even realizing it.”

“If Alex’s father, Maria’s mother and my mom and dad knew the truth, they could come to Antar to visit their grandchildren, and/or it wouldn’t matter what our kids said in front of them, by mistake.” Liz reiterated.

“Those are some good points, but I must remind you that our military and civilian personnel are not allowed to speak to their spouses about the work which they do here, or that they even work at the SGC.” The General said.

“Didn’t I hear someone mention that General Carter didn’t have the security clearance Until you needed him to become a Tok’ra host?” Michael asked pointedly.

Liz jumped into the conversation before it became a confrontation.

“Our parents would not have to be told where the Stargate is located, General. They could always be blindfolded when they travel to the base.” Liz said and the Evans and Sheriff Valenti all nodded their willingness to be blindfolded.

“Those are a few more good points which I will be sure to mention to the President when I speak to him tomorrow.” The General assured them all.

“Thank you General.” Max said quietly.

Kyle cracked some joke to Alex and the tension was broken. The large group broke into smaller groups and chatted; getting to know each other a little bit more, before finally calling it a night a couple hours later. But before they left, Max and George Hammond set an appointment time at the SGC for 09:00 the next morning.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 22

The next morning, Liz, Alex, Max and Michael drove over to the SGC. Liz and Alex would go to their labs to work, while Max and Michael were in with the General. Isabel and Tess had decided that they would not be needed at the meeting, since security was not their area of expertise and they really did not want to take a tour of some underground military base, so they stayed home with Kyle and Maria.

When the four friends arrived at the SGC, they were informed that their appointment would have to be delayed for a few minutes because something else had come up. In the meantime, Max requested that Antar be dialed up on the Stargate so that he could communicate with his people. Colonel O'Neill immediately gave the okay and P3X-777 was dialed.

From the control room, Max and Michael were able to give an update to their people, speaking Antarian, which not even Daniel had learned to speak yet. But by the excited reactions of the dozen or so people, at the other end of the wormhole, Max had given his listeners some very good news.

‘Have Max and Michael just told their people that they have been reunited with their soul-mates, from whom they have been separated, for so many years?’ Sam wondered to herself as she smiled at the joy on the Antarian faces.

When their long-distance call was completed, the Stargate was allowed to shut down and Sam turned away from the huge bank of windows. Instead, she looked through the smaller window, on the back wall of the control room, which looked into the General’s office. Even though the window was high up on the wall, Sam could see the head and shoulders of the two people within the office, from her vantage point by the computers and she frowned. What did Senator Kinsey want now; she wondered?

Max and Michael also turned away from the computer screen they had been speaking into and looked around the room. Sam turned away from the office window and back towards their guests in time to see Max’s face turn pale and his usually gentle eyes blaze with anger, as he also looked up into the General’s office. Michael had followed Max’s gaze, but looked confused, but he moved to hold Max back as his king made a lung towards the General’s office window.

“Max, what is it; what’s wrong?” Michael asked urgently, but Max’s attention was glued on the office window above.

“Kinsey! What is that bastard doing here?” Max yelled, accusingly, glaring at O'Neill, Carter and the technicians in the room.

“He is no friend of ours, I can tell you that.” Jack made to assure the alien king. “He tried to get us shut down a year ago; just before the Goa’uld attacked Earth. If Daniel hadn’t found out about the attack beforehand and we hadn’t gone through the Stargate, against orders…we wouldn’t be standing here right now. Kinsey is a snake and the General knows it well.”

“Max, what’s wrong; how do you know Senator Kinsey?” Michael asked again.

“I’ll tell you all about it as soon as that slug is out of my presence and we can get in to speak to General Hammond.” Max said grimly; still seething and pale.

“So I guess you won’t want to be introduced to him?” Jack asked, half sarcastically.

“Not unless you want him dead within ten seconds.” Max said.

“Hmmm, can I think about that for a sec.?” Jack asked, half serious and Max nodded.

“Then we agree.” Max said, approving.

“Oh yeah.” O'Neill agreed with his customary half smile.

“He’s leaving.” Sam, who had been keeping an eye on the office window, said.

A moment later an airman came down into the control room to tell them that the General was now available. The four of them walked up to the conference room and Colonel O'Neill ordered the airman to have Dr. Jackson and Teal’c join them there.

“Could Drs. Parker and Whitman also be called to join us, Colonel?” Max asked and Jack nodded his okay to the airman.

“You have requested that all of SG-1 attend this discussion, Colonel?” The General asked, overhearing O'Neill’s orders.

“Yes, sir; Mr. Evans has something important that he wants to tell all of us about.” Jack informed his superior with satisfaction. The General narrowed his eyes thoughtfully and then nodded.

“Very well, Colonel; we will wait for your teammates and the doctors to join us.” Hammond said.

“Hey what’s up?” Daniel asked as he, Sha’re and Teal’c reached and entered the conference room together, a few minutes later.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked as he and Liz came in right behind them.

“Have a seat people and then perhaps Mr. Evans will enlighten all of us.” The General said.

“Go ahead.” Jack told Max, once everyone was seated; Liz was next to Max and was gazing worriedly up into his stony face.

“General Hammond, everyone; Michael and I were in the control room earlier, when Senator Kinsey was in with the General.” Max started.

“Oh man…what does he want now?” Daniel groaned.

“We will discuss that after Mr. Evans is finished, Doctor.” The General said.

“I will tell you now that if it had anything to do with Antar he can just forget it. I do not want that…man…within fifty yards of me!” Max exclaimed.

“I don’t have any control over the Senator, Mr. Evans; I am afraid we are stuck with him.” Hammond said.

“Not if you want our negotiations, which I am becoming more and more concerned about by the minute…to even start.” Max warned sternly.

“What’s this all about, Mr. Evans?” General Hammond asked again, reigning in his impatience.

“Thirteen years ago, Senator Kinsey was on the oversight committee for the Special Unit of the FBI…the so-called alien-hunting unit.” Max said.

Liz gasped in horror and Alex and Michael swore something under their breaths.

“The FBI’s Special Unit?” The General said. “That embarrassment was a disgrace to the U.S. government and was discontinued and broken up years ago.”

“But it was in operation, back when we lived here, General.” Max continued. “Our protector, Nascedo found out that most of the senators on that committee pretty much felt that the Special Unit was a joke. They did not believe for a moment that there was any danger of space-aliens coming to Earth and destroying the planet. If anything, they thought that ‘aliens’ was a euphemism for ‘Communists’. They voted in favor of any proposed measures, believing that such actions were being taken against communist soldiers and spies. Only Senator Kinsey truly believed in what the Unit was up to; kept a close eye on their activities and even gave advice to the lead agent; Pierce.

“Colonel O'Neill and Captain Carter just told me that Kinsey has tried to close the SGC down…well I guess that follows his pattern. In his own way, I suppose he believes that he is trying to save his planet…only his methods are too simplistic for the complex threats facing Earth. Kinsey’s strategy is thus; if there are any aliens on Earth, kill them…If they are not yet on this planet, destroy the most obvious way for them to travel here; regardless of the fact that these aliens have space ships and can arrive here in a matter of days…and regardless of the fact that the alien he authorized the Special Unit to capture, torture and eventually kill…was a sixteen year old kid who could not have answered the questions they pounded him with, even if he had wanted to.”

“What?” O'Neill and Hammond exclaimed, getting an idea of what Max’s problem with Senator Kinsey, was.

“The Special Unit captured me and…tortured me; ice baths, drugs, electrical shock and an attempted dissection…while I was still conscious…Thank goodness my friends…” Max smiled over to Alex, Michael and then Liz. “…got me out of there before that monster in his biohazard-suit, respirator…and scalpel could do much more than cut one line down the center of my chest…” Max trailed off and tried to calm himself down as the memories of that nightmare-made-real swept through his mind.

“Oh my God.” General Hammond prayed in horror.

“Max may be an alien, but he is the gentlest person I know. He’s a healer, not a killer, but Pierce didn’t care! He only wanted answers to his questions and he didn’t care or believe that Max didn’t know the answers…Pierce simply enjoyed hurting people.” Liz exclaimed, tears in her voice as she remembered what she had seen all those years ago.

After Liz and their friends managed to rescue Max from the “white room” at the Eagle Rock facility, she and Max had driven away together, while the others had tried to distract their pursuers by driving away in other directions as well. But the Special Unit had found Max and Liz and forced them to abandon their car and run for their lives. They had even jumped off of a bridge together, to get away from the Special Agents. Once they found some shelter in an old abandoned van; weak, exhausted and hurting, Max and Liz had embraced; trying to comfort each other and while kissing, Max had inadvertently sent Liz flashes of what had happened to him. She saw it all and afterwards had even wished that Max had not saved her life some seven months before, because that was when the young aliens had come under the attention of the FBI.

“How do you know that Senator Kinsey had any direct part in your capture?” Colonel O'Neill asked.

“Through an unfortunate accident, Agent Pierce was killed shortly after I was rescued. Please believe that we did not want to hurt anyone; we were only sixteen and seventeen years old…but Pierce was going to shoot Sheriff Valenti, who was helping us; we moved to stop him but Pierce was killed in the end anyway…and Kyle was hit by Pierce’ bullet instead. Anyway, Nascedo was a shape-shifter and he changed into Pierce’ form in order to take his place in Washington, D.C. Nascedo/Pierce worded to destroy all records pertaining to us, break up the Special Unit and debunk their work.”

“I remember seeing those hearings on TV.” Sam said. “I didn’t know what to think.”

“Yes that was when Senator Whittaker had taken Kinsey’s place and tried to stop the Special Unit from being broken up.” Alex said.

“Back to Kinsey…Nascedo-as-Pierce also searched out anyone else who might be a threat to us. He called me once and told me that he had found in Pierce’ records audio tapes and transcripts on computer disc, of appointments and phone calls between Pierce and another man; a U.S. Senator. No names were mentioned, but he had narrowed down who the other man could be, to the Senators who served on the oversight committee for the Special Unit. Nascedo told me about a phone call the real Pierce made to that Senator, just two days before I was captured. The real Pierce had called the Senator and told him that they had found the alien they had been searching for and that he had taken the form of a sixteen year old boy…it was me they were talking about, but it was actually Nascedo who they had been tracking for years; he was the shape-shifter, not me. Anyway, the Senator gave Pierce the go ahead to ‘apprehend and question’ the kid…’and the less the traitorous humans who act like his parents, know about it, the better’. And then he told Pierce…’If you don’t enjoy your work, there is not much reason to do it.’ Pierce said then; ‘I love my job, Senator.’” Max paused but then continued. “Shortly before he was killed, Nascedo came to Roswell to warn me that our enemies were closing in, but they; a species called the Skins, attacked him but he managed to reach me. He told me that the Senator he had been trying to find was a man named Kinsey and then he warned me about the Skins…before he died in my arms.”

“Max!” Alex exclaimed as the other SGC personnel looked on in horror.

“Max…why didn’t you tell us about Kinsey?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, Maxwell; why not?” Michael asked.

“There was nothing we could do at that time; we could not move against a U.S. Senator…and we still can’t…as much as I would like to. And then he left that committee to join…I presume the oversight committee for the Stargate. ” Max explained.

“Yeah, he oversaw the early work on the Stargate and he’s been a thorn in our side the entire time, but he didn’t have enough power to affect any sort of policy change until a year ago, when he tried to shut us down…and almost succeeded. Thankfully though, because of SG-1’s actions, Senator Kinsey is now in the Presidential dog house. You wouldn’t happen to still have those recordings and/or transcripts would you?” The General asked with hopeful glee shining in his eyes and Max grinned back at him, nodding.

“I gave them to my parents and asked them to keep them someplace safe.” Max said.

“Yahoo!” The General-from-Texas exclaimed and then looked around the table, embarrassed, but it was unnecessary as everyone else was grinning and clapping right along with him. “We may not be able to go public with this, but this evidence could at least be shown to the President and the Joint Chiefs. Didn’t you tell me once that you had a U.S. passport, back when you were a teenager, Mr. Evans?” The General asked and Max nodded, still grinning. “With only circumstantial evidence at best, the FBI’s Special Unit, with the direct knowledge and approval of Senator Kinsey, abducted and tortured a U.S. citizen; a minor, without his parents’ knowledge…”

“I’d say that those actions would be classified as a great big no-no, wouldn’t they, sir?” Colonel O'Neill asked straight faced.

“Yes, Colonel, as you say; ‘a great big no-no’ at the very least.” George Hammond agreed with satisfaction. “If you can get me those recordings and discs, I will be happy to show them to the President.” The General said and Max nodded solemnly.

“This whole business with Senator Kinsey has me greatly concerned about Antar’s relationship with Earth.” Max said. “We all know that Kinsey is not the only person with beliefs like his. Another could easily take his place and there are probably others in the woodwork, we will never know about, who could wish us harm and/or work against the ideals of the SGC.”

“I am afraid that your concerns are quite valid, Mr. Evans.” General Hammond said.

“That is why we wanted to speak to you…and only you.” Michael looked around the table. “About an added security measure, which would keep unfriendly forces…I guess on either side…from coming through the Stargate.” Michael pulled out the small ball he had used before, for security and placed it on the table. “If you don’t mind, this orb will keep anyone from hearing what we are about to say, whether they are in the next room or watching through your security cameras…although you may keep the visual feed going if you wish.”

“Your security measures will be acceptable and thank you for warning us about them first, Mr. Guerin. Let me just call our security people first, or we will have a squad of fully armed Marines in here within ten seconds.” The General said as he picked up the phone by his side and informed Security about what they were about to do. “Very well, Mr. Guerin; you may turn that object on.”

Michael touched the orb and then glanced over to Max and nodded.

“General, please believe me when I tell you that Liz and Alex trust all of you implicitly and we trust them with our lives…and have come to trust you through our dealings with you…But, frankly, we do not easily trust anyone else as yet and we worry that you may be ordered to send hostile troops through the Stargate, to Antar if our negotiations do not proceed as your superiors might wish.” Max explained.

“Those concerns are also valid, I am afraid to say.” Hammond admitted. “We have had several occurrences during which my judgment has been overruled and even the sovereign rights of another planet’s population have been disregarded. Luckily, that planet’s ‘protective spirits’ turned out to be powerful and in the end taught some of our more arrogant government officials a lesson they will not soon forget.”

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Max remarked and everyone nodded their agreement.

“Should such orders regarding Antar be given to you in the future, we would like to set up an extra set of codes for anyone traveling through the Stargate, to use.” Michael said. “We would require that anyone coming through the Stargate to Antar, have authorization from you, General Hammond or Colonel O'Neill of course; I am sure that that is our standard operating procedure?” Jack nodded. “We would like to add two special codes, to work in conjunction with the ID code you have now; only the few of you here will be aware of these codes. One will indicate that everything is safe and normal; the second will warn us that something is wrong. The Stargate would still work as usual, but anyone coming through it after that code was sent, would be met by a welcoming party, made up of our best warriors.”

“I like the way your mind works, Mr. Guerin.” Jack O'Neill said a moment later with his half smile on his rugged, yet handsome face. “You actually might want to give us three codes though. One for ‘okay’, the second for ‘detain’ and the third to deploy your barrier, to stop whatever is coming through the Stargate. You see, the Joint Chiefs are mighty fond of sending nuclear bombs through the Stargate and thinking that an explosion will solve everything for them.”

“Good point; thanks, Colonel.” Michael said.

“Name’s Jack.” He told Michael.

“Great, call me Michael.” He replied.

“But never call him Mickey G.” Max added.

“No…I don’t think I’d ever do that.” Jack said, glancing over to the other warrior.

“Appreciate that.” Michael said with his lightening-fast half-smile.

“Perhaps we could discuss having an arrangement, closer to that which we have with the Tok’ra.” General Hammond suggested a few moments later. “I’m not seeing a state-level treaty between our two peoples occurring any time soon.”

“No, I’m afraid not.” Max said. “But as I understand from speaking to Jacob Carter and Selmac, that is a highly secret relationship, which perhaps only the President knows about? That sounds about the level of statesmanship we are willing to accept right now. But is the President the only one who knows about SG-1’s trip to Antar, so far? What was Senator Kinsey here to speak to you about, this morning, if I may ask, General?” Max asked.

“I am afraid that more people than the President know about the planet Antar and Kinsey is one of the few who have found out about our involvement with you…but only a few SGC personnel know about your previous and current relationship with…humans.” The General allowed a self satisfied expression to come across his face, now that he had an ace up his sleeve. “Senator Kinsey was pressuring me to get the negotiations between our two planets started and to make sure that they proceed to the state level, including the use of State Department ambassadors and the whole lot. And the frosting on the cake is that Kinsey is determined to take control of those negotiations and ride them victoriously into the White House, during the Presidential elections in two year’s time.”

“He wanted to shut us down over a year ago, but now that we have met another people who may be able to help us technologically, he wants to take all the credit and use it to further his own career…INCREDIBLE!” O'Neill exclaimed and everyone looked grim.

“Once I show your evidence to the President and certain key bits of info are leaked to a few other…special individuals, his career will be history!” The General said, confidently.

“Sir, I think maybe we should recess this meeting for now. All of our guests look pretty fried; I know I am! We’ve covered quite a bit so far and received a couple shocks as well.” Sam suggested hesitantly, but the General nodded his agreement and Michael reached out to turn off his security orb.

“Good suggestion, Captain. Jacob/Selmac are returning to the Tok’ra in about thirty minutes. When did they think they’d be able to return with that intel. they promised Mr. Evans and Mr. Guerin?” The General asked.

“Selmac thought that she would be able to gather together all of that information and return by tomorrow afternoon, sir.” Sam answered.

“Good, then we can plan to meet again after Jacob returns.” The General said as he glanced around the table; to Max, Michael and the others, who all nodded their agreement. “Then I’d say that this meeting is adjourned.” He said and everyone arose from the table after he did.

“General, may I take Max and Michael on a tour of the SGC?” Liz asked.

“Of course, Dr. Parker; I’d join you but Kinsey’s visit has thrown my whole schedule out of whack and I need to work at my desk, sorting things out.” Hammond explained to Max and Michael.

“Thanks for your help, General.” Max said and then the friends exited the conference room to start the tour.

“Are you okay Max?” Liz asked concerned, looking up into his handsome face.

“I feel…better now that I’ve spoken to the General.” Max said; leaning down to kiss her lips softly.

“I feel better now that we’ve spoken to Jack O'Neill.” Michael said. “I think we’ll be okay with him fighting on our team…”

Jack felt his lips lift to half a smile when he heard Max and Michael’s comments as the two younger men, Liz and Alex walk down the hallway.

“He’s right, sir.” Sam said; standing next to her C.O.

“Yeah Jack, you’ve gotten us out of more scrapes than I can count; you, Michael and Max…with a little help from the rest of us, will figure out the best way to handle Kinsey and this newest situation we find ourselves in.” Daniel said; his arm around Sha’re.

“Hey, that’s ‘with a lot of help’ from you guys; I know who the brains are in this outfit.” Jack said truthfully, but also modestly. “Come on kids, let’s get back to work.” He ordered and everyone broke up to go about their business for the rest of the day.

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Yes, Isabel killed Congresswoman Whittaker, but she was a Skin and Isabel had no choice, she had to defend herself. But don't worry, he Will get his just desserts! He, he, he!

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Here we go...Stargazers/Stargaters Part 23

Liz and Alex took Max and Michael on a tour of the SGC; showing them around, including their own labs and the work that the two of them were doing. They also showed their friends the main lab in which Sam was working. The Captain was happy to explain the experiment she was carrying out and was gratified when Max was able to follow what she was saying and ecstatic when he made a few suggestions of paths she might follow in her research. When he finished, Liz and Alex were gazing at him in awe, mixed with surprise and Michael looked resigned. Max had always been highly intelligent, growing up and attending West Roswell High School with Liz as his lab partner in AP biology, but Liz had always been the one who had loved any kind of science. Max saw the expressions on his friends’ faces and sighed self depreciatingly.

“Necessity has forced me to learn a great deal over the last eleven years.” He said modestly.

“Most leaders would just listen to their advisors and then make their decisions; Max insisted that his advisers teach him all they knew instead.” Michael rolled his eyes, but there was also respect in his manner towards his friend and king, as well.

“Well, however you picked up your knowledge, I would really appreciate it if I could bounce some ideas off of you or ask for your advice once in a while, Max.” Sam said sincerely.

“Sure, that would be fun, Sam.” Max replied before the friends left her office to continue the tour.

Out in the hall, Max turned to his friends and whispered ‘It’s so refreshing to work with someone who is excited about what she is learning, rather than just memorizing facts and equations like I did, so that I could muddle my way through the briefings my advisors were giving me.”

“Max…do you mean that you were not just throwing out theories, which your scientists are working on, as well? You were instead giving Sam hints to lead her to the answers you already know and understand?” Liz asked in wonder.

“Um…yes, Liz we already know the answers to the questions Sam is asking, but I don’t think she’d enjoy it half as much if I just gave her all of the answers. The experiment she was working on was not for an emergency situation and she or any other scientist will learn more if they have to puzzle it out for themselves. We haven’t held any discussions yet, about how we can share our resources and technology, but I know that we will have to move slowly. It would be too dangerous for us to just give you all of the answers, plans and diagrams; anyone who wants our knowledge will have to learn it…and earn it one step at a time. And while doing so, they may make their own breakthroughs and discoveries of their own. Necessity is definitely the mother of invention and we all have our own experiences to draw from, for innovation.”

“I understand, Max and I agree with you whole heartedly.” Liz said. “You can help us and guide us, but we still have to make our own mistakes…even if you were our parents…and you are not…we have to grow up all by ourselves.”

“And hopefully not blow ourselves up in the process.” Alex said grinning.

“Right, Alex; that is why I am being so careful about who we negotiate with. We don’t want our technology to fall into the wrong hands, or for you to be given access to it before you perfectly understand how to use it safely.” Max said and Liz nodded.

“Well, why don’t we continue the tour; there’s really only the Infirmary, which includes the ICU, the labs and the O.R.s, to see.” Liz said, extending her elbow out so that Max could link his arm through hers and press her forearm firmly against his side, as they started down the hall again.

“Why is the Infirmary referred to as the Daniel Jackson Medical Facility?” Max asked as they left the medical section.

“I think that it’s because Daniel has had so many accidents or been wounded…on and off-world.” Alex said. “I’ve even heard that he’s died a couple of times!”

“Died? How could that be and how was he…resurrected?” Michael asked.

“The Goa’uld have a device called a sarcophagus; like a huge golden coffin. If you are wounded, no matter how badly, it can heal you. That’s the difference between the Goa’uld and the Tok’ra. The Goa’uld use the sarcophagus recreationally and it can have a negative effect on your personality and become addictive if you use it when you are otherwise healthy. The Tok’ra have their symbiotes to heal them and some medical science, but they won’t use a sarcophagus; that’s why a Tok’ra host only lives about two hundred years, rather than thousands of years like a Goa’uld host can.” Alex explained. “And to answer your question, there was a sarcophagus nearby, which Daniel was able to use each time he was ‘killed’.”

“And yet he stayed with SG-1 and kept searching for Sha’re.” Liz said, dreamily; looking up into Max’s amber eyes. “Not even death could keep them apart.”

“That’s almost as much as I love you.” Max said softly and then drew Liz’s hand up to kiss her palm.

“Oh pa-lease!” Michael groaned. “Do we have to see this…especially when we don’t have our own ladies here to distract us?”

“Sorry, Michael.” Liz said, moving away from Max a few inches. “Well, that’s pretty much it for the tour. I guess we could go home so that you gentlemen can return to your ladies and be distracted by them…but before that can happen, we need to tell everyone about Senator Kinsey.”

“Sounds good.” Michael and Alex agreed instantly.

Once the four friends arrived home, Max asked everyone; their other friends and parents to gather in Liz’s apartment.

“There’s something I need to tell all of you.” Max said.

He then started to tell everyone about Senator Kinsey; what Nascedo had learned about him, so many years ago…and the fact that he was now hovering over the SGC like a vulture. While everyone else exclaimed and otherwise showed the anger they felt towards the man, Isabel felt her rage build up quietly within her body. Max had not told them anything about Kinsey, when they were teenagers, but now that he had…she began to plan and scheme a way to make him pay for what he had done to her brother.

“I know what all of you are thinking.” Max said, looking around at his friends and family and seeing the expressions on their faces. “Michael had to hold me back from diving through that office window, at the SGC and strangling him with my bare hands…But, we can’t move against a U.S. Senator; it would just draw attention to ourselves and/or towards the SGC personnel, who hate him almost as much as I do.”

“Isabel killed Whitaker.” Michael reminded them.

“What?” Diane and Philip cried out at the same time. “We thought Congressman Whitaker was killed in a car accident.”

“Mom, Dad; that was a totally different situation.” Max started to explain for his sister. “Whitaker was a Skin; one of our alien enemies. She infiltrated the government and got appointed to the FBI Special-Unit’s oversight committee, so that she could keep an eye on their search for us. And eventually, she did find us; she kidnapped Tess and almost killed her. Isabel found out and went to try and rescue Tess, but it was a trap and Whitaker tried to kill Isabel as well…”

“I…I didn’t even know that I could do it, but when she threw a stream of fiery-energy at me, I put up my hands…more to try and shield my face, than anything…but…I deflected the fire away from me instead and was able to push it back onto Whitaker, until it built up and exploded, turning her into a giant cloud of skin flakes.” Isabel finished the story.

There was silence for a moment as their parents tried to take in this new bit of information.

“But…but…where did the story about her dying in a car crash come from?” Philip asked.

“She was part of a large group of Skins, who had set up their own community in Copper Summit. They put out the story to cover their own tracks and keep anyone from asking too many questions.” Michael said.

“Our dealings with those Skins is a whole other story that we can tell you at another time.” Max said. “I just want you all to promise me that none of you will try anything…” Max glanced pointedly at Michael. “…to get back at Kinsey on my behalf. General Hammond and the President will handle the Senator…okay?”

Everyone murmured their agreement and Isabel made a few mouth noises, as well, but she childishly kept her fingers crossed behind her back while she did so. Max had never told her what Pierce had done to him in the White Room, but after her brother had awoken her with his screams and nightmares for the third night in a row, she had dream-walked him and seen the full horror of what they had done to him, for herself. General Hammond and the President might take care of Kinsey in the next few days, but Isabel planned to teach him a lesson he would never forget, tonight.

After everyone calmed down a little and the ladies made a few repairs to their make up, everyone gathered at Daniel and Sha’re’s home that night for dinner. The couple produced a simple, yet sumptuous buffet of Abydonian dishes. Sha’re had had to play around with a lot of Earth spices until she could get the flavors just right, but she eventually succeeded and everyone loved the food.

Later that night, Isabel allowed herself to melt under Alex’s knowing hands and get carried away to that dreamland they created for each other with their passion. As she slipped into exhausted sleep brought on by being totally and ardently loved by her soul-mate, one tiny part of her mind stayed awake and aware…and counted the minutes until she could launch her plan for revenge on Senator Kinsey.


Far away, in Washington, D.C., that same night, Senator Kinsey was sleeping deeply beside his wife when Isabel slipped into his subconscious. Ironically, he was dreaming about the dismantling of the Stargate. As Isabel watched unnoticed from the shadows, Kinsey practiced his lines by watching his reflection in the window of the control room.

“I was just doing my duty as a humble government servant; to keep the citizens of this great nation safe from that scourge from space; the Goa’uld and any other aliens who could invade us through that monstrosity; the Stargate. It is my pleasure to order it dismantled and destroyed.”

In Kinsey’s dream, General Hammond was wearing a wrinkled uniform, which was too small for him; with the buttons over a considerably larger stomach, about to burst, as he stood by and silently watched the decommissioning ceremony. Colonel O'Neill was there as well, but looked as though he were drunk; his hair was a mess and his cheeks unshaven as he swayed unsteadily next to his C.O. Captain Carter was wearing a dress uniform, which was very tight, molding her figure; the front of her shirt unbuttoned down well past her chest. She was watching the Senator with lust-filled eyes and was licking her red lips invitingly. Daniel was wandering around the control room, muttering to himself and being totally ignored by his teammates. Isabel gasped as she saw Teal’c chained to the wall; his dead, immature symbiote hanging halfway out of his pouch, which was scorch-marked by a staff blast. The final insult to Isabel was when the General and SG-1 cheered as the Stargate came crashing down and Senator Kinsey waved modestly to all of the military personnel present for the great event…and Isabel gave thanks that she had learned how to manipulate another person’s dreams.

“You give me nightmares…here’s one or two for you…” Isabel muttered angrily…and everything began to change around Senator Kinsey.

He was walking down the street when two men approached him. They were wearing black slacks and neckties, white shirts, dark glasses and black windbreakers with “FBI” emblazoned on the front, the sleeves and the back of the jackets. They came up to him and grabbed him by both arms.

“Found you, ya damn shape-shifting alien.” One of them growled into his ear.

“Alien? I’m no alien!” Kinsey cried out. “I am U.S. Senator Kinsey and I demand that you release me immediately!”

“Kid, you don’t even look like Senator Kinsey…and since he’s the one who ordered this snatch, he’s the last name you should be trying to drop.” The other agent said.

Then the two men shoved him face first up against a store’s front window, bent his right arm up painfully behind his back and got him into a good head-lock. They roughly turned him towards a black, windowless van, which was parked nearby and shoved him inside. He was shackled; wrists and ankles to a metal bench in the back of the van, the vehicle’s side door was slammed shut and they took off down the road. Kinsey cried out that he was not whoever they thought he was; that he was a U.S. citizen and that he had done nothing wrong. One of the agents slapped him hard across the face and then gagged him as well.

“American citizen my ass; you’re not even Human!” The other agent snarled.

What seemed like an eternity later, the van pulled to a stop and the side door was opened. Four people, with full-body yellow biohazard suits on, complete with respirators, came forward. The agents unlocked him from the bench and the four men picked him up bodily and carried him out of the van. He tried to struggle but his movements were useless. He was strapped tightly to a gurney and rolled down a white tiled hall. On the way, he passed a sign; “Eagle Rock Military Base”.

‘Why does that sound familiar?’ Kinsey wondered to himself and then he remembered. ‘This must be where Pierce took that alien who was masquerading like a kid.’

The two black-suited agents were replaced by two more biohazard-suited men and the six of them wheeled him into a white tiled room. Kinsey was unstrapped, ungagged and hauled off of the gurney, which was shoved out of the way. Kinsey had barely gained his feet before his captors took turns roughly grabbing him by the arms and shoving him back and forth between themselves, as they stood in a circle around him. He tripped and fell down, landing on his butt. The men stood around him, but none reached down to help him up. Suddenly a wad of clothing was thrown at him and he caught it.

“Strip and put these on.” One of the yellow-suits snarled.

“No.” Kinsey said firmly after he stood back up.

“Put them on or we’ll do it for you.” The yellow-suit snarled again.

“Well at least turn your backs.” Kinsey said.

“Like we’re going to turn our backs on you!” All six suits laughed coldly. “Strip.”

Kinsey turned around, looking for some privacy, but no matter where he turned, one of the suits was there…watching. He quickly shed his clothes, but when he made to pull on the draw-string pants over his boxers, he was shoved from behind.

“Everything…off.” He was told.

Kinsey quickly dropped his boxers and made to pull up the pants as quickly as possible. He had never been more embarrassed, feeling all of them staring at him.

Isabel’s subconscious grinned mirthlessly as she weaved the nightmare around Kinsey. If she had known about the Senator, she would have invaded his dreams long ago. As it was, Isabel took great pleasure in taking Kinsey through all the indignities and tortures which her brother had suffered. She almost laughed out loud as she brought the arrogant and powerful man down low. First came the ice-water dunking…almost drowning, the electrical shocks, then the injections of hallucinogens; accompanied by the incessant questions, which Max and now Kinsey, was unable to answer. And finally, came Pierce; threatening to cut Kinsey into little pieces while keeping him conscious enough to feel it…The faceless man with the scalpel…the one, long cut down the center of his chest…

…But then Isabel allowed the scene to change, in order for the Senator to enter the second part of his nightmare…All of a sudden, the door opened and Congresswoman Whittaker was there.

“Thank God! Congresswoman, get me out of here!” Kinsey cried out from where he was strapped to an autopsy table.

But Whitaker ignored his cries and turned to Pierce instead.

“Agent Pierce, I am here on Senator Kinsey’s orders to take the prisoner for further interrogation.” Whitaker said.

“Yes, Congresswoman; those were my orders. Pity I can’t keep him longer, I was just starting to have some fun.” Pierce said.

“Don’t be selfish; now it’s time for someone else to have some fun.” Whitaker said as she motioned four of her men forward, to transfer Kinsey onto a gurney and strap him in.

“Congresswoman, what are you doing? I am Senator Kinsey!” He cried out.

“Oh yes, the creature has been saying that all this time.” Pierce informed the woman.

“Starting with the fact that it doesn’t look anything like the Senator; we know all too well that this thing isn’t even Human…All those people it’s killed…” Whitaker said before motioning her men to wheel the gurney out of the room.

Kinsey was wheeled out to another van, taken off of the gurney and once again manacled to a chair inside. Whitaker and the men jumped up into the van as well and slammed the door shut. One of them took his place behind the wheel and they were off, but Kinsey could not see where they were going from where he sat.

“Where are you taking me?” Kinsey asked.

“You’ll see.” Whitaker said.

They drove for a time and then Kinsey felt them go up a hill or a ramp before the van came to a stop. The van door was opened and Kinsey was hauled out and quick-stepped away from the vehicle. They seemed to be inside a large building and his captors took him into a small room and once again tied him to a chair and then left him alone in the room without a word. A few minutes later, he felt the floor beneath his feet vibrate and heard a humming coming through the walls.

‘What is going on; we can’t actually be on a plane?’ Kinsey asked himself.

A few more minutes went by and he got his answer. Whitaker and her men came back into the room and unstrapped him from his seat.

“Would you like to see where you are?” Whitaker asked.

“Yes.” Kinsey answered, wondering if he actually did want to know.

Whitaker motioned to the men and they dragged Kinsey to his feet and out of the small room. They took him into a room with instruments all around the walls and in the middle of the floor, as well.

“Show the Senator where he is.” Whitaker ordered to one of the people manning one of the instruments. He pressed a button and a picture took shape on a large screen on the wall…or was it a window? Kinsey wondered. But then he realized what he was looking at and no longer cared. He was looking at a huge field of black, lit only by tiny pin pricks of…stars.

“We’re…we are in space?” Kinsey asked his voice unsteady.

“Of course, we don’t need the Stargate to travel through space.” Whitaker said.

Kinsey turned away from the view screen to face her and gasped. Whitaker’s face was peeling…and as he watched, she reached up and pealed off a large piece, which then dissolved into thin air.

“You…you’re an alien?” Kinsey gasped in horror. “And you know who I really am? Pierce thought I was an alien. You…you positioned yourself in the government so you could take over the country didn’t you?” He asked, shaking. “So there are evil aliens on Earth.” He said, trying to justify himself and Whitaker just rolled her eyes.

“Haven’t you figured this out yet?” Whitaker asked. “All of this is just happening inside your head. That bit with the FBI was to show you what others have suffered because of you…and what comes next is to show you what your actions would have caused…If braver and wiser people than yourself had not fixed your mistakes for you…We are called the Skins, Senator and we’d like to thank you…for your arrogant, narrow-minded and ignorant self-involvement. In your blind bumbling around you ordered the Special Unit to abduct and torture King Zan, the leader of our enemies. Zan was just an innocent sixteen year old boy who hardly knew who he was yet…one of the few aliens who wasn’t planning on taking over your world…And who could have helped you fight your enemies…oh well…” Whitaker sighed with mock regret. “I doubt he’ll help you now.”

“Zan…King Zan of Antar…?” Kinsey asked in horror, but just then one of the instruments nearby started to beep and Whitaker looked over to it.

“Good, we’re nearing the rendezvous-point.” She said and then turned back to the view screen and Kinsey made himself look as well.

They were quickly moving towards a group of sparkling dots and as they drew closer, Kinsey began to see that they were space ships; pyramid shaped, huge…and there were dozens of them.

Now you will learn personally just what the SGC is fighting and what you so easily trivialize and underestimate.” Whitaker said smirking.

They were flying among the Goa’uld ships now and another signal sounded on one of the instruments. Suddenly, transport rings came down out of the ceiling. When they retreated, four Jaffa with their snake-head helmets on, stood there on the bridge. They quickly moved over to where Whitaker and Kinsey were standing.

“Lord Apophis sent us to collect your tribute.” One of the Jaffa said.

“Here it is, take it.” Whitaker said as she shoved Kinsey forward.

“What?” Kinsey cried out. “Where are you taking me?”

No one paid him any attention and the Jaffa took hold of his upper arms and dragged him over to the transport rings. Once they were in the right spot, the rings came down and the next thing Kinsey knew, they were standing in a totally different place. There were torches burning along the hallways and what looked like Egyptian cartouches were all over the walls.

“Where are you taking me?” He yelled again. “I am Not someone’s tribute.”

The Jaffa ignored him again and continued to march him down the hallway. Finally they came into a large room with a raised dais at one end and a throne standing on the dais. The tall, thin black man, robed in gold, who was sitting on the throne stood up when they came in.

“Who are you? What’s going on here? Are you in charge here? I demand that you release me at once. I am a U.S. Senator from the planet Earth.” Kinsey prattled on.

“I am Apophis and you will not speak unless you are commanded to do so.” He said as his eyes flashed. “Kneel before your god!”

“So you’re the famous Apophis SG-1 keeps whining about.” Kinsey smirked, ignoring the order to kneel; he did not have much respect for anyone who was not white skinned.

He would learn respect…or fear…for Apophis though because just then a Jaffa struck him hard across the back with the side of his staff weapon and Kinsey fell to his knees.

“Silence!” Apophis yelled as he came down from the dais and circled the silver-haired man.

“With all due respect, my lord Apophis, is not this man too old to…” A Jaffa started to ask, but then broke off when his master gestured for his silence as well.

“He is the one who oversees those meddling Tau’re. We will send him back to spy for us and then he will send us information about SG-1’s plans.” Apophis said and the Jaffa bowed his head in acceptance.

The Jaffa who was carrying Apophis’ mature “son” was called forward. Kinsey was grabbed and made to stand up again. He was stripped of his clothes and then pulled over to a table and shoved up onto it, face down.

“You will have to discipline this host of yours in his eating habits, my son; get rid of all that flab and make him healthy again so that you may have a long life with him and serve me well.” Apophis said to the mature symbiote, which had stuck its head out of the pouch of its Jaffa, to take a look at its host.

“What, what are you going to do to me? You’re not going to stick that thing inside me.” Kinsey cried out and started to struggle in earnest, but he was easily subdued by the Jaffa.

Isabel watched the proceedings with pleasure; she had gotten the details of this ceremony from Teal’c, when she had dream-walked him. But she had decided not to allow Apophis to stun Kinsey into a helpless state. She wanted him to be aware of everything which was happening to him.

The symbiote launched itself then, from the Jaffa and landed on Kinsey’s back. He struggled when he felt the slimy thing wriggle across his back…and then he screamed and screamed when the Goa’uld dove and forced its way through his neck and into his body. Finally, his screams petered off as Kinsey lost consciousness from the pain.

When he woke up, Kinsey found that the nightmare had only truly just begun. He could feel his body, but not control it. When he tried to speak, no sound came out of his mouth. He was trapped within his own skull, looking out through his eyes, as if through a long tunnel. The symbiote spoke to him, commanding him to be silent, that he was in charge now and there was nothing Kinsey could do about it.

Kinsey saw that time had passed and his body, which was now robed in gold embroidered garments, was standing on what might be the bridge of the Gao’uld’s ship and he was looking out the window…as the planets of his own solar system passed by. Then they were coming up on Earth and he noticed several other Goa’uld ships flying nearby the ship he was on. They flew on through the atmosphere and the ships launched their fighter craft and started to shoot their energy weapons at his planet. He was shown close-ups, as a death glider took aim and then shot down Air Force One, as it tried to escape from a devastated Washington D.C. Kinsey saw that the White House and Congress were already destroyed. The close-ups narrowed in even further…to his own house. It was a smoking wreck and he could see human-shaped figures, just burnt and blackened husks, laying inside…his wife, his family…and all of his precious possessions…destroyed. Kinsey started screaming inside his head and mentally pounded on the inside of his skull.

“No! NO! God, NO!” He cried out. “Please, please, I beg of you…Stop! You filthy, slimy alien bastards…we’ll make you pay for this. You’ll wish you’d never heard of the Tau’re!” Kinsey screamed until his head was pounding with the headache he had given himself, but all he heard when he stopped, to capture his breath…was laughter.

“You puny, insignificant being…you are nothing compared to the Goa’uld…to the Gods…we will make your people kneel down before us and serve us…as You will serve us…serve me.” His captor gloated.

Their view was changing as the ship flew over the United States…until it came to hover over what was left of Cheyenne Mountain.

“The SGC is destroyed…but SG-1 has been captured alive and will join you soon.”

“No, no, NO!” Kinsey screamed again as he pounded on the wall of his prison…his own mind…until he ran out of energy and collapsed back into darkness.

“Be easy Senator Kinsey; none of these things has happened. Your world is safe…no thanks to you. You have acted recklessly and your actions have put your entire world in jeopardy…IF others had not stepped in to correct your stupid mistakes, what you just experienced would have come to pass…and still may, if you continue to meddle in matters which you do not understand. Listen to those around you who are far smarter and wiser than you are…and do what they tell you to do. Remember this lesson and learn from it, but do not mention it to anyone else, Senator…” The voice faded away but Kinsey could still feel his heart pounding.

Even in his sleep Kinsey could see the world from a whole knew perspective, after he had calmed down. He had been an arrogant fool; messing around with things he did not understand and he had almost lost everything, while he was selfishly trying to grab for more…more power, more possessions. This nightmare would haunt him for years; especially anytime he started to slip back into his old ways, he knew. He would call the President in the morning and ask to be taken off the committee for the Antarian negotiations.

Far away in Alex’s apartment, Isabel saw Kinsey’s change of heart and grinned; a good night’s work, she thought, as she snuggled more closely into her lover’s arms.

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Stargazers/Stargaters Part 24

Isabel woke up the next morning in a great mood and softly hummed to herself as she gently stroked her fingers over Alex’s chest.

“Mmm good morning, Sweetheart.” Alex murmured his eyes only slits as his arms came up to pull her down from where she had been leaning over him. “You seem to be in a good mood; did you sleep well?” He asked.

“I always sleep well when I’m with you.” Isabel replied, running soft fingers over his brow.

‘Maybe, but you aren’t a morning person and you’ve certainly never hummed to yourself, this early in the morning.” Alex thought to himself, but then said out loud. “I was worried that you’d have bad dreams after hearing all about Senator Kinsey yesterday…that is would have brought back memories of Max and the white room.” Alex said.

“Well it did while Max was telling us about it yesterday, but I knew that I would just have to put my faith in the President and General Hammond; that they will be able to handle Kinsey, once they get the evidence that Max gave to Mom and Dad.” Isabel said and Alex looked strangely at her.

‘Uh huh, sure Izy. You may have mellowed a little over the years, but allowing others to handle something so important to you…I think not.’ He thought and then said. “What have you done, Isabel?”

“Nothing…” Isabel said, but she could not meet his eyes.

“Izy..” Alex replied, still firm and Isabel hesitated.

“Okay…I gave Kinsey…a nightmare last night.” She admitted.

“What sort of nightmare?” Alex asked.

“I made him live through everything that Pierce did to Max and then…I had Apophis turn him into a Goa’uld and watch as they destroyed the U.S.” Isabel said.

“Oh man…Isabel…” Alex sighed.

“What?” Isabel asked stubbornly and it was Alex’s turn to hesitate.

“I…I think…that was brilliant!” Alex grinned.

“What?” Isabel asked, shocked.

“I love it…don’t get mad; get even!” Alex chuckled. “What…did you think I’d disapprove? Well I don’t; anyone who comes against you or any of the others will have to deal with Alexander Charles Whitman…if someone else…who shall remain nameless…doesn’t get there first.” Alex kissed her softly. “I am…a little worried though; how do you think Kinsey will react?”

“I worked it so that he should at least back out of the negotiating committee and resign from the Senate at the most.” Isabel answered.

“I hope so.” Alex said, as he moved to get out of bed and then turned to pull her up as well. “Come on, it’s early; maybe we can get into the bathroom before Kyle and Tess and take a shower…together.”

“You are such a thoughtful person, Alex.” Isabel giggled as she allowed herself to be pulled out of bed. “Saving hot water for your guests.”

“Well, that depends on how long we stay in there…doesn’t it?” Alex asked wiggling his eyebrows up and down suggestively before the bathroom door shut behind them.


Later that morning, the “kids” and parents were gathered together in Liz’s apartment to say good-bye to Mr. and Mrs. Evans and Sheriff Valenti. Sam had arranged with them the night before, at dinner in Daniel and Sha’re’s apartment, to fly them down to Roswell for the morning…or maybe the whole day. And then fly them back up to Colorado Springs. Mr. Evans would take the evidence against Senator Kinsey out of the safe-deposit-box first thing and give the papers to his wife, to carry back with her when she returned later that day. Diane and Jim also needed to pick up more clothing so they could stay with their children longer, but Philip would stay in Roswell until the weekend, so that he could catch up on some of his legal work. Hopefully by the time he returned, the President would have given them permission to all travel through the Stargate, to Antar, or…only Liz and Alex would be going and everyone else would return to Roswell and get back to their jobs. In either case, Kyle and Maria had arranged to take the week off, so they had enough clothes and did not need to return home until the following Monday.

So after the parents left with Sam, Liz and Alex left for work and took Max and Isabel with them, while Maria, Michael, Kyle and Tess stayed at home. While Isabel had not been interested the day before, in attending the meeting with General Hammond, or taking a tour of the SGC, she was very interested in seeing where Alex worked and perhaps helping him with this experiments…she had learned quite a lot over the last eleven years on Antar, if not as much as Max. When they arrived at the SGC, each couple went its own way, Isabel with Alex and Max with Liz, towards her lab. It was almost noon and both couples had managed to do quite a bit of work when they received a call asking them to come to General Hammond’s office.

“Morning, General.” Liz said as she and Max entered his office.

“Morning Dr. Parker, Mr. Evans. Why don’t we all go next door to the briefing room?” The General suggested and they caught Alex, Isabel and SG-1, minus Captain Carter in the hallway on the way to the room next door.

Sha’re once again followed Daniel into the conference room for another meeting. She still disliked being so far underground in this cement-walled and dingy-looking facility, but she loved the work she was doing with her handsome Dan’yel. She was of real help to him and spending hours with him; this man she loved so much, studying so many interesting artifacts, made her incredibly happy. And on top of everything, Sha’re was also happy for her friends from Antar and their soul-mates. It was wonderful to see each step they took towards reuniting with their friends and loved-ones, as well as making plans to face down their enemies. As she sat down next to Daniel, Sha’re smiled when her husband took her hand into his big, strong one and squeezed it gently. The topic of the meeting might be serious, but part of her would always feel warm and content whenever she was near her Dan’yel.

What’s up, sir.” Jack asked his C.O. after everyone had sat down.

“I just received an interesting phone call from the President.” The General said.

“Has he…made a decision about our…situation?” Max asked.

“The President has made a decision and I’ll get to that in a minute, but that was not the main reason he called.” George said.

“Oh…sir?” Jack asked.

“Apparently…Senator Kinsey came to visit him first thing this morning.” The General said.

“What did that bas…uh…incredibly annoying man want with the President, sir?” Jack asked, modifying his vocabulary and tone.

“He told the President that he no longer wanted to be a part of the Antarian negotiating team…AND…that he also wishes to be removed from the SGC oversight committee!”


“What’s he been smoking?”

“Is this some sort of reverse psychology?”

“I can’t believe it!”

“What?” Everyone yelled. Alex and Isabel tried to match their reactions to the others.

“Calm down people.” Hammond said with a small, satisfied smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes. “Kinsey said that since he has the knowledge and expertise, he would still like to be appointed to another military committee, but that he would rather it be ‘more down to Earth’ than the committee watching over the SGC.”

“Did the President insist on a drug test?” Jack asked irreverently.

“What was…Kinsey’s behavior like?” Daniel asked.

“The President said that Kinsey looked normal, but he was…rather subdued and he did show concern for the Senator’s health.”

“What did Kinsey say to that?” Max asked.

“He assured the President that he was perfectly alright…that he was just seeing his life, his actions in a whole new light and from a totally different perspective.” The General said, making quote marks in the air with his fingers, on both sides of his head.

“The guy is cracked.” Alex murmured while he squeezed Isabel’s hand under the table.

“That may be true, Dr. Whitman, but for now, he’s the kind of cracked we like…and the President jumped on the chance to get Kinsey out of our way...and out of his hair. He immediately drew up the papers for him to sign and Kinsey promised to speak to the Majority Leader about a new committee posting, since he’s the one to make such appointments for his party members.” The General explained.

“So are we…really and truly…rid of that awful man?” Liz asked.

“Yes, Dr. Parker, we are…Yahoo!” The General let off some steam and everyone started clapping.

“Who will replace Kinsey?” Jack asked after everyone had calmed down some.

“That has yet to be determined, Colonel; but the President has his eye on Senator Mark Tong. Since we are so top secret, the President will have to approach him quietly…but he has every faith that Senator Tong will be appointed.”

“Great! I’ve heard some really good things about him.” Daniel said.

Everyone looked around the table quietly for a moment, while the General drew out the suspense briefly, but then finally he spoke.

“As to the President’s decision regarding your requests, Your Highness.” The General said formally. “After much discussion…during which I spelled out all of the snarls and difficulties…Not telling the Parkers, Mrs. DeLuca and Mr. Whitman the truth…would entail.” Hammond paused.

“Y-e-s…?” Liz asked.

“He finally agreed with me. As of this moment…you may tell your parents the truth about Mr. Evans’ origins and whereabouts for the past eleven years.” General Hammond said, smiling.

Liz and everyone else grinned and started to clap…everyone except Max, who continued to gaze intently at the General.

“Max?” Liz asked rubbing his arm gently.

“What did the President decide about us telling them and showing everybody the Stargate…taking them through to Antar?” Max asked.

The General became solemn.

“He…approved your plan…that you may have them transported here, but only in an enclosed vehicle, so that they cannot see where this facility is…but once inside…they may be shown the Stargate and then travel through it to Antar…But I must tell you all that I have some reservations about all of this.” The General said sternly.

“I understand General…I can vouch for my parents, they will keep your secret.” Max assured the older man and then looked at Liz with a relieved grin on his face. “I was not looking forward to coming back from an eleven year disappearance, admitting to your father that I am an alien…And then asking him for his daughter’s hand in marriage…without being able to show your parents my beautiful planet!”

“Oh Max!” Liz swatted his arm teasingly.

“Oh…man, I wonder if Michael has thought of that…as far as asking Amy DeLuca for her daughter’s hand!” Alex shuddered dramatically.

“Hey Alex, you have to tell your dad that you’re marrying an alien!” Isabel reminded him.

“Yeah, but at least neither my father, nor Mr. Evans are likely to pull out a shotgun on me as Mrs. DeLuca and Mr. Parker are likely to do.” Alex replied.

“Your father…owns…a shotgun?” Max asked Liz worriedly.

“No Max, it’s just a saying about fathers and their little girls getting married; they always have trouble giving them up to someone else or thinking that the man is good enough for their princess…” Liz giggled.

“What, a king isn’t good enough to marry a princess?” Max asked.

“That…might…help your case…” Liz admitted nodding. “But what will really help you most is…that I love you and will be by your side when you speak to my dad.” She promised.

“Thank you…thank you!” Max chanted softly before he leaned in and kissed her gently.

SG-1, Sha’re and Hammond looked on grinning but Isabel rolled her eyes.

“Once again we need to gather everyone together so that we can discuss how to handle all of this and when to do it.” Alex said.

“Well…my mom and Sam won’t be back until this evening so we may as well go back to work and we can be thinking of some plans while we do.” Isabel suggested.

“We could call Michael and tell him the part about having permission to tell Amy DeLuca the truth.” Alex suggested grinning.

“Yeah, good idea; I’ll do that when we get back to Liz’s office.” Max said.

“Let’s grab some lunch down in the Commissary first and then we can get back to work.” Liz suggested and everyone agreed.

Two hours later everyone was back from lunch and hard at work when the claxons went off. Three quarters of SG-1, Sha’re, Liz, Max, Alex and Isabel came running into the control room; they were all hoping that Jacob Carter/Selmac were returning…And it was Jacob, who stepped through the event horizon a few minutes later. Selmac’s eyes flashed as Max and the others ran down into the Gateroom to greet them.

“Your Highness, Jacob and I were able to find the information you requested.” Selmac said formally, holding out a data-crystal.

“Or at least as much information and pictures of the Goa’uld as the Tok’ra have been able to gather.” Jacob added. “Can you access data-crystals?”

“Yes, we can; thank you very much, both of you.” Max said.

“Jacob, Selmac glad to have you back.” George Hammond said coming up to greet his old friend.

“We were only gone for a day.” Jacob reminded him. “Where’s Sam?”

She flew the Evans and Mr. Valenti down to Roswell so that they could pick up some clean clothes and that evidence against Senator Kinsey…not that we’ll need it now…” George answered.

“Why not?” Jacob asked.

“Come on, I’ll tell you all about it.” George said and guided his friend towards the stairs to his office.

A moment later, they heard two sets of laughter coming from the floor above and everyone grinned before going back to work.


That evening, everyone gathered together again in Alex’s apartment. Sam had flown home with Diane and Jim and so only Philip Evans was missing from the meeting. They had all pitched in a little and Max and Liz had gone out to pick up a huge order of Chinese food. All the quart-sized white boxes were placed on the coffee table, everyone was given a plate and a pair of chopsticks and then they all dug in; trying a little bit of everything.

“Thanks for coming, everyone.” Max said a while later after the first rush of eating was over and people were only occasionally going back for more food. “We just wanted to ask your advice about how and where to tell the other parents about Liz and Alex’s work at the SGC…and…our…um…origins.” Max said.

“Max also wants any advice on how to tell his future father-in-law that he, an alien, wants to marry his daughter.” Alex added, grinning.

“I’m sure Michael would appreciate the same advice as to approaching Amy DeLuca.” Kyle said and then ducked as Michael threw a peapod at him.

“Hey let’s not start a food fight here!” Alex called out as Kyle picked up a slice of water chestnut dripping with hot sauce, off of his plate.

“Kasuf was very impressed with you when he believed you were a god, wasn’t he, Daniel?” Jack asked his friend.

“I think that Kasuf, my father-in-law, was more afraid of me than impressed, when he thought that I was the god, Ra.” Daniel clarified.

“But Father holds my Dan’yel in very high esteem now that he really knows him because of his courage, strength and wisdom.” Sha’re said proudly smiling up at her husband’s blushing face.

“Modesty, you didn’t mention Daniel’s modesty.” Jack added and Sha’re nodded happily.

“My father-in-law would not allow me to marry his daughter until I was made First Prime.” Teal’c recalled. “He was only impressed by social position.”

“Impressing your future father-in-law is always a good idea, but it’s very difficult to do.” Jack remarked.

Everyone was silent for a moment, watching Max who seemed to be deep in thought.

“Max?” Liz asked.

“You know…I think I have an idea.” Max said thoughtfully and then he started to give an outline of the plan to his friends who were smiling and nodding by the time he had finished.

“Each of you needs to call your parents; see if they can fly up here for the weekend.” Max instructed.

“I’ll be happy to fly down and pick them up along with Mr. Evans.” Sam offered.

“That’s really nice of you, Sam. We really appreciate all of this puddle-jumping you’ve been doing for us.” Alex said as he handed the portable phone to Liz.

Liz dialed her home and then heard her father answer at the other end.

“Hi Dad, it’s me…you know how you and Mom have been wanting to see where I work? Well now’s your chance…”

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Hope everyone is staying warm (or cool, depending on where you live) and are all feeling well (or better at least, dz). Thanks again for all of your wonderful feedback! I loved all of your comments! Now, on with the show!

Stargazers Stargaters Part 25

“Hi Dad, it’s me…you know how you and Mom have been wanting to see where I work? Well now’s your chance…” Liz said over the phone to her father, Jeff Parker.

“Wow really? That’s great, but what happened? Those military-types you work for sounded so adamant about keeping everything top-secret.” Jeff asked.

“Um yeah, Dad; something kinda incredible has happened that changed the situation here, but I can’t tell you what it is over the phone.” Liz said.

“Okay…when did you want us to fly up there? I don’t know when we can get a flight…” Mr. Parker said.

“We would really like you to come up for the weekend, Dad…and we’ll send a plane for you. My superiors will still not allow you to know where the facility is. The plane will have no windows and you will be transferred into a windowless van. I know all of this is all rather cloak and dagger, but this is the only way you’ll be allowed to see where Alex and I work…and this is the only time I’ll be able to make this offer; if you don’t come this weekend, you won’t be allowed to come ever again.” Liz warned.

“Liz…what’s going on?” Jeff asked.

“Dad…as I said before…something really incredible has happened here; something I can’t tell you about right now, but in light of that…thing, my superiors have drawn back the classification restrictions so that you can come in and see what I do for a living, but…they are not happy about doing it, so the Brass are placing restrictions on the manner in which you will be allowed into the facility…and the date on which they will make security arrangements for you and Mom to come…so will you…come, Dad? Please?” Liz asked.

“Of course we will, if this is the only change we’re going to be given to see where our Lizzy works. How will we be picked up, what should we do?” Jeff asked.

Liz spent the next few minutes giving her father instructions on when they would be picked up and how much to pack.

“Have Mom pack her nicest dress and you pack your good suit, there’s going to be a party!” Liz added before they said good-bye and hung up.

“Your turn, Maria.” Liz said; her hands were still sweaty as she handed the phone to her friend.

“Hi Mom, it’s me.” Maria said when Amy DeLuca answered the phone.

“Maria! What’s up? Are you having fun with Liz, Alex and Kyle up in Colorado?”

“Oh wow, Mom; it’s been Great, you can have No idea!” Maria exclaimed looking lovingly up into Michael’s face.

“That’s great, Maria.” Amy said happy for her daughter.

“In fact…we’re having so much fun that…we’d like you to fly up here and join us.” Maria tried to say casually.

“What?” Amy asked starting to sound wary.

“Mom…” Maria hesitated and then continued. “Something really wonderful has happened here and I want to tell you about it…show you.” Maria said.

“What’s happened, Maria; are you pregnant?” Amy asked her dreaded, standard question.

“M-O-M!” Maria cried into the phone. “Why do you always ask me that? No matter what the situation is, the first thing you always ask me is whether I’m pregnant or not!”

Michael rolled his eyes as mother and daughter argued, he’d heard all of this before.

“And for the ten-thousandth time…NO, I am Not pregnant!” Maria yelled. “You know, never mind…I don’t want to share this with you after all, so just forget that I called!” Maria made as if to slam the phone down onto the cradle, but Michael stopped her and covered the mouth of the phone with the palm of his hand.

“Maria you have to get her up here…this is your only chance to tell her and make her understand.” Michael whispered.

“Maria, give me the phone and I’ll talk to her.” Liz said holding out her hand.

Maria hesitated and then gave the phone to Liz.

“Hi, Mrs. DeLuca, it’s Liz; how are you?” Liz asked calmly and politely.

“Hi Liz, I’m fine thanks; now tell me what’s really going on with my daughter.” Amy demanded.

“Man, she doesn’t change, I feel like I’m sixteen again.” Liz covered the phone with her hand and whispered to her friends.

“Tell me about it.” Maria murmured before Liz returned to the phone.

“Mrs. DeLuca, Maria is fine, I promise…it’s actually me and Alex that most of this is about. I’m sure Maria has told you about how frustrated she is with us; not being allowed to know what Alex and I really do for a living.” Liz started.

“Boy, is she ever, not a week goes by that Maria isn’t mentioning something about how you two are so secretive. Really Liz…can’t you even tell our best friend these things…Maria is so hurt by your attitude…I never…”

“Did you have to do such a good job of griping to your mom about me and Alex?” Liz whispered to her friend while Amy prattled on.

“Hey, I had to act like nothing had changed, after you told Kyle and me the truth, or she would have known that something Had changed.” Maria argued in a whisper.

“Yeah, yeah.” Liz said before turning back to the phone and interrupting Amy’s tirade. “Mrs. DeLuca, Mrs. DeLuca; I have to tell you something…” Liz called into the mouth-piece and Amy finally quieted down to listen. “My superiors have finally given their permission for Kyle and Maria to come and see where I work and we’d like you to join us.”

“What?” Amy asked, shocked.

“I can finally show all of you what Alex and I have been working on. We would really like you to join us this weekend…actually, its kind of important that you do come…and my parents are coming as well…Mr. Whitman too.” Liz said.

“Really? Wow, well I’ll admit that I’m just as curious as Maria to know what you and Alex have been up to, Liz.” Amy said. “But does it have to be this weekend?”

“Yes, I am afraid that this is the one and only weekend my superiors are willing to make the needed arrangements for this.” Liz said.

“Well…um…okay!” Amy exclaimed excitedly. “How do I get there? What should I wear?”

Liz handed the phone back to Maria, so that she could tell her mother the arrangements and…what to wear. Next, Alex called his father and their conversation went far smoother than either of the girl’s phone calls to their parents. Soon Alex was hanging up and turning to his friends.

“Done.” He said smiling.

“My dad will need to fly back somehow too.” Isabel said. “How will we arrange it so that your parents don’t see him, since we want to keep our presence here a secret, they shouldn’t see him or they’ll know something’s up.”

“Sam told me last night that the plane she’s been using has a small bedroom, back by the tail. Dad can stay in there; it has a chair he can strap himself into and the door can be locked so no one can open it by accident.” Max explained.

“Cool!” Alex exclaimed, rubbing his hands together. “Looks like we have everything covered.”

“Man...I am half excited, half dreading Saturday morning.” Isabel said.

“Me too, but we’ll do it together.” Alex assured her, while wrapping her up in is strong arms from behind and pulling her close.

Nothing was left but getting through the next couple of days. Max, Isabel, Alex and Liz went into work each day. Liz and Alex felt that they needed to work as much as they could since they had taken so much time off to be with their loves and would be taking even more time off in a few days. Their other four friends, Diane and Jim spent their time visiting the sights of Colorado Springs and having a lot of fun even if they could not spend their days with their other friends.

And then finally…Saturday morning came…

Down in Roswell, Charles Whitman, Jeff and Nancy Parker and Amy DeLuca all gathered at the small airport outside of town.

“Amy, good morning.” Nancy greeted her friend. “I didn’t realize that you were coming with us.”

“Yeah, well Liz and Alex really wanted Maria and Kyle to see where they work and I guess that wish stretched to all of their ‘parents’.” Amy reasoned with a shrug.

A few minutes later, Sam Carter drove over to them from where she had left the plane around the corner of an airport hanger, and introduced herself as she had to Mr. and Mrs. Evans and Sheriff Valenti only a few days before. Mr. Evans had already arrived and been stashed in the jet’s small bedroom by the time Sam returned to the plane, warmed up the engines and taxied it over closer to where the four parents waited.

Panels had been fixed over the windows, but otherwise it was the same VIP plane which had been used to fly the other three parents up to Colorado Springs. Sam told them about the jet’s amenities and then went back to the cockpit to ready everything for take off. Within minutes, they were in the air and before they knew it, they were landing and taxiing into the enclosed hanger.

“Mom, Dad!” Liz called out as soon as the hatch was opened and their parents started to walk down the stairs.

“Mom!” Maria cried.

“Hey Dad!” Alex greeted his father.

“Hi Amy.” Jim Valenti said.

“Hi everyone.” Kyle added.

“Jim, you’re here too? How come you didn’t have to fly up with us?” Jeff asked; apparently he had not noticed that the retired sheriff had not been in town for the last few days.

“I was already up here skiing when Kyle called me at the lodge.” Jim told the cover-story they had made up for him.

If Amy DeLuca was being included in this because of her daughter’s involvement, so should Jim Valenti be.

“I just drove down to Alex’s apartment and then we all drove out here to meet you.” Jim continued.

“Well…let’s get your luggage unloaded and then we can be on our way.” Alex urged everyone.

Sam had their luggage gathered together at the hatchway and handed it down to its owners. The van’s driver; a Special Forces sergeant, helped them stow their suitcases and then turned to Captain Carter.

“Drive safely, Sergeant; you know the route to take?” Sam asked.

“Thank you Ma’am and yes I know the route to take, Captain.” He saluted smartly and Carter returned his salute.

Everyone was helped into the comfortable, but enclosed van and the door was shut. The van started up and they were off. The pre-planned route would circle and weave its way around Colorado Springs before heading up into the mountains, to the SGC’s underground garage. Inside the plane, Sam went to unlock the bedroom’s door and let Philip Evans out.

“I hope you weren’t too uncomfortable back here.” Sam said.

“No, it was fine.” Philip said, smiling as they both walked towards the hatch.

“Good, Sergeant Martin will drive you over to the apartment building where everyone else will join you in the van. Then she’ll drive you up to the SGC. See you there soon.” Sam said before turning back into the cabin.

She and Sergeant Miller would take off again and fly up to the Air Force base, right next to the Cheyenne Mountain Military Complex. They would probably arrive even before the first van did.

“See you soon.” Philip said before he jumped up into the van and they were off.

Inside the first van Nancy looked closely at her daughter.

“You look great Liz…you’re almost…glowing!” She observed, happy for her daughter.

“So is Maria.” Amy said suspiciously.

“I’m seeing traces of grins and sparkling eyes on both Alex and Kyle’s faces.” Jim said, trying to keep the knowing grin off of his face.

“What’s going on? Come on tell us, please.” Jeff Parker asked his daughter again.

“Dad…I can’t! It’s a supposed to be a surprise.” Liz answered grinning.

“A really big surprise.” Kyle muttered, but everyone heard him.

The parents took turns trying to get answers out of their kids, but when that did not work; they turned to Jim and asked about his skiing. Jim had to think fast to answer them and used the snow reports he had heard on the TV news to help him. From there, he turned the tables and asked Charles Whitman some questions about his work and they all took turns getting caught up. Their minds were occupied and the Sergeant drove carefully, so they hardly noticed the time and the miles passing them by, but finally they passed through the security check-points and into the SGC’s underground garage.

Everyone was helped out of the van and urged to walk through a security door-frame, like those they use in airports. Their luggage was taken away from them and also passed through x-rays and other sensors before they were all taken inside and issued visitor badges. Alex and Liz put their employee badges on and they walked on down the hall, turned a corner to be faced by a very long, inclined hallway, with armed guards stationed there and another check-point at the end. When they reached the security point, their IDs were scanned and they had to step through another sensor as well. Then they turned another corner and entered an elevator. Two SFs escorted them and a third controlled the elevator.

“Are, are we going up or down?” Amy asked.

“Down.” Alex said. “In fact we’ll have to get out of this elevator and enter a second one.”

“How far down will we be going?” Jeff asked.

“That is classified, sir.” One of their escorts told them and Alex shrugged. “Will you all follow me?” The escort said as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened.

“Another security check?” Jim Valenti asked.

“Yes, sir; now please follow me.” They were led into the second elevator and the doors closed.

When the second elevator came to a stop they were escorted out and down a hallway.

“General Hammond ordered that you be escorted to the Conference Room, sir and ma’am.” One of the SFs told Alex and Liz.

“Right, we have a lot to tell these people before they can be given the tour of this place.” Alex agreed.

They were all shown into the Conference Room and the two escorts took their places outside after closing the door. As everyone took seats around the long table, Alex noticed that the blast door was down so that they could not see the Stargate through the window which overlooked the Control Room and down into the Gate Room. Alex sat at the head of the table and Liz sat on his right and he saw a yellow sticky-note affixed to the table’s surface.

“Press #7 on the remote when you want the blast door lifted. SG-6 returns at 10:00 hours; GH.”

Alex looked at his watch; it was just 09:15, that gave him just forty-five minutes to explain things if he wanted to conclude the talk in a dramatic way. Thinking back to his briefing about the Stargate, he hoped that he and Liz would have enough time.

“Everyone comfy? We have quite a lot to tell you. There’s coffee and hot water for tea over there.” Alex pointed towards a side table. “Oh look, the General left donuts too.”

“Why don’t we all get something to…uh…fortify us and then we can begin.” Liz suggested, although why she thought that more caffeine and sugar would help her nerves, she could not say.

After everyone sat back down, they had everyone sign a secrecy oath before they really began the briefing. Alex and Liz took turns over the next half hour to explain to their parents what work they really did, gave a brief history of the Stargate and told a few anecdotes about the people who worked here. Maria, Kyle and Jim all listened to this for the second or third times with interest. With each repetition, they heard and understood more. Forty minutes later, Liz and Alex fell silent and surveyed the shell-shocked expressions on their parents’ faces.

“Any…uh…questions?” Alex asked, but everyone shook their heads.

“Maybe it would help you to understand…and believe…if you see the Stargate for yourselves.” Liz said and she pressed #7 on the remote.

A moment later, the blast door went up and they could see the top half of the Stargate from where they sat.

“Why don’t you all stand up and come over to the window.” Liz suggested. “In about five minutes, the Stargate is going to be activated; we have a team coming back from a mission and you’ll be able to see much better from there.”

Everyone stood up and walked over to the window. From there, they had a clear view of the Stargate.

“If you look straight down, you can see the Control Room.” Liz pointed out.

Just then, with perfect timing, the Stargate began to turn; the lights began to flash and the claxons stared to sound.

“Remember what we told you; those chevrons have to lock onto seven symbols for the Gate to activate.” Alex reminded the parents. “Watch now!” He exclaimed just as the Stargate’s energy wave erupted outwards, horizontally before retracting to pool and brightly ripple within the giant ring.

“What was that?” Jim Valenti asked and Liz explained briefly.

“Watch now, SG-6 should be coming through…now!” Alex said.

And indeed just then four people, three men and one woman came bursting through the gate and then calmly walked down the ramp.

“It really…is…true.” Charles Whitman said in wonder. “One minute there was nothing there and the next…four people emerged…from that…thing.”

“It’s real alright, Dad; we aren’t doing this with smoke and mirrors.” Alex said.

The Stargate closed down below and SG-6 exited the Gate Room after having a brief word with General Hammond.

“SG-4 is scheduled to leave in about ten minutes; maybe seeing them going through the event-horizon will help you.” Liz said.

“Here they come.” Alex pointed out as four men came into the Gate Room below.

They lay their gear on the floor and then started suiting up as other personnel came in to watch.

“Do all teams always carry so many weapons…do you carry a…gun…when you go through that thing?” Amy asked both Alex and Liz. “And who are all those other people down there?”

“Yes, the SG-teams do carry a lot of weapons whenever they go off-world; especially the first-contact teams.” Alex said. “You never know what you might find on another planet. Many of the other worlds are populated by peaceful, generous and kind people, but the teams may also run into the Goa’uld…remember what I told you about them…and some of the native cultures will react violently out of fear whenever anyone comes through their Gate.”

“And yes…Alex and I do carry hand guns, which we have been trained to use…just as a precaution. Scientific teams are only sent to planets which have already been checked out and are considered safe…and we are also watched over by a military team as well. But, you never know what might happen and it’s always best to be prepared.” Liz answered casually; they had not told any of their parents about the mission-gone-wrong, during which Liz had used her powers to kill two Jaffa soldiers.

“Uh…those extra people down there are either technicians or they may be new military personnel who like to watch when an SG-team leaves on a mission…and dream of the day when they will do so too.” Alex smiled.

Just then the Stargate began to move again and they all watched in fascination. When the event-horizon had settled down within its frame, SG-4 walked up the ramp and one by one…disappeared. The Stargate shut down and everyone below went back to their normal duties.

“Wow, that was really incredible!” Jeff Parker said.

“Yeah it is Dad!” Liz grinned up at him.

“And you’ve really traveled through that thing to other planets, Lizzy?” He asked.

“Yup, twice!” Liz nodded. “Alex has gone through three times.” She said.

“Well…why don’t we give you a tour of our two labs and then we can come back here. I know that General Hammond and SG-1 will be glad to meet you.” Alex suggested.

‘And then we have something else we have to tell you...if you aren’t completely shocked already.’ Alex thought to himself.

He looked over to Liz and they both gave each other a raised-eyebrow expression, knowing what was to come before they herded everyone out the door. Their escorts followed behind them this time as they walked down the hallway to Alex’s lab first and then to Liz’s. Alex had been given permission to show their parents only certain artifacts in his office, but they were very impressed anyway about how Alex was figuring out this alien technology. In Liz’s lab, she had set up her microscope with a blood sample infected with nano-bots and another scope with some cuttings from some alien foliage, which had a different cell structure from Earth plants.

“This has all been so interesting to see!” Nancy Parker said at last; she had just been trying to take everything in.

“Do you all feel like you’ve absorbed all of this now?” Alex asked. “Do you have any questions…or are you ready to meet some of the SGC personnel?”

“I may have some more questions, but let’s meet your co-workers, friends and superiors, Alex.” Charles Whitman said, looking around at the others, he saw them all nodding their heads in agreement.

“Alright, let’s walk back to the Conference Room.” Liz said and everyone followed her out of her lab and back down the hallway.

“Don’t you feel claustrophobic down here, Liz?” Nancy asked her daughter. “All these tunnels and cement walls?”

“No, not really; they’re well lit and usually bustling with activity and my lab has a pretty high ceiling.” Liz answered as they walked back into the Conference Room.


Meanwhile…the Royal Four and the Evans had been driven from Liz’s apartment building to the SGC in a second van. They had been taken through Security several minutes before their friends came through. While Liz and Alex were briefing their friends and family about the Stargate, Sam Carter gave the Evans couple a tour of the facility. The Royal Four stayed with them while they were touring Liz and Alex’s labs and showed them some of the things they had been working on, but when the older couple moved on, Max and the others walked down to General Hammond’s office. It was time to negotiate an agreement between Earth and Antar as to who might travel to each other’s worlds and what information might be exchanged. Between Max, Daniel and the General, they were able to cover quite a bit of ground before it was time for SG-6 to return and the Stargate was activated. Sam had brought the Evans to the General’s office just in time and they had as great a view of the spectacle as their friends did in the room next door.

“Is it really as easy as all that? You just step through that thing and you’re on another planet?” Philip asked in awe as he looked down on the Gate room.

“That’s about it, Dad.” Max said smiling. “Although I’ve only done it once so far; Sam and Daniel have done it hundreds of times.”

“And you want all of us to step through it, to visit your…planet?” Diane asked hesitantly.

“It’s perfectly safe, Mrs. Evans.” Sam assured her.

“And we’ll all be right there with you.” Isabel assured her as well.

“Man, I wonder how you’re going to get Jeff, Nancy and Amy to step through that thing, a couple of hours after only just learning about all of this. Their heads are probably still spinning.” Philip chuckled. “At least we’ve had a couple of days to think about it. You’re really throwing a lot at them all at once.”

“Yeah well Maria and Kyle have to go back to work on Monday and we really wanted to take them through to see Antar before they do.” Michael explained.

“And all of us wanted all of you to come with us, since we were finally given permission to do so.” Max added.

A moment later the Stargate activated again and they watched as SG-4 left on its next mission.

“That really is fantastic to see!” Philip said after the Gate had closed down.

They chatted on for about twenty more minutes and then someone knocked on the General’s office door.

“Come.” He called out and an SF opened the door.

“They’re back in the Conference Room, sir.” The Sergeant said and General Hammond nodded.

“Time for step two; let’s go introduce ourselves.” He said to all of SG-1, Jacob Carter and Sha’re, who had followed behind the SF and were waiting out in the hallway.

Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess and the Evans stayed in the General’s office; they would go next door only when they were summoned for step three of their plan.


Back in the Conference Room, everyone looked around as the door opened and the General and his party entered the room, closing the door behind them.

“Good morning, I am General George Hammond, commander of this base. I’m sorry I wasn’t here to greet you earlier, but we thought it best not to muddy the waters too much with names you wouldn’t remember…before you’d been told the story of our little facility here.” He said amiably as he shook everyone’s hand.

“May I introduce everyone else? These four people comprise our premier team, SG-1. Colonel Jack O'Neill is the CO and Captain Carter is his second-in-command. This is Dr. Daniel Jackson; from our briefing you should know that Carter is the one who was able to find a way to power and control the Stargate while Daniel was the one who figured out how to open the Stargate, step through it and then safely return home to Earth again. And this is Teal’c; again, you should have been told that he is a Jaffa; a warrior for the Goa’uld who has renounced his allegiance to those aliens, who are our enemies and has joined our fight against them instead.”

Everyone was staring at Teal’c, their first true alien (they believed), but they all managed a smile as well in light of his calm demeanor.

“This is Dr. Jackson’s wife, Sha’re.” The General indicated the lovely woman whose hand was tightly holding Daniel’s. “She is human but she and her people are from the planet Abydos; the first place SG-1 ever traveled to, once Dr. Jackson was able to open up the Stargate. And finally this is retired General Jacob Carter, Captain Carter’s father and…the host to the Tok’ra, Selmac. You have been briefed on the difference between the Goa’uld and the Tok’ra?” The General asked and everyone nodded again and smiled at Jacob.

“It is a great honor to meet all of you.” Selmac said in her deep voice as she flashed her eyes, but her smile, prim and proper manner put them all at ease, somehow. “Mr. and Mrs. Parker and Mr. Whitman you have raised two exceptional young people.” Selmac bowed a little and Jeff, Nancy and Charles all beamed their pride in their children.

“Let’s all take a seat, shall we?” The General suggested and everyone found a chair.

“So General…are you the one we can ask about why the change of heart towards all of us being allowed to come and see this place after all?” Jeff Parker asked. “Lizzy told us that her superiors were totally opposed to allowing any of us to know where she worked or what she was doing…what’s changed?”

“Something extraordinary has happened…” The General started to say.

“That’s what Liz told us.” Amy interrupted and then saw the stern expression on the General’s face. “Sorry…sir.”

“All of you being here was made possible through the…uh…persuasion of four people. Now this will come as a shock on top of the shocks you have already sustained this morning, but this is very important.” The General said and then looked over to Liz.

“Mom, Dad…everyone…Max…Max and Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding…are here…in this facility…right now…” Liz said trying to stay calm. How would everyone handle this news she wondered.

The General pressed a button and the door opened. Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess and the Evans walked into the room. Max had buried his trepidation deep down and stood proudly next to his friends who had also wrapped themselves in their royal mantle of authority…but all of their stomachs were still churning.

“Hello…Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Mr. Whitman, Mrs. DeLuca…Sheriff; it’s great to see you all again.” Max said in his soft voice….


Feedback please! I really thought that I would have progressed further than this in part 25, but I have writer's cramp and the tendonitis in my shoulder is acting up (ain't it great getting old?)! I can't promise a new part until next weekend, sorry about that but time just seems to be slipping by so quickly these days! TTFN, jane

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Hi everyone!

I see that I am going to have to clarify what the Royal Four are wearing...they aren't dressed up at this point. I only used their formal title because they were negotiating with General Hammond and Daniel. The parents will be able to see their air of authority and proud postures...and the fact that they are the ones who made it possible for the parents to be brought to the SGC should let everyone know that these four young people are important! Okay?

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Stargazers Stargaters

The General pressed a button and the door opened. Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess and the Evans walked into the room. Max had buried his trepidation deep down and stood proudly next to his friends who had also wrapped themselves in their royal mantle of authority…but all of their stomachs were still churning.

“Hello…Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Mr. Whitman, Mrs. DeLuca…Sheriff; it’s great to see you all again.” Max said in his soft voice….

And now…Part 26

Silence was complete as all of the parents took in the presence of the four missing teens…

…who were teens no more, Jeff Parker noted and it was more than the impressive muscular physiques of Max Evans and Michael Guerin that showed it. ‘There was something about their posture, all four of them stood straight and proud…’

‘…Max had always been shy; ducking his head a lot, his shoulders always slumped.’ Nancy Parker thought as she glanced over Liz’s old boyfriend…’Now he looks as though he could handle any situation, especially this one…’

‘…Isabel Evans had always been a confident young lady,’ Charles Whitman thought, ‘but now there is something extra about’s in her eyes; a certain knowledge…she reminds me of Captain Carter…have these four kids joined the military? They are just wearing street clothes, not uniforms…’

‘…Where have they been all of this time?’ Amy DeLuca asked herself. They stand there straight and strong and confident…And Michael, Michael Guerin is trying to hide it but I can see that smirk of his, he’s enjoying this; shocking us like this…but man all that bone structure which was just starting to show in his face has really come through…that strong jaw, those high pronounced cheekbones, Maria will just drool over that face…wait a minute…that “glow” of Maria’s I saw in the van earlier…and Liz had it too…those two knew about this…well yeah of course they knew…but that means they’ve been “drooling” over Michael and Max for…’

“How long have you been here? Where the hell have you been all this time? Don’t you know that we’ve been worried sick about you all of these years?” Amy blurted out, her voice dripping with suspicion as she asked the questions which all four parents wanted answers to, but they were all too shocked to ask…But it was General Hammond who spoke next.

“Good morning, Mr. Evans.” Hammond said in a respectful voice, ignoring Amy DeLuca for the moment as he stood up to greet all four of them and shook their hands. He would not give away the secret of who these four young people really were, but he would treat them in the manner their royal status called for. “Thank you for coming this morning, sir; will you all please be seated? Let’s see, there are two chairs down there for your parents to sit…”

“They can have our seats, General.” Colonel O'Neill volunteered as he looked around to the rest of SG-1, who nodded agreeably.

“Thank you, Colonel.” Hammond said, smiling at his 2IC as all four members of SG-1 stood up from their places near the head of the table.

Jack might like to tease them, but he had come to respect these four young alien leaders and was determined to help them any way he could. They had enough challenges facing them, besides meeting their lovers’ parents again. Daniel placed some gentle pressure on Sha’re’s shoulder to keep her seated as he stood to give up his seat and SG-1 instinctively took supportive positions, standing behind their four friends. Teal’c made sure that he stood between his new comrades and Amy DeLuca; her angry and suspicious manner setting off his protective instincts. And Max took the seat which the General indicated for him, at his right; he would have preferred to sit next to Liz, but he appreciated that General Hammond was trying to help him by giving him, all of them, a place of honor to sit.

The General’s and SG-1’s actions; their deference and extreme politeness to Max and the others made Amy, the Parkers and Mr. Whitman pause in their questioning of their kids. What was going on here? Who were Max Evans and the others to this military organization? They were wearing casual clothing and yet they seemed to hold a place of authority, of honor here. Did they work for a senator or…the parents hesitated in their mental questioning…the President of the United States? How could these young people have gained such a high position of authority, to have a highly decorated Air Force General treating them with so much respect…and blast it…where had they been while they were seemingly gaining all of this power? Nancy Parker decided to find some answers but started out in a much more reasonable tone of voice than Amy DeLuca had used.

“Max, Isabel, Michael and…Tess? It is so great to see you again…um…safe and well. You can’t imagine how we’ve all worried about you all these years.” She paused and then continued. “Could you tell us please…why did you run away from home? Didn’t you know that your parents…all of us, your friends would be worried bout you?” Nancy asked, trying hard to keep an accusatory tone out of her voice. There had to be a reasonable explanation for this…she did not want to believe that shy, polite Max Evans would have caused so much hurt and worry without a very good reason.

“We didn’t run away, Mrs. Parker.” Max answered in is soft voice. “And our parents knew where we were…they just could not have contact with us after we left. Neither could Liz, Alex, Maria or Kyle.”

They had discussed with General Hammond and SG-1 how to go about telling the parents their story; in the end they had decided to allow the Parkers and the others to ask what questions they wanted to and to see where they led them. If the parents just up and demanded that they start from the beginning, they would, but until then, the four aliens would take any questions literally and answer them specifically…and maybe the whole, fantastic truth would occur to at least one of the parents, before the kids would have to come right out and admit that “we are aliens”!

“Maria, Liz, Alex and Kyle knew the truth all this time?” Amy exclaimed angrily, but was interrupted by Jeff Parker.

“But, Liz and the others were miserable for months…years…If they knew where you were and that you were okay…why were they So upset?”

“Well hopefully part of their tears were caused by their miss-ing-us.” Isabel replied, rather irritated with Mr. Parker’s denseness and she rolled her eyes.

“Why did you have to leave and why did you make it look as though you had run away, then?” Nancy asked.

“And why couldn’t you communicate with us?” Mr. Whitman asked, curious rather than accusatory. “And didn’t you have to falsify police reports?”

“Okay, we were sent to live in Roswell for our safety, because there was a civil war…back home.” Max said slowly and thoughtfully. “Then, eleven years ago, we were finally contacted…and asked to return because the war was at a crucial point and it was believed that we could help to stop it for good…so we left our friends and our loved ones…even though it was the very last thing that we wanted to do.” Max was gazing deeply into Liz’s understanding eyes, totally blind to the fact that Isabel was sitting in between them. “Once we had left, we could no longer risk communicating with our parents or anyone else because any signals might be traced back to them. Some of our enemies had already found us while we lived in Roswell…and they were…uh…disposed of…but we could Not risk any more of our enemies making the connection between us and any of you.”

“Max also told me that the four of them were leaving…and why…and I agreed to help Philip and Diane handle any legal/Police-type problems. Philip and Diane never made a missing person’s report and the FBI was never contacted, so there was no falsification of Police reports; no laws were broken. But we allowed the public to believe that they had run away and everyone assumed that we were doing everything we could to search for them…so whenever I was asked if there was any progress on the case, I always had to say…”

“…that everything which needed to be done was being done, but there were no further leads or results at that time.” Jeff quoted.

“They became just four more statistics, easily forgotten by the Press and the public.” Diane said with tears in her eyes. “We didn’t stop our friends from posting fliers around the county or on the Internet, but we didn’t encourage them either and we didn’t help them…so eventually even those efforts faded away as well…but we never forgot them. We never gave up totally that we would someday see our kids again!”

“I’m sorry, Mom, Dad.” Max apologized miserably, but then continued. “It was important that no one…uh…back home linked our return with the four kids who disappeared from Roswell, New Mexico…who were mourned and greatly missed by loved ones who they left behind…who would make excellent hostages to command our cooperation and surrender.”

“So you are saying that…that you guys are some sort of…royalty? That’s why keeping you safely hidden was so important to our government and yours…and that’s how you know General Hammond and the SGC…they had something to do with our protection?” Amy asked warily but curious.

“Our parents…” Max indicated Isabel and himself. “Were King and Queen before the war and our father was killed shortly before the fighting broke out. It was our mother who sent us to…Roswell while she stayed behind to lead the Resistance and keep my father’s…uh…throne from being usurped.”

“Have you…taken up your birthright then, Max?” Nancy asked a little dreamily. “Are you King Maxwell now? Is…is your…uh…birth-mother still alive?”

“Yes, we have all taken up our birthrights, as you put it.” Max said softly but he straightened up his shoulders. “I followed in my father’s footsteps and so have Isabel, Michael and Tess. Isabel, being a princess is one of my advisors, next to our mother and Michael and Tess are the offspring of two of our parents’ best friends, who were also Royal Counselors to my father. They have taken their late parents’ places and have also become two of my most trusted advisors as well…And yes, our…birth-mother, Valaria is still alive…and would very much like to meet all of you…especially you, Liz.” Max said, reaching out his arm and took Liz’s extended hand in his own. “I’ve told her all about you; how much I love you and now that…” But Max broke off when he remembered that the two of them were not alone, Isabel was sitting in between them for goodness sake, she was sitting forward so that they could see and speak to each other behind her back…but everyone in the room was watching them and could hear everything that they said. Max cleared his voice and spoke. “In fact, we have arranged a very special celebration, during which SG-1 is to be honored for helping to save our people…our parents, Liz, Alex, Maria and Kyle are all coming and so must you all.” Max casually slipped the invitation in.

“How…how did SG-1 save your people and why have we never heard anything about your civil war, or…was it the Goa’uld SG-1 saved you from?” Mr. Parker asked.

‘Man you are so close to figuring out the whole thing; just a few steps further, Mr. P.’ Max thought to himself.

Anything to do with the Goa’uld; on or off of this planet is highly classified and the Press has never been allowed to report word one about them.” General Hammond said firmly, deliberately skipping over the first part of Mr. Parker’s question. “You may have heard about two bright lights suddenly appearing in the night’s sky just over a year ago? It was explained away as colliding meteors but it was actually two Goa’uld mother-ships which SG-1, at great personal risk to themselves, managed to destroy just in time…the world is not ready to hear about such nightmares almost coming true. And I’m sorry that you folks have to learn about them at all, but things like that are a part of our children’s lives now that they work for the SGC.” General Hammond said.

“It’s so strange that we’ve never heard anything about King Maxwell though.” Amy teased but with determination. “The Press would just love to cover your story…young, handsome, bachelor-of-the-year, King Maxwell Evans!” Amy pantomimed a huge newspaper headline spreading out above their heads. “I can’t believe that no one even covered your coronation…you did get one of those, didn’t you?”

“He got two of ‘em, Mrs. D.” Michael smirked as Max blushed.

“Something…just is not…adding up here.” Jeff Parker broke in thoughtfully.

“What do you mean, Jeff?” Nancy asked.

“Max and the others are rulers of some little country No one has ever heard of before…where a civil war was waged for…by my count…at least ten years, which no reporter ever reported on as well…Come on, we all heard about Sarajevo, where in the world could you live where at least one reporter wouldn’t have heard about a ten year civil war?” Jeff Parker asked in frustration. “Okay, I’ll buy that you four met SG-1 when they came to your…country to fight the Goa’uld…but what are you doing here now? Did you just travel all this way to invite us to a party…to pick us up and fly us back to your home, or what? And with all due respect to our Royal Highness, it would seem to me that if SG-1 saved your bacon, it is you who should be acting all overly polite, kissing their shoes than the other way around!”

“Mr. Parker!” The General barked out, shocked.

“Dad!” Liz cried out, angry.

“Jeff, for Pete’s sake!” Nancy exclaimed to her husband.

“No, he’s right…” Max said sincerely. “We owe SG-1 and all of you so much…you saved our people and reunited us with our loves…Liz, Alex, Maria and Kyle.”

“You would have done just fine without us; I bet you could have blown Apophis out of the sky even without our planning C4 all over his ship…with all that advanced weaponry you have and the way your allies came flying in…”

“Not to mention the way you were able to save and heal Sha’re.” Daniel added, but then he bit his lip, worried that he had said too much.

“You don’t have nuclear missiles…do you?” Nancy asked hesitantly.

“No, we don’t have any nukes, Mrs. Parker.” Max assured his future mother-in-law.

‘We have defenses which are way more powerful than any nukes Earth has.’ Michael thought to himself with a smirk and saw a similar look on Jack O'Neill’s face. The older warrior was thinking along similar lines.

‘We shot two “enhanced” nuclear missiles at those mother-ships and they didn’t even scratch the shields.’ He remembered, but did not say any of that out loud.

“But you were able to blow up an advanced space ship and heal Mrs. Jackson.” Mr. Whitman clarified and Max nodded. “Liz was telling us that a Goa’uld host usually dies once the symbiote leaves it because the host no longer has an immune system…but you knew how to fix hers’?”

“It would appear so…or perhaps Sha’re’s condition wasn’t so critical since we got her to medical help almost immediately.” Max said modestly.

Jeff Parker had been swiveling his head back and forth as everyone else asked their questions and make their comments, but Max had not answered his questions and anyway he was beginning to think that he had found his own answers and started to wave his hands in the air to get everyone’s attention. But when he realized what he was about to say…out loud…for everyone to hear, his voice shook at the enormity of it all.

“For crying out loud, why won’t any of you just come out and say it? You’re leading up to telling us the truth, but then you always stop short.” Jeff cried out. “Do you really need us to be the ones who say it?” He took a deep, steadying breath and then continued. “You have allowed us to believe that you rule over some little country…one which has advanced weaponry and scientific breakthroughs even though your people have been fighting a civil war for over a decade…And here’s the clinker; no one has ever heard of you. I love to watch those all-news channels on TV, believe me, I would have heard of such a place…and the way our government likes to stick its nose into everyone else’s business, they surely would know where you live too…Care to show us on a map where your kingdom or principality is?” Jeff challenged but only nodded knowingly when no one answered him. “You never did answer my question about what you’re doing here. Sure, SG-1 helped you fight the Goa’uld when they invaded your home…once again no one saw or heard anything about such an invasion…were you able to silence all of your citizens…or are they all so far away from anywhere else that there’s no one to tell…what are you doing here in the SGC? Even if you had one of those Concord planes, it would have to take hours to reach here from wherever you started out. You wouldn’t spend that much time in the air just to pick up a few party goers.”

“Don’t forget about how politely we Have been treated by all of the SGC personnel, even though, as you’ve noted, we owe them so much.” Michael interrupted sarcastically. “Gee, maybe there is something we have that they want.”

‘You are so close, Mr. P.; come on, put the pieces together.” Michael thought to himself.

“Exactly Michael…what could some tiny country no one has ever heard of offer a facility like this one…And the answer to all of my questions is…man I can Not believe I’m about to say this, but…Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess…are aliens…as in from another planet!” Jeff looked around at everyone; at the shocked, disbelieving faces of Nancy and Amy, the thoughtful expression on Charles Whitman’s face and the knowing smiles (or smirks, in the case of Michael Guerin and Colonel O'Neill) on the faces of everyone else. Amy had started to shake her head in denial and so Jeff jumped back in, to explain his conclusions.

“There is now way that a civil war could last ten years and not be noticed by some reporter, much less the United Nations. And no society-reporter worth her salt would miss a royal coronation. From what I read in spy novels, there are always ways of jamming your communications signals…if they had been on Earth all this time, I know Max and the others, not to mention Liz, would have found a way to communicate safely with each other. And where on Earth would you find a higher military technology or medical technology than they have access to within this facility?”

“No, Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess have not been on this planet all of these years. And where they were was so far away…and maybe so dangerous that they dared not take their boyfriends and/or girlfriends with them, because they weren’t sure that they would ever be able to return. The only thing I don’t understand is that if there is a Stargate on your planet, why couldn’t you have used it to come and go easily?” Jeff asked.

“Before you answer that, could you please admit to and clarify what Jeff has said already, or deny it all and give a better explanation of where you’ve been all this time. I just need to hear it from your lips.” Charles Whitman requested and the four aliens nodded.

“Okay…here we go…” Max started. “Yes, Mr. Parker is correct…we are aliens; born on a planet called Antar. Isabel’s and my parents were the rulers of our world for many happy years, but then a man named Khivar tried to overtake their throne and our father was killed. Our mother sent us to Earth for safety as we had studied this planet and its people many times.”

Not for all the gold in the universe was Max prepared to explain the whole living-a-former-life, being killed and then cloned into Human-alien hybrids-thing that actually happened. But he went on to give a brief explanation of how they had actually crashed to Earth in 1947 and then left their protective pods over forty years later, wandered out into the desert to be found by the Evans. In covering what happened as they grew up, Max explained that the civil war on Antar had been going on for over fifty years, rather than just ten and that it was only when they were called back to their home, that the war was able to be won by the Royals and ended.

Isabel broke in and explained how all of their large, fast space ships had been destroyed during the war and the difficulties of communicating across a galaxy…and she covered their unsuccessful attempt to reach their friends shortly after the war had ended. Michael took a turn and explained how their people had rediscovered the Stargate, which had been buried for millennia on their world. He spoke of how Amonette, Sha’re’s demon symbiote, had come to Antar through the newly opened alien device and how they had stopped her and her Jaffa-warriors. Tess took up the story explaining how Max had saved Sha’re and they had welcomed her as a guest after she had been freed.

“And then SG-1 came through the Stargate and right after them, Apophis flew in on his mother-ship and SG-1helped us defeat him and Daniel was reunited with Sha’re!” Tess finished.

“We figured out that Liz and Alex had known and still had feelings for Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess…or Zan, Valondra, Rath and Ava, as they are called on Antar…and with Sha’re’s help we found out that the four of them were probably still in love with their friends here on Earth.” Sam Carter took up the story. “And we wanted to surprise Liz and Alex so we tricked them into inviting Kyle and Maria up here to attend Sha’re’s birthday party…and we invited the Royal Four as well and then…we just stood back and watched after we brought them all together!”

“The last step was to break the news to all of you parents.” Liz said. “We started with Mr. and Mrs. Evans and the Sheriff, since they had known the truth about Max and the others before they returned to Antar. The three of them flew up just a couple of days ago…and now you all know the truth too…” Liz looked around the room hesitantly. “How…how are you doing with all of this new information you’ve been hit with?” She asked closely studying her parents.

“I don’t suppose you have anything strong to drink down here, do you?” Charles murmured to his son.

“Besides the mud they laughingly call coffee? I don’t think so, Dad.” Alex replied.

“I’ll be right back.” The General said casually and left the room for a moment.

When he returned he was carrying something in a small brown paper bag. Jack O'Neill raised one of his eyebrows in surprise and then moved to make sure that everyone had a clean coffee cup in front of them. The General smiled his thanks as he pulled out the bottle of Glenfiddich and started pouring dollops into anyone’s cup who wanted some…and just about all of the parents did, but the kids declined.

“Just a hint, General.” Michael said as he refused a drop. “You don’t want to get Antarians drunk…” He didn’t say any more, preferring to allow everyone to think that they became violent or mean, instead of becoming sloppy romantics.

“Oh, uh thank you, Mr. Guerin.” The General said before he moved on to pour some of the fine whisky into Philip Evans’ cup.

Liz waited, trying to be patient until everyone had downed their drink…smiling as her father coughed several times and pounded his chest with a fist.

“Uh, that’s good stuff you’ve got there, General.” Jeff said chuckling at himself.

“I keep it for…er…medicinal purposes.” The General explained, but his stern, official expression quickly cracked into a grin and a wink to the table in general.

“Okay…are all of you feeling better now?” Liz asked hesitantly and received some unconvincing head-nods from around the table.

“How…are…you…feeling about what you’ve just learned?” Alex asked, equally hesitant.

“Actually…it al makes a lot of sense…” Mr. Whitman started to say, but then was interrupted when Nancy Parker cried out.

“The shooting at the CrashDown…Liz was…Liz…was…really…shot…and you…saved her…healed her…didn’t you?” She asked, her eyes were huge and her face, white as she thought back to that day and realized that she could have lost her beloved daughter…if not for this young man…this alien.

“Yeah, Mom…it really happened…and Max did save me…He risked exposing what he was…and Isabel and Michael…to save my life.” Liz answered solemnly.

“Oh my baby!” Nancy cried out and launched herself up out of her chair and around the table until she could get her arms around her daughter…and then the tears started to spill down her face and she began to cry, rocking Liz back and forth as she clung to her.

“Mom…Mom, I’m okay…it’s okay…we’re all safe and back together again.” Liz soothed softly.

“Max…come over here.” Nancy called out as she opened one arm out to him.

Max got up and slowly went to join the mother and daughter, but as soon as she could touch him, Nancy drew him into her arms for a hug as well. Max was torn between embarrassment and happiness at seemingly being accepted by Liz’s mother…and being pressed up to Liz’s slender form within Nancy Parker’s arms. Liz put one of her arms around Max’s lean waist and he followed suit so that the three of them could just stand there for a few moments.

Their unexpected behavior got everyone else up and out of their seats as well and a general hug-fest ensued. Mr. Whitman kissed Isabel on both of her cheeks and slapped Alex on the back, grinning. Amy DeLuca gathered Maria into her arms for a hug and when Michael walked over rather hesitantly to the two ladies, she stared at him for several long seconds and then opened her arm to him for a hug as well. Michael cracked a grin and stepped into the warm embrace, his arms going around mother and daughter as well.

Sheriff Valenti, Kyle and Tess were hugging and the Evans made their way to where both of their children were standing with their loves and future-in-laws. But they stopped as they saw Jeff Parker finally walk up to Max and stand in front of him.

“So you are really an alien? And…and you healed my Lizzy?” Jeff asked.

“Yes, sir…I am an alien.” Max answered.

“And he did heal me that day, Daddy…or I would’ve died.” Liz said, bringing out the heavy emotional artillery.

“You want to take her…away to live on your planet?” Jeff continued.

“My people need me on Antar, but I…need her…I love your daughter, so much.” Max said sincerely, both arms going around Liz to hug her tight.

“And with the Stargate we could come and visit…or you could come and visit us, Daddy…Mom. That’s why we made the effort to bring all of you up here, so you could see this place, get security clearance and go through the Gate with us to Antar.” Liz spoke quickly and convincingly, all in one breath.

“We would really like you to come and see our home…all of you.” Max said looking around the room as he issued the invitation again.

“What do ya think, Dad…will you come with us?” Alex asked his father.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Son.” Charles grinned.

“Mom, Dad?” Liz asked. Will you come?”

“I…we…we have to step through the Stargate?” Nancy asked nervously.

“It’s perfectly safe Mom and we’ll all be there with you.” Liz answered her, smiling.

“Then…okay, I’m in!” Nancy said, holding tightly to Jeff’s hand.

“Me too!” Jeff said and then became serious as he stuck his other hand out to Max…and Max grasped it tightly with his own.

“Mom, you’ll come, won’t you…please?” Maria asked, but Amy’s bravado was leaving her and the fear was showing through.

“Go to another pl-plan-planet…through th-that thing?” She stuttered, pointing towards the Stargate.

“Yeah, Mom…I bet stepping through the Stargate would be way better than spending months or even years inside a space ship to get there.” Maria said, trying to encourage her mother, but she was getting excited at the same time. “Alex says it’s a blast, like riding on a rollercoaster!”

“I hate rollercoasters!” Amy cried out and Michael rolled his eyes…he knew how to handle the DeLuca women, so he stepped back and placed his fists on his hips.

“Is this the woman who raised her daughter all by herself…and got arrested for trying to save a Native American artifact-wall…that even the Indians didn’t want to save?” Michael asked, trying to sound disappointed in Amy, while keeping a grin and his laughter well hidden. “What are you…chicken?” Both Amy’s and Maria’s jaws dropped.

“Those are fighting words, you punk! I can do anything I set my mind to. I’m not afraid of anything, especially some muscle-bound, alien-whatever-you-are…like you!”

Michael looked Amy up and down and then into her eyes.

“Prove it.” He said softly, never blinking.

Amy’s mouth slammed shut and her jaw was clenched into a stubborn line.

“General!” She yelled. “When are we going to move this party off-world?”

General Hammond looked around at everyone else in the room, saw that they were all ready to go and then turned to Colonel O'Neill.

“Colonel, SG-1 and the Antar group have the go-ahead to step through the Stargate in thirty minutes.” He ordered.

“Yes, sir.” Colonel O'Neill accepted his orders and turned to the group as a whole. “Let’s move out!”

TBC Feeback please! Hope you liked this! Okay, next chapter we go to Antar...SG-1's party and other fun stuff! As always, I hope to get the next part ready to post next weekend, but we'll have to see how quickly my pencil can write and my fingers can type! Love, jane

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