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Title: I've Waited All My Life
Rating: PG-13
Couple: Pacey/Liz Maria/?
Summary: Takes place after Tess leaves and after Audrey broke up with Pacey.

I'm a first time writer so please be nice. I'm working on another fic called Dare To Be Beautiful. It was a challenge by JBehrsGurl. Go check out her challenges. They are great.

(Pacey V.O)

Audrey broke up with me today.
I told Kelly that I didn't know if I loved Audrey or not.
I'll call Liz.
Yeah you might not know about her.
When I was a baby I saw Liz for the first time.
We were close.
Her family moved to Roswell when she was two.
She came back four years later and thats how Dawson came.
Dawson,Liz and I always went in the woods.
We had a tree house out there.
When she was 9 and I was 11.
I kiss her.
It was her first kiss ,but not mine.
I kissed Amanda Pat.
Only because she pushed me into the wall.
It was my way of getting back.
Liz always came back to Capeside when it was summer. Even that summer when she went to her aunt's.
The bad thing was.
Was that I was not there.
I was with Joey on the boat. When I got back.
Joey told me that Liz cried a lot because of a guy.
Me being me I wanted to kill him.
Jack told me to step back that Liz could do this on her own.
When it comes to Liz I go crazy.

"Hello:snif:." Liz ask on the phone.
"Liz what is wrong?" Pacey ask.
He did not like this.
He was all ready getting mad.
":snif: Hey Pacey! It's nothing.:snif:." Liz said.
He didn't belive it.
"Liz I'm coming to Roswell far a while.
Is that o.k?"Pacey ask. T
his was a way to get it out of her.
To face it with her.
"Yeah that would be great. I have to go. My dad is calling me. Bye Pace." Liz said then hung up.

Pacey walked into Dawson's apt.
"Liz was crying when I called her." Pacey said to Dawson over the table.
"What was it?" Dawson ask.
"I don't know ,but 10bucks say that it have to do with Evans." Pacey said as he looked at the floor.
"What are we going to do about it?" Dawson ask.
He hated any one that was rude to Liz.
"I don't know yet." Pacey said.
He had a smile on his face.

I'm a Max/Liz fan too ,but after seeing ITLTB and CYN. I wanted to do something new.

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I'm in study hall ,so I only have a few mins before I have to go. Thank you for your replys. Surfgirl is hmmmm a bad or good thing?
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I went to the Shiri board on f & f. Some one said that you can make a fan art on the Paint thing that comes with computer. Any one knows how to do that?

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